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Okunuşu: / standɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: stand·ing
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. ayakta duran;
işlemez halde, muattal;
devam eden, baki, daimi;

i. durma, ayakta durma;
duracak yer, durak;
mevki, şöhret, itibar, derece, mertebe;
devam, süreklilik, eskilik;

z. ani bir duruşla.

standing için örnek cümleler:

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  • I felt me legs shaking. It looked like I was standing on a trampoline or something. But my head felt clear. Everything looked clear. I pushed the cash toward him.
  • The first to really set foot on the dead satellite were some adventurous advertisers, who shot an arrow and cord over a projecting crag, pulled a rope after it, and finally drew themselves up, and soon the lunar cliffs were put to some practical use, blazoning forth a few staring words. These men could not go beyond their narrow standing place, for the general curve of the surface, although broken up by many irregularities, presented no opportunities for the most skillful climbing.
  • I unlocked the front doors for Lewis and Jameson and went to make sure people were stocking shelves instead of standing around talking.
  • But was she quite certain -- was there no mistake? when she looked again these figures stood, like the rest, with their backs turned toward her. The reader was standing a little to the left of the Rabbi, and the singers in a semicircle behind him. The chanting proceeded, and she remained in uncertainty.
  • Frank gave his endorsement to this plan and the machine continued to rise. At the proper elevation, Frank turned the hydroplane's head westward and reduced the speed to less than thirty miles an hour. So slow was its gait, in fact, that it had the appearance of almost standing still.
  • When the Boss spoke, he liked to explain himself rather fully. When he ceased, no one had a word to say. Every one was satisfied but Johnson; and he was constrained to seem so. There was an oppressive silence for some seconds. It was broken by the soft treble of Rosy-Lilly, who had been standing before the Boss and gazing up into his face with awed attention throughout the harangue.
  • A fire was burning in the centre of the court-yard. On some cushions in front of it sat a man, whom he recognized as the leader of the party who seized him. Other Arabs were squatted on the ground or standing round. The chief was past the prime of life, but still a powerful and sinewy man. His features were not prepossessing; but Edgar, looking round, thought that the expression of his face was less savage than that of the majority of his followers.
  • Dexter frowned. Bekka walked in, surprised to see them all standing there, and then moved past them and went to the helm, settling into it with a faint smile and closing her eyes as she joined with the ship.
  • Then how much greater the glory if I spoke up with a devil-may-care lilt in my voice, and shipped in the hottest packet afloat! Glory!--why, I would be the unquestioned cock of any foc'sle I afterward happened into. You know, in those days the ambitious young lads regularly shipped in the hot clippers; it was a postgraduate course in seamanship, and accomplishment of such a voyage gave one a standing with his fellows. I had intended going in one--in the Enterprise, or the Glory of the Seas, both loading in port. But the Golden Bough! No man shipped in her, sober, and unafraid. If I shipped, I should be famous the world around as the fellow who feared neither God, nor Devil, nor Yankee Swope and his bucko mates!
  • Months of unhappiness and boredom passed as they always did until one night a soda truck rumbled down Station End and parked across the street in front of Madame Kloochie's store. A muscular driver got out of the truck and disappeared around to the other side. He heard metal doors roll open then under the streetlights saw a boy about his age appear at the rear of the truck. He was pointing angrily at the back of the truck. Soon, the big man got back into the delivery vehicle and drove off, leaving the new boy standing beside a heap of boxes and suitcases late at night. Though Zachary wasn't used to making friends, he remembered walking over to introduce himself to the late-night arrival with green hair and a space between his teeth
  • But our efforts were vain, for the mule was in the way, and there was not standing room for all three. There was but one way of helping, and that looked too desperate to be attempted, and I hesitated to propose it as I knelt shivering there.
  • I closed the door behind us and we decided to explore the rest of the building. We headed across the room and towards a small door. The door opened into a long wide hallway. The floor was covered in a thick wine coloured carpet. There were large vases standing at regular intervals against the walls.
  • "Contrary, my dear. It is my honor to meet you. And this," she motioned to the man standing by her side, "is my beloved husband, King Normangaff." She turned to Finnegaff and held both of the wizards forearms with her hands. "Kind Finnegaff! You look well!"
