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Kelime, sayı veya tarih giriniz.
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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

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  • No one had any questions. If anything, they looked eager to get started. In war, the hardest thing isnt the fighting, but the damn waiting. The life of a warrior is lots of boredom interrupted by moments of gut-wrenching terror.
  • Watching Diane attend the wounded, Roland brooded. He had come all the way from Paris, risking his life over and over again for her, giving up all other women for her - including the beautiful Countess Nicolette. How could she scorn his effort? How could she dismiss his plan because a troubadour thought of it? Yes, he was a troubadour, a maker of songs, and proud of his art. She had loved his songs once.
  • When ordinary parish life is disrupted by agenda wielding zealots - what future the gospel for this country?
  • "The special operators who conducted this raid knew they were putting their lives on the line to free a fellow American from the enemy's grip," Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a statement released by the Pentagon.
  • To reduce government stake in life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation (GIC) to 50 percent and restructure the two.
  • She came home from the Albert mercy sex and for some inexplicable reason headed straight to the shadiest part of her closet to check on the money. The unkempt state of the box had Nicks signature frantic handprint all over itthere was even jewelry on the floor. Fifty one-hundred dollar bills were neatly stacked together and placed in a simple white security envelope. The five-thousand dollar loss was all the money she had left in the worldat least for about 20 minuteswhen Albert, with the smell of Allies hooch still nuzzling on his hang-low, wired $20,000 to her account without even blinking. With a million-dollar life insurance policy check only days away from reaching Albert, Allie realized that she would never want for another thing as long as he and her other suitors were around.
  • "I'm not here, actually. This is just a reflection of my life essence. In reality, I'm pretty much everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, except time is rather irrelevant."
  • "Yes; one of my natural enemies, or, shall I say, my natural prey. Briefly, Watson, I am in the midst of a very remarkable inquiry, and I have hoped to find a clue in the incoherent ramblings of these sots, as I have done before now. Had I been recognised in that den my life would not have been worth an hour's purchase; for I have used it before now for my own purposes, and the rascally Lascar who runs it has sworn to have vengeance upon me. There is a trap-door at the back of that building, near the corner of Paul's Wharf, which could tell some strange tales of what has passed through it upon the moonless nights."
  • He stopped thinking about Coriath and even Mariah Murphy; for the first time, Trevor started thinking about his life back in New Jersey. He thought about Aunt Sophie and Jonnie (his foster family) and his home at 211 N. Pritchett Drive and his redwood wardrobe, all filled up with his private collection of fantasy literature.
  • In 2000, seven life insurers issued " promise to customer " letters, offering endowment policyholders reassurance on their investment returns.
  • Joey grinned and said: "We both got thrown out. And boy, what I mean we got thrown out. I've been heaved out of a lot of places during my sinful life but they did a masterful job. See!"
  • "Your mate lives, the prophecy will come to pass, now." Kagutsuchi, the Elemental, spoke up. "You will create our downfall should you mate. If we allow the war to unfold, we will not have to worry about that."
  • Also, just as a living tree, which is a miniature copy of the universe, cannot save its life from destruction and dissolution, so too the chain-like universe, which has branched out from the tree of creation, cannot save itself from destruction and dispersal in order to be repaired and renewed.
  • The name Mohawk lives on onboard the uscgc Mohawk lives on onboard the uscgc Mohawk she operates in the florida keys.
  • As usual, Alec slipped into class a half second before the bell. I was so happy I forgot how arrogant he was, and I smiled at him as he sat down. It was like he was looking at something that wasn't even human. My insides seemed to freeze and shrink, I couldn't even muster up my normal blush of embarrassment. I'd had plenty of people hate me since I'd arrived in Sanctuary, but he was the first person I'd met who I was convinced wouldn't have thrown me a life preserver if I was drowning. It wasn't even because saving me would be too much work. He was somehow completely convinced the world would be a better place without me.
  • "This isn't just about you," Devlin said. "You would continue the death of fairy lives for the sake of one female." He made a scoffing noise and ran his eyes all over me disdainfully. "She is beautiful, and pure, though she reeks of another. I promise, you take her once and she will lose her appeal."
