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Okunuşu: / lɛf’tɛnənt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: lieu·ten·ant
Ekler: lieu·ten·ants
Türü: isim


i. , ask. teğmen;
den. yüzbaşı;
vekil, naip.
den. teğmen.

lieutenant için örnek cümleler:

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  • But instead, the obsidian dragon let go of his neck and stood up. It took one last look at lieutenant Goloth, then leapt off its hind claws and into the air. The obsidian dragon took a moment to get its bearings, though lieutenant Goloth didn't need to wonder where it was headed.
  • Pheron smiled, nodding his head. "Well spoken, Lady Sarah." Walking up to the female half of the Nohrin, the friendly lieutenant pulled out a folded piece of parchment: a smaller version of the map hanging in the Antechamber. Pointing to a spot just northwest of the boundary between forest and mountain, the soldier tapped a thin blue line.
  • She was directed to Pheron first, who had obtained a very deep gash across his right shoulder. His right arm also appeared to have been broken. The bleeding had yet to stop and was evident that the lieutenant was in serious pain. His eyes were glazed and he winced at every movement he was forced to make. Withdrawing the tiny dropper from within the vial, Sarah administered the smallest of drops to his wound. Right before her eyes, Pherons skin sealed itself back together, torn muscles reattaching themselves, severed tendons becoming whole. The fracture in his right arm withdrew into itself until it was no more as well.
  • "Since I had not seen the lieutenant on the march, I assumed he would be in charge in Ler Dan. I had no doubt that he had been told of my treachery. However, I felt that he would at least listen to me before attacking. So far no lives had been lost that we knew of. I wanted to complete the campaign that way if at all possible."
  • In 1653 knight was appointed a deputy lieutenant for the west riding.
  • "Good. Also, I have elected to send lieutenant General Richard Norton to accompany you. You are a brilliant general, yes, but Norton has a foxs heart and isnt afraid of the dirtier side of war. I dont know a lot about warfare, true, but I know winter is fast approaching. Your army, I trust, will be able to survive the winter?"
  • The second muster was marginally better than the first. From watching them in the practice yard, Cassius had a fair idea of the quality of his men. Although some had potential, they had been without training or discipline. The first problem was that they reported in a disorganised rabble to Ivery, who was one of the most lenient captains Cassius had ever come across. Cassius promoted three men to the rank of lieutenant then divided the rest into troops of ten or eleven reporting to them. This took until early evening, so Cassius ordered a cask of ale breached and shared among the men as a reward.
  • "There are two, an officer and a Cossack. But it is not presupposable that it is the lieutenant colonel himself," said the esaul, who was fond of using words the Cossacks did not know.
  • "Mein Schatz," Anubis touched the bottom of my chin. "Jonathan is coming. We are your guards for the Maturing. A psychotic Overlord screaming for your death requires special guardians. The Demon lieutenant John, will also be joining us. You will never be alone."
  • There's no way she knew, Loi thought. But she looks delighted and stunned. Sabyn gave her hand a light tug, and she straightened up to greet more people. Loi enjoyed meeting everyone, but was captivated by the lieutenants of the Centaur Cavalry, who stood a place higher than the General Guard Lieutenants, but lower than those in the Griffon Guard. They looked formidable.
  • "Caesar and Antony have ever won more through their officers than persons. Sossiusonce of my rank, Antonys lieutenant in Syriafor quick accumulation of renown which he achieved by the minute lost his favour.
  • The door opened and feet shuffled out. It closed behind them. I opened up and felt the auras of Anubis, Baal, Gabriel, Jonathan and Fenrir in my living room. For a moment, I wondered if there werent too many alphas in my living room. This many Overlords could be bad for everyones health. Hopefully, Jonathan and I, as measly lieutenants could defuse any situation that might arise by from a power struggle.
  • Keon thought of a thousand things to say, but shook his head after thinking better of it. Besides, the more his lieutenant looked like a drunken fool, the better he'd blend at the high school party.
  • "What's suspicious to one person may not be suspicious to another," said lieutenant Jeff Kreitz of the Ridgefield Police Department, explaining what triggered three school districts to lock children in their classrooms. "It was just a precaution because of the situation at Newtown."
  • The lieutenants of the Calvary wore formal blazers in a deep yellow with dark blue accents, and the General Guard lieutenants wore the same, colors reversed. At first they were quite striking, but compared to what their wives and partners wore they soon looked dull.
