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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • Find calmness, dear chum. Allow wisdom to be your closest mate. Make fine use of your mental brawn, Trekker. Who you are now, and that which occurs with you and with your being has much to bear on us all; along with the whole of your doings. Think thoroughly and with clarity, ahead of selecting choices. This way you will not find yourselfin constancy - one who does things that he turns to be in regret for. See to it that your way of life not become one of making petitions for pardons from those whom you need not receive them from and furthermore, do not seek your remorse; from those who have never held anything against you, that you might be needful for their forgiveness."
  • Katie, I cannot be your father. I was never cut out for the job, nor do I want it any further. I have a life of my own that I have to worry about. You need to not be a part of that life. I have no other advice to give you other than take care of yourself. It is the only thing that really matters. Other people dont matter. Only yourselfthat is why Im leaving. I can no longer live this lie of a life that I am forced to share with you. I can no longer work a shitty job that brings me no happiness. Ive met someone. She does not want a daughter. At this point in my life, neither do I, so take that as you will. Going somewhere where people dont know my story, or my face. Will call the police department tomorrow and have you sorted out.
  • Seem to suggest that most human lives are expendable most of the time?
  • These were two statements that appeared to be mutually exclusive on the surface. But, open further and much deeper inspection, separating the life events was quite problematic and Maggie came to a stunning conclusion.
  • "Holmes," I said, "you have drawn a net round this man from which he cannot escape, and you have saved an innocent human life as truly as if you had cut the cord which was hanging him. I see the direction in which all this points. The culprit is--"
  • The fire flamed wickedly hot and the agony renewed the instant we drove off school grounds. I knew he was prepared to leave this area with me forever. Moving away was something that I couldnt do right now. I wondered what kind of argument would be involved when I told him that I couldnt leave. I would cross that bridge after I climbed the upcoming mountain of truth I was getting ready to scale. I had promised him that I would tell him 'everythingand thats what I was going to do. My life was falling to pieces and I needed my brother to help me.
  • The Qing Dynasty (16441911) was the last imperial dynasty in China. Founded by the Manchus, it was the second non-Han Chinese dynasty. The Manchus were formerly known as Jurchen, residing in the northeastern part of the Ming territory outside the Great Wall. They emerged as the major threat to the late Ming Dynasty after Nurhaci united all Jurchen tribes and established an independent state. However, the Ming Dynasty would be overthrown by Li Zicheng's peasants rebellion, with Beijing captured in 1644 and the last Ming Emperor Chongzhen committing suicide. The Manchu allied with the Ming Dynasty general Wu Sangui to seize Beijing, which was made the capital of the Qing dynasty, and then proceeded to subdue the remaining Ming's resistance in the south. The decades of Manchu conquest caused enormous loss of lives and the economic scale of China shrank drastically. Nevertheless, the Manchus adopted the Confucian norms of traditional Chinese government in their rule and were considered a Chinese dynasty.
  • Billy knew the base could accommodate an entire division, but bet the lives of his troops that they no longer had that many. Most would be out in the fields searching for the Americans. Or so he hoped.
  • Male germ-line stem cells are cells that proliferate throughout the life of the animal to make male germ cells or sperms.
  • "Because, we were waiting to see if the Prophet had anything to say about this situation, since he does not seem to be against her living, I believe we have much harder times ahead of us." Vishnu gave another sigh. "And it is not for the Djinn to announce a Prophet, they announce themselves when it is time. We have always known when a Prophet lives, we have never revealed their identity, we will not do it now. It seems wrong."
  • He plucked Bluebeard from the balcony and cradled him in his claws, eyes streaming with joy. "You have no idea how terrible it makes me feel whenever I eat a poor living thing. I watch the life drain from its face and it becomes a lifeless corpse, and then I eat it. I eat it, all because my existence requires the death of others. And I live day and night with guilt: guilt so pure and profound it swallows me up every second of every day, robbing me of sleep and wakeful happiness. And now- and now you little, violent thieves, who I at first thought to be a terrible misfortune, have shown me a way out! How can I ever, ever repay you?"
