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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Christine smiled and stood up, walked to the front door, and only then stopped and glared at the phone. She did not recognize the voice, cool and lustrous, and infused with subtle harmonies. It didn't sound entirely human. And, how did they know her mail arrived and what had been delivered? A prank call. Perhaps Tabitha played a silly game. Such was her special brand of humor.
  • Humor aside, he did feel like they would make it. He could always make the horses run fast again, but was hesitant because even with magic they could only take so much. But now was the time to actof that there was no question. This was bigger than both of them and he wasnt going to let those he cared about down. He had been kneeling over a bag and stood up much faster then hed intended, so fast it would have just been a blur to the others. Arkin held out a hand.
  • The prince had a list of things to be bought in Smolensk and, walking up and down the room past Alpatych who stood by the door, he gave his instructions.
  • By the time their guests arrived he was onto his third gin and already feeling light-headed. While the three women stayed and chatted in the kitchen the men stood with their backs to the big open fireplace, drinks in hand. They were all around the same age, early fifties, and had been friends since university, where he had met Maureen. Alastair Murray had worked for the council all his life and was some sort of director of strategy in the planning department. His rise had not exactly been meteoric but there was no doubt he was now considered a success.
  • "She will taste as like to this as a crab does to a crab!"—another crabapple. Before Lear can argue, the fool asks: "Canst thou tell why ones nose stands ithe middle ons face…?"
  • Morrigan stands from her chair, pacing across the Cloud Hall. Amy and Morion look at each other, silently reaffirming, both now knowing to a greater degree the origin of Alastor's dark, tainted heart, and the destiny he is caught up in. Morion also finally sees her place in it all, or at least she suspects. Mikha'el laughs lightly as he thinks over Morrigan's tale.
  • It only lasted a moment. Then he was standing . . . standing on a road, and everything around him was gray. The road stretched up a hill, and he was at the bottom. The whiteness was hiding behind the hill, he knew somehow. Maybe because it was calling to him . . . without voice, without words . . . but calling. It started to rise, lifting its beckoning arms over the edge, and he ducked his head, turning away. Liseli was standing behind him on the road, as gray as the world around them.
  • After half an hour, there came a knock at the door. Dale was too busy to pay it any heed, so Aiden opened it and saw Pacian standing outside in the rain, wearing a new cloak. He was looking rather hung-over, and clearly would have preferred to be somewhere warm and dry.
  • "Thanks," was all he said, finishing his written thoughts. He closed the book, then handed it to her. Then he stood and stretched, having been seated for two hours, more people than hed expected. The one he had most hoped to see waited in front of him, with no one to follow.
  • Forgive me for being frank, but I must speak my mind. Cherish your mother while shes still alive, because one day she might not be there. If I were you Id make peace with her as soon as you can. If that means telling her how you feel, then do it. But tread lightly. Dont be too harsh on her for what she did. If you ask me, I think she was brave for taking such steps to secure her happiness. If she stood around waiting for peoples permission, she probably would never have received it.’
  • The flashback stopped and she was standing in front of the very house she lived in with Hartwell and Daniel, at least when Daniel was named Nathanial. Something was telling her at that moment that this wasn't the place she was supposed to be.
  • John knew he was everything she was not. No movement came natural to him. Never mind dancing, he walked and stood and sat like a man with his joints misaligned and in the wrong places. No matter what he did to his hair it pressed flat and parted naturally on the side. Mirrors constantly ambushed with the news that he was just a younger version of his dork of a father.
  • A soft cough behind her caught her attention and she half jumped. The man from the photographs stood a few feet away from her. An ageless face with deep etched lines and a dull-yellow smile. He extended a hand.
  • The pale faces glowed in the candlelight. A small boy right in the middle of the row trembled. I recalled, fleetingly, how terrified I'd feel when I'd be standing there one day, waiting for the test that would determine which deed would be done. They were getting ready to take on the Evil Goblin themselves. An army had been made by our Headmaster and all the old dead professors would go to the ends of the earth to fight this evil man.
