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Okunuşu: / sʌmhaʊ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: some·how
Türü: zarf


z. bir yolunu bulup, her nasılsa.

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  • Jorden said nothing in return, looking over the misty courtyard in thought. "Perhaps you will join me for a late breakfast," Tsarin went on to ask. "Or perhaps you have already eaten?" Her words were soft and somehow consoling, the words of someone who knew more than she said.
  • Just why they walked in this direction neither could explain, but there was somehow a thought in the mind of each that possibly within its shelter a camp or a house might be found.
  • Gee made another feeble move to reach the Princess and somehow free her, but he never stood a chance. The Prince threw him against the White Tree, rushed into him and stabbed the knife fast into his breast, driving it deep and twisting it in like a corkscrew.
  • The fool hastily untied the silver string on the bundle. His eyes were like saucers as he took in the assassin's gift. It was a jester's suit, but no ordinary one. This one was wild, with prismatic colors that changed and shifted as they caught the light. There were hundreds of sparkling sequins along the seams, and the matching motley had bells of silver and white gold at its floppy tips. All of the buttons and buckles on the suit, and even the curl tipped shoes, were made of white gold. He wasted no time washing and getting into the perfectly fitting clothes. He was nearly startled back out of the suit by his reflection in the looking glass. He barely recognized himself. Never, in all his days, had he thought a jester could look so wickedly intimidating. somehow the swirling hues of blue, purple, and red made even his eyes appear sinister and powerful.
  • But what choice did I have? At the moment, none were apparent. If Id said no to his proposal would he have let me leave the coach, whatever his warnings about Iskendarian and his potential defenses against harm? somehow I didnt think so. And could I approach any of the Karlini gang at this point, after exterminating a key member they were all fond of? No, at the moment it was time to ride and think, and hope some additional options would present themselves somewhere down the line.
  • "I shall just have time to tell you the facts of the case before we get to Lee. It seems absurdly simple, and yet, somehow I can get nothing to go upon. There's plenty of thread, no doubt, but I can't get the end of it into my hand. Now, I'll state the case clearly and concisely to you, Watson, and maybe you can see a spark where all is dark to me."
  • My mind began racing in a new direction. What if I am not dead? What if this is some sort of test? I thought of a Pascal quote - The power of a mans virtue should not be measured by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doing. Virtue was one of the challenges I was to face. Had something I did in this ordinary meeting with a stranger somehow made me fail Virtues test? I thought of the stranger at the camp site: I had offered him food, I spoke with him. What kind of test could I have failed?
  • "That is a fairly recent occurrence, by my estimation of time at any rate. As you very well know, this was to be a place of punishment, reflection and waiting. One fine day, one of the nameless God's servants somehow convinced Him that there were people in these lands that in life deserved to be here through their actions, but were of... well, a better heart then their actions in life showed them to have. This servant said that there would be some among the dishonored who would repent, embracing the nameless One and aiding His cause."
  • At last, as his brain would not work to help him, he began to try with his ringers, feeling for the information he somehow seemed to crave.
  • Rodney looks upon his brothers dodgy dealings with an air of pessimism, usually well-founded, yet he always somehow ends up getting involved.
  • Diane sat upright with the sheet around her knees, tending her waterfall of hair and smiling to herself while I lay watching from somewhere inside a happy torpor. She put down her brush and started a thick single braid. somehow this homely preoccupation was even more stimulating than her suave tan body. Without losing her grip on the braid, she doubled and quadrupled a rubber band and snapped it over the end. Then she bounced down on her back, pulled up the sheet, and grinned at me.
  • She tried not to tell him. She would have given almost all she had to keep silence on the subject; but somehow she had to speak. Under the pressure of that kind hand, she could not maintain her silence any longer.
  • "Okay," said Larry, adding cream to his coffee, "a big register that can somehow hold 28,485 bundlesitd probably be more like a vault."
  • There was a fracas nearby, getting closer and louder. My heart did a good job of clambering into my throat and blocking my airway. The party hunting me crashed past and kept on going. The boy, who had crouched down with me on his knee whilst I had worked on breathing right, ducked his head down and tensed. I felt better because he too was barely breathing. My heart thundered and my thoughts raced. The bloodhounds were trained to follow the weakest of trails. Why didn't they smell me when my scent would have led them right to us? This brought me round to the daunting thought of how I'd got so far ahead, rolled around on the floor, and encountered a strange boy before they had caught up. Again, who was this boy, over whose arm and knee I was draped? Not that it was uncomfortable, but he'd put his hands on me so easily, and held me close and it feltgood. The shock had me relaxing and looking down at his hands. They were big, hard and somehow elegant as they curled around me.
