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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

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  • Pete waterman the pop Svengali was born in coventry in 1947 but now lives in warrington.
  • He chuckled. "Only partly right. Inside this simple blade of grass is the very essence of life. It is this life that you harness when you Breathe."
  • The Headmaster could still be of help to me through his death. One day, I would have the spell to go to the graveyard behind the school and bring the Headmaster to life again. Everything seemed to hang on this hearing on the twenty first of June.
  • Extraordinarily colorful marine life includes mantas, rays and turtles.
  • A British-led team of researchers is racing against time and the elements as they drill through 3.2 kilometers of Antarctic ice to search for new forms of life on Earth.
  • The dance music started up again, and again I was encouraged to go to the dance floor by the ghosts. I don't remember how many songs passed, but eventually I tired and had to excuse myself from the dance floor. I was followed by some of the younger-looking ghosts, and we started chatting, though not about me and my fire ability, thank goodness. They were teens that had died in the forties and fifties, and were interested to know what going to school and family life and being a teen was like for someone their age in a world half a century from their own.
  • He could not heal her directly. Instead, he focused on what he wanted to have happen--her bruises fading, scratches closing and scrapes mending-- and willed his own life force into a pattern that would speed her own natural healing abilities. It was slower than the methods used by the Overlord, but it enhanced and blended with the essence of the lands he was sworn to protect. It did not erode the stability away.
  • "I'm not here, actually. This is just a reflection of my life essence. In reality, I'm pretty much everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, except time is rather irrelevant."
  • Taf smiled in response, even though she did not particularly like the predictions of the old woman. They were usually quite accurate. "He saved our lives aboard the Katerina," the aestri said. "I owe him mine."
  • "Do you know?" said Pierre, as if suddenly struck by a happy thought, "seriously, I have long been thinking of it.... Leading such a life I can't decide or think properly about anything. One's head aches, and one spends all one's money. He asked me for tonight, but I won't go."
  • Leaning in for a closer look, Aiden could see etched runes around the edge of the door, familiar shapes that he recognised from his long studies of arcane devices. Most of them he could interpret as protective wards that invoked tremendous energies if the door was touched, but some of them he did not recognise. Whatever they were, it seemed likely they were all related to keeping people out of that room, at the cost of their lives.
  • On Monday, a top Iranian official declared that it holds the US, Qatar, and Turkey, which are supporting the opposition groups in Syria, accountable for the lives of the Iranian nationals.
  • Within the dense supernovae, neutron stars may form as the extremely dense endpoint in the life of a star.
  • "That VOCs, large amounts of which are released with cigarette smoke, have the greatest effect on stem cells was not entirely unexpected," explains Dr. Irina Lehmann. "Just as important, however," adds Dr. Kristin Weiße, is "that we can show that alterations in the number of stem cells as a result of harmful substances take place only in children who have already been afflicted with skin manifestations." This leads to the conclusion: There is a relationship between the genetic predisposition for a disease and environmental influences -- there are environmental and life style factors which determine whether a genetic predisposition is in fact realised or not.
  • "Altogether such heroism as was displayed by the Russian warriors cannot be imagined or adequately praised!" said Berg, glancing round at Natasha, and as if anxious to conciliate her, replying to her intent look with a smile. "'Russia is not in Moscow, she lives in the hearts of her sons!' Isn't it so, Papa?" said he.
  • "Your honor..." replied the shopman in the frieze coat, "your honor, in accord with the proclamation of his highest excellency the count, they desire to serve, not sparing their lives, and it is not any kind of riot, but as his highest excellence said..."
  • "I should never, never have believed that one could be so happy," she whispered to herself. A smile lit up her face but at the same time she sighed, and her deep eyes expressed a quiet sadness as though she felt, through her happiness, that there is another sort of happiness unattainable in this life and of which she involuntarily thought at that instant.
  • Many people lead very passive lives and such exuberance actually scares them.
