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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • Among the father figures today are two eminent sculptors who came to prominence in the years after the second world war.
  • When he was finally settled and focused on the ride, he slowed down againthough only a littleas he worked his way towards Loruze. The last of the dream eventually fading from his mind the further he traveled; hours passed with little activity, in his mind or otherwise. The sun broke over the mountains and the smoke that Grahamas had seen earlier was visible once more, much thicker and darker than before. Graham thought nothing of it until he saw a second plume rising up over the hill, then a third.
  • The first assassination attempt came as soon as the Olympics ended and most tourists left. It left seven of his hotel guards dead. The second attempt occurred after another exhausting day in the arena, but he simply out-flew them. In the third attempt, one hundred quads descended upon his hotel in the middle of the night. William beat them by hiding a few dozen foreign super-quads nearby who pounced on the attackers from behind.
  • In his wake, an absolutely monumental battle raged for second place, with up to seven cars involved at various stages.
  • She stuck out her tongue. "Priscilla. What is it with parents, anyway?" She jammed her plastic sequined pumps against the glove box. One heel was loose. Prissy wiggled down her butt and got comfortable, the short red dress sliding up her skinny white legs. A second later she was all over the place; bouncing up and down, yanking on the visors vanity mirror, opening and closing the glove box, corkscrewing her torso to work the radio. "Yuk! What are you listening to, anyway? No wonder youre so spaced out." She looked him over while poking the SEEK button, her mouth turned down. "Cant your boss afford one of those cute limo driver hats?" Prissy found a rock station and broke into an awkward little dance with her upper body. Vane had to laugh. She looked daggers for a second, then laughed right back.
  • Ranked third in the Index of Economic Freedom (2010), Australia is the world's thirteenth largest economy and has the fifth highest per capita GDP (nominal) at $66,984. The country was ranked second in the United Nations 2011 Human Development Index and first in Legatum's 2008 Prosperity Index. All of Australia's major cities fare well in global comparative livability surveys; Melbourne reached first place on The Economist's 2011 and 2012 world's most livable cities lists, followed by Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide in sixth, eighth, and ninth place respectively. Total government debt in Australia is about $190 billion20 per cent of GDP in 2010. Australia has among the highest house prices and some of the highest household debt levels in the world.
  • By the beginning of second grade the division between boys and girls was starting to form. I'm not sure if the parents were nervous about their own issues, but Robin was rarely in her backyard waiting for me after the summer of first grade.
  • "She looks like a nasty one comin' in tonight. I was hopin' you'd need a second person to help you keep a dumpster warm."
  • "I'm providing four of my guys to go up top. Pete wants you two to go in after my guys and go to the second floor balcony and wait. When my guys come down the stairs, you light and hurl the other eight Molotov cocktails out onto the first floor then make a run for it. There'll be a van outside the loading dock waiting for you."
  • "Maggie." Luis held her hand a second longer, as if savoring the feel of her skin against his, and then released it. "Shall we?" he asked, sweeping his hand towards the path. He tipped his cane up a few inches with a flourish, grasping the ornately carved lions head handle.
  • Cats22 is also trimming equities, wisely using required minimum distributions, which calls for those 70 1/2 and older to take distributions from their IRAs and company retirement plans, to restore portfolio balance. "I'm 72-plus. I'm on my second RMD in 2013. My wife will do her first RMD in either 2013 or 2014. The RMDs will involved sales of IRA shares of a couple of nonindex mutual funds that we've held for decades. That will rebalance our portfolios."
  • Yeah, this is it (John 3:3-6). "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." And Nicodemus said, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mothers womb, and be born?" Jesus answered, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
  • "You know neither me, yourselves, nor anything!" cries Menenius scornfully. "You are ambitious for poor knavescaps and legs!"—strive for their approval. "You wear out a good, wholesome forenoon in hearing a cause"—court case—"between an orange-wife and a faucet-seller,"—drink vendor, "and then adjourn the controversy over three-pence to a second day of audience!
