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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Pete had a few younger adversaries on the Lakeview team that competed against him at Martin Luther Basketball camp. Kenny Drucker was a power forward who stood at 6' 3" and thought that hustle could make up for a significant shortfall in talent. His dad was Marvin Drucker, an important bench player on the East City College championship team.
  • Half a block from the head of the Commons, Ron pulled in next to a hydrant where Mal stood nursing a Starbucks grande. The thud of drums and electric bass rattled the sidewalks.
  • Alastor cannot bear to continue speaking. He stands, eyes fixed on the grave. He steps back, wanting to look away, but he does not.
  • "Oh, I got a flat on the way to work. Had to get out and fix it." He changed his pants, standing in the bedroom looking ridiculous in his socks and shirttails. "Hey, want a quickie?" he grinned. She snapped something about getting her hair messed and stalked out.
  • Dr. Seward tried one or two skeleton keys, her mechanical dexterity as a surgeon standing her in good stead. Presently she got one to suit, after a little play back and forward the bolt yielded, and with a rusty clang, shot back. We pressed on the door, the rusty hinges creaked, and it slowly opened. It was startlingly like the image conveyed to me in Dr. Seward's diary of the opening of Mister Westenra's tomb, I fancy that the same idea seemed to strike the others, for with one accord they shrank back. The Professor was the first to move forward, and stepped into the open door.
  • "If memory serves," the dwarf replied, tugging his beard thoughtfully, "this was the dwellings 'o the common folk. More'n that, I couldn't tell ya with any accuracy. I haven't stood on this ground in nearly a hunnerd years, Aiden, and truth be told, there's much that I didn't know, even back then."
  • He thought his mother might wait, and offer the kind of tight-lipped silence that demanded he elaborate. But she did not. Instead, she hugged him, stood back up, and, with her hand still closed upon his, began to lead him back home.
  • The man was silent but pointed to his left. Rommus turned but saw nothing. When he turned back to the man, he was gone. He looked again to the north where the man had pointed and he saw a faint glow beyond the mountains. The light brightened until even the sunset could not be seen. In the sky, in the false sunset, he saw a figure. He tried to concentrate on the image in the sky, but the more he did so, the blurrier it became. As he stood there, he felt a feeling coming from the figure in the sky. It was as if it was trying to tell him something, but didn't know his language, and instead spoke through intense feelings. He closed his eyes and examined the feeling. He knew what it meant.
  • The next day, as we were leaving Samaria, ten Samarian and Yahudean lepers stood far off, calling, "Of Father! Teacher! Pity us!"
  • The goblin paused. It stood stoic as if going through long past memories in its head. With a nod of futility, the goblin turned its attention back to the elf.
  • The arm fell to the ground, and for the first time, the corpse paused in its attack. It stood motionless. It stared at the lifeless arm upon the ground as if contemplating its meaning. The flies also faced indecision. They buzzed back and forth from the amputated arm to the main body of the corpse.
  • "All the foods we have, we hide, een case of mohr raids." The lid of a brown box stood propped against the same spot on the wall that had previously held me. I had been sitting on this woman's food supply and she had not said a word. "It ees not much, but we want you to have it. We weeell get more- we weeell find a way." As she spoke, flour from one sack and dry corn from the other were mixed into the bowl, one of the large water carriers hoisted again. A meal was formed as she whipped the mix together vigorously with a wooden spoon.
  • "What do you mean?" Aiden inquired, noting that Armin, standing nearby, had a dour look on his face. It was a familiar look to the young adventurer, similar to the one the young smith in Culdeny had on his face when Aiden struck a favourable bargain.
  • Some of the girls yelled, "Please let him go!" Others pleaded to the Headmaster to wake up and do something. Like the other students too horrified to move, I stood motionless, watching, looking at a dead stare, the dead man stare. Now, to think back, he gazed in the direction of his study on the lower floor. One Dark Robe stepped forward and spoke to us. He had a lot of darkness in him to be so bold and careless in his manner.
  • "I bet you are, it's a bad night to be standing around in the dark," the guard sympathised, somewhat glibly. "But I have orders to permit no-one entry to the fort. You'll have to head back north again." Aiden's heart sank. This was not what he had expected, and he couldn't think of anything to say, but Colt didn't have any trouble speaking his mind.
