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Okunuşu: / sɪmɪlə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sim·i·lar
Türü: sıfat, isim


i. benzer, müşabih, bir birine yakın;
geom. şekilde aynı olan;

i. benzeyen şey.

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  • The third thing was its eyes. They were large and pupilless and completely black, like a sharks. Odd, she thought. What else had she just seen recently with similar eyes?
  • A benchmark against which the performance of a scheme is measured. Usually, equity funds use BSE 30 or BSE 200 as the benchmark. For fixed-income funds it is a bond index. The benchmark index must consist of securities similar to which the scheme invests in.
  • A similar dynamic existed within the vampire-protector sect: Nicole told Belinda, who filled in Agent Blake, who passed on the good news to Great GrandpaGarrison. So, by the time that Max and Kayla entered the room, the only beings that had not heard about the pregnancy were the three brilliantly-clean dogs that had been scrounging for food only moments earlier.
  • The smallest stand-alone o2 site appears to be a pole with a single omni-directional antenna on the top, similar to the vodafone design.
  • Dimarico spelled the word. "Might be the ancestor of youth. Remember, G here is generally unvoiced, so although sometimes it's similar to our G, often it sounds like Y or the German CH. You'd better start attending the language classes, Bob."
  • A major tributary is the hemiazygos vein, a similar structure on the opposite side of the vertebral column. Other tributaries include the bronchial veins, pericardial veins, and posterior right intercostal veins. It communicates with the vertebral venous plexuses.
  • Among older Americans who pull up stakes, a "large majority" settle within 20 miles of their previous homes, according to a 2009 Boston College study. While this lets them stay close to friends and family, it also leaves them paying similar prices for food, utilities and other essentials. "If you move to a retirement community with a pool and fitness center, your monthly expenses may even go up," Ms. Blecker adds.
  • "While we note that one option for certain non-U.S. clients trading swaps with a U.S. swap dealer may be to switch to a non-U.S. swap dealer, we also point out that all G-20 jurisdictions are expected to adopt similar requirements to the U.S."
  • In some cases, agents intentionally leave listings up after theyve sold, in an effort to generate future leads, says Leonard Baron, principal of real-estate consulting firm LPB Services and a lecturer at San Diego State University. Buyers who are interested in the property will reach out to the listing agent, and the agent will tell them the home has sold but that they have other properties with similar features, he says. Of course, the other properties may not meet the buyers criteria, says Baron, calling the strategy a "bait and switch."
  • Cornered cabinets had vertical sides and the doors were mounted on metal hinges -- similar to our own ming wardrobe.
  • This ridiculous system was a few hundred years old, when Emperor Cygnerius the Third had decided to create some sort of codex of law. He very imaginatively named it 'Codex'. It was a novel idea. Before the Codex there was no written law. The unwritten law was that everyone could do whatever they wanted to as long as it didn't upset anyone of higher station. And if two people of similar stance were in a disagreement, they resorted to traditional conflict resolution methods, such as direct violence, blackmail, assassination, bribery, or calling upon someone more important for help.
  • Paul Boulay and Albert Montois received similar sentences in France two weeks later, and Guy Duggleby completed his set of newspaper cuttings. Suitably framed, he presented them to Toby Ryun on his birthday. Toby hung them in the drawing room of his London residence, beside a double fan of United States currency.
  • Fikna said, "I think you uncover the truth with your earlier comments Rord. Perhaps what were dealing with is a secret society. similar to the pastorals, only more insular." He cleared his throat.
  • Monitoring efforts on toll motorways have been pushed for similar reasons.
  • The sequence counter is also rolled back to prevent repetition of the error message for a block of similar statements.
  • But everything possible does not occur, does it? Is there anything else similar to this so that it can be accepted? How can the occurrence of something to which there are no similar cases be posited through only probability.
