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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • I could kill him now. He was strewn on the ground, utterly vulnerable and Calista knew that by striking his throat properly she could kill him. She could shove the bone of his nose into his brain and kill him. She could bash his brains against the stone floor. She could end the months of struggle here, by murdering a defenseless man, an evil man, but defenseless nonetheless, in cold blood. She could. She gripped his head, poised to hit it against the floor when she stopped. I cannot. Weak and foolish but I cannot. She stared at Avaritus for a few more moments and then stood up.
  • He turned right down the dark hallway, moving in blind panic and hope. His only thought now was to find water. The hallway turned to the left, and then Stan found himself in a kind of cafeteria, filled with tables and lit by sunlight coming in through a row of windows on the far side of the room. standing against the opposite wall, he saw the answer to his prayers: an ice machine.
  • Welcome to the black hole of Nirvanauniversal consciousness. I know its boring to be bereft of the senses especially when you know theres a thriving world full of revelers right in this black hole, who are like ordinary human beings talking, listening, jostling, tickling each other, enjoying their beers, having sex, in short having a real good time. Another thirty seconds of silence in this heart of darkness and you will understand the predicament of God, the hero of our story. Hes been holed up here since God only knows what timeages maybe but then again time here stands stillas if waiting.
  • Inside my head thoughts collide like a motorway pile up. I can't believe how it works. Kev's done this to Mickey and he's just standing there smiling like nothing happened. I'm so mad but I can't move. I just stand there against the wall while Kev's pulling faces at me and shouting how I'll get mine. The cops tell him to shut-up. He ignores them They hustle him out pretty quick.
  • A tall, very well structured woman in her early 40s emerged from the darkness and approached the Director. Elizabeth Rose had long black hair tied back in a pony tail. Her fringe wisped over her forehead, almost hiding deep blue eyes. She strode confidently across the darkened set and stood before Shaw. He looked up at her, suddenly unnerved. ‘Wheres Brenda?’
  • Rordan finished off his meal. His tongue and the roof of his mouth felt burned. He stood up and grabbed everyones empty trays. While he put them in the pile next to the rubbish bin, Dalla approached him.
  • The schools of Newtown, which stood empty in the wake of a shooting rampage that took 26 of their own, will again ring with the sounds of students and teachers on Tuesday as the bucolic Connecticut town struggles to return to normal.
  • Farn, Jeela, to that side. Uma, Ullathis side. Stay as close to the wall as you can!’ Tika drew her sword and stood at Farns shoulder. Jeela stood between her brother and the rock, the Snow Dragons taking similar positions against the opposite wall.
  • Caius Lucius stands before the king. "When Julius Caesarwhose remembrance yet lives in mens eyes, and will to ears and tongues be hearing and theme ever!—was in this Britain and conquered it, Cassibelan, thine unclefamous in Caesars praise, nor a whit less in his feats deserving itfrom him and his succession granted Rome a tribute, yearly three thousand pounds. Which by thee lately is left untendered," he addsas if surprised.
  • Taf stood in the shaft of red light and looked upward, then she glanced to the hull. "It will sink before my time is through, but it will not be that soon." She pointed. "This way."
  • "Papa," I stood up, walked over and kissed each of them, ending with my father. "It will be fine. You and I both know that whatever comes at me, I have your stubbornness and mothers gifts, I can protect myself and I have four powerful Overlords here, at my beck and call. While you are traveling, Demonnation will respond to my call if I need extra help."
  • I had seen the start of this dark side coming that covered this ruin. The dark side of this castle started to become a challenge as I stood to look at the north side. Its entire length went on for a mile. It looked overwhelming from where I stood, and I gulped and stirred in discontent.
  • From behind them came a sudden collective intake of breath. The double doors at the side of the aisle crashed open, the echoes booming through the large open space in the clear shocked silence. The party turned, all eyes in the room swiveling toward the doors. A new figure stood there, in a cloak so black it seemed to eat the light, dramatically framed by the lines of the doorway, an active fire in an iron grate behind him that etched his shape in a writhing bed of red. The hood of the cloak was thrown back; the left eye was covered by a patch of black leather stark against the paler gray of his face, but his right eye was blue and deep with a hardness like slate.
