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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life
Ekler: lives
Türü: isim


i. hayat, ömür, canlılık;
can, canlı şey;
yaşama tarzı;
zevk, sefa, cümbüş;
dayanma müddeti;
hayat merkezi, hayat noktası;
ilah. ebedi hayat, ruhani hayat.

life için örnek cümleler:

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  • I saw the first ones then, an advance party of ten men marching two by five as they approached us along the path from the direction we had been heading. I assumed they were men, but they could have been women, or...something else. They wore heavy black plate armor that fit like the carapace of some carrion insect. The armor gleamed with an oily sheen and had spikes and tiny blades fitted where they would do the most damage. The helms completely covered their heads, with deep eye sockets and curving horns so that they reminded me of those animal skulls you always see littered along the desert floor, except in black. The armor was inlaid with intricate bloodred designs and seemed to pulse with a life all its own. The soldiers did not wear the armor; it engulfed them, protecting them and feeding off of them in some sick symbiosis.
  • Sam and I both grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Although I got out of there when I was two, Sam remained in a time warp for much of his young adult existence. We never knew each other back then, but our similar backgrounds helped us make the transition from acquaintances to good friends that mush easier. I was coming up on my two-year anniversary at R&R Corp., so Sam offered to pay for my lunch. The funny thing was that he knew how to be a mench, a good man, but he was so conflicted that I knew something must have happened to him as a kid. We started talking about our families, a subject I was happy to flip over to his side, and Sams head and eyes lowered like a skittish dog. I felt bad for him, but good for me, because I knew the conversation was about to become a whole lot more substantial. I patiently waited for him to talk, like he was going to tell me the meaning of life.
  • Why, was what I wanted to ask, but I didnt think it was a good time for more questions. So, I just started talking, giving my life story in a synopsis version. "Well, when I was ten years my parents were killed in a car accident. So I went to live out in the hills of Pennsylvania with my grandfather. I was home schooled, but my grandfather put me in this tiny public school, though I never really fit in. My favorite times were on the farm when I could be alone and just lose myself in a daydream. Then about a month ago he got really sick." I had to pause and take a deep breath as I once again saw him on the hospital bed. Daydream made a sympathetic noise and nudged my shoulder.
  • Oh it was so good to lie back in the sun with Lulu beside him. Lulu had her eyes closed now. They had finished looking at the wedding photos. Lulu was lying on her side holding on to Louie. Louie looked at her and reflected on how she had changed him. He thought how before he met Lulu he had been a bit of an eccentric bee, probably because he was on his own so much. He felt he had acted a little old for his age; he had been a little frightened of life itself and lacked confidence. In part this was due to his mother dying when he was young. His father who was also now dead had been hard on Louie.
  • "Well, gray magic is very much the basis, as well as the next logical extension of, all other magics. As a result, it is very intuitive, and all other wizards know at least a bit of it. A person who devotes his life to the study and development of gray magic is something akin to a chef who specializes in boiling water or a poet who specializes in punctuation. No one will deny the importance of the area, but few will call for work to be done to improve it," he said.
  • Sometimes Omari got so wrapped up in her own sob story that she forgot that other Feathered children had had difficult lives that didnt have to involve being locked up in a lab for ten years.
  • "Well, if I wanted to, I could not have anyway. 'Tristan' never slept, as though his life depended on not sleeping. Which is just a nice way of telling you that he always suspected us of our ties. Twice we signaled for more assassins, and twice 'Tristan' defended you."
  • He peered ahead to make sure Carsis wasn't watching them, but he was. With a disapproving gasp, Jeralyle pulled his hand back. "There is no girl, Mare. I just said that so you wouldn't think I was foolish for spending my entire life buried in books. I've never even kissed someone."
  • Fulness of life or to a life of anger, resentment, cynicism, and despair.
  • Unfortunately this is not as easy as it may sound; biomass is wholly organic and thus has a short shelf life by nature.
  • Impinge on every aspect of life - domestic, social, commercial, industrial and environmental.
