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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: less/less·er/lit·tler/least/lit·tlest
Türü: isim


i. küçüklük.

littleness için örnek cümleler:

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  • Efforts to promote the honduran tobacco industry as a royal monopoly proved less effective and encountered stiff local opposition.
  • Sitting outside bamboo huts on the side of the track were human beings begging even from us, or at least trying to.
  • Better still why not bring back terry " dodgy geezer " venables back - at least his england side played some good football.
  • Having herpes simplex is normal it is no different to other herpes viruses: all of us have at least three of them.
  • Other causes less common causes of sudden sensorineural hearing loss include an acoustic neuroma, which is a benign tumor.
  • Use a spreadsheet at a minimum, at least then you can create backups.
  • The computational power of the altix systems has significantly accelerated research progress by delivering results in much less time.
  • Nevertheless, i believe william is guilty less of downright dishonesty than of a persistent lack of understanding.
  • The more this indeterminacy has merely epistemic significance, the less it affects the causal principle.
  • With less than a 50/50 chance of success, relatives of the late doreen ellis have had to stop legal action against cape.
  • The site itself is somewhat chaotic to navigate: scrolling down the index page is probably the least painful option.
  • A second, less well publicized, area of concern is that of pipeline floatation.
  • This provoked disbelief, not least from rose, but put off the argument with alice that had been brewing.
  • More oily fish oily fish such as mackerel or salmon should be served at least once every three weeks.
  • It is also a condition of participation that a participating employer has at least 1 eligible employe.
  • This at least would ensure commonality of retrieval to establish regional differences.
  • Suggested that these notions may be less than clear and obvious, when we begin to examine them.
  • Employable students come through a system in which they are exposed to at least some pbl approaches.
  • Bullish prediction from richard jones: " india will win in less than 32 overs.
  • Stabilize in recent years, but as yet has not reversed - at least for full time workers.
  • Foals born at less than 300 days with a normal placenta are highly unlikely to survive.
  • Ensure that male employees are not treated less favorably than female employees, and vise versa.
  • Intoxicated by alcohol than men, given that women mostly have more fat and less muscles than men.
  • However, you should seek confirmation from the supplier that the helmet does offer at least a similar level of protection.
  • However, nitro groups make the ring much less reactive than the original benzene ring.
  • There are at least 25 airlines providing direct service from us and canadian cities, and many others provide one-stop connecting services.
  • Cultivation of bt maize also promises less pesticide use and reduced mycotoxin levels in the edible product.
  • The less people who encourage plan and create holocausts the better!
  • Opposed by a majority of the electors and at least half the establishment will then count for nothing.
  • Overall benefit is only achieved when perioperative morbidity and mortality is less than 3 % .
  • The beach at playa blanca is divided into at least four separate playa blanca beaches with pleasant seafront promenades.
  • Wattage bulbs can reduce the cost to less than 1p per night alarms install an alarm.
  • Assumechoice of operating system is also assuming a lesser importance.
  • Similarly, the newly appointed intendant, la potherie, sentenced at least six men to death by simple ordonnance.
  • Run the stove ( which most cant by emptying the boiler ) and rely on your ducting and burn less fuel.
  • Which means those of you missing some of these great albums can fill the obvious hole in your record collection for less money.
  • Kangaroo babies were less likely to get hypothermia than those in conventional care.
  • To require licensees to validate their license details at least once every five years in order to maintain their lifetime license.
  • A border of at least a meter, filled with thorny shrubs is a great burglar deterrent.
  • John motson passed his sell by date at least two world cups ago while the itv bods sound incredibly bland.
  • Elastin fibers, which can become less supple with age and lack of stimulation.
  • Extensions were granted at least once in 24 % of all bail indictments compared with just 6 % in 1995.
  • But their wants and needs are for such things that their hands cannot reach the least of them and their power is insufficient for the smallest of them.
  • Perhaps less understood is the potential for on-site cogeneration as part of this growth.
  • Surgery led to an increase in against the rule astigmatism, which was the major cause of uncorrected visual acuity less than 6/18.
  • Anonymity of the respondents from the management otherwise the answers will be less honest.
  • For the award of an honors degree you must have at least 360 points.
  • And, yes, the french have also become less communal - perhaps more from pressure than predilection.
  • Land set-aside is at least 10 % of the area of the land cropped for which payment is received.
  • Duration of immunity induced by the vaccine was established as at least one year.
  • If at least one of these groups is a hydrogen atom, then you will get an aldehyde.
