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Okunuşu: / ɪm’pɔːt(ə)nt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: im·por·tant
Türü: sıfat


s. önemli, ehemmiyetli, mühim;
gururlu, kibirli, azametli;
nufuzlu, itibarlı.

important için örnek cümleler:

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  • Departmental reps will be our main route into departments and will play an important role in promoting the activities of the sc.
  • She missed the rest of the Tonton Macoute. Having left the laboratory over three weeks ago with instructions to take a position in the Sacred Heart hospital. Papa Doc had assured her that it would only be for a short while, but that if she was going to be needed then she would play a very important role. She was the one best suited for the mission. Her background in medical training, and her special talents.
  • It is important that we eliminate the threat of the god of war. The other gods will soon realize that there are only two men left in the world with the proper bloodline. When they do, they will panic and probably destroy this world before allowing the scales to be tipped in my direction. There is no telling what Oderion will do, but we must kill Rommus Tirinius before he realizes the full weight of this threat.
  • "I would have to agree. The actual quake was a unique event. But who knows how important it really was?" Ryson kicked lightly at the stone steps of the ancient church. "From what I've seen so far, the quake has done little to leave its mark. There's hardly a damaged building to be found. Maybe that's why your prophet failed to alert you to its coming."
  • In relation to the travel centre there is another important creature living along the west bank of the stream. This happens to be Virgil Blue, a large powerful blue dragonfly. Virgil has premises south of Louies place and frequently calls into the Factory for cleaning and servicing.
  • Malham tarn is a natural lake, internationally important for its rare lime-rich waters which are a result of the local limestone geology.
  • It had been a quiet night, without any sign of patrolling Akorans or wild animals, and Aiden was looking forward to getting some rest once they had arrived at Bracksford, which he roughly guessed they'd arrive at before dusk, assuming they set out within the hour. Given the rigours of the previous day, however, he had his doubts as to whether or not this would actually occur. But it wasn't important just the fact they continued to draw breath was enough for now.
  • Alpine High School was a fairly unremarkable, large, two-story brick building with a decently sized football field, though the baseball and soccer field didnt even have bleachers next to them. I wasnt sure if it was because sports just werent that big here, or if football was more important to these people than any other sport. The parking lot was fairly large and had filled most of the way, which told me that most of the students came from rich families.
  • The latter is extremely important for this melancholic and romantic ballet.
  • He listened patiently to everything, with Noah joining in to help her fill out certain details, sensing that he was a trustworthy and kind person. Noahs instincts were usually very good, which was important because he relied on them often.
  • These are important refuges for wildlife, including species such as the european lynx.
  • Maize ( or corn ) is also an important dietary staple in much of the third world.
  • The most important relationships are those between two people - forming the dyad.
  • It would be more important to maintain fidelity with the actual building rather than how the slide represents it.
  • Updating is particularly important when the file contains information such as a weekly schedule or a deadline for a program funding announcement.
  • Unprintable elements important in their work which might be included in electronic articles.
  • "We should welcome foreign investment, giving them the majority of 51 percent or 100 percent. What is important is to create jobs. We are not creating jobs."
  • How has european integration changed political territoriality, and its most important attribute: the state?
  • "See you on the other side!" Cal Brewster yelled, as the group slammed head-long into the raucous mob and made sure that no one from Lowerys group perished. This was important because Hartwell thought it would be wise to go it alone and not share the beach with any of Lowerys vampires or protectors. It was vampire paranoia at its finest, but it was also a detailed execution of an absolutely brilliant plan.
  • I nodded and closed my eyes. Sleep threatened to suck me back down, but I knew there was something more to remember. Something important that I wasn't supposed to forget. But it wouldn't come to me.
  • Hand washing using antibacterial liquid soap is important to prevent the spread of infection.
  • "Still the same. Wait, for heaven's sake. Karl Ivanich always says that sleep is more important than anything," whispered Princess Mary with a sigh.
  • As the mazurka began, Boris saw that Adjutant General Balashev, one of those in closest attendance on the Emperor, went up to him and contrary to court etiquette stood near him while he was talking to a Polish lady. Having finished speaking to her, the Emperor looked inquiringly at Balashev and, evidently understanding that he only acted thus because there were important reasons for so doing, nodded slightly to the lady and turned to him. Hardly had Balashev begun to speak before a look of amazement appeared on the Emperor's face. He took Balashev by the arm and crossed the room with him, unconsciously clearing a path seven yards wide as the people on both sides made way for him. Boris noticed Arakcheev's excited face when the sovereign went out with Balashev. Arakcheev looked at the Emperor from under his brow and, sniffing with his red nose, stepped forward from the crowd as if expecting the Emperor to address him. (Boris understood that Arakcheev envied Balashev and was displeased that evidently important news had reached the Emperor otherwise than through himself.)
