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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • She stood paralyzed. His hungry stare had turned her to stone, like the gaze of that monster of the bestiary books, the basilisk.
  • Prince Andrew did not reply. The carriage and horses had long since been taken off, onto the farther bank, and reharnessed. The sun had sunk half below the horizon and an evening frost was starring the puddles near the ferry, but Pierre and Andrew, to the astonishment of the footmen, coachmen, and ferrymen, still stood on the raft and talked.
  • The young man is looking down and away, keeping his face in shadow. "Poor Tom, that eats the swimming frog, the toad, the tadpole, the wall-newt in the water! That in the fury of his heart, when the foul fiend rages, eats cow-dung for salads; swallows the old rat and the ditch-dog; drinks the green mantle off the standing pool!—who is whipped from tithing to tithing, and stock-punished, and imprisoned!
  • Tonys face turned from gratitude to concern as he stood up and walked out to the back patio. Dave followed him as quickly as his meatball-saturated body would allow. He confronted the mountain of a man, who only felt comfortable doing things for others. Dave went for the jugular, "I feel that our best chance of success is having you by my side."
  • She hung herself round my neck, her body soft and warm against me. I embraced her and she kissed me long and searchingly on the lips. Our bodies moved to fit together and I felt the stirring in my lower body that had lately been happening. It was almost painful almost pleasant and something I didnt understand. We stood together for a long time like that.
  • He gripped the Sword in his hands and quickly covered it back up. He slowly backed away from the Prince.Ah, Zoe! Was your life for nothing!?The prince stood there with an awestruck look on his face, full of guilt. Rolin and Cortibis entered the room from behind Range.Range unwittingly backed into them.The Sword was his to protect. Damn this prince! What was he doing?
  • He fell to the solid ground as soon as they let him go. He clawed at the sand and gathered a small pile, putting it in his pocket after he stood up. He knew the other two would think it was strange, but he didn't care. He was so thankful that he was no longer above the water that he almost worshipped the ground he stood on. If he made it back across the bridge, he would find a special place for that sand and cherish it forever as a symbol of his victory. He had overcome a great fear--even if he didn't do it willingly.
  • Ray leads us to several empty cabins. He walks up, opens the door, and stands aside so Scott and I can step in. Theyre all new and plush, with stone countertops and stainless steel appliances. We take a quick walk around each one, nodding our heads and offering polite comments: "beautiful," and "oh, nice."
  • Range nodded. He had already packed the holy book of Ooln."I shall take it with me. Thank you again." He stood and left.
  • For her birthday, Pa had bought Ma a ditto machine so she could send newsletters to friends, family, and Dogland's shareholders. In her first, she wrote, "I smashed my pointer finger, right hand, in car door a week ago and am sill having a kickens of a time using it, so please forgive rrrors." I remember Ma's yell of pain, and my dismay: Kids are supposed to suffer; parents are supposed to soothe them. I stood back as Little Bit and Digger ran up beside her.
  • "Hey! It's me! I know you're there! I wanted to give you something!" the person on the other side of the door said. Oh no. She knew that voice. She dropped the things she was holding and floated over to the door. She stuck her head out, still invisible, and found Kyrin standing there, holding a couple of plastic grocery bags.
  • Idimus, for only one second, turned back to look at the fallen lumber in complete shock. When he faced forward, Grahamas had managed to move the twenty feet in that brief moment, laid Estophicles on the ground, and was now standing right in front of him. Neither the King, nor anyone in either group saw him movenot even the second fastest amongst them: Ristalln. In a panic, the King reared back with his sword but a quick hand reached out and locked on his wrist before he could even think about bringing it forward.
  • Muscled soldiers guarded each corner, standing with stately posture. Lucia tried not to stare at them, but she found their sculpted bodies too tempting to ignore. As usual, the soldiers did not look back.
  • They stood in the equatorial sun forever. Mudhead appeared unaffected, but Vanes eyelids were drooping. His shoulders sagged, his back screamed for a break. He was sure hed faint any second.