  • "That third day we sat glumly on the sand under the cliff. In his frustration the lieutenant asked if anyone had any thoughts, no matter how crazy they sounded, on how we could neutralize the sentries. No one did although one man jested we just ask them to go away."
  • He had been flying in the Western Skies for days now, living off wild animals and wondering all the while what he should do next. He wanted to go back to the Palace, but he knew the Military State would be waiting for himhe wanted to go back to the Leaping Pony, too (where he had last seen lieutenant Goloth) but he knew he wouldn't find him thereand if he did, Coriath knew he'd find a corpse.
  • Seconds later, the obsidian dragon shot out a stream of acid. lieutenant Goloth dove to the side, the acid missing his shoulder by a few feet, then lunged ahead. But he had already lost a lot of speedwhich was vital, because both dragons were headed towards a brutal collision.
  • Everyone helped collect some large boulders and accumulate them at the center of the courtyard. By strategically arranging them, a makeshift altar was created on which the Swami could sit without great discomfort. At about eight pm, the Swami settled himself on this rock formation, facing the Lieutenant. This gave him a nearly 270 degrees view of the jungle around him, with the hut directly behind him. He then assumed a blissful position of the Buddha, with one hand raised in benediction and one leg pendent. The rest of the group huddled just a few feet behind the lieutenant who now crouched comfortably behind his rifle, looking completely relaxed.
  • "The human or Coriath or even a lieutenant Goloth," the obsidian dragon said. "They were all inside the records room at one time. Any of them could have done this."
  • I perched on the couch arm beside Loi and Sabyn. Loi gave my leg a squeeze then Elena introduced us again. It wasn't really necessary, we'd become quite friendly with the lieutenants Rashid and Patel. lieutenant Ignatius, however, appeared to regard us in a permanently suspicious light. Waves of disapproval flowed off him whenever the four of us were close by. He wasn't discrete about it. Loi and I exchanged a glance.
  • Prince Andrew arrived at Tsarevo-Zaymishche on the very day and at the very hour that Kutuzov was reviewing the troops for the first time. He stopped in the village at the priest's house in front of which stood the commander in chief's carriage, and he sat down on the bench at the gate awaiting his Serene Highness, as everyone now called Kutuzov. From the field beyond the village came now sounds of regimental music and now the roar of many voices shouting "Hurrah!" to the new commander in chief. Two orderlies, a courier and a major-domo, stood near by, some ten paces from Prince Andrew, availing themselves of Kutuzov's absence and of the fine weather. A short, swarthy lieutenant colonel of hussars with thick mustaches and whiskers rode up to the gate and, glancing at Prince Andrew, inquired whether his Serene Highness was putting up there and whether he would soon be back.
  • Captain boyle and lieutenant legate merit my highest approbation, and indeed i want language to express my admiration of their gallant conduct.
  • Trevor swallowed the lump in his throat. Lying in front of Coriath and Erling and lieutenant Goloth was much harder than he expectedthey all just seemed so earnest, like they'd believe anything Trevor told them.
  • For a moment, Trevor feared the worst; but he made quite a ruckus going down those steps, so lieutenant Goloth opened his eyes and looked at Trevor. "Mr. Thomas."
  • "There were a dozen men in the sentry. We could have taken it easily. However, the lieutenant suggested that we watch the camp for a while to determine their routine."
  • "I am lieutenant General Richard Norton, second-in-command of the grand English army that is laying siege to Ravens Crest. I assume you have food here we can use?"
  • At first, lieutenant Goloth tried to ignore these voices. He kept his eyes shut and tried to drift back to sleepback to the white lights and his father, just so he could see him one last time. But Tragonus was gone and lieutenant Goloth was slowly coming back to his senses.
  • And as soon as his senses returned, lieutenant Goloth winced in agony. Every part of his body throbbed and ached, as if he had just been mashed into a tiny ball, but lieutenant Goloth was no stranger to pain (the Military State had seen to that) so he did his best to cope and gritted his teeth.
  • Rostov took the purse in his hand, examined it and the money in it, and looked at Telyanin. The lieutenant was looking about in his usual way and suddenly seemed to grow very merry.
  • "For a third time we made our way up the cliffs and to our previous spot. This time the lieutenant sent half of the men to circle to the other side of the sentry post. We agreed that as soon as the next set of runners arrived we would attack. Those minutes of waiting seemed hours. Over and over again I told myself how stupid this was, how men were going to die because of my crazy plan."
