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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: less/less·er/lit·tler/least/lit·tlest
Türü: isim


i. küçüklük.

littleness için örnek cümleler:

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  • Perhaps less understood is the potential for on-site cogeneration as part of this growth.
  • Take the path of least resistance versus forcing, fighting, or winning.
  • German shepherd dog puppies kept confined during growth developed less severe hip dysplasia than their littermates which were allowed to exercise vigorously.
  • Subtraction of two integers less than 1000, and column addition of more than two such integers.
  • Eyesight difficulties, you should use a typesize of at least 14 point.
  • The absorber construction material is usually carbon steel making the process less expensive in capital costs compared with wet scrubbers.
  • Surfing bali... spend the maximum time in the water surfing bali... spend the maximum time in the water surfing bali world famous, and some lesser known bali waves.. .
  • By 1789 there were no less than 20 water powered cotton mills in the derwent valley alone.
  • Favorable circumstances for a given cylinder should be much less than 16 % .
  • The least expensive option is to construct shallow swales to deflect surface water to less obtrusive sections of the course.
  • Steal from cars parked in places where they run less risk of being seen.
  • Stiffen when you are asleep, but it takes less than half an hour to get going in the morning.
  • Employable students come through a system in which they are exposed to at least some pbl approaches.
  • The choreography was remarkable for all the soloists and the male groups, less convincing for the corps de ballet.
  • Worm fact: a worm is capable of eating at least half its own body weight per day.
  • Hip-hop duo have now become the 20th act to spend at least two months at number one.
  • Pull punches and skirt the really difficult issues, instead of discussing less difficult ones.
  • At least one member of each departing crew received a " blood chit " printed in a variety of oriental tongues.
  • Since the birds were so confiding or at least tolerant while at display i was able to take a number of shots.
  • Tradesmand expect large projects at least to be carried out by qualified tradesmen.
  • Preferable to obtain full accounts for at least three full years leading up to avd.
  • Lord hoffmann has recently on at least two occasions counseled caution in relation to arguments based on redundancy.
  • This band is worth nothing less than such a display of slightly peculiar devotion.
  • I more or less kept going till reaching the col with just a few short stops for water along the way.
  • Many an armchair veteran hailed as a hero felt distinctly less heroic amid the din and stress of action.
  • Many antivirus vendors recommend that you perform a full system scan at least once a week.
  • The train took less than five minutes to reverse in wrexham, and took off for chirk in a very sure-footed manner.
  • The sounds can also help reduce the contrast between the tinnitus and background sounds, making the tinnitus appear less intrusive.
  • In older, and less commonplace browsers the site may appear different but should be easily useable still.
  • There is, however, a less fantastic explanation for these seemingly supernatural events.
  • Top of the page genetics recently it has become apparent that dilated cardiomyopathy is familial in at least 20 % of cases.
  • In effect, the more traditional methods of green campaigns have been rendered even less effectual.
  • The big draw, and the main reason you should at least give it a go, tis the partypoker.com million tournament.
  • Fortifyntrast, by the 1990s, most iron came from fortified breakfast cereals where the iron is less bioavailable than from meat.
  • The comparatively low currents also make the inverter less sensitive to layout and stray inductance.
  • The shooting occurred at around 5 a.m. and police found at least 16 bullet casings, a machine gun and a car riddled with bullet holes at the scene, MyFoxPhilly.com reported.
  • We will not make a case appear less serious than it is by leaving out evidence of racial or religious aggravation.
  • Even at 15 min, virkon s is still able to significantly lower the titer of the contaminating bacteria by at least 10 6.5.
  • Illegal prospectors in brazil have used mercury to pan off gold for at least fifteen years.
  • The brine shrimp embryo also requires less energy to break through a hatching membrane than a thick outer shell.
  • Within one hour we found a pair of brasilian mergansers with at least five downy chicks!
  • Find the least palindrome which is divisible by 13, and find any palindrome which is divisible by 54.
  • Calais stores take uk credit cards and many take sterling currency, albeit at less than the normal rate of exchange.
  • Instead a rather fitful performance fell away to become one of our least convincing of the season.
  • Denial of this doctrine has huge practical consequences, not least in education.
  • Rhododendron ponticum can root anywhere more or less even on steep slopes with no soil.
  • One of the beings in front of her appeared less ominous, more compassionate.
  • On this occasion, it seems that university negotiators have found less such altruism than they hoped for.
  • It boasts a high-capacity ash catcher, making cleaning the barbecue much less of a hassle.
  • I think that mr martin had at least as good a case for the evidence of his feelings about traipses not being admitted.
  • All three of them designed polyalphabetic ciphers which were difficult to break, for at least another 200 years.
