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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: stands/stood/stand·ing
Türü: isim


i. nüfuz, argo. piston;

standin için örnek cümleler:

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  • Thetis stood up, shaking out her green peplos. She examined Calista for a moment and then spoke, frostily, but laced ever so slightly with a hint of good humor. "Tonight there is a festival;tis the shortest day of the year. You have my permission to enjoy the festivities."
  • Elryia stood and began walking down the trail, giving Sam the most honest answer she could think of, "Grahamas told me."
  • Talsy washed and polished the stone before tucking it into her purse. No wonder Mujar were not interested in earning wealth when they could simply call it up from the earth. Another reason Truemen envied Mujar. While Truemen grubbed in the soil, sweated and toiled to make a paltry living, a Mujar could summon a fortune from the bosom of the earth with a mere thought. Chanter had handed her a king's ransom as if it was just another pebble. She packed away the pots and plates, then stood and shouldered the bag.
  • "Take off your boots," Eduards grandmother said as the trio entered. There was a bench next to the front door where Airk and Eduard sat and began to remove their boots. Jain was barefoot, so she simply stood and stared. "No shoes, dear?" Eduards grandmother asked. "Perhaps we can find you some." The old woman smiled. She had a mouth full of white teeth and her dark eyes seemed to glow.
  • Ryson leapt upon a chestnut stallion and motioned for the others to follow suit. The horses remained motionless, as if in the deepest of sleeps, and each of the group had little difficulty in reaching a saddle. Even Tun and Jon, both forced to hoist themselves higher than their short legs would allow, found it easy to mount a horse which stood as still as a stone.
  • The King was laughing so hard that he couldn't manage to sip his brandy wine, much less pass judgment on the flabbergasted man. The bright red drink spilled from his cup. It went down his chin and stained the white and gold robe at the neck. To those who had witnessed King Rigert's death, it appeared to have happened again, or at least, they hoped so. The king stood angrily and threw his goblet. It smashed against a white and gold banner and the remaining contents of the goblet stained that as well. The stain was shaped like a swooping dragon that completely covered the kingdom's crest. It was an omen; the stain had formed so perfectly, it left no room for doubt. The king, however, was unaware of it. He assumed that the sudden silence of the entire throne room was in anticipation of his judgment.
  • He sealed both the inner and outer doors, then pulled the thick carpet from the floor before the hearth. He had to heave the table aside to get the carpet free to reveal a mosaic circle, inlaid with crystal and jet. Wrapping his thick woollen cloak around himself and a weatherproof cloak on top of that, he carefully placed his leather bag at his feet as he stood in the centre of the mosaic circle. The air seemed to fizz and crackle as Rhakis voice rose steadily higher.
  • The bells in the Kremlin were ringing for vespers, and this sound troubled the French. They imagined it to be a call to arms. A few infantrymen ran to the Kutafyev Gate. Beams and wooden screens had been put there, and two musket shots rang out from under the gate as soon as an officer and men began to run toward it. A general who was standing by the guns shouted some words of command to the officer, and the latter ran back again with his men.
  • "Let me see," said Holmes, standing at the corner and glancing along the line, "I should like just to remember the order of the houses here. It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of London. There is Mortimer's, the tobacconist, the little newspaper shop, the Coburg branch of the City and Suburban Bank, the Vegetarian Restaurant, and McFarlane's carriage-building depot. That carries us right on to the other block. And now, Doctor, we've done our work, so it's time we had some play. A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony, and there are no red-headed clients to vex us with their conundrums."
  • Lulu, now standing ready to move to the altar, looked exceptionally beautiful in her exquisite wedding dress with the long train. The ants moved to take up their positions, four each side and one at the rear to carry Lulus train. Of course around Lulus head was the pink ribbon, behind which had been inserted some of Louies favourite daisies; again taken from the stream bank by their home.
  • Jorden nodded. He was feeling quite weary himself and stood with his gear, kicking out the fire as he waited. "Lead on."
