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Okunuşu: / ʌɪ’dɪə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: idea
Ekler: ideas
Türü: isim


i. fikir, düşünce, mütalaa;
ta savvur;
tahmin, sanı;
k.dili ana konu;
fels. İdea

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  • The shark came back. It moved slowly towards him and veered off at the last moment and swam behind him. Being in the water with sharks during the daylight is one thing. At night it takes on a vastly more dangerous edge because for most of the time you have no idea where they are. The shark came back towards the light. Ben estimated it to be around 3 metres long and to his relief identified it as a grey nurse. It seemed more curious of the light than after a feed. It still had row upon row of razor sharp teeth. He also knew that where there was one shark, there were probably more.
  • She was almost panting in anticipation to hear 'the detailsabout Tray. I had no idea which ones she wanted, though. Sadly, I had just been introduced to gorgeous red-headed girl not more than three minutes ago, but I cant remember her name. It really seems like there are fifty kids sitting at this table.
  • Getting inside had been easy. Too easy. Almost like I was being set up, like a bird in a cage. But that curator had no idea of my real intention there. It was fun talking to her about Sinclair though. If she only knew that I had actually been on that voyage to the teaching rock, we could have had a really interesting conversation. Unfortunately, thats never going to happen. A shame really. I kind of liked her. I could have told her that Sinclair was actually an emissary tasked with the responsibility of rebuilding a very ancient relationship.
  • "Well, I've seen ghosts, and the Eldraif. Obviously there's a soul. I just assumed that once I died I'd become a ghost. I'm not too happy about the idea of continuing on forever, but I can deal with it. So I just assumed that there wasn't a heaven or hell."
  • The simplest thing would be to forget this guy Shaa, forget the other friend Max had been talking to up in that castle, whatever his problem was and whatever Max had intended to do about it, and just roll Max over the side back into the river. If he came looking, I could tell Shaa I hadnt made it out here in time, and if I really had to I could blow town or lay low for a few months. Yeah, most likely somebody would come after me, but Id had people after me before; probably still did, for that matter, it was part of the business. The important point was that I could get rid of Max, right now, and Id never have a better shot. Not only was it reasonably the best idea for me, it had a lot to recommend it from a purely good-sense and good-of-the-community viewpoint.
  • I passed the idea over to Bruiser, who never needed a piece of paper to lay out the master plan. He thought for a few seconds and then gathered the guys for a brief meeting.
  • Yash said: ‘If he refuses to reply to our messages, why should we assume he would agree to meet Tika and Mim? He has no idea of their Powers as yet. If he did, he may see all the more reason not to let them near him.’
  • For a couple of seconds, all of the Swamis courage left him. He wondered if this had been a good idea at all, and if it was now workable. After hearing the real story from Vajraninad, he had doubts as to whether the monster needed to be destroyed. He now reminded himself that many people were counting on his leadership. He was the adventurer-in-chief. He reminded himself how Krishna told Arjuna not to go all weak-in-the-knees when the hard call to just battle came. All fear left him. He was ready for action. He kept his Buddha stance and waited.
  • What Sam needed he could not get, which was a mind that could convert all of the inputted data and tell it to him straight. The straight dope was that he needed to cut the shit and grow up! No, Im not talking about losing all of the child-like goodness in his fluffy center; its more like taking responsibilities for your actions. I would be the first man to tell you that I will be a kid for life. Hiding behind sporting events, spending weekends sleeping in the same room with five other guys, and sleeping with the enemy is great if you want to live a life of both mental and physical masturbation. There is much more to life than waiting for the other shoe to dropin other words, if you want something you have to make it happen. It was a real challenge for me to get inside of Sams head and try to vacuum away all of the cob webs. He wanted a change but had no idea which foot should hit the ground first. It was baby steps, for now.
