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Okunuşu: / ʌɪ’dɪə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: idea
Ekler: ideas
Türü: isim


i. fikir, düşünce, mütalaa;
ta savvur;
tahmin, sanı;
k.dili ana konu;
fels. İdea

idea için örnek cümleler:

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  • "No, I have an idea that the alarm is going to be raised pretty soon. You said he has to sleep until morning. Whoever finds him will try to wake him. We need to find a place where he won't be disturbed. Check outside while I put him somewhere safe."
  • However, from the house, to the farms, everything she accomplished was not just the way she measured herself, but her idea of equality. Her sense of self was wrapped up in seeing everything through to the end. He knew that from having to temper her expectations with her projects, and having to remind her of the time involved. Reminding her, that starting it and watching it progress was an accomplishment.
  • "You were wondering about my heritage," she finished for him. "I think the answer is obvious, and I would ask you not to mention it to anyone else, Aiden. There are people who find the idea of interracial couples... abhorrent."
  • I wanted to scream at her that it was an accident; that I had no idea what all the crazy stuff happening around me meant, nor did I want to. I wanted to rewind a day, back to when things were simple. When my life made sense and boys spoke and acted normally. Where Clerics were the good guys who protected us from demons and my teachers were not heartless murderers.
  • Sallis called to the carter, wanting to catch his attention and not surprise him. He had no idea how many carts had passed today, but felt certain this one had recently carried a passenger.
  • Leen, realizing futility when she saw it, was also forced to give up on the idea of rounding up every errant browser who sidled away down an aisle or into a side room to check out the Archival materials stored therein. She still felt like finding a reinforced wall and bouncing her head off it repeatedly. The Archives were her responsibility, after all, having been handed over to her care as the successor to the generations of Archivists who had come before, and now she was the first to have betrayed her trust to this grave an extent, external events notwithstanding. There just didnt seem to be anything more she could do.
  • With everything else, the idea of being pregnant with a rapists child, something that was potentially a horribly mutated creature that might or might not be human, pushed both of them over the edge. Omari retreated into denial, while Noah lost all composure. She felt simply awful. From the very moment shed met him, shed been nothing but trouble for Noah. They had met when the biotech company that experimented on her as a child had come hunting for her again. Betrayed by her best friend that desired a child, she had been sold out once again as a guinea pig for fertilization. In the process of trying to escape one of the companys traps, she had fallen out a window and broken her leg. Noah had been there to rescue her.
  • "One sword strike was made Samurai style, and it is obvious who that executioner was. He is dead, and that puts an end to that. But we think you may some idea as to who the other executioner was."
  • There is too much ministerial fanfare for new ideas which have not been properly worked out.
  • The bowls inner blackness shifted, swirled, and slowly cleared. Rhaki stared into its depths. Jerak was there, looking as he always looked, but enclosed in a nebulous sort of bubble of some kind. All was darkness around the bubble, giving Rhaki no hint as to the precise location of it. As the scene faded, Rhaki sat back. He had no idea what this meant other than that Jerak, somehow, still existed. He would search through some of the oldest books he had; maybe he could find a clue there. It was late. Rhaki stood, his hands supporting his lower back for a moment. Then pulling his cloak closer round himself he made his way back to his study.
  • Sandra is taking over as Director and she has some ideas which the bankers have reluctantly agreed to but they will be watching like hawks.’
  • The remains of the abbey gatehouse are on the main road - which gives you an idea of the size of the outer precinct.
  • Now, some of his Cansharsi would stir them up a little. That should be an entertaining squabble to witness. Rhaki expected the humans to beat the Cansharsi there. But he would wager the exhilaration of battle would inspire the humans to ideas of invading northwards, into Gaharn territory.
  • I hadnt figured him for a magic-user, and it didnt look as though he had the kind of pipeline into ones perceptions that the metabolic link to Gashanatantra gave me, so I wasnt surprised hed misinterpreted what had happened. It was more amazing to me that I hadnt. My ability to pull information out of Gash was apparently still getting better. Either that or the link improved at close range and Gash was somewhere in the city up ahead. I wondered what would happen when the link was finally cut. Would I retain the capabilities Id soaked up, or would I be back to the status of a blind infant as far as my rapport with sorcery was concerned? Could I actually be getting attached to the idea of being magically literate?
