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Okunuşu: / liːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: lead
Ekler: leads/led/lead·ing
Türü: fiil, isim, fiil, isim


f. yol göstermek, rehberlik etmek, götürmek, yedeğinde götürmek;
elinden tutup götürmek;
idare etmek, başkanlık etmek;
başına geçip yol göstermek;
başında olmak;
tesir etmek, cezbetmek, çekmek;
gitmek, varmak;
başta gelmek;
netice vermek.

i. kurşun;
matb. satırlar arasını açmak için kullanılan ince kurşun cetvel, anterlin;
kalem kurşunu, grafit;

f. kurşunla doldurmak veya kaplamak;
matb. satır aralarını anterlin ile açmak;
çanak çömleği kurşun sır ile kaplamak;
pencere camlarını kurşunla tutturmak;
kurşunla tıkamak (tüfek);
iskandil etmek.

i. rehberlik, kılavuzluk, önde bulunma;
önde gelme, ileride bulunma;
oyunda başlama hakkı;
buzlu sularda gemi için açık yol;
kaya çatlakları içinde toplanmış maden cevheri;
tiyatroda baş rol veya bu rolü oynayan kimse;
elek. bağlama teli;
müz. grupla söylenen şarkıda baş ses;
makalenin ilk cümleleri;
briç oyununda ilk konan kağıt veya ilk oynayacak olan kimse.

lead için örnek cümleler:

