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Okunuşu: / lɛf’tɛnənt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: lieu·ten·ant
Ekler: lieu·ten·ants
Türü: isim


i. , ask. teğmen;
den. yüzbaşı;
vekil, naip.
den. teğmen.

lieutenant için örnek cümleler:

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  • Olista sat in his chair, with Melda beside him, ready to take notes. Sallis sat beside Olista's desk, with Priest Dowl at the far side. lieutenant Vayburn and a dark-haired man Sallis had never seen before flanked Senator Jarron's widow. The extra gold knot of rank on the stranger's uniform suggested this was Elleyn, Captain of the Guard.
  • There's no way she knew, Loi thought. But she looks delighted and stunned. Sabyn gave her hand a light tug, and she straightened up to greet more people. Loi enjoyed meeting everyone, but was captivated by the lieutenants of the Centaur Cavalry, who stood a place higher than the General Guard Lieutenants, but lower than those in the Griffon Guard. They looked formidable.
  • Newtown police plan to have officers at the six schools scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, trying to offer a sense of security to the students and faculty, many of whom spent the weekend in mourning. Newtown Police lieutenant George Sinko acknowledged it may be difficult to ease the worries of the roughly 4,700 returning students and their families.
  • "What's suspicious to one person may not be suspicious to another," said lieutenant Jeff Kreitz of the Ridgefield Police Department, explaining what triggered three school districts to lock children in their classrooms. "It was just a precaution because of the situation at Newtown."
  • "Gentlemen, let me introduce Tolman," Erling said, walking over from the staircase. "Or Dr. Tolman, if you'd like. He took care of lieutenant Golothnursed him back to health, he did."
  • But instead he heard a single report of rifle fire, and felt the wake of the bullet whizzing past, just above his shaved head. He opened his eyes to see the monsters head explode in a thousand little pieces. Pieces of bone and brain matter and fern and moss were flying all around. He thought he even saw a small orchid. The Swami realized that the monster was taller than him, and the lieutenant lying on the groundprobably saw only a few inches of the monster's head projecting above the Swami's. He felt thankful that the quiet lieutenant had the confidence to fire perhaps just an inch over his head.
  • On his return to Moscow from the army, Nicholas Rostov was welcomed by his home circle as the best of sons, a hero, and their darling Nikolenka; by his relations as a charming, attractive, and polite young man; by his acquaintances as a handsome lieutenant of hussars, a good dancer, and one of the best matches in the city.
  • "My parentshouse, they are leaving for Europe today. We can take up in the main residence and put the extra guards at a safe distance in the guest house. Plus, all the lieutenants of Demonnation live within five miles of my father, Im the exception. Actually, excluding me, most of Demonnation lives within fifteen miles of my father. They can answer my Call quickly. The guards in the guest house would be able to see what was happening if we were attacked and yet, be far enough away that if I lose control while we arent under attack, they wont be impacted."
  • Trevor hesitated even longer, but he knew that Coriath was rightif everything went according to plan (which was a pretty big "if", Trevor had to admit), then lieutenant Goloth and Erling had already freed the palace staff from the Military State and were leading them to Dracwyn Prison. And when they attacked, Trevor needed to be right by the main mining chamberright by the Master's throne.
  • But lieutenant Goloth did try to fight ithe kept his eyes opened and thought about the things he was going to do when he recovered. He'd head back to the Military State, restore order there and clear his father's namehe'd report back to Coriathand search for Trevor Thomasand hunt down the obsidian dragon
  • By the time lieutenant Goloth was no more than a hundred feet away, the obsidian dragon gave up the chase and turned back towards the Lieutenant; then, both dragons charged towards each other.
  • "And there hasn't been anyone in the room except the lieutenant and yourselves. It must be here somewhere," said Lavrushka.
  • Elected as lieutenant governor in 1860 he served until becoming governor the following year.
  • Lieutenant Ignatius stood. The other lieutenants exchanged a brief look of annoyance and stood with him, but smiled at us.
  • Prince Andrew arrived at Tsarevo-Zaymishche on the very day and at the very hour that Kutuzov was reviewing the troops for the first time. He stopped in the village at the priest's house in front of which stood the commander in chief's carriage, and he sat down on the bench at the gate awaiting his Serene Highness, as everyone now called Kutuzov. From the field beyond the village came now sounds of regimental music and now the roar of many voices shouting "Hurrah!" to the new commander in chief. Two orderlies, a courier and a major-domo, stood near by, some ten paces from Prince Andrew, availing themselves of Kutuzov's absence and of the fine weather. A short, swarthy lieutenant colonel of hussars with thick mustaches and whiskers rode up to the gate and, glancing at Prince Andrew, inquired whether his Serene Highness was putting up there and whether he would soon be back.
