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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • They barely had time to recover from the brief but fierce engagement before an arrow shot past Aiden's ear, and embedded itself into the tree they were standing next to. Turning to see who was coming, the two young men saw two more bandits approaching rapidly, armed with short bows that were pointed straight at them. Aiden brought his magic shield up in time to stop the arrow from the second archer, which bounced off as if it were made of steel.
  • The light from the gem grew, illuminating the snow bank with its eerie blue glow. The air seemed alive with energy. Hair stood on end as glowing tendrils flicked out from the blinding gem. On the orders of the leader, blinders were quickly dropped over the horses eyes and all soldiers looked away. Myranda and Leo dove from behind the trees just as fractures on the crystal's surface gave way. The whole of the stand of trees, and perhaps the whole of the forest, was bathed in an utterly silent burst of the same white-blue light that Myranda had come to fear.
  • She was still gasping for air when the door flew wide and Damien stood there. From his hard breathing, his mussed hair, he must have rushed up the stairs.
  • As if she simply faded in from the darkness and took form where there was none before, a woman in a long black cloak appeared off to the side of the road where Sazar and several goblins stood watching and waiting. Her cloak billowed at the bottom and appeared to have no true end as if she was an extension of the darkness around her. Her appearance so stunned one goblin that he fired off a crossbow bolt before he knew what he was shooting at. The woman stepped forward and leaned into the incoming bolt, allowing it to plunge deep into her shoulder. Without even a gasp of pain, she pulled the protruding bolt from her flesh and threw it to the ground.
  • Despite the gravity of the conversation they were having, Michael and Frances moved away together towards the large gleaming window that was bordered by a translucent stained glass motif. As Frances stood in the foreground of the window, admiring the distant river view, she was comfortably drenched in Autumnal light.
  • She ducked through the blanket to see Darius and Gunnar, hands braced on the table half risen. Elke stood by the sideboard glaring. All eyes were on the Captain standing ready, sword drawn, a look of challenge on his face, his back to the door.
  • In the midst of all that, for Roni and Karlini to have launched into their evening argument would have been gratuitous as well as useless since you could barely hear yourself think, much less listen to someone standing next to you. Karlini had put an arm around his wifes waist. She had merely ignored it, until the arm seemed to give up on its own and slide off.
  • I sat up to give her a kiss goodbye, she dodged the kiss, stood up, and gave me a pat on the head. "See you later, Wade." Three seconds later, she was gone.
  • After swallowing the last mouthful of his sandwich, he stood up to stretch his cramped legs. Beneath him, the wooden verandah boards groaned under his weight. Oblivious to the noise he was making, he picked up his glass of port, and began to pace the full length of the verandah. By the time he had slurped out the contents of the glass, he realised that George had joined him.
  • Her pride kept her lips pressed together, prevented her from useless pleading as the two high priestesses half-dragged her through the passageways. But when she saw the stark white slab that was the whipping table, her control deserted her and she began to struggle. The high priestesses, emotionless, forced her onto the table and strapped down her arms and legs. One of them selected a whip and stood over her, eyes cold and pitiless.
  • The image was drawn on the plain white paper of the notebook. There was nothing special about it except the image itself. He had drawn it with a charcoal pencil and the level of detail was astonishing. At first glance, it looked only like a girl, me, standing in a room filled with flames. Look closer, though, and there was so much more.
  • The old woman hurried over to the other groups that stood in alarmed confusion, gathering them together with urgent gestures. Youngsters who had been playing in the forest ran back to the camp, yelling a warning. Other stragglers who had been in the woods gathering nuts and berries or answering the call of nature came running into the camp.
  • The cemetery would be open ground around the headstones, not the best place to travel. The stone wall also stood mostly in open space, but there was enough overhang from trees in the park to give him sufficient cover there. He could travel the wall along the park border until it turned at the back end of the cemetery. Along this rear border, the wall changed over to a wrought iron fence. Most of the fence and back paths were lined with trees. Unless the goblins had taken position along the fence, Joel believed a clear path now existed to the northwestern part of town that bordered the river.
  • Gladys returned her glasses to their rightful place and blinked at her Grandmother. 'They'd have gotten a storm warning. It's been building for a couple of days,' Gladys noted as she pushed against the kitchen chair and stood up. 'And as for going out todayyou don't have to, but I do.' Gladys raised her eyebrows in a half-salute and gave her Grandma a wink. 'But don't worry, I'll take the umbrella.'
