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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • Comment this study makes explicit the decreased life expectancy associated with obesity.
  • " ‘The human bodies in which you lived were infinitely unique. Unique like the irreplaceable notes of a grand symphony. The Symphony of Life. Thus have you lived and breathed to my glory. For you see, Dear Child, not only have you been those unique notes, you have been the page upon which those notes have been written. You have been the golden thread and the unbreakable weave, both. And II have reveled as the Player. For the perfect composition you have given me is as unrepeatable as the discrete and individual lives you have lived. You are their common thread. You have done My Work well. For I am that which I have created. I am you, Beloved One, and you are me. Infinity within infinity.
  • Hating the necessity, he called the Breath from inside himself, unwilling to trust what he would receive from such tainted grounds as the Bone Yard. He felt the pull, the life force building inside of him. With a mental nudge, a thin tendril of Breath surrounded him, forming a small shield around himself so the fog could not touch him. They were too close to the Otherworld for comfort here, but he would not drain more of himself for the horse, nor would he drain the horse for his shield. He did not want to escape this place on foot.
  • Murph - yeah - i dropped in on my old life drawing class a couple years ago, and i felt pretty rusty.
  • If we unite both these kinds of history, as is done by the newest historians, we shall have the history of monarchs and writers, but not the history of the life of the peoples.
  • I shrugged. "My parents didn't really raise us to be religious. I once asked my dad why we didnt go to church, and he said, ‘Just know that there is at least one greater being out there that has a hand in your life. Pray to them however you see fit, thanking them for the good in your life and being honest about the things that are not so good.’ So I'm trying to figure things out for myself right now. Anyway, back to what you were saying... if, say, a dragon flew over our school right now, you'd be totally cool with it?"
  • Like the mortals, the act of taking the life of their own within the Ashen Twilight House was against all laws. Only the patriarchs had that authority and even then it was under special circumstance that required much discussion over lethal offenses. During his years as regent, he had seen many deaths in the years before the houses were united under a common rule. The Nightwalkers, the Lycan pack and the Shifter Elves all had a common threat with the mortals and decided the only way to survive was to band together.
  • "Is it possible that he died in the bitter frame of mind he was then in? Is it possible that the meaning of life was not disclosed to him before he died?" thought Pierre. He recalled Karataev and his death and involuntarily began to compare these two men, so different, and yet so similar in that they had both lived and both died and in the love he felt for both of them.
  • To say that I was bewildered would be illuminating the obvious. I was bordering on overwhelming incredulity. Angels. All my preconceived notions about the mythical creature went up in a puff of smoke. I thought they were fairytales. My mind was in a whirlwind, and I couldnt seem to turn off the insane wind that was causing the uproar. life would be so much easier if some things, including facets of my brain, came with an off button.
  • Swann had approached club members, picking those with limited ties to their present situations. He didn't care whether those weak ties were concrete, like an unsatisfying career, or psychologicaldisillusion with the way life was headed.
  • As Hawksworth watched, he began to sense some alien power growing around him, enveloping him and his despair, just as she had said. Kamala seemed to be gradually merging with an energy far beyond herself, almost as though she had invoked some primal rhythm of life into existence. And as he watched the growing intensity of her dance he began to experience a deep, almost primitive sense of fear, a stark knowledge of life and death beyond words.
  • "Youre welcome," I told her. I was considering some things myself. What had come over me? What was I doing drumming up business at a time like this? It did feel comfortable, right somehow, the same way Id reacted when Id thought about getting an office. Something in me was much happier when I was following what it thought my role in life should be. That didnt necessarily make the rest of me feel better, though. Again it felt as though something was trying to reattach me to a hook that Id somehow been designed to fit. Another side-effect of the Spell of Namelessness? Well, maybe the material in this library would help me find out. "Excuse me?"
  • In living the life of the ultimate irish olympian he has endured every hardship of the system.
  • Sams dating life was just as lame as mine. He was in such a bad stretch that he couldnt even get past the first date. He went out with this one girl who ate her meal, excused herself, and then walked out of the restaurant. When he found out that she was going out with a guy he knew, he became instantly enraged. He had been dated for food by a girl who had a cheap boyfriend that rarely sprung for dinner. Sam had become a dinner date that could only be extended to desert if it had been a low carbohydrate day. The story goes that Sam bumped into this girl and her boyfriend on the corner of 57th and 2nd one early evening and he punched the guy in his neck. The misdirected punch left little more than a scratch but it served noticed to all Jewesses that Sam shouldnt be taken so lightlythey would have to stay for desert and at least offer to split the bill.
