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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

second için örnek cümleler:

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  • Equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
  • I attempted again, but this time all I managed was a fit of coughing worthy of a chain smoker. The cough subsided after a few tortured minutes, but it left me red faced and breathless. I tried to call on my spirit light to give me some assistance. For the second time that day, it would inexplicably fail to appear.
  • Chances were sparse in a second half stalemate, with barry unable to shake off the shackles despite forcing a couple of goalmouth scares.
  • Turning his hands together fretfully, Lucius regard his associates in Mediterranean trade. "True as you said! Timon is shrunk indeedand he thats once denied will hardly speed!" This second denial will not help; but he doesnt say so.
  • Despite losing the second game, gaultier eventually prevailed in 43 minutes.
  • The print media industry is highly developed, with more than two hundred newspapers. The major national newspapers are from Buenos Aires, including the centrist Clarin, the best-selling daily in Latin America and the second most widely circulated in the Spanish-speaking world. Other nationally circulated papers are La Nacin (center-right, published since 1870), Pagina/12 (left-wing), Ambito Financiero (business conservative), Ol (sports) and Crnica (populist). The most circulated newsmagazine is Noticias.
  • He pulled her close again. Of course she didnt remember, and couldnt know the horror he had felt in that split second when Leeton had her at his mercy and Russ was just a little too slow getting back up. But he would not forget: it had felt exactly as if she had already died, and he had failed her. He had to be smarter, and quicker, and stronger. Mostly he had to be smarter. Theyd stumbled into a more dangerous life, and if he wanted to live this life he was going to have to do better.
  • Contradicts the hypothesis, the second involves, to put it mildly, a serious anachronism.
  • "Maybe I do, and maybe I don't." With long practiced precision and swiftness, the tracker pulled the bow string fully back and let the second arrow fly. It passed harmlessly into the darkness beyond the range of the firelight. Ryson was a full stride away by the time it passed where he had been standing. The quickest movements of even the fastest humans appeared as slow motion to the delver.
  • "She saidI mentioned, somehow it came up that the day before, you had stayed later in the afternoon, you know, when I was coming on for second shift."
  • There was a second of inaction before the robed man nodded, smiled, and drew away from them with a curt bow. In the wake of this cue, a number of others also bowed and retreated, and soon the crowd was dissolving with all the tenacity of an aspirin in water. Eventually, all that was left to linger were the stares of the departing welcomers; with the way now clear - or as clear as any reasonably well attended pier could be - Lilac wasted little time in proceeding onwards. "Im glad thats done with," she said, when boy caught up with her. "I dont care for being the centre of attention; perhaps its because Im so shy."
  • He came down on top of me and it took me a second to shake him off. Not because he was trying to hold me but because he was so heavy. I got up to my knees and faced the door and saw Kirby leaning back against the wall. His shoulders were touching it but his feet were a foot and a half away and he looked as if he was trying out some acrobatic trick. MacIntosh had a gun in his hand and just as I saw it he fired. Toward Barney, I thought, though I didn't turn my head enough to be sure. The bird I'd bopped on the chin in the outside office was standing in the doorway and he shot at me just as I recognized him.
  • Emily and Thad relaxed for a second and Carla hauled off and slapped Andrew clean across the face, sending him back toward the ground.
  • It was a terrible moment. The ravine was there, unexpected, yawning, directly under the horses' feet, two fathoms deep between its double slopes; the second file pushed the first into it, and the third pushed on the second; the horses reared and fell backward, landed on their haunches, slid down, all four feet in the air, crushing and overwhelming the riders; and there being no means of retreat,-- the whole column being no longer anything more than a projectile,-- the force which had been acquired to crush the English crushed the French; the inexorable ravine could only yield when filled; horses and riders rolled there pell-mell, grinding each other, forming but one mass of flesh in this gulf: when this trench was full of living men, the rest marched over them and passed on. Almost a third of Dubois's brigade fell into that abyss.
