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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

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  • There is also a danger of schools becoming like those big out-of-town hypermarkets which suck the life away from other shops " .
  • She felt lonely, in spite of her companion. Conyn was as much a part of this wilderness as Balthusa was alien to it. The Cimmerian might have spent years among the great cities of the world; she might have walked with the rulers of civilization; she might even achieve her wild whim some day and rule as queen of a civilized nation; stranger things had happened. But she was no less a barbarian. She was concerned only with the naked fundamentals of life. The warm intimacies of small, kindly things, the sentiments and delicious trivialities that make up so much of civilized women's lives were meaningless to her. A wolf was no less a wolf because a whim of chance caused her to run with the watch-dogs. Bloodshed and violence and savagery were the natural elements of the life Conyn knew; she could not, and would never, understand the little things that are so dear to civilized women and men.
  • A cold blast of salty sea air whipped the ends of Gladys' long plait over her shoulder. Gladys had always been a bit of a no hopershe didn't ever have a life plan, wasn't terribly good at anything (other than Zombie Master 3000) and well…. wasn't anything much to look at. She didn't have charisma, long legs, or a winning smile. Her hair was long and dark brown, her eyes a dull hazelnut, her face too round. She could touch her toes though, and shoot a zombie at 40 paces. But apparently that doesn't impress. But regardless of her lack of potential, she hadn't exactly helped herself. She could have gone to unicould have made something of her life. But instead she'd just stayed in Sunny Bay....
  • Did Rose? The more she pondered her parentsmotives, the more she felt something tugging at her innards. She was sure that was it, felt foolish for not having asked Margaret, but Rose knew Judith and Don, even though it had been ten years. Theyd been thoughtful with their two daughters, more with Petra, allowing Rose leeway that perhaps otherwise they wouldnt have offered. Letting Rose marry Gray only after two months of courtship; life was short, Don Robinson always said. Gray and Rose slept together in June of 1994 and in August, Rose was his wife.
  • The downpour helped clear his mind. The sound of rain on Iselins wing acted as white noise that quieted all of his worries and apprehension. Sasha was now sitting next to Iselins front leg resting against it. Water was running under the massive armor and streaming out over Iselins pearl claws and gemstone scales. When he thought about it, he never really had seen anything so beautiful in his life as Iselin. Maybe Sasha was right to try and set them up.
  • "Thank you, sir," said Shaa. "You see, this man speaks the matter right. The breakdown of custom is a terrible thing, a terrible thing indeed, leading to abrogation of the law, rioting, agitation; breakdown, in short, of all those enlightenments that separate us from the savage, from the life of the barbarians. Present company excluded, of course," he added, in an aside to the guard on his right, whose hand had wrapped itself easily around Shaas entire upper arm.
  • Sarah was so fed up by the men in her life that she decided to go away for the summer to coach at a basketball camp in Pennsylvania. Dave made several attempts near the end of the school year to get through to her, but she was a stone wall. They spent some professional time together in the late spring, launching leagues at the new rec. center. She was in a real dark period and there was nothing he could do to snap her out of itat least for now.
  • The home planet seemed ready to fall apartin governance and trade and wealthand the peoples of Earth lived restless and fearful of what the future held, with civilization itself seeming to falter. Commerce with colonies had faded away to only those nearby, therefore the pirates could be sure of a ready market for goods that might extend the life of technology in faraway backwards places. Knowing this, the leader picked a world distant enough to require a long journey through the emptiness of ultraspace, and one that had gone many years without contact.
  • "As your captain stated," Lief answered, "I have been in Connel. The serp appears to want to hold the city for his own gain. He has used the goblins not to kill the inhabitants but to control them. He has herded them into Connels center. Bloat spiders encircle the city at its very edges. They have spun vast webs to block access to the city. Those few roads that are clear are guarded carefully. I have heard his orders as they were delivered to the people that live there. They are to toil for the serps behalf. For the most part, they will be allowed to resume their daily lives, as long as what they do serves the better good of Sazar. Just call them slaves."