  • Aiden's legs, accustomed to walking long distances, were beginning to show the strain of moving rapidly through the heavy snow. It was getting harder and harder for him to put one foot in front of the other, and with a quick glance, he could tell Pacian and Nellise were having similar problems, but if Sayana or Colt were experiencing any fatigue, they certainly didn't show it. They hadn't stopped for a break since the meeting place with Duncan, and this was certainly not the best time to sit and have a bite to eat, so Aiden gritted his teeth and ploughed on.
  • While similar analyzes are used to define markets or determine anti-trust violations.
  • Peter laughed, "Well, youll be happy to know that youre in the company of similar men. We are all different, but were a nation united under hatred for Humphrey. Do you wish to get settled in your room in the castle? Or do you wish to meet the men that you will be training?"
  • It's a term that I came up with over here when I was in Lib. The sensation that I felt was like tapping in to some primal source or energy, similar actually to what you said about the moment of orgasm. It's unlike anything else. (I focused on the number 8 and withheld my recent experience with the celestial music).
  • The bantering reminded Calista so forcefully of her relationship with Pyp, that she groaned aloud and then hacked roughly. The shaking aggravated her burned foot...andshe could think no more. She just was. She opened her eyes slowly and saw two fair-haired children with matching dark eyes sitting beside her. They were obviously brother and sister, achieving that similar look that she and Pyp never had. Calista offered up a wordless prayer for his protection to Juno; she was not sure why she chose that goddess.
  • Still, its hard to quarrel with the results to date, in China most of all, but also in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and other rapidly industrializing economies that adopted similar strategies. If youre interested in development, you have to read Lins book.
  • Variola proteins, it should be possible to substitute those obtained from the highly similar vaccinia virus.
  • The flies drifted lazily off to their next meal when a particularly tipsy couple bumped into the bar on their way to the stairs that were at Myranda's right side. The collision nearly knocked her from her seat, but the couple merely stumbled up the stairs without so much as an acknowledgment of their rudeness. There were half a dozen similar bumps and jostles before the innkeeper reluctantly headed in her direction.
  • The others were starting to rise and move around the camp, preparing their breakfast as the two young men arrived. Nellise and Pacian exchanged odd looks before settling in to eat. Their supplies were more than adequate now, for which Aiden would be eternally grateful. Day old bread was a big step up from the mouldy food they were eating on the trip south a few days ago. While eating, he inspected the sword Pacian had mentioned, a massive blade similar to Colt's. It was obviously a quality weapon, even if it was poorly maintained. Rust could be removed, and with a good polish, it would be a magnificent weapon.
  • Thorium compounds are the only ones which emit rays similar to those of uranium.
  • The final number started the music, a nice little rousing tune that was very similar to the Monty Python tune "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" but was of course just different enough to avoid a lawsuit, as the few people living in the final chapter managed to make their way out of the burning mansion.
  • Q 4-4 do i need permission to show a copyright image using an epidiascope or similar device?
  • Brad and Charles had similar conversations with more and more groups as the weeks and months passed by, and it appeared that the investment club concept had indeed caught on.
  • From the moment Pierre had witnessed those terrible murders committed by men who did not wish to commit them, it was as if the mainspring of his life, on which everything depended and which made everything appear alive, had suddenly been wrenched out and everything had collapsed into a heap of meaningless rubbish. Though he did not acknowledge it to himself, his faith in the right ordering of the universe, in humanity, in his own soul, and in God, had been destroyed. He had experienced this before, but never so strongly as now. When similar doubts had assailed him before, they had been the result of his own wrongdoing, and at the bottom of his heart he had felt that relief from his despair and from those doubts was to be found within himself. But now he felt that the universe had crumbled before his eyes and only meaningless ruins remained, and this not by any fault of his own. He felt that it was not in his power to regain faith in the meaning of life.
