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Okunuşu: / sat / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


bak. sit.

sat için örnek cümleler:

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  • As to finding a Japanese-English interpreter, the most likely place to try was the Buddhist monastery at Champhai. Within two days, the military located and brought to the base a monk from there. They set up a table and two chairs in front of the shed, quite far from it. When the interned Japanese man saw the monk, he looked startled. Probably he did not expect to see a Buddhist monk in this setting. But the monk quickly spoke to him in Japanese, and he became calm. The monk asked him to sit on the stairs to the shed. The monk and an officer, Capt. Carruthers, sat at the table. The interview began. Everyone had to speak loudly because of the intervening distance.
  • The snowflakes silently settled and melted on the dimly gleaming crystal sat in his upturned palm, as the Magur's voice sounded loud again in Pauls ears.
  • I walked toward the couch and sat right beside him. The popcorn was fresh. I grabbed a few and fed it to him. And he did the same to me. He pressed play on his DVD player and I heard a scream. That was somewhat unexpected.
  • Kea and Dalla sat on one of the rocks together and tossed pebbles at the riverbank. Fais stood by herself and stared at the water flowing past.
  • As she read she glanced at the sleeping Natasha, trying to find in her face an explanation of what she was reading, but did not find it. Her face was calm, gentle, and happy. Clutching her breast to keep herself from choking, Sonya, pale and trembling with fear and agitation, sat down in an armchair and burst into tears.
  • 'Would it surprise you to know that these men were both trustees that sat on the board of a foundation called The Valentine Trust? And that the members of that trust were slowly shrinking? Each one of them being killed off in highly dramatic, violent and unusual ways. A suicide, a tragic explosion, caught up in a shootout. Each one killed in a manner as to not draw the suspicion of a casual investigation, but certainly sending a message to the rest of the trustees.'
  • He sat for a couple of minutes, thumbing through the contacts on his phone and tapping nervous fingers on the armrest of his chair. There was nobody in his list that he could imagine calling at a time like this. His parents, perhaps, but they would only worry. Everyone else he had known before Belinda was sent to prison seemed impossibly distant now, as if they were part of someone elses life. Looking around the room, his eye fell on the half-empty package of ibuprofen and the note from Jean. Call me, it had said. And why not? If there was anyone in the world apart from Liza who would understand how he felt, it was Jean. He created a new contact in his phone, and entered Jeans details. He hesitated for a second, but then he pressed Call, and heard the phone start to ring.
  • She stuck her head out the window and enjoyed the strong, cool breeze flowing through her hair before pulling back inside. Checking the GPS, then noticing their gradually slowing speed, she turned the radio down. "Don't let me distract you." She checked the battery status, then the nearly full fresh water tank. "Jason, I uh, the past is the past. What's done is done." She sat beside him in the cramped little room, barely big enough for two. "I hope you didn't take the last few days personally. It wasn't, you know. Personally," she smiled in her shy little way, "you're the only guy I would leave Hawaii for."
  • "When I finished the Great Wizard sat quiet for a long time. Seconds stretched to minutes. I could feel the sweat of nervousness rising on me. The King and I sat and waited. Finally he broke the silence."
  • The driver, a frail creature with drunken face, sat up in irritated anger. He shot a fierce glance at me, opened his mouth to shot mouthful of obscenities, but the sight of revolver in my hand silenced him. Astonishment, then a fear appeared on his face and his eyes bulged out.
  • The Black Lord's bellow filled Bane's head with pain as a huge wave of darkness loomed over him, and he jerked awake. He sat up, gasping and shivering. This was the first time he had argued with his father, or defied him. Why had he done that? The healer meant nothing to him. He could snap her neck as easily as breaking a twig.
  • Benedict sat awkward in the cramped wooden chair. Chairs were not made for soldiers and soldiers were not made for chairs.
  • "Why is it that when you come in from working outside, you always smell as sweet as new-mown hay, but when your grandfather comes inside he stinks like he had dead fish in his armpits?" she asked. It wasn't true in either case but it still made him laugh. He moved to the other side of the table and sat down facing her.
