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Okunuşu: / sɪ’kluːdɪd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Türü: sıfat


s. ayrılmış;
bir kenara çekilmiş;
mahfuz, saklı, korunmuş.

secluded için örnek cümleler:

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  • These activities do best in a protected or somewhat secluded corner.
  • It was a strange place for rendezvous, but so far the directions had been spot on. It was a secluded setting, and romantic. She stopped at the thought. Could Dave be trying to get back together? He was always inviting her to Grand Cayman, so he must care a least a little even if he was completely
  • The is even a secluded grotto which has been faithfully preserved at the western end of the estate.
  • Large windows and glass door leading out to the patio veranda which leads down to a secluded garden.
  • Isolation was bar far the worst condition in Henrys world. Without interaction, he was forced to shift to a world of daydreams and phantasmagorical possibilities. The stimuli in front of him was two really hot females that would rather have taken a swim in the pool with him in a secluded location with the lights on under water on a hot summer night. But the scenario was still raw and had to be further developed
  • Model gardens ii - mediterranean garden sven designs a secluded courtyard perfect for al fresco entertaining.
  • Situated in a beautifully secluded valley, goonwinnow farm stands in its own 7-acre grounds.
  • I also found guns. That was a chance encounter, as I pushed open a bedroom door to find a mess of blood and gore. A woman laid on the bed, her arms wrapped around two children. She was still holding the pistol in her hand that she had used to end her life and a quick search of the room turned up ammo for it. I said a brief prayer for the dead family and further fortified my new location. I hid the first ladder in a secluded area heavy with bushes and used the other lightweight one to get into my home and then pull it up. I attached the rope to the door frame by looping it through a nearby window as a quick exit. I didnt want man or machine to know about my new safe haven. I had gathered enough food and water for days and finally felt like I could sleep at night.
  • The boy would dash back up the steps harboring a mental photograph of the crypt, then slowly, bravely tease the dimmer until he again stood in pitch. Hed weave through the silent halls to the marble staircase, take the steps three at a time to the roof. Christian would creep to the railing and peep down on the cemeterys parking lot, where Karls personal kelly-green station wagon would be parked in its usual secluded space. Having caught the glint of sun on Karls binoculars, hed lay low and watch planes approaching L.A.X. until the sun fell and he could count their lights in a long descending line.
  • The fine example of a victorian rectory dated 1876 stands in secluded grounds with mature trees which provide a haven for wildlife.
  • The party broke up. Doctor Danvers took his leave, and rode homeward, down the broad avenue, between the gigantic ranks of elm that closed it in. The full moon was rising above the distant hills; the mists lay like sleeping lakes in the laps of the hollows; and the broad demesne looked tranquil and sad under this chastened and silvery glory. The good old clergyman thought, as he pursued his way, that here at least, in a spot so beautiful and sequestered, the stormy passions and fell contentions of the outer world could scarcely penetrate. Yet, in that calm secluded spot, and under the cold, pure light which fell so holily, what a hell was weltering and glaring!--what a spectacle was that moon to go down upon! As Sir Wynston was leaving the parlor for his own room, Marston accompanied him to the hall, and said--"I shan't play tonight, Sir Wynston."
  • "I say so because when, believing my man was ripe for this, I left Paris about midday for a certain secluded little spot on the sea-coast, I saw one of Monsieur Steinmetz's employees on the platform; and because, two days after my arrival in my secluded spot, I met Monsieur Steinmetz in person, newly arrived also. Now this was exactly what I had intended and anticipated. Monsieur Steinmetz had come down there to put me out of his way, if he could. He passed me, leisurely strolling in the opposite direction, humming his favorite aria, bigger and yellower than ever, the evil eye fiery on his finger. His own eyes shot me as evil fire; but he said nothing.... I saw he was ripe, though.... My time was close at hand.
  • The steeply wooded ravine descends to a private, secluded beach on the historic helford river.
  • On the way to his sister's room, in the passage which connected one wing with the other, Prince Andrew met Mademoiselle Bourienne smiling sweetly. It was the third time that day that, with an ecstatic and artless smile, she had met him in secluded passages.