  • We had not gone far before we saw him standing in front of a large rock, and in the rock there was a cavern, and at the mouth of the cavern there appeared a huge grizzly she-bear rubbing her eyes, Elihu declared, as if just awoke out of her winter's sleep. I rather think she was licking her lips at the thoughts of the repast she was going to make of Sam Short. She would have found him a tough morsel I suspect. Why she did not at first rush on and try to gobble up our friend I could not tell, till Elihu observed that she probably had her cubs inside the cave, and that she was guarding them. Our appearance, however, instead of daunting her increased her rage, and with a savage roar she began to waddle towards Short. He retreated slowly. We sang out to him to give him confidence. He had before not thought it prudent to fire, lest, as was very likely, his shots should not kill the bear; but when he heard our voices, he lifted his rifle and fired. I thought that the ball had gone through her head; but I suppose that it did not, because on she came at poor Sam faster than ever.
  • Considering the marvellous variety of fish which the Orinoco possesses, the result was a little disappointing to an onlooker; for the catch, though very large, consisted almost entirely of but two kinds: the electric eel, and a creature peculiar to tropical South Americathe payarathe size of a small salmon; this had its lower jaw supplied with fangs, which the Indians said cut like razors. As the net was pulled into the shallows, an Indian waved his hand warningly to the four soldiers who were standing by.
  • The midwinter solstice sunset at stonehenge in 1976 taken standing at the heel stone.
  • "Get up damn you!" He recognized O'Rourke's voice. As was his habit when Garza was on patrol, Stans was sleeping inside the track on a bed of ammo cans. He sat up quickly and looked around. To his surprise he saw the Captain standing just outside the back entrance. The night was perfectly quiet as were the radios but something was obviously amiss.
  • Howland backed against the wall, partly turned as if fearing the other's attack, and yet without strength to repel it. There was a contemptuous smile on Croisset's lips as he poised himself for an instant. Then he leaped in, and as his fingers gripped at the other's throat Howland's right arm shot upward in a deadly short-arm punch that caught his antagonist under the jaw. Without a sound Jean staggered back, tottered for a moment on his feet, and fell to the floor. Fifty seconds later he opened his eyes to find his hands bound behind his back and Howland standing at his feet.
  • Annie was enchanted with the stories these young men revealed and she wasnt the only listener. Every immigrant around her had leaned in closer to hear. There were several that left their seats and were standing in the isle, in order to gain more access to the information on what lay ahead.
  • The sight of the umiaks and the knowledge that this might make or mar, to a great extent, the resources of the party, put ginger into Roger, and the way in which that little boat was urged over the water was almost incredible. To the natives, who had never seen anything but craft of their own making, and the heavy staunch boats of whaling steamers, the speed was little short of magic. Harry and Roger overtook them as though they had been standing still.
  • A wealth of memories was in the woodsman's eyes as he gazed up at the timber nest, the log camp which his own hands had put up, standing on a narrow plateau, and built against a protecting wall of rock that rose in jagged might to a height of thirty or forty feet.
  • Although Sam had swallowed Maika's tale, he was not one for crusades, and had no intention of going to the police or standing up for her against her bosses. Mainly because he had no respect for any of them, they were merely a bunch of unscrupulous whores and pimps, foreigners mostly, and in reality he couldn't care less one way or the other what they did to each other or why. However, he had started to feel a certain amount of animosity towards the owners and their sadistic methods, especially after half a dozen pints.
  • Then he sensed Karim standing beside him, also intent on the empty shore. The pilots back was to the lantern that swung from the mainmast and his face was shrouded in shadow. Abruptly, he addressed Hawksworth in Turki.
  • "Will you show me in to Sir John?" she says, smiling; and I did so, leaving them together; and going down-stairs, to see Mr Barclay standing before the fire and looking very strange and stern. He did not say anything, but walked up-stairs again; and I could hear him pacing up and down the hall for quite a quarter of an hour before the bell rang; and then I got up-stairs to find him talking very earnestly to Miss Adela Mimpriss, and she all the time shaking her head and trying to pull away her hand.
