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Okunuşu: / frɒm ðɪs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



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  • Secondly, the output voltage from this 6-pulse rectifier only falls to 86 % between peaks.
  • He approached the king. Grabbed his closed fist. "The war you will wagethat fight you speak ofis ultimately your own, Mathematician. It is within you. Just accept who you are, and the battle will be won. This Oath you took has no meaning to you from this day forward. You must accept, Kieran Conor ..." He removed the pendant from Conors palm, which had opened. "You must accept. Become who you are."
  • What had meanwhile been happening to Rey Faleiro? We cannot exactly say. But this man, who had up to this time been treated on the same footing as Magellan, and who had perhaps first conceived the project, now found himself quite excluded from the command of the expedition, after some dissensions of which the cause is unknown. His health, already shaken, received a last shock from this affront, and poor Rey Faleiro, who had become almost childish, having returned to Portugal to see his family, was arrested there, and only released upon the intercession of Charles V. At last, after having sworn fidelity and homage to the crown of Castille, Magellan received in his turn the oath of his officers and sailors, and left the port of San Lucar de Barrameda on the morning of the 10th of August, 1519.
  • He complied with the most accommodating spirit imaginable; and went on eating and chatting, and laughing and smearing himself, until his whole countenance shone with grease and good-humor. In the course of his repast, his attention was caught by the figure of the gastronome, who, as usual, was gorging himself in dogged silence. A droll cut of the eye showed either that he knew him of old, or perceived at once his characteristics. He immediately made him the butt of his pleasantries; and cracked off two or three good hits, that caused the sluggish dolt to prick up his ears, and delighted all the company. from this time, the uninvited guest was taken into favor; his jokes began to be relished; his careless, free and easy air, to be considered singularly amusing; and in the end, he was pronounced by the travellers one of the merriest companions and most entertaining vagabonds they had met with in the wilderness.
  • Your Holiness, I am Roland de Vency. I am a troubadour and a knight. I have also been a faidit, an exile from this land. My parents, my sister, and I fled with a price on our heads. Now I have come back to Languedoc.
  • A little sterner, a little paler than usual he looked; she could perceive no other change. He took her hand kindly and held it, as with dilated eyes he looked with a dark inquiry for a moment in her face. He signed to the servant to go on, and said, "I'm glad you have come, Maud. You have heard what is to happen; and I don't know how Janet could have borne it without your support. You did right to come; and you'll stay with her for a day or two, and take her away from this place as soon as you can."
  • You asked me if I would take the shot from this tower, would I risk Lief's life to save it. Yes, I would, but you have to understand why. I would not risk Lief's life for my own glory, but I would if I felt it was his only chance. That is how I will deal with your people as well. Does that ease your mind?
  • Jacob kicked the door in and it smashed against the wall with a loud bang. He stepped inside and took another deep breath; more familiar smells, but none recent. He followed the trail through the deserted house until he came to a familiar door. He swung it open and stepped inside. He was back inside the arena. He groped the wall for a switch and flicked it on. Several lights snapped on around the room. He looked down into the pit, which seemed much smaller from this vantage point. The blood had been washed from the floors and walls but the stench remained as strong as ever. He found the wooden pillar and traced the fresh claw marks he made last night. The crest under the podium was gone and only the unblemished stone behind it served as an indicator something had been there.
  • "You are four minutes too slow. No matter; it's enough to mention the error. Now from this moment, twenty-nine minutes after eleven, a.m., this Wednesday, 2nd October, you are in my service."
  • To lift the immunities of the BDP deputies is the easiest part. Unfortunately there is no easy formula for preventing the emotional breakup of Kurds from this country. This task becomes more challenging at a time when the Kurdish deputies of the AKP -- which has been the sole basis of the Kurds' sense of belonging in this country and system -- have become vulnerable to this alienation. Thus, not only the hardcore democrat deputies of the AKP, but also the Kurdish deputies of the ruling party are raising their voices against the government plan to lift the immunities of the BDP deputies. Their voices may not be stentorian, but this does not mean that they don't object. As a matter of fact, it is quite conceivable for them to do this, given the ordeal to which Halit Advan, the head of the Diyarbakır branch of the AKP's local organizations, was subjected. Advan was forced to resign from office after he said, "pious Kurds are voting for the BDP" because of the AKP's faltering discourses and policies. This case alone tells us many things about the current problem.