  • Showing concern always annoyed him, yet she could not bring herself to pretend to hate him as he seemed to expect. Keeping quiet appeared to be the best solution, then she sometimes escaped his notice for days, and avoided the ordeal of his malicious games. She longed to gain some insight into his life and what had moulded him into what he was, but no one seemed to know much about him, and she dared not question him.
  • "What? Has my life turned into the Discovery Channel?" Shawn said and then plopped his napkin on the table. "I need some air. Thanks for meeting me," Shawn tossed a hundred-dollar bill on the table and said, "Ill pick up some pizza on the way home. Sorry guys, I need some time to think."
  • What is the right response here? I know Max is the only person, the only being I want to share my life with, but no matter how strongly I feel about him, its only been four months. My parents expect a longer courtship, my friends expect a longer courtship, I am too nave to commit to anything, right? But as certain as I am that it hasnt been long enough to formalize any long term plans, I am just as certain that Ill never make plans with anyone but Max.
  • That was the first time I met Mr. C; he was on a break from new teacher training and he came over to the store to get a drink. Little did I know what awaited me a few weeks later when school started? Destiny had a way of setting me up for things before I even knew what was happening. Easy E, Beast, and I talked about getting away with stealing stuff from Mr. Morioto all day. The extra bonus was those last few bars the Candy Man threw into our bounty, making our getaway even sweeter. Little did I know that nothing in life is handed to you for free, because there is always some price to pay down the road. But, for one shining moment, I was enjoying being a kid who could do no wrongor was that do no right?
  • Alana screamed. The Mage Rommus had stabbed in the leg had pulled the knife free while lying there on the ground and stabbed Alana in hers. She screamed again before Rommus could bring the sword down on the man's arm, severing it at the elbow. Another quick swing and the man's neck was open and bleeding out his life onto the street. He cursed himself for killing the man in rage and not interrogating him before he did so. He refocused on Alana, who had fallen to the ground, holding her leg in agony.
  • He was well known as a field botanist but had spent most of his academic life as a physical and industrial chemist.
  • Kenward watched intently as Catrin and the others worked alongside his crew. "I'd like to welcome the new members of the crew. They may not yet know bow from stern, but they work as if their lives depend on it," he said, smiling broadly, and Catrin thought it an odd compliment, but the crew hooted and stomped their feet. Catrin flushed but was glad to have earned their respect. She was also thrilled to see Nat working as part of the crew. Never before had he seemed so happy.
  • Moreover, there is an ethical imperative not to destroy the wonderful diversity of life on earth.
  • 'If I dont find a new artist to spur some life into this gallery soon', Jaxon thought, 'then the gallery is going to fade away into the town just like everything else has.' Pondering what to do and where to find new creative minds, Jaxon entered the gallery to find Stacey behind the counter smiling at her with the a very guilty look.
  • Moving from Brooklyn to Long Island in the early 1960s was no easy chore, but it was a path that most people decided to take. Leaving the crowded nature of the inner city for the open spaces of the new country effectively destroyed the fabric of the nuclear family. Moving from apartment/tenement buildings into houses meant the generational chain had been permanently severed; that children, parents, and grandparents would never live in the same house again as able-bodied contributors. Suburban life meant independence, and independence translated into the detachment of future generations.
  • "Make your mark here," the jailer directed, pointing to a space next to their new set of totally illegible scratchings. Obviously they were used to dealing with common ruffians, Groot thought, as he instead inscribed his signature, complete with his usual intertwined loops and long sashaying underline flourishes. The jailer, a burly man with the troglodytic pallor of someone who has spent his entire working life indoors, gazed intently at the signature, then looked Groot up and down. He began absently licking his chops. "And what standard of accommodations be yer requesting, yer lordship?" he said. "Two, er, three silver ools will get you -"
  • Arthaxiom tried to cut down his opponent, but he couldn't. However he tried, Vannard just wasn't there. Instead he was somewhere else, striking in unexpected ways, never pausing, never hesitating. The paladin could barely keep up, and at the same time he had this gut-wrenching feeling that he was being toyed with. He was an amateur, a talented one mayhaps, who was facing a skilled artist. One who had been practicing all his life.
