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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

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  • The Comoros is the only state to be a member of all of the following: the African Union, Francophonie, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Arab League (of which it is the southernmost state) and the Indian Ocean Commission. Since independence in 1975, the country has experienced numerous coups d'tat and, as of 2008, about half the population lives below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day.
  • "No, they just tried to get me to stop and talk to them. They said vampires are dangerous and I didn't need to be coming in here because of you, blah, blah, blah. I told them the only person who had tried to kill me lately was a human, and the only person who had saved my life was a vampire, so they were preaching to the wrong audience.
  • Muhammed (Peace and blessings be upon him), the living, articulate proof of Divine Unity, demonstrated and proclaimed Divine Unity throughout his life with the two wings of prophethood and sainthood, that is, with a strength that comprised the consensus of all the prophets who had preceded him and the unanimity of the saints and purified scholars who came after him.
  • Krista shook her head and laughed, intermittently. Evidently, her life is just as far from 'traditionalas mine is. Relieved, mine and Trays gypsy living situation is a secret we can safely share with them. I knew, from the moment I left her house that day that Krista is (and always will be) my best friend
  • The most important thing in Jacksons life had been Jackson himself. She typed in his name, followed by his surname, and when that didnt work she started trying different combinations of his name and added in a few numbershis birth year, their house number.
  • Wheel of life features a cast of twenty five ordained soldier monks, ranging in age from seven to seventy.
  • Louis went on, "But my knights and men came with me to liberate Jerusalem, not to die in a fruitless struggle against impossible odds. I have always accepted it as my duty to lead men to their deaths when necessary, but I have no right to waste lives when I can preserve them."
  • Tea was brewing, and as Rose didnt cry, but only sniffed, Petra found a small tempest in Roses life was developing too.
  • Summarized in the words, " life is tough " ( an indicator of a lament ).
  • Though Kalinies had spent most of his life staring at books, he was growing weary; and the King was growing impatient. "Nothing?" Idimus asked, a slight sting in his voice.
  • Half the first syllable was all he managed before Esmerelda stopped, jerked him by the arm and struck him in the throat as he flew toward her. While he was still bent, gasping for air, she covered his mouth with her hand and brought her lips to his ear. "If you want to live," she whispered, "be quiet and do as I say." The priest nodded. Esmerelda slid her hand from his mouthhe didnt say a thingto his neck, where his pulse was racing. "One word," she repeated her warning, "and youll be dead before anyone lays a hand on me." He nodded again, his pulse quickened. One more human weakness, this: individualism, instinct for self-preservation. Loyal and loving subjects, the words went. No wonder the King spent his life shut up in a tower.
  • Seeing nothing of Seaweed, gulping for air at every chance, Jai swam for what seemed like an hour and he nearly covered the three tails in a more or less unwinding line. However, onetailis as long as ten tall men standing on each othersheads; three tails is as long as three tall trees performing the same stunt. Jai had never swum before this night and try but for the life of him and the girl to whom he owed it, he could not make the distance full.
  • "The prophecy has come to pass, they are among us." The old man was now back to himself, and began sounding a bit out of sorts again as he stumbled away from the two girls. "Tell no one," he ordered them. "Your lives are not your own if you do." The old man ran off singing of an Irish maid and her man she found in the woods, or some such nonsense that the girls could barely understand.
  • The downpour helped clear his mind. The sound of rain on Iselins wing acted as white noise that quieted all of his worries and apprehension. Sasha was now sitting next to Iselins front leg resting against it. Water was running under the massive armor and streaming out over Iselins pearl claws and gemstone scales. When he thought about it, he never really had seen anything so beautiful in his life as Iselin. Maybe Sasha was right to try and set them up.
  • Fixed assets (also known as long-term assets) are things that have a useful life of more than one year, for example buildings and machinery; there are also intangible fixed assets, like the good reputation of a company or brand.
