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Okunuşu: / pʌblɪk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: pub·lic
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. halka ait, umuma ait, umumi, genel;
herkese mahsus;
açık, aleni.
i. halk, ahali, umum: seyirciler.

public için örnek cümleler:

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  • Obstinate man, clinging to a guitar twanging christianity in the face of a public opinion.
  • The administration of Democratic Governor Gray Davis, who was recalled by voters in 2003, backed those changes. The biggest U.S. pension fund, the California public EmployeesRetirement System, also advocated for the pension upgrade.
  • The second main aim is to assess public views on the wide range of issues key to putting new localism into practice.
  • Encrypted with the public key, only the private key can then decrypt it.
  • And Enobarbus has another story of a dissolute sovereign. "I saw her once walk forty paces through the public street!—and, having lost her breath, when she spoke so panted that she did make a defect perfectionand breathless poured forth breath!" The pampered queen, alighting from the canopied chair on which she is customarily carried by slaves, had briefly gone afoot, thenapparently exhaustedcharmed onlookers by speaking to them.
  • Promotion of race equality in public services is a statutory duty and a key priority for this government.
  • Spring Air, which flies 33 Airbus SAS A320s, is also working on holding a Shanghai initial public offering that may raise more than 1 billion yuan ($160 million) to help fund expansion. The airline has filed its listing application with the securities regulator and may win approval for it early next year, Wang said. The company has been predicting an IPO date since at least 2011.
  • In March 2012, the government of the southern Mozambican province of Inhambane uncovered the misappropriation of public funds by the director of the Provincial Anti-Drugs Office, Calisto Alberto Tomo. He was found to have colluded with the accountant in the Anti-Drugs Office, Recalda Guambe, to steal over 260,000 meticais between 2008 and 2010.
  • Kassie felt a glow of joy for Sian. A public display of affection so early on had to be a good thing. She turned and just avoided bumping into Rumal who stood right behind her. She felt the flutter of butterflies as he smiled, his teeth startling against his skin.
  • He was a veritable model of the victorian self-made man, with a seemingly selfless devotion to public service.
  • A stroll around many of the uk gardens open to the public will reveal in the autumn, drifts of hardy cyclamen.
  • Such public ceremonies, she knows, would have served as much to benefit him in public opinion as to honor her. But he must wonder why she has left Athensand what it implies about Antony. "Good my lord, to come thus was I not constrained, but did my free will," Octavia tells her brother. "My lord Mark Antony, hearing that you prepare for war, acquainted my grieved ear withal, whereon I begged his pardon for return."
  • The hotel boasts brightly decorated public areas including a brasserie, and an art deco foyer lounge.
  • "DisneyNews knows theyll be invaded by an army of lawyers if they even dream of putting Mars Girl onscreen," Brandon said, thumbing buttons on his assistant. "Spins are a different story. A district judge agreed with Disneys claim that the nameMars Girlwas created spontaneously by the public so no one can own it."
  • I knew that there would be numerous attempts to get the public to understand relativity.
  • A nationwide poll suggests most people would like the government to take more action to improve public health.
  • In some states, campuses are being consolidated. In others, enrollments have been capped. With the average cost of providing one year of on-campus education at a public university now topping $32,000 and the average tuition covering only 20 percent of that, the problem is real and it isnt going away.
  • If they are to avoid a low-wage future, young Americans, particularly those who are currently disconnected from work and school, need our support in starting down a more productive path. A large measure of creativity, open-mindedness, and public and private effort is needed. Georgetown's work shows that the goal does not need to be a four-year college degree for everyone.
  • "I must be leaving now." Mukarjees voice rose to public volume as he nervously scooped up his umbrella and his bag, without pausing to secure the knot at its top. Then he bent toward Hawksworth with a quick whisper. "Captain, the Shahbandar has sent his Rajputs. You must take care."
  • It seems no longer there was any attraction left for her in mortal world. So unmindful she became about herself and me. No insults would now seem to bother her. Wherever she went in her delirium, her celestial body became a public property. She didnt protest. Not a single word she uttered. She would hold me close to her chest. I do not know what her entire being was trying to communicate!
  • I point out that i am doing it as a public service, and earning nothing from it, but they remain intransigent.
  • Useless or counter-productive public spending cannot possibly justify the coercion involved in levying taxes.