  • They were separated by two-fifths of a second at the end of lap one, with barry davidson ( yamaha ) lying third.
  • A tremendous black meteorite trailing flame and gray-blue mist arced high overhead, disappearing through the curtain. A second later Maggie felt the explosion as it struck the ground. There were others falling, many others, all from the same staggering source: Conors monster ice tornado had passed the islands and was approaching the shore just a mile or so south of the Pier to Forever. Wrapped like an angry god in the flames of the Omems veil, it spat mansion-sized ice chunks and the warships it had captured like a gargantuan spinning lawn sprinkler, the ice and the wood smashing into the earth after long, airy falls, the sound like a continuous barrage of howitzers going off all around her.
  • Tom was gone, and the Squire drank a second glass, slowly, and then a third, and stood up again with his back to the fire and filled his glass with the last precious drops of his cordial, and placed it on the chimney-piece, and looked steadfastly on the girl, whose eyes looked sad on the notes, while her slender fingers played those hilarious airs which Squire Fairfield delighted to listen to.
  • His second homily contains a denunciation of usury which has become famous.
  • The bride was lovely. She wore a cream, linen suit and broad smile. She had no doubts about their future as a couple. She'd loved Jake for what felt like forever to her. Even through her second marriage, her thoughts had frequently drifted to her fly-boy. This was special. This was right.
  • Ariya felt her mothers shaky arm wrap around her body and she screamed into the night air for the second child she now lost.
  • "Do not think of revenge, or anything of the sort, at present. I think that we may gain that by means of the law; but we have our web to weave, while theirs is already woven. The first consideration is to remove the pressing danger which threatens you. The second is to clear up the mystery and to punish the guilty parties."
  • "There were two reasons, actually. The first reason relates to why we were torn apart in the first place. Youre being hunted again, Suzana. By the same people, but for different reasons." Suzana heard him breathe in sharply. "The sun had damaged me, and I never fully recovered. There was no way I was going to be able to protect you. The second reason was even more selfish. I didnt think I could stand living without you any longer, and I decided I would risk anything for us to be together again."
  • As Holder spoke, Graice's fingers touched a small lump under the collar of her dress and for the second time he noticed that she wore something hidden around her neck. He remembered her story about what she had worn as a newborn on the beach of Kltik but didn't ask about it. After all, he had a little charm of his own tucked under his shirt.
  • Lotto tickets - spar is the second biggest seller of lotto tickets - spar is the second biggest seller of lotto tickets in the uk.
  • Charlie Tracy, 62, of Pomfret, Connecticut, a retiree who three weeks ago started a second career as a real estate agent, says sales activity is picking up in his area.
  • It was somehow just off to her left, behind the spire out there, and very nearly washed out by the broad cover of wispy white cirrus clouds and the cheery turquoise brightness of the day. She had to squint to see it. She traced its eye-popping arc, just grazing the tops of those peaks, interrupted by long swatches of clouds, and found the faintest touch of its curving rings a second later as she turned her head slowly to the right.
  • Our isolated event had turned into a public display by the time he finished unrolling the toilet paper. A campus cock, I mean cop, was dispatched to check out the situation and straight arrow observers were more than willing to point to the second floor window where the beds were tossed from.
  • The Portuguese national football team has titles in the FIFA World Youth Championship and in the UEFA youth championships. The main national teamSelecço Nacionalfinished second in Euro 2004 (held in Portugal), reached the third place in the 1966 FIFA World Cup, and reached the fourth place in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, their best results in major competitions to date.
  • California Highway Patrol officers earned $82.4 million in overtime last year, almost triple the $27.5 million overtime paid in Texas, the second most-populous U.S. state. California Officer Bryce Perry topped the list with $93,795 in overtime, nearly as much as his $96,105 regular salary. Perry didnt respond to messages left at his home seeking comment.
  • Nave roof up to middle of second stage, with slit window just above.
  • "It's quite clear that they love each other," said the little Page, "as clear as crystal!" and the King doubled his salary a second time. "What an honour!" cried all the courtiers.
