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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • In this high noon of stars she could see his face very clearly. It was not angry any longer: it was just empty, as if there was no one there behind the eyes and the mouth. It was a face empty swept and garnished, ready for any occupant who might take possession. The sweet clean water of his nature must have run out onto desert sands, the cistern of the body in which it had so swiftly and boyishly bubbled all these years was empty. Just for one second that impression lasted, inscrutably frightening her with some nightmare touch.
  • He rolled to the side, kicking the chest of the closest, shoving him into the second fresh attacker. He used the kick to push himself over and back onto his feet. Without looking, he ran for the open door. Raven ducked out of his way as Johan burst through it.
  • Pete washed his face and felt his head slightly clear for the first time in days. He was determined to stop Gerry cold in the second half after the action was fairly even in the first half.
  • The spd is constrained by german federalism: under the constitution, the second chamber has the power to block legislation.
  • Fighting all the way, Myranda was led outside. Each time she resisted, a sharp pain in her already-injured shoulder forced her to continue. The snow was ankle-deep at its shallowest, and as tall as she in drifts. When she was nearly to the horses in front of the sleigh, her arm was released with one final thrust. A second iron grip locked onto the back of her head, keeping her gaze forward. One of the horses had been cut off of the sleigh, every symbol of the army's ownership removed from the equipment.
  • I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him the compliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in a purple dressing-gown, a pipe-rack within his reach upon the right, and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly studied, near at hand. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felt hat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places. A lens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested that the hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose of examination.
  • Intended for print publication, and the second covers network format.
  • Enin could not help but read the captain's thoughts. He smiled with good humor. "You rely on Ryson more. At least that's what you believe. That's alright. It's not so bad to be the second most trusted man in your command."
  • The gusting wind must have helped cover any noise he had made, for he made it inside the cave without being noticed, a feat that would have impressed even Pacian. Aiden pushed aside the momentary flash of concern for his captured friend, and made a silent vow to get them out or die in the attempt. From the most bizarre of circumstances, he had been given a second chance, and he wasn't going to waste it.
  • They called an elevator, but the first elevator that opened its door was going up. They let it pass. The second elevator, going down, was so full of people that they couldn't possibly fit in. They had to let that one pass too. The third time was, as they say, a charm. They went inside and pushed the lowest button, marked B.
  • This very small change had, in fact, prodigiously reduced the cost of the raw material, which had rendered it possible in the first place, to raise the price of manufacture, a benefit to the country; in the second place, to improve the workmanship, an advantage to the consumer; in the third place, to sell at a lower price, while trebling the profit, which was a benefit to the manufacturer.
  • The electric shock that I had nearly convinced myself had been a figment of my imagination wasnt. Electricity coursed through me the second his hand touched my cheek, and the little tingles I had felt during our first kiss were replaced by massive electric pulses through my entire body.
  • The second half of the course organizes students in program groups, to introduce the historiography and sources of their chosen field of study.
  • I can do this, he thought, really I can. The soldiers in the door were stirring, but that was about it. Jurtan looked down at them for a moment, set his jaw, and swung the club, then swung it again. He tried to tell himself it actually wasnt that bad the second time.
  • Bane ignored his father's congratulations. "But it had two traps, and the second one injured me. She helped me. I expected her to try something, but she did not."
  • This fine house remains a much-loved second residence for a local family and boasts a wealth of carefully chosen details throughout.
  • "Really?" Again, my eyes scanned the surrounding area. The sun was almost completely behind the horizon, and I couldnt see that far. As I did a second sweep across the tall trees to the east, I saw something move within the shadows. I jumped and electrocuted Andrew, who then looked around suspiciously.
  • He saw a severed piece of flesh on the sink with blood swimming around it. Without losing a second he ran from the kitchen. He was not sure what to do next. He went to the bedroom, slammed shut the door and latched it from the inside.
  • After being with each other for so long, having Rakuens presence ripped from her had been damaging in so many ways. He had always been the one thing that could freeze her blazing temper, and without him she had literally gone insane after her second crossing, never to become completely normal again. She shook her head to clear the memories.
  • Another usher, this one thankfully no more fawning than the first, pointed me towards my seat, and I felt my second surge of disappointment for the night. My seat was on the main level, but it was only three rows from the very top, and all the way off to one side. I guess it really wasn't that surprising. If the school was paying for the tickets I should just be glad I hadn't been stuck with a standing room only spot.
