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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Nowata had told his part of the story. He and Lazerek were now standing in the tent, glaring at each other.If looks could inflict pain, both men would be writhing.
  • "I am sorry for your losses," Morik offered. "Erag would have interrogated them for information about defences at your nearby villages, and then put them to death." They stood in silence for a few moments while Colt stood over their bodies. Aiden had seen plenty of death lately and losing someone else he had known was the most difficult of burdens to bear. Duncan hadn't been a close friend, but he was a good man, and to see him broken and unmoving like this affected him more than he cared to say.
  • For there would be a real pleasure in watching it. He would be able to follow his mind into its secret places. This portrait would be to him the most magical of mirrors. As it had revealed to him his own body, so it would reveal to him his own soul. And when winter came upon it, he would still be standing where spring trembles on the verge of summer. When the blood crept from its face, and left behind a pallid mask of chalk with leaden eyes, he would keep the glamour of boyhood. Not one blossom of his loveliness would ever fade. Not one pulse of his life would ever weaken. Like the gods of the Greeks, he would be strong, and fleet, and joyous. What did it matter what happened to the coloured image on the canvas? He would be safe. That was everything.
  • A great city was besieged, and its inhabitants were called together to consider the best means of protecting it from the enemy. A Bricklayer earnestly recommended bricks as affording the best material for an effective resistance. A Carpenter, with equal enthusiasm, proposed timber as a preferable method of defense. Upon which a Currier stood up and said, "Sirs, I differ from you altogether: there is no material for resistance equal to a covering of hides; and nothing so good as leather."
  • The Pope won that struggle by transcending politics. His was what Joseph Nye calls 'soft power'- the power of attraction and repulsion. He began with an enormous advantage, and exploited it to the utmost: He headed the one institution that stood for the polar opposite of the Communist way of life that the Polish people hated. He was a Pole, but beyond the regime's reach. By identifying with him, Poles would have the chance to cleanse themselves of the compromises they had to make to live under the regime. And so they came to him by the millions. They listened. He told them to be good, not to compromise themselves, to stick by one another, to be fearless, and that God is the only source of goodness, the only standard of conduct. 'Be not afraid,' he said.
  • Fikna looked at Rordan, who stood up and joined him by the window. They lifted and moved the bed close to the Puff Couch. Rordan kicked his things back under the bed. He moved the old, broken bolt aside and opened the shutters.
  • "Yes, lets," said Mr. Conor, standing with them. "Its been a long timetoo longsince Ive eaten at Fishermans Choice. I used to come here all the time."
  • Liseli had been standing in her own little world on the road, not even watching the men fighting over her. Leeton reached out and put a hand on her shoulder, twisting her around to face him.
  • Myranda opened the door. Inside, the warm orange light of a cozy fire danced in an otherwise unlit room. A large, fine chair faced away from the doorway and toward the fire. Aside from the luxurious-looking seat, the room was nearly bare. The walls were empty, not a painting to break the view of plain wooden planks. In the center of the room, a simple table and chair stood awaiting the next meal to be served. The corner held an immaculately made bed with a coarse gray blanket and single pillow. The only other furniture in the room was a suitably humble chest of drawers and a cupboard.
  • And upon a crest of sand there stood a wondrous creature, great of wing and neck, whose beauty was more than Yoal had witnessed before upon the Earth. And Yoal stood fixed in adoration of her, and after a time she caught his gaze.
  • Across from them, Sian and Kassie practiced and Kassie stood amongst a strangely silent torrent of water. Being amongst Sian's energy was almost peaceful, like stepping behind a waterfall. The only noise Kassie could hear was the sound of Sian and Loi using their gifts, though it wasn't so much a sound as a sensation. It rather felt like when they were on Earth and there was a power cut, that strange sudden stillness. Kassie had began to hear it clearer and clearer with each session, and now could pick it up when Elena did something, though her sound was barely audible.
  • "What are you going to do with the house?" Daniel asked his mother as they stood in the kitchen drinking blood out of wine glasses.
  • A good song came from the speakers and James tapped his foot to the dominant drumbeat. Fanny stood up and asked James to dance. He nodded and she led him by the hand to the dance floor.
  • Their escort parks a few rows away and follows them in. Four guys enter in succession as the elderly greeter standing on a rubber mat waves each a half-hearted welcome while wishing the damn door would close so he can warm up.