  • The road was a magnificent one, having been built on the foundations of the ancient Appian Way. It was lined on each side with trees, and was broad and well paved. It is considered one of the finest in Europe. Along this they rolled, the blue sky above them, on the right hand the mountains, on the left the sea. The air was damp and chill; but at first they did not feel it particularly, though Uncle Moses complained of "rheumatics," and took precautionary measures against his insidious enemy by wrapping himself up warmly. As they went on they saw crowds of peasants coming to work in the fields. These peasants lived in the hill country on the right, and had to walk a great distance to get to their place of labor,--for to live on the marshes was impossible. Men, women, and even children were there; and their pale, sickly faces and haggard looks showed how deadly were the effects of the noxious exhalations from this marshy soil.
  • Never the less bw are forcing eviction of the artisans and residential boaters from this essential site tommorrow friday the 29th july 2005.
  • The dried bark from this species has been applied as a counter irritant ( morton 1977 ).
  • Sy nodded. A shag would be too big to utilize the blind spot. The lookout from this tower would spot it. Only the slight goblin could truly use the edge of the hill for cover. The web would work. He reveled in the victory. It was not always the actual physical struggle which turned the advantage. More often, it was the battle of strategy, the deployment of forces, obstacles, and resources. Confident in the overall approach of the web, Sy focused on the details.
  • The aneroids had kept fairly well with the mercurial barometer and the boiling-point thermometer until we moved to the ridge; from this time they displayed a progressive discrepancy therewith that put them out of serious consideration, and one was as bad as the other. Eleven thousand feet seemed the limit of their good behavior. To set them back day by day, like Captain Cuttle's watch, would be to depend wholly upon the other instruments anyway, and this is just what we did, not troubling to adjust them. They were read and recorded merely because that routine had been established. Says Burns:
  • The jeweller having taken his place again near the prince, said to him, smiling, I see, prince, you have important affairs at the caliph's palace. The prince of Persia was astonished and alarmed at this discourse, and answered the jeweller, why do you judge that I have affairs at the caliph's palace? I judge, replied the jeweller, by the slave that is gone forth. To whom, think you, belongs this slave? said the prince. To Schemselnihar, the caliph's favourite, answered the jeweller. I know, continued he, both the slave and her mistress, who have several times done me the honour to come to my house, and buy jewels. Besides, I know that Schemselnihar keeps nothing secret from this slave; and I have seen her go and come for several days along the streets, very much troubled, which made me imagine that it was upon some affair of consequence concerning her mistress.
  • I don't know so much about being free, whispered Vince. "We should be away from this wretched old lugger; but where should we be going then? Didn't I warn you about the rocks and currents?"
  • I have worked too hard, Doctor, to have all this taken away from me, by you, by anyone. I will not let anyone stop me from reaching my breakthrough!' Patchwork poured his whole frustration out to the Doctor, who was trying to slowly edge away from this dangerously mad man.
  • Ignorance that strong couldnt be feigned. "Never mind." Paddington glanced around the bar. Quentin had salvaged something from this trip; maybe he could too. "Quentin, does anyone here live near the farms?"
  • I hope to go on the Census Bureau force permanently, the boy explained, "and I was anxious to have a chance to learn all the various parts of the work by doing them myself. Judging from this book, it doesn't seem hard."
  • "Asias rise -- China, India, Indonesia -- the continuing strength of Japan and South Korea, the emergence from poverty of many nations toward more advanced economies, all means that we need to grasp the economic opportunities coming our way," she said. "We have the ability to map out a course in this century so that we all benefit from this time of change. But none of this detracts from a long-term pivotal alliance with the United States, and we want the United States to be on this journey in our region as it changes, as a partner with us and a partner in the region."
  • You forget, he said with a deprecating gesture, "that they can see exactly where I am at any time! If they enter the cavern of vision and turn on the power they can see us now, instantly. They know perfectly well that my intention is to surrender to them. Therefore they will take care to make my escape from this place possible."
  • "Well, I think that he was preaching that the end of the world will come because of an attack, from this other world, or something like that."
  • I see, said Hal briefly. "But come, if you are able to walk. We had better get away from this spot. The battle is not over."
