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Okunuşu: / spiːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: speak
Ekler: speaks/spoke/spo·ken/speak·ing
Türü: fiil


f. konuşmak, söz söylemek, konuşma yapmak, nutuk söylemek;
bahsetmek, bahsini etmek, belirtmek, ifade etmek;
ses vermek, çalmak;
işaretle konuşmak (gemiler arası). Speak ! Haydi, havla (köpeğe).

speak için örnek cümleler:

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  • I waited for Mr. Jansens accusations or questions, but they would never come. He didnt say anything, only continued to cradle the womans head in his arms as he tapped her lightly on her cheek. Then, he leaned in close and whispered something to her. I couldnt hear the words he spoke.
  • Sahil's guards, pushing the hobbling Roland and Perrin with the butts of their spears, took them through a series of large rooms with arched doorways, the walls decorated with painted Arabic letters and mosaic designs. The guards' boots clicked on gleaming floors of black, green, and white marble. Lokman, whoever he was, possessed a vast establishment, but all the furnishings in the chambers through which they passed had been removed. Perhaps he was one of those rich men the Mameluke officer had spoken of earlier who had fled the city with their goods when it was threatened. And now his palace had been taken over by the defenders, to be used as a prison.
  • "Luke 8:21 says, Gods word is heard and peopledo it.’ Thisdo itthing sounds like a spiritual practice to me. And since the New Testament books didnt exist when Jesus spoke, thisword of Godhe was speaking about is certainly not the Bible."
  • "Dragons, you see, ‘feelSaa. They know when, how, and where Saa is being invoked, and can be spoken to through Saa. Cwyth will help, but only sparingly and rarely, as hes incurably lazy."
  • Silence gripped the dwarf. The light of the sword illuminated his doubtful expression. In the quiet, in the hollow of Sanctum, the sound of the rain became more prevalent. Even Tun could hear it now. The faint echoes of dripping water penetrated the musty cavern air. He gritted his teeth as if to brace himself against the abrasive, repetitive sound. He might have stood there for the entire passage of the night had Stephen not spoke up.
  • "Yes, my dear, this is a great loss for us all, not to speak of you. But God will support you: you are young, and are now, I hope, in command of an immense fortune. The will has not yet been opened. I know you well enough to be sure that this will not turn your head, but it imposes duties on you, and you must be a man."
  • Gerets eyebrows rose. "For someone who speaks Versal poorly, youve got a good vocabulary," he said with a grin. "Well take you with us. Are there any others with you?" he asked, gesturing to the shore.
  • "Julios the caretaker. He stays in the guest house out back. For a long time I couldnt stay in the house, too many memories. But now Im out a couple times a week. Missy loves it here; shes not very happy cooped up in the apartment all day. Julio took care of her for me when I went out of town. Since Ive been back, Ive been spending a good bit of my free time with you, so hes been watching her. Shes around here somewhere." He spoke softly in my ear, "I love that youre here."
  • One day after Matvei had gone hunting she spoke to Kath who was sitting contentedly combing one of Rozya and Matvei's ltsctas. The Lind loved to be combed, finding it pleasantly soothing as well as getting rid of the nasty burrs in their coats that were otherwise difficult to eradicate. It also helped deter the black bloodsuckers that attached themselves and itched unbearably.
  • Then he had told the story ... to the boys at Martin's ... and it had all come back, rushing, crashing, filling his mind, and the voices began, deep inside, talking, whispering, urging. He stayed home, alone, huddled behind drawn curtains and closed doors, not eating, not sleeping, ignoring the banging on his door from the sick who sought his help - and still the voices spoke to him.
  • "Arkin, how are we easy to control with Dragons and magic?" After Legon spoke he could see that Arkin was impressed by his perception.
  • "They are also dead, sir," Maggie said. She spoke the words carefully this time, aware that Huss did not expect to hear them. She saw the strain and sorrow on his face as she spoke, and was sorry for it. "They fostered me for three years, until I was thirteen, when they died in a fire. It was a tragic accident."
  • Next morning he went for a walk, just to orient himself. People on the street, he noted, were speaking the Queens English without the variety of accents the Americans indulged in. Everywhere he saw British flags flying, and pictures of Queen Victoria displayed in the shop windows. Seemed like the city was proud of its English heritage. It was an odd feeling to be thrust back into the veneration of royalty after such a span of time away from it.
