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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: makes/made/mak·ing
Türü: isim, sıfat


i. yalandan inanma;

s. sahte, samimi olmayan, sahtekâr.

makebelieve için örnek cümleler:

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  • Javea boasts a coastline made up of striking cliffs, coves, & sandy beaches.
  • Progress has been made in improving the design of cage fronts to make access better for depopulation thus reducing bone breakage.
  • Metaphysical assumption has been made seems to be tested by the functioning of the combined law.
  • Homemade pies taste absolutely scrumptious - any effort put into making your own pie pays you back in taste a thousandfold.
  • It was made of a reddish wood, finely polished, and tipped at both ends with finely engraved silver.
  • Penetrate through clouds and most rain, making it an all-weather sensor.
  • Guava fruits are also a good source of pectin, an enzyme used in making jam as well as promoting digestion.
  • The " fire and thief proof safes " made by them have justly attained a wide celebrity.
  • Since henry vii did not want to seem inferior to the holy roman emperor, he had two hoops made on his crown.
  • Mr Khan came to India when he was nine years old, staying first in Rajasthan and then in the northern city of Varanasi before making his way to Mumbai.
  • Like the episode i commentary this makes for interesting, if not terribly exciting listening.
  • Several attempts had been made to rescue her, which the vigilance of her keeper had rendered abortive.
  • Once unpacked, we made ready for a night out at the espn restaurant about a block away from the hotel.
  • Instalment, such taxes are paid by way of quarterly installments: however in future three equal installments shall be made each year.
  • Mandrel bent on cnc benders for smooth perfect bends without joints making it unique for this application.
  • Cotton fabrics are commonly used but man made fabrics otherwise known as acrylics tend to dominate the marketplace.
  • Kahr arms - provides information about the compact, semi-automatic, high power handguns made by this firm.
  • So i was pretty beat by the time we crossed the firth again and made it back to our hotel in wick.
  • The new aluminum crankcase transmission holder with a plastic soundproof cover also makes a marked visual impact.
  • Jurists of this school made much of the story of salman, tho not of the alleged approval of the prophet.
  • Analogical reasoning is a powerful way of solving new problems, by making use of prior experience.
  • Twitch, one half of the legendary dynamic dj duo that is optimo, took the parts and made a mean gumbo.
  • The engineering task is thus made into the easier task of raising the capstone up a long earthen ramp.
  • Lonesome pine also survives in the title of a song made famous by laurel and hardy.
  • Bloodcurdling scream, he leaped forward, somehow dodging every swipe that the creature made at him.
  • After a series of calls were made to bedfordshire county council it promised to remedy the situation.
  • This simple hat is made from a thick fleece that is very warm tho not windproof.
  • Some good points but limited scope makes the proxy server topic weak in chapter seven.
  • Recent climate predictions made at the hadley center may be found here.
  • Build your own custom Rv motorhome, camper or trailer, made to order.
  • I have always thought patriotism a rather daft notion which makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  • Bookings can be made at their desk on the international arrivals concourse.
  • Genomixer the future physical funded project made serious progress and uses stanza DNA data fused into online generating artworks and soundscapes.
  • Disseminated electronically, by email and through stakeholder body networks and made available on the web.
  • Interstellar medium makes up between 10 to 15 % of the visible mass of the milky way.
  • You can now enjoy a varied, healthy diet - making mealtimes a pleasure once more.
  • Tourney hellmuth who also made the oldest arts organization of being built.
  • Chippy were hit by that, and taha almost made it three, only a superb fingertip save from harris denying them.
  • But he made a great point of separating military and civil office, and established a truly independent judiciary.
  • Mercury arc rectifiers have now been made totally obsolete by semiconductors, although there are a few still in service in old installations.
  • Handles on all the knives are built for comfort and made to last using premium materials like aluminum, steel and glass reinforced nylon.
  • I decided i would go on sunday making it through the night very medicated.
  • If i was a materialist i would be making lots of money doing endorsements, doing cricket commentary.
  • The first thing vera stressed when making polish of any sort was to use only genuine turpentine.
  • Current work the work i produce is hand made contemporary stoneware tableware intended for everyday use.
  • We were not mangled in our creation; god, that made the whole, must have the whole.
  • High-spirited music rounded off a really happy day - thank you again for making it a perfect evening.
  • Then after showing that he was the absolute heir to the principles of the religions of all the prophets, made him travel through His realms in their inner and outer aspects as far as
  • There was little money for toys but examples remain of home made playthings, some of which can be seen on display.
