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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • The passers-by upon the cobbled city streets hastily cleared the way to make passage for the men, and it took only minutes for the band to enter into the castle grounds. Giving the soldiers leave to adjourn to their barracks, Kaymin halted his mount in the center of the courtyard, tossed his reins to the stable hand who had rushed out to meet him, and dismounted. Turning, he was unsurprised to see a tall, thin young man adorned in long white robes observing him silently while standing midway down the bridge which led into the castle.
  • I wanted her to at least think she had the authority to prevent me from leaving. I watched her swing between opposition and allowance. We stood there in a traditional Mexican stand-offDavid vs. Goliath style. This would have likely continued for the next several hours, but Rave intervened.
  • Hassiy gave me a sinister glance and seized the table as if to spin it about. It turned as if it stood on a revolving platform and a section of the floor turned with it, revealing a hidden doorway in the floor. Steps led downward in the darkness.
  • We entered a large room with a long table covered with food. A small group of people stood to our left, and they all stopped talking and stood at attention when we walked in. None of them made eye contact. They looked scared. "I found what I was looking for," she announced. "We will be ready to proceed within two months." A few of them raised their eyes to size me up.
  • For standing before them all was a dinosaur. He towered taller than any man had ever seen. His scaly skin was sickly green and razor sharp, thick as iron too so that no human weapon could pierce it. The pirates had arrived here early in the morning and it was now three in the afternoon. With all the excitement over booty and battle, they had all completely forgotten that they had found by fortune a house whose owner would inevitably return. And here was the owner, faced with a house full of miniature thieves killing each other and wrecking his aura.
  • I said nothing but embraced him taking in my favourite fragrance.We stood there for one long moment when teddy came bursting into the room.
  • Battling against his fear, the king forced himself to stand and face the bars of his cell. Clearing his face of all signs of the pain he felt throughout his body, he stood straight-backed and seemingly calm. Kill him they may, but he was determined that they would not see him broken.
  • "There is no threat here," Ryson responded as he reluctantly left Lauren's side. He knew he was as much responsible for her exhaustion as anyone else. He recommended, urged her, to help them forward. As well, he could not deny the animosity she now held toward him. He would have liked to extinguish the aversion she cast upon him, but he realized Lauren would not even acknowledge his presence. He sullenly approached Holli as he made his explanation. "You can relax. The only thing that was placed in this tier was that carving." He nodded to the warning which now stood upon the stone as more of a puzzle than a threat.
  • Ingar, still in masquerade, nearly turned with swift anger at the approach of an intruder, nearly turned with red glowing embers for eyes to smite the invader. His attention had been placed fully upon the ten within Sanctum. He knew their progress, knew they stood upon the middle tier. Mappel's call startled him.
  • "I don't think so." She stood and held her hand over the Book concealed beneath her clothing and smiled down at the girl. "You shall never possess the Book of Life, dark sorceress!"
  • The Magurs face wrinkled into a smile as she stood motionless, calmly awaiting him, and immediately Paul could feel her enigmatic magic working on him, melting his resolve, bending him to her will. Hed have to tell her of his decision before he faltered.
  • Yet it was she, dressed in a new gown which he did not know, made since he had left. All the others let him go, and he ran to her. When they met, she fell on his breast, sobbing. She could not lift her face, but only pressed it to the cold braiding of his hussar's jacket. Denisov, who had come into the room unnoticed by anyone, stood there and wiped his eyes at the sight.
  • Sasha knew that she probably shouldnt be trying to set Legon up with the first Elf she saw, but Iselin seemed to have a good sense of humor and probably wasnt the type to be bothered by this behavior. Arkin was standing behind her and she could hear him trying not to laugh. Iselin made a jab at him and it appeared to be in good fun. She wondered about their history.
