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Okunuşu: / lɛf’tɛnənt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: lieu·ten·ant
Ekler: lieu·ten·ants
Türü: isim


i. , ask. teğmen;
den. yüzbaşı;
vekil, naip.
den. teğmen.

lieutenant için örnek cümleler:

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  • As it started to get darker in the jungle, the moon seemed to get brighter. The full disk shone overhead. The whole courtyard was well lit. The lieutenant checked again that there was enough light for his telescopic sight to work. He now chose a place directly across the courtyard from the hut, set up his stand on its two legs and rested the rifle barrel on it. He put a single bullet in the magazine, and slid it home. It was now time to wait.
  • Coriath thought that returning to the Palace was the right thing to do, but everything had gone so wrong. He had left Trevor Thomas, and now, Trevor was probably lost, looking haplessly for the City of Ancients. Coriath had left lieutenant Goloth alone, too, and now, the lieutenant was probably either wounded or dead. Instead, Coriath had returned to the Palace and for what? To witness the Palace being overtaken by the Military State?
  • The folding chairs are a testament to modernization. There are exactly 84 of them. The lieutenants that have been born all have their names on a particular chair.
  • Entrance in Metz the 8 December 1918: decoration ceremony of Marshal Philippe Ptain by French President Raymond Poincar in presence of Allies General Douglas Haig, General John J. Pershing, General Cyriaque Gillain, General Alberico Albricci, and lieutenant General Jzef Haller. The city of Metz was then an important geo-political symbol of the German annexation of Alsace-Lorraine after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.
  • Then, if he is promoted to the rank of sergeant, he will see a sample of the title of Commander-in-Chief and a manifestation of it in the lieutenants sphere.
  • She just stood there, the picture of determination, daring him to contradict her. And she'd called him lieutenant what made her think he was a lieutenant?
  • He was sent back to england with the captured sloop indian, and was promoted to lieutenant on 26th december 1812.
  • Steffens tells the paper he can vouch that Antigua impersonated a Coast Guard officer at least once. He recognized Antigua from a Memorial Day event at a cemetery, where he says Antigua introduced himself as a Coast Guard lieutenant Commander and was wearing a uniform. He then sat next to the police chief in a special section for officials.
  • "He was allowing the remaining hedge witch, Jen, to serve the needs of the sick and injured, a policy which had been strictly forbidden by the Colonel. He returned many of the provisions commandeered with instructions that they be hidden where the Colonel's searchers would not find them. He permitted the release of the Town Leader and the Council of Elders during the day so that they could take steps to halt the collapse of the city. Everyone knew that the lieutenant would be severely disciplined once the army returned. Without informing him the townspeople were making plans to help his escape to Riverford before the Colonel returned."
  • Trevor Thomas spent most of the day avoiding the inevitablehe helped Dr. Tolman mix some fresh umpus root juice for lieutenant Goloth (which really did taste awful) and visited Erling's explosives room, where the Halfling showed off his latest inventions. He even helped out around The Leaping Pony by washing dishes and grabbing things from the tops of shelves, which the servants seemed especially happy about.
  • "Where? At Bykov's, at the rat's... I knew it," replied a piping voice, and lieutenant Telyanin, a small officer of the same squadron, entered the room.
  • But instead, the obsidian dragon let go of his neck and stood up. It took one last look at lieutenant Goloth, then leapt off its hind claws and into the air. The obsidian dragon took a moment to get its bearings, though lieutenant Goloth didn't need to wonder where it was headed.
  • One of Rome's lieutenants, a slight man by the name of Abdiel, appeared at his right and said to the soldier, "You have allowed a mere woman, encumbered by a baby at that, to best you? For that you will be punished."
  • "Im surprised you didnt, Leviathan." His eyes stopped glowing and he let go of me. "Now, do you know who you are? Now do you understand what you are? Are you ready to accept your responsibility and take your place as a lieutenant of Demonnation, a protector of Mankind?"
  • The Aswaran lieutenants were HUGE. They looked to be half draught horse and half WWF fighter. Next to them were the lieutenants of the Rodhite division, slender and elegant looking creatures, then the stockier, Medanga Lieutenants.