  • I scanned the landscape once more with the hope that something else of interest would reveal itself, but only the dark object stood out. Resting my chin on my knees I sighed. That's odd. I reached down to two smooth, flat, tan stones. They're identical. Turning them over I could identify no difference between the two. I picked up another stone, similar in shape but smaller, and struck one of them to place an identifying mark between them. There you go, now you two can be yourselves.
  • Finance companies typically fund themselves by issuing large amounts of asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) which is secured by the pledge of eligible assets into an ABCP conduit. Examples of eligible assets include auto loans, credit card receivables, residential/commercial mortgage loans, mortgage-backed securities and similar financial assets. Certain large corporations with strong credit ratings, such as General Electric, issue commercial paper on their own credit. Other large corporations arrange for banks to issue commercial paper on their behalf via commercial paper lines.
  • For women taking hormone contraceptives, the reverse is true: they prefer men whose mhc genes are similar to their own.
  • 'The forest can be a little misleading, as there are often animal tracks which look similar to trails, do you know what I mean?'
  • Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, visited Pope John Paul II eight times, more than any other single dignitary. The Pope and the Dalai Lama held many similar views and understood similar plights, both coming from nations damaged by communism and both serving as heads of major religious bodies. As archbishop of Krakow, long before the 14th Dalai Lama was a world-famous figure, Archbishop Karol Wojty?a held special Masses to pray for the Tibetan people's non-violent struggle for freedom from Maoist China. During his 1995 visit to Sri Lanka, a country where a majority of the population adheres to Theravada Buddhism, Pope John Paul II expressed his admiration for the Buddhist religion:
  • Sebastian let out a sigh and reigned in his temper. He needed to feed. He was a day past his normal meal time and weakness crept through his body, accompanied by a dull ache in every muscle. Hed never taken drugs, but imagined what he felt would be similar to the withdrawals a crack addict experienced. He needed to feed, but saw in his mind how Serenity looked at him and how, by feeding, he was being the monster she perceived.
  • This latter feature differentiates trichamoeba from the otherwise similar saccamoeba which has a nucleus with a single large nucleolus.
  • 'Well, that's a little strong,' replied Bb. 'Lets just say that sometimes the lottery number is remarkably similar to the chess-move option he selects.'
  • Italians seeking unification saw similar results under the leadership of giuseppe garibaldi.
  • Business As Usual. This is an interesting one (thanks S Rowe) - Business As Usual is a very common expression where outwardly a business, typically a shop or small trade premises, might appear shut or hampered, for example by building work or security/safety problem. In fact the expression was once an official UK government policy, during the First World War (1914-18), under prime minister Herbert H Asquith, and reinforced by Winston Churchill at the time (long before he led Britain in the 2nd WW) - in which the aim was to maintain social norms during wartime, thus not conceding any change or weakening, in spite of the enemy and the difficult times. The BAU expression - which is now used widely in various work situations where pressure/interruption seems present - retains a similar sense of tolerance and forbearance.
  • Congress drew the three permutations of combat from President Kennedy's executive order of April 25, 1962, which previously added the same criteria to the Purple Heart. On August 24, Kennedy added similar criteria for the Bronze Star Medal. The amendment was necessary because Cold War armed conflicts did not qualify for consideration under previous statutes such as the 1918 Army Medal of Honor Statute that required valor "in action involving actual conflict with an enemy," since the United States has not formally declared war since World War II as a result of the provisions of the United Nations Charter. According to congressional testimony by the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, the services were seeking authority to award the Medal of Honor and other valor awards retroactive to July 1, 1958, in areas such as Berlin, Lebanon, Quemoy and Matsu Islands, Taiwan Straits, Congo, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba.
  • The excited nerves of children people the darkness of the nursery with phantoms. The moral and mental darkness of suspense provokes, after its sort, a similar phantasmagoria. Alice Maybell's heart grew still, and her cheeks paled as she looked with most unreasonable alarm upon the carriage, which had come to a standstill.
