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Okunuşu: / ɪm’pɔːt(ə)nt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: im·por·tant
Türü: sıfat


s. önemli, ehemmiyetli, mühim;
gururlu, kibirli, azametli;
nufuzlu, itibarlı.

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  • As her senses returned, she felt intense pain in her right hand, and she opened it slowly. The leather thong was still twined around her fingers, but as her hand opened, the fish carving crumbled into dust. Instinctively she knew she had lost something far more important than a simple carving or even a mighty tool. She'd destroyed something precious and irreplaceable. The flesh of her palm was covered with tiny blisters, and when she concentrated on it, the pain was overwhelming. She would have collapsed on the spot, but she saw the rest of the crew hurriedly preparing for their departure. The crew repaired what damage they could, and the Slippery Eel soon began limping toward the open seas.
  • Correlation involves some complex math but is important because it is the primary measuring factor of your portfolio's diversification (or lack thereof).
  • Mia closed the book. "This is what Im supposed to carry?" She said, amazed at how plain and simple something so important was. She had expected it to be gold embossed, big, cumbersome, or a fancy scroll or certainly something more regal that gave one an impression of authority and majesty. But definitely not this.
  • The man now touched the Buddha box to his forehead. He thought for a second where to keep it, and then looked at the small ivory box and a clasp he had hanging from his sash. He tried and found that the lead box fitted neatly within the ivory box, leaving very little space. He looked at the woman and smiled. The woman said: "Your Netsuke-and-Inro will now be as important as your sword."
  • Minerals important to the look and to the health of the skin include selenium, copper and zinc.
  • It is important to view learning related to sport and society as being about conceptual change and not just the acquisition of information.
  • "Yes in a way. There are much more important things to worry about. Do you think the Emperor or your King focused on a woman while they were coming to power? There's so much more going on in the world, and to focus on finding happiness seems a little selfish."
  • I have been strongly committed to creating such an important body for the eu from the first day i came into office.
  • Secondly, the governments initiatives on Kurdish and Alevi issues were important and they still are. The completion of the Dersim confrontation and the resolution of the problem is strongly linked to the fulfillment of both initiatives given that the Dersim people hold Kurdish and Alevi identities. So far, the government has not taken constructive steps not just because of the statist reflexes but also due to the boundaries of its Sunni orientation. But it is nice to see that these boundaries are changing and the government appears to be the most rapidly changing political actor.
  • It was like eavesdropping on an important phone callboth frustrating and intriguing. After a few minutes, she settled down. I waited in the silence to hear if the conversation would resume, but it never did. She was sleeping, soundly when I peeked around the corner.
  • But otherwise, Republican members of Congress hardly laid a glove on her, perhaps because the party has bizarrely focused on the Obama administration's post-attack talking points instead of more important issues: Does the State Department have the resources and policies it needs to keep American diplomats safe? What level of threat do extremist groups in the region really pose to U.S. interests? And what does the Obama administration want to accomplish there?
  • Italian and French influences increased after the wars for independence at the beginning of the 19th century, though the academic style persisted until the first decades of the 20th century. Attempts at renovation took place during the second half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, when the European tendencies penetrated into the country, reflected in numerous important buildings of Buenos Aires, such as the Santa Felicitam Church by Ernesto Bunge; the Central Post Office and Palace of Justice, by Norbert Maillart; and the National Congress and the Coln Opera House, by Vittorio Meano.
  • And figure 18 shows that gw represented by northern hemisphere temperature anomaly is an important factor in the high annual cet values since 1988.
  • The dai was busy spooning a mixture of honey, ghee, and opium into the childs mouth. Then a drop of milk was pressed from Mumtazs breast and rubbed on the breast of the wet nurse. Jadar watched the ritual with approval. Now for the most important tradition, the one begun by Akman.
  • Biosynthesis of sialic acid, an important molecule in many recognition events.