  • The dragon snorted, folded her wings, and sat back onto her hind legs. She heard a little more than the morelian. "Not a friend of mine," it roared. Her voice was softer then; melodic and strangely familiar. "Hear that Taf? I am sorely hurt." The slitted yellow eyes turned toward the aestri.
  • I unfolded my carefully rehearsed story to them listened to closely by jane who sat nearby.
  • Joff struck the flints together and dropped one. He picked it up and struck them again, muttering under his breath. The spark took and a very small flame sprang up in the leaves around the pile of sticks. All three of them pushed more leaves in and the fire struggled to life. Joff relaxed and sat back, breathing heavily.
  • Lynnette a young dark skinned Ugandan with extravagant curly hair and a sing song way of talking, walked in and pulled up a chair and immediately joined in the conversation. She had a habit of asking questions in her speech just so that she could answer them. "I was late because of what?" she would ask and then immediately answer, "the traffic." When Jonathan found himself talking with her he felt like a kid in school unable to answer her questions before she did. Andy and Robert and three English girls joined the group smoking cigarettes and talking about fags and quids and Andys familiarity with the prostitutes at the Rock Garden. A woman named Sarah asked Andy if he thought she was an easy shag, but Jonathan didnt hear the response. He sat back in his chair and listened to the conversation and looked out over the treetops toward the city to the south.
  • Scholastic aptitude test scholastic aptitude test ( sat ) the sat is a test that is quite challenging.
  • Louie and Lulu sat transfixed by what Pearl was saying. Their minds were racing with the possibilities that this new found ability might offer.
  • Gretchen still had the personality of a postage stamp, but her demeanor was easier to stomach now that I had spent so much time with her. As I sat outside her office waiting for Mom to pick me up, my mind found its way to thoughts of Max again. I hated that I couldnt get him out of my head. I pulled a book out of my book bag, thinking studying might help. It didnt.
  • Yeah, I must have, because I found myself parking in front of the house boat. I sat there for a moment in that silence after the engine goes quiet except for a few pings. My eyes were wide and unfocused. Hypnotized from the drive and lack of sleep.
  • Chog stayed. His hand had frozen in the air, on the way into his opposite sleeve, and one foot was raised. I nodded at Turbot. He went and pulled a long knife out of Chogs sleeve, then pushed him back onto the sofa. Chog was breathing, and his eyes were darting frantically, but otherwise he didnt move at all. Turbot sat down too.
  • Probably why Lovie wasnt as mopey as usual. Petra sat next to him, away from Michael, which Rose always noted. Petra was laughing, feeling content. Rose didnt feel that great, only because of what she needed to exhale, needed to remove. Inhaling anything wouldnt have done her a bit of good.
  • As her mother had once sat with him, so Ramn sat, uncertain of what to do but determined to be still as long as he could and not disturb the troubled child resting so trustingly in his arms.
  • A pile of gnawed bones sat in the pool of grease in the midst of the wrapping paper in which the chicken had been served; very little meat, if any, remained, but for all I knew she liked to devour her food down to the skeleton. Jill stood up and moved away from the remains, folding her arms over her chest. "Very well, yes," she said. "Is it now time to visit Groot, O Great Detective?"
  • Judy sat at the kitchen table, cleaning weed out of a bag for her morning joint. She dusted off her fingers and reached for her coffee, but it'd gone cold while she was seeding. She got up to nuke it, briefly wondering if she shouldn't add a splash of whiskey for the flavor. Nah. Better save it, there's not much left.
  • The car door creaked open. I sat down in the drivers seat and turned the engine on. It purred to life. No banging or sputteringthe car was running smoother today than it probably ever had. I closed my eyes to appreciate my work and tried to avoid the impending conversation with Celeste.
  • It was late Sunday night and Andrew changed into a hawk and flew through the outer air shaft and into the front lobby of the ancient Beach Haven Savings & Loan building. He sat on top of a camera stanchion with the intent of purposely tripping off the silent alarm.
  • He sat on the edge of the bed, his weight making it sag, and I rolled onto my back to counter it. Once again, Llywelyn hooked his arm around my neck but this time he lifted me so I could sip the wine. I looked into the deep red liquid with little bits of bark floating in it, not liking the idea of drinking something so unfamiliar. As before, however, his will was impossible to defy and I didnt feel I had choice.