  • Mrs. Appleby never did quite understand how her barrel of oil had been recovered for her. All she knew for certain was that her good friend, Mr. Connor, had somehow procured it from Yetmore, and that Yetmore was, as Mr. Connor said, "agreeable."
  • Later that evening when the two wee bees had been put to bed, Louie and Lulu sat out on the deck, close together. They felt a lot happier now with what had been achieved today. It had been a step in the right direction. somehow they knew Pearl would have a plan to save them all, as indeed she did.
  • That made her remember all the weird things that had happened: her sleepwalking down to the town and the strange response of the burghers. Why didnthey recognize her? Warlock? Aroint thee?? Absently, she took off her cap. As it happened, she was facing the shop window so she couldnt help notice her reflection pop into view in it. She studied herself with eyes narrowed, thinking; then she put the cap on. Her image vanished. Cap off: she appeared; cap on: disappeared; off, on, off, on.Off. somehow this cap made her invisible! "I wish I knew what was going on," she muttered, nervously rubbing her hands.
  • The car turns onto St Aldates. We head downhill, past the Town Hall and Christ Church's medieval bulk. I keep singing partly to annoy the cops, but more to drown out the murmur of voices in my head. somehow I have to keep the ghosts away.
  • Blahterk was quite proud of his village. It was strategically placed in the middle of nowhere. There were no forests nearby, no rivers, no anything. Just wasteland. Seemingly it was the worst place ever for a settlement. Yet somehow it thrived. The goblins even managed to get themselves some nice juicy small woodland furry animals to eat. They didn't know where did they come from, but they didn't care. A goblin doesn't look a gift squirrel in the mouth. A gift squirrel goes into a goblin's mouth instead.
  • That I do not seek to know, she replied; "but I know that it must be deep and all-absorbing. It seems to me to be too stern for Love; you are not the man to devote yourself to Avarice: possibly it may be Ambition, yet somehow I do not think so."
  • The outside world takes my breath away. I'm on a busy street, and I mean busy, a hundred times busier than anything I've ever seen before. It's heaving with cars and buses, four lanes of them, moving forward in small shuffles from green lights to red, and so noisy. On the pavement, multitudes of other-worlders somehow manage to avoid bumping into each other as they walk this way and that. Oops, no they don't. The buildings are tall and elegant, with a shop on every ground floor. There's an Italian tailor on my left, a children's toy store almost opposite. Many of the other-worlders are carrying shopping bags.
  • The log occupied the foreground of the picture, running boldly across the gap in the pines, with a shadowy gulf beneath. Near the middle, Lawrence stood slackly, with his back to her, and behind him Walters walked across the trunk. His step was firm and agile, his figure well-proportioned and athletic, and it was somehow obvious that he relished the opportunity of showing his powers. Afterwards, she hated him for his vanity.
  • They descended back to the ground, landing on pavement, the edge of the road. Omari had no idea how she had managed it, but Francesca had somehow managed to keep them on course the entire time, even while Omari was leading, flying blindly into the night. She was constantly being amazed by her unusual new friend.
  • The store was in a lull. 9-10 PM. Prime tube-watching time. Every ten or fifteen minutes I would wince. I swore the diarrhea stench had somehow burrowed into my nose. It would go dormant for a while, then suddenly strike.
  • Everyone in the entire classroom pointed and whispered. They were stunned by this insane display that was currently my Valentines Day horror. It looked like I had lost a fight with a psychotic florist. I shrugged in complete embarrassment and then, laid my head down in the stems. I had no idea what to do as carnations spilled all around me. I prayed that the Creator would make me invisible somehow.
  • Well, we have this satisfaction: when Pundita rules it will be under the protecting hand of England. Now let us try to look at the cheerful side of the business. Think of what that girl has gone through with scarcely a scratch! Can't you read something in that? See how strong and self-reliant she has become under such misfortunes as would have driven mad any ordinary woman! Can't you see light in all this? I tell you, there is good and evil working for and against us, and that Ahmed's fakir will in the end prove stronger than your bally old guru. When I am out of the Orient I laugh at such things, but I can't laugh at them somehow when I'm in India.
