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Okunuşu: / rɪ’təːn tə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: re·turns to/re·turned to/re·turn·ing to



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  • "Actually its not." George sat forward in his chair, "In his special theory of relativity, Einstein mapped out that time does not flow at a fixed rate. For example, think of two twin brothers. On their twentieth birthday, one of the brothers decides he wants to go on a space journey in a superfast rocket that travels at the speed of light. The space traveller stays on his journey for precisely one year, then returns to Earth for his twenty-first birthday. On Earth, however, seven years have elapsed. The twin brother is thirty-seven years old at the time of his arrival. This is due to the fact that time is stretched by factor seven at the speed of light. In the space travelers frame of reference, one year is equivalent to seven years on Earth, even though time appears to have passed normally to both brothers, in their respective temporal references."
  • We left the lounge. Nobody in the library. Nobody by the central companionway or the crew's quarters. I assumed that Captain Nemo was stationed in the pilothouse. Best to wait. The three of us returned to the lounge.
  • Roland was grateful for the wait in Sahil's tent, where the air was cool and clean and smelled of rose petals. Yet his mind kept returning to Perrin. Even now his fever could be getting worse. What if he dies while I am gone? He found it hard to respond to Louis's attempts at conversation.
  • He talked the matter over with his principal friends, who were as reluctant as he was, himself, to abandon the enterprise and return to Cuba, where the governor would appropriate the largest share of the spoils they had taken. They accordingly went about among the soldiery, urging them to persuade the general to establish a permanent colony in the country.
  • When he first read the letter, Dan smiled to himself, not failing to note the interest taken in him by relatives, now he seemed to be proving his ability, who, heretofore, had known little about him and cared less. But that is life, and he had a great deal rather be accepted for what he had done than because of mere ties of blood. Thus thinking, he came to attach greater significance to the letter. He would go on to Boston when the Tampico returned to the United States. In the meantime he was Captain of a Howland boat, and he would obey orders, he smiled grimly, and go to the dinner.
  • That she finally knew, that the tell tale portion of her letter had been found when Bostwick was searched all this availed her nothing now, as she pleaded with Van to understand. He fought his fights, and ran his race, and returned to that line so many times that she feared it would kill him in the end.
  • The commotion in the water was terrible, and horribly suggestive, as the sharks snapped and struggled and fought for their share of the prey; and they thought that surely the pirates must hear, and, hearing, return to see what all the noise was about. Roger was out now, and only Bevan remained in the water. Jake and Roger stretched out their hands, Bevan grasped them with his own, and, with a simultaneous pull, out he came, landing on his knees on the rock. But only just in time; for even as he left the water a huge shark, of at least twenty-five feet in length, came dashing at him with such furious determination that he ran his great snout, with its rows of shining saw-edged teeth, right up on the ledge, so close as actually to graze Bevan's body. The man, however, hastily sprang aside, capsizing Irwin and Roger, and the three fell pell-mell into the hollow in the rocks which had served as their former hiding-place.
  • Much has happened during your absence, Lief Woodson. The magic has grown within us. Though it may be difficult to accept, I know you, and I know you have no reason to lie. Your story corresponds with much of what has already happened here. Those gifted have even been able to cast minor spells. The magic, unfortunately, is not pure. I am not so old that I can't sense the poison within it. It will undo us all. If the magic has returned, then why not Shayed? There is also the matter of the river rogue and the fate of the two unfortunate elves. Now, you return to me with continued proof. As much as I would like, I can not deny the tragedy which faces us.
  • The horoscopes. They all led him to kill the trustees. Even gave him clues as to where they would be and when they could be vulnerable. The past few months clicked, tumblers of the lock dropping into place. His sister had been killed so that he would return to England and do what came naturally. She was bait and he had taken a big old bite. He felt sick. The flush of dread dropped low and heavy within him.
  • Night was coming on, and they felt that it was time to return to "The Galleon." A man was already lighting the smoking oil lamps that hung from the wooden arms of the posts, and from one of the forts a sentinel was calling the hour.
  • Mappel had tried to explain how the algors lived based on his knowledge of elflore. They did not live in small camps like the elves, in towns like the humans, or in underground cities like the dwarves. They lived together, yet apart. Thousands upon thousands lived within the desert and considered themselves part of the greater community, but that community spread itself thinly over the vast desert. They dug dens in high sand dunes, they made homes in hollow cacti, they even found shelter in caves among the desert cliffs. They preferred a life equally split between solitude and group activity. As quickly as they would wander off into desolation, they would return to find kinship with other members of their community.