  • Fourth, the discursive advantage is now held by the democrats. This means that the ideas that look strange in respect to the Alevi and Kurdish issues now will be the dominant views in the future.
  • Well get you another one when were out of here.’ He slipped the leather bag over his shoulder. ‘Any idea where the rest of the bad guys are?’
  • "I can tell you what's going on at the Meow. Tourists, drunk locals, and bad karaoke." Still, I mulled the idea over while I washed glasses, dunked them in sanitizer water before setting them to dry. I hadn't been down to the Quarter in a few weeks, content with the jazz clubs in the Faubourg Marigny. Bad karaoke actually sounded really good at the moment. "I bet I can get you to sing the DeVinyls again."
  • Sarahs mother, Jillian kept creeping into his mind. She kept telling him about Balancers and their powers. And an idea struck.
  • "His money is as untouchable by me as it is by him. What truly bothers him is the idea of his old trollop getting it. Better he'd left it to his cat."
  • Here I interrupted her. I was getting bewildered. She so crowded on my mind her list of nature's eccentricities and possible impossibilities that my imagination was getting fired. I had a dim idea that she was teaching me some lesson, as long ago she used to do in her study at Amsterdam. But she used them to tell me the thing, so that I could have the object of thought in mind all the time. But now I was without her help, yet I wanted to follow her, so I said,
  • But i had no idea a monkey could look so comical as this monkey did while he was being bathed.
  • I didnt want to take a chance on my best friend getting caught asking a bunch of questions and being shoved into their limelight. I still had no idea what the dark clique was up to that day outside the gym, but they had their sights set on Gregwell and me too, but that doesnt count. So I left the subject alone because I didnt want the dark clique renewing their interest.
  • They started with the vaults farthest away to misdirect the enemy, who had no idea ten thousand long-distance quads now lived on top of the Pyrenees. Billy hoped that striking northern Prussia would mislead the Mongols into assuming they came from Scandinavia.
  • Just as Satan and the angel of inspiration being in proximity to one another around the heart, and sinners and the pious being close to one another in the same house do not cause harm, so too, if, at the prompting of the association of ideas, dirty imaginings come and enter among clean thoughts, they cause no harm.
  • Charlie shook out his arms, trying to get the blood flow circulating again. "Thanks. My fingers were getting numb--although it was almost worth it. You have no idea how entertaining you all were."
  • I tried to dart out of class as soon as the bell rang, but Mr. Anders caught me on the way out and told me to stay for a minute. He waited until the last student left and said, "Is everything okay? I have noticed Jack's absence, and while normally I couldn't care less about him, you two seemed pretty close. As much as I hate to admit it, he's also done a lot to keep our little town safe. Do you have any idea what's been going on?"
  • The driver got the ambulance back under control and shouted back, "You guys all right? Ive no idea what that was!"
  • I got out my tool kit, hopped into the bed of the truck and went to work on the screws holding down the liner. I still had no idea what exactly I was carrying, how it was packaged or how much there was of it. It was most likely cocaine, but what kind? Crack went for ten-twenty bucks a rock in Florida. Powder, cut, fetched twenty bucks a gram on the street, maybe a hundred bucks for the pure shit. Even if I carried only a kilogram cut, what was that? Twenty thou? Enough to get me pretty dang far, if only I could figure out how to sell it.
  • The series of dates I had recently completed left me with concerns about my choices on marryJew.com. My idea of stretching my geographic boundaries was a good idea but I didnt want to start a long-distance romance. Long-distance romances are painful and ultimately doomed to fail. No, I wanted to meet someone who was born and raised outside of New York. This would almost guarantee me a chance to connect with someone that wasnt raised to be thoughtless and self-centered.
  • "The forest. I have no idea why I'm driven so hard to leave the school grounds at night and head out into the dark. I feel pulled."
  • Well. Kija is trying to find you, with that young daughter of hers, Jeela. If you are no longer keeping aloof from us all, you can bespeak her yourself. She will tell you of a mad idea she has got into her head. And I always thought she had sense. Really Fenj,’ Kadi sounded more irritated than ever, ‘I have her other three hatchlings in my care, and if there is a whole mind between them, I will be very surprised. I had no idea what mischief was until now. Call Kija, old friend, and do not hide yourself away as you have been doing. There are still things we must do.’
