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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • She found her sheets, blankets and pillows. As she was leaving the room, she turned back and looked around. She had lived here now for two years, Joe for over four. She gave birth to her second child on this very bed. Even though they were barely moving away, things felt final. Almost like they were saying goodbyeforever. More tears came into her eyes as she turned to go.
  • "The impression that one has of this year, at least of the second part of this year, is of a gradual improvement in financing conditions which is one of the reasons why we foresee a beginning of a recovery in the second part of next year," Draghi said in testimony at the European Parliaments Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Still, "the medium-term outlook for economic activity remains challenging."
  • The second issue for labor that electoral reform helps is the perceived neglect of our core voters.
  • Uracil is not usually found in DNA, occurring only as a breakdown product of cytosine. However in a number of bacteriophagesBacillus subtilis bacteriophages PBS1 and PBS2 and Yersinia bacteriophage piR1-37thymine has been replaced by uracil. A modified form (beta-d-glucopyranosyloxymethyluracil) is also found in a number of organisms: the flagellates Diplonema and Euglena, and all the kinetoplastid genera Biosynthesis of J occurs in two steps: in the first step a specific thymidine in DNA is converted into hydroxymethyldeoxyuridine; in the second HOMedU is glycosylated to form J. Proteins that bind specifically to this base have been identified. These proteins appear to be distant relatives of the Tet1 oncogene that is involved in the pathogenesis of acute myeloid leukemia. J appears to act as a termination signal for RNA polymerase II.
  • He looked at Stephen who stood second in line. "Step as I step, move as I move. You will mirror my actions as the sorceress will mirror yours, and so on through the line."
  • But Petruchio says calmly, "Father, ’tis thus: yourself and all the world that talked of her have talked amiss of her! If she be curst, it is only as policy!—for shes not froward, but modest as the dove; she is not hot, but temperate as the morn; and as for patience, she will prove a second Grissel!—and a Roman Lucrece for her chastity!
  • Ship from meyer werft a second former the panama canal golden princess cruise.
  • Taking this cue, Iyash placed his hand on the first object. A serious look of concern came over him. He immediately placed his hand on the second object.
  • The second Aim is about the Resurrection of the Dead, the End of the World, and the life of the Hereafter.
  • The second servant raises an eyebrow knowingly. "Dost thou love pictures? We will fetch thee straight Adonis painted by a running brookwith Cytherea almost hid by hedges which seem to move and wanton with her breath, even as the waving sedges play with wind!"
  • Dc felt quite queasy on the second trip in the rougher offshore waters.
  • Factious man after a first and second warning, knowing that such a man is perverted and is sinning being self-condemned.
  • It turns out that they knew many of the same people, so when Mutuge's commander came in, nobody thought to question Billy's allegiance. Since they were the second Company of the 7th Battalion, Billy claimed to be from Fourth Company of the First Battalion, and asked if he could bunk with them.
  • Hartwell and his family were somewhere in between heaven and hell and the corporeal world, but he had more of a purpose in mind for his down time. His son Daniel happened to be the second person to perish on this night because Daniel, too, had an ulterior motive for his timely death.
  • The second muster was marginally better than the first. From watching them in the practice yard, Cassius had a fair idea of the quality of his men. Although some had potential, they had been without training or discipline. The first problem was that they reported in a disorganised rabble to Ivery, who was one of the most lenient captains Cassius had ever come across. Cassius promoted three men to the rank of lieutenant then divided the rest into troops of ten or eleven reporting to them. This took until early evening, so Cassius ordered a cask of ale breached and shared among the men as a reward.
