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Okunuşu: / dʒɒb / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: job
Ekler: jobs
Türü: fiil, isim


f. iş vermek;
kira ile tutmak;
komisyonculuk yapmak;
kişisel çıkarı için resmi işe girmek;
götürü iş yapmak.

i. iş, görev, vazife, memuriyet;
dalavere, hileli iş.

i. Eyüp;
Eski Ahdin Eyüp kitabı.

job için örnek cümleler:

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  • He'd decided to live on an asteroid as a way to see the universe along with having somewhere stable to live and work. What he didn't realise though was that almost everyone else on the rock were either wanted fugitives or hiding from something. What he also didn't realise was that prime real estate was called prime for a reason, and his computer programming job would only get him a room at a push.
  • "Id wait a week then launch into full battle mode. Especially, if I wanted to keep my identity anonymous. I wouldnt strike once a day or wait until night. Id send wave after wave of creature to attack. Eventually, the group as a whole would weaken enough to allow a chink in the armor to appear, so to speak. Once the chink was exposed, Id go in and finish the job myself. However, in this case, Id send a surrogate. Someone or something ruthless and brutal and intelligent. If I am not conspiring alone, I pick the being that fits the categories the best and send them. If Im not conspiring, I send a Gorgon."
  • "You should have seen him in the markets," Ignacio commented. "He learned a lot more on his last job than just how to stand guard."
  • Considering applying for a job with a company or organization in southampton or moving with your company?
  • They teamed up and were able to rent the upstairs of an old house on North Sycamore and roomed together struggling to finish high school by doing what odd jobs they could find. They knew that if they were ever going to get a real job, they had to have a high school diploma.
  • Outsource supplier has lead to my getting an excellent job in business development within their organization.
  • Nine-to-five job and make a fortune from the comfort of your own home.
  • Lester almost ran to the door before either of us changed our minds. The three of us went out and MacIntosh Crumbled: "I should take lip from a guy like that. What in the hell! All he's got is a bunch of money and I got a job of work to do."
  • Hairdressing is often described as "recession-proof" because it is one of the last purchases consumers give up during tough economic times, especially around the festive season. People will wear old clothes but find it difficult to skimp on a good haircut, says Nick Arrojo, owner of Arrojo Studio in New York and former star of TVs "What Not To Wear." Indeed, despite the great recession of 2008, the number of mom-and-pop hair salons increased by nearly 8% between 2008 and 2009, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau. And, although the U.S. economy lost 1.6 million jobs between January 2000 and 2011, salons and spas added 75,000 jobs, according to the Professional Beauty Association."Its a very resilient industry," Arrojo says.
  • Employment in Londons financial-services industry, which is home to the European headquarters of global securities firms, may tumble to a 20-year low in 2013 as a slump in equity and foreign-exchange trading and mergers triggers job losses.
  • "He's not in trouble is he?" the secretary asked anxiously. "I'm sorry but I really need the income from this job right now, and I can't afford to lose it."
  • And, their working in jobs that are suitable for their abilities gives them pleasure.
  • "Welcome to our new home." Jack confirmed stoically to his daughter over the hand held radio that linked the two vehicles. Sarah had been following behind him in her little blue car as he drove the moving truck to their new residence for nearly two days. Jack left a few weeks earlier to come and get things setup beforehand for their new life, in a new town and returned to retrieve her. Now its Sarahs turn to get settled in. Not that there isnt much choice. He bought an old cabin home that had been on the market for a few years, but in the economy and area it wasnt going to sell anytime soon. Finding such a place seemed perfect for them so he bought the property outright, after looking it over. The electricity and phone lines had previously been installed and supposedly from what he explained it had been built sturdy. After the paperwork had been finalized the phone lines and power was reactivated. Jack had even found Sarah the ideal job that would suit her for the time being. She hadnt protested.
  • Sally sprinted for the door, humiliated at being caught. And that was exactly why I kept my office door locked. Security was excellent from the outside, but once in the depths of the building, things were easily accessible. Maybe firing Sally should be on my to-do list, I thought angrily. Id considered firing her in the past but hadnt gone through with it because of the time it would take to find someone else. And, to be honest, she wasnt always a pain; she could be good at her job when she wanted to be.
