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Okunuşu: / lɛf’tɛnənt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: lieu·ten·ant
Ekler: lieu·ten·ants
Türü: isim


i. , ask. teğmen;
den. yüzbaşı;
vekil, naip.
den. teğmen.

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  • As a dragon in the Military State, lieutenant Goloth had learned to never underestimate his opponentshis target today could be no different. His opponent was a dragon, to be sure (about the same size as the Lieutenant), but it looked more like a skeleton of charred black bones than anything else.
  • Greeted on arrival by mr. patrick evelyn, deputy lieutenant of surrey.
  • She was directed to Pheron first, who had obtained a very deep gash across his right shoulder. His right arm also appeared to have been broken. The bleeding had yet to stop and was evident that the lieutenant was in serious pain. His eyes were glazed and he winced at every movement he was forced to make. Withdrawing the tiny dropper from within the vial, Sarah administered the smallest of drops to his wound. Right before her eyes, Pherons skin sealed itself back together, torn muscles reattaching themselves, severed tendons becoming whole. The fracture in his right arm withdrew into itself until it was no more as well.
  • "Good. Also, I have elected to send lieutenant General Richard Norton to accompany you. You are a brilliant general, yes, but Norton has a foxs heart and isnt afraid of the dirtier side of war. I dont know a lot about warfare, true, but I know winter is fast approaching. Your army, I trust, will be able to survive the winter?"
  • And for one fleeting moment, lieutenant Goloth caught a glimpse of his fatheronly, he wasn't in his dragon-mail, as he usually was when he was alive. lieutenant Goloth liked to think that this was the way his father had looked before all of this happenedbefore a lifetime of service to the Military State had worn down his soul.
  • At least 51 were killed in a mudslide in the mining province of Compostela Valley yesterday morning, Army lieutenant Colonel Lyndon Paniza said by phone. In Davao Oriental province, 81 people died, 148 are missing and 25 were injured as roofs were peeled from houses and schools and churches collapsed, the provinces disaster agency said in a report.
  • Everyone helped collect some large boulders and accumulate them at the center of the courtyard. By strategically arranging them, a makeshift altar was created on which the Swami could sit without great discomfort. At about eight pm, the Swami settled himself on this rock formation, facing the Lieutenant. This gave him a nearly 270 degrees view of the jungle around him, with the hut directly behind him. He then assumed a blissful position of the Buddha, with one hand raised in benediction and one leg pendent. The rest of the group huddled just a few feet behind the lieutenant who now crouched comfortably behind his rifle, looking completely relaxed.
  • Erling, for one, wanted to eat inside the common room, but lieutenant Goloth had already followed the doctor's advice and was sound asleepand besides, it was wonderful weather outside and Trevor wasn't going to waste it cooped up in The Leaping Pony.
  • "Since I had not seen the lieutenant on the march, I assumed he would be in charge in Ler Dan. I had no doubt that he had been told of my treachery. However, I felt that he would at least listen to me before attacking. So far no lives had been lost that we knew of. I wanted to complete the campaign that way if at all possible."
  • It was enough to make Trevor cringe. He must have looked perfectly horrified, too, because lieutenant Goloth sat up and said: "The doctor is exaggerating, Mr. Thomas."
  • "Jonathan returned to tell us that the knights left behind were trying to ease the tension created by the Colonel's repressive orders. Although the lieutenant in charge knew that his orders would be countermanded when the Colonel returned, he was easing as much suffering as he could while he had the opportunity."
  • One of these bombing missions was carried out on 26 april 1915 by second lieutenant rhodes-moorhouse.
  • "Without flinching the lieutenant requested that the Colonel remain silent or he would be forced to gag him. The Colonel remained quiet but I had never seen such venom in a man's eyes before that day."
  • At this, Captain Lampson bowed, his craggy visage reflecting the pride he felt at the compliment. "If you will excuse me," he said, rising, "I must be off to my duties." He saluted Conor. "Sire," he said, and then turned back to his wheel, which had been temporarily manned by one of his lieutenants.
  • "Good," the same voice said. The lieutenant looked over to a Halfling who was dressed in a white apron. "My name is Tolman, or Dr. Tolman if you'd rather."
