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Okunuşu: / sʌmtʌɪmz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: some·times
Türü: zarf


z. bazen, ara sıra.

sometimes için örnek cümleler:

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  • Still, talking about it made me realize how exhausting the struggle had become. "I gotta say, though, sometimes I get so tired of working like a dog without any guarantee of security. It makes me feel like one of these days, if somebody pushes me too far, I could chuck it."
  • Her immediate task completed, she turned her attention to the other man standing two steps in front of her. He wore frayed but clean work clothes and had a pack-bag of sorts slung over a shoulder. He still faced away from her, and at first she mistakenly assumed he had become inhibited by her little performance and thus was reluctant to face her. Bystanders sometimes were struck by back-blows from her effect, and she realized she needed to calm his anxiety.
  • Recently it occurred to me that sometimes it's easy to forget about all the wonderful things we take for granted. The little things that make existence easier for us even when it might seem that life is difficult or we have the problems of the whole world stacked up and resting upon on shoulders. I found myself particularly guilty of this so I thought it was time for me to do a little exercise to remind myself how many gifts I have and don't appreciate.
  • LADY O'HARA found that her big, indolent husband was unusually silent next morning at breakfast. She had not been married long enough to consent to being practically ignored, no matter what the time of day, but she had been married quite long enough to know that before she took any direct action against him, she must first allow him to assuage his appetite. Accordingly she plied him with coffee and eggs, and with a satisfied and slightly motherly air, watched him attack a sirloin of beef. She was a pretty, birdlike little lady, with big eyes, and soft brown curls escaping from under a demure but very becoming mob cap. She measured five foot nothing in her stockings, and was sometimes referred to by her large husband as the Midget. Needless to say, this flippant appellation was in no wise encouraged by the lady.
  • "Don't be a fool, Ben. Those Indians have killed and scalped two of your family. If you had lived on the frontier all your life as I have, you would be glad to pay them back in their own coin, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, scalp for scalp. I have had so many friends killed by them, good quiet people, who never harmed any one. Almost every year, and sometimes several times a year, I have gone with others to help drive these devils away from some fort or town. And the sights that I have seen make me hate the redskins worse than poison. And, Ben, you know enough of them yourself. How many Rangers have been tormented by them and scalped? Remember John McKeen! How he was stripped and tied to a tree; then the red devils danced around him, howled at him, taunted him, and threw their knives at him till he was full of holes from head to foot. Have you forgotten what they did then? Put a pine splinter in every wound he had, set them on fire and made a living torch of him."
  • What interested Dave immensely was a self starting apparatus. This was operated by a handle inserted in a socket, fastened on a special ball ratchet on the large sprocket. Pulling this handle turned the motor over two, sometimes three compressions, and started up the machine without difficulty, Mr. Randolph explained. During the operation the throttle shut down so that the operator might resume his seat and take the levers.
  • It's all right as long as we know we haven't done anything that isn't right, Zara. That's the chief thing. If you do right, people will find it out sooner or later, even if they think at first that you're bad. sometimes it takes a long time, but Paw Hoover says he's never known it to fail that a bad man gets found out sooner or later.
  • This bear is not quite so large as the ursus arctos; though individuals are sometimes met with approaching the bulk of the latter.
  • Take it by degrees, advised Professor Wright, "and remember that generally these names are made up of one or two or even more Greek or Latin words. sometimes a Greek and Latin word is combined, but that really is not scientific.
  • So, apart from voluntary service on behalf of Jack Junior, she was free as of old to order her days as she pleased. Yet that small morsel of humanity demanded much of her time, because she released through the maternal floodgates a part of that passionate longing to bestow love where her heart willed. sometimes she took issue with herself over that wayward tendency. By all the rules of the game, she should have loved her husband. He was like a rock, solid, enduring, patient, kind, and generous. He stood to her in the most intimate relation that can exist between a man and a woman. But she never fooled herself; she never had so far as Jack Fyfe was concerned. She liked him, but that was all. He was good to her, and she was grateful.
  • Inside the store, I set the timer lock for the safe, then headed for the ladies room as usual. Morning nic ingestion. I wondered if maybe the vasoconstriction from the smoke would help the back ease up. When I didnt get the morning doselike yesterdayI sometimes felt it along my spine.