  • So she tried the next most reasonable option of which she could think, and ended up alone at a public park on a Sunday afternoon eating salt water taffy on a unicorn.
  • Recognition appears to have come relatively late in life for the silver haired technocrat Ju, who is believed to have trained as a metal alloy specialist, as he started to appear in public with the country's top leader only when he turned 70.
  • Confers on police officers the protections provided by the public interest disclosure act 1998.
  • Tip-off from a member of the public which led to the discovery on park farm, ox lane.
  • Market value of one share of a mutual fund on a given day; also known as the bid price. Unlike the public offering price, the NAV includes no sales charges. The NAV is calculated each day by taking the closing market value of all securities owned by a mutual fund, plus all other assets (e.g. cash), and deducting the fund's liabilities. This sum is then divided by the fund's total number of shares outstanding.
  • NEDCC has served thousands of non-profit institutions through its laboratory services, consultations and educational programs. Clients range from large institutions such as the National Archives, Boston public Library, The Baseball Hall of Fame, and Harvard University, to small public libraries, town clerksoffices and local historical societies. In addition to helping institutions whose major purpose is to serve as repositories, NEDCC assists a wide variety of other organizations. These include performing arts institutions, religious organizations, hospitals, social service agencies, labor unions, zoos, and botanical gardens as well as private collectors.
  • A Boy stole a lesson-book from one of his schoolfellows and took it home to his Mother. She not only abstained from beating him, but encouraged him. He next time stole a cloak and brought it to her, and she again commended him. The Youth, advanced to adulthood, proceeded to steal things of still greater value. At last he was caught in the very act, and having his hands bound behind him, was led away to the place of public execution. His Mother followed in the crowd and violently beat her breast in sorrow, whereupon the young man said, "I wish to say something to my Mother in her ear." She came close to him, and he quickly seized her ear with his teeth and bit it off. The Mother upbraided him as an unnatural child, whereon he replied, "Ah! if you had beaten me when I first stole and brought to you that lesson-book, I should not have come to this, nor have been thus led to a disgraceful death."
  • The pay gap has widened in favor of the public sector worker by almost
  • "My mother didnt know she was a Strachan until she mated with my father. Only then did her mother come clean about her Bloodline. She had wanted to keep her own children away from magic as much as possible. She claimed they were Lesser Witches, only capable of a few parlor tricks. My father didnt know either until he saw her mark. By then it was too late. I know that my parents union was a thing of great worry in the Elder community once it became public knowledge that she was a Strachan Witch. I also know that Elders had considered the Bloodline dead until then. What the Elder world doesnt know is that it wasnt just my grandmothers decision. For about six generations, the Strachan Witches had been hiding in plain sight. They were using their magic to keep the Bloodline hidden. It was not an accident, it was intentional."
  • "Sweet are the uses of adversity, which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head! And this our life, exempt from public view, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stonesand good in everything!"
  • His interests include systematic reviewing, health technology assessment, particularly clinical trials, and training for public health.
  • Came across a hermit crab - well a rather crabby old hermit, believed last seen out in public twelve years ago.
  • Utilitarians will claim that an ideal public should at least consider utilitarianism a plausible doctrine.
  • There is a statue to him in camborne, outside the public library, holding a model of his locomotive.
  • Some companies have used information manga to combine advertising exercises with public information projects.
  • Employees at other public universities, including those not serving in top management positions, also were well-paid last year. More than 1,900 workers at the dozen flagship schools made more than $300,000 in 2011, while 324 of them made more than $500,000, the Bloomberg data show.
  • "We envision that this cell phone-based allergen testing platform could be very valuable, especially for parents, as well as for schools, restaurants and other public settings," Ozcan said. "Once successfully deployed in these settings, the big amount of data -- as a function of both location and time -- that this platform will continuously generate would indeed be priceless for consumers, food manufacturers, policymakers and researchers, among others."
  • Dawn was twelve years old, and she was changing schools. Bad enough that she was leaving all her friends behind in the refined squalor of Joseph Remington public School; bad enough that she knew no one at Upper Edgeville Day School; bad enough that she had heard terrible rumors about the snobs who inhabited the latter institution; bad enough that she was sure to be woefully behind in every subject; but she was now entering middle school as a skinny, spotty teenage girl, with no curves to speak of and no allies to stand behind her. She was dead. She was totally and completely dead.