  • "He said our job was difficult but had a single aim: we were to protect the Herald and their line and swear our lives to them. Since I didn't understand at first, he explained it. 'A time will come when the Herald will need protection, and our family will answer the call; that is our destiny and our duty,' he said to me. He told me to train myself both as weapon and shield, and so I became a soldier." Fascinated, Catrin nodded for him to continue.
  • Many former choristers from all cathedrals go on to high profile jobs later in life.
  • "I couldnt bear to let this go on anymore!" Ellison said as he flung his arms in the air in frustration. "Although I had the prospect of eternal life, it was no life if I had to live like that! I hadnt done my job of protecting in 25 years! I felt more like a bartender making frozen drinksdid you hear that he liked to sing really bad karaoke?"
  • Several high-profile banking executives who lost jobs last year are understandably absent. Marcus Agius, who stepped down as chairman of Barclays Plc, and Bob Diamond, its former CEO, were among top executives who werent on the list to attend this year. A spokesman for Diamond didnt respond to an e-mail or phone call seeking comment.
  • Haddo and the bird had obviously worked out a deal that gave the bird a certain amount of autonomy over its own schedule; frankly, Karlini figured that was just as well, since the problem of where to house the bird otherwise never seemed to go away. As it was, letting the bird hang out on its own avoided a lot of hassles, especially since the bird seemed willing enough to make itself available when needed. If you could reliably reason from the scant evidence, it would appear that the bird liked its job with Karlini much more than its old one, working for the Death whod ended up in the ring, and was willing to compromise to keep its employers happy. "Do you think youve got enough of a rapport with this thing," Karlini said in a low voice, "that itll let you know in advance before it decides to take its leave of absence to visit the ancestral breeding grounds?"
  • On the other hand, tight labor markets and large-scale job creation indicate a growing, or even overheated, economy.
  • The Master of Ceremony dutifully followed the Emperor around. He didn't use to do that with the previous Emperor, but the previous Emperor had known his stuff. He wasn't perfect or anything, but he did his job decently. The current one... well... The Master of Ceremony used to feel bad just because of having negative thoughts about the Emperor or his decisions. The Emperor is always right because he's the Emperor. Now he was beginning to doubt that.
  • The next job for the ECB is supervision of all 6,071 banks in the euro area. The single supervisor is a key pillar of the banking union proposed by European Union leaders in June and a precondition for Europes bailout fund to start recapitalizing ailing lenders in countries like Spain. The reasoning is that joint liability has to be matched by joint supervision.
  • Moon came to the neighbourhood to campaign and stood with students at a street stall to eat one of their staple $2 rice meals from a plastic container. He promised job quotas for young people and an increase in the number of civil service job opportunities.
  • pin money - very little or unimportant earnings usually from a small job - the expression originated from when pins were not commonly available (pins were invented in the 14th century); the custom was for pin-makers to offer them for general sale only on 1st and 2nd January. Upper-class women would be given an allowance by their husbands to buy the pins. Amazing but true. (Brewer says so.)
  • 'Yes, but look at his job description,' suggested Shylock. "I'll wager it includes helping the First-Creator balance his books, don't you think?'
  • Is the management up to the job of investing the ipo proceeds, if indeed the company actually gets any of the money?
  • I hope you have a happy life. You look very happy. You must have good people around you, taking care of you. Watching your movies is good for me but they only go for an hour or so and then you have to do other things. Now that Ive got no job Ive got to try and do something else because they dont like me shooting people. I dont mean to shoot people. It just happens.
  • "The song certainly seems to say so, but I dont know for sure. Everything can still change. Its hard to explain. I have the privilege of being the mountains human guardian, yet my job is temporary. The mountain is protecting itself while it waits. Im part of that protection. My job will be over when the legend becomes true and the dreams start to flow freely once more."
  • One of the main objective of the central bank during the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013 was to control the increase in bank loans and in savings to control the CAD. This was partially achieved with a reduced growth rate in 2012. Since last summer, the central bank and the government noticed a deterioration in consumer confidence and decreasing spending and therefore started providing liquidity to the markets to stimulate the economy. A 3.2 percent growth for 2012 is a reasonably well-achieved rate when compared to the average international market growth. We are still below the 5 percent level which Turkey needs before it can provide more jobs for its young population.