  • They were in the conservatory all the time; and it was curious how after Pringle came in what a tremendous lot of gardening Lizzie had to do, and how she could not move the pots about, or exercise her little trowel without Tom's help. Shortly afterwards she darted off up-stairs somehow with a very flushed face. Stooping always does send the colour to one's head, you know. And then Tom told Lizzie's brother all about it.
  • Queen Janahara read the dispatch twice, the lines of her mouth growing tighter each time, before passing it back to Arangbar. He studied it again, holding it with a trembling hand, seeming not to fully comprehend its meaning, then extended it to Nadir Sharif. The courtyard off Arangbars private library was deadly silent, all servants and eunuchs banished. The tapestries shading the inner compartment had been drawn back, permitting the hard light of morning to illuminate the flowered murals on the librarys red sandstone walls. Arangbar sipped wine from a gilded cup and studied Nadir Sharifs face while the prime minister read, as though hoping somehow to decipher the documents significance from his expression.
  • The scene, lit up now in broad daylight looked even crazier than it had at night. somehow he hadnt imagined that hed be performing his show to quite such a big audience.
  • Th' song wouldn't sound nigh as good, if we couldn't see th' singer plain, he declared, his face seemingly one broad grin. "Thar, that's 'bout right," and he swung her around so that the brightest light shone full on her face. "Now give us good old 'Ben Bolt,' somehow that song kinder seems tew sweeten me all up inside," and Ham sat down almost directly in front of Mrs. Dickson.
  • Jack did so, but he had business errands also, and he somehow managed to accomplish his commissions so that Mr. Gifford was quite satisfied when he returned to New York.
  • Once in his room, they pulled off each others clothes quickly, somehow managing to smoke a spliff as they found their way to the bed. The alcohol and pot were hitting him, but not so hard as to disrupt other functions. She was incredible. Long-legged and curvy. Toned and strong. He closed his eyes as he touched her hair and suddenly it was Rayas face he imagined in front of him.
  • "I can deny you nothing, Lady Catrin," he said loudly and bowed, presenting his staff. She accepted it, and it felt good in her hands, lighter than it appeared. The iron-shod tip somehow balanced the strange staff, and she could feel its strength, as if it had power of its own. The wood was smooth and highly polished but was not slippery or oily. She hefted it with a determined smile and turned to her companions.
  • They rose and pushed their way to the bar together. The stranger would like a brandy-and-soda. Paul would take a brandy-and-soda. They talked, and Paul thought his chance-found companion a remarkably agreeable fellow. He seemed to have been everywhere. He spoke familiarly of many European countries and of the United States. But somehow he faded away in a sort of mist, and Paul's last remembrance of him was that he was laughingly pulling at his arm and advising him to go home. He seemed to be blotted out suddenly in that very act.
  • The dining room of the inn was dark. There were no windows on the first floor, presumably in case the goblins somehow breached the wall. The fireplace burned low in the warm afternoon and there were no candles or lanterns. It was just as well. The grimy feel of the table and the gritty taste of the food did not make any of them want to see anything better.
  • He still would not have exchanged his rose for the whole forest; but in the mighty solemnity of the forest his mourning for the lady that he feared he had lost no longer seemed the only solemn thing: indeed, the sombre forest seemed well attuned to his mood; and what complaint have we against Fate wherever this is so. His mood was one of tragic loss, the defeat of an enterprise that his hopes had undertaken, to seize victory on the apex of the world, to walk all his days only just outside the edge of Paradise, for no less than that his hopes and his first love promised each other; and then he walked despairing in small rain. In this mood Fate had led him to solemn old oaks standing huge among shadows; and the grandeur of their grey grip on the earth that had been theirs for centuries was akin to the grandeur of the high hopes he had had, and his despair was somehow soothed by the shadows. And then the impudent birds seemed to say "Hope again."
  • He travelled down the very next day into Sussex, and came to the house under the Downs at twelve o'clock. It was early spring, and as yet there were no buds upon the trees, no daffodils upon the lawns. The house, standing apart in its bare garden of brown earth, black trees, and dull green turf, had a desolate aspect which somehow filled him with remorse. He might have done more, perhaps, to fill this house with happiness. He feared that, now that it was too late to do the things left undone. He had been so absorbed in his great plans, which for a moment lost in his eyes their magnitude.