  • The child awoke and began to cry. He turned from the page and tried to hush it: but it would not be hushed. He began to rock it to and fro in his arms, but its wailing cry grew keener. He rocked it faster while his eyes began to read the second stanza:
  • Stealing a look at the gang of hurrixes, and finding, thankfully, that they didnt appear at all interested in what he and Lilac were up to, the boy cautiously followed. Preferring to simply open the gate rather than vault it (it was so rickety, he doubted it would survive another attempt), he traversed the garden by means of a short, brick pathway that was now mostly lost to albino undergrowth, and caught up with Lilac at the gashed, greying row of planks that served as the front door. There was no letterbox, nor keyhole; only a small, cracked pane through which the lady peered like an impatient visitor. "Cant see much," she mumbled, her hands cupping each side of her face like blinkers. She then stepped back, perused the frontage for a second or two, and went over to the nearest of the four shuttered windows that were set into a bay at the left hand side of the house. "Hmmm," she murmured, peeking between the array of slats that comprised her chosen shutter. "You know, I think were going to have to go in. Cant see anything from out here."
  • As we approached a rocky precipice, a worn path in the stone became clear. My dream-memory flooded backa time when my mom was still alive. The worn, uneven steps were familiar, and I knew, even from the faint memory, that this would lead us to the Divine Librarys door. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the two keys, preparing to unlock the door. Suddenly, I remembered that I didnt have the second key. You had to have two keys to enter the Divine Library. Andrew had told me he didnt know what my other key went to, but that only one of them would open the door here. I felt panicked. It was easy to pick up my pace until I passed Aiden. Maybe we could just break the door down, but there was no way it would be that simple.
  • On friday a grand jury officially indicted miller on two charges of attempted second degree murder relating to the 2001 incident.
  • In a second incident, there was a minor disturbance on a train at warrington which was quickly quelled by police.
  • Guards climbed toward them, but one assassin turned and leaped off the cliffs to his death. The other nocked an arrow and drew. Three arrows struck him before he could release, and his shot flew high over Catrin's head. With a scream of agony and frustration, the second assassin fell from the cliff.
  • Quins scored 11 tries in total, with nick easter claiming two second half touchdowns.
  • "Mourn his loss for me if you can, my son, for Ive not the time for it. Gaal slips further and further into chaos every day, and second only to the secret of Diamonts silence, that is where my attentions and energies must be focused. It is my responsibility to do what I can to preserve this country in the face of whatever personal tragedy has befallen me. That is the position I have inherited, and that is what I will do."
  • Isolationist views were unpopular in the second world war and he lost his seat in congress in 1940.
  • Vasant Rao had already summoned the Rajputs and made assignments for the evening guard duty. Guards were to be doubled. Hawksworth remained astounded by the Rajput concept of security. A large kettledrum was set up at the head of the camp and continually beaten from dusk to dawn. A detail of Rajputs would march around the perimeter of the camp throughout the night, and on the quarter hour a shout of "khabardar," meaning "take heed," would circle the camp. The first night Hawksworth had found it impossible to sleep for the noise, but the second night and thereafter his weariness overtook him.
  • The second loop in the system involves the blood now being pumped from the left ventricle around the body.
  • "I'm no good at lying," Strom admitted for the second time. "Every time I try to lie to Miss Mariss, she calls me on it--on the spot. I'm just not good at keeping secrets, so I don't know if I should take the oath."
  • Pete's first mistake was agreeing to go with Adam and Jenny to the senior prom. His second miscalculation was eating a taco at 4:00 p.m. Things were rolling along as the two couples took a few pictures at Isabel's house. Pete's stomach started to churn as they arrived outside of Adam's house. His parents and sister were waiting and that made him uneasy. His sister loved Isabel and greeted her with a big hug and a kiss. His parents were usually cordial in public, saving their outbursts for behind closed doors. Pete never tired of defending Isabel, but the cumulative impact of the negativity had taken its toll on his nerves.
  • I looked forward to the meeting that we are going to have after our class hours.Every second seemed to be almost like an hour.As soon as the last hour has finished i hurried into the hallway.
  • "I've got a failsafe procedure. There's a second server out west which, if it doesn't get a signal from me in more than a month, will mail the password and the location of the first server to some key people. And, anyway, I'm not the only one who knows about it."