  • I couldnt help but laugh at him. Here I was basically telling him that I was completely off the deep end, and he was making a joke. "I wouldnt tell you any of this at all, except you told me that you wouldnt remember any of this when we met in person, and it was my job to make you remember. Then when I met Rewsna, she told me the same thing. Believe me, I know exactly how crazy this all sounds, but in my dream you were so insistent, and you were the one with all the answers."
  • "Corporal Medwin, your job is to stick to the princess like glue, understood?" Aiden instructed the young soldier. "I don't think I need to tell you all that if she dies, it doesn't really matter if we win here or not."
  • Well seeing that the job is in south wales that is me sorted out for the next 30 years!
  • "Godson, this is crazy. Goblins, shags, and now dwarves. This is insanity. I keep thinking that this is some bad dream that I'm going to wake up from. Was it so long ago that things were normal? It's hard for me to believe my own job sometimes. I mean, think about it. Over the past season, the majority of my time was spent preventing goblin raids. Goblin raids, for Godson's sake! Say something like that this time last season and I would have been run out of town as a loon."
  • A short time later, we were back inside the house and headed towards his room. Cuddled up against his chest with the familiar, warm tingle caressing my skin, my system apparently decided I was completely safe, and started shutting down. I was doing a fairly respectable job of hiding my drooping eyelids, but all my efforts were undone by the prodigious yawn that ambushed me as he set me down on the bed.
  • "I hope so," Taf smiled. "He does not know Saljid well enough yet. Later he might get a job as smith. He is very clever with machines."
  • She accepted as true that each part of nature exists for our usage. To her, man was the party accountable for figuring out what each was to be made use for. "The rainy season comes to humble the hearts of the fortunate ones", Herlois would blurt out at random. Agreeing with herself, she would smirk, rapidly jerking her head up and down; then, immediately return to her chore of the hour. Or, to take benefit of an awkward moment in silence, her insight would timely interject, "the mosquitos job is to chase the scoundrel homeward and to rid him of his folly."
  • Eventually she mastered a sort of control over the barrow. She supposed that she could have used her hedge witch wand to make the job easier but something warned her that she dared not reveal her magic to the watcher until she had more information about who was hiding, and why, and what they wanted.
  • Obama, in a letter to Rice, said he was grateful that she would continue in her job at the United Nations. An aide said Obama and Rice spoke by phone earlier in the day.
  • He then went to Darkush, Syria, but left again because of bombing, ending up in Hacipasa two months ago with his brother Tahsan, 23, an economics student. Both men occasionally find odd jobs when locals need men to carry shipments from one place to another or farmers need workers to harvest olives.
  • "Where are you going now? You should get a steadier job and settle down in one place already," Marilyn the nag pronounced like she had the answer to all of the world's problems.
  • Part-time jobs might be a good way to stage a re-entry to paid employment.
  • Discrepancyy revealed striking discrepancies between the salaries paid within a single job title.
  • Things were going well, until my son called me one evening to say he had offered the job to a local barmaid.
  • Graves said to me, "This will be the lowest pressure, but most demanding job you will ever have in your life. That being said, the way you look at things from this point will never be the same."
  • Grandpa grinned then. "Protect her, Bumper. Now's your chance to be a cop, just like your old man and me." Grandpa neglected to mention that at least he got to retire. Dad had died on the job.
  • If these were still the old days, this would be just the time for Shaa to step in, smoothing ruffled feelings, stilling riled waters, introducing the grease of reason to the squeak of discord, knitting them all back together again. That had been one of Shaas jobs, not that any of them had ever spelled it out quite like that, and he had done it well, too. In many ways it had perhaps been Shaas most important job, in fact. But what was it to him any more anyway? Hed soon be off this particular coil, most likely, his role done if not necessarily complete. And all the plots and plans and twists and turns would still go on without him at least as smoothly as theyd done with him present on the scene. Things might even be improved - hed be one less ramification for the rest of them to stumble over.
  • First, he looked at the bed in front of him, which had been cleaned up. Then, Trevor turned to face the only port hole in his room, which was still stuffed up with his cloak. Even though the cloak did a good job covering up the view, Trevor could usually see beams of sunlight poking through itat least when the sun was out.
  • Owen staggers to his feet. The bazooka is forgotten, gone as if it has never existed. But it does the job it is created for.
  • Under the law, the exchanges are designed to allow consumers who dont have medical coverage through their jobs beginning in 2014 to easily compare health plans, and then buy coverage online and through telephone services. The U.S. is subsidizing the cost for those who cant afford coverage.