  • The little girl jumped down with a cry and ran indoors. I followed slowly, stooping to get inside. There was a smell of sheep's wool, damp and cooking and a bent old woman standing by a kettle over the fire. You could barely see for the poor light from the window and the steam from the kettle.
  • "My five sons and two oldest daughters are in the Northern Wastes, and I fear I'll never see them again," Benjin said, his voice cracking and tears welling in his eyes. Catrin would have been impressed by his dramatics, but she knew he had an abundance of real pain to draw upon, and his tears need not be forced. The sight of his tears filled her own eyes, and her lip quivered as he continued. "This's my youngest daughter, and since my lady-wife passed to the grave, she's all I have. Even the armies could not part her from me." He said the words with conviction and stood with his chin high. He did not back down from the stares, and his fierce pride seemed to endear him to them.
  • The small boy stood uncomfortably in the center of the small dorm room looking about. There was not much to see: two desks, two beds, two lamps, and one large window. His roommate had been absent when Adam's mom had ushered them into this room. As he'd felt tears gather in the corners of his eyes, he'd felt nothing but relief over their been alone. Now he cast his gaze toward the large window and blinked rapidly. Tears were still uncomfortably near.
  • He offered to carry her belongings, but Marthe refused, hoisting in her small hands a bulging weekend duffel along with paper grocery sacks containing her records. A purse hung from her shoulder and she stood in work clothes, still in uniform.
  • She stood and began looking at what little the King had in his chamber; "I get tired of everything eventually my Lord. Just like I am tired of waiting." Valaira felt her heart jump, not from fear but excitement, when she heard a knock at the door.
  • Mountain bears were feared with good reason. Fortunately they avoided settled parts, though in hard winters they might come down and carry off cattle or a soul here or there. Men would band together then to hunt them down, a necessary though perilous task. I'd never seen one but heard many tales. As for a description, think of a hog on stiltsa large, long, exceedingly hairy hog with sturdy legs and paws, a long bushy tail, and ferocious jaws and teeth. Their shoulders stood nigh as tall as those of a horse.
  • The Princess finally made a mistake, dodging left when she should have gone right, and receiving an unexpected kick to her midriff which sprawled her out in the snow, winded. Nellise stood alone against the powerful mercenary, and appearedn to have given up all hope of trying to take him down herself, instead choosing to slowly step backwards, keeping her guard up to prevent Black from hitting her. She had moved back about three yards when Aiden noticed a form descending from above, immediately assuming that the dragon had silently approached them, but as it emerged from the fog, he could see that it was, in fact, Sayana.
  • "It was," I informed her, surprising myself. She looked taken aback. I continued, "In one of my dream-memories you were stabbed by a Lady of Light while the other stood by and watched. In the foreground was an army."
  • By the time they finally reached the communal council chambers at the center of the city, word of their human guests had spread like wildfire. It was standing room only as their escorts pushed their way through to the head of the table. Nine elderly dwarves were all seated at the most beautiful table Sarah had laid eyes on. It appeared to be made of polished stone, but after nonchalantly running her hands over the smooth surface she could instantly tell that it wasnt stone, but petrified wood, adorned with inlaid gold and silver that had been delicately woven into the natural fibers of the wood.
  • Hamilcar stood motionless. What could he do?This man would certainly die for his boldness and arrogance.He stayed his sword though. The bowman was within ten feet of the fighters, and if he released the bow, it would go straight through Hamilcar, killing him instantly.
  • Wilson stands up confidently. He had obviously taken the long court recess to prepare himself better and get ready for Campbells remaining witnesses. No doubt he also got some coaching from Armand.
  • "Only that you keep a clear and focused mind." Jack walked over and picked up Haunt from where he stood it up in the ground. He slung it over his shoulder and walked away from the group.
  • I held out my hand to the mysterious thing captured in the peak and as we sang the peak began to peel back. Slowly, as the words grew stronger the treasure inside was revealed. As it melted away the song came from inside the peak as well. It cycled through again, just as strong, but I stopped singing to watch. It was amazing to hear the song with my ears now, instead of just with my mind and heart, it flowed through and around us binding Hunter and I to Dream Mountain. A noise behind me caused me to turn for a moment to see Daydream, Tommy, Nightmare, and Rougefire standing behind us.
  • Those surrounded by the guards turned their attention to the approaching rider; all except Holli, Lief and Ryson. Their focus remained upon the guards which stood closest to their points of protection.
