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Okunuşu: / sat / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


bak. sit.

sat için örnek cümleler:

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  • It opened to a warm soft bed in a dim quiet room that held two other human forms and a great deal of elegant furniture. Jorden shivered a moment longer, then found that he warmed nicely, and he smiled toward Perrin as she sat on the bed to touch his brow. Then he glanced to the Kaedith Tsarin, the house witch-doctor.
  • The team was down four points to East Wembley with three minutes to play. East Wembley committed a turnover and Matt ran down the court and took his place on the left wing. East Wembley sat back in a 2-3 zone defense that was as tightly packed as a pint of Baskin & Robbins ice creamplease insert your favorite flavor.
  • Coursa set out bread and cheese and put the kettle on when they reached the cottage. "Everyone make yourselves comfortable," she said. Jain and thirteen of Coursas descendants crowded into the main room. Some sat but most remained standing, like soldiers at attention.
  • "I understand." Gidas put his fork down and sat up straight. Apparently the mage thought it important enough to threaten him, so he would consider it important enough to listen completely.
  • Laurie stopped by Gordon's table a few minutes later. "Baby, I'm dry," she huffed as she sat down next to him and grabbed his drink. She smelled like a wet dog. "Where did you get to before? I really needed you."
  • There had been days of celebrations already. Adelais had hosted a ball and Cassius a tournament. Valentins own humble contribution had been a feast. Princess Beryl of Toqueia had presented her brother and his bride with two blood mares from the Hierarchs stable, and in the ensuing day of races both had matched up well against the Jovani horses, which were generally not bred for racing. Cassius and Caspar had sat with their heads together for hours, no doubt discussing the potential for breeding the maresbloodlines into the Empressstable.
  • Taking a deep breath, the bard strode into the hall, ignoring the darkness that pervaded the room, swirling and shifting in the form of shadows that had now begun to resemble shapes that were just shy of human, drifting around the room's periphery with lazy slowness, now and then turning to watch things unfold. The room was cold as ice now that the chaos realm was so close to breaking through, and the bard's breath misted and froze in the air as they approached the two figures that sat waiting, not at the high table, but down below, in the middle of the empty room.
  • In the first empty room, I didn't find anything of interest. Dust. That was pretty much it. But the second room was a different story. At first, it seemed like the other. Dusty and ancient. The floral bedspread was perfectly made up. The windows were shut tight. But when I sat down on the bed, I felt the sudden urge to look under it. I got down on my hands and knees. When I lifted the bed-skirt, little dust bunnies fluttered through the air and I coughed.
  • Jon ignored his guests. Unresponsive, he sat with his face in his hands. Removed of all armor, weapons, and any garment which rendered him as royalty, he appeared more like a beggar in tattered clothes than a prince or a king. His hair disheveled, his beard unruly; his figure appeared at home in these dark, forbidding surroundings.
  • I snuck a peek at his face. He didnt appear to be intentionally seducing me, but any second I was going to melt into his touch. We leaned close to each other. Perhaps he was just leaning in to keep our conversation private and to hear me over the blaring music. He didnt have to move far considering we sat next to each other at the small round table.
  • Later, as Yaeko sat with her parents to begin the interview, Izumi Ishikawa asked her gently, "That was very, very beautiful, Yaeko. Who was it? Ludwig? Amadeus? Bach? Some obscure work by Vivaldi? Surely not Handel or Schubert or Mendelssohn…. It seems incredible, but I am not at all familiar with the composer."
  • Rordan turned away and entered the cabin. The warmth of the stove enveloped him. A billycan hung from a polished brass hook. No breakfast appeared in progress. Fais had stashed her backpack in the far corner and sat on the nearby bench. She had a stunned look to her.
  • "What kind of treatment?" Jillian walked in with several bags full of food and clothes. She sat the bags down to look at them.
  • He paid and sat down in the corner opposite a huge, flat screen television, and ignoring the images of half-naked women pouting into microphones, Paul tried to put his thoughts in order. The sweat on his back was clammy and his shirt clung to him uncomfortably. He hung the stolen overcoat on the back of his chair.
  • Louie and Lulu sat on the grass and waited. Pearl was back in a moment. She opened her hand and sure enough, there was the chocolate cake for all to see.
