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Okunuşu: / dʒɒb / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: job
Ekler: jobs
Türü: fiil, isim


f. iş vermek;
kira ile tutmak;
komisyonculuk yapmak;
kişisel çıkarı için resmi işe girmek;
götürü iş yapmak.

i. iş, görev, vazife, memuriyet;
dalavere, hileli iş.

i. Eyüp;
Eski Ahdin Eyüp kitabı.

job için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Right," he said. "No playing. If you want to work for me, there are jobs that need doing. Have you ever seen stage magic performed, the kind with tuxedos and white doves?"
  • Brazil, Russia, India, China. In the early 21st century these are the 'Big Four' rapidly expanding national economies of the world. This increasingly visible acronym emphasises the growing significance of the emerging markets and economic powers, and the fact that the world is changing - in fact has already changed. It may not be long before the older economies (UK, US, etc) start to find manufacturing and low-skilled jobs returning, for the same reasons they were once moved away. The BRIC acronym is said to have been originated by Jim O'Neill, Goldman Sach's chief economist, in 2001.
  • "Im sure you do," Alexandra said, taking over from all the other nameless co-workers, "But Ive never figured out what it is. It really doesnt matter, as were going to be doing things completely unrelated to whatever your official job is anyway."
  • Many health workers have lost their jobs and others say they have not been properly paid for months. A banner hung up by doctors outside Athens Evangelismos hospital in October said simply: "The health system is bleeding".
  • When it comes to the impact of low-wage work on children and families, are today's young people just lazy? Do low-wage workers start families they cannot hope to support? Is it possible for young people to avoid becoming stuck in low-wage jobs in the first place?
  • If Obama does choose a business executive to fill the commerce job, it could be Steve Case, co-founder of America Online Inc., chairman of investment company Revolution LLC, and a member of the presidents jobs council. Obama could also pick from others on his advisory panels, whose members include the chief executives of General Electric Co., Boeing Co. (BA) and Xerox Corp.
  • "Im just going to do it for a while," he says. "Theyve guaranteed me a job when I graduate, somewhere on the northern border, and every two years I can put in for a transfer. I figure itll be a way to see some different places."
  • "It looks to be about the right size," the smith surmised, holding the rear piece against the young cleric's back. "Hand her the front piece if you could, young master," he asked of Aiden. "Out in the field you might need to do this by yourself sometimes Nellise, but if you have a spare pair of hands, it does make the job a lot easier."
  • Today the iroquois are highly acculturated, holding jobs in communities surrounding the reservations.
  • Ammon showed me how to pay the bills, and we found out that mom and dad had enough savings to pay the bills for almost a full year, and they had other bank accounts, though we couldnt get access to those. It was a relief that I didnt have to get a job quite yet, but I was still worriedwhat if my parents didnt get better? What if they got better, but relapsed later? My brother told me not to worry about it, tried assuring me that our parents were going to get better, but I had my doubts. Things just didnt feel the same around the house any more.
  • The boat the Skipper had piloted went by the name of the Mirthy Mermaid. It couldnt be a coincidence. The boat had belonged to peryahs. Maybe the boat had been named after this vessel as a kind of tradition. He hadnt searched the boat with any effort. If Fikna got a job on board, he could come along and give it a closer look. His new magical sight might spot something others couldnt see.
  • Thanks to his job in tech support, his social life had become practically non-existent. Being able to treat his wife to a night out was a rarity anymore. He sighed. He couldnt even remember the last time that they had not been interrupted over a weekend. All he had to do was think about going out for the night and within the hour plans would have to be can­celled. It was as certain as washing your car and then watching the thunder clouds roll in.
  • My first job was working as a cashier in my local stationers for 2.50 an hour.
  • Most of the potential saboteurs were taken from civilian jobs, but two were in the german army.
  • We'd managed to keep the evening just friendly and fun which was good, and had lifted the mood well. I settled into bed that night and felt oddly content. Audi was safe and sound under my bed, my friends were with me and while no one knew what tomorrow would bring, at least it wasn't the mundane everyday life we had on Earth. No office administration job for me here.
  • The tall and slender man gently dragged Zacks depleted body through the door and he left him in a vacant room with bare white walls and a bed. He then went back to his chores, which started with sweeping and ended with cleaning dishes. Every chore was done with purpose and care, because a job done right translated into peace in every step.
  • Despite having a master's degree in operations management and a bachelor's degree in human resource management, Bratic was struggling to find a job in northwest Ohio.
