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Okunuşu: / ʌɪ’dɪə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: idea
Ekler: ideas
Türü: isim


i. fikir, düşünce, mütalaa;
ta savvur;
tahmin, sanı;
k.dili ana konu;
fels. İdea

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  • The idea of closing down the hospital is just too narrow-minded for words.
  • Jorden nodded as he rose to sit. It would be good if they would be soon forced to roam the fields that surrounded the city, fields that were sandwiched between the line of city shield and the boundary of the Darkness. They would perhaps lose their nocturnal habits and would be returning with somewhat better meat. Yet Jorden did not wish to have them to support him any more than Midnight. He needed money and some sort of job and he needed to see a kaedith about a green crystal... "I might go in an have a look around this Saljid," he thought aloud. "I don't suppose you know where this Kaedith Ellin lives." He was not particularly fond of the idea of confronting another kaedith, yet he had little choice if he ever wished to get home. Taf had promised that the freelance kaedith of the city were of no threat to him, and were certainly not loyal to the more powerful, and somewhat more wealthy kaedith of the Council.
  • Talia had an answer. "They dont know theyre in his pocket. They have no idea hes so big. Hes fooled most of them into thinking theyre the host at this perpetual party. This building is the centre of life for more than just this citythough you dont need to worry about most of that."
  • "I doubt that," Cassie said, staring at it in revulsion. John was having much the same reaction, unsure whether this was his fathers idea of a gruesome joke or a peace offering. Knowing him, it was probably a bit of both.
  • Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines, perhaps the oldest through its inclusion of astronomy. Over the last two millennia, physics was a part of natural philosophy along with chemistry, certain branches of mathematics, and biology, but during the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century, the natural sciences emerged as unique research programs in their own right. Physics intersects with many interdisciplinary areas of research, such as biophysics and quantum chemistry, and the boundaries of physics are not rigidly defined. New ideas in physics often explain the fundamental mechanisms of other sciences, while opening new avenues of research in areas such as mathematics and philosophy.
  • I stifled a laugh at the idea of mom making a twelve hour flight back to the US because I stubbed my toe, and instead tried to interject even more sincerity into my voice.
  • Speaking of brilliant ideas, he also had what looked like the name of a football team tattooed over his left nipple.
  • "It was just a little joke." It's not the best defence. It sounds as if I'm asking for another beating, but the truth won't fly and, under pressure, I'm not coming up with any other bright ideas.
  • "I realize your experiences with her may not have left you with a particularly positive impression," said Gash, "but she does have resources and infrastructure where I do not. Also, our differences are too well known for others to give credence to the idea we might collaborate again."
  • The father and mother did not speak of the matter to their son again, but a few days later the countess sent for Sonya and, with a cruelty neither of them expected, reproached her niece for trying to catch Nicholas and for ingratitude. Sonya listened silently with downcast eyes to the countess' cruel words, without understanding what was required of her. She was ready to sacrifice everything for her benefactors. Self-sacrifice was her most cherished idea but in this case she could not see what she ought to sacrifice, or for whom. She could not help loving the countess and the whole Rostov family, but neither could she help loving Nicholas and knowing that his happiness depended on that love. She was silent and sad and did not reply. Nicholas felt the situation to be intolerable and went to have an explanation with his mother. He first implored her to forgive him and Sonya and consent to their marriage, then he threatened that if she molested Sonya he would at once marry her secretly.
  • "I think it's ready to go on the shaft," Gustad said. "You've done an excellent job. Now it's time to put your idea to the test. Are you ready?"
  • Butler laughed. "Well, it is supposed to be a business, but its usually pretty entertaining, and sometimes a little dangerous. Mostly, we are hired to support the researchers doing the experimenting, but occasionally Ill fund a project, if I think an idea has potential."
  • Vannard considered this for a moment. The idea of crashing into a castle window at high speed had some appeal. He imagined himself flying through some room, throwing knives at everything that moved. Then the more practical part of him came to voice and he imagined himself crashing into a wall at high speed. The result wasn't satisfactory.
