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Okunuşu: / ɪm’pɔːt(ə)nt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: im·por·tant
Türü: sıfat


s. önemli, ehemmiyetli, mühim;
gururlu, kibirli, azametli;
nufuzlu, itibarlı.

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  • Renaissance polyphony plays an important role and includes motets by a range of european composers.
  • "Whether that's true or not, it's important to discovery your identity," said Graice and she paused a moment to let that sink in. "I may be able to help you remember."
  • Emma begins to giggle and feigns a slap against Jacks cheek. Although he was joking, the thought is still in his mind. He feels that it would not be a bad idea at all to make one more trip back to the old Red Rose Motel. However, he does have important things to attend to, things that he could not forget about, despite the small emotions in his mind that told him perhaps it was best if he did. Hopefully, there would be time for other things afterwards, after everything was settled with his parents. As his mind wanders back to the issue at hand, he begins to grow saddened once more. The thought of bad grades and failure crowd into his mind once more as Jack quickly diverts his mind to the night before to counteract it.
  • Wed better question Shan later, she will probably have found out far more important things than we have done!’ Yash said ruefully.
  • His gray eyes came up and focused on Asta. Her expression wasnt hungry anymore, nor was it desperate, but it was a little hurt. He was missing something and he was frantic to figure it out before something very important slithered out of his hands. "Asta, were youin heat? What did you do to me? Do you do that to every man you meet?"
  • It is easy to blame youth for being lazy or lacking initiative, but if we stop the discussion there we miss an important and much needed chance to help.
  • it is indeed a requirement of wisdom that the particles of the earth, which are inanimate and unconscious yet perform important duties in this world, should be utilized and included in some of the constructions of the hereafter, the stones, the trees, and all things of which will most certainly be animate and conscious.
  • This is particularly important when supporting large contact centers and web self-service.
  • What had he done? He'd just intended to do some recon, to check out the forest. He knew something was up, knew that the business with the creatures was not what it appeared to be. And since the disappearance of his dog he had suspected the worst. He'd trained that dog to detect their presence, to warn, and to track. She was a highly disciplined dog; she would not go running off unless it had been important.
  • In an effort to illuminate the sanctions discussion, we have signed on to a new report, "Weighing Benefits and Costs of International Sanctions Against Iran," along with 35 other American leaders from the political, national-security, business, military and diplomatic communities. As the paper points out, 30 years of sanctions against Iran have delivered important benefits.
  • Drive and determination are vitally important ingredients for any competitive sportsman and especially a round-the-world sailor.
  • It is vitally important that substance misuse training should also be present within the undergraduate syllabus.
  • Spanish lustrewares combine two important innovations for which the potters of the arab world were famous.
  • The most important thing was how Elryia felt. Graham had nearly driven her mad asking, yet she always responded with the same answer:
  • "This is one of the most important monetary policy events for 2013," said Bruce Kasman, New-York based chief economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co., the firm ranked by Bloomberg Markets as the No. 1 global economic forecaster. "It could potentially be similar to the major change in U.S. monetary policy after the appointment of Paul Volcker."
  • Ornamental grasses are an important part of the autumn garden, giving structure, form and texture.
  • The most important demographic influence in the modern Portuguese seems to be the oldest one; current interpretation of Y-chromosome and mtDNA data suggests that the Portuguese have their origin in Paleolithic peoples that began arriving to the European continent around 45,000 years ago. All subsequent migrations did leave an impact, genetically and culturally, but the main population source of the Portuguese is still Paleolithic. Studies of mitochondrial DNA suggest that 7% and 59% of modern Portuguese have some North- and Subsaharan-African ancestry, respectively.
  • "Mom, how could you think that? I've never even had the slightest desire to do something like that." The lies were starting to add up, but Alec had acted like it was important not to be grounded right now. That and I really didn't want to get into the kind of trouble the truth would bring.
  • This is particularly important given the imminent closure of the pit.
  • "No, you are here to bear witness to our history, what little I can share with you in the telling of this tale. The battle you are witnessing is important because the king, so hugely outnumbered as he was, was taking the offensive, attacking the Gyssians at random points with fast-attack craft, and then beating a hasty retreat, frustrating them enormously, pulling them off course, out of ranks. We were poisoning them and drawing them out, poisoning them more and drawing them out farther.... The task was to create uncertainty in them, to harass them, to make them doubt themselves. Before they fell into pursuit with us, they had not met resistance of any real note from any navy or army or kingdom on Aquanus, with the exception of the Zephyrs and Vanerrincourtians along the Eternitam. We were providing that now. That was victory in itself, and an enormous boost of morale to our fleet, the bloody toll notwithstanding."