  • "Were you expecting a nobleman to be modest with his wealth?" Nellise asked of him. "He is no better or worse than the rest, though I find dealing with such men to be distasteful." The elegant double doors at the entrance were opened inwards, with two burly yet finely attired guards standing just inside.
  • Bane's movements woke Mirra, and she opened her eyes as he left the cabin. She whimpered when she tried to move. Her joints had seized up, and the ache in her arms had spread to her shoulders. The ship's gentle rolling told her that the storm was over, and the cries of gulls came through the open porthole, which could only mean that they were close to land. Bane returned within a few minutes, scowling. She gazed at his boots as he stood over her, wondering if he would kick her.
  • The eunuchs stood behind him, and around the sides of the room servants and slaves stood waiting. Along a back wall two men sat silently poised, one behind a pair of small drums and the other holding an ornate stringed instrument, its polished body glistening in the light. The only women in the room mingled among the servers.
  • She still stood there as gurneys were wheeled into the apartment, the loud sounds of EMTs and more cops flooding the scene. It was dark, but some power had been restored, Jordans apartment well-lit, offering comfort. Elisa motioned Summer that direction, but she resisted. She had to see if Terry was all right, needed Dan. Dan was still inside, but she heard his voice, heard him telling Terry he would be okay.
  • Wilson Boyd stood in for what must have been the twelfth pitch. I knew him well enough to know he was capable of hitting a grand slam solely to make a political pointand incidentally, to prove he was as big a star as Manny. Having imagined it before it happened, I barely reacted when Boyds bat smacked the ball. I guessed from the sound of it that it would reach the right field upper-deck bleachers, a longer distance than Mannys earlier home run. It did.
  • "Ive got a good feeling about this one, Maureen. Im sure Ill get it. Its made for me. I could do it standing on my head."
  • We three good friends never dreamed that we'd be standing here in front of all the passed on professors and be in the great presence of our beloved Headmaster.
  • I lifted my head and stared at the lights on the house in front of me. Electric lights. I sat up, supporting myself on one hand, and Anna stood next to me, her hand on my shoulder. I couldnt think. My brain whirred but processed no thoughts. Then the front door slammed and a woman came out the door, wiping her hands on her flowered dress. She trotted down the front steps toward us, slowed, then stopped, her breath coming in gasps.
  • He nodded and I noticed his eyes were shut, "My heart beats only for you. Do you feel it beating faster?" His touch anywhere on my body made my heart race. standing this close to him with his hand over my heart made it pound so hard and fast it felt like it would fly right out of my chest. "What else do you want to know about my future?"
  • She felt sudden panic. Is he going to take his shirt off, too? Then she wondered why that should frighten her. Diane had lived much in close quarters and seen many partly clad men. But she knew the reason for her fear. Somewhere inside her she felt a hunger to see his body. She stood up and turned from Roland in shame.
  • She stood up and said to the owl, "How about this: the cap to make me invisible, the sword to kill the firedrake, and the wishing ring to get me to Mount Sulfur."
  • Since Thursdays werent crucial to learning any routines, I took my time getting my stuff from my locker and going down to the bike rack, opting to go home instead. By the time I got there the busses had already left and the school felt pretty empty, which was unfortunate because no one else was around to be weirded out by the fact that Jack was standing at the bike rack, waiting for me.
  • As Louis and Roland seated themselves, he finished reading, "Sun, moon, and stars, each in its own sphere doth journey on." He closed the book and stood up. Baibars bowed reverently to him, and he left. Louis and Roland were alone with Baibars.
  • Adrienne, Lucien's wife, and Martin, their son, stood in their nightshirts beside the table. In the flickering shadows, Roland saw horror frozen on their faces.
  • Mrs. Faye--Sabrina--stepped into the room. While Alex was beautiful, Sabrina was more...well, just more. It was as if someone had taken Alex's youthful splendor--her exquisite cheekbones, her eyes, her lips, her curves--and somehow refined them. Sabrina reminded me of those models in the glamor mags--not that I read those things--where they've gone and airbrushed out all the tiny imperfections, like zits and warts and stuff. She could have been Alex's older sister. Hell, she could have been Alex's younger sister. I stood as she came over to us and tried to keep my mouth shut, mostly so as my tongue wouldn't hang out.
  • The resounding 57-36 victory was only a small step in West Valley's quest to play at East City College in the semifinals. Deep down, Pete knew he wouldn't be attending East City in the fall, but he was curious about playing on the big stage. He liked performing in front of people and felt like the larger the stands, the better he would play.