  • I was very selective when I used it though, needing to keep my thoughts away from spoiling his birthday surprise. My brother looked healthier when I used the ribbon and more relaxed too. Although I had no idea how running around inside my chaotic mind helped him to chill out, I could visibly see him relax when I wore the cunning ribbon.
  • "Honey, we already have proof that they are not wrong. The prophecy never mentions whether your power will be Witch or Demon. While you are not as powerful as Magnus, you bound four Overlords to you. Four Overlords Brenna, do you have any idea what that means? Four Overlords with will as strong as Lucifers and powers just as great and terrifying. Four Overlords who were fighting and hated each other. You brought them together, soothed the wounds and began their healing. If that isnt proof that you are incredibly powerful, nothing is."
  • Rordan took out his official papers and studied the course listings. He examined the academy guide-map and located the office of the tutor who would guide his academic plans. After a few brief glances, he noted the requirement to finalize his registration at the counting house in town. Registration with the patrollers could be worked into the trip. He liked the idea of knocking out two chores in one day.
  • Gidas almost laughed out loud.Lazerek would never share power.Perhaps that is why Jahvel wanted to send his own men with Lazerek so they could keep watch on him.Gidas knew Lazereks power and Jahvel and his entire school had no idea of what real power was. Lazerek needed no man to protect him. Bellatrix would belong to Lazerek, and no other. At least not for a while.
  • Samuel concentrated on the man on the other side of the door and then morphed into his form. He had no idea of the bomb he was dropping when he slowly turned around to face the group, the light from the waning sun reflecting off his face for dramatic effect.
  • Seemed Like A Good idea At The Time. An amusing, informal and critical reference, used mainly when summarising a misguided or poorly managed venture. Typically found at the end of written reports, or heard uttered in hand-wringing disaster review meetings, about actions, events, initiatives, etc., which are subsequently found to be ineffective, damaging, embarrassing, etc. The acronym originated sometime towards the end of the 20th century. As an example and training pointer towards planning/management ineptitude, the expression sits very nicely alongside the famous 'Six Phases of a Project' ironic model of organizational incompetence, and the wonderful OSINTOT acronym. (Thanks M Fletcher)
  • But do you still find something inspiring in the idea of Woody Guthrie with his guitar and the slogan on it saying
  • That couldn't be right. She had just found that box this morning, and though it was weird, it couldn't account for the changes she felt. Still, the box pulled at her mind in a strange way, and she didn't have any idea why.
  • The class discusses each e-mail and pupils brainstorm ideas for a reply.
  • Seth disconnected the call and realized that the sun was rising. He would not be able to get up with Marc for several more hours. That meant he had time to find out what he could about the Seer. The girls had seen him outside of Ve's place, which meant that Ve was involved. There were no coincidences when dealing with those creatures. The challenge that Seth faced would be getting Ve to give him information. Unfortunately, it looked as though Seth was going to have to make a bargain with him, though he wasn't thrilled with the idea of being in debt to a demon. Right now, he saw no other way.
  • "I was thunderstruck. It had never occurred to me that I was to be the one to talk to these men. I was by far the youngest amongst our group. I'd just assumed someone else would take over. I had no idea what to say."
  • It didn't really matter that I had no idea what I was doing. What mattered was that I was growing up and that's what sleep-away camp was all about. You go away to stand on your own two feet and start strengthening your independent personality. The problem I was hoping to avoid was backsliding into my old, lazy, nervous habits when the school year started.
  • She was just starting to get comfortable with the idea that maybe he was more than eye candy when she noticed a weird sniffing sound. She stiffened and realized that Dax was smelling her hair.
  • It turns out that even in my all-consuming insanity I was talking and responding appropriately to everyone. Of course, I had no idea I was accomplishing that particular feat. I didnt recognize my own voice, although no one else seemed to notice that it wasnt me they were chatting with. I couldnt count the voices or the faces anymore. My mind refused to remain hereI needtoescape
  • "Money is not an honorable bet among those who speak for great princes, Your Majesty." Hawksworth glanced about wildly, then an idea came. "But perhaps I could wager your prime minister a horse, a fine Arabian stallion."