  • Equally, you may decide to drop anchor in a secluded bay for a romantic lunch or a spot of sunbathing.
  • The ship pulled in to dock in the secluded crescent bay around which stood the city of Mei Kasali, capital of Sha-Pensei. A detachment met them as they disembarked, their bulky, intricate clothing alien to the Jovani tastes, which favoured light, bright linens. One pale, handsome man broke away from the others and shuffled towards them, waving his hands. "Prince Cassius Nero! Lord Valentin Sylvanus! I am Theien Kasali, and I humbly welcome you to our city of Mei Kasali. King Adder Oblaiki eagerly awaits you at Hamami."
  • "Thats a Roman name?" asked Adiega distrustfully. The girls dark eyes glowed fiercely. Calista could understand why she did not want Roman influence on her secluded existence and yetAnd yet, Roman culture was glorious and could only serve to improve (roads at the very least) the life of their town. Improve, or eradicate completely. The girls expression looked like she was reconsidering her offer of aid.
  • Once in Council Bluffs, they make for an old secluded wooden farmhouse on the edge of town. They pull down a gravel driveway into the trashy back yard. On one side is an old car repair shop and on the other, the back of a drugstore. The far end of the yard ends in a corn field. Two old snow covered rusted cars are on the side. They drag David and Todd out of the van and up some worn unpainted wooden stairs and into a side door.
  • The queen sadly shook her head. "He has been secluded in his workshop working diligently on a remedy. Thus far, no luck."
  • Private pool in a secluded two acre garden with mountain views, sleeps 6 - 10 people.
  • "Good enough then. You're going to have your answer, one way or another. And then you're going to pull yourself together and move on, because we need you sharp, and sober." Colt nodded, and the two of them trudged along for a while. It wasn't long before they could see the cabin up ahead, a quaint-looking structure constructed of horizontal logs in a secluded place behind a small rise.
  • "That is if it was part of the old kingdoms. For all you know, he could have easily built a castle in some secluded location away from any kingdoms - away from prying eyes," Cale responds.
  • Later still theres a cottage. Its more than a cottage, a fair house, yet secluded in remote parkland. Theres a large, smiling woman, she welcomed Edward with open arms.
  • Laurel farm [ website ] an 18th-century farmhouse in an acre of wild and peacefully secluded grounds surrounded by mature trees and hedges.
  • Set in 44 acres in a secluded wooded valley on the south coast of cornwall, duporth has its own private beach.
  • Quietness surrounded the castle, for there'd been no guards posted. They felt safe in their secluded part of the forest. Hesitation came to my memory, stuttering to my lips and my hand trembled in fright. As my wand stirred and rang and zinged out in an enchantment of old, it hummed tunes of old time wizards' hymns.
  • "Shell need to release the built up powers immediately after her party. Thats the reason Aunt Celeste is currently setting up a similar circle in a secluded outside area of the Vaydem sacred grounds. It will be positioned on the North West ritual land near the community building were gonna be in. That way, we wont have to burn a central bonfire or spend three days in ceremonial cleansing like we did for the one here. The rites have already been permanently consecrated on that ground."
  • As is oft the way in Heathen lands, the story of the Sons succession is a marvelous convoluted Tale. There were said to be two Sons in contention, belike both Knaves, and the Hollanders have deduced that the late Arangbars Queen, named Janahara, favord one Son over the other, for reasons known best to her Self, and intrigued in his succession. They have concluded thus because the new Moghul is said to have promptly rewarded her with a large secluded Estate of her own outside of Agra, with his personal Guards to protect her, something the Dutchmen claim has never before been done for a Moorish Queen in India. The Hollanders further deduce that this Queen effected the favored Sons succession through her Prime Minister, a subtle Rogue called Sharif, who, when the Moghul Arangbar died, secretly arranged the Assassination of the other Son before he could reach Agra and make his own claim for the Throne. This said Sharif was again appointed Prime Minister by the new Moghul, doubtless a Reward for his cunning Service.