  • 'Hmm,' puzzled the collective-Shylocks like a swarm of bees heading for pollen. Perhaps I could raise my hand,' they suggested, raising their hands. 'Nope!' they said, temporarily stumped. 'What's your second question?'
  • Jinny decided to skip the second Friday trek to the Seaport. She used excuses like "Im tired," "Have to see boyfriend," and even told Henry via a note that she couldnt make it because her "yeast infection needed time to rise." She knew that with a few beers and a slice of pizza, that she would jump on Henry and they would be going at it again. It had been over a month since she had seen any action, as Tom had reverted back to a more conservative dating model and Jinny was starting to lose patience. He was starting to act like they were already married and Jinny could care less. While she was walking to Penn Station in her running sneakers, she was only a vagina twinge away from taking the express train downtown to the Seaport. Just as she decided to turn away from the Long island Rail Road and to the subway, her phone rang.
  • He looked at Kadi then both huge Dragons turned towards the gleaming black circle set high in the rock face. Tika was aware of Fenj and Kadis minds working together. She concentrated hard to see exactly what they were doing. It felt as though they were unravelling a piece of woven cloth, threads being slid free of other threads. As Tika strove to follow the pattern of what they did, the black circle split down the centre and folded silently back, revealing a cave behind. ‘Come.’ Fenj rose and flew smoothly to the cave with Kadi a second behind him.
  • The automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect in January under the so-called fiscal cliff are the first crisis of his second term, one that threatens the economic recovery. The formula adopted to address the nations long-term fiscal challenges may shape his presidential legacy as well as the retirement prospects and economic security of Americans for at least a decade.
  • The mogoot burned like a feasting fire with the hair of his body clasping the flames to his skin. He screeched long and loud and tried to beat out the flames while the other mogoot stood in dumb amazement. Again Nicovar spoke and the second mogoot was also wreathed in fire. Whether because they were of too simple an intelligence to leap into the water or because they were as afraid of the ocean as of fire, they stood clutching one another in their dying agonies like children in the night. Nicovar watched in cold satisfaction until their struggles ceased and then he turned away. In the light of the flames he saw at his feet a great round-backed shell creature with its jaws clamped fast around his legs. He tried to pull free but although the creatures grip was not crushing it was secure, and however hard Nicovar tried he could move neither his legs nor the creature itself. Soon the ocean spray slopped over the smouldering remains of the mogoots and the light went out entirely.
  • There was a scream along with the sound of crackling as what looked like fireworks exploded underneath us, piercing the cold morning air. I didnt say anything. He must have taken my silence as an agreement because we dropped so quickly that one second we were high above the trees and the next we were on the ground, behind the destroyed car. The vehicle was bent almost in two, as if the Soul Stalker herself had run into it. The tires were bent at a funny angle, and the safety glass was shattered out of every window. Andrew put me on my feet, and I turned toward Joseph who leaned against the bent door, his head bleeding profusely. It was crimson against his skin.
  • I whirled around, seeing a second man standing between the trees, two leads in his meaty hands. The horses behind him nickered, blowing air through their nostrils.
  • Connecticut has large Italian American, Irish American and English American populations, as well as German American and Portuguese American populations, second highest percentage of any state, behind Rhode Island (19.3%). Italian is the largest ancestry group in five of the state's counties, while the Irish are the largest group in Tolland county, French Canadians the largest group in Windham county. African Americans and Hispanics (mostly Puerto Ricans) are numerous in the urban areas of the state. Connecticut is also known for its relatively large Hungarian American population, the majority of which live in and around Fairfield, Stamford, Naugatuck and Bridgeport. Connecticut also has a sizable Polish American population, with New Britain containing the largest Polish American population in the state.
  • Our sunday " graduation exercise " was to swim 25 meters for the video camera a second time.
  • During the second day, the elf-captain had even visited Trevor in his guest room, holding a scimitar and vest and stated they should spar again; Trevor politely refused, if only because he was terrified of sword-fighting hundreds of feet in the air.