  • In some cases, borrowers will be encouraged to trade down to smaller homes, while the central bank is pushing the idea of split mortgages, where portions of loans will be put on hold until the persons circumstances improve.
  • While they waited, Lilac and Benjamin chatted, and it wasnt long before the subject turned to the events on the rooftop. The lady was eager to hear what her charge could recount of it, though there wasnt much that he could remember. "I do know that there was a time when it was like seeing a pattern with bits missing," he said, relating to the actual act of the transformation. "And when I thought about all the ways I could finish it, I got some new idea of what I could make."
  • "It is good you feel that way. We will need you then, and we still have need of you now. This returns us to the first problem. Assuming we convince those that are present to reveal the secrets of what lies ahead in Sanctum, we will still be missing one part of the puzzle. No one present knows the delver's portion of the secret. Stephen Clarin is aware of what the humans placed within the mountain, but he has no idea of what the delvers placed. No one does. I am hoping that you might direct us in that matter."
  • That wouldnt be a bad idea to add to my plan. Not that it was much of a plan in the first place, but you had to start somewhere. Distancing myself from Max felt like a reasonable first step. It would be even better if I could take advantage of any information Max might feed me through Shaa while staying out of Maxs immediate grasp, at least until I knew more about what was going on.
  • I picked him up, wincing at the dead weight of his body. I carried him up to my bedroom, and gently laid him on my bed. I quickly assessed the damage. Last year we were required to take a First Aid class. But the problem was, I had no idea how to treat a wild animal. I ran downstairs and snatched the First Aid kit hidden in the silverware drawer.
  • "Doctor, you can't be serious!" she exclaimed. Rose was repelled by the idea of such a brightly coloured police box, but the Doctor quickly gave her a reassuring wink followed by a well meant smile.
  • Our idea relies on the use of adaptive methods that aim at reducing the asymptotic variance of the estimates.
  • Historical study often focuses on events and developments that occur in particular blocks of time. Historians give these periods of time names in order to allow "organising ideas and classificatory generalisations" to be used by historians. The names given to a period can vary with geographical location, as can the dates of the start and end of a particular period. Centuries and decades are commonly used periods and the time they represent depends on the dating system used. Most periods are constructed retrospectively and so reflect value judgments made about the past. The way periods are constructed and the names given to them can affect the way they are viewed and studied.
  • Emla nodded. ‘I will listen to everyone elses opinion on this, and that includes the Dragons, Gan. Then I will decide. I tell you now I am strongly persuaded that the lost weight should be abandoned in favour of reaching the Guardian.’ She moved back to the window as Gan went to the door. ‘Gan, have you any idea what Lorak could be doing with Fenj?’
  • "I'm not sure. After the train wreck I called her and told her what happened. I was gonna drive down there and pick her up but she insisted that I come here instead. She said she didn't want to wait five hours to find out if the head drug lord would send someone from St. Louis to get her too. She said she'd get here on her own. So, basically, I have no idea where she is."
  • In particular, it takes a fresh look at a number of familiar ideas including the problem of interference.
  • Where should he start looking? Madeline liked fine things. She liked to be treated as though she were someone special; wanted those around her to know she had money and wasnt afraid to spend it. Hed only known her in Europe, never in America, and it had been many, many years since they spent any time together. She could be anywhere in this huge cityeven outside of itand he had no idea where to start.
  • To decrease the deficit, 52 percent say they would favor allowing tax cuts for households making $250,000 or more to expire -- Obamas signature demand -- and reducing Social Security benefits for high earners, an idea Republicans have advocated. Three in five back the repeal of tax cuts for households earning more than $1 million and reducing Medicare benefits for higher-income people.
  • It's not as if Zach's a saint. There's all sorts of shit goes on and I know that's why he needs to watch his rep. But I wonder why Ally would think I was doing a number on Mrs Stokes. I wonder who told him I'd been at St Andrew's. It creeps me out a bit. I don't like the idea of Ally and the guys thinking badly of me. This stupid job is about something more than Suki, having friends here actually means I have something to lose now.
