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Okunuşu: / rɪ’təːn tə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: re·turns to/re·turned to/re·turn·ing to



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  • "I wouldnt go that far," said Tommy, returning to the dining room to grab some more dirty dishes. "They started off pretty hostile, but I think they ended up respecting each other as powers behind the throne. I saw both of them demonstrate that they could pick up the phone practically any time and get through to the chiefs of staff of their respective presidents. They acted pretty bossy on those calls, too. It blew my mind."
  • Then their young chief, by the side of the captive girl, having returned to his place at their head, they forsake that spot of painful experience, and continue their journey so unexpectedly interrupted.
  • The Arabs employed at Makanda were men whom Cµsar knew that he could trust. Each was to have his share of the plunder when the slave camp was broken up and the Portuguese returned to Europe. Until then he knew they would stand by him, faithful to their promise that he could rely upon their courage in case of emergency.
  • For a long time they stood watching--in hopes that they might see the great paper-bird returning to the scene of its nativity. But it never came back; and they became at length convinced, that it never would. Indeed, the direction of the wind--when they paused to consider it-- rendered the thing not only improbable, but impossible. It was blowing from the cliffs, and towards the snowy ridge. No doubt the kite had been carried up the sloping acclivity; and had either passed clear over the mountains, or become lodged in some deep defile, where the wind could no longer reach it. At all events, it was certain, that both kite and cord were lost to them for ever.
  • Falk could not go back to the house of the silver queen, he could not return to the castle of king Edellin where the king now likely lay dead upon his throne room floor, nor would he resign himself to forever wandering the timeless world with no other souls to share it. Besides which it seemed the Sordienoth had grown impatient enough to send out his wolves into the no-time to deal with Falk, no matter where he went they would find him.
  • The division was made. M. Joutel, Father Douay, M. Cavalier, and his nephew, young Cavalier, and three others, De Marle, Tessier and Barthelmy, composed the party which was to return to the French settlements. Thus the band of twenty which had left the bay of St. Louis had dwindled down to seven. They had three horses, thirty hatchets, five dozen knives, thirty pounds of powder, and thirty pounds of bullets. Three Indians volunteered as guides for a portion of the way.
  • Very soon the squadron was dispersed by the storm, and could not be brought together again until it reached Newfoundland. After having landed at Bird Island, in Whitesand harbour, which is in Castle Bay, Cartier penetrated into the Bay of St. Lawrence. He discovered there the Island of Natiscotec which we call Anticosti, and entered a great river called Hochelaga, which leads to Canada. On the banks of this river lies the country called Saguenay, whence comes the red copper, to which the two savages whom he had taken on his first voyage gave the name of caquetdaz. But before entering the St. Lawrence, Cartier wished to explore the whole gulf, to see if no passage existed to the north. He afterwards returned to the Bay of the Seven Islands, went up the river, and soon reached the river Saguenay, which falls into the St. Lawrence on its northern bank. A little further on, after passing by fourteen islands, he entered the Canadian territories, which no traveller before him had ever visited.
  • He made up his mind that, although he was a minor, the signature of Ned Foreman to that paper meant something important. It probably gave some power to Brady over Ned. What this was Frank felt sure that he could soon find out, and he planned upon his return to Bellwood School to go straight to Professor Elliott with the whole story.
  • The ladies have returned to their chamber of amusements with Lord Alexas, and they are at the side table, picking over the unused repast.
  • So soon as he was out of sight, Dick returned to his hiding-place, resolutely fixed to see the matter out. Wisdom, indeed, moved him to be gone; but love and curiosity were stronger.
  • "But that is all one," he says, returning to the present issue. "If Sir John Falstaff have committed disparagements unto you, I am of the church, and will be glad to do my benevolence to make atonements and compremises between you."
  • The party did not return to the Hotel Boileau. Edna now had a much better idea of the Continental menage than she had brought with her from America, and she believed that she had not been living up to the standard that Captain Horn had desired. She wished in every way to conform to his requests, and one of these had been that she should consider the money he had sent her as income, and not as property. It was hard for her to fulfil this injunction, for her mind was as practical as that of Mrs. Cliff, and she could not help considering the future, and the probability of never receiving an addition to the funds she now had on deposit in London and Paris. But her loyalty to the man who had put her into possession of that money was superior to her feelings of prudence and thrift. When he came to Paris, he should find her living as he wanted her to live. It was not necessary to spend all she had, but, whether he came back poor or rich, he should see that she had believed in him and in his success.