  • Honouriles have always been important in trade and tribute and may also form part of ceremonial exchanges or gifts to honored guests.
  • A smile on my lips now. He's downstairs already. And me worrying about him oversleeping- he's beating me to the punch, outdoing me in my own routine! Proud dad- knew that motivation would come, would kick in before it was too late. An important day this, yes, and despite what I perceived to be evidence to the contrary, the silence, the apparent apathy, Jamie does recognize it. Does understand the importance of networking, of planning for the future by spending half a day at his old man's office. He does get it after all and the paternal heart soars.
  • The engagement of the BDP in this process may also make an important difference. After all, the representative power of the BDP cannot be underestimated. If a solution is to integrate the PKK and its social base into Turkey's politics, it will be through the BDP. Its engagement in the process will empower the BDP among the Kurdish constituency and its armed wing.
  • The bringing of the study of the organ into the fold of historical musicology is among the most important developments of recent years.
  • In view of the increasing scarcity of landfill sites, the recycling of such materials is an important issue.
  • Synthesizending quantitatively the correlations between head movements and spoken text is important for synthesizing photo-realistic talking heads.
  • It is important to practice these and not to get completely sidetracked by other items and interests.
  • East and Central Africa's biggest economy has posted tremendous growth in the service sector, boosted by rapid expansion in telecommunication and financial activity over the last decade, and now contributes 62 percent of GDP. Unfortunately, a massive 22 percent of GDP still comes from the unreliable agricultural sector which employs 75 percent of the labor force (a consistent characteristic of under-developed economies that have not attained food securityan important catalyst of economic growth) and a significant portion of the population regularly starves and is heavily dependent on food aid. Industry and manufacturing is the smallest sector that accounts for 16 percent of the GDP.
  • Law of conservation of mass continues to be conserved in isolated systems, even in modern physics. However, special relativity shows that due to mass-energy equivalence, whenever non-material "energy" (heat, light, kinetic energy) is removed from a non-isolated system, some mass will be lost with it. High energy losses result in loss of weighable amounts of mass, an important topic in nuclear chemistry.
  • I tossed and turned, unable to let it go. I only had this one piece of my mother. It was the only thing important enough for her to want me to have it. I needed to get it back.
  • "Those men died protecting you, Captain. Dont you remember? Your safety is very important to me. So important that it may be necessary to keep you under guard here in the fortress until this campaign is over. Look again at the bundle and tell me once more what you see."
  • They talked about how much they liked the early spring and how beautiful all the new life was in the reddish orange sunlight. There were thin clouds in the sky that were turning from dark blues and purples to pink and orange. They looked out over the small town where they lived. It looked peaceful and serene, bathed in soft colors. The town sat in a valley with tall mountains on all sides. There was no town wall, which was strange for a town in Airmelia; most towns had large stone walls and keeps in the center of town. This was done for many reasons, the most important of which was to discourage bands of robbers from trying to loot the town, and to give the people a general feeling of safety. There hadnt been a full-on war since the queen took control, and that was almost fifty years ago, but many towns still kept the walls intact. Most towns could not withstand an attack from a large force, but even small villages would have stockade fences surrounding the village proper. However, this was not the case for Salmont.
  • Goodbyes went better than Caelia expected. Although her mother surprised Caelia by shedding a tear, Escol kept his composure and only hugged her three times. Many people came to see off friends and family members, and each one of them also said goodbye to Caelia. "Be careful, darling," one woman told her. "You're important to all of us."
  • He choked up and had to stop, struggling to maintain his professional demeanor. She knew that once he let go of that, he would break down and there would be no stopping the tears. She understood that he wanted to be strong for her, and how important it was for him not to lose it right now.
  • Sodium chloride is a very important raw material from which hydrogen, chlorine and sodium hydroxide can be manufactured by electrolysis.
  • "What you do for the Volturi is important to them." I remembered hearing stories about how people were unable to run from the Volturi because of Demetris ability to trace the tenor of minds. "They dont want to lose you."
  • It is important for the official receiver to ensure that any cautions or form j restrictions registered by him/her are withdrawn following the annulment.
  • For Asian nations beset by their own present and potential ethnic cleansers, it is even more important to remember the relative youth of sectarian nationalism on the continent -- and the long centuries when it did not exist.
  • "Youve got two major goals, as I see it," Jurtan was continuing. "Three, if you count driving people around you crazy because you dont want to communicate with them as a goal, instead of just a habit. But its the other two that are more important anyway. First, you want to overthrow the gods, mainly because they want to keep on running the world and keeping people from having free will, and second, you want to get the curse off the Shaasback. Or should that be the other way around?"