  • The Global Competitiveness Report for 2005, published by the World Economic Forum, placed Portugal's competitiveness in the 22nd position, but the 20082009 edition placed Portugal in the 43rd position out of 134 countries and territories. Research about quality of life by the Economist Intelligence Unit's quality of life survey placed Portugal as the country with the 19th-best quality of life in the world for 2005, ahead of other economically and technologically advanced countries like France, Germany, the United Kingdom and South Korea, but 9 places behind its only neighbour, Spain. This is despite the fact that Portugal remains the country with the lowest per capita GDP in Western Europe.
  • He wondered why for a moment. It felt strange, as though his flat in London was a chapter in his life that had closed at the moment when Elodie had leapt through the loft hatch, and he couldnt quite imagine himself returning there. But he was hardly going to turn up on Julies doorstep, give her a peck on the cheek and settle down on the sofa, either.
  • Still Norway remained a conservative society. life in Norway (especially economic life) was "dominated by the aristocracy of professional men who filled most of the important posts in the central government." There was no strong bourgeosie class in Norway to demand a breakdown of this aristocratic control of the economy. Thus, even while revolution swept over most of the countries of Europe in 1848, Norway was largely unaffected by revolts that year. Most revolts broke themselves on the granite conservativism of the Norwegian society. Indeed, the Thrane movement was the only "revolt" that broke out in Norway in 1848.
  • Both waited patiently for the boatman, though it didn't take him long. The man was pushing the raft as hard as he could, as if his very life depended on it. In Idimus' kingdom, it probably did.
  • She feels silly wearing the life vest as she rushes towards the side of the ship where the boat overhangs. Before she can reach it something explodes, and shes thrown overboard. Her hair flings wildly into her face as she flies through the air backwards. It happens so quickly that she isnt sure how to react, then her back smacks against the ocean water. She plummets several feet into the depths until her life vest yanks her back to the surface. She spits salty water from her mouth and goes into an immediate coughing fit. The water is a little chilly, but its not too cold. Her biggest fear? She cant swim. Silly, she realizes, considering Ive lived on a ship in the middle of the ocean for most of my life.
  • I tried to scream out but heard nothing. My mind raced around to a riddle I heard as a child - If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound? With that same logic, if I had to overcome obstacles in my life with a partner but my life was cut short, what would happen to my partner? What would my death mean to Max? How would he overcome his obstacles? If he failed, would he start over with a new life or would it just be over? How could we find each other again? Do I wait for him suspended in the universe until we can both be reborn and start over? How would we find each other in the universe again?
  • I thought to myself, "You deep, dark son-of-a-bitch." I knew there had to be a reason for his surface behavior. No wonder he had a crush on Winny Cooper - the guy was stuck in the past and he couldnt find his way out. Part of me felt sorry for him, while the other part was already throwing the emergency life ring out for him. The worst part of it for Sam was that his mother never tried to ask his dad why he left. While Sam was a researcher, his mother was happy to remain in full denial mode. I had real doubt whether he could ever move forward from such a traumatic event in his life.
  • It is due to this mystery that the Necessarily Existent One, Who is the Ever-Living and Self-Subsistent One, creates life in great abundance and plenitude, and scatters it far and wide and broadcasts it, and gathers everything around life and makes it serve it.
  • "What you face, we all now face," Mappel spoke in earnest. "The humans are not alone in this plight. Every creature that lives in the land faces the same danger. It is not madness that overtakes you or your people. It is a challenge to all, to human, to elf, to dwarf, to algor, to even the great cliff behemoth."
  • Breathtaking to see the beauty he is creating in lives that were broken and wasted and empty.
  • "And to me," the old man reassured him with his best grandfatherly smile. "Make no apologiesyour life shall be far too short to bother with such nonsense as feeling sorry."
  • " ... Then either he would have killed me or the arrow would have," Jurtan said heavily. "Right? But it still - I mean, they were people, they had lives, and all of a sudden -"
  • Homilyng the meal conversation was forbidden, and one monk would read aloud suitable portions of the lives of the saints or other homilies.