  • We're watching the introduction to the programme on videotape, or VT as the producer calls it. Asamah Bulamaya is an attractive Asian reporter in her mid-twenties. She's standing by the company sign at the entrance to Foxglove Laboratories, by the silver letters etched into grey marble lit by a small spotlight in the ground, as it's night-time. Here in the studio it's late afternoon, but the programme will go out at night, so an introduction filmed in darkness is appropriate. For a moment I wonder when this footage was taken, how many days ago, and whether I might have been sneaking around in the background buildings while the camera rolled. It seems unlikely, though the thought is a curious one.
  • We will, agreed Chester. "It would be a much more pleasant death. I don't think much of walking out and standing over my own grave and letting somebody shoot at me without a chance to fight back."
  • The report of Tim O'Rooney's gun that slew the antelope sounded fearfully near, and sent a shiver of terror through the youngster crouching in his hidingplace. At the same time, as he looked stealthily out, he saw that it had attracted the attention of the Indians. All five were standing on their feet, with their loose blankets hung over their shoulders, and gesticulating with their arms. The sound of their voices was plainly heard where he stood, and a thrill of hope ran through him as he imagined that he recognised in one of them a resemblance to that of Shasta, the Pah Utah.
  • Buzz of conversation at the wake falls silent beth turns to see amanda standing in the doorway!
  • Coming forth from the pile of boxes from which he had sought in vain to catch a glimpse of his friend, the reporter, Bob walked up the street until he came to a restaurant, brilliantly lighted, and with a sign standing in the door from which the words: "Pork and Beans, 15 cents a plate," stared at him invitingly.
  • Dyke nodded, and they waited for fully two hours, during which time zebras, quaggas, and various kinds of antelopes charged down near them, startled by the sight of the two curious-looking horses, standing so patiently there in the middle of the plain, and after halting nervously, they careered away again, the trampling of their feet sounding like the rush of a storm.
  • I made all haste. The casks did not take much time, and soon the whisky and beer were flowing over the floor. It made me think of Geordie's regret over the 'sinfu' waste.' The bottles took longer, and glancing up now and then I saw that Graeme was being hard pressed. Men would leap, two and three at a time, upon the barricade, and Graeme's arms would shoot out, and over they would topple upon the heads of those nearest. It was a great sight to see him standing alone with a smile on his face and the light of battle in his eye, coolly meeting his assailants with those terrific, lightning-like blows. In fifteen minutes my work was done.
  • Next morning bright and early the missionary made his way to a long low log building, standing by the side of the church, and not far from his own cabin. In this was a large stove, which was soon sending out its genial heat, and giving an air of comfort to the place. Keith looked round with much satisfaction.
  • Maggie spun about, breathless. Another spire greeted her, reaching over a very pleasant, green, leafy park populated with hillside villas. Behind her was another, skying over long, thin streets lined with double-storied stone structures and crowded with people and horses and carriages; well past these were the riggings of large ships. There was a fourth spire, partially hidden by clouds and standing over a magnificent columned edifice, seen after another quarter turn on her heels.
  • John and his two friends were trying to find her. Finally, they found Nancy standing in the corner, chatting with her friends.
  • The government is an absolute monarchy of the most pronounced kind, though somewhat influenced by the priests, the dread of private vengeance, and insurrection. Taxation is heavy, and very burdensome to the subjects. Persia has a standing army of 200,000, but it is said to exist largely on paper. Incidentally you have learned considerable about the history of the country, and I shall not go over it. The present shah, as he is called, is Nsr ed-dn, born in 1831. He ought to be a progressive monarch, for he has visited England and France several times."""
  • The terrible seconds passed. Some of the boys were as white as ghosts; and they shivered while standing there scantily clad.
  • He glanced around stupidly as if expecting to find another Jorden Miles standing beside him, then realized how foolish his actions might have appeared. Long time? Expected? Jorden was still sure he didn't know the woman that beckoned him to follow her into the house, yet it seemed she knew of him. Perhaps they thought of him as a new convert to the ways of their Guru? Tsarin must have guessed that he needed something desperately, and maybe she was right.
