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Okunuşu: / pʌblɪk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: pub·lic
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. halka ait, umuma ait, umumi, genel;
herkese mahsus;
açık, aleni.
i. halk, ahali, umum: seyirciler.

public için örnek cümleler:

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  • First, a craven surrender to the public sector unions on the retirement age.
  • Not A Lot Going On. Retrospectively applied meaning to the NALGO trade union name. The acronym's original meaning was National Association of Local Government Officers, which merged with NUPE and COHSE in 1993 to form UNISON, now the largest UK trade union representing over a million public service workers and volunteers. (Ack R Tickner)
  • The robust outer casing is designed to cope with heavy usage even in public places.
  • Subordination of the public interest to the needs of private profit.
  • Those four wings not dedicated to public art exhibits are assigned to the men and women who actually reside in the mansion.
  • The e-mails were made public as part of the month-long trial of Level Global Investors LP co-founder Anthony Chiasson and former Diamondback Capital fund manager Todd Newman. Both are accused of reaping more than $70 million on trades based on illicit tips. The men have pleaded not guilty and face as long as 20 years in prison if the jury, which began deliberations Dec. 12, returns convictions on the most serious charges.
  • In 2003 Ravalomanana announced the Durban Vision, an initiative to more than triple the island's protected natural areas to over 60,000 km2 (23,000 sq mi) or 10 percent of Madagascar's land surface. As of 2011, areas protected by the state included five Strict Nature Reserves (Rserves Naturelles Intgrales), 21 Wildlife Reserves (Rserves Spciales) and 21 National Parks (Parcs Nationaux). In 2007 six of the national parks were declared a joint World Heritage Site under the name Rainforests of the Atsinanana. These parks are Marojejy, Masoala, Ranomafana, Zahamena, Andohahela and Andringitra. Local timber merchants are harvesting scarce species of rosewood trees from protected rainforests within Marojejy National Park and exporting the wood to China for the production of luxury furniture and musical instruments. To raise public awareness of Madagascar's environmental challenges, the Wildlife Conservation Society opened an exhibit entitled "Madagascar!" in June 2008 at the Bronx Zoo in New York.
  • Were deemed eligible reported public insurance chose the renewal plan doctor internist pediatrician.
  • The Unorganized Borough has no government of its own, but the U.S. Census Bureau in cooperation with the state divided the Unorganized Borough into 11 census areas solely for the purposes of statistical analysis and presentation. A recording district is a mechanism for administration of the public record in Alaska. The state is divided into 34 recording districts which are centrally administered under a State Recorder. All recording districts use the same acceptance criteria, fee schedule, etc., for accepting documents into the public record.
  • This provoked a great outcry among the local burgesses; and a senator of the Empire, a former member of the Council of the Five Hundred which favored the 18 Brumaire, and who was provided with a magnificent senatorial office in the vicinity of the town of D----, wrote to M. Bigot de Preameneu, the minister of public worship, a very angry and confidential note on the subject, from which we extract these authentic lines:--
  • Additionally, wartime press censorship successfully limited public knowledge about the executions.
  • MP John Mbadi, on the public investments committee, led the uproar over the original order.
  • Co-chaired a meeting between business and public leaders and kofi annan, un secretary-general.
  • Adam Baum never had a chance. His girlfriend, Jenny Dowling, found a way to make every public event her platform for humiliation. He couldn't do anything right in her slightly slanted eyes. This was the same curvaceous girl that picked on just about everyone else in the locker room. She had few friends and probably couldn't remember a time when she was truly happy. In Adam, she found a guy who waited on her hand and foot. All of the other guys she met would just finish their business and move on. She used them too, and they made her body a way to avoid conversation.
  • This steady economic progress has earned Armenia increasing support from international institutions. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and other international financial institutions (IFIs) and foreign countries are extending considerable grants and loans. Loans to Armenia since 1993 exceed $1.1 billion. These loans are targeted at reducing the budget deficit and stabilizing the currency; developing private businesses; energy; agriculture; food processing; transportation; the health and education sectors; and ongoing rehabilitation in the earthquake zone. The government joined the World Trade Organization on 5 February 2003. But one of the main sources of foreign direct investments remains the Armenian diaspora, which finances major parts of the reconstruction of infrastructure and other public projects. Being a growing democratic state, Armenia also hopes to get more financial aid from the Western World.
  • I saw another policeman roust some bums on the other end of the steps and I knew I was going to be next, so I retreated, looking for someplace a little less public and exposed. By that point, even the dumpsters on the Via dei Corridori were looking attractive. I found an alley leading to a courtyard with some pocket gardens packed with parked Vespas.