  • Somehow the thought of "What an ironic name," made it though my pain riddled brain. I sat up gingerly and grasped my hand, applying pressure to try to stop the blood. Somehow, Daydream managed to turn around and came to my side.
  • Sherlock Holmes sat silent for a few minutes with his fingertips still pressed together, his legs stretched out in front of him, and his gaze directed upward to the ceiling. Then he took down from the rack the old and oily clay pipe, which was to him as a counsellor, and, having lit it, he leaned back in his chair, with the thick blue cloud-wreaths spinning up from him, and a look of infinite languor in his face.
  • Receiving no answer, Emla bespoke the Seniors to come to her anyway. Quietly, the four tall slender figures came down the stairs, Iska last. The three males ranged themselves behind Emla while Iska sat on the lower stairs, a hand resting lightly on each Dragon.
  • Looking through the windows, he saw the double doors opened upon a garage. Large toolboxes and workbenches lined the walls. Two flatbed trucks stood in front of a pair of enormous steel doors, which must lead outside. Both of them were closed now. Next to the trucks sat a small metal trailer. It was the kind of thing you could pull behind a car, about ten feet wide and twenty feet long. Except this trailer had an extension welded to the hitch at the front of it. It looked like a pretty hasty job too, judging by the beads. A curving piece of metal rose up in front of it to about the height of an average mans chest. Here a metal pipe had been welded onto it sideways, like a big set of handlebars. It looked like the trailer had been hastily adapted to be pulled by a pair of men, one on each side of the handlebars.
  • I sat up and threw off the covers. I had been lying in bed for well over an hour. Maybe close to two. Too long. I was catching the bed curse. That state where the feeling of the bed itself is keeping you awake. I needed to distract myself in some way. Do something to flush this game out of my head.
  • Somewhere inside her, somewhere where she was wasn't wracked with unnerving cold and lethargy, she sat up alert. As Big Billy walked their way, he lofted the wine bottle in his club-like hands and lobbed it straight towards them.
  • The seating decision was largely based on the quicker service at the counter, but had something to do with spotting Belinda sitting by herself. He sat a few seats away from her and they made eye contact when he swiveling on the stool.
  • She playfully smacked his arm at the comment, and sat there waiting for him to show her the treasure. He held out his hand, palm down, and she held out hers, taking the item. When he moved his hand out of the way, she could see what it was. Her mouth hung open with astonishment.
  • He left before Rose could say anything else, holding his speed down the hallway to just below a run. When he got to his office, he shut the door and sat down, his head in his hands. What the hell was I thinking, he asked himself. Sure, it was a shock to see Bruce right there, and sure I wanted him out of there as soon as possible, but seriously. He gave me six weeks, and Ive given myself one. What an idiot.
  • Scuzzy Fenster sat against a log, consuming lunch with prim good manners: cold cuts for six and a cubic foot of potato salad. He licked his thumb, then wiped it with a napkin.
  • Before he sat the natural science tripos in 1881 he suffered a tragedy when his brother dante died suddenly.
  • I took no notice, no part in what was happening round me, I just sat there clutching Abbys shoe to me. It must have come off in some sort of struggle, it had mud on it. It was all I had left. I sat, pressing that shoe to my chest, rocking back and forth, eyes not seeing, wondering if the World had yet ended.
  • Later that day, Mr. C stopped by the hospital after school. I was still a little dazed from the surgery and was trying to digest my crumbled life. This time when he sat near my bed his words never got near my earsthey seemed to float away like a kite with a broken string.
  • Milo had no choice but to trail his friend through the castle. Upon reaching Isaacs quarters, they found no sign of the Irishman. However, they did find the falcon, perched at the end of Isaacs bed, a hood over its head. Peter grabbed a piece of parchment and sat down to write the most important letter he ever wrote.
  • "No, no, of course not; you dont have to worry about that," he assured her. Then he sat down in his usual spot next to the hearth to enjoy the released energy. Anne was about to do Madeleines hair. Their daughter was already waiting at the big table in front of the window, which had a nice view of the garden. While a meager sunray lit up the mother and daughter, Father watched the entertaining spectacle from his lazy chair. He poured himself a glass of wine. An hour later, the last braid was being braided and Mother gathered all the braids together and bound the whole into a crown.