  • Entering the dining room, Connor stopped suddenly. A mouthwatering scene laid out before him. His grandparents were both sitting together across from where he usually sits at the table and seemed to gloat from his reaction. The old oak dining room table sat brimming with food. Upon it were three crystal glasses, filled with sweet iced tea and lemon, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Corn bread, Cranberry sauce, biscuits, sweet potatoes and last but not least was a large, uncut slab of steak. It felt almost like Thanksgiving dinner.
  • My ass was up in the air and my shins mashed against my forehead. Oh gods it hurt. I rocked my body until I fell onto my side and pulled my legs back to curl them under me. I breathed in and out slowly, mentally checking myself over. Nothing felt broken. I sat up and stretched it out. No, nothing was broken. The pendant I wore around my neck pressed into my collarbone awkwardly. I fiddled with it until it hung properly and the leather cord was no longer choking me.
  • "Empty places still exist in the world. You'll see more on this route," Holder said. They sat facing north with their backs to the wagon below and Graice's eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. The land spread out in front of them in small folds and gently rolling terrain. Although Graice could make out few details in the darkness, one thing was certain. No campfires, lanterns, or other lights besides their own were visible.
  • Before that summer, Zhanna just had been one more skinny girl that Misha ignored. That morning had been cold, and finally, after a dry spell, dew began falling again in their mountains. Misha's skin was sticky, damp with humidity, but the strange, too-early wind blew up hot, then cool. With his buddies, Misha also sat and watched the girls go by. The day before, he'd received a shorter than usual cut at the barber's and the hairs on the back of his neck prickled; he fought urges to touch them. The girls stopped passing. It was time to go in.
  • I sat next to an old hooker who was eating a piece of brie, and it made me quite sick.
  • The burger and fries sat heavy in his stomach, and he could imagine the chunks of food mingling there with the phlegm . . . his stomach flip-flopped dangerously, again. He reached up and slammed the radio off. Who were they to be angry? They were rich, and famous, with millions of swooning fans. They could go to hell, and so could Kyla and Marcy, for all he cared.
  • "Fear?" Baal stood up as Pendragon sat down. "Fear is an interesting thing, isnt it? A strong motivator. Each of us that defends Brenna is just as afraid as those that are condemning her. There is always that chance that we are wrong. But death is rarely the answer."
  • "Range, what would your father think about this?" He sat and thought for a moment and then,"Let us eat and rejoice in your safety.Let us also give honor to the memory of your beautiful daughter, Zoe."
  • David left Belinda in the shower and went downstairs to get something to eat. He opened the top kitchen cabinet and all he could see was sugar cereals, something he had given up at least 10 years earlier in his real world. But, he was 18 again and could easily tolerate his favorite combination of Cocoa Krispies, Capn Crunch and Sugar Pops without either passing out or running to the bathroom. He sat down at the ancient, oval kitchen table and started shoveling in the cereal blend, sans milk, until the front door opened unexpectedly.
  • "I am the Prophet and she lives." He glared at Chiron. Since my brother does not make eye contact with hardly anyone, it was a sight to see. He came and sat on my lap.
  • She wore jeans, pink hiking boots and there was also a pink Low Alpine jacket strewn on the chair beside her. On top of the coat sat a large fake leather bag which had the colour and texture of dried cherry chewing gum. Its withered skin pinched and punched by gold handles and buttons. There were other shopping bags too.
  • Matthew piloted the big yacht around to the cove on Little Curieuse where Katharine had first crashed their party. He cut the engines while they waited for the Rusty Duck to arrive. Rummaging through the cabinets in the main cabin, he found a blanket with which to cover Katharine, who sat shivering with shock on one of the benches that lined the salon. Munching on a surprisingly good omelet, he sat studying the control consoles of the Rapier. There were two, one on either side of a smoked glass door in the center of the bridge. One appeared to be navigation, the other, propulsion and steering. He had figured out the three throttles and a joystick, and of course, the steering wheel, but a vast number of buttons, sliders, indicator lights, and numerous readout screens took some investigation. He opened the door between the consoles; it was a gull wing door, opening upward like the doors on some Ferraris and Lamborghinis.
