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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Danny unscrews the cap. "Pissing away," he says and tips the bottle. I can't stop him. I chuck the beer bottle. I have it by the neck and mean to send it spinning up into the air and over the parapet. I swear that's all I was thinking, but my coordination's shot. The bottle hits Danny in the head. He's standing on the parapet, leaning out a bit to pour the vodka into the void. I can still see the look on his face when the bottle hits his head. The moment of shock. Then he's gone. They say it was quick. Broken neck, smashed skull, busted up inside.
  • A bright room lined with bookshelves appeared around her. Tapestries depicting forest scenes and rich velvet hangings graced the walls between the shelves. Finely woven carpets covered marble mosaic floors, and gilt furniture stood in intricately carved splendour. A man in a blue velvet jacket trimmed with gold thread and white fur looked up from the papers on his desk and glared at her. The gold circlet on his brow told her that he was a king, and his pointed black beard told her which one. Marshon, King of Daslar, pride of the southern continent.
  • Marta blocked my way to the back. I stood in front of her with my arms full of paperwork and a bag of money from the safe.
  • Now he stands in a slight dip in the middle of the park. He can take any direction, it makes absolutely no difference. He finishes off the whisky and laughs quietly to himself. I used to be afraid of getting lost. But how can you be lost if it doesnt matter where you are or where you are going? If I go forwards or backwards, if I manage to reach these points of light that surround me or not? He pictures the cellar door with its brand new padlock, the clumsily laid planks like a corpse under the carpet, and smiles. And to think that I was afraid of getting lost!
  • The disruption spell falls apart all at once. Like a generator powering up, the illusion builds itself anew bit by bit. She stands taller again. Her figure becomes more slender around the waist, accentuating her hips and full breasts. The black spandex fills out. The opera gloves with tiny spikes lining the stitching pull taunt over her arms. The lines on her face smooth out. Her hair is once again blonde and luxurious.
  • "Were not gonna spend another night in this creepy old farmhouse, little girl. Well find a much nicer place for tonightsomeplace with a couple of bedsand a radio, tooeverythings gonna be fine…" I promised her as I stretched and stood up.
  • Rhimaldez pressed this time, using the butt of the pole and aiming for Graham's ribcage. Graham saw his opportunity, using his right hand to pull the spear to his left side and passed his chest as he stepped to the right. Rhimaldez had put too much force into the blow and lost his footing. Graham moved to the side of him, now lined up with his shoulder as he turned his sword inward raising his hand and bringing the blunt end of the handle down on top of Rhimaldez's head. Graham had raised the sword and was preparing to do it a second time, but Rhimaldez fell to the ground, laying on the pole of his spearbreathing, but seemingly unconscious. Graham stood shocked for a moment. He didn't think a light blow like that would have toppled a warrior such as Rhimaldez, seeing as he was cross-bred with an animal that bashed its head into things as a sign of dominance.
  • Examining only those expressions of the will of historical persons which, as commands, were related to events, historians have assumed that the events depended on those commands. But examining the events themselves and the connection in which the historical persons stood to the people, we have found that they and their orders were dependent on events. The incontestable proof of this deduction is that, however many commands were issued, the event does not take place unless there are other causes for it, but as soon as an event occurs--be it what it may--then out of all the continually expressed wishes of different people some will always be found which by their meaning and their time of utterance are related as commands to the events.
  • "Ahoy thar!" Clavis called from nearby, interrupting their train of thought as he stood right at the outer edge of their light, holding something in his right hand. "I found me King's axe!" he roared, holding the shining weapon above his head in triumph. "I'm freezing me arse off, but I've other good news tooI found that breach ya thought might be there, Aiden, and it's a beautiful sight! Leads up into an old lake, mostly drained now 'o course, but I felt a breeze on me face... say, what the hell happened to ya, people?" Clavis had obviously been outside of hearing range, because there was no other way he could have not heard the roar from that serpent.