  • Tiffany sat in her recliner and surveyed the rooftops in her view. She really could see nothing but rooftops. The adjoining apartment complex turned into another, and then another, and then more suburban sprawl, punctuated by an occasional oak or fir tree. The far horizon consisted of a ridge of suburban homes a few miles away.
  • The tunnel widened, I could almost stand again. I walked hunched through the blackness. My right hand led me through the maze. My mind continued to rebel. I fought it back. Stay calm. Breathe. Keep moving. Keep your right hand to the wall. Listen to your senses. Don't invent danger. Keep moving. After hours of walking I needed to rest. I sat leaning against the right wall; my hand still touching it. The urge to sleep became unconquerable.
  • Ryson noted Holli Brances and Lief Woodson in the center of the room. He nodded to both. They sat with three humans. He immediately recognized Matthew, but the other two were strangers.
  • The restaurant was empty except for a boy a little taller than me who sat at the table where we kids had eaten. He looked up from a coverless comic book. Behind the counter, Lurleen Greenleaf nodded at Ma, saying, "Mis' Nix," as she walked over to stand beside the boy.
  • Sian sat up in the saddle as Daron smoothly leapt up from Nesha's bended knee. For such a muscular man he was surprisingly agile, she was impressed.
  • Pence kicked the purple jewel. "Ow! Darnation! Who put that there?" He sat down and nursed his foot in misery. "All my wonderful dreams will never come true," he mourned, "if I cant threaten, maim, and backstab my way to the top." Unhanding his foot, he pointed high to the white stump. "Theres no other way; I need my sword; I must get up there. Ill have to climb your beard. I hope you wont feel less of a man, if thats even possible."
  • Valentin rubbed his hand across his eyes. After a long sea voyage had come a long ride, through Tyresine without even stopping to change his clothes, and then through the wide Jovani plains and across the top of the spinal mountains. Merot sat on Jovans northern border, east of Baetica. It straddled the border between Jovan proper and the Gallican territory. Mostly forest and mountain, the Merot culture shared more with the rough ways of Gallica than the coastal societies of Jovan, Baetica and Skya.
  • Ow! I sat on a pitchfork. Watch it: your elbows in my eye. Stop poking that sword. I cant see; can we light a torch? In this firetrap? etc.
  • They didn't have much to say to each other. They'd been married forever and raised a couple of kids. Now that they were left to themselves, he just wanted to tinker and she just wanted to sit and think. They had all their meals together and sat on the couch watching TV at night, and they even kissed each other before going to sleep. But they hadn't had sex in years, and she snored so loudly that Frank was grateful when she started sleeping in the kids' beds. They loved each other; they accepted each other's annoyances and failings and made the best of it. It wasn't a bad life at all. Each was free to spend their days as they wished, and neither saw any reason to object to what the other one did.
  • Aradia sat in second period Biology, peering through her microscope, trying desperately to determine what it was she was supposed to be doing. Much of this class came easily to her. Yet, although she loved making potions and could do incredible things with her powers, Aradia was a very poor student. Aradia was used to earning Cs, and considered herself lucky to get a B in any class.
  • Evelyn grabbed the leashes from the servants hand. "Give them to me." She ordered. "I will have my uncle deal with you later." Once again she called sharply for the dogs and this time they came to her. Somehow the rabbit had escaped through a hole in the wall of the stable and the dogs hadnt been able to follow. They sat before her, panting, their tongues hanging out of their mouths, their big brown eyes bright, looking exasperatingly adorable.
  • After some days more Alom sat the night watch alone with the tyggen, and he noticed Danodel peering at him with a curious intensity. ‘Why are you staring at me?’ he asked.
  • "Pour me one of those, too," a voice said from her left and then Gabriel Billingsley sat down in the seat next to Maggie at the bar. He placed a $50 bill on the bar, which solicited a chuckle from Maggie.
  • deFöl sat on the edge of the bed, feeling the gesture would make him appear more friendly. "What do you mean that now is a time of peace from life?"