  • Another week passed by with nothing too interesting happening. It took me a couple of days to muster the courage to approach him, but I started spending my lunches with Jack. I'm not sure why I was afraid, but there was something about him that intimidated me. Maybe it was the fact that he was so old and had seen so much. Maybe I was afraid that he wanted to keep to isolation and that he would only put up with me out of respect for my parents. But, as I weighed the pros and cons, I realized that having someone that wasn't related to me to talk to was more important that what he thought of me. The first day I approached him we wandered off to a fairly secluded part of the quad and I told him about my parents. He was quiet during my story, and afterwards he asked me, "Are you okay with all this? Really, truly okay? I've seen many people learn the truth that go insane over time. They start seeing beings that are a threat to their well being everywhere they look, and can't handle the stress of constantly living in fear."
  • Click here for more photos and information sitting on a lovely secluded mooring on the river nene, mooring is free.
  • "Max, what do you know? We have your table open, right here," Leo said pointing to a booth along the window. It was a seat where Max could watch people coming in or out, but still be secluded from view.
  • Quietness surrounded the castle, for there'd been no guards posted. They felt safe in their secluded part of the forest. Hesitation came to my memory, stuttering to my lips and my hand trembled in fright. As my wand stirred and rang and zinged out in an enchantment of old, it hummed tunes of old time wizards' hymns.
  • By mid-afternoon, he had reached a secluded clearing that he knew well. There was a natural spring on the left, surrounded by a circle of oak trees. On the right, there was a mound of rotted logs. Every type of mushroom and fungus grew there, fed by the moist air and decaying wood. Soon, Elias was gathering tiny red-capped mushrooms and collecting them into a mesh bag, being careful not to smash them in the process. They needed to be kept intact until he got back to the cottage, where Carina would sort and dry them. Even though he enjoyed being in the forest, collecting mushrooms was a tedious business. It was too cold to take a quick dip in the pond, but he could feel the sweat running down his back as he bent down over and over to harvest the tiny mushrooms.
  • The pomieri enjoys a wonderfully secluded location in the heart of the mountains.
  • Elryia slid her fingers into his as she rose. Graham led her to a secluded area of Doren Valley before he actually spoke. "I know we talked about Sharia forest as the first destination," he began, hand remaining within hers. "I want you to push around the forest for now and head to Mt. Forgas. The letter I mentioned earlier is a far more integral than I let on, but I could not go into details. I wanted only to tell you."
  • The proposal was this: Vajra and I would move to a secluded hilltop outside of Aizawl where there were some ruins, and within it, some livable quarters. Vajra could occasionally hike down to the village at the foot of the hill, and buy provisions. The Major would even see to it that the image of the goddess was carefully moved and installed on that hilltop.
  • Here, visitors can ski, swim, explore underwater caves, go rafting through wide canyons, or relax on a secluded beach.
  • "Cleanup, aisle one!" Belinda yelled as the vamps quickly transitioned from punked mode into super cleaning mode, making Samuel and Ariel sparkling clean while gathering all of the Billingsley gangs body parts and placing them together in a secluded section of woods in the park.
  • Here, in a secluded village, he found a little inn, of small pretension and much comfort. He felt so satisfied with his quarters, and discovered every day so much variety in the scenes of the surrounding mountains, that his inclination to proceed farther diminished progressively.
  • Charming old village of orton sits in a secluded position on the eastern fringe of the lake district national park.
  • The sun sank and the moon rose as the iceberg drifted closer to land, until it loomed dark before them, waves foaming on the shore. Chanter brought the berg right up to the beach, and Talsy stepped off without getting her feet wet. As soon as they were ashore, the ice melted away without a trace. Stumbling with tiredness and hunger, she followed him up the beach to a secluded grove, where he paused to contemplate her. She knew what he was thinking. Without a tent or bedding, she was ill equipped to spend a night in the open. She needed shelter and food.
  • Shortly before my birth a circumstance had occurred which had contributed much to form and to confirm my father's secluded habits--it was the fact that a suspicion of MURDER had fallen upon his younger brother, though not sufficiently definite to lead to an indictment, yet strong enough to ruin him in public opinion.
  • To the rear of the villa is a small, secluded lawn and a lockable gate leading directly into monte carvoeiro.
  • Vajra liked the idea of a secluded paradise, and did not need any convincing. Then, a few days ago, I told him of my pregnancy. He was silent for a long time, and then said that it was not my fault. He said it was his fault for not protecting me. He asked my forgiveness.