  • 9 September.--I feel so happy tonight. I have been so miserably weak, that to be able to think and move about is like feeling sunshine after a long spell of east wind out of a steel sky. somehow Artemis feels very, very close to me. I seem to feel her presence warm about me. I suppose it is that sickness and weakness are selfish things and turn our inner eyes and sympathy on ourselves, whilst health and strength give love rein, and in thought and feeling she can wander where she wills. I know where my thoughts are. If only Artemis knew! My dear, my dear, your ears must tingle as you sleep, as mine do waking. Oh, the blissful rest of last night! How I slept, with that dear, good Dr. Seward watching me. And tonight I shall not fear to sleep, since she is close at hand and within call. Thank everybody for being so good to me. Thank God! Goodnight Artemis.
  • The distribution warehouse was out there in some old neighborhood that used to be white, and then it was black, and then it got a little white again until finally it just became kind of Mexican. That's when Willy started trotting out his flags. He was scared to do it when the neighborhood was black but somehow the Mexicans didn't frighten him, which was how he ended up needing about a hundred stitches when that bottle of Dos Equis had its way with his face. Couldn't say he didn't have it coming. Then it was my turn to yuck it up for a while. I got up at three and turned the hot water off every day for a week after that.
  • With her body bent, she could see that Anarion was smiling. And Mirie was suddenly at the end of her repertoire of Elfish functions. She could have tossed her witch blade in the air and made it change colors as it pierced a half dozen juggling balls, but somehow she didnt think the elves would be appreciative.
  • Tildy found she was staring at the remains of the grape. Dont go making a metaphor out of this, she told herself. The image of the pulped fruit stayed with her, though. If this kept up somehow Tildy didnt think grapes were the only things that might get crushed.
  • Chauvelin somehow felt an unpleasant shiver running down his spine as Robespierre, perfectly urbane and gentle in his manner, placed a long, bony hand upon his shoulder.
  • That very finger,"" he managed to articulate, as though it somehow clinched the proof of ownership and the bond of affection."
  • But right now he wasnt about to allow this chit to dictate to him. If he wanted to move his damned head, hed move his damned head! So he straightened it up, just to show her who was boss and instantly a bolt of pain seared through his neck. somehow he managed to keep his expression even so she didnt noticehe hoped she hadnt noticed.
  • "The garrisons are in remarkable defensive positions. They sit atop two of the highest peaks inside the canyon, stocked with archers and sages. Duilio tells me we have overtaken the outposts before, but always at a great loss of life, losing many thousands in exchange for the few hundred men they station there. They've taken them back from us each time, somehow much more easily. Because of this, for years now we've left the outposts alone. It's not as if we keep great secrets from them. But in this case, if our goddesses conceal our advance, surprising their main defenses could be a great advantage. It would add to their fear of our Haizzem." Her eyes narrowed as she finished.
  • "Thanks, thanks. Your voice is not unfamiliar to me," returned the hermit with a sigh, as he submitted to the operation. "I thought I had fallen somehow into the hands of pirates. Surely an accident must have happened. How did I get here? Where are my comrades--Nigel and the negro?"
  • Hed done it! somehow he had succeeded in merging with the tree, but now was not the moment to sit back and congratulate himself, he thought. The first hurdle might be over, with the police search now concentrating further upstream, but he still had to get himself away from the town, without being seen and back to the obscurity of the woods and fields. Could he just stay here, hidden all day, he wondered, till their search had moved on. No, hed freeze, his only choice was to keep moving.
  • Elslack moor somehow contrives to look much bigger than it actually is.
  • Something amazing dawned on meIve managed to somehow avoid the usual 'new freshman kidtrauma at this schoolwell, so far I have. Of course, its only a matter of time. I sincerely hope my own 'new freshman kid on campusprank wont involve tomato sauce. The clothes will have to be trashedthe sauce could stain my skinor my hair.
  • Black plays a wannabe rock star, who somehow wangles his way into a supply teacher job at a prestigious private school.
  • They are undoubtedly convinced of the value of collaborations; their ability to achieve them for the same price somehow eludes them.
  • Lazerek shook his head."No. Remember when I told you that Saddig is in the land? Well he is hunting for his swords. If he can somehow locate the Three Swords, he will have enough power to face Ooln and demand his place back in Godhome. If someone is wielding the Sword, Saddig will sense the magic being used and begin looking.Any person who would wield a simple Sword against a god, even a Sword as powerful as Bellatrix, would be a fool indeed.But if one were courageous enough and lucky enough to find all three Swords, he may be able to challenge a god. He could possibly even claim godhood for himself.That is dominion, that is power."