  • "I know nothing of what is happening there. My Queen is with child, and her hour is come. How can a woman in that condition, her life in danger, her husband a prisoner, not give way to panic?"
  • Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. Biology is a vast subject containing many subdivisions, topics, and disciplines. Among the most important topics are five unifying principles that are said to be the fundamental axioms of modern biology:
  • "Think about it," I say, "if I get pregnant in the next two months, we can have the baby right when I graduate. Ill have the summer to stay home, and then Ill start grad school, and you can stay home." My minds racing, making sense of it, mapping it out: the baby will be two when I graduate with my masters. We can move for my PhD, and Ill graduate with my doctorate when the childs four. Ill have a year to find my dream job and get settled in our new lives before the child starts kindergarten. Its perfect.
  • The exonym Armenia is attested in the Old Persian Behistun inscription (515 BC) as Armina ( ). Ancient Greek Armenia, ??µ???? ??µ????? "Armenians" is first mentioned by Hecataeus of Miletus (476 BC). Xenophon, a Greek general serving in some of the Persian expeditions, describes many aspects of Armenian village life and hospitality. He relates that the people spoke a language that to his ear sounded like the language of the Persians. According to the histories of both Moses of Chorene and Michael Chamchian, Armenia derives from the name of Aram, a lineal descendent of Hayk.
  • They were in the Chamber of High Lords. It was a special room for the Emperor to meet and consult with the High Lords about the most important decisions. If he bothered. The last Emperor didn't and neither did at least four before him. Therefore the High Lords were in the Chamber of High Lords for the first time in their lives.
  • Summer was also called upon by Mindy, Amy, and Kathy to sort out many marital traffic jams. life in suburbia can be really tough, especially when the boredom of your mundane existence engulfs your spirit. Most people wont admit when they are in over their heads either financially or socially. We were all sold the tale of buying the house with the white picket fence, spitting out a couple of kids, and living happily ever after.
  • The guy has always been a thorn in my side but he has also been one of the few people in my life who could talk straight to me. Sure, you dont want to hear about the one shot you missed after a good game, but at least he was watching and knowing me.
  • Of course, few would believe that jesus actually uttered the syllables " i am the resurrection and the life " .
  • NINETEENDaniel gulped down the blood and flew around for a little while, pondering his fate. If he was truly a vampirea seriously-dangerous creaturethen he would have to remove himself from mainstream life for a while until he could gain control of himself.
  • "You!" said the Great Karlini. In an instant, all awareness of whatever hed been talking about and the people around him and the situation still evolving outside seemed to slip from him, as he came off the floor with his hands clawing up in what was clearly about to be a mad attack aimed at separating me from whatever lives I still possessed. When I had seen him down the aisle after emerging from the computer room I had realized this was not necessarily the smartest thing I could have done, to have confronted him directly without first preparing the ground by dispatching an emissary or making certain he was firmly immobilized, but on the other hand I rather thought facing up to actions to whose responsibility I had fallen heir was an appropriately self-abasing move, in the wake of so much trickery and deception.
  • I entered his house to find a scared Mr. Smith hiding behind a sofa sitting in fetal position. The kidnapping must have both made him paranoid and scared for his life.
  • That basic scaffolding remains when one moves to a quantum description but some conceptual changes are needed. One is that whereas we might expect in our everyday life that there would be some constraints on the points to which a particle can move, that is not true in full quantum electrodynamics. There is a possibility of an electron at A, or a photon at B, moving as a basic action to any other place and time in the universe. That includes places that could only be reached at speeds greater than that of light and also earlier times. (An electron moving backwards in time can be viewed as a positron moving forward in time.)
  • "Alastor, if there is a single piece of advice I can give you, it is this: Release whatever guilt you are carrying. Wallowing in that darkness will do nothing to change the past. Whatever you have done to others, whatever others may have done... in the end it all serves to make you stronger, not weaker. Guilt will do nothing but cause your resolve to atrophy and your heart to decay. Even here, you are still a man, flesh and bone... figuratively speaking. You cannot see what each event of your life is leading up to. Letting yourself take the blame for every evil in your life will keep you from seeing the intended good. All things can be worked for good, which makes guilt one of the only true evils. Remember that, Knight."
