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Okunuşu: / sɪmɪlə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sim·i·lar
Türü: sıfat, isim


i. benzer, müşabih, bir birine yakın;
geom. şekilde aynı olan;

i. benzeyen şey.

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  • The process of making good tv advertorials is very similar to the approach for creating advertorials for magazines.
  • Inventive step is an advance which is not obvious to anyone with similar skills.
  • There are more than 153,000 hospital beds, 121,000 physicians and 37,000 dentists (ratios comparable to developed nations). The relatively high access to medical care has historically resulted in mortality patterns and trends similar to developed nations': from 1953 to 2005, deaths from cardiovascular disease increased from 20% to 23% of the total, those from tumors from 14% to 20%, respiratory problems from 7% to 14%, digestive maladies (non-infectious) from 7% to 11%, strokes a steady 7%, injuries, 6%, and infectious diseases, 4%. Causes related to senility led to many of the rest. Infant deaths have fallen from 19% of all deaths in 1953 to 3% in 2005.
  • This is probably similar to the lineone surftime offer, except that it allows 24-hour access rather than just off-peak.
  • They will then tell their friends just how good i am these and similar subterfuges are the real secrets.
  • Maybe where Lindsays mother Caroline dwelled, and from the way Emory described it, that sounded homeless at the moment. Rose approached her comfortable four-bedroom, two-bath house, saw the garage door was open, Grays two-year-old Mazda in its space. Gray was early and Rose sped toward that house, one similar to what she had left only an hour before to collect her daughter. Now it seemed safer, larger, as if bigger on the inside than what her eyes caught. They werent homeless or addicted, Roses children cared for and content. Emory and Liam didnt smell, but might not be a twosome for much longer.
  • The projector has a number of effects units which can be added using mountings similar to those shown.
  • Cornered cabinets had vertical sides and the doors were mounted on metal hinges -- similar to our own ming wardrobe.
  • The romanian gymnast nadia comaneci reached similar heights of greatness.
  • I led Hysteria out of the stall, through the dark of the stable, and into the lesser dark of the night. It was in fact, quite a good night for traveling, at least as far as light was concerned. The moon was reflected off the white snow, and though the ghostly illumination created monsters of the many gaunt and gnarled trees, they were easily negotiated through. This put me in mind of a number of similar nights, when the moon was shining upon the snow. It seems somehow unfair that I more than most find myself sneaking in or out of town on cold, dark nights. I am not one to complain about my lot in life though. Then at that moment, as if to remind me that the lot of others was worse than my own, the boy tugged at my sleeve.
  • Drapery folds are very similar to those on miniatures of the earliest group of carolingian illuminated manuscripts.
  • "Thisssssss issss for youuuuu." The stick before her was without bark, but the grain in the wood intriguing. The end of the stick that was not in the ground bore a large knot that upon closer inspection, Mia could see was an intricately formed rose. She reached out to take it. Upon laying her hand on it, she felt a strange warmth, one similar to a Saa invocation, begin to creep up her arm. In two seconds, it had engulfed her. Mia knew.
  • "Lets just say," Vane just said, "that were engaged in charitable work. similar to yours, but with dissimilar motivation."
  • Arcades of the nave are surprisingly different in character tho of similar date.
  • "And something similar came up in John 1:33. John said Jesus ishe which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.’ So naturally I was looking forward to the baptisms Jesus was about to perform."
  • By way of a slight digression, care should also be taken to look into tax options for similar reasons.
  • Quasi-judicial functions where it uses powers similar to those of the high court.
  • When clamping together protect units by using hardboard off cuts or similar behind the clamp jaws.
  • Indulge indulging similar fantasies have the advantage of being always to hand.
  • Gawain can see Eoin outside the city gates, mounting a terrible looking black stallion which is covered in war armor, similar in design to the Knight's. Finally reaching the gate himself, Gawain now sees the Judeheim army in all its scope. Some three thousand men encamped around his city walls, most resting or praying.
  • I believe you could be right about the pressure created by clenching your fists’, said Pearl. ‘In fact it probably now confirms that on the other side our molecular structure is indeed some abstract form of quartz. I am sure this is why we cant feel heat or cold. It also explains why we have a translucent blue appearance similar to the quartz in the tunnel. I am sure you are right in assuming that the pressure created in clenching your fists also creates the blue aura you have described’.
