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Okunuşu: / lʌɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: line
Ekler: lines
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çizgilerle göstermek;
altına veya üstüne çizgi çekmek;
dizmek, bir sıraya koymak;
çizgilerle doldurmak.

f. içine astar koymak, astarlamak;

i. çizgi, yol, hat;
ip, sicim;
ölçme ipi;
olta ipi;
satır, mısra;
hudut hattı;
seri, dizi;
ekvator çizgisi;
enlem veya boylam dairesi, mat. eni ve kalınlığı olmayan çizgi, geometrik çizgi;
plan, desen, şekil;
kısa mektup, pusula, not;
hareket tarzı;
fikir silsilesi;
belirli bir cins veya marka mal;
tiyatro rol, kısım;
vapur şirketi;
tarik, yol, hat;
ask. savunma hattı, saf, sıra;
den. saf halinde yanyana giden gemi kafilesinin meydana getirdigi hat;
silsile, sıra;
nesep, soy;
saha, çığır;
meslek, hizmet, meşguliyet;
bir pusun on ikide birini teşkil eden ölçü çizgisi;
argo. kandırıcı sözler, ikna edici sözler.

line için örnek cümleler:

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  • Mal crouched down and ran his finger down the greasy line that the creature had etched into the pavement. He picked up a piece of transparent grit and rolled it between his fingers.
  • These store the image as a set of graphic primitives; shapes such as lines, ellipses, rectangles and polygons.
  • Norway's main railway network consists of 4,114 kilometres (2,556 mi) of standard gauge lines, of which 242 kilometres (150 mi) is double track and 64 kilometres (40 mi) high-speed rail (210 km/h) while 62% is electrified at 15 kV 16Hz AC. The railways transported 56,827,000 passengers 2,956 million passenger kilometres and 24,783,000 tonnes of cargo 3,414 million tonne kilometres. The entire network is owned by the Norwegian National Rail Administration, while all domestic passenger trains except the Airport Express Train are operated by Norges Statsbaner (NSB). Several companies operate freight trains.
  • She started to cry after I crossed the line of any hope. We slept on separate sides of my queen-sized bed the rest of the night without incident. I tried to apologize in the morning but she didnt want to hear it. Within minutes of her waking up, she walked out of both the door and my life. She wouldnt give love a chance and I wouldnt settle for watching love grow like an annoying, clingy vine. Next!
  • Vohl took the money and did as he was told immediately. She watched him break through the line of stunned people and run off to complete his task before she returned her gaze to Rommus. The people still stared silently, but he seemed not to notice them at all.
  • Editors and speakers washington and elsewhere cruise line royal caribbean international service luxurious accommodations.
  • Having entered the courtyard of a large house where the Lodge had its headquarters, and having ascended a dark staircase, they entered a small well-lit anteroom where they took off their cloaks without the aid of a servant. From there they passed into another room. A man in strange attire appeared at the door. Willarski, stepping toward him, said something to him in French in an undertone and then went up to a small wardrobe in which Pierre noticed garments such as he had never seen before. Having taken a kerchief from the cupboard, Willarski bound Pierre's eyes with it and tied it in a knot behind, catching some hairs painfully in the knot. Then he drew his face down, kissed him, and taking him by the hand led him forward. The hairs tied in the knot hurt Pierre and there were lines of pain on his face and a shamefaced smile. His huge figure, with arms hanging down and with a puckered, though smiling face, moved after Willarski with uncertain, timid steps.
  • Toxico shrugged, nodding his head in time to the music and toked. Paul, feeling smothered in the smoke filled, tiny car tried to open the sliding window to let some air in. He noticed that there was a line of moss growing on the sill, and the sliding mechanism seemed to be sticking.
  • With lines of people snaking down the block and around the corner, photos posted on Facebook show what look like Black Friday's savviest shoppers, hunting for a pre-Christmas bargain. But these patient customers are no bargain hunters; they are shoppers looking to get their hands on six bottles of beer, each of which would set them back over $20.
  • Eibhlin also remembered the last passage. Many have fallen prey in the huge forest spiders' webs. If she is a queen, you surely have trouble. The last line Eibhlin's read was "In the web, no one has survived the queen's attacks." What might become of her if she didn't react quickly enough?
