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Okunuşu: / gʌɪ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: guy
Ekler: guys
Türü: isim, fiil


i. , den. gemi direklerini yerlerinde saptayan halat, çıkarılan veya indirilen yükü yerinde tutan halat;
çelik halat;

f. halatla tutturmak.

i. , k.dili adam, herif;
acayip kıiıklı adam;

f. alay etmek, birini eğlence konusu haline getirmek,

guy için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Sure," I told him. "It looks just like a giant butter knife. I figure I'll press the bad guys up against a tree and then spread them real thin."
  • Francesca stuck her hand out towards Shea. "Guess what guys, Im driving us back to the hotel," she said, and Shea nodded.
  • Zeke took the lead, "We've had a recent outbreak of mice in the locker rooms. Once we do a little demolition, then we'll bomb the place and work on the guys side for a few days, while the fumes go away."
  • "If that's your best offer, okay. I'm not actually sure where Toby is at the moment. He may have gone back to England." guy had not heard from Inspector Girardin for over an hour and a half and he felt the need to buy time. "We weren't expecting things to go quite as fast as they have."
  • A chubby guy in a fedora, looking annoyed, worked his way over to the sound system and stopped the music in the middle of Aeries bass solo. The dance groove resumed with a harsh, industrial beat.
  • "Alright, you guys, listen closely up there! I know you can hear me, and I know you can understand me." That was actually a bluff. He didnt know if they understood human-speech, but if a dragon could, then so could a griffin, right? "You guys are obviously pissed off at something. Rest assured, we didnt do anything."
  • A week passed, and Robin didn't ask this guy for his favour. Another week began. Mum was upset. Tania froze me out, and Robin kept evading the issue. In the end I asked Uncle J. for advice. He suggested that I talked to Robin. That was no use. Robin said, quite reasonably,
  • "You ought to remember Joey Free, Chief. He's one of the two you bum-rushed out of here. You know the other, Wendel, the guy I'm supposed to be working for."
  • The dark clique guys were horsing around and laughing. They flirted with the girls while acting sillycertainly, they arent plotting something sinister, right? My mind raced through the possibilitiesthat mean prank was still on my mind.
  • The pile was a way for a bunch of guys to blow some steam off after another pressure-packed day of college. Even with Dicksteins incredible miss of the pile, we were back the next night piling on Dickstein. I think Junior was both relieved and very jealous at the same time. It took a few more guys than usual to tame the wild boar that was Myron Dickstein. He was quite the tornado when his temper was sparked.
  • Dr. Sock recognized the voices even though the bucket on his head obscured his vision. At least two of the guys from last time were here, and now the man Dr. Sock had first seen in Jeremys clothing store was knocking on his bucket with something metal.
  • We can rewrite the theology textbooks, searching has been touched by the holy spirit, its ok guys it exists!
  • I took charge anyway. "Ive seen angels just pop in and out of existence. Why cant we just do that now?" I wasnt sure if "pop" was the right word. "I know that Joseph cant and, of course, theres Abelie." I sighed as my thoughts rolled around in my brain like tumbleweeds. I shot a few covert glances towards Abelie. "Or how about a portal to another dimension, Lucia? And, as a matter-of-fact, why couldnt you guys just do that at the underground lab?" The pressure, all the weight from everything, sat heavily on my shoulders.
  • "You have one new message," the mechanical female voice said. Then the message started. Immediately, I knew it was Adam, a guy I had broken things off with because we never saw each other. He lived an hour away but had rarely made time to see me and constantly made excuses. We had been friends for a few months, and after he saw me dealing with one screwed up "relationship" after another, he had asked me to give him a chance. I wasnt sure at first because of the risk of losing our friendship. Friends were so rare that keeping one had become important to me. I told him exactly the things I needed from a relationshipone of them was time. In my book, its impossible to have a functional, loving relationship if you rarely saw the other person. Long distance is not my cup of tea, so to speak.
  • "Wow, he really likes you. Thats so cute, you guys are going to have your first date in a hospital room. Thats kind of fitting for a veterinarian and paramedic. You two will make the cutest little couple."
  • "Enough of that, daughter. You and I will speak later. Now explain to me why you brought this riffraff home with you." Mab waved dismissively at the guys as she spoke.
