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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond
Türü: isim, sıfat, isim, fiil, zarf


i. saniye.

s. ikinci, sani;
bir daha;
ikinci derecede, aşağı;
müz. ikinci;

i. ikinci gelen kimse veya şey;
düelloda şahit veya yardımcı;
oto. ikinci vites: ikinci derecede mal, tapon mal;
müz. yan yana olan iki nota arasındaki fasıla;
şarkıda ikinci ses;
bir teklifi destekleme;

f. yardım etmek, ilerletmek, teşvik etmek;
parlamentoda bir teklife katıldığını ilân etmek.

z. ikinci olarak, saniyen.

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  • Eventually in the second half gilroy found the back of the net with a diving header from a wide free kick.
  • Protect the book, she thought. Throw in a canyon. In a cave. In a mine. Something. Anything. And most importantly, protect Donovan. Isabella heard the roar of two beasts and knew he had encountered the first of their pursuers. The defiance of the wolf only lasted a second before silence ensued. Intuitively, she knew Donovan had come out on top.
  • But they assaulted you the second time from what I hear, and sent a diver down and shot your underwater camera man with a spear gun.’
  • She kisses you. "I know." When she leaves, she runs. You think she's as fast and as beautiful as a gazelle. You hate that you can't tell her that. You want to shout it after her. But if you do, she might come back. You couldn't bear to watch her go a second time. You can't bear it now.
  • Alec was gone when I looked back, only the slight sway of my curtains gave evidence he'd just casually jumped out of my second story window.
  • Billy walked out to his front lawn retrieving Newsday to read with his morning coffee. It would be a great day for clamming. June days usually were. The heavy rains of last week had passed so had the closure of the waters of Huntington Bay and Culligan's Harbor to shell fish harvesting because of a marine biotoxin scare in another harbor, Northport Harbor. He got back into the kitchen at the point of the browned perfection of the English muffins in the broiler. He sat in his Adirondack chair in the backyard to eat the two muffins buttered and spread with strawberry preserves and to drink his first cup of coffee of the morning. Pouring a second cup before opening Newsday, he paged through the paper past the murders, the car accidents in which teenagers and mothers of young children died, past the reports from Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel with the usual stories of bombings, beheadings, and mounting civilian and military casualties, stopping at the small headline deep within the newspaper: Vietnam Vet Pleads.
  • Once again I ran as fast as I could but this time it felt as if my feet werent touching the ground. So I looked down for a second to confirm that I was not literally flying but the feeling was right. I was indeed flying. I had about a minute and a half to go when I reached the hospital. At first I was going to take the elevator but that would have taken too long so I ran up seven flights of stairs.
  • Televised live on bbc1 to an expected audience of more than 2.5m for the second year in succession.
  • Archaeological findings providing evidence for the existence of the Shang Dynasty, c. 16001046 BC, are divided into two sets. The first setfrom the earlier Shang periodcomes from sources at Erligang, Zhengzhou, and Shangcheng. The second setfrom the later Shang or Yin (殷) periodis at Anyang, in modern-day Henan, which has been confirmed as the last of the Shang's nine capitals (c. 13001046 BC). The findings at Anyang include the earliest written record of Chinese past so far discovered: inscriptions of divination records in ancient Chinese writing on the bones or shells of animalsthe so-called "oracle bones", dating from around 1200 BC.
  • V'Merna and his wife Vn'Orli were delighted to meet her, and more than happy to answer the questions she had. She was surprised to see their faces looked quite human, with delicately shaped brows and high jutting cheek bones, slim lips and a wide smile. They had large, gold eyes and two sets of eyelids. Though the second set were transparent. Their lips had a touch of pink to them beneath the blue skin.
  • They have a dipper to transfer the wine, and a somewhat smaller second barrel for the other share.
