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Okunuşu: / lʌɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: line
Ekler: lines
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çizgilerle göstermek;
altına veya üstüne çizgi çekmek;
dizmek, bir sıraya koymak;
çizgilerle doldurmak.

f. içine astar koymak, astarlamak;

i. çizgi, yol, hat;
ip, sicim;
ölçme ipi;
olta ipi;
satır, mısra;
hudut hattı;
seri, dizi;
ekvator çizgisi;
enlem veya boylam dairesi, mat. eni ve kalınlığı olmayan çizgi, geometrik çizgi;
plan, desen, şekil;
kısa mektup, pusula, not;
hareket tarzı;
fikir silsilesi;
belirli bir cins veya marka mal;
tiyatro rol, kısım;
vapur şirketi;
tarik, yol, hat;
ask. savunma hattı, saf, sıra;
den. saf halinde yanyana giden gemi kafilesinin meydana getirdigi hat;
silsile, sıra;
nesep, soy;
saha, çığır;
meslek, hizmet, meşguliyet;
bir pusun on ikide birini teşkil eden ölçü çizgisi;
argo. kandırıcı sözler, ikna edici sözler.

line için örnek cümleler:

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  • Needlesticks, nurses, and organization 2 clinical bottom line nurse staffing and organization are key determinants of needlestick risk.
  • The inscription is in latin hexameters, the end of each line being marked by a covered cup ( the argentein emblem ).
  • The group then involve all referral agencies to modify the referral criteria in line with their service needs.
  • Tynon straightened suddenly and reached into the large black pouch that hung between several throwing knives encircling his waist. What he pulled from it was a long, thin line of rope that ran through several dozen shiny, polished gold coins. "If you would follow me?" the pirate said, turning quickly away.
  • Contempt for danger the whole situation was changed, the men were encouraged and the line swept forward.
  • The Pawelon and Rezzian armies marched closer together. Closer and closer until Pawelon's forces were commanded to stop. Their infantry extended long spears and held great round shields along the front lines, weaving a tapestry of muscle and iron to punish any Rezzian charge. On a hill near to Rao, a score of sages stood with their arms held rigidly overhead like the branches of tall trees, humming a complex scale of mystical tones.
  • The baseball chatter is interrupted by a weather bulletin. The severe thunderstorm watch has been upgraded to a warning. A line of microbursts and derechos have caused power outages in Rochester and are moving in on Tompkins County.
  • Her gaze moved around the room and settled on the line bag in front of her. She pulled it toward her and fiddled with the straps on the bag.
  • Jessamine went to lie on the bed, thoughtful. Fourteen years of studies to become a good queen hadn't left her the free time necessary to discover men on her own. She would have loved to discover sex with Ileana, but as princess and heir to her mother's throne they hadn't allowed her to breathe. And now at last she'd have the Rite. Nothing to be afraid of, as it was a knowledge she had been longing for for months now, but she would have preferred to choose the partner and time, without following the rules of forceful initiation. Such a shame. She was mature enough to understand that as future queen she had more duties than rights, but sometimes a little voice inside her whined it wasn't fair: she wanted to be free to choose. Thinking about it, though, she'd have the rest of her life to do so, at least regarding men: she could have as many or as few as she chose, as long as she had daughters to continue the Goddess's line.
  • Jill had backed off a bit and edged over to the side where she could watch my expression and that of the man simultaneously without being in the guys direct line of sight herself. Her expression was one of patient confusion. Nevertheless, she was giving me room to make my play. It would be a bad moment for my credibility if my intuition walked out on me now. "Help?" said the man. "What help?"
  • The Conwy Valley line (Welsh: Llinell Dyffryn Conwy) is a railway line in north Wales. It runs from Llandudno via Llandudno Junction (Welsh: Cyffordd Llandudno) to Blaenau Ffestiniog, and was originally part of the London and North Western Railway, being opened in stages to 1879. The primary purpose of the line was to carry slate from the Ffestiniog quarries to a specially built quay at Deganwy for export by sea. The line also provided goods facilities for the market town of Llanrwst, and via the extensive facilities at Betws-y-Coed on the London to Holyhead A5 turnpike road it served many isolated communities in Snowdonia and also the developing tourist industry. Although a little over 27 miles (43 km) between Llandudno and Blaenau Ffestiniog the journey takes over one hour. Most of the stations along the route are treated as a request stop.
