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pointing için örnek cümleler:

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  • Yamba still continued to gaze up at the stars, and when at length she had apparently satisfied herself upon a certain point, she turned to me with a shout of excited laughter and delight, pointing frantically at a certain glowing star. Seeing that I was still puzzled by her merriment, she cried, "That star is one you remember well." I reflected for a moment, and then the whole thing came to me like a flash of lightning. YAMBA WAS APPROACHING HER OWN HOME ONCE MORE--THE VERY POINT FROM WHICH WE HAD BOTH STARTED EIGHTEEN MONTHS PREVIOUSLY! In the storm, as I have already said, we had passed Port Darwin altogether, having been driven out to sea.
  • Now the Khan had ridden up and sat upon his horse glowering at us, and his face was like the face of a devil. I had hoped that he might fear to attack, but the moment I saw his eyes, I knew that this would not be. He was quite mad with hate, jealousy, and the long-drawn excitement of the hunt, and had come to kill or be killed. Sliding from the saddle, he drew his short sword--for either he had lost his spear or had brought none--and made a hissing noise to the two dogs, pointing at me with the sword. I saw them spring and I saw him rush at Leo, and after that who can tell exactly what happened?
  • And then she saw it. Opening up before them was a fork in the tunnel. She silently turned to Patreli, pointing towards the tunnel that she instinctively knew held no adversaries. He nodded at her and they angled towards it.
  • But we have entrenched ourselves, father, said the boy, pointing to the boxes, barrels, and cases which had hastily been dragged out of the carts and placed outside to form a protection before the openings beneath the wagons, and also to fire over in case of an attack.
  • The teenagers took their mum home and Don Pablo offered to drive the three bots back to their balloon landing spot, after Noodles came back with the gas fuel. They had refused an invitation to stay for dinner, laughingly pointing out to the Don that bots took no ordinary meals and their efficient fuel cells lasted a month without re-fuelling.
  • There were in fact two walls, one on each side of the Ridgeway at this point. Nat was pointing at the one on the north (or Dorchester) side, which separated the Ridgeway from the wide expanse of grassland that stretched far away down a gentle slope and over a distant rise. Somewhere beyond there down in the valley was the village of Monkton, and further still I could just make out some of the buildings in Dorchester. But as I looked around my heart sank a little, for though I did not really expect to find Mr Whittles treasure, it would have been good to try, but now I saw how hopeless it would be. Beside the road there were also two or three thickets mainly of low thorn bushes, with a few other stunted trees, which might have provided the Sergeant with a hiding place, though one of the walls seemed more likely. But if he had hidden it in a wall, he had probably put it behind one of the stones, and only he would have been able to find it again.
  • They had gone only half the distance of the second stage of their journey, when they all halted abruptly as Zeke said in a low voice, pointing as he spoke toward the canyon, "Is that smoke off there?"
  • "Whats that?" the boy quickly asked, shifting any scrutiny off his own shoulders by pointing behind the old mans head to an engraving near the top of the white stump: in the bark, two carved lines formed a wide-angled V. The cuts exposed ancient green wood with dark veins running underneath the white bark. If there had once been an upper half to this glyph, it had long since been chopped away, for the twin lines had plainly been cloven during the same act that felled the tree itself.
  • The count looked around him. "Your pistols are beside your desk," said Monte Cristo, pointing with his finger to the pistols on the table.
  • That man! ejaculated the man scornfully, pointing to the form on the floor. "So that's your game! Going to try and cover your tracks! Why, you fool, I LIVE here! Do you think the police would imagine for an instant that I killed him?"
  • Yes, said Dr. Jimson, "there it is! Don't you see it," he continued, pointing with his finger, "flapping its tail on the water?"
  • When I got to the top of my stairs, I realized that it was my vase that fell and I also saw a pair of shoes moving into my closet. It was quite ironic that a thief was getting robbed by another one. When I approached my closet door, I waited a few minutes to see if the person was about to come out. Seeing that the thief wasnt coming out I ran into the closet. As soon as I turned inward to the closet all I heard was the sound of a gun going off. I fell backwards and lay still as my killer stood erect with the gun still in his hand pointing it at the same angle where he had shot me.
