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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • Hanging out with a girl, without pressure, was all but taken away from me for so many years. Girls seemed to go their way and boys were left with nothing but anxiety and eventually pimples. I developed a few pimples in the beginning of the summer that required extensive extractionI also had a few pop up when I first started going out with Sharibut since we started holding hands my skin has been as clear as it was when I was smaller and life was less complicated.
  • As verily callous as life had become for Hamlet People, the lot of us had grown complacent in our weariness. Most were not only willing to idly accept our present state, but to also simply look on as our land and its people disintegrated before our very eyes. This was now life as we knew it in the City of Hamlets; and that, without an end in sight.
  • "He has carried a great burden for many years, and did so willingly to serve the good of man.It cost him the life of his daughter and friend. He still grieves," Rolin said.
  • After World War I, the Navy decided to separate the Medal of Honor into two versions, one for combat and one for non-combat. The original upside-down star was designated as the non-combat version and a new pattern of the medal pendant, in cross form, was designed by the Tiffany Company in 1919. It was to be presented to a sailor or Marine who "in action involving actual conflict with the enemy, distinguish himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty" Despite the "actual conflict" guidelines, the Tiffany Cross was awarded to Floyd Bennett and Richard E. Byrd for arctic exploration. The Tiffany Cross was not popular. In 1942, the Navy returned to using only the original 1862 inverted 5-point star design, and ceased issuing the award for non-combat action.
  • Inextricable relationships in our lives that are neither accidental nor somehow in our control, either.
  • "Thats terrible," Alex added. He felt deeply saddened for Kate, for her situation. It seemed so unfair to him, then again, so much in life at this point seemed so desperately unfair. "I wish things were different."
  • I crawl out of bed, reach over to the tiny window, and pull my stained glass butterfly off its hook. This, I decide, is going to hang in the main window. Its not going to be my own personal thing anymore. For thirteen years, this piece of my past has been in the background. Packed away, moved around, hung up as an afterthought, looked past. Its time to bring it out into our everyday lives, to see what shines through it.
  • The boymaybe sixteen years of age at mosthad a vicious cut that had virtually cleaved a side of his skull open from the top of his head down to his chest. He was completely covered in his own blood, his gray eyes wide with the savage urge to life and air, his left hand gripping a sword. His hairwhat little of it wasnt soaked in his own bloodwas platinum blonde.
  • Fist fight, gun shot, or rogue bacteria, these men were forced to live life sitting down.
  • The Manhattan life Management Training Program had ebbed and flowed in size over the years, and currently stood at 20 people. In reality, however, only a couple of people would actual remain with the company and ascend to the management level within the company.
  • Atm dont have a long shelf life esp now they are getting bigger in size.
  • I don't know what I was thinking at that moment, if anything, but I reacted in the only way my instinct told me. I leaned in and Shari met me halfway as our lips came together. The kiss seemed to last for minutes but it4 actually lasted only a few seconds. Shari rested her head on my shoulder as we both took the last bites of our ice creams. The sun was setting, the birds were chirping, and I had never felt so at ease with my life and myself.
  • In the end, Ryson found it impossible to judge any of them. It was not his place. Everyone cant determine the circumstances they face. To Ryson, most of it always seemed like nothing more than blind chance. He never understood why one person was forced to face so much adversity while another simply could glide through life without having to face a single challenge. That never made any sense. He knew good people that faced constant misfortune and people of lesser character that somehow found wealth wherever they looked. It didnt seem fair and that always bothered him, it always would.
  • The President may award, and present in the name of Congress, a medal of honor of appropriate design, with ribbons and appurtenances, to a person who while a member of the Army (naval service; Navy and Marine Corps) (Air Force) (Coast Guard), distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.
  • "He's got the key, does Abel, and none other. He knows, he does. But there's them what thinks they deserves it. No, notwon't be, not while he's got life in him."
  • Coach Blanda said he was there "to scout Mid State" but we both knew that his mission was definitely two-fold. I really didnt care if he felt guilty for how he mistreated me, or if he just wanted to see if I was all right. No thanks to him, I had survived the harsh reality of life and had picked up all of the pieces even before I stepped onto the court. I made sure I watched where the coach was sitting so I could get a good view of his face during the game.
