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Okunuşu: / frɒm ðɪs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



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  • Several times during the late afternoon of this day they heard gunshots ahead, and from this judged that they were drawing very near the post; which, like all such important places belonging to the great fur company, must present quite an animated appearance with trappers and hunters, whites, Indians and halfbreeds, coming and going.
  • The serp did not hesitate for a moment. "Then do so. Do so right now. Lead me away from this spot. As you do, watch the hills. My goblins will rise over them before I move more than three steps."
  • 'Come, my darling,' giving his arm to Aster, 'we go from this spot: these two are faithful; but there will be some hot work before we get out.'
  • "Come on, we gotta get to class! I promise Ill find Tray the minute were dismissed, but well be late if dont leave now. Your guy wont get a break from this mind-numbing nonsense for a long time," I explained to her.
  • Excitement flickered through his weary body. I have not told him anything important yet, but he has just told me something very important. Perhaps I can learn more from this Mameluke commander.
  • O God, prayed the woman, "for Christ's sake look in pity upon us two poor captives, and if it be possible, send us deliverance from this savage land. We thank Thee Who hast protected us unharmed and in health for so many years, and we put our trust in Thy mercy, for Thou alone canst help us. Grant, O God, that our dear husband and father may still live, and that in Thy good time we may be reunited to him. Or if he be dead and there is no hope for us upon the earth, grant that we, too, may die and find him in Thy Heaven."
  • The remaining policeman took his time and sauntered over to Kevin. He had one hand resting comfortably on the pistol at his hip. 'So,' he said, squatting down to be at eye level with the boy. The leather on his belt creaked, laden as it was with neat pouches and pockets, sporting his handcuffs and solid-looking holstered revolver. 'It was lucky for your brother that you found him. It's pretty awful out in the bush for a young bloke like him, especially having taken a tumble like that. It's good you got him out before this terrible weather set in, too. The run-off from this rain would have swamped him in the creek bed. It's a veritable flood out there at the moment. The ground is too dry to absorb it. The roads and drains are awash. He wouldn't have stood a chance.'
  • But it seems you have learned nothing from this defeat, said Baibars thoughtfully. "Besides the emirs who wished to make you Sultan, there were those who urged that I do as Turan Shah had intended. Perhaps I should have listened to them."
  • "Fool! Ten beasts have died from this light, these bolts flung with anger from the mountain. Eba-evin ignores the King. That is folly."
  • The Duke and the Count got up from their chairs, startled. The Hiwelthadt's opened his mouth in surprise. The Marquis' did too, but perhaps it was only an accident, because he seemed absent from this world. The General swore under his breath. Something about ermines. The lords silently wished all the worst upon the other lords, like being torn apart by a vicious horde of baboons for example, but nothing so cruel as having to clean!
  • That day we made about eight miles, and camped shortly after five o'clock. It rained hard during the night, and the next morning broke cloudy. The river for the first two days wound through the lowlands, but from this point on the banks seemed higher and the current perceptibly swifter, while breaking water showed the presence of rocks under the surface. The country back from the stream began to be more rolling, and as the river occasionally made some bold bend the Kenai Mountains could be seen in the distance.
  • On the east side the house leaned against a mass of white stone. It rose high, rough, ragged. Certainly a man stalking a house to fire a shot would never come up to it from this side! His own words were convicting Reeve of the murder!
  • I will go to you, and we will fly; but from this moment until then, let us not tempt providence, let us not see each other. It is a miracle, it is a providence that we have not been discovered. If we were surprised, if it were known that we met thus, we should have no further resource.
  • The weather, which had hitherto been fine, changed with the last quarter of the moon. The sea rolled heavily, and the wind at intervals rose almost to a storm, but happily blew from the south-west, and thus aided the steamer's progress. The captain as often as possible put up his sails, and under the double action of steam and sail the vessel made rapid progress along the coasts of Anam and Cochin China. Owing to the defective construction of the Rangoon, however, unusual precautions became necessary in unfavourable weather; but the loss of time which resulted from this cause, while it nearly drove Passepartout out of his senses, did not seem to affect his master in the least. Passepartout blamed the captain, the engineer, and the crew, and consigned all who were connected with the ship to the land where the pepper grows. Perhaps the thought of the gas, which was remorselessly burning at his expense in Saville Row, had something to do with his hot impatience.
