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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • "As I thought," said the Prince. "Too in awe of your future King to speak. Very well. The Throne issatisfiedwith your loyalty this day." standing astride the gasping boy, blocking out the sun and smiling ear to ear, the Prince wound back and recoiled, sinking the axe into the White Tree, cleaving the carving of the charmed heart in two.
  • "We're probably 30 percent of where we need to be, so it's going to take a lot more than what's already been awarded to get to have states fully stood up," he said.
  • Those surrounded by the guards turned their attention to the approaching rider; all except Holli, Lief and Ryson. Their focus remained upon the guards which stood closest to their points of protection.
  • 'I don't have time for this.' Patreli slammed a hand into his holster, ripped out the gun and threw it sideways at Gladys. 'Bring yourself up to speed, Captain. We're being hunted by an army of the dead created by an evil Pharaoh and she's the only thing standing between us and a fucking blood bath. Now I don't have time to tell you the ins and outs; explain to you how the fuck all this happened. You just need to know we can't-'
  • Jeptha moved so that she stood beside her while looking down at her husband. "Would you leave us, dear?" she asked, pulling back the veil to uncover her face.
  • He finally stood up all the way, smoothed out the front of his shirt (which was silk, Lillie notedhow tacky), and blinked in disbelief a couple of times as he looked at her.
  • She noddednot trusting herself to speakand stood and walked over to the phone. She had Jacksons cell on speed dial and her hand shook as she placed the call.
  • He never answered, instead standing up and looking down at me menacingly. I stared up at him with what I hoped was defiance or stubbornness.
  • "Yep. I stood up to him and now I have to pay. I need to leave this forest. I dont suppose you could show me another way out?"
  • Shylock stood up and looked down at his soaking clothes, then at the others who were doing likewise when the familiar voice drifted down to them from up above. 'Can't a guy have some rest, respite, recreation and relaxation around here in peace?'
  • Lucius stands amazed. "Hes but a mad lord, and nought but mood sways him! He gave me a jewel thother day," he says, indignantly, "and now he has beat it out of my hat! Did you see my jewel?" He kneels, then crawls around, searching, on the floor.
  • He stood staring into this woman's eyes. Her beauty held him in some kind of spell, making it hard to think straight. He was sure that they would not have let her go if she was indeed the guilty Vindyri, so he decided to believe her. Forgetting what he was going to say next, he sputtered out the only thing that came to his mind.
  • Hallward glanced round him with a puzzled expression. The room looked as if it had not been lived in for years. A faded Flemish tapestry, a curtained picture, an old Italian cassone, and an almost empty book-case--that was all that it seemed to contain, besides a chair and a table. As Dorian Gray was lighting a half-burned candle that was standing on the mantelshelf, he saw that the whole place was covered with dust and that the carpet was in holes. A mouse ran scuffling behind the wainscoting. There was a damp odour of mildew.
  • Max stood up and walked over where he thought the killer must have been standing. "What do you think happened?" he asked.
  • Mom had him set it for half a dozen on and off times, standing right there with him, half hidden in the drapes. She found the curtain ties and removed them, thinking how she never used them to tie back the drapes. She glanced over them for oil stains and saw grime and the dust of years ground into the fabric. Time to take these to the dry cleaners.
  • Every muscle in her body went rigid. "You call me your dons, and yet you would keep secrets from me. You are trifling with me, Messire." She stood up. "Let me out of here at once."
  • In his second term, Obama should adopt a more agile and informed policy toward Egypt, one that matches the words often heard from the White House -- "The United States always has stood with the Egyptian people" -- with action.
  • Even as Ryson dodged numerous attacks, he had not forgotten the second giant that loomed somewhere further off in the distance. With the raucous buzz still filling the cavern, he could no longer hear footsteps. It was thus necessary to visually pinpoint the second guardian's position. When the moment allowed, he took a long glance and spotted the second giant waiting at the opposite end of the tier. It stood directly between Ryson and the door to the next level as if a final obstacle, a security measure in case the intruder outmaneuvered the first giant. It made no attempt to join the fray, thus Ryson remained content with circling about his current position and keeping the first guardian safely away from the others.