  • A breeze lightly touched Hawksworths cheek, and he turned to see a servant standing behind him, banishing the occasional fly with a large whisk fashioned from stiff horsehair attached to a long stick. Another servant stood opposite, politely but unnecessarily cooling him with a large fan made of red leather stretched over a frame.
  • "Hmmph," the mayor muttered and shook his head. He paused again, trying to tie the loose ends together. If the story was true, it meant he could do little to return the town back to its previous state of normalcy. No matter what he attempted, panic would most certainly reign. If it were not true, he would be left with no reasonable explanation for the wild events or even the pointed eared people that stood before him.
  • Lief acknowledged the reference to their last problem; the trek through Sanctum's core, the battle with Ingar, and the final destruction of the sphere. "No, this is not quite the same. In truth, this does not even really affect the humans, and only to a slight degree the elves. But it does involve us. You and me. It involves all who stood together within Sanctum to save the land. It has much to do with the dwarves and what happened to Tun."
  • "But you can do it, Jorden, I honestly think that you can. You might say that it came to me in a vision, and so I have brought you here." The witch sighed and stood from the white iron chair to pace. "I don't deny that I hoped for better, yet I fear it was inevitable that it would be you. And now our time runs short, Jorden. In another two cycles at most, the Domain will not exist, not as it does now. It will be shards amongst shards."
  • When Pa arrived, Francine was eating her second stack of French toast. Seth and James stood up from the table, both saying something like, "Thanks for the coffee, Mis' Nix, that was sure nice, we'll go find Ethorne and get right to work now, Mist' Nix, sir."
  • Mikha'el stands straight up, becoming an imposing sight, while Morion's eyes harden toward the pair who sit across from her.
  • "Fuck! Youre getting yourself deeper in shit. Just kill it." He stood and walked towards the fireplace, pulling the stake from the plaster next to the mantel.
  • Some of the children were so overcome that the said spells bounced around, creating weird things new to us. Death and destruction reigned over that day's events. Our poor Headmaster stood tied to that post in that courtyard, dead.
  • She stood and laughed. "You have to promise me that you won't tell anyone I'm paying you for your services. I was thinking of taping the way you moan and groan when we're making love so I could play it at parties in Washington. All the women would be jealous and the men would want to hop in the sack with me."
  • Maggie came to with a start, stood too quickly, and fell back hard on her butt, her head and stomach swimming. Tried again. The ground beneath her lurched, impacted something, and she fell again. She scrambled frantically to her feet, groping about in the darkness for support. As her aching head cleared she realized she was no longer in the broken rubble of a tremendous cathedral surrounded by zombies and a lunatic Inquisitorher friendas he ritualistically tortured Necroliusfirst. She was back in Trajans quarters, on board the Gyssian flagship.
  • "Well, to tell you the truth, I want it too. But I want to whip these guys by playing our brand of basketball. Rocket-ball wins, not Rocket-brawl. You guys are finally healing. I would hate to go limping into the biggest game of our lives on Friday night. Gentlemen, history is knocking on our door. Pikesville and Fellingwood are standing in our way to making history. It's been a long time between championships for West Valley. We've come too far to be stopped by Pikesville and a few football players."
  • "You are a fool" was the first thing he could remember saying to Perrin. standing on the deck of a Genoese galley crowded with knights and men, they were waiting to set sail for Cyprus, whence King Louis would be launching his invasion.
  • Having doctored her coffee from supplies set out on an oak sidebar, Katherine went back to where she had stood overlooking the deck. To say that she wanted Matthew Butler to be able to find her easily would have embarrassed her, but it would have been true. When he did appear, she was relieved to see that Doc Sanders was accompanying him.
  • Any man; she was his only woman. Hed told her that and she believed him. Yet, when it came to the male species, Kell and Greg couldnt say no, couldnt stay faithful, why Marthe slept around. But Ash hadnt, remaining a one-man man. As former lovers trooped to Gregs bedside, Ash had stood firm, saying not a word. Never insinuating it might have been one of those bastards to get Greg sick, but in truth, the more they learned of this illness, it had probably been before Greg and Ash even met. Maybe as far back at the late 1970s, Greg infected years previous. Marthe ignored that devastating fact; if the incubation period of this disease was five or more years, the holocaust taking place that day was only the tip of the iceberg.