  • The newly dead lined up in front of the staff table facing the rest of the ghostly dead professors, and one professor placed the stone tablet in front of them, then stood back.
  • The seven archways stood before me, tall and slender. I studied them quietly; they each ran off windingly into some massive unknown. Nothing but blackness could be seen. Nothing but emptiness could be heard. The air was thick and stale down each corridor. It was impossible for a human mind to comprehend the vastness of the maze.
  • That night another wounded man was driven down the Povarskaya, and Mavra Kuzminichna, who was standing at the gate, had him brought into the Rostovs' yard. Mavra Kuzminichna concluded that he was a very important man. He was being conveyed in a caleche with a raised hood, and was quite covered by an apron. On the box beside the driver sat a venerable old attendant. A doctor and two soldiers followed the carriage in a cart.
  • "I shall do me duty to Saa, and no more!" Strongwind humbled his attitude but a little. He abruptly turned his head to the door of his cell. He caught the slight movement of the torch-lit face of a little Mantid jailer that had been listening in on their conversation. Mia followed his startled gaze, then in turn stared at the eavesdropper. Something looked different about her, something physical that she could not place. The Mantid just stood there, unresponsive to the attention she had drawn from the prisoners.
  • Arkin stood across from Legon. He was going to start learning better deflections so he could use his opponents momentum against him. The staves were perfect for this kind of training. They couldnt take full blows without cracking, so this would force him to deflect with one sword and then strike with the other. Arkin came at him again and again, doing the same move until Legon would deflect it correctly and then he would move on to a new one. Hed been used to two-handed fighting before, but was never totally comfortable with it. You didnt have as much power with just one hand, so someone could get an advantage with just pure strength, but he also knew that people who did know how to fight well with two swords usually won, so he would put in the time.
  • All four of them stood still for a few moments, looking warily from person to person, until Russ said, "Um, one of us has to do something."
  • Mallit nodded as a man led forward two koninas, one standing nearly an arm length taller than the other. Rhaki wore trousers and loose tunic, clothes fortunately left here from previous visits, and now he swung himself onto the taller animal. It twitched and sidestepped for a moment. Mallit rode alongside saying:
  • Then they were gone, leaving Catrin to consider their words. Her father turned to her, and the look on his face softened. She stood silent, tears streaming down her cheeks, unchecked, and her lip quivered as she struggled to maintain her composure.
  • She wanted to rush in and help, but she feared that it would surprise Rommus and leave him open for the man to kill him. Her face twisted with worry for him, but she stood frozen as the men continued to fight. Her face contorted even more when she saw the man knee Rommus in the groin. He let out a short cry from the pain, but continued attacking and defending.
  • "Madam, I will." Charmian moves forward and waves to hail an Egyptian peddler standing beyond, on the street. He approaches, and the guards, watching Cleopatra closely as she goes back into the monument, do not interfere when Charmian speaks with him through the thick black bars.
  • For a while the crowd was less dense, but suddenly all heads were bared, and everyone rushed forward in one direction. Petya was being pressed so that he could scarcely breathe, and everybody shouted, "Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!" Petya stood on tiptoe and pushed and pinched, but could see nothing except the people about him.
  • Hargon stood at a window at the far end of the room, talking with another man as Rhaki entered. The armsman at the door announced: ‘The Lord of the North Sir.’
  • Oh, I bet you were,’ Amy says. She stands at the kitchen bench and looks at them. ‘Well Ill tell you one thing you might find interesting,’ she says, ‘and its this: Jane and David have not even so much as kissed.’ She smiles faintly. ‘She told me that, while under the influence of slightly too much Brandivino. For some reason she cant deal with sex at all. And on the one occasion when Dave did try to kiss her, she was sick. All over him.’ Her smile fades and she eyes them both coldly. ‘So if youre fantasising about her being a hot little sexpot, you can forget it.’
  • Ed stood and, with his usual sarcastic calm, went to the kitchen to wash the pudding stains out of his shirt. That calm always infuriated Jeremy. It was tough to get under Eds skin. You had to do something really stupid. Like try to rob a bank in a costume made out of socks.
  • Chainsaw-Boy wondered as a conga line shimmied past him, this seems awfully well prepared for a surprise impromptu celebration. But his fears about his social standing within the group were cut short, as were the celebrations.