  • Id just arrived home from a battle in Ayeguam. Somehow a tiger from the zoo accidentally enter the realm through a portal. I find it amusing how a small life form, such as a rat from this world, can change into a giant, ferocious monster. Its kind of sad to have to vanquish a peaceful creature just because it accidently fell into Ayeguam and transformed.
  • "Bollocks, I'll have to feel me way around," Clavis muttered, carefully feeling the surface of the stone to gain some insight as to its stability. "The rock ain't fallin' away from this side, but that surely does sound like stones being moved away on t'other. I guess me cousins aren't quite finished with us yet." Pacian groaned at this news, and Colt spat out a few choice curses.
  • Ain't it a'most time for us to be gittin' down from this Horseback, Doc? asked Joe, who had been listening with the others.
  • The men were under control now, and there was little confusion. They promptly obeyed orders, and Hiram Bunker seemed to be everywhere at once. We could do nothing but look on, with a growing uneasiness, for which there was good cause. But at last all was in readiness, and none too soon, for the bows of the sinking ship were close to the water. It was from this quarter that the two boats--the longboat and the jolly-boat--were lowered.
  • "Yes, there is and a very good chance, too, I think. Really, if they do come up to this point, I believe we won't have much chance. But the grounds here will be well within the range of the guns from the forts, and I don't think they'll do any infantry work until they've tried to beat down our forts with their big guns. Not from this side, anyway. If they try to take Liege by storm they're more likely to attack between Liers and Pontisse, or between the Meuse and Barchon. The country's more open there. Here, you see, the Ourthe runs between Boncelles and Embourg, and the two forts command all the approaches. So I think there's a good chance for us. But we have got to take precautions, of course, because they are almost sure to throw out their scouts as far as this in the beginning, even if they recall them after the guns start firing."
  • You are right, Monsieur Dalny, agreed the young ensign. "Let us waste little time in getting away from this part of Naples."
  • And so from this explanation numerous Divine Names rise, like All-Compassionate, Provider, Bestower, and All-Generous.
  • [Footnote 1: A "bow-stall" is formed by taking a turn with a rope or lariat between the nostrils and eyes of a horse, and passing one end over the head, back of the ears and tied on the opposite side. A second noose is then made around the jaws and from this the reins lead back toward the rider, who can then thoroughly manage the animal.--THE AUTHOR.]
  • "We used to watch the whales together from this very spot," said the Prince as his eyes trailed after the passing shadow nostalgically. "Do you remember this as fondly as I do?"
  • Once there, he hesitated, aware that two distinct possibilities existed from this point. Either he would be admitted and could hope to learn something that would help unravel this mess, or, he would find himself looking up the barrel of a gun, staring at the grim features of an Agent with his finger poised on the trigger.
  • On his return from Italy he finds the government in Paris in a process of dissolution in which all those who are in it are inevitably wiped out and destroyed. And by chance an escape from this dangerous position presents itself in the form of an aimless and senseless expedition to Africa. Again so-called chance accompanies him. Impregnable Malta surrenders without a shot; his most reckless schemes are crowned with success. The enemy's fleet, which subsequently did not let a single boat pass, allows his entire army to elude it. In Africa a whole series of outrages are committed against the almost unarmed inhabitants. And the men who commit these crimes, especially their leader, assure themselves that this is admirable, this is glory- it resembles Caesar and Alexander the Great and is therefore good.
  • "Billy now you have figured out why I devote my window to individual artists. That's the Gallery Alise form of a show. That space is designed to move art from this gallery into the customers' homes or offices."
  • It is a long road to traverse over half of the Pacific. Weeks and weeks were thus occupied; Talcott and myself profiting by every suitable occasion, to enjoy the advantages of the association chance had thus thrown in our way. I make no doubt I was greatly benefited by my constant communications with the Mertons; the Major being a cultivated, though not a particularly brilliant, man; while I conceive it to be utterly impossible for two young men, of our time of life and profession, to be daily, almost hourly, in the company of a young woman like Emily Merton, without losing some of the peculiar roughness of the sea, and getting, in its place, some small portion of the gentler qualities of the saloon. I date a certain a plomb, an absence of shyness in the company of females, from this habitual intercourse with one of the sex who had, herself, been carefully educated in the conventionalities of respectable, if not of very elegant or sophisticated society.
