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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • Marigaff broke the silence. "Dear friends, how good to see all of you! As you know, weve rounded the turn of four hundred years and the Reading of the Book of life is upon us. As of now I am in training Miagaff, the Carrier of the Book of Life."
  • I turned and ran until I reached the edge of the human population zone, and slowed to a human jog. There was packing and preparation to do at home. Now that I had said my goodbyes, I would be able to focus more on my immediate vacation plan. When all was said and done, the most important thing in life was my familys wellbeing and our togetherness.
  • That is to say, life is like a point of focus; various attributes enter one another, indeed, they become one and the same.
  • "And if we're going to help, we better get a move on," Sergeant Evans remarked. "These lads gave their lives in defence of the realm, and I, for one, ain't going to let them die in vain."
  • My heart battered my chest as I reached the conclusion the fight had ended. Breandan had won, and I saw in Devlin's face he was facing something nasty. The defeat at the hands of a younger and weaker enemy, was something a tribal leader could never live down. Sweat slicked my palms and I rubbed them on my jeans. I thought it through quickly. I wanted to suggest something extreme. I mean, reverse the situation and Devlin would have killed Breandan without hesitation. Was his life now Breandan's to claim? The fairy culture seemed deeply steeped in honour and tradition. Lochlann was the rightful leader of the rebels, not Breandan. If he killed the tribal leader I didn't know what it would mean. It could cause more damage to the fairy hierarchy than leaving him alive would. My eyes travelled down to a puddle of my blood dripping in steady plunks to the floor. I swayed, but before I staggered, I was held firmly again by Breandan's arms.
  • We descended to the lower level in the small elevator. When we stepped off, fluorescent lights flared to life in the room outside the Fishbowl. The incandescence made me blink to reorient myself. My heart still thudded profusely as Darren advanced into the room. He was oblivious to my overwhelming anxiety.
  • Meet soldiers of the crimea, zulu war and boer war, and find out what life was like for the british redcoat.
  • Even though Francesca might not have known everything about Omari and her psyche, she knew it was pointless to harangue Omari about it further. Omari was going to be mentally slapping herself for that one for awhile. Francesca and Omari were both strong women that had been through a lot in their short lives, and neither one wanted to be portrayed as a victim.
  • Season followed Season, and life went on in its balanced way. Seniors continued their work, students studied the many disciplines under the Seniorswatchful eyes, and the human citizens of the Realm of Gaharn lived their peaceful lives.
  • Our lecture essentially consisted of an extended review, which I quickly realized I didn't need. I broke out my book and started in on one of my catch-up assignments instead. At the rate I was going I'd be able to take my makeup exam way ahead of schedule. It was a pretty lame thing to be excited about, but just having something going well for a change helped compensate for the rest of my life.
  • "Thats terrible," Alex added. He felt deeply saddened for Kate, for her situation. It seemed so unfair to him, then again, so much in life at this point seemed so desperately unfair. "I wish things were different."
  • Penchant for mischief - arrives to make his life a little bit worse.
  • Traditional gypsies take care of their own kind. Normally, Tray and I would have joined another traveling band after we ran away. My brother never considered living with another gypsy family, to my knowledge. My world has always consisted of just me and Tray. He is a combination of my parent, protector and hero. His life has been spent taking care of me. He was forced to grow up fast because of this.
  • "Are you coming on deck or not," Jorden asked again. "There must be more to life than sitting here in the hold arguing."
  • "No, no!" panted Tascela. "It's worse than you think. Olmec is old-- centuries old. He renews his life and his youth by the sacrifice of beautiful young men. That's one thing that has reduced the clan to its present state. He will draw the essence of Valerian's life into his own body, and bloom with fresh vigor and beauty."
  • Isnt it just to die for?’ purred Rick, quickly enveloping Joy in a bear hug and almost squeezing the life out of her. He looked Ben up and down. ‘And who do we have here?’