  • Needless to say, Mickey took the .com job and did quite well for himself. So well, in fact, that he was able to buy a two-bedroom apartment on Manhattans East Side. Although he was still short and divorced, Mickey now had a high-paying job and owned an apartment. Most New York women would be more than happy to overlook the divorcee status and his hormonally challenged condition for a wealthy guy with an apartment.
  • Join our sponsored abseil from guys hospital tower on may 20th 2006.
  • The guys made a bee-line to their room to change out of their civviesand back into standard prison garb. Brad was walking ahead of Charles and turned into the corner of the doorway before running into an unexpected clenched fist.
  • The first of Sams friends that I met was Mickey. This guy was about the size of a mouse, but Mickey was only his nicknamehis real name was Michael, or some Hebrew/Jewish equivalent. Mick had a pretty thick Middle Eastern accent, although he had been in this country for longer than he had lived in Israel. Leaving your country at 12 years old in order to avoid serving in the army was a typical move for kids being protected by their parents. Mickey felt guilty about leaving, so he went back to Israel each year to serve for two weeks in the equivalent of an American R.O.T.C. program.
  • Clinton likely regrets her exasperated response to persistent questions by Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who repeated the charge that the Obama administration had misled Americans over whether there was a protest on the night of the Benghazi attack, as reports first indicated. She exploded: "With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?" The response instantly inspired the critical hashtag #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake and became a hot topic on right-wing radio.
  • Then I recognise psycho Kev; the guy who beat the shit out of me over the ghost's Barbie girl. I'm not sure if he's seen me but I don't want him to. We're walking by the theatre; it's a big old brick building with an alley down one side where the crowds can get out to a back lane car park. I steer Suki and Mickey into the alley and hope Kev hasn't noticed us.
  • There was another guy in shades standing by himself, leaning against a scooter, watching everybody go by very carefully. I thought he might be a journalist or something, but he wasnt taking any notes. He glanced at me, looked down at his phone and started following us. What the fuck?
  • I looked at Zoe and then everyone looked at me for a response. I nodded at Jorge to hit me again with another shot. Zoe's rested her head on the table and then I said, "Why don't you guys go ahead to dinner. I'll bring Zoe back from the dead and I'll meet you at the club later."
  • I hold my breath while the guy gets on the phone. I'm pretty sure last time I saw Zach it was cool. On a bad day you can lose friends and not even remember. But Zach's different; he's a good guy. I'm not too worried.
  • "But theres nobody there." Susan was starting to wonder if she had made the right choice coming along with these guys.
  • Mike doesnt answer. When I go to the table the guy is smilinggloating reallywith his can of Pepsi in front of him, and he tells me to bring him a glass with ice. I stare at him. Theres something about this that just isnt right. Its beyond rudeness or ignorance. This is some sort of weird display of power or something, and I really dont want to be a part of it.
  • Unfortunately by the time the advertising guys have got their sticky mitts on things the difference is often blurred.
  • "Two cars, a black taxi, a Transit van, a three-wheeler van and a motorbike," Elliot recited. "If the Scotland Yard guys have got the same, we've got ourselves our own traffic jam."
  • Leslie threw a cup down her throat like a seagull swallowing a fish."You guys should take that shit on the road, you're so funny. I would laugh but the jokes are about me and they're coming from cake and the fat man."
  • Rordan knew his brohoped Noss would step on up, and the guy had to be calculating the odds. He grew tense, waited to see if the gnarring between the two would become a struggle.
  • Dinkleman finally emerged from his tiny office, and glared over at us as he walked to the center of the gym floor. Our school's nickname is not the BJs, because we would have had the image of a girl on her knees blowing some guy if that were the case. No, our school's mascot is Curious George because its Billy Joel's favorite storybook character. Yeah, we're the Billy Joel High School George's... shake in fear at our very presence!
  • Seven. Were out on the deck in front of the main restaurant. Its cordoned off and Ive asked Rodneys guys along so you can get to meet them. The resort manager has also assigned his head of security to mingle with us tonight.’
  • The thing that stuck with Pete was how Tony D. went from the greatest athlete he'd ever seen, to a high school kid who didn't play sports at all. In a matter of a year, Delmonico was just an average-sized guy with a cool haircut, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and a leather greaser jacket. The transformation was startling for the teenage has-been they once called Greased Lightning.
