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Okunuşu: / pʌblɪk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: pub·lic
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. halka ait, umuma ait, umumi, genel;
herkese mahsus;
açık, aleni.
i. halk, ahali, umum: seyirciler.

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  • "There may not be sufficient management of expectations," said Lynn Quincy, a health-policy analyst at Consumers Union, a Yonkers, New York-based advocacy group. Lawmakers should have been telling the public the law promises "lower-cost" -- not "affordable" -- coverage, she said. "Everybody interpretsaffordabledifferently -- its in the eye of the beholder."
  • Before knocking, he stops to look over to the balcony. As David did a few minutes before, he easily spots the speed freaks in the swarming scene below. That explains the underwear, he thinks to himself. Speed freaks are lamentably casual about the when, where, and whether of sex, especially in public places. However, maybe in a little while, because of what he's doing, there won't be as much of the stuff to go around. Some of those below may actually go straight. So, it's been worth it, even the train wreck. Now, maybe, things will go smoothly and he can hide out for a few weeks and put together his report.
  • Austria remained largely influenced by Catholicism. After 1918, First Republic Catholic leaders such as Theodor Innitzer and Ignaz Seipel took leading positions within or close to Austria's government and increased their influence during the time of the Austrofascism; Catholicism was treated much like a state religion by Engelbert Dollfuss and Kurt Schuschnigg. Although Catholic (and Protestant) leaders initially welcomed the Germans in 1938 during the Anschluss of Austria into Germany, Austrian Catholicism stopped its supportof Nazism later on and many former religious public figures became involved with the resistance during the Third Reich. After the end of World War II in 1945, a stricter secularism was imposed in Austria, and religious influence on politics declined.
  • Arkansas is home to many caves, such as Blanchard Springs Caverns. More than 43,000 Native American living, hunting and tool making sites, many of them Pre-Columbian burial mounds and rock shelters, have been catalogued by the State Archeologist. Arkansas is currently the only U.S. state in which diamonds are minedalthough by members of the public with primitive digging tools for a small daily fee, not by commercial interests. (near Murfreesboro).
  • The incident has the potential to be evaluated within the scope of the case files concerning the massacre of Christian missionaries at the Zirve Publishing House in Malatya or the murder of a priest, Father Andrea Santoro, in Trabzon. Attacks against Christian missionaries and non-Muslim clerics are not simple incidents. These attacks are plotted to advertise the simple piety of ordinary people as nurturing criminal tendencies. This advertisement targets whom? Western public opinion. The intention to defame the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which has been democratically elected to office, by turning this simple piety into a conservative political identity and portray it (the AK Party) as a violent and aggressive organization similar to al-Qaeda, eventually to overthrow it by securing Western support. Thus, the coup perpetrators who wouldn't allow such radicalism will necessarily assume control of the political power with popular support.
  • Following the first highly provocative imports of american gm soya, there had been little time for public debate.
  • As you may recall, in consideration of the harm associated with the corruption in public procurement bids during the time surrounding the Feb. 28, 1997 coup, a law was passed to introduce the inspection of public institutions by KİK, though six institutions were exempted from this. The law was made at a time when Kemal Derviş was administering the economy in early 2002. KİK President Gürses said: "The procurements in connection with the FATİH project, the Marmaray procurement bid, the bids on historical palaces, railways, the third [Bosporus] bridge and high-speed train lines, [Turkish Pipeline Corporation] BOTAŞ procurements, [the National Intelligence Organization] MİT and [the Finance Ministry's Financial Crimes Investigation Board] MASAK tenders, as well as procurements for sports federations, were exempted from KİK inspections."
  • Europe is not the only region to look more closely at the impact of fragrance. Earlier this year Republican lawmaker Michele Peckham from New Hampshire proposed a bill in the state House to ban state employees who have contact with members of the public from wearing strong fragrances.