  • "We decided to explore other colors, so we came up with a line of products with a twist," Zoe proudly said. All of the blue products had a burst of color running through the middle, or a "twist" as she called it. She seemed to strike a balance between completely abandoning our blue way of life and revolutionizing our cozy niche. Not bad for a lawyer.
  • Mord whimpered, and Mirra glanced around in alarm. Bane stood in the doorway, his eyes blue fire in the bright light. lines of suffering marred his skin, accentuating his haggard appearance. He strode towards Mord, who dived into a nearby building to avoid the kick Bane aimed at him. Swinging around, Bane approached Mirra and jerked her to her feet, glaring down at her.
  • Pete never knew what to say during these type of situations. His parents continually demanded that he break with Isabel, using lines like:
  • Now they all intently study the graphs as Todd says, "Okay, this is really not good. There's a phase inversion starting because of the load imbalance. It's gonna trip Council Bluffs 4 off line if the strain continues. Looks like ISO Midwest is about to lose 790 megaWatts of capacity."
  • Record all income and expenditure records using sage line 100 and perform monthly reconciliations.
  • He took a final moment and jumped off of his horse, turning it from town. He approached quietly and quickly, drawing first his sword and then his dagger as he struggled to develop a plan. The soldiers stood in front of the townsmen, forming a line so that none may escape. Grahamas crept, wishing now that he carried a bowor traveled with someone that could use one. He could kill two, maybe even three before they realized what happenedLanyan could have taken down seven.
  • Now, in order to illuminate this truth, we shall compare the results which are born of the sound foundations of the line of prophethood with those originating from the rotten foundations of the way of philosophy, and shall mention three or four examples.
  • A possible solution would be to line the chimney flue with an insulated liner that is brought down to a point above the inglenook.
  • We went to go get ice cream afterwards and admire our purchases. Nobuko had gotten a couple of books and some vintage broaches that she pinned onto her backpack. I found a mini dress from the sixties or seventies that was just toned down enough that it would actually look good with some leggings and a jacket. I had also gotten a book, since Nobuko and I dared each other to buy and read a paperback romance novel. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading the first chapter of our books and reading some of the cheesiest lines out loud to each other, laughing at how predictable the writing from both of our books were.
  • "You kaedith can never come to the point, can you?" Although Jorden thought that he could see her point. It was as he had originally planned. All he would have to do was follow the lines of transition until he found an opening. There were only two problems: Tsarin had mentioned something about the ports being set for specific purposes, and what the hell was this slug that Ellin was talking about.
  • "Kill them in battle or seduce them in their homes? Isnt this entire line of reasoning imbecilic?" Doughty asked, exasperated.
  • The dwarves at the rear could do little in support. The blinding light burning overhead hampered their ability to offer reinforcements. They struggled to maintain lines of supply and support, but they failed in the face of Enin's spells. The display of such powerful magic crippled dwarf morale, sent them seeking refuge. The force commanders attempted to rally their warriors, but failed as dwarf soldiers worried as to what other spells might break their own forces.
  • It was a sleepy, 55-degree day in the town of Beach Haven and most of the inhabitants of the House of Hartwell were scattered in various locations throughout town. Family lines were upheld when traveling in packs to various destinations, with the intent being to be as much on guard as possible. Although there was no concrete plan in place, groups were established due to the unnatural order of a senior witch, and nobody was the wiserat least at first.
  • "Company commanders, take the initiative when something unusual comes up. Because it will. Blade, take your company and form a picket line to the west to stop any trying to warn their support camp off the mountain. Diva, do the same with your company, but to the north. Make sure nobody escapes."
  • Illuminating the route the minimum illuminance along the center line of a clearly defined escape route should be 1 lux.
  • Uncomprehending, Calista slowly sat up in her bed of straw. She picked out a few golden pieces from her hair. The world twisted around her for an instant and in that moment she thought she saw Hadrian. No, this cannot be true. Clutching the wall, Calista staggered up gasping and was horrified by what she saw. His left cheek and jaw line had melted away, replaced by an angry red.
  • Rose owned no appropriate words, too late to complement Ramona on her youthful face. Now Rose viewed lines on the womans neck. Her hands, before unnoticed, were spotted, veins plain. "I guess," Rose said with little enthusiasm.
  • An ironic accusation since he often criticized her for lacking the killer instinct. Hed taunt her with lines like, "you shoot like a girl."