  • He did no such thing and he did not answer my question. But he did smile again, and what a spectacular show it was. His body was heavy and hot. Through the fabric of my clothes I felt the hard lines of him, and the slow thump of his heart over mine. Without thinking, I reached to touch his jaw and it felt like strength. My fingertips glided over a raised slash of skin, and a quick tug tilted his head so I could see more of his profile. I traced a scar following the line of his jaw, curving up to his cheekbone. The skin was puckered, rough. His eyes met mine and I shrugged, the scar made him real to me. I snaked my hands up his bare, solid shoulders and jumped off him so I stood on my own two feet.
  • But the end of the matrix field was still open and the black aura was up to something. From a look at the guys aura, the matrix would never be able to lock together in its strongest configuration, through his skin - the aural lines were too strong. Max hurled a modifier string, hoping the matrix would hold long enough to encase Oskin Yahlei and the ring and the other guy too. The black aura was a molting sheath of smoky vellum seen through the surface of the blue lozenge, gathering itself for a move. A new shaft of lightning ripped from Yahleis finger toward the ring, and then the sheet of aura flowed off his body and down the thunderbolt in a smooth wave. The lightning darkened, the aura drew itself in, condensing and growing more solid as it arched out, and the force of the leading edge of the aura slammed dead center down the bore of the golden ring.
  • Everyone knows, albeit usually slightly misquotes, the famous lines, " will you walk into my parlor?
  • Fifty-two people have been condemned to die the next day. Darnay resolves to meet his death bravely. Carton appears at the door to Darnays cell, and Darnay observes something new and bright in Cartons face. Carton tricks Darnay into switching clothes with him, dictates a letter of explanation, and then drugs him with the substance that he had purchased at the chemists shop. He orders Barsad to carry the unconscious Darnay to the carriage waiting outside Tellsons. At two oclock, guards take Carton from Darnays cell, believing him to be Darnay. He stands in the long line of the condemned. A poor seamstress, also falsely sentenced to death, realizes that Carton is not Darnay and asks, "Are you dying for him?" He replies, "And his wife and child." Meanwhile, Barsad delivers the real Darnay to Manette, Lorry, and Lucie, and sends the carriage on its way. Lorry presents the familys papers at the city gates as they leave. They flee through the countryside, fearing pursuit.
  • "Why dont we both just stay? I dont have to be back in Agra until the wedding. We could have a week." He studied the perfect lines of her face, the dark eyes at once defiant and anxious, and wished he could hold her forever. The Worshipful East India Company be damned.
  • The central hub at magna park in leicestershire handles 24,000 order lines a day.
  • The guy growled and hefted the table. "Okay," Max said, "no drink." It was just as well, as the bartender had managed to conveniently disappear from sight. Behind the counter, framed by several large boulders, was a cave containing stacks of large kegs. The upper lip of the cave formed a narrow ledge overhead. Dangling in front of the ledge over the bar was a line of additional kegs, lashed together in threes and suspended by cables from pulleys. The cables ran down to a rack of marlinspikes in the rock at the end of the bar, just on the other side of the counter from Max, in fact. The giant swung the table again and took a bead on Max.
  • As Hawksworth watched, three of Jadars encircling war elephants shied skittishly away from the fireworks, creating a momentary opening in the line. Before the opening could be secured, two of the Bundella cavalry dashed through the space. Once inside the defense perimeter, they parted, one riding toward either side of Jadars elephant. One of the horsemen took careful aim with his bow and shot a barbed arrow connected to a line deep into the steel-net armor of the mahout seated on the neck of Jadars elephant. The horseman quickly whipped the arrows line around his saddle horn and reined his mount. The horse seemed to know exactly what was expected, as it instantly reared backward, unseating Jadars mahout and toppling him into the dust.
  • "Shortly after his scouts confirmed the rumor, numerous Allivan scouts were sent to locate a suitable battlefield along our path toward Ler Dan. We planned it so that a perfect sight for the Allivan strategy lay directly across our line of march. It would take Allivan troops a week to arrive. We paced our march to arrive a day or two after the Colonel had secured the location and prepared for the battle he could not lose."
  • Determined, she began with an easy knot. It was a simple pattern, but the line twisted in her hands and seemed to resist forming even the simple bowline loop. Still she persisted and was proudly admiring her first knot when Nat approached.