  • It was a raging fire that burned through her entire body. Isabella couldnt control it and she didnt want to control it. Bones began to change and move. Her muscles forced themselves into new shapes. She let out a scream that turned into a feline roar of pain combined with pleasure. When she could focus again she was standing on her four legs and she knew that she had changed. She butted her head against Donovan and let out a hiss of pleasure. It felt incredible. She wanted to run and gambol and climb a thousand trees. She wanted to let out a roar of pure delight.
  • "While she stood there, a subtle and ethereal music played on the pipe organ. However, I could discern no players. There blew a fresh draft as if the doors were open. Yet they were obviously closed. The breath of wind was rich to my senses. Much like full blossoming, late summer flowers." His eyes closed and he took another deep breath. He smiled and opened his eyes again.
  • The man diverts his gaze, spots me and veers away from the breaking surf. I play dead, but its no use. He comes straight for me and stands, leering down his prominent nose. A purple scar curves up one cheekbone. Clumps of dried sea foam fleck his beard.
  • "I know it's your dresser. I wanted to see the secret world of Billy Plunkett. Maybe you've got a gun in here, or pornographic pictures, or recordings of our conversations." She swept her hands through and under the four shirts and sweaters, three paperback books and a leather-covered photo album. She picked up the album and paged through it, glancing at family pictures of a couple, she assumed were his parents, of Billy and his sister through the years posed with birthday cakes, Christmas trees, and in front of bushes in bloom. Other strange faces, some very old, were in the album. Billy stood in different clam boats, alone and with various clammers. Several pictures of Tommy Ledge alone and with Billy.
  • Pierre now recognized in his friend a need with which he was only too familiar, to get excited and to have arguments about extraneous matters in order to stifle thoughts that were too oppressive and too intimate. When Prince Meshcherski had left, Prince Andrew took Pierre's arm and asked him into the room that had been assigned him. A bed had been made up there, and some open portmanteaus and trunks stood about. Prince Andrew went to one and took out a small casket, from which he drew a packet wrapped in paper. He did it all silently and very quickly. He stood up and coughed. His face was gloomy and his lips compressed.
  • Even standing beside the great shag, Sazar now feared for his life. He understood the power of this wizard and even the shags physical strength was no match for that kind of magical force. What Sazar did not notice was the shag showed no sign of agitation whatsoever. It stood there with an empty stare simply waiting for the serp to order him onward.
  • And then there was a guy there, tall and tan, with a cruel smirk that stood out from all the other expressions. He held a placard bordered in black and gold. In block letters, my name was written in Sharpie. ‘James Moody.’
  • Peter turned and saw Isaac standing there, the falcon perched on his left arm. In his right hand, Isaac held a bundle of letters.
  • The Duke looked up at the night sky, the stars twinkling like distant camp fires. He felt spooked, no longer sure of the future. What was going to become of him? Obviously some day he was going to wind up dead, but was that what he was worried about? He wondered what the Romans had worried about most; pleasing their gods? They had been a pretty superstitious bunch, if he recalled correctly. Maybe that was the only real difference between them and the modern day, but perhaps it was their pagan beliefs that had given them the strength to accomplish what they had. The Duke almost felt like a Roman himself standing among the ruins, maybe it wasn't so strange that he was here on this location after all. He was just a world traveler, a privileged world citizen like they had been, a new Roman.
  • Roland saw Baibars standing alone on the hill, where the Sultan's tents burned around him. He surveyed the scene, smiling. What happens to us depends on him now.
  • Within the prison were the twelve Taghs that Perticus had created over a decade ago. Monsters that stood over seven feet tall with searing, red eyes forever marked with rage and incoherence. Hidden behind long, black hair that was as tussled and unkempt as the rest of them. Their wide mouths contained large teeth with yellow stains and jagged edges that contrasted sharply against their oily, green skin. They wore only a short, leather loincloth wrapped around the bulk of their waist and the same fabric tied around their massive biceps.
  • He surveyed the land all about him. The steeper hills were closer now, within but a few moments of a brisk delver run. The summit of a nearby hill would provide an excellent view of the land stretching back toward the Lacobian desert. Two small trees stood lazily off to the side, their growth stunted by the rocky terrain and paltry amounts of water. The first tree grew but four paces from the end of the false trail.