  • Not every interpretation is quite so flattering to Mo, or to the Communist Party. Indeed, across Weibo -- and in less obvious ways, in Chinese newspapers -- the Chinese seem genuinely conflicted about how to interpret their new Nobelists tale. In a Saturday tweet by Weibo user Kai Yan, Mo is both a Communist Party pawn and a satirist whose subject-matter is Chinas all-powerful Politburo standing Committee: "Mo Yans prize was controversial and recently he supported censorship. He was also condemned by the global media for not joining those who support Xiaobos release. However, his acceptance speech was interesting. One story in his speech was about eight masons who took shelter from rain in a templethis is an obvious satire of the Communist Partys court intrigues."
  • Kaymin stood rigidly, his expression confused before finally turning horrified. "You suspect the Father God is responsible?"
  • The music ended and I woke up to the real world again. I stepped away from Jack's embrace and stood there awkwardly. "Um. Thank you."
  • Arkin stood across from Legon. He was going to start learning better deflections so he could use his opponents momentum against him. The staves were perfect for this kind of training. They couldnt take full blows without cracking, so this would force him to deflect with one sword and then strike with the other. Arkin came at him again and again, doing the same move until Legon would deflect it correctly and then he would move on to a new one. Hed been used to two-handed fighting before, but was never totally comfortable with it. You didnt have as much power with just one hand, so someone could get an advantage with just pure strength, but he also knew that people who did know how to fight well with two swords usually won, so he would put in the time.
  • All the unmarried ladies and even the married ones except the very oldest rose. Marya Dmitrievna paused at the door. Tall and stout, holding high her fifty-year-old head with its gray curls, she stood surveying the guests, and leisurely arranged her wide sleeves as if rolling them up. Marya Dmitrievna always spoke in Russian.
  • Manaea now arrived with Gephart in tow. Tobie tried to test Dimarico's reactions, and Dimarico tried to rise and get back in control, while Koskinen attempted to gain his attention. Confusion briefly reigned until Dimarico shuffled off to organize the burning of the boat and mats, Koskinen trailing in his wake and talking a mile a minute. Tobie stood forlorn, not even having a chance to ask for a drink.
  • Unable to sit still he paced up and down the room holding the letter and reading it. He glanced through it, then read it again, and then again, and standing still in the middle of the room he raised his shoulders, stretching out his hands, with his mouth wide open and his eyes fixed. What he had just been praying for with confidence that God would hear him had come to pass; but Nicholas was as much astonished as if it were something extraordinary and unexpected, and as if the very fact that it had happened so quickly proved that it had not come from God to whom he had prayed, but by some ordinary coincidence.
  • The knives moved slightly away from throats. The two men gulped as they turned slowly to find four men and one of the People standing there.
  • Tylers wolf was nothing compared to Mackenzies. Her fur was the color of nearly fallen snow before the ground underneath has contaminated it. I could tell Tyler had thought her amazing eyes were contacts, but the thing is, once you shift, everything thats not your body or your hair, falls out, especially contacts. Now that he was standing inches from her and looking into her eyes, I could tell he was startled. Even I would shy away from her angry gaze, and definitely shy away when she was mad. She can be scary when shes mad, really scary.
  • "I prithee, York, grieve, to make me merry!" she urges, as he stands stone-faced. "What, hath thy fiery heart so parched thine entrails that not a tear can fall for Rutlands death? Why art thou so patient, man?—thou shouldst be mad! And I, to make thee mad, do mock thee thus!" She strikes his face, hard. "Stamp, rave, and fret," she cries, "that I may sing and dance!"
  • Back home, I barely had my jacket off when I heard the key in the front door. I turned, hopeful that Sam was arriving early. But it was Doug. He stood for a moment in the doorway, eyes meeting mine. His face was pale, skin clammy looking, eyes both dull and pained. He moved into the room, pressing the door shut behind him and then sinking onto the couch.
  • At Avaritusorder, she and Pyp stood and watched as the crew of the Orpheus was flogged. Olympia knew that only their patrician breeding had saved her and Pyp from that fate, but she would have willingly switched places with any of those men. As the braided leather whip peeled strips of skin from the backs of the sailors and merchants, Olympia pressed Pyps face into her waist.