  • Rummy thing, said the adjutant, after Cottar had returned to his wilderness with twenty other devils worse than the first. "If Cottar only knew it, half the women in the station would give their eyes - confound 'em! - to have the young un in tow."
  • So Irons went forth into the night and the roaring storm, dark and alone, like an evil spirit into desert places; and Mervyn barred the door after him, and returned to the cedar parlour, and remained there alone and long in profound and not unnatural agitation.
  • Carla's eyes widened as she transformed into a hawk and followed him. They flew around all night until returning to camp before the sun came up.
  • "On returning to the porcupine--which our dogs took care not to meddle with--we found the animal already better than half-dead. The blood was running from its throat, which the marten had torn open. Of course, we put the creature out of pain by killing it outright; and taking the marten along with us for the purpose of skinning it, we returned homeward, leaving the elk-hunt for another day.
  • The night was well spent; dawn would come early. And with the dawn, they had no doubt, the mountain trails would fill with Zoraida's men, questing like hounds. Hence Betty and Jim lost no more time in making their trip down the steep slope to the trickle of water. They drank again, lying side by side at a pool. Then Jim filled Betty's "bucket" and they returned to their place of refuge. Kendric arranged the boughs for Betty and made her lie down. By the time he had carved and fitted a plug into their "water bottle" Betty was asleep.
  • After we returned to the land, I haunted the sea-shore for hours, hoping to see the bodies rise to the surface; but I watched in vain. When at length the full magnitude of the disaster dawned upon me, despair--the utter abandonment of despair--filled my soul for the first time. Never again would my sweet companions cheer my solitary moments. Never again would I see their loved forms, or hear their low, musical voices. Never again would we play together like children on the sand. Never again would we build aerial castles about the bright and happy future that was in store for us, looking back from the bourne of civilisation on our fantastic adventures. Never again should we compare our lot with that of Robinson Crusoe or the Swiss Family Robinson.
  • By this time Mrs. Gummidge was sitting up, and the color was returning to her cheeks. Baptiste set to work with flint and steel to light a fire, and meanwhile Gummidge and I waded through the shallows to the opposite side of the stream. To our surprise, we found Moralle lying unconscious, but breathing. He had two ugly tomahawk wounds on the head and shoulder, but I judged that he had a fighting chance for life. Gardapie had gone to the bottom above the falls, and doubtless Lavigne's body had been sucked into one of the deep holes below, for we could find no trace of it.
  • The ladies returned to their promenade and after several more turns around deck D, they eased themselves into lounge chairs to enjoy the warm glow of the sun. They were served tea of a surprisingly good quality mix.
  • At last came the time when Dave must leave the Morr home and return to Crumville. He was going alone, but he promised to keep in constant communication with the others.
  • Marco Polo had returned to his native land now nearly twenty-five years, when a Franciscan monk traversed the whole of Asia, from the Black Sea to the extreme limits of China, passing by Trebizond, Mount Ararat, Babel, and the island of Java; but he was so credulous of all that was told him, and his narrative is so confused, that but little reliance can be placed upon it. It is the same with the fabulous travels of Jean de Mandeville. Cooley says of them, "They are so utterly untrue, that they have not their parallel in any language."
  • And now, for the first time in many weeks, a bit of the old-time eagerness put speed into Baree's feet. Memories that had been hazy and indistinct through forgetfulness were becoming realities again, and as he would have returned to the Gray Loon had Nepeese been there so now, with something of the feeling of a wanderer going home, he returned to the old beaver pond.
  • Fray Antonio, by this time, had returned to us again--looking rather shamefaced because of the part that he had taken in the fight--and I eagerly showed him this strange weapon that had been so strangely found; for Pablo's account of it was simply that, just as his revolver was emptied upon the Indians charging towards us, when there was no time to reload, his eyes were caught by the glitter of the sword as it stuck in a cleft in a rock; whereupon he most gladly seized it--and instantly used it to good purpose upon the Indian was so close to ending me with his spear, and subsequently contrived with it to send two more Indians to their account.
