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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: makes/made/mak·ing
Türü: isim, sıfat


i. yalandan inanma;

s. sahte, samimi olmayan, sahtekâr.

makebelieve için örnek cümleler:

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  • Side roads have been closed or made one-way purely to prevent incoming traffic circumventing the obstructions.
  • And causing the sun and moon to travel, the True Bestower of Bounties alternates the seasons and makes them two obedient servants in order to offer to man His multicoloured bounties which change with the seasons, and He created them like two steersmen in order to turn that mighty wheel.
  • Those who have completed their duties of life depart from this transient world for another, happy and trouble-free, world so that place may be made for new officials to come and work.
  • We play games - we have arts and crafts - cake making - drama - sports including football badminton rounders and much more.
  • Impish humor was not overplayed and overall his performance made the greatest impact on me.
  • Victoria made empress victoria was given a special title, the empress of india, which britain was now in charge of.
  • Part ii comments were made on the apparent inconsistency of marking in the physical lab between different members of staff.
  • Makeenda for change must have made academic research careers much less attractive!
  • Rinky-dink thingy - which still needs a name - also also made another early outing to provide musis for the occassion.
  • Socialist unity: michael howard has recently made some pretty vicious remarks about travelers, what is your opinion on this issue?
  • Similar hard sauces can be made with butter or margarine and fruit for eating with the baked puddings given earlier.
  • Mr. morgan then addressed the jury, and called several witnesses to disprove the statements made by the witnesses for the prosecution.
  • On the 26 th and 27 th, commonwealth troops had secured a beachhead and made a general move forward.
  • Drapery shop in london, where he made some important business connections.
  • However, putting a culture containing millions of bacillus anthracis spores into a form that makes an effective weapon is not easy.
  • Such dams, supplemented by simple barriers made of dirt, were used to collect floodwaters and promote deep wetting of the ground.
  • This is certainly the case with experimental micromachined diamond accelerometers analogous to those made in silicon.
  • In seeing our savior, the pure in heart will be made perfectly happy by being made perfectly holy.
  • Hirofumi ogawa rewrote chunks of the fat ( dos/windows fs ) code base and made the larger magneto optical disks work.
  • Optimizing space utilization, olap servers can minimize physical storage requirements, thus making it possible to analyze exceptionally large amounts of data.
  • A special kind of cell division takes place in making germ cells, called meiosis.
  • Top tips celebrate summer by making your own pitcher of lemonade - toss in fresh mint sprigs for added flavor.
  • One bedlam member sparked controversy by making the same point in a recent radio interview.
  • There are the island made greek liqueurs at kumquat on the road to corfu town.
  • Taxis shall also pay all applicable taxes related to charges made for the use of the website at the same time.
  • The comments already made in previous reviews need little embellishment.
  • Stipulation of the treaty and then claimed that it was allah who made him do it!
  • This expansion had been made possible by the 1930 prison rules which had abolished separate confinement.
  • Provisional arrangements are made to manufacture gramophones, records and to assemble machines in germany.
  • The thing is, the eurocrats have made a total bungle of explaining what the construction products directive is.
  • Directorate general for translation, making it the largest eu department.
  • After a few days he was made a first-class misdemeanant, and he conducted his paper from a not incommodious cell in hollowly jail.
  • Methylene chloride, a solvent used in the making of photographic film.
  • For young bangladeshi people, making these concerns central to future policy initiatives is crucial.
  • This in turn was expected to attract electrons, making the quark glob metallic and opaque.
  • The foliage effects he has made using a 1 inch paintbrush are truly stunning.
  • Today, the remaining wreckage makes for a fun dive, or even a snorkel.
  • For it takes the spirit and source of life of a lengthy event, and makes them the introduction to its aim.
  • I have fully qualified opticians working in labs, making the glasses.
  • Maybe hurling big boulders - even making them change into steaming chunks of lava on the way - is more your thing.
  • Shortly afterward the local goldsmith john elston seems to have brought london craftsmen, skilled in making complex objects, to exeter.
  • Softwoods tend to be easy to light and to burn quickly ( making them very good kindling ).
  • Assured when speaking directly to someone who knew exactly how jewelry was made and repaired.
  • For Bryan Espey, 26, who works marketing for a check- printing company in Lenexa, Kansas, the decision between a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and a Volkswagen (VOW) Golf TDI came down to which made it easier to play the Spotify Internet music service from his Android phone, he said. He chose the Focus.
  • Bivalve: a group of mollusks with flattened bodies enclosed by a pair shells ( valves ) made of hard calcite.
  • Notability man of 75 made all the other notabilities at once appear not only undistinguished but unreal.
  • Both have victorian brass and cast iron bedsteads, with interior sprung mattresses, made up with crisp white cotton bedding.
  • He made a large fortune but by the time he returned to england, he was virtually penniless.
  • Angstroms from the carbon atom, and making an angle of 120 degrees with the oxygen atom.