  • For family life continues through the mutual love and respect of man and wife.
  • Daniel tried to focus his son, "It is Samuel I am worried about." And then he saw the look of puppy love in Maxwells face. "Let me clarify thatby all appearances, Samuel has about three weeksfrom my calculationsbefore he turns 18 in our world. Until then, we have to protect him at all costs because he wont have extra lives like Kayla."
  • Such impressive displays of man against nature perhaps typify the spirit of life in the azores.
  • Here they did all get on with their lives, but nobody forgot. In fact, everything important to the Welsh I lived with revolved around people whod died: they wove tapestries and rugs depicting past battles; most of the songs were about famous, dead people; and most of their mythological stories ended badly. You couldnt pay me to read a book that ended with the hero dying, but the people around me assumed that he wouldand yet, they went about their lives with the quiet hope that this time, just once, he wouldnt. The entire country was full of optimistic pessimists.
  • Colt gave his winter cloak to Nellise to help keep her warm, and then pressed ahead silently, with Sayana leading them out through the rocky hillside they had used to approach the camp in the first place. Pacian, his arm around Nellise, brought up the rear, moving as fast as they could manage, though she must have been dreadfully tired. Aiden was still dealing with the anger at the way she had been treated, and even the deaths of her tormentors had not alleviated those feelings. He could only hope that she was not too scarred from the experience, and would be resilient enough to recover and live her life as best she could.
  • Natasha's wound healed in that way. She thought her life was ended, but her love for her mother unexpectedly showed her that the essence of life--love--was still active within her. Love awoke and so did life.
  • Daniel narrated as he mentally took Maggie inside of their houseit was a time just after they both had passed away from the black plague. Hartwell was so distraught that he was seconds away from ending his own life.
  • She was alone. She could use this to her advantage. Somehow she could find a way to blend into their army and get her little girl back. She did not have the knowledge of war or weapons that Johan had, but she had something more, something he did not. She had years of experience at blending in and going through life unseen.
  • "Nope," he said simply. "I dont reckon its a good time to tell him about it either. Hell find out sooner or later, once he quits worrying about you so much and starts paying attention to the outside world again. He watches you like a hawk anyway, cant see any point in worrying him anymore." He nodded his head, as though to signal that that was that. Despite his awkward silences, Omari liked the mans easy directness. What you saw was what you got, and in a life that seemed to be laced with secrets, it was definitely refreshing.
  • "With all due respect, its not a price we pay. Its not a price you pay, either, Gremius. We have enough coppers to last us years. But theres an entire class of city-dwellers whose lives depend on moving wares on a weekly, if not daily, basis. There are inherent dangers about which we can do little: price fluctuations, demand. There is also highwaymanship, which has been rising in tune with the northerner rumblings."
  • I looked around for any clue, a switch, a lever, something, anything to release me from the icy pit. The burning in my chest had spread to my limbs; my muscles began to contract uncontrollably. Any mental faculty I had left was being used solely to fight the relentless urge to breathe. This is it. This is how you die. My body stopped contracting; the only remaining oxygen in my blood was shunted to my brain for a few more precious seconds of life.
  • The other side of Sam paled in comparison to his life as a sex fanatic. Being a loyal friend had its advantages, unless the acquaintance exchange rate was completely out of whack. Sam had life-long friends, work friends, casual friends, Asian Dry Cleaner friends, bar friends, ski friends, and gym friends. The only friends he didnt have were basketball friends, because he was so abrasive and abusive on the court that getting close to him was as hard as calmly sharing a picnic with a bear.
  • "No, Ill go. I have to. Im not going to let you risk the lives of everyone here and lose those fifty-seven people."
  • Perhaps it was time to place a burden upon them, to let them know just how vulnerable their lives truly were. It was now his desire to let those within Sanctum taste defeat. He wished not to end their quest, but to shake their confidence, to give them a distraction that would break their thoughts from their ultimate goal.
  • Their lives were still firmly aground on the mud of the greek culture in which they had been brought up.
  • Respect for life is the highest worship, the bright lamp, the sweet garland and unwavering devotion.
  • Incarcerated in a cell at category a wakefield prison for six years, deserted by your wife and children, your life entirely destroyed.