  • "It's quite clear that they love each other," said the little Page, "as clear as crystal!" and the King doubled his salary a second time. "What an honour!" cried all the courtiers.
  • The dog ignored the offered second helping and everything Brad had to say besides. She had decided the mix was too dry for her taste and hurried down the bank to reach the crystal clear water. She noisily inhaled several mouthfuls from the two inch deep stream of icy water before she flopped down on her right side in the middle of the creek bed.
  • His new pursuit led him to the zodiac, and thence to the celestial sphere. Nights he would wonder aloud, staring upward lost in thought, muttering crabbily while the boy watched him dreamily, sleepy eyes falling. Karl was flustered by the idea of people and animals making up the constellations. In the first place, he found such descriptions absurd: those stellar patterns could have been anything, they could have been nothing. In the second place, they were curiously inactive for beings. He finally concluded, rightly, that they were just a lot of dumb stars encumbered by the perpetual silliness of human imagination.
  • In the second year work will begin on the cyclic loading of adhesive joints and also on the creep behavior of welded thermoplastics.
  • Nor will it from the blatant handball from drogba prior to putting the ball into the net in the second half.
  • Rordan cleared his throat. "Um, got to go. Tour and everything. But I live here now. Room eight, second floor. Feel free to drop by, or maybe Ill run into you between classes. See you later."
  • Jonathan perry just kept the advantage over james barnett having passed him at the second chicane a few laps earlier.
  • "I dont know," he heard her say and then he heard her say "a bus to Kampala," but she wasnt speaking to him, there was second conversation going on in the background.
  • The second Comparison: You and I are in a place resembling a vast desert.
  • There is little or no possibility of a second evangelical revival sweeping the country.
  • The child was never allowed to see the brother Vajravahan. It was now strategically let loose on the streets, to be found by an intended finder. Given the striking bearing and elegant poise of the childindicative of a good family backgroundcertain assumptions were made as to what might become of the child. The assumptions proved to be correct. In a few months, the child's then current location was learned. It was then that Vajravahan wrote out a second parchment, wrapped it around the first, and sealed it with lacquer. He, and only he, knew what was written on the second parchment.
  • "You just got paid, now it's my turn. A few representatives of America's patriotic heartland are straight ahead. They're always good for a couple of bucks if I'm the first one to get to 'em. You just stay here for a second and I'll be right back."
  • "In the kitchen," she called, turning from the sink. A second later her son walked through the doorway. Every time she looked at him, she thought that he looked more and more like his father. His brown hair was buzzed short, exposing the small scar that was usually hidden under his curly hair. She blinked quickly as the memory of him crashing his tricycle into the back of her dads tractor and all of the blood that covered the side of his face flashed through her mind.
  • These derivatives of the derivative are called the second derivative of f.
  • The initial theme [ a ] is rhythmic ( marked marcato ), the second [ b ] more hymn-like and lyrical.
  • With sad hearts we came back to my house, where we found Harker waiting us, with an appearance of cheerfulness which did honour to his bravery and unselfishness. When he saw our faces, his own became as pale as death. For a second or two his eyes were closed as if he were in secret prayer.
  • Her second entrance into Llanlleyn was much happier than her first. Then, she had been forced in against her will, kidnapped and frightened, with two young children in tow. Now, it was as if she were coming home. All the faces she saw were known to her and even the small buildings looked reassuringly familiar. Most comforting, however, was the friendliness of her reception. People smiled at her as she and Rhirid rode in through the gate on his horse; they shouted out greetings to her. It was enough excitement to fluster her. She felt like a queen.
  • The first rays of the sun stirred the two travelers. They were both near-frozen, spared a complete blanket of snow only by their proximity to a thickly-needled pine tree. Great mounds of the white stuff surrounded the tree and buried the lower third of their bodies. Myranda managed to get her numbed limbs beneath her and roll off of Myn. Even after being healed, Myn had lost too much blood to last the long, cold night alone. She would have surely died if not for the impromptu blanket in the form of the unconscious body of Myranda. The dragon hoisted herself to her feet and released a mighty blast of fire. Instantly, the warm blood surged through her body, bringing new life to cold muscles. A second blast brought her strength and comfort back to normal.
  • "Thank you, Trey," she smiled. It was a very nice smile. Now that he took a second to look at her, he realized that she was really a very good-looking woman -- and in that evening gown, definitely not the tweedy professor he'd come to know.
