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Okunuşu: / spɛnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: spend
Ekler: spends/spent/spend·ing
Türü: fiil


f. harcamak, sarfetmek;
bol bol vermek;
israf etmek, har vurup harman savurmak;
kuvvetini azaltmak;
geçirmek (zaman).

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  • That's all very well. You are unmarried, and can come and go as you please. If you were a man of family and compelled as I am to bring up a daughter in these barbaric wilds, or even to live here at all,--a man of my tastes and antecedents,--you'd curse the fates that landed you in the army. Still, I would not mind it so much if it were not for Nellie. It is galling to me to think of her having to spend so much of her fair young life in these garrison associations. Who is there here, except possibly Miss Forrest, who, by birth, education, and social position, is fit to be an intimate or friend? What opportunities has a girl of her--pardon my egotism--parentage in such a mill as this?
  • But this was not the end of that exciting scene. Scarcely had they gained the land, when another boat appeared on the crest of the fall. Again a shout was given and a dash made. For one moment there was a struggle with the raging flood, and then a loud cheer as the second boat swept into the eddy in safety. Then a third and a fourth boat went through the same operation, and before the end of a quarter of an hour, six boats ran the fall. The bay at the foot of it, which had been so quiet and solitary when Jasper and his friends arrived, became the scene of the wildest confusion and noise, as the men ran about with tremendous activity, making preparations to spend the night there.
  • "Gosh, we spend years reading the Bible. You two are already moving faster than I thought possible. Philip, your approach is so different. The crucifixion and the implications of that blood sacrifice would be the main focus of our studies. But your attention is on the message Jesus was sent to preach, so perhaps youre almost finished."
  • However he had many other things to think of, and could not spend any time in crying over spilt milk. Nothing they could do would mend matters so far as saving the French home was concerned; and they had enough to do in looking out for their own safety.
  • They spent the next hour or more helping Karthich write down everything Mia had said during her final encounter with Queen Xyledes. Karthich had not been there, but between the rest of them who had, they managed to agree on the transcription.
  • "Amazing. Youve done well for yourself." Then he explained how the Mission ran a number of boats up and down the major canals, with teachers on board and small libraries. "We spend a lot of money civilizing the world, educating the colonies but shamefully ignore our own people. We must seek betterment at home too..." Mr. Abercrombie spoke with zeal and thumped a text book he was showing.
  • Betty and Bobby, on the other hand, were determined to see to it that the sisters spent their holidays in Washington, and while Bobby cherished wild plans of filling a trunk with new dresses and hats and forcing it in some manner upon her chums, Betty concentrated her attention on the subject of cash. She intended to consult her uncle, in person if possible, and if that proved impossible, by letter, and Bob as to the feasibility of persuading Norma and Alice to borrow a sum sufficient to see them through to graduation day at Shadyside. Betty was sure her uncle and Bob, in both of whom she had infinite faith, could manage this difficult task satisfactorily, though the Guerin pride was a formidable obstacle.
  • There was no time lost. The next day was spent in looking out his clothes and packing his valise, by his mother; while he rode round the country, to say goodbye to some of his friends. The next morning, at daybreak, he started; and, at nightfall, rode into the castle of Alnwick, and inquired for Alwyn Forster.
  • Scott and John let the little transparent plastic baggies fall to the floor of Scotts bedroom. He lived with his mother in a five-room townhouse, who fortunately had decided to spend the night at her boyfriends. They had just ripped off the hinges of the suitcase, and were much too deep in shock to move. Cocaine, more than they had ever seen in their lives. Each bag looked to contain about fifteen grams of coke, and at one hundred and fifty dollars a gram that worked out to more than two thousands dollars per bag, street value. There looked to be over three hundred bags in the suitcase.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent reading to her husband and running around for him. Serenity found herself repeatedly glancing at the clock, hoping Jackson wouldnt notice.
  • "The Scapula is only the latest in a series of hazards that together have a geometrically confounding effect. This gentleman whom you spent no little time with is another."
  • The Wendel girl was prettier than I'd thought she'd be from her picture. Medium-sized, quite dark, and apparently not too fond of talking. At least she seemed to spend most of her time either listening or dancing.
  • There they had pushed her into the cramped cage and gone to celebrate, leaving her to spend the rest of the night curled up in its confines, trapped like the innocent forest creatures whose fate she now shared. Her plan seemed foolish now, for it had only hastened her death. At least Bane was free of her, and whatever spell the healers had cast. Whether he succeeded or failed, she would not be the cause of his demise. She prayed until the dawn's rosy streaks brightened the eastern sky, then the drums started their monotonous beat, drowning out her fervent whispers.