  • What the hell does that mean? Jack thought irately. But it abruptly withdrew in a catlike movement. One second it was hovering over him with his arm cocked. The next it was next to the green dragon, poking it with one long claw. "Jack Drake and the dragons have an accord, Harpathian," Nara told the choking dragon.
  • Instant abs 6 second workout and lateral thigh stepper exercises, fitness & ab lounge 2.. .
  • At that moment, the ice beneath their feet began to make a deep groaning noise and not a second later the ice gave way. It cracked open and collapsed, plunging them into a deep void underneath the surface and all Lynne could utter was a long loud scream which was barely heard because of the rumbling noise the collapsing ice and snow made as it fell with them into the crack that had formed so suddenly and without noticeable warning.
  • The first meiotic division is now completed, and the oocyte is now a secondary oocyte, and starts its second meiotic division.
  • A total of twenty-two local schools would sit under the flight path of the wide-spaced second runway.
  • At the second floor they emerged into a small chamber strewn with bolsters and carpets that seemed to be Jadars reception room. Mumtaz ignored it as she started up the next circular staircase.
  • A pause. The death throes didnt stop, but got so intense that time seemed to stop. It must have been only a second, because she couldnt have borne it for more than a second.
  • Second cousin your second cousins are the people in your family who have the same great-grandparents as you. , but not the same grandparents.
  • Mumtaz did not argue. She had already selected the name Salaman, the handsome young man Persian legends said was once created by a wise magician. Salaman was an ideal lover. Whatever name Jadar chose, Salaman would be his second name. And the one she would call him all the coming years in the zenana, when he would creep into her bed after Jadar had departed for his own quarters.
  • "Now, for want of these requisite amenities her delicate tenderness will find itself abused, begin to heave the gorge, disrelish and abhor the Moor!—very Nature will instruct her in it, and compel her to some second choice!
  • Between first and second class, three girls approached her and stopped. The one in the middle crossed her arms, shifted her weight to her left leg, raised her nose at her and said, "Humph." By far the prettiest of the three, she seemed to be their leader. The other girls looked at Alana's shoes like they were from another planet.
  • The second most common serovar was s typhimurium ( st ) at 1.8 per cent.
  • "And you're willingly travelling with him?!" She thought for a second about what she had just said and decided to rephrase. "And we're willingly travelling with him?!"
  • Grahamas ran the entire way to the field. There were five trees total within it; one for each of the four Champions of Highlace that came before him. Three of the trees were too far away to be the one he was looking for, as his coronation had been incredibly close to Loruze. So only two were a possibility, both to his right with one about fifty feet away and the second another twenty from that. As hard as he tried, he could not recall it exactly. He remembered the day, the ceremony, even the prayer he had said; but he could not picture which side of him had the tree when he planted his own.
  • "I didn't exactly throw it," I said. I bit my lip. How could I possibly explain it to Mrs. Meeks? Or anyone for that matter? One second I was arguing with Mrs. Sanders about a party she wouldn't let me go to and the next, well, everything in the room that wasn't nailed down was floating three inches in the air. "It just sort of-"
  • The second Aim is about the Resurrection of the Dead, the End of the World, and the life of the Hereafter.
  • Naomi smiled. "You would never believe it. She was completely different. She was kind and gentle. We were like sisters. In fact, even after the first transformation, she kept most of that same sweetness. It was after the second crossing, when she almost died, and then temporarily became as violent as a rogue. After that, she was never the same. The incident last year didnt help either, I have to say."
  • The thing that I had come to realise is, once the heart stops, bleeding only occurs by gravity. My second blow had killed Rosaline so the rest merely chewed up geographical physiogamy.
  • friend, and genuinely afraid that his secret might be found out. He knew he had acted suspiciously, but had been unable to avoid it. Now he would be expected to play host, to push the trap-door back down into the cellar and hide it under the rug. Typical. Just when he had decided to investigate. Still, there was nothing to be done about it; Ian was happily seated in the armchair near the bay window and was about to crack open his second can. The trap-door could wait, for now he had to make amends to his friend who had taken the trouble to visit him.