  • "Your pain is as mine, Trekker. Indeed, do I comprehend the cause for your distress. Yet I have found knowledge of some things. It is not the post of those who guard our lives to speak to us on what we are to become. Yet rather are they to guide us, and cause us to see such things with our own eyes. The function of these ones is to make definite that we are prepared for the application and deployment of the abilities and aptitudes that are within, to see in us our greatest, to bring it out of us, and to give confidence to us. Lastly, they are to love us; and that, without wavering; whether we achieve such appointments as they foresaw, or not."
  • Range turned to Rolin, still holding the Sword. He removed the outer blankets from the Sword and carefully extracted it.Glimmering in the winter air, it seemed to have a life of its own.Range turned toward Garon who eyed the sword with awe. The scabbards unpolluted platinum, etched with intricate runes and shapes glimmered. The solid gold hilt crafted with precisely spaced ridges for gripping glimmered as if it were ethereal and not part of this existence. A solid golden ball served as the pommel, smooth and scar-free. The guard flayed out and both ends terminated in a perfect red ruby. Attached to the handle was a thickly woven red sash, which had been wrapped around the scabbard. Range pulled the Sword free, holding it with the gray cloth. The blade was impossibly sharp and the fuller was encrusted with glowing rubies that appeared to be alive.
  • That was a really tough question for Dalia to answer, because she had spent her life running away from personal commitment. "My parents marriage was so awful that it was almost a blessing that they got divorced. I'm probably one of the few girls that didn't dream of the big house and the white picket fence."
  • The life draining out of him, Tamerlane watched his killer stabilize their fall and use the generals body as a shield while the killer shot as his pursuers. The commander caught glimpses of what must have been hundreds of his troops descending to either rescue or avenge him. This pleased him until he saw the bastard smile, still falling back-first and firing with four wands.
  • Second Glow: The verses of the Quran are comprehensive through their denoting and indicating all the categories of speech and true knowledge and human needs, like command and prohibition, promise and threat, encouragement and deterring, restraint and guidance, stories and comparisons, the Divine ordinances and teachings, the sciences related to the universe, and the laws and conditions of individual human life, social life, the life of the heart, spiritual life, and the life of the hereafter.
  • The path gave way to the dirt trail once more. He grew tired and paused to catch his breath. Rordan wished he hadnt given up the swimming and ball games of his youth. His sportsman interests would have come in handy now. He chalked it up to another missed calling in life and walked on.
  • "Fenrir is joining your guard," Lucifer said as my mother entered the room. "He decided that if his son was willing to risk his life to protect you, he should as well."
  • "It's hard to explain Vohl. I feel like I have done nothing in this world. It's like I blinked and suddenly I was no longer a boy, and life rushed past me before I was ready. I never found any purpose. I never found anything to believe in. Everywhere I look I see only darkness and failure. No one seems to like me. I feel like the only way I can affect the world is if I die. Then maybe people will be affected by things I have said."
  • "We might as well say our good-byes, master," Perrin said. "Sooner or later I will be out there, too. You have no more great emeralds to buy my life again."
  • It was in the afternoon as he sat on the stoop and debated his fortune. His dreams of being a horse-trader were frustrated because Mama had wanted him to become educated, and did not want him to waste his life being a 'horse-tramp'. His dreams of going to school had seen him become practically a servant of the other students. His dreams of becoming a matador... well, maybe those dreams were a bit extravagant, anyway.
  • Euthanasia bill in 1997 which aimed to allow a doctor to end the life of a terminally ill patient.
  • Troubled teen, who his parents feared would be inside by his 16th birthday, has turned his life around.
  • Their lives are often made worse by the moral squalor resulting from the collapse of stable family life.
  • As they continued to the Sun Mountains, Tika thought hard of this ability to mind speak. Of how her life had changed so dramatically. A life which shed believed ended when she ran away from the town of Return. She had truly thought she would die of hunger, of falling among those high crags, or of being eaten by some hungry beast. And now she found herself on a silver blue Dragons back, treated with respect by others of the Dragon Kin, setting forth on an important search.