  • Import stood close to Louie and had the ring ready for the right moment. The ring originally belonged to Louies mother whom he loved dearly. Something sad had happened in Louies life that he never talked about; his mother was no longer alive.
  • "Don't do this to me, Leo," Myranda said, almost pleading. "My life has been so empty. So uncertain. You know everything about me. The fate of my home town. The fate of my family."
  • To tell in detail of the next few days would be boresome to any who have not tasted the dire slavery of dope. I waited for the craving to strike me again--waited with sure sardonic hopelessness. All day, all night--another day--then the miracle was forced upon my doubting brain. Contrary to all theories and supposed facts of science and common sense the craving had left me as suddenly and completely as a bad dream! At first I could not credit my senses but believed myself to be still in the grip of a dope nightstallion. But it was true. From the time I quaffed the goblet in the room of mystery, I felt not the slightest desire for the stuff which had been life itself to me. This, I felt vaguely, was somehow unholy and certainly opposed to all rules of nature. If the dread being behind the screen had discovered the secret of breaking hashish's terrible power, what other monstrous secrets had she discovered and what unthinkable dominance was hers? The suggestion of evil crawled serpent-like through my mind.
  • These punks would have been out of my life already if they hadnt decided to stiff me. What was the deal with that? The truck broke down. It was not my fault. Not like I had missed some scheduled maintenance for radiator hoses.
  • "Really? Ive never been. There are some places to ski on the east coast, but Ive never had the opportunity to go. My brother lives in Colorado and invites me up every winter. My sister-in-law and their kids come with us. Theyre young, but theyre very enthusiastic about skiing. Its a joy to teach them some of my totally awesome tricks."
  • Mindy continued, "Let me make this clear. You will never get another red cent from me. There will be no allowance and you will get a split of the assets from the time we separated six months ago. You will sell the house and we will split any remaining monies after realtor fees. If you choose to not sign off on my terms today than I will make your life a living hell. I will recollect all the money you took out of my banking account and make this process drag on for years until the legal fees leave you bankrupt. Finally, if you want to play hardball then I will not only make you sell that boat and take half, I will also have your all of your tax returns audited until you die."
  • What had started as a duo between Barbara and Holly prior to Manhattan life had become a trio, and sometimes a foursome, depending on Kens dating status.
  • The paper appeared like any other legal document complete with an X signature line on his birth date; July 20, 1420. Jace dreamed of this moment since the days after the war with Vlad the Impaler. He didnt grasp the beauty of being a Nightwalker until then and ever since that time, he partied like a man on his last night of bachelorhood. He had suffered too many losses for too long and it was time he focused on something else. Revelry seemed like an advantage in the act of crossing over into an immortal. Jace felt it was the most fitting, and as it turned out, the most rewarding. The signature should have been easy for him now that he had the chance for an escape. Though now the idea of his lavish lifestyle, his access to the finer things in life and the status of the Archane name was all too enticing to let go.
  • So he thought of other things. First thing that came to mind was Ida. Her predictions had all held true to the end. Everyone had their doubts about her, but she was leading them all by the strings since the very beginning. Peter thought of Milo and how much he was going to miss the old brute. Peters life was going to be a small one, but Milo was a large part of it. He could only hope that Milo made it out of the palace alive and was already on his way back to Lincoln. He had to bewho else could he trust to look after Isabella?
  • What happened next change the course of my life foreverSummer came in the room wearing the most breathable of fabrics. It wasnt about high-heeled, fuck-me pumps for meshe walked in barefoot with a pair of sheer, thigh-high stockings, black see-through panties, and a sheer black robe. The robe was open and the fabric extended near her wrists. Most of her chest was visible, except for the sheer fabric that covered her hard nipples. Im getting hard again just thinking about it.
  • He remembered the route to Jinnys house like his life depended on it, and managed to pull up at her house in an unofficial Sunrise Highway record of 17 minutes. He figured that it would be worth it to take the chance of being pulled over for speeding, because exceeding to 20-minute mark was not an acceptable outcome.
  • "I have neither taste nor smell," he remarked, sniffing at his glass. "This cold is tiresome. They talk about medicine--what is the good of medicine when it can't cure a cold! Corvisart gave me these lozenges but they don't help at all. What can doctors cure? One can't cure anything. Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyze it by encumbering it with remedies. Our body is like a perfect watch that should go for a certain time; watchmaker cannot open it, he can only adjust it by fumbling, and that blindfold.... Yes, our body is just a machine for living, that is all."