  • As the candle was lit, she bent back down and placed it in line with the circle. She stood, bowed to the earth and the north and then walked the circle clockwise again, till she came to the eastern facing element, the light blue candle that sat there stood for the element of air. As she did with the north, Caislyn picked the candle up and began chanting. "I invoke the power of the air to enter my circle, I beseech thee"
  • Rose noted the mourners around her, her aunt active in Sessays community. A large turnout, but because Petra sat in a wheelchair, Rose had a seat beside her, right behind Alicia and her kids. The only blood family and if Rose had been alone, her youth might have seen her standing in the back even though she was the deceaseds niece. More cotton heads gathered than Rose had seen in years, her parentsfuneral attended by people of their generation, not quite sixty. Here the average age looked around seventy-five.
  • "Murder! Murder!" Another voice began to chant, from a young man standing near Hawksworth. Then other young men with him took up the cry and began to surge forward. They were fresh-faced, with clean white shirts and trousers, and they awkwardly began to brandish short swords.
  • With the upper windows flung wide now, standing there in a muslin cream skirt and soft sleeveless blouse, she closed her eyes to experience the sun and breathe the scents of summer, to absorb the sounds; of birds, a soft bleat of sheep, and some distant trailing off of male laughter. Arms around her waist, the breeze blew her hair back. She felt the caress from the hem, teasing over the tops of her bare feet.
  • Elven sailors, dressed in furred jackets they have purchased from Perceen, were fumbling helplessly about the deck, pulling on ropes and helping others to their feet. One elf cried out and pointed at another clump of ice and snow, just moments before it hit the dragon-ship; a fresh layer of deck snow was knocked loose and covered all the elves. Most stood right back up and shook off the snow, but it didn't seem to be much use.
  • All the Gathered People stood, their heads tilted back as they looked up to the high dome of the Chambers roof. A mosaic circle, mirroring the one set in the floor, glinted down, a blue star pulsing in its centre. Then heads were lowered and the People quietly filed out of the great room, leaving Emla, standing now, in the middle of the floor.
  • Joe Stammerscalm voice buffeted Hannas grating tone and Summer rang up groceries, setting them in paper bags. Hannah still liked paper bags, but there was no cat litter that day, only sundries. Summer had three bags filled, hoping Hannah would at least be quick enough to set them in her cart. It would take more time if Summer had to lug them around the end of the counter and three people stood behind Hannah, all looking as exasperated as Summer felt.
  • ebastians meandering tour of the old seaside town has brought him back west, and he now stands in the street beside the well trimmed lawn at the front of Countess Olivias mansion, arguing with a fool.
  • "Avery," the man replied without moving. He stood still and watched the sorceress intently. It was obvious that fear began to creep into his mind, but he held his ground and remained standing. He made no attempt to flee. He waited with his feet on the gritty hard surface of broken rock, feeling the desert heat all around him. Only brief waves of cool air flowed into his face from the oasis before him.
  • "This is turning out to be a delightful day," the serp hummed in enjoyment as he stepped up to the building he had previously pointed out. He stepped inside past two other goblins that stood guard at the door. These creatures instinctively backed further off to the sides when the hulking shag tried to enter.
  • "In between worlds," a voice says from just past Jacks view. He looks behind Emma and sees a young couple standing next to the tall autumn trees.
  • She stood and paced while she continued. "My mother grew angry, I could tell by her stance. I ran to her, begging her not to be doing anything foolish. She held me to the ground.That's when she be saying she had a duty.She told me to stay and hide, no matter what be happening. Then she ran down the cliff, screaming incomprehensibly."
  • So tell me, lad,’ Ron says, ‘what dyou reckon on the Long Division?’ The band is taking a break, and Ron is sitting up on the stage with his legs dangling over the edge. Hes still dressed in shorts and thongs and tee-shirt, but he has now added a battered old top hat to his outfit. David is standing on the floor in front of the stage. He looks up at Ron and grins. ‘Long division?’ he says. ‘Thats what a slide-rules for.’
  • The book glowed gold and orange and floated in front of her. Alana reached, trying to catch it, but something or someone blew her away, back to be where she stood with the boxes before the voice came. She ran to the end of the basement, determined to solve this mystery, but, search as hard as she could, she couldn't find the door.
