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Okunuşu: / neɪm / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: name
Ekler: names
Türü: isim, fiil, sıfat


i. ad, isim;
nam, şöhret, ün;
kızgınlık belirten hitap şekli;
şöhretli kimse;
dış görünüş;
Tanrının kutsal ismi;

f. ad koymak, isim vermek, ismiyle çağırmak;
ismini vermek;
tayin etmek;
memur etmek;

s. ismi olan;
A.b.d., k.dili tanınmış;
ismini veren.

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  • "The greatest Rajput nobles are waiting to see whether Maharana Karan Singh of Udaipur will decide to openly support him. Hes the leader of the ranas of Mewar, which is the name for
  • Pete walked over to his father, who now looked like a kid that was let loose in a candy shop. He gave Pete a hug and a pat on the butt, as the two walked out of the gym like a couple of undetected bank robbers. Pete was no longer a secret, and the sweat dripping down Sal Pagnozzi's hairy, mammoth back was a testament to the talented boy who had grown into an unstoppable man in the off-season. His star had witnessed the carnage first hand and had surrendered his mind in the process. Gerry Williams was no longer the top dog in a county where the new sheriff's name was Pistol Pete Berman.
  • "The truth is this is a war without diplomats. A war without negotiation. And such a war can only end in annihilation. Worse, the decisions of the men and women who guide the fate of this alliance seem solely aimed at stalemate. I was released from my position when it was decided that it was simpler to replace a fallen soldier than restore a faltered one. Egad, do you realize that they've actually made it illegal to practice white magic in the service of anyone but the Alliance Army? Even Clerics and those wretched potion-making Alchemists are being shut down. They say it is to make certain that those most in need are treated first, but I cannot name one of my brother healers who has spent even a single tour alongside a front line soldier. And now even schools of magic are being pressured into dropping what little white magic they taught!" he raved.
  • Again Menenius smiles. "Good my friends, if you have heard your general talk of Rome, and of his friends there, I like to think my name hath touched your earsit is Menenius!"
  • "Good one, Ducky!" the Hiwelthadt praised. Roseduck wondered if he had come up with that nickname himself or did Vannard get creative in spreading it. Anyway, he wasn't too worried about the rest of the lords using it. They had other names for him.
  • As Mrs. Alexander stood up to take roll, a burst of static silenced us all. "It's my pleasure to read off the names of the five winners in our drawing for tickets to Les Misrables."
  • He fancies the passage of creatures into the World of the Unseen, that is in fact renewing the manifestation of the Divine Names, to be execution and annihilation.
  • Jack cleared his throat. "Princess? Connor, by now you should know that Sarah hates pet names and childish endearments." Now Jack got his full attention, because she never said otherwise. "Not from him!" Sarah shot back forcefully in a voice that shocked everyone, including Connor. Hes never heard such a forceful reaction come from her before.
  • The Consider Selling pricesthe prices at which a stock attains a 1-star ratingare a fair bit above our fair value estimates, and there is often the opportunity to recycle the capital into more undervalued names well before something reaches a lofty 1-star price. Here is just one example. This past August, I sold MasterCard at an 8% premium to fair value and Magellan Midstream Partners 21% above fair value. In isolation, these are not such horrific premiums to fair value that I felt the need to treat the stocks as hot potatoes, especially for such fantastic underlying companies. But by recycling the capital into Facebook, which was trading at a 40% discount to fair value at the time, I was able to increase the expected value of the Hare portfolio by about $4,464, or approximately 2%.
  • Ringing them are the hounds, the babes of mama Dinasteria and daddy Haziallastrom. Haustiereschen is too old to mate, or so Brasik gathers from the few comments Dukkon has made. The parents have stayed back through the dimensional gate, guarding their home. Brasik has yet to learn the names of the children, though at this point they treat him with the civility of a distant cousin.
  • "I'm a detective," I said. "And I think you're right. It means something. But I'll be a dirty name if I know what."
  • "But it's so important! We have such a rich heritage, and this poor vaquero couldn't even name the ruler of his country. They change them so often, you see."
  • I waved goodbye to everyone as they left, and then made a quick round of the remaining students. Rachel and Britney were both in their accustomed places, Rachel studying away as always, and Britney actually making some weak efforts to do likewise. Two of the other three, a boy and a girl that I recognized from second hour, but whose names I couldn't even begin to remember were already packing their books into a pair of book bags, one of which was a fairly utilitarian item, the other of which looked like it probably cost as much as my whole wardrobe.
