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Okunuşu: / sɪ’kluːʒ(ə)n / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: se·clu·sion
Türü: isim


i. inziva, köşeye çekilme;

seclusion için örnek cümleler:

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  • "It is odd -- I know it's odd -- so do you; and what a ridiculous termination to those plans of seclusion I had formed. How Charles Mannering and Ardenbroke will laugh! And I really think, with your experience, you ought to guard me against such absurd mistakes."
  • Having satisfied himself as to his apparent security, the senator thought no more of spirits palpable or impalpable; but to the far graver issues of the convention his thoughts reverted. It was yet early; he lighted a cigar, and in full appreciation of his retirement, took out his note-book and plunged into the affairs of state. Now and then he was recalled to the circumstances of his situation by the swaggering tread of unsteady feet about the house, or when the boisterous shouts below raged above the outside storm; but even then he only glanced up from his papers to congratulate himself upon his agreeable seclusion.
  • There was no need to ask who was on the other end. Once indoors and away from the clinging river air, Maxs caravan-mate Svin had quickly thrown off his shakes and chills and had proceeded to eat steadily for the better part of a week, rapidly filling out much of the mass hed shed and beginning to look less like a sheared seven-foot sheep and more like the barbarian fighting machine of prototypical legend. The cough remained, however, although it seemed to be triggered now mostly by speech and exercise. Svin hadnt been talking much, but he had been spending most of his time working out, so the top floor and screened roof-deck of Groots house - where Svin had been staying in seclusion and out of sight - had been rattled alternately by the thud and thump of his exertions and the rack of his booming catarrh.
  • "Sapnabhairavi was pregnant. She was going to have an Anglo-Indian child. And no matter how the child was begotten, she dearly wanted to have that baby. But the fetus was crushed to death. The Major had promised us that if we went into seclusion and no one knew about the baby, then he would later adopt it and give it the full benefit and right of an English home. I now think that the Major had all along planned to destroy us up here on the hill."
  • Amanda sped along the narrow, deserted roads, enjoying the seclusion and drive through the countryside. The road gradually widened until she saw the turnoff for the laboratory, half hidden by a large hedgerow. She eased the patrol car down the lane, carefully navigating the random holes and rucks in the road.
  • So Toole entered into details, and completed an officious little conspiracy; and the upshot of it was that Mrs. Mack, whenever M. M. fixed a day for her next extortionate visit, was to apprise the doctor, who was to keep in the way; and, when she arrived, the good lady was just to send across to him for some 'peppermint drops,' upon which hint Toole himself would come slily over, and place himself behind the arras in the bed-room, whither, for greater seclusion and secrecy, she was to conduct the redoubted Mary Matchwell, who was thus to be overheard, and taken by the clever doctor in the act; and then and there frightened not only into a surrender of the documents, but of the money she had already extracted, and compelled to sign such a confession of her guilt as would effectually turn the tables, and place her at the mercy of the once more happy Macnamara.
  • The months aboard the ship had dulled the group's sense of urgency and allowed them to become complacent. Catrin had been able to forget some of her fears and anxieties, while the seclusion and comfort had fostered the illusion of security. With the map in front of them and the decision upon them, the thin veil of perceived safety vanished. Catrin trembled as a sense of foreboding weighed on her until she thought she would be crushed. Her eyes rested on the soft clothing she wore, and she felt the need to regain her edge and vigilance.
  • Stay in modern comfort in an old world setting and relax in peaceful seclusion only fifteen minutes from inverness.
  • We have four sparrow hawks in a seclusion aviary at the moment, lets hope they pair up.
  • There were mercifully few giggling gawkers along the way. Wiseman, Leatherskin and Ambrosius reached the seclusion of the hut just as Stipule came running panting (pardon the expression) with a pair of trousers. Ambrosius quickly put them on and, at the invitation of Wiseman, both he and Leatherskin sat at the large Hookwood table in the middle of the hut.
  • The sun terrace at the side of the property is offered seclusion by its walled boundary.
  • After that comes the relative seclusion of the short 12th, a lovely hole that plays across a valley to an elevated green.
  • The first consideration is the clearness of our perception of the man's relation to the external world and the greater or lesser clearness of our understanding of the definite position occupied by the man in relation to everything coexisting with him. This is what makes it evident that a drowning man is less free and more subject to necessity than one standing on dry ground, and that makes the actions of a man closely connected with others in a thickly populated district, or of one bound by family, official, or business duties, seem certainly less free and more subject to necessity than those of a man living in solitude and seclusion.
  • Can't aim for an old port, they're all built up with industrial centers, toxic waste, and flooded buildings and such. We have to aim for the snooty Richie Riches that liked seclusion and large swaths of land all to themselves." She tapped an area shaded in green. "The kind that push to have the land around them declared national parks so the government pays to keep everyone else out."
  • She dismissed these scruples. "Naw. I know a nice place to eat. Nobodyll see us." Her grin suggested what else we could do in such seclusion.