  • Her name is Mrs. McKinley, and she lives just past me, outside of town. I go into the production studio to burn a copy of the audio feature, and then I play it back to check that it recorded properly. The segment starts with music and the stations introduction, then rolls into the food shelf director, talking about the incredible, largely unknown need in the community. There are a lot of people suffering right in our backyard, she says. Then the audio jumps to Mrs. McKinley talking about her inability to make ends meet. She worked hard her whole life and she always had enough to get by, but the past few years things have been getting harder and harder. She doesnt get enough from the food shelf, so she just goes hungry a lot of the time.
  • After that first assignment they were inseparable, pledging the same sorority, taking the same summer jobs and trips, and eventually working for Maureen Stewart at Manhattan Life.
  • "For some reason, you seem to believe that you can teach her about everything and watch her every move. However, it would be remiss of me to not point out the glaring flaw in that particular brand of logic. life does not work that way although I sure wish it could.
  • The usual pattern throughout life is that there will be occasional flare-ups of symptoms followed by varying periods of complete or near-complete remission.
  • Much of their life cycle is spent as vegetative mycelium, exploiting complex substrates.
  • Subjects covered include anesthesia, dentistry, health sciences, healthcare, life sciences, medicine, nursing, psychiatry and public health.
  • These would include stretcher bearers who often put their lives at risk to rescue injured soldiers in no mans land.
  • Foirtgirn the ( probable ) same person turns up again in the life of st columba as an irish ecclesiastic.
  • He arrived late on Thursday night, at the end of a long and lonely ride across from Perth, and his impression of Melbourne so far is that the weather varies from cold to bloody freezing. And that it tends to drizzle a lot. Amy had told him earlier, when they were having lunch, that he should be thankful because today was quite warm, relatively speaking. Big Ron and Amy had arrived in the Kombi two weeks before Jim, and they were lucky to find, almost immediately, a big old apartment in South Yarra. It had quickly become the Long Division headquarters; for the time being its home to the entire band, so life there is noisy and crowded.
  • While Lord Henry sat dreaming on these things, a knock came to the door, and his valet entered and reminded him it was time to dress for dinner. He got up and looked out into the street. The sunset had smitten into scarlet gold the upper windows of the houses opposite. The panes glowed like plates of heated metal. The sky above was like a faded rose. He thought of his friend's young fiery-coloured life and wondered how it was all going to end.
  • The doctor was surprised; she was better; the pressure on her chest had decreased; her pulse had regained its strength; a sort of life had suddenly supervened and reanimated this poor, worn-out creature.
  • "Yes, it is, but I dont knowI think that maybe Ive been messing up in life and if I knew what others were thinking…." He breathed out. "I cant stop thinking about how much different my life would be if I knew what, well…"
  • When i was eleven our quiet lives were rudely interrupted by world war ii, and chaos reigned.
  • "Yeah, fine, then," Max said. "The force thats running my life at the moment is you, you nincompoop, so there. You planning to tell me what Im doing here and why youre in such a crabby mood or am I supposed to keep dragging it out of you chunk by chunk?"
  • student, making rapid progress once he had made the decision. Outwardly, he still played the fool, but a strength born from that decision had stayed with him all of his life.
  • Celibate life is in response to feeling called by god to be a priest.
  • Summers eyes widened and she took a deep breath from the stress. There was no answer that she could come up with that would justify a married couple treating each other so poorly. After all, she loved me as much as I loved her and we hated parting every morning and going to work. A life without Summer would be a hole that I could never fill.
  • Aiden made no noise as he lengthened his strides. He was amazingly fast considering the fact he carried Abelie. My mom. She was the one person who had continuously saved my life when I could not save myself. From before I was born, all the way up to this day. All she did was make sacrifices for me, even when it broke her heart to give me away.
  • Those facing the possibility of redundancy or mid life career doldrums will gain in equal measures too.
  • Jace sighed heavily, ignoring the twinge of guilt in his gut. He couldnt help her, he reasoned with himself. Say there was some kind of strange creature after her. What could he do? Stand in front of her with his arms folded ordering the being to take his toys and go back home? Although, if it was true and this creature did exist as did Fairies, could that mean that many other immortals were possible as well? Jace scoffed. What did he care? It was out of his hands. She was probably just a runaway from somewhere and needed a place to stay. Fine. Anywhere, but here, he refused to turn his life upside down for some creature out of her element. He had to live his own life and she had to live hers.