  • Coriath took a deep breaththen, he detailed his plan. It went like this: lieutenant Goloth was to go back to the Military State tonight and free the Palace staff before their execution tomorrow. The palace staff, Coriath explained, were quite necessary for a diversion.
  • "You will be intermixed with the Judeheim army, standing shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and friends. The two armies will be divided into three groups, one led by myself, another by Lord Gallahad and the last by your good King Gawain himself," Eoin speaks with a booming voice. "The Councilmen of Judeheim will act as lieutenants to each of us, and should be treated as such. Once we exit these woods, you are to line up, two men thick and no more, along the mouth of Magda. I am going to lead the center force. When we have met the foe, Gawain and Gallahad will use the valley walls to sneak around and envelop Mors' army unseen.
  • He had been flying in the Western Skies for days now, living off wild animals and wondering all the while what he should do next. He wanted to go back to the Palace, but he knew the Military State would be waiting for himhe wanted to go back to the Leaping Pony, too (where he had last seen lieutenant Goloth) but he knew he wouldn't find him thereand if he did, Coriath knew he'd find a corpse.
  • Having long completed reading the message, Rhenyon chose to read it again. Slowly. He kept no secrets from his men, and he wasnt about to start now. However, having seen examples of his lieutenants impatience, he decided to read as slowly as possible. Nodding sagely, as though he was now privy to the darkest secrets known to men, Rhenyon finally straightened, tossing the message into the hearth. There, thats what he had been waiting for. His lieutenant had actually given a small jerk, as though he was going to go after it.
  • The Guard Officer of the Day was summoned (Sallis realized with a silent groan that this was lieutenant Vayburn), and messengers sent to the Captain of the Guard and to Senator Olista.
  • In the meantime a young lieutenant thomas hardy had succesfully cut out a french brig from the harbor at santa cruz, tenerife.
  • While Prince Andrew went to report about the purple-faced general, that gentleman--evidently not sharing Boris' conception of the advantages of the unwritten code of subordination--looked so fixedly at the presumptuous lieutenant who had prevented his finishing what he had to say to the adjutant that Boris felt uncomfortable. He turned away and waited impatiently for Prince Andrew's return from the commander in chief's room.
  • But instead, the obsidian dragon let go of his neck and stood up. It took one last look at lieutenant Goloth, then leapt off its hind claws and into the air. The obsidian dragon took a moment to get its bearings, though lieutenant Goloth didn't need to wonder where it was headed.
  • Lieutenant Goloth tried to say something else but there was a lump in his throat. So instead, the lieutenant said something he had never said beforebut something he wished he had said time and time again: "I love you, father."
  • Since the war Dunford has moved rapidly up the chain of command. He became a brigadier general in 2004, was selected to become a major general in December 2007 and then promoted to lieutenant general two months later, before Congress had acted to confirm his second star.
  • "He was allowing the remaining hedge witch, Jen, to serve the needs of the sick and injured, a policy which had been strictly forbidden by the Colonel. He returned many of the provisions commandeered with instructions that they be hidden where the Colonel's searchers would not find them. He permitted the release of the Town Leader and the Council of Elders during the day so that they could take steps to halt the collapse of the city. Everyone knew that the lieutenant would be severely disciplined once the army returned. Without informing him the townspeople were making plans to help his escape to Riverford before the Colonel returned."
  • "Just think," lieutenant Goloth said over his shoulder. "You're the first Halfling to ever be inside the Military State."
  • Even after Coriath had finished, everyone was silent. lieutenant Goloth, in particular, was analyzing his plan, looking for anything Coriath might've overlooked. "But how do you plan on entering Dracwyn Mine?" he said at last. "Obviously, you cannot go through the primary entrance."
  • Subaltern junior officer of ensign or lieutenant rank in the british army.
  • She recognized that expression, recognized those cold, dispassionate eyes. Good god, it was lieutenant Patreli. She'd almost forgotten about him, pushed him to the back of her mind since her run-in with the sand warrior. Okay, so she'd technically stolen his dog, but she had somehow forgotten how important he was to all of this.
  • Which only left two of the Master's children: the obsidian dragon and Arachnia. The obsidian dragon was probably still chasing after lieutenant Goloth and Coriath, thinking that Trevor was on one of their backs, and oh, how Trevor wanted this to be truehe wanted to be with them, even if it meant risking his life.