  • If the monks forged it they did a more interesting job than most medieval forgers.
  • The file was brought in. The Havildar was born in Calcutta in 1918. The space for his father's name was filled with Unknown. His mother's name was entered as Shiuli Haldar. The Havildar's security clearance papers contained further information. Shiuli Haldar once worked as the Ayah in the Governors House in Calcutta - in the employ of Sir Henry Scott Simpson, Governor of Bengal. She left that job voluntarily to prepare for childbirth and child rearing. The Governor - since retired and in England - was contacted for a reference. He did not know Havildar Haldar, but in his opinion, his mother was completely loyal and trustworthy.
  • Of course we have a plan but the job is very seasonal and weather dependent.
  • Even with Rachel currently an order of magnitude hotter than normal, Jasmin still captured the prize. Rachel's work on her behalf had resulted in a makeup job that was so incredibly understated, even us girls had a hard time detecting it. Her wavy brunette hair had been straightened and pulled back in what looked like an attempt to let some other girls shine for a change, but it just made her look like a goddess who'd decided to spend the night slumming.
  • More than three years after the end of the most punishing recession since the 1930s, an era of anxiety may be ebbing. By 18 percent to 12 percent, poll respondents say job security is improving. Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed say they expect no change or the question doesnt apply. job growth has averaged 158,000 over the past five months.
  • "No, not like that. A really good opportunity related to her job came up and she had to leave very suddenly. It's just really weird, though, and I can tell that it's really bothering dad. Oh, and do you know Mina?" She nodded. "She's trying to torture me during class. Not, like, hurt me. But I think she knows where Jack is and I think he's in trouble, and she's trying to get me worried."
  • European intelligence and security forces are well aware of the threat posed by islamist extremism and generally do an effective job of monitoring extremists.
  • Will was on his first round of the morning. When the employment agency called him last month to tell him that they had a job for him at the museum as a security guard he felt like he had finally won the lottery.
  • "Not quite. He takes care of logisticsa major job and he's in the field with us under my command, sharing risks and hardships. That's what sold me."
  • Just about the time Summer started pushing, which was about three hours after we arrived, Kathy Aaronson was standing in the middle of her kitchen talking to Wayne on the phone. She said, "I wonder…" and then her water broke and flooded the floor. She continued, "I was going to say that I wonder if your water really breaks." She got changed quickly and called the doctorshe then called her mother, who was taking a few days off from her job at Costco, and they were off to the hospital.
  • Counselor jobs allow you to work directly with children teaching them sports, dancing or arts.
  • "No idea. Guess thats the beauty of a philosophy degree. Lots of thinking, not a lot of jobs for that that jump right out at you. I dont know, I thought of maybe going on to grad school, being a professor, that kinda thing. No big deal though. Now I just study philosophy right from the trenches. No better way to find out about life and how people think about it than hanging around a bar for fifteen years," she paused, "ha, probably better money that way too."
  • He ripped open gift after gift and thanked me every time. I would have to get a job every Christmas because I have never felt so good in my whole life. All the craziness, stress and drama of the past few months were miles awayeven my inner fire seemed to enjoy my happiness. It felt like nothing more than a gentle summer breeze warming me from the inside.
  • To avoid leaving any humps and bumps, you may finish off the job with the brush for a really pukka job.
  • For employees at the biggest Wall Street banks, 2012 brought a humbling post-crisis reality of job cuts, lower pay and tarnished reputations. For investors, it was a happier story.
  • Job search results your job search has returned the following results.
  • The U.S. Congress is offering investors other new options. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act -- the jobs Act -- allows wider access to investments previously restricted to wealthy private entrepreneurs, private equity firms and venture capital firms. Until now, many of the riskiest investments were restricted to "accredited investors" with net worth, not including their homes, of $1 million or more. The jobs Act lets people who earn less than $100,000 annually invest up to 5 percent of their income a year in more speculative ventures. Those who earn more than $100,000 can contribute 10 percent. No matter how little you earn, you can pitch in $2,000 a year.
  • Even then, the jobs available near her home in Seattle were slim, so she moved to a town on the border of New Mexico and Texas for a position there. One home invasion and 12 months of misery at being apart from her children later, shes now back in Seattle and paying just $30 each month on her $80,000 or so in debt via the income-based repayment plan.
