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Okunuşu: / ʌɪ’dɪə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: idea
Ekler: ideas
Türü: isim


i. fikir, düşünce, mütalaa;
ta savvur;
tahmin, sanı;
k.dili ana konu;
fels. İdea

idea için örnek cümleler:

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  • Most people like these ideas but once you get to the details of how they exactly " want it " , differences seems irreconcilable.
  • Daniel wasn't sure what he was going to say when he approached Max, but had an idea that it better be short and sweet. He almost started talking until Max turned around. It was obvious that he had been crying, and not those tears that turned into ice cubes, as he was too young to turn salty water into a drink condiment.
  • I must have sprouted horns and tentacles to match my alien head spinning act. They looked at me like I was no longer human. I was flipped out, but I still had no idea what was happening. I gave my brother a desperate look because I needed his assistance. He was pale as a ghost and didnt say anything to help me out in this crazy situation.
  • Soaf Pasook hadnt been around, and from the sound of it there was a decent chance he was gone from the scene for one reason or another. As long as he wasnt available, I wouldnt have to confront him. If Id had to come face to face with Pasook, who, of course, wouldnt have the slightest idea who I was, the jig would most probably have been up, since my erstwhile partners would have immediately realized Id never been teamed up with Pasook at all and that hed never heard of the ring that was at the center of our present shenanigans.
  • I never really had the slightest idea what "cheating" was all about. All right, let me clear the air a minuteyes, I have transgressed and peaked at a neighbors paper during a test, and I have been known to bring in the tightly written cheat sheet that I slid under my test paperbut cheating on a woman was a somewhat new topic for me. I once overlapped two girls in collegeone was on the way in and the other was on the way outbut the feeling of nausea seeing them walking together one morning was too much for me to stomach.
  • Make no mistake,’ Nollis gaze met each pair of eyes of the group to emphasise her point. ‘This is only the beginning. He has allowed the idea of power to totally govern him and he will continue to disrupt the harmony of the world until he rules all. You must Name another Guardian who will protect the Balance here. Of that I will speak later. But you must seek out Rhaki as urgently as you are able.’ She leaned back in her chair wearily. ‘And the time is upon us when we must make contact with the ones beyond the Wilderness.’
  • This line of conversation was all-too-familiar for a guy who could fall out of love almost as quick as he seemingly fell into it. Love is such a variable concept that one mans interpretation may be anothers idea of like, or lust, or some kind of short-term virus. Sams episodes of love were situated somewhere between lust and that virus, with the occasional bout of food poisoning thrown in for good measure. Love, to me, is more than just a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach. It should be as spontaneous and explosive as a July 4th fireworks celebration. Sams bouts with love were restricted to bottle rockets and the occasional m-80 firecrackers; quick rumbles that go poof in the night.
  • "You have any idea how strong a field spell youd need to keep a couple-ton object hanging in the air indefinitely? Damping instabilities alone would drive you crazy. Lets just say I sure wouldnt want to try it."
  • Being a revisionist was a tough assignment for someone that was now being told to follow every life direction to the letter. Brad loved to take an idea and then turn it 90 degrees to put his own stamp on it. The districts curriculum was always a focus of attack for a teacher that was constantly in search of the truth. While Bradley Greens version of the truth was a very personal matter, it was nonetheless an honest interpretation of all of the facts in front of him.
  • Sybille was barely able to suppress her reaction until Graice was out of sight (and the Madrre was very good at hiding things) while the thought 'yes, what if?' ran roughshod through her mind. For a long time, as she had done every day for eighteen years, she sat and pondered what to do about the conundrum that was Graice. She had no new ideas.
  • "We got along so great, but I had no idea until my father told me what was happening after he transformed me into a vampire."
  • The tandem, however, did have an advantage over the cage on one significant point: it was a machine. A bizarre, implausible machine, admittedly, but one which had more going for it in terms of logic and physics than a bird-borne carriage. And when it came to choosing between the lift of an iron propeller or the flapping wings of some temperamental birds, it had to be said that this particular advantage was a decidedly large one. True, there was a magic at work in Niamago that could make people ski in the air and belch lightning; but Benjamin was still too much the child of a safe, cause-and-effect world to entertain the idea that it might be on par with, or hold sway over, the secure edicts of science. Perhaps, when he was back on land, he might think differently. In the meantime, he could only look forward to it.