  • After a while, I noticed an old frayed book that for all the world seemed sure to momentarily slip off the pile of books stacked on the seat next to him (across the aisle from me). I prepared to grab it in mid-air. Yet it didn't fall. It just sat there precariously, as the title on the spine pointed at me. As the train jolted a bit on the tracks from time to time, I'd glance over so I could watch the book slide off and then nab it. But it didn't slide. My eyes always went right back to it with every joggle. As the thin hardback book somehow remained there, the title alone seemed to communicate some mythic message to me and almost an admonition to interpret it. The Waste Land. I looked out into the night through the window next to the professor, distant bluish lights twinkling, a red light atop a large microwave tower slowly flashing.
  • "Did you hear what you just said?" Ryson asked nearly overwhelmed by Liefs reasoning. "You think this creature is somehow going to travel all the way back to Burbon just to kill a child. Thats more than a stretch, thats an outright fairy tale."
  • One particular community in the villages that fascinated and fuelled his passion for the natural state was that of theBauls’. They were singing philosophers who had the average human desires and yet radiated a flair for enjoying life through music. somehow music was not immiscible with Samsaras mathematical passions. He had been trained in vocal Indian classical from childhood and had the ability to recognize the notes and classify them as soon as he heard a line from any raga. He didnt like the smoking and drinking habits of the bauls but when they sang he found the world he had been looking for.
  • Piang stumbled along and somehow made his way to the burial tree. A moment he paused, awed by a superstitious fear of the dead, but a violent clap of thunder terrified him into forgetting all but his immediate danger. There were only a few moments left; if he could reach the top of the tree before the island dashed past the vines, he might save himself. His hands tremblingly sought the notches sacred to the dead; he scrambled upward. Thorns pierced his tired limbs; vines and creepers took vicious delight in fastening themselves upon him. The tree shook as the monkey jumped farther out on a limb, and the movement seemed to put new strength in Piang. As he struggled up, a calmness came to him. He carefully watched the monkey, and when it crouched for the spring, Piang searched the approaching vines for one strong enough to hold him.
  • She was filled with a longing that was intensely painful, yet somehow she felt happier than she had been in a long time. She wanted to hug the world to her, as if until this moment she had been sleeping, and now for the first time she was awake and fully alive. And as she listened, she found herself imagining him singing to her alone, songs he would create for her. His lyrics would speak to her of a secret kingdom of love. There she would be the ruler and he the adoring subject. She envisioned herself in some secret silken place lying in his arms.
  • I bit the scruff of Alexs neck and clawed at Ramons eye. Both yelped and ran from the fight. Lila rushed to help her mate, hobbling after him. A sharp pain coursed through me as Sam bit my hind leg. I blindly turned around and attacked Sam, while somehow clawing Shelas nuzzle at the same time.
  • Through winter and spring Robart's army killed orcs and goblins at a prodigious rate, but somehow there were always more. Over time Robart's losses took a heavy toll. By midsummer, fewer than five hundred soldiers remained.
  • "I don't think so," Zachary answered honestly. If it weren't for his father's support, he felt certain he would have fallen over. The throbbing in his head had gotten worse, and his broken arm felt like a thousand tiny soldiers were beating on it with hammers and swords. His body swayed to one side, but he couldn't stop it. His father somehow held him upright while opening the car door and easing him onto the front seat.
  • That's so, replied the other, "for while he may be a pretty good civil engineer, he'd made a crackerjack of a lawyer or a preacher. When he talks somehow you just hang on every word he says, and it convinces you deep down. That old farmer on a jury would do whatever Mr. Witherspoon wanted. But it's been worth hearing; and I'm a heap glad to be a scout, after listening to what he's been saying."
  • They neither moved nor spoke. somehow the Twins expected them to speak and say something very reproving. They looked just that way. The Twins didn't wait to find out what it would be, however. They went crashing through the bushes and back to the top of the rock as fast as they could go.
  • Probably has a private hanging to attend, I said aloud as I dejectedly walked back inside the diner where I stood dumbfounded before the register. My thoughts focused on the sheer number of odd characters I'd come into contact with of late. There was: the love'em or beat'em up Preacher Roy; the paranoid Mayor/realtor/insurance salesman; UB2; Big Bob (apparently dumb as a stick) Buford; Flo, the man hunter/waitress; the arrogant and possibly uncaring plant owner; the heartbroken Junior Junior; Jasper, the forgetful gunslinger; and now, the most frighteningly self-conscious judge I had ever met. In essence, I somehow managed to drift into an American version of a Fellini movie where absurdist humor, eccentric characters, and surreal dream imagery coalesced to form a mind blowing idiosyncratic vision of society.