  • Now Swanhild touched Gizur on the arm, pointing first to the man who sat eating the fish and then to the spear in Gizur's hand. Gizur thought a while, for he shrank from this deed.
  • The two remaining field-pieces were brought close together, their muzzles pointing seaward, and all the ammunition-boxes belonging to them and to the wrecked guns were brought up and placed behind them. Then the survivors from the day-long struggle formed up, three deep, on either side of the guns, the first line lying down, the second kneeling, and the third standing, so that the rear-rank men should not fire into their comrades in front when the volley firing commenced. The gunners loaded their guns to the very muzzle with solid shot--case, chain, grape, and whatever else they could find--and then took up their positions behind the pieces, waiting for the command to fire.
  • As the planets population swells, particularly in major cities, scientists and public officials believe urban farms will play an important role supplementing our food supply. "Cities will never feed themselves; however, this is not the main point of urban agriculture," says Nevin Cohen, assistant professor of environmental studies at New Yorks New School of Social Research. "Local food is a growing trend and there is such potential here," he says, pointing out that New York City has the right ingredients to support urban farmingacres of usable rooftop space, eager entrepreneurs, sympathetic public officials, and an expansive food market that demands fresh local produce.
  • And that day, it seemed to him, his lips gave voice to lies. For, being Sunday, the wilderness folk gathered from miles about, and he preached to them in the little mission house which they had helped him to build of logs in the clearing. Partly he spoke in Cree, and partly in English, and his message was one of hope and inspiration, pointing out the silver linings that always lay beyond the darkness of clouds. To McKay, holding Nada's hand in his own as they listened, Father John's words brought a great and comforting faith. And in Nada's eyes and voice as she led in Cree the song, "Nearer, My God, to Thee," he heard and saw the living fire of that faith, and had Breault come in through the open doorway then he would have accepted him calmly as the beginning of that sacrifice which he had made up his mind to make.
  • "But it chanced, one day, that some natives from neighboring tribes, who had visited trading posts, came by the Tanana Indian camps, and when they saw how little their allies were getting from Bean for their skins, they suggested either visiting other posts or demanding more from their own trader. But Bean, so far as can be learned, was harsh and arrogant, and instead of offering a little more, which would still yield a handsome profit, he refused to consider the matter at all, and sneeringly pointing out that they were so far from any other post that they would have to come to him, he drove them away with gibes.
  • The woman smiled, for she did not understand a word. The gesture of pointing to the door was sufficient, and she went out, leaving the brothers alone.
  • As Waldo's eyes followed the direction of her pointing finger he came suddenly to his feet with a wild cry of joy; through the trees, out upon the shimmering surface of the placid sea, there lay a graceful, white yacht.
  • Revenge, however, sweet revenge, still remained, and that he could and would have. He had worked himself up to a pitch of fury that very closely approached madness; moreover, his bitter disappointment demanded alleviation through the suffering of him who had inflicted it. So, without waiting for a reply, he roared, pointing to Harry:
  • She wanted me to tell her Malorys tale of King Arthur. We went through all the Arthurian legends I could find, stuck away in odd corners of the house. There was Tennyson, of course, Geoffrey Ash and even an abridged version of Malory from my childhood. She pressed me to read them to her, pointing out how Edward himself connected it to Malory.
  • If you wish to avoid the dew of the morning, camp at the upper end of a carrying place, i. e., rapid, but if you wish to have a refreshing slumber camp at the foot of the rapid, have your head up stream and pointing to the north if possible.
  • Our little Hebe glanced in the direction I had indicated, and seemed quite to understand the nature of my suggestion, for she shook her head violently and exclaimed rapidly in accents of very decided dissent, "Ve! Ve!! Ve!!!" pointing at the same time to Smellie's and my own untended wounds.
  • Lion in that stable! he shouted, pointing to the big wooden doors across the road. "Escaped from the circus. Savage as they make 'em. Killed a trotting-horse in there, and no one can get near it. They say it's a man-eater, too!"
  • "'Go back!' says she in Spanish, pointing to the surf that thundered beyond the reef. 'Go back! Here is the devil--the sea hath more mercy--go back whiles ye may!' And now she checked all at once and falls a-shivering, for a voice reached us, a man's voice a-singing fair to hear, and the song he sang was this,
  • When he heard another rustle, and a growl even more vicious than before, he judged about the position of the sounds, and pointing the end of the torch straight ahead, pressed the button.
