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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • As Connor stood up he grabbed a handful of loose sand, walked over to Sarah and sat down before her and sat cross-legged. "Ready to try?" She nodded. Connor felt her reaching in his mind for a private conversation first.
  • "I know it's your dresser. I wanted to see the secret world of Billy Plunkett. Maybe you've got a gun in here, or pornographic pictures, or recordings of our conversations." She swept her hands through and under the four shirts and sweaters, three paperback books and a leather-covered photo album. She picked up the album and paged through it, glancing at family pictures of a couple, she assumed were his parents, of Billy and his sister through the years posed with birthday cakes, Christmas trees, and in front of bushes in bloom. Other strange faces, some very old, were in the album. Billy stood in different clam boats, alone and with various clammers. Several pictures of Tommy Ledge alone and with Billy.
  • About to give up, my wand hummed and spun around. I stood and pointed it at Eibhlin. Its magical light became bright and zapped onto the body of stone. It came all aglow and softened the stone, but nothing more happened for the stone was thick. I kicked my school friend on the leg in frustration.
  • Sallis pulled a chair across and stood on it to reach the window set high in the wall. "The thief didn't get through this as easily as you think," he said.
  • On October 30, 2007 Geraldine Love and Jake Clarke were married. It was a clear and cloudless day, a fact for which Tasha was exceedingly grateful. But then being a northerner she hadn't understood the lingering nature of autumn in the deep south. She stood there watching her mom and Jake circulate among the few guests attending, and she finally smiled.
  • An abrupt thud shook them all from their drifting reveries. Astray was the first one up, vigilantly sniffing at the obstruction in their waya wooden pole, standing tall and skinny in the empty sea. The wood was green, sickly, and twisted, like dried fish flesh. There was a white arrow affixed to the top of the pole by a rusty iron nail. The tip of the boat touched the pole, wedged into a small nook in the wood. Despite vigorous waves the vessel did not slide past the signpost.
  • At the edge of the road stood an oak. Probably ten times the age of the birches that formed the forest, it was ten times as thick and twice as tall as they. It was an enormous tree, its girth twice as great as a man could embrace, and evidently long ago some of its branches had been broken off and its bark scarred. With its huge ungainly limbs sprawling unsymmetrically, and its gnarled hands and fingers, it stood an aged, stern, and scornful monster among the smiling birch trees. Only the dead-looking evergreen firs dotted about in the forest, and this oak, refused to yield to the charm of spring or notice either the spring or the sunshine.
  • I wondered how many of those Hellraisers shed already downed. "Some of us are the way we are," I told her, "on our better days, at least." Her remark was reassuring, though. If this entire environment was synthesized, it stood to reason that the appearances people presented here were probably artificial as well. Id been trying to decide whether you had to go out of your way to construct your semblance for this place as if you were building a wardrobe, say, or whether you got one for free as part of the process; Id figured the former, but what shed said just now gave me more confidence Id guessed right. I hadnt noticed a mirror around, but now I could feel more assured that the transfer hadnt made me look like a snaggle-toothed orangutan to everyone else. On the other hand, that meant I looked like me. I couldnt argue with her. In a crowd of beautiful people, I looked like the guy who brought the supplies in from the cart.
  • Sure of the issue, he encouraged with a smile, as they passed before him, the company of sappers of the first corps, which he had appointed to barricade Mont-Saint-Jean as soon as the village should be carried. All this serenity had been traversed by but a single word of haughty pity; perceiving on his left, at a spot where there now stands a large tomb, those admirable Scotch Grays, with their superb horses, massing themselves, he said, "It is a pity."
  • The girls looked at each other and figured it was time they let Seth in on the birthmark, since he already knew that she was a witch anyway. Jaxon stood up pulling her hair over her far shoulder and pulling her shirt down far enough on the other side so that Seth could see the mark. "This is my birthmark." She looked down at her shoulder to the spot and back at Seth. "Caislyn says it comes from an old line of witches that were thought to be extinct."
