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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Sarah went to bed first as Connor stood and washed the utensils, cups and the bowls in the stream. He strung up the metal bowls and cups on the side of the shelter to keep them from getting dirty. He was tired and finally knew everything felt secure enough for the night.
  • They walked through street that led out of the docks, past the run-down warehouses, past the chandlers and sail-makers and various traders who gathered round the newly docked boats and tried to sell fresh fruit and savoury snacks to fill the long-deprived bellies of the sailors. They walked down a street full of houses with sumptuous frilly curtains and discreetly dim red lanterns in the upper windows, until they came to a building that looked like it had been constructed solely of driftwood. The smell of alcohol hit all three of them from a good twenty paces away, and by the time they were at the door Ambrosius felt half tipsy just off the fumes of the place. A man stood at the entrance with a large piece of wood with various assorted nails and bits of broken glass embedded menacingly in it.
  • "Piti-piti-piti and ti-ti and piti-piti-piti boom!" flopped the fly... And his attention was suddenly carried into another world, a world of reality and delirium in which something particular was happening. In that world some structure was still being erected and did not fall, something was still stretching out, and the candle with its red halo was still burning, and the same shirtlike sphinx lay near the door; but besides all this something creaked, there was a whiff of fresh air, and a new white sphinx appeared, standing at the door. And that sphinx had the pale face and shining eyes of the very Natasha of whom he had just been thinking.
  • It was only when he was standing right before the mist, ready to begin his voyage inside, did the pressure become too great, and he stopped, then faced her. "El... there's something I need to tell you." He reached up, taking her hands in his and locked on her gentle blue eyes. "In case something happens, I just need you to know...I lo..."
  • She saw the wrought iron fire escape, winding down from the last house to its scrap of a back garden. In a few steps she was standing on the edge of the roof. She turned and dropped, dangling for a moment by her fingertips from the cast iron guttering, before landing, in a cat like crouch, lightly on the top platform.
  • They split up the wood, pressed it down on the fire, blew at it with their mouths, and fanned it with the skirts of their greatcoats, making the flames hiss and crackle. The men drew nearer and lit their pipes. The handsome young soldier who had brought the wood, setting his arms akimbo, began stamping his cold feet rapidly and deftly on the spot where he stood.
  • Neighing in fright, the horse took off. The clattering of the receding cart eventually faded away until he was left standing by himself in the darkness.
  • Two people are already inspecting the next artwork, so David and Amy stand behind them, further back. This painting is a muted wash of purple and grey with a brilliant golden disc in the top right-hand corner. But its most noticeable feature is a dead pigeon, a real one, which has been fixed somehow to the centre of the canvas. The young guy standing in front of the picture is wearing a pin-stripe suit. He seems to be explaining the meaning of the work to the girl by his side. What he says is inaudible to David and Amy, until the band suddenly drops into a dramatic silence broken only by occasional random notes from Ron on the bells. The guy seems unaware the background noise has dropped and his voice is suddenly clear. ‘So, if you take into account the differential masses of the purple and the grey,’ hes saying, ‘surmounted, as they are, by the disc of gold, the pigeon could be taken as a symbol of the spirit of the common man, yearning to take wing.’
  • Range dropped to the couch, letting out a great sigh.Rolin and the Remmy stood by the door.Nicodemus settled into one of the comfortable chairs, kicking his feet on to the footstool.He leaned his head back and relaxed.Garon looked momentarily at Taelon as if he recognized him, and then he noticed Rolin and the prince.
  • Edward was given a servant, Peter, whose wife Trim also served the College and did his laundry. His tutor was Father Tobias, a cheerful, lively man. Older students stood in awe of his rude humour but Edward never heard him tell a lewd joke. He believed in God and work and God help those who didnt.
  • Kathys father preached up a storm as he slowly sipped a wine cooler and cooked the ribs and hot dogs. I had heard that he could cook ribs for hours so I took the precaution of loading up on some hot dogs so we could munch on something while we waiting for him to complete his masterpiece. While I stood face to face with what seemed like endless rows of hot dogs, the debate raged on in my head whether I should buy kosher or non-kosher hot dogs. Something told me that I should buy the ones blessed by a rabbi, but I opted for the less holy frankfurters - poor choice number one.
