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Okunuşu: / sɪmɪlə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sim·i·lar
Türü: sıfat, isim


i. benzer, müşabih, bir birine yakın;
geom. şekilde aynı olan;

i. benzeyen şey.

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  • Michael carrithers has argued that human emotions provide a similar bridgehead.
  • The white is a blue colored budgerigar with a reduction in the color pigment and works in a similar way to the yellows.
  • Since multiple instances of similar images occur, the data tend to be clustered in the feature space.
  • Wild columbine, early and northern marsh orchid, grass of parnassus and fragrant orchid grown in similar situations.
  • The morning saw Ralff Jacobsen in his element, explaining with much hyperbole the working of the ship, and displaying what he remembered of its stores. Circuits proved to be strange tiny devices, often housed in a flexible clear covering that Doctor Tannahill claimed to be similar in properties to a mix of mucilage and water-glass, though most likely composed of a substance quite different. A great deal of pasteboard also protected them, gaudily printed with words, and with pictures and symbols we could rarely interpret. Never a sack, chest or cask was to be seen, but only squarish pasteboard boxes and the clear substance. The circuits themselves varied, but some looked like black beetle-bugs with golden legs.
  • It was a losing argument, but I hated being cooped up in bed all the time, and it was the only argument I had. Alec paused for a second to look down at the long, thick bandage wrapped around his middle. The gash of white cutting across his darkly-tanned skin was uncomfortably similar to what I imagined his wound must have looked like just after Brandon had inflicted it.
  • And it is well for a people who do not--as the French did in 1813- salute according to all the rules of art, and, presenting the hilt of their rapier gracefully and politely, hand it to their magnanimous conqueror, but at the moment of trial, without asking what rules others have adopted in similar cases, simply and easily pick up the first cudgel that comes to hand and strike with it till the feeling of resentment and revenge in their soul yields to a feeling of contempt and compassion.
  • Ponzi scheme similar to a pyramid scheme, an enterprise where funds from new investors - instead of genuine profits - are used to pay high returns to current investors. Named after the Italian fraudster Charles Ponzi, such schemes are destined to collapse as soon as new investment tails off or significant numbers of investors simultaneously wish to withdraw funds.
  • She went on to ask him if hed seen one of her favorites, the Deep Space Nine where Sisko undergoes a similar experience although his is more dystopian. Hes a science fiction writer facing racism in 1950s America.
  • Fantasy indulging similar fantasies have the advantage of being always to hand.
  • Major General (Retired) Adolphus Greely, 1935, was awarded the medal "for his life of splendid public service" on his 91st birthday. The result of a special act of Congress similar to Lindbergh's, Greely's medal citation did not reference any acts of valor.
  • quack - incompetent or fake doctor - from 'quack salver' which in the 19th century and earlier meant 'puffer of salves' (puff being old English for extravagant advertising, and salve being a healing ointment). Probably directly derived from German (quacksalber). similar old phrases existed in Dutch (quacken salf - modern Dutch equivalent would be kwakzalver, basically meaning a fake doctor or professional, thanks M Muller), Norweigian (qvak salver), and Swedish (qvak salfeare). Quacken was also old English for 'prattle'. 'Salve' originated from the Latin 'salvia' (meaning the herb 'sage'), which was a popular remedy in medieval times (5-15th century).
  • A benchmark against which the performance of a scheme is measured. Usually, equity funds use BSE 30 or BSE 200 as the benchmark. For fixed-income funds it is a bond index. The benchmark index must consist of securities similar to which the scheme invests in.
  • "The next step was to confirm that the childrens names we knew had been in the ICC were in that mass grave. It turned outand it threw us for a loop, actuallythat some of the names we had confirmed from our sources had died at the ICC were not on the tombstone, which meant that there were now some children who were simply missing. Where did they go? What happened to them? Were they actually in the grave but their names had never been added to the tombstone? Was there someplace else where similar children were buried that we didnt know about? Were they simply listed on the tombstone asBaby X’, orNo-Name Y’? Did we even have the right spellings for the names? As I tried to follow up on this, I met with tremendous resistance everywhere I turned. People would slam down the phone and refuse to talk to me, others got angry, and the whole thing took on this very strange feeling of intruding into another worldthe world of the dead."