  • "Find it…" Alexandra said, remembering that her job was to further the plot, "The Black Fossil must not fall into their handsIt needs to be used for the benefit of humanity…"
  • It would also provide a disincentive to employers to provide jobs to refugees who might have their status revoked at any time.
  • Normally, the passive loss rules prevent the deduction of rental real estate losses. But there are two important exceptions. If you actively participate in the renting of your property, you can deduct up to $25,000 of loss against your other income. But this $25,000 allowance phases out as adjusted gross income exceeds $100,000 and disappears entirely once your AGI reaches $150,000. A second exception applies to real estate professionals who spend more than 50% of their working hours and 750 or more hours each year materially participating in real estate as developers, brokers, landlords or the like. They can write off losses without limitation. But the IRS is scrutinizing rental real estate losses, especially those written off by taxpayers claiming to be real estate pros. The agency will check to see whether they worked the necessary hours, especially in cases of landlords whose day jobs are not in the real estate business.
  • After that first assignment they were inseparable, pledging the same sorority, taking the same summer jobs and trips, and eventually working for Maureen Stewart at Manhattan Life.
  • And because you want an intellectually demanding course that has credibility in the job market.
  • Obama, in a letter to Rice, said he was grateful that she would continue in her job at the United Nations. An aide said Obama and Rice spoke by phone earlier in the day.
  • "Oh, I was a nurse at the Vermin Death Lodge in St. Louis when he had visions of curing the world. He was a med student and my job was to follow med students around and undo the damage they did. He was a full time project."
  • "The job is to knock down some individuals that are harming Islam," Damache explained to a friend in Europe. He was busy building "an organization," he wrote, divided into a "planning teamresearch teamaction teamrecruitment teamfinance team."
  • Do use any information about the job or the person specification in deciding what to put on your form.
  • Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop has cut more than 20,000 jobs and is conserving cash to challenge Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. (GOOG) with devices running Microsoft Corp. software. Cost cuts helped Nokia post its first profit since early 2011 after racking up losses of almost 5 billion euros ($6.7 billion).
  • Bugün's Ahmet Taşgetiren says this Teachers' Day was sorrowful for teachers because of earlier remarks from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Education Minister Ömer Dinçer, who told unemployed teachers that they should look for other jobs, and that the state does not have to appoint every one of them to a post. Taşgetiren says it was necessary for Erdoğan and Dinçer to repair their ties with the teachers, and a meeting Erdoğan held with teachers at Dolmabahçe Palace on Saturday was an opportunity to achieve this.
  • CEO Michael Corbat, 52, took the top job at Citigroup less than two months ago with the departure of Vikram Pandit. The reductions announced by Corbat yesterday add to the 5,000 Pandit ordered earlier this year.
  • A few years after riding the wave of the big victory against Organic Nation, Stacey Berger walked into work one day and walked right out shortly thereafter. The harshness of the job had taken its toll on her, because she was no snitch. Getting close to Brad Green and then slamming the door in his face had many ramifications, even if he slept with Michelle Larocca that afternoon. Writing a best-selling book about her experiences, called Bringing down the Nation, was a lot harder than handing in her resignation that morning. She toiled while writing the book for a good six months after she left the bureau, and it took her almost a year from first word to last draft. Once the book became available, the royalty money kept rolling in prompting Stacey to open her own law firm.
  • "My friend. He was very good to me. Dimas worked on the caravans too but not at the same job as me. He was too old to do much lifting and carrying, but he knew numbers and words, and owners liked him to keep books about how much money they had and what inventory they bought and sold. You know, things like that."
  • "I cant argue that," Sy offered, "but they also knew the risks. They didnt have to stay. You have to consider that they are basically now dealing with the inevitable, with what they knew had to eventually happen. Its not necessarily your job to help people that didnt want help in the first place. But lets leave that aside for now. I believe theres more to this, so tell me why else do you want to go."
  • It was an old woman, sure enough. She was skeletal and weathered, with a craggy face, a witchy, broken beak of a nose, and dyed yellow hair pulled stiffly behind her head. The blonde dye job seemed to glow, reminding him of the crescent of a new moon just as it rises off the horizon. She wore a thin, tight black tank top trimmed in inch-wide lace, exposing bony shoulders. A garish hot-pink bra strap showed on one side; it fell down a toothpick-thin, tattoo-covered arm. She didnt seem to notice it or even care. The tattoos were all skulls and flames and dragons and a plethora of Olde English-scripted names, all male, all faded and drooping. She held a cigarette between two very long, bony fingers, her pointed elbows propped forward on the bar. When she spoke she did so out the corner of her mouth; it was the same corner shed eventually insert the cigarette; then it would be the other corner of her maw shed natter out of. The cigarette jerked up and down as she perorated, the gray smoke rising in lazy curls past her squinting, heavily crow-footed eyes.
