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second hand
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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd hand / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond hand


saniye ibresi.
saat kadranında saniyeleri gösteren ibre.

second hand için örnek cümleler:

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  • Jumping up, she whipped her arm forward over her head, trying to cast the branch as far as she could. It stayed solidly attached to her hand as a lance of ice blue flame shot from its tip. With a crack that shattered the delicate silence, the blue bolt ignited a leafless tree a hundred feet distant. Dancing orange flames, like an angry crackling fire demon, silhouetted against the pale pink of the coming dawn. Hastily Leena cast an extinguishing spell before the flames could spread. The new wand leapt to her command with far more ease than the well worn, second hand wand in her belt had ever done.
  • This included a very slick turkish lobbyist, who would not look out of place as a dodgy second hand car salesman.
  • "Just imagine--I knew nothing about him!" said he. "I thought he had been killed. All I know I heard at second hand from others. I only know that he fell in with the Rostovs.... What a strange coincidence!"
  • Several times in the last few minutes Brad had walked back into the kitchen to look at the electric clock. He stared at the clock as its sweeping second hand crept across the twelve twice before he went back out onto the side porch to watch for the green Pontiac to come down the hill.
  • From the moment Charlie sat at the kitchen table with his parents, Brad's concept of time matched what he was seeing on the kitchen clock. The clock's sweep second hand slowed to a crawl, the minute hand vibrated in place every few seconds, and the hour hand froze on the nine. Brad was sure every minute he stayed there was bringing him closer to whatever his mother and father had decided would be his fate on this beautiful, clear fall day. Brad had overheard enough to know he was going to be put to work in the yard, but he hoped it would be overruled when Charlie said he needed Brad's help this weekend.
  • "A second hand clothing Thrift Shop in Des Moines, during my gas station cum convenience store period. I used to bump into her there a lot. Seems we had the same taste in clothes," says Mike.
  • "Leave me alone," he mumbled. "I can't talk." His arms and neck were beet red from his first day on the water, clamming. He had bought a second hand rig--including a motor, Sharpie, rake, five sections of pole, and a cull box for $1,100 from an ad in Newsday. The next day he got his licenses and was out early this morning at first light, planning to be finished long before the heat of the day.
  • "The way you drooled over the black trench coat in the second hand store, you could've fooled me." Izzy shook her head, sighed. "Anyway, tomorrow's Cayenne's first night at work."
  • 'Wait, wait, oh I remember. I saw stuff that would work for armbands in that ethnic store, the one by the second hand book shop.'
  • Beware when buying what appear to be cheap second hand tools and equipment.
  • No charity shop bin, second hand record store or music fair is missed in their relentless pursuit of gems of forgotten music.
  • She slept fitfully that night with the fold of bills, five, ten and twenty thousand notes secured deep in the pocket of the new second hand jeans that Alice had helped her purchase. Alice woke her early in the morning before the sun came up and as the camp was just awakening. "Okay," Nicole said still sitting on the ground to Alice in a whisper, "Im awake." She got herself up and began gathering her meager possessions in a plastic bag and then followed Alice out of the hut while the rest of its occupants were still asleep. The smoke of a hundred nascent cooking fires produced a haze over the early morning camp that mixed with the first rays of the sun to create a refracted glare. Nicole followed closely behind Alice through this landscape of light and smoke to the edge of the camp.
  • Chuck carefully folded her jeans and put them under her head. He peeled off his prized second hand overcoat and pulled it under Alison's bare rump. "Look Alison, I hardly know you, but it looks like we're gonna get to know each other a whole lot better in the next few minutes, so just relax. The paramedics will be here soon to help you...I hope. But just in case they're a little late, I'm here, okay."
  • Second hand bookstall a good selection of quality second hand books.
  • On Grays side waited a fifty-inch plasma TV screen, couches, a rocker, and recliner. Bookshelves stood on both sides of the room, a small bookshelf for the children between Rose and Emorys desks. Rose noted the books were in need of straightening. Before she grabbed her shoes, she sat at her computer, checking the news, then her email. Then she squatted, stretching her legs, watching the second hand tick off, thinking about what she needed; three Kleenexes, her phone, ear buds, and a dash of Carmex on her lips. On her way out she would take her keys from the counter, putting all those things in the pouch of her hoodie. She didnt need the sweatshirt so much for warmth, more for storage.
  • Today he was wearing gold football boots, white pirate trousers, and a tight-fitting black T-shirt with a picture of something gothic on the chest. His matted hair was plastered down under a white golfing hat, and enormous sun glasses, probably meant for a woman, completed his disguise. Johnny was the resident vagabond, and as such had first pick of second hand clothes.
  • Free second hand ads, kite surfing shop, web cam & live wind speeds, tidal times, mobile phone icons.. .
  • Attractive silver dial with square pattern on inner part of the dial and contrasting sweep second hand red arrow pointer.
  • Omari opened her mouth and let it hang there for a second before responding. "I beg your pardon? Let me guess, your grand scheme is to get me wasted on jack and coke, let me inhale second hand smoke while watching a cadre of second rate strippers, and then when Im good and plastered let me blow a few thousand bucks on the slots at Caesars Palace. That ought to cure what ills me."
  • We are not responsible for claims brought by third parties arising from your use of second hand darkroom supplies.
  • Fiftymes valley acquired many second hand vehicles, mainly double deckers in the late fifties / early sixties.
  • This horror story neatly illustrates the perils surrounding gifts of second hand computers.
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