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Okunuşu: / standɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: stand·ing
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. ayakta duran;
işlemez halde, muattal;
devam eden, baki, daimi;

i. durma, ayakta durma;
duracak yer, durak;
mevki, şöhret, itibar, derece, mertebe;
devam, süreklilik, eskilik;

z. ani bir duruşla.

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  • "How does Madam Fairfield?" bawled Master Harry, as he strode across the floor, and kissed Alice's pretty cheek. "Odds bobbins! -- as the man says in the play-house -- I believe I bussed ye, did I? But don't let him be angry; I wasn't thinkin', Charlie, no more than the fellow that put farmer Gleeson's fippun-note in his pocket last Trutbury fair. And how's all wi' ye, Charlie, hey? I'm glad to see the old house is standing still with a roof on since last gale. And how do ye like it, Alice? Rayther slow I used to think it; but you two wise heads are so in love wi' one another ye'd put up in the pound, or the cow-house, or the horse-pond, for sake o' each other's company. 'I loved her sweet company better than meat,' as the song says; and that reminds me -- can the house afford a hungry man a cut o' beef or mutton and a mug of ale? I asked myself to dinner, ye know, and that's a bargain there's two words to, sometimes."
  • She took his arm and motioned ahead. There, glistening in the moonlight, were the open arcades of a palace pavilion. Ive prepared something especially for us." She guided him through a wide-open archway and into a large arcade, illuminated by a single oil lamp atop a stone table. In front of them, on the walls, were brilliantly colored renderings of elephants, horses, birds. She picked up the lamp and led him past the paintings and into the next room, a vast red chamber whose floor was a fragrant standing pool of water. In the flickering light he could see a marble stairway leading to a red sandstone platform projecting out over the water, supported by square stone columns topped by ornate brackets.
  • While we were standing there talking about it, a man burst through the bushes, followed by a girl, about eighteen years old, I guess.
  • The young man kissed her tenderly and affectionately, and hurried down to the library, where his father usually sat when he desired to be alone, or was engaged in business. He opened the door softly. His father was standing at one of the windows, his face haggard as from a night's watching, unkempt and unshorn, and with his hands thrust into his pockets. At the sound of the revolving door he started, and seeing his son, first recoiled a little, with a strange, doubtful expression, and then rallying, walked quickly towards him with a smile, which had in it something still more painful.
  • He need not hail them to assure himself they were still there. The trampling of horses on the hard causeway, heard afar off, had long ago forewarned the corporal of what was coming; and he was out on the road to receive them, standing in an attitude of attention.
  • At this moment the door of the little room opened, and Murray stood framed in the opening, looking at his friend with an expression in which weariness, disappointment, and a certain suggestion of relief were curiously blended. If Dick Penryn was what some people were in the habit of calling a giant, then Murray Frobisher could only be considered gigantic. standing fully six feet four inches in his boots, broad in proportion, weighing fully sixteen stone, with dark, olive complexion bronzed almost to the shade of an Arab's by exposure to the weather, and with clean-shaven cheeks and lips, and close-cropped, wavy black hair, the man was a truly magnificent specimen of humanity, compelling the attention of all with whom he came in contact.
  • Harvey had heard enough. standing from his hiding place behind the leather chair on which MacDonald's corpse lay slumped, he took quick aim at the suited mercenary and fired twice. The others reacted as the target was flung against the wall, firing at the chair. Bullets peppered the area, leaving an unrecognisable mulch of flesh and bone where MacDonald had sat.
  • In the lab below, an equally exhausted Cassiopia, had already fallen asleep, her head resting in her arms on the still-running Drack console, her loyal robot standing guard.
  • In coastal areas there can also be painful results from standing on sea urchins or contact with the spines of certain fish.
  • Sophia guessed that she was being dismissed. She left the cockpit and exited the plane. Chuck and Dave were standing by the car talking.