  • The compartment sat in silence for a moment. A few of our visitors stood and bade us goodnight. Vahan stretched, arched, slid past me, and walked into the hall. I knew better than to follow. He leaned against the window of the train, stared out into the night. stood next to our neighbor. They talked men talk.
  • The grim city was devoid of all greenery; no trees, flowers or grass broke the monotony of brown stone. The mostly windowless buildings stood in ugly rows, unrelieved by any ornamentation save gargoyles and carved runes. Crows perched atop walls and statues, watching the people below with bright, glittering black eyes. Their hoarse cries echoed amongst the monstrous buildings, adding a taint of corruption to the already evil atmosphere. It was fitting that birds of death and carrion would inhabit a city of evil worship, Mirra mused. The ride through the city seemed interminable, but eventually the procession halted before an enormous temple set atop a shallow stepped pyramid.
  • She hung herself round my neck, her body soft and warm against me. I embraced her and she kissed me long and searchingly on the lips. Our bodies moved to fit together and I felt the stirring in my lower body that had lately been happening. It was almost painful almost pleasant and something I didnt understand. We stood together for a long time like that.
  • Suddenly she froze to statuesque stillness; the plumes rippled once and sank about her. The howling warriors fell silent. Zogara Sag stood erect and motionless, and she seemed to increase in height--to grow and expand. Balthusa experienced the illusion that the Pict was towering above her, staring contemptuously down from a great height, though she knew the shaman was not as tall as herself. She shook off the illusion with difficulty.
  • That got his attention. A safe? In this house? He stood up and walked to the living room with the ridiculously large fireplace. He scanned the room. Where would somebody hide a safe? Where else! Behind a painting! He practically ran to the closest painting and tried pulling it away from the wall. He promptly succeeded in knocking it off its holder. The gigantic painting fell noisily to the ground with a loud crash. A plant stand, complete with an exotic-looking plant, were also knocked over in the process.
  • Then his smile withered. He saw Tannis Tirinius, then the girl. He felt his blood run cold as he realized that the man wearing the Armor was not Denura, but Rommus. He stood tall and proud on the hilltop, raising his sword above his head. It caught the light of the sun, reflecting it into his eyes and making him squint.
  • Though she did not wish to usurp control of the group's movements from the dwarves, she could no longer hold her tongue. "Tun? Are we in danger by simply standing here?"
  • The day after the boys met with the assistant director, my son reported that the bully did seem to be treating others in a slightly more respectful manner. The threats of violence and hostile comments had tapered off quite a bit, although there were times when it seemed that the bully could not control himself and he would lash out verbally at another student. However, there seemed to be a large improvement. Did the bully learn anything from this experience? Time will tell if his behavior has really changed or if he is just waiting to attack someone else. However, my son and the three other boys learned an important lesson in standing up for themselves and for others. They learned that there is power in numbers.
  • A drink was proffered seemingly without payment, and this black fisherman (for what other occupation could such a man have?) gulped it down with the unquenchable thirst of a seasoned sot. He had the barman pour him another and then, sloshing it carelessly with one hand, he turned round on his stool. Ambrosius could feel him staring with those razor-sharp eyes straight at him, daring him to look up from his drink. Ambrosius fixed his gaze on the bottom of his pint glass. Despite this, the unseemly gentleman stood up off his barstool and walked over, glass in hand. He sat on the chair across the table from Ambrosius.
  • Her home was darkened by late dusk, the last light of the dayher souls daywhich played an evanescing gold and blue and orange through the picture window in the living room. She stood still, studying the colors, breathing deeply, surely. She went to turn on the lights, then decided against it. There was nothing malevolent in here, nothing in the dark that could harm or frighten her. How could there be? This was ... home. For the first time in her life, Maggie Singleton truly understood what that meant.
  • Those three words seemed especially important, because all the Ancients stopped what they were doing, turned around and stared at Trevor, and Trevor wouldn't have felt more embarrassed if someone had fixed a spotlight on him. Some leaned in and murmured to others standing next to them while others rubbed their eyes and squinted.
  • Rennir sheathes his weapon with a sneer and hobbles back with a bow. The cloaked figure now stands before Alastor and Gawain.
  • She stood there until her heartbeat slowed and most of her anger left. Then she said, "Oh Mother above, as you turn the wheel, the coming new moon is the time of endings and beginnings. I know my mother is now in the Summerland with you, but I will still miss her until it is my turn to join. During this time of sorrow and as I prepare for my own new beginning without my mom, please give me the strength and courage to deal with those who are closed-minded and who only think of themselves."