  • But everything possible does not occur, does it? Is there anything else similar to this so that it can be accepted? How can the occurrence of something to which there are no similar cases be posited through only probability.
  • These had a similar fabric to the previous assemblage, save one piece of german stoneware.
  • "Here is a case worth entering into," said he, and he further went on to state that he had no doubt that the L'Estranges mentioned in the will were our Catherine's ancestors, the Christian names being similar rendering it more than probable. She was most likely a direct descendant of Francis l'Estrange, the heir mentioned in the will, who was no doubt also the fair-haired boy Catherine had seen in her vision.
  • Each farm was matched with a similar farm nearby without wolf depredation.
  • The second started in a similar way to the first with white making unforced errors putting him 4/1 down.
  • In-group bias was found when both group norms were similar and discriminatory.
  • Fasting plasma glucose was similar to or lower in patients using a regimen including exubera compared to patients treated with oral agents alone.
  • Due to persistent winds from west to east on the poleward sides of the subtropical ridges located in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, ocean currents are driven in a similar manner in both hemispheres. The currents in the Northern Hemisphere are weaker than those in the Southern Hemisphere due to the differences in strength between the Westerlies of each hemisphere. The process of western intensification causes currents on the western boundary of an ocean basin to be stronger than those on the eastern boundary of an ocean. These western ocean currents transport warm, tropical water polewards toward the polar regions. Ships crossing both oceans have taken advantage of the ocean currents for centuries.
  • Mildew of barley virulence factors corresponding to resistance factors in current barley cultivars were recorded at high levels similar to previous years.
  • In other words, the system should not allow a person to determine all the deputy candidates. Otherwise, we would face a situation where Parliament merely rubber-stamps presidential decisions. If this were the case, we would have difficulty finding independent, brave deputies who would apply to the Constitutional Court for annulment of a law, similar to Frances controversial genocide-denial law, which was passed by the French parliament at the request of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
  • Acinusrine pancreas the exocrine part of the pancreas has closely packed serous acini, similar to those of the digestive glands.
  • Superstream shares similar features and benefits with fatpipe xtreme, including web based management tools, auto fail-over, and auto reboot.
  • Columns held up the flat stone roof, much like the one that Orran's people worshipped in, only this one was larger, more grand, and intact. Mirra wondered how the huge slabs of stone, fifty feet long and at least three feet thick, had been raised to balance on the columns. The hard grey stone had a smooth, glazed surface, similar to that of Torlock keep, which made her think that magic had been used in its construction.
  • Many commentators remain steadfast in their support of the prime minister. Others seek to explain his behavior, like Fehmi Koru who suggested that Mr. Erdoğan sees himself as a father who wants to discipline his children. Id previously heard voters justify their support for the prime minister in similar terms.
  • Waitdidnt we have a similar conversation this morning? "You really are my very own personal Greek God." And he smiled weakly, looking even more tired than she originally thought.
  • Rare symptom that may progress to generalized tetanus with similar risks.
  • Since the 1990s, along with a boom in construction, several new waves of Ukrainian, Brazilian, people from the former Portuguese colonies in Africa and other Africans have settled in the country. Romanians, Moldovans and Chinese have also chosen Portugal as destination. Portugal's Romani population, estimated at about 40,000, offers another element of ethnic diversity. Most Romanis congregate with similar ethnic groups in the southern parts of the country and sell clothing and handicrafts in rural markets.
  • Several similar pictures followed, and in the middle of the stack, the scene changed. Gina was at a park with an attractive looking Asian guy. They were feeding each other food on a picnic blanket. More pictures of them kissing and laughing in the park came after, including some of them getting rowdy and having a good natured min-food fight. They looked like a new couple very in love. Whoever this guy was, maybe Gina was with him.
  • I heard Gillian's quick intake of breath behind me, and a similar sound from Elizabeth. Celia was a little more vocal. "Ooh, ooh, say yes, Lizzie. We won't have to live with Wily anymore. I don't like her."
  • Travel and tourism continues to become extremely important for Portugal, with visitor numbers forecast to increase significantly over the next years. However, there is increasing competition from Eastern European destinations such as Croatia who offer similar attractions, which are often cheaper. Consequently, the country is almost obligated to focus on its niche attractions such as health, nature and rural tourism in order to stay ahead of its competitors.