  • She proudly showed off the condoms, lubricant and standard paraphernalia before producing " the most important thing " - a vaginal douche.
  • Folic acid this is the only over-the-counter medicine that is really important to take, both prior to and during pregnancy.
  • "After having weighed all the important details," said the king, placing far too much emphasis on the word important for my liking. "The prisoner is hereby found guilty as charged."
  • For mobile millionaires who moved to Singapore, 89 percent ranked quality of life as important and 83 percent cited the countrys political stability as important, the survey showed. Infrastructure and educational opportunity were also given as reasons to live there.
  • Hemisphere temperature anomaly is an important factor in the high annual cet values since 1988.
  • Intricacyst, sunshine is far more important than the intricacies of european politics.
  • She stared back at him for a moment, meeting his eyes. There was something in them he had never seen before, almost admiration. Then she caught herself and drew back, dropping into a chair. "Very well. Perhaps you do deserve to know." She slipped the translucent scarf from her hair and tossed it across the table. "Why dont you open the wine you brought? Ill not tell you everything, because you shouldnt want me to, but Ill tell you whats important for you."
  • "She is an important person in BlueWorld. She is a real force, and way too much for the eyes to take in all at once."
  • "You cant kill me!" Landon shouts, spit flying from his mouth, as he is in his full tirade mode. "Dont you know how important I am? This place doesnt even exist without me in it!"
  • A glance at the most common or important side effects may look rather alarming.
  • Ben suddenly dropped to his knees. This was no way to proceed. He was allowing his mind to run away with distractions. Akira had taught him to relax before conflict. Ben had resisted going into the depths of Zen meditation but he accepted it was extremely important to Akira. The Master had attempted to drum into Bens head again and again that when one rid the mind of unnecessary thoughts and emotions, it gave freedom to strike quickly, true and hard, in a way far deadlier than one whose mind was cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, speculation and fear.
  • The Wise One of Lucidus corresponded regularly with many long distance friends and his influence spread far beyond the boundaries of his own city. He had traveled widely during his life and he was generous with his advice and knowledge. a fact which was appreciated by many people and not just scholars. As a result he had many friends, including numerous important people, who sent information to Euclind just because they liked him. He also had a network of paid informants all over the Eastern Sideincluding, some people believed, spies among the enslaved people of Hibbriaand he could rely on being kept up to date on activities in other cities and towns. He knew, for example, that the leading Madrre in the Sistria had been in Matik until a few days earlier. Then she and the mysterious young Sistre with her had disappeared from sight. Euclind also heard that Sarkonian mercenaries were watching the Eastway Road between Matik and Torae, and he had no difficulty deducing what those two facts meant.
  • "Up to 75% of women use herbal and complimentary medicines to treat their postmenopausal symptoms. Therefore, it is vitally important for healthcare providers to be aware of and informed about the non-pharmacological therapies available for women who are experiencing postmenopausal symptoms and who are looking for an alternative to HRT."
  • There is one important proviso, however: the would-be student must already be a manager.
  • I tossed and turned, unable to let it go. I only had this one piece of my mother. It was the only thing important enough for her to want me to have it. I needed to get it back.
  • Wrap-up session is an important element of the workshop, which can be overlooked in the enthusiasm of information exchange.
  • Traditional use: it is considered one of the most important botanicals in the rainforest.
  • Patients can play an important part in deciding how they are treated.
  • So they did. In a puff of futility the generically named man and his odd ex-friend died of their injuries and their bones were scattered to the winds over time, leaving nothing except the all important legend and the unknown hiding place of the black fossil. Not to mention many happy villagers in the town where the blonde neo-slut lived for the rest of her days.
  • The intention to rotate between anthelmintic classes should not be allowed to take precedence over other more important decisions about selection of anthelmintic classes should not be allowed to take precedence over other more important decisions about selection of anthelmintics.