  • Gulf between voter expectations of higher public spending and their actual experience.
  • Clamming had been fairly lucrative during the span of their marriage. They never wanted for food or money for clothing or trips to the dentist and the ophthalmologist and the doctor. He never had go to go a doctor, but her health insurance from her job covered almost the entire cost of her visits for pap smears and other female needs. They reached a peak of $7,500 in their savings account, which he diminished considerably by spending $6,000 on a new outboard motor. She was furious. Had he gotten a second-hand motor would they have stayed together? No. She was probably fucking Mr. Neuerstein in the sexual drought he endured before the break up.
  • Lopes spent the first part of 201112 unregistered by Porto. In the January transfer window he moved on loan to S.C. Braga, going on to start in seven of his league appearances as the club finished third and qualified to the UEFA Champions League for the second time in its history.
  • Bobby's squad included Betty--who had refused to leave her chum--the Guerin girls (who refused to go to Edentown because it was almost impossible to avoid spending money for little luxuries and for treats), Constance Howard and Dora Estabrooke, a fat girl who was good-nature itself.
  • Taf shook her head and smiled. "It was only a few days. He can hardly know you as well as I." The huge dragon reached forth with her paw and touched the shoulder of the bewildered man, blade-like claws cutting the air all too near his throat. He flinched, then froze. "We will have to spend more time together, I can see," the dragon went on, "and Taf will have to stop her secretive nature. I see that she has at least been forced to show her own true self." Taf hung her head briefly, then smiled toward her companion.
  • He was dismayed to discover that he was one of at least twenty candidates for the post and his prospective employers had already fallen well behind with their interviewing schedule. He sat on a plastic seat in the large, modern reception area of the converted town house along with half a dozen other candidates, all of whom were much younger, and, mercifully, even more apprehensive, than he was. After a while he noted that the switchboard on the receptionists desk hardly ever rang which was surprising for such a supposedly busy company. He was mildly irritated at the way the bored receptionist did not attempt to engage any of them in conversation or offer them coffee. Instead she spent most of her time on the phone to a friend, a conversation he was obliged to overhear.
  • It is hard for a woman of spirit to be materially dependent on any one, and Miss Travers was virtually dependent on her brother-in-law. The little share of her father's hard savings was spent on her education. Once free from school, she was bound to another apprenticeship, and sister Kate, though indulgent, fond, and proud, lost no opportunity of telling her how much she owed to Captain Rayner. It got to be a fearful weight before the first summer was well over. It was the main secret of her acceptance of Mr. Van Antwerp. And now, until she would consent to name the day that should bind her for life to him, she had no home but such as Kate Rayner could offer her; and Kate was bitterly offended at her. There was just one chance to end it now and forever, and to relieve her sister and the captain of the burden of her support. Could she make up her mind to do it? And Mr. Van Antwerp offered the opportunity.
  • Willow continued to subtly remind me that I shouldnt invite anyone over on Trays birthday. She didnt need to worry about me slipping up in this instance though. This insane boy-dating-issue was still overwhelming me. My brother was forced to shadow me everywhere. So I didnt want to be social outside of school with anyone other than Krista and my family. I certainly didnt want him having to spend his birthday channeling obliterations to anyone.
  • Pearl spent a good hour or more explaining to Louie and Lulu just how serious the situation was. She carefully went over things that Louie and Lulu didnt understand.
  • There were a good handful of silver shards within, little silver sectors of a much larger coin that had been cut into several smaller ones. There was either a shortage of such coinperhaps no facilities to mint moreor there was deflation problem, neither of which seemed unlikely in a world where everything else was upside-down. Jorden remained unsure of the current worth of his pouch. He had spent some time in Tucaar, and had been supplied a little copper coinage, but he had not used enough to be sure of anything. The keepers of the shops accepted whatever he gave them, and either he always paid to much or they took less because he was a guest of the kaedith.
