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Okunuşu: / dʒɒb / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: job
Ekler: jobs
Türü: fiil, isim


f. iş vermek;
kira ile tutmak;
komisyonculuk yapmak;
kişisel çıkarı için resmi işe girmek;
götürü iş yapmak.

i. iş, görev, vazife, memuriyet;
dalavere, hileli iş.

i. Eyüp;
Eski Ahdin Eyüp kitabı.

job için örnek cümleler:

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  • The tall and slender man gently dragged Zacks depleted body through the door and he left him in a vacant room with bare white walls and a bed. He then went back to his chores, which started with sweeping and ended with cleaning dishes. Every chore was done with purpose and care, because a job done right translated into peace in every step.
  • Changing working practices and technological advances have made many jobs more inflexible and automated.
  • Sharon with her 5'7" sleek frame, jet-black hair, and bright green eyes, turned around expecting another thanks for a job well done.
  • I had menial, low-paid jobs and despite working a 35-40 hour week including night shifts, was getting into debt.
  • "I couldnt bear to let this go on anymore!" Ellison said as he flung his arms in the air in frustration. "Although I had the prospect of eternal life, it was no life if I had to live like that! I hadnt done my job of protecting in 25 years! I felt more like a bartender making frozen drinksdid you hear that he liked to sing really bad karaoke?"
  • What was she going to do with me? I was going to have to shape up. She will have no reason to keep me after my job was done. Maybe she will let me go home. I doubted that possibility. The thoughts continued for quite a long time.
  • Talks abounded in the Spring of Pete's senior year. Barry Melnick accepted the head coaching job at the University of Florida and Pete was subsequently offered the head coaching job at Barringer. Melnick also asked Pete to join him in Florida as an assistant coach. If Pete didn't take the Barringer job, his good friend Bruce Spalding would vault from an expected assistant coach position to head coach of the Bruins. Pete was also offered a job by a major school booster, who just happened to be the portfolio manager of a major mutual fund. The decision would impact the rest of his life but, in Pete's mind, he believed that any direction he went he couldn't miss.
  • Densityumber of working age residents figures used to calculate jobs densities are based on the mid-2001 population estimates.
  • We had agreed to disagree, but now I was beginning to wonder if I really was going mad. I didnt believe in things that went bump in the night, but I wanted to. That was why I had taken the job at Zelko Corp. They offered me something other companies couldnt: the opportunity to find the supernatural and get paid doing it. There have been weird and unexplained things Ive come across, but nothing yet that really changed my world. Nonetheless, I never, ever, thought I would come across something as paranormal as this.
  • Gaugeinside framer, penrhyn had had a bit of a job to reduce her from 2ft to 1ft 10
  • "Yeah, yeah, I do some jobs for the big guys," Favored said reluctantly. "One of them in particular, really. They been keeping me on the hook."
  • Her string of odd jobs included stagehand, graphic artist and spotlight operator.
  • "There were no real operational synergies in our early years. The units operated largely independently," said Todd Edebohls, current CEO of recruitment website Inside Jobs, and Amazon's Director of Business Development and Sales between 1999 and 2007.
  • What distinguishes the current spate of job losses from previous cutbacks in the uk is the relative affluence of many of the people affected.
  • I succeeded with my goal of making him laugh. "Well, I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to keep my friends away from each other's throats. We've got some pretty strong personalities, and it's nearly a full time job stopping minor disagreements from boiling over into something bigger. Apart from that, I spend an hour or two every day vetting Donovan's management of the family assets. He does an incredible job with everything, but even so, there are certain things I have to approve myself."
  • I couldnt figure out why they moved us so suddenly. I knew they liked San Franciscothey were these pseudo-modern hippies that believed in natural wellness and yoga and maintaining balance in ones life, and the city practically oozed that sort of attitude and then some. All they said was that there were good job opportunities for them in Colorado, though I think thats a load of crap because Mom got a job working at a college finding old or unique books for their library and dad found a place to open his own carpentry shop, which is pretty much exactly what they were doing before the move.
  • "Do you really think so?" I added. I thought Id been doing a good job of maintaining my air of know-it-allness and I wasnt about to cash it all in over one out-of-the-hinterlands remark, but I would really have liked to be able to ask her just what similarity she felt shed detected. I didnt find any obvious correspondence in physical appearance between the two of us, but at this stage of the game I knew that was no evidence one way or the other. Reasoning from the way my own situation had evolved, these gods were used to changing bodies, or at least to changing the way their standard bodies appeared, so Jill must have thought there was some other familial relationship that would remain constant between physical redos. Probably she was looking at whatever characteristics she had recognized me by in the first place. Something in our auras?
