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Okunuşu: / sat / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


bak. sit.

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  • He led them into the back where a huge furnace pulsed with heat. Workbenches everywhere were littered with metal rods and bits of glass. Omari sat down in a chair while Noah and Burt went in search of tools. They returned with an assortment of various knives, scissors, and saws.
  • I sat in the Jeep for about twenty minutes wondering what to do next. So far I hadn't really seen anything she needed to be protected from--well, except for maybe the troll. I guessed the creepy crawlies would probably be a lot more plentiful at night. It was going on four o'clock. At this time of year it gets dark by about six thirty. If I was going to protect her, I'd have to come up with a better plan than this. I decided to call home and check my messages to relieve the monotony, and the answer just fell into my lap. Aside from several phone calls from my buds expressing their condolences at my losing my job--bad news sure travels fast--there was a call from Alex's mom and a number where I could reach her. I punched in the number, and she picked up after two rings.
  • "My roommate has been entertaining a lot lately. Im in the process of looking for my own place," Gil said as they sat down for a cup of coffee at a local diner. "I bet you dont have a place to stay yet?"
  • She sat up, frozen with the fear that comes at night and that is overwhelming, her hands clutching the coarse carving of the arms of the stall, staring down into the dark.
  • Chatter posted: sat jul 08, 2006 10:37 pm subject: beside myself with excitement!
  • After suppressing a surge of rage, Joanna sat down on a cold marble bench to read the brochure and to consider her options. The Wesos Foundation was the American branch of a worldwide organization that gathered the interested few together to examine the nature of man, to discuss and study man as the image of God and man's triumph over the animals. In summer months, weekend seminars were conducted at the foundation's farm in the Berkshires. The weekends in the summer of 1993 included prehistoric art, Plato, Virgil's Aeneid, Yeats and the Upanishads, a series of weekends centering on an intensive course in Greek through right-brain-learning techniques, mindfulness meditation, telepathy in men and animals, and "The dog as Master." There was an asterisk next to the last course with a note on the bottom of the page saying that weekend was limited to selected members and guests. The Fall discussion groups at the East 83rd Street building would be announced at the Labor Day weekend picnic at the farm on Sunday, Sept. 6.
  • With that, White completed packing and followed Puliga out of the house and to a large black Lexus that was parked across the street. A blocky, grimfaced man emerged from the rear door and held it open. White was ushered into the back seat where another large, grimfaced man sat. White squeezed into the rear of the car and was hemmed in between the two. Puliga sat in the driver's seat and started the engine.
  • Stans found the situation in the mess hall horrifying. He often wondered what the old women thought as they sat watching people eating more at a single sitting than their families had for an entire day, or what went through their minds as they saw half eaten meals dumped into overflowing garbage cans. Sometimes the shit-burners, old men who collected the barrels of excrement from the latrines and burned it with diesel fuel, would crowd around the garbage cans to eat what was thrown out.
  • She returned to her chair and sat down, and for the first time since hed entered the room, looked up at Hugh. He was watching her, his expression amused. She flushed. "If I were a man, he wouldnt even have thought of questioning me," she said.
  • "Yeah. I got it," I snarled. Lady Magmilan brushed the air with her hand and my body went flying backward. By the time I sat up, she was gone. I popped my nose back into place and the lady cringed. I wiped the blood off my face with my shirt, finally realizing my track suit was gone, leaving me in a t-shirt and shorts in the drafty dungeon.
  • Aunt Janet called everyone to dinner. Dale wheeled Brandon to the table. Aunt Janet chopped and mashed his food. Lisa did the same for her children. James had a hard time eating while sitting beside his grandfather. The old man would half chew his food, some of it would drop from his mouth to his lap and he'd later recover the bits and eat them, oblvious that they sat on the same kleenex he used to wipe his nose. The children got up again and again throughout the meal, sending Lisa and Aunt Janet after them. Dale said once, "Geez, can't you slap 'em or something?" At this dinner, Lisa ignored his advice. Given the kids' scratches and bruises, James believed this was a rare exception to her treatment of them.
  • Hercules didnt make a single noise, not even a small huffy bark. He sat quietly, patiently, as if he could understand their words.
  • I cant believe Im seeing these shapes again. Maeve sat in her new store staring out the window at the river. I havent see those since I was a kid. Although there was that one time with Jasmine at herb school in the garden, and we both saw them that morning, the glowing eyes and small human shapes. But they felt friendly, protective even. I wonder why Im seeing them again? Probably because Ive just moved here. They always seem to appear when I move to a new place and am a little stressed out. And the lack of sleep doesnt help. Stress and exhaustion are a lethal combination.