  • "Very well, Captain Hawksworth. The topiwallah wears no turban." He seemed to smile as he turned to the other players and signaled for play to start. "Abul Hasans team is composed of Surat officials, Captain. You will notice, however, that I am teamed with some of our merchantsMuslim, of course, not Hindussomething I must do to ensure challenging opponents. The mere presence of merchants here today should give you some idea how very tedious I find living in Surat. In Agra no merchant would be allowed near a chaugan field. But here my officials enjoy winning their money so much that I am forced to relent." And he laughed warmly.
  • U.S. intervention in the war, as well as the Wilson administration itself, became deeply unpopular. This was reflected in the U.S. Senate's rejection of the Versailles Treaty and membership in the League of Nations. In the interwar era, a consensus arose that U.S. intervention had been a mistake, and the Congress passed laws in an attempt to preserve U.S. neutrality in any future conflict. Polls taken in 1937 and the opening months of World War II established that nearly 60% regarded intervention in WWI as a mistake, with only 28% opposing that view. But, in the period between the fall of France and the attack on Pearl Harbor, public opinion changed dramatically and, for the first time, a narrow plurality rejected the idea that the war had been a mistake.
  • He sat on the edge of the bed, his weight making it sag, and I rolled onto my back to counter it. Once again, Llywelyn hooked his arm around my neck but this time he lifted me so I could sip the wine. I looked into the deep red liquid with little bits of bark floating in it, not liking the idea of drinking something so unfamiliar. As before, however, his will was impossible to defy and I didnt feel I had choice.
  • "Guess youre still not keen on that idea then. Im not sure about the actual airport, or the conference for that matter. Figure Ill get all that info in the morning after some of the mess has been sorted through out here. And I thought the earthquakes and wildfires were bad in California. Ill take them back!"
  • "I know everyone in town is trying to get an interview with you, and word on the street yesterday was that youd left town for a few days and didnt want to be interviewed. I get that you are a private person, but you have no idea what it would do for me if I could tell my boss that I met you and got an interview, even if its off camera. I know you dont know me or anything, but I promise Im really a fair person, and I wont twist anything you say. You could even decide not to answer something, and I would completely strike it from the interview."
  • Look around you; each of your lights is different. There is no such thing as one light being more true or right than any other. All of our lights together are what is true. Themessiahthat you refer to, Lib, is already there. People have only to look around them. Every face is a reflection of their own and every idea is a piece of a vast mosaic. The key is mutual respect and humility in the face of creation. There is no exclusivity in the march towards understanding. When people realize that, they will have found their messiah.
  • "Ah, there you are," he said with an accusing tone of voice. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever show up. Come in then, I don't have all day." Aiden blinked, suddenly noticing he was out the front of the Mayor's office. He'd forgotten all about the meeting they had planned earlier. More than that, Aiden had no idea what the time was. Shrugging to himself, he stepped into the office and took off his longcoat, not really interested in what the man had to say. The office was empty, except for the two of them.
  • Tom hops up and says "I'm thinking about it. It was my idea anyway. Now, where are the glasses? Let's finish that bottle before they come to their senses and chuck our miserable selves from the roof."
  • The farm was more prosperous now, and better organised: it had even been enlarged by two fields which had been bought from Mr. Pilkington. The windmill had been successfully completed at last, and the farm possessed a threshing machine and a hay elevator of its own, and various new buildings had been added to it. Whymper had bought himself a dogcart. The windmill, however, had not after all been used for generating electrical power. It was used for milling corn, and brought in a handsome money profit. The animals were hard at work building yet another windmill; when that one was finished, so it was said, the dynamos would be installed. But the luxuries of which Snowball had once taught the animals to dream, the stalls with electric light and hot and cold water, and the three-day week, were no longer talked about. Napoleon had denounced such ideas as contrary to the spirit of Animalism. The truest happiness, he said, lay in working hard and living frugally.
  • I found the idea of this event rather intriguing, but never had any intention of taking part.
