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Okunuşu: / ɪnt(ə)rɪst / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: in·ter·est
Ekler: in·ter·ests
Türü: fiil, isim


f. alakadar etmek, ilgilendirmek;
merakını uyandırmak;
hissedar etmek, ortak etmek.

i. alaka, ilgi, merak;
merak uyandırma, zevk verme kabiliyeti;
hisse, pay;
kar, kazanç;
iktisadi hayatta hakim grup.

interest için örnek cümleler:

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  • I trust that your interest is totally genuine and not just an exercise to support your claim of being cross-community.
  • Beliefs, Evidence, Needs, Desires, Wounds, Interests, Mentors, Proud of. A model, typically used as a table or template or matrix for identifying motivations and issues of stakeholders within a project plan. This has the look of something that could be protected intellectual property so I'd urge caution if you intend to exploit it outsode of a passing reference. The BENDWIMP acronym is apparently used by Tony Robbins, who seems also to be the originator. (My thanks to Steve Buonaugurio, who emailed to suggest it was first coined by Tony Robbins. Robbin's use of BENDWIMP is also confirmed by Robert Buttrick, who emailed me to confirm it featured on a Robbins seminar handout.)
  • But she did not dare try to speak to him. Amalric had his retainers, relations, and favor-seekers scattered all through this festive assemblage, and any interest she showed in another man would surely be reported to him. How fortunate at least that Louis's mother, Queen Blanche, who watched over the younger women of the court as a falcon watches hares, was not with the royal party that day.
  • An investment instrument where you invest a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time at a fixed rate of interest.
  • I was still single. Since that day in the meadow, I had come to resent the whole concept of imprinting. It was an unfair joke. Imprinting had taken Sam away from me, and then against any sense of reason or choice, it had almost caused me to imprint on a monster. Men no longer held any interest for me.
  • Sub-prime mortgages These carry a higher risk to the lender (and therefore tend to be at higher interest rates) because they are offered to people who have had financial problems or who have low or unpredictable incomes.
  • Not that long ago, his name is just Owen Clark. He is a first-year student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the honors program. His parents are bursting proud of their boy, the first generation college student with stellar grades, an admittedly strange (to them!) interest in chemistry and other sciences that none of his siblings have demonstrated. But he is the youngest, and they are indulgent once he chooses a local college with in-state tuition charges. Even after his first semester, they still take his report card and pin it up on the refrigerator with a magnet. It is sometime during his second semester that he realizes his parents are lame and stops going home for dinner except when he needs his mom to do his laundry.
  • "To be addressed to King Gazziro Almara in the royal city of Rowe in Morvay," he began evenly. "Firstly, I wish to express my gratitude for your consideration of Corrado at this time. I would further like to relay my own thoughts and concerns regarding Morvay and the recent injustices your country has suffered. I therefore readily accept your generous offer of alliance between our two great countries, and await any further suggestions you may have in the interest of preserving that which has been threatened."
  • "Why did the Shadow chest contain two keys with the Definitive Sun symbol?" Now my interest was piqued. It was a wild mystery, intriguing yet terrifying at the same time.
  • Raising awareness of hate speech and monitoring the media is important, but ultimately politicians have to take the lead if Turkey is to become a genuinely inclusive society in which all citizens, irrespective of their origins, are equal in reality as well as on paper. Let's hope that the authorities are taking a close interest in the Samatya attacks and a thorough investigation will swiftly lead to the perpetrators' arrest.
  • Specialized generalists have a special interest in the treatment of drug users.
  • Higher net interest was due to higher average indebtedness compared with the first half of 2001.
  • Up above, Max was still considering how to proceed. He had the hatch open, since they clearly couldnt see any part of it from the ground, and it gave him an easy way to eavesdrop on what was going on below. From The Hands lack of interest in the sky, Max had apparently gotten rid of the ropes and concealed his presence in the air before theyd caught sight of anything. It had been a close thing, though.
  • This illustrates that technocratic theories use neutrality to hide moral judgments to protect vested interests or culturally biased views.
  • Natasha, who had come in during the conversation, looked joyfully at her husband. It was not what he was saying that pleased her--that did not even interest her, for it seemed to her that was all extremely simple and that she had known it a long time (it seemed so to her because she knew that it sprang from Pierre's whole soul), but it was his animated and enthusiastic appearance that made her glad.
