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second best
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Okunuşu: / sɛk(ə)nd bɛst / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sec·ond best


ikinci en iyi.

second best için örnek cümleler:

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  • Even though she was being sternly reprimanded by Francesca, it was so good to hear her voice. After being betrayed by her best friend Lana, meeting Francesca was the second best thing to happen to her in the last year. It was good to know that she had a true friend that cared about her, and that she could count on in any circumstances. Shea and Francesca had visited her and Noah often when they were in the hospital recovering from injuries associated with their encounters with Dominic. They were the types that would give you the shirts right off their back and probably their pants and shoes too, if you asked them.
  • "Thought something wasnt quite right with it. Its rather disappointing to be served second best when we pay first rate prices."
  • The rest of the piskies appeared at the door with his second best bullock.
  • "Well, they say that when you ain't got no choice, the best thing you can do is play the hand that's dealt. The second best thing is if she can cook."
  • There was no answer, not that he expected any. The Duke swayed, then swung around almost 180 degrees and made his exit, as if leaving a saloon in one of the countless westerns he had made. Yes, to hell with it: he might be dead drunk, or dead tired, but he wasn't dead in any other sense and wasn't going to lay down and die now. Nossir, he was going on, to bigger and better things because he was John Wayne, the Duke, and he wasn't a quitter, he didn't settle for second best or anything but total victory, that was his motto, his code and his creed, as well as not taking crap from anybody, damn straight! This desert was his as far as he was concerned because he feared no man and could do with it as he pleased, so he would: all he needed was some kind of direction, a sense of purpose, a plan, that was it, which the Duke was sure would eventually present itself to him if he simply walked long and hard enough, with only the stars and the moon as his guideposts.
  • "A mud floor, no less, while the men get boards. How does that work, I wonder? Do we always get second best while Cam enjoys the luxuries? He's got plenty of cashwhy shouldn't we be in the best place in town?"
  • Our politics, however, dont support such innovations. Republicans dread a more efficient tax code as a step toward a larger welfare state. "You cannot get to a European-size government with an income tax because it gets to a point where its not collectible and it depresses the economy," Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, said. "So you need a consumption tax, and as a second best to that, an energy tax."
  • Mr. Cohen said to us often "When you sit down to take this test, I want you attack it. I have found when you walk into a test and you're afraid, you have no chance to succeed. Failure always comes to people that look for it; we are all winners in this class. There is no reason to fear a simple testI will give you the tools to succeed and all you have to do is listen and execute the plan. I was a poor test taker most in my life because I wasn't focused. You will be focused because nobody outside of this classroom thinks you can do this." It was a classic us against the world speech that hit home for a group of cast-offs that were used to finishing second best.
  • Omari made a mental note to work on her speed flying skills more when she was feeling better, because keeping up with Omari was no small feat, and Omari hated being second best at anything. The city was a blur beneath her, and even though her concentration was once again focused on Francescas nearly sonic form in front of her, bits of the city beneath her were beginning to look vaguely familiar. Her mental map of
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