  • It seemed to Tess like a long time before Brian returned to the kitchen. She didn't look up, but she could feel him there. `What happened to Arthur?'
  • Connecticut levies a 6.35% state sales tax on the retail sale, lease, or rental of most goods. Some items and services in general are not subject to sales and use taxes unless specifically enumerated as taxable by statute. A provision excluding clothing under $50 from sales tax was repealed as of July 1, 2011. There are no additional sales taxes imposed by local jurisdictions. During the summer, there is one week during which sales tax on certain items and quantities of clothing is not imposed in order to assist those with children returning to school.
  • The griffin shook his head. "Appreciated, but we will return to the forest. On behalf of myself and my fellow griffins, I thank all of ye for yer kindness. It will not be forgotten."
  • But the waiter did not at that time obtain an opportunity to reveal his facts to those whom they concerned, for Sam, Robin, Slagg, and Letta did not return to the hotel, but sent a pencil note to Stumps instead, to the effect that they had received an invitation from a telegraph official to pay him a visit at his residence up country; that, as he was to carry them off in his boat to the other side of the bay, they would not have an opportunity of calling to bid him, Stumps, a temporary farewell; that he was to make himself as happy as he could in Bombay during their absence, keep on the rooms at the hotel, and settle the bills, and that all expenses would be paid by them on their return.
  • Thorpe returned to Camp One shortly after dark. He found there Scotty Parsons, who had come up to take charge of the crew engaged in clearing French Creek. The man brought him a number of letters sent on by Collins, among which was one from Wallace Carpenter.
  • Bthencourt was so elated with these happy results, that he arranged to revisit his own country, leaving Courtois as governor during his absence. He set out on the last day of January amid the prayers and blessings of his people, taking with him three native men and one woman, to whom he wished to show something of France. He reached Harfleur in twenty-one days, and two days later was at his own house, where he only intended making a short stay, and then returning to the Canary Islands. He met with a very warm reception from everybody. One of his chief motives in returning to France was the hope of finding people of all classes ready to return with him, on the promise of grants of land in the island. He succeeded in finding a certain number of emigrants, amongst whom were twenty-eight soldiers, of whom twenty-three took their wives. Two vessels were prepared to transport the party, and the 6th of May was the day named for them to set out. On the 9th of May they set sail, and landed on Lancerota just four mouths and a half after Bthencourt had quitted it.
  • She took a deep breath, letting her eyes adjust to the yellow dimness for a minute. If she could just see Anjoya and return to the library, to the room they had offered her for collation and charting, she would be perfectly happy. She squared her shoulders, wrapped her long scarf more tightly around her neck for warmth, and started toward Anjoyas residence.
  • Everything ran as smooth as could be hoped for during the rest of the day. Most of our lunch traffic included individuals on the work clock who by necessity operated on a NASA like schedule. I hoped they returned to their day jobs well fed and knowing a least one place in town realized they were deserving of consideration. The lunch crowd, absent the geezers, required a different set of social skills, along with prompt and courteous service, so they rarely had time for the banter the morning crowd demanded. The lunch time customers came in wearing their game faces that they would not put aside until much later in the day, possibly not until their family chores were complete. Only then would many of them sit down for a few minutes to rest their beleaguered brains and chat with their spouses and children.
  • Prince Amgrad presided at the council-table the day of king Camaralzaman's departure, and heard causes till three or four o'clock in the afternoon. When he returned to the palace from the council-chamber, an eunuch took him aside, and gave him a billet from queen Haiatalnefous, Amgrad took it but read with horror. Traitor! said he to the eunuch, as soon as he had read it through, is this the fidelity thou owest thy master and thy king? At these words he drew his sabre, and cut off his head.
  • "Happy birthday," Anne and the children hooted and came out of the kitchen. "Your present is by the door!" Father, who had just turned fifty, started to get a headache and grumpily walked to the front entrance. But he couldnt see any package and returned to the living room, shrugging his shoulders.
  • With that said, Enin simply walked out of this shapeless place and returned to his study where he would await the entrance of another.
