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Okunuşu: / lʌɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: line
Ekler: lines
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çizgilerle göstermek;
altına veya üstüne çizgi çekmek;
dizmek, bir sıraya koymak;
çizgilerle doldurmak.

f. içine astar koymak, astarlamak;

i. çizgi, yol, hat;
ip, sicim;
ölçme ipi;
olta ipi;
satır, mısra;
hudut hattı;
seri, dizi;
ekvator çizgisi;
enlem veya boylam dairesi, mat. eni ve kalınlığı olmayan çizgi, geometrik çizgi;
plan, desen, şekil;
kısa mektup, pusula, not;
hareket tarzı;
fikir silsilesi;
belirli bir cins veya marka mal;
tiyatro rol, kısım;
vapur şirketi;
tarik, yol, hat;
ask. savunma hattı, saf, sıra;
den. saf halinde yanyana giden gemi kafilesinin meydana getirdigi hat;
silsile, sıra;
nesep, soy;
saha, çığır;
meslek, hizmet, meşguliyet;
bir pusun on ikide birini teşkil eden ölçü çizgisi;
argo. kandırıcı sözler, ikna edici sözler.

line için örnek cümleler:

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  • With no clear line of succession in arab families, succession crises became a common occurence throughout the middle east.
  • Word: startup switches passing command line switches via the shortcut or command prompt allow you to control how word starts up.
  • Cumulative over time with the solid line showing planned sell through in percentage terms.
  • Jaxon smiled, "I must politely decline. I may work for you in some capacity, but I dont know you, certainly not well enough to climb into a car all alone with you. Besides, I can take care of myself, thanks." It took every bit of self control she had in that moment not to throw herself at his mercy and let him have his way with her, or was it her way with him? Her feelings around him were growing very confusion. One moment she would feel guarded and that he was dangerous, in other moments he was like walking sex waiting to take her no matter who was there to witness it. The energy that seemed to pulse from him through her nearly made her rethink her answer. Then she stepped back, "thank you," she said politely and walked away from him. The distance helped tremendously. She positioned herself near the exit door so she could thank the many patrons who had come out at this late hour to see the new exhibit. They had also been very generous in their spending. Caislyn was going to be one happy auto-sketcher, and Jaxon was in line for a big bonus with the sales they had made.
  • Can you tell me if your poetry is lies or lines or bars or notes in an operatic melodrama?
  • December 2001 notes 1 first generation warfare was the era of massed lines and columns of troops, and the muzzle-loading musket.
  • A group of eight lines of poetry, especially the first eight lines of a petrarchan sonnet.
  • Valerie didnt dare break a smile, although she knew that another mommy had gone for her parlor trick hook, line and sinker.
  • For customers who call in person or phone, our public offices can arrange interpreters over the telephone through the language line service.
  • Prince Helgrim saw his bride first, filling the air with black arrows. She stood beside a line of dragons, which two other figures were hurriedly preparing for flight. His eyes narrowed as he recognised one of them.
  • Artillery pounded german lines for a week beforehand, firing 1.6million shells.
  • Several musicians walked amongst the troop, and a harpist in a brightly colored cloak sat cross-legged on a carpet at the entrance to the Queens tent. He was older than the rest, probably the oldest person Id seen since the Sidhe had taken us in. His long, dark hair was graying, and the lines of his face were deeply etched. There was something about his eyes, a sadness there that made him look even older. He smiled wistfully at me, then plucked a few notes and tilted his head to the side for a moment. He turned a peg on the harp, then, satisfied, began to play an energetic tune. It seemed familiar, as if it were an old favorite that Id long ago forgotten, but I knew that Id never heard it before.
  • Lozenge shaped pillbox still stands however on the boundary fence line to the rear of the warehouses.
  • Third Example: One of the valuable results and exalted principles of the line of prophethood concerning Divine Unity is: If a thing has unity, it must proceed from only one.
  • They were entering the woods and he felt the air get cooler as the smell of the woods intensified. It was a nice smell, and he liked it better than the smell of town. It was funny that he only noticed that the town had a scent to it when he left it and was surrounded by a new smell. "There is so much around us we dont see until we leave it," he thought. They were climbing the hill to their favorite spot. When they broke through the trees, they saw the town in full swing. Little lines of wispy smoke rose from most of the buildings, as well as the thick greasy line that was Kovosand Bracks smith. They sat down on the grass and began to pull out lunch. Sasha unwrapped the glasses and uncorked the cedar.
  • We pass a washing line of black tee shirts strung across overgrown shrubbery.
