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Okunuşu: / standɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: stand·ing
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. ayakta duran;
işlemez halde, muattal;
devam eden, baki, daimi;

i. durma, ayakta durma;
duracak yer, durak;
mevki, şöhret, itibar, derece, mertebe;
devam, süreklilik, eskilik;

z. ani bir duruşla.

standing için örnek cümleler:

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  • Moxley was standing before the sawdust heap with his face to the wall. As the match flared up he dropped the gun and seized a greenish bottle that was lying at his feet.
  • Your brothers seem suitably impressed,’ said a voice behind them, and they turned to see Danodel standing beside a strange and wizened newcomer. Nicovar remembered his grandfathers words, about the narrowness he should look for in the eyes, about the mould-encrusted paleness of the body, about the plump soft middle of its crawling belly and about the dankness of its scent, and he knew as if hed seen a thousand such vile things before that this was a sloud.
  • The thugs now as themselves again couldnt believe it. They were standing in front of all their stolen goods with the senior constable. They were caughtmaybe blue handed?
  • The girl behind the bar walked over and started to refill the pitchers. She looked at the guys and said, "Im standing right over there," pointing to the corner of the bar. "People in the parking lot can hear you guys talking out your asses. And you!" she said looking at Breslin, "You come in here every week and give me those sad, puppy eyes, but you just sit there and watch TV. Whats it gonnabe Cameron?"
  • One of these latter I especially noticed; for it occurred under my very eyes, within earshot of where I was standing by the gangway.
  • "Thats the way in India. If hes lost, what do they have left to fight for? They will melt into the forest. In India a commander must always be visible to his men, standing above the armor of his howdah, so theyll know for certain hes alive."
  • The ship came sluggishly, limpingly around, mortally wounded, two of its aft sails burning, whole chunks of its hull missing, dead warriors sprawled everywhere. A great winging vortex of Gyssian evil descended for the ship, but none wanted to engage the man standing at the bow, his swords held out at his sides, the blood dripping off them like rain. Instead they banked widely around him to the stern, where crippled and injured Saeire Insu waited.
  • With everything out of her, the cutter floated a good three feet lighter, and we at once hauled her in as close to the shore as she would come, so as to work at her, if need be, without the boat, simply standing in the water.
  • Which is the raison I cautions ye to be riddy for a fall, said Mickey, after referring to some of the peculiarities of these steeds of the Southwest. "The minute he gits it into his head that we ain't paying attention, he'll rear up on his fore-feet, and walk along that way for half a mile. Not having any saddle, we'll have to slide over his neck, unless I can brace me feet agin his ears, and ride along standing straight up."
  • "Not yet old enough for a man, nor young enough for a boyas a squash is beforetis a peascod, or a codling whentis almost an apple—’tis with him in standing water between boy and man. He is very well-favoured, but he speaks very shrewishly; one would think his mothers milk were scarce out of him."
  • None of them, not even the middle-aged Dimmler, wanted to break off their conversation and quit that corner in the sitting room, but Natasha got up and Nicholas sat down at the clavichord. standing as usual in the middle of the hall and choosing the place where the resonance was best, Natasha began to sing her mother's favorite song.
  • But she belonged to the Swede's chief runner, his number one bouncer, as ugly a brute as ever thumped a drunken sailor. The bully objected, with a deal of obscene threatening, to my fancied raiding of his property. We had it out with bare knuckles in the Swede's big back room, with all the little tables pushed against the wall to make fighting space, and the toughest crowd in San Francisco standing by to see fair play. I was the younger, and as hard as nails, he was soft and rotten with evil living, so I thrashed him soundly enough in five rounds.
  • "Jeesuz! Jeesuz! Jeesuz!" cried Schroeder, standing on a truck and peering into long black binoculars. "We're outnumbered twenty-to-one."
  • A lad was standing on the little lookout turret, on the top of a border fortalice. The place was evidently built solely with an eye to defence, comfort being an altogether secondary consideration. It was a square building, of rough stone, the walls broken only by narrow loopholes; and the door, which was ten feet above the ground, was reached by broad wooden steps, which could be hauled up in case of necessity; and were, in fact, raised every night.