  • "Tommy?" Anna's voice is shrill with fear. She's standing a few feet away, pointing the gun at me. Her face is scary.
  • "Do you see that cloud of dust?" Chase asked, pointing into the desert. It appeared out of place. It did not look like a funnel cloud and seemed too narrow and isolated to be caused by wind.
  • The carpenter having reported that the body was ready, two more men came aft, bearing with them a grating which they laid down on the deck alongside the companion. They then descended to the berth wherein the dead man lay and, assisted by the carpenter and the man who had helped to sew up the body in its canvas shroud, carried the corpse, with some difficulty--owing to its weight, and the cramped dimensions of the berth and the companion-way--up on deck, where it was laid upon the grating, and a spare ensign spread over it as a pall. Then the four men raised the grating and its burden to their shoulders, and with Purchas in front reading the burial service, and Leslie following behind, all, of course, uncovered, the little procession moved slowly along the deck to the lee gangway, where the rest of the crew, also uncovered, awaited it. Arrived at the gangway, the grating was laid upon the rail, with the feet of the body pointing outboard; the carpenter and his assistant supporting the inner end of the grating.
  • I had not attended to this matter of registering my name and address among the refugees from Baltimore, and, without knowing exactly what would come of it, I consented to have it done at once, as he had suggested. pointing to a building on the opposite side of the square a little below where St.
  • The capture of the town had not been effected without loss. Menou's column had attacked on the right, Kleber in the centre, Bon had moved round south of the town. The Arab wall was obstinately defended, Kleber and Menou were both wounded as they led the grenadiers to the assault; Bon, however, had met with less resistance, and had captured the inner wall before the other columns succeeded in doing so. For some time the battle had raged in the streets, but the captain of a Turkish vessel had been sent by Napoleon to the governor, pointing out that further resistance would bring destruction upon the town, while if he yielded, the French troops, who came as friends to deliver them from the tyranny of the Mamelukes, would do no harm to anyone. Koraim thereupon capitulated. He was at once attached to the general staff, and charged with maintaining order in the town and disarming its inhabitants.
  • I say, look here! cried Saxe, pointing to another peak from which lovely, silvery streamers of cloud spread out: "you don't mean to say that there's bad weather up there now?"
  • So he dozed off pretty soon. By and by I got the old split-bottom chair and clumb up as easy as I could, not to make any noise, and got down the gun. I slipped the ramrod down it to make sure it was loaded, then I laid it across the turnip barrel, pointing towards pap, and set down behind it to wait for him to stir. And how slow and still the time did drag along.
  • "Yonder," said the chief, pointing towards the west, where the Great Sierra arose with its snowy peaks towering among the clouds, "are the Snow mountain. To reach the white settlement beyond we must cross it. We are too weak and destitute to do it. Let us build a lodge here and gather what provisions we can before the snow is deeper, and the deer all leave us."
  • Robert laughed even louder this time. "That is true also." He said, pointing his spoon at her after picking it up again. "A man does not need to know how to bow properly when all he is going to do is plant tobacco." He ended, shoveling in a mouthful of stewed apples.
  • "There," Mathius replied, pointing a finger towards a humongous, hexagonal tower that rose up at least three hundred feet.
  • "Im here with my producer," said von Sommerberg, pointing to Lena. "Were making a movie about his great grandmother, the famous dancer and Ive come back to ask Miss Lewis here to star in our movie."
  • Poor, self-condemned Slagg admitted that he had not, and humbly attended to Flinn's instructions, after which they proceeded on their way; but it might have been observed that Flinn kept a corner of his eye steadily on his new friend during the remainder of that day, while the attenuated black kept so close to Slagg's elbow as to render the pointing of the muzzle of his gun at him an impossibility.
  • Harry looked at the island, and then at the water tumbling and foaming in the vessel's wake; and then he began to look about for some more active occupation. The ladies were talking to their guests and pointing out the interesting places as they passed, and Gerald and Tricksy were sitting soberly in a corner by themselves. Mr. Stewart and Dr. MacGregor were busy with the sailing of the vessel, which seemed to require a great deal of management at this stage; and Harry's soul became filled with envy as he saw the other boys helping them dexterously as though they had passed their lives on board a ship.