  • While Tom and Bob are preening in the coat room, Todd, at his pulpit, pulls up the scan of their driver's licenses along with the door security cam shots. With other cameras, he watches them as they hang their coats and prep before the mirror. Todd freezes a few headshots and stores them on disk. He looks across the club to where they've now entered the main room. He watches them standing near the entrance gawking at the dance floor.
  • Sapriel dropped his jaw, then closed it with a small snap. Pasook hadnt actually stepped anywhere, since he was still standing on the cliff-side next to Zhardann and a bit below him, but he did raise his own arm to point at Sapriel, and in any case Zhardanns histrionics were good theater. "Hear my charge, O Faithless One!" Pasook began. He rattled off a concise summary of the main points, then wrapped up with a "What say you?"
  • But other things were yet in store which were to redeem still more the character of these people. He was standing outside the house after breakfast, when, to his surprise, he saw the second "brigand" approach. He knew that he had not had time to go to Salerno and return; so he saw that he could not have been to Salerno at all. He seemed to Bob to be going there now, for he was mounted on a donkey, and led another by the bridle. The one which he led was no other than the ass which had carried Bob to this place.
  • I reached out for his hand, and slowly looked up into his eyes. They were terrifyingly red, although for some reason, I had never felt safer than in this moment standing next to him. "There is one other option for us."
  • As you come closer to Mather's table, you're glad you were chosen. You barely notice the boys there. Your eyes are on the woman standing across the table from Mr. Mather. She's pretty, young, slender, green-eyed, red-haired, and as tall as you. You decide you could sit at the head's table for every meal. Given his age, she could be his great-great-great granddaughter. But as you come near, you know she's not a nef or a worshipper.
  • Dexter sighed, wondering what he was getting himself into this time. He turned and saw a beautiful red headed woman standing near him, a perfect smile upon her face. Somehow he managed to also note that she wore a green dress that had a low cut bodice, threatening to spill her breasts from it with a heavy breath. The skirt of her dress had cuts in the sides that allowed her long legs to slip through it with each stride, offering ethereal promises of the pleasures they could deliver.
  • Ben phoned Brenda at Mossman hospital that same afternoon. She was so excited to hear his voice and know he was alright that he could not shut her up. She told him that they were allowing her to return to the resort the following day and that Liz would be picking her up. She wasnt allowed to start acting again or do anything strenuous for at least 2 weeks. She told Ben that there was now a uniformed policeman standing outside her door. She thought the police didnt care.
  • The other girls giggled. It was an interesting comment though. I was standing out because of all my new clothes. Alice wouldnt like it, but I was going to have to reduce the size of my closet; maybe even start wearing some items more than once. I took a moment to study the other kids clothes. I could plainly see wear and tear, and wondered why I hadnt noticed it before. It was definitely an oversight.
  • Hoping to get a nearer view of the last tragedy, I hastened towards the spot and before I was aware of my position, found myself close to the herd of buffalo. I then saw that these beasts being unaccustomed to man, did not fear him, but on the contrary meant to show fight. As I came to a sudden halt the old bulls began to paw the earth, throwing the dirt up over their backs and bellowing with a low vibrating roar that was terror-inspiring. Then they dropped to their knees, rolled on their backs, got up, shook themselves, licked their noses, "rolled up their tails" into stiff curves, put down their heads and came at me. The cows with their hair standing on end like angry elks and bellowing loudly were not behind their lords in aggressiveness and the comical little calves came bouncing along after their dame.
  • As the success of her plan approached more closely to fruition she became so wrapped in her efforts that she failed to note the figure of a man standing beneath a huge tree at the edge of the jungle from which he had just emerged.
  • Of course we've got that Puss Carberry and his mean crony, Sandy Hollingshead, to consider. They tried to injure our machine once and might again, especially after what happened today, said Andy, throwing one leg over his saddle and standing there a minute.
  • "Crap. Sorry Harper, I wasnt watching where-" Her voice cut out as she noticed Drake standing there. I bent down to help her pick up the candles shed dropped.