  • The knock on my bedroom door was so soft that I almost didnt hear it. I walked across the carpeted floor and peered into the hall. Krista was standing outside my door. She instantly motioned for me to be quiet. My heart pounded rapidly in my chest as the panic started to consume me.
  • Behind the Queen a purple silhouette stood tall, all boxy angles and serpentine curves. "Sisterthat was quite less than cordial of you. Most unbefitting of a queen." The Prince threw the torn, wadded-up apron out the window.
  • And probably still more perturbed by the fact that he had uttered this obvious falsehood, and that Balashev still stood silently before him in the same attitude of submission to fate, Napoleon abruptly turned round, drew close to Balashev's face, and, gesticulating rapidly and energetically with his white hands, almost shouted:
  • I was standing in the middle of the dark room with no shirt, sweat rolling down my chest, and my hair was completely messed up. Chris asked,"Dude, what the hell happened to you?"
  • "And how do you feel about that ignoble fact?" Goronwy said. "To your grandfather, a man is one who stands up for all his actions, whether for good or ill. It is why you chose not to lie about who you are, isnt it. Youve learned something from your grandfather anyway."
  • That was an interesting idea. I felt someone's eyes on me and glanced up. Alek stood across the camp site from us, watching. I felt a rush of pleasure as I stared. He was such a handsome man. Tall and broad shouldered with rippling muscles everywhere. As I well knew. A shock of thick, ebony hair, long enough to brush his brows and deep blue eyes that complimented his tan. I continued to watchokay oglehim as he strode toward us. His armor was unusual, with high armored boots that stopped at mid thigh like mine and then another section encased the hips and protected the stomach but was jointed so he could ride comfortably. A chest plate; which I hoped I didn't still wear the imprint of; shoulder guards, and a full cape which clipped to each shoulder and swung out as he walked.
  • Peter and Milo were standing out in the misty courtyard, watching the soldiers practice marksmanship on straw targets against the wall. They were flimsy shots, often going wide of the targets.
  • He was standing in a room with two couples that had been separated and were only a few meaningless days away from filing for divorce. He turned to a late-30s housewife and said, "Have you ever been attracted to women?"
  • Toward the front, I could see Tori Fairchild standing on another cheerleader's shoulders. She was admittedly gorgeous, and from here she actually looked human. It sucked that after only one week at school, there was already someone who made my stomach hurt when I saw them. Especially when it was one of the town's golden girls.
  • "Let me stop you there." Sarah said calmly and the principal inclined his head to allow her to speak. She has been rehearsing if this situation came to pass. She felt glad she did because her feelings for Connor would have jeopardized her standing and caused her to falter. "If you want to hear what really happened Ill tell you." With another nod she explained everything that transpired, leaving out only that she touched Connor to bring his senses back. The principal listened patiently to the events, showing little emotion. He has been at this job for quite some time. "After Mathew ran away, the class remained till the final bell."
  • Dobson, meanwhile, had just betrayed himself by emitting a low chuckle. All eyes were now upon him, and before Michael had time to chastise the grinning culprit, Dobson hurried from the room, but not before clipping his head on one of the many hanging baskets that hung down from the ornamental stands they were attached to.
  • `Of course. Yes, I remember now. I had a breakfast and stayed on in the cafe over several cups of black coffee. Two Guardia came in and stood at the bar, drinking coffee, but didn't pay me any heed. It was only when they had gone that I realized I had been waiting to be picked up, and if they didn't find me in Avila, then they'd be waiting for me in Madrid.'
  • The wind tore by them with twice the bite it would have had if they were standing still, and the rain and snow saturated them in minutes, but those were the least of her worries. Myranda turned every few moments, remembering more of the words of Caya.
  • Petya was in the porch, engaged in giving out weapons to the servants who were to leave Moscow. The loaded carts were still standing in the yard. Two of them had been uncorded and a wounded officer was climbing into one of them helped by an orderly.
  • The percentage of people between 15 and 29 who are not in employment, education or training stood at 36.8 percent, the highest level among OECD countries in 2008, according to Korea Labor Institute.
  • We three good friends never dreamed that we'd be standing here in front of all the passed on professors and be in the great presence of our beloved Headmaster.