  • Swop battlefield visit experiences and his interest in the battlefields is very personal and sincere.
  • The scenes are so photogenic, that they also attract interest with visitors.
  • The prevailing climate is clearly a keen interest in the 60s and/or the reinterpretation of 60s pop made in the 80s.
  • Jinny was both excited at the prospect of Henrys interest and horrified that she had broken down so many brick walls in her first week of work.
  • His special areas of interest include renal physiology, vasculitis, dialysis and critical care nephrology.
  • She was besieged by royal suitors, each of whom she favored when it was in her political interest to do so.
  • Revenue Deficit The excess of expenditure over receipts in the revenue account fo the Government of India. Receipts include taxes and non-tax revenues such as interest and DIVIDENDS and also grants. Some fo the expenditure items are interest, SUBSIDIES, certain defense outflows, salaries, pensions etc. Thus, the revenue deficit is a good indicator of whether the government is living within its means. The recent phenomenon of high levels of revenue deficit financed by borrowings to meet consumption expenditure has ominous implications. Whereas outflows on account of interest charges and loan repayments will go up, the creation of productive ASSETS decelerates, as funds are diverted to current expenditure.
  • Apart from some 18thc memorials there are no features of pre-19thc interest internally.
  • At first Prince Andrew read with his eyes only, but after a while, in spite of himself (although he knew how far it was safe to trust Bilibin), what he had read began to interest him more and more. When he had read thus far, he crumpled the letter up and threw it away. It was not what he had read that vexed him, but the fact that the life out there in which he had now no part could perturb him. He shut his eyes, rubbed his forehead as if to rid himself of all interest in what he had read, and listened to what was passing in the nursery. Suddenly he thought he heard a strange noise through the door. He was seized with alarm lest something should have happened to the child while he was reading the letter. He went on tiptoe to the nursery door and opened it.
  • A yield based on the assumption that the security remains outstanding to maturity. It represents the total of coupon payments until maturity, plus interest on interest, and whatever gain or loss is realized from the security at maturity.
  • As such, their choices, interests, and materialisations can and do impact institutional and classroom practices.
  • For at least half a century, policy makers seeking to control inflation and unemployment have typically focused on managing interest rates. The U.S. Federal Reserve lowers its target rate if the economy stalls, and raises it if inflation appears on the horizon. The recent financial crisis, however, had more to do with the amount of borrowing people did and the way such leverage fueled a bubble in the housing market.
  • "The initiatives include Greek debt buybacks, return of Securities Market Programme (SMP) profits to Greece, reduction of Greek Loan Facility (GLF) interest rates, significant extension of GLF and European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) maturities, and the deferral of EFSF interest rate payments.
  • And the new york times is putting its own arrogant, elitist, left-wing agenda before the interests of the american people.
  • Big Hairy-Arsed Goal/Big Hairy-Assed Goal. The polite version 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' doesn't have quite the same ring to it (no pun intended). (Ack M Cook) Provides an additional interpretation (and emphasises the WIIFM motivational theory) of the word 'bag' when used to refer to someone's area of interest or expertise, for example, when turning down an offer or opportunity with the response, "Not my Bhag I'm afraid...."
  • Beside this spring there is one of considerable interest in the parish having a somewhat unusual dedication.
  • "Then you are running late, Captain. I would have had plenty of time to sully the place were its forensic significance of any interest to me. What you are witnessing is solely the doing of these people you find dead about you. They arrived, as you have postulated, in a frenzy, many badly burned or otherwise injured. I cannot help but agree with your general assessment. Your description of their floor plan definitely resembles what I have heard of the site created by the American. I have never visited Mamuset; I learned of its specific arrangement in my wanderings tribe to tribe."
  • Wrestleomputer interests include martial arts, wrestling, ska and oi!
  • Given the potential gains for other U.S. manufacturers, farmers and services providers, it was in the United States' interest to offer meaningful concessions on footwear and clothing to secure a deal, he said.
  • It is displayed on a dinner napkin 560mm square, and the way in which it came into my possession may interest members.
  • Also it is of considerable interest to produce bigger protein crystals for neutron diffraction studies of hydrogen deuterium exchange, in particular cases.
  • "You don't know that. Besides, none of my scouts or any of our Ambassadors have returned from Vindyrion, so obviously you are a target. It is in the best interest of the Bhoors to disrupt any communications between Medora and Vindyrion. Under different circumstances, I would have sent you back to your King with our terms. We were going to tax you heavily for this war, but now it seems that we have more important things to worry about. You will ride with me, never leaving my sight."
