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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • Travel should normally be second class rail fare or economy apex airfare.
  • He only spent a second or two gazing around at this level, but what he saw was astonishingthis was truly the home of royalty, for the remaining buildings and adornments here were shining with gold trim, and intricate carvings. Moss and other plant life were growing amidst the decaying ruins of the dwarven nobility, but it barely detracted from the opulence on display. Aiden could only assume Pacian had been cursing to himself as he swam past such riches, knowing he couldn't stop to take any with him.
  • Bosch, who had been sitting on the second row right behind the 100-meter start line, said the man had been shouting
  • Rordan cleared his throat. "Um, got to go. Tour and everything. But I live here now. Room eight, second floor. Feel free to drop by, or maybe Ill run into you between classes. See you later."
  • If a film is among the few that have longer-term commercial value, its producers can choose the first path. If it isnt, they lose nothing by taking the second route. The license thus underwrites creative risk-taking without squandering public money on blockbusters. It also ensures that public investment generates public culture -- not works controlled by the studios for the next 95 years.
  • "Flint," he said, holding up a second pack. "And tinder. One night, one fire. It will last. Walk close to the mountains. Too close to the roads, the patrols will kill you. Too close to the mountains, other things will kill you."
  • One minor sorcerer was still making the things, selling some out of the stall in front of his home and a few others to local merchants. Demand had settled down to maybe a dozen pens a month, so he was able to tell me quickly where each one of them had gone. The second merchant he sent me to was a hit.
  • The second problem about buying in the states is that the federal reserve bank is run by a lunatic.
  • Pa turned onto the new road. A second sign said, "Florida 13" and a third said, "Dickison, 12 mi." Pa said, "Almost there."
  • Again she paused. To your second question, I will answer only "yes". It is not for me to say more,’ she said firmly. ‘I suggest we begin our journey very shortly. Day and night mean little here, as you would imagine. I think Time is pressing on us now.’ Tika and Mim looked at her sharply, she had seemed to emphasis the word "Time", and Time was involved in the suspension of the Balances. What did this ancient Delver know of such things?
  • Jack couldnt bear the look on her face, equal parts of pain and despair. There was a message there. He gathered the shirt up and pulled it over his head. In the single second that Asta was gone from his sight and the t-shirt over his face, she had vanished.
  • Why voters would give Abe a second chance is beyond me. His party amassed the worlds biggest debt among developed nations, created a huge real estate and stock market bubble and failed to figure out a way to escape the inertia that followed.
  • "The second step is the nurturing of the soul of the wand. It will get warm and it just might reach temperatures of high degrees, but don't let go. Third is the star of a midnight runner, a cast out star that has been forgotten for many years and needs a home. Watch for the strike of a beam of light, as it will hit your wand with a great force in a moment. Fourth is the good and plenty of charms. All that you will be will come forward in your head and your now-trusted wand."
  • Not necessarily.’ Ben was about to say something else but the whisper of a sound stopped him. He knew he only had a split second to react. It was a slight swishing noise, approaching rapidly, too rapidly to move quickly enough. The metal star struck into Bens shoulder, partly through the strap of the leather bag and partly into his flesh. He spun around. A small black shadow leapt behind a broad leafed bush. Ben gripped the Magnum with both hands and pulled the trigger.
  • Middleweight title for the third time with a spectacular second round knockout of olson in december 1955.
  • Between them, belching and biomass burning make the second largest contribution to global warming after fossil fuel burning.
  • "Thank you, Trey," she smiled. It was a very nice smile. Now that he took a second to look at her, he realized that she was really a very good-looking woman -- and in that evening gown, definitely not the tweedy professor he'd come to know.
  • Even though he spoke quietly, his words were loaded with displeasure and sarcasm. The Agents knew it, and stood rigidly before him, not saying anything as the Commander paced slowly in front of them, every second filled with increasing tension. Finally, one Agent spoke up.
  • On the second of October a Cossack, Shapovalov, who was out scouting, killed one hare and wounded another. Following the wounded hare he made his way far into the forest and came upon the left flank of Murat's army, encamped there without any precautions. The Cossack laughingly told his comrades how he had almost fallen into the hands of the French. A cornet, hearing the story, informed his commander.
  • In contrast to the Pyramid Texts which focus on the celestial realm, the coffin texts emphasize the subterranean elements of the afterlife ruled by Osiris, in a place called the Duat. An Osirian afterlife is offered to everyone, and the deceased is even referred to as "the Osiris-". This subterranean realm is described as being filled with threatening beings, traps, and snares with which the deceased must contend. The spells in the Coffin Texts allow the deceased to protect themselves against these dangers and "dying a second death".