  • The origin of the tree of Zaqqum together with that of the line of prophethood, which is like the tree of Tuba of worship, are in the two faces of the I.
  • "Yeah, me and Mandy are rooming together with two other gals in this big old Victorian house. The phone lines are still working, and they said our place doesnt have any real damage except for a broken window from a tree branch. According to the news, most of the damage was in the metro east area on the other side of the river. Thats where all the actual tornadoes were spinning off," Ellen paused for a minute, here eyes widening, "oh goodness, thats right, you guys live over there!"
  • Gabrielle and I talked for hours about the bachelor party and if we would attend Sams wedding. In the end, I decided to run through the finish line and attend the wedding. I ignored calls and e-mails from Sam and his friends all week, with the questions ranging from, "Has anyone seen my underwear," to "I wonder what happened to Mr. Ed?"
  • Jason Jute, or J.J., or simply Jayce, had been turning tricks for lines and drinks in a Santa Monica Boulevard parking lot when one of his backseat customers turned out to be a bitter young former AIMhigh attorney. Jayce became both live-in lover and partner in crime. With fraudulently notarized papers demonstrating Jayces incontestable claim to the Vane bloodline, the two quickly established a corner on John; one threatening Megan and Richard with bogus legal actions, the other with very imaginative feats of mayhem. Old John, relentlessly regaled with Jayces manufactured father-and-son anecdotes, miraculously began to remember. Two pairs of hands would joyously grip his; the tears would flow like champagne round the bed. But two clear blue Austrian eyes, staring coldly by the door, would remain dry.
  • A first indication of a possible way out was given by Hans Bethe. In 1947, while he was traveling by train to reach Schenectady from New York, after giving a talk at the conference at Shelter Island on the subject, Bethe completed the first non-relativistic computation of the shift of the lines of the hydrogen atom as measured by Lamb and Retherford. Despite the limitations of the computation, agreement was excellent. The idea was simply to attach infinities to corrections of mass and charge that were actually fixed to a finite value by experiments. In this way, the infinities get absorbed in those constants and yield a finite result in good agreement with experiments. This procedure was named renormalization.
  • There was a general nodding and smiling and rattling of wrapped presents. Rising, he led a parade of 99 happy spirits trailed by one evil warlock out of the banquet hall toward the royal nursery. Disturbed by the sounds of 101 chairs scraping back, Queen Athena looked up from her book to see a long line of packages jiggling and bobbing through the air on their way out the banquet hall door. Absurd! Shaking her beautiful head in denial, Queen Athena returned to Galileos discussion of bi-concave lenses.
  • He gathered his motivation and pushed through the doors. It was bad enough dealing with law enforcement when you were a local. Add the fact that Roman was a foreigner and it just complicated everything he was trying to accomplish. His resolve slackened as he saw the line of locals snaking out the door. This was going to take forever. Roman's motivation slipped another notch.
  • "They help magic work," said Aunt Mary. "Magic uses wordsthe right combination of words with the right rhythms and intonations. Music strengthens both intonation and rhythm, and adding harmony deepens the layersthe power, I supposeof the words. Show her, Robin. Change the colour of the flowers." She pointed to a bowl of pink tulips sitting on one of the side tables. Robin recited the spellit's a short one, a charm, reallyand slowly the colour leached out of the tulips. When they were completely white, and he was sure Emma was impressed, he sang it. This time the tulips turned yellow. Tania added a line above his and the flowers quickly flushed to orange.
  • Turning her head as the doors to the suite opened, she watched her husband enter, seeing that he was only in trousers and another lawn shirt, his hair wet and feet bare. Kate grasped how much of having any sort of life depended upon him. This handsome and yes, mocking man. She could tread the line of Viscountess, wife, doing those duties one must, and still have accomplished something herself, couldnt she?
  • In 1967, a second plebiscite was held to determine the fate of the territory. Initial results supported a continued but looser relationship with France. Voting was also divided along ethnic lines, with the resident Somalis generally voting for independence, with the goal of eventual union with Somalia, and the Afars largely opting to remain associated with France. However, the referendum was again marred by reports of vote rigging on the part of the French authorities. Shortly after the referendum was held, the former Cote française des Somalis (French Somaliland) was renamed to Territoire français des Afars et des Issas.
  • "What is that behind it?" asked the man peering through the telescope, trying to focus it. "It looks like a ... a thin red line ..."