  • Omari smiled back thinking of Noah and how similar he was to Shea. They were both thoughtful and considerate. Only in Omaris opinion Noah was far more attractive….
  • "Youre an angel." He chuckled and pulled me tighter to his body. "Of course we dream. Were similar to the average human in many wayswe were human at one point. Last night, for instance, I had a dream that you and I were at a baseball game, back in America. I read about baseball at the library in Boise City. It sounded like something I would enjoy."
  • Rfam is a database containing information about non-coding RNA (ncRNA) families and other structured RNA elements. It is an annotated, open access database hosted by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in collaboration with Janelia Farm. Rfam is designed to be similar to the Pfam database for annotating protein families.
  • Foolish to assume that 2005 could simply be repeated in 2006 and that it would be a similar success.
  • The questions were starting to eat at her. The one thing anchoring her sanity was the fact that she didn't experience it alone. Cammie had been there, had witnessed the events of the night, but even that connection was starting to feel hollow, like they were both hallucinating. Cammie's story was similar to hers, but with slight variations. Cammie awoke not in her bed, but in her bathtub, as weird as that sounded. Cammie didn't like to talk about the events or the weird aftermath, but Sam couldn't get it all out of her head, partly because of Cammie's unwillingness to discuss what had happened and partly because of her own real or perceived isolation. She sat and wondered contemplatively, alone in a room, asking herself the same question.
  • Inching closer, I discovered a narrow, cylindrical light stick. It was similar to those safety wands that children carry when they go out trick or treating on Halloween. Obviously, the light was getting ready to die. I was actually disappointed. It had turned out to be an ordinary light instead of some type of secret dark clique spyware.
  • Gun ownership continues to be highest among those least likely to need it for protection: the wealthier you are and the whiter you are, the less likely you are to be a crime victim. The darker and poorer you are, the more likely you are to be a crime victim. And poor nonwhite people can just as clearly see there are lesser consequences, namely shorter prison terms, for using a gun against others like themselves rather than against whites or well off victims. This, in part, is why the poor victimize mostly each other, and almost all crime is on people of similar background, Black-on-Black, Brown-on-Brown, and white-on-white. The one exception is among American Indians, who are usually victimized by white criminals.
  • Bacteriology of ulcers with extensive cellulitis is similar to that of chronic non-infected ulcers ( feingold et al. , 1989 ).
  • Gahat or Kulath is a major ingredient in the Pahadi of Himalayan North India. In Uttarakhand, it is cooked in a round iron saute pan ("kadhai") to prepare Ras, a favorite of most Kumaonis. In Gharwal region, another more elaborate dish is "phanu" which is made in a kadhai with roughly ground gahat (previously soaked overnight) boiled over several hours. Towards the end, some finely chopped greens (like palak or spinach, rai, tender radish leaves, or dhania (coriander leaves) if nothing else is available) are added to complete the dish. Served with boiled rice, jhangora (a millet-like grain, used as a staple by poorer Garhwalis only a decade ago and now a prized health-food) or just roti, phanu is a wholesome and nutritious meal. Phnau is somewhat heavy to digest; it's quite possible to go through the whole day without feeling in the least bit hungry, after having a big phanu meal in the morning. similar Botanical name of horse gram/Gahat or Kulath/KULTHI IS Dolichos biflorus from the Leguminiaceae family.
  • Diotitus, never much of a reveler of the sky when alive, now took a careful look at his surroundings for it then seemed very similar to the architecture and environment from his homeland.
  • 93,000 gift boxes were sold in Belgium, a country with a population similar to the State of Ohio,in just a few days last year.
  • Education in Ethiopia had been dominated by the Orthodox Church for many centuries until secular education was adopted in the early 1900s.The current system follows very similar school expansion schemes to the rural areas as the previous 1980s system with an addition of deeper regionalization giving rural education in their own languages starting at the elementary level and with more budget allocated to the education sector. The sequence of general education in Ethiopia is six years of primary school, four years of lower secondary school and two years of higher secondary school. In 2004 school enrollment was more than that of many other African countries. According to the 1994 census the literacy rate in Ethiopia is 23.4% , though a 2004 UNESCO education report may suggest that this rate is now higher.