  • Ryson targeted the closest group of goblins which stood one block to the northeast. He would hit them first. Ryson now better understood Sazars power over these creatures. He knew the serp kept them confused and fearful. The serp did not cast spells to influence his minions, but the magical energies that flowed through the air allowed him to press his will upon them. Once Sazar took hold of their minds, he used the magic and their own emotions to keep their individual will in check.
  • "Did someone just call me? Uh, I was busy um.. fixing the uh.. hyper drive system? What do ya need?" Herstaff glared at him without saying a word and turned away to open the fridge. Indy stood there, looking bemused and slightly angry.
  • The sun was clearing the horizon in the East as its strong beams forced its way into the rooms of Hartwells house facing the water. The sun room was structured to elicit the maximum power of the rays at the earliest possible time. This fact became painfully apparent to Samuel, who slept in the room because he had never seen one of his own come back from the great beyond before. Maxwell was positioned in such a way that he would be exposed in sun before the light hit his great grandfather. He rubbed his eyes in pain from the extreme light, and then he remembered what he was doing there in the first place. So he elevated to his feet and stood in front of Hartwell, blocking the suns rays for a moment until he realized that nothing would happened until he moved out of the way.
  • "We'll stop for the night soon and we should reach Lucidus in three or four days," Holder told them all but suddenly four horsemen appeared in the distance. As they came closer, Holder climbed down and stood in front of the wagon. Unlike Rafe who inhaled deeply, Ignacio held his breath until Holder turned back and gave an 'okay' signal. Rafe seemed equally content with the scent from the riders. When the men reached the wagon, the leader introduced himself.
  • "Now this is fairer, let our weapons taste these beasts," Rolin said, standing up straighter."Grab your courage, Cortibis we are about to do battle."
  • "Very well," Aiden said, forcing a note of defeat into his voice. "Perhaps I can meet with you later in the day, as I have other business to attend to. Good morning." He motioned for Nellise and Colt to follow him, as he walked away from the door and stood nearby to watch what came next.
  • Cleopatra sighs again, and stares at the ceiling. "Oh, Charmian, where thinkst thou he is now? stands he, or sits he? Or does he walk? Or is he on his horse?
  • As they swooshed up the stairs, Hunter bolted the door he stood behind and listened to the banging while the creatures tried to gain entry. He stood straight and held out his wand in front of him, ready to cast a big spell. Hunter didn't know how long the door would hold against all this banging. It started to crack and he could see one horrible face coming through with its green shiny eyes. Hunter took a step back to ready his wand.
  • Shaa, standing in a dramatic position framed in the center of the archway, his legs planted and one hand on his hip, removed the iron bar from under his cloak. He lowered his eyebrows suggestively, twirling the bar like a marching band baton. "Its about time," one of the guards said. "You want us to bringem out, or you want to go in?"
  • With each step towards the black pedestal the fear that had invaded my mind during the blackout lessened. The pedestal stood where the innermost ring of stones had been. The surface was smooth and uncannily dark, made from the same material as the obelisk. The flat square top bore a single white object, a small marble figurine of a man weeping. I held it and examined it with pure curiosity. Why are you here? I felt pity and sadness for my little marble man. I turned him over in my hand, staring, waiting for a response I knew I wouldn't get from him.
  • Vahan and Ashot popped onto the platform. The two cousins stood apart from Alya, Lyosha, and me, gesturing with their hands as they talked. I aimed the camera at them, thought of one of the jokes Vahan had told me: An Armenian is walking down the street in Moscow with a watermelon under each arm. An out-of-towner asks him which way to Pushkin Street. The Armenian stops, hands the stranger each of the fruits, then replies, his hands pumping up and down in the air, "How the hell should I know?"