  • He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the marine corps in january 1967.
  • He had been flying in the Western Skies for days now, living off wild animals and wondering all the while what he should do next. He wanted to go back to the Palace, but he knew the Military State would be waiting for himhe wanted to go back to the Leaping Pony, too (where he had last seen lieutenant Goloth) but he knew he wouldn't find him thereand if he did, Coriath knew he'd find a corpse.
  • The party left the vehicles here. The two villagers and the driver and the handyman together carried the comestibles and other necessities, including - at the Swamis request - a gallon-size container of petrol. The Swami carried in a side-bag the maroon chador and his cigarettes. The SP carried a rifle in addition to his revolver. The lieutenant had a three-naught-three rifle with telescopic sight slung over his left shoulder. It was a Lee Enfield rifle that had been modified for sniper application. In his right hand he carried a folded stand for steadying the rifle.
  • He followed Erling back inside (Coriath would have followed them, but there wasn't any way he could fit inside The Leaping Pony). There, Erling gave the umpus root to Dr. Tolman and both Halflings disappeared somewhere behind the bar for a few moments, then came out carrying a cauldron of a steamy green liquid. With Trevor's help, they set it by lieutenant Goloth, who took it in a claw and drank it all in one gulp.
  • There were four children, in all, but they were all hideous creations. There was Azrael, who had the ability to change into the appearance of any one he killed, but Azrael was dead. lieutenant Goloth had killed him back inside the Military State. There was Elvarius, too, a cunning dwarf who created a false golden bookand lead Trevor to believe that it could predict the future. But Trevor had defeated Elvarius when he destroyed this false book, back inside Dracwyn Prison.
  • The way his father looked when he was with Servia. Then, the world drifted away from lieutenant Goloth. He closed his eyes.
  • Before the lieutenant had time to recover, the obsidian dragon brought his right fist squarely across the Lieutenant's jaw.
  • 'Now that wasn't very nice,' the blond tsked, as though scolding a child, her weird eyes watching me. I could see the lieutenants of the Calvary and General Guard move themselves to the front of the guests, attempting to cover as many as possible. I kept my eyes fixed on her and stayed tense, ready. Alek went to move in front of me and I reached out, gripping his arm.
  • The three lieutenants sat on the couch opposite the guys. Elena took a seat at the head of the couches and Yakov pulled up another chair beside her. Alek was seated next to them. I gulped. There was a space on the couch beside each of the men.
  • At a nod from Yakov, the musicians began a different tune, a march, and I watched as the lieutenants of the Guards; Griffon, General, and the Cavalry, made their way to either side of Alek.
  • As Benedict ordered his army to fan out around the castlein hopes of cutting off any access the garrison had with the outside worldhe was growing worried. Not for what he faced inside of the castle, but outside of it. He was not fond of his lieutenant general, but he was terrified of Nortons absence. The damned fool should have been back by now with his men and food. And the forest felt uncomfortable, crawling almost. He could not afford to lose anyone or anything he had to mystery. And there was something certainly mysterious about this town, and the realist buried in Benedict could not understand it.
  • And as soon as his senses returned, lieutenant Goloth winced in agony. Every part of his body throbbed and ached, as if he had just been mashed into a tiny ball, but lieutenant Goloth was no stranger to pain (the Military State had seen to that) so he did his best to cope and gritted his teeth.
  • As a dragon in the Military State, lieutenant Goloth had learned to never underestimate his opponentshis target today could be no different. His opponent was a dragon, to be sure (about the same size as the Lieutenant), but it looked more like a skeleton of charred black bones than anything else.
  • Churchill entered the service of his country in 1895 as an army lieutenant under queen victoria.
  • "While their focus must remain on winning the battles and protecting their troops, they will now have the distraction of having to provide some separation of the genders during fast moving and deadly situations," said Boykin, a retired Army lieutenant general. He noted that small units often are in sustained combat for extended periods of time under primal living conditions with no privacy.
  • Only, Trevor never thought he'd see the lieutenant in such a statehe was bruised all over, with more bandages than Trevor could count, a brace round his neck and a sling on his right arm. Worse still, his stomach had been wrapped with a thick blood- stained gauze.
  • "Where? At Bykov's, at the rat's... I knew it," replied a piping voice, and lieutenant Telyanin, a small officer of the same squadron, entered the room.