  • "If you are armed to do as sworn to do, subscribe to your deep oathand keep it, too!" He stands beside a delicate, white-painted writing desk brought out here for the ceremony; a goose-quill pen, stirred by a zephyr, wavers in the heavy, square bottle of ink.
  • Laurie stood in front of Mom like she was in front of the class, weaving a tale full of buzzwords while Mom looked for holes. Just like defending her doctoral thesis would have been. As if - Laurie never finished high school, and made six figures. Tax free. Who needed grad school?
  • A laugh escaped her throat. The sound was throaty and deep, nothing like the muffled giggles wed shared as girls. Had anything about Ivy been real all those years? My heart broke into a million pieces. I had to separate my best friend from the woman standing before me. Trying to reconcile them as the same person was tearing me in two.
  • "My eyes, my lord, can look as swiftly as yours!—you saw the mistress, I beheld the maid; you loved, and I loved in the intermission! No more pertains to you, my lord, than to me: your fortune stood upon the casket there, and so did mine, too, as the matter falls.
  • 'Oh good grief no,' replied Bb, standing stiffly as she hugged him, not at all sure how to react to the unfamiliar sensations. 'I'mabsolutelyfine.'
  • The dancer got off him, spilled his coke into his lap, and left abruptly. The manager came up as he was trying to wipe himself off with a cocktail napkin. Rick was too jolted by aching desire to speak. The man offered a bar rag and suggested that he tip the girl extra for the embarrassment. Rick peeled of twenty bucks, and another twenty, and twenty for the manager, then a fifty what the hell, and another fifty, and then the manager stopped glaring and said he'd see the girl got her tip. The man stood by while Rick got up to leave, because he was feeling a little lightheaded, and thought he might as well go home and get out of his wet things. He was too stunned to get the girl fired or threaten to sue the club. "Who's the girl on stage?" he asked as the guy opened the door and hailed him a cab. He chanted Roxy Roxy Roxy all the way home.
  • A horse drawn carriage stood waiting at the gates of Elharan; a small elegant black stagecoach decorated with silver trim. On the doors and the horseshalters was the same design as on Pillari and Curruns dagger sheaths. Liseli finally asked if the symbol had any special significance.
  • "I fear so," she said, laughing, as she stood up. "A thousand pardons, my dear Lady Ruxton," she added, "I didn't see you hadn't finished your cigarette."
  • Alex was ecstatic when the bell finally rang for the end of remedial math. He packed up his belongings and shoved them beneath his arm as he rushed out of the room and past other students as he headed toward the glass hallway. There, leaning against the glass, was Kate, her smile spread widely across her face as she nodded to Alex. Together, they walked into the cafeteria. They stood silently in line, got their food, and sat at the same corner-table, far away from all the other students.
  • "I think I remember Lady Magmilan telling you never to lay a hand on me again," I pointed out. Then Steven came and stood behind me.
  • Professor Toms stood outside of Eibhlin's door, his arms crossed, his face red. "Young lady, we're waiting for you downstairs. Please bring Colin's notes with you."
  • The Roman is stunned. "The boy disdains me!—he leaves me, scorns me! Briefly die their joys who place them on the truth of girls and boys!" And then he is surprised to see the page burst into tears. "Why stands he so perplexed?"
  • In Connels north side within a large elegant home, Chal stumbled into his masters quarters. He moved hesitantly to the serp standing near a window that faced west. Chal stole a quick glimpse out that window and could only see the fading red and orange of a brilliant sunset as the sun dropped below the peaks of the vast western mountain ranges.
  • The most notable change was that it was suddenly a bright and sunny day, and there was a gentle breeze to replace the cyclonic winds of the Domain. It all seemed very ordinary... That was until Jorden began to look a little closer. It was then he noticed that he was standing in the middle of a large, but fortunately long deserted village, a village which had been abandoned earlier in the year when another entity had wandered in from the Domain of Hura Ghiana. In fact he was standing in what had once been their hall of meeting, or perhaps on their hall of meeting was a better description.