  • Please indicate your nearest large town and/or postcode with your full name and address.
  • "Oh, yes. Adlmo was the strong, solid, good boy who always did the right thing. He was much too serious, not like me. My brother was the firstborn and my little sister the beloved one. I was the odd child in the middle. The tomboy, they called me. Always riding and playing games, or getting lost on purpose. I was full of pranks and many of them weren't funny. Well, not to anyone except me, that is. Some folks called me worse names than tomboy when I broke things or rode my colt through a garden." Her smile reappeared for the first time in days. "Remember when I told you I was beautiful back then?"
  • Cammie turned her attention to Sam. "And you! You're almost as bad as Dick over here. What in the name of Michael Jackson the Third are you still doin' in your robe?"
  • The name is derived from an irish saint, bega, an abbess, who founded a small nunnery here about the year 650.
  • Exeter moves forward as the kings guards pull the traitors to their feet. "I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of Richard, Earl of Cambridge. I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of Henry, Lord Scroop of Masham. I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of Thomas Grey, knight, of Northumberland."
  • In order to show the meanings of some of His Names, there are circumstances in the form of suffering and calamity, and rays of Mercy within flashes of wisdom, and subtle instances of beauty within those rays of Mercy.
  • Bruce finished signing his name and # 24, and an excited Harold said, "Give me five!" So Bruce gently slapped his hand.
  • The largest share of Kenya's electricity supply comes from hydroelectric stations at dams along the upper Tana River, as well as the Turkwel Gorge Dam in the west. A petroleum-fired plant on the coast, geothermal facilities at Olkaria (near Nairobi), and electricity imported from Uganda make up the rest of the supply. Kenya's installed capacity stood at 1,142 megawatts between 2001 and 2003. The state-owned Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), established in 1997 under the name of Kenya Power Company, handles the generation of electricity, while the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), which is slated for privatization, handles transmission and distribution. Shortfalls of electricity occur periodically, when drought reduces water flow. To become energy sufficient, Kenya aims to build a nuclear power plant by 2017.
  • "Since Gadol surely failed," Romm said, "I should pronounce the indictment. Maximillian VDirapal, I arrest you under the authority and in the name of..."
  • The people begin to chant the name of Alastor, embracing him, swearing fealty to he and his father. Cain rushes out to Leon, embracing him fiercely.
  • His fate lies in the hands of a beautiful young sorceress by the name of maia played by you.
  • Finnegaff cut him off with a raised hand and an interruption. "We don't have need to hear the whole name, friend fairy! Whales," he told Mia, "have names many times longer than their great size. They pride themselves on it. I never quite understood what drives them to do this."
  • Several Dragons flew into the space, with two or three youngsters close beside them. The adult Dragon called the names of each hatchling and each was warmly welcomed by the whole Treasury.
  • HSBC also allowed about $660 million in transactions prohibited by the Office of Foreign Assets Control to be processed through U.S. financial institutions from the mid-1990s through 2006, and followed instructions from sanctioned countries such as Cuba and Iran to omit their names, the U.S. said in a statement.
  • Then I understood that those words were as though said in the name of all evil - commanding souls, or else they had been prompted.
  • A little after two o'clock a beer delivery truck pulls up. The name on the side says Arrowmark Distributing. A driver with a clipboard gets out and goes in the club. A few minutes later he returns and begins offloading kegs of beer, delivering them and returning with the empties. They count the kegs, ten in all. Mark has a pair of binoculars and sees that they're all Millers, the name he remembers seeing on the taps inside. That's the house beer. Eventually the driver closes up the truck and returns to the club with his clipboard. A few minutes later, he's back, gets in the truck, cranks up the diesel and rumbles off. Mark and Sid follow.
  • Also the name of an oxford student magazine for those with literary pretensions.
  • Fikna released the man and looked him in the eyes. Through strained gasps for air he said, "Rest in peace, old man. The Deuce has been driven away. If Deiwos does not object then I bless you. In the name of the Great of Greats, Empyrean the Heir, and the Spirit of Welkin. Your wrongs are removed if it is the will of Deiwos."
  • Therefore it was possible to have three generations living at one time with three of the same forenames, nick names were commonly used.
  • Brilliant ideas, he also had what looked like the name of a football team tattooed over his left nipple.
  • Garsh eyed Chanter, his florid face mottled with anger. He fiddled with his lacy sleeves, clearly torn, until curiosity got the better of him and he turned to bellow a name at the palace. A tense minute passed before a tall, slender man in a severe black suit emerged, with two guards. The soldiers started to draw their swords, and Chanter prepared to invoke Ashmar. The advisor grabbed the soldiers' sleeves.