  • The oldest bookcases in England are those in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, which were placed in position in the last year or two of the sixteenth century; in that library are the earliest extant examples of shelved galleries over the flat wall-cases. Long ranges of book-shelves are somewhat severe in appearance, and many attempts have been made by means of carved cornices and pilasters to give them a less austere appearance. These attempts were most successful as in the hands of the English cabinetmakers of the second half of the eighteenth century.
  • Since leaving home we had but one rain, on the second day of our trek. Other than a few drops by night now and again, it had been a dry Midyear, and we hadn't yet set up tents, sleeping in the open. Now, though, on what might be the sixteenth day, one squall after another passed over. At one moment we'd be damp and cold, the drips running down our shrinking necksand the next steaming in bright sunlight. Tarpaulins and hides were staked out, and the water saved in kegs and pots, gaining enough to carry both man and beast for a few days. I thought to tie all my smalls on my pack, giving them a good rinse.
  • Injury sidelined harland for much of the second half of the campaign, but his 36 appearances still brought 4 goals.
  • The second part of the trial compared adjuvant chemotherapy with no adjuvant therapy.
  • Tibia - the lower leg or shin bone - the second largest bone in the body.
  • Are we? If meaningful action could occur "regardless of politics," it wouldve taken place many thousands of homicides ago. It is pure political cowardice that has stood in the way of "meaningful action" -- the abject capitulation of the nations political class to the gun lobby. Even Justice Antonin Scalia has acknowledged that the second Amendment is not absolute. "We do not read the second Amendment to protect the right of citizens to carry arms for any sort of confrontation," he wrote in District of Columbia v. Heller. Yet in Washington and state legislatures across the country, the NRAs agenda holds sway.
  • "Unfortunately, during the struggle between Waelin and Ingar, a great cataclysm occurred. The power of the sphere was altered slightly. It continued to absorb magical energies, but it also started to discharge tainted magic. Some say it was a reaction to one of Waelin's spell. They believe that the wizard tried to force the magic from the sphere, but the results were disastrous. Others believe the sphere finally reached its limit and had to release power. Whichever the case, the end result led first to the storm of Ingar's stronghold and second to the great war with the magic casters."
  • Alireza from us i speak Farsi with whoever is persian,even in middle of my english as a second language class!
  • The Baron twirled one side of his handlebar moustache, and looked pensively for a second into his glass before looking back up. "That doesn't sound very appealing, no deal."
  • On August 1, a second letter was received from Prince Andrew. In his first letter which came soon after he had left home, Prince Andrew had dutifully asked his father's forgiveness for what he had allowed himself to say and begged to be restored to his favor. To this letter the old prince had replied affectionately, and from that time had kept the Frenchwoman at a distance. Prince Andrew's second letter, written near Vitebsk after the French had occupied that town, gave a brief account of the whole campaign, enclosed for them a plan he had drawn and forecasts as to the further progress of the war. In this letter Prince Andrew pointed out to his father the danger of staying at Bald Hills, so near the theater of war and on the army's direct line of march, and advised him to move to Moscow.
  • I really liked the second Great Books class, along with my Script Writing class, but I was bored to death with my other three classes. These teachers were a bunch of frustrated writers left to teach a bunch of wanna’-be's that they felt were beneath them. The most frustrating part was that I would interpret a poem or story and these fuckinbutt-holes would tell me that my thoughts were nothing like the authors. Unless these guys vacationed with Edgar Allen Poe, I doubt that they knew what that drugged-out genius was thinking. Interpret this.
  • Striking his horse with his long muscular legs as if it were to blame for everything, the colonel moved forward and ordered the second squadron, that in which Rostov was serving under Denisov, to return to the bridge.
  • She draws a big circle around the second item on her list, paper towels.