  • "The robber, yes. How did you know what he was going to do?" It was a bit difficult to focus on her questions. My entire life I had learned to read faces, body language, gestures, but Rewsna was giving me no visual cues. Since I came back to sit next to her on the bus, she had not made eye contact with me. She just kept looking out the window as if it were the most normal thing in the world for two strangers to share a seat when there were at least thirty vacant seats on the bus.
  • I splashed and sloshed my way up the beach, dragging the rowboat by the painter in the bow, as the breakers rose to my knees and ebbed away. I was going to take this as a clearly good omen. It was anticlimactic, true, but I was hoping to find more anticlimactic episodes in my life in the days ahead.
  • I waited for the inevitable joke, or backhanded compliment to follow, but he seemed happy to just stop there. For once in my life I managed to be smart and do the same.
  • I go to the cabin first. Its hidden from the road by a grove of trees. The long driveway winds around to reveal it, nestled in among the pines. Its small. Very small. Everything about it seems miniature, from the door, to the yard, to the woodpile, to the cabin itself. Its all minimal and quaint. The rental agent is there, showing it on behalf of the owner who lives in Arizona.
  • Scott was mad at Brandon's lack of consideration, and yet he didn't want a repeat of his mother's phone call. He knew, deep down inside, that he was being illogicalhe couldn't have it both waysbut it was easier to be mad at something concrete and tangible than to be mad at life and the universe in general, so he silently fumed over his brother's text.
  • Aveyron was an older man, slightly stooped with age. His years had been hard, and he had not discovered magic until late in life.
  • About the site: explore the picturesque ruins of beaulieu abbey, with an exhibition on monastic life in the middle ages.
  • "I am the only Keeper. Never found another. The only one. How lonely. How scary. Anyone of us could be in the seat now occupied by Brenna Strachan. Anyone of us could be in the seat of Chiron. We all have our own prejudices, but we have prided ourselves on thinking as a collective as well as individuals. When Elders went rogue and decided to destroy Humans, we bonded together, decided it was wrong and stopped it at great cost to ourselves. When Sonnellion decided to start murdering new breeds of Elders, it was stopped. And when Humans nearly eradicated themselves, we intervened. How can we value one life and not another? And if we do this condemnation of Brenna Strachan, do we stop there? What happens when Gabriel mates? He is the last Overlord to remain unmated. We have watched as the years passed and noticed that each breeding, each new offspring seems to bring something new to us. So, do we set a precedent today by condemning Brenna to death because we are afraid?"
  • As the young Dominican began to speak to the assembled Cathars, Roland watched them intently. Were they grateful for the few additional moments of life this sermon provided, or did this just prolong their suffering?
  • And Athresa rose from the flames with a new-leasing of life in her, not as a spirit but in her own body, and Yoal and Nagan praised the Sun for his blessed gift. But when Athresa spoke to them they saw she had a tongue of fire, and that each word however sweet was a mortal torment to her, and that she longed again for death. But the Sun spoke to her from on high, saying, ‘Live Athresa, and you shall bear gods of your body, and you shall be among the first loved for your pains.’ And though Yoal pleaded with him to mitigate her anguish, yet the Sun would not let her die.
  • Sam continued to lose control over his own dating destiny, as women were consistently casting him aside for the first time in his illustrious dating career. I was wondering when the Jewish Dating Hall of Fame was gonnacome a knocking and enshrine him into its imaginary, hollowed walls. Sam was definitely starting to worry mehe was taking chances with his life that showed me that he was literally hanging over the edge. He went on a weekend trip and skied the equivalent of the K-12 from John Cusacks movie, Better off Dead." Sam was no Lane Meyer and he wound up teetering on the jagged edge of a cliff after his skis skidded on a patch of ice. He saw his life in front of his eyes and, to his surprise, the viewing was more of a preview than a full-length feature.
