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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Baibars's expression did not change, but there was a subtle shift in his posture as he stood over the Sultan. Roland sensed rage controlled by great inner discipline. He remembered with a chill the prayer that had been repeated in churches throughout Christendom for the past several years: "From the fury of the Tartar, good Lord deliver us."
  • As he hung from the net the Dynamite exploded on the on the floor below him. The imaginary crowd that was watching had sat completely silent on the edge of their chairs, but now they were all standing and cheering, the roar would've been deafening. But Harvey's whoop of joy that it is was over and he was still alive, would've been heard even above the roar.
  • A rush of pleasure filled Billy. Ledge was the first person to see his sculpture. He had done dozens of birds and fish. Good pieces, but his portrait of Ledge and the full figure of Patsy, his ex-wife, standing on the table in the corner of the bedroom, were works of art. Ledge's stunned reaction told him how good the sculpture was. The work was as alive to him as to Billy. He wanted Ledge to examine the statue of Patsy without him urging him on. He wanted his friend to turn to her figure to say, Billy I never imagined you were so good. Maybe so great an artist.
  • Lady Godalming stood up. 'I can be of some use here,’ she said. 'I shall wire to my people to have horses and carriages where they will be most convenient.'
  • Jax mumbled a quick thank you to Caislyn before flipping to the beginning of the book and looking through the sketches Caislyn had done. She quickly flipped through the pages, disappointed at only seeing four sketches and the last one didn't even look finished. She turned back to the first page again, needing to see the details of what had happened to her. It was a bit surreal to stare at a moment of time in her life, frozen in the charcoal and graphite on a page, especially when that moment had come and gone so quickly in her own eyes. Jaxon jumped back as the images on the page finally started making sense and she saw Rick standing there wide-eyed and so realistic she thought he might walk off the page and attack her again. 'That can't happen,' she thought to herself, 'I took his head, he won't be coming back this time.'
  • She stood in the middle of the room, spread her arms out, feet apart, and readied herself. She extended herself into the essence of the building, rooted herself in its foundation, spread her senses into its wires and outlets. She probed back into the building's memories. She knew that buildings can't remember events, of course. She had no better way of wording what she was doing though. She'd found that if she became one with a location, she could essentially remember things that had happened there.
  • Now and again, through the black mass of drifting cloud, came a straggling ray of moonlight which lit up the expanse and showed me that I was at the edge of a dense mass of cypress and yew trees. As the snow had ceased to fall, I walked out from the shelter and began to investigate more closely. It appeared to me that, amongst so many old foundations as I had passed, there might be still standing a house in which, though in ruins, I could find some sort of shelter for a while. As I skirted the edge of the copse, I found that a low wall encircled it, and following this I presently found an opening. Here the cypresses formed an alley leading up to a square mass of some kind of building. Just as I caught sight of this, however, the drifting clouds obscured the moon, and I passed up the path in darkness. The wind must have grown colder, for I felt myself shiver as I walked; but there was hope of shelter, and I groped my way blindly on.
  • And the talkative Dolgorukov, turning now to Boris, now to Prince Andrew, told how Bonaparte wishing to test Markov, our ambassador, purposely dropped a handkerchief in front of him and stood looking at Markov, probably expecting Markov to pick it up for him, and how Markov immediately dropped his own beside it and picked it up without touching Bonaparte's.
  • By that point, I was around some new kind of bend. I was fully prepared to stomp over to her and demand her respect. My rational mind thankfully, resumed functioning before I stood up. What was going to say to her, anyway? "You will respect me, whoever you are??" Thats the mental ravings of a true psychotic. Those words would likely land me in a straitjacket.
  • "It doesnt need justifying beyond me standing here as I am. I have not been affected by the goblins taking over this town. If anything, Ive benefited from it."
  • For a few moments I stood in a trance. Nothing entered my senseless head. Moments dripped from the future in present and finally got absorbed in the huge ocean of past.
  • We caught up with Ada at the end of our beauty session and she had us try the gowns on. After hearing how much I liked green she had chosen a shade she thought matched my eyes, and I stood with my eyes wide while she adjusted it.