  • "Say-so," I said. Not that I'd ever had any plans to be in the company of Tomas for much longer or ever visit this Orchard place. "Y'know what, I'm going to be honest and say I have no idea what to do with anything you just said. I've seen and done unreal stuff today." Sensing its cue, my tail whiplashed out behind me. "Nothing is simple anymore and everything frightens me. And you. You're supposed to be a witch and evil. You aren't what I expected."
  • "I've been in slumber, as you stated, so it's been a long time since I last wrote to her. Now she might fear the worst for me and my whereabouts. I urgently want to tell the others there are less Dark Robes around now, thanks to your amazing, wonderful deed in updating my magic wand. I had no idea you were so old and so great. That's truly sorcerer's magic at work in my presence."
  • I shot up like a rocket. "Im not a murderer!" The idea was repugnant. "Sure, Ill fight to save the Shadows, but I wont kill anyone." The thought was ghastly, as Lucia so eloquently put it earlier. I couldnt fathom taking someones life, like those Shadows who took Abelies. Even though in the back of my mind I thought about how I was willing to hurt Susan to break the angels free. Deep down I couldnt really do it; I knew that.
  • "Sweet," says Todd. "In the meantime, after he checks in and we capture his keycard data, I can send some people in and we'll bug his room. He said he had a laptop. Any idea what kind?"
  • It is a good idea to give the children their own peeler and vegetable knife, which have a good grip.
  • As they slowly walked towards the guards, the sorceress contemplated the best way to lower the drawbridge, just in case Vannard's idea failed. She had a bit more confidence in him than she was willing to admit, but she was all too well aware that he was not a people person. If the goal was to kill the guards, Vannard was just the one to do that. He'd probably drown them in the moat just to satisfy his primitive sense of humour. Talking them into lowering the bridge was a completely another matter.
  • His mind was not in a normal state. A healthy man usually thinks of, feels, and remembers innumerable things simultaneously, but has the power and will to select one sequence of thoughts or events on which to fix his whole attention. A healthy man can tear himself away from the deepest reflections to say a civil word to someone who comes in and can then return again to his own thoughts. But Prince Andrew's mind was not in a normal state in that respect. All the powers of his mind were more active and clearer than ever, but they acted apart from his will. Most diverse thoughts and images occupied him simultaneously. At times his brain suddenly began to work with a vigor, clearness, and depth it had never reached when he was in health, but suddenly in the midst of its work it would turn to some unexpected idea and he had not the strength to turn it back again.
  • "Exactly. And that will be the same when you are threatened. You will have no idea how far your enemy will go. Will he kill, or merely inconvenience?" Sandev stared directly into his eyes. "You used the Gift while fighting Crallin and Oston, you will use it to help you whenever you are attacked."
  • A single mythical idea can be expressed in many different ways, and can be interwoven with other mythic motifs.
  • "We were alone. We had no idea how to make a company, how to sell it ... We tried, failed, tried, failed," said Kallidil Kalidasan, a 23-year-old member who started a mobile app venture in Kerala two years ago and could not find a single investor.
  • Interestingly, from idea to launch took just six months despite this being an entirely in-house sage development.
  • He then sequenced his ideas on to the computer adapting the melody to reflect a blues style, using syncopation.
  • Aiden looked as if the idea was ludicrous. Then an alarmed expression spread over his face. I could understandif I hadnt seen it firsthand I wouldnt have believed it either. There was nothing but stunned silence after that.
  • "But Mr. Conor," Maggie Singleton said, interrupting his thoughts, "she finishes everything as quickly as she can, including time with me, and then holes herself up in her bedroom until she passes out from exhaustion hours later. Shes becoming irascible and contentiousI mean, beyond the normal teenage drama, that isand she isnt eating nearly as much as she should. All because of that proof. You have no idea how absolutely determined this girl can get, Mr. Conor. Once she sets her mind to something, its over. She wont budge until shes mastered it, come hell or high water. And usually both show up. Would you not agree that this is a bitwell, much?"