  • Kassie started back-pedaling, along with everyone else, as Jenviet sent a thick black cloud of something their way. Rumal grabbed her by the waist, swung around and deposited her behind him. As she got her footing she saw Sian lunge through the gap between Daron and Sabyn, both arms outstretched. A torrent of water thundered down the corridor, drowning the black cloud. Waiting to see if the water would wipe out the sadistic bitch, Kassie cursed to see her still standing there.
  • Entering the bright Room of Reflection, a room paneled with sparkling silver mirrors and gilded generously with gold and crystals, I noticed the numerous arms hanging on the walls, the weapons of the past kings and queens of Ghalain. Some, I saw, even emitted the ethereal gleam released only by those rare objects forged by the Pari. My ring was suddenly warm on my finger, as if responding to the presence of its brethren. I was welcomed by a standing group, some of whom I knew quite well, but others, the generals, who were dressed sharply in their dark blue uniforms, were strangers to me. Other than Niara, the generals were older men, with identically shorn hair and well-trimmed beards. Before I could gesture for them to seat themselves, Ferdas rushed to me
  • He followed close at the Wolf's heels, standing in the open door as the latter entered. He had expected to see perhaps one, not more than two constables, but at a little square table three men in khaki sat eating breakfast.
  • All ready at last, and mounted. Mrs Bedford, Aunt Georgie, and the girls had come out to see them off, and the captain and Uncle Jack were standing by the fence to which the packhorse was hitched.
  • "Say, it's kind of funny our standing here talking about that thing, isn't it? Well, if you want to know, I came home early that night--I guess you hadn't been gone two hours--and the surprise did it, more than anything else, I suppose--she hadn't prepared a story. I got suspicious, named you at random, and hit the nail on the head. She broke down, thought I knew more than I did, and--and then there was hell to pay."
  • Benita wheeled round upon the stone on which she sat, and there, standing amidst the bushes a little way from the foot of the wall, was Jacob Meyer. Their eyes met; hers were full of defiance, and his of conscious power.
  • Ithobal of Tyre, Chief Captain of the seas, standing before Neco, Pharaoh and King, Ruler of Nile and its lands, relates the story of his two years' voyage, of the strange things he saw, of the hardships he endured, of the triumphant end.
  • The lane was a grassy sward, cut with two wagon-wheel tracks, and with a picturesque snake fence on either side. Beyond the fences lay the fields, some of them with stubble raked clean, the next year's clover showing green above the yellow, some with the grain standing still in the shock, and some with the crop, the late oats for instance, still uncut, but ready for the reaper. The turnip field was splendidly and luxuriantly green with never a sign of the brown earth. The hay meadow, too, was green and purple with the second growth of clover.
  • "Hey Jay," she mouthed and waived through the glass separator at Jay standing in the mail room with a stupid grin on his face. She caught his attention and waived at him to come into her office.
  • A month later a small party were assembled in Captain Clinton's bungalow. Mrs. Humphreys was standing with a baby in each arm. Mrs. Clinton was lying upon a sofa crying bitterly. Captain Clinton was walking up and down the room, hot and angry. The surgeon of the regiment was standing grave and sympathetic by Mrs. Clinton. Sergeant Humphreys was in the attitude of attention by the door, with an anxious troubled expression on his face.
  • Larry put the tablet to sleep and slipped it into the snack sack, to an audible crunch from the bags below it. He slid the card to call the elevator. On the 7th floor, standing outside the door, he heard yelling from inside the unit. He unlocked the door as quietly as he could and entered silently. Directly front of him, Larry saw the backside of the tall redhead he passed exiting the elevator. He and Lori were struggling and yelling.
  • No, monsieur, I swear to you, by my hopes of salvation, I will tell you all, for the Abbe Busoni himself only knew a part of my secret; but, I pray you, go away from that plane-tree. The moon is just bursting through the clouds, and there, standing where you do, and wrapped in that cloak that conceals your figure, you remind me of M. de Villefort.
  • It was on Thursday, two days after the raid, that I visited the plantation. Our lower plantation had not been disturbed, but many of the negroes were gone, and all work was suspended. It was of no use to attempt to prosecute the planting enterprise, and we immediately prepared to abandon the locality. The remaining negroes were set at work to shell the corn already gathered. As fast as shelled, it was taken to Waterproof for shipment to market. The plows were left rusting in the furrows, where they were standing at the moment the guerrillas appeared.