  • Metabolic syndrome lost a similar amount of weight using either dietary approach.
  • For example, the ancient Chinese observed that certain rocks (lodestone) were attracted to one another by some invisible force. This effect was later called magnetism, and was first rigorously studied in the 17th century. A little earlier than the Chinese, the ancient Greeks knew of other objects such as amber, that when rubbed with fur would cause a similar invisible attraction between the two. This was also first studied rigorously in the 17th century, and came to be called electricity. Thus, physics had come to understand two observations of nature in terms of some root cause (electricity and magnetism). However, further work in the 19th century revealed that these two forces were just two different aspects of one forceelectromagnetism. This process of "unifying" forces continues today, and electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force are now considered to be two aspects of the electroweak interaction. Physics hopes to find an ultimate reason (Theory of Everything) for why nature is as it is (see section Current research below for more information).
  • "Then allow me to express your regrets, and I am sure your opponent will accept them," said Nesvitski (who like the others concerned in the affair, and like everyone in similar cases, did not yet believe that the affair had come to an actual duel). "You know, Count, it is much more honorable to admit one's mistake than to let matters become irreparable. There was no insult on either side. Allow me to convey...."
  • "Because he knows it irritates me. I am not his brother. I am not related to him in any way. He just likes to point out that we have similar powers."
  • A similar dynamic was unfolding a few blocks south at Beach Haven Bagel, where Nicole, Sharon and Garrison had cleaned out all of the bagel baskets and were on the verge of shutting down the place as the lunch crowd died down and there were no more bagels either being boiled or then baked. After Gary downed a corned beef sandwich on a toasted everything bagel and then topped it with a potato knish sliced in two and black and white cookieblack on one side of the sandwich and white on the other sideowner Rick Rawlings promised to post the sandwich on the board and call it The Garrison.
  • It was a similar story with Evangeline, an African woman who, no more than a week ago, had also found herself free of some terrible, nameless dread. In the days that followed she let the hatred she held for her uncles go, and impressed her aged mother with how fearlessly she tackled the waspsnest that blighted the westward eaves of the farmhouse. From then on, she met the days in good cheer, and saw the evenings in with eyes not lifeless, but serene. She appeared older than her years, but was already beginning to look younger. Her mother asked her if it was due to man or magic, but she rebutted her, giggling, by saying that it was neither. She giggles much, now. Her mother still suspects it is the work of man or magic.
  • While this is the first time a major pop act has issued an album purely as sheet music, other musicians have experimented with similar ideas. Two notable releases happened in 2008: Alkaline Trio and Deerhoof both issues singles as downloadable scores.
  • Elke listened intently. Leena could sense the trust and understanding in this big woman's heart. As she talked she found herself drawn closer and closer to the woman. It was almost like the feeling she had for her own mother. She could see a similar feeling growing in the older woman's eyes.
  • Contains plant extracts with natural sterols, these behave in a similar way to steroids but without the associated side effects.
  • Up until about one in the morning nothing too exciting happened. I saw a couple of ghosts walk through at about eleven, but it was brief. I was just about to give up and go to bed, but then I saw a figure dart through the cemetery, stopping to hide behind a tree. I waited, sitting as still as I could, alert for any further movement. It took another twenty minutes, but another similar figure darted in and hid behind a tree as well. Within the next ten minutes more and more came in, each choosing a tree to use as cover.
  • The bwami also have a tradition of anthropomorphic figurines that share a similar style of facial expression.
  • We can offer designs for sills, flashing, soffits, column covers or any similar area of work.
  • Aiden's legs, accustomed to walking long distances, were beginning to show the strain of moving rapidly through the heavy snow. It was getting harder and harder for him to put one foot in front of the other, and with a quick glance, he could tell Pacian and Nellise were having similar problems, but if Sayana or Colt were experiencing any fatigue, they certainly didn't show it. They hadn't stopped for a break since the meeting place with Duncan, and this was certainly not the best time to sit and have a bite to eat, so Aiden gritted his teeth and ploughed on.
  • "Well, it looks like you have some pretty good company. I think Jesus had a similar point of view. He was kind to the lambs and doves. He was speaking of kindness and protection with regards to lambs, and I just found that he got angry with the people selling doves at the temple. It appears to me that he didnt like this tradition of sacrifice."