  • It took quite a long time to backtrack around the rock face and meet up with the second squad, but Roman had been spurred by the radio chatter he overheard indicating that they had the target in custody. It was over. He had won and would now claim his prize. They had been after this particular acquisition for years, and only recently had there been enough intel to mobilize.
  • Do we today for instance break the second commandment by having pictures of created objects on the walls of our church?
  • "You know neither me, yourselves, nor anything!" cries Menenius scornfully. "You are ambitious for poor knavescaps and legs!"—strive for their approval. "You wear out a good, wholesome forenoon in hearing a cause"—court case—"between an orange-wife and a faucet-seller,"—drink vendor, "and then adjourn the controversy over three-pence to a second day of audience!
  • Well i got over the first day without any mishaps, but the second day it was extremely unfortunate for me.
  • Graice allowed them to hold her down but her tensed muscles did not relax. When she looked back up, she saw that the metal creature was stumbling about while Holder was now standing uneasily by the bank of the stream. It tried to step towards him but its damaged leg twitched and jerked spasmodically. Instead of moving forward, it spun in a quarter turn to the right and then hopped on three legs to turn back to face the man. As Holder backed up, it staggered along the edge of the water after him. Seeing something move behind the thing, Holder picked up a rock and threw it left-handed. Simultaneously, Belo dropped a second rock from the sky. The stones did no damage but the crab-like thing failed to notice Rafe running at it from behind holding a large and very heavy chunk of a boulder over his head. While still moving at full speed, the lupun slammed the big stone against the knee joint of the thing's left rear leg and this time the stone did a considerable amount of damage. The metal dented badly and the joint bent at an ungainly angle.
  • The architecture of the second half of the 20th century continued adapting French neoclassical architecture, such as the headquarters of the National Bank of Argentina and the NH Gran Hotel Provincial, built by Alejandro Bustillo, and the Museo de Arte Hispano Fernandez Blanco, by Martin Noel.
  • "Lets hold on a second til we can see." Butler groaned, holding his head and waiting for the pain to subside.
  • The First Platoon had joined the second Platoon and a company of infantry for a huge clearing project. First the highway was to be widened and re-ditched and then they were to establishclear areasin the immense rubber plantations. Specially made bulldozers, orRome plowsas they were called, had been brought up from Saigon for the operation. They were fitted with sharply pointed blades for splitting the trunks of the large trees and a chain was connected to two plows and pulled behind them through the rubber trees. Two plows each took an end of a chain and drug it between them. Depending, of course on the size of the trees, two plows and a chain could rip down anywhere from two to five rows of trees at a time. In a weeks time the plows could reduce a thousand acres of rubber plantation to a pile of broken trunks and impassably twisted limbs.
  • Pete was using his height advantage to pass over the double- and triple-teams. Christian and Harrington were inserted into the lineup to hit open jumpers, and on the first two possessions of the second quarter they made their coach look like a genius. Pete loved to make the diagonal pass. What was once taboo and was called a cross-court pass, was now commonplace and called a skip pass. Helmsdale's defensive over-pursuit of the ball made the pass a natural to an open player across the floor. The play was commonly used by West Valley's big man, who grew up as a point guard and was not averse to throwing any pass worth completing.
  • "Maybe thats why." She pulled them toward her, leery for a second they would tumble into a heap, but these smaller bodies acted as ramparts, maintaining the balance. A proper balance this time Rose thought. Perhaps that would make it easier.
  • The two officers deposited their load behind the stairwell. The first officer reached down and ripped off the womans name tag from her shirt and looked around a second time. Then the two headed back up the creaky stairway.
  • Division, represented by the red slash / on the last key in the second row, is invoked the same way.
  • For safety, a second length of 9 mm dynamic rope attaches the floating ascender to the sit harness.
