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Okunuşu: / sat / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


bak. sit.

sat için örnek cümleler:

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  • Rickward watched him, weighing. For several breaths he sat there, nothing moving but his eyes, and then he nodded. "Why did you give me up?"
  • He sat down in the dimly-lit, small green table. It was approaching nine oclock and the second floor of the building was almost library-quiet. Henry was sick of talking, so he sat close to Barbara and instantly moved in to kiss her. She pressed her body against his, showing absolutely no resistance to the advance, as their lips melted into each other before parting for a furious by tender round of tongue play.
  • "Nonsense," said Pence. He looked down. "There it is!" He sat himself cross-legged on a smooth spot of tunic and placed the penny in his lap. The gardeners beard ran beside him like a wild stream; festooned with dirt and specks of clay, twigs, and dry leaves, the old mans beard could have been mistaken for a birds nest if it had been attached to a tree instead of a chin.
  • He moved over to the windowsill and half sat on it, heedless of the accumulated filth.
  • The next morning Maureen got up early before he was fully awake. He sat up in bed and lay with the bedclothes pulled up to his chin watching her dress. Like any married couple they had had disagreements in the past which they had always managed to patch up without too much trouble, usually with a joke and a muttered apology. Maureen wasnt one to bear grudges. This time he couldnt think of anything witty to say about the situation. What had happened yesterday was no laughing matter. And he certainly wasnt going to apologise for something that wasnt his fault. Instead he said simply, "Im shouldnt have lost my temper last night, Maureen. I didnt mean to upset you and Martin."
  • Catrin sat to one side, absorbed in her thoughts, and with every moment her anger grew. The Zjhon threatened everything she held dear. Struggling to think of a way to stop the approaching army, or at least hamper its progress, she stewed, biting her lip. Benjin interrupted her thoughts.
  • Leanne sat quietly at the corner of Alexs bed and gently stroked the childs face, pushing sweat-plastered strands of hair away from Alexs eyes. It was hard to equate this gentle apparition before me now, looking little older herself than the child she cared for, with the depraved killer of only a short while ago. I put a hand to Leannes shoulder to comfort her. She looked up at me with such a saddened expression on her face that I knew it must be true that vampires couldnt cry, or her eyes would have been filled with tears.
  • A few seconds later, the doors from the entrance hall opened loudly then slammed shut on us all in here. A long line of scared-looking ghosts entered, led by Professor Melody who carried on a cushion on which sat an ancient wizard's magical spell. The green cushion was heavily patched and darned with a wide rip near the frayed ends.
  • It didnt move as I touched its nose. He looked at me with his big eyes and just sat there as I made an attempt to find a way to pet him without being close enough for him to eat me. Since it seemed to be mutually exclusive, I sucked it up and took the final step.
  • Amanda was ushered into a small, functional office. Two-tone grey decor with a bookcase along one wall, a wide desk and a computer pushed into one corner. Anderson sat behind his desk. He stood and reached out a long stick thin arm, his white hair giving the impression he was older than his late forties suggested. She shook his hand, barely touching the fish cold skin, having to resist the urge to wipe the warmth back into her hand.
  • "His mother was a votaress of my order; and, in the spiced Indian air, by night full often hath she gossiped by my side, and sat with me on Neptunes yellow sands, marking the embarked traders on the flood, when we have laughed to see the sails conceive and grow big-bellied with the wanton wind.
  • "So I went in and sat down at the kitchen table, the chair nearest the door, my chair before we separated. She sat down across from me, looking good, I mean really good for a lady pushing fifty, not a whole lot of lines or droops, even though she just got out of bed. I had kind of stopped noticing how pretty she was. To me she was just Joanne. And I just sat there feeling pleased with myself, happy just to look at her, just to be there."
  • To her right, just feet away, a pretty Japanese girl sat in a wheelchair, a violin case in the chairs back pouch. She was gazing rapturously about herself, as if seeing the world for the first time.
  • He sat there with his mouth open. I said again: "You satisfied? Her name is Madge Giovanatti. She's a San Francisco tart."