  • The Emperor-designate looked at her, and past her, at whomever was coming up the grand stair from the elevator behind her. Leen edged off to the side before casting a glance back over her shoulder. She noted two men, one with a neat, perhaps affected mustache, a dashing earring and a plumed hat, and a certain regal air perhaps shading toward godliness; she had seen him before, several hours ago in fact, also in the company of the Emperor-designate atop the reviewing stand for the Running of the Squids, before they had all been blown half to hell and gone. For all his festive garb, the fellow looked substantially the worse for wear, especially considering his limp and apparently immobilized arm - but then the same could be said for many of the others in this august company, who had been unfortunate enough to attend the Running in the sparkling company of the Emperor-designate and had now been unwise enough to choose another public ceremony so soon afterwards with the same group.
  • The most useful changes, though, have to begin at home, wherever that happens to be. Over the medium term, deficit countries need to curb public borrowing and labor costs, and surplus countries need to boost domestic demand. Theres a self- interested case to be made for such reforms. If deficit countries balance their budgets, they become less vulnerable to financial malaise. Lower labor costs raise employment as well as export competitiveness. Boosting domestic demand -- in Chinas case, by developing a more generous social safety net -- can directly raise living standards.
  • She gives the impression that she is a caring, loving, compassionate and rational wife and mother. She implores the public to do something to save her husband and his fellow culprits from any judicial consequences. Listening to her and other such defenders of miscreants, it is impossible not to ask, "Where have you all been all these years?"
  • See also: constant field values method detail sin public static double sin ( double a ) returns the trigonometric sine of an angle.
  • Wow, he sounded like even more of a jerk than I'd expected. Talk about controlling. "It's ok Rachel. I'm sorry I overreacted at finding out my attacks were public knowledge. It was mostly meant for Britney."
  • At last, in a cold, controlled voice, Amalric said, "I will submit, perforce. You do me a great wrong, sire, and not me alone. You undermine the very foundations of this realm. In exposing me to public scorn, you tell the men of rank that they cannot rely on you. In the end, it will not be I who am shamed by this day." Amalric turned and strode out of Roland's sight.
  • Providing a service which the public recognizes as excellent brings its own rewards.
  • 1. Performance Royalties Under Blanket Licenses. Licensor reserves the exclusive right to collect, whether individually or via a performance rights society (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), royalties for the public performance or public digital performance (e.g. webcast) of the Work if that performance is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.
  • He wondered how they were supposed to even enter such a fortress. Castles were designed in such a way for a reason, to keep unwanted guests out, and it would hardly be easy for an unknown outsider and his lion to gain entry. That was if they could even find a way down from the outer wall, although as the wall was connected to the public access-way of the planer wall, there had to be a simple method.
  • The bbc has a public duty to be independent. there was no need for greg dike to resign nor for the unreserved apology.
  • In addition to questions of strength and performance, there also have been suggestions that the American public would not tolerate large numbers of women being killed in war.
  • Coptic Christians are minimally represented in law enforcement, state security and public office, and are being discriminated against in the workforce on the basis of their religion. The Coptic community, as well as several human rights activists and intellectuals, maintain that the number of Christians occupying government posts is not proportional to the number of Copts in Egypt. They are also the victims of discriminatory religious laws, anti-Christian judges, and anti-Christian state police. Anti-Christian laws include laws governing repairing old churches or constructing new ones, which are usually impossible tasks, requiring presidential permission to build a new church, and a governors permission to renovate even the bathroom in an already-built church. Anti-Christian judges tend to "legislate from the bench". An example includes an Egyptian court's refusal to grant Muslim Egyptians who convert to Christianity identity cards that display their new religion.
  • "It would be," Morion interjects, "if you spent nearly as much time helping those in need as he did. A refuge away from people might be a necessity I would think. Although a public figure, even he would need some solitude."
  • A free public lecture by one of the worlds leading astronomers proved to be a huge success last night.
  • One older man sells poultry and fresh eggs to the stewards of wealthy families, and stale goods, when he has them, to the poor. He could accept the will of the Senate, if Coriolanus would simply ask for public approval. "If only he do require our voices, we ought not to deny him."
  • Morose man, but he has, on the whole, an excellent record in the public service.
  • Or will teams of public opinion pollsters tramp across the country to get a take on whether the nation actually feels reconciled?
  • Permeate public consciousness forcing people into unemployment exile based on his comments alone.