  • Numerous possibilities and discoveries are anticipated to emerge from new data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope over the upcoming decade and vastly revise or clarify existing models of the universe. In particular, the potential for a tremendous discovery surrounding dark matter is possible over the next several years. Fermi will search for evidence that dark matter is composed of weakly interacting massive particles, complementing similar experiments with the Large Hadron Collider and other underground detectors.
  • Incoherent scattering, similar to the phenomenon of localization in physics.
  • Onions have suffered a similar fate with prices up to eight times normal.
  • I hadnt given much thought to Jacobs situation over the past two weeks, but I suddenly hoped he had found Renesmee by now. Once she and Jacob were safe, Seth would return. Part of me was glad not to be feeling Jacobs emotions, as they would be too similar to mine. I knew Jacob would be suffering with the loss of Nessie from his life. The pack ought to be grateful that neither of us was present to burden them. I was sure that this pain doubled would be enough to destroy the pack altogether. No. I needed to contain it within me, safe and secure. It was my dark, shameful secret.
  • Also, a means of implementing an " idle timeout " mechanism, similar to that of magpie, has yet to be found.
  • Several voices made similar comments as a group of thirty or so servants was ushered into the entrance hall. Gan beckoned Bark to join him.
  • Other cultivar groups of Brassica oleracea include cabbage (Capitata Group), cauliflower and Romanesco broccoli (Botrytis Group), kale and collard greens (Acephala Group), kohlrabi (Gongylodes Group), and Brussels sprouts (Gemmifera Group). Chinese broccoli (Alboglabra Group) is also a cultivar group of Brassica oleracea. Rapini, sometimes called "broccoli rabe" among other names, forms similar but smaller heads, and is actually a type of turnip (Brassica rapa). Broccolini or "Tender Stem Broccoli" is a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli.
  • She smiled. How much of ones decisions were subconscious, not deliberate but as if so; had Jody spent those three weeks with her, then decided two other men could fight over her? Was that reason enough to abandon his life, his kids? Rafe wasnt married, had no offspring, just like Dan. But unlike Dan, Rafe had never slept with Summer. If Jody had been playing some sick game, did he take that into account? Both men shared similar life habits, but Dan was more settled, paid a mortgage, Rafe in an apartment. Dan had already laid claim to Summer, but Rafe was set in the inner circle. Yet, he hadnt made it, not even for a T-bone steak.
  • Two men wearing similar clothes--pressed jeans, T-shirts, white running shoes, and sunglasses--walked up and took benches closer to the water. One was older, softer, beginning to put on weight. He sat with his elbows on his knees, looking across the harbor. The other, fitter one, stretched full length on his bench, arms out flat behind his head, and stared into the sky. Neither looked happy. They remained unmoving, as though they were waiting for a delivery.
  • "I need to say that just because someone has one of these factors, it does not automatically mean that they will test positive on an HIV antibody testthat they will get a false positive. It means that others with these same factors have gotten false positives, and its possiblebut not mandatorythat someone else could get a similar false positive reaction."
  • The others made similar vows, and Catrin was left to stand in wonder. She'd had no preparation for this, and she did not know what was expected of her. She knew that she was leaving one reality and stepping into a new existence, and she was unsure of the consequences of this new power.
  • The predominant climate type is tropical monsoon, with wide topographic-induced variation. The Ethiopian Highlands cover most of the country and have a climate which is generally considerably cooler than other regions at similar proximity to the Equator. Most of the country's major cities are located at elevations of around 2,0002,500 m (6,5628,202 ft) above sea level, including historic capitals such as Gondar and Axum.
  • Sallis jumped off the chair and flourished a scrap of oiled wool. "Most thieves wrap themselves up in a cloak, so anything left behind if they catch themselves on something is undistinguishable from the thousands of similar cloaks."
  • Here, King Adder stood beside a throne that was more cushion than frame. His face was narrow, with a soft, shining complexion and sharp eyes. He was dressed in a more opulent version of his courtiersrobes, consisting of at least eight layers of heavy fabric, gathered tight across his chest and ballooning out. Each layer ended a few hands after the previous, until only the deep crimson lowest layer brushed his shoes. A lace yoke frothed around his face and his sleeves, gathered at the elbow, ended in similar profusion. There were at least a hundred people arrayed around him and all were dressed in the same improbable fashion.