  • Across the clearing, Rist still held one hand in the air, fingers stretched to the sky. His other dragged his blade out even slower than Lanyan had armed his crossbow. "Do you know any offensive spells?" he whispered to his right, where Jeralyle stood.
  • Barbara Gray had passed many of the landmarks in her life by simply standing in place and letting people admire her good looks. These people, especially men and lesbians thinking they had a shot, were more than happy to let Barbara pass go even if her work was less than exemplary. The bright fluoride smile, sparkling blue eyes, and the body even a mannequin would be envious of, made the test portion of the interview an unneeded exercise for Training Coordinator Maureen Stewart, who simply stated was a same-sex advocate.
  • "Are you so formal, sir?" asks Lucentio. "Well, I must wait…." And watch withal! For, but I be deceived, our fine musician groweth amorous! He stands and steps aside.
  • She stood before him, holding his gaze with her eyes, and pulled away the heavy, jeweled belt at the waist of her dance sari. She dropped it at his feet, never averting her eyes. Then she made a half turn and twisted her hip gracefully into a voluptuous bulge. The silk clung even tighter to the statuesque curve of her
  • Connor went next and took the three baseballs from the operator and walked away. Everyone began yelling for him to come back, they thought he was stealing the balls until he pivoted and turned around. He now stood three times further back than the yellow line. He took one ball and threw it. You could hear the ball whistling through the air and all you could hear was the loud clang of the ball hitting a bulls eye on the plate. Everyone went speechless again as he did it two more times, proving he knew what he was doing. He walked up with a smile to the prizes again and did the same thing with another prize hidden in his bag.
  • Alek bowed his head in farewell and felt Elena's presence vanish from his mind. As he stood to move back to the camp Loushka's thought came to him.
  • Chainsaw-Boy wondered as a conga line shimmied past him, this seems awfully well prepared for a surprise impromptu celebration. But his fears about his social standing within the group were cut short, as were the celebrations.
  • Count Ilya Rostov, hurried and preoccupied, went about in his soft boots between the dining and drawing rooms, hastily greeting the important and unimportant, all of whom he knew, as if they were all equals, while his eyes occasionally sought out his fine well-set-up young son, resting on him and winking joyfully at him. Young Rostov stood at a window with Dolokhov, whose acquaintance he had lately made and highly valued. The old count came up to them and pressed Dolokhov's hand.
  • While waiting for the young man to take his place on the step Rostopchin stood frowning and rubbing his face with his hand.
  • These were the thoughts that occupied Frances Norwoods mind as she stood in the foreground of an open balcony door, breathing in restorative breaths of air. It was Francess first night at her Aunt Wentworths house, on the outskirts of Bellerive, and as three shimmering candles on a mantelpiece suffused the bed-chamber with a gentle hue of yellow, she briefly contemplated her own mortality. In another moment, however, she discerned the sound of brisk, approaching footsteps, and the rustle of a gown behind her.
  • "Im standing with Reychel," Mark said, walking over to my bed. "Shes right. We have to fight and now is the time. If Ivy marries Kandek, who knows what she will do with that kind of power."
  • She stood there until her heartbeat slowed and most of her anger left. Then she said, "Oh Mother above, as you turn the wheel, the coming new moon is the time of endings and beginnings. I know my mother is now in the Summerland with you, but I will still miss her until it is my turn to join. During this time of sorrow and as I prepare for my own new beginning without my mom, please give me the strength and courage to deal with those who are closed-minded and who only think of themselves."
  • "I'm talking about the darkness," the delver called out joyously. "Look at how the step where Tun stands is visible, but the next is not. Look around you, look for the walls of this mountain. You can't see them."
  • The one-eyed emir stood to greet them, then bowed them to places on the carpet. A mullah, perhaps one of those who had escaped from the Sultan's tower last night, was seated before an open Koran on an ornately carved reading stand.
