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Okunuşu: / stan(d)bʌɪ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: stand·by
Ekler: stand·bys
Türü: isim


i. yedekte bulunan kimse veya tertibat.

standby için örnek cümleler:

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  • A television in standby mode still uses up to half of the electricity as it would whilst switched on.
  • Lids on saucepans and not leaving appliances on standby can all add up to big savings over time.
  • Users have an expectation of the standby time without making the handset too cumbersome with a large battery.
  • The crews trained at the search and rescue training squadron raf valley before taking over the sar standby in october 1974.
  • Pity the standby mode display backlight lowest setting is too bright for bedroom use.
  • Team builders like rope climbing and orienteering augment old standbys including volleyball, basketball, and golf.
  • No doubt about that. I told you I recognized York Neil by him being shy that trigger finger I fanned off down at Tombstone. Well, they say he's one of the Wolf's standbys.
  • Bosses on standby for the 999 deluge ambulance executives are preparing to join paramedics in responding to the deluge of emergency calls expected tonight.
  • A few minutes later, Hetty in the pickup disappeared behind a hot swirl of yellow dust. Barney ambled to the cool pump house beneath the towering windmill. An electric motor, powered either from the REA line or from direct current stored in a bank of wet cell batteries, bulked large in the small shed. To the left, a small, gasoline-driven generator supplied standby power if no wind was blowing to turn the arm-driven generator or if the lines happened to be down, as was often the case in the winter.
  • Onshore the rough facility is on 24 hour standby and can feed gas into the network within approximately two hours.
  • The automatic drapes were smoldering. The little tiny motor that ticked over on standby while not in use. That slowly began to overheat. That had a short in it and started throwing tiny sparks that landed on the flame retardant-treated but inherently flammable lining. Which started smoldering quietly, the smoke drawn out of the top window, which was left open a crack and created a draft. Which stoked the fire.
  • In 1980, the Solar Maximum Mission was launched by NASA. This spacecraft was designed to observe gamma rays, X-rays and UV radiation from solar flares during a time of high solar activity and solar luminosity. Just a few months after launch, however, an electronics failure caused the probe to go into standby mode, and it spent the next three years in this inactive state. In 1984 Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41C retrieved the satellite and repaired its electronics before re-releasing it into orbit. The Solar Maximum Mission subsequently acquired thousands of images of the solar corona before re-entering the Earth's atmosphere in June 1989.
  • "I didnt let them do anything," the old man shot back angrily. "This is war. They had weeks to plan their ambush. I doubled the usual sentries and patrols. I had everyone sleep in their armor. I kept a third on standby during the night. What would you have done?"
  • With a shaking hand, she pushed open the door. The standby light on his PC glowed, a mountain of paper balanced beside the monitor.
  • Nasan spent the rest of the day making up a supply of the kinds of khipus that might come in handy wherever she was going. Fighting ones, like poison and shatter, and old standbys like light. She looped a few to her jacket, then bundled the rest into stacks and put them in her pack. Then she khipu-braided her hair. Over the winter she'd let it hang in a dreadlocky mess. So coarse, so unlike Sarangerel's beautiful straight hair. But there were lucky patterns to be put in hair, and she'd need every edge she could get.
  • A third is on standby for 15 hours during the night at the same rate.
  • But this Bachelor's Guide to Homemaking will hopefully steer you down the path of your new journey in such a way that you can quickly learn what you need to survive so that your time can be better spent adjusting the exhaust system on your '79 Camaro instead of adjusting the exhaust system on your '86 Maytag dryer. To do this, experts in the field of Bachelorology - as well as key representatives from the Institute For Bachelorificationated Studies - have been assembled to provide you with insightful, witty and downright fun tips and tricks to help you get settled in your new lifestyle, as well as your new digs. Not with the actual moving of furniture, mind you, but more with the philosophy of why beanbag chairs can be used to great effect as the primary seats in the living room and not just an ancillary standby in the corner by the lamp.
  • When we were on standby at weekends, and if the sea fog rolled in, it got very eerie.
  • "The figure two hundred was mentioned, but that was merely a rough estimate." The Captain replied, no longer pleased with Reicherts alertness. "As usual you will have artillery on standby all night and D-Troop will provide choppers in the event of any prolonged contact."
  • "Im not too sure how churchy I am anymore," she sighed. "I think your grandfather and I would have that in common. The thing Im going to be happiest to leave in St. Louis is the Bethel African Baptist Church. While Im going to miss the music, its not worth all the other hassles. Jon, I started getting all thatall whites are devilsstuff again, all thatyou need to transfer to Moorheadstuff, and I decided to get out. I grabbed a taxi when my father and brother were out of the house. I left a note saying I wanted to get a head start on studying for this semester, and got a standby flight back. If theres any way I can possibly manage it, Im not going home for the summer again, or even for a brief visit, at least for a while. I dont have any idea what Im going to do next summer, but it wont be in St. Louis. Im thinking maybe taking summer courses down here, or maybe an internship some place. Do you think there might be an opening at this Hadley-Monroe?"
  • Launched in 1991, Japan's Yohkoh (Sunbeam) satellite observed solar flares at X-ray wavelengths. Mission data allowed scientists to identify several different types of flares, and demonstrated that the corona away from regions of peak activity was much more dynamic and active than had previously been supposed. Yohkoh observed an entire solar cycle but went into standby mode when an annular eclipse in 2001 caused it to lose its lock on the Sun. It was destroyed by atmospheric re-entry in 2005.
  • Since putting on standby all the time when not in use have not had another lockup.
  • In england the squadron remained on constant standby to assist in the evacuation of cyprus.
  • The quoted battery life is a lengthy 8.5 hours talk time and 400 hours standby for the tri-band handset.
  • Coincidence released Fut's news to the room. It created a wave of thoughtful silence. Coincidence used the time to find a seat. Zarg and Brick had secured an armchair each, a sofa lay between the two; They and Spiritwind at either end. The furniture allowed an uninterrupted view of the television from any position, although the only thing on at the moment was the standby light. The arrangement equally allowed social interaction should the occupants wish for a night of light chatter. The general feel of the room was down to the female of the house. As she approached a pension age her tastes had turned to flower themed decorations and family photographs. The cabinets and shelving had been with her throughout life rather than replaced. They shone with history, aided by a thorough polish at least once a week. Coincidence took in the ambience as he moved towards the middle cushion of the sofa.
  • Investigators determined that all the affected motors were connected to the same standby motor control center which was equipped with new digital motor protectors.
  • Specially equipped vehicles on permanent standby for serious incident response reliable communications are vital in the management of any public safety incident.
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