  • Beyond the edge of the camp stood the cluster of berry bushes of Airk had discovered the previous night. Joff lay on his side, trying to catch his breath without making any noise. He had counted fourteen goblin warriors in the group that had captured Eduard and the others. Fourteen armed and armored goblins, plus whatever number guarded their camp while those were away plus any goblin women who might be feeling angry when an armed man rushed into their camp and started killing the men. The odds would have been nearly impossible for a healthy man. Joff knew that he might as well commit suicide for all the chance he had of making it out alive or of helping his companions.
  • In July, she had stood in that room with her father. Now he came to see her on the ward at least once during her four-day shift, significant in that Dr. Louis Souza was a prominent physician, his name carrying weight, respect. That he set foot in Ward 5B noted acceptance. Marthe looked to her parentswedding picture, finding a man proud of his heritage, in love with his wife. One of those remained, but Marthes mother now stood for little.
  • Phase Alternate Line. Television standard embraced and popularised by the BBC (not actually 'developed by the BBC', as previously stated here - see note below), as a more stable (self-correcting) technology than NTSC for handling the colour-carrier TV signal, by inverting its 'phase' on every line as the picture is drawn down the screen, (thanks DH). See also SECAM. In the television context PAL has also been given the alternative ironic meaning Pale and Lifeless (thanks R Blunden), and additionally Paid for Added Luxury, which is a reference to the (then) extra cost of the 'delay line' required to make the PAL receiver work, (thanks Mike). Also, unrelated to TV technology, PAL more generally stands for Price/Availability List.
  • "The one with the heavy black beard standing by that gate. His name is Studoe, and Rispoli bought several waybeasts from him."
  • It was a finely crafted silver Longbow that she asked Connor to create for her a few years ago. Kara sat the end of the bow down and the tip of the bow remained strung with a black string and it stood as tall as her shoulder when the base touched the floor. She reached in the box again, bringing out a quiver of arrows along with a leather hip holster.
  • Trem frowned, then winced as the skin on his brow pulled tight. ‘It was the Lady Tika I called Sir. The Golden Lady told me to call her in an emergency, as she was the most powerful far speaker or listener. It felt as if she was standing right beside me Sir. Then I was hit on the head.’ He indicated the dark lump on his forehead. ‘I was unconscious for several hours Sir. I know no more than that.’
  • "Let's keep moving," he said. I stood still and he had to either tug me again or let go of my hand. He let go and sighed dramatically. "Stop being difficult. If you're not back at Temple soon, they'll be suspicious of you and it won't be safe there anymore."
  • "Forgive me, Mister. He's an old friend of mine and my advisor for the games." She stood up for the poor boy, not truly knowing if he was the one they wanted or not.
  • "This is your final test," I said, standing in front of my three trainees, Stephen, Trent and Megan, in the back warehouse. They werent all going to be in my department, but they were assigned to me for their sales floor training.
  • A breeze lightly touched Hawksworths cheek, and he turned to see a servant standing behind him, banishing the occasional fly with a large whisk fashioned from stiff horsehair attached to a long stick. Another servant stood opposite, politely but unnecessarily cooling him with a large fan made of red leather stretched over a frame.
  • David stands back a little to get a better look. ‘Just what I need,’ he says. ‘Thatd go very nicely on the wall over my mattress.’
  • Jaxon stood in the doorway facing Seth with her hands crossed, a victorious smile adorning her face. "You can't come in unless you're invited."
  • Lulu carefully picked up the other one and held them both together. They were so tiny yet they had the most perfect little yellow and black stripes. Louie and Pearl stood back and watched.
  • As you come closer to Mather's table, you're glad you were chosen. You barely notice the boys there. Your eyes are on the woman standing across the table from Mr. Mather. She's pretty, young, slender, green-eyed, red-haired, and as tall as you. You decide you could sit at the head's table for every meal. Given his age, she could be his great-great-great granddaughter. But as you come near, you know she's not a nef or a worshipper.
