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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • Months ago is this second paper that efforts to clerk maxwell student.
  • "Aye, fair one! I docked 'er right there," he motioned out the window toward the wharf. He looked at her sideways. "Well, there were a storm o' 3142, you know!" Mia, seated on the floor on the other side of Romessee, was greatly enjoying all of it. She thought, half of her second ale gone, that this is what you do if you live in a place where there's no such thing as television.
  • Brad open the passenger door of the Pontiac and when Cynthia slipped past him to get in he felt the touch of her hip brushing against his belly. When the slowly sinking sun showed behind her for a fraction of a second he saw the outlines of her shapely young thighs and Brad realized she didn't have a slip on under her light summer dress. His nostrils caught a faint trace of her perfume which lingered when he closed the door.
  • In the second case, the defense barrister had not had time to meet his witness, who was delivered late from prison.
  • That may help alleviate German inflation fears and open the door for further interest-rate cuts by the European Central Bank. ECB President Mario Draghi said yesterday the euro area wont be able to shake off its slump until the second half of next year.
  • This was repeated during the second civil war in 1648, so our group includes both parliamentarians & royalists.
  • "The second is that they know the eastern farms are larger. When we didnt respond to their first attack, they got brave and went for the bigger prize."
  • It is narrated in a Hadith about the Dajjal, who is one of the signs of the end of time: His first day is like a year, his second day like a month, his third day like a week, and his fourth day like other days.
  • Su faulted the U.S. for not doing enough to fight global warming and said he hoped President Barack Obama would do more in his second term. He joined with Brazil and the Least Developed countries group Nov. 27 in seeking a "roadmap" for how industrial nations will meet a commitment to boost climate aid to $100 billion by 2020.
  • Enough of my germ warfareConnie came back a few minutes later with a few beers and a plate of nachos. Once again, Zack had gotten us free food and drinks on the house. I think Connie was hoping that Zack would be on her at some point that evening, and he happily obliged between the first and second games. He obviously spent a great deal of time in bowling alleys because he easily beat me 187 to 144. Then I got to play a game by myself while Zack was playing with Connie in the office behind the lounge. I rolled a satisfying 168 while Zack rolled Connie to and from her back.
  • Hardworking holmes was to have a memorable second half, creating two breakaway tries with long runs from midfield.
  • Figural scenes from stone bas-reliefs are known from the second century ad.
  • Eventually, his 110-meter hurdles heat long over, the former world-record holder and 2004 Olympic champion from China hopped across the finish line, out of the Summer Games without clearing a single barrier for the second time in a row.
  • Mr. Cohen had some decent gym equipment in his basement and we started working out every night. Having two teachers in the house also made me reach more at school and I started to expect more of myself in the classroom. If this was my second chance then I was going to make the most of it.
  • Appositive clauses are a second type of subordinate clause that specify the identity of an object, rather than modifying a predicate.
  • The second is relevant to email in that it shows someone who constructs a different persona for themselves in their letters.
  • In the second quarter, eurozone growth remained modest at 0.5 per cent.
  • After the second world war, the houses were mostly converted into offices and the gardens were neglected, becoming an overgrown wilderness.
  • Jack batted fourth and played first base for team Rogers. He hit behind his boss Steve Christianson, who unceremoniously ended the first inning by popping up to his counterpart at shortstop, Carlo "The Scooter" Scarnaccio. The team was down 1-0 by the time the bottom of the second rolled around. There were days early on when Jack thought it would be best to take his foot off the gas and let his new boss shine, like so many other bosses before him had received the gift of false modesty. However, by the time he picked up the black aluminum bat and walked toward the right side of the batters box, he was so far gone that rational thought no longer existed.
  • We all shook our heads and Sam continued, "Well the Mets were winning 3-2 in the sixth inning and there were runners on second and third with two outs…"
  • Roger of Haworth, who had spent the remainder of the morning honing his sword and his plan, was not subjecting his men to the relentless sun. He waited with only his translator, a handful of knights and the three hostages. The other men had been divided into two groups; one waited at the fringe of the forest, seemingly unconcerned with the proceedings at the fortress; most were lounging on the grass, bareheaded, joking with each other, while the second group waited out of sight, further in the forest. Haworths dispostion of his soldiers was more purposeful than mere concern for any sensitivity to the sun: it was imperative that fitz Maurice remain unsuspicious of his intention and seeing Hawarden arrayed in all its strength before him might not have that desired effect.