  • Lieutenant Goloth didn't humor the Halfling with a responseafter all, this was a dragon who had eaten rotten Rentermice beforewho ate livers regularlya dragon who had an iron stomach. So, lieutenant Goloth just opened up his mouth as much as he could manage and drank the whole cauldron in two gulps.
  • "Good. Also, I have elected to send lieutenant General Richard Norton to accompany you. You are a brilliant general, yes, but Norton has a foxs heart and isnt afraid of the dirtier side of war. I dont know a lot about warfare, true, but I know winter is fast approaching. Your army, I trust, will be able to survive the winter?"
  • Before the Swami had time to do anything the monster - staying in his crouched position - joined his palms and started to make sounds that sounded like an animals growling. But the Swami recognized the underlying word: AmidaAmidaAmida... His eyes were the only thing that still had a human quality, and there was now in them a sad supplication. The Swami understood, and stood up straight and raised his right hand in blessing. At that moment, he realized that even if his stratagem worked and the monster stood up with him, the Swami was still blocking the Lieutenant's line of fire. No sooner did he realize this than the monster stood up with incredible speed, and in that same motion, drew his sword. The Swami knew that in a split second the sword was going to cut him in half - diagonally through his torso. It was his fault. The lieutenant had reminded him not block the line of fire. His adventure had ended. He closed his eyes and prepared for the feel of the sword on his left shoulder.
  • Wounded or not, lieutenant Goloth still had a mission to complete: the obsidian dragon was still at large, no doubt searching for Azrael back inside the Military State, and Coriath would be in need of his services.
  • Coriath sighed. He also hoped that lieutenant Goloth had managed to defeat the obsidian dragon, or at least survived the encounterbut these were things that couldn't be helped, and Coriath needed to think like a king. He had been gone for three days now, which might as well be an eternity for someone who was expected to rule Dragonshold and there were countless king-like things to be done.
  • "We make for the tunnels," Rhenyon instructed. "Use caution. No wandering about here. Single file. lieutenant Pheron, take lead."
  • We all ignored the 'humph' noise that Iggy made. The men had told us his nickname during weapons training. We entered the door that Yakov held for us and walked to where the lieutenants waited. The room was crowded, and I started in surprise at the few female faces I noticed in the crowd. I hadn't expected that. But there they were. I'd counted at least ten women already, and there were around a thousand people in the room.
  • Seconds later, the obsidian dragon shot out a stream of acid. lieutenant Goloth dove to the side, the acid missing his shoulder by a few feet, then lunged ahead. But he had already lost a lot of speedwhich was vital, because both dragons were headed towards a brutal collision.
  • The guys escorted us to breakfast and led us to the library afterward. Elena was there with Yakov and the Lieutenants, all wore serious looks.
  • They went through the porch and into the stable. The lieutenant explained how to rivet the hoof and went away to his own quarters.
  • Laurence is manipulated by lieutenant Eddie McKenna, best friend to Captain Coughlin and godfather to Danny. Delving into Luther's past, McKenna has discovered that he is running from the deadly altercation in Tulsa. Laurence has been earning his board at the Giddreauxs' home by renovating an old building as the new NAACP headquarters in Boston. McKenna forces him to obtain NAACP membership information and to build a secret chamber in the new headquarters.
  • Then, if he is promoted to the rank of sergeant, he will see a sample of the title of Commander-in-Chief and a manifestation of it in the lieutenants sphere.
  • The Alaska Legislature consists of a 40-member House of Representatives and a 20-member Senate. Senators serve four year terms and House members two. The Governor of Alaska serves four-year terms. The lieutenant governor runs separately from the governor in the primaries, but during the general election, the nominee for governor and nominee for lieutenant governor run together on the same ticket.
  • "The human or Coriath or even a lieutenant Goloth," the obsidian dragon said. "They were all inside the records room at one time. Any of them could have done this."
  • "Ah? You're Pwince Bolkonski? Vewy glad to make your acquaintance! I'm lieutenant Colonel Denisov, better known as 'Vaska,'" said Denisov, pressing Prince Andrew's hand and looking into his face with a particularly kindly attention. "Yes, I heard," said he sympathetically, and after a short pause added: "Yes, it's Scythian warfare. It's all vewy well--only not for those who get it in the neck. So you are Pwince Andwew Bolkonski?" He swayed his head. "Vewy pleased, Pwince, to make your acquaintance!" he repeated again, smiling sadly, and he again pressed Prince Andrew's hand.