  • The Mex came out, followed by a man that stood at least three inches over six feet. And who didn't weigh over a hundred and twenty pounds. Just skin and bone. Mac looked him over and said: "Hagh! Boney Seitz, hunh?"
  • "See how belief may suffer from foul show," says Gower, walking toward the tomb. "Thus borrowed passion stands for true-held woe.
  • He made himself a weak coffee and took it through to the sitting room. The bird table was still alive with chaffinches and blue tits feeding on the scraps he had put out earlier. He stood and watched them enviously for several minutes. He was just about to sit down when he noticed something beyond the skeletal branches of the apple tree that turned his insides to ice.
  • "No Sir. Its purely my own conjecture that he may be an Indian. You know, I see them come by from time to time on the odd Saturdays when I am working and the Museum is open to the public. Their long dark hair and dark skin always stands out from the pale mothers with their equally pale kids who come to listen to yours and Dr. Bells lectures. But what always gives the Indians away from the common folk is the smell of campfire Sir. They always have this strong smell of campfire Sir, like they been out all night boiling down maple syrup or something."
  • The four of us stood there for the next few minutes, studying Gregs face and hoping to see some sign of movement. I thought one of us should have been doing something instead of just standing around, but didnt know what else any of us could do without moving him and potentially making things worse.
  • Bane strode towards the house, and the demon steed stood like a burning statue where he left it. Mirra hobbled after him, the grass cool under her bleeding feet, her fresh bruises aching. As he approached the dwelling, a man stepped out to confront him. Pure white hair and whiskers framed a gnarled countenance with a hooked nose and sunken eyes. A flowing blue robe picked out with intricate silver designs hung from bony shoulders, pinched at the waist by a white belt. The man's knobbly hands gripped a carved staff some six feet tall, which he used to aid his shuffling steps as he moved towards Bane, into an open area next to the lake's black beach.
  • These scenes went on and on. I couldnt describe them all. Let me tell you just a few, where Time in my own life, as if to make way for them, stood still. Sometimes they made me smile. I was really getting to know Edward.
  • Seth stood silently looking down at the guard with his eyes blazing green and his fangs at full length. He was counting on the guard's pain to catch the attention of the demon inside. It seemed as good a plan as any he had come up with thus far. Giving Ve a taste of pain would put the demon in a much better mood, and make it easier to strike a deal with him. It wasn't long before Ve stood beside Seth gazing down at his employee.
  • Finnegaff knew better than to toy with a woman who was in a mood that, as best as he could recall, was practiced only by large, wounded carnivores. He stood silent for a long moment. Mia lowered Dielielle. "I have no idea," he said. "Ive never seen anything like that!" he said. "I'm sure that it's not of Saa or Essaa. It's probably some kind of natural thing, but I've never even heard of anything like this!" Through the discussion, the others in Mia's Stand couldn't help but notice the authoritative manner in which Mia had presented herself, though Mia herself did not. They were getting a glimpse of the wizardly authority that someday would emerge from their petite friend.
  • Jack managed to pull the snowmobile to a stop a bare three inches from the edge of the cliff. They both got off the snowmobile and stood up. They patted each others backs, knocking the snow off of their clothing and revealing just how long theyd been traveling.
  • "Godson!" The sight chilled him, revived his memories of Sanctum's bowels. Shadow trees - the name was perfect in description. Silhouettes of dead gnarled trees, black as tar and as lifeless as ashes, thirsted for life in the darkness of an alleyway. The cluster blanketed the width of the street. They spread like oozing sludge. They grew before his eyes. Small shoots of new branches groped for the darkness. He shivered. Thankfully, none had yet reached full size. The tallest was not yet above his own height, but even at this stunted dimension, they stood like breeders of corruption.