  • A tidal wave of tears streamed down her face. She stood up and walked in my direction. I braced myself for whatever she was getting ready to tell me
  • Rostov gazed at what was happening before him as at a hunt. He felt instinctively that if the hussars struck at the French dragoons now, the latter could not withstand them, but if a charge was to be made it must be done now, at that very moment, or it would be too late. He looked around. A captain, standing beside him, was gazing like himself with eyes fixed on the cavalry below them.
  • "You can't be serious," Strog responded sternly. "Do you really think other cities will join us? They remain under the rule of long standing royalty. I doubt royal leaders will be willing to ally with us. They view us as renegades, a threat to their own rule. Until our movement spreads, we must rely on our own strength."
  • The man threw his arms out to either side of him. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Affected Parade." His voice came through the speakers as if he were standing right beside them. "Tonight, you will have the pleasureand the privilegeto witness first hand the little known secrets of life above ground. You will witness creatures both magical and frightening in equal measures."
  • "Youre just no fun, Demi. No fun at all." Azza stands next to Demi, brushing his thumb along her jaw. "Maybe you should try experiencing some of the emotions before you decide we shouldnt." He runs his hand through his black hair and smiles, a furtive grin forming on his face. Leaning into Demi he whispers, "You may find you like them." He brushes his lips on her cheek.
  • "There lies strength in the surprise attack," Rolin said."Kill your first opponent quietly, and the rest will still be ignorant of your presence. We talk too much and fight too little. If we are to die, lets not be standing here gabbing like a bunch of hens." He made off to find himself an ambush spot.
  • The sight of Louis filled Amalric with secret delight. The King sat on a pile of blankets, his long body bent double, holding his belly, his gaunt face dripping with feverish sweat. His cook, Isambert, a sturdy man, stood beside him with folded arms. A small group of barons, all looking exhausted, was gathered around the dark room.
  • "Yeah, we know he was here, a couple of the women we talked to saw him. They noticed because he wasn't a regular and that hair cut of his kind'a stands out a bit. Any idea where he is?"
  • Gidas stood and left the room quietly and ran to where the men where.How dare that mage slap him across the face like some whore? How dare the mage even touch him? Oh the games. One day
  • She stood and stalked away, the howls of the men outside the trees sending chills across her spine. She needed time to think. Time to not think.
  • When they finally reached Sharia, both established to set aside their squabble, knowing it would rise again. Gort huffed, as Lanyan predicted he would, when they approached the forest while the Elf let out a sigh of relief. To Lan's surprise, Sharia remained just as he left it. Quiet, peaceful, with the two guards at the front's entrance standing as solemn as ever.
  • He smiled as he stood up and then locked his happily-intense gaze on Ellison, who was definitely under the impression that the hunter had backed down. He looked into the hunterseyes and experienced a flashback of the Thad walking toward him a few days earlier and then everything went dark.
  • "What right do you have to do this to innocent people? And women no less!" she said as she crossed her arms and stood tall.
  • Rothman and Harkness stood to their guns, eyes on the bait some eighty yards away. Each had his assistants near himVonbader being one, Gardt Wentik, Tal Talliver and Joslinto unscrew the breech, swab out the chamber, load the slug and powder, replace the firing cap. To avoid interfering with the aimers those four stood well back, all watching with abated breath.
  • "Ill also respond in writing. Ill reply to their legal arguments and lets see where it gets us." Alex was already picking up his phone to make a call signaling that the meeting was over. Horst and Julie both stood at the same time and Horst felt the need to make concluding remarks. "Okay will do," he said as a way to finalize their arrangement. Alex looked at him sideways and waived them out the door. He was back to being annoyed and directed his attention elsewhere.
  • "Did you hear what he said?" Hawksworth turned to Shirin, who stood waiting, a light smile erasing some of the fatigue in her face. "Hes planning to recruit another army of Rajputs. This war is only beginning. Good Christ, when will it end?"
  • "Cmon." He struggled to his feet, grabbing her arm, trying to pull her up with him. The air was oppressive and suffocating, it made him dizzy as he stood too fast. The broken not-light sickened him; he felt it twisting in his stomach and clenching at his head. He dropped Alisiyas arm and she was left sitting in the dust.