  • Well, there's enough to patch a pair, anyway,"" said Katherine, pointing to a minute scrap of blue showing through a jagged rent in a gray cloud."
  • I frowned at that. I didnt know what he was doing, but Im pretty sure Lucifer baiting the psycho Centaur was not a good idea. I took a slow, steady breath and bit my tongue to keep from pointing this out to him.
  • Dans nocturnal position was brushed to the side as Skye rambled; maybe they could plant it in the front yard, see if a rutabaga queen grew at their own house! But Summer didnt pay any more attention. She stepped to where she could see them, Skye in Dans arms, pointing to a spot near Erika and Abby, who were not looking at Dan and Skye anymore. But Summer stared at her daughter, having chosen her own father, as if life really was a fairy tale.
  • Star stood pointing toward it without a word as the others came up. Burlinghame was the firs tot reach Stark's side. He bent low over the bones examining the skull carefully. John Alden Smith-Jones came panting up. Instantly he saw what Burlinghame was examining he turned deathly white. Burlinghame looked up at him.
  • Well, monsieur, the girl began, her voice quivering, "l'officier," pointing to Unworthy, "says he believes that I am a spy. He has no ground for such a belief, but he has proof which must have taught him otherwise. Inspector Dicken gave me a note of introduction to you. This note l'officier has in his pocket, having rudely taken it away from me."
  • It was very hard work to have to display all the confidence, but I told myself that it was incumbent upon me as a civilised being to show this savage a good example, and generally I'm afraid that I was disposed to be pretty conceited, as, recalling the native words I had picked up from our followers, I tried all that were available, pointing the while to the deer and asking him by signs as well if he would sell or barter it away to me for food.
  • When the horse-dealer had finished this pleasant tale, he laughed loudly, and the three other men laughed also because they had keen wits and appreciated a good story of real life. But their laughter was changed to astonishment--almost fright--when a big black negro bounded out of a dark corner and stood by the table, one outstretched ebony finger pointing to the piece of gold. Instantly the horse dealer snatched his treasure and thrust it into his pocket, and almost at the same moment each man sprung to his feet and put his hand on his favorite weapon. But the negro made no attempt to snatch the gold, nor did there seem to be any reason to apprehend an attack from him. He stood slapping his thighs with his hands, his mouth in a wide grin, and his eyes sparkling in apparent delight.
  • Sure he was; Mr. Condit had 'phoned to him. There were a dozen neighbors in the house, too, and more acomin' right along. Biggest kind of excitement. Oh! it's going to be town property before night, I guess, and lots of people'll be pointing their fingers at every fellow wearing khaki, and saying they always knew scouts was no better than the law allowed. Oh! wouldn't I like to get hold of that Hen Condit, though.
  • You see, said the girl, pointing to a dinner card bearing Merrithew's name, "I am going to place him between you and me. Will you--won't you arrange things so he'll take you in. No; never mind! I'll arrange that--you're always such a dear about such things, and you won't mind, will you?"
  • "Take other weapon then," Hadush said, pointing to other items on the rack. While she browsed the selection, Aiden handed over his rusty chain shirt, which was met with a look of scorn from the huge blacksmith.
  • The orcs saw the two approaching. It was evident because of all the pointing and laughing and jeering. A group of twenty orcs rushed to meet them, and their hostile intent was rather obvious. The rest cheered them on. Roseduck wondered why only twenty. Well, it made a bit of sense, because it should be more than enough. On the other hand, why not more?
  • Yonder will be most likely, said Melchior, pointing to a huge mass of dark mountain a few miles away, part of which was now glowing in the morning sun, whose bright rays made the ice and snow glitter on a score of peaks.
  • The dying lady looked unsatisfied, and some unpronounced words agitated her lips, as Constance entered unbidden, but most welcome. She knelt by her mother's side, and took the hand so feebly but affectionately extended towards her. The fearful change that had occurred during her short absence was but too visible. The breath that touched her cheek was cold as the morning mist. The sufferer would have folded her hands in prayer, but the strength had departed before the spirit was gone. Constance, seeing that the fine expression of life with which her upturned eyes had glittered was gradually passing away, clasped her mother's hands within her own: suddenly they struggled for freedom, and as her eye followed the pointing of her parent's finger, she saw the lamp's last beam flicker for a moment, and then expire!