  • Colt was rightthey had been lucky that evening. Nellise had come very close to being killed, and the big ranger himself had taken a grievous injury, but had managed to keep moving long enough to find them shelter. Aiden had to revise his opinion of the man. Despite his rough, uncouth nature, Colt was clearly very good at his job and they all owed their lives to him.
  • Challenge, Location, Advancement, Money, Pride (or Prestige), Security. Employment and recruitment industry acronym: the six acceptable reasons for leaving your job if asked why in a job interview, cited by MJ Yate (interview guru and author). See the job interviews questions and answers page.
  • Some months before departure he'd stopped at the local convenience storeas he did once or twice a weekand found a new clerk on the late shift who, after greeting him, extended the conversation. He paid no attention, assuming she felt fidgety in her new job and needed to chatter. The same thing happened a few days later. Perhaps it hadn't been nervousness but a certain fellow feeling... Even attraction?
  • The study used EMSIs rich labor market database, which pulls from over 90 national and state employment resources and includes detailed information on employees and self-employed workers, to find the 18 top jobs for 2013, based on the occupations with the most jobs added since 2010.
  • The Greenbergs, on the other hand, knew little about their sons struggles because Jeff was too proud to bring his parents down. Ben and Sadie Greenberg were living large, but one of the drawbacks of Bens job as executive director of the National Plumbers Union was his extensive travel schedule. Sadie would often tag along on these trips because it gave her a good excuse to get out of West Barton. It also gave her an opportunity to catch up with the other yentas associated with the national Hadassah organization. Sadies house was quiet since Jeff and older sister Hannah moved out. She never had a need to get a job and was quite content with structuring her life around her loving husband.
  • Red wine and honey nectar flowed freely. The Nest Caf had done an excellent job of catering. Louie and Import felt a bit more relaxed after the consumption of some red wine and honey nectar and joined in the chatter for awhile before waiting at the alter.
  • "So it is," he said, "so it is. And a good thing, too, or the lot of us would be out of our jobs as soon as the word got out. A toast?"
  • Charro leadership salinas imposed signed contracts giving up seniority rights and union job allocation and allowing for the hiring of non-union personnel.
  • Tyler, whom I later found out was the main creator of these devices, explained that these communicators might not work over such long distances. He was giving instructions to someone named Abram about how the two groups may still be able to communicate. Justin and Melissa began arguing about whether or not totake the next step.’ Justin wanted the others to do something while Lady Magmilan was overseas, but Melissa wanted to wait. They did a good job of not giving away very much information. I had no idea what they were talking about.
  • These immigrants arent the "bright young" future job-creators Obama lauded in his speech. Most work dirty jobs for low wages, and many lack high-school diplomas. Theyre the undocumented workers that Republican governors in Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, and other states have driven away with tough anti-immigration laws.
  • The offshoring of jobs to lower-cost locations such as India can be a politically contentious issue in the United States, especially during a presidential election year, although Standard Chartered is not U.S.-based.
  • It took time to round everything up, but eventually the City Hall chamber was filled with a long table improvised from sawhorses and planks. The secret council included the king, of course, plus the four old philosophers, Signor Galileo, and, for some reason, Nurse Hildegard. The Major Domo had done a fine job on short notice, and each place at the table was supplied with a pencil and yellow pad, a water carafe and clean glass, and a dish of hard candies, individually wrapped. A plate piled with Danish pastries sat in the center.
  • But in this environment the question of personal responsibility, particularly when it comes to job training and career planning, also figures in. Except for those born into true privilege, pursuing some type of education or specialized occupational training is the only defense against economic instability.
  • Then there are the men and ladies that clean the gym and locker rooms. Boris is a Russian immigrant that does an incredible job cleaning the shiny gym floor. He uses his own mix of pencil shavings, potato peals, and Hi Karate cologne to sweep the floor clean after each day. The guy's a real pro, and it's a pleasure to watch him do his magic. In my book, he's one of the few professionals at Billy Joel High School that has earned the designation. Yes, my high school is named after the aging rock star, but I will get back to that tall drink later.
  • Thats right around the same time that the security guard claims he was attacked by the bird in the collections room. Maybe it wasnt a bird after all? Or maybe our thief likes to bring his pet bird with him on jobs to scare away security.