  • When they arrived at their destination, a hallway with three elaborately painted doors, they were greeted by a large gathering of robed and hooded monks standing in silence. Catrin smiled, realizing Mother Gwendolin had assumed she would say yes. With a simple nod, Mother Gwendolin sent the monks to their respective chambers. As they filed through the outer doors that bore images of colorful birds, Mother Gwendolin led Catrin through the center door. This door was painted to resemble the night sky, which Catrin noted contained no comets.
  • Marta blocked my way to the back. I stood in front of her with my arms full of paperwork and a bag of money from the safe.
  • But my thought and wish is to write of things just as they occurred, and I now bear an earnest testimony that his other prediction was more than fulfilled, for when with great hesitation and stammering I called my sister to a private audience, and stood before her shaking with fear, just so soon as I found power to open my mouth, it was filled, for the light of the Lord shone upon my understanding, and the subject that had seemed so dark now appeared of all subjects pertaining to our gospel the most lucid and plain; and so both my sister and myself were converted together, and never again did I need evidence or argument to sustain that high and holy principle. And within a few days of this period my sister accompanied me to Nauvoo, where at our sister Delcenas, we soon met the Prophet with his brother Hyrum and Wm.
  • Dorian Gray frowned and turned his head away. He could not help liking the tall, graceful young man who was standing by him. His romantic, olive-coloured face and worn expression interested him. There was something in his low languid voice that was absolutely fascinating. His cool, white, flowerlike hands, even, had a curious charm. They moved, as he spoke, like music, and seemed to have a language of their own. But he felt afraid of him, and ashamed of being afraid. Why had it been left for a stranger to reveal him to himself? He had known Basil Hallward for months, but the friendship between them had never altered him. Suddenly there had come some one across his life who seemed to have disclosed to him life's mystery. And, yet, what was there to be afraid of? He was not a schoolboy or a girl. It was absurd to be frightened.
  • But not only was it impossible to make out what was happening from where he was standing down below, or from the knoll above on which some of his generals had taken their stand, but even from the fleches themselves--in which by this time there were now Russian and now French soldiers, alternately or together, dead, wounded, alive, frightened, or maddened--even at those fleches themselves it was impossible to make out what was taking place. There for several hours amid incessant cannon and musketry fire, now Russians were seen alone, now Frenchmen alone, now infantry, and now cavalry: they appeared, fired, fell, collided, not knowing what to do with one another, screamed, and ran back again.
  • John Deere catches on first. He rips a long branch from a willow tree and pokes it in the stinking pond. The water still ripples where Black Glasses disappeared. It feels like you've been standing there all day. Maybe twenty seconds have passed.
  • The Demon Lord led them far through the gloomy forest, up hills and through valleys. Orran's enthusiasm wilted in the damp heat of the day, as did his men's. As they travelled away from the river, the forest grew less gloomy and damp, and younger trees replaced the looming, moss draped ones. The dimness gave way to a dappled grey light, the overcast sky grim through the leaves. Occasionally they came across an ancient, rough-barked tree standing alone in a clearing, as if the rest of the forest had shunned it. The trees thinned gradually, and they passed through glades filled with bracken and grass, catching fleeting glimpses of deer. The last giant tree they passed lay fallen, blasted by lightning, and saplings sprouted from its rotting remains as the forest reclaimed the glade from which the giant tree had kept it.
  • "I know it's your dresser. I wanted to see the secret world of Billy Plunkett. Maybe you've got a gun in here, or pornographic pictures, or recordings of our conversations." She swept her hands through and under the four shirts and sweaters, three paperback books and a leather-covered photo album. She picked up the album and paged through it, glancing at family pictures of a couple, she assumed were his parents, of Billy and his sister through the years posed with birthday cakes, Christmas trees, and in front of bushes in bloom. Other strange faces, some very old, were in the album. Billy stood in different clam boats, alone and with various clammers. Several pictures of Tommy Ledge alone and with Billy.