  • Deceiveare feeding their own lives with lies, they are believing those lies, thereby deceiving themselves.
  • But our people have opted for democracy as a way of life from which we will not abdicate.
  • His army consisted of many, many people who had a few things in common. They were male. They were brave. They were stupid. They were stupid in many ways and for many reasons. Stupid enough to think they could be Heroes. Stupid enough to believe they would return in glory. Stupid enough to believe that risking life for their country was their duty. Stupid enough to believe that death was something that happened to other people. Roseduck deeply appreciated stupid people. If not for them, he wouldn't have an army to command.
  • He might have looked all the part of 18 years old by his demeanor and muscular body tone, but Samuels actual life experience totaled days, not years, due to the accelerated nature of his being after spawned from the super gene sequence of Kayla and Maxwell. Ariel had also experience a rapid transformation, and the two of them had been inseparable since she showed up in Beach Haven and helped restore order.
  • And as Dr. Socks glee at having his life spared mixed equally at the horror of being kicked and punched and tortured by a handful of burly thugs, The Puppetmaster opened the door and motioned for his associates to come back inside.
  • "In a way, but not because of us. That waterfall is blocking the only semi-safe means of egress, and it stops its flow for only a few days every few months. When the falls have relented, escape is possible, but . . . well, for most of us there is nothing for us outside. Here there is comfort, safety, and enough knowledge to live a long, full life learning and perfecting it. I, for one, have never even become curious about the outside," he said.
  • Dan bobbled Skye, keeping her conscious. Summer listened to the gentle banter between Forest and Nat, Erika too. Nats baseball mind had been stirred, returning to life as Skye was, Erika as well. All three had hibernated over the last seven months while the injury of March attempted to heal. Down time necessary, the oceans balm one part of recovery, this week of games another step in the right direction. Summer looked at Dan, couldnt dismiss what he had done for these kids in a few evenings shared, some chess games administered. Was it only Dan or baseball, cartwheels or a magical rutabaga taking the brunt of reality and softening the edges, removing some of the sting?
  • Rhimaldez had kept the same horse the illusion Samsun had given him, though after Elryia had told him the details of what happened, he now felt a little strange riding it. Most of the morning he spent talking to Jeralyle and Merial in an attempt to get to know them better. Merial had told him about her bar, about Carsis and her life in general. Jeralyle however seemed more apt to listen, asking Rhimaldez every question he could think of, mostly on Perticus and how the spell worked, though the ex captain didn't know.
  • A sense filled her, one of both anticipation and dread. Her power had increased over the years, during the time spent traveling and gathering an army. Allowing her to cast spells in seconds, rather than in minutes like most. Unlike the few others that wore white robes, her power was focused on more than just healing; hers was destructive as well. She could call upon any element that existed and control it however she wished: shatter the earth below someone with only a few words and a wave of her hand, lift huge boulders without touching them and hurl them with deadly force, burn down an entire forest in seconds or bring life to a long since dead one. She could even still poison coursing through one's veins, or completely stop a heart. Not many had accomplished what she had in as few years, if ever.
  • That extra friend was a necessity because I didnt want people to assume that Garrett was my boyfriend. He definitely wasntnot in that sense, at least. I also didnt want him to feel abandoned when I inevitably disappeared from his life.
  • Poison frogs pursue the most devoted of family lives high in the boughs.
  • In actual life each historic event, each human action, is very clearly and definitely understood without any sense of contradiction, although each event presents itself as partly free and partly compulsory.
  • Now was definitely not the time to talk to him about destiny. The last thing I wanted to do was scare him off before I got a chance to spend any real time with him. "No, its kind of amazing. You just up and decide your life isnt going the direction you want it to, re-evaluate new paths, and you go for it. That isnt weird, its romantic."