  • Kerry, 69, spent much of his childhood overseas. After graduating from Yale University in 1966, he was deployed to Vietnam as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He was a gunboat officer on the Mekong Delta, earning the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.
  • Steffens tells the paper he can vouch that Antigua impersonated a Coast Guard officer at least once. He recognized Antigua from a Memorial Day event at a cemetery, where he says Antigua introduced himself as a Coast Guard lieutenant Commander and was wearing a uniform. He then sat next to the police chief in a special section for officials.
  • "Its a supervisory issue," said lieutenant Steve Lockhart, the benefits officer for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, whose employees arent unionized. "We just dont allow our employees to claim that kind of time. By giving them comp time, we give them their time off rather than paying them."
  • Trevor hesitated even longer, but he knew that Coriath was rightif everything went according to plan (which was a pretty big "if", Trevor had to admit), then lieutenant Goloth and Erling had already freed the palace staff from the Military State and were leading them to Dracwyn Prison. And when they attacked, Trevor needed to be right by the main mining chamberright by the Master's throne.
  • Second lieutenant William Thomas Barnes DFC was an English flying ace of World War I. He served as an observer/gunner in Bristol F.2 Fighters, gaining, in conjunction with his pilots, nine confirmed aerial victories (6 destroyed, 3 'out of contol') over German Fokker D.VII fighter planes.
  • It happened in a matter of seconds, of course, but it was long enough for the obsidian dragon to gain the upper hand. He grabbed lieutenant Goloth around his throat and crushed his windpipe, then turned the lieutenant so that his back was against the ground below.
  • Before the lieutenant had time to recover, the obsidian dragon brought his right fist squarely across the Lieutenant's jaw.
  • "Brenna Strachan, lieutenant of Demonnation, Daughter of Lucifer, Daughter of Elise Strachan, of the Great House of Strachan. I am Witch, I am Demon, I am." Each word seemed to come from somewhere else. The words were coming out of my mouth, but not from my mind.
  • Corporal Branson and his second in command lieutenant Whittaker remained on the darkened deck while the other chiefs of staff filtered out of the long room. Branson held his moustached face in a defined manner and betrayed none of his nervousness. Whittaker on the other hand was less experienced, and although he attempted to wear a look of confidence, his nervousness was exposed by a bead of sweat that ran down his forehead.
  • "I am lieutenant General Richard Norton, second-in-command of the grand English army that is laying siege to Ravens Crest. I assume you have food here we can use?"
  • "Far past the outskirts of the city," Rhenyon answered. "Steve, Sarah, may I present the other members of our group. This is lieutenant Pheron, lieutenant Rhein, Jalen, Kern, and Darius." Each soldier nodded as they were introduced.
  • We let the lieutenants know of our plans and Yakov, listening in, pulled a vial out of his pocket, 'Here, Sian and Cat, if you each take a sip of this it will make your voice louder, without any strain on you.'
  • In the rest of the film the lieutenant finds the rapists and runs them out of town, rather than killing them.
  • And so it was decided: lieutenant Goloth would go tonight, with Erling on his back, to the Military State and free the palace staff from their holding cells.
  • He became a 2nd lieutenant in the 3rd royal tank regiment then stationed in germany.
  • After the destruction of the band of Gaspard Bes, who had infested the gorges of Ollioules, one of his lieutenants, Cravatte, took refuge in the mountains. He concealed himself for some time with his bandits, the remnant of Gaspard Bes's troop, in the county of Nice; then he made his way to Piedmont, and suddenly reappeared in France, in the vicinity of Barcelonette. He was first seen at Jauziers, then at Tuiles. He hid himself in the caverns of the Joug-de-l'Aigle, and thence he descended towards the hamlets and villages through the ravines of Ubaye and Ubayette.
  • Lieutenant Goloth landed a few glancing blows with his dagger, but it wasn't long before the obsidian dragon caught his wrist and twisted it and lieutenant Goloth dropped the dagger.