  • He checked back over his shoulderMrs. Murphy, Mariah and Sergeant Butterman were all standing out in the lawn, staring back at Trevor with those lifeless eyes. Suddenly, their forms became distorted and fuzzy and the three people merged together into a singular, massive form. As Azrael began to take shape, Trevor had to look away.
  • And now they were under the huge trees, that looked black as hearse-plumes in contrast with the snow. The cold gleam of the lake in the moon which had begun to shine out now met their gaze; and the familiar outline of Snakes Island, its solemn timber bleak and leafless, standing in a group, seemed to watch Mardykes Hall with a dismal observation across the water. Through the gate and between the huge files of trees the carriage seemed to fly; and at last the steaming horses stood panting, nodding and snorting, before the steps in the courtyard.
  • A rope was thrown to Frank and he was soon on board, not much wetter than his chums, standing in the driving rain, and not at all injured by his adventure.
  • He had, however, a narrow squeak of it; for a splinter had jogged his leg from the ankle to the knee, while the bollard on which he had been standing had been shot away under his feet.
  • Farther on, a lank-haired girl standing ankle-deep in the stream stared at Diane with glazed eyes. She thinks I am a man, Diane realized. The girl couldn't have been more than thirteen, but her belly bulged under her torn skirt. She pulled open her blouse to display pregnancy-swollen breasts in pathetic invitation. Diane turned away, unable to bear the sight. Life had crushed the child's spirit and left her little more than an animal. Could there be a worse crime than to get such a creature with child, forcing her to bring a baby into this suffering world? She heard a jingle and looked back at Roland. He had taken a silver denier from his belt, and tossed it to the girl.
  • "I accept your apology, sir," said she with equally elaborate politeness. "I would make you a curtsy if I were standing up, but you wouldn't wish me to rise for the purpose. Did you not see, though, anything at all like the ruins of a Roman villa or house at Brading?"
  • I have notified the District Forester,"" he said, standing on the steps, ""and if I find things in bad shape he will send for Wilcox, who knows more about the beetle than any man in the Service. I don't know how much damage has been done nor how widespread it is. There are eight of us here, and we will divide, as I said before, each two keeping about fifty yards apart and girdling infected and useless trees."
  • Frank could not go to bed without visiting Roderick. He found the horse standing quietly by the spring, and when he saw his master approaching, he raised his head and welcomed him with a shrill neigh.
  • Dexter turned away from Rosh to see Bekka standing there. He smiled to push aside the confrontation and said, "What's your plan, Bekka? You staying here or heading out?"
  • After firing the last shot Verkimier had not reloaded, being too intent on watching the dying struggles of the creature, and when it fell with such violence he concluded that it was dead. For the same reason Nigel had neglected to reload after firing. Thus it happened that when the enormous brute suddenly rose and made for a tree with the evident intention of climbing it, no one was prepared to stop it except the Dyak youth Gurulam. He chanced to be standing between the mias and the tree.
  • A constable deposed to defendants standing on the footpath at a street corner for about ten minutes.
  • A calf having been lassoed, it was hauled up and its head held down by a plank, when a hot brand was handed to a man standing ready to press it against the creature's skin, where an indelible mark was left, when the little bellower was allowed to rise and make its escape into another pen.
  • Millenniumt came on millenium eve whilst standing on london bridge waiting for the fireworks to go off.
  • This was a call to arms. He needed to make a choice of what he was to be, but the choice had already been made for him. If he abandoned them to go off on his own, the Queen would gain at least a small victory in that the resistance would have placed hope in a false icon. Still, the resistance would make mistakes, and in so doing would cause suffering and injustice. By standing with them he would be marked with that blood and the blood of those that died in his cause.