  • "Im going upstairs to work for an hour or so," the soft-spoken clerk said to his boss, who was just sitting down in a chair by the fireplace. The kids had gone to play outside, except for Diane, who was looking at a picture book by the window. Anne was giving instructions to the maid in the kitchen and when she was done, she sat down beside her husband.
  • Connor turned her around to sit by the welcoming fire. Kara took off her bow and laid it on the ground, next to the log, but out of reach from the pit. Still standing, she unfastened her belt and sat the quiver next to the bow.
  • I glanced down the hall, glad Wally was out for the afternoon along with Mai, the co-worker who sat nearest to my workspace. Fortunately we had little in the way of in-house IT, I thought. I was quite sure that no one ever checked up on personal use of the computers here, or scrolled through our search page history. Good thing, because I couldnt imagine what someone would think about these items.
  • Mord left, and Mirra wondered what he planned to do with Benton. He regarded her coolly, his hard expression telling her nothing, and the silence grew strained as they waited. She stood by the wall, bracing herself against the ship's rolling, while he sat swinging a leg, seemingly relaxed, but for the lines between his brows that told of the pain in his head. At last Mord returned with a frightened-looking Benton, who hesitated on the threshold. Bane snorted.
  • "I understand. Well we can only hope that at least some have stayed in your land to control the beasts. None on this side have spoken with a Dirujen for countless years." He sat down in a chair and pulled at his beard. "I am sorry for taking up your time my friends. I would not have brought you down here but I truly believed that you were Arius. You should be on your way, but please tell no one of this secret place. Be careful on your journey and wherever it leads you. It would be best for you to leave this city as soon as possible."
  • The cave Ice led them to was a gaping hole in the side of a nearby mountain, and it turned out to be more than adequate in size as it was large enough for even the horses to enter. Cheyne nearly fell off her mount in her haste to start a fire, and then sat nearly on top of it once she had it roaring into a hearty blaze. She peered out from within her hood with a miserable glare.
  • "Theres a lot here. More than I expected, and they seem to keep coming." He sat on the other side of the car hood, one tennis shoe on the bumper. "I think Margret is right. With the number of vampires walking around, Mochan will succeed. Hell be able to take the Sirelords without much of a fight."
  • Henry sat down in one of the two chairs facing Stewarts desk. He didnt know how to begin, so he grinned and nodded his head before taking out his phone and flashing the pictures that put Maureen between a rock and a hard place.
  • Jack stood up and slowly and walked around the table to stand in front of Connor. Looking up he said "Im going to help you out a little bit. Stand up, take off your shirt and turn your back to me." Jack held his hand out and helped Connor to stand. He took off his shirt as ordered and sat it on the table.
  • As Michael sat at the table, with only his inner turmoil to keep him company, it seemed that his only consolation was the glass of elderberry wine in front of him. Despite a quiet warning from Louisa, he repeatedly refilled his glass from a nearby crystal decanter and consumed it in large gulps, much to everyones unanimous disapproval. Michael, in fact, continued to seek solace from his drink, until a censorious glare from Frances, a minute later, prompted him to discard his wine and call for some water.
  • The Swami led the man by hand to the center of the clearing, and sat him down on a large piece of log there. He then signaled the rest of the party to come forward. When they did, he asked Lalzama to heat up some tea.
  • While Lord Henry sat dreaming on these things, a knock came to the door, and his valet entered and reminded him it was time to dress for dinner. He got up and looked out into the street. The sunset had smitten into scarlet gold the upper windows of the houses opposite. The panes glowed like plates of heated metal. The sky above was like a faded rose. He thought of his friend's young fiery-coloured life and wondered how it was all going to end.
  • The receiver clicked and Christine sat back, rubbing her eyes. She had money in her savings account, but would not have time to finish her calls and fight rush hour traffic to arrive at the bank in time to transfer the funds to her checking account or withdraw any from savings. While gazing at the desk, the telephone rang again, and she answered it on speakerphone.