  • He was bald, except for a topknot of dark hair stretching down into his hood. His jaw was strong and face sharp, his lips and nose were straight lines, the only hair on his face were a set of thick, solid eyebrows.
  • On his next slow rotation Pence saw that he and the Queens clay flowerpot shared intersecting lines of descent; they were very near to each other already and closing in quickly. Pence was the higher of the two, falling as fast as a bird without a third breakfast. The flowerpot fell marginally slowerits few remaining petals had fanned upward to create an array of tiny umbrellas, giving the simple vase just enough drag for Pence to catch up, or down, as it was.
  • "Oh, one of the Strachans imploded at the table." Beowulf responded. "Nasty, messy business. They were up to no good anyway, trying to siphon power from the Overlords during the meeting to do bad things and well, they siphoned too much, ended up exploding. That was sort of the downfall of the house of Strachan. After that, they began refusing the seat and then sometime during the 1700s, the Lindemann Great House churned out the most powerful Witch on the planet. Then the Lindemanns damn near died out because of breeding issues and the Iversons came to power. Theyve held the seat for nearly 100 years. I imagine though, with the death of Magnus, the Strachans will take it back. Although, Im not sure by whom, since the next three Witches in line for it would be you, your mother and your brother, Daniel. Seems like a conflict of interest there, but your mother has relatives and one of them may produce another first Witch."
  • Ending in 14 points each, all players stepped up to the line to hopefully shoot that golden hoop!
  • While the guardian quoted one industry insider as saying: " lines of communication [ between emi and warners ] have remained open.
  • "Carolina, we had a truce on this matter. Youve crossed our line now, the gloves are off and the games begin…" Tray countered her strike.
  • Branch line closures, signaling rationalization and diesel locomotives replacing steam locomotives.
  • "Shit shit shit!" Francesca said, looking over her shoulder. Power lines were exploding in the far distance along the road.
  • As he approached the Queens study, he could see the door at the end of the hall. There was a man coming out, another Iumenta like himself. He knew this person. It was Parkas, the Queens chief warlord. He was a tall, slender man, with a firm jaw line and an almost wolf-like appearance. His light grey skin shone in contrast to the dark hall, accented by thin lips and pale yellow eyes. At first glance he looked almost weak and frail, but he was an Iumenta like the Senashow. Iumentas, like elves, had deceiving appearances. They were at least fifteen times stronger and faster than any human, with sight rivaling that of any bird of prey, and such sensitive hearing that they can hear a heartbeat across a room. They also were as close to immortal as was possible; they did not age, and would live forever unless physically killed.
  • A forehand ripped down the line and a volley into a gaping space he had created brought him break point, and a Ferrer error handed it over.
  • He bullied the beat-up pink limousine through traffic; deaf to shouts, blind to gestures, responding to blaring horns by hitting the brakes or gunning the engine. Eventually his automatic pilot took over, making adjustments broad and fine. The Town Car fell in line.
  • That was all very well, Jorden thought, but what he really would like to know was how to stop it, and preferably destroy it. It would be nice to show Hura that he wasn't just dead woodor just an elastic band. Jorden doubted, however, that Peter would react well to such a line of questioning.
  • He started to walk, thinking as he went. Just because he fancied Elodie, it didnt mean he had to risk his neck for her. The bottom line was, however much truth there was or wasnt in this story, one thing was certain. And that was it didnt concern him. He had his own life to think about .
  • Simons "Havent Got Time For the Pain" was usually played after their first break. Rose and Lovie would reappear, Lovies fingers finding keys, weaving waves over Roses vocals. Buster followed, his bass lines allowing depth. Michael and Dane joined, but Gray stayed away until the chorus, his guitar acting as a bridge. Gray had been Roses bridge back to the outside world.
  • "When driving through the pass, you must be extra careful. Rocks often fall here, and we have no way to know if there is anything beneath this fog that could injure Charger. You must hold the lines with confidence and authority here. Charger fears the rocks and formations that will flank her through the pass, and she often jumps sideways for reasons only she knows. Let her know that you are in control, and she will follow you instead of her fear. Understand?"
  • Ford Motor Co. (F), seeking to revive sales of Lincoln vehicles, is fielding the brands first Super Bowl spot as well as a television commercial that portrays the U.S. president who gave the luxury line its name.