  • Tamas giggled again, grabbed his crotch and sat down in his chair again."That little whore," he whispered as he sat.Gidas watched the two menboth with skewed perceptionsact and react to each other.
  • "It's always the same damnable chit-chat," he muttered as he went up to his bedroom and flung his Type on a table by the bed. "Always this infernal control. I'd control them fast enough if I could. If I could get past whatever sailor's knot the thing tied itself into the other day when I wanted to try it on that bitch of Arglay's. Can't that hog-headed paroquet of a Secretary have Arglay and her jailed for something or other? I can't get rid of a notion that she's peering over the blasted thing at me. Am I losing my nerve and beginning to see things?" He had sat down, half-undressed, on the side of the bed, and in a sudden outbreak of rage he picked up the Stone again. "Damn you," it was Chloe whom he half-unconsciously apostrophized, "are you tucked away in it as if it was Arglay's bed? I only wish I could get at you."
  • "Its over." he whispered, drawing a brief nod of acknowledgement from Criosa, who had sat down next to him. It seemed a hollow victory, considering the town had been severely damaged, and many people wounded and killed, but it was a victory nonetheless.
  • Blake sat down beside Freek. In front of them was a tree with a tire swing, and a yard of weeds and long, uncut grass. A dirt road went past the house, and beyond that were some woods.
  • The mysterious man in the front of the car stood and turned around. He watched the passengers as they sat quietly, guarding their belongings. He looked as if he enjoyed the attention, picking out different people to stare at. If someone dared speak, he focused his attention on them until they felt so uncomfortable, that they stopped. For over an hour this type of behavior continued. Finally, the man brought up his knee and rested his foot upon the bench beside him. He stretched his back, then leaned his elbow against his raised leg. He turned to look out the window, intent on finding something else of interest.
  • Sara got up and tossed the yellow wrapper and white cup in the trashcan near her, glancing at the clock that was just visible inside the store; she still had a half hour to wait. She was about to sit back down but she noticed a bookstore nestled between a clothing and a craft store, right across the street. For something to do, she jogged across and went inside to look around. A bell rang as she opened the door and went into the small, brightly lit store. The clerk, an older woman with long red hair that was being overtaken by white, sat behind the counter near the door. She looked up from the paperback in her hands and gave Sara a smile.
  • The city of Sumestra, a city of artists, of writers and of architects. Sumestra was obscure even in the best of times, and this was how the people liked it. They could work their skill, masters of their forms and slaves only to their passion for their respective crafts. That was, of course, until it was discovered by accident that they sat atop veins of gold and mines of diamonds. Overnight, the existing population changed their occupations, forsaking their art for the sake of riches.
  • Captain Trolle called to his servant and ordered two glasses of wine. He sat down behind the desk, holding the envelope into his hands.
  • I had a little time to change into something more comfortable before costume and makeup, which I arrived to slightly early so as not to push Mr. Garners limits. Kaeleigh, the makeup artist, had already received her instructions and went right to work. The two of us chatted away while Mr. Garner sat with Mr. Jefferson, drinking coffee and having their own conversation.
  • She then sat me on the sofa with a large scotch and told me how much she loved me.
  • He walked around to the right side of the bed, the side where she wasnt tied down by tape and IV lines, and climbed in next to her. She sat up briefly and spread her wings as much as she could to let him into her grasp. He found a comfortable spot to lay his head on her shoulder, and she gently curled her wings around both of them like a fluffy blanket. His breathing immediately slowed, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before he fell fast asleep. As furious as she was, she it was impossible not to be comforted by his touch, and she felt safe despite their awful location. She loved him, and much to her surprise it was going to take even more than the events of the last few days to break that bond. Faint snores could be heard over the various whirs and beeping of medical equipment, and Omari quickly followed Noah into slumber.
  • He was a great source of information. Everyone seemed to like the silent, solid man and no one minded if he was present when political matters were being discussed. His simple allegiance to the earl was admired by most of Henrys garrison at Falaise, even if it was considered misplaced. He was asked to join in sword practice sessions because his style was heavy and blunt and provided a good challenge. When he sat in the hall alone with a cup of wine, he was invariably joined by a group of younger men who wanted advice on how to swing a sword to its greatest advantage. And Leicesters men accepted him as a comrade in arms. With all his contacts, it was easy enough for him to discover what was going on inside and outside Falaise. That was how, in December, Hugh had learned about the rumor of his imminent release.
