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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • They entered the grove and came upon a unit of ten soldiers resting. Ilario commanded them to rise. The men stood and bowed, muttering, "Havah ilz avah Haizzem."
  • "I thinkI think this is Jack Olen and William Walkers truck. Im not sure, though," Daniel says as he aims the camera with one hand toward the vehicle and snaps a picture. For a moment, the digital display shows not the truck, yet two men standing together, arm-in-arm. They are smiling happily. "What the hell?"
  • Daniela again found himself standing in the shower, watching an 18 year-old girl taking a pregnancy test. He scanned her thoughts and discovered that she had not given the pill adequate time to take hold.
  • The fight at the pub was left in full swing. No policeman worth his helmet is going to choose to fight over a good chase. They could always come back later and arrest anyone recumbentif the place was still standing.
  • A French court on Wednesday rejected a request by former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn to drop a sex offence inquiry in which he risks standing trial on pimping charges, his lawyers said.
  • Rordan believed the reprieve temporary. A premonition of no going back passed through his thoughts. He would have to face the madness again. His cold body moved out of its stiff posture and he stood upright.
  • You are standing on a small pocket of reality, amidst the Aether, a dimension adjacent to what you know of as Aeos, your world. Do not be alarmed, you are quite safe.
  • Again the power surged, and she retched. The room had grown icy, and the floor seemed to give off black light. The walls and ceiling warped in her vision, and her mind cringed from the maddening illusions even as screams flayed her throat. Bane stood at the centre of a dark storm, absorbing it. Mirra wept for him, crying out with the pounding agony that lanced through her. Darkness crawled over his skin like a disease. It soaked into him, flowing through him with nauseating horror. The power swirled about the room, drawn to Bane in streams of shadow. He lowered his arms, frowning, and the shadows swirled around him, no longer absorbed. His hands clenched, then opened, and cords stood out on his neck with the effort of controlling the magic. He relaxed, the strain fading from his expression, and his shoulders slumped.
  • This was small compensation for what had happened, but it was better than leaving with nothing to show for three months of frustration and a false relationship. Max stood up. "Give me a few days, and I'll tell you where to have it delivered."
  • Says Hermia sourly, "If thus true lovers have been ever crossed, it stands as an edict in destiny! Then let us teach our trial patience, because it is a customary crossas due to love as thoughts and dreams and sighs, wishes and tears, poor fancys followers!"
  • There were several things that came to the immediate attention of Jorden Miles. The first and most notable thing was that the transition had been extremely smooth, as had the transition into the land of Gulliver's fingerlings, another was that it was quite dim, another was that he was standing upon his very own front lawn.
  • By midnight they were standing in the driveway of Dereks duplex. It was now well into autumn; the night air was starting to feel quite cold, and David was greatly inclined to hold Janes body close to his for warmth. He hadnt managed to get so much as a peck on the cheek from her up to now, and it was time, he thought, to do something about it. At the very worst hed get his face slapped. So just as Jane was about to turn away from him to go inside he put his left arm around her waist, planted his right hand firmly on her breast, and tried to kiss her hard on the mouth. Her reaction was immediate and unexpected: she jerked away and uttered an odd choking cry, and was promptly sick down the front of his jacket. She dashed sobbing up the stairs and David heard her door key rattling briefly in the lock. She got the door open and disappeared inside.
  • It was hot inside the huge building, even though the sun wasnt beating down on them like it had been outside. Annie noticed they were once again separated by genderthe men in one line, the women and young children in another. Thousands of people were standing in rows upon rows. Often, this building processed up to 5,000 people in a single day. Many more immigrants came through before the Ellis Island Station was built and still others came through several different entry stations around the nation.
  • Nick stood up and grasped the familiar limp, damp hand, suppressing a shudder. It was the kind of grip you would expect from an undertaker, or maybe a priest come to administer the last rites. "Not in this weather, Alan."
