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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • In a somewhat hallucinatory state she talks with her babies about their future life together.
  • Varan said, "You grasp a little of what I am speaking of. Imagine each person in this room carrying secrets within themselves like yours. life is an abominable burden. People would rather someone else carry their rood for them than walk with their eyes open."
  • My story is about as unique as breathing in BlueWorld. We all have gone through some terrible, life-confidence eroding times. But life is series of forks in the road that make us decide between right and left, good and bad. While it was horrible that Nina died tragically - not that there is any other way to die - the positive impact that she had on my life and my heart was well worth the ache.
  • Against stacked odds, however, one aspect of new orleans life is being kept alive.
  • But can he leave behind his life of crime, or will he be sucked back into the corrupting parisian underworld?
  • It is not a secret, even to the Islamists, that there is no possibility of an Iranian-style "hard ideological state" in the Middle East. But a "soft ideological state" that regulates social and cultural space in accordance with an Islamic-conservative way of life through "democratic mechanisms" is possible. And this is the question we have to tackle.
  • The more she used her new life sense, the easier and more natural it became. She found that, after a while, she could sense it without focusing on it, though it was most intense when she concentrated, just as she could hear without consciously listening.
  • She looked around at her extended family and thought, "Everyone knows that if the head of the household isnt happy, then nobody is happy." And then she combined her personal meaning for life and her aforementioned brain blast to form a reply, "HAPPY VJJ, HAPPY FAMILY!"
  • Please do not think all people in ulster are such lowlifes, we try to live as normal lives as possible.
  • She asked if I had questions other than the ones she had read in my head. I asked about all the new families this would create for me, and how overwhelming it would be for me to see more loved ones die over and over again! "Sure you did bring this upon yourself, but I am not a cruel goddess." Bast said, "You will not produce any offspring or become attached to any other cats in the process of your tasks. As for your birth, your mother in all new lives will be me. I will impart to you, as you wean, all matters of the time in which you are born."
  • Now Edward laughed. "Whose men are dying at his feet? Whose own life hangs in the balance? I assure you it isnt mine. The moment you die, all Wales will fall to me."
  • 'Fiddle-de-dee. I can already tell she's talking nonsense. What can possibly threaten all life that we would not already know about?' argued Im.
  • I kept to the inside of Johnas cottage, avoiding the outside world. Mark told Johna the troops were still under orders to watch for me and while they didnt advertise it, they were all anxious to catch me. My master grew angrier by the day, though recently there had been rumors of a mistress. I hoped this new woman would take his mind off of me. Once he stopped caring about me, I might be able to live a real life.
  • "No offense taken," Jack says, standing beside Emma, a hand in hers. "Honestly, I am just happy to be here with Emma. I do not care if my father rots forever in his little dream world. I am thankful to you, James, for giving me the opportunity to also save my brother. I find comfort in knowing that at least one member of my family lives on."
  • A few moments later, Meghan was pulled out of my arms. I couldnt do anything to protect her with the pain shooting wildly through my body like this. I heard the familiar crunching and crushing of marbled bone. Her short life had come to an end too soon. It was a senseless destruction which I couldnt bear.
  • Amanda closed her eyes, lying back on the bed. She felt weary, but couldn't stop the flicker of images cascading through her mind. She thought on how the men could be connected in death as closely as they were connected in life.
  • In any civil engineering hydraulics projects, water represents a constraint, a risk on the life cycle of the infrastructure.
  • There was the madness of pride in every word he uttered. He stamped his foot upon the ground in his boyish insolent manner. He felt a terrible joy at the thought that some one else was to share his secret, and that the man who had painted the portrait that was the origin of all his shame was to be burdened for the rest of his life with the hideous memory of what he had done.
  • I didnt understand how Thellium could be so cavalier about our lives. My life mattered to me. For all of her flaws, Kirstens life mattered to me. What was wrong with him?
  • Talk about the cycle of new life and how the leaves turn golden in autumn time before falling from the trees.