  • His victory salute included pointing inwards with both outstretched hands: " look at me, " he was clearly saying.
  • What do you mean--finish him? cried Connie, pointing to the tracks in the snow that led from the scene of the brief struggle with the snare--tracks that showed where the lynx had fled in powerful, fifteen-foot leaps. "That don't look much like we'd finish that fellow, does it? Believe me, he left here in a hurry! He's probably climbing the North Pole right now!"
  • She shrugged, "I don't know." pointing to the stanzas in the four corners she said, "Some of these words match the poem in the article."
  • "We are very, very grateful to the governor and the people of Turkey for their incredible generosity to their neighbors who are fleeing Syria," Richard said, pointing out the United States "has been" and "will continue" providing assistance.
  • "Thats why I wont play any sports. I dont like hurting people, ok. Do you remember how my bodys built?" Connor emphasized by pointing to the center of his chest.
  • "Then let us pray that your catastrophe may be averted. I prescribe for you bismuth and carbonate of soda. Also in this weather it seems difficult to imagine such a thing. Look now, Miss Clifford," he added, with a note of enthusiasm in his voice, pointing towards the east, "look."
  • They had reached a crossroads; Jurtan, Max, and the remaining horse with their baggage. The east-west thoroughfare theyd been following had grown wider. It had sprouted pavement as well; clearly it had become an artery of some stature. Not only that, it had traffic, both foot and cart. Most of the traffic had been heading in the same direction, west. There was no surprise about that. The post at the corner of the intersection was dominated by a large arrow-edged sign pointing west, labeled with "PERIDOL" in half-a-dozen forms of script. No, there wasnt much doubt about it, not at all; Peridol was that way.
  • "Well, I want you to be careful about that stuff," he said, pointing to the bottle. "That's one of the habits I was speaking about, which they say is so easy not to form, but so hard to break. You drink rather freely, you know, whereas a few months ago you never touched wine or spirits. It's an awful snare--you may get badly entangled in it before you know you are caught at all."
  • There's another cedar tree! cried Gladys, pointing ahead of her. Springing from the steep side of the ravine and towering high above it stood a seventh cedar tree, more lofty and more ancient looking than the others.
  • Slowly and sinuously, like a serpent stealing upon his prey, the fetish- man or witch-doctor advanced until he stood within a yard of his intended victim, with the fatal wand still pointing straight at Smellie's breast. He stood thus for a full minute or more, seemingly striving to wring from the bound and helpless prisoner some sign of panic or at least of discomposure. In vain. His last most solemn act of duty done, Smellie at length turned his eyes upon those of his enemy, regarding him with a gaze so calmly steadfast, so palpably devoid of fear, that the savage, mortified at his utter failure, suddenly, with an exclamation unmistakably indicative of rage and chagrin, dropped the point of his wand, to raise it again instantly and direct it toward my breast.
  • Rolin pulled a piece of quickflint from his pocket and lit a durry. Its rich orange glow lit up the area only well enough to break stiff shadows on the strangers face.Range kept looking behind him, waiting for the inevitable. Rolin took a few deep puffs from the durry to brighten the cherry.The man was pointing to his open mouth.He was making a strange gaggling sound.Rolin leaned the durry toward the man.
  • Here is where our little friend lost his foot and there is the trap that helped to take it off,"" he said, pointing to a rusty Newhouse No. 2 that was lying in full view, chain and all, by the edge of the water."
  • Her ladyship seemed to take the proposal as a tremendous compliment, for her face lighted up with pleasure, and she kept on pointing round the circle and repeating "Halold--Dick--Daphne" until breakfast was concluded. And thenceforward she refused to answer to any other name than Daphne, assuming an air of the most complete unconsciousness when either of us presumed to address her as "Lubembabemba" (the butterfly).
  • A ship, Señor; a ship! cried one of the men hysterically, pointing ahead; and sure enough there were the two naked topmasts of a brig, a mile or more farther down the river.