  • Marryried with one daughter, she lives in notting hill gate, london.
  • The kidneys begin to develop around the 3rd week of fetal life from the intermediate mesoderm.
  • By showing those blessed and delicate creatures to be without function or purpose, and their motion to be not out of joy, but as though trembling at non-existence and separation and tumbling into nothingness, that heedless view so touched the feelings in me of desire for permanence, love of good things, and compassion for fellow-creatures and life that it transformed the world into a sort of hell and the mind into an instrument of torture.
  • There wasnt much in this life she was sure ofat allbut one thing she had no doubts about: one of Mr. Conors own Kumiyaay hated her guts.
  • It also marked the very early stirrings of life with the first flowers and when the land might be soft enough to plow.
  • On a quiet, cool January day in 1983, a hurricane roared suddenly to life off the extreme southern coast of California, slamming into the tiny seaside community of Imperial Beach less than an hour later. Weather forecasters never saw the freak storm coming: within mere minutes it had simply materialized over calm Pacific seas, as if by magic. There was no warning: by the time they realized what was happening, it was too late. The swirling tempest had blown ashore. Hundreds of people would lose their lives.
  • Liz now used the wands for propulsion, trying to get the Mongols away from her wounded bodyguards. There must have been too many to fight back, so she dodged and weaved as much as she could before the enemy cut her legs. She landed hard and, from the sound, probably broke her back. Still, the love of his life did not cry or beg for mercy. She extended blades and fought until overwhelmed. The wands went dark once they cut into her biceps.
  • The guards at the city gates eyed her strange outfit when she rode past. Since the Hashon Jahar had vanished, the panic in Rashkar had abated, and life was almost normal. Talsy urged the horse into a canter and headed up the coast to a beach she frequented in her search for Chanter. Away from the city, her anxiety subsided, and she dismounted, tied the horse to a tree and wandered along the beach.
  • In the meantime, she decides to pay a surprise visit to an ancient great-aunt who lives in a mountain village.. .
  • Hartwell would rather take his own life than fight his son, so he just went under the assumption that things were going according to plan.
  • Fixed assets (also known as long-term assets) are things that have a useful life of more than one year, for example buildings and machinery; there are also intangible fixed assets, like the good reputation of a company or brand.
  • Alana approached him and put a hand up on his massive shoulder. "But Tannis, you can't live your life always thinking that danger is around every corner. It's not your fault."
  • Id just left Meg sleeping in our bed and was looking forward to breakfast with her later. Id been reluctant to leave her warmth and the inviting curve of her hip, outlined under the blanket, but the duties of the day called. I found myself changed, in no more time than it took to turn a page in a book. Finally being acknowledged the Prince of Wales in the eyes of King Henry was like the closing of one chapter, and Megs coming into my life the beginning of another.
  • Despiseonsequence of fools despising wisdom and discipline has been great on their own lives, schools, society and family life.
  • Mr. C started strolling out of the gym and looked at me with a smile. I didn't dare smile because I had to give the appearance that I knew it all along. In typical Branchville, over-the-top style, the scrimmage was stopped for a few minutes while the guys could get their collective breaths. Coach Barstow even went over to Patrick Morgan and ushered his bench-warming ass over to the sidelines. It felt good to have my team back, but it felt even better to finally have control over my life.
  • To fulfill these callings, the form of local church life will need to vary at different times and in different places.
  • "But if he still can't remember his former life on his own, what difference will knowing his name make?" Graice said.
  • I couldnt believe the events over the past two days. My blissful life here in Calgary seemed to be changing so fast. Although I didnt think Cody had anything to do with the change, Jacob would always be my number one priority. If he was truly concerned about Cody, then I would let my new friendship go. In any case, Cody would understand. He was always telling me he was a nomad who liked to be alone. If only hed been prepared to meet my whole family, we wouldnt be in this situation. It was a decision which was clearly no longer acceptable to anyone.
  • "Same goes for you," Omari said. Sick or not, Omari was definitely equipped to protect herself. So far, anyone attempting to end Omaris life hadnt lived to tell the tale, and as much as Omari hated the fact that shed been forced to take lives so many times, she wouldnt hesitate to do it again if the situation called for it.