  • Wonderfully brainy chap, Garstin. He has helped me no end with Section D--you know, where we have had all the trouble. With luck we shall have it finished in a week or two. At the same time--with conviction--"he will never make a practical engineer. Wouldn't be any good in an emergency. No nerve--no nerve at all. Seems to go to bits directly he gets outside the office. Can't even look down into the section without holding on to something. If a crane starts anywhere near, it makes him jump, and as to being any good with the gang, why, he daren't speak to one of them. Only this afternoon, when O'Donnell came and blustered----"
  • It didn't matter what Boril wantedno one was to interrupt the Master. speaking without being spoken to was a serious charge and the mere fact that Boril had followed the Master to his son's bedroomwell, it was almost unthinkable.
  • As for the Labyrinth team members, if they give you any trouble, speak to a professor or to the headmaster. Don't let them bully you. And don't lose your temper and hurt them. Alright?
  • I was going to speak but waited for a moment because my gut was telling me something. "You're going to ask this woman to marry you, aren't you?" I asked.
  • "I am not mistaken Silas. The three of us crossed the bridge not long ago. I know it sounds impossible, and I am still struggling to believe it myself, but we actually spoke with the gods."
  • All the unmarried ladies and even the married ones except the very oldest rose. Marya Dmitrievna paused at the door. Tall and stout, holding high her fifty-year-old head with its gray curls, she stood surveying the guests, and leisurely arranged her wide sleeves as if rolling them up. Marya Dmitrievna always spoke in Russian.
  • And now a new danger threatened us. We had not been a month at the settlement after the piracy of the "Golden Seahorse" before it became evident to me that our crew had ceased to regard their officers with the same respect as they had formerly shown them on board ship. Sailors, ashore, are accustomed to a license they do not look for at sea. Hence it was but natural that, since their ship no longer claimed their duty, they should regard themselves as freed from discipline. This revolt against authority, however, I knew to be a menace to our common safety, and I determined to put an end to it. I spoke first to Hartog, who spent most of his time in the Queen's house, brooding over our misfortune, and thus setting a very bad example.
  • 'It was very good of you to come to me, my good young friend, in my helplessness and shipwreck, for the Lord hath hid himself from me; but he speaks to his desolate creature, my good Dan, through your gracious lips. My faith!--I thought I had faith till it was brought to the test, and then it failed! But my good friend, Loftus, was sent to help me--to strengthen the feeble knees.'
  • "The whole thing, up to that, is incredible, and yet it has happened. Here, this locket for one thing. I asked Fleurise and Boyd what it is worth, and they say sixty guineas, and that it must have cost more than a hundred. Is it credible that any one should give away -- to a total stranger -- sixty guineas? You know it is monstrous. Is it credible, that the names of our visitors, and all my plans -- though I scarcely speak them above my breath -- should be known to people totally unknown to me -- who yet seem resolved, by a kind of torture, to influence my conduct, and are animated by a hatred of that miserable Mr. Guy de Beaumirail, and who have discovered Mr. Dacre's pursuit of them, and threaten to put him out of the way. It is like a dream."
  • "Ah, this must be the famous cat in a hat painting that my grandfather did," the Marquis spoke up. "Nobody knew what had happened to it, and here it is! By the way, Count, it seems you have insulted my dear grandpa. Prepare to die."
  • Samuel Cofort spoke quickly and with an edge to his voice. "I will not object as long as another two percent of the fund is apportioned for repairs to the town hall. I'm sure this very meeting room, as well of some of the offices, might need repairs. For all we know, the very chairs we are sitting on may have received some unseen damage. It would be wise to correct such problems before anyone gets hurt. I think it would also be a good idea to replace the older furniture in our personal offices."
  • Ashta was struggling as the Dragons rounded the central peak of the Guardians stronghold. Kija spoke urgently to Meppis mind.
  • Roland heard Robert d'Artois's voice cut in suddenly. "Silence, de Coucy!" he snapped. "How dare you speak so to the King?"
  • "Okay. Okay." Her head swam with all this new information. Change the subject. "So tell me. How is it you speak English?"
  • "Your excellency, here are two trophies," said Dolokhov, pointing to the French sword and pouch. "I have taken an officer prisoner. I stopped the company." Dolokhov breathed heavily from weariness and spoke in abrupt sentences. "The whole company can bear witness. I beg you will remember this, your excellency!"