  • "Ahhh, I think I remember a guy by that name from St. Louis a few years ago. There may be a little unfinished business there," then the voice in Iowa says, "Hold on a minute," and they hear a hand muffling the phone.
  • He gets in position, out of sight, but where we can watch the front gates and most of the yard. There's a prefab which looks like the office. The guys from the vans go in and out. There's a small warehouse. Most of the vans seem to be finishing up loading for the next day. A woman comes out of the office a couple of times with instructions for the guys. We watch for ages. The yard starts to quiet down.
  • "We re-programmed their cell phones. We can route their calls through here so we can listen in. I'm guessing they'll be making some calls when they find that you guys are gone," says Todd.
  • "Two guys charged with house-breaking, assault, and a bunch of other stuff. Connell is going to face a gun charge. The other guy is going up against aggravated assault. Crandall is coming down to charge them."
  • On the tape, a Frenchman who spoke English with an American accent asked guy whether he wanted to trade. guy told him that he was perfectly willing to swap Bob Kane for Toby Ryun's $730. The Frenchman warned him not to bring the police into the affairthe usual warning delivered by most kidnappers. Then he told guy that he would call again in about two hours, and rang off before guy could say anything more.
  • Jaxon had the guys load up the remaining crates, it was beyond her why they brought so many in for just some sketches, it wasn't like they were packing up statuary or something. She finished off her tea and headed out to her car. "See you later tonight, Cais, and stop worrying. This was meant to be, I can feel it."
  • "Fuck this," he grunted as he headed for the escalator and out of the building. Barbaras back was facing Henry, so she never saw the big guy with the magic fingers exit, stage right.
  • Sad tho it clearly is, the most disturbing site was some guy with a large punnet of plums for a face.
  • All afternoon the thought stays with me that I should do something for the ghosts. Look out for the people they left behind. I could go and see Mr Edwards, maybe my voice would mean something to him after his wife's visit. I could check on Maggie, see if she's doing better. But of course it's not that simple. I check on Maggie and find it's not good, what then? Do I make good on the ghost's threat to Marv. And there's psycho Kev, do I want to mess with a guy like that? I get a sinking feeling, and wonder if that boat already sailed.
  • Now he laughed. "His paranoia doesn't let him drink enough. That guy never lets his guard down. I thought I had a chance since he never visited the local prostitutes, as far as the gossipy servants could tell. I've had more success with monks."
  • Levy plays an uptight white guy who falls for charlene, and then starts talking jive, cringe.
  • "Of course, if you like to go to a school built on a toxic waste dump and people start dying of cancer before theyre 40, then…" David stopped dead in his tracks when he realized other people were listening besides Bruce. The guys had picked up the three other players from their starting five, Gary Bellmore, Trent Berkman and Walter Thomas.
  • What guy our age drives a Porsche, anyway? Without any hesitation, I called the police and confessed, "I saw a suspicious man near a white hard-top Porsche, and I was worried it might be stolen. Hes at the mall hitting on my friend. Would it be possible for me to give you the license plate number and you can tell me if Im overreacting?"
  • Every New guy Lasts About Ninety Days. Not the country England - the US trucking company CR England, as explained by the contributor: "...in the trucking industry in the United States there is a company called CR England. (yes, on the web at CREngland.com). My father drove for United Van Lines for many years and other large transport services before that. The 'old hand' drivers had a bit of a joke on the England name (due to the fact that an England truck invariably came up in stories about trucks in ditches or nasty but stupid looking accidents involving stationary objects)...ergo... Every New guy Lasts About Ninety Days. (Ack S Holden)
  • "Of course, I blatantly dared them at lunch, but all the guys flatly refused to do it. Its like some odd spineless curse has swept over them. My dare might have prompted them back into action at least, because the guys have been diligently working since then on this scheme for the next new student. It is 'top-topsecret. The fireworks should start right before assembly.
  • "Oh, were sorry to hear that," widower Theresa Bernard said as she poked her seemingly insensitive sister in the ribs. "We would be happy to go to Vegas with you tomorrow," trying to salvage a connection with the only two guys in town with both a heartbeat and money to burn.