  • However, if there are among you respected craftsmen and artists and inspired inventors, who, purely for the benefit of Gods servants, serve the general interest and public ease and attainments of social life, which is a valuable worship, these signs and indications of the Quran are surely sufficient for those sensitive people, who of course form a minority, in order to encourage their efforts and appreciate their art.
  • Everybody laughed, including Maureen. They all thought he was rolling in it. Little did they know. Nick drained his glass and poured some more drinks. Working for the public sector was a doddle compared to working for yourself. They had no idea. Jobs for life. No worries about getting paid. No fighting for business. Plenty of holidays. A big fat pension at the end of it all guaranteed by the government. Fuck them, he thought to himself, fuck them all.
  • Undertakings in lieu the test in the fta relates to the effect of the merger on the public interest.
  • He believes that the changes being made within the public school system are merely cosmetic.
  • Celebrity spotlight - daryl hannah has been arrested during a protest to save a public garden in los angeles.
  • Subjects covered include anesthesia, dentistry, health sciences, healthcare, life sciences, medicine, nursing, psychiatry and public health.
  • The final results of the election show that the Israeli public is looking for strong and new voices in the center left. Only the fact that the Labor Party won 15 seats, despite its leadership change and identity crisis, suggests that the Israeli public is ready to support comprehensive peace plans. This, of course, promises a zone of opportunity for renewed relations between Turkey and Israel.
  • First, a craven surrender to the public sector unions on the retirement age.
  • I point out that i am doing it as a public service, and earning nothing from it, but they remain intransigent.
  • Despite the excellent safety record of western reactor designs they are still perceived by the public as presenting risks to health and life.
  • Certified public accountant, said bush has ignored the automotive.. .
  • The parents of murdered schoolgirl milly dowler are launching a scheme today to alert the public about missing or abducted children.
  • It is, then, common sense to collect public land rent to fund the needs of the public exchequer.
  • We passed by a public building surrounded with a cast iron spiked railing.
  • I plan to pursue a career in sports marketing or public relations which will allow me to combine both my passions.
  • There is no good excuse for Asia to be falling behind -- not with a critical mass of world growth concentrated there and strong public support on the side of the reformers. The longer Asia takes to get serious about this issue, the bigger the threat to economic progress.
  • In the public psyche, cutting edge urban chic has never been associated with housing associations.
  • Sami Kohen from the Milliyet daily says the scenes today in Cairo remind one of what we saw before the democratic revolution early last year. The protests then were to topple the decades-old dictatorship of then-President Hosni Mubarak and bring freedom, equality and democracy to the country. Yet today's protests target the democratically elected Morsi, who is seen by the protesters as a "new Pharaoh" or a "copy of Mubarak." Another difference in today's protests is that the public is split into two groups: secularists and Islamists, whereas the people against Mubarak were clashing with security forces in last year's protests. All of this tells us that the revolution is not yet complete in post-Mubarak Egypt, he notes.
  • In the visual arts, the Hudson River School was a mid-19th-century movement in the tradition of European naturalism. The realist paintings of Thomas Eakins are now widely celebrated. The 1913 Armory Show in New York City, an exhibition of European modernist art, shocked the public and transformed the U.S. art scene. Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, and others experimented with new, individualistic styles. Major artistic movements such as the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning and the pop art of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein developed largely in the United States. The tide of modernism and then postmodernism has brought fame to American architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, and Frank Gehry.
  • Her expression looked pained at the question. "Yes, but not many." Taking a breath she continued. "There is a coven of immortals called the Mlange which all immortals are a part of. Its a French word meaning a mixture of the elements. There are thirty ancient members who rule and guide our world and they consist of ten Balancers, ten Keepers and ten Changers. All thirty of the Mlange members are the oldest in existence and are supposedly the strongest. We call those thirty the Elders. They keep the peace and secrecy of our worlds and only meet every twenty five years. There are only two rules that the immortals have to live byDo not reveal our existence to any outsiders unless they are trustworthy. The other is to never use your powers in public unless your mate is in danger or for a last resort if all else is lost." She looked at him, waiting for a response.