  • TIAA-CREF, with about $495 billion of assets under management, is spending about $300 million for three apartment complexes in Seattle this year and is partnering with a developer on a high-rise apartment tower in the citys downtown, drawn by the Puget Sound regions strong job growth.
  • "We have to get the economy out of deflation, correct the strong yen, create jobs and boost growth," Abe said yesterday at a press conference. "Thats our mission."
  • We make our walks a daily ritual, sometimes taking even two or three a day. Scott is working full-time, and not complaining about it, while I recuperate. Next month, well be switching roles. Hell quit his job and stay home full-time, and Ill go to grad school full-time. I have a fellowship at the university, so my tuition is paid for, and Ill get a small stipend. The rest of our expenses will be covered by student loans. Itll be tight for a while, but its worth it. Id rather my daughter have a parent home with her than have both of us working. This is an invaluable gift were giving her: the gift of time and love and attention. Its all good. Itll all be fine. Ill get my masters, and then well start the next chapter in our lives. Im not sure what that will be exactly. Oh yeah, my PhD. But, Ill think about that later.
  • Myranda let the words enter her ears, but paid them no mind. There was a job to do. Everything else had to wait. She focused her mind around the crystal and chose the appropriate spells, casting them with equal care. The dutiful healer kept at it, making sure that every last wound was closed before she let the things that had been said enter her mind.
  • "I couldnt bear to let this go on anymore!" Ellison said as he flung his arms in the air in frustration. "Although I had the prospect of eternal life, it was no life if I had to live like that! I hadnt done my job of protecting in 25 years! I felt more like a bartender making frozen drinksdid you hear that he liked to sing really bad karaoke?"
  • Looking through the windows, he saw the double doors opened upon a garage. Large toolboxes and workbenches lined the walls. Two flatbed trucks stood in front of a pair of enormous steel doors, which must lead outside. Both of them were closed now. Next to the trucks sat a small metal trailer. It was the kind of thing you could pull behind a car, about ten feet wide and twenty feet long. Except this trailer had an extension welded to the hitch at the front of it. It looked like a pretty hasty job too, judging by the beads. A curving piece of metal rose up in front of it to about the height of an average mans chest. Here a metal pipe had been welded onto it sideways, like a big set of handlebars. It looked like the trailer had been hastily adapted to be pulled by a pair of men, one on each side of the handlebars.
  • Sitting in the visitorsroom waiting for Belinda to be brought in, Dave found it hard to believe how much had happened in the last two weeks. It felt like two months, or maybe two years. Two weeks ago hed been sitting here stressing about how much time at work he was missing. Not anymore. He had looked at the job ads on the weekend, but he hadnt found much. It didnt really seem like there was much out there. Hed wanted to feel depressed about that, but Liza wouldnt let him. "Get over it," shed said. "Youve got skills, youll find a way to use them. Not worth worrying about." And surprisingly enough, he hadnt. Considering what he and Liza had accomplished so far, it seemed ridiculous to worry about something as minor as finding another job before his savings account ran dry.
  • "You think I like sitting around in this bloody inn getting drunk off my ass? It's not like there's anything else to do. I mean, sure, I had a job until recently, but who needs it?" He quaffed his mug of beer quickly and slammed it down on the counter. "Another!"
  • Barclays, Britains second-largest bank by assets, said this week its preparing to cut jobs at its investment bank and has begun consulting with U.K. employees. The bank, which paid a 290 million-pound ($458 million) fine in 2012 for rigging benchmark interest rates, started terminating European investment-banking jobs in December and may make cuts in Asia in coming weeks, people with knowledge of the matter said.
  • Thats why they were paid in gold, and lots of it. Not many would risk death for the sake of their country, but many more will take the job if it meant getting paid well.
  • "I want someone placed on watch outside that church of theirs," Consprite growled. "I want it watched night and day without their knowledge, and I want someone we can trust. I also want you to get me a tracker, a human tracker. Get word to Evan Chase. I have a job for him. There's a delver I want tracked."
  • Clinton told reporters later on Wednesday that Rice had done a great job at the United Nations, and she hoped a board reviewing the Benghazi attack would complete their review shortly.
