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Okunuşu: / sɪmɪlə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sim·i·lar
Türü: sıfat, isim


i. benzer, müşabih, bir birine yakın;
geom. şekilde aynı olan;

i. benzeyen şey.

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  • The second pregnancy was pretty similar to the first time around, only this time, we pretty much knew what to expect. When the ninth month hit Summer knew that she had to hold out until the real pain of childbirth set in. My phone rang and I thought my wireless connection was bad; being that Summer was due any day, I stayed on the phone for a few more seconds than I usually would have.
  • The financial considerations are similar to group ownership; it might also require a retainer from participating practices.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in people with schizophrenia or similar chronic mental illness.
  • Shylock could hear his father's voicespineless wonder, afraid of your shadow, weak-kneed. How many times over the years had he listened to the many descriptions of his pusillanimous self? He wondered if on some way the constant undermining of his father's comments caused him to attract similar remarks from others around him. Even his best friends always seemed to be able to find new ways of making him feel small and pathetic. Just because he didn't want to be a soldier. Timorous, faint-heartedthey'd used them allmany times. If only
  • Commonalitych have similar meanings ( that is, they share commonalities ) are made to be equivalent.
  • Cosycozy modern bungalow built in a small complex of 9 similar cottages.
  • Maybe he struggled with the scent issue more than I realized, in a similar fashion to Jasper. I should be more understanding. "Hey, its okay. You dont need to explain. I understand."
  • The intracerebral inoculation of mice with herpes simplex virus produces lesions similar to those seen in the human herpes simplex viral encephalitis.
  • In later centuries they were taken around the world for similar reasons, much to the regret of most of the new host nations.
  • Peter laughed, "Well, youll be happy to know that youre in the company of similar men. We are all different, but were a nation united under hatred for Humphrey. Do you wish to get settled in your room in the castle? Or do you wish to meet the men that you will be training?"
  • This a tube made out of an elastic material that is very similar to a normal healthy aorta.
  • Luke 9:23-25 has a similar series of verses, but there are some differences in here. "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." This "take up his cross daily" could be a reference to a spiritual practice of some kind; its something thats done "daily." Aha! This would be the way to "lose his life for my sake." And it would be a way to brighten up as well. Hmmm, it all seems to fit together, but look at this. "Hey dad, I found a typo."
  • Several similar pictures followed, and in the middle of the stack, the scene changed. Gina was at a park with an attractive looking Asian guy. They were feeding each other food on a picnic blanket. More pictures of them kissing and laughing in the park came after, including some of them getting rowdy and having a good natured min-food fight. They looked like a new couple very in love. Whoever this guy was, maybe Gina was with him.
  • childhood and remembered that i had a similar collection of poems as you did.I decided at that very instant that i should find them and gift it you.So,here
  • Two men wearing similar clothes--pressed jeans, T-shirts, white running shoes, and sunglasses--walked up and took benches closer to the water. One was older, softer, beginning to put on weight. He sat with his elbows on his knees, looking across the harbor. The other, fitter one, stretched full length on his bench, arms out flat behind his head, and stared into the sky. Neither looked happy. They remained unmoving, as though they were waiting for a delivery.
  • Cwd is similar to bse and scrapie, but affects only cervids ( deer and elk ).
  • The questions were starting to eat at her. The one thing anchoring her sanity was the fact that she didn't experience it alone. Cammie had been there, had witnessed the events of the night, but even that connection was starting to feel hollow, like they were both hallucinating. Cammie's story was similar to hers, but with slight variations. Cammie awoke not in her bed, but in her bathtub, as weird as that sounded. Cammie didn't like to talk about the events or the weird aftermath, but Sam couldn't get it all out of her head, partly because of Cammie's unwillingness to discuss what had happened and partly because of her own real or perceived isolation. She sat and wondered contemplatively, alone in a room, asking herself the same question.
  • "Do you honestly know nothing, or are you determined to spoil everything?" the demon asked her, and a clicking sound, only vaguely similar to the clucking of a tongue, came from his throat. "Yes, they're alive after a fashion, I suppose. My kind rarely kills a captive."
  • The broke the hug and Grace asked Cindy a similar question that she did years earlier, "What do you want to do today, Cindy?"