  • Despite Curly's protests, Rolph closed the gate. "Well, let's see what news the crier brings," he said, and Benjin nodded, showing no signs of concern. Catrin followed nervously as they crossed the fields to a small town. The call for citizens continued even after they arrived, giving those in more remote areas the chance to congregate with the rest. A large crowd had gathered around the crier, who stood atop a stage of crates draped with a red cloth.
  • They stretched and yawned, as if they had just woken up from a long sleep, and stood up. They looked at their surroundings but considering that an army of armed elves, an adventurous Halfling and a book-loving human were spread across the room, none of the Ancients seemed to be very surprised.
  • Paul stood vacantly on the road, the gentle rain settling in tiny pearls on his hair and the heavy fabric of his overcoat.
  • Louie hadnt been good at science at Fly School and Lulus real expertise was bookkeeping so neither of them really understood what Pearl was saying. The pair stood nonplussed and silent trying to take it all in.
  • "I would be Kammah," the older girl said. She stood and curtsied and smiled at the fairy, playing up the formality. "And this would be my sister, Amielle."
  • I stood next to Gil, feeling anxious, while waiting for our first customer. My eyes drifted to our neighboring traders: a young man boasting dyed cloth, a wizened old woman with a huge variety of fresh spring vegetables, and a squirrelly looking man selling jewelry and foreign coins. The man selling cloth tempted market goers with long scarlet scarves gently floating from his hands. I wished I could have one. I had never seen anything so bright and perfect.
  • The sides of the room were lined with columns of polished green stone supporting pointed arches. The ceiling was painted with gilt inscriptions, lines of Arabic poetry. Under the arches little clusters of turbaned Egyptians stood talking excitedly. They might be the leading citizens of Mansura, Roland thought. They grew quiet when Roland and Perrin entered, and watched, eyes alight with triumph, as the two captives were led across the room. In their silence there was as much hatred as there had been in the shouts of the mob outside.
  • The algor said nothing more, simply walked past Ryson and followed the others back to the caves. Within moments, the two elves and the delver were left alone, standing in front of the sandstone edifice with even greater dread than when they had begun their trip.
  • Bane hurled her aside with a snarl of disgust, and she curled into a ball, whimpering and pressing her arms to her belly to warm them, for his touch seemed to have frozen them. He rose a little clumsily and stood over her, bristling with rage.
  • She stood on her good foot, but cringed. Her burnt foot still throbbed in time with her heart. The skin was raw and red, and Calista could make out muscle and even bone beneath the white blisters. If that was the top of her foot, she had no desire to see the bottom. It made the scar on her arm from the battle in the attic seem a beauty mark. She closed her eyes. "What is your sisters name?" she asked, trying to keep her mind off the pain.
  • She did, and he cradled his comm to her head. He was close enough to her that he could hear the tinny, distinctive ringing of a namerican circuit at the other end. He heard her shallow breathing, heard her jaw creak. He smelled her shampoo, a free-polymer new-car smell, smelled a hint of her sweat. A cord stood out on her neck, merging in an elegant vee with her collarbone, an arrow pointing at the swell of her breast under her paper gown.
  • "Only if you know what that damned thing over there is," the old man chuckled, gesturing at the large contraption Aiden had seen the last time he was here. Back then, it was covered in dirt and grime, but since then Dale had cleaned it thoroughly, and a gleaming (if somewhat worn) device now stood against the wall. It was a glass tube, perhaps five feet in height, mounted vertically on a metal base, and capped on the top with more metal. Metal pipes wound their way from the base up the sides where they connected to the top, and it was the strangest thing Aiden had ever seen.
  • There are times when your in a conversation with women that they band together and leave you standing there with a thumb up your ass. I was confused because my friend Zack was going to be crushed, even though he slept with anything with a pulse and a vagina. Zack knew all along where his cheating would lead him, but he seemed helpless to stop it.
  • He reached his car, fished out his keys and stood by the door jangling them. Beads of sweat rolled down his ribs beneath his loose shirt. He shoved the keys back into his pocket and pulled out a quarter, adding thirty minutes to the meter.