  • In the midst of the conflict one of the officers dashed up to Amos Radbury. "Lieutenant, several Mexicans are escaping in yonder direction," he said, pointing with his sword. "You will take a detachment of twelve men, and go after them."
  • "And as a reward, you get to finally meet your master," Lucifer said, ignoring his question and pointing to himself. "Now, I have a proposal: you worship me and in exchange I will give you all of my worldly wisdom."
  • "'There the other mummy,' said Ali, pointing to a large and solid case that seemed to have been carelessly thrown down in a corner, for it was lying on its side.
  • He pantomimed this caution by pointing to Blake and the rifle. Then he dropped behind. Over the length of sledge and team he was thirty paces from Blake. At that distance he could drop him with a single shot from the Colt.
  • The Indians jabbered away in their own language, talking with one another, and pointing to the emblem of authority which hung from my neck. The governor stood like a man in a dream; the officers gazed alternately at me and the native soldiers, as if doubting the evidence of their senses.
  • "Miss Collingham started to her feet as she uttered these words almost in a shriek, and then fell back rigid and senseless, her outstretched hand still pointing to her betrothed.
  • Presently he thought he heard his uncle shout, and getting up looked aft. Tom Hoskins was now at the helm. Tripper was standing beside him, and pointing at something broad away on the beam. Jack at once made his way aft.
  • For the rest of the evening he was in a dream-world, far from the homestead; and later, he put on his blanket-coat again, and wandered out into the garden, that he might indulge in his dreams more easily. Just near the door he nearly fell over a shadowy figure crouched against the wall. The figure rose to its feet, and just then Roger pulled aside the curtain. In the sudden gleam of light Dick saw a keen, dark face, in which were unexpectedly set two hard, green-grey eyes. He heard the sound of some ceremonial greeting in a strange speech. But it was so much like a part of his dreams he felt bewildered. It was Peter Many-Names, who presently descended to his English, and pointing to a frozen haunch of venison, gravely gave Dick to understand that he would dispose of it to the highest bidder.
  • Poor Thunder maker! He had never been treated with such scant respect. Even the young papooses were putting "tongue in cheek" towards him, and some of the women could be seen pointing their fingers at his discomfited self.
  • Oui, yis, mes boys, and there's rain, and tunder, and lightin', added Henri, pointing to a dark cloud which was seen rising on the horizon ahead of them.
  • Use the pointing trowel to push in more mortar where you can see any voids.
  • I nodded my head. Without another word, Nikita rushed to the altar, interrupting the priest. He whispered something in his ear, frantically pointing in my direction. The blackrobed priest crossed himself and then walked over to where I was still standing in the wooden pew.
  • And that charming boy, she said, pointing to Edouard, "is he also your son?" And she gave a sigh. "God has been prodigal to you, madame, and as He has given you all you can desire, will you not implore Him to send me a son."
  • When all her company have passed the gate she lingers alone in the shadow of the pylon, whispering to the priest and pointing to the river and the southern land beyond. He is disturbed; he reasons with her, till, after one swift glance round, she lets drop her veil, bending towards him and--their lips meet.
  • The commotion had attracted the attention of the loungers in the store and as they hurried to the street, the conspirators, pointing to Bob, yelled:
  • In God's name, what little monsters are these? cried Zagloba on a sudden, pointing to a group of small men with olive complexions and black hair hanging on both sides of their heads.
  • Hetty, he croaked, pointing wildly to the south where a massive, dirty column of purple smoke and fire rose skyward like the stem of a monstrous and malignant toadstool. "Hetty's out there."
  • Mine host entered, bowed without grace in the doorway, and extended his left hand, pointing into the room. The draughts that blew from the rat-holes in the wainscot, or the mere action of entering, beat down the flame of the squat, guttering candle so that the chamber remained dim for a moment, in spite of the candle, as would naturally be the case. Yet the impression made upon Rodriguez was as of some old darkness that had been long undisturbed and that yielded reluctantly to that candle's intrusion, a darkness that properly became the place and was a part of it and had long been so, in the face of which the candle appeared an ephemeral thing devoid of grace or dignity or tradition. And indeed there was room for darkness in that chamber, for the walls went up and up into such an altitude that you could scarcely see the ceiling, at which mine host's eyes glanced, and Rodriguez followed his look.