  • "Two days later this same performance was gone through under exactly similar circumstances. Again I changed my dress, again I sat in the window, and again I laughed very heartily at the funny stories of which my employer had an immense rpertoire, and which he told inimitably. Then he handed me a yellow-backed novel, and moving my chair a little sideways, that my own shadow might not fall upon the page, he begged me to read aloud to him. I read for about ten minutes, beginning in the heart of a chapter, and then suddenly, in the middle of a sentence, he ordered me to cease and to change my dress.
  • Page after page made her weep so hard she was rendered motionless. She could only read, An Opaque Ocean lyrical and deep like Kells voice. His speaking voice was so lovely to her ears, except for the pain she had caused it. similar to his written voice, coming from the bottom of his heart; the words he spoke were still tinged with that accent, one innocent, searching. Longing, and while hed found the treasure of his heart, Marthe had sold herself cheaply, without warrant.
  • Loudspeaker cabinet will be comparable with an organ pipe of similar pitch.
  • She looked up and down my six-foot-two as if making a similar survey, checking out my short brown hair, Roman nose with chin to match, and a frame that didnt exactly strain the fabric of my polo shirt and jeans. I recalled that my third-best sneakers were tatty, but stopped myself from glancing down at them.
  • In history we find a very similar progress of conviction concerning the part played by free will in the general affairs of humanity. A contemporary event seems to us to be indubitably the doing of all the known participants, but with a more remote event we already see its inevitable results which prevent our considering anything else possible. And the farther we go back in examining events the less arbitrary do they appear.
  • The cryptic intron contains sequences similar to those required for recognition of normal plant introns.
  • The walls have panels of lapis lazuli, some hung with wreaths of laurel in green jasper, within similar borders.
  • A similar vaccination program has been successful in inducing regression of warts in cattle.
  • ACRS The Accelerated Cost Recover System is the historical calculation of depreciation for tax and accounting purposes. MACRS (Modified ACRS) is a similar system based on the current method.
  • A few blocks away, David was experiencing a similar cross-dimensional journey, but his route was paved with more angst than lady bumps. His dream involved angry townspeople chasing after him with torches and clubs like he was Frankenstein. David ran so fast and so far that his collective force shattered the barrier between worlds before he jumped off a cliff and ascended brought a waterfall to the depths of the water below.
  • Better yet, the examples he chooses are far more real-world than most similar examples in other books.
  • Results: patients in the both groups received similar total doses of clomiphene citrate for six cycles.
  • Arcades of the nave are surprisingly different in character tho of similar date.
  • Peptidases in different families in a clan is most clearly shown by their similar protein folds.
  • Foolish to assume that 2005 could simply be repeated in 2006 and that it would be a similar success.
  • Scrutinize in a similar way to parliamentary select committees, scrutinizing the work of the cabinet and reviewing council policies and services.
  • Omari realized that Molly was possibly a bit like a younger sister to Francesca. Last year Francesca had lost her real sister Gina to Dominic, and this was probably looking all too similar to that incident. If they werent able to rescue Molly, she didnt know if Francesca would be able to survive it mentally. Her heart went out to Francesca, and to Molly, and she hoped that they werent too late to save Francescas adopted sister.
  • A tax-advantaged, defined-contribution retirement savings plan for federal government employees and military personnel, similar in many ways to corporate 401(k) plans
  • That substitution creates a vacancy similar to a hole in a p-type semiconductor, which emits single photons when excited by a laser.
  • This paradigm is currently being extended to determine if other transcription factor fusion oncogenes confer similar self-renewal properties.
  • South wall: four-bay perpendicular arcade with thick octagonal pillars and capitals, on bases of similar size.
  • Nearly half an hour later, his legs practically numb from the exertion, Aiden finally stepped out onto the eastern highway, a long, straight stretch of road that followed the cliffs of northern Aielund all the way through the Stonegaard mountains, and through to the capital, Fairloch, nearly a week's travel from their current location. No-one had heard any more of the sounds similar to the deep growling noise they had encountered earlier, but one of the first things Aiden saw when he stepped out of the brush was a scene of devastation.