  • He followed Erling back inside (Coriath would have followed them, but there wasn't any way he could fit inside The Leaping Pony). There, Erling gave the umpus root to Dr. Tolman and both Halflings disappeared somewhere behind the bar for a few moments, then came out carrying a cauldron of a steamy green liquid. With Trevor's help, they set it by lieutenant Goloth, who took it in a claw and drank it all in one gulp.
  • Gabriel gave me a parting stare before moving towards the Council table. I found my seat, my name written in Sharpie marker on the fading vinyl of the folding chair. My uncle, Beezel, was already sitting in his spot. The other Demon Lieutenant, John, was standing up. Demonnation only has three lieutenants at the current time. This leaves four empty Demonnation chairs, but we each have our names on our seats, so we are still packed in like sardines. Ritual sometimes dies very hard.
  • The last lieutenant Goloth knew, Rester was nothing more than a Corporaland wasn't about to be promoted any time soon. Rester was hot-blooded and ignorant. Why, just last week, his decisions in the Westhaven war-game nearly got another dragon killed! Rester was not fit to be promoted.
  • They went through the porch and into the stable. The lieutenant explained how to rivet the hoof and went away to his own quarters.
  • For a moment, Trevor feared the worst; but he made quite a ruckus going down those steps, so lieutenant Goloth opened his eyes and looked at Trevor. "Mr. Thomas."
  • Most Coloradans are originally native to other states (nearly 60% according to the 2000 census), and this is illustrated by the fact that the state did not have a native-born governor from 1975 (when John David Vanderhoof left office) until 2007, when Bill Ritter took office; his election the previous year marked the first electoral victory for a native-born Coloradan in a gubernatorial race since 1958 (Vanderhoof had ascended from the lieutenant Governorship when John Arthur Love was given a position in Richard Nixon's administration in 1973).
  • Much to Dr. Tolman's dismay, Coriath then suggested they hold the meeting inside the common room, so that lieutenant Goloth could be present and Erling agreed.
  • "I'm sorry, I really wish we had more people, but if I send anyone down there, I have to leave something up north here unprotected," Ariel said hesitantly. "It doesn't matter what I do, one way or another, a part of the region is going to be vulnerable. My first duty is to this town, Aiden. Maybe if my husband was here he'd have a better answer for you. To be honest, I'm not even a real Sergeant; I just handled the day-to-day operations of the guards for the Captain, whom I eventually married. With him and his lieutenant gone, I'm the closest thing to an officer left, so it all falls to me."
  • "Ah, Domina Calista," said a young lieutenant whom Calistas memory swiftly named Trebonius. "As I was explaining to your mother, we should be able to withstand any assault in this room. Its damned difficult to find let alone breach." He grinned confidently, his brown eyes too smoothly mirroring his words.
  • Lieutenant Ignatius stood. The other lieutenants exchanged a brief look of annoyance and stood with him, but smiled at us.
  • Seconds later, the obsidian dragon shot out a stream of acid. lieutenant Goloth dove to the side, the acid missing his shoulder by a few feet, then lunged ahead. But he had already lost a lot of speedwhich was vital, because both dragons were headed towards a brutal collision.
  • His short, distinctively crimson cloak blew in the wind, his belted white tunic bright against the sun. He had to meet with the rest of his lieutenants, to quickly plan their response. It will be a siege. We should be able to hold outBut they will have access to the ships...stillThe calm cloudless sky was smoothing into darkness. Corneliussandals left tracks in the sand as he ran to the soldiersbarracks.
  • The lieutenant simply nodded. The Swami sensed that this was not a man of many words. Good, he thought. He must be a man of action then. That is exactly what was needed.
  • "Jonathan returned to tell us that the knights left behind were trying to ease the tension created by the Colonel's repressive orders. Although the lieutenant in charge knew that his orders would be countermanded when the Colonel returned, he was easing as much suffering as he could while he had the opportunity."
  • "After a quick consultation it was decided that we would go down to the dock and meet the ship. Hopefully we could settle the situation without conflict. The lieutenant told us that he was not prepared to take arms against Allivan knights and that he would have to stand with Allivan if the Sauwerdan forces should choose to oppose them. It was up to the Sauwerdan troops to stay or flee as they chose."
