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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)ndli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond·ly
Türü: zarf


z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

secondly için örnek cümleler:

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  • Now Jorden knew why the castle was so huge. Firstly it had an enormous bureaucracy to house, and secondly it had the queue. If only the great witch-god Hura Ghiana could manage more than two or three audiences a week...
  • "I had no chance to talk with you, Prince, during the animated conversation in which that venerable gentleman involved me," he said with a mildly contemptuous smile, as if intimating by that smile that he and Prince Andrew understood the insignificance of the people with whom he had just been talking. This flattered Prince Andrew. "I have known of you for a long time: first from your action with regard to your serfs, a first example, of which it is very desirable that there should be more imitators; and secondly because you are one of those gentlemen of the chamber who have not considered themselves offended by the new decree concerning the ranks allotted to courtiers, which is causing so much gossip and tittle-tattle."
  • And secondly there are the shallow riffles, which are easy to fish but rarely hold anything worth catching.
  • Inspiration of the spirit, takes special care in enumerating them " first apostles; secondly prophets; thirdly teachers.
  • He instantly thought of it as somewhat odd: firstly because he had never seen it before, secondly because it is not often one sees a hill with a front door, and thirdly because it looked very old. Jorden thrashed his way closer, severely crippling two small trees as he did, and examined the door more closely, a door that had quite obviously not been used in many years. It wasn't just old; it was very very old, yet it was within ten paces of what seemed to be a well-worn footpath.
  • Either Lulu or Pearl would merge with the labourer. It would be necessary to merge with the labourer, firstly to prevent him from interfering with what the insects were doing, and secondly to assist with sealing the pipe connections.
  • Among the many young men who frequented her house every day, Boris Drubetskoy, who had already achieved great success in the service, was the most intimate friend of the Bezukhov household since Helene's return from Erfurt. Helene spoke of him as "mon page" and treated him like a child. Her smile for him was the same as for everybody, but sometimes that smile made Pierre uncomfortable. Toward him Boris behaved with a particularly dignified and sad deference. This shade of deference also disturbed Pierre. He had suffered so painfully three years before from the mortification to which his wife had subjected him that he now protected himself from the danger of its repetition, first by not being a husband to his wife, and secondly by not allowing himself to suspect.
  • The people had a single aim: to free their land from invasion. That aim was attained in the first place of itself, as the French ran away, and so it was only necessary not to stop their flight. secondly it was attained by the guerrilla warfare which was destroying the French, and thirdly by the fact that a large Russian army was following the French, ready to use its strength in case their movement stopped.
  • And secondly the dup see alleged criminality, at local level within the nationalist community, as a major issue for them.
  • As individuals, there are things we can do to improve the situation, firstly as informed consumers, and secondly as campaigners.
  • Marryry townshend married secondly in 1887 catherine clara paget ( n
  • "Two reasons. First, I was at the end of my Masters program; and secondly because I didnt like the direction the discussions were going to publish the results of the study."
  • And Keith? It occurred to me now that I had indeed backed off, just as he had asked, probably around the time Sam entered grade school. I had gotten tired of knowing. Id tuned him out on purpose, and focussed on other things in our busy lives. And thus, his attraction, his affair, had floored me. Maybe it had been a cautionary talewith Doug, I had first of all made a point not to watch him too carefully from the start, but secondly kept a small radar up for the big items.
  • I rejected them firstly due to what i saw as limited take up and then secondly because of the sales pitch.
  • If we want to please god, then our lives will be marked first by self-sacrifice, and secondly by faithful service.
  • Taf stood over the quivering carcass and puffed, surprised that the task had been so easy. Another kill. But this was one kill that she would not devour. That was firstly because it was huge, the size of a terrestrial rhino, and secondly because it had a dark putrid meat that even the hungriest aestri would leave to the scavengers.
  • When we have finished tomorrow Louie’, Pearl added, ‘and you have demerged with the digger operator we will have to see what happens. For one thing the digger operator may be confused as to why he hasnt progressed with the digging of the trench and secondly he will probably wonder why half of the piping has disappeared!
  • If it were not for the approach of two young, white robed women, then Jorden would have left: firstly in search of his watch, and secondly in search of food to satisfy his rejuvenated appetite. They smiled toward him from the garden, giggled to themselves, then left, Jorden watching their departure carefully. It was a really odd place.
  • Sir Giles considered. "I propose to think over it for a few days," he said, "and see if I can think of any formula to find out, first where that assistant of yours is and secondly where we are. Also to see if Whitehall is doing anything, because I'm not going to be taken by surprise by them, not under present conditions. So I shall go back to London this afternoon."
  • Nevertheless, Ferdinand the Catholic did not relinquish his long-cherished designs on Navarre. He married secondly Germaine of Foix, the daughter of Catherine's uncle who had attempted to claim Navarre over his deceased elder brother's under-age children. However, their infant son died shortly after birth, ending hopes of potentially inheriting Navarre.
  • Yamashuri is shaken to the core, first, because his contribution to AIDS research is suddenly dubious, and secondly because he never asked that question himself. He was so focused on getting the HIV to grow that he lost his perspective and his objectivity as a scientist, and missed the most obvious question of all. Now all he can do is sit there, speechless. After a few seconds of silence, Messick continues.
  • "No, I don't. First of all, I do know how to protect myself and secondly I am going to make sure you know how to use the powers you've obviously inherited. And thirdly no, it was not an accident that you just killed two dogs - not men sweetie, werewolves! It was a frigging miracle and I am just happy that you made it out with your life, even if you had to take lives to do it. It's called self-defense, and considering you were defending against three werewolves, I gotta say, I'm glad you didn't have control and that something inside of you took over and took care of business!"
  • The Country Club we are talking about has been set up in the ceiling of this railway station, firstly because it is out in the country and you cant have a country club without being out in the country, and secondly the restaurant below has a marvellous supply of good things such as red wine, chocolate cake and other goodies.
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