  • Two young men in high visibility jackets stood on the runway. The sound of the door being torn off had been disguised by the approaching engines, but not enough to stop them noticing. Even at a distance, Serenity recognized the confusion in their faces at seeing two women standing in the doorway of the empty hangar.
  • They soon reached their destination, a wide and spacious courtyard. It too was paved but the flat stones weren't visible because of the people packed onto every inch of space. Despite the size of the courtyard, the crowd had overflowed and many were forced onto the grass around it. The people stood facing the dais at the opposite end but when the couple approached from behind, necks twisted and heads turned until every eye was focused on the young pair.
  • He watched them for a moment in horror, then reached and groped blindly across the top of his sea chest. It was bare. Then he remembered Shirins fall and he felt along the carpet behind the chest, next to where she stood.
  • The standing stones exploded with stunning force. An immense flash of blue fire engulfed the temple, accompanied by a massive thunderclap. Great chunks of flying rock filled the air, thudding into the ground like cannon balls amid a storm of shrapnel. The explosion flung Mirra several feet, and the maelstrom of flying rock would have killed her had she been powerless. She landed hard and rolled into a ball, covering her head as the bits of rock that had been flung upwards rained down in a hail of stone. The explosion's echoes rolled away through the mountains in a harsh, deep-throated rumble, like a giant's bellow of rage.
  • As Sallis increased his pace to return to his lodgings, Olista stood still for a few moments, staring at the youngster's back. He wondered if he had done the right thing when he commissioned Sallis to hunt down their thief.
  • Marton left them in the room while he stood in the hallway."Young master, your room is just to the left of here, I trust you will have no trouble finding it."And he was gone.
  • Jorden glanced back toward her, noticing the ill defined arch that she stood within. "I didn't realize that I was going into another world, especially not Gulliver's. I didn't think the transitions were quite that easy."
  • When the blocks sounded again, he stood and walked with the others around the zendo, careful not to look at Martin for approval. He wasn't sure why Martin was hard on him. Martin was enlightened, but wisdom hadn't erased narrow lines in his face, resentful lines. Arthur was respected in the scientific community, well paid. Martin had been an insurance adjuster or something before he found his vocation. He had shaved his head, but the cheap haircut remained.
  • "Yes, here in this forest was that oak with which I agreed," thought Prince Andrew. "But where is it?" he again wondered, gazing at the left side of the road, and without recognizing it he looked with admiration at the very oak he sought. The old oak, quite transfigured, spreading out a canopy of sappy dark-green foliage, stood rapt and slightly trembling in the rays of the evening sun. Neither gnarled fingers nor old scars nor old doubts and sorrows were any of them in evidence now. Through the hard century-old bark, even where there were no twigs, leaves had sprouted such as one could hardly believe the old veteran could have produced.
  • It brought her back, her hands trembling with quickly suppressed fury. "Hadrian? Claudius?" They stood behind her, both wielding kitchen knives. A crumpled form lay at their feet.
  • Maggie shuffled into the kitchen, prepped the coffee machine, pressed the ON button. She yawned. The early morning half light was pleasantly sleepy, the deep gray of the new day muffling all sound, all movement. She went to have a seat in the dining nook to thinkher mind felt ready to burst, so much did it have to processwhen she froze in her tracks. There shrouded in shadow stood three large Kumiyaay in uniform, who at her approach gave her a full salute: STOMP!—STOMP! STOMP! followed by the simple synchronized hand gesture down the centerlines of their bodies. It was like listening to three rifle reports at close range, the impressive weaponry strapped to their persons clinking as they moved. They finished and stood arrow straight, ready, lethal.
  • The Emperor entered the Cathedral of the Assumption. The crowd spread out again more evenly, and the clerk led Petya--pale and breathless--to the Tsar-cannon. Several people were sorry for Petya, and suddenly a crowd turned toward him and pressed round him. Those who stood nearest him attended to him, unbuttoned his coat, seated him on the raised platform of the cannon, and reproached those others (whoever they might be) who had crushed him.
  • Import stood close to Louie and had the ring ready for the right moment. The ring originally belonged to Louies mother whom he loved dearly. Something sad had happened in Louies life that he never talked about; his mother was no longer alive.
  • At the climax of the show Kevin Galt stood up and slowly descended the stairs. He walked to the front of the stage and pushed aside the legalised thugs whose job it was to protect him. He stretched out his arms, hovered on the edge for a second or two, then dived into the crowd.
