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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • Tunnel walls closed in again. Bobbing and weaving through the tracery of the field matrix, Max had already slid past the bend gates before he realized hed even come that far. Were the guardians giving him a break because they figured he - or she - had just gone through a traverse a few moments before? Had he found a shortcut? Scenes from a life he hadnt lived were flashing through the air an inch in front of his eyes - stacks of books and piles of papers, people he didnt know but felt quick twinges of emotion for, here a jolt of anger, there a bubble of warmth; a cock-eyed parrot...
  • Your whole concentration centers on a piece of white parchment that comes to life in front of your eyes.
  • It was going to look very ridiculous if she ended up sitting on my lap all night, but thats where she wanted to be. The truth is I couldnt let her go either. She was the only thing keeping me halfway sane right then. So I held onto her like both our lives depended on it, and in a way they kind of did. I resolved to stay just like this all night long, or until I could channel enough obliterations to make everyone leave.
  • And since, as is necessitated by His law of generosity, when the life of a thing ends, the Generous Creator does not take back the rank and perfection He has bestowed on it, He rather makes permanent the fruits, results, and real meaning and identity of that bearer of perfection, and, if it has a spirit, its spirit.
  • A bolt of lightning suddenly completed the arc with a furious discharge. Up close, it resembled a plummeting fireball with a life of its own, and it struck the Zjhon ship with a fury, engulfing it in flames. The lightning was not spent, though, and it leaped along Catrin's thread of energy, racing toward her. She broke her link with the ship, and the lightning split apart, dissipating. Balls of fire cast waves of intense heat over her, only to fizzle and disappear before they reached her. All of this occurred within a fraction of an instant.
  • He didnt need to tell us twice. We ran down the hallway as if a fleet of dragons were behind us, lighting our asses on fire. As we turned the first corner, the lights flared to life as electricity was restored. We all froze.
  • Epitaphs reflect an almost universal pessimism about life beyond the grave.
  • But I told myself that it was either face my fears and dance or live with a constant reminder around my neck that I would rather artificially keep myself balanced than live my life to the fullest. Besides, I reminded myself, the first time I realized that dancing was the key to balance in my life was after getting bit by a vampire, and dancing had cleansed myself of the nightmares I had that were associated with that experience. Maybe dancing would help cleanse myself of these doubts, too. I'm sure that that's what the me in the fiery dress would say.
  • Now Aldragon was the mightiest creature of Earths creation and in him were all the generations of the dragon. After the departure of Athresa into the Moon he grew strong of his own nature and was soon praised by all who met him as the Beast of Beasts. And wherever he went became his kingdom, for there was none that looked upon him but they wished to lay down their lives in his honour. And there was peace in all the regions of the Earth that knew of him, and in Bryggne especially, where he was called king.
  • How unutterably cruel, I thought, and how slightly it seemed to touch them that the lives of innocent men were thoughtlessly taken, and loved ones left to mourn.
  • Stress can be defined as a perceived inability to cope with an unpleasant or painful life situation.
  • "Well now, gentlemen," said Bilibin, "Bolkonski is my guest in this house and in Brunn itself. I want to entertain him as far as I can, with all the pleasures of life here. If we were in Vienna it would be easy, but here, in this wretched Moravian hole, it is more difficult, and I beg you all to help me. Brunn's attractions must be shown him. You can undertake the theater, I society, and you, Hippolyte, of course the women."
  • I would have to say that the most incredible, awe-inspiring facet of the pre-life is our unobstructed ability to move around at will, go anywhere at immense speeds, to hover over any one place, to go up, down, over, through anything and observe life from unimaginable angles and in every light. I simply never get bored - as the universe is truly mine and I understand my humble place within it. My gratitude for being a part of this magnificence is overshadowed only by my humility before our creator. The center of my power and ability to exist as I do lay in the humble acceptance of my own personal insignificance in the grand order of things.
  • Al 3 + can also kill earthworms at high concentrations and leach into water, affecting aquatic life ( e.g.
  • Alec stood motionless for a pair of seconds, and then seemed to explode and melt back into himself. I blinked, and his human body had been replaced with the hybrid form that'd saved my life once before.
