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  • Free brochure request service type:reception venues, civil wedding venues springtime is special~ summertime on the terrace is relaxing and fun.
  • The lad muttered something to himself and drummed on the window-pane with his coarse fingers. He had just turned round to say something when the door opened and Sibyl ran in.
  • Some vegetables can be consumed raw, some may be eaten cooked, and some must be cooked in order to be edible. Vegetables are most often cooked in savory or salty dishes. However, a few vegetables can be used in desserts and other sweet dishes, such as pumpkin pie and carrot cake. A number of processed food items available on the market contain vegetable ingredients and can be referred to as "vegetable derived" products. These products may or may not maintain the nutritional integrity of the vegetable used to produce them.
  • Err, .... no, but thanks anyway,’ Paul said, giving Crousti a parting, friendly slap on the shoulder and striding on up the hill.
  • The two girls in their white dresses, each with a rose in her black hair, both curtsied in the same way, but the hostess' eye involuntarily rested longer on the slim Natasha. She looked at her and gave her alone a special smile in addition to her usual smile as hostess. Looking at her she may have recalled the golden, irrecoverable days of her own girlhood and her own first ball. The host also followed Natasha with his eyes and asked the count which was his daughter.
  • Hawksworth tuned the strings quickly and meticulously. Then he settled himself on the carpet and took a deep breath. His fingers were stiff, his mind groggy with wine, but he would play a song he knew well. A galliard Dowland had written when Queen Elizabeth was still alive, in honor of a Cornwall sea captain named Piper, whom shed given a letter of marque to attack the Spanish, but who instead turned an uncontrollable pirate, pillaging the shipping of any flag convenient. Hed become an official outlaw but a genuine English folk hero, and Dowland had honored his memory with a rousing composition—"Pipers Galliard."
  • A father, being on the point of death, wished to be sure that his sons would give the same attention to his farm as he himself had given it. He called them to his bedside and said, "My sons, there is a great treasure hid in one of my vineyards." The sons, after his death, took their spades and mattocks and carefully dug over every portion of their land. They found no treasure, but the vines repaid their labor by an extraordinary and superabundant crop.
  • At the Barilla Center for Food & Nutritions conference in Milan this fall, Guido Barilla, president of the 135-year-old food company that funds the nonprofit organization, talked about the importance of companies having "a double responsibility." In addition to making a profit, he said, they need to take responsibility for the impact their products can have on the world, particularly the food system.
  • But in its overall image of the medieval italian city, the book perhaps errs a little on the side of stability.
  • Watson: The head of the Syrian National Coalition, which the U.S. government has backed, came out with a statement very critical of the international community, saying we need $3 billion if you want us to have any say on events on the ground inside Syria. Where is that money?
  • The Binding of Isaac received generally favorable reviews from game critics. on the review aggregator GameRankings, the game has an average score of 85.17%, based on 18 reviewsOn Metacritic, the game has an average of 84 out of 100 based on 30 reviews.
  • Li Xingwen, a columnist for Party-owned Beijing Youth Daily, offered two plausible deconstructions that also seem to blame Chinese society, and not the ruling Communist Party, for whatever tragedy the temple collapse represents. He wrote in an editorial on Sunday: "On one hand, the survival or extinction ofthe one and the sevenin the damaged temple suggests that society has its own justice and evil cant escape a final judgment; on the other hand, the story is about democracy at a crossroads: The majoritys tyrannical policies were stupid and they finally ate their own bitter fruit. Via these three stories Mo Yan showed his viewpoint: never follow the crowd, never protest for show, and never encroach on personal freedom in the name of the majority."
  • Above, the concrete tree trunks on the top floor provide fixed base points for setting out the roof steelwork.
  • Many were given the thyroid hormone thyroxine purely on the basis that they had symptoms suggestive of thyroid disease.
  • Seekc accounts at the ctc agm in april the board sought approval from members on the continuing auditing of the ctc accounts.
  • Boehner and Obama have made headway on the politically explosive question of the president's ability to avoid constant battles over raising the nation's debt ceiling, which controls the level of borrowing by the government. Boehner is ready to give Obama a year of relative immunity from conservative strife over the debt ceiling, while Obama is pushing for two years.