  • I cut into the ogre with a vengeance. I still remembered the beating Id taken from the one in the alley. I guess I had a score to settle. This poor slob didnt last two seconds, but he did bleed on me. I could just make out Alex over his corpse. She stood there like a zombie while the Goths careened all about her.
  • The two came to a large sealed door with another guard station off to the side. The Professor was so busy staring down the various offshoots and hallways that when he saw the tall, slender strawberry-blonde goddess standing at the desk he let out an audible gasp. She was dressed in a version of the security uniform that the front desk guard had on, but noticeably different. It was almost as if this one had been tailor made to accentuate the woman's ample curves. She looked up from her screen at the noise, appraised the Professor, and then glanced at Kingston.
  • It was already too late to stop it, however. Sayana brought her hands together in front of her as she unleashed her spell, shaking the rock around them and blasting the two wounded Borers with deafening sound. They shrieked in agony, unable to withdraw or cover their ears from the assault, but worse still, dislodged rock and debris from above showered upon them all, including several sizeable chunks that could have crushed someones skull if they'd been unlucky enough to be standing there at the time.
  • Airk paced around the room. Jain sat down on the bed and took her boots off. He stopped and looked at her. His muscles were so tense that he trembled. Jain stood up and walked over to him. "Relax," she whispered into his ear. "Before you hurt yourself."
  • Bob, equally drunk, stands up, as does David. Bob weaves closer to David and, in an attempt to be threatening, says, "Listen man, don't fuck with us. We know McAneas was here last night and that you met with him upstairs."
  • Even under the bright sun there was a heavy feeling of doom that filled Tannis's heart. The Bhoors covered the land for as far as the eye could see, even to the blurry horizon. He watched his men struggling to advance, only to be cut down mercilessly at the enemy line. The bodies had piled up from both sides, and soldiers from both armies eventually realized that they could not fight well standing on the dead. The front line was constantly shifting so that the men could avoid trampling the dead and dying.
  • Jax turned to look at Seth. He was standing before one of the sketches that Caislyn had done over 10 years ago. It was of a young man wearing armor and wielding a sword. There was so much detail in the face and body of the subject in the sketch that it was hard not to reach out and touch him to see if he was real. It was also one of the only sketches Caislyn said she had drawn but never actually saw the scene take place. She guessed it was because it was a past event and not a future one. Caislyn had explained to her that it was a rarity to draw the past, but it sometimes happened. At the present though, Jax was more interested in the shocked look on Seth's face than why Caislyn had actually drawn the sketch.
  • Seth stood there a moment, too shocked to really speak. Darren had been his confidant and his friend for too long for him to take away the loyalty and bond they shared. "Your secret is safe, Darren. It just comes as a shock is all."
  • "You got that right," Joseph said, absolutely serious. "Im not somespecial chosen one,’ so I know it has to be a million times more difficult for you than me. Plus, you just lost your mother . . ." he trailed off feebly, and my eyes automatically darted to Aiden who stood over Abelies body in the distance.
  • standing in front of her was the real Maxwell, his wounds now a thing of the past, and Samuel, as a carbon copy of his dad.
  • Young and old elves, males and females alike had worked their way up. Of the three hundred some population that Sharia held, only a fraction stood out; a total numbering sixty-four. With Rasonius' blessing it would have been twice that, but it was more than he ever hoped to get without it. Lanyan took a moment to survey, then turned to Gort. "I think that went rather well."
  • Her senses seem to have dulled in the time since the comet was last seen in the sky, and she wondered if she could get those sensations back, but she put the thought from her mind and concentrated on what she must do. Her Guardians made good progress, and the hole was already quite deep. Chase stood in the hole, and only his head and shoulders were above ground level.
  • Paul span around and there behind him, where seconds before there had been nothing but wind and starlit roadside stood the Magur, as calm and inscrutable as ever.
  • Man lives consciously for himself, but is an unconscious instrument in the attainment of the historic, universal, aims of humanity. A deed done is irrevocable, and its result coinciding in time with the actions of millions of other men assumes an historic significance. The higher a man stands on the social ladder, the more people he is connected with and the more power he has over others, the more evident is the predestination and inevitability of his every action.
