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Kelime, sayı veya tarih giriniz.
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Okunuşu: / spiːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: speak
Ekler: speaks/spoke/spo·ken/speak·ing
Türü: fiil


f. konuşmak, söz söylemek, konuşma yapmak, nutuk söylemek;
bahsetmek, bahsini etmek, belirtmek, ifade etmek;
ses vermek, çalmak;
işaretle konuşmak (gemiler arası). Speak ! Haydi, havla (köpeğe).

speak için örnek cümleler:

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  • Rennir strikes Alastor, causing him to fall to one knee. Dahlia cries out, but dares not move. "Dogs like you," Rennir continues, "are unworthy to even speak of him, or to address those he commands." Rennir then kicks Alastor to the ground viciously. Gawain begins to move to help, but a spear carrier pushes the tip of his weapon in Gawain's face. Rennir's face twists in disgust as he looks at Alastor. "Dogs like you are not even good enough to kneel before those whom he commands. Perhaps not even to clean their boots."
  • "The same way you left it, I suppose. And anyway, it's not my world. Didn't you say yourself that I spoke your language? I came from this world, onlyI seem to have lost my memory." He watched her jaw working. "What's so important about the flute?"
  • "I do not understand everything he says, but most is very clear and I do know the will of Godson," the cliff behemoth spoke to all in the room. "I am to accompany you to the mountain you call Sanctum. There we must deal with the sphere and end the threat to all Godson's followers."
  • If she indeed resembled a rare piece of flawless Dresden on this morning, she was as cold, her features were as unmarked by any human pity. Ah! so different an Elisabeth, this, from the one I had last seen at the East Room, with throat fluttering and cheeks far warmer than this cool rose pink. But, changed or not, the full sight of her came as the sudden influence of some powerful drug, blotting out consciousness of other things. I could no more have refrained from approaching her than I could have cast away my own natural self and form. Just as she reached the top of the broad marble stairs, I spoke.
  • Rosalind tries, red-faced, to argue over Celias laughter: "Look at my complexion! Dost thou think, because I am caparisoned like a man, I have the doublet-and-hose in my disposition? One inch more of delay is a South Sea of discovery! I prithee, tell me who it isquickly, and speak apace!"
  • "Don't youse even speak her name," the troll spat out, and took a few practice swings with the axe. "I'm putt'n a stop ta dis here wedd'n, one way or anudder."
  • We were halfway to the tutoring lab, and the halls were nearly empty. Everyone was always in such a hurry to get out, to go home, or to a party. Anywhere but here. "Oh, speaking of boys, I saw Brandon between fifth and sixth period. I made sure he knew I'd get you home after tutoring. He's so gorgeous. I don't know how you're doing it, but whatever it is, don't stop. He's the surest ticket ever to the A-list."
  • Ryson pondered how that might change things. If some elves were less sensitive than others, then there was still a chance for surprise. Then again, the proper utilization of sensitive elves would eliminate this problem. He spoke openly of his theories over such tactics. "Still, if I understand this correctly, it would remain possible to completely eliminate surprise attacks. If elves sensitive to magic are used as scouts and guards and escorts, it would be near impossible for an elf party to fall victim to a raid. To me, that seems to change things drastically. I mean, why would I rely on stealth if I knew that it was impossible to move in without being detected. As far as battles go, it almost comes down now to a point of pure force. Whatever army is the biggest and strongest will win. Isn't that right?"
  • The arguments with Murlimanoharan that day had disturbed Krishnan but he wiped clean all unpleasant thoughts and tried to concentrate on his studies. Soon after that meeting, Krishanan received by post a package of booklets and a hand-printed bulletin that highlighted the heroic deeds of the Tamil Tiger Prabhakaran, and spoke of the `trueconditions in the jungles of Jaffna. Murli also started meeting Krishnan occasionally and would request him in all earnest to join one of their secret meetings that were held in one of Londons suburbs. The self-declared general of LTTE, Naikan, was stationed at London. He would deliver public statements through the BBC. To Krishnan, all this was disgusting. What was the Indian secret service doing? Krishnan would wonder. How can they let them spoil the image of India? But these thoughts were temporary. He was after all just a student and was looking forward to a bright future....