  • My dad then said,"The biggest mistake you can make in life is being loyal to one woman. But, by the look of things on this trip, I can see that you already knew that."
  • He did. He wondered if this might be another trick, a ruse to make Dr. Socks life even more hellish. But he waved the comment away and pretended to look embarrassed.
  • James picked up his pistol and aimed it at Alexandras rather shapely middle and fired two quick shots that were placed just perfectly so that round holes would form and bleed, but not spurt. Alexandra jumped and fell to the stage rather abruptly as Jim went over to her. She was alive and slipping away, but not fast enough to stop her from being able to talk for a good long time before her life ended.
  • It had been agreed that Emla would greet these four young ones alone, in the quiet and calm of her Garden. Only when she felt the four had no fears of her would she call the Seniors to join them. This plan had displeased only Gan Jal-Sarl, the Chief of her Guard. He was also a Senior, strong in the Power, but he had chosen the freer life in the Ladys Guards rather than the confinement of study or classroom.
  • Aperture telephoto macro lens enables you to shoot up to 1:1 life size close-ups.
  • Manufactured from kiln dried redwood with high quality mortise and tenon joints and pressure treated for long life in service.
  • Morion leans back in her seat. Her father's story has satisfied many of her thoughts and questions, but now many more replace them. Who exactly was her mother? Why in all her life in Halvard had she never heard tale of the city of Theria and what happened there? Had Morrigan blocked or possibly removed these memories? Even with these somewhat disturbing thoughts to dwell on, she finds her thoughts now turning to Alastor. The past will be dealt with in time, for it is the present which needs the full of attention.
  • "The Book is given somewhere in the land and must be carried by an outworlder, for the outworlder does not feel Saa as a native does. If a Morrander were to Carry the Book of life it would be a certain disaster, as any wizard would know at any time where the Book was. The Sorceress of Slagg, even her master, Gaff.
  • "To tell the truth, he also saved my life several months ago, the night we made landfall at Surat and were ambushed on the Tapti River by the Portugals."
  • Because drummer Stewart Copeland had broken his collarbone and was unable to play the drums, Copeland opted to use his Fairlight CMI to program the drum track for the single. While singer/bassist Sting pushed to utilize the drums on his Synclavier instead, the group's engineer found the Synclavier's programming interface difficultand took him two days to complete the task. Copeland ultimately finished the drum programming very quickly and claimed that the Fairlight's then-legendary "Page R" (the device's sequencing page) saved his life and put him on the map as a composer. In a Qantas inflight radio program named "Reeling In The Years", Copeland was quoted as saying that the argument over Synclavier versus Fairlight drums was "the straw that broke the camel's back", and led to the group's unraveling.
  • Bane rubbed his forehead, frustrated by the pain that would not let him think. His father could not be wrong. The Black Lord was never wrong. The healer was devious, and was trying to win his trust, that was the only explanation that made any sense. His foot throbbed, cuts burnt all over him, and he wished he could sleep. Rest was denied him, however, and he stared at the dull brown leather above him. He thought about his father and his life in the Underworld, which he still missed.
  • "Dont lie," The Puppetmaster hissed, kneeling, "because I intended to give you a shitty start. Youre still in school, Jeremy. You need to work your way up from the ground if you really want to appreciate the life of a criminal."
  • To dwell on the past is pointless. It is obvious that you did not intend to lose control of Rommus Tirinius. Things still go well, even if the other gods are aware of the identity of the god of war. They are concerned of course, and none of them trust Rommus except for Terinopus. For some reason he has sympathy for him. But the god of life has a weakness for all living things.
  • "Both. In each of my lives, male and female, there was a recurring theme of intense sexual desire. I loved the sculptured hardness of a male who would fill me and I worshipped the shape and feel of a woman. When not engaging in the sexual act, I was always content to just observe my partner. I loved it."
  • Thus our conception of free will and inevitability gradually diminishes or increases according to the greater or lesser connection with the external world, the greater or lesser remoteness of time, and the greater or lesser dependence on the causes in relation to which we contemplate a man's life.