  • She slept fitfully that night with the fold of bills, five, ten and twenty thousand notes secured deep in the pocket of the new second hand jeans that Alice had helped her purchase. Alice woke her early in the morning before the sun came up and as the camp was just awakening. "Okay," Nicole said still sitting on the ground to Alice in a whisper, "Im awake." She got herself up and began gathering her meager possessions in a plastic bag and then followed Alice out of the hut while the rest of its occupants were still asleep. The smoke of a hundred nascent cooking fires produced a haze over the early morning camp that mixed with the first rays of the sun to create a refracted glare. Nicole followed closely behind Alice through this landscape of light and smoke to the edge of the camp.
  • Turning his hands together fretfully, Lucius regard his associates in Mediterranean trade. "True as you said! Timon is shrunk indeedand he thats once denied will hardly speed!" This second denial will not help; but he doesnt say so.
  • suddenly realized the torch lashed to the side of the cart illuminated him brilliantly, and he drew his sword and swung at its base, slicing it in half. As it fell, sputtering, he saw a second arrow catch Nayka squarely in the throat and he watched the driver spin and slump wordlessly into the water.
  • But enough of gossip. I am at the end of my second sheet of paper, and Mamma has sent for me to go and dine at the Apraksins'. Read the mystical book I am sending you; it has an enormous success here. Though there are things in it difficult for the feeble human mind to grasp, it is an admirable book which calms and elevates the soul. Adieu! Give my respects to monsieur your father and my compliments to Mademoiselle Bourienne. I embrace you as I love you.
  • Almost nine months to the day after Summer and Kathy gave birth, Amy Noble was back in the hospital spitting out the couples second child. Ariel Brandy Noble only took Amy about an hour to deliver, which signaled to everyone that the little girl was ready to take on the world.
  • "So thats why Im following the instructions Jesus gave. Finding this treasure first is the path most likely to change a person. If the criminal finds tremendous wealth, there would be no need for criminal behavior. People break the law out of dissatisfaction, so if a dissatisfied person becomes satisfied, they would experience a change in their own behavior. If they find great wealth, they would simply forget their old criminal ways. And if a criminal goes through a real transformation, then the judge is very likely to suspend the sentence and give the person a second chance. Thats the normal way of justice and mercy."
  • Compares unfavorably with other european nations - the second lowest turnout among founder members of the eec.
  • England had hoped the star all-rounder would return to captain them for the second match of the series at his lancashire home ground.
  • Some figures, as tall as her, came close to her face and yelled Boo to make her flinch. She felt helpless and the air stilled with silence. They both felt as if they would never rid themselves of this horrible chill. Logan put his arm around her shoulder as she trembled. The figures stood there, motionless, blinking at them with their glowing eyes. She thought that they might need to fight their way out. Taking a second look, she stood shoulder to shoulder with Logan.
  • Stoppage time winner against poland in dortmund in their second game of the 2006 world cup finals.
  • The 4100 metres relay team consisting of Caimin Douglas, Maarten Heisen, Patrick van Luijk and Guus Hoogmoed, with Gregory Sedoc and Virgil Spier as reserves, did qualify for the Olympics. Initially they finished in 17th position during the qualification process while only the first 16 teams would qualify, but due to the cancellation of the Australian team they were allowed to start in Beijing. In their qualification heat Heisen, Hoogmoed, Van Luijk and Douglas placed third behind Trinidad and Tobago and Japan, but in front of Brazil. Their time of 38.87 was the fifth fastest out of all sixteen participating nations in the first round and they qualified for the final. In the final, the second baton change between Hoogmoed and Van Luijk failed, resulting in a slow time. They still finished the race to place seventh, before the disqualified Chinese team. Spier himself did not participate.
  • The second half would proved more fruitful for both sides with the home side striking first.
  • Andrew sat back down and looked at his daughter before resuming his meal. He was moving food around on his plate more than actually eating, while getting more and more anxious by the second.
  • "We were not fired on," replied the second Ducaz in black, "but our presence was questioned by the Chinese and American observers."