  • In contrast, my parents were still wallowing in their steady, yet mundane existence. My dad was entering his 15th year in the same job at the same high school. Monotony has a way of killing more brain cells than any drug. Teaching the same historical information to what must seem like the same kids had to be tough.
  • The room itself was a wonderful testament to the healing profession. Everywhere Range looked he could see potions and herbs, lining the walls and filling wooden crates.Two stone tables were overrun with clear beakers and glass tubes. Red and blue potions were bubbling over small candles. The air smelled sterile and tart. Two healers stood over Rolin, working on his arm.Rolin saw Range and nodded.He looked rejuvenated. His baldhead looked freshly shaven and his topknot re-braided.The nights rest and healers herbs must have done their job.
  • Modi's record in Gujarat - strong governance, job creation and promises of more affordable housing and healthcare - strike a chord with middle-class voters who form the BJP's traditional support base.
  • CNOOC has promised to keep Nexen jobs in Canada and make the company its base for its American operations as part of the agreement.
  • 'Don't worry,' comforted the note. 'As I said before, you only need to sit the test, I didn't say you had to pass it! It's a bit like the entrance qualifications for most jobs around here. No-one pays attention to them anyway, so in this case we decided it must be the sitting that was important, not the passing.'
  • Corrie's mom lost her job, and she was happy. She knew she shouldn't have been and her mom would get a new job soon enough, but for now that meant they could all be together after kindergarten: her, her mom, and her grandmother. She was home for Mother's Day, and Corrie picked and arranged beautiful bouquets for both of them. Her mom pressed hers and put it in a frame on the wall so it would last forever.
  • I loved the title from the moment it was placed on my broad shoulders. I was making great strides in my "second life," which was surprising for a guy who always had trouble fishing out the prize from the bottom of a cereal box. It was like a tale of two lives for me... I had been reborn the minute Nina came into my life, and then it became my job to keep the fire burning. Admittedly, there were a few days when I thought the flame would go dark, but as long as there was still a flicker of hope I was going to press onfor me, for Nina, for both of us.
  • TheCal' defense always seemed to work for Emily against her dad, who always had a soft spot for him. So, once Daniel was briefed a few days later, it was all systems go for a four-person job.
  • What are those effects? Everything from what they spend to how they structure their investment portfolios to whether they invest in new enterprises to how many jobs they create. Remember, "the rich dont create jobs because its good social policy," Laffer said. "They do it to make money for themselves."
  • The following day, Jaxon showed up bright and early with two of the guys they used to unload shipments at the gallery. She had trusted them on numerous occasions before to get the job done right and they trusted her to pay well for their caution. Jax used her cell phone to call Caislyn and let her know they were waiting for them downstairs at the bookstore entrance.
  • Our Headmaster gave him a job when no other place would and he betrayed our school's leader. He's mad, that's for sure. As I wrote down what had been happening out here and about our poor friend's death, I let the wind catch the note from my hand. The wind guided the note by magic toward the school.
  • A report issued by the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism on December 7, 2006, demonstrated that the economic impact of the arts, film, history and tourism generated more than $14 billion in economic activity and 170,000 jobs annually. This provides $9 billion in personal income for Connecticut residents and $1.7 billion in state and local revenue.
  • The erosion of job demarcation is presented as an erosion of status and security for the worker, and as something imposed from above.
  • I listened to the words of the song as I sang. The first verse struck me as I sang that God had played a large part in the story; yet He had received no credit from me. It was as if I were really listening to Gods story. How the world had rejected His love and chose instead to fill their world with darkness. He had given the mountain a job to do, but it could not do it on its own. And in the very mountains song He had put His own metaphor. I had left God behind a long time ago, because He had not seemed relevant to me. But, if He cared enough to put a reminder of Himself even in protecting dreams and fantasies, I could find time to search my grandfathers lessons for the God of the Bible. After all, a God who would give a mountain power to protect dreams and fantasies was worth looking intoand thanking.
  • "Sure," Anubis stood up. "You are tired, broken and sore at the moment. So far, we havent sustained another attack. I think you turned out to have more wild magic than expected. The Harpies were a test, the zombies a distraction. The Chimeras were supposed to get the job done. They failed. We still have some serious things that live on the Island, things more dangerous than Chimeras. Harder to control, but far more dangerous."
  • There is peace and stability and we are experiencing encouraging spurts of business activity, investment, jobs and prosperity.