  • He sprang therefore like a thunderbolt at the little knight, and the little knight at him. The Swede wished during the rush to thrust the rapier up to the hilt under the arm of his opponent; but he learned in an instant that though a master himself he must meet a master as well, for his sword merely slipped along the edge of the Polish sabre, only quivered somehow wonderfully in his hand, as if his arm had suddenly grown numb; barely was he able to defend himself from the blow which the knight then gave him; luckily at that moment their horses bore them away in opposite directions.
  • Just then the angry gentleman's string of epithets was cut short in a summary manner, for the wet folds of the blanket sail, which had somehow managed to drift around the corner of the boat, slapped him on the mouth, and the unexpected shock caused him to lose his balance and slip under water.
  • Gently she traced his fine brows and ran her fingers through the silken hair that had always bristled with life. The runes had faded to angry red scars, yet somehow remained menacing. Leaning over him, she allowed her tears to overflow and splash onto his skin.
  • Holli's response was coldly logical. "The creature must be a result of the tainted magic which now swells over the land. The sphere emits energies which can alter creatures in unthinkable ways. It might have been nothing more than the egg of an ordinary spider that somehow became mutated. It's a surprise we haven't come across something like this sooner."
  • Abbott was so warmed by returning sunshine that his eyes shone. "Dear Fran!" he said it was very hard to keep his arm where she had put it. She tried to look at him steadily, but somehow the light hurt her eyes. She could feel its warmth burning her cheeks.
  • A flicker of motion up ahead should have made me pull up in fear, but the smell accompanying it was somehow familiar, somehow safe. I knew if I could reach the shadowy person I'd been unconsciously following, I'd be safe, but he was so incredibly fast and my pursuers were gaining.
  • The nurse left. Blake wondered if all the other patients in the hospital were just like him, lying in bed helpless, frozen, either unable or unwilling to move or speak. somehow it seemed possible, even likely. Maybe he was part of some general, long overdue breakdown. He almost felt like he was dead, though he didn't think he was.
  • They drove in silence for another thirty minutes, Omari straining in the darkness to see some of the desert landscape as they sped along the lonely highway. She saw shapes of what she assumed were Joshua trees or ocotillo dotting the sand amongst stray rocks and other scrubby plants. Unlike the Sonoran desert further south towards Arizona, there were no cacti in that area. Omari had visited Sedona with her parents once, on one of the rare occasions that they had taken her along on a family vacation. They had driven all around Arizona, including all the way down to Tucson, and she had loved seeing the giant saguaro cacti that were all over the place in that part of the desert. For whatever reason, adulthood hadnt ever taken her back down there. She thought about all the places shed traveled for work, mainly for veterinary conferences, and how that somehow made up for all those vacations she missed out on as a child. Or at least partially made up for it.
  • But Dick paid no heed. He saw in imagination the poor animal strangled by the noose; and with the idea that he could somehow get alongside, he struck out to the left, but had to give up, for the bog was more fluid there.
  • And this weren't nothing to some storms I have seen in these latitudes, Master Robson. I have doubled the Cape two score of times, I should say--eh, more than that, coming and going--and I have seen storms here to which that which has just blown over was but a capful of wind. Why, sir, I have seen a ship laid on her beam-ends when she was not showing a rag of canvas, and even when we had cut all the masts away the pressure of wind on her hull kept her down until we thought that she would never right again. Altogether I have been wrecked eight times, and three of them was down in these 'ere latitudes. They says as my name has been on the books of the firm for fifty-five years; but that ain't quite correct, for twice it was written off with D.D. after it, but somehow or other I turned up again, just as you see. One of these 'ere businesses happened hereabouts.
  • That's true, Shank, and really I feel almost as incapable of giving you an answer as Captain Stride himself. You see, during our conversation Mr Crossley attributed mean--at all events wrong--motives to me, and somehow I felt that I could not accept any favour at his hands just then. I suspect I was too hasty. I fear it was false pride--
  • But what caught my attention were the bells. These were no ordinary knickknacks; they lay upon the mantle like an army marching into battle. They were all sorts of shapes and styles: some traditional, others more unique. I had never had any kind of fascination for bells, but somehow these were different. Something strange and hypnotic called out to me, imploring me to ring every one.
