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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • "I'll be fine," he assured the others. He wasn't sure that he would be, but there wasn't a lot that could be done in any case. Nellise stood up and wearily walked over to the cart. She leaned over and picked up the crossbow she had used earlier, and slung it over her back.
  • While the night was heavy, it was peaceful, blanketing the entire castle into slumber. Even the guards who patrolled the walls were reduced to a shuffle. Only Isaac was wide awake, and even he yawned as he stretched his eyes while standing on the parapet. He had trouble sleeping, but he always had trouble sleeping.
  • Two guards threw open the doors inside the Emperor's Hall with a thunderous boom. Rommus and Pirius ran inside, both out of breath from the long run into the heart of the city. The doors closed behind them and the room was quiet and dim. This was one of the less decorated rooms of the Hall, but still fit for any Nobleman or Ambassador who might be visiting. One wall was decorated with a large fresco of the first war with Vindyrion, some 500 years earlier. Heavy red curtains brightened up the rather plain, white marble walls, which only offered a few black and gray veins for decoration of their own. Rommus looked to see his father sitting in an ornate chair holding a cup loosely in one hand, with a servant on her knees sopping up blood from the wound in his stomach. The Emperor Piro Tecadelion stood silently at the window looking west into the feathery purple and gold remnants of the sunset.
  • 'When I returned with a glass, he'd opened the window and was standing on the ledge outside, holding onto the frame and looking at me. I was so scared for him then, I could hardly speak. I rushed over, but he let go of the window and fell backwards.' Rachel reached for another box of tissues and wiped delicately under each eye.
  • Trem was standing by the door as Gan unwound the rope from his arm. The exposed skin of his face burnt and stung now that he was out of the relentless wind and snow. Sket pulled at one of his gauntlets and Gan grimaced as he flexed his fingers.
  • Hawksworth stood by the window examining the grassy square that spanned out toward the river. The porters, in whose lodge they were confined, milled about the open area, chanting and sweating as they unloaded large bales of cotton from the two-wheeled bullock carts that continually rolled into the square. He steadied himself against the heavy wooden frame of the window and wondered if his land legs would return before the day was out.
  • At least the two of them had apparently come alone, without Jills legion of warrior priests or errant tagging acolytes. Even more importantly, they had tuned down their god-auras, not that Jardin had much of an aura left of any sort after his treatment at the hands of Arznaak. Except for ego, then, and a certain undisguisable lethality, there was nothing to stop them from blending into the mob. The fact that only Gashanatantras support was keeping the barely conscious Jardin from slumping to the ground was scarcely remarkable. Plenty of those thronging the stands had wounds or disabilities or stigmata; that was why they were here, hoping for the favorable benediction of the risen Emperor incarnate. Perhaps it had worked in past years, and had been more than legend; perhaps it would work tonight. Or perhaps -
  • Madeline stood before the garage, hands on her hips. Sebastian stayed hidden on top of a building across the road, watching Madelines actions. He hoped to figure out where Serenity had gone and get ahead of Madeline.
  • Connor must have finally sensed her because he spun around rapidly. His eyes went wide as he finally noticed what stood before him. His eyes looked up and down at her before he shut his eyes in embarrassment and delayed passion. Sarah tried forcing herself to keep my eyes on his face, it didnt work. Not one aspect of him could be considered small.
  • He raised his head and saw that he was on a narrow raft of three trunks, wallowing in the ocean. There was a strange sensation around his feet, not pain exactly, but gripping, heavy. He tried to focus in the disappearing light but he could see nothing. He heard a stirring from behind him and twisted his neck to see the standing shadows of two mogoots brandishing their clubs above him. The last light of day echoing over the horizon gleamed off their worn fangs as they grinned malevolently at him. The larger of the two raised his club high enough to shatter a tyggens skull, but before hed brought it crashing down Nicovar had spoken.
  • The womans expanding smile froze at the sound of we. She peered over Ustinovs shoulder at Esmerelda, standing colourless in the shadows of the street. The door wavered.