  • "Yes?" Fyfe said. "Quick work. I didn't even know about the shooting till I came in here to-night about dark. Well," he snapped his fingers, "exit Monohan. He's a dead issue, far as we're concerned. Wouldn't you like something to eat, Stella? I'm hungry, and I was dog-tired when I landed here. Say, you can't guess what I was thinking about, lady, standing there when you came in."
  • As soon as Fred had looked eagerly in the direction indicated by John he saw another lake boat standing high in the water and evidently bound northward. It was plain that it was not loaded as heavily as the boat which had disappeared in the opposite direction and it also was moving much more rapidly.
  • I was scared, I should have been terrified, but I was too busy trying to breathe. It was like the air had become thick, and although the fine strands of hair on the back of my neck hadn't moved, it felt like they should be standing on end.
  • "I am committed to standing against any benefit cuts to programs Americans rely on, and tying Social Security benefits to chained CPI is a benefit cut," Democratic Representative Keith Ellison said in a statement.
  • Thirty minutes later they were standing next to their horses, and the king of Rommel was before them.Ten men stood behind the king. All with bows fully drawn.
  • The man stands there for several seconds before stepping to the side. James gasps in shock to discover the man had been standing in front of a chair. And bound to the chair is the object of his search. Perrilin.
  • He saw Redvignez and Brazzier standing at the bow, also gazing toward the island, which was plainly visible from the deck. They occasionally spoke, but their tones were so low that no word could be distinguished by any ears excepting those for which they were intended. Mr. Storms was at his post, and as Pomp and Inez were invisible, the conclusion was inevitable that they were in the cabin, whence issued the appetizing odor of cooking fish, and where no doubt the young lady was receiving the attention which she expected as her right.
  • Maggie did not stop running until Pravik was behind her and she was standing on the side of a great slope that swept away to farmland and miles of country roads. The slope was wooded with small, friendly trees, and Maggie threw herself into the damp warmth of dead leaves beneath the branches and cried.
  • In the meantime the company at the George had dispersed; and, shortly after, Anthony Turnbull--who, like a good landlord, was always last in bed, and first up, in his house--was taking, alone, his last look round the kitchen before making his final visit to the stable-yard, when Tom Scales tottered into the kitchen, looking like death, his hair standing upright; and he sat down on an oak chair, all in a tremble, wiped his forehead with his hand, and, instead of speaking, heaved a great sigh or two.
  • Rosenblatt sprang to the cave mouth, came back again, furtively treading upon the match. The perspiration was standing out upon his forehead.
  • It was thus that the mysterious Frontier Angel was regarded by those who held communication with her; it was no wonder that Dingle felt some trepidation, and he hastened down, unbarred the massive gate, and saw her standing beside him.
  • Why should we? James standing growled. "It mattered naught to us where we went, as we knew we should hear, in good time."
  • Meena stopped suddenly and turned around. Even standing a step down the hill, she loomed over Sanych by a handsbreadth, and the tip of her bow stave rose higher still. Her eyes held a cool expression.
  • She was standing directly in his line of vision some fifteen feet away. He saw a slight frown on her forehead, obviously prompted by concern for his welfare. It was wonderful how happy he felt just to be in her presence. The joke Richard would make of it if he knew, Longsword thought. He didnt quite understand it himself but he felt the oddest rush of tenderness for her. It was as if hed had a pleasant dream about her and the afterglow was carrying over into reality
  • Our fighting had given us an appetite, so we went to breakfast with no little satisfaction, though we had not much time to spare for it. Bubble would not acknowledge that his wound was of consequence, though he let me look to it, as I did to the hurts of the other poor fellows who were hit. From the appearance they presented, I was truly glad that there was a good prospect of their having surgical aid without delay. They did not know, as I did, that their wounds would be far more painful in a few hours than they were at that time, so they made very light of them. As the stranger drew nearer, we made her out to be a sloop-of-war, and the ensign flying from her peak showed her to be British; she had been standing so as to pass a little way to the westward of us. When, however, she made us out, which she did not do till she was quite close to us, she altered her course and was soon hove-to, a few cables' length to leeward. A boat was lowered, and, with an officer in the stern-sheets, came pulling towards us.