  • Keon thought of a thousand things to say, but shook his head after thinking better of it. Besides, the more his lieutenant looked like a drunken fool, the better he'd blend at the high school party.
  • "Robart, the Great Wizard, listened quietly to the Colonel. His face betrayed neither trust nor distrust. When the lieutenant opened his mouth the protest, Robart held up a hand to silence him."
  • Right before they collided, lieutenant Goloth spat out a fireball that was more black smoke than anything elsemeaning to confuse and disorientate his opponent.
  • Prince Andrew replied that he was not on his Serene Highness' staff but was himself a new arrival. The lieutenant colonel turned to a smart orderly, who, with the peculiar contempt with which a commander in chief's orderly speaks to officers, replied:
  • Though Trevor couldn't have known this, lieutenant Goloth had already dedicated himself to serving Coriath and the Palace and to protecting the Chosen One. By fighting the obsidian dragon, lieutenant Goloth had protected Trevor and served the Kingand if he was still alive, it only meant that the Lieutenant's task was not yet complete.
  • "Caesar and Antony have ever won more through their officers than persons. Sossiusonce of my rank, Antonys lieutenant in Syriafor quick accumulation of renown which he achieved by the minute lost his favour.
  • "We are searching for this river," Pheron explained. "Its source originates high in these mountains. Now, we do not need to find the source, but if we travel upriver, it will take us to here," the lieutenant pointed to a small area devoid of hills and peaks just south of the lake. "This plateau is our destination. We believe the dwarven entrance lies somewhere around there."
  • "For a third time we made our way up the cliffs and to our previous spot. This time the lieutenant sent half of the men to circle to the other side of the sentry post. We agreed that as soon as the next set of runners arrived we would attack. Those minutes of waiting seemed hours. Over and over again I told myself how stupid this was, how men were going to die because of my crazy plan."
  • "Far past the outskirts of the city," Rhenyon answered. "Steve, Sarah, may I present the other members of our group. This is lieutenant Pheron, lieutenant Rhein, Jalen, Kern, and Darius." Each soldier nodded as they were introduced.
  • The door opened and feet shuffled out. It closed behind them. I opened up and felt the auras of Anubis, Baal, Gabriel, Jonathan and Fenrir in my living room. For a moment, I wondered if there werent too many alphas in my living room. This many Overlords could be bad for everyones health. Hopefully, Jonathan and I, as measly lieutenants could defuse any situation that might arise by from a power struggle.
  • For First lieutenant Naderah Keshmiri, whose humble yet stern approach helps her pursue cases of violence against women, life as a policewoman means being undervalued.
  • "Brenna Strachan, lieutenant of Demonnation, Daughter of Lucifer, Daughter of Elise Strachan, of the Great House of Strachan. I am Witch, I am Demon, I am." Each word seemed to come from somewhere else. The words were coming out of my mouth, but not from my mind.
  • "Oh, just a scratch is all," Erling said, then looked at Coriath. "Did the drugstore have some umpus roots for sale?" Coriath took out a paper bag (which was small enough that he fit it in his knapsack) and handed to Erling; then, seeing that Trevor was a bit confused, said: "Umpus root slows swelling. It's for lieutenant Goloth, though I suspect he'll make a full recovery in a few days."
  • She mustn't have told the lieutenants this yet as Rashid and Patel looked surprised but nodded. Iggy, however, turned a dark red.
  • Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, is a United States memorial dedicated to all Americans who served in World War I. The site for the Liberty Memorial was dedicated on 1 November 1921. On this day, the supreme Allied commanders spoke to a crowd of more than 100,000 people. It was the only time in history these leaders were together in one place. In attendance were lieutenant General Baron Jacques of Belgium; General Armando Diaz of Italy; Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France; General Pershing of the United States; and Admiral D. R. Beatty of Great Britain. After three years of construction, the Liberty Memorial was completed and President Calvin Coolidge delivered the dedication speech to a crowd of 150,000 people in 1926.
  • An Angel appeared at his side to give him a hand. Together, they walked towards the hallway. They all had lieutenants and underlings around to assist them. They all seemed to need it. They looked like they had gone through blenders. Baals wings were shredded, bits of bone peeking out from the spines. Anubis was nearly furless again, his hands both swollen and unusable. Gabriel looked as if he might have actually aged and his body refused to allow him to stand upright. Fenrir had been stuck in wolf form and the wolf kept licking at different wounds and then glaring at me. I guess I was transferring injuries onto them to keep myself alive during the duel with Chiron, right until I stabbed myself like an idiot. My mother believes the only reason it didnt kill me is because Im a Strachan and the sword doesnt like taking the blood of its own kind.