  • I think so. We will stay here a while Lady, just to look at the working.’ They sat on the floor staring at the Weights.
  • There came a sudden knocking on the door. Both occupants quickly sat up on the bed. Steve made it to the door first and opened it. There stood a soldier, clearly a high ranking one due to the way he carried himself. His uniform was a deep, scarlet color with a jeweled sword sheathed on his hip. Several daggers were visible in various locations along his belt.
  • As my picture was finished, I sat next to Natalie for the rest of the class. She asked my advice and worked on her canvas until it was finished too. Once everyones pictures were complete, they were put away to dry. In six weekstime when they were completely dry, we would coat them in varnish to provide a protective layer. After that, I could take it home to show Jacob.
  • Bark stared at the Weight in his hand and a tremor passed through his body. He sat against the wall, the disk held to his chest.
  • Ellese sat unmoving, her gaze locked on the faraway event visible only to her within the glass. The acolyte glanced at the clear round glass in its simple silver frame, which, for her, held nothing but the bookshelves beyond. She waited, unwilling to disturb Elder Mother's intense concentration. The seeress lowered her hands and drew a deep, shuddering breath, blinking.
  • They went into the keep. Most of the Normans were already in the hall, getting in the way of servants trying to set up the tables and benches for the evening meal. As was typical of men used to spending a large portion of their time out of doors, conversation was shouted instead of spoken. But it was Delamere, freshly arrived from the relative peace of the abbey, who complained. Longsword glanced curiously at his friend as they sat together, his former annoyance forgotten.
  • Captain Carruthers sat on the Major's bed and read the letter. The Colonel meanwhile examined the rest of the room. Nothing stood out as unusual. The Major did not keep a photograph of his fiance in his lodgingswhich the Colonel found a little surprising. Perhaps he did not want to expose a highborn lady to the comments her picture might attract in the all-male military barracks. When the Colonel finished, he also sat down on the bed next to the Captain. The Captain now finished reading, and seemed to consider something for a few moments. The he turned to the Colonel. "This is intended to be a personal letter for my eyes only. But I will breach that trust and ask you to read it please. I need your help in dealing with someone."
  • Finally came the last period of the day, American History, and not a moment too soon. Mark sat next to Connor because its the only class they have together. "Ready to meet our new teacher?" Mark asked in a barely suppressed joy. The desks were designed for two people to share and individual chairs to slide in and out of the desk. The classroom held a total of twenty annoying students, if they all were present.
  • "‘Bout time." Liza sat up, and held out her hand for the ibuprofen. He handed her the package, and went to the kitchen to pour her some water. "Not happy, though, are you?" she said, taking the glass he offered her.
  • After a while the smell became stronger and the room grew sticky hot.Cortibis leaned back against the wall of stone and closed his eyes.Rolin sat slumped over, his pain had returned.Sterlin sat, watching with great patience.
  • Once their numbers had swelled by almost two dozenall of whom bore various war wounds, probably the fault of The PuppetmasterTalia halted in an abandoned cafeteria. She sat on a table and inspected her troops.
  • The huge brass cow bell mounted over the door on a piece of springy steel bonged merrily when he opened and closed the door. The several regulars who were there for their morning coffee every morning, except Sunday and only missed then because Berube's was closed, turned to see who had the audacity to enter their domain. A couple of the men turned away with no trace of recognition even though Brad had been in their businesses and they knew him by his first name. Norman Mills the new owner of Berube's sat on a stool near the middle of the counter. He always had a good word for everyone even before he bought out old man Berube and had just ran a small news stand with newspapers and the inevitable magazines in the restaurant.
  • She knelt on the ground and sat me up against the stump of the tree, before seating herself beside me on the ground. We made conversation for hours; as we had in times past. She gave to me the story of her stay with a select group of natives; some which shared origins with many of The People from Abroad. She spoke of how she had longed for home after we parted ways, and how once she made decision for leaving Simon, she joined with these natives; that she might feel nearer to those from where she had come.