  • Within two months of signing on to sell Eros-Glo products, I was pulling in about $2,000 per month. In the beginning of my sophomore year, I bought a two-bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean. One bedroom was for me and the other was for my product line - so much for living in the dorms on campus. Barry was so pleased with my production that he gave me the entire U of M account, which more than doubled my monthly nut. The co-eds couldn't get enough of the products. It was cool to 'glow and show' in the early 1980s.
  • But the vase really was rather striking, at that. It rang at the touch of a fingertip, and the etching was fairly remarkable, with a delicate sense of line and a nicely executed jaguar head in profile. Perhaps shed let it sit for a day or two before she tossed it out.
  • Here the three lines are crucial: four does remind one of rhyming quatrains.
  • Input file: in most cases there can be text at the end of the line to preserve sanity.
  • The other touchline has cover in the central area ( either side of halfway line ) with open standing on the remainder.
  • Another figure moved into Roland's line of sight. Roland saw through the wavering film over his eyes that it was Enguerrand de Coucy.
  • The light stick was still illuminated, brightly. So, I picked it up and held it out in front of me like it has the power to kill germsespecially, ones that live in dried blood. I apprehensively crouched down and took a closer look at the red substance. Relieved, I discovered it was only paint. The lines of the circle were flawless and I didnt see any type of outline, either. Whoever painted it has some serious skills as an artist. Or, maybe they used something to trace it
  • The black hairy caterpillar is quite a contrast to the clean cut lines of the adult.
  • Wands unexpectedly appeared in his hands, followed by unbelievably long swords that Billy used to cut down those in front of him. He moved laterally and blasted the line of quads before turning to face those who hopped over the trench. All four rose to envelope him. Fortunately, they didn't see the shots from his two-wanders hidden behind the trees. Caught in a crossfire, Billy took out two and the two-wanders killed two.
  • After the game, Pete and his best friend and teammate, Adam Baum, went with the team to a local watering hole called The Independence Tavern. This was Pete's inaugural excursion into a bar; he lived your average sheltered life, while his teammates had seen more bars than a line worker at a soap factory. This was a celebration, a major breakthrough had occurred. The town was rejoicing over one of its biggest victories in the school's history. West Valley was known for its large hospital and minimum security jail, which were both located within walking distance from the school. Many West Valley graduates often wound up in either of these two highly trafficked places as members of the community seeking to make complete recoveries.
  • Momentarily confused, the Spanish showed their experience by rising sharply so they all faced the Mongols and, like a ship's broadside, released the first of many volleys. Blasts travel farther from height, so the Mongols had to gain speed and altitude before the Spanish got into range. They had little choice but to ignore the two quads above them to concentrate on the company in front of them. The Spanish, however, pulled off an old Mongol trick by flying backwards at a 30 degree angle -- extending their broadside. The trick for the Mongols was to close with the Spanish before they lost too many casualties. The Spanish concentrated their fire on the front Mongol lines, the only quads able to fire back, thus mowing them down before they broke off. Billy and Princess immediately pounced on the fleeting enemies, their superior speed overtaking them. The elated Spanish joined in.
  • Indented coastlines, the method of drawing straight lines between points on the coast or at sea may be used.
  • Sighting along the line allowed the mast band to be lined up and temporarily fastened with a self-tapping screw into the mast button.
  • It didnt look as though someone had cut the tape; it was as if someone had punched a hole through it or something had exploded from the inside. I grabbed the box cutter off my desk, to use either as a tool to open the box further or as a weapon in case of an intruder . . . or possibly something else. The paranoia was becoming familiar. Unusual for a supernatural specialist, but this seemed to be an excellent day for lines to blur between reality and fantasy. Everything I had ever known was being thrown into doubt and uncertainty.
  • Back in the car, driving to Rons lair, she sang along to the radio, not the words but the bass line to some old Tom Petty song. It helped that her cheap speakers rendered the lower registers inaudible. She was free to improvise any line she wanted to any genre of music.
  • A few cds catalogs do not contain celestial coordinates; spectral line wavelength lists are the obvious example.
  • 19451949: Soviet military officials east of the Oder-Neisse line subsequently hand over administration to Polish officials, Farther Pomerania and the Stettin area reorganized in the Polish Szczecin Voivodeship
  • Home tungsten products tungsten carbide powder tungsten carbide powder tungsten carbide powder is the intermediate in the line from w powder to cemented carbides.
