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out of work
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Okunuşu: / aʊt ɒv wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


işsiz, boşta.

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  • Not in Employment, Education or Training. During 2009 the number of UK under-25s in this category rose to above one million people. It seems strange that when so much needs doing there are so many people not doing anything, and the authorities are incapable of matching one with the other (especially given so many managers out of work not doing anything either).
  • Looking down, she saw that she was at the edge of the Boardwalk, Santa Cruzs historic amusement parked that perched at the edge of the bay. Santa Cruz was an interesting place to live. Caught between the ocean and the mountains, and the present and the past, it was a tourist town inhabited by a curious mix of burned out hippies, homeless druggies, militant vegans, naked lesbians, latent and persistent beatniks, skater teens, surfer bros, and affluent yuppies. She had lived there for years, started a business there. She was fortunate enough to own her own veterinary practiceshe had been out of work for so long because of all the chaos, as an employee she would have lost significant quantities of money, or even her job to begin with. As the practice owner, she simply had to make sure tasks were being delegated and taken care, and she was fortunate enough to have a competent and dedicated staff.
  • Jobless benefits for the roughly 2.1 million Americans who have been out of work for more than six months will expire at the end of December. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that an extension of these benefits would cost the government nearly $30 billion.
  • "Things are improving," says David Jellison, 37, a systems administrator in Puyallup, Washington, whos planning a family vacation to California. "People I know who were out of work are getting jobs. Everything seems to be picking up."
  • The behemoth has recruited some out of work actors to pretend to be iraqis for combat readiness exercises.
  • He leaned on the railing and thought about the big empty factory building just east of Route 110 on the south side of the Expressway. The 15-year lease that had been paying off the property suddenly was worthless when the company, a defense subcontractor, went bankrupt. Such was the price of peace. The end of the Cold War. It didn't feel like such a good idea to people out of work and manufacturers who couldn't pay the rent and investors like him who got burned by other people's decisions. He had never felt helpless before, but when that disaster struck at the end of a long string of deals gone bad and when one of his former partners was indicted for paying off a Republican town political leader for a few zonings, he was seized with fear that he too would be caught in the mess.
  • "Oh, noble English that could entertain with half their forces the full pride of France, and let another half stand laughing by, all out of work and cold for want of action!"
  • "Oh, noble English that could entertain with half their forces the full pride of France, and let another half stand laughing by, all out of work and cold for want of action!"
  • I tried to picture that scene. Id introduce myself and say, "Well, we have quite a history between us for two people whove never met face to face. You screwed my husband at least a few times in the past year, and now I find myself out of work because of your husband. And my sister has gotten it into her head that you know more than you should about her husbands kidnapping. So, do you?"
  • In the eurozone, only Greece, which is facing a sixth year of recession, has a greater proportion of young people out of work.
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