  • As to the gang, it will be within the memory of the public how completely the evidence which Holmes had accumulated exposed their organization, and how heavily the hand of the dead man weighted upon them. Of their terrible chief few details came out during the proceedings, and if I have now been compelled to make a clear statement of his career it is due to those injudicious champions who have endeavored to clear his memory by attacks upon him whom I shall ever regard as the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.
  • Provident dispensary public medical service sites that may be in evidence.
  • Tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity.
  • In the public psyche, cutting edge urban chic has never been associated with housing associations.
  • As the president and his buttoned-up core of advisers lay the groundwork for another term, their first public engagements with lawmakers are confrontations: demanding Republican concessions over tax increases and spending cuts, and fighting with senators over the possible elevation to secretary of state of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, an Obama loyalist and close adviser since his first presidential campaign.
  • "Aeshma will try to corrupt Alex in as public a place as possible," Thomas said. "He'll use the energy he draws from the others--those more malleable--to strengthen his influence over her."
  • Another man, who looked as old as time itself, started talking low in a Native American language. His words were not audible to the crowd, so a younger interpreter was his public voice.
  • The emphasis has sadly shifted from public service to selfish greed.
  • Permeate public consciousness forcing people into unemployment exile based on his comments alone.
  • Hypothecated for public transport improvements ( including rail ) and not confined to road schemes.
  • The greatest britons of all time in november 2002, the british public voted to find the greatest briton of all time.
  • California Treasurer Bill Lockyer on Monday asked CalSTRS and the California public Employees' Retirement System to account for their investments in gun manufacturers. Lockyer proposed that the state's public pension funds, the largest in the United States, sell their interest in any company that makes guns that are illegal under California's assault weapons ban. California's ban includes the Bushmaster rifle.
  • In recent years the sector has become more accountable for the use of its public funds.
  • All five energy companies CFOs who spoke with Reuters, including those from public Service Enterprise Group Inc, Duke and Pinnacle West Capital Corp, said they were not considering declaring special dividends ahead of potential tax increases, in contrast to such big companies as Costco Wholesale Corp and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
  • Police are also following up reports from the public of two other town center off-licences selling alcohol to under-age youths.
  • Obama accepted her decision while praising Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, as "an extraordinarily capable, patriotic, and passionate public servant."
  • Simultaneously, every copy of the program begins posting the encrypted scans to every public forum on the Internet and sending them to every mailing list, propagating itself across the worldwide network at an astonishing speed and in such a fashion that no effort, no matter how concerted can restrain it. Attached to every copy of the file are the sixteen-byte decryption code and a short note:
  • Open-Market Operations (OMO) The purchase or sale of securities, by the CENTRAL BANK of a country to expand or contract the reserves with the banking system. Open Market Opertions serve as an instrument of public DEBT management and also of monetary control, besides the CASH RESERVE RATIO and STATUTORY LIQUIDITY RATIO.
  • Federations of unions, like the english trades councils which are represented on the local councils of public economy.
  • In general, private schools are very expensive and usually have a higher selectivity than the public universities.
  • The morning session i attended rethinking democracy: parties, pressure groups and public engagement seemed intriguing.
  • Arp wardens were enlisted to help protect the general public during an air raid, for example, guiding people to the shelters.
  • "They are brought forth by the same magic as any other demon," he said as if Range were some dimwitted schoolchild."They are strange. Each demon produces fear like we would produce sweat on a hot day. The more of them there are, the more fear created, eventually driving people either out of the city, or mad. As they feed they reproduce. So every night there are more and more of them. They cannot enter into private homes, only public places. When the sun comes up the next morning they are gone again. People think their fears are in their head, but since they cannot sleepits more of an infestation than a conjuring"
  • Mishandleit very bluntly, the commission realized that any mishandling of public health led to very important risks.
  • Political messages aside, Whites experience as a prosecutor may provide little help with the most pressing and contentious issues at the SEC, which are on its policy-making side. They include disputes over how to regulate money market funds, streamline initial public offerings, write the Volcker rule ban on banksproprietary trading, and fend off crises in fractured markets dominated by high-speed trading.
  • No need was there of any official announcement of a state funeral or public rite of any sort.