  • I had gotten us out of the house boat early. I woke up expecting the phone to ring any minute. To hear Veras voice on the line, telling me Brenda wasnt coming in. Telling me to go in and work on my morning off. "Promising" that she would try to get someone to come in and cover second shift so I wouldnt have to pull a double. And knowing it was a lie.
  • Such a routine continued for days, then weeks, then months. Work became second nature to Ambrosius. But as he became wealthier and wealthier, Stan became increasingly pale and wan, and ever more distant. One night, about five months after Ambrosius had started his job, Ambrosius felt compelled to ask his acquaintance about his increasing melancholia.
  • As it passed, the Dragon turned its head, and for the second time in a few days Keither locked eyes with one of these creatures. The Iumenta Dragons eyes were the same color as their scales, with yellow instead of white surrounding the colored part of the eye. With this Elven Dragon the eye was pink but the sounding area was white as snow. It blinked at himor was it a wink? He felt a rush of air as the Dragons large, powerful wings swept it away and off into the distance.
  • It was bad enough that my heart was shattering as I said it, the look in Alec's face made everything a hundred times worse. For a second I thought the earth was shaking, but it was Alec, trembling much like he'd done Friday night.
  • Even though it has not been possible to observe dark matter, several billion neutrinos race through your body every second. However, their speed is somewhat limited. The particles move just as slowly as the speed the solar system moves around the galaxy. In other words, a mere 400 kilometres a second.
  • Lying upon the wood was the lower half of Radiant Hope. The boots were the first to catch Graham's gaze, placed against the edge of the table. Each made up of two plates, the first to protect the footsmooth metal starting at a pointed toe, wrapping all the way around, covering the ankles and heel. The second piecehinged to the firstwas a shin guard, the front rose up and over the knee, rounding out to protect the kneecap whether standing or riding. The inside of each was smooth to place against a horse's side without injury. The outer edges twisting and sharpening, resembling the frozen flames.
  • Zacks near-death experience taught him one very important lesson: You rarely get a second chance in life. At first he wasnt sure why he had been given this gift; after all, he had done little to really deserve it. Maybe his penance was putting others needs before his own.
  • On the second day, oil crayon was used to enhance the painted areas or to add something new.
  • Are we? If meaningful action could occur "regardless of politics," it wouldve taken place many thousands of homicides ago. It is pure political cowardice that has stood in the way of "meaningful action" -- the abject capitulation of the nations political class to the gun lobby. Even Justice Antonin Scalia has acknowledged that the second Amendment is not absolute. "We do not read the second Amendment to protect the right of citizens to carry arms for any sort of confrontation," he wrote in District of Columbia v. Heller. Yet in Washington and state legislatures across the country, the NRAs agenda holds sway.
  • The heavy door creaked open. Shaa, now standing behind it, swung his bar again, hearing the swish of Monts thrown knife. Monts second throw was better than his first, on the wharves earlier in the evening. The guards grunted and collapsed.
  • Bidlake, in what appears to have been a bout of hurt pride or possibly pique, refused to submit a second design.
  • "Lieutenant, let me tell you something little I have read about the way of the Samurai. When a Samurai decides to commit seppuku, he invites a close friend to be his Second. This is a position of honor. The second stands behind the Samurai, with his sword at the ready. As soon as the Samurai plunges his dagger into his belly, the second cuts his head off. That way, he performs an act of kindness by sparing the Samurai the agony of slow, painful death. You, Lieutenant, were this Samurais Second."
  • By the beginning of second grade the division between boys and girls was starting to form. I'm not sure if the parents were nervous about their own issues, but Robin was rarely in her backyard waiting for me after the summer of first grade.
  • Cries Isabelle, "Oh, I am pressed to death through want of speaking!" She comes forward from arbor. "Thou, old Adams likeness, sent to dress this garden, how dares thy harsh, rude tongue sound this unpleasing news? What Eve, what serpent, hath urged thee to make a second Fall of cursed Man?