  • She recognized that expression, recognized those cold, dispassionate eyes. Good god, it was lieutenant Patreli. She'd almost forgotten about him, pushed him to the back of her mind since her run-in with the sand warrior. Okay, so she'd technically stolen his dog, but she had somehow forgotten how important he was to all of this.
  • Lieutenant Goloth cringed, but not because Dr. Tolman had just stuck a needle in him. Over the past few days, lieutenant Goloth had come to hate Commander Resterafter all, this was a dragon who had illegally taken his father's position and single-handedly corrupted the Military State.
  • The guys escorted us to breakfast and led us to the library afterward. Elena was there with Yakov and the Lieutenants, all wore serious looks.
  • Coriath grimaced. He knew that the Military State wouldn't forget such an incident, but accusing him of such things inside the Palace was unheard of. "Yes, I was falsely imprisoned by a lieutenant Goloth."
  • Even after Coriath had finished, everyone was silent. lieutenant Goloth, in particular, was analyzing his plan, looking for anything Coriath might've overlooked. "But how do you plan on entering Dracwyn Mine?" he said at last. "Obviously, you cannot go through the primary entrance."
  • "Caesar and Antony have ever won more through their officers than persons. Sossiusonce of my rank, Antonys lieutenant in Syriafor quick accumulation of renown which he achieved by the minute lost his favour.
  • "The lieutenant called the knights together. We decided that the best plan would be to send the boats back after dark. Once they were safely away, we would find a way to mount the cliff and scout the coast. Then, on the following night, if we found or created a safe place to land, our wizard would notify the ships using red wizard's fire and green if we had not. It seemed a good plan and if circumstances had permitted, it probably would have worked."
  • "Brenna Strachan, lieutenant of Demonnation, Daughter of Lucifer, Daughter of Elise Strachan, of the Great House of Strachan. I am Witch, I am Demon, I am." Each word seemed to come from somewhere else. The words were coming out of my mouth, but not from my mind.
  • "At dawn we posted sentries to watch for his arrival. He was less than two miles from the town. In order to reduce any lingering doubts about our story, I suggested the lieutenant remain with the sentries while the Sauwerdan forces concealed themselves. The King and I selected a position where we would be able to see and hear all that transpired."
  • "Robart, the Great Wizard, listened quietly to the Colonel. His face betrayed neither trust nor distrust. When the lieutenant opened his mouth the protest, Robart held up a hand to silence him."
  • This didn't surprise Trevor, thoughwhen he met lieutenant Goloth, they were both trapped inside Dracwyn Prison and the lieutenant had just been bitten by one of the Master's children, a humongous spider named Arachnia. Azrael left lieutenant Goloth alone to die, assuming that Arachnia's poison would kill him (and really, it should have). Instead, lieutenant Goloth had enough strength to lead Trevor out of Dracwyn Prison and to the Palaceto safety.
  • Readers coming across the word "mistress" tend to visualize a woman who provides sex in exchange for cushy, rent- free living and a lot of high-end shopping, Matias said. That label is "kind of demeaning" in any event, he said, but doesnt even apply in the case of Broadwell, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, a West Point graduate and recipient of two masters degrees.
  • "Since I had not seen the lieutenant on the march, I assumed he would be in charge in Ler Dan. I had no doubt that he had been told of my treachery. However, I felt that he would at least listen to me before attacking. So far no lives had been lost that we knew of. I wanted to complete the campaign that way if at all possible."
  • "We are searching for this river," Pheron explained. "Its source originates high in these mountains. Now, we do not need to find the source, but if we travel upriver, it will take us to here," the lieutenant pointed to a small area devoid of hills and peaks just south of the lake. "This plateau is our destination. We believe the dwarven entrance lies somewhere around there."
  • Midshipman on board the queen charlotte with lord howe, by whom he was made lieutenant 3 nov. 1790.
  • "Its a supervisory issue," said lieutenant Steve Lockhart, the benefits officer for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, whose employees arent unionized. "We just dont allow our employees to claim that kind of time. By giving them comp time, we give them their time off rather than paying them."