  • "Well, now, in considering this case there are two points about young McCarthy's narrative which struck us both instantly, although they impressed me in his favour and you against him. One was the fact that his father should, according to his account, cry 'Cooee!' before seeing him. The other was his singular dying reference to a rat. He mumbled several words, you understand, but that was all that caught the son's ear. Now from this double point our research must commence, and we will begin it by presuming that what the lad says is absolutely true."
  • At the south end of the polished bar, furthest from the stage, rises a pulpit-like semi-circular array of flickering flat computer screens and keyboards behind which stands a tall, long haired, geeky guy in a black T-shirt emblazoned in white with the logo AYBABTU. The console array faces northwest, diagonally across the expanse of the club. To the right of the console is the bar, to its left is the lounge area. from this perch, the guy in the black T-shirt has a ruling view of the entire scene.
  • The domination of the Sunni creed during the first nine Islamic centuries characterized the religious history of Iran during this period. There were however some exceptions to this general domination which emerged in the form of the Zayds of Tabaristan, the Buwayhid, the rule of Sultan Muhammad Khudabandah (r. Shawwal 703-Shawwal 716/1304-1316) and the Sarbedaran. Apart from this domination there existed, firstly, throughout these nine centuries, Shia inclinations among many Sunnis of this land and, secondly, original Imami Shiism as well as Zayd Shiism had prevalence in some parts of Iran. During this period, Shia in Iran were nourished from Kufah, Baghdad and later from Najaf and Hillah. Shiism were dominant sect in Tabaristan, Qom, Kashan, Avaj and Sabzevar. In many other areas merged population of Shia and Sunni lived together.
  • The wind patrolling the area was brisk and blustery but not frigid.The Athanaya Mountains could be seen to the east as they serpentined southward, formidable even from this distance. Their gray hazy forms hunkered down, waiting. Come, they said, try to best me, try to climb over.
  • 'M. Duveyrier,' continued Mocquard, 'was able to arrange to have a delegation of these chiefs come to Paris to present their respects to His Majesty. Very important results may arise from this visit, and His Excellency the Colonial Minister, does not despair of obtaining the signature of a treaty of commerce, reserving special advantages to our fellow countrymen. These chiefs, five of them, among them Sheik Otham, Amenokol or Sultan of the Confederation of Adzjer, arrive to-morrow morning at the Gare de Lyon. M. Duveyrier will meet them. But the Emperor has thought that besides....'"
  • Two stone crucifix in the walls of the present abbey are believed to have come from this saxon church.
  • I place these young men in your charge, Captain Dreyfuss said to him. "You will show them quarters. from this time on they will be your shipmates."
  • "Pig!" she muttered. "If that's his idea of pleasure. Oh, well, why should I care? I don't, so far as he's concerned, if I could just get away from this beast of a place myself."
  • The researchers have built up a detailed picture of social and sexual behaviour by genotyping hundreds of individuals. The evidence gathered from this supports the theory that the Grassington males enjoy an advantage in mating.
  • Copper dragon black gold 3.7 % a dark style with a rich roast malt character from this newly established regional brewer in skipton.
  • I felt as much relief at the discovery of the North star as if I had found a lost trail in the sky. I felt that somehow I should be able, from this fact, to come out all right, though I was sorely puzzled to discover that, in appearance, the star seemed to be almost over the top of the mountain that I was so anxious to get away from. I did not then understand, as I since learned, that the range of mountains is nearly North and South.
  • On the surface it is. What it's really for is smuggling fake drugs. If the complaint from this doctor in Atlanta is real, there's a good chance that Tundra RX's supply of fake drugs is coming in through one or both of these terminals. It's a perfect laundry point.
  • "For that reason I now surrender the power which I have so far exercised as the Master of the Brotherhood of Freedom into the hands of Alan Tremayne, known in Britain as Earl of Alanmere and Baron Tremayne, and from this moment the Brotherhood of Freedom ceases to exist as such, for its ends are attained, and the objects for which it was founded have been accomplished.
  • "I have spoken. Let them go. That which will befall must befall, and from this deed no ill shall come that would not have come otherwise."
  • Not five paces from this enclosure stood a tall reed fence that surrounded the house. It had a gate also of reeds, which was a little ajar. Creeping up to it very cautiously, for I thought I heard a voice within, I peeped through the half-opened gate. Four or five feet away was the verandah from which a doorway led into one of the rooms of the house where stood a table on which was food.
  • The closer I got to the dark clique, the more courageous I felt. I didnt have a script or a dialogue prepared. I sincerely hope though, that my transformation from airhead freak to hot girl would distract the 'darkguys long enough to let Krista and Greg pass by safely. None of their girls knew what their dastardly plan encompassed. So, I felt confident that I only needed to distract the dark clique guys and thats precisely what I planned to do. I would have to deal with the inevitable 'fall out from this upcoming situation at some point I was sure.