  • I tried to persuade the strange figure to return to his master--the master lived in comfort in the city of Cuyab. "If you chose to borrow money and sell yourself, it was only right that you should repay your debt." That was the only way I could look at it. But the man would not hear of it. If I did not take him he would kill himself--there, before me, he repeated; that was all.
  • Hurrying out, she almost bumped into Sheera, who stood outside, holding a pail of water. Talsy shot her a smile and took it before returning to Chanter's side. The Mujar filled a cup and poured it onto the wound as he invoked Shissar. The humble shack came alive with soft swirling mist, hissing rain and splashing water mixed with the crash of waves. Chanter laid his hands on the wound, and the seeping redness vanished. The edges drew together and sealed in a pale scar. The man's skin cooled as his fever subsided, and a little colour invaded it.
  • In the spring of 1807 he decided to return to Petersburg. On the way he intended to visit all his estates and see for himself how far his orders had been carried out and in what state were the serfs whom God had entrusted to his care and whom he intended to benefit.
  • Prolonged due to a temporary or acute condition they should return to normal on their own within a short time period.
  • She welcomed the distraction when she heard the door creak open, and glanced up to see who was coming in late. She felt her heart flutter when she saw it was Dax Dayton. He strolled in and handed a note to Ms. Flora, who barely glanced at it before waving him to take a seat. Aradia returned to her work knowing that he would probably sit at the front as he usually did. However, Dax walked right past the first row of seats, and slowly edged up to the empty spot at Aradia's table.
  • So Bruce and Kathlyn planned to return to Allaha, and it was the Khan himself who devised the method. The two young people should stain their skins and don native dress. He would give them two camels outright, only they would be obliged to make the journey without servants.
  • Where the Ithuriel and her consorts were lying the hills between them and the sea completely screened them from the observation of those on board the Lucifer. Arnold and Tremayne had climbed to the top of a hill above their ships, and watched the movements of the Russians through their glasses. As soon as they saw the Lucifer rise into the air they returned to the Ithuriel to form their plans for their share in the conflict that they saw impending.
  • On their return to Daleforn, still energized by his victory, Grahamas' curiosity got the better of himas it often did for children that ageand he trailed off the road towards a large, lone mountain in the distance. Still eager to impress the man who was mentoring him, he was determined to climb it, his imagination insisting that there was something wonderful and magickal at the top. Grahamas would dazzle the Duke even further by finding it.
  • Now that other considerations weighed with him, his thoughts once more returned to this spring; and after spending a few minutes more in earnest deliberation, he decided upon "trekking" westward.
  • The fright had brought her to full wakefulness instantly, with no hope of returning to sleep. She smiled as she wiped a drop of sweat from her brow. How long had it been since she had been too warm? The feeling of sweat trickling down her back was one she'd not felt in weeks--months, even. Of course, once the cold hit her when she left the tent, the novelty would wear thin rather quickly. Carefully, she pulled the flap of the tent aside. A cascade of snow from the previous night's fall assured her that it was at least not dangerously cold, or else the wetness of the snow would have frozen it into a shell of ice. She crawled out of the dilapidated tent, favoring her stricken left hand.
  • If they destroy us here, they will lose thousands of their own men doing it, Louis said. "We are weak, but we are desperate men. There are still perhaps ten thousand of us, and each of us will kill many of them before he falls. On the other hand, I will suggest that if they let us return to Damietta we might reach some final settlement of this war."
  • We worked hard and rapidly, so that, when the sun went down, Jack and I returned to the bower with four stout oars, which required little to be done to them save a slight degree of polishing with the knife. As we drew near we were suddenly arrested by the sound of a voice! We were not a little surprised at this - indeed I may almost say alarmed - for, although Peterkin was undoubtedly fond of talking, we had never, up to this time, found him talking to himself. We listened intently, and still heard the sound of a voice as if in conversation. Jack motioned me to be silent, and, advancing to the bower on tip-toe, we peeped in.
  • Since you all agree, says he, that you never heard of it, and as I am no less astonished than you are, at this novelty I am resolved not to return to my palace till I know how this pond came hither, and why all the fish in it are of four colours. Having spoken thus, he ordered his court to encamp, and immediately his pavilion, and the tents of his household, were planted upon the banks of the pond.
