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Okunuşu: / sat / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


bak. sit.

sat için örnek cümleler:

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  • Having tidied their appearance, Tika and Mim sat quietly at the doorway of the pavilion, watching the sky flush with sunset colours. ‘Someone comes,’ Mim warned. Seconds later, Tika heard footsteps pattering along the stone path. Shan burst round the corner and skidded to a halt in front of them.
  • Krishnan hurried up. He sat before the system, placed revolver on the table and began pressing various buttons, mounted the headphone over his head and waited.
  • Billy walked out to his front lawn retrieving Newsday to read with his morning coffee. It would be a great day for clamming. June days usually were. The heavy rains of last week had passed so had the closure of the waters of Huntington Bay and Culligan's Harbor to shell fish harvesting because of a marine biotoxin scare in another harbor, Northport Harbor. He got back into the kitchen at the point of the browned perfection of the English muffins in the broiler. He sat in his Adirondack chair in the backyard to eat the two muffins buttered and spread with strawberry preserves and to drink his first cup of coffee of the morning. Pouring a second cup before opening Newsday, he paged through the paper past the murders, the car accidents in which teenagers and mothers of young children died, past the reports from Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel with the usual stories of bombings, beheadings, and mounting civilian and military casualties, stopping at the small headline deep within the newspaper: Vietnam Vet Pleads.
  • Steve looked at his boss and took another swig of his luke-warm green bottle of Heineken. It then occurred to him that his choice of a boy from the Long Island over a weak-hitting Ivey-leaguer might have been a tad misguided, if not shortsighted. Then he sat down on the weathered wood bench and gulped down the remaining six ounces of piss-water, while thinking about the thing he loved more than anything else in the world. He sneered and thought to himself as Jack lumbered around the bases, "That Gulliver-looking mother-fucker better make me a lot of money!"
  • "Bummer." Liseli rocked back and sat down. The tall grass tickled her bare arms. "Were kind of lost, actually. I was hoping you could tell us where we are."
  • Telamon and Lernen sat at a small table in the middle of the room, playing a board game. Lernen was a grey haired, middle aged man with a prominent belly and the reserved, dignified bearing of someone who has spent a lot of time looking important while other people talked. An augur stood nearby, waiting silently next to Reginald. He had long blond hair and the build of a warrior, though he carried no weapons. A few soldiers stood at ease around the room. Telamon smiled and looked away from the game that he had been about to lose. "It is granted."
  • The hospital waiting area was gloomy and dark. Huddled people sat in uncomfortable chairs. Most of them had a colourful glittering demon clutching to them. Amanda walked by and out through the open doors, careful not to approach too close to any of the demons, who were obviously unsettled by her presence.
  • Vane touched the dash switch that armored the vehicle. Windows hissed shut, doors locked in conjunction, red lights winked on latches and dash. Remembering the cell phone, he plucked it free and stuck it in his right rear pocket. Vane double-checked the locks before following Prissy into room seventeen. It was as hed expected: bed, dresser, television, bathroom. He sat on the bed. Prissy closed the door and hung her purse on the knob.
  • "Im going upstairs to work for an hour or so," the soft-spoken clerk said to his boss, who was just sitting down in a chair by the fireplace. The kids had gone to play outside, except for Diane, who was looking at a picture book by the window. Anne was giving instructions to the maid in the kitchen and when she was done, she sat down beside her husband.
  • They looked at the fighters in the ring and were frustrated by the slow pace of the early action of the round. Cal came out of his corner and simply sat back on the ropes, waiting for Hartwell to bring the fight to him, which he did after slowly walking toward him. The vampire slowly pawed at Cal with a few light jabs and then landed a hard right hand to the hunters upper left arm. Cal knew that this tactic of hitting him on the arms was meant to make his arms hurt and bring his guard down, so he knew he had to act before it was too late.
  • The hussars and Cossacks crowded round the prisoners; one offered them clothes, another boots, and a third bread. Pierre sobbed as he sat among them and could not utter a word. He hugged the first soldier who approached him, and kissed him, weeping.
  • She continued to sit, an often wild sea now relaxing in relative calm before her. She sat because she could no longer stand.