  • "I dropped a shoulder into a shot that went low and fell to the ground. That, coupled with the serious-looking blows I'd seemingly suffered, should have been more than enough to convince the crowd. He stood over me and I made ready to submit, but there was something wrong. He raised his sword up in what was clear to be a kill blow. I reacted instinctively with a counter. Unfortunately, a warrior that size fully committed to a swing is not easily stopped, even if he wishes it. As a result a sword point to the chest meant as a warning became a blade through the heart."
  • "Sara, calm down." Margret said gently as she came around the car. Margret stood next to her and took the bottle, her movements slow and cautious. Tears streamed from Saras eyes as Margret pulled her into a hug. "Im a monster," she whimpered into the womans shoulder.
  • The unanticipated darkness startles her, for only now does she realize that the room has no windows. Laying down, she stares at the ceiling, or what she thinks is the ceiling. The pitch blackness is so deep she fears for a moment that she has actually gone blind. Morion wishes the darkness away, like it was something that could be commanded. It is then that she takes notice of small specks of light forming before her eyes. Fearing insanity or worse, she closes her eyes and opens them again. The lights remain, their number increasing. They brighten and shimmer, bathing the bedroom in pale blue light. It strikes Morion that the lights are in fact real; part of the ceiling. She stands on the bed, running her fingers over the lights, feeling only the smooth stone of the ceiling. She falls back onto the bed.
  • At the other end of the roof, it stood almost 8ft tall. Its white skin, snaked with red, was half in shadow, half in moonlight.
  • Peering cautiously around the end, she saw three men in flight suits crouched behind a tractor. A flight suited man stood and fired off a burst at one of Max's thugs as he came in the side door. The thug jerked and fell to the floor. Then someplace quite close another shot was fired and another of the men behind a tractor pitched forward. The flight suited man turned and fired a burst in her direction. Several of the bullets torn through the duct, barely missing her, and then she heard a weapon clatter to the ground.
  • Rich Singleton glanced at her, surprised, his song cutting off mid-note. Sara, Melodys black lab, lifted her head, then rose with a yawn and padded happily to her. Melody patted her head, incredulous. Saras tail wagged contentedly as Melody stared back at the man in the living room, who had stood and was now smiling joyously at her.
  • They both stopped arguing and stood there speechless for a minute. Then, they laughed and hugged each other. The battle was overwinnerEmber.
  • The torturer stood motionless for a moment before turning stiffly to half-hand, half-throw the document toward Groot. "Thank you," said Groot. "The candle is over there on the floor, if you dont mind?"
  • 'Look I can take her home.' Max had decided to step in before things turned too ugly. Gladys was right on that accountBrittany Cavendish sure could make a scene. I mean, for Christ's sake, cut her some slack, the girl was virtually standing in a lake by now.
  • The heat became too much to bear and he stood up out of the water in a daze. Rordan leaned against a wall and recovered his thoughts. Steam rose from his body and the wetness of the bath mingled with sweat from his skin. He lifted the wooden plug and watched the water drain away.
  • I swung around and looked and I didn't blame him. It was more than I expected to see. MacIntosh was holding the door open, standing inside the room and looking mean.
  • Bianca collides with a tiny figure standing in the corridor. She tries to pass but a petite soul latches onto her wrists. Recognition snatches her out of her trance.
  • Her face beamed under the lace, and she cast a smile to the other three standing around the Champion, then faced him. Both his hands raised and his fingers wrapped around the veil, lifting it gently from her flawless features. With a wink from him, a smile from her, both faced the Goddess. When they were situated, Lornya began speaking, but as hard as Grahamas tried, he could not understand a word of it. It came out as only whispers spoken too quickly for him to decipher in his state.
  • He could tell immediately that she was a vampireshe had that peculiar scent which smelled rather like dirt and old thingsso he stood and offered her his hand. "Good evening, Mrs. Stanley."
  • The mook did not give him a chance to finish. He sliced the comic book in half with the sharp, spooky looking machete that he had carried with him from the cockpit and made an evil face at Jim Stalin. This was the final straw for Stalin as he stood up and bared his pearly white perfect teeth at the mook.