  • The huge semicircle described by the old a32 to do the same job seems very silly!
  • The two men stood side by side, and Legon could tell who was who right away. The one on the right had greasy hair and a bent nose that looked to have been broken on several occasions. This man was the collector; it was his job to secure payment. His deep blue robes were slightly disheveled, showing the slightly physical part of his job. The other mans robes looked brand new. He was shorter than the first and had a round face. It looked like he took the time to part each hair on its own every morning. This man was the appraiser. The collector spoke first. His voice also sounded greasy and unclean.
  • Women comprise about 14 percent of the 1.4 million active military personnel. More than 280,000 women have been sent to Iraq, Afghanistan or to jobs in neighboring nations in support of the wars. Of the more than 6,600 U.S. service members who have been killed, 152 have been women.
  • The chipmaker, which is 27.5 percent owned by the French and Italian governments, may face political hurdles as it moves forward with job cuts. In France, Socialist President Francois Hollande and Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg have pushed back against companies scaling down, with ArcelorMittal (MT) as the latest example. Montebourg in October hosted STMicroelectronics Chairman Didier Lombard at Bercy, France, to discuss strategy.
  • Once the "new" pipe work was in place Louie could cover it up again. It would be easy enough to remove any evidence of Louies trench, it would be under the rough extension to the driveway and it would be just a case of raking the stones back over the top again. If necessary, any missing vegetation could be grown back with a little right fist clenching, simple! To complete the job a dummy section of pipe would be placed in the correct trench (just outside the milking shed) and partly covered over. It would look as though this section of pipe was still connected to the effluent pump and be sitting ready to be extended to the stream!
  • I used the cash to move to phobos, and from there i got a job on a space freighter, the mcgovern.
  • He was sacked in january 2005 after only 18 months in the job following a management shake-up by lloyds tsb chief executive eric daniels.
  • She gave him an intense stare and laughed to herself. "That I shouldnt get involved between you and Kea. He left me alone after that. Oh, and I found a job as a practical in the archive. Thats been my day."
  • PwC blames the job losses on the eurozone crisis and public spending constraints, which have taken their toll on business confidence, exports and overall investment.
  • Lille rolled her eyes. "Youll have to pardon my partner. Hes a bit slow on the uptake." Lille stood up and slipped her feet into a pair of wooly slippers. "So, I have an idea, until Karla finds her way here, why dont we go out and do the job for her? Do you happen to know what this Isobel looks like?"
  • Conceptualizee need to do a better job conceptualizing what " things " are.
  • Pearl thought for a moment then said. ‘Well team I think this might be our first job to help the people. Lets go up to the site and see what is going on’.
  • Bull Neck ignored his boss and concentrated on the job in hand. ‘One minute to blasting, please clear the area’, Yelled Bull Neck.
  • The streamlined luxury super yacht made its way east from Kilindini Harbor into the open ocean. There were many jobs to be done and the ships crew worked through the night stowing supplies and beginning the everyday tasks that would take them through the nearly thousand-mile journey to the Seychelles.
  • A limousine brings the family to St. Marys for the funeral service. I stay home, ensconced back in Dianes closet with the mercenarys knife. Its a Gerber DMF, a black and toothy switchblade. Why the man needs such a weapon against a ghost baffles me, unless part of his job is reaping souls from the living. Clearly Im dealing with a higher order entity here, not one who needs to resort to employing raccoons and bees as assassins.
  • "The job as an asset manager has become much more difficult because of the European debt crisis," Just said. "Its important to remain calm and not go crazy to match the returns seen the past. Diversification is key."
  • Once a new grading structure is agreed, all jobs will be assigned to a specific grade, determined by their hera point score.
  • In addition, your careers service may publish its own job vacancy bulletin on paper or online.
  • The presidents job approval strengthened to 53 percent from 49 percent in September. The last time he enjoyed that level of public backing was December 2009, when his job approval was 54 percent.
  • Well, even the Swords god friends - or perhaps especially the Swords god friends - werent omnipotent or omniscient; if watchers there were, the Sword might have very well succeeded in giving them the slip. Of course, it might still be up to Shaa to complete the job.
  • I pointed at myself then at the fairy, a simple communication. He scanned the trees and nodded; satisfied I could get the job done without getting in his way. He slinked off to the side and disappeared from my sight behind a tree. I waited alone, tense and terrified of the quickening of my heart from a rising excitement. The column was directly opposite me now. I sunk lower, scared that even in the dark they would see me.