  • Caio stood up and looked at the crowd with sadness. He raised his hands as the guards reassembled in their formation. The people nearest to him prostrated again and the rest followed, all of them moving downward in a gentle wave.
  • "Except for the cries and bleats of beasts the place was silent. Hundreds of people stood watching us enter and cross the square. We were nearly halfway across when a great elephant of a man burst from behind a booth and, in a jiggling attempt to run, waddled rapidly across the square to intercept us."
  • The inspector stood still, looking worried, and glanced gloomily at the Chief Constable, who was making half-audible noises. The Mayor considered Doncaster evenly. Somebody behind shouted, "The Government's broken the law," and Oliver felt a little cold as he heard this final reduction of his own sentences to a supposed fact. In the following silence, "I want the Stone," the old man wailed again.
  • Mord left, and Mirra wondered what he planned to do with Benton. He regarded her coolly, his hard expression telling her nothing, and the silence grew strained as they waited. She stood by the wall, bracing herself against the ship's rolling, while he sat swinging a leg, seemingly relaxed, but for the lines between his brows that told of the pain in his head. At last Mord returned with a frightened-looking Benton, who hesitated on the threshold. Bane snorted.
  • "Hey, Mike." I stood up from the couch to face Mike. "I didnt think youd ever step foot in this apartment again."
  • Saying a silent prayer, he whipped around. As if the Red Sea had parted, a space stood vacant. Seeing no obvious limitations, he parked, then ran to the emergency room.
  • Alana's well-maintained anger turned to instant red. Whirling around, she ran down the hall, looking for an asylum to hide before her next class. She stood in the middle of an empty room and gave a Wondrous Spell that would reach the girls in a few minutes. After gaining some composure, she walked out of the room, feeling better. Laughter filled the hallway from the other students and the girls ran past her, being chased by an incredible beast with bulging eyes, hairy chest and a horrible smell. Alana just smiled and walked on.
  • When Connie had settled in front of the television and the children were playing outside, Mungo went upstairs and uncov-ered his father's khaki and helmet. Imagine going out to die in shorts, he thought as he held them up. Why not? A corpse doesn't care how it's dressed. He took off his clothes and put on the uniform and to his surprise it was a tight fit. For some reason he expected it to hang off him, but then he realized that his father had only been twenty in 1943. He put on the helmet and ammunition pouches and stood to attention before the mirror, rifle in his left hand. There he was in the guard of honour, like his father, waiting to be inspected by Winston Churchill. Only twenty, little more than a boy, in one of the great battles of his¬tory. Yet he never spoke about it. The medals on the shelf in the wardrobe, dull with age and neglect, were testimony to his pres¬ence and perhaps his courage. His mother had never spoken about it either - had refused, in fact. It stank of mothballs.
  • A police vehicle drove them to a village at the foot of the hill, to a general store there. The owner and his assistant stood up when they saw the unlikely pair: A policeman and a monk. The SP told the owner: "We are here on police business. I want you to tell the Maharaj anything and everything you can tell about the sadhu on the hilltop that used to shop here."
  • "So, you can breathe fire," she said, standing and placing a hand on the neck of the dragon. Myn was a good deal warmer, which reminded Myranda just how cold the air was. "I wish I could."
  • In Fradis experience, though, fate rarely got its workings into gear this early in the morning. Yet here was this Spilkas fellow, producing himself right into Fradis lap, as it were, of all things. Spilkas was now sweating as much as Lowell, the driver, or Fradjikan himself, but as Fradi had predicted the sweat had been both timely and effective. Lowell and Spilkas finished manhandling the last unloaded piece of baggage, the big trunk, back into the cab and stood back for a moment to pant. "Have you breakfasted?" Fradi asked Spilkas. "The inn provided a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice."