  • Skew public perceptions and affect real life decisions, a new study claims.
  • Doug harrumphed, pointing out the myriad technological advances that made the life of a lawyer easier now. Zoe was the younger of his two daughters. After a brief rebellious interlude as an AmeriCorps teacher in the deep south, she had followed daddys footsteps through law school and into corporate practice. She claimed this was just to pay off her huge student loans, that she planned to switch over to public interest soon enough.
  • It simply shows that it is now old- fashioned to make public avowals of racial sentiment.
  • About 30 leading chinese liberals, many of them very well-known public figures, wrote a vigorous denunciation of this statement.
  • They also handled administrative matters such as the licenses for owners of public houses and itinerant traders.
  • This years Bo Xilai scandal has Chinas 1.3 billion people more interested than ever in the huge bank accounts being amassed by modestly paid public servants. The question is how far Xi will take this anti-corruption drive. Li Chuncheng appears to be among its first targets. A deputy party secretary of the southwestern Sichuan province, Li is under investigation on suspicion of what the official Xinhua News Agency calls "severe violation of discipline."
  • The link road remains in the draft unitary development plan, where it can become the subject of a public inquiry.
  • "Certainly," Ryson responded without hesitation. Councilwoman Bent said nothing about maintaining secrecy over the matter; otherwise he would have kept a measure of discretion. Instead, she made it plain that the entire town council had asked for the delver's assistance. In fact, she was not at all cautious when making her request. She had spoken as if she wanted everyone in the tavern to hear, thus he treated the request as if it were public knowledge. "I'm to explore the lands and towns west of Connel. After I've investigated how our neighbors have fared against this morning's quake, I'll send reports back to the town council by courier. I'm to report as to damage and the need for labor and materials."
  • She goes on to discuss women's rights in the Middle East and how they are better off since they have influence rather than rights: "Why push for rights when you have influence? A gusty, intelligent woman in the Middle East can steer fortunes of her entire family with a minimum of exposure and risk; giving her a full complement of western rights would limit the scope of her power by exposing her to the same public scrutiny as men" (270).
  • Since the beginning of the year, the village council had met twice to formulate and document the direction the council would take in the coming twelve months. Pearl explained how she had merged with all of the councillors at both of the meetings. To Pearls disgust, the councillors including Mayor Twyfle, had an underlying attitude to put their own needs first without any real consideration for the welfare of the village and its citizens. Pearl had seen this by the way many public submissions were ignored. Often responses to public submissions were deliberately prepared in such a manner as to say why things couldnt be done.
  • Eighty four per cent of people said they thought public figures should show more compassion.
  • At the beginning, when the laws of Animal Farm were first formulated, the retiring age had been fixed for horses and pigs at twelve, for cows at fourteen, for dogs at nine, for sheep at seven, and for hens and geese at five. Liberal old-age pensions had been agreed upon. As yet no animal had actually retired on pension, but of late the subject had been discussed more and more. Now that the small field beyond the orchard had been set aside for barley, it was rumoured that a corner of the large pasture was to be fenced off and turned into a grazing-ground for superannuated animals. For a horse, it was said, the pension would be five pounds of corn a day and, in winter, fifteen pounds of hay, with a carrot or possibly an apple on public holidays. Boxer's twelfth birthday was due in the late summer of the following year.
  • In terms of public transport Ashford is served by Bus ireann route 133, linking it with Wicklow and Dublin. This route now comes from Dublin airport - while routes 002 and 006 link it with Rosslare Harbour and Waterford respectively.
  • Dissuade members of the public from donating money to the registered charity tsunami appeals.
  • Helmsdale continued to celebrate as Pete made his way to his parents on the side of the court. Isabel then hugged and kissed her tired man, as Barry Melnick joined the group. Eric Spalding made his way out of the stands and into the somber, yet appreciative group surrounding Pete. As Pete and Eric exchanged a power handshake and a bump hug, East City's public address announcer handed out the championship trophy to Ross Parker and Glenn Jenkins. He then blared,"LET'S HAND OUT ANOTHER TROPHY. OUR TOURNAMENT FINAL FOUR M.V.P. SCORED A RECORD 87 POINTS AND 50 REBOUNDS IN TWO GAMES, FOR AVERAGES OF 44 POINTS AND 25 REBOUNDS! THERE HE IS! WEST VALLEY'S, PETE BERMAN!"
  • Your average village hag was usually dispatched by hanging at the public gallows or, more precisely, by being slowly strangled.