  • She was directed to Pheron first, who had obtained a very deep gash across his right shoulder. His right arm also appeared to have been broken. The bleeding had yet to stop and was evident that the lieutenant was in serious pain. His eyes were glazed and he winced at every movement he was forced to make. Withdrawing the tiny dropper from within the vial, Sarah administered the smallest of drops to his wound. Right before her eyes, Pherons skin sealed itself back together, torn muscles reattaching themselves, severed tendons becoming whole. The fracture in his right arm withdrew into itself until it was no more as well.
  • Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, is a United States memorial dedicated to all Americans who served in World War I. The site for the Liberty Memorial was dedicated on 1 November 1921. On this day, the supreme Allied commanders spoke to a crowd of more than 100,000 people. It was the only time in history these leaders were together in one place. In attendance were lieutenant General Baron Jacques of Belgium; General Armando Diaz of Italy; Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France; General Pershing of the United States; and Admiral D. R. Beatty of Great Britain. After three years of construction, the Liberty Memorial was completed and President Calvin Coolidge delivered the dedication speech to a crowd of 150,000 people in 1926.
  • But directly ahead was where the dwarves had fortified their defenses. There were at least twelve crossbows (even lieutenant Goloth lost count) all lined up in a row, and the lieutenant certainly knew whybecause beyond these mountains was Dracwyn Mine.
  • She mustn't have told the lieutenants this yet as Rashid and Patel looked surprised but nodded. Iggy, however, turned a dark red.
  • "For a third time we made our way up the cliffs and to our previous spot. This time the lieutenant sent half of the men to circle to the other side of the sentry post. We agreed that as soon as the next set of runners arrived we would attack. Those minutes of waiting seemed hours. Over and over again I told myself how stupid this was, how men were going to die because of my crazy plan."
  • Midshipman on board the queen charlotte with lord howe, by whom he was made lieutenant 3 nov. 1790.
  • As it started to get darker in the jungle, the moon seemed to get brighter. The full disk shone overhead. The whole courtyard was well lit. The lieutenant checked again that there was enough light for his telescopic sight to work. He now chose a place directly across the courtyard from the hut, set up his stand on its two legs and rested the rifle barrel on it. He put a single bullet in the magazine, and slid it home. It was now time to wait.
  • But lieutenant Goloth did try to fight ithe kept his eyes opened and thought about the things he was going to do when he recovered. He'd head back to the Military State, restore order there and clear his father's namehe'd report back to Coriathand search for Trevor Thomasand hunt down the obsidian dragon
  • Elected as lieutenant governor in 1860 he served until becoming governor the following year.
  • The folding chairs are a testament to modernization. There are exactly 84 of them. The lieutenants that have been born all have their names on a particular chair.
  • But when the voice didn't say anything else, lieutenant Goloth grew anxious and looked about him, hoping that Tragonus might be standing next to him. But Tragonus wasn't anywhere to be seen and lieutenant Goloth got the feeling that if he didn't say something soon, his father might disappear forever.
  • Then, if he is promoted to the rank of sergeant, he will see a sample of the title of Commander-in-Chief and a manifestation of it in the lieutenants sphere.
  • Coriath, the King of Dragonshold, looked back over his shoulder but he had lost sight of lieutenant Goloth long ago. The lieutenant was lost somewhere in the storm, fighting the obsidian dragon.
  • After lunch, we followed Yakov and the lieutenants to the training room. A loud murmur of voices was audible as we approached it. Yakov glanced back and gave us a warm smile, 'The General Guard are looking forward to learning new skills from you.'
  • Olista sat in his chair, with Melda beside him, ready to take notes. Sallis sat beside Olista's desk, with Priest Dowl at the far side. lieutenant Vayburn and a dark-haired man Sallis had never seen before flanked Senator Jarron's widow. The extra gold knot of rank on the stranger's uniform suggested this was Elleyn, Captain of the Guard.
  • The Governor of Colorado heads the state's executive branch. The current governor is John Hickenlooper, a Democrat. Colorado's other statewide elected executive officers are the lieutenant Governor of Colorado (elected on a ticket with the Governor), Secretary of State of Colorado, Colorado State Treasurer, and Attorney General of Colorado, all of whom serve four-year terms.