  • His aches and pains were gradually subsiding, and for nearly half an hour he sat there, shaking from the cold and the fear. The sun was well past its peak now, the angle of the light streaming down to him was changing and it was becoming darker. Aiden fought rising panic as each second of waiting seemed to last forever.
  • "Im going to bed now and stop playing with the lights," she commanded and then left the room. Her husband didnt waist a second and eagerly turned around in order to resume his little game. But there was nothing to be seen beside the life-size sculpture; the ghost had disappeared. Just in the nick of time, he had returned to his material body, which was dutifully waiting for its master.
  • As a result of the Watergate scandal, in 1974 Nixon became the first U.S. president to resign, to avoid being impeached on charges including obstruction of justice and abuse of power. The Jimmy Carter administration of the late 1970s was marked by stagflation and the Iran hostage crisis. The election of Ronald Reagan as president in 1980 heralded a rightward shift in American politics, reflected in major changes in taxation and spending priorities. His second term in office brought both the Iran-Contra scandal and significant diplomatic progress with the Soviet Union. The subsequent Soviet collapse ended the Cold War.
  • The second echelon was the destruction of capitalism through by their own money through drugs " .
  • There was an odd incongruity as Jack went through the portal. It burned and caressed at the same time. It seemed as though it lasted forever but was only a second long. One moment he was in a dusty, filthy warehouse with bright LA sunshine flowing through the windows and the next he was in a huge, dim room with statues of beasts bracketing the two fireplaces at each end. Everything looked old and debilitated. Then there was about ten large bodies lying around. Whatever it had been had been white and mean looking, even dead.
  • Among other findings are that while malnutrition has dropped down the rankings as a cause of death and illness, the effects of excessive eating are taking its place. Smoking and alcohol use have also overtaken child hunger to become the second and third leading health risks, behind high blood pressure.
  • The second consideration is the more or less evident time relation of the man to the world and the clearness of our perception of the place the man's action occupies in time. That is the ground which makes the fall of the first man, resulting in the production of the human race, appear evidently less free than a man's entry into marriage today. It is the reason why the life and activity of people who lived centuries ago and are connected with me in time cannot seem to me as free as the life of a contemporary, the consequences of which are still unknown to me.
  • I thought about Shelly as I prepared the deposit. I was due to work second shift the next day. As manager Shelly could stay as long as she wanted to during second shift. She could come back after taking the deposit to the bank. There might be a lot of overlap. A lot of tension.
  • Around 95 percent of the population are Muslims. 85% of the Muslims are Shia Muslims and 15% Sunni Muslims, and the Republic of Azerbaijan has the second highest Shia population percentage after Iran. In Baku there is the Hindu Fire Temple of Baku ("ateshgah") with an "old" structure which, according to travellers, has been a place of visit for Hindu priests for more than a millennium The place is often "misrepresented as a Zoroastrian fire-temple" due to frequent association of "fire temple" with the Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism. There are some other faiths practiced among the different ethnic groups within the country. By article 48 of its Constitution, Azerbaijan is a secular state and ensures religious freedom. Of the nation's religious minorites, Christians are mostly Russian and Georgian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic (almost all Armenians live in the break-away region of Nagorno-Karabakh).
  • Suddenly Ignacio heard a noise in the distance, an eerie howling sound that made the hairs on the back of his neck rise. The waybeasts stirred nearby. A second howl arose and this one was much closer to the campsite. Simultaneously, Ignacio reached to shake Holder and the waybeasts exploded into a panicked clatter of braying and honking. Holder sprang to his feet.
  • Three such men concealed themselves under the branches of a tree on the northern edge of the forest and stared outward. One had an ugly scar disfiguring the left side of his face while a second was tall and thin. The third was younger than the others, perhaps only twenty or twenty-one. The question of whether or not they might have lived respectable lives during better times was debatable. After years with little money, these three were ready to steal from anyone they met. As they watched, a group of four ox-drawn wagons approached from the northeast.
  • The thing that I had come to realise is, once the heart stops, bleeding only occurs by gravity. My second blow had killed Rosaline so the rest merely chewed up geographical physiogamy.
  • Certain the actual path was now well hidden, the delver set about marking a false trail. He pulled the core of a cactus fruit and two of the stones from his pouch. He stepped off in a direction opposite from the path taken by Holli. He dropped the first stone as he bent low to the ground, and he tossed the second further off into the distance. He lightly pulled the dagger from his teeth, and with dagger in one hand and the soft remains of the fruit in the other, he began marking a trail.
