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Okunuşu: / standədʌɪz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: stan·dard·ize
Ekler: stan·dard·iz·es/stan·dard·ized/stan·dard·iz·ing
Türü: fiil


f. belirli bir ölçüye uydurmak, standardize etmek, ayarlamak, normalleştirmek.

standardize için örnek cümleler:

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  • A thesaurus is a structured wordlist used to standardize terminology.
  • Their mean score on a standardized test of verbal comprehension put them at the 10th percentile ( i.e.
  • Orthography for the names, giving the standardized names used for linkage alongside their original form.
  • My aim is not to standardize or evaluate the differences, but to raise questions about the values and belief of cultural plurality.
  • The standardized operational bindings do not have to be established via the operational binding management protocol ( the dop ).
  • The prison was so white collar that there was a cork board in front of the mess hall that listed a group of classes/activities available to inmates. Some prisoners turned to religious studies, but these men tended to be on the fringe of the mainstream. The majority of these wealthy businesspeople had given up standardized religion earlier in their lives in favor of giving praise to the almighty dollar. Praise given to greenbacks seemed to pay off for the 123 men and 12 woman dedicated to procuring lofty levels of greed in place of sound business ethics and spirituality-based morals.
  • To simplify and standardize the reporting of clinical details, a specific brucella serology request form has been prepared.
  • These studies used a standardized ginkgo biloba extract ( 24 % flavonoid glycosides, 6 % terpenoids ).
  • Public Law 88-77, July 25, 1963: The requirements for the Medal of Honor were standardized among all the services, requiring that a recipient had "distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty." Thus, the act removed the loophole allowing non-combat awards to Navy personnel. The act also clarified that the act of valor must occur during one of three circumstances:
  • One benefit of the Mongols controlling the world's largest economy was their insistence on standardizing the weights of coins. A "full" coin weighed exactly 100 grams, so ten of them weighed a kilo. A "half" coin weighs 50 grams and a "quarter" coin 25 grams. Silver coins of equal weight were worth fifteen times less, and equally heavy bronze coins that much less. Few people trusted non-standard coins anymore. So a ton of gold was literal, not a metaphor.
  • Format for details of each individual surname entered in full one transcript has " standardized spelling " .
  • A merging draft, BioCode, was published in 1997 in an attempt to standardize nomenclature in these three areas, but has yet to be formally adopted. The BioCode draft has received little attention since 1997; its originally planned implementation date of January 1, 2000, has passed unnoticed. However, a 2004 paper concerning the cyanobacteria does advocate a future adoption of a BioCode and interim steps consisting of reducing the differences between the codes. The International Code of Virus Classification and Nomenclature (ICVCN) remains outside the BioCode.
  • Kinshassa owes a part of its development to the Huileries du Congo Belge. Its plant dominates the river front. There are a dozen huge tanks into which the palm-oil flows from the barges. The fluid is then run into casks and sent down by rail to Matadi, whence it goes in steamers to Europe. More than a hundred white men are in the service of the "H. C. B." at Stanley Pool. They live in standardized brick bungalows in their own area which is equipped with tennis courts and a library. On all English fte days the Union Jack is hoisted and there is much festivity.
  • After he made that standardized movement, the text disappeared, and instead, coming from some kind of invisible speaker build into the wristband, came a mechanized voice repeating everything that Bilj had said, with very close to the same inflections and intonations.
  • Standardizelegislation to protect dismissed workers by standardizing factory closure procedures to minimize the adverse social impact.
  • In laboratories with highly standardized testing and quality assurance procedures, this protocol appears highly effective.
  • Extract standardized to 24 % flavone glycosides and 6 % terpene lactones.
  • More controversial, and not likely to be fully acceptable, was the hope that maybe we could standardize nomenclature as well.
  • Analytical chemistry is the analysis of material samples to gain an understanding of their chemical composition and structure. Analytical chemistry incorporates standardized experimental methods in chemistry. These methods may be used in all subdisciplines of chemistry, excluding purely theoretical chemistry.
  • Conclusion analysis of hospital episode statistics reveals a wide variation in standardized mortality ratios and possible predictors of these variations.
  • Healthaid fenugreek is a standardized extract of 200mg with 400mg of raw fenugreek powder.
  • Gender-specific rates are standardized by age using person-based standards, in order to highlight differences across gender.
  • The disability co-ordinator follows a standardized protocol in processing a pin form.
  • Inclusive approaches to assessment standardized special arrangements can be useful to disabled students in ensuring access to the assessment itself.
  • The weighted standardized impact sound pressure level is calculated according to a similar procedure to that of the airborne sound insulation.
  • Mannequin supplier for the shop front window to enable a standardized image for the shop.