  • Shawn knew that the proof really was in the resultsin the lives spent togetherbut it was difficult to show people what he could only see. They resumed walking until they reached Central Park. It was only 7:30 a.m. and the sun was starting to make an impact on the mild November morning.
  • Nature the mountain peak stands serene sloping down to valleys where life is teeming.
  • Nystagmus that appears in the first months of life is called " early onset nystagmus that appears in the first months of life is called " early onset nystagmus " or " congenital nystagmus " .
  • "Shes Brnwens great-granddaughter," replied Derg , "while all the stories tell that Brnwen died of grief after learning of her brothers death, she was actually enjoying her life in Finnvarrs court. A result of all this merriment was the conception of Maeves grandmother, Una, who in turn gave birth to Maeves mother, Fayla, many years later."
  • The valley floor sloped downward, and the sand was a shade darker in the area Catrin selected. She stood atop the spot, closed her eyes, and reached into the sand with her senses, trying to be fully focused. Her mind pierced the bedrock and felt the intense repulsion of the water. Moments passed while she considered her options. The lives of many depended on her decision, and she did not want to make it in haste.
  • Glenys said, "Be careful. And if I were you Id get a real look at your throat. The academy physic lives on the grounds and has an office in the community hall."
  • To reduce government stake in life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation (GIC) to 50 percent and restructure the two.
  • "I agree," Bill says and then turns to Jack Wolfe and Emma Creek. "I dont need revenge, but I need justice. I need to know that he cannot hurt anyone else any further. You two dont need to come. Go ahead and enter your door and live whatever life lies behind it. Youve earned it. Youre both young."
  • Wayne got tired real fast of hearing his mother say, "Shes not Jewish" and "Why do you have to get serious with a shicksa?" All he knew was that Kathy was the love his life and he could not live a day without her. The fact that she was Baptist had absolutely no bearing for Waynehe might have spent five years in Hebrew School but that was a long time ago and his beliefs had softened over time.
  • Dear and precious Friend, Your letter of the 13th has given me great delight. So you still love me, my romantic Julie? Separation, of which you say so much that is bad, does not seem to have had its usual effect on you. You complain of our separation. What then should I say, if I dared complain, I who am deprived of all who are dear to me? Ah, if we had not religion to console us life would be very sad. Why do you suppose that I should look severely on your affection for that young man? On such matters I am only severe with myself. I understand such feelings in others, and if never having felt them I cannot approve of them, neither do I condemn them. Only it seems to me that Christian love, love of one's neighbor, love of one's enemy, is worthier, sweeter, and better than the feelings which the beautiful eyes of a young man can inspire in a romantic and loving young girl like yourself.
  • A surge lit up the room, actually making the dome light above their heads brighter. Sam didn't know what it was, but whatever Richard just did collected around them. She could feel it on her skin. The gauges on Richard's screen projections skyrocketed upward from black to yellow, orange, and finally red. A bunch of equipment around the room sprang to life and went to work doing unknown tasks. The area buzzed with artificial life.
  • The rock is covered in life including yellow and white sponges, pompom xenia, brown zoos and several different types of small polyps.
  • "We are calling for her death because we believe her life will change the world, but what if it is the other way around? Nowhere in the prophecy does it say her life will change the world, it just says she will change the world." Fenrir sat down.
  • She couldn't understand Michael's purported aversion for dogs, especially since he had devoted his life for a hunt for a mythical dog called Oooeelie.
  • Very funny! How much longer?' It had been at least two hours and this was, to Denny's mind, the very worst of the quest experiences. He would far rather have been fighting for his life than sitting here with the blood slowly coagulating in his buttocks.
  • "There are no battle lines, no points of defense. There is no safe haven, there is no place which is more secure than another, and there is never a clear border between you and the enemy. The entire area is the battlefield. No matter what is going on in another section of this town, there is always the threat that a hundred or even a thousand dwarves may surface right in front of you in an instant. You can never be sure where their army is, or how large they are. Just when you think you have found the main body of their army, a larger force will break through the ground behind you. I say this because you show some confidence in the use of spears. I tell you in all honesty, if our lives become dependent on spears, we are lost."