  • Men who are kings in very small dominions are whimsical, as well as imperious--eccentricity is the companion of seclusion -- and the Squire had a jealous custom, in his house, which was among the oddities of his despotism; it was simply this: the staircase up which Alice Maybell flew, that night, to old Dulcibella and her room, is that which ascends the northern wing of the house. A strong door in the short passage leading to it from the hall, shuts it off from the rest of the building on that level.
  • Prince Andrew looked at his sister. In the dim shadow of the curtain her luminous eyes shone more brightly than usual from the tears of joy that were in them. She leaned over to her brother and kissed him, slightly catching the curtain of the cot. Each made the other a warning gesture and stood still in the dim light beneath the curtain as if not wishing to leave that seclusion where they three were shut off from all the world. Prince Andrew was the first to move away, ruffling his hair against the muslin of the curtain.
  • "Fire upon the sphere," he said more to himself as he reached the delver. "So much is happening; so many things changing. River rogues attacking elves again. Goblins in the woods. I doubt there is any turning back now. I think our life in seclusion has ended."
  • For this young lady then, while she was still a child, Squire Fairfield had easily made an Oriental seclusion in his household, by locking, with his own hand, that door every night, and securing more permanently the doors which, on other levels, afforded access to the same wing.
  • "Not long after that day when the Knight visited Halvard, he placed himself in absolute seclusion so that he might study. In the years that followed, he was eventually betrayed by one that was thought an ally. This betrayal led to his murder. The murderer was attempting to absorb the power, the essence I suppose, of the Knight. However, the murderer failed to take the Knight's son, Alastor, in to account. Alastor was the heir to the mysterious power that the Knight held, and it transferred to Alastor upon the death of his father."
  • It is situated at the end of a small lane offering seclusion in its own grounds of approximately half an acre.
  • The venue provides seclusion on a grand scale, yet is only three miles from the nearest airport.
  • "It negates the power of the armor," he says solemnly. "It took all my strength to make it, which was partially why I went into seclusion after that visit to Halvard."
  • It is a life on the ocean wave, not one that seeks the seclusion of a safe harbor.
  • Assyrian kings introduced it in the near east, along with the seclusion of women in the royal harem.
  • "Dear Brothers," he began, blushing and stammering, with a written speech in his hand, "it is not sufficient to observe our mysteries in the seclusion of our lodge--we must act--act! We are drowsing, but we must act." Pierre raised his notebook and began to read.
  • Kelon had given in and brought the little man back. It was either that or come out of seclusion and do the watching instead.
  • During all this trying period, I had found infinite consolation in the society and sympathy of my dear cousin Emily. I never in after-life formed a friendship so close, so fervent, and upon which, in all its progress, I could look back with feelings of such unalloyed pleasure, upon whose termination I must ever dwell with so deep, yet so unembittered regret. In cheerful converse with her I soon recovered my spirits considerably, and passed my time agreeably enough, although still in the strictest seclusion.
  • During the first weeks of his stay in Petersburg Prince Andrew felt the whole trend of thought he had formed during his life of seclusion quite overshadowed by the trifling cares that engrossed him in that city.
  • Mother Gwendolin waved with a smile, and Catrin was thrilled that someone might actually speak to her. She had not realized how much she depended on interaction with others until she had been in relative seclusion.
  • The ngwa was expected to go into ritual seclusion for two weeks every year.
  • "O don't talk rubbish," Frank said and fell into sullenness. They walked on silently. He had dropped her arm or she had dropped his; anyhow, they were disjoined. Her hands were empty but for the handbag, and in that ridiculous bag the absurd Cause. It seemed from its seclusion to taunt her. "Throw me away," it seemed to be saying, "throw me into the gutter. Am I worth all this trouble?" It wouldn't, she thought, with a touch of sanity, please Frank any better if she did--not Frank. He wouldn't appreciate the gesture. Besides, it wasn't her business to throw it away. "I am yours," the Stone gibed at her, "your own--throw me away. You're in danger of throwing him away." From somewhere her memory brought up a text-"My lovers and friends hast thou set afar from me; and hid my acquaintance out of my sight." She didn't want him to go like this.
  • Napoleon took no interest in Snowball's committees. He said that the education of the young was more important than anything that could be done for those who were already grown up. It happened that Jessie and Bluebell had both whelped soon after the hay harvest, giving birth between them to nine sturdy puppies. As soon as they were weaned, Napoleon took them away from their mothers, saying that he would make himself responsible for their education. He took them up into a loft which could only be reached by a ladder from the harness-room, and there kept them in such seclusion that the rest of the farm soon forgot their existence.
  • A scowling servant served them lunch, and they spent the rest of the day resting as music and laughter wafted up from the streets below. Talsy took advantage of their inactivity and seclusion to ask Chanter about Mujar, but, while he would not impart any further information on that subject, he did speak freely about his life with the hill clan. She found his reticence frustrating, but told herself that he must have his reasons. That, plus the ease with which he was able to save the city, gave her a little insight into the reasons why Truemen hated Mujar. It did seem cruel and unfair to deny aid that was so easily given, but again she rebuked herself. He must have at least one excellent reason, and she was determined to discover what it was. Until then, she decided, she would not judge him.
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