  • Mappel refuted the claim, spoke with hardened determination to make the dwarf prince see the clear logic. "It is not from this standpoint we make this decision. We base it on the instructions of Shayed, who has always spoken for all."
  • Doubtlessly, Erdoğan is one of the most productive prime ministers that served the Turkish Republic. He is re-doing and re-constructing everything. He is very active in transforming the old into the new. He distinguished himself from other statesmen and politicians in this sense with the "crazy project" he announced last Wednesday. While his rivals could not even carry out rehabilitating so much as a river, he made public his "Kanal İstanbul" project, astonishing the entire world. His aim is to challenge geography and fate of the sea through human will and power. from this perspective, the prime minister looks like a positivist man who believes in development rather than a religious or pious one. His actions do not bear the traces of conservatism his critics frequently put forward.
  • Do I understand from you, my dear sir, that you yourself were carried away from this island when about four years of age? he asked, pulling up his horse, as if he felt unable to guide the animal, and gazing at me earnestly.
  • We've been somewhere near here before, he said. "You remember the time we came over to this side of the world and found a key to a treaty box? Well, we wasn't far from this spot at one time."
  • Nallar continued on, landing both of his massive hands on Nwour's shoulders again, and digging his nails in. The black dragon made an attempt to capture his attacker's neck in his mouth, but Nallar intercepted and drove his nose into the rotted, skeletal side of Nwour's jaw causing another frustrated growl to bellow from his throat. Despite the claws rending into what little flesh there was left on him, Nwour managed a vengeful, almost regretful look at Grahamas before he scraped and slid away from the white dragon's grip. What blood he hadblack and vilewas oozing out, forcing him to realize this was a fight he would not win. Once free, he got to his feet and faced the trees, then charged through them. Most cracked, splintered, and toppled from this massive weight. Moments later, the companions watched Nwour take to the skies. Grahamas gave a quick nod to Nallar when he looked back at the group. Seeing that the companions were safe, he turned and crushed through the remaining timbers, soaring his way up to catch his twisted sibling.
  • The day at length dawned, and a beautiful fresh morning it was. A breeze which in a ship would have been only sufficient to fill all her sails, was to the small boats too much to be pleasant or safe. Still by the aid of repeated baling, they were kept comparatively free of water. No sign of a vessel, however, appeared, and it approached noon, when the lieutenant, arranging his sextant, prepared to find out where he was. After waiting several minutes, he was at length satisfied that he had obtained the sun's meridian altitude, and having from this deduced the latitude, he announced that the boat was not more than thirty miles from land, though what part of the land she was opposite he could not exactly tell. "My chronometer is not a very trustworthy one, and this knocking about in the boat may have unsettled it; but if it is near right, I fancy we are actually west of the Cape; and this is possible, if the current has been very strong."
  • "Just don't set anyone on fire and I'm sure we'll be fine," Aiden added with a smile. They continued on for a little way down the road until they arrived at the Seaspray Inn, a huge wooden building, two storeys high, that had been added to more and more over the years. from this position, they could also see the bustling docks, less than a hundred yards away. The crashing of the waves against the shore was quite loud here, and was yet another thing that spooked Sayana.
  • The parong latok, already described, is a heavy sword. It has a head, sometimes carved as an ornament, so that it cannot slip from the hand. At about one third of its length from this head, it bends at an abrupt angle of about thirty five degrees, and it makes a very ugly looking weapon.
  • Her irascible impatience is immediate: "Was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since!—and wakes it now, to look so green and pale at what it did so freely? from this time, such I account thy love!
  • Five Saeire Insu boats were down there, sailing out of a circular cove, small toys from this height, three flying silver and yellow standards, the other two easily recognized as Galarragian. Approaching the other side of the island were Gyssian ships, a triangular point of them comprising ten craft preceding a monster wave of them just coming visible in the blue-white distance. She asked: "He was using chemical warfare against the Gyssians?"
  • Rath didn't shy from this clamor; it comforted him, eased his tensions. For a moment, it even erased his pressing alarm. The urgency that gripped him, hastened him to leave Janus, could not keep him from taking this stroll of tribute. He walked the pads freely without worry of a landing freighter or a launching shuttle; the Orbital Control panel highlighted the "Clear Space" signal. He took a roundabout path to his scout, surveying the docking bays for what he thought might be the last time.