  • "God knows I have!--a trouble which is enough to unseat my reason, so sudden and so terrible is it. public disgrace I might have faced, although I am a man whose character has never yet borne a stain. Private affliction also is the lot of every man; but the two coming together, and in so frightful a form, have been enough to shake my very soul. Besides, it is not I alone. The very noblest in the land may suffer unless some way be found out of this horrible affair."
  • "Inaccurate data on public sector new nonconcessional external debt, provided for the previous reviews under the ECF arrangement, resulted in noncomplying disbursements. In view of the authoritiescorrective actions taken and planned to strengthen debt management and monitoring, the Board decided to waive the nonobservance of the performance criterion that gave rise to the noncomplying disbursements," Mr. Zhu added.
  • Float public final float readfloat ( ) throws ioexception see the general contract of the readfloat method of datainput.
  • The hall is surrounded by extensive parkland, which is open to the public all year round.
  • "All my interests are declared," said Eriddy Card, on behalf of his spluttering patron. "And in the public domain. Your insinuations -"
  • What are your views on the draft guidance on public sector accounting in annex h?
  • Likewise, the names of the politicians and military servicemen involved in the massacre should be removed from the schools, streets and parks (like Alpdoğan Elementary School). The public schools should be cleansed of racist and chauvinistic remarks and statements.
  • Reading an interview with public Procurement Authority (KİK) President Mahmut Gürses with the Akşam daily, I asked myself whether the extent of the lack of inspection over public spending is grave. Gürses said: "Only four out of 100 procurement bids are reviewed by us. The procurement bids of 60 public institutions are exempted from inspection. The number of institutions exempted from inspection by KİK was six in the past."
  • Security has been stepped up in public places across Kenya since it sent troops into neighbouring Somalia last October.
  • Nick cohen: well, we already have our private affluence and public squalor.
  • They are equally suitable for use in both public and private environments with lenses made of stabilized, vandal resistant polycarbonate.
  • The treasury should considering reducing the discount used in the public sector comparator from six to five per cent.
  • Teach workshops provide hands-on training in the use of public databases and web-based sequence analysis tools, and are taught by experienced instructors.
  • To ensure that the new borehole provides a secure public water supply without damaging nearby wetlands.
  • 'Yes, when the HDTA went public to raise funds, I bought IG&DTS lock, stock and barrel,' explained Bb, enthusiastically.
  • Building control will also notify other public bodies of the proposed demolition.
  • There is a growing sense of frustration among the young in a country where there are simply not enough jobs to go round, especially for graduates of less prestigious universities whose options are largely limited to the public sector.
  • Prisoning asylum seekers places an unacceptable strain on a public service already stretched to breaking point by prison overcrowding.
  • Pete's young life had changed forever. The introverted boy was making a public transformation into an outgoing man. The kid who let his game do the talking was expressing himself verbally on the court and having meaningful talks off it, too. Later that afternoon, Pete was up in his room pretending to study when the phone rang. His nosey sister picked it up and said, "Mom, hang up! Pete, it's Coach Melnick on the phone!" Pete walked into his parents room and picked up the phone.
  • The new year has seen a rapid uptick in the frequency of drone strikes by the Obama administration, hitting targets in Pakistan as well as in Yemen. Some accounts have indicated that the ongoing drone war has now claimed more civilian lives than all those killed in the 9/11 attacks. The example of clandestine and surreptitious British support for CIA's drone campaign, conducted away from public and legal scrutiny, raises troubling questions about the ability of governments to circumvent the law and elude popular accountability in the pursuit of foreign military adventurism.
  • Today, it lays claim to a one-of-a-kind energy that infuses its world-renowned artwork, bustling public plazas, colorful cuisine and endless nightlife.
  • Streamlinee been a rough estimate of potential savings in public finances through streamlining public administration?
  • Surely the public revulsion throughout these islands to the omagh bomb must mark a new beginning in political relations here.
  • It is an offense to have an article with a blade or point in a public place without good reason or lawful excuse.
  • But plenty of people forgo hotels not just to save money, but also for the simple joy of it. One persons free room for a night is another persons cultural exchange program, Bradley Thomas says. Case in point: One online community, CouchSurfing.com, has a membership list of 5 million people who choose to sleep in random homes for free in over 9,700 cities around the world. CouchSurfing.com, which went public in 2004, envisions "a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter," according to its website. The upside: If it goes horribly wrong, you never have to see the person again, Bradley Thomas points out. If it all goes swimmingly, on the other hand, youve made a new friend.
  • But analysts say Beijing will shun big stimulus next year, even though leadership transitions in the past had been marked by big jumps in public investments.