  • Without saying a word, husband and wife looked at each other. As one, they stood up and walked around to the rear of their tent. The dragon had approached from behind and was now resting on the ground, front forelegs actually crossed, as it studied the two approaching humans.
  • They all stood at the rear guard rail of the ship watching as the great palace grew smaller. Even from that distance they could still see and feel the piercing red eyes of the Dark Lord as he stared directly at the ship.
  • Everyone in sight was trying to cover themselves, those who were not actively fleeing the scene or standing gape-mouthed frozen in amazement. Or those who were still playing their harmonicas. Maybe the real problem here isnt the fire at all, Jurtan Mont was thinking, doing his best to ignore the fragments cascading around him, and especially those few (fortunately small) pattering onto his head; he had the fires meter and key and didnt want to lose them. But perhaps the real danger was related to those other dancing harpsichord runs, the ones hed been trying to ignore as a distraction, the ones that had come to their most coherent life in a rippling rush perfectly coordinated with the unusual behavior of the pavement just now. Jurtan made his focus shift...
  • The dwarven army trudged across the plains of mud, the pony-cavalry galloping ahead on either wing, their hooves throwing up showers of muck. The warriors were well-armed, many wearing capes and breeches of shaggy wool treated with pitch, in the hopes that this would make them immune to dragon venom. Far to the right, the River Gioll wound through the drear landscape. Ahead, a range of hills broke the horizon. Deserted now, Dolgthrasirs guard tower stood between them and the host.
  • Once there appeared a strange optical effect. When she stood between me and the flame she did not obstruct it, for I could see its ghostly flicker all the same. This startled me, but as the effect was only momentary, I took it that my eyes deceived me straining through the darkness. Then for a time there were no blue flames, and we sped onwards through the gloom, with the howling of the wolves around us, as though they were following in a moving circle.
  • Gummer dropped the stick he been chewing to trot across the backyard to follow Billy into his garage studio. The puppy sniffed around. Billy stood staring at the wood. He walked around it. He had thought out the sculpture of George Bush. His sketchbook was filled with his impressions of the dualism of George Bush, the confident, smiling public face and the nightmare karma carved into his soul by his decisions that caused so much suffering to so many people. On his work table beside the block of basswood lay his copy of the Oscar Wilde novel, 'The Picture of Dorian Gray.' He opened to the final page, which he had read and reread, for inspiration:
  • "Good, lets finally become one!" Sarah stood and grabbed his hand to lead him towards their bedroom. It is finally time we become whole.
  • Eyes were neatly stacked against the walls like so many finished industrial products, but there were enough mounted on stands to bring back that you're-being-watched feeling of the gallery. It was much stronger here. A creepy sensation.
  • He stood up. His heart was beating fast. There was no doubt that this was a crunch time in his life. Was he up to the challenge? All he could do was try his best. His circumstances left him no alternative. He was in the last chance saloon a minute before closing time. It was finally time to stop daydreaming. He had to become a man of action. A hunter gatherer. Quite literally.
  • The girls returned home half an hour later. They arrived to find Maggie standing over the stove and a pot full of bubbling vegetarian chili.
  • ate that night, Iago stands outside the garden doors, waiting to speak to Othello. Thin clouds drift past moon and stars, and the dim glow from a tall window nearby seems to deepen the surrounding darkness.
  • When Alfonso and his troop jumped aboard, Annie stood and returned to her own seat, just as they took the bench she had saved.
  • The theaters more genteel patrons, clustered in the surrounding galleriesthree tiers, turn to listen, and the audience of one-penny patrons, standing on the ground, moves closer.