  • Well rahab apparently was the name of an ancient mythical sea monster.
  • In the 8th century BC, power became decentralized during the Spring and Autumn Period, named after the influential Spring and Autumn Annals. In this period, local military leaders used by the Zhou began to assert their power and vie for hegemony. The situation was aggravated by the invasion of other peoples from the northwest, such as the Qin, forcing the Zhou to move their capital east to Luoyang. This marks the second major phase of the Zhou dynasty: the Eastern Zhou. The Spring and Autumn Period is marked by a falling apart of the central Zhou power. In each of the hundreds of states that eventually arose, local strongmen held most of the political power and continued their subservience to the Zhou kings in name only. Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves. China now consisted of hundreds of states, some of them only as large as a village with a fort.
  • "No, but I have been in love a thousand times and shall fall in love again, though for no one have I such a feeling of friendship, confidence, and love as I have for you. Then I am young. Mamma does not wish it. In a word, I make no promise. And I beg you to consider Dolokhov's offer," he said, articulating his friend's name with difficulty.
  • "Our every vice, active or lethargic, overfed and overconsumed, for eternity. Im amazed were not Droolers ourselves. Weve spent so much time here, yet what do we really know about it? We see its boundaries, but not its fruits." He watched as the machine-helpers went about their work. "Ive been to the Time Stream countless times, and have conversed with the machine-people on many occasions. I know their names, their expression and models, their histories. But I never went beyond exploratory questions in whose answers I had no genuine interest. I have only been passing time.
  • Unbind method removes the binding between the name and the remote object, obj.
  • The constant battle between broken heart and healing self raged on inside of Yuma for 10 years. In all of that time, he had only been with a few woman in a few small towns, the names of which he could barely remember. Yuma was starting to lose hope until he got the call from the Thorpe family. They knew his name was James Thorpe Broadleaf and that he would be both passionate about the project and loyal to the tribe.
  • Lee evans lee evans is a british standup comedian who has made a name for himself in hollywood.
  • John Bear nodded. He affixed his eyes to Cains hands and said, "It pains me to see you suffer, and I am," he paused to search, Cain thought, for the right words, "I am pleased you honor our bonds of friendship, and exact vengeance in the name of my people."
  • After a shower, she slipped on her short silk robe and poured herself a glass of iced tea. She sat in her bed in the air-conditioned house, feeling comforted by Oooeelie at her side. "Who are you?" she asked him a number of times. Oooeelie stared at her, still trying to comprehend the haunting scent. "I saw a strange picture with your name on it. Could you tell me about that, Oooeelie boy?" she asked, distractedly petting him until she dozed, slipping into a deep sleep.
  • One of Rome's lieutenants, a slight man by the name of Abdiel, appeared at his right and said to the soldier, "You have allowed a mere woman, encumbered by a baby at that, to best you? For that you will be punished."
  • Not many people understood the distinction of Icelandic names. Last names were not the same as ones father but instead given as the son of an individuals first name or the daughter of an individual. The son of Jon Finnsson would be Ingi Jonsson. Or it would be Anna Jonsdottir. It was a traditional manner of naming.
  • Gadol turned back from the retreating vapor trail and favored Chas with a brief frown. "Very well. In our power as Special Auxiliary to the Municipality of Peridol I arrest you in their name for -"
  • The original names of places in Dersim should be reinstituted or a referendum should be held in the region to redefine these names.
  • We do not romanticize the image of the non-compromising militant, ready to take anything on in the name of the cause.
  • "Do you, Princess Gaedhurienne, with all your other names you probably have, from some place I probably never heard about, want to marry King Arthaxiom?"
  • We then took our breakfast and headed out to the deck to eat. There was a big chair on the side of the deck that had Zoe and my name all over it. I sat down with my legs open and Zoe quickly filled the space, and my world, as she sat down on me. Jorge came outside with us and was drinking some coffee. He asked, "How have you two stayed apart for so long?"
  • Enticerts for sales can be very enticing with top brand names at knock down prices.
  • Because the flight from Bunia was late, he arrived at the airport in Entebbe after dark. The Ugandan in the arrival terminal had his name on a piece of cardboard and anxiously took his luggage and showed him to the van marked for the Grand Hotel. Horst didnt know that bandits occasionally stopped vehicles on the Entebbe-Kampala road at night and held onto the interior of the van as the driver sped over the deserted roadway, concentrating on the way ahead and checking his mirrors for headlights from behind. The driver became visibly more relaxed as he approached the edge of Kampala and eased off the accelerator to Horsts relief.