  • The voice came from the back of the store, by the beer cooler. At least I thought so. I handed a box of smokes to the guy standing in front of me at the counter.
  • Andrew stood up and tossed his bowl into the sink, shattering it into pieces. He paced back and forth, continuing to recount the previous night's events.
  • He stood up and stepped into the middle of the alley. Logic and memory would help him out. He would reconstruct his journey up to the moment Lundt had leapt out and caught him. That door had been to his left. He had not deviated from a straight line. There had been a sound of dripping water. Rubble, dampness. Let me see. There had been a section where the ceiling rose out of sight. And at some stage there had to be a ramp of sorts that led up to the first level. He would begin by walking in the direction he was now facing, it was as good as any other. He would try to remember, no, he would remember, no, better still he would mark the walls .... His faith began to fail. He had no chalk, no ball of thread. Fear, cold, hunger and a total lack of orientation plunged him into despair. For a moment he almost began to cry again. It was useless. This indecision led to inaction. With drooping shoulders he stared ahead of him, straining to make something out of the shadows that lay before him. And as he became accustomed to the
  • The pitter-patter noise receded, and then the creature, along with the peculiar sensation it brought to its observer, was gone. Just my imagination, the boy thought, standing back up. He was tired, hed seen a lot of weird stuff already, so it stood to reason that his mind was liable to play a few tricks now and then. Nevertheless, he wasnt entirely convinced, and figured it would be best to catch up with Lilac as soon as possible; deserted houses with sinister noises outside were not the sort of places where he preferred to be alone.
  • Fikna abandoned his post and approached. He meandered around the hold and joined Rordan and Borus. Noss stood up and the two of them faced each other.
  • Helmsdale continued to celebrate as Pete made his way to his parents on the side of the court. Isabel then hugged and kissed her tired man, as Barry Melnick joined the group. Eric Spalding made his way out of the stands and into the somber, yet appreciative group surrounding Pete. As Pete and Eric exchanged a power handshake and a bump hug, East City's public address announcer handed out the championship trophy to Ross Parker and Glenn Jenkins. He then blared,"LET'S HAND OUT ANOTHER TROPHY. OUR TOURNAMENT FINAL FOUR M.V.P. SCORED A RECORD 87 POINTS AND 50 REBOUNDS IN TWO GAMES, FOR AVERAGES OF 44 POINTS AND 25 REBOUNDS! THERE HE IS! WEST VALLEY'S, PETE BERMAN!"
  • Margret stood and went to the dresser, opened the top drawer, and took something out. When she came back to the table she handed a small mirror to Sara. "Look at your eyes."
  • Mrs. Lamb stood up with a serious look on her face. "I talk, you listen." She pulls out a wad of folder papers from her purse. "I need you to sign these divorce papers right now. If you choose not to sign, then all of the girls that you have molested back to 1965 are prepared to testify against you. And, if you ever try to become a preacher anywhere else in the country, because you will no longer be allowed back in Georgia, then the police will be notified."
  • Steve spun around and eyed the room again. He still couldnt determine where in the room the sound was coming from. Eager to see if it would start up again, he stood in front of the same bookcase and waited. Sure enough, the humming returned.
  • I nod and look around the bar. People are on the dance floor, playing pool, standing in groups, falling into each other. I cant see Rene.
  • "Enjoy your stay, Honey. You may photograph, but not touch, the lepers. Avoid those afflicted with elephantiasis, typhus, AIDS, and either the pneumonic or bubonic form of African plague. Carrion birds are not for hunting. They perform a very important function in our ecosystem. Kindly confine yourself to bird watching." He half-turned, stopped, and turned back, this time standing nose-to-nose with Mudhead while addressing Vane.
  • Returning to the waiting area, Rose found Gray standing outside the ER doors. She ran to him and he gripped her, whispering her name. "Were you sick?" he asked.
  • President Shari Flanagan stood alone like a statue with her arms folded and feet apart as she stared at the Oval Office wall screen. She wore a yellow blazer over a navy blue blouse and her handsome, care-worn face was fixed in a scowl as she watched the lander, its retrorockets flaring randomly and spinning the ship in either direction. The crawl at the bottom of the screen read, "MarsDestiny lander not respondingOnly one colonist awakeOthers feared dead."