  • I tried to ignore that bloody red circle, but I felt morbidly drawn to it. My overwhelming curiosity would eventually, win out for the second time today. No surprise to that revelation
  • Warning bells went off in my head telling me to get out of the car. Paul had wrongly interpreted my help as some sort of an invitation for something moreI could see it on his face. I tried to free my hand in as covert a way as possible, but Paul held on a second longer.
  • However we began the second half as we had ended the first - attempting to beat opponents on our own.
  • In any high school computer class there will be about half a dozen students who know much more than their teacher ever will. These students come in two varieties. The first variety can't resist an opportunity to demonstrate how smart they are. They quickly earn the animosity of the teacher and usually do poorly in the class. Not so poorly that they could bring the teacher's objectivity into question, just poorly enough to clearly give them the message that, no matter how clever they were, the teacher was still the one in charge. The second variety of student is the type who knows when to keep their mouth shut. They invariably finish at the top of the class. In a university class, there are fewer of these students, but they still come in the same two varieties. Johnny was of the second type. In fact, he knew so well how to keep his mouth shut that he rarely even went to class.
  • "Anna!" Her name came out a shriek as the car skidded sideways on the black ice Id not known was there. I swung the wheel, struggling to correct our course. I managed to alter it enough to avoid the tree on which Trev had lost his life, but slid instead toward the twenty-foot high roadcut to its left which was fronted by a shallow ditch. Time hung suspended during that half second before impact, stretching before me. My hands whitened on the wheel, my throat tightened from unshed tears, and Anna cried in the back seat, frightened by the panic in my voice.
  • Adrenaline pumping through his body, and, realising that every second counted, Paul flung himself out of the door, hearing Rustys,
  • The Red Army occupied Eastern Europe after the war, including East Germany. Dependent socialist governments were installed in the Eastern Bloc satellite states. Becoming the world's second nuclear weapons power, the USSR established the Warsaw Pact alliance and entered into a struggle for global dominance, known as the Cold War, with the United States and NATO. The Soviet Union supported revolutionary movements across the world, including the newly formed People's Republic of China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and, later on, the Republic of Cuba. Significant amounts of the Soviet resources were allocated in aid to the other socialist states.
  • Red Cloud closed her mouth, then opened it again. "I don't think so," she said, "Let's see it once more." She handed Machita another spear. The second spear slammed into the target close beside the first. So did a third.
  • A flash of light reflecting off of something metal shifted her gaze to the action behind the approaching leader. The soldiers began to move back, but never even made it to a second step. One by one the soldiers jerked awkwardly and dropped to the ground. Their ends were brought in a heartbeat by a single strike too fast to see. The clang of falling armored bodies drew the attention of the leader. His head had not yet turned when a blur of steel removed it from his shoulders.
  • The Captain manoeuvred the cruiser a short distance away from the coral reef into a sandy channel. Locals never put anchors down into the coral. Visitors often did, causing dreadful damage to the reef. The Captain nodded to his first mate and an anchor went over the bow. He killed the motors. A second anchor went over at the stern. The cruiser pulled up tight, strained against the heavy anchor ropes, then settled back reluctantly and swung to face the soft sea current.
  • CHAPTER FORTY-SIXThere was no letdown from the West Valley five in the second half. They had let Fellingwood back in too many games to be overconfident. Gerry Williams was a shell of himself, while Eric Spalding continued to pick up the pieces. Pete had 38 points at the end of the third quarter and the record watch was on. With West Valley clutching its 20 point lead, the only thing in doubt was how many points Pete would score.
  • As always with Alec's paintings, it took me a second before I could shift my perspective enough to translate the beautiful formations of light into something I could tie to the drab, dreary world I inhabited.
  • The second question is to find out about the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from the sediment. Primarily, whether the ice sheet melted in the past or not.
  • Top of page example b my second intense abreaction occurred some fifteen months later.
  • Kin relations are relegated to second place - at least in a professional context.