  • Kate thought she would feel differently going to her home, but it seemed rather strange, and not the same at all, being there with him as his wife. There were places she loved. She sat at her desk, the desk that was her fathers, approving the last of the blueprints for the school that would be built; overseeing it, thanks to Damien finding the right people, after rounds to the neighbors supplied him with names.
  • The three men walked toward the front middle of the stage to a raucous Bronx cheer, which is more commonly known as a chorus of boos. Even beloved Principal Bruegen, whos years of service to the community had been fondly appreciated, was dragged down into the black hole by his politically-infused counterparts. They sat in three plastic-backed chairs and seemed to be swallowed up by the massively-deep stage that was cut in half by a 60-foot, beige, floor-to-ceiling curtain.
  • Later the two women sat together in thought while Holder returned to Ignacio's cabin for lunch. After a considerable time, the Madrre spoke.
  • Ray closed his eyes and placed his hands across his stomach, listening to the air conditioner outside the hut make a deep relaxing drone in its struggle to pull the desert heat out of the room. A gust of wind blew sand against the wall outside, just feet from his head. Ray moved around to relax his shoulders and let his body sink into the mattress. Two weeks away from a long vacation, he began thinking of going home and fishing on the Apple River in Wisconsin, and then as he drifted off to sleep, he saw this thought turn into a dream. The line in the water and sound of the river were as real as he could remember, and he quickly began to flow away from the turmoil of the past few days. Then, he heard a voice he was not able to decipher. Arabic. Then more voices and soon they rose to a steady arguing mass, waking him and pulling him from the river. His eyes shot open, and he sat up and swung his legs off the edge of the bed. Then the voices quieted. All he heard was the steady breathing of Tripper in his bunk and the air conditioner.
  • The students looked on as the clear container sat on the screen not doing much. Then the water line clearly started to fall. The water was disappearing somewhere.
  • The great demon bowed again and strode off, gaining the first of the latticework supports. From up here it was clear that they doubled as walkways to the Four Towers surrounding the emperor. There were other demons on them, and humans too, walking to and from them; others, as birds or mutant flying beasts, occasionally flashed onto them as they made their way into the Towers. All appeared as small as ants from here, which was exactly how the emperor wanted it. The demon named Pios had soon vanished into the East Tower; Necrolius watched him go in before turning and gliding up the stairs to his throne, where he sat.
  • When he awoke, it took Telemaco a moment to remember where he was. Their cabin had once been the abode of some forester, but when he and Meranda had arrived, it was just a roosting place for birds and a cozy home for small woodland creatures. Former tenants still returned often to chatter, squawk, and otherwise express displeasure regarding their unjust eviction. The boy sat up in his blankets and saw that Meranda was already awake on the other side of the room.
  • Only when Arangbar was seated did Hawksworth notice that Nadir Sharif and Zainul Beg were already waiting at the foot of the dais. He also noted Queen Janahara was not present. And then he realized why. The servants had neglected to erect her screen, the one she normally sat behind to dictate his decisions. Since the appearance of Arangbars solitary rule still had to be maintained, she could not be seen publicly issuing orders, at least not yet.
  • Bane held out his hand, and the troll deposited his burden in it before fleeing to the safety of the stones. Mirra hurried over to the prone Demon Lord and knelt to examine his foot, starting to unbuckle his boot. He sat up, cursed, and shoved her away.
  • She recognized she had no plan and would soon have to make a decision for helping herself. The path she followed lead toward one edge of the camp where through thatched roofs, she made out the sound of French language being spoken. From within a hut a young woman emerged in a shirt and skirt and wearing a wrap around her head. She was conversing with someone still within the hut asking about firewood and cajoling the person within to go and find some. A child sat nearby under a piece of plastic fastened to an adjoining structure, seeking shade. Nicole stopped to listen and the young woman went back into the hut without noticing her. The young boy sitting in the shade looked at Nicole and then looked where the other woman had been without saying anything. The woman came outside again, this time with a girl carrying a jerry can and instructed the boy to go with her to get water. The boy looked again at Nicole, prompting the woman to do the same, and then did as he was told, pushing the young girl out of the yard in front of him.
  • Sams story focused on substance rather than style for the next hour. We finished eating and then strolled by Battery Parks water view and sat on our favorite bench. The way he made it sound was that Carla had everything he ever wanted in a woman.