  • Catriona's vision diminished only to be replaced by a new one. This one flashed forward a couple of years in the life of her beloved Vesta. "Mac," Vesta squalled out amidst a hard contraction, "We aren't going to make it, just pull over."
  • She sighed, hearing more from Alicias tone than sexual fulfillment. Those words werent exchanged, not where they were. But joy dripped from Alicias speech, as did a small waft of booze, wine Rose thought. Just after twelve noon Alicia had been drinking. Rose wasnt surprised, only sorry for this woman, sorry her cousins life was wound in addiction and a total jerk.
  • "She is not my companion. She has not travelled with me. She lives here on Earth. She has nothing to do with this. Please, you have me now, let her go." the Doctor tried to reason Lynne free.
  • "Thats nice for you," Jack said, "But weve still got a long ways to go. There are, at best estimates, some thirty mooks, along with Adam and the messed up woman you spent the worst three minutes of her life with."
  • Menus were passed around the table and a waitress that was obviously on the other side of her later in life change trudged into the room.
  • I don't know what I was thinking at that moment, if anything, but I reacted in the only way my instinct told me. I leaned in and Shari met me halfway as our lips came together. The kiss seemed to last for minutes but it4 actually lasted only a few seconds. Shari rested her head on my shoulder as we both took the last bites of our ice creams. The sun was setting, the birds were chirping, and I had never felt so at ease with my life and myself.
  • To look back clearly at a moment of total apocalypse means capturing sensory elements previously blocked or overshadowed- the most dramatic and neglected being olfactory sense, scents not intelligible or even mildly acceptable to typical daily social interaction. The combined luxuries of shame, humiliation and embarrassment had been overtaken by the base requirements of life in a living hell. Survival at any cost. As I made my final approach, as I gasped towards the end of my life-draining run, the scents in the air were manifold to be sure- vomit, shit, blood, splicing flesh and bursting organs and the bodies of the combatants- attackers and victims both- oozing an acrid mix of stress, fear and hate through every pore.
  • Seem to suggest that most human lives are expendable most of the time?
  • Krista and I struggled to pick up spilling carnations as we inched our way down the hall. We made it less than halfway to my locker and then of course, the bell rang. So we had to stop and wait on the masses to get to their next class. Students lined the hallway and gawked at the 'Over-the-top-Valentines-spectaclethat was my life right now.
  • The morning came and Connor awoke first. The first rays of light were filling the eastern sky, but the image of the sun was still hiding below the horizon. It was surprisingly crisp this morning and a thick fog had rolled in the camp. He gently lifted his wifes head and sat it down gently on the covering. He easily slid out of the bedding and walked to the fire without disturbing anything. It remained burning softly so he added a few more branches and stoked the fire, bringing it more life.
  • It targeted Pacian, whose cat-like reflexes saved his life once more, for he managed to leap to one side just as the massive jaws clamped shut on the air he had once stood in. Nellise and Sayana backed away from it, wading through the water as fast as they could, for both of them were almost completely exhausted from their earlier efforts and the accumulation of wounds.
  • Maggie thought shed feel vertigo, or fear, or revulsion, or some sense of being separate, sundered. She felt none of these. What she felt instead was an abiding sense of wonder, even relief. She had a souleverybody had a soul. Even inanimate objects. Souls. Souls everywhere. Souls interconnected, intertwined. Maggie wasnt alone, could never be alone. She had an entire, endless landscape within her, one peopled with loved oneswith their souls. She was intimately connected to life in ways that gave her goose bumps just thinking of it. She knew as well that the connection to her own spirit was inviolable, that she was her own person: a connection absolutely private, not to be touched or claimed by anyone else. She was unique and unrepeatable. Precious. An individual.
  • She said my life is just beginning and Im part of a great unknown. Once I give my spirit light away, its retrieved and changed. It can turn into something bad if Im careless. Im young and Tray is my Guardian. Its my brothers job to ensure that my decisions are sound. Im almost a woman and my future is in question because they dont know how to teach me. So I should allow him to guide my decisions for the time being. Hes strong, will keep me safe and he loves me.
  • She is married to the long suffering Mike who lives in Derby, England because he is not crazy (well not much anyway) and they have three girls between them.