  • Having landed on my feet, hatless, but otherwise stoutly clad, I threw my hand to my belt, instinctively, desiring to arm myself against possible aggression. I found only my knife remaining. This weapon I merely hauled around by sliding the belt, to bring the dagger directly beneath my hand. The creatures about me were a score or so in number, standing erect, apparently much excited, yet threatening no attack. Their movements were restless; their roundish, near-together eyes were constantly moving, like those of a monkey; they circled about me, uttering guttural monosyllables, with many inflections. Every one of them gripped in a powerful hand the haft of a rude sort of club, fashioned out of a rock, lashed firmly to the end of a stout piece of wood.
  • Fine lot of ice, he remarked, after standing for a moment watching Joe as he plied the saw. "Does this creek always freeze up like this?"
  • Do you? I don't. Considering that Big Reuben was standing guard over it, I think it would have been rather remarkable if any one had discovered it.
  • Three vehicles with flambleaux, and the clang and snorting of horses came close to the church porch, and there appeared suddenly, standing within the disc of candle-light at the church door, before one would have thought there was time, a tall, very pale, and peculiar looking young man, with very large, melancholy eyes, and a certain cast of evil pride in his handsome face.
  • All the faces bore the same expression of excitement and enthusiasm. A tradesman's wife standing beside Petya sobbed, and the tears ran down her cheeks.
  • "No," Butler answered with restraint, "I think I'll let someone else do that; someone who's much better at it than I am." Butler looked over at the door. As a sickening realization dawned, Tommy slowly followed his gaze. standing in the doorway was an extremely pissed off EB. She immediately stomped into the room with blood in her eyes.
  • Billy interrupted the washing of the breakfast dishes to do another quick sketch of the sculpture of Erin that was emerging in pieces in his mind. He envisioned a nude Erin standing with her bulging belly, her legs spread, knees slightly bent, right leg a half step forward of her left leg to depict a woman poised on a solid, athletic base. Her arms would be raised on either side of her head. Hands would be facing forward, the fingers bent around unseen globes. Her mouth open, teeth showing, her eyes aflame. This figure would be casting a spell.
  • The village doctor was standing with his back to his drawing-room fire, and the newspaper in his left hand lowered to his knee -- as he held forth to his wife, and romantic old Mrs. Diaper -- at the tea-table.
  • The young people scrambled and slipped over the sea-weed at the mouth of the cave, and presently found themselves standing on a floor of light-coloured sand, strewn with shells and sea-drift. The sides of the cave were black and shiny with wet, and water dripped slowly from the roof.
  • At each of the four corners of the square a strong block tower was erected with embrasures cut therein for shooting from. In some of the larger forts small cannon were placed that commanded each side of the square and all around the inside of the pickets ran a raised platform on which men standing would be breast high to the top of the protection. This gave them a great advantage in shooting on coming enemies or repelling scalers.
  • Again at the second halt John was standing on another small elevation, although it too was so slight that it would not have called attention to itself from any chance passer-by.
  • It is a long way to the bottom! exclaimed the captain, standing like the harpooner in a whale-boat, and saw the line steadily paying out.
  • "You remember Sean MacGahan," Mrs. Maher said nodding to a tall, young man in a white t-shirt and jeans standing beside her. "He was just asking if you were going to be the facilitator for the Writers from the Huntington Community this summer. I told I couldn't say, because you filled in for the Novels in Discussion course last winter as personal favor for me."
  • I determined, at midday, to kill a big Eskimo dog and drink his blood, as I had read only a few days before in "Farthest North" of Dr. Nansen's doing,that is, if I survived the battle with him. I could not help feeling, even then, my ludicrous position, and I thought, if ever I got ashore again, I should have to laugh at myself standing hour after hour waving my shirt at those lofty cliffs, which seemed to assume a kind of sardonic grin, so that I could almost imagine they were laughing at me. At times I could not help thinking of the good breakfast that my colleagues were enjoying at the back of those same cliffs, and of the snug fire and the comfortable room which we call our study.