  • Foster, having succeeded better than he expected, thanked him and agreed, and a few days later returned to the Crossing. The Featherstones were coming to stay there for a time, and business demanded his attention. He had long worked hard, but had now an object that spurred him to almost savage activity. He resented the loss of time when Walters was brought to trial and he had to attend the court. The man was sentenced for robbery, and Foster's evidence, although objected to by the defense, sufficed to prove that Fred Hulton had no complicity in the theft.
  • But we find a worthy successor to the Venetian traveller in an Arabian theologian, named Abdallah El Lawati, better known by the name of Ibn Batuta. He did for Egypt, Arabia, Anatolia, Tartary, India, China, Bengal, and Soudan, what Marco Polo had done for Central Asia, and he is worthy to be placed in the foremost rank as a brave traveller and bold explorer. In the year 1324, the 725th year of the Hegira, he resolved to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, and starting from Tangier, his native town, he went first to Alexandria, and thence to Cairo. During his stay in Egypt he turned his attention to the Nile, and especially to the Delta; then he tried to sail up the river, but being stopped by disturbances on the Nubian frontier, he was obliged to return to the mouth of the river, and then set sail for Asia Minor.
  • He returned to Kampala and when he met Father Boniface, the Priest invited him in and offered him a beer which he declined. Initially, he was impressed by the large black man, who showed interest in Horst and his work.
  • It is well. As soon as he arrives inform me. We must be expeditious. And then I also wish to see a notary, that I may be assured that all our property returns to Valentine.
  • Accordingly three or four days later Mrs. Humphreys left Agra for Bombay, and was seen no more in the regiment. Sergeant Humphreys gave up his stripes and returned to the ranks, and for two years remained there. After his wife had left him he gradually gave up the habit into which he had fallen, and at the end of the two years again became a non-commissioned officer. He was never heard to speak of his wife after she left him, nor so far as his comrades knew did he ever receive a letter from her. Soon after he had again got his stripes the regiment returned to England, and a month later Captain Clinton sent in his papers and retired from the service.
  • It was not quite dark when he returned to his window, but the far shore was only an indistinct blur of gloom. The fires were brighter. One of them, built solely because of the rivermen's inherent love of light and cheer, threw the blaze of its flaming logs twenty feet into the air.
  • My vision went from bloody red and homicidal, to a weak haze of pink, but I was still on guard. It took a few seconds before my vision finally returned to somewhere near normal. My sister regained control with Willows assistance. Then, my 'Embers in danger alertlowered back down into the yellow range.
  • I found that I was really looking forward to summer, and had even talked to Wanda about returning to the restaurant. Everything seemed to be back to normal, with the exception of that huge hole in my chest where my heart used to be.
  • She drank her coffee, could hear Dans snores. Maybe she would ask Autumn to keep the kids there, let Dan sleep. Summer picked up her cell that rested near the computer, and in a few minutes it was arranged. They would return around four; by then Dan would have accumulated some rest, enough to last the evening. Summer set the phone back where it belonged, then returned to the birds, circling the feeder, neither allowing the other to perch and sip. Stupid idiots, she thought. Then she smiled.
  • You will have a chance to make good that promise, Sire Roland. On the first of May the Queen holds a singing contest to celebrate the King's return to good health. Every notable troubadour and trouvere in Christendom is to be summoned. You may be sure I shall see you get an invitation. You shall be my champion.
  • I was too tired and sleepy to talk, for I had come down from the hills the previous afternoon to find the equinoxial raging, and as a result the roadhouse full from floor to ridge-pole with the motley crew that had sifted out from the interior. The coastwise craft were hugging the lee of the sandy islet, waiting for the blow to abate; telephone-wires were down, and Bering's waters had piled in from the south until they flooded the endless sloughs and tide flats behind Solomon City, destroyed the ferries, and cut us off both east and west, by land and by sea. It were better, I had thought, to wait on the coast for a day or so, watching for a chance to dodge to Nome, than to return to the mines, so I had lugged my war bag into Anderson's place and made formal demand for shelter.
  • But whatever they had used to place the multitude of explosives was long gone. Ladder or mechanized vehicle, perhaps it had been returned to wherever Sebastien had gotten it. Anna dismissed her idea and went wading for the Dodge, intent on the scuba gear. At the very least she could extend her life, perhaps finding a way to swim out of this place. Threading her way through a current that wanted to rip her away and through floating debris that bobbed and swirled, it felt like it took her forever to cross the chamber. She reached the Dodge truck, watching as its lighter bed bumped into the Peterbilt, ripping away the metal jaws that had been attached to the grill. The front end of the Dodge was weighed down by the engine and sat in place, while its lighter back end pivoted around, pushed by the water.