  • Dave thought long and hard about starting Matt the next game, but decided to reinsert Jimmy Powers, a senior swingman, back into the lineup. But, Matt wound up playing the entire second half, while Powers split time with three other players in the teams heartbreaking three-point loss. Their new/old nemesis Central High heaved a desperation half-court shot at the buzzer and the Bailey Woods season was over.
  • Brandon was coming up behind Vincent, as Alec reached up and placed his own hand on Vincent's chest, with another, stronger flash of power. The ripple of skin and bone was so quick for a second I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but there it was. Alec's hand and fingers had elongated, turning into a hairless replica of the deadly claw that'd terrified me just a few days before.
  • The second speaker wasn't convinced. "And we've got police and insurance investigators all over us for the rest of the week."
  • We have simply set the cutoff equal to the minimum between the first and second peaks in the liquid radial distribution function.
  • Young male eiders will molt several times before reaching full adult plumage in their second year.
  • Feeling slightly nauseous for the second time that day, I rolled away from Petie. I slipped into the bathroom and stayed until I was sure my stomach would settle. Holy crap, I thought, is my period late? I reminded myself that that wasnt unusual.
  • When he had opened his eyes that morning, the first thing he had seen was a fresh bottle of water, on his bedside table. The second thing was an unopened packet of ibuprofen, with a note folded underneath them. He had thought it must have been from Liza, but the handwriting was nothing like hers. It was from Jean. Take two of these and call me in the morning, the note had said. Heck, take five or six. Youll probably need them. But give me a call anyway. And then a cellphone number, in big bold figures with two lines drawn beneath it.
  • Idimus leaned forward; "Valaira!" but she still ignored him. In a flash and a mass of smoke, the King was no longer looking at her female form, but that of the crow. It hopped to the sill in one second and disappeared the next, leaving Idimus dumbfounded and staring at the window. He remained that way for quite some time until a knock on his door finally averted his eyes.
  • The northern echo has launched a campaign to remember a forgotten hero of the second world war.
  • He spotted him on the far side of the field, plunging his horse recklessly into the Bone Yard. The Guardian's warning flared. He spun and slid his sword past one man's guard, knocking his sword wide. The second attacker lost his hand before he realized Johan had turned, and Johan spun back to the first, plunging his sword through his heart.
  • Hartwell smelled Brandon at least five seconds before he saw his second son. He whispered to Maggie, "Is that Brandon?"
  • "Of course they can't," Taf frowned again. "I lied about the poison to keep you quiet. I was very tired, Jorden, the change is not easy." She looked to the red lands about them. "Hura's power is weakened by the darkness, her gift of the second form will not endure out here, not without help. That was why I wanted the charm, Jorden. I didn't want you to see me like this." Her voice belied a certain sadness.
  • Not even a second was given to allow Drogan to regain the breath that had been knocked from him before he felt a huge white fist land on his jaw line. His retaliation was to send an uppercut against Rhimaldez' chin. He reeled back, but it was done too late and a glancing knuckle clipped the edge. He went much further than Drogan expected, and another moment was lost as he claimed a foolish victory, thinking Rhimaldez was knocked out. That absence of retaliation made way for another strike from Dez to land as he lunged forward moments later, his hands clasped together to crash against the other's brown, furry chest.
  • The second half would proved more fruitful for both sides with the home side striking first.
  • Omari snatched it from his hand like a starving badger and ripped into the first thing she put her hands around, which was a big mac. Within a disgustingly short period of time, she had put away the contents of the first bag, and had moved on to the second bag. Pausing for gulps of coke in between mouthfuls, she put down burgers and McNuggets and fries like there was no tomorrow. It was a thing of great beauty and terror, and she was thankful that it was so dark in the car.
  • Quickly, I stepped back into the small room and closed the door. I walked down the narrow staircase to the second floor, through the secret doorway, and back to the safety of my bedroom.
  • Intrigued, dave went up to the man following the second hearse and asked him who was in the first hearse.
  • Glory! I rolled onto my back and put my hands behind my head. In a second my anger changed to a sort of gleeI had won!