  • During the five years of Nazi occupation, Norwegians built a resistance movement which fought the German occupation forces with both civil disobedience and armed resistance including the destruction of Norsk Hydro's heavy water plant and stockpile of heavy water at Vemork, which crippled the German nuclear program (see: Norwegian heavy water sabotage). More important to the Allied war effort, however, was the role of the Norwegian Merchant Marine. At the time of the invasion, Norway had the fourth largest merchant marine fleet in the world. It was led by the Norwegian shipping company Nortraship under the Allies throughout the war and took part in every war operation from the evacuation of Dunkirk to the Normandy landings. Each December Norway gives a Christmas tree to the United Kingdom as thanks for the British assistance during World War II. A ceremony takes place to erect the tree in London's famous Trafalgar Square.
  • Why is it important to support functional pluralism for local government?
  • If you have any discernment, you will understand what an appropriate, graceful, subtle, and elevated style and manner of expression this is in the view of the desert-dwellers for whom the date-palm is the most important means of livelihood.
  • "I expect all of us will at that point," Ryson acknowledged. "After a full days ride with little rest, none of these horses will be in any condition to take a slope as steep as Sanctum's. The important thing is that we will reach the mountain before night falls."
  • This is particularly important when supporting large contact centers and web self-service.
  • Colorize apologize for taking such a parochial attitude about colorizing shell scripts -- thanks for correcting this important oversight!
  • Outright anger washed over me and colored my vision red as I read each rule. They were all opposite from what we had written down and approved. I ran into the house and told Ember I had something important to do. I told her to lock the doors and I would be right back. Willow ran out after me and somehow managed to jump into the car right before I spun out of the driveway.
  • An important point to ensure is that the cage can be securely fastened to prevent escapees.
  • Pierre was there too, buttoned up since early morning in a nobleman's uniform that had become too tight for him. He was agitated; this extraordinary gathering not only of nobles but also of the merchant-class--les etats generaux (States-General)--evoked in him a whole series of ideas he had long laid aside but which were deeply graven in his soul: thoughts of the Contrat social and the French Revolution. The words that had struck him in the Emperor's appeal- that the sovereign was coming to the capital for consultation with his people--strengthened this idea. And imagining that in this direction something important which he had long awaited was drawing near, he strolled about watching and listening to conversations, but nowhere finding any confirmation of the ideas that occupied him.
  • Handicraft, like Dymkovo toy, khokhloma, gzhel and palekh miniature represent an important aspect of Russian folk culture. Ethnic Russian clothes include kaftan, kosovorotka and ushanka for men, sarafan and kokoshnik for women, with lapti and valenki as common shoes. The clothes of Cossacks from Southern Russia include burka and papaha, which they share with the peoples of the Northern Caucasus.
  • So he still hated her. Alix sorrowed at that, but Poppas approval was no longer the most important thing in her world. The princess smiled sadly. "For one thing, I just saved you ten million marks."
  • We want children to develop a self-concept where being a good person is important to their sense of self.
  • Standing on important trade-routes and drawing on the natural resources of mesopotamia, it was immensely wealthy.
  • Researchers hypothesized that fatty acids are an important mediator in the development of obesity and cvd.
  • This most important augmentation in the supply of human subsistence has now commenced.
  • "A lot more," Jaxon finished. "Let's get this book downstairs and figure out what the hell is so important about it." Jaxon paused after watching Caislyn pick the book up. "What the hell did Grandma Ghost mean about trusting our hearts?" Jaxon asked.
  • I was sweating. Was I being foolish? He said if I gave him my necklace everything would go back to normal. I whimpered. I didn't want to give it to him. It was the most important thing I owned, the only thing I had that was of any value. It was important to me. The necklace was the only connection I had to a family that had given me up at birth, and was my reminder to be strong and independent. A wrinkle of cold rolled over my skin and I shifted back.
  • Episcopal palaces are among the most important medieval buildings in britain.
  • There is a vast gathering, a great concourse, as though all the important people of the country have gathered there.