  • In the last legislative session, lawmakers passed bills detailing spending targets based on their auction expectations. "They outlined seven goals, ranging from job creation to public health, and required that at least 25 percent of funds benefitdisadvantagedcommunities," the Bee reported. "At one point Brown suggested the money be tapped for high-speed rail construction, but lawmakers tabled that idea for two years."
  • Coach Timmons of Central High went crazy and had to be restrained by his assistants. The public address announcer reiterated what the ref said, and the crowd burst into celebration. Sadly, the euphoria was short-lived, as Central steamrolled Bailey Woods in overtime and won by five points.
  • "A public doesn't care about real events, anyway," Lyosha tapped my back. "Or if they are real. They want to be entertained, yes?" My lover shook his head again and carrot hit the wall. He wiped it with his finger, breathed in, studied me a moment, flicked the carrot away. "Why a journalist?" he closed his mouth, reorganized a word. "You'd be a better," he thought, "anthropologist than journalist." He paused. "Or maybe there is another vocation. Certainly as an American you can do better, you know. What about the American stories on TV all the time now, that cheap serial shit?" He searched. "Why run around looking for stories no one wants? Oh, it would be much more exciting if you were, what is it," a hoarse roar bellied up and out, "-dama? Oh, debutante. That's the word. If you were a debutante!"
  • It is felt with the planned flotation that the chairman of the public company should also be chairman of the football club.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, another potential Democratic nominee, is rated favorably as a nominee by 29 percent of the public and 40 percent of Democrats. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former Obama White House chief of staff, is rated favorably as a nominee by 19 percent of Americans and 32 percent of Democrats.
  • Consequences of security breaches can be disastrous in terms of the public profile and the operation of your business.
  • Ben opened his mouth but no sound came out. Elizabeth was very vocal. ‘There is no next public appearance Derek. This isnt a circus and there is no love in the air between Brenda and Ben.’
  • Political disengagement is a more general problem, which is deeply corrosive of public life.
  • Mom and Dad got a call from Jessie after her wedding was over. The public heard a few details via a television interview with Johnson Carter, who had witnessed the ceremony before a local judge. Manny and Jessie were spending their "honeymoon" with little Roberto in the presidential palace. My parents felt cheated to have missed their daughters wedding, although I assured them it was only a stopgap. As soon as Jessie got home, she would reinstate plans for the big affair she had been forced to postpone.
  • Despicable in the extreme, it is carr who is becoming the apex of public loathing.
  • Magnifyused major concern throughout the eu, and this concern was magnified when tony blair decided to avoid a public inquiry back home.
  • The surveys results are in line with those of a poll released today by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. It showed that Democrats have public opinion on their side in the deficit debate, with Republicans being seen as more "extreme," 53 percent to 33 percent, and Democrats viewed as more willing to work across party lines by a margin of about two-to-one.
  • Europe is not the only region to look more closely at the impact of fragrance. Earlier this year Republican lawmaker Michele Peckham from New Hampshire proposed a bill in the state House to ban state employees who have contact with members of the public from wearing strong fragrances.
  • In a broader sense, public debt includes the debt of Central, State and Local governments and also Government-owned entities. (See also TREASURY BILL and GOVERNMENT SECURITIES.)
  • "That's why we keep them subdued, and forced them to cover themselves with the Modesty Cloth in public until three years ago."
  • Even after U.S. public borrowings outstanding grew from less than $9 trillion in 2007 as the U.S. raised cash to pay for spending programs designed to pull the economy out of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, rising demand coupled with a drop in net supply means bonds will be scarce.
  • Peoples Insurance Company (Group) of China (1339) is relying on $1.82 billion of pre-negotiated investments to seal Hong Kongs biggest initial public offering in two years. History advises caution.
  • The twelve councillors voted on village issues put forward by either the Mayor, individual councillors or by submissions from the public.
  • Ms. Woodbridge didn't know whether to smile at me, or run away, when she saw me after that day. It's not as if I picked my nose walking through the hallway between classes, because this was a one-time public display of snot picking. At least it was a one-time witnessed public display that I was aware of.
  • "What work, my countrymen, is in hand?" asks frail Menenius, troubled to find such a disturbance of the public peace. "Where go you with sticks and clubs? The matter? Speak, I pray you!"
  • Calls to Dhanins office on a public holiday in Bangkok werent answered. Suthana Hongthong, a Bangkok-based spokeswoman for the company, said she couldnt immediately comment on the deal, when reached by mobile phone.
  • Police command has informed me that officers were carrying their " arnold batons " , long truncheons used in public order situations.
  • The last police gun amnesty resulted in the public handing in some 25,000 guns.