  • The extremely accurate astrometry provided by radar is critical in long-term predictions of asteroid-Earth impacts, as illustrated by the object 99942 Apophis. In particular, optical observations measure very accurately where an object appears on the sky, but cannot measure the distance accurately at all. Radar, on the other hand, directly measures the distance to the object (and how fast it is changing). The combination of optical and radar observations normally allows the prediction of orbits at least decades, and sometimes centuries, into the future.
  • "We make our beds every morning before breakfast and we all have jobs. I work in the kitchen and teach the five and six year olds. But I dont know what youll be doing. We have classes two times, sometimes three times a day."
  • NONE OF THE CALLERS knew we could listen to them when we put them on hold. sometimes I did it just to hear what they would say. Once I heard a man with a dead battery threaten his girlfriend. "When we get out of this," he said, "I am going to fuck you up so bad." I could hear her laugh in the background.
  • If we'd rehearsed it, Mabel and Hadad would both have been self-conscious. The game is to study your man--or woman, as the case may be--and sometimes drill 'em, sometimes spring it on 'em, according to circumstances. The only rule is to study people; there are no two quite alike.
  • Burton made no answer. He saw a figure in white, and heard a voice saying, "I have sometimes thought I could, perhaps, love a man, if I found one who was not a liar." And he was wondering, weighing these two women, each so powerful in her personality, although differing so much in manner of expressing it. Miss Vane he understood, or at least thought he did, but this girl was something so altogether different. He knew that most men, and all women, would question her motives; he would be sincere with her. At least he would not be a liar, active or passive.
  • Campaign trail president a child health insurance policy texas chronic illness or individual insurance is sometimes called.
  • His suppleness even exceeded his strength. Certain convicts who were forever dreaming of escape, ended by making a veritable science of force and skill combined. It is the science of muscles. An entire system of mysterious statics is daily practised by prisoners, men who are forever envious of the flies and birds. To climb a vertical surface, and to find points of support where hardly a projection was visible, was play to Jean Valjean. An angle of the wall being given, with the tension of his back and legs, with his elbows and his heels fitted into the unevenness of the stone, he raised himself as if by magic to the third story. He sometimes mounted thus even to the roof of the galley prison.
  • His mother's rages never lasted long. In minutes, sometimes only seconds, and they were over. But it was the lack of any expression of remorse that hurt. Even a quiet "I'm sorry, Brad," would have dulled his pain. It was not like he wanted to be held or hugged. That didn't happen in his family. A ritual peck on the cheek at bedtime was all of the physical contact in the Burgess household.
  • That night seemed almost a year long, they said afterward. sometimes they fell from very weariness, only to get up again and struggle on. Frank placed his arm about his brother and half carried him at times.
  • "Roger, we both have cause to be angry with this news," Hugh interrupted. He looked away, back to the keep. "Ive never told you this because its somewhat shameful to me but it will answer most of your questions. Although I saw Eleanor almost every night, I was sometimes unable to—" he faltered and glanced back at Haworth with a rueful smile. "You know what I mean. It was always difficult for me because I felt nothing for her. When she feared me, it was better. Easier. But since her return from Rhuddlan, she has feared me less and less. Its as though I can no longer intimidate her. The worst part is that she knows it. She uses her new strength against me. When you ask does she enjoy my company so much, I think the answer is yes. I think she quite enjoys coming to my chamber and seeing me fumble to complete the act. She enjoys seeing me humilate myself before her. But I was determined to have my heir out of her and so I kept trying."
  • Howik passed them two of those long spears which serve as harpoons, then two long lances with sharp points. To those offensive arms he added five coils of those strong flexible ropes that the whalers call "lines," and which measure six hundred feet in length. Less would not do, for it sometimes happens that these cords, fastened end to end, are not enough for the "demand," the whale plunges down so deep.
  • O Prince, may I be granted a word with you? I have that to tell which you would perhaps do well to hear, since news sometimes reaches the ears of humble women that escapes those of the men, our masters.
  • During the conversation the viceroy frequently smiled, and sometimes came so near overstepping the bounds of Chinese propriety as to chuckle. At first his reception was more formal, but his interest soon led him to dispense with all formality, and before the close of the interview the questions were rapidly asked and discussed. We have had some experience with examining attorneys, and an extended acquaintance with the American reporter; but we are convinced that for genuine inquisitiveness LiHungChang stands peerless. We made several attempts to take leave, but were interrupted each time by a question from the viceroy. Mr. Tenney, in fact, became fatigued with the task of interpreting, so that many of the long answers were translated by the viceroy's son.