  • They built a fire against the side of a great log twenty or thirty steps within the sombre depths of the forest, and then cooked some bacon in the frying-pan for supper, and used up half of the corn "pone" stock they had brought. It seemed glorious sport to be feasting in that wild, free way in the virgin forest of an unexplored and uninhabited island, far from the haunts of men, and they said they never would return to civilization. The climbing fire lit up their faces and threw its ruddy glare upon the pillared tree-trunks of their forest temple, and upon the varnished foliage and festooning vines.
  • She cast down her eyes. "Perchance, love, it is in my mind to wed thee," she said gently. "Listen," she went on: "Thou growest pale, here, in this prison, and thou dost eat little. Gainsay me not! I know it from the slaves. I have kept thee here, Harmachis, for thy own sake, that is so dear to me; and for thy own sake, and thy honour's sake, thou must still seem to be my prisoner. Else wouldst thou be shamed and slain--ay, murdered secretly. But I can meet thee here no more! therefore to-morrow I shall free thee in all, save in the name, and thou shalt once more be seen at Court as my astronomer. And I will give this reason--that thou hast cleared thyself; and, moreover, that thy auguries as regards the war have been auguries of truth--as, indeed, they have, though for this I have no cause to thank thee, seeing that thou didst suit thy prophecies to fit thy cause. Now, farewell; for I must return to those heavy-browed ambassadors; and grow not so sudden wroth, Harmachis, for who knows what may come to pass betwixt thee and me?"
  • Having detached it from her neck, and replaced the poncho upon her head, he returns to where he had left the others, and holding out the string of teeth, says to Nacena--
  • The King and Leon return to the castle, going to the gardens within its center, where the Queen sits in waiting. She smiles at seeing her husband, or so Leon thinks. She stands and walks directly to him.
  • The surgeon was meantime busy with the wounded men, while five who had been killed were with little ceremony hove overboard. Mrs Podgers and Kitty returned to the cabin. The latter, as before, endeavoured to alleviate the sufferings of the wounded men, and often visited them, attended by Mr Falconer and me, notwithstanding the scoldings she daily got from Mrs Podgers for so doing.
  • Shut up! Dreth, moving with speed, managed to dodge, evade and hack his way back to the rocky ground, where the others were waiting. The scorpions retreated reluctantly as he did so, returning to feed upon their dead and wounded. One of them took the leg, to the renewed complaints of Percy.
  • Thereupon, our minds at rest, we returned to the landing to enjoy the scene. The second ship's boat had beached, and the row was going on, worse than before. In the seething, cursing, shouting mass we caught sight of Yank's tall figure leaning imperturbably on his rifle muzzle. We made our way to him.
  • Royal ascot - 2006 royal ascot returned to its berkshire home in june 2006 and held an extremely successful five day royal meeting.
  • "I used the souls of those who were going to die to make new weapons." Charon hissed. "If we return to their time, I can break them back down and a Paradox will not occur. Tahkshi's Terran Blade is made from the souls of Earth, and you can all have at least one weapon. If you choose."
  • When Amaranthe returned to the Real Estate Library, the clerk had disappeared. She glanced at the hours posted on the desk. Though darkness had descended outside, the building was supposed to be open another two hours. She hoped Sicarius hadn't had some altercation with the man that required...removing him.
  • "It is possible they could treat me as a trainee, but I doubt I would be able to adjust to that. While I believe I can adjust to most situations, I must understand certain limitations. I have spent countless cycles of the seasons as an elf guard relying on what I have learned, trusting my judgment, developing confidence in my decisions, learning to take control when necessary. returning to the level of a trainee would require me to ignore what I have ingrained in my being. It would be as if I asked you to cast nothing but the most basic of spells and never trust yourself to truly tap into your magical powers."
  • Quantile regression functions to examine how the return to schooling varies across the conditional distribution of earnings.
  • Christine avoided looking directly at her. She felt that the woman must see the contempt in her eyes. It was hard to say which she detested more of the two sitting there so serenely cheerful--the faithless wife and mother, or the man who ate another man's salt and betrayed him in his absence. It made her feel sick and soiled to be in such company, to come into contact with such creeping, soft-footed, whispering treachery. She ached to get away from it all and wipe the whole episode from her mind. Yet how could she leave the children, leave Roddy, desert the father's trust? She knew she could not. But very urgently she wrote after lunch to Mr. van Cannan, begging him to return to the farm as soon as his health permitted and release her from her engagement. She expressed it as diplomatically as she was able, making private affairs her reason for the change; but she could not and would not conceal the fervency of her request.
  • He took it for granted that she was a woman travelling for pleasure and likely to be back this way soon. While she gave a little inward sigh, wondering whether she would ever have the money to return to England, or if it would be her fate to live in exile for ever.