  • Until this is addressed satisfactorily, this speculative idea must be considered interesting yet embryonic.
  • The Sheraton foyer was cool and inviting. The resort Manager and Head of Security welcomed them back. Neither had any idea what had transpired since the abduction of Elizabeth and the wounding of Brenda and Derek had sworn them both to absolute secrecy on what they did know. For the time being they had to be content with knowing very little, other than the fact that theirfamily friendlyresort would remain so, notwithstanding anasty incidentinvolving a world famous movie star. The press were not given any other details but the resort was now in worldwide headline news with its reputation intact and obtaining more publicity than their marketing team had achieved in the last 10 years.
  • "We only just returned from a harrowing mission down into Akoran territory," Nellise protested with a trembling voice, her resolve starting to wither. "You have no idea just how bad things went for us down there..."
  • "While you think about that, let me continue with the delvers wishes." Sy turned his attention back to the delver "As for scouting, my men scout that area every day. As you just said, Ive had you scout it several times yourself. You know the condition of the town before the raid and the lay of the land. As for what Sazars up to, we just talked about that. We dont have an idea at this point, and lets be honest, hes not going to tell you even if you go right up and ask him. We would still have to guess at that just as we will estimate the size of his forces. Even if Enin hasnt given us an exact count of the number of goblins and shags and whatever else might be involved in this attack, we both know hes given us a good idea of whats out there."
  • His bedroom was tolerably large, and rather difficult to warm in bad weather. As wood is extremely dear at D----, he hit upon the idea of having a compartment of boards constructed in the cow-shed. Here he passed his evenings during seasons of severe cold: he called it his winter salon.
  • That he was still around, however, was attested to by the fact that I was able to launch myself into the godsconsensual fantasy-space, unless of course hed abandoned our body while leaving his store of knowledge and practical techniques behind, buried somewhere in our shared unconscious. I wasnt sure what Id feel if he had cleared out - I doubted it would be as simple as noticing I was now rattling around in the equivalent of a large empty house formerly shared with a loud and demanding roommate - but I did have the (possibly fatalistic) idea that as soon as I thought he was gone and started to relax, thats when he would really let me have it once and for all.
  • Charles d'Anjou made a grimace of distaste, as if the King's illness embarrassed him. "What think you of my brother's idea of a truce, Count? It seems to me we have no choice but to try it."
  • Both are facing pressure from their respective political bases to resist a compromise, with Boehners anti-tax, Tea Party-infused House Republicans balking at raising tax rates while labor and other Democratic-aligned interest groups rejecting the idea of cutting entitlements including Medicare and Social Security.
  • Again, she blinked, but her awe turned to comfort and she worked her arms around his waist, holding him close. She remained that way, basking in the moment until she realized that she had no idea what had made him so worried. "Grahamas, what happened?"
  • On Tuesday, Putin endorsed Kholmanskikhs idea during a meeting with a group of loyalist notables who helped him run his election campaign earlier this year. "We need to pay more attention to the worker wherever he toils: as an ordinary workingman, an engineer, a scientist or an artist," he said.
  • "So that's how you're going to justify this?" Ryson demanded harshly. "Godson didn't tell you to stop the war, so your inaction, your apathy, is acceptable? Do you have any idea of how many innocents will die if this war isn't stopped?"
  • The rigid distinction among science and history of science is based on the idea of the latter as pure literary erudition.
  • He couldnt pay attention to those farther away, which forced him to simply absorb those blasts of heat, which sometimes singed his skin. Just blasting or avoiding those closest to him took all his attention, even as he lured them ever higher. He glimpsed more of them suddenly falling, confusion and terror on their faces, but he had no idea how many.
  • 'Thank you again, ma'am.' The man didn't wait for a reply and, tugging on the leash, turned to walk away. The dog had other ideas though and planted its powerful legs to the ground. 'Gladys, get a move on.'
  • "Sometimes less is more. I like the idea of them meeting you, deciding that they like you before I announce that we are taking off for a couple months together. No sense pushing our luck the very first day you meet them."