  • Hal swallowed. He peeked out through the tent flap, and gulped. Their menacing pursuers were standing less than ten yards away, looking around uncertainly.
  • By the time Frances rejoined her aunt, her mind was in a state of turmoil. Edwina Ballards offer had come as a complete surprise to her, and as she stood beside Louisa she could think of nothing else. Louisa was understandably eager to hear all the details of Francesstte--ttewith the mistress of Riverview, but Frances didnt quite know what to say. She could scarcely understand it herself. She eventually assured Louisa that the meeting had been of no importance.
  • Donovan grinned in admiration. He didnt know who the woman was, but he was a fan of the age old saying, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ and more importantly, she had guts to spare. She was running from the Whitelaws even though she couldnt possible outpace them, and that was good enough for him. He added his clothing to the hidden cache and covered them even as his flesh began to undulate with the change. His body elongated and fur sprouted. Bones creaked with rearrangement. A moment later an enormous black jaguar stood on the crest of the hill. It moved fluidly through pine and shrubbery. His ears perked as the howls of the wolves came closer. Already the weres were through the fences and had almost reached the sprinting woman. Donovan began to lope in long stretching strides that would enable him to reach the woman at the same time as the wolves.
  • He reached his car, fished out his keys and stood by the door jangling them. Beads of sweat rolled down his ribs beneath his loose shirt. He shoved the keys back into his pocket and pulled out a quarter, adding thirty minutes to the meter.
  • "Whew... whew... whew!" he whistled just audibly as he rode into the yard. His face expressed the relief of relaxed strain felt by a man who means to rest after a ceremony. He drew his left foot out of the stirrup and, lurching with his whole body and puckering his face with the effort, raised it with difficulty onto the saddle, leaned on his knee, groaned, and slipped down into the arms of the Cossacks and adjutants who stood ready to assist him.
  • "Perspective is one of the strongest dictators of self. How we perceive ourselves is paramount; though this is considered a trite argument to make, it is nevertheless true. Does that mean that we cannot combat our current state, or in some way lessen or increase our standing in the world by merely changing our perspective of ourselves? Perhaps."
  • "Your father, a man of the last century, evidently stands above our contemporaries who so condemn this measure which merely reestablishes natural justice."
  • "And now he's doing it to the kids, isn't he?" Alice was silent, struggling to stay upright. "Isn't he? Doesn't he yell at the kids all the time? Doesn't he punish them for the least little thing? He'll never change. And I stood by while he treated everyone this exact same way. But things have changed, and I'm going to do something about it. Real soon now."
  • I awoke in the night, my own hollow cry echoing behind me. Gasping. The what and where of it all standing upon my crackling skull. My left hand was numb, pinned beneath my knee, right hand dangled across the other, top most knee. Knees bent tightly up against my torso. No. No, no- I released my grip. The humiliation of it- to be seen like that? Something was wrong, a tortured misery writhed inside me, a lost, lonely wail bubbling and straining for release, but even in what I now recognize to have been a fevered, infected and deeply troubled state, I could not release my cry in this dark and foreign place. Unlike the infant I then resembled, inhibition ruled my world.
  • The gray one stood up straight and turned his helmeted head half way in the direction of the Hibbrian, not deigning to actually look at the man. Had the Hibbrian dared to look upon the face of the gray man, he would have seen pale skin, dark eyes, a hooked nose, thin lips, and a short black beard trimmed to a sharp point. But the man in brown and green did not have the courage to look; instead, he flinched and averted his eyes.
  • It was a long struggle to the other side, when they made it, they crawled out and back onto the land, rushing away out of view and back towards the jagged rocks of Kaldus, eventuallyhopefullyinto the open scenery of Doren Valley. They were tired and weary, but an hour was spent on a relentless run before they felt safe enough even to take a breath. All others took a moment to rest, except Lanyan who turned his eyes towards Grahamlooking skeptical and slightly angry. Samsun and Elryia came to the side of Graham, while the other companions stood behind Lanyan, a few of them wearing his same expression.