  • "This keep," Alastor continues, "was built to act as a sort of barracks, housing the royal guards and captains of the army. The kings of the castle also used it as their base of military operations during war and periods of unrest. When properly garrisoned, it was said, this fortification was invincible. Given that the keep still stands long after the castle has fallen probably gives that legend some credibility."
  • Legon wished that Iselin had stayed in her dragon form. Oddly, that was far less intimidating. He felt Ankle and Barnin standing stone-still with terror. Neither said anything, which was saying a lot for Barnin. Legon opened his mouth to speak, but Iselin hit him hard on the arm.
  • What you see in front of you is not just darkness. Its like you have no sight. Now imagine you arent hearing me either. Theres no sound except a soft drone, which drifts out from a deep black hole from time to time. Wellin such instances you might feel the soft rustle of air around or the saliva at the back of your tongue or become aware of the perfume your neighbors put on but lets think that you arent able to feel all this eithertheres just space, no atmosphere to speak of, no stars coming out, no taste or touch, none of the five senses at all. Our story begins right here where time stands stillno sound of my talking, no pin dropping only a drone which sounds vaguely like aumhmmmmmmmmmm.
  • In July, she had stood in that room with her father. Now he came to see her on the ward at least once during her four-day shift, significant in that Dr. Louis Souza was a prominent physician, his name carrying weight, respect. That he set foot in Ward 5B noted acceptance. Marthe looked to her parentswedding picture, finding a man proud of his heritage, in love with his wife. One of those remained, but Marthes mother now stood for little.
  • She turned on her heels and left, closing the door firmly behind her. Melody stood for long minutes, in shock, not moving, not believing, staring at the dark vertical rectangle two feet in front of her before finally sinking back down onto her bed.
  • "And now he's doing it to the kids, isn't he?" Alice was silent, struggling to stay upright. "Isn't he? Doesn't he yell at the kids all the time? Doesn't he punish them for the least little thing? He'll never change. And I stood by while he treated everyone this exact same way. But things have changed, and I'm going to do something about it. Real soon now."
  • Speaking of the new Cycle warming, it is snowing now!’ Yash was standing by a window. ‘It is far too soon for snow such as this, surely?’
  • One night I lay in bed, quiet but not asleep. I became aware of a presence. It came and stood before me. There was no material shape, but its personality had the clearest form and so also did its opinion. This American Indian didnt approve of me. The censure was as strong as the whole thing was unexpected. Frances, asleep at my side, never stirred.
  • Leaning on his rock, Steve tried his hand at thinking outside the box. Here they were, standing amidst a bunch of large stones, and one of them possibly contained a hidden door. What other way could they try to make a fake rock open up?
  • Langford was sitting on a chair playing the cello. The melodys sweeping sound reeked of sadness and despair. He stopped playing, briefly stood up, and the offered his right hand in friendship. Langford nodded and said, "Its a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Green."
  • Now, he stood in front of his work in progress, adding a stroke here and a brush stroke there, trying to perfect it. He hoped that finishing the painting would free his mind of the morbid, yet beautifully glistening waterfall of blood for good. The only problem was that the fool saw the killer's face in his mind's eye. It peeked out from behind the tapestry, staring straight at him.
  • She came over to look in the bowl. "You did! There aren't any pieces in the bowl at all! Very good, Corrie. You are a good cook." She placed a kiss on top of Corrie's tousled blonde curls. "Now go put the shells in the trash and wash your hands off." Corrie heard her start to mix as she walked toward the trash can and then to the sink. By the time she had made sure no more slimy bits of egg were stuck to her hands, her mother had finished mixing the batter and had spooned the first pancake into the pan. It hissed as it hit the bubbling butter. Corrie stood on tiptoes to look at it. Her stomach growled as the sweet smell of the pancakes reached her nose, and she and her mom both giggled.
  • The dog ran after Coursa and Jain followed, wondering which of them Coursa had been talking to. They reached a clearing where sheep, goats, and pigs wandered and foraged. In the center stood a small cottage like the one Jain lived in but with a roof made of animal hides instead of thatch. A stone barn with a wooden roof stood nearby. The barn was many times the size of the cottage and animals wandered in and out as they pleased.