  • "If you're thinking of going alone," Ember said, "be my guest. Of course you'll get lost. You won't have any idea where you are."
  • Ryson groaned. "Name it. The serp out there in the hills with all that dwarf gold is going to use it against us. I think that's a certainty. Then, there's the algors. They sent out the sand giants to destroy Dunop. I have no idea what will happen if they find out the cliff behemoths destroyed their creations. If they hear the whole truth, they'll probably be satisfied. The dwarves suffered a whole lot of casualties. There's nothing left of their army. And speaking of the dwarves, I left Dunop with Jon basically comatose and no other leader in sight. And then there's Yave. I have no idea where she went, but I know she wasn't happy, or ready to just forget everything."
  • She was just starting to get comfortable with the idea that maybe he was more than eye candy when she noticed a weird sniffing sound. She stiffened and realized that Dax was smelling her hair.
  • In the southern part of the country are dwelling sites dating from about 5,000 BC. Finds from these sites give a clearer idea of the life of the hunting and fishing peoples. The implements vary in shape and mostly are made of different kinds of stone; those of later periods are more skillfully made. Rock carvings (i. e. petroglyphs) have been found, usually near hunting and fishing grounds. They represent game such as deer, reindeer, elk, bears, birds, seals, whales, and fish (especially salmon and halibut), all of which were vital to the way of life of the coastal peoples. The carvings at Alta in Finnmark, the largest in Scandinavia, were made at sea level continuously from 4,200 to 500 BC and mark the progression of the land as it rose from the sea after the last ice age (Rock carvings at Alta).
  • And now they sat in their living room absentmindedly sipping hot chocolate, each wrapped in her own thoughts. Finally Melodys mom rose and said, "Bed. I know, I know: we wont sleep, but we should at least try." She bent down and kissed Melodys cheek. They hugged. Her mom said, "What was that you said as we waited for him? ‘This is weird’? Bet you had no idea howweirditd turn out to be!"
  • "Just my best friend Yaeko. She had no idea what it was and teased me and told me I probably just needed glasses. But I dontdo I?"
  • The idea for a tactile audiogram developed from the increasing need for deafblind children to have access to information.
  • Tobin tax A tax on financial transactions, originally proposed by economist James Tobin as a levy on currency conversions. The tax is intended to discourage market speculators by making their activities uneconomic, and in this way, to increase stability in financial markets. The idea was originally pushed by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in response to the financial crisis. More recently it has been formally proposed by the European Commission, with some suggesting the revenue could be used to tackle the financial crissi. It is now opposed by the current UK government, which argues that to be effective, the tax would need to be applied globally - not just in the EU - as most financial activities could quite easily be relocated to another country in order to avoid the tax.
  • "I thought this was supposed to be an apparition," said Shaa, his voice totally inaudible beneath the echoes crashing around the arena and the avalanche-style collapse of a section of interior retaining wall not far from his and the two godscurrent position. He considered and quickly dismissed the idea of trying to get himself off the track and back to his feet; the ground was still rolling up and down, and from as much as could be seen through the rising dust cloud the manifest figure of the Imperial corpus had not yet achieved its own standing posture. Once up and ambulatory, of course, who knew what the Emperor had in mind for it.
  • Thus, once he had found the litlle girl, he had no idea where she came from, neither did she of course, and he could not bring her back to her own world. When he arrived at Lynne's she had the wonderful idea of posing the two off as their children and sending them to school to learn, just like any young child of any race would have the need to learn. They called her Sarah after one of the Doctors female companions, Sarah-Jane.
  • When the king's laughter died down, the jester sat up and continued. "He should be flogged for his laziness. The lands, and all other properties he claims to own, should revert to the kingdom for auction. The taxes he still owes should be earned by him personally, on a real farm, such as the one that grows your little red balls of ammunition, my good and righteous king." The jester stood up, using the farmer to pull himself to his feet. He had no idea that the farmer he had just pissed on did own that farm. "And after his flogging, he should be publicly beaten for coming into the palace covered in dog piss! We must set an example for any other lazy folk who might try to cheat the kingdom of its due!"
