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Okunuşu: / pʌblɪk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: pub·lic
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. halka ait, umuma ait, umumi, genel;
herkese mahsus;
açık, aleni.
i. halk, ahali, umum: seyirciler.

public için örnek cümleler:

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  • In 1888, Franck tried his hand again at another opera, Ghiselle. It was more sketched out than composed and Franck never completed it. In contrast, a massive String Quartet was completed and performed in April 1890, and was well received by public and critics. There had been other recent successes, including his own performances as concert pianist in and around Paris, an enthusiastic reception of a revival of Psych of a couple of years earlier, and performances of works by various of his pupils. In addition, he was still playing Sunday improvisations to usually large congregations at Sainte-Clotilde. He had in mind major works for organ and possibly a cello sonata.
  • I sat on a panel in the graveyard slot on saturday morning, waffling on about public service broadcasting.
  • "Yeah, Ive been trained to think the other way, but now Im beginning to see the other side of this. Jesus wanted his preaching to be understood and accepted. Why am I putting so much attention on an event that put an end to his public teaching? Just like Katie said, the light was going away. The bright light was about to be extinguished. Philip, keep on going, I want see how you handle the rest of this."
  • "What? To bear her in hand"—deceive her—"until they come to take hands, and then, with public accusation, uncovered slander, unmitigated rancour!—
  • Shylock frowns. "What, are there masques? Hear you me, Jessica! Lock up my doors, and when you hear the drum and the vile squealing of the wry-necked fife, clamber not you up to the casements then, nor thrust your head into the public street to gaze on Christian fools with varnished faces, but stop my houses ears!" Launcelot laughs. "I mean my casements! Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter my sober house!
  • Early normal schools in Latin America include several in Mexico, such as the Escuela Normal de Ensenanza Mutua de Oaxaca (1824), the Escuela Normal Mixta de San Luis Potosi (1849), the Normal de Guadalajara (1881), and the Escuela Normal para Profesores de Instruccin Primaria (1887). The Mexican normal school system was nationalized and reorganized by the Secretaria de Educacin Publica (Secretariat of public Education) under Jos Vasconcelos in 1921.
  • Start at the beginning, with an early public call for the closing of a powerful mosque.
  • It is an offense to have an article with a blade or point in a public place without good reason or lawful excuse.
  • Admission of the public the meeting determined that there were no items which necessitated the exclusion of the public.
  • Yet both the government and the news media usually communicate with the public using imperial.
  • "There was so much about Islam and the people who lived it that was left unsaid in the media and in public discussion, and I could do something about it" are the very words which explain the purpose of G. Willow Wilson's The Butterfly Mosque. Wilson's work was a well-written attempt to bridge the gap between the Middle East, mainly Islam, and the United States. She illustrated the truth: the good and bad of both cultures. While she focused on closing the gap between what is seen in the media in the U.S. in regards to men, women, and fundamentalists, she never presented only one side of the matter.
  • The data provide previously undisclosed detail about how much university employees earn and where the money comes from. Unlike other state employees, the best-paid workers in higher education derive some or all of their compensation from non- public revenue such as endorsement deals with product makers, radio and television appearances and speeches for coaches, patient fees for doctors, and donor gifts and endowments targeted for coaches and top administrators.
  • I do not see that ordering a fine achieves anything by way of public protection, nor would issuing a reprimand.
  • Non-executive directors are members of the public who are appointed onto the trust board.
  • Kenya is a role model for the developing world when it comes to cashless payment. Its M-Pesa network, launched in 2007, has agents "on every block," says Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive of Mercy Corps, a nonprofit thats a member of the alliance. Mauricio Cardenas, Colombias minister of finance and public credit, said in an interview that he hopes within the year the national legislature will pass a law allowing nonbanks to take in cash and issue electronic vouchers.
  • And how could it have been carried out while public sacrifices were still customary?
  • By last month, however -- when Eisberg and Calamari made their opaque legal argument about how the arbitrators applied the wrong law -- ADIA and Citigroup had agreed to be circumspect about what to put on the public record. Judge Daniels, with apparent reluctance, agreed to keep the arbitration documents and the original complaint sealed.
  • I briefly interviewed Gore Vidal once. It was a little more than 30 years ago, at the end of a long day of filming in Los Angeles. I was working as writer and segment producer on an arts magazine pilot for public television.
  • Brewery chains, independent public houses, universities, colleges and schools.
  • The waitress came in a few moments later and took dessert orders. She used up two order slips and then departed, leaving Drew with the opening he coveted. Instead of making a grand public gesture in order to gain the favor of the other diner-goers, Drew put his hand on Carla's arm and motioned for her to come closer so he could whisper in her ear.