  • And this explains why he overturned those benches at the temple as well. "Flesh profiteth nothing." Those doves were mere physical flesh and blood. That didnt count for anything. Those old sacrifices were just cruelty without a purpose. Jesus endorsed the spiritual things, not the physical. Gosh, no wonder he got rid those dove sellers. So Jesus went right back to speaking about the Spirit of God. He sure was consistent. He returned to the topic of spirit time and time again.
  • "We passed a most wretched night. Never--never can I hope to describe our awful feelings. We suffered intensely from the cold, being perfectly naked. We were not, however, molested by any of our captors. But horror was to be piled on horror's head, for the next day a party of the blacks returned to the island and brought back the dead bodies of all the murdered sailors. At first we wondered why they went to this trouble; and when, at length, it dawned upon us that a great cannibal feast was in preparation, I think we fainted away.
  • As she had been treated with uncommon humanity by the abbess, she would not consent to leave the convent until he should be ready to set out for Presburg; so that they dined together with that good lady, and passed the afternoon in that mutual communication with which a brother and sister may be supposed to entertain themselves on such an occasion. She gave him a detail of the insults and mortifications she had suffered from the brutality of her father-in-law, and told him, that her confinement in this monastery was owing to Trebasi having intercepted a letter to her from Renaldo, signifying his intention to return to the empire, in order to assert his own right, and redress his grievances. Then turning the discourse upon the incidents of his peregrinations, she in a particular manner inquired about that exquisite beauty who had been the innocent source of all his distresses, and upon whose perfections he had often, in his letters to his sister, expatiated with indications of rapture and delight.
  • The doctor chuckled and returned to his patients, whereupon Hippy nodded to the mountaineer, and the latter led the way to the rear of the barn where they found Emma sunning herself and "con centrating" on something. Hippy waved her away and turned to Thompson.
  • The next day, March 26, I returned to my miner's trade, working to remove the fifth meter. The Ice Bank's side walls and underbelly had visibly thickened. Obviously they would come together before the Nautilus could break free. For an instant I was gripped by despair. My pick nearly slipped from my hands. What was the point of this digging if I was to die smothered and crushed by this water turning to stone, a torture undreamed of by even the wildest savages! I felt like I was lying in the jaws of a fearsome monster, jaws irresistibly closing.
  • With the backpack slung over his shoulder, Rordan returned to the boat. He passed the forest campsite and didnt see Noss or Kea. Dalla sat upright and awake on her bedroll, with a warmer wrapped around her. Fais and Ivixa were already dressed and packing their things. Eogan slowly pulled on his shoes, a dazed stare on his face.
  • You see, due to your somewhat unethical decisions to return to Fenrir, some councils believe you knew that there was alien life here. They believed you simply wanted to steal the emeralds despite the finding. A good deal of rebellion in a society will create that kind of cynicism. A review of your logs, however, indicated you never found the aliens despite your landing. This, of course, created a debate as to what happened. But we have our answer and there is no need for us to worry about your motives any longer.
  • It is needless to add that Joe spent the remainder of his vigil that night in an extremely wakeful condition, and that he gave a most graphic account of his adventure with the ghosts on his return to the station!
  • "Lord Seve, I believe it would be useful to at least request that the remaining mages return to determine if these deaths are truly the result of wandering Furies," the squire continued. "And if the worst case is true, and the Furies are not just wandering but mobilized, we need the army and support from the mage community. We can not stand alone."
  • Since their return to England they had been frequently separated by the doctor's distant expeditions; but, on his return, the latter never failed to go, not to ASK for hospitality, but to bestow some weeks of his presence at the home of his crony Dick.
  • One fine morning, several months after their marriage, Isabelle said to de Sigognac, as if a sudden thought had struck her: "My dear lord, do you never think of your poor, deserted, old chateau? and have you no desire to return to the birthplace of our love?"