  • And when she came to the seas shore and called out upon Yoals name, and Yoal emerged onto the land in the detested guise of a maldocil, Nagan was rent with fury and he screamed aloud that he would slay Yoal and after slay Athresa. And he flew at Yoal with his beak whet and terrible and struck at him. But Yoal was filled with anger that any should so threaten the life of Athresa, and though he would willingly have died for her sake he could not leave Nagan alive to harm her. So he clasped shut Nagans beak in his own jaws and fought long and cruel with him in the shallows of the surf, and all day as they fought Athresa wept for she saw naught but sorrow in any outcome.
  • Something tugged at the back of mind. Why had they brought me in for questioning? There had to be something linking me to the crime, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what. When I asked Ella Mae about it, she said the fever must have caused some temporary memory loss. Apparently, the doctor told her it was a possible side effect. The trouble wasI didn't remember seeing any doctors.
  • An image of the now legendary leader painted itself in Petiole's mind. This image, however, was far from feeble. He saw Mappel on Sanctum Mountain, helping to defeat Ingar and his sphere, giving his life so that every other elf could live. Of course, he was sure that Mappel held to that annoying staff even to his last.
  • Still, if a drug-clouded mind was what it would take to avoid detection, it was a sacrifice worth making. Elodie loaded the pipe yet again, smiling to herself at the irony of the situation. Here she was, Elodie Sauveterre Dubois, the girl whod dedicated her entire life to purifying her mind and body ready for this moment, sat in a bar in Amsterdam, stoned out of her mind. But worse than that, not only was she, the last of the twelve at liberty, forced to conceal her vibration in a drug-induced fog, but the role of crystal bearer had fallen into the hands of her untrained and infatuated, clueless neighbour.
  • It was one o'clock. Gil lay there staring at the ceiling, realizing that he had to do something to catch hold of himself. But he didn't feel like doing anything. He couldn't imagine himself sitting with his legs crossed mumbling a mantra or whatever they called it. That seemed boring and wasteful. He had a little money left, but he didn't want to go back into real estate or stocks or even to think about a business that would make money. He had made money. He had lost money. And what did it all mean? His life meant nothing. And maybe he was facing prison for what Gordon had done. At the very least, public embarrassment. He felt empty.
  • life beats down on people as if they were a rock eroded by water and the elements over time. I suppose thats why people go on vacations to take a week or two to rediscover the person they left behind. The guys seemed to band together while we were walking and the ladies were happy to walk a little slower and measure each other up.
  • The King takes the parchment and turns his back on his nephew. His eyes are drawn to the black wax seal. His face grows pale, as one who has seen a ghost while someone walks upon his grave as he learns some forbidden truth. He breaks the seal, opening the scrolled parchment. The handwriting on the parchment is exquisite and at the same time dark and spidery. A script not frequently used. The King's eyes go dark, as one looking behind mortal sight. He begins walking out of the throne room, through the rear hall, out to the gardens in the center of the castle which, even in the dead of night, feels vibrant with life.
  • "The waters came so suddenly and unexpectedly, and the winds were so fierce, that compounded the loss of lives and livelihood," Uy told Reuters in a telephone interview.
  • These four adults were Yaekos best friends. In truth, Yaeko preferred the company of these individuals to that of her few same-age friends. She found her greatest joy simply being among them, especially when they were all together like this. They enjoyed each others company, laughing easily and often with one another; they never indulged in petty games of power or one-upmanship; they refused to offer intimate details of her life or their own to the public, andbest of allthey absolutely refused to treat her like some prima donna by pampering and fawning over her. Yaeko knew if she was the violinist in this quintet, that these four she cherished so much were chairing equally important instruments, each essential to the compositions ultimate perfection; that without even one of them the piece would fail utterly, would be incomplete and meaningless.
  • "Say what you mean, then," Goronwy said. "Its easy enough for your lord to defer blame to a man whom we cannot reach. Is it not enough that a Bohun sought the life of the crowned Prince of Wales? Is it not enough that the Princes brother and vassals plot against him? Humphrey should be in shackles, not smirking here in this office as if hes too young to know better!"