  • "She really got the hang of this new job thing." the Doctor thought proudly to himself. "Come on, little ones, hurry up a bit. We need to get you off to school." he said while putting all the dishes in the sink. Adrian and Sarah hurried off to put on their coats and shawls. Sarah was particularly excited about going to school today.
  • Kayla had switched the protection over to her original trio of her parents and herself, which left Daniel, Andrew and Nicole vulnerable for attack. Hartwells first instinct as he continued to battle with Daniel was to take out Nicole, so he instructed Thad, Gary, Cal and Aaron to make a strong play at doing just that. It was perhaps the least conspicuous plan ever attempted in battle history. Sharon and Belinda made sure that Kayla was occupied, thus impairing her protection vision. Aaron turned into a grizzly bear and rumbled behind Nicole and secured her in a big hug. Cal thought about changing into a dolphin but he was much more efficient rapping his arms around Nicoles legs and impeding her attempts to run away. She desperately tried to escape by cycling through every creature she could think of: Orca killer whale, dolphin, grizzly bear, pit bull, wolf, hippo, hawk, and then back to her human form, which made it easier for Thads sword to find the mark in her chest and Garys sword to finish the job between her head and her neck.
  • On the other hand, tight labor markets and large-scale job creation indicate a growing, or even overheated, economy.
  • Her thoughts drifted to the situation she currently found herself. Not for the first time that day she cursed her poor taste in men. Sleeping with a work colleague was never recommended whatever job you were in. But as a Detective Constable in the Metropolitan Police the very nature of the working environment meant there were no secrets. Policemen and women were the worst of gossips, and nothing could stay a secret for long. Drunken fumbling on a night out had led to the illicit dating of a married man. Even now Amanda fumed at the memory. It had taken just four weeks to realise what an asshole he was - and to think she was risking a career for him.
  • UBS, Citigroup and RBS are among banks already doing just that, reversing decades of global expansion. UBS said in October that it plans to cut about 10,000 jobs and retreat from most fixed-income trading after Switzerland set capital rules for its biggest lenders that are almost double international minimums agreed to by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
  • Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said hes "particularly interested to learn during the confirmation hearings how quickly she plans to finish the SECs delayed work on the bipartisan jobs Act that Congress passed almost a year ago."
  • My job having terminated, i avoided this anti-climax by wangling a lift on an ammunition limber returning for fresh supplies.
  • Usually we would not stray very far from the basketball court where the dance took place, but on this night we needed a change of scenery. With only a little over a week left in camp, many of the counselors had stopped doing their jobs and the camp was pretty much wide open.
  • The patent disputes began when Samsung released its Galaxy smartphones in 2010. Apples Jobs, who died Oct. 5, 2011, initiated contact with Samsung over his concerns that the Galaxy phones copied the iPhone, according to testimony from the trial in August.
  • The principal leaned back, lacing his fingers together and setting them on his lap. "I wont hold you long since class is about to begin in twenty minutes." Then his tone turned calm and serious. "Ive been hearing word of an incident and altercation in your class that happened last Friday and some of it sounds to be fabricated, but I wouldnt be doing my job if I didnt understand the situation. I even got a call from the mayor wanting evidence to the situation. Apparently his son Mathew was physically assaulted by Mr. Mark Connolly. That in itself was hard to believe since he is one of our top students and has never caused this school any grief, but another other story Ive heard is that Mr. Connor May would have done much more if you hadnt intervened…"
  • The poor blighters think they are going to step straight back into their old posh jobs - what a hope.
  • "Yes and you have done a good job of telling it." Anubis knelt before him. "But it causes you great pain. Pain that I can feel, it burns through me. Crushes me."
  • "Research suggests that increases in the generosity of benefits do have a modest effect on search effort and the duration of unemployment, but the best estimates suggest that extended benefits added only between 0.1 and 0.5 percentage point to the unemployment rate in 2011," says the Brookings Institution's Adam Looney. "The real culprit is a weak labor market: job openings haven't increased enough to make a big enough dent in the unemployment rolls."
  • The work life balance center questioned just over 1,200 people with mainly white-collar jobs from across the uk.
  • The mail reports that the civil servants responsible for the home office foreign prisoners fiasco will keep their jobs ( times, p.4 ).