  • 19451949: Soviet military officials east of the Oder-Neisse line subsequently hand over administration to Polish officials, Farther Pomerania and the Stettin area reorganized in the Polish Szczecin Voivodeship
  • The intention of the measure was to settle the succession in a protestant line to follow the death of queen anne.
  • Ambrosius fell through the canopy, Hookleaves whipping at his skin. His next earliest memory hit him like a slap in the face. He was two years old, and just starting to learn to fish (at about the same time as he was learning to walk, but that is comparatively inconsequential). All the other boys and girls were catching small fry and reeling them up dancing and glittering in the morning sun, like jewels of happiness. But Ambrosius' line dangled empty from the tree into the mist. No fish would bite. He stayed long after all the other young Piscadors had left, hoping that he would catch something, but the Fish shunned his Bait. Even at such an early age he felt useless.
  • Between these bookends, as it were, we have the panoply of elizabethan stanzas, lines, meters, and rhyme schemes.
  • "So your order isn't a militant one?" Aiden pressed. Nellise suddenly seemed to realise where his line of conversation was heading.
  • Clavis started unleashing bolts from his repeater into the line of spearmen, hitting true time and again. The close range meant the crossbow was particularly effective, especially against the poorly armoured dwarves. The marksman took down two of their attackers in a short span of time, and wounded another before having to change out the cartridge.
  • A line of naked male dancers entered, their faces painted in a parody of demons, and cavorted to the drumming. Bane watched, uninterested, until nude women entered and paired off with the men. Then his eyes flicked to Mirra, and he watched her as the dancers became frenzied, then sexual. She gasped and hid her face in her drawn up knees as the dancers performed an orgy in front of them, and Bane chuckled.
  • Another face not far away in a law office on the 7th floor of a city building, also began to resemble a gold fish. Eyes wide and mouth open. Then the mouth closed into a tight line and the lovely brown eyes closed. Yana Gibson dropped the newspaper onto her polished timber desk and pushed her chair back. She rose and walked to the window. The view was straight into the side of another building. If you looked up, you could see a piece of sky. She didnt feel like looking up. She stared out at the brick wall opposite. ‘Bastard,’ she whispered.
  • Job creation held steady last month. The 155,000 workers added to payrolls was in line with the years average monthly growth rate of 153,000 jobs, the Labor Department reported earlier this month. Unemployment fell to 7.8 percent at the end of 2012 from 8.3 percent at the start of the year.
  • Kerbke a wide line to ensure the trailer does not clip the curb, keeping a watchful eye on both door mirrors.
  • "However, our new line of march led us toward another site that was more perfect for the Colonel's battle strategy than the first. We selected a field where the afternoon sun would be behind his troops and in our eyes when we attacked. At our rate of travel it would take two days to reach the site. His horsemen could easily arrive within a day and prepare the battlefield to his greater advantage. He would think it an act of divine intervention in his favor."
  • I barely survived the first semester and finished with a paltry 1.8 grade point average. The second semester I recovered slightly and peaked above the Mason Dixon line with a 2.1 grade point average. I hadnt been with another girl since I made out with Kathy after I broke my wrist. I was truly an outsider looking in to a world that had abruptly turned its back on me.
  • To her left were short, regular dunes which leveled eventually into a vast wasteland, one which fled away from her, rising steadily as it did, ending at a line of dramatic red sandstone bluffs fronting a daunting wall of mountain peaks many miles away. But these were not like peaks shed ever seen before: these had alarming vertical faces, like a jumble of granite cliffs, or like tremendous claws tearing out of the earth and straight up into the painfully blue sky. They appeared miles tall, impassable. The towering mountains ran parallel to her direction of travel and the beach, and were white with snow, save for sharp ridges or the hard-to-believe vertical faces where cobalt granite challenged the firmament.
  • The fault line seems to run between those who emphasize individual liberty and those who stress social responsibility. Both strands exist in the U.K. With Levesons inquiry into the ethics and practices of the press after the News Corp. (NWS) phone- hacking case, these differing approaches to freedom have sought to pull the reports conclusions in opposing directions.
  • Simons "Havent Got Time For the Pain" was usually played after their first break. Rose and Lovie would reappear, Lovies fingers finding keys, weaving waves over Roses vocals. Buster followed, his bass lines allowing depth. Michael and Dane joined, but Gray stayed away until the chorus, his guitar acting as a bridge. Gray had been Roses bridge back to the outside world.