  • In 1972, he ran his first campaign, a losing effort for a congressional seat in Massachusetts. In 1982 he became lieutenant governor under Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. Two years later, Kerry won the U.S. Senate seat he has held for five consecutive terms.
  • Coriath thought that returning to the Palace was the right thing to do, but everything had gone so wrong. He had left Trevor Thomas, and now, Trevor was probably lost, looking haplessly for the City of Ancients. Coriath had left lieutenant Goloth alone, too, and now, the lieutenant was probably either wounded or dead. Instead, Coriath had returned to the Palace and for what? To witness the Palace being overtaken by the Military State?
  • One of Rome's lieutenants, a slight man by the name of Abdiel, appeared at his right and said to the soldier, "You have allowed a mere woman, encumbered by a baby at that, to best you? For that you will be punished."
  • He became a 2nd lieutenant in the 3rd royal tank regiment then stationed in germany.
  • The tall lieutenant stepped forward to relieve the heavy pack from her. Rhenyon approached then, surveying the fire and the pack. "Jalen was right. I can get used to this."
  • There were four children, in all, but they were all hideous creations. There was Azrael, who had the ability to change into the appearance of any one he killed, but Azrael was dead. lieutenant Goloth had killed him back inside the Military State. There was Elvarius, too, a cunning dwarf who created a false golden bookand lead Trevor to believe that it could predict the future. But Trevor had defeated Elvarius when he destroyed this false book, back inside Dracwyn Prison.
  • "Brenna Strachan, lieutenant of Demonnation, Daughter of Lucifer, Daughter of Elise Strachan, of the Great House of Strachan. I am Witch, I am Demon, I am." Each word seemed to come from somewhere else. The words were coming out of my mouth, but not from my mind.
  • "After the meal the lieutenant called the Allivan knights together and we explained the situation. All knew that their treatment of the citizens of Ler Dan was harsh and probably unwarranted. None had suspected that it was due to the Colonel's personal ambition. A vote was asked and it was agreed that, until proper government could be restored, the lieutenant would assume command under the Knight's Charter. The Charter had a provision permitting the second in command to assume authority when the commander was incapable of performing his duties in a professional manner. His first act as commander was to suspend all restrictions passed under the Wartime Code."
  • The obsidian dragon felt along the cuts on its face while lieutenant Goloth removed his combat dagger; all the while, both dragons hovered in mid-air and circled each other.
  • "The lieutenant called the knights together. We decided that the best plan would be to send the boats back after dark. Once they were safely away, we would find a way to mount the cliff and scout the coast. Then, on the following night, if we found or created a safe place to land, our wizard would notify the ships using red wizard's fire and green if we had not. It seemed a good plan and if circumstances had permitted, it probably would have worked."
  • But lieutenant Goloth did try to fight ithe kept his eyes opened and thought about the things he was going to do when he recovered. He'd head back to the Military State, restore order there and clear his father's namehe'd report back to Coriathand search for Trevor Thomasand hunt down the obsidian dragon
  • They went through the porch and into the stable. The lieutenant explained how to rivet the hoof and went away to his own quarters.
  • But directly ahead was where the dwarves had fortified their defenses. There were at least twelve crossbows (even lieutenant Goloth lost count) all lined up in a row, and the lieutenant certainly knew whybecause beyond these mountains was Dracwyn Mine.
  • "Yeah, see, thats the problem with doing other peoples bidding. You didnt know they were Overlords. You also didnt know I was a lieutenant and the daughter of Lucifer. You thought the guardians would just hand me over because that is what you were told." I sent out the Call. It wasnt verbal, just a thought, or rather, the pushing of a thought. I Called on Demonnation. We were close to my parentshouse and it was easier than calling the police. Besides, we had Demons on the force. They would know.
  • Before the Swami had time to do anything the monster - staying in his crouched position - joined his palms and started to make sounds that sounded like an animals growling. But the Swami recognized the underlying word: AmidaAmidaAmida... His eyes were the only thing that still had a human quality, and there was now in them a sad supplication. The Swami understood, and stood up straight and raised his right hand in blessing. At that moment, he realized that even if his stratagem worked and the monster stood up with him, the Swami was still blocking the Lieutenant's line of fire. No sooner did he realize this than the monster stood up with incredible speed, and in that same motion, drew his sword. The Swami knew that in a split second the sword was going to cut him in half - diagonally through his torso. It was his fault. The lieutenant had reminded him not block the line of fire. His adventure had ended. He closed his eyes and prepared for the feel of the sword on his left shoulder.