  • The life expectancy of donkeys is low with only 11 % of donkeys sampled being over the age of 15 years.
  • "It was not Bran who called you here Iyash," said Arwan. "We wanted to offer you a second chance to continue the work you have been doing. The Lyrian delegation has been very impressed with your efforts to raise the vibration of your fellow primates and sustain the high frequency of your work. We understand it has been very difficult over the last five hundred years for many of the peoples of Earth. There has been a dark energy, a shadow of greed and fear. This low vibration has spread like a disease throughout earth-consciousness, and has caused great illness and suffering for many. Too many of the ceremonies, and ways of life that were a celebration of this high vibration have been forgotten, lost, or disregarded. People like you, however, have been working hard to continue these ceremonies, to recognize their importance in sustaining these high vibrational frequencies."
  • He can make over the whole capital of his life to the Hereafter in this way.
  • One head perked up ever so slightly as if the man might say something. Had he been able to develop a coherent thought, he might have argued that the women in this neighborhood used worse language than any hard-drinking working man, and children rarely came to Drunken Scum Street. Well, maybe it was a little more than rarely, but still. Okay, sometimes kids came to buy beer or smoke-weed for lazy parents or for themselves to use or trade, but those children were already so corrupted by woeful home lives that a few rude words in the air would hardly affect them. Or at least the drunk could have argued in that manner.
  • "He bailed me up in a corridor and confessed that he was hopelessly in love with Adrienne and he didnt think he could live without her. He wanted my advice on whether he should break the engagement and slink back to Toqueia or marry Adelais and live out his life in wretched misery."
  • Fear pressed on my mind and made it hard to think, made it hard to remember he was here to talk, not hurt me. This demon, this vampire, who right now thirsted for my blood, wanted to talk. I'd left him here for half the night, hungry. He'd just sucked the life out of a Cleric, but it didn't seem to have been enough. She had been a small thing. But if I attacked it would be fatal, for he would succumb to his baser instinct.
  • The lecture continued as I sternly told her that she is never allowed to go anywhere near the car without a licensed driver knowing it. Then, I remembered that Greg has his. I prepared to tell her that there are only four people in HER life that counted as licensed drivers.
  • Roses eyes watered and Petra took her sisters face in her hands. "Honey, I think youre right about Mom and Dad. They wanted us to move on with life because they knew it might not be all that long."
  • And to love and preserve life as most precious wealth and capital that will gain eternal life, and a comprehensive treasury yielding eternal perfections which Almighty God has given to you and to all humanity, and to employ it in His service, is, once again, in one respect, love that pertains to the True Object of Worship.
  • History, that is, the unconscious, general, hive life of mankind, uses every moment of the life of kings as a tool for its own purposes.
  • I snorted at the stupid idea of him giving his life for mine. As if I could live without him after he'd gone and made me all devoted and loyal. We would leave together or not at all. I was ready to die here, with him. They would have to kill me, for I would never stop trying to kill them if Breandan died.
  • "One of the disadvantages of levelling is self-incrimination," said Guy delicately. "Hence the Fifth Amendment to your Constitution. If I tell you things, you tell Inspector What's-his-name and he tells some Interpol mate at New Scotland Yard, and so on. I don't think we've actually broken the law, but if we haven't been as forthcoming as we might, certain British cops could get peevish and make life difficult for us to show us who's boss."
  • Ten years had made a huge difference in Daves life and thoughts. No longer was he the single-minded, tunnel vision hoops junkie. While basketball was still a big part of his life, images of Sarah floated through his mind as he tried to get some space from Booth by rubbing him against the Herculean frame of Tony D.
  • "Dont we find our strength from the people we love?" she asked, looking up at him, her eyes imploring. "If were alone, what is the point in having strength for ourselves? If our lives are devoid of love, whats the point in continuing on?"
