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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • The second concerns the treatment of catholic disadvantage in getting jobs.
  • Mr. Conor started walking away, hesitated, took two more steps, then turned around. He nodded towards the pile of paper. "One more thing. You have an assignment on the bottom of the stack. Aproof. Much more difficult than what youll be grading. If it makes no sense to you just disregard it and Ill come up with something moreconventional." He stared at her oddly for a moment, as if trying to decide if hed said the right thing or not. He held her glance for a second longer, and in the next had turned away and was off helping his Geometry class.
  • Except hed timed things better than I had, and he knew more about what was happening too; so when he hit the uppermost roof in his path a second later the castle was by then no more than an outlined ghost drawn in spiderweb against the city, insubstantial as a cloud and fading further, and he passed straight through it without a catch and continued in the same trajectory toward the water. The water - THE WATER!
  • Tikas eyes had been glued to Nula and she watched now as the dark green Dragon hissed viciously at her companion. The second rust coloured Dragon was moving nervously on a ledge just below Nula.
  • A short distance ahead, edgar took the checkered flag to confirm his second victory of the season.
  • His thoughts turned toward the groups energy level. Tora and the Gretlahs werent drinking any coal-nectar. They would probably run out of steam after the second slam and go home. The others might make it through a third before even the coal-nectar would fail to keep them awake. He got the feeling this wouldnt turn out to be one of the long nights.
  • The thing that I had come to realise is, once the heart stops, bleeding only occurs by gravity. My second blow had killed Rosaline so the rest merely chewed up geographical physiogamy.
  • On the second day, oil crayon was used to enhance the painted areas or to add something new.
  • My heart thudded as I leaned in. Using my scalpel precisely, I cut a small piece of flesh from the body and placed it in the vial. Then we waited. After only a few seconds, one of the men beside me yelped, and the other two visibly gulped. The skin on the mans arm started to heal. It stitched itself back together until we couldnt tell Id made a cut. Any second now I expected the fingers to twitch or for the corpse to become animated and sit up.
  • In September 1951, Sinatra made his Las Vegas debut at the Desert Inn. A month later, the second season of The Frank Sinatra Show began on CBS Television. Ultimately, Sinatra did not find the success on television for which he had hoped. The persona he presented to the TV audience was not that of a performer easily welcomed into homes. He projected an arrogance not compatible with the type of cozy congeniality that played well on the small screen.:439
  • "Not long ago, a plague befell you three peoples. It started in Judeheim, where many suffered and died from it. A year later it came here, to Halvard and took the life of a great man, a great King, along with the lives of those who fought against it. Finally, the Guardians, the winged kind, who for centuries have lived in hiding peacefully, were forced into a second exile when the plague found them too.
  • In the forest of Compiegne after agreeing to the armistice that ended the war, Foch is seen second from the right. The carriage seen in the background, where the armistice was signed, was later chosen as the symbolic setting of Ptain's June 1940 armistice. It was moved to Berlin as a prize, but because of Allied bombing was eventually moved to Crawinkel, Thuringia, where it was deliberately destroyed by SS troops in 1945.
  • The name was indeed well known to us as belonging to the senior partner in the second largest private banking concern in the City of London. What could have happened, then, to bring one of the foremost citizens of London to this most pitiable pass? We waited, all curiosity, until with another effort he braced himself to tell his story.
  • From 1985 onwards, the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who sought to enact liberal reforms in the Soviet system, introduced the policies of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) in an attempt to end the period of economic stagnation in the country and democratise the government. However, this led to the rise of strong nationalist and separatist movements. Prior to 1991, the Soviet economy was the second largest in the world, but during its last years it was afflicted by shortages of goods in grocery stores, huge budget deficits, and explosive growth in money supply leading to inflation.
  • After a second or two I crushed the pack with my left hand. I leaned my left arm and shoulder out the window. I underhanded the pack toward the big trash can near the propane tanks. Two points. Then I put the car in reverse, started pulling away.