  • Then, in second period, I specifically sat near Allison Moore. If anyone knew about Tori's other man, it would be one of the cheerleaders. Allison's face was red and splotchy from crying.
  • As Benedict entered the room, the door was closed behind him. It was a bedroom built for two, but it wasnt enough room for a widow and all her thoughts. Lady de Vere sat in a chair next the window, her shoulders pressed in as if claustrophobic to the touch. She looked far more wrinkled than Benedict could ever remember. Her eyes were sunken deep into her face. She stared blankly ahead as she murmured, "General."
  • Diotitus sat back in his seat. "Im in color," he declared and looked down at the glossy orange and gold tones of his ceremonial dress. "And youre in color," he pointed at Brangots woven garment. "A muted flat green, I think."
  • "So don't." With the lack of chairs still in effect, the sorceress sat on the table. "Instead you could tell me why did I have to witness you sending that moron somewhere far away for no apparent reason? Not that I disapprove."
  • "Yeah, I'll be living." He eased out of Betzalel's grip and sat up. His head swam, but everything else seemed good. He breathed deeply, letting the fresh air fill his lungs. Turning to the old man he said, "Thank you," and meant it.
  • He sat on his bed, his elbows on his knees, and turned a fiery gaze on his guest which filled Galt with new hope. This man was alive and kicking, and as such half the battle was won. They were left alone, though they both knew that they were being filmed and would have to be careful how they reacted and, above all, how they expressed themselves.
  • The Creator sat quietly through Permission's tale, obviously preferring instead to soak in her beauty. Only when she had completely finished explaining Shylock's plight, did he respond.
  • There were backless stone benches next to the circular wall; after a time Maggie backed up to one and sat down. Luis joined her.
  • Eventually Connor walked towards the idling red pickup truck and opened up the passenger door. David sat patiently, waiting in the purring vehicle that wanted to get a move on. He sat his bag and chest strap in the bed of the truck and slid Tool into the belt loop on his right hip. Connor stepped up and sat down in the seat. "Ready, Son?" David asked casually.
  • In the shed everyone was ready, dressed, belted, shod, and only awaited the order to start. The sick soldier, Sokolov, pale and thin with dark shadows round his eyes, alone sat in his place barefoot and not dressed. His eyes, prominent from the emaciation of his face, gazed inquiringly at his comrades who were paying no attention to him, and he moaned regularly and quietly. It was evidently not so much his sufferings that caused him to moan (he had dysentery) as his fear and grief at being left alone.
  • The secretaries looked terrified. She nodded at the chairs and James and I sat down. She continued walking into his office and shut the door behind her. I quickly took the papers out of my shoe and gave them to Ms. Shrotz. She realized that I had been hiding them and swiftly put them in her desk drawer. I wanted so badly to know what was going on inside the office. I couldnt help myself. I had done it so many times before. Why not? I quietly crept up to the door and put my ear up to it.
  • The bar was empty except for us and the one waitress working. It was two in the afternoon. He'd walked in and sat on the stool beside me, started talking like he was a friend of mine. He'd even bought me a beer. For that I had to listen to him.
  • Ristalln squeezed and smiled as the two sat in silence, everything else around them becoming quiet, lest the occasional cursing from Merial. Off in her own corner, she held two fingers and stared intensely at the hammer's head guiding her hand back and forth in compensation for its movements.
  • Connor sat all of the printouts on the side of the desk and grabbed the spiral notebook and a pen and sat them all together.
  • Dev couldnt argue anymore, but instead of heading to the break room he went and sat behind the repair desk where he had a clear view of the laptops and the hot girl.
  • On a plate, in front of an empty chair, sat two cake donuts. One was white with chocolate icing and peanuts on it, the other was chocolate with chocolate icing and no extra toppings, next to the plate was a tall glass of 2% white milk. It was a good way to start a morning. I picked up the chocolate donut and began to eat it.
  • They found themselves in a plush study. There was a monumental fireplace with a fire blazing away like a small sun, miles and miles of bookshelves, two leather sofas and a large imposing desk, behind which sat a large, imposing man in a dark suit, backlit by a vast, striking window.