  • But these peaks are not just a magnificent spectacle. They have profoundly shaped the cultures of South Asia and hold the gift of life for billions of people.
  • Dim and wavering as was the wind-blown light, yet it served to show him the hideous error, as it seemed, into which he had fallen, for the face of the man he had sought to kill had all the bloom of boyhood, all the unstained purity of youth. He seemed little more than a lad of twenty summers, hardly older, if older indeed at all, than his sister had been when they had parted so many years ago. It was obvious that this was not the man who had destroyed her life.
  • "You must live each life to its conclusion, suicidal cats are not allowed! In each life there will be an injustice that needs to be prevented or avenged. You must use the foresight to decide which is appropriate. You cannot change the course of history, just like you could not save your friend, Tut, from events that had been set in place." She paused at this and explained, "You dont have the power to change history, only enhance it. King Tut was destined to die as he did, but you helped to make him live forever, thus enhancing history." I nodded a vague understanding and she continued. "In fulfilling your tasks you will be granted one violation per life, so use it wisely." As she explained the rules I couldnt help but to think of how cumbersome this all would be and drifted to the other cub. Bast cleared her throat, "Ahem!"
  • "Neither of us thought the other had survived. In those days living through that kind of transformation, especially an accidental one, was rare. Daywalkers were all but unheard of, existing more as rumors, cautionary tales for those of our kind out hunting too late. But as Naomi said, I had not expected that a vampire could even be turned into a creature of the light. Watching that spectacle was horrifying. It was the worst day of my life since the time I thought Suzanas father had succeeded in poisoning her."
  • She had gotten their bloodthe cursed bloodall over herself. She had likely been one of the first to succumb to the curse, along with the monks that had tried to save the bard's life.
  • Gary was so into winning the fight that he removed all feelings that the person's life he was about to end was his daughter's. Choking would have taken a few more seconds, so Gary changed into a wolf and exposed his spiky, white and frothy fangs and opened his mouth to fit it around Sharon's neck.
  • I shouldn't have been surprised by the question, but I was. Possibly because I'd spent too much time around people like Britney who were so caught up in their own lives that they didn't really care about what was happening in mine.
  • Now, about the Maturing. The Maturing is a special time in the life of every Elder. Each breed has its own Maturing date. Demons Mature at the time of their thirtieth birthday. Its the last birthday they celebrate. As a result, it is treated as an extravaganza. No cost is too great for a Maturing Party. Gifts are given to the Maturing Elder, food is provided, everyone is invited. My parents are holding my Maturing party at their home. This works, because my father has a very large farm. He is obsessed with farming and procreating. Not everyone will show up, but those that dont show up, will send a gift, even if it is just a card with money or a gift certificate inside. Roughly, the Maturing gets just over five thousand gifts. As a result, registries are needed.
  • They moved because they had a rather idealistic view of life away from the city and are now moving back.
  • "Think about it, Doctor, what would she have said? What would any of them have said? They would want me to go on. Like I want them to have good lives and make the most of it. I should not linger here in grief, hidden away, while there are so many things to see, and do. So many things to set straight, so many others to help. They all took a chance when they decided to join me, but they gave everything they had. I should do no less.
  • An exporter into second life you could rapidly construct a mansion in sketchup, then do all the interior design inside sl.
  • Sun in pisces, so good for an actor, and sagittarius ruling the ascendant, a larger than life personality.
  • I grabbed the first disc I put my hand on and looked at it. The song "Bring Me to Life" was listed and its one of my favorites. The lyrics tell a romantic story about how this girls spirit is cold, alone and sleeping. Then, this guy comes along, rescues her soul from the darkness and brings her spirit back to life.
  • The two men stopped with wide grins on their faces. They'd been exchanging stories about their lives and realized they were related. As the light hit the roof of their head, they looked at each other as father and son and hugged. Great joy came from the heart when Tom found out his dad wasn't dead but stuck in here all this time trying to get out.