  • Caelia had been through the inner gate often enough, although only for a few minutes at a time with small groups. She knew what fir trees looked like and about the difference between moss and lichen. She could also identify three types of wildflowersindigo bells, bleeding hearts, and white trillium. Although she had never left home via the outer gate, she assumed that similar plants grew there. But she knew what Dagan meant about differences in the two exits. On the inside of the mountains, there was a considerable drop from the gate to the level of the High Plateau of Pçia. Outside, however, the downhill slope was much longer since the plains below in that direction were lower than the plateau. As soon as the meeting ended, Caelia took Dagan's advice and went home to rest.
  • I had been prey to similar thinking when I was in graduate school. But teaching had helped me discover that I just sucked at some level in terms of likability. I would never be a social operator. And that was as important for social status--if not more so--as smarts. For better or worse.
  • Partiality by reference to the moral importance of nationality will likely run into similar difficulties.
  • The meal proved quite filling between salad munching and explanation. Julia went into detail about her first husbands blockage in his arteries, which eventually led to his death. She thought a similar condition had afflicted Shawn, although the rumors of his possible death were probably greatly exaggerated.
  • With similar populations car insurance Santa rosa california no need for.
  • Contains plant extracts with natural sterols, these behave in a similar way to steroids but without the associated side effects.
  • Axiology (from Greek ξί, axi, "value, worth"; and -λόγος, -logos) is the philosophical study of value. It is either the collective term for ethics and aestheticsphilosophical fields that depend crucially on notions of valueor the foundation for these fields, and thus similar to value theory and meta-ethics. The term was first used in the early 20th century by Paul Lapie, in 1902, and Eduard von Hartmann, in 1908.
  • The virus is similar to the herpes virus, and to the epstein-barr virus, which causes mononucleosis.
  • A similar proof using discrete abel summation delivers a variant of the theorem in terms of ls instead of li.
  • In the 19th and 20th century, Norwegian language was subject to strong political and cultural controversy, which led to the creation of Nynorsk in the 19th century and to the formation of alternative spelling standards in the 20th century, notably the Riksml standard, which is more conservative (that is, more similar to Danish) than Bokml.
  • It was not as large a city as Saljid, not even near, yet it was similar in many ways. There was no port, as such, but the river was still deep and ferries would ply its course in the days of light. The ferry service actually went as far as Paris, although there were three cataracts between Lennon and the larger city upstream, the cargo transported by wagon past each. Jorden didn't know that and didn't care. The river, with its freshwater sharks, was not considered as a travel option. The journey was dangerous enough without having to fear the hideous jaws that lurked ravenously just below the surface of a river. Even the journey was not particularly on the mind of Jorden as he stumbled into Lennon that evening, just sleep. He was hungry as well, but could little afford food as well as a weapon, and without Taf...
  • To avoid the noise, Skye was laid on Summers bed, Summer affixing a pull-up the last time Skye went to the bathroom. For two nights Skye had woken with a dry bottom, earning great praise. If she did it three nightsrunning, Summer might get her a balloon, something to encourage the nocturnal dryness. Skye was nearly limp, worn from too many songs about rutabagas, and Summer wouldnt even have to read a story. She slipped the nightgown over Skyes body, then Summer picked her up, tucking her into the toddler bed Jody had bought last Christmas. Pink plastic surrounded a twin mattress, Erika sleeping on something similar until she asked for a proper bed frame, something a then six-year-old deemed necessary.
  • G-actin was polymerized into f-actin in a similar kinetic process to rabbit muscle actin was polymerized into f-actin in a similar kinetic process to rabbit muscle actin.
  • Fluted pillars support the ceiling here, similar to those paterson placed in the foyer of the clydebank la scala.
  • Nibiru, for his part, appears to be very similar to the sumerian god utu ( alias the akkadian god Shamash ).
  • But the risk for cardiovascular disease may actually begin with snoring, long before it becomes OSA. Until now, there was little evidence in humans to show a similar connection between snoring and cardiovascular risk.
  • It is odd that incidents involving supposedly civil aeroplanes similar to that which the miami terrorists provoked years later were among the pretexts included.
  • There one finds a similar behavior in the local and the global bifurcation.