  • "Come with me," she ordered Edeline, who reluctantly rose and followed. Ember stepped into a hedge and came out on what looked like a definite path. The ground was settled as if it was raked, and the sides were lined with small stones, clearly set there on purpose. The path curled about several trees. Edeline wondered where they were going and why, but didn't say anything. Picking up speed ahead of her, Ember still wore a look of great concentration. Edeline hurried to keep up. As she turned the last corner she came to a halt. Ember stood staring at the sheer, flat gray wall of mountain that blocked them. The path simply came to an end. A sheer cliff was towering above them, a hundred feet high at least. Its surface was totally smooth. Not a root, not a stem, not a twig emerged from it. Curiously, the cliff was only about six feet wide, and uniformly so all the way up, a gigantic impossible rectangle of granite.
  • She had caught them all off-guard because they werent expecting us to just suddenly appear. They stood there for a few seconds speechless.
  • Mirra glanced at him, but he still scowled at the fire, snapping a twig and tossing the bits into the flames. He stood up, throwing the last piece of twig into the fire, and she knew he was about to start the summoning. She rose to her feet and headed into the darkness to seek her friends, but Bane's deep voice stopped her.
  • Kell lingered in her mind, but arriving in the study, her father closing the door, Marthe switched gears. She put Kells doubts on a high shelf, next to a picture of her parents, similar in distance to where Louis and Aurora now stood apart from the other.
  • She kissed Brad and then replied, "Once I got the blood to stop flowing, I stood in the back and watched you charm the pants off every single person in the room. Organic Nation was irresistible and so were you."
  • Vannard and Saalteinamariva were standing on the courtyard of the Imperial Castle and looking up on the Imperial Mage Tower. It was the tallest building on the castle grounds. It was also the tallest building in the Empire. Its height could be describes only by words like 'ludicrous' and 'insane', or phrases like 'carp that's tall!' and 'where did they get so much stone from?'.
  • After a few minutes of this, Guadalupe stood up abruptly and grabbed Bobbys hand. "Say good-bye to the ladies, Roberto. We must go."
  • Still, her positive diagnosis had changed her life forever and shook her to the core. Always an independent and self-confident woman, she lost her self-esteem and her judgment during the court battles with her husbands family and got pregnant with the "wrong" man, Robertan alcoholic and drug addict. In 1996 she had a second daughter with Robert. Georges family reported her to CPS once more, citing the history of Kellies unconventional ways. Kellie was forced to stop breastfeeding and told that she would lose the baby if they discovered that she had resumed nursing the infant. Although Robert stood by her during the CPS ordeal, when Kellie got fed up with his addictive and abusive behavior after almost five years and kicked Robert out of the house, he became her worst nightmare.
  • "Yes, I believe I am. I dreamed of Death and now, he is standing in the kitchen. Only, in my dream he didnt remove the hood."
  • The two came to a large sealed door with another guard station off to the side. The Professor was so busy staring down the various offshoots and hallways that when he saw the tall, slender strawberry-blonde goddess standing at the desk he let out an audible gasp. She was dressed in a version of the security uniform that the front desk guard had on, but noticeably different. It was almost as if this one had been tailor made to accentuate the woman's ample curves. She looked up from her screen at the noise, appraised the Professor, and then glanced at Kingston.
  • Then they were gone, leaving Catrin to consider their words. Her father turned to her, and the look on his face softened. She stood silent, tears streaming down her cheeks, unchecked, and her lip quivered as she struggled to maintain her composure.
  • She lunged and threw her arms around his waist. The wailing diminished to sniffles and gulps. Vane stood still, fighting the urge to put an arm around her shoulders. He let his trousers unfurl from one hand, used the other to pluck out his wallet, and let all the bills rain onto the bed. It was a flutter of mostly tens and twenties; a few fifties. Maybe four and change. "Ive got to go. Id like to say its been nice."