  • She is at the top. She looks around, and it does not look like she thought it would. She looks down at her feet and sees that the road and the gray are gone, and she is standing on a mound of heads. Some faces look newly dead, almost just sleeping. Others are like old Jack OLanterns, rotting and crumpled, features lost together.
  • Then we come into difficulties. One would imagine that under such circumstances the first act of young Cadogan West would be to seize the villain and raise the alarm. Why did he not do so? Could it have been an official superior who took the papers? That would explain West's conduct. Or could the chief have given West the slip in the fog, and West started at once to London to head him off from his own rooms, presuming that he knew where the rooms were? The call must have been very pressing, since he left his girl standing in the fog and made no effort to communicate with her. Our scent runs cold here, and there is a vast gap between either hypothesis and the laying of West's body, with seven papers in his pocket, on the roof of a Metropolitan train. My instinct now is to work form the other end. If Mycroft has given us the list of addresses we may be able to pick our man and follow two tracks instead of one.
  • You are fast asleep--hein? said the man, rather sharply; but no one stirred, though Vince could feel the perspiration standing in a fine dew upon his forehead and by the sides of his nose.
  • Match - Nat McMiller vs Tonya "The Bull" Dozier - The Bull, the stronger of the two ladies, tried to keep the match slower and wear Nat down with reverse chin locks, head locks, etc but Nat was too energetic to let this happen for long as she escaped most of these attempts. About four minutes into the match, Nat ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Dozier in her knees. When Dozier is back up standing, she is nailed with a standing drop kick followed by a running bull dog, setting her up for Nats finisher "McMiller Time" which get a huge crowd pop and gains her the easy 1, 2, 3. >
  • May, 1813.--In the early part of this month our division was reviewed by Lord Wellington, preparatory to the commencement of another campaign; and I certainly never saw a body of troops in a more highly-efficient state. It did one's very heart good to look at our battalion that day, seeing each company standing a hundred strong, and the intelligence of several campaigns stamped on each daring, bronzed countenance, which looked you boldly in the face, in the fullness of vigour and confidence, as if it cared neither for man nor devil.
  • Because nobody, and I mean nobody, stands up to Chu! said Dar with some vehemence. "I grant you that the Bloomies didn't in fact do any standing up, but the fact that they came out and celebrated afterwards and that they hired us to protect them would be enough for Chu."
  • Megan and the guy switched positions so her back was to me and I saw the guy was Trent. He saw me standing there and gave me a thumbs up without stopping. I smiled and returned his thumbs up. I always knew Trent would do well here.
  • Rafe, standing silent in the background as the newcomer, leaned forward fast enough he nearly fell off the jagged rock he had perched on. "How can you know that?"
  • Jim was standing on tip-toe, straddling a cactus, the top of which had managed to impale itself on the crotch of his trousers, and, more disastrously, on the contents of the crotch of his trousers.
  • Amaranthe did not notice Sicarius move. Between one eye blink and the next, he was simply there, standing in front of Akstyr, blocking Tuskar's path. Sicarius did not draw a weapon or posture threateningly. He merely offered his cold stare.
  • Within the ring, around the central stone, he sees people standing in a circle, holding wooden staffs and torches. Above and around them Paul notices something very strange is happening, as if the air has come to life. He sees swirling patterns, hovering and then shrinking into the central stone, like giant, fractal ferns folding themselves away. They shimmer and flow, awash with rainbow colours. He stares fascinated as pattern follows pattern, a continuous succession of geometrical complexity, pyramids, cubes and intersecting circles shrink and vanish into the jagged point of the central stone.
  • I cannae well say no to that, he admitted. "But three times, man! And you standing there like a straw bogle and rinning to fetch your ain sword like a doggie with a pocket-napkin! David, this man Duncansby must be something altogether by-ordinar! He maun be extraordinar skilly. If I had the time, I would gang straight back and try a turn at him mysel'. The man must be a provost."
  • Daylight showed us such a scene of desolation as I hope never again to look on. Not a vestige of the village remained; while blackened trunks--some with a few of their stouter limbs still branching from them, others reduced to mere black poles, and many burned down to stumps--appeared in every direction. The crops had disappeared; and not even a fence was standing.