  • Henry Percy turns and points. "Here stands the castle, by yon tuft of trees, manned with three hundred men, as I have heard; and in it are the Lords of York, Berkeley, and Seymour, none else of name and noble estimate."
  • "Are you so formal, sir?" asks Lucentio. "Well, I must wait…." And watch withal! For, but I be deceived, our fine musician groweth amorous! He stands and steps aside.
  • The other man stood up and walked into the light. Heavily scarred over his face and arms, he looked like someone had scribbled over his skin with a razor.
  • His fantastical awareness had vanished. All the details of last night stood out in his mind when he recalled them. He supposed his special sight only lay dormant and might reappear at any time.
  • At the sight of these newcomers our client had sprung from his seat and stood very erect, with his eyes cast down and his hand thrust into the breast of his frock-coat, a picture of offended dignity. The lady had taken a quick step forward and had held out her hand to him, but he still refused to raise his eyes. It was as well for his resolution, perhaps, for her pleading face was one which it was hard to resist.
  • But I was different, right? Id stroll in where wimps feared to tread, which either said something about my common sense or my intelligence, if not both, and I was certain neither comment would be all that complimentary. Of course I wasnt actually strolling in anywhere, either, so maybe it would balance out, or so I was thinking as I rounded the corner into the alley at the back of the Scapulas block. As Id surmised, there was a back door as well, a smaller one, suited for individuals afoot or horsed, or possibly even a compact carriage. At the moment it was open, and in the process of admitting a single man alone and on foot. He finished slinking in and the gate closed quickly behind him, but I was left standing in a muddle at the corner with my mouth agape.
  • The shock registering on his face as a crumpled, nasty grimace, but Bryson didn't have time to finish the blow. Stepping in close to him, she grabbed his collar. The man had to have stood almost a foot-and-a-half taller than her. But the taller they are-
  • "Yeah, they came out perfectly normal," Daniel says as he hits the back button a few times. The picture of Jack Olen and William Walker remains on the digital view. They are standing in a room. It almost looks like his brothers room. They look happy, content. Behind them the window is broken, a bright light coming from it, illuminating them and causing a sort glow effect against their skin.
  • Finally Alice said, "Excuse me," she walked over to where Derrick and Cade were standing taking turns glancing in Kats direction. "Where is your daughter? And studs if youre going to stare in her direction at least close your mouths."
  • I gawped at the blonde, blue-eyed cherub standing in the building's entrance. Her hair was plaited into a messy braid, and she wore a plain blue tunic and soft brown boots. She looked like an upper dwell. She grinned at me like we were the best of friends and waved me forward.
  • Not relieved that Connors eyes were closed, Sarah stood up out of the seat, almost in a trance. She unconsciously started walking up to where Connor stood. She carefully touched the very center of his sternum, where the lines crossed.
  • Her first view was of the floor, blue carpet that led from the living room to the small space where they stood between the bathroom and other bedroom, which was Michaels darkroom. Rose smelled no chemicals, just blood, tissue, death the same odor as sixteen years ago.
  • Adrienne blushed and looked down at her paperwork. Caspar stood hurriedly, tumbling furs onto the grass. "Perhaps I should go and find her." He hadnt yet successfully met Valentins eyes since he spilled his guts about the whole love affair to Valentin a month ago.
  • Cal landed as a grizzly bear, which sent a huge vibration across the field and into the stands where the fight continued.
  • Mont looked around. The gentle rolling plain theyd followed to the edge of the swamp had been covered only with waving wild grain and the occasional low shrub. Theyd seen a few stands of trees, true, but the last one had been an hours ride back, and nothing came to sight now as he scanned the horizon. He turned back to the water, eyed the mud with a resigned glance, flopped off his own horse, and stepped after Max. Then Jurtan realized he was wrong. There were some trees in sight, twisted gnarly things though they were. The problem with them was that they were deeper into the swamp. Well, it might be better than nothing; they werent that much deeper. "What about those trees?" he said. "Could we make a raft out of them?"
  • From the castle entrance emerges a figure, tall, clad in black, horrific armor. He walks with slow and measured steps out, standing at the head of the stairs.