  • Another cute idea is to make the top and leave out the sleeves and add some cool cotton, they make the sweetest nightdresses.
  • One of the most significant developments to the theory of vision in god was the view that ideas are causally efficacious.
  • Victorian taxidermy was the font of the idea that we can explore, understand and tame the species that we share the world with.
  • "Good day, Mr. Consprite. As you must already know, I am Sazar. As I am also sure you already know I have met your friend. She told me you have the idea that you might be of some assistance to me. I must be brutally honest, Im not quite sure of what someone like you can do for me."
  • "Thats not meant for warmth," I said simply. An idea struck me then. "If you want, Andrew, I can take you to a library in Boise."
  • Sara knew she had hurt him. "I didnt tell you we were leaving because I knew you would hate the idea and would try to talk me out of it."
  • "You are still healing," Baal told me. "Its only natural that you are tired again. We are considering bringing in a Demon Healer to see if we can speed up your recovery, but we cant agree on whether its a good idea or bad idea."
  • No one could have told what was passing within him, not even himself. In order to attempt to form an idea of it, it is necessary to think of the most violent of things in the presence of the most gentle. Even on his visage it would have been impossible to distinguish anything with certainty. It was a sort of haggard astonishment. He gazed at it, and that was all. But what was his thought? It would have been impossible to divine it. What was evident was, that he was touched and astounded. But what was the nature of this emotion?
  • So, thats precisely how I found myself locked in a 'death-match-stare-downwith a dark clique chick. Neither one of us even blinked an eye, although I have no idea how we managed it. We both flatly refused to be the first to drop our gaze.
  • Ryson groaned. "Name it. The serp out there in the hills with all that dwarf gold is going to use it against us. I think that's a certainty. Then, there's the algors. They sent out the sand giants to destroy Dunop. I have no idea what will happen if they find out the cliff behemoths destroyed their creations. If they hear the whole truth, they'll probably be satisfied. The dwarves suffered a whole lot of casualties. There's nothing left of their army. And speaking of the dwarves, I left Dunop with Jon basically comatose and no other leader in sight. And then there's Yave. I have no idea where she went, but I know she wasn't happy, or ready to just forget everything."
  • Antiphons for a season is an idea which might be getting closer to what we need.
  • On the whole night, Catered thought he was to be congratulated on his idea of hiding here. The little house elf was not, perhaps, very comfortable lying on the hot, hard earth but, to crawl around on all fours proved a greater challenge. On the other hand, nobody was glaring at him. His teeth grinded so loudly that he could not hear the cries of the other captives he believed were in here too.
  • As Aradia hurried out to the meeting place, she concluded that of all the bad ideas she'd had in her life, meeting a murderer in an abandoned manor completely isolated from town in the middle of the night had to be the worst. However, if Dereck was willing to kill her parents instead of her, she decided that she did not really have much of a choice.
  • The Russian avant-garde was a large, influential wave of modernist art that flourished in Russia from approximately 1890 to 1930. The term covers many separate, but inextricably related, art movements that occurred at the time; namely neo-primitivism, suprematism, constructivism, rayonism, and Russian Futurism. Notable artists from this era include El Lissitzky, Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, and Marc Chagall. Since 1930s the revolutionary ideas of the avant-garde clashed with the newly emerged conservative direction of socialist realism.
  • "I looked it up. The directions I found online says that Coeur dAlene is a twelve hour drive from here. Twelve hours!! Wouldn't it be a better idea just to call a local realtor and put the house and property up for sale? We could get some bids for cleaning the place up, tossing trash, etc. Id be willing to pay for that provided I didnt have to be involved. I wonder if Lynn has any contacts up there."
  • "But what is there to say about me?" said Pierre, his face relaxing into a careless, merry smile. "What am I? An illegitimate son!" He suddenly blushed crimson, and it was plain that he had made a great effort to say this. "Without a name and without means... And it really..." But he did not say what "it really" was. "For the present I am free and am all right. Only I haven't the least idea what I am to do; I wanted to consult you seriously."