  • Prince Andrew replied that he was not on his Serene Highness' staff but was himself a new arrival. The lieutenant colonel turned to a smart orderly, who, with the peculiar contempt with which a commander in chief's orderly speaks to officers, replied:
  • Rome whipped around and slapped his lieutenant hard across the face. The force of the blow knocked Abdiel to the floor, his lip split and murder in his eyes.
  • We all ignored the 'humph' noise that Iggy made. The men had told us his nickname during weapons training. We entered the door that Yakov held for us and walked to where the lieutenants waited. The room was crowded, and I started in surprise at the few female faces I noticed in the crowd. I hadn't expected that. But there they were. I'd counted at least ten women already, and there were around a thousand people in the room.
  • Mourners were:- mr and mrs ward, lieutenant harold ward, miss madge ward, mr and mrs saunt.
  • Trevor swallowed the lump in his throat. Lying in front of Coriath and Erling and lieutenant Goloth was much harder than he expectedthey all just seemed so earnest, like they'd believe anything Trevor told them.
  • Pheron peered into the sky, trying to see from which direction these blasted creatures were coming from. Jalen was down, a nasty gash on his right leg immobilizing him. Rhein had sustained a crippling blow on his left arm, no doubt breaking it, but had still refused to abandon his companions. The lieutenant was able to see in the dark, thanks to his jhorun, but by the time he could shout out the locations of the griffins he could see, they had already moved off. Suddenly a large dark object swished by him at an amazing speed. A white flash of pain erupted in his right shoulder, his sword flying off into the darkness. With his right arm disabled, his choices were becoming bleak.
  • The lieutenant colonel of hussars smiled beneath his mustache at the orderly's tone, dismounted, gave his horse to a dispatch runner, and approached Bolkonski with a slight bow. Bolkonski made room for him on the bench and the lieutenant colonel sat down beside him.
  • "Mein Schatz," Anubis touched the bottom of my chin. "Jonathan is coming. We are your guards for the Maturing. A psychotic Overlord screaming for your death requires special guardians. The Demon lieutenant John, will also be joining us. You will never be alone."
  • They wanted to know they would be safe and for once, Coriath had good news for them: lieutenant Goloth had slain Azrael inside the Military State and Trevor was well on his way to resurrecting the Order of the Flame. A part of Coriath still wanted to chase after Trevor and make sure he was safebut nohe had responsibilities and if Trevor managed to resurrect the Order, the Palace needed to be prepared for his return.
  • Subaltern junior officer of ensign or lieutenant rank in the british army.
  • "Gentlemen, let me introduce Tolman," Erling said, walking over from the staircase. "Or Dr. Tolman, if you'd like. He took care of lieutenant Golothnursed him back to health, he did."
  • "No, no, no," I responded. "This is so not happening. Do not tell me what to do. Im a Demon and Im not just some weakly little Demon, Im Brenna Strachan, Demon lieutenant and Daughter of Lucifer. I am also a Great Witch and Daughter of Elise Strachan. Im the second most powerful Witch in the world, I will not be treated like some child meant to be handled with kid gloves. This is just as much my fight as anyone elses. More so when you consider it is I that is Maturing."
  • Pheron peered into the sky, trying to see from which direction these blasted creatures were coming from. Jalen was down, a nasty gash on his right leg immobilizing him. Rhein had sustained a crippling blow on his left arm, no doubt breaking it, but had still refused to abandon his companions. The lieutenant was able to see in the dark, thanks to his jhorun, but by the time he could shout out the locations of the griffins he could see, they had already moved off. Suddenly a large dark object swished by him at an amazing speed. A white flash of pain erupted in his right shoulder, his sword flying off into the darkness. With his right arm disabled, his choices were becoming bleak.