  • The excavation proved to be located at the edge of the burial ground with a clearly demarcated line of graves to the south.
  • "Oh-oh! Wait a minute, we got a problem. Knocking out our substation caused a cascade. The high voltage feeders into the substation shorted out and it's taking out a bunch of other substations all around the city and they're pulling down a bunch of high tension feeder lines from Iowa. I forgot how much power our substation draws. About a half of Omaha's lost power, so far," say Todd.
  • The second line maintained, working their way in and out, twisting around other riders where need be, using their horses as they would a blade to draw close and strike a blow. Several hit, and when one did not, they shifted back to lead themselves from danger, only to be replaced by a member of the first wave behind them.
  • Some will sit all alone some will line in pairs, some will be completely bald whilst others might have hairs.
  • The gear linking the two wheel axles is raised slightly above center line to achieve a correct mesh distance.
  • Usually when using maggots you get the odd tweaks and line pulls from small roach and tench, but tonight there was nothing!
  • The railroad line runs parallel to the river in winding loops that follow the riverbed.
  • Mirra shrank into a corner as his eyes filled with shadows, glowing with evil power. He raised his hands, and the dark fire spat from his fingers to engulf the radiant blue lines. A brief, vivid battle ensued, black against blue, filling the air with an eerie, preternatural light. Power crackled around the tiny room, making Mirra's hair bristle and her stomach churn. The lines of blue light flared to an almost blinding brilliance, forcing her to look away, spots dancing in her eyes.
  • They wasted no time returning to the courtyard. The smoldering wreckage of Richard's artificial body was little more than ash. Richard stalked past, not sparing it a glance. Sam used all her will power not to throw up; she couldn't help looking. They approached the tree line more cautiously this time. Richard led, a pistol in each hand, the guns sweeping the area. Once clear, they moved from cover to cover as they crossed the courtyard.
  • The first hour felt longest, then routine began. Navigation was by the sun, which moved steadily across the sky. Sometimes the thickening trees obscured her view and the light cut through their branches in lines painting the undergrowth in blocks of colour. Spruces were soon joined by other conifers, which were themselves joined by big and small-leafed deciduous trees from which she sometimes licked stray drops of water. The forest filled out. Despite the naked sun, this day was colder than the last.
  • As all three methods are attended with their special inconveniences, the second, which at all events, presents some advantages, among others that of possessing a treasure, if only for a month, is the one most generally adopted. So bold men, who are tempted by every chance, have quite frequently, as we are assured, opened the holes excavated by the black man, and tried to rob the devil. The success of the operation appears to be but moderate. At least, if the tradition is to be believed, and in particular the two enigmatical lines in barbarous Latin, which an evil Norman monk, a bit of a sorcerer, named Tryphon has left on this subject. This Tryphon is buried at the Abbey of Saint-Georges de Bocherville, near Rouen, and toads spawn on his grave.
  • Exculpatees the line is very fine between empathically understanding the motives of historical actors and morally exculpating their actions.
  • He rode a little closer, attempting to get a better view, when he heard a woman scream. Hurriedly, he tugged his horse to the left, trying to stay hidden as best he could, but still drawing closer. When he was enough distance away to decipher actions, he first caught sight of a bound townsman being dragged out and placed in a line with otherswoman and children in the mix as well. More soldiers poured out, some placing people in the same line while others set fire to the homes that weren't already burning.
  • Their music is all swirling atmospherics and cleverly programmed drums with solid bass lines, soaring guitars and some effortless vocals.
  • "I sent him here," Bill replies, placing a hand to his eyes and slamming his fist hard into his leg. "I sent him out here to check on your father, and he never came home that night. So in the morning I walked here, found our truck crashed up against the tree, right at the break in the tree line of your driveway, but he wasnt in the truck. I made my way past the cop car and the ambulance, checked those vehicles out, they were empty as wellactually, not completely empty."
  • The van slowed down, Steven opened the door, and I disappeared before jumping out. The van sped off, leaving me alone. I jumped the fence to cut across the front lawn. When I got near the door, I ducked under the railing that lined the sidewalk where the tourists were waiting to go inside. I waited for a break in the line in order to slip inside.
  • Mirror the words of mike the varying thickness of lines works great.