  • "Go now," directed Gashanatantra, interposing himself between Shaa and the gesturing Jill. In a whisper, he added, "I will consider your idea for action," as Shaa set his path to follow the footprints in the dust.
  • "At this hour of day?" he said to himself, "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. She is taking this new job way too far."
  • "What? No, no. Well, kind of, but it's not his power, it's mine. Taking in that demon helped me remember - no, wait, not remember. Unlock? Maybe both. Well, anyway, it was this power that I've always had that I now know how to access. The healing part, anyway. I have no idea why my feet were on fire." I trusted Jack with my life, but I wasn't ready to tell even him about Adena. Not yet, anyway.
  • Watching the events of the past few weeks, you could have gotten the idea that the United States is not only going to slip from the "fiscal cliff" but jump lemming-like off it.
  • "Gimme a cigarette. Tomorrow you start the car. Geeez, why aren't we in Florida? You any idea how friggin cold it is out there?"
  • Dr. Seward tried one or two skeleton keys, her mechanical dexterity as a surgeon standing her in good stead. Presently she got one to suit, after a little play back and forward the bolt yielded, and with a rusty clang, shot back. We pressed on the door, the rusty hinges creaked, and it slowly opened. It was startlingly like the image conveyed to me in Dr. Seward's diary of the opening of Mister Westenra's tomb, I fancy that the same idea seemed to strike the others, for with one accord they shrank back. The Professor was the first to move forward, and stepped into the open door.
  • The cave was silent, both inside and outside the minstrels mind, as he continued to dig, until finally he sat back on his heels to take a rest, having no idea how much time may have passed since hed begun. The hole hed dug before him was now several feet both deep and wide, but hed pulled nothing but sand and more sand from its depths. His fingers, he noted interestedly, were swollen and bloody from his efforts.
  • "Nay, none of those ideas has merit!We must lay him over the horse and be done with it. Unless you want to stop and build him a litter?"
  • "Welcome to the garden," the old man repeated in a stupor. He had been talking to the back of the boys head until now; addressing Pence face-to-face, the old man found himself unable to procure a solid thought. "Ummmm…" he began for lack of a better idea.
  • Intuitionist definitions, developing from the philosophy of mathematician L.E.J. Brouwer, identify mathematics with certain mental phenomena. An example of an intuitionist definition is "Mathematics is the mental activity which consists in carrying out constructs one after the other." A peculiarity of intuitionism is that it rejects some mathematical ideas considered valid according to other definitions. In particular, while other philosophies of mathematics allow objects that can be proven to exist even though they cannot be constructed, intuitionism allows only mathematical objects that one can actually construct.
  • Next day, with the sole idea of not sparing himself and not lagging in any way behind them, Pierre went to the Three Hills gate. But when he returned to the house convinced that Moscow would not be defended, he suddenly felt that what before had seemed to him merely a possibility had now become absolutely necessary and inevitable. He must remain in Moscow, concealing his name, and must meet Napoleon and kill him, and either perish or put an end to the misery of all Europe- which it seemed to him was solely due to Napoleon.
  • Reexamine the idea that prevention starts with selecting the right material.
  • On one particular day, Euclind sat in his office casually reading an old book. A friend, another scholar of equal repute, had given the book as a present some years earlier during good times. It was a novelty, a book about fables and folklore rather than history, which Euclind enjoyed as a hobby rather than a serious subject. The pages contained the purported sayings of a fortune teller know only as the Mystica of the Northland who had lived in the always vague time 'long, long ago.' Euclind knew a great deal about the history of the world and had no illusions about the veracity of tales like 'The Lost Man Meets the Foundling Child,' 'The Boy Who Must Be and the Girl of Legend,' or 'How the Young Led the Way Home,' but they did have entertainment value. Suddenly, he noticed something streaking past the glass panes of his window. (Some people believed he had invented the art of glass-making, but others thought possibly he had just brought the idea from elsewhere.)
  • Tears were streaming down Naomis face again, her face buried in her hands. "Suzana! I had no idea you were killed by your own father. How horrible!"