  • "I think it is important that the House Republican leadership has tried to move the process forward," McConnell told reporters trying to get his views on a proposal Boehner and the House Republican leadership sent to Obama on Monday.
  • "Yes I do, and you've asked te important question. Why did tey do it?" said Belo. "After much consideration, it seems clear tat someone wanted an opportunity to hurt or even kill me. Or else to drive me away from home, which is what happened."
  • The romances, the drunken frolics and the laughter are just as important as the squabbles - probably more so.
  • Soundness seems to be a trait he has identified as being important to the in-crowd.
  • Zinc is an essential trace mineral, important to help support the immune system.
  • Soft magnetic materials also play an important role in electric motors where they enhance the field produced by the motor windings.
  • Kutuzov made a grimace and sent an order to Dokhturov to take over the command of the first army, and a request to the duke--whom he said he could not spare at such an important moment--to return to him. When they brought him news that Murat had been taken prisoner, and the staff officers congratulated him, Kutuzov smiled.
  • Removal of an important hedgerow, it must let you know within 6 weeks.
  • The discussions at Davos are important to "crack the algebra of growth" and help the world create sustainable business growth and sustainable job creation, Kent said at an opening press conference for the forum.
  • "Somehow or other, we've come to think that getting reelected is more important than saving lives, that political power is more important than saving lives," he said in an angry, emotional tone. "Enough."
  • The most important type of scalable, high resolution fonts are truetype fonts.
  • In more recent years the village was an important lead mining center and carsington pasture is still littered with disused lead mines.
  • "Young man, it is not about what do I consider rude or not, out of place or not. It is a matter of protocol," the Master of Ceremony lectured the Earl, ignoring the other distractions. "The proper way to do this was written down long ago, and as the Master of Ceremony I am responsible for upholding this way. If it means I have to use ridiculous orphanage metaphors, then I shall use ridiculous orphanage metaphors. The election proceedings are very important and have to be done correctly. Therefore we will do them correctly." Everyone groaned, some visibly, others only inwardly. Everyone apart from the Marquis, who didn't care. "Let us proceed. Duke Bartholomeus Theodoricus Angus Thinoak, High Lord of the Empire, are you present?"
  • Coastal polynyas are known to be important regions for sea-ice production.
  • Dawn sighed. She couldn't deny that, despite everything, college was an important factor in her life. "Wouldn't it be more impressive if I'm in the top ten at Remington than somewhere in the middle at Edgeville?"
  • But what strategy is left for us? The Deccanis have already reclaimed the city of Ahmadnagar, deep in their territory, and once again made it their rebel capital. They drove the Moghul garrison north to the fort at Burhanpur, and now they threaten that city as well, the most important station in the vital route between Agra and Surat. We havent the men and horse to turn them back. Not this time.
  • This verse explains the wondrous disposals in the formation of clouds and causing of rain to fall, which is one of the most important miracles of Dominicality and strangest veil of the treasury of mercy.
  • However, from now on, the regime types in these countries will be much more important than the identity of their leaders. One will be able to make a very simple differentiation: Some countries will be governed by pluralist regimes and the rest by authoritarian ones. In other words, not the question of who is governing the country but how the country is governed will be relevant.
  • Support and feedback could be important in this process, and especially salient for on school placement.
  • Friedrich Heer, one of the most important Austrian historians in the 20th century, stated in his book Der Kampf um die österreichische Identitt (The Struggle Over Austrian Identity), that the Germanic form Ostarrchi was not a translation of the Latin word, but both resulted from a much older term originating in the Celtic languages of ancient Austria: more than 2,500 years ago, the major part of the actual country was called Norig by the Celtic population (Hallstatt culture); according to Heer, no- or nor- meant "east" or "eastern", whereas -rig is related to the modern German Reich, meaning "realm". Accordingly, Norig would essentially mean Ostarrchi and Österreich, thus Austria. The Celtic name was eventually Latinised to Noricum after the Romans conquered the area that encloses most of modern day Austria, in approximately 15 BC. Noricum later became a Roman province in the mid 1st century AD.
  • They had just finished singing it for the third time when Squealer, attended by two dogs, approached them with the air of having something important to say. He announced that, by a special decree of Comrade Napoleon, Beasts of England had been abolished. From now onwards it was forbidden to sing it.
  • An important method that must be implemented by each subclass is the implies method to compare permissions.
  • The Jurchen-founded Jin Dynasty was defeated by the Mongols, who then proceeded to defeat the Southern Song in a long and bloody war, the first war in which firearms played an important role. During the era after the war, later called the Pax Mongolica, adventurous Westerners such as Marco Polo travelled all the way to China and brought the first reports of its wonders to Europe. In the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols were divided between those who wanted to remain based in the steppes and those who wished to adopt the customs of the Chinese.