  • "Cyrus sent governors, soldiers, priests, and the children of your exiles to Yahudea and played the same trick. The Persians said El and Yahu were more names of the one elah, and Elohim was only a title that showed Elah's greatness. They built a temple like those to Mazda, on a high place with a sacred flame, but they called it El's house. They didn't restore your gold bull statue because Mazdans don't worship images. A Persian named Ezra stood in El's house and read from scrolls that he said your people had forgotten. He has another name in your scrolls: Zerubabel, the seed of Babel. He planted Babel's seed in Yahu's land by teaching what magi believe, that Elah has many names and is served by many agents, that there's life after death, that the one elah will judge everyone after the great war between light and dark. Thanks to him, your people call Cyrus an anointed, though he worshipped Mazda, not Yahu.
  • "Good thinking!" Her father said loudly. Connor stood about twenty feet away when Jack tossed Tool back and Connor returned the favor. "Its up to you, Jack. What do you think we should start with?"
  • "Im sure." Emerging from his hiding place, his suit drenched by the falling water, Ed stood beside his puppet and grinned. "Well, you came. Ill give you that. I suppose now I can give you the satisfaction of watching your family die."
  • This was completely the wrong way for the mayor to react. The imposing figure at the door stood his ground and didnt budge.
  • Sarah went to bed first as Connor stood and washed the utensils, cups and the bowls in the stream. He strung up the metal bowls and cups on the side of the shelter to keep them from getting dirty. He was tired and finally knew everything felt secure enough for the night.
  • The door opened and Seth stood at the threshold looking down at the vampire. Then he looked up at Jaxon. Her eyes were completely black, and she was standing perfectly still, too still for a human. "Frank," he said looking down at the vampire on the floor, "I think you've pissed her off" Seth looked back up at Jaxon who had cocked her head slightly towards him as he continued talking. "I suggest you get out of here before I let her finish you."
  • A dullboomsounded behind them. Ben didnt look back. Winston and Sam did. ‘The 152 is disabled,’ yelled Winston. A huge orange fire ball rose into the air from where the hangar had once stood.
  • We arrived at my doorstep and I stood there, not saying anything. I wasnt sure if I was going to have another temper tantrum or if I was going to cry. I nodded slowly, showing I heard everything. "Ill be fine. Dont worry about it. Um. Im sorry I made you walk all this way. You can take my bike, if you want. Leave it at the school. Ill take the bus tomorrow."
  • Mors kicks Eoin away. He cradles the wounds given him by the Knight, blood still flowing out from under his armor, but he remains standing. Mors snarls, standing upright and continuing his assault on Eoin like nothing has happened. Their duel increases in intensity, even as the war around has ended completely. Eoin pays no heed to anything except Mors, and so does not notice as Mors' elite soldiers take up position behind him. Just as one tries to strike Eoin, Gawain slays the elite soldier, than another and another.
  • Jorden rose to all fours and tried to ignore the pain, still too shocked by the ferocity of the transition to wonder why. When he stood and rubbed stinging eyes he could at least see that the ship and the ocean remained, but what didn't seem right was the way the ocean continued to move rather that lay in fixed dunes. Then there was the light...
  • "Of course!" Mark replied as the two men stood and shook hands on the deal. "But theres one major thing I need you to do for me."
  • Shylock thought-travel-stopped when he stood on - or rather hovered overa vast rainbow coloured hilly landscape. Each individual undulation was a different colour or hueevery colour in the visible spectrum (and a few more besides) displayed brightly before them. Directly below he could see a small box resembling a sugar-cube in all aspects apart from colour. It changed continuously as if confused by the cacophony of colours on display around it - or else simply undecided as to its own identity. Around the small box-like structure ran a circular channel, filled with snapping teeth. Not crocodiles or Piranhajust snapping teeth. Inside this channel ran a second, filled with clear liquid bubbling and boiling, spouting into the air all around, and outside of this stood an indistinct yet familiar figure.