  • I was escorted by both teachers out of the lunch room and into the principals office, which was on the second floor. I hadn't seen who had restrained me initially, and I was surprised to see that Mr. Anders was one of the teachers acting as my guard. He didn't meet my gaze as we walked, looking ahead the whole time instead. I didn't recognize the other teacher. They stayed on either side of me until I sat down in the waiting area outside of his office. I caught a glimpse of Mina, who was already talking to Principle Wright.
  • If a film is among the few that have longer-term commercial value, its producers can choose the first path. If it isnt, they lose nothing by taking the second route. The license thus underwrites creative risk-taking without squandering public money on blockbusters. It also ensures that public investment generates public culture -- not works controlled by the studios for the next 95 years.
  • In 1954, he earned a second doctorate, in philosophy, evaluating the feasibility of a Catholic ethic based on the ethical system of phenomenologist Max Scheler, a German philosopher who founded a broad philosophical movement which emphasised the study of conscious experience. However, the Communist authorities intervened to prevent him from receiving the degree until 1957. Wojty?a developed a theological approach which combined traditional Catholic Thomism with the ideas of personalism, a philosophical approach deriving from phenomenology, which was popular amongst Catholic intellectuals in Krakw during Wojty?a's intellectual development. He translated Scheler's Formalism and the Ethics of Substantive Values.
  • Ella Maes voice echoed through the high ceilings of the front hallway. Honey-colored wood floors shone beneath her feet and a large staircase rose up to the second floor landing. Three girls made their way down to us.
  • The doctor, to do him justice, for a second or two looked confoundedly put out, and his eyes blazed fiercer as his face flushed.
  • In their second innings, durham lost all ten wickets within the space of just 58 minutes.
  • Cassie was still trying to pry information out of Krista about her 'secret relationshipwith Tray. My best friend noticed me looking at her, misinterpreted the meaning, rolled her eyes and shot me a small grin. They continued their conversation without giving me a second look. My friends hadnt seemed to notice anything either. As the revelation was ushered into my awareness, I freaked out accordingly.
  • Next she'd tried the second murder scene, also against her father's wishes. He'd discouraged the idea, especially after her forty-eight hour cat nap. She made it clear she would go there and try her memory power with or without his accompaniment, though. He reasoned it was safer if he were there.
  • The cop punched at his screen. "Kid," he said, "I got over three million minors eight to eleven, flying packs less than a year old. The most popular colour is red. second choice, green. Where would you like me to start? Alphabetically?"
  • "Be it known that upon this day it is gathered the Council of Wizards as set to rule by the Elves of old." Finnegaff enunciated each word in a deep, authoritative voice. He held the scroll in front of him, though just a formality, for he had not need of it, having memorized it centuries ago. "We come unto the presence of the twelve. We gather in the common interest of upholding the balance of Saa. Let all those who are of other mindset be gone!" He paused and looked at each of them just for a second to see if any took the offer of dismissal, which certainly would have been just less than treason, and got the usual unerring response. All remained seated. He often wondered what would happen if any of them ever got up and left. "Let the Council of Wizards commence!" Finnegaff rolled the scroll and set it on the table before him. For a moment, all were quiet.
  • "Bye," said Max. He eased the door shut and then took off down the aisle. The Front Door terminus was ahead. Could he just bludgeon his way through? No, it would never work; even the second quantum level force levels he could bring to bear would never overpower the Archivesgenerators. Creeley had wanted to keep out gods just as much as hed wanted to keep out ordinary people. If not at least as much. Finesse was what was indicated here. In fact -
  • Quite right!’ George said, reflecting on her proposal. ‘Well said! Yes, well do that.’ He flung the stump of his cigarette to the ground and trampled on it, without giving it a second thought.
  • For a second I wondered whether I dare try kicking my heels into my horses sides and riding away. But it was hopeless; the pistol-barrels were both close to my heart and I would not stand a chance. I tried to play for time.
  • One House Republican aide, asked about prospects for "Plan B" on the House floor, said: "It wouldn't be surprising ... if a lot of conservatives balk at something like that." The House's second ranking Republican, Eric Cantor, said he was confident his party members in the House would back the bill.
  • My suspicions about Carlas dark personality were confirmed at our second dinner together. The four of us went out to celebrate Sam and Carlas engagement, when Carla almost immediately told us she was adopted. It was almost like she sensed that I could see inside her dark eyes and into her murky soul. I knew that she and Sam connected on some level, with that level being an upbringing lacking parents. Carla had wonderful adoptive parents who loved her and supported her, but she never felt complete. That was part of the reason why she never sought out male companionship; she was used to depending on herself that being with a man was not her idea of completing the picture.