  • Beautiful surroundings, the power station is designed to be similar in style to local estate buildings.
  • Italy approved the use of military detachments as extra protection on commercial ships last year, following similar moves by France, Spain and the Netherlands. Under Italys law, ship owners must pay the navy for the protection. More than a dozen nations allow shippers to use private armed guards, according to the International Chamber of Shipping.
  • Numerous small specks, similar to those hed espied just moments ago, were swooping about the sky above the Amar Imaga. In general direction, most seemed to be heading towards the city, though some were quite obviously venturing away from it. Curious, Benjamin brought the scope to his face, watched for a second, then abruptly took it away. "Theyre-" he began, before returning the spyglass to his eye.
  • "We just learned this in school. Chronological means arranged according to time. The first one is John 1:9. It said the true light was coming into the world. And sure enough, Jesus made a similar announcement to Nicodemus (from John 3:19). He said, ‘light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.’ This means the people who were doing dark things didnt want the light."
  • Competes head-to-head with alvarion, with both going after similar market segments with similar technology.
  • Bruce smiled, "Yes, she is," and then his world went dark, sending him into a transitional phase for the first time while awake in this alternate world. The next thing he knew, he was standing in the hallway outside of the South Meadow Brook High School gymnasium. Bruce had to brace himself as he landed on his feet, his Nike hi-tops cushioning the blow of the drop. David experienced a similar journey, although he was much more upset at being taken away from a rendezvous with Belinda.
  • Everything was taken as a similar pace, with similar emphasis, with words elided and diction often poor.
  • A similar pairing of decorated caves and hilltop settlements has been observed at other sites of the same date.
  • But the boys had already caught on and were in the middle of a similar discussion, "Why is that thing following us in the trees?" Daniel asked after he suppressed the snack bar attendants desire to ask for identification to purchase the beer.
  • Quasi-judicial functions where it uses powers similar to those of the high court.
  • "There are several things we need to look at in evaluating studies investigating BPA as an obesogen, such as composition of the diet. Not all these diets are similar throughout these studies. Some may have high-fat diets. Some may have diets with different protein levels. Then there is the difference in exposure timing and doses of exposure of BPA. It's important to dig a little deeper and actually look at the mechanism that BPA is acting upon."
  • Adult liver disease the symptoms of liver disease due to alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in adults are similar to those in older children.
  • A similar dynamic was occurring outside in the waning sunshine, as Emily pulled up on a group consisting of her brother and Blake, being restrained by Hartwell. She tried to avoid the rampant infestation of testosterone but did little but exacerbate the situation.
  • The weighted standardized impact sound pressure level is calculated according to a similar procedure to that of the airborne sound insulation.
  • Business As Usual. This is an interesting one (thanks S Rowe) - Business As Usual is a very common expression where outwardly a business, typically a shop or small trade premises, might appear shut or hampered, for example by building work or security/safety problem. In fact the expression was once an official UK government policy, during the First World War (1914-18), under prime minister Herbert H Asquith, and reinforced by Winston Churchill at the time (long before he led Britain in the 2nd WW) - in which the aim was to maintain social norms during wartime, thus not conceding any change or weakening, in spite of the enemy and the difficult times. The BAU expression - which is now used widely in various work situations where pressure/interruption seems present - retains a similar sense of tolerance and forbearance.
  • This provides the transmitter functionality, and a similar approach is taken with the receiver photodetector array.
  • We are looking forward to working with edha and this will hopefully pave the way for similar schemes in area.