  • Lou Berman worked as a Social Studies teacher at West Valley's junior high school, where he had been since the family moved from Brooklyn. His parents, Sophie and Peter, ran an apartment building on the upper east side of Manhattan near Central Park. Peter worked days as an ice delivery man and nights as the building superintendent. He spent little time with his two boys, as work always came before play. Sophie ruled with an iron fist and a thick leather belt. Peter died at the tender age of 51, undoubtedly of exhaustion, cutting short a life spent toiling and not enjoying. This, however, was the Eastern European work ethic. Lou's family came from Poland and Helen's emigrated from Austria. Pete only really knew one grandparent his whole life, as Sophie died of an already broken heart when he was only a few years old. She was never the same after her husband died.
  • We got 8 hours 1 minute of battery life in total, with music playing right to the end.
  • "We have cause to be glad that matters are so well digested," says Maecenas, smiling at a man with whom he might have fought. He glances at Enobarbuss increased girth. "Youve stayed well byt in Egypt!" He has heard much about the dissolute life led by Romans there.
  • Zack replied, "All of that pressure. You know my place in life is by your side, but I cant go back to corporate America and all of the strain of paying bills and mortgages."
  • These would include stretcher bearers who often put their lives at risk to rescue injured soldiers in no mans land.
  • Greg is good looking too, but he had met Tray on his first day here. It seems that guys have this rivalry thing that I know very little about and that was a big problem. And to add yet, one more complication to the mix, my brother couldnt straighten this mess out for us. First, he didnt know that all my girlfriends thought he and Krista had a "thing" going. I didnt know how he would react if he found out about their 'romanceeither. Secondly, I had given him ample reason to be frustrated lately. I didnt want to add another stressful event to his already drama filled life.
  • Arrhythmia awareness week arrhythmia awareness week arrhythmia awareness week is a campaign that aims to improve the quality of life for people living with cardiac arrhythmias.
  • It might seem strange to those who hated him for his evil ways, but healers made no judgements about such things; it was not their place. A healer's mission in life was to help others, no matter who they were. She rummaged through the cupboards, finding a selection of herbs, some of which were used for healing. After several minutes of searching, she found what she wanted, and steeped the dried flowers in boiling water. She made it strong to impress him, added cold water to it, and hurried back to his cabin. Bane watched her from the bunk. As she approached with the cup, he sat up and gestured to the table.
  • In the minds of many people the concept of running for your life is a very powerful image and is considered barbaric.
  • "Your mate lives, the prophecy will come to pass, now." Kagutsuchi, the Elemental, spoke up. "You will create our downfall should you mate. If we allow the war to unfold, we will not have to worry about that."
  • Sams private life was about as private as a 25 cent peep show. He never had a problem chirping to co-workers about his dating adventures, and they never seemed to tire of his sophomoric behavior. At first, I must admit, that I was really captivated by the way he told a story. But, as time went on, I kept wondering "Wheres the beef?" As I became more and more comfortable with Sam, it was easier to guide him to the straighter track. If I had a dollar for every time he said, "To make a long story short," I would have enough money to buy a few hundred black and white cookies. Tasty.
  • as a coward.I'll fulfill the dream of my mom.I'll bring her back her to life through my songs.I carefully folded the paper and went into raj's room.
  • Susie lives and works in central london and specializes in animal portraiture.
  • 'Yes that could happen. But the griffons are close enough to grab us if we have any serious issues, and no matter what you do in life you'll never be completely safe.'