  • She stood with feet planted apart, earpoints slanted forward and twitching in excited curiosity, and her silvery eyes glowed with pleasure. More sylphs stood beside their owners, all with wilted earpoints and all, Sallis suddenly noticed, looking landwards.
  • Alastor brings them to a large building in the center of the town, an inn from the looks of it, with a man wearing a grey cloak waiting just outside it. Alastor dismounts, gesturing for the others to do so also. Alastor and the grey cloaked man embrace like old friends, talking in hushed tones to one another. Although dusk has closed in around them, with only the faint light of the moon and the light of the inn to illuminate, this could not hide the fact that this cloaked man is strange to say the least. He stands nearly a full foot taller than Alastor and, although hooded, what is visible of his face seems different in an indescribable way. It is these things that keep the trio on their animals. Alastor takes notice of this.
  • The answers varied, each mumbled under breath to the man standing next to him. It did not matter, though. Raven knew none would have the proper answer.
  • She still stood there as gurneys were wheeled into the apartment, the loud sounds of EMTs and more cops flooding the scene. It was dark, but some power had been restored, Jordans apartment well-lit, offering comfort. Elisa motioned Summer that direction, but she resisted. She had to see if Terry was all right, needed Dan. Dan was still inside, but she heard his voice, heard him telling Terry he would be okay.
  • Suddenly exhausted, Serenity tugged her sweater over her head and pulled off her jeans. She dropped the clothes over the edge of the bed and slid under the covers. The sheets were smooth and cool against her skin and she sank into the mattress with pleasure. Her bedroom window stood wide open, the drapes pulled back. A light breeze swirled around the room, gently lifting the material. She knew the morning light would wake her, but she was too tired to get out of bed to close them.
  • The executioner stood up and a hush came over the crowd. The axe swing was moments away. As he heard the whoosh through the air, Peter felt a sudden horror. Was he imagining things? Was he really about to die, just when he thought he would live? He heard a scream and thought for sure it was his own. That he was losing his head.
  • Nick lowered himself back into his leather reclining chair and stared up at the bank manager who was standing by the window surveying the view he was about to repossess. It was the first time anyone had ever told Nick what to do in his own office, his own little kingdom.
  • "You have no idea," Aiden remarked dryly, finding the effort to keep standing more difficult with each passing second.
  • Mochan grew still when he realized that no one was moving. Every vampire was standing still, except their lips, which twitched as they stretched over their teeth, exposing the tips of their sharp white fangs, growls of hunger vibrating from their throats.
  • Much of their land had been taken from them over the past century, as Aielund slowly expanded its borders as far as it could without running afoul of another major power, such as Tulsone in the west. There was little else of value in the mountains to the south, however, so an uneasy truce had been forged after fighting over the land Coldstream now stood upon, which left the Akorans with only the least valuable lands under their control. Aiden had met several Akorans over the years, and they seemed a hard, uncompromising people, accustomed to living in a place where life was short and often brutal, in order to survive.
  • Melody hesitated. The last time she had stood in the Tower Sanctuary Room and under the Eleysian Teardrop the light had descended and shot painfully into her chest. But that wasnt really the Tower Room; and Mr. Conor had told her just last night that the radiant blue light that had brought her to her knees wasnt the Soul of Eleysius. She gazed unsurely at him, the godlike sensations still coursing electrifyingly through her.
  • The prince had a list of things to be bought in Smolensk and, walking up and down the room past Alpatych who stood by the door, he gave his instructions.
  • The Grizzly managed to get back on all of its legs. It was brown with high humped shoulders layered in muscle. Its muzzle was open, exposing its menacing teeth as it roared. Each of its claws was at least as long and as thick Conners fingers. He could tell that it was fully grown and if it stood would be well over seven feet tall and judging from its bulk would be well over eight hundred pounds.