  • They were all out of sight at this point, but I heard a sound that possibly came from a human, though it sounded terrible. It was low, guttural, and came from a voice that was seemed to be only partly functional. I saw the younger man fly back and slam into a grave stone. It looked like he slammed into it pretty hard, but he was standing up again by the time the two monsters caught up with him again. (Monster is a good word, right? I didnt want to believe that monsters existed, but from what I could tell there wasnt really a more appropriate word.) I watched as he slashed into them with the knife. Every slash he made into their skin made a sizzling sound and smoke come from the wound, but it didnt slow the monsters down at all.
  • Reaching Jamess room, she heard tears, saw a priest standing near the nursesstation. Had they been too late? She stepped in; Kells father was dead. Scanning the room, she saw his wife, their children. No grandchildren, nor the Son of God.
  • Eyeing me wearily, Jessie put down the fork with which she had been worrying a plate of lasagna. She stood up and loosened the zipper on her slacks as if to advertise that she was ten weeks along. "You sound bitter," she said. "Maybe you should get some counseling like your doctor advised."
  • Dan stands with Rhea on the sidewalk, half a block from the College Avenue Bridge. Its blocked by an ambulance, a fire truck and two police cars. A crowd gathers. Nothing and no one is allowed to cross, not even pedestrians.
  • He stared at the piece, held in place by a Breath that was slowly seeping the life from his newest slave. More correctly, he stared at where the piece should have been. The lava stone he had chosen to represent his new daughter did not even show on the upper 'Az disc. He refused to believe it. As things stood now, his daughter would not survive the encounter.
  • She stood a moment longer and then there was a sound like far-away thunder. A second later, a little wind. On its heels, a bigger wind, icy cold and then hot as the oven when you open the door, nearly blowing her off her feet. It smelled like something dead or something deadly. She ran as fast as she could across the street, pounding hell for leather to her front door. Just as she reached for it, there was a much louder thunderclap, one that lifted her off her feet and tossed her into the air, spinning her around. As she spun around and around, she saw the brave red dome of the cine disintegrate, crumble to a million shards that began to rain down on the street. Then the boom dropped her hard on the pavement and she saw no more.
  • Memories danced around in Fiknas head. "That day stands supreme as the most humiliating moment of the voyage for me. As I recall, my thoughts were frozen with anger. I couldnt think straight and an overwhelming cold seeped into my body. That was when the Skipper approached and offered me a chance to assist with the boat."
  • The guards stopped in a bright, sun-warmed room with a domed quartz roof and grey-streaked white marble walls. Formal gardens, where clipped hedges lined stone paths and flowering trees shaded beds of bright flowers, were visible between a convex row of fluted marble pillars. A velvet-covered couch and a low, glass-topped table furnished it, and white roses twined a trellis outside, filling the air with sweet scent. Two shaven-pated servants, clad in blue and yellow livery, stood like statues in shallow alcoves at the back of the room, their hands folded and faces blank. Yusan beckoned to one, who broke his immobile stance to hurry over and bow. From the servant's demeanour, Talsy deduced that Yusan was a high-ranking noble.
  • Sprawled out before him is a bright, shining city, encased in a high and beautiful wall. The wall is made of a white stone inlaid with veins of gold and blue metals forming intricate patterns that shimmer in their own light. Before the two men, at the end of the road they stand on, stands a massive pair of gates, solid and shining like a polished shield. Heimdal leads Alastor down the hill toward the gate, the city becoming lost behind the walls. Guarding the gate are two men, each wearing white, hooded tunics. They both wield golden-bladed scythes, crossed before the gates.
  • When Pa arrived, Francine was eating her second stack of French toast. Seth and James stood up from the table, both saying something like, "Thanks for the coffee, Mis' Nix, that was sure nice, we'll go find Ethorne and get right to work now, Mist' Nix, sir."
  • He stood up and peered at the sky. The sun had fallen below the tree line and twilight spread in its wake. Rordan decided not to be caught in a wild forest at night with three witches about. He adjusted his hose, then walked back to camp.
  • The terrified witches tried hard but had to admit defeat in the end. A finding spell was tried, but only succeeded in finding a mountain of lost pencils, keys, odd socks and teaspoons. Quite a bit of lost weight (causing much distress) one lost cat and one witch's lost virginity. Since everything that had been found, so far, had been lost in the vicinity of the community centre where they were standing (also used as a slimming club as you will have realized) this caused some curious looks. Then they found the bottle, which created some excitement for a few minutes until Tamar explained, before they gave it up.