  • Gustavo Gonzalez, a Colombian civil engineer who bought two shares of BD Bacata in 2010 for 101 million pesos ($57,178), says the returns speak for themselves. Since his purchase, based on an advertisement he read in a local newspaper, the shares have appreciated by about 43 percent. "I like the idea that this is going to be the highest building in the country," he says. Just as important, "I thought it was going to go up a lot, and thats what happened."
  • There was no hiding the blush that I knew covered my cheeks. "Well, um." I fumbled for words. How could I be so forward? I had to recover this conversation and fast. "Well . . . I guess a date isnt the most practical idea right now, what with the Soul Stalker after me and all." This thought brought me back to reality. "Or the Shadows and the Ladies of Light."
  • This idea was not at all well received. Peter Quince scratched his thatch of red hair. "I couldnt do that. I like Princess Alix!"
  • There were still a few thousand vampires and protectors left and Ellison had a good idea what strategy he would implore even before he hit the ground of the great lawn at Beach Haven Park. He went with a party of 100 fighters, and watched as they were mowed down by the wave of Hartwells people. Ellison had given instructions to the remaining members of Lowerys posse to follow up and blanket the sky in a wide formation a few minutes after he left with the original party.
  • Max hesitated. If he told Robin his name was Max, Robin would tell Leen and there would go his plan of sneaking into the Archives with Leen never the wiser. But if he told Robin something else hed still tell Leen, and shed still know someone had been creeping around behind her back. Maybe she could figure it out; Max thought he could, given the right clues, and it was always a bad idea to underestimate your adversaries.
  • "Of course there is," Shaa said, "especially considering that no one ever has any idea how to define it. ‘I know it when I see itis an insufficient standard for executions."
  • "It was an incredible bit of luck. I went back a bit to that small stream we passed last night. I wanted to get some more water. Thought itd be a good idea before we started out again. This thing apparently made a wrong turn somewhere and was caught in a shallow part and was struggling to get back. Personally, Im tired of fruitcake, so I thought some fresh fish would be good for breakfast."
  • "Youre all a pack of nitwits!" the Lion bellowed. This latest outburst froze his offspring in their tracks. The next-generation Monts had been edging tentatively closer to the group, looking somewhat the worse for wear from their own private reunion with their sire, and were now clearly reconsidering the idea of remaining anywhere in the same city with him at the moment.
  • "He certainly needs a wash," remarked Holmes. "I had an idea that he might, and I took the liberty of bringing the tools with me." He opened the Gladstone bag as he spoke, and took out, to my astonishment, a very large bath-sponge.
  • Jorden nodded as he rose to sit. It would be good if they would be soon forced to roam the fields that surrounded the city, fields that were sandwiched between the line of city shield and the boundary of the Darkness. They would perhaps lose their nocturnal habits and would be returning with somewhat better meat. Yet Jorden did not wish to have them to support him any more than Midnight. He needed money and some sort of job and he needed to see a kaedith about a green crystal... "I might go in an have a look around this Saljid," he thought aloud. "I don't suppose you know where this Kaedith Ellin lives." He was not particularly fond of the idea of confronting another kaedith, yet he had little choice if he ever wished to get home. Taf had promised that the freelance kaedith of the city were of no threat to him, and were certainly not loyal to the more powerful, and somewhat more wealthy kaedith of the Council.
  • First, some negative ones: ideas of what radical religious humanism is not, rather than what it might be.
  • This was a risotto made by somebody with no idea how to make risotto made by somebody with no idea how to make risotto.
  • Fluffy bunny 26-06-2003, 21:42 your right, i was only joshing - i have no idea what the spec is!