  • He was criticised for recentralising power back to the Vatican following what some viewed as a decentralisation by Pope John XXIII. As such he was regarded by some as a strict authoritarian. Conversely, he was also criticised for spending far too much time preparing for and undertaking foreign travel. The frequency of his trips, it was said, not only undermined the "specialness" of papal visits, but took him away from important business at the Vatican and allowed the Church, administratively speaking, to drift. Especially in South America, he was criticised for conservative bias in his appointments of bishops; with an unusually long reign of over 25 years, the majority of bishops in place at his death had been appointed by him.
  • In 1933, France occupied Andorra as a result of social unrest before elections. On July 12, 1934, adventurer Boris Skossyreff issued a proclamation in Urgell, declaring himself "Boris I, King of Andorra", simultaneously declaring war on the Bishop of Urgell. He was arrested by Spanish authorities on July 20 and ultimately expelled from Spain. From 1936 to 1940, a French detachment was garrisoned in Andorra to prevent influences of the Spanish Civil War and Francoist Spain. Francoist troops reached the Andorran border in the later stages of the war. During World War II, Andorra remained neutral and was an important smuggling route between Vichy France and Spain.
  • Anna Pavlovna's circle on the contrary was enraptured by this enthusiasm and spoke of it as Plutarch speaks of the deeds of the ancients. Prince Vasili, who still occupied his former important posts, formed a connecting link between these two circles. He visited his "good friend Anna Pavlovna" as well as his daughter's "diplomatic salon," and often in his constant comings and goings between the two camps became confused and said at Helene's what he should have said at Anna Pavlovna's and vice versa.
  • Of course - from Codys perspective, it probably looked as if I was breaking the most important of the Volturis laws. The requirement to 'keep the secretmeant that vampires did not generally fraternize with humans. It would have appeared that I had revealed my true identify to Jacob, thus breaking the law. Cody didnt understand Jacobs own secret world of the Quileute shape-shifters. For his own safety, Cody had made the decision to flee. It was completely understandable. I wondered if he would be there tomorrow after school to walk me home.
  • Just as Reizvolle suspected that since it was important to the nonexistent plot of this story for them to find the family there was a huge neon sign erected on top of Jim Stalins house that saidHere I am! This is the home of Jim Stalin! Come and get me!’ It was a sign that even someone as dense as Adam Dirtpassion could not ignore by any stretch.
  • Good soil management practices are important to provide the best possible seedbed in which to plant a crop.
  • Mirra groaned inwardly, cursing the Black Lord's devious planning. He had ensured Bane's undying loyalty with his token generosity, making Bane believe himself too important to incur his father's wrath. So long as he had faith in the Black Lord's affection for him, he would not doubt his immunity.
  • "That's what he said," Edeline sniffed, recalling her interview with Captain Snig, and she told Ember everything that had happened that day. Ember stood listening impatiently. Sure, it was important to the woman, Ember thought, but she had been hearing such stories forever. The only detail of interest to her was the rapidity with which the woman had been processed. All that in just a few hours, she considered. They're getting more efficient these days. She already knew all about Snig. Edeline wasn't the first he'd dispatched to this place.
  • Pearl added, ‘You can see that it is important to demerge with a person where they were first originally merged with. That girl would have been confused if I had demerged where we are. She would have wondered how she got here’.
  • When the spring came Coursa sent Eduard to announce that she had an important job. Jain and Airk followed him back to the old womans cottage where they were seated and served with good food by one of the seemingly endless stream of Coursas descendants. Jain had tried to learn all the names of the people who passd through the cottage but there were well over a hundred grandchildren, grandchildren-in-law, great grandchildren, and others like herself who had entered the rogue clan without blood or marriage. Jain was sure she had seen the woman who served them before, but she could put a name to the face and the woman did not talk to her.
  • By his age he should have belonged to the younger men, but by his wealth and connections he belonged to the groups old and honored guests, and so he went from one group to another. Some of the most important old men were the center of groups which even strangers approached respectfully to hear the voices of well-known men. The largest circles formed round Count Rostopchin, Valuev, and Naryshkin. Rostopchin was describing how the Russians had been overwhelmed by flying Austrians and had had to force their way through them with bayonets.
  • Just before I was leaving, the old sir came up to my room and said in a hysterical way: 'Must you go? Oh! Young Frau, must you go?’ He was in such an excited state that he seemed to have lost his grip of what German he knew, and mixed it all up with some other language which I did not know at all. I was just able to follow his by asking many questions. When I told his that I must go at once, and that I was engaged on important business, he asked again:
  • Gravity is negligible in many areas of particle physics, so that unification between general relativity and quantum mechanics is not an urgent issue in those particular applications. However, the lack of a correct theory of quantum gravity is an important issue in cosmology and the search by physicists for an elegant "Theory of Everything" (TOE).