  • In seconds, they were off the bus, standing beside it. "Look, you two," Crystal said. "We got a problem. Nancis here."
  • "But how can you just walk away from all this. From Maeve," Iyash stood up, and almost fell down again, but Raven helped to steady him. "Youve just met her, shes your niece. Your only family left. You have a duty to protect her."
  • Unknown minutes ticked by as I stood there, transfixed. My mind uselessly struggled to regain some type of its power and control over me. The mesmerizing silver mist held me fully captive inside its magical embrace.
  • "Hang on a minute," said Jurtan. The situation was strikingly reminiscent of the one with which Jurtan had begun his career of adventuring, such as it was, when he had stood with Zalzyn Shaa gazing across another body of water at an island stronghold into which they had intended to penetrate. The situation was similar, but then many significant elements were different, too. Shaa was somewhere else, for one, and more importantly he, Jurtan, had been given trust as a potentially helpful member of the company. His promise, though, had still to be redeemed, so he was trying his best to get to work.
  • She had stood next to Dan, not wishing to alert the kids to their aunts mood. Dan looked puzzled, then smiled, kissing her. "I saw Rafe at the store, asked him myself. We met up in the meat section and he saw the steaks, seemed okay as I put T-bones in the cart. Whats up with your sister?"
  • She stood with hands on her hips, graying hair loose and curly around her face. Glasses were worn, thick-framed lenses that he thought looked odd, preferring her with specs that werent more than rims around her eyes. Or contacts: he liked her face with no obstruction at all. Easier to kiss her around those fetching brown irises, so lively and pissed off, but full of energy.
  • Rordan stood up and stretched. He noticed a loss of strength in his limbs. His guess was surviving the madness had cost him.
  • Late in the afternoon the chariots crested a hill and Telamon called for the army to halt. Joff and the advisors rode to the front and looked out over a hilly landscape. A castle of grey stone stood on a distant hill and the dark mass of an army moved on the hills in front of it. Telamon pointed to a low hill facing a bigger one. "We will take up our position there. Tell the men to be prepared for battle in the morning."
  • Stepping inside they entered a laboratory environment equalling anything Shylock had ever seen in the best of science-fiction movies. Many traditional beakers boiled and fumed coloured vapours through clear pipes and tubes. Electrical discharges ran up and down strange-shaped structures, the purpose of which he couldn't even guess at. But, these things apart, it was the vast array of electronic equipment disappearing into the distance which most intrigued him. Lights flashed, displays glowed and continuously altered, buzzers sounded intermittently and in front of all this stood a figure which he recognised immediately. 'C3PO?' he gasped in surprise.
  • Those he could not avoid he thrust aside with his powerful chest, and Mirra clung to his mane and the pommel to keep her seat. She glimpsed valiantly fighting men standing in knots that bristled with steel, but the horde flung themselves upon the defenders in a fury of rending claws and teeth, stabbing daggers and swinging, bloody axes.
  • Sounded like they understood what was happening, anyway. Whatever. The upshot was that I had been standing for too many hours at work, and bending over too often. I needed to stay off my feet and thus away from work for a while. As if I had a choice now.
  • My father stood there trying to grasp my mothers words. "But Kim? What can it be? Are you leaving me? Why are you so silent? Is it the kids? Answer me woman!"
  • Even as Ryson dodged numerous attacks, he had not forgotten the second giant that loomed somewhere further off in the distance. With the raucous buzz still filling the cavern, he could no longer hear footsteps. It was thus necessary to visually pinpoint the second guardian's position. When the moment allowed, he took a long glance and spotted the second giant waiting at the opposite end of the tier. It stood directly between Ryson and the door to the next level as if a final obstacle, a security measure in case the intruder outmaneuvered the first giant. It made no attempt to join the fray, thus Ryson remained content with circling about his current position and keeping the first guardian safely away from the others.
  • The steps taken over the past days make sense in Washington, but from the vantage point of the rebels in Syria (and therefore in practice) they make almost none. The U.S. has been too distant from the conflict to have the standing to tell Syrians which political leaders they should acknowledge, which commanders they should follow and which fighters they should reject.