  • "That is true sir, I am their leader, and if sacrificing my mailbox is what needs to be done to fight this audit, then consider it done." He stood up saluted, and turned around running out of the humongous office screaming. "You can send me junk mail, but you can never take my freedom…"
  • It was a beautiful, clear night, still warm after midnight. Lara was confident no cops were lay in wait so she was pushing her jeep for all it was worth. James stood in front seat. The wind blew in his hair. His life was on the edge of a knife. Things got no better this...
  • Swann stood rigid, braced hard against a stack of coffers, all too aware of the doubts and unknowns in this potential fiasco. A woman laughed softlyLeeAnn. He thought, If you knew what I know, girl, you'd be sobbing instead.
  • There was a woman standing over me. I cranked open my eyes, squinted against the stab of pain from the alleys low light, and said, "What, is it time to get up already?"
  • It is midday. A warm breeze blows in from the open window, causing the curtains to flutter. Daniel looks up from his notebook, looking to the brick walls of the apartment. Lined along the wall are three photographs, hung in elaborate wooden frames and matted in white textured paper. The first is of Jack Olen and William Walker, the two standing arm-in-arm, smiling. Below that photograph is the picture of the wolf and fox sleeping together beneath the ash tree. Finally, at the bottom of the three, are Jack and the mysterious woman dressed in white that embraces him, kissing him on the cheek. Daniel smiles as he stares at the photograph for a moment longer. He returns to his notebook, writing a short poem, a small token for Jack.
  • A group of four such men, clad in chain mail, were standing near the back door to the manor, and seemed to be comforting one of their number. Curious, Aiden walked down to see what was going on, and to find out if the men he was essentially going to be leading into this fight were actually up to the challenge.
  • Kat looked again into his eyes, but this time from a totally different perspective. What she saw registered in his dark eyes did not disappoint her because they were full of the same desire, hope, and anticipationthat filled hers. Without taking her eyes from his she reached with trembling fingers and grasped the top button of his shirt and twisted it free. Continuing to stare into his eyes she repeated the process until each and every button became free of their constraints. She stepped a little closer, lowered her eyes and with both hands pushed the shirt up and off his shoulders and watched it fall lifelessly to the floor. She stepped even closer placing both her hands onto his hairy chest and standing on her bare toes kissed him softly on the lips.
  • Rordan turned around. The large mengan from the Grill last night stood behind him in line. "You here to scare me too?"
  • The elves approached. Holli surveyed the area, summed up each human guard that stood near. She showed no sign of agitation, only careful analysis of her surroundings.
  • Marquis de Shaggysheep was standing a bit to the side. Observing. The future of the Empire was being decided right now. That was enough to keep him awake and interested. The Hero was facing the Archmage. They were talking... well, trying to talk. The Marquis assumed that that was what they were supposed to do. Declare their intentions and then have a go at each other or something. Should be interesting, although he wasn't sure how even the strongest warrior could withstand the most powerful magic user in the Empire.
  • Pistol begins grandly: "Bardolph, a soldier firm and sound of heart, and of buxom valour, hath, by cruel Fate, and giddy Fortunes furious, fickle wheelthat goddess blind, who stands upon the rolling, restless stone—"
  • We locked eyes and the blackness enveloped me. There was no more space between us, nothing to stop us coming together. He reached out, clasped my hip, and pulled me into him. As my body moulded to his, his lips nudged my head back and he tangled his other hand in my hair. The scent of him was inexplicably appealing. He still smelt like a vampire, but it was no longer repellent. He smelt like Tomas, a blend of minerals and wet grass. His face was no longer shadowed and ugly, but mysterious and full of character. His skin was icy to touch. He teased my lips open with his as my teeth nipped his bottom lip. He growled and I responded with ferocity to equal his. I stood on my tip-toes to reach his mouth, pressing myself against him. Sliding his hands beneath my thighs he hoisted me up and pushed me against the wall. It was then my glamour dropped and my wings spread and curled down as I sought his mouth again. His cold tongue slipped between my lips and stroked mine. Then his fangs ran out and sliced by bottom lip open. He jerked back, but it healed almost instantly.