  • Princess Mary threw a shawl over her head and ran to meet the newcomer. As she was crossing the anteroom she saw through the window a carriage with lanterns, standing at the entrance. She went out on the stairs. On a banister post stood a tallow candle which guttered in the draft. On the landing below, Philip, the footman, stood looking scared and holding another candle. Still lower, beyond the turn of the staircase, one could hear the footstep of someone in thick felt boots, and a voice that seemed familiar to Princess Mary was saying something.
  • Together he and his werewolf relatives were known as the SilverMoon pack. The moniker stood to reason, given that they pretty much lived at the diner as if it were a second home.
  • Working late one night, during the rise of a crescent moon, Connor suddenly felt a presence watching him from the darkness. Working shirtless on the roof while hammering in one of the trusses all of the fine hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Someone or something is watching me, but I didnt hear anything make the approach. I know its not my imagination. Knowing exactly where it was, with Tool in his hand Connor spun around instantly and intentionally threw it to the closest tree where the watching visitor hid.
  • There was a terrible sound that pierced the air and brought pain to his ears. Zidaoz could see men dropping their weapons to cover their ears, and he found that he had covered his own, twisting his face in hatred for the sound. Lohken stood silently next to him. He didn't seem affected by it at all.
  • The chief detective makes his way through the scrum of lights, mics and cameras, deflecting all questions. The mob quickly turns their attention to David who is now joined by Todd standing just behind him.
  • "Ready," Chance yelled to Nigel sitting on the small rear deck with a pipe in his fist. He stood and looked up and down the canal, before giving them the go ahead. Colin jumped back on board and disappeared into the stall. Hed better be cleaning the place, Chance thought, and not be stealing a quick nap. He couldnt understand Colin. The boy was a street urchin, picked up from the riverfront in London, no family or prospects, but so lazy... risking his secure position here on the Hardcastle Rose piloted by Niles Turnbuttle through the rivers and canals. Colin had been ransomed from a workhouse his uncle sold him into. Now he was indentured to Mr. Charles Robson who owned the Hardcastle Rose and five more boats besides.
  • She looked at him in horror. He repeated his words. They cut the air like a dagger. The people round began to gape. A lady standing close to her tittered.
  • Now on a border hill, the unit zigzagged along a ridge, landing at the base of an outer mountain. Misha wanted to stand at the peak, look out at the snow, at the Arcakhyan lerner. Here villages spread far apart; once and again, a lonesome house stood on a rocky terrace.
  • The bright light was the dozens of candles lining the shelves. It took a moment for his eyes to focus. Ida was standing in front of Peter. The witch looked as gorgeous as she always did, her raven hair fluttering in the wind. Peter wondered where the wind was coming from. He certainly didnt feel it.
  • The man threw his arms out to either side of him. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Affected Parade." His voice came through the speakers as if he were standing right beside them. "Tonight, you will have the pleasureand the privilegeto witness first hand the little known secrets of life above ground. You will witness creatures both magical and frightening in equal measures."
  • Connors granddaddy sat beside him and chuckled. Connor slowly stood up and the boys took a step back instinctively. He unbuttoned his black jacket and his granddaddy gladly took it off his hands. Connor glanced at him as he smirked and put on the jacket. It was too large for him. Connor returned his gaze to the boys and said calmly "Im sorry, but my answer is no."
  • Sallis stared at the building and Oston smiled. A square fronted it, with an occasional beggar dotted about, and a disused warehouse stood almost beside it.
  • "This was a pre-test in a very controlled setting. You can calm down because she was never in any real danger. You were standing in the Uphold position of the spiritual ring. By the way, that is the ONLY position that can remove the channelers vestment!" Willow exclaimed and looked slightly offended.