  • "Many years ago my grandfather and I made a similar trip to this museum to deposit the same two objects we came to retrieve this morning. These objects have been in our family for as long as any of us can remember, passed down from one generation to the next, and treated with a loving respect and kindness that lives in the deepest reaches of our hearts. We are the caretakers of these two very special members of our family, and our task has always been to protect and nurture them. Many years ago, a man with a very bad-heart poisoned my grandfather and stole these two objects from us. It was all part of a larger plan of destruction and greed. Luckily, grandfather had the proper medicine on hand so I could help extract the poison. It was strong poison though, and it took almost six months for him to regain all his strength back. We both knew that we were going to need all our strength to recover that which was stolen from us."
  • The goblins anticipated a similar tactic from this second assault. They believed the riders would increase their speed to avoid casualties. The diminutive monsters had lowered their aim in hopes of turning the tactics against the human riders. They fired with glee, but this soon turned to curses of hate spawned anger.
  • With a slow nod, Rordan pretended to regard him with a skeptical look. The young man wore a transient jacket similar to Toras. He was dressed in a sky blue, long-sleeved crop top and denim trousers that ended above the knee. His sandals were bright green.
  • Thus a similar ascertainment bias appears to be present in the exclusive focus on hiv.
  • Polychrome glass beads stylistically and technically similar to beads believed to have been made in java.
  • He was surprised by her tentative manner. Hed expected her to go immediately on the offensive as had always been her habit but instead she watched him, still unmoving, still expressionless. He wondered what was wrong with her and then it came to himshe was confused and it was his strange behavior which had done it. She had apparently assumed he would have a similar reaction to the news of the earls departure as fitz Maurice; she had expected him to shout at her, accuse her and berate her and when he hadnt done any of that, she was unnerved. How ironic: hed finally gotten the best of her and he hadnt done a thing.
  • Gold is cognate with similar words in many Germanic languages, deriving via Proto-Germanic *gul? from Proto-Indo-European *ghel ("yellow/green").
  • Gained in popularity by emphasizing a similar visceral relationship to god.
  • Volcker Rule A proposal by former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker that US commercial banks be banned or severely limited from engaging in risky activities, such as proprietary trading (taking speculative risks on the markets with their own, rather than clients' money) or investing in hedge funds. The Volcker Rule follows similar logic to the Glass-Steagall Act and the UK ring-fenceproposal, and a modified version of the rule was included in the Dodd-Frankfinancial regulation law passed in the wake of the financial crisis.
  • Tannis didn't show his own excitement, but he had to fight the urge to grin at the beast. This horse cared for no other being but him, and that loyalty made him feel good. The only other person that the horse paid any attention to was his son. Rommus had always said that the horse probably thought they smelled similar.
  • Sensitive Index A statistical measure of the prices of 30 selected stocks traded on the Bombay Stocks traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The method of compilation is similar to the one used in Standard & Poor's indices, USA. This base-weighted aggregative method assigns to the price of each component share. A weight corresponding to the number of shares outstanding. Therefore, the index on a particular day is the ratio of the aggregate market capitalization of 30 stocks on that day to the average MARKET CAPITALIZATION of the same stocks during the base period. The base year is the financial year 1978-79. In the event of an increase in the number of shares outstanding owing to a RIGHTS ISSUE, conversion, etc., proportional adjustments are made to the weights and base year average market capitalization. Although the index is more popular, it is a narrow barometer of market movements since it comprises only 30 stocks. (See also NATIONAL INDEX.)
  • Most preventer inhalers contain corticosteroids, which are similar to natural hormones produced in the body.
  • She didnt realize she was crying, only thinking of sitting with her sister during Colins service, then at their parents’. Then for Aunt Margaret, but not this time. Rose reached the street where she usually joined her route, but instead of making her normal circle she had stepped backward into some other place, another collection of similar roads, the night not looking familiar, appearing as if some muted day. Petra wasnt alive anymore. Could it really be the same?
  • The plane touched down on the runway. Almost immediately the blue sky turned dark as night. A flash of lightning so bright and blinding shot down from the darkness, spraying tentacles of electricity around the airplane. The ground beneath us seemed to shake, as a breathtaking clap of thunder boomed through the air around us. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, the phenomenon was gone. The skies were once again blue, there were no clouds to be seen in any direction, no distant rumbles of thunder. Odd I thought to myself, looking for a similar response from any of the other passengers. All of the other passengers seemed to be totally unaffected by the strange occurrence. One might think that I was the only passenger whom even experienced it, but that's silly. Anyway I have business to attend to here, so enough mind wandering and get back to business Donald Lemore.