  • "I explained that the Sergeant was the first person that I had spoken to in Sauwerdah. I found him to be brave in the face of certain death, truthful in all respects, and caring of his men. He was a fine example of the Sauwerdan soldier and that I felt I could trust him with my life if need be. I had asked permission for him to stay with us for guidance when there were aspects of Sauwerdan culture that I was unfamiliar with and because he has a habit of providing a fresh perspective on many of my observations."
  • Community residents lead healthy lives in safe and sustainable communities.
  • The amount means the New York-based company has raised about $35 billion in four offerings of the Hong Kong-based life insurer. The sale is expected to complete on Dec. 20, according to the statement today.
  • "Im saying I dont know if this life as a leader is for me. I dont think the Nightwalkers would want to trust their life with a guy like me." His brow furrowed. "Im not sure Id ever trust a guy like me."
  • "Excellent, truly excellent. You should head off to bed. I have got to go over your life story and compare it to our notes on prodigies. Also, I will see to it that when you awaken you will have a crystal. Would you like it in an amulet as before, or in a staff? As a beginner, I would recommend the staff. It will give you something to lean on," he said.
  • Quotidian face-to-face life are suspended or even inverted in a carnivalesque of norms.
  • "Waiting are fifty thousand men, Highness, and twenty thousand horse, ready to tender their lives at my command." Ghulam Adl delicately shielded his beard as he drank off the glass
  • Belinda attributed Hartwell's impatience, and the distrust in the abilities of others, as an erosive force that had been eating away at the team's confidence since the children were born. She believed that he had used half of his 100 lives up on his vanity and low-risk maneuvers, all in the name of thinking he was the only straw that stirred the drink of blood.
  • Promulgateict was not promulgating rules for living, he was establishing a framework on which life can grow.
  • "I'm not here, actually. This is just a reflection of my life essence. In reality, I'm pretty much everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, except time is rather irrelevant."
  • Flagellated cells are characteristic of the myxomycetes they are not necessary for the completion of the life cycle of all species.
  • And because I havent managed to make enough of a mess of my life on my own, Fate or God, decided to have a good laugh at my expense. Sometime in the very distant past a Centaur made a prophecy about me. The lavender daughter of Lucifer would gain great power and destroy the Elder Breeds and most likely the world.
  • Apart from the last two years, when he became infirm, he spent his whole life there, alone since january 1967.
  • He made an attempt to clear his mind of his troubling thoughts, but it had proven to be more and more difficult with each passing year. He was a man that people used to look up to, a man who had an answer for everyone. People trusted him and sought his guidance at each crossroads in their lives, from soldiers and neighbors, to strangers and friends. He was happy to help, and he believed he was providing those people with the advice they needed to not only be happy, but to become the architects of their own fate. He had watched many people change for the better, and he was proud of what he had accomplished.
  • By the time Aiden had finished off his opponent, Morik had ended the lives of the other two men, though he'd taken several severe wounds in the process.
  • Billy savored the best damn day of his entire life and saw with crystal clarity how he would spend the rest of his years. And his week would only get better because they would soon find thousands of wands in Subodei's mountaintop home, including a backup set of Millennial Wands that the general was long rumored to have. It was the coup of a lifetime.
  • Convicted of a third felony in his or her lifetime will be sentenced to life imprisonment for the third felony.
  • Diane struggled to control herself. She was trembling, sick at heart. She felt herself in a trap that could destroy the lives of Roland, Nicolette, and herself.
  • The children and their governesses were glad of Pierre's return because no one else drew them into the social life of the household as he did. He alone could play on the clavichord that ecossaise (his only piece) to which, as he said, all possible dances could be danced, and they felt sure he had brought presents for them all.
