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Okunuşu: / miːtɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: meet·ing
Ekler: meet·ings
Türü: isim


i. toplantı;
birleşme, bitişme;
meydan toplantısı, miting.

meeting için örnek cümleler:

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  • Naturally, i was rather abashed at the prospect of meeting a couple who have taken such an interest in me and the college.
  • "Not brothers? Well, no. Perhaps not in the way lesser creatures see relations, but you have to admit they are rather limited in their understanding of things. Sometimes you have to go beyond the limits, expand your definition. Think of that, brother. We do that all the time, you and I. We constantly expand what we can do, what we can sense, what we understand. In this context, we are more closely related than these inferior things that call themselves siblings. Just because they spilled out of the same mindless creature that bore them, thats enough for them to feel some kind of bond. You wish to ignore the bond we have? You acknowledge it every time you come here. We certainly are brothers. Look at the similarities. It goes far beyond our simple meetings here, it goes to the very breadth of our abilities, abilities that no other can match. We both cast white magic, and we both cast with two perfect circles…"
  • Again, more than Rose wished to ponder, other pressing matters to consider, what she spent the rest of the afternoon considering. She and Liam walked to the school, meeting Megan and James. Liam wanted to hold the baby, but Rose only peeked, not needing any more than that. Emory and Asia emerged and while Emory wanted them to leave as a pack, again Rose pointed out that Megan and her family lived on the other side of school.
  • "Second, there's the (MNST) meeting. How many times can you tell us that Monster drinks aren't any worse and may actually be better than a cup of Joe from Starbucks? Let us count the ways at this analyst meeting slash love-fest. I bet these analysts will be plenty hopped up by the end of this one."
  • Slowly she could see a dark form growing in the distance. Trees began to take shape as the island came into view. Her stomach rolled and lurched, and she didnt know if it was from being on the water or from Erics pull. The low horn sounded, and Vincent stirred in his seat. He looked in his mirror, his eyes meeting hers. For a second they locked on to each other. He was the one who looked away, turning his attention to something else. Margret sat up and leaned over towards Vincent, showing him the map. Sara could see her finger moving slowly across the paper.
  • Sim liases between the various fields of theoretical and applied microbiology through workshops, meetings and publications.
  • In fact, it appeared as if the council was almost as directionless as it had been when Petiole had been in charge, and that was something Lief would not allow again. He had almost said something himself when Loftber called for this private meeting.
  • It was not a dwelling that attempted meeting any council regulations whatsoever, that much was obvious. That seemed strange as there had been a couple of times when the council had threatened the owners of his own house regarding it's condition. This place was primitive by comparison, but clean and tidy. Jorden glanced to a lantern in the next room, another sign of the complete lack of facilities, and began to formulate something of a picture.
  • When Caelia arrived home that day, she heard voices coming from the meeting room and eavesdropped at the door long enough to find out they were talking about organizing the next trade expedition. Oddly, one voice that she didn't hear was that of her mother, Binah, so Caelia went looking for her. She found Binah pouring over yet another stack of papernot Anzin stuff or antiquarian records, but treatises written in the last two centuries.
  • He noticed that Nellise, Colt, and Hadush, the local blacksmith, weren't leaving either. When the last of the civilians left the room, the door was closed behind them, and then the real meeting began.
  • The pair walked back to the tunnel entrance and then flew back to the Factory. Louie apologised to Import for taking so long and thanked him for looking after things for him. Import reflected to himself what a great boss Louie had been since meeting Lulu!
  • He had been friendly with the Saracens who served the Emperor in Sicily, had even learned their language, but that would be no help in meeting these Egyptians in war.
  • Punctual for meetings, shake hands on greeting and exchange business cards.
  • A Man who had been bitten by a Dog went about in quest of someone who might heal him. A friend, meeting him and learning what he wanted, said, "If you would be cured, take a piece of bread, and dip it in the blood from your wound, and go and give it to the Dog that bit you." The Man who had been bitten laughed at this advice and said, "Why? If I should do so, it would be as if I should beg every Dog in the town to bite me."
  • "I told him of our landing and the meeting with Sergeant Wolffang, of their desperate poverty and their bravery in the face of hopeless odds. I recounted the trip to Riverford and our stay there. I told him of the strength, gentleness, and the wisdom of their king."