  • My father- my own father- doesn't even really know me. But he goes to work every day and he makes his cash and so he thinks, somehow, that that means something. But what the hell has he ever done in his life that was worth anything? The bitter, disparaging inflection in the words. That being the pattern woven into the rug that had been pulled out from beneath my then surefooted, now wandering soles.
  • "Thank you," the girl replied as she met Alexs gaze. She allowed her stare to linger for a moment before she continued, "Im people watching here. It is something I do, I suppose. I try and look at people and imagine what their lives must be like. Like, what they do when they get home, or what they are thinking at that moment. Sounds stupid, I know. I do it a lot."
  • "Where? I send them away and take a weceipt for them," shouted Denisov, suddenly flushing. "And I say boldly that I have not a single man's life on my conscience. Would it be difficult for you to send thirty or thwee hundwed men to town under escort, instead of staining- I speak bluntly--staining the honor of a soldier?"
  • After lunch, some sandwiches Lynne had made this morning, the Doctor went back to his classroom. The third graders were having their history test today. He prepared the classroom so that everyone would have a place to sit and he put paper and pencils on every desk. The test would be about Roman times. It wasn't a difficult test. The Doctor had told the children lots about how life was like in those times. They were colourful stories and the children always listened intently.
  • It brings the massive oeuvre and the chronicle of the life into manageable proportions, one illumining the other.
  • A bunch of us spent a lot of time playing on the moon, earths moon. It was refreshing to be away from earth lives that were going on as if we were the ones who didnt exist. I discovered something interesting there as we spent long periods of time on the dark side where it was easier to see one another. After extended blocks of time in total darkness, our glows weakened and communicating became more difficult. Ill try to explain thatthose we were with did not always pick up our thought patterns. The further the distance between us (in mere meters), the more difficult it became to be understood. That scared me as I thought I was about to be sent back.
  • Chanter shook his head. "She is neither. A Kuran is part of the wood, like a soul. They exist only in old forests, and are many thousands of years old. If the forest dies, she will die with it. Her hatred has driven away the birds that spread the seeds and the bees that pollinate the flowers. No young trees grow, and the old ones will die. Her life span has no limit, but she can be killed."
  • I would be happy even if I could only admire him from afar. Being so far away from Italy was unbearable. His sweet, musky scent, his smooth skin and his voice were all perfectly right and just seemed to fit with me. From the moment I saw him, he was familiar to me. It was as if hed been in my life since I was born, but Id failed to notice him. Whenever I imagined him looking at me, warm feelings of belonging washed over me. Near him was where I was supposed to be. He was my home, in a way that La Push would never be again. Wherever Demetri was located, that was where I wanted to be. He complemented me in a way I didnt understand and couldnt explain to anyone who hadnt imprinted.
  • So I can finish this diary, and God only knows if I shall ever begin another. If I do, or if I even open this again, it will be to deal with different people and different themes, for here at the end, where the romance of my life is told, ere I go back to take up the thread of my life-work, I say sadly and without hope, 'FINIS'.
  • There was an abundance of life in the soil itself, including things too small to be seen. Catrin saw the ways death served to feed life. Deciduous trees shed leaves, which fell to the ground and decomposed. Organisms that used the decaying leaves as food aided the decomposition. Their waste and the decayed matter become soil, which, in turn, nourished the trees and plants. Catrin had never recognized the chain of life as a varying cycle of composition and decomposition before, and such realizations were rapidly changing her perception of the world around her.
  • The last verse came from the Morigaine, goddess of the land. She did not mourn the passing of mortal men because she understood that all life must pass. Just as the seasons came and went, so too with the loves of men. Morigaine knew better than any other that part of the cycle of life was death. Even she could not know what lay beyond that far shore but she did know that it was not something to fear, so she did not worry and weep for those went.
  • Regardless of how one feels about Cartons sudden appearance, one must acknowledge the transformation of his character as one of the novels foremost achievements. Indeed, Carton proves the most psychologically complex and emotionally rich character that A Tale of Two Cities has to offer. By the time of his appearance in Paris, he has shed the skin of "the jackal." No longer insolent, lazy, and directionless, he emerges determined to save Darnays life for the sake of the woman that he himself loves. He now has a purpose, and a purpose that he cherishes. In Chapter 9, the reader witnesses him preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice as he recites a passage from the Book of John (11.2526). In the Christian tradition, worshippers speak these lines at the opening of the Burial Service in the Book of Common Prayer.