  • "First thing tomorrow we will go shopping and buy you some new clothes. Whatever you would like. I want you to be comfortable, to ease into your new life with me. There is nothing to be afraid of. I am not a monster, just a lonely man with a lot of money."
  • This completely unabridged version of lord of the rings is brought vividly to life through an assured performance by rob inglis.
  • She spoke through clenched teeth, her voice shaking with rage. "They are at the North Steel River at this moment. In three day's time they will be at the Centaurian fortress of Blackmane's Point. You will take the swiftest of your armies and meet them there. And it is there you will get the Book of life and return it to me immediately. I will send a Shadowrought to aid you. Go. You and your army shall depart now."
  • Both the parliament and executive contain scots who are absolutely and totally democratically unaccountable to the people whose lives they blight.
  • Since Gerin could remember, everyone's mind had been accessible to him except for Idimus, Grahamas, Kalinies, Elryia and Jeralyle. Such a thing was common with magick users. They trained their minds all their lives; mental fortification came naturally. He imagined over his long life Grahamas had developed something similar. With them, he could feel the void. It didn't seem blatant, or like a mental wall. It was simply that the thoughts were like a mirror that had been painted over. The reflection was there, but it was buried further than he could see. With Idimus, it was different. His was almost violent. Every time Gerin had tried to peer into his mind, he could see the thoughts but he was forced away before he could ever decipher them. The harder he pushed, the more aggressively he was driven out. Yet, on this day it was gone, and all the things the King had hidden from him were released. He saw Fate as Idimus knew it. He saw Valaira and now knew her name. And he discovered every single deception and dishonor Idimus had implemented on him and all others.
  • "Mugwort," Ember replied. She was especially proud of her knowledge of the plant life in the forest. She had studied with an old botanist, one of their own kind, for years, a sixty-four year old named Elwin who'd been blessed with a photographic memory to go along with his years in academia researching nature. It was thanks to him, and him alone, that the Canopus dwellers did not have to go around making up new names for everything in their world. They had no books, and no hope of ever having any. Their collective memories would have to suffice.
  • From this bloodline the Essence of life and Light will rise. The Aysha lineage will possess the power to eclipse the sun and command the celestial moon, wake the sleeping earth, speak to the blowing winds and commune with the waters of the seas
  • "I watched the President of the United StatesState of the Union speech on the television the other night," he said. "I watched it. I listened to it. And do you know what I saw, Tesche? I saw the leader of the this worlds most powerful nation lie, smirk, lie some more, attempt to justify his illegal wars and incursions, lie more about the drain of resources necessary to continue them, smirk more, snivel more, lie, lie, lie ... And heres the kicker, mate. I saw the mans aecxis. If I had wanted, I couldve snapped my fingers from where I sat in Imperial Beach and stopped his reedy little heartbeat. Through the television, Tesche! No one would know. They would call it a heart attack. Theyd bury that psychotic chimpanzee, and millions of innocent lives would be spared. Millions.
  • "We should have given him one of our new suits," someone said, which only made Billy feel worse since he didn't think of that, either. Prince had been dueling for months in Peking, and so couldn't make it to Anchorage. Better back armor may have saved his life.
  • I had the impression that he and his men weren't overly happy about being here. When I'd asked Thomas about it, he told me that Queen Aine had insisted. I'm sure the Sidhe were here more to make sure nothing happened to the bard, rather than out of any concern for the life of an Innocent, or the fate of the human race.