  • Dane jumped down from his treetop perch and chuckled. "I told you I had newfound power." He whistled and a couple of small figures emerged from the bushes, falling in step behind him. They looked very similar to the fire golem I had seen in the school parking lot, but with less defined shapes and much, much smaller. One was covered in leaves and twigs, while the other looked like it was leaking water.
  • Contrast that to less technologically complex parts of turkey, iran, china, or central or south america hit by similar magnitude quakes.
  • Rare symptom that may progress to generalized tetanus with similar risks.
  • Aiden and his friend quickly followed, the young man taking mental notes about the metal ladder they were climbing, and how old the structure appeared. He would have to come back and investigate this place at some point, because it had just occurred to him that maybe, just maybe, the cave he had fallen in as a boy was similar to thisan artificial construction, made by some ancient civilization, long since dead.
  • There can be highly significant differences in running costs between pumps that do the same or similar duty.
  • Of these samples, 27 were soy sauces and the remainder comprised mushroom soy, oyster, teriyaki and various other similar sauces.
  • We should also include experimental reductionism, the use of controlled laboratory studies to gain understanding of similar behaviors in the natural environment.
  • Cross Currency Option An instrument that confers a contractual right on the purchaser of the OPTION to buy (call) or sell (put) a currency against another currency, e.g., Yen for U.S. dollar. For this privilege, the purchaser pays a cost termed PREMIUM. Incidentally, the terminology applicable to cross currency options is similar to the one for stock options. For instance, the STRIKE PRICE is the contracted exchange rate at which the option buyer buys or sells a currency. The advantages with a cross currency option, (introduced in India in January 1994) as compared to forward and futures deals are that the option buyer is under no obligation to exercise the right; moreover, the maximum possible loss, it at all, becomes known to the option buyer at the outset. Thus, when the direction of a currency's movement is uncertain, a cross currency option may be preferable to a FORWARD CONTRACT.
  • A partly subterranean dome about 10 meters in diameter, similar to the hogan of the navajo, was the uniform shelter.
  • He thought hed done it for Longsword, whom he considered unable to properly look after himself, but after a year of reflectionendless, agonizing reflectionhe concluded that hed really done it for his own benefit. He was young, strong and active and hed wanted to spend most of his time with similar men and that had meant being at Rhuddlan and not his manor. Hed wanted the comfort of hearing his own language and he hadnt sufficient experience with small children and infants to be comfortable with his own sons. Hed preferred being Longswords captain to the unfamiliar role of landowner
  • Baker turns in Sarahs direction, but doesnt know exactly who asked the question. "Good question...why me? I think because Ben...Mr. Messick...and I have such similar styles in the courtroom that we all figured it would be less of an adjustment for the jury if I took over."
  • The Venice Commission has not followed the Ergenekon case and similar trials. While they have undoubtedly led to a decrease in the role of the military, we are well aware about the concerns regarding the wide scope of the prosecutions, including with respect to journalists and writers.
  • Lowerys interest in Linda was grounded in his insatiable appetite for all things paranormal. He had been through a variety of witches and werewolfs, and he even admitted that one woman he had been with could have been easily mistaken for the bride of Frankenstein. So it was no accident that he showed up at an informal clairvoyant convention, and had sampled the blood of many of the attendants when he realized the difficulty in turning them into vampires. He was about to use Linda a similar capacity, but Brenda was able to section her mind off with one side being used for the speech and the other in stopping Lowery from taking all of Lindas blood.
  • "College is a difficult place to find suitable soul matches, but places like the library are perfect for matching up people with similar interests," Shawn said and then took a sip of his whipped cream-laden hot chocolate.
  • Gahat or Kulath is a major ingredient in the Pahadi of Himalayan North India. In Uttarakhand, it is cooked in a round iron saute pan ("kadhai") to prepare Ras, a favorite of most Kumaonis. In Gharwal region, another more elaborate dish is "phanu" which is made in a kadhai with roughly ground gahat (previously soaked overnight) boiled over several hours. Towards the end, some finely chopped greens (like palak or spinach, rai, tender radish leaves, or dhania (coriander leaves) if nothing else is available) are added to complete the dish. Served with boiled rice, jhangora (a millet-like grain, used as a staple by poorer Garhwalis only a decade ago and now a prized health-food) or just roti, phanu is a wholesome and nutritious meal. Phnau is somewhat heavy to digest; it's quite possible to go through the whole day without feeling in the least bit hungry, after having a big phanu meal in the morning. similar Botanical name of horse gram/Gahat or Kulath/KULTHI IS Dolichos biflorus from the Leguminiaceae family.