  • The,' (slice) ‘weedier the,' (kick) ‘better.' He sent the sword whirling out of the hand of the second one, and moved like greased lightning around to face the other two.
  • The 4100 metres relay team consisting of Caimin Douglas, Maarten Heisen, Patrick van Luijk and Guus Hoogmoed, with Gregory Sedoc and Virgil Spier as reserves, did qualify for the Olympics. Initially they finished in 17th position during the qualification process while only the first 16 teams would qualify, but due to the cancellation of the Australian team they were allowed to start in Beijing. In their qualification heat Heisen, Hoogmoed, Van Luijk and Douglas placed third behind Trinidad and Tobago and Japan, but in front of Brazil. Their time of 38.87 was the fifth fastest out of all sixteen participating nations in the first round and they qualified for the final. In the final, the second baton change between Hoogmoed and Van Luijk failed, resulting in a slow time. They still finished the race to place seventh, before the disqualified Chinese team. Spier himself did not participate.
  • The team had a game that night in a tournament in Massachusetts. Coach Blanda knew about my grades, because when we were down 20 in the beginning of the second half he didnt hesitate to put me in the game.
  • "Please," she said longingly, desperately. Donovans head reared back and his eyes were catlike slits of pure wanting. A second later his pants were gone and he was moving into position between her long legs. His maleness pressed at her feminine entrance, just the tip entering at first.
  • When I tried the second number, a lady picked up on the second ring. "Hi, this is Lauren, Id like to speak with Max?" The lady answered, "This is Max."
  • Lazerek eyed him with a cocked eyebrow,"I hope that you do," he chewed the side of his mouth,"My business allows me no room for error and no second chances.If I come to a point where I have trusted you, and you are not worthy, then our relationship will come to an end. An abrupt end."
  • When the supplies still hadnt arrived by the end of the week, the food and cigarette shortage ceased to be funny. All the caf had left was cheese sandwiches and they ate then until even the smell became nauseating. Money soon became the second scarcest commodity and when the last bottle of whiskey was emptied with no money to replace it, panic set it. Simpson began to dry out for the first time in weeks and the strain of the Sergeants sobriety was more than the tightly packed little group of men could take. The caf wouldnt extend a dollars worth of credit and pay day was almost two weeks away. Even if their supplies arrived the next day it wouldnt solve their problems. They could trade some of the C-rations for booze, but having to choose between food and booze was a bad choice of alternatives. Atkinson and Simpson held a conference over a bottle of beer and came up with a solution. They decided that their only alternative was to sell some of their equipment to the Chief.
  • One wonders whether his brain is bigger than the cavity in his second left upper molar.
  • Pa glanced at me, and I looked away, as if I wasn't listening. Pa said, "'Nother fellow comes to buy it, asks the oldtimer how the locals are. The oldtimer asks how they were in this second fellow's last home. Fellow says they were the friendliest bunch of people you were ever like to meet. The oldtimer nods and says, a-yup, the locals are pretty much like that."
  • We looked around and saw Julia leaning against the side of the building. It was obvious by the smile on her face that she didn't have any attachment issues. Her skin must have been as sticky as a flytrap by the time she moved on to second grade.
  • With over 53 million inhabitants, England is by far the most populous country of the United Kingdom, accounting for 84% of the combined total. England taken as a unit and measured against international states has the fourth largest population in the European Union and would be the 25th largest country by population in the world. With a density of 407 people per square kilometre, it would be the second most densely populated country in the European Union after Malta.
  • As he watched the line of giant animals winding their way through the camp, waving their trunks in the morning air, he realized they were not docile female zenana elephants, but male war elephants, first and second rank.
  • "For the last two months, during my time here in Havana, Ive been discussing my situation with officials of the Cuban government. I admit to having twice violated Cuban law by leaving the country illegally. The first time as a twelve-year-old, I defected to the United States with my parents and my brothers and sister. The second time was last year, when I came here to retrieve my son, Roberto, from his mother and take him back to the United States. Although I felt justified in these acts, I understand the necessity of making amends. The most logical way I can think of to reaffirm my respect for the Cuban people, their leaders, and the rule of law is to offer my services to the national team as a ballplayer.