  • The adult voices were getting closer and one is definitely, maleoh no way, this cant be happening! Then suddenly, I remembered something critical and horrible too. This bathroom is the closest one to the administrative offices. So that male voice could belong to the principal!! Of course, thatll likely be the case because this is ME caught in this boys restroom and that is exactly how my life works
  • "Oh great, here we go," came a gruff voice from behind Elryia, one at the very same table as her. It belonged to another in her partya very irritable, very grumpy dwarf from Mt. Forgas. It was home to all his kind, and like most, he looked as though he had been carved from the caverns itself. Standing at five feet and almost as wide as he was tall, muscles covering every inch. There was a dark tone to his skin, especially for one who spent most of his life in a dank tunnel, a jaw strong and wide that grew a gray, neatly trimmed beard and head that was adorned with hair of the same color.
  • Deng Xiaoping was the Paramount Leader of China from 1978 to 1992, although he never became the head of the party or state, and his influence within the Party led the country to significant economic reforms. The Communist Party subsequently loosened governmental control over citizens' personal lives and the communes were disbanded with many peasants receiving multiple land leases, which greatly increased incentives and agricultural production. This turn of events marked China's transition from a planned economy to a mixed economy with an increasingly open market environment, a system termed by some as "market socialism", and officially by the Communist Party of China as "Socialism with Chinese characteristics". The PRC adopted its current constitution on 4 December 1982.
  • Subjects covered include anesthesia, dentistry, health sciences, healthcare, life sciences, medicine, nursing, psychiatry and public health.
  • Now all she was thinking of was how she could use the blue ponys power to escape. Maybe it wasnt possible to run from herself, her body, or her tainted past. But she could run from Santa Cruz, and from Noah. It sickened her, but Noah and her hadnt been together but for a short year. The time they had experienced together was more intense than many people would encounter in a lifetime. It wasnt surprising that they had bonded so strongly in such a short time. Omaris life was dramatic, and if Noah couldnt handle it, then maybe it was time to cut their ties and leave. He would hurt, but he would recover. In time he would settle down with a nice normal girl, one that wasnt feathered and beleaguered by medical mysteries and assassination attempts. She was used to going it alone with no one there to help her. She would acclimate again. In many ways, it was better like that anyway.
  • "Both. Every fiber of me wanted nothing more than to have him killed. That is a lie. I wanted to do it myself, and watch each drop of life ebb out from him. But..."
  • For sure, to be released from the prison of this world and enter the gardens of Paradise, and pass from the troublesome turmoil of bodily life to the world of rest and the arena where spirits soar, and to slip free from the vexatious noise of creatures and go to the Presence of the Most Merciful is a journey, indeed, a happiness, to be desired with a thousand lives.
  • "We have a lot to worry about, for there're only two of our friends left." Eibhlin told, scared and fearful. "In addition, the odds are greater now for they are not together. They don't know where the other one is. But through your father's coming sacrifice of his life and love for his son, Colin will run into Tom, but truly, that's all I've seen in my spellbound dreams."
  • Eringaff rose and took several steps toward the general with the smooth motion and grace of a choreographed dance, for the dark sorceressexaggerated mannerisms were indeed intentional and rehearsed. The wide sleeves of her floor-length deep-purple dress flowed almost as if they were wings. Her manner might have been charming and elegant, and she might even have been a beautiful woman, had she a different life style.
  • She stopped on the side of the road and looked down the drive. Tears burned her eyes as memories of her childhood came back. The house was already repainted; a new swing set in the backyard. ‘At least there are children here again,’ she thought to herself. Sitting there, she let both the good and bad memories fight to be remembered. Putting the car back into drive, she drove down the gravel road, away from the house and life she loved.
  • Also, every spring, he witnesses more than three hundred thousand sorts of resurrection and rising to life in the animal and plant kingdoms.
  • The Dragons nostrils flared. So, a member of the two-leg tribebut why here? She probed the creature again and was dismayed to find the colour had paled, the life pattern blurred. A howl of despair streaked through the haziness making the Dragon blink with sudden pain.
  • Lulu’, said Louie. ‘I love you even more; I feel for you so much in your distress over this but it doesnt matter, its not important. I want you to forget all about it. Our lives together go on the same as before’.