  • He will often stare at the cream dissolving in his coffee, forming specific nebulae, sometimes planets.
  • Up ahead, out of sight, the steady roar of the wind is punctuated by screams. Like clockwork, every minute or so, we hear a shout or a shriek, sometimes ululant, sometimes a mere squeak. On the verge of asking Bianca to explain, the symbiont suppresses my curiosity.
  • He did not repeat to himself with a sickening feeling of shame the words he had spoken, or say: "Oh, why did I not say that?" and, "Whatever made me say 'Je vous aime'?" On the contrary, he now repeated in imagination every word that he or Natasha had spoken and pictured every detail of her face and smile, and did not wish to diminish or add anything, but only to repeat it again and again. There was now not a shadow of doubt in his mind as to whether what he had undertaken was right or wrong. Only one terrible doubt sometimes crossed his mind: "Wasn't it all a dream? Isn't Princess Mary mistaken? Am I not too conceited and self-confident? I believe all this--and suddenly Princess Mary will tell her, and she will be sure to smile and say: 'How strange! He must be deluding himself. Doesn't he know that he is a man, just a man, while I...? I am something altogether different and higher.'"
  • Mr. Brandon, Eve Jacob has no vision. She is obsessed with ethical rubbish. You, my friend, understand what is sometimes needed to make progress. That is why others have conspired against you to prevent you making progress.
  • You will sometimes think of us, Miles? was Lucy's next remark, and it was said in a tone that induced me to look her full in the face, when I discovered that her eyes were suffused with tears.
  • Isabella wanted to smile at his zealous ferocity. He was the human version of the cat he sometimes became. She could hear the feline strength of his personality and the indomitableness of his character. She wanted to stroke his strong chest and find out what the rest of him was like. There was a rush of longing in her as she thought about what it would be like. For a moment, she wanted to live almost as much as she wanted the dreaded Book of the Black Moon destroyed. There was something about this man that called to her. Shed waited it for nearly her entire life. Oh, why now? Why do I find him now?
  • "Pray God she is not dead," he said more to himself than to the other. Then aloud--"Leave me; I am all right. Go and help with her. But stop, come and tell me sometimes how it goes with her."
  • Every time one of these was sighted the boys could see that the passengers were wholly soldiers. sometimes they wore the blue coats of the French, with the beloved red trousers, which have been so dear to the hearts of the fighting men of the republic from away back to the time of Napoleon; then again the dull khaki of the British regulars predominated. They occupied first-class carriages, freight vans, cattle cars--anything sufficed so long as it allowed them to get closer to where a chance for glory awaited them.
  • So it doesn't feel as bad as it might. But memories of this man are flowing through my mind like a river. Amazing memories. For whenever I've been around him, I sensed that the other world was not far away, and it is a very powerful world. sometimes I actually saw that it wasn't far away. With my eyes, I mean. Miracles, some might say. Ran said he preferred to call them "brief returns to normalcy." I guess that today he is finally totally "normal." But he was very close to "normal" while he was on this earth. When around him, you never knew when one of these brief returns might take place. A totally ethical yet astoundingly slippery guy he was . . . is.
  • "Rubby, sometimes I just don't get you. You've worked all your life, and now your Social Security checks don't even pay enough to keep you off the streets. If anybody has the right to be bitter, it's you!"
  • "Yes," I said, "how far away all this is. And you wouldn't leave even that object behind when you came last in here. Perhaps it is for that reason it haunted me--mostly at night. I dreamed of you sometimes as a huntress nymph gleaming white through the foliage and throwing this arrow like a dart straight at my heart. But it never reached it. It always fell at my feet as I woke up. The huntress never meant to strike down that particular quarry."
  • "I hope you can some day," Graice replied. Then she told him, "Ever since I was a child, every member of the Sistria has told me constantly that I'm special. sometimes I get annoyed about that, but it's true that I have more talent than other Sistres."