  • Enin ignored the implication. "The point is he just didnt want to admit that magic existed, which kind of threw his whole perspective out of balance. I mean really, how can you deny that magic exists when you are staring into the face of a mountain shag or a river rogue? While his overall theory was truly absurd, he did have some interesting points. I always have to keep in mind that the physical world does intertwine with the magical energies. It wouldnt surprise me if somehow or other the idea of magnetism is somehow linked with your powers. The land has its own magical properties and they seem to be present in you as well."
  • "The idea of a separate budget for the euro zone has disappeared behind the horizon -- we like that," Rutte said. He dismissed the economic-performance contracts as unworkable and revived a proposal to deny EU voting rights to countries that fall afoul of European rules.
  • Mishmash of wonderful ideas but are unsure how best to implement them.
  • Her mind struggles to come to grips with what has happened to her, faced with this strange place that defies logic, like an un-waking dream. She begins to fear what has happened to her. Worst of all, she has no idea what has become of Jack. Although her last memories of him are fragmented in her mind like shards of a broken mirror, she still feels that connection. That sense, that longing, that has not been dulled or hidden away like her others feelings have. She senses that she should feel more worried or confused for her current situation, the water, the flood, and the moon, yet all she wants right now is Jack Wolfe, his comfort, his voice. She has a memory of making love in a red room, at a red rose motel, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. She wonders if she will ever see Jack again.
  • Gladys quickly glanced down either end of the wide corridor she had fallen into. She had absolutely no idea where she was going. These "prisoners" could be anywhere; this building was huge. And ripping a giant chunk of aluminum from the wall with a bone-shattering crash wasn't maintaining her all new covert approach.
  • In this project we hope to develop these ideas to the modeling of interspecific brood parasitism.
  • The amazingly simple idea utilizes wasted space within a door to create a stylish storage solution.
  • To compensate for the increasingly unreliable River, therefore, the Eastway Road had been constructed long ago. Some believed it had once been named riens Wia and was laid out in Anzin times; how else could it run in such a perfect straight line? The original surface, these people claimed, lay somewhere buried under the myriad layers of paving stone which had been added during the ages since then. Others scoffed at the idea and asked why would anyone cover over a true Anzin surface if there was one? The only method of proving the point either way would be to dig deep under the road. Since such a hole would interrupt travel and obstruct commerce, no one knew the true answer.
  • Napkin holders, the bride to be has literally hundreds of ideas to choose from.
  • His new pursuit led him to the zodiac, and thence to the celestial sphere. Nights he would wonder aloud, staring upward lost in thought, muttering crabbily while the boy watched him dreamily, sleepy eyes falling. Karl was flustered by the idea of people and animals making up the constellations. In the first place, he found such descriptions absurd: those stellar patterns could have been anything, they could have been nothing. In the second place, they were curiously inactive for beings. He finally concluded, rightly, that they were just a lot of dumb stars encumbered by the perpetual silliness of human imagination.
  • "If He were not," he said quietly, "you and I would not be speaking of Him, my dear sir. Of what, of whom, are we speaking? Whom hast thou denied?" he suddenly asked with exulting austerity and authority in his voice. "Who invented Him, if He did not exist? Whence came thy conception of the existence of such an incomprehensible Being? didst thou, and why did the whole world, conceive the idea of the existence of such an incomprehensible Being, a Being all-powerful, eternal, and infinite in all His attributes?..."
  • Pete's day, however, goes downhill quickly. The events took place too late to make the late news but the morning broadcasts consist of nothing but stories of the events the night before. He checks his email and finds the anonymously sent pictures and video from the night before. He has a pretty good idea of where they originated. On the TV he sees even more. He picks up the newspapers that have been dropped outside his hotel room. He knows that when Jack sees these, there will be big trouble, very big trouble. He has seriously screwed up in a line of work that frowns on error and, worse, drawn national attention, another serious no-no. He prays there's no story giving the real reason for the club attempt. It's bad enough as it is.