  • The cavalry barely made it in time to witness the meeting of Arthaxiom's deersant army and the horde of orcs. The rest of Roseduck's army was proceeding on foot as fast as possible, but there was no way they could reach the battlefield soon enough.
  • That evening loud laughter and bursts of singing came from the farmhouse. And suddenly, at the sound of the mingled voices, the animals were stricken with curiosity. What could be happening in there, now that for the first time animals and human beings were meeting on terms of equality? With one accord they began to creep as quietly as possible into the farmhouse garden.
  • "Lucifer went next. He cried as he executed six demons. He was able to return to his chair, but he couldnt look up at the faces of anyone there. He sobbed and shook and finally smashed his horns against the table. That damn near killed us all. One of them broke at the base. And, well, youll see that another time. Baal went after Lucifer. He had a few Gargoyles to put to death. He did the deed and returned to his seat silently. Then it was my turn. As I stood to execute Lexa and Ammut as the first of those sentenced, Fenrir screamed to stop me. He said it was unlike anything we could imagine to kill your child. He wanted to spare me from the fate. The meeting was adjourned for the day. Pendragon took the last three conspirators, all Vampires, back to the Prison."
  • Never mind’, Louie sighed to himself. ‘This is an important meeting and I really have to look to be an important business type of bee’.
  • "We'll be approaching the isles soon, and we'll need to make the last part of our journey quickly and under cover of night if we wish to remain undetected. We'll be traveling to a cluster of remote islands, and there we should find a message from my mother. It'll tell us which anchorage is currently safe, and where to meet. Once we drop anchor, we'll take boats to the meeting place, and from there we can smuggle you aboard the Trader's Wind, my mother's ship.
  • Our intention is to restore order to The Holdings with the greatest possible speed. A meeting of the Council of Lairds would have taken time, time we could ill afford given the general disorder among the nobility. Laird Tefirs ascension and close alliance with us and with Laird Lernen will assure a stronger rule, one in which neighbors work together to prevent the ill fortune that has claimed the lives of too many lairds of late. Lairds who join us will have their security assured. To continue to operate alone is to risk continued turmoil and none of us wants that.
  • "Baibars himself sent for me." Roland described his meeting with the Mameluke. "In my judgment he is more than a match for any of our commanders."
  • Date of next meeting it was agreed that the meeting in september be deferred to sometime in november 2003.
  • "I see." The mayor paused to consider thoughts of his own before proceeding. Quite distinctly, the elf just posed a challenge of authority, a challenge this mayor was accustomed to meeting. Consprite finally took hold of something of comfort. He now viewed Mappel as a political adversary, and he attempted to create an atmosphere of conflict. First, he decided to gain more information before deciding a course of action. "You still haven't told me what's going on. You say the land has changed, but not why. And why is Connel being used as this meeting place?"
  • Susan crossed her arms over her breasts. ‘And obviously she responded in kind and tried to set up a meeting with you, or at least continue to write to each other?’
  • Japanese shares advanced after the Liberal Democratic Party reclaimed power in a landslide victory yesterday. The yen dropped against all of its 16 major counterparts on expectations the new government will expand monetary and fiscal stimulus to reverse deflation. The Bank of Japan is scheduled to conclude a policy meeting on Dec. 20.
  • With a sigh and not meeting Pauls eyes, "Well - I did call the police to report you as suspicious at the mall." I wasnt sure if he was aware of this, and from the look he was giving me, obviously he wasnt.
  • Lowery didnt have a care in the world because no one had ever challenged his authority except Braden Lawrence, who was Lowerys hunter. But he had been buried in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for the past 25 years, so the chance of meeting with any resistance was slim. Once Lowery felt the extinguishment of Hartwells energy source each night, it signaled the end of any potential danger for him and a jumping-off point for the party to start. It didnt take long after that for his people to return and begin the nightly celebration.
  • Louie couldnt help thinking to himself what a shame it was that things needed to get complicated because of the community having grown larger. If only things could stay the same, then all these complications of bringing in investors, contracts, contractors, meetings and other pressures could be avoided. He looked at the stream below him, for ever flowing, nobody telling it what to do, no complications. ‘Thats how I would like life to be’, thought Louie.
  • There is a staff meeting area with outdoor seating where you can make the most of those balmy southern french evenings after work.