  • Look at the higher echelons of the public sector in northern ireland.
  • Whilst the public welfare offenses are thought of not as evil or immoral but as criminal and punishable because they are prohibited by statute.
  • As part of the public debates, opendemocracy.net is encouraging the public to hold their own meetings on 11 march with friends and family.
  • ICICI An acronym for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited, which is a private sector term lending institution set up in 1955. Its sponsors include foreign institutions, notably the World Bank. Besides granting term loans, particularly foreign currency loans, it assists businesses by DISCOUNTING bills, providing LEASE finance, managing public ISSUES and providing VENTURE CAPITAL. The corporation has also been instrumental in setting up other important institutions such as Credit Rating and Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) for credit rating. Technology Development and Information Company of India (TDICI) for the promotion of indigenous technology and SCICI for financing the shipping industry. In its drive towards becoming a global financial supermarket, ICICI's new thrust areas are banking, financial advisory services and MUTUAL FUNDS.
  • He found a place to stay in a nearby inn - a large and rambling establishment clearly prospering from the presence of so many men working up a thirst during the day, and having the copper to spend on beer to slake that thirst in the evenings. Jean-Luc, who privately preferred to drink his beer heavily watered-down, found himself nursing his pint many an evening, in all of the taverns and public houses in the area, listening to tales and fables of all kinds.
  • He fought the urge to kiss her or hug her before she hurried into the bar. She limited public displays to holding hands, and even then she was visibly uncomfortable when it went past a few minutes. The same rules seemed to apply in parkinglots and in front of her family as well.
  • I think i may claim a small part in his arrival on the sunlit uplands of wider public recognition.
  • Dissuade members of the public from donating money to the registered charity tsunami appeals.
  • He didnt object and yielded to her in the small space that made up his kitchen. He sipped his coffee and listened to her recount the movie she had seen the night before. On Saturdays, Jonathan would sleep in, often nursing a hangover. He liked to go to the Grand Hotel, where he could swim in the pool and eat from the buffet. Other times, he would take a public minivan, a matatu, to Entebbe and swim at the Lake Victoria Hotel. Today he planned to go to the Lake Victoria and then stop by the airport, and he would need to drive himself.
  • Brown had the prescience to realize that the public places greater trust in bankers to look after their money, than politicians.
  • As the president and his buttoned-up core of advisers lay the groundwork for another term, their first public engagements with lawmakers are confrontations: demanding Republican concessions over tax increases and spending cuts, and fighting with senators over the possible elevation to secretary of state of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, an Obama loyalist and close adviser since his first presidential campaign.
  • Furthermore, snh have brought upon themselves the public odium of having to mount a campaign to exterminate 5000 hedgehogs.
  • Like many emerging photographers, katz looks behind the public exterior to interrogate contemporary society.
  • Progressive thinking had done enough damage. Too much entertainment, too much in the public eye, too little respect for tradition and privacy and simple human decency. He waved to the funeral wagon master, who waved back and said "a mighty thanks, sir" and set his wheels rolling. Gremius smiled. He couldnt stem the tide of vulgarity sweeping away all he held dear, but he could push back symbolically. If not to change the outcome then to at least show his disapproval. Maybe there were others like him. Maybe they would find confidence in his example. Even his own guardsthey looked at him with slight but tactful displeasurewould have ripped off the linen and subjected the bodies to one extra indecency.
  • Massachusetts boasts the country's finest public education system, but that has failed to slow a sharp increase in the income divide. Indiana has revamped the state's welfare system, but the number of people in poverty has soared. And in the District of Columbia, the federal government's hand in rising inequality is visible locally and nationwide.
  • Even a job loss well before retirement age can be tough to recover from. People age 55 and over currently spend an average of more than 13 months on unemployment, according to the AARP public Policy Institutenearly five months longer than for younger job-seekers. So don't take it for granted you'll be able to make up for years of failing to save enough on the back end of your working life.
  • Couples kept passing us and we were made to watch all of the action around the girl's bunks. Counselors rarely ever initiated any public displays of affection, or PDA's, in fear of being reprimanded by the camp's directors. Kissing on the side of the bunk, though, didn't require much preparation or cunning. Although it was dark, I think we all knew what was going on -- whatever that was.