  • "Please stay seated, Ignacio," Madrre Sybille told him. She and Graice sat in soft comfortable chairs while Ignacio perched on a hard wooden stool. "I wish you would sit on something nicer when you talk to us, old friend." She raised a hand to forestall his attempted protest and continued. "At least stop popping up and down and keep your eyes up when you speak."
  • The walls held new yellow wallpaper and the windows were as freshly washed as the fans. Hung on the walls and shelves were a few antique paintings and bowls. A box in the corner showed they were still unpacking. In the living room sat two love seat sofas, facing each other, and a wide coffee table sat carefully situated between them. The floor was made of hardwood and Connor didnt spot any carpet, just like his home.
  • He could see she carried a small dagger at her belt so maybe she wasn't as defenseless as some other women. He sat there, not knowing what to say next, not wanting to sound like some fool.
  • Kat agreed, "Yes I think youre right," but as she gently lowered the door her fingers felt something move within the thin fabric lining the top of the trunk. She opened the lid, ran her hand across the lining and once again felt something move within the flimsy material. Using her fingernail she ripped the material and watched as a small diary fell into the palm of her handimmediately she felt a cold chill run up her spine. She glanced over her shoulder only to find Darryl starring wide-eyed at the small book in her hand. She sat back on her haunches before gingerly opening the cover of the evidently old but well preserved diary. She felt Darryls warm breath against the back of her neck as he peered excitedly over her shoulder.
  • As they sat around a fire and ate a meaty stew Sheera had prepared from her scattered supplies, Chanter considered the chosen.
  • On one particular day, Euclind sat in his office casually reading an old book. A friend, another scholar of equal repute, had given the book as a present some years earlier during good times. It was a novelty, a book about fables and folklore rather than history, which Euclind enjoyed as a hobby rather than a serious subject. The pages contained the purported sayings of a fortune teller know only as the Mystica of the Northland who had lived in the always vague time 'long, long ago.' Euclind knew a great deal about the history of the world and had no illusions about the veracity of tales like 'The Lost Man Meets the Foundling Child,' 'The Boy Who Must Be and the Girl of Legend,' or 'How the Young Led the Way Home,' but they did have entertainment value. Suddenly, he noticed something streaking past the glass panes of his window. (Some people believed he had invented the art of glass-making, but others thought possibly he had just brought the idea from elsewhere.)
  • She loved her baby, felt it an incredible miracle. It was far more enjoyable to concentrate on that, and Rose took those moments Gray was gone, Petra sleeping, to ponder what lay within her. Some embryonic mass of cells was changing into some body, a tiny body, not even a real body at this point. Just goo, but it sat in Roses uterus, doing whatever embryos did. Gather and collect, and then Petras breath would shudder, and Rose was taken to the past. Petra had once been no more than what Rose was housing. Now Petra lay quiet, still, not doing much more than Roses third child.
  • When Carsis spun around to the direction it came, he found that very impression to be fact. "You were not here, before. Who are you?" First staring at the ground, a set of baby blue eyes locked, belonging to a girl with curly black hair draped over her shoulders, attired in an ebony button up dress with a white lace front and hem, a tiny purple bow bounding out from the collar. Her eyes were the first to raise, then the rest of her head. A paleness dominated both, lips that matched the shade of her dress. Her features were tiny and sharp, her cheeks thin, her jaw small, and her expression convulsed into a smile then snarl, only to revert back. She didn't say a word, nor move an inch, simply sat there, directly on the top of the water. "You... who are you?" Carsis asked, walking towards her.
  • Hawksworth sat beside Shirin watching the oarsmen strain against the locks, their orange oars flashing against the ornately gilded boat like the immense gills of some ceremonial fish. A
  • I sat and talked with a supervisor from another store while we tried to choke down the triangles of soggy bread and thin meat. We shared stories about our respective managers and debated over who worked for the bigger idiot. I was winning.
  • 'We're honored, Alek. Being your advisers and all.' Sabyn's sarcasm was cutting. Still for their apparent annoyance, they sat down and waited for him to continue.