  • The tricycle 269 kilburn high road, nw6 020 7328 1000 www.tricycle.co.uk 11.30am & 2pm sat 5 nov. the pied piper of hamelin.
  • After I prepped the envelope for mailing, I sat back in the chair. I looked over the computer screen at my reflection in the wall mirror. The screen of the computer gave the room a slight deep glow. I looked old, tired. Felt it.
  • Gordon sat in his corner behind the palm trees and sipped his drink slowly. From where he sat, he could see all the players, see who was using the front door, see who was heading to the back or the john, see who was sitting at the bar, see who was sitting in front of the stage. He could even see into the DJ booth, where Rick was fucking Laurie up against a speaker. He was only looking thru a little opening across the room, and it wasn't well lit in the booth. But Laurie's garter flashed and Rck's white ass shone, and Gordon watched the rhythm develop, spasm, and stutter to a stop. Ben the security tech had a much better view in his basement across town.
  • The next morning, at El's house, Esu sat near the treasury chests. Near every gate were people from our band, the Holy camps, Galil, and Yeriho. Soldiers on Fort Antonia watched, smiling and calling to each other, as relaxed as armed men on watch can be. Esu told Rock, "We'll be anointed here, where all can see."
  • Tressa sat quietly, worn out from the days excursions. The sun was low on the horizon, as the pinks and reds of the sky made a beautiful silhouette of the city buildings.
  • Inside the bowl, the blackness swirled as if a finger stirred paint. Colours flickered through the black, whirling dizzily. Gradually a scene began to clarify, becoming the interior of a cave of ice. Several white shapes appeared in the scene, slowly taking more solid form. A shaggy faced, hulking beast glared at Rhaki, whose body sat empty and rigid at the table in his stronghold. His spirit form was in the presence of these Shardisi, looking, he knew, completely solid. The terror plain in the yellow eyes made a mockery of the bared fangs and clenched claws of these slow-witted creatures.
  • So, as I said, I was very far from being cast into despair, when, as I sat talking with Mrs. Warren this morning, Mrs. Barr suddenly appeared before me, looking both anxious and relieved, and pressed upon me a much-folded paper, accompanied by the hurried words, "Miss Northcott! I feared I should not have time to find youCharlotte awoke this morning with a sore throat, and begged me to tell you she is very sorry she would be unable to see you today, and to give you this note. You have been so very kind to hershe could not bear the thought that you might believe she was merely amusing herself elsewhere today, without bothering to tell you of her plans."
  • Holder watched as she hurried to the door and went inside; then he looked around. The House sat on a larger lot than others on the street and the white fence enclosed only a portion of the property. Obviously the fence was meant as a boundary line and not an obstacle since Holder could have easily climbed over it. The building itself looked homey and sturdy, not ornate or extravagant. Fine trees grew around it, both inside and outside the fence. It was the nicest place Holder had seen within the sprawling walls of Matik, but then he had never been to the area around Patron's Hill on the north-side, of course. Soon a small man carrying a candle came around the side from the back of the property. He walked outside the fence.
  • While Rose rested, Gray blew bubbles with his son in the backyard. The day was cool; maybe they would use the car to collect Emory. Gray sat on a lawn chair in the middle of the grass as his son romped along, Liam quietly expending himself aware his mother was asleep. Then he approached his father, looking pensive.
  • "I need to see you in my office," he said softly before making a quick exit. I didnt follow for another couple of minutes, and he was already sitting behind his desk when I entered. I sat down in the chair opposite him, waiting for him to start.
  • They all sat in comfortable easy chairs drawn up in front of a roaring fire and madge poured the tea.
  • "You need a healer. What happened to that foot? Can you walk?" Seeing Calistas condition, she answered her own question. "No matter. I will find my older brother and he will carry you up to the healer. Lugurix, stay with her." The girl dashed through the trembling sand with surprising speed. Once she had disappeared into the trees, Calista sat up gingerly, holding onto the boys, Lugurixs, shoulder for support.
  • I took charge anyway. "Ive seen angels just pop in and out of existence. Why cant we just do that now?" I wasnt sure if "pop" was the right word. "I know that Joseph cant and, of course, theres Abelie." I sighed as my thoughts rolled around in my brain like tumbleweeds. I shot a few covert glances towards Abelie. "Or how about a portal to another dimension, Lucia? And, as a matter-of-fact, why couldnt you guys just do that at the underground lab?" The pressure, all the weight from everything, sat heavily on my shoulders.