  • Most of the centers run vibrant public seminar programs and provide fora for staff and research students to present work in progress.
  • Jang is the brother-in-law of Kim Jong-il and was the chief promoter of his son Kim Jong-un when the elder Kim died on December 17 last year. Jang has further increased his prominence in recent weeks with high-level public appearances, at times in unprecedented proximity to the leader of a country where appearance and formality are rigidly controlled.
  • But the reliability of many computer models can be weakened by too many tweets that point to flu-related news reports and other matters not directly linked to a flu case, according to David Broniatowski, a School of Medicine postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Emergency Medicine's Center for Advanced Modeling in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences. "For example," he said, "a recent spike in Twitter flu activity was caused by discussions about basketball legend Kobe Bryant's flu-like symptoms during a recent game. Mr. Bryant's health notwithstanding, such tweets do very little to help public health officials prepare our nation for the next big outbreak."
  • From this map Ms. Green could identify, track, and record the movements of any employee, security officer, or visitor. She noticed the group of blue squares congregated in the main lobby. She checked her watch and then called up the lobby cams. She had almost completely forgotten about those wretched children on their field trip. She looked back at the map. The deep red dots of the security guards and the green dot of the public relations director were clearly visible amid the sea of forty or fifty blue squares. She had assigned one of the S&D commanders to escort the group. She quickly located him at the security station and flashed him a message to report to the main lobby.
  • This public self-destruction was unlike anything ever seen on center court.
  • But the positive message from the government and NATO-led force runs counter to the unease on the streets, where the Afghan security force has gained little public confidence.
  • "That's why we keep them subdued, and forced them to cover themselves with the Modesty Cloth in public until three years ago."
  • Their surprise $16 billion deal last week to acquire Archstone Inc. from Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. ended a plan by the defunct investment bank for an initial public offering of its biggest asset and halted a 13 percent slide in apartment stocks since their July peak. The slump was driven by concern that rising homeownership and new construction would weaken landlordspower to raise rents as a mammoth share sale flooded the market.
  • For too long, many jewels of art in mental health have been denied public showing.
  • Directors supported the ongoing fiscal consolidation. They encouraged the return to a balanced budget under Mexicos fiscal rule in 2013, which will help put the debt ratio on a downward path and restore fiscal buffers. To this end, revenue mobilization efforts are needed to raise the revenue to GDP ratio from its relatively low level, reduce the dependence on oil revenue, and avoid excessive compression of public investment. Fiscal reforms will also be needed to address pressures on the budget from population aging and declining oil revenues as a percent of GDP. Directors welcomed recent legislation to improve the reporting of sub national government accounts, which will be key to reinforcing fiscal discipline.
  • Gun-control and public policy experts point out that background checks are not an exact indicator of gun sales for several reasons.
  • Corrupt politicians and their criminal syndicates have looted as much as $14.5 billion in food intended for public distribution to families in Uttar Pradesh alone. Food Minister K.V. Thomas cut short an interview and asked a Bloomberg reporter to leave when asked about corruption in the nutrition- distribution system.
  • Relationship with public becomes impersonal well trained front office staff will enhance customer experience.
  • Perhaps so, but in July 2010 the Securities and Exchange Commission slapped the PC maker with a $100 million penalty, charging its senior executives with "disclosure and accounting fraud." "Accuracy and completeness are the touchstones of public company disclosure under the federal securities laws," remarked then-SEC enforcement director Robert Khuzami. "Michael Dell and other senior Dell executives fell short of that standard repeatedly over many years, and today they are held accountable." The founder had to cough up $4 million but was not forced to relinquish his CEO role.
  • Democratizeignored public relations and had forgotten that they must always inform and share their progress in a democratizing world.
  • The investigative journalism presented within this report is exquisite and deserves respect from all aspiring journalists and general public alike.
  • Gisvector public gisvector ( float easting, float northing, float attribute ) creates a gis vector point object with given coordinates and attribute.
  • This is where the recent talk about a British exit, the so-called "Brexit," from the EU becomes relevant for Ankara. British Prime Minister David Cameron will finally give his much anticipated major speech outlining London's approach to the European Union sometime this week. He is under severe pressure from his Conservative Party and probably the majority of the British public to call for a referendum about whether his country should stay in the European Union. At a time when Germany and France seem to be moving forward with plans for a stronger fiscal and banking union to complement the monetary union, Britain is growing increasingly skeptical about its future in Europe. The UK had already opted to stay out of the eurozone when the common currency was created and it is also out of many EU-wide policies such as the Schengen area governing visa rules.