  • One night I lay in bed, quiet but not asleep. I became aware of a presence. It came and stood before me. There was no material shape, but its personality had the clearest form and so also did its opinion. This American Indian didnt approve of me. The censure was as strong as the whole thing was unexpected. Frances, asleep at my side, never stirred.
  • I stood up and started to talk. "Skargools dead," I said, mostly addressing his wife. "He was probably dead before you came to see me. Skargool was kidnapped by The Creeping Sword, but thats about all anybodys told me thats been true.
  • They stood facing each other, he with his hands on her shoulders and she with hers on his chest. She was nearly as tall as he was and her bright hair was put up in an intricate style around her head. She wore a long silk-weave dress in pale green, the wedding color in most of the northland. Her smile was wide and joyous, and even though he could not see his own face, he knew his was the same. Finally they realized the music had been playing for some time and laughed. Turning toward the sound of the music, they clasped hands and stepped onto the walkway of polished white paving stones.
  • The shell of the great hall still stands, now covered with flowering vines.
  • The Scapula stood over Fradi, gazing down. "So," he said, "you may have been wondering why you have remained alive, and whether this state of affairs is likely to persist. You are a clever enough fellow, but you have lacked important facts. Unfortunately there is insufficient time to enlighten you. Perhaps you will appreciate the sound and fury, at any rate." He tugged at a plain gold band on his finger; tugged harder. An expression of mild consternation appeared on his face. "Damn," he murmured. "That was clever."
  • He wanted to sleep but he was cold and his bed felt hard. He rolled over and opened his eyes. To his surprise he realized he was on the ground, on the ground outside. He stood up and looked around. The ground that he was on was just dirt and rocks. He was in mist and couldnt see more than a few feet in front of him. This felt familiar but somehow unfamiliar at the same time. He must be dreaming; this place had that feel about it. He began to walk and realized that he had a dream like this not too long ago. "Odd. How come I couldnt remember it before?" he thought.
  • Piro ignored his son and placed his hands on the marble railing as he stared into the coming dark. Rommus could see that the man was starting to show his age. He walked a little slower, he had lost a lot of his weight, and his hair was now mostly gray, with only hints of its former dark color. Many years ago, he was a strong man with a great history of victories in wars with Vindyrion and Bhoor-Rahn. Because of him, an alliance was formed?albeit an uneasy one?with the Vindyri, and since Vindyrion stood between Medora and Bhoor-Rahn, peace had held on the eastern front for almost 20 years. Emperor Piro Tecadelion was a man loved by his people. He was honest and fair and ensured that the people of Medora remained prosperous and safe.
  • Between the rising of just one sun and its fall (and in one way or the next) I parted ways with those who were the three dearest people to me. I began the day with hopes of having the one whom I love, and my closest chum with me; on the grandest journey of my life, thus far. Now - at its end - I stood to face this seemingly unbearable challenge, alone.
  • Louisa, meanwhile, had heard the sound of the approaching carriage, and beset with her own curiosity, had emerged from around the corner of the house to see who had just arrived. Having caught sight of the two black-haired women, one of whom was now being enveloped in Michaels arms, Louisa darted forward with uncharacteristic alacrity, dropping her fuchsia cutting and nearly trampling a shrub in the process. Once she had reached the place where the women were gathered, she clumsily grabbed the young woman who was standing aloof from the hugging couple, and almost knocked her over.
  • Roland saw Baibars standing silently watching all this, looking pleased but not taking part. At one point the emirs hailed him with drawn swords, and he acknowledged with a bow. Then he turned and strode off into the rapidly falling evening.
  • To this centre, Wellington added one of Chasse's brigades taken from the right wing, and one of Wincke's brigades taken from the left wing, plus Clinton's division. To his English, to the regiments of Halkett, to the brigades of Mitchell, to the guards of Maitland, he gave as reinforcements and aids, the infantry of Brunswick, Nassau's contingent, Kielmansegg's Hanoverians, and Ompteda's Germans. This placed twenty-six battalions under his hand. The right wing, as Charras says, was thrown back on the centre. An enormous battery was masked by sacks of earth at the spot where there now stands what is called the "Museum of Waterloo." Besides this, Wellington had, behind a rise in the ground, Somerset's Dragoon Guards, fourteen hundred horse strong. It was the remaining half of the justly celebrated English cavalry. Ponsonby destroyed, Somerset remained.