  • The outburst caught Stephen off guard. He stood stupefied as Lauren stood nearly doubled over, wailing with frustration and fear.
  • When Catrin pulled herself from her bedroll, all but Benjin still slept. Their shelter blocked much of the morning light, and the air was still cool in the shadows. Benjin stood at the southern opening of the crevasse, his silhouette standing out in stark contrast to the bright landscape beyond. Catrin padded silently to his side and put her arms around him. He gave a start at her touch, and she knew he must have been in deep thought since he was usually impossible to sneak up on.
  • With his fingers no longer armored, he grabbed the letter, stood and turned to head back out. Grahamas lifted the torch with one hand and tugged the parchment open with the other. Half thinking it was Tallvas, half thinking it was a ransom note, he pulled it close to the fire to read what was written.
  • Everywhere on the bank, on the dam, and in the pond, there was healthy, white, muscular flesh. The officer, Timokhin, with his red little nose, standing on the dam wiping himself with a towel, felt confused at seeing the prince, but made up his mind to address him nevertheless.
  • "We need a vehicle to take us to Madras," he muttered. I looked all around there were many trucks standing in rows on the highway. Morning gave its first yawn. The eastern sky was fading up. We could spot sleepy men, with water filled bottles or tumbrels in hand, crossing highway and slip behind the bushes. The calmness of the morning was piercing, as we hadn't slept since last night. Body was cursing me for far stretching its limits to endure.
  • They stepped through the wall and it closed behind them. Light emanated from an unseen source.They stood in front of a small door. Lazerek opened it.
  • The castle had no road leading up to it, no long draw bridge or gaping mouth; it had just one tiny doorten feet widewith a little piece of land before it. The rest of the castle was surrounded by a massive moat, the water almost as black as the stones that made up Kaldus. It was murky and bleak, winding all the way around the castleeven under the spiky mountain Kaldus was built against. It was a long way from the edge of the shore they were standing on and entirely clear, nothing to protect someone who opted a frontal invasion and again she sighed, wondering how anyone would get passed.
  • What lay ahead in this smoky burned up place would be a struggle to get down to the bottom floor. As the men stood back and rubbed their eyes from the thickness of the smoke and their coughing, it allowed us to slip by. We saw the way out as the fire roared to the upper floors. This whole place would come down pretty soon.
  • "What do you wish to know, High Komrada?" Aztok asked the two of those three who were present and he looked around and noticed who was missing but made no comment. If Komraden Zulla, Overlord of the first triskaidek, chose to be absent then a question by someone of Aztok's standing was inappropriate.
  • "Brothers feet are larger, but Marks impressions are heavier. Brother never leaves tracks unless he forces himself to do so. He has to think about it. Its always perplexes me that a person his size does these things." She said standing up. "Any other tests you want to give me?"
  • "What youve described is the very arrangement the Portugals have in India now." Hawksworth tried to appear attentive, but he couldnt keep his eyes off Maggie, who stood behind Spencer wearing a triumphant smile. "And theyve got plenty of cannon and sail to make sure their trades exclusive."
  • Within ten minutes the square was full of the smell of cooking pork and people were queuing up for a prime slice. Wine began to flow, meat was passed round and gradually the actual killing slipped into the past. It must have been about half an hour later when the butcher appeared with the lamb. He brought it out onto the square, with a bucket and a large knife. He stood over it, one leg on either side, and gently stroked the blade up and down its throat. It didn't flinch or make a sound, but stood there calmly, trustingly, looking from side to side. The butcher continued to stroke the blade up and down, up and down, staring out into the crowd of people who, with pork in hand, were to witness the killing. Somehow it all seemed a little perverse, sacrificial even, as the only man there with the balls to kill his own meat stared at us and death hovered over the unwitting lamb. Pointed end in the throat, a cut, a shudder, and hold the trembling creature over the bucket, blood spewing, spasms weakening until only a carcass remains.