  • Prince Andrew arrived at Tsarevo-Zaymishche on the very day and at the very hour that Kutuzov was reviewing the troops for the first time. He stopped in the village at the priest's house in front of which stood the commander in chief's carriage, and he sat down on the bench at the gate awaiting his Serene Highness, as everyone now called Kutuzov. From the field beyond the village came now sounds of regimental music and now the roar of many voices shouting "Hurrah!" to the new commander in chief. Two orderlies, a courier and a major-domo, stood near by, some ten paces from Prince Andrew, availing themselves of Kutuzov's absence and of the fine weather. A short, swarthy lieutenant colonel of hussars with thick mustaches and whiskers rode up to the gate and, glancing at Prince Andrew, inquired whether his Serene Highness was putting up there and whether he would soon be back.
  • There were four children, in all, but they were all hideous creations. There was Azrael, who had the ability to change into the appearance of any one he killed, but Azrael was dead. lieutenant Goloth had killed him back inside the Military State. There was Elvarius, too, a cunning dwarf who created a false golden bookand lead Trevor to believe that it could predict the future. But Trevor had defeated Elvarius when he destroyed this false book, back inside Dracwyn Prison.
  • At least 51 were killed in a mudslide in the mining province of Compostela Valley yesterday morning, Army lieutenant Colonel Lyndon Paniza said by phone. In Davao Oriental province, 81 people died, 148 are missing and 25 were injured as roofs were peeled from houses and schools and churches collapsed, the provinces disaster agency said in a report.
  • In unison, all soldiers stopped eating and talking and looked with astonishment as two peasants in strange clothing boldly walked right into their camp. As one, they all turned to look at their lieutenant who was in the process of taking a bite out of a piece of meat skewered on his dagger.
  • Lieutenant Goloth followed up with a hard punch across its chin, but the obsidian dragon recovered in seconds, dug his hind claws into lieutenant Goloth's stomach and pushed away.
  • "I assume you see your part in this, don't you Darius? There can be no great hero without a great villain. This war must last at least a year if I am to make it to Major General. Who knows, if I can stretch it out for two years I might even make lieutenant General. But this requires that I move my forces in such a manner that the tactics of the enemy are made more effective. It is a pity we will lose so many men but the blame will all fall on you. I would never be able to convince anyone that an untrained King from a backwards country had suddenly become a tactical genius, but a trained and traitorous knight, schooled in all of our ways of warfare, could easily give us a sustained and costly campaign."
  • She mustn't have told the lieutenants this yet as Rashid and Patel looked surprised but nodded. Iggy, however, turned a dark red.
  • Now that the lieutenants were in place, the music changed again, to a calmer, soothing tune. The next hour or two was for greeting everyone in a receiving line that gathered before Alek. It was organized according to rank, and everyone seemed to know their place. The faces began to blur toward the end, but I couldn't stop smiling. Everyone insisted on looking at the ring, and I couldn't stop the happy glow of energy that flared out.
  • "Maharaj, I am not sure I should have taken that shot. How can you kill someone who is about to take his life, and live with yourself?" said the Lieutenant.
  • Rostov took the purse in his hand, examined it and the money in it, and looked at Telyanin. The lieutenant was looking about in his usual way and suddenly seemed to grow very merry.
  • "During the meal I told the lieutenant about the attempt on my life and recounted the tale of campaign. I assured him that the people and horses we rescued were being well treated as guests of the King until we had this situation straightened out. I suggested that we plan for the Colonel's return and for how we would deal with the army that was sure to arrive once the merchant told his tale to the Great Wizard."
  • At least eight fishermen from India and Yemen have been killed since 2008 by soldiers assigned to deter pirates or by guards responsible for keeping ship cargos and crews safe, according to government documents. Another Indian fisherman died in July when sailors on the USNS Rappahannock, a U.S. naval supply ship, opened fire on a vessel off the coast of Dubai. The U.S. Navys investigation into the shooting hasnt been completed, said lieutenant Greg Raelson, a spokesman for the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.
  • Coriath sighed. He also hoped that lieutenant Goloth had managed to defeat the obsidian dragon, or at least survived the encounterbut these were things that couldn't be helped, and Coriath needed to think like a king. He had been gone for three days now, which might as well be an eternity for someone who was expected to rule Dragonshold and there were countless king-like things to be done.
  • In the meantime a young lieutenant thomas hardy had succesfully cut out a french brig from the harbor at santa cruz, tenerife.