  • "Comparative religion I think. What's next... Fierylocks and the three trolls. A red-haired princess called Fierylocks gets lost in the woods. Not wanting to spend the night outside, she hides in a nearby cave. Unfortunately, the cave is a home to a family of trolls. Fierylocks hides behind three stalactites, but has to leave when the baby troll goes there to use them as toothpicks. Then she hides behind three stalagmites, but has to leave when daddy troll goes there to take a leak. Then she hides behind three stalagnates, but mommy troll went there to berate those. Fierylocks doesn't have any other place to hide, so the trolls find her. It irritates her quite a bit, therefore she drags them out of the cave and beats the living daycarp out of them until dawn, when they turn into mirrors. And not a good kind of mirrors, cause the princess looks a bit fat in them, so she drags all three of them up a cliff and pushes them off."
  • "Pare down the skin," smiled Mr. Wallace. "Thick skins are too heavy to carry and too thick to be pliable, so the skinners often spend a week paring down a skin till it's portable. Then it's rubbed with salt again or else packed in brine and shipped down to the coast or back wherever your agents are, who get it preserved right for you."
  • We halted at Santarem for several hours. What was not my astonishment, just before we departed, to find that Benedicto had gone into a store and had spent over £25 sterling in buying innumerable tins of jam--in fact, he had bought up the entire supply which was in the store! When I asked him what he did that for, he said he was very fond of jam. With his friends and a number of people he had quickly collected round him, they opened tin after tin, ravenously devouring the contents, so that within a short time he would have none left.
  • Well, you had better spend the rest of the afternoon in cleaning up a bit, suggested Ned. "Here's five dollars in advance. Report early in the morning."
  • You, sir?--you are my adopted father. But it was not you, I presume, who placed at my disposal 100,000 francs, which I spent in four or five months; it was not you who manufactured an Italian gentleman for my father; it was not you who introduced me into the world, and had me invited to a certain dinner at Auteuil, which I fancy I am eating at this moment, in company with the most distinguished people in Paris--amongst the rest with a certain procureur, whose acquaintance I did very wrong not to cultivate, for he would have been very useful to me just now;--it was not you, in fact, who bailed me for one or two millions, when the fatal discovery of my little secret took place. Come, speak, my worthy Corsican, speak!
  • He became addicted to painkillers in the hospital. When he was released, he wandered the streets, not knowing where to go, where to call home. He began drinking any kind of alcohol that he could lay his hands on. Between the pain pills, which the government paid for, and the alcohol which he spent every scent he had on, he became a zombie. He was like so many others that returned home to be scorned and ridiculed. He became one of the walking dead. A creation of war, not only the horrors that were part of war itself, but the inevitable reaction to it when it was over. Some wars receive acclaim and praise. Parades marched down main street for the returning heroes. Some wars receive protests, anger and rejection of those who fought in them.
  • Later Belmont Bland appeared at the cottage, having sought the advice of a physician who was spending an outing at the little settlement on the southern shore.
  • We also spent a few weekends painting the outside of the boat and doing some re-fitting in the cabin.
  • "He will not shrink from it. But I think his own coming to India is to find something. He is searching, for what I cannot say. He is a man of curious parts. He spoke once of spending time in prison. And he is devoted to playing a small stringed instrument. He understands the tongue of the Moghuls, and he questions all he sees. He is beginning to know India, because he has made it his purpose to know India. If he stays, he could become very troubling for the Portuguese."
  • Sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for spending your saturday morning on top of table mountain.
  • Not gone, eradicated. Rath stared at the planet. One person was so insignificant in size - from where he sat, the space a single body would occupy was a hundred times less than a spec of dust - yet, a good deal of trouble was spent in assuring that single individual's death. He only met the pirate once, he really didn't even like Angelo, but the process in which this man was obliterated was more than unsettling. It was like God striking down a heathen, and that kind of power shouldn't have been in the hands of a person like Jack Lasonelli.
  • Captain Curry Cucumber then went out of Laburnum Cottage, for good and all, and he vowed he would never set foot within another house in Bigton for social purposes or otherwise. For the remainder of his term of residence in the sea-side retreat, he shut himself up in the red brick corner house of the terrace he inhabited, where he spent his time, it is believed, from morning until night, swearing at his Kitmaghar, a lascar servant, and eating chutney and prawn curries. The poor unhappy half caste servant's life must have been a sad burden to him, for the captain was continually calling him an "Ooloo ka bucka," or son of an owl, and associating his name in Hindostanee with a big black monkey, who was being perpetually consigned to the lower regions.