  • Guards tended the palace gates and stopped Lazerek only long enough to make sure he was who was supposed to be.Gidas marveled at the palace.Numerous spires and levels with many balconies and stairs occupied the outside and windows sat on every corner and every wall. Gidas could now see what the dark spots on the castle were. Stained glass on every floor, providing what must be a wonderfully colorful light for the interior of the palace.One magnificent balcony hung half-circled over the front of the palace. Thick, white spindles sat on the edge of the balcony and a stone banister topped them.
  • White fire flickered up the face of the rock to a height of four man lengths. Then the fire wove sideways. Several more times the white fire sliced at the rock, then Rhaki slumped where he sat. He was drenched in sweat and trembling from the effort, but he forced himself to go and see how successful he had been. The line hed cut was smooth and straight, the stone feeling slightly warm under his hand. He moved back and sat down again.
  • Emla sat on the floor, her back against the wall. Just beyond her outstretched legs lay the grotesque form of one of the creatures they had fought. And beyond that corpse, the body of a Guard lay in the first boneless collapse of death. She drew her knees up and rested her sword across them. Her hand felt glued to the hilt and she saw it was indeed stuckwith dark thick blood.
  • Mia would've tried cyanide at this point, so she sat up and ate both the berries. Within a minute or so, the pain was much more tolerable, though it wasn't gone. She thanked Belemeriath, then tried to roll up her bedding. She couldnt quite handle that much activity yet, and decided to leave it for later. She then went outside with Belemeriath.
  • Jaxon sat straight up, the smile and relaxation slipping quickly from her face. "Didn't we lock the door? I know you locked the door! How did someone come in? I killed him! It couldn't be him could it? I mean, Were things stay dead don't they?"
  • Captain Baker wished the ambassador would sit down, this pacing about made it difficult to think. But Merry went over to the drink cabinet and filled his glass, looking at Baker questioningly. Baker shook his head and raised his glass, showing it still being half full. Shrugging, the ambassador returned to his desk and, thank God, sat down.
  • The monsters we recently had to fight Sir Lord! They came from nightmares. Foul things, but not too difficult to kill, once we could bear looking at them. Never seen their like!’ He sat back, staring over his goblet of wine.
  • Yeah man,’ Crousti continued, sitting down on the end of the bed, ‘you got to go, Babu paranoid crazy man.’ He shrugged apologetically at Paul, who, pulling the covers off himself sat up.
  • The morning came and Connor awoke first. The first rays of light were filling the eastern sky, but the image of the sun was still hiding below the horizon. It was surprisingly crisp this morning and a thick fog had rolled in the camp. He gently lifted his wifes head and sat it down gently on the covering. He easily slid out of the bedding and walked to the fire without disturbing anything. It remained burning softly so he added a few more branches and stoked the fire, bringing it more life.
  • He left before Rose could say anything else, holding his speed down the hallway to just below a run. When he got to his office, he shut the door and sat down, his head in his hands. What the hell was I thinking, he asked himself. Sure, it was a shock to see Bruce right there, and sure I wanted him out of there as soon as possible, but seriously. He gave me six weeks, and Ive given myself one. What an idiot.
  • Mirra stared with dawning horror at the huge, muddy brown river that swirled past, sucking at its banks. Rain sleeted down in cold sheets to soak her robe and make it cling to her slight curves. Her hair, slicked to her head, dripped water onto her face, forcing her to wipe her eyes continually. Bane sat on the demon steed, his thick mane sleek against his narrow skull, frowning and plucking at the shirt that clung to the muscular contours of his chest. Clearly he hated the rain, yet it seemed to wash some of the evil from him, even reduced his stature as the gleaming palace had not. The water ran down his face, making his long lashes stick together in thick spikes around his pale eyes as he brushed water from them.
  • "Lysander, look how I do quake with fear! Methought a serpent ate my heart away, and you sat there, cruelly smiling at his prey!
  • And then, exactly one year after he had sat on that lonely bough and cast his line, something snapped in the heart and head of Ambrosius Codwich.
  • Reflexively, my gaze travelled across the bobbing heads. Alex sat alone at our bench. She noticed me and wiggled her fingers, animated by my arrival like I was something special. Rake thin and inked from head to toe, Alex confused people when they first saw her. She was too pretty to look at straight on and most slid looks her way to digest her beauty like jolts of lightening, rather than get a fist in the gut at the sight of her. Long blonde hair and sultry blue eyes contrasted startlingly with her deeply tanned skin, a few shades shy of rich chocolate.
  • Inside the expo a woman with an unnaturally large smile sat behind a registration table. She took our names, gave us nametags to fill in and told us to have areally fun day.’