  • I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment that I had to sit through a day of classes that interested me as much as listening to monks chant; what was really cruel about my ever-changing life was that I had to go back for a second day of practice. The bright red color had drained from my tired legs but I was dreading another day of uphill walking on flat surfaces. The look on my face was one of confidence, but my head was filled with mostly doubt and confusion.
  • Coach Blanda was still doing his best to ignore my strong play and promptly buried my deep in the second team for our first scrimmage. After my team, the second team, destroyed the first team the coach took me out and made me watch. I guess scoring nine out of my teams eleven points was too much for him to bear. In hindsight, I probably should have walked off the court the previous year and never returned.
  • The second garden was bordered by a higher wall with a steep drop on the other side down to a stream choked with brambles and elder bushes. Paul scrambled over the wall, the cracks between the stones providing easy foot and hand holds and jumped down into the soft earth. He leapt the stream, landing badly with one foot in the water and pulled himself up, his fingers clawing at the icy mud on the opposite bank.
  • And Lauren, her official title is Director of Canine Calisthenics at Le Chalet Chien, a posh kennel in the Hollywood Hills run by her ex-husband and his second wife. I dont know how Lauren can stand the constant reminder of a failed marriage. She says that disappointment is just a side-effect of expectation or hope, and she can bottle up both like no one I know. I think she is either very afraid of change, or incredibly evolved. I worry about her apathy, but deep down, Im jealous. For ten years, my stock joke when pitching our merchandise to a new grocery chain has been, "Theres no account wed rather have than yoursand Im not trying to butter you up!" It was charming at first, but now I say it with such a dreary spirit that I suspect grocers buy our product out of pity for its seller.
  • In late 1915, a Franco-British force landed at Salonica in Greece, to offer assistance and to pressure the government to declare war against the Central Powers. Unfortunately for the Allies, the pro-German King Constantine I dismissed the pro-Allied government of Eleftherios Venizelos before the Allied expeditionary force could arrive. The friction between the King of Greece and the Allies continued to accumulate with the National Schism, which effectively divided Greece between regions still loyal to the king and the new provisional government of Venizelos in Salonica. After intensive diplomatic negotiations and an armed confrontation in Athens between Allied and royalist forces (an incident known as Noemvriana), the King of Greece resigned, and his second son Alexander took his place. Venizelos returned to Athens on 29 May 1917 and Greece, now unified, officially joined the war on the side of the Allies. The entire Greek army was mobilized and began to participate in military operations against the Central Powers on the Macedonian front.
  • The second choice was a major caliber revolver; the third a minor caliber self-loader, and in last place the minor caliber revolver.
  • "Ember come," Boo interrupted my reverie for one brief second and I finally took the hand he offeredI had to go wherever he was going.
  • Sylhet is located in the north east of bangladesh and is the second largest economically prosperous area in the country.
  • Footsteps pounded across the patchy grass. The second soldier lunged over the counter at him. Pain exploded in his shoulder as the sword bit into him. He stumbled back, gritting his teeth as the blade pulled free.
  • Looped cursive was taught almost exclusively in uk schools until after the second world war.
  • Wilson further addresses women's rights in Egypt and how if she were to marry Omar as a Christian, she would have fewer rights than as a Muslim (90). She even briefly discusses how the marriage license "entitled [her] to a slew of things if Omar took a second wife" (94). Lastly, Wilson touches on the believed double standard of men and women in the Middle East and in regards to being a Muslim. Willow explains that neither Islam nor the Qur'an warrants female oppression, "Islam, in its purely textual form, took my side. There is no religious limit on the public spaces that women can inhabit; nothing prevents them from running businesses or driving cars, there is no reason they must walk behind men or cover their faces. A woman's role is not defined by the kitchen and the nursery" (80).
  • Shaa leaned and thrust at the second soldier without bothering to shift his eyes, a sardonic twist on his mouth, and felt his sword fenestrate a chest. He bowed slightly in the direction of Monts sister. "Your name?" he said.