  • Hold! said Kathlyn, standing up. In her halting Hindustani she spoke: "I have something to say to you all. This woman tells the truth. Let her go unafraid. You, grave priests, have thrown your lot with Umballa. Listen. Have you not learned by this time that I am not a weak woman, but a strong one? You have harried me and injured me and wronged me and set tortures for me, but here I stand, unharmed. This day I will have my revenge. My servant Ahmed has departed for the walled city of Bala Khan. He will return with Bala Khan and an army such as will flatten the city of Allaha to the ground, and crows and vultures and tigers and jackals shall make these temples their abiding-places, and men will forget Allaha as they now forget the mighty Chitor." She swung round toward the priests. "You have yourselves to thank. At a word from me, Bala Khan enters or stops at the outer walls. I have tried to escape you by what means I had at my command. Now it shall be war! War, famine, plague!"
  • "Yes, of course," cried Mark, standing up as they began to near the schooner once more. "Why, there's something the matter on board-- they're fighting--they're killing the blacks. Here, pull, men, pull. Quick! Don't you see? The blacks have got loose, and are fighting for their liberty; pull!"
  • A Walnut-Tree standing by the roadside bore an abundant crop of fruit. For the sake of the nuts, the passers-by broke its branches with stones and sticks. The Walnut-Tree piteously exclaimed, "O wretched me! that those whom I cheer with my fruit should repay me with these painful requitals!"
  • They were all standing at the beginning of a large valley that stretched some fifty leagues from west to east. Fortunately for them, it was only about twenty leagues to the lake, which they could just see in the distance. Large groups of boulders were scattered here and there. There was also a lack, Sarah noted, of any vertical objects that were flat enough for a door to be mounted on.
  • It was New Years Morning, the day presents are exchanged. Christmas Day is a day for devotion, feasting comes later, or so it is in Lady Margarets house. This morning I was standing indoors, in one of the passages, waiting for Eadie, when I was summoned. I was feeling all self-conscious and awkward in my finery, masses of starched, snowy white linen, too big for me at the cuffs. It was Lady Margaret who waited for me, standing there in the library with Thomas.
  • A heel clicked in the alcove. For the first time Norris, or Boone as the Southern girl had called him, became aware of a third party in the room. Melissy was leaning out of the window. She called down to a man standing on the street.
  • Close in the wake of that great thunder-crash there burst upon us so mighty a flood of rain that it seemed as though the lightning had riven solid walls asunder within the thick black mass of overhanging vapour, and so had let loose upon us the waters of a lake. In a moment the whole pit of the amphitheatre was awash, knee-deep, and before those who were standing there could flounder to the steps leading upward they were buried to their waists--and this although the water was pouring out through the vent provided for it with such violence that we could hear the rush and gurgle of it above the dashing and roaring of the falling rain. And all the dark mass of cloud above us was aflame continuously with blinding flashes of red lightning, while a continuous crash of splitting peals of thunder rang through the shattered air.
  • Godfrey entered with the rest. Large as the farm-house was, the greater portion of the ground-floor was occupied by the room they entered. It was entirely constructed of wood blackened with smoke and age. A great fire burned on the hearth, and the farmer's wife and two maids were occupied with several large pots, some suspended over the fire, others standing among the brands. The window was low, but extended half across one side of the room, and was filled with small lattice panes. From the roof hung hams, sides of bacon, potatoes in network bags, bunches of herbs, and several joints of meat. A table extended the length of the room covered with plates and dishes that from their appearance had evidently been brought out from the town, and differed widely from the rough earthenware standing on a great dresser of darkened wood extending down one side of the room. At one end the great pot was placed, the cloth having been pushed back for the purpose, and the colonel, seizing the ladle, began to fill the earthenware bowls which were used instead of soup plates.
  • With a low rumble the gaze turned to the hooded figure standing behind the slumped body. The robed shape stood with knife in one hand, the blood dripping down the serrated edges of the blade into a dark pool on the floor.
  • Menenius, standing at the front near where Coriolanus waits, addresses the assembly. "Having settled terms with the Volsces, and sent back Titus Lartius, it remains, as the main point of this, our after-meeting, to gratify his noble service who hath thus stood for his country!