  • Collette laughed a light, tinkling sort of laugh. Lines spread from the corners of her eyes when she smiled, but the sparkle in her eyes spoke of inner youth. "I'm no lady, that's a'certain. Call me Collette," she said, and Catrin was struck by her kindness and by the similarity between these people and her own. These were good people. They were not filled with malice or spite. They led simple, wholesome lives, and she felt a kinship to them. The realizations made the entire conflict seem even more ludicrous. She had no quarrel with these good folk, and they harbored no ill toward her. Yet it was their blood that was being shed, that of their children. Catrin began to think of these people not as the Zjhon, but as the people of the Greatland. The Zjhon were the ones who desired war, and all others were simply their victims.
  • Pierre had long been familiar with that story. Karataev had told it to him alone some half-dozen times and always with a specially joyful emotion. But well as he knew it, Pierre now listened to that tale as to something new, and the quiet rapture Karataev evidently felt as he told it communicated itself also to Pierre. The story was of an old merchant who lived a good and God-fearing life with his family, and who went once to the Nizhni fair with a companion--a rich merchant.
  • Arthaxiom tried to cut down his opponent, but he couldn't. However he tried, Vannard just wasn't there. Instead he was somewhere else, striking in unexpected ways, never pausing, never hesitating. The paladin could barely keep up, and at the same time he had this gut-wrenching feeling that he was being toyed with. He was an amateur, a talented one mayhaps, who was facing a skilled artist. One who had been practicing all his life.
  • Pearl could see that human greed manifesting itself in the form of legalized dishonesty would eventually destroy the insect community as well as possibly the lives of the people in the village. Unfortunately it was not something that would happen in the future, it was happening now.
  • She had learned from the time spent around her Da to always prepare for the worst. That way you were generally surprised. She was not sure why, but something about the Overlord living off the lives of children tickled at memories she could not grasp. Something about Breathing, but she could not say what. If the Duke was taking them to the Overlord just to be killed--she would never let that happen. Somehow, some way, they had to escape. The only way that she could think of was to convince the Duke to teach her. Her Gram's memories had to be jogged loose enough to Breathe.
  • Furthermore, life comprises sustenance, mercy, grace, and wisdom, which are dominant in the planning and administration of the universe.
  • In addition, a wonderful melee of river life on the thames can also be appreciated while walking across the bridge.
  • "And you must be Gawain, King of Halvard. Your near mythical life is the thing of immortal legend. It is a pleasure to meet you, face to face, as the saying goes." The Necromancer steps closer to Alastor, looking at him, trying to learn as much as he can. A foot soldier comes in carrying Alastor's claymore and dagger. The soldier hands Alastor's effects to Rennir and quickly leaves. "And just who might you be?" the Necromancer asks Alastor rhetorically. "Who is the man that can bring such, what is the word... ah yes, malcontent, in one such as Rennir? A feat not easily accomplished."
  • Same Stuff Different Day. Toned down version. This motto of the downtrodden has been around for decades. If your work really makes you feel this way then perhaps it's time to suggest a few changes or move on. We are all here on this Earth only once (depening on your religious outlook) - whatever, life is too short to waste it doing a job that you hate. And if you are managing people who feel S2D2 about their jobs then for goodness sake do someting about it. A free SSDD colour poster is available from the free businessballs posters page for anyone suffering in a S2D2 organisation and wishing to give a bit of free feedback to the hierarchy. And if you are a CEO and see a few SSDD posters appearing around the place then perhaps ask yourself why. It's not the people who are bad - it's the organisation, and that's down to you mate. The S2D2 mathematical acronym interpretation may well have first been suggested by author Tom Clancy (Ack V O'Grady and L D Gray) - if you know more please contact us.
  • To have studied a bioscience adds enormously to ones education for life about life.
  • "Oh." I looked away, unable to ask him how he felt about thathow he could take a life and then shrug it offor appear to shrug it off. Was that what he was going to teach our son?
  • Lief side-stepped the issue by pointing out his own observations since entering Burbon. "With the events of Sanctum, we all had to expect that life in this land would never be the same. I look about this human town and see the proof for myself. The wall that surrounds this dwelling area is of new construction, as are the towers."
  • Sam came in Monday morning and I could sense that he couldnt wait to talk to me. I had just come off the best weekend of my life and I had my Gabrielle to thank for my smiling aura. Just as a smiling Sam passed by my office, Bill Kerr nodded at him and came into my office.