  • There are three big sets of variables driving individual tax bills next year: a household's filing status, household income, and the multiple 2013 tax proposals floating around Capitol Hill. The TPC has built standardized choices into its calculator so it can preload a lot of calculations into the tool and spare us a lot of work.
  • Confidence intervals are shown only on the graphs of standardized mortality ratios for deaths in the local areas.
  • So what is a whole plant standardized extract as opposed to an isolated plant constituent and what is a tincture?
  • This allows shippers to perform standardized shipment transactions, over a common platform, with all the participating carriers.
  • First, it was a long name, and that caused any number of troubles anytime there was a standardized form to fill out. There were plenty of those, since fourth grade was a time of testing. There were five different standardized tests the children would have to take for various statistical purposes over the course of the year, in addition to three or four they had to take every year. Every test had a computerized form, and each one of the forms had a block that allowed only sixteen letters for the last name. "Langenderfer-McMahon" added up to twenty letters, counting the hyphen, which the computers ignored. If you tried to squeeze the extra letters into the form, then the results came back with "LANGENDERFERMCM" printed out in dot matrix.
  • The advantage of a standardized extract is that the quality control is more assured than for most preparations of the raw herb.
  • With the realization that he was relatively safe, for now, Kobi relaxed a little. His mind began to play over the events that had brought him to this hiding place. Everything had happened so quickly that it was hard to believe that several hours ago all he had been expecting was a long ride home. Along with time to think came time to feel the demands his body was making. The standardized meals provided by Emirates Air on the flight from London had been a long time ago and Kobi knew that he would remain hungry until he was able to sneak out of the hold into the interior of the ship. Even then, he couldnt be sure of being able to find food undetected. More than food, he would need water in this hot hideaway. On board the Tender craft, he found a half-finished soda and a couple of partial bottles of water. He would try to make them last as long as possible. As to the other demand his bladder was making, well, it was really best not to dwell on it.
  • In most cases, they adhere to a standardized format and are remarkably inexpensive.
  • Thus, stations along the cut-off line were, unsurprisingly, built to a standardized conservative design, utilizing clapboard throughout.
  • Rapid assessments, conducted by local staff, using simple, standardized survey methodology and software for data analysis, can be undertaken.
  • The Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) is a Microsoft standard for digital video capture on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It encompasses the ATSC and DVB standards and gives developers a standardized method of accessing TV tuner devices (usually PCI, PCI-E or USB). It is the driver component of Microsoft TV Technologies, and is used by hardware vendors to create digital TV tuning devices for Windows, and also to support new network types or custom hardware functionality. BDA is documented in the Windows DDK (Driver Development Kit) and the Platform SDK. Ideally, any BDA-compliant software should be compatible with any BDA-compliant hardware.
  • Industry groups also are pushing for stricter safety labeling and training. A task force of SAE International, a powerful industry group founded as the Society of Automotive Engineers, is close to recommending standardized labels for the inside and outside of all hybrid and other electrified cars so that first responders know quickly what type of vehicle they have encountered after a crash.
  • Included trials did not measure pain relief using standardized measures.
  • Commodity Futures A standardized contract guaranteeing delivery of a certain quantity of a commodity (such as wheat, soybeans, sugar or copper) on a specified future date, at a price agreed to, at the time of the transaction. These contracts are standardized in terms of quantity, quality and delivery months for different commodities. Contracts on certain commodities such as pepper and coffee are already traded in India. Moreover, the Kabra Committee in 1994 recommended that futures trading be permitted in several other commodities including rice, cotton, Soya bean and castor oil. Further, in an interesting development, a committee appointed by the Reserve Bank of India under the chairmanship of R.V. Gupta has recommended that Indian corporates be allowed to hedge in offshore futures and OPTIONS markets in a phased manner. The committee submitted its report in November 1997. (See also Appendix II).
  • The tests included a written portionessays. They needed people to score these essays. Florida had farmed out the contract out to Pellton. It was a national outfit that did standardized testing, workplace testing, all that. Pellton was hiring the scorers and organizing the scoring sessions. 16 bucks an hour, they were paying.
  • Sublingual immunotherapy with a standardized grass pollen extract; a double-blind placebo-controlled study.
  • Besides labeling, Mackintosh says, a standardized quick-reference guide is under consideration that will list every hybrid or electric car or truck model and list hazards firefighters may face.
  • Standardizeresponds to this anxiety by synchronizing bourgeois behavior with capital, thereby standardizing class behavior compatible with a return on investment mentalit
  • However, the value and usability of human-readable web pages will be enhanced when they are made machine-readable with standardized semantic tags.
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