  • "Yes, sweet girl, I am fine, but you have to seek the truth in what you've found." Mac grew a little fuzzy around the edges as Caislyn looked at him. "Find the answers, you will find ..." his voice trailed off before he could finish what he was saying. The last thing to go was a faint glow where he had just been standing.
  • I noticed one of my favourite subordinates, Dev, standing near the front of the department waiting to attack the first customer that came his way with a sales pitch.
  • Now that the craft was in front, Benjamin could see that it was being controlled by a small, midget-like man who was pedalling furiously at a bicycle-like contraption that was itself attached to the top of his vessel. It was then that the boy noticed how crowded the area had recently become; numerous atulphi, and all their attendant vehicles, were now jostling for space in the air immediately to the fore. And the reason, he soon discovered, was clear: just ahead, and perhaps no further away than a good walk, there stood a pier so huge and grandiose that it wouldn't have been out of place at a Victorian seaside resort. Upon the deck, amid pavilions of all shapes, style and size, umpteen craft were either taking-off, landing, or bumping each other for space. It looked chaotic, and Benjamin was quick in warning Lilac of the danger.
  • "Call it what you want, Im uncomfortable talking about…" I paused and looked at the wolf still standing next to me. "Can we just change the subject, please?"
  • "Release you your hand," Haddo instructed him. To his surprise, Svin realized that his fingers had obeyed almost before his mind had had a chance to process the demand. Still, rather than grab Haddo again he stood up and moved back a step. In Haddos voice, croaky though it was, Svin had suddenly heard the same tone of nonsense-is-over that hed been trained to recognize across from him at the other end of a sword. The twin red embers beneath Haddos cloak looked hotter than usual, almost like the actual pit-of-hell flames Svin remembered from bedtime tales as a youngster, and seemed to circulate like whirlpools of fire as Haddo stared up at him and spoke. "If that Haddo were I, if there had I been, think would I that behind this story, really was there a god, that his tool Dortonn was. For gods games these are."
  • Fikna edged his chair back and stood up. His clear voice had a solemn edge to it. "There are two matters I believe necessary for me to mention. As you well know, at my insistence Rord has decided to pursue a study of alchemy. He will attend the Academy of Regol Coros in Ciriceval, specifically to become a sage by trade. I have given him my recommendation and assured him of the necessary papers. It is the least I could manage for my foster-brother of many years. I aspire for recognition of his kindness and patience."
  • 'So here we are, installed in this beautiful old house, and from both my bedroom and the drawing room I can see the great elms of the cathedral close, with their great black stems standing out against the old yellow stone of the cathedral, and I can hear the rooks overhead cawing and cawing and chattering and chattering and gossiping all day, after the manner of rooks--and humans. I am busy, I need not tell you, arranging things and housekeeping. Joanna and Ms. Hawkins are busy all day, for now that Joanna is a partner, Ms. Hawkins wants to tell her all about the clients.
  • The governor's wife led him up to a tall and very stout old lady with a blue headdress, who had just finished her game of cards with the most important personages of the town. This was Malvintseva, Princess Mary's aunt on her mother's side, a rich, childless widow who always lived in Voronezh. When Rostov approached her she was standing settling up for the game. She looked at him and, screwing up her eyes sternly, continued to upbraid the general who had won from her.
  • Paul listens intently, feeling the swell of power in these voices, but also their sense of loss, an indefinable sadness woven through the melody. Paul moves closer still, and realises he is seeing right into the stone, where nestled in its centre he recognises the now familiar, tiny, egg-shaped crystal. The crystal appears to be pulsing with energy, absorbing the compressed patterns through a network of veins of quartz that lace the inside of the standing stone.
  • The Mex came out, followed by a man that stood at least three inches over six feet. And who didn't weigh over a hundred and twenty pounds. Just skin and bone. Mac looked him over and said: "Hagh! Boney Seitz, hunh?"