  • Twilight of atheism atheism is one of the most important movements in modern western culture.
  • I made sure to watch the other guys before I inhaled for the first time. It was important to not inhale like I was about to go swimming under water, because that would lead to an immediate coughing fit and certain lasting embarrassment. The boys were impressed with my technique but I knew this newfound skill would not be a habit.
  • When changing tires on a 4x4 vehicle there are a number of important things to consider.
  • First light broke through the branches and fell upon her face. She awoke: her body ached and her waking thoughts were the viscosity of honey. She rolled out from under her spruce, stretched and fastened her cloak. The water skin weighed little and she drank what remained of the water. There were large cones pulling down on the spruce branches and she broke one off. She hesitated, turning it in her hands, but it seemed too oily, indigestible. She placed it on the ground where she had slept. For a second she considered hunting insects, but distance was more important than food. Today, there would be no breakfast. Today, her goal was to find fresh water.
  • Krista apologized for not asking about why I was late this morning and for forcing me to skip history class. I assured my best friend that her news was way more important than my ringing ears any day. This was especially true because its not like the nurse could do anything to help me. She provided me with cotton balls and advised me to stay somewhere quiet. So that appointment had been a waste of time. As for the ditching part, my history assignments were already completed through the end of the year. Unless the teacher gave a pop quiz or a handout, I wasnt missing anything vital.
  • "Ah, yes. This is a remarkable story although only someone old enough to remember the time can truly appreciate its significance. The High Duty of Benevola is so important that its title has remained unchanged since the beginning and we still use the same word now as then," she replied. "Only a woman could serve as the Benevola and she was chosen not by any council or elders, but by the people themselves. Every person in the land had a say in the choice and they could select a woman from any Honor Family, not just the Audrics. For as long as anyone could remember, the Benevola had always been someone of middle years or older. The previous one had been your grandmother, my boy. Your father's mother, I mean, not the mother of my sister and me. When she retired, the people of our homeland did something that had never happened before.
  • Praiseworthy attempt to allow for regional variations, which indeed take on an important role in his broader discussion.
  • The reign of Sancho the Wise's successor, the last king of the male line of Sancho the Great and of kings of Pamplona, king Sancho VII the Strong (Sancho el Fuerte) (11941234), was more troubled. He appropriated the revenues of churches and convents, granting them instead important privileges; in 1198 he presented to the See of Pamplona his palaces and possessions in that city, this gift being confirmed by Pope Innocent III on 29 January 1199.
  • "Its necessary to tell the people that we are on the right path, and therefore, its very, very important that we see the first green shoots in some of the countries in the next year," Scheuerle says.
  • "It's important that we maintain physical intimacy even though we can attain such feelings in our minds," she said while they separated from the hug.
  • As my mouth filled with the taste of raw meat, I remembered an important detail. I had to mark the violet-eyed white wolf. I didnt know why, I just knew I had to do it. I pushed her over, away from the buck. She growled as I sent her an image of the pack marking, a picture of a crescent moon with ivy making the edges of it.
  • It seemed so natural to Pierre that everyone should like him, and it would have seemed so unnatural had anyone disliked him, that he could not but believe in the sincerity of those around him. Besides, he had no time to ask himself whether these people were sincere or not. He was always busy and always felt in a state of mild and cheerful intoxication. He felt as though he were the center of some important and general movement; that something was constantly expected of him, that if he did not do it he would grieve and disappoint many people, but if he did this and that, all would be well; and he did what was demanded of him, but still that happy result always remained in the future.
  • Jorden decided to return to the loft's combination common room and dining room, which is exactly what it was, a big homely room in which to do everything else that was important to life but sleep. Except for excrement, of course, which was done elsewhere. Unfortunately no-one had told Jorden where elsewhere was, and he was busting. He eventually went outside and urinated into the warehouse gutter, which was likely what an aestri would have done, the fluid trickling down amongst the storm-water drains for the morelians to eventually worry over. Not that they did. They were used to the smell of the sewers. Jorden still needed to know where the aestri went to empty their bowels, but for the moment he was happy.