  • Some of the earliest accounts on the island of Comoros were derived from the works of Al-Masudi, that mentions the importance of the Comoro Islands, like other coastal areas in the region, along early Islamic trade routes and how the islands were frequently visited by Muslims including Persian and Arab merchants and sailors from Basra in search of coral, ylang-ylang, ivory, beads, spices, gold, they also brought Islam to the people of the Zanj including Comoros. As the importance of Comoros grew along the East African coast, both small and large mosques were constructed. Despite its distance from the coast, Comoros is situated along the Swahili Coast in East Africa. It was a major hub of trade and an important location in the sea route between Kilwa (an outlet for Zimbabwean gold) in Mozambique and Mombasa in Kenya.
  • However, the research could reveal important insights that could prevent such an infection arising in the wild and help build defences just in case.
  • The EU's various institutions -- the European Commission, the European Parliament, the EU-Turkey Joint Council, the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Commission -- have published hundreds of documents to date concerning Turkey. It's possible for us to say that in nearly every one of these documents there is a reference to the necessity for Turkey's current military-civilian relations to be brought up to EU standards. In this brief analysis, let's take a closer look at documents from the European Commission, the most important of these EU institutions. The progress reports published in the autumn of every year since 1998 with no exception reference military-civilian relations. One of the foundational topics in each of the 11 progress reports published to date is a request that military-civilian relations be brought up to democratic standards. In the most recently published progress report, that of 2008, even a cursory glance at the document reveals that the EU's requests regarding military-civilian relations are abundant.
  • Recombination allows chromosomes to exchange genetic information and produces new combinations of genes, which increases the efficiency of natural selection and can be important in the rapid evolution of new proteins. Genetic recombination can also be involved in DNA repair, particularly in the cell's response to double-strand breaks.
  • When creating your script the most important thing is to make it readable and correctly punctuated.
  • Goal setting is important whether you're trying to lose weight or trying to create jobs for the roughly 1.5 million people who need to find them in order to get us to 6.5% unemployment. The rub in this case is the nature of the numbers. Unemployment and inflation data are notoriously difficult to measure accurately. Using them as the basis of trillion dollar decisions is questionable, to be polite.
  • Actually, the temperature at the turbine inlet is the important consideration.
  • These taken together seemed to indicate that pulsation was an important co-factor in the disturbance of learned behavior.
  • Good maternal nutrition is important for the preparation and maintenance of breast feeding.
  • Dominic must've looked away from the fight long enough to see the questions on my face. "It's hard to understand just how important the pack structure is. The question of who is dominant and who is subordinate, drives so much of what we do. Even so, it's not nearly as bad as other packs, other places. Alec's established clear dominance to everyone else here, but he still probably couldn't make his gentler rules stick if it weren't for the fact that Isaac backs him almost without question."
  • It has been an utterly disgraceful handling of this important issue in the new devolved wales.
  • With a sigh, the Elf released the conversation. They had more important things at hand, evident by their approach to the last cell on the left side.
  • "The point, sir, is that the Aurora Chateau Deo Belle Etoile is, indeed, a human paradise. Two important amendments are that you may not leave and Earth may not know its location." Argentice sat down opposite the officers.
  • Fruit and vegetables are a vital source of antioxidant vitamins, which are important in helping to maintain and protect myelin.
  • Shaa had taken the opportunity to reconnoiter his destination several days earlier. The location was not exactly obscure, and his goal at the moment was not what you would call clandestine, but it never hurt to know the lay of the land. It would be important to bring the Karlinis up to date - and perhaps the Creeping Sword would have something of value to add too, you never knew - but the Jardin situation seemed more urgent. Although did he remember how to work remote communications? What was Karlinis recipient address key? Shaa sank back and closed his eyes...
  • Strog gripped her arm. He wanted her to remain silentlet the prisoner spout important information, leave him in his trance. To interrupt with aggressive, hostile remarks was plain foolishness, and he would not have it.