  • So naturally, in this particular year, we can look and see that the leading edge of Republican interference with our way of life is what they call Obamacare.
  • After that first assignment they were inseparable, pledging the same sorority, taking the same summer jobs and trips, and eventually working for Maureen Stewart at Manhattan Life.
  • There was an obvious bias against men coming from Claire Vinson that was her vision alone, with no assistance from her father. Lowery would have surely gone after whoever was in his way, regardless of sex, creed, or origin. She was sinking deeper and deeper into a controlled and angry state of mind, and now the inner rage stemming from her inability to escape the confines of her mental surroundings was starting to mount. She couldnt stand to look at Samuel face anymore, so she cut his head off with her long fingernails and then threw his body into the corner of the sun room so it would take longer for him to regenerate. Samuel was so smitten with Claire that he wouldnt even notice that she had killed him and that he had come back to life the next morning. Besides, she had implanted thoughts of a nice night together, just the two of them, to counteract any stray thoughts he might have had about the missing few hours in his short-term memory bank.
  • The news of the job came on Tuesday, giving Henry the rest of the week to relax before starting his working life the following Monday. While most parents encouraged their grown children to do internships while in college, Ethan and Rita Moore directed their son to enjoy the fun ride while it lasted. They had years of experience that taught them that work was anything but fun, and that was why some poor schmuck coined all that labor and toilingwork.’
  • What was there to be sorry for? She wasnt dead, just achy. Wiped out, to be truthful, but Casey Miller, Summers manager, hadnt batted an eye, stepping into Summers space. Maybe she should have taken a few more days in what was by then April. In early April, Summer had ignored the advice of her siblings, of Terry, of Joe Stammers and Casey Miller. Instead Summer went right back to work as if Jody did this all the time. As if her world continually stopped, but in some ways it had, every early morning at four a.m. when Jody left. Maybe she hadnt realized it at the time, but Summer had watched him depart as if the sun itself was fleeing, morning only a term. It was dark when he left in March, some eternal night lasting well into autumn, maybe for the rest of her life.
  • "When we finally signed those papers, that was when I knew for sure that she was our little girl, and that we could protect her…" He trailed off, remembering that day which had set all their lives down this path.
  • With a look to Bb, Shylock simply suggested that it was time to be going then. Time to get back to Wilderment and settle down to a new life.
  • 'Ha. Is this a promise you are likely to keep?' the old man asked, then waved his hand before he could lie again. 'Take this small token.' He picked a small bag of herbs from a nearby shelf. 'These herbs will make the most refreshing tea. Prepared by my own hands.' He pressed the bag into Harvey's hands and clasped them tightly. 'Your path is set. I see that now. But not everything in life is defined. There is always chance.'
  • Montfermeil is situated between Livry and Chelles, on the southern edge of that lofty table-land which separates the Ourcq from the Marne. At the present day it is a tolerably large town, ornamented all the year through with plaster villas, and on Sundays with beaming bourgeois. In 1823 there were at Montfermeil neither so many white houses nor so many well-satisfied citizens: it was only a village in the forest. Some pleasure-houses of the last century were to be met with there, to be sure, which were recognizable by their grand air, their balconies in twisted iron, and their long windows, whose tiny panes cast all sorts of varying shades of green on the white of the closed shutters; but Montfermeil was none the less a village. Retired cloth-merchants and rusticating attorneys had not discovered it as yet; it was a peaceful and charming place, which was not on the road to anywhere: there people lived, and cheaply, that peasant rustic life which is so bounteous and so easy; only, water was rare there, on account of the elevation of the plateau.
  • "Im trying to deal with the issue, with Gods help," the young acolyte informed him tiredly. Her eyes seemed to stare at nothing for a long moment, and then she added, "I'll survive, but I think my days of adventuring are over. The images from the last day haunt meso I shall be returning to the chapterhouse at Culdeny after I rest up a little in Bracksford, and fall back into a normal life of hard work and prayer."
