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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: less/less·er/lit·tler/least/lit·tlest
Türü: isim


i. küçüklük.

littleness için örnek cümleler:

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  • Denial of this doctrine has huge practical consequences, not least in education.
  • And suddenly his littleness was intolerable, his aspiration was intolerable, and there came to him an irresistible impulse to pray.
  • Only the students with the most severe functional difficulties, the fourth quartile, shows less dropout then the rest.
  • These differences are less obvious after intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous administration as the bowel is bypassed producing 100 % bioavailability.
  • These forest remnants take the form of small copses of holm oak where the total number of trees is less than thirty.
  • It was a personal turning point for me, where the whole world suddenly seemed less innocent.
  • Find the least palindrome which is divisible by 13, and find any palindrome which is divisible by 54.
  • We found that the dyslexics were indeed significantly less sensitive at hearing the warbles.
  • Dunking also discussing the less successful methods of spam filtering, and where the future might be, such as peer-to-peer spam filtering.
  • Some state prosecutors in the us have less understanding, " he said.
  • Nevertheless, i believe william is guilty less of downright dishonesty than of a persistent lack of understanding.
  • Regular coffee drinkers have about 1/3 less asthma symptoms than those of non-coffee drinkers according to a harvard researcher who studied 20,000 people.
  • The white paintwork looks decidedly grubby in this 1st august 2004 view, but at least this important piece of architecture still stands.
  • At least 400,000 people in the uk have disfigurements to their face, hands or body.
  • Aeonen we realize more that it takes eons to develop right understanding we shall be less inclined to think in terms of progress.
  • The wheel is less extended and, with the shortened wheelbase, the bike is much more agile than traditional harleys.
  • As the affected individual becomes more demented, less mobile and more physically disabled, they require increasing support and basic care.
  • It also continues to duplicate in the gut mucosa, making antiretroviral therapy for immune function less effective.
  • Other species can be less massive, such as old hornbeam pollards, field maples or holly.
  • Mortality rates in patients aged less than 65 years with a primary diagnosis of community acquired pneumonia.
  • The computational power of the altix systems has significantly accelerated research progress by delivering results in much less time.
  • At least one member of each departing crew received a " blood chit " printed in a variety of oriental tongues.
  • Even pro-choice supporters regard it as " the lesser of two evils " .
  • At least three london scientologists claimed to have uncovered incidents in which they were crucified and rose from the dead to save the world.
  • It can be very noticeable without good support many law firms might become a little saggy and certainly a lot less smooth.
  • I will answer for it she never betrayed the least thing in the world.
  • I got a bit tearful at one point, but at least that mrs dubber knew how upset i was.
  • The work is not first-rate, but much less debased, and perhaps earlier.
  • In less than twenty minutes she is gliding alongside the wooden piles of the pier.
  • No less intensely passionate than the a minor sonata is the violin sonata in d minor op 121.
  • These craft have more freeboard than racing hovercraft and are less likely to swamp.
  • Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only utilize on average less than three percent of our potential brainpower.
  • Globular clusters contain only stars less massive than 0.7 solar masses.
  • At the very least the definition should be expanded to include nephews and nieces and more distant blood relatives.
  • Participants were asked to use the insoles for at least four hours a day for at least four days a week for eight weeks.
  • They have been less successfully assimilated by intermarriage than have the chinese, spanish, and american mestizos, or mixed groups.
  • An airport hotel with a car parking package can cost less than airport hotel with a car parking package can cost less than airport parking alone.
  • Cuneiform script of ancient babylon dating back at least 5,000 years.
  • Also the tenvin indicating indefiniteness in a breathe expresses littleness or fewness and means it is so insignificant that it can scarcely be known.
  • Without the least hesitation my most profound conviction tells me: do not concede an inch of ground.
  • In addition, the severely demented patients spent less time exposed to bright light.
  • These range from the highly toxic lead acid cell to the less harmful nickel metal hydride.
  • Inside, the changes are less dramatic than expected, with a new dash that retains the trademark vertical wooden spars.
  • These are quicker, cheaper, less adversarial and provide a better outcome for the court user.
  • Currently you can find single-chip dlp projectors that weigh less than three pounds.
  • In many ways i grew up fatherless, at least emotionally, with a father that was physically present but never emotionally.
  • Grams per kilometer or less will be taxed at the lowest rate of 15 per cent.
  • Now, changes recommended by the electoral commission mean his ward will lose at least 600 electors, most of them protestants.
  • Completion of at least one year of training in clinical obstetrics and gynecology.
  • In the study 21 practitioners detected the presence of a human hand behind a screen less than 50 % of the time.