  • One of the game's defining moments came with only seconds to play before halftime. West Valley was clinging to a one-point lead, 35-34, and Helmsdale was playing for a last shot. Glenn Jenkins dribbled the ball near half-court, and started to make his move toward the basket with about seven seconds remaining. He easily eluded guards Sullivan and McNally, and was headed to the hoop like a guided missile. Pete stood his ground as Jenkins went airborne. Glenn slammed into Pete, released the ball, and then used both hands to forcefully throw Pete to the floor. He then proceeded to taunt the West Valley star before Tom Sullivan pushed him aside. Somehow the referees restored order, as a slightly dazed Pete cleared the cob webs after his head slammed against the hard wood floor.
  • It was unexplainable, but I feel so secure while Im wearing it. Even though Im no longer standing in the Apex and the spiritual ring is closed, I still feel protected.
  • The Manhattan Life Management Training Program had ebbed and flowed in size over the years, and currently stood at 20 people. In reality, however, only a couple of people would actual remain with the company and ascend to the management level within the company.
  • Omari stood up and stared at her, not really sure what to do or say. She realized she was being as slack jawed and asinine as the strangers she usually found gawking at her. Next to the petite woman, Omari positively felt like a horse. A big horse, a Clydesdale even. This was St. Louis after all, home off the Budweiser Clydesdale team.
  • Immediately the sentries slid back the ancient iron bolt that spanned the face of the door. Then came the rasping scrape of another bolt on the inside being released. When he heard the sound, Hawksworth felt a surge of fear and stared around wildly at the faces of the guards. They all stood menacingly, with a regal bearing and expressionless faces. Each man had his hand loosely on his sword.
  • "Oh, my dear! Doctor, what happened to you? You look awful." Lynne said as she saw the worn down sad Doctor standing in front of her when she opened the apartment door.
  • Cade hesitantly stepped closer to the green-eyed creature that had so enchanted him. She did not waver or step-back, instead she stood resolutely in front of him, waiting for him to continue.
  • Marton left them in the room while he stood in the hallway."Young master, your room is just to the left of here, I trust you will have no trouble finding it."And he was gone.
  • Sabyn glanced into her hand as she prodded one of the green and pink spotted stones. He was quiet for a moment, then stood and walked to the tent. Laura looked after him in confusion, as did Tomiar who sent her thought to him.
  • Vincent tore away from the house, the back tires spraying gravel as the car fishtailed a few feet. Saras muscles tightened to keep herself from swaying with the motion. Through the windshield, she watched a large red barn that stood next to the end of the lane grow; it and a line of trees blocked what was beyond from view. Four horses of different shades of brown looked up from the tall, dark green grass and watched as they drove by, their tails swaying lazily behind them.
  • "Youll also feel mighty bad if Tray squashes him like a pancake because you went on a vacation somewhere and didnt prevent that from happening. He almost threw him through a wall or the ceiling and I couldnt seem to do anything about it because I was tripped out from what he asked me. Tomorrow hes gonna ask me the same thing, only different because everyone will be standing right there or maybe theyll be sitting, but either way theyll definitely be watching and…" I exclaimed and would have continued to ramble until she missed her plane, but she stopped me.
  • Connor stood up again; without any injuries and continued breathing evenly. "That one was close." He smiled as Jack kicked Connors weapon back into his hand. Sarahs father had a smile on and looked to be enjoying the sparring session as well. "Again!"
  • Teron nodded in understanding, but his gaze flickered curiously to Loewen, who still stood paused between the two. Taking in Terons gaze, Jian silently cursed the typical nosiness of his race.
  • The DC and the SP were the only two men standing close to the vehicle as it was pulling out. The Swami said in a low voice: "Shamsul, Andrew, it is best not to puzzle over things we cannot rationalize. As soon as you can, go to your respective places of worship, and say a prayer. Then you will regain that peace in you which has been so badly disturbed. I am so sorry."
  • Paul tried to look down to read the paper, but Elodie was pushing him out of her door until they were standing on the landing between their flats.