  • He blew out a burst of air that made Sara look back at him; he stood straighter and added a surprised expression to his face, his eyes smiling at her. "Im boring? Im going to have to prove you wrong." He gave her shoulder a bump with his.
  • Beyond the archway waited a stunning view. A valley lay cradled between three mountain ranges. At the center stood an ancient tree, massive in size. Not tall like a greatoak, it sprawled. Its branches thicker than the trunks of most trees, it shaded most of the valley. Covered in deep green moss, the bark had a life of its own, and hanging bunches of silvery threadmoss clung to the mighty leviathan.
  • "Guard!" Tannis shouted. A man threw open the door to the room and entered, standing at attention. "Guard, inform the Commanders of every Legion except Moon and Earth that they are to gather provisions and be ready to ride to war. All five Legions must be ready by sunrise. Send riders to all the towns immediately to spread word to the soldiers there. Go at once."
  • Confused, but not showing it in the least, the old fool barked a laugh of disgust. "So, he was an idiot for making this land a land of peace!" The fool stood and turned, then bent over and pointed his buttocks at the man. He looked through the gap between his legs and said, "If you truly fight for what is right, mighty assassin, then tell me why you killed the king for making peace?"
  • "It was," I informed her, surprising myself. She looked taken aback. I continued, "In one of my dream-memories you were stabbed by a Lady of Light while the other stood by and watched. In the foreground was an army."
  • The judge looks at Armand, who turns to confer with a consultant seated in the row of chairs behind him. Finally he turns back and stands up.
  • When she went into her bedroom she caught her breath. In the bathroom she had been nervous, wondering if all this was real, but now the sight of him, standing naked, made her forget herself and she smiled, looking him up and down.
  • "Of course." He followed behind me as I walked back to the pile of ash where I had set my paper figures on fire. All that was left was a bit of the string, which was not unusual. I picked it up and put it in my pocket, then swept as much ash as I could into my hand, and stood and waited. It took a couple of minutes, but eventually I felt a breeze. As soon as I felt it, I threw the ash in the air and let the wind take it away. It wasnt a strong breeze, and it didnt take the ash very far, but the ritual was done and I was satisfied.
  • Finnegaff had since dismounted. He stood before Ameretegaff and took both of her hands into both of his. Belemeriath flew to the other Mumbwe women to strike up conversation. Ameretegaff responded as old dear friends would, holding his hands warmly.
  • "You and your magic tricks again," Vannard said with distaste. He stood up and looked around. Indeed, there was an ear in the corner, barely visible, hovering just above the floor. He slowly walked there and stepped on it. Hard.
  • She had never loved him in that manner. Shed loved him in plenty of other ways, destinies always within their reach. If they wanted to screw it up, it had been within their right, but now he stood beyond her, even sitting at her side.
  • Rose noted the mourners around her, her aunt active in Sessays community. A large turnout, but because Petra sat in a wheelchair, Rose had a seat beside her, right behind Alicia and her kids. The only blood family and if Rose had been alone, her youth might have seen her standing in the back even though she was the deceaseds niece. More cotton heads gathered than Rose had seen in years, her parentsfuneral attended by people of their generation, not quite sixty. Here the average age looked around seventy-five.
  • He turned his head to the side and the light seemed to fade. The blackness in front of him swayed and shifted, and he thought that perhaps someone stood there between him and the torchlight. He clumsily turned his head the other way and saw a similar dark object blocking the light. To comfort himself he looked to the ceiling where there was flickering light dancing above him. He attempted to reach out at these black figures to his sides, but his arms would not obey him. He felt cold, hard metal at his wrists and determined that he was fastened to whatever it was he was lying on. It too was cold, but not metal; perhaps some kind of stone.
  • Seth noticed Gregore coming their way too, "get rid of him, Caislyn. We need to keep moving, standing still in this place too long will be a danger to us."
  • Feeling that I had nothing left to lose, I pulled out my wand and stood directly over Eibhlin. I gave out the command with three taps on her chest that sounded like the clanking of cement. All turned to watch me tap the spot where her heart lay. I started the Charm of Return and said, "Unlock the potion charm of spells and bring back our friend to me. Return her as her former self. Unlock the binding spell and bring back our Eibhlin to me."