  • "I can relate to that. It was just me and my mom growing up most of the time," Emma adds, "Before she got her job at Terring we were doing pretty badly for a while, and my mom was working like three different jobs throughout the week. Looking back, though, I had a lot of time to work on my art and I think that I would be worse off without that time alone. Strange that, during the time, I was always like, ‘I wish mom were around more,’ you know? Like, I can even remember being angry at her sometimes for always being gone."
  • Henry knew right then that these work relationships were doomed to have a short shelf life, probably along with the mis-matched job itself. He also realized that Tom would be coming along for the ride, even though Jinny never said anything about ithe just felt it.
  • When it comes to the impact of low-wage work on children and families, are today's young people just lazy? Do low-wage workers start families they cannot hope to support? Is it possible for young people to avoid becoming stuck in low-wage jobs in the first place?
  • "The cavalry is the most important, and among us the best rider is Lanyan. I will leave it up to him to teach any willing how to ride. When he returns I shall inform him. Merial, Jeralyle I need you to make sure that everyone stays motivated and healthy when training, and I need you to prepare for injuries on the battlefield. Gather your herbs, hone your healing. Gnert, if you have any other ingenious ideas like Lanyan's crossbow that will help us, I'd like you to start on them. Rhimaldez, your job is to teach everyone how to be a cohesive unit." The young woman turned her eyes to the end of the table where the Knight sat. "Ristalln?"
  • She set down the phone, and headed towards the stairs. Although Noah was generally an earthy, outdoorsy type of guy, and he wasnt much for lavish purchases and personal belongings, his house was one thing that belied his sizable income. Noahs house was sizable, and the property itself was likely worth millions on todays market. Winding all along the spectacular cliffs of the pacific ocean, Westcliff Drive was one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in Santa Cruz. Movie stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood and reportedly held properties there in the past. Noah had been fortunate in that his parents had originally purchased the property as a vacation house before he was even in college, meaning that his mortgage was significantly lower than it would have been if he had attempted to purchase the house when he was actually financially ready to do so. When he got his first job at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, his parents had offered him the house, and he had simply taken over their mortgage.
  • 'Yeah,' replied the receptionist. 'But you've done something really special. Something I've never seen done before. You've created such a strong image that I can't change it. It's as if my mind had been forced to see her as you've made her….and that's al-right by me, by the way. You've done a real nice job there!'
  • Ryson cast a doubtful look upon the sorceress apparition. "That's the second time I've heard that, and I'm not sure I accept it. You talk as if some force is guiding me along. I don't think so. I was just doing a job and things just happened. It's hard to imagine that something else might be responsible for me being here."
  • "So it is," he said, "so it is. And a good thing, too, or the lot of us would be out of our jobs as soon as the word got out. A toast?"
  • The pair lifted the leaves out of the guttering in big handfuls then flew over to the compost heap and piled them neatly on top. They had to be vigilant about what they were doing and ensure nobody was watching. It would certainly attract attention to see bundles of leaves flying through the air! The job really didnt take them any time at all.
  • "When I was a boy, he said he had a very important job for me. He said we were Guardians of the Vestrana, though I knew very little of what that meant at the time. I had already been sworn to secrecy, and he knew I could keep a secret. I guess he was right about that, at least, because you are only the third person I've ever told.
  • Unlike the broadswords most of them were using, his weapons were nearly unbreakable and very sharp, so sharp that he barely felt one of them cut through the soldiers armor. They passed in between the mans ribs, slicing lungs and heart. They flashed around him as another man went down, missing his head. He saw Legon taking on two with that cleaver. It wasnt meant to be a weapon, but it seemed to be getting the job done. There was already a man thrashing on the ground missing an arm.
  • "Technology and engineering roles make up the majority of the top ten positions, indicative of the continued and heightened investments companies are making in these areas," Ferguson says. "You also see growth in production-related jobs as U.S. manufacturing rallies after experiencing significant losses during the recession. There is also strong demand for sales and marketing roles as companies look to grow revenue and extend their visibility and reach. Finally, there are more jobs supporting overall business operations as the economy improves."
  • In the meantime, I need to apply for jobs around here. Scotts picked up an overnight front desk position, but thats just temporary. Itll buy groceries and pay our mortgage, but it wont pay all our bills or my student loan payments when they come due. Armed with copies of my perfect transcripts, strong letters of recommendation, and a polished rsum, I apply for college-level teaching jobs. Two are in Duluth, one in Superior, and two within an hours drive.
  • "Honestlyyes. It is him. Its my job to get him to safety. Any chance well be able to get past Morholt without being noticed? The emperor wants this boy very badly."