  • Gina sat at the table as the two watched the sun fall across the horizon, the light breeze slapping the tears in the tarp. It sounded like a flag on a pole, but just briefly.
  • "All right." Robert said good-naturedly, ignoring Jamies tone. He placed the tray down on the floor next to the trundle bed, then sat back on his heels. He flashed Jamie a cheeky grin as he inquired, "So, how are you, brother mine?"
  • "Lets have another drink," someone blustered. Michel sat down at a table with people who were heartily indulging in the beverages and for the sake of solidarity he ordered a large pint. A new song was announced: "The Thirsty Sounds." After an hour or so, the mood of the music changed. A viol gradually transported the audience to rapture and the sounds became sultry. Then some women of easy virtue showed up and began to seduce the male guests. The men leered at them, but Michel, though sitting with them, was as cool, calm and collected as they were excited. This barely interested him. At the other side of the bar he saw a distinguished gentleman, whom he thought he recognized. The gray-haired old man, wearing a beret, was having a discussion with his companion, a young nobleman. Unfortunately, their faces were not clearly visible in the sparse light and, curious, he decided to have a closer look. When he got closer, he was still not sure who it was, until the old man suddenly looked at him. Then he knew.
  • The women spent the second night of the battle as disgruntled spectators, not fulfilling the active participant role they were more accustomed to. Although they were vehemently disputed the word "active" as they sat around and knitted together.
  • It was almost 2:30 a.m. when Snelly unlocked the door of his apartment, shutting it behind him. As he pulled the door to the fridge open to fetch a cold bottle of beer, he thought of the ticket the cop had handed him. He popped the top off the bottle and took a long, deep swig. The boys at the DTA wont be too goddamn happy with me tomorrow, he thought, a grin lighting his face. He took another swig, kicked the fridge door shut, and made his way into the living room, plopping heavily in the lounger. He didnt bother turning on the television or lights, but sat still in the dark, his face clean of all expression, only his eyes betraying the spark of the something deep inside him that had always been there for him, had always defined his person, had always set him apart from other men. Those eyes stared straight ahead, at nothing, really, but at everything, too. He never thought hed live long enough to become an old man ... but here I am, he considered. There was always another battle to be fought, another enemy to be vanquished.
  • His voice was stronger, and she rejoiced. His struggles were painful to watch, but he seemed to draw strength from them. Soon sweat dewed his skin and he shivered, but he had levered himself upright, and sat glaring at her.
  • "Yes I will. Sit up please." She sat up and her hair fell down to her side. Connor sat up and searched for his pants. When they had been spotted he walked out of bed and put on some boxers. Picking up his pants he pulled the rescued metal from a pocket. "Close your eyes." She did and he sat on the bed, cross legged in front of her. Connor held the piece of metal encased in his fist. "Ok you can open them."
  • A gang of bikers were sat around it, drinking beer and laughing uproariously at jokes in a Scandinavian language he didnt understand, maybe Danish or Norwegian.
  • The plaza was a confined area between the steep eastern side of the Red Fort and the outer wall of the fortress. Beyond the fortress wall lay the wide Jamuna River, while high above, and with a commanding view of the plaza, sat Arangbar, watching from the black throne at the outer edge of theDiwan-i-Khas. Next to him sat Queen Janahara and Allaudin. The day was Tuesday and the sun was approaching midday. As Hawksworth pushed his way to the front of the crowd, the last elephant fight of the morning had just begun.
  • "True it is that we have seen better days," says the duke solemnly, "and have with holy bell been knelled to church, and sat at good mens feasts, and wiped our eyes of drops that sacred pity hath engendered.
  • Gil texted Yuma and he retrieved it when he sat down for a moment, "You keep the house. I need to make my own path."
  • A morning a couple of weeks later, the Major sat in his office in Fort William, Calcutta. For the entire time since the raid on the temple, the last few words of the priest had been working on his mind. He was no longer able to dismiss these words as Hindu religious mumbo-jumbo. Unbeknownst to him, a stark fear - nothing less than a fear of macabre deathhad been taking hold of him, slowly. And when a fearless man starts to sense stark fear, it somehow becomes even starker. As the Major was brooding darkly on the events of the night of the raid, one of the soldiers who had accompanied him that night came in and saluted.
  • His clothing looked wrong, and it took her a moment to figure out what it was. Her vision felt like a strangers. She was seeing shapes with such acuity and vibrancy that she doubted her minds interpretation of them. Strips of the fabric had been burned away, his flesh a blistered mosaic within the holes. Next to him Naomi sat dazed but otherwise unharmed looking.