  • At the south end of the polished bar, furthest from the stage, rises a pulpit-like semi-circular array of flickering flat computer screens and keyboards behind which stands a tall, long haired, geeky guy in a black T-shirt emblazoned in white with the logo AYBABTU. The console array faces northwest, diagonally across the expanse of the club. To the right of the console is the bar, to its left is the lounge area. From this perch, the guy in the black T-shirt has a ruling view of the entire scene.
  • The door caved in. Several soldiers were standing in the doorway, their armor glinting the candlelight coming from the hall. They saw Peter standing there, sword in hand, and they replied in kind with their own swords raised in the air. They warily crept towards Peter, knowing better than to just charge in. They circled him like vultures. Peter turned about, trying to make sure that his back wasnt to any of them. He could see the circle tightening around him, inch by inch. It was suffocating.
  • On the DIY front, if you want to insta-prep a home for someone older, the first items to go are area rugs. No matter how well secured, they are a tripping accident waiting to happen. Replace cabinet and drawer-pulls with easy-to-grip handles rather than knobs that can be harder for arthritic hands. To accommodate older visitors, consider raising key electrical outlets while lowering light switches at doorways to no more than four feet from the floor, which mitigates the need to reach high up whether someone is standing or in a wheelchair.
  • She got in the shower. The water pipes roared to life as she fiddled with the hot and cold knobs, trying in vain to reach the ideal balance between the two. But it was good enough. She stood under the stream of water and closed her eyes, letting the drops pummel her face, washing away the grime of the day.
  • The phone rang. I lay there. Katie stood there in the doorway, looking at me. It rang again. She made some sort of exasperated noise and walked toward the phone. There was something in me like a twinge of anger but it felt disconnected.
  • He stood near the hard, cracked edge of a grass-strewn cliff, looking out, motionless, silent. Maggie was behind him and to his right. She glanced out with him.
  • Amanda was ushered into a small, functional office. Two-tone grey decor with a bookcase along one wall, a wide desk and a computer pushed into one corner. Anderson sat behind his desk. He stood and reached out a long stick thin arm, his white hair giving the impression he was older than his late forties suggested. She shook his hand, barely touching the fish cold skin, having to resist the urge to wipe the warmth back into her hand.
  • She stood and fought the urge to run, to leave her village behind, to not know what had occurred. Then she could tell herself forever that all was right.
  • Having lifted her head and let her arms droop lifelessly, as ballet dancers do, Natasha, rising energetically from her heels to her toes, stepped to the middle of the room and stood still.
  • Amanda pulled away from me. I tried to pull her back to me, but she pushed me away and opened the door. Kristen was standing on the other side half dressed and looking angry.
  • Jim Stalin walked over and pulled two tuxedos out of the concrete nether regions of a large statue of Benny Hill that just happened to be standing next to the doorway. Seeing that this is a book and no one is able to see them they changed their clothes and made themselves look good. Jim actually managed to get his hair to stay in the right place before he went back up to the door.
  • "That was a good story and I would like to hear more one day, but I need to finish up and get some rest." Jack stood without a word and left him alone with a wave of his hand. Before Connor knew what happened, Sarahs father had disappeared from his side in an instant.
  • For a second my mind wandered and I considered the warehouse cameras. We werent standing in the dead zone. In fact, we were standing in the direct view of one of the main cameras. I didnt care. Even if Jameson reviewed the footage, he would just tell me how proud of me he was.
  • Two men stood near the fire, feeding a hot blaze to keep up their spirits, not being wise sentries who would hide in silence. I made out a sturdy rope drawn tight between trunks on either side of the road, a dangerous obstacle to any horseman. It stretched high, designed perhaps to catch an adult on a large steed. I might well duck under it, but the thought of being proved wrong while traveling at high speed tempered my enthusiasm for racing past. As my mother had said, having but one head I should take good care, especially with it being already well-struck this night.
  • "I bet you are, it's a bad night to be standing around in the dark," the guard sympathised, somewhat glibly. "But I have orders to permit no-one entry to the fort. You'll have to head back north again." Aiden's heart sank. This was not what he had expected, and he couldn't think of anything to say, but Colt didn't have any trouble speaking his mind.