  • The ghost speaks quickly. "I've recently become aware of that, Mrs Crick. Please accept my sincere condolences." He allows a moment to pass. "I regret that when your husband contacted me, I was unable to help. But I have reviewed the case and I think there are leads I could follow up. I felt I should contact you and receive further instructions."
  • In any case, the evening passed quietly, and one by one, Aiden and the others turned in for the night. The young man had wanted to speak with Pacian in private, but found himself overcome with weariness shortly after he laid eyes on his bed. The wild events of the day finally caught up with him, and within moments of lying down, he was fast asleep.
  • I hear conflicting stories and logic considering male and female sizes. I can only speak from experience, and I'm no "sexpert." Most people will keep their opinions and responses to themselves on this essay. That's unfortunate. Stand back, I have my tape measure ready.
  • Dredrik held the torch aloft in his left hand while holding Eitreens free hand in his right. They had not spoken much, both not wanting to face what the morning would bring. It was Eitreen who finally broke the silence.
  • A voice spoke in her memory: "Through you I will wake the world." She shivered, as one shivers at the touch of delight.
  • Everyone in temporary accommodation spent most of their time in the common room, the private rooms too cramped for anything but sleep, and the talk bouncing about the group did not inspire Jorden whatsoever. There were people there with real problems, farmers who had lost everything to a new blight, and yet there were many who doubted they had legitimate claim to an audience with any but the lowest of the kaedith of the castle. Few actually expected to speak with the Great One herself.
  • Frederick shakes his head. "She is too subtle"—devious—"for thee; and her smoothness, her very silence, and her patience speak to the peopleand they pity her!" he says, resentment revealing fear. "Thou art a fool! She robs thee of thy fame, and thou wilt show more bright, and seem more virtuous, when she is gone!"
  • According to Ethnologue, there are a total of 69 languages spoken in Kenya. Most belong to two broad linguistic families: Niger-Congo (Bantu branch) and Nilo-Saharan (Nilotic branch), spoken by the country's Bantu and Nilotic populations, respectively. The Cushitic and Arab ethnic minorities speak languages belonging to the separate Afro-Asiatic family, with the Hindustani and European residents speaking languages from the Indo-European phylum.
  • Virginia opened her mouth to speak and cried out in pain instead. She had raised herself to her knees, and now she fell again. Evelyn continued to trace patterns in the air behind her.
  • Intelligence sources also picked up orders to at least one Syrian military base to begin combining the two precursor chemical components of Sarin nerve gas to make it ready to use, the officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence details. Syrian authorities have stored the components, which produce a deadly nerve agent when mixed, in secure separate facilities, according to the officials.
  • The fool shivered, and started to speak, but caught himself. The assassin surely wasn't speaking of him being this new coming king. The whole idea of that was ludicrous! He wasn't presumptuous enough to entertain the notion. Besides, he had never ruled before. The assassin had plainly said that this coming king had ruled before. He was curious, though, as to whose head the old king had been after. If not his, then who's?
  • For nearly ten minutes he stood there, motionless, with parted lips and eyes strangely bright. He was dimly conscious that entirely fresh influences were at work within him. Yet they seemed to him to have come really from himself. The few words that Basil's friend had said to him--words spoken by chance, no doubt, and with wilful paradox in them-- had touched some secret chord that had never been touched before, but that he felt was now vibrating and throbbing to curious pulses.
  • "Lots of things," Ryson admitted. He began to expel his thoughts. He let his worries loose, as if speaking them might exorcise his own personal demons. "I have no idea what's going to happen with the elf camp. I left Lief without saying much else to him. He knows what I think of Petiole. I think he feels the same way. But ..."
  • Other than that morning's health lecture, like a good soldier, though, most of the time Franzuzhik observed, keeping his mouth shut. But when the men spoke amongst themselves, he cocked his head, embarrassed, and if they approached him directly, his face reddened. He did not understand the local dialect, and he asked everyone to repeat almost every word.
  • The mercenary staggered backwards for a moment until he regained his footing, but it gave Aiden the precious time he needed to get back on his feet, for now the tables had turned. Holding the sceptre out before him, he spoke the command word, and a brilliant shaft of light sprang forth, slicing the armour protecting the officer and burning the flesh underneath.