  • It wasnt as if Dale was some close buddy of his. Mere circumstance connected them. They had been coworkers in the same department at NYSEG, both cut loose in the same layoff. The difference was, Dale had found a job right away with a prominent consulting firm, while John had honed his home-making skills.
  • If blatant incompetence was found to be of a sufficient magnitude, central government would step in and appoint a commissioner. It would then be the commissioners job to appoint and set up a new administration.
  • "In many areas, we are seeing more interest in urban infill locations than in remote exurbs, which is having a pronounced shift in neighborhood design elements," said AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker. "And regardless of city or suburban dwellers, people are asking more from their communities in terms of access to public transit, walkable areas and close proximity to job centers, retail options and open space."
  • The following day, Jaxon showed up bright and early with two of the guys they used to unload shipments at the gallery. She had trusted them on numerous occasions before to get the job done right and they trusted her to pay well for their caution. Jax used her cell phone to call Caislyn and let her know they were waiting for them downstairs at the bookstore entrance.
  • As a result of the job losses, just 45 percent of Spaniards over 16 are working, a decline of 9 percentage points since unemployment touched a record low in 2007, according to the National Statistics Institute.
  • There was an audible buzz in the room after the waves of applause and high-fives. I gave Zoe a kiss goodbye and headed out into town with Michael. He was an interesting guy not only when he talked about food, but also when he talked about his paintings. His first love was being an artist with paint and canvas, and this love obviously spilled over into his food creations as well. Making money as an artist is probably as easy as opening a can of tuna fish with a fork. When a friend of his suggested going to cooking school to become a chef, Michael knew it was time to separate job and love. Much to his surprise, though, he quickly grew to love working with food and creating his form of edible art. Believe me, his food looks as good as it tastes!
  • Jim shrugged and followed along. The rest of the workers in the government office went back to their meaningless jobs while Jim brought himself into the hallway where Alexandra was walking. She was rather good looking for a government drone, he thought. She smiled as she realized he was looking at her ass. Maybe there was hope for the man yet.
  • "No idea. Guess thats the beauty of a philosophy degree. Lots of thinking, not a lot of jobs for that that jump right out at you. I dont know, I thought of maybe going on to grad school, being a professor, that kinda thing. No big deal though. Now I just study philosophy right from the trenches. No better way to find out about life and how people think about it than hanging around a bar for fifteen years," she paused, "ha, probably better money that way too."
  • "No matter who becomes president, the job problem isn't going to be solved quickly," said Oh Eun-a, a 25 year-old woman also hoping to pass the police exam. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and it's is getting worse."
  • In the U.S., Morgan Stanley (MS) is eliminating 1,700 jobs from its investment-banking division and support staff after reducing the number of employees by about 4,500 in 2012. Its also deferring all bonuses for top earners, which will curb compensation costs recognized in 2012. American Express Co. (AXP) said in January it will eliminate 5,400 jobs this year, mostly in travel services, as consumers and businesses rely more on digital technology for bookings.
  • "I don't like it," Palliser answered. "O she didn't say much, just cooed at him now and then. But from what he said, while he was doing his job as usual, he found his hand holding this Stone--and he knew he'd been holding it, so (as far as I could understand) he took a tighter grip and said to himself, "This is where I ought to be." And then he remembers pitching right over, and there the demonstrator found him. But that girl and Arglay have had something to do with it, and if they're going to interfere continually-"
  • And making a living means competing in cut throat markets for low paid jobs, or running small-scale, low return businesses.
  • Once he was found, the King stopped searching. Idimus had taken him under his wing when he was just an infant and had trained him personally. The King truly believed he had discovered the man who would cement the prophecy, so he did everything in his power to ensure it. Gerin was a natural, both in being a warrior and being a servant to a strong king. Every snicker, whisper, gasp and stare only hardened his skin and charred his heart; making his job all the more simple. He no longer cared for those he hurt, or the people he saw fit to punish. They were all just facesmocking, laughing, faces that served a better purpose dead.
  • "Does that mean there might be peace?" Roland asked. Guido shook his head. "The rumor is he died three months ago, in November. They have done a good job of keeping his death secret and carrying on the war. There will be no peace as long as our army is in Egypt. Which may not be long, if Ash Wednesday's fighting goes as badly as Fat Tuesday's did. Many a good man who rode with us this morning is in Paradise tonight. William Longsword, Raoul de Coucy..."