  • A unique, secluded hideaway just by the wat ers edge, with stunning river views, for just 2 people.
  • The house is approached through a large stone arch, in a secluded cobbled mews, closed to through-traffic.
  • This is all that I need recapitulate of my uncle's history, and I now recur to my own. Although my father had never, within my recollection, visited, or been visited by, my uncle, each being of sedentary, procrastinating, and secluded habits, and their respective residences being very far apart-- the one lying in the county of Galway, the other in that of Cork--he was strongly attached to his brother, and evinced his affection by an active correspondence, and by deeply and proudly resenting that neglect which had marked Sir Arthur as unfit to mix in society.
  • Ramn disgustedly brushed the water from his face and headed back to the river, to a secluded bank, and splashed himself again with cold water. He started for home again.
  • Facilities chycoll barn is in a totally secluded setting, surrounded by unspoiled moorland and with instant access to lovely walks.
  • Nat took the lead and scrambled up the rocks to look over the edge. He scanned the water, pulled a piece of polished metal from his robe, and signaled wildly. Sounds of pursuit grew closer, and Nat searched the water desperately. Then Irvil grabbed him and spun him to the right. A bright signal, not far east of where they stood, was coming from small boats secluded under the shadow of the cliff. Elated, Nat rushed east along the cliffs. Catrin still feared the soldiers would catch them, and Vertook and Irvil stayed as far from the edge as they could.
  • Glazed doors open from the living room onto a private and secluded patio with views over the valley.
  • Just like hed told her that he loved her after she slid from his torso only a few hours ago, or as he said he loved her all the times before, so many times and Rose felt like crying. She didnt, as she rarely wept, but there, with no reason for his presence, Rose wanted to fall into his arms, find some secluded place and… "What in the world?"
  • It wasn't until we'd been sitting in a secluded corner of the sprawling, green sanctuary for nearly half an hour that Alec finally seemed to relax. There wasn't any visible change to his demeanor, but one second tingles of lightning were dancing along my skin, and in the next heartbeat the unseen world settled into a sleepy calm.
  • The streets and highways were empty and it was not long before they pulled up and parked under some willows in a secluded area well away from the picnic areas and playgrounds. That had been Doris's idea, she did not want children to stumble across the van later in the day. They waited quietly for a while until Wesley got out and attached the tube to the exhaust whilst Lucy protected him from the rain with her umbrella. The tube was pulled back into the van through a small side window, then sealed off with plastic bags and masking tape. They were ready.
  • Following breakfast the party made their way to church. Instead of taking the main road they took a quicker, more secluded route, walking beneath gigantic gum trees, around blossoming heath shrubs and along an uneven path fringed with tea tree and native mint. During this scenic walk, George had steadfastly remained by Francess side, and as he lit a fresh cigarette, he unexpectedly addressed her.
  • One of the most beautifully secluded lakeside caravan estates offering exclusive lake frontage for 1km onto windermere, set on a farm.
  • Charactersi canvassed the a secluded swimming only remain sailing the water was.
  • The day before the meeting that would determine our fate, Ash and I went to a secluded wooded area. Shed grown tired of smoky dark bars and wanted to be out in the light, but away from people. I wasnt that thrilled with the daylight. It bothered my eyes more than hers. But it was what she wanted. We drove down a country road to a deserted house. The snow had melted and the ground was soft. The temperature was cold but not freezing. Behind the house lay a dense woods. We walked into the woods and went about a mile.
  • Congregate in car parks or secluded areas, in a practice known as dogging, exactly the same laws apply.
  • The playground grew still as the word "kiss" must have echoed off of every rock and tree. The girls picked a spot that was exactly in the middle of the playground. They must have had "Math" Marvin figure out the exact coordinates of the playground's center. I thought that a nicer, more secluded spot under the trees would have been a better choice.
  • The exhausted couple landed at dawn before the front gate of an old, secluded home surrounded by grassy hills and farm animals. Liz made her wand sound a greeting as several dogs rushed them. Because fliers could literally drop anywhere, everyone owned guard dogs to warn them of intruders.