  • Since Prince Andrew had last seen him Kutuzov had grown still more corpulent, flaccid, and fat. But the bleached eyeball, the scar, and the familiar weariness of his expression were still the same. He was wearing the white Horse Guard's cap and a military overcoat with a whip hanging over his shoulder by a thin strap. He sat heavily and swayed limply on his brisk little horse.
  • They entered into a sitting room, complete with couches, a huge television, and a separate bathroom. Another door led to the bedroom, which had a bathroom leading off it. She didnt even have two bathrooms in her house! The bed was huge. As wide as it was long, she could have slept lengthways. Crisp white sheets covered the mattress and soft feather pillows sat at the head of the bed.
  • Kara entered the passenger side door and sat next to Sarah. Connor walked around to the driver side and stood before her, leaned down and whispered in a playful and seductive manner "Ill beat you back home." He was finally smiling the smile Sarah loved. He kissed her forehead and ran to the tree line, in an instant he melded into the trees like a flickering shadow. As he entered the leaves around him rustled oddly, but she didnt see any wind. Kara, in a serious tone, said in the car "Lets get going, drive slowly and tell me everything."
  • Legon felt Sasha leaving the network in pursuit of the Pronos. It was a worthy endeavor and he knew why she did it. Life was perspective. If you changed that you changed reality. He had been walking the cave and rejoined Sara and Keither. He wondered if Keither gave up his ration. He sat next to them, leaning on the wall. Both were asleep but still sitting up. He reached with his mind, out looking for anything intelligent to link with and found it in the form of goats in the area. He settled back into the waking sleep. It was going to be good to get to the Precipice. Maybe there he could get a real nights sleep.
  • As I sat on my knees between my parents, I realized this would be the last time we would be together as a familyjust the three of us, sitting in the room in silence. After several heavily weighted seconds, I said, "I wish I could have known you both long before now."
  • Deep in the forest, a quiet darkness was descending across the warm land. In a clearing, about an hour's motorbike ride from the outcrop where the Dragons were roosting, Magnus and his crew sat at a long trestled table.
  • Todd sat at the plastic table at the Burger King with his note pad in front of him, ink pen in hand. "Burger King, Burger King," he wrote down, and then faltered. This should be an easy rhyme, but he felt completely wiped, washed. Maybe he wasnt as great of a rapper as he thought. Why couldnt the words flow out of him the way they flowed out of the Great Rappers? Had Biggie Smalls ever waited on a sausage-and-egg biscuit, worrying about his next hit single? Probably not. He crumpled up the little piece of paper as Edgar set their plastic breakfast tray down and began to sniffle.
  • Range got out of his bed very late and squished his toes into the luxurious carpet.He dropped to his knees and said his morning prayer to Ooln.He had gotten out of the habit of praying to his god on a daily basis.When he was done he stretched and moved toward the privy next to his room.He had never seen a place to relieve himself located in the same room as a bath, the two most opposite human functions in one place.The bath was very strange, having an odd nozzle out of the wall and a handle that could be turned so that water shot out into the tub. The tub sat on a device that could hold bundles of wood.There were four bundles of wood to the right of the tub. He marveled at the ingenuity and wondered how they got the water piped into the castle.He would have to ask the King how it was accomplished.
  • In the palace on Patron's Hill, Patron Edric sat in a luxuriously cushioned chair in an elegantly-appointed room, his private contemplation room as he called it. He needed a quiet sanctuary away from the noise and stress of his daily duties, he said, where he could sit in peace and, um, well, think about things. At this moment he thought about the elaborate metal model he held in his hands. A courtier had given it to him, calling it a device demonstrating important mechanical and scientific principles which was obtained from special traders up north someplace. To an untrained eye, it might have seemed to be a clever toy suitable for a bright ten year old. When the door opened, Edric looked up to scold whoever dared to interrupt his privacy but he saw that it was the one person he could never escape.
  • The vision loomed in size before Rordan and a sense of futility overcame him. He returned to his body sitting at the meal table with his friends. The sound of pupils going about their business came back to his ears. Glenys held Fiknas hand and sat at ease with herself. Fiknas eyes were tired and bleary. His shoulders slouched forward.