  • They returned to Kiev with over one hundred thousand Russians flying independently since formation flying takes lots of practice. They learned that a large enemy unit was slowly flying up from the south. Billy didnt want to wait, so he took his twenty-five battalions and bombed them before dawn.
  • With Graham's turn beginning, the board illuminated in random places. The three blocks in front of the Beast and three to its right returned to the milky white color it originally had been, freeing Ristalln's King, but the last move put Grahamas' Queen directly in front of the castle's crimson wall.
  • Boone starts with his family to Kentucky Their return to Clinch river He conducts a party of surveyors to the Falls of Ohio He helps build Boonesborough, and removes his family to the fort His daughter and two of Col. Calloway's daughters taken prisoners by the Indians They pursue the Indians and rescue the captives.
  • I hoped, said Sinan to Masouda, "that they had the ring, and it was for this reason, woman, that I allowed you to lead these knights hither, after you had reported of them and their quest to me from Beirut. It is not well that there should be two holy Signets in the world, and he who went before me, when he lay dying, charged me to recover his if that were possible. Let them go back to their own land and return to me with the ancient ring, and I will help them."
  • She then turned back to the stove and returned to the table with the pan of coffee. She slowly poured the dark liquid out into the three cups, being careful not to disturb the granules that had settled in the bottom. The aroma of the coffee was captivating as it filled the air with goodness.
  • Together, we hefted her through the door and lay her in the center of the courtyard. Quickly, I returned to the horses, and brought them, with the carriage, into the shade of the castle. I looped its reins around one of the courtyards palm trees whose yellowed fronds he began to chew ponderously. Then, I darted back and bolted the door shut.
  • What a cheer went up from those at the rail as the steamship, an Italian craft, lay to and began to lower her boats! The small boats from the hospital ship, the "Grigsby" and the mine-sweepers had already gone forward to meet her. As fast as they could move in to either side gangway these boats discharged their temporary passengers, then quickly returned to the "Gloucester."
  • After luncheon Cappy declared that Matt should return to the office with him, while Florry instructed the waiter to ring for a taxicab for her.
  • In August, New York City announced the nation's first "social impact bond." Goldman Sachs is investing $9.6 million in an effort to keep formerly imprisoned young adults from returning to jail. The city pays -- and Goldman profits -- only if the program is successful. (New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg.com.)
  • The letter ended by enjoining on Douglas to strive with all his forces not to let the hetman go to Prussia, "who if he cannot reach there in the course of a few weeks, will be forced beyond doubt to return to Warsaw."
  • In a little while Ignacio would return, shuffling, smoking a dangling cigarette, his hat cocked against the sun; he would give her full particulars and then return to his bell. . . . She had come to San Juan to make a home here, to become a part of it, to make it a portion of her. To arrive upon a day like this was no pleasant omen; it was too dreadfully like taking a room in a house only to hear the life rattling out of a man beyond a partition. She was suddenly averse to hearing Ignacio's details; there came a quick desire to set her back to the town whose silence on the heels of uproar crushed her. Rising hastily, she hurried down the weed-bordered walk, out at the broken gate, and turned toward the mountains. One glance down the street as she crossed it showed her what she had expected: a knot of men at the door of the Casa Blanca, another small group at a window, evidently taking stock of a broken window-pane.
  • It need not be said that Christopher Burley and myself accepted the factor's invitation with alacrity, though, indeed, the mere sight of the missing man's trunk promised to be but poor game. On the contrary, should the trunk not be found, it would amount to a certainty that Osmund Maiden had returned to claim his property, but I did not look for this contingency, which would throw the law clerk off the trail once more.
  • He slipped into part of his clothing, and, taking the water pitcher, made his way through the hallway to the nearest of the bathrooms. Here he obtained the coldest drink possible, and then, filling the pitcher, started to return to dormitory No. 12.
  • They were Mr Lucas and his acolyte, also returned to New York, and who, having made Mrs Girdwood's acquaintance at Newport, through the medium of Mr Swinton, were also included in the invitation.
  • Yes, assented Jack grimly; "I see. Well, it is useless to worry about that now; the question is: What has become of them all? People do not disappear in that mysterious fashion without a cause. It is certain that they did not remain in Havana, for I saw them off; and if they had gone back to the city they would have returned to the yacht, or communicated with me in some way. And it is equally certain that when they stepped aboard the train that morning, they fully intended to return to the house. Their disappearance, therefore, is involuntary on their part; I am confident of that. Now, what can be the explanation of this most singular occurrence? Can it be that--by the way, Senor Calderon, have you had any visitors to the house during the absence of Don Hermoso and his family?"