  • His new pursuit led him to the zodiac, and thence to the celestial sphere. Nights he would wonder aloud, staring upward lost in thought, muttering crabbily while the boy watched him dreamily, sleepy eyes falling. Karl was flustered by the idea of people and animals making up the constellations. In the first place, he found such descriptions absurd: those stellar patterns could have been anything, they could have been nothing. In the second place, they were curiously inactive for beings. He finally concluded, rightly, that they were just a lot of dumb stars encumbered by the perpetual silliness of human imagination.
  • But what about freewill?’ Paul retorted, struggling with the idea that human society could really be so powerless and also so ignorant of its own condition.
  • In the medium term, however, the outcome of the conference in Dubai will weaken the ITUwhich may not be such a good thing. Among all the controversy it was forgotten that the organisation actually does very useful work, for instance in managing the international radio-frequency spectrum and developing technical standards. And some of the good ideas about which the delegations could agree may now fail to come to fruition. The WCIT reached consensus on a resolution to create a worldwide emergency number (although this would take years to implement). It also agreed on wording to make it easier for landlocked countries and certain island states to get into international fibre-optical networks.
  • As for the Bourbons, the war of 1823 was fatal to them. They took it for a success. They did not perceive the danger that lies in having an idea slain to order. They went astray, in their innocence, to such a degree that they introduced the immense enfeeblement of a crime into their establishment as an element of strength. The spirit of the ambush entered into their politics. 1830 had its germ in 1823. The Spanish campaign became in their counsels an argument for force and for adventures by right Divine. France, having re-established elrey netto in Spain, might well have re-established the absolute king at home. They fell into the alarming error of taking the obedience of the soldier for the consent of the nation. Such confidence is the ruin of thrones. It is not permitted to fall asleep, either in the shadow of a machineel tree, nor in the shadow of an army.
  • As it was, I would just have to wait. I didnt know what else to do. Whatever his other hazards, if Iskendarian was awake he might at least have some ideas, but
  • Graice described exactly what she'd seen and then said, "At least this contact lasted longer than the first. I didn't make a link but I've got a better idea of where to look next time. And when I said her eyes were blue I didn't mean the exact shade as his. Hers are lighter but still it's significant that . . ."
  • On the idea of reducing Social Security benefits for high earners, those making at least $100,000 are supportive by 64 percent to 32 percent; those earning less than $50,000 are divided, with 47 percent backing the move and 50 percent opposed.
  • Single Point of Contact. Used by the UK MOD (Ministry of Defence), apparently, and a useful pointer for anyone considering communications strategies in dealings with organizations, especially large ones, where having multiple contacts (individuals and/or departments) can produce confusion. There are many situations which benefit from multiple contacts, for example a customer having access to technical advice, in addition to sales information, however, where a relationship is essentially concerned with one main channel of information or service, a SPOC arrangement is often beneficial, subject of course to ensuring suitable contingency where the SPOC is a single person who might be unavailable when required in an emergency, or absent through sickness or on holiday. The SPOC acronym is a good example of a memorable and meaningful acronym which can be used to convey a helpful point or principle during a training session. In this particular case Star Trek's 'Spock' character comes relevantly and amusingly to mind concerning many ideas relating to communications. (Thanks S Thomas)
  • Ladders are not a good idea for young budgies, as they can get stuck between the rungs.
  • Wonderful indeed that ideas and musings routinely associated with day-time tv confessionals should surface in little libby.
  • These solicitors are committed to the idea of divorce or separation with as little acrimony as possible.
  • Drug levels should be measured to confirm reasonable adherence to treatment and give some idea of the leeway for further dosage titration.
  • "I cannot answer these questions just now, Margarita," shrugged Luis apologetically. "There simply is not enough time. And the answers in any case would not bring you any aid or comfort. What can and will bring you some measure of comfort is that they survived not just the unsurvivablethe Wilderness itselfbut another unsurvivable in Necrolius, who was waiting for Melody there. What will not bring you comfort, unfortunately, is that we have no idea how they managed it, or how the king survived both as well, or why Melody and Yaeko went there. What is known for certain is that Eleysiussoul was not responsible for saving them, protecting them, and bringing them back."