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  • The plot leads the viewer through the intricate maze of the circumstances that lead to a major food poisoning outbreak.
  • Office manger media agency leading creative agency require experienced office manager.
  • Mitochondrionmitochondria may lead to production of lactic acid at low exercise levels, which in turn limits muscle performance.
  • In many european countries, the leading sire may account for up to 25 % of pedigree inseminations in some breeds.
  • At the absolute zenith of the importance of art to the cultural and public life of the country he was its leading representative.
  • Graveled courtyard which leads to a sunny spacious grassed garden with meadow views, perfect for a barbecue.
  • Deforestation leads to more landslides during heavy rains - which in the case of caribbean hurricanes kill more people than the wind itself.
  • Carrots are a great source of alpha carotene, probably more powerful than beta carotene in inhibiting processes that may lead to tumor growth.
  • There were two tiny finger crimps but these only led me to dirty rock.
  • Nils franke, piano tutor to the music in professional practice initiative, will lead his piano quintet in playing the mendelssohn.
  • Fresco dining area is at the rear of the house where lawns lead to open fields with woods beyond.
  • The result was the spontaneous blockade of an oil refinery which led to the blockade of an oil refinery which led to the blockades of september 2000.
  • Articulation of this vision in a now famous article in scientific american has led to a wide reaching research program.
  • If the dog chews the lead during a settle, spray the lead with bitter apple.
  • Thereafter, for most of the sixteenth century, german cartographers led the way in producing town plans in a more modern sense.
  • She was a 14.3hh welsh cob she was a babe, i always led the treks on her.
  • Two of the compounds also led to a fourfold boost in production of a detoxifying enzyme called quinone reductase in mouse liver cells.
  • Therefore, any failure of the bilirubin removal pathway will lead to a build-up of bilirubin in the blood.
  • Stalking and catching prey is very much a learned behavior 4 and can initially lead the young cuttlefish into many problems.
  • At low tide, guided walks of the ocean floor are led by naturalists.
  • Peddling the myth of old labor respect is leading the opposition to blair into a dead end.
  • Sport italia, based in gloucestershire, are a leading distributor of errea italian sportswear and equipment to teams and clubs throughout the country.
  • For one pleasure within that sphere sometimes leads to a thousand pains.
  • Well-worn path leads the way along the steep slope to the cave entrance.
  • Sse ltd. is a leading provider of state of the art security solutions.
  • Application of the analog principle leads to quantile regression based interval estimators of values and partial differences of structural functions.
  • Feline distemper is a widespread virus among cats that is one of the species leading killers.
  • Understand that the variety of possible small alkene monomer molecules leads to a variety of different polymers with differing properties.
  • This has led woolwich to launch its new range focusing heavily on tracker mortgages.
  • Cocaine, on the other hand, damages the heart, can lead to strokes, and can induce paranoia.
  • The holy travelers proceeded on their perilous journey on foot, leading a little ass, carrying some books and sacred vestments.
  • By the final case of the week, dr. mannan is the lead surgeon for a complex operation called a transposition.
  • In rainy or damp conditions new lead sheet flashings will produce an initial, uneven white carbonate on the surface.
  • Stark realism of cathy come home led to angry calls for action to prevent such circumstances.
  • Pam went quickly back into a past life where she had been a ragged peasant soldier who led a rabble into a village.
  • The lowest frequency leads to the chair conformation, and the second lowest to the twist boat.
  • Fling led me through a hallway of pure sound with doors flung open widely all around.
  • Proposals should not lead to excessive breaks in retail frontages or be harmful to local amenity.
  • A ladder leads from the three lower rooms to a cozy upstairs hideaway.
  • Monaco zoo is one of hundreds of european zoos where animals lead lives of misery.
  • There was a surplus of capital that found outlets but led to colonial conquest and two world wars.
  • The polyunsaturated fats can cause an abnormal heartbeat which may lead to a sudden cardiac death, doctors warn.
  • Childhood deafness can lead to great strain on wider family relationships.
  • For example, deforestation can mean smaller evapotranspiration which leads to reduced rainfall.
  • Businessmanows the takeover last month, led by two us-based, british businessmen.
  • Afforested areas also leads to loss of food plants and invertebrates.
  • The hull was planked of selected teak with a double skin, with calico and white lead bedding between.
  • They also sell apparel from leading brands like nike, adidas, reebok, new balance, asics, and air Jordan.
  • I hear him leading his horse out of the stall, i hear the clatter on the barn floor.
  • Today i noticed an interesting pattern on the wooden handrail leading to the viewpoint at castle water.
  • Biopic of legendary jazz/soul singer nina simone, starring mary j. blige in the leading role.
  • An open doorway with feature timber lintel over leads to the dining room.
  • It provides video, stills, posters, production designs, biographies of leading figures and also much contextual analysis.
  • The success of the axis forces may well have led their leaders to become overconfident.
  • Birder based in the uk and is available to lead tours to sabah and other parts of asia.
  • French style upvc double glazed doors with window side panels, the french doors lead into the rear garden.
  • However, arabidopsis plants modified in the metabolic pathway leading to lignin formation produced abnormal lignin that was associated with severe fungal attacks.
  • Bedeviled with the problem of copyright permissions leading to increased bureaucracy and delays in production.
  • We need a courageous visionary government, who are willing to take the lead and set an example.
  • We work with some of the leading civils contractors in the country and we have numerous opportunities for talented individuals in the south east.
  • Charles kennedy in contrast led the liberal democrats to their most successful result for 80 years.
  • On May 2nd and 3rd, I led workshops for Estonian investors on syndication, due diligence, valuation and the post-investment relationships with entrepreneurs for about 30 angel investors. Over dinner on the 3rd, I assisted these Estonian angels in a screening session with three entrepreneurs pitching interesting startups. These efforts were organized by Merit Imala and the Arengufond Estonian Development Fund team.
  • At the bottom of the traverse a phreatic maze leads back to the junction.
  • These and a few further structural isomorphisms lead to tensor algebra ( see next combinator ).
  • Consistency should then lead environmentalists to demand bans on green manure!
  • Her mother was a leading freelance violinist, playing with the academy of st martin in the fields.
  • He would lead the happy dancing throng to the village green where a huge, decorated pole had been hoisted into position.
  • An over-growth of the yeast candida albicans is a common infection in the body that can lead to a whole range of health problems.
  • On an average scenarios with genetically modified herbicide tolerant sugar beet led in an increased gross margin.
  • The sequence of major events in scotland leading up to 2014 also augured well for a revival, she said.
  • Quiet lane leading directly to the waterfront which is within a few short steps.
  • He appears as a great man with stag antlers crowning his head, sometimes leading a pack of spectral hounds.
  • Indeed, a leading qc gave his opinion that the film was not obscene.
  • Transitions dance company is based at laban, the leading conservatoire for dance artist training in europe.
  • And the difficulty in distinguishing between the two is one of the things that lead economists to differ and economics to appear so imprecise.
  • This can lead to behavior such as hitting, kicking, and harassment, using put-downs, threats, murder.
  • Inset chrome console holding an led display for the fuel gage, indicator lights and a clock.
  • We will let you know which events are available and try to organize voluntary rangers to lead your events.
  • Billiard room, leading from which is a small twin bedroom with an en suite bathroom.
  • If there is a recession in the economy, then this will lead to unemployment rising / falling.
  • Catchword is a database of online journals from leading scholarly, academic and business publishers.
  • Scl aims to take a leading role in the development of public libraries by influencing statutory, financial and other decisions.
  • Guidebook listing circa 1,000 leading drink, wine, and beer ma... more hachette wine guide.
  • Aromas of tropical peach, leading to a silky palate of melon infused with sweet oak.
  • Danny care took over the kicking responsibilities and converted the score to give quins their commanding 21-0 lead at the break.
  • The castle grounds include a 3 mile long tree-lined avenue, leading from home park into great park.
  • And if it takes me donning a beret and leading my commuter troops into battle, then so be it!
  • But the massive rise in the last two years has led economists to predict a sharp slowdown over the next year or so.
  • Groin fields at hill head would probably intercept the majority of these materials leading to some beach accretion.
  • The home side continued to dominate and after lambert was held-up over the line, quins extended their lead from the resulting five-metre scrum.
  • Soundboard wood, grayish paint ( lead white + smalt ) was present as the bottom layer.
  • Ambiguous phrase about the possession of such weapons went through, leading to years of argument about nuclear deterrence.
  • Marion stormed up the first lead at vs to set the tone for the week.
  • An unwelcome change in the regime of an institution could potentially lead to concerted indiscipline or worse.
  • The mayor in his robes mounted on a horse richly caparisoned, led by two footmen called redcoats with white wands.
  • The luminous trail led toward a large sarcophagus, dominating the oldest part of the graveyard.
  • Her death led to a bitter divorce between my parents and a split through the whole family.
  • The five members of a sheep herding family lead a life far removed from modern civilization in the endless expanse of the mongolian steppe.
  • Chocolate trading company retails the widest selection of premium chocolates from around the world, from over 15 leading chocolatiers.
  • Unrealistic deadlines should be avoided at all costs as these have led to many system failures in industry.
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