  • Coriath grimaced. He knew that the Military State wouldn't forget such an incident, but accusing him of such things inside the Palace was unheard of. "Yes, I was falsely imprisoned by a lieutenant Goloth."
  • Lieutenant Goloth pierced through the night air, his wings folded back, his body tawt like a spear. The wind blew against him, yet he didn't tire; the rain stung his eyes, but he didn't blinkthis wasn't the first time lieutenant Goloth had been in battle.
  • Lieutenant Goloth held Servia's pearl necklace close to his heart. This was the only thing he had of his mother'sand yet, lieutenant Goloth had never known his mother.
  • "We are searching for this river," Pheron explained. "Its source originates high in these mountains. Now, we do not need to find the source, but if we travel upriver, it will take us to here," the lieutenant pointed to a small area devoid of hills and peaks just south of the lake. "This plateau is our destination. We believe the dwarven entrance lies somewhere around there."
  • The more that Trevor thought about his life, the more perfect it seemed to be. Every detail of his life was comfortable and warm to him now, like a fire place on a cold dayand at that moment, Trevor would've given anything to be back inside The Emporium. He'd even leave Coriath and Erling and lieutenant Goloth.
  • Corporal Branson and his second in command lieutenant Whittaker remained on the darkened deck while the other chiefs of staff filtered out of the long room. Branson held his moustached face in a defined manner and betrayed none of his nervousness. Whittaker on the other hand was less experienced, and although he attempted to wear a look of confidence, his nervousness was exposed by a bead of sweat that ran down his forehead.
  • "Far past the outskirts of the city," Rhenyon answered. "Steve, Sarah, may I present the other members of our group. This is lieutenant Pheron, lieutenant Rhein, Jalen, Kern, and Darius." Each soldier nodded as they were introduced.
  • "While their focus must remain on winning the battles and protecting their troops, they will now have the distraction of having to provide some separation of the genders during fast moving and deadly situations," said Boykin, a retired Army lieutenant general. He noted that small units often are in sustained combat for extended periods of time under primal living conditions with no privacy.
  • His short, distinctively crimson cloak blew in the wind, his belted white tunic bright against the sun. He had to meet with the rest of his lieutenants, to quickly plan their response. It will be a siege. We should be able to hold outBut they will have access to the ships...stillThe calm cloudless sky was smoothing into darkness. Corneliussandals left tracks in the sand as he ran to the soldiersbarracks.
  • Lieutenant Goloth wasn't fairing much better, either. Dr. Tolman had taken off his neckbrace and bandages (otherwise their plan wouldn't work at all), but even lieutenant Goloth couldn't hide the pain he was going through.
  • Finally, as blood reached his lips, lieutenant Goloth smiled. "I killed him," he whispered. "Back at the Military State. In the records roomI killed your brother."
  • At least eight fishermen from India and Yemen have been killed since 2008 by soldiers assigned to deter pirates or by guards responsible for keeping ship cargos and crews safe, according to government documents. Another Indian fisherman died in July when sailors on the USNS Rappahannock, a U.S. naval supply ship, opened fire on a vessel off the coast of Dubai. The U.S. Navys investigation into the shooting hasnt been completed, said lieutenant Greg Raelson, a spokesman for the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.
  • At that moment Boris clearly realized what he had before surmised, that in the army, besides the subordination and discipline prescribed in the military code, which he and the others knew in the regiment, there was another, more important, subordination, which made this tight-laced, purple-faced general wait respectfully while Captain Prince Andrew, for his own pleasure, chose to chat with lieutenant Drubetskoy. More than ever was Boris resolved to serve in future not according to the written code, but under this unwritten law. He felt now that merely by having been recommended to Prince Andrew he had already risen above the general who at the front had the power to annihilate him, a lieutenant of the Guards. Prince Andrew came up to him and took his hand.
  • Wounded or not, lieutenant Goloth still had a mission to complete: the obsidian dragon was still at large, no doubt searching for Azrael back inside the Military State, and Coriath would be in need of his services.
  • Which only left two of the Master's children: the obsidian dragon and Arachnia. The obsidian dragon was probably still chasing after lieutenant Goloth and Coriath, thinking that Trevor was on one of their backs, and oh, how Trevor wanted this to be truehe wanted to be with them, even if it meant risking his life.