  • There is a second chantry, founded by the family of the late mr. john knill, of blackheath.
  • She clung to fourth place in the second race - just enough to clinch the gold medal.
  • Continue along this road, negotiating the second roundabout and continue to the roundabout at junction of sanderling road and abbotsinch road.
  • That was true, Mr. Burnett the most knowledgeable history instructor at Evanston High School, even of their rival, McAuliffe High. Named for the teacher who died in the Challenger space shuttle explosion, not even that recent addition to the Evanston Unified School District had a more informed or talented lecturer not only for national history, but also global. Gray preferred teaching U.S. history, but also had a term of American government, assisting when there was a need. His second period was such a class, most of his students either having had him the previous year for U.S. history or wishing they did.
  • "Fivefourthree…" she began to count down as the five minutes ran out. I stepped out into the hallway with one second to spare.
  • His efforts had not been in vain. The dinner, both the Lenten and the other fare, was splendid, yet he could not feel quite at ease till the end of the meal. He winked at the butler, whispered directions to the footmen, and awaited each expected dish with some anxiety. Everything was excellent. With the second course, a gigantic sterlet (at sight of which Ilya Rostov blushed with self-conscious pleasure), the footmen began popping corks and filling the champagne glasses. After the fish, which made a certain sensation, the count exchanged glances with the other committeemen. "There will be many toasts, it's time to begin," he whispered, and taking up his glass, he rose. All were silent, waiting for what he would say.
  • His second homily contains a denunciation of usury which has become famous.
  • A meeting of head girl, second prefect and chaletian editor meet with the magazine mistress to discuss the final selection.
  • Lovie initiated Joe Jacksons "Cosmopolitan", a duet between Gray and his wife. Rose did well in the beginning, but by the second verse, she started to sway, her limbs flowing as if without bones, like she would melt onto the floor. Catching her eyes, Gray noted she was half aware, and he motioned her his way.
  • The sergeants repeated the order and both peasants and soldiers rushed forward. Those peasants who had been having second thoughts were jostled and shoved by the others until they too surged forward. A third crossbow volley took even more peasants than the previous two had, but it did not matter. The momentum of the charge kept even the terrified moving forward.
  • She hugged me and then walked away. I felt good about it for a split second and then wondered why I decided to dive back into the deep end of the pool? Did I need to worry more about my life? Now that we were going out again, what would I be expected to do? I was in the clearwhat a complete and total dunce!
  • This was Prince Jadars second campaign in the Deccan, Indias revolt-torn central plains, which lay far south of Agra and east of the port of Surat, and the second time he had led his army to regain cities lost to Malik Ambar, the Abyssinian adventurer and military genius who periodically rose to lead the Deccan against Moghul rule. The Deccan had never been secure, even under the Moghurs father, Akman, but under Arangbar it had become a burial ground of reputation. One of the Moghurs finest generals, whose dispatches from Ahmadnagar, only the previous year, had boasted that the Deccan was finally subdued, now cowered in the fortress at Burhanpur. Arangbar had no choice but to send Jadar again.
  • He saw a room - this room - but sunlit and vast; the door was monolithic, the ceiling a second sky. And everywhere - everywhere - there were cats: cats talking, cats taking tea in the corner, cats reading newspapers, watching television, or queueing for a train at the windowsill. Every breed, every shape and size, all going about their pursuits and speaking to each other in a peculiar mewling chatter. There was only one voice that he recognised as human - a small voice that said "hey pussycat, hey pussycat," or "why wont you talk to me, pretty cat?" over and over - and though he was sure it belonged to Maddie, it didnt quite sound like her. So he whispered "stop!" and the dream vision fell away. Immediately, he went over to his sisters bed, being as careful as possible not to tread on any night-hidden toys.
  • The shark lost interest and disappeared. Ben would still have liked to know what lurked behind him in the inky blackness. He concentrated on moving ahead. The wall of coral closed up in front of him. Ben moved along it to the right. He found an opening and moved through. It led him to another wall of coral and a dead end. He backed out and moved further along the wall to the right. He could hear the dull roar of the crashing waves above. The second opening led him through a narrow passage in the coral. It wound in for several metres and turned abruptly left. Ben was hoping this wasnt another dead end.
  • In 1972, the state made personal injury protection auto insurance mandatory for drivers, becoming the second in the nation to enact a no-fault insurance law. The ease of receiving payments under this law is seen as precipitating a major increase in insurance fraud. Auto insurance fraud was the highest in the nation in 2011, estimated at close to $1 billion. Fraud is particularly centered in the Miami-Dade metropolitan and Tampa areas.