  • Teasels are tall biennials, forming a rosette of leaves in their first year, and flowering in their second year.
  • David and Jane have been telling Jim all about their trip across from Perth. David is in the second armchair, on the other side of the fireplace, and Jane is sitting on his lap, sideways, with her legs dangling over the side of the chair. They have their arms around each other.
  • Redacted information and expects to receive a second tranch of information in the coming weeks.
  • "Oh, fear me not," says Laertes glibly, buckling the straps of a travel case. He looks to the door. "I stay too longand here my father comes." He sighs. "‘A double blessing is a double grace’…. ‘Occasion smiles upon a second leave.’" Ophelia laughs; they must hear another round of fatherly counsel.
  • Ferrari SpA, the Italian sports car maker, even weighed in, having two of its cars carry the flag of the Italian navy during the Oct. 28 Formula One grand-prix race in New Delhi. Ferraris Fernando Alonso came in second in the race.
  • Idimus, for only one second, turned back to look at the fallen lumber in complete shock. When he faced forward, Grahamas had managed to move the twenty feet in that brief moment, laid Estophicles on the ground, and was now standing right in front of him. Neither the King, nor anyone in either group saw him movenot even the second fastest amongst them: Ristalln. In a panic, the King reared back with his sword but a quick hand reached out and locked on his wrist before he could even think about bringing it forward.
  • Dave king, the second mate, celebrated his 30th birthday with a little soiree on the science hatch in the evening sun.
  • He passed the test and opened a door for me. Now I wondered, was his disbelief about to cause him to fail in a second test? I didnt know, I didnt know what to think, any more than Edward.
  • "You cant. All the doors are locked. If it werent for the engineers, I wouldnt have been able to get this far," he said, his eyes never leaving Karens face. I was grateful for that much because if he even took a second to put things together, hed understand that we were trying to escape. The room was destroyed, three glass cells were broken, and the angels were out. One of them was even holding my hand. Master of the Obliviousthat was Darren.
  • Three such men concealed themselves under the branches of a tree on the northern edge of the forest and stared outward. One had an ugly scar disfiguring the left side of his face while a second was tall and thin. The third was younger than the others, perhaps only twenty or twenty-one. The question of whether or not they might have lived respectable lives during better times was debatable. After years with little money, these three were ready to steal from anyone they met. As they watched, a group of four ox-drawn wagons approached from the northeast.
  • The couple survived the first mudslide but could not get out of their car, which was crushed by the second slide.
  • After receiving this decisive and convincing answer to his second question,20 the representative of all the people of misguidance was reduced to silence, but then asked the following third question.
  • In the company of the second Officer, the Ladies Bethune and Chillon spent an agreeable afternoon shopping in bazaars that had many oriental products that recalled Portugals Moorish past. On the way back they came across the Chief Engineer staring moodily into the canal that connected the harbor with a private anchorage for the rich.
  • MPodracky is scaling back on stocks to stay in line with asset-allocation targets. "I'm into the second year of my retirement at age 60, and my stock allocation has grown to 55%. So, I am currently cutting it back to maintain my target of 50% stocks/40% bonds and 10% cash/short term reserves."
  • The conservation agencies have major concerns over the risks to top predators from exposure to second generation rodenticides.
  • We were in no hurry. Still talking to the other customer the barman began to prepare the coffees - he'd hardly given us a second glance. Paco smoothed down the few hairs of his practically bald head and started humming himself another song.
  • Brad stooped over and took a slow motion kick at the little single barrel shotgun almost falling headlong into the whip-sized willow bushes. Slowly he bent down a second time and pulled the shotgun out of the snow and carefully stood up before tucking it under his right arm and starting down the road.
  • The remaining quill was causing Brad some second thoughts about trying to pull it out with his fingers. It appeared to be deep in the side of her nose and very little was sticking out to grab onto.