  • Prisoning asylum seekers places an unacceptable strain on a public service already stretched to breaking point by prison overcrowding.
  • Hes defended Bernanke and the Fed against critics in Congress, and despite prodding from journalists and lawmakers, Geithner is careful in his public remarks not to offer opinions on monetary policy.
  • Equity Share A security that represents ownership interest in a company. It is issued to those who have contributed capital in setting up an enterprise. Apart from a public ISSUE, equity shares may originate through an issue of BONUS SHARES, CONVERTIBLE securities, WARRANTS, GDRS, etc. An alternative term that is sometimes used is 'COMMON STOCK' or simply, 'STOCK'.
  • Graduands, guests and staff attending a graduation should be aware that graduation ceremonies and receptions are regarded as public events.
  • Augustan prose is somewhat ill-defined, as the definition of "Augustan" relies primarily upon changes in taste in poetry. However, the general time represented by Augustan literature saw a rise in prose writing as high literature. The essay, satire, and dialogue (in philosophy and religion) thrived in the age, and the English novel was truly begun as a serious art form. At the outset of the Augustan age, essays were still primarily imitative, novels were few and still dominated by the Romance, and prose was a rarely used format for satire, but, by the end of the period, the English essay was a fully formed periodical feature, novels surpassed drama as entertainment and as an outlet for serious authors, and prose was serving every conceivable function in public discourse. It is the age that most provides the transition from a court-centered and poetic literature to a more democratic, decentralized literary world of prose.
  • The payments add to the fiscal burdens facing deficit- plagued states such as California, where voters last month agreed to pay more taxes to avoid deep cuts to schools. Four public employees got separation checks of more than $300,000 last year, even as lawmakers andBrown slashed funding for the needy.
  • Throws: nullpointerexception - if the logger name is null. getlogger public logger name is null. getlogger public logger getlogger ( string name ) method to find a named logger.
  • "You have nothing to gain by putting an old guy away. Our survey's indicate that the public is more sympathetic to people that might spend the rest of their lives in jail."
  • The public are also embittered by some of the proposals coming from the acute services review.
  • As a result, i ordered intimation on the lord advocate for the public interest.
  • ICICI An acronym for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited, which is a private sector term lending institution set up in 1955. Its sponsors include foreign institutions, notably the World Bank. Besides granting term loans, particularly foreign currency loans, it assists businesses by DISCOUNTING bills, providing LEASE finance, managing public ISSUES and providing VENTURE CAPITAL. The corporation has also been instrumental in setting up other important institutions such as Credit Rating and Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) for credit rating. Technology Development and Information Company of India (TDICI) for the promotion of indigenous technology and SCICI for financing the shipping industry. In its drive towards becoming a global financial supermarket, ICICI's new thrust areas are banking, financial advisory services and MUTUAL FUNDS.
  • Overall the performance of british public services remains poor by continental standards.
  • The final results of the election show that the Israeli public is looking for strong and new voices in the center left. Only the fact that the Labor Party won 15 seats, despite its leadership change and identity crisis, suggests that the Israeli public is ready to support comprehensive peace plans. This, of course, promises a zone of opportunity for renewed relations between Turkey and Israel.
  • Note: some of the training may take place on the public highway if the trainees are deemed competent to do so.
  • At a public meeting in amsterdam on september 8 1872, to celebrate the congress, marx stressed the need to avoid dogmatism.
  • In 1973, college professors in Mount Angel, Oregon established the first four-year Mexican-American college in the United States. They chose Csar Chavez as their symbolic figurehead, naming the college Colegio Cesar Chavez. In the book Colegio Cesar Chavez, 1973-1983: A Chicano Struggle for Educational Self-Determination author Carlos Maldonado writes that Chavez visited the campus twice, joining in public demonstrations in support of the college. Though Colegio Cesar Chavez closed in 1983, it remains a recognized part of Oregon history. On its website the Oregon Historical Society writes, "Structured as a 'college-without-walls,' more than 100 students took classes in Chicano Studies, early childhood development, and adult education. Significant financial and administrative problems caused Colegio to close in 1983. Its history represents the success of a grassroots movement." The Colegio has been described as having been a symbol of the Latino presence in Oregon.
  • "With journalists. Not quite the same thing. Charming the beasts. Feeding them easy stories and keeping them away from the embarrassing details. What did you used to call public relations?"