  • Someone did hear Jaime Schulers footsteps; Nate woke to Kells roommate with a man Nates discerning ears didnt recognize. Finding the bed empty beside him, Nate peered out, Kells snores audible from the hallway. A chill hit Nates bare legs, winding all through him. Returning to bed, he then remembered a fragment, some dark hush in which Kells gentle accent spoke to someone else. Someone very close to Kell, a sound haunting Nates dreams all the rest of the night.
  • He'd found himself sitting on the roots of an old gnarled oak tree, staring at the vast green canopy above. He'd been sitting there for hours, with nothing in his mind. He felt the cool breeze on his skin as occasional sunlight filtered through the dense forest. He smelled the dusty duff beneath his feet and heard the chattering of the squirrel before he saw its twitching mouth. It sounded like the usual cluck-cluck-clucking at first and then, as the creature dropped to the ground at his feet, he heard it speaking in his own language.
  • Max instinctively moved between the detective and me and looked like he was ready to brawl. Detective Dixon pulled out his cell phone without a word, dialed a number and said, "Good evening, Sergeant, I need a twenty on Keith Johnson. Is he on tonight?" There was a pause while the Desk Sergeant must have been speaking to the detective. "Great. Can you patch me to him? Thanks." Another short pause and then I heard, "Keith, this is Dixon, Ive got Lauren Davis at the hospital and she wants to talk to you. Im going to hand her the phone."
  • We stepped into the limo and it drove off. We were riding for almost thirty minutes until we suddenly came to a stop. Marcus rolled down the window and spoke to the driver, "What is wrong? Why did we stop?"
  • The God cut him off with a wave. "You believe me only because you are one of mine, and more importantly because once all pretenses have been cleared away, you are able to listen when your heart speaks to you. That is but one of the many reasons why I have Chosen you."
  • He listened and heard the sound of approaching horses, and voices speaking French. He opened his eyes. Above him again was the same lofty sky with clouds that had risen and were floating still higher, and between them gleamed blue infinity. He did not turn his head and did not see those who, judging by the sound of hoofs and voices, had ridden up and stopped near him.
  • "Listen, I really do need to get away from the men whore chasing me. If you dont want to help me, at least let me go." He looked at the wolef as he spoke but the boy answered.
  • "Alastor," speaks Mikha'el, "I was always under the impression that you were so named because of the prophesies Eoin studied."
  • While Kevin eased himself from the car and stretched ungracefully, watching Tanji gradually waking up with mild concern, Bret had leapt fluidly from the vehicle and was already speaking urgently to the Frenchwoman.
  • For Russian historians, strange and terrible to say, Napoleon- that most insignificant tool of history who never anywhere, even in exile, showed human dignity--Napoleon is the object of adulation and enthusiasm; he is grand. But Kutuzov--the man who from the beginning to the end of his activity in 1812, never once swerving by word or deed from Borodino to Vilna, presented an example exceptional in history of self-sacrifice and a present consciousness of the future importance of what was happening--Kutuzov seems to them something indefinite and pitiful, and when speaking of him and of the year 1812 they always seem a little ashamed.
  • Ease? In addition to Jians own death, Kaymin and Cheyne had both already gone insane, however temporarily, not to mention the numerous attacks made on them by Kaurics followers. Jian bit back several questions and waited for Terek to continue, but Cheyne spoke first.
  • As Frances listened to these uncharitable comments, her curiosity began to grow. She wondered what George had against Agnes and wondered why he spoke of her with such disrespect and disdain. She was on the verge of asking him these questions, but checked herself at the last moment, realising that the question she was about to ask him might be considered impertinent.
