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Okunuşu: / ɔː / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: or


bağlaç yahut, veya;

kıs. Oregon.

or için örnek cümleler:

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  • Mucus trooper, a stoic, a model patient, a walking epidemic or a shirker?
  • And perfectly indifferent, too, as to whether it turns around or stands still.
  • These cozy pouch style slings are the ideal way to carry your baby or toddler.
  • The rss bookmark stays live so you can put it in a bookmark toolbar or whatever.
  • Now, you can become an innkeeper, a famous musician, or the richest gambler ever!
  • A first- or second-generation cephalosporin has the required spectrum of activity.
  • It was equipped to accept either the 3c, 4c or 5c collets supplied with the lathe.
  • At least there were no ice-cream sellers, metal playgrounds or other modernities.
  • Smother crops of maize, vetches or mustard will assist in choking out the weed.
  • Places are limited; there is no system of tickets or advance booking.
  • Is his credit rating is better than, say, general electric or barclays bank?
  • Another photograph featured a 1950, or thereabouts, o.p. blazer badge.
  • The additional year can be either clinical endocrinology or research.
  • Ornate carvings on the columns, or creating a symmetrical ceiling rose.
  • Nobody should be allowed near lambing ewes or allowed to handle newly born lambs.
  • Fictive swimming can be stopped by pressure to the head skin or cement gland.
  • Instead of eight machine guns, it now had twelve, or four 20mm cannon.
  • Abstention from akusala or the development of other kinds of kusala.
  • Nose leather and eye rims are black and the paw pads are black or dark brown.
  • And, many gamers are very territorial or passionate about what they play.
  • Bendy argent and gules a chief sable with a bar dancetty or therein.
  • Peter williams make a silver pendant or earrings - for 13 to 18 year olds.
  • Does the absence of clarity increase or decrease the likelihood of voting at all?
  • Imply the approval of the author or of anyone else connected with the project.
  • Not lack of high-tech gadgets or multi-media presentation equipment.
  • Genomics research will do nothing to identify or remove the causes of cancer.
  • Visit the legendary birthplace of king arthur or walk with dinosaurs.
  • Com boom i made a good wage, which allowed me to attend two or three a year.
  • Get hold of some animal manure, maybe offer to clean out a chicken shed or stable.
  • Aftercare service is offered to service users residing within or near glasgow.
  • Satellite dish on a chimney, or any part of a building facing a highway.
  • Heavyweight champion warned by adolf hitler to beat joe louis or else?
  • It can be used as a working easel or as a display easel and is extremely light.
  • Oxytocin induction or acceleration, and prostaglandin e2 gel induction.
  • Do not use the bathtub or drawers as hideaways for leftover junk or other items.
  • I really have a compunction or two about helping to put your brother into drama.
  • National or religious dress must be officially approved by the proctors.
  • Exposure to sunlight may cause a skin rash, itching, redness, or severe sunburn.
  • Contraindicated in cases of known hypersensitivity to lhrh or buserelin.
  • These woods include cedar, cherry, eucalyptus, fir, plum, plywood or spruce.
  • Is she a craven coward or are the puppies just bought in for resale?
  • Who decides what the policy means in practice, doctor or prison governor?
  • Button-down collars and leather caps are all would-be beatles or embryo donovans.
  • Pop-up puppets are a fun way to play peek-a-boo with a child or hide and seek.
  • They can however be absolutely pivotal to the success or failure of an expedition.
  • You can enter a passphrase or manually enter the required hex strings.
  • Think of a confirmed drunkard, or a confirmed thief, or a confirmed liar.
  • Wondrous things like natural vistas, a storm, beauty, great art or the night sky.
  • They are secured using manufacturers locating points or rain gutters.
  • How long does it actually take to hear the blackbird sing or feel the sunlight?
  • Where does he live, and why does he only ever appear at night or in thick cloud?
  • Other signs include backache or that heavy feeling you get during your period.
  • A bitter fruit can be used in mixed hedgerow jams, or to flavor gin.
  • Flaming chalice embroidered over the pulpit drop or painted on the wall.
  • Coroner or deputy coroner appointed for any district in northern ireland.
  • Several strong candidates for type 2, or obscured quasars have been discovered.
  • Your favors or confetti cones will look absolutely fabulous in this basket.
  • Snide comments or call on the government to tax him out of business.
  • Giggletions go from giggling helplessly to being stunned or even crying!
  • Carotenoid levels by regulating certain metabolic steps or by cross-breeding.
  • Table manners: wait for the host or hostess to tell you where to sit.
  • Hatchery the kingfisher can be a problem at trout hatcheries or garden ponds.
  • To spice up a basic dressing, try adding ground cumin, caraway seeds or paprika.
  • Insensate cruelty, of human suffering, are reminiscent of treblinka or babi yar.
  • Nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, melt the margarine or butter.
  • There is something too restless in me to allow mediocrity or failure.
  • Bowling slightly fuller than usual on or around off stump is the best tactic.
  • Same-sex couples will have been living together for several years or even decades.
  • Performative act or gesture, draws attention to the nature of video itself.
  • Disintegrate when placed near water or are exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Yes, but it is not the silence of callous indifference or helpless weakness.
  • Scoop neck camisole goes with jeans and skirts or under shirts and suits.
  • Leeds youth choir is a four-part choir for singers from 12 to 19 or over.
  • Stick your hand up and shout, tell a lifeguard or dial 999 for coastguard ends.
  • Coronary artery bypass graft ( or cabg ) improves blood flow to the heart.
  • Try resting on a lever arch file, or a purpose made or purchased angled desk top.
  • Tendinitis symptoms seem to improve or go away, they can easily come back!
  • Protrusion of an organ ( or part of an organ ) through its containing wall.
  • It feels surreal here, a little like a film set, or maybe the surface of the moon.
  • A simple tree stump or large log turned on its end will normally suffice.
  • Impinge on press freedoms in malaysia is not just five or 10, but 35.
  • Editorial comments or annotations, texts can only be read in full screen mode.
  • Trance phenomena are, to a greater or lesser degree, part of all therapy.
  • The local presbytery or bishop currently appoints part-time chaplains.
  • They are naturally sweetened with no artificial flavorings or colors.
  • Hunched over the steering wheel or feel the need to grip it tightly.
  • You can contact a registered dietitian through your local hospital or gp surgery.
  • No traveling or subsistence allowance will be paid by the university.
  • Genetic predisposition associated with other atopic diseases, eg eczema or asthma.
  • Objectors may address the committee either singularly or may elect a spokesperson.
  • Most received suspensions of two or three days or verbal reprimands.
  • Free-standing wardrobes or wall units to allow air to circulate freely.
  • Never use the spark coil in the vicinity of flammable liquids or gases.
  • Magnetic resonance scan will show tibialis tendon tendinitis or rupture.
  • Riser card contains the slots for the isa, pci, or agp adapter cards.
  • Bunion corrected, or an operation for arthritis of the big toe, at the same time.
  • Dot com help you buy or refinance your home with the right home loan mortgage.
  • Thiefers are taken by petty thieves or by drug abusers needing their next fix.
  • This signal is relayed quickly by voice, hand and arm movements, or horn blasts.
  • This is never more true than in critical illness or birth asphyxia cases.
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