  • But she was frozen, so full of abhorrence, yet so overwrought with insecurity that her mind was tornleaving her completely dormant. Graham faced Kalinies, watching the wizard wave his hand in front of his chest from left to right; the earth cracking and then ripping open from the line he had drawn. A second pass of his hand aimed towards the sky and a wall of flame billowed up from the earth, from one end of the crack to the other. It tossed and folded over itself, stretching well above the wizard's head.
  • False declarations of species having been captive-bred or artificially propagated is the second most common type of cites fraud.
  • It is in three parts; one might almost say, in three acts. The first part is a garden, the second is an orchard, the third is a wood. These three parts have a common enclosure: on the side of the entrance, the buildings of the chateau and the farm; on the left, a hedge; on the right, a wall; and at the end, a wall. The wall on the right is of brick, the wall at the bottom is of stone. One enters the garden first. It slopes downwards, is planted with gooseberry bushes, choked with a wild growth of vegetation, and terminated by a monumental terrace of cut stone, with balustrade with a double curve.
  • "Then came the opportunity they had been waiting for. A Human Mate. The first in the history of the world. The Sidhe Fey in question went to her and they bore a child. Lexa and the others went to work. She convinced the child he was divine and Jesus Christ became powerful, very powerful. After convincing a following that he was divine and the resurrection, Morgana had him locked away in the Prison. It was too late though. Lexa and the others had their foothold. She began to search out other Elders who had Human mates. When a second one was found, she killed the Human. The Council retaliated. Before Lexa could be locked away though…"
  • Her name echoed through the shadowed recesses of my mind. I floored the accelerator and pushed the truck to well over 90 miles per hour. It was still gaining speed as I careened around a sharp mountain curve and swerved all over the roadway. My cell phone rang and for one brief second I felt a little hope.
  • Extend long commands onto a second line by using a backslash ( ) at the end of the first line.
  • "Excuse me one second guys," said Jennifer sensing her opportunity. "Im just going to the bar," she said, touching Marks arm and smiling. Kim had begun a history of her employment in the Senators office starting from her recent graduation from college and had Marks full attention.
  • The Mongols assumed that the Barons world famous super-quads would hunt them down, so they flew as long, as far, and as fast as they could. When a week went by without a scout even spotting a hostile force, they relaxed. By the second week, they were nearly at the entrance of the pass from the west.
  • This tour is the second undertaken by the monastery trust under its own auspices.
  • On the French side, amid the groups with cannon, a cloud of smoke appeared, then a second and a third almost simultaneously, and at the moment when the first report was heard a fourth was seen. Then two reports one after another, and a third.
  • Colt's wolf had finished off the first mastiff, which now lay limp and bloodied on the forest floor. The second dog, driven mad with rage, relentlessly attacked the battered wolf, but he was far from finished. Towering over the mastiff, the wolf snarled and bit, lashing out with a wild ferocity that couldn't last. Aiden, seeing an opportunity to help, drew his sword and leapt forward, slicing the dog's left flank and giving the wolf the advantage he needed to dive and clamp his jaws down on the dog's throat.
  • Fractious in the second half of the meeting, and i for one would be more content with some real food.
  • In a second study, a danish team found that permanently activating telomerase in similar stem cells also made them cancerous.
  • The second sort is this: through reading his writing on every packet, recognizing his signature on every roll, and seeing his seal on every bill, the man declares: Everything belongs to that person.
  • When their conversation finished the first row of students stood and walked up to receive their diplomas. Mark was in the second row and he raised his diploma like a trophy. Kara started to giggle at his antics.
  • Coloure are two sitting rooms, the main living room containing a color tv, the second sitting room has an open fire.
  • Beyond the initial thanks, Aradia hadn't expected Jayce to acknowledge her help with his injury. For the rest of their second week at school, he more or less ignored her, confirming her expectations. And yet, maybe it was because his ankle had fully recovered by Friday or because the game had gone so well, but he ended up surprising her.
  • Despite losing the second game, gaultier eventually prevailed in 43 minutes.