  • She saw the rest of them now. Patreli, Smythe, and some man she'd never met. They dashed past her as she stood stock still. Max dropped to his feet and grabbed the gun.
  • I screamed back, "The bin was locked! Only you and I have keys! You never opened the bin to find it this full because the lid wont even fucking close its so full. Youre standing on the fucking pile of shit you put in there, and that purple carpet under your feet is the same as that piece in your fucking truck, asshole!"
  • Smiling, I stood there, enjoying the effect of my words. Everyone, I saw with some satisfaction, turned to leaveeven Joseph and Karen. In this tense moment, I had to fight a mad desire to laugh. It was like I was some queen they had to obey. One lab technician, whose nametag read "Sue," sent me a look of utmost loathing and disbelief as she passed. I didnt have time to care as I watched her swell indignantly and march out, her brown hair pulled into a tight bun at her neck. She was probably wound just as tight as her hair. I glowered at her backside.
  • "Which Im not doing now!" I said. "I cant be everywhere at once, cant maintain a standing army along the whole of the Marche!"
  • As we made our way down to the field, I watched as the cheerleaders unfolded a huge banner that said "GO DEMONS! BEAT THE HOGS!" in bright blue letters. The marching band stood in two lines blaring pep music while the fans crowded onto the field, forming a sort of runway for the team.
  • "Hello - once again - standing right here! What is it with the two of you and your ability to forget that I am in the room too?" Jaxon complained with her hands on her hips.
  • Fikna looked at Rordan, who stood up and joined him by the window. They lifted and moved the bed close to the Puff Couch. Rordan kicked his things back under the bed. He moved the old, broken bolt aside and opened the shutters.
  • ROLAND HELD HIS BODY STIFF AS HE FACED THE CATHAR FORTRESS and watched the tall wooden doors swing open. He saw now that the fire of that final night's battle, now fifteen days past, had left no structure standing but the stone keep. Inside the limestone walls stood forlorn, crude shelters made of tent cloths spread over blackened beams.
  • Once in the Chamber, the little ones knew the rules. Every child had at least one parent who worked there and the kids had been inside before. They stayed in the middle of the walkways and never pulled the rope to one side or the other. When they crossed Meeting Square and walked past Speaker's Dais, they all resisted the urge to climb the steps and run around on the platform. Even the adults they passed followed the instructions Caelia had given them. They smiled at the little ones but did not speak or wave; that might distract the kids. At that time of day in the Chamber, many people were laboring at their trades, some of them inside buildings and others out in the open. Many used sharp tools and some stood in front of big things that spun around or shook from side to side. In several places, hot fires burned inside the large stoves which adults called forges. A careless child could easily get hurt in the Chamber.
  • Damien came by the bed, standing there as she slid in. "Perhaps, I should go down early, allow you time to rest before the journey."
  • Aiden was mobile enough to keep no more than one or two attacking him at once, but Morik fought in a similar manner to his people, standing his ground against four warriors at a time, relentlessly stabbing and chopping with the short spear, and a battle axe he had picked up from one of the fallen. His skill was formidable, and he was agile enough to stay out of reach of their weapons, dodging attacks as they came at him, but more than once he wasn't quick enough, taking a slash to his bare chest, or a stab to his arm, yet hardly noticing the hits as he continued to fight.
  • Suddenly, Simon squatted at the grave's edge, stared as if emptied of his soul. Holding his mouth, the radio engineer stood and walked to the edge of the lot.
  • "That was rather cruel don't you think? Those people came here expecting help from you, sir!" Buchanan straightened his expensive coat and stood tall.
  • Amalric had blustered, as Nicolette knew he would, but to her delight Marguerite had stood her ground. Lercari had demanded a written guarantee of more payment for his ships and men. Marguerite had called for pen and parchment, scribbled a note, and tossed it at the Genoese admiral as if he were a beggar.
  • The King stands up from his throne, walking over to Leon. The Queen watches with a cold detachment, never stirring, simply watching, her eyes never leaving the form of Leon.