  • "Amycate," Mirie said as she stood above her mother. "Tell me what I want to know and Ill make sure that you-"
  • "That's enough," the photographer eventually said to me. I let go of the aluminum cage I'd pushed out of one of the corners and stood next to him, like I was his assistant or something. "Why don't we start with that black vest thing?" he said to one of the women. She nodded and stood up, started to take off her shirt. She had on a black lace bra underneath.
  • The threesome and their guide were hustled forward until they stood in a line immediately in front of the central cushion, and persuaded to kneel with simple encouragement from a couple of guiding pincers. A fearful expectation almost paralysed them where they knelt. Shylock could feel Permission shake and tried to reassure her. He also noticed that several thousand ants had appeared in the cavern openings around the walls of the chamber, and he couldn't help but compare them to crowds in the past, come to see a Christian face the lions.
  • Hywel planted himself stiffly in front of me. I read in his face the bad news he carried, and stood so as to give his report the honor it deserved.
  • I struggled to remain conscious. That fall was enough to kill someone and I could hardly move. I had no way to save him. All I could do was lay there. She pulled the trigger. I looked away, unable to watch. The sound of the gun shot echoed then slowly faded, leaving us in silence for a second. Even though I wasnt watching, I could picture Abedeji standing there motionless, frozen, already dead.
  • He slowly looked up at the man who was standing on his sword, ready to tear his arms and legs from his body as soon as he stood up. When he saw who it was, his rage was totally extinguished and he felt as if he was going to faint.
  • The dancer got off him, spilled his coke into his lap, and left abruptly. The manager came up as he was trying to wipe himself off with a cocktail napkin. Rick was too jolted by aching desire to speak. The man offered a bar rag and suggested that he tip the girl extra for the embarrassment. Rick peeled of twenty bucks, and another twenty, and twenty for the manager, then a fifty what the hell, and another fifty, and then the manager stopped glaring and said he'd see the girl got her tip. The man stood by while Rick got up to leave, because he was feeling a little lightheaded, and thought he might as well go home and get out of his wet things. He was too stunned to get the girl fired or threaten to sue the club. "Who's the girl on stage?" he asked as the guy opened the door and hailed him a cab. He chanted Roxy Roxy Roxy all the way home.
  • Rhimaldez had not made a move, at least not yet. He only stood in the doorway, his massive frame blocking any possible escape route.
  • Two troykas were standing before the porch and two young drivers were holding the horses. Balaga took his seat in the front one and holding his elbows high arranged the reins deliberately. Anatole and Dolokhov got in with him. Makarin, Khvostikov, and a valet seated themselves in the other sleigh.
  • I dont think Ive ever been as close to walking out of a restaurant before I even sat down. There have been times when I looked at the menu and kept walking, but never have I approached a table and been so repulsed by what I was seeing. Belinda flipped a shrimp into her mouth like she was a pelican standing on a huge rock. She must have been real hungry because the waiter delivered a Caesar salad shortly after they took away the shrimp.
  • He laughed. "You know, you have some interesting views on murder and evil for someone who came to Medora and tried to kill a man she didn't know. Is that the kind of backward thinking you have over there in Vindyrion? What exactly makes you immune from the same judgment? And why aren't you selfish for murdering someone who stood in your way?"
  • I thought I saw a shadowy look tint his facial features for just a brief second. Eli appeared to be furious about something. The shadow faded almost instantly though. I stood there in confusion and tried to decide what I had said to make him so angry. Of course I had simply misread his expression and the situation. He smiled at me and then, offered some unsolicited information.
  • He faces the miserable old Duke of York, who is deeply troubled by the monarchs humiliation. "Uncle, give me your hand." York stands still, mortified as the anointed king reaches forward, lifts his hand, and shakes it. "Nay, dry your eyes; tears show their love, but lack remedies."
  • Aerie stood with her back to the door. John couldnt make out her face behind a curtain of dark hair hanging from her bowed head. He eased himself closer through the throng.
  • In the chasm, burnt bodies and crushed, bloody cadavers lay in jumbled piles. Golden scales glittered amongst them, testifying to the dragon's injuries. Mirra jumped down and hurried over to those who still twitched and moaned, eking out her healing amongst so many. The triumphant soldiers stood about in dazed relief, some nursing wounds or helping friends to bind theirs. Injured dark creatures crawled towards the safety of the shadows, black ichor oozing from their skins. Some merely flapped and kicked, unable to drag themselves along, but Mirra avoided them.