  • My heart battered my chest as I reached the conclusion the fight had ended. Breandan had won, and I saw in Devlin's face he was facing something nasty. The defeat at the hands of a younger and weaker enemy, was something a tribal leader could never live down. Sweat slicked my palms and I rubbed them on my jeans. I thought it through quickly. I wanted to suggest something extreme. I mean, reverse the situation and Devlin would have killed Breandan without hesitation. Was his life now Breandan's to claim? The fairy culture seemed deeply steeped in honour and tradition. Lochlann was the rightful leader of the rebels, not Breandan. If he killed the tribal leader I didn't know what it would mean. It could cause more damage to the fairy hierarchy than leaving him alive would. My eyes travelled down to a puddle of my blood dripping in steady plunks to the floor. I swayed, but before I staggered, I was held firmly again by Breandan's arms.
  • Wheezy old organ at knole into life and in playing with fleetness and clarity.
  • 'The guilt almost tore me apart too. I came very close to doing something very stupid. But I didn't, and I sat down one night, opened the envelope and read the letter and cried the hardest I have ever cried in all my life.
  • "I should end your life for your failure General, but I will not." He tugged the blade away, watching the blood slide down Gerin's neck. "You still have a destiny that you are bound to, so killing you now would serve me no purpose." The King dropped the edge against the man's thigh, crushing the tip into him--not intended to cripple him, simply a searing reminderthough through the pain the General remained still. "But if in that destiny you do not give me the outcome that I so richly deserve, you will wish your life had ended tonight." He yanked the blade out and still the General didn't so much as wince. "Now, get out of my sight. I have to think on how I am going to end this. Since you can't do your job properly."
  • Biochemistrythe study of the chemical reactions required for life to exist and function, usually a focus on the cellular level
  • Anyway, Charlie made a speech for his granddaughter and Billy made a nice speech too. Renesmee and Jacob looked so radiant. I think married life seems to suit them very well. Apparently, they have gone away for their honeymoon now
  • Care arena especially were not related lives at risk been allotted payment.
  • During the cruise, Tommy and Butler asked Katharine about her home in South Africa and her job as a photographer. "Its not as glamorous as you might think," she said, "I spend a lot of time waiting for the right conditions, or working the image on the computer to bring the shot up to todays standards. Its not anywhere near as exciting as what you do. You get to go to exotic places and try out all of these new gadgets. Your life sounds like fun to me."
  • Jenna had her hand over the casket, her tears trickling down onto the silver. I hated seeing Jenna there, with Jules all in black. They were mourning me. And as I saw the angels move closer, I mourned for myself. This truly was the death of Gabriella, and the life of the IlluminatorI was alone.
  • Kovos and his father were amazing smiths, or at least they were in Legons opinion. He hadnt seen much of the work of other blacksmiths since Salmont only needed one. Kovos was not as good as his dad, but despite his insistence that he was not very good, everyone in the town trusted him with any project. Kovos was a hard worker and a perfectionist. He was also incredibly loyal. Legon knew that Kovos would stand next to him no matter what. He also knew that Kovos feared Sasha but would still defend her with his life just because she was Legons sister. This was not a fact lost on Sasha, and though she knew that Kovos, like most of the town, feared her, she was grateful for him. He was nice to her, and if she was on her own and saw Kovos, he would talk to her and escort her wherever she was going. Barnin had been that way too. Both Kovos and Barnin, while flawed men, had incredible character.
  • Amanda raced up the stairs of the law firm. She felt invigorated, a new lease of life washing over her. The cold forgotten and tired limbs renewed with a strength she hadn't realised she could summon. Harvey looked sluggish as he trailed behind her.
  • "Even the slaves are better off in Islam, Madame. A slave can be rich and powerful. The Mamelukes are slaves. Even the great Baibars is accounted a slave. In fact, because I had been a soldier, it was eventually the Mamelukes who took me in. life became even better for me then. The Arabs and the Turks, people born Muslims, they do not trust converts, but the Mamelukes are all converts, so it did not matter to them that I had once been a Christian. Eventually, I came to serve Baibars himself. He wanted to know everything I could tell him about the Christian part of the world."