  • He noticed that the water, though so thick with reeds, was as clear as that in the open Lake; there was no scum such as accumulates in stagnant places. from this he concluded that there must be a current, however slight, perhaps from rivers flowing into this part of the Lake. He felt the strongest desire to explore farther till he reached the mainland, but he reflected that mere exploration was not his object; it would never obtain Aurora for him. There were no signs whatever of human habitation, and from reeds and bulrushes, however interesting, nothing could be gained. Reluctantly, therefore, on the third morning, having passed the night on one of the islets, he turned his canoe, and paddled southwards towards the Lake.
  • "Its ... really beautiful," said Melody with shallow lungs. And very deep within her, the memory of a conversation from this very afternoon, coupled with the image of her best friend walking with her teacher back under a desolate and evil archway, called to her:
  • The Sheriff pulled out a yellow sticky note and placed it on the table. It was the secretary's note from this morning with my name and a description of the necklace. "It's alright, you don't have to answer that question anyway. We know the necklace is yours. We have witnesses that saw you wearing it. Mrs. King for one. Agnes, your friend at Shadowford. And there's a notebook in your bedroom with a drawing of a woman wearing it. Your mother, I'm guessing."
  • Each step was carved from pure granite. Layers and layers of rock dust masked the flat footfall portions of the stone. The vertical edges, however, escaped the brown and gray powder and shined with ancient polish, a tribute to dwarf construction. Most steps passed the test of the ages without crumbling or succumbing to fissure. Only a random few suffered the scars of cracks, and these appeared recent, probably the result of the blast which freed the magic from this monumental tomb.
  • "Sleep, you dogs! Tracked me, eh? Well, it won't do you any good. You'll be snoring long after we reach Georgia. And when you do arouse yourselves, you'll find the box gone from this train.
  • The English traders are supplying them as fast as they can with guns, rejoined Victor; "it is hard for us that they do so, for we or our children may be shot by the guns these men supply, and yet we can do nothing, however much we may suffer from this money-making feeling."
  • "It would be superfluous to say that the British Empire is now involved in a struggle in comparison with which all our former wars sink into absolute insignificance, a struggle which will tax its immense resources to the very utmost. Nothing, however, has yet occurred to warrant the belief that those resources will not prove equal to the strain, or that the greatest empire on earth will not emerge from this combat of the giants with her ancient glory enhanced by new and hitherto unequalled triumphs.
  • The serp did not hesitate for a moment. "Then do so. Do so right now. Lead me away from this spot. As you do, watch the hills. My goblins will rise over them before I move more than three steps."
  • At this station the office of the canal company, which you can see from the deck, is located. It has a garden in front of it, on an avenue adorned with lebbec trees. You see that tall tower with balls and flags on it; and it is from this point that all the movements of vessels in the canal are controlled. But I think we had better land, and see it for ourselves.
  • The jailer rolled stolidly over him. "I reckon that my superior would require more proof of this order you have here. Id reckon that hed require a personal appearance or some other proof from this Sapriel, or enough convincing from this Meester Douglas, and I know my superior well enough to be sure hed need a good quotation of the right municipal codes. Then you can have him."
  • Monday the attack was begun anew, and the gigantic gun widened the breach. Various mishaps met the Swedes, however. About dusk that day a Swedish gunner killed on the spot Miller's sister's son, whom the general loved as though he had been his own, and intended to leave him all that he had,--beginning with his name and military reputation and ending with his fortune. But the heart of the old warrior blazed up with hatred all the more from this loss.
  • The man he had followed had apparently come there to meet somebody, but although the mine was conveniently near the town it was a cold and cheerless spot for a rendezvous, Foster surmised from this that secrecy was important, but after all there was nothing to indicate that the matter had anything to do with him. As he went back he heard a musical humming in the tops of the pines and a lump of wet snow, slipping from a branch, struck his face. The humming grew louder until the wood was filled with sound, and he began to feel clammy and hot. A warm Chinook wind from the Pacific was sweeping up the valley, driving back the frost.
  • But it seems you have learned nothing from this defeat, said Baibars thoughtfully. "Besides the emirs who wished to make you Sultan, there were those who urged that I do as Turan Shah had intended. Perhaps I should have listened to them."