  • At length the visitor took her leave, thanking the Swami profusely while holding his two hands warmly in her own two hands. The Swami found this gesture most heartwarming, but puzzled about its incongruity with the burkha conservatism. He offered his vehicle and driver to take the lady wherever she wanted a lift to, but she declined with thanks. She already had a vehicle. As the Swami came out to see her off he saw a shiny vehicle parked on the street, with a tall Nepalese driver standing next to it.
  • Luther stood over his prisoner and pointed at his bony finger down at his face. "Howdid you find us?" he hissed.
  • At home, they had not yet gone to bed. The young people, after returning from the theater, had had supper and were grouped round the clavichord. As soon as Nicholas entered, he was enfolded in that poetic atmosphere of love which pervaded the Rostov household that winter and, now after Dolokhov's proposal and Iogel's ball, seemed to have grown thicker round Sonya and Natasha as the air does before a thunderstorm. Sonya and Natasha, in the light-blue dresses they had worn at the theater, looking pretty and conscious of it, were standing by the clavichord, happy and smiling. Vera was playing chess with Shinshin in the drawing room. The old countess, waiting for the return of her husband and son, sat playing patience with the old gentlewoman who lived in their house. Denisov, with sparkling eyes and ruffled hair, sat at the clavichord striking chords with his short fingers, his legs thrown back and his eyes rolling as he sang, with his small, husky, but true voice, some verses called "Enchantress," which he had composed, and to which he was trying to fit music:
  • Just before sailing, he had received a parcel from Britain, one sent by Pisanio, containing a handkerchiefstained dark. standing outside his tent, he once again holds itand again weeps in anguish.
  • Once all the protesters had gone, the bulldozer started up again and carried on clearing bush and making a path to some distance away where there was a large mound of rock right by the stream. The rock stood in the way of the proposed pipeline.
  • The Council Chamber should have been some dank, dark dungeon type room with stone walls, cracked floors and cuffs attached in strategic places. It isnt, but it should be. Instead it is a large building on my fathers land made of wood sometime shortly after he bought the place. Seating is uncomfortable, padded folding chairs crammed into a space that should not allow as many beings inside as it does. There is a back gallery that allows standing room.
  • The bright light was the dozens of candles lining the shelves. It took a moment for his eyes to focus. Ida was standing in front of Peter. The witch looked as gorgeous as she always did, her raven hair fluttering in the wind. Peter wondered where the wind was coming from. He certainly didnt feel it.
  • In the cabin, she dragged the desk across the room and jammed it against the door before she sat down to eat her dinner. A minute later, a banging came at the door, followed by the captain's demands to be let in. She ignored them, spooning the hot stew. The banging continued, and the door rattled under a fierce attack. A short silence fell, then the door was pushed inwards and the desk slid across the floor. Two husky sailors stood aside to admit the swaying captain, who slammed the door behind him.
  • He stood with his back to the pyre and sliced through the ropes which bound his brothers mouth, slashing his lips as he did so. ‘Tell me the words,’ he said. ‘As you hope to die in the Suns grace, tell me the words.’
  • At Kings Cross the crush eased off a bit as people poured out onto the platform, only half as many getting on. Paul watched with distaste as a down and out tramp staggered into the compartment, the other passengers instinctively making space for him and averting their eye contact. It was hard to pinpoint his age, though he probably wasnt much older than Paul, his lower face covered in a dirty, grey stubble with unhealthy, prominent veins standing out bluish-purple on his cheeks. He was wearing a filthy donkey jacket, and his hands inside threadbare fingerless gloves, clutched a can of super strength lager.
  • Jadar watched as the maharana leaped from the boat almost before it touched the marble dock. The women around Mumtaz fled the courtyard, and now the eunuchs pressed forward to bow and welcome him. He brushed them aside as he moved quickly through the garden and into the lower arcade of the palace. Jadar stood listening expectantly to the quick pad of his footsteps on the stone stairs, then walked inside to greet him.