  • The tunnels were not the only concern. He also needed time for the construction of war machines. Rock drivers, mobile heavy drills; only a few were complete and ready for combat. These weapons would ensure the destruction of the wall, towers and many buildings in mere moments. With a full arsenal, he could guarantee not a single structure in Burbon would remain standing by midnight.
  • Now, standing in this graceful, charming back yard filled with old, southern oaks and smart people dressed in their wedding best, Samantha stubbornly batted back her tears. Three weeks and she still couldn't believe that the man was gone.
  • Tannis stood silently as he thought. He believed the man was being honest with him, but a clever King might send an uninformed fool with a false message in order to lull his enemy into a feeling of security. This man's words would not change the plan to prepare for war, but in the end it might change who would feel the bite from the Medoran Legions. There were still pieces that didn't fit well, like the assassination attempts and the missing scouts. He would need time to think on the matter.
  • Before I could answer I turned my attention to the supersonic vibes that were bouncing all over the room. Fred stood up and unfolded her long legs from the chair. At the same time, Dalia stopped talking and watched this Barbie doll emerge from her chair. Dalia is not a small woman, standing at over 5'10'' - 5'9" if you ask her - but I could sense that she wasn't feeling as mighty as usual.
  • "Basil," cried Dorian Gray, "if Lord Henry Wotton goes, I shall go, too. You never open your lips while you are painting, and it is horribly dull standing on a platform and trying to look pleasant. Ask him to stay. I insist upon it."
  • The troops were running in such a dense mass that once surrounded by them it was difficult to get out again. One was shouting, "Get on! Why are you hindering us?" Another in the same place turned round and fired in the air; a third was striking the horse Kutuzov himself rode. Having by a great effort got away to the left from that flood of men, Kutuzov, with his suite diminished by more than half, rode toward a sound of artillery fire near by. Having forced his way out of the crowd of fugitives, Prince Andrew, trying to keep near Kutuzov, saw on the slope of the hill amid the smoke a Russian battery that was still firing and Frenchmen running toward it. Higher up stood some Russian infantry, neither moving forward to protect the battery nor backward with the fleeing crowd. A mounted general separated himself from the infantry and approached Kutuzov. Of Kutuzov's suite only four remained. They were all pale and exchanged looks in silence.
  • The old man has smarted under Coriolanuss invective, but he grins. "And to make us no better thought of, only a little help will serve: for once wed stood up about the wheat, he himself stuck not to call usthe many-headed multitude!’" He laughs. "We have not been called so by many!"
  • Benjamin, at last attaining a foothold in the cage, stood up breathlessly. The door was still swinging wildly, the cage itself turning on its axis, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. Seeing how close Lilac now was - and seeing also that it would take only seconds before the cage was beyond her reach - he tottered forwards, pushed the door aside, and kept his hand there. The lady, seeing this, shrugged the satchel free and threw it the boy. Her aim, in this instance, was true; it hit him in the stomach, and though the weight was light and the force behind it minimal, he still couldnt prevent himself from doubling up. Automatically, his free arm curled round to take hold of his belly, and in the process it managed to snag the satchel by its strap. A moment later, and the rod hit the cage also - but failed to find purchase. Only about a quarter of its length made it onto the deck; after that, it slipped away, falling back down to the ground to a dismayed "Gah!" from Lilac.
  • Vane fought to keep his poles from caving to center while simultaneously reaching for a trailing rope, his struggles accompanied by shy laughter all around. Finally he snatched the rope, looped its knot to a stake, and hammered the stake into place. The other ropes and stakes quickly followed course, and then Canopy #1 was somehow standing taut, exactly ten feet above the craters flat parched floor. Vane proudly stepped onto the equally taut canvas mat. The effect of his completed Shade Canopy was immediate.
  • Billy stood up and went back to clamming. He worked on automatic pilot with his mind focused on Babs Budinsky's nasty portrayal of Erin as a poison pen for right wing politicians instead of the rake, the wind and the water. Erin had told him what she did for a living, but what her calling meant hadn't registered until he heard Babs Budinsky describe how cruel and perhaps dishonest she could be.