  • A strong magnet held on one side of the hand can easily deflect a compass needle on the other side of the same hand.
  • "You think he went off just by chance?" said a comrade, who was on the staff that evening, to the officer of the Horse Guards, referring to Ermolov. "It was a trick. It was done on purpose to get Konovnitsyn into trouble. You'll see what a mess there'll be tomorrow."
  • But " sic transit Gloria " when cables and satellites came on the scene the hf systems closed down one by one.
  • The Justice Department, based on the report it did, streamlined agency and state reporting processes for the national background check database, according to a department official who requested anonymity to discuss its actions.
  • "Are there really supposed to be ethics in warfare? Then I suppose you should have sent only two of your warships against him. Instead you sent four, and still he prevailed. Today he has no need for excuses. And tell me again what happened when your infantry assaulted the English traders on the river?" Mukarrab Khan had monitored the Jesuits eyes in secret glee, watching him mentally writhe in humiliation. "Am I to understand you could not even capture a pinnace?"
  • Suddenly and simultaneously a crowd of memories awoke in his fancy--of the look Platon had given him as he sat under the tree, of the shot heard from that spot, of the dog's howl, of the guilty faces of the two Frenchmen as they ran past him, of the lowered and smoking gun, and of Karataev's absence at this halt--and he was on the point of realizing that Karataev had been killed, but just at that instant, he knew not why, the recollection came to his mind of a summer evening he had spent with a beautiful Polish lady on the veranda of his house in Kiev. And without linking up the events of the day or drawing a conclusion from them, Pierre closed his eyes, seeing a vision of the country in summertime mingled with memories of bathing and of the liquid, vibrating globe, and he sank into water so that it closed over his head.
  • David suddenly says, "Hey, Todd, try ringing Mark's cell phone and saying, sorry, wrong number. He might leave it on the table."
  • Externalityve analyzed the importance of network externalities on the demand side ( arthur 1985, david 1985, etc.
  • On the other hand, The New York Times writer Katherine Schulten was critical about civil rights history education in the US. She said: "American students are less proficient in history than in any other subject over all. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, however, civil rights history is an especially neglected topic in schools." Schulten continued, "This time of the year, as teachers consider how to address Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month, we wonder how you teach about the civil rights movement." Her aim was to start an online discussion on the subject.
  • For instance, it is a custom in the middle and far east to produce intricate patterns on the hands and face using henna.
  • They have two long tail streamers - shorter on the female - which help to distinguish them from house martins.
  • Natasha did not change her position, but her whole body heaved with noiseless, convulsive sobs which choked her. Marya Dmitrievna glanced round at Sonya and seated herself on the sofa beside Natasha.
  • The news comes as people grow increasingly concerned at the attempt of americans to impose their values on the world wide web.
  • Woody, meanwhile, had chosen to stay close to the entrance and avoid the melee. Instead he had pulled out his revolver and was eyeing up any hidden places on the walls or ceilings to see if a crafty ninja had not concealed himself therein. He found at least three on his first scan of the hallway, betrayed only by heavy breathing or a twitching toe. To a normal human being these would have been easy to ignore, but for a trained tracker such as himself small movements were easy to spot.
  • A possible basal unconformity has been observed with a fine grained conglomerate lying on the hard devonian quartzite.
  • Rick shrugged. Joy approached him and kissed him gently on the cheek. ‘Thanks old friend. Winston would love you for this.’
  • That is to say, In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate is the sacred title of three Stamps of Divine Oneness, which form a luminous line on the page of the world, and a strong cord, and shining filament.
  • Withdrawwas a potential hazard when richard dreyfus withdrew almost on the eve of the previews, just three weeks before opening night.
  • Ranked third in the Index of Economic Freedom (2010), Australia is the world's thirteenth largest economy and has the fifth highest per capita GDP (nominal) at $66,984. The country was ranked second in the United Nations 2011 Human Development Index and first in Legatum's 2008 Prosperity Index. All of Australia's major cities fare well in global comparative livability surveys; Melbourne reached first place on the Economist's 2011 and 2012 world's most livable cities lists, followed by Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide in sixth, eighth, and ninth place respectively. Total government debt in Australia is about $190 billion20 per cent of GDP in 2010. Australia has among the highest house prices and some of the highest household debt levels in the world.