  • Joe drapes his coat over a chair at the table they've selected and he and Pete head for the buffet. They get plates and fill up on scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, gravy, biscuits and coffee then return for some side dishes of fruit and little tubs of butter and jam. They return to their secluded table in the corner.
  • Promontorys built around a deep, natural bay with two long promontories either side, giving it a secluded feel.
  • You will have the chance to meet people and work in some beautiful, secluded spots.
  • A very secluded spot the beach is accessible only by foot along a path through pine woods.
  • This property benefits from neutral lounge and spacious kitchen diner with french doors to a secluded and very well maintained rear garden.
  • Kylie was easily recognizable as I entered the small park. She signaled from across the sloping expanse of grass. She waved off my profuse thanks as we walked upstairs to a secluded bench that overlooked the fountain and park below.
  • Kaymins deep brown eyes swept the street quickly before he pointed to a nearby alehouse, The Winged Donkey. "There," he said. He may not have been the most intelligent man to ever walk the streets of Vasos, but he certainly wasnt foolish enough to go off alone to a secluded area with this peculiar fellow.
  • Suddenly there was the sea again far away on the right, with the grey hump of Portland rising from it, and we came to the crossroads where the road or track from Preston and Sutton Poyntz comes over the ridge and goes down to Whitcombe. It was not a part I knew, well away from my usual haunts, and I looked about with interest. We turned left along the rutted chalk track, where there were two very large barrows, one on each side, and over a slight rise before going steeply down into a little dip. Dorchester was no longer visible, for we were going down into a long secluded valley which stretched before us for several miles. It was a lonely waywe had passed no houses since we set off together and seen no travellers; all was gently rolling grassland as far as the eye could see, with occasional clumps of trees and in the distance larger woods showing dark on the far hills.
  • Peaceful secluded spot, excellent bird watching including black grouse.
  • At lunch, we have a picnic where we aim to visit a variety of secluded anchorages.
  • Darryl put the cab into gear and began driving carefully down the small rutted path that teenagers had worn into the well-used field that served as both a gathering place and a secluded lovers lane.
  • He led her inside his house, but this time he gave the grand tour. Heading down one hallway he pointed to a white door on his left. "This is my moms room and next door is Karas." He turned and pointed to two other doors across from the first two rooms. "The door on your right is the bathroom and the one on to its left is the laundry room." He grabbed Sarahs hand and their fingers intertwined. She marveled at how they fit together so perfectly and the warmth that seeped into her hand. Connor led her down another hall that sat secluded from most of the house and it was very quiet and peaceful back here. He opened a green door saying "Sarah, this is my room."
  • The three men entered the secluded study, drinks in hand - whiskey-and-soda for the DC and the SP, Orange Squash for the Swami. The DC closed the door behind him. The three men sat down, or sank, on the soft sofas.
  • Mykonos: a holiday villa with panoramic views. situated on a gently sloping hillside overlooking a serene cove with a secluded beach.
  • Pete and his group get a secluded table and visit the breakfast buffet. Returning to their table, Pete begins, "Okay guys, I've been going over those pictures from last night and the building diagrams. Tonight we're finishing the Mike business. And we're leaving a little message for the news networks not to fuck with us again."
  • Billy entered Global Bank in Warsaw, checked his messages, and transferred some gold. One of the messages gave him an update of the steel-hull warship his great-uncle George was building in London. The latest message from Prince gave him directions to a secluded valley a few hundred kilometers from Kiev.
  • Paths wind through the garden past rocky outcrops down to a secluded swimming cove.
  • In Crispins absence Frances wandered miserably downstairs, before eventually making her way into the shrubbery, a secluded spot where she was sure to find some peace and quiet. Despite the fact that it was cold outside and the ground was wet underfoot, she was content to rest on the garden seat, amidst a scattering of pastel coloured leaves. It was only when she sat down that she realised how tired she actually was, and leaning forward she drew her hands to her head and closed her eyes.
  • Set just outside the charming village of crantock with its thatched and colorful cottages, the park overlooks secluded crantock beach.
  • Highbank hotel leeds the highbank hotel leeds is ideally located, in its own quietly secluded grounds.