  • Then suddenly she heard a footstep outside the door, and she jerked away from the river. She stared in shock as she saw Russ standing in the doorway. Hed followed her. He had followed her all the way from the Burger House. There he was, in her Mill! Liseli was struck dumb. The Mill wasnt a place just anyone could stroll up to! Oh yes it is . . . .
  • The uniformed men standing at attention around the perimeter of theDiwan-i-Am all blanched but their eyes remained fixed straight ahead. Then Arangbar suddenly remembered Hawksworth.
  • The one-eyed emir stood to greet them, then bowed them to places on the carpet. A mullah, perhaps one of those who had escaped from the Sultan's tower last night, was seated before an open Koran on an ornately carved reading stand.
  • The Mameluke's right eye was dead, the lids crossed by a vertical scar. His other eye was a gray-blue that glittered in the light of the oil lamps beside the divan. The face was flat, the cheekbones jutting. His skin was dark brown. A long mustache of coarse red hair bracketed the lipless mouth. If the one-eyed man stood up, Roland knew, he would be tall.
  • Both surrendered, showing their bellies. I stopped, and they stood up and bowed. The rest of the wolves who could move did the same. And in a few minutes I was surrounded by wolves, bowing. One by one, they straightened and howled. I joined them. Our voices united and slithered through the woods, as a snake would squirm through a hole.
  • At onset of night the fires roared up, and meat and broth were preparedRalff ordering Rob to serve us. That man showed his usual sullen mood, and I asked, "Don't you fear him, too, after he helpedor at least stood bywith the slaughter of Poll?"
  • Rordan gathered up the empty plates and bottles. He walked past his standing guests and through the hall. In the kitchen, his folks had left a lit candle on the central table. Rordan left the plates in the washtub for his father and the bottles in the donation bin.
  • They both stood looking at the other for several seconds. One not wanting the evening to end the other wanting the evening to end for reasons she knew she would never be able to explain.
  • "Let us advance and make ready," Telamon called to the other lairds. The drivers of the five chariots urged the horses forward at a walk. Each laird took up a javelin and stood in a stern, meaningful pose. The advisors followed on their horses. Joff wished he had something useful to do. His only role now was to stand on the sidelines, quietly supporting the future king with whatever authority a disabled rogue scholar could wield.
  • Next morning Tika awoke first to see bright light within the cave. She stood up from beside Farns still sleeping body, her blanket cape crumpling to her feet. A layer of snow, two fingerwidths deep, lay on the outside world. Picking up the cape and wrapping it around herself she went to look out over the Gathering Place. The sky was a brittle blue, the rising sun a feverish red.
  • I couldnt bear to just obey him. Yet, I looked at my baby Anna, still sleeping, and didnt dare disobey. She lay quiet and desperately beautiful, a hostage to my good behavior. Not knowing what else to do, I stood and walked past him to the bed.
  • Foreign exchange reserves fell by nearly $450 million to $15 billion in November, indicating that the Central Bank was still spending heavily to bolster the pound. The reserves stood at about $36 billion before the anti-Mubarak uprising.
  • "Line up all of you. We need to talk." She stood in front of us, hands on her hips, looking irate. We stood shoulder to shoulder. I moved to the far end.
  • "Im going to church tonight and it looks like my boyfriends standing me up. You wanna come? Maybe hell be there, Frank. You can tell him about your book."
  • There was enough light for me to see where to put my feet. It seemed as if we walked for miles until we came to a fissure in the cave wall, just like dozens of others we had passed. The king slid into it and pulled me through into a huge, palely-lit cave. It was raw cave, with a ledge around the walls that was about the right height for a bench. I couldn't see where the light came from. Several men stood to attention as we passed, raining seawater, and me sneezing and shivering, although it was warm. The king, his guards (the two big sealsthey were even huger men, and wore cutlasses in their belts) and I whizzed down numerous levelslights blinked as we descendedand stepped into another guardroom. The soldiers were immaculate in their murky blue-green uniforms. The officers had loads of silver braid.
