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Okunuşu: / gəːl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: girl
Ekler: girls
Türü: isim


i. kız;
hizmetçi kız;

girl için örnek cümleler:

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  • Less than a minute later, Barque dropped from the sky, carrying a small child over his shoulder. He hadn't caught Squee, but Soma, who hadn't reacted quickly enough to his warnings. Soma was struggling, trying to break free, but Barque held her fast, even as he landed and tumbled her onto the ground. He kept hold of her arms as she squirmed. The two little girls faced each other. Ember and Soma could have been twins, with their dirty blond hair and their pale blue eyes, their rough scabbed brown faces and slender fit forms. The main difference between them was the glitter that sparkled upon Soma's forehead and shoulders.
  • Rordan rose from his seat and let Glenys lead him out of Nyahs room. Borus stirred. The girl stretched, then followed behind them.
  • She was almost panting in anticipation to hear 'the detailsabout Tray. I had no idea which ones she wanted, though. Sadly, I had just been introduced to gorgeous red-headed girl not more than three minutes ago, but I cant remember her name. It really seems like there are fifty kids sitting at this table.
  • "O God! I am lost!" she said to herself. "How could I let him?" She sat for a long time hiding her flushed face in her hands trying to realize what had happened to her, but was unable either to understand what had happened or what she felt. Everything seemed dark, obscure, and terrible. There in that enormous, illuminated theater where the bare-legged Duport, in a tinsel-decorated jacket, jumped about to the music on wet boards, and young girls and old men, and the nearly naked Helene with her proud, calm smile, rapturously cried "bravo!"--there in the presence of that Helene it had all seemed clear and simple; but now, alone by herself, it was incomprehensible. "What is it? What was that terror I felt of him? What is this gnawing of conscience I am feeling now?" she thought.
  • But Pierre was not listening to the woman. He had for some seconds been intently watching what was going on a few steps away. He was looking at the Armenian family and at two French soldiers who had gone up to them. One of these, a nimble little man, was wearing a blue coat tied round the waist with a rope. He had a nightcap on his head and his feet were bare. The other, whose appearance particularly struck Pierre, was a long, lank, round-shouldered, fair-haired man, slow in his movements and with an idiotic expression of face. He wore a woman's loose gown of frieze, blue trousers, and large torn Hessian boots. The little barefooted Frenchman in the blue coat went up to the Armenians and, saying something, immediately seized the old man by his legs and the old man at once began pulling off his boots. The other in the frieze gown stopped in front of the beautiful Armenian girl and with his hands in his pockets stood staring at her, motionless and silent.
  • Flustered, Calista rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. "Every girl dreams of having her father killed, her home destroyed, to be separated from the remainder of her family, told her whole life has been a lie. Of course Philyra is burning with envy." She turned away, but Hadrians fingers circled her wrist and brought her close.
  • There were four guys and two girls left when the action picked up again. Woodbridge surveyed the crowd and muttered under her breath, "Let?s see, who do I like the least?"
  • The danish girl saved her first game ball with a lucky nick rolling from the back wall.
  • The West Valley team had the day off after the East Shores game and a group of the team's players, including Pete, drove a few miles down the road to Pikesville to watch the girls volleyball team take on the Lady Grizzlies. It was Adam's pleading, and the fact that Pete had a lot more free time since Erica cut him loose, that led the guys to the best two-out-of-three match. Adam had grown quite fond of Jenny Dowling, an Irish setter who was about 5'4" and was the drunk skank that went a few rounds with Pete at his brief party appearance. Jen wasn't a real beauty, but she was known to score more off the court than she did between the lines.
  • The girls gasped and then Kathy went over and hugged her mother again, "I cant believe my parents are splitting up.."
  • He hurried off on his way, while I stood there all agog, stepping out into the street for a better view, almost getting run down by a girl on a bike. I wanted to walk there, but didnt have enough time. Who knows, seeing the place up close might have only ruined its mystique. I would have discovered the wartsthe inevitable Starbucks or McDonalds. Nothing could do justice to the view from afar on a misty morning.
  • The girls slowly walked into the light of the campfire while both having a look of disbelief and fear on their faces. Sarah tried to run up to him to see if he was ok, but Connor held a hand up for her to stay where she is. She stopped, but with great reluctance.