  • As the battle rages on, Dickens introduces a symbol that plays a major role in the novels theme of resurrection: blood, which begins to flow in the streets of Saint Antoine. Dickens links the image of blood to that of wine: after a day of butchery, the revolutionariesclothes and hands bear stains of red, recalling the day on which the wine-cask breaks in front of Defarges shop (Book the First, Chapter 5). With these allegorical images of blood and wine, the theme of resurrection takes on a decidedly Christian undertone. In the Catholic ritual of communion, the priest consecrates a cup of wine and it becomes the blood of Christ, whose entombment and miraculous ascent to Heaven on Easter Day have rendered him a symbol of resurrection in Christian tradition. In later chapters, Dickens will continue to draw upon this Christian association of blood, wine, and resurrection. Just as Christ shed his wine-red blood upon the Cross prior to being entombed and resurrected, so must the blood of the aristocracy flow before the commoners can take up their new lives.
  • The vampire had spoken. It took me a while to realise he had, because my last words had been a statement not a question. And even if he'd interpreted it as a question, it was clearly rhetorical. I was living my last moments and the flashbacks of my life were about to commence, so the interruption was not appreciated. But since he'd spoken again I felt obliged to say something back, and I was getting used to conversations with strangers.
  • He bent down and scooped up the body. Void of life, it was heavier than normal, but the weight meant nothing to the vampire. He couldnt leave the corpse lying around. The ones vampires fed from, unless properly treated, had the potential to turn into something diabolical. The movie world of Los Angeles knew the result as a zombie. In truth, the creatures didnt understand if they were alive or dead. They didnt munch on human flesh or attack people, merely wandered through the human world with no idea who or what they were. If the medical profession got hold of one, they would struggle to find a heartbeat or brain function. To become a vampire, life had to be given back to the un-dead, blood needed to be fed and then they would turn.
  • She built a machine that kept her from getting older, but it wasnt without a price. This machine sucked the life out of other people. Somehow, she also received some of their powers. When people found out about this, she was exiled and she took a large group of rebels with her to start their own community. The rebels harassed and killed many "normal" people including politicians and leaders who spoke out against people like us. The rebels gave all of us a bad name. Isabella continued to grow more powerful, and she was treated like royalty. Thats why she is known as Lady Magmilan, I suppose. Perhaps she thought it sounds more regal. The messenger boy interrupted my thoughts.
  • "It is a dark day for us, brethren, but we must maintain our resolve. Two men scaled the cliffs to gain access to Ohmahold. They took the lives of two good men and our beloved Mother. This cannot be changed, and only those who committed the heinous deeds can be held responsible. They stole from us the chance to exact our preferred manner of justice, but in taking their own lives, they did justice. They admitted their guilt and removed themselves from our world."
  • "Fairly well, all things considered. We took it easy though..." I'd gotten used to the idea that he left a fairly substantial number of thoughts unsaid out of a desire to protect me from the horrible situation of knowing too much. I didn't like it, but I'd learned to accept it. He didn't need to finish that particular sentence though. They'd gone easy because today was Ashure Day, and once the dance finished up, he'd be facing off against Brandon, and it would be stupid to tire himself out when he was going to be fighting for his life.
  • "Oh, thats nice! I know all about your big payoff and your life of hopping from city to city," Gil said with no real point or sense of direction.
  • "I hate them for it," cried Hallward. "An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them. We live in an age when men treat art as if it were meant to be a form of autobiography. We have lost the abstract sense of beauty. Some day I will show the world what it is; and for that reason the world shall never see my portrait of Dorian Gray."
  • Sydney Carton, the "idlest and most unpromising of men," makes his way from the tavern to Mr. Stryvers apartment. The men drink together and discuss the days court proceedings. Stryver, nicknamed "the lion," compliments his friend, "the jackal," for the "rare point" that he made regarding Darnays identification. However, he laments Cartons moodiness. Ever since their days in school together, Stryver observes, Carton has fluctuated between highs and lows, "now in spirits and now in despondency!" Carton shrugs off Stryvers accusation that his life lacks a unified direction. Unable to match Stryvers vaulting ambition, Carton claims that he has no other choice but to live his life "in rust and repose." Attempting to change the subject, Stryver turns the conversation to Lucie, praising her beauty. Carton dismisses her as a "golden-haired doll," but Stryver wonders about Cartons true feelings for her.