  • You are standing on a small pocket of reality, amidst the Aether, a dimension adjacent to what you know of as Aeos, your world. Do not be alarmed, you are quite safe.
  • The vitality of the California Grizzly is astonishing, as many a man has sorrowful reason to know, and the tenacity of the Old Pinto's hold on life was remarkable, even among Grizzlies. This Pinto was a famous bear. His home was among the rocks and manzanita thickets of La Liebra Mountain, a limestone ridge southwest of Tehachepi that divides Gen. Beale's two ranches, Los Alamos y Agua Caliente and La Liebra, and his range was from Tejon Pass to San Emigdio. His regular occupation was killing Gen. Beale's cattle, and the slopes of the hills and the cienegas around Castac Lake were strewn with the bleached bones of his prey. For twenty years that solitary old bear had been monarch of all that Gen. Beale surveyed--to paraphrase President Lincoln's remark to Surveyor-General Beale himself--and wrought such devastation on the ranch that for years there had been a standing reward for his hide.
  • As far as they could tell they were unobserved the next afternoon, and after exercising plenty of caution they reached the mouth of the little river tunnel and dropped down out of sight one after the other in an instant. In fact, so quick was their disappearance that it would have puzzled the keenest searcher as to where they had gone. For one moment they were standing upon a piece of lichen-covered granite, the next they had leaped in among the brambles, which parted for them to pass through and sprang up again, the lads dropping on to the old stream bed, which they had carefully cleared of stones. They left no footmarks there, and they were careful to preserve the thin screen of ferns and bramble, so that a watcher would have credited them with having ducked down and crept away.
  • Could you, would you mind telling me why so many girls are standing here in this one particular spot? she inquired. "It is a cold day when one is still. And yet I have been here almost ten minutes and no one has even started to move away."
  • Surely, said the captain, who, in his keenness, was spending the night on deck, "we ought by this time to be able to see something of that craft, a binnacle light, or a glimmer of some sort, to show us where she is! We are nearly abreast of the flag-ship, and I cannot see a trace of the Black Pearl; yet Mr Cavendish seems to be standing on with perfect confidence, which he would hardly do were she not within his view. Still, it may be that he has lost her, and is merely trusting that she will hold her course, and has the hope of sighting her at daybreak."
  • He kept looking all around him, and was starting to feel a little overwhelmed, when he noticed a figure standing directly across from him. A cloaked figure, no less.
  • The stranger stared a moment longer, then bowed, very slowly, until his nose very nearly touched his knees and his beard curled like cable silk on the hardwood floor of the bedroom. He rose just as slowly, until he faced her again, standing straight, sure. Maggie held frozen, unsure what to do.
  • By that time Summer had run over and was standing with Kathy, Wayne, and Maria near the doorway. Carlo picked up his head and looked into my eyes, "Brady Bunch? What the fuck are you doing over here?"
  • He looked up at Mont Segur. The broken Cathar fortress and the crusaders' wooden fort, now abandoned, were still bathed in sunlight, though the shadows of the nearby mountains had crept over the meadow here below. Roland saw small figures standing atop the walls of the fortress. They were those who had chosen to renounce their faith and live, those who would now be left behind. This must be worse for them to witness than it is for me, he thought pityingly.
  • The melody faded and ceased. The refrain melted into the silence. For a moment I stood still, my eyes on the balcony above. Then I slipped noiselessly to the car, picked up a rug from the back seat and laid it, folded small, on the edge of the car's back. Half on the padded leather and half on the cape hood, strapped tight, I laid it. standing upon this perilous perch, I was just able to lay my fingers upon the cold edge of the balcony's floor. With an effort I could grasp one of the stone balusters. An idea occurred to me, and I got carefully down.
  • Then other bands came in view, 16, 61, 3, 200, and so on; each valley had a scattering few, all travelling slowly southward or standing to enjoy the cool breeze that ended the torment of the flies. About 1,000 were in sight. These were my first Caribou, the first fruits of 3,000 miles of travel.