  • How could that be possible, Paul thought? Another complete reality existing alongside his own? Even if he could accept the idea intellectually when she spoke of it, to actually be here blew his mind.
  • Sometimes they were silent for hours; sometimes after they were already in bed they would begin talking and go on till morning. They spoke most of what was long past. Princess Mary spoke of her childhood, of her mother, her father, and her daydreams; and Natasha, who with a passive lack of understanding had formerly turned away from that life of devotion, submission, and the poetry of Christian self-sacrifice, now feeling herself bound to Princess Mary by affection, learned to love her past too and to understand a side of life previously incomprehensible to her. She did not think of applying submission and self-abnegation to her own life, for she was accustomed to seek other joys, but she understood and loved in another those previously incomprehensible virtues. For Princess Mary, listening to Natasha's tales of childhood and early youth, there also opened out a new and hitherto uncomprehended side of life: belief in life and its enjoyment.
  • The stranger clicked his fingers and the cruel branches reached out again, but this time they held back their cruelty, they lifted him with almost over the top gentleness to his feet. "You would no longer be the servant of time, I have the perfect wish for you boy" The stranger put his hand to Falks cheek. When he was less than a decade in years Falk had fallen into the Dagmir swamp, he'd thrashed and struggled amidst the leeches and the worms and the pestilent caress of the dank waters. The touch of the stranger reminded him of the swamp. His tormentor leaned in and whispered a single word in Falks ear and then stood back. "Remember that word boy and remember it well, for true as you hear these words, when you speak it time will no longer be your master". Drained, mentally and physically as he was Falk made note to himself to forget that word as soon as he was able, just as he meant to forget this whole experience if it ever came to an end.
  • "I do need to speak with him, but it's quite an urgent matter and cannot wait for an appointment," Aiden continued urbanely. "But don't worry, I have a key so I can gain access on my own. If you would just point the way to the door..." Aiden noticed Pacian was casually strolling around the room, ostensibly to take in the pretentious artwork adorning the walls. He spied something of interest on the other side of an archway, however, and gave Aiden a quick nod.
  • Conor stared ahead for a moment, considering, and then nodded. A country song unexpectedly blared to life from an unseen corner in the back; he had to raise his voice to speak over it. "It was not my initial consideration," he said, taking a swig of beer, "but yes. I crossed the oceanfor a heart of gold."
  • "I do not think you will find any foes here on which that sword would be of any use, let alone any foes to speak of," a soft female voice calls out.
  • 30 October.--Mr. Morris took me to the hotel where our rooms had been ordered by telegraph, she being the one who could best be spared, since she does not speak any foreign language. The forces were distributed much as they had been at Varna, except that Lady Godalming went to the Vice Consul, as her rank might serve as an immediate guarantee of some sort to the official, we being in extreme hurry. Joanna and the two doctors went to the shipping agent to learn particulars of the arrival of the Czar Cathmor.
  • "But you're not to speak so -- you're not to think that. It is while we are poor that I can be of any use," she said, eagerly; "very little, very miserable my poor attempts, but nothing makes me so happy as trying to deserve ever so little of all the kind things my Ry says of me; and I'm sure, Charlie, although there may be cares and troubles, we will make our time pass here very happily, and perhaps we shall always look back on our days at Carwell as the happiest of our lives."
  • speaking of Dickstein, he was in rare form as he got ready for the festivities. There are people in life that look natural when they play"dress up," and there are others that appear to be pained by the experience. Dickstein's left the top button open on his white dress shirt and loosely made his brown and yellow striped tie. He was one of those guys that still looked sloppy even when he wore his good clothes.
  • I wordlessly complied and limped down the dock. I heard William speak to his son and realized he'd been yelling at him, not me.
  • Ralff claimed to me he'd seen a bear at a distance, but I noticed he passed no alarm to any others, speaking in a low voice. Perhaps he wished to test my courage. I checked my weapon and peeled my eyes, looking often to the horizon.
  • "Saturday," she breathed. She looked up at me. "Right. Well, well do that. Ill make sure I have off. speaking of which, I have to go to work soon. I work graveyard shift at a crappy factory." She laughed again, this time to relieve the tension. She stood up, took my mug, and walked into the kitchen. I got up to leave. I inhaled deeply. The whole place was filled with her scent. She sat the mugs on the kitchen table. I walked to the door, keeping my gaze fixed straight ahead. I was afraid of what would happen if we made eye contact again.