  • The pulleys were actually an ingenious design. Jeralyle worried he would have to grip the rope obsessively with one hand as he hung her off the edge, else the entire thing may crash down to the second level. So he clutched and dug his heels into the ground, preparing for such an outcome. Yet it stayed in place, long enough for Jeralyle to stand and get both hands around the rope. It was only when he raised the rope up a bit did it slip off of its locks and begin creaking towards the ground.
  • The closest made the untrained mistake of watching the exchange and in that second it took for the blade to cross, Graham took two paces, drove his shoulder into the already tripping guard and helped him finish his descent. The moment his back hit, his front was struck with a searing pain in the chest, Graham pinning him to the ground with his long sword. The guard went to scream but the life wavered out of his eyes before anything came to the surface.
  • Wreath at the cenotaph in remembrance of those who fought in the far east during the second world war.
  • By June 2005, construction was well under-way for Superman Escape with the area cleared ready for the ride. The ride caused the removal of the Movie Magic Special Effects Show and the Looney Tunes Musical Revue (the latter of which was relocated to the Show Stage). By August 2005, the launch track was constructed in addition to supports for the ride's first element, a top hat. At this time 43 pieces of track still remained to be constructed. During August the top hat was constructed as well as the first of two camel humps. By mid September the second camel hump was constructed. With the roller coaster's construction completed in October, the focus turned to theming and landscaping before the ride's official opening on 26 December 2005.
  • The servant slipped silently back into the dining room through the kitchen door and carefully removed the plate, stacking the used silverware neatly atop it first, also without the vaguest hint of clatter or clink. She didnt want to cross him again, Fradjikan reflected; no one did. If they were smart, that is, and of course if they were still alive to have the second chance. It was good to be alive.
  • The great halls were full. In the first were the nobility and gentry in their uniforms, in the second bearded merchants in full-skirted coats of blue cloth and wearing medals. In the noblemen's hall there was an incessant movement and buzz of voices. The chief magnates sat on high-backed chairs at a large table under the portrait of the Emperor, but most of the gentry were strolling about the room.
  • Cut and bleeding acolytes shrank away from the blades, and a warrior stepped into the opening. He had a longer reach with his ax and he swung it up for a crushing blow, but the ax snagged on something. The warrior looked up to see the leather riata looped about it, forgetting that Gordo had moved into striking distance. El Toro began shredding his salt-hardened cotton armor, and the warrior had to decide which was more important, the riata holding his ax or the knife blades ripping into his garment. He dropped the ax and pulled a second club from his belt.
  • Lieutenant Reeman entered the great cabin aboard HMS Tartar in order to see the captain. Baker himself was sitting at his desk, writing in a notebook. He looked up at his second in command and smiled.
  • Agriculture accounts for almost 41% of the gross domestic product (GDP), 80% of exports, and 80% of the labor force. Many other economic activities depend on agriculture, including marketing, processing, and export of agricultural products. Production is overwhelmingly by small-scale farmers and enterprises and a large part of commodity exports are provided by the small agricultural cash-crop sector. Principal crops include coffee, pulses (e.g., beans), oilseeds, cereals, potatoes, sugarcane, and vegetables. Recently, Ethiopia has had a fast-growing annual GDP and it was the fastest-growing non-oil-dependent African nation in 2007. Exports are almost entirely agricultural commodities, and coffee is the largest foreign exchange earner. Ethiopia is Africa's second biggest maize producer. According to a UN report the GNP per capita of Ethiopia has reached $1541 as of 2009. The same report indicated that the life expectancy had improved substantially in recent years. The life expectancy of men is reported to be 56 years and for women 60 years.
  • "Bring this apparel to my chamber. That is the second thing that I have commanded thee; the third is that thou wilt be a voluntary mute to my design. Be but duteous and true, preferment shall tender itself to thee.