  • Meanwhile, the city itself was deserted. There was hardly anyone in the streets. The gates and shops were all closed, only here and there round the taverns solitary shouts or drunken songs could be heard. Nobody drove through the streets and footsteps were rarely heard. The Povarskaya was quite still and deserted. The huge courtyard of the Rostovs' house was littered with wisps of hay and with dung from the horses, and not a soul was to be seen there. In the great drawing room of the house, which had been left with all it contained, were two people. They were the yard porter Ignat, and the page boy Mishka, Vasilich's grandson who had stayed in Moscow with his grandfather. Mishka had opened the clavichord and was strumming on it with one finger. The yard porter, his arms akimbo, stood smiling with satisfaction before the large mirror.
  • Eibhlin and a few of her dorm room girlfriends snuck into the Headmaster's downstairs study. They'd been planning for days on how to get in there. It'd been most difficult for the Bluebird kept a close eye on them. The study door, made centuries ago, contained no less than thirty-six clocks that locked it. The door, six inches thick, stood eight feet tall and reached ten feet across. The old, thin, tiny faces of the clocks were embedded into the door from top to bottom.
  • The ghost's gone. It's just me, standing outside the house at the end of the path, shivering. Each time it happens I feel emptier. Like something is missing. It's still me, but there's a sort of uncertainty. And I'm so tired. It would be nice to lie down right there, but there's a chance Marv might call the cops. I need to get out of here. With a last glance at the house, I start back towards town
  • Sazar stood at the outskirts of Pinesway. A gigantic shag crouched uneasily at the serps side, but it made no attempt to join the carnage or kill the goblin that stumbled toward them.
  • Tika forced herself to release Farn and stepped firmly back, turning quickly into the Chamber of Balance. She went to the edge of the mosaic circle and gazed at the disks hanging impossibly in the centre. She was aware of Bark standing close by and she gave a near hysterical laugh.
  • The duke is disturbed. "Whoeer he be that in this foul proceeding hath thus beguiled your daughter of herself, and you of her, the bloody book of law you shall yourself read, in the bitter letter after your own sense!—yea, though our proper son stood in your action!"
  • "For God, and the King!" she cried. Criosa, who had been told to stay out of the fight, had her rapier out as she stood in front of the militia, men who had sworn service to the crown, and would follow her no matter what.
  • I peeked inside the cake box. It was a chocolate cake, surrounded by ribbon and flowers. A large candle with the word 'forty stood on top of the cake. "Thank you, Alia. It looks amazing, just like you do tonight. I love your dress."
  • Helga stood at her full height, which was considerably less than his, and spoke with nobility. "I will consider it. Thank you for your help, Obersturmführer Meyer."
  • The vision finally ends, and there standing in front of Morion is Amy, in her inhuman form, but the Queen now sees beyond it to the real woman. In this form, she is still Amelia. The fair-haired bard was Lucius' mask for her.
  • The inspector stood still, looking worried, and glanced gloomily at the Chief Constable, who was making half-audible noises. The Mayor considered Doncaster evenly. Somebody behind shouted, "The Government's broken the law," and Oliver felt a little cold as he heard this final reduction of his own sentences to a supposed fact. In the following silence, "I want the Stone," the old man wailed again.
  • "Yes, lets," said Mr. Conor, standing with them. "Its been a long timetoo longsince Ive eaten at Fishermans Choice. I used to come here all the time."
  • Despite how weird it all was, Mia felt strangely safe. "Okay, okay!" Mia stood up. "Youre a fairy," she pointed at Belemeriath.
  • Jacob pushed open the front door with his nose and stood by my side on the porch. He was much closer to Meghan than before but for some reason she didnt react to him in this form. Like a good child, her eyes were firmly shut. This only indicated to me further that she could be taught. Jacob nuzzled under my arm. They were only thirty feet from us now, and stopped still, standing in a straight line facing us.
  • Pressure built up in my head, making my brain throb and I could almost feel my night becoming even longer. I walked over to the managers room and was met by Mike, standing just outside the door in plain clothes.
  • In the open squatted a battered jeep, the rusting centerpiece for a dusty display of rickety wooden wagons. Leaning inward, like charred sticks stacked in a campfire, a number of jet-black men and women waited in a crowd of naked children, mesmerized by the approaching convoy. These were classic famine specimens; the adults emaciated and lethargic, the children all outsized heads and distended bellies. One man now broke from his spell and loped like a great gangly water spider to the standing structures doorway. He thrust his head around a hanging canvas sheet. A tanned arm swept the sheet aside, and a blond man looked out with an odd expression. He was in his late forties, lean, wearing a light sleeveless khaki jumpsuit and dirty tennis shoes. His face swung from Isis to the trailing vehicles and back. He stepped out slowly. As the Land Rover pulled up he approached with his hand extended.