  • A low key approach may fail to rouse the interest of a potential Vandal.
  • It was easy to appreciate his beauty without feeling anything else. My heart was too full of Jacob, and that love blocked any romantic interest in other men. My eyes stared only out of curiosity. Who was he? Why was he at the game? I wanted to know everything about him.
  • Omnibus volumes, the interest will vary with the topic, and the quality varies with the author.
  • If juggling these pressures is not enough, Draghi also faces the managerial challenge of building up a banking supervisory body at the ECB next year that is both credible but separate from the bank's main business of setting interest rates.
  • Fikna snapped at him. "Dont talk to me like that." He lowered his voice again. "Refrain from such utterances. Those days were a lark that has passed. My family had a place they lacked the interest to claim."
  • You then produce a 12,000-word dissertation, which allows you to develop your own interests in any aspects of the taught courses.
  • After going over the adventure of the night she suddenly said, 'Your patient interests me much. May it be that with you I visit her this morning? Or if that you are too occupy, I can go alone if it may be. It is a new experience to me to find a lunatic who talk philosophy, and reason so sound.'
  • It turns out that dolphin friendships are not based solely on prior interactions, they are politically motivated. Cooperative decisions are based on who else is around at any given moment. Even if the PD and KS groups had historically been enemies, their mutual interest in defeating the WC group turned them into friends, at least temporarily. This seems to require an extraordinary amount of cognitive resources.
  • Vagary lock is an important method by which borrowers can escape the vagaries of the interest rate.
  • A i have a large cross section of abilities and interests on the courses from complete beginners to advanced amateurs.
  • Where their interests overlapped, they did everything together. When D went out it was with Al, and when Al stayed in he hung with D.
  • Two goblins perched themselves high upon a hilltop due west of Burbon. They watched two figures exit the south gate of the human outpost, two which were quickly joined by a third. One they recognized immediately; the delver. The newcomers were unknown to them. The diminutive monsters waited near breathless, standing motionless in the high grass. They knew of the great senses of the cursed delver. And though he remained a great distance away from their position, they feared the scout might spot them if they made the slightest disturbance. Their interest grew as the delver and his companions crossed the Fuge River. As the range between the two groups increased, one of the goblins found the courage to speak, though in a whisper so as not to alert those they watched.
  • Comprador bourgeoisie is that part of the capitalist class whose interests are closely tied to the imperialist system.
  • "Oh, it's okay but, still, pretty primitive. But at least it's a step in the right direction. The problem with Linux coders is, they play on a ninety yard field but the goal posts are a hundred yards away. Too much of the software is simply not complete. None of it is really tested. Final coding left to the end user. I'm bloody sick of spending half the night fixing some damned uncommented crappy bash script that some juvenile lost interest in before his nap time. No, for me, Linux has too many milk-and-cookies breaks in it. When they grow up and finally finish something, then I'll use the GUI. Until then, it's M$ Bill."
  • He had been wary around her at first, but now he had stopped worrying about bad things happening. After all, it had been three weeks, and, so far, everything was fine. As long as he did not make any wishes, he decided, nothing could go wrong. And, as his initial anxieties faded, he found that he was enjoying her company. She had a lot of entertaining stories to tell. She could talk virtually non-stop, in fact, which saved him the bother of trying to think of something interesting to say himself. The only thing he found mildly irritating was her habit of sneakily trying to make him wish for stuff. But he could not blame her for that really, in fact, he felt kind of sorry for her situation, stuck here with him for the rest of his life. Denny had no illusions about himself; he could well imagine that she would rather be off somewhere else, doing her own thing instead of putting up with him. He felt a little sad about this. Despite the fact that they had no real interests in common, he had begun to think of her as a friend. At least she had shown no signs of wanting to kick his head in.
  • It was plain that Balashev's personality did not interest him at all. Evidently only what took place within his own mind interested him. Nothing outside himself had any significance for him, because everything in the world, it seemed to him, depended entirely on his will.
  • New labor is not worried about unelected bankers setting our interest rates.
  • ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview to be published today that he doesnt "quite understand" the discussion about lower interest rates because non-standard measures have become the primary policy tools.
  • Private housing will receive a quadruple whammy of three tax increases and higher interest rates that should flatten the market outside the hotspots.