  • Warren, who had grown up across the street from Marjorie, had long been "crazy about her." sometimes she seemed to reciprocate his feeling with a faint gratitude, but she had tried him by her infallible test and informed him gravely that she did not love him. Her test was that when she was away from him she forgot him and had affairs with other boys. Warren found this discouraging, especially as Marjorie had been making little trips all summer, and for the first two or three days after each arrival home he saw great heaps of mail on the Harveys' hall table addressed to her in various masculine handwritings. To make matters worse, all during the month of August she had been visited by her cousin Bernice from Eau Claire, and it seemed impossible to see her alone. It was always necessary to hunt round and find some one to take care of Bernice. As August waned this was becoming more and more difficult.
  • Up a winding road the scouts went, sometimes singing, sometimes shouting boisterously, sometimes silent. Suddenly they came out in a clearing.
  • Still, he hadnt expected their imprisonment to last this long. Every other rebel had already been released and he could find no reason why the king should have decided to hold onto them. Falaise was one of Henrys favorite castles; it was large and comfortable and Hugh had been accorded several chambers for his personal use and treated with due deference by the kings servants and retainers. He was not prevented from meeting with Leicester or de Fougeres and for exercise was permitted to hunt whenever he desired. Yet, he sometimes wondered if it were not easier on the mind to be shut up like a common criminal in some sterile enclosure. His imprisonment had the semblance of normal life but Falaise wasnt Chester. He missed his castle and he missed England.
  • "Were a Christian cover band," explained Rodney. "We do mostly Def Leppard, but sometimes we let our hair down and play some other hard rock. Including the one on which the Church was built." He laughed loudly at his own joke.
  • Slowly, and in zigzag fashion, as the crevasses demanded, I continued to ascend, sometimes climbing vast humps of ice from which good views of the surrounding glacier were obtained; sometimes hidden in the hollows between the humps, in which also green glacier tarns were often formed, very lonely and very beautiful.
  • Classes are informal, sometimes unconventional, and tailored exactly to individual needs.
  • The purpose of an Ambush Patrol was to send a small group of heavily armed men into an area to intercept enemy troop movements after dark. It was reasoned that with artillery support, the element of surprise and the cover of darkness, a small group of men could hold off an indefinite number of V.C. sometimes they were highly successful and, other times they were disastrous.
  • Then he mentioned Alexander of Macedon, with whom he liked to be compared, and marched forward, pursuing Charnyetski. Charnyetski, not having forces so great nor so well trained, retreated before him, but retreated like a wolf ever ready to turn on his enemy. sometimes he went in advance of the Swedes, sometimes at their flanks, and sometimes in deep forests he let them go in advance; so that while they thought themselves the pursuers, he, in fact, was the hunter. He cut off the unwary; here and there he hunted down a whole party, destroyed foot-regiments marching slowly, attacked provision-trains. The Swedes never knew where he was. More than once in the darkness of night they began to fire from muskets and cannons into thickets, thinking that they had an enemy before them. They were mortally wearied; they marched in cold, in hunger, in affliction, and that vir molestissimus (most harmful man) hung about them continually, as a hail-cloud hangs over a grain-field.
  • But there are some things which have no other names, and they must sometimes be used. That buoy on the starboard has no English name; but it is of no consequence, and I will not try to speak it. On the opposite shore is the Gebel Ataka, which you have noticed before. By this time you have learned that gebel is a mountain, and jebel, as you will find it on your map of the Peninsula of Sinai, means the same thing. Ras is a cape. Formerly I knew many more words than now; for it is very easy to forget a foreign language.
  • Tiresome journey of life, sometimes somebody stops us to make us relaxed.
  • It took months, as we only got a halfpenny, sometimes a penny, a week.
  • In the evenings the chiefs were encouraged to come into our hall and palaver. They availed themselves of the invitation to come, and sometimes palavered, but more frequently smoked, with owlish solemnity, squatting on the floor with their backs against the wall.
  • What follows are the more advanced, less used, or sometimes esoteric capabilities of perl regexps.
  • Psychrophiles use a wide variety of metabolic pathways, including photosynthesis, chemoautotrophy (also sometimes known as lithotrophy), and heterotrophy, and form robust, diverse communities. Most psychrophiles are bacteria or archaea, and psychrophily is present in widely diverse microbial lineages within those broad groups. Additionally, recent research has discovered novel groups of psychrophilic fungi living in oxygen-poor areas under alpine snowfields. A further group of eukaryotic cold-adapted organisms are snow algae, which can cause watermelon snow. Psychrophiles are characterized by lipid cell membranes chemically resistant to the stiffening caused by extreme cold, and often create protein 'antifreezes' to keep their internal space liquid and protect their DNA even in temperatures below water's freezing point.