  • Night fell in shades outside the windows, sodium streetlights fizzing into life in an attempt to halt its progress.
  • "Oh, yes. Calypso. No worries there. Cally is as easygoing as you please. Lighthearted, clever, funny. You'll love her. Her only fault may be that she can be a bit too playful sometimes. She lives down at the lake," he said.
  • "As your captain stated," Lief answered, "I have been in Connel. The serp appears to want to hold the city for his own gain. He has used the goblins not to kill the inhabitants but to control them. He has herded them into Connels center. Bloat spiders encircle the city at its very edges. They have spun vast webs to block access to the city. Those few roads that are clear are guarded carefully. I have heard his orders as they were delivered to the people that live there. They are to toil for the serps behalf. For the most part, they will be allowed to resume their daily lives, as long as what they do serves the better good of Sazar. Just call them slaves."
  • The armor shod boots of her captors fall balefully in the empty hall, devoid of life this once bustling place has become. Her mind wanders to a different time, years ago. A birthday festival for her father, in which the entire kingdom celebrated, coming and going through the castle just as if it was a familial home for all. That was the very same year that she gave her father a shield as a present. The very same shield that saved his life and was destroyed for it in Judeheim.
  • In films, she was mainly a character actress and in later life often portrayed mature ladies who had strength of character or were autocratic. In 1938, she was featured opposite Robert Donat and Rosalind Russell in The Citadel. The sole film in which she played the leading role was Mrs Pym of Scotland Yard in 1939. She appeared in two of the British-made Alfred Hitchcock filmsYoung and Innocent and The Lady Vanishes, playing vastly different characters. She played the part of Linda Singer in two different versions of The Constant Nymph and had previously been in the stage version. In 1956, she was in several TV episodes in British television.
  • "Yes, you said yourself, you have Witch magic that you dont understand and we have all seen you channel Gabriels power. Thats pretty spectacular, but I dont think it would have been in the least bit possible if we hadnt already been bound. I felt it when you drew his power into you. I felt you release power when I kissed you earlier. The others obviously felt that power. Im sure the others felt the channeling and Im sure the others have had the same thoughts as me. Until the Maturing ends, let them think they have only one target. You say you have wrapped our fates with yours, but during the Maturing, it is possible that our immortality may be a huge asset to you. I believe it will make your mortality a little less mortal, so to speak. No, you wont be able to sustain the damage you sustained before the Maturing or after it, but you will be able to handle more than the average Maturing Demon because you can pull energy from us when you need it. Im sure that energy extends to our life force."
  • "Ten percent above, that's it. We avoid attracting the law." Dimarico said. "And my boy, as you call him, has spent half his life in your outfit."
  • Henry ate lunch with Rob and a few other people that sat out their table. Manhattan life had its own cafeteria on the second floor of the 44-floor building. The group was told to report back to the 24th floor after lunch, where the receptionist would guide them to a nearby conference room.
  • "She must find her limits and push far beyond them. The need must be great and the situation dire. She must do that which she believes she cannot. Sufficient would be a direct threat to her life or that of a loved one."
  • Ariyas mind continued to race as her mother pulled her toward the castle. She hoped to find an answer to these deaths soon before the invisible creature struck again. She didnt quite know what the creature was or its origins. Stories of the ghoulish Asiman creatures that Ariya had heard as a child began to resurface among the villagers since Rheas death. It couldnt have been that, though. The crops were still intact and only her family members had been victims. It was as if this attack was deliberate, slowly consuming the life and power of each family member one by one. Her parents late night whispers about the creature didnt help much as they speculated on its origins. Perhaps it was time to inquire more about this strange creature.
  • The crowd roared, the priests raised their lit candles. Esmerelda could hear them muttering unintelligible prayers as they circled the mound. Cudgel Thecker opened his box and extracted several small vials. He shook them: liquids. The roaring ebbed. The muttered prayers grew louder. The priests stopped circling. Cudgel Thecker unplugged the vials and poured their contents onto the foot of the mound. The priests knelt, finishing their prayers in unison: "Forever and ever, life everafter." Gremiushis arm outstretched, Witchkiller suspended in the airslashed symbolically at the burning spike; the priests touched their flames to the mound; Cudgel Thecker backed away; the wood kindled, smoke puffed, heat breathed.