  • And her skin was so pale she seemed almost luminous, like the moonTamar never could get used to the idea of a suntan being attractive. Although not a connoisseur of female figures, he could see that hers was magnificent, and her carriage perfect, as if she had a plumb line from her crown to her feet. She terrified him that was the truth of it. Even moderately attractive women scared him, but this visionnot that she was real of course, he knew that.
  • By the time I signed my name to a brightly-colored pink slip of paper, dropped it into the box, and walked out past the ridiculously-long line of people still waiting to enter the drawing, I knew for a certainty that I wasn't going. They'd posted the cost of the tickets, and I'd been right. My paycheck wasn't going to cut it.
  • Richard scowled at her. He obviously didn't like being hit. "I did. How do you think we got out? I initiated the grid lockdown system. You remember those lines that stretched across the assembly hall?"
  • The pair were both regarding him minutely, and not only with their eyes, either. Shaa could feel the resonant tingle of an aural probe, and a large churning spot traveling across his body in line with the womans gaze. "Well?" said the man, but not to Shaa.
  • The Puppetmaster wavered silently on the screen. Was he contemplating punishment for a stupid question? But, no, eventually he just shrugged. "Hes seen your face. Hes had your blood on his hands. He could ID you in a line up. Thus, he needs to die. And hehold on…"
  • As he walked past the line of stationary vehicles, watching out for the almost continuous stream of motorbikes and scooters weaving their way through the jam, he was amazed to see number plates from all over Europe.
  • On 31 august, during a wet, stormy night, sir william balfour broke through the royalist lines with about 2,000 parliamentarian cavalry.
  • Divergeignal box was just responsible for the diverging lines on the approach to port victoria.
  • Daniel was happy to oblige as he said, "Ill shoot for it," walking toward the top of the foul line and then taking a shot to see who would get the ball first. The ball swished through the net and Daniels head was back in the game because he knew it would be a war, "My ball."
  • The sight hit the Zidaoz with the same impact the smell did. His jaw open and shut several times but words would not form in his mouth. At the bottom of the hill stood a thing that did not seem real. Several Dirujen stood around it as it calmly swayed back and forth. It towered over them, and made even the nearby trees seem small. It was shaped somewhat like a man, but its limbs were longer in comparison. Its arms nearly touched the ground, but that was partly because of its hunched-over posture. They approached it from the rear, and he could see that sharp, armor-like bone jutted through the gray skin in places. Its vertebrae formed a jagged line of exposed bone all the way down its back, while its knees and elbows and other areas had bone that looked more like plates of armor.
  • Eibhlin also remembered the last passage. Many have fallen prey in the huge forest spiders' webs. If she is a queen, you surely have trouble. The last line Eibhlin's read was "In the web, no one has survived the queen's attacks." What might become of her if she didn't react quickly enough?
  • The chains holding him to the wall had come apart but the manacles were still on his wrists. Shaa bent secondaries from the wild energy sheeting out of the temple, established a forcing function with a muttered sentence and a small sweep of his fingers, added the modifier for iron. Field lines formed over him in the air, intensified as they swung past his shoulders, glowing blue-green, and funneled like water through a ruptured dam into the manacles. His skin underneath the manacles stung, and then with a soft tentative cracking the metal, dropped past freezing into the supercooled, split and fell past him to the pavement, sizzling in the night air. It had taken an extra second he could ill afford but hopefully would be worth it; Shaa knew it would be easier to just get the cuffs off than to contain the feedback from the iron interacting with his aura.
  • May appear milky, like faint lines or streaks, colored or reflective.
  • The two chief theories of modern physics present a different picture of the concepts of space, time, and matter from that presented by classical physics. Quantum theory is concerned with the discrete, rather than continuous, nature of many phenomena at the atomic and subatomic level, and with the complementary aspects of particles and waves in the description of such phenomena. The theory of relativity is concerned with the description of phenomena that take place in a frame of reference that is in motion with respect to an observer; the special theory of relativity is concerned with relative uniform motion in a straight line and the general theory of relativity with accelerated motion and its connection with gravitation. Both quantum theory and the theory of relativity find applications in all areas of modern physics.
  • So, it is because the philosophy which does not obey the line of religion thus lost its way, that the I took the reins into its own hands and ran into all sorts of misguidance.
  • A little pigs tail twirl on the end of the line said it all, at the last minute the knot had slipped.