  • For the second time, I sucked in lungfuls of cold night air, in lieu of a stinging shower. My loyalty to absent Sally was unshakably intact.
  • Ron slid open the side of the van, and Aerie retrieved her Juzek and swung it around, bearing its weight on the point of her hip as she headed up the stairs. The second floor opened into a dance studio with gleaming maple floors, padded columns and mirrors against the wall.
  • "What makes her think that?" asked Jessie, betraying no surprise. Anything seemed possible with this chief executive, who had divorced his second wife while running for the office.
  • He wore the stone on a circlet of good vine and never sought to hide it. He returned with Dysa to his nest in the northern glades, yet though they lay together they had no further union. Five seasons later she bore him Nicovar, the child of their wedding night, and at his naming feast a distraction overcame her and she tore the stone from Ganels neck, crying, ‘Enough !’ and swallowed it and died in monstrous agony. Thus was a second naming blighted in Pengartel.
  • The remainder of my first semester at Piedmont was blissfully quiet. The schools administration changed its mind and decided to pay my way the second semester I was to sit out. The schools Provost, Michael Hart, who had taken his turn trying to guard me in the intramural championship basketball game, spearheaded this good faith gesture. I would like to think that my good play got me the extended free ride, but my gut tells me that my skin color had something to do with it. Being the only productive white guy on the basketball team was an advantage I had no choice but to accept; that, and the fact that it saved my parents a ton of money.
  • "Learning," she replied absently. "The energy patterns from that gem are fairly simple to reproduce. I think I've almost..." a moment later she spoke the same command word that Aiden had, and a second shield appeared before them, hovering in mid-air outside the back of the wagon. Aiden gaped in astonishment, hardly believing what he just saw. With a simple flick of her wrist, Sayana was able to move the shield back and forth in front of her, then with another gesture the shield vanished. She slumped back against the side of the wagon, apparently depleted once again.
  • The following week, my parents took an Amtrak train to south Florida to attend the second game of the United StatesCuba series. Jessie had sent them tickets from the Miami hotel where she was staying with Bobby. She had attached an upbeat note declaring that everything was going "according to plan." We interpreted this to mean that she and Manny expected to begin their married life as soon as he finished his obligations to the Cuban team.
  • Suddenly, the dust, cut from its source, becomes transparent. They see the rushing leading edge of the second engine and its vivid, speed blurred, red and yellow logo.
  • Walking into the seedy bar, Dave felt like a secret agent. Hed had a text that afternoon, while he was meeting with yet another practice manager for yet another small medical centre. "Friendlys bar, 6:00." That was all it had said. No name, and he didnt recognise the number. His first thought had been Liza, and then his second thought, following hard on the heels of the first, had been Alistair Cox or Bruce. Checking the bars location on the internet had swung him back to Liza, though, and now that he was actually here, he couldnt imagine the text having come from anyone else.
  • A fire lit in Ranges heart, Zoes cry screaming at him from the grave. He forgot all pain in his shoulder and launched himself with a roar at the beasts. He hacked the first one with one fell swoop of his sword.Another innocent would not be killed. He spun and cleaved the second beast in two.Cortibis ran over and plunged his sword into their bodies.After the last one, he looked up at Range,"Were out."
  • Grimace was grimacing with pain almost from the first rally of the second game.
  • "You have two choices," he said firmly, noting the fear blanching her upturned face, the glassiness of her eyes. "Reject that charge, or accept it with a bow. The first is what your schools and culture have trained you to do. The second is what will make you one of the Saeire Insu. Do you understand?"
  • "Faster, Jack!" The truck came hurtling towards us through the air and I swerved into the oncoming lane in time to watch it crash ahead of me. I managed to make it around the truck itself and took only a brief second to look back. Alpha-1 had resumed his duty of digging his giant clamp hands into the mall, pulling out entire support beams as the roof began to buckle and cave in.