  • My stupid eyes were tearing up again. Sometimes being a girl really sucked. Boys never seemed to have their bodies betray them in front of other people like we did. The most gorgeous, kind boy I'd ever met had just professed his love to me, and strangely enough it made what I had to do next both harder and easier.
  • Several pieces of art were hanging on the wall that lined the short hallway leading to the rest of the cottage, but they were all hanging below chest height. Finding this whole house very strange, he led the others into the dining room, complete with what appeared to be a child's dining table and chair. A small girl in an elegant dress sitting at the table looked up at them in surprise, and then smiled in a very devious way.
  • I suddenly wished my hearing wasnt better than a regular humans. It made me uncomfortable to hear the way the girls spoke about me behind my back. How would I make friends with anyone under these circumstances? Luckily, the girlsconversation was starting to blend into the background now, and was harder to separate from the other students.
  • Prince Andrew liked dancing, and wishing to escape as quickly as possible from the political and clever talk which everyone addressed to him, wishing also to break up the circle of restraint he disliked, caused by the Emperor's presence, he danced, and had chosen Natasha because Pierre pointed her out to him and because she was the first pretty girl who caught his eye; but scarcely had he embraced that slender supple figure and felt her stirring so close to him and smiling so near him than the wine of her charm rose to his head, and he felt himself revived and rejuvenated when after leaving her he stood breathing deeply and watching the other dancers.
  • The ground felt cold for the time of night to the Evil Goblin and his men as they lurked about. The most terrible of all had been watching this girl especially. The Goblin had seen some of what Eibhlin could do and knew she had the Sight to find us boys. I was a risk, for I'd killed most of his men. Knowing what a prize Eibhlin made, the Evil Goblin licked his chops and gave the signal.
  • All kinds of memories resurfaced from his chaotic mind. Memories from when he was just a child, playing with the little girl from next door on the red Gallifreyan grass. Memories from when he came to Earth for the first time and when he took his granddaughter to Earth. Memories from his first human passengers in his TARDIS, Susan's two teachers. Memories from all the companions he had traveled with, and some lost, through all those years. Memories of worlds saved from extinction, and others lost forever, like his own. The horror of the Time War and the destruction it caused. The horrific alien foe's that were most probably still out there somewhere. The Daleks, which managed to return again and again after he destroyed them over and again.
  • boy is never spoken of, lest the gods grow jealous of the parentsgood fortune and loose the Evil Eye. Instead, boys were announced by declaring the child blind in one eye. No precautions against divine jealousy were thought necessary for a girl child, a financial liability no plausible god would covet.
  • The Doctor didn't appreciate the joke. He was determinate to get through the mirror to find out who the girl was. He took his own sonic screwdriver and used it to undo the Image's block.
  • He said, "That mother-fucker touched my girl! Im going to marry that girl and shes going to be the mother of my kids, god willing!" The blood seemed to drain from Carlos face as his anger quickly turned to concern then love.
  • Arkin rode ahead of the others, trying to fight back emotion as he went. Yet again he had failed as a protector, first with Legons mother and now Kovos. He knew that the effect of his death would carry farther than anyone could ever understand. Most didnt see the connections that all men have. Not only had Kovoslife ended, but his brother, parents, and an innocent girl back in Salmont had been hurt as well.
  • Nubile girls, wives, husbands, sons, indeed most of the senate attend.
  • "It is he, it is he, Nicholas!" said Countess Mary, re-entering the room a few minutes later. "Now our Natasha has come to life. You should have seen her ecstasy, and how he caught it for having stayed away so long. Well, come along now, quick, quick! It's time you two were parted," she added, looking smilingly at the little girl who clung to her father.
  • They say that girls spend more time worrying about how they look than boys do.
  • I focused on the center of Ivys eyes. They were black and reflective. For a moment I saw myself, a girl I barely recognized with a dark wig, but as my eyes unfocused, I gasped. A light emanated from deep inside, twinkling lightly. So lightly in fact that had I never been told where to look, I wouldnt have seen it.
  • I didn't unwrap either of them. That was dangerous too. The face that'd look back out of the glass looked almost more like hers than mine. Shoulder-length blond hair, and blue eyes still seemed to be all the rage, but mine were ruined by pale skin that burned instead of tanning, and a build that had retained its baby fat long after most of the other girls had started slimming down.