  • Within full view of our hiding-place was a dwelling standing near the government building, and as we gazed I saw the flash of a musket come from this house, when the horse on which the general was riding fell dead, carrying the officer to the ground with him in what looked to be an ugly fall.
  • In the old tunnel that runs from this place nearly to the sea, said he. "We Rattrays have always been a pretty warm lot, Cole, and in the old days we were the most festive smugglers on the coast; this tunnel's a relic of 'em, although it was only a tradition till I came into the property. I swore I'd find it, and when I'd done so I made the new connection which you shall see. I'm rather proud of it. And I won't say I haven't used the old drain once or twice after the fashion of my rude forefathers; but never was it such a godsend as it's been this time. By Jove, it would be a sin if you didn't come in with us, Cole; but for the lives these blackguards lost the thing's gone splendidly; it would be a sin if you went and lost yours, whereas, if you come in, the two of us would be able to shake off those devils: we should be too strong for 'em."
  • Before trusting ourselves among these savages we gave them, as peace offerings, coloured beads and bright pieces of cloth. Our presents were well received, but immediately on becoming possessed of them the natives laid them at the feet of a young man who stood apart from the crowd, surrounded by several tall and fierce-looking savages. from this we concluded the young man to be the king of the country, though we wondered he should be so young, as the leadership amongst savages generally goes to the strongest.
  • 'This was a new scene, a new trial of patience, a new degradation. Instead of that steady attention from my small audience which I expected, that deep interest which I supposed the story must inspire, suffusing them in tears or transfixing them in terror, the ladies and gentlemen amused themselves with whispers, winks, jokes, titters, and giggling; which, when they caught my attention and fixed my eye upon the laughers, were turned into an affected gravity that added to the insult. No heart panted! no face turned pale! no eye shed a tear! and, if I were to judge from this experiment, a more uninteresting soul-less piece had never been written. But the manager was not present, and I was not a person of consequence enough to command respect or ceremony, from any party. I complained to him of the total want of effect in my tragedy, over the passions of the actors; but he treated that as a very equivocal sign indeed, and of no worth.
  • The train men tried to dissuade Billy from this determination, for they saw the Danite was anxious to take him at his word, and to kill him; but he had made the offer and the Mormon urged it on, and the arrangements were made to fight with pistols at fifty paces, walking on each other and firing until one fell.
  • We soon ran inside the barrier coral-reef, and let go our anchor in six fathoms water, just opposite the mouth of a small creek, whose shores were densely covered with mangroves and tall umbrageous trees. The principal village of the natives lay about half a mile from this point. Ordering the boat out, the captain jumped into it, and ordered me to follow him. The men, fifteen in number, were well armed; and the mate was directed to have Long Tom ready for emergencies.
  • A surfing ballerina made out of vegetables was just one of the original ideas that emerged from this project on mechanical toys.
  • "Allow me to take the girl to Anwin," replied Raven, "so she can come into her own. Then shell be ready to take on Marduk and save these humans from this impending darkness."
  • This was going to be a big day for Suwak. A Wednesday. The third Wednesday of the month. On days like that, at the end of the bio-weather cycle phi-alpha, the greatest number of people committed suicides and accidents of all kinds were at an all-time high. And it was exactly on such a day, as this carefully selected Wednesday (which blushed from this distinction), that the mini-anti-aggressor was going to make the biggest of impressions. Suwak was supposed to attend a press conference introducing this revolutionary invention and then meet with the McPhilips people to initial an agreement for the launch of the mini-anti-aggressor on the consumer market.
  • The poor husband was so much overwhelmed with grief and confusion at this unexpected address that he could not recollect himself till after a pause of several minutes, when uttering a hollow groan, I will not,"" said he, ""aggravate your sufferings, by reproaching you with my wrongs, though your conduct hath been but an ill return for all my tenderness and esteem. I look upon it as a trial of my Christian patience, and bear my misfortune with resignation; meanwhile, I forgive you from my heart, and fervently pray that your repentance may be acceptable to the Father of Mercy."" So saying, he approached her bedside, and embraced her in token of his sincerity. Whether this generous condescension diffused such a composure upon her spirits as tended to the ease and refreshment of nature, which had been almost exhausted by disease and vexation, certain it is, that from this day she began to struggle with her malady in surprising efforts, and hourly gained ground, until her health was pretty well re-established."