  • He sighed and blinked hard. He had to think of what was important to humanity, not just to his own desire. His emotions were telling him that he wanted to be near her but what the rest of the world needed was hundreds of miles in the other direction. A duty he would fulfill, but felt better in knowing that he had at least left a little piece of his heart with her.
  • These works necessitated a major diversion of the a5200, an important central london highway.
  • Edeline took a deep breath. The thing seemed important to Ember somehow, and if she was right, if it was easy and wouldn't take long, then they could be on their way.
  • "Hey, listen," Liseli said, "where do you live? Can we meet your parents?" She cocked her head to the side and tried to smile as encouragingly as possible. She noticed Russ watching her with an amused smirk, but at the moment cajoling Ivira was more important.
  • Acquaintance with north korean history reveals just how important is the struggle for national pride.
  • "There!" he said. "On the way." Even the spell matrix was neatly crafted, with its multi-faceted green surface and all those glints and highlights; as his course of study had stressed, the aesthetics of spell work are as important as the function. The matrix dropped away from him, directly on target for the center of the Speakers pulpit, darted past Dooglasface where he was just pulling himself erect once again within the lectern, hit the floor at his feet, and released. Any second now ... any second.
  • The Ping An stake, given its size, was an important and sensitive sale for HSBC - one that was rumored to be up for grabs ever since the 2008 financial crisis.
  • I lay there, watching him for most of the night, desperately wishing I hadnt shown him anything. I needed to learn to accept the situation as it was, for his sake, if for no other reason. It was unlike him to lie with his back to me. It took him hours to fall asleep, which made me feel terrible, but I knew it was important to give him space. I didnt say a word.
  • "Yes. Last century, the Church had great political power throughout the land, greater than the King himself, and it was used... poorly." Her voice was passionate - clearly this was important to her. "Many suffered needlessly from accusations of impurity, heresy and other such nonsense, as the more paranoid factions of the clergy took power. Specifically, the Divine Templars, a chapter whose ethos was more focused on maintaining order and strict adherence to the Codex Morium, our holy book and centuries-old treatise on proper conduct, than any other concern."
  • Choosing a domain name is a very important first step for anyone starting a business on the internet.
  • Her mother and several people in Merrick had warned her that she had to deal with the divorce, or the pain would never go away. Mindy would always say, "Next topic," or "What is there to discuss?" or my favorite, "Fuck you! Im an important person!"
  • The dividend omission "is a very important step because it shows management is conscious of the work that is ahead," said Eric Beaudet, an analyst at Natixis Securities in Paris. "Its clearly a strong signal to the market that saysDont worry about our balance sheet, well do what it takes.’"
  • Shapiro sees monetary policy, with the Federal Reserve benchmark interest rate at almost zero, as having a limited near-term impact on growth. And he considers the $1 trillion U.S. fiscal deficit an important drag on future expansion.
  • Her mother waved a dismissing hand through the air, cutting her off. "Hush, now, girl. There be plenty of time for that later. More important things be afoot now. You know of the Overlord, I'm sure."
  • One is that together with its absolute impotence, each particle performs most important and most various duties.
  • Instrumentality of religion has changed, in important segments of the world faiths.
  • "Come on honey. I dont have time to fight over Christmas presents with you this morning. Ive got an important meeting with the Commander this afternoon that Ive got to prep for."
  • "Because of his music." Robin replied. "Skill in music isn't a very common gift among our people. All the Folkfairies, we call ourselves Folk. There's the Hill Folk, that's us, and the Island Folk like our Aunt Diana, andoh, heaps of others- we need musicians of any sorthuman, fay or any of the other Peoples - because musicians help the magic work. There are other things, too. Finn's very good at logical, mathematical kind of stuff that I'm too lazy to think about, and he and I can work together and do all sorts of damage because music and logic fit together really well. If we got a designer as wellanyway Dad's a brilliant singer and he's got royal blood. He comes from an important family. The Perrys outrank the Feriers by a long way. And there are ways of making him co-operate, of harnessing his powers that I just wouldn't want to think of. I miss him. I don't want him hurt."