  • "We are calling for her death because we believe her life will change the world, but what if it is the other way around? Nowhere in the prophecy does it say her life will change the world, it just says she will change the world." Fenrir sat down.
  • "You look just like me; I remember it from my reflection in the wells." "Excellent, we may begin, I know you have questions but I assure you my useful knowledge is limited to exactly what I'm about to tell you." I leaned towards my friendly doppelganger. I sat half in awe and half in joy for the offer of companionship.
  • Leslie went back to her bright, windowed office, dialed the Arizona number, and sat back in her brown leather office chair. She slipped her black, two-inch healed shoes off and let them slip to the floor.
  • Fikna searched the deck. He sat down on a covered coil of rope at the fore of the boat. Rordan assumed a comfortable pose with his arms crossed and a foot on the edge.
  • Romessee dismounted. "We must get you off your horse and look at your injuries," she said. Finnegaff allowed her to aid his dismount. She sat him against a tree.
  • The room at the Foreign Office was large enough not to be crowded. Lord Birlesmere sat in a chair dexterously arranged at the corner of a table, thus allowing him to control without compelling him to preside. Next to him sat Lord Arglay with Chloe by his side; opposite was Mr. Sheldrake in a state of very bitter irritation. Reginald Montague was in an equal state of nervousness next to Chloe. Mr. Doncaster was next to Sheldrake, and a little apart were Professor Palliser and Sir Giles Tumulty. At the bottom of the table were Mr. Bruce Cumberland and a high police official. The Persian Embassy was not represented. It was about 11 o'clock on Monday.
  • Borus sat down on the wooden boardwalk and stared into the distant trees on the other side of the river. She listened hard for a minute.
  • Iska?’ Barks hand tightened over Khosas back. She wriggled free of his grasp and sat up straight on his knee, glaring at him.
  • "Cool!" she said as he removed his hand from her shoulder and then sat back to gain any comfort while learning what all of the ruckus was all about. He also made sure that any passers-by on the boardwalk would not see them or have the urge to sit on the benchit was if they were not even there.
  • He addresses the noblemen forthrightly: "But whateer you are, that in this wilderness inaccessible, under the shade of melancholy boughs, lose in neglect the creeping hours of time, if ever you have looked on better days; if ever been where bells have knelled to church; if ever sat at any goodmans feast"—commoners humble meal, "if ever from your eyelids wiped a tear, and known whattis to pity and be pitied, let gentleness my strong enforcement be.
  • Willow had been evasive on the revealing birthday outfit topic. I should have known that she would never give in so fast. She knows me so well that it was beginning to drive me to a new level of frustration. There she sat in the backseat, trying to look all doe-eyed and innocent.
  • Arriving at the camp, he pushed her off and dismounted to drag her into his tent. He flung her down and sat on the bed, his anger fading somewhat. Picking up a pot, he opened it and smeared the green paste on his hand, which bled where the sacrificial knife had cut him when he had smashed it. A heavy silence fell as Mirra stared at his boots, and he sat morosely on the bed. Finally his soft voice broke it.
  • From a distance they looked like bobble headed penguins. They resolved into clean-shaven, short-haired guys in sunglasses. Their white shirts and ties were sweat stained and grimy polyester and their charcoal suits were made of viscose and had never been cleaned. They sat nursing their drinks; immobile.
  • I sat there, her limbs entwined with mine, unsure of what to do. I didn't push her away. She needed me, and since Breandan was not there, I needed to provide her with some comfort. Holding her soothed away the guilt of seeing her hurt by the people I had once looked up to.
  • She walked back to him and sat down. She could tell him, but she could never look him in the eyes. This was too personal. It was good, however, knowing that once this was through she would probably never see him again.
  • Raj was so worried about my health that he sat beside calmly all the time i was playing with the water by sitting on the stones.Raj promised to bring me back if i left early and eat as much food as i can when i got back to the boat house.