  • She turns off the main road and is halfway down the hill to the river when she suddenly wonders where her radio is. Oh God, not again, she thinks. She slows down and pulls over carefully onto the ragged grass on the side of the road. Her radio is supposed to be safely rolled up in her towel, on the seat beside her, but she cant remember actually putting it there. She quickly unwraps the towel and is relieved to find her precious radio tucked away inside it. ‘Thank God for that,’ she says, out loud. She wonders if shes going to spend the rest of her life worrying that shes left something on the roof of a car.
  • She hurt from his very touch, from that strong body holding her close. How often she had wanted to be gathered again in his arms, to be kissed and touched by him. Nevertheless, this moment was painful. Kate realized her life would change again. She knew herself well enough to admit that she would not deny any child whatever she could provide. She acknowledged too, that because it was Damiens, she would love it, as he had shown her that she was all too susceptible to it.
  • Impatience and dread tugged at him. He could do nothing until someone made a move and by then it might be too late. life had a way of dropping a struggle on you from nowhere. Perhaps his magic sight would give him a warning. Or it might give him all the more time to see and fear the inevitable.
  • "Don't do this to me, Leo," Myranda said, almost pleading. "My life has been so empty. So uncertain. You know everything about me. The fate of my home town. The fate of my family."
  • The top forecasters for the euro zone were, for the second consecutive year, Andreas Scheuerle and Peter Leonhardt at Frankfurt-based DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale. For China, the top forecaster was Song Yu of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) For Canada, it was Avery Shenfeld of Toronto-based Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. And for Japan, it was Chief Economist Hideo Kumano of Tokyo-based Dai-Ichi life Research Institute.
  • My life had come full circle from my early childhood experiences with the gay bully, to letting my heart open up to Nina - to losing her tragically - to hooking up with Lou after not seeing him since we were kids - to experiencing professional success - to allowing myself to love again - to achieving the kind of balance in my life that I had always dreamed of.
  • Lunch finished, he travelled on. The light of the Smug slowly decreased until the Mist became dark and it was impossible to see. When this happened Ambrosius lay down without attempting to make a shelter and shivered into a fretful sleep that was haunted by his dead past life in the treetops. When he woke up he felt more tired than ever, but he forced himself to walk on once more. Late in the afternoon he came to another patch of Hooktrees. They came as quite a surprise, looming out of the mist as they did, all but their great buttresses invisible in the fug.
  • Malawi has a low life expectancy and high infant mortality. There is a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, which is a drain on the labor force and government expenditures. There is a diverse population of native peoples, Asians and Europeans, with several languages spoken and an array of religious beliefs. Although there was tribal conflict in the past, by 2008 it had diminished considerably and the concept of a Malawian nationality had begun to form. Malawi has a culture combining native and colonial aspects, including sports, art, dance and music.
  • Her own room stripped; her personal things stolen! Somehow this empty, echoing chamber hit her as no other room had done. The high walls and locked door of the palace marooned her as thoroughly as any desert island. She was cut off from everyone, everywhere, everything; condemned to solitary confinement for life.
  • It would be needless to give particulars concerning the life and work of so eminent a contemporary.
  • "A return to normalcy" (i.e. a return to the way of life before World War I) was United States presidential candidate Warren G. Hardings campaign promise in the election of 1920. Although detractors believed that the word was a neologism as well as a malapropism coined by Harding (as opposed to the more accepted term normality), there was contemporary discussion and evidence found that normalcy had been listed in dictionaries as far back as 1857.
  • "You can get to know something, you can ask for something. See how I managed from my first promotion." (Berg measured his life not by years but by promotions.) "My comrades are still nobodies, while I am only waiting for a vacancy to command a regiment, and have the happiness to be your husband." (He rose and kissed Vera's hand, and on the way to her straightened out a turned-up corner of the carpet.) "And how have I obtained all this? Chiefly by knowing how to choose my aquaintances. It goes without saying that one must be conscientious and methodical."