  • Lavender flowers filled the great hall, and someone gave me a handful to carry as I looked for a seat. Overly friendly greetings made me quite sure they had stopped talking about me a split second before. I had more important things to worry about, however: I looked over the saint-like ghost heads to the staff table that ran along the top wall of the hall.
  • As she plucked the flowers, her eyes were constantly drawn to the wonder of the cascading, roaring water and the lovely rainbow that hung in the mist. The ward glowed brightly, its delicate blue lines forming a pentagram, an arcane symbol that could summon and guard against evil. She filled her skirt with blooms, watching the falls when she rested. The plummeting water fascinated her, and her eyes followed it into the mist-shrouded depths. A glint of blue caught her attention, and she tried to discern what it was. Almost at the very bottom of the falls, revealed only occasionally by the swirling mists, a second pentagram glowed.
  • The manor was roughly 12,500 square feet, three stories high, and built in the early 1900's (by none other than Steve's great-grandfather, Luther, which he would not discover until much later). The house sat on a huge tract of land, with the forest encroaching from the north and west. Steve was not an architect, so couldnt pinpoint what style the house was built to conform to, but it did look part Victorian, part Mediterranean, and it even had a medieval feel about the place. That turret on the western side of the house, for example. He blinked. No, that wasn't a turret. More like a round anteroom off of another room. The second and third stories also incorporated the same design as the first floor, so it certainly could be mistaken for a turret.
  • By mid-November the Germans had nearly taken Stalingrad in bitter street fighting when the Soviets began their second winter counter-offensive, starting with an encirclement of German forces at Stalingrad and an assault on the Rzhev salient near Moscow, though the latter failed disastrously. By early February 1943, the German Army had taken tremendous losses; German troops at Stalingrad had been forced to surrender and the front-line had been pushed back beyond its position before the summer offensive. In mid-February, after the Soviet push had tapered off, the Germans launched another attack on Kharkov, creating a salient in their front line around the Russian city of Kursk.
  • When she left the room I instantly transported myself to Ayeguam. From the call that I was receiving, I could tell that the monster was humongous and was affecting the harmony of the realm tremendously. Within moments I was able to spot the creature. It had tentacles for feet, long vibrant bird like claws for fingers, torn wings, and it had one eye that covered most of its head. I knew at that second that I was going to have one hell of a fight on my hands.
  • The men came back a second time and they summoned her to follow them outside. She walked out of the container onto the grass near the side of the building. "God almighty," one of the men said in response to the odor. She was made to strip and was just able to brace herself as one of the men turned the hose on her without warning. Standing naked in the open with the sun shining on her wet skin, she tried to cover herself with her arms and hands but remained exposed and vulnerable. One of the men, younger than the man who had brought her the day before, called Ochiolo, approached her and kissed her and fondled her breasts as she whimpered and tried to push away his hands.
  • "Then came the opportunity they had been waiting for. A Human Mate. The first in the history of the world. The Sidhe Fey in question went to her and they bore a child. Lexa and the others went to work. She convinced the child he was divine and Jesus Christ became powerful, very powerful. After convincing a following that he was divine and the resurrection, Morgana had him locked away in the Prison. It was too late though. Lexa and the others had their foothold. She began to search out other Elders who had Human mates. When a second one was found, she killed the Human. The Council retaliated. Before Lexa could be locked away though…"
  • Many call the second wave of the revolution in the fall of 2012 the "Mothers' Revolution." Parents and grandparents went into the streets to protest the divided loyalties in their families between the Islamists (Brotherhood or Salafis) and those supporting a democratic, secular Egypt. In Egypt, secular means freedom from state control of religion, not nonreligious.
  • I looked at the cover letter on the screen. I proofread the opening paragraph for a third time. Then I looked at the second paragraph:
  • It was like Natalya out of the GoldenEye game. Except her Natalya was four, heavily trained, armed Special Forces soldiers. The second she fixed all her attention on the head Sand Jackalthey would get shot or stabbed or generally maimed.
  • The paladin had no such concerns. He Heroically strode forward, only stopping from time to time to wait for Alexander to keep up. While waiting, he was looking for toads. So far, they were out of luck. There were many things around, like trees, bushes, mosquitoes, suspicious looking logs, mushrooms, mosquitoes, swamp flowers, algae, newts, swamp mosquitoes, vines, dead trees, giant swamp mosquitoes... a toad! Arthaxiom spotted one, sitting nearby on some sort of swamp lily. Without a second thought, he threw himself at it. "Got it!" he only managed to shout before falling headfirst into the swamp.