  • He pushed his way past Johna, entering the small cottage. His boots rested in front of me, but he stood slightly to the left leaving my limited view clear.
  • He goes down Tates Avenue towards the Village. The road climbs quite high as it arches above the railway line. Levin stands at the zenith; he looks below him. A road on his left passes under the bridge. To his right below him lie the tracks. No sign of a train coming. He decides not to wait. There are other things to do.
  • Lynne took off the brown velvet coat she had worn because of the icy weather and gave it back to the Doctor who was standing just outside the TARDIS.
  • Neil glanced at his bedside clock sleepily. He had gone into one of the two or three levels of sleep, half-aware and half-unaware. Now he had come out of it. The ridiculous fellow was up and about again. What a strange fellow. Neil had woken up one night, vaguely aware of some annoying dream where a dark figure had been standing at the foot of the bed. He had groaned and tossed over on his side to try and get back to sleep, only to become horribly aware that there was a dark figure standing at the foot of his bed. Quick as a flash he had sat up and flicked on the bedside lamp. It had been himthat fellow, his thin-stalked head and wearing only underpants, mouthing stupidly and trying to gesture something, apparently in explanation. No explanation was possible, was Neils view. Neil had angrily ushered the fellow out, pointing at the door and sayingout, out!’ repeatedly until even that dense fellow had come to grips with the idea he was trying to communicate. Neil had locked his door firmly ever since. Oh, now he was knocking Neils door again. No, that will not work.
  • Mont had been standing in his habitual posture, a sort of eager foxhound stance with his head cocked slightly to one side, eyes floating and vague. He was listening for his spoor rather than sniffing it out, however, plugged into who-knew-what currents of the ether. No god had stepped forward to claim Jurtan as his oracle, which of course proved nothing one way or the other, but whether his talent was a deliberate benison or an ability innate was thoroughly immaterial to the matter of its utility. "Strings," Jurtan Mont said, "being plucked and plonked; lots of strings, with some soft horns in the back."
  • He didnt reply right away and I stood there awkwardly. I tried to decide what I should do next. I smiled at him, but he still just stared and said nothing. I shrugged and then decided to go inside the garage to find my brother. The little boy followed me closely. I would stop abruptly and then he would stop. I would start walking again and so would he. I realized interestingly that it was like having a small shadow. Then I had an idea. I turned around and crouched down so I could look into his eyes when I spoke to him.
  • A few moments later and my wounds were fully healed, pain nonexistent. My eyes adjusted to the light and I saw Death and myself standing in front of me. "These belong to you." Death pointed to my twin, he smiled and stepped forward. "Wait," I asked, "Should I take my memories back? What if I want to go back to the other world?" "You won't. You should take them back; the past is important, just not for my job interview." Deaths tone was cheerful.
  • "No fixed address." I don't know why it's hard to say. I'm standing in a police station apparently pissed and stinking of booze, and this isn't even a low point. The sergeant is tapping stuff into a computer using two fingers. It takes a while, he stares at the screen and then at me. I know what's going to happen and wonder why I didn't think of this before.
  • "Sibyl? Oh, she was so shy and so gentle. There is something of a child about her. Her eyes opened wide in exquisite wonder when I told her what I thought of her performance, and she seemed quite unconscious of her power. I think we were both rather nervous. The old Jew stood grinning at the doorway of the dusty greenroom, making elaborate speeches about us both, while we stood looking at each other like children. He would insist on calling me 'My Lord,' so I had to assure Sibyl that I was not anything of the kind. She said quite simply to me, 'You look more like a prince. I must call you Prince Charming.'"
  • 'Certainly,’ she replied with alacrity, and stood up to put it in train for speaking. Then she paused, and a troubled look overspread her face.
  • Norman Rogers stood up and yelled, "I think that should count as at least two home runs!" always taking the opportunity to negotiate even the most established of rules.