  • "He somehow came into the spirit world, still made of flesh," Amy explains. "He offered us, the dishonored, a chance for revenge against those who condemned us if we would serve him. Many agreed to his terms and through his dark powers, we were ripped from the dishonored land, given again flesh and bone, but a new flesh to suit his needs. He seemed to know who I was, my history, and how I died. As such, he chose me as his second lieutenant. He needed only say the name, the name of the man I hated, the man I wanted so very much to kill, Alastor, and I would do anything for him. Knowing this, Lucius sent me on my first mission: to find the rogue princess of Halvard and kill her. Alastor, I was assured, would show himself. When he did, I was at my discretion to do as I pleased, so long as it did not conflict with Lucius' ultimate goal."
  • Waking in a strange place for a second time was almost as disturbing as the first, but at least we were safe. Climbing out of bed, I sat on a stool to pull my socks and boots on and winced when I turned my thigh out to lace the back of the boot. It seemed every single muscle hurt, even my eyes. They watered when I let out a mouth splitting yawn.
  • The Kapalik was astonished. He thought of the example of an exquisite young beauty willingly taking up with an old beast. He composed himself and said: "I would not have dreamed in a thousand years that someone like you could take up with someone like me. But I accept you not only as my Bhairavi but also as my second goddess. I will place you on a pedestal only slightly lower than Kali's, and worship you the rest of my days. I will give you the most beautiful and the most appropriate name I can imagine: Sapnabhairavi, the Dream Bhairavi."
  • Do graduates who experience disaffirmation, in their initial career period, seek ways to gain affirmation, in their initial career period, seek ways to gain affirmation in second or subsequent jobs?
  • Today, I release my second novel, and my third, a collaboration with Charlie Stross is due any day, and two more are under contract. My career as a novelist is now well underwayin other words, I am firmly afoot on a long road that stretches into the future: my future, science fictions future, publishings future and the future of the world.
  • THIRD GLEAM: In the second Gleam we pointed to the fall of human philosophy before Quranic wisdom and to the miraculousness of Quranic wisdom.
  • For what it's worth, Goldman's Hatzius, who is paid far more than I am to know about such things, thinks we'd get too much drag from plunging straight off the cliff. But he does think that deficit reduction in 2013 will be offset by private sector expansion such that the second half of the year should see a more robust recovery.
  • The second local elections, involving thirty-three municipalities with some 2.4 million registered voters, took place in November 2003. This was the first time that FRELIMO, RENAMO-UE, and independent parties competed without significant boycotts. The 24% turnout was well above the 15% turnout in the first municipal elections. FRELIMO won twenty-eight mayoral positions and the majority in twenty-nine municipal assemblies, while RENAMO won five mayoral positions and the majority in four municipal assemblies. The voting was conducted in an orderly fashion without violent incidents. However, the period immediately after the elections was marked by objections about voter and candidate registration and vote tabulation, as well as calls for greater transparency.
  • The second prong of their overall argument, however, may well make up the difference.
  • The dives i made were relatively modest to just short of 20m with the second morning dive only 10m, maximum.
  • Cain tethered Mescaline to a hitching post at the end of town, and walked along the porch of a familiar building. A specter of Genevieve waved to him from a picture window on the second floor. He strung together memories of intimate and clear-minded moments, of being in that room with her. A sound rose and the memories left his mind.
  • All plant parts were dried and weighed and the second seedling leaves were analyzed for total carbon and nitrogen and soluble carbohydrates.
  • The first occurrence in English of "ontology" as recorded by the OED (Oxford English Dictionary, second edition, 1989) appears in Nathaniel Bailey's dictionary of 1721, which defines ontology as 'an Account of being in the Abstract' - though, of course, such an entry indicates the term was already in use at the time. It is likely the word was first used in its Latin form by philosophers based on the Latin roots, which themselves are based on the Greek.
  • The Han Dynasty (202 BCAD 220) emerged in 206 BC, with its founder Liu Bang proclaimed emperor in 202 BC. It was the first dynasty to embrace the philosophy of Confucianism, which became the ideological underpinning of all regimes until the end of imperial China. Under the Han Dynasty, China made great advances in many areas of the arts and sciences. Emperor Wu consolidated and extended the Chinese empire by pushing back the Xiongnu into the steppes of modern Inner Mongolia, wresting from them the modern areas of Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai. This enabled the first opening of trading connections between China and the West, along the Silk Road. Han Dynasty general Ban Chao expanded his conquests across the Pamirs to the shores of the Caspian Sea. The first of several Roman embassies to China is recorded in Chinese sources, coming from the sea route in AD 166, and a second one in AD 284.