  • She wasnt alone. She was pregnant, a second test on Saturday morning confirming that Rose and her husband had indeed conceived another baby. Rose would make an appointment with her doctor later that morning, hoping to be seen sometime that week, preferably that day, maybe Tuesday. Rose wanted to know for certain, have something within her set into stone other than Michaels news and Petras tears.
  • The second book left me dying to read the third book: And the Young Shall Lead You Home. I would suggest that anyone looking for a good read should read this series.
  • A second garland of flowers lay on the bed next to the one she had taken. Without thinking, he reached and took it and slipped it around her neck. Then he drew his fingertips slowly down her arm, sending a small shiver through them both. Seeing her in the lamplight, he realized again how he had ached for her.
  • "When you came in your hands were burnt to a crisp. Third and fourth degree burns halfway up to your elbow. Even if your hands healed enough to still work, all the nerve endings would have been destroyed. You were looking at a long recovery process involving multiple skin grafts. Now it looks like you're almost finished healing from first, maybe second degree burns. Let's take a look at that other hand and your chest."
  • The second is that shakespeare captures entirely different moods from hilarious good humor to deep depression and remorse closely adjacent to one another.
  • The republic began addressing economic stagnation by working on a barter deal with Argentina to exchange iron and steel products for 26 million bushels of wheat. A second pact with the Soviet Union would trade sheet iron for oil.
  • If I focused on his lips, I felt a burning desire to be crushed underneath his tight embrace. A fire inside me had been lit. My head was spinning in turmoil, yet my heart burned to be with him. Blood rushed to every corner of my body, making me feel hot. I shook, but it was not to phase; it was in anticipation of being with him, of being one with him. My head cried out no, but my will weakened every second in his presence.
  • Reichert finished his drink and ordered another. When the waitress returned for his drink and another cup of tea he refused to pay for anything but the whiskey. Much to his amusement, his bar girlwho had like him so well just a minute beforepronounced himnumber tenand left to find another table. Newer to the game and unable to pretend such indifference, Stans bought another cup of tea. His girl smiled her thanks and pointedly avoided looking at Reichert who was laughing at them both. Reichert finished his second drink in record time and invited Stans to go into the back room with him. Stans declined saying that he was in no hurry and wanted to finish his drink first. The truth of the matter was that he was profoundly embarrassed. He thought his bar girl to be a modest, intelligent girl who had been displaced by the war and forced by circumstances to accept work beneath her station, though undoubtedly retaining her virtue. He did not want to appear crude or vulgar by leaving her for one of the whores in the back room.
  • Young Franck and his brother entered the Conservatoire in October, 1837, Csar-Auguste continuing his piano studies under Zimmerman and beginning composition with Aim Leborn. He took the first prize in piano at the end of his first year (1838) and consistently maintained that level of performance. His work in counterpoint was less spectacular, taking successively third, second, and first prizes between 1838 and 1840. He added organ studies with François Benoist, which included both performance and improvisation, taking second prize in 1841, with the aim of competing for the Prix de Rome in composition in the following year. However, for reasons that are not explicit, he made a "voluntary" retirement from the Conservatoire on 22 April 1842.
  • "My name is Hyun Woo," he said, and despite his very Korean sounding name, Omari knew he had to be second generation. He had no accent and was clearly a native speaker of English.
  • The second choice was that the coastguard would release them with an official warning to venture no closer than one hundred knots from the coast of the US. Any closer would be a violation punishable by fines, confiscations, and possible imprisonment.
  • Without even waiting for her response, he gathered up her blood samples, snatched the keys to his Mustang, and ran out the door. It was as though he was leaving her with the grim reaper, and every second he was away from her side was another moment the clocked figure might choose to swing his shiny scythe. She heard the powerful car spark to life in the driveway, and the sound ignited an urge. Omari and Noah had twin Mustangs, his being yellow and hers being blue. They were classics, made in 1973 and built for one thing: speed. She had always figured it was a sign that they were made for each other.