  • The hayloft was warm and dry, as promised. The innkeeper brought blankets and a meal that was edible, if not particularly good. After they finished their meal the four companions sat around in silence for a while before Eduard declared that it was time to go to sleep. They all lay down on in the straw, the most comfortable bed any of them had seen in days. Joff fell asleep almost before he had finished lying down. Eduard was snoring soon after and Airk felt Jains breathing grow slow and shallow as she lay huddled against him.
  • Pulling nonstop for over an hour, Connor eventually needed a moments rest and sat down on the still trailer, he opened the cooler and took out three bananas and a granola bar. After relieving himself and noticing the spring temperature climbing hotter, he took off his shirt and continued to pull for another hour and a half, up and down the winding trail.
  • He listened to the running water for a while, then fastened his pants and regarded the crumpled papers with amusement. There was still some armagnac in the glass he'd abandoned. He sat on the floor and sipped it, straightening out the papers and tidying them into a stack.
  • Her question answered, Nicole had to be satisfied that all would be "sorted." She sat back with only a little clearer idea of her future. She needed to speak with her family. Where was Philomene? Could she talk with Uncle Mukadi, what would he advise her?
  • "I think you ought to sit down a minute, Stoney." Simmonss voice was as quietly sincere as ever. I sat down. "Its a shame about all this, and you do deserve an explanation, for two reasons: first because I really think you ought to reexamine your plans here and second, because we are old friends."
  • Though Pierre, Natasha, Nicholas, Countess Mary, and Denisov had much to talk about that they could not discuss before the old countess--not that anything was hidden from her, but because she had dropped so far behindhand in many things that had they begun to converse in her presence they would have had to answer inopportune questions and to repeat what they had already told her many times: that so-and-so was dead and so-and-so was married, which she would again be unable to remember--yet they sat at tea round the samovar in the drawing room from habit, and Pierre answered the countess' questions as to whether Prince Vasili had aged and whether Countess Mary Alexeevna had sent greetings and still thought of them, and other matters that interested no one and to which she herself was indifferent.
  • There was a long silence while Tony tried to comprehend the whole thing. Connie sat down and warmed her hands by the fire.
  • Marthe caught a ride home with that eldest sister and family. Nine-month-old Lindsay Davidson was sleeping and Marthe sat in the back with her niece, holding the infants hand, caressing smooth, velvety skin. How Kell felt, the sides of his body this hairless. Only the sides, about all to him that was only flesh except his penis, which Marthe had yet to know without a rubber. She practiced what she preached and while it was a pain, premeditated, not the most sensual way to make love, it was the safest way. Marthe had more condoms than sense, she sometimes thought. If she had any real sense shed tell Kell to
  • "I don't understand you. You must realize that," I offered with outstretched hands. "I appreciate the warm welcome and all but... Macha, " a strategy evolved in my head, "Macha told me to reeehst here." I pointed down at the rock. sat up half and inch and back down, dropped my shoulders and closed my eyes. "Macha," I stated again for effect, "told ME," I pointed at my chest, "to REST", and I shut my eyes again. There was a brief period of murmurings amongst them, "mm, Macha- don dalama gost." "Macha- aaaa." But I was fairly certain they had no idea of what I was saying.
  • In the middle of the clearing was Sharia's legendary tree: Layanese. The canopy stretched above the outer circle of forest, a gap of twenty feet between them, clear open sky between it. The sun focused and bent through the slitforcing it to shine directly onto the trunk of the sacred landmark where the council's chamber sat. A long, wide, one-floor marble structure tucked tightly against the massive, crooked roots. The tree, as well as the structure, sat on a tiny island in the middle of the clearing, enclosed by a brilliant blue river that flowed out behind Layanese towards the southern end of Sharia.
  • They waited for a few moments when Range, tired of standing in the wind, moved the wagon about so it faced east.He then had the horse pull it off the road a little ways.Once there, he pulled the tarp loose and sat in on the ground, creating an excellent block of the wind.They sat in a circle waiting for Rolins return.