  • "I've got no idea why you picked on me, but once I'm free from these bonds, I'll give you the hiding of your life. I've never been near Marka."
  • However, this time Shylock was fresh out of ideas - stumped. Even Permission remained silent. 'Come on,' Time coaxed. 'It's obvious. If it's not zero, and it's not oneit's probably not any other specific number at all, is it? I mean why should it be? What would be the logic? At least both zero and one have some uniqueness, but six, four hundred and eleven, or zyph terazillionI mean, what's special about them.'
  • Diotitus nodded, though glanced at Brangot. "Yes. We wanted to compare notes. All afterworlds are in danger, and they need Tifs idea to save them."
  • I have no idea how Im going to remember everyones name, and after the thirtieth person or so, I stop trying. I shake their hands and smile and say, "nice to meet you!" and think to myself that Ill remember their name the next time we meet. They ask me where Im from, I ask them where theyre from, and we exchange stories about why we moved here. Only a few of the people I meet are actually from Grand Marais. Most have moved here at some point over the past twenty years, and almost all of them moved up from Minneapolis. I actually joke with someone that its like a Little Minneapolis here.
  • I could sense that a check was inside of that envelope but had absolutely no idea what the amount would be. Seeing "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS" written in huge type across the check with the name "BRADY AND SUMMER HART" at the top nearly left me speechless. We all flashed our checks at each other and a raucous celebration ensued. Practical Amy Noble turned to Alan and pointed at their check and said, "Bank and college fund."
  • How can they even flirt with the idea of termination? Mindy wonders as she speeds south towards Portsmouth where she has friends they can stay with for the night while she tries to figure out what shell do. Shes just a child. Mindy glances in the rearview to see Summers huge smile, one of her front teeth loose and crooked. An innocent.
  • 28 September.--It is wonderful what a good night's sleep will do for one. Yesterday I was almost willing to accept Van Helsing's monstrous ideas, but now they seem to start out lurid before me as outrages on common sense. I have no doubt that she believes it all. I wonder if her mind can have become in any way unhinged. Surely there must be some rational explanation of all these mysterious things. Is it possible that the Professor can have done it herself? She is so abnormally clever that if she went off her head she would carry out her intent with regard to some fixed idea in a wonderful way. I am loathe to think it, and indeed it would be almost as great a marvel as the other to find that Van Helsing was mad, but anyhow I shall watch her carefully. I may get some light on the mystery.
  • It was only half a lie, really. I tried getting dressed for practice that Wednesday, but once I started getting things out of my dance bag I started feeling anxiety build up and I quickly stuffed everything back in the bag. I started questioning how good of an idea it would be to dance, seeing as how I had already caused enough damage by doing so. Not only that, but how did I know that the demon inside me no longer had any sort of consciousness? What if it was just asleep, waiting for me to do something to wake it up? I walked home that day, since I didnt have my bike and the busses had all left by the time I got to the bus loading area.
  • "I came to you before I went back to the house, because I didn't know when I'd have another chance to talk to you. I have no idea if they're going to let me stay here or send me away to another place. It's all up in the air." I looked up into his eyes. "You can't tell anyone you saw me that night. If they find out, they'll arrest me. But I didn't kill her. I swear to God, I wouldn't do something like that."
  • I have no control of the supercharged boost. That meant even if I could find a plausible excuse to ask my sister to wear the ribbon AND a reason to channel something to the dark clique at school, I would still be risking frying my own brain. Even with the assistance of the cunning ribbon, I couldnt channel my Aysha skill to that many people without repercussions. I had no idea if the super-mega power boost would assist me and I wouldnt know until I tried to channel.
  • For the next several moments there was nothing but the sound tea being sipped and the old red clock ticking unevenly against the wall. Omari thought that it wasnt such a crazy idea after all. In fact, it was exactly the right idea, as was usually the case when she spoke to her teacher. She needed to get away and think, and hopefully in the process she might manage to shake Nuvotech for a short time. And most of all, it would prevent her from confronting the situation with Lana, at least just yet.
  • Bandy statistics about but i must, to give some idea of the decline.