  • Again and again the giant serpent slammed into the doorway, the sound of stone cracking from the impact becoming louder with each hit. He thought of drawing his sword, but the idea of doing enough damage to scare it off was laughable. If only the doors trap was still active, it'd probably blast the head off that thing... An idea flashed into Aiden's mindif the man who had lived here had a mechanism to quickly switch off the trap to allow safe passage, there was probably a way to switch it back on, from the inside.
  • Butler laughed. "Well, it is supposed to be a business, but its usually pretty entertaining, and sometimes a little dangerous. Mostly, we are hired to support the researchers doing the experimenting, but occasionally Ill fund a project, if I think an idea has potential."
  • Jax scoffed at the idea as she explained,"So what if the wrong person sees it, then they will come looking for you and you'll know. You're a witch, you can protect yourself. Hello, you can teleport!"
  • Dirk carefully lifted the blade from the mounts. It was heavier and longer than he had anticipated, but he wrapped protective cloth around it as best he could. Now that he had acquired his prize, he took in the whole of the place. Almost instantly, strange markings caught his eye. Dirk had seen these before in various other places he had borrowed items from. He had absolutely no idea what they were, but they always seemed to accompany the best of his finds. He looked around at all the other treasures in the stone room. It wouldn't hurt if he just perused the merchandise a bit. He set about, examining the various holy relics strewn about the area.
  • For a moment he did not answer. He considered her as she sat before him, leaning a little forward, gravity closed over fire, waiting for his answer, and "Yet it is very certain," Lord )Arglay thought, "that things beyond my conscious invention exist and are to be believed. Also that if I choose to attribute such an admirable creation to God I am thereby enlarging my own ideas of Him, which by themselves would never have reached it. So that in some sense I do believe outside myself."
  • "You can loft it gentlyI promise. You have an unbelievable amount of channeling power and it needs to be released in a controlled environment. If youd been using your powers throughout your lifeno wait, I cant say that. I have no idea how powerful youd be if youd been using all your skills throughout your life. I do know youre capable of controlling all of them. If you werent, youd be long since dead and we wouldnt be standing here talking…"
  • By reinhart koselleck volume 43 - issue 1- february 2004 is the history of ideas a principled eclecticism?
  • A surfing ballerina made out of vegetables was just one of the original ideas that emerged from this project on mechanical toys.
  • "I've been in slumber, as you stated, so it's been a long time since I last wrote to her. Now she might fear the worst for me and my whereabouts. I urgently want to tell the others there are less Dark Robes around now, thanks to your amazing, wonderful deed in updating my magic wand. I had no idea you were so old and so great. That's truly sorcerer's magic at work in my presence."
  • They all said no. He thanked the three men and said they could go. But they lingered, hesitantly. Then one man spoke. "I would like to add something. I speak Bengali and have grown up with many Bengali friends. I have heard many rakkhosh stories from many of their grandmothers. I have a good idea what the rakkhosh is. I swear to you that what I saw is no human and no beast and no man-beast. It is a rakkhosh - really and truly."
  • At the track, while running relays, Aradia had grabbed the baton from her running partner, only to discover it was badly damaged and painfully jagged. It gauged deep into her palm where she'd taken it. Her partner had been deeply apologetic, and Aradia was sure she'd had no idea.
  • However, the organizational difficulties that often beset engineering projects may be a barrier to the idea of open source.
  • "Blades represent thoughts, ideas, and mental states. Decisions, knowledge, and understanding are a part of their symbolism. I wonder if the danger to us is going to appear soon. At least it will happen while were together. Well have to make one or more decisions."
  • This led to the idea of organizing a seminar in london, together with the italian embassy.
  • "After that, Samantha will secure the area first and the rest of you will follow. Youll kill only those who resist. The rest will be hostages." Melissa asked something about the system. I had no idea what they were talking about.
  • "Very good, all very good, Warrick. I had no idea that this much could be accomplished in such a short amount of time," mused the Professor.