  • On february 15, 2004 rodriguez was successfully traded to the new york yankees for second baseman alfonso soriano.
  • "Wheres Dolabella, to second Proculeius?" Considering the desperate womans sensuality, a visceral appeal may be more persuasive. Attendants call for the young officer, well known for his strong effectiveness with women. "Let him alone; for I remember now how hes employed," says Octavius. "He shall in time be ready.
  • "Im feeling better." Jamie lied. "And now that youre here, you can help me." He pulled on the second boot, struggling a little, then looked imploringly at his brother. "Please, Rob?"
  • "Just a second here," said the Creeping Sword, from the reclining position he had assumed on a comfortable-looking settee. Judging by the careful shallow pattern of his breathing, Shaa thought a tentative diagnosis of broken ribs could be added to his more visible and stigmatic other wounds. "If my understanding of this whole thing between Conservationist gods and Abdicationists is up-to-date, wouldnt what your brother did kick the balance of power all to hell? And then wouldnt anyone going after him with the idea of knocking him back down make things even worse?"
  • He found his way over the second hill and to the base of the third, hoping for a more defined audio. He wasn't sure from the initial outburst what lay on the other sidethieves, stragglers, or a lost caravanbut there were several varying tones, seemingly each not concerned with being heard.
  • "The second question I shall answer first. Before the first dishonored dead arrived here, it was a shapeless mass. As more and more people found themselves here, their very memories began to sculpt the landscape. Each new arrival here changes this world. Making a long, confusing story short, as people die and come here it changes to reflect the memories of the places they knew best, more or less making it identical to the mortal realm, most of the time."
  • Round and round and round they went, and Kassie kept her hand on the wall as they descended. The walls were smooth, a glistening white rock and little niches in either side of the stairwell had glowing lamps tucked in them, providing a gentle light. Finally, they reached the ground and were ushered across a paved yard and into the castle. Elena led them into another turret, and they climbed to the second story. Groups of people were gathered about and stopped their conversation to stare at the girls as they came out.
  • Made from pine with a warm antique finish, the bedstead hides a second full-size single bedstead hides a second full-size single bedstead below.
  • "Believe what you want Susan." Iyash pointed right. "Turn here Paul. Across the river, then the first left. She lives in the second house. Hurry."
  • Sixthly: As is alluded to in the second Indication of the Tenth Word, it is a requirement of wisdom that Divinity be manifested.
  • Fortunately, despite the odd blemish, this second installment of folk heartbeat has some very enjoyable moments indeed.
  • Hartwell smelled Brandon at least five seconds before he saw his second son. He whispered to Maggie, "Is that Brandon?"
  • There were tears as Connie hugged her children at Busaras, but as they walked up the steep approach to Connolly Station, Aidan and Ethna bickered and had soon forgotten their mother. They were early, and Mungo settled them on the seaboard side of a non-smoking carriage, bribing them with crisps and a supply of comics which they would happily read a second or third time, or so he hoped.
  • The british women in the 200 meters backstroke will also get a second chance.
  • They stopped at the end of second Quarter, the sun high overhead. Rafe rode to her, a softness to his manner that she would not have imagined from him.
  • The Generalunafraid of her other companionsallowed his eyes to follow hers, taking them off the group, and Lanyan attempted to seize the opportunity. In one second he had drawn his bow and in another he'd fired an arrowfaster than most could see.
  • "Twice I had you, and twice I lost you," Alastor speaks, his voice full of buried pain. "Once to my own rash stupidity and this second time for reasons I do not even know. If I knew the suffering I would inflict by accepting you as my traveling companion on that day, I would have turned my back on you and your town, never to look or even think on it, or you, ever again. Yet, what is done is done and your story adds to the torment of my deeds. Even faced with this new path, I can never forget the one upon which I had previously walked. At times I busy my mind so as to drown out the past, but it is always there, reminding. Taunting. I should have told you then. I... owed it to you. Maybe if I told you... you would not have felt shunned. My father would not have been ambushed and I, in the end, would not have..."
  • Vocal range: top top f ( ie f ) - b. first, second and third ladies more baddies.