  • White Stream as an idea was initially suggested by Ukrainian officials in 2005. Following this, it was discussed at different international energy conferences and gradually achieved project status. In May 2007 it was presented at the Vienna gas forum, and on Oct. 11, 2007, at the summit-level Energy Security Conference in Vilnius. On Jan. 28, 2008, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko asked the EU to consider taking part in the White Stream project. On May 28, 2008, the European Commission identified the project as a "Project of Common Interest" and furthermore accepted it as a "Priority Project."
  • It requires deference to authority and acceptance of fixed ideas, whereas science requires authority to be continually overthrown in favor of better ideas.
  • The language and idea space of the field have become so convoluted that they have confused even themselves.
  • Thrilled at the idea of going home, and anxious to get out of there, I grabbed the crutches setting beside me, "Felicia, lead the way!"
  • We expect to see all of these ideas commercialized in the near future.
  • The peasant army looked like, well, peasants. Peasants armed with various farming implements or old and rusty weapons they had dug up in their attics or cellars. They had next to none armour. Even if the two forces were equal in number, Roseduck knew he'd put his money on the orcs. Deer, on the other hand, were a mystery. Why were they there? He had no idea if they were any good in a fight. Even if they were, the General didn't think that they would help the peasants' cause much. There just wasn't enough of them.
  • India has ever seen. It will be a place of love and of mystery, with the strength of a Rajput warrior in the harsh sunshine, the warmth of a Persian woman in the moonlight. The outside will be covered with verses from the Quran carved in marble, and inside the walls will be a garden of jeweled flowers. Minarets will rise at each corner, calling all India to prayer, and its dome will be a cupola with the subtle, sensuous curve of a ripening bud. It will be immense, the most magnificent Mahal in the world. And it will be my gift to her." He paused, his eyes glowing. "Is the idea completely insane?"
  • Luisgrasp tightened to the point of pain, the fine lions head cane resting against his hip. "Were it any other man, I would say those tears are warranted, Margarita. But I assure youthis is not any other man. This is Conor Kieran Faramond Benedictus the First we are talking about. You have no idea what kind of spirit that man possesses. If anyone can come back from what he has been through, it is him."
  • Inks newbie 12 posts posted: may 7 2006 08:28 pm report quote to presisdent James great idea for a video... !
  • Revenant wars extract of map03 - a level with some nice ideas, like the zero-g area at the start.
  • As much as she hated to admit it, Francesca was right on several levels. As tempting as the thought of running away was, the idea of going against medical advice and refusing further treatment was dangerous as hell. She didnt want to risk losing more organs, because pretty much all she had left were the really important ones. Nothing like losing a liver or kidney to ruin your afternoon.
  • For a couple of seconds, all of the Swamis courage left him. He wondered if this had been a good idea at all, and if it was now workable. After hearing the real story from Vajraninad, he had doubts as to whether the monster needed to be destroyed. He now reminded himself that many people were counting on his leadership. He was the adventurer-in-chief. He reminded himself how Krishna told Arjuna not to go all weak-in-the-knees when the hard call to just battle came. All fear left him. He was ready for action. He kept his Buddha stance and waited.
  • He cast scorn on the total prohibition of divorce and the idea of an indissoluble marriage bond.
  • Tika decided that she and Farn would have a morning off from weapon practise, too. She sent one of the pavilion maids with a message to the Lady, saying she would be flying with Farn this morning. Farn was not thrilled to hear Khosa agree that a flight seemed a splendid idea.
  • QED is based on the assumption that complex interactions of many electrons and photons can be represented by fitting together a suitable collection of the above three building blocks, and then using the probability quantities to calculate the probability of any such complex interaction. It turns out that the basic idea of QED can be communicated while making the assumption that the quantities mentioned above are just our everyday probabilities. (A simplification of Feynman's book.) Later on this will be corrected to include specifically quantum mathematics, following Feynman.
  • "Pacian, I want you to put the knife away, and come outside with me for a moment," Nellise said. "Killing this poor man won't change anything, except to brand you as a murderer, and you don't want that. Remember all those things we talked about, these past weeks?" Pacian nodded slowly. "Good, so, this would be one of those times when it's a good idea to listen to me, okay? Just put the knife away, and come outside with me." He looked at her, the veneer of hatred slipping away like a mask, and finally, the dagger slowly withdrew from the old man's throat and went back into its sheath.