  • The crowd ran after the Emperor, followed him to the palace, and began to disperse. It was already late, and Petya had not eaten anything and was drenched with perspiration, yet he did not go home but stood with that diminishing, but still considerable, crowd before the palace while the Emperor dined--looking in at the palace windows, expecting he knew not what, and envying alike the notables he saw arriving at the entrance to dine with the Emperor and the court footmen who served at table, glimpses of whom could be seen through the windows.
  • Cheyne moved up behind the man and stood facing his back. "You will have to torture him if youre expecting to gain any information," she said. "And we Morvanians are not a people who are broken easily." She raised her sword and stepped closer to the hostage, digging the edge of the blade into his back.
  • I nudged Ivy with my toe and she pulled the blanket over her head. I crawled over and poked her in the side. She jerked and giggled. With a sigh, and a roll of her eyes, she sat up. I stood up, took her hands in mine, and pulled her to her feet. She changed into a dress quickly too.
  • "Hey! It's me! I know you're there! I wanted to give you something!" the person on the other side of the door said. Oh no. She knew that voice. She dropped the things she was holding and floated over to the door. She stuck her head out, still invisible, and found Kyrin standing there, holding a couple of plastic grocery bags.
  • CHAPTER FORTY-THREEThe Tuesday night quarterfinal game against Rosewood Village brought out the usual West Valley overflow crowd. The cafeteria/television room was also full with about 100 people sitting and another 50 people standing for the last home game of the year. The wounds from the team's second round loss at Rosewood Village the previous year were still fresh in many people's minds. Not only had the team blown an eight-point lead in the fourth quarter, but Mike Stavros and his band of overrated spoiled brats had taunted the team in the closing seconds at their gym. This would be known as the whatever goes around comes around game.
  • Jorden stood a moment and thought to argue. But perhaps there was more to what she said than it appeared. Maybe it was better to go before it was too late.
  • I returned to the machinery room. Head still bowed; I was looking at my feet standing on the metal grates. I straddled one of the pieces and placed my fingers in the gaps of the platform. The grate moved slowly, it was held in the by the pressure of rubber bushings. I held the metal rectangle I had acquired. This thing is beefy. The unexpected weight quickly tired my grip. I set the piece down and looked into the darkness of the void it created. There was a forest of sprawling piping. The neatly packed pipes in the main chamber had exploded into the tangled root system of a wild tree. I lowered myself into the piping jungle.
  • Darkness was falling outside he was finally summoned to his interview. When he stood up he felt light-headed from hunger. A smartly-dressed young woman led him into a smallish boardroom which was almost totally filled by a large and expensive-looking rosewood desk. He squeezed into the proffered seat opposite his two interviewers. A man and a woman both in their early twenties, casually dressed, cool, self-important. They seemed completely at ease in his presence which immediately unnerved him.
  • A great city was besieged, and its inhabitants were called together to consider the best means of protecting it from the enemy. A Bricklayer earnestly recommended bricks as affording the best material for an effective resistance. A Carpenter, with equal enthusiasm, proposed timber as a preferable method of defense. Upon which a Currier stood up and said, "Sirs, I differ from you altogether: there is no material for resistance equal to a covering of hides; and nothing so good as leather."
  • Her suspicions proved true. They stood atop a large hexagonal pillar at the beginning of combat practice and, as soon as the starting buzzer went, Wyatt yelled to Wolfgang and Mammoth to perform the Alpha maneuver. They disappeared into the first three openings in the maze.
  • We stood under the awning and watched the fighting and shouting match still underway. "So, where are you from?" he asked.
  • Kathy got up from her chair and spread her long 510" frame; she pushed the chair in and stood with her feet together, much the way she did every day at religious school growing up. She had trouble talking at first and it seemed that her eyes were burning a hole in the floor. Her mother messaged her back and said to her, "Speak from your heart, Kathleen."
  • The purple-clad giantwho was no giant at all among other grown men and women and some few tall childrenhad been hopping up and down on his good foot and holding the bad, but when he spotted Pence on the warpath he plucked the splinter out of his boot, flicked it spinning into the grass with habile contempt, and put both feet on the ground. Diaphanous green mist spiraled up from the tiny hole in his boot. He wobbled unsteadily, like a man who has been standing too long in the sun, though his head never moved a whisker, for he kept his bottle hidden there and ever balanced.