  • The holidays passed pleasantly at Weymouth. Godfrey practised two hours a day steadily at the system of handwriting: and although he was, at the end of the holidays, very far from attaining the perfection shown in the examples produced by his teachers of the marvels they had effected in many of their pupils, he did improve vastly, and wrote a fair current hand instead of the almost undecipherable scrawl that had so puzzled and annoyed a succession of masters at Shrewsbury. After another month spent in London, getting his clothes and outfit, Godfrey started for St. Petersburg. On his last evening at home his father had a serious talk with him.
  • I'm surprised you haven't heard of him, Julius. He has a considerable reputation as an ethnologist. He and Paul Warren and I were in school together. We lost track of him for a while, then he wrote from China. He had spent several years inland, living with the Chinese, as one of them. He produced some immensely valuable studies. Those, and his rather remarkable ability to speak and act like a Chinese earned him the nickname of 'Chinese Bradley.' He had lived most of his life since school in one part of Asia or another. But I'm sure I can't guess what his connection is with this special job of Steve's, or how he happened to become Chahda's boss.
  • During the first few days the boys spent together they found out two things: one was that there was a pile of traps in the yard behind Godfrey Evans's cabin, and that they were never touched except when the family happened to be in want of kindling wood. The other was, that David left home bright and early every morning and went straight to General Gordon's. What he did after he got there they could not find out.
  • Raymond Binney, on the other hand, a short, tubby man with an unnaturally waxy complexion, was a primary school teacher who spent most of his waking time meticulously planning for early retirement, touring in a camper van in the Dordogne.
  • Well, well, who'd think you would drop in on me as if you came from the skies? he was saying as he worked Hugh's arm like a milkman's pump handle. "You see, I've been coming out here for several years every Thanksgiving afternoon to set my first traps of the season; and while I don't expect ever to do it again, I just couldn't keep from spending one night in the woods to revive old recollections. But I'm tickled to death at the idea of having company, for it does get mighty lonesome sometimes. Whatever are you doing up here, Hugh and Bud?"
  • Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner arrives at the Capitol today to face demands from Republican leaders to spell out spending cuts, after President Barack Obama won backing from some corporate executives to raise taxes as part of a deal to avert the fiscal cliff.
  • "I was hardly questioning; I was commenting. He spent a fortnight in Paris once, and he accounts himself, or would have us account him, intimate with every courtier at the Luxembourg. Oh, he is very amusing, this good cousin, but tiresome too." She laughed, and there was the faintest note of scorn in her amusement. "Now, touching this Marquis de Bardelys, it is very plain that the Chevalier boasted when he said that they were as brothers - he and the Marquis - is it not? He grew ill at ease when you reminded him of the possibility of the Marquis's visit to Lavedan." And she laughed quaintly to herself. "Do you think that he so much as knows Bardelys?" she asked me suddenly.
  • The spent grain from the mash tun is taken to a local small holding & given to sheep & cattle.
  • "No news of them?" Tubal shakes his head. "Why, so…." Shylock runs his hands down his beard, moaning. "And I know not whats spent in the search!—why, thou loss upon loss? The thief gone with so much, and so much to find the thief!" He grows morose. "And no satisfaction, no revengenor any ill luck stirring but what lights on my shoulders; no sighs but of my breathing; no tears but of my shedding!"
  • JPMorgan, which last year became the first bank to crack the list of 10 largest U.S. stock and bond mutual-fund managers after more than doubling long-term assets since 2008, planned to spend more money on sales and marketing this year. Mary Erdoes, head of the New York-based firms $1.4 trillion asset-management division, described it in February as a "real gem" and said JPMorgan has "heavily invested in this business in order to set ourselves up for much future growth in the years to come."
  • Everyone knew their place in a siege that Maxwell the historian entitled, "The Trojan Horse." All but five members of Hartwells army would be heading out to the park, while the other five people would be routed to the Beach Haven Inn to spend some quality time with some old friends.
  • The haggling eventually accounted for most of the time Sallis spent in Calcan. One horse and his tack heavier, but one gold crown and fifteen coppers lighter, Sallis wasted no more time and left Calcan.
  • "If all the litigation stuff were solved today, I'd tell you Bell has a bright future, and we can pay our bills," said Willmore, who estimates he spends a third of his time on lawsuits. "There are all these things that could happen that could bankrupt the city."
  • Thursday was spent cleaning some oily bilges, and re-instating the engine cooling system that i stripped down a week or so ago.
  • He was a great lover of good books; and spent much of his leisure time reading. He did not often refer to the hardships which he had endured in Michigan; but often spoke of the privations and endurance of others. Thus, in his latter days, not thinking of what he had done, he seemed to feast on the idea, that America had produced such and such ones, who had been benefactors and effectual workers for the good of our race.