  • It is important to remember that by default, routers do not forward broadcasts.
  • Finance Minister Sammy Wilson said it was important to keep the figures in perspective.
  • Irrational in the sense of preventing optimal functioning; on the contrary, they serve important functions in everyday life.
  • Behaviour, Effect, Expectation, Results. The headings by which to assess performance of anything, particularly a new initiative. A great discipline when working with a team or delegating another to conduct a review, when it's important to keep the review focused. (Ack. Don Clark)
  • Scavengecay of this catch attracts scavenging organisms such as crustaceans, many of which can be commercially important species.
  • Some of our people make an important contribution to the accountancy profession more generally.
  • Experts suggest laying out firm ground rulesstarting with the exit date and continuing on to out-of-bounds areas, whether pets are welcome and where guests can smoke. That allows the host to plan activities and know there is an end in sight. "This is probably the most important decision to make before your guest arrives," says Daniel Post Senning, great-great-grandson of the grand dame of etiquette Emily Post, who founded the Emily Post Institute. "The three-day guideline is phenomenally good," he says. "The host can get through so much more when that is already established."
  • "My everything! I don't get you girl! Is your work now more important than Sarah and Adrian?! What is wrong with you lately?!" he shouted in anger and disbelief.
  • For solid state matter one uses the energy band models of solid state physics. This is important as understanding how light is detected (typically by a solid-state device that absorbs it) is crucial for understanding experiments.
  • Safe Pair Of Hands. Describes trustworthy people and organizations, especially when valuable and important responsibilities are being delegated or awarded. Very modern business-speak, much loved by men in suits who use terms like 'a big win' (a new contract) and 'leverage' (being able to exploit a situation or aspect of strategy for advantage).
  • In the same way, if the tongues of ability of other birds and animals were known, there are many species which could be employed in important tasks like their brothers, the domesticated animals.
  • Reps consulted everybody in their forms and they voted as a year group to support this important charity.
  • Matthew fell short of complete agreement. "That doesn't mean I'm more important than any other follower of Godson. If something happens to me, the task will fall upon someone else."
  • Romm shrugged. "If it is, so what? How important are these people anyway? Max is the powerhouse, you know that. Now that hes out of the story what do we lose? Prudence would dictate we provide ourselves with insurance."
  • Other wardrobe hods felt, however, that interviews were an important part of the process, and made sure that they interviewed everybody.
  • If these were still the old days, this would be just the time for Shaa to step in, smoothing ruffled feelings, stilling riled waters, introducing the grease of reason to the squeak of discord, knitting them all back together again. That had been one of Shaas jobs, not that any of them had ever spelled it out quite like that, and he had done it well, too. In many ways it had perhaps been Shaas most important job, in fact. But what was it to him any more anyway? Hed soon be off this particular coil, most likely, his role done if not necessarily complete. And all the plots and plans and twists and turns would still go on without him at least as smoothly as theyd done with him present on the scene. Things might even be improved - hed be one less ramification for the rest of them to stumble over.
  • However, helpful and important eu directives on settlement finality and financial collateral have reduced the risks of these legal barriers.
  • Hibernaculumnd survey potential underground hibernacula and protect important sites.
  • But he considered it more important to visit the properties the Church had awarded him after his victory over the Cathars, take inventory of each one, put down any local disorder, and appoint men to occupy and govern each chateau and town for him. All the spring, summer, and autumn he had been journeying about Languedoc. It might be dangerous for him to be away from Paris and his own holdings if the King died, but he also stood to lose a great deal if he did not fully secure his new lands. He was always at the edge of a precipice, always juggling one danger against another. And how he enjoyed it all!
  • In life / industry, problem solving skills are more important than factual memory recall alone.
  • I looked around at each person at the table and smiled. Then I said, "These past few days have been some of the most important moments in my life, and I have all of you to thank for that."