  • Elodie stood up, squeezing into her bulky leather and donkey jacket combo and picking up her full face helmet. Outside, on the street, U-locked onto a lamppost, Elodie could see her purchase of this morning; a scruffy, matt-black Harley Davidson. As soon as shed seen it shed loved the look of its shiny twin cylinders, single leather seat, and the smooth line of its chromed mudguard. It was an old bike that had been reconditioned and rebuilt and despite the price, shed bought it instantly. Now, she knew, was not the moment to quibble about a few thousand Euros.
  • Under the 1994 Pentagon policy, women were prohibited from being assigned to ground combat units below the brigade level. A brigade is roughly 3,500 troops split into several battalions of about 800 soldiers each. Historically, brigades were based farther from the front lines, and they often included top command and support staff.
  • Billy left his backpack with his uncle and flew out the window. A skirmish line of enemy quads preceded nine hundred two-wanders formation-flying in a huge square block. Mongols had ten times as many two-wanders as quads, and found the best way to use them was to temporarily clear the air of enemy fliers, then have them rise high over the target and blast it on their way down.
  • But as he approached, that hope flickered into something darker: fear. That speck on the road was a horseone without a riderstanding near the edge of the road, chomping on what little grass there was. As the horizon became clearer, as his vision adjusted to the sunrise, his dread became more and more dominating. Other horses appeared with riders. He stopped and gave his own a rest as he began looking at the ground. Hoof prints, several sets, up until a certain point; then they stopped abruptlyonly footsteps, all in a line after that.
  • Arizona is one of seven states that do not have a specified lieutenant governor. The secretary of state is the first in line to succeed the governor in the event of death, disability, resignation, or removal from office. The line of succession also includes the attorney general, state treasurer and superintendent of public instruction. Since 1977, four secretaries of state and one attorney general have risen to Arizona's governorship through these means.
  • But the Yellow Tracluse didnt care what men said before they died, and so took no notice of it. After all, the compliant and endless lines of humanity being marched along were going to die too, and why give attention to someone going on about some seditious criminal named the Red Talon when giving attention to thousands of crying, begging, and pleading people plodding along to their own doom meant absolutely nothing?
  • Unlike his father, Milo made an obscene spectacle of wealth; traveling like a prince, spending like a sailor: wives, children, estates, officesall facets of his booming mien. His tremendous ego made him take tremendous risks, and he was, overall, tremendously successful. The Civil War was a godsend. Milo bent with the wind, profiting handsomely in Winchesters and whiskey, in cartwheels and coffins. The spider walked the line between North and South with vigor and with dash, all the way to the California lode. When he died, also well into the years, his was one of the first great migrating families to own a major piece of the sprawling bean fields that would one day become Los Angeles County.
  • Radiatewere radiating outward from a wooden building in the center ofa clearing right beyond the closest line of trees.
  • "They'll wait a bit, yet, but this has been long in coming. Perhaps I've lost the touch, getting old as I am. I thought to keep them in line no matter what, but this trek has been so hard and wearyingand Bieler has been at them from the start, almost. He wished to attack on the way, and get the arms back so we'd have the upper hand. But your uncle's men stayed so watchful I spurned his advice. And the few times we all were armed, the Captain orders us to shoot at this or that bear and not reload. Then when we sighted the Arrow, Bieler nagged at me again, saying I should get out my hidden arms during the ruckus, as if we could take and load them without attention from your gunners. No, the man's a fool, and always pushing for hasty action. If the others weren't so brainless they'd see right through him."
  • However when i got to 10 meters, and about to switch to my 80 % deco gas the line was still not vertical.
  • In this case the forward false cast is hit high and continued into a straight line backcast without any water contact.
  • As he hits each key, its tone is analyzed by David's computer and the digit appears in sequence on a display on the monitor. When the full number has been punched in, a tracking window appears with a map and a street location of where the call is going. The destination is a land line in Des Moines. It matches the calls detected earlier by Todd.
  • Restaurants catering for every taste line the picturesque harbor where the masts of traditional wooden gullets sway gently in the breeze.