  • But the reliability of many computer models can be weakened by too many tweets that point to flu-related news reports and other matters not directly linked to a flu case, according to David Broniatowski, a School of Medicine postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Emergency Medicine's Center for Advanced Modeling in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences. "For example," he said, "a recent spike in Twitter flu activity was caused by discussions about basketball legend Kobe Bryant's flu-like symptoms during a recent game. Mr. Bryant's health notwithstanding, such tweets do very little to help public health officials prepare our nation for the next big outbreak."
  • It dawned on Mirie rather suddenly that the three were conversing in English and that the third unknown person had an American accent, much like any newscaster on a public network had. The unknown person was not an elf, but a human.
  • The lump-sum retirement payments, seldom granted in private industry, mirror a broader trend in which Californias public employees receive far more than comparable workers elsewhere in almost all job and wage categories, from public safety to health care, base salary to overtime. California, the worlds ninth- biggest economy, has set a pattern for lax management, inefficient operations and out-of-control costs, the Bloomberg data show.
  • The last police gun amnesty resulted in the public handing in some 25,000 guns.
  • ‘‘We dont need people carrying guns in public places," Bloomberg said today on NBCsMeet the Press’’ program. "Thats not what the founding fathers had in mind. It doesnt add to anybodys safety. Quite the contrary, it makes us have a much more dangerous society."
  • In april 1910 leslie hartley became a boarder at clifton college, a public school on the edge of bristol.
  • Do not burp in public you may feel better by burping loudly after eating or drinking, but other people will not!
  • Federated architectures has been implemented in hundreds of organizations in both the public and private sectors.
  • "What is all this Sword business?" the king finally blurted out, oblivious to the struggle."Fordde mentioned we should perhaps initiate the hunt for the Swords again to boost public morale. It isnt like someone will actually find them. No one ever finds the Swords. There have been numerous hunts over the years, and all have ended due to waning interest. The Swords, if they even exist, are hidden so well no one will ever find them."
  • Nick looked at her balefully. "Unfortunately we cant all work for the public sector. Someones got to go out there and create the wealth to pay your wages. Fucking mugs like me in fact. Jesus, I wish I had taken the easy way out and become a fucking teacher."
  • Market sounding brings learning into the public sector that is useful in a broader sense.
  • Doing familiar things, like shopping, using public transport or talking to people can seem insurmountable in a new country.
  • Central Bank The premier bank in a country that discharges the responsibilities of issuing currency, managing MONEY SUPPLY by appropriate measures in order to maintain price stability and economic growth, maintaining the exchange value of the domestic currency, superintendence and regulation of the commercial banks, etc. In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the Central Bank. RBI, therefore, carries out the duties mentioned above, and also acts as a banker to the Central and State Governments. Besides this, it also manages the public debt, i.e., fund-raising programmes of the government.
  • Unemployment is at 14-year highs as plant closures mount, France's share of export markets is declining, and the fact that no government in three decades has managed a budget surplus has created a public debt pile almost as big as national output.
  • "They werent a public company. Every thing was pretty hush-hush. I knew they were planning to market a product that had some kind of hallucinogenic properties, and to find a legitimate medical use, but I didnt know details. I remember Taylor made a comment about how good it was that we were working together on this, and talked about the debate with Raya, and how we could all be on the same side on this one. I didnt know what he was talking about."
  • I managed to cut the rest of the conversation short but as I walked away I couldnt help but wonder what sort of people collect in a hardware store to analyze someone elses paint swatches. Admittedly there likely wasnt any implied confidentiality in selecting and purchasing paint, but the public disclosure of my choice sort of bothered me. Humbugs version of small town life had a much slower pace than I could have imagined without experiencing it first hand. The most difficult consequence of this slow pace was the rate of the contractors. The renovation, which should have taken five weeks, wound up taking well over 7 months.
  • The widespread use of chemical warfare was a distinguishing feature of the conflict. Gases used included chlorine, mustard gas and phosgene. Few war casualties were caused by gas, as effective countermeasures to gas attacks were quickly created, such as gas masks. The use of chemical warfare and small-scale strategic bombing were both outlawed by the 1907 Hague Conventions, and both proved to be of limited effectiveness, though they captured the public imagination.
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