  • The school was narrower than it was long. I could walk around the west end, and use the closest doors on the north side, and still have plenty of time to get to my locker before Biology started.
  • I took my tour and saw no excess sign, and on the way to the hut met the wagoners coming down, ready to return to Caldridge. There were six of them, so Rothman would have but two men with him, and those the worst of the lot, I thought. Well, twas not for me to say.
  • Giant centipede stand the children in a line, one behind the other with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front.
  • Fisherman also amuse yourself watching the local fishermen shining bright lights on the waters to attract squid.
  • This time, on the advice of Queen Janahara, Arangbar transferred his son Parwaz out of the Deccan, to Allahbad, and in his place sent Prince Jadar. The younger prince had marched on the Deccan with forty thousand additional troops to supplement the existing forces.
  • Like Gray, economists are also unsure how much they can attribute business decisions to something so indeterminate as uncertainty, and they are divided over the degree to which erratic policymaking has dragged on the economy in recent years, if it has at all.
  • He dug a handful of change out of his pocket and clanked it in his hand until he had attracted the youngster's attention. Then he turned his hand over and opened it. The youngster stared down at the coins on the sand, wondering whether he could grab a couple and make a getaway. Guy offered to hold his telescope while he picked up the coins. The youngster handed it to him and hopped down from his rock, accepting the deal.
  • As Vane worked, locking down Extensions on each side of his Square, he became increasingly annoyed by peripheral glimpses of his Core neighbors; their eyes hard on him, at first copying, then anticipating his moves. He felt the vital force on the opposite ends, locking down ahead of him, and suppressed powerful urges to yank his Extensions right back. Behind him, Mudheads Square #2 was being ably constructed by competing Afar youngsters while the African, fanning himself under the Big Tarp, farcically described the COs mighty efforts in Sahobut even those little showoff brutes were making Vane hustle. Before hed completed his extended Frame his neighbors were already locked down and pacing. They could barely contain their impatience. Vane knew he should have been proud of them . . . but were they trying to make him ashamed of himself? Dog-tired, his shirt clinging, he stamped up to the Stage, hacked the cap off a Lowenbrau, and collapsed on a folding chair.
  • The alien mind that received those words shuddered with the horror. But the mental habits of so many years befriended it then; it realized, as it felt the pang, that it could do nothing then and there. It must act in its own medium; on the crowd of diabolic curiosities that surged around it, it could produce no effect. "I am here," Lord Arglay's mind said to itself, "by my will and the virtue of the Stone. I can do nothing here--nothing. I must return by virtue of the Stone." It sought to shut out the vision in front of it; it sought to concentrate on itself and to will to know again the vehicle that was natural to it. And even as it did so Lord Arglay heard a voice saying to him: "Have you seen? have you seen?"
  • My father in his defense wishes it pointed out that he only ate the puffin because it was the cheapest item on the menu.
  • "Very. He's at the bar, sitting on the edge of it. He's got a Santa Claus beard on and he's singing Coming Round the Mountain. And telling everybody that the song is written about his mountain."
  • "Why would the greatest troubadour in the land want to hear me?" Roland shrank his skinny frame down behind the trestle table, as if someone had already called on him to play. "I am lucky just to be hearing him." The Combret jongleur, Guacelm, who had taught him the lute and promised to start him on the vielle had said Roland's was a gift from God. But how much could Guacelm know? He was only a jongleur, not a troubadour.
  • Guy was almost as quick on the uptake. "You've just got the forged notes there," he pointed out. "We're supposed to be trading all Toby's winning for Bob. It's a bit of a dead giveaway just giving them the duds back."
  • Paul ran hard across the car-park to the far side of the site, passing travellers who were emerging from their vehicles, oblivious of the falling snow, all eyes anxiously turned towards the spreading, black line. He reached the industrial unit and skidded round the corner, sprinting past a couple of steel skips and piles of stacked pallets to take a flying leap at the wire mesh fence. His fingers gripped the cold wire and in a couple of seconds hed flung himself over to land on the snow covered grass of a large garden. But as Paul picked himself up and prepared to run, he heard another piercing whistle blast. He looked over his shoulder, praying he hadnt been spotted, and saw maybe 60 or 70 metres away, a gendarme with his arm outstretched towards him, shouting in rapid french
  • Withholding drugs on the economically justifiable grounds of protection of property rights, is an obvious disgrace in humanistic terms.