  • A ring of ten-foot tall white marble dolmens stood next to the lake, joined together by the blocks of dressed stone that rested across them. Bane rode over to it and dismounted, and Mirra caught up as he walked into the middle of the ring, his eyes on the huge altar stone there. Its surface was chipped and pitted with age, worn from years of use by the ancient priests who had once worshipped here.
  • The six against five advantage was shaky at best for the hunters and protectors, because the blood that was flowing through Hartwell and Belindas veins gave the vampires the decided momentum. Hartwell stood by proudly as Max was doing battle with Thaddeus and Garrison. The young vampire had ended his time as a beach ball and was now doing his impersonation of steam-roller, pulling a page out of his son Samuels playbook of being able to impersonate just about anything. The vision of a young Samuel playing with a truck came into Maxwells head and before he knew it, he was bulldozing his older counterparts.
  • Someone in her earpiece caught her attention. She looked up from the angel and pressed a finger to her ear. I followed her gaze. My eyes met with none other than Jeffs, who stood at the far side of the Fishbowl. When Jeff realized I was looking his direction, his eyes burned into mine. Behind the sunglasses was that familiar blaze. Sinister somehow.
  • As he stood by the grill, Heineken in hand, his eyes kept drifting to the edge of the yard. Every breeze, every rustle of bush by bird or a squirrel caused his eyes to dart into the trees, silhouetted by the skys remnant glow.
  • The courtyard was a confused jumble of packing cases and household goods. Servants were everywhere, wrapping and crating rolled carpets, bolsters, furniture, vases, and womens clothing. Elephants stood near the back of the courtyard, howdahs on their backs, waiting to be loaded. Goods would be transferred to barks for the trip downriver to the bar, where they would be loaded aboard a waiting Portuguese frigate.
  • At midnight dancing was still going on. Helene, not having a suitable partner, herself offered to dance the mazurka with Boris. They were the third couple. Boris, coolly looking at Helene's dazzling bare shoulders which emerged from a dark, gold-embroidered, gauze gown, talked to her of old acquaintances and at the same time, unaware of it himself and unnoticed by others, never for an instant ceased to observe the Emperor who was in the same room. The Emperor was not dancing, he stood in the doorway, stopping now one pair and now another with gracious words which he alone knew how to utter.
  • The senseless wrath continued to eat away at my vengeance-filled mental picture. I stood frozen like a statue. I was terrified of what I would do to my sisters best friend and some guy I barely knew if I moved even slightly in their direction. I desperately needed an outletsome way to dispel the insane fury that didnt involve a bloodbath or homicide.
  • Blake followed the young hippie over to the tree, tire swing hanging from a limb. "Go on up, man, looks like you could use some good sex and drugs yourself," the kid said, then wandered away, joining others of his kind who were also wandering or just standing around in small groups, talking, enjoying the warm summer's day, some naked and painting their bodies. Blake grabbed a low branch and started climbing the tree, which was easy enough especially with the boards nailed for footholds, and pulled himself up onto a flat platform. In a corner several naked sleeping bodies were entwined, of both sexes, and it was hard to tell whose limbs belonged to who until someone in the middle of the pile stirred, an older man whose ski nose and jowls, despite the longer hair, sideburns, and several days growth of beard, were still unmistakable.
  • "As your love, isnt it customary to cross the threshold with you in my arms?" Her mind said youre taking things too far, but her body had other ideas and held him closer. Taking that as aYesConnor walked her inside the new home. He sat her down in the old style kitchen with a few new modern conveniences. As she stood and walked to the refrigerator Connor turned on the lights.
  • She blessed herself with a shaking hand, keeping up the appearance of confession for the watching guards, and stood up. Roland turned his head away, gazing fixedly into the shadows of the chapel.
  • I stood frozen for a second. Should I go after her? I would never be able to catch her. She was running as fast as the first horse. I whistled, trying to sound like Max, but she gave no hesitation. I could hear breathing, not like that of a human but of something much larger. Not turning my back on the site that Mischief had just bolted from, I started walking backward toward the fire. I willed my eyes to adjust to the near pitch black to see if I could make out any kind of a form.