  • At this point, one of the younger witches started to have hysterics. Be careful what you get into. Witchcraft may seem cool and glamorous, but it is a lot more than dressing in black and chanting at the moon (sometimes actual magic happens). Lucinda, for that was her name, left the order soon afterwards and after a short spell in a facility became an accountantthus avoiding excitement of any kind for the rest of her life.
  • Wi life will replace wi home and country which will cease publication in december 2006.
  • I hate magic, and one reason is the mess its made of the world; magic is more destabilizing than any other force of man or nature. Add a little magic to a situation and just watch how quickly things get out of hand. I didnt know how much of the current disaster had been caused by Max and his crew and how much of it theyd been fighting themselves, but now my favorite city was a wreck, who knew how many people were dead, river trade could be ruined for years, and what really had been solved? It was infighting in a small group, thats what it was, and all it did was trample people trying to live their lives and stay out of the way. If I took out Max it looked like Id be ridding the world of a prime player in a game I didnt like.
  • Just as a man of the night who has never seen the Sun and has only seen its shadow in the mirror of the Moon, cannot squeeze into his mind the resplendent light and awesome gravity particular to the Sun, and rather submits to those who have seen it and imitates them, in the same way, one who cannot attain to the maximum degrees of Names like All-Powerful and Giver of life through the legacy of Muhammed (PBUH), accepts the Resurrection of the Dead and Great Gathering imitatively, and declares that it is not a matter that can be understood through the reason.
  • It was on one of these occasions that she suddenly grew panicked as she realized the gilded box that held her noonstones was missing. She could not bear to think of Millie as a thief, and she supposed they might have fallen out when her garments had been taken for cleaning. Benjin was nowhere about, and her anxiety increased when she realized her staff was also gone. After a frantic and futile search of the apartments, she sat down and cried. The stress overwhelmed her, and she hugged herself in an effort to stave off a massive wave of depression. Her entire life was in disarray, and she could no longer take it. The fact that she needed to leave for Adderhold in the morning helped not at all. When Benjin and Millie entered, all smiles, she did what she could to hide her distress, but it was of no use; her anxiety was plain to see. "I've lost my staff and my stones," she managed to say.
  • Arboreal species, the butterfly is very rarely seen, preferring to spend much of its adult life in the tree canopy.
  • Such a positive endorsement of school life should be encouraged, but creating a yearbook can be a challenge.
  • I almost made myself do it, I really almost did, and in a way, that shocked me more than anything else, because it was the kind of thing Id promised myself Id never ever do again. This mess had woken feelings Id been trying to grapple with for years. They say you learn. They say you do what you have to do and after awhile you get used to it, but Id done things years before when I was nothing but a dumb hired-sword punk kid that still hung dark in my memory, making me squirm whenever I thought of them and sending me out in the street to do something nice for some other poor dumb idiot. Maybe I just had a resistance to education. On the other hand, either were all going to be barbarians, or somebody has to rein themselves in, decide when theyre going to draw their own line, or decide when theres something they have to do because they think its the right thing to do, even if it doesnt directly benefit themselves, even if sometime it may be incompatible with their own survival. Id done that, and that was the way I tried to live my life.
  • And all around the building were beings with spirits and animate beings, but their means of livelihood and conditions of life were such that some were herbivorous, they lived only on plants, while others were piscivorous, they ate nothing but fish.
  • Increase due to compare individual best life and health insurance company health insurance quote health insurance benefits.
  • "Congratulations on getting this far. If you want to see your mother youll have to find her. Shes in the place where your new life had started. You have 15 minutes to figure it out."
  • "Nonsense!" said the Roman Candle, "Romance never dies. It is like the moon, and lives for ever. The bride and bridegroom, for instance, love each other very dearly. I heard all about them this morning from a brown-paper cartridge, who happened to be staying in the same drawer as myself, and knew the latest Court news."
  • Arznaak put on a pout. "Oh, but of course, youre not in any mood for entertainment. Been feeling rather directionless, have you, overwhelmed with ennui? life seem not worth the trouble of living?"
  • "Something that does not seem to bother you." Graham paused, staring intently. "You've spent your whole life preparing for this war. Why do you suddenly not care?"
  • Cautionary tale warning against the dangers of modern life or imprudent or taboo behaviors.