  • "This one, I think," Jack announces as they stop before room 606. The room is almost completely dark, and a strange sickly smell fills the air in the room. The emergency lights along the back wall are covered in an almost-fine dark mist that dances like lines of cigarette smoke. The cry comes even more loudly, like that of an upset child that is not getting the attention it wants or needs.
  • Dark red blood oozed over her delicate fingers as she slid a bloodworm onto her hook, and she wiped it on her jacket, adding yet another stain. Her fishing line was far too coarse for her liking, but good fishing wire was expensive; she would have to make do with what she had. After checking the knot that held her lightwood bobber in place, she cast her line near a downed tree, which was partially submerged in the dark water, forming a perfect hiding place for the fish.
  • When Vane opened the new morning with Strauss, he was surprised and elated to be standing before a perfectly clear sky. He spent half the day up on North Rim, pinching himself with one hand and gripping his walkie-talkie with the other, giving useless reports to Mudhead while wrestling with the idea of telling Tibor to call it off. Vane searched the horizon until his eyes were burning. A little after noon he noticed a wavy haze that gradually condensed into a thin dark line. The line wobbled at its flanks, appearing to thicken even as he stared.
  • Omari peered down at them, and her stomach growled when she saw the lines of cans along some rickety shelves tacked against the walls.
  • "Your heart, Jude, is more important than anything. You guard it so fiercely, it's a wonder you have any worries about it at all." Taking my hand, she traced a line on my palm, the frown returning to her face. "I was mistaken before."
  • As for your comments about preferring a Satsuma in a sock to a quad-processor g5, i have to drawn the line here.
  • I had no answer to that. I simply visualized the bird in my mind, and translated the lines onto the canvas. It seemed easy, and I was actually surprised that the humans couldnt do it. However, I had watched Esme painting once. "My grandmother enjoys painting," I told him. It was the honest truth.
  • "The simple point is we are not in an enviable position any more. I dont care how powerful Enin is. We now sit with Connel controlled by Sazar. Hes got Godson knows how many goblins and who knows what other creatures. Our supply lines are now in very grave danger. We have Pinesway abandoned, so no help there. Dark Spruce is right on our doorstep, past that to the Northwest is the Colad Mountains and more dangerous creatures. To the southwest is the Lacobian Desert and I dont even want to think what might be waiting for us out there. Yes, we had it good for a while thinking that none of these creatures would dare anger our good wizard, but those days ended when Sazar took Connel."
  • Once i start drawing the first lines of my sketches i become completely engrossed in my subject.
  • Second Example: Among the principles of the line of prophethood concerning social life are those of mutual assistance, magnanimity, and generosity.
  • Battalion #1, the best, flew ten meters off the ground; Battalion #2, at twenty meters, etc. By flying at different altitudes, they minimized the risk of flying into each other at full speed. Hence, ten lines of quads, each a kilometer wide, over flew the Mongol camp to devastating effect.
  • As the day wore on, and the sun sank into the land, Grahamas was halfway through the rope. Occasionally he would try to confuse himself, and swing the rope to the left or the right. It was harder to find, but still much easier than he imagined. When he had discovered it within a matter of seconds, he rolled his arm the other way and dragged the grapple back into his grasp. He had come to a crossroadsone side leading to northern towns like Quiv, the western leading to Highlace. The land ahead was far more jagged, and far less traveled. Fewif anycame this way. His earlier lines in the dirt could be confused with a wagon trail, or simply a child dragging a stick on a boring ride. From this point on, leaving the grapple would be like drawing a map to where he was going. With curious, roving patrols he did not want to risk someone following him.
  • Dave stopped at his picture across from the boys entrance of the gym. Although he had been seen that particular picture of himself at the foul line before, it held a completely new significance to him now that it was so prominently displayed.
  • Dozens of production lines turn out birds eye brand foods ranging from frozen peas to potato waffles to beef burgers.
  • "What did he tell Commander Quartermane to ask the High Captain?" asked Maggie, who was now back aboard the Nicomacus (she supposed), looking out over now-calm seas towards the widely spaced smattering of smallish warships directly in the path of the mammoth fleet of the Saeire Insu. The adversaries were separated by a glassy, reflective band of water perhaps a mile wide. To her left, a Sister thrust into the sky, illuminated by the setting sun. The barely visible black line running away from it, back and front, was Ae Infinitus. In the far distance, much farther than the Sister, or the one after it, but in line with both, was an odd half-ring, barely visible, under dark sea haze. The Great Arch?