  • "There's no mix up, Jim. Your elevation to Major was already processed in India. But we received a message from the PM that he had received a suggestion from a certain high place that you deserve a higher rank. Field Marshall Oakenlake has approved this. So you are now a lieutenant Colonellike it or not."
  • "My parentshouse, they are leaving for Europe today. We can take up in the main residence and put the extra guards at a safe distance in the guest house. Plus, all the lieutenants of Demonnation live within five miles of my father, Im the exception. Actually, excluding me, most of Demonnation lives within fifteen miles of my father. They can answer my Call quickly. The guards in the guest house would be able to see what was happening if we were attacked and yet, be far enough away that if I lose control while we arent under attack, they wont be impacted."
  • It opened up its mouth, but there was no fire inside; instead, it was quite unlike anything the lieutenant had ever seenit looked like fire, but it was a hideous shade of purple and it hissed and crackled.
  • Trevor looked up one last time at the night sky, hoping that he might see a pair of dragons flying off in the distance. But Coriath was long gone and so was lieutenant Goloth. By now, they were probably miles away, leading the obsidian dragon away from Trevor and Erling. It was the sensible thing to do: the obsidian dragon was one of the Master's children and it wouldn't stop until Trevor was dead.
  • Iggy had the same expression for the Cavalry lieutenants that he also reserved for them and it made Loi want to laugh. Especially when his nostrils flared as an Aswaran lieutenant brushed him with his hindquarters.
  • More than a hundred emails and phone calls have come in to detectives from members of the public who had encounters with the 53-year-old Cuba native, much like one Steffens himself had when Antigua sat next to him at a Memorial Day event and introduced himself as a Coast Guard lieutenant commander.
  • But instead he heard a single report of rifle fire, and felt the wake of the bullet whizzing past, just above his shaved head. He opened his eyes to see the monsters head explode in a thousand little pieces. Pieces of bone and brain matter and fern and moss were flying all around. He thought he even saw a small orchid. The Swami realized that the monster was taller than him, and the lieutenant lying on the groundprobably saw only a few inches of the monster's head projecting above the Swami's. He felt thankful that the quiet lieutenant had the confidence to fire perhaps just an inch over his head.
  • "The human or Coriath or even a lieutenant Goloth," the obsidian dragon said. "They were all inside the records room at one time. Any of them could have done this."
  • Below the regional level, all of England is divided into 48 ceremonial counties. These are used primarily as a geographical frame of reference and have developed gradually since the Middle Ages, with some established as recently as 1974. Each has a Lord lieutenant and High Sheriff; these posts are used to represent the British monarch locally. Outside Greater London and the Isles of Scilly, England is also divided into 83 metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties; these correspond to areas used for the purposes of local government and may consist of a single district or be divided into several.
  • "Good," the same voice said. The lieutenant looked over to a Halfling who was dressed in a white apron. "My name is Tolman, or Dr. Tolman if you'd rather."
  • Laurence is manipulated by lieutenant Eddie McKenna, best friend to Captain Coughlin and godfather to Danny. Delving into Luther's past, McKenna has discovered that he is running from the deadly altercation in Tulsa. Laurence has been earning his board at the Giddreauxs' home by renovating an old building as the new NAACP headquarters in Boston. McKenna forces him to obtain NAACP membership information and to build a secret chamber in the new headquarters.
  • Having long completed reading the message, Rhenyon chose to read it again. Slowly. He kept no secrets from his men, and he wasnt about to start now. However, having seen examples of his lieutenants impatience, he decided to read as slowly as possible. Nodding sagely, as though he was now privy to the darkest secrets known to men, Rhenyon finally straightened, tossing the message into the hearth. There, thats what he had been waiting for. His lieutenant had actually given a small jerk, as though he was going to go after it.
  • The three lieutenants sat on the couch opposite the guys. Elena took a seat at the head of the couches and Yakov pulled up another chair beside her. Alek was seated next to them. I gulped. There was a space on the couch beside each of the men.