  • "Like all stories, the tale of Thomas the Rhymer became distorted through the ages. It was Aine that brought me to Summerland, but the Sidhe are a...promiscuous race. I soon found my attentions divided between Aine and Lhiannan. It was Lhiannan who made me the bard that I am, who taught me the ways of power. She had the gift of inspiration, and whoever it was that she loved burned bright with it. As my talents and my fame grew, so too did my standing with the Sidhe. The Queen came to see me as more than just a dalliance, but as a status symbol. She became jealous of Lhiannan, and plotted to send her as envoy to the vampire lord. Vampires have no scruples, and he took Lhiannan her first night in his enclave. Perhaps it is because she is Faerie that the demon failed to win control.
  • Her shoulders were bare, minus the back of the veil that hung behind them. The dress she adorned was sewn into two pieces. The first a tight, silk fabric that wrapped around her torso. The top hem fell two inches from her collarbone an inch wide, looping lace. Beneath it a white bustier that curved over her hips and laced in behind her back. It attached to a skirt that held tight to her form, right before the knees then shaped into a free flowing white gown over her feet. Her hands clutched a bouquet of white flowers as she flowed down the aisle, all standing to watch as she made her way to the altar, handing the flowers to Merial, and standing opposite Grahamas, who undoubtedly had a tear in his eye.
  • Vera headed for the office area. She set her handbag down on the desk and began looking through papers. I stood there staring at her for a beat, hoping to catch her eye. Hoping she would see that I expected her to help out at the other register.
  • She closed the drawer and it locked with a click. The Skipper regarded him and stood up. "No. The peryah who ran this boat was probably an actual steersman. I liked the style and maintained it."
  • Leanne sighed, then stood and took a place next to me on the sofa. She looked extremely comfortable, and I wondered if maybe her end of the antique had all the padding. It was probably just one of those vampire things.
  • This Madame Thenardier was a sandy-complexioned woman, thin and angular-- the type of the soldier's wife in all its unpleasantness; and what was odd, with a languishing air, which she owed to her perusal of romances. She was a simpering, but masculine creature. Old romances produce that effect when rubbed against the imagination of cook-shop woman. She was still young; she was barely thirty. If this crouching woman had stood upright, her lofty stature and her frame of a perambulating colossus suitable for fairs, might have frightened the traveller at the outset, troubled her confidence, and disturbed what caused what we have to relate to vanish. A person who is seated instead of standing erect--destinies hang upon such a thing as that.
  • Mors swings his serrated sword at Eoin, but Mors' movements are sluggish in comparison to that of the Knight. Gawain watches them fight, slowly walking toward them unnoticed. The Samaelites become disjointed, forgetting not only about the King, but the battle around them all together, standing in a daze.
  • As she drifted to sleep, slowly relaxing her limbs and falling away from reality, her mind swirled with pictures, sounds, smells, and feelings. The feeling of Russs cheek giving way to her hand as his head snapped to the side. His stubble tickling her face as they kissed. Eliashas laughing eyes. A bird flying from tree to tree. Smoke from the fire. Arlic walking down the stairs. Hallas hands; red, but soft. The water rushing by, cold and sharp. Russ falling to the ground, unconscious. Martilia stirring the oatmeal. Her feet on the ground, one hill after another. The Child standing on the opposite bank. Its eyes were on her. She could feel them. Even now.
  • Quite so,’ said Rhaki kindly. ‘Return to your work. You, Verim, stay.’ The officer stood stiffly beside Rhaki as the four soldiers hurried on up the passageway.
  • The days and nights were exhausting, but the crews found a rhythm and began to operate almost efficiently. One day, Kenward returned from the Slippery Eel for a surprise inspection. After scrutinizing every part of the Stealthy Shark, he called for all hands on deck, and the crew gathered quickly. Bryn stood nearest to Kenward, waiting for the verdict. The ship had been under his command, and it appeared he would take this evaluation as a reflection on himself.