  • Sian stepped forward, and God only knows how, managed to keep her face straight as she said, 'Now, this is where knowing how to fall correctly is absolutely necessary, as the lieutenant fell a lot harder than we'd prefer.'
  • Pheron smiled, nodding his head. "Well spoken, Lady Sarah." Walking up to the female half of the Nohrin, the friendly lieutenant pulled out a folded piece of parchment: a smaller version of the map hanging in the Antechamber. Pointing to a spot just northwest of the boundary between forest and mountain, the soldier tapped a thin blue line.
  • They wanted to know they would be safe and for once, Coriath had good news for them: lieutenant Goloth had slain Azrael inside the Military State and Trevor was well on his way to resurrecting the Order of the Flame. A part of Coriath still wanted to chase after Trevor and make sure he was safebut nohe had responsibilities and if Trevor managed to resurrect the Order, the Palace needed to be prepared for his return.
  • "We make for the tunnels," Rhenyon instructed. "Use caution. No wandering about here. Single file. lieutenant Pheron, take lead."
  • Though Trevor couldn't have known this, lieutenant Goloth had already dedicated himself to serving Coriath and the Palace and to protecting the Chosen One. By fighting the obsidian dragon, lieutenant Goloth had protected Trevor and served the Kingand if he was still alive, it only meant that the Lieutenant's task was not yet complete.
  • Mourners were:- mr and mrs ward, lieutenant harold ward, miss madge ward, mr and mrs saunt.
  • Midshipman on board the queen charlotte with lord howe, by whom he was made lieutenant 3 nov. 1790.
  • "And there hasn't been anyone in the room except the lieutenant and yourselves. It must be here somewhere," said Lavrushka.
  • Silently, the group descended further into the depths of the earth. Pheron, being the logical choice to lead the group onwards, cautiously inspected tunnel after tunnel, only to find them consistently empty. Following the lieutenant was Breslin, quietly pointing out the minimal traces of spoor he could locate.
  • Just as he was sitting down to some dinner on a tray, one of the new lieutenants, Veritus Fellerin, knocked on the door and peered around it. "Commander," said Veritus. "We thought you might come down and join the men for a drink."
  • The last lieutenant Goloth knew, Rester was nothing more than a Corporaland wasn't about to be promoted any time soon. Rester was hot-blooded and ignorant. Why, just last week, his decisions in the Westhaven war-game nearly got another dragon killed! Rester was not fit to be promoted.
  • Before the lieutenant had time to recover, the obsidian dragon brought his right fist squarely across the Lieutenant's jaw.
  • "I assume you see your part in this, don't you Darius? There can be no great hero without a great villain. This war must last at least a year if I am to make it to Major General. Who knows, if I can stretch it out for two years I might even make lieutenant General. But this requires that I move my forces in such a manner that the tactics of the enemy are made more effective. It is a pity we will lose so many men but the blame will all fall on you. I would never be able to convince anyone that an untrained King from a backwards country had suddenly become a tactical genius, but a trained and traitorous knight, schooled in all of our ways of warfare, could easily give us a sustained and costly campaign."
  • And so it was decided: lieutenant Goloth would go tonight, with Erling on his back, to the Military State and free the palace staff from their holding cells.
  • "I reminded the lieutenant that the King had entered Ler Dan under a white flag and that under Allivan law, should peaceful negotiations fail, he must be allowed to leave unmolested. The lieutenant assured the King that this was the law."
  • Rome whipped around and slapped his lieutenant hard across the face. The force of the blow knocked Abdiel to the floor, his lip split and murder in his eyes.
  • "Jonathan returned to tell us that the knights left behind were trying to ease the tension created by the Colonel's repressive orders. Although the lieutenant in charge knew that his orders would be countermanded when the Colonel returned, he was easing as much suffering as he could while he had the opportunity."
  • Trust Iggy to have an issue with this. The four girls stared at the lieutenant with dark eyes, their energies smoldering around them.
  • In the meantime a young lieutenant thomas hardy had succesfully cut out a french brig from the harbor at santa cruz, tenerife.
  • At a nod from Yakov, the musicians began a different tune, a march, and I watched as the lieutenants of the Guards; Griffon, General, and the Cavalry, made their way to either side of Alek.
  • And sure enough, while they were eating dinner, Coriath said exactly that. Erling thought it was a fantastic idea and so did lieutenant Goloth, who was looking better all the time.