  • "But she is still alive and with her family." Lynne said to comfort him. "I know what it is like when the only thing you ever cared for is torn away from you. The world seems to collapse around you and there seems to be no future anymore, only a dark gaping hole to fall through. But I can also say that you have to get over it. life goes on, for her and for you. You can't sit in your TARDIS forever blaming yourself for what happened."
  • It was nearing midnight and the House of Hartwell was aglow with activity. There was no doubt in the minds of these hardened warriors on what the outcome would be this night - they had faced more people and much longer odds in their lives as extra-special beings. Samuel and Ariel, as the only two people in the house that had not been directly involved in a tussle, were more anxious than apprehensive and were looking forward to unleashing their various untapped resources.
  • Agent Blake Wallace didnt get as much action on the sports fields following his days as a buff life guard. So spending an extensive amount of time in a sporting goods storeespecially in the hunting and fishing departmentwas a long and basically uninteresting waste of time for Blake, but he couldnt think of anything else.
  • Betzalel eyed him for a breath before answering. "No. This is worse. Every fifty-four years the Overlord has to use the life of thirteen innocent children to fuel his own life."
  • "Ghosts are the souls of people who don't believe in heaven or hell, or are too afraid to move on. I am aware of what lies beyond death, and I have come to accept it. The best I can do is spend my life doing good in hopes that I can spend time on the outskirts of hell. That's the goal of all half vampires - attempt to redeem ourselves to minimize our punishment. This is why we spend our lives traveling around, slaying vampires and other evil beings."
  • The media is full of reports of minors and women lured from their villages by promises of a good life as maids in the cities. They are often sent by agencies to work in homes in Delhi, and its satellite towns such as Noida and Gurgaon, where they face a myriad of abuses.
  • It is said that when you are about to die (or very nearly so), your life flashes in front of your eyes. This was indeed the case for a young Piscador called Ambrosius Codwich as he fell from a branch of one of the tallest Hook Trees after slipping on a carelessly discarded rotten Hook Fruit. And what better place to take up his story, for we can use his fall and its associated recollections as a kind of slide-show of his life. An excellent way of becoming acquainted with him as a character.
  • Back in Entwell, Myranda stirred. Despite her efforts to the contrary, the one who had betrayed her trust infiltrated her dreams. There was so much about him that conflicted. He had taken the lives of the soldiers with grim efficiency, yet he showed naught but tenderness toward the dragon. He knew precisely how to manipulate her. Even before she had told him about herself, he had known exactly what type of person she would have opened up to.
  • Steve ignited both hands and increased the intensity of his flames by a few notches so that the entire tunnel was illuminated. Once he had enough light to ensure he wouldnt ignite that which didnt wish to be ignited, he lit the torches, snuffing his hands out as the last torch sprang back to life.
  • Just as someone who does not recognize and accept the existence of the sun is compelled to deny the light which fills the day, so also one who does not recognize the Sun of Divine Oneness, Who is Ever-Living and Self-Subsistent and the Giver of life and Death, has to deny the existence of the living creatures which fill the earth and even the past and the future; he has to fall a hundred times lower than an animal, to fall from the level of life to become something utterly ignorant and lifeless.
  • A shiver ran down his spine and he turned and walked to the living room, where similar destruction met his eyes. The settee had been slashed, the foam insides gaping like flesh wounds. Her tidy life lay in shredded piles of feathers and foam.
  • Our intention is to restore order to The Holdings with the greatest possible speed. A meeting of the Council of Lairds would have taken time, time we could ill afford given the general disorder among the nobility. Laird Tefirs ascension and close alliance with us and with Laird Lernen will assure a stronger rule, one in which neighbors work together to prevent the ill fortune that has claimed the lives of too many lairds of late. Lairds who join us will have their security assured. To continue to operate alone is to risk continued turmoil and none of us wants that.
  • The sunlight had dimmed a little in the cave entrance when Kija opened her eyes. She checked her eggs immediately to find two more had intensified in colour and had stronger life patterns. But something else had roused her. She gave her attention to the strange one and found its colour too had intensified and its life pattern pulsed far more strongly. The hairs on its eyelids flickered and its mouth opened slightly as Kija watched. She dipped her muzzle in the water once more and dampened the sleeping face. She made no attempt to probe its mind, just projected calmness and strength. The eyelids flickered again and Kija saw unfocused green eyes gaze in her direction.