  • In an open casket before the altar lay the body of Jesse. Foster, Lee and Kathleen were standing respectfully with Bubba in his wheelchair at the back of the church.
  • "Oh, would that he did!" growls Richard, standing astride the body. "And so perhaps he doth!—’tis but his policy to counterfeit, because he would avoid such bitter taunts as he gave our father in the time of death!"
  • Short and to the point was the duel that decided possession of the Orange Chief's fourth. The spectators had settled themselves for an interesting engagement of at least average duration when they were brought almost standing by a brilliant flash of rapid swordplay that was over ere one could catch his breath. They saw the Black Chief step quickly back, his point upon the ground, while his opponent, his sword slipping from his fingers, clutched his breast, sank to his knees and then lunged forward upon his face.
  • "This only I know, that on the second morning, she standing on deck beside him, he offered some familiar approach; whereupon the dog flew at him, and I believe would have killed him, but was in time called off by her. Within an hour we met with the weather which after three days drove us ashore. Now whether Affonzo suspected her true nature or not-- as I know he had taken a great fear of her--I never had time to discover. But I know her for a witch, and for a witch I tried to make away with her. For the rest, may God pardon me!"
  • But as soon as the man had left the room Pierre took up his hat which was lying on the table and went out of his study by the other door. There was no one in the passage. He went along the whole length of this passage to the stairs and, frowning and rubbing his forehead with both hands, went down as far as the first landing. The hall porter was standing at the front door. From the landing where Pierre stood there was a second staircase leading to the back entrance. He went down that staircase and out into the yard. No one had seen him. But there were some carriages waiting, and as soon as Pierre stepped out of the gate the coachmen and the yard porter noticed him and raised their caps to him. When he felt he was being looked at he behaved like an ostrich which hides its head in a bush in order not to be seen: he hung his head and quickening his pace went down the street.
  • An exclamation of wonder broke from the Arabs standing round listening to the conversation, as with lightning speed Edgar repeated the manoeuvre that had been fatal to the Maltese.
  • I started laughing out loud at the insane thought before looking around to make sure Rave wasnt standing behind me. I was still alone and I breathed a sigh of relief. This new piece of insight into myself would likely turn out to be beneficial. So I decided I would test it out later on property that wouldnt get me arrested if I destroyed it.
  • As it dawned on me that the rider who had done this to him had dismounted and was standing above him, my heart spasmed; my brain pulsing and freezing- but my legs did not stop. As the tangent of my path drew away from its intersection with this scene, the sword was arcing upwards to Allah. How could this be- how could such a thing be allowed to happen so closely? I heard the sword slice the air, then something solid, and turned once over my shoulder to glimpse my worst fears realized. Shrieks of unbearable pain and terror spiking upwards. I'm sorry, my friend, I whimpered to myself inside of my head, so sorry. I can't help you- I cannot.
  • Suzee had her back to me and a man was standing beside her. Just as I came in I saw her raise her face, and the man put his arm round her and kiss her. Two or three steps carried me across the room and I struck them apart with a blow on the side of the man's head that sent him reeling into a corner.
  • "Now," he said in a louder voice, clapping his hands on his knees and standing up, "I understand you were on your way to the Perfeddwlad. If that remains your intention, I will see you arrive safely."
  • But there was a great deal to do first. They were going to move into the new house. The moving van was standing out in front, the car must be unloaded. David would be needed to carry things. Regretfully, he waved his hand at the peak and whispered, "It shouldn't take long--I'll be back as soon as I can." Then he went around to the front door to see what could be done about speeding things up.
  • It was easy to see that no doubt now remained in the young girl's mind as to the reality of the scene; her eyes started with terror, her hands trembled, and she rapidly drew the bedclothes closer to her. Still, the presence of Monte Cristo at such an hour, his mysterious, fanciful, and extraordinary entrance into her room through the wall, might well seem impossibilities to her shattered reason. "Do not call any one--do not be alarmed," said the Count; "do not let a shade of suspicion or uneasiness remain in your breast; the man standing before you, Valentine (for this time it is no ghost), is nothing more than the tenderest father and the most respectful friend you could dream of."