  • I halted, and the Alpha jumped on me, pinning me down. I heard his bones crack in the dark, as he shifted. "You will die for this! I do not care what father says, you are a worthless to us!" He yelled as he stabbed the knife laying next to him on the solid ground into back. I screamed, and as I did, I shifted back to human. Interesting, once you are severely injured you forcibly shift back. He yanked out the knife and ran it deeply in a line down my stomach, purposefully scaring me. A cut that deep wouldnt heal properly, no matter what was done. He ran it sharply from the left side of my nose over it deeply into my nose and across into my cheekbone, and stopped at my left ear. "You will be marked." He panted.
  • A party of soldiers wearing the inelegant costume of the line are making the place echo with their boisterous revelry.
  • "Well, no," Bret replied, slightly apologetically, "There are still a few lines of enquiry I want to follow up while we are in the area, and I've already booked a place for us to stay tonight."
  • Blitzed the opposition on his debut, cruising across the line to take victory in the croft round by more than two seconds.
  • You then need to re-drill and tap 3 more holes in your mag flange to get the stata in line with the firing marks.
  • Pyrite crystal ( above left ) has striations, or lines, on the surface.
  • And the commander, turning to look at the adjutant, directed his jerky steps down the line. He was evidently pleased at his own display of anger and walking up to the regiment wished to find a further excuse for wrath. Having snapped at an officer for an unpolished badge, at another because his line was not straight, he reached the third company.
  • We threw some bags of dirt into the cart and started walking to the checkout counter. As usual, there were lines of at least five or six people so I continued the dialogue.
  • Guilt had weighed heavily upon him as he watched her change for bed. Hed been unable to tear his eyes away when she slipped out of her jeans, exposing her long, bare legs. She stood with her back to the window, her arms raised up and pulling her sweater over her head. Her long hair caught in the material before falling in a cascade around her shoulders. Reaching behind, she unhooked the clasps of her bra, revealing her naked back, a long line ending in a simple pair of white cotton panties and the gentle swell of her bottom.
  • At Margaritas Mexican Restaurant's "End of the World" party, there will be a "if you were the last man on earth" pick-up line contest and "sitting here in limbo" limbo competition. The company has also created an app that enables users to create postcards to share with friends and detail how they will spend their last earthly moments.
  • "Thats normal. They had to use a lot of medication to keep you sedated, and that can cause some nausea. Well give you a little something to help counteract that. Theres a machine connected to your IV line that lets you give yourself doses of fentynal, thats a morphine-like compound, when needed, but theres a control in the computer that prevents you from overdosing. You just press this button here. Use it as you need it, and let one of us know if its not controlling the pain effectively. Sometimes Feathered people need more than the normal dosing."
  • "Oh, well I was hoping to go over some suggestions with CJ about one or two of his interface trials. We haven't been able to line up our schedules recently."
  • That night, she snuck into the Buckner Museum to attempt to take the jewel. She was successful. She had then made her way to an alley in which she new the cops would soon find. Robertos body was sitting on the outer railings of the museum. She tossed a line onto the next roof and jumped and made a scuff mark on the wall with Robertos right shoe. She placed Robertos body about a foot or two away from the wall. She had then yanked on her pulley and made the roofing fall to the ground. With quickness, some of the buildings roofing came down. The small bits of ruble landed on Robertos still body. And after doing all of that she soon made a quick escape.
  • Matthew turned and ran up the stone stairs, his feet passing beyond every other step. He grabbed the door and yanked it open. It swung to its full length before it thudded against the stone door stop. It vibrated for but a moment, until its own great weight brought it to a motionless halt. Matthew was through the door in but a heartbeat. Before another such beat, he had already vanished beyond the line of sight of those that followed.
  • Clavis started unleashing bolts from his repeater into the line of spearmen, hitting true time and again. The close range meant the crossbow was particularly effective, especially against the poorly armoured dwarves. The marksman took down two of their attackers in a short span of time, and wounded another before having to change out the cartridge.
  • Roland peered beyond the torchlight. The Saracens' irregular skirmish line was only a few yards away when he finally saw them. They wore the dark, billowing robes of Bedouins, the wild desert tribesmen of Outremer. They were charging on foot. He felt a kind of helpless fury. There could be hundreds out there in the night, more than it would take to overwhelm his little force.
  • Her fingers traced the rough edges of the stone. There was something beautiful in the crude, jagged outline and as she turned it slightly she imagined the unshaven jaw line of a man. Squinting, there was the hint of a nose and eyelashes on the profile, hair raked back along the skull.