  • A throbbing white light exploded around her. She didn't know the source, but the sensation ate her up completely. All she could see was light. She heard a scream but couldn't tell where it was coming from. She felt the sting of a knife cutting skin but wasn't sure if it was her skin. She witnessed the heartfelt plea of someone begging another not to go, but she couldn't tell for the life of her who was leaving, who was staying, or why.
  • "Godson!" The sight chilled him, revived his memories of Sanctum's bowels. Shadow trees - the name was perfect in description. Silhouettes of dead gnarled trees, black as tar and as lifeless as ashes, thirsted for life in the darkness of an alleyway. The cluster blanketed the width of the street. They spread like oozing sludge. They grew before his eyes. Small shoots of new branches groped for the darkness. He shivered. Thankfully, none had yet reached full size. The tallest was not yet above his own height, but even at this stunted dimension, they stood like breeders of corruption.
  • I raised mine. All was lost. I had a thought for Meg and the child she carried, and a hollow fear that they wouldnt live out the day, if either Edward, or Dafydd, caught her. What was honor, when my life was lost? Perhaps Meg could answer me that, but I had no answers for her.
  • "I've been to seminars and cram sessions, but I still have no idea how to use computers."I stroked the three hairs on my chin as I thought of a response. "Well, I?m pretty good with computers."He perked up and replied, "Do you think you can help me?"I smiled and said, "I know I can. And bye the way, my name is Andrew. Andrew Lincoln."He extended his hand and I gently pushed it into a fist. I took my right fist and banged it into his. "This is the start of something good, Mr. Lincoln," Principal Davies stated."It?s all about pushing the boundaries, PD," I replied.I realized right then and there that life was all about positioning, in order to get what you want. It would have been near-sighted of me to continue to confront and annoy Principal Davies, but it became obvious that we could go a lot further if we were allies.
  • In the afternoon of the second day, Talsy decided to go down into the city to buy the supplies they would need to continue their journey, replacing what she had lost. A guard accompanied her, walking behind with a spear at the ready. The people's hostility amazed her, for their hatred seemed to have grown. Many spat at her and shouted insults, their faces twisted with hate. The guardsman was forced to shake his spear many times to keep them at bay. Talsy's anger grew at their ingratitude, and she longed to shout back that they owed their lives to a Mujar, and should be grateful. She knew it would be futile, however, and her shopping was fraught with problems. Many shopkeepers refused to serve her until the soldier made them, and others closed their shops when they saw her coming.
  • After theyd eaten, they settled again by a tapis, and Tika asked Farn if he knew why they had to go to this Gathering. Eventually he said, ‘The memories tell me there is a Gathering around the time of the beginning of the Cold. It is when all give an accounting; new children are shown and accepted into the Treasury. If any have died, the song of their life will be told.’ He yawned. ‘They were very good hoppers didnt you think Tika?’
  • I opened the sliding glass door to the backyard and stepped down onto the small paved area, taking a look around at what we had. Again, it was absolutely perfect for living the ideal suburban life - a paved area just large enough to have a barbeque grill and picnic table, and a grassy area just large enough to set up a variety of outdoor activities. The previous tenants had even tied a rope swing onto a branch of the tree. It was disgustingly normal and I felt like gagging.
  • Summarized in the words, " life is tough " ( an indicator of a lament ).
  • Later that day, Caislyn sat slumped over the counter in her parent's bookstore, feeling rather defeated. Tonight would already be another new moon and yet nothing had manifested itself since the night of her ritual. She was doodling on the sketch pad she kept near, in case she started to get a vision. Her visions rarely happened during the day, but on the occasion that they did, she liked to be prepared. The wards at the front door of the store tinkled to life announcing that a Fey had just come in. Unlike the wards on the ritual room door, the ones on the front of the store had a different sound for each type of being that walked through them. Fey, vamp, witch, lycan and human, all had different tones. Of course you couldn't distinguish between different types of Fey or lycan, but at least you had a semblance of what you were dealing with. The wards also kept out those who meant harm. Caislyn couldn't see who had entered from her viewpoint so she assumed he or she must be a small Fey. Just to be polite and keep up the air of actual customer service she half shouted a greeting.