  • "Ended!" said she. "How ended?" And somehow her voice sounded to her as her mother's voice had when she stood there and questioned her sisters about the little room. She seemed to have to drag her words out. She spoke slowly: "It seems to me to have only just begun in my case. It was just so with mother when she--"
  • Myranda clutched the new gem. She ought to have known better than to expect him to make amends for his distrust. That didn't matter, though. She had a very important task at hand. Not only did she have the opportunity to rid herself of the crippling injury, but she was about to take the first real step toward becoming a healer. Without the warmth of the gem to guide her, it was difficult to know when she had reached the appropriate level of concentration. When she felt that her mind was similar to the way it had been that morning, she spoke the words.
  • As we sped off, I noticed the curious stares from a number of students. Had they been watching us the whole time? I had been so distracted in Jacobs presence, and remembered the words wed just spoken about blending in. Obviously it wasnt normal for a high school girl to be picked up by a tall, older man on a motorcycle. Hmm, Jacob and I would have to talk about this tonight. It looked as if I may be walking to school from now on.
  • She spoke slowly, in a clear, hard voice. "Mother Peg is one of the most Senior and best Healers in the whole Realm! You are lucky to have her caring for you. We didn't ask for your company any more than you asked for ours. We are doing the very best we can for you. I don't want to hear another disrespectful word about her, or about me, for that matter!"
  • Bloodthirsty natives, speaking scarcely above a whisper, may be seen in small groups at almost every street corner, and in such quarters of the town where reside known sympathisers with the attacking party much military movement is noticeable. Every few hundred yards are stationed pickets of gendarmes or barefooted soldados; and after dusk, no matter who you be or what your errand, you stand every chance of a bullet should you fail to give prompt satisfaction on being challenged with the usual quien vive?
  • Ryson nodded and spoke openly of why he needed to go. "First of all, Pinesway may be abandoned, but its not completely deserted. We all know there are still people there that might need help."
  • "No, he fancies pretty girls." The words were out before Robert even knew he had spoken them, for they were the truth. From the moment Robin had been born his cherubic features had attracted women of all ages, and with all the positive attention that was constantly bestowed on him, he had no fear of people and was particularly attracted to pretty girls.
  • Lazerek looked at him with outright malice."That would be a shame. Since we are talking about it, did you and Tonicus speak of the Swords at all?"
  • "Most nations speak High Common," Benjin said. "In the past, it was only the Zjhon who spoke Zjhonlander, but their influence has spread, and most people of the Greatland now speak both languages. Very few people understand the Old Tongue or High Script. Pelivor is quite a rarity."
  • No no.’ The Merig clattered his horny beak testily. ‘I spoke of the Domain of Asat.’ He blinked at Baras. ‘These tunnels are in this side of the mountains.’ He fidgeted. ‘Delvers sealed off all tunnels to their Domain, leaving only one or two for the new Guardian to discover.’
  • "It is I, the Captain General of his Majestys armies. I am here at his demand. I am to speak with Lady de Vere and her alone."
  • "Sister Camellia was headstrong and a nuisance from the start. She came here to serve and to do good things, but even as a novice the constraints of our way of life in our house were not for her. She spoke when she shouldnt, she forgot her prayers, she interfered with others, and she never obeyed. For all of us here, Our Lord comes first. For Sister Camellia there was always another job or task she had to do. Our discussions were frequent and turbulent, and she often forced me to say many Hail Marys afterwards. I should have cast her out, as her behaviour was affecting the other sisters. But I kept her here because I could see the pain within her. In the end the work we were doing in Cyprus seemed ideal for her. In fact Sister Camellia jumped at the chance."
  • The launch success seems to represent a significant ratcheting up of the countrys "hard power". But it also raises the stakes in the outside worlds dealings with the rogue regime, at a time of new administrations in America and China. It comes just before elections in South Korea on December 19th. In those elections, both presidential candidates have spoken of increased engagement with the North, after a prolonged and tense standoff under South Koreas outgoing president, Lee Myung-bak.
  • The young mans grin grew even broader. "Thats exactly why we asked you here, Nick. Theres still a lot of old farts in this game who dont speak our language. Thats why we need an interpreter like you, someone whos on their wavelength. A bridge between the old and new. Today and tomorrow."