  • Ellison laughed as he removed a white handkerchief from the pocket of his pocket and gently dabbed his bloody lip as he stood up. It had been some time since he had been struck in anger as a result his adversaries being buried in the bottom of the ocean. In a strange way, he kind of liked it. So, he stood in exactly the same spot he was before and the result was a left hook to the gut and a right cross to the jaw.
  • Looking through the condensed water droplets on the window, she saw two horses. Finnegaff was there, too, placing items into leather saddlebags. She stood up and pulled her hairbrush through her tangled hair. She looked at the brush, now a treasure as much as a necessity. The only item I have from home, she thought. She walked to the open doorway and had been standing there for but a moment when something fast flew right in front of her face.
  • Gil stood up and shook Yumas hand, "You got the job, Broadleaf." They hugged as Gil said, "Thanks for coming back, Yu."
  • That what Rose and Mickey were afraid of happened after all. The TARDIS door swung open and the Doctor's Image menacingly stepped into the control room. Rose, Mickey and Lynne stood petrified; they had no way to turn.
  • Massive waves of fear, embarrassment, and guilt washed over Catrin, freezing her in place. She wanted to flee or scream but could do neither. Instead she stood still as a stone and watched the events unfold, hoping to remain unseen, but it was not to be. The men spotted her and glared.
  • Wayne and I stood over those sticks like our lives depended on it. The outcome was crystal clear within the first minute as the line filled in the most beautiful shade of pink that I had ever seen. I think the girls were so nonchalant about the whole testing thing because their bodies were telling them everything they needed to know.
  • "Oh, Caesar, this Charmian lived but now!" the soldier tells him. "She stood and spake! I found her trimming up the diadem on her dead mistress. Tremblingly she stood, then on the sudden dropped!"
  • "Thats it." Emma stood up, leaned over Lilith and tried the handle. The door didnt open; the compere hadnt released the locks. They were trapped.
  • Holli now relied as heavily upon her own training as she did upon the continuous reports from the delver. With savvy and skill, she zigzagged through the buildings which stood between them and the open fields to the west. She continuously altered the speed of the party, sometimes stopping them for long moments in a narrow alley as a horse-backed rider trotted past. Her skill was rewarded, the ancient wall was now in sight, but with the wall came greater risk.
  • The maldocil translated, and the tarls sang softly one to another for a great while. Nicovar began to feel despair for he could not see how the godlings could be delivered to him. But at length he saw the tarls begin to form a perfect circle round the sunken peak and press their bodies in upon each other. The waters were now so shallow that the tarls could rest their bellies on the seabed and still raise their tails into the air; and they began to beat with their tails, forcing the water away from Attal, stemming back the sea. The waters drained from within the circle until Nicovar could see the grey ooze emerge into the light, and as the sea ran back he gazed in wonder at the huge circle of the many hundred tarls standing like a bulwark against the ocean.
  • "Jacob, bring a bottle!" shouted the host, a tall, handsome fellow who stood in the midst of the group, without a coat, and with his fine linen shirt unfastened in front. "Wait a bit, you fellows.... Here is Petya! Good man!" cried he, addressing Pierre.
  • Beside Fikna stood a glowing brown humanoid being with wings like an eagle. The being wore a loose, one-piece gown made of platinum. A silver scarf woven with brilliant, cornflower blue sapphires hung around the beings neck and blinding sparks of white flame danced behind its head. Despite its hands on Fiknas shoulders in a comforting gesture, a frightful aspect surrounded the being.
  • Rordan snapped his head up and stared in shock. Two bugbears stood on the lawn in front of him. Their large eyes froze him in fear. They went unnoticed by the pupils walking nearby.
  • Catrin left the crumbling plateau behind, her body throbbing with energy, her senses heightened. As the breeze caressed her skin, the hairs on her arms and neck stood up. The roar of the mudslide pounded against her overly sensitive hearing, and she retreated from the din. Followed by Benjin and the others, she headed toward the northern end of the valley. There the mountains turned east and the valley grew wider. With little dry ground, they had to slog through a foul morass. Clinging mud made loud sucking noises as it hung on to their boots, weighing them down.