  • But there was still the matter of the prompting, the very one shed had earlier as she scooped the coffee from the bag into the filter and poured fresh water into the makers reservoir to get it all started. It had come to her so quietly that at first Maggie didnt recognize it as a prompting at all, as though the clamor of waking life was much too loud for promptings. Or something like that, she had mused, concerned and making a mental note to revisit the thought later. But the prompting was there regardless, and Maggie knew that the visions had taught her above all to listen to themand to obey them. The problem was, this request may just prove too much. She took a deep breath. If she was going to be rejected, she thought, it may as well be from the man at the very top. Somewhat demurely, she said:
  • Bruce turned the corner and spotted two rather large figures going at it against the lockers. Since he had never seen his friend David so much as kiss another girl in their lives, even though the big guy was married in his real life, the thought of the male groper being the person he entered this world with was the last thing on his mind.
  • Donald Prince then went through the painstaking process of trying to find a person that wasnt even sure where she was, let alone what her next move in life would be. So, the task of finding Cindy Shuman in order to impart the wishes of her grandfather in his Last Will and Testament would be much more difficult than locating her high profile brother.
  • Noughtdaies are full of dolor and disease, our life afflicted with incessant paine, that naught on earth may lessen or appease.
  • In the experimental sciences what we know we call the laws of inevitability, what is unknown to us we call vital force. Vital force is only an expression for the unknown remainder over and above what we know of the essence of life.
  • The twin existential threats of nuclear weapons and global warming may work together to end life on Earth because climate dislocations will make desperate national confrontations more likely. But the world
  • "To take it even further, the two men could have both chosen a respectable path. To that end, they might have both become bankers. Eventually, they would become partners and one day one would mistake the other for a thief and the event would still come to pass. Or perhaps, they both would choose the lesser path and become thieves that fell in together. They would rob the bank together, argue over the money, and one would die. You see, they both had absolute free will to choose their own path, but neither could escape the fate of the event. Choice and destiny, both shaping two lives, existing togetherdo you understand?"
  • Mirra gazed around, shocked by the number of crippled beggars that fringed the crowd. Never had she seen so many people with missing appendages, eyes, ears and even noses. Some wore leg chains or iron collars, and all carried a tin cup, which they rattled at the people who watched the procession. Filthy rags covered them, and their eyes gazed hopelessly from sunken sockets in emaciated faces. She guessed that they must be slaves, perhaps captured over the river and brought here to live out their lives in misery, or sacrificed when occasion demanded it. The sight of their mutilations aroused her pity, and she longed to go amongst them and give what help she could.
  • The blow, other than weakening the sentinel's equilibrium, caused one other significant reaction. The sand giant reassessed its evaluation of the dwarf as a threat. While it had no concept of self-preservation, it understood if it was destroyed, it could not protect the passage to the next tier. Such was its awareness that it decided to end the life of the dwarf.
  • Daniel Monti, MD, director of the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine and lead author on the study, and colleagues have previously published on the success of Mindfulness-based Art Therapy (MBAT) at helping cancer patients lower stress levels and improve quality of life.
  • I came back to life in the wagon and the wagon was stopped in front of the jail. The wagon was only a five passenger sedan but they're all the same, whether they've got wire over the back of a truck or are just an ordinary car. They all take you to jail. I could hear Ziggy's voice say:
  • Fond of practical jokes and revenge, the doctors, nurses and soldiers often find ways of making wartime life bearable.
  • Then again, I was using my life savings to keep him safe, so I was already betting on him being the real deal. I flipped the page of my book distractedly but couldnt help but continuously peek up at Andrew.
  • The Skipper watched the butty and Noss tie each others life preservers on. "Is studying at the academy his idea too?"
  • The one truly horrifying thing about planning is the fear of the unknown. If Amy had her way, all unknowns would be removed and life would be as predictable as the Amish life in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Even Amish people have things that interrupt the normal flow of activitiesas long as your dealing with life and death, the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. Every time Amy started picking out colors for the babys room, Alan told her to stop talking about it. He always became very nervous when people talked about future events like they had already taken place. It always made Alan feel uncomfortable when he had to look into the futureeven when he was at work doing budgetary functions; it worried him that he couldnt control the randomness of events that could cloud even the clearest issue.