  • He said the inquiry could lay a framework to a potential UN convention to govern the use of drones - something similar to conventions in place for undetectable landmines and cluster ammunition.
  • He watched the men around Wolf long enough to ensure they were headed this way. Reeling his energy back, he sent it the other direction, searching for the hounds and their masters. He did not have the time, but it was crucial they both arrived at similar times. He swept his vision across the frozen fields, following the sounds of their bays as their vibrations echoed through the hillside. When he found them, though, he was shocked at their speed.
  • School had always been about outdated textbooks and tests based on easily forgettable facts. Watching Mrs. Walters teach and, more importantly, observing her students reacting in a similar distant way that he did as a student, made him realize that things had to change. Without the proper schooling to become a teacher, Dave had to get a crash course with some on-the-job training.
  • Bitter almonds come from a very similar tree which is white flowering.
  • A similar situation exists in several parts of the world today, notably along the western seaboard of north america.
  • I moved to an opening carved out of the wall. I could see the garden. Rows and rows of herbs outlined patches of lilies and orchids. It was beautiful. I wondered if Cedric had a similar view from his room. I couldnt see the area I had used the night before. I wondered again exactly how much Cedric had seen. Maybe I would never find out. Maybe I would never speak to him again. Maybe it didnt matter.
  • In theory sir rupert faces a potentially unlimited fine, although similar cases have attracted penalties of up to
  • Thanks to the traveller's fifty-seven francs, Thenardier had been able to avoid a protest and to honor his signature. On the following month they were again in need of money. The woman took Cosette's outfit to Paris, and pawned it at the pawnbroker's for sixty francs. As soon as that sum was spent, the Thenardiers grew accustomed to look on the little girl merely as a child whom they were caring for out of charity; and they treated her accordingly. As she had no longer any clothes, they dressed her in the cast-off petticoats and chemises of the Thenardier brats; that is to say, in rags. They fed her on what all the rest had left--a little better than the dog, a little worse than the cat. Moreover, the cat and the dog were her habitual table-companions; Cosette ate with them under the table, from a wooden bowl similar to theirs.
  • Pulling into the Far View Terrace, it never crossed her mind why she was buying a similar sized pot. It still never crossed her mind when she pulled the sticker from it and stuck it to her prize, which was now nestled in a box between her clothing that had come with her purchase. Stopping on her way out of the park only to hurl her souvenir over a cliff, she was back in her hotel room shaking with excitement when it finally occurred to her what she had done.
  • Ponzi scheme similar to a pyramid scheme, an enterprise where funds from new investors - instead of genuine profits - are used to pay high returns to current investors. Named after the Italian fraudster Charles Ponzi, such schemes are destined to collapse as soon as new investment tails off or significant numbers of investors simultaneously wish to withdraw funds.
  • I think expats in Turkey are having a hard time understanding the existence of this ban in Turkey, which is both a democratic and a Muslim country. Even Christian countries refrain from imposing similar bans due to their attachment to fundamental human rights. They cannot do it.
  • In similar way, synovial tumors such as lipoma, pedunculated fibromas intra-articular xanthomas and areas of pigmented villo-nodular synovitis may arthroscopically excised.
  • In dress and adornment she scarcely differed from her maids. All had long black hair, brushed to gleaming and protected from the morning air with a transparent gossamer scarf edged in gold embroidery. At first glance there seemed little to distinguish among the tight strands of pearls each wore at the neck, or the jeweled bands on their wrists and upper arms. Each wore a tight silk halter for a blouse, and to Hawksworths assessing eyes the maids all seemed to have abundant breasts swelling their halters to overflowing, someperhaps allwith breasts more generous than the lady herself. Then he noted in amazement that the women actually wore a form of tapered silk trouser, a tight-legged pajama similar to that worn by aristocratic men.