  • But Colin was mistaken in his idea that almost a year would elapse before he was busy again with Fisheries work, for shortly before the end of his first term, he received a letter from his father in which the suggestion was made that the boy should spend a week on the Great Lakes during the Christmas vacation, to get an idea of what winter work was like. Colin smiled as he read the letter, for he knew well that he was 'in for it,' since his father would make him go through every step of the training.
  • I had many close calls during the war. They ranged from the first-line trenches of France, Belgium, and Italy to the mine fields of the North Sea while a winter gale blew. I can frankly say that I never felt such apprehension as on the face of those surging waters, with black night and the impenetrable jungle about me. The weird singing of the paddlers only heightened the suspense. I thought that every tight place would be my last. Finally at eight o'clock, and after it seemed that I had spent years on the trip, we bumped up against the shore of Kabambaie, within a hundred feet of the fatal spot.
  • The whole of that day was spent on the mountainside, the various members of the party separating from time to time and then coming together, to relate their various experiences. The old miners had told the boys how to search and what landmarks to look for, so that they did not seek altogether blindly.
  • He drew his pistol and fired the first shot. Then all hell broke loose: the great beast roared with rage; ninjas crawled all over his skin, stabbing and stabbing away with their weedy little knives. The pirates fired shots at his chest, or else spent their energy chopping at his legs. It was all no good. The beast was too strong, too thick, too hard; the blades and bullets which would have shorn clean through the soft flesh of a man simply ricocheted off his steely limbs into the melee around him.
  • "What?" Lori questioned, shrugging off her sisters criticism. "No, its not like that at all. This is perfect. Its what Ive wanted to do since the very first time I learned I could. Thats why I spent so much time licking hard plastic. I knew the chemicals would help me, and it finally worked!"
  • We spent the rest of our lunch making fun of Jameson on every possible aspect, while I flirted a little with the waitresses. The only bad thing about a great lunch break was that you still had to go back to work afterwards.
  • The sky flickered like a gentle flame, or an old-fashioned lava lamp. The tips of the aura filaments turned fluorescent blue, in incredible contrast with the dark of the night sky. "It's beautiful, no doubt. But every day we spend out here feels like we're just pushing our luck. One good storm is all it would take to end this little boat. We have to put to ground again, somewhere. Eventually. It might as well be sooner while all the equipment is still working than later, after things start breaking down."
  • While many economists -- and certainly all politicians -- worry that turning off the spigot of public spending will shrink an economy , the opposite is likely to be true.
  • Sir Geoffrey had not spent much time at Richards castle until recently. Audrey suspected this had something to do with the fact his wife had born a child, according to gossip, and one might easily surmise that the man did not like babies. But many rumors abounded concerning the knight Geoffrey, and Audrey could not help but pay attention, for some of the rumors caused much concern. People said that whoever displeased the knight often "disappeared," never to be seen or heard from again. Two slaves berated by Lord Richard for unruly behavior had in fact vanished from Richards castle in the last few years, both around the time Sir Geoffrey had come to visit. He had scraggly yellow hair that wisped around his gaunt face and golden eyes that reminded her of a cat on the prowl.
  • While we were at Wiesbaden we seldom spent much time at the dinner table, as J. P. usually took his choice between walking in the garden of the Kurhaus and listening to the orchestra and going to the opera. One night we motored over to Frankfort to hear Der Rosenkavalier, but the excursion was a dismal failure. We had to go over a stretch of very bad road, and with J. P. shaken into a state of extreme nervousness the very modern strains of the opera failed to please.
  • We finished our drinks then went inside to find them with a group of other ex-pats. Elly charmed the barman into stowing heressentials' behind the bar and we spent the next few hours hearing only English.
  • I preferred to spend my time with people of means, now people from Shines school. They were like me. Five years before I moved away to live at the School of Shines, I often stayed at Father's home, unlike John, who was always busy and rarely had any time to visit. Whenever my father went away, he would leave me a message in the blue jar telling me the latest news, some gossip, or of some sight he had seen.
  • The two parties are in stalemate over what spending cuts and revenue increases should be approved to cut a budget deficit thats exceeded $1 trillion for each of the four years Obamas been in office. The administration says no agreement is possible unless Republicans agree to increase tax rates for the highest earning Americans, a stance underscored by Geithner in a sweep of the Sunday talk shows. Republicans oppose any tax rate increase and demand deeper cuts than Obama has offered, a line that House Speaker John Boehner drew on one show yesterday.