  • I sat back down in my chair and reflected on the series of events that had occurred following our spring retreat in Mackinac Island. Lou even decided to open BlueTherapy, which was located in the BlueClinic building, so that all of our employees could clear the air and have more productive lives. He claimed that, "We all could stand a little therapy every now and then. It's not healthy to keep sweeping things under the rug."
  • As Agnes Wentworth gazed out of the drawing room window, a sullen Jack Maycroft sat cross-legged on the floor under the Christmas tree, nibbling on a mince pie and prodding one of the colourfully wrapped Christmas presents with a careless and inquisitive finger. George Brearly sat on the floor next to Jack and watched his nephew. For several minutes nothing was said. But when Jack started to shake one of the presents violently, George was compelled to speak.
  • Jian sat back in the boat and inspected the shard carefully. But for the color, it was completely identical to the others, leaving no doubt to the fact that it was indeed Aderas shard. Shoving it quickly into his robes, he met Tynons glance.
  • Whether there was any chance of counteracting the situation - or more precisely the thousand different situations that were probably evolving out there even as I sat thinking - was highly questionable. Even if I had the superuser equipment to start tinkering with the overrides and common carrier controls and the general guts of the system, or triggering the waiting oncogenes or retroviruses or other biologicals, I might be able to do nothing but make the general predicament worse.
  • Ristalln looked the most eager. In such a contest as this, he would fair well. When Javal's eyes fell on him, everyone got hopeful that would be his choice, but the King simply shook his head and moved on to Carsis. Again, anticipation rose and fell. Javal pressed on. Even Lanyan or Jeralyle would have stood a better chance, but they were passed over as well. The Dwarven leader finally came to a stop on the end, eyeing the gorgeous woman with curly brown hair and a magnificent smile. "Ye look like ya could use a drink, Lass," he grinned and chuckled, stepping out of the way and swinging his hand out towards her seat. "By all means…" Mare bowed her head down and walked in front of Jeralyle and then a very worried, grumbling dwarf. All sighed as she sat down and wrapped her tiny hand around the tin mug. Javal sat across from her as the companions gathered around. "Here's the rules: I drink, then ye drink. If ya quit, ya lose; pass out, ya lose. Understand?" Merial nodded, curls bouncing slightly. "Good. I'll go first."
  • 8 September.--I sat up all night with Lucas. The opiate worked itself off towards dusk, and he waked naturally. He looked a different being from what he had been before the operation. His spirits even were good, and he was full of a happy vivacity, but I could see evidences of the absolute prostration which he had undergone. When I told Westenra that Dr. Van Helsing had directed that I should sit up with him, he almost pooh-poohed the idea, pointing out his son's renewed strength and excellent spirits. I was firm, however, and made preparations for my long vigil. When his page had prepared his for the night I came in, having in the meantime had supper, and took a seat by the bedside.
  • Once again I stripped my clothing. While preparing for the first dive attempt I had another idea, I should have brought more metal... the weight would have helped me descend faster. The thought reminded me of the sealed hallway and I shuddered. I sat with my feet in the well. I drew in slow, deep breaths. I silently slid into the water and began my swim down. I felt comfortable in the water; I knew I would have no trouble making it down now that I had a visible destination.
  • In their new, clean, and light study with its small busts and pictures and new furniture sat Berg and his wife. Berg, closely buttoned up in his new uniform, sat beside his wife explaining to her that one always could and should be acquainted with people above one, because only then does one get satisfaction from acquaintances.
  • He did. An inflatable wading pool sat in the middle of his living room, flanked by an upended coffee table and his sofa, standing on its ear. The pool was full of steaming, cloudy water. "Theres a bunch of eucalyptus oil and Epsom salts in there. Youre gonna love it."
  • As the strangers drank, they grew more sullen and beady-eyed, their coarse remarks becoming offensive. In response, the chosen found tasks that took them well away from the noisome group and their obnoxious comments. Talsy retreated to the beach with most of the women to aid with the sail making. Late in the afternoon, while she sat with several women and cursed Kieran scrutiny, which lingered upon her every so often, a piercing scream shattered the camp's peace.
  • The nurse lit the gilt candles before the icons and sat down by the door with her knitting. Princess Mary took a book and began reading. Only when footsteps or voices were heard did they look at one another, the princess anxious and inquiring, the nurse encouraging. Everyone in the house was dominated by the same feeling that Princess Mary experienced as she sat in her room. But owing to the superstition that the fewer the people who know of it the less a woman in travail suffers, everyone tried to pretend not to know; no one spoke of it, but apart from the ordinary staid and respectful good manners habitual in the prince's household, a common anxiety, a softening of the heart, and a consciousness that something great and mysterious was being accomplished at that moment made itself felt.