  • He'll think twice about doing that again, big bully. Karma was the only one to speak as a sense of shocked silence gripped the vehicle.
  • She spoke slowly, in a clear, hard voice. "Mother Peg is one of the most Senior and best Healers in the whole Realm! You are lucky to have her caring for you. We didn't ask for your company any more than you asked for ours. We are doing the very best we can for you. I don't want to hear another disrespectful word about her, or about me, for that matter!"
  • Ryson instantly recalled his first encounter with goblins. He remembered how the mention of his name appeared to stir a reaction as well as compliance from that goblin, and he spoke with blood-boiling anger. "My name is Ryson Acumen. I'm a delver and you won't escape. I'll see to that."
  • For the first time since Id met him, Goronwy looked amused. "The Prince has asked that we dont speak of him for now. He will not countenance unfounded suspicions. If Prince Dafydd has betrayed his brother, his actions would be unforgivable."
  • The dissension between Franck's family and his circle of students reached a new height when Franck published Psych (written 188688), a symphonic poem based on the Greek myth. The controversy (not confined to Franck's immediate acquaintances) was not over the music, but over the philosophical and religious implications of the text (based on a poetic sketch by a certain Sicard and Louis de Fourcaud). Franck's wife and son found the work too sensual, and wanted Franck to concentrate on music wider and more popular in appeal "and altogether more commercial". d'Indy, on the other hand, speaks of its mystical significance, saying that it has "nothing of the pagan spirit about it, . . . but, on the contrary, is imbued with Christian grace and feeling . . . . D'Indy's interpretation was subsequently described as revealing "some embarrassment, such as a newly timid Sunday-school teacher would feel if abruptly called on to acquaint riotous adolescents with The Song of Solomon."
  • If Elizabeth was surprised by his question, she didnt show it. It seemed that in these past five months no one had ever asked her or Evelyn what they wanted to do with their lives or if they were in any way troubled by the arrangements that had been made on their behalf. They had simply been told what to do and when to do it, and just when she had the chance to speak her mind and declare, ‘No! I am not happy. I do not want to marry you. I do not want to follow any more orders!’ she didnt do it. Instead, with quiet dignity, she answered, "I am."
  • One of the young women nudged the other, and she spoke up softly, in that questioning tone of young people. "Im, like, basically interested to know whether physic readings are all that accurate? Or maybe why they are? Because I went to this one in particular and she totally knew what I was talking about."
  • Alastor pivots around, looking at the small voice speaking to him. Her face, her gaze, is soft. Alastor's eyes shift to Gawain, then back to hers before he answers.
  • Among the people, he sees many familiar faces, mostly from Judeheim or the Guardians, but even they he tries to ignore lest his state of mind become altered with unneeded sentimentality. The message in him is of the utmost importance and must be delivered free of emotional ties or taint. Each step forward, each moment that passes, the assemblage becomes thicker, but always makes room for Alastor to walk until, at last, he can see the grand court and the speaking podium of the royals. There stands Morion, with Edna on her right, and on her left Mikha'el, with the Dreamer boy beside him, looking at Mikha'el in triumph at being proven correct concerning his vision.
  • Paul settled himself on the spacious leather seat next to Mme Dubois, and the chauffeur eased off from the curb as Mme Dubois leaned forward to speak to him,
  • "No need to apologize. I guess I need to remind my gals around this table of something. If everyone speaks simultaneously then, Ember wont hear any of youthats assuming youre human. That even goes for you, Tishano matter how loud you ask your question.
  • Eertu listened carefully as Anja spoke becoming ever more concerned about his predicament. The woman spoke only in a cool soothing voice, but he was sure if she did not receive the desired answer in this place she could kill him at will. The truth then he decided no matter the cost. "There was a time I would have taken that offer, but not anymore. I would have to decline that offer. I know what the world thinks of the darker powers warlocks wield, but I am the sum of my character and deeds. A good friend of mine helped me realize that. Since coming to these lands I have learned a lot of true friendship and acceptance. All things I had given up on at one time. Nothing was asked of me other than to pull my own weight, contribute to the survival of my new found people. This sorcerer would want me only as a weapon to wield, something to be discarded when it suited him. My companions on the other hand would stand with me until death if need be. If you brought me here to join some twisted cause or hope to convince me to act in self-preservation you have wasted your time."