  • Pete's teammates raised their hands in celebration, while the losing team walked away shaking their heads. The sideline crowd was mimicking Pete's tip-in movements as he walked off the court and made a right turn toward the water fountain. He sat his sweaty body on a thick concrete bench next to his point guard Eric Spalding. Barry Melnick and Lou Berman faced them, while leaning on the high fence, and Craig joined Pete and Eric on the bench.
  • I crawled forward, the effort sweetly painful. The closer I got, the brighter his skin glowed. I sprung up, stumbled, and slid on a branch. Legs wobbling, my tail twitched madly. The glow of Breandan's skin increased. He sat on his knees swaying. Opening out his arms his face brimmed with emotion as I fell into him. The moment he clutched me I pressed my eyes closed at the brilliant light that blasted from our joined bodies. The power that flowed through me was hot and eager. It flared, rubbing at my nature until I found myself digging my fingers into Breandan's back for fear it would sweep me away.
  • Pearl found a nice grassy spot in the sun. The three sat down and relaxed for a bit. It was good to pause and reflect for a moment on what they were seeing, what they were and where they were. It was just so surreal.
  • The first patients Elvallon had dealt with now sat up in bed, some rising uncertainly to their feet. Much of the strength for healing had come from them, rather than the healer, so some weakness must be expected.
  • We walked to a huge tree where Marian opened a door. Inside we went up a flight of stairs before we came to a really well camouflaged tree house. I smiled with relief as I recognized it. This was the main part of Robin Hoods hideout that sat on my desk chair. Finally, I knew something!
  • The hungry crowd started chanting "50! 50!" Pete looked over at his coach who quickly endorsed the crowds wishes. Carmine Pagnozzi sat his big, fat ass on an overmatched chair and folded his arms. Someone was giving it to his team for a change, and he wanted no part of it. A foul was called and Pete walked over to his coach.
  • I sat there slightly bewildered, no longer quite certain about what might be happening in the vicinity.
  • He moved up to the head of the bed and sat down on the stool alongside it. Once again, he couldnt take his eyes from her but this time it wasnt because he feared shed disappear. This time it was because he hadnt been so physically close to her in months, alone, and she looked so wonderfully familiar that he wanted only to bend his head to hers and kiss her.
  • We drove for a mile. Pa said, "Damn," pulled into the gravel parking lot of Gideon's 19-cent Hamburgers, and turned around. For the first time on that trip, we drove the same stretch of road twice. I sat there, unable to say anything, but Pa pointed into a dark field and said, "Dogland."
  • The tennis game with Mindy Kramer was interesting, to say the least. She was a strong player that had a real good idea about the game and where to place her shots. After she kicked my butt we sat on the grass and drank some Gatorade, while talking about life, lechery, and the pursuit of fidelity.
  • Walking into the class, ignoring the other Disciples already in the room, I sat down and rested my cheek on my palm as Alex wandered off to mingle.
  • Noah sat up a little in bed. "Thats not good. You should be starving by now after all that exertion," he said, and he was right. Damn it.
  • He was still euphoric over his stay of execution as he fed the birds with the remains of the stale bread. He was still free, just like them, even if it was only an illusion of safety, a totally artificial environment of his own creation. Later, he sat down at the sitting-room window and watched as the blue tits flocked around the apple tree at the foot of the garden. There was still a thick collar of snow where the big beech hedge shaded out the sun and the powdery snow swirled around on the same bitterly cold wind which spun the hanging bird table with its vindictively icy fingers. The home-made contraption rocked crazily like a spinning top, forcing the dozen or so tits and finches perched on it to cling on for dear life.
  • 'The guilt almost tore me apart too. I came very close to doing something very stupid. But I didn't, and I sat down one night, opened the envelope and read the letter and cried the hardest I have ever cried in all my life.
  • The locomotive hissed and breathed steam and smoke as it sat waiting for the signal to pull out. All the passengers climbed on board while others alighted. One of those who climbed down from the train was Schneider. He hurried towards Meyer and clicked his heels and saluted when he reached him.