  • "You are the best damn son I could ever have asked for. I can't imagine a better life than the one you and your mother gave me."
  • As someone has said: " this is a plain biblical warrant for a life assurance policy.
  • She wouldnt admit that she had made disparaging comments about Mickey; those remarks were now buried as deep as piratestreasure. Sam knew, deep down, that the reason Sasha was interested in Mickey was because of his apartment. It was the same reason why women had not flocked to his side, because renting at some point wasnt tempting to city women. It was accepted in the 20s, barely tolerated in the 30s, and purely rejected in the 40s. life was starting to pass Sam by and he knew it.
  • The cords in my neck stood out as I tried to scream. I arched my back and flung my arms out wide as I was pulled up onto my toes and stretched almost to the breaking point. I felt the agony of Alisons loss as if it had just happened, as if I stood on the curb and watched as her car wrapped itself around the telephone pole. Ecstasy wrapped itself about anguish as I saw my mom, sneaking into my room at night when she thought I was asleep to kiss me goodnight. Then misery again as she accepted the folded flag at my dads funeral. Elation when Michelle Sands agreed to go to the senior prom with me; grief as my grandfather lay wasting away in his sickbed. One by one the best and worst moments of my life engulfed my spirit, tearing at my soul so that the old wounds bled freely, then cleansing and healing my battered psyche.
  • "Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades, that all the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings? Only get rid of Man, and the produce of our labour would be our own. A1most overnight we could become rich and free. What then must we do? Why, work night and day, body and soul, for the overthrow of the human race! That is my message to you, comrades: Rebellion! I do not know when that Rebellion will come, it might be in a week or in a hundred years, but I know, as surely as I see this straw beneath my feet, that sooner or later justice will be done. Fix your eyes on that, comrades, throughout the short remainder of your lives! And above all, pass on this message of mine to those who come after you, so that future generations shall carry on the struggle until it is victorious.
  • Life has a most important nature and significant function, but since it has been discussed in detail in the Window on life [the Twenty-Third Window] and in the Eighth Phrase of the Twentieth Letter, we refer you to those, and here only make the following reminder.
  • 'Detective, you are under some impression that the deaths are anything but accidents, or as a result of the lives these people led. I am unable to empathise with you as I honestly do not see how these deaths could have been prevented. At least without a little prior common sense, stable mental condition or better choice of associates.'
  • These attacks led the U.S., Britain, China, Australia and several other states to formally declare war on Japan, whereas the Soviet Union, being heavily involved in large scale hostilities with European Axis countries, preferred to maintain a neutrality agreement with Japan. Germany and the Axis states responded by declaring war on the United States. In January, the United States, Britain, Soviet Union, China, and 22 smaller or exiled governments issued the Declaration by United Nations, thereby affirming the Atlantic Charter, and taking an obligation not to sign separate peace with the Axis powers. From 1941, Stalin persistently asked Churchill, and then Roosevelt, to open a 'second front' in France. The Eastern front became the major theatre of war in Europe and the many millions of Soviet casualties dwarfed the few hundred thousand of the Western Allies; Churchill and Roosevelt said they needed more preparation time, leading to claims they stalled to save Western lives at the expense of Soviet lives.
  • The more that Trevor thought about his life, the more perfect it seemed to be. Every detail of his life was comfortable and warm to him now, like a fire place on a cold dayand at that moment, Trevor would've given anything to be back inside The Emporium. He'd even leave Coriath and Erling and Lieutenant Goloth.
  • Continuance of the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, or would adversely affect her mental or physical health.
  • For two or three pounds sterling you will have great fun, a sort of real life dodgems.
  • Rian didn't need any help defending himself. His eyes flashed with something akin to hate, and his hands balled at his sides. "Some of us were given more difficult tasks than being bearers of ill-will, Guile. If I only had to stand in a room and breathe to accomplish my goal, I daresay my life would be much easier."
  • Resigned, he lowered his eyes, wiping the tears away with a frozen glove. He coaxed the log's fading life to smooth and shape underneath him, molding it into an almost comfortable seat. It would be the first of many long nights, he was afraid.