  • The loss of men during their flight from the Godfist left Kenward severely shorthanded, but clear skies, fair winds, and calm seas were a boon to the crew and made their work a bit easier. Catrin, her hair cut short, stood alongside Kenward at the stern, both watching the ship that trailed them.
  • Two other applicants stood in the large circle in the middle of the room.They were both standing leisurely, facing the Praeceptors.As he stepped down he noticed the chamber had an odd odor.He could not place it, but the air seemed to be fresh.
  • Sounded like they understood what was happening, anyway. Whatever. The upshot was that I had been standing for too many hours at work, and bending over too often. I needed to stay off my feet and thus away from work for a while. As if I had a choice now.
  • If Peter was confident in his garrison before, he had an utter faith in them now. They snapped to their spots around the castle, ready to defend everything the castle stood for until their last drop of breath. They held their bows and quivers of arrows as if they were the mens own children. Their swords were securely sheathed to their sides. The men assembled on the wall were forewarned of a possible barrage of arrows, so they hid behind the crenellation that lined the curtain wall, the decorative stone patterns being their only guard against the arrow tips. The crenellation was a godsendthe gaps in the decorations being just wide enough for the garrison to squeeze their bows and arrows through. No wonder when the castle was built so many years before, Peters father needed a license from the king to build the crenellation.
  • A demon was waiting for him there. But this was no ordinary demon: this one had no curving rams horns or bullish face or yellow cats eyes. This ones eyes were a pale, pale blue, almost white, and quite like a humans. It stood eight feet tall and came cloaked, its hood pulled back off its head, its clawed hands clasped deferentially over its broad and armored midsection. Its near-human face, black as the Audience Chamber itself, seemed to consume the daylight totally, so that its strong features seemed impenetrable, almost statuelike.
  • They lined up on the verge, three streams of urine pattering onto the wet grass. Petras unlocked a hatch on the truck body revealing a gas bottle and two-ring gas burner. He filled an italian expresso pot and set it on the flame while Paul stood gazing around himself.
  • We must all think on this,’ said Emla. ‘Consider what it can possibly meanto Tika, to Mim, to the Dragons, and to ourselves. I will hear your views tomorrow. I think we will discuss it no more tonightit will only blur the issue. Kemti has given us the facts, and it is these facts I would have you think on.’ Emla stood up, drawing the gold threaded shawl she wore close around her narrow shoulders. ‘I had intended to speak with Mim and Tika tomorrow. I will delay until I have your thoughts on Kemtis discovery, and on exactly how much you feel these children should be told.’
  • Noss stood with one foot on the edge of the boat, leaning with one arm over the rear of the cabin. He spoke with the two people who had passed the group on the trail earlier. The bulldog rested on the pier beside the stocky, withdrawn teenager.
  • She snorted. "I have an unfair advantage. I have changed much since our last meeting while you have remained the same. This was the House of Mahanam then, and now it is the House of Tsarin. I am the Precinct Kaedith now and Mahanam has left in the service of the greater consciousness beyond." She paused, shook her head, then stood and walked to the nearest shelving, her palm upon the assorted volumes that congregated there. "This will not be easy for you to accept, Jorden Miles, for you are away from familiar surrounds, but I can offer you your heart's desire and the fulfilment of dreams."
  • Rommus looked in his father's eyes for a moment, half impressed with his unwavering faith and half saddened by his blind devotion. He had no idea what the truth was, and yet here he was, standing tall, certain that his way was the only way. It was going to hurt him to find out that things were not as he thought and that his son was now a god. Rommus didn't say anything but walked down the row of columns, looking for the portal to Brinn. When he found it, what he saw made his eyes go wide and his stomach drop. He ran into the glowing portal, hoping that the others sensed his alarm and followed him.
  • Menenius blanches. "’Tis Aufidius!—who, hearing of the banishment, again thrusts forth into the world his hornswhich were inhibited when our Martius stood for Rome, and durst not once peep out!"
  • Alexander and Napoleon, with the long train of their suites, approached the right flank of the Preobrazhensk battalion and came straight up to the crowd standing there. The crowd unexpectedly found itself so close to the Emperors that Rostov, standing in the front row, was afraid he might be recognized.