  • 'As you know, this floor only has one main corridor, unlike the second and first floor. It's solely for those of Royal status or the advisors closest to them, like the Griffon Guard or the Elementals. You've seen both those quarters, so I will show you the Royal Quarters.'
  • "I have felt its fear for the last three nights. But during the day, the feelings subside.It is if it was a bad dream, and you laugh it off.No one mentioned it the first night, for fear of being called a fool. But the second night it was horrible, and the next day everyone was talking about it."
  • Inside, I circled around trying to take in the scene. A staircase dominated the center of the house and railed around the second floor. The colors on the walls were rich, earthy tones, and the floor was a striking white and tan marble. The walls were covered with beautiful paintings, some of them ancient.
  • At first, there were simple workoutsstrength training and blade practice with Estechian and Estophicles. After only a week, Gerin realized that in order to accomplish what he truly desired, he would have to push himself, to put himself in dangerrisk his own life. For the second week, he devised a method that would do such. He took several of his daggers and tied twine around their handles, then slung the rope over his rafters and tied the other end to the beams against the wall. He then slid under them until they were dangling over his body rather than the floor. When in position, he pushed candles below them so the flames burned away the twine. This gave him the element of surprise as he never knew which would give out, what dagger was going to plunge towards him first or when. He started out with three blades and when any failed to touch him, five: one hanging over his face, one at each shoulder, and another over his chest, the final blade above his abdomen.
  • On friday a grand jury officially indicted miller on two charges of attempted second degree murder relating to the 2001 incident.
  • Ahead of them, a clutter of ramshackle buildings, some little more than lean-tos, marked the edge of Oolsmouth. Dont look like a victim, Karlini reminded himself. Thats what they always say. But you werent supposed to call attention to yourself by being too forthright, either. There was a spell-sequence for turning yourself invisible, but it would have taken a several-hour session to set up even if Karlini had the right references at hand, and in any case it was most effective against straightforward humans. The street was still deserted as they passed the first buildings. Down the block on the right, however, he could see a fairly solid-looking two-story timber-frame structure with open glassless windows on the second floor. Something drifted past one window, something luminous and wispy, like a person-shaped cloud or a gauze mannequin. It didnt look tough, and things wrapped in gauze usually had a hard time being menacing, but then it could have just been a lookout.
  • The two children stood at the entrance. The older child reached up and rang the bell a second time. The door slowly opened and a hand reached out with an apple. The children screamed and ran away. The apple dropped. The hand pulled back inside the door; it had no fingernails.
  • "Well, for Hindus theres a second aim in life besides our honoring our dharma. We call it artha. That aim is to have things. Knowledge, wealth, friends. Is that part of why youre here?" Kamala smiled scornfully. "Some merchants seem to believe artha is their primary aim."
  • Long, thin pupils locked and blinked quickly, "You had no more to do with the barrier lapsing than anyone. You may be powerful Valaira, but so am I. Those cheap tactics may work on your minions or that foolish king you have in your grip, but not on me." He pressed his face closer to her as she slid off his back, "You promised me Grahamas, and I agreed to help you. So I believe it is you who needs me. Do not forget thatand do not forget who I ultimately serve." His leathery, spiked tail slapped the ground and his black tongue flicked out again, "You will allow me to rest. It would be furious if It learned you exerted me to the point of a second death." Valaira tried her best to mask the fear caused by the implication.
  • It was a second shift day. I had gotten up late, as usual. Wasted some time sitting in front of the tube. News channels. The kids were at school. Katie spent most of the morning reading and exercising along the river.
  • His first archdeacon was named elias, 5 and his second robert, and the archdeaconry was conterminous with the diocese.
  • How long before he needed another hit? Lyosha used twice a day, only twice, that was enough. Vahan lit his second cigarette, and his mouth twitched; he gazed at the ceiling. I shook away his offer of another. He finished one cookie. I placed two more on his saucer.