  • The King takes the parchment and turns his back on his nephew. His eyes are drawn to the black wax seal. His face grows pale, as one who has seen a ghost while someone walks upon his grave as he learns some forbidden truth. He breaks the seal, opening the scrolled parchment. The handwriting on the parchment is exquisite and at the same time dark and spidery. A script not frequently used. The King's eyes go dark, as one looking behind mortal sight. He begins walking out of the throne room, through the rear hall, out to the gardens in the center of the castle which, even in the dead of night, feels vibrant with life.
  • The fact was that Yuma liked the company, especially if it was someone he had genuine respect for. He even let Gil sleep over his place a few nights earlier marking the first time that someone else had slept in his house since his wife moved on. While tourists and passers-through looked at Yuma as a holy man, he saw himself as much less than that. At times he felt as if he was using his Native American heritage as a tool to earn a living, a task that sidetracked him from maintaining his spiritual journey. Educating the white man and a few black and yellow people too, was truly a journey that took him full circle in life.
  • Quitting a decent-paying job with benefits for a long shot dream seemed like a good idea for a desperate loner, but not for a recovering heart attack victim. Flipping thoughts of death into dreams of life happened as easy as D.A.F., Dr. Amanda Fellows.
  • I take a long, slow breath, trying to figure out what to say next. I know how he feels. It is a big move. Were settled here. It seems crazy to want to uproot and move two thousand miles away. But its an opportunity to access the life Ive been dreaming of and searching for all these years.
  • Transacting business online there is no lawyer lives in hoping to renew.
  • Returning to Madeline would be a double blow. Hed lose the woman who meant something to him and be forcing himself to live with the creature who stole his life.
  • "The leaders of the races decided the safest place for the sphere would be deep within Hollow Mountain. They since changed the name to Sanctum for its part in holding the sphere. Regardless of its name, all of the magic casters became outraged that the sphere would be encased. It meant the end of their powers. The sphere held all the magic. They wished to destroy the sphere and release the energy within. The dark creatures also demanded the destruction of the sphere. They could not exist without magic. Goblins, river rogues, shags; the lot of them threatened the lives of everyone if the sphere was not turned over to them.
  • Nesha's huge eagle head swiveled to stare at her and she felt that instant of astonishment at being faced by a real life griffon. She shrugged the thought off then stepped forward and beckoned to Nesha to lower his head. He did so, and she placed a hand on his mane then cuddled into him.
  • A slash, a roiling parry, and a lunge, punched a hole through the line of soldiers. He charged through it. Behind him, the soldiers cursed. Four men lie dead on the ground, their life soaking the snows around them. One man ran to another, less deadly, part of the battle.
  • He sat down on the bed (unmade) staggered. Where the hell was she? Where had she gone? How? Why? How had she gone? He wanted her back. Now that she was gone, he realized that he needed her, perhaps because she was the only person in his life who had ever needed him. He should have known she had come into his life for a reason, all his doubts melted away. He had to find her; she would not be safe on her own with whatever it was out there still after her. Oh God! What if ... what if that was what had happened, what if "it" had got her?
  • They were of those dwarfed natures which, if a dull fire chances to warm them up, easily become monstrous. There was in the woman a substratum of the brute, and in the man the material for a blackguard. Both were susceptible, in the highest degree, of the sort of hideous progress which is accomplished in the direction of evil. There exist crab-like souls which are continually retreating towards the darkness, retrograding in life rather than advancing, employing experience to augment their deformity, growing incessantly worse, and becoming more and more impregnated with an ever-augmenting blackness. This man and woman possessed such souls.
  • "ASTA!" he bellowed. Ive fucked up. Ive fucked up so badly. Asta wasnt an animal. She was kind, and sexy, and desirable, and funny, and she had a decent soul that he had noticed before. She had risked life and limb to get something so that Anarion could be reunited with his beloved Mirie. She had jumped on top of an infuriated dragon while in her cat form to protect him. She hadnt had to do any of the things she did. Oh, God, what have I done? He looked around for his shoes and returned to the bedroom to find them before he went after her. She couldnt be far; Asta took her duties seriously.