  • Drew bounded off as a pit bull and then a huge fight ensued on the front lawn of the Brewster's house. Drew changed into a ram and speared Daniel, while Hartwell let Emily end one of his lives to save his then-mortal son.
  • "No, they will all be here, but this will not cause a re-unification. It's only temporary. It will not end the true separation. It will only serve as a reminder for the humans that other races exist. However this turns out, the races will again go their separate ways." Stephen noted the probing eyes of the elder elf. He continued with his explanation as clearly as possible. "I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if I know this, then why can't I see the conclusion of your plans. I told you before I don't know how this will end, and that's true. It's because for the first time in my life I see two possible outcomes. That has never happened before. Either the sphere will be destroyed or it shall remain intact to destroy everything in the land. But whichever happens, I know the races will again divide. They will either separate in fear of the sphere, or they will return to their previous lives."
  • The West Bank economy has grown some 40 percent since the end of the Second Intifada. Nowhere is that more visible than in Abbas's administrative capital, Ramallah. Gleaming stone and glass buildings have shot up, foreign aid has poured in and the quality of life is as good as in some European cities.
  • Micromanageme government that talks about choice in education wants to deny it in public life by micromanaging behavior.
  • I wasn't alone in my life split, either. In fact, Lou lived a similar existence, and that's why he was able to be such a successful leader. The morning I left for the SVP retreat, we had the following conversation:
  • John matthews shows you how to use these archetypes of the shamanic tradition to relate to your life today.
  • It was far from acceptable for two people from opponents at combat to become companions. It was expected by all (or nearly so) that when a Hamlet Person met one of The People from Abroad, they would engage in combat and seek to destroy the life of the other until fruition of one; and that, without regard to their age or their gender.
  • The next day, Bane rested, stretched out on his bed with an arm over his eyes. Mirra sat with him, lost in a daydream of the peaceful life she longed for. From his even breaths, she thought him asleep, so she was surprised when he spoke, and looked up to find him studying her with bloodshot eyes set in an unnaturally pale face.
  • As of 2009, the average life expectancy in Russia was 62.77 years for males and 74.67 years for females. The biggest factor contributing to the relatively low male life expectancy for males is a high mortality rate among working-age males from preventable causes (e.g., alcohol poisoning, smoking, traffic accidents, violent crime). As a result of the large gender difference in life expectancy and because of the lasting effect of high casualties in World War II, the gender imbalance remains to this day and there are 0.859 males to every female.
  • "Your life? Good heavens! what a life that is! You have gone from corruption to corruption, and now you have culminated in crime. In doing what I am going to do--what you force me to do-- it is not of your life that I am thinking."
  • Lithium ion battery life around 30 seconds of talktime, or 3 minutes on standby.
  • To such an extent had Natasha let herself go that the way she dressed and did her hair, her ill-chosen words, and her jealousy- she was jealous of Sonya, of the governess, and of every woman, pretty or plain--were habitual subjects of jest to those about her. The general opinion was that Pierre was under his wife's thumb, which was really true. From the very first days of their married life Natasha had announced her demands. Pierre was greatly surprised by his wife's view, to him a perfectly novel one, that every moment of his life belonged to her and to the family. His wife's demands astonished him, but they also flattered him, and he submitted to them.
  • "Yes," the woman replied. "The time will come when we tell my friends about youno, I should say our friends and not just mine. For now, avoid going near any of them for their own protection, but in a crisis any of them would give their own lives to defend us."
  • The brainstorming session on the YÖK bill offers us a mind-blowing landscape. The Zaman daily will share the results of this important meeting that assessed a crucial topic in the context of dynamics of change. The minutes of the meetings, titled "As the YÖK law is being amended, how should we reorganize our universities?" will be published as a book and sent to all the parties concerned. To ponder on and discuss the YÖK bill means not only discussing the future of our universities, but also putting the spotlight on the future of science, art and intellectual life in our country. I hope these common wisdom meetings will be another quest for reflection.
  • "Why not wash? That is not cleanly," said Prince Andrew; "on the contrary one must try to make one's life as pleasant as possible. I'm alive, that is not my fault, so I must live out my life as best I can without hurting others."
  • Lib was quiet for a minute before responding. "When Im not with you, I usually go back to my church and observe the kids who have grown up and how theyre coping. Well, life certainly is going on well without me, but when I see them suffering from loss, anger, a broken heart or some addiction, I want to reach out and comfort them. Thats what I miss and I think about it more than Ive let on. I wonder if these feelings will hasten our being sent back?"