  • The first man said he saw the killing in dark, near new moon, and he mostly saw in silhouette what happened. He saw the victim lying supine and the rakkhosh standing over him. The latter then cut off the victims head with the sword. The Swami asked:
  • Ben examined a rather sophisticated diving rig standing in a rack by the side of the counter. Rick dropped some fins on the counter and joined him.
  • Upon Lief's exit, Mappel turned his head back to the reader. They exchanged messages inaudible to the others. He then stood and followed Matthew to the center of the room, to within the very midst of the other followers. They gathered around the elf and the reader curiously, expectantly.
  • blue peter - the children's TV show - the name of the flag hoisted on a ship before it was about to sail, primarily to give notice to the town that anyone owed money should claim it before the ship leaves, also to warn crew and passengers to get on board. The flag is a blue rectangle with a solid white rectangle in the middle; 'peter' is from the French, 'partir' meaning 'to leave'. Additionally, (ack G Jackson), the blue and white 'blue peter' flag is a standard nautical signal flag which stands for the letter 'P'. The letter 'P' is associated with the word 'peter' in many phonetic alphabets, including those of the English and American military, and it is possible that this phonetic language association was influenced by the French 'partir' root. Phonetic alphabet details.
  • 'Excuse me,' a nearby customer smiled at the cigarette in Harvey's hand. 'But you aren't allowed to smoke here. You have to go outside.' Harvey nodded and stood to leave. He grabbed his coffee and angled a spoon on the table. Small daggers of chi aimed themselves at the helpful customer. He would have one hell of a headache for the rest of day.
  • Amber rolled her chair away from the counter, stood up, straightened her short knit skirt and walked to where Barker lay on his back in the toppled loveseat. Amber had nearly doubled her weight since graduating from Okinisee High a couple decades before, but she still had the pleasant smile and unflappable attitude that Fred fell in love with when his family moved to Okinisee from Detroit before his junior year of high school.
  • "That thing" was the closed-off monument. Actually, as they approached the area, the monument had revealed itself to be a fountain, now shut off and in the process of being drained. The equestrian statue standing off-center in the pool, its horse reclining in the water and the heroically proportioned general leaning far off to one side with his sword extended, was being shored up with wood scaffolding. A section of the generals stone arm had already pulled apart from its own weight. "Kind of a strange way to build a statue, isnt it?" asked Jurtan.
  • Pondicherry daubbed at his mouth with his napkin. "Excuse me," he said, "I'll be right back." He stood and walked towards the WC.
  • I had an early lesson about appearances at Mermaid Springs. The first time I went into the enclosed swimming area, I saw a man several yards from shore in water up to his neck. I looked at him, wondering if there was a drop-off and trying to remember if undertows were only something to worry about in the ocean. The man saw me and smiled and rose, higher and higher as water cascaded from his skin until he stood knee-deep in what had clearly been shallow water all along, yet had been mysterious depths until he stood.
  • Kathys father preached up a storm as he slowly sipped a wine cooler and cooked the ribs and hot dogs. I had heard that he could cook ribs for hours so I took the precaution of loading up on some hot dogs so we could munch on something while we waiting for him to complete his masterpiece. While I stood face to face with what seemed like endless rows of hot dogs, the debate raged on in my head whether I should buy kosher or non-kosher hot dogs. Something told me that I should buy the ones blessed by a rabbi, but I opted for the less holy frankfurters - poor choice number one.
  • As Kell undressed behind the curtain, Marthe stood flanked by her sisters and mother. His privacy wasnt their main concern, only that he heard all they had to say.
  • Ann Simpson stood at the front and Summer felt no shame. She and Jody hadnt been married; how many knew theyd been sleeping together? He hadnt spent the entire night, not any of those evenings, for three straight weeks. If someone was really nosy, they could have figured it out, and maybe the rumors had gotten around town, but they were exes. They had already conceived Skye out of wedlock, and if luck had been with themSummer smiled at Ann, setting the condoms in the middle of the short belt.