  • The coroner's report had declared accidental death. Local media attention ensured that the restraining order against the developers was accepted and the secluded beauty spot was once more under the protection of the National Trust. Hundreds of people attended Helen's funeral, hundreds more sent cards and flowers and condolences.
  • They worked their way through the thick underbrush, and sure enough it cleared to a perfectly secluded place. The ground was bare except for some twigs and leaves. It was round with more than enough room for all of them and the horses. Twenty feet above them the trees became so dense that there was barely light to see. Not even the dragon could see them from overhead now. Legon instructed everyone to place their bedrolls on the ground; there wasnt room for a tent or a fire. Everyone agreed. They might need to leave in a hurry. The tents would slow things down and a fire could attract attention.
  • "Okay ... I had a good time today." Mediera slipped out of the room, and I changed out of the dress and back into my trousers, white blouse, and thick brown belt. The dress was nice, but for today impractical. Instead of going to Thelliums room, I brought the book and the scarf out to a secluded section of the garden; I had begun to prefer it to the long trek into the woods.
  • Thorin held it up proudly. "This is the symbol of my clan, Marretaela. My people are honest folk; though not the biggest clan. We can talk more about this later. Right now, lets go make camp. Theres a secluded cave a few miles north of here. We shouldnt stay out in the opentheres no sense in taking unnecessary risks. The sun will be going down soon, and we could have a fire started before then. It will be freezing tonight and we will need to stay warm. Plus, Im not one for cold food. I caught a rabbit earlier that we can enjoy for dinner tonight."
  • Pulls into a secluded driveway and stumbles on a mansion exuding a dilapidated grandeur.
  • "I thought it was a terrible plan, but Elsa sided with Wendel again. Nat and I had to either play along or stay behind. Everyone else played their parts well, and I did my best to hide my fear, but my nervous sweating nearly gave us away. Wendel convinced the border guards I was sick, and they rushed us along so they would not catch my illness. When we made camp within a secluded patch of forest, Wendel and Elsa celebrated their victory. He swept her up in his arms, and then he kissed her," he said, looking as if every muscle in his body were contracting. His hands were balled into fists, and his back was hunched. Catrin hated to see him relive such a painful memory, but she supposed it was necessary.
  • Peacefully secluded in this unspoiled countryside orchard house and rose cottage are ideal for all generations.
  • "No. They took his body out to a secluded wooded area near Portage des Sioux along the Missouri River before it joins the Mississippi. They hacked the body to pieces, arms, legs, head, pretty grim stuff. Then dug a shallow grave, buried him and piled rocks to keep the spring floods from uncovering the corpse."
  • Earlier, the jury was shown cctv images of both singh and the alleged victim entering the secluded subway alone.
  • Part way down the track drops into a secluded valley with a stream, a possible ideal wild camping spot.
  • My life had hitherto been remarkably secluded and domestic, and this had given me invincible repugnance to new countenances.
  • He cut deep into a commanders bicep and the bastards wand shrieked "attack." Billy immediately popped up, then flew away as dozens of blasts sought him out. He maneuvered through some trees, over a hill, until he lost them. He landed in a secluded pocket and hid under some dense bushes for several minutes as airmen flew overhead, looking for him.
  • Belinda located Brandon's fading heartbeat somewhere in between Main Street and the secluded path in the park. But she wasn't the only interested party en route to Justice's aid.
  • No smoking in the house: use the secluded cul-de-sac for a quick puff.
  • It is secluded from roads, tranquil, well irrigated and the dwellings offer stables and hay storage.
  • By the time Monday morning arrived I had vague memories of doing homework and not much else. The only positive from the whole weekend was the way my dream from Friday stayed with me. As I got ready for school I idly wondered if it would be possible to recreate the grotto in real life. Obviously not with the impossible, glowing water, but with the incredible, lush vegetation and the secluded pool. Then again, I'd seen mom pull off some pretty crazy tricks with her camera, maybe there would be some way to simulate glowing water, some kind of photography trick I'd never heard of.
  • He nodded to the side of the army, and kicked his horse ahead of the other men. When he found a secluded spot, he dismounted and took off his gloves, folding them neatly and hooking them over his belt.
  • The bathroom with a deep soaking tub overlooks the beautiful secluded gardens.
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