  • She stood up and said to the owl, "How about this: the cap to make me invisible, the sword to kill the firedrake, and the wishing ring to get me to Mount Sulfur."
  • Again fire roared toward Ramn, who was standing flatfooted by the entrance. Gordo and Sandy grabbed him and hauled him out of the way, but they were all singed and shaken by the blast.
  • Still standing in one spot, the goblins didnt look too concerned with facing an attack at this particular moment, so he believed he could catch them off guard. Once he fired, he hoped that before they could get a clear lock on his position he could move back through the storefront, into the warehouse, and then out into the alley.
  • Sapriel dropped his jaw, then closed it with a small snap. Pasook hadnt actually stepped anywhere, since he was still standing on the cliff-side next to Zhardann and a bit below him, but he did raise his own arm to point at Sapriel, and in any case Zhardanns histrionics were good theater. "Hear my charge, O Faithless One!" Pasook began. He rattled off a concise summary of the main points, then wrapped up with a "What say you?"
  • He didn't even mind when Nathan dropped by the rented room from time to time, and it felt perfectly natural to let him have a key or crash whenever he liked. Nathan wasn't likely to find them doing anything sneaky or inappropriate. And after many, many lessons and stings from jellyfish, Jason was finally able to stand on a board without immediately falling off. He still couldn't surf, though. But just standing was a major accomplishment.
  • "No, I have killed some of the meddlesome Mages who pester my army like bees. The other men I killed were simply standing in my way. They served their purpose. The Medorans now know that I do not care how many of my men die. We will win this war at all cost."
  • "Yes."The prince stood taller. A gleam entered his eye and he frowned a grin."These two peasants have decided to not follow a direct order given to them by the Prince. I want them on their knees, and I want it now!" His voice cracked on the now!
  • She didn't have the time for that. She needed progress quickly. Some sort of step forward. The reports of the escape held clues. The horses were missing. The armor was missing. There had been looting. Not unheard of, save for the destruction of the black carriage. That was an act of vengeance. Only one group sought weapons, armor, and revenge. The Undermine. Trigorah stood and stalked out to her waiting Elites.
  • Pressure built up in my head, making my brain throb and I could almost feel my night becoming even longer. I walked over to the managers room and was met by Mike, standing just outside the door in plain clothes.
  • "Hello, can I help you ladies?" a high-pitched voice said from the counter. A petite Asian woman who was nearly as short as Francesca, but with breasts the size of watermelons stood next to a rack of the hideous wings. Omari had a sudden vision of Ted Nugent standing next to a half naked woman and a taxidermied zebra. The woman had eyes that were wide and unnaturally blue from what were obviously tacky colored-contact lenses, and her bulging breasts threatened to crest the top of her tight purple satin top.
  • He was standing on a flat desert plain under white clouds and blue sky. There was a mesa in the distance, but aside from that there was nothing for miles around besides a few cactus and several freestanding white doors, scattered about haphazardly. Blake went up to one. Printed in the center of the door, in small gold letters, was a single word; politics. He wasn't interested, so he moved on. The next door said religion, and again he passed by. There were doors marked knowledge, art, commerce---eros. He stopped at that one. If he opened it, would he get back to Mink? Instead, he moved on to a door with no lettering. A mystery door? What did it represent, a grab bag of possibilities the other doors didn't quite cover? He opened it; there was nothing but desert on the other side. He stepped through-
  • Cleon glances at his noble companions; two are pressing perfumed silk kerchiefs to their noses to ward off the citys common odors. "Here stands a lord, and there a lady, weeping!"
  • With each step towards the black pedestal the fear that had invaded my mind during the blackout lessened. The pedestal stood where the innermost ring of stones had been. The surface was smooth and uncannily dark, made from the same material as the obelisk. The flat square top bore a single white object, a small marble figurine of a man weeping. I held it and examined it with pure curiosity. Why are you here? I felt pity and sadness for my little marble man. I turned him over in my hand, staring, waiting for a response I knew I wouldn't get from him.