  • Responding to his command, we dashed out behind them to stand next to the Cullens and their witnesses. Both packs were now one in their defense of Renesmee. Putting the life of every wolf on the line for a half-leech didnt sit well with me, but the opportunity to fight the Volturi did. Sorry, Jacob. Hybrid, not half-leech, I thought quickly, in case he was paying attention.
  • "My mom in this life or the life I led as a mortalis Belinda Thompson. Before this day she had me running from doctor to hospital to get inoculated for anything and everything. We sure could have used that back when you were my mom."
  • Weeks went by and Hartwell was left to fend for himself and dare to consider a life without Maggie. She, on the other hand, threw herself into work just before the school district was about to go on Spring Break.
  • A Panther, by some mischance, fell into a pit. The Shepherds discovered him, and some threw sticks at him and pelted him with stones, while others, moved with compassion towards one about to die even though no one should hurt him, threw in some food to prolong his life. At night they returned home, not dreaming of any danger, but supposing that on the morrow they would find him dead. The Panther, however, when he had recruited his feeble strength, freed himself with a sudden bound from the pit, and hastened to his den with rapid steps. After a few days he came forth and slaughtered the cattle, and, killing the Shepherds who had attacked him, raged with angry fury. Then they who had spared his life, fearing for their safety, surrendered to him their flocks and begged only for their lives. To them the Panther made this reply: "I remember alike those who sought my life with stones, and those who gave me food aside, therefore, your fears. I return as an enemy only to those who injured me."
  • These monastic manuals and compendiums of knowledge came to dominate the intellectual life of monastic institutions and gained an almost canonical status.
  • For as far back as she could remember, once he was sure she was safe and unharmed, she could tell him stories of treasure hunting and adventure and he would be delighted. Her Da, born and raised the village tailor, had always dreamed of a life of adventure. She could hardly wait to tell him about the raven. It was safe because he would never believe her. Her Mum would cluck her tongue and walk away shaking her head and smiling because it was a special joy that Leena and her Da shared.
  • Tonight’, said Pearl as they walked back up the tunnel. ‘I think we should all go back to the Nest Caf and celebrate the success of today. This could in fact have been one of the most important days of our lives, not only for us, but for the whole insect community’.
  • You need to earn $250,000 in Los Altos, California to live the life that $60,000 provides in Fort Smith, according to the addicting cost-of-living-comparison calculator at Sperling's Best Places website
  • I ran towards the exit, terrified of the influence the demon had on me and wanting nothing more than to get away from it. I only made it a few steps into the hallway, though, before the demon noticed I was getting away and tightened its grip again. I fell to my knees and started sobbing. I couldn't get away. It put images in my head, showing me that I could run all my life and I would constantly feel that desire for power the demon had planted in my heart. It would eventually dominate my every thought and drive me mad.
  • "Don't pass judgment on me too quickly, Garinion, I read that one on the Internet this morning." Catriona laughed heartily and Vesta could not help be undone by the woman's pleasure with herself. "See there, sweet child, life is not all tears. Your troubles will soon be quelled."
  • Delirious? And weak?’ He looked tearfully at Nicovar. ‘If we both die the secret may go out of our race forever; but if I tell you and Aldragon lives you will be burdened before your time. If only I could be certain he will live.’
  • The only really curious thing about his school life was that he had a weird and quite involuntary habit of getting french prizes.
  • He cut the timing a little too close, but managed to pop horizontally, out of the way, at the last second, then shoot straight up to save his eardrums. He didnt even bother to look at what damage they did. Instead, he took off after the closest patrol and hit them from below as they attacked Americans trying to release their bombs. After cutting them with just two swipes, he popped up and did his famous scream to draw the attention of the other six patrols now attacking his troops. He only paused the fighting for a moment, but that moment saved a lot of lives as his presence shocked the Mongols, and gave his guys time to fight back.
  • That was the first time I met Mr. C; he was on a break from new teacher training and he came over to the store to get a drink. Little did I know what awaited me a few weeks later when school started? Destiny had a way of setting me up for things before I even knew what was happening. Easy E, Beast, and I talked about getting away with stealing stuff from Mr. Morioto all day. The extra bonus was those last few bars the Candy Man threw into our bounty, making our getaway even sweeter. Little did I know that nothing in life is handed to you for free, because there is always some price to pay down the road. But, for one shining moment, I was enjoying being a kid who could do no wrongor was that do no right?