  • The Emperor raised his arms in a wide "V", basking in the adulation of the crowd. "Any idea what kind of goodies hes got in mind to give out to the audience?" Max said to the half-kneeling Leen. Cementing the goodwill of the hometown constituency with large-scale Knitting gifts was another custom of the ages. Some poor country of indentured indigenes in some remote part of the continent would pay for it, to be sure, but of course the Empire was scarcely a believer in full citizenship, much less suffrage. Too, there were always the Living Mines to help equalize the balance sheets.
  • "No problem, it's not your fault. Anyway, I applied for some jobs as a reporter but with newspaper circulation dropping like a rock, there weren't any to be had. So, I moved just outside Des Moines and got a job at a gas station and convenience store. Not really my dream position but it paid the rent on an old farmhouse that I called home. I thought I might be able to write freelance or something. I sent out a lot of manuscripts. Got a lot of rejection letters back. There I was, 26, and going nowhere until one weekend I got the idea of going down to Des Moines and blowing my savings, about thirty dollars, on some bars. My big night in the big city. Living out in the sticks doesn't present much in the way of social opportunities. So, into Des Moines go I in my old car for a night of serious bar hoping, up to a thirty dollar limit."
  • "And none at all to us! We will be here when they are dust, when their civilizationor what passes for itis dust. Do you have any idea how many of their petty little kingdoms Ive seen rise and fall?"
  • The idea behind protected mealtimes is that patients are allowed to consume their meals interruption free.
  • Thankfully my own dance routine wasn't extremely set and the point of the practice was to help the other four girls practice their routine. I had a very basic idea of what I'd do, but every time I tried to dance the same routine twice it turned out mechanical. Dane finally told me not to worry about it, and that it would come together in time for the show, even if I had to make it up right before I got on stage.
  • "Just a second here," said the Creeping Sword, from the reclining position he had assumed on a comfortable-looking settee. Judging by the careful shallow pattern of his breathing, Shaa thought a tentative diagnosis of broken ribs could be added to his more visible and stigmatic other wounds. "If my understanding of this whole thing between Conservationist gods and Abdicationists is up-to-date, wouldnt what your brother did kick the balance of power all to hell? And then wouldnt anyone going after him with the idea of knocking him back down make things even worse?"
  • "Plenty of tracks around here," the ranger reported, "at least half a dozen men in heavy boots were fighting here within the last twenty four hours. I can't tell apart the defenders from the attackers, so I've no idea how many there were of each. But it's pretty obvious who won."
  • "It will be a pleasure," replied Matrika. "Besides our son Tabari is going and he enjoys the idea of having a sister."
  • This one thinks fengars are very unsafe creatures,’ Mim had said, leaving Gan rather nonplussed. They thought nothing of perching on Dragons and flying high in the air, yet the idea of riding fengar back obviously terrified them.
  • Quickly she scurried back into the shelter and started packing. Her mind was spinning furiously. What should she do? Her instinct was to get far away from here, but to where? The knights had been dressed for battle. That meant they had to have a camp somewhere nearby. If she stayed on the road she could ride right into it. She had no idea where she was. How long could she last riding across country?
  • Graph-based planners graph-based planners are based on ideas used in graph algorithms.
  • When I began this book it was with the simple idea of retelling our ancient tales in a style more accessible to the modern reader. Ive no intention of disparaging the Heroic Mood - in the Drama I am one of its foremost admirers, and indeed I have used it fulsomely in the telling of the First Tale - ‘Too much,’ my wife complains, ‘too many thees and thous’ - but I well remember in my youth hearing the tales of Valeric from my high father Gannoby whose style was so informal, so naturalistic somehow, that for the first time in my life Valeric the Wise became a real person to me, and his labours seemed suddenly the more awful. And this, remember, from one of Valerics proudest companions. Other than that I have no pretensions to any literary style, and the tales must stand as they have always done on their own merit.
  • She hated the idea of the woman and Sebastian once being together. The thought filled her with a gut-wrenching, painful jealousy. She couldnt get away from the fact the woman was stunning; a more than perfect match for Sebastians beauty. But Sebastian having lovers before wasnt the only thing tormenting her. If he could be with someone so cruel and spiteful, what did that say about him?