  • As best he can in chains, Leonatus straightens his faded coat, and stands erect. "I tell thee, fellow, there are none who lack eyes to direct them the way I am going, but only such as close and will not use them!"
  • The smell of pancakes and syrup filled her nose when she walked into the bedroom. Another wave of dizziness swept over her. Vincent and Margret stood next to the window talking. A small round table stood between them and her. The curtains were open behind them, letting in the suns warm rays through the large triangle. They both looked at her as if they were waiting for an attack. Her stomach rolled in hunger, making her forget about her eyes.
  • Alastor brings them to a large building in the center of the town, an inn from the looks of it, with a man wearing a grey cloak waiting just outside it. Alastor dismounts, gesturing for the others to do so also. Alastor and the grey cloaked man embrace like old friends, talking in hushed tones to one another. Although dusk has closed in around them, with only the faint light of the moon and the light of the inn to illuminate, this could not hide the fact that this cloaked man is strange to say the least. He stands nearly a full foot taller than Alastor and, although hooded, what is visible of his face seems different in an indescribable way. It is these things that keep the trio on their animals. Alastor takes notice of this.
  • The grim anger that had consumed him whilst reading the reports and statements almost stopped his heart when he stood in the spot where she died. It was at that moment he had decided to kill the people responsible for her death.
  • I could see Vera through the big glass windows. She was standing behind the counter near the register. She was folding up the green vest. Her thin, leathery arms, almost in a prayer position, held it up in front of her as she got the fold right.
  • It was on the next Tuesday when Louie and Lulu made their usual 8.00 a.m. visit to the farm. It had happened. All of the members of the Grovelmoore family, including Mr Grovelmoore, were outside the house some distance away, standing in their night attire! Obviously it had happened sometime during the night. Yes the cow effluent had come up through the floor and had filled all of the ground floor rooms. It was flowing out the front door, across the veranda, down the steps and over the driveway! To make matters worse the Grovelmoore car was right in the middle of the stinking mess running out from the front door!
  • The standing stones that peppered the countryside in Wales had always drawn my interest. Gwynedd had its share. Some of my people were afraid of them, but when I touched them, felt the stone underneath my fingers, I remembered my ancestors whod placed them there, for reasons theyd not passed down to us. Only one standing stone stood on the hill at Bwlch, a forlorn thing, left to itself in a meadow, half way up a hill that was hidden by trees on every side.
  • Boris paused in the middle of the room, looked round, brushed a little dust from the sleeve of his uniform, and going up to a mirror examined his handsome face. Natasha, very still, peered out from her ambush, waiting to see what he would do. He stood a little while before the glass, smiled, and walked toward the other door. Natasha was about to call him but changed her mind. "Let him look for me," thought she. Hardly had Boris gone than Sonya, flushed, in tears, and muttering angrily, came in at the other door. Natasha checked her first impulse to run out to her, and remained in her hiding place, watching--as under an invisible cap--to see what went on in the world. She was experiencing a new and peculiar pleasure. Sonya, muttering to herself, kept looking round toward the drawing-room door. It opened and Nicholas came in.
  • "Did I ask for your input?" I knew this wasnt the time to start an argument. "Where was I? Ah yes, Mr. Brown. I paid a visit to Mr. Brown to see what Samantha was capable of. I liked what I saw and I purchased her for myself. And thats how the brat got here," she finished. I couldnt take it anymore. I pushed my chair from the table, stood up, and began walking toward the door. "Sit back down Samantha. All the doors are locked. Youre just making it worse on yourself," Lady Magmilan said in a surprisingly calm voice.
  • I rummaged through the desk for a pen that looked fairly new. Don looked at the front door covered with fingerprint powder. Charlie was standing a few feet from it.
  • I asked if she could tell me where to find her. I told her that if she could get me the address it would be worth another half sovereign to her. So she gulped down the rest of her tea and stood up, saying that she was going to begin the search then and there.