  • She rolled straight onto her feet and stood with a shudder. That wasn't supposed to happen. Gordon Freeman managed to wind his way all through Black Mesa, nary coming across a ventilation shaft that couldn't support his 6ft, stocky frame. Reality wasn't fair.
  • Breachmaster sounded and back swam but a single gigantic stroke as he came up underneath the girls, taking them on his back. They were both lying prone when the whale surfaced. They carefully stood on the whale's back. They laughed uncontrollably and slipped and fell and stood and fell and slipped, though the whale's skin really was not slippery.
  • Campbell points to the large easel that was still standing in the corner of the courtroom with the list of more than sixty medical conditions proven to cause false positive HIV test results. "You mean those?"
  • As they entered the room Rogers editor stood with a look of disapproval and said sarcastically, "Well look who decided to honor us with their presence today. He paused before continuing, "Whats wrong - did even your old friendJack Danielsfinally get his full of you?"
  • ROLAND SAT UP ON THE COT HE'D LAIN ON, UNABLE TO SLEEP, FOR the past several hours. The clamor of the people of Beziers in the plaza assailed his ears like thunder. Through a window he glimpsed a bright blue sky. His four men were standing by the window staring glumly out.
  • Still half-stunned ourselves, many of us, we stood beside the carcase of the first bear, our mules reloaded and ready to trek. Half-stunned but nervous, too, we often looked over our shoulders, watching for the next great beast to loom into view.
  • He was dragged roughly out of the tent along with Hutch.They were given a soup of some sort, more like a broth with no substance but it was some something.Hamilcar hungrily sucked it down. The effects of the drug needled into him almost immediately.He was barely in control of his functions and the world became a much more vivid place.Colors blended and stood out. Sounds seemed to wash in and out of his ears like a river.He was at peace and did not care about anything.
  • It was true. The Faerie had treated Alex as if she didnt exist. Even Luchtaine had ignored her when hed saved us from the Dark Sidhe. Only the ogre had paid Alex any attention, and he had wandered over at the commotion and stood just behind her.
  • "Yes," Range said, as he stood and stripped off his shirt. He was cut all over. Blood had dried in numerous places; he would have to scrub to get it off.
  • Author had somehow seen to looking after my ma from the vanguard, once her pa had died in the wars. She was then, a damsel. He gave to her words of care, direction, and even rebuke. This was all done by way of them who stood inside our walls, fetching meal and drink for our warriors. They - being hobbling ones - were the personal servants to them who were at battle. These ones would deliver instruction and even make house with their young, were such the petition of the warrior in which they aided. When my ma became a debutante, it was Author which gave permission to my pa to be her suitor.
  • There was a stone altar in the middle of the circle. In fact it was a large rock placed upon two smaller rocks, covered with a black cloth. Atop it there was a dish containing some menstrual blood of a female bear, which was in fact some regular blood of a male goat. Next to it there was a sacrificial knife, which, surprisingly enough, was really a knife, and not a sharpened stick. The Chief Druid was standing behind the altar. Kolmi the Acolyte was waiting respectfully on the side.
  • Countess Mary sat at the other end of the table. When her husband took his place she concluded, from the rapid manner in which after taking up his table napkin he pushed back the tumbler and wineglass standing before him, that he was out of humor, as was sometimes the case when he came in to dinner straight from the farm--especially before the soup. Countess Mary well knew that mood of his, and when she herself was in a good frame of mind quietly waited till he had had his soup and then began to talk to him and make him admit that there was no cause for his ill-humor. But today she quite forgot that and was hurt that he should be angry with her without any reason, and she felt unhappy. She asked him where he had been. He replied. She again inquired whether everything was going well on the farm. Her unnatural tone made him wince unpleasantly and he replied hastily.
  • Sarmento stood speechless while the envoy spoke rapidly into his ear. Then he looked back at Arangbar. "Mistakes are always possible, Majesty. His Excellency wishes to assure you the vessel and all cargo will be released within two weeks."