  • "Hey, just for the record, not everything thats happened to me has been my fault. There have been some pretty extenuating circumstances going on here, you know? Im a victim here." As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted saying them. She didnt like feeling like a victim, and she hated the idea of proclaiming herself as one even more. The fact that the statement slipped out of her mouth was just another indication that she was beginning to feel that way regardless of her intentions.
  • Republican ideas spread among the highly politicized local bourgeoisie.
  • I think ill market my idea of nvqs you can achieve by doing bugger all!
  • But still the door continued slowly to open, and only the Countess' body stood in the gap. Suddenly it struck me that this might be the moment and means of my doom. I was to be given to the wolves, and at my own instigation. There was a diabolical wickedness in the idea great enough for the Countess, and as the last chance I cried out, 'Shut the door! I shall wait till morning.’ and I covered my face with my hands to hide my tears of bitter disappointment.
  • "By chance..." His face quirked, a strange idea the cause of it. "If we were to speak to it, could you imagine how beneficial that would be to have it on our side?"
  • Meanwhile, she was feeling increasingly worse. The tickle of a headache was now pounding her skull like a heavy metal concert, and she was feeling more disoriented by the minute. She had the strange urge to sleep, but she knew that she couldnt let that happen. If she fell asleep, then she too would die. Within her foggy thinking, a rational idea finally stuck out: open a window! Of course, it was so simple, why hadnt she done that before?
  • Stemming from two crusty old turntables, the first remix tapes of his musical ideas were created.
  • "No, my dear, my idea of entertainment is to eliminate any little difficulties that prevent me from achieving my goal." Simon snapped back. "You two have become a difficulty, and Mr. Levasseur and I have decided that you need to be eliminated."
  • Seeing them on the canopy gives an idea of scale, they seem quite small on the backdrop of the brick facade.
  • Enin ignored the implication. "The point is he just didnt want to admit that magic existed, which kind of threw his whole perspective out of balance. I mean really, how can you deny that magic exists when you are staring into the face of a mountain shag or a river rogue? While his overall theory was truly absurd, he did have some interesting points. I always have to keep in mind that the physical world does intertwine with the magical energies. It wouldnt surprise me if somehow or other the idea of magnetism is somehow linked with your powers. The land has its own magical properties and they seem to be present in you as well."
  • They piled into Jeans car ("Less conspicuous in a nice place like this, darling.") and started out across the island. The roads were almost empty as they drove through Oneroa and Ostend, and completely deserted after that. Dave felt incredibly exposed, but he reminded himself that Cox had no idea where they were, and he probably wasnt on the island yet anyway. And there was no way that his people would be looking out for Jeans Mini and certainly no way they would be able to tell that he was inside it.
  • "I have no idea and no one will tell me. They always close ranks when one declinesits absurd. Wait, perhaps we should plan something for red riding hood ourselves. It would set an example for the spineless boys and I cannot envision the big, bad wolf taking on a bunch of girls in retaliation…"
  • Marriage was something she had brought up a few times, but he never did. He was uncomfortable with the idea of placing his happiness totally in the hands of another. The whole idea was absurd as far as he was concerned, but the fact that she cared enough about him to apply her subtle pressures on the matter brought him small flashes of joy in his darkness. He never told her no, but he never told her yes either.
  • Bane tossed his cloak back, revealing the blood-red lining. Mirra knew he was enjoying this immensely; it was his idea of fun. She munched a pastry, wishing the King luck.
  • Mary put up strong resistance to the idea at first, but gave in on condition that she may dispatch messengers to scotland.
  • The paladin examined the hilt. Indeed, it looked like some strange avian creature. The creature seemed to have a few wings too many. Tips of its feathers were sharp, a danger for an unwary wielder. Arthaxiom had no idea what the creature was. "It is no weirdo eagle, silly dwarf! It is shaped like the magnificent Mythical Archpegasus!"
  • Its place in ethics has to be taken by the idea of infinite goodness.
  • Produce a sufficiently cogent, well-illustrated dissertation, which indicate originality of consistent thinking and application of ideas, concepts and theories.