  • "Its all too incredible." Queen Janahara slumped onto a velvet divan and distractedly took a rolled betel leaf from the silver tray offered by a hovering eunuch. Behind her a female zenana slave fanned a plume of peacock feathers against the afternoon heat. As she spoke she brushed back her gold-threaded scarf, revealing gleaming dark hairthe few gray strands had been perfectly dyedpulled back tightly against her head and secured with a golden band. Her only jewels were in a necklace, diamonds with a massive blue sapphire that complemented her dark eyes. She was nearing fifty, but still possessed of a beauty that had, with the years, evolved to magnificent dignity. Her face was statuesque and her Persian was both elegant and mellifluous. "Hes still marching south. I think he actually enjoys living in the field, surrounded by mud and Rajputs. How much longer can he continue?"
  • I could not kill such a grace in anything,’ she said, ‘for I believe it is for love of me that you look so kindly.’ And indeed it was so, for all Yoals love was given to Athresa at that time. And long they stayed there at the seas shore and spoke of the glories and wisdom of the Sun that had brought them thus together; and though Yoal never told her he was aught but a maldocil yet Athresa loved him nonetheless.
  • After Kaysarov, others whom Pierre knew came up to him, and he had not time to reply to all the questions about Moscow that were showered upon him, or to listen to all that was told him. The faces all expressed animation and apprehension, but it seemed to Pierre that the cause of the excitement shown in some of these faces lay chiefly in questions of personal success; his mind, however, was occupied by the different expression he saw on other faces--an expression that spoke not of personal matters but of the universal questions of life and death. Kutuzov noticed Pierre's figure and the group gathered round him.
  • Just before dinner, Count Ilya Rostov presented his son to Bagration, who recognized him and said a few words to him, disjointed and awkward, as were all the words he spoke that day, and Count Ilya looked joyfully and proudly around while Bagration spoke to his son.
  • Make no mistake,’ Nollis gaze met each pair of eyes of the group to emphasise her point. ‘This is only the beginning. He has allowed the idea of power to totally govern him and he will continue to disrupt the harmony of the world until he rules all. You must Name another Guardian who will protect the Balance here. Of that I will speak later. But you must seek out Rhaki as urgently as you are able.’ She leaned back in her chair wearily. ‘And the time is upon us when we must make contact with the ones beyond the Wilderness.’
  • Maggie stood near Jerome's coffin as the Ploughman stood in the midst of his people and spoke of the battle and the courage of those who had fought. More, he spoke of the future, in which their toils would be rewarded. A future in which Athrom would hear them and they would be free.
  • "Well, theres a verse in which Jesus is speaking about repentance and mentionssackcloth and ashes.’ Understanding the term repentance is of the utmost importance, so it would be foolish to ignore the one place in these gospels that gives a rather vivid description of the word."
  • "They're just over the rise, about two hundred yards away," he started, speaking to the gathered assortment of soldiers, civilians and royalty. "Got themselves a couple of big siege engines, trebuchets I think. Must have taken them a day or so to set up too, so it turns out I was right about that after all." He glared at Pacian, who merely shrugged in response.
  • "Kell?" Her voice was small but heavy, and she didnt move. Could barely lift her feet and as soon as she spoke he was beside her, carrying her to their bed, then placed within her body. As they made love, she cried for many reasons. For Ash, for losing yet another one, but not just anyone. One of the best ones, one of the few she truly adored.