  • Phlinn Arols expression of concern was suddenly broken by a brief and rather unpleasant grin. "You have been very clever, Maximillian, but I have been watching you for a long time; more closely even than the Scapula, perhaps. You have mastered some of the tricks of the second quantum level, yes? You have sought to destroy the gods, hmm? I offer you Arznaak."
  • "Be merry, Kate!" he cries, as the servant leans forward to tug at the second boot, smearing its mud across his own coat and breeches.
  • German growth slowed to 0.2 percent in the third quarter from 0.3 percent in the second as the euro area, Germanys biggest export market, slipped into recession for the second time in four years.
  • Natasha involuntarily gazed at that neck, those shoulders, and pearls and coiffure, and admired the beauty of the shoulders and the pearls. While Natasha was fixing her gaze on her for the second time the lady looked round and, meeting the count's eyes, nodded to him and smiled. She was the Countess Bezukhova, Pierre's wife, and the count, who knew everyone in society, leaned over and spoke to her.
  • Humane society officials say kenneth thomas, 62, choked, punched and threw a two-and-a-half year old pug out a second story window.
  • 'Now, now Dear,' interrupted the Princess, calmly. 'Instead of flying off the handle, why don't you come in and listen to what our unusual visitors have to say. I'll turn off the rain and you can join us.' So saying, she twitched her nose a second time, and not only did the rain instantly cease, but there were no residual drips from the canopy edge, or surviving puddles either. 'Come on Darling. Come in and sit down.'
  • Morion is brought into a charming little room, very much to the contrary of what she had been expecting. The sight of the bed immediately makes her aware of how tired she actually is. Without a second thought she falls onto the bed and quickly slips into sleep. The sleep does not last, though, as Morion is constantly haunted by her dreams. Some dark, some prophetic, some hopeful; all unnerving for her and all involving two creatures: the red and black man-dragons. Morion lays in bed, unwilling to allow herself to attempt sleep again. Her eyes dart toward the window, seeing that it is still quite dark outside. Only a handful of hours, if even that, have passed.
  • It was true. The seagull that had been trailing Karlini for reasons which remained its own had refused to enter Shaas building with the rest of them. Wroclaw could still feel it lurking around, but damned if he could tell what it was up to. The bird was having its fun, that much was clear, swooping silently out of the trees to make the occasional dive on some unsuspecting Hand and letting loose at the last second with one of its special raise-the-dead screeches, leaving the fellow making futile hacks at the air, cursing violently against the apparition from hell and trying to decide if he was really having a heart attack or not. Then the gull would mount back into the sky and loiter about, giving every impression of waiting for someone or something. Come to think of it, was Haddo protesting a bit too much? "Haddo," said Wroclaw, "are you up to something?"
  • Grimace was grimacing with pain almost from the first rally of the second game.
  • Catrin put her spare torch on the raft along with the rope and her makeshift oar and climbed tentatively aboard the awkward craft, holding her lit torch aloft. Her weight caused the raft to sink lower into the water, and at times it was almost completely submerged; only her quick reactions kept the second torch from getting saturated. The sudden movements threatened to overturn the raft. It was precarious, but she was determined.
  • Graham didn't answer, at least not right away; he just continued to the second tunnel. When he reached the end and was faced with three decisions, he tugged a tiny round object from his pocket, stepping in front of the first tunnel and kneeling down. "Basement," was all that he revealed, and when the marble started to roll slowly he picked it up, placing it on the ground in front of each of the other doorways. Both times it remained stationary. So Graham chose the first, "If it goes down, it's the tunnel that we want."
  • The Doctor doubted her honesty because he was absolutely sure he had closed the door behind him, but he did not dwell on the matter. He was curious why the woman wanted to get inside the TARDIS so badly and what she was looking for. She was obviously not very amazed by the strange inside of the ship. She had more of an eye for the owner, the Doctor himself. She didn't take her deep dark brown eyes off him for a split second.
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