  • Emily ran all the way home from townabout two milesas he angst over watching Cal take Hartwell's life was aided by her high fitness level. She had been getting back to her long-distance running roots as of late, and she planned to run in a half-marathon in the spring and follow that up with the New York Marathon in the fall.
  • Carla was the only member of the hunter party that had not participated in any of the fights, aside from baby Kayla of course. It had been a lonely life for her and the baby since the battles started. The family would leave in the evening and not return until she awoke in the morning, because it took that long for the regeneration process to complete.
  • Barqueing took on a new lease of life in the mid-19th century, with the typical whaling bark being fitted with an auxiliary engine.
  • And god will give you long life upon the earth, that you may have life everlasting in the kingdom of the heavens.
  • Copper piping was cut to create wind chimes that come to life with any movement of the tree.
  • Josh hadnt been much kinder. One man lay in a heap on the floor in a pool of blood, and the other Josh had by the throat, holding the hapless soul several inches off the floor and slowly squeezing the life from him. I hesitated, wondering if I should interfere, when Alex saved me the trouble.
  • Dickens further elaborates the parallel between personal and public struggles in Chapter21, which begins with Lucie in her parlor listening to the echo of footsteps on the street, and then shifts to the storming of the Bastille in Paris. The footsteps sweep the reader along, from the intimate struggles of private life to a revolution that will shape the future of an entire country and continent. Dickenss description of the battle contains exceptional power. Consider the following passage from Chapter 21:
  • By selling only shearlings, we endeavor to supply livestock which will achieve a long breeding life span.
  • The dark film, known as desert varnish, traps microbes and other life forms in its sticky surface.
  • "Wow, thats one rare piece!" Susan couldnt contain her excitement. She grabbed the necklace from George. Working in museums all her life had given her a very good eye for rare and unique objects. "Ive never seen such a large triple serial triskele carved out of single emerald before! How much money did this guy offer you for it?"
  • My head fell into my hands. I was overwhelmed. Why me? Of all the people on this planet, why was I picked to be guarded? My life as I knew it was slipping through my fingers like water. This meant more secrets and lies. Didnt I already have to keep a majority of my life a mystery to those I met?
  • "Very few are stubborn when their lives are at stake," Ryson countered. "I've noticed that before. I suggest we get them to realize what's going on. You spoke of changing the course of a river. Maybe you should compare it to changing the tide of the ocean. The tide has been going out, but now it's time for it to come back in. It's just like everything else. It takes time, but it does happen."
  • Anubis uneasily answered, "You know that I have been patrolling here for a very long time. I have seen many burials that have taken place, from small ceremonies to large full-blown ones. Every ceremony has the same routine. First comes the dead, next the family, followed by the things that the dead one loved most in life and what they wanted with them in the next life, mostly food and wealth. Sometimes though, that included pets, and sometimes slaves and such."
  • Rose had usually fed Tiger and Lily by the time Louie and Lulu arrived home after a day at the factory. This meant the couple could enjoy their own meal together while Tiger and Lily played and scampered around making Louie and Lulu laugh. Yes life in the bee household was pretty good.
  • "We have cause to be glad that matters are so well digested," says Maecenas, smiling at a man with whom he might have fought. He glances at Enobarbuss increased girth. "Youve stayed well byt in Egypt!" He has heard much about the dissolute life led by Romans there.
  • He smiled as he thought what he could do to her. How good her Breath would feel as she kneeled before him, on hands and knees, submitting to his thrusts, her life draining from her. What power would be his when she finally gave it up in one final, ultimate climax? He became aroused just thinking of the sweetness of her Breath in that moment.
  • Summer was near. The air flirted with the cold one day and teased with a warm caress of heat the next. City nightlife sprang to life with car horns, bright lights and unsuspecting humans walking the streets to and fro.
  • Unlike Digory's experience in The Magician's Nephew, Trevor Thomas' decision to ring the golden bell had worked nothing less than a few miracles. When they had first reached the City, Trevor found it broken and empty, but as soon as he rang the golden bell, it wasn't just the Ancients who sprang to lifethe entire city came to life.
  • For almost everyone, including the middle classes, life has become ever more insecure.
  • I was delighted. That drunken jerk would be ribbed for the rest of his life after been whipped by a teeny female of just five foot. It was the least he deserved.