  • Even, should it be said to you: If you give half of your life and property, someone will come from the Moon and Jupiter and tell you all about them.
  • Limb salvage rate of 80 % , which was associated with a better quality of life than major amputation.
  • It had only been a few weeks of life for Samuel and already he was being exposed to the grittier side of the family activities. The sights and smells heightened his sensitivity and made his being even more focused to complete the transition from growing young man to, perhaps, the most powerful force on earth.
  • "Luc, do you think that the four of us will not do everything possible to protect her? If she dies, we die. My life hasnt always been happy, but Im not looking to end it any time soon. Its a benefit, a perk, of being immortal. I want to see eternity."
  • Many of the guys had talked to Chip about girls and he had seemed to both ease their pain and give them new nightmares at the same time. I was afraid to talk to him because I wasn't quite ready for the information that I expected to flow out of his mouth. Besides, I was in a comfortable place in my life and there was really no reason for me to mess it up.
  • The very question that had formerly tormented him, the thing he had continually sought to find--the aim of life--no longer existed for him now. That search for the aim of life had not merely disappeared temporarily--he felt that it no longer existed for him and could not present itself again. And this very absence of an aim gave him the complete, joyous sense of freedom which constituted his happiness at this time.
  • They settled into silence, broken only by the steady tramp of their feet, and Paul was glad to have some time to himself, to think about and digest the events and information that had bombarded his life in the last few days.
  • Suicide is always tragic because it cuts life short, but people who suffer hardship and distress deserve compassion.
  • "You said you like our life right now. And dont get me wrong, wife, I like it too. But if I give this Sword to just any fool who happens by then I would still be responsible for how he uses it.What if he took the Sword and laid waste to our villageby himself!"
  • Hours pass while he fights his way through the ever thickening growth. The trees and plant life grow more aged the farther he goes, yet in defiance of this they are exceedingly alive and show no signs of rot or disease as most old greenery does. He becomes tempted to use his sword to cut through the low hanging boughs, but the idea of causing damage to things which have lived for a hundred lifetimes of men seems wrong. Criminal even.
  • Leaning in for a closer look, Aiden could see etched runes around the edge of the door, familiar shapes that he recognised from his long studies of arcane devices. Most of them he could interpret as protective wards that invoked tremendous energies if the door was touched, but some of them he did not recognise. Whatever they were, it seemed likely they were all related to keeping people out of that room, at the cost of their lives.
  • Two years later, she had a pimp named Otto who asked her to 'toss some salad' one day, but she went postal and stabbed him in the neck with a salad fork. As life slowly drained from the Danish pimp, Helga walked emotionless out of the room and abruptly turned the lights out on her more formidable years.
  • "They are not immortal in the sense that they can not die, it's closer to vampires, more like they live forever unless someone takes their head with hard, cold steel. Remember we need a demon to create that. That, or another Fey can kill them, but they seem to have trouble reproducing amongst themselves, so they hold the full blood Fey in high regard. Some Fey have been allowed to reproduce with humans to see if the Fey blood would be dominate enough to sustain an immortal life, as opposed to a human's short life span. I think it worked a little, but the halflings were a bit weaker than their full blood kin. They are never allowed to mingle with those of other non-human beings. I don't know why, just that it is strictly forbidden and the consequences of those actions result in death.
  • "Eh? What of it, then? Has it returned to life and flapped off through the kitchen window?" Holmes twisted himself round upon the sofa to get a fairer view of the man's excited face.
  • "As I am a man of honor," the Black Knight speaks, "I give you your lives, and also give you the opportunity to prove yourselves again, having not expected me. You and your brothers may flee so as to recuperate. Tomorrow, you may return to try and best me again."
  • Dave continued, "Just about everything special in my life has happened on this court, including meeting you. Theres no sense in changing that today."