  • But when Sir Giles, rather pleased at being able apparently to get his own back on the Chief Justice, attempted the most important experiment, he found the result negligible. He framed the formula; he called up the consciousness of Arglay; he intensified his will. There appeared gradually before him the familiar study as seen from in front of the fire-place; Chloe was sitting in front of him. Sir Giles was aware of thinking that Arglay had an admirable taste in women, that though of course this girl was not really intelligent she could probably take the Chief Justice in. This consciousness went on repeating itself again and again. He tried to empty his mind, but it was no good. The image of Chloe occupied it, with a sort of detached irritation, until he recalled himself in a fit of anger.
  • Within two days, the Colonel quickly found out from his man in Aizawl that the raid was led by one Maj. Simpson, with the Assam Rifles. The agent had further heard from the spy grapevine that the Major had a vested interest in keeping Subhas Bose alive. Colonel Matsumoto asked his man to probe a certain aspect of this further, and report back to him. The man then quickly came back and said that the loss of Subhas Bose would be a serious loss of face for the Major vis-a-vis some very important people in England. For Colonel Matsumoto, loss of face was worse than death. He pondered that point a while. Then he went from one part of Tokyo to another, talking to a number of his shadowy colleagues.
  • "The runes have the powers of clarity, protection, calm, will, courage and the most important one, containment. By opening the Vaydem ring of power with Ember standing at the Apex, her spirit light channeled through the ritual ribbon and charged the runic powers. Uncle Rave coated the bonfire with an essential oil that was designed to 'cry outto Embers spirit light.
  • One thing thats important to you are issues of equality in society. How do you think about Brazil and how it goes about achieving more equality? Brazil is also a country, not unlike the United States, that has increasing and pretty large economic disparities among different groups. How does Brazil go about changing that, if possible? First of all, I think we ought to have a political system that is race-conscious, because everybody knows that Brazil is very unequal. Nobody denies it. As for the kinds of solutions that we need, here is where the dissent comes. I wrote a book about affirmative action in the U.S. 11 years ago. At the time, I never thought that something like affirmative action would be accepted in Brazil. But the contrary has happened.
  • "What is important I think is to have sufficient transparency about how we will react to events as they unfold,"he told the audience at the event.
  • Lignin biosynthesis was outlined many years ago, important basic features are still poorly understood.
  • "Having children is very important to humans. Jacob gave that up when he married me. If Jacob had chosen to marry a human, he would probably be a dad by now. He would be living a normal life, and probably very happy."
  • The arrow is likely to face tough competition from other radio groups keen to grab a rare fm license in the important area.
  • I had two choices when she said that. I could tell her it was none of her business because technically, it wasnt. She would leave the subject alone because she respected my privacy. Or I could answer her question directly and use this rare opportunity to teach her an important life lesson.
  • The legend of the golden fleece may refer to the use of fleeces to trap gold dust from placer deposits in the ancient world. Gold is mentioned frequently in the Old Testament, starting with Genesis 2:11 (at Havilah) and is included with the gifts of the magi in the first chapters of Matthew New Testament. The Book of Revelation 21:21 describes the city of New Jerusalem as having streets "made of pure gold, clear as crystal". The south-east corner of the Black Sea was famed for its gold. Exploitation is said to date from the time of Midas, and this gold was important in the establishment of what is probably the world's earliest coinage in Lydia around 610 BC. From the 6th or 5th century BC, the Chu (state) circulated the Ying Yuan, one kind of square gold coin.
  • With the private sector growing slowly, designer leather products like bags are becoming a big export business, with Taytu becoming the first luxury designer label in the country. Additional small-scale export products include cereals, pulses, cotton, sugarcane, potatoes and hides. With the construction of various new dams and growing hydroelectric power projects around the country, Ethiopia also plans to export electric power to its neighbors. However, coffee remains its most important export product and with new trademark deals around the world, including recent deals with Starbucks, the country plans to increase its revenue from coffee. Most regard Ethiopia's large water resources and potential as its "white oil" and its coffee resources as "black gold".
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