  • Blocking the pool stood a tilted, highly polished black marble slab, its inscription at eye-level for little Christian. He read it over and over, until that very personal message was burned into memory. The inscription read:
  • "Good, lets finally become one!" Sarah stood up from her chair and her hair billowed out as she rounded the table to take his hand. Connor couldnt believe how red her complexion had become. She took him as far as the bathroom and pointed at their bedroom. "I need to prepare myself. Wait in there for me."
  • Holli stepped carefully up to the gaping hole. She tested the strength of the rock with a probing foot before placing any true weight upon it. Satisfied it would hold her, she stood at the very edge. The break in the floor was the same size as the tunnel which was carved through the wall. Its circular border was at least as tall and as wide as Dzeb.
  • The shag immediately ceased its efforts to obtain entry into the building and stood like a statue just outside the now somewhat mangled door frame.
  • The unexpected scale of the panorama suddenly in front of him took him completely by surprise. So much so that he immediately took two steps backwards expecting to reappear on the sidewalk. Instead, he merely stood two steps further back up the beach. Baffled, he turned seeking the glass wall and was puzzled to see merely the same beach. He looked left - the same. Right - the same. Whichever way he looked, he saw the same thing. There was no turning back, and no changing what he could seea beach!
  • At first it shook slightly, then began to tremble as if in an earthquake, leaves rustling. Finnegaff, or the tree likeness of Finnegaff, opened his eyes. Mia jumped back in alarm. The tree branches retracted into the trees torso. The trunk extended a neck below the face as the bottom portion split, ground up, into legs. Not much more than several seconds had passed when Finnegaff himself was standing in front of Mia.
  • After swallowing the last mouthful of his sandwich, he stood up to stretch his cramped legs. Beneath him, the wooden verandah boards groaned under his weight. Oblivious to the noise he was making, he picked up his glass of port, and began to pace the full length of the verandah. By the time he had slurped out the contents of the glass, he realised that George had joined him.
  • Memories danced around in Fiknas head. "That day stands supreme as the most humiliating moment of the voyage for me. As I recall, my thoughts were frozen with anger. I couldnt think straight and an overwhelming cold seeped into my body. That was when the Skipper approached and offered me a chance to assist with the boat."
  • Thanks, but No Thanks. Shorthand for the rejection letter pile, for unsuccesful job applicants, inappropriate sales propositions, or anything worthy of polite refusal (Ack S Parkes). In the world of chemical explosives TNT of course stands for Trinitrotoluene, which is neither memorable nor easily pronouncable until (like lots of things) you break it down into recognizable chunks: Tri-Nitro-Toluene. And now it's easy. See BID.
  • "I stood to earn a good deal more by taking the fall than collecting on my own bet, so I agreed. It wasn't the first time. The fighting started and the first few rounds were laughable. There was an old man who wanted to see if he still had what it took. He didn't. Then was a green newcomer who was fresh from his first tour and somehow hadn't seen a battle yet. He went down fairly easily. Finally I found myself face to face with this Elite character.
  • Amalric had blustered, as Nicolette knew he would, but to her delight Marguerite had stood her ground. Lercari had demanded a written guarantee of more payment for his ships and men. Marguerite had called for pen and parchment, scribbled a note, and tossed it at the Genoese admiral as if he were a beggar.
  • Lucius stands amazed. "Hes but a mad lord, and nought but mood sways him! He gave me a jewel thother day," he says, indignantly, "and now he has beat it out of my hat! Did you see my jewel?" He kneels, then crawls around, searching, on the floor.
  • "Stalls, bulks, windows are smothered up, leads filed,"—rooftops lined with spectators, "houses ridged with variable complexions"—different faces, "all agreeing in their earnestness to see him! Seld-shown flamens"—coddled, reclusive monks—"do press among the popular throngs, and puff"—actually put forth effort—"to win a vulgar station!"—a place to stand in the crowd. "Our veiled dames commit a war of white and damask, offer their nicely-gauded cheeks to the wanton spoil of Phoebusburning kisses!"—expose carefully powdered paleness to sunlight. "Such a pother!—as if whatever god leads him were slyly crept into his human powers, and gave him graceful posture!"—the standing of a deity.