  • Walters looks about my age and is thin and dark; an amusing fellow and remarkably well informed. In fact, I couldn't guess his nationality; he seemed to have been everywhere. He had good manners, but somehow one missed----
  • The Baby Racer had been quickly repaired at Kewaukee, and had made a speedy return trip to Columbus. somehow the story of how the Interstate people had outwitted the plots of the Star crowd had gotten noised around the meet. Then a class journal devoted to aeronautics printed the story.
  • Emla gestured to Tikas sleeping form. ‘As you see Mim, she sleeps. We think she will sleep long. somehow she hasrearrangedher mind. It was as great a shock as was the news of her relationship to us was yesterday.’
  • Even the most devout atheist would fall to their knees, pray and believe if they had witnessed what I had seen and could use the ability I use. This ability could destroy me as easily as it could benefit me, and I somehow knew that it would be taken from me if I didnt act responsibly. Of course, I had no clue how I knew that either, but it was a fact.
  • It wasn't until I was almost asleep that I realized I was hoping I wouldn't have one of the incredible, vivid dreams tonight. Alec's cameo role in my last two had somehow been sufficient to tie him inseparably to all of the special dreams, and as silly as it was, I didn't want to see Alec right now. Not even just in my dreams.
  • A few minutes later Dan left the resort, faced the biting north wind, and walked slowly up South Street. somehow he could not get Captain Barney out of his mind.
  • Who could have thought just then that all that nonsense of Harry Lant's with the elephant was shaping itself for our good, but so it was, as you shall by-and-by hear. The march continued, matters seeming to go on very smoothly--but only seeming, mind you, for let alone that we were all walking upon a volcano, there was a good deal of unpleasantry brewing. Let alone my feeling that, somehow or another, Harry Lant was not so true a mate to me as he used to be, there was a good deal wrong between Captain Dyer and Lieutenant Leigh, and it soon seemed plain that there was much more peace and comfort in our camp a week earlier than there was at the time of which I am now writing.
  • Soon as I ask him that, he stops, still as if there ain't no time passing through him. Though his metal noggin-bucket ain't changed a nickel, he somehow looks like he's busy pondering the most confusing question he's ever been asked. He's so busy thinking that if he were a human, he'd probably stop breathing.
  • When they arrived, neither of them could believe their eyes - all three of them. The once familiar beach was covered in snow, with the once inappropriate white-capped conifers complete with coloured lights looking much more at home - as if, inexplicably, they had somehow been fore-planned. The sea, no longer breaking on the distant reef, instead lay frozen-over with peopleat least life-formsall over it skating, curling, cross-beach skiing, and even drilling holes in the ice to fish. One family had opened a Mr. Whippy, ice-cream store and was trading briskly, and Shylock was puzzled why this didn't seem to attract Bb's interest, concluding perhaps Bb was simply too deeply shakeneven to think about profits, or that someone had figured out how to sell ice-cream in winter.
  • The animal let out a slow laugh, like a hyena. It was Jacobs face, somehow attached to this abomination. The beast was smiling with its mouth open wide, exposing a gallery of sharp, jagged teeth. Jacob let out a shriek as the thing lunged for his neck.
  • I wasn't sure what to think. In theory she might be working on stuff for the brochure, but somehow I knew she was busy chasing her dreams once again.
  • "Ended!" said she. "How ended?" And somehow her voice sounded to her as her mother's voice had when she stood there and questioned her sisters about the little room. She seemed to have to drag her words out. She spoke slowly: "It seems to me to have only just begun in my case. It was just so with mother when she--"
  • The lads had hardly advanced five steps when every one caught the dread sound that Joe claimed to have heard. And Paul, perhaps because he was the son of a doctor, somehow guessed its true import sooner than any one of his chums. He knew it was a groan, and that some human being must be suffering!
  • '…not only did we no longer have a need for change, but he was positively unhelpful. For once we had a peaceful existence, but could he accept that. Oh, no! He had to go trying to change our opinion. We thought of letting him do this a couple of times to frustrate him, but decided against it. His defence attorney tried to use the fact that not only was it Change's job to make change happen, but that he'd been doing it so long that it had become second nature (which upset second nature, who happened to be at the hearing that day and felt somehow incriminated) to change everything, and that therefore he was not guilty of anything other than being a conscientious and dedicated worker.
  • Britney picked me up on schedule and I somehow made it through my first two classes. Mrs. Sorenson was still out to prove to everyone I was an idiot, and Heathcliff was still a psychopath despite Mr. Whethers' best efforts to explain the character's motivation.