  • What is meant from His second day is a month is that passing in this direction from the North, it sometimes happens that for a month in the summer the sun does not set.
  • Three such men concealed themselves under the branches of a tree on the northern edge of the forest and stared outward. One had an ugly scar disfiguring the left side of his face while a second was tall and thin. The third was younger than the others, perhaps only twenty or twenty-one. The question of whether or not they might have lived respectable lives during better times was debatable. After years with little money, these three were ready to steal from anyone they met. As they watched, a group of four ox-drawn wagons approached from the northeast.
  • Crawley tries to compose himself for the camera. He musters up every bit of public relations training he ever had. "I'm stunned...and saddened...and horrified that this senseless, random violence is still happening in our city. I didn't know Mr. Messick well, but he was obviously a very fine attorney, and a formidable opponent.... The profession has lost a good man…." Thatll make a good twenty second sound bite. "Do they have any idea who might have done it?"
  • Grahamas ran the entire way to the field. There were five trees total within it; one for each of the four Champions of Highlace that came before him. Three of the trees were too far away to be the one he was looking for, as his coronation had been incredibly close to Loruze. So only two were a possibility, both to his right with one about fifty feet away and the second another twenty from that. As hard as he tried, he could not recall it exactly. He remembered the day, the ceremony, even the prayer he had said; but he could not picture which side of him had the tree when he planted his own.
  • Still, in one rambling passage, I questioned the whole thing, attributing it to a belated mid-life crisis, congratulating myself on having saved the expense of a sports car or second nasty divorce. Later I reread this and almost deleted the whole page. But I didnt though. It seemed like all my questioning was part of a bigger process. I tuned out the cynical inner voice that muttered about what the hell kind of process and this is why the rest of the world hates American baby boomers.
  • Asta grinned. "My kind of place. Anyway, I spent two weeks passing out twenty dollar bills to homeless, trying to find some witnesses who might identify the shifter. Funny, you know cheap wine obviously kills brain cells." She speared a jelly donut with her finger and brought the jelly to her lips. "Mmm. Strawberry. Okay. Where was I? Oh, yes, homeless people. Smell bad and have the memories of gold fish. Did you know a gold fish has a three second memory? Makes you wonder how they reproduce."
  • The economy grew by only 0.3 per cent in the second quarter of 2003.
  • Combining the total medals of Soviet Union and Russia, the country is second among all nations by number of gold medals both at the Summer Olympics and at the Winter Olympics. Soviet and later Russian athletes have always been in the top three for the number of gold medals collected at the Summer Olympics. Soviet gymnasts, track-and-field athletes, weight lifters, wrestlers, boxers, fencers, shooters, cross country skiers, biathletes, speed skaters and figure skaters were consistently among the best in the world, along with Soviet basketball, handball, volleyball and ice hockey players. The 1980 Summer Olympics were held in Moscow while the 2014 Winter Olympics will be hosted in Sochi.
  • The town developed around the site of a 13th century hermitage, and is now ranked as the second site in france.
  • On the French side, amid the groups with cannon, a cloud of smoke appeared, then a second and a third almost simultaneously, and at the moment when the first report was heard a fourth was seen. Then two reports one after another, and a third.
  • An uncomfortable silence fell, and Mirra's head drooped with fatigue. After her sleepless, uncomfortable night, she was exhausted, hardly able to listen to him, much less hold an intelligent conversation. He left, and she lay down on the floor, longing for sleep. It seemed only a second later that he shook her awake again.
  • They ran down the alley as fast as their feet would carry them. Rommus drew his knife so that he would at least have a fighting chance if any of these men caught up to them. He could hear the boots stomping on the cobblestone behind him, and he knew that if he paused for a second to look at his pursuers, he would encounter a blade before he could see the person wielding it.