  • We sang some stupid song parodies and so did everyone elsewe finished in second place in both the competition and Color War. Everyone was hugging and high-fiving after the screams of joy and celebration subsided from the red team. By the time I got near Shari, hugging was about the last thing on my mind.
  • Strog fumed. His command over battle strategies was being ripped from him by the delusions of a mad woman who was now queen. He bristled at the prospect of having to divide his army as well as leave an injured and angry enemy at his flank before finishing the job. He would open a second and third front by attacking the elves and the humans. He saw no signs the elves were allied with the algors, but an unprovoked attack would certainly lead to such an alliance. The algors would be given time to regroup while humans and elves offered their assistance, all of this while he could not obtain the assistance of neighboring dwarf cities. The forces of Dunop would stand alone.
  • "And now a word as to my household, Mr. Holmes, for I wish you to thoroughly understand the situation. My groom and my page sleep out of the house, and may be set aside altogether. I have three maid-servants who have been with me a number of years and whose absolute reliability is quite above suspicion. Another, Lucy Parr, the second waiting-maid, has only been in my service a few months. She came with an excellent character, however, and has always given me satisfaction. She is a very pretty girl and has attracted admirers who have occasionally hung about the place. That is the only drawback which we have found to her, but we believe her to be a thoroughly good girl in every way.
  • All of a sudden Sapriel looked scared, he looked really scared. "Now wait a second here. Are you running a hearing or a lynch mob? What -"
  • Mayor again a retired teacher has been appointed mayor again a retired teacher has been appointed mayor in his adopted town for the second time.
  • She struggled to walk without shoes. She glanced at me, her pain showing through her eyes. Thats when I decided once and for all that we were doomed. It was that or I would die right there and then. I smiled faintly, bent, and swept her up in my arms. Though her body felt stiff as set concrete, she was light, and once I held her she softened. She snuggled against me as she sunk into my coat. My chest ached for her. For the first time in my memory I felt complete. And for the second time in my life I was scared shitless.
  • Thats when I noticed the tiny green line circling his blazing irises. I took a second glance just to make sure. It was still there. My stomach turned to acid.
  • William Thomas Barnes began his military service in the Royal Fusiliers; he had become a sergeant before he was commissioned a second lieutenant within the regiment on 10 June 1917.
  • If successful, it may not only terminate decades of secessionist violence in Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines; it may also inspire hope in a wide swath of Asian countries damaged, politically as well as economically, by internecine conflicts.
  • One of the women in white pulled a long knife from her leg-sheath and held it in the air ceremoniously. It took me a second to realize what was happening, and I went paralyzed with fear.
  • '…not only did we no longer have a need for change, but he was positively unhelpful. For once we had a peaceful existence, but could he accept that. Oh, no! He had to go trying to change our opinion. We thought of letting him do this a couple of times to frustrate him, but decided against it. His defence attorney tried to use the fact that not only was it Change's job to make change happen, but that he'd been doing it so long that it had become second nature (which upset second nature, who happened to be at the hearing that day and felt somehow incriminated) to change everything, and that therefore he was not guilty of anything other than being a conscientious and dedicated worker.
  • I snuck a peek at his face. He didnt appear to be intentionally seducing me, but any second I was going to melt into his touch. We leaned close to each other. Perhaps he was just leaning in to keep our conversation private and to hear me over the blaring music. He didnt have to move far considering we sat next to each other at the small round table.
  • She blushed at the praise, but as she walked from the office, she felt sick. How could she for a second consider a career in this awful place? But another voice argued, And what were you planning on doing instead? You quit here, and then what? Your silly little stories arent going to earn you money. Do you think you could go to college? You could never afford to pay your own tuition anywhere. Besides, degrees dont guarantee anything, anyway. You have no backup, Liseli Luenford.
  • Grandparent carer in suffolk sunny posted - 15/04/2005: 14:46:30 yes i will second that well done for fighting on despite everything.
  • The second main aim is to assess public views on the wide range of issues key to putting new localism into practice.
  • But results with the group were largely the same as with those who did not have the gene, who were tested in the second study.
  • For instance video for windows can only store about 8 images per second which is only suitable for very slow moving or stationary traffic.