  • He turned around and left without another word. I sat down on the front steps and watched as he walked away. I wanted to hate him so very much, but I couldnt hold on to that hatred. Its irrational to hate someone for telling you the truth. I needed to move forward. I needed to see for myself my parentshandiwork.
  • Uritus sat with one of the Purple Mages in a small library in the labyrinth under the city of Brinn. Hundreds of dusty books surrounded them on wooden shelves and racks, their shadows swaying in the candlelight. After having torn one of the pages in the book, he decided not to touch it any more and risk any further damage. He used his magic to gently turn the pages as it gently hovered slightly above the table in front of them. The Purple Mage copied the words into a new book so that the information could be easily accessed without harming the ancient text. Uritus would have done it himself, but he felt that his handwriting was not neat enough, and besides, having someone there with him to assist in deciphering the strange dialect was helpful. He chose this particular Mage for his expertise in the subject of language.
  • When we reached the cone of yellow light, Scuzzy spun the boys around, grabbed Tats by the overall bib and Pancho by his beard, and sat them on the pool table.
  • In the windy night, pelting rain prickled against the skin, driving most people to seek the comforts of their fireplaces. In the cleverly hidden pizza joint off campus, though, the fire burned low, unable to beat back the chill over the atmosphere. Behind the little bar, the bartender Tall, so called for obvious reasons, lean, and narrow in his gaze, continuously polished glasses with a grimy rag, getting them steadily dirtier, rechecking them for any spark of cleanness. His beady eyes glanced around the room, taking in the sparse customers and lingering on one old crazy woman who sat alone on one of the rickety wooden barstools.
  • And yet if it had been merely an illusion, how terrible it was to think that conscience could raise such fearful phantoms, and give them visible form, and make them move before one! What sort of life would his be if, day and night, shadows of his crime were to peer at him from silent corners, to mock him from secret places, to whisper in his ear as he sat at the feast, to wake him with icy fingers as he lay asleep! As the thought crept through his brain, he grew pale with terror, and the air seemed to him to have become suddenly colder. Oh! in what a wild hour of madness he had killed his friend! How ghastly the mere memory of the scene! He saw it all again. Each hideous detail came back to him with added horror. Out of the black cave of time, terrible and swathed in scarlet, rose the image of his sin. When Lord Henry came in at six o'clock, he found him crying as one whose heart will break.
  • Immediately the woman assessed the situation and yelled, "Hurry, run in the house. Ill get Angel." She swooped up the toddler and flicked off the yellow jacket that was chewing on her arm. She rushed the girl back into the house and sat her on the counter. Looking her over quickly, Annie didnt see any other insects hanging around.
  • Dave didnt know how long he sat in the chair, but he did know that he was intensely thirsty and sore when he finally heard the footsteps return. Only there were more of them this time - he was sure that he could hear at least two people. He heard a scraping noise nearby, and the sound of someone settling into a chair. Then silence, for just long enough to be unnerving.
  • Peter didnt answer. Instead, he burst into tears, the stress of everything finally getting to him. Milo had never seen him cry before. He slowly got off his friends back and sat down next to him. He couldnt think of anything else to do but pat Peter on the shoulder.
  • Johnny sat back down and tentatively picked up his coffee. "Callum," he said, failing to completely keep a tremor out of his voice, "how would they ever find me here? They have to assume I died when the building collapsed."
  • Melivar shook his head. ‘Hes not deserted us. Even if he lies dead at the far borders of Bryggne he will have died for our sakes. Everything he does is for our comfort; Nicovar too: he seeks only to rid the world of evil without resorting to another evil. The dradgefling that you bear him will have the best of fathers, whether he lives or no.’ He sat with her in silence some moments longer, then flew off towards Pengartel.
  • Jostin took the seat to the kings right, and Judsons aged and royal wizard, Caddigan, to his left. The captain of Wherrys royal guard, Broda Lyndon, sat next to the prince.
  • "Fear?" Baal stood up as Pendragon sat down. "Fear is an interesting thing, isnt it? A strong motivator. Each of us that defends Brenna is just as afraid as those that are condemning her. There is always that chance that we are wrong. But death is rarely the answer."