  • It was for ms webster to show that the alleged discriminator had treated her less favorably.
  • Index of refraction is greater for the shorter wavelength, violet light is bent the most and red the least as indicated.
  • Even less was his refusal to have anything to do with the government formed under un auspices.
  • It may just be me but it felt less intense than the rest of the writing.
  • Aggravation charge maybe less of a risk in the proposed new offense.
  • Seasonal variation in fatal pulmonary embolism has been well documented by at least 23 reports comprising nearly 11 000 cases.
  • Flame this spicy liquid gives near total pain resistance, allowing the drinker to continue with wounds that would drop a lesser man.
  • Tearful at one point, but at least that mrs dubber knew how upset i was.
  • At least two policeman also had very serious face injuries from the stones flying through the air.
  • Livres per skill point per week, but must be hired for at least one month.
  • Friend agree that the only people who will suffer from less religious bigotry in northern ireland schools are the men of violence?
  • These have caused 50 to 60 percent damage to bt cotton, but much less on non-bt cotton.
  • Journeymanpaying more or less wages than that decreed were liable to a penalty of
  • Rabies vaccination must be given the animal not more than 6 months ago and not less than 15 days before departure.
  • I should have less scruple in troubling you if i had any confidence what my work would turn out.
  • Citation counts alone would save at least 80 per cent of all that time and effort.
  • The bigger black goby can live to at least three years, while rock gobies can live up to ten.
  • We intend to publish newsletters at least three times a year to keep you up to date with events.
  • At least 400,000 people in the uk have disfigurements to their face, hands or body.
  • Rather, it is simply a means of shearing the least mobile taxable sheep.
  • Reading have once more said that fans will have to wait at least another day for the formal unveiling of their new manager.
  • Unlawful to treat disabled people less favorably than non-disabled people.
  • It is science which has dated the first hominids to several million years ago and homo sapiens to less than 200,000 years ago.
  • Aeonen we realize more that it takes eons to develop right understanding we shall be less inclined to think in terms of progress.
  • The average horizontal illuminance over the whole area on the unobstructed floor should not be less than 1 lux.
  • This is continued for at least six seconds ( which allows autogenic inhibition to occur ).
  • This gives a sensitivity of 85 % when performed on all patients with a fasting gastrin of less than 400 pmol/l.
  • Tcas that cause less drowsiness, eg imipramine and lofepramine, are useful for withdrawn and lethargic people.
  • Southampton solent university is highly proactive in providing the best possible access for less able users in most of our premises.
  • Seventy-four percent of individual loan clients are women and 80 % have family incomes of less than $ 300 per month.
  • Breast fed babies are less likely to suffer many serious illnesses including gastroenteritis, respiratory and ear infections, eczema and asthma as children.
  • Survived the latest onslaught, being the least changed of all the curriculum areas.
  • Most of these changes mean less food is being bought as raw ingredients and more as processed food products.
  • Our final exit up the driveway includes at least four turquoise-browed motmots.
  • And i know at least two county archivists who worked under me in staffordshire.
  • At least she probably thinks i wander around looking smart all the time.
  • Try to choose foods that contain just a little sodium: 0.1g or less per 100g.
  • I have never had a tire blowout either, so i guess i worry about that less than i should.
  • I have never counted the number of posts in classics in japan but less than ten chairs, i conjecture.
  • It lacks the glacial pacing of the former and the visual flourishes of the latter, but at least displays a sense of humor.
  • These range from the highly toxic lead acid cell to the less harmful nickel metal hydride.
  • Angel investors know exactly what documents they want to review at the initial stage (and it is not likely a 60 -page business plan, at least not initially). Now that networks have formed, a list of this information is readily available on Web sites or from the gatekeeper of the local group. Be scrupulous about assembling just what the group wants on the application form, a process that generally takes applicants a week or two to complete.
  • And the helicopter damselfly which is larger ( the largest ), but slightly less foolish.
  • There was at least one mill working here in the 17th century and a lead smelter was built around 1750.
  • Alveolusveoli cannot deflate completely so less oxygen is taken into the lungs, leading to breathing difficulties.
  • Angel financing comes into the picture when the entrepreneur has a management team in place, or has team members waiting in the wings; a product ready for the marketplace, or a least a prototype that can be demonstrated to customers; and finally, customers or potential customers who have expressed interest in buying the product.
  • Bullish prediction from richard jones: " india will win in less than 32 overs.
  • Several options are available for applying less than full icosahedral symmetry.
  • Grams per kilometer or less will be taxed at the lowest rate of 15 per cent.
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