  • Birds eat the haws on the hawthorn bushes and deposit the remains across the common, surface planting them for germination in the summer.
  • And the foremost of those mirror-bearing enraptured admirers, those heralding thoughtful ones, those needy thankful ones is the human spirit, in which case, it will accompany that beauty, that perfection, that mercy on the endless road to eternity; it will be immortal.
  • I hope your circumstances continue on much as they are now, but on the chance they do not, I can be reached by leaving a note in the hollow of the lighting-struck tree half a mile to the east of your house.
  • The girl smiled and took it. Nesvitski like the rest of the men on the bridge did not take his eyes off the women till they had passed. When they had gone by, the same stream of soldiers followed, with the same kind of talk, and at last all stopped. As often happens, the horses of a convoy wagon became restive at the end of the bridge, and the whole crowd had to wait.
  • House Speaker John Boehner and scores of fellow Republican lawmakers started sharing examples they hoped would put the blame for the lack of a resolution on the Democrats.
  • Pierre reaching the house first went into Prince Andrew's study like one quite at home, and from habit immediately lay down on the sofa, took from the shelf the first book that came to his hand (it was Caesar's Commentaries), and resting on his elbow, began reading it in the middle.
  • Popular non-public holidays include Old New Year (New Year according to Julian Calendar on 14 January), Tatiana Day (students holiday on 25 January), Maslenitsa (an old pagan spring holiday a week before the Great Lent), Cosmonautics Day (in tribute to Yury Gagarin's first ever human trip into space on 12 April), Ivan Kupala Day (another pagan Slavic holiday on 7 July) and Peter and Fevronia Day (taking place on 8 July and being the Russian analogue of Valentine's Day, which focuses, however, on the family love and fidelity).
  • View from the north entrance road, blue sea on the horizon, on another very warm sunny september day at eden.
  • The clinic is run by Suresh Kumar, whom the villagers call doctor. He isnt. He has a degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Lucknow, a sign in English says on the back of a door. When asked about his degree, Kumar said the sign was mistaken, and that his degree was from a local institute that lost its accreditation.
  • Derivatives of guar gum that has been further reacted is also used in industrial applications, such as the paper and textile industry, ore flotation, the manufacture of explosives and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of oil and gas formations. Guar gum is often crosslinked with boron or chromium ions to make it more stable and heat-resistant. The crosslinking of guar with metal ions results in a linear gel that does not block the formation and helps efficiently in formation cleaning process. The borateguar reaction is reversible, and depends on the pH (hydrogen ion concentration) of the solution. Crosslinking of guar with borate occurs at high pH (approximately 910) of the solution. Guar gum has also proven a useful substitute for locust bean gum (made from carob seeds).
  • Wal-Mart operates on the premise that running its business on a low-cost basis leads to low prices for its 200 million weekly customers. The 50-year-old chain, founded by Sam Walton, now has more than 10,000 stores and its annual sales rose nearly 6 percent to $443.85 billion last year.
  • Kobi laughed to himself. The British Museums brochure certainly put a good face on the situation. It didnt exactly agree with the Africans view of events.
  • That means playing a number of roles, sometimes with high gestures of real or feigned anger, frustration or disappointment. At the 1948 Senate hearings on the plan for European recovery that would bear his name, George C. Marshall, whom columnist James Reston described that day as displaying "moral grandeur," silenced an interrupting senator with a single glare. Kissinger threatened to walk out on Syrias Hafez al-Assad at least once; James Baker did the same with Assad, the Palestinians and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.
  • In the spring of 1807 he decided to return to Petersburg. on the way he intended to visit all his estates and see for himself how far his orders had been carried out and in what state were the serfs whom God had entrusted to his care and whom he intended to benefit.
