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life cycle
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Okunuşu: / lʌɪf ’sʌɪk(ə)l / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: life cy·cle
Ekler: lives cy·cle


bir organizmanın hayat devresi.

life cycle için örnek cümleler:

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  • Standardize the format of each entry such that all aspects of the life cycle are covered.
  • His studies of the life cycle of the rust fungus convinced him that the germinating spores represented a vulnerable stage for attack.
  • Angels invest their personal funds in startup ventures, generally much earlier in the life cycle of the company than do venture capitalists.
  • Lib and I were inseparable. I waited patiently as Lib spent time around the family and friends left behind and, as I experienced over time, Lib needed to be near them less and less. Life went on in the present and the wonders of our universe had a tight hold on Lib as we cavorted throughout the heavens. On one such journey, Lib was shocked to discover upon our return to earth that three years had gone by and that Mrs. Danbury had passed onreturned to her real self. Lib would never know her again. Instead of any sadness, Lib was at peace with the knowledge of the life cycle.
  • "Yes. He was part of the only clutch Ion was known to bear." He looked over his shoulder at her. "Again, as youve mentioned, sea horses are sexless. They are, at least, in this stage. They have three life cycles: larval, breeder, and adultthe stage Tachyon is at now. The larvae can be found all over Earth. Gaians buy them in pet stores and the like. They are calledseahorsesas wellbut spelled as one word. They do not evolve beyond the larval stage on this world, though they have developed an entire life cycle of their own to ensure their survival. On Aquanus, the larval stage is just the beginning for them. There, in that stage, they are calledprehorses.’ When they become adults, we respellseahorseas two words, ‘sea horse,’ to denote the time when they finally separate from the sea. When Ion was a breeder, and still in the sea, ‘hehad a clutch of eggs. Tachyon is the only survivor from that clutch."
  • Obligate biotrophic plant pathogen; it can only complete its life cycle on a living host.
  • Eternitus Rose: name given to a tree-tall aecxal rose found only rarely on Aquanus, but which lines the Corridore Monarcha in Vanerrincourt. Gives one seed in its lifetime, at the very beginning stage of its life cycle.
  • Flagellated cells are characteristic of the myxomycetes they are not necessary for the completion of the life cycle of all species.
  • In any civil engineering hydraulics projects, water represents a constraint, a risk on the life cycle of the infrastructure.
  • Much of their life cycle is spent as vegetative mycelium, exploiting complex substrates.
  • Trypanosome life cycle in the fly is regulated by symbiotic bacteria in its gut into which it is possible to insert foreign genes.
  • Although extratropical cyclones are almost always classified as baroclinic since they form along zones of temperature and dewpoint gradient, they can sometimes become barotropic late in their life cycle when the temperature distribution around the cyclone becomes fairly uniform along the radius from the center of low pressure. An extratropical cyclone can transform into a subtropical storm, and from there into a tropical cyclone, if it dwells over warm waters and develops central convection, which warms its core and causes temperature and dewpoint gradients near their centers to fade.
  • Asexual life cycle of bgh on the host proceeds in a highly ordered fashion.
  • Germinatedies of the life cycle of the rust fungus convinced him that the germinating spores represented a vulnerable stage for attack.
  • Female rice weevils lay between 300 to 400 eggs, with the life cycle requiring about 32 days for completion.
  • During the life cycle of any thing, it experiences the vicissitudes of life.
  • Prehorse: the non-aecxal larval stage of all Aquanian sea horses (see below), the stage at which seahorses on Earth are known to live out their entire life cycle.
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