  • Nicole and Philomene spent the daylight hours huddled under debris leaned against a shack. From time to time, they heard sporadic automatic gunfire and other times the single crack of a gunshot. Once they heard screaming that took the form of pleading but they couldnt make out the words. At one point, Philomene heard movement and peaked her head over the broken wall to see Ugandan soldiers in uniform with AK 47s slung over their shoulders directing Hema militia to pick up a dead body and move it away. Philomene worried about Nicole. She had barely spoken since her Uncle had dropped her off two days ago. She sat withdrawn unwilling to engage her surroundings and completely dependent on her Aunt. Philomene tried to encourage her and to steel her for the difficulties to come.
  • Nicholas glanced at her and, wishing to appear not to notice her abstraction, made some remark to Mademoiselle Bourienne and then again looked at the princess. She still sat motionless with a look of suffering on her gentle face. He suddenly felt sorry for her and was vaguely conscious that he might be the cause of the sadness her face expressed. He wished to help her and say something pleasant, but could think of nothing to say.
  • Feeling both excited and a little ridiculous, Guy and Bob sat in Joan Duggleby's car and watched the call box. A man entered it at five to ten. The watchers held their breathbut he flipped through one of the directories then continued on his way thirty seconds later. Bob compared the dashboard clock with Guy's watch for the umpteenth time, then he opened his door. Ninety seconds later, the phone began to ring.
  • Joanna had a bourbon and sat locked in inertia at the desk in her office off the kitchen on the first floor of the house. Writing was an act of exposure of the mind and a revelation of skill. It was hard to do. She didn't know how to begin. She remembered telling her students in a writing course to just begin at the beginning. Make out you were writing a note to yourself so you wouldn't get up tight.
  • "Aw!" She sat upright and looked down at me, her pug face pink with irritation. "How in the world can you write movies anuse big words anbe so damn dumb?" She grabbed her T-shirt, stripped if off, cocked hands on hips, and stuck her chest out. "Do you read me, Stoney? Do you copy?"
  • Coedy sat quietly upon the young black stallion they had purchased for him, observing the two of them expressionlessly. When Kaymin and Jian had finally caught up to the young thief and explained their quest to him, the boy too had confessed to feeling that strange wave of tingling relaxation moving throughout his body, although hed also expressed suspicion that it was caused by the wizards magicks. Hed told them flat-out that he thought they were both insane, however he also seemed to recognize his danger at staying in Harlow. Finally, he declared that he would accompany them for the simple reason that he presently had nothing better to do.
  • Frigg sat upon the cold stone chair, and began to scan the worlds, and the spaces between the worlds. Alfheim she spied, the woodlands of the light elves; then Vanaheims bright oceans and islands; Midgards bustling cities and out-flung wildernesses; the mountains and castles of Jotunheim. Niflheims ice. Muspellzheims fire. Svartalfaheims sinister darkness. Hels worm-gnawed gloom, where her own dearest son sat at Deaths side, in sombre state.
  • Baal came into the room and sat down on the bed. His curved fingers and long claws gently touched my leg, sitting on top of the blankets. His eyes reflected the same sadness as Anubiss.
  • She sat a few feet away, Laura between them. Only a few feet, but it might have been as far as Marthes hometown, a place that to James stood as some Godless wasteland, fostering Kells career but forever roasting his soul.
  • Halla fell silent and stepped to the side, nodding slightly. Russ walked by and she followed again. Her mouth was set in a line of displeasure, but she opened the door for him and watched as he lowered Liseli onto his bed and then sat next to her.
  • Alpatych went out. The prince again went to his bureau, glanced into it, fingered his papers, closed the bureau again, and sat down at the table to write to the governor.
  • I nodded and looked at my family. Everyone was listening to Mr. Drake, except for Digger, who sat on the dirt and grinned as he picked up sacred ground and dropped it on his clean dungarees.
  • Stans sat behind the fifty caliber of the one-three track as the Generals helicopter circled overhead. He had replaced his usual helmet liner with the steel pot that regulations required. Mechanically, he swung the heavy gun around, following the Generals polished white helicopter with the barrel. Every other helicopter in the division was green; one had only to look at this one to know that it carried someone important. Stans gripped the handles on the back plate of the machine gun while the sides of his thumbs unconsciously slid across the butterfly shaped trigger. He felt an overwhelming desire to press down with his thumbs and set the big gun off. It would be a simple matter to blow the shinny white copter out of the sky. With a simple movement of his hands he could dispatch the highest ranking officer in the country. The though excited him and his mind raced with possibilities.