  • In short, when it comes to individual identity, buddhism takes a similar position to philosophical nominalism.
  • Harvey listened to Amanda as he looked around at the photographs hanging on the walls. Burundi, Somalia, Cameroon, Chad, Kyrgyzstan. All blacklisted countries. Duvalier shaking hands with country leaders and political representatives. Other photographs showed Duvalier with men, some in militia uniforms, some dressed in Saville Row suits. He recognised a couple of the faces as belonging to a member of the shining path and another to ETA. Terrorist organisations. He guessed the other photo's held members of similar organisations.
  • The others made similar vows, and Catrin was left to stand in wonder. She'd had no preparation for this, and she did not know what was expected of her. She knew that she was leaving one reality and stepping into a new existence, and she was unsure of the consequences of this new power.
  • In particular the paper links to the use of numerical taxonomy within the natural sciences where similar techniques have met with considerable success.
  • Nibiru, for his part, appears to be very similar to the sumerian god utu ( alias the akkadian god Shamash ).
  • Dane jumped down from his treetop perch and chuckled. "I told you I had newfound power." He whistled and a couple of small figures emerged from the bushes, falling in step behind him. They looked very similar to the fire golem I had seen in the school parking lot, but with less defined shapes and much, much smaller. One was covered in leaves and twigs, while the other looked like it was leaking water.
  • "While we note that one option for certain non-U.S. clients trading swaps with a U.S. swap dealer may be to switch to a non-U.S. swap dealer, we also point out that all G-20 jurisdictions are expected to adopt similar requirements to the U.S."
  • A tax-advantaged, defined-contribution retirement savings plan for federal government employees and military personnel, similar in many ways to corporate 401(k) plans
  • They were masters of mass psychology. They profited out of that sheer knowledge. They spilled out violence. They said that only violence could bring peace and safety. They made violence their lifeline. History is witness... Many rascals have came in power by preaching similar philosophies. Is this the same land where Mahavir, Buddha and Gandhi walked?
  • The garfish (Belone belone), or sea needle, is a pelagic, oceanodromous needlefish found in brackish and marine waters of the Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, etc. The fish lives close to the surface and has a migratory pattern similar to that of the mackerel, arriving a short time before the latter to spawn. It is long and slender, sometimes 2 or 3 feet (0.91 m) in length. From the North Sea, garfish migrate to shallow waters in April and May. They spawn in areas with eel grass in May and June. In the autumn they return to the open sea, including the Atlantic west of the British Isles.
  • Like the Yankees, or more rightly their skipper. Jody looked nothing like Joe Girardi, all those New Yorkers clean-shaven. Jody always sported some stubble, too lazy or drunk to shave. Jody would have clashed with that decree, but the way he applied himself was similar to Cliff Lee or Joe Girardi or any of the men standing on the field or sitting in the dugouts, loving one task so much, all their being was possessed by it, taken over. But for Jody, it wasnt only the music.
  • "What do you mean?" Aiden inquired, noting that Armin, standing nearby, had a dour look on his face. It was a familiar look to the young adventurer, similar to the one the young smith in Culdeny had on his face when Aiden struck a favourable bargain.
  • For this, the global trade rules enforced by the World Trade Organization are the right model. Both the form of capital controls and the rationale for resorting to them should be regulated. For the sake of efficiency, controls should be price-based rather than quantity-based, similar to a rule of thumb in trade policy: Tariffs that slightly raise the price of each imported item are preferable to quotas that limit the overall volume of that item.
  • Jillian reached forward to grab a glass and a cookie. When the dessert touched her palate she moaned in appreciation. Sarah took one for herself and gave a similar sound as the still warm and chewy cookie melted in her mouth. It was absolutely delicious. Jillian finished off the treat and sipped on the drink before admitting aloud "This is good. Thank you for being hospitable."
  • For persons allergic to wheat gluten, it provides a gluten-free food with uses similar to gains.