  • One morning, as I was laying by the kings side the advisor came in alone, and looking around, closed the chamber door. The king had fallen into a deep sleep and was very near the end. The advisor stood close by, but out of claw length. "You stupid boy!" he sneered, "You thought you could stay pharaoh forever? Ive waited a long time for this and now I will take your queen and rule. Yes, your pretty bride will be mine, but dont worry, she will be joining you shortly." He turned a glance towards me for a second then back to the king. "You two will be very happy together, all snug in your tomb. As for your great plan to keep away the tomb raiders," he laughed, "your "Great" Protector will have a hard time doing anything as a mummy!" I turned just in time to see a swift flash of a club before it struck the side of my head and all went black.
  • An exporter into second life you could rapidly construct a mansion in sketchup, then do all the interior design inside sl.
  • The Kelpham coach never left his seat the remainder of the game, and the football foul-out did not return to his seat at the end of the bench at the start of the second half. His basketball career was over after a handful of uninspiring minutes.
  • "My mother gave my father a second chance. Thus I was born. Therefore you will have a second chance too, and a third, a fourth..."
  • Maths at a-level - it will help you no end, especially in the first and second years.
  • But Petruchio says calmly, "Father, ’tis thus: yourself and all the world that talked of her have talked amiss of her! If she be curst, it is only as policy!—for shes not froward, but modest as the dove; she is not hot, but temperate as the morn; and as for patience, she will prove a second Grissel!—and a Roman Lucrece for her chastity!
  • This was going to be his second Christmas without Allison and he was starting to feel really depressed about the prospect of being alone over the holidays.
  • Nevertheless I suspect these men ate chicken scraps that had gone bad. Ive come across this before, when chicken flesh has been kept, especially in hot weather such as weve been having, and then reheated for a second meal.’
  • Maxwell and Kayla were approaching their second birthdays, which also meant that they would be turning the magical age of 18 in the non-mortal world.
  • Jai needed no further time. "Ready." He stood up over the edge of the well and looked at the fish for one short second with a self-assured look in his eyes.
  • "Mr. Yamashuri…." Messick wants to hold off on that testimony right now and is sorry he asked the question. But Yamashuri had opened the door and Messick felt he better have those terms explained to the jury right now. On second thought, better not, he decides. "I'd like to wait for Dr. Moreau himself to tell us that story, if you don't mind. But the point is that you were working on this LAV virus, later to be called HIV, trying to grow it in your lab?"
  • I stood up and drifted towards the second door. This one had a handle. I pulled it. The door hesitated; I heard a faint mechanical click inside the door, then gave way. The hallway was a long downward spiral. I began my descent.
  • The oldest bookcases in England are those in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, which were placed in position in the last year or two of the sixteenth century; in that library are the earliest extant examples of shelved galleries over the flat wall-cases. Long ranges of book-shelves are somewhat severe in appearance, and many attempts have been made by means of carved cornices and pilasters to give them a less austere appearance. These attempts were most successful as in the hands of the English cabinetmakers of the second half of the eighteenth century.
  • Morion wakes again, just before dawn. Her second sleep was, much appreciated by her, free from any more nightmares. Standing up, walking over to the window, she observes Alastor and Mikha'el in discussion. Recalling the horror of the night before, she needs no time in deciding to go down so that she may speak with Alastor about it.
  • Early in the second half they could have panicked, but did not do so.
  • Not necessarily.’ Ben was about to say something else but the whisper of a sound stopped him. He knew he only had a split second to react. It was a slight swishing noise, approaching rapidly, too rapidly to move quickly enough. The metal star struck into Bens shoulder, partly through the strap of the leather bag and partly into his flesh. He spun around. A small black shadow leapt behind a broad leafed bush. Ben gripped the Magnum with both hands and pulled the trigger.