  • Michael hadnt raped her, not physically, not even with callous language. It had been one word, just one, repeated over and over the second day of that weekend. On Saturday, Michael and Petra had made love as she had with any other boyfriend, somewhat tenderly due to her health, then with more passion as the night wore on. On Sunday, it had begun the same, there at Petras apartment, as Michael never took anyone to his house. The smell of darkroom chemicals was his excuse and Petra preferred her own digs. That it had been in her own bed later clung to Petra, but she only hardened her heart to that man, to that entire weekend. Unable to forgive him, she had blotted it, but not forgotten. Still carried it, as if shed not had a termination. She had rid herself of the baby, but not what he had done to her.
  • "Okay, okayWell, Shelly and Marta are going to be hurting, trying to cover all the shifts. Well have to rotate people from other stores to do some of the second shifts over there."
  • It was a second shift day. I had gotten up late, as usual. Wasted some time sitting in front of the tube. News channels. The kids were at school. Katie spent most of the morning reading and exercising along the river.
  • The second echelon was the destruction of capitalism through by their own money through drugs " .
  • In the second frame was a much newer picture of a group of girls in cheerleading uniforms. The uniforms were different from the kind the cheerleaders wore now, but they were still the same blue and black Demon colors. I studied the faces of the girls, then gasped. The one in the middlethe tall girl with blonde wavy hairwas my mother.
  • The paladin had no such concerns. He Heroically strode forward, only stopping from time to time to wait for Alexander to keep up. While waiting, he was looking for toads. So far, they were out of luck. There were many things around, like trees, bushes, mosquitoes, suspicious looking logs, mushrooms, mosquitoes, swamp flowers, algae, newts, swamp mosquitoes, vines, dead trees, giant swamp mosquitoes... a toad! Arthaxiom spotted one, sitting nearby on some sort of swamp lily. Without a second thought, he threw himself at it. "Got it!" he only managed to shout before falling headfirst into the swamp.
  • "We were not fired on," replied the second Ducaz in black, "but our presence was questioned by the Chinese and American observers."
  • They continued washing until all the white items were soaking in the first rinse water. Then, after a few swirls with her arm, Jennie wrung out the white articles and tossed them into the third tub, the second cold rinse, to make sure all the soap was out. She stood and stretched, then returned to the different piles of dirty clothes.
  • "My aunt packed up my things for me, and the three pounds that was due to me, to bring home, and Squire Crowl himself came down to Applewale that day, a handsome man, about thirty years ald. It was the second time I sid him. But this was the first time he spoke to me.
  • I absorbed this information in a flash of a second and could see what was about to happen next. Jacob and Renesmee were about to be killed. It wasnt fair or right. I screamed, "No," at the top of my voice. The sound coming out of me was panicky and unrecognizable, and I wondered if it had really been me.
  • In the Bottom Ring the carnage continued, the floor littered with bodies. All that remained of the compere were some shapeless, unrecognisable lumps and a red smear on the stage. If they didnt reach the Middle Ring exits before the vampires vaulted onto the second floor, they were dead.
  • Seeing how they all had their attentions set on me I decided to move one to the second phase of my plan. I froze time for a while and ran to the top of the building. Noting exactly where I was standing, I threw a bottle that had a letter on the inside. So the bottle wouldnt fall I placed it in the suspended reality as well. I then ran back to where I was standing and unfroze time. The bottle began to sway away from the designated fall point so I had to manipulate the wind a little. The bottle had then struck me across my head and I fainted while many of the officers rushed to aid me.
  • "It's pronounced Sist-air, with the emphasis on the second syllable. It's not the same word as sister, I assure you, and it's not a name but a title. Call me Graice. That's easy to say."
  • We sipped our drinks in contemplation, not really paying attention as Cayenne shifted into her second song. By now, the seats around the stage were filling up, and money was starting to appear in more than one hand. Hart was watching Cayenne work the men and the way he watched her chilled me.
  • Second-string saddle back from the first saddle, using the gage of the second string as a measurement.
  • Three machine-helpers scurried across the floor, and each dropped a large, unique key at Diotitusand Brangots feet, and then scurried away. The first key was shaped like a palm-sized obelisk colored primary-green. Brangots name was etched in heavy block print on each side. The second key was shaped to fit over the first key, colored primary-yellow, and bore Diotitusname. The third key was torus-shaped, its interior was cut to fit the base of the first key, and its anterior shaped to fit a beveled portion of the second key. The third key bore Tifs name.