  • When Michael graduated high school, Gray was a sophomore, but they had remained good friends because Gray was such a nice guy and an accomplished guitarist. That Michael had no real other friends also played a part. By the time Michael was leaving Grays daily life, they were the same height, but not at all similar otherwise. Gray was slender, Michael bulky. Almost chubby, but he thinned out in college, retaining only a larger frame. Michaels short, nearly black hair contrasted with Grays blonde mop, their eyes also opposite. Michael owned brown, much like Roses, and Grays were as his name. While everyone at their high school loved Gray, no one appreciated Michael, except for how well he played guitar. And by the time they were in high school, no one remembered it was Gray ensuring that Michael was so talented.
  • Indeed, in most species there is a class similar to the nightingale that consists of a fine individual or individuals which represent the finest feelings of that species with the finest glorification and finest poetry.
  • The world number two will be hoping for a similar outcome this sunday to that enjoyed by his illustrious countryman over fifty years ago.
  • In 1944, the suspension ribbons for both the Army and Navy version were replaced with the now familiar neck ribbon. When the Air Force version was designed in 1956, it incorporated similar elements and design from the Army version. It used a larger star with the Statue of Liberty image in place of Minerva on the medal and changed the connecting device from an eagle to a pair of wings with thunderbolts.
  • A wealth of similar studies have convinced seven american states to impose no-spray buffer zones of up to 2.5 miles around schools.
  • Wavelet spectrum, which is similar to a smoothed fft, is given by using the full time range.
  • There was the sound of wood crackling in the background, as if we were near a campfire. Through my eyelids, I could tell that the sun was high in the sky. The cacophony of battle echoed around me, louder than before. My head felt fuzzy and dizzy. There was movement beneath me, and my eyes shot open in pain as I bit down on my tongue to stop the scream from escaping my lips. Above me was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, like she was in some strange fog or in my imagination. She had long, brown hair that curtained around my face. Her eyes were large, round, and the most brilliant greenvery similar to my own. She had a small nose and a dazzling smile. She was an angel. No, she was more beautiful than an angel. Was I in heaven?
  • Munitions entrance has been modified in a similar way with a large steel blast door allowing vehicles to drive into the block.
  • Michael carrithers has argued that human emotions provide a similar bridgehead.
  • Stir fried cut chantenay lengthwise into halves or quarters and cut your other vegetables to similar sizes.
  • Longsword was kind. He had even sworn his love for her once or twice. She hoped he wasnt hurt by her lack of ardent response, although he never seemed to be. In the beginning she had been completely frozen, fearfully half-expecting tactics similar to Hughs, but those fears hadnt been realized. He wasnt Hugh; wasnt at all like Hugh. She almost wished she could return his obvious regard for her but she couldnt. It was Bronwen whom she loved, so wholeheartedly that there wasnt room for anybody else.
  • Their hand settled into a pocket of air that felt more chilled than the rest of the room, and they looked up with a sinking feeling of dread. There was nothing that they could see up there, but they felt a presence, similar to the way the Wisemen had always felt to them.
  • The topography of most places alters over the centuriesespecially seashoresso they would pick the most stable beach available, and in an area unattractive to farmers and fishermen, insofar as it could be estimated. Assuming even a stable beach would have eroded somewhat over the centuries, they would want to appear to seaward of the present shore, and at a height sufficient to clear the past beach. Being transported into a solid rather than vaporous medium would result not in a sonic boom but an explosion similar to a meteor strike, with obvious deleterious effects upon those transported.
  • They were very similar to the type normally found at small local electricity substations.
  • First In Stays Here. Stock control expression, similar to FIST (thanks A Chapman, no relation) also, Flip! I'm Staying Here, (polite version) a Royal Navy expression, and no doubt said elsewhere too at times of pressure or threat (thanks P Burns).
  • "I therefore propose the following," Chroesjtsjov spoke, unreachable. "We are prepared to remove our missiles from Cuba, and make a promise to the United Nations. Then you must remove your weapons from Turkey and make a similar promise. Do you agree?"
  • This is similar to a bankers' draft, but is in a foreign currency. Foreign drafts take around 5 days to arrive depending on where it is sent.
  • When clamping together protect units by using hardboard off cuts or similar behind the clamp jaws.