  • CHAPTER ELEVENThere was something about Erica Noble that intrigued Pete. She was attractive, but not blessed with the body of a cheerleader; she stood about 5' 8", and had medium-length brown hair. It must have been her deep blue eyes that burned a hole through his brain that afternoon. Her remarks had stirred something within him and pushed him to complete his short story. The last paragraph of the story were written down feverishly:
  • Conor laughed again. "Cant walk like all the other bloody dictators, can ye, Flaglyas? What a miserable bollox ye are. Watch out for that light fixture up there," he motioned half-heartedly at the ceiling. "Wouldnt want ye gettina bump on your thick head. Id bow to yebut I think Id rather wipe my arse." And then he stood, rising from his seat like an ancient man, grasping the seat back for support. He stood like a condemned prisoner facing his executioner, unrepentant and proud.
  • The three of them stood close and looked at each other. Their appearances were of being translucent blue nymph like creatures with quite beautiful transparent blue wings. However they no longer had the six legs of an insect but instead arms, hands and legs like humans, they even had to breathe like humans. Pearl was the largest and tallest; next there was Louie and Lulu the smallest. Apart from this they were difficult to tell apart.
  • Steve froze in place as he looked at the statue. The griffins eyes were definitely glowing. The eyes grew brighter as he ventured closer. Stepping directly in front of the statue, the griffin raised its right foreleg, revealing a button that was recessed into the pedestal it was standing on.
  • "Chase is doing better. He's had some broth and is sleeping again," she said, and the tension lessened slightly. She stood for a moment, watching Benjin, her emotions spanning the gamut. She could not decide if she was more glad, hurt, angry, or scared. The overwhelming circumstances made it difficult for her to maintain her focus, and when Benjin met her eyes, the words that left her lips surprised everyone.
  • "What are you going to do with the house?" Daniel asked his mother as they stood in the kitchen drinking blood out of wine glasses.
  • But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet. Nurses/doctors/receptionists shorthand, but has many other applications elsewhere. I am informed that an extended version: TF-BUNDY (where the TF stands for 'Totally Fecked') is in routine use in at least one region of the UK. A further example of how dark humour is used to counter the darker aspects of human experience. (Ack DW)
  • Zack stood up and started walking slowly out of the small room and ventured out to find some action. He almost walked passed a candle-lit, windowless room but heard some humming so he stopped. There were ten men sitting and meditating in the large room and not one of them picked up their heads and acknowledged his presence. He kept walking until the light of the sun streaming through a window nearly blinded him.
  • Within the ring, around the central stone, he sees people standing in a circle, holding wooden staffs and torches. Above and around them Paul notices something very strange is happening, as if the air has come to life. He sees swirling patterns, hovering and then shrinking into the central stone, like giant, fractal ferns folding themselves away. They shimmer and flow, awash with rainbow colours. He stares fascinated as pattern follows pattern, a continuous succession of geometrical complexity, pyramids, cubes and intersecting circles shrink and vanish into the jagged point of the central stone.
  • "Our gracious brother, I will go with them," says Queen Isabel. "Haply a womans voice may do some good, when articles too narrowly urged be stood on."
  • The men were tattered, thin, filthy. Some paced, some stood staring into space. Most sat on the dusty ground. They wore whatever rags were left to them after the Egyptians had taken their armor. Worst of all, Roland thought, they did not seem to care about anything. Only a few even bothered to look up when Roland's group straggled into the compound.
  • Shaa leaned against the wooden door to the cell block, swinging it partially closed, then nodded to Mont. Mont, standing just behind the corporal, shielded himself from view with his body and brought the knobbed hilt of his knife down hard against the mans head. Shaa took two quick steps and swung his bar. Both guards sunk to the floor together. Shaa nodded appreciatively. In a passable imitation of the corporals voice, he called back, "Can you guys give us a hand in here?"