  • "I agree with El," Mary Brewster concurred as the two wives of Gary and Thad were becoming fast friends, being that they had come from similar backgrounds as wives of men in the middle of a vampire fight.
  • The great city held far too many urgent sights for the bird to give even fleeting attention to each one. Accordingly, it passed over without a second glance another human figure sprawled prostrate in the refuse-heaped mud of a narrow back alley, its eyes fixed on yet another fire off across the city up ahead. In truth, a second glance would scarcely have revealed more information concerning this particular human. The trash covered the body so thoroughly that even its sex could not so easily be determined, and as for its status among the living or otherwise, well, certainly no sign of breath or movement disturbed the stillness of its repose. But then if the seagull had chosen to be comprehensive about it, it would have most likely had no trouble finding another dozen or two people in similar circumstances at that very moment somewhere in the city. Was the city not, after all, Peridol, foremost in the known world in every leading category, urban violence not least of all?
  • However, it sounds as tho your poor old auntie may have some similar hormonal problem.
  • Galleria has a similar down-to-earth but slightly posh style to browns.
  • "Yes, but he was aware of one spot on the wall where her elbow rested as she looked at the scenery. Even though she was in a city looking outward, it was nothing similar to the type of wall built for protection; not a thick structure at all, just something like the exterior of a building." Graice recognized that this description meant something to Sybille and said, "Madrre, you've said before that you met a few people during your travels who were resistant to your abilities."
  • Fibrinogen genotype was similar across the disease and healthy groups.
  • The next day during lunch, Ms. Langdon was sitting on a bench at the edges of the school ground reading a book entitled 'The Troubled Teenager'. She was always reading books of similar genre. Mia was strolling about some nearby trees and hadn't seen the teacher.
  • Omari smiled back thinking of Noah and how similar he was to Shea. They were both thoughtful and considerate. Only in Omaris opinion Noah was far more attractive….
  • Avoiding solipsism requires that we assign consciousness ( or reality ) to everyone we could meet who is sufficiently similar to ourselves.
  • Sallis jumped off the chair and flourished a scrap of oiled wool. "Most thieves wrap themselves up in a cloak, so anything left behind if they catch themselves on something is undistinguishable from the thousands of similar cloaks."
  • December records were very similar with a maximum count of 132 wigeon on the 24th and good numbers of other dabbling duck.
  • Aiden and his friend quickly followed, the young man taking mental notes about the metal ladder they were climbing, and how old the structure appeared. He would have to come back and investigate this place at some point, because it had just occurred to him that maybe, just maybe, the cave he had fallen in as a boy was similar to thisan artificial construction, made by some ancient civilization, long since dead.
  • Some say Koik was Asir in disguise, but I do not think so. There is no doubt that the creature Ganel lay with in Abeen was Koiks daughter, nor that she was a sloud, but if Koik was Asir he wouldve had to have taken the form of a sloud and got himself a daughter; and although there was time enough for it Asir was only a spirit, for his body had died in the first generation of the Earth, and spirit can no longer make union with flesh. Yoal on the other hand had never died, and he was made into a god which gave him life everlasting, and so he was able to lie with Athresa and bring forth Aldragon. But gods and godlings are as similar only as the Moon is to his reflection on the water, or as hecol is to hecolan; and if Yoal, who was a god, could not transform himself into a maldocil without the Suns allowance how then could Asir, a mere godling, transform himself into a sloud?
  • Relieved at this change of subject, I answered quietly (while considering how best to get him out of the house), "My friend tells me that a similar design is found in Landulph Church, on the tomb of Theodore Paleologus, who died in 1636."
  • The ceramic is a fine-grained mixture including barium titanate and similar materials with a high permittivity.