  • "Yes. It seems you have my friend. Matter of fact for the past several months I havent read anything in the papers that has even been remotely similar to yourlets say modus operandi. Actually with the lack of attention-grabbing reading material in the Enquirer I thought that maybe you had left the areayou knowin search of greener pastures if you will."
  • In the town of Lehua in west Nanchang, some locals have come to a similar conclusion as the IMF, at least in the city's case, where investment accounted for 74 percent of its GDP in 2011.
  • One had made an emergency ascent after suffering narcosis and the other had followed at a similar rate.
  • Across the valley of the Oreto from Monreale, on the slopes of the mountains just above the little village of Parco, lies the old convent of Sta. Catarina. From the cloister terrace at Monreale you can see its pale walls and the slim campanile of its chapel rising from the crowded citron and mulberry orchards that flourish, rank and wild, no longer cared for by pious and loving hands. From the rough road that climbs the mountains to Assunto, the convent is invisible, a gnarled and ragged olive grove intervening, and a spur of cliffs as well, while from Palermo one sees only the speck of white, flashing in the sun, indistinguishable from the many similar gleams of desert monastery or pauper village.
  • The use of any new treatment modality, such a laparoscopic-assisted colectomy, should produce at least a similar recurrence and survival profile.
  • In May 2006, voters in Tucson approved a Regional Transportation Plan (a comprehensive bus transit/streetcar/roadway improvement program), and its funding via a new half-cent sales tax increment. The centerpiece of the plan is a light rail streetcar system (possibly similar to the Portland Streetcar in Oregon) that will travel through the downtown area, connecting the main University of Arizona campus with the Rio Nuevo master plan area on the western edge of downtown.
  • And Amycate was softer, the lady in silken gowns with jewelry draped around her neck and at her wrists. The same size as Mirie, she seemed more delicate and refined than Mirie could ever hope to be; Amycate appeared to be a similar age to Mirie and more in line with what a prince would marry. She began to walk again and Mirie trailed uncertainly after her, not sure what to say.
  • Some other very common English-language examples include hiccup, zoom, bang, beep, moo, and splash. Machines and their sounds are also often described with onomatopia, as in honk or beep-beep for the horn of an automobile, and vroom or brum for the engine. When someone speaks of a mishap involving an audible arcing of electricity, the word "zap" is often used (and has subsequently been expanded and used to describe non-auditory effects generally connoting the same sort of localized but thorough interference or destruction similar to that produced in short-circuit sparking).
  • "Benedick was ever such another"—a similar case, "and now is he become a man! He swore he would never marryand yet now, in despite of his heart, he eats his meat without grudging!"
  • "Yeah. Dan…" Summer wanted to ask if her childrens forward manners werent a hindrance, but Dans look of anticipation wasnt only to lovemaking. Far more complicated were his emotions, something tapped, maybe for the first time. Fatherhood had reached into him, Summer recognizing the long-term implications in Dans eyes. Jody had held a similar gaze when all three kids were born. Yet, he hadnt been able to stay.
  • Naranarra replied in a similar style, taking a moment to glance at Benjamin as he uttered something along the lines of "barinda-flag lopo eye-wraith sear, yeah?"
  • Annie looked down at her daughter, who was busy playing with some yarn one of the girls had given her. She kept trying to push a piece of the cord through a loop, essentially crocheting without a hook. Annie smiled. She had no idea this new country was so similar to the nation she was leaving.
  • A similar clasp knife handle from south shields roman fort, made in ivory, depicts a gladiator with rectangular shield standing en garde.
  • Seems sensible. No budget, no pay. Its similar to a solution that former GOP Senator George Voinovich proposed to Bloomberg Businessweek a couple of weeks ago. And behold, two days later, on Meet the Press, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid answered that the Senate would, in fact, "do a budget" this year, after four years without one. So great. The White House produces a long, detailed budget every year, so now everyones budgeting.
  • We therefore decided to investigate possible mcp efficiency enhancements for beta particles using similar photocathodes.
  • He did as he was told; the potion was lasting and bitter.The feeling went all the way to his toes. The taste and feeling was similar to the solutari poltari, but less artificial.
  • The lesion displays heterogeneous texture with echogenicity similar to the normal renal parenchyma.
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