  • Pete wore his best, and only, suit for the big occasion. He and his parents walked up to the reception table at the Nardi's catering hall in Pikesville, and were on line to check in. Pete was ready to say his name when two girls at the table said,"Pete Berman! Yeah, we've seen enough of you!" One girl the said,"We're from Fellingwood." The other added,"Don't take it personally." She then handed Pete and his parents their table assignments and they all had a good laugh.
  • "With my sisters at Chateau Lumel, where he will hear nothing but the Langue d'Oc spoken for all the years we are here in Outremer. Amalric wanted him at Gobignon with our girls, but I had my way. So Simon may grow up to be a true son of Languedoc."
  • Here, two girls in exquisite costume will line your path with the petals of fragrant orchids.
  • Lois and Jane give Tom and Bob a haircut and some highlights, something they never had before. Then they have them dress up in the new clothes and present themselves. The girls pamper them. Tom and Bob are ecstatic. The girls agree, they've done their good deed for the day. Tom and Bob are definitely enjoying the afternoon.
  • Somehow it just wasn't quite the same thing as far as Jorden was concerned. A petite young girl was not exactly as threatening as a large and very much heavier feline with claw and fangs to match. Of course that was the thought of someone who had never seen an aestri truly angered, even as close as it had come with Midnight.
  • When a blaze roared lustily, Bane glanced around to ensure that the girl was nearby, noting her position. She sat as close to the fire as she could, enjoying the warmth. She probably thought he had built it for her comfort, the stupid girl. He strolled over to her, and she looked up with a smile, her eyes filled with trusting gratitude. She did think it was for her. He quelled a smirk.
  • Apparently not everyone,’ said Peter Martin grimly. ‘Weve compromised the crime scene to some extent, walking up close to the bodies, as well as that little girl falling over them, so our next move will be to exit exactly the same way we came in. Touch nothing. I want Ruth out here as soon as possible. Were going to need Harry up from Cairns on this one. Double homicide.’
  • She looked like a dog with its head out of the window, but this girl was anything but a dog. All of Henrys instincts pointed toward protection, not aggression. The shift of inhibitions maintained its natural balance, as Henry pick up any slack that Jinny relinquished. She looked at her watch and said, "I think theres an 11:05 train."
  • Machine or no machine, how could any girl look upon such miraculous self-control unmoved?
  • "It's perfectly acceptable to show the girls at night." Izzy adjusted the vee of her shirt, shifted until the aforementioned girls sat up the tiniest bit higher. "Besides, you're wearing a black bra under a white shirt."
  • "Twas as I saidAmes came forward and gave no way, only saying we should come in and our crimes would be forgot if the girl proved unharmed. No give at all."
  • Increasing his power, he rushed towards the fleeing demon, rapidly catching up, for its power was no match for his. All it had to do was keep the girl under long enough to drown her, however, and it would win. Spurred by anger, he moved faster still, determined to defeat it. The girl became visible in the gloom, the water demon towing her deeper. Bane unleashed a burst of dark magic, forcing the demon to release her and retreat, radiating triumph. Bane swept up to her, gripped her robe and powered for the surface.
  • The girl spoke before he could answer. "Please forgive me General Tirinius. I was wrong to do what I did. I am Alana Irith; you killed my father and my brothers Angelo, Edgar and Logan. I was seeking revenge, but I regret it now."
  • Many village girls are married as young as 12 or 13 and spend the rest of their lives in poverty-stricken household drudgery.
  • The girls and the house knew I'd saved them all those many long months by doing what they hoped and wished they could do themselves. People asked Eibhlin over ten times that day about Tom and my whereabouts. She finally gave in and took Tom's sister, Casey, to the courtyard. There, she told what she had read in the lower house study and what came to her last night about us, for Tom and I hadn't been together at all.
  • I scanned the area carefully but couldn't see anything that might present a danger, so I finally motioned for the girls to get out of the car. I helped Alex out, then Sabrina, and noticed that they seemed uneasy too, which really bothered me because they'd been pretty much unaffected by everything else so far. Josh climbed the rough marble steps to the door, wrinkling his nose at the foul odour. I can only guess that for a shapeshifter the smell had to be particularly raunchy.