  • Range stood about for a moment, uncertainty etching his brow.How would he get the prince out of the palace?He couldnt just tie him up and throw him over his shoulder. This was the potential killing flaw in his plan. He continued to pace the floor. Rolin and the prince sat down.After a while, the prince stretched out on the bed.
  • Camille set both hands on the desk, and sat up in the chair. "The truth is, I heard about him from a friend, one of his girls. He pushed her down a flight of stairs. Broke a bone in her back. She'll never be right. I asked a few questions and found out hurting women was a habit of his."
  • The receiver clicked and Christine sat back, rubbing her eyes. She had money in her savings account, but would not have time to finish her calls and fight rush hour traffic to arrive at the bank in time to transfer the funds to her checking account or withdraw any from savings. While gazing at the desk, the telephone rang again, and she answered it on speakerphone.
  • The Captain was stunned. A stack of unfinished papers and a cup of coffee sat in front of him on his desk. He had been quietly engrossed in his work before the Lieutenants intrusion. He looked sternly at Bolts for an explanation, but he was so out of breath he could only point toward the door and gasp. The Captain raised himself from behind the desk with stiffly controlled exasperation and opened the door. Tobias stood awkwardly leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the hallway. The exertion of running after having had so much to drink had made him feel nauseous. Panic seized him as he saw the Captain and he quickly put the whiskey bottle to his mouth and gulped all that was left.
  • Sallis knew that was Re Annan's flag: green for the fertile land, blue for the abundant sea and white for the purity of the island's people. A man wearing rich blue robes sat in one of those chairs and a woman in red robes relaxed in the other. The Papan and his wife.
  • Valentin rubbed his hands over his face, roughly. "Let me think. Beold has converted to Papirianism, which means he is an enemy of Jovan, and of the Empress. He wants to marry her and plans to secure our support by threatening to tell Adrienne what we did." He sat down on the stool again, and looked at Cassius over his hands.
  • EB smiled as she sat down next to Katherine. "Hang on" she suggested. The boat slammed the waves as the DUKW sped toward the big ship.
  • Annie and Brad shared the whole evening with no one but themselves. Neither asked to or accepted a dance with anybody else and between dances they sat quietly in a dark corner across from the stage and next to the folded up bleachers talking quietly or just being content to be in each other's company. When the bandleader announced the start of the last set of the evening, Brad took Annie's small hand in his and led her slowly out on to the middle of the basketball floor. The varnished hardwood floor reflected the blue and pink overhead lights and here and there was a streak of cornmeal on the floor. The slow waltzes flowed through them and they separated themselves further from the rest of the world in their own cocoon of caring and love. Brad continued to be amazed by what he was feeling for this petite woman. Not only was he continually aroused by her closeness and needed the trust she was placing in him, but he felt protective towards her like he never had in his short life for any other person.
  • Overtaking the battalions that continued to advance, he stopped the third division and convinced himself that there really were no sharpshooters in front of our columns. The colonel at the head of the regiment was much surprised at the commander in chief's order to throw out skirmishers. He had felt perfectly sure that there were other troops in front of him and that the enemy must be at least six miles away. There was really nothing to be seen in front except a barren descent hidden by dense mist. Having given orders in the commander in chief's name to rectify this omission, Prince Andrew galloped back. Kutuzov still in the same place, his stout body resting heavily in the saddle with the lassitude of age, sat yawning wearily with closed eyes. The troops were no longer moving, but stood with the butts of their muskets on the ground.
  • Connor moved away and Sarah saw how her parents looked. Jack stood, shielding Jillian protectively. As Connor sat so did her father. Connor said politely "Jillian, if we do this test, Id know Sarah would feel more comfortable fully clothed." His playful smile returned. Sarah couldnt concentrate on what was before her let alone what she wore. She didnt know what they were talking about.
  • Sometimes he sat that way, always at Thanksgiving, wishing to make as much room as possible. He drank his beer, eating a few pretzels, carrot sticks and cucumber slices. "Whens Autumn and Milt showing up?"
  • "Yes. They stayed perhaps for an hour. We couldnt hear what they were saying, they sat on the opposite side of the room, and there was another girl there so I could not attend to them without it being...suspicious?"