  • This will give you the opportunity to sample the night life and meet other prospective students in a more informal and relaxed setting.
  • "Your letter? Oh, yes, I remember. I have not read it yet, Harry. I was afraid there might be something in it that I wouldn't like. You cut life to pieces with your epigrams."
  • And Athresa rose from the flames with a new-leasing of life in her, not as a spirit but in her own body, and Yoal and Nagan praised the Sun for his blessed gift. But when Athresa spoke to them they saw she had a tongue of fire, and that each word however sweet was a mortal torment to her, and that she longed again for death. But the Sun spoke to her from on high, saying, ‘Live Athresa, and you shall bear gods of your body, and you shall be among the first loved for your pains.’ And though Yoal pleaded with him to mitigate her anguish, yet the Sun would not let her die.
  • Scrawny man who had no real signs of life except for a faint green glow smoldering behind his eyes.
  • Fist fight, gun shot, or rogue bacteria, these men were forced to live life sitting down.
  • Settling down against the wall outside his door, Mirra longed to visit Benton. She missed the easy camaraderie that had sprung up between them. She was mindful of the danger of wandering too far from Bane, however, and, except for occasional forays to the kitchen for food, she stayed as close to him as she could. She gazed into space, dreaming of the life she had always wanted, as a healer in her tiny cottage in the woods. Perhaps when this was all over, she would get her wish.
  • His thoughts drifted back to Sydin, who was not brightly colored but was soot black, though soot didnt glitter and have a slight glow about it. Sydin was also a class seven and over six thousand years old, but Legon didnt see him that way. He was friendly and fiercely loyal to his house and respected the fact that Legon needed to be raised outside of the Elven Empire. He had insisted on hearing about his and Sashas lives in detail. He was proud of Legon and insisted that if he had known the extent of Sashas hardship he would have flown on Salmont and burned it to the ground. This had taken them both off guard. Elves were normally reserved and didnt just make hasty and unwise decisions, but they could tell there was more to this declaration than what they could see. Neither could figure out why Sydin would have been willing to risk his life to save Sasha from being ostracized.
  • "I wanted to stay here and live a normal life like I had done all those years before. I didn't want to come with you at first. I told you to bring me home. And when you called on me that day, I was there for you. Yes.
  • Without their generous donation of the gift of life, lives would be lost.
  • "Oh, Jess, if he's such an expert, he's probably old!" Ileana said, disappointed. "You can have all the young and good-looking men you want…" The most beautiful princess of the century, a natural blonde, a most loved, sweet girl couldn't settle with someone much older than her! She had her whole life in front of her, for Goddess's sake!
  • "It's hard to explain Vohl. I feel like I have done nothing in this world. It's like I blinked and suddenly I was no longer a boy, and life rushed past me before I was ready. I never found any purpose. I never found anything to believe in. Everywhere I look I see only darkness and failure. No one seems to like me. I feel like the only way I can affect the world is if I die. Then maybe people will be affected by things I have said."
  • Glenys said, "I also love you, Rordan. I love you as a wild berry patch that grows on the side of a volcanos ashen slope. You shake my life to the core and awaken in me nourishing passions. A firestorm has been stirred up because of you."
  • "Max is amazing. Hes got a heart the size of a Volkswagen. Hes had his share of tragedy in his life but doesnt wear it on his sleeve, you know? Hes got a weird way of showing itbut I know he cares for me a lot."
  • "The greatest joy in any child's life is to make your parents proud," he said. "The greatest pain is to know that they are experiencing pain because of you."
  • I love every corner of the Mediterranean; it always teaches me about the beauty of life and reminds me to thank to God for everything that I have been given.
  • "We few could not bury all these bodies in a month," said one of the Templars sadly. "And it is not safe to stay here, Your Excellency. We shall be in peril of our lives until we reach Damietta."
  • Hardly able to tear my eyes away, I turned toward the lab techs who had stopped what they were doing to stare at me. My temper flared, but I had to remember what Joseph had said to me in the car. Be calm, assured, like this was no big deal. But it was, and that was why I was so troubled. The most heavenly, unearthly creatures, who only saved human lives, were now contained by the very people they protected. It made me sick and ashamed.