  • There was the case, and of course there was but one way out of it. Might I not escort her to this place? And then, as a second thought, why should she come at all? I was Isa Whitney's medical adviser, and as such I had influence over him. I could manage it better if I were alone. I promised her on my word that I would send him home in a cab within two hours if he were indeed at the address which she had given me. And so in ten minutes I had left my armchair and cheery sitting-room behind me, and was speeding eastward in a hansom on a strange errand, as it seemed to me at the time, though the future only could show how strange it was to be.
  • Erling sang through the second verse, then, as he noticed that the crowd no longer needed his help, he turned to Trevor and said: "See, what did Erling tell you? Right distracted, that elf is."
  • "Yes, you were about to die in the outside world, I came to you because you were strong willed enough to resist death. Most that need a visit from me fight their fate because they fear death, regret their past, or can't let go of love. Only a few fight death for the right reason; because they simply weren't finished living. Those with a fire for life get a second chance, those with something more, come here."
  • Brad turned back to the car and reached across the front seat to pick up his holstered .22 revolver. It only took him a second to fasten the cartridge belt around his waist and another minute to take the cylinder out of the H
  • No one replied to this remark and for some time they all gazed silently at the spreading flames of the second fire in the distance.
  • Then I walked into the study I would come to know so well, the one I have already described to some degree. Ran seated me in one of the two chairs facing the picture window surrounded by shelves of books. Ran sat in the second chair, and we both looked out the window at the back up his property, the incline in his yard that led up to the woods. We didnt speak for a few seconds that in that special house pleasantly seemed like minutes. The feeling of Presence was growing stronger and stronger. I was experiencing a . . . tremendous . . . sense of peace. It was as if nothing in my whole life had ever bothered me, had ever concerned me at all. And the peace got stronger and stronger. It seemed that this room was packed with it, as tightly as spiritual physics would allow and then maybe tighter still. It was a great thing. It seemed in a way that I was really resting for the first time in my life.
  • At least, thats Sarahs impression as she sits near the back of the courtroom. She takes a minute to look around at this very creative, circular structure used mostly for swearing in new American citizens, ceremonial proceedings, and an occasional appeals hearing. But it is also the perfect venue for large, high profile trials like this one, with its state-of-the-art audio, video and digital capabilities. A glass cylinder one-hundred feet in diameter and one-hundred feet high starting on the second floor of the Federal Courthouse and reaching all the way to the top of the building, this Special Proceedings Courtroom is paneled ten-feet high all around with Anigre wood from Africa and capped with a million dollar suspended glass ceiling that costs $4000 just to clean. Sarah heard that window washers have to crawl across the top of the laminated glass with towels and window spray.
  • A South Korean military official said the concern now is that Pyongyang could undertake a third nuclear test using highly enriched uranium for the first time, opening a second path to a bomb.
  • He wore the stone on a circlet of good vine and never sought to hide it. He returned with Dysa to his nest in the northern glades, yet though they lay together they had no further union. Five seasons later she bore him Nicovar, the child of their wedding night, and at his naming feast a distraction overcame her and she tore the stone from Ganels neck, crying, ‘Enough !’ and swallowed it and died in monstrous agony. Thus was a second naming blighted in Pengartel.
  • Uneven bounce, 18 wickets fell for 330 runs on an action-packed second day.
  • Our isolated event had turned into a public display by the time he finished unrolling the toilet paper. A campus cock, I mean cop, was dispatched to check out the situation and straight arrow observers were more than willing to point to the second floor window where the beds were tossed from.
  • The following week, my parents took an Amtrak train to south Florida to attend the second game of the United StatesCuba series. Jessie had sent them tickets from the Miami hotel where she was staying with Bobby. She had attached an upbeat note declaring that everything was going "according to plan." We interpreted this to mean that she and Manny expected to begin their married life as soon as he finished his obligations to the Cuban team.
  • THE ANSWER: It has been proved most decisively in the second and Third Stopping-Places of the Thirty-Second Word that to love the face of the world which looks to the hereafter and that which looks to the Divine Names is not the cause of loss, but the means to perfection and attainment, and however far one goes in those two faces, the further one goes in worship and knowledge of God.
  • "I dont think Ive ever seen a company lose this much money, this fast. In fact, I think we should scale it back a bit in the second quarter before the IRS starts sniffing around and wonders what the hell is going on out there."
  • I felt him shift beside me before I saw his silhouette slink forward. I heard his snarl a second before I held my palms up and out, the words to call him off dying on my lips when I thought hard about what she would do to me. Would she have taken me to the Priests for judgment, or would she have killed me?