  • There was a quick tap on the door and Bob Briter, the presidents chief political advisor, stepped inside the room. Briter reminded the president of the drawing of a Norman peasant in one of her old college textbookssharp nose, curly light hair and proud ears. Briter, wearing a deep violet four-button suit, walked to where the president stood in front of the wall screen.
  • Tullus Aufidius has returned just ahead of Coriolanus and his troops; he stands with one of his two own captains next to the public square. "Go tell the lords othe city I am here. Deliver them this paper; bid them, having read it, repair to the market placewhere I, even in theirs and in the commonsears, will avouch the truth of it!
  • Deidre Shaw didnt know what to expect on her trip up to the seventh floor. She exited the elevator and walked half-way down the long hallway to apartment 7P, but before she could knock on the door it swung open and she momentarily froze in her tracks. Mark was standing in the doorway with only a smile and a fully-extended boner, which strained the very limits of his somewhat snug boxer shorts. The "BING!" of the elevator stopping on the floor woke her up and she yelled, "Get inside!" as she pushed him in and closed the door behind them.
  • The elfin sorceress stood right beside them, but though she tried mightily, all attempts to gain their attention failed. Only the human female seemed to catch a faint whisper in the wind, but the sight of the disguised spirit pulled at Lauren's attention. Shayed fought against the chains, fought against the prison, fought against the spell that hid and silenced her. No one would see her struggle, no one would hear her pleas.
  • Kev is standing off a bit, watching. One of the guys wrenches my arm up my back. One of them holds my other arm and grabs my hair, dragging my head back. Kev steps forward. I'm remembering the way he laid into me last time, thinking I survived that. But then I see the blade in his hand.
  • She dreamt of puppies dog-paddling in kiddie pools, of all things. Odd. She had never owned a dog. When she awoke, Mal was gone and a doctor stood by her bed, writing on a clipboard.
  • After a time Edward set down his unfinished beer and set out to find her. Mother Meggs house wasnt hard to find. It was more than a cottage and spoke well of its tenants importance, standing four square in the middle of the village.
  • Of course she turned invisible, which was probably just as well because a Gdinker was walking by and Alix was standing right in the town fountain, which sat in the middle of the square. She had wished to be down in Gdink but she hadnt told the blue wishing ring where in Gdink. The fountain was nearly dry in the horrible drought, fortunately for her, if not for Gdinkers. Still without truly thinking about all this, she stepped invisibly out of the fountain. A ghostly trail of damp footprints appeared and then instantly dried on the hot cobbles, and a moment later the tavern door opened, then closed by itself. The lone Gdinker departed and the empty square sat in the twilight, releasing the days awful heat.
  • Thankfully, gracefully, life instantly appeared before her. Where there was once no light, there was now an abundance. She saw the surprise in the faces of her comrades who stood single file, though in a somewhat twisted line in front of her. Her hand materialized before her. She saw the hand of Tun still grasping it firmly. With his help, she caught her balance before she stepped wildly past the initial platform that waited beyond the stone steps.
  • Meanwhile the Craft Beer Cellar near Boston posted pictures of "happy Westvleteren 12" customers on its Facebook page as well as pictures of people standing in line.
  • Ruth ushered a young girl, barely 10 years of age, to the waiting room and spoke with her parents for some time. Janice Price looked decidedly unhappy. She held her daughter close and stroked her hair. Bobby Gumtree stood to one side. He looked extremely uncomfortable. Finally, Ruth approached Bobby and had a brief conversation. He left the building quickly. She moved to the admissions counter, nodded at Binda and asked Kirra to arrange two taxies for transportation.
  • The country's literacy level stands at 85% of the whole population. Preschool, which targets children from age three to five, is an integral component of the education system and is a key requirement for admission to Standard One (First Grade). At the end of primary education, pupils sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), which determines those who proceed to secondary school or vocational training. Primary school age is 6/7-13/14 years. For those who proceed to secondary level, there is a national examination at the end of Form Fourthe Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), which determines those proceeding to the universities, other professional training or employment. Students sit examinations in eight subjects of their choosing. However, English, KiSwahili (Languages) and Mathematics are compulsory subjects. The result of this examination is needed for placement at secondary school. In form four of secondary schools the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) is taken.