  • The possibility that a bond issuer will default, and fail to repay principal or interest as promised. Also known as "default risk".
  • Her areas of research interest include adolescence, physical disability, psychotherapy, and identity development, particularly using qualitative approaches.
  • Archaeologywealth of iron-age promontory forts the pembrokeshire coast will also be of particular interest to those who are interested in prehistoric archeology.
  • "I followed inside, and as fate would have it, a large male had been on the way. You panicked, so I knocked you unconscious, pulled you aside. If you had only kept your head and slipped out after the male had passed, you would have been safe. The dragons had no interest in you. After the female warded off the male, I remained near. The last remaining egg hatched, the creature inspected us, and deemed the two of us family," he said.
  • Turkey and Britain both share similar political cultures in the sense that they are both sovereign conscious countries with strong imperial legacies. They both feel somewhat distant to the post-nationalist and federalist tendencies of Berlin and Paris. If Turkey had been a member, it would have probably sided with the UK rather than with Germany and France on foreign and security matters. Under normal circumstances, it would not be in Turkey's national interest to lose the UK as one of the strongest supporters of Ankara in the European Union.
  • Stakeholder consultation was undertaken over the summer to gage general interest in the lisbon strategy.
  • I laughed a little at Arvins interest in knowing the outcome. "No. In hindsight, I lost before I even threw a punch."
  • Matthew spoke with a more guarded tone, but his excitement and interest were equally evident. "How did you come of this knowledge? I have never found anything in the book of Godson. Was it hidden behind the words?"
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) A ratio used to assess the financial ability of a borrower to meet debt obligations. While appraising loand requests, lending institutions ascertain the debt servicing capacity from financial projections submitted, by computing the ratio of cash accruals plus interest payments (on term loans) to the sum of interest and loan repayments :
  • The group has a particularly strong interest in nmr, having access to its own dedicated 400 mhz spectrometer.
  • From a young age, I liked to take my wand and spend time in the forest alone while my father traveled. My brother, John, was four years older and a great deal smaller than me. John showed no interest in sorcery and use of Enchantments and spirits in these hidden woods.
  • Our first chairman was michael young, founding father of numerous public interest organizations, among them consumers association.
  • He and his wife, kelly, share many interests, among them swimming, hiking, music, collecting antiques, and gardening.
  • The british public interest disclosure act was passed in 1998 to protect whistle-blowers from dismissal and victimization.
  • "No, I do not. I know that you and I have discussed our different opinions on things, but I know that you have our best interest at heart. It makes me sad to think of those 30 men and the families that will never see them again, but if the Medorans do not ride to war to help us, the Bhoors will destroy us."
  • Community interest company 4.2 ncvo broadly welcomes the proposals for the community interest company.
  • To provide support for the housing market, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at rock-bottom levels since 2008. In September, it launched an open-ended program to buy mortgage-backed securities, driving mortgage rates to record lows.
  • Her main research interests include the cryopreservation of human and mouse oocytes ( eggs ).
  • "Of course," said Zhardann, "of course. Youve been busy, too, havent you? I cant say I expected to find his hand in this, but then its not entirely a surprise either, is it. Focasti thinks there may be an additional operator at work, but even she agrees its really his play. Well, he may have carved off more than he can handle this time. Ive been in touch with some of the others who have an interest in these things, and theyre responsive - the setup even looks strong enough to mount an up-and-down challenge. With the right preparation, we may be able to maneuver him into submission without actually having to use a frontal assault. Wouldnt that be something? Sapriel on the defensive for once?"
  • Renee zellweger anymore but thanks for your interest in the role - whoever you were!
  • The decision would cement expectations that the Fed will keep buying a combined $85 billion of Treasuries and mortgage-backed bonds a month, while repeating that it expects to hold interest rates near zero until at least mid-2015.
  • Facing copyright problems and realizing that the Air Ministry's "Clause 12" in the original film contract would restrict the studio, Walt Disney, who had a personal interest in The Gremlins reluctantly began to "wind down" the project. By August 1943, Disney had even reconsidered an animated "short" based on The Gremlins and indicated to Dahl by correspondence that further work would not continue. After a year of story conferences and related research, Dahl realized that his book would be the only tangible product emanating from the aborted film.
  • Her unhealthy interest in buying men over the internet appears to have unleashed a torrent of trackback spam.