  • Later he sat at a great feast next to his new-found father while Ganel told tales of adventure such as the young draggs and wyvels could hardly credit, and he exulted in reflected pride. There was laughter and jesting from the elder dragons, and good-natured disbelief about the wilder tales, and as he looked at all this great good spirit it was impossible for Nicovar to think that there had ever been a moment of sadness in his fathers life. And he sat longing for each moment that his father looked at him, which he thought far too seldom.
  • Sarah realized in the short time of being alone that she still wore the poncho that Connor loaned, yet the rain was long gone and the sun brought the dawn again. Not only is he sweet; he thought ahead to keep me dry and warmShe slid the poncho over her head and sat it aside after folding it back up and knocking out much of the rain.
  • "Yes," she groaned and sat up. The steward moved on. The cabin wavered before her and her stomach lurched. She hung on until her view steadied. She stumbled to the bathroom and to her relief, the tap worked. Urgently she washed out her mouth. Feeling better, she returned to the main cabin and was immediately confronted by the mess of all her possessions flung about the room. She picked up a drawer and inserted it back in place, but two were badly broken. She then sorted through the piles, casting a few damaged items aside.
  • "Why do you think we got so tight all of those years?" Gary asked as they sat down at their regular table at Beach Haven Bagel.
  • Rordan uttered a light snort. He sipped his hot tea with relish. The dull spice pricked at his tongue and the warmth reminded him of home. Rordan sat down and looked at the creatures revealed by the withdrawn tide.
  • Detective Bradley Coon sat at his desk downtown at the station, feeling a little hung-over from the scotch he had gotten into the night before. He promised himself that hed only have two drinks maximum, but once he started, it went down too smoothly.
  • Katie went into the bedroom to get dressed. I sat there for a few minutes, thinking over the job ad. It seemed like a good lead. A good way to network, too. Something good for the resume.
  • Andrew, Robin and Calum were already in the drawing room when I got back. Robin had completely negated his wash; he was sitting on the floor fondling Claude's gigantic ears. Eustace lay behind RobinRobin was using him for supportand watched Calum pacing slowly around, like someone at an exhibition, separated from from the furniture by invisible ropes. I sat down on a gilt and green chair-back settee. Aunt Mary likes 18th Century furniture. It's about the only thing she has in common with Aunt Jane. That, and the scariness.
  • The snowflakes silently settled and melted on the dimly gleaming crystal sat in his upturned palm, as the Magur's voice sounded loud again in Pauls ears.
  • One of Miss Lynn's business course students sat at the front receptionist desk to answer the phone and student's questions. Behind her was the office of Bouncer Sargant, the headmaster.
  • Rose sat next to Gray. She was dressed in old sweats and a flannel jacket. Everyone but Michael and Alicia were there and Rose no longer felt called to include her cousin in this news. "Buster I cant. Im knocked up."
  • I said nothing and lowered my eyes to stare at the bottom of the boat. The men began to row and Dafydd sat beside me, content. I shivered, even in his cloak.
  • "Well, eternity is a long time. It is hard to fill all that time with food, sex, and violence. You have to find other hobbies." Fenrir sat down at the table.
  • The Mayor and councillors knew they had been caught out and sat in mortified silence. They had no answers to this onslaught of questioning. How on earth did Direshark know all of this? Clever Pearl!
  • The Swami and the visitor sat down facing each other. She began. "Swamiji, Shampa - that is, Sapnabhairavi - and I grew up together in Bengal. I was then sent to England and lost all contact with her. Somehow she found out my address and wrote a letter to me from Sylhet. In it she wrote a great deal about you, and also said that you are a prominent citizen of Silchar. Indeed I had no trouble finding you."
  • Dave didnt know how long he sat in the chair, but he did know that he was intensely thirsty and sore when he finally heard the footsteps return. Only there were more of them this time - he was sure that he could hear at least two people. He heard a scraping noise nearby, and the sound of someone settling into a chair. Then silence, for just long enough to be unnerving.