  • He should never have let things go so far. She was a human. Hed exposed her vulnerability and put her in danger. He couldnt blame her for freaking out; hed shown her a part of life shed only known in myths and movies.
  • Coriath looked a bit dumbfounded. "The Master lives inside Dracwyn Prison, Chosen Oneand the Master has the rune crystal. Thus, we must infiltrate Dracwyn Prison."
  • She wouldnt admit that she had made disparaging comments about Mickey; those remarks were now buried as deep as piratestreasure. Sam knew, deep down, that the reason Sasha was interested in Mickey was because of his apartment. It was the same reason why women had not flocked to his side, because renting at some point wasnt tempting to city women. It was accepted in the 20s, barely tolerated in the 30s, and purely rejected in the 40s. life was starting to pass Sam by and he knew it.
  • There was no guilt. Had he not lost his home, he would have never met her. He still mourned every life taken, and wished them rest, but as he drew closer to the Castle he protected for so many years, he found peace.
  • Italian life under fascism virtual exhibition exploring the nature of italian fascism in the early twentieth century.
  • Joey grinned and said: "We both got thrown out. And boy, what I mean we got thrown out. I've been heaved out of a lot of places during my sinful life but they did a masterful job. See!"
  • third carrier of the Book of life, who is now deceased; Tonygaff, fallen while Carrying the Book of life to be read; and Eringaff, who still seeks to possess the Book of life for her master, Gaff himself. We believe she may want it for her own cruel intentions and attempt to overthrow her master."
  • "I wish I had known! He never spoke of any curses, never said a word to me of what he was truly facing! It was just he and I, together with our little adventures. If I had known, life would have been much different. So very, very different."
  • Nystagmus that appears in the first months of life is called " early onset nystagmus that appears in the first months of life is called " early onset nystagmus " or " congenital nystagmus " .
  • Intricate carvings depict many of the bible stories and scenes from the life of christ.
  • "Christ," Jack mutters as he thinks hard on the subject. Usually he would be making this trip alone, with his brother being so far away at school and all. "If it were me and my brother, wed probably still be complaining about our parents at this point of the trip. Actually, it would have intensified the closer we got, so at this point it would have been all about them, the past and such. If it were anyone else, itd be just talking about how crap life can be, and getting drunk and television shows. You know, things that seem important, but reallyjust arent."
  • The acronyms and abbreviations in this listing can therefore be used for various purposes: for simple amusement; for finding unknown meanings; for illustrating and emphasising points that you wish to make in training or speaking or presentations; and for examples of how language and expressions develop and evolve. Whatever, acronyms and abbreviations add colour and texture to the written and spoken word, and to life in general. They are a fascinating reflection of the development of communications, language and social attitudes.
  • A 2-centimeter hole sat directly in the middle of the soldier's head. life fluid trickled from the wound. Again Sam felt queasy. The cracking again commenced, the sound repeating over and over again as the remaining soldiers fell in the same pattern as their leader, each accompanied by a fluctuating blue haze and a hole in their head.
  • "Sure, go right ahead. I will see you at supper anyways." He stood up and entered the kitchen, taking his life in his own hands.
  • Was it so much to ask to have a little peace? To try and figure out her life without having to fight off the warriors of the Dark Pharaoh? God, just when she was starting to pull all the pieces back together….
  • With his tower complete and his legacy unchallenged, there should have been little to weigh on the Kings mind, but always he sat brooding on his throne, gripping its arms like an eagle his prey. Who knows where first he heard of the accursed garden? Who knows what tales of the well were whispered in his ear, what promises of fortune, life eternal, or power unbound?
  • Jesus being the eternal life means that he is the very source of life itself and therefore uncreated.
  • It was how he preferred it, nearly all of the day to day administration of his life was managed in the same way. If he shopped it was at the hypermarket where he could mingle with the hordes unnoticed, like a pixel in a photo. On the rare occasions he had to visit the office he was fortunately no more than an identity pass, a number, and he could float through the installations like a ghost. Personal contact was thankfully kept to a minimum, and although he had read stories about shopkeepers and bar staff, had seen films and television programmes with friendly postmen and nosey neighbours, he felt grateful that they did not form part of his modern world. To him they were things of the past, like picnics in the country or extended families. His life was different, individual, invisible almost, a single cell in the multi-organ city.