  • Reaching for the box, she examined the rest of the items claimed from Grace's drawer. Used post-it notes with names and numbers and a scrapbook. The receptionist had been helpful with the removal of property, looking over Amanda as she went through Grace's effects, signing her name as witness to the box-full of papers. A thorough investigation may unearth reasons for murder. A warrant for the search of his home, or seizure of the computers so that they could be ripped apart by the tech department. But Amanda would need to prove that there was reason for the man-hours and resources to be committed. If she could not convince her immediate superior, Detective Sergeant Kirkwood, that Grace had been murdered, then she had no chance of requisitioning tech to further her hazy theory.
  • Providing last names would have been a futile exercise and it probably wouldnt have been able to impede love. Of course, if Wayne had said, "My name is Wayne Aaronson" and she had answered, "Kathy McNulty" then the meal would have had all of the place settings instead of an empty tablecloth.
  • My good house floats like a cloud; its name too is a favorable omen.
  • Im having a very experienced Doctor take a look at her at the hospital when you get back to Cooktown. Her name is Dr. Ruth Cruise. She is extremely good with children. My partner is arranging it now.’
  • I, the recorder, am Valys Clercal, named Val or Lyss by friends and family, and a lineal descendant of the first Clercal who was banished to these wild lands as perverse reward for his rebelliousness. Or, rather, to gloss over the shortsightedness of the proconsuls of his day. He took the name as a sort of defiance of the authorities and high ones, and to deny that any shame beset himself.
  • Unbind a name that is referenced by an enclosing scope; the compiler will report a syntaxerror.
  • Again he wrote: "Do not inquire the name of him who asks a shelter of you. The very man who is embarrassed by his name is the one who needs shelter."
  • "‘Look,’ I said. ‘Look! Im not a criminal. This is a misunderstanding. If you check my ID and call my mother, we can work this all out. Look!’ I read his name off his epaulettes. ‘Look! Officer Langtree! Just let me up and well sort this out like adults. Come on, I dont blame youIm glad!—you were right to take me in. This is my moms merchandise; its good that you went after the thief and recovered the car. But now you know the truth, its my mothers car, and if you just let me up, Im sure we can work this out. Please, Officer Langtree. My wallets in my back pocket. Just get it out and check my ID before you do this.’
  • Roy glared at the elder vampire. Seeing that he was tending Aradia's wounds though, and realizing he was alone in a house full of vampires, he decided to show some civility. "My name is Reynaldo. I go by Roy."
  • Priseyou could also help by donating a prize, please put your name next to the donation on the list in the porch.
  • That means, on condition you leave the whole universe behind you, from the door of creativity you may reach the limits of the name of Creator and draw close to the sphere of attributes.
  • "And whatever cunning fiend it was that wrought upon thee so preposterously hath got the voice in Hell"—acclamation there—"for excellence! All other devils that urge treason do but tinker, cobbling up a damnation using patches and colours, forms fetched from glistering semblances of piety. But he that tempted thee, bade theeStand up!’—gave thee no instance why thou shouldst do treasonunless to confer upon thee the name oftraitor!’
  • I knew he was close and I started to slow. Peeking around the corner ahead of me, I saw him clearly moving along the street, at a quick human pace. He wasnt alone though. My remote sensing ability only seemed to work with Demetri, and it was a surprise to see the rest of them. I remembered their names clearly now - Aro, Renata, Chelsea, Marcus, Jane, and Felix. The Volturi were trying not to stand out among the scattered humans on the street. It was a surprise to see such a large group here in Rio, and I wondered what was going on.
  • He went to a vid and punched impatiently at the screen while I prowled the apartment. The bookcase was full of old friends, books by the Frenchman, of course, and more, with strange names like Wells and Burroughs and Shelley. I looked over a long, stone-headed spear, and the curve of an elephant's tusk, and a collection of campaign ribbons and medals under glass. I returned to the bookcase: something had been bothering me. There, there it was: "War of the Worlds," the book that Mr Adelson had given me for Christmas. But there was something wrong with the spine of this one: instead of Jules Verne, the author name was _H.G. Wells_. I snuck a look over my shoulder; Pondicherry was still stabbing at the screen. I snuck the book off the shelf and turned to the title page: "War of the Worlds, by Herbert George Wells." I turned to the first chapter:
  • Dromio of Syracuse is impressed with the saucy young woman at his side. "If thy name be called Luce, thou hast answered him loose as well!"