  • Of course she turned invisible, which was probably just as well because a Gdinker was walking by and Alix was standing right in the town fountain, which sat in the middle of the square. She had wished to be down in Gdink but she hadnt told the blue wishing ring where in Gdink. The fountain was nearly dry in the horrible drought, fortunately for her, if not for Gdinkers. Still without truly thinking about all this, she stepped invisibly out of the fountain. A ghostly trail of damp footprints appeared and then instantly dried on the hot cobbles, and a moment later the tavern door opened, then closed by itself. The lone Gdinker departed and the empty square sat in the twilight, releasing the days awful heat.
  • She then walked into the conference room, thanking the heavens that her cute little nose was still intact. She sat in a chair and said, "Did you know that Christen was a black belt in karate?"
  • Pa said, "C'mon." We all got into the station wagon in the same places where we had sat before. Pa nodded to Mis' DeLyon, and we drove away. Mis' DeLyon stood at the edge of the highway and watched us go.
  • With the natural capacity of an Italian for changing the expression of his face at will, he drew nearer to the portrait and assumed a look of pensive tenderness. He felt that what he now said and did would be historical, and it seemed to him that it would now be best for him--whose grandeur enabled his son to play stick and ball with the terrestrial globe--to show, in contrast to that grandeur, the simplest paternal tenderness. His eyes grew dim, he moved forward, glanced round at a chair (which seemed to place itself under him), and sat down on it before the portrait. At a single gesture from him everyone went out on tiptoe, leaving the great man to himself and his emotion.
  • Alex sat with her back to the ogre now, who was busy brushing her hair. The ogre glanced over at me and winked, then gave me the thumbs-up. I hoped it meant the same thing in ogre-ese that it did in English, and not, "As soon as no ones looking, the little girls an appetizer."
  • "Damn it, Belinda, Im your husband!" He was out of his chair now, yelling at her, and he knew he had to get a grip on himself before the guard came over to end the interview. He drew a shaky breath and sat back down. "Im your husband," he repeated, "and if that doesnt mean anything to you, maybe this will. He knows how to get to me, and hell make it easy, but whats he going to do then. Do you really think he cant get to you just as easily? You might get away with it for a while, but not forever."
  • Myranda dropped her packs onto the bed, coughing at the plume of dust it stirred. She sat down on the bed's edge and wrestled the nearly worn-through boots from her feet. With only the use of her left arm, it proved to be quite a task, as cooking had been. She contemplated asking Wolloff to heal her shoulder immediately, but the thought of having to deal with him again bothered her more than the wound, the ever-present pain of which had come to be bearable simply through familiarity. In truth, with any luck, the temperament of Wolloff would lose its edge in the same way.
  • A large, robust looking man of middle age sat in one of the chairs, finishing up his mid-day meal. His hair was red, and sported a beard that would make Clavis envious. It was styled into two plaits, with grey streaks near his chin and secured with metal rings around the length. Despite this, his face looked vaguely familiar to Aiden. He couldn't quite place him, however, though he was certain he'd have remembered that beard if he'd met the man before. The Commander turned to look at the newcomers as they entered, standing up as he did so.
  • Fifteen minutes later they rounded the tip of Skull Island to the north. Sam inched his way towards the reef. The swell had abated in this area but the wind was howling. Sam saw a tiny gap in the reef at the same time Ben did. They both pointed to it. Ben moved back and sat beside Sam. ‘You want to try to take it through?’
  • Everything seemed to move so slowly. For an instant he thought to draw his sword, but his muscles refused to obey him. It was all he could do just to remain standing. After what seemed to be an eternity, he found his gaze on Mirra. Her eyes were wet with tears, but she sat straight and proud. He could not understand this at all.
  • The Hashon Jahar had dismounted, and their steeds lay on the ground or stood with hanging heads. Many Riders wandered about, others stood staring into space, and some sat beside their mounts. Now that the killing frenzy had left them, their faces had reverted to blank black masks with sightless eyes.
  • Zeidan sat back slightly, his look pondering as he set down the lock of hair and picked up the next, its ribbon a vibrant blue.