  • Maccario looked round, and laughed softly as he saw the American standing grim in face with his back to the door and a pistol glinting in his hand.
  • It happened during shows, especially after The Pool Gurus performed "Gimme Shelter". All they played were covers, but after that particular song, Rose always finished her vocals standing right next to her husband. They married young, but Rose Robinson had known Gray Burnett for over a year before she actually fell in love with him.
  • This was three months before the scene just described, but though Jem spoke in authoritative tones to the men, it was with bated breath to his little wife, who was standing in the doorway looking as fierce as a kitten, when Jem walked up in company with his young master.
  • It is Amy, standing right next to her, looking up into Morion's eyes worriedly. Alastor and Cale stand before the keep entrance, waiting.
  • Donald searched up and down the standing edge for a detached cake large enough for his purpose. Near at hand he came upon a small, thin pan, not more than six feet square.
  • "Justin, get her out of here. This is your fault," Lady Magmilan ordered. He took a few more bites before pushing out his chair and standing up. By this time, I had composed myself and begun to walk back toward the table.
  • You said we must turn to the left, didn't you, Ned? inquired Frank, who did not see the sense of wasting any time in standing there and staring into that impenetrable sea of gray fog.
  • I looked up tentatively and realized that she was standing right beside my desk and that all eyes in the classroom were on me.
  • No, you won't swear, Belle retorted. "Profanity isn't the accomplishment of a gentleman. But you must say something about Dick's case which will show her that all of Dick's friends are standing by the poor fellow."
  • Jax turned to look at Seth. He was standing before one of the sketches that Caislyn had done over 10 years ago. It was of a young man wearing armor and wielding a sword. There was so much detail in the face and body of the subject in the sketch that it was hard not to reach out and touch him to see if he was real. It was also one of the only sketches Caislyn said she had drawn but never actually saw the scene take place. She guessed it was because it was a past event and not a future one. Caislyn had explained to her that it was a rarity to draw the past, but it sometimes happened. At the present though, Jax was more interested in the shocked look on Seth's face than why Caislyn had actually drawn the sketch.
  • The bells had stopped ringing; the crowd quietened in expectation. Valentin standing next to her saw Adelais straighten her spine and look around. Just as it seemed she would step forward, though, the doors onto the terrace opened and a herald stepped out.
  • "Hi Im Mike Stopsign, welcoming you to The Cutting Edge, S.A.W. Sensational American Wrestling and Im standing here with Nathan "Unique" Taylor, who will be wrestling later tonight. So Nathan are you excited?"
  • "No shindy, sah!" said Bosambo--being sure that all people of his city were standing about at a respectful distance, awe-stricken by the sight of their chief on equal terms with this new white lord.
  • He dashed aft towards the spot where his prisoners were laid out close to the funnel. As he turned the corner of the house he observed that the electric lamp which he had so carefully screwed out of its socket had been screwed in again, and by its light Terence beheld no less a person than Mr. Uhl cutting the halyards that bound the oiler. The fireman had already been cut loose, but the potent effects of Terence Reardon's blow with the wrench still remained; though conscious, the man was unfit for combat. The coal passer, evidently the first man to be rescued by Mr. Uhl, was standing by.
  • The signal given, Cluffe let go, entertaining himself with a little jingle of Puddock's guitar, of which he had charge, and a verse or two of their last song; while the plump little lieutenant, standing upright, midships in the boat, hauled away, though not quite so deftly as was desirable. Some two or three minutes had passed before they reached the middle of the stream, which was, as Puddock afterwards remarked, 'gigantically thwollen;' and at this point they came to something very like a stand-still.
  • Hed seen a small girl standing a few yards away behind the dog, dressed in a plain blue gown, looking utterly composed and even a little amused. She noticed he was watching her and gave him a wave.
  • For the next league they spoke no more, who must keep their horses from falling as they toiled up the steep path. At length they reached the crest, and there, on the very top of it, saw Wulf and Rosamund standing by Flame and Smoke.