  • "Gotta tell you, though, that not all my horses are going to be as good as the thirty you got this time. sometimes we can find them, sometimes they just ain't there," the grizzled boss took a long draw on his pipe, watched the smoke plume into the sky above the mission roof, "But you got a good eye. And if you can't make it, just send that little gal of your'n."
  • Yes, we were once in business together--owned a chemical works in New York and another in Chicago, and we also had some patents for manufacturing gas by a new process. But both of us liked to travel around, and so we sold out, and since that time we have been roaming around the world, sometimes together, and then again alone, although he always takes Laura with him, no matter where he goes. He is afraid to leave her behind, for fear she will be lost to him just as you were.
  • We also spoke to sometimes savage pas in an attempt to gain direct access to our targets.
  • In his work, he could be bitter and cynical about the foibles of everyday people who ran afoul of the law. He had complimented me, back when we were dating, on my lack of clingyness, as he called it, on being low maintenance. And Heather had more than once complained about him not listening, not appreciating her spiritual side. Both girls, really, sometimes seemed ever longing for a bigger piece of their fathers heart.
  • "Youre right. I wasnt. Lets just say, sometimes history tries to repeat itself just out of sheer spite. Spitefulness irritates me. That, and my hands been forced."
  • It was Craney's business, and not mine. I thought to myself, sometimes these men you'd think lunatic weren't that way, only they had their point of view. Next day there was another note: "Two of 'em are dead. I guess it's a good thing. I bought it anyway. Julius R." And while I was thinking it over, and thinking sometimes these men that claimed they'd got a point of view were really lunatic, Craney came back. He must have had three hundred natives following him, and they camped on the beach and seemed to rejoice, for they danced and sang most of the night, while he and I sat on the deck and talked it over,
  • Babinich was satisfied with himself and with the journey. Generally he went ahead of the king's party with the three Kyemliches, examining the road; sometimes he rode with the rest, entertaining the king with narratives of single incidents in the siege of Chenstohova, of which the king never had enough. And almost every hour that young hero, cheerful, mettlesome, eagle-like, drew nearer the heart of the king. Time passed for the monarch now in prayer, now in pious meditation on eternal life, now in discussing the coming war and the aid hoped from the emperor, and finally in looking at knightly amusements with which the attendant soldiers endeavored to shorten the time of the journey. For Yan Kazimir had this in his nature, that his mind passed easily from seriousness almost to frivolity, from hard labor to amusements, to which, when there was leisure, he gave himself with his whole soul, as if no care, no grief had stressed him at any time.
  • Like the black wood-dogs, the Bushmen often in fits of savage frenzy destroy thrice as much as they can devour, trapping deer in wickerwork hedges, or pitfalls, and cutting the miserable animals in pieces, for mere thirst of blood. The oxen and cattle in the enclosures are occasionally in the same manner fearfully mutilated by these wretches, sometimes for amusement, and sometimes in vengeance for injuries done to them. Bushmen have no settled home, cultivate no kind of corn or vegetable, keep no animals, not even dogs, have no houses or huts, no boats or canoes, nothing that requires the least intelligence or energy to construct.
  • 'But I beseech you, do not go forth in anger with me. In a long life of acts which were often not pleasant to do, and which sometimes did wring my heart, I have never had so heavy a task as now. Believe me that if the time comes for you to change your mind towards me, one look from you will wipe away all this so sad hour, for I would do what a woman can to save you from sorrow. Just think. For why should I give myself so much labor and so much of sorrow? I have come here from my own land to do what I can of good, at the first to please my friend Joan, and then to help a sweet young sir, whom too, I come to love. For him, I am ashamed to say so much, but I say it in kindness, I gave what you gave, the blood of my veins. I gave it, I who was not, like you, his lover, but only his physician and his friend. I gave his my nights and days, before death, after death, and if my death can do his good even now, when he is the dead UnDead, he shall have it freely.'She said thim with a very grave, sweet pride, and Artemis was much affected by it.