  • She crossed Route 13, not bothering to look both ways, feeling a bit surprised and unlucky that she had made it across unharmed. She strolled through Stewart Park, past the swing sets and slides, heading for a graveled, weed cluttered cove, passing a little boy with a toy dump truck full of grit. She stepped straight into the water across the slimy stones. The boy stood and watched her, gaping until he plugged his mouth with a thumb.
  • Coach Sherman delivered a loud, but largely uninspiring pre-game speech and then the guys were waiting near the coachs office before hitting the floor and the layup line. David didnt feel like he really knew anybody at South, although people were frantically chanting his name from the stands. While Bruce was busy throwing kisses to girls in the stands that were flashes their boobs in hopes of getting a piece of him after the game, David ignored the Mardi Gras-like atmosphere and started strolling toward the window to get a look at that box score.
  • "My five sons and two oldest daughters are in the Northern Wastes, and I fear I'll never see them again," Benjin said, his voice cracking and tears welling in his eyes. Catrin would have been impressed by his dramatics, but she knew he had an abundance of real pain to draw upon, and his tears need not be forced. The sight of his tears filled her own eyes, and her lip quivered as he continued. "This's my youngest daughter, and since my lady-wife passed to the grave, she's all I have. Even the armies could not part her from me." He said the words with conviction and stood with his chin high. He did not back down from the stares, and his fierce pride seemed to endear him to them.
  • Then his smile withered. He saw Tannis Tirinius, then the girl. He felt his blood run cold as he realized that the man wearing the Armor was not Denura, but Rommus. He stood tall and proud on the hilltop, raising his sword above his head. It caught the light of the sun, reflecting it into his eyes and making him squint.
  • "...and the whole thing pays for itself through EZPass, where we collect the payments for the music downloaded while youre on the road." As I finish my spiel, I realize Ive been keeping him distracted, standing there with the tweezers in one hand and a swab in the other.
  • Russ was speechless for a moment. He stood up, still holding his quickly cooling burger in one hand. "Marcy never said anything to me."
  • Of course we have. You humans make the mistake of only recognizing the truths in front of you. Just because you have not seen a god does not mean we have not stood on the very ground you stand upon. We were shut away from this world thousands of years ago by Oderion and his minion the god of time. It is too complicated for your human mind to understand, but Oderion used Tachion to travel back to the time before the gods walked the earth?just as he did when he created this world?and rewrote our history. To the eyes of most, we have never been to this world, but some know the truth. You cannot undo the memory of a god, much to Oderion's dismay.
  • Conor handed the small gold-webbed box to him. Eleysius brought it under the light, opened it. The box, along with his hands, disappeared in the Teardrops blue radiance. He closed the containers top. The room went suddenly very dark, save for Eleysius himself and the wooden pedestal with the Book of Countenances resting atop it. Both seemed to be glowing and standing on nothing at all, as if in deepest, darkest space. Maggie wondered if Conor was glowing as well. She looked down on his form. He was, but not nearly as brightly.
  • Whatever I was expecting from Alec and Rachel's reactions, I didn't get it. The airy, sunlit room we walked into was almost like being outside. There were a number of plants scattered about the space, some resting on the floor, others on a variety of slender stands. The effect was ethereal. It was hard to imagine that any of the spun-metal stands could support anything more substantial than a box of Kleenex.
  • Lyle stood up from the armchair and stretched his arms. Then he looked again at the vial in his hand as though he had forgotten it.
  • He stood up, hopping about on his bound legs and lapped up the air around him. He could feel it flowing through his mouth and into his lungs, carrying with it a life-giving aura which animated him once more and gave life to his mind. He could think clearly again.
  • "Hang 'em high!" a giraffe man yelled, standing up in the middle of the crowd with a coiled rope. "Let's stretch their necks!"
  • Then we stood there face to face. It did seem a bit strange, but I didnt mind. I didnt want him to leave. He looked as if he wanted to say something. I attempted to read his mind, but it didnt work. Then he leaned in and kissed me. Surprised, I took a step backward into the wall.