  • By the time Raven returned to Wakefield, the full moon was just beginning to rise over the Gatineau hills. During the flight north had he figured out the best strategy of how to approach the faeries with the least amount of potential harm.
  • "My friends, Monsieur le Garde des Sceaux, are all either in Paris or in His Majesty's train, and so not likely to be here before him. There is my intendant, Rodenard, and there are my servants - some twenty of them - who may perhaps be still in Languedoc, and for whom I would entreat you to seek. Them you might succeed in finding within a few days if they have not yet determined to return to Paris in the belief that I am dead."
  • The word was evidently a variant of the Zulu Biete, the form of salutation addressed to a great chief, and, so construing it, Mafuta at once placed his shield and weapons in the wagon and, advancing rapidly, proceeded to address the lad in good Zulu. The stranger, however, although it was evident that he caught the meaning of a word here and there, seemed unable to grasp the sense of Mafuta's communication in its entirety, whereupon the latter made a second attempt, this time using a sort of dialect or corruption of the true Zulu tongue; and was now more successful, quite a long interchange of conversation ensuing, at the termination of which the stranger turned and ran to the before-mentioned eminence, from the summit of which he shouted, in the same high-pitched voice as his predecessor, a communication of very considerable length, while Mafuta returned to the wagon.
  • They wheeled the trolley up the steps into the garden and then out the wooden door into the lane beside the house. It seemed like just the right setting for it, amongst old blue plastic sheets and broken fenceposts and a tree growing out of the wall. They unceremoniously left it and returned to the house.
  • The technician returned to the workstation and pulling up logs. After carefully studying them for three minutes he turned to Max.
  • Yes, agreed Leslie, dryly, "my accident was certainly a blessing in disguise, from that point of view. If I can succeed in getting you safely away from here, and putting you in the way of returning to your friends, I shall at least have accomplished something useful before I die."
  • There was a general nodding and smiling and rattling of wrapped presents. Rising, he led a parade of 99 happy spirits trailed by one evil warlock out of the banquet hall toward the royal nursery. Disturbed by the sounds of 101 chairs scraping back, Queen Athena looked up from her book to see a long line of packages jiggling and bobbing through the air on their way out the banquet hall door. Absurd! Shaking her beautiful head in denial, Queen Athena returned to Galileos discussion of bi-concave lenses.
  • Looking up, he was frozen with astonishment to behold another bark canoe sweeping around the bend above. When motion returned to him, his hand instinctively shot out toward the gun. But there was only one figure. It was a woman it was Nesis!
  • Two days later he returned with a check for one hundred and fifty dollars, and a letter expressing the professor's complete satisfaction at having obtained the fine specimens. When he returned to Oakvale again, Mrs. Kenyon went with him, in his care.
  • Mirra still had much to learn about the world, however, so she set aside her dismay for now, certain that some logical explanation would be forthcoming in the future. Her healing power flowed as she pulled the arrow painlessly from the wound, which closed without a scar. The doe nuzzled her, then trotted away, ears twitching. Mirra returned to her garden, humming. She enjoyed helping humans and animals. It filled her with a warm glow.
  • I awoke in the night and went out into the garden area. After chowing down on a nice juicy rat that unwisely crossed my path I clambered atop a statue of Bast to ponder the mysteries of life. I had become very attached to my young king, had given him years of protection, so why should that stop now? I had seen the devastation that thieves do to the tombs of kings; did I want the same for mine? I thought about his possible meaning of "family". If protecting the king meant that my mother and sisters would have to be placed in the tomb with me, then we would just flee from the palace and return to Grandpaw in the Valley of Kings. Ra was riding his chariot up from the East as I descended from my perch.
  • The nation of 127 million people voted the LDP out of office three years ago, finding it guilty of these sins and countless others. It turned to the Democratic Party of Japan to plot a new course and give two-party politics a try. Now, voters seem ready to return to the familiar.
  • It just so happened that the after-party became a lot more bizarre than the actual drug-laden marriage. Melissa had returned to her loose ways even before the ink dried on the divorce papers. The couple spent month after month in court and the lawyers couldnt have been happier! He accused her of breaking the bond of their marriage by sleeping with other people, and she was making the obvious point that she and her impressionable kids had been living with a methadone addict.