  • Interagency forum within which new ideas and ways of doing things can be explored, developed and supported.
  • The Mage shook his head quietly as his face lit up, "Actually, no. An idea came to me last night and I've simply been desperate to get it done."
  • Kewpie and I quit at four and there was still a crowd. My arms and hands ached from whaling away at the box and my head ached worse from hearing Kewpie sing and play consistently out of tune. He had damned little more idea of pitch than an alley tom-cat. And Rucci had kept on bringing gals over and introducing me but hadn't brought any of the Wendel crowd.
  • "Well, you remember the day I came up, when we were talking about your powers, and how you could carry a supply of tea with you? It seemed like too good an idea to pass up, and I had some time. And of course, I keep a stock of fabric up here in case I get the urge to sew, so you see it all came together. I had the time, you needed the costumes, and here they are. Go on, try it on! Dont keep me in suspense all afternoon."
  • Tony had no idea what Connie was doing. On the other hand, he had no idea what else to do, so he dug in the paddle and turned the canoe around.
  • The idea was unheard of except to those select few that now sat around the fire. It was not the first time they had shared their idea, and yet all those before had ended the same way. All worried that Jeralyle would turn towards the hills and run away as fast as he could, as the others before him had. All thought that they would get at least a strange glance, or perhaps even a chuckle out of the young fellow. But he didn't say a word. He simply took a deep breath, gave a concerned look to each and every one of them, went to say something but held back and finally set his plate down. From there he stood, bowed cordially to them and headed to the edge of camp, where he promptly sat.
  • That sure got my heart pittering again. Only a few more hours and I would be on the ground. I wish Id had the time to buy a map or something. I had no idea about the layout of this city or its transportation options. I knew more about Root and Luthersburg than I knew about Italy or Rome.
  • Gw has never endorsed or supported the idea of distributing or legalizing crude herbal cannabis for medical use.
  • They got up, and he led them into the master bedroom. "Are you ready?" he asked, his hand on the closet door. Dave looked at Liza, who shrugged. She obviously had no idea what Jeans little surprise was either.
  • Historians write in the context of their own time, and with due regard to the current dominant ideas of how to interpret the past, and sometimes write to provide lessons for their own society. In the words of Benedetto Croce, "All history is contemporary history". History is facilitated by the formation of a 'true discourse of past' through the production of narrative and analysis of past events relating to the human race. The modern discipline of history is dedicated to the institutional production of this discourse.
  • Keither opened his eyes, blinking at the ever-present lavender glow. He wasnt too sure just how long theyd been in their hiding spot. It appeared the dragon had found something. Maybe it was them, maybe not. But there were people in the area. Legon was having a harder time sensing their surroundings as the group of soldiers searching the area had scared off all the larger animals. He was now forced to tap into the minds of rodents and squirrels. The thing that was odd was that Arkins spells hadnt been tested at all. Kovos suggested that they try and check the minds of the men, but the idea was snubbed when Sasha pointed out that they may have a Venefica with them. It would be unwise to take on a large group and a magic user. Keither laid his head back down. It would almost be worth getting caught just to see light and a color other than purple. Legon breathed out a long breath.
  • "I thought this was supposed to be an apparition," said Shaa, his voice totally inaudible beneath the echoes crashing around the arena and the avalanche-style collapse of a section of interior retaining wall not far from his and the two godscurrent position. He considered and quickly dismissed the idea of trying to get himself off the track and back to his feet; the ground was still rolling up and down, and from as much as could be seen through the rising dust cloud the manifest figure of the Imperial corpus had not yet achieved its own standing posture. Once up and ambulatory, of course, who knew what the Emperor had in mind for it.
  • "We should go help serve food at the Beach Haven Soup Kitchen," Maggie said to wide-eyed Kayla, who obviously had other ideas.
  • To many the idea of saving water in a country like scotland seems almost nonsensical.
  • Stepping out of my front door and being hit by a cement truck would have been less of a surprise. I'd thought something odd was happening, but the idea of someone protecting us was almost unbelievable.
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