  • Chelated element is released to the plants only when it becomes less abundant in the nutrient solution.
  • Every student who has graduated from our university has studied English with a native speaker for at least two years.
  • In addition, there is no diopter correction to help focus the image for those of us with less than perfect vision.
  • The three campgrounds that accept RVs are Riley Creek, Savage River and Teklanika River. Drivers who go to Tek River, which is beyond the cutoff point for most public traffic, get only the one trip in and out on the park road and are required to sign up for at least three nights. The Riley Creek and Savage River campgrounds allow drivers to come and go as they wish.
  • A 70-seat turboprop can burn up to 30 % less fuel than an equivalent 70-seat regional jet over a 500 nautical miles sector.
  • The love-song of the common jack snipe seemed not a whit less mysterious than partridge drumming.
  • The satellites have sufficient on-board propellant to maintain their orbit stations for at least 5 years.
  • Abundant in the least industrialized regions of the world, dwindling remnants remain in more industrialized areas.
  • He is, after all, an emotionally immature eight year old boy, or at least programmed to act like one.
  • Riad Hijab, appointed as prime minister less than two months ago, is the most prominent Syrian figure to defect so far.
  • Of course, attending at least one fest noz ( night dance ) is almost compulsory!
  • This allows for more flexibility and less strain on the socket, and ultimately a tighter fit for the crook tenon.
  • But their wants and needs are for such things that their hands cannot reach the least of them and their power is insufficient for the smallest of them.
  • Where she is in the territory of health economics or health policy, she seems less sure-footed.
  • But pick deserves at least a footnote in the history of modern irrationalism.
  • It may be in your best interests to abandon your project or at least pause for a serious rethink.
  • Throughout the twentieth century, the titled nobility of the united kingdom became less homogeneous.
  • Linearity of the response, it produces less distortion, particularly in the low bass.
  • Spokes web site is now running on a lighter, less colorful, plainer, simpler, theme.
  • Calais stores take uk credit cards and many take sterling currency, albeit at less than the normal rate of exchange.
  • Both bullies and the bullied did less well than other children in later exam results.
  • One cannot liberate a people - much less facilitate the emergence of a democracy - without empowering the liberated.
  • The reader is expected to keep far too many significant details in mind, and the narrative becomes more fragmentary, less coherent.
  • Ofcom noted that the crockery smashing stall was included for less than two seconds.
  • But as they mature and their values develop they mellow out and become less self-centered.
  • In contrast, by the 1990s, most iron came from fortified breakfast cereals where the iron is less bioavailable than from meat.
  • An application for nationality can only be made after a person had indefinite leave to remain for a period of at least 12 months.
  • Flame arresters will probably be needed ( at least for dry vacuum pumps or oil sealed vacuum pumps ).
  • This gives a sensitivity of 85 % when performed on all patients with a fasting gastrin of less than 400 pmol/l.
  • Practices which have been less attentive may be less likely to suffer the opprobrium of the rcvs.
  • Spectra of the molecule ch 4 - one of at least ten new molecules detected by iso.
  • Although there are rest stops along major interstates, they may be less frequent in desert areas.
  • Tusks indicate age as the tusks of young walruses do not become visible for at least a year and a half after birth.
  • Uterus wall by a fine nylon thread, which makes it less likely to be expelled by the body.
  • Median neuritis at the elbow is much less common than ulnar neuritis.
  • Orthotics manager wanted to charge for at least some repairs to orthopedic shoes.
  • At least she probably thinks i wander around looking smart all the time.
  • Attracting increasing interest, is less general and less of an accepted principle.
  • I work in a place of scholarship and it does not surprise me in the least that greek etymology makes this a leisure center.
  • This vessel is taller and less carinated than beaker 1. the rim is slightly everted, and the base is flat.
  • So we become less socially dependent on other people and achieve more self-reliance: our individual identity is strengthened.
  • With bt maize, the reduction in use of insecticides should result in less harm to beneficial insects.
  • Abiotic environmental factors now start to become of less importance in controlling what can live where.
  • Understudythe enthusiasm by the pupils that most parts had understudies, who were given the chance to play at least once.
  • Uniforms were boiled in tea in order to make the wearer less conspicuous to the enemy.
  • His explanation of certain developments in later hominids, explained solely through the necessity to search for food, is less convincing.
  • Conversely, developments that can seem momentous as they unfold can come to be regarded as less so with the passage of time.
  • However toxicity ( including alopecia ) is less than might be expected and in combination with pulse steroids cyclophosphamide is often well tolerated.
  • And, yes, the french have also become less communal - perhaps more from pressure than predilection.
  • Maximum benefit is 100 % of the eligible rent ( less any non-dependent deductions ).
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