  • If I can make a plan to get Suki back, then I can deal with the ghosts. That's what I tell myself. Start with Suki; if she's in my life I can do anything. Sounds nuts but it's the only way forward I can see. If I have a life then the ghosts don't own me. Well, they sort of do but I have to find a way to work round that. I know Suki will be cool once she understands. There's a worry in the back of my mind, a shadowy place where I don't want to go. So I ignore it.
  • You can make a perfectly functional website that lives inside your own computer.
  • He has been living off the old folks at home all his life and is now worth shucks.
  • "My mom in this life or the life I led as a mortalis Belinda Thompson. Before this day she had me running from doctor to hospital to get inoculated for anything and everything. We sure could have used that back when you were my mom."
  • Thankfully, gracefully, life instantly appeared before her. Where there was once no light, there was now an abundance. She saw the surprise in the faces of her comrades who stood single file, though in a somewhat twisted line in front of her. Her hand materialized before her. She saw the hand of Tun still grasping it firmly. With his help, she caught her balance before she stepped wildly past the initial platform that waited beyond the stone steps.
  • Many village girls are married as young as 12 or 13 and spend the rest of their lives in poverty-stricken household drudgery.
  • OR THE FIRST TIME, Fradjikan was noting some serious regret at not having taken spell-work more seriously. He had never envisioned a case where the use of magic would be necessary and a sorcerer would not be available for convenient hire. He had certainly not foreseen being himself in a situation where his own life would depend on being able to conjure his own way out from under a malign spell. Yet the application of maximum muscular force had failed to move the most trivial portion of his body, and the most intense concentration and fiercest consolidation of will had produced mere mental exhaustion. His paralysis remained, and the tantalizing engines of healing remained an unbridgeable arms-span above his head.
  • "Mother told me there was a war, and I was to heal those in need, as all healers do. I think they simply went on with their life as they had always done, and trusted the Lady to protect me. Healers are never harmed, even by invading armies, for we heal any who come to us, so why would they kill us?"
  • Much fairy mischief ensues, mischief which turns the lives of the mortals upside down with slapstick antics.
  • Catrin's thoughts wandered to Vertook. In all the chaos, she hadn't had time to properly grieve his loss. He'd been a good friend to her, and his death was as unfair as anything Catrin had ever experienced. The pointless waste of life filled her with rage, and she longed to lash out at someone--anyone. Benjin seemed to sense her unrest, and he placed his arm around her shoulders. She shared his warmth but found no solace.
  • That hints at Foxconns biggest challenge: demography. No longer can the firm rely on a steady supply of migrant workers grateful for any escape from grinding rural poverty. The country is rapidly ageing, and the pool of hungry young workers is shrinking. Besides expecting ever better pay and conditions, todays new recruits want more fulfilling lives than those their predecessors put up with.
  • Little did she know that Hartwell had remained at the front window with his wet nose pressed against the glass since Maggie was gone. He had no life without her and was starting to feel sorry for himself in the hours leading up to her homecoming.
  • Then began my terrible task, and I dreaded it. Had it been but one, it had been easy, comparative. But three! To begin twice more after I had been through a deed of horror. For it was terrible with the sweet Mister Lucas, what would it not be with these strange ones who had survived through centuries, and who had been strengthened by the passing of the years. Who would, if they could, have fought for their foul lives . . .
  • "You seriously think I'm going to hand it over... just because you asked?" She continued laughing at him, compounding the young man's mistake even further. "Country life breeds really nave people, it would seem." Aiden was shoved out of the way suddenly by Colt, who towered over the diminutive woman.
  • "Oh, no! I will remain your friend, Dona! Only... only now, I have a great respect for you, what a harsh life you have endured..."
  • Now that my general health is better, life is good despite having diplopia.
  • The cords in my neck stood out as I tried to scream. I arched my back and flung my arms out wide as I was pulled up onto my toes and stretched almost to the breaking point. I felt the agony of Alisons loss as if it had just happened, as if I stood on the curb and watched as her car wrapped itself around the telephone pole. Ecstasy wrapped itself about anguish as I saw my mom, sneaking into my room at night when she thought I was asleep to kiss me goodnight. Then misery again as she accepted the folded flag at my dads funeral. Elation when Michelle Sands agreed to go to the senior prom with me; grief as my grandfather lay wasting away in his sickbed. One by one the best and worst moments of my life engulfed my spirit, tearing at my soul so that the old wounds bled freely, then cleansing and healing my battered psyche.