  • "Could they be English?" Goronwy said, leaping ahead to the most crucial question. He strode along beside me, he and the girl finding a rhythm to his walk as she continued to take in her surroundings. "Returning crusaders have brought many new discoveries to Europe from the east. When I was last at Dinas Bran, I met such a manhe opened his own tavern, of all thingswho told me of a glass through which one could see far distances. I very much would like one of those."
  • She turned back to Eliasha. She had to get off this topic somehow. The girl had watched the whole exchange with a knowing, half-lidded smile. Liseli wondered what on earth Russ had been telling hershed known Liselis name right off the bat and kept smiling as if she knew a secret. Too familiar. It was unsettling. "Eliasha—" she smiled, and stood as straight as possible to be as tall as she could, "—what about you? You know, I know hardly anything about youwhats it like to be the lady of this . . . mansion?"
  • Afterward, at Brooke's, the girls drilled me about my relationship with Drake. We had all changed into cheer shorts and tank tops and were hanging out in Brooke's living room. The place was unreal. Sure, Shadowford was big, but this place was fancy. Plush carpeting. A huge stone fireplace. High ceilings. I was scared to touch anything.
  • Just before the bell rang to signal the end of the school day Sarah sat at her desk and saw a beautiful girl with an olive tone complexion walk up to Connor. It was Caliegh again, the former cheerleader captain. She wore a low cut white shirt that showed her black bra and endowed breasts that were larger and more defined than hers were. She also had a low cut blue jean shorts that exposed her long legs. She had an hour glass figure that sent every male begging to her like little puppies looking for a good toy to chew on.
  • The bicycle was painted pink. There was a little silver bell affixed to the left handlebar. It was most obviously engineered for a young girl.
  • One Saturday night Sam was on fire! He could do no wrong. If Sam had a few extra sets of lips he would have been kissing half the girls at the camp. One minute he was with a girl named Fran, and then she excused herself and went to the bathroom, only to have her friend Natalie come over and resume where Fran left off. Sam didnt know what else to do but continue kissing Natalie.
  • For weeks the Coven had been the destination, been salvation. That evening chained to the burning spike when escape was only a lost hope, she had craved the Coven, felt its magnetism. When death rose around her as fingers of flame she felt fulfillment for having performed her duty, felt a part of the sisterhood. When dry throat and hunger belly growled and she ingested dry tomato seeds in the damp, she knew that safety was almost within reach. She drove herself on toward this shack, toward her only true family, and now here she was and there was Veronicas jaw, her slightly yellowed teeth grinding against each other. Veronicas power was stronger than Esmerelda remembered. And Esmerelda was tired. The branches inched closer, she knew. Was it simply a misunderstanding? Esmerelda opened her eyes and the world was darker. Night was falling, fireflylight dotted the greyness. Flies buzzed. Veronica the maid, Veronica the broken girl whom shed helped nurse back to health, with whom shed hunted Daniel McAlister, there was madness in her now, bloodlust against a fellow sister.
  • Oh yeah, how could I forget to tell you about the second major happening? One sultry August afternoon, my doorbell rang and I answered by opening the apartment door. Before I could focus, the girl walked through the door and we were kissing passionately. A few minutes later, when we came up for air, I was finally able to concentrate on the person I was happily exchanging fluids with. It was none other than Samantha, my high school girlfriend and prom date.
  • Im finding that being a girl isnt a whole lot different than being a guy; not as much as I thought anyhow. My hair is as short as when I died. Im a bit smaller, but still strong.
  • I am working on a picture postcard collection by snail mail for my girl guide badge.
  • "Not many people knew Gabriella as I did," Jenna said through her tears. "And thats too bad. She was self-righteous at times, but she was humble when needed. She placed others before herself and loved deeper than anyone Ive ever known. She was there for me when times were tough, and she was always there for Jules. She was not one to let someone into her heart, and she was fearful of relationships with people. Because of this, many of you dont know the carefree, fun-loving girl inside. So let me tell you a few things I do know about my sister that you might not know. She was intelligent beyond her years. Well, you all already knew that." There was light laughter. "She was beautiful, inside and out, and had a fantastic sense of humor, not to mention her sarcastic side." Jenna smiled then, her eyes reminiscent.