  • Now, it appears that the bull, on his holiday, had spent a part of the first night in Carey's lower paddock, and Uncle Abel (who was out mooching about the bush at all hours, havin' a look at some timber"" or some ""indercations"" [of gold], or on some mysterious business or fad, the mystery of which was of his own making)--Uncle Abel saw the bull in the paddock at daylight and turned it out the sliprails, and talked about it afterwards, referring to the sliprails as ""Buckolts' Gate,"" of course, and spoke mysteriously of the case, and put on an appearance of great importance, and allowed people to get an idea that he knew a lot if he only liked to speak; and finally he got himself ""brought up"" as a witness for Ryan."
  • I spend most of my free time writing. This thing you hold in your hands, for example, is a copy of the words I placed in my journal starting shortly after these grisly events began. It is a cleaner version of what I have written, as it had become full of chicken scratches, profanities, and generally strange scrawls written in the panic of the moment. The memories were painful and the images often disturbing, but it feels like squeezing pus out of an infection. It still hurts like hell, but the pressure of all that I have lost is no longer unbearable. I have rewritten the events of the first day alone dozens of time. When it gets cold, I plan to burn them all in a ditch somewhere and watch those painful memories float away on the smoke.
  • I didnt expect that the events of Opening Day would bring me acclaim. Nor did I think I wanted it. I thanked God I hadnt been the one whod shot Petie. I wouldnt have to spend countless hours justifying the act to the police or in court. I could be discreet about my prior relationship with him. All I had done was select the shooter. Anybody could see I had made the only rational choice.
  • In 1980, the Solar Maximum Mission was launched by NASA. This spacecraft was designed to observe gamma rays, X-rays and UV radiation from solar flares during a time of high solar activity and solar luminosity. Just a few months after launch, however, an electronics failure caused the probe to go into standby mode, and it spent the next three years in this inactive state. In 1984 Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41C retrieved the satellite and repaired its electronics before re-releasing it into orbit. The Solar Maximum Mission subsequently acquired thousands of images of the solar corona before re-entering the Earth's atmosphere in June 1989.
  • At that moment Sharon had finally reached the kind of clarity in her life that had always been missing. She thought, "Yeah! Who's business is it anyway? I'm a grown-ass-woman for god's sake! If I want to spend the rest of my life with this man, then I will!"
  • But, with all his long travelling in Africa, Clapperton had not seen the Niger, and, although the effects of his fever had not worn away, he spent but two months in England before he was off again. This time he sailed to the Gulf of Guinea, and from a place on the coast near the modern Lagos he started by a new and untried route to reach the interior of the great Dark Continent.
  • And that week stood out forever in their memory like an oasis in a desert. They spent it in a little French town miles away from the firing line and even beyond the sound of the guns. They fished and swam and loafed and slept as though there was no such thing as war in the world. No reveille to wake them in the morning, no taps to send them to their beds at night. For the first time in months they were their own masters, and they enjoyed their brief liberty to the full.
  • While Holli remained in the lead for the duration of the trip, it was Ryson that truly directed them. It was at this time that the delver's true skills became evident to even the most unwilling believer. On countless occasions, Ryson actually dismounted and ran off on foot. He left the reins of his horse in the hands of Holli as he set off forward, or to the right, or to the left. He moved at a speed that easily surpassed the guarded gallops of the horses. He disappeared over hilltops only to return within moments to announce what lay ahead. He would leap back upon his moving horse with casual ease to converse with Holli. He kept her advised of travelers on the road, or farmers in nearby fields. Never winded from these excursions, he spent as much time scouting as he did riding. Occasionally, he brought back a pocketful of wild fruit which he passed out to his grateful yet amazed companions.
  • On enquiry they found that there was no boat leaving for Tasmania for several days, so they decided to spend the time in looking round to see if they could come across Dick Burton and his grey horse.
  • It seemed like two days that she spent in the cesspit, but it might have been only a day and a night. Several times she dozed off, and woke as the slime closed over her face. The muck was hip deep, forcing her to stand. Unknown crawling things wriggled over her and invaded her clothes under the muck, making her squirm and shiver. Hot tears ran down her face as she listened to the abbey's destruction.