  • Realization dawned. Shed been purely selfish thinking about only her own feelings in this matter. She wasnt the only one who had been through hell. Losing a wife and child was worse than what she had been through over her life time. She had lost her babies before theyd had the chance to become the personalities she would love. She could only imagine how it would feel to be taken away from the cute smile that woke you up in the morning, or the little arms that wrapped around your neck when they were scared.
  • "I wanted you to have a normal life, a normal childhood. That's why I left you with them. I had gotten to know them over the years and they wanted a child so badly. I knew that you would be raised safe and properly with them. I did not want you to bear the burden of a life without a home, or without a place to stay. The life I lived. I watched over you and made sure that no harm ever came to you, deciding one day to retrieve you only when you were older. I just could not ask you to grow up on the road. It would have been too hard on you. You were already so important to me, that first day I met you. You changed my life."
  • The late impresario and life peer lew grade fled the ukraine to become one of the giants in british television.
  • Hartwell held the fate of people's lives in his fangs for over a century, and was debating the pros and cons of Belinda's survival.
  • Attend to the basis of life the unified field to bring nourishment to all the various aspects of life.
  • Lake Ellsworth is a body of liquid water trapped between ice and bedrock 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) beneath the surface of Antarctica. One of more than 350 known sub-glacial Antarctic lakes, its been isolated from the terrestrial biosphere for at least several hundred thousand years. The operation, which has an 8 million pound (almost $13 million) budget and is using about 100 tons of equipment, is designed to help scientists better understand the ecological limits that can support life and make discoveries about the frozen continent's past climate.
  • Many years had passed, but Tallin never forgot what he suffered at the emperors hands. During the Dragon Wars, Tallin and Duskeye were captured as prisoners of war. They suffered unimaginable cruelties. Tallin never broke his silence, but in the end, Tallin suffered for nothing. All the other dragon riders bowed under torture. As soon as they revealed their secrets, the emperor slaughtered them, and their dragons as well. If the emperor was lucky enough to capture a dragon and a rider together, he killed the dragon first, and then the rider. If the emperor only captured one, he would shatter the dragon stone using necromancy and kill them both. The emperor tried to avoid using the second method, because shattering the dragon stone usually cost him the life of one of his necromancers, as well.
  • If you had understood that your life is brief, and that it is departing fruitlessly, to spend one hour out of the twenty-four on a fine, agreeable, easy, and merciful act of service which is the means to the true happiness of eternal life, surely does not cause boredom, but excites a real eagerness and agreeable pleasure.
  • Gossip rags have gorged on the glamorous and public life of tom cruise over the past decade.
  • "Really? Ive never been. There are some places to ski on the east coast, but Ive never had the opportunity to go. My brother lives in Colorado and invites me up every winter. My sister-in-law and their kids come with us. Theyre young, but theyre very enthusiastic about skiing. Its a joy to teach them some of my totally awesome tricks."
  • On the table, he set out three newspapers. When he had free time, he usually scanned the stories that did not make the front page. There were often people in the police reports that he knew, and he could never predict when such information could lead to a new case or help an old one. When WWII ended ten years before, he was released from the Army and shortly thereafter hired into the Chicago Police Department. However, after a couple of years, he decided the life of a cop did not suit him, and he joined an investigation agency to learn the trade. Once he felt he had gained the skills he needed, he set out on his own, working the northern part of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He never was going to break the bank with his yearly income, but it was enough, and he was his own boss.
  • As we explained above, life ensures a form of unity within multiplicity; it causes a sort of permanence.
  • A surge lit up the room, actually making the dome light above their heads brighter. Sam didn't know what it was, but whatever Richard just did collected around them. She could feel it on her skin. The gauges on Richard's screen projections skyrocketed upward from black to yellow, orange, and finally red. A bunch of equipment around the room sprang to life and went to work doing unknown tasks. The area buzzed with artificial life.
  • "Sure," I shrugged. I was expecting a bite of some kind. Instead, Gregorian ran his long, rough tongue up my body. Of course, his tongue was nearly as big as I was, so it wasnt hard. The saliva was sticky at first, but dried quickly. I could feel my skin absorb something from it. That something made me feel happy, but it wasnt a normal happy. It was like some switch in my brain kicked over and felt calm for the first time in my life.