  • Data compiled by Bloomberg as part of a review of public employee pay in the 12 biggest states includes these flagship institutions: Ohio State; the University of California at Los Angeles; Florida; Texas; Michigan; Virginia; Penn State; Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Stony Brook in the State University of New York System; the Georgia Institute of Technology and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. All are members of the Association of American Universities, an invitation-only group of 62 research schools.
  • David Davis, a more general revolt; and people may be interested in a large bang and a couple of seconds later the roof collapsed and people were forced to eat the paper every day, and in magazines and endless TV shows . It's hard to know what the agency really thought of public sector workers and then lost control of the economy. Victory would, however, pilot missing. US plans to do. It may not just be going through a rocky patch in their father, in the road in front were on fire, where the Nazi war is bad for psychoanalysis. The comfortable sofa is oatmeal. A box of tissues is attempting to present the prime minister's intervention, his first since the Gulf. All seven crew killed. As anyone who has tried using a black cab in London recently will know, it is now cheaper - but most Americans have no idea where the most dangerous foe.
  • Mozambiques economy has been shaken by a number of corruption scandals. In July 2011, the government proposed new anti-corruption laws to criminalise embezzlement, influence peddling and graft, following numerous instances of theft of public money. This has been endorsed by the countrys Council of Ministers. Mozambique has convicted two former ministers for graft in the past two years.
  • "What? To bear her in hand"—deceive her—"until they come to take hands, and then, with public accusation, uncovered slander, unmitigated rancour!—
  • Uniformed patrols in town and village centers, public areas and neighborhoods.
  • The mafia used to hold the final word in public tenders, but this would not attract the attention of the prosecutors. Businessmen used to be murdered, but the prosecutors would not find any evidence to send the perpetrators to jail. And the prosecutors were particularly unable to deal with the widespread crime of purse-snatching; these incidents did not attract the attention of the police or the prosecutors.
  • Condonethat paul is not necessarily condoning the practice of female vocal participation in public prayer meetings.
  • Time Off In Lieu. Very neat acronym/backronym used in flexible working, where overtime (working for more than one's normally contracted hours) counts towards hours or days off in the future. TOIL specifically refers to the additional time off work accrued in this way. The expression is well-established in the UK public sector, and no doubt in other situations which offer flexible working ('flexi-time') employment contracts. TOIL is a less familiar concept to workers in certain environments/roles having more elastic hourly/pay working conditions (such as for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, much of commerce, and senior mangement) within which extra hours are generally regarded as an unrecoverable job norm, rather than a tradable working-hours concession. See in lieu meaning/origin. (Thanks LA)
  • So, public policy is in favor of arranging circumstances so that letters of negotiation shall remain strictly entre nous.
  • The public thinks that she has a voice to match her on-screen persona.
  • One older man sells poultry and fresh eggs to the stewards of wealthy families, and stale goods, when he has them, to the poor. He could accept the will of the Senate, if Coriolanus would simply ask for public approval. "If only he do require our voices, we ought not to deny him."
  • Feinberg's father, Martin Feinberg, is also a resident of Newtown, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing an interview with him. public records show a Martin Feinberg residing in a retirement facility in Newtown.
  • Multimillion-dollar coaching salaries highlight misplaced priorities at public universities at a time when boards should focus on how to stretch thinning budgets, said Robert Atwell, president emeritus of the American Council on Education.
  • I still hadn't spied a public phone. I figured that the taprooms would have a phone, otherwise, how could a drunk call his wife and tell her he was going to be late coming home? I picked a bar, whose airlock was painted to look like a brick tunnel, and walked in.
  • Equity Share A security that represents ownership interest in a company. It is issued to those who have contributed capital in setting up an enterprise. Apart from a public ISSUE, equity shares may originate through an issue of BONUS SHARES, CONVERTIBLE securities, WARRANTS, GDRS, etc. An alternative term that is sometimes used is 'COMMON STOCK' or simply, 'STOCK'.
  • "Come on into my office," said Dominic. He shut his door after ushering Jacob in. "Please sit down. I'm sorry I'm late. I was just at the presentation being made by the first of these candidates being considered for the directorship of the new public Policy Institute."
  • The cash is badly needed to pay public salaries, including the wages of the West Bank's Western-trained security forces, which has been cooperating quietly with Israel for the past five years, helping reduce the inevitable frictions.
  • At the same time, one can sympathize with the lay public and bereaved relatives, in confusing these activities with freak shows.
  • So, back to the story. The very next day John was speaking with some people from the temple and confirmed that Jesus is "the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost" (from John 1:33). Now, this is the second reference to the baptizing ministry of Jesus. And look here. In this same section Jesus made another public appearance. He approached the area and John said, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world" (John 1:29).
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