  • "Yo ho, there, monkey boy!" hailed a voice from above. Ambrosius was now standing on worn, woodworm-nibbled boards, into which sank three masts, the middle one being the largest. The voice had come from the largest of the masts. It originated from a familiar face.
  • For the briefest moment I saw his true nature--all bat wings and mottled skin like a frog's underbelly. His head resembled that of a goat--that is if you shaved it, lit it on fire, and allowed the pus to ooze and form open scabs. The horns were oversized and curled like a ram's, and the eyes were malevolent pits blazing with hellfire and damnation. Four wart-covered arms ended in razor-tipped talons, and the legs were shaggy, with cloven hooves like a satyr. And he was huge. He stood at least forty feet tall.
  • She hung herself round my neck, her body soft and warm against me. I embraced her and she kissed me long and searchingly on the lips. Our bodies moved to fit together and I felt the stirring in my lower body that had lately been happening. It was almost painful almost pleasant and something I didnt understand. We stood together for a long time like that.
  • Colt said nothing, but after nearly a minute of looking at each other, he made a quick gesture towards the tree line, and the wolf immediately trotted off in that direction. The group stood and watched as the wolf neared the tree line, then stopped, turning to look back at Colt with its large eyes, glowing yellow in the dimming light.
  • My best friend was standing beside the office mailboxesright where I told her to wait. But Greg was still nowhere in sight. I sighed in relief.
  • Peter Smith by direction through his miniature earphone took a break for another commercial. His producer told him they were going to stay on the air another half hour. Greenpeace, the ICW, and a Ph.D. from Woods Hole were standing by.
  • Hawksworth smiled and tried to remember the bow he had seen performed to him so often. But he could not remove his eyes from the first woman, who was more striking than any he had ever before seen. Her skin was fair, with a warm hint of olive, and her high cheekbones stood in stunning relief as they glanced away the golden light of dawn. Her nose was thin and sculptured, while her lips would have been full, had they not been drawn tight in response to some unspecified inner determination. Yet her eyes seemed untouched by what had just transpired. They were clear and receptive, even warm, and Hawksworth asked himself at that moment if this bespoke innocence, or guile.
  • Alastor stands, closing the red book and, taking it up with the sword, travels to the Hollow. This spontaneous method of travel has become an invaluable tool for him, crossing vast distances in the blink of an eye. The spirit of Alastor's mother has not been seen since his first trip to the Hollow, which Alastor presumes to mean that she was indeed sent there that first time, and that she will not be seen again until his task is complete.
  • I was about halfway to rearranging Parker's face, when Bruiser yelled "Albert!" I hadn't seen Albert standing on the path between the new, happy couple and me. My eyes must have played tricks on me because I thought the large object to the left of me was a tree. When the tree moved in my path and caught me, my hot anger was mixed with a little splash of confusion.
  • "Dont lie to me," Tamas said, standing and leaning over the mage."Youre one of them! Youre trying to take my kingdom away from me!Ive seen it. Well that harlot wife of mine wont do it and neither will you, youmage."Gidas was not entirely certain what the mage had said wrong, but Lazerek was surprisingly calm.
  • Scott stood at the foot of the basement stairs, almost trembling with nervous energy. Would Clarice be afraid of him? Would she have forgotten him? Would they feel like strangers? How much had she changed? What if she was like Maggie and was disgusted by him and didn't want to see him again? Maybe his old memories were better than the new reality he was about to create. It always seemed to work that way.
  • "Kumiyaay," he said loudly, "your King, Conor Kieran Faramond Benedictus the First, Fifth Bearer of the Pearl-Yang Serpenthelm, stands before you!"
  • Masters stood in the hallway, wrapped in a pink bath towel, trying to hold onto the reluctant hand of the Hungarian girl as she pulled a fur coat about her shoulders. Harvey excused himself along with the last half dozen revellers, hesitant as they were to leave once free of the influence of the house and refreshed by the fresh night breeze. But the party atmosphere was broken and even the staff were preparing to depart. Harvey counted all the staff in the background, as well as any hangers on, diehards from the party that may have been willing to continue despite the black karma. No one was in the party mood. A small crowd gathered on the steps of the porch, making idle chit chat and avoiding the disapproving gaze of Masters.