  • Stepping into what was apparently a converted dining room, Aiden saw his friend standing before a middle-aged man of means, wearing fine clothing and with a carefully groomed moustache adorning his face. He sat at a fine table near a blazing fireplace, holding a spoon in one hand and a bowl of untouched soup before him. His gaunt appearance told Aiden that he hadn't been eating properly for some time now.
  • Mim sat back against Ashta again as she continued their story. ‘And the next day we began our journey here. Seela warned us to be wary and to keep from towns or two leg tribes. We were surprised one dawn by some herders on the Middle Plains. They made a great noise and threw things at us, but we flew swiftly from that place and took no hurts.’
  • For several minutes they sat shoulder to shoulder watching the newsreel and waiting for the cartoon to liven up the screen. Neither had spoken since the theater lights had gone down.
  • The day before the count was to return, Sonya noticed that Natasha sat by the drawingroom window all the morning as if expecting something and that she made a sign to an officer who drove past, whom Sonya took to be Anatole.
  • Noting her discomfort, along with the unease exuding from the human soldiers, Maelnar sat down next to Sarah to wait with her.
  • Stunned, he sat on the bed, which put her wonderful breasts at eye level. It impressed him how clearly she thought things through.
  • Sometimes he sat that way, always at Thanksgiving, wishing to make as much room as possible. He drank his beer, eating a few pretzels, carrot sticks and cucumber slices. "Whens Autumn and Milt showing up?"
  • My dream of the skull-face was borne over that usually uncrossable gap that lies between hashish enchantment and humdrum reality. I sat cross-legged on a mat in Yin Shatu's Temple of Dreams and gathered the fading forces of my decaying brain to the task of remembering events and faces.
  • Shifting in her seat, she adjusted the folds and layers of her skirt, which seemed to bunch under her no matter how she sat.
  • He sat in the clearing for over an hour turning the problem over and over in his mind without getting any nearer to a satisfactory solution. Eventually it dawned on him that he was making the problem out to be worse than it really was. Focussing on handcuffs was a mistake. It surely wasn't beyond his wit to fashion some other sort of suitable restraint. The plastic ties the police used as handcuffs nowadays were probably not much different from the ties he used in the garden to stake out young trees. There was a whole box of them in the shed. The other item in the shed that might come in useful was the length of chain they had bought years ago to tether the goat they never actually got round to acquiring. And there were any number of old padlocks in his toolbox which he had acquired over the years. So. Make do and mend. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Problem solved. No, he mustn't get hung up on details the way he usually did or nothing would ever get done. Think out of the box, that was the answer.
  • "Its not like we can recruit from other towns and states," Dave said to Steve Brady as they sat on a concrete bench between pick-up games at Veterans Memorial Park.
  • There was a general shuffling of feet and clearing of throats before a cousin of Grimas stepped forward and launched into a story of their childhood. The cousin, whose name was Lanslow, had wanted to climb a tree and Grima had consented to go with him. Lanslow had known that this was out of character for Grima but had not questioned it. When they had reached the higher branches Grima stopped and made his way out on one of the limbs. A nest was there and on the nest sat a bird about the size of a chicken. It had bright red, green, and blue feathers in a crest on the back of its head. Neither Grima nor Lanslow had ever seen anything like it. Grima had agreed to climb the tree because the strange bird was there and he wanted to study it. He had no more interest in his cousins treetop game than the cousin had in the bird.
  • He turned from her in disgust and started to remove the coin pouches from the dead men. As she sat on the heap of goods in the wagon, dumbfounded, he combined the contents into two pouches. He finished and returned to the wagon holding one out to her.
  • In Tbilisi, men fought in the streets. As we left the city, gunfire crackled in the distance. The lights on the train were dimmed and then put out; we were told to remain in our cabins. In the dark, we sat on our bunks.
  • It wasnt until the train plunged into the darkness of the chunnel that the reality of what Paul was doing suddenly hit him. He sat up straight in his seat, shocked at his own impulsive behaviour. If anyone was sensible and rational in their decisions, Paul liked to think it was him. Yet here he was, sat on the Eurostar, on his way to Paris, delivering a trinket for a possible criminal.
  • The Egyptians holding Roland let him go, and he collapsed, weeping, to the floor. Perrin sat beside him, his hand on Roland's shoulder. The gate of the prison room clanged shut.