  • At the third-floor landing he stopped for breath. Her door stood directly before him. He could almost touch it. He took two more steps and brought himself nearly up against its flat surface. He suppressed his breathing, straining to see if he could hear any sound from behind this closed door.
  • Still there was Thomai, the blacksmith's son. A vision rose in her mind of him standing in his father's shop, bare to the waist, a sheen of sweat glistening on his chest as he worked the bellows for his dad. But every girl in the village admired him. Besides he had shown her no special interest. Surely her mother would not suspect there was anything between them. Not that Leena would mind. He was kind and handsome and his hands were so strong. If he would just...
  • Even after so much time, his words rang in her memory and raised her fury. Belegra had caused hundreds to die then laid the blame at her feet. Trying to contain her rage was like standing before a flash flood, and despite her efforts, it threatened to consume her. Only the reason in Benjin's voice kept her from succumbing. His logic and planning gave her something to hold on to, something to believe in.
  • Most of the truly important among the high-and-mighty visitors had managed to arrange places near the front, but even here the traditions of the homeland held firm. The Patron and Patroness of Matik wore extravagant robes and the dazzling Title Jewels yet they stood between a young schoolgirl and a carpenter, and the faces of the commoners outshined every jewel on the lord and lady. The eldest son of the Premier and Premiera of Riviarre had made the long journey, and a high ranking delegation from Niazport had traveled even farther for the occasion. Nearby an older woman wearing a pale blue robe was surrounded by three younger ones in white.
  • The gray man snorted again and stood silent for several long moments. Cenaltan wasn't sure if he was dismissed or not. His fears welled up and he struggled to restrain his shaking. He wanted to say morehe needed to say morebut could he possibly do it? Reaching deep into his inner strength, he somehow found the will to draw words up to his lips.
  • Jahvel stood taller."We make good partners, and if, by my sending more men, helps you retrieve the swords, especially Bellatrix, it is worth it."
  • Johan rolled and stood in one smooth motion. He looked across the clearing and found Rickward high in the trees, where his view was unobstructed. The boy nodded as he knocked another arrow, turned, and fired. The soldier flew off his horse. Bones snapped as his own men's horses trampled over him.
  • She stood on her good foot, but cringed. Her burnt foot still throbbed in time with her heart. The skin was raw and red, and Calista could make out muscle and even bone beneath the white blisters. If that was the top of her foot, she had no desire to see the bottom. It made the scar on her arm from the battle in the attic seem a beauty mark. She closed her eyes. "What is your sisters name?" she asked, trying to keep her mind off the pain.
  • Mr. V. was doing the days lecture while standing behind the computer on his desk. During his lengthy speech he stated "There are only one hundred and sixteen elements in the periodic table of the elements…"
  • Strog stood at the edge, but a hair's width from crossing the dangerous threshold of refusing the queen's authority, of perhaps even committing regicide. Why not? They had overthrown Jon. Yave was their puppet. Why continue the charade?
  • Hawksworth watched them leave with a mounting sense of disquiet. Then he turned and peered past the hooded figure, who stood waiting. The mosque looked empty, a cavern of flickering shadows against intricate plaster calligraphy. He unbuckled the sheath of his sword and passed it to the man as he kicked away his loose slippers. The man took the sword without a word, examined it for a moment as though evaluating its workmanship, then turned to lead the way.
  • They come into a meeting hall, fuller than one might expect: cabinets with their unknown contents, bookcases full of scrolls and volumes, silver lamp stands and in the center a wonderfully wrought table of wood, surrounded by likewise magnificent chairs, and a bowl of the best looking fruit any had ever imagined on the table's center, alongside a crystal pitcher of some golden drink.