  • "That guy there," Vane continued, "is a kind of barker for the organization. Its his job to soak the rubes by appealing to their consciences. The actual problem is very compelling, yet it takes a real performance to hold a crowd. Its just human nature. Everybodys a rubberneck at a pile-up, but its the rare individual wholl become passionately involved. The barker encourages them to stay. He plays upon their guilt, making it difficult for them to return to the workaday without feeling ashamed. Cash solves the whole problem. The contributor has done something. Now he not only sees himself as that one in a million who cares, but he can go back to chasing profit, pleasure, and status without all those damned skinny black beggars making him feel guilty.
  • Part of the Sacred Trust of the Healing Order was the collection and preservation of Knowledge. All Healers kept journals, recording what they learned throughout their lives. These precious leather-bound books were made in the Bindery, a building attached to the Library. They were issued to Healers and later returned to the Library, where they were kept and read, compared and discussed, analyzed and summarized. Peg sat at a small table, one of several grouped in the open centre of the room. The rest of the space was taken up with shelves, row upon row, from floor to ceiling, filled with generations of Healers' Journals. The room smelled of old paper and leather.
  • So Hans drank some coffee and ate a little hard bread, after which he returned to his duties on deck, having donned a suit of oil clothes.
  • I will speak to his mother,"" the Buriat said, and returning to the women he spoke to them in their own language. At first they appeared shocked and even terrified at the idea, but as he went on, evidently repeating what Alexis had told him, the expression of their faces changed. The Buriat called Alexis across."
  • As Bob and Dick returned to the tilt an hour before daybreak, after watching Ed and Bill disappear down the trail in the still, bitter cold of the starlit morning, Bob remarked:
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I want to apologize for not returning to court yesterday afternoon. My oldest son and his family were in a car accident, and I wanted to be at the hospital with them. It looks like they will all be alright, nothing critical, but I would appreciate the opportunity to go back to the hospital and be with them this afternoon as well. I also think weve heard a lot of testimony that we could use the time to consider. So I am recessing this trial until ten a.m. Monday morning."
  • He had returned to the observatory the next morning after he had met Shirin, and this time he brought his lute. But she did not come. That morning, or the morning after, or the morning after. Finally he swallowed his disappointment and concluded he would not see her again. Then it was he had gone to work cleaning away the moss and accumulated mud from the stone instruments. Parts of some seemed to be missing, and he had searched the hut for these without success. All he had found was a hand-held astrolabe, an instrument used to take the altitude of the sun. But he also found tables, piles of handwritten tables, that seemed to hold the key to the use of the instruments. His hopes had soared. It seemed possible, just possible, that buried somewhere in the hut was the key to the greatest mystery of all timehow to determine longitude at sea.
  • On reaching our watching place I settled myself for the day in my fur rug, and soon dozed off to finish my night's rest, while my men took turns with the glasses. About ten o'clock a black bear was sighted a long way off, but he soon wandered into the thicket which surrounded the marsh on three sides. At twelve o'clock he appeared again, and we now circled well to leeward and waited where two trails met at the edge of the meadow, expecting the bear would work down one of them to us. It was a long tiresome wait, for we were perched upon some tussocks through which the water soon found its way. About five o'clock we returned to our original watching place, where my friend joined me.
  • I confess that I was secretly very glad Mark had made his escape. I hoped that he would return to his father, and keep in hiding till the affair had blown over, and also give up poaching for the future. I wanted as soon as possible to go and see the old sailor, and learn what had become of Mark, but I knew that my father would be expecting me; and accordingly, after leaving the Hall, went directly home. My father complimented me more than I deserved on the way I had conducted the matter. I didn't tell him just then of my having unintentionally assisted Mark and the other poachers to make their escape.
  • Jack was not at all pleased with the idea of returning to camp, and said so repeatedly as they walked along both keeping in the thicket as far as possible, but Ned seemed to take no offense at his remarks.
  • Even Jos, however, could not impress a vessel that had no existence, and the bay was empty. A few boats only lay peacefully resting on the placid waters, but of a ship there was no sign. We stood for an hour staring seaward, as if our will could conjure up a vessel, and then returned to the town. We paid a visit to the governor, but he could not help us. It was unlikely there would be a vessel, he said, until Lord Cochrane returned with the squadron from Callao.
  • We can look at the Falls for an hour, get supper, and still have time in which to return to Buffalo, said Mr. Porter. "When we get there we can get a carriage to drive us around."