  • "I tanned the skins myself," Taf said with obvious pride. "Burgo Kaeina taught me how many cycles ago, but some of the powders are difficult to find anywhere but the warehouses of Saljid, and the spotted rat only lives on the Castle Isles, so it takes a long time to make a rug so big."
  • Talk about coming out of my shell via a nuclear blast! Students I have never met before spoke to me like they had known me forever. It felt like everyone on campus suddenly knew me by name. By lunch time I had said "hey" or "hi" a thousand times. They might know my name now, but it would take the rest of my life to learn all of theirs. I hoped no one was holding their breath while they waited for me to accomplish that crazy unbelievable feat because it would likely never happen.
  • Meeting the children's new teacher had returned the ache in his hearts and resurfaced memories of the times when he used to travel though time and space with his ship, the blue police box, he called a TARDIS. His precious TARDIS. No, he had decided to leave that life behind and he had built a good life here, with Lynne, Sarah Adrian and the dog, Laika. They are happy and that made him happy too.
  • A British-led team of researchers is racing against time and the elements as they drill through 3.2 kilometers of Antarctic ice to search for new forms of life on Earth.
  • "No. The thought of living my life without the one person I devoted it to." The Knight gave a weak smile, followed by a hard sigh. "Or forcing them to live without me. The kind of life I endured, I didn't want to ever risk that. If something were to happen to me on the battlefieldwhat if Savados' spell didn't work? Or there was no one to cast it? All too many variables I couldn't get around to be close to someone."
  • Twenty-two years separated the astonishing visions she was witnessing below and the quiet, somnolent reality of her life with her teenaged daughter. So much had to have happened since the Saeire Insu won this battleso many new stories, so many new soul traces. So many new souls! The stories from this single awesome day wouldve been told and retold and retold, wouldve turned into legends. Those who had died in this battlehow many were there? How dear a price was paid? How were the fallen remembered? Honored? How had it all started from here?
  • Personally if i found some low life scum selling drugs to my kids i would not stop at giving them a kicking.
  • At the same time, life expectancy jumped to 64 in 2008 from 58 in 1991. Literacy has risen. GDP per capita grew to $3,270 in 2009, from $925 in 1991. Airlines and telecommunications companies were privatized.
  • "They represent exactly what you think they do; balance. While humans live a life of imbalance, the gods exist in a different way. You cannot have death without life, nor life without death. Black and white, good and evil, yesterday and tomorrow; it is all balanced by the gods."
  • Greening projects to improve the quality of life for urban dwellers.
  • Nature the mountain peak stands serene sloping down to valleys where life is teeming.
  • "When my father took over the Horsham property, he, at my request, made a careful examination of the attic, which had been always locked up. We found the brass box there, although its contents had been destroyed. On the inside of the cover was a paper label, with the initials of K. K. K. repeated upon it, and 'Letters, memoranda, receipts, and a register' written beneath. These, we presume, indicated the nature of the papers which had been destroyed by Colonel Openshaw. For the rest, there was nothing of much importance in the attic save a great many scattered papers and note-books bearing upon my uncle's life in America. Some of them were of the war time and showed that he had done his duty well and had borne the repute of a brave soldier. Others were of a date during the reconstruction of the Southern states, and were mostly concerned with politics, for he had evidently taken a strong part in opposing the carpet-bag politicians who had been sent down from the North.
  • A Shepherd, keeping watch over his sheep near the shore, saw the Sea very calm and smooth, and longed to make a voyage with a view to commerce. He sold all his flock, invested it in a cargo of dates, and set sail. But a very great tempest came on, and the ship being in danger of sinking, he threw all his merchandise overboard, and barely escaped with his life in the empty ship. Not long afterwards when someone passed by and observed the unruffled calm of the Sea, he interrupted him and said, "It is again in want of dates, and therefore looks quiet."
  • "You need to understand what youre asking, Serenity. You need to forget whatever romantic notions you have about what I am and experience the cold, hard truth. Ill show you the truth about how vampire lives and youll never want to be like me."