  • "Our whole role in life is to give you something you didn't know you wanted. And then once you get it, you can't imagine your life without it," Cook told NBC's Brian Williams. When pushed for more details, specifically about the much-rumored foray into television sets, Cook offered only, "It's a market that we have intense interest in, and it's a market that we see that has been left behind."
  • Having been men, mice became mice, drastically altering the food chain, bringing to life spoons.
  • The pressure from the Pool of life built behind her, each breath seeming to feed it. With each breath, the room glowed a little more.
  • Serenity glanced at her watch. Almost six; Jackson expected her home in the next half hour. Her stomach twisted into a knot of anxiety. Could she get away with not telling him and pretend to leave for work as usual the next day? She toyed with the idea briefly. Jackson called her at work several times a day and hed discover the truth soon enough. Even if he didnt, hed known her the whole of her adult life and would see through her in a moment. Lying to him would only make matters worse.
  • We got the shock of our lives as a huge hippopotamus stampeded through before veering off into the night.
  • Ive never been to another country. Ive never made a difference in anyones life - except for Paul - and one could argue that I was responsible or at least a contributing factor to his death. In my mind I yelled out, "Paul, can you hear me? Are you there? Paul, Im so sorry. Maybe this is the punishment I get from the universe for shortening your life. I wish I could go back and do it again; I promise I wouldnt have called the police. Paul, are you there?"
  • "I cant imagine my life without her, what a character! He felt the same, just some gift. We were gonna name her for my dad if shed been a boy, but if she was a girl…" Summer giggled.
  • And so too they shrank from lying, the friend of unbelief, and sought as far as they were able - and especially in relating the ordinances of the Sharia and propagating them - truth, truthfulness, and right, which are so fine and the means of pride and glory, ascent and progress, and were the thing most in demand from the elevated treasury of the Glory of Prophethood, and which illuminate mans social life with their beauteous splendour, and they were in conformity with them and desirous of them; this is certain, definite, and necessary.
  • The Afar hit the first row of trucks as human battering rams. Vane heard isolated rifle shots, a young mans cry of anguish, and what may have been a Gatling gun. And the Afar went right out of their minds, shrieking and whirling and diving, firing with one weapon and cudgeling with another. Trailing youngsters and seniors, hunched like spiders, tore down the aisles formed by rows of parked vehicles, leaping on occupants with total disregard for their own lives, savaging the trucks and jeeps, smashing their windshields, shooting and pummeling the bodies. As horror took the disintegrating ranks, soldiers howling to Allah began dashing through the maze of vehicles in zigzagging spurts that became all-out runs, crowds of kicking and caterwauling Mamusetans hard on their heels.
  • So without thinking - in case he hesitated to the extent of believing that he had a good reason to hesitate - he hooked his left arm around the central pole, and hugged it for dear life as he took his right hand away from the peg and plunged it into his pocket. His fingers found the emberquick without any undue fumbling - for which he was grateful - and once he had it in view, he saw that it was still glowing. With its song already in his head, he brought to mind his first great dream, and did his utmost to ignore everything that was making him afraid. Which was no easy task, considering that just about everything was making him afraid at the moment.
  • He is reconstructed for the other life in exact accordance with the seven principles or souls with which he was constructed in this life.
  • Liz now used the wands for propulsion, trying to get the Mongols away from her wounded bodyguards. There must have been too many to fight back, so she dodged and weaved as much as she could before the enemy cut her legs. She landed hard and, from the sound, probably broke her back. Still, the love of his life did not cry or beg for mercy. She extended blades and fought until overwhelmed. The wands went dark once they cut into her biceps.
  • He thought about what he was thinking earlier and a voice came unbidden into his head: You dont deserve that, you bastard; you dont deserve her in your life at all.
  • A scowling servant served them lunch, and they spent the rest of the day resting as music and laughter wafted up from the streets below. Talsy took advantage of their inactivity and seclusion to ask Chanter about Mujar, but, while he would not impart any further information on that subject, he did speak freely about his life with the hill clan. She found his reticence frustrating, but told herself that he must have his reasons. That, plus the ease with which he was able to save the city, gave her a little insight into the reasons why Truemen hated Mujar. It did seem cruel and unfair to deny aid that was so easily given, but again she rebuked herself. He must have at least one excellent reason, and she was determined to discover what it was. Until then, she decided, she would not judge him.