  • She laughed again. "If you will." He bowed, then jogged to the table, taking up a plate and filling it with delicacies. She smiled as she watched him, enjoying the sight of his tail bouncing as he moved. He returned to her side quickly and began feeding her grapes one by one. She laughed as she took them between her teeth, feeling ridiculous but pampered at the same time. It was lovely to have the power. He began alternating the grapes with crunchy little honey cockroaches, which she devoured with a relish, especially knowing that they always made Mardalan wince. Then he offered her a goblet, which she took gratefully in her hand and sipped. It was a dry wine, flavored of oak, and she was pleased, taking another sip before she realized something was wrong. Her body went rigid, and she grabbed her throat as she choked--it had to be the wine, her body could not choke on food. The goblet fell, the wine splashing to the ground. "You--" she croaked, pointing an accusing hand at Feloc. "You have poisoned me!"
  • White House and congressional officials told their staffs this week that they may be spending the holidays in Washington, as both sides publicly refused to budge from their positions. Boehner is scheduled to return to his home state of Ohio for the weekend without any indication the two sides have narrowed their differences.
  • Now, Ned went on, "some of the conspirators knew Mrs. Brady's son in Washington. They knew of his many promises to his mother to return to the mountains. They knew of his recent promise to her to come home and bring the boy with him. They were doubtless very intimate with Mike Brady, Senior, for they knew all the little details of the life his mother was living.
  • They all rushed out, when the bear was seen at a short distance sitting on his haunches examining its wounded nose. Andrew hurried to the boat. Happily the bear had not attacked their provisions. The rifle was loaded, his only fear was that the bear would make off before he could get near enough to wound it mortally. The creature was, however, evidently meditating an attack. It advanced, he fired, and it rolled over on the snow. His companions uttered a shout of joy, as they had no longer any fear of suffering for want of food for some time to come. The bear was cut up, and returning to their hut, they were soon employed in cooking steaks over their rekindled fire.
  • Except me, smiled Louise. "I'm happy to claim a closer relationship. But returning to our discussion of Aunt Jane. She was really instrumental in making our fortunes as well as in promoting our happiness, so I have no regret because I made baby her namesake."
  • All this i presumed was for having being returned to italy whilst other ranks were enjoying their de-mob back in dear old england.
  • He looked meaningly at his companion. They moved away from Brick to a ledge of rocks that extended clear to the brook. For several minutes they conversed in low tones. They pointed first to the stream, and then to the rocks on which they stood. The latter, owing to their exposed position, had been blown full of snow. Finally the men returned to Brick.
  • "You never saw the fairies before, my fine fellow, and 'tisn't often those who once set eyes on us return to tell it. Whoever comes nearer, night or day, than this stone," and he tapped it with the end of his cane, "will never see his home again, for we'll keep him till the day of judgment; goodnight, little gossoon--and away with you."
  • Range and Nicky returned to their places under the wagon. Sterlin bid them good night.The sun would be rising in about six hours and Range could feel the dampness in the air. A storm was definitely coming. He knew he would not get much sleep that night, but finally dozed off.
  • "Masqua," he said to the first Indian he chanced to meet at the moment of quitting the last wigwam, "Attick has carried off Waboose. Assemble some of the young men. Choose only the strong, and those whose horses are swift. Go yourself with your son Mozwa--gallop round the camp till you find in which direction they have gone--then return to me at the council tent and wait."
  • The days to follow at Bear Camp were happy ones indeed. The boys went hunting and fishing to their hearts' content, and often took the girls out in the boats or in the canoes. In the meanwhile some of the men folks returned to Crumville, and Phil took his uncle home.
  • During the year 1630 an epidemic known as the "Black Death" raged through the Netherlands, and, as one of the victims to the fell disease, Anna, my wife, was taken from me. I followed her to the grave, and returned to my desolate hearth determined to die also. To this end I shut myself in the room which Anna had lately occupied, where I would permit nothing to be disturbed, nor would allow any to enter. Such food as I required was brought, by my orders, into an adjoining apartment, where I ate, when my appetite craved, in moody silence. Dust gathered. The air in the room became oppressive. I regarded this mournful chamber as my tomb.
  • The twelfth trap yielded another black fox, and another ermine collar, and as the boy removed it from the animal's neck he gave way to an expression of anger. "What in thunder is the meaning of this? Who is out here in the hills tying ermine collars on black foxes--and why? The most valuable skin in the North--and some fool catches them and ties a collar on them, and turns them loose! And how does he catch them? They've never been trapped before! And how does it come there are so many of them and they are so easy to trap?" He gave it up, and returned to the sled, to show the astounded 'Merican Joe the third black fox. But the Indian took no joy in the catch, and all the time they were setting up the tent in the shelter of a thicket at the foot of the high hill, he maintained a brooding silence.