  • The bus sat for an excruciatingly long twenty minutes in the broiling sun before the driver returned from the club and they finally got under way. They left the airbase by way of a rusty barbwire gate manned by the military police. The road outside was a newly constructed four-lane highway that might have resembled an American expressway had it not been for the traffic of three wheeled Japanese Lambrettas, motorcycles and canvas covered trucks. But the pavement soon ended and the highway narrowed to a single lane, dirt road hardly wide enough for two vehicles to pass. The traffic moved too slow to suit the bus driver so he leaned on the horn, demanding the right of way legally due to all military vehicles. The motorcycles and Lambrettas gave way begrudgingly, often waiting until a collision seemed unavoidable before swerving out of the way at the last possible instant.
  • A mortal sadness had swept through Hawksworth as he stood holding the torch, listening to the Brahmin chant and studying the flow of the river. He thought again of Kamala, of the times he had secretly admired her erotic bearing, the times she had sat patiently explaining how best to draw the long sensuous notes from his new sitar, the times he had held her in his arms. And he thought again of their last evening, when she had danced with the power of a god.
  • But for many minutes there were no words. Snelly had broken off from the glaring contest, his gaze fixed back out on the dark road. The other man had sat back in his seat, staring impassively out a side window at the slums and factories that passed by.
  • It was supposed to be funny, but i just sat there stony faced all the way through.
  • A tall, slender girl with long, straight brown hair, wearing jeans and a baggy grey sweatshirt, sat on the tire swing. "Who's Nixon?" asked Mink. "One of your old hippie buddies?"
  • Sams story focused on substance rather than style for the next hour. We finished eating and then strolled by Battery Parks water view and sat on our favorite bench. The way he made it sound was that Carla had everything he ever wanted in a woman.
  • The aestri sat close to Jorden on the bed as he continued to hold the book, his eye returned to the page, the small lamp swinging slowly above. "There are legends of the time before Hura," she went on, "but there are few who believe all of them. They tell of dark days that are not like the land we know, and I think there was a lot of death and fighting... And there were no ships then. I would not have liked to live in a time when there were no ships," Taf said quietly, "or second forms."
  • Following their hostess's lead, each sat themselves under a large umbrella, with rain pattering on top, running down the sides in rivulets and splashing onto the ground below.
  • Farn lay against the wall as Emla sat down holding Tika close as the Dragonsharmonies flooded through them. Then again silence descended, broken by Khosas chirruping call as she jumped onto Nollis lap.
  • Damien lifted his lashes, his vision clearing whilst he watched flickering shadows on the ceiling. The room had cooled and he sat up with only a whisper of his trousers against the coverlet, swinging his long legs to the side and scrapping his hair back. Standing, he yawned and turned toward the dying fire, going stock still when his eyes landed on the woman curled in the shadows of the window seat, a too thin throw over her legs.
  • "Is that you?" Anne asked, still holding papers in her hands. Silently, he padded towards his wife and sat down with her at the table.
  • "Not really. It's pretty amazing, actually. I was in this soup kitchen, just sat down to eat, when who sits opposite me but Weldon, with his own tray. How's it going? he asks. Fine, fine. How would you like to take a trip? Where? Back to our old stomping grounds, where we used to live in a commune. Why? For old time's sake. I don't have any money. Don't worry about that, I've got plenty enough for the both of us. So I finished my meal and left with him. On the way here we picked you up, hitchhiking. Weldon always did like feminine company."
  • I went straight home, pelting down the road as fast as I could, not even looking where I was going. I let the door slam behind me and took the stairs two at a time up to the attic ladder, then bolted the trap-door shut behind me and sat in the dark, with my knees in my chest.
  • Gordon hobbled off to the back to spend some time in his new office. He sat and looked thru the desk drawers. He looked thru the files. He looked thru the computer hard drive. He looked a good part of the way thru the big bag of coke.
  • The man in the faded butternut jacket approached the bunkhouse. On the sagging veranda sat an older man, the right side of his face just an angry scar.
  • All went well however. Sir Cada thought it was "fwightfully" good to see Louie and Lulu again and didnt even mention how clever his son and daughter were or how many "degwees" they had. In fact all was very pleasant and Sir Cada and Lady Bird went off and sat down at their table again.
  • "Sorry," she said and maneuvered herself farther down the edge of the container. She found an open spot that seemed to be dry and sat down with her head in her hands. She ignored the voices around her. "Who is that?" they asked. "Why are you here?" She was afraid and distraught and did not respond.