  • Lieutenant Goloth gasped for breathhe had been choked before, but this was so much worse. Though he knew better, the lieutenant grabbed at the obsidian dragon's claws and tried to pull them off his throat, but its grip was like a vice.
  • More than a hundred emails and phone calls have come in to detectives from members of the public who had encounters with the 53-year-old Cuba native, much like one Steffens himself had when Antigua sat next to him at a Memorial Day event and introduced himself as a Coast Guard lieutenant commander.
  • Gazetted second lieutenant from the militia to the manchester regiment 1st december 1897.
  • Most Coloradans are originally native to other states (nearly 60% according to the 2000 census), and this is illustrated by the fact that the state did not have a native-born governor from 1975 (when John David Vanderhoof left office) until 2007, when Bill Ritter took office; his election the previous year marked the first electoral victory for a native-born Coloradan in a gubernatorial race since 1958 (Vanderhoof had ascended from the lieutenant Governorship when John Arthur Love was given a position in Richard Nixon's administration in 1973).
  • The more that Trevor thought about his life, the more perfect it seemed to be. Every detail of his life was comfortable and warm to him now, like a fire place on a cold dayand at that moment, Trevor would've given anything to be back inside The Emporium. He'd even leave Coriath and Erling and lieutenant Goloth.
  • In 1790 he was signal midshipman on board the queen charlotte with lord howe, by whom he was made lieutenant 3 nov. 1790.
  • "There were a dozen men in the sentry. We could have taken it easily. However, the lieutenant suggested that we watch the camp for a while to determine their routine."
  • "Yeah, see, thats the problem with doing other peoples bidding. You didnt know they were Overlords. You also didnt know I was a lieutenant and the daughter of Lucifer. You thought the guardians would just hand me over because that is what you were told." I sent out the Call. It wasnt verbal, just a thought, or rather, the pushing of a thought. I Called on Demonnation. We were close to my parentshouse and it was easier than calling the police. Besides, we had Demons on the force. They would know.
  • All went swimmingly, the beat retreat including highland cathedral for which the 1st lieutenant on bagpipes joined us in full scottish regalia.
  • Lieutenant Goloth held Servia's pearl necklace close to his heart. This was the only thing he had of his mother'sand yet, lieutenant Goloth had never known his mother.
  • "The lieutenant invited us to join him for midday meal. We gratefully accepted, having been on field rations for nearly a month. However, I told him that besides the King's personal guard, we had more than two hundred and fifty soldiers and archers in the woods. I asked if he would permit them to come into town and relax for a while. Several of them were from Ler Dan and would appreciate the chance to see family and friends."
  • They went through the porch and into the stable. The lieutenant explained how to rivet the hoof and went away to his own quarters.
  • Finally, as blood reached his lips, lieutenant Goloth smiled. "I killed him," he whispered. "Back at the Military State. In the records roomI killed your brother."
  • In 1972, he ran his first campaign, a losing effort for a congressional seat in Massachusetts. In 1982 he became lieutenant governor under Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. Two years later, Kerry won the U.S. Senate seat he has held for five consecutive terms.
  • But then Coriath brought up the matter of lieutenant Goloth and Erling and Trevor didn't really have much choice. "There are no spiders inside," Coriath added. "You've got to trust me."
  • Keon thought of a thousand things to say, but shook his head after thinking better of it. Besides, the more his lieutenant looked like a drunken fool, the better he'd blend at the high school party.
  • "Under our flag we walked to the main road into town. The sentries saw us at a distance and one was dispatched at a run. Within minutes I saw the lieutenant running beside the man shouting orders as he approached the guard post."
  • Coriath grimaced. He knew that the Military State wouldn't forget such an incident, but accusing him of such things inside the Palace was unheard of. "Yes, I was falsely imprisoned by a lieutenant Goloth."
  • The Alaska Legislature consists of a 40-member House of Representatives and a 20-member Senate. Senators serve four year terms and House members two. The Governor of Alaska serves four-year terms. The lieutenant governor runs separately from the governor in the primaries, but during the general election, the nominee for governor and nominee for lieutenant governor run together on the same ticket.
  • "The next onea lieutenant colonelI considered my man. Today we had our final conversation, and he did me the favor of pulling out. I was afraid he lacked independent judgment, and today he proved it.