  • They reached the lake early one morning after having passed the night at a furagent's house on the Minnesota boundary; and, before they were aware of it, they had walked straight into a camp of wandering Chippewyans, who had been resting on the lake shore for a few days before returning northwards from disposing of their furs. Evidently they were used enough to meeting with white men, for, beyond a cheery "good morning," they took no further notice till the strangers addressed them; and then it appeared that several of them spoke English or French. They had just finished their breakfast, for the fires were still smoking, and cooking utensils and broken food lay about the ground, though most of their other property had already been stowed in the canoes.
  • Phoebe contains her contemptwith difficulty. She studies her dirty fingernails. "Knowst thou the youth that spoke to me erewhile?"
  • They were, if not cordial, at least not disconcerted at her visit, and willingly showed her over the house. As they did not speak of any other stranger's having been to see them lately, she became confirmed in her belief that Nan had not been there.
  • "I do not think you will find any foes here on which that sword would be of any use, let alone any foes to speak of," a soft female voice calls out.
  • The adjective "Hollandic" is occasionally used by some historians and other academic writers as an adjective for Holland. Historians who use the word tend to reserve it to pre-Napoleonic Holland. Hollandic is also the name linguists give to the dialect spoken in Holland.
  • "Swinging over the terrifying flames," Maggie spoke up. Nicolas turned to her, noticing her for the first time. Maggie smiled.
  • "I am curious about a Frankish knight who speaks our language, which I thought none of you Christians bothers to learn," said Baibars in his strangely accented Arabic. "I am curious about a knight who defeats and kills one of our emirs in single combat, winning a priceless jewel, and then gives that jewel to ransom a servant. I wish to know: Who is the Sire de Vency?"
  • "Now, Alan, there is not a moment to be lost. How heavy this chest is! I'll take it for you. You bring the other things." He spoke rapidly and in an authoritative manner. Campbell felt dominated by him. They left the room together.
  • Delameres face contorted angrily and his mouth opened to speak but Eleanor ignored him and hurried on: "My lord, the only question which remains is what is to be done about my daughter, Bronwen. I discussed this also with Mother Abbess. Were both in agreement that I will give myself up to Rhirid ap Maelgwn in exchange for Bronwens safe return to the abbey."
  • Tika looked at Gan. He was speaking to the men, telling Motass to put some salve on Skets burned palms, and then dismissing them. As they turned to leave, Tika called: ‘Farn is sorry he hurt you Sket. Truly, he thought you were really attacking me and meant me real harm.’
  • The queen speaks soothingly. "My lord, when last I went to visit her, she prayed me to excuse her keeping close,"—staying in her quarters, "whereto constrained by her infirmity, she should that duty leave unpaid to you which daily she was bound to proffer. This she wished me to make known; but our great court made me to blame in memory."
  • "Very well," Mappel spoke as if the matter was concluded. "Lief, summon Holli Brances. She will receive the sword and guide our new friend toward the desert. It will be a difficult path through the forest. It remains thick in that direction."
  • An old stable hand, haggard and leathery, stood shaking in his sandals. The man's hair was salted with white flakes and lice, forcing McKnight to avert his eyes from the man's wispy crown. The old man continued to tremble as McKnight spoke in a threatening tone.
  • Mom spoke up at this point. "You know your nervous habit of rubbing the beads? You had managed to rub down part of the symbol on the bead of protection. I'll have to do research, but it must have been the part that protected you from seeing the evil around you. I think you're still safe from the harm of others, but we'll make a new bead for you anyway. And... we're sorry about making you wear it. The necklace, I mean. We forgot how much of a balance it was to you. Your... outburst... this morning proved that."
  • 'As I expected,’ she murmured, with that hissing inspiration of her which meant so much. Without a word she went and locked the door, and then began to set out on the little table the instruments for yet another operation of transfusion of blood. I had long ago recognized the necessity, and begun to take off my coat, but she stopped me with a warning hand. 'No!’ she said. 'Today you must operate. I shall provide. You are weakened already.'As she spoke she took off her coat and rolled up her shirtsleeve.