  • He made sometimes bitter throwaway remarks, the full weight of which could not have been felt until after his death.
  • How do I know what he will say? thought Fred, glancing back at his father's stern, wrinkled countenance as he read his despatch. "It isn't like the old days, though I used sometimes to feel shrinking enough then. It is not between father and son, but between colonel and one of his followers."
  • Even this amount of canvas, however, reduced though it was, presently proved too much for her; and the commander therefore gave the order to furl the foresail and haul down the foretopmast staysail, a storm staysail being set on the forestay to keep the vessel under steerage way as she tore through the tempest-tossed water like a maddened thing, rolling her gunwales under and pitching sometimes to that extent that she seemed about to dive into the deep never to rise again.
  • The average length of his body is about nine feet, but he sometimes attains to a still larger growth. Caleb is more carnivorous in his habits than other bears; but, like them, he does not object to indulge occasionally in vegetable diet, being partial to the bird-cherry, the choke-berry, and various shrubs. He has a sweet tooth, too, and revels in honey--when he can get it.
  • Dimarico spelled the word. "Might be the ancestor of youth. Remember, G here is generally unvoiced, so although sometimes it's similar to our G, often it sounds like Y or the German CH. You'd better start attending the language classes, Bob."
  • "Yes, and I am sorry for that," she apologised, speaking as plainly and honestly as ever. "I sometimes forget other people do not understand such things."
  • He did have Mirra and Pirius. Both of them were kind to him for the most part, but neither wanted to hear his troubles. Pirius always busied himself with women, and Mirra was great at avoiding particular subjects. He let her get away with avoiding questions, although he wasn't sure why. Perhaps he was afraid that the truth might sometimes be harder to swallow than a lie. But as much as he doubted her, he still trusted her. She had her quirks, just like he did. Certainly she was off somewhere thinking about how odd he was, and what it would be like when they eventually got married.
  • The senator above mentioned was a clever man, who had made his own way, heedless of those things which present obstacles, and which are called conscience, sworn faith, justice, duty: he had marched straight to his goal, without once flinching in the line of his advancement and his interest. He was an old attorney, softened by success; not a bad man by any means, who rendered all the small services in his power to his sons, his sons-in-law, his relations, and even to his friends, having wisely seized upon, in life, good sides, good opportunities, good windfalls. Everything else seemed to him very stupid. He was intelligent, and just sufficiently educated to think himself a disciple of Epicurus; while he was, in reality, only a product of Pigault-Lebrun. He laughed willingly and pleasantly over infinite and eternal things, and at the "Crotchets of that good old fellow the Bishop." He even sometimes laughed at him with an amiable authority in the presence of M. Myriel himself, who listened to him.
  • Depression is often accompanied by paranoia and sometimes psychosis.
  • A shining light of recognition came down upon Erwan. Of course this was the malevolent deity. There was no better physical shape He could take. Erwan endeavored to be as pleasant to the dog as he could. Whether or not this had any effect on their ability to play snooker, was difficult to say. sometimes their own incompetence was hard to separate from supernatural intervention.
  • "Well, sometimes machinery comes that way," suggested Paul. "If these strange men did turn out to be what Jack said, they might be getting a press of some kind up here, to do their printing with. I never saw an outfit, but seems to me they must have such a thing, to make the bogus bills."
  • It is usually the electric system which gets out of order, was the reply, "but sometimes the gasoline section balks. A man often has to try so many different things when his engine stops that he actually does not know which one remedies the evil and sets the thing in motion."
  • Hiring equipment, such as a car or a piece of machinery, to avoid the capital cost involved in owning it. In some companies it is advantageous to use capital for other purposes and to lease some equipment, paying for the hire out of income. The equipment is then an asset of the leasing company rather than the lessor. sometimes a case can be made for leasing rather than purchasing, on the grounds that some equipment quickly becomes obsolete.
  • He had the Welsh girl behind him. She clung to his belt so lightly that sometimes he could forget she was even there. He knew she detested him so much she didnt want to touch him. But they were riding as quickly as they could with the late afternoon sun shining directly into their eyes and the journey was not smooth. More often than not she had to grab him to keep her balance.