  • Mattel in the second trial in Santa Ana, California, lost on its copyright infringement claim, a result that it didnt contest on appeal. The toymaker appealed U.S. District Judge David Carters decision to allow MGA to bring counterclaims in the case that Mattel said were unrelated to the underlying lawsuit.
  • At least, thats Sarahs impression as she sits near the back of the courtroom. She takes a minute to look around at this very creative, circular structure used mostly for swearing in new American citizens, ceremonial proceedings, and an occasional appeals hearing. But it is also the perfect venue for large, high profile trials like this one, with its state-of-the-art audio, video and digital capabilities. A glass cylinder one-hundred feet in diameter and one-hundred feet high starting on the second floor of the Federal Courthouse and reaching all the way to the top of the building, this Special Proceedings Courtroom is paneled ten-feet high all around with Anigre wood from Africa and capped with a million dollar suspended glass ceiling that costs $4000 just to clean. Sarah heard that window washers have to crawl across the top of the laminated glass with towels and window spray.
  • The entire second day passes without violence. They stop once at midday, but none of them speaks much. The sun descends, and again they stop to sleep. The morning of the third day heralds ill omen. It is cold. The clouds gather but there is no rain. Not bird nor beast is seen or heard. Morion wakes groggily. Only Mikha'el is there, sitting, watching over her.
  • Mim reappeared, having momentarily vanished back to the main chamber. He held out a slice of fruit tart to Tika, taking a mouthful himself from a second slice. ‘We ate little last nightit is all still on the table. Come, join this person for food, then we will both go with the Dragons.’
  • The second Sort: Through the mystery of His Oneness, it is His disposal over creatures directly, without veil, regarding each in a particular way.
  • A fire-juggler cartwheeled, exhaling flames, across the winding cobbled path that lead through Regent Park to the city centre and the burning spike. He spoke another flame before tumbling away into the trees to sound of teenage gasping and applause. Families came all the time in waves. Children ran and giggled and played and were overjoyed at the prospect of staying up so late. Adults spoke amongst themselvesgossip and trade talk, job promotions and the marriages of second cousins, had we met before, perhaps, you really should see my wares, my wife speaks very highly of your horse-hair brusheswhile musicians with overstuffed collection bags played folk tunes on roughly made brass, string and percussion. There truly was nothing like a witch burning to bring out the giving and festive spirit in people.
  • That evening we dug, and on the second try, in a spot chosen by Ralff using a dowsing rod, found copious water at two yards, though the diggers suffered much fatigue. We allowed the liquid to settle, then decanted and boiled it over the remains of the cooking fire. As luck would have it, the night brought a sprinkle, so we were watered-up for several days. For perhaps the fourth time I rinsed my smalls, now sadly bedraggled with sweat and filth.
  • It wasn't until we'd been sitting in a secluded corner of the sprawling, green sanctuary for nearly half an hour that Alec finally seemed to relax. There wasn't any visible change to his demeanor, but one second tingles of lightning were dancing along my skin, and in the next heartbeat the unseen world settled into a sleepy calm.
  • "Strange, isnt it?" She added a second wad of paper. "Being wrongfully committed, the hospital lawyers were thorough. They even paid for a DNA profile. Guess who," she unwadded the paper, spread it open on the table cloth, "They found." Reading along with her finger, she said, "Judas John Archibald."
  • Finally as if answering her silent plea he gently lifted his fingers from the base of her neck and tentatively cupped her breast with trembling fingers. Not yet entirely believing his good fortune, but with his fragile confidence growing bolder every second he allowed his thumb to move ever so slowly across her hard sensitive nipple, sending an electrical shock to every cell in her body. Suddenly without warning Kat felt her overheated body shudder for several long seconds before she finally collapsed lifelessly into his arms.
  • The second Sort of Instances of Wisdom looks to the views of living creatures and conscious beings.
  • Protests planned around Egypt -- particularly in Cairo's Tahrir Square -- on the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution are expected to be an explosion of dissent, revealing the deep divisions in the country between President Mohamed Morsy and the Egyptian people.
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