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Okunuşu: / liːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: lead
Ekler: leads/led/lead·ing
Türü: fiil, isim, fiil, isim


f. yol göstermek, rehberlik etmek, götürmek, yedeğinde götürmek;
elinden tutup götürmek;
idare etmek, başkanlık etmek;
başına geçip yol göstermek;
başında olmak;
tesir etmek, cezbetmek, çekmek;
gitmek, varmak;
başta gelmek;
netice vermek.

i. kurşun;
matb. satırlar arasını açmak için kullanılan ince kurşun cetvel, anterlin;
kalem kurşunu, grafit;

f. kurşunla doldurmak veya kaplamak;
matb. satır aralarını anterlin ile açmak;
çanak çömleği kurşun sır ile kaplamak;
pencere camlarını kurşunla tutturmak;
kurşunla tıkamak (tüfek);
iskandil etmek.

i. rehberlik, kılavuzluk, önde bulunma;
önde gelme, ileride bulunma;
oyunda başlama hakkı;
buzlu sularda gemi için açık yol;
kaya çatlakları içinde toplanmış maden cevheri;
tiyatroda baş rol veya bu rolü oynayan kimse;
elek. bağlama teli;
müz. grupla söylenen şarkıda baş ses;
makalenin ilk cümleleri;
briç oyununda ilk konan kağıt veya ilk oynayacak olan kimse.

lead için örnek cümleler:

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  • Woodland trail - a teacher led trail meeting foresters, gamekeepers, a wheelwright, a blacksmith and the sawmills.
  • Such intentions are widely different from those which the profession had been led to expect and have not unnaturally annihilated its confidence.
  • Operator overloading the copy assignment operator of the previous chapter leads us on to the subject of operator overloading in general.
  • Mr garrett was one of the leading agriculturists in the district, farming extensively in cavendish and the neighborhood for 40 years.
  • Accommodation the main entrance from queen street gives access to the large vestibule, which leads to the spacious, fully carpeted outer hall.
  • Mismatch of expectations on either side could lead to dissatisfaction.
  • Immediately after the election, the republican campaign team, led by karl rove, emerged resplendent, their methods vindicated.
  • Metastasisd be noted that gist patients may have hepatic metastases which could lead to hepatic impairment.
  • Style example 4 limestone stela of anubis leading dead man a limestone stela of the roman period.
  • Transitions dance company is based at laban, the leading conservatoire for dance artist training in europe.
  • Did you see the opening ceremony? This will lead somewhere, this question, I hope ...
  • Work in respiratory genetics is leading to the development of improved diagnostics and novel therapeutics.
  • Sitting at the g8 finance ministers meeting in moscow, gordon brown said nothing about the campaign he had led to disaster.
  • In a general sense, improved understanding will lead naturally on to potential control methods such as drugs, vaccines and improved animal husbandry.
  • Many normal metabolic functions produce free radicals - highly unstable forms of oxygen, which in excess cause oxidative stress leading to cell damage.
  • Outspoken criticism would only lead to problems, dismissal, imprisonment, confining in a mental home.
  • It will be led by roland hunter, who is an everest summiteer via the north east ridge in 2001.
  • They led to an almost evangelical campaign against all types of inventory within any operation.
  • The largest number of substantial oak timbers at oakbank was considered to be 40 piles representing a gangway leading to the shore.
  • Rather than a strictly chronological account, we were led through a broadly thematic dissection of the last 30 years of saturday nights.
  • However, this often leads to a sense of deep regret in future years.
  • Lack of food missing meals, snack lunches or eating sugary snacks instead of a proper meal can all lead to an attack.
  • The rapid expansion in activity has led to an increasingly urgent need for the development of a sound theoretical base.
  • Cabinet lead for transport cllr chris williams promised a personal reply to complaints raised by disabled people at a council meeting.
  • In summary, our arguments reject the contention that the draft services directive would lead to a race to the bottom.
  • Exchequer software is a leading developer of financial software, based in the united kingdom with subsidiaries throughout the world.
  • Resource was commissioned by dcms in february 2003 to lead the preparation of a three-year action plan to make real the vision.
  • The Venice Commission has not followed the Ergenekon case and similar trials. While they have undoubtedly led to a decrease in the role of the military, we are well aware about the concerns regarding the wide scope of the prosecutions, including with respect to journalists and writers.
  • Outsource supplier has lead to my getting an excellent job in business development within their organization.
  • This has an adverse effect on multiple organ systems and inhibits ovulation, leading to the characteristic features of the syndrome.
  • In 2001, a leading conservationist was jailed but the illegal fishermen he was restraining were released from custody.
  • This is the door through which the condemned were led to the new gallows, re-named the new drop.
  • Many clinics are seriously overcrowded, leading to delays for patients.
  • Deluge of junk mail has led to frenetic anti-spam software development.
  • We have performed with many leading soloists including the international violinist leland chen.
  • Salmonella typhi causes typhoid fever in humans, leading to 16 million cases ( 600,000 deaths ) worldwide each year.
  • Mitochondrionmitochondria may lead to production of lactic acid at low exercise levels, which in turn limits muscle performance.
  • The increase in support for the ssp sometimes leads people on the left to believe that labor has a history entirely devoid of radicalism.
  • Within a matter of minutes rovers took the lead with bellamy pouncing on a handling error by kelvin davis.
  • There was much trepidation in the days leading up to the 30th june - why?
  • Office manger media agency leading creative agency require experienced office manager.
  • Of the numerous examples in the category of deterring and threatening is the start of Sura, Has the story reached you of the Overwhelming Event? Here the Qurans exposition has an effect like lead boiling in the ears of the people of misguidance, and fire burning in their brains, and zaqqum scalding their palates, and Hell assaulting their faces, and like a bitter thorny tree in their stomachs.
  • Torchthing from a small simple led flashlight to a giant digital clock!
  • Mitren using a miter saw, clamp the timber in tightly, even a little movement can lead to a bad joint.
  • Like a scottish robin hood, rob roy hid in the hills and led raids against montrose and other nobles.
  • Grazing on wet pasture or dune slacks leading to growth of scrub or coarse grassland.
  • Torchexcellent quality led flashlight described as " an engineering marvel of performance and durability - small powerful and portable.
  • And, like ecstatic love, compassion also leads to the Name of All-Compassionate, but it is a sharper and broader path.
  • Swiss title-winners Basel own a 1-0 lead over Molde after their triumph in Norway, while CFR Cluj, of Romania, also have a one-goal advantage going into their away tie again Czech side Slovan Liberec.
  • These deliver pragmatic, appropriate, transparent actions leading directly to positive impacts.
  • However, traditional magnets made of iron were too heavy, so this led to the development of extremely high-powered magnets that were lightweight.
  • Sometimes mutations in the mitochondrial genome lead to inherited disorders.
  • More unstable moves lead up to the hollow flake around which i could finally place the crucial protection- a 60cm sling.
  • Grillage analogy for analyzing slabs which can lead to erroneous results.
  • Impatience for results lead you to ignore the need for dialog and participation?
  • The only possible qualification is a case in which the choice may lead to the death of a viable fetus.
  • Her guidance led me to make positive, practical commitments to bite-sized tasks, which miraculously dissolved the self doubt.
  • Thereafter, for most of the sixteenth century, german cartographers led the way in producing town plans in a more modern sense.
  • European slavers dispersed them across the americas to lead lives of degradation and brutality, without thought for their personal lives.
  • In fact the leading bookmakers had stopped taking bets by mid summer.
  • Reuters noted that this made it one of the leading percentage gainers on the brussels stock market.
  • Anticipative time refers to -- a rhythm of time in which the build-up leads to a peak, followed by rapid decline.
  • In rural areas, the ongoing marginalization of poor farmers has led them to depend increasingly upon subsistence agriculture.
  • The subsequent realization by investors that these important sectors had become seriously overvalued led to sharp falls in many such shares over succeeding months.
  • Example: send the output of a vocal mic into the side chain, with the tla-100a inserted on the lead guitar track.
  • Ample parking and turning on the lengthy tarmac drive, which leads to a large detached brick garage with pantile roof.
  • Lead poisoning continues to be a danger to swans as well as other waterfowl due to the ingestion of lead fishing sinkers.
  • Irregular menstruation can lead to confusion over the timing of oral contraception or anxiety over unplanned pregnancy.
  • The main way, however, is over the top where a passage leads into the rather muddy long gallery.
  • We have an enviable broad-based business portfolio, with leading positions in each of the global markets in which we operate.
  • In 1952 her boiler was adapted to take a superheater, which led to all locos receiving a superheated boilers on their next refit.
  • Supermarkets corral brazilian beef to lead stampede for bigger profits.
  • Our desire to reach technological perfection has led to world dominated by anarchic machines.
  • This is why, generally, most american cast pewter will contain more lead than comparable english pewter.
  • Sse ltd. is a leading provider of state of the art security solutions.
  • How strict and detached were the lives the holy hermits led in the desert!
  • She led the riaa and its member music labels to war against napster and later p2p copycats.
  • There is something very spatial, even urban, about the experience of walking around the corridors leading to classrooms and offices.
  • The position, although it appeared hopeless, was changed when private tandey led a bayonet charge through them.
  • Bombardment with x-ray photons leads to the emission of electrons, these are called photoelectrons.
  • It was his attitude to others that led him to organize bus outings for old-age pensioners from malton.
  • Being overweight therefore places an increased loading bearing burden on the hip joints leading to premature osteoarthritis.
  • Championship poker ps2 screenshots world leading otter than its dinners made to order.
  • It leads from loch kishorn through ascending hairpin bends and skirts steep precipices on its way.
  • A lead of 38 runs on a sticky wicket with more rain on the cards looked like a winning lead for england.
  • This once grassy path is now becoming well eroded with severe braiding on several sections, leading to a heavy loss of vegetation.
  • This may lead to frustration and feelings of low self-worth, and low morale.
  • The renovation resulted in a small galley kitchen and pantry along the back of the house leading to a cozy den.
  • The overwhelming majority of parents opposed the repeal of section 28 precisely because they feared it would lead to the aggressive promotion of homosexuality.
  • Was it built to protect the lead pipe or was the lead pipe put into a previously constructed stone culvert?
  • Greater understanding brings about a reduction in anxiety which of its nature leads to greater spontaneity.
  • Chocolate trading company retails the widest selection of premium chocolates from around the world, from over 15 leading chocolatiers.
  • Thread belay beneath the north-eastern side of the obelisk enables an abseil rope to be led through the saddle to seaward.
  • At the absolute zenith of the importance of art to the cultural and public life of the country he was its leading representative.
  • Tirer lives are very sedentary and mentally tiring, which leads to a higher possibility of heart disease and other health risks.
  • Laban is one of the worlds leading conservatoires for contemporary dance artist training.
  • Salmon built a seemingly unassailable lead only to see it cut to zero on the last run.
  • Reserved seating can also be arranged at green ticket windows in jr stations or at leading travel agents within japan.
  • He stressed that while the spirit of the current constitutional reform is to move the country away from authoritarian structures, a presidential or semi-presidential system could possibly do just the opposite. He underlined that a strong presidential system in a country without a strong liberal tradition often leads to an authoritarian government.
  • There was lots of fruit on the palate, balanced by firm tannins, leading to a long finish.
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