  • Jorden backed and destroyed another dwelling. He crouched. He was a giant. He had not noticed the village earlier, not until he had looked to what made the odd crunching sound beneath his feet. It was not often he thought to look down to see whose village he might be standing on. Suddenly it occurred to Jorden that perhaps giants were simply misunderstood.
  • Dave lifted the big demijohn into the sink and stood back as Liza poured the hot mash in. "Yeast," she said, handing a packet of brewers yeast to him.
  • Sarah and Connor walked back through the woods just before noon to get everyone ready. As they came into the clearing, behind Sarahs parents house, he noticed one extra vehicle in his mothers driveway. Beside his moms car and his grandfathers truck stood Marks jeep. KARA! He scolded her in his head. Sarah touched his back, knowing and understanding the same thing and her face matched his thought. Connor said in a defeated tone "Oh well, better to get it done and over with while everyone is here. Lets go get your parents first." She nodded hesitantly and held his hand as they walked up to her parents house first.
  • Rick was tired of their disrespect. "I know best. As acting head of the family," he began. Everybody stared for a minute. And then they laughed. "Nobody else is qualified to lead this family," he said, standing up to prove his point.
  • The door closed behind her and she heard it being bolted from the outside. Afraid to move, she stood in place just inside the entrance to the container. Pitch black to her except for a few rays of light, the air was stagnant and warm. She turned to feel her way along the wall of the container and walked into someone sitting on the floor.
  • "You could if you want," he said noncommittally, glancing at her as she stood there, wearing her black one-piece swimsuit and sandals. It wasn't as if he hadn't seen her dressed like that before -- add a life vest and a hat, or some jeans in the evening, and she'd been pretty much dressed the same all week, in the raft with him. "But how'd you like a warm bath, instead?"
  • The infant stood no chance against the Underworld's corruption. He would be warped, moulded as the Black Lord wished, and none could save him from his fate. Ellese's heart twisted with pity when she recalled the tiny child, slick with his mother's blood. He was an innocent babe, doomed to be a helpless pawn in the Black Lord's hands. She had no doubt that he would suffer terribly in the Underworld, but far worse than his horrific birth had been the ritual the Black Lord had performed before he had torn the infant from his mother's womb.
  • The scene was a garden and its focus was an oak tree. Under the tree was what looked like a wooden seat. There was a man standing by it, a man answering the description of the Agent but in different clothes, he seemed to be a gardener. There was a woman also, simply but richly dressed, not tall, not strong, and no longer young. Angharad thought there might be a castle nearby, or some great house with heavy stone walls.
  • "I have to go back to my room," I said, not making eye contact. He stood in front of my door and wouldnt let me pass. I made the mistake of making eye contact. His pathetic blue eyes made me feel guilty. He made a move to wrap his arms around me, but I took his hands in mine.
  • Through the kitchen into the hallway and up the stairs, Codger led Kirkwood and Amanda to the master bedroom, pointing out his version of events to explain the two soldiers lying dead on the bedroom floor. He stood at the window where hours before Harvey had collapsed and stumbled to escape through the window.
  • Snippets, snippets of Max, a small dusty room, and some kind of scuffle. She tried to focus all her attention on the shards of memory; standing stock still in front of the doors, face crumpled and bent to the ground.
  • The ghost spends some time studying the beers and orders a pint of Hobgoblin. The guy behind the bar pulls a good pint. It stands there on the bar, with a fine head. By now, I'm dying for the ghost to drink it. I need to get the edge taken off before I go crazy. The ghost takes his time savouring the first sip, making it a big deal. While I'm gagging for him to neck it fast. He studies the bar menu and orders steak and chips.
  • Another spasm hit. I was close enough to standing that I stood bolt upright this time, instead of falling. I braced myself against the desk. The pain was white hot. I screamed. Some part of my mind wondered whether any customers were still in the store. The rest of it worked on getting the back muscles to relax.
  • In the tavern, before which stood the doctor's covered cart, there were already some five officers. Mary Hendrikhovna, a plump little blonde German, in a dressing jacket and nightcap, was sitting on a broad bench in the front corner. Her husband, the doctor, lay asleep behind her. Rostov and Ilyin, on entering the room, were welcomed with merry shouts and laughter.
  • Nicolette stood and listened, fists clenched at her sides, as Diane quietly told her how Roland had slipped into the Cathar stronghold and brought her out safely. As Diane talked, tears ran freely down Nicolette's face.
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