  • 'Search him, process him, put him into holding and,' he said pointing at the best that the Remand Centre had to offer, 'get him out of those things. He may be a terrorist, but in here he's like everyone else.'
  • "There!" said the other, pointing to a long white line on the horizon. "There she is, blowing off her steam, or her funnel smoking, quite plain!"
  • And that patch of old monkshood, Saxe continued, pointing to a slope dotted with the dark blue flowers of the aconite. "Why, you can see that in nearly every cottage garden at home. Here's another plant, too--I don't know its name."
  • Outnumbered and unable to retreat Dredrik did the only thing he could think of. He leveled his blade pointing it directly toward the towering warrior in an obvious challenge.
  • Look!’ He turned, pointing to the sky to the southwest. They looked. Four specks grew larger as they drew nearer the House until they could be seen clearly. Four Dragons, coming to the Golden Lady.
  • Lions, baas, answered the Kafir as he paused for a moment, his arms filled with a great bundle of branches which he was carrying to the fires, and his great bronze body shining with perspiration; "we are beset by them; and if the fires were allowed to die down they would rush in upon us, and kill or stampede the whole of the oxen and horses. See there--and there--and there," he added, pointing into the darkness beyond the glow of the fires.
  • He passed me without a word, merely making a motion that I was to follow him, which I did out of curiosity, I suppose, for Heaven knows I had seen enough of the old wizard to last me for a lifetime. He reached a flat stone about a hundred yards above my camp, where there was no bush in which anyone could hide, and sat himself down, pointing to another stone in front of him, on which I sat myself down. Then the two men retired out of earshot, and, indeed, of sight, leaving us quite alone.
  • "I'm yer Lordship." The scrawny beast trembled in fear. "Tho truth isss we no want be here." Its finger lifted, pointing at the sniveling figure on the pony, "Him makesss usss Sire. Mercy pleassse?"
  • Bessie followed Dolly's pointing finger, and saw, on the side of Loon Pond opposite the hotel, several wagons, among which smoke was rising.
  • There goes von Kluck and the crew! shouted Harry, pointing to leeward. "They're scared to death. That mine settled them!"
  • In 1797, the grandiose had by no means made the deep invasion into the everyday language of the country, that it has since done. Anything of the sublime, or of the recondite, school was a good deal more apt to provoke a smile, than it is to-day--the improvement proceeding, as I have understood through better judges than myself, from the great melioration of mind and manners that is to be traced to the speeches in congress, and to the profundities of the newspapers. Rupert, however, frequently ornamented his ideas, and I may truly say everything ambitious that adorned my discourse was derived from his example. I almost thought Lucy impertinent for presuming to laugh at sentiments which came from such a source, and, by way of settling my own correctness of thought and terms, I made no bones of falling back on my great authority, by fairly pointing him out.
  • Phil and Bobolink and Andy all eagerly chimed in, trying to do the subject justice, but after all it seemed beyond their powers. They could only end by holding up both hands, rolling their eyes, shrugging their shoulders, and then mutely pointing to the various cuts, scratches and contusions that decorated their faces. The rest had to be left to the imagination.
  • On their arriving at the Hotel de Ville, the Prince, pointing with his finger to the purse with the hundred thousand guilders, said to Cornelius, --
  • On the shore of this barricade he cleared away the ice and snow, making an opening about the size of a barrel head, and then he paused, and pointing to the water, said, "See that! That's the beaver breathing!" This was shown by the water's surface gently rising and falling.
  • If you want change for a twenty-dollar gold piece just tap one of those with a stick. said Ned, laughing and pointing to the gold pieces scattered among the broken fragments of the belt.
  • One by one shadowed figures broke from the thick leaves and heavy branches of Sharia forest: Gerin, Estechian, Drogan, and Kalinies. Followed, finally, by Idimus. The King was in the same armor the last time Grahamas saw him. Jet black, huge teethed edges like a giant saw blade. The helmet was the most depraved, modeled after a human skull with two massive, thick horns twisting out from the top and pointing forward. "HelloChampion," came an echoed, diluted voice from inside.
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