  • It came to a standstill a few yards from where they were sitting, engine off, looking faintly ridiculous amongst all the raw earth and rubble. The big rear door clicked and opened wide, showing the backside of a pair of jeans, which reversed out awkwardly. The figure stood upright and turned, smiling.
  • "Do you guys hear that?" he said so quietly it was barely a whisper. The rest of the team listened, There was definitely a sound of activity further down the tunnel, they caught echoing tones of voices deeper down the cave system, more importantly they could hear the noise of great shuffling, scratching and the occasional hiss of steam echoing up to where they stood.
  • "Would you like some company?" A female voice reminded him that he didnt spend the night alone. With a smile, he reached over and opened the shower stall. A tall, yellow eyed shapely beauty with a warm, dark tan complexion stood with her hands on her well-rounded hips. The only thing she wore was a smile. He couldnt help licking his lips as he surveyed her from head to toe, allowing his gaze to linger a bit on her luscious full breasts. Her yellow eyes glowed blue before they settled into a warm cinnamon brown shade.
  • Ryson targeted the closest group of goblins which stood one block to the northeast. He would hit them first. Ryson now better understood Sazars power over these creatures. He knew the serp kept them confused and fearful. The serp did not cast spells to influence his minions, but the magical energies that flowed through the air allowed him to press his will upon them. Once Sazar took hold of their minds, he used the magic and their own emotions to keep their individual will in check.
  • He stood and motioned for her to follow. Mia turned to Finnegaff with a look that sought his approval. He wore a smile a little too big for normal, and nodded his okay for her to go with Hallallarah. They circled the fire to the edge of the forest and stopped.
  • Trevor stood up and offered Erling his seat, but the Halfling politely refused. "The grass is probably more comfortable, anyway."
  • "Lets get out of here!" screamed Tallin, and they squeezed through the opening. The sprites swarmed angrily around them, but did not follow them into the tree. Once they had entered the passage, the opening slammed shut behind them. They stood in darkness, so Duskeye produced a tiny flame from his nostrils to light the way.
  • Still standing in one spot, the goblins didnt look too concerned with facing an attack at this particular moment, so he believed he could catch them off guard. Once he fired, he hoped that before they could get a clear lock on his position he could move back through the storefront, into the warehouse, and then out into the alley.
  • Serenity turned her attention back to the office. Stacks of mens magazines were piled on the floor and several cups of old coffee stood congealing beside them. Crushed, empty beer cans piled high in the trash. Wafts of stale alcohol and feet washed over her.
  • Guido gripped his arm tighter and turned him around. They stood facing the commandery with its four towers. One of the mysterious Templar symbols, a single eye within an equilateral triangle, was carved over the doorway.
  • "I looked at the chalky cliffs,"—broken upper teeth, "but could find no whiteness in them. From the salt rheum"—effluent—"that ran between her eyes and chin, Id guess it stood in it."
  • Conor pushed his chair back, stood. "My dear?" Melody stood as well, blinking heavily. Yaeko reached for her hand, released it after a short and tense grasp.
  • He led me into the store. Ben had only just arrived himself. The long-haired guy behind the counter stood a bit straighter when we walked in.
  • Nick smiled, a proud father once more. "Listen, Martin, life can be tough and pretty unfair at times but Ill make you this promise. Ill always be here for you. You hear me? If ever you get into trouble, no matter what it is, Ill stand by you. The way you stood by me. As long as I live. Its called unconditional love. Its what families are for. You understand?"
  • "It's my sister's," the boy said apologetically. "I grabbed it for silent reading. It's quite good, though." Robin picked it up the boy's book and flicked through it. He put it down on the other side of the table, closer to me. From where I was standing I could read the title: Fire and Hemlock. Seeing it gave me an odd sort of flutter.
  • "Stop the music," this man commanded, adding a peremptory wave of his hand. He pushed past Jurtan and Svin, sparing barely a glance at Arznaak and his convincing imitation (however premature) of rigor mortis, and gazed instead past Shaa down the tunnel, where Gashanatantra, legs splayed on the floor, was leaning against the wall with the more characteristically groggy and slack-jawed expression of the Jurtan Mont-inflicted. A fairly unpleasant grin spreading across his face, the man advanced toward Gashanatantra and stood over him, his arms folded across his chest.