  • Range stepped toward the campfire. The man stopped cleaning the animal, stood and extended his arm,"Greetings, sir. My name is Sterlin Similow."Range shook his hand. It was soft but he could feel strength under the flesh.When his hand was released Sterlin bowed extravagantly.
  • A warm feeling began in his throat and flowed out from there. He could feel his vigor return and his mind clear like a fog had been lifted.He felt as if he had just taken a nap.He stood up, refreshed.
  • I smiled at Rachel and then flipped open my math book. Everything went just like normal, and promptly at five I closed my binder and started stuffing books into my backpack. I looked up to find Rachel standing in front of my table.
  • "Im already on it!" She said and Kara jumped in shock to see just how close she already was. Sarah stood less than a foot away from her.
  • "Now it was time to talk to the Lieutenant. With a knot in my belly I turned to him. He was smiling with relief. We stood and walked away from the fire for some privacy. He told me that at first he had doubts about my ability to handle the situation. However, I had done better than he could have hoped. He told me that he would talk to the Colonel and convince him to give me a chance to find a diplomatic solution to this mess. If he could, he would convince the Sauwerdans to let them dock in Ler Dan and they would meet us there when my mission was completed. He slapped me on the back and we turned to find the troops from the other watches arriving."
  • As was his habit, William looked out of his ger through a slit before leaving. The Matriarch and her granddaughter Emily, standing guard, chatted as non-threatening as possible so the enemy would not see them as threats. The girl, just several years older than Billy, was the first prodigy England produced in a generation, meaning she could use a wand while still a child. She showed so much promise that William gave her one of their most powerful wands sets. Although they didnt look it, these two ladies could each shoot a flame ten meters.
  • "Do you guys hear that?" he said so quietly it was barely a whisper. The rest of the team listened, There was definitely a sound of activity further down the tunnel, they caught echoing tones of voices deeper down the cave system, more importantly they could hear the noise of great shuffling, scratching and the occasional hiss of steam echoing up to where they stood.
  • The mystic bird said, "I can tell you, she's really close to where you're standing right now. She can be below you or next to you or above you. That's all I can say. I summoned the dragon to knock the door down to the main gates and now this lair is a fiery mess. He's tearing apart this castle as we speak and the landing below us is falling apart."
  • Pistol begins grandly: "Bardolph, a soldier firm and sound of heart, and of buxom valour, hath, by cruel Fate, and giddy Fortunes furious, fickle wheelthat goddess blind, who stands upon the rolling, restless stone—"
  • Those words hurt worse, the honesty and his knowledge of her. She could fuck this man day and night, could even make love to him. But make a baby? Yet, the sex was the same, the level of intensity she had shared with Jody, the degree of meaning. Sex fell into so many categories, but one sat so high on the list, maybe some never felt it. Forest hadnt, due to an accident. Autumn and Milt werent aware, a couple not wishing to procreate. Spring and John were almost here, as if all John needed was one good swing, hitting the bell, winning the prize. The grand prize, and three of them stood in Summers front yard, arguing about what Terry was bringing for dinner. Nat really hoped it was pizza, Erika actually wanted Taco Bell. Skye spoke of more barbecue; she wasnt going to eat another vegetable in her whole entire life!
  • Not far away, an ancient forest bestrode the land in thick a green blanket, and she headed towards it, drawn by an unfathomable sense that Bane was there. She found him pacing under a spreading oak at the edge of it, the demon steed standing like a statue nearby. Dismounting, she stood and waited, not daring to approach him while he still seethed with the dark power. It licked over him in shadowy flames, and she backed away when he strode over to her. Ignoring her gasp, he gripped her wrists, his black eyes boring into hers.