  • Eringaff raged. "CURSED WEATHER!" She picked up a chair and hurtled it toward the apparition, yet it fell well short. Not that it would have done anything to Norielle had it met its target, the Bridesmaid of Weather consisting of nothing but cloud. She stormed down the parapet adjoining the balcony. Without breaking stride, she raised Maraska pon Durk at two darkhound guards standing watch. "LOK!" (Off!) she roared, holding out the 'o' in lok. Before they knew what had happened, the two guards were hurdled over the wall to the rocks below.
  • "Oh, shit." In his headlights, he could see half a dozen cars, most with trunks open. There were several people standing with their backs turned; there were tables and equipment scattered about.
  • With the first officer standing on deck once again, Baker took at deep breath. Exhaling slowly, he turned his gaze on the lieutenant. "Well, Mr. Reeman, if youd be so kind as to have the ship cleared for action."
  • "Halvard keeps a standing army mostly for appearances, occasionally for special uses, but they do not make up our primary means of protection. No. The people themselves are our sword arm."
  • Meanwhile, there was Hen standing near by, and hardly knowing whether to look delighted at seeing his cruel boss thus being tied up, or show the dreadful fear that was gripping his soul as he contemplated what must follow.
  • "Harper Madison," Brooke said. She was standing near my chair. So close the edge of her sweater brushed against my arm.
  • 'But the spell was not yet broken; the valley of the shadow of death was not yet traversed. The abhorred phantom stood before me there; it was standing near the banisters, stooping a little, and with one end of the rope round its own neck, was poising a noose at the other, as if to throw over mine; and while engaged in this baleful pantomime, it wore a smile so sensual, so unspeakably dreadful, that my senses were nearly overpowered. I saw and remember nothing more, until I found myself in your room.
  • As he spoke he turned from her and disappeared through the window, leaving her overwhelmed with surprise, wonder, and alarm. She heard him strike the ground as he sprung from the low balcony, and listened with trembling to his departing footsteps as they rapidly crossed the lawn towards the seaside. For a few moments she remained standing as he had left her, as if endeavouring to realize what had passed, her eyes strained, her hands clasped across her forehead, her lips parted.
  • Don Rafael, standing without the door that he had opened in order that I might precede him, did not perceive that we had interrupted Fray Antonio in his prayers; and began, therefore, in the lively manner natural to him, when I had been in due form presented as an American archologist come to Mexico to pursue my studies of its primitive inhabitants, to commend the undertaking that I had in hand, and to ask of Fray Antonio the aid in prosecuting it that he so well could give.
  • To judge their size they are standing next to a modern game bantam hen. in the following picture.
  • Amalric answered, not addressing Roland, but speaking to the standing circle of barons and knights. "The renegade Egyptian tells us that the bulk of the Saracen army is encamped in the suburbs south of Mansura. We will be able to see them when we cross the river. If they show signs of being ready for us, we will know."
  • They had walked a mile when, as they descended into a glen, they came suddenly on a party of twenty Welshmen, sitting round a fire. These had been concealed from them by the thick undergrowth, and were not twenty yards away, when they first saw them. The Welsh had evidently heard them coming, by the rustle of leaves and the breaking of twigs; and two or three were standing up, looking in their direction, when they caught sight of them. These gave a loud yell, which brought the rest to their feet.
  • Gay, almost jolly in camp, he was dreamy and sombre in repose. To escape this gloom he had recourse to the electricity of art, and saw visions of those gigantic monumental works of which he undertook many, and completed some. He realized that such works are part of the life of peoples; they are history written in capitals, landmarks of the ages, left standing long after generations are swept away. He knew that Rome lives in her ruins, that Greece speaks by her statues, that Egypt, splendid and mysterious spectre, appeared through her monuments on the threshold of civilized existence.
  • To my mind, he said to Beatrice, one time, "the survival of our race under such conditions is one of the most marvelous things possibly to be conceived." Out toward the black and mist-hidden sea that rolled forever in the gloom he gestured from the wall where they were standing.
  • He, too, as she very well observed, was good to behold, standing there with the light on his handsome head. She did not miss the potency of his smile. Nor, being a woman who dealt in lights and shades herself, was the flattering significance of his words wasted upon her.
  • Let it end then! said a soft, thick voice directly behind him. And Neeland turned and found the man he had seen on deck standing beside him. One of his fat white hands held an automatic pistol, covering him; the other was carefully closing the door which he had noiselessly opened to admit him.