  • It wasnt until this second year that the most unfortunate characteristics of the shower room developed: the bracket mushroom, the fork with the hair wrapped around it, the cracks in the kitchen ceiling directly beneath the shower unitand most dispiritingly of all, the lack of central heating.
  • She said she still loved and respected Manny, and she apologized to his fiance for disrupting their plans. It was not her intention to stop his second marriage, but simply to remind him of some unfinished business. Nor had she planned his abduction, she claimed. Even though he had done her the unspeakable injury of stealing her child, she would have preferred to keep their dealings private. But the state had taken it out of her hands, labeling Manny the aggressor in his actions against both her and the Cuban government. It was that governments policy to respond to aggression with equal force.
  • Behind the second hearse was a solitary man, walking a pit bull dog on a leash.
  • He was getting ready to go hunting and already had his cartridge belt on with his skinning knife hanging from it. As soon as he heard his dog being teased, Brad stepped into the living room holding his .22 rifle at hip level. Although he was terrified of the tall gangly, wannabe biker, he stared into Edgar's eyes for several seconds before telling him to leave his dog alone. As he was turning away from Edgar he added that if Edgar ever touched her again he would "be sorry." Brad called his dog to him before he turned and left the house. Fearfully Brad went across the yard. He was sure Edgar would attack and destroy him at any second.
  • Cade watched as Kat quickly bent down picked-up her sweater and hurriedly covered herself, but this time in her haste she too fumbled nervously with the buttons. When she raised her eyes they were full of tears, hurt, anger, and confusion. Sobbing loudly with mascara laced tears flowing heavily down both cheeks Kat cried, "I feel as if Im going to be sick," catching her breath she continued, "You are without doubt the lowest life form on this planet! Her words were barley comprehensible as they flew from her mouth, "Andand to think we were about to make love or I guess as far as youre concerned we were about to screw! No on second thought you were just going to fuck me werent you?"
  • The door was locked. Did she lock it behind her? Or maybe she could magically appear and disappear too? Perhaps go through solid objects like a ghost? Or maybe she just locked the door behind her. What was the fun in logic, really? I fought with the lock and opened the door. Hercules awoke and slid across the wood floor, turning slightly to try to stop his impending crash with me. He might as well have been fighting gravity, because in the next second he almost knocked me over. He wagged his tail so vigorously that his body bent in and out of a kidney bean shape. I smiled at the greeting, one I always enjoyed. No man could ever love as unconditionally as a dog.
  • "We fight, and so did he. He gave his life trying to retrieve a weapon that would have saved us all. And he knew before he ever even entered that it may end him, yet he went without a second thought because there was a chance. A chance that he would succeed, and free his race. Every race. He didn't go there for himself, and he risked his life for everyone else, for nothing more than a hope everything would be well. Why you can't do that, why you can't be like Javal, Grahamas or Gort here and fight for this world rather than hide from it is a question I can't answer. I know not why and I no longer care. This is my battle and I am going to Forgas to fight it. I am going because I respect you, and I respect my people. Because I hope on one day marrying your daughter, but I plan on living with her in a world where we don't have to hide." His eyes fell on her, only for a moment, until his attention placed on the Dwarf next to him. "Let's go, Gort."
  • During the Oct. 16 presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York, Obama said that in a second term he would look into reinstating the assault weapon ban, something he supported during his 2008 campaign.
  • Lake Gage is about two hours north of Portland, near Angola, Indiana, and is in a collection of lakes in the northeastern part of the state. Along the way, we drove through downtown Ft. Wayne, where I would hang my head out the car window and marvel at what were the tallest buildings I had ever seen. From there we would get onto the interstate and finally the country roads until we came to The Lake and cottage. Once we arrived, Bill and I would lug our bags to the second floor bedroom, and then help with a few other things before we would be released. We would put on our swim trunks and run down the stone stairs leading from the house to the waters edge. After two hours in the car with us, Mom and Dad were probably glad to let us run off and go jump into the water. I dont remember my sisters being that eager to run to the end of the dock and leap off the end. In fact, Im not entirely sure what they did at that point, as Bill and I were for the most part left to our own devices for the next two weeks.