  • Her desperate imagination grasps for some kind of hope. That Mum or Daddy will save her. That they will wash ashore with the stores and luggage of the ferry. Build a new life on a deserted isle.
  • Slowly, he felt life coming back to his arms and legs. He started gathering up the pieces of frozen tea from his desk and throwing them away. Then he stood up and took the trashcan out into the hallway and out towards reception.
  • TWENTY-TWOLove was definitely in the air as spring approached. It was also a time for readjusting expectations and moving forward in life.
  • There was Jim Clifton, a wheat farmer of advancing years who grumbled about the loss of his crops to anyone within earshot. It was hard to avoid a conversation with the man, given the close quarters and as such, Aiden knew more about wheat farming than any one man should. Laura Patel, a charming young lady more suited to a thriving city than the simple life in the country, ran a clothing store across the street which had done some brisk business in cloaks and longcoats at the start of the bad weather, but her stock was now depleted and with the town closed off, was unable to bring in more.
  • Their romance is idyllic but the growing nazi menace is about to change their lives forever.
  • Stalk carp on some waters most of the time, these conditions really make life a lot easier.
  • The attendant who was kneeling beside the body said to me as we turned her over, 'I think, lady, her back is broken. See, both her right arm and leg and the whole side of her face are paralysed.'How such a thing could have happened puzzled the attendant beyond measure. She seemed quite bewildered, and her brows were gathered in as she said, 'I can't understand the two things. She could mark her face like that by beating her own head on the floor. I saw a young man do it once at the Eversfield Asylum before anyone could lay hands on him. And I suppose she might have broken her neck by falling out of bed, if she got in an awkward kink. But for the life of me I can't imagine how the two things occurred. If her back was broke, she couldn't beat her head, and if her face was like that before the fall out of bed, there would be marks of it.'
  • "Your life is now mine.You therefore cannot pursue any retribution toward my castle or me.Swear to this or I will run you through right now."
  • It had been agreed that Emla would greet these four young ones alone, in the quiet and calm of her Garden. Only when she felt the four had no fears of her would she call the Seniors to join them. This plan had displeased only Gan Jal-Sarl, the Chief of her Guard. He was also a Senior, strong in the Power, but he had chosen the freer life in the Ladys Guards rather than the confinement of study or classroom.
  • "Mother told me there was a war, and I was to heal those in need, as all healers do. I think they simply went on with their life as they had always done, and trusted the Lady to protect me. Healers are never harmed, even by invading armies, for we heal any who come to us, so why would they kill us?"
  • Contented spirits on board, for such a life is both to travel and to stay at home.
  • For sure, to be released from the prison of this world and enter the gardens of Paradise, and pass from the troublesome turmoil of bodily life to the world of rest and the arena where spirits soar, and to slip free from the vexatious noise of creatures and go to the Presence of the Most Merciful is a journey, indeed, a happiness, to be desired with a thousand lives.
  • "Sibyl is the only thing I care about. What is it to me where she came from? From her little head to her little feet, she is absolutely and entirely divine. Every night of my life I go to see her act, and every night she is more marvellous."
  • Zack could have met me inside but he looked like he wanted to be spotted while meeting me in front of the alley. With so many yentas in Bellmore, they would be more than happy to talk about the suspicious meetings of Zack Kramer. He stayed away from Bellmore women, preferring to prey on the innocence and loneliness of women in other towns and states. Although he suspected that Mindy knew what he was up tohell, half of the free-speaking world knew what he was up tohe wasnt going to flaunt it in her face. The road was his world and he was comfortable with leading a separate life away from Long Island.
  • So also in history what is known to us we call laws of inevitability, what is unknown we call free will. Free will is for history only an expression for the unknown remainder of what we know about the laws of human life.
  • Globalization process results in a certain degree of impact on the way of life of rural people.