  • "Heart chides.how am i blind to the volcano of passion?Those are my favourite lines."he said.(Though karan is always my lab partner.We never spoke much except for the subject matter.)
  • Ash would sleep over, too drunk to drive. Also Marthe didnt want to be alone. Not that night, not with all they had spoken.
  • After the call, Zhu called down to the factory floor on his house phone. He spoke in rapid Cantonese to the floor supervisor.
  • "Flamboyance," he said ruefully. "It gets in the blood. speaking of which, Ive been hearing the oddest stories about you and Pod Dall."
  • Every afternoon, when school was over, the children came and played with the Giant. But the little boy whom the Giant loved was never seen again. The Giant was very kind to all the children, yet he longed for his first little friend, and often spoke of him. "How I would like to see him!" he used to say.
  • Pierre's gaiety vanished completely. He anxiously questioned the princess, asked her to speak out fully and confide her grief to him; but she only repeated that she begged him to forget what she had said, that she did not remember what she had said, and that she had no trouble except the one he knew of--that Prince Andrew's marriage threatened to cause a rupture between father and son.
  • The moment he had said it, he was sorry. But for the moment he had forgotten that he was speaking to Jessie: the sentence had come out of his mouth as if he were but talking to himself. Also it introduced the suggestion of his own forbearance to enlist.
  • Father Flannery was previously in hot water for writing that he cannot accept a thesis that would suggest that the spirit of God speaks more powerfully through him than it does through a female theologian with whom he worked.
  • Sy spoke quickly but with a calming tone. "It seems there was an accident. Sorry to disturb you. Did you see anything?"
  • That had been fine when theyd been surrounded by hundreds of other men but now that it was just the two of them it had become increasingly difficult. There were times when Delameres mood was so foul that he didnt speak to Longsword at all. Since crossing into Wales and drawing closer to Rhuddlan, the silences had become almost oppressive. Longsword couldnt wait to get home, if only to escape Delamere for a little while.
  • Having passed the wall, we took our way to the house, taking care to keep in the shadows of the trees on the lawn when the moonlight shone out. When we got to the porch the Professor opened her bag and took out a lot of things, which she laid on the step, sorting them into four little groups, evidently one for each. Then she spoke.
  • Presently Jamie watched the boy disappear back inside the cottage presumably to dress, reminding himself to speak to Robert about the little incident later.
  • The fairy-lord scowled at my brother then turned on his heel and left. "Devlin, I wish to speak to you about the human your Tribe has…."
  • Your friend Conseil, the fine lad replied serenely, "has nothing to say for himself. He's a completely disinterested party on this question. Like his master, like his comrade Ned, he's a bachelor. Neither wife, parents, nor children are waiting for him back home. He's in master's employ, he thinks like master, he speaks like master, and much to his regret, he can't be counted on to form a majority. Only two persons face each other here: master on one side, Ned Land on the other. That said, your friend Conseil is listening, and he's ready to keep score."
  • Soran and Trem were looking at the contents of some of the carts. As Serim moved on to speak to Tika and Mim, Soran said quietly to Gan: ‘These goods, Sir, surely they cannot all be produced underground? These Delvers must have contact with someone Outside.’
  • "He isnt much to look at, either," Teleri said equitably. "However, are you quite certain Gwalaes has anything to do with this? From all reports, she seems to keep a discreet distance and since her child arrived I dont think shes spoken to him."
  • I stopped to think. I'd only spoken to the woman once when I went over to welcome her to the neighborhood, and offer, with complete insincerity, to help in any way I could. I was glad she knew how the game was played and she assured me that if she needed help she would call. Our social duties done, we had talked a little about jobs and families.
  • Smiling in ecstasy the sorceress raised her arms high above her head, speaking in louder tones as the climax of the spell approached. The power of the magic was almost visible, distorting the air in the small chamber like heat rising from the desert floor. Dreth took a step back.
  • "France can hardly compete now with Moscow, New York and other capital cities for elite workers," Horton said. "They are skilled, speak many languages and are mobile. They were sad to leave but they are gone now. France has killed the goose that laid golden eggs."