  • Amelia stood right in front of me. Her long blonde fur was golden in the setting sun; her cat-like green eyes stared back at my own. Josh was next her, his red and grey coat described him in an amazing way, and his baby blue eyes stared at the ground. Next to him stood Shela. Her dark grey coat had streaks of lighter grey and her navy blue eyes stared proudly at the now full moon. Lila nudged her side; her silver grey fur and sapphire eyes matched Alexs dark grey fur and sky blue eyes. Jacob and Iris nudged each other affectionately; theyre matching light grey fur and blue grey eyes matched. Damien stood alone, his silvery black fur with a white face and storm grey eyes stared at the autumn leaves.
  • "Her andironsI had forgot themwere two closed-eye Cupids of silver, each standing on one foot, their brands neatly depending"—burning logs, resting on a grate between.
  • When I walked back into the warehouse they were all there standing in a semi-circle talking quietly. They stopped when they saw me.
  • The grim city was devoid of all greenery; no trees, flowers or grass broke the monotony of brown stone. The mostly windowless buildings stood in ugly rows, unrelieved by any ornamentation save gargoyles and carved runes. Crows perched atop walls and statues, watching the people below with bright, glittering black eyes. Their hoarse cries echoed amongst the monstrous buildings, adding a taint of corruption to the already evil atmosphere. It was fitting that birds of death and carrion would inhabit a city of evil worship, Mirra mused. The ride through the city seemed interminable, but eventually the procession halted before an enormous temple set atop a shallow stepped pyramid.
  • Both were completely still, but in Grahamas' mind he found himself in the same dream he had the night before last. He made his way down the rows of people, he stood on the altar, first facing the Sage, the Goddess and finally the Knight. Then he angled towards the path he just walked, to see Elryia doing it now. The audience stood up to watch her as she glided along, adorning the same white dress, wearing the same lace veil. In his prior dreams, Graham found himself in the middle of a thunderstorm, climbing a tower he had never seen. It was all very cryptic, and incredibly ominous. In that, he found himself almost desperate to wake. This one he was struggling to stay in. It was a situation that he never imagined he would find himself indream or otherwisebut that was before he met her. Now, he could think of nothing else.
  • There's no way she knew, Loi thought. But she looks delighted and stunned. Sabyn gave her hand a light tug, and she straightened up to greet more people. Loi enjoyed meeting everyone, but was captivated by the Lieutenants of the Centaur Cavalry, who stood a place higher than the General Guard Lieutenants, but lower than those in the Griffon Guard. They looked formidable.
  • But Vasant Rao had seen feringhi, when he had stood by the side of Prince Jadar in Agra, when Jesuit fathers had been called to dispute with Muslim mullahs before Arangbar. He had seen their tight, assured faces, and heard their narrow, intolerant views. Could this feringhi be any different?
  • She laughed, took a gulping breath, and stood up, vacating the throne. "Well played, my lord. See that you do not abuse your power."
  • "I tell thee what, AntonioI love thee, andtis my love that speaksthere is a sort of men whose visages do green in mantle like a standing pond, and do a wilful stillness entertain, with purpose to be dressed in an opinion of wisdom, gravity, profound thinkingas if to say, ‘I am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips, let no dog bark!’
  • Wed reached the road when Goronwy suddenly stopped and spun around. I reined in, and then heard what had gained his attention: another sucking sound, louder than when wed stood on the logs. I looked back. It was as if the vehicle were in a tipped up wheel barrow, sliding its cargo even deeper into the marsh. In three heartbeats, the light in the interior was extinguished, and then in a rush, as if a giant mouth had opened beneath it, the chariot disappeared.
  • Adam was talking intimately with a girl that Sam didn't recognize. The girl was really pretty, and standing way too close to Adam.