  • It seems that Erdoğan has realized the AKP needs peace, not tension, in the country to win elections. However, BDP deputies need tension rather than peace to win more votes. Therefore, Erdoğan hopes it will be Öcalan to bring peace and not the BDP deputies. In this line of reasoning, removing the parliamentary immunity of the BDP deputies will not hurt Erdoğan as long as he can convince the PKK to declare a cease-fire as the AKP enters the next elections.
  • With that, the heart monitor transitioned into a flat line and a long, unyielding tone. Although it was their last interaction as a couple, it probably was their most touching moment. Melanie had finally heard something that Gil said and decided to move on. Words could not express his relief in having his own life back, but the waves of sorrow and remorse continued to wash over him through the funeral and for weeks after she was laid to rest. It was time, however, for Gil to start anew.
  • The line from Llandudno Junction to Blaenau is single track, and includes the longest single track railway tunnel in the United Kingdom (over 2.5 miles / 4.02 kilometres). Between Llandudno Junction and Llandudno the service uses the double track branch line from the North Wales Coast Line. The fully signalled passing loop at North Llanrwst is the last remaining between Llandudno Junction and Blaenau Ffestiniog and trains on the branch must stop at the signal box there to exchange tokens for the single line sections on either side.
  • The pilot was facing forward, for good reasons, and had absolutely no sight lines to the BlueThree. The only way to communicate in the copter was through the headsets they each wore. Within minutes of takeoff, Dalia had reached her right hand down and was working on Mike's kielbasa. Dalia was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt with a sheer bra. Natalie had issues with air travel and was a little more reluctant to release her libido than her friend Dalia. She was wearing a classic tennis outfit but left out the undergarment part for the time being.
  • The crowd parted as he moved down the companionway steps and onto the deck. He was tall, with lines of fatigue etched down his angular face and smoke residue laced through his unkempt hair and short beard. His doublet was plain canvas, and his breeches and boots scarcely differed from those of a common seaman. His only adornment was a small gold ring in his left ear. Today he also wore a bloodstained binding around his thigh, where a musket shot from a Portuguese maintop had furrowed the skin.
  • And god bless fox searchlight for swallowing the whole thing hook, line and sinker.
  • You can open the same selector in both boxes and then append and delete selection criteria lines at will.
  • Metre robinson chipped over the last man and gathered his own kick but was help up over the line for a 5 meter scrum.
  • "Without, however, the knowledge of pre-existing cases which serves me so well. There was a parallel instance in Aberdeen some years back, and something on very much the same lines at Munich the year after the Franco-Prussian War. It is one of these cases--but, hullo, here is Lestrade! Good-afternoon, Lestrade! You will find an extra tumbler upon the sideboard, and there are cigars in the box."
  • Allows you to fine-tune your call-to-action with multiple lines of text or images each with independently addressable hyperlinks.
  • The night before appliance retailer Casas Bahia opened in Rio de Janeiros largest slum, resident Joana Darc de Morandi couldnt sleep. Shopping list in hand, she was first in line seven hours before some 200 people began streaming through the stores front door.
  • Halfway through mauling these Mongols, enemy reinforcements arrived. About twenty battalions formed a line to encircle the Americans, who had no choice but to flee west towards Grandma.
  • Observe the prototype in line 4 where the second variable has an ampersand in front of the variable name.
  • It is virtually back-to-back hotels with a narrow line of shingle to serve as a beach.
  • These drawings show a masterful perspective, a whimsical line and reveal a natural innate artistry.
  • "Turn it off. I think we have heard enough," said the old man at the head of the dark cherrywood boardroom table. The holographic image of the newsfeed faded out, leaving a company logo spinning slowly above the projector. Men in dark suits lined one side of the table and sat opposite a line of lab techs, all in white coats. Monitors with floating heads hung just behind the seated men, and more came on line as others joined the meeting from remote locations.
  • "And you think hes just going to confess everything to you? Youre as nave as you are insightful, and that my friend, is a dangerous combination. He isnt talking to anyone, and if I were him, I can tell you I wouldnt talk to the person who saw through whatever line of crap I was feeding her friend and suddenly confess my intentions."
  • A rotation is a circular movement of an object around a center (or point) of rotation. A three-dimensional object rotates always around an imaginary line called a rotation axis. If the axis is within the body, and passes through its center of mass the body is said to rotate upon itself, or spin. A rotation about an external point, e.g. the Earth about the Sun, is called a revolution or orbital revolution, typically when it is produced by gravity.
  • The large baobabs that line the road to camalou were good for palearctic migrants, including woodchat shrike, tree pipit and subalpine warbler.