  • Mr. Elford immediately conjectured his business, went to listen, was struck when he heard the particulars, and hastily returned to ask me if my name was Hugh Trevor? I answered, yes; little Hugh. He instantly ran after the bellman, told him the boy was found, and I was conducted by Mr. Elford and the bellman, with a crowd in their retinue, back to my terrified father; between whom and my uncle an acquaintance from this time commenced.
  • From among all these parties, just at the time Prince Andrew reached the army, another, a ninth party, was being formed and was beginning to raise its voice. This was the party of the elders, reasonable men experienced and capable in state affairs, who, without sharing any of those conflicting opinions, were able to take a detached view of what was going on at the staff at headquarters and to consider means of escape from this muddle, indecision, intricacy, and weakness.
  • "I fell from the tree. I was tryinto reach inside. My old bones dont move like they used to. Dwarves dont belong in trees, Ill tell you that much." He groaned and touched his forehead, which had a quickly rising bump. "Blast! I cant wait to be gone from this freezing, miserable forest and back to Mount Velik!" He got up with some difficulty, and extended his hand. "The names ThorinThorin Ulfarssonwhats yours, boy?"
  • "I didnt like her first boyfriend. He was self-centered and arrogant. My granddaughter tried to explain his bad behavior awayprivate school, wealthy parents, etc. I didnt believe it for a second. That boys problem wasnt being spoiled, he had a mean spirit. Needless to say, I was happy when he moved away from this area. I want her to find a good boy and I dont want her to get hurt."
  • Keeping to the shadows, the nameless boy watched and waited, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop it; there was nothing he could do to gain his freedom or to preserve the freedom of others. He was powerless, a slave, capable of little more than serving his master, and to this fate he resigned himself. There was no one who cared for him; no one would come to rescue him from this prison of flesh and bone. He was alone--now and for the rest of his days.
  • No matter. Lady Scratch could have kept me from this hard scratch for a living, which promises to be still harder. You know there's no resource left me but the little skill I've acquired in manipulating pasteboard. I've come over here under the pleasant hallucination I should find plenty of pigeons, and that the hawks only existed on our side of the Atlantic. Well, I've been round with my introductions, and what's the result? To discover that the dullest flat in New York would be a sharp in the saloons of London. I've dropped a hundred pounds already, and don't see much chance of taking them up again.
  • The man, from all appearances, had lain down to rest a short distance from the camp to escape the hubbub and confusion occasioned by the presence of so many wounded and dying. That he was entirely unsuspicious of personal danger was evident from this fact.
  • There's only one thought in my head. Get away from this guy. Play the joker or the idiot, whatever it takes. Live a while on the street and you know how to measure the psychos.
  • The first thing to do is to find out whether there is a path either from this river, or the other branch, to the pool. If so, at dark, after destroying the town, we will recall all the men on shore, buoy the anchor and drop it noiselessly, and drift down the river till we are far enough away to use the engines, then steam down to the junction of the two streams, and up again to the entrance to the creek on that side. Then we will at once land a very strong party, land also two twenty-four pounders, and drag them to the pool. We might hope to do so without any opposition, for the Malays would no doubt be gathered at the edge of the forest near the town to repel any attack we might make from there, and before morning we might have the guns in position. I should take a hundred empty sacks. These you would fill with earth when you get near the pool, and form a battery with them behind the screen of bushes; then, when you are ready, you will cut down the bushes and open fire."""
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  • You? cried she, with tones of thrilling tenderness, "you are everywhere!" Monte Cristo took the delicate hand of the young girl in his, and was about to raise it to his lips, when the simple child of nature hastily withdrew it, and presented her cheek. "You now understand, Haidee," said the count, "that from this moment you are absolutely free; that here you exercise unlimited sway, and are at liberty to lay aside or continue the costume of your country, as it may suit your inclination. Within this mansion you are absolute mistress of your actions, and may go abroad or remain in your apartments as may seem most agreeable to you. A carriage waits your orders, and Ali and Myrtho will accompany you whithersoever you desire to go. There is but one favor I would entreat of you."
  • I come to tell you that you have sufficiently repaid your debt, and that from this moment I will pray to God to forgive you, as I do.