  • The wild girl turned back to look at Aiden, then blanched and turned away, returning to her seat on the couch, allowing her hair to fall in front of her face. The young explorer gave Criosa's puzzled expression a shrug, not knowing what to make of the sorceress' behaviour, and he didn't have time to worry about it now, in any case, for the Sergeant of the guard stood up, and ordered his squad to prepare to depart.
  • Rose, Mickey and the Doctor were on their way through time and space in the TARDIS, his time travelling space ship, disguised as a blue police telephone box. Rose was his latest companion, a blonde nineteen year old girl from 21st century Earth, London, and this time he let Mickey, her somewhat annoying boyfriend, come along too.
  • There was no doubt that I liked Shari more than any girl I had met. She was even a step above Karen Chaney, the girl that Gary made me embarrassed over in art class. I had taken a few baby steps since then but still felt as though the spirit of Gary was lurking over my shoulder.
  • As soon as he stepped in and closed the door, Aiden suddenly remembered Sayana, and noticed her bed was empty. He had forgotten all about her, and didn't recall seeing her at all before he went outside. Startled, he looked around quickly but couldn't see her in the room. He moved in closer to check the bed and noticed a scrap of animal fur on the floor. Leaning down to pick it up, Aiden glanced under the bed itself and saw the wild girl staring back at him with gleaming eyes.
  • Jeralyle thought he even heard the girl growl low in her throat, and again he saw that twinge turn her angelic face, and thought it best to change the subject. "Anymore I need to know about?"
  • This is a story with many characters in multiple locations, but everything will come together and be resolved by the end. Most importantly, four of themman, woman, boy and girl who are unaware of each other at firstwill unite, discover the truth about themselves, and expand their powers.
  • Get some spunk inside you girls it seems that coca-cola are not having a very good time of it at all recently.
  • It took longer than usual to get dinner on the table. Krista and I would forget what we were supposed to be doing as we talked and formulated plans. I explained that I certainly wasnt looking for this kind of attention. She replied that sometimes celebrity status is just thrust upon us and theres nothing a girl can do about it except ride out the popularity storm.
  • You all remember Winny Cooper, Kevin Arnolds next-door neighbor and flame on The Wonder Years. She didnt leave much of an impression on me; primarily due to the fact the girl was just that, a girl. The same cant be said for my good friend Sam and his warped cranium.
  • She looked over at Connors house to see it in a new light. The building had been painted a semi-gloss white. At a window near the front door she saw movement as a red blind in the window snapped back together and not two seconds later she heard a girl shout inside the house "Brothers back! Brothers back!" A short girl about Sarahs height came charging out of the house. She wore a pink and white stripped shirt along with beige pants. She came running outside barefoot, looking very excited and relieved. She seemed about seventeen or eighteen years old with the same sandy blonde color hair, but her hair was cut shoulder length unlike Connors shaggy style. Her eyes were not Connors piercing hazel, but a deep and rich chocolate brown.
  • The girl jumped all over the cars accessories, punching buttons and spinning knobs. "Wow, man! Who do you drive for, anyway?" She pecked the consoles computer keyboard with rainbow-glitter nails, saying, "Dear Mom. Its like, wow. I mean, Im being kidnapped by this handsome limousine driver. His names . . ." She paused in her play-typing.
  • Pete and Adam's relationship would never be the same after that short trip to Pikesville, as the days of hanging out at each other's houses were long gone. girls had become a dominant variable in the friend equation, and Adam was going to pursue the drunken tramp regardless of what was being said.
  • The girl snatched the piece from the fork and wolfed it down. When Rordan offered her more, she gulped the pieces down without chewing.
  • "I don't have time for this.", the Doctor said agitatedly. He did know what he was supposed to remember and he didn't know who the girl was. He had met so many people in his long life. He could not possibly remember them all.