  • I sat up and looked at Amanda still sleeping on the floor. I picked her up off the floor, put her into the bed and crawled in with her.
  • At first I took my usual place behind the desk. It was the time when I normally sat at the computer and keyed in the dailies. I looked between those spinner racks. Remembered how the masked face had appeared between them. My heart kicked up again.
  • Delameres eyes opened slowly but Longsword could tell immediately that he saw nothing. "Olwen…" His voice was barely audible. He tried to say more but there wasnt any breath left. His head fell to one side as if the sinews holding it firmly to the neck had been suddenly severed. For a horrifying moment, Longsword was immobile. Then he bent over Delameres lifeless body and grabbed his head in his arms and pressed his face to his, feeling the rough growth of beard, smelling sweat and horse and the river water and he couldnt believe it. Only moments before he was aliveonly moments beforewhat had happened?…moments before the man he loved above all others was alive and now he was deadwhat had happened? Already, Delameres cheek was growing cold. Longsword sat hunched, covering Delameres face with his own so the rain wouldnt fall on it. A loud, growing roar began to distract his tumbling thoughts. A roar he finally realized was coming from his own throat.
  • I put my lead upstream, sat back and started spraying maggots and pellet at a steady rate.
  • The older man sat up straighter and said, "I'm on guard. Madrre Sybille stayed up the first half of the night and I the second. She said it was important to Sistre Graice for one of us to stay awake."
  • Paul made his way back to his seat, carefully balancing the scalding, hot, plastic cup of tea. He sat down and bit into the creamy softness of his sandwich, wanting, for now, not to think about why he was on this train, hurtling at 250 mph under the channel towards France. But it was no good, his mind was chewing hard on the strange events hed inadvertently involved himself in. He slipped his hand into his pocket to pull out the silk-wrapped stone that had propelled him on this impetuous journey. The silver necklace with the heart-shaped pendant Paul had bought for Elodie only yesterday, was entangled in the silk, and the two came out into his hand together.
  • "Why are we stopping?" The abandoned parking lot we sat in front of was definitely not Mrs. King's house. I swallowed nervously. There was an excited energy in the car I couldn't quite put my finger on.
  • They sat down beside a pungent lantana and Valentin brought the conversation around to the question that most closely concerned him. "I had heard you were married to Prince Nadzic," he said, "how came that about?"
  • Daniel sensed his father's presence and said, "Only people that should be in our house will see our home." He then opened his eyes and floated over to sit on the couch so he could talk to Hartwell, who had walked over and sat in his chair.
  • Summer watched as Dan locked the house, neither of them checking to see if Rafe might attempt another late-night appearance. Then they sat on the sofa, making out, waiting to hear Nats small drones. Once those were detected, the couple went to Summers room.
  • Max needed to talk to Tony Palmer, and since it was still around lunchtime, he knew where he could find him. Tony had the habit of eating in Winnemac Park on nice days. Max wanted to talk to Tony alone, since what he said to him had to be held in strict confidence. Others down at the station knew Max from when he was a cop and he did not want people with curious ears hanging around. Max went to the park, and sat down at a bench to wait for him. It seemed rather quaint for a cop, but Max knew that Tony enjoyed this as a few moments of peace in an otherwise hectic day.
  • I sat back from the keyboard for a moment. Might as well wait for it. I knew Katie was going to have to argue with the kids about going outside. Possible yelling, whining.
  • We witnessed this from the tall grass and decided we needed to crawl to the darker part of the tree line. But we sat still, silent to avoid their watchful eye.
  • 'Not a bad idea.' Sabyn sat up straighter in the saddle and looked around for Nesha. 'Make sure we're in a good spot to see her.'
  • Ill never forget the first time I sat down with the Nobles after the initial bonfire. It was mid-afternoon and our group had scattered between facials, biking, trail runs, and bonking the chambermaid. I found myself alone as Summer ventured out to the resorts spait was me and the Nobles sharing a snack on the terrace overlooking the beach.
  • The girl behind the counter looked like she was born with an enthusiasm deficiency disorder. She sat there, reading a magazine, supporting her head with one hand and loudly chomping on chewing gum.