  • "Well, its the 100th anniversary of Bailey Woods next year, and we wanted to commemorate this prestigious event by staging a few important events in the towns history," he explained.
  • "We aint in the Empire, man, and we aint gointhere. Whys this funny money so important to that snake Mael that he sent a bunch of men to chase you? Something smells like dead fish here."
  • "Postmenopausal symptoms can be very distressing and it is important to review the advantages and limitations of the non-pharmacological treatments available as well as the pharmacological ones. Even simple behaviour modification can make a difference to postmenopausal symptoms, including keeping the room temperature cool, wearing layered clothing, relaxation techniques and smoking cessation."
  • But Gardt Wentik interrupted the doctor in turn. Stepping forward, in a voice louder than usual he proclaimed, "For myself, I renounce the additional share, as my services surely proved no more important than those of your hunters and marksmen, nor indeed of your man who took a wound in defense of ValysMiss Clercal. So I refuse it." The audience stirred in sympathy. "Beyond that, I must object to the injustice of herMiss Clercalreceiving such a paltry sum."
  • It is important for the brand that this item is not sold on auction sites at this time.
  • "Now, you all have a lot to discuss, and I have to prepare for the arrival of a very important dignitary from Fort Highmarch, so I shall leave you to your affairs," Olaf said. With that, the elderly statesman of Bracksford walked out through the door, closing it quietly behind him.
  • An important chemical precipitate that formed on mixing of the spring water and the seawater was iron sulfide.
  • "The Audrics have always been leaders, son, and never by force or power. People appreciated our family for our wisdom and compassion, and for another reason which is difficult to explain. The leader of every generation of the family has always been able to convince people to follow just by using words. You'll figure this out yourself, and I don't just mean with the girls who flirt with you. Many will follow you because they believe that what you say is right and just. The Audric family's leadership is an important part of the reason why much of the world has been at peace for most of the time over the centuries."
  • According to the statement, the group is headed by Alghabass Ag Intalla, an important Ansar Dine leader and influential figure in Kidal.
  • Researchers transplanted retinal cells into adult mice lacking the genes for two proteins important in glial scar formation.
  • With the important exception of the prince of wales, the current royal family is not very bookish.
  • Unfortunately, due to an important reason, this letter was written with extreme speed and has also remained in the state of the first draft.
  • Mutagenesis of the proteins can be used to identify amino acids that are important in appropriate targeting in health and disease.
  • I was sweating. Was I being foolish? He said if I gave him my necklace everything would go back to normal. I whimpered. I didn't want to give it to him. It was the most important thing I owned, the only thing I had that was of any value. It was important to me. The necklace was the only connection I had to a family that had given me up at birth, and was my reminder to be strong and independent. A wrinkle of cold rolled over my skin and I shifted back.
  • "Ive just got to learn Saho. Okay, man, lets get breakfast rolling. But this time I want my people to pass the Bowls on their own, without the Runners. Try to talk them into standing behind one another in rough lines. Explain, explain, explain: organization is gonna be very important around here! Ring up Kitchen and tell them to get the lead out. Ive got some PR work to do." He patted his walkie-talkie. "Dont be a stranger."
  • When the Russian ruble crashed in 1998, he drew upon the companys U.S. dollar cash reserves to pay his most important foreign creditors first. A decade later, as competitors scaled back amid the global recession, he expanded, investing in new factories, sea terminals and railroads.
  • The finance bill introduces important measures to modernize taxes to keep pace with a changing world, and to tackle tax avoidance and fraud.
  • So economic reform is terribly important at this historic juncture with enlargement taking place as well.
  • Emperor augustus it became the most important roman colony of the eastern empire.
  • Surely it is important to have a gage which accurately show the correct amount of fuel left in the tank for safety reasons?
  • Vatan daily columnist and former minister Hasan Celal Güzel thinks the recent tension is aimed at weakening support for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in the elections. "The anti-AK Party efforts of the opposition are acceptable. However, the incidents in the Southeast in particular signal a political plot rather than an ordinarily tense pre-election atmosphere," he says. Noting that it is obvious that the AK Party is confronting a political plot, he says the aim of the plot is to decrease the AK Partys votes in the elections to pave the way for a new coalition government and even to hand over the control of the country to anti-democratic forces. "It is obvious that one side of the plot is based in Kandil and even İmralı [where PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan is jailed]. The other side of the plot, Silivri, is also as important as the Kandil side. The failures of the AK Party, in particular Erdoğan, are particular concerns of Ergenekons pro-coup circles, which are hoping to take revenge on Erdoğan," he notes.