  • Eibhlin sat there upset, her feet dangling from the oversized chair, dusty from years of neglect and care, for no one went in there since the old headmaster's mysterious death. To Eibhlin the room seemed large, quiet and musty. Underneath the dust and clutter of old test papers littered about the desk top, she flipped some of the piles of papers and discovered a very long, odd colorful feather. An epigraphist feeling came over her when she touched the magical feather, an unfamiliar feeling, a physiological knowing. Some mystic looking bird or creature seemed to have been there from the time the Headmaster last sat in that very chair. She saw a huge old birdcage in the corner of the office.
  • My brother had wrapped his jacket around my body and buttoned it up the instant he could. It spilled to the ground and formed a puddle of denim. It looked like a tent sized dress. I couldnt seem to gather enough strength to stand. Tray finally just picked me up like he did when I was a kid. He carried me over and sat me down on the concrete retaining wall that the dark clique kids had been waiting at earlier. He stared at me with a crazy, terrified expression. We were still the only two people in this breezeway. I could hear the noises of the crowd muffled inside the gymnasium. The assembly had already started.
  • Mitchell sat back in the chair and ran his hands through his thinning hair and then rubbed his eyes after removing his glasses. He could not believe that the meanest, cheapest and least-loving person he had ever met in his life had agreed to give him such a sizable inheritance.
  • He paid and sat down in the corner opposite a huge, flat screen television, and ignoring the images of half-naked women pouting into microphones, Paul tried to put his thoughts in order. The sweat on his back was clammy and his shirt clung to him uncomfortably. He hung the stolen overcoat on the back of his chair.
  • Before that summer, Zhanna just had been one more skinny girl that Misha ignored. That morning had been cold, and finally, after a dry spell, dew began falling again in their mountains. Misha's skin was sticky, damp with humidity, but the strange, too-early wind blew up hot, then cool. With his buddies, Misha also sat and watched the girls go by. The day before, he'd received a shorter than usual cut at the barber's and the hairs on the back of his neck prickled; he fought urges to touch them. The girls stopped passing. It was time to go in.
  • And so I was unprepared for any hint that she or Manny might need counseling. But before I could pursue this, we were approached by a golden-haired, apple-cheeked celebrity on the local baseball scene. It was "Trader Joe" Ellis, the general manager of the Washington Filibusters. A cell phone was planted in his ear. I sat back to watch this encounter, curious to see if Jessie would betray any ill feelings over the Busterswillingness to part with Manny.
  • "Hey," she heard someone shout, and she looked towards the front where the voice had come from. A middle-aged man who sat at the controls was looking at her. "Are you riding alone?" he yelled. The loud and excited voices around her turned into whispers.
  • A long moment passed before one of the two moved again. The beast took the initiative. It walked to her left side and reared onto its hind legs briefly, brushing its head across her hand. Not knowing what else to do, and eager to prevent the creature from rearing up again, she dropped her hand to her side. The dragon swiftly thrust its head into her palm. The feeling of the ridges above its eyes brushing against her fingers for the third time made her realize what the animal was after. She stroked the dragon's brow. It sat beside her, pushing back with every stroke.
  • "Oskin Yahlei," I said. I stared at him for a beat, then lifted one eyebrow and moved toward the chairs. He fell back one footstep as I approached, watched me sink into the most comfortable-looking chair, his mouth slightly open, and then reached behind him to lower himself into another chair across the rug from me. I sat the iron-shod tip of the walking stick on the floor between my feet and rested my hands on the handle, the fingers interlaced. Oskin Yahlei and I scrutinized each other.
  • We heard a chuckle and then the little cretin blinked out of the room. I staggered to my feet. The room spun, so I sat back on the bed for a moment. Then I stumbled around and pulled on fresh work-out gear. The others moaned about their arms, but I didn't even notice mine. I was too busy floating in my own cloud of happiness. Alek would be at lunch.
  • Prince Andrew wished to leave at once, but Princess Mary persuaded him to stay another day. That day he did not see his father, who did not leave his room and admitted no one but Mademoiselle Bourienne and Tikhon, but asked several times whether his son had gone. Next day, before leaving, Prince Andrew went to his son's rooms. The boy, curly-headed like his mother and glowing with health, sat on his knee, and Prince Andrew began telling him the story of Bluebeard, but fell into a reverie without finishing the story. He thought not of this pretty child, his son whom he held on his knee, but of himself. He sought in himself either remorse for having angered his father or regret at leaving home for the first time in his life on bad terms with him, and was horrified to find neither. What meant still more to him was that he sought and did not find in himself the former tenderness for his son which he had hoped to reawaken by caressing the boy and taking him on his knee.
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