  • "Please stop! I cannot keep you safe if you attack me. The energy has me trapped. Please stop! Please," she wailed, but Belegra urged more men to assault her defenses. He showed no regard for human life as he chided those who would preserve themselves. Those who stood around him, those hidden within the depths of their robes, seemed compelled into action. Each had access to Istra's power, but they were bound by Archmaster Belegra's will--slaves. As the archmaster moved his arms in wild and rigid gestures, the robed figures attacked without moving.
  • Just as the seven colours are combined in light, and various drugs are blended together in a medicament, so also life is a reality made of numerous attributes.
  • Dust and the smell of blood choked Strom as he pulled himself from under the horse that had given its life to save his. Luck had been with him, and he was uninjured. The same could not be said for Malluke, who was under the horse, dead. As Strom stood, his head spun, and the world around him was a blur. After a moment of shock, he recalled the danger and took a sword from the nearby body of a soldier. Before he could even test his swing, a shadowy rider materialized within a cloud of dust and bore down on him with speed.
  • She dreamed of her gentle paramedic friend. She dreamed that he had wings just like her, and they were married, with two beautiful winged children, and they lived in a world where no one bothered them. They lived a good life next to the beach in peace and tranquility. She wished she could have remained in the dream for longer, and fought waking up.
  • They walked in silent, companionable contentment, the leafless branches stretched above them seeming to rain down a benign peace on their heads. It was not just the elusive, ethereal elementals, but the woodland was also filled with animal life.
  • I almost made myself do it, I really almost did, and in a way, that shocked me more than anything else, because it was the kind of thing Id promised myself Id never ever do again. This mess had woken feelings Id been trying to grapple with for years. They say you learn. They say you do what you have to do and after awhile you get used to it, but Id done things years before when I was nothing but a dumb hired-sword punk kid that still hung dark in my memory, making me squirm whenever I thought of them and sending me out in the street to do something nice for some other poor dumb idiot. Maybe I just had a resistance to education. On the other hand, either were all going to be barbarians, or somebody has to rein themselves in, decide when theyre going to draw their own line, or decide when theres something they have to do because they think its the right thing to do, even if it doesnt directly benefit themselves, even if sometime it may be incompatible with their own survival. Id done that, and that was the way I tried to live my life.
  • As Hawksworth watched, he began to sense some alien power growing around him, enveloping him and his despair, just as she had said. Kamala seemed to be gradually merging with an energy far beyond herself, almost as though she had invoked some primal rhythm of life into existence. And as he watched the growing intensity of her dance he began to experience a deep, almost primitive sense of fear, a stark knowledge of life and death beyond words.
  • Sy rubbed his chin. "You wouldn't have waited for him to call for your help? You would have made the decision as to when to risk his life based on your own interpretations?"
  • "I tanned the skins myself," Taf said with obvious pride. "Burgo Kaeina taught me how many cycles ago, but some of the powders are difficult to find anywhere but the warehouses of Saljid, and the spotted rat only lives on the Castle Isles, so it takes a long time to make a rug so big."
  • OR THE FIRST TIME, Fradjikan was noting some serious regret at not having taken spell-work more seriously. He had never envisioned a case where the use of magic would be necessary and a sorcerer would not be available for convenient hire. He had certainly not foreseen being himself in a situation where his own life would depend on being able to conjure his own way out from under a malign spell. Yet the application of maximum muscular force had failed to move the most trivial portion of his body, and the most intense concentration and fiercest consolidation of will had produced mere mental exhaustion. His paralysis remained, and the tantalizing engines of healing remained an unbridgeable arms-span above his head.
  • Id also seen the young men, pale and stammering after the skirmish at the Gap, and seen the vomit mixed with blood on the road. What scared me was how human they all still seemed, even though their daily lives were full of what no man should have to bearand what he couldnt bear and remain the person he was before the killing. Thats what I feared for my son, and didnt know how to deal with, despite Llywelyns reassurance.
  • And to visit as much of the world as possible throughout my life time, meeting many new fiends along the way.