  • He was standing on a flat desert plain under white clouds and blue sky. There was a mesa in the distance, but aside from that there was nothing for miles around besides a few cactus and several freestanding white doors, scattered about haphazardly. Blake went up to one. Printed in the center of the door, in small gold letters, was a single word; politics. He wasn't interested, so he moved on. The next door said religion, and again he passed by. There were doors marked knowledge, art, commerce---eros. He stopped at that one. If he opened it, would he get back to Mink? Instead, he moved on to a door with no lettering. A mystery door? What did it represent, a grab bag of possibilities the other doors didn't quite cover? He opened it; there was nothing but desert on the other side. He stepped through-
  • The goblin obeyed, left the security of the tunnel and again stood on an open hill side within reach of the shag. It stood nervously next to the hole, though, like a prairie dog waiting to dart back into its own tunnel if any sign of danger appeared.
  • She nodded. She knew he was right, but also knew what he did not say. The Duke, his father, and his brothers never held themselves to such restrictions. Maybe Tomas was right, maybe the stories were all true. But they could not be. This man standing in front of her was kind to her. He would treat her well, if strict. Strictness was discipline, and discipline led to safety. He cared about her.
  • Caio stood still and let Lucia pull the robe over his head. So excited for this day, Lucia had put on her own cremos robe earlier that morning.
  • Shallow, standing with Evans at the door to the corridor, summons the shy, diffident Abraham. "Come, coz; come, coz; we stay for you. A word with you, coz," he says, pausing before broaching a sensitive subject. "Marry, this, coz: there is, astwere, a tendera kind of tendermade afar off by Sir Hugh here. Do you understand me?"
  • Dessi had opened the door and the two young female Dragons stood either side of Farn, Sket behind them all. Farns eyes whirred as Lorak moved out of the chamber first.
  • "You? ehm? are sure you don't want any company after all those years alone? I mean my offer still stands, you can still come with me? us." he stuttered.
  • At onset of night the fires roared up, and meat and broth were preparedRalff ordering Rob to serve us. That man showed his usual sullen mood, and I asked, "Don't you fear him, too, after he helpedor at least stood bywith the slaughter of Poll?"
  • "Good, lets finally become one!" Sarah stood up from her chair and her hair billowed out as she rounded the table to take his hand. Connor couldnt believe how red her complexion had become. She took him as far as the bathroom and pointed at their bedroom. "I need to prepare myself. Wait in there for me."
  • A partial wall is the only obstruction between me, the urinals and who knows how many guys, doing whatever it is they do in the restroom. I was stuck in a monumental quandary of epic proportions. Panic shook through me as I stood immobile.
  • Leynx impressed Sallis. Hardly surprising given that he had never seen anything bigger than a village before Hendrek, and Leynx was twice the size of Hendrek. The streets were hardly paved with gold, but the city's wealth as a trading post obviously stood out compared to other places on the island.
  • The city is busy, with trade carts crisscrossing the streets, carpenters building, women in front of their houses sewing in groups while the children play. The people do not overtly acknowledge Leon, instead giving a smile and a nod, which he returns subtly; a subtle sign of respect between the Son of Cain and the subjects of his rule. Leon after some time comes to the center of Valachia, where stands a beautiful fountain of black-brown marble, imported from some kingdom he could not care less about.
  • Snit climbed slowly to his feet, and we stood eyeing each other not three feet apart. I tried to ignore the fact that Rant's men had by now ringed us in. I could still hear the clash of fighting as the ten men that I'd brought with me fought a running battle, harassing the enemy's front lines in an effort to slow them down.
  • Her mother would have urged Rose to have another baby, was that why Petra seemed so supportive, offering her voice for one silenced? That had also stunned Rose, was still strange. Petra hadnt asked when she arrived, the kids all over their aunt. No time for personal asides as Rose and Gray readied to leave. The gig was on Saturday and the band had been lazy, Michael was at least right about that. No intense rehearsals since early August, but standing there, absorbing Lovies few notes on his piano combined with soft touches of Busters keen fingers on bass, it wasnt necessary to assemble on a regular schedule. Not even when Dane joined the band, for his skill was as sharp as Colins, another young man having spent his adolescence pounding skins. Dane offered a new dimension that their previous drummer, Nick Halling, hadnt possessed, namely another lead voice. That in itself had been liberating; now Rose sometimes sang duets with not only her husband but a man eleven years her junior.
  • "Wow, you actually did it this time Dylan!" My friend Daxton exclaimed. "Yah Dax, more than youve achieved!" I teased. He acted offended as I took my seat next to him and dropped the wolf next to me. I was about to keep talking with Dax, when the Alpha yelled. "Gather!" I rushed to pick up the wolf and join my pack members in a horseshoe around a huge rock. Our Alpha Tyler stood up on it, his chest puffed out. "Well Dylan, you actually did something right. Bring her here." I obeyed and placed her at his feet. He kneeled down and pulled out a long but very sharp blade and placed it above her back.