  • Annular ring made of acetate sheet, the tabs are paper labels on extensions of the acetate sheet.
  • Top tips celebrate summer by making your own pitcher of lemonade - toss in fresh mint sprigs for added flavor.
  • This was followed by the most tender venison which still makes my mouth water thinking about it.
  • Thus, the AI-Wise Quran makes understood through the sacrifice of a cow that through his prophethood, Moses excised and destroyed the concept of cow-worship, which had entered into that nations character and worked in their natures.
  • The offer was made yesterday and therefore quashes any rumors that an offer was made a week ago.
  • Impediment on a trunk road so making it one way through the narrows conflicts with this ideal.
  • Deflation effectively made debt more expansive and, as fisher explained, this reinforced deflation again in a vicious spiral.
  • Also inside, the concorde is incredibly cramped, it makes economy class look roomy.
  • Championship poker ps2 screenshots world leading otter than its dinners made to order.
  • The duplication equipment is made up exclusively of trace st professional duplicators.
  • Showpiece game at the end of the season, it makes a difference from arsenal v southampton or manchester united v milwall.
  • This fact makes programming with vectors a quite distinct proposition from programming with lists, which are purely sequential access.
  • Love makes us feel soppy, and the parasitic memes exploit that soppiness - living off our big brains and our romantic natures.
  • Light metering can be made using any type of meter prism viewfinder.
  • Poppers on front to make diaper smaller or larger in the rise, making it last longer.
  • Music makes you feel better, according to previous tea dance attendees.
  • Shake was shaking like a leaf in a force ten gale, somehow this made me feel worse.
  • A carpal tunnel release involves making an incision in the fibrous sheath around the carpal tunnel release involves making an incision in the fibrous sheath around the carpal tunnel.
  • Will made a perfect run, coping admirably with the 180 turns even without the benefit of a limited slip diff.
  • Agglomerations of ice and dust that are rubble left over from the making of the solar system.
  • Pampered with four treatments lasting two hours and a buffet lunch while making the most of the fantastic facilities.
  • All the children were entertained by a magician, and father christmas made a surprise guest appearance to hand out presents.
  • Claims can only be made in respect of the qualifying expenditure detailed above.
  • Candelabrum left irvine they made a huge brass candelabra which they presented to the church.
  • Neither in hebrew nor in english does the word necessarily connote a making out of nothing.
  • Such was my relief at finally finding a urinal - i decided to take a rest before making the trip back in.
  • All our cheese is made with vegetable rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians.
  • Shorter inland journeys would have been made in smaller wooden skiffs.
  • Other travel expenses or other expenses claims may be made for the cheapest practical method of transport.
  • It was a very maternal remark, the kind made when an obstreperous boy had repeated a question for the hundredth time.
  • Yet i fear that the same feelings now exist that made you so miserable a year ago, even perhaps augmented by time.
  • Directorate general for translation, making it the largest eu department.
  • Asterisk *. medical route application can be made by the medical route.
  • Chesty cough makes you feel like you want to bring up mucus or phlegm by coughing.
  • The name "Pachyrinosaur" is Greek for "thick-nosed lizard." The species name, "perotorum," refers to the late inventor, tycoon and politician H. Ross Perot and his family, who have made large contributions to the Dallas museum.
  • Describe different methods of making a pcb understand what surface mount is.
  • At the bottom of an old white dresser were two doors, behind which he kept his oats for making porridge.
  • In order to find out exactly what constructions are used in the text, i made concordances.
  • Debrief a report is compiled and once the contents have been agreed, recommendations are made to chief officers.
  • A brown dye is obtained from the inner bark a glue is made from the sap.
  • Acceleratebookings are also accelerating at a very promising rate making the whole enterprise on course to be a resounding success.
  • It is a compact two piece unit, allowing the backrest and seat to separate, making lifting and carrying easier.
  • I have made the address available in case anybody is actually willing to buy these shells.
  • Turtle hatchlings ( endemic only to australia ) making their way into the sea.
  • This outstanding success of uk research in universities made the impact of the actual funding decisions following the 2001 Rae doubly hard to bear.
  • Shield volcanoes are low or almost flat, which makes them look like a big shield.
  • So when bse cropped up on farms which were or were to become organic, it made no difference.
  • Compromisee you will have made a difference on a social level without compromising artistic integrity.
  • The story telling is clumsy, with the extremely short chapters making the book seem extremely bitty.
  • Wonton skins, sometimes called wonton wrappers, are made from a fine wheat dough that is very similar to pasta or filo pastry.
  • Easy to use folding bedrail is perfect for children making the transition from cot to bed.
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