  • The choreography was remarkable for all the soloists and the male groups, less convincing for the corps de ballet.
  • The fourth is a little different, as in this case the adverbial (gone to the bank) is more or less demanded by the verb (has).
  • At least 400,000 people in the uk have disfigurements to their face, hands or body.
  • Breastfed infants have less exposure to cow?s milk, a potential allergen in genetically susceptible children.
  • Throughout the learning process, this is brought to bear by the individual trainee to greater or lesser effect.
  • Seascape assessment should provide the information for at least a broad framework to guide this judgment.
  • Dyestuff produced by the kermes insect was present in a less concentrated form, making this a relatively expensive commodity.
  • Attracting increasing interest, is less general and less of an accepted principle.
  • Not wishing to appear smug, some of us were able to enjoy the last recital feeling less damp than others!
  • At least one member of each departing crew received a " blood chit " printed in a variety of oriental tongues.
  • Crop formation frequency, at least in england, has roughly paralleled sunspot numbers.
  • The parcels carriers used by most online retailers tend to be less flexible.
  • Not least in the considerations, the fact that breast feeding lowers the later incidence of cancer.
  • Teachers and teacher candidates can imagine employing less popular instructional methods free of the constraints provided by the general school milieu.
  • In learning telegraphy, progress is rapid for a few weeks and then follow many weeks of less rapid improvement.
  • Certainly, the founders and sages of the early church were less dogmatic than their modern-day epigones.
  • I noticed a lot less hard disk thrashing when playing bf2 after i did this.
  • Two patients received intensified therapy due to less than 70 % tumor regression on day 33.
  • There were three credit drapers, no less than three professors of music, and a pianoforte dealer.
  • The stuff consisted of at least 5 supermarket trolleys, roped together with thick ropes, complete with grappling hook.
  • Fifty-five percent had at least one lucid dream and two had their first-ever lucid dream this way.
  • Represented less than 10 % of the british and empire military manpower on the western front.
  • Stool antigen tests require the person to collect a stool antigen tests require the person to collect a stool sample ( at least pea-sized ).
  • Female avatars fetch 12 to 16.5 % less than male avatars with comparable skills.
  • Buffett wrote in a February letter to shareholders that new rules around collateral have made derivatives less attractive. The wagers will probably shrink under the company
  • The answer to whether summer sports climbing should be allowed in the mountains, or even rural roadside crags, is less clear cut.
  • A high-power mains fencer unit is recommended for a permanent fence of this kind, because it needs less maintenance than a battery-operated one.
  • An airport hotel with a car parking package can cost less than airport parking alone.
  • It is littered with basic presentational errors such as missing or incorrect bibliographic details, spelling errors and at least five unexplained acronyms.
  • U.S. equity-index futures gained, signaling stocks will rise for a third day, while Spanish and Italian two-year notes fell for the first time in five days. Standard Chartered (STAN) Plc tumbled the most since at least 1988.
  • I work in a place of scholarship and it does not surprise me in the least that greek etymology makes this a leisure center.
  • During the review conferences, at least two main committees often meet concurrently, which stretches the smaller, usually non-aligned delegations.
  • Ironically, the 1992 cultural studies anthology often receives more criticism for inflating the field than less critically self-aware collections.
  • But holiday work can at least be a financial lifeline for students looking to repair their battered bank accounts.
  • Inhalee are more or less dangerous ways of inhaling solvents such as glues, gases and aerosols.
  • Photosensitive cells here that, as we get older, degenerate and become less efficient.
  • If the bleeding is not controlled with the clamp: compress the aorta with an aortic compressor in the lesser sac.
  • Our final exit up the driveway includes at least four turquoise-browed motmots.
  • Some sec black tie events are less strict e.g. cocktail dress would be fine.
  • To do this, make sure to add at least 30-60 grams of whey protein isolate to the carbohydrate beverage.
  • Actinic keratosis is present, most patients have 10- 20 others which may be less obvious.
  • There are at least two essential reasons why laws preventing the bribery of foreign officials are desirable.
  • Duodenal switch is a modification of the biliopancreatic diversion, which tends to achieve less postoperative diarrhea.
  • Grammeontinued: i mean i am talking about small quantities, less than let us say 100 grams of brain material.
  • Every angle is covered in a 100 % cotton velvet cover rather than cheaper, less breathable composite materials.
  • Therefore, as you make less prostaglandins, you have less inflammation and pain.
  • Constantine, who was proclaimed emperor at no less a place than york, would himself become the first emperor to convert to christianity.
  • Incumbent mp was a tory who held slightly less than 50 % of the vote.
  • Polyunsaturated fat spreads contain less total fat ( around 60 per cent ) of which less than 20 per cent is saturated.
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