  • A second small rct found limited evidence that intranasal corticosteroids plus antibiotics improved symptoms compared with antibiotics alone.
  • Catrin swayed on her feet when she realized the second set of shadowy forms she had seen had not been soldiers at all; it had been Strom and Chase. Had she stayed a moment longer, she would have seen them rescue Osbourne. All the fear and pain she experienced in the past day had been for nothing. She began to cry as she realized she could have just climbed back onto the raft and poled herself safely back to camp.
  • Then the second packing began. He started with more gifts, these for port officials, mainly silver-trimmed knives and rings set with small inexpensive pearls. He also enclosed several boxed sets of English gold sovereigns, which the Company had requested be distributed as widely as possible, in hopes they would begin to be accepted.
  • From somewhere a voice spoke to her, an outer voice, increasing in clearness; she heard it through the night. "Child," Lord Arglay was saying with a restrained anxiety, and then, still carefully, "Chloe! Chloe, child!" She made a small effort towards him, and suddenly the pain passed from her and the outer world began to appear. But in the less than second in which that change took place she saw, away beyond her, glowing between the darkness and the returning day, the mild radiance of the Stone. Away where the apparition of Lord Arglay had seemed to be, it shone, white interspersed with gold, dilating and lucid from within. Only in the general alteration of her knowledge she was aware of that perfection, and catching up her breath at the vision she loosed it again in the study and found the Chief Justice watching her.
  • He has an illegitimate child by the second wife who lives in germany.
  • When her second son was born, Bette said his name would be Mark. My Grandpa Wade, who Pa said never spoke unless he had something to say, looked at her and at the red-faced baby and said, "Mark Christopher." Bette stared at him, but he offered no explanation and left their bedroom.
  • Whatever your needs, m j wright & sons ltd aim to provide traditional, world-class craftsmanship and service, second to none.
  • Lyosha sang along with Freddie for a second or two-Somebody-Somebody-except that his couple of years at Muscovite German elementary and high school often gave him a Teutonic accent in English-thus, zamh-bah-dee.
  • And still she could feel its thoughts, its pain and fury. The wyrm screamed silently, unbearably. Sarli raised the knife over one gleaming eye, knowing that the wyrm must be aware of her now - and hesitated, not wanting to strike, waiting one second too long. The wyrm plunged downward violently, and she tumbled off its head, landing on the rubble far below. Her back exploded in pain.
  • He was so caught up in the fantasy that he never noticed the trap. He had a meeting with the owner later that morning, during which he intended to offer his services as manager of the club - aim high. He was going to say that he felt ready for responsibility (as in the safe's combination), and that it was only right that he give something back to the place that was like a second home.
  • They stood in the equatorial sun forever. Mudhead appeared unaffected, but Vanes eyelids were drooping. His shoulders sagged, his back screamed for a break. He was sure hed faint any second.
  • "The second question I shall answer first. Before the first dishonored dead arrived here, it was a shapeless mass. As more and more people found themselves here, their very memories began to sculpt the landscape. Each new arrival here changes this world. Making a long, confusing story short, as people die and come here it changes to reflect the memories of the places they knew best, more or less making it identical to the mortal realm, most of the time."
  • When she woke for the second time, she lay on her back, and the pain in her head seemed to have diminished. She opened her eyes slowly, and gasped when she saw two dark and ghostly strange faces peering down at her. She tried to sit up, but fell back with a soft cry, blinking back tears of pain, as her head protested.
  • Suddenly he heard a cough. Distinctly, only a few paces behind him. His tenseness and contained fear forced him to panic. He ran out of the alley, and fled down the road as fast as he could. He desperately wanted to look behind him to see if anyone was chasing him but he wouldnt let himself. On and on he flew along the empty streets, taking whichever turning presented itself, blood rushing through his veins and pounding in his head as if he were going out of his mind, his face contorted into an expression of interminable pain as he begged his chest to respond to the wild stumbling pace of his legs. Terror-stricken he hurtled through the night, imagining that at any second a hand would reach out and grab him from behind in an unshakeable grip, this fear pumping spurts of adrenalin into his chest like blood gushing from a severed vein.