  • Todd danced over to the passenger side and waited for Edgar to unlock the door. He sat down in the familiar, worn seat and buckled his safety belt.
  • It was maybe two blocks from the Vatican Museum, six or seven from St. Peters Square. I just sat there with my finger on the map, trying to keep my heart from galloping off without me.
  • By the time they arrived at the inn, no brilliant ideas had appeared in Aiden's mind, aside from personally heading back home to try and protect the village himself. Despite his recent successes in battle, the novice warrior was under no illusions about his prowessfor the most part, he considered himself lucky, not skilled, in the art of war. He continued pondering these weighty issues as he sat at a table in the common room.
  • "Yes, Im parched," her husband said, not wanting to engage in any bickering and he hastily returned to his room with a full bucket. Today he was going to succeed in visiting Hister, the Great German leader who would cause a world war, he was convinced. He sprinkled some water into the bowl and added some oil that had hallucinogenic properties. Then he sat down beside it. After staring at the water surface for a while, he began to relax and when the ethereal vapors slowly but surely began to intoxicate him, he fell into a deep trance. Suddenly, he was attached from behind; someone jumped onto his back. It was too late to defend himself and he fell forwards.
  • I settled into a patch of soggy grass, and I as I sat there, the chill transformed itself into a mild burning, as if I had rubbed Ben-Gay all over my body. I told myself that the rain splatting my face had turned warm although frozen specks continued to sting my cheek.
  • Between the sisters sat fragments of information, regrets, insinuations and truths, too many for either to sort. Neither felt well physically, and what lay in their hearts was even more unstable. Rose and Petra both guessed Michael was sleeping with their cousin for devious reasons, but to accuse him was precarious. More so for Rose, as she would have to admit to Gray she had kept something from him. The only thing, but it wasnt a small matter.
  • Hercules didnt make a single noise, not even a small huffy bark. He sat quietly, patiently, as if he could understand their words.
  • Graham smiled, having had almost the same reaction the first time that he saw it. "Aye. That armor has served as a symbol of peace and morale for generations." He sat to remove his boots, placing them on the bench before he slid one leg into the armor, then the other. He finally stood and drew the armor up until the chain mail fit snuggly over his waist.
  • "Im all right." Eliasha straightened, and sat back on her legs. She wrapped her arms around her stomach, wincing. "Its passed. My punishment."
  • It might seem strange to those who hated him for his evil ways, but healers made no judgements about such things; it was not their place. A healer's mission in life was to help others, no matter who they were. She rummaged through the cupboards, finding a selection of herbs, some of which were used for healing. After several minutes of searching, she found what she wanted, and steeped the dried flowers in boiling water. She made it strong to impress him, added cold water to it, and hurried back to his cabin. Bane watched her from the bunk. As she approached with the cup, he sat up and gestured to the table.
  • On August 15, 1945 on a forested hill outside Nagasaki, a tall man sat inside the temple of Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha Amida Nyorai. He sat cross-legged in the lotus position, with his spine perfectly straight, not showing any signs of his 80 years of age. He was wearing loose white clothes of a Samurai, and his long sword was lying in its scabbard next to him on the floor. There was nobody else anywhere in sight. With his eyes closed, he kept swaying back and forth and chanting hypnotically: "Amida Amida Amida ..."
  • When she began to describe the symptoms her aunt and mother developed, Mother Gwendolin went pale and sat with her hand over her mouth, but she let Catrin finish her description. By the time Catrin finished telling the details she had overheard from her father and Benjin over the years, Mother Gwendolin had tears in her eyes and she looked as if she would be ill. The usually serene woman appeared absolutely stricken, and she let out an awful wail. Catrin watched in confusion as she writhed in anguish.
  • To his credit, if you were in a positive frame of mind, you could note that Max never sat on the sidelines just calling instructions to Jurtan. Jurtan scowled at his own thought as he laced his fingers together behind his back and began his first ten-count of creaking his way over backward. That wasnt a positive at all; all it meant was that Max pushed both of them as hard as he pushed himself. "What do you think youre glaring at?" Max said, finishing his own back-bend, holding it, and then moving his upper body up and over in a slow lithe curl that culminated with his nose touching his thighs and his arms pointing straight ahead of him behind his inverted back.
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