  • Jeremy sat up. Someone pushed him back down. It was Bruce, the angry drug dealer from Jeremys second attempt at villainy. He was wearing an eye patch, and had a scar across part of his neck. He sneered at Jeremy but said nothing. Jeremy didnt have the energy to sneer back.
  • It was the second night of camp and the staff was already out partying. This slick guy named Cliff volunteered to throw a huge party at his parents rather large house. The guy had obviously done this kind of thing before because his parents were there the whole time. What was his motivation for throwing a party with his parents permission? And what was his parents agenda for having a bunch of teenagers stomping around their backyard? I wouldnt want a party of that size in my backyard, but who really gave a crap about the mundane details. It was a party and I was going to be there.
  • The SUV careens into the second engine just ahead of the diesel's rear carriage. It is swiftly sucked beneath, sliced and shredded. The derailing engine disconnects from the one ahead. The third engine quickly jumps the track along with the first of many cars of heavily loaded rolling stock.
  • Fitz Maurice looked at the body in the road and knew that might have been him, if he hadnt stopped to listen to the messenger. He swiveled in the saddle, found the man and glared at him. He pointed to the dead knight. "Do you see that? That is the evidence of your own eyes! There is your proof that Llanlleyn has broken the peaceyour second proof! Now there are two to avenge!"
  • Javon wasn't your average fifth grade student. In fact, his diminutive size put him closer to the average height of a second or third grader. But, what J Bug lacked in height he made up for in guts. He was the toughest kid in our school but that didn't stop other stronger, bigger kids from beating him up every day.
  • "Now I'm going to do some guessing. It's a cinch the bedrooms will be on the second floor. The best, which would be the master's bedroom, will be in the front. There's two bedrooms in the front and that will mean that your wife, who's the honored guest, will have one and our Mr. Crandall will have the second. How's that for reasoning?" Wendel said: "It seems logical."
  • In the pause which followed I reckoned furiously. I cant remember being scared, though I should have been. He was better armed, taller and stronger, stronger beyond measure; if we went on like this I must surely lose. You could see him recover confidence for the second time. I wanted to bring this folly to an end. The man looked out of his senses. I wanted to cry out,
  • each elephant and circled over its back, where it was attached to a heavy log held by the second rider. Both elephants also had other keepers who ran alongside holding long poles, at the end of which was crossed a foot- long piece of paper-covered bamboo. Nearby another keeper stood holding a smoldering taper.
  • Ivy nudged me with her foot and my eyes flew open. I peeked out the knothole again, seeing that the second guard had moved into my line of view. My breath held in my chest as I looked at this new, stunning guard. Dark hair fell lightly across his face, but not far enough to hide his green eyes, which focused on the first guard as he waited for a response.
  • Steve stared at the queen. "Youre the second person to do that to me. Whats the big deal? I know its an elemental jhorun, but I figure it cant be that rare, can it?"
  • He looked at Stephen who stood second in line. "Step as I step, move as I move. You will mirror my actions as the sorceress will mirror yours, and so on through the line."
  • Government debt in the 17-nation euro area jumped to 90 percent of gross domestic product in the second quarter from 69 percent five years earlier, according to Eurostat, the statistics agency in Luxembourg. Countries borrowed 2.4 trillion euros, more than the entire annual output of France, to sustain economic activity, the figures show.
  • For a moment I was speechless. What the hell did children have to do with her walking into my restaurant uninvited? Nothing was making sense. For the second time I looked around for hidden cameras. This had to be some sort of twisted prank, I was sure of it. I decided to play along.
  • Bane ripped it open, splintering the seasoned oak as if it was balsa. He ducked through the door, pulling her after him like a dog on a lead. They entered a wood-panelled room with a stained-glass window that let in shafts of coloured light to illuminate the pale, tiled floor. A mosaic of an intricate pentagram patterned the white tiles with deep blue, and Mirra's spirits rose at the sight of it. A pure power filled the room, whose sweet tingle caressed her skin like the touch of cool water. Bane walked around the pentagram, careful not to step on the lines. Going over to the window, he pulled shut the velvet curtains, plunging the room into darkness. Glowing blue lines became visible. A second pentagram hung in the air some three feet above the design on the floor.
  • On the wide portico of the governors house, old Antonio attempts to stem his brothers insistently loud lamentation. "If you go on thus, you will kill yourself!—andtis not wisdom thus to second Grief against yourself!"
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