  • Then there was Desiderio, her first surviving boy, now seven. He sat in a corner with Aurora, Ileana's third-born, who listened to him with wide blue eyes. Desiderio had black hair and eyes like his father, never forgotten Notturno.
  • Three days after the sacred holy day of Christmas, Annie lay sleeping in a one room house, along with her parents and siblings, when a terrible rumbling began shaking. Annie, then a 27 year old woman, awoke and sat up. She glanced around. Despite the gloomy shadows, she could tell that everyone in the darkened room had awakened and was anxiously anticipating an ending to the unaccustomed ground movement.
  • Eadie was in the kitchen at the back of the house, sat on a low stool before Mother Megg, eyes intent. Mother Megg was lost in an old rocking chair and covered in shawls. Neither noticed when Edward came in, lost in some mystery, it was several minutes before they realised he was there.
  • "Oh, well, all right. I wish you a pleasant return journey, Doctor. And Im sure we will see each other again," and she presented him with a generous payment for the work yet to be done. She said goodbye to him with a seductive wink. Michel had barely sat down in the carriage when he suddenly felt pain everywhere in his body. It felt as though all of his joints were on fire.
  • Roland seemed unconscious of his lack of clothing, and of her. He sat between the ridges of two of the great oak tree's roots, staring into the misty forest.
  • We drove to school. Everyone piled into the car, Shela, Sam, Josh, Cecilia, Alex, Lila, and me. I was squished between Shela and Lila. I didnt really know Lila, but she was nice to me so I was nice back. She was pretty and petite with wavy black hair and sapphire eyes. Her mate Alex (a Regular) sat next to her on her other side. He had closely cropped copper hair and blue eyes, and was pretty annoying.
  • "Are you back? Can you hear me?" Sasha asked, placing her hand on him. He could feel her pulse through her hand even with his shirt on. It wasnt a dream. He was an Elf. He sat bolt upright.
  • As the thought occurred, Rhaki sat upright. He had discovered the tunnels by accident soon after he arrived here. A few comments, scribbled in Kovass hand inside books obviously in use until the old Guardians death, had set him looking. It had been a desultory search, he had placed no real value or importance on the existence of any tunnels.
  • They broke the hug and the blood rushed to the lower half of Daniel's body, so he quickly sat down to avoid any embarrassment. There aren't many worse things than hugging your aunt and then revealing an inappropriate level of excitement.
  • After confirming that if he sat the test, he would be allowed to read the note - or at least have it read to him - Shylock agreed, and the note asked the question. 'Which note is a hemidemisemiquaver?'
  • "I always worry about you," she admitted. She lowered herself into the water and sat on the padded ledge that ran around the edge of the Jacuzzi. Of course she stayed perfectly dry, even the blue print dress. It was a little disconcerting. "You're so sad. I can't just leave you."
  • Carlo and his friends laughed hysterically. "Come on," chuckled Carlo. The boy with the tie-dyed shirt sat back down and crossed his arms, sneering. "Lets hear you. Just try." The teenaged ruffians laughed loudly and clapped.
  • Sherlock holmes was seated in his favorite armchair, across from munro who sat somewhat bedraggled on the edge of the sofa.
  • Sarah brought up a mental image of their former campsite, even picturing the stones they had sat on, the hearth they had made. Yes, she could see it quite clearly. "I can do that. Do you need to send something there?"
  • A year ago, Jody had arrived loose and limber, then had two or three beers with dinner, another couple during the game. Summer had forgotten that tidbit, but as she stared to the loveseat from her usual place on the long couch, she saw herself, Nat, Jody. Often they had the small sofa during the 2008 series, Jody usually gripping a bottle. Now she recalled the circumstances, Jody arriving, a few having been downed, then three consumed with dinner, which had been provided by Rafe. Rafe brought pizza that night and Terry complained, but ate it anyway. Jody had two slices and three beers, then another two nursed through the five full innings that were played. More than a six-pack sat in Jody Sims that evening, but he wasnt driving, so Summer hadnt cared.
  • An hour later, Rose sat in the emergency room lobby, Lovie and Buster at her sides. Gray had arranged for Lise to collect Emory from school. Rustys mother would take Liam home and Gray would meet with Rose at the hospital once finished with his last class.
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