  • With a sigh, he moved through the dark corridors known to only a few and made his way to the banquet hall. standing behind scarlet curtains with gilded trim, he hid, hoping no one would remember he existed. Once he had been brash and proud, but now all he wanted was to be left alone, to be forgotten.
  • "Sibyl? Oh, she was so shy and so gentle. There is something of a child about her. Her eyes opened wide in exquisite wonder when I told her what I thought of her performance, and she seemed quite unconscious of her power. I think we were both rather nervous. The old Jew stood grinning at the doorway of the dusty greenroom, making elaborate speeches about us both, while we stood looking at each other like children. He would insist on calling me 'My Lord,' so I had to assure Sibyl that I was not anything of the kind. She said quite simply to me, 'You look more like a prince. I must call you Prince Charming.'"
  • The first person to approach Bruce as he made his way to his locker was Kelly Rogers. Their relationship had apparently stood the test of time, as she walked right up and planted a big kiss on his lips. He froze at first, because it had been 20 years since their relationship ended rather abruptly. He returned the kiss and then stepped back and attempted to reassess the situationthoughts of being blindsided and having his heart broken on the last day of school flooding back into Bruces mind. Kelly was going away to college in New England and didnt want to carry any excess Meadow Brook baggage with her. He realized she had shattered any image of relationship normalcy in the moment she chose to move on. Marriage eventually happened and then divorce was inevitable, but now Bruce had a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again.
  • I had just stood there, still feeling sick. Hating Brenda. Feeling like we couldnt be the same species. There was no way. To act with that kind of animal rage. Whod maim another person like that. Not just defend herself, but cripple, kill, just because she could.
  • A woman named Julie greeted us, and we only knew her name because she wore a sizable name-tag on her left breast pocket. Her name was also memorable because she looked a lot like Julie McCoy from the TV show The Love Boat. She led us over to a group of six people standing by the large barbecue pit that had been dug in the sand. There were a group of men in the distance that were stacking wood together for the bonfire, which was scheduled to take place at nightfall.
  • "As for her own person, it beggared all description! She did lie in her pavilioncloth-of-gold on tissueoer-picturing thatVenuswhere we see Fancy outwork Nature! On each side of her stood pretty, dimpled boys, like smiling Cupids, with divers-coloured fans whose wind did seem to glow the delicate cheeks which they did cool, and what they did undid!"
  • I tried hard to push away the heavy curtain of mist looming about me. I wanted desperately to know if I was dead. But it was Krishnan, who stood beside me and kept on patting. I detested his touch. I, in vehemence, shoved him away, I abused him, and I wanted to hit him...
  • The three of them stood close and looked at each other. Their appearances were of being translucent blue nymph like creatures with quite beautiful transparent blue wings. However they no longer had the six legs of an insect but instead arms, hands and legs like humans, they even had to breathe like humans. Pearl was the largest and tallest; next there was Louie and Lulu the smallest. Apart from this they were difficult to tell apart.
  • "Unless you plan to stop me, I advise you to get out of my way," Bane said, ignoring the uniformed pike men who stood on either side of the road, pikes grounded on the cobbles. The knight looked at his companions for help, but his horse shied from the demon steed, effectively removing him as an obstacle. The massive gates, however, remained closed, and the demon steed halted before them. The knight forced his horse closer to Bane.
  • Seth noticed Gregore coming their way too, "get rid of him, Caislyn. We need to keep moving, standing still in this place too long will be a danger to us."
  • The Navy version is described as "a five-pointed bronze star, tipped with trefoils containing a crown of laurel and oak. In the center is Minerva, personifying the United States, standing with left hand resting of fasces and right hand holding a shield blazoned with the shield from the coat of arms of the United States. She repulses Discord, represented by snakes. The medal is suspended from the flukes of an anchor." It is made of solid red brass, oxidized and buffed.