  • A large chunk of Andrew's remaining humanity died that night, as he stood motionless as his best friend was kissing his girl. His best friend, Daniel, also happened to be his first cousin, further complicating matters.
  • Although it was only 7:45, I was already exhausted. I tried to hide my yawns, but Tray noticed them. He told them we needed to get home. As we headed toward the door, we were saying "goodbye" and thanking each other. I paid close attention to Willow and Trays exchange. She hugged my brother and he whispered something to her, but it didnt turn into anything else even though they were standing near some mistletoe. They are obviously going to need my assistance
  • The men were tattered, thin, filthy. Some paced, some stood staring into space. Most sat on the dusty ground. They wore whatever rags were left to them after the Egyptians had taken their armor. Worst of all, Roland thought, they did not seem to care about anything. Only a few even bothered to look up when Roland's group straggled into the compound.
  • Hawksworth stood by the window examining the grassy square that spanned out toward the river. The porters, in whose lodge they were confined, milled about the open area, chanting and sweating as they unloaded large bales of cotton from the two-wheeled bullock carts that continually rolled into the square. He steadied himself against the heavy wooden frame of the window and wondered if his land legs would return before the day was out.
  • "Thats one of the reasons." Ryson stood up and began walking back towards the door. Enin swung it open wider to allow Ryson and the dogs to come through. "I heard Holli came to visit you and from all accounts shes still here. If thats true, Id like to talk to her first. Then, Ill take them for a few laps around the towns wall."
  • Within, stood a tall old woman, clean shaven save for a long white moustache, and clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about her anywhere. She held in her hand an antique silver lamp, in which the flame burned without a chimney or globe of any kind, throwing long quivering shadows as it flickered in the draught of the open door. The old woman motioned me in with her right hand with a courtly gesture, saying in excellent English, but with a strange intonation.
  • "Why do you think this place is called the Cafe H, Bill?" asked Jack, coming back from the bathroom and taking a spot beside his friend without noticing any transformation. "What do you think the H stands for?"
  • Suzana stood up, backing away from Rakuen and gasping in frustration when she lost her vision. She bit her lip, trying to reign in the boiling anger.
  • "Oh, Caesar, this Charmian lived but now!" the soldier tells him. "She stood and spake! I found her trimming up the diadem on her dead mistress. Tremblingly she stood, then on the sudden dropped!"
  • 'So here we are, installed in this beautiful old house, and from both my bedroom and the drawing room I can see the great elms of the cathedral close, with their great black stems standing out against the old yellow stone of the cathedral, and I can hear the rooks overhead cawing and cawing and chattering and chattering and gossiping all day, after the manner of rooks--and humans. I am busy, I need not tell you, arranging things and housekeeping. Joanna and Ms. Hawkins are busy all day, for now that Joanna is a partner, Ms. Hawkins wants to tell her all about the clients.
  • In her office seeing Jay typing on his laptop, she remembered her own exuberance and naivet as an intern in college. She thought back to law school and couldnt help feeling the sap. All those hours spent in the human rights law clinic. In the end, why should it have surprised her that nobody really gave a damn about her client, after all he didnt have any money. The law had long since been commoditized, securitized into billable hours, of which her client afforded the lowest common stock. She was too deflated to admonish Jay or engage in their usual back and forth. She stood in the doorway until he turned around and noticed her.
  • Two police officers had their backs to him; one crouching down, picking something off the floor. A tall blonde woman stood behind them, her hand hiding her mouth. The bed was still rumpled, the sheets hanging off the end, almost on the floor. But the main thing screaming for attention was the wide, gaping hole where a large pane of thick glass had once been.
  • Joe Stammerscalm voice buffeted Hannas grating tone and Summer rang up groceries, setting them in paper bags. Hannah still liked paper bags, but there was no cat litter that day, only sundries. Summer had three bags filled, hoping Hannah would at least be quick enough to set them in her cart. It would take more time if Summer had to lug them around the end of the counter and three people stood behind Hannah, all looking as exasperated as Summer felt.