  • "Mugwort," Ember replied. She was especially proud of her knowledge of the plant life in the forest. She had studied with an old botanist, one of their own kind, for years, a sixty-four year old named Elwin who'd been blessed with a photographic memory to go along with his years in academia researching nature. It was thanks to him, and him alone, that the Canopus dwellers did not have to go around making up new names for everything in their world. They had no books, and no hope of ever having any. Their collective memories would have to suffice.
  • The Skipper watched the butty and Noss tie each others life preservers on. "Is studying at the academy his idea too?"
  • But, what then seemed to be a nearly perfect life had a more sinister undercurrent.
  • As with Mr. Barrymore before him, the fairies most likely called upon Dimitri. In repaying their kindness, Dimitri became a part of the fairy world, which exists outside of our own time. Of course history would record neither the life nor death of a man named Dimitri. Yet, if one were to encounter a child or adult by this name, they might be brought to pause in consideration: could this be the same Dimitri who was enslaved by pirates, freed by fairies, aided by a man named Barrymore, and who now may be moving backwards and forwards through time as the world of fairies is want to do?
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  • Aiden glanced up and down the tunnel, thankful that it was still devoid of any life other than himself. Given the poor conditions, he surmised that only the unluckiest men were pressed into guard duty at night, while the rest of them slept within the warmer confines of the cave. With no further distractions, Aiden took a deep breath and read out the first incantation, the words sounding strange and exotic, but infused with an essence that was difficult to describe, let alone understand.
  • Lowery was never hard for Ellison to find because, for as long as their vampire-protector status stayed intact, the bond between them would remain strong. Ellison focused in on Lowery and located him in a shady spot in the pool area, just about the same spot he was in when Ellison went to fight the night before. Lowery, for his part, wasnt moving much these days but he did know the exact moment that Ellisons life ceased to exist during the fight. This momentary concern, however, evolved into a smile when he discovered that Hartwell had also exhausted another one of his lives.
  • It was in the darkness that he sat, and in the darkness that he livedfor only there could he find peace. A morbid, shrouded world of his own creation was the only place where he would not fear the unknown: the brutality of chances. For three hundred years he had struggled and fought to rob the world of everything. He had stifled and suppressed the people, ripped their knowledge away from them and even rewrote their history; all to bury the one thing that could tear him from the throne he obsessed over: hope. For in hope, the people may realize they lay under a tyrant's boot. They may discover that his grip was wrapped around the throat of each and every one of them, draining them of breath and strangling their life. They may discover the desire to fight back. As of yet, they never did. They simply bent to his will as he had ordered them to, and they followedalmost willingly. Their determination was gone. The people were never eager to fight for a better life because he'd fought so hard to make them forget it was possible.
  • I guess when you live your life with the constant threat of being devoured by the forces of darkness, you get your kicks where you can.
  • Yes, surely it is easy to raise men to life for the Creative Power which, within a few days, demonstrates examples of three hundred thousand resurrections in the raising to life of the earth.
  • Ngg wa Thiong'o is one of the best known writers of Kenya. His book, Weep Not, Child, is an illustration of life in Kenya during the British occupation. This is a story about the effects of the Mau Mau on the lives of Kenyans. Its combination of themescolonialism, education, and lovehelped to make it one of the best-known novels in Africa.
  • He lost hope. Despair ran rampant through his mind as he pictured his futurea future without her, where Jeralyle had her instead. It was almost enough to make even his dark soul weep. With a hard breath, he closed off his vision and turned towards the sky. He opened it again, finding the heavy, out-stretched branches of the tree. Faith rang anew. He had a plan, and it lay on the thick limb that stretched over Jeralyle's head. If it were to fall, which Carsis would assure, it may or may not kill the Mage. But like he did with the bar, he found his scapegoatsomething to take the blame for his horrid act. Carsis would end Jer's life long before he climbed the tree and broke the branch to send it spiraling down onto the Mage's body.
  • Seth was right: no one noticed my arrival or departure. I phoned my house when we were a few blocks away so my parents wouldnt be worried about me. It was a thirty minute drive to the club, and the awkward silence I was expecting never materialized. Seth had accepted a job in North Carolina at some sort of ranch. We would graduate in a few weeks, and the day after his diploma was in hand he intended to be gone. I couldnt help but feel responsible for his desire to leave so quickly, but he never openly admitted it. He just told me about his plans and never once brought up the fact that we would be separated physically for the first time in our lives in just a couple weeks.