  • He cocked a devilish eyebrow at her as she approached the open door of his classroom. He leaned against the doorjamb as before, arms crossed over a wide and imposing chest. The first bell had rung four minutes earlier; the tardy bell was just moments from sounding. Melody had hung back as long as she could, terrified that she had set herself upon an irreversible course of humiliation and expulsion, humiliation and expulsion…. Every teacher smiles the first day, she thought glumly. Smiles the first dayangry outbursts every day until the last. And kids laughing in my face the entire time. A new classmate pushed past Melody, hurrying to get into the room before the bell. Mr. Conor moved out of the students way without looking at her, his eyes pinning Melody to the hallway carpet. She took two uneasy steps towards him and forced herself to look up, hoping her advance would also move his large mass out of the way so she could enter the classroom as anonymously as that girl did just a second ago. No such luck. Mr. Conor didnt budge an inch.
  • Jaxon nodded her confirmation as the girls took each others hands. Immediately, a barrier of energy surrounded them. Caislyn looked around, still amazed that they could do such a thing. Then she concentrated and chanted a quick invisibility spell she had learned from her father years ago. She was beginning to understand that much of what he had taught her had been Fey magic. He had been training her even then to be able to protect herself when the time came.
  • The Chanters scattered as soon as the Druid's head hit the ground. The girl was still kicking the Acolyte. Alexander the dwarf was staring at the paladin, who was still shouting at the corpse.
  • The Doctor had reappeared on the other side of the glass. He was back in the normal world again and he had expected Rose and Mickey to follow shortly. He looked in the mirror and saw Rose and Mickey were still on the other side. He banged on the glass a few times, but it was clear they would not be getting out of there anytime soon. So the Doctor decided to go looking for the girl in the purple dress.
  • The first girl was still whimpering. It nearly covered up the distant sound of some kind of machinery kicking on and creating a barely-audible two-part growl that seemed to make the air shiver.
  • "I had a girl myself. Sixteen. I was living down the state then. I had her in school, in Sacramento, and sent her dough there. I didn't want her to know what I was doing, if you get it."
  • Sergeant Evans, The old soldier Aiden had met last night, was leading the squad of six men that would accompany them on their journey. Bethany made it clear that the princess was to be kept out of harms way, although the slightly smug look on her Highness's face suggested she was probably going to order them to let her do what she wanted anyway. Aiden was rather impressed with her attitudethis was no spoilt little girl trying to get her way, and despite the sheltered life she must have led, Criosa seemed to have a grasp on just what was going on around her.
  • Then i got the image of a girl with long ringlets with the words from a song " mary, mary quite contrary " !
  • "And he has a girlfriend!" Liseli added as an afterthought. Russs girlfriend came in for lunch nearly every day. Marcy was a chubby girl who wore clothes that were much too small and tight. Bleach blonde hair with dark, greasy roots, long acrylic nails, pouty painted lips, and heavy eyeliner. Yeah, that seemed like the kind of girl Russ would have. It never failed to annoy Liseli that she always expected to get a discount on her orders because she was associated with an employee. To makes matter worse, Russ would actually give them to her if he was working the cash register.
  • Some of the other boys and even the girls braved themselves to sneak out. They tried to form a plan, a plan to escape through the portal light that held the Dark and Evil out of this school. The mind of Eibhlin was hard at work. She convinced the professor's bluebird to help the children find a way out without hurting the temperamental Crimson Light. It took a strong force to enter from the outside, but had anyone tried to walk through it, to go to the outside?
  • Jillian shook her head and told Sarah what weighed on her mind. "Sarah, you have been my little girl for a very, very long time. And now you are finally a woman and it will be hard to see you leave. It feels harder now than it did when Amber and Pearl left with their mates. We have always been a little closer than your sisters had. Make a promise with me please?" She looked up with troubled golden eyes.
  • "Sorry Sy, but it's gotta be done," Colt said grimly. "I have a solution though, if you're not too proud to accept my help." Too tired to reply, the wild girl just blinked slowly at him, which he interpreted as a 'yes'. Stepping forward, he picked her up in his arms as if she were made out of feathers, put her over his shoulder, then turned and led the others through the snow towards the east.
  • "Can you girls please hurry it up? I would like to get to Rommel before I am old!" Range called, trying to sound casual.
  • 'She was sneezing!' Max lied. 'I can't have the girl sneezing in the street. My car's closer,' a moot point considering they were already in it, 'so I'll take her home.'
  • "You fired your author? What a great idea! I must discuss this with the other characters in our tale," responded the rabbit. "No matter how bad yours was, ours is worse. In fact, you shouldnt let him come near you, little girl . . . no, wait. I sense that youre not really a little girl and can take care of yourself."