  • "And for me!" the Marquis suddenly came to life and ran after them. That left the rest of the lords speechless. They looked at each other in confusion. Count Blueparrot was the first to speak.
  • "Sire," he said fiercely, "everything we have fought for, all the lives we have lost already, all will be for naught if we give up now."
  • "Nonsense!" said the Roman Candle, "Romance never dies. It is like the moon, and lives for ever. The bride and bridegroom, for instance, love each other very dearly. I heard all about them this morning from a brown-paper cartridge, who happened to be staying in the same drawer as myself, and knew the latest Court news."
  • Everything: her face, walk, look, and voice, was suddenly altered. To her own surprise a power of life and hope of happiness rose to the surface and demanded satisfaction. From that evening she seemed to have forgotten all that had happened to her. She no longer complained of her position, did not say a word about the past, and no longer feared to make happy plans for the future. She spoke little of Pierre, but when Princess Mary mentioned him a long-extinguished light once more kindled in her eyes and her lips curved with a strange smile.
  • The site went on to claim that after every record of the Dark Pharaoh was destroyed, a secret band of guards was created to protect the tombs. It seemed that the Egyptians, while having no problem in destroying monuments, could not bear the thought of destroying the several tombs of Parakesh. Not out of fear of sacrilege, but it rather because of the legendary powers that protected them. The Dark Pharaoh had dedicated his life to raising an army of the sand. When the Pharaoh had died, his powers, and apparently his army, had been entombed with him, there to awake should he ever be disturbed.
  • At the same time his mother-in-law, Prince Vasili's wife, sent to him imploring him to come if only for a few minutes to discuss a most important matter. Pierre saw that there was a conspiracy against him and that they wanted to reunite him with his wife, and in the mood he then was, this was not even unpleasant to him. Nothing mattered to him. Nothing in life seemed to him of much importance, and under the influence of the depression that possessed him he valued neither his liberty nor his resolution to punish his wife.
  • All blessed animals like cows, camels, sheep, and goats, say: In the Name of God, and become fountains of milk from the abundance of Mercy, offering us a most delicate and pure food like the water of life in the name of the Provider.
  • Sometimes the verses demonstrate the manifestations of a power and wisdom that will raise to life the face of the earth and animate creatures all separately.
  • Not only was Maggie agitated, she was also extremely uncomfortable with the thought of the life she knew being in question.
  • "All I can say is that nobody puts baby in the corner," Ginge added to the conversation. "Besides, you can take our lives, but you can never take our freedom."
  • "If you hear anything, and I mean anything, I want you to call me. It could help save Mollys life and keep your pathetic ass out of jail," Francesca said. She grabbed the pencil from Omari and snagged an order pad out of one of Hyun Woos pockets. She scribbled her cell number on the pad and jammed it back into Hyun Woos pocket.
  • "And even the miserable lives we lead are not allowed to reach their natural span. For myself I do not grumble, for I am one of the lucky ones. I am twelve years old and have had over four hundred children. Such is the natural life of a pig. But no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end. You young porkers who are sitting in front of me, every one of you will scream your lives out at the block within a year. To that horror we all must come-cows, pigs, hens, sheep, everyone. Even the horses and the dogs have no better fate. You, Boxer, the very day that those great muscles of yours lose their power, Jones will sell you to the knacker, who will cut your throat and boil you down for the foxhounds. As for the dogs, when they grow old and toothless, Jones ties a brick round their necks and drowns them in the nearest pond.
  • "Now that Marduk is no longer a threat, we need to start rebuilding the light and love on this planet." Iyash shifted the topic of the conversation. "There are still many destructive patterns within the human consciousness that need to be changed before we can raise our collective vibration and continue with this shift into the new world. We need to focus on revitalizing ceremonies and values that instill a deep sense of respect and appreciation for this magnificent web of life we are part of. Marduk has caused much suffering by amplifying the darker aspects of our species. We now need to embrace those lighter aspects of who we are. Building our world together with trust, sharing our unique strengths with each other, and embracing differences is where we need to start."