  • As we approached the field which Clare had indicated we would meet, Goronwy reined in. Together we looked through the trees, up the slope to the meadow where the stone stood sentinel, guarding its meadow since before Christ was born.
  • He stood just under the leafy canopy of two small cottonwood trees that arced over the road at the point where it narrowed considerably into a double-rutted trail, perhaps a hundred yards away. He watched her steadily as she approached, leaning on a fine wooden cane. He wore a blue French Basque beret cap and had the sculpted face of a Spanish patriarch, his large, dark eyes alive and playful. His clothing, from the gray zip-neck pullover to the blue denim trousers, was worn impeccably but loosely; and as Maggie came close his face broadened into a welcoming smile.
  • He steps toward Masham. "But, oh, what shall I say to thee, Lord Scroop?—thou cruel, ingrateful, savage and inhuman creature! Thou, that didst bear the key of all my counsels, that knewst the very bottom of my soulthat almost mightst have coined me into gold, wouldst thou have practised on me for thy usemay it be possible that foreign hire could out of thee extract one spark of evil that might annoy my finger? ’Tis so strange, that, though the truth of it stands out as gross as black on white, my eye will scarcely see it!
  • Vane glared. He pushed himself back to his feet and hunched at his binoculars. Including Mudheads and his own, he counted twenty-one well-framed proto-Squares, each bordered by perfectly-straight Street outlines of four extensions apiece. Taken together, the laid-out Frames gave the impression of crisscrossed ladders lying flat. He adjusted focus. Work was scrambled farther along, and way down the line certain units were still struggling to set up their Shade Canopies. Some had given up completely. Huts remained standing only at the very foot of East Rim.
  • The reports we saw on the news werent much better. The cameras did catch Jessies arrival at the official residence in Havana, accompanied by a contingent representing the U.S. State Department. This group was met by an equally large number of Cuban officials in front of the palace. First there was a lot of handshaking between the government types, during which Jessie stood by, looking pale and nervous. Then Manny was brought out, and they stared at each other for a moment before Jessie gave way to tears and rushed into his arms. Manny looked teary eyed himself, but he seemed tentative as he put his arms around her. The two of them held hands as they disappeared into the palace, followed by the officials from both countries.
  • The dark power that emanated from the Underworld in a foetid exhalation had killed all life for leagues around, and only petrified forests stood sentinel on the barren plains. Any human who had ever dared to set foot in the cavern had been torn apart and devoured. The dark creatures ventured out only at night to hunt, preying on the animals that dwelt beyond the dark power's influence. No human lived within a hundred leagues of the cave, for to do so was certain death.
  • The other girls giggled. It was an interesting comment though. I was standing out because of all my new clothes. Alice wouldnt like it, but I was going to have to reduce the size of my closet; maybe even start wearing some items more than once. I took a moment to study the other kids clothes. I could plainly see wear and tear, and wondered why I hadnt noticed it before. It was definitely an oversight.
  • In a weird irony, at this very moment, on his hotels rooftop, King Richard helped Billys son William put on his bright red custom armor. Grandma stood uncomfortably in her own red suit, while Billys daughter with Princess practically danced in excitement in her red armor. The three of them could all extend four flames. After learning to imitate the Red Barons famous scream, their job was to lead the three largest Mongolian air units away from the marathoners flying in.
  • Catrin used her senses to peer ahead. The corridor that stood directly across from her was the one; she knew it. "What exactly are the death chambers?" she asked.
  • I snaked my way through a curvy grid of streets, heading for the far corner. One street over, there was a guy standing under a street lamp, talking on a phone.
  • The bodies became visible. They varied in height and weight, some with stooped bodies, their backs forming ridges of bone. Others stood tall, but not with the posture of a fighting man: their bodies had been stretched through torture. The smell of death wrapped around his mouth and nose, threatening to suffocate him. Though each ghostly form was different, they all shared one thing in common: a chain wound around their waists and chests, lead lines all attaching in the center of the mass where Betzalel had just stood. The chains all ended on one giant manacle, large enough that it would fit a man's torso.
  • Conditions continued to improve. Townsfolk walked through the mart and crewmembers emerged from the other boats at the pier. The patrollers stood outside. Their gaze landed on the Mirthy Mermaid and they talked amongst themselves.