  • "It was you, Max. The whole thing, it was about meeting you and spending the rest of my life with you. Gawd I feel like an idiot." I tried to bury my face in my hands.
  • The farmer allowed it when Airk offered him a few pennies. After Jain had changed, she and Airk rode into Tovlar. The found the chapel and explained that they had abandoned The Holdings for a new life in Sorena. The shepherd performed a ritual they did not understand that involved him pouring water over their heads. The chapels deacon prepared a meal and they ate while the shepherd told them about the ways of Adara.
  • Nyah noticed Rordans interest in the group. "The long-haired one is Manissa. She lives across from you. Keas staying with her. The short one is Ulidia, kind of out of it. She lives in one of the singles garrets on Upper Trow."
  • 'Do you believe in the soul, Professor? That spark of life that makes me me and you you?' Papa Doc's voice drifted from the darkness.
  • It made the witch's feigned concern all the more galling and unwelcome. He needed no help or sympathy; he had learnt to live without it. Perhaps she sought to weaken him with it, trying to undermine his courage and fear the pain. It would not work, he thought grimly, his life had been too hard for anyone to change him now.
  • "I wish I had known! He never spoke of any curses, never said a word to me of what he was truly facing! It was just he and I, together with our little adventures. If I had known, life would have been much different. So very, very different."
  • Anyway, it was really interesting and life on the islands seems really quiet, but i felt awful.
  • Ruminating on life and how his has been mostly nasty, brutish and short.
  • "I've said it already. We either fight, or we die." My eyes met Gillian's, and I could see she had known all along what I'd do. "I don't want to die. And as long as I lead, all of you are my responsibility. Your lives are worth as much as mine. That means I'll do whatever it takes to keep more people from dying, even if you don't like it."
  • "Since I had not seen the Lieutenant on the march, I assumed he would be in charge in Ler Dan. I had no doubt that he had been told of my treachery. However, I felt that he would at least listen to me before attacking. So far no lives had been lost that we knew of. I wanted to complete the campaign that way if at all possible."
  • No longer will we have old labor life peers kicking over the traces and rediscovering the radicalism and independence of their youth.
  • "My desire is never to leave you, Father, never to separate my life from yours. I don't wish to marry," she answered positively, glancing at Prince Vasili and at her father with her beautiful eyes.
  • "Apologies my King. The White Flame was Yavale's greatest warrior and his strongest hope to win. He trained under Yavale directly, living within Sayassa. Three, maybe four years into his training, the White Flame fell in love with a creature that came from Sayassa, what they called a "form changer." Someone with the ability to mimic or represent anything they chose: people, plants, animals, anything. They were very few, but incredibly powerful. The White Flame and the form changer, Fate, spent every day together for six years. Yet she was not one of the chosen and the rules decreed that only the three humans could enter the battle. So Fate, in order to protect her one, true love sacrificed her life as a living being and used her abilities to turn herself into a weapona swordthat the White Flame would wield. One that would always protect him as she swore she always would. To be at his side forever."
  • She had learned from the time spent around her Da to always prepare for the worst. That way you were generally surprised. She was not sure why, but something about the Overlord living off the lives of children tickled at memories she could not grasp. Something about Breathing, but she could not say what. If the Duke was taking them to the Overlord just to be killed--she would never let that happen. Somehow, some way, they had to escape. The only way that she could think of was to convince the Duke to teach her. Her Gram's memories had to be jogged loose enough to Breathe.
  • Turkey now needs freedom and peace. The achievements of top-down interventions always lead to polarization and social upheaval. Culture and social life find their normal course and appearance when they are left to the people and their free choices. There is no significant difference between the creation of the Atatürk Cultural Center by Kemalists in Taksim and the construction of a huge mosque in Çamlıa. It is not proper to repeat the mistake of Kemalists in 2012. If there is a need for a mosque, the people will take care of it without intimidating others and causing a disturbance. The involvement of the state in such matters always makes things more complicated.
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