  • The stranger stared a moment longer, then bowed, very slowly, until his nose very nearly touched his knees and his beard curled like cable silk on the hardwood floor of the bedroom. He rose just as slowly, until he faced her again, standing straight, sure. Maggie held frozen, unsure what to do.
  • "Is he the one there?" Mumtaz nodded discreetly toward Hawksworth, who stood uncomprehending, his haggard face and jerkin smeared with smoke. Her voice had risen slightly and now her Persian was lilting again.
  • "My five sons and two oldest daughters are in the Northern Wastes, and I fear I'll never see them again," Benjin said, his voice cracking and tears welling in his eyes. Catrin would have been impressed by his dramatics, but she knew he had an abundance of real pain to draw upon, and his tears need not be forced. The sight of his tears filled her own eyes, and her lip quivered as he continued. "This's my youngest daughter, and since my lady-wife passed to the grave, she's all I have. Even the armies could not part her from me." He said the words with conviction and stood with his chin high. He did not back down from the stares, and his fierce pride seemed to endear him to them.
  • They are in a massive trench, twenty feet wide, running from west to east. Gawain stands shoulder to shoulder with Alastor, the two staring up. The walls of the trench are made of stone with a sheer face standing at least fifty feet high. Down the center of the trench, a small stream, barely two feet across, flows from the west.
  • "Everyone get down!" he yelled in Mongol, then ran in and cut those foolish enough to follow his order. As more blasts struck the entrance, he rounded a corner and extended both blades to pierce several enemies each, then jumped up to fire his boot wands into the survivors, landing painfully on his lower back. Billy used a wand to push himself sideways and another wand to blast two guys standing too close together. Then he opened a door that led to a narrow corridor, fired at those in it, and ran deeper into the fortress.
  • Id like a word Mr. Hood.’ Detective Sergeant Kennedy was waiting for him in the foyer. Two uniformed police stood nearby.
  • Across the clearing, Rist still held one hand in the air, fingers stretched to the sky. His other dragged his blade out even slower than Lanyan had armed his crossbow. "Do you know any offensive spells?" he whispered to his right, where Jeralyle stood.
  • There, directly across the river stood Bb side-by-side with a small white pony half his size. As they watched he waved and called over. 'I'm afraid there's no bridge, you'll have to paddle.'
  • "Breathe you, my friends!" Near his own encampment outside Corioli, Cominius has pulled his exhausted troops back for respite, and he now confers with their officers. "Well fought! We are come away like Romans, neither foolish in our stands, nor cowardly in retire!
  • Held breath was released in a sigh as Tika held the flower towards them. Mim grinned. ‘Anyone can see you know little of plants.’ He went to where she stood and delicately touched the petals. Faint green veins webbed the whiteness. A tiny drop of moisture clung to the lip of the cup and Mim laughed. ‘Like so!’
  • No one spoke, and no trumpets blared. Catrin's party entered the gaping maw with no welcome waiting within. Stables stood to their left, and they moved in that direction. Benjin disembarked first, checking for danger, then helped Catrin from the carriage. As her feet touched the reed-covered flagstone, a hooded man approached in a steady, measured pace. He seemed to be trying for the gliding effect mastered by the Cathuran monks, but he could not complete the illusion.
  • The bard stood alone then, head raised and eyes closed, palms open as though warding the denizens of the Shifting away. The song went on, growing and swelling as they pushed the Shifting away on the wake of that first expulsion. The shadow-demons swirled, screaming, caught up in the torrent that was forcing them back to their native realm.
  • "Okay." You look at the photos on the wall of people with Mather. The older ones are black-and-white. Mather has a pale crew cut in most of them. The people look important, not like movie stars or presidents, but like people who sometimes appear in photos with movie stars or presidents. Off in the corner, as if it's not as important as the rest, is a picture of Mather standing in a living room talking to a seated Jay Dumont. "Uh, may I ask some questions?"
  • "If we could just get Eibhlin free, then we could get out of here in a hurry!" I watched for his reaction, but he stood immobile.
  • The page stands near the Roman lord. "My boon is that this gentleman may reveal from whom he had this ring!" He points to Giacomos hand, which sports a gold band, set with a large, sparkling diamond.