  • David stands back a little to get a better look. ‘Just what I need,’ he says. ‘Thatd go very nicely on the wall over my mattress.’
  • As they swooshed up the stairs, Hunter bolted the door he stood behind and listened to the banging while the creatures tried to gain entry. He stood straight and held out his wand in front of him, ready to cast a big spell. Hunter didn't know how long the door would hold against all this banging. It started to crack and he could see one horrible face coming through with its green shiny eyes. Hunter took a step back to ready his wand.
  • The wind came in squalls that whipped across stands of stunted firs, whipping the bejeezus out of them. I zipped up my hoodie all the way. Despite my exertions, that air was nippy.
  • The sisters stood in front of a small light board affixed to the wall. Lynn pulled out Kells X-rays, tacked them up, and Marthe saw outlines of lungs, looking like what she had expected. Cloudy, but it wasnt PCP, only a mild case of regular, ordinary pneumonia. He would be on the ward for a week, nothing over which to worry.
  • "Insolent upstart!" Tald cried out, dismayed at the loss of his powerful ally, and he retaliated by raising his staff, which once more, had the hairs on the back of Aiden's neck standing on end. As he closed his eyes and readied himself for the killing stroke of lightning, the charged air around him suddenly felt... different. He risked a peek and noticed that aside from a few sparks around Tald's staff, nothing had happened. And then, something did happena clothyard shaft sank into Tald's shoulder, staggering the old man backwards momentarily as Colt, carrying his mighty longbow, limped into the battle. But that wasn't the greatest surprise.
  • Colt abruptly stood up a moment later, and quickly set about searching the ground for something that Aiden assumed to be tracks of some sort. He was about to ask what was going on when the big man spoke, continuing to search the ground carefully as he did so.
  • "He sure did." Jenny answered as she stood over the sizzling stove, cooking up something delicious smelling. Sarahs mouth began watering eagerly. She pointed over her head at the cupboard. "He made those too. He even made the frames to our beds along with the dressers."
  • Scott and Josiewith a bite of chicken in her mouthlooked up. There was a middle-aged woman standing next to their table, looking at them in surprise.
  • I took all the time I needed to make sure and let go at the second man of the three. He was all I could see, at the time, but during the second it took me to get him centered right and squeeze the trigger, I heard a little gun go off three times and a damned big one crash once. The little gun sounded like a kid's cap pistol against the noise of the cannon. My own gun's recoil threw my hand up but the second man of the three was out of the picture. I was sure of it. I'd seen his shoulders lined up against the front sight just as I shot and knew he was all through. I saw the one that had managed to get out of the booth down on the floor, saw MacIntosh still standing in the doorway, and then shouted at the third man: "Drop it, you dope!"
  • Above the hologram, over the heads of the standing figures, vast, fluted stone pillars stretched up and up, supporting a high, domed ceiling, from which a soft, artificial white light diffused down into the windowless room.
  • Catrin longed for something sweet and, thinking she smelled apples, stood and said she was going to look around. Clear skies and a full moon illuminated the night, and she searched the sky for the comet. It was smaller and farther across the sky, but when she spotted it, her thoughts focused on it, and she was drawn to it. It mesmerized her and drew her closer, but she became frightened and turned aside when arcs of power leaped between her fingertips. Shaken, she walked on, following a trail defined by smell alone. She was nearly at the base of the hill when she spotted the trees, mere paces above the mud line.
  • Phase Alternate Line. Television standard embraced and popularised by the BBC (not actually 'developed by the BBC', as previously stated here - see note below), as a more stable (self-correcting) technology than NTSC for handling the colour-carrier TV signal, by inverting its 'phase' on every line as the picture is drawn down the screen, (thanks DH). See also SECAM. In the television context PAL has also been given the alternative ironic meaning Pale and Lifeless (thanks R Blunden), and additionally Paid for Added Luxury, which is a reference to the (then) extra cost of the 'delay line' required to make the PAL receiver work, (thanks Mike). Also, unrelated to TV technology, PAL more generally stands for Price/Availability List.