  • He did not allow the elf time to regroup his thoughts, he pressed the elder. "Now that I think about it, it's very clear that the quake which rolled past this town must be directly related to the events of the past few days. But I don't think it's the quake itself that disturbs you. It's the secret behind the quake. It's big enough to cause you elves to come out of hiding. It apparently is important to others as well. Something about dwarves, and algors. You said yourself that there are other representatives coming to Connel. I'm beginning to think that you're trying to keep something from me which I should know about."
  • "I..." The young woman blinked, searching for the right response. "I know how important this is to everyone, and though I'm happy with our lives in Davaina, I would like one where I did not have to constantly worry if the person in my store is a customer or someone looking to capture my husband... but I've just got him back after two years... it is a question I can't answer lightly."
  • Event logging provides a standard, centralized way for you to have your applications record important software and hardware events.
  • And so what is the meaning in its persistently repeating in historical form certain minor events like the following: how is it appropriate to mention an insignificant event like the slaughtering of a cow in terms of something significant, and even naming that important Sura, The Cow? Also the event of prostrating before Adam; it is rnerely a matter of the Unseen and cannot be understood by the reason.
  • Grahamas nodded, "Agreed." Elryia turned a curious look towards him and he only smiled. "It's important but it needs to wait. It's just between us." He reached down and squeezed her hand again, prompting a solemn look from Elryia, then a soft smile.
  • There is little else I can tell you about the city, but I think it is important that you pay special attention to Argentices explanation. It is unfashionably dry as one might expect from Argentice, but he made several good points. The alchemy of the Aurora Chateau Deo Belle Etoile does not exist on Earth. By allowing any small portion of Earth society to integrate with the Chateaus, it would functionally destroy this paradise. Likewise, an adopted element may not be removed without causing irrevocable damage to the delicate infrastructure.
  • Italian and French influences increased after the wars for independence at the beginning of the 19th century, though the academic style persisted until the first decades of the 20th century. Attempts at renovation took place during the second half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, when the European tendencies penetrated into the country, reflected in numerous important buildings of Buenos Aires, such as the Santa Felicitam Church by Ernesto Bunge; the Central Post Office and Palace of Justice, by Norbert Maillart; and the National Congress and the Coln Opera House, by Vittorio Meano.
  • The light was bright at the other end, and when they made their way out into the courtyard, all the men were squinting. Suddenly silver horns sounded and deep drums were banged in a timed rhythm. Once his eyes adjusted, Gidas could see the group of musicians assembled for Lazereks welcome. Two huge white banners had been strung up to either side of the men and groups of people gathered about wanting to see the Praeceptor and his small band.A large round of applause went up from the crowd and Gidas could see the king standing in the shadows far above them, bidding them a hello.Lazerek nodded his approval, and Gidas relaxed. He was not certain why Lazerek was so adamant about this little show of respect, but it seemed very important to the mage. These mage games began to wear on Gidass nerves.
  • Our main findings are: learning is likely to be important in how agricultural pests choose upon which plants to lay their eggs.
  • Unlike the situation in most European economies, the U.S. recovery, which has been disappointingly weak, shows signs of getting stronger. Employment gains have quickened in the second half of the year. Consumer attitudes are improving. And some important cyclical sectors of the economy have been looking up.
  • Marco said it was important to give the colloquium a practical orientation.
  • For an accidental pollutant release, such as an oil tanker spill, this is important for cleanup operations.
  • "Youve got two major goals, as I see it," Jurtan was continuing. "Three, if you count driving people around you crazy because you dont want to communicate with them as a goal, instead of just a habit. But its the other two that are more important anyway. First, you want to overthrow the gods, mainly because they want to keep on running the world and keeping people from having free will, and second, you want to get the curse off the Shaasback. Or should that be the other way around?"
  • If theres daylight between the two or if its clear that the White House isnt giving the secretary the power to take on important issues, the latters status is diminished. The president not only needs to tell the world that his secretary of State is a trusted confidante. He also needs to demonstrate it. If Obama doesnt charge the secretary with responsibility for tackling the biggest challenges, how does he or she become truly important?
  • "Helping patients get their chronic diseases under control sometimes requires changing medications but mostly comes down to helping patients understand why treatment is important and how they can follow it in their busy lives," Shapiro said. "There is a lot of exciting research on how we can help people change to achieve their goals in other fields, and we believe translating those ideas to health care is an important next step in medical research."
  • On the other hand macdonald frequently mentions poverty and material immiseration as important elements of the context of suicide.