  • Although Sam had swallowed Maika's tale, he was not one for crusades, and had no intention of going to the police or standing up for her against her bosses. Mainly because he had no respect for any of them, they were merely a bunch of unscrupulous whores and pimps, foreigners mostly, and in reality he couldn't care less one way or the other what they did to each other or why. However, he had started to feel a certain amount of animosity towards the owners and their sadistic methods, especially after half a dozen pints.
  • The six incense-burners scattered about the room sent up invisible columns of perfume. The balsam spices of Arabia wore floating webs in which my shameless senses were entangled.... And, back toward me, standing straight as a lily, Antinea smiled into her mirror.
  • Jellup's pistol flashed in the air but fell back again as the marshal's left hand shot upward and struck Ned full in the face. Even as the tears sprang into the bound boys eyes and pain and anger flushed his pallid face, the cowardly Jellup fell backward and stumbled to the floor. Alan, standing just behind the man, had shot his knees forward, striking Jellup's legs in the hollow of his knees, and, thrown off his balance, the westerner lay sprawling on the floor. Before the marshal's confederate could interfere, Alan, tightly as he was bound, had flung himself on top of Jellup and with all the power he could throw into the act had butted his head into the marshal's face.
  • "Miss elTiera?" a voice called, interrupting her scrutiny. She looked up to see one of the ships officers standing a few feet away. "Are you ready, miss?" he asked her politely, and she nodded wordlessly and stood, brushing the sand off against the rough fabric of her salt-stained cream pants.
  • Luis let his voice trail off oddly. Maggie watched as the men attending the prince exited the spacious bedroom, bowing their way out. The dark grandson of the king impatiently removed his robes and shirt, leaving him standing there with only his black boots and pants on, his bare chest almost hairless, his ribs prominent
  • Pete is standing in the doorway. ‘This is just awful,’ he says. His face is like plaster in the light from the street lamp. ‘Ive had enough of it. For Christs sake let her go.’
  • He started mentally again from the moment when he was called down to see his visitor, and he seemed to see her once more, standing close by the table--just there! Then he once more entered the brougham with her and tried to get some gleam of the direction they took, but he could only recall that the horses were standing with their heads toward the east. No more. The result was precisely the same as it had been at other times, utterly negative. He had thought of nothing but his companion till they reached the house, and he had not even the clue of the family name.
  • This was the chance for which I was waiting. Up till that moment I had not dared to fire, fearing lest I should kill one of my companions. Now for an instant it was clear of them all, and steadying myself, I aimed at the huge head and let drive. The smoke thinned, and through it I saw the gigantic ape standing quite still, like a creature lost in meditation.
  • Dazed, she turned to study the rest of the room and awkwardly bumped into someone standing close behind. She shrieked and raised her hands in fear.
  • The ship drew on and had safely passed the strait, which some volcanic shock has made between the Calasareigne and Jaros islands; had doubled Pomegue, and approached the harbor under topsails, jib, and spanker, but so slowly and sedately that the idlers, with that instinct which is the forerunner of evil, asked one another what misfortune could have happened on board. However, those experienced in navigation saw plainly that if any accident had occurred, it was not to the vessel herself, for she bore down with all the evidence of being skilfully handled, the anchor a-cockbill, the jib-boom guys already eased off, and standing by the side of the pilot, who was steering the Pharaon towards the narrow entrance of the inner port, was a young man, who, with activity and vigilant eye, watched every motion of the ship, and repeated each direction of the pilot.
  • He drove his boat right alongside the other. At that moment Blackie straightened up with an angry exclamation. At the same time he grabbed an oar from the hands of his companion, making a vicious swing at Dan, who, by this time, was half standing in his own boat.
  • Max stood, his hands in the pockets of his jogging pants, slowly surveying the store. His aunt used to own a store like this. From the pastel colored knitting yarn to the rows of jam, it was all practically the same. It was strangely nostalgic standing here. Even the lavender hanging from the windowsill brought back memories.
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