  • "Yes, most of our people certainly feel tat way but not everyone. You and I sometimes were a little more vocal about our opinions so we attracted attention," Belo explained. "We're adult males in our prime years, Rafe. Maybe we weren't popular enough to get elected since we do rub some people te wrong way. After all, you're an imposing guy and lupuns don't like being frightened. Te ones who have some reason to be scared, I mean. You know I don't mean you. I, on the other hand, sometimes get carried away witt my witticisms and folks may tink I'm sarcastic. Some say I'm a bit of a know-it-all."
  • However, Mike turns and looks over the balcony at the console where he sees Todd calmly observing the guys on stage, one hand on his mouse, the other on his keyboard. Mike wonders what he's up to.
  • "Lets start with the oil can," Rob said as he walked up to the first bar he saw. Mulcaheys Pub was a typical, sticky floor, dark wood bar, and overpriced drinks establishment. Eight dollars for the giant Fosters Lager can seemed reasonable because most of the guys could drink only one and be done for the night. The Australian brew also packed a punch, especially when sliding down a throat to an empty stomach.
  • "Red?" Bear thought that funny. "We believe that warriors should be called whatever they want to be called. I knew a guy who insisted we call him Shit For Brains because he kept enlisting for the most dangerous duty. Brave bastard." And apparently dead. "Well, come on. Everyone wants to meet the guy who has enough energy to kill 257 duelers, back to back. Just the thought tires me out. Don't pull a wand or some of them might pee themselves."
  • While it is true that guys have trouble expressing their feelings, Wayne gave reconciliation his best shot. "We should have believed you and Summer? Im sorry for all of the time we wasted."
  • Three men were heading for the booth, coming across the dance floor and walking as though they were more used to sawdust under their feet. All three looked like saloon bouncers. That type. The one in the lead was a big burly red-faced bird that would have weighed at least two-fifty stripped to the buff. We had two ashtrays, heavy glass affairs, on the table and I palmed the one nearest me and stood up and got clear of the booth. The big guy said:
  • God knows how he does it, but the guy looks eternally youthful and has the energy of someone decades younger.
  • The game was played with new rules following the decision to make the team co-ed. Most varsity and junior varsity teams adopted the blended team approach in the throws of a state-wide budget crises. The rules stated that three girls and three guys had to be on the court at all times, with a boy-girl lineup being consistent throughout the rotation.
  • I snaked my way through a curvy grid of streets, heading for the far corner. One street over, there was a guy standing under a street lamp, talking on a phone.
  • Sam waited for the guys to stop laughing and then he started rolling again, "I think the girls name was Betty, or was it Wilma? Whatever the Flintstone it was, she took me to a supply closet and gave me a large t-shirt and matching Strawberrys Bar and Grill sweat pants. That was the most fun I ever had getting dressed. Ten minutes later, I was back at my table drinking complimentary beer and nachos."
  • Once Edna was out of range, the guys quickly cut the nice, innocent teenager bullshit and were back to their old, much older, selves.
  • "I placed her diary back into her drawer and began contemplating. I tried my best to compare the facts. The killer could have been the guy she was going to see that day but who could it have been. I thought of all the possibilities. That person was someone that my father disowned and the person was a relative of some sort. Who could it have been?
  • A small cara Fiatpulled up, driven by a thirty-ish man with a flat top and a nose ring. Isobel hopped into the back, propping her shotgun up against the window. The guy got out and loaded Karlas suitcase into the trunk.
  • He ordered guy d'Etampes to requisition boats, and selected a party of a dozen mounted knights and fifty men on foot. If the Egyptians were trying to lure the crusaders into the city, they would not want to reveal themselves by attacking so small a group.
  • Her eye caught a glimmer of something silver. They were at the gate of Salkay, and the glimmer was the end of guards spear. The owner was leaning against the wall of the town talking to another guard on the other side of the entrance. The man was tall and wearing leather armor with a wooden chest plate. There was about a weeks worth of black stubble on his face that matched his hair. The man looked very friendly, like the guy everyone knew and likedideal for a guard.
  • Alan had progressed from his roots of dating boredom to being a hot commodity on the marriage circuit. Average guys with solid jobs were now the primary tickets, putting hunky guys with tepid prospects at a competitive disadvantage. Amy was looking for a conservative person that would let her wear the pants around the housewhat she found was a loving guy who would let her wear any pair of trousers she could find.