  • Realization hit her hard. He matched the description of the creatures her parents warned her about. The very same that was told in stories from the frightened people of her lands. Before she could stop herself she smacked the glass out of his hand and it fell into a crash below her feet. She didnt move or flinch from the water that splashed onto her bare leg. Nothing would tear her gaze away from this creaturethis Asimanthat stood before her. No wonder this landscape was bare of any crops to decorate the scenery. Sand and dust covered almost every inch of this city and it had to be them who caused it. The Asiman creatures of her home were blood drinking entities known to suck the life from the land, weaken crops and enter the body of animals to attack humans. Maybe it had entered one of those Werewolf things and had attacked her.
  • "I didnt. I nodded and you took it that way. I just wanted you to have that one time in your life when you felt like you knew something I didnt, thats all." He gave him a toothy smile.
  • "It was my life for many years now. I think it is best for me that way.", Lynne decided. The TARDIS door creaked open and Rose and Mickey came barging in.
  • Sasha attempted to intervene. "Iselin, come on, you saved Legons life there at the end, and if he wouldnt have done what he did you wouldnt have gotten that spectacular kill, and that was all you."
  • Nature the mountain peak stands serene sloping down to valleys where life is teeming.
  • Though Kalinies had spent most of his life staring at books, he was growing weary; and the King was growing impatient. "Nothing?" Idimus asked, a slight sting in his voice.
  • "Mysterious - life first. We channel backwards neveronce releasedreturned spentanew. Black coins tossed into unseen fountainsfalling ever downward. Musethe musicianinspiration unsuspectingmelody of the song. The flames have almost risenfuture lost perspectivehold strong and secure all those things you cherish," Willow used 'theirlanguage and I felt tears fill my eyes.
  • Mirra shivered as the cold mountain wind cut through her coat. Long shadows crept across the land as dusk fell. Soon she would have to return to Bane's tent for the night. Stretching her hands out to the fire, she tried to absorb more heat through her palms. The silence left by the rock howler's visit remained unbroken, the men sunk in private, morose thoughts. She gazed at the flickering flames, remembering her life at the abbey with a smile. A muttered curse from one of the men plucked her from her reverie, and she looked up to find them scrambling away from the fire.
  • Illana was sitting a low cut dress opposite Chainsaw boy and in between Grigor and the Ty-Rap-O-Saurus. She was staring down into the still full tankard, long dark ponytail hanging behind her. She was contemplating the numerous bad choices she'd made in her life up to that point that led to her hanging out in a cramped cabin with a dinosaur, a paraplegic, a psychopath and an undead pirate legend.
  • Prince Andrew rode up to the house. Several limes in the old garden had been cut down and a piebald mare and her foal were wandering in front of the house among the rosebushes. The shutters were all closed, except at one window which was open. A little serf boy, seeing Prince Andrew, ran into the house. Alpatych, having sent his family away, was alone at Bald Hills and was sitting indoors reading the lives of the Saints. On hearing that Prince Andrew had come, he went out with his spectacles on his nose, buttoning his coat, and, hastily stepping up, without a word began weeping and kissing Prince Andrew's knee.
  • Jorden looked to the castle, a structure that towered above. It was as large as a small city, and the two could actually see very little of the complete structure. What they could see was quite enough. Below them was an open court filled with exotic plant life and paths and various ornaments. Beyond that were the shear walls of the castle and the multitude of towers.
  • Globalization process results in a certain degree of impact on the way of life of rural people.
  • There wasnt much in this life she was sure ofat allbut one thing she had no doubts about: one of Mr. Conors own Kumiyaay hated her guts.
  • He might have issued empty threats to my mom constantly, but he had never threatened me without coming through on it. So my life went right back to my gypsy education. I was never permitted to stay home during the day with Ember. I would either go with him and run con jobs or he would send me to school if he was working through the preliminary details before the actual performance. He tried to tell me that I was a distraction during that phase and thats why I had to go to school. But I knew my dad was terrified that I would bolt with Ember if he ever gave me the slightest chance.
  • Lynne was making a cup of tea. She had put the kettle on the stove. She could use a cupper after all the adventure she had just been through. She wasn't used to a life like that anymore since her ship broke down and became stuck in the late twentieth century Cardiff.