  • "Yes," Pierre replied, and went on with what was in his mind. "Nicholas says we ought not to think. But I can't help it. Besides, when I was in Petersburg I felt (I can this to you) that the whole affair would go to pieces without me--everyone was pulling his own way. But I succeeded in uniting them all; and then my idea is so clear and simple. You see, I don't say that we ought to oppose this and that. We may be mistaken. What I say is: 'Join hands, you who love the right, and let there be but one banner--that of active virtue.' Prince Sergey is a fine fellow and clever."
  • The elderly dwarf turned to Breslin. "I am relieved that ye are safe, my son. Have ye any idea how many of the drones were destroyed in the process?"
  • Alix glanced briefly at the couples moving around them. "That dance is a canario," she explained, "a galliard…." She broke off in mid sentence and asked herself, why was it important to correct him? The strange new idea drifted closer.
  • Here are eight ideas for a more affordable, yet still romantic, honeymoon.
  • The flat wasnt shabby, exactly, but it was clear he hadnt had anyone in to pick up for a while. I even considered - very briefly - suggesting that perhaps he could set up some arrangement with the laundryman underfoot. Id quashed the idea as soon as it had manifested, though. Circumstances had thrown me closely together with Gash but they hadnt made us close, if you follow my meaning, or at least close enough for me to be giving him the sort of critique bandied about by bachelor gentlemen of whatever social stratum. Perhaps the suggestion that I raise the topic had floated up from Iskendarian, in an attempt to get me pummeled and thus let him loose, but I didnt take that idea too seriously; I knew full well how creatively I could get myself in trouble with no need of external assistance.
  • Let's start with the idea of sectoral balances. Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius recently explained in an interview with Business Insider the idea, popularized by British economist Wynne Goodley, that accounting balances determine important features of the economy.
  • In the abstract, it had seemed like a good idea to wed him. She had read enough about his sort in the gossip rags, and there were gentry around who gambled, wenched, and left their wives to live almost separate lives. In the abstract, it seemed the ideal sort of arrangement. She meant to be one of those wives who would be happy with that sort.
  • Dale frowned and shook his head. "Im gonna have to take a rain check. Im double-parked outside. I just couldnt stand the idea of going home without finding you, letting you know what happened."
  • "It's vintage and it has pink. You keep telling me to wear something other than black when I'm not working, and you like pink." I gestured at her pink shirt and my black, as if she didn't have any idea what we were both wearing. She frowned at me, which made her look like an unhappy Barbie.
  • The idea was to take cyclists off the rather busy road alongside the coast road, partly using the next road northwards.
  • At that time, the idea met with widespread disapproval from virtually every quarter.
  • In truth, many a global leader today likes the idea of being the conductor, or perhaps the lone and fearless captain at the helm.
  • So came the holiday, an idea of her current guardians, a time of joy that had indeed eased Helen's uncertain life, the last few dreamy days the most joyous of all. Now the thought of a return to Boston and its reality tore at her heart.
  • Godly love is never self seeking, never selfish, an idea that we can hardly comprehend.
  • "Then, you told me about seeing Striker a few years back, so I have no idea where they were. Im sort of shocked that my dad hasnt ripped the earth apart to locate us."
  • Edna had no idea what to expect, but arrived in her most professional-looking business suit, as she was ushered into the main offices where she sat down with Jeff and Cindy.
  • Consensus of opinion was that the idea was viable, provided a suitable site could be found.
  • "I am not saying they are all terrorists, but I am saying the ideas they promote clash with our values and our culture," he said.
  • Billy had no idea how much time had passed, but his parents had already collected the coins and wands from the other fifteen attackers when he came to. The Mongolian culture valued martial virtues above all. Brought up in that culture, Billy felt like a man, and expected to be treated that way.
  • Indignant at the idea of valuing honor above life, calling the whole notion nonsense.
  • "They must have forgotten that Republicans continue to hold a majority in the House," Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said on "Fox News Sunday." "The presidents idea of a negotiation isroll over and do what I ask.’ We need to find common ground, and we need to find it quickly."
  • "Ah, there you are," he said with an accusing tone of voice. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever show up. Come in then, I don't have all day." Aiden blinked, suddenly noticing he was out the front of the Mayor's office. He'd forgotten all about the meeting they had planned earlier. More than that, Aiden had no idea what the time was. Shrugging to himself, he stepped into the office and took off his longcoat, not really interested in what the man had to say. The office was empty, except for the two of them.