  • The Grizzly managed to get back on all of its legs. It was brown with high humped shoulders layered in muscle. Its muzzle was open, exposing its menacing teeth as it roared. Each of its claws was at least as long and as thick Conners fingers. He could tell that it was fully grown and if it stood would be well over seven feet tall and judging from its bulk would be well over eight hundred pounds.
  • She stands firmly between the two groups, gun drawn now in an unwavering hand. Her pursuers hesitate until their leader speaks up. "Put it down." He sounds amused.
  • I nod and look around the bar. People are on the dance floor, playing pool, standing in groups, falling into each other. I cant see Rene.
  • The next morning three quick raps to his tent stake awakened him. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. His throat was sore, he tried swallowing a few times, but it hurt so much he gave up. It was still dark in the tent, he guessed that the sun was either not up, or had just cleared the horizon.He stood and stretched. His posterior and back were still stiff from the two days ride. Hamilcar knew it would take a few more days for his body to acclimate. It was very cool this morning and he shivered slightly. The day would be more saddle and sweat.He would take a dip in the lake with some pumice before they left.The cold water would jolt him awake and refresh his dirty body.
  • The body failed to stir. Had the person been flailed? Knocked insensible through blows to the head? Passed out through loss of blood or merely generalized agony? The current government administration - of which Leen was, to be frank, a part - held an enlightened attitude toward the treatment of those who found themselves within its grasp. Accordingly, torture was supposed to be entirely proscribed, but on the other hand where there were dungeons, and cells never accountable to the rule of light, it stood to reason that anything could happen. "Is there a door here?" Leen muttered, feeling about the wall.
  • Now on a border hill, the unit zigzagged along a ridge, landing at the base of an outer mountain. Misha wanted to stand at the peak, look out at the snow, at the Arcakhyan lerner. Here villages spread far apart; once and again, a lonesome house stood on a rocky terrace.
  • Dave stood up as well. "Ill look into it in, and Ill come and see you in a couple of weeks to let you know what Ive found out."
  • Shylock stood up and looked down at his soaking clothes, then at the others who were doing likewise when the familiar voice drifted down to them from up above. 'Can't a guy have some rest, respite, recreation and relaxation around here in peace?'
  • Still shaking his head, he said, "Something grabbed the king at the very moment of his death, grabbed Melody, even grabbed the Young Masterand brought all three back, sustaining the kings faltering life while somehow safeguarding the other two across thousands of miles and a dimensional portalthe Tangent. Thousands of miles and the Tangent. Free and bodiless souls, Margarita! Do you understand how impossible that is? Free and bodiless souls! And one was standing on deaths very doorstep!"
  • To be sure, Jurtans music sense wasnt giving any particular foreboding of alarm, either, and he did feel like he was learning significantly more about what had been going on. But why did they need to just keep standing here? "Dont you have forces you could call in?" he said to the Crawfish. "Give them standoff for standoff?"
  • Brixby got enough wind back to curse, albeit more weakly than before. Swann stood by him, wondering if the man could be this lacking in stamina and self-control, or saw an advantage in putting on an act. He soon turned away, now convinced the SAS story had been fabricated.
  • Guy was standing at the counter. He was craning his neck to get a look at the skin mags we kept behind the counter. I tried to act nonchalant. Last thing guys want is attitude when they are trying to buy porn.
  • She stood there looking at him with those yellow eyes. Her lips were pressed together again and her grey skin seemed to glow with a hot anger. Despite the heat of the fury flowing off her, the Senashow felt ice cold. Her rage would break soon, and he wasnt sure he could stand the force of it. He didnt know and, thankfully for him, he would not have to find out.
  • I stood up and smiled at my vampire-boy. I was happy to see him. Tomas led me out of the tent and I shivered in the cold. It was quiet and everyone was sleeping, as you generally do in the middle of the night. Tomas took my hand and led me away into the trees. I tugged on his hand to get him to stop when I realised he was not going to.
  • "Halvard keeps a standing army mostly for appearances, occasionally for special uses, but they do not make up our primary means of protection. No. The people themselves are our sword arm."