  • She reached out to grab Duvalier's arm again. He drew it back before she could grasp him and struck out, whipping his fist against her jaw and standing up, all in one fluid movement.
  • Connor stood before her in a black on black tuxedo that had to be custom made for they couldnt possibly make it in his size to be simply rented. "Surprise!" His smile brightened her mood instantly. He spun on one heel to show his every angle. His pants were pressed as well were his sleeves. He didnt have any shoulder pads and they werent required because of his wide shoulders. His shoes were of polished black leather. He didnt wear a tie because he once told herYou should never have anything around your neck just incase someone could strangle you with it.’
  • "I don't want to leave," Edeline answered. "If I could just sleep standing up then I would. I'd sleep where I'm standing right now."
  • It was obvious that he was pleased with the weapons he was receiving. Within seconds, he barked another command across to the trawler. Immediately, two soldiers standing around the wheelhouse of the trawler dragged a small chest from within and manhandled it up the starboard ladder on to the Ambigus deck. Xander spent some time crouched over the chest, inspecting it carefully. After several minutes, he stood, again shook hands with the LRA leader, and passed a command over to Black Patch. As two of the Ambigus crewmen picked up the chest and carried it to the helicopter, the cargo net with the load of crated guns swung over to the trawler deck. By the time the first crate had touched down on the trawler's deck, Xander and the Ugandan had left the freighters deck; the Ugandan headed back to his trawler and Levasseur headed toward his helicopter.
  • He stood garbed in a black and purple outfit, a gold-embroidered cape over his broad shoulders, one that gathered to a circular clasp just above mid-chest. He was flanked by two armed Kumiyaay who stood still and silent, looking straight ahead. The lift was whisper-quiet (even though it was hand-cranked by men just off to the side), and before Melody knew it, her teacher was standing before her.
  • Francesca chugged the last of the tea in her glass and stood up suddenly. "Hey Noah, let me talk to you outside for a minute," she said and motioned towards the door.
  • The timing of the crash and the near-sonic boom it created woke Clair Vinson and Samuel from their extended and peaceful slumber, but their brains still werent fully back on line. The duo used their vampire senses to clean up and refresh their look before they walked like two zombies down the hallway and then out the front door. They stood side-by-side staring blankly into the surf and apparently waited for further instructions.
  • They stood clustered around the TK, waving the occasional car past, as Welsh Dave cracked the injectors open one by one. Paul looked nervously up and down the road, feeling uncomfortably vulnerable, standing around in broad daylight.
  • "What was that all about?" she asked in a low voice. The Alisiyans began to lead their mules away, but walked slowly and glanced back. She was standing close to him, so that she could speak quietly enough for the others to not overhear. A little too close for clear thinking, but he tried.
  • hobson's choice - no choice at all - from the story of Tobias Hobson, Cambridge innkeeper who had a great selection of horses available to travellers, but always on the basis that they took the horse which stood nearest to the stable door (so that, according to 'The Spectator' journal of the time, 'each customer and horse was served with the same justice').
  • She hadnt even wrapped a towel around herself and headed to the bedroom for clothes. She didnt have to work, was going to do some shopping, then maybe meet with one of her sisters. Gathering underwear, Marthe decided she really didnt need a bra, only wanted to put in her contacts. View the world through clearer eyes and as she turned, there stood Kell.
  • The service was very simple and very solemn. There were only ourselves and the servants there, one or two old friends of her from Exeter, her London agent, and a gentlewoman representing Lady Joan Paxton, the President of the Incorporated Law Society. Joanna and I stood hand in hand, and we felt that our best and dearest friend was gone from us.
  • "Mr. Johnson, that was completely uncalled for, and we have every right to call the police," said Mr. Prescott in a firm, yet police voice after the double doors closed. Todd and Edgar stood in the lobby, uncomfortable. "Well consider the matter closed, but you both need to leave."
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