  • I moved to the right, and he mirrored me, keeping me in his line of sight. Behind him, the guests sat silent. The woman who'd asked the first question licked her lips, in amusement or anticipation. I didn't want to know which.
  • I asked a mullah about him: " who is next to jesus in the line of the prophets?
  • They also include several sorts of fun including howlers along the same lines as those you can see on this site.
  • The old man looked intently with an air of disbelief, his vision aided by the fingers of lightning glowing above. Pawelon was creating a wide front line from north to south and stretching its northern flank farther back to the west, toward the nearest canyon wall. They were digging in for a fight and trying to keep the Rezzians from encircling them.
  • The map showed a small highland planet in the Vorgon 5 system. This orbital planet only had one address on it so Harvey zoomed in. This zoomed map showed a large plateau with a sharp cliff forming a straight line divide across one side of the map. A mountain range arched from the north end of the cliff, and joined back up on the south side of the cliff. These features made a natural raised basin about 50 kilometers wide, filled with several lakes. In the exact middle point of the cliff, overlooking the basin, was a massively square black portion of the map.
  • It looked like they were quartering the room with their eyes, determining sight lines and defensible positions. They ended up in opposing corners of the hall. Madoc leaned casually against the wall to the left of the fireplace. Another man stood by the great front doors, and the third propped his shoulder near the spiral stair up to our apartments, his eyes only half on the game of dice being played by the men closest to him.
  • John on trading places end of the production line for kenyan shoemakers?
  • The pep rally had effectively blurred the lines between every subdivision of the high school caste system. West Valley High School was united in a common cause to beat Fellingwood.
  • Joanna sensed that Oooeelie was ready to come in. She went to the back door and he was sitting there, patiently. She gave him some dog bones and fresh water, rubbing her hand along his side as he drank. Her favorite lines from Elliot's Four Quartets spun into her mind:
  • The shell executes the second line as a normal shell command, and thus starts up the perl interpreter.
  • Tannis laughed loudly. "Have you been to Bhoor-Rahn, Ambassador? Have you seen the land and all its riches? There is nothing there. There is not enough gold or jewels to line the pockets of ten men here in Medora. And if we were to go to war with you, we would demand 80 percent of the spoils. You obviously are in no position to bargain with anyone."
  • "Awake now? Gooood," said the Prince, grinding his heel down sadistically. "Pay attention." He set the blade of his axe on the Queens left wrist. She clenched her teeth as the steel bit a line of blood free.
  • Harry quickly returns the fire. Blood spatters, the kid screams, doubles up, and falls to the floor. Harry lets out a "Yaaahooo, man," and shoots about 20 more rounds up into the rafters. David, Mike and Jay duck although they are not in the line of fire. The crowd lets loose a wave of angry curses. The birds scatter in shock and flee to the safety of the beams and balconies above. One lands on David's shoulder as David cautiously stands up and looks down. Both he and the bird look angry.
  • The comments were in line with those made by Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, to Iranian media after the one-day meeting in Tehran. Iranian media said a new meeting would take place in the capital on January 16.
  • "The trails form stringent lines, they marched in rigid formation. It's hard to tell exactly how many of them were marching this way. At least over two hundred, but maybe five times that much."
  • So the line of prophethood has shown how mankind is the most perfect fruit of the universe.
  • Peter appeared somewhat blank, worrying Jorden. "Right, sure," he said slowly. "You've lost me already. I started with the company on straight electrical work, then helping out in control. Mostly routing power lines and networking for a start, but lately just monitoring the high power side of things in control."
  • "Wait! Where are you doing? Its not this exit, its the next." We sat behind a line of cars leading up to a toll booth.
  • This is a severe limitation to the use of telephone lines for transmitting data between computer systems.
  • The words never came. Instead, the king's mouth opened absently, and then snapped shut like a fish. His eyes closed and a thin, dark line of bright, dripping red formed like a choker around his neck. As the first gasps escaped from the onlookers, the king's head fell off. It tumbled down the pedestal's white marble steps, and bounced to a wobbling stop on the audience floor.