  • David, Mike and Jay go to Tom and Bob's apartment around five pm. David knocks on the door. Bob walks over and opens it and says, "Hey guys, com'on in."
  • Surely, comrade galloway would have insisted on an active relationship with his former chums on the labor left.
  • Gillett makes helpful observations in this chapter on the complex set of attitudes surrounding the operatic diva.
  • Once set, make an easier to see mark on the rear timing cover above the crank pulley aligned with the scribed timing mark.
  • Sometime this winter you could have a glass of orange juice made with oranges picked by a robot. Energid Technologies is testing a prototype robotic picker in a Fort Myers (Fla.) orange grove this month. A truck-mounted arm with several pneumatic tubes guided by a camera locates the oranges for picking. A clipper attached to the tube snips the oranges off the tree, according to Chief Technical Officer James English. The robot is designed for juice oranges only, because its rough on the fruit. The company hopes to have a commercial robot ready within two to three years at a cost of about $200,000 to $300,000 per robot.
  • Teaching interests ruehl lectures on the history of political thought since c. 1890 in part ii of the history tripos.
  • The buildings on the north side of eastgate are good enough to retain, tho they could be made more permeable at ground level.
  • That had been the 15th, hed gone to Paris on the 16th, ending up that night at the Punks farm. So ..... Paul tried to remember, so much seemed to have happened in so little time. Hed slept the best part of the day away on the 17th, walked all night, and slept again in the deserted barn on the 18th, so that would make this morning the 19th, he reasoned.
  • "Coups are not just temporary regimes created when the armed forces rioted, attempted to subdue the people and seized power for a certain period of time. on the contrary, they attempted to make sure that their temporary rule would last through the guardianship institutions as products of a systemic design." (p. 16)
  • In September, the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, the worst of a string of attacks on international convoys and official buildings in the city.
  • "Equipment maker (CIEN) reports on Thursday morning, too. Spending by (NYSE:T), (VZ) (NYSE:S) and the like, has been inordinately geared toward towers, and not on the optical or software build out. The starving we've seen in this group, which includes (JNPR) and even (CSCO), tells me that we should be worried, even as (FNSR), a fellow optical traveler, had good things to say when it reported earlier this week."
  • It all started with a boy in his class who had targeted a quiet, shy girl for bullying, knowing that she would not speak up for herself or talk to the teacher about the situation. Like most bullies, this boy pushed the girl around and insulted her in front of classmates, but he did this during recess or when the teacher was out of the room. on the few occasions that students spoke up on the girls behalf, the bully threatened them, saying he would beat them up if they told anyone. As he became more confident that he could do whatever he wanted and suffer no consequences for his actions, he began to branch out and verbally attack other students, again threatening them with violence if they said anything about the situation to a teacher or parent.
  • As an organist he was particularly noted for his skill in improvisation, and on the basis of merely twelve major organ works, Franck is considered by many the greatest composer of organ music after Bach. His works were some of the finest organ pieces to come from France in over a century, and laid the groundwork for the French symphonic organ style. In particular, his Grande Piece Symphonique, a 25 minute work, paved the way for the organ symphonies of Charles-Marie Widor, Louis Vierne, and Marcel Dupr.
  • As the hypnotic rhythm of the oars lulled Hawksworths mind, he felt a growing tiredness begin to beg at his senses. Against his will he started to drift, to follow the moonlights dancing, prismatic tinge on the moving crest of waves. And to puzzle over what lay ahead.
  • Kevin russell and heath combined to embarrass the preston keeper and lead to some rather childish tantrums from beck on the touchline.
  • In fact, shit! Tara, and Chris and Julie had probably seen him on the news or online, wanted by the police for suspected terrorism.
  • But it is not only on the merits of the argument that i personally accept the lucan authorship of the gospel and acts.
  • Settled by successive waves of arrivals during the last 10,000 years, California was one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse areas in pre-Columbian North America; The Indigenous peoples of California included more than 70 distinct groups of Native Americans, ranging from large, settled populations living on the coast to groups in the interior. California groups also were diverse in their political organization with bands, tribes, villages, and on the resource-rich coasts, large chiefdoms, such as the Chumash, Pomo and Salinan. Trade, intermarriage and military alliances fostered many social and economic relationships among the diverse groups.