  • "Brother! Why dont you do something about those bullies at school? I know for a fact they wont be a match, you need to stick up for yourself." Blurted out his rambunctious eighteen year old sister, Kara. She is barley four foot seven and, dripping wet, weighs one hundred and five pounds. She has three hobbies that she is passionate about; cheerleading, painting and annoying the life out of Connor. She is highly adept at all three. Her personality is akin to a Jack Russell terrier who mainstreams caffeine. She is small, annoying, wont be quiet for more than a thousandth of a second and he somehow adores her very much. She makes his life just a little more interesting and difficult at the same time.
  • Scheuerle, 47, forecasts stagnation for the euro zone in 2013. In November, the euro-area economy slipped into recession for the second time in four years. The 17-nation blocs economy shrank 0.1 percent in the third quarter, after contracting 0.2 percent in the second, according to the European Unions statistics office.
  • "Thank you," the Duke replied modestly, seeing no reason to mention that while he was second to no man in admiration for the Coop, a straight shooter and true blue American if there ever was one, in his opinion High Noon was a terrible movie, a dreadful piece of anti-American propaganda, especially the scene at the movie's end where the sheriff took off his badge and stepped on it, and there was no way in hell he would have ever played that role, at least not the way it was written.
  • Billy's wand mimicked the same greeting that he heard other Mongols give before landing, and no one gave him a second glance. He strolled alongside another Mongol entering the closest barrack and struck up a conversation. Once inside, he started slicing the wide awake before sitting on a cot and burning the rest with four huge flames.
  • Johan sidestepped, drew his knife, and slashed the man's wrist. The sword slipped in the weakening grip and he stepped out of the way as the second soldier filled his place, striking Johan's head with the flat of his blade.
  • The Frogs, grieved at having no established Ruler, sent ambassadors to Jupiter entreating for a King. Perceiving their simplicity, he cast down a huge log into the lake. The Frogs were terrified at the splash occasioned by its fall and hid themselves in the depths of the pool. But as soon as they realized that the huge log was motionless, they swam again to the top of the water, dismissed their fears, climbed up, and began squatting on it in contempt. After some time they began to think themselves ill-treated in the appointment of so inert a Ruler, and sent a second deputation to Jupiter to pray that he would set over them another sovereign. He then gave them an Eel to govern them. When the Frogs discovered his easy good nature, they sent yet a third time to Jupiter to beg him to choose for them still another King. Jupiter, displeased with all their complaints, sent a Heron, who preyed upon the Frogs day by day till there were none left to croak upon the lake.
  • German business confidence probably increased for a second month in December, signaling Europes largest economy may support a euro-area recovery next year.
  • Ah, there they were. Shaa crammed his own earplugs into place, feeling quite satisfied that he had had the foresight to have Eden messenger them over before hed left for the Running, settling the second one within his auricle just as the bleat of a insane reed instrument drifted to him over the hedge. His vision fogged and then settled. Using a convenient plaster lawn flamingo as a footstool, he raised himself to eye-level over the top of the hedge. What he saw was Jurtan Mont, standing in front of the building containing his flat, tootling on his harmonicum one of his cockeyed paralytic airs. Jurtan was weaving from side to side to avoid being cast asunder by the crowd of surrounding Hand-thugs who were tottering, reeling, vomiting, and heaving themselves at Jurtan in an attempt to bring him down to the ground with them and crush him beneath their weight. They were having no success. Indeed, enough of the Hand members were already chewing the dust that Jurtan was doing his dance half on the ground and half on their backs.
  • Jack crumples up the paper. He is horrified by what his father has laid out before them. There is no longer a lingering doubt in his mind that his father is not behind all of this. At least, when he was locked up in the basement, he could imagine all the terrible things were done by some madman who forced his way inthat the note was somehow not written by his fathers hand, despite his name. However, this second note and new handiwork of madness is irrefutable. Jack throws the paper to the floor.
  • A second form of this method takes a URL and will return true if the package is sealed with respect to the specified URL.