  • "What are you doing here?" I asked, pulling my cloak tight. I felt a bit uncomfortable standing in front of him in nothing more than my nightclothes.
  • The borrower may select a bank to arrange for syndication, after reviewing BIDS from different banks. The syndicating bank then invites the participation of other banks, for which a detailed write-up (Information Memorandum) may be circulated. Although the borrowing company signs a common document (containing clauses relating to term, interest, repayment and security), drawn up by the syndicate manager, it has a distinct contractual relationship with each of the syndicate members. In syndication, the interest charged by member banks may differ, unlike in a CONSORTIUM arrangement. Loan syndications can be arranged to finance term requirements or WORKING CAPITAL. The interest rate, which may be fixed or floating, mainly depends on the credit standing of a borrower. Thus, creditworthy borrowers may find syndication more advantageous. (See also BEST EFFORTS BASIS and SHETTY COMMITTEE.)
  • Most mums probably prepare veg most days, if you are standing still peeling carrots why not peeling carrots why not peel and squeeze?
  • Natasha was standing in the middle of the drawing room, emaciated, with a pale set face, but not at all shamefaced as Pierre expected to find her. When he appeared at the door she grew flurried, evidently undecided whether to go to meet him or to wait till he came up.
  • Mine host the kaimakam, standing by, wished us a hearty " bon voyage.
  • The time of times to approach Port Said is just at the fall of dusk. Then the sea lies in opalescent patches, and the low shores fade away into the gathering night. The slanting masts and yards of the dhows silhouette against a sky of the deepest translucent green; and the heroic statue of De Lesseps, standing for ever at the Gateway he opened, points always to the mysterious East.
  • Rhimaldez dropped the chain as soon as he led the group to one side, his guards moving to the other, standing attentive and awaiting orders. The Captain reached up and tugged on the cell, a loud shriek as old hinges stressed and stone scraped against metal resounded through the roomcausing many faces among the group to wince.
  • Off in the direction that the projectile was headed was a fleet of fishermen in small boats, tending to their nets, which were scattered over an area of a quarter of a mile, standing almost end to end.
  • Lumber-jacks, with Tom and Hippy, had plunged into the shallow stream the instant that Grace cried out, and were running towards Willy, now standing calmly awaiting them.
  • Of what did we talk? I can't really tell; but you might put yourself in our places, and say if you would not naturally speak of those most dear when you knew beyond a peradventure that within a few hours at the most you would be standing face to face with death.
  • "I think youre right," Belinda said, standing up. "Youll let me know what you find out about whether we can do this now."
  • Everyone on the ship was standing in a crowd around Napalm Explosionface, who was standing on top of a barrel of rum. Who stamped his wooden leg on the floor until he had everyone's attention.
  • "I came around a turn and there was a man standing there!" she cried, "He looked ferocious! He almost scared the life out of me! Then he turned and ran off!"
  • A pair of women in surgical scrubs walked out of the main entrance to Long Beach Memorial, looking at Larry, standing next to the limo. "That would be fine, sir," said Ralphie. "Call when youd like. Im going off the clock from my regular client for a few days and so Im available for you."
  • Then he pushed sideways and with such good will that Swanhild fell almost into the fire of the hearth, and, leaping up, she snatched a brand and threw it at Gudruda, firing her clothes. Men laughed at this; but Groa, standing apart, frowned and muttered witch words.
  • Vince turned sharply round, to see that a small boat had suddenly glided out of the darkness, to be borne by the current up against the lugger's side; and the next minute Daygo climbed in, painter in hand, the captain going up to him at once, and then returning to where the boys were standing together.
  • Hawksworth was no longer hearing Mukarrab Khan. He was staring past him, through the smoke, not quite believing what he saw. But it was all too real. standing in the corner of the courtyard were two Europeans in black cassocks. Portuguese Jesuits.