  • Grahamas snapped back to reality, "Ah. Of course." It was his turn to take Elryia's hand and he held it as they walked towards the others, Ristalln pushing his way to the front. Yet Grahamas ignored it and went straight down the row. "That's Gort," the Dwarf smiled but was still wiping the dirt from his face. "Carsis," the red-haired man bowed deeply. "Merial," and she followed her fianc's gesture. "Gnert," the Gnome blinked, sniffed, and then grinned. "Lanyan," the Elf could only smile and kneel, having worshipped her for years. "Jeralyle," who was still blushing. "And you know Ristalln," the Knight stood straight now, smiling as wide as he could.
  • "I have to destroy my desk. Its full of secrets. I think its time for you to go now." With that, the poison had completed its first step. She was perfectly still with her eyes still open. I cautiously approached her and gently closed her eyes. I stood there solemnly for a moment. A single tear escaped my eye. I quickly wiped it away.
  • I stood awkwardly in the doorway for several minutes, but I couldn't resist the draw of all those books forever. I finally broke down and started tracing various spines as I decided which one I'd start with. Unfortunately I found the textbooks before I made a final decision, and then guilt over how poorly I was doing in Biology and Spanish won out.
  • She decided, standing there, to wrap that knowledge up in a little box and hide it in a closet in her mind. It would never leave, but if she pushed it far enough down and covered it up with other things, maybe she wouldnt notice it as much. She would tuck away all thoughts of what might have been had Alisiya not cut short the life of her child, her lost child with its reproachful eyes. What would she, Liseli Luenford, twenty years old, do with a child anyway? Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. A blessing that hurt, but was for the best in the end. She and Russ were in no position to be raising a child, no business trying to handle something like that when they barely had a grip on their own lives. Russ didnt even need to know that there had been that chance already.
  • The most beautiful man stood in front of her. Well over six feet tall, dark wavy hair fell across his forehead and curled around his broad throat. The square jaw and wide, generous mouth of a catalogue model graced his features, but his eyes blew her away. She did a double take and something deep inside jolted, like a flick back in time. Despite the darkness, his eyes were almost a fluorescent, bright green.
  • The statues of Lord Danato and his sister the goddess Ysa stood across the circle. Lucia gave a quick glance at the bald, black-clothed devotees of Lord Danato. Many of them had a tattoo of an orange tear beneath their left eyes. Seeing them, Lucia felt unclean beneath her skin.
  • Korol and I passed by many on our way from the wild who evidently were conscious of me and my plans. Some refrained from their regular doings for the moment and saluted the both of us with he-hoes and by waving ahoy with grins and such. For these ones, did it not seem with matter or care (nor did they even appear to take note, for that purpose) that Korol was a woman of The People from Abroad. All that seemed of substance to them was that I was one who could, perchance, have a hand in returning our people back to peace. They honored Korol just for standing at my side.
  • The little girl jumped down with a cry and ran indoors. I followed slowly, stooping to get inside. There was a smell of sheep's wool, damp and cooking and a bent old woman standing by a kettle over the fire. You could barely see for the poor light from the window and the steam from the kettle.
  • The King was laughing so hard that he couldn't manage to sip his brandy wine, much less pass judgment on the flabbergasted man. The bright red drink spilled from his cup. It went down his chin and stained the white and gold robe at the neck. To those who had witnessed King Rigert's death, it appeared to have happened again, or at least, they hoped so. The king stood angrily and threw his goblet. It smashed against a white and gold banner and the remaining contents of the goblet stained that as well. The stain was shaped like a swooping dragon that completely covered the kingdom's crest. It was an omen; the stain had formed so perfectly, it left no room for doubt. The king, however, was unaware of it. He assumed that the sudden silence of the entire throne room was in anticipation of his judgment.
  • There was another guy in shades standing by himself, leaning against a scooter, watching everybody go by very carefully. I thought he might be a journalist or something, but he wasnt taking any notes. He glanced at me, looked down at his phone and started following us. What the fuck?
  • "It was cold, though, cold enough so frost was condensing on the walls and the air was getting chilly just from standing next to it. There hadnt been any snow or ice on it when it arrived, so I made the tentative assumption that whatever process had landed it there had also sucked the heat out. Now, Im not sure thats the whole truth, but I dont know if it matters.
  • I stood there and scanned the lot, staring down some poor guy standing just inside the glassed-in lobby of the Holiday Inn, who was probably just waiting for a cab.
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