  • Scientific study and evidence clearly demonstrates the direct correlation between line speed, operator skill and contamination levels.
  • Inouye, who was chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee and third in the line of presidential succession as the Senate's senior member, died of complications from a respiratory illness, his office said in a statement.
  • Two small prongs of metal stabbed into her back, followed instantly by 40 thousand volts. Natalie Kelly's weak heart wrenched with the shock. Her heart collapsed and she died in the waiting line at the JFK airport, inches away from the mobile phone that rang for fifteen times before ceasing.
  • Women have represented around 2 percent of the U.S. casualties of in Iraq and Afghanistan and some 12 percent - or 300,000 - of those deployed in the war efforts in the past 11 years, in which there were often no clearly defined front lines, and where deadly guerrilla tactics have included roadside bombs that kill and maim indiscriminately.
  • Soon a long line of Afar were snaking through the crowd, directed by doctors, nurses, and a constantly reforming mass of volunteers. These Afar men, strongest of the lot though they were, seemed lamentably lean to the privileged young American. He was surprised by their gentleness and compliance. Each was given a Bowl and shown how to scoop it half-full of broth. Cooks then used elongated colanders to fish out carrots, rice, beans, bits of meat, and two hard-boiled eggs per man. The men wolfed the solid food, greedily but gratefully, and carefully slurped the steaming liquid. Volunteers juggled Bowls of broth to the needier sites, marked by flags on long sticks. The anguish of those not being served was radiant; men and women turned their heads like wolves at the trailing aroma, children wailed as the broth passed them by. These people had been subsisting on Vanes cold dry care packages for almost half a year.
  • At this spot there is a line of rather decrepit trees, bent at odd angles by the strong prevailing winds.
  • Gray was a nice guy, but didnt possess the reputation as a pushover. A fine line between those terms and Gray didnt need to do much to maintain on which he stood. He was the lead guitarist in one of Evanstons longest playing local bands, a title unspoken within the group as to assuage Michaels easily prickled feelings. Gray was also the co-lead singer, married to the other main vocalist, the most lovely and talented Rose Robinson Burnett.
  • The worldwide problem of the welfare state is mainly due to retirement ages not being raised in line with increased longevity.
  • Note: the broken line in the diagram above denotes the general ambit of regulation by the rail regulator.
  • "Let's meet at the beach after the battle tonight," Daniel said to Kayla in their daydreams, which was more along the lines of early-evening dreams.
  • Powers then ran up to the center court line and unleashed a flamethrower at Woodbridge. She acted like she didn't see it at first, and then she dropped the ball in her hand and caught the red ball against her stomach. The ball made a huge "POP!" sound as it made a Velcro-like stick on her chest.
  • My eyes flickered up toward Andrew, stealing another glance. His long, dark hair fell to his shoulders as his golden eyes raced across a page. He was reading a book on popular culture, and his lips twitched up several times. The line of his jaw was flawlessly straight and dimples formed with each smile. His nose was proportioned for his face. I studied his arms and the well-formed muscles. Id almost bet my life savings that he had a six-pack under that shirt. Add wings and a halo, and Id believe he was an angel from heaven.
  • She left the soldiers and warpriests to tend to the Strategos and mounted Albina again. Arrows continued knifing her soldiers. Pawelon's front line held strong. Though the enemy forces were greatly outnumbered, because of their trickery they were on the verge of routing her army.
  • Blaenau Ffestiniog's other standard gauge railway, the Bala and Festiniog Railway, was closed to all traffic in 1961, and a portion was flooded in the creation of the Llyn Celyn reservoir. A rail connection was desired for the nuclear power station under construction at Trawsfynydd, and a connecting line was built from Blaenau Ffestiniog North to the site of the demolished Blaenau Ffestiniog Central station for freight use. With the reconstruction of the Ffestiniog Railway, passenger services were relocated to a new joint station on the site of the old Central station in 1982. Regular freight traffic to Trawsfynydd ceased in the 1990s, and the power station is being decommissioned.
  • Maggie Singleton walked along the dirt road that hugged the eastern border of the Tijuana Estuary. She strode forward easily, her gait loose and free, her gaze wandering over the flora and fauna of the low salt marsh. She listened to the roaring Pacific surf, which was just beyond a long line of beach dunes half a mile to her right; she watched the seagulls and sandpipers and great egrets as they busied themselves with the morning; she felt the sleepy whisper of a breeze, untussled by the days heat still hours away. She had rarely seen a more beautiful, vibrant, prismatic morning.