  • Shaa turned his gaze back toward the water. For some reason that was not immediately apparent, an ice floe about the size of a bathtub had appeared off the bow; the boat was traveling downstream with the current but slightly faster than it, due to the effect of the sail amidships, and so the ice floe was drifting and revolving leisurely toward the stern. Surprisingly for the presence of ice, though, the water temperature was, if not downright tepid, at least well above freezing, and the nearest snow or glacier was hundreds of miles upstream and a few months removed in time. It wasnt even winter. "There is this unfortunate element of coercion involved," Shaa said abstractedly, most of his attention now concentrated on the matter of the miniature iceberg. "Having to take a vacation takes most of the fun out of it. A vacation is usually an internal reward for a job well done, or at least done; or even more enjoyably one takes a vacation because one just up and feels like it. Vacation under duress, enforced idleness, is a thoroughly tedious prospect."
  • Bluebeard turned back to McCluskey and gazed incredulously at the incompetence of his crewmate. "Give it here, lad!" he ordered and yanked the wheel away from McCluskey, taking the job of steering upon himself. The doctor took McCluskey by the arm and led him away, leaving the Captain alone at the prow.
  • He was trying to make a good impression on his first day, but wearing a business suit only made him stand out in the land of leisure suits and flammable fabrics. This setting was as far as possible from any boardroom, but he wanted to show the proper respect afforded any new job.
  • Some of these jobs e.g. hospital porter involve heavy lifting which he now cannot do.
  • World War I further compounded the gender imbalance, adding to the phenomenon of surplus women. The deaths of nearly one million men during the war increased the gender gap by almost a million; from 670,000 to 1,700,000. The number of unmarried women seeking economic means grew dramatically. In addition, demobilisation and economic decline following the war caused high unemployment. The war increased female empolyment; however, the return of demoblised men displaced many from the workforce, as did the closure of many of the wartime factories. Hence women who had worked during the war found themselves struggling to find jobs and those approaching working age were not offered the opportunity.
  • Similarly, i replaced the flat spring which was rather too beefy for the job in hand.
  • The next job for the ECB is supervision of all 6,071 banks in the euro area. The single supervisor is a key pillar of the banking union proposed by European Union leaders in June and a precondition for Europes bailout fund to start recapitalizing ailing lenders in countries like Spain. The reasoning is that joint liability has to be matched by joint supervision.
  • Ryson tried to break free, but the elf held him firm. The delver questioned Lief with irritability. He wanted to finish his job and he let Lief know it. "What are you talking about? There's still the west side. We can't leave any trees. Even one can take over and destroy the city."
  • Banks and financial services firms are among companies paring their workforces. American Express Co. (AXP) said it will cut 5,400 U.S. jobs this year, about 8.5 percent of its workforce. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA), Spains second-biggest bank, is also reducing its U.S. payroll and Morgan Stanley (MS) last week said it would slash 1,600 jobs from its investment bank and support staff.
  • Did you get any mad jokes played on you, impossible tasks given, crap jobs issued.
  • It took time to round everything up, but eventually the City Hall chamber was filled with a long table improvised from sawhorses and planks. The secret council included the king, of course, plus the four old philosophers, Signor Galileo, and, for some reason, Nurse Hildegard. The Major Domo had done a fine job on short notice, and each place at the table was supplied with a pencil and yellow pad, a water carafe and clean glass, and a dish of hard candies, individually wrapped. A plate piled with Danish pastries sat in the center.
  • There were many times in the first few years that I would come up with what I thought were good ideas. The problem with some good ideas is that they are reduced to brain blasts that fizzle into the night without the proper execution. It's like the beauty queen that never leaves her house and wonders why no one has ever asked her on a date. My ideas only go as far as the people that catch the pass from me. It's up to me to throw an accurate ball but it's their job to take it all the way down field for a touchdown.
  • "And then Id sit and play some more. I would not be just an American with a head all full of swearing, the censors jobs all in vain" Jim sang his heart out, "I would not dance or sing or drink sherry, life would be more than ancillary, if we only had a plot…"
  • The library underwent a comprehensive restructure last year, including several job losses.
  • She walked toward the other side of the high school football field and Max realized that pressure was not going to get the job done. But that didn't lessen all the internal commotion, as he was starting to feel like a shaken-up bottle of soda.
  • In response to segregation, disfranchisement and agricultural depression, many African Americans migrated from Florida to northern cities in the Great Migration, in waves from 19101940, and again starting in the later 1940s. They moved for jobs, better education for their children and the chance to vote and participate in society. Given migration of other groups into Florida (as noted in other sections of this article), by 1960 the proportion of African Americans in the state had declined to 18%.