  • Sy folded his arms at his chest. "Before you leave, I want more assurance from you. You say you won't attack if I let you pass, but what happens when you return with whatever it is you want? I have no idea how long it will take you. You could be back before noon and then order an attack. My people will still be tired, the wall will still be down. Seems to me that I really don't have any alternatives at all. You have an opportunity to attack, you just want to wait until you get your hands on some of the dwarf treasure first."
  • From quick tips, themes to further learning we have ideas to help you deliver maximum impact events with minimum input.
  • "You speak as if we can snap our fingers and it will be so," Mappel lectured. "You have no idea of what we face. Not only must we convince others to join our cause, we must defeat the barriers themselves. Although I know only of what the elves placed within Sanctum, I know that passing this will not be easy. I can only imagine what other horrors might await. The tiers were constructed so that no one might reach the power of the sphere."
  • If you are hiring a caterer, then be sure to ask them about their ideas and experiences with baby showers.
  • In development of the Third Rome ideas, the Grand Duke Ivan IV (the "Awesome") was officially crowned the first Tsar ("Caesar") of Russia in 1547. The Tsar promulgated a new code of laws (Sudebnik of 1550), established the first Russian feudal representative body (Zemsky Sobor) and introduced local self-management into the rural regions.
  • As my head swirled with images of yesterday, I told myself everything was perfect. I reveled in the idea that yesterday was just the first of many such days to come. I didnt know how it could get any better than yesterday. I had learned so much about him.
  • "It was your grandfather who discovered the tomb!" He always got so animated when he told this story. "Carter had no idea where it was! He always thought it would be out in the valley proper. It was your grandfather who suggested they search underneath the remains of the workmens huts built during the Ramesside Period. When your grandfather discovered the stairs to the burial chamber, Carter took over completely. It was all very secretive. But your grandfather remembers that first entry. He was Carters main assistant. The tombs antechamber was so densely packed with the most beautiful items. There were garlands of flowers, which disintegrated when touched, funeral beds, plates in the shape of Hippopotamus, lions and the Goddess Hathor. There were even four chariots stacked up against one wall! It took them over three years to empty that tomb."
  • "Plenty of tracks around here," the ranger reported, "at least half a dozen men in heavy boots were fighting here within the last twenty four hours. I can't tell apart the defenders from the attackers, so I've no idea how many there were of each. But it's pretty obvious who won."
  • It was a wild scene. Three separate full-length courts filled with the finest athletes in the region, with the center court lined with college coaches primed to cherry-pick the top players, referred to as the blue-chippers. This was not a place for the meek. Being thrown to the lions was not most teenager's idea of a fun afternoon.
  • When I was young, it was a family tradition in our home to eat chestnuts and play bingo on the longest night of the year. I think having a party on the night of Dec. 21 is not a bad idea. However, maybe with inspiration from the Day of Judgment, this year we can have special gatherings to discuss profound ideas on how to make the world a better place and how to be a better person. We must change ourselves before we have to.
  • The way she nails it so easily makes me shiver. I search for an answer, trying to avoid the snowball of panic filling up my head. It's an idea so bad and I don't even want to think about it. "The ghosts don't care about what happens to me," I say. "They're fixed on what they want. I guess it's the same if someone gets in their way." It's the best I can do and it's true as far as it goes. It's enough if I really pretend I'm just some innocent sucked into this thing. But that's not working so well anymore.
  • Daniel then replied with all of the innocence and respect of a person that had absolutely no idea that the very point of his right index finger would put the very foundation of the family in jeopardy.
  • "Are you kidding? What a stupid idea that would be. Granny is bonkers. You know, bats in her belfry. A nut-job. Looney tunes. Get it?"
  • We must destroy bourgeois ideas and values, bourgeois morality, the bourgeois standards which create the mental and moral slavery of the proletariat.
  • "Oh, that's just something we coined in the lab. It combines the idea of Tesla's mechanical resonance with the theory that everything is vibrating at a different frequency."
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