  • It should also superintend the management of records produced by assembly sponsored public bodies.
  • Upon his return home in the early 1970s, Kerry gained public recognition as the head of the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War and for his anti-war testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  • I understand that the poem is now be in the public domain (please correct me someone if I'm wrong, and please don't reproduce it believing such reproduction to be risk-free based on my views).
  • Revival of biblical christianity in the west resulting in new public moral restraints, the prognosis is not good.
  • The main problem that i have with standing to preach is that standing is the posture of public oration.
  • These bring the dynamism needed to deliver 21st century public services.
  • Leicester was ranked in the top quartile of cities suitable for public sector relocation - the only city to ranked in the top quartile of cities suitable for public sector relocation - the only city to rank in all relocation scenarios.
  • Adam Baum never had a chance. His girlfriend, Jenny Dowling, found a way to make every public event her platform for humiliation. He couldn't do anything right in her slightly slanted eyes. This was the same curvaceous girl that picked on just about everyone else in the locker room. She had few friends and probably couldn't remember a time when she was truly happy. In Adam, she found a guy who waited on her hand and foot. All of the other guys she met would just finish their business and move on. She used them too, and they made her body a way to avoid conversation.
  • Disability rights legislation in terms of public service management?
  • Can it drive public sector reform, or can it only enable public sector reform, or can it only enable public sector reform?
  • Biden led a panel assembled by Obama in December to examine gun control steps after the Newtown shootings, which sparked a fierce public debate over how to prevent such mass killings. Biden's recommendations formed the basis of the package of proposals Obama announced this month.
  • We, the movie going public in the land of big snow have come to expect certain things from our summer movie blockbusters.
  • Rommus stopped by a local fountain when he finally arrived back in Brinn. The day was hot and the cool water was much needed. The Medorans had mastered the art of directing water from distant rivers into their cities and towns through aqueducts, creating an elaborate water system for the cities. Most of them were similar to this one, carved of white marble and polished to a high luster. Adorning the fountains were statues of gods or heroes, and sometimes even past Emperors. The wealthy had fountains and baths in their homes, but most people came to the public fountains to drink and get water. Since they were such busy places, people stayed to socialize, and the cities even built structures around some of them so that the citizens could relax and mingle in the shade.
  • Csar Chavez's birthday, March 31, is celebrated in California as a state holiday, intended to promote service to the community in honor of Chavez's life and work. Many, but not all, state government offices, community colleges, and libraries are closed. Many public schools in the state are also closed. Texas also recognizes the day, and it is an optional holiday in Arizona and Colorado. Although it is not a federal holiday, the President proclaims March 31 as Csar Chavez Day in the United States, with Americans being urged to "observe this day with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor Csar Chavez's enduring legacy."
  • Two days after a gunman opened fire in a Connecticut elementary school, killing 26 people, several dozen parents and kids gathered in a circle at Newtown's public library to decide how to make the most of the town's sudden, tragic notoriety.
  • Meeting at a public place would have been a disaster and could have compromised Maggie's professional standing and integrity within her new community.
  • It took six months for Wall Street Nation to get from the table of Starbucks to the printing press. By that time, the public furor over Brads indiscretions has subsided and most of the corporate vultures had moved on to fresher pieces of meat.
  • The latter show up as red dots on your radar, and usually involve scuffles between criminals and the public or the police.
  • Disastrous in terms of the public profile and the operation of your business.
  • Why is charity, public or private, impotent to eliminate social evils like vagrancy, begging, prostitution?
  • 1800s: Several months after President Abraham Lincoln signed public Resolution 82 into law on December 21, 1861 for a Navy medal of honor, a similar resolution was passed in July 1862 for an Army version of the medal. Six Union Army soldiers who hijacked a Confederate locomotive named the General in 1862, were the first Medal of Honor recipients; James J. Andrews, a civilian, led the raid. He was caught and hanged as a Union spy, but was not awarded the medal. Many Medals of Honor awarded in the 19th century were associated with, "saving the flag" (and country), not just for patriotic reasons, but because the U.S. flag was a primary means of battlefield communication at the time. Because no other military decoration was authorized during the Civil War, some seemingly less exceptional and notable actions were recognized by a Medal of Honor during that conflict.