  • Bear Explosion Ball was a cross between horse-riding, basketball and danger. Two teams of three bear-mounted players attempted to put a stick of dynamite in the other team's net, in a very similar manner to basketball. The court was identical to a basketball court and the match started with a lit stick of dynamite being dropped through a hole in the ceiling into the centre of the court. The dynamite detonated either on a point being scored or when the thirty second long fuse ended, at which point the start process was repeated for fifty sticks of dynamite. The main difference between this and Basketball is that you could move while holding the dynamite in Bear Explosion Ball.
  • Norway enjoys many music festivals throughout the year, all over the country. Norway is the host of one of the world's biggest Extreme sport festivals with music; Ekstremsportvekoa festival held annually in Voss. Oslo is the host of many festivals, such as: yafestivalen and by:Larm. Oslo used to have a summerparade similar to the German Love Parade. In 1992 the city of Oslo wanted to adopt the French music festival "Fte de la Musique". Fredrik Carl Strmer established the festival. Even in its first year, "Musikkens Dag" gathered thousands of people and artists in the streets of Oslo. "Musikkens Dag" is now renamed "Musikkfest Oslo. Norway also have a festival named trnafestivalen each year on the island Trna.
  • Our updated version includes lovage, an old english herb, with a flavor similar to celery.
  • At least Robert was somewhat satisfied to see that a nice bruise had developed on Phillips left cheekbone, similar to the one Robert had on his own face. Phillip was wearing his natty, highly embroidered doublet and breeches again, the same as what he had worn yesterday. Show-off, Robert thought to himself. Always the jack-a-dandy.
  • open a keg of nails - have a (strong alcoholic) drink, especially with the purpose of getting drunk (and other similar variations around this central theme, which seems also now to extend to socialising over a drink for lively discussion) - the expression 'open a keg of nails' (according to Cassells) has been in use since the 1930s USA when it originally meant to get drunk on corn whiskey. The metaphor is based on opening a keg (vessel, bottle, barrel, flagon, etc) of drink whose contents are menacing (hence the allusion to nails). The allusion to nails, which obviously have hard sharp points, is similar to that used in the expression 'to spike' a drink, ie., to secretly add a strong spirit to another weaker drink, usually already in a glass or tumbler, with the aim of getting the victim drunk. As such the association between nails and the potent effects of strong and/or a lot of alcohol is a natural one for people to use and relate to.
  • I think expats in Turkey are having a hard time understanding the existence of this ban in Turkey, which is both a democratic and a Muslim country. Even Christian countries refrain from imposing similar bans due to their attachment to fundamental human rights. They cannot do it.
  • Dimarico spelled the word. "Might be the ancestor of youth. Remember, G here is generally unvoiced, so although sometimes it's similar to our G, often it sounds like Y or the German CH. You'd better start attending the language classes, Bob."
  • This latter feature differentiates trichamoeba from the otherwise similar saccamoeba which has a nucleus with a single large nucleolus.
  • The change strip is a similar design but is colored sky and navy blue.
  • Most afternoons Mark stopped in to visit with us. His humor took some of the edge off of our situation. While my confinement had similar rules as my past as a servant, no visits outside and stay away from the windows, I felt freer than ever. Only one thing worried meKandeks continuing search. According to Mark, the whole military was still looking for me. While they were no longer banging on the doors of unsuspecting villagers, they still had their eyes focused on the prize. Anyone who turned me in would be richly rewarded and the men involved would all receive promotions. I was deeply grateful that Mark wanted to get his promotions for his hard work, not for turning me in.
  • Of his premise by heinrich hertz contained similar findings of the royal.
  • Language similar to that in the letter of September 19th was included in the FY-2008 omnibus spending bill. In October 2007, Puerto Rico's Resident Commissioner (now the Governor), Luis Fortuno, along with Dana Rohrabacher, filed legislation to assure the continued operation of the observatory. A similar bill was filed in the U.S. Senate in April 2008 by the junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton.
  • Bitter almonds come from a very similar tree which is white flowering.