  • The schism occurred as a result of a second dispute over who should inherit the imamate.
  • The city of Johannesburg located in South Africa was founded as a result of the Witwatersrand Gold Rush which resulted in the discovery of some of the largest gold deposits the world has ever seen. Gold fields located within the basin in the Free State and Gauteng provinces are extensive in strike and dip requiring some of the world's deepest mines, with the Savuka and TauTona mines being currently the world's deepest gold mine at 3,777 m. The second Boer War of 18991901 between the British Empire and the Afrikaner Boers was at least partly over the rights of miners and possession of the gold wealth in South Africa.
  • Benjamin lifted the head of the guitar, taking aim at what he guessed must be the bulk of the swarm. But it was difficult; his hands felt cumbersome and saggy, unready for the moment. He tried to strum and missed; the second time his fingers brushed the strings but made no discernible sound. "One sec," he said, in a small, tremulous voice that spoke of just what he was: a boy so suddenly panicked that he couldnt even comprehend the obvious. He checked the guitar, with some vague notion that there might be something wrong with it. "No!" Strifer screamed, glancing feverishly to the sky, then back to the boy. "Let go of the neck - LET GO OF THE STRINGS!"
  • Siniestro abandoned his companions and made straight for the two girls. "Senora de Muerte!" he exclaimed, "It is good of you to attend! Senorita de Muerte. And your companion..." He held his gaze a fraction of a second longer than was polite.
  • "Understood, Sire. It is well placed I imagine. I would then leave you with this good news and allow your mind some peace. As well, I would ask to test this new found information. Perhaps it can be hidden..." The Wizard trailed off, as did his mind, already devising a plan as he scanned over the chambers. Worried, however, that he had overstayed his welcome, he bowed once and drew back, taking the manuscript with him. When he reached the door, he gave a second nod to the King who was still staring out the window. The Wizard had pulled it open and stepped halfway through before Idimus acknowledged him.
  • Included in the expansion is a second 800,000 tons steam cracker, a 535,000 tons polyethylene plant and a 410,000 tons ethylene glycol plant.
  • "Maeve Finn, welcome to Anwin. Dont be alarmed, we will not hurt you, " assured the second sphere. "Let the light take you."
  • Grandparent carer in suffolk sunny posted - 15/04/2005: 14:46:30 yes i will second that well done for fighting on despite everything.
  • These beings belonged to that bastard class composed of coarse people who have been successful, and of intelligent people who have descended in the scale, which is between the class called "middle" and the class denominated as "inferior," and which combines some of the defects of the second with nearly all the vices of the first, without possessing the generous impulse of the workingman nor the honest order of the bourgeois.
  • You should not use a second stay dry layer or flushable liner with the stay dry booster.
  • The demon howled with frustrated ragea terrifying, earth-rending roar of inhuman eviland then rushed her again. But Melody could now somehow feel the rush before it even happened, and, falling ever deeper into Melody, found herself not as swift as the infernal huge freak before herbut even swifter. Time and again the Mephastophian charged Melody, or slashed at her, or bit at her, slobbering, or whipped its tail into her face, often all at once, moving too fast for human sightbut not for Melodys sight. She would spin around the demon, or behind it, or under itthe ease of each move grew exponentially as the victory of the song that had lodged itself in her spirit since she was born came to full flower. Time stretched evermore widely for her, each passing second yards wide now, becoming wider, then wider still, like dark curtains pulling open in her spirit to reveal huge, bright, easy spaces within which to move, to avoid the ruthless killer before her.
  • "Yeah! My dad's gonna come in any second to bring me my stuff, but I wanted to tell you that I'm gonna be able to practice!"
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