  • "I will tell you if you do." Jacks voice became guarded and Connor knew he was standing behind, about four yards away and still reading his mind.
  • Marigaff walked with Aaramerielle about the perimeter of Scheramm's Lake. They had been out a week or so. Marigaff assured Aaramerielle that they surely were being watched and that their plan was working. The thick groves of trees that grew at the edge of the hundred miles of the lake's southernmost shore made good cover from anyone who might advance on them from the treeless plains to the south. During the day, the air was warm; scant undergrowth and trodden paths made the going easy. A fire at night was not an uncommon sight, since many travelers camped on the shores of Scheramms Lake en route to wherever they were bound. They even ran in to several small groups of wayfarers each day. They camped in a thicket of trees where they built a small fire, thus having a means to ward off the spring chill. They took turns standing watch, backs to the fire so to not ruin their night vision; one could not be too careful. They were, after all, very close to where the Plains of Rhammahadra met the mountains of the dark land of Slagg, where, as everyone knows, unexpected things happened.
  • "Let yourselves enjoy the ambiance," he finished, standing and returning the chair. 'You'll be surprised at how nice people can be if you just treat them with dignity."
  • It was a warm, rainy, autumnal day. The wide expanse that opened out before the heights on which the Russian batteries stood guarding the bridge was at times veiled by a diaphanous curtain of slanting rain, and then, suddenly spread out in the sunlight, far-distant objects could be clearly seen glittering as though freshly varnished. Down below, the little town could be seen with its white, red-roofed houses, its cathedral, and its bridge, on both sides of which streamed jostling masses of Russian troops. At the bend of the Danube, vessels, an island, and a castle with a park surrounded by the waters of the confluence of the Enns and the Danube became visible, and the rocky left bank of the Danube covered with pine forests, with a mystic background of green treetops and bluish gorges. The turrets of a convent stood out beyond a wild virgin pine forest, and far away on the other side of the Enns the enemy's horse patrols could be discerned.
  • I turned to look down the landing in between the flashes of fire to see Kah'la standing right next to this dragon, of all things. Tom still held my arm in a death grip.
  • What crashed out into the dim light of the star-dazzle was no lupun, however. Neither man had ever seen anything like it. In fact, neither would be able to accurately describe it later. Bigno, huge. Many legs, bent up and then down. The body sat up high. And four more just like it followed. The unknown and un-nameable things reached Zake's barn and began smashing it with forelegs that ended in sharp pointed claws rather than feet. Soon the barn was a wreck of shattered lumber. Two of the things walked onto the highway and stood facing menacingly in opposite directions. Two more began carrying rubble from the barn to make a barrier across the road and the last one crossed the highway and kept going north. When the two which were building the barrier finished dismantling the remnants of the barn, they turned toward the house.
  • Quite so,’ said Rhaki kindly. ‘Return to your work. You, Verim, stay.’ The officer stood stiffly beside Rhaki as the four soldiers hurried on up the passageway.
  • I looked past him then and right into the eyes of my Spanish effect. She was sitting facing me and her mouth was open and her cheeks were so pale the rouge stood out in patches on them. Mrs. Wendel was sitting alongside of her and I could see a hefty arm and shoulder on my side of the booth that could only belong to Lester's Hazel. Mrs. Wendel apparently hadn't noticed me but was staring at Rucci and MacIntosh. Hazel of course was facing away from me. But all Spanish could see was me and I took my left hand and waved her to be quiet.
  • When the fire was finally lit, Myranda laid out her bed roll and sat upon it. She pulled her pack in front of her and pulled out some of the salted meat. It had been cooked once, and could be eaten cold if she wished, but if was not the most appetizing of foods warm, let alone cold. She put her piece on the end of a stick and held it over the fire. Instantly she had the undivided attention of the little dragon. Most creatures would have been frightened to go near the fire, but this one stood among the flames to get a better whiff of the tantalizing fare.
  • Paul stood vacantly on the road, the gentle rain settling in tiny pearls on his hair and the heavy fabric of his overcoat.