  • The Hashon Jahar had dismounted, and their steeds lay on the ground or stood with hanging heads. Many Riders wandered about, others stood staring into space, and some sat beside their mounts. Now that the killing frenzy had left them, their faces had reverted to blank black masks with sightless eyes.
  • "Thats enough," Mr. Garner stopped me. That was probably a smart idea because those two had pushed me over the edge. Now they all stood glaring at me.
  • No longer a pure white stonewall stood before him, but a piled line of blackened rocks. Beyond that wall used to be rows of villages, all with wildflowers and roses blooming in front. Now it was only grass and empty space. The trade market was one of the most bustling in all the land, rows upon rows of vendors from fine foods to crafted weapons, exotic items, and rare literature, paved the way to the castle. Now it was nothing but broken wood and charred remains.
  • Upon the elf's conclusion, Ryson stood up on the thick branch he rested upon. He walked further out to the edge of the tree and caught a glimpse of Sanctum. Its shadow was present even in the faint starlight. He stood silent for long moments considering that day long ago when the five races separated.
  • He stood surveying the scene, realizing as he did that he was expecting a typical shouted greeting, something along the lines of "Sure is about time you decided to show up!" or "Whos that guy and whats he doing in his apartment?" But who would do the shouting? Not Karlini, who was instead performing a very effective job of being comatose on the couch covered by a light blanket. Not that barbeque-in-the-shape-of-a-human sprawled on a sheet on the carpet being ministered to by the ever-solicitous Wroclaw. Not Haddo, who was typically sulking on a divan across from Wroclaw as he acerbically critiqued his handiwork. Certainly not the siblings Mont, who were taking mutual critique to the depths only capable of being plumbed by siblings close in age.
  • "And such fellows are perfected"—well studied—"in the great commandersnames; and they will teach you by rote where services were doneat such and such a sconce, at such a breach, at such a convoy; who came off bravely, who was shot, who disgraced; what terms the enemy stood onand this they learn perfectly in the phrase of war, which they trick up with new-turned oaths!
  • In the other hand, which remained more or less intact, the fingers grasped a long thick branch. Its tip had been shaved into a fine point. Though the spear-like weapon remained firmly in the grip of this half-corpse, half-skeleton, it hung suspended in the air and offered no explanation as to what allowed the corpse to remain upright. The dead sentinel stood of its own accord, upon its own two decaying feet.
  • Agony. She was in his mind, in his eyes, the blood pouring down her skin, the breath rasping in her throat. In front of her stood a blond man with a cool smile, and she knew his name. She screamed it with all her might.
  • When I opened my eyes, I noticed Courtney had joined Agnes at the foot of the bed. She smiled shyly up at me, her blonde hair falling into her face. Mary Anne stood silently in the doorway. When I looked her way, she turned and left.
  • He bowed back; then, straightening, stared into the gloom of Elizabeth Finnegans living room where the Kumiyaay stood silhouetted against the back drapes. He said, "Has the boy been informed?"
  • ate the following morning, Benedick stands outside the mansion, ruminating near the gardens long arbor of white-painted trellises. Slowly rotating his hat, held in his hands by the brim, he stares down at flat gray stones paving a path through the soft grass. His dark hair and broad shoulders are rimmed in early sunshine. "Boy!"
  • She retrieved a bottle of whiskey from the kitchen and then grabbed my hand, leading me upstairs and into her bedroom. She pulled me by the hand until I was standing at the foot of her bed. She pressed herself close to me and kissed me again. Then I was shoved hard and fell onto her bed. I would have spilled my drink if my glass wasnt empty.