  • A mortal sadness had swept through Hawksworth as he stood holding the torch, listening to the Brahmin chant and studying the flow of the river. He thought again of Kamala, of the times he had secretly admired her erotic bearing, the times she had sat patiently explaining how best to draw the long sensuous notes from his new sitar, the times he had held her in his arms. And he thought again of their last evening, when she had danced with the power of a god.
  • The man was silent but pointed to his left. Rommus turned but saw nothing. When he turned back to the man, he was gone. He looked again to the north where the man had pointed and he saw a faint glow beyond the mountains. The light brightened until even the sunset could not be seen. In the sky, in the false sunset, he saw a figure. He tried to concentrate on the image in the sky, but the more he did so, the blurrier it became. As he stood there, he felt a feeling coming from the figure in the sky. It was as if it was trying to tell him something, but didn't know his language, and instead spoke through intense feelings. He closed his eyes and examined the feeling. He knew what it meant.
  • He could hear nothing, but the drip, drip on the threadbare carpet. He opened the door and went out on the landing. The house was absolutely quiet. No one was about. For a few seconds he stood bending over the balustrade and peering down into the black seething well of darkness. Then he took out the key and returned to the room, locking himself in as he did so.
  • Olaf was standing before the fireplace in the next room, warming himself against the winter cold. He looked up as he heard Aiden enter, closely followed by the others.
  • None of them, not even the middle-aged Dimmler, wanted to break off their conversation and quit that corner in the sitting room, but Natasha got up and Nicholas sat down at the clavichord. standing as usual in the middle of the hall and choosing the place where the resonance was best, Natasha began to sing her mother's favorite song.
  • Kassie isn't with them, he realized with a pang. He stood to greet them as the other men did, and was surprised when the three girls stopped in front of him.
  • "Are you okay?" Sayana asked with concern. Aiden nodded, attempting to appear unaffected by the blow. Colt and Pacian were already moving to bury the bodies under the snow as fast as they could, while Nellise stood watch, Clavis's repeating crossbow held firmly in her grasp. They spent just under two tense minutes there, watching as the bodies were slowly covered by snow that Colt was expertly moving from around the immediate area, in such a way so as not to leave any sign that he'd done so.
  • A few weeks after Gregs accident I was standing front of the row of laptops. I went to a random laptop and typed a little before moving on to another laptop and typing a little more.
  • The ghost just stands there. He doesn't have an answer. He can see she is scared, and it gets to him. He wants to touch her but somehow we can't move. Deep down we both know she'll freak. She's not Demi Moore; I'm not Whoopi Goldberg; this isn't Ghost.
  • "Look at the horrors he has been through. How do I know you do not have the same in store for me? What is to stop me from standing my ground and losing my life rather than face the same fate as he?" Myranda demanded.
  • Slowly, he felt life coming back to his arms and legs. He started gathering up the pieces of frozen tea from his desk and throwing them away. Then he stood up and took the trashcan out into the hallway and out towards reception.
  • Literally everywhere they turned there were sled dogs, some barking and jumping, some standing on the top of their doghouses watching, others just sleeping. The noise was incredible. There'd been a lot of dogs the last time Candice had been there, but that had been years before, and there were a lot more, now. The boys knew about the dogs, of course, but it had been a while since they'd seen them and had been very small since theyd seen them in the winter. All of a sudden, they realized that they were going to get rides behind one of Uncle Josh's and Aunt Tiffany's dog teams. In fact, Tiffany was hooking up a team as they drove up and got out of the car.