  • Not surprisingly, many investors and Italian business leaders say they would like to see Monti run in the elections that his departure will force, probably in February. That way he could reclaim his job next year, this time with a mandate from Italian voters. Ferrari SpA Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has even offered to convert his think tank into a political party to support a Monti bid.
  • Impress the interviewer if you have, say, taken the head off an engine or tackled electrical jobs at home.
  • And because you want an intellectually demanding course that has credibility in the job market.
  • Nevertheless, being master of the web didnt mean that one foresaw or planned out every last detail. Planning was only part of the game, anyway. If you were a commander of troops perhaps the greatest satisfaction might come from watching your plan reel itself out with every particular in its precise slot, the forces of each side marching as automata through their prescribed evolutions; an ideal rarely achieved, to be sure. Those who plotted plots, on the other hand, whether as their livelihood or just from innate disposition, were either flexible or found themselves cracked across the fault line of their greatest rigidity. That was the source of the real challenge - proceeding toward a fixed end-point through an ever-changing flurry of random events and the workings of fate. The real challenge and, to be honest, the real fun. But what was the harm in that? The most effective practitioner was the one at one with his job.
  • Many health workers have lost their jobs and others say they have not been properly paid for months. A banner hung up by doctors outside Athens Evangelismos hospital in October said simply: "The health system is bleeding".
  • "I dont think humans are ready for the power of love," added Bes. "We need to help them develop the capacity to receive and transmit this energy in its purest form. This takes discipline and hard work. My yoga and meditation programs seem to be helping, but we need more programs. Now that Marduk is no longer amplifying fear and insecurity into the earth-consciousness, our job is much easier. The council should continue on the path already set but become more focused on bringing love into the consciousness, for it is only through love that we will be able to shift into this higher vibration."
  • Will fish be an important part of peoples diet 10 years out? Or are we doing a good enough job of wiping out the world supply that itll be a real scarcity?
  • The Greenbergs, on the other hand, knew little about their sons struggles because Jeff was too proud to bring his parents down. Ben and Sadie Greenberg were living large, but one of the drawbacks of Bens job as executive director of the National Plumbers Union was his extensive travel schedule. Sadie would often tag along on these trips because it gave her a good excuse to get out of West Barton. It also gave her an opportunity to catch up with the other yentas associated with the national Hadassah organization. Sadies house was quiet since Jeff and older sister Hannah moved out. She never had a need to get a job and was quite content with structuring her life around her loving husband.
  • "You should have seen him in the markets," Ignacio commented. "He learned a lot more on his last job than just how to stand guard."
  • Contact us if you think you see a chink of light for a steady job in this for you - or a near relative.
  • I get a few more jobs and it's late when I get back to the garage. A couple of the guys are outside smoking. Pete's with them though he doesn't smoke. He looks at me with a big grin on his face. "You got visitors," he says.
  • Public ownership is the only way to preserve both jobs and the ability of britain to exploit deep-mined coal.
  • To get some perspective on the speed of the current recovery, you could extend the two lines out, with the blue line growing at an annualised rate of 1.5% and the red one continuing to grow at 0.9%. This is obviously a simplified exercise, but it helps provide some context. It turns out that the two lines will not cross until the summer of 2028. This is not a forecast. But the message is clear: if the pace of job creation does not accelerate, the unemployment gap will take an unbearably long time to close.
  • The economy added 146,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in November and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7% from 7.9%. The economy would need to add more than 200,000 jobs a month to hit the Fed's target of 6.5% in the next two years.
  • With a thin, ballpoint pen, rounded leaves unfurled from the branches. Mom was not gone on a research trip to Germany, of that I was ninety percent certain. She must be detained somewhere, judging from Dad's statement about his needing to get a job done so she could come home.
  • To stem losses, STMicroelectronics Chief Operating Officer Didier Lamouche and Finance Chief Carlo Ferro have moved to restructure ST-Ericsson. The unit said in April it will eliminate 1,700 jobs and transfer some product development to STMicroelectronics to trim costs.
  • A short time later, we were back inside the house and headed towards his room. Cuddled up against his chest with the familiar, warm tingle caressing my skin, my system apparently decided I was completely safe, and started shutting down. I was doing a fairly respectable job of hiding my drooping eyelids, but all my efforts were undone by the prodigious yawn that ambushed me as he set me down on the bed.
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