  • I heard the music well up inside me as I looked to where I knew the steps should be. Hunter came up to stand beside me and as we watched the mountain began to move. The first step simply formed where it belonged, but where the second step should have been was a jagged rock instead. As the four of us watched, the rock melted down forming steps two and three. Behind them were more steps reaching up past where I could see, just as I knew there should be.
  • Somehow, in the plane, he had woken at the last second and flown in like the angel he was and saved me. What made me more deserving than the others who didnt make it? I didnt see the difference, but the angels did. I had to make sure he knew that because of his bravery, I trusted him. "I owe you my life," I murmured as I stared down at my feet.
  • Dave and Liza made it into position - a scrubby little tree and a couple of bushes near the top of the little hill behind Coxs house - just before sunset. They had parked Lizas car a couple of kilometres away, driving it down a rutted dirt road and parking under a big willow tree, and then hiked from there toting the cases full of expensive equipment. It wasnt easy. It seemed like every second bush was a gorse bush, and they formed an impenetrable barrier around most of the hill, forcing Dave and Liza to go round them. Eventually, they did find a way through, but they had to go half an hour out of their way to find it, and even so, they had to do quite a lot of bashing through gorse and undergrowth. Fortunately, it turned out that Jeans costumes formed a pretty good impenetrable barrier of their own, so they didnt get too badly scratched.
  • Symbiosis in cell evolution: microbial communities in the archean and proterozoic eons, second edition.
  • Out of the darkness, softly, came the voice, apparently for the second time. "Water? You want water, chi-uld?" came the refrain from the midst of the thick amorphous gloom. " You must dreenk to get well.. you must," it was a thick female voice. And then it was upon my lips, a container and the elixir itself- the sweetest coolest liquid imaginable. It must have been five, six, seven - ten seconds and enormous gulps before I emerged for air, gasping and laboring, having nearly suffocated myself in the interim. A warm hand, tender if not soft, began to stroke my back, first atop my filth encrusted shirt, then sliding gently up beneath it and stroking my quivering naked skin.
  • I looked around and spotted a couple of three-foot-long cement reinforcing rods on the ground beside me. I scooped them up in my left hand, then grabbed Leanne by the throat and lifted her to a standing position against the wall. She was still groggy, but screamed nonetheless as I drove one of the rods through her right shoulder and into the building, pinning her there. She screamed a second time as I repeated the procedure on her left shoulder, then bent the ends of the rods down so she couldn't pull herself off of them. At least she didn't hiss at me and bare her fangs like vamps always did in the movies. That just looks so dumb.
  • Purpose-built for production in the name of the us second world war effort.
  • The second thing Geraldine saw were three words which had been inserted into her favorite search engine slot. The words there read, "Enter city name."
  • "You felt your back end recently, Mungo? No, on second thoughts don't answer that. What I'm trying to say is that stump is there for a reason. I reckon we were like this bloke once."
  • He moved to the second row of books. "No. But for the important things, yes." His fingers lingered over the bindings of the new row, and then he reached for a book. "Ill start here." The book was Chemistry Methodology and Mathematical Models.
  • Feeling left out of the loop I decided to speak up, "Mother, why are you finally telling us this." At that second someone appeared in the shadows.
  • The weather was very pleasant in december although slightly humid and during the second week we did have several monsoon rainstorms.
  • They were only moments away when they were intercepted by a snarling wolf, which crashed into the lead dog and drove it into the ground in a ball of razor sharp fangs and claws. The second dog immediately yelped in shock and changed course to attack the newcomer. Fascinated by the ferocity of the fight, Aiden could only stare as the wolf tore at the first dog and clamped its powerful jaws around the animal's throat. The second hound clawed and bit at the wolf but it held on relentlessly, crushing the life from its prey.
  • I do not doubt for a second that had the uk actually been successfully invaded we too would not have lasted long.
  • Spencer noticed a shadow and turned, alarmed to find the second cop standing in the same position on his side of the car. He couldn't see the face, but the hand was definitely on the gun. This was not normal procedure.
  • Casualtyf honor register provides the names of second world war civilian casualties.
  • Robert made a move as if he might put his arm around her, but at the last second changed his mind. Instead he asked a question that stunned her completely. "Have you had the dream, Evelyn?"