  • Phase Alternate Line. Television standard embraced and popularised by the BBC (not actually 'developed by the BBC', as previously stated here - see note below), as a more stable (self-correcting) technology than NTSC for handling the colour-carrier TV signal, by inverting its 'phase' on every line as the picture is drawn down the screen, (thanks DH). See also SECAM. In the television context PAL has also been given the alternative ironic meaning Pale and Lifeless (thanks R Blunden), and additionally Paid for Added Luxury, which is a reference to the (then) extra cost of the 'delay line' required to make the PAL receiver work, (thanks Mike). Also, unrelated to TV technology, PAL more generally stands for Price/Availability List.
  • If anyone answered me, it was lost. I was asleep before they could speak. I dreamed of magic and double souls. It was not a good dream. Double souls are toxic to the body and eventually, one soul wins the battle. It isnt always the original soul either. Sometimes, its the interloper. It is forbidden magic. An offense punishable by death. I dreamed of that too. I dreamed of Death, the person. I dreamed that I was sitting on a hill, looking out at the world and Death was standing next to me. He spoke in tones too low for me to hear. I had died. Put to death for forcing a foreign soul into Chirons body. Death had no face, no real features. He appeared to be wearing a hangmans hood. There was a noose around his neck. No black robe, no clothing at all except for the hood. His body was the palest green I had ever seen. He was chanting something to me, over me. I couldnt make out the words.
  • Gee made another feeble move to reach the Princess and somehow free her, but he never stood a chance. The Prince threw him against the White Tree, rushed into him and stabbed the knife fast into his breast, driving it deep and twisting it in like a corkscrew.
  • "Great plan master!" The officers all agreed, even though it was probably the dumbest plan of all time. The screen displayed a hive of activity, the ship had stopped ramming the great steel behemoth and people were standing on the prow and pointing.
  • For a second he looked as though he was struggling to comprehend my words. He stood so still youd think a group of industrious lab technicians had carved a statue in the middle of the lab, though I could tell by his frozen expression his brain was working feverishly. If I thought his face couldnt turn paler or more skeptical, I was wrong. His mouth went all fish-out-of-water, and he visibly gulped before fiddling in his jacket pocket. His cell phone flashed to his ear. I knew what that meant: the FBI would be here soon. I wanted to kick myself for bringing this to his attention before I had researched everything more thoroughly. It seemed like a brilliant idea two minutes ago.
  • "And there I stood amazed for a while, as on a pillory, looking through the lutewhile she did call me rascal fiddler and twangling Jack!—with twenty such vile terms, as if had she studied to misuse me so!"
  • The next morning three quick raps to his tent stake awakened him. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. His throat was sore, he tried swallowing a few times, but it hurt so much he gave up. It was still dark in the tent, he guessed that the sun was either not up, or had just cleared the horizon.He stood and stretched. His posterior and back were still stiff from the two days ride. Hamilcar knew it would take a few more days for his body to acclimate. It was very cool this morning and he shivered slightly. The day would be more saddle and sweat.He would take a dip in the lake with some pumice before they left.The cold water would jolt him awake and refresh his dirty body.
  • I climbed up into the truck and saw Max still standing at the passenger side door. He was looking just as nervous as I felt. Just when I thought he was going to shut it, he nervously added, "Lauren, Im glad youre spending the day with me. In case I forget to tell you tonight when I bring you back, I had a really good time." He closed the door and walked around to the drivers side.
  • "I will accept for now that yer soldiers were not responsible," the griffin said. He craned his neck up and gave a long series of screeches and squawks. Within moments five other griffins were standing next to their spokesman, all eyeing the soldiers with distaste.
  • He stood trembling by the tall stranger, not knowing what to say, not daring to guess and yet half knowing who he was, and suddenly the dragon reached down and lifted him into the air and hugged him to his breast, and he knew then for certain and it was the best moment he had known in his whole life.
  • There were a few houses to the north just outside of what Range considered the town proper, a blacksmith and a small supply shop sat to the east.No one was about, it was cold and nightfall was imminent.They parked the wagon and horses outside the inn and Cortibis stood watch.The inside was like every other inn Range had seen. It had a low ceiling reinforced with thick wooden rafters and smelled earthy like a field after rain. A big warm hearth and a lot of tables tossed about occupied most of the room. A three-piece band played on a small stage.Only a few other patrons sat, drinking and eating. Range and Nicodemus pulled two tables together and everyone took a seat.