  • Dr. Sock knew enough about permanency. His life had been flipped upside down in the last week. He was the apprentice of an unstable, bloody crime lord. Did anything else really need to happen?
  • One of the most amazing of these stories of total interdependence is the life history of the fig tree and the fig wasp.
  • Early English composers in classical music include Renaissance artists Thomas Tallis and William Byrd, followed up by Henry Purcell from the Baroque period. German-born George Frideric Handel became a British subject and spent most of his composing life in London, creating some of the most well-known works of classical music, The Messiah, Water Music, and Music for the Royal Fireworks. There was a revival in the profile of composers from England in the 20th century led by Benjamin Britten, Frederick Delius, Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst, Ralph Vaughan Williams and others. Present-day composers from England include Michael Nyman, best known for The Piano.
  • The IPO price range values it at 21.8 to 25.7 times 2011 earnings, which is "reasonable" compared with China life Insurance Co.’s ratio of 28.3 and Ping An Insurance (Group) Co.’s 19.4 multiple, said Olive Xia, a Shanghai-based analyst at Core Pacific-Yamaichi International Ltd.
  • He retired in 1858; and after some traveling, spent the rest of his life collecting botanical specimens from around the world.
  • In fact it casts a rather satirical sidelight on people who interfere with the lives of others.
  • Ken had information he needed to know and he had only 30 minutes to extract all of the pertinent data. Instead of sticking out like two sore thumbs at the Manhattan life cafeteria, Ken took Henry out to the deli for a quick sandwich. They ordered and then Ken went on an all-out assault. He greased the wheel in the the first few minutes and then slowly moved in for the kill.
  • I forced myself to jump into the burning lava to retrieve the glistening item which to my eyes somewhat resembled an Elementum Vox. The lava began to tear my outer layers apart one by one. By the time I reached the Elementum Vox I noticed that my layers were completely burned away, yet I survived. I should have realized that since Ive mastered my power over fire, it would no longer burn me. Once I grabbed the Elementum Vox I some how was back at the mouth of the volcano. I looked down at my hand to see them glowing red. The volcano that I created somehow lowered to the ground and disappeared. All of the images around me began to get blurry and fade away. It was as if two realities were beginning to mix themselves. I turned around and saw that I was in the same spot that I was in when my mother brought Gigi and I to this world the first time. I turned back around and got the surprise of my life.
  • The potential for continued growth in life insurance is illustrated by low penetration rates in China, according to Stephan Binder, a Shanghai-based director at consulting firm McKinsey & Co. A gauge measuring the size of premiums compared with the local economy shows China has a 2.6 percent life- insurance penetration rate, compared to 10 percent in Hong Kong and 40 percent in Taiwan, according to McKinsey.
  • The aestri looked into the eye of the outsider. Her cheeks were a little moist, yet she seemed calm for one that had put up with who knew what sort of abuse. "I'm only aestri, Jorden, not a woman. Laws protect women against attack but they only protect the lives of aestri. And Kavan is twice as large as you. He would easily kill you, and nothing would be thought of it. You are only a prisoner."
  • Once you have been head cheerleader, or hockey captain, life presents little in the way of rewards, lol.
  • The Dragons nostrils flared. So, a member of the two-leg tribebut why here? She probed the creature again and was dismayed to find the colour had paled, the life pattern blurred. A howl of despair streaked through the haziness making the Dragon blink with sudden pain.
  • Id just left Meg sleeping in our bed and was looking forward to breakfast with her later. Id been reluctant to leave her warmth and the inviting curve of her hip, outlined under the blanket, but the duties of the day called. I found myself changed, in no more time than it took to turn a page in a book. Finally being acknowledged the Prince of Wales in the eyes of King Henry was like the closing of one chapter, and Megs coming into my life the beginning of another.