  • Within the city walls, the houses were packed together in a jostling huddle, looming over each other and almost meeting above the streets. Washing dried on lines strung between rooftops, flapping in the breeze that swept the rising blue smoke away. Never had she seen such a close-packed metropolis. It seemed that no one lived outside the walls save the cattle and sheep, whose sheds dotted the verdant fields. She wondered what enemy kept these people so firmly behind their walls.
  • We intend to hold regular open forum meetings to develop the work of the old ar consultative committee.
  • The brawlers removed their headgears and began to treat their wounds. Vertook's nose was bloodied, and he began to stuff small bits of cloth up his nose to stanch the bleeding. The old man lectured the leaders while they dressed their wounds, and it was plain that he shamed them. When the meeting reconvened, it did so in a much more subdued fashion. After what seemed an interminable time, they appeared to come to some conclusion, and they turned to face Catrin. Vertook stepped forward.
  • Max paused for a second. 'Umm thissslass,' he managed, 'she sounds very nice. I look forward to meeting her,' he lied.
  • I looked forward to the meeting that we are going to have after our class hours.Every second seemed to be almost like an hour.As soon as the last hour has finished i hurried into the hallway.
  • Some people come to Davos and don't attend a single session. Instead they have back-to-back meetings with up to 70 business partners or politicians, because only here can they find them all in one place.
  • Then they melted the statue in a furnace, and the Mayor held a meeting of the Corporation to decide what was to be done with the metal. "We must have another statue, of course," he said, "and it shall be a statue of myself."
  • After Bart's first lunch meeting he walked past Li's office and she decided to break character for brief moment and check out his assets. Pagglia could sense the locking of a heat-seeking missile and looked over at LI, who quickly changed her facial features from lusting to locked in on her work duties.
  • "I suggest you give me the time I want. If you do not, I will call for a meeting of the full elder council. I will outline every flaw in every decision you have ever made. I will do so to prove that you are not worthy to make this decision. I realize they will do nothing to remove you from power, but because I am Lief Woodson they will have to hear me out. What do you think will happen when an elf of my standing begins to openly debate your every decision? If you think the elves of this camp doubted your word before, just wait."
  • Anderson turned to another room where a number of the followers were relaxing. He recognised them from the few meetings that he had attended. Finn, a grotesquely scarred ex-soldier who was Duvalier's right hand man and issued the orders to the rest of the rabble. Karen, an enchantingly beautiful woman, who dressed in a kaftan and went barefoot around the grounds, sat in a lotus position on a mat in the corner. Mullen, an enormous craggy-faced man, sketched at a pad, the slim pencil held deftly between his thick fingers.
  • aecenas and Agrippa have been meeting with Lepidus to complete preparations for combining their powerful force, most of them already on the move. They are to unite near Mount Mesena, a promontory overlooking the harbor at Misenum, about thirty leagues from Rome on the eastern coast of Italy.
  • He looked forward and the pilots door was shut. The pilot and copilot were intent on their task and were trained not to bother whoever was riding on this jet. The Committee sometimes held ultra-secret meetings in the air and didnt need people who didnt need to know listening in. But Jack knew that the pilots had probably been indoctrinated into the paranormal of what the Committee dealt with, because they had to see so much in their duties. The Committee probably paid them triple what typical pilots made and prettied it up with perks. They werent going to interfere with anything unless someone was being murdered.
  • At last, liveried in the costume of the age, reality entered the room in the shape of a servant to tell the duchess that her carriage was waiting. She wrung her hands in mock despair. "How annoying!" she cried. "I must go. I have to call for my husband at the club, to take him to some absurd meeting at Willis's Rooms, where he is going to be in the chair. If I am late he is sure to be furious, and I couldn't have a scene in this bonnet. It is far too fragile. A harsh word would ruin it. No, I must go, dear Agatha. Good-bye, Lord Henry, you are quite delightful and dreadfully demoralizing. I am sure I don't know what to say about your views. You must come and dine with us some night. Tuesday? Are you disengaged Tuesday?"
  • "Well, I think it is. The bigwigs here think so too, but they daren't say so. It will be as I said at the beginning of the campaign, it won't be your skirmishing at Durrenstein, or gunpowder at all, that will decide the matter, but those who devised it," said Bilibin quoting one of his own mots, releasing the wrinkles on his forehead, and pausing. "The only question is what will come of the meeting between the Emperor Alexander and the King of Prussia in Berlin? If Prussia joins the Allies, Austria's hand will be forced and there will be war. If not it is merely a question of settling where the preliminaries of the new Campo Formio are to be drawn up."