  • Jorden nodded. He was feeling quite weary himself and stood with his gear, kicking out the fire as he waited. "Lead on."
  • "Something is wrong," she whispered, staring in to Aiden's eyes. "You're different, somehow. I don't know what it is... something is... missing." The hairs on the back of Aiden's neck stood on end at this, and he didn't know how to respond. Sayana backed away from him a little, and looked coiled and ready to run away at a moment's notice.
  • She looked at him in horror. He repeated his words. They cut the air like a dagger. The people round began to gape. A lady standing close to her tittered.
  • "In between worlds," a voice says from just past Jacks view. He looks behind Emma and sees a young couple standing next to the tall autumn trees.
  • Thaddeus and Garrison, the elder statesman of the hunter and protector clans, were standing behind the center island observing the pure joy around them.
  • "Harper Madison," Brooke said. She was standing near my chair. So close the edge of her sweater brushed against my arm.
  • Short hours later, Eric stood in the kitchen of his home. The earlier exchanges were severe and full of insults and threats. His stepfather, Carl, was a greasy punk. He had grown into middle-age and had fallen into a shirt and tie job. She met him at a bar near the Navy base. She knew their relationship was special right from the start: the morning after he first met her--first fucked her-- he took her out for the nicest breakfast in town. He paid for that on a defunct Visa. He was only five-foot-nine but another half of Eric's breadth. His hair was salt-and-pepper grey and shoulder length. He wore it like that to appeal to a wider range of customers. For his favored clients, he'd close deals with a joint smoked in their new car. He'd send them away fried and their money in his wallet. More than once, he used pot that he scammed off of Eric. When Eric protested, Carl threatened to expose him to his mother. When Eric once threatened the same in return, Carl said, "Go ahead, kid. Who do you think she'll believe?"
  • He revolved to see the other two guards turning back toward the opening that had been cut through the side of the tent, still slapping at the burning oil on their uniforms. As they reached the opening, they seemed to hesitate momentarily, then stumbled backward. As they sprawled across the carpet in front of him, their throats cut, he saw two more grimy servants standing in the opening, holding bloody katars.
  • The kaedith laughed heartily. "I'm sure," she said when she could manage. "Please give Mariland my regards." Ellin waited until Jorden was ready to open the door to leave, Taf standing to follow him. "Of course Mariland has no more hope of returning you home than I have." The kaedith burst into laughter yet again.
  • A brick caught Max in the chest and sent him over backward again. After a moment of judicious ground-hugging, then, and the end of the crunch and clatter of debris, he once again got to his feet. The horse, with more foresight than either Max or Jurtan, had already edged aside away from the impact zone; now it stood eyeing Max with a look of some bemusement.
  • Antipholus has lost patience. "In what safe place have you bestowed my money? Say, or I shall break that merry sconce of yours, that stands on tricks when I am undisposed! Where is the thousand marks thou hadst of me?"
  • The cell door rattled, making her jump. It swung inwards with a screech of rusty hinges, admitting a flood of light. Talsy squinted at the two soldiers who gripped her arms and marched her out. The granite-faced guards searched her with rough hands, taking her money pouch. They dragged her along several gloomy, damp corridors that periodic, sputtering torches lighted and up a flight of steps into a room that a profusion of candles and lamps made bright. Three high-ranking officers, judging by their gold-ornamented, royal blue uniforms, brass buttons, crisp white shirts and shiny black calf boots, stood with a tall, black-garbed man, who might have been handsome if not for a bony nose. They studied her as if she was a strange animal, and she lifted her chin to glare at them. The windowless room smelt of musty straw and dried blood. Rusty chains on the walls suggested that it was a torture chamber.
  • Now that I concentrated, I could detect a vague pressure in the seat of my pants and up my back and along the undersides of my forearms; exactly the sensations Id have had if I was really was propped in a chair rather than standing and walking on a cloud, as my eyes and ears and the foreground messages of my muscles and skeleton would have it. It was easy enough to ignore the sensations that were more vague, the ones that didnt seem to fit, and something was tugging at me like the hand on the business end of the leash from a querulous dog, enticing me to do just that. Not that it was unpleasant. Instead, I felt the peculiar heightened texture of a dream, where you may seem to yourself to be completely mobile even though your body is giving off, at most, an occasional twitch. This was no dream, though, or at least not one of the standard default sort, especially when you considered the fact that I had already witnessed what this phenomenon looked like from the other end to an outside observer.