  • Such was my relief at finally finding a urinal - i decided to take a rest before making the trip back in.
  • The bell key guard was a single unit, and there was no provision made for adjusting the height of the bumper felts.
  • How are decisions made about prescribing of anti-psychotic drugs for psychiatric outpatients?
  • The bags are partially made from tapioca starch, the same product used as a sweetener in baked goods and tapioca pudding.
  • Zoom has made a name for itself by delivering reliable, affordable and compatible equipment to the market.
  • Communese you are truly communing with that otherwise annoying wet stuff that makes this country so wonderfully green.
  • External hard drive requires a secondary power source, which makes the entire concept immobile.
  • Section 2 made the unauthorized disclosure of any information on any subject an offense.
  • The First: By showing with the season of old age the stamp of transience and decline on the beautiful and inviting things of this world, and their bitter meaning, it makes a person feel disgust at the world and causes him to seek a permanent beloved in place of the transient.
  • The quality approval at our factory is made by a national authorized quality institution.
  • Usually the decision to vaccinate, except for fowl pox, should be made on the basis of area experience and expert advice.
  • Director nicholas philibert follows a class made up of a mixture of ages, ably marshaled by their superb teacher georges lopez.
  • Corp Ousmane Kone, who took part in the fighting, told Reuters news agency that the attackers had made off with guns.
  • At length, sir guy made his choice, grabbed the hunting-horn and blew a loud blast.
  • The whole of the day i devoted to the worthy marquis, who said my company made him happy.
  • For they will be made anew from nothing, from non-being, and sent; they will be put on the earth, made to do their duty, and then sent away.
  • When the proposal is complete an application for an interim order is made by lodging the documents with the court.
  • The range of the macro facility, which extends down to 1cm, also makes the camera very versatile.
  • What do you think makes any holiday enjoyable, whether you are in spain, florida or at home?
  • Eightyitions were very crowded for a long voyage and the lack of proper ventilation made conditions no easier, with temperatures reaching the eighties.
  • A smart-ass always ad-libbing with my pals, making fun of teachers learning how far you can go.
  • You will be supplied calico for making a toile; therefore do not need to bring fabric to the first lesson.
  • Derailleur cable for fraying; making sure the chain cage is parallel to the chain.
  • The case and bracelet are made to high specifications from grade 2 pure titanium.
  • Do you not see that God makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap? - then will you see rain issue forth from their midst.
  • Climb the arete direct, making use of the left wall, to reach a bulge at 7 meters.
  • Ask primarily which decoration is beautiful or what makes for a good shape.
  • Igf stimulates the follicles in the ovaries, making egg production more likely in humans.
  • Just sitting with the wonderfully elaborate box that the handset ships in made me forget my once embarrassing lust for the motorola razr phone.
  • Their lives are often made worse by the moral squalor resulting from the collapse of stable family life.
  • All makes all models question: i want to add a cd changer to my factory system.
  • Appointed whose terms of reference were how improvements could be made in the existing rural credit system.
  • Exigencygency provision was made for reserve cdm requirements and other exigencies and 104 appointments were made.
  • For more information on making a will, please complete the reply coupon on the previous page.
  • Undergoan, who had suffered a heart attack and had stopped breathing, subsequently underwent major heart surgery and made a full recovery.
  • Through calling to mind the well-ordered disposals of Divine power in the revolutions of winter and summer, and day and night with the phrase, The sun revolves, it makes understood the Makers tremendousness.
  • In the early 1960s the bbc made him one of a new group of its staff accompanists.
  • It included snowflakes made from foil, and an isometric snowflake created out of silver baubles, suspended at the base of the eye.
  • They are supported well by fellow rapper ludacris and devon aoki as suki and cole hauser makes a decent villain.
  • It will also explore aspects such as the nature of strategic decision making and strategy dynamics in differing contexts ( e.g. public sector ).
  • One particular point of debate concerned the extent to which an o.r. scientist could expect the objectives to be made sufficiently explicit.
  • Clearly writing a class hierarchy starting with multivariate polynomials in order to derive integers makes no sense!
  • Makenal pipe section was put on the shaft at and the fallen tree was cut down making the area safe.
  • Fee 11.7 is not payable where the attachment of earnings order is made on the hearing of a judgment summons.
  • The brushing also makes the leather even more absorbent than aniline leathers.
  • These refills are made from inert, clear polypropylene and are safe and suitable for long-term archival storage of documents.
  • In 1969 the 160w blended lamp was upgraded to the new phosphor, and the 250w and 500w ratings made the change in 1970.
  • Boil enough potatoes to cover the top of the stew in mashed potato made with butter.
  • The original legislation was revised by the finance act 1999, and the sanctions made more onerous.
  • The solicitor i used was not really a rip-off merchant he was just an ordinary solicitor making a healthy profit like most other solicitors.
  • Although they were key makers, they also in the early days made toasting forks.
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