  • You can support this life changing work by using the enclosed envelope.
  • The other is the loss in pension wealth by those who postpone retirement and thus receive less for any given life expectancy.
  • I started the unhappy (and mainly unsuccessful) task of searching for my wayward socks. This stupid discovery quest is nothing like the fun summer treasure hunts that Tray takes me on each year. Even as I mentally reprimanded myself for not pairing my socks, I knew my words were falling on deaf ears. I have never been able to keep up with them. This ridiculous clothing challenge is the only thing in my life I cant seem to keep organized. Its also enough to make me crazy
  • When Princess Mary began to cry, he understood that she was crying at the thought that little Nicholas would be left without a father. With a great effort he tried to return to life and to see things from their point of view.
  • Minotaurs have a long life span. If not killed, they usually live two or three thousand years. They possess basic reasoning skills akin to that of a Siren, Chimera or Great Ape. They are also capable of using tools and weapons.
  • Renal failure the mean terminal half life was found to be 19.5 hours.
  • He knew what they were waiting to hear. For the raga Malkauns, a master would sound the first note powerfully, yet with a sense of great subtletyslipping his finger quickly down the string and into the note just as it was struck, then instantly pulling the string across the fret, almost in the same motion, again raising the pitch and giving the feeling the note had merely been tasted, dipped down into and out again as it quavered into existence. But it was much more than mere technique. That was the easiest part. It was a sense. A feeling. It came not from the hand, but from the heart. The note must be felt, not merely sounded. When done with lightness, life seemed to be created, a prahna in the music that the player and listener shared as one. But if the players heart was false, regardless of how skilled he might be, then his music was hollow and dead.
  • Jesus came into the world not to be ministered unto but to ministered unto but to minister and give his life a ransom for many.
  • I ate, wondering what the One of the screen wanted with me. Not for an instant did I suppose that her actions had been prompted by the reasons she pretended; the life of the underworld had taught me that none of its denizens leaned toward philanthropy. And underworld the chamber of mystery had been, in spite of its elaborate and bizarre nature. And where could it be located? How far had I walked along the corridor? I shrugged my shoulders, wondering if it were not all a hashish-induced dream; then my eye fell upon my hand--and the scorpion traced thereon.
  • The life aquatic might feature a morally questionable lead, but retains a reassuring sense of quirky otherworldliness.
  • Myranda launched into an offense with a ferocity that she would have never thought herself capable of. With each block or dodge, she grew angrier. Visions of the war spurred her on. Had he done what it was his destiny to do, she would never have had to know war. Every hardship of her life would never have occurred. Suddenly, it happened. Perhaps it was the long rest, or the anger-fueled strength, or the unpredictability of her furious attacks, but a blow slipped through, passing by his block and striking him squarely in on the chest. In an instant, he swept her legs out from under her and put the end of his staff to her throat, his teeth bared.
  • Johan laughed. Warmth filled him at the memories of the stories Raven had told him while hiding in the caves of Alludam during the Rebellion. "In many ways, he be nothing like his people. That be one reason why he lives out here. In this," he shrugged, "It's fairly typical, from what I know of them. It seems their abilities are gathered from the sun, and the plants."
  • Puritanical values drive your life if you want to blend in for safety.
  • Seeing more puzzled looks on Louies and Lulus faces Pearl went on to further explain. ‘I know its difficult to grasp. Even I am having trouble to come to terms with the concept. However I am sure that over millions of years it has been phenomena such as what we have found here that has created the diversity of life on the planet and it is why we are not all the same’.
  • no point whatever in postina real ambassador now." He hesitated for a moment, as though unsure how to phrase his next point. "The most amazing thing is what they say about the Great Moghul himself, the one they call Arangbar. The Jesuits claim the mans scarcely ever sober. Seems he lives on some kind of poppy sap they call opium, and on wine. Hes a Moor sure enough, but he drinks like a Christian, downs a full gallon of wine a day. Een holds audiences with a flagon in his hand. From the letters I can sense the Jesuits all marvel how the damned heathen does it, but they sweartis true. No, sirrah, we cant send some fancy-titled ambassador now. Thats later. We want a man of quality, it goes without sayin’, but hes got to be able to drink with that damned Moor and parlay with him in his cups. No Jesuit interpreters."
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