  • The colossal round mass next to Melody stiffened. "You are still somewhat new here, so Ill remind you that disciplinary policies clearly state that classroom doors are to remain closed during class time. I realize this is different than in the high school where you taught; do you not remember the meeting where this was agreed upon?"
  • Thursday i attended an external conference about meeting the needs of mature students in he.
  • The primary concern at the meeting was the comparatively modest number of parties that have ratified the joint convention.
  • Professor Saul Anderson knocked timidly on the meeting room door and walked through. The boardroom was dark, with the only illumination the pale glow of a laptop screen at the far end of the table. The figure slumped in front of the glow turned to him.
  • Getting that break may be down to the protracted talks that have defined the debt crisis so far. Heads of government are meeting again in Brussels today after convening yesterday.
  • Raffle tickets for the cricket club were distributed free of charge at the meeting ( or attached to these minutes for paid members ).
  • "Lauren, going to see him is a really bad idea. The City Attorney would have a heart attack if he got wind of this. Besides, youre a key witness against him. Just meeting him and giving him information about yourself puts your life in danger from any number of accomplices he may have."
  • Tehran says it is planning an international meeting on Syria on Thursday.
  • Adams ended the meeting in tremendous style by easing to victory, whilst richardson pulled up with mechanical gremlins on the third lap.
  • About two hours before meeting Sarah, it started to get hot in the house. Connor made the decision and put on the chest harness and pulled the wagon outside. Still feeling weak he simply walked into the forest at a reasonably slow, but measured pace.
  • If he decides not to call meetings, he must notify the creditors, contributories and the court of his decision.
  • "Sara, I want us to work together." Margret looked over at Vincent. "We could save your son and stop Mochan," she said, meeting Saras eyes.
  • The ranked firms provide a variety of noninvestment services, including organization of family meetings, financial education, art consulting, estate planning, family governance consulting, foundation management, business consulting and concierge services such as property management, private travel arrangement and shopping assistance.
  • You may wonder why it was that all such meetings were arranged at Virgils place and not at Pearl Baker-Moths, seeing she was doing all the organising. Hmmm! It was purely a matter of logistics. Virgil was just too big to fit in Pearls lounge let alone get through her front door!
  • He waited, wondering whether she would offer anything like an apology, but of course she didnt. She stared over his left shoulder and said nothing. He tried the same tactic, but he hadnt had the years of board meetings to practice it, and he cracked and spoke before she had even started looking uncomfortable. "How are you doing in here?"
  • Return to top education matters ( meeting 24 july 2005 ) the committee met in july to plan its work for the new triennium.
  • As they try to weaken the yen without triggering retaliation from the Americans, Japans policymakers have their hands full tackling the other big item on Abes agenda: ending deflation. At its monthly meeting on Jan. 22, the Bank of Japan is likely to endorse the new prime ministers call for more aggressive action to bring back inflation to the worlds third-largest economy, with the central bank increasing its inflation goal, from the current 1 percent to a new target of 2 percent.
  • President bush will also bankroll a meeting of several hundred iraqi military defectors in europe in the next two months.
  • "And Djinn," Fenrir added. "Vishnu will be joining us later in the week. Morgana was going to dispatch some Fey, but the Leprechauns started creating some chaos yesterday after the meeting and she is busy with Fey issues as a result."
  • Shareholders are able to nominate the chairman of your company or a third party proxy to attend the meeting on their behalf.
  • Annual Report A yearly publication that contains particulars relating to the operating data of a company, and which is published and distributed by the company to its share-holders, as per the requirement of the Companies Act. The important contents are the profit and loss statement and the BALANCE SHEET. These statements show a company's performance in terms of sales and earnings during a financial year, and also its year-end financial position in terms of ASSETS and LIABILITIES. It also contains the directors' report, a notice to the shareholders about the proposed business agenda of the annual general meeting and the auditor's report.
  • "Yes, if it only were so!" said Prince Andrew. "However, it is time to get on," he added, and, stepping off the raft, he looked up at the sky to which Pierre had pointed, and for the first time since Austerlitz saw that high, everlasting sky he had seen while lying on that battlefield; and something that had long been slumbering, something that was best within him, suddenly awoke, joyful and youthful, in his soul. It vanished as soon as he returned to the customary conditions of his life, but he knew that this feeling which he did not know how to develop existed within him. His meeting with Pierre formed an epoch in Prince Andrew's life. Though outwardly he continued to live in the same old way, inwardly he began a new life.