  • On one side were pegboard panels mounted with various assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons -- including a Bushmaster similar to the one used in last month's Newtown school massacre.
  • Some people have urticaria ( skin reactions similar to nettle rash or hives ).
  • Contrary to what Perry claims, this would not be the last time he flirted with secession. Later he spoke to a group of conservative bloggers. The interview was posted on YouTube in March 2009. Perry discussed Texas in 1836, the year the insurgency began against Mexico. Perry pointed to a painting of the defeated terrorists in the Battle of the Alamo. He had similar objects in his own office. He even had a "Come and Take It" logo (a slogan used by the traitors in their uprising against Mexico) on his own pair of boots.
  • Umberto eco has written on a similar cultural peculiarity in italy, especially among the popular cinema crowd.
  • Elke listened intently. Leena could sense the trust and understanding in this big woman's heart. As she talked she found herself drawn closer and closer to the woman. It was almost like the feeling she had for her own mother. She could see a similar feeling growing in the older woman's eyes.
  • Everything was taken as a similar pace, with similar emphasis, with words elided and diction often poor.
  • The virus is similar to the herpes virus, and to the epstein-barr virus, which causes mononucleosis.
  • Nevertheless, modern cold fermentation technology can mean a universal style that obliterates local varietals and produces good but boringly similar wines.
  • These similar and familiar stories are also ascribed to menu, the great patriarch of hindustan and also to vishnu in his ninth incarnation.
  • E-commerce site at similar prices to amazon including delivery to your door.
  • A similar admission by Barclays in June touched off a political firestorm that forced its chairman and chief executive to quit. Ermotti said around 40 people had left UBS or been asked to leave the bank as a result of the investigation.
  • Three stores down was a music store. Todd gasped. Here it was! Hed surprise Edgar with a few new cassettes for his ride home. Stumbling into the store, he was amazed and astonished at how enormous it was. The music store in Gallup was about the size of a classroom. This place was fantastic; gleaming like a hospital room, it seemingly stretched as far as a grocery store. Whole aisles of albums! similar young men in great-aunt glasses listening to headphones mounted to listening stations! An entire back wall covered with music-related hats, headbands, and bracelets! Todd salivated.
  • The colored light is applied to the skin on specific points, similar to the points on the acupuncture meridians.
  • Wringsture in the compost heap should be similar to a wrung out sponge.
  • Archie had known similar obstacles before, though they had never been so strong as this. Probably the thought was not yet clarified enough, and for that the usual remedy was a stroll about the garden, a look at the sea from the parapetted wall. He tried this, returning again with a conviction that now he would be able to give words to the impression that was so strong in his conscious brain, and as he took up his pencil again, again his hand seemed to be yearning to write. There was that coral-lipped anemone at the edge of the water, there was a shoal of little fishes which as they turned became a sheet of dazzling silver... all that was ready for the hand that twitched in expectancy. But again his hand would have nothing to say to that: the brainsignal showed itself to an uncomprehending engine.
  • Alternatively, if you have a lynx or similar text-based browser, you can access the site by typing www.naht.org.uk in the address line.
  • "The only time I partook in a somewhat similar experience was when I pushed my master from a rather high tower. Unfortunately, I am unable to say what would he fall on, because he grabbed an albatross in mid-flight and scrambled to safety."
  • The redemption pact has had a warmer reception in other quarters. In September, Barroso called for a similar redemption fund, and the European Parliament inserted a provision to establish one into its draft 2013 budget. Budget negotiations between the European Parliament and EU member states began in October.
  • Undertaken in a manner similar to that for the first order ordinary differential equations.
  • Serenity rubbed at her arm, flexing her hand back and forth, trying to get rid of the horrible, buzzing sensation. The feeling was too similar to the stabbing and she desperately wanted it to stop.
  • childhood and remembered that i had a similar collection of poems as you did.I decided at that very instant that i should find them and gift it you.So,here
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