  • "You see the guy cutting the grass? He used to be the starting quarterback of the football team. He's a really nice guy... has a wife and two kids. Brings them to every home basketball game. Isn't it strange how people wind up where they started?"
  • OKs, searching has been touched by the holy spirit, its OK guys it exists!
  • Not an easily portable container the guys from the bathroom company offered to lift it into the garden.
  • "Well, when Joe's warehouse went bang, we figured this Shea guy might not be so careful, seeing as how he pretty much shut the business down around here, ya'know what I mean? We figured this might be our chance to even the score."
  • The game I bought was just about as cool as the original, but the guys removed the scoreboard because they felt it "impeded" their sight line to the action. Some games were so fast and furious that blood started trickling from overworked fingers.
  • I had a middle seat, and both of my seatmates were Ethiopian, as were most of the passengers, it seemed. They didnt seem to notice my sogginess, or the musty odor that still permeated my clothes. To tell you the truth, one of those guys could have used some deodorant.
  • "Oh, maybe. But there have been modern cases... One I can think of at Chosin, where our guy took five bullets while running around barefoot in the snowtook his boots off while sleepingand still kept fighting."
  • A guy squeezed by us wearing a guy FawkesV for Vendettamask perched on his head like a hat. He wore no black. I had seen a smattering of these mask wearers in the crowd and had no idea what group or ideology they represented and how they meshed with everyone else. Maybe it was just a fashion statement?
  • I think he would be more afraid of me than me of him, especially if hes up to his neck in something with the guys out on that island. One phone call to the Police Commissioner or the Feds and they would probably start crawling all over the place.’
  • I used to see my buddy Beast every once in a while when I hung out at the not-so-secret hideout of the Bloods. The guy had been with me all summer and, in only nine short months, had become a full-fledged member of the gang. He had grown like six inches over the year and was now 6'2" and had muscles exploding from just about every part of his body. Beast must have been 15 or 16 years old and had me wondering why he had been hanging out with a 10 year-old kid and his friend. Beast was the kind of dude who needed to be pointed in the most efficient direction because he was born with the brawn not the brains.
  • Ugh. Totally and completely, ugh. If this was flirting, then Sam would pass. To make a guy interested in you, you have to pretend to be interested in what they like? Cammie could not stand Combat Tag. As a matter of fact, Sam couldn't think of something she liked less, except for Richard of course. Sam stopped paying attention to the conversation after a while and simply took it all in; the way the guys moved, talked, and smiled. The way Rob rubbed his chin and wrung his hands as if he was growing impatient. A prickle on the back of Sam's neck jolted her. Something wasn't right.
  • "On the last day of school when you held off all of those other guys by yourself, you showed us how much power you have!" another guy said "Or how accurate your throws proved to be at the Dunk Tank."
  • Jack turned pale in front of him, clutched his chest, and slid to the ground. Oh, great, Billy thought. The guy survives three centuries fighting Mongols, then I kill him without even trying.
  • Back at Mo Run Mike says, "Listen guys, you didn't sign on to this. Me and Jay are gonna clear out'a here and tell Jack we're gone. I don't want to have anything to do with bombs going off."
  • "I see." Ed straightened, grunting against the pain in his leg. "You cant help your family if youre dead. This is just as stupid as when you started all this shit, Jeremy. I went along with it thencause I didnt think it would go so deepbut then it did, andwell, you just had to knock my guy out at the warehouse…"
  • The thought made him angry, and he was finally able to speak. "I had a visit on Tuesday night. At home. From a guy called Bruce Farmer. Perhaps youve heard of him?" Dave looked up, but Belinda didnt say anything. He waited, and eventually she shook her head.
  • The crowd shifted and it was just as I suspected. Seven good looking, seemingly popular guys were all laughing and punching each other in the arm. They appeared to be upperclassmen. The two spaghetti-prank-victims were still scrounging around on the ground, trying to collect their personal items from the mess and praying for the earth to swallow them alive.
  • The man raised one gloved finger to his covered face, right about where his lips should have been. It took Dirk just a moment to recognize the gesture, but Dirk found it absurd. If this man thought Dirk was going to yell out for help while standing so close to someone with that much of a creep factor, this guy would be sadly disappointed.