  • Aizawl and its surrounding areas are currently undergoing a tremendous construction boom, especially with regard to roads and bridges and viaducts. The rugged Silchar-Aizawl road had been completed, but now an entire network of jeepable roads is being built to connect the interior habitations to the main road. These bridle roads also provide the Assam Rifles the ability to patrol the interior areas. All types of buildings - such as post offices and hospitals and government offices - are being built. Telegraph link has been established, but there are no telephone lines yet connecting Aizawl to the rest of India. All in all, here is great employment opportunity and attendant prosperity among the locals. Everyone is trying to partake of this boom, and in the process, helping man gain a foothold in this wild frontier of nature. These men are, by and large, men of very special makeup: Rugged, with an inherent, unstated, love and respect for the wild side of nature.
  • If the battle command of the unit undergoing reorganization remains viable, command lines remain the same.
  • Leen clenched her teeth and probed again. Again nothing ... but no, wait. Something was different. Fields were fluxing, force lines circulating. She was being probed again, too. Probed by what from the backscatter appeared to be a very confused set of guardians. Creeley hadnt designed the guard systems to be verbal, unfortunately, which made it difficult to interrogate them, not to mention virtually impossible for them to ask for guidance. They never had asked for anything of the sort before, but that only made it all the more surprising to begin to suspect that they wouldnt at all mind an appropriate contribution from her now. "Why dont you show me what the problem is?" she emoted.
  • It's no secret that Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) are involved in a war that figures to do nothing but escalate as they compete on an ever-growing number of business lines.
  • On David's big display there now appear multiple windows showing the power distribution system for Omaha, including all the substations. A large map appears of the middle United States depicting ISO Midwest which covers the Dakotas, Manitoba, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, parts of Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, even western Pennsylvania. The maps pulse with lines of various colors and thickness showing electrical power being moved throughout the region as well as the major electrical generating plants.
  • Going through an the number of who opened a. the bills they working the phone lines canada version an post corporation presort.
  • When he reached the tree line that bordered the farm, he crouched behind a tree and waited. Soldiers milled around the area, and he thought he might have to wait until after dark. In the distance, a bell rang, and many of the soldiers stopped what they were doing and headed back toward Harborton; a few remained. "Not perfect," Benjin said to himself, "but it's an improvement."
  • I was wondering how steep the admissions charge would be when saw there was no one selling tickets. The line was just for security. They were checking purses and having people empty their pockets.
  • He knew that one man alone could not stop Pete, because he would figure out a way to break down the defense. He also realized that Pete and Tom Sullivan scored most of the team's points, so he designed a moving triangle-and-two defense with a twist - the adjustment being that two players would guard Pete, one person would guard Tom, and the other two defenders would stand parallel to each other, positioned on the foul line and under the basket. In essence, Coach Parker was daring the other three West Valley players to beat him.
  • Plougheans " as the ox plows " ( in other words, the direction of lay alternates from line to line ).
  • "So do I." Max raised an eyebrow and directed his gaze meaningfully over Jurtans shoulder. When theyd stopped after dark the previous evening theyd gone just beyond the line of trees that marked the margin of the road before settling themselves down. During the night, Jurtan had rolled up against what hed thought, in the gloom of sleep, was a hard tree. It wasnt a tree. It was a low cairn of stones, with a small signpost on top. He went around to the front and squinted at it. The arrow-end of the sign pointed ahead down the road in the direction they had been traveling. The legend on the sign read "PERIDOL."
  • The mystery of how the line acquired its nickname still eludes the author.
  • Absorption by the forest gas in the equivalent resonance line of singly ionized helium also appears to be ubiquitous.
  • He figures out how many people he needs to apprehend in order to keep management off his back, and thats what he does. Its about one per week, give or take. So he selects who hes going to bust out of the many that he could bust. One week its a tough guy whos being a jerk to his girlfriend; another week its two cocky teenagers. He lets all the moms with kids go. Apparently, women with children are the most common shoplifters, at his store at least. Or maybe theyre just the ones who are the most obvious about it. At any rate, Scott is limping along like this, doing everything he can to walk the line of doing a good enough job so that nobody pressures him, and doing a bad enough job so that hes not busting people left and right. Its really not a nice situation to be in.
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