  • Quietly, Olympia said, "She does not take well to the idea of leaving Portus Tarrus and pleading our case before the Senate. She doesnt understandwe tried running away, we thought to kill him but every time something goes wrong. This is our best hope. Our only hope. For now."
  • Yet the threat, in bearing a disclosure that the atulphi was still alive, did not move Benjamin as much as it should. True, he was still terrified - but now there was a grain of hope in the idea that if he were to play for a little time, then there was every likelihood that Strifer might come round. Of course, he might not; the monster might kill them both. And besides, even if Strifer was roused to the point of a fightback, there still remained the possibility that Vespinner could defeat them. The boy, however, refused to think of that. He had seen a chance, slim though it was, and he had to take it; he had to act, play along, and believe, wholeheartedly, that he no longer had to simply sit there and die. The fact that Vespinner had already proposed an alternative - to join it and its master in war and nightmare - was as good as lost upon him. Benjamin had heard only the threat, and could see no other course than to escape this horror, no matter what promises it gave.
  • We stopped farther away from the tent than I would have wished. I stared straight ahead, feeling hollow. This person that possessed me was differentbroken. Before, I always felt like there was something missing, and there was. But nownow I felt like a train had severed me in half, like the two parts of myself would never be able to reattach. I was torn. The dark wooden casket taunted me, telling me it was entirely my fault. If it werent for my birth, or my ingenious idea to flee the underground lab, we wouldnt be here right now. For a few seconds, I thought I would be sick all over Andrews shiny black shoes. Bent over at the waist, my stomach heaving, Andrew leaned over and pulled my hair away from my face.
  • "Wreck one thing I made with something else? Great plan, Jer. Fantastic. Look, the idea is not to get shot at in the first place. Want me to make you some smoke bombs? I can get you white smoke to fit in with your crappy sock theme."
  • "This is just his warped idea of a crazy and beautiful joke, Willow. Dont worrywere not planning on running away together anytime soon…" Krista replied and I wanted to shout halleluiahs to the heavens above.
  • "Nothing is for certain. Lets get him moved and I will write the note," Range said. He hoped the guard could read, if he couldnt they would be doomed.Regardless, the guard had to be removed. Somewhere, in the recesses of his mind, a complete and utter indifference about this entire situation was growing.He ignored it, but could not dismiss it.The idea of despair and surrender were battling hope and endurance.At this point he was apathetic toward either set of ideas.
  • The army reached its destination. Scouts were dispatched. Elves were located in a small grove. So a plan of action was developed. Developing the plan meant that von Winespear decided to send the infantry into the grove and slaughter the enemy. Cavalry and archers would stand at ready to shoot and ride down any elves attempting to escape. It was a simple idea. Simple ideas had always worked for him before. Perhaps because his forces had always outnumbered the enemy by some ridiculous ratio, like fifty to one. Perhaps because 'the enemy' usually was a starving band of marauding orcs or something similar. Most likely the combination of two. General von Winespear didn't expect this encounter to be any different, therefore he saw no need to change his strategy. Elves, orcs, gnolls, koboldmons, what's the difference?
  • Yave grasped an idea and embraced hope. "Practice on me. Is there not a spell you might wish to try which could benefit us both? Something which will give me the power I need?"
  • I still wasn't sure which option I preferred. Every moment we spent together made me want to touch him that much more, but the idea of being addicted to anyone, even him, was more than a little unsettling.
  • Once more argumentative hostility woke within me. I could not accept such an overwhelming idea as she suggested. So, with an attempt to argue of which I was even at the moment ashamed, I said, 'He may have been placed here since last night.'
  • Instantly Rommus had pulled the sword and had the sharp blade at Oderion's throat. He could see the coarse gray hairs of his beard reflecting in the polished gold blade. "I did not ask for this, Oderion. I do not want to be a god, especially if eternal indifference is a requirement. I am nothing like you, nor will I ever be. I am not afraid to go to the void, for my life has already been a void itself. I now fear nothing, but I see fear in your eyes Oderion. You don't know if this sword can harm you. You don't know if I am a god with human traits or a human with the traits of a god. You have no idea if the new god of war is bound by the same laws that bind you. Shall I test my theory, oh great king of indifference?"