  • Trypanosome life cycle in the fly is regulated by symbiotic bacteria in its gut into which it is possible to insert foreign genes.
  • Human life would be revolutionised, he realised, if everyone could really see the depth and expansiveness of the natural world that was hidden there all the time.
  • Scrawny man who had no real signs of life except for a faint green glow smoldering behind his eyes.
  • Showing concern always annoyed him, yet she could not bring herself to pretend to hate him as he seemed to expect. Keeping quiet appeared to be the best solution, then she sometimes escaped his notice for days, and avoided the ordeal of his malicious games. She longed to gain some insight into his life and what had moulded him into what he was, but no one seemed to know much about him, and she dared not question him.
  • Aiden glanced up and down the tunnel, thankful that it was still devoid of any life other than himself. Given the poor conditions, he surmised that only the unluckiest men were pressed into guard duty at night, while the rest of them slept within the warmer confines of the cave. With no further distractions, Aiden took a deep breath and read out the first incantation, the words sounding strange and exotic, but infused with an essence that was difficult to describe, let alone understand.
  • Dan, as Dan was wont to do, takes the blame, certain it was his behavior that had driven her to this extreme. After a brief but intense courtship he had sunk back into old habits, immersed in his sports fantasy leagues, World of Warcraft and his myriad of other geeky indulgences, regressing to the life he lived when he was eighteen and living with his parents. Gina had become a mere blip on his radar, a friend with benefits, taken for granted.
  • It took an hour for life to reset, with Gary coming to first as a wolf and then morphing back to his human form. He slowly rose to his feet and then followed the tracks and scents that led him to his greatest nightmare: Hartwell impaled on the massive tree branch.
  • But for the biggest, potentially ruinous, buys of our lives, most of us are poorly advised lambs ready to be fleeced.
  • "Thats not much of a question." Shaas eyes, if Mont could have seen them, were not focusing on anything in particular. "There is a prophecy that I would meet the major love of my life while on an adventure. I havent met whomever it is yet, so I am forced to continue to dredge up new escapades. There are certain penalty clauses also involved, making it unproductive for me to swear off the idea of love and merely retire to a mountaintop on a permanent basis." These were not the only other clauses, but Mont hopefully didnt know enough to ask and Shaa certainly didnt intend to volunteer more than had already been squeezed out.
  • Serenity was finally accepting her identity. She would have the life Sebastian wanted for her. But she was still heartbroken and couldnt imagine having a normal life; meeting someone, getting married, having a family of her own, but she dealt with it. Serenity was her own person now. Shed stood up for herself. Sebastian had been right; no one else could save her, she needed to do that for herself.
  • Collette laughed a light, tinkling sort of laugh. Lines spread from the corners of her eyes when she smiled, but the sparkle in her eyes spoke of inner youth. "I'm no lady, that's a'certain. Call me Collette," she said, and Catrin was struck by her kindness and by the similarity between these people and her own. These were good people. They were not filled with malice or spite. They led simple, wholesome lives, and she felt a kinship to them. The realizations made the entire conflict seem even more ludicrous. She had no quarrel with these good folk, and they harbored no ill toward her. Yet it was their blood that was being shed, that of their children. Catrin began to think of these people not as the Zjhon, but as the people of the Greatland. The Zjhon were the ones who desired war, and all others were simply their victims.
  • I must admit that the combination of the erotic and disturbing behavior going on around me was clouding my judgment a bit. That, and the fact that I wasn't used to talking about my personal life with co-workers, was throwing me off a bit.
  • Assad would probably lose vital diplomatic support from Russia and China that has blocked military intervention in the 20-month-old uprising that has claimed more than 40,000 lives.
  • But she wasnt doing this for Sebastian. Serenity was leaving for herself, for her life and sanity. He had opened her eyes to the possibility of another life but that didnt mean she was leaving her husband for him.
  • The completion of the ritual propelled the guys backward through life, as each man viewed and experienced the major milestones in their lives since they were split up.