  • He stood quite still for a while, an organic statue to be ignored, a chameleon in bright cotton clothing. The suit was the perfect choice for blending in with the delicate petals of the punters on the top floor. A few bland businessmen had slipped in, their greys and whites now as stark as neon, and plenty of electronics industry people from the valley attempting to mix business-style with cool, but all were easily out-numbered and out-hipped by the peculiarly-dressed arty crowd with its pony-tails and Indian beads and fringed shirts and other determinedly unique items of clothing. The place was ridiculously busy. The elevator had been packed to capacity and now, here in the ante-room before he'd even reached Michael Sorden's pictures, there were scores of people milling around. In fact such a forest of bodies that he didn't see Bry until she was standing right next to him.
  • It was not supposed, that any one could continue the process of attaching the steps, till all were set in their places; nor did they contemplate being able to complete the work in a little time. On the contrary, they expected it to occupy them for days; and they knew, moreover, that long intervals of rest would be required by any one who should have to execute it. standing upon such unstable footing, for any considerable length of time, would be both irksome and fatiguing; and they were about to enter upon the task with a full knowledge of its difficulties.
  • Zachary nodded, and his father reluctantly returned to his seat though never stopped glaring on the old crone. Zachary followed the nurse through another set of swinging chrome doors. As he walked behind her sickly thin frame, he couldn't help thinking that standing up to Billy had easily been the worst decision he'd ever made. His father had been right all along: cowardice was the better course of action. Zachary's feeble attempt at courage had gotten him beaten to a pulp, kicked out of school and had likely messed up any chance he had of getting Stephanie Travis to go to the dance with him.
  • The companions of the Mollie who exhibited such consternation at the sight of the mine boss were almost as frightened as he to see those for whom they had been so recently searching through the old workings, and who they thought must surely have been killed by the explosion, standing before them. They shrunk back as the young man stepped towards them; but reassured by his cheery words, they allowed him to help them from the car, and were almost ready to believe that it was not he, but some other who had confronted them so boldly at the meeting. He could not have been kinder to them if they had been his dear friends; and from that hour they ranked among his firmest supporters and adherents in the colliery.
  • Turning around, she perceived two men standing close beside her. She became very confused, and clutched for her robe to cover her face, but she had strayed away among the flowers without it. Very deeply she blushed that the strangers should have heard her; and she spake not.
  • Steve blinked. One moment Tristan had been standing right before him. The next, a flash of green light had temporarily blinded him. When the spots finally cleared from his vision, he could see the dagger lying on the ground in front of him. Tristan was just regaining his feet from his hasty journey across the Antechamber.
  • As he raised his head and straightened his aching back, a hand touched his sleeve. ‘You must get your wounds attended to, Sir.’ He glanced round, seeing with relief, Trem, standing beside him. Trem was very pale, a purpling lump showing under the hair on his forehead, but he was alive, thank the stars.
  • In the middle of the melee, Tommy spotted the watch thief standing across the street, looking highly entertained. Tommy lurched to his feet and tried to go after the youth but with one leg tangled in the pot and pan cart, he only succeeded in dragging the entire mess further out into traffic. Hopping on one foot, he tumbled across the street and rolled free of the mass of tangled metal. He took a few good licks to the face from various participants in the brawl before he was able to extricate himself.
  • "Please spell your name for the record." Campbell is standing at the lectern with a video camera in front of him so the witness could see him as well. Another video camera is strategically placed for a wider shot of the judge, the lawyerslectern, and the jury box. A video technician is available to switch the camera feed when appropriate.
  • Unwillingly, because I half hoped they would've vanished, I turned my eyes instead upon the strange, skeletal creatures standing quietly in the chill night air, their blank white eyes gleaming. When I waved, the others came out of the tree hollow and walked with the creatures.
  • With the robot standing beside her, Cassiopia entered several commands into the Drack's keyboard. She cursed under her breath. "T-E-L, enter and execute SCIP program initiation."
  • At nine o'clock the next morning one of the two new men, who had been looking keenly ahead for a few moments, came up to Frobisher and pointed out what appeared to be a large, square, stone-built castle, or fort, standing some distance back from the river bank, upon the top of a knoll of rising ground.
  • As he uttered the last word the syce darted back, and the horse went off at a quick walk down the side of the riding school, along the end, right down the other side and bottom, and back to where the three were standing.