  • With renewed energy, lieutenant Goloth struggled to break free. He bit and clawed everywhere he could and flapped his wings frantically, but all the while, the obsidian dragon kept its grip.
  • Lieutenant Goloth cringed, but not because Dr. Tolman had just stuck a needle in him. Over the past few days, lieutenant Goloth had come to hate Commander Resterafter all, this was a dragon who had illegally taken his father's position and single-handedly corrupted the Military State.
  • In the rest of the film the lieutenant finds the rapists and runs them out of town, rather than killing them.
  • Iggy had the same expression for the Cavalry lieutenants that he also reserved for them and it made Loi want to laugh. Especially when his nostrils flared as an Aswaran lieutenant brushed him with his hindquarters.
  • "The next onea lieutenant colonelI considered my man. Today we had our final conversation, and he did me the favor of pulling out. I was afraid he lacked independent judgment, and today he proved it.
  • Laurence is manipulated by lieutenant Eddie McKenna, best friend to Captain Coughlin and godfather to Danny. Delving into Luther's past, McKenna has discovered that he is running from the deadly altercation in Tulsa. Laurence has been earning his board at the Giddreauxs' home by renovating an old building as the new NAACP headquarters in Boston. McKenna forces him to obtain NAACP membership information and to build a secret chamber in the new headquarters.
  • "Where? At Bykov's, at the rat's... I knew it," replied a piping voice, and lieutenant Telyanin, a small officer of the same squadron, entered the room.
  • In 1790 he was signal midshipman on board the queen charlotte with lord howe, by whom he was made lieutenant 3 nov. 1790.
  • The thick door leading into the library burst open. The lieutenant General Richard Norton strode into the room in his usual fashion. Benedict always shivered when he saw Norton. There was something about him that seemed possessed, as if demons were living in his every word. The English Channel itself couldnt wipe the perpetual sneer off his lips, the slime from his slicked hair.
  • Slop seller for some clothing, a handsome young lieutenant from a british man-of-war came in.
  • A former naval lieutenant talked enthusiastically about seeing the souls of dead soldiers in seagulls.
  • "Its a supervisory issue," said lieutenant Steve Lockhart, the benefits officer for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, whose employees arent unionized. "We just dont allow our employees to claim that kind of time. By giving them comp time, we give them their time off rather than paying them."
  • "There's no mix up, Jim. Your elevation to Major was already processed in India. But we received a message from the PM that he had received a suggestion from a certain high place that you deserve a higher rank. Field Marshall Oakenlake has approved this. So you are now a lieutenant Colonellike it or not."
  • "With no greeting he ordered the lieutenant to set up a defensive perimeter. An overwhelming army led by Darius and the treacherous King had attacked his forces. The Allivan knights fought bravely but had been decimated to a man. Due to his superior conditioning he was barely able to escape to warn the troops in town. Ler Dan must be protected at all costs. When the fleet arrived it would need a safe landing place."
  • "He was allowing the remaining hedge witch, Jen, to serve the needs of the sick and injured, a policy which had been strictly forbidden by the Colonel. He returned many of the provisions commandeered with instructions that they be hidden where the Colonel's searchers would not find them. He permitted the release of the Town Leader and the Council of Elders during the day so that they could take steps to halt the collapse of the city. Everyone knew that the lieutenant would be severely disciplined once the army returned. Without informing him the townspeople were making plans to help his escape to Riverford before the Colonel returned."
  • "Gentlemen, let me introduce Tolman," Erling said, walking over from the staircase. "Or Dr. Tolman, if you'd like. He took care of lieutenant Golothnursed him back to health, he did."
  • This dragon was heading away from the both of them and flying awkwardly because his right wing was much smaller than his left. This dragon, lieutenant Goloth knew well, was Coriaththe King of Dragonshold.
  • Once they arrived, somethingthough it could never be identifiedspooked and enraged the monsters. They tried to escape, each one antagonizing the other until all of them ripped at their constraints. In a futile effort, the soldiers tried to contain them only to infuriate them further. Neither relented. The Taghs would resist, the soldiers pulled harder. The lieutenant saw fit to brandish his weapon and issue verbal threats. But it was too late. The creatures lost any semblance of obedience and loyalty they may have had. The troop leader was the first to be struck, by one Tagh's manacle chains, and the soldier still attached to it. Another blow rendered the commanding officer unconscious.
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