  • Bry wound down her window and put her hands on the steering wheel. Spencer held his together in his lap, hoping that would stop them moving around too much. He hid his bandaged thumb. A policeman came to Bry's side of the car and stood level with the central pillar. He bent down to look inside the car, one hand resting on his gun. He was middle-aged and a little overweight with a chubby close-shaven face and a passable tan; a genuine city cop or a very well-casted impostor.
  • As if this did not distinguish this village enough, the hamlet was alive with activity. Here was a young man sitting under a tree, there a trio of older men and women in a heated discussion. Birds, butterflies, and even what she swore was a tiny, winged person fluttered by. There were representatives from a myriad of races. Elves, dwarfs, humans--all in the open and interacting. It was a surreal sight, and Myranda was entranced. It was as though she was seeing life as it should be for the first time. Her trance was broken when Deacon was knocked forcefully to the ground. She turned to see Myn standing atop the fallen helper.
  • Unfortunately, her fantastic idea was not so fantastic. She found this out standing outside of the de Vere castle, looking helpless and forlorn.
  • "Well, well seet." Sly edges off the bed and, cautiously, stands up straight. "Come, Madam Wife, sit by my side and let the world slip!—we shall neer be younger!"
  • "Ive got a good feeling about this one, Maureen. Im sure Ill get it. Its made for me. I could do it standing on my head."
  • "Finally time somebody stood up to the pair of them. Little demons," the priest grumbled loud enough for the room to hear. No one commented, and I wondered if they had the same feelings or if they were just enjoying the show.
  • Halfway through the show, the doorbell rang. She stood up swearing underneath her breath why she couldn't have a quiet moment to watch some TV. Unsuspecting she went to open the door.
  • Krishnan was dropped off on the Bangalore highway. The crests of Nilgiri mountain could be seen in the flashes of lightning that light up the dark night. The van which had transported him here, sped away quickly into the darkness leaving him standing there in disbelief in the pouring rain.
  • We descended in silence and stepped into the cool misty darkness. The girl who had checked us in earlier stood outside, her back against the brick wall, police lights reflecting off her pale skin. She had a cigarette in one hand and was puffing away like a train. When she caught sight of me, she looked smug, her eyes gleaming with triumph.
  • The stare lingered for a long moment and his face quirked. It was only when the others began moving again did Graham focus on the task at hand. The others ran right passed him, but Elryia stood by his side. "That was too easy, El. Be on your guard." He suggested.
  • Stupid Pathetic Annoying Messages. A reverse acronym for the modern age, here the word spam refers to unwanted bulk messages or postings typically via internet technology. The original SPAM®, a trademarked canned meat product, is much earlier, named in 1937 following a competition run by its makers, Hormel Foods. Hormel corporation apparently have said in the past that SPAM® stood for Shoulder of Pork and Ham, which is contrary to the popular myth that SPAM® derives from Spiced Meat and Ham. The SPAM® name has attracted numerous more amusing and sarcastic reverse acronyms over the years, such as Something Posing As Meat; Spare Parts Animal Meat; Specially Processed Artificial Meat; and Stuff, Pork and Ham. There is perhaps no greater accolade than its modern association with today's communications, although considering what we all think of spam in this sense, perhaps not. (Thanks P Methvin)
  • Princess Mary looked at him with astonishment. She did not understand how he could ask such a question. Pierre went into the study. Prince Andrew, greatly changed and plainly in better health, but with a fresh horizontal wrinkle between his brows, stood in civilian dress facing his father and Prince Meshcherski, warmly disputing and vigorously gesticulating. The conversation was about Speranski--the news of whose sudden exile and alleged treachery had just reached Moscow.
  • "Thought that might be it," the woman replied with a smile. "I saw you standing there thinking about it. Do you have any experience?"
  • "What I want to know," Barque went on, "is what game they ARE in. It's somebody's game, I bet. I could catch one," he said with a smile, and with that he came to a stop, whispered something to Princess, who reluctantly slid down his side and coiled up in the ground. Then, with a sudden leap, Barque was up in the trees, scaling high without making a sound. Ember stood looking up as he vanished.