  • "I wanted to wait until dark, but you won't let me meditate, even though you know that the more I slow my breathing, the higher I can fly, and therefore the faster and longer. I can get there early to find the enemy vanguard, slow their advance, and piss them off so they don't think clearly. But not with you filling my head with your fears. You want me with you, but you drive me away. I am what I do. I will spend the rest of my life killing Mongols -- as many as I can, as quickly as I can, for as long as I can. If you help me, then we can be together. If not, not. But right now you are costing me my edge. I need peace of mind in order to do what I do, so you are jeopardizing my survival."
  • "But she was an angel," he said. "Angels never die. And so the human soul that was supposed to end when her human life ended carried on, attached as it was to her angelness. And because of the absolute purity of that human soul, the purity she had given it during its life, the hosts of heaven mistook it as a brand new one, and put it back in line, to be assigned anew to another baby girl. The angel couldnt be heard; she was yelling, ‘Wait! Im an angel! Im trapped in here, in a human soul! This soul has already lived! Wait!’ But it was too late: the next thing she knew, she was being born again. And then the slap on her new pink bottomand again she forgot everything. The new girl grew up, beautiful and virtuous and beloved; she married; she bore children; she grew old; and then she too died. And again, because of that human souls outstanding puritya soul that was in fact angelic, not humanit was mistaken for new and put into line waiting to be assigned to a newborn little girl.
  • "Please?" Summer almost cries. She learned how to manipulate her mum at a young age, and polite manners always make Mindy crumple. Even today, when they are running for their lives, the added "please" breaks her.
  • Hours pass while he fights his way through the ever thickening growth. The trees and plant life grow more aged the farther he goes, yet in defiance of this they are exceedingly alive and show no signs of rot or disease as most old greenery does. He becomes tempted to use his sword to cut through the low hanging boughs, but the idea of causing damage to things which have lived for a hundred lifetimes of men seems wrong. Criminal even.
  • The same could not be said of my life up north at the weekend house. I was much more relaxed and had as many as two or three partners per year, although there were a many repeat customers such as Kathy Delancey. The vacation house was not a reality-based existence - making a commitment in a utopia such as that would be like being dropped on the top of Mount Everest and feeling a real sense of accomplishment.
  • "I figure youll tell me when youre ready. I say we try and get some food first." The truth was, Suzana didnt even really care why at this point. She knew that he wouldnt have done this without some purpose. Every other time shed been injured or tortured had been for no particular reason, or the greed and hatred of others. In her mind, she owed her life to Rakuen, and this was a small price to pay to be near him again.
  • Johan ignored the slop that coated the cobblestone roads. He needed to see his men. He needed to get them functioning together as quickly as possible. He chewed over various techniques he had used in the past to bring the men together, throwing out more than he kept. He mused over what mysterious force could bring men together from all corners of the land, and form them into one tight-knit fighting unit, all willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs. He had no answers, but somewhere in that line of questioning he knew lie the answer to bring these men together faster and stronger than before.
  • They made way to our young and trampled them over as meager rubble. They bound them with chains, and struck each with whips, for a time. Their men took our damsels and debutantes to pleasure. They set our pubescent males and our younger lads to their knees and required them to walk as the four-footed beast. They stripped us of our garments, and made us to carry those things which they had taken from us upon our own backs. Our mas and greatmothers were pelted with rocks. Our pas and greatfathers were slaughtered with weapons that they themselves had carved with the tusk of the boar. They mocked our expectant ones; some - even pulling life from their wombs. The least of us who remained would also not have escaped, but for the blazes set to our castles turning back on many of them which had kindled them.
  • Breandan's reluctance to go to the Grove made sense now, as did the fairies' reaction to news that we were bonded. The fairy Priestesses were usually the life mates of the fairy-lords. Lochlann was trying to overthrow Devlin, who definitely needed overthrowing, and that would make him High Lord of all fairykind. The Priestess kept the spiritual balance and the High Lord kept physical order. Breandan had not wanted to see me, because he knew he would be stealing his brother's future mate. Yet, he could not help but seek me out, knowing that the white witch had seen we were to be together.
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