  • Princess Alix said reflectively, "The question is how to do it." She stood up. "If were going to lure this monster out, we need to know more about her. I must have a look at this iceworm."
  • Criminal Protection Society. Sarcastic alternative meaning to the official Crown Prosecution Service, the government body responsible for bringing criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state, (thanks J Heeley). CPS stands for many more relatively unexciting terms, notably in business Cost Per Sale, and in computing Cycles/Characters Per Second.
  • Orlando, haggard from his long travel and a morning of futile foraging, stands before the foresters with his sword drawn. He gestures toward the tables covered with food. "Forbear, and eat no more!"
  • In the jeep were only the driver and a man sitting on the passenger seats back, rocking all over the place as he fought for balance. This man, noticing Vane, slapped his palm on the drivers shoulder repeatedly while pointing with his free hand. The driver veered and made for Vane, stopping the jeep a few hundred yards away. The passenger stood on his seat and studied the billowy black figure through binoculars. He swatted the driver impatiently. The driver handed him what looked like a telephone receiver. The passenger disentangled its cord and waved the receiver over his head.
  • They had not seen any green for days. The land was blanketed in blighted, dry soil, and what grass still held its roots was a sickly yellow color, and dead. The trees had gone grey, and creaked warningly in the wind. There was no sound of animal, nor song of bird. Even now, standing right by the gate of Stonnam, there was nothing of the noise of human voices.
  • Caislyn shrugged as she ducked out of the way of another ball. "It was worth a shot right?" She ran up and stood beside Jaxon. Caislyn started chanting words not quite familiar to Jaxon but the wind started to pick up, blowing towards the Fey. Jaxon figured that her friend was trying to keep their energy balls from reaching them. Jaxon suddenly felt fatigued and looked up to see Seth flying through the air from being hit by a blast of energy. He landed hard at their feet and slid a ways. She bent down to him, "Are you okay?"
  • "Uh-huh. I just need to pee." Summer gripped her daughter, what she would have said no matter which man lay next to her. Skye was squishing her mothers bladder and Summer needed a moment. How many times had she allowed herself one small minute with that excuse, just long enough to inhale a few breaths, some quiet enclave to collect herself, then emerge with her mommy-face intact. A smile, maybe several of them. Summer had three children and as she got off the bed, those kids scrambling to the yard, Dan stood in the doorway.
  • Rose had other thoughts in her head, mainly "Our Way To Fall". So soft were Grays vocals on that song, as if whispering to her how they met, how he had fallen in love with her by only singing next to her, or even standing; they were side by side on stage, sometimes very close if it was a small venue. Sometimes she stood near Buster; when he sang "Shes Like Heroin To Me" by The Gun Club, Rose and Lovie would dance between Roses husband and Buster, their talents not needed on that tune.
  • He snapped his gaze backthe King and his followers drawing closer. "I will die if anything happens to you," his eyes softened and he begged her, yet she stood firm.
  • "Ssssurprizze!" the iceworm hissed, and sucked a breath of air to blow at Alix. She instinctively hopped back on one foot. Of course, she disappeared, leaving the frigid snake to gape at the hole where the princess had stood.
  • We entered a large room with a long table covered with food. A small group of people stood to our left, and they all stopped talking and stood at attention when we walked in. None of them made eye contact. They looked scared. "I found what I was looking for," she announced. "We will be ready to proceed within two months." A few of them raised their eyes to size me up.
  • He didnt catch my drift. He still stood there sifting. He glanced at me as he carefully selected coins. I reached above my head and started pretending to count the cigarette packs in the hanging racks.
  • At this final call the assemblage came to its feet, silent. Maggie and Melody stood as well. The special guard, once again a unit, marched before their king, where they began to sing. The song wasnt in English; offered in a minor key, the voices of the guard clear and strong and resonant, Melody had no doubt that the words cried out in loss and grief. She felt them rain sadly on her soul, and tried not to think of how many times she had already cried over these who had died trying to protect her and Yaeko. With glassy eyes she looked up at her mother, who wept silently, sniffling quietly.