  • "The gold is stolen!" he shouted out, trying to appeal to their sense of greed to rouse them. This worked, to an extent: two of his crew, who were leaning against the wheel, were not sleeping so deeply that news of stolen booty could not wake them. Timmy the Brick and Ethelred forced their bodies into a standing position with much difficulty and gazed around for the source of the news. They saw a small body charging towards them, followed by the lumbering form of their captain, unmistakeable by his hooked right hand and the mass of blue which adorned his face. In their drunken state, the Boys approach was like that of a small, floating orb of pale moonlight; they were confused at what it might be, but the fact of the Captains pursuit and the mention of stolen treasure roused them to action.
  • The travellers halted, peering into the murk. A jagged crag, shaped like a tower, rose ahead of them, indistinct in the swirling fog. Two short, burly, bearded figures stood in its shadow. They seemed to be training crossbows on the travellers.
  • She squirmed and tossed the sticky linens to the floor. She stood on the opposite side of the bed, threw her robe down, and examined her body.
  • "Thanks for the coffee," I said, in general, to the Armenians or whatever-the-hell they were. Vahan stood next to the new guy, talking, so I turned to the cousin-sisters, "It was great to meet you," I said. They commented likewise. The Karabakhi goldsmith-turned-shashlik-seller turned to look at me and I could almost run my fingers through the air in the three feet between us. "Of course," I said, smiling an American smile. I concentrated on making my voice as casual as possible. A story here. Maybe there was a story. "More about Karabakh." I said. "I'll come and see you." Vahan leaned forward, then jerked himself back. Had he started to also kiss my cheek? "Do that soon," he said, still using the polite form. We looked at each other. Behind me the air filled, as if with current. My lover. For an instant, I had forgotten him. The current turned sharp, and through my heart pierced knives from Lyosha behind me stabbing their way around my ribs and arms and into Vahan's chest.
  • They stood looking at each other in the heart of the prison village as the sunset reddened the dust around their feet and the specters that had once been crusaders shuffled past them.
  • The dwarf showed no sign of acknowledging the magnificent being that stood before him. As Ryson had explained, he clung to the shadows of his escape, the darkness of nothing. Like a clump of partially molded clay, the dwarf sat unmoving with little to reveal any light of consciousness.
  • The Anderson figure within the circle stood erect, his soul shining out. Duvalier spoke a word and suddenly the light flared, like the brief glare of a dying match, and then was gone. A shadow detached itself from around Duvalier and poured itself into the blank shape left behind and it turned a pitted black.
  • She had caught them all off-guard because they werent expecting us to just suddenly appear. They stood there for a few seconds speechless.
  • Gil could barely stay on his feet from the standing ovation his body was giving him. He instantly knew that the madly-passionate exchange was better than any sex he had ever had.
  • With the first break in the shell, the surrounding air burst in with a loud pop. A musty breeze brushed against their waiting faces. Those that inhaled first did so almost reluctantly, fearing a lingering cloud of poisonous vapor. Small guarded breaths brought in the most meager mouthfuls. They stood silent, waiting, as if expecting one among them to fall to the ground. And one did.
  • He approached his room. Manissas door stood open and Rordan peered inside. Manissa straightened up the clutter. She appeared unhappy. The room looked emptier than he remembered.
  • Pistol Pete had a shot for every occasion. His parents repeatedly told him that he was wasting too much time in his room doing nothing, but familiarity kept him from rolling around and being called for traveling. Coach Parksdale was furious. He couldn't believe that Pete didn't walk with the ball, but the ref illustrated how Pete managed to stay still on the ground. People in the stands were also copying the shot and shaking their heads.
  • Jane walks hesitantly out into the car park. The other car, the one thats just arrived, is somewhere over on the other side of the change room. She stands in the rain and listens to the sound of the Holdens engine fading into the distance.