  • Be that as it may, Captain Nemo also introduced me to the different data he had obtained on the relative densities of the water in our globe's chief seas. from this news I derived some personal enlightenment having nothing to do with science.
  • This retort angered Tavia, and she determined to ask no further favors from this old man. Though he did wear the uniform of a Civil War veteran, he certainly had poor manners.
  • Never mind that, said Mike impatiently; "there must be another way out from this basin. We saw signs of it from up above, when you sat up there and I held the rope."
  • It went wrong when I attempted to measure the gap. The gap between this reality and the next. The gap which the fools would use like a short-cut down a river, but over which I would have created a bridge to the other side. The gap in the fifth dimension that I should have been able to traverse to make the leap from this wretched reality to a righteous one. The gap which my theoriesindisputable theories! - allowed to be prised apart like a hausfrau's Wunderbar in order to achieve the proposed and pointless outcome of time-jumps. The gap which my theoriesmy incontrovertible theories! - predicted should be infinitesimal, bridgeable and measurable.
  • But the king is quite pleased with the professed adoration. He turns to the map. "Of all these bounds, even from this line to this"—the northern third of his land, from the highlands south toward the Humber River—"with shadowy forests and rich with plains, with plenteous rivers and wide-skirted meads, we make thee lady!—to thine and Albanys issue be this perpetual!
  • "The King and I selected a tree that permitted us to barely see the road. from this vantage point we would be all but invisible to the riders unless they knew exactly where to look."
  • It was evident from this that Watusk was pretty well informed of what had happened. "How do you know they have sent for the police?" Ambrose demanded.
  • The physician frowns. "Your Highness shall from this practise but make hard your heart! Besides the seeing, these effects will be both noisome and infectious!"
  • "I dont think I can drive like this, but we gotta get away from this school…" Tray told me with a shaky voice that frightened me further.
  • I dont smell a thing. Senses detach too easily from this new body of mine. I concentrate, tune my nose like its a short wave radio, and I can summon it. And just like that, like a distant station, it fades away.
  • We were now in the Canyon of the Athabaska and from this on our journey was a fight with the rapids. One by one my skilful boatmen negotiated them; either we tracked up or half unloaded, or landed and portaged, but it was hard and weary work. My journal entry for the night of the 18th runs thus:
  • Their powers combined and I no longer needed to struggle. They would remain hidden, safely contained inside me. I could relaxjust enjoy the waves of bliss. I didnt dare open my eyes. I was afraid my vision would distract me from this heavenly reality.
  • The next morning as we got clear of the harbor, a trim looking schooner of our size was sighted just off Cape Harrigan, about ten miles ahead. The breeze freshening we gradually overhauled her, and finally, while beating into Holton harbor, one of the most dangerous entrances on the coast, by the way, we passed her, and noticing her neat rig and appearance guessed rightly we had beaten the representatives of the Newfoundland law and the collector of her revenues from this coast.
  • They did so. Before them yawned an irregular circular hole or pit, about thirty feet deep by the same in diameter. The sides were smooth and perpendicular; indeed, slightly overhanging from the side on which they stood. Opposite, the glistening surface of the rock rose into a dome. But with this hole the cavern abruptly ended, the main part of it, that is, for a narrow cleft or "gallery" branched off abruptly at right angles. from this pit arose such a horrible effluvium that the explorers recoiled in disgust.
  • As a result of the sympathetic devotion which Jacopo had from the first bestowed on Edmond, the latter was moved to a certain degree of affection. But this sufficed for Jacopo, who instinctively felt that Edmond had a right to superiority of position--a superiority which Edmond had concealed from all others. And from this time the kindness which Edmond showed him was enough for the brave seaman.
  • Here, Jake, hang this fellow up on that tree so he can salute his majesty in true turkey fashion, shouted one man, and Jake, game as usual, tossed a big gobbler up in one of the mock Christmas-trees. from this point of vantage the bird made the jungle resound with its protests, while the troop screamed with laughter as Jake undertook to interpret the creature's address.
  • Oh, I've paid for them, said Eleanor, "and you're going to pay me when you begin to get the profits from this new butter business. I'd be glad to give them to you, but you won't need anyone to give you things; you're going to be able to afford to pay for them yourself."
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