  • "Wasnt he the one who put you on this diet?" Either he actually didnt get it or he was doing a good job of covering it up.
  • "Now I know what you're thinking and I quite agree, after so many years of not being able to keep a place you could call home for more than one year. My offer could help you find a permanent place. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to help me teach some of your peers about your affliction of werewolf. I'm actually offering you a job teaching Dark Arts at a Wizard School, more as an aid to me in that affliction you bear. Before you refuse, I ask that you just consider my offer."
  • "They didnt say much. By the time I got home the news of my departure spread, so my father stood in front of my packed bags at the door of our apartment. He said, either you go back tomorrow, or you find another place to live! He wasnt one to mince words. I couldnt go back, so I had to find another place to live. I took odd jobs at restaurants and quickly found a place to live. Five years later, I was an assistant chef and decided to move to Arizona for a job offer in a restaurant out here. Another seven years went by before I opened Mannys Deli."
  • "Whatever," Liseli cut her off, waving the spatula in the air dismissively. "Sure, take the day off. I do everyones job around here, anyway, so Ill manage."
  • Overall, the recent job growth has been consistent with an economy that's "slogging along" and the trend will likely continue through the first half of next year, Behravesh notes.
  • He actually enjoyed most of the jobs once he got started, it was just difficult to get motivated. Taf was actually a big help, a technical assistant to an other-worldly mechanic, and the afternoon went well. Firstly another winch, another geared capstan really, that was used to raised a boom amongst the rigging, a boom that had been left in a fixed position all season. It was another piece of imported machinery that few in the Domain, or at least aboard the Katerina, seemed capable of understanding, much less repairing. Then there was another pump, then a rather odd rowlock on one of the landing-boats, then an strange musical instrument owned by one of the crew.
  • Cad technician jobs in scotland through to inspector with the rail infrastructure services.
  • On the other hand, tight labor markets and large-scale job creation indicate a growing, or even overheated, economy.
  • Bov said, "Hey, thats different. Im only planning on learning enough to get my secondary papers. Get an archive job or a steward-hall desk."
  • "Doesn't matter; they'll still hate you. My brother dated a shiksa in college for a little while and my parents were not afraid to enumerate her shortcomings in front of her, hoping to drive her off. Which was a shame, because she was a really sweet girl, and she certainly had the patience of job to put up with it for as long as she did. But she and my brother eventually decided to just be friends. Even though my parents had nothing to do with it, you'd think they had won World War II when they found out."
  • "Um, guys," the author told them, "While youre doing a nice job at showing off a few of my views about how stupid some of the Bond movies got youre not doing a very good job of finishing this idiotic chase."
  • "Whenever the news is about the government and the economy, it scares the seniors and the phone stops ringing," said the owner of Arnold Powerwash, among whose jobs was the Lincoln Memorial steps in Washington, D.C. Roughly a third of residents in Arnold's coastal community are over 55, and many are on fixed incomes. Lured to Delaware by its lack of state sales tax, they worry when they hear noises about debt levels and changes to the tax laws.
  • There are multiple reasons why millions of Americans are struggling to support themselves while earning poverty or near poverty wages. Among these reasons is the disproportionate number of low-wage jobs already in existence, and the fact that most of the new jobs being created are low wage.
  • "Halt!" the leader of the money transport company ordered. "Take that woman somewhere else." His job was to guard the gold they delivered until they could leave in the morning.
  • To protect the jobs and wages of their members, trade unions insisted that the female dilutees did largely unskilled work.
  • **Because . . . no, never mind.** In truth, no one else was desperate enough to take the job so the narrator got it by default. The narrator decided that this fact didnt reflect well on himself, however, and avoided mentioning it.
  • Deutsche Bank is among lenders grappling with Europes sovereign-debt crisis and new rules requiring them to hold more reserves against riskier assets. The company said Oct. 30 that it was eliminating 1,993 jobs, including 814 at its investment bank and 617 support positions, mainly from the securities unit.
  • Zacks trips to The Center became more frequent as the weeks passed. By the end of the summer, Stanley offered him a job as Assistant Program Director for $25,000 per year. For the first time in his life, Zack saw the important work to be done, not the paycheck.
  • Nick cusack " but everyone knew their jobs and i think that we emerged with great credit.
  • In 1997 jobs became the interim ceo with an annual salary of just $ 1. in 2001 he became the official ceo of apple.
  • "Your job now is to protect the algors, not me. And to see to it that they reach your camp. Which of your options allows that?"
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