  • "China is important for CP and the deal will open ways for the group to expand in the country," said an investment banker who declined to be identified. "The insurance business is hot and China has a low penetration rate, which provides growth potential."
  • "James you are dismissed, but Im warning you, dont become a distraction for my niece. She has more important matters to worry about right now. And stay out of trouble or Im going to have to forbid you to see her." James and I got up. "Samantha you were not dismissed." It was worth a try. I sat back down, angry. Mr. Garner waited for James to leave.
  • Entrust offers seminars that try to teach people how to avoid common scams. The most important thing is simply to make sure any deal is completely legit. "As people reach retirement age, they get desperate because they haven't saved enough," says Bromma. "They invest in things they know nothing about in an attempt to generate big returns. Unfortunately, there are so many bad people out there operating Ponzi schemes, trying to rip people off. Due diligence is the biggest thing people aren't doing."
  • "Helping patients get their chronic diseases under control sometimes requires changing medications but mostly comes down to helping patients understand why treatment is important and how they can follow it in their busy lives," Shapiro said. "There is a lot of exciting research on how we can help people change to achieve their goals in other fields, and we believe translating those ideas to health care is an important next step in medical research."
  • Coliform group of bacteria are the most important of the directive standards tested for.
  • This spiderweb of sanctions and objectives, wrapped up in legislative hurdles, could restrict President Barack Obamas options should he decide to offer incentives for Iran to cooperate at the negotiating table. If a bilateral meeting were arranged, American negotiators would need to select what to offer Iran in exchange for securing U.S. goals, the most important of which must be a serious reduction of, and greater transparency around, Irans nuclear program. Included in that offer would surely be some sanctions relief.
  • "In fact, ever since I left home weird things have been happening. Im changing somehow. I have visions. Things that arent there tell me clues about the world. Its all confusing and kind of scary. But I feel its important that I see this thing through. Glenys calls it a third eye.
  • Argentine literature began around 1550 with the work of Matias Rojas de Oquendo and Pedro Gonzalez de Prado (from Santiago del Estero, the first important urban settlement in Argentina), who wrote prose and poetry. They were partly inspired by oral aboriginal poetryin particular, according to Carlos Abregu Virreyra, by the lules, juries, diaguitas and tonocots. A symbiosis emerged between the aboriginal and Spanish traditions, creating a distinct literature, geographically limited (well into the 18th century) to the Argentine north and central regions, with the province of Crdoba as its center, due to the foundation of the National University of Crdoba. Two names stand out from this period: Gaspar Juarez Baviano, and Antonia de la Paz y Figueroa, also known as "Beata Antula".
  • Therefore, zero or minimum tillage and direct seeding are important elements of conservation agriculture.
  • Shaa had taken the opportunity to reconnoiter his destination several days earlier. The location was not exactly obscure, and his goal at the moment was not what you would call clandestine, but it never hurt to know the lay of the land. It would be important to bring the Karlinis up to date - and perhaps the Creeping Sword would have something of value to add too, you never knew - but the Jardin situation seemed more urgent. Although did he remember how to work remote communications? What was Karlinis recipient address key? Shaa sank back and closed his eyes...
  • The outsider thought to argue, yet the aestri was smiling and prepared for a battle of illogic and there were more important matters. "Okay, so we're here," he said as he tried not to stand still while at the same time not move to far from the side of an all but stationary Hura. "What I want to know is why."
  • Temperature anomaly is an important factor in the high annual cet values since 1988.
  • Comparison of ancient with modern principles occupies the remainder and is bound to be controversial; but it is important as well as fascinating.
  • Yet for some manufacturers low wage costs are becoming less important because labour represents only a small part of the overall cost of making and selling their products. Researchers for the Personal Computing Industry Centre at the University of California, Irvine, took apart an iPad and worked out where all the various bits inside came from and what it had cost to make and assemble them (see chart 3). They found that a 16-gigabyte 2010 iPad priced at $499 contained $154-worth of materials and parts from American, Japanese, South Korean and European suppliers (Apple has more than 150 suppliers in all, many of which also make or finish their parts in China). The researchers estimated the total worldwide labour costs for the iPad at $33, of which China's share was just $8. Apple is constantly tweaking its products so the figures shift all the time, but not by much.
  • "As much as I love those guys and I have a real history with them, I think its important that we stay neutral on this one. You remember what happened last time you decided to get involved," she said to her daughter, reminding her once again that she had defied her wishes and shacked up with a Lowery the vampire who was quite charming at first blush.
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