  • Finally the Sovereign stood over Rome, a black hooded cloak hiding his face but for his mouth which sneered at him grimly.
  • I looked away from the window, at the dude now standing at the counter. He had set a styro of steaming coffee on the counter. He wasnt looking at me. He was looking through the bills in his wallet.
  • Every eye upon her, Catrin felt vulnerable, and she wished for Benjin to sit beside her. Instead, he stood directly behind her in the ceremonial role of her Guardian. His presence was one of the few things that kept her from crawling under the table to hide; her grandmother's warm and welcoming smile was another.
  • "Which I found charming. No, seriously." He tightened his hand over mine when I tried to pull away, aware for the first time of just how physically powerful he could be. Williams put all his strength out there simply by standing in a room. Theo kept the possibilities of what he could do under much tighter wraps. "All it took was one look, Jude. One look."
  • Anubis stood as I rushed forward and said, "Slow down there, young cub! I think you might have made a mistake!" He was backing up a bit when I got to him.
  • She spotted the very eyes that Philyra had been searching for, a familiar cloud grey pair. Hadrian had not seen them yet and was engrossed in conversation a buxom blonde, the type which heavily populated Atlantis. Whereas in Portus Tarrus Calista stood out because of her fair eyes and hair, here, Calista was one of hundreds. She absently wished that she had exotic raven-colored hair and dark, alluring eyes but she quickly banished the thought. Raven-colored hair? Foolishness at best.
  • "What the fuck?" Mitchell looked around the room, "Is this like a hidden camera show or something?" He then stood up and walked over to Prince, "Let me see that shit in writing!"
  • It was kind of innocent how I got my first taste of the thug's life. I was playing basketball on my street when I heard the sound of a car with a huge engine slowly creeping down the street. I immediately had my dad being gunned down flashback and stood motionless watching the chrome-rimmed tires spin down the block. There were four guys in the classic Cadillac convertible, which came to a halt in front of my house. Three of the guys got out and started to play basketball with me. The two other kids I was playing with ran in their houses at the sight of the car. It was like we were swimming in the ocean and the music from Jaws started playing when they came by.
  • Robin pulled up next to a long spill of books and more than a few freely floating pages and stood hopping impatiently from foot to foot. The glow from the runes on his shirt diffused out through a hanging cloud of fresh dust. Come to think of it, Leen did vaguely remember a crash and thud some ten pages earlier in her own reading, but it hadnt seemed nearly serious enough to rouse her. Leen took a look around. They appeared to have arrived at a wall, or at least a room-sized pillar. There were many similar spots around the catacombs. "Show me what youve found, Robin," Leen said patiently.
  • Nicole was smiling as she walked out of the front door and to the bland Toyota Camry parked in the driveway. Emily stood on the porch admiring her new car, a red Audi A4 Quattro, which was parked at the curb - agift' from Hartwell.
  • Damien heard that automatic flatness, and ignored it. He played his formal role when they arrived at the assembly room, and went through the receiving line with Kate, and stood with her at the edge of the ballroom.
  • For the very first time Worthless bore him with alacrity, almost with dignity. The confidence and enthusiasm Vane emanated radiated throughout her frame, made beast walk tall and rider sit high. They eagerly negotiated the prickly Mount, trotted regally along Bisecting Way, charged up a Ramp in a streak of black and tan. When they reached the top they found the entire Rim packed solid with Afar, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in silent awe of the vast military sea. Vane, having sufficiently clopped along with his turban held high, paused in his inspection to scan the enemy with his minaret spyglass.
  • He stood up and made the sign of the cross in expiation for the crime he was about to commit. He had made up his mind. From now on he was committed, whatever the consequences. There was only one way forward. He would still be travelling down a rocky road that might turn out to be a blind alley or even the road to hell but from this moment there would be no turning back. He regretted the inevitable misery he was going to cause, but in this world everyone had their cross to bear, including Mrs Roberts.
  • Despite how weird it all was, Mia felt strangely safe. "Okay, okay!" Mia stood up. "Youre a fairy," she pointed at Belemeriath.
  • It was Mappel who spoke. He stood still, his hands gently clasping his staff. Only his head turned about to meet the questioning gazes of those that now surrounded him.