  • Thousands of human beings, squinting in the light, walked the long wooden ramps angling down out of open portals in the shipsbellies to broad and barren docks. They were herded roughly along by other human beings, armored and armed, standing guard on both sides of them, or winging above them as seagulls. Some of the guards had thin black whips; those among the human cargo who lagged behind, or who cried too loudly, clutching their little ones, or who collapsed from illness or hunger or neglect on their long voyage here met the snapping crack of them. The sound rent the air in random staccato bursts, followed by high screams cutting across grunts of commanding rage.
  • "Ready," Chance yelled to Nigel sitting on the small rear deck with a pipe in his fist. He stood and looked up and down the canal, before giving them the go ahead. Colin jumped back on board and disappeared into the stall. Hed better be cleaning the place, Chance thought, and not be stealing a quick nap. He couldnt understand Colin. The boy was a street urchin, picked up from the riverfront in London, no family or prospects, but so lazy... risking his secure position here on the Hardcastle Rose piloted by Niles Turnbuttle through the rivers and canals. Colin had been ransomed from a workhouse his uncle sold him into. Now he was indentured to Mr. Charles Robson who owned the Hardcastle Rose and five more boats besides.
  • "A good portion of the structure is under water at the moment, so you couldnt get the full impact on your way in, Max, but this place is big. Seen up close, right from the base, it just hung there in the sky, massive and craggy, all these towers and battlements and hulking escarpments holding who the hell knew what kind of nastiness. Black stone, and gray, scarcely a touch of color in the whole place, except for some lichens and some singed-looking moss on the walls. And absolutely silent, not a sound, the kind of quiet you hear in the forest when some serious creature has just chased most everything out and anybodys whos left is just holding their breath and trying not to move, hoping the thing doesnt notice them and goes away. But every test I ran, even standing next to it, was negative. As far as I could tell, the castle had never been near a spell in its life.
  • Ma's lips tightened, and she nodded. The windows and walls were thick with grime. Digger stood beside Ma, resting his head on her leg. She picked him up in both arms and whispered, "It'll be fine." He put his head on her shoulder and immediately went to sleep.
  • Max looked dazed as he stood in the middle of the putting green with a smirk on his face and the twopeacefingers of his right hand aloft.
  • Mappel stood leaning upon his long staff. His eyes focused on nothing in particular. Long drawn out silence hung in the room like a giant tapestry. He became as still as a statue. If not for the slow relaxed breaths or the blinking of an eye, Ryson would have thought him carved of stone and painted to appear life-like.
  • There was grace in the merlins and there was grace in Eadie too. Edward stood back to look from the straining speed of the birds to the straining of Eadies slim body as she craned to see them.
  • I stood next to Gil, feeling anxious, while waiting for our first customer. My eyes drifted to our neighboring traders: a young man boasting dyed cloth, a wizened old woman with a huge variety of fresh spring vegetables, and a squirrelly looking man selling jewelry and foreign coins. The man selling cloth tempted market goers with long scarlet scarves gently floating from his hands. I wished I could have one. I had never seen anything so bright and perfect.
  • I stood there and scanned the lot, staring down some poor guy standing just inside the glassed-in lobby of the Holiday Inn, who was probably just waiting for a cab.
  • Even the common uneducated audience of the pit and gallery lost their interest in the play. They got restless, and began to talk loudly and to whistle. The Jew manager, who was standing at the back of the dress-circle, stamped and swore with rage. The only person unmoved was the girl herself.
  • At that moment, babbling in this other language, another guy crowded in. The women's attention shifted to the new arrival. Vahan stood this time, with effort, shook the new guy's hand and they kissed each other's cheeks. The man then leaned down and kissed the cheeks of each of the women.
  • Honestly, I couldn't even register what I yelled. I was so angry. All the bottled words and thoughts from the last agonizing week rushed out of me. I didn't know what he roared back. All I could hear was a strange rushing sound. The two of us stood about a foot apart, our faces red as we screamed at each other.
  • Even in California, the most generous state among the countrys 12 largest, psychiatric compensation stands out, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Last year, 93 California psychiatrists made more than $300,000, a level matched by only 12 in the other states, according to the data.
  • A group of four such men, clad in chain mail, were standing near the back door to the manor, and seemed to be comforting one of their number. Curious, Aiden walked down to see what was going on, and to find out if the men he was essentially going to be leading into this fight were actually up to the challenge.
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