  • Fires were lighted and the talk became more audible. Captain Tushin, having given orders to his company, sent a soldier to find a dressing station or a doctor for the cadet, and sat down by a bonfire the soldiers had kindled on the road. Rostov, too, dragged himself to the fire. From pain, cold, and damp, a feverish shivering shook his whole body. Drowsiness was irresistibly mastering him, but he kept awake by an excruciating pain in his arm, for which he could find no satisfactory position. He kept closing his eyes and then again looking at the fire, which seemed to him dazzlingly red, and at the feeble, round-shouldered figure of Tushin who was sitting cross-legged like a Turk beside him. Tushin's large, kind, intelligent eyes were fixed with sympathy and commiseration on Rostov, who saw that Tushin with his whole heart wished to help him but could not.
  • Loi strutted down the corridor toward me fully clad in her costume and wow, she looked amazing. The leather pants hugged her curves and the jacket sat perfectly over a white peasant top and corset belt.
  • I left Quincy lying down after having a glass of wine, and told the cook to get ready a good breakfast. Then a thought struck me, and I went back to the room where Lucas now was. When I came softly in, I found Van Helsing with a sheet or two of note paper in her hand. She had evidently read it, and was thinking it over as she sat with her hand to her brow. There was a look of grim satisfaction in her face, as of one who has had a doubt solved. She handed me the paper saying only, 'It dropped from Lucas's breast when we carried his to the bath.'
  • She sat naked on the ground of a dark forest with a wide-bladed dagger in her left hand and a fighting axe in her right. Her entire body had been dyed midnight blue and decorated with intricate brown designs. Rordan couldnt tell if the designs were body paint or tattoos. She had blood red hair.
  • Paul realised she was right, a chill numbness had crept into his bones while he had sat at the dolmen and he stumbled to his feet, clapping his arms together and shaking his legs to restore his circulation.
  • "Its good," he said and they ate for a few moments in silence. A breeze picked up, rustled the palms and died, but not before inflating a white plastic bag that tumbled past them, part of the flotsam and jetsam of the camp. Though effaced by a camp full of people, they sat alone eating their porridge. He lost in his head and she searching for conversation.
  • The wild young girl sat up as soon as Aiden arrived at her side with the food, and handed the bowl to her. She looked quizzically at the spoon, ignored it, and simply drank from the bowl directly, chewing on the meat as it hit her mouth. Not surprisingly, her appetite was voracious, and before Aiden had returned to the table for his own food, she had finished her stew.
  • It was understandable that Marla concluded to cap that night, in her new, purple dress with a bottle of bourbon. With Mr. and Mrs. Watt drunk on wine and fast asleep upstairs, she sat in the kitchen and proceeded to fade into a haze of drink. Nearly a quarter of the bottle in, Johnny happened by the room and chuckled at the sight of Marla.
  • The countess had been prepared by Anna Mikhaylovna's hints at dinner. On retiring to her own room, she sat in an armchair, her eyes fixed on a miniature portrait of her son on the lid of a snuffbox, while the tears kept coming into her eyes. Anna Mikhaylovna, with the letter, came on tiptoe to the countess' door and paused.
  • He did not face her but he saw her reflection in the mirror before him. She sat in the bed, wrapped in a white satin sheet hugging her knees. Her pleading look turned to sadness as she realized he was not going to stay. She looked down at her feet sticking out from her sheet.
  • The man sat huddled up in his chair, with his head sunk upon his breast, like one who is utterly crushed. Holmes stuck his feet up on the corner of the mantelpiece and, leaning back with his hands in his pockets, began talking, rather to himself, as it seemed, than to us.
  • Galt pulled up the chair and sat facing McQuinlan. For some seconds they stared at each other as if preparing themselves for the scene they were about to perform. At length McQuinlan asked,
  • "Well, I want you to say!" He walked around her and sat on the corner of his bed. He bent over and started unlacing his boots, cursing his wife underbreath. When Gwalaes didnt answer, he looked up expectantly. "Well?"
  • Ellison sat down and then noticed that the two men were looking his way, so he nodded in a rather subdued greeting. He sat down but didnt realize at first that he was among creatures that were as special as he was. He must have been downwind from the fan that was working its magic in the corner of the room, because the scent of a hunter filled his flared nostrils
  • Loi sat on the dirt near a tree. Her hands pressed to the ground, eyes closed as she allowed her energy to move down her arms, into the earth. Strands of her long hair tickled the back of her hands and her eyes snapped open in irritation. She was so close.