  • Andrew stood up and tossed his bowl into the sink, shattering it into pieces. He paced back and forth, continuing to recount the previous night's events.
  • It may well be that I will not see you until the Earth-bound Saeire Insu have crossed the Tangent for Aquanus en masse and the advance on Vanerrincourt and the Temple of Eleysius has commenced. As I write this, the mobilization has already begun, though only at the very highest levels, and only in the greatest secrecy. We wait for the king to recover; it is upon his orders that the navy stands ready. It is a very exciting, very frightening, and very humbling time for our people, Margarita. We have waited for this day for many years, as you now know.
  • Jack stood up and slowly and walked around the table to stand in front of Connor. Looking up he said "Im going to help you out a little bit. Stand up, take off your shirt and turn your back to me." Jack held his hand out and helped Connor to stand. He took off his shirt as ordered and sat it on the table.
  • "If we could just get Eibhlin free, then we could get out of here in a hurry!" I watched for his reaction, but he stood immobile.
  • In my human brain, I had no idea what he meant. But my wolf brain knew exactly what he was saying. A picture formed in my head of myself standing there. A pure white wolf with violet eyes. Yup, that was me. I guess wolves connect with images.
  • "Brenna, I am not that disrespectful." He stood up. "You were going to watch something when Beal started your history lesson, what was it?"
  • It's Suki who opens it. She stares out into the darkness and says, "Tommy, thank god." She stands back so I can come inside. Her face changes when she can see me better.
  • Shylock stood quietly, completely stumped until Permission came to his rescue. 'Surely, it was you who was released from imprisonment,' she explained. 'You didn't see your reflection, you saw yourself!'
  • Josh beeped the air horns to announce that the train was going to be moving, then put his hand on the throttle. Almost instinctively, he looked over his shoulder, to make sure that Bud or his dad wasn't standing there watching, and any remaining doubts about the reality hit him. Still, it was with an excitement bordering on awe that he opened the throttle slightly. With 5,000 horsepower, and a train full of empties, it wouldn't take much. The train began to slowly creep backwards, and Josh looked at his watch. 0700, right on the nose. He took a look back down the train, to see Danny hurrying ahead, to throw the yard switch. A few seconds later, he could see the green flag, even before he heard Danny's report that the switch was thrown. He saw Danny get up onto the step on the last car, and added a notch to the throttle to hurry things along. As the engines stepped up their pace, Josh glanced over at the office, and noticed Bud standing there, watching. It was clear that Bud was taking a big step in sending the kids out with the biggest train the C
  • The Senashow opened the door and entered the room. The Queen was standing in front of an archway that led outside to a terrace and the castle gardens. The candle light mingled with moonlight, bathing the rooms many books and paintings in warmth. The light from the fireplace against the far wall added an almost peaceful glow. The fireplace itself was square and framed in white marble. His eye moved up the large mantle piece above, which was a tapestry.
  • Connor crouched down and brought his right fist back. Short of killing the man, Connor wouldnt let him go without punishment. With one quick movement he punched his teacher directly in his stomach with enough for to deliver him unconscious. As the man started to fall, Connor caught him and threw the limp body over his shoulder like he was nothing. He stood tall as he turned to Sarah.
  • People were starting to gather around us, Brandon's closest friends, the ones he ate lunch with every day, were all standing behind him, while everyone else filled out the circle.
  • He stands back, one hand rubbing his chin, and considers her form. "Why does the world report that Kate doth slouch?" She flushes in indignation. "Oh, slanderous world! Kate is straight and slenderlike the hazel-twig, "—as opposed to voluptuous, as in fact she is, "and as brown in hue as hazel nuts!—and sweeter than the kernels!" She backs away, pink cheeks reddening with anger; ladies carefully avoid the sun that tans commonerscomplexions.
  • "Tu! Thwa shiow go chechen?"The three men standing over him peered.They seemed to have a look of awe, fear and anger all at once. Hamilcar looked up at them. Why did they stop?He should be dead.He should be.He got mad again.
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