  • "You'll need this more than I will," she said, whispering a quick prayer. The light from her crystal faded and was replaced by a shining illumination emanating from his sword. She must have transferred her light prayer over to him, Aiden realised, and considering the situation, it was a damn good idea.
  • "Hes not," Karlini said, "but for all I know she very well might be. Maybe theyll help out and maybe they wont, but I wouldnt count on seeing them again. Id put my focus on this Council meeting tomorrow. You still dont have any idea what your Dooglas is going to try to pull?"
  • It probably is pre-World War I. He thought. Not my idea of an ideal vessel to have on the open ocean. Of course, while it is technically a seagoing vessel, with its wide beam and shallow draft, it was also ideally suited to sail up rivers.
  • Propounding egalitarian principle 1 place great emphasis on the idea that a school should be based on its geographical community.. .
  • As much as she hated to admit it, Francesca was right on several levels. As tempting as the thought of running away was, the idea of going against medical advice and refusing further treatment was dangerous as hell. She didnt want to risk losing more organs, because pretty much all she had left were the really important ones. Nothing like losing a liver or kidney to ruin your afternoon.
  • I saw the panic in Joshs face then just as a loud whump followed by the crash of shattering glass sounded from upstairs. The shrieking began again in earnest as the three of us raced up the stairs. Being the fastest I was first up, but I realized I had no idea what room Alex was in, and waited while Josh bolted past me. He hit the third door down the hall, fully transformed now and not bothering to try and open it in the conventional way as he tore it from its hinges.
  • Cindy then turned to the group and yelled, "I have an important announcement!" The other people calmed down and she was ready to talk after giving her idea proper consideration.
  • "No such thing," says Sabonis, sneering. "Avernus is just a mixing pot. It rips apart the bits that make up your soulmemories, ideas, likes, quirks. Mashes and mixes them up with all the bits of every other soul."
  • Instead of waiting for more quads, Billy repeated his earlier exploration of the castle, slaying all he met. Billy peaked out a door and was surprised it was night already. He had no idea so many hours had passed. Guards still manned the battlements, and small firefights still raged above, while terrified non-combatants fled through the open gate to the nearby village.
  • I picked him up, wincing at the dead weight of his body. I carried him up to my bedroom, and gently laid him on my bed. I quickly assessed the damage. Last year we were required to take a First Aid class. But the problem was, I had no idea how to treat a wild animal. I ran downstairs and snatched the First Aid kit hidden in the silverware drawer.
  • Razerly on they dismissed the idea of razing the original house and starting afresh.
  • Hugues narrowed his eyes. "Runaway souls end up being stolen by the Devil. When people imagine they are thinking for themselves, Satan is putting ideas into their minds. And those whom you lead astray listen to him, instead of to their proper shepherds. You set children against parents, wives against husbands, peasants against landlords, townsfolk against seigneurs. For a hundred years your influence has been spreading throughout the kingdom, even among those who remain Catholics. Questioning authority. Delving into pagan philosophy. Speculating about nature. The troubadours with their seditious songs. Even royalty is corrupted. You are the ones behind it all."
  • "Kaedith," Jorden grunted very quietly, their life of luxury was to be extremely short lived it seemed. "I... I don't suppose that you know the reason for my coming to the castle," he probed. If he had some idea of his supposed purpose then it would help.
  • I walked back from my statistics test and ate a full lunch, so I could absorb all of the alcohol I was planning to consume. Its never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach.
  • "Yes, ma'am." The scolding actually hadn't been that bad, almost like disguised praise. Britney looked like she was hoping for something similar, but Mrs. Campbell's expression quickly dashed that idea.
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