  • "I'm not much of a dancer." He downed his drink. "I'd better be going too." He stood, glanced at the envelope. He figured that was the money for the clams and his work this evening. He felt a little dirtied by playing the role of servant, opening clams for the men in suits and the women in cocktail dresses. He wouldn't have carried the case of wine down from the big house if Linda Gold hadn't asked to speak to him. And, he was irritated. He had been on the verge of scoring with Linda when Erin reappeared. He had expected her to stay upstairs, while he and Linda did whatever they were going to do. He was hungry for Linda. He had danced with enough thick-bodied women to dread the ordeal of pushing Erin's heavy lump of flesh around the floor, hoping for the music to end. The time had come to go.
  • Menenius bows to her. "Noble lady!" He turns to Coriolanus. "Comego with us! speak fair, not so you may salve what is dangerous, but to thwart the loss in what has passed!"
  • "What say you?" he asked again, and the motion was approved but with little enthusiasm. Catrin could not blame them. They had suffered a tremendous loss, and none of them had known her for very long. "We all have our own preparations to make for the interment, but I suggest we form committees to handle the basic governing of Ohmahold until after Sister Velona's ascension. What say you?" This was met with almost unanimous agreement, and they proceeded to assign committees and their chairs. Catrin turned to Benjin with uncertainty in her eyes, but he was still unaware of her dire news, and she decided on her own to stand and speak out.
  • Now, as then, Rose knew death was coming. She and Gray and later Petra and Lovie had discussed it, a year after Don and Judiths plane from New York to California slammed into the Rocky Mountains. Freak weather was the cause, but Rose had kept mum after that Saturday show played there in Sessay, the one show that year in Judiths hometown. Rose waited for three days, having spoken to her mother one last time, telling her to be careful. Not that it was Judiths fault, only the clouds, a snowstorm, weather, fate. Karma, and then Rose endured an entire year before she felt able to tell her sister of what she had known. Gray learned that Saturday night, driving their car back to Evanston. That evening he and Rose went separately from the band and Rose wept the entire trip home. She wasnt a teary sort, didnt think she would cry at Margarets funeral, but in telling her husband she wouldnt see her parents again, Rose Cathleen Robinson Burnett bawled like a baby.
  • You are to meet the other two-legs who is bonded,’ Seela told her. ‘It is a male Nagum, bonded to the first born daughter of Hani. Hani is unusual in that she is shy, she keeps to herself. She mind speaks to some of us in this Treasury but is overwhelmed by social Gathering times. She stays mostly at the farthest edge of our range. We knew she was brooding three eggs and she bespoke me when the hatchings began. She has spent one moon cycle teaching her first born and the bonded one all she can and has left them now to take her other hatchlings to her usual Cold Season place further towards the dying sun.’
  • "It may not have to be a tragedy. Remember, we have spoken with Shayed," Lief reminded him with words trimmed in pride and optimism. "It is her counsel that we might yet defeat this thing which now haunts us."
  • Larry's mother more than once called to speak with Larry and instead got Riga on the phone. Upon discovering that he was living with a girl, she was elated at his apparent heterosexuality. Upon learning of the living arrangements, she said, "You're being made a fool of Larry. I don't what's wrong with you."
  • Redthorne nodded, but he didn't look too happy. He opened his mouth to speak again, but was interrupted by the arrival of Kevin, who had a small figure in tow.
  • Ve's face wrinkled up in distaste. He had not been expecting that particular answer. He was thinking more along the lines of the hell hounds running into Seth's friends and pissing everyone off. "He spoke to them?" Ve questioned. Unfortunately, the shock was audible through the quick question.
  • "So you have come to ask me to work miracles for you, when you do nothing for yourself." Nadir Sharif rose and strolled to a latticework window. He studied the garden for a moment, then spoke without turning. "Have you advised His Majesty in explicit terms of the Viceroys displeasure with the English intrusion into our . . . into Portuguese waters?"
  • Phoebe contains her contemptwith difficulty. She studies her dirty fingernails. "Knowst thou the youth that spoke to me erewhile?"
  • "II know not whether she loves me, or where she isNo guest of mine has heard her story, and I have spoken to you of the birds. Even the wind carries no fragment of her fate and no sound but the waves when I ask, as if I put an ordinary conch to my ear." The gardeners voice suddenly cracked, sick with age and sorrow and he cried like an old tree creaking, "Where is she? Why is there no report of her?"
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