  • Louie flew home that evening to his beloved Lulu. He sighed and sat down in front of the stove. It was warm and comforting after flying home in the cold evening air. Lulu said she had missed him. Louie had missed her too.
  • Yeah, I must have, because I found myself parking in front of the house boat. I sat there for a moment in that silence after the engine goes quiet except for a few pings. My eyes were wide and unfocused. Hypnotized from the drive and lack of sleep.
  • I had cornered myself, one sister slid into the wall while the other smashed through one of the last few pillars. We stood staring at each other, gasping for breath. Their hulking fleshy bodies trembled with each breath. They were beasts unlike any other, each so massive the ground cracked under their weight. I have to separate them. The sisters sat back, coiling for a killing blow.
  • "A poor analogy, but I think I understand what you're driving at." Gillian's voice sounded like she sat in the same position I left her, perched on the edge of the bed. "You just needed some room to breathe."
  • Ben looked helplessly at Derek. Derek stared at the newspaper and then sat back. He took the large white napkin from his lap, folded it in half and half again and slowly lay in down beside his plate. Then he beamed at Ben. ‘I dont think Ive seen such wonderfully luscious and totally free publicity for a movie and its star for years. Well done Ben.’
  • "Youre hurt." Annie sat Tressa onto the bench, stood and leaned forward. "Im so sorry." She reached up to help him.
  • "Perhaps. Youll have ample opportunity to ask the Lyrians themselves." The fox stopped and sat down. "This is as far as I go. You have to make the last bit on your own. Just follow that one bright star until you meet the Lyrians."
  • As the two made their way towards the bar, Max just sat there and watched her. Not once did she raise her head to look at him. Her hair, which was unusually messy, hung limply over her shoulder.
  • From outside, during these trying moments, there came the sound of a motor-horn, and immediately afterwards the soft crunch of gravel below a motor's wheels. From where she sat Helena could look out of the window, and from her torpid discontent she leaped with a bound into a state of alert expectancy. She hazarded, so to speak, all the small change she had in her pocket. For a moment she put her slim fingers in front of her eyes and thought intensely. Then she spoke to the parlour-maid.
  • For a moment or two i sat breathless, hardly able to believe my ears.
  • Ray closed his eyes and placed his hands across his stomach, listening to the air conditioner outside the hut make a deep relaxing drone in its struggle to pull the desert heat out of the room. A gust of wind blew sand against the wall outside, just feet from his head. Ray moved around to relax his shoulders and let his body sink into the mattress. Two weeks away from a long vacation, he began thinking of going home and fishing on the Apple River in Wisconsin, and then as he drifted off to sleep, he saw this thought turn into a dream. The line in the water and sound of the river were as real as he could remember, and he quickly began to flow away from the turmoil of the past few days. Then, he heard a voice he was not able to decipher. Arabic. Then more voices and soon they rose to a steady arguing mass, waking him and pulling him from the river. His eyes shot open, and he sat up and swung his legs off the edge of the bed. Then the voices quieted. All he heard was the steady breathing of Tripper in his bunk and the air conditioner.
  • Hartwell disappeared into his master suite and Daniel sat on the floor with his back against the couch and crossed his legs in meditation.
  • The crowd drew up to the large table, at which sat gray-haired or bald seventy-year-old magnates, uniformed and besashed almost all of whom Pierre had seen in their own homes with their buffoons, or playing boston at the clubs. With an incessant hum of voices the crowd advanced to the table. Pressed by the throng against the high backs of the chairs, the orators spoke one after another and sometimes two together. Those standing behind noticed what a speaker omitted to say and hastened to supply it. Others in that heat and crush racked their brains to find some thought and hastened to utter it. The old magnates, whom Pierre knew, sat and turned to look first at one and then at another, and their faces for the most part only expressed the fact that they found it very hot. Pierre, however, felt excited, and the general desire to show that they were ready to go to all lengths--which found expression in the tones and looks more than in the substance of the speeches--infected him too. He did not renounce his opinions, but felt himself in some way to blame and wished to justify himself.
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