  • Frustratingly, more rain immediately fell and it was this final cloudburst that condemned the meeting to eventual cancelation.
  • "Nobodys protecting him, Lauren. We didnt release his name to the media. I dont mind sharing his name with you for a couple reasons. One, you were instrumental in his capture, and two, you are obviously not a publicity hound. I never even saw you interviewed after the shooting. But meeting with him - its a bad idea and no, I cant help you."
  • The next, and possibly final, meeting of the council working group is planned for 15 november.
  • The meeting was at an end, and on reaching home Pierre felt as if he had returned from a long journey on which he had spent dozens of years, had become completely changed, and had quite left behind his former habits and way of life.
  • "I have done this sort of thing for him in the past, Madame. That is why he came back to you looking as fit as he did. You can ask him about the fresh-killed lamb and beef I bought him at Mansura. Old soldiers know how to forage. But, as it happens, he does not know about this meeting today, and I think it best to keep it that way for now. It would not look right for the commander of Damietta to be getting provisions from the Bedouins. If I get caught at it, he can swear on the Sacred Host he did not know anything about it. Do you not think that is best?"
  • Melanie's petite build, bordering on depleted and anorexic, held appeal to Steve based on his view that just about anything was fuckable. She was just a hair over five feet tall, and had somehow managed to stay in double-digits her entire life. The girls at her all-girls-school were adept at eating and then ejecting said food within five minutes, so it wouldn't fully enter the digestive tract. She would pick at her food in lunch meetings, but mostly avoided using her mouth for food by using her mouth to speak, incessantly.
  • The average british soldier would soon be quite accustomed to meeting up with people from all over the world.
  • Six days before, the governor had suddenly reversed his policy of noninterference in port affairs and authorized a license for the English to sell their cargo in Surat and buy Indian goods, something the Shahbandar had found one excuse after another to delay. However, Mukarrab Khan had delivered this license directly to the English, rather than forwarding it to the Shahbandar through normal channels, leaving Brian Hawksworth the unpleasant responsibility of presenting this document to the Shahbandar in person. But the meeting turned out to be nothing like Hawksworth had expected.
  • Boris Drubetskoy, having left his wife in Moscow and being for the present en garcon (as he phrased it), was also there and, though not an aide-de-camp, had subscribed a large sum toward the expenses. Boris was now a rich man who had risen to high honors and no longer sought patronage but stood on an equal footing with the highest of those of his own age. He was meeting Helene in Vilna after not having seen her for a long time and did not recall the past, but as Helene was enjoying the favors of a very important personage and Boris had only recently married, they met as good friends of long standing.
  • "I quite agree, a definite loss. If not for the meetings at the family estate in Suthlinc, we might not have even seen the younger cousins."
  • "It is not far. We can reach it well before dark. You realize we will meet resistance immediately. The entrance was the point of meeting between elf and dwarf when we traded goods. They will not leave the passage unguarded."
  • "I cant explain it," she said in a shaky voice, her eyes not meeting mine. "One second Im sitting at my desk, and the next thing I hear this voice. I dont even know how I got in here." She stared at me, expecting me to say something, but I was speechless. She looked at the floor. "It told me to open the box in your office." Tears spilled down her cheeks.
  • Like I said Id heard about Byron before; Byron, Phlinn Arols old pal; Byron, founder of Abdicationism; Byron, creator of the godscommunication and meeting system, and, by inference, the larger infrastructure Phlinn had just been alluding to; Byron, described by Phlinn as "the trickiest of us all, but not always the most prudent;" Byron, purged by the gods - by Jardin himself, in fact - and dead-and-gone these several centuries. Byron, who Phlinn had associated with what hed called "the genesis thing." "If Byron was so smart, why didnt he deal with a contingency like this? Wouldnt he figure something might happen to your Referee?"
  • She remained in place, meeting their eyes with profound disinterest as they loomed over her in the entrance. They must have expected shed either come of her own will or else panic and they would get the joy of dragging her out by the arms and legs. She imagined their brains sweating, struggling to crank out these basic thoughts under creased foreheads. It almost made her laugh. Humans were pathetic, and human men most of all.