  • In early May 1942, Japan initiated operations to capture Port Moresby by amphibious assault and thus sever communications and supply lines between the United States and Australia. The Allies, however, prevented the invasion by intercepting and defeating the Japanese naval forces in the Battle of the Coral Sea. Japan's next plan, motivated by the earlier Doolittle Raid, was to seize Midway Atoll and lure American carriers into battle to be eliminated; as a diversion, Japan would also send forces to occupy the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. In early June, Japan put its operations into action but the Americans, having broken Japanese naval codes in late May, were fully aware of the plans and force dispositions and used this knowledge to achieve a decisive victory at Midway over the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • Vesta was the first Vadoma female to be born away from the gypsy clan in her family. They denounced her mother for running away with the fair-haired Irishman who swept her off her feet during their travels. Having been banished, Vesta's mother, Drina, moved with him to his family's home in Ireland. While Aedan was not magical in nature, he came from a long line of Irish witches. When the women of the family found out that Drina was a gypsy they embraced her and her knowledge while sharing theirs. Vesta was five when her parents packed her up and they moved to the United States where Aedan was offered a position he couldn't refuse. She would always visit her grandmother and her great grandmother during her summer vacations from school. In doing so, it ensured that she kept a bit of the Irish lilt to her voice when she spoke, especially when her temper flared. Catriona smiled as the imprint of how Vesta came to be was intermingled with her own memories of meeting Drina and blessing her union with her grandson, Aedan.
  • Erics pull was stronger. Closing her eyes, the event played out in her mind. He was in the car when Mochan attacked her; he had watched everything. He probably thought she was dead. Images of the horror that he could be suffering bombarded her thoughts, making her eyes snap open. She blinked away her tears and again found Vincents silver eyes in the mirror watching her intensely. When they met, she felt a shiver course through her limbs and her heart gave her chest a hard kick. Her eyes tore away and gazed out Margrets side window. A line of trees ran alongside the road, blocking any view beyond. Their branches made Sara feel as if she were caged, and she thought that she could still feel Vincents eyes on her but she was too afraid to meet them again.
  • "I employ ten thousand long-distance American quads who will soon base out of the Pyrenees Mountains." He paused, not caring if they believed him. "We will kick the Mongols out of the Iberian Peninsula, which will reduce defensive lines conveniently along the Pyrenees. Free Europe will be stronger than it has been in a century."
  • Yes, beastsfor another bear now lurked on our previous path, slipping from outcrop to boulder, never crossing the line of first one, both waiting for us to move on before attempting the cliff.
  • The peddler meandered all the way down one line of the pier and returned to start another. Rordan chewed his lip. Hed forgotten to get something for Fikna. His attention shifted in the direction of the boat and he saw the young gallant walking toward them.
  • Linesman in front of the mold road stand ruled it had not crossed the line and the referee disallowed the goal.
  • So I look, my tired eyes skimming over each star shining past the butterfly. Then, gradually, my focus starts to shift. I begin to notice the graceful lines of the butterfly wings, and the way the colors weave together, illuminated by the starlight shining from so far away. I remember buying this butterfly on Salt Spring when I lived there. A woman at the Saturday market had made a bunch of them, and each one was different, unique. I picked this one out, carried it home, and hung it in Sophies living room window for all to enjoy.
  • As I studied him, he looked almost unnatural, un-nerving was a better description. He was built very large, well over six feet tall. His arms were hanging at his side, his mocha skin colored from the sun; but there were no age lines at all on his face. He looked to be in his mid thirties. He stared at me with interest, but, again, said nothing; his expression was neither welcoming nor a warning, but his eyes never left mine.
  • "I agree. Persons can be cruel sometimes," said Belo. "Your mama was quite tall for a lady and as I recall her parents were big too, even if tey weren't your size. I'm sure you come from a long line of ancestors who were extra large and strong." In truth, Rafe's parents and grandparents were no larger than average lupuns, but Belo was being polite and it seemed like the right thing to say. "Tat's why you're te toughest guy in all of lupunmanity, not because of what any rumors say. Besides, I have an idea about why tey wanted us to go."
  • Mollusce lines: the line marking the join between the septa and the inside wall of the shell of a cephalopod mollusk.
  • Jorden nodded as he rose to sit. It would be good if they would be soon forced to roam the fields that surrounded the city, fields that were sandwiched between the line of city shield and the boundary of the Darkness. They would perhaps lose their nocturnal habits and would be returning with somewhat better meat. Yet Jorden did not wish to have them to support him any more than Midnight. He needed money and some sort of job and he needed to see a kaedith about a green crystal... "I might go in an have a look around this Saljid," he thought aloud. "I don't suppose you know where this Kaedith Ellin lives." He was not particularly fond of the idea of confronting another kaedith, yet he had little choice if he ever wished to get home. Taf had promised that the freelance kaedith of the city were of no threat to him, and were certainly not loyal to the more powerful, and somewhat more wealthy kaedith of the Council.
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