  • Billie must have thought it would be rude to leave me standing in the store alone. She stayed inside to smoke. Lit her cig, then cracked the door and stuck her cigarette hand outside. She looked back at me.
  • "All night wait will you?" said Haddo. He was standing impatiently by the table, making a tapping noise beneath his cloak against the floor.
  • Yes, and while we're standing here talking now, the smugglers are getting farther and farther away! Come on! We've got to chase them! Dick turned and made for the corral.
  • "Now we'll go into action. Oh, when he takes it in hand himself, things get hot... by heaven!... There he is!... Vive l'Empereur! So these are the steppes of Asia! It's a nasty country all the same. Au revoir, Beauche; I'll keep the best palace in Moscow for you! Au revoir. Good luck!... Did you see the Emperor? Vive l'Empereur!... preur!--If they make me Governor of India, Gerard, I'll make you Minister of Kashmir--that's settled. Vive l'Empereur! Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! The Cossacks--those rascals--see how they run! Vive l'Empereur! There he is, do you see him? I've seen him twice, as I see you now. The little corporal... I saw him give the cross to one of the veterans.... Vive l'Empereur!" came the voices of men, old and young, of most diverse characters and social positions. On the faces of all was one common expression of joy at the commencement of the long-expected campaign and of rapture and devotion to the man in the gray coat who was standing on the hill.
  • Pass them up on deck as prisoners, ordered Darrin, and this was done, the two seamen drawing their revolvers and standing by the "Olga's" discomfited officers.
  • The swimmers had closed the distance rapidly. The next time the lights blinked Rick could make out two figures standing next to the car. He could hear the creaking of gear on the junk and the grunts of the polemen, and the sounds were close! He lifted his voice in a cry for help. "They're on top of us!"
  • How cute were you standing in front of his hotel room door hesitating to knock, covering your heart, and building your courage? Tender moments like that make it so much easier for me to pay my U-verse bill. So, then you tap-tap-tapped and (gasp!), there was the B-word. Granted, he did have to ask who it was before he answered. We couldn't expect him to use the fucking eyehole to see who it is. He's in fucking China. Who else would it be? Jackass.
  • When the waters receded, the landscape was nightmarish. What had been lush forest was now a wasteland, and not a single tree remained standing within their sight. Mud and rock clogged the valleys, and large sections of land had been ripped from their moorings, leaving huge gashes in the countryside. Benjin helped Catrin climb from the twisted mass, and they fought to break free of the mud.
  • A man was standing protectively over Roland. Amalric shifted the mace to bring it down on the bare, blond head of this newcomer. Roland heard cries of horror from the spectators. Amazingly, Enguerrand de Coucy threw himself between the two men, his arms up to deflect the mace.
  • The military instinct of the proprietor caused all forest growth to be cleared from a broad space entirely around the rude fortress that held his life's treasures; but within the enclosure he left standing two superb oaks. These not only afforded a grateful shade, but gave a distinctive feature to the place that was quickly recognized by the surrounding Indians. Thus they always spoke of it as the house of the two trees, or two-tree house, a name that soon became "Tawtry House," under which designation it was known from the unsalted seas to the tide waters of the distant Shattemuc.
  • I'm spaking for lost spalpeens like yoursilf, said Mickey, severely. "I haven't been lost since I parted company with Soot Simpson, and, begorrah, that minds me that we ought to saa something of him. Just look around and obsarve whether he is standing anywhere beckoning to us."
  • Out in the cold gloom they found the animals, standing patiently with their sides to the wind. Pulling up their picket pins, they herded them into a sort of shelf where a great rock wall jutted out in a weird, wind-scoured formation, like a vast top on end.
  • Bonaparte was watching them with admiration, when, turning in the direction of Novi, he caught the gleam of Desaix's bayonets. standing on a knoll raised above the plain, he could see what was invisible to the enemy.
  • It was so dark we had to feel our way about the decks. I could not see the upper canvas, but I could imagine it standing out like curved sheet iron. Every moment I expected to hear the explosion of rent canvas, or the rattle of falling gear on the deck. Not I alone thought so, for once when Chips and Sails went to windward of me, I heard Sails bawl to his companion,
  • "Range, the mage wants to test the Sword," Garon said from the doorway. Remmy was standing behind him, trying to look over his shoulder.