  • liar liar pants on fire - children's (or grown-up sarcastic) taunt or accusation of fibbing or falsehood - the full 'liar liar pants on fire' expression is typically appended with a rhyming second line to make a two-line verse, for example "liar liar pants on fire, your nose is a long as a telephone wire" or "liar liar pants on fire, sitting on a telephone wire".
  • The top forecasters for the euro zone were, for the second consecutive year, Andreas Scheuerle and Peter Leonhardt at Frankfurt-based DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale. For China, the top forecaster was Song Yu of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) For Canada, it was Avery Shenfeld of Toronto-based Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. And for Japan, it was Chief Economist Hideo Kumano of Tokyo-based Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute.
  • A great lake ran parallel the roads. Its blue was only second to the midday sky. The shallow waters near land were for swimming. Deeper within, men sailed their boats to cast their nets for fish.
  • The Tanana Valley is another notable agricultural locus, especially Delta Junction area, about 100 miles (160 km) southeast of Fairbanks, with a sizable concentration of farms growing agronomic crops; these farms mostly lie north and east of Fort Greely. This area was largely set aside and developed under a state program spearheaded by Hammond during his second term as governor. Delta-area crops consist predominately of barley and hay. West of Fairbanks lies another concentration of small farms catering to restaurants, the hotel and tourist industry, and community supported agriculture.
  • The remainder of my first semester at Piedmont was blissfully quiet. The schools administration changed its mind and decided to pay my way the second semester I was to sit out. The schools Provost, Michael Hart, who had taken his turn trying to guard me in the intramural championship basketball game, spearheaded this good faith gesture. I would like to think that my good play got me the extended free ride, but my gut tells me that my skin color had something to do with it. Being the only productive white guy on the basketball team was an advantage I had no choice but to accept; that, and the fact that it saved my parents a ton of money.
  • Pheron blinked. One second he was in immense pain, and the next? Nothing! It felt as though his wound was gone. What ointment was this? Gingerly, he prodded his right shoulder. No pain. Probing further, he couldnt provoke an ounce of protest from either shoulder or arm. Baffled, he sat up and pulled the bandages off of his chest. Flexing his right arm, he stared at Sarah.
  • "Like traveling does for me?" Ammon finished. I nodded, and he continued, "Yeah, thats one of the things that the guru told me when he first talked about what he saw in my aura. Anyway, I got your letter shortly after that and realized that you may have been aware of this stuff, too. They were really subtle hints, by the wayI almost didnt catch them. I would have come home the second I got the letter, but I was really into the training I was getting, and didnt want to leave quite yet. It wasnt until the guru told me the repercussions of mom and dad being apart for too long that I realized that you were telling me you needed help, so I left as soon as possiblehence why I got here only shortly after my postcards.
  • Against what she knew was medical advice, she flipped over on her side so that she check on Lotus, who had flopped over into a flower bed on the edge of the path. For a second time that night she thought that she must be going into shock, because the pain in her leg was less severe than it had been a few moments ago, but she was cold, very cold. She dragged herself closer to Lotus, and she seemed to be doing better, which pleased her. She breathed a small sigh of relief and lay her head down by Lotuss, cradling her head in her arms, her wing folding over them in an unconscious gesture. She put a hand on her chest, and could feel heart beating, her chest rising.
  • The crowd was in stunned silence as Davids second free throw floating through the air and ripped through the twine without the hint of engaging the rim. The crowd breathed a huge sigh of relief in the belief that order had been finally restored.
  • Yell, the gateway to the north isles, and justly famous for otters, is the second largest island in shetland.
  • Tote betting services main aim is to offer its customers great odds at prices that are second to none.
  • "A mud floor, no less, while the men get boards. How does that work, I wonder? Do we always get second best while Cam enjoys the luxuries? He's got plenty of cashwhy shouldn't we be in the best place in town?"
  • He raced up the flight of stairs to the second floor hoping the exercise would calm him down a bit before the confrontation. He couldve taken the elevator, but it was safer this way for now. Thankfully the guard recognized him and didnt sense the high tension that almost gave away to his true nature.
  • I sighed and flipped open my book. As I finished up my second assignment for the day, I realized I was parched. My trusty water bottle was empty when I reached for it, so I quietly stood and left the room. I thought I remembered where the closest drinking fountain was. Even so, I planned on getting a little lost before I found it. I didn't however plan on nearly colliding with Alec as he slowly rounded the corner in front of me.
  • The second major histological feature is the inflammatory infiltrate.
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