  • Graves had been sitting in a comfortable chair across from me, but then got up and started pacing nervously. Not only did he look nervous, he was also beginning to sweat. I had seen Lou speak in front of thousands of people and not even break stride, but my question seemed to be causing him some angst.
  • Eleana was still displaying cool disinterest. Her hair even swiped him across his face when she turned around to speak to another guy. Pushy boy barely flinched when that happened. Waiting patiently, he resumed their conversation the instant she turned back around.
  • "Lauren, you recognized an anarchist from fifteen feet away, without speaking to him. You got everyone out of the way: the customers, the other employees, everyone. You gave him a dose of his own medicine: pure fear you shot into him! I never saw an anarchist leave so fast in all my years. I couldnt have been more thrilled if you would have yelled, ‘Boo,’ at him."
  • At this point the queen interrupted. "We do not know that this is the star that is spoken of; it may just be a star." There was an almost bored tone in her voice.
  • Gee spoke not. All he could think was how unusual it was that the Prince wore long pajamas under his cloak with grass-stains on his knees.
  • "My apologies, Archioness," Nellise said, bowing slightly to her superior. "I did not see you there, or I would have spoken with you first." The priestess smiled, and stepped down from the raised area at the front of the room and walked towards them.
  • Glee ran through what remained of his body. Her eyes were sharp but thrilled, beautiful brown irises that spoke of knowledge, of her for him and of course how much he knew her. If nothing ever happened to that novel, Marthe had read it, knew how he felt. Kell would even let her bury it with him if she wished.
  • hile members of the nuptial party are filing into the church just down the street and around the corner from the Minolashome, outside that mansion Tranio is finally able to speak alone with the real Lucentio, and advise him on progress.
  • All that may be so and mankind is ready to agree with it, but it is not what was asked. All that would be interesting if we recognized a divine power based on itself and always consistently directing its nations through Napoleons, Louis-es, and writers; but we do not acknowledge such a power, and therefore before speaking about Napoleons, Louis-es, and authors, we ought to be shown the connection existing between these men and the movement of the nations.
  • Rolin cleared his throat as he stood, then spoke out in his deep, almost hypnotic voice. "My king, you must not act hastily. The decision to wait for word from your son is a wise one."
  • They took half an hour to digest what Rose still felt was an anomaly. Yet, it was also truth, and after calling home, checking with Helena Gallagher, Rose spoke to her children. Emory sounded the same, Liam whined. They wanted to see their aunt and Rose told them they would, tomorrow. Rose knew they had a few days, maybe up to a week.
  • "Yeah, exactly. Hey, you've found your voice! 'Bout time you got into the spirit of things. And speaking of spirits, how about a drink? I sell that too. Guns and liquor, somehow they just go together."
  • Egeon groans. "A heavier task could not have been imposed than for me to speak my griefs unspeakable! But so that the world may witness that my end was wrought by Nature, not by vile offence, Ill utter what my sorrow gives me leave.
  • The shock on Hughs face was plain even in the poor light. Haworth had been speaking with an anger prompted by Hughs concern for the huntsman and disregard for the man whod been his most loyal servant for almost twenty years but now he relented. He didnt want to hurt Hugh; that would make him the same kind of man as the others. He leaned over the table and reached a hand towards Hughs shoulder but the earl pulled back.
  • We are glad to hear your excellency say so, we replied; "it is gratifying to know that our appearance speaks well for the treatment we have received in China."
  • "I speak to subjects, and a subject speaks, stirred up by God thus boldly for his king! My lord of Hereford here, whom you call king, is a foul traitor to proud Herefords king!
  • "They won't get to the wall," Enin asserted. He stopped his explanation and again stared out to the edge of the clearing. He spoke as if he were alone on the tower platform. "Spider's web, spider's trap, spider's warning. It's all the same. Make the trap where the flies are, or where the flies can be caught. A binding spell, like a force field. I've done that before. I need to alter it slightly, not a shield but a trap, a web. Think of a spider. How to focus the energy? Yes, that's it, that's definitely it."