  • Jan then returned to the wagon, climbed noiselessly up, drew out his own blankets, and brought them to the fire. He then wrapped himself up, and lay down alongside of Swartboy, with the ourebi standing near, and in such a situation that he could still have his eyes upon it, even when lying. To secure it from wandering, he had fastened a strong rheim around its neck, the other end of which he had looped tightly upon his own wrist.
  • "Isabelle, we made it, its all behind us now," and he took his daughter down from his back. The girl was finally standing on her own two feet again and ran around through the landscape, where there was no house anywhere to be seen.
  • Now all this time I carried my parcel of little dolls in a satchel slung at my shoulder, and was wondering to whom I ought to deliver it. I knew a word or two of English, picked up from the smugglers that used to be common as skate at Roscoff in those days; so I made shift to ask one of the men alongside where the freighter might be. As well as I could make out, he said that the freighter was not on the beach; but he pointed to a tall man standing beside the lantern and gave me to understand that this was the "deputy." So I slipped over the gunwale and waded ashore towards him.
  • Judge, then, of the state of Sam Sorrel's mind when, on turning a corner of rock, he suddenly beheld the eagle standing on the edge of a great precipice about a hundred yards in advance of him.
  • Finally he raised his gaze and his eyes were smoldering. She was feeling a little dizzy herself. Their eyes met and she did nothing to break the contact. This is crazy, she thought. I am standing here with a stranger and allowing him to hold my hand. I am allowing him to see my dress and hes going to kiss me. I just know it and Im going to allow him to do that too.
  • Gordon gave the approaching group his best bouncer's appraisal. standing tall he assigned two eyes to each person and began a multiple staring out challenge. Three concepts relented instantly, one stood firm: Karma. The cacklejack sought back up from his victorious six eyes, but Karma remained determined. She'd beat a thousand eyes if she had to. As eyelids were narrowed, and stares increased, a moment of recognition descended upon the spider. It knew this face. Reading the footnotes to the memory, Gordon took a deep breath of pain laden air. The still fresh wounds in his back twinged in agony at the sight of their creator. He didn't have time to consider the Monster Counsel's view of his actions, Gordon fled without hesitation.
  • Another curious feature of Mr. Garrison's system, or rather lack of system, was that he kept no record of the order of standing in the classes; and so, when the class in geography, for instance, was called to recite, the boys would come tumbling pell-mell out of their seats, and crowd tumultuously to the space in front of the desk, with the invariable result that the smaller boys would be sent to the bottom of the class, whether they deserved to be there or not. Then as to the hearing of the lesson, there was absolutely no rule about it. Sometimes the questions would be divided impartially among the whole class. Sometimes they would all be asked of a single boy, and if he happened to answer correctly,--which, however, was an extremely rare occurrence,--the class would be dismissed without one of the others being questioned.
  • Neither of the young ladies under Mrs Girdwood's care had been yet called upon to take part in this pantomime. Certainly the stewards were not doing their duty. There were no finer-looking girls in the room, and there were scores of gentlemen who would have been delighted to dance with them. Their standing neglected could be only an accidental oversight.
  • Musing on these things, Christine turned at last and sauntered slowly homeward. Everything was still very quiet, but smoke was rising from the solid farm chimneys, and, rounding the corners of some large outbuildings, she came suddenly upon more life--feathery, fantastic life of spindlelegs and fluttering wings. Scores of baby ostriches, just released from their night shelter, were racing into the morning light, pirouetting round each other like crazy, gleesome sprites. Christine stood laughing at their fandangos and the antics of the Kafirs engaged in herding them. A man standing near, pipe in mouth, and hands in pockets, observing the same scene, was astonished that her sad yet passionate face could so change under the spell of laughter. He had wondered, when he first saw her, why a girl with such ardent eyes should wear such weariness upon her lips and look so disdainfully at life. Now he saw that it was a mask she wore and forgot when she was alone, and he wondered still more what had brought such a girl to be a governess on a Karoo farm.