  • Thorpe found himself for the first time filled with the spirit of restlessness. His customary iron evenness of temper was gone, so that he wandered quickly from one detail of his work to another, without seeming to penetrate below the surface-need of any one task. Out of the present his mind was always escaping to a mystic fourth dimension which he did not understand. But a week before, he had felt himself absorbed in the component parts of his enterprise, the totality of which arched far over his head, shutting out the sky. Now he was outside of it. He had, without his volition, abandoned the creator's standpoint of the god at the heart of his work. It seemed as important, as great to him, but somehow it had taken on a strange solidarity, as though he had left it a plastic beginning and returned to find it hardened into the shapes of finality. He acknowledged it admirable,--and wondered how he had ever accomplished it! He confessed that it should be finished as it had begun,--and could not discover in himself the Titan who had watched over its inception.
  • Bonaparte lost no time after hearing that Djezzar had sent forward a force to occupy the fort of El-A'rich in the desert, between Syria and Egypt, and on the 8th of February set out with 12,428 men for the conquest of Syria. Djezzar, who had returned to his pachalik, having early news of the movement, despatched a force, consisting principally of cavalry, to support the garrison of El-A'rich, and they were joined there by Ibrahim Bey with a force of Mamelukes. The march of the French was painful, and they suffered greatly from thirst. However, they defeated the Turk and Mameluke cavalry with heavy loss, and El-A'rich at once surrendered. The garrison were allowed to depart on undertaking not to serve again, and four days later the army entered Palestine, and believed that their fatigues and sufferings were at an end.
  • A range of short optional tours are available upon your return to los angeles.
  • Holli went rigid. She immediately returned to a state of alert which matched her caution when they traveled through the desert. Her eyes swept across the forest, her attention directed at ground level.
  • From this point, comfortably encamped in the cool shadows of a thick clump of spruce, Jolly Roger and Peter watched all that day for a sign of their enemy. As far as the eye could reach no movement of human life appeared on the quiet surface of Wollaston. Not until that hazy hour between sunset and dusk did he build a fire and cook a meal from the supplies in Cassidy's pack, for he knew smoke could be discerned much farther than a canoe. Yet even as he observed this caution he was confident there was no longer any danger in returning to Yellow Bird and her people.
  • I just had a talk with them, remarked Bob, carelessly offering the brakeman a cigar. "Pretty dusty, eh?" After a moment's casual talk Bob returned to the subject.
  • He had recourse to the good old specific of cold water, took a header into the lake and, after a short swim, returned to his post, ate a cold but hearty breakfast, and began again, all the while keeping his eyes open for any white men's boat that might come along. But the hours went by and he saw nothing, and the desire for sleep became as pressingand just now as much to be dreadedas though he had been lost in a snowdrift. He took a second dip and, clambering back into the canoe, began paddling again, though his muscles were now so stiff that he could scarcely move his arms.
  • "Now, gentlemen," said Arnold in French, turning to the two Russian officers who had been spectators of the scene, "that is how we punish traitors. Your own lives are spared because we do not murder prisoners of war. You will, I hope, in due time return to your master, and you will tell him why we have been obliged to retake the air-ship which he surrendered to us by force, and therefore why we destroyed his flagship in the North Sea. If Admiral Prabylov had obeyed his orders, the Lucifer would have been surrendered to us quietly, and there would have been for the present no further trouble.
  • The band returned to the stage and a round of applause rang through the watering hole. The lights dimmed low and the saxophonist assisted a woman onto the stage while the bugler made an announcement that changed Sarges life forever.
  • After paying his round of calls, the doctor returned to The Poplars, some three hours or more from the time of his setting out: and he and the dowager then sat down in sympathy and mutual anxiety together in the parlour, for the first time in their respective lives, to wait for the return of Miss Kingscott from her mission to London.
  • "The following morning Worrell rose early, and passing through the breakfast-room, received a sulky greeting from his housekeeper, and went out to over-look the labors of his men. Feeling a little unwell, he returned to his room, and finding his dog in his bed, flung him into a spare room, and getting into bed, went to sleep. Now, both dog and master had a very unhealthy habit--that of keeping the head covered with bed-clothes; and so it happened that when Mrs. Sims entered the room, she saw, as she supposed, the black ears and head of the hated Carlo.
  • "Worse, I think." Evelyn answered, returning to Jamies side and close to Robert, but not that close that she was in his way. She wanted to see what he had brought for Jamie to drink and how he cared for him. As Jamies wife she knew she would be the one to take care of Jamie during any future bouts of the intermittent fever.