  • He stands alone, exhausted and despairing. As for me, my ransoms death, on either side. I came to spend my breathwhich Ill neither keep here nor bear away again, but end by some meansfor Imogen.
  • Oh, Mercy! I am sure I have forgotten something!’ Louisa Wentworth declared, as she stood by the drawing room window on the evening of the New Years Ball. ‘If only I knew what it was!’
  • `There's still some hot water for a shower if you want one,' Connie called. He caught her conciliatory tone and assented, remembering, as that bitch had put it, that he stank. Connie was standing at the door of the children's bedroom, a bundle of Ethna's pants in her hand.
  • Cammie, without any prompting, sprang back to life. She kicked one of the guys standing directly in front of her, putting the tip of her very pointy shoe squarely between his legs. The strategy seemed to work and she repeated it, driving her fist into the crotch of the guy behind her. Cammie broke free.
  • Before the Swami had time to do anything the monster - staying in his crouched position - joined his palms and started to make sounds that sounded like an animals growling. But the Swami recognized the underlying word: AmidaAmidaAmida... His eyes were the only thing that still had a human quality, and there was now in them a sad supplication. The Swami understood, and stood up straight and raised his right hand in blessing. At that moment, he realized that even if his stratagem worked and the monster stood up with him, the Swami was still blocking the Lieutenant's line of fire. No sooner did he realize this than the monster stood up with incredible speed, and in that same motion, drew his sword. The Swami knew that in a split second the sword was going to cut him in half - diagonally through his torso. It was his fault. The Lieutenant had reminded him not block the line of fire. His adventure had ended. He closed his eyes and prepared for the feel of the sword on his left shoulder.
  • Jian stood before him, actually looking slightly nervous himself, which was most definitely unusual for the wizard. "Theres no sense working yourself into a jumble of nerves; we will hear King Mithwells thoughts on the matter soon enough."
  • "Nice to meet you. What can I do for you?" he asked getting out of the car and standing to face him. Mahesh was a thin small Indian, who seemed eager to help.
  • The doors to the dining hall suddenly burst open, startling everyone but the unflappable royal wizard. Avilla recognized the man standing there as Colvin Laros, the captain of the kings royal guard, and the expression on his face sent a bolt of fear through her.
  • Drat and I dragged the guards into the cell and locked them in--by the way, trolls are remarkably heavy for their size. He tossed me the keys and I liberated Charlie. There was no way that Drat could reach high enough to free the ogre; it had taken three of them standing on each other's shoulders just to chain him up in the first place, which is a rather hilarious story in itself. Remind me to tell you about it sometime.
  • 'Well, come along then. Let's get going,' the ant repeated, standing aside to let them enter the lift. 'So, where can I take you?'
  • Ben pushed the button beside the door and then settled in for a wait. He knew Aka and his household moved at a pace less hurried than the average Australian suburban family. A full minute later the huge timber door swung open slowly and a stunningly beautiful and extremely petite Japanese girl stood before him. He assumed it was a child but as she spoke and he had time to take in her body shape and facial features, he realised it was a woman.
  • Once the six had traveled through and climbed up, Javal was waiting patiently for them, seemingly able to predict the group in only a short time. There he sat, at the head of the massive table Merial had once drank him under, now covered from end-to-end with fruits, nuts, bowls of eggs and platters stocked with strips of boar's meat. "My friends!" He hollered, standing from his seat to wave them over, refusing to take it until they were all comfortable. "Morning ta ya! I trust ya slept well!"
  • "He knows his limits and hes smart enough not to endanger those around him," Coursa said calmly as she stood over Jain. "Because of him were on the verge of finding the greatest treasure since . . . since . . ." she waved her hands in a vague gesture.
  • Lips pressed tight, she shot to her feet to remind him rude it was, to call him a bore again. Her mouth closed before the words formed however, and standing at the corner post, she merely gazed down him.