  • It is named after the program lint which carries out a similar process for c programs.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, what I do agree with Mr. Wilson about is that you have a huge responsibility, to this particular defendant first, but also to the other defendants in similar trials that are bound to come after him. Your decision will set a precedent and have a major impact for many years into the future. I am confident that we have given you all the information, all the expert testimony, all the scientific studies you need to find this defendant not guilty, for any number of reasons. The judge will tell you that you have to be sure, beyond all reasonable doubt, that Mr. Johnson murdered Beth Ann Brooks. After all youve heard and all youve learned and all that you now know, I ask you: Are you positive?"
  • 93,000 gift boxes were sold in Belgium, a country with a population similar to the State of Ohio,in just a few days last year.
  • The binding energy of a second layer of adsorbate molecules is similar to the latent heat of sublimation or vaporization of the adsorbate molecules is similar to the latent heat of sublimation or vaporization of the adsorbate.
  • Then he felt something. It wasn't a face or a neck, but something else. He grabbed hold of the thing and yanked it from the hood. In his palm was a small piece of gold, carved to look like the rays of the sun over the rock that he and Mirra called their own. At first he was confused how someone else could have possessed such a similar item to the one he made for her, but then waves of understanding began flooding his mind. This was the very same pendant he made. He knew the man who struggled beneath him.
  • The second day of school was far more relaxed and Rose only walked Emory to the gate. Asia McMahon was being dropped off, the girls reaching the porta-cabin together. Rose smiled at Asias mother, Megan, who sported a two-month-old baby in a sling. Megan McMahon was an old friend from high school and Rose remembered similar days, albeit at a much younger age, when she and Megan sat at lunch benches, discussing their lives. Rose was going to be a scientist or maybe a rock star. Megan wanted to find the cure for cancer or write the great Irish novel. Not the American one, Megan would smile, much easier if she trolled her own familys heritage. That they were now mothers of young children said much about their lives in a small town. They had dreamed big, but stayed local.
  • Best Universal Grit, Grime and Effluent Remover. A more polite alternative to the x-rated 'Finest Universal Cleaner Known' version below. similar usage, for example, "..If Omo don't whiten it and Brasso don't brighten it, then BUUGGER it.." (Ack A Reeley)
  • "It's that obvious," Emily stated.A similar conversation was taking place in the Phillips' residence the morning of the dance.
  • He caught a glimpse of a nasty bruise on Dallas shoulder. Fikna sometimes had similar injuries after levy practice. His bros words crystallized in his mind. These women were fighters.
  • Java has no destructor or similar concept, so you must create an ordinary method to perform this cleanup.
  • The financial considerations are similar to group ownership; it might also require a retainer from participating practices.
  • That substitution creates a vacancy similar to a hole in a p-type semiconductor, which emits single photons when excited by a laser.
  • Caravan appliances similar rules apply to the above portable appliances.
  • The doctor looked hard at him, saying with some coolness, "We'll continue the exposition. Note the jointed fashion of growth, similar to those spiny things we met awhile backbut the similarity is only incidental. Nowcome this way." And he led us further from the other workers.
  • "Still love me?" Taf purred, although the purr of a first form aestri was very similar to the rattle of a badly tuned engine.
  • Massachusetts enacted a Social Innovation Financing Trust Fund this year that follows a similar approach. Other state and other local governments, including Connecticut and Cleveland's Cuyahoga County, are considering following suit. "If this kind of social programming is accepted, it's going to revolutionize the not-for-profit world," says Hildy Richelson, president of the Scarsdale Investment Group.
  • Joe nodded and quietly tiptoed into the bedroom for his cleaner "after-work" clothes. Once back in the kitchen, he removed his shirt and ran a soapy rag down his arms and across his back and chest, rinsing in a similar manner. He then washed his face, his ears and his neck. He combed his hair. Pulling on a cleaner shirt, he unbuttoned his pants and switched them for the cleaner pair that he wore after he returned home. He pulled off his dirty socks and decided to go barefoot through dinner, to cool his hot sweaty feet. He carefully folded his filthy work clothes and set them on a wooden chair by the back door. He could wear them one more day before they would be too dirty to put up with.
  • By now, evidence of similar bubbles has been found in 70 percent of all known galaxy clusters. There are also ethereal fingerprints of gas trickles that manage to cool all the way down before being heated and rearranged, and in among these are large, young, blue stars. The only viable explanation is that new stellar systems are forming here. The number is limited, because black holes are controlling the production line.
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