  • But when the voice didn't say anything else, lieutenant Goloth grew anxious and looked about him, hoping that Tragonus might be standing next to him. But Tragonus wasn't anywhere to be seen and lieutenant Goloth got the feeling that if he didn't say something soon, his father might disappear forever.
  • In unison, all soldiers stopped eating and talking and looked with astonishment as two peasants in strange clothing boldly walked right into their camp. As one, they all turned to look at their lieutenant who was in the process of taking a bite out of a piece of meat skewered on his dagger.
  • After lunch, we followed Yakov and the lieutenants to the training room. A loud murmur of voices was audible as we approached it. Yakov glanced back and gave us a warm smile, 'The General Guard are looking forward to learning new skills from you.'
  • Chief Edwards said lieutenant Brian Murphy, 51, had been tending to a victim at the scene when he was "ambushed" by the gunman.
  • The folding chairs are a testament to modernization. There are exactly 84 of them. The lieutenants that have been born all have their names on a particular chair.
  • Iggy had the same expression for the Cavalry lieutenants that he also reserved for them and it made Loi want to laugh. Especially when his nostrils flared as an Aswaran lieutenant brushed him with his hindquarters.
  • In 1972, he ran his first campaign, a losing effort for a congressional seat in Massachusetts. In 1982 he became lieutenant governor under Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. Two years later, Kerry won the U.S. Senate seat he has held for five consecutive terms.
  • Silently, the group descended further into the depths of the earth. Pheron, being the logical choice to lead the group onwards, cautiously inspected tunnel after tunnel, only to find them consistently empty. Following the lieutenant was Breslin, quietly pointing out the minimal traces of spoor he could locate.
  • The last lieutenant Goloth knew, Rester was nothing more than a Corporaland wasn't about to be promoted any time soon. Rester was hot-blooded and ignorant. Why, just last week, his decisions in the Westhaven war-game nearly got another dragon killed! Rester was not fit to be promoted.
  • Keon thought of a thousand things to say, but shook his head after thinking better of it. Besides, the more his lieutenant looked like a drunken fool, the better he'd blend at the high school party.
  • Pheron peered into the sky, trying to see from which direction these blasted creatures were coming from. Jalen was down, a nasty gash on his right leg immobilizing him. Rhein had sustained a crippling blow on his left arm, no doubt breaking it, but had still refused to abandon his companions. The lieutenant was able to see in the dark, thanks to his jhorun, but by the time he could shout out the locations of the griffins he could see, they had already moved off. Suddenly a large dark object swished by him at an amazing speed. A white flash of pain erupted in his right shoulder, his sword flying off into the darkness. With his right arm disabled, his choices were becoming bleak.
  • Since the war Dunford has moved rapidly up the chain of command. He became a brigadier general in 2004, was selected to become a major general in December 2007 and then promoted to lieutenant general two months later, before Congress had acted to confirm his second star.
  • Lieutenant Goloth wasn't fairing much better, either. Dr. Tolman had taken off his neckbrace and bandages (otherwise their plan wouldn't work at all), but even lieutenant Goloth couldn't hide the pain he was going through.
  • Lieutenant Goloth gasped for breathhe had been choked before, but this was so much worse. Though he knew better, the lieutenant grabbed at the obsidian dragon's claws and tried to pull them off his throat, but its grip was like a vice.
  • "I am lieutenant General Richard Norton, second-in-command of the grand English army that is laying siege to Ravens Crest. I assume you have food here we can use?"
  • It happened in a matter of seconds, of course, but it was long enough for the obsidian dragon to gain the upper hand. He grabbed lieutenant Goloth around his throat and crushed his windpipe, then turned the lieutenant so that his back was against the ground below.
  • Having long completed reading the message, Rhenyon chose to read it again. Slowly. He kept no secrets from his men, and he wasnt about to start now. However, having seen examples of his lieutenants impatience, he decided to read as slowly as possible. Nodding sagely, as though he was now privy to the darkest secrets known to men, Rhenyon finally straightened, tossing the message into the hearth. There, thats what he had been waiting for. His lieutenant had actually given a small jerk, as though he was going to go after it.
  • His short, distinctively crimson cloak blew in the wind, his belted white tunic bright against the sun. He had to meet with the rest of his lieutenants, to quickly plan their response. It will be a siege. We should be able to hold outBut they will have access to the ships...stillThe calm cloudless sky was smoothing into darkness. Corneliussandals left tracks in the sand as he ran to the soldiersbarracks.