  • The government's investigation of the wildly popular "Egyptian Jon Stewart" Bassem Youssef -- charged with insulting Morsy and undermining his command -- and the forced "retirement" of respected journalist Hani Shukrallah, editor of state-owned Al-Ahram's English-language website, are just two very public examples of the vice tightening on freedom of expression.
  • Distance will be measured from the main entrance of the school according to the shortest walking route using public highways and lighted footpaths.
  • A hum of conversation rose; that had hit them, all right, as had been intended. Zhardann had thought I should attest, too. With my (or Gashs) reputation for subterfuge, though, who would believe me? I couldnt very well swear by the gods, now, could I? To my surprise, Jill had jumped in to make those points even before I could get my own mouth open. After kicking it back and forth for a bit, Zhardann had reluctantly acknowledged the problem and backed down. Of course, I could have confounded them all and got up to make a public statement anyway, but I was trying to keep a tighter grip on myself than Id managed of late. The middle of a ballroom full of gods was not where I wanted to blow my luck with an obvious flub.
  • Winston churchill. ____________________ " the purpose of english public schools is feeding sham pearls to real swine " .
  • Same as the total of grants given to charities by the uk government ( excluding public service contract funding ).
  • Reshape society for the public good, which is also the private good.
  • Mr rees was charged with this offense but the director of public prosecutions subsequently discontinued the prosecutions subsequently discontinued the prosecution for lack of evidence.
  • Sam, even as a small boy, had a huge interest in computer games and programming and that sort of thing. Where other kids whined to go to the zoo, Sam would beg to visit the electronics store. With two bedrooms, two sets of holidays, two parents quietly seeking to outdo each other in weekend fun, Sam could indulge himself nicely. He didnt seem to mind being shuttled back and forth between houses, and was smart about knowing his own schedule. Anyway, he was a city kid, comfortable getting around on public transit and not stressed about the occasional late pick up from school or aftercare. He would just sit and fiddle with his gameboy or whatever latest gadget till someone arrived. It would not even occur to him to worry that he had truly been forgotten.
  • Pontoon moorings for visiting yachts there are two yacht clubs, two marinas and an abundance of public houses and restaurants.
  • Killing on behalf of the public executioner, is called cutting wood on behalf of the carpenter.
  • I recognize that there are many landowners, farmers and crofters who remain genuinely concerned about public access.
  • 1.E.2. If an individual Project Gutenberg-tm electronic work is derived from the public domain (does not contain a notice indicating that it is posted with permission of the copyright holder), the work can be copied and distributed to anyone in the United States without paying any fees or charges. If you are redistributing or providing access to a work with the phrase "Project Gutenberg" associated with or appearing on the work, you must comply either with the requirements of paragraphs 1.E.1 through 1.E.7 or obtain permission for the use of the work and the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark as set forth in paragraphs 1.E.8 or 1.E.9.
  • In due course the Appleton house was cleaned up and all the dairying equipment removed. Native trees and flowers were re-planted and the property was opened up to the public as had been requested by Mrs Appleton when she had died.
  • To help increase this figure a new guide has been launched to encourage more public sector procurers to use smaller suppliers.
  • When later on in his memoirs Count Rostopchin explained his actions at this time, he repeatedly says that he was then actuated by two important considerations: to maintain tranquillity in Moscow and expedite the departure of the inhabitants. If one accepts this twofold aim all Rostopchin's actions appear irreproachable. "Why were the holy relics, the arms, ammunition, gunpowder, and stores of corn not removed? Why were thousands of inhabitants deceived into believing that Moscow would not be given up--and thereby ruined?" "To presence the tranquillity of the city," explains Count Rostopchin. "Why were bundles of useless papers from the government offices, and Leppich's balloon and other articles removed?" "To leave the town empty," explains Count Rostopchin. One need only admit that public tranquillity is in danger and any action finds a justification.
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