  • Hint: whiskey corridor: second sr-71: there is a second sr-71 blackbird on this mission.
  • Brianna was amazed, "Her first tooth!" And then she shifted to the more intriguing, second part of the infant observation. "Yes, I have been quite tense lately." She looked over at the tool vibrating on her daughters back and then licked her lips, "Do you have any suggestions on how one could alleviate such stress?"
  • He wiped his mouth on his sleeve, dinner linen being in short supply, as you may imagine. "Now thenif we've no takers for the balance, I'll have that, too." We stared entranced as Ralff placed the second portion on his plate.
  • In the second term you will begin to learn how to manage dental decay using manikins in the laboratory.
  • Some unfair notion was perpetrated as Kell accepted Nates orgasm. Wrong in that here he was having sex with someone else and Marthe was working two straight shifts. She was the main breadwinner, but Kells second novel, An Opaque Ocean, still sold. He bought their groceries, she paid the rent. The rent, PG
  • Finally as if answering her silent plea he gently lifted his fingers from the base of her neck and tentatively cupped her breast with trembling fingers. Not yet entirely believing his good fortune, but with his fragile confidence growing bolder every second he allowed his thumb to move ever so slowly across her hard sensitive nipple, sending an electrical shock to every cell in her body. Suddenly without warning Kat felt her overheated body shudder for several long seconds before she finally collapsed lifelessly into his arms.
  • "The servants will provide whatever you require." Mukarrab Khan bowed perfunctorily to Hawksworth and disappeared through one of the arched doorways leading off the courtyard, followed by the eunuchs. Then Hawksworth turned to see a dark-skinned man bearing a large silver basin down the veranda. Behind him a second man carried a red velvet cushion, shaped like a long cylinder, and placed it on a stool next to the canopied pavilion, gesturing for Hawksworth to sit.
  • So, back to the story. The very next day John was speaking with some people from the temple and confirmed that Jesus is "the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost" (from John 1:33). Now, this is the second reference to the baptizing ministry of Jesus. And look here. In this same section Jesus made another public appearance. He approached the area and John said, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world" (John 1:29).
  • Strom was tempted to go get some big, strong men to carry the looking glass, but he knew he could not. No one else knew how much work went into repairing this relic, and he could not trust anyone else to handle it. Thinking back to the feeling of success he'd had when they finally produced a workable lens, he smiled. Though they never achieved a perfect pour, Strom was proud to have gotten close. The imperfections in the first lens were few, and there was a perfectly clear area in the center. The second lens was even better, for which Strom was thankful; there was barely enough material left to make even one more pour. Milo was insistent that they not resort to remelting glass, and Strom often wondered what it was he feared.
  • Turntable the second half is awaiting the completion of paintwork before being lowered into the pit.
  • Rubbing his nose gently, he stepped back and examined the door surrounds for a buzzer or some other form of entrance security, but could see nothing. He tried pushing the door a second time, but still it wouldn't open. Frustrated, he kicked the bottom of the door and yelped as he hurt his foot.
  • I laughed and said: "And I suppose the wife would keep the gal on her payroll, knowing her old man was having an affair with her? That won't hold up. She'd fire her the second she knew it."
  • Here is the second character in the morality play. Shes the love interest. Was. We broke up, just before I got sent to the sanatorium. Our circadians werent compatible.
  • "And if your fathers highness do not, by granting all demands at large, sweeten the bitter mock you sent his majesty, hell call you to so hot an answer of it, returning your mock in second accent of his ordnance!"—with echoes of cannon-fire, "such that the caves and womby vaultages of France shall chide your trespass!"
  • No ordinary cup tie either, in fact the sherpa van trophy northern final second leg.
  • Another deep breath. A focused thought. My left hand jerking slightly. A flash of light, a crack of sound, and there was a second burning dummy.
  • Severely damaged, this is the second mg maestro in as many races that looks to be destined for the breakers yard.
  • These were randomized to 100 mg aspirin every second day, or placebo.
  • The president is elected by popular vote for a six-year term (eligible for a second term, but not for a third consecutive term). Ministries of the government are composed of the Premier and his deputies, ministers, and selected other individuals; all are appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister (whereas the appointment of the latter requires the consent of the State Duma). Leading political parties in Russia include United Russia, the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, and A Just Russia.
  • For the second year running he became national age group champion for the 200m & 400m freestyle.