  • "They are brought forth by the same magic as any other demon," he said as if Range were some dimwitted schoolchild."They are strange. Each demon produces fear like we would produce sweat on a hot day. The more of them there are, the more fear created, eventually driving people either out of the city, or mad. As they feed they reproduce. So every night there are more and more of them. They cannot enter into private homes, only public places. When the sun comes up the next morning they are gone again. People think their fears are in their head, but since they cannot sleepits more of an infestation than a conjuring"
  • The director of public prosecutions should make an application to restrict publication of potentially prejudicial material as soon as any such risk became apparent.
  • A recent development that added to the ongoing dysfunction of Parliament has made me ponder this matter. I am talking about the news stories of how the 2011 Court of Accounts reports were nullified and how the state apparatus that we finance with our taxes is now unaudited. The first news story came from the Zaman daily on Sept. 17, and the Radikal newspaper has been trying to raise public awareness about this matter for the last two days. But their voices are lost after hitting the wall of deadening silence.
  • If all the drs and nurses had wireless PDA links to the care records, no public board would be needed.
  • Reading an interview with public Procurement Authority (KİK) President Mahmut Gürses with the Akşam daily, I asked myself whether the extent of the lack of inspection over public spending is grave. Gürses said: "Only four out of 100 procurement bids are reviewed by us. The procurement bids of 60 public institutions are exempted from inspection. The number of institutions exempted from inspection by KİK was six in the past."
  • However, if there are among you respected craftsmen and artists and inspired inventors, who, purely for the benefit of Gods servants, serve the general interest and public ease and attainments of social life, which is a valuable worship, these signs and indications of the Quran are surely sufficient for those sensitive people, who of course form a minority, in order to encourage their efforts and appreciate their art.
  • Favourpublic interest test a prosecution will usually take place unless the public interest factors against prosecution clearly outweigh those in favor of prosecution.
  • The widespread use of chemical warfare was a distinguishing feature of the conflict. Gases used included chlorine, mustard gas and phosgene. Few war casualties were caused by gas, as effective countermeasures to gas attacks were quickly created, such as gas masks. The use of chemical warfare and small-scale strategic bombing were both outlawed by the 1907 Hague Conventions, and both proved to be of limited effectiveness, though they captured the public imagination.
  • The missing file was a public document which was listed on an agreed schedule of important ldc records to be preserved.
  • Nearly 70 percent of the land in Arizona is owned by the U.S. government, which leases a portion of the public domain to ranchers or miners.
  • The welsh language act 1967 has given a new impetus to the use of welsh in public affairs.
  • An electric tramway on the public roads within the park started on 14th july 1903.
  • "Probably not. I kind of suck." The truth was that I yearned to take art classes. Unfortunately, most of the public schools I'd been to had really crappy art programs, and there was no way I could afford to take classes anywhere else. I didn't like to talk about my art too much though. In my experience, sharing too much about your dreams and goals with someone was pretty much just giving them fuel to hurt you later. "It's really just for fun anyway."
  • Convalescence period to me. _________________ this is a public service announcement with keyboards.
  • Straw polls of voters suggest that the economy tops the list of public priorities and LDP ally New Komeito is not keen on revising the constitution's pacifist Article 9.
  • It dawned on Mirie rather suddenly that the three were conversing in English and that the third unknown person had an American accent, much like any newscaster on a public network had. The unknown person was not an elf, but a human.
  • IFCI The oldest of the term lending institutions, Industrial Finance Corporation of India was set up by the Government of India in 1948 to provide medium and long-term finance to businesses in the private sector. Over the years, IFCI has diversified its activities to leasing and merchant banking. IFCI is also responsible for establishing among others, the Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited, the Management Development Institute in Gurgaon, and Technical Consultancy Organizations in different states. In late 1993, it floated a public ISSUE of equity shares after its conversion into a company. Earlier, IFCI was forbidden from raising funds through debt or equity.
  • However, other issues are still floundering on the margins of public debate - or worse.
  • "And, to atone your fears with my more-noble meaning: not a man shall surpass his quarter,"—take more than housing, "or offend the stream of regular justice in your citys bounds, but shall be rendered to your public laws at heaviest answer." His troops will not run riot in Athens.
  • "Mom, this is Laurie." Mom looked her up and down and forced a smile. Laurie glared back at her and said nothing. Laurie and Mom took instant dislikes to each other. Mom thought evil of anyone who would go out in public dressed like that. Laurie hated Mom because of what she did to Gordon as a child.
  • Numerous articles and commentaries from inside and outside of academia are raising the alarm that American public higher education faces an unprecedented financial crisis.