  • On the right a single deep report of a cannon resounded and died away in the prevailing silence. Some minutes passed. A second and a third report shook the air, then a fourth and a fifth boomed solemnly near by on the right.
  • The second flip-flop can change state at a time other than the active clock edge.
  • "I want to protect their right to hunt, but that doesnt include high-capacity ammo clips and military assault weapons and body armor," Durbin said. "Thats way beyond any second Amendment right."
  • She should be twisting away. You're not supposed to go to third until you're going steady. Nice girls don't go to second until they're on a second or a third date, maybe. This isn't a date. This is a make-out session. Men keep going until women say no. Where's CC's "no"? She keeps hugging and pressing and kissing and breathing fast, and that's what you're doing, except for the pressure in your jeans, so intense it hurts, but it's a hurt you don't want to stop.
  • I felt him shift beside me before I saw his silhouette slink forward. I heard his snarl a second before I held my palms up and out, the words to call him off dying on my lips when I thought hard about what she would do to me. Would she have taken me to the Priests for judgment, or would she have killed me?
  • The second method is to consider the actions of some one man--a king or a commander--as equivalent to the sum of many individual wills; whereas the sum of individual wills is never expressed by the activity of a single historic personage.
  • They have a dipper to transfer the wine, and a somewhat smaller second barrel for the other share.
  • During the second week, students are based on praslin, where they study aspects of geology, marine biodiversity and ecotourism.
  • Joff stopped and took a few deep breaths. He wished that his house was closer to the market. The walk did not bother him but trying to walk with the sack of food he had bought tired him. It was not much farther to his cottage. He looked over his shoulder. Someone stepped behind one of the other cottages on the lane. Joff did not get a good look at the person but it was the second time since he left the market that he had noticed someone following him. "Can I help you?" he asked the world in general.
  • West Valley was planning to hold the ball for the last shot, but Ross Parker had other ideas. He wasn't going to give Pete the chance to beat him with a last second bomb. Parker let West Valley hold the ball until there was 35 seconds left. The ball swung over to Tom Sullivan, and Parker yelled"NOW!" Reserve guard Norman Stewart ran over and grabbed a surprised Sullivan, who was instructed by the zebras to head to the foul line. With two time outs remaining, Ross Parker knew Sullivan didn't need additional icing. The coach decided to save his time outs, just in case he needed them down the stretch.
  • Some shoulder/wing (left) and leg/foot (right) bones of N. rodericanus (note fossa tricipitalis of humerus second bone of left center)
  • As he watched the line of giant animals winding their way through the camp, waving their trunks in the morning air, he realized they were not docile female zenana elephants, but male war elephants, first and second rank.
  • Omari opened her mouth and let it hang there for a second before responding. "I beg your pardon? Let me guess, your grand scheme is to get me wasted on jack and coke, let me inhale second hand smoke while watching a cadre of second rate strippers, and then when Im good and plastered let me blow a few thousand bucks on the slots at Caesars Palace. That ought to cure what ills me."
  • Commendation winners three years running spent time on a second edition of their compact.
  • Innings completed, the second test is likely to end in a serene draw.
  • The main objective framing the talks was a structural transformation of the Burundian government and military as a way to bridge the ethnic gap between the Tutsis and Hutus. This would be accomplished in two ways. First, a transitional power sharing government would be established, with the presidents holding office for three-year terms. The second objective involved a restructuring of the military, where the two groups would be represented equally.
  • I came back and mounted my horse. I was certain that I would never find the treasure by simply searching. The only hope would be to consult a wizard or a person gifted with second sight, and the only one I knew of in those parts was the man Will Horder, the tranter, had told me of. I remembered his words: ‘Theres a Wise Man in the village, who divines with a rod, and finds lost things.’ It would surely be worth trying him. Provided I did not attempt divination myself I trusted my soul would not be harmed.
  • Upheavals of the second world war led to changes in the market which still remain in effect today.