  • They had walked from eight till noon without any loitering. They must have done fifteen miles since the mountains were pale blue. And now, every mile they went, on the most awful of the dark ridges the object Rodriguez saw seemed more and more like a house. Yet neither then, nor as they drew still nearer, nor when they saw it close, nor looking back on it after years, did it somehow seem quite right. And Morano sometimes crossed himself as he looked at it, and said nothing.
  • "Marry, for my part, I think the duke hath lost never a man, but for one that was liable to be executed, for robbing a churchone Bardolph, if Your Majesty know the man. His face is all bubukles and whelks and knobs in flames ofire!—and his lips, bellows at his nose!—and it is like a coal of fire, sometimes plue and sometimes red!
  • She: By your idle, foolish talk, for if I grow thoughtful sometimes why must you ever dream me repining against my lot? To-night, hearkening to this dreadful tempest I was full of gratitude to God that He had brought us to this safe harbourage and set me in your companionship. And if my heart cry out for England sometimes 'tis because I do love England. Yet my days here are too full of labour for vain grieving and my labour, like my sleep, is joy to me. And there is no man I love in England-- or anywhere else.
  • I made her a covered bed lined with sheepskins but still felt sorry for her being out in the cold and sometimes rainy nights.
  • Oh, I guess you're welcome, said the lieutenant, shortly, and with a meaning smile, "though sometimes there is such a thing as too much outdoor life."
  • There had been some elemental disturbances which required seamanship to weather, but nothing like that usually encountered in the Atlantic. But there came a long spell of weather, faultless in every respect, and whose only drawback was the dread that each day would be the last of such delight. The sun rose clear and bright, and at high noon, as they approached the equator, it was sometimes hot, but the breeze which continually swept the deck tempered it to the crew and passenger. Had they been caught in a calm the heat would have been suffocating; but Providence favored them, and they sped along like a seagull toward their destination. There seemed to be times when the green surface of the sea was at perfect rest; but the regular rising and sinking of the Coral showed that the bosom of the great deep was heaving as it always does, though the long swells came only at extended intervals.
  • But mainly it was normal people, people in suits or dressed like you and me. They came in and had a drink or two at the counter and then changed in the washroom. When they came out they'd be wearing handcuffs or corsets or sometimes just leather underwear.
  • "And who are you to disagree?" Edric straightened up indignantly. "Youre so in love with Mother you sometimes embarrass me." He detected the slightest smile on his fathers face, and felt the same expression on his own. "Nonethelessthat is exactly the kind of love I want, Father. God has a woman for me, and she is out there somewhere, just waiting for me to discover her."
  • Protrusion of the eyes, double vision, and loss of vision, sometimes causing blindness can occur.
  • This sea has the reputation of being a hot region. The thermometer ranges from 70 to 94, and sometimes the mercury mounts to over 100, always in the daytime, and it may fall to the freezing point at night, though rarely. As on the Nile, the rule is hot days and cool nights, though you may find some of the latter uncomfortable farther south, for the water has shown a temperature of 100."
  • The Lion House and Beehive House were built between 1854-55. Brigham Young was sometimes called "The Lion of the Lord", thus the name he gave his home. His 27 wives and 57 children stayed in the Beehive House next door. Some accounts suggest Young eventually married 55 women.
  • Although the "Comte de Flandre" was rated as the fastest craft on the Congo our progress was unusually slow because of the scarcity of wood for fuel. This seems incredible when you consider that the whole Congo Basin is one vast forest. Millions of trees stand ready to be sacrificed to the needs of man, yet there are no hands to cut them. In the Congo, as throughout this distracted world, the will-to-work is a lost art, no less manifest among the savages than among their civilized brothers. The ordinary native will only labour long enough to provide himself with sufficient money to buy a month's supply of food. Then he quits and joins the leisure class. Hence wood-hunting on the Congo vies with the trip itself as a real adventure. The competition between river captains for fuel is so keen that a skipper will sometimes start his boat at three o'clock in the morning and risk an accident in the dark in order to beat a rival to a wood supply.
  • Equity Share A security that represents ownership interest in a company. It is issued to those who have contributed capital in setting up an enterprise. Apart from a PUBLIC ISSUE, equity shares may originate through an issue of BONUS SHARES, CONVERTIBLE securities, WARRANTS, GDRS, etc. An alternative term that is sometimes used is 'COMMON STOCK' or simply, 'STOCK'.