  • At dawn tomorrow, Coriath would embark with Trevor on a quest to infiltrate Dracwyn Prison and steal the rune crystal back. "We need you, lieutenant to create a distraction," Coriath explained. "Trevor and I will wait inside the main mining chamber while you lead the Palace staff in a direct assault on Dracwyn Mine. The Master will have no choice but to believe this is an honest attack and will designate most, if not all of his dwarven workers to repel your attack.
  • Second lieutenant William Thomas Barnes DFC was an English flying ace of World War I. He served as an observer/gunner in Bristol F.2 Fighters, gaining, in conjunction with his pilots, nine confirmed aerial victories (6 destroyed, 3 'out of contol') over German Fokker D.VII fighter planes.
  • Worse still, the lieutenant walked with a limp and obscured what little vantage point Erling had. Besides, being stuffed into a knapsack wasn't Erling's idea of traveling in comfort; he had to curl up in the fetal position just to fit inside.
  • Having long completed reading the message, Rhenyon chose to read it again. Slowly. He kept no secrets from his men, and he wasnt about to start now. However, having seen examples of his lieutenants impatience, he decided to read as slowly as possible. Nodding sagely, as though he was now privy to the darkest secrets known to men, Rhenyon finally straightened, tossing the message into the hearth. There, thats what he had been waiting for. His lieutenant had actually given a small jerk, as though he was going to go after it.
  • The party left the vehicles here. The two villagers and the driver and the handyman together carried the comestibles and other necessities, including - at the Swamis request - a gallon-size container of petrol. The Swami carried in a side-bag the maroon chador and his cigarettes. The SP carried a rifle in addition to his revolver. The lieutenant had a three-naught-three rifle with telescopic sight slung over his left shoulder. It was a Lee Enfield rifle that had been modified for sniper application. In his right hand he carried a folded stand for steadying the rifle.
  • A huge smile spread on my face when I caught sight of Alek, and I headed straight for him. His blue eyes regarded me warmly, and he stood as we approached. There was a loud screech of chairs as everyone else in the room stood, and the four of us froze, startled by the abrupt movement. Then Alek held his hand out to me. The sense of relief when our hands touched was wonderful, and we stood for a moment, staring at each other with silly grins. Everyone sat. I greeted Elena and Yakov and nodded to the lieutenants who inclined their heads at me. No one talked over breakfast; all too busy eating.
  • Silently, the group descended further into the depths of the earth. Pheron, being the logical choice to lead the group onwards, cautiously inspected tunnel after tunnel, only to find them consistently empty. Following the lieutenant was Breslin, quietly pointing out the minimal traces of spoor he could locate.
  • The lieutenant never looked the man he was speaking to straight in the face; his eyes continually wandered from one object to another.
  • At a nod from Yakov, the musicians began a different tune, a march, and I watched as the lieutenants of the Guards; Griffon, General, and the Cavalry, made their way to either side of Alek.
  • As Benedict ordered his army to fan out around the castlein hopes of cutting off any access the garrison had with the outside worldhe was growing worried. Not for what he faced inside of the castle, but outside of it. He was not fond of his lieutenant general, but he was terrified of Nortons absence. The damned fool should have been back by now with his men and food. And the forest felt uncomfortable, crawling almost. He could not afford to lose anyone or anything he had to mystery. And there was something certainly mysterious about this town, and the realist buried in Benedict could not understand it.
  • Though Trevor couldn't have known this, lieutenant Goloth had already dedicated himself to serving Coriath and the Palace and to protecting the Chosen One. By fighting the obsidian dragon, lieutenant Goloth had protected Trevor and served the Kingand if he was still alive, it only meant that the Lieutenant's task was not yet complete.
  • Gazetted second lieutenant from the militia to the manchester regiment 1st december 1897.
  • "So my plan is to sit in the courtyard in the posture of the meditating Buddha. I remember very vividly a woodcarving of the Buddha I once saw. I will assume that pose. I hope that will draw him to come closer, and to make him forget - even for a split secondhis finely honed instinct for self-preservation. Then the lieutenant will have his split second."
  • But lieutenant Goloth did try to fight ithe kept his eyes opened and thought about the things he was going to do when he recovered. He'd head back to the Military State, restore order there and clear his father's namehe'd report back to Coriathand search for Trevor Thomasand hunt down the obsidian dragon
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