  • "Hunt mice in the sticks!" they exclaimed, "Well take our chances here." I tried to convince them, but to no avail, they simply refused to give up their pampered life for freedom. I had failed again, first to my king and now to Mom. I left their chamber and almost ran right into the advisor.
  • Team: cognition game title: environment this game engages the player in understanding the delicate balance of life in the rain forests.
  • Egypt is on a collision course. An ever growing, if periodically discouraged, portion of the population opposes the government and Morsy's Muslim Brotherhood, and supports the revolution's goals of social and economic justice, accountable government, and basic freedoms, including freedom of expression and protection of minorities. Yet the government is moving in exactly the opposite direction, with its authoritarian control over political, social, and religious life.
  • "No, Ill go. I have to. Im not going to let you risk the lives of everyone here and lose those fifty-seven people."
  • 'Precisely, think of all the lives we could save if we could harness it.' The General clenched a large hand. 'Think of all the soldiers that needlessly die in combat, think of the edge we could have if we could send one of these behind enemy lines. It would be a super weapon.'
  • In it paul is trying to save the life of an escaped slave without sounding too demanding to his owner.
  • The two men fought on, the Overlord ripping chunk after chunk of Betzalel's flesh away. The wounds did not bleed, but oozed wisps of life that the Overlord breathed in, filling his lungs with the ancient spirit's life.
  • Mirra shivered as the cold mountain wind cut through her coat. Long shadows crept across the land as dusk fell. Soon she would have to return to Bane's tent for the night. Stretching her hands out to the fire, she tried to absorb more heat through her palms. The silence left by the rock howler's visit remained unbroken, the men sunk in private, morose thoughts. She gazed at the flickering flames, remembering her life at the abbey with a smile. A muttered curse from one of the men plucked her from her reverie, and she looked up to find them scrambling away from the fire.
  • Lief's anger doubled, tripled. He was about to condemn the delver with every curse known to the elves, but his anger soon gave way to understanding. He saw compassion in the eyes of the delver. It was not fear which spurred Ryson to refuse the plan, it was a respect for life.
  • "I have no idea what any of you are talking about," Edeline sighed. "Are all of you always speaking in riddles? I was just living my life until first thing yesterday morning. Someone knocked on my door and the next thing I know I'm stuck here in cuckoo-land with nothing but nonsense around me."
  • The life sciences group deal with biological protection and plant physiology.
  • "Then why did you come!" The voice of Hura suddenly roared, Jorden buffeted by the force of it. It was a voice and power that seemed totally unsuited to what was not much more than a girl. She snatched a rod of silver from a cluster at the side of the shelving, a irregular fist sized chunk of clear crystal stuck awkwardly to one end. "Come for a taste of power perhaps," she hissed, "or a chance to return to the sad lonely life you left behind." Hura shook her head as she faced the two, the rod held firm within both hands. "And now you stand to defend your pet!"
  • "You should have sent for me," Roland said as they walked along a narrow towpath of hard-packed earth, their backs to the Sultan's tents. "You risked your life going alone among those men."
  • Likewise failing to recognize the interdependence of all living things threatens the delicate web of life which supports us.
  • Barry Melnick thought it would be better for Pete to be in a regular dorm, as opposed to the hectic life of the freshman dorm. Living with sophomores and juniors gave Pete a chance to ease the transition to his new life. Those students had"been there," and"done that," and helped him navigate over some early rough spots. Melnick also separated Pete and Eric Spalding in an effort to let each of them grow independently. Spalding and Berman were best friends and managed to hang out together most of the time anyway.
  • Michael Roddy was two years Grays senior, the two having met in their shared hometown north of Los Angeles when Gray was in seventh and Michael in ninth grade. They went to the same junior high school, where Gray quickly established himself a guitar virtuoso, much to Michaels haughty disdain. Hed been playing that instrument for over a year and while a few chords were within his grasp, this innocent, bland looking boy had entered Michaels realm, shattering what musical confidence the elder boy possessed. It was the first time in Michael Roddys life someone younger had bested him.
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