  • Whoooaa there!’ Paul sat up straight, ‘Why on earth would I want it back? I dont want more trouble, I want my name cleared and the first train back home .........’
  • Prosaic title of " wakefield morris dancers " and this is the name that has stayed.
  • 'If I've lost every other Macoute, then I'm going to take you. You would be a mighty guardian. And it looks as if I'm going to have to zombie you the old fashion way. You hear me, detective? I am going to listen to the name of your soul with your very last breath.'
  • The name -- which sounds suspiciously posh -- is real. Abbot-Downing Co. designed the Concord Coach, the 19th-century stagecoach that
  • "I guess. But my name is Russ. I meant." He felt flustered. "Sorry, Im feeling . . . a little sick. Oh—" He remembered Alisiya, and motioned toward her, "thats—"
  • Ryson instantly recalled his first encounter with goblins. He remembered how the mention of his name appeared to stir a reaction as well as compliance from that goblin, and he spoke with blood-boiling anger. "My name is Ryson Acumen. I'm a delver and you won't escape. I'll see to that."
  • "It is all, all her fault," he said to himself; "but what of that? Why did I bind myself to her? Why did I say 'Je vous aime'* to her, which was a lie, and worse than a lie? I am guilty and must endure... what? A slur on my name? A misfortune for life? Oh, that's nonsense," he thought. "The slur on my name and honor--that's all apart from myself.
  • The evening passed, uneventful, as did the next day. Nothing untoward appeared online. I spoke briefly to Kylie from work, and we both agreed to banish Daniel from our minds. She, because she felt he had learned his lesson from us and would back off; me, not believing he would do more than tone it down for a bit but just flat out tired of that sort of distraction. I would light into him like a momma bear if he did anything close to dragging my and my husbands names into the limelight. But I refused to get obsessed with how his actions could possibly affect other people I didnt even know. Anyway, I did think (had I picked up something unknowingly or was it just from knowing enough about Daniel to make the judgement?) that he planned to back off. He wouldnt do a thing directly about us unless she and I really went after him so as to impact his online reputation and the related income.
  • Jack, also 6, was a wrestler who loved sports. The New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz played Sunday's football game with the boy's name written all over his cleats and gloves.
  • 'Mother Nature's daughter. She collects stars and assembles them into clusters, then gives them names so that we can all navigate.'
  • People who happily resent being slandered but think nothing of slandering the name of another?
  • The name California is the fifth oldest surviving European place-name in the US and was applied to what is now the southern tip of Baja California peninsula as the Island of California by a Spanish expedition led by Diego de Becerra and Fortun Ximnez, who landed there in 1533 at the behest of Hernan Corts.
  • "Makarka" (their name for Makarin) "will go through fire and water for you for nothing. So here are our accounts all settled," said Dolokhov, showing him the memorandum. "Is that right?"
  • Not that long ago, his name is just Owen Clark. He is a first-year student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the honors program. His parents are bursting proud of their boy, the first generation college student with stellar grades, an admittedly strange (to them!) interest in chemistry and other sciences that none of his siblings have demonstrated. But he is the youngest, and they are indulgent once he chooses a local college with in-state tuition charges. Even after his first semester, they still take his report card and pin it up on the refrigerator with a magnet. It is sometime during his second semester that he realizes his parents are lame and stops going home for dinner except when he needs his mom to do his laundry.
  • On reaching the village he dismounted and went to the nearest house, intending to rest if but for a moment, eat something, and try to sort out the stinging and tormenting thoughts that confused his mind. "This is a mob of scoundrels and not an army," he was thinking as he went up to the window of the first house, when a familiar voice called him by name.
  • He watched Nyah dig out a writing kit and ledger with a running total of figures on it. While Eshe shuffled and dealt, Nyah filled in name slots for himself, Fikna, and Glenys. Rordan spotted the names Klara and Tiabhal in addition to those present.
  • And Ed must have known it. He laughed. "Im not innocent, kiddo. This isnt brainwashing or a doppelganger at work. Im The Puppetmaster, not that Im in love with the name or anything. Same goes for the outfit, though it did have the benefit of hiding my puppets innards. Let him go, One."
  • 'Well,' began Bb, sensing the growing frustration in his first customer. 'Firstly, pertaining to your whereaboutsyou're in my shop. Did you notice the name by the way?'