  • If the majority of Kurds still favor the country's unity and integrity despite the unrelenting pressures and propaganda of the terrorist PKK, the BDP and similar leftist/separatist political movements, this is due to the fact that the majority of our Kurdish citizens are religious. The religiousness works on a certain level for the sake of the integration of the Kurds into the system. The AKP may still be seeing itself as the sole alternative to the atheist/Marxist PKK and a political party which is acting under its tutelage. The process triggered by the splintering and alienation is leaving the door open to new alternatives that would be quick the fill the void.
  • The intracerebral inoculation of mice with herpes simplex virus produces lesions similar to those seen in the human herpes simplex viral encephalitis.
  • Dink did a similar thing. He tirelessly explained to the Turkish people that this country's past is very different from what they teach in high school history lessons. Thanks to him, we have better learned our country's social map and the mentality of its administration.
  • Click to enlarge male azure damselfly the male azure damselfly ( coenagrion puella ) looks superficially similar to a number of other blue damselflies.
  • A similar system could be used in scuba diving, coral reef conservation, salvage and marine archeology.
  • Others were in morse code or started with electronic music, similar to a stylophone or musical doorbell.
  • I am inspired by botanical illustrations as well as the works of science fiction writers and see my role as a similar one.
  • Everyone looked at the scenery for a moment until Jack started the Ceremony. "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to…" Sarah and Connor held hands while Jack did the service. The only thing that changed in the nuptials was "Till deaths do you part" to "As long as you live." No one thought anything of its significance except for them and her parents. Sarah made a similar ring of steel for him and slid it on his ring finger. When they sealed their existences with a kiss everyones congratulatory uproar was still unexpected.
  • By now, evidence of similar bubbles has been found in 70 percent of all known galaxy clusters. There are also ethereal fingerprints of gas trickles that manage to cool all the way down before being heated and rearranged, and in among these are large, young, blue stars. The only viable explanation is that new stellar systems are forming here. The number is limited, because black holes are controlling the production line.
  • My dear Van L----, you have suffered from an affection similar to that which I have just described. You twice complained of a return of it.
  • Norwegian is similar to the other languages in Scandinavia, Swedish and Danish. All three languages are mutually intelligible and can be, and commonly are, employed in communication between inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries. As a result of the cooperation within the Nordic Council, inhabitants of all Nordic countries, including Iceland and Finland, have the right to communicate with the Norwegian authorities in their own language.
  • For several months now, analysts have spotted tunnelling and earth-moving operations inside North Korea which they say seem similar to preparations ahead of the country's previous tests.
  • An amendment inserted into the omnibus bill on Sept. 7, 2012, furthers this agenda of disabling the auditing of state institutions. It was based on the previously mentioned criteria and seeks to prohibit the Court of Accountsauditors from "preparing audit reports that can be considered as an assessment of appropriateness because they suggest that the audited matters are not found appropriate in terms of their necessity, proportionality, effectiveness, economy and efficiency or for similar reasons."
  • 1800s: Several months after President Abraham Lincoln signed Public Resolution 82 into law on December 21, 1861 for a Navy medal of honor, a similar resolution was passed in July 1862 for an Army version of the medal. Six Union Army soldiers who hijacked a Confederate locomotive named the General in 1862, were the first Medal of Honor recipients; James J. Andrews, a civilian, led the raid. He was caught and hanged as a Union spy, but was not awarded the medal. Many Medals of Honor awarded in the 19th century were associated with, "saving the flag" (and country), not just for patriotic reasons, but because the U.S. flag was a primary means of battlefield communication at the time. Because no other military decoration was authorized during the Civil War, some seemingly less exceptional and notable actions were recognized by a Medal of Honor during that conflict.
  • Though there is no direct evidence that the bones are from the same species as Tafforet's birds, the absence of another suitable extinct or extant candidate and the severe competitive exclusion on such a resource-poor island like Rodrigues make it rather likely. No similar bird is known from elsewhere in the Mascarenes, excluding the possibility that the Rodrigues records refer to an ephemeral population of vagrants.