  • "It seems that the initial interest and purchases are mainly from loyal Nokia users and electronics enthusiasts," said Korschelt, who advises selling the companys shares. "We continue to see limited consumer traction for Nokias Windows 8 devices in a highly competitive and duopolistic smartphone market."
  • Daily or monthly interest is becoming more common on mortgage products.
  • Rate taxpayer you will have extra tax to pay on your bank interest income and dividends.
  • The path gave way to the dirt trail once more. He grew tired and paused to catch his breath. Rordan wished he hadnt given up the swimming and ball games of his youth. His sportsman interests would have come in handy now. He chalked it up to another missed calling in life and walked on.
  • This was the first thing the woman said that actually sparked an ounce of interest in the serp. His head nodded back and forth for a moment as he made certain considerations of his own.
  • They are: historically low valuations, monetary tightening of the past 2-1/2 years that has weighed on the market, but is now over, earnings growth that is likely to pick up in 2013 and economic reforms such as liberalizing interest rates that should lift investor sentiment.
  • LIBOR An abbreviation for London Inter Bank Offer Rate, which is an average of the interest rates at which leading international banks are prepared to offer term EURODOLLAR DEPOSITS to each other. The interest rate differs according to the deposit MATURITY and the soundness of borrowing banks. Libor is also used as a reference rate in quoting interest rates on various other loans.
  • "Elaine." She made her voice pleasant, beginning to regain her interest in the here and now. He seemed friendly enough, and his scar bespoke previous quests. When he got drunk, he might tell her about them, and she would hear things she wasnt supposed to know about yet. "Im the innkeepers daughter."
  • Barclays, Britains second-largest bank by assets, said this week its preparing to cut jobs at its investment bank and has begun consulting with U.K. employees. The bank, which paid a 290 million-pound ($458 million) fine in 2012 for rigging benchmark interest rates, started terminating European investment-banking jobs in December and may make cuts in Asia in coming weeks, people with knowledge of the matter said.
  • Internal ballistics and related energetic materials modeling studies were also receiving active interest from the defense sector.
  • Prince Andrew replied. Then followed other questions just as simple: "Was Kutuzov well? When had he left Krems?" and so on. The Emperor spoke as if his sole aim were to put a given number of questions- the answers to these questions, as was only too evident, did not interest him.
  • There was a general shuffling of feet and clearing of throats before a cousin of Grimas stepped forward and launched into a story of their childhood. The cousin, whose name was Lanslow, had wanted to climb a tree and Grima had consented to go with him. Lanslow had known that this was out of character for Grima but had not questioned it. When they had reached the higher branches Grima stopped and made his way out on one of the limbs. A nest was there and on the nest sat a bird about the size of a chicken. It had bright red, green, and blue feathers in a crest on the back of its head. Neither Grima nor Lanslow had ever seen anything like it. Grima had agreed to climb the tree because the strange bird was there and he wanted to study it. He had no more interest in his cousins treetop game than the cousin had in the bird.
  • It could only decide to discontinue cases which failed both the evidential sufficiency and public interest criterial.
  • Apple failed to establish that consumer demand for Samsung products was driven by technology it stole, U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California, said in her Dec. 17 ruling. While a jury found Samsung infringed six Apple patents, it isnt in the public interest to ban Samsungs devices because the infringing elements constituted a limited part of Samsungs phones, Koh said.
  • Wroclaw settled himself into one of the chairs; this promised to be a long haul. "Youre not the first one to think that about Arznaak. And he doesnt trust you either, that goes without saying. So what mechanisms do you have in place to assure that neither of you stabs the other in the back? Just how far you think common interest is going to take you?"
  • In the best interest of the animal we reserve the right to refuse if the circumstances are not ideal for that anima l.
  • Now why would anybody imagine that men whose main interest is restoring vintage military bicycles would be short on female companionship?
  • Failure to pay principal or interest when due. Defaults can also occur for failure to meet nonpayment obligations, such as reporting requirements, or when a material problem occurs for the issuer, such as a bankruptcy.
  • Act of God Bond Act of god bond, or catastrophe bond, is an insurance company bond that links its principal and interest to all the losses incurred by the company, because of natural disasters.
  • Supposed to protect the interests of society by ensuring appropriate and measured responses to their crimes.
  • Neurology clinics in main hospitals have doctors working there who have an interest in migraine.
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