  • "Give me your coat and umbrella," said Holmes. "They may rest here on the hook and will be dry presently. You have come up from the south-west, I see."
  • Luxury vacation condo rentals for rent by owner on the island paradise of siesta key near sarasota, florida.
  • Adopt where reasonably practicable, procedures and processes to control core business activities to minimize its impact on the environment.
  • Connecticut also has a very active bicycling community, with one of the highest rates of bicycling ownership and use in the United States. New Haven's cycling community, organized in a local advocacy group called ElmCityCycling, is particularly active. According to the U.S. Census 2006 American Community Survey, New Haven has the highest percentage of commuters who bicycle to work of any major metropolitan center on the East Coast.
  • A shallow adit driven from near the old reducing works on the south connects with these workings, its mouth is however choked.
  • The All-Wise Creator answers their silent prayer and bestows on the seeds of one species tiny wings made of hair: they fly away spreading everywhere.
  • "That's a good point, but you can't blame me for being worried sweetie. I mean with this new boyfriend of yours. You know I don't trust boys that drive sports cars. Especially not the really cute ones who have a way of making every female in sight go all gooey on the inside."
  • She is also well-known for her pictures of children on the beach and summer sporting events such as ascot and henley.
  • Stainless steel balustrades on the upper walkway prevent objects being thrown or falling onto the track below.
  • There had been an eerie horn blast a few moments ago, and then the Saracens had all ridden away. All he could see now were the dead ones, their bodies scattered over the beach, distinguishable by the bright reds, greens, and yellows of their garb. Sunlight gleamed dully on the mail and helmets of slain Christians. The friars were already moving among them.
  • Zimmer describes the experiences and influences that helped forge his theory, including the early geologists and of course the voyage on the beagle.
  • The Frenchman glanced around uneasily and then, as if overcoming his hesitation, rapidly threw off his uniform and put on the shirt. He had a long, greasy, flowered silk waistcoat next to his sallow, thin bare body, but no shirt. He was evidently afraid the prisoners looking on would laugh at him, and thrust his head into the shirt hurriedly. None of the prisoners said a word.
  • The state developed a cotton culture in the east in lands of the Mississippi Delta. This was where enslaved labor was used most extensively, as planters brought with them or imported slaves from the Upper South. on the eve of the Civil War in 1860, enslaved African Americans numbered 111,115 people, just over 25% of the state's population.
  • In 1943, Bob Clampett directed Falling Hare, a Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny. With Roald Dahl's book and Walt Disney's proposed film being the inspiration, this short has been one of the early Gremlin stories shown to cinema audiences in which multiple gremlins featured. It features Bugs Bunny in conflict with a gremlin at an airfield. The Bugs Bunny cartoon was followed in 1944 by Russian Rhapsody, another Merrie Melodies short showing Russian gremlins sabotaging an aircraft piloted by Adolf Hitler. The gremlin in "Falling Hare" even has a color scheme that reflects one that was used on U.S. Army Air Forces training aircraft of the time, using dark blue (as on such an aircraft's fuselage) and a deep orange-yellow color (as used on the wings and tail surfaces).
  • Donncuan came along on the journey with a group of others, drawn across the western ocean bathed in flickering firelight.
  • "It appears that we're going to be coming back the day after Christmas to complete work on the 'fiscal cliff,'" he said on the Senate floor.
  • On January 11, 1861, Alabama declared its secession from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America. While few battles were fought in the state, Alabama contributed about 120,000 soldiers to the American Civil War. Alabama's slaves were freed by the 13th Amendment in 1865. A company of cavalry soldiers from Huntsville, Alabama joined Gen. Forrest's troops in Kentucky. The Huntsville company wore fine, new uniforms with yellow cloth on the sleeves, collars and coat tails. This led to them being greeted with "Yellowhammer" and later all Alabama troops in the Confederate Army were nicknamed "Yellowhammers".
  • Change of plan,’ said Joy. She went around to the rear of her car and opened the boot. Ben hoisted the re-breather over his shoulder and took it to Sams jeep. He deposited it on the back seat. Joy threw flippers and a mask in beside them.
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