  • I smiled at Rachel and then flipped open my math book. Everything went just like normal, and promptly at five I closed my binder and started stuffing books into my backpack. I looked up to find Rachel standing in front of my table.
  • The Home Secretary was a charming politician whose methods differed from Lord Birlesmere's in that while the Foreign Secretary preferred at least to appear to direct the storm, Mr. Garterr Browne allowed it to blow itself out, after which he pointed out to it exactly what damage it had done. He got up to shake hands with Mr. Merridew and directed his attention to another visitor who was standing by the table.
  • "Something like those children, in the middle of a small army, with no women around as family to the soldiers? Something like that be standing out in a man's mind. I would have taken the time to count, even if it meant I had to be following for a distance."
  • "Sit down Samantha, and Steven get out of here." Lady Magmilan stood as well. Neither of us did as we were told. Steven actually began walking toward me. I met him half way.
  • Claire then located her puffer in her pocket and realized how obsolete the device now was. She stood up and walked around the warehouse, looking for a receptacle to through the device into, and she no longer feared being seen. Samuel had no interest in hearing the adults speak, so he walked outside and was testing out a few new facades. First he changed into a Volkswagen Beetle convertible, then a bald eagle. He soared through the air and then landed on the grand in front of Claire, as she threw the puffer in the air and it settled into the bottom of a garbage can. Samuel analyzed the object during its air flight and the changed into a five-foot puffer.
  • Framed in the door to the left of the dais stood a nightmare figure. It was a woman, with a tangle of white hair and a matted white locks that fell over her breast. Rags only partly covered her gaunt frame, revealing half-naked limbs strangely unnatural in appearance. The skin was not like that of a normal human. There was a suggestion of scaliness about it, as if the owner had dwelt long under conditions almost antithetical to those conditions under which human life ordinarily thrives. And there was nothing at all human about the eyes that blazed from the tangle of white hair. They were great gleaming disks that started unwinkingly, luminous, whitish, and without a hint of normal emotion or sanity. The mouth gaped, but no coherent words issued--only a high-pitched tittering.
  • A man stopped before them. It was Larzai, who had stood watch during dinner the night before. He was carrying a tray of freshly baked bread rolls, and beside him was a girl with a pitcher. "Are you looking for the family; sir, miss?" Larzai asked, with a perfunctory bow of his head.
  • Amanda stood in front of Duvalier, who hesitated and wrinkled his aging brow, as if seeing the policewoman for the first time.
  • The common room of the Bracksfordshire Arms was full as he walked towards the counter. It seemed that a general celebration was going on, so it was fairly safe to assume that Olaf had informed them that the road north was now clear. Most of the crowd was standing around the Mayor, clapping him on the back and toasting his health, which confirmed Aiden's assumptions.
  • Beyond the archway waited a stunning view. A valley lay cradled between three mountain ranges. At the center stood an ancient tree, massive in size. Not tall like a greatoak, it sprawled. Its branches thicker than the trunks of most trees, it shaded most of the valley. Covered in deep green moss, the bark had a life of its own, and hanging bunches of silvery threadmoss clung to the mighty leviathan.
  • Something in the factory was going clunk - WHINE, clunk - WHINE. With each whine, static crackled, hair stood on end, and clothes leapt out from the body. "Feel that?" Shaa inserted. "There is still an active containment field."
  • "There is no need for that. I won't be traveling across the land. I'll be leaving here as soon as we finish speaking. In fact, come with me now so that I can be on my way." he said as he stood up, pushing the wooden chair noisily back as he did so.
  • Light-headed, eyes half-closed and stomach still nauseous, Misha stomped over to the remaining bits of the animal, leaned over her mangled back, shattered beak, bloody black feathers, crushed tuft. Some kind of small crow? He'd sure gotten the best of her. He took the hunting knife from the holster on his hip and in one motion sliced through what remained of one of the animal's legs, then squeezed out the blood. Vova stood behind, silent. Misha shoved the claw into his inside pocket with the Chechen's ear.
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