  • Dave was still angry when he walked out of the prison, barely managing a smile in reply to the large Maori gate guards cheerful farewell. He knew it was stupid to let Belinda get to him. For that matter, he knew it was stupid for him to be going and visiting her every week. The bus ride each way took nearly forty-five minutes - longer, if you counted the waiting time. All up, the half hour visit took up most of the morning. That was three hours he wasnt at work, and three hours he wasnt being paid for. A year ago - heck, six months ago - that wouldnt have been a big deal, but now, every cent counted, and he wasnt making any money standing around in the wind and the rain of a Wellington winter waiting for a bus.
  • The mullahs had formed a ring around Samad. He stood silently, waiting, as the leader stepped forward and thrust a long sword into the bare skin of his lower stomach. He jerked but did not fall, standing tall as another swung a sharp blade across his open neck. His head dropped to one side and he slumped forward, as two more men thrust swords into his belly. In seconds he disappeared beneath a crowd of black cloaks.
  • At the edge of the road stood an oak. Probably ten times the age of the birches that formed the forest, it was ten times as thick and twice as tall as they. It was an enormous tree, its girth twice as great as a man could embrace, and evidently long ago some of its branches had been broken off and its bark scarred. With its huge ungainly limbs sprawling unsymmetrically, and its gnarled hands and fingers, it stood an aged, stern, and scornful monster among the smiling birch trees. Only the dead-looking evergreen firs dotted about in the forest, and this oak, refused to yield to the charm of spring or notice either the spring or the sunshine.
  • Pence stood stock still until the old man had long since finished reproaching him. "Big talker," he finally mouthed under his breath, but he kept his eyes down and once more dutifully fetched up the as-of-yet unnamed object of his inheritance. This time, without a complaint, he rubbed away the dirt on the object until only a thin, intractable layer remained, obscuring the finer details.
  • "Why in the name of all that is insane and unholy, would you chop off my head before I even had a chance to defend myself?" she asked Gary as she stood a good six feet away from him.
  • He also stood tall which made her reconsider just how large he is. She wondered why he seemed so uncomfortable and hunched over, it was a disguise to hide just how powerful he is.
  • Holli pulled her bow clear of her shoulder and yelled orders, but the droning hum made her words inaudible to all. She screamed them again, but only Lief who stood beside her could understand. With the sand giant moving dangerously close to Ryson, she strung an arrow and let it fly. It found its mark at the sentinel's round forehead, but it only scratched the stone before bouncing away. Lief joined her in a second attempt, but again both arrows failed to even slow the giant.
  • Krishnan was now stood erect, but his wound was ripped open and it was bleeding, his face contorted with unbearable pains...
  • Of course, I would never have a chance to get myself under control because another terrible thought occurred to me before I could chill out at all. Any girl could just peer around the curtain in order to chat. Not all girls are as modest as I am, and some have no problem at all standing around talking to each other nude. I forgot about the raging inner storm and immediately, jerked on every piece of clothing I had. I didnt even bother to dry off.
  • She left the security of the car and stood in the pool of light staring up at the ridge, summoning her courage. She knew there was nothing to be afraid of. But the dark was an entity to be feared in and of itself.
  • In the midst of all that, for Roni and Karlini to have launched into their evening argument would have been gratuitous as well as useless since you could barely hear yourself think, much less listen to someone standing next to you. Karlini had put an arm around his wifes waist. She had merely ignored it, until the arm seemed to give up on its own and slide off.
  • Hiding at the window outside stood some figure, listening to the conversation. As soon as Nancys father left the room, the figure left the window immediately.
  • Cortibis stood by the oven and helped Hlene divvy out the porridge into small, wooden bowls.She used shallow, wooden spoons that scraped on teeth and tongues.Range hated wooden spoons.
  • "It was for me too." Connors voice sounded alien to him. It seemed too husky. He slid his left hand under her legs while with his right snaked around her shoulder blades to effortlessly encompass her. Now standing up with her in his arms, her eyes shot open. He kissed her head and gently stood her up. He tucked some of her hair behind her ear. Answering her questioning look he whispered "My mom just arrived and I think Id better take you home before things get any hotter between us."
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