  • "Understood, Sire. It is well placed I imagine. I would then leave you with this good news and allow your mind some peace. As well, I would ask to test this new found information. Perhaps it can be hidden..." The Wizard trailed off, as did his mind, already devising a plan as he scanned over the chambers. Worried, however, that he had overstayed his welcome, he bowed once and drew back, taking the manuscript with him. When he reached the door, he gave a second nod to the King who was still staring out the window. The Wizard had pulled it open and stepped halfway through before Idimus acknowledged him.
  • Gallahad says nothing more, seeing the obvious pain in his brother, and goes to do his duty as Gawain's second in command. It is then that Edna enters, silent as a ghost's whisper, yet somehow Gawain knows she is there without looking.
  • A second postmortem revealed that his injuries had not been caused by the weights or another object hitting him in the water.
  • Two massive thuds shook him as something hit the ground. He turned to see Iselin fighting the gray dragon. She was covered in cuts and bite marks. It only took him a second to realize that the gray dragon was far more powerful than Iselin. She was going to lose. He left his guard, sprinting toward the two dragons thrashing on the ground. Iselins front leg was torn up bad and so was her shoulder. She was bleeding a lot, even for a dragon. To his horror, two Iumenta appeared behind her. One jumped onto Iselins back. The Iumenta steadied itself, aiming his fenrra at an open place in her armor. Legon wasnt going to make it.
  • Clove fluffed up the second kid, as she had with the first, being careful not to do anything that might hurt them. The birth sack was delivered and Clove disposed of that in the same manner as she had the slime.
  • And like the second phrase has driven the lower classes to hatred, envy, and to contend the upper classes, and has negated mans tranquillity for several centuries, so too this century, as the result of the struggle between capital and labour, it has been the cause of the momentous events of Europe well-known by all.
  • The second garden was bordered by a higher wall with a steep drop on the other side down to a stream choked with brambles and elder bushes. Paul scrambled over the wall, the cracks between the stones providing easy foot and hand holds and jumped down into the soft earth. He leapt the stream, landing badly with one foot in the water and pulled himself up, his fingers clawing at the icy mud on the opposite bank.
  • With no conversation to occupy her, Myranda's mind wandered. Just as he had instructed her to do, at each branch, she carefully felt the walls, turning in the direction that was smoothest. Soon the tunnel was glass-smooth, and almost perfectly straight. The grade grew gradually steeper, making it difficult to keep footing. Strangely, the sound of echoing drips of water was absent. Hours passed as Myranda gave Leo his quiet time. The second torch since they had awakened had to be replaced, signifying a full day of walking, climbing, and crawling. Myranda made ready to sit and rest, but this time she was not even scolded or encouraged. Her friend merely gave her a stern look that prompted her to proceed.
  • Haworth stared at him, plainly shocked at this second betrayal in as many days, and Hugh tried not to shrink under the honest scrutiny. He was suddenly angry; why did Haworth believe he had a permanent claim on him? Why did he insist on perpetuating a relationship which had petered out long ago? Was it so wrong of Hugh to desire someone else?
  • It was the second time in three days that planes had struck cable repeater sites in the south.
  • Officials with the FAA and Japans transport ministry visited the Kyoto offices of Boeings battery supplier, GS Yuasa Corp. (6674), for a second day, and will conduct further sessions, Shigeru Takano, a director at the ministrys Civil Aviation Bureau, said today in Tokyo.
  • Bruce was having his best game of the season and his timing could not have been better. Eighteen points and six rebounds easily bested Davids 12-point, four-rebound effort. But the momentum of the game shifted once again as the two teams emerged for the second half.
  • The ground shook as a second Cathar boulder landed somewhere inside the fort. He heard splintering wood and shrieks of pain and terror. Then came another massive thump, this time a counterweight of the crusaders', sending a huge stone screaming overhead to answer the heretic missiles. Behind him rose the clamor of the French knights struggling into hauberks, buckling on swords, shouting names of their patron saints and their crusader war cry, "God wills it!"