  • "I know this is cold-hearted, but I didnt know them. They never made an effort to get to know us, so I really didnt worry about it. Apparently Im named in their will. So thanks to that, I have to go see their lawyer tomorrow morning, see what's up. I have plenty of PTO, so Ill take the day off and pretty much spend it on the road. Just what I always wanted to do on a day off. He's probably gonna try and make me pay some type of legal fee, isnt he?"
  • Nick had spent the whole of the previous week trying to make sense of the December management accounts. Falling sales. High fixed costs. Rising raw material prices. Lack of working capital. There seemed to be no way out. They were in deep trouble and for the first time since hed started the business he hed been unable to conjure up a plausible strategy to keep the business alive.
  • Come, come! said the Wolf. "I do not like to be kept waiting. You saw what I did to the little man down the street. I stabbed him. I am not afraid to tell you. I shall not stab you. Oh, no! You are a nice boy; you are going to tell me all about everything. That little man is dead now, quite dead. You would not like to be like that, would you? Well, you are going to get a lot of money, and go free, so you can have a nice time spending it. Come," he said in a level, patient tone. "Speak!"
  • 'I've found her,' David, the cadet reporter who had started everything in the first place, rushed into the office breathless and hyperventilating, apparently the way he spent most of his waking hours. 'She's staying with a Mr. Al Abass Sayed in Footscray and I've spoken to him. He seems to think it would be a good idea to talk to us.'
  • Mom and Dad got a call from Jessie after her wedding was over. The public heard a few details via a television interview with Johnson Carter, who had witnessed the ceremony before a local judge. Manny and Jessie were spending their "honeymoon" with little Roberto in the presidential palace. My parents felt cheated to have missed their daughters wedding, although I assured them it was only a stopgap. As soon as Jessie got home, she would reinstate plans for the big affair she had been forced to postpone.
  • The death of the reptile, and the craft and cunning I had displayed in the killing of it, so impressed the Amazons that they came to me in a body, with Sylvia as their mouthpiece, asking me to stay and be their king, nor did the wise-ones raise any objection to this proposal. But although I admired Sylvia, I had no desire to spend the rest of my days at Engano, not even as King of the Amazons. I therefore answered that my comrades were no doubt looking for me, nor would they continue their voyage home until all hope of my rescue had been abandoned, and I reminded the wise-ones of the promise they had made me of safe conduct back to my vessel, in case I should succeed in ridding the island of their enemy. The justice of my claim was not to be denied, and with the dawn of the morrow the wise-ones undertook to ascertain the direction in which the ship lay and to send me aboard her.
  • The next week I only left my dorm for classes and spent most of the time thinking. Sure, I was special. I had an amazing gift. But if my ability was real, then a great number of other things could be real as well. I knew, down in my gut, what the guy at the bar had been. It sounded so stupid in the light of day, but all I had to do was close my eyes and remember his eyes when he told me to wait.
  • It is unnecessary to say that Ayrton had been provided with this comfortable clothing. Cyrus Harding proposed that he should come to spend the bad season with them in Granite House, where he would be better lodged than at the corral, and Ayrton promised to do so, as soon as the last work at the corral was finished. He did this towards the middle of April. From that time Ayrton shared the common life, and made himself useful on all occasions; but still humble and sad, he never took part in the pleasures of his companions.
  • In the months that followed he seldom lost an opportunity of showing himself to the San Blas men when they came to town, but in time this pleasure palled as all others had, for the woman's kindred seemed incapable of resentment. Gradually, also, he became accustomed to her presence, and spent much of his time among the women of Cash Street. On one occasion he returned from an orgy of this sort to find her talking to one of his men, a young Barbadian with a giant's frame. It was only by accident, due to the liquor in him, that his hand went wild and he missed killing the fellow; then he beat the woman unmercifully.
  • He made a hasty meal off the provisions he had brought with him and, after a long period spent in trying to keep his eyes open, he was fain to lie down on the bottom of the launch and, with the engine shutoff, drift through the blackness till daylight. He awoke with a start. The launch was tossing about wildly and an occasional shower of spray flew over her side.
  • But shortly after moving to an age-restricted community three miles away, the couple started to re-create aspects of their old life. They spent about $50,000 to install plantation shutters, tile floors, an entertainment system and new appliances in the two-bedroom home that had cost them $245,000.
  • On another occasion he told me an amusing story of an experience he had had out in Missouri just after the end of the Civil War. He had spent some weeks riding from county-seat to county-seat securing registration for a deed making title for a railroad. One evening he was nearly drowned through his horse stumbling in the middle of a ford. When he dragged himself up the bank on the other side, drenched to the skin and worried by the prospect of having to catch his mount, which had started off on a cross-country gallop, he saw an elderly farmer sitting on a tree stump, and watching him with intense interest and perfect seriousness.