  • He nodded. "She said it the first time, that was probably more just because Dan sounds so much like Dad. But the second time, when we were in the kitchen, I was making the coffee and she was talking about rutabagas and she said Daddy. Oh god Summer, I just about dropped the coffee pot. She said Daddy just as if I was, absolutely no guile, just, oh Jesus!"
  • Then i saw an all-out awakening, followed by the second coming of christ.
  • Donovan shook his head. "Young Mr. Graves instructed that you were to have every convenience. I'm sure that included access to what we all jokingly call the second library. Besides, this is where you'll find the copies of all your textbooks."
  • The second one, younger and more impatient, reached a large hand inside the vehicle and wrapped it around her ankle. His grip bruised her. Ruthlessly, he began to yank her out. Isabella raised the canister and sprayed. She hit the younger one fully in the face in the face. He let go with a tormented scream of concentrated pain. "Mace," she explained cheerfully. "And dont touch me."
  • For a second time, Bb seemed to be stumped. His single-eye cast around, searching for the entrance (or more relevantly) the exit. 'Funny,' he said. 'I thought I'd put one here somewhere.'
  • "Ah, my dear, if you were Martin's mother and Archie's mother you would know," she said. "If you had seen your eldest son die of consumption and your second son threatened with it, you would understand how natural it was not to tell Archie yet of the brother he had never consciously seen. Jack agreed with me, too. I have long been prepared for Archie asking questions, which certainly I would answer truthfully, and let the knowledge come to him quietly, by degrees. I may have done wrong: I don't know. But I think I did right. I couldn't begin saying to Archie, 'You had a brother, but he died': more would have come out, that he died of consumption: that for fear of that Archie lives in the open air."
  • "I think I got their second overall commander. Theyre probably resting, choosing a new commander, re-organizing to place their highest-flying quads in the same company, and deciding whether to raid Madrid or the next largest city on the way home."
  • The second study will involve 200 patients whose hearts are failing specifically because of dilated cardiomyopathy - a heart muscle disorder.
  • Though the young lady knew that the gipsy was an impostor, and that, probably, the same prediction was repeated at every second window where she got a piece of money and an audience, yet, in her present mood, she would rather that the man at the lodge had taken his own way, and this little folly been omitted.
  • Sazar skulked away through the trees of Dark Spruce with the path of Pinesway to his back. He remained attuned to the rock beetle that tunneled underground ahead of him. Remaining cautious of ambushes, he commanded the insect to remain on guard for any trembles of motion. The large shag walked in step directly behind the serp while the second and smaller shag brought up the rear with only a few dozen goblins in between.
  • As is proved in the second Question of the First Station of the Twenty-Eighth Word, through His perfect power, the Pre-Eternally All-Wise One will give the inhabitants of these two houses eternal and permanent bodies which will not be subject to dissolution, change, old age, or decline.
  • Four metal leaves burst forth from the lock mechanism. The wood surrounding the lock flew off, the force threw the lock out of my hand into the snow. Stunned in surprise and disbelief I stared warily at the star shaped object. A second mechanical snap startled me. The leaves had unfolded a second time leaving four slender metal rods protruding downward from the lock. It sat there like a frozen metal insect.
  • On 28 February 2008, Kibaki and Odinga signed an agreement on the formation of a coalition government in which Odinga would become Kenya's second prime Minister. Under the deal, the president would appoint cabinet ministers from both PNU and ODM camps depending on each party's strength in Parliament. The agreement stipulated that the cabinet would include a vice-president and two deputy Prime Ministers. After being debated and passed by Parliament, the coalition would hold until the end of the current Parliament or if either of the parties withdraws from the deal before then.
  • Toms world opened up the second that Jinny went to college and he stayed home. Strippers and other lower life forms were only the start for a guy who was constantly checking and rechecking his libido levels. He had noticed a considerable drop in Jinnys sex drive since she started her job, except for the Saturday after her first week of work. She was especially horny that nightthree hours of action even satisfied Tom for what appeared to be the last time.
  • Commanding position going into day three of the second test against pakistan at old trafford.
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