  • "Friends, we are besieged. The Herald Witch has brought war to the Greatland, and we are all in dire peril. We must stand together and face our common foe as one unified nation. If we remain separate, surely we will perish," he bellowed, and the acoustics of the arena carried his words to even those in the highest rows. Ragged cheers broke out, but many within the crowd seemed unsure, as if their faith had been something of little consequence in the past but was now coming to haunt them. They would need to quickly decide what they believed, for now their lives depended on it.
  • Those who made the plan to kill him have not yet been identified although six years have elapsed, but the cause which Dink gave his life for, that is Turkey facing the truth about the great tragedy that befell Ottoman Armenians close to a century ago, has been embraced by an ever growing part of Turkish society. The best indication of this is the publication of a wide range of books in Turkish dealing with the plight of Ottoman Armenians, including distinguished Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal's book titled "1915: Armenian Genocide" this year which has already sold tens of thousands of copies.
  • "Aaaahaaahh!" I screamed foolishly. "Aaaaaaaaaah!" The thrill of the improbable, the joy of the always defeated and now victorious careening gloriously through my chest. An ounce, a mere short and narrow shimmer of surface light revealed to my drowning self. As I look back now, I understand this to have been an extremity of exultation beyond any imaginable in the "real world" of the average person. No "Hail Mary" touchdown pass or extra innings home run- this was an improbable, no, impossible triumph of life over death when the end was all-but nigh. The celebration, wild and natural.
  • "These boys...." she began. "These cheeldren, all of them have seen too much yet not enough of the full real life to fully unduhrstand how wrong.... how vehry sad and... and" she fumbled for a word, "and wrong thees all ees."
  • The fire flamed wickedly hot and the agony renewed the instant we drove off school grounds. I knew he was prepared to leave this area with me forever. Moving away was something that I couldnt do right now. I wondered what kind of argument would be involved when I told him that I couldnt leave. I would cross that bridge after I climbed the upcoming mountain of truth I was getting ready to scale. I had promised him that I would tell him 'everythingand thats what I was going to do. My life was falling to pieces and I needed my brother to help me.
  • "Apologies my King. The White Flame was Yavale's greatest warrior and his strongest hope to win. He trained under Yavale directly, living within Sayassa. Three, maybe four years into his training, the White Flame fell in love with a creature that came from Sayassa, what they called a "form changer." Someone with the ability to mimic or represent anything they chose: people, plants, animals, anything. They were very few, but incredibly powerful. The White Flame and the form changer, Fate, spent every day together for six years. Yet she was not one of the chosen and the rules decreed that only the three humans could enter the battle. So Fate, in order to protect her one, true love sacrificed her life as a living being and used her abilities to turn herself into a weapona swordthat the White Flame would wield. One that would always protect him as she swore she always would. To be at his side forever."
  • Near continuous explosions shook the Ambigu and her hull groaned another death rattle. The surviving crewmen, fearful for their own lives, forgot about the battle with the remainder of the LRA and scrambled to get away from the ammo hold. Larsons shouted orders were drowned out as muffled explosions ripped more gaping holes in the stricken ship. The Ambigu very slowly began to roll onto her starboard side as compartment after compartment flooded.
  • Csar Chavez's birthday, March 31, is celebrated in California as a state holiday, intended to promote service to the community in honor of Chavez's life and work. Many, but not all, state government offices, community colleges, and libraries are closed. Many public schools in the state are also closed. Texas also recognizes the day, and it is an optional holiday in Arizona and Colorado. Although it is not a federal holiday, the President proclaims March 31 as Csar Chavez Day in the United States, with Americans being urged to "observe this day with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor Csar Chavez's enduring legacy."
  • Although he suffered frequent relapses throughout his life, he always fought back & enjoyed life to the full.
  • Coalesce around a local vision for children then better outcomes and life chances for children.