  • "Even if you could change to be more like one of the Cullens, I am still aging; you will stay like this for ever. There are things I want in life that you cannot provide. Im sorry. Its not possible." Leah started crying.
  • Injuries and fatalities have been rare on the Nenana. The rafting companies, which have a good safety record, made further improvements after an accident took two lives in 1999.
  • The rock is covered in life including yellow and white sponges, pompom xenia, brown zoos and several different types of small polyps.
  • New technologies have the power to improve our lives, but they can also widen the gap between rich and poor.
  • It was only when Lornya spoke one last time, this said to them both, did the very lost sentence ring through. "...and do you accept this bond forever, in life and in death?"
  • "Sire," he said, with respectful playfulness, "they are only afraid lest Your Majesty, in the goodness of your heart, should allow yourself to be persuaded to make peace. They are burning for the combat," declared this representative of the Russian nation, "and to prove to Your Majesty by the sacrifice of their lives how devoted they are...."
  • All the betrayal and revelation would have broken a lesser woman, yet she endures. The strength of her father lives on in her. She sits on the bed, placing the candle on the night stand beside it. The sword in her hand receives a second examination.
  • Thaddeus would not be fooled by Daniel's inability to change into the desired form, because Daniel would wind up changing into something he despised. The image would be obvious and Daniel's life would be in real danger, even if he was related to the pursuers.
  • The countess took Princess Mary into the drawing room, where Sonya was talking to Mademoiselle Bourienne. The countess caressed the boy, and the old count came in and welcomed the princess. He had changed very much since Princess Mary had last seen him. Then he had been a brisk, cheerful, self-assured old man; now he seemed a pitiful, bewildered person. While talking to Princess Mary he continually looked round as if asking everyone whether he was doing the right thing. After the destruction of Moscow and of his property, thrown out of his accustomed groove he seemed to have lost the sense of his own significance and to feel that there was no longer a place for him in life.
  • At a time when global economies are on life support and the United States is eking out an economic recovery, we are spending over $54 billion annually on nuclear weapons programs. As we face economic challenges every day with so many of our infrastructure and pressing human needs of education, medical care, police and fire protection going unmet, we can ill afford this expense. The nuclear weapons industry has no usefulness.
  • "A Frenchman or a Russian prince incognito," said the officer, looking at Pierre's fine though dirty linen and at the ring on his finger. "I owe my life to you and offer you my friendship. A Frenchman never forgets either an insult or a service. I offer you my friendship. That is all I can say."
  • A throbbing white light exploded around her. She didn't know the source, but the sensation ate her up completely. All she could see was light. She heard a scream but couldn't tell where it was coming from. She felt the sting of a knife cutting skin but wasn't sure if it was her skin. She witnessed the heartfelt plea of someone begging another not to go, but she couldn't tell for the life of her who was leaving, who was staying, or why.
  • "Oh yes, Im well aware. You think I dont know that? But who said anything about becoming King? No, no, I have different plans for where my life is going. It is possibly for someone to rule a kingdom without God giving them the right. Im sure you remember there being a Lord Protector ruling this kingdom in our lifetime."
  • Baldwin lives with his carer, trevor scott, in a two-bedroom council bungalow in carnegie close, worthing.
  • A hushed silence swept over the scene. The chaotic jeering and mocking which had previously been there was gone. The ship really did come to feel like a ghost ship as the life drained from the piratesfaces, each of them lost in fearful contemplation.
  • Alec was more than capable of sending me away, and then never letting me know he'd survived. There was a constant war inside him over what to do with me and I couldn't afford to give up my one advantage. He seemed less able to contemplate cutting me out of his life when I was around. I planned on playing that card for all it was worth. I was staying and that was it.
  • The controversial and gritty portrayal of teenage life in west london was written by actor screenwriter noel clarke.