  • "Theres no inflation, so people are still buying," Yoshiyuki Suzuki, the head of fixed income in Tokyo at Fukoku Mutual life Insurance Co., which has about $70 billion in assets, said in a Nov. 28 interview. "Interest rates should go lower."
  • The organic geochemistry tells us what organic molecules are present in the water, and these can be indicative of life and what its doing now. The hydrochemistry tells us about the physical and chemical conditions of the lake water; whether its oxic or anoxic.
  • This area is being given new life - the emphasis is still on creating a tapestry of color in the cottage garden style.
  • It is as though the more matter is refined and the more we become distanced from our material existences, the closer we draw to the world of the spirit, the world of life, and the world of consciousness; and the more intensely the heat of the spirit and the light of life are manifested.
  • Then again, I was using my life savings to keep him safe, so I was already betting on him being the real deal. I flipped the page of my book distractedly but couldnt help but continuously peek up at Andrew.
  • "At first, I thought she would express ignorance to the contrary, as she came close to doing the first time I met her. This time, she said that it was night, we were alone, and we should be at peace. She explained it as light was a time for life while night was peace from life. Then she asked me about my wife." Gallant stopped, a momentary look of confusion intermixed with unfortunate understanding.
  • Feeling so safe, I started to worry that my brother might end up being locked inside 'psychotic-Ember-worldforever. I had to bite down on my lower lip to keep from crying. He deserves to have a life of his own. Thats what Ive always felt guilty about. Suddenly, here I am struggling with holding him as my life-time mental hostage because I feel more secure than Ive ever felt. I shoved that thought aside fast, feeling like I was going to lose it.
  • She heard the undertone of bitterness in his voice, and she felt desolate. She would have traded her life to restore the power to his right arm.
  • Tirer lives are very sedentary and mentally tiring, which leads to a higher possibility of heart disease and other health risks.
  • The image Manhattan life Insurance Company projected to Wall Street and the world was one of respectability and conservatism, but what was going on inside the Madison Avenue offices was obviously another story. Well, its actually this story if youre splitting hairs
  • Ght about laying here by herself with Rakuen. Naomi was right. He was alive and they were together again. But why did he do this? He had planned this, there was no way around it. He had wanted this to happen. He risked both their lives to do this, to make himself a daywalker. But why? What would drive him to such extremes? She had barely said more than one word to him when he surprised her. He must have known. If hed given her time to process what was going on, even he wouldnt have been able to get close enough to bite without Suzana figuring out what was going on. If he had asked her to do this for him, she would have refused. He knew that. She wasnt mad at him. She just didnt understand why.
  • "By doing this, denying me the right to see her, you are naming her a prisoner or as one of your faction. If she swears fealty to Lochlann she will be named a rebel. She has already had a hard life at the hands of her mother. Will you truly subject her to a lifetime of being shunned by the majority of her true kind too?"
  • "Thank you," the girl replied as she met Alexs gaze. She allowed her stare to linger for a moment before she continued, "Im people watching here. It is something I do, I suppose. I try and look at people and imagine what their lives must be like. Like, what they do when they get home, or what they are thinking at that moment. Sounds stupid, I know. I do it a lot."
  • Fin in fin two dolphins fled through the dark. They passed through an obliterated doorway, down a steep, lightless shaft, then through a series of endless tunnels. The ghostly white dolphin led the way. It had haunted these subterranean corridors in a former life and would never forget the design of their twists and turns.
  • But Sayana had proven herself able to fulfil that role, despite her slight appearance. Again he wondered what motivated her to risk her life for people she hardly knew. Near the wound, he could make out the marks of what appeared to be elaborate tattoos on her chest and shoulders. It was interesting, but hardly relevant at the moment.
  • Toronto - australian heartthrob heath ledger likes to keep his life simple.
  • As Thad went to clean up Drews mess, Carla sped through the scene and rescued her boyfriend from certain death. She raced toward the ocean as Brandons breath turned shallow, the Wintersfamily awaiting them in the water as the gateway harkened a new life.