  • In 1997 jobs became the interim ceo with an annual salary of just $ 1. in 2001 he became the official ceo of apple.
  • Kolmi was the virgin handler. It meant that his job was to hold the end of the rope the virgin's hands were tied with until the Chief Druid was ready to sacrifice her. What could be easier?
  • Enron, once the worlds largest energy trader, sought chapter 11 protection in December 2001 after revelations that the Houston-based company used off-balance-sheet vehicles to hide billions of dollars in losses and inflate the companys stock price. More than 5,000 jobs and about $1 billion in employee retirement funds were wiped out.
  • In his new book, Instant: The Story of Polaroid, author Christopher Bonanos compares the company's dynamic founder, Edwin Land, with Apple's iconic inventor, Steve Jobs.
  • Nice messy job even after i had given them a quick swill in the cleaning tank.
  • Citigroup should be viewed by the public as "indisputably safe-and-sound institution," Corbat told Bloomberg TV. Still, Citigroup "needs to do a better job of telling that," he said.
  • The first job was to empty the kitchen waste bin into the compost bin on the plot.
  • Let job stand for about 5 minutes then wipe the tiles and grout joints with a dry lint free cloth.
  • All Chris ever wanted was a dad to spend some time with, when all he got was lame excuses. From the 4x4 club to DIY jobs, and overtime, everything was always more important, and Chris was left to grow more disillusioned in his father every day.
  • Here he was, a man wearing an assortment of clothes and oversized wellies riding an antique bicycle through the night. But none of that mattered, he realised, what you looked like, what you wore, or what your job was. All that really held any meaning was the quality of your consciousness, how you used that spark of awareness that made you alive.
  • He quickly eased into a public-speaking role that he was entirely familiar with, "It is my job as principal of your school to make sure that our students are educated, and that they can excel in a safe environment."
  • "Oh hey Drake," Agnes said, standing. Her pale skin was flushed pink and her breathing was uneven. "You did an awesome job at the game Friday night. I was there right up front cheering you on."
  • Noah stood up quickly when he saw the girls approaching, and he tottered backwards, ultimately landing back in his seat. Shea had done such a good job of getting Noah inebriated that he didnt even seem embarrassed by his failed balancing act, and both men laughed some more at his physical antics. Omari smiled, glad to see Noah relaxing for a change.
  • John and olga, the proprietors of glencroft, also did a sterling job of keeping us warm, fed and sane.
  • "Loyal am I!" Haddo said, throwing his arms in the air over his head. "In contract nothing is, prohibit that would own interests to pursue at same time as performing of job for you responsibilities of. Since are aimed us both at goal same, especially not prohibit contract would. Than this have done I nothing more, than to work on own time for same ends. Did not think you that gang of your only one was, to dethrone gods trying were?"
  • So would i be able to get a paid job as a qualified dietitian after this?
  • "Actually, its not," said Shaa. "Communications mediator is a fairly tedious job and not without its wearing aspects, since many things can interfere with messages and focusing them becomes much harder the farther they have to go; the usual radiative inverse-square laws apply here." Ostentatiously pedantic, he began to count off his points on his fingers. "Like most other spell-work, the throughput is low because you usually need to rest up for awhile after arbitrating significant message traffic. Its a specialized skill requiring a lot of higher math. Theres also the problem of contacting the communicator, since his or her expertise is designed around contacting you; outgoing requires different protocols than incoming. You see? Not flashy at all."
  • The incident has raised questions about the adequacy of security at U.S. embassies around the globe and where to draw the line between protecting American diplomats in dangerous places while giving them enough freedom to do their jobs.
  • Sinatra left the Hoboken Four and returned home in late 1935. His mother secured him a job as a singing waiter and MC at the Rustic Cabin in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, for which he was paid $15 a week.
  • Many Americans aren't finding work and the most recent jobs report underscores the severity of the jobs crisis. The unemployment rate in November dropped to 7.7% from 7.9% largely because 542,000 individuals stopped looking for jobs.
  • "Yeah, yeah, I do some jobs for the big guys," Favored said reluctantly. "One of them in particular, really. They been keeping me on the hook."
  • This can be partly credited to our vocationally oriented courses that help prepare you for real jobs in the real world.
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