  • The rifle was instantly restored, and then our hunters rode off with the Indians towards their camp. On the way they met hundreds of women and children going to the scene of the great hunt, for it was their special duty to cut up the meat and carry it into camp. The men, considering that they had done quite enough in killing it, returned to smoke and eat away the fatigues of the chase.
  • For a moon and a half, minds had been closed to Rhaki. He had been unable to sneak into any thoughts where Emla laid claim. He let the curtain drop back, shutting out the wild whiteness and returning to his worktable. He gazed unseeing at a map, held unwound by a book on one end and a lump of rock on the other.
  • When you have seen Mameena, Macumazahn, you will say that the choice was very wise. Well, Zikali, Opener of Doors, laughed loudly when he heard it. 'The ox seeks the fat pasture, but the young bull the rough mountainside where the heifers graze,' he said; 'and after all, a bull is better than an ox. Now begin to travel your own road, Son of Matiwane, and from time to time return to the Black Kloof and tell me how it fares with you. I will promise you not to die before I know the end of it.'"
  • Baree now found that Wakayoo had solved the food problem for him, and this day he did not return to the beaver pond, nor the next. The big bear was incessantly fishing up and down the creek, and day after day Baree continued his feasts. It was not difficult for him to find Wakayoo's caches. All he had to do was to follow along the shore of the stream, sniffing carefully. Some of the caches were getting old, and their perfume was anything but pleasant to Baree. These he avoided--but he never missed a meal or two out of a fresh one.
  • Two days passed before the bodies of four Guards were discovered hidden in the Upper Pass. There was no sign of Iska and the continuing snow had obliterated any tracks that could have been followed. Baras had assumed command as the highest officer on his return to the Ladys House with the Guards wounded by the Shardi. Now, as his men reported their discovery of their fellowsbodies, he did not relish an interview with the Lady. Nevertheless, he hurried to the main House and asked urgently for the Lady and the Lords Kemti and Yash. Baras was staring into the flames of the great fire blazing in the chambers hearth as Emla descended the stairs with Kemti beside her. Yash appeared as Emla and Kemti approached Baras. Emla stopped, alerted to bad news by the nervousness emanating from the officer.
  • Mr. Clifford and Meyer rose to return to the waggon in order to superintend the unyoking of the oxen and to give directions as to their herding, and the off-saddling of the horses. Benita rose also, wondering when the food that had been promised would be ready, for she was hungry. Meanwhile, the Molimo was greeting his son Tamas, patting his hand affectionately and talking to him, when suddenly Benita, who watched this domestic scene with interest, heard a commotion behind her. Turning to discover its cause, she perceived three great man clad in full war panoply, shields on their left arms, spears in their right hands, black ostrich plumes rising from the polished rings woven in their hair, black moochas about their middles, and black oxtails tied beneath their knees, who marched through the throng of Makalanga as though they saw them not.
  • She watched her family sail away for a few minutes after they were out of whistle range, then returned to Geret, Sanych and Salvor.
  • The moment was just thata moment. He would have loved to stay inside the moment, but Death was coming for all of them. Peter cleared his throat and said, "You may want to return to your room, love. Itll be the safest place in the castle when the battle starts."
  • "Mais, non. Too many cooks in the kitchen are bad luck. We would eat the beans and Chicken Little would begin to scream that the sky is falling." Camille put a heaping spoonful of butter into a huge iron skillet and thrust it into the oven. She returned to another skillet on the stove, removed the lid and stirred a redolent mix of red beans and rice. "Go outside. Talk. Have a beer. Mathieu keeps some foreign stuff in the fridge in the garage. He thinks I don't know, but oh, we know everything, don't we, Gabe?"
  • They did not talk, and in the fulness of time they returned to the avocation of shovelling coal on steam vessels. But when they sit down to think, neither Antonio nor his friend (whose honoured name I never learned) regard with affection those little islands in the Northern Sea, which produced Captain Owen Kettle and his sometime partner, Mr. Neil Angus McTodd.
  • It was the middle of November--not the wretched month that chills even the recollection of Old England, but the last of the ten months of rain that causes the wonderful vegetation of the fertile soil in Equatorial Africa. The Turks were ready to return to Shooa, and I longed for the change from this brutal country to the still wilder but less bloody tribe of Madi, to the north.
  • 36. The difficult mountain A smoke and consultation The captain's speech An icy turnpike Danger of a false step Arrival on Snake River return to Portneuf Meeting of comrades
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