  • "Who is Max? Was Max driving the car?" A third man, maybe a detective, was standing there with a note pad. I shook my head and reached up and grabbed the paramedics shirt. I asked, "Wheres Max? Hes working tonight. Wheres Max Meyer?"
  • A brand new telephone company by the name of Mountain Bell opened in Salt Lake, as everyone wondered how practical this twenty year old gadget actually was. Imagine, talking to someone a hundred miles away, sounding as if they were standing in the next room. It seemed outrageous to some people.
  • We followed Johna into her cottage. Its layout was exactly the same as Tanias, but couldnt have looked more different. An entire wall was covered in hanging herbs, in various states of drying. I saw a few I recognized like lavender and sage but many more draped the wall in mystery. Wooden cabinets dotted with tiny drawers flanked the rest of the walls. A huge counter stood near the front of the room, presumably the place she sold her herbal concoctions to the villagers.
  • "You have stood your initiation," Menenius tells him, "and the tribunes endue you with the peoples voice! It remains only that, in the official marks invested,"—with emblems of the new office, "you anon do meet the Senate!"
  • He had no sooner drawn himself up to inhale the flower-scented dawn than two smiling men were standing over him, bowing. Both wore turbans, pastel-colored jackets, and a white wrap about their lower torso. Squinting into their eyes, Hawksworth remembered them from the evening before. They had brought the basin of water in which he had first washed.
  • Conor came to his feet instantly in two feet of standing water, dripping head to toe, having been bowled across the room, but too late: with a blinding red flash the Black Coffin was through the window and gone. Conor bellowed in fury and followed, flashing white into a seahawk as he dove through the window and into the shrieking wind and rain.
  • As her brother stood by her side, she gathered the courage to speak, "John is a nice guy, if you'd only just meet him."
  • As Gray left their room, he heard both Emory and Liam giggling at the television. Gray stood in the hallway, staring at the large screen with Muppets and humans intermingling. His children werent visible, sunk into the sofa, but Gray noted small squeals and hushed whispers, no idea their father was behind them. Gray didnt reveal his presence, only taking in this moment; two children absolutely safe, his family at complete ease.
  • "Lets get out of here!" screamed Tallin, and they squeezed through the opening. The sprites swarmed angrily around them, but did not follow them into the tree. Once they had entered the passage, the opening slammed shut behind them. They stood in darkness, so Duskeye produced a tiny flame from his nostrils to light the way.
  • She left the restaurant in search of a better place to wash up and keep her horse until she had bought the supplies she would need. She found the inn quite easily, and found facilities for the horse alongside of it. She gave a few coppers to the stable hand and directed him to see to it the horse was taken care of. Inside the building, she found a well-lit, tidy lobby. A man with an eye patch stood behind the counter, with a young boy slouching in front of the door. Her entry provided the same degree of excitement that it had in the restaurant earlier.
  • I comforted her as well as I could. In such cases women do not need much expression. A grip of the hand, the tightening of an arm over the shoulder, a sob in unison, are expressions of sympathy dear to a woman's heart. I stood still and silent till her sobs died away, and then I said softly to her, 'Come and look at him.'
  • A cloaked figure stood in the mle, utterly silent and composed. A deep cowl was drawn over his head, and I could see nothing but the gleam of calm and cold eyes peering at me. I got the greatest sense of danger from him, so I looked away and struggled harder. My wrists burned and chafed, but I kept writhing.
  • He addresses factors unseen, but always near. "Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves; and ye that on the sands with printless foot do chase the ebbing Neptune, then do fly him when he comes back
  • She left, going up Dame Street. She crossed by the Central Bank through Temple Bar and onto the Ha'penny Bridge, and stood there looking west, the smoke from the Guinness steam house blending into a violet and cobalt dusk, and fancied that darkness rose from the river and moved slowly along its walls towards her. Walking along the quays, she realized she loved Dublin as never before.