  • Still, I enjoyed looking at my image in the mirror. I took my ponytail down and allowed my hair to spill in soft waves. It had gotten long because I didnt seem to have the time or energy to go get it cut. I stood and stared at my very grown up reflection and wondered when I had developed all these curves.
  • Large covered baskets were being brought before Arangbar, and when their lids were removed, Hawksworth caught the glisten of silver. Arangbar took the first basket and stood to his full height on the dais. Then with a swing he flung the contents over the top of the crowd. The air seemed to rain silver and the assembled nobles began scrambling over the carpet retrieving the silver objects. Nadir Sharif picked up one and handed it to Hawksworth.
  • Hartwell experienced a few involuntary reflexes, and one random knee-jerk smacked Daniel in the back of his head. Just about anyone else would have received an instant beat-down from the now-alert vampire, but Daniel stood up and flicked the baseball hat off Hartwell's head without ever touching it. Besides, he had already taken a picture of the pose and posted it on Facebook the previous night.
  • It was the same the following day. I stood by the gate, looking in all directions, but couldnt see him. As I waited, disappointment rushed through my body. All I wanted to do was say goodbye, but he was nowhere in sight.
  • She nodded. She knew he was right, but also knew what he did not say. The Duke, his father, and his brothers never held themselves to such restrictions. Maybe Tomas was right, maybe the stories were all true. But they could not be. This man standing in front of her was kind to her. He would treat her well, if strict. Strictness was discipline, and discipline led to safety. He cared about her.
  • I showered until there was no hot water left. Then I stood under a cold stream until I couldnt feel my extremities anymore. I had scrubbed with every washcloth we own, but I still didnt feel clean. Surrendering after thirty more minutes, I finally stepped out because I was shivering so badly. If I had stood in the frigid water much longer, my muscles would be frozenregardless of my internal incinerator. My brother would hear me fall over and I would be helpless. This means he would be forced to come in here to rescue me. Neither one of us would live through that little scenario.
  • "Just one," he replied as he turned to the appropriate page. The drawing showed Kate standing upon the moon. However, the moon was not in the sky, yet in an ocean of water, its brilliant glow reflecting in the sea. Surrounding Kate and the moon were various buildings of downtown Springfield, some of them heavily damaged.
  • But there were far more important things to worry about. What had really been on Phlinn Arols mind? If Phlinn knew Max, Max also knew him. He was badly preoccupied with something, and Max didnt think it was merely whether Max had gotten himself hooked up with terrorists. It was something he obviously didnt want to air with the Emperor-designate standing there listening to the entire exchange. They had been focusing on the action on the bridge, and the role of the ring, but -
  • We had lost, the case was hopeless. I called a meeting after school and we discussed how we would help her. "I say we just leave her." Someone suggested. I looked to see one of the females in my pack. She was downright jealous of Max, she had been one of the ones who had been all over me when I became Alpha. It was only because I had power, and I knew it. Max didnt downright care, she would love me whatever class I was. I stood up and faced Briana. "No. One. Says. That. About. Mackenzie." I threatened, and punched her in the mouth.
  • Alek and Cat stood close as Alek instructed her on her hold with a wooden practice sword. The atmosphere in the room felt free and easy. Cat looked back to them and gave a bright, delighted smile. Kassie exchanged a happy smile with the others.
  • They had not seen any green for days. The land was blanketed in blighted, dry soil, and what grass still held its roots was a sickly yellow color, and dead. The trees had gone grey, and creaked warningly in the wind. There was no sound of animal, nor song of bird. Even now, standing right by the gate of Stonnam, there was nothing of the noise of human voices.
  • He followed her with his eyes as she stood up, stretched lazily, and left the Burger King. Todd sat at the table, vrooming his race car.
  • South Korea's crude imports from Iran stood at 146,069 bpd in the first 10 months of this year, following a two-month halt in August and September, figures from state-run Korea National Oil Corp show.
  • "He's a smart lad," said an hussar standing near Petya. "We gave him something to eat a while ago. He was awfully hungry!"
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