  • "I won't have to!" he crouched as he spoke, pushing his hands above him and then springing up. He yanked his head back as his legs kicked forward, his body twisting as he somersaulted over the bag. As he descended and leveled out, his fingers locked onto the sack and he ripped the top open. Instantly, a silver light spilled out the tiny hole. As his body fell, so did the bag until both his chest and satchel were lying on the ground. Not a second lapsed before Grahamas reached both hands out to grab their respective weapons and regain his footing. Despite a lack of light to reflect on Hope, the enchanted armor lit up the majority of the room. Morgondeval no longer had the darkness to hide him, and he was just as the legend described him.
  • I slowly walked up to the third floor. From the second floor lights, I could tell that it was one big giant bedroom up here. A master suite? Sliding doors led out to a balcony with a view out toward the lake and a little bit of moonlight spilled in through the gauzy curtains. There had to be a bathroom up here somewhere.
  • "Women, women! Women's fuss!" muttered Alpatych to himself and started on his journey, looking round at the fields of yellow rye and the still-green, thickly growing oats, and at other quite black fields just being plowed a second time.
  • Fifteen minutes later, Henry was running up and down a basketball court at his local park and participating in thefirst runof the day. By the time the second game arrived, he had sweated out most of the alcohol from the previous night and regained his faculties enough to influence the game.
  • The two officers deposited their load behind the stairwell. The first officer reached down and ripped off the womans name tag from her shirt and looked around a second time. Then the two headed back up the creaky stairway.
  • On August 22, 2011, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake occurred nine miles WSW of the city of Trinidad. No casualties and only small damage was reported. It was the second largest earthquake in Colorado. A magnitude 5.7 earthquake was recorded in 1973.
  • The squadron crossed the bridge and drew out of range of fire without having lost a single man. The second squadron that had been in the front line followed them across and the last Cossacks quitted the farther side of the river.
  • After another hour of constant monitoring, Calvin Lamb announced that the ribs were ready. I must admit, the first few bites were a tasting sensation, but something went horribly wrong as I made my approach for my second rib. The fire that seemed to be sparked from my tongue flashed through my throat and down toward my stomach. In an instant I realized that I should get my ass up from the chair and head toward the bathroom.
  • Ryson, however, ran at a pace which matched the shag's exactly. Their current pace was perhaps slightly more than half Ryson's top speed. It was a pace Ryson could maintain for long periods without any true stress, and the creature could not gain even a step as they rose to the top of this second hill.
  • Gobye smaller gobies are short-lived, with only a few making it through their second winter.
  • I ran to catch up to Pa and Little Bit, who were following the route Mr. Drake had taken on his search for snakes. The right-hand bedroom's inner door led to a small yellow bathroom consisting of a white porcelain sink and toilet, and a sheetmetal shower. A door opposite the first opened on the left-hand bedroom, which was a funhouse mirror image of the right-hand one. The furniture in the second bedroom had seen even more use than the furniture in the first, the walls were green, the blue flowers were in an Orange Crush bottle.
  • The lonely highway eventually gave way to a tangled myriad of freeways leading into the city. Naomi wove through traffic, switching lanes and navigating the jungle like it was second nature to her.
  • Detachment surgery is successful, although a second operation is sometimes needed.
  • The cop punched at his screen. "Kid," he said, "I got over three million minors eight to eleven, flying packs less than a year old. The most popular colour is red. second choice, green. Where would you like me to start? Alphabetically?"
  • Ferrari SpA, the Italian sports car maker, even weighed in, having two of its cars carry the flag of the Italian navy during the Oct. 28 Formula One grand-prix race in New Delhi. Ferraris Fernando Alonso came in second in the race.
  • "This is from a documentary by Gary Null called, ‘AIDS: A second Opinion," and this particular segment features Joan Shenton, director of Meditel Productions, who makes science and medical TV documentaries for the BBC in England, among others. In fact, Meditel was the first independent company ever to win a Royal Television Society Journalism Award. This clip is only a couple minutes long, and the first person you will see and hear is Joan Shenton."
  • A hefty female fedayi rode with the Babo and Dedo in the back. The second seat had been removed and she held the Babo by the arm and rocked with her. The murdered girl's mother's eyes closed, but her mouth kept moving and twitching as she slept. The Dedo sat in the gap, pressed his face against the back glass.
  • A second such strop will be located toward the back of the straddle loader.
  • Its more dangerous than I thought here, Michel realized. From now on, no more little princes outside of the gate. The next morning, he had a visit with the second youngest child, who was only two years old. He showed the same characteristics as his brothers, and the day passed uneventfully.
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