  • This made sense in so far as it was important for the general council to overcome sectionalism or rebuff attempts to withdraw from action.
  • Mappel shook his head, but eyed the delver with veiled expectations. "If Matthew is indeed a follower of Godson, we will not need you to explain. As for your part, I don't believe it is over. That, however, is up to you. I would have a task for you that is both important and dangerous. Whether you feel it to be your role, that is up to you."
  • "At the end of the last Istran phase, the Varics were nearly destroyed, and they went into hiding to survive. They knew their knowledge and beliefs were important and needed to be passed on, so they formed a secret society known as the Vestrana, and my family has been a part since its inception. My grandfather swore me in when I was still a boy," he confided.
  • Working together it is important that elib projects work together in relevant areas to ensure interoperability and avoid unnecessary divergence.
  • Taf smiled. It was a comforting smile of very white and almost human teeth. "I'm sure she will tell you when she is ready. It is important for you to be here, otherwise Hura would not have done such a thing."
  • The Eleysian Teardrops light cascaded down in mesmerizing sheets of cerulean radiance, heavenly and surreal, like insubstantial water. It hung suspended in the small octagonal tower twelve feet up, filling the entire room with an eerie glow that seemed utterly unearthly. The Temple Sanctuary Rooms ceiling sloped from the tower itself to the floor, like being inside a pyramid or temple and looking up, which only added to the effect of being in a strange and holy place. Melody wished there were other windows up here besides the eight small ones in the tower: she wanted to look out them towards home. It felt important for her for some reason to do so.
  • One of the most important health problems in the United States is the failure of patients with chronic diseases to take their medications and do all that is necessary to control their illnesses.
  • It is important that before you purchase a franchise you talk to existing franchisees.
  • And so what is the meaning in its persistently repeating in historical form certain minor events like the following: how is it appropriate to mention an insignificant event like the slaughtering of a cow in terms of something significant, and even naming that important Sura, The Cow? Also the event of prostrating before Adam; it is rnerely a matter of the Unseen and cannot be understood by the reason.
  • Scavengecay of this catch attracts scavenging organisms such as crustaceans, many of which can be commercially important species.
  • He shook his head. "No. I just had more important things to think about. I still passed, but I had to get him to sign a paper my teacher gave me saying that I understand that I need to turn in my assignments on time and that my grade will get docked down for being turned in late. He flipped out and now I'm stuck here for a week. I don't think I've ever been grounded before. I don't remember the last time you were, either."
  • "London's here, too," said Robin. "Lots of important places like London, and Paris and Edinburgh, and Rome, that have existed for a long time, exist on more than one level. There are layers and layers of them, and we don't go to most of them. Other places that have the same names are important centres. Most places called something Cross are, for instance. So the place name here is probably useless, as far as finding out where you are. I just want to know where I am. Lesson over. Can someone pass me some more cake?"
  • "You have one new message," the mechanical female voice said. Then the message started. Immediately, I knew it was Adam, a guy I had broken things off with because we never saw each other. He lived an hour away but had rarely made time to see me and constantly made excuses. We had been friends for a few months, and after he saw me dealing with one screwed up "relationship" after another, he had asked me to give him a chance. I wasnt sure at first because of the risk of losing our friendship. Friends were so rare that keeping one had become important to me. I told him exactly the things I needed from a relationshipone of them was time. In my book, its impossible to have a functional, loving relationship if you rarely saw the other person. Long distance is not my cup of tea, so to speak.
  • One of the most important solar missions to date has been the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, jointly built by the European Space Agency and NASA and launched on 2 December 1995. Originally intended to serve a two-year mission, a mission extension through 2012 was approved in October 2009. It has proven so useful that a follow-on mission, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, was launched in February 2010. Situated at the Lagrangian point between the Earth and the Sun (at which the gravitational pull from both is equal), SOHO has provided a constant view of the Sun at many wavelengths since its launch. Besides its direct solar observation, SOHO has enabled the discovery of a large number of comets, mostly tiny sungrazing comets which incinerate as they pass the Sun.
  • "Adding Facebook to the index should create some additional demand for shares," said Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co. in San Francisco. "But more important in our view is the progress Facebook is making since the summer on mobile and with the ad exchange."
  • "If you're quite finished," Aiden spoke up, hiding his irritation. "We have an important objective here, so I think we should try and focus."
  • Jeralyle's expression brightened slightly. "The important thing is you got it back before it overwhelmed you. And I'm thankful you did." That prompted a smile from her, followed by fading eyes, and again that wistful, longing gaze.
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