  • Apparently, he spent much of that period working on an eighth symphony.
  • "Sorry about the noise," Joe apologized. "Didnt expect this tonight." He looked at Annie and grinned. He continued, "We wanted to thank you for the time we spent at your house. Without your help, we could not have saved the money to purchase this place. We decided to get you a small gift. Shes outside."
  • Chasealdo and rooney spend most of the game chasing long balls into the channels while ruud plows a lone furrow up front.
  • Perry reached his own room, on the floor above, without being sighted, however, and subsequently spent a sleepless hour in joyous anticipation of at last finding some of those adventures that all his life he had longed for. And when he did at length fall asleep it was to have the most outlandish dreams, visions in which he endured shipwreck, fought pirates and was all but eaten by cannibals. The most incongruous phase of the dream, as recollected on waking, was that the Cockatoo had been, not a motor-boat at all, but a trolley-car! He distinctly remembered that the pirates, on boarding it, had each dropped a nickel in the box!
  • He's an important god in the East, said her dad, "but he's no concern of ours. He spends his time presiding over fertility rites."
  • Many of those who had spent time around the two young lords of Vint had begun to realize they did not get on, and there was an enormous crowd on the upper deck the afternoon of their first duel. Outfitted in practice armor and long blunted swords from the Kazhaks standing armory, they saluted and began the duel, agreeing to stay strictly to the proper dueling rules of Vint.
  • They started off in late April and reached Fort George going part way by water, walking the rest on rough roads. Then over the wilderness by Indian and animal tracks, lugging their packs, camping along the way. They reached the Bear Claw trading post on the Omineca in mid June, spending two days in the prospectors camp gathering the latest intelligence.
  • The automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect in January under the so-called fiscal cliff are the first crisis of his second term, one that threatens the economic recovery. The formula adopted to address the nations long-term fiscal challenges may shape his presidential legacy as well as the retirement prospects and economic security of Americans for at least a decade.
  • Catrin spent the next few weeks throwing herself into every task her father assigned. Master Edling did not return, despite her father's many requests. Benjin and her father did what they could to teach her, but what they remembered of their own lessons was fragmented and disjointed. Catrin learned other things from the extra time she was spending on the farm. Benjin taught her the basics of shoeing horses along with other farrier skills. She was an apt student and excelled with little practice. It interested her because she loved horses, and they had always been part of her daily life. She had seen it done a hundred times, which helped her to quickly master even the most difficult techniques.
  • "Morninalready, then, is it?" she asks sleepily in her British accent. Its the accent that Daniel loves, being from Illinois originally, and then the Ozarks of Missouri. Her accent by far is the most exotic thing hes ever heard. The way that she forms her words are so beautiful to him, he could happily spend hours listening to her read entries from even a phone book.
  • It couldn't be such a terrible tough voyage to strike across the country from here to Benedict, leavin' the pungy in the creek till the Britishers get tired of foolin' around in the Potomac; but it's no use to spend breath on what can't be done. Our crew will hang together, whatever comes. Let's go an' report; it won't do us any good to stay here.
  • It wasn't long before I realized why I had, like so many others, given up on the Kansas City team. They sucked. I knew I was being somewhat harsh. So they couldn't hit or pitch or field, but they looked good running on and off the field. Unfortunately, they spent much more time on the field than off. I never held myself out as an expert, but I felt pretty sure being on the field was not a good thing. Two very bad things happen when your team is on the field for extended periods of time: one is the other team is putting men on base and scoring runs, and two, you're not.
  • This silenced Peabody, for he knew that Betty's uncle sent her money from time to time, and though he fairly writhed to think that she Could spend it so foolishly, he could not interfere.
  • I can cripple him, Jeremy thought. Hes got a shitload of money. And, yeah, most of it goes into maintenance and supplies and that sort of thing, but stillnice nest egg. No wonder he spends all his time in the office, he must be investing on the side. I want to say its shady, but hes not exactly breaking any lawsjust doesnt tell the rest of us. Its his business, so why should he? I bet mom knows, at least
  • The week we spent together was more about relaxing and enjoying each other than getting to know the mundane details of our lives. Theres something about being near the ocean that really takes the edge offthese were the years before couples became entrenched in the community and were re-set into separate clicks like they were back in high school.
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