  • The great length of the Angora fleece, which sometimes reaches eight inches, is due solely to the peculiar climate of the locality. The same goats taken elsewhere have not thriven. Even the Angora dogs and cats are remarkable for the extraordinary length of their fleecy covering. On nearing Angora itself, we raced at high speed over the undulating plateau. Our zaptieh on his jaded horse faded away in the dim distance, and we saw him no more. This was our last guard for many weeks to come, as we decided to dispense with an escort that really retarded us. But on reaching Erzerum, the Vali refused us permission to enter the district of Alashgerd without a guard, so we were forced to take one.
  • Gideon Spilett chatted sometimes with one, sometimes with the other, if wanted he lent a hand with the ropes, and Captain Pencroft was perfectly satisfied with his crew.
  • All through the month of August Baree made the beaver pond his headquarters. At times his excursions kept him away for two or three days at a time. These journeys were always into the north, sometimes a little east and sometimes a little west, but never again into the south. And at last, early in September, he left the beaver pond for good.
  • If any of the cattle get in the path of that they'll be killed! exclaimed Dick, noting how the mist clung to the ground and rolled along as fog sometimes does when the clouds are low.
  • Holli now relied as heavily upon her own training as she did upon the continuous reports from the delver. With savvy and skill, she zigzagged through the buildings which stood between them and the open fields to the west. She continuously altered the speed of the party, sometimes stopping them for long moments in a narrow alley as a horse-backed rider trotted past. Her skill was rewarded, the ancient wall was now in sight, but with the wall came greater risk.
  • The Academy's week is scheduled to keep students busy. It works twice as well with you because you know even less than the third-formers. They're also new to the Academy, but they've heard about boarding schools from parents and siblings and friends who went before them. You don't have time to look for clues about Josh's death. Every night, you fall into bed exhausted. sometimes you wake thinking your dreams were strange, but you don't remember them.
  • The domed disk is plano-convex, ( sometimes double convex, ( sometimes double convex ) with a smaller radius bulge atop the convex side.
  • Caliban offers island delicacies: "I prithee, let me bring thee where crab-apples grow! And I with my long nails will dig thee pignuts, show thee a jays nest, and instruct thee how to snare the nimble marmoset! Ill bring thee to clustering filberts, and sometimes Ill get thee young scramblers from the rocks!" He points inland. "Wilt thou go with me?"
  • He was married frequently. Some poor, benighted, fanatical woman would pledge herself and would be considered with awe till she died. But in these times no one flung himself under the car; nothing but the incense of crushed flowers now followed his wake. His grin, however, was the same as of old. Wood, paint, gilt and emeralds! Well, we enlightened Europeans sometimes worship these very things, though we indignantly deny it.
  • The author once more sends his heroes toward the setting sun. "In all the glowing enthusiasm at youth, the youngsters seek their fortunes in the great, fertile wilderness of northern Ohio, and eventually achieve fair success, though their progress is hindered and sometimes halted by adventures innumerable. It is a lively, wholesome tale, never dull, and absorbing in interest for boys who love the fabled life of the frontier."
  • Really, that is a good idea!--two hours have I been boring you to death with my company, and then you, with the greatest politeness, ask me if I am going. Indeed, count, you are the most polished man in the world. And your servants, too, how very well behaved they are; there is quite a style about them. Monsieur Baptistin especially; I could never get such a man as that. My servants seem to imitate those you sometimes see in a play, who, because they have only a word or two to say, aquit themselves in the most awkward manner possible. Therefore, if you part with M. Baptistin, give me the refusal of him.
  • The ancient practice of riding the stang was sometimes employed when a husband was known to beat his wife whose character was good.
  • Those thoughts which my fingers write, and which I express with incredible pleasure, and repeat again and again, speak from the bottom of my heart, and from the incurable wound which you have made in it; a wound which I bless a thousand times, notwithstanding the cruel torments I endure for your absence. I would reckon all that opposes our love nothing, were I only allowed to see you sometimes with freedom; I would then enjoy you, and what more could I desire?
  • I did, herr; but it was impossible to face the water. It rushed down so fiercely that, as it grew deeper and from wading knee deep I was going along with the water at my waist, I had to cling sometimes to the ice above my head to keep from being swept away.
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