  • And for one fleeting moment, lieutenant Goloth caught a glimpse of his fatheronly, he wasn't in his dragon-mail, as he usually was when he was alive. lieutenant Goloth liked to think that this was the way his father had looked before all of this happenedbefore a lifetime of service to the Military State had worn down his soul.
  • "I'm not sure I know, sir," Dr. Tolman said. The doctor moved to lieutenant Goloth's side, removed some instruments from his coat pocket, and began taking his patient's vital signs.
  • Lieutenant Goloth held Servia's pearl necklace close to his heart. This was the only thing he had of his mother'sand yet, lieutenant Goloth had never known his mother.
  • "Ah, Domina Calista," said a young lieutenant whom Calistas memory swiftly named Trebonius. "As I was explaining to your mother, we should be able to withstand any assault in this room. Its damned difficult to find let alone breach." He grinned confidently, his brown eyes too smoothly mirroring his words.
  • Coriath took a deep breaththen, he detailed his plan. It went like this: lieutenant Goloth was to go back to the Military State tonight and free the Palace staff before their execution tomorrow. The palace staff, Coriath explained, were quite necessary for a diversion.
  • "After a quick consultation it was decided that we would go down to the dock and meet the ship. Hopefully we could settle the situation without conflict. The lieutenant told us that he was not prepared to take arms against Allivan knights and that he would have to stand with Allivan if the Sauwerdan forces should choose to oppose them. It was up to the Sauwerdan troops to stay or flee as they chose."
  • At this, Captain Lampson bowed, his craggy visage reflecting the pride he felt at the compliment. "If you will excuse me," he said, rising, "I must be off to my duties." He saluted Conor. "Sire," he said, and then turned back to his wheel, which had been temporarily manned by one of his lieutenants.
  • "You'll never be able to infiltrate Dracwyn Mine," lieutenant Goloth said, sitting up from his bed. "Not when the Master has an army of dwarves at his disposalthese dwarves are small and probably ill-prepared, but they can still fight. The four of us wouldn't stand much of a chance against them."
  • "He was allowing the remaining hedge witch, Jen, to serve the needs of the sick and injured, a policy which had been strictly forbidden by the Colonel. He returned many of the provisions commandeered with instructions that they be hidden where the Colonel's searchers would not find them. He permitted the release of the Town Leader and the Council of Elders during the day so that they could take steps to halt the collapse of the city. Everyone knew that the lieutenant would be severely disciplined once the army returned. Without informing him the townspeople were making plans to help his escape to Riverford before the Colonel returned."
  • "The next onea lieutenant colonelI considered my man. Today we had our final conversation, and he did me the favor of pulling out. I was afraid he lacked independent judgment, and today he proved it.
  • Trevor was about to say more (about how thankful he was for everything the lieutenant had done for him) when suddenly, there was quite a commotion outside.
  • In Arkansas, the lieutenant governor is elected separately from the governor and thus can be from a different political party.
  • Though lieutenant Goloth didn't want to (though his mind commanded that he sit up, do a quick equipment check and fly to the Palace of Dragonshold), he did as he was told.
  • Yet, Rester had become a Commander, and lieutenant Goloth knew exactly how he did it, too. Rester had taken his father's place in the Military State.
  • "I don't need to exaggerate," Dr. Tolman replied. "By all accounts, the lieutenant should be paralyzed. Instead, he's recovering faster than anyone I've ever seen before. I don't understand it."
  • The French had attacked the battery and, seeing Kutuzov, were firing at him. After this volley the regimental commander clutched at his leg; several soldiers fell, and a second lieutenant who was holding the flag let it fall from his hands. It swayed and fell, but caught on the muskets of the nearest soldiers. The soldiers started firing without orders.
  • Trevor Thomas spent most of the day avoiding the inevitablehe helped Dr. Tolman mix some fresh umpus root juice for lieutenant Goloth (which really did taste awful) and visited Erling's explosives room, where the Halfling showed off his latest inventions. He even helped out around The Leaping Pony by washing dishes and grabbing things from the tops of shelves, which the servants seemed especially happy about.
  • All went swimmingly, the beat retreat including highland cathedral for which the 1st lieutenant on bagpipes joined us in full scottish regalia.
  • "Fetch me Captain General Benedict Marshall. Hell be resting on the south lawn. Also bring me lieutenant General Richard Norton from one of the guest rooms. Tell them Ill meet them in the royal library just down the hall."
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