  • "There is an alchemy to The Aurora Chateau Deo Belle Etoile, which means The Castle of Light under Gods Beautiful Stars, that allows paradise to exist. This alchemy depends as much upon the history of the city as it does its inhabitants. The Chateau was built by a scientist who theorized a device to prolong human life to near immortality. This device depended on certain elements existing, including the complacency of individuals and the society they lived in. At first, the Chateau was little more than a biosphere on an uninhabitable planet named Argo, hence the few existing records in Earth texts. As technology progressed, the scientist began to import devices to produce atmosphere, plant and wildlife specimens, and increased the scope of a suitable habitat across the planet."
  • Aiden made no noise as he lengthened his strides. He was amazingly fast considering the fact he carried Abelie. My mom. She was the one person who had continuously saved my life when I could not save myself. From before I was born, all the way up to this day. All she did was make sacrifices for me, even when it broke her heart to give me away.
  • Melanie barely clung to life the next four days without the use of resuscitation, as were her written orders. There were no dramatic goodbyes, no last-minute reconciliations over failed relationships, and no proclamations of undying love from either Melanie or Gil. Luckily, he was there to say goodbye on the morning she stopped breathing. Whether she technically continued with "the living" or not, he had decided to end his active participation in her life. He kissed her forehead and then kissed her hand and said, "Its time for me to let you go. I hope you move on to better things."
  • Dreadful as the countess imagined it would be should Prince Andrew die in her daughter's arms during the journey--as, judging by what the doctor said, it seemed might easily happen--she could not oppose Natasha. Though with the intimacy now established between the wounded man and Natasha the thought occurred that should he recover their former engagement would be renewed, no one--least of all Natasha and Prince Andrew--spoke of this: the unsettled question of life and death, which hung not only over Bolkonski but over all Russia, shut out all other considerations.
  • In particular it discusses the changing materiality of life at the site over its 1100 years of occupation.
  • "No. What continually impresses me about him is how he seems to find the very best, the very finest, people. He is like a powerful magnet. I would lay my life down for those who serve him, and for those who call him friendand for him of course. I should not have expected anything less with you. You, Margarita—" he took a long look around—"you may be one of the finest of the finest, if what I see around me is any indicator. Yes, my dear, you are right: my grief will be your second insurance policy. You will learn how it serves in that capacity laterunless, of course, you have managed to sort that out already as well?"
  • "Well, as I get it, by the time we get through screwing-up things around here it probably won't be worth returning. Besides, though my life wasn't bad, exactly, I was lonely. Not much to go back to."
  • He only spent a second or two gazing around at this level, but what he saw was astonishingthis was truly the home of royalty, for the remaining buildings and adornments here were shining with gold trim, and intricate carvings. Moss and other plant life were growing amidst the decaying ruins of the dwarven nobility, but it barely detracted from the opulence on display. Aiden could only assume Pacian had been cursing to himself as he swam past such riches, knowing he couldn't stop to take any with him.
  • Motet o sacrum convivium actually started life as an instrumental fantasia.
  • They waited, huddled in small groups throughout the field and in the clumps of trees. Most of the men and women gathered were common men: farmers, smiths, tailors. They had no business fighting a war. Yet each had given their lives to his cause--to their cause--and he could not refuse them. He was not the only one to have suffered at the Duke's hands.
  • She replied,"I have loved you and slaved for you, and given you the best years of my life unconditionally. I gave up my singing career because you saidthat kind of musicwasnt proper."
  • Something seemed awfully familiar. If his head didnt hurt so much Fradi was sure hed have no trouble remembering what it was. Why bother being resurrected if you were merely entering a life of ongoing pain? The whole point of being born again was to leave past baggage behind. This hadnt happened last time; last time hed felt -
  • Much of their life cycle is spent as vegetative mycelium, exploiting complex substrates.
  • Seven new works reflecting life in her reign were set alongside 16th century madrigals written to celebrate the reign of the first queen elizabeth.
  • I noticed the names of the local ringers, who were involved in the life of the church.
  • Narrow and burdensome and useless to anyone as his life now seemed to him, Prince Andrew on the eve of battle felt agitated and irritable as he had done seven years before at Austerlitz.