  • Time Off In Lieu. Very neat acronym/backronym used in flexible working, where overtime (working for more than one's normally contracted hours) counts towards hours or days off in the future. TOIL specifically refers to the additional time off work accrued in this way. The expression is well-established in the UK public sector, and no doubt in other situations which offer flexible working ('flexi-time') employment contracts. TOIL is a less familiar concept to workers in certain environments/roles having more elastic hourly/pay working conditions (such as for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, much of commerce, and senior mangement) within which extra hours are generally regarded as an unrecoverable job norm, rather than a tradable working-hours concession. See in lieu meaning/origin. (Thanks LA)
  • Providing a service which the public recognizes as excellent brings its own rewards.
  • Counterproductive waste of public money in decades to come, and i invite you all to support the motion.
  • Teach workshops provide hands-on training in the use of public databases and web-based sequence analysis tools, and are taught by experienced instructors.
  • His main Republican sparring partner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, then declared in a series of public appearances that the two sides are "nowhere."
  • We will also decide why and when the public interest overrides the presumption of confidentiality.
  • At class (philosophy class) I sat down, late, yawned, then listened. Hegel followed Schelling, followed Fichte, followed Kant. Feuerbach listened to Schellings criticism of Hegels philosophy. Engels, Bakunin, and Kierkegaard all attended the same lectures in Berlin, Schellings public lectures. I listened sometimes attentively. Sometimes my mind wandered. I yawned. We talked about self-consciousness and the infinite regress of trying to immediatelyknowyourself. I went home.
  • "You were coming up positive on normal pregnancy tests because of the odd cocktail of drugs that fellow shot you up with in St. Louis," she said. That meant that she had popped positive on Noahs hospital test as well, and he just hadnt mentioned it to her while they were in transit. And although there were several possible ways that Jenner could have gotten information about her experiences with Dominic, including Noah and just the normal public news sources, it still struck her as suspicious. She didnt like that the woman seemed to know way too much about her already. Although, since she had been rooting around inside her body with a scalpel, perhaps it was good that she was overly informed about Omaris physiology.
  • To conservatives, she was once the Lady Macbeth of liberalism; the feminist power behind Bill Clinton's throne whose every utterance seemed calculated to upset the right. Her book "It Takes a Village" was greeted like a manifesto of anti-American collectivism -- so much so that Rick Santorum felt compelled to pen a response called "It Takes a Family." But secretaries of state often find themselves elevated from partisan politics in to the heavenly realm of "national interest" (think Henry Kissinger or Colin Powell), and therein Clinton has redefined herself as a competent and admirable public servant.
  • Adequate professional indemnity and public liability insurance is considered obligatory.
  • Since: 1.3 remove public void remove ( int i ) removes one of the children at the given position.
  • Q: are you disappointed that the public reaction to four feathers has been so tepid?
  • Also encompassed were a number of Roosing Oolvayas original cemeteries. With the periodic floods, putting graves above the water level had looked like a good idea. As far as public health went, the plan had worked out fine; flood waters left the bodies alone. On the other hand, floods werent the only things that were interested in them.
  • The backup system allows an operator to remotely control a vhf or other band transceiver over the public switched telephone network ( pstn ).
  • Accretion of unaccountable power in the private and public sector alike.
  • Imprudent policy of increasing public spending by faster than the nation can afford.
  • And this manpower is something public opinion may not automatically feel at ease with. The Wall Street Journal Europe reported on Nov. 26 that according to a German survey 59 percent would oppose German Patriots being sent to Turkey. It is fair to say that the human factor -- the above-mentioned sending of German military personnel to another country -- is a key reason for coming to such a decision.
  • Like alan turing, mitchell did not receive the public acclamation that historians and experts believe he deserved.
  • Article 9, paragraph 4 of the public order order indicates that intent has to be proved.
  • Not surprisingly, the wealthy people who have benefitted from the policies that have redistributed income upward, for example NAFTA-type trade deals, Wall Street bailouts, and anti-union labor policies, don't want the public talking about them. This is why we have the Erksine Bowles and Alan Simpson speaking tour.y
  • He pushed his way through a hedge and found himself in the middle of a beautiful public park. He gasped in surprise and happiness. How wonderful! A beautiful girl on a cheap bicycle pedaled by him and he nearly fell over in surprise. Wichita, he thought, you are a spectacular town.
  • In a statement on Monday, the Treasury said it launched an underwritten public offering for AIG's remaining 234.2 million shares of common stock.
  • Whilst the public welfare offenses are thought of not as evil or immoral but as criminal and punishable because they are prohibited by statute.
  • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Florida in 2010 was $748 billion. Its GDP is the fourth largest economy in the United States. In 2010, it became the fourth largest exporter of trade goods. The major contributors to the state's gross output in 2007 were general services, financial services, trade, transportation and public utilities, manufacturing and construction respectively. In 201011, the state budget was $70.5 billion, having reached a high of $73.8 billion in 200607. Chief Executive Magazine name Florida the third "Best State for Business" in 2011.
  • "You've just announced," Rawlings continued, "that next year there would be a national search for provost and that the search for the public Policy Institute director would be reopened. Are those going to cost $75,000 apiece too?"
  • ICICI An acronym for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited, which is a private sector term lending institution set up in 1955. Its sponsors include foreign institutions, notably the World Bank. Besides granting term loans, particularly foreign currency loans, it assists businesses by DISCOUNTING bills, providing LEASE finance, managing public ISSUES and providing VENTURE CAPITAL. The corporation has also been instrumental in setting up other important institutions such as Credit Rating and Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) for credit rating. Technology Development and Information Company of India (TDICI) for the promotion of indigenous technology and SCICI for financing the shipping industry. In its drive towards becoming a global financial supermarket, ICICI's new thrust areas are banking, financial advisory services and MUTUAL FUNDS.
  • Hope their general public at least get a whiff of what their boys achieved.
  • I looked at Craig, who was usually in listen-only mode, and then said to Sam, "Your public awaits, your tardy-ness."
  • Khairat al-Shater, the group's original candidate, has largely stayed out of the public eye since Mursi took office.
  • A hum of conversation rose; that had hit them, all right, as had been intended. Zhardann had thought I should attest, too. With my (or Gashs) reputation for subterfuge, though, who would believe me? I couldnt very well swear by the gods, now, could I? To my surprise, Jill had jumped in to make those points even before I could get my own mouth open. After kicking it back and forth for a bit, Zhardann had reluctantly acknowledged the problem and backed down. Of course, I could have confounded them all and got up to make a public statement anyway, but I was trying to keep a tighter grip on myself than Id managed of late. The middle of a ballroom full of gods was not where I wanted to blow my luck with an obvious flub.
  • "Im talking about losing him emotionally. Hes finally admitted to being depressed ever since we got back from Cuba, but the public sure wouldnt guess it. He dismisses the idea that it could be post-traumatic stress syndrome and wont consider seeing a therapist." She picked up a tissue from the nightstand beside her bed and dabbed her eyes, but she did not give way to tears.
  • According to him, he felt more comfortable urinating in public places, but avoided entering restrooms if others were there.
  • Pete's young life had changed forever. The introverted boy was making a public transformation into an outgoing man. The kid who let his game do the talking was expressing himself verbally on the court and having meaningful talks off it, too. Later that afternoon, Pete was up in his room pretending to study when the phone rang. His nosey sister picked it up and said, "Mom, hang up! Pete, it's Coach Melnick on the phone!" Pete walked into his parents room and picked up the phone.
  • Chided eurozone governments for not working hard enough to reduce public deficits.
  • Lord Lucius and three older gentlementwo who prosper by handling othersgoods on land, and a ships captain from Sicilystroll through a public square near the Senate after enjoying a heavy lunch together this afternoon.
  • While at Cortland, she majored in health education and minored in sports management. SUNY Cortland was a veritable sports factory and many players went on to be major players in the sports world after graduation. Sarah worked for the Albany Yankees and then wall called up to the big club in the Bronx during her four years after Cortland. But working in the clubs public relations department was a far stretch from what she really envisioned for her career.
  • Many Democrats criticized Obama for agreeing to an extension of President George W. Bushs tax cuts in December 2010 and for focusing on private negotiations with Boehner on raising the debt limit in 2011 rather than mounting a public appeal.
  • The supply of small bangers and mini-rockets are banned and all fireworks unsuitable for use by the general public should carry a warning.
  • Due to the increasing interest, potential and learning value (social, language, public image, staff attitudes, etc) contained in the creation and use of amusing corporation 'backronyms' (or 'corporanyms' to coin a daft new portmanteau word), this section for the corporation backronym genre has been added. New contributions and suggestions gratefully received. These meanings are not true statements of fact. They are a bit of fun and no offence is intended. But if the cap fits any particular CEO's out there... Please note that Airlines and Automotive acronyms ('backronyms' are listed separately).
  • While many economists -- and certainly all politicians -- worry that turning off the spigot of public spending will shrink an economy , the opposite is likely to be true.
  • "Thank you." Changing course, Cassius made his way to the public part of the palace. He walked quickly, half out of eagerness, and half because he was bringing the entire family into disrepute by wearing his old training rags in the public rooms.
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