  • With a new beryl-based Boscon engine, Rath added a new dimension to each of his scouts. Before he would return to Janus or any other Regency controlled planet, he would head out beyond the outer rim. He found a small planet deep in a cluster of stars beyond the scanners; a place which no one knew existed.
  • Cal had enough with the whole trickery scene for the time-being, and picked up his sister by the hand as they both went in sword-first after Hartwell, who appeared extra attentive and motivated on this night. While Cal was always satisfied with his rugged human features, he had always been partial to his grizzly bear façade. He and his sister would often sit around the house as bears after they came of age, partially because it scared the crap out of their father and primarily because they thought the big creatures were cool. While the sight of Hartwell, with his wings and fangs fully out fighting two bears holding swords would have tested mortal comprehension, it was a welcome return to the very roots of this battle.
  • What in the name of Godson in this? he muttered to himself as he struggled against the slope to return to a standing position.
  • After what appeared to be a short argument, Dylan returned to his side. "My wife would like to speak to you. Privately, if possible. She wont tell me what its about. I tried to convince her it was a bad time but you know how insistent she can be."
  • The doctor left the midshipman's quarters, and as he departed Bob made a gesture suggestive of kicking him before returning to his seat beside his messmate.
  • Having by this information, secured her against the ill effects which might otherwise have followed, I escaped further question from her for the present, by truly telling her I was impatient to return to her brother.
  • Jacques, having had his joke, recovered the nets, and being well experienced in the style of sport, in a short time caught half a dozen fine fish, with which we returned to the camp. I was glad to roll myself up in my blanket, and go to sleep under the shelter of our lean-to; but the rest of the party sat up cooking and eating one of our prizes.
  • Stepping on deck, he gazed about him with almost as much astonishment as he had exhibited when looking through the telescope. Harry stood ready to receive him, and told Sam to say how happy he was to have him come on board. We then showed him some of the articles which we had brought for trading, and gave him to understand that a certain number of them should be his, as soon as the mast was ready. Sam also was told to explain to him that till then he must remain on board, and that, should his countrymen offer any violence to our people, he would be the sufferer. He seemed to understand this perfectly well. The difficulty, however, was to let the natives know why we had carried him off, as we could not allow him to return to tell them so. The only way of accomplishing our object was to bring off one or two more natives, who might convey any message he desired to send. After some persuasion, we induced him to go down to a spare space in the hold, when some food likely to suit his taste was placed before him, and the mate and Dick sat down to eat with him.
  • "Monsieur Smith, if you knew how innocent is his pastime!" she exclaimed, laughing. "He collects and studies moths and butterflies. Is there, if you please, a mania more harmless in the world?... And now I must return to my work, messieurs."
  • At the completion of high-dose chemotherapy, all tumor markers had returned to normal in 6 patients.
  • "Will you have your pride stand in the way of peace? You will have your wives and sons when you return to your land. To be the Queen's consort is the greatest honour amongst Jashimari."
  • My advice, replied Dick Sand, "would be not to leave this shelter till we know our situation. To-morrow, after a night's rest, two of us could go to discover it. They would endeavor, without going too far, to meet some natives, to inform themselves from them, and return to the grotto. It is not possible that, in a radius of ten or twelve miles, we find nobody."
  • Hartwell begged Cal not to say anything, at least not yet, as they returned to the table in a staggered fashion to try to avoid suspicion. But, the problem with trying to keep things on the down-low with a bunch of supernatural beings is that theyre a bunch of supernatural beings.
  • The band suddenly struck up a loud note. People stopped talking and straggled back to their tables. A man in a dark red jacket came out with a microphone in his hand. He welcomed everyone, gave a long rambling speech about what a wonderful occasion it was, and urged everyone to eat and drink plenty. While he had been talking, servants filled long tables with dishes of every kind of food imaginable; perfectly steamed vegetables, hams and roasts of beef, pork and chicken, quail, pates, glace fruits and nuts, cakes, wines. People queued up at the long tables, and returned to tables with plates piled with food.