  • In ten minutes time, standing in front of the skeptical griffins, Sarah teleported the pack into her arms, then toppled forward. It must have weighed over seventy pounds. Luckily, there was a ring of soldiers standing around her, all waiting to grab the pack the moment it appeared.
  • While Gordon always acted like nothing bothered him, and Cindy always held on tightly to her sense of injustice and the many examples that called for revenge, and Rick aggressively rooted out whatever stood in his way, Judy tended to fold up defensively and numb herself to the injury and wait for the bad things to stop by themselves.
  • Pierre dressed hastily and ran out to the porch. Outside all was bright, fresh, dewy, and cheerful. The sun, just bursting forth from behind a cloud that had concealed it, was shining, with rays still half broken by the clouds, over the roofs of the street opposite, on the dew-besprinkled dust of the road, on the walls of the houses, on the windows, the fence, and on Pierre's horses standing before the hut. The roar of guns sounded more distinct outside. An adjutant accompanied by a Cossack passed by at a sharp trot.
  • And sure enough, Coriath stood outside, surrounded by a mob of servants who were already pampering him. Coriath looked as good as ever, if not better. His right wing was still undersized, but Trevor liked to think that it had grown stronger in the past few days.
  • Fenrir stood in the middle of the plastic. His body began to move in strange ways. I was right, this was going to be horrific and scar me for life. I could hear the bones snapping, the skin tearing. Flesh gave way, fur moved into its place. It wasnt pretty. It wasnt what I had imagined. There was goo dripping onto the plastic. Fenrirs jaw was locked tight to keep sound from escaping, but his eyes screamed.
  • "Nice plan, Brandon." I stood up and shook her hand and she gave me a great big bear hug. I checked to see if my bones were still in tact and then said, "Go getem, Fred."
  • For one of the few times in his life, the delver lost track of both his surroundings and of time. No pressing desire to explore the land tempted his spirit. He simply stood with the algors crying, exhausting his grief. He held nothing back, he released it all.
  • When she went into her bedroom she caught her breath. In the bathroom she had been nervous, wondering if all this was real, but now the sight of him, standing naked, made her forget herself and she smiled, looking him up and down.
  • Max was standing nearby looking the shrine over with a professional eye, but from a prudent distance. "What did you think was going to happen?" Max said. "Its an active offering to an active god, looks like the Protector of Nature. Whoever set it up obviously had the concept a little vague, since they mutilated a tree to do it instead of just honoring something green in its natural state, but I guess the Protector wasnt being too picky that day either, or maybe she was just hungry. Youre just lucky it didnt call an enforcer."
  • Elena stood frozen.The Duke was almost to her,the energy still filling his outstretched hand. Her husband had come to save her--he was not dead!-- then her mother had killed him. Her own mother had betrayed her.
  • Heavy breathing and the pounding of his hooves grew closer, but just before she thought Curly would trample her, he stopped. When Catrin opened her eyes, he stood before her, eyeing her with one eye; the other stared off to her right. He snorted and nudged her with his broad head, and only then did she recall the ear of corn she held at her side. As she extended it to him, he grabbed it greedily from her hand. He shoved his ear into her hand as he chewed, nearly knocking her over. She scratched behind his ear, and he leaned into her, groaning with pleasure.
  • I paused at one portrait. It was of a young boy with blue black hair and stunning blue eyes, an older man with lighter blue eyes and brown hair clasping his shoulder. Both wore formal wear but genuine smiles graced their faces. Yakov stood beside me and smiled at the portrait.
  • In the middle of the melee, Tommy spotted the watch thief standing across the street, looking highly entertained. Tommy lurched to his feet and tried to go after the youth but with one leg tangled in the pot and pan cart, he only succeeded in dragging the entire mess further out into traffic. Hopping on one foot, he tumbled across the street and rolled free of the mass of tangled metal. He took a few good licks to the face from various participants in the brawl before he was able to extricate himself.
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