  • Goibnu was darker complexioned than most of the Sidhe, as if his time spent at the forge had fire-hardened him. His eyes were startling. They were such a pale blue as to be almost opaque, and I have to admit they really creeped me out. I held out my hand to the smith, but he ignored it. Some of the Sidhe were standoffish, but he seemed downright rude. Of course, if I had a name like Goibnu Id probably be a little touchy myself.
  • Angie figured the same would be true with regard to the dedication. It was just before she went to the post office that she crossed out the name Barry had put there and inserted Shivvys. Angie said that she really hadnt even thought about doing this, but had just done so on the spur of the moment.
  • Quite interesting. Especially under the circumstances. Did Svin know about the ring they had picked up in Roosing Oolvaya? Probably not. It would be just as well not to tell him. In particular, it might be better, at least for the moment, that Svin not know about the god trapped in the ring. The god by the name of Pod Dall.
  • "Captain Marshald said that someone was making a move against the crown, and your kidnapping was probably the first step," Aiden said to Criosa. "Bartlett was a big name locally, but he was taking orders from someone else. Have you made any enemies of late?"
  • "I insist the forces here at least be mobilized, and moved to Fatehpur with the court . . . lest the army itself become contaminated by the plague." Janahara hesitated for a moment and then continued evenly. "Im prepared to order it in your name today. It would protect the army from infection; you would have them with you if you needed them; and it would also put Jadar on notice."
  • The teaching of history in French schools was influenced by the Nouvelle histoire as disseminated after the 1960s by Cahiers pdagogiques and Enseignement and other journals for teachers. Also influential was the Institut national de recherche et de documentation pdagogique, (INRDP). Joseph Leif, the Inspector-general of teacher training, said pupils children should learn about historiansapproaches as well as facts and dates. Louis François, Dean of the History/Geography group in the Inspectorate of National Education advised that teachers should provide historic documents and promote "active methods" which would give pupils "the immense happiness of discovery." Proponents said it was a reaction against the memorization of names and dates that characterized teaching and left the students bored. Traditionalists protested loudly it was a postmodern innovation that threatened to leave the youth ignorant of French patriotism and national identity.
  • "College is a lot different than pro, Bert," Gary said referring to Gil by his nickname"Bert" after his full given name Gilbert.
  • "Oh, I have no doubt thats his name," replied Pinkie as he nodded his head up and down. Tino hunched his shoulders and lowered his head. "You see, my dear, the Searle family re-uses first names from one generation to the next. The hero of your book died many years ago, and I would guess this man is probably his grandson. You wanted Aretino the Virtus and you got Aretino the Vilis."
  • "It was my uncles name, and the name of the patron saint of Wales. What name could I give him that wasnt that of an enemy or one who has betrayed me? Owain? Gruffydd? Rhys? I think not."
  • Sabyn ran through the names of the townspeople they needed to speak to. This trip was a combination of showing the girls the town and catching up on necessary "Royal" business. While they mightn't look the part in their relatively casual clothing and manner the four men: he, Daron, Gredel, and Rumal, were Alek's advisers and bodyguards when the occasion called for it. Not that Alek would ever stand back in a fight, but they were required by Elena to stop him from getting killed.
  • The taxonomy of the pea bean is uncertain with few reliable sources. Many seed catalogues list it as Phaseolus aegypticus - a name unrecorded in the botanical literature. There have been other assertions that it is a form of lablab but horticultural consensus places it simply as variety of Phaseolus vulgaris, closely related to French beans and haricot beans. In the USA the name "pea bean" is also used to describe small white common beans. In the UK the name "Pea Bean" is sometimes used as an affectionate term for a loved one.
  • The name Mohawk lives on onboard the uscgc Mohawk lives on onboard the uscgc Mohawk she operates in the florida keys.
  • The Third Page: Through giving different beauty and adornment to the different members of those two creatures, many names like Maker and Designer, for example, are written on this page.
  • Cross town from me, Sam was entertaining another one of his MarryJew.com floozies. I often wondered why so many people would sign up for a site with the name MarryJew if they had no plan of making a commitment. If the sight was called SleepWithJew.com then their intentions would be more easily understood. For many single New Yorkers, the concept of marriage was something they were constantly trying to get their hands around. Marriage for many city girls became a business proposition more than looking for true love. Years of dating without tangible results set these women back on their heels and completely jumbled any thoughts they might have had about a fairytale romance. Sams dating history wasnt much different but he always saw fairytales as just that, tall tales.
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