  • "Magnus…" I looked at him and the only line that popped into my head was a line from a book when I was a child. "Something wicked this way comes."
  • It burns with a brilliant blue flame - the name cesium derives from the sky-blue lines in its spectrum.
  • "You mean you don't know how?" She rolled her eyes and turned left. In spite of not officially being on their team, she fought alongside Wyatt, Mammoth, and Wolfgang, gaining victory over the other practiced team. The trio seemed a bit shocked to see her fluidly enter into their game pattern. They passed the finish line and the headmistress descended upon them, clapping in a slow manner.
  • Glenys pulled a travel bag out from underneath her bed and opened a side pouch. She drew out a wrapped item Rordan took to be her fortune cards. Then she grabbed her line bag, followed by a pillow, a blanket and a small stuff-friend bear.
  • Natasha and Pierre, left alone, also began to talk as only a husband and wife can talk, that is, with extraordinary clearness and rapidity, understanding and expressing each other's thoughts in ways contrary to all rules of logic, without premises, deductions, or conclusions, and in a quite peculiar way. Natasha was so used to this kind of talk with her husband that for her it was the surest sign of something being wrong between them if Pierre followed a line of logical reasoning. When he began proving anything, or talking argumentatively and calmly and she, led on by his example, began to do the same, she knew that they were on the verge of a quarrel.
  • Ambrosius lost interest and flicked through the pages once more. He spotted several sections on Good Fishing Practice and Hooks, Baits and lines which he mentally noted and earmarked for future reading. The leaves flipped past until he was only a few pages away from the end of the book. Something caught his eye.
  • Left with that, the company falls silent as everyone becomes lost in their own thoughts. Morion and the bards bring their horses back into a single file line behind Tristan and speak no more on the subject of the Black Knight.
  • He looked along the line of companions, knowing they didn't have time to pick all the locks but would need all the hands they could get. Elryia read his expression and almost his mind "Graham, I'll help." She shifted to the others and Lanyan stuck his hands out at Graham, eyeing him but not saying a word. No one did. They wanted to get out of there, he was helping them do that and Elryia seemed to trust him. That was all they needed to know.
  • The nuclear authority is also crafting new safety criteria to deal with earthquakes and tsunami, including toughening the regulations on siting a plant near geological fault lines.
  • A long clearance was put over the cheshunt back line and the opposing strikers rushed on to score.
  • To get some perspective on the speed of the current recovery, you could extend the two lines out, with the blue line growing at an annualised rate of 1.5% and the red one continuing to grow at 0.9%. This is obviously a simplified exercise, but it helps provide some context. It turns out that the two lines will not cross until the summer of 2028. This is not a forecast. But the message is clear: if the pace of job creation does not accelerate, the unemployment gap will take an unbearably long time to close.
  • The road in which we found ourselves as we turned round the corner from the retired Saxe-Coburg Square presented as great a contrast to it as the front of a picture does to the back. It was one of the main arteries which conveyed the traffic of the City to the north and west. The roadway was blocked with the immense stream of commerce flowing in a double tide inward and outward, while the footpaths were black with the hurrying swarm of pedestrians. It was difficult to realise as we looked at the line of fine shops and stately business premises that they really abutted on the other side upon the faded and stagnant square which we had just quitted.
  • Again Max heard the abrupt clank from the doorway, then felt the rush of air from the swing of the thick door itself. Again Phlinn Arol hove into his line of sight. This time, though, Phlinn wasnt stalking confidently toward Max, he was virtually backing into the room, or so his contorted posture from craning back over his shoulder and trying to make forward progress at the same time made it appear. "Whats the matter now," said Max, "haunted by your evil ways? I think Ive spent more time with you and accomplished less in the last day than in -"
  • Patient-controlled analgesia update clinical bottom line patient-controlled analgesia with opioid produces modest improvement in pain relief compared to the same opioid given conventionally.
  • Met my new line manager, my placement co-ordinator and trust sponsor who are collectively responsible for taking care of trainees during placement co-ordinator and trust sponsor who are collectively responsible for taking care of trainees during placements.
  • The problem is that the spectrum rom handles this line interpretation as an arithmetic calculation, and calls its calculating routines.
  • The Captain turned to Tommy. "Activate our second line of defense, and then signal Security Team A to open fire at their first convenience."
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