  • The fish turned to Astray with a baleful expression. "Alas, I spoke too soon. It seems the girls are as rude as the boys, these days."
  • Not from Bane and his army, however. Already, three abbeys had fallen beneath his troops' tramping feet, and the healers and their pupils had been slaughtered in terrible ways. The tales of rape, torture and burnings were enough to turn a healer's blood cold. No one in their right mind would willingly settle in the path of that fate. Ellese feared for Mirra, but this was as it had to be. She watched the girl rearranging the few items of furniture, chattering about her first customers, and hoped she had done the right thing. She whispered a prayer to the goddess, begging her protection for this innocent girl.
  • 'Like hell I'm going to do that. You need a girl that's going to make you forget about your big important job for half a second. You're not on duty all the time, you know.'
  • Coach Sherman delivered a loud, but largely uninspiring pre-game speech and then the guys were waiting near the coachs office before hitting the floor and the layup line. David didnt feel like he really knew anybody at South, although people were frantically chanting his name from the stands. While Bruce was busy throwing kisses to girls in the stands that were flashes their boobs in hopes of getting a piece of him after the game, David ignored the Mardi Gras-like atmosphere and started strolling toward the window to get a look at that box score.
  • That evening Marya Dmitrievna was going to the Akharovs' and proposed to take the girls with her. Natasha, pleading a headache, remained at home.
  • Seriously, these guys and girls had baritone, soprano, beat box, english, japanese, the works.
  • Seduction of a beautiful escort girl played by the exquisite zhang ziyi however is by far the most satisfying.
  • After the game Pete's dad said, "See, all of those hours we spent working on your left hand paid off." Pete looked at Isabel and thought that all the hours of practice paled in comparison to the fire lit under his ass by an empty house and a girl who held his one way ticket to heaven.
  • A great groan rose from them, and some of the younger girls burst into tears, their wailing tearing at Ellese's fragile control.
  • I never really had the slightest idea what "cheating" was all about. All right, let me clear the air a minuteyes, I have transgressed and peaked at a neighbors paper during a test, and I have been known to bring in the tightly written cheat sheet that I slid under my test paperbut cheating on a woman was a somewhat new topic for me. I once overlapped two girls in collegeone was on the way in and the other was on the way outbut the feeling of nausea seeing them walking together one morning was too much for me to stomach.
  • "What kind of demon would I be if I didn't take advantage of a wounded employee who was prone to disloyalty? He said the woman's name was Melina. I've had my people out searching for information on the Seer. It seems that he escaped my delivery boy's grasp when the Hounds attacked. That is when the girls must have run into him, because from the reports I've received, the bitch sent back up and they grabbed the old fool a few blocks from here." Ve smirked, "he was tra, la, la-ing up the road without a care. Seers are the strangest breed."
  • Finnegaff stood holding his staff, the other hand on his hip as he looked to the battlefield. He, too, was spent, his hair wet with perspiration. "That was a Shadowrought," he told her. "I'm glad you were here, even though," he turned to the girls, "I told you to, well..." he held a finger in the air. He looked to each of the girls in turn. "Uh..." They awaited his reprimand. His eyes met each of them several times in rapid, nervous succession. "I told you to...I...both of you..." he lowered his hand to his side as he shook his head. "I guess it couldn't be helped." The girls exchanged knowing glances. He redirected his gaze to the scene of the shadowrought, then redirected the conversation to a topic at which he was more graceful. "The shadowrought are not always so easily defeated."
  • Matrika saw where the girl was looking and asked, "What's the difference between these trees and the ones around our gates, Caelia?"
  • "Since you left. no guy has ever scored more than 25 points in a game, and no girl has scored more than 20 points since I left."
  • "My gosh," he said, "Where did you find this poor jewel of a lady, sweet girl?" He took the girl from Eibhlin, who then collapsed to the floor when they entered the school's great hall.
  • Paul started to dry himself, slowly and methodically. Looking at things logically, he thought, she didnt have a boyfriend, and it was a well know fact that a lot of girls were attracted to older men.
  • Amanda turned bright red and then slid back to her place on the bench. The girls then turned their full attention back to Simone.
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