  • Detective Sam sat in his office at the police station. An officer, Craig, then walked in and handed him over the post-mortem documents. Sam leafed through them and the officer sat beside him, briefing him in between about the post-mortem report.
  • "No, they hadn't." The couple sat side by side in the train. The wife-stealer sat by the aisle with his hat in his lap. He wore a green plaid suit, and he kept twisting the hat, a derby, with his smooth, clean fingers. He grinned his shy smile while staring happily into the eyes of the woman. She'd glance at him, glance away, then glance back, then glance away again. She was nervous, not afraid that her husband would find her but merely embarrassed to be so obviously the object of the young man's love. She feared he expected too much of her and would be disappointed once they'd lived together. She loved him as much as he loved her, and she could not believe two people could be so perfectly created for each other.
  • There wasn't a great deal of light in the small inn room, just the one candle he had used to find his way upstairs. A small chest of drawers next to the bed yielded five extra candles, each of which he lit, and arrayed around the top of the chest. Satisfied there was enough light, he put a tunic and trunks back on to keep himself warm, then carefully upended the contents of the sack over the bed covers and sat down to sort through it all.
  • We all sat down in the chairs placed for our accommodation, and the wild whistling of the wind in the huge chimney, together with the sheets of snow which darkened the window-panes, enhanced the mystery of the whole affair, while George and his coadjutor worked lustily on.
  • On the plus side, Theo didn't look any better than me. We sat silent until I could draw a deep breath and let it out slowly. Finally, I felt calm enough to say something. I tried for something profound, but came up blank.
  • She sat beside him on the bench. Her rider hat was in her hands. Dalla faced him with a personal, focused stare. "You see them, dont you? The specters?"
  • Pearl continued. ‘As I mentioned I had to clench both fists to merge and demerge. Using a single fist as we know just increases or decreases the age of a living thing. I sat down for a few moments to take it all in. The person I had merged with had gone back to the Marigolds to have another look; he knew that something strange had been going on’.
  • Laurie sat in the dressing room, staring at herself in the mirror. Her set was coming up and she had to change and redo her makeup. She was looking kind of haggard lately. She sure as hell wasn't getting enough sleep. She swigged at her drink and then grabbed a square of gauze to start repairing the smudges. Her regulars were thin on the ground tonight. She had a few new prospects she was mining; let's see if they didn't show up. She winked at herself in the mirror, then made a kissy face to put on her blush. Laurie was the hottest girl in the Scarlet Pimpernel, and there was never a shortage of men to line her pockets.
  • He trailed off, realising that he probably said the same every time he saw them. His smile faded back into seriousness as he sat down, and balancing his silver pen between his thumbs and forefingers, he began his carefully prepared speech.
  • The two girls giggled and said, "No." Like two innocent schoolgirls and one big, bad wolf, the three sat awkwardly for what seemed like minutes. Sam, as usual, froze under the pressure and waited for the girls to make the first move. He eventually made the first move as he got up and went to the bathroom. Thats the problem with beer, once you hit the internal liquid barrier, theres no stopping Budweiser Falls.
  • King Alfrek sat upon his throne, flanked by Dvalinn and Brokk. He looked down at the companions with an expression of sorrow.
  • Bernard nervously did as instructed, but this time as he approached the little girls he frantically scanned the area for any dangers, but all he saw were large well-manicured lawns, tall oak trees lining the street, and pretty brick homes that sat well back from the street. The old growth trees provided the perfect cover for what was to take place.
  • The basement floor was a small, cramped space with a low ceiling. Alex had to bend almost totally over just to continue ahead. Beer cans and broken bottles were strewn about the ground. In the corner was an old couch, covered in spray-painted graffiti. The darkness was cut by sharp beams of light from outside and tiny windows. Alex sat down upon the couch, setting his backpack to the dusty floor. Kate sat beside him, placing her belongings next to his. Her eyes quivered in anger, and she fidgeted with her hands.
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