  • At length the visitor took her leave, thanking the Swami profusely while holding his two hands warmly in her own two hands. The Swami found this gesture most heartwarming, but puzzled about its incongruity with the burkha conservatism. He offered his vehicle and driver to take the lady wherever she wanted a lift to, but she declined with thanks. She already had a vehicle. As the Swami came out to see her off he saw a shiny vehicle parked on the street, with a tall Nepalese driver standing next to it.
  • A voice came from behind her, "Hi, Annie. Theres someone Id like you to meet." Alfonso stood in the isle with several people.
  • Kirby started to slump down to the floor then, and I got the rest of the way to my feet and started toward him. And got halfway there when another man stood in the doorway.
  • The King was laughing so hard that he couldn't manage to sip his brandy wine, much less pass judgment on the flabbergasted man. The bright red drink spilled from his cup. It went down his chin and stained the white and gold robe at the neck. To those who had witnessed King Rigert's death, it appeared to have happened again, or at least, they hoped so. The king stood angrily and threw his goblet. It smashed against a white and gold banner and the remaining contents of the goblet stained that as well. The stain was shaped like a swooping dragon that completely covered the kingdom's crest. It was an omen; the stain had formed so perfectly, it left no room for doubt. The king, however, was unaware of it. He assumed that the sudden silence of the entire throne room was in anticipation of his judgment.
  • Fishman said that because of a lack of clarity on government tax policies, "people are just standing still and that impacts their capital spending budget."
  • At first he stood still - unwilling to risk disturbing the sand, perhaps covering the coinand looked all around. Then, he tried manoeuvring horizontally just above the surface of the sand, but still without joy. Next he tried floating up to just outside the neck of the container, where he had been when Bb'd dropped the coin into the slot, to see if he could figure out where it would have landed and that was when he heard the laugh.
  • The apartment looked more like a VIP suite at the Ritz, or the Hilton, or one of those other places where I couldn't even afford to stand in the lobby. It was very tastefully furnished. I think it's called "modern"--you know, where they take huge rooms and put hardly any furniture in them, and not because they can't afford to, either. There was a crackling fire blazing in the fireplace, and the far wall had to be at least eighty percent window and looked out over the park. A few tasteful paintings decorously graced the remaining walls, and the odd statuette perched atop stands made for just that purpose. Off to my left I saw a big-screen TV set--at least sixty inches. Finally, something I could relate to.
  • Six months after her escape from the hospital Jasmine was standing in her new apartment unpacking the last box. She looked over towards Sarah, who had hung around long enough to help Jasmine get settled in. "Im going to miss having you around," Jasmine said to her.
  • "Then why did he say 'her' dress?" Graice replied. "No, he was speaking to me but he was seeing someone else in his minda woman in a white dress standing before the walls of Abbelon. This means he's remembered something, a small fragment anyway, without my help, and now I have a clue about what to look for the next time I induce a dream for him. That needs to happen when we reach Lucidus." Sybille wanted to ask more but she saw Ignacio approaching with their breakfast.
  • Then without letting go his husband's hand he stood up amongst us and spoke. Oh, that I could give any idea of the scene. Of that sweet, sweet, good, good man in all the radiant beauty of his youth and animation, with the red scar on his forehead, of which he was conscious, and which we saw with grinding of our teeth, remembering whence and how it came. His loving kindness against our grim hate. His tender faith against all our fears and doubting. And we, knowing that so far as symbols went, he with all his goodness and purity and faith, was outcast from God.
  • I shouted 'I promiseover my shoulder as I ran to the bathroom. I needed to change out of my new outfit and into something more suitable for the weather. My body would be standing outside while my spirit flew around. I wasnt about to risk trying to reunite my spirit with my body through any windowsor walls for that matter. I dressed in five layers of clothes that included thermal underwear, sweat pants, a long sleeved t-shirt and a sweat shirt. I grabbed my jacket too.
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