  • It can even be questioned whether monastic life is the best setting in which to seek enlightenment.
  • I was delighted. That drunken jerk would be ribbed for the rest of his life after been whipped by a teeny female of just five foot. It was the least he deserved.
  • Consider carefully, then, this verse which indicates the true nature of the people of misguidance and that of the people of belief, with regard to their lives and duties
  • "No, she did it because she didnt like Humans. She hated their mortality, she thought it was a weakness. Even worse, she did everything she could to make their lives miserable and they repaid it in kind. She was a bitch to them and she became an evil, tyrannical Goddess in their mythologies as a result. She didnt even try to understand Human evolution and civilization. She thought they were beneath her, even the powerful witches, because they were not like her."
  • Enigmatic stranger enters their lives who intends to turn their worlds upside down.
  • I dont understandyou think theyll turn into cripples after doing their dirty deed? The guy who killed me is still walking around and enjoying his rotten life.
  • The realm of the Aziza was wrapped in mist and shadow. Tall green everglades decorated the vast lands. Animals roamed the grass alongside the Aziza fairies. Since she was a child, Ariya played with the exotic beasts as if they were her own Fairy peers. She didnt think much about the outside parallel world of humans. When they needed their services to hunt, the Aziza would come. It wasnt a world she was to visit otherwise. The Aziza people usually kept to their own with curious rituals unknown to outsiders. True, she did learn all she could about human history from the ancestors of the lands through oral traditions and her fathers library of books, but she wasnt ready to find out what life was like on the other side. The stories of the untamed mortals in the outer world were enough to keep her closely connected to her own realm.
  • No! she shouted in her mind. I will not believe that. I must not even think it. Else my whole life is lost. We entered the light together last night. In that ecstasy he must have experienced what I experienced.
  • "I have a condition called a double clypeus. It's a defect of birth." She touched a fore claw to one of the plates on her head. "It makes my speech wrong. All my life I have been avoided and shunned. Few have anything to do with me. Skallagaff the Sorceress is my friend, and Karthich. Karthich has a double clypeus, too. She guards the door. There." Zimm pointed with her antennae to the doorway where a lone Mantid stood. "She and I are the only ones in Rass like this.
  • She would never have a normal life; it was impossible with the knowledge she now lived with. Serenity had been exposed to a part of life meant to be hidden from humanity. She doubted she would ever see life in a normal way again.
  • "I watched the President of the United StatesState of the Union speech on the television the other night," he said. "I watched it. I listened to it. And do you know what I saw, Tesche? I saw the leader of the this worlds most powerful nation lie, smirk, lie some more, attempt to justify his illegal wars and incursions, lie more about the drain of resources necessary to continue them, smirk more, snivel more, lie, lie, lie ... And heres the kicker, mate. I saw the mans aecxis. If I had wanted, I couldve snapped my fingers from where I sat in Imperial Beach and stopped his reedy little heartbeat. Through the television, Tesche! No one would know. They would call it a heart attack. Theyd bury that psychotic chimpanzee, and millions of innocent lives would be spared. Millions.
  • I could always find moments of calm in my life and my mind by shooting around by myself. In my neighborhood, it was pretty tough to find an open hoop but I took any free shots I could find. The block where I lived was rarely ever quiet because there were so many kids parading aroundit was often difficult to find some privacy.
  • He has been abused and has lived chained up most of his short life and the collar was never loosened.
  • She had spent most of her life trying to avoid her vampire, the one-and-only Brandon Justice, who used just about every opportunity to make her otherwise simple life a living hell.
  • "Go, now my sweet Garinion," She looked to the corner of the room, where she had been busy packing before Vesta came to speak to her. "You're things are ready to go." At the questioning look in Vesta's eyes she continued, "I glimpsed the pond this morning when I was about gathering my herbs. She told me of your troubles and showed me what must be done." Catriona smiled up at her great granddaughter and hugged her fiercely. "Go now, child. May your feet be swift as the wind and your lives be beyond the reach of those who seek you."
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