  • An arrow took the goblin leader in the chest. He looked down at it and grimaced, his sharp teeth clenched in a parody of a smile. Then the goblins spindly legs gave out and he collapsed. The other goblins looked up in the direction from which the arrow had come, as did Eduard, Jain, and Airk. More than twenty additional goblins with bows and arrows in their hands and steel swords and axes in their belts stood halfway up the hill. They wore clothing of a similar, crude cut to the other goblins, but they also wore thick boots and many of them wore steel armor. Some of them wore plate mail, some chain, and some wore hardened leather scales. A lot of the armor ill fitted the wearers. Still, for the goblins to have successfully plundered so much they must have been both vicious and cunning.
  • Lucia dismounted and stood among the men. She removed Ysa's helm and tossed her dark red hair behind her shoulders. "I find all of this hard to believe." She looked around and behind them, finding nothing of Danato. Fine, I'll play your awful game. "Their sudden desperation could be to our advantage, but it seems they're looking for a wild melee. Why play into their hands? There is still time to fall back and protect our camp."
  • "I can live with a little darkness," Jorden said at last. "If we can just find somewhere that's warm and comfortable to sleep." He looked along the street. Finding a place that was even standing might be a problem.
  • She stops at the stairs, waiting for Alastor to call her back, but he does not. She departs in her more divine manner, blasting the Cloud Hall with a frigid wind. Alastor sighs as he stands up from the long table, taking up the red book. He descends a level, going into the keep library. He searches for ink and quills. When he finds what he is looking for, he sits at the lone table and sets to his task.
  • I stood at the gate again, hoping that he would be here. The sky was overcast, and this was my final chance. Part of me wondered if Jasper and Jacob were right. Could Cody be the scent that had left town? I shook that suspicion away. He was my friend, and wouldnt hurt anyone.
  • Once in the forest he slackened his pace, and began a careful examination of all the trees, advancing, step by step, as though seeking and following a mysterious road known to himself alone. There came a moment when he appeared to lose himself, and he paused in indecision. At last he arrived, by dint of feeling his way inch by inch, at a clearing where there was a great heap of whitish stones. He stepped up briskly to these stones, and examined them attentively through the mists of night, as though he were passing them in review. A large tree, covered with those excrescences which are the warts of vegetation, stood a few paces distant from the pile of stones. He went up to this tree and passed his hand over the bark of the trunk, as though seeking to recognize and count all the warts.
  • Amanda paced around the office, moving through the last wafts of negative karma, and stood at the window. The view was spectacular. Far off patches of green merged with browns and greys of housing estates. An impressionist's vision of modern living that somehow, from this vantage point, lost the grim and despair and was elevated to a thing of beauty and hope.
  • The ghosts are angry. I feel it even though I'm standing in the garden outside the house. It's dark. The house waits, cloaked in shadows, trying to drag me in. I stand among the weeds and set myself to resist, but the pull is growing with each breath I take, stretching me like a rubber band until my skin prickles and my head throbs. I think of Suki and that's all that's holding me here.
  • A shuddering gasp swept over the village and women crowded hastily back, jamming one another between the huts. Balthusa felt the short hair stir on her scalp. The creature that stood in the gate was like the embodiment of nightstallion legend. Its color was of a curious pale quality which made it seem ghostly and unreal in the dim light. But there was nothing unreal about the low-hung savage head, and the great curved fangs that glistened in the firelight. On noiseless padded feet it approached like a phantom out of the past. It was a survival of an older, grimmer age, the ogre of many an ancient legend--a saber-tooth tiger. No Hyborian hunter had looked upon one of those primordial brutes for centuries. Immemorial myths lent the creatures a supernatural quality, induced by their ghostly color and their fiendish ferocity.
  • Although they were only standing in it up to their ankles, below their feet she could see fish swimming about. Deeper down there were shadows moving in unfathomable depths. It was creepy; they were walking on water. Wellnot walking, when they tried to trudge back to shore, they found that they were stuck.
  • 'I do not know. Sleep has no place it can call its own.'For several minutes there was silence. Minas sat rigid, and the Professor stood staring at his fixedly.
  • I stood at the washbasin and peered through a crack in the shutter, trying to get some sense of what it was like outside. Then someone knocked on the bedroom door.
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