  • Ambrosius felt numb as he walked through the docklands. He had signed his life away in one stupid night of debauchery. He didn't know where he was going, so it must have been by some innate autopilot that he ended up at Stan's hovel an hour later. He entered into the gloom, to see Stan sitting in his armchair next to the fire.
  • I knew that there were at least three graves to find, graves that are inhabit. So I search, and search, and I find one of them. He lay in his Vampire sleep, so full of life and voluptuous beauty that I shudder as though I have come to do murder. Ah, I doubt not that in the old time, when such things were, many a woman who set forth to do such a task as mine, found at the last her heart fail her, and then her nerve. So she delay, and delay, and delay, till the mere beauty and the fascination of the wanton Undead have hypnotize her. And she remain on and on, till sunset come, and the Vampire sleep be over. Then the beautiful eyes of the fair man open and look love, and the voluptuous mouth present to a kiss, and the woman is weak. And there remain one more victim in the Vampire fold. One more to swell the grim and grisly ranks of the Undead! . . .
  • Staring out onto the plush green grass of Citi Field, created an instant flashback to his formative years watching the Dodgers at Ebbits Field in Brooklyn. life was so much simpler back than, Norman thought, as the half-hour seemed to elapse along with his life in the blink of an eye.
  • "He said to me that I should bring all my money, as much as I can, two or three thousand rupees and take him to the city," said Kalavati, weeping in the small courtyard of her mud hut. Two pigs -- the familys sole source of income -- ate chaff near the entrance. Last year, she and her husband earned no more than $75 raising pigs, she said. Her life savings of about $73 had been spent the previous January when her three- year-old daughter fell sick.
  • The press conference took place at 11:00 a.m. because Tracey needed time to get ready in the morning. Tinsley press conferences were notoriously earlyusually at 7:00 a.m. before the actual work day. Blair and Tracey then went to lunch together to talk about old times and catch up on their lives.
  • Range held Miriam for a moment longer.He was uncertain what they were doing now.The foundation he had built for his family over years had been blown away in the matter of hours and his course was in doubt. Being chased by demons and running for your life was no way to raise a family. A child needs a secure place to grow up and a wife needs a husband to be her partner, not her protector.He would find some way to get rid of this Sword and get back to a regular life. He would make sure of it. With a final squeeze, he released Miriam.
  • Some three years ago when his life seemed somewhat indeterminate he decided to read law at north east london polytechnic.
  • Aspens propagated from root sections at the trees for life field base, plodda lodge, ready for planting.
  • After that first assignment they were inseparable, pledging the same sorority, taking the same summer jobs and trips, and eventually working for Maureen Stewart at Manhattan Life.
  • Idealized picture of rural life - the healthy countryside versus the decadent city.
  • She came home from the Albert mercy sex and for some inexplicable reason headed straight to the shadiest part of her closet to check on the money. The unkempt state of the box had Nicks signature frantic handprint all over itthere was even jewelry on the floor. Fifty one-hundred dollar bills were neatly stacked together and placed in a simple white security envelope. The five-thousand dollar loss was all the money she had left in the worldat least for about 20 minuteswhen Albert, with the smell of Allies hooch still nuzzling on his hang-low, wired $20,000 to her account without even blinking. With a million-dollar life insurance policy check only days away from reaching Albert, Allie realized that she would never want for another thing as long as he and her other suitors were around.
  • "One of the girls we talked to told us about the apartments on the top floor. She said she'd been up there. That's where Shea lives, she said. We showed her Mike's picture and she said she saw Mike go up there with Shea on Monday night," says Tom.
  • Now this is a surprise, Ilario thought. After all that Lucia had been through, to hope for mere surrender? What about the men who gave up their peaceful lives for the chance to defeat Pawelon completely and gloriously? Casting them aside and allowing diplomats to deal the final blow would be an insult to their honor. But I've already said too much.
  • And later they saw a moving star, trailing a great following of flames on its rush through the heavens, and though it soon vanished on its endless quest it returned after a long period of years, again and again, two or three times in each dragons life.
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