  • Jorden found himself standing in the middle of a highway. The world of dream had been odd enough, now his own world had been turned to nightmare. A car crawled nearby. It was travelling somewhat faster than the average snail, yet it was still no great danger to the three who strolled along the paving.
  • "Shouldnt you be running for your life right about now?" I growled at the deer, "And screaming! There should be screaming! Lots of it…" Thats when I began to notice that we had developed an audience. A few mice and a rabbit stood to one side of the deer and a few birds and a squirrel watched from a nearby tree.
  • 'Again?' She glanced at the stone-faced man beneath her thighs. He gave her a curt nod, and she gracefully lifted off him. They stood and faced each other again.
  • Marcellus was sitting on one of the stools lining the room, hands on his lap, thumbs tapping against each other. When he saw Cassius he stood carefully, then checked. "Am I interrupting you?"
  • Two days later, Talsy looked up from the accounts on her desk as her doorway darkened. King Garsh's black-clad advisor stood framed in it, and she rose to her feet, her heart hammering with fury.
  • He followed, surrounded by officers, only one EMT. Their steps were also hurried and Summer gripped Dan. She had seen it all except Terry getting hit, but no one would need to tell her how it occurred, for she had heard the gunshot taking Terry down. Rafe had pistol whipped Terry, subduing him as Dan and Summer approached, what Dan told Jack Hardy as they stood in Jordan Howers kitchen. Dan would make a full account at the station, but Jack wanted Summer to just go home. Jordan would provide a statement, Elisa too.
  • He nodded and let go of me, stepping back again. "I am glad you feel that way. I do not want to lose your friendship, either. The offer stands, thoughif it becomes too much to bear, I will leave. Do you understand? Will you promise that youll ask me to leave if my staying will only cause you pain?"
  • Aiden held the door open for the ladies, and then followed them in. A wave of hot, dry air washed over him as he stepped inside, carrying with it the smell of molten iron and sweat. The walls were dark with ingrained soot from the fires of the forge, and various weapons and suits of armour were on display on elaborate stands. A middle-aged man, with neatly combed white hair and arms like tree trunks stood watching a younger man of similar proportions hammer away at what appeared to be the makings of a fine blade.
  • And upon a crest of sand there stood a wondrous creature, great of wing and neck, whose beauty was more than Yoal had witnessed before upon the Earth. And Yoal stood fixed in adoration of her, and after a time she caught his gaze.
  • Serenity was finally accepting her identity. She would have the life Sebastian wanted for her. But she was still heartbroken and couldnt imagine having a normal life; meeting someone, getting married, having a family of her own, but she dealt with it. Serenity was her own person now. Shed stood up for herself. Sebastian had been right; no one else could save her, she needed to do that for herself.
  • Nerissa comes forward. "My lord and lady, it is now our time, who have stood by and seen our wishes prosper, to cry, ‘Good joy!’ Good joy, my lord and lady!"
  • I stayed through the entire dance practice. We were starting to come up with a solid routine for the winter show, and I felt an obligation to stick around for the whole practice, just so I wouldn't feel like I treated the club lightly (even though I stood firm that I wasn't going to perform at the show when Dane asked me again to choose a group in which to participate). I took my time packing up, and asked Dane if I could stay behind for a few minutes, alone. He agreed, but told me to keep it to less than ten minutes.
  • Not long after, Lady Bethune and The Chief Engineer stood on deck of a dhow watching the city shrink as they sailed away. Lady Bethune couldnt breathe freely until they had left the channel and reached the open sea of the Mediterranean.
  • "That offer stands, but it must be real and tangible and there has to be an agenda that they are prepared to speak to. We are not just prepared to do it for the exercise."
  • Fifteen minutes later I was standing in Taco Bell looking over their menu. There were two sixteen-year-old girls in front of me blabbering away.