  • Inaugural meeting of the debating society took place today in the drama studio at 1.00pm.
  • Tolbooth - the most important secular building; meeting place of burgh council; collection post for burgh council; collection post for burgh tolls; often housed town jail.
  • The government said yesterday that Washington, D.C., New York and Kentucky had won conditional approval as meeting requirements for their exchanges, adding to the six states announced Dec. 10.
  • Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. An amusing, informal and critical reference, used mainly when summarising a misguided or poorly managed venture. Typically found at the end of written reports, or heard uttered in hand-wringing disaster review meetings, about actions, events, initiatives, etc., which are subsequently found to be ineffective, damaging, embarrassing, etc. The acronym originated sometime towards the end of the 20th century. As an example and training pointer towards planning/management ineptitude, the expression sits very nicely alongside the famous 'Six Phases of a Project' ironic model of organizational incompetence, and the wonderful OSINTOT acronym. (Thanks M Fletcher)
  • Icom committee for preservation 10th triennial meeting washington, dc, usa, 22 - 2 7 august 1993: preprints.
  • "Its been months since King Mitca has called a meeting like this, so the news must be important. Hes smart enough not to bother us with little particulars," said Brinsop.
  • Kahvel leaned down low, meeting Steve as close to his eye level as he could. "Ye appear to be a bright ray of sunshine this morning."
  • Rosie kane spoke for the ssp group in a specially convened meeting of the parliament.
  • He makes his phone call and sets up a meeting with Ed and Jim, two guys that will kill just for the sport of it and won't botch the job. All this is watched and recorded in Omaha by his unseen audience. Todd's touch-tone analyzer decodes the phone numbers as they're punched. Then Jack calls Joe and sets up a VPN video conference for later.
  • At the meeting today’, said Pearl. ‘White Ant Excavators will give a presentation on how they will carry out the work in conjunction with Overland Transporters Ltd. White Ant Excavators will put forward a construction proposal and cost for acceptance by the investors including yourselves Sir Cada and Lady Bird’.
  • Jovani custom would have been to show them to their room and allow them to freshen up from the journey before meeting King Adder Oblaiki and his golden throng, but upon reaching the Palace of Hamami, they were shown straight to the throne room.
  • And as far as meeting other bisexuals look around we are everywhere... .
  • The doctor entered. Prince Andrew went out and, meeting Princess Mary, again joined her. They began talking in whispers, but their talk broke off at every moment. They waited and listened.
  • Once every term, you should have a meeting with tutors and/or a written report about your progress over the course of the term.
  • 'It is perhaps well,’ she said, 'that at our meeting after our visit to Carfax we decided not to do anything with the earth boxes that lay there. Had we done so, the Countess must have guessed our purpose, and would doubtless have taken measures in advance to frustrate such an effort with regard to the others. But now she does not know our intentions. Nay, more, in all probability, she does not know that such a power exists to us as can sterilize her lairs, so that she cannot use them as of old.
  • Duvalier removed five sealed envelopes from the briefcase and walked around the table, placing one before each of the trustees. 'I have therefore called this meeting to sign over his responsibilities and to ratify a number of issues from the past few months.'
  • They all sat down. Then the Swami said: "Thank you for meeting with us, doctors all. My questions may sound very odd, but please pay no mind to why I am asking these. Simply give me your scientific answers as best as you can. My first question is this: If a man lives in complete isolation in a jungle, surviving by foraging, what will become of him - health-wise speaking?"
  • "Ah, there you are," he said with an accusing tone of voice. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever show up. Come in then, I don't have all day." Aiden blinked, suddenly noticing he was out the front of the Mayor's office. He'd forgotten all about the meeting they had planned earlier. More than that, Aiden had no idea what the time was. Shrugging to himself, he stepped into the office and took off his longcoat, not really interested in what the man had to say. The office was empty, except for the two of them.
  • On hearing this indifferent voice, Rostov grew frightened at what he was doing; the thought of meeting the Emperor at any moment was so fascinating and consequently so alarming that he was ready to run away, but the official who had questioned him opened the door, and Rostov entered.
  • Diotitus set his notes down and looked up at Brangot with a drawn face. He felt tired from sitting through the meeting with the machine-people, and realized he had not been to his apartment nor slept in more than three days. "Brangot, look, I dont really feel one way or the other about what went on between your people and humans. It would have been nice if you had told me, but I guess I understand your reservations."
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