  • Present ideas include a playhouse, or a large trampoline, or a climbing frame.
  • Yeah, great consolation,’ Paul said bitterly. He wasnt sure which idea he found the most unpalatable; humanity being created in a laboratory or the Invaders installation of ready made religion. Something deep inside him rebelled against both ideas, desperately wanting to discredit their validity.
  • Hawksworth returned the unblinking stare for a moment while an idea formed in his mind. "I believe it once was written, ‘There are those who purchase error at the price of guidance, so their commerce does not prosper. Neither are they guided.’"
  • Added to that, of course, there's the downside of the cheap supplies and the vintage machinery you use. Its like making a souffle in a kitchen youve never cooked in, using old utensils youve never used, and an old oven that may or may not reach the temperature required. You have the correct recipe and the ingredients but you have no idea if the souffle will rise. If it doesnt, your only option is to start again, add a bit more of an ingredient, whisk the mixture a bit more, or turn an oven dial slightly, and cross your fingers that at some point it will rise.
  • "My thoughts did not address this tier," Lief admitted. "My idea involves the very breach which the sphere uses to emit its energy to the land above. I wonder if we might be able to use it as a shortcut to the sphere itself."
  • Pence spurred around and looked up at the old man, eyes ablaze. "Old man, I know you dont claim to be a smart fellow, particularly when it comes to potatoes, but that is the most repulsive, cold-blooded, barbarian idea Ive heard in my entire life. Cut my old skin into a coat and sport it? Are you literally trying to be this creepy? No wonder youve scared all the ladies away! My old skin? Heads on a stang! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I mean, really!"
  • Finally an idea of the rivalry which exists between adun villages may be given by studying the popular etymology of the village names.
  • When my parents came to me with the idea to go to sleep-away camp, I did what any soft guy would do: I said "No." My mom seemed pleased by my decision, which made me feel like I was 11 going on five. My lack of social progress was starting to get on my nerves and it was time to do something about it.
  • Any constructive criticisms or ideas for new topics are most welcome.
  • This provides the opportunity to examine alternative political ideas including anarchism, fascism and feminism.
  • Those persons who wish to gain a clear idea of the battle of Waterloo have only to place, mentally, on the ground, a capital A. The left limb of the A is the road to Nivelles, the right limb is the road to Genappe, the tie of the A is the hollow road to Ohain from Braine-l'Alleud. The top of the A is Mont-Saint-Jean, where Wellington is; the lower left tip is Hougomont, where Reille is stationed with Jerome Bonaparte; the right tip is the Belle-Alliance, where Napoleon was. At the centre of this chord is the precise point where the final word of the battle was pronounced. It was there that the lion has been placed, the involuntary symbol of the supreme heroism of the Imperial Guard.
  • For he declares and claims: There is no god but God! And all on left and right, that is, those luminous reciters of Gods Names lined up in the past and the future, repeat the same words, and through their consensus in effect declare: You speak the truth and what you say is right! What false idea has the power to meddle in a claim which is thus affirmed and corroborated by thousands?
  • These support the idea that negative politeness ( avoidance of discord ) is more important than positive politeness ( seeking concord ).
  • Outside, the night air was crisp and cool. Lights were on throughout the main house. I came around the house and entered through the front door as if I had just gotten home. The idea of going straight up to my room and attempting to ignore the fact that I had been questioned by the police was pretty inviting, but in the end, I decided it was better to face Mrs. Shadowford and get the whole thing over with.
  • Kevin was feeling slightly dishevelled after his unexpected and hurried departure that morning. He came to the conclusion that it would be best to take a shower and said so to Tanji. She, it seemed, had rather more definite ideas on the subject and practically pushed him into the shower cubical, which was more than big enough for two - which was just was well since she followed him in immediately.
  • However, the idea for a formal published discography actually began about 3 years ago this summer on the reggae newsgroup on the internet.
  • "You want to drive up there? Going through someones house is not my idea of fun. The place probably has orange shag carpeting. Lime green appliances. Formica countertops." He chuckled at the mental picture this formed and returned his attention back to Sarah. "Did you know that when dad moved out of his parentshouse, Ive never once heard of him returning to visit? Hmmm…" Steve's voice trailed off.