  • They stood on the mossy ledge overlooking the hell house. Fallen leaves obscured some of the tracks. There were no fresh traces. Jerry had strapped a pair of camouflaged plastic boxes to trees on each side of the moss patch.
  • The dark shadowy outlines of men stood ringing the top of the well. Oh God I'm not alone. An inhuman scream emanated from the top of the well, it was the violent grinding of stones overlaid with the terrible screech of metal against chalkboard. The paralysis of fear turned into disbelief at what I saw next.
  • Louis stood suddenly and gave Roland both his hands to help him up. An excruciating pain shot through Roland's right side, and he bit his lip to keep from crying out.
  • From Richard's back, Sam saw Cammie standing ten meters away next to the most unlikely of students. Coda was grinning outlandishly, watching with an evident amount of interest. He came across as way too excited in light of what was going on. Cammie was attempting to engage him with little success. Another three meters to his left, Adam lingered against a wall, totally relaxed, watching the knife throwing psycho lady with little to no interest. He seemed preoccupied.
  • Maggie stopped, gawked. For next to Chaundran Exeter Innocent stood the most beautiful young woman Maggie had ever seen. She was clearly impatient and anxious, almost jumping up and down in place; in the next second she had flown down the stairs and into Conors arms, whose large, broad body seemed to swallow her whole. Conor stroked her long, flowing brown hair and brought her chin up from his shoulder, kissing her lips very gently. Maggie stared openly, then reprimanded herself for being so completely rude, then reprimanded herself again for being so stupid. Im invisible! Idiot! It was then that Maggie noticed the girl Conor held so closely was crying. Was sobbing. Maggie was close enough that she could hear her pleading, "Please, Kieran, nodont do it, I beg you, I beg you, please, I love you, please, no, Kieran, no…."
  • I stopped still, looked at Benny. I thought he might be trying to pull one on me. But he was standing there clinking through his key ring.
  • Like a meteor streaking through the night sky, a ball of light advanced on the goblins. They stood dumbfounded at the scene, totally unable to comprehend who or even what was headed straight for them. A few found the courage to lift a crossbow to fire, but none accomplished firing off a single shot.
  • Horst recounted the story again for Alex Moore one of the senior prosecutors on the case. Alex was mercurial and hard to read, and Horst never knew exactly what to expect when they met. At times he could be near ebullient and full of optimism but on the whole he was more likely to be taciturn and dissatisfied. His dissatisfaction wasnt personal nor directed at any individual but general in nature. His lack of satisfaction was equal opportunity and likely why he drank, Horst suspected, or perhaps it was his drinking that made him so irritable. Either way despite his mannerisms, Horst liked the man. He was honest and Horst knew where he stood as a junior staffer.
  • "Its not your fault, Legon. There is nothing you could have done. Even if I knew how to fight, do you really think that I could have stood a chance against them?"
  • The soldier bows with a wide grin before taking his leave. The Necromancer stands when he is again alone, cracking his knuckles while visually searching the room. The walls are covered in bookcases that stand the entire height of the room.
  • Not having any young of his own loins, the two of us were as much kindreds as any house in The Hamlets. We were known for making peace among natives. Were there disputes among those who found trust in us; we stood as mediators, giving care to the concerns of both parties. We assisted in finding a likeable agreement between those ones which differed. Often, the two sides would end up as neighborly ones toward one the other; because of our influence on them both.
  • "Shes awake," Baals voice called down the hallway. I opened my eyes. He was standing in the doorway. Wings covering the opening to help deaden any sound from getting in or out.
  • He spun around, his cloak floating majestically behind him, strode around the throne and walked through the concealed archway behind it. Grigor and his band followed and found themselves in a small circular room. The dimly-lit room had bare, grey stone walls, dotted regularly with several flame torches that splashed an orange red glow around the room. In the centre of the room stood a large stone table, the same grey as the walls. They all took seats around this table, with Argennon at the far side of the room, facing the archway entrance.
  • The hot, bright mid-morning sunlight shone on the steamy piles in the stables where Mia stood motionless with a pitchfork. The flies were thick, their buzz melding into a constant irritating hum. Mia thought that with all the stinking manure she was shoveling, the flies would land on the manure, not her. But the flies didnt seem to think so. She was on her third day of punishment. At least the schedule only required two hours a day.
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