  • Isabella woke up and was surprised that she had. Furthermore, she was amazed that her body didnt hurt. Amazed at the feeling she didnt open her eyes at first. She could hear. As a matter of fact, she could hear very well. The fan above her was moving. A shoop-shoop-shoop as it moved the air about. A fly was buzzing in the next room. Someone was standing outside the place she was lying, just standing alone, and breathing. A moment after she woke, she heard the person outside change his breathing. Abruptly she grasped that hed heard her awake, but he hadnt moved.
  • Connor crouched down and brought his right fist back. Short of killing the man, Connor wouldnt let him go without punishment. With one quick movement he punched his teacher directly in his stomach with enough for to deliver him unconscious. As the man started to fall, Connor caught him and threw the limp body over his shoulder like he was nothing. He stood tall as he turned to Sarah.
  • 'That I may die now, either by my own hand or that of another, before the greater evil is entirely wrought. I know, and you know, that were I once dead you could and would set free my immortal spirit, even as you did my poor Lucas'. Were death, or the fear of death, the only thing that stood in the way I would not shrink to die here now, amidst the friends who love me. But death is not all. I cannot believe that to die in such a case, when there is hope before us and a bitter task to be done, is God's will. Therefore, I on my part, give up here the certainty of eternal rest, and go out into the dark where may be the blackest things that the world or the nether world holds!'
  • If anyone answered me, it was lost. I was asleep before they could speak. I dreamed of magic and double souls. It was not a good dream. Double souls are toxic to the body and eventually, one soul wins the battle. It isnt always the original soul either. Sometimes, its the interloper. It is forbidden magic. An offense punishable by death. I dreamed of that too. I dreamed of Death, the person. I dreamed that I was sitting on a hill, looking out at the world and Death was standing next to me. He spoke in tones too low for me to hear. I had died. Put to death for forcing a foreign soul into Chirons body. Death had no face, no real features. He appeared to be wearing a hangmans hood. There was a noose around his neck. No black robe, no clothing at all except for the hood. His body was the palest green I had ever seen. He was chanting something to me, over me. I couldnt make out the words.
  • Despite Nathan's kindness, Spencer didn't want to hang around Paradise too long. He had far too many things to do. His clothes were wrecked, so he gave Nathan money to go out and buy him new ones - with misgivings. An hour later he was standing on a corner in Fidel, waiting for Bry to collect him.
  • "Didn't sound like a bird." Derron stood still and quiet and after a moment he said, "There it is again. Do you hear it?"
  • Graham smiled, having had almost the same reaction the first time that he saw it. "Aye. That armor has served as a symbol of peace and morale for generations." He sat to remove his boots, placing them on the bench before he slid one leg into the armor, then the other. He finally stood and drew the armor up until the chain mail fit snuggly over his waist.
  • Damien came by the bed, standing there as she slid in. "Perhaps, I should go down early, allow you time to rest before the journey."
  • Agnes stood outside the Shadowford van and waved me out. The ride to school had seemed short. My mind must have been wandering again. I was doing that a lot lately.
  • One day, while playing around with the espresso machine, I looked out the front window and saw some municipal workers doing some sort of road repair. Just like in the city, they put up sawhorses, wore reflective vests, and two men stood idly by, watching a third man ply his craft with a shovel. I looked down at my espresso just as the Flintstone Whistle blew. I looked back out the front window and all three men had vanished. The only evidence that they had ever been there was the shovelall alone and rotating in mid air.
  • As Spencer approached, George moved closer to the window. Yellow stripes segmented his jeans and workshirt. Spencer stood by the window too. It looked out on to the central plaza of the complex, on to the trees and landscaped grass. Sammy's security car could be seen crawling along a broad footpath. From the rear, moving so slowly, it looked like a hearse.