  • Leslie was sitting in the window seat of the third row of the plane. She looked out of the scratched-up, oval window as the plane sped down the runway and climbed into the nighttime sky. She picked up her right hand and waved goodbye to the city that reared her, that raised her, that ultimately caused her to seek more meaning in life. The thought never crossed her mind of how disappointing life would be if it didnt have more meaning than just a good job and a matching 401k plan. How disappointing It would be if the pool of life was actually that shallow.
  • Sebastian wanted to wrap his hands around her throat and squeeze the life from her, and it wasnt just the piece of silver keeping him away. "Dont you fucking dare!" he snarled. "I could kill you for this."
  • Lieutenant Goloth, for one, had saved his life more than once and even though his military upbringing made him seem cold, even heartless, Trevor knew that he cared about the Order of the Flame and about Coriath.
  • The strategy committee was what commanded a battle. They used the Mahann and mental networking to figure out what the enemy was going to do and how to respond. It was a big deal and that meant that if Keither tried, for once in his life he could be in command of entire armies.
  • Her voice cracked, that one detail some needle to break her back. Jody Sims was dead, hadnt really said anything to Summer that morning. For the rest of her life she would assume he used that tie out of spite, no other way to explain it.
  • When Jeremy from work had offered him the flat in London at such a reasonable rent, hed convinced himself that a trial separation might be good for them. There was sound financial logic in it. It would save him the expensive commute, and meant he could leave Julie the car, but inside himself hed been excited, thinking London would give him the new lease of life hed been looking for.
  • Burundi has the University of Burundi. There are several museums in the cities, such as the Burundi Geological Museum in Bujumbura and the Burundi National Museum and the Burundi Museum of life in Gitega.
  • But those glances expressed something more: they said that she had played her part in life, that what they now saw was not her whole self, that we must all become like her, and that they were glad to yield to her, to restrain themselves for this once precious being formerly as full of life as themselves, but now so much to be pitied. "Memento mori," said these glances.
  • She felt herself drawn to the plummeting drop, a small voice inside urging her to step out. To spread her arms wide and lean forward. To see what it would feel like, those few moments in the air between life and death. Her hand involuntarily touched the window handle as, unseen, two spirits tugged weakly at her sleeve. The influence of karma was fading, and one of the spirits lost its grip and fell to the floor, disappearing in a splash of smoke.
  • "That depends. The soul sees what it wants to see. For some it is a continuation of what their previous lives would be had it never died, others have the things they always dreamt of but never got." Ristalln, Gort and the rest of the group had gathered around her to listen in
  • The spring brought with it baseball season. Although Pete had spent much of his early life dreaming only of baseball, the slow pace of the game now seemed to pale in comparison to the stimulation of basketball. Pete was coming off a season in which he was 5-3, with a 2.95 earned run average. As the team's number two starter behind Richie James, Pete was a somewhat ordinary player in an otherwise average high school baseball team.
  • "Don't you have to tell Ammon and Terra and Arvin about all this magic eventually? They can't go their whole lives without suspecting something, right? What if they start drawing wards and are targeted by demons and stuff?"
  • "The Elder War," Pendragon stood up shaking his head. "What a terrible thing for all of us. Brother against brother, mates battling for the lives of Humans, those of us who thought Humans deserved the right to become something. Weve done this dance a couple of times in the past, it hasnt always been about Elders either. How many times have Elders decided that perhaps Humans were not worthy of life? How many times have we had to destroy our own to prove that everything deserves life? We talk about Gabriel, but there are many among us that have been persecuted or that have done some persecuting.
  • Jeremy did. But the things Ed had done… "Youyou killed... " He groped for his inhaler, chest tightening. It got even worse when Jeremy couldnt find the thing. "You turned my life into hell!"
  • A synopsis of the ramayana is the story of the life of lord rama, an earthly incarnation of the hindu god vishnu.
  • The fact that Daniel would still be just below the legal drinking age in real years did not escape Hartwell, who had been around more than five times as long as that. What he lacked in new-age skills, he more than made up for in life skills and real-world knowledge.
  • As she walked, she questioned her choice. The advice of a person who knew how she felt about the war had nearly cost Myranda her life the previous day, and here she was making the same mistake.
  • "Actually, easier than you might imagine. We can stalk over here, too, you know. Are you worried about the life to come?"