  • Bert looked curiously at the speaker, and then, the inspection proving satisfactory, inquiringly at his mother. She nodded her assent, so forthwith he ran over to his new friend, and climbed up beside him. He was given the corner next the window, and while his bright eyes took in everything as the train sped on, his tongue wagged no less swiftly as question followed question in quick succession. Mrs. Lloyd, thoroughly at ease now, returned to her book with a grateful sigh of relief, and an hour slipped away, at the end of which Bert's eyes grew heavy with sleep. He no longer was interested in the scenery; and at last, after a gallant struggle, his curly head fell over on the cushion, and he went into a deep sleep, from which he did not waken until at mid-day the train drew up at the station, beyond which they could not go by rail.
  • Despite my three months in this form, Im still unaccustomed to the confines of human flesh. I want nothing more than to cast aside this body, stretch my wings and return to Celestium. But I cant. Not until our task is completed.
  • Will he win the day and return to base to win the love of his wartime sweetheart kitty flanders?
  • Alan met her. She was a quiet, sweet-looking girl-woman. She smiled gravely at Olaf, gave her hand to Alan, and her blue eyes dilated when she heard what had happened aboard the Nome. Alan left the three together and returned to the beach, while between the loading and the lighting of his pipe the Swede told what he had guessed--that this girl whose body would never be washed ashore was the beginning and the end of the world to Alan Holt.
  • Jack did so, but he had business errands also, and he somehow managed to accomplish his commissions so that Mr. Gifford was quite satisfied when he returned to New York.
  • The Angel went away, but returned to say that the Bird Woman was telling a story to those inside and she could not come for a short time.
  • Tommy returned to the dining room and answered for me. "Just off the top of my head, I hear Petie Jansen is at a rehab facility downtown, and no doubt entertaining lady visitors."
  • In spite of Francess sobs and sniffles she still heard the servant calling her name, and having no desire to return to the house, she looked about her for somewhere to hide. She decided to take refuge in one of the estates outhouses, and had just snuck inside when she almost tripped over her beloved bicycle, which was resting up against the wall. Its mere presence was enough to cheer her flagging spirits, and without giving her next course of action much thought, she wheeled her bicycle out of the building, mounted the seat and cycled away as fast as she could. Her surroundings soon became a confused blur, except for the image of the servant girl who was clearly visible on the garden path.
  • All the time Boris was going through the figures of the mazurka, he was worried by the question of what news Balashev had brought and how he could find it out before others. In the figure in which he had to choose two ladies, he whispered to Helene that he meant to choose Countess Potocka who, he thought, had gone out onto the veranda, and glided over the parquet to the door opening into the garden, where, seeing Balashev and the Emperor returning to the veranda, he stood still. They were moving toward the door. Boris, fluttering as if he had not had time to withdraw, respectfully pressed close to the doorpost with bowed head.
  • There was a fair amount left after they had done, and this was carefully tied up ready for taking with them if they were successful that night. After this there was nothing more to be done but to wait till darkness fell, and they sat back watching while the sentry was again changed, when the fresh man visited the wagon, to climb in, look carefully round, and eye them suspiciously before returning to his post.
  • Todd, the guy in the black T-shirt, brings the drink and places it on a white napkin and says, "Here ya'go," then returns to his computer terminals.
  • And this explains why he overturned those benches at the temple as well. "Flesh profiteth nothing." Those doves were mere physical flesh and blood. That didnt count for anything. Those old sacrifices were just cruelty without a purpose. Jesus endorsed the spiritual things, not the physical. Gosh, no wonder he got rid those dove sellers. So Jesus went right back to speaking about the Spirit of God. He sure was consistent. He returned to the topic of spirit time and time again.
  • The approach of spring tempted me out-of-doors, and in the warm villa gardens and the sun-bathed Campagna I could sometimes forget the nightmare that haunted me. This was not often possible unless I was in the company of cheerful companions, and I grew to dread the hour when I was to return to the studio after an excursion into the country among the soothing signs of returning summer. To shut the clanging door of the studio was to place an impenetrable barrier between me and the outside world, and the loneliness of that interior seemed to be only intensified by the presence of my companion, who was apparently as much depressed in spirits as myself.
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