  • With their gear all stowed back into the pack, Steve refilled their canteen (again) and proceeded on, heading northwest along the path. Sarah walked quickly in front, with Steve bringing up the rear. Since their adversary had caught them unaware for a second time, especially when he had vowed not let that happen again, Steve was now on high alert, constantly listening for any sounds of pursuit. The only thing he could hear, however, were he and Sarahs labored sound of breathing.
  • For, like, a second I felt my mind start its usual routine about the cost of the visits. The numbers stacked up, visually. Two stacks with three thirty-fives in each. But the image dissolved, melted into back fender of the car in front of me. None of the usual pain that accompanied such thoughts.
  • He looked at Stephen who stood second in line. "Step as I step, move as I move. You will mirror my actions as the sorceress will mirror yours, and so on through the line."
  • Each external project has a second academic supervisor directly involved in the course.
  • Pete was using his height advantage to pass over the double- and triple-teams. Christian and Harrington were inserted into the lineup to hit open jumpers, and on the first two possessions of the second quarter they made their coach look like a genius. Pete loved to make the diagonal pass. What was once taboo and was called a cross-court pass, was now commonplace and called a skip pass. Helmsdale's defensive over-pursuit of the ball made the pass a natural to an open player across the floor. The play was commonly used by West Valley's big man, who grew up as a point guard and was not averse to throwing any pass worth completing.
  • He raced up the flight of stairs to the second floor hoping the exercise would calm him down a bit before the confrontation. He couldve taken the elevator, but it was safer this way for now. Thankfully the guard recognized him and didnt sense the high tension that almost gave away to his true nature.
  • A second LP, burger habit, recorded without jhelisa, disappeared without a trace and the band split.
  • This growth, in the second half of the 20th c, was historically unprecedented.
  • Later, in second year, the usage increased, chiefly because of John McIlroy. He insisted on showering before and after every major daily landmark.
  • "Oh." Mont heaved, dislodging the beam from the runners. The beam hit the floor on its end, narrowly missing Shaas foot, teetered, and crashed over. Mont pushed up, Shaa pushed Mont, and the trap door lifted slowly on wailing hinges. Then they heard pounding footsteps and renewed cries, but now from the second floor just below them.
  • In the same split second that I screamed Jack dove, tucked and rolled towards the sword that Dane had cast aside earlier. He swung it at the Demon and managed to cut its arm clean off. The arm dropped to the ground and quickly burned out into nothing. I'm sure chopping an arm off like that would have been effective against a corporeal being, but this demon appeared to be made purely of fire as it promptly grew a new limb.
  • Chanter signed a reply with graceful gestures that were second nature to a Mujar. He communicated his understanding of the sherlons' inability and informed him of the great joy his release had brought.
  • The dog ignored the offered second helping and everything Brad had to say besides. She had decided the mix was too dry for her taste and hurried down the bank to reach the crystal clear water. She noisily inhaled several mouthfuls from the two inch deep stream of icy water before she flopped down on her right side in the middle of the creek bed.
  • The second time the traverse flopped on her she was ready; she handled it without even breaking stride. The guard fields were still radiating confusion, a confusion Leen certainly shared. The third time around, then, when the matrix seemed to crystallize around some sudden decision, perhaps she should have expected it more than she actually did. Leen was braced for the same drop in resistance followed by an incremental ratchet back up. Indeed, the drop did follow. That wasnt the problem. The real problem was that that wasnt the only shift that came in with it.
  • Resources: in the nineteenth century, glasgow was ranked second after london as a commercial and cultural center of the british empire.
  • It wasn't until I had my hand on the doorknob that I remembered Brandon's promise to pick me up. I was so tired I actually considered for a second that he might have been serious. Sitting in his car, fighting not to look at his smiling gray eyes, it'd all seemed so reasonable. I'd lost my ride and he was grateful I'd saved him from having to interfere with Cassie, so he was going to become my personal chauffeur for the rest of the year.