  • He lifted the blankets covering her abdomen and shifted her hospital gown so that he could gain access to her incisions. Even though she had lived her entire life with an accelerated healing factor, it was still incredible to witness. Just two days ago she had been ripped open, and when Noah lifted the bandages on her stomach, the wounds had already closed and were beginning to grow over the sutures.
  • The same could not be said of my life up north at the weekend house. I was much more relaxed and had as many as two or three partners per year, although there were a many repeat customers such as Kathy Delancey. The vacation house was not a reality-based existence - making a commitment in a utopia such as that would be like being dropped on the top of Mount Everest and feeling a real sense of accomplishment.
  • The exaggerated folly of the threat, the passionate gesture that accompanied it, the mad melodramatic words, made life seem more vivid to her. She was familiar with the atmosphere. She breathed more freely, and for the first time for many months she really admired her son. She would have liked to have continued the scene on the same emotional scale, but he cut her short. Trunks had to be carried down and mufflers looked for. The lodging-house drudge bustled in and out. There was the bargaining with the cabman. The moment was lost in vulgar details. It was with a renewed feeling of disappointment that she waved the tattered lace handkerchief from the window, as her son drove away. She was conscious that a great opportunity had been wasted. She consoled herself by telling Sibyl how desolate she felt her life would be, now that she had only one child to look after. She remembered the phrase. It had pleased her. Of the threat she said nothing. It was vividly and dramatically expressed. She felt that they would all laugh at it some day.
  • This is the past, the past, Maggie gulped furiously, trying not to panic. That smile meant nothingNOTHING! ... Im watching what happened in the past; Aedan lives, he LIVES!—
  • But not quite so inebriated that all those actions had been precluded by just landing as he usually did, in a sodden heap either in bed or on the floor. No, hed had the wherewithal to actually kill himself, and not just by too many beers. But that shouldnt surprise. Maybe all his life had been a slow suicide. Finally Jody had to accept that no amount of liquor would do it alone. He would have to affect the course from which there was no return.
  • Christianson sat at the dinner table in his house and felt completely out of place, vaguely connected to his three young kids and disjointed to his wife Mary. She looked across the table at him and sensed that her life was not what she expected it to be. She had a promising career in public relations, but now was a baby-making conduit with an unyielding chocolate yearning, three ungrateful kids who never gave her a moment of peace, and a husband who stuck his little dick into just about anything with a pulse.
  • Thompson, who lives in a cottage in a cumbrian village dwarfed by surrounding fells, will not reveal what his check was worth.
  • "Well, for Hindus theres a second aim in life besides our honoring our dharma. We call it artha. That aim is to have things. Knowledge, wealth, friends. Is that part of why youre here?" Kamala smiled scornfully. "Some merchants seem to believe artha is their primary aim."
  • Then there was Isobel. Isobel and Mila. He had got very comfortable with thinking of Isobel as the great love of his life, the woman his brother Dolmus had torn from him. When he thought of his failed relationship with his wife, and any number of paramours, and wondered why he didnt seem to be able to be happy with them, he put it down to Isobel. If only he had been able to marry Isobel and live out his life as a minor prince of Ilas. Then he wouldnt have been so restless.
  • Isaac grinned, "Congratulations. You put your fears aside in the name of killing tonights dinner. Just to let you know, those chickens actually belonged to me. Wait, let me take that back. Until late yesterday afternoon, the chickens belonged to a nobleman who lives in a manor just south of here. He had so many chickens to begin with, Im sure he wouldnt notice a few gone. So rest easy, menI didnt steal your livelihoods just to teach you a lesson. Im here to teach you how to kill men, not yourselves. Thats it for todays lesson. Tomorrows will be just as interesting. Good day and God bless."
  • "No, but understand that means very little because of your gift. You are immune to the magic and thus your destiny might simply be guarded from my sight because the energies I interact with can not touch your essence. What I believe, however, is that most people eventually figure out their destiny. They make choices based on who they are, what they have become, how they have lived their lives, but in the end, we all tend to reach a point where we have to face something whether we like it or not. At that point, we face our destiny by dealing with it the best way we know how."
  • Quickie for infinite lives, type it in and play the original tape from the start.
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