  • Sy spoke directly to the wizard, moving straight to his point. "I don't think we're dealing with goblins, serps, or shags for that matter. The tower was brought to the ground by someone cutting the support columns, someone strong, very strong and capable with an axe. A witness said they were short, and they disappeared into the ground. They escaped through a tunnel, a long tunnel, one that was probably built in the time you and I shave. You know what description that fits?"
  • 5. All residents of the State of Rio Grande have the Right to Language. All may speak the language of their choice without fear of discrimination or reprisal, including but not to limited to English, Spanish, Kickapoo as spoken by the Kickapoo Tribe, Indeh and Cherokee as spoken by Apache and Cherokee of the state, and any and all other American Indian languages. The state shall be committed to teaching English and Spanish to all residents in their schools in the manner most likely to preserve and promote the use of these languages.
  • Finally, the group entered the large hut at the center of a very large courtyard in the middle of the village. Inside it was solemn as a church. Unlike the crystals that gave light to the other huts, this one was lit entirely with flickering candles. At the back of the room, in a simple wooden chair, was the woman who could only be the Elder that they spoke of. She did not appear very old, but one glimpse of her told of a wisdom that would have taken two lifetimes to gain. She was dressed as simply as the others; only a gold-colored sash draped about her neck made her stand out. Her hair was gray and pulled gracefully back behind her shoulders. She was clearly elfin in nature, with a tall, thin physique and distinctive ears.
  • "I think Im going to use magic again." He shouldnt be scared but he was. What if he couldnt control this stuff? What if someone got hurt? Arkin spoke from across the camp.
  • Hortensio chides: "Gremio, ’tis now no time to vent our love! Listen to me, and if you speak me fair, Ill tell you news good for either of us indifferently!" He nods toward Petruchio. "Here is a gentleman I met by chance who, upon agreement from us to his liking, will undertake to woo curst Katherina!—yea, and to marry her, if her dowry please him!"
  • The other voices spoke up, their thoughts twisting into Lee's, angry, virulent, determined to understand. She's stronger than most. Anna discovered the secrets. People missing for years, decades. No secrets in the family. Outsiders. The lake is receding. No secrets. The lake is angry. Goujon is angry.
  • Syrill snorted. "We're speaking of Fenrah's Raiders, not common thieves. Of course my soldiers will try to find them, but I'm sure they'll fail. The Raiders' mobility is their most peculiar talent."
  • According to three people who served in senior positions, even top players within the Obama administration sometimes have difficulty penetrating a tight-knit inner circle bound to the president by shared experience in a 2008 presidential campaign that began as an unlikely quest to break the barriers of race and upset the Clintons, his partys reigning dynasty. The three agreed to speak only on background because they arent authorized to discuss White House deliberations.
  • "It is the humans that are jubilant." She spat her judgments out like a bad taste. "The humans of Burbon now think they can get away with this injustice. They may even now be laughing at us. That I can not have. You speak of the algors and the threat they represent. What of the threat of the humans? They are now filled with confidence. They believe they can beat us. If you send your army to attack the algors, our flanks will truly be exposed. Not to the demoralized algors, but to the cocky humans. That is the true danger. It is my command we address this threat first."
  • Uncle's arrival gained the expedition crew several menof motley quality, I feltand with them the trail boss, a guide of much experience. He was called Captain-of-Guides Valdar Amesto us merely Captain Ames. We underlings must salute him, and speak respectfully.
  • Lying prompts a question, from Stephano to Caliban: "Moon-calf, speak truly once in thy life, whether thou beest a good moon-calf!"
  • speaking of sweaty bodies, Destiny was working up quite a sweat while swirling around a pole in the smaller workout room with a silver pole fixed in the middle of the room. The bright shiny pole was about as stiff as the rest of the poles in the room from watching her naked body gyrate and spin.