  • "I want to know, right now, who you are." Lanyan blurted, his voice sounding slightly perturbed. "You were there in Tarnel and I know you were with us the other night, chasing the guards off. And now you've risked your life to rescue us again. Whoare you?" Lanyan sounded a bit calmer, but the demanding tone was still present.
  • They sting in self defense using their tail sting which in most cases is very painful rather than life threatening.
  • Perhaps, the two of us are like raindrops. Falling on separate continents, each, on our own journey to reach the sea. I do not know if I am in the fall, or among the fallen. Yet, I fear what point is there to love and success, when none of it lasts? When the connections that bind us can be swept away so easily, not like steel, yet instead as a childs brittle chain of daisies left in the summer heat as a strong wind approaches. I find no comfort in the world when people say that we have only one life to live, for I fear failing most of all. However, through all the bad times and good times that lie ahead, I know that you will be with mejust as you said you would. Someday well meet again, Jacky. Until then, I will do my best. I promise. I will confront my fears about life and continue on for you, and for Lavender. I wish you would have gotten a chance to meet her, just as I wish I had a chance to meet that lady of yours. Yet, I hopeno, I know the time will come when all of us raindrops finally reach the sea and we will all be together once more.
  • "You dont look fine," she says. "You look stressed and tired." She motions to Morgen. "You have a beautiful daughter and you need to think about her. Everything you do needs to be to make her life better. Her generation needs to be taken care of so they dont end up like us."
  • Mr. Cohen would usually let us out five or ten minutes early for recess. Sometimes he would follow us to the basketball court on the playground and even up the sides a bit. The funny thing was that Mr. C and I never played on the same team. He very rarely shot the ball, preferring to give kids a chance to shoot that rarely could create their own shots. The more we played with Mr. C, the more I felt my game changing. Before we met, my game consisted of breaking down the defense with my Allen Iverson-inspired crossovers. As the weeks went by I found new joy in passing and bringing my teammates along for the ride. As long as the ball was in my hands it was my choice to lead, not just take for myself. It was easy to get what was mine; Mr. Cohen taught me that it was all there for me if I took what my opponent gave me. The game and life were so much easier when I let things come to me, instead of forcing the action.
  • A new sense of dread spread across her, from her aching shoulders to her shaking belly. She had just made the mistake of a life time.
  • Shela, Alex, and I begged them to just put her in the forest. We gave a speech about the appreciation of natures creatures. They just ignored it. "Get a life kid." One of the workers snuffed. "At least I dont capture and drug wild animals for a living." I shot back. His lips turned up, and a ghastly sneer spread across his face. "To bad kid, I got better things to do." He spat, and loaded Max into a cage.
  • Vibrant with color and bring to life the country and its natural landscape.
  • Precipitating factors usually involve a life event or social adversity.
  • "You are such a beautiful, sweet, naive little girl," he said in a low voice. "So full of innocence and joy and silly ideas. Your life force is so vibrant, so ... powerful...."
  • As Gerin fought, Grahamas came back harder. He took every blow and stood up to it. Now matter how hard he was hit, he refused to back down. It was that same courage he held in his eyes, that same fearlessness that he exuded when he fell in Sayassa. For the first time in his life Gerin had actually admired something in someone else, even as he was struck with a left palm to his nose.
  • Guido shook his head. "If she had taken you as a lover she would have destroyed herself. I do not accept the Cathar doctrine that there are unforgivable sins, even for those who call themselves 'perfect.' But I could not convince her of my view. If she had broken her vow of chastity with you she would have felt so guilty that the rest of her life would have been spent in an earthly hell. As it was, she knew that you loved her, she loved you, and yet she was true to her faith to the end. In a way, her life and death were perfect."
  • "You don't understand her, Harry. She regarded me merely as a person in a play. She knows nothing of life. She lives with her mother, a faded tired woman who played Lady Capulet in a sort of magenta dressing-wrapper on the first night, and looks as if she had seen better days."
  • In her mind Diane saw two paths. On one lay a long life together for him and her - talking, laughing, singing, making love, having children. All simple, human pleasures. And if she took that path?
  • However, these are not insurmountable problems, especially in light of the high cost of the spoiled lives of many of our children.
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