  • From his manner Ned understood that somehow Francois scented danger because of the presence of these men in this region. They might of course only prove to be miners sent up here by the syndicate that had obtained the right to the new mining region said to exceed in richness the famous Mesauba country. On the other hand, it was possible that they were minions of unscrupulous capitalists, sent here to block any effort on the part of the scouts to learn the truth with regard to the nature of the great fraud, if the claim put up to Mr. Bosworth proved to be such.
  • They could talk for a while, then she could have Arthur in Ringsend a decent time before dinner at six. It was all worked out, all arranged to fit other people's schedules and habits. That was why and if she didn't move she'd be late. The angry part of her wanted to be late, if only by ten minutes, or a quar¬ter of an hour, maybe. somehow it would be a blow against other people's habits and schedules which ruled her fife, and against Mungo, and not least, against herself, of course. She wanted that, because she hated herself for letting herself be judged null and void. She pinched herself hard, trying to feel something acute, but it was no use, it could not reach beyond that black, still sea of recrimination. If she butted her head through the pane of glass, perhaps, cut her forehead, let some real blood flow. No. She was not melodramatic. If she was going to hurt herself it would be subtle and concealed from judgmental eyes.
  • "I'll give you a boost," she informed her, and before Edeline knew what was happening, the girl had somehow hoisted her half up the trunk with inconceivable strength in that miniature frame. Edeline grabbed onto the branch and pulled herself up the rest of the way. Getting her bearings, she felt a bit wobbly and decided not to look down. In the meantime, Ember had scurried back up and was quickly above her once more.
  • Looks that way, Steve went on to say, and somehow he did not seem to share the gloom that had gripped Bandy-legs, possibly because it began to look as though the glorious chance had come at last to show the girls he could do his duty without any boasting, and never meant to pose as a great hero.
  • "Sure he was that you will phone up, you did it, then it was not difficult to know from where call was made. We were damn sure, at least till now, you both can not escape from our last attempt to punish you both. But it seems somehow you have outsmarted our people and now are after me..."
  • I had told my kind host and hostess a tearful story of my sufferings; how my coat, and all the money that was in the pockets had been stolen while I was sick, and that I was now going to Richmond to replenish my wardrobe, just as soon as I could meet some friends, or hear from my home. This had the desired effect. Of course, I did not beg, neither did my kind friends see it in that light; but, all the same, when the good people attended their country church that Sunday they somehow interested the whole congregation, and a collection was lifted in a Virginia church for the benefit of a Yankee Spy. When they returned from church they brought with them several neighbors to dinner, and soon after I was waited upon by the old gentleman and his pastor, who, in the most considerate manner possible, presented me with an envelope, which he said: "Would be of service in making me comfortable until I met with friends."
  • Nat's tone had gradually changed until he seemed to be talking to himself, having forgotten she was there, consumed as he was in his own memories. "Father made the arrangements. Benjin and Wendel boarded a small pirate ship along the southern shores of the Godfist. They were supposed to travel to the Falcon Isles but somehow managed to travel all the way to the Greatland aboard that small vessel. It's a wonder they did not perish." Nat grew quiet, his hands balled into fists, and Catrin thought she heard a growl escape his throat. He started to speak several times but had to stop to regain his composure.
  • "Sayana, I've got about a hundred questions for you," Aiden added wearily, "but we're in a bit of a situation here and we need to keep moving. But thanks for helping us out back there." She didn't react, but merely stood there with a strange expression on her face. Aiden thought for a moment that he might have somehow offended this strange young woman, and cast a worried glance at her. It was then he noticed that her eyes were glazed over, and her cheekbones stood out alarmingly on her face, right before she collapsed onto the ground at his feet.
  • His thoughts unwound and he considered what had happened in the meal hall. He believed Glenys had opened her third eye and somehow been able to share her vision with them. The events in the field and on the mountain came back to him and he replayed them in his head. She stood above them all, he believed.
  • She was mine, mine for the taking. I remained her shadow. Humphries had offered an introduction, but there was more rapture in pursuit. Convergence was finally obtained at the partys rooftop garden. A modern day flora labyrinth with twists and turns around every well-manicured corner. The blackened night sky loomed overhead so ebony in hue it had began to look blue again making it almost cerulean in color. Amazing, I thought, somehow the rich were able to cover up even the inescapable tarnishment of light pollution if they wanted to.
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