  • After a few moments of thrusting and moaning, the door popped open with a small screech.Dirt and snow fell into the home.An idea was forming in Ranges mind.
  • It was nearly half an hour later when the sky began to lighten to the dull grey of pre-dawn. The ground underneath was beginning to noticeably rise as they travelled further, the beginning of the hills that led towards the nearby mountains. Aiden still had no clear idea where they were, except that he was fairly certain that Clavis and the others weren't far ahead. Colt, in a brief moment of lucidity, confirmed this by looking at the broken branches they passed. Hoping to catch up with them, he started moving through the thinning forest at something approaching jogging speed, and with each passing moment, the increasing light made navigating the often treacherous footing easier. He was startled a minute later by a sudden noise to his left.
  • And now they sat in their living room absentmindedly sipping hot chocolate, each wrapped in her own thoughts. Finally Melodys mom rose and said, "Bed. I know, I know: we wont sleep, but we should at least try." She bent down and kissed Melodys cheek. They hugged. Her mom said, "What was that you said as we waited for him? ‘This is weird’? Bet you had no idea howweirditd turn out to be!"
  • Only progressive ideas and people were worthy of respect by an increasingly self-conscious and self-confident media class.
  • Debunk the idea that people can have anything they want through credit.
  • First up was a surprise party in horncastle for veteran punk rocker nigel, who had no idea what lay in store for him.
  • To get an idea of what Tiger and Lily sounded like, sayEekto your self in a high pitched falsetto voice. It was something like that.
  • Omari nodded. "Poor girl. We should try to help her out or something," she said. She was a sucker for a good romance, and the idea of matchmaking for this young and inexperienced Feathered woman was far too tempting.
  • This idea was marginally better than the previous one. Only marginally. "Vannard, do you really think I want you to try to find a paladin who was last seen walking towards the Northern Wilderness a few weeks ago and who could be just about anywhere by now? In order to avenge a goblin village?"
  • "I don't know, li'l miss. I'd hoped to avoid them completely. They're not fond of me to begin with, and I have no idea how they will react to you, but I doubt they'll welcome you. Your mother's family are not the most forgiving people I've ever met."
  • It didnt take me long to realize that Sam and I had polar opposite tastes in women. He liked woman who were so enamored with their meals that had to see it twice: going in and coming out. His idea of fat was 105 pounds. I weighed 105 pounds in the fourth grade, so the thought of someones weight impacting my love for them was just a bit shallow. Sam had no vision. He could not look into a persons eyes and see the radiance of their soul and the purity of their heart. His eyes were used for superficial viewing only. Sam might have been better off dating skeletons because they would never gain weight and could tolerate his arid sense of humor. These were truly the wonder years for our lunchtime conversations.
  • In a few instances, I have no idea what I channeled to Ember. The best I can figure is they were a rebound effect from the tidal wave crashing through my body. Those out of control, unknown channels to her would likely get me a huge lecture from Celeste later. Something indescribably powerful was assisting me anytime I channeled obliterations. My gift would work on the entire crowd, unless I directed it to a specific person.
  • Both are facing pressure from their respective political bases to resist a compromise, with Boehners anti-tax, Tea Party-infused House Republicans balking at raising tax rates while labor and other Democratic-aligned interest groups rejecting the idea of cutting entitlements including Medicare and Social Security.
  • Sometimes my ideas are too fluffy, get caught in my throat, sometimes too sharp bleed out of my eyes.
  • She went to Kija, reaching to stroke the golden cheeks as she asked: ‘Do you have any idea how we would get out of here if these Delvers are not what they seem?’
  • It backs an idea that some dogs emerged from wolves that were able to scavenge and digest the food waste of early farmers, the team tells Nature journal.
  • "You see, Aunt, Mamma has long wanted me to marry an heiress, but the very idea of marrying for money is repugnant to me."
  • Kathy was a nice girl but she was developing a lot faster than most of the girls. She needed a more mature boy than meI had absolutely no idea what I was doing or should have been doing. A few of my friends told me that the relationship wouldn't even last a week. I folded under the pressure and broke up with her after six days of sweaty confusion.
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