  • There is eMakhuwa proper, with the related eLomwe and eChuwabo, with a small eKoti-speaking area at the coast. In an area straddling the lower Zambezi, Sena, which belongs to the same group as Nyanja, is spoken, with areas speaking the related CiNyungwe and CiSenga further upriver. A large Shona-speaking area extends between the Zimbabwe border and the sea: this was formerly known the Ndau variety but now uses the orthography of the Standard Shona of Zimbabwe. Apparently similar to Shona, but lacking the tone patterns of the Shona language, and regarded by its speakers as quite separate, is CiBalke, also called Rue or Barwe, used in a small country near the Zimbabwe border.
  • Reassuring to know there are others out there who are dealing with similar stuff.
  • In some cases, agents intentionally leave listings up after theyve sold, in an effort to generate future leads, says Leonard Baron, principal of real-estate consulting firm LPB Services and a lecturer at San Diego State University. Buyers who are interested in the property will reach out to the listing agent, and the agent will tell them the home has sold but that they have other properties with similar features, he says. Of course, the other properties may not meet the buyers criteria, says Baron, calling the strategy a "bait and switch."
  • Curative surgery was similar to that found in the systematic review 8.
  • From the start you get some rookies along with good, real players ( similar to force ).
  • In panama, honduras and the dominican republic similar rulings have been made following attempts to set up spanish style bullfights.
  • A similar result was obtained by kinghorn & evans ( 1975a ) with the latex using a mouse ear irritancy assay.
  • Jacob must be feeling something similar to myself. We had both lost the object of our love. Embry would have felt the pain from Jacob, and Seth would have felt it from Embry. We were all feeling the same thing I was - a searing emptiness. My agony wasnt going to end any time soon though.
  • Peter laughed, "Well, youll be happy to know that youre in the company of similar men. We are all different, but were a nation united under hatred for Humphrey. Do you wish to get settled in your room in the castle? Or do you wish to meet the men that you will be training?"
  • He danced with a gentleman the same height as himself. Not all bad looking; he had a pleasant smile. They shouted over the music; that was the best thing about this bar. You didnt have to hear what the other person was saying. They bought each other drinks until it was time to close. Neil and this fellowhe had no idea what the chaps name wasreturned to the Big Pink. Neil brought him upstairs. Everyone, thank science, had a similar understanding of the need for secrecy. No-one in the house had the least suspicion. They had a merry time of it until about five in the morning. Then Neil saw the fellow out, walked him to the taxi and returned to his bedroom. He slept until twelve and awoke with that familiar sense of joy and duplicity and deep, deep uncertainty like a hole of unknown depth leading to the centre of somewhere that nobody knew anything about.
  • And the differences are startling. You can buy a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Redford, Michigan (just outside of declining Detroit) for $60,000, or pay $1.7 million for a similar home in Los Altos, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, according to numbers released today from Coldwell Banker Real Estate.
  • When I had studied this for awhile I made my investigation. The angle of the room at the right side of the window was cut off by an oblique turn in the wainscot. I examined this carefully, and, on pressure, a small bit of the frame of the woodwork slid aside, and disclosed a key-hole. On removing my finger, it shot back to its place again, with a spring. So far I had interpreted my instructions successfully. A similar search, next the door, and directly under this, was rewarded by a like discovery. The small end of the key fitted this, as it had the upper key-hole; and now, with two or three hard jerks at the key, a door in the panel opened, showing a strip of the bare wall and a narrow, arched doorway, piercing the thickness of the wall; and within which I saw a screw staircase of stone.
  • She looks again to see that Hector has changed as well, wearing a cloak similar to that of the Necromancer. The bearded man looks up at Morion with tears in his eyes just before the Necromancer plunges his blade into the bearded man's heart. The Necromancer roars with nefarious laughter as the man falls to the ground. The laughter echoes throughout the entire castle and grows in intensity until the very walls shake. Morion has to cup her hands over her ears as the laugh grows and grows. The sound causes the ground in the garden to crack and move. Under the ground, a red light glows, and Morion can see molten rock. Accompanying the sight is the scent of brimstone.
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