  • Ah, there was Rupert to be considered! Of choice Nealie would have remained standing out in front of the house until her father's return, however long she might have to wait, but Rupert must be cared for, and because she feared that his life might hang on his having prompt attention just now, she gave way to Sylvia's suggestion, and told Don to run to the next house to ask where Dr. Plumstead kept his key when he had to go away.
  • "But all was not lost, legendary creatures don't die so easily, when the dust cleared, standing on top of the rubble was the Great Wolf, a wolf of pure white, a truly majestic creature, if I had to guess I would said it stood ten foot from paw to the tip of its pointed ears. It took a while for the Giant to stop laughing, but when he did the tension was unbearable, we could hear, and feel, him grinding his teeth, all the way up in the clouds." Napalm took another swig of rum, and by now everyone was on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the climax of the story.
  • There were two camps at a short distance from each other, that of the Heavy Camel Corps to which he now belonged, composed of men of the 1st and 2d Life Guards, Blues, Bays, 4th and 5th Dragoon Guards, Royals, Scots Greys, 5th and 16th Lancers. The other was the Guards Corps, composed of men of the three regiments of foot guards. Edgar's first feeling as he looked at the men who were standing about or lying in the shade of the little triangular Indian mountain-service tents, was that he had suddenly grown smaller. He was fully up to the average height of the men of his own regiment, but he felt small indeed by the side of the big men of the heavy cavalry regiments.
  • "That car is the dandiest little affair I ever did see," said Frank half enviously. "Just big enough for two of us." He glanced over to the boy-size automobile standing in the shade. It was a long, racy looking toy, closer to the ground than a motorcycle, but evidently equipped with a good-sized engine. "Where did you get it, anyhow?"
  • It was then that Dark noticed the crowd had disappeared, and standing in their place was three BD agents, all identical in armor and shape, being lead by a man in tight black pants, a black leather trench coat covering a simple black t shirt. His hair was jet black, save for the brown tips, and he sported M60 machine gun over his shoulder, as he smiled approaching the line of OG soldiers, each aiming at his chest. Crynsos made a gesture and the OG soldiers parted, allowing the man to enter and approach his dead comrade, having the three agents pick him up and carry his body away. The man then approached Crynsos, despite the obvious cocking of the OG soldiers preparing their Fort 500 shotguns. "There will be blood for this...." Whispered the man in Crynsos's ear, in turn Crynsos nodded and said, "I know Blaqk." And watched as Blaqk turned around and walked with his agents out of site."Shows over..." Mumbled Crynsos as he and his men left.
  • "Give me the keys," said the one standing in the truck bed. He kept the gun pointed at my head as he walked to the back of the truck.
  • You look at CC. You can't read what's on her face. You're standing in the cold night with a frail old woman crying in your arms. You don't know what to do. So you stay still while she cries, and she doesn't stop, so you say, "It's all right now," and keep holding her.
  • This ghost is a guy. I can tell by the way he walks, the casual way he settles our crotch and the breakfast he ate. He likes his meat and eggs. Sort of makes sense we're standing across from a butchers, but I'm betting he's not here to pick some nice steaks.
  • There were two still standing on my left. I turned to face them. We all paused for a moment before any attack could be made on either side. Decision wavered, and then they fled, the one at the back still shaking beer from his hair. I confess to my own shaking as I watched them go.
  • She nodded and turned to the warriors and translated his words. Almost immediately there were raised voices and angry gestures in response. But the man standing next to her held up an impatient hand and the protests subsided. He addressed the others in a firm, commanding voice. Longsword recognized him as Rhirids cousin and immediately felt snubbed. Where was the chief himself?
  • The jaws snapped at me again and I used my right hand to grab the persons neck and push them back. I struggled to take off my pants with my left hand, which was a hell of a lot harder than I would've thought. I unbuckled the belt and managed to kick free. My attacker helped as he pulled at the waistband, which allowed me to get free quicker than I could have alone. Once my legs were out, I pushed against the man standing on the bottom of the river and left him behind with my pants, and phone, as a souvenir. He reached out for me again, but I managed to escape. I saw his eerie, bloated face grimacing up at me.
  • While they had been talking in front of the opera house, a small boy was standing near them, his hands clasped and an ecstatic look of happiness on his face, while his eyes were not taken off Frank Merriwell for a moment. When Frank had started to cross the street with the others, the boy heaved a sigh.
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