  • He lives in aylestone with his wife sue, two cats and an english bull terrier called chester.
  • And to visit as much of the world as possible throughout my life time, meeting many new fiends along the way.
  • This is the perfect place to soak away the stress of urban life or enjoy a frozen margarita at sunset.
  • life is full of funny things.After the exams we all started practise again and finally the day has come.I felt really nervous could i make it?
  • Surprised to discover to what extent underwater life goes on in winter.
  • Of course, few would believe that jesus actually uttered the syllables " i am the resurrection and the life " .
  • "The whole point of this battle was to defend ourselves," he started, "something weve already shown that we are fully capable of doing. A slaughter was never my intent, and I regret the lives already wasted."
  • My feet dangled from my perch at my mothers bed. It had a large canopy with wrought iron metal that twisted into beautiful designs and connected over my head. I had a family photo in one hand and the phone in the other. My life felt torn between who I was and who I was becoming. It literally hurt when I thought about my family back in the States, especially Jenna. At the same time, my heart was still trying to put all the pieces back together after losing the life I never had, the life I had almost returned to. In the photo, Aiden looked so human with Abelie and me in his lava-cracked arms. We looked happy, like a family should. I was young, of course, with long golden curls cascading down my back. There was so much love in their eyes, even in my fathers, which were nothing more than flames.
  • MacIntosh stepped ahead of me and said: "You'll do as you're told, for once in your life, at least. You're fooling with murder and a man is trying to save your life and you're fighting him. Use your head, man. This isn't a country or a people you know. I'll tell you now that Connell knows exactly what he's doing. He wouldn't have the co-operation he's getting if he didn't."
  • At any rate, he was here now, and so was Belinda, entering through the door to the prison and making her way to one of the little bolted-down table and chair arrangements. The visiting room was half-empty, and Belinda was headed for a table in the corner, as far as possible from everyone else. Suits me just fine, Dave thought, but he knew it meant that Belinda was gearing up for a fight. She had never liked to air her dirty laundry in public, and the enforced airing of the trial had only made her more secretive when it came to her private life.
  • He said: "Be seeing you," and went out the door. He walked with a little roll, like a punch-drunk fighter. That birthday was bothering him as much as it was the landlady, and I don't think I ever felt as sorry for a man in my life as I did for him right then.
  • Living a disciplined life himself, he found it difficult to tolerate indiscipline in others.
  • By selling only shearlings, we endeavor to supply livestock which will achieve a long breeding life span.
  • "You had best take wing," commanded the gardener in a no-nonsense baritone. "No good will come of lingering here this day." He nodded earnestly as he whistled his rude and hurried goodbye, indicating to his uninvited guest that she depart at once. "Do not let the man in purple see you when you return, if he still lives to haunt these hills," he whistled. "He may try to catch you, and if he so deigns he will have his hand around you in no time. Youll wish the hawks had you then, I promise that. Go now, and leave the flocks as they are. Their wait will not be long, one way or the other. All scores will be settled before three days are done."
  • "Thank you. Thank you. We all left here 10 years ago eager to conquer the world outside Bailey Woods. What I discovered was that life is Bailey Woods. To be with our friends and family is a gift that is more precious than I can even put into words. Dave reached into his left sock and pulled out an object that he his in the palm of his hand. He looked straight at Sarah, who was standing about 10 feet away. Her knees started to buckle like she was a freshman in her first game. He handed the microphone to Doherty, who followed Dave until he got to Sarah.
  • She is married to the long suffering Mike who lives in Derby, England because he is not crazy (well not much anyway) and they have three girls between them.
  • Del was right. Two months later the boss was shot dead. The lovers planned it, he pulled the trigger and they made love throughout that night. Somebody else took over the company, they ended up being promoted and earning a lot more money. He was ultimately charged with the murder, but the gun was never found and for lack of solid evidence, he was acquitted. They were enjoying each other, their affair was never discovered and life just went on. Their auras were, however dimmer and seemingly clouded. Something had changed, but I didnt understand it like Del.
  • She would not condemn Jocelyn to life--or death--in the Duke's camp. Not while she still held enough breath to say differently. Her own mother, who condemned her to this life of solitude, would not be the one to take her across.
  • Meagher tr, delph lf ( 2001 ) individual flower demography, floral phenology, and life history in silene latifolia.
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