  • "You're fucked up man," Tinka said. Johnny raised his arm and opened one eye. She was standing over him wearing his Doors t-shirt. She had it tied up in a knot at the side, exposing her stomach. She was also wearing a pair of pink sunglasses with lenses the size of dinner plates and Johnny strongly suspected that she might be about to feed him more acid. He tried not to show his fear.
  • "There," she said, standing up, placing her hands on her hips."We will let that set in for a few hours and then give him a re-treatment.If he does not show some signs of improvement in a few hours, we will change his medication to something slightly different. If the first treatment holds then he will be up and around tomorrow. This is potent stuff. I have only used it a few times before, but his situation is dire. He may still yet fall into deaths hands."She walked over and lit a candle marked for the passage of time.
  • As he finally awoke, he noticed that his muscles no longer ached. Connor walked down the steps and into the kitchen where Rhoda stood busy, cooking up something that smelled absolutely delicious. "Looks like the dead can awake for my cooking after all." She chuckled and she wore a blue and white striped shirt along with silver spandex pants.
  • He pointed to one of the three sets of stairs that led down. "Take that staircase there." He then turned his attention to the immigrant standing behind her. Often, over 3,000 immigrants a day headed down the westward leading stairway.
  • Katie watches him dreamily as he stands shirtless in the warm glow of the bedside lamp. ‘My golden boy,’ she says. ‘Youre a well-built bugger, my Sonny Jim.’
  • And upon a crest of sand there stood a wondrous creature, great of wing and neck, whose beauty was more than Yoal had witnessed before upon the Earth. And Yoal stood fixed in adoration of her, and after a time she caught his gaze.
  • The party stood beside a large storage facility for grain which came in from the fields. The building walls were tall, taller than Dzeb, and made of brick. Holli needed only scan the closest wall in the briefest of moments to know it would not behoove them to be trapped against it. She immediately sought other options.
  • Pauls feet mechanically turned the pedals and he moved on through the night, the trees abruptly ending as the railway track emerged into open land, undulating fields bordered by crumbling stone walls, gently rising on either side of him. A pair of deer stood frozen on the track ahead of him, their heads motionless, ears pricked up alert and watching.
  • Chief of Police Kirby was a medium-sized, medium-aged man. No particular coloring or feature that stood out at all. And very quiet. He listened, while I told him all that Wendel and Joey Free had told me and then said:
  • "No fixed address." I don't know why it's hard to say. I'm standing in a police station apparently pissed and stinking of booze, and this isn't even a low point. The sergeant is tapping stuff into a computer using two fingers. It takes a while, he stares at the screen and then at me. I know what's going to happen and wonder why I didn't think of this before.
  • The road surface is in a bad way, broken and pot-holed, with loose stones and gravel scattered about. He can hear kids playing in the street further along. A two-storey place is coming up on the left; it looks like it should be part of a terrace, but it stands, conspicuously, on its own. Theres a girl on the upstairs verandah, hanging clothes out to dry on a clothes-horse. Jim looks at her closely as he draws alongside the house, and he wonders if its the right place, and if this might be Jane.
  • The light in the eastern sky was rapidly increasing now, the stars fading out one by one as the pale blue of day engulfed them. How long could it be until sunrise, Paul wondered, as he stood concealed within the crowds.
  • "Sure, go right ahead. I will see you at supper anyways." He stood up and entered the kitchen, taking his life in his own hands.
  • In the cottage they found steaming bowls of stew and cups of tea waiting for them. Coursa stood by the fireplace in a dress that hugged her waste a little more tightly than most of her outfits did. Her hair was also different. Instead of the usual headscarf and ponytail, she had her hair loose, cascading in luxurious silver and white curls over her shoulders, down her back, and even across her face. For the second time Jain felt jealous of Coursa. Hair like that of any color would be enough to make an Adaran shepherd forget his vows, Jain thought.
  • "What?" The words came out as little more than a squeak. "Who are you?" I dragged my eyes from his and flashed them around the room again, seeking somewhere to run but not seeing anything but the long distance to the door and the man standing between it and me. He didnt answer my question but again tried one of his own.