  • Arizona is one of seven states that do not have a specified lieutenant governor. The secretary of state is the first in line to succeed the governor in the event of death, disability, resignation, or removal from office. The line of succession also includes the attorney general, state treasurer and superintendent of public instruction. Since 1977, four secretaries of state and one attorney general have risen to Arizona's governorship through these means.
  • For First lieutenant Naderah Keshmiri, whose humble yet stern approach helps her pursue cases of violence against women, life as a policewoman means being undervalued.
  • I perched on the couch arm beside Loi and Sabyn. Loi gave my leg a squeeze then Elena introduced us again. It wasn't really necessary, we'd become quite friendly with the lieutenants Rashid and Patel. lieutenant Ignatius, however, appeared to regard us in a permanently suspicious light. Waves of disapproval flowed off him whenever the four of us were close by. He wasn't discrete about it. Loi and I exchanged a glance.
  • Having long completed reading the message, Rhenyon chose to read it again. Slowly. He kept no secrets from his men, and he wasnt about to start now. However, having seen examples of his lieutenants impatience, he decided to read as slowly as possible. Nodding sagely, as though he was now privy to the darkest secrets known to men, Rhenyon finally straightened, tossing the message into the hearth. There, thats what he had been waiting for. His lieutenant had actually given a small jerk, as though he was going to go after it.
  • "The Council and the rest of the Elders descended upon the city in two groups. One to rescue the Humans and save as many as possible and one to battle the Elders. We called them The Hoarde. It seemed appropriate enough at the time. The Overlords went to battle with their lieutenants while the others went to save the Roman populace." Anubis took a deep breath. His hands were shaking.
  • "If the monster shows up at all, it will be sometime before first light. Our best approach is for all of us to stay together in one place. So, let the lieutenant choose where he wants to set up his station, then everybody stay near him. Do not under any circumstances stray from the group. If you have to answer any nature's calls, do so now.
  • Sallis nodded and let his shirt drop. He almost smiled, before he remembered the discussion's subject. "Did the lieutenant find anything?"
  • The French had attacked the battery and, seeing Kutuzov, were firing at him. After this volley the regimental commander clutched at his leg; several soldiers fell, and a second lieutenant who was holding the flag let it fall from his hands. It swayed and fell, but caught on the muskets of the nearest soldiers. The soldiers started firing without orders.
  • "Maharaj, I am not sure I should have taken that shot. How can you kill someone who is about to take his life, and live with yourself?" said the Lieutenant.
  • And somehow, even though lieutenant Goloth had speared Azrael through the chest, Trevor knew Azrael wasn't dead. He shuddered to think that Azrael was still out there, hunting him down like a ringwraith.
  • Iggy had the same expression for the Cavalry lieutenants that he also reserved for them and it made Loi want to laugh. Especially when his nostrils flared as an Aswaran lieutenant brushed him with his hindquarters.
  • The lieutenant simply nodded. The Swami sensed that this was not a man of many words. Good, he thought. He must be a man of action then. That is exactly what was needed.
  • "There's no mix up, Jim. Your elevation to Major was already processed in India. But we received a message from the PM that he had received a suggestion from a certain high place that you deserve a higher rank. Field Marshall Oakenlake has approved this. So you are now a lieutenant Colonellike it or not."
  • Now that the lieutenants were in place, the music changed again, to a calmer, soothing tune. The next hour or two was for greeting everyone in a receiving line that gathered before Alek. It was organized according to rank, and everyone seemed to know their place. The faces began to blur toward the end, but I couldn't stop smiling. Everyone insisted on looking at the ring, and I couldn't stop the happy glow of energy that flared out.
  • There were four children, in all, but they were all hideous creations. There was Azrael, who had the ability to change into the appearance of any one he killed, but Azrael was dead. lieutenant Goloth had killed him back inside the Military State. There was Elvarius, too, a cunning dwarf who created a false golden bookand lead Trevor to believe that it could predict the future. But Trevor had defeated Elvarius when he destroyed this false book, back inside Dracwyn Prison.
  • It opened up its mouth, but there was no fire inside; instead, it was quite unlike anything the lieutenant had ever seenit looked like fire, but it was a hideous shade of purple and it hissed and crackled.
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