  • Sheremeth had elected to stay with his ship and bid Mia's Stand farewells from there. They stood at the base of the gangplank. "Old conjurer," Sheremeth gripped wrists with Finnegaff, "It be grand seein' you!" They released and smiled in mutual admiration. "Good luck, me ladies," he winked at Mia, Romessee, Zimm and Karthich, who stood in a small group. He aimed his long corncob pipe stem at Carameth. "Fare thee well, friend elf, and give me best to yer mother! Strongwind, ye have a job as mate any time on me ship. Besides, ye talk right for the job!" They laughed with him. On that seemingly final note, Captain Sheremeth, pipe between teeth clenched behind opened lips, fists at his side and bowlegged, hobbled up the gangplank to his ship. Half way up the plank he stopped, yet he did not turn to face them.
  • Do I really want to leave Asta behind? No. No. Not for a second. Jack stood next to her for a long moment. It was morning and the Texas landscape wasnt cold in the fall, but he could feel the heat of her body. He held her hand and his calloused fingers caressed her skin for the briefest of moments. He towered over her by a full foot and took the time to examine her pretty face. Astas gold eyes went wide and she had the oddest expression on her face. She didnt know whether she should kiss him or run. Welcome to the club, baby, he thought.
  • Karla stopped and turned around under the street light. Isobel stood by her side, rapt and enthralled by our quarrel. Her eyes were just as fierce and determined as her sisters.
  • He is standing beside Charles Green in the doorway. Now, please do not look at him,’ Louisa urged, trying to draw Agness attention back to her. ‘Turn around. He is only trying to provoke you.’
  • "Thank you, King." When the final word was spoken, he stood and made his way out and then down the tower's stairs, heading through the tunnels of the inner wall. It was only when he was outside, did he truly begin to focus on the King's motives. Idimus, for all his downfalls, was a strong ruler and his empire was built on fear and control. He didn't ask for loyalty, he commanded it. Everything that Idimus had, he used power to gain. In all the years Gerin had known him, he could not recall one time where the King had been compassionate, or anywhere near. Now, both times he had been overly so. A distrustlike the one that started in Roanecrept into Gerin's brain. Idimus was keeping secrets. While it was something he had always done, this time he tried incredibly hard to deny it, or at least sway Gerin's mind away from it. He treated many with that sort of manipulation, but never the General.
  • Lastly, after setting his shaving gear in the bathroom, he returned to the bedroom and stood silently a moment, studying his old room. It looked nothing now as it had in his youth. And for that he was grateful.
  • The infant stood no chance against the Underworld's corruption. He would be warped, moulded as the Black Lord wished, and none could save him from his fate. Ellese's heart twisted with pity when she recalled the tiny child, slick with his mother's blood. He was an innocent babe, doomed to be a helpless pawn in the Black Lord's hands. She had no doubt that he would suffer terribly in the Underworld, but far worse than his horrific birth had been the ritual the Black Lord had performed before he had torn the infant from his mother's womb.
  • The rag tag troupe sat around a large wooden bench placed in front of the throne, they had to squeeze in between several dirty Vikings warriors who were already very drunk. As soon as Chainsaw Boy sat down the large Viking next to him decided that now was time for sleeping, and subsequently fell asleep on Chainsaw Boy's shoulder, nearly crushing him in the process. Argennon stood in between the bench and his huge throne, a barrel-sized tankard of mead in his none-sweeping hand.
  • "I didnt mean to spy, but I didnt want to interrupt your conversation. And it is such a beautiful evening tonight. I was so lost in meditation, it took me a moment to realize you were here." He stood and emerged from the darkness.
  • The duke is disturbed. "Whoeer he be that in this foul proceeding hath thus beguiled your daughter of herself, and you of her, the bloody book of law you shall yourself read, in the bitter letter after your own sense!—yea, though our proper son stood in your action!"
  • The mere owner of the goods, he thinks dourly, weeps over them, and wrings his hapless hands, and shakes his head, and stands aside, trembling, while all is shared, and all is borne away!—set to starve, but daring not touch his own!
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