  • Within the prison were the twelve Taghs that Perticus had created over a decade ago. Monsters that stood over seven feet tall with searing, red eyes forever marked with rage and incoherence. Hidden behind long, black hair that was as tussled and unkempt as the rest of them. Their wide mouths contained large teeth with yellow stains and jagged edges that contrasted sharply against their oily, green skin. They wore only a short, leather loincloth wrapped around the bulk of their waist and the same fabric tied around their massive biceps.
  • The Jobbik party, the third biggest in parliament, has used anti-semitic slurs to boost its standing before elections in 2014, drawing international scorn.
  • Leon dismounts, standing nearly a foot taller than the guards. They pretend to not notice his intimidating stature, instead turning their eyes to a more manageable threat: Lionkiller, which Leon holds in his left hand.
  • The word of command rang out, and again the regiment quivered, as with a jingling sound it presented arms. Then amidst a dead silence the feeble voice of the commander in chief was heard. The regiment roared, "Health to your ex... len... len... lency!" and again all became silent. At first Kutuzov stood still while the regiment moved; then he and the general in white, accompanied by the suite, walked between the ranks.
  • "Oh. Okay." Then he smiled as if hed asked what time they were going trick or treating. Then he closed the door. Summer stood for a moment, taking a breath. The scent of boy hit her noise and she left the hallway, walking to the garage, setting her sons clothes and inquisitive mind atop an already heaving basket.
  • I grabbed my backpack and headed over to the popular table. Drake and Foster were already sitting down. I glanced at Drake, expecting him to ignore me as usual, but instead he stood up and pulled out a chair for me.
  • As the elves reached the top of the second dune, they did not expect to see the delver, only his trail in the sand which he did not bother to hide. To their surprise, Ryson stood in their view, stopped upon the peak of a third dune and looking down upon a valley of sand before him.
  • I fought with the tie for a few more seconds when there was a knock at the door. I smiled. She probably had her hands full of groceries or something and couldn't get her key in the lock. I grabbed the rose that I'd bought for her off the table and ran to the front door. When I opened it, there were two police officers standing there.
  • By the time I stood up from Jackie's desk, there were only four of us left. Britney was staring sullenly at her book. I thought about going over and seeing if she needed any help, but after helping Jackie I was feeling pretty good.
  • "Finally time somebody stood up to the pair of them. Little demons," the priest grumbled loud enough for the room to hear. No one commented, and I wondered if they had the same feelings or if they were just enjoying the show.
  • Harvald stood over him rolling a small baton-like club in his hands. The mans face displayed no signs of distress. He sported bright, curious eyes and a faint smile. He had the bored air of a father doing his best to remain polite at a family picnic he would rather not attendthis despite the nasty lumps and welts on his head and back where Harvald had apparently struck him repeatedly.
  • "You wander the roads at dusk looking for people who will speak to you? I find that odd," Rommus said as he stood slowly. "You are Bhoors, are you not?"
  • He, now, didn't see any other choice. There was only one way out and Rhimaldez was standing in front of it, and any moment a guard may come out of the door or down the hall and see the situation, alerting the others. Graham didn't have the time to establish an alternative. He would have to end this, with as little violence as possible.
  • "Excellent, Sir Steve!" Rhein exclaimed, taking the shield from the Nohrin. The soldier hefted it easily as he stood over his fallen companion, shielding Jalen from the attacking griffins. Both hands now free, Steve turned his attention back to the sky.
  • Their amazement didnt seem to end. There was a round thing you sat on and did your business like an outhouse, and Iselin said that the waste was taken by the dome. Then there was theshower,’ which consisted of a space you stood in naked and an odd-looking set of hollow tubes close together coming from the top of the wall sprayed water on you. Against the wall was a ridge that you moved your hand along until the water was a temperature that you liked. There was a sponge and a liquid soap for your body and another for your hair.
  • Prince Hubert stood uncertainly over the messy sack full of king that was thrashing about on the grass. "You played a great game, Poppa!" he called.
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