  • Mirra gazed around, shocked by the number of crippled beggars that fringed the crowd. Never had she seen so many people with missing appendages, eyes, ears and even noses. Some wore leg chains or iron collars, and all carried a tin cup, which they rattled at the people who watched the procession. Filthy rags covered them, and their eyes gazed hopelessly from sunken sockets in emaciated faces. She guessed that they must be slaves, perhaps captured over the river and brought here to live out their lives in misery, or sacrificed when occasion demanded it. The sight of their mutilations aroused her pity, and she longed to go amongst them and give what help she could.
  • A convict employed on board with a detachment from the galleys had, in fact, at the very first instant, hastened to the officer of the watch, and, in the midst of the consternation and the hesitation of the crew, while all the sailors were trembling and drawing back, he had asked the officer's permission to risk his life to save the topman; at an affirmative sign from the officer he had broken the chain riveted to his ankle with one blow of a hammer, then he had caught up a rope, and had dashed into the rigging: no one noticed, at the instant, with what ease that chain had been broken; it was only later on that the incident was recalled.
  • Team: cognition game title: environment this game engages the player in understanding the delicate balance of life in the rain forests.
  • Talia had an answer. "They dont know theyre in his pocket. They have no idea hes so big. Hes fooled most of them into thinking theyre the host at this perpetual party. This building is the centre of life for more than just this citythough you dont need to worry about most of that."
  • Jack shakes his head as a short-lived frown crosses his face, and a laugh swiftly follows. "Well, we had our share of hard times too. There was a time when we were doing poor financially, and my father was always trying his best, of course. Sometimes he would get so upset that the world could not accept him as a serious author. That was his main dream. He somehow got, I suppose, typecast into this character that could only be a childrens author in life and nothing more. I guess there was some amount of frustration that made him bitter and withdrawn at times."
  • There would be quite a few of us eating here tonight, and I had prepared a three-course human dinner party. Leah, Jacob, Seth and Embry would be eating of course, and also the twins. For some reason, they hadnt inherited the preference for blood from Demetri, the way I had from Dad. I marveled at that fact, and wondered how differently my life would be if I was content with human food alone.
  • Care arena especially were not related lives at risk been allotted payment.
  • The Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. MOWAA is the oldest and largest organization in the United States representing those who provide meal services to seniors in need, specifically those at risk of or experiencing hunger. MOWAA is a non-profit organization working toward the social, physical, nutritional, and economic betterment of vulnerable Americans by providing the tools and information its programs need to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • His illness pursued its normal physical course, but what Natasha referred to when she said: "This suddenly happened," had occurred two days before Princess Mary arrived. It was the last spiritual struggle between life and death, in which death gained the victory. It was the unexpected realization of the fact that he still valued life as presented to him in the form of his love for Natasha, and a last, though ultimately vanquished, attack of terror before the unknown.
  • Matthew and Captain Nikos Zamora had been friends for as long as the Butler Project had been in existence. In his mid sixties, Captain Z was a lean and grizzled Greek with the permanent tan of a lifetime seafarer. He had captained Butler Marine ships for Matthews father for twenty years before Matthew had asked him to be part of his new company. Captain Z had been contemplating retirement, but his wife had died the previous year and he found that life on land held no attraction for him. Together he and Matthew had sought out a ship that would suit the need of the project.
  • Slowly, he felt life coming back to his arms and legs. He started gathering up the pieces of frozen tea from his desk and throwing them away. Then he stood up and took the trashcan out into the hallway and out towards reception.
  • And Asir cried, ‘Is that not they, and shall we not strike them before they wot of us?’ And Nagan said, ‘Nay, that is some other maldocil. We will search further on.’ But Asir said, ‘It is he, for he walks with an egyrn and she slays him not.’ And he wrest command from Nagan and sped down with all his godlings upon Yoals head, and in the turmoil Athresa was stricken to the ground and the warmth of life went out of her.
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