  • Captain John and most of his men ran forward to help Cal, but several of them backed away. They all stopped when Ranger halted, facing Captain John. Bridget the Wolfhound, taller, leaner, and perhaps more intimidating than Ranger, stood next to him, and Percy stayed on Cal's chest. At least one man by the pick-up raised a rifle, looking for a clear shot at Percy, then glanced over his shoulder as Max the Ridgeback and Bubba the mastiff circled the gift shop with more dogs behind them. The shadows around the burning tree surged with the arrival of the pack, who waited near the edge of the light.
  • Paul stood dazed and confused, the taste of food and wine lingering in his mouth, a torn page of an address book and a silk wrapped package clutched in his hands. If it wasnt for the sound of trampling feet on the stairs, he could have thought that he had imagined this. This was not how his evening with Elodie should end.
  • In those few simple motions she had transmuted her body, as though through some deep cultural memory, into an ancient fertility totem, a prayer for the bounty of the human loins. It was, Hawksworth suddenly realized, a pose identical to that of a statue hed seen in a mossy temple in Mandu, on the way north from Burhanpur. It was the essence of the female principle, sharing with the earth itself the power of life. That stone goddess had automatically stirred his desire, as it had the desire of man thousands of years before, as it was meant to do. Now it stood before him.
  • "What now?" Landon asks, annoyed as he attempts to get up from the chair. He follows the sound as he fumbles around in the darkness. He eventually finds the door. He turns the knob, letting in the pale blue light from behind. In the doorway stands his youngest son, Jack.
  • "Practice hard and practice safely," the Viking said. "When your body is the size of your heart, we will have our battle." He stood and placed his hand, which was bigger than Erics head, on the helmet. With a quick bow to the crowd, he picked up his hammer and walked onto the battlefield as the swordsmen got to their feet. The group of warriors gave the crowd a bow, and cheers rang out through the bleachers.
  • to slap you on the back and bellow an obscenity. Instead he stood there rigidly for a few seconds then, very slowly, hoping that nobody would notice, let out the air through his teeth and smiled in silence. His speech was staccato, full of these gasps of air and gentle exhalings. It seemed as if he wanted to give an opinion on a certain subject, but at the last moment thought better of it, and held his peace. It was a habit which annoyed a
  • When the taxi driver found the mosque, no one was waiting for LaRose. For nearly an hour, she stood outside in a full hijab with her luggage. Then it began to rain.
  • Hartwell thought about how he would approach the first battle, but decided to stand out front and at least present the appearance of caring. He looked at Cal and then the rest of his family as they stood in the main room of the house as the clock struck midnight, and said, "Lets walk."
  • Just as she was about to ask him about it, the bells on the door jingled his exit and she was left standing there with only his invitation in hand.
  • Gregs eyes were full of sadness, pain, and anger as he stood behind Eric. "You dont have to do this," he said. "There has to be another way."
  • We were into the early hours of the morning before I managed to escape my duties and find my bed. With no maid to assist her in undressing, it looked as if Marged had fallen asleep in what she stood up in. I made a note to myself to remedy that in the morning. There had to be a local girl Goronwy could conscript. It was unseemly that she was unattended. I watched her breathe slowly in and out before blowing out the candle and crawling into bed beside her. Or rather, beside Anna. The thought made me smile and for the moment put away the concerns of the day.
  • Paul is standing knee deep in lush, waving grass on a wide plateau, looking down into a long, wooded valley, the rough limestone sides of a gorge visible at a distance.
  • Gina eventually stood and turned on her flashlight. "I'm going to check what's left in the hotbox of the oven. You hungry for anything?"
  • Sara didnt reply. She walked towards the Sidewinder. standing in line, she could feel the hot, late summer sun beating down on her and felt a drop of sweat run down her back. She looked around at the waiting crowd. Most of their clothes were damp, but she didnt know if it was from sweat or from one of the water rides. Shifting from foot to foot, she waited for her turn to get strapped into one of the many chairs that circled the shaft that would lift and spin her in the air.
  • I looked at the other guys still standing in line. All of them looked surprised but smiled slightly. They almost couldnt wait for it to end so they could start telling people what they had seen.
  • My uncle's excuse, for he gave one in a letter bringing the ultimate news, was it would have taken his entire wealth or moreand where would we all be if my father were still to die, and the family have no resources for the future? An ingenious argument but it failed to persuade us. In the same letter he reminded Mother that my young brother stood heir to Caldridge Stead, as if this should reconcile us to the loss of husband and father.
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