  • Kaymin rubbed a hand over his forehead. "Its still dangerous. She shouldnt be out there alone." Guilt settled within him as the implications of his actions fully sank in, clouding his thoughts and making him feel ill. Jian was right. The words spoken in that room were likely going to affect nearly every person on Trivallyn.
  • She left another gap here for courtesys sake, but Kevin made no attempt to speak so she resumed her monologue. Perhaps it hadnt been a good idea to mention Ian, perhaps it would be seen as some form of betrayal. She owed him at least some justification.
  • Graice and Sybille both waited in the tent until Holder began to stir. As soon as his eyes opened, he sat up. Neither woman spoke but he knew the question. He closed his eyes and concentrated deeply. Sadly he said, "No. I still don't remember anything. Tell me what happened, Graice."
  • "Julios the caretaker. He stays in the guest house out back. For a long time I couldnt stay in the house, too many memories. But now Im out a couple times a week. Missy loves it here; shes not very happy cooped up in the apartment all day. Julio took care of her for me when I went out of town. Since Ive been back, Ive been spending a good bit of my free time with you, so hes been watching her. Shes around here somewhere." He spoke softly in my ear, "I love that youre here."
  • The governor speaks slowly, solemnly. "I cannot bid you bid my daughter live," says Leonato. "That were impossible.
  • Jeralyle's face went from intrigued to confused, but before he could speak his question the Champion chimed in, knowing such was on its way. "The castle is now protected, and that plays into the rules of Kingdom as a whole. Ristalln, if you would?"
  • "Evelyn brought you here to make atonement," Skraetock said, speaking to the blind girl who lifted her face in defiance. Her unseeing eyes shone with the effort.
  • "Not far," Jain replied. "We have some work. speaking of that." Jain pulled a henry out of the coin purse on her belt and handed it to Joan, "I wont let you go hungry again."
  • The mood in the castle was tense and uneasy. The departure of the healer, rumored to have actually been a Norman noblewoman, had affected the lord to a troubling degree and no one knew what to do about it. Longsword brooded constantly, rarely spoke and flew off the handle at the slightest incident. The servants worked in silence, his men avoided him and even Teleri remained shut in her chambers, apparently unwilling to cross his path lest she finally lose one of their battles.
  • The group spoke of dead parents, then Colin, but only because Garth wasnt there. It didnt bother Rose in the least, and she talked too, how odd it was that now so many years had gone by.
  • On new cabinet appointments, three positions might be a good fit for a business leader: secretary of the Treasury or Commerce Department or director of the National Economic Council, said two people familiar with the matter. It might also be possible to create a high-level position or install an executive as one of Obamas three senior advisers, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
  • "Well, of course I know what it is," Casey said indignantly, "but what does that have to do with . . . oh . . . I see . . . ," he trailed off. Monson just stared at him. Casey obviously understood something he didn't, so he waited. All at once, Casey spoke fast and excitedly. "But how could that have happened?!? The whole thing is fixedeveryone knows that."
  • On 23-27 June 2001 John Paul II visited Ukraine, another heavily Orthodox nation, at the invitation of the President of Ukraine and bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The Pope spoke to leaders of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations, pleading for "open, tolerant and honest dialogue". About 200 thousand people attended the liturgies celebrated by the Pope in Kiev, and the liturgy in Lviv gathered nearly one and a half million faithful. John Paul II stated that an end to the Great Schism was one of his fondest wishes. Healing divisions between the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches regarding Latin and Byzantine traditions was clearly of great personal interest. For many years, John Paul II sought to facilitate dialogue and unity stating as early as 1988 in Euntes in mundum that "Europe has two lungs, it will never breathe easily until it uses both of them".
  • Would everyone just please drop the 'axe', said the captain. "Is this some new loan word from the Xwxrg's? I'm so weary of language pollution. Does everyone speak like this now? Have I been too busy with my career plan to notice the debasement of human speak?"
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