  • "You'll be shot," he said. "You must be. The alternative is that you'll lead them back to me. And if you do that, the whole game is up -- your family's lives, my life, your life, the lives of all my assistants and friends will be forfeit. It will be terrible. They will destroy this place. They will destroy your home, too."
  • We all know that a person who accepts intercession in worldly life can never expected to deliver justice.
  • These verses describe how Almighty God created the huge universe as a palace for man, and sending the water of life from the skies to the earth, made the skies and the earth two servants producing food for him.
  • Consolation of religion, we can now rediscover the promise of eternal life in a new hi-tech form.
  • Ockenden is focusing its efforts on helping the returnees rebuild their lives, and prevent them from falling into the traps of the past.
  • For a tree is given life from one root, through one law, in one centre, and the formation of thousands of fruits is its easy as that of one fruit.
  • A nine-year-old Polish boy from Gda?sk, who was suffering from kidney cancer and was completely unable to walk, had been visiting the tomb with his parents. On leaving St. Peter's Basilica, the boy told them, "I want to walk", and began walking normally. On 16 November 2009, a panel of reviewers at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints voted unanimously that Pope John Paul II had lived a life of virtue. On 19 December 2009, Pope Benedict XVI signed the first of two decrees needed for beatification and proclaimed John Paul II "Venerable", asserting that he had lived a heroic, virtuous life.
  • It was Holli who seized upon this statement. "Uncertainty leads to questions, and questions need answers. Is that not what a delver lives for?"
  • Only in faith will you discover the joy of the gift of life that god has given you.
  • Reminiscences of life in paris in the 1850s, where her father was attached to the embassy.
  • Usually, Rob was generally a mild-mannered guy who let most things slide, but for obvious reasons Hollys magic vagina got the best of him. It was the most jealous and possessive he would ever be in his life.
  • The parole board decides on further applications and all mandatory lifers who are released are on a life license and subject to recall.
  • He clicked his computer to life and tapped the address into Google maps. A street map of Paris popped up on his screen, pinpointing the location on the edge of a small island in the Seine, the old heart of the city.
  • Although Mr. Cohen and I would talk about basketball that we watched on TV, neither of us ever mentioned me playing again. He probably knew I would play again but didn't want to make it the focal point of either of our lives.
  • The newcomer took her breath away. Red hair sprung in wild curls around her face. Her porcelain skin was flawless, her eyes bright green. She was as slender as a catwalk model, with none of the extra bumps or bulges Serenity had been conscious of her whole life.
  • Although a low-carb diet can cause weight loss, the goal of any program should be life long radiant health.
  • Swift, grey clouds overshadowed them, flaunting a supernatural origin. Lucia knew that had the legions not been rushing to save their lives, each and every man would have stopped and stood in awe of the waves of lightning streaking across the dark sky.
  • If we believe in previous lives, we have imprints of anger going back countless lifetimes.
  • He is at that stage in life where he feels the burning desire to become a caretaker.
  • Wheel of life features a cast of twenty five ordained soldier monks, ranging in age from seven to seventy.
  • "Valentine! You don't belong here! Go home and leave room for we who need it!" It was her worst enemy, Reeta, who had been her best friend the week before. She was red in the face and pointing and shouting. "She lives across the street! You see how selfish she is! Across the street is her own shelter and she would take a spot away from her comrades, send them walking through the street -- "
  • Although I was thoroughly enjoying myself that weekend, I could sense some tension coming from Sam. He wasnt his usual jovial self around me; maybe it was his new life partner status, or he might have felt scorned not being my Best Man. Getting a smile out of his girlfriend Carla was like sitting under the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come: both are possible, but it could take a while.
  • Kea dropped her line bag and stood up. She stomped around the room and searched through the piles on the floor. "What do you want from me, some admission of guilt? So you can turn me into the bad woman messing your life up?"
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