  • Why, of course. Her eyes took a quick inventory. An ornate if cheap dressing-table! Four waists on coat hangers! Four skirts, beautifully hung! And what a litter of brushes and things on the floor! She turned to Dan, who had not entered, but was standing in the doorway, smiling. "It must have been perfectly maddening for the good lady of the ship to leave all this behind." She walked to the dressing-table and peered into the mirror. It must be said she saw a girl whom under other circumstances she would hardly have recognized. Her heavy hair was dishevelled. Her long, blue broadcloth ulster was stained with salt water and altogether out of shape. A great black smudge ran along her cheek, and on her chin was a deep red scratch.
  • To see her standing there on the sidewalk in the full, unshadowed morning light, silent, dishevelled, scarcely clothed, seemed to him part of the ghastly unreality of this sombre and menacing vision, from which he ought to rouse himself.
  • Perhaps it is time we moved forward, Lief finally intervened. "We gain nothing by standing here debating philosophical questions."
  • "Take this," Captain Sheremeth motioned to the wheel of the ship to Carameth, who happened to be standing next to him at the time.
  • I was confronted by three of them, the one from in front, whod not been able to reach me, and the two from the door. The one with beer in his face was coming up from behind, still rubbing his eyes. They were all standing on the floor, I above.
  • As we came gently alongside, an exclamation escaped Bob, who was standing forward, ready to heave a line on board or jump up the side with it, according to circumstances.
  • Hey, I tell you what, she said after more thought. "Let's just put this on the old shelf and mark it for future discussion. Coming up soon is one of my favorite spots in the whole area. I often come out here just before sundown to sit quietly and meditate. Here it is, right up ahead. See the big beautiful black oak tree standing there so majestically all by itself? I love this spot. Some of my best ideas come to me when I'm out here."
  • It was long after dark when Bull gave up the attempt. He went back to the bunkhouse, rolled up the blankets which had been assigned to him, and carried them out to the corral. Close to the fence he laid them down, and a few minutes later he was wrapped in them and sound asleep. The last thing he remembered was the form of the great stallion, standing watchfully in the exact middle of the corral, the starlight glimmering very faintly in his big eyes.
  • He wondered why the assassin had abandoned him, and he cursed his foolishness for expecting his aid. He was about to surrender to the misty fog in his mind when he heard a terrified scream from the crowd. He saw several people pointing up at something as they backed away in a panic from the platform where the chopping block was located. All this time, the King's flat dull voice still droned, echoed by agreements from the new fool, who was standing nearby.
  • "'This is my message spoken by my mouth, Tamas, son of my body, and my councillors who go with him will bear witness that he speaks the truth. I, Mambo, the Molimo of Bambatse, send you greeting, and will give you good welcome and fulfil my promise, if you come with the far- shooting guns, ten times ten of them, and the powder, and the bullets wherewith I may drive off the Matabele, but not otherwise. My son, Tamas, and my councillors will drive your waggon into my country but you must bring no strange servants. The Spirit of the white woman who killed herself before the eyes of my forefather has been seen of late standing upon the point of rock; also she has visited me at night in my secret place where her companions died. I do not know all that this portends, but I think that amongst other things she wished to tell me that the Matabele are about to attack us. I await the decree of the Heavens. I send you two karosses as a gift, and a little ancient gold, since ivory is too heavy for my messengers to carry, and I have no waggon. Farewell.'"
  • Frank was already turning toward Tamasjo. He found the Indian standing there calmly watching the floating columns of smoke that were interrupted frequently, as those responsible for their existence manipulated the blankets over the fires.
  • With the first officer standing on deck once again, Baker took at deep breath. Exhaling slowly, he turned his gaze on the lieutenant. "Well, Mr. Reeman, if youd be so kind as to have the ship cleared for action."
  • "Let yourselves enjoy the ambiance," he finished, standing and returning the chair. 'You'll be surprised at how nice people can be if you just treat them with dignity."
  • Warwick goes to Lady Bona, who is standing near the king. "And, gracious madam, in our kings behalf I am commanded, with your leave and favour, humbly to kiss your hand,"—he does so—"and with my tongue to tell the passion of my sovereigns heart!—where Fame, lately entering at his heedful ears, hath placed thy beautys image, and thy virtue!"
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