  • Our heroine (well, female protagonist anyway) was pissed when she learned the inn had no chocolate. Partially assuaged by a plate of blueberry scones, she took them straight to her room while the men, boy, and ogre found a table in the dining area. The waitress was the owners chubby teenage daughtera real teenager, older than Damsel Eolande looked but younger than twenty. When the guys started asking for all sorts of dishes, she cut them short.
  • The Kelly and Sam coupling lasted for about a year give or take a few days. Sams refusal to let his heart go and love another human being was the final straw that broke this strong camels back. Kelly had proven to herself that love was possible, if not worth risking everything. She had gained so much confidence from being with Sam that she was ready to take the next step. I had often asked Sam at lunch if he ever thought about asking Kelly to marry him. He would just shrug his shoulders, and I knew that my words only served as ego reinforcement for a guy who already had an inflated head.
  • "Im gonna need a score-card before this thing is finished," the guy below was muttering, following Max up the ladder. "Look, Max, about this namelessness thing - you might as well call me, ah, the Creeping Sword, at least for -"
  • "Got two hurt!" said Jerry. "You stay right here. Dont go in. The smokes getting really bad. Ill be right back, as soon as I get these guys somewhere safe."
  • "Salt?" he cried out in disgust. "You dried out perfeckly good meat and put salt on it?" Lowering his voice, he grumbled, "No 'ffence to you guys, but hu-mens are jus' crazy."
  • "Yeah. I know a couple of guys from Sioux City who'll do just about anything for a few bucks and after a couple of meth hits. Let's just say their judgment isn't very sound on a good day. A couple'a snorts and they're animals."
  • The conference room door opened and mystery guy stepped out into the hallway. He appeared to be headed toward the restroom. That meant he would have to walk right by us. Kristas mouth dropped open in shock as he approached us. He would have to squeeze because the hallway was so narrow.
  • guy flowed out of his chair and stood over the prisoner, watching him as he strained at his bonds to satisfy himself that there was no hope of escape. Relieved that further use of his cosh would not be necessary, guy hauled the prisoner into a sitting position against the chest of drawers and returned to his chair. He was no expert at knocking someone out with a sockful of sand and had been a little worried about using too much force. Apart from a pained expression, the prisoner looked fairly healthy.
  • Favored grinned. "Arznaak cares, all right. He likes to hurt people. And if a few humans get plowed under along the way, whos gonna miss them, huh? Even this Emperor guy - especially the Emperor."
  • About four years ago I started having dreams, very vivid dreams. I never shared them with anyone. They were kind of my little secret because they seemed so impossible to believe. Max, Ive dreamed of you." I certainly didnt want to go any further; this information alone would be enough to scare away nearly every guy on the planet.
  • "Is the place ready?" Brad asked guy while talking on the cell phone he had recently been allowed to purchase. He threw his old cell phone in the garbage before entering jail, safe in the knowledge that the technology would obsolete by the time he got out.
  • I bet I couldve had a great dinner and a couple of nice bottles wine and even some intelligent conversation with him. But there was a subtle creep factor to him. Old world charm and all. Oh well. Next time maybe Ill finally get it right. The universe keeps sending me these guys that are almost what I want, but not entirely. But each time it gets a little bit better. A least this time he was educated and had a bit of money!
  • Bob changed out of his flying gear. He was wearing a fairly respectable pair of bottle green cords and his Army surplus pullover when they reached the bar. guy was wearing a similar outfit in the pale blue of brushed denim, but he managed to convey the impression that his clothes had been tailored, not bought in an Oxfam shop.
  • Shylock stood up and looked down at his soaking clothes, then at the others who were doing likewise when the familiar voice drifted down to them from up above. 'Can't a guy have some rest, respite, recreation and relaxation around here in peace?'
  • Just before I left elementary school someone had read us a newspaper article about some poor guy being pushed over a railing and falling to his death. I'd had nightmares for months. Dreams where the stairs had turned slick and I'd slid all the way down them. Dreams where the banister hadn't even been there and the stairs had become impossibly narrow; and nightmares where I'd somehow stumbled and started to fall over the edge of the railing.
  • "The guy writing this piece of crap," The Author said, "Now get focused on that black object. Its the only reason you two morons exist."
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