  • The second Agents voice cut across Pauls thoughts as he turned, his massive bulk silhouetted against the orange glow from the street lights.
  • The NRA had also made Obama's defeat a priority, telling members to go "all in" and warning that a second Obama term would threaten gun rights.
  • Again, Ryson leapt over the hilltop but this time with the intention of running all the way down. With fluid yet powerful strides of his own, the delver plowed downward. Ryson forced his eyes open as wide as possible and increased his peripheral vision to a greater range. He reached the hill's base, crossed a small gorge which rested in front of a second and taller hill, and started up that slope just as the shag rounded the first hillside and came into his view.
  • "Of course not. Someone might get away with it one time. But the company would be up this stores collective ass with an investigation. And if it happened a second time, theyd put us all under heavy interrogation until someone cracked. They do not take theft lightly."
  • Hamilton came out in the second half and pulled a goal back in a lively spell for the home team.
  • Room for a brief parenthesis. This is the second time, during his studies on the penal question and damnation by law, that the author of this book has come across the theft of a loaf of bread as the point of departure for the disaster of a destiny. Claude Gaux had stolen a loaf; Jean Valjean had stolen a loaf. English statistics prove the fact that four thefts out of five in London have hunger for their immediate cause.
  • He kissed her cheek, and her ear, and then her neck which she exposed to him, and pleasure burned along her skin. He was by now unbuttoning her shirt, his tongue in the cleft of her breasts, lingering, for reasons best known to himself, on the one, two, three - fourth rib. She pushed him away, and staring at him in passionate hatred, led him to the bedroom. They were breathing heavily, his eyes fixed on her breasts, but it was her lower clothes that she removed first, and as if in a trance, he took off his jacket, jumper and shirt. Only when he leaned over to untie his shoes did she quickly finish undress¬ing, and before he had the second sock removed, she was safely under the blankets, her belly hidden.
  • "More than two hundred. The cover-story is Michael Sorden's photographs of eyes. We pay people to have their eyes photographed, and take the other measurements at the same time without telling them. I think you're only the second or third person I've told."
  • In 1980, McFeely spent 53 days on hunger strike in a Northern Ireland prison as IRA members sought to be recognized as political prisoners. Ten died in a second hunger strike in 1981.
  • The topics covered relate to both first and second trimester screening using biochemical and ultrasound markers.
  • She says in a French accent, "Mr. Nix, please be seated. You have such beautiful hair." You take a second look at the salon. You thought women went to beauty salons and men went to barbershops, but either New York is different, or rich people are.
  • In the second frame was a much newer picture of a group of girls in cheerleading uniforms. The uniforms were different from the kind the cheerleaders wore now, but they were still the same blue and black Demon colors. I studied the faces of the girls, then gasped. The one in the middlethe tall girl with blonde wavy hairwas my mother.
  • So many people had died. He was not sure that he could accept this. Yet what was the alternative? To sit by while the Overlord used the very souls of the people he commanded to fuel his Breathings? From the earliest age, they were taught that their mistakes were times of learning: we would have a second chance in the next life. He could not let the Overlord's selfishness and disregard for one of the basic tenets of the people's beliefs take that away. He had been right then, he must be right now.
  • The second honeymoon at the Dune Road Resort was slated to be a joyous ten-year anniversary celebration. So much had changed getting from Point A - being freshly-married couples - to Point B and our vision that the fun had just begun.
  • Its second Face looks to the hereafter. It is the seed-bed of the hereafter and arable field for Paradise. It is the flower-bed of mercy. This face is also beautiful like the first one and is deserving of love not contempt.
  • He promised to seek " true national reconciliation " during his second term.
  • Beyond the initial thanks, Aradia hadn't expected Jayce to acknowledge her help with his injury. For the rest of their second week at school, he more or less ignored her, confirming her expectations. And yet, maybe it was because his ankle had fully recovered by Friday or because the game had gone so well, but he ended up surprising her.
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