  • Not far from this camp, we found a remarkable midden-yard of Lemmings. It was about 10 feet by 40 feet, the ground within the limits was thickly strewn with pellets, at the rate of 14 to the square inch, but nowhere were they piled up. At this reckoning, there were over 800,000, but there were also many outside, which probably raised the number to 1,000,000. Each pellet was long, brown, dry, and curved, i.e., the winter type. The place, a high, dry, very sheltered hollow, was evidently the winter range of a colony of Lemmings that in summer went elsewhere, I suppose to lower, damper grounds.
  • Glad to see you again, my boy! exclaimed the proprietor of the circus, as he held out his big hand to Toby; "and I must say this looks like a good omen to me, meeting you away up here, after you had so much to do with finding the rest of my stock. I'm shy just one fine educated monkey, the famous Link who's said to be the Missing Link, which he is right now, at least. Thought I could get on without him, but it seems that the show has lost its salt without his tricks. Everybody calling for Link, and attendance falling off when we can't produce him. So when I had a letter from this party here, Mr. Caleb Kline, who owns a farm not far away, telling me he had been visited by a big monkey that chattered, and stole like all get-out, I just made up my mind I'd come back and make a big effort to locate him. It'll be two hundred dollars in any one's pocket to capture Link."
  • "Forward!" I could not witness longer this dark horror, which I had no means or force to eradicate. We quickly passed on from the ominous place. Nor could we shake the thought that some horrible invisible spirit was following us from this scene of terror. "The devils of disease?" "The pictures of horror and misery?" "The souls of men who have been sacrificed on the altar of darkness of Mongolia?" An inexplicable fear penetrated into our consciousness from whose grasp we could not release ourselves. Only when we had turned from the road, passed over a timbered ridge into a bowl in the mountains from which we could see neither Jahantsi Kure, the dugun nor the squirming grave of dying Mongols could we breathe freely again.
  • It may be well to explain here that the different localities of Alaska are distinctly marked by the difference in the canoes which the natives use. In the southern part, where large trees are readily obtained, you find large dugouts capable of holding from five to twenty persons. At Yakutat, where the timber is much smaller, the canoes, although still dugouts, have decreased proportionately in size, but from Yakutat westward the timber line becomes lower and lower, until the western half of the island of Kadiak is reached, where the trees disappear altogether, and the dugout gives place to the skin canoe or baidarka. I have never seen them east of Prince William Sound, but from this point on to the west they are in universal use among the Aleuts--a most interesting race of people, and a most wonderful boat.
  • The Sheriff pulled out a yellow sticky note and placed it on the table. It was the secretary's note from this morning with my name and a description of the necklace. "It's alright, you don't have to answer that question anyway. We know the necklace is yours. We have witnesses that saw you wearing it. Mrs. King for one. Agnes, your friend at Shadowford. And there's a notebook in your bedroom with a drawing of a woman wearing it. Your mother, I'm guessing."
  • "I observed that the mountain on the southern face descended with an easier slope toward the plain, than upon the north where it is bold and precipitous. from this I concluded that a greater quantity of snow must be melted, and run off in that direction. Doubtless then, thought I, there will be a greater amount of fertility on that side; and I continued to ride on, until I came in sight of the grove of willows and cotton-trees, which line the stream above the valley here. I soon reached them, and saw that there was a stream with considerable pasturage near its borders--much more than where we had encamped I tied my horse to a tree, and climbed some distance up the mountain in order to get a view of the country south and west. I had not got to a great height when I caught sight of the singular chasm that seemed to open up in the plain. I was attracted with this peculiarity, and determined to examine it. Descending again to where I had left my horse, I mounted, and rode straight for it. In a short time I stood upon the brink of the precipice, and looked down into this smiling valley.
  • "No, you must finish up here so you know what to expect next. Also, whatever social interaction you experienced in this life will now cease to exist. While all of the memories from this life will remain fresh, the focus of your existence will now shift to your place together on the court."
  • Relieved from this incubus, the little party now went on cheerily. She-wee-she kept them in fun as well as food. His hunting was always successful; he was ever ready to render any assistance in the camp or on the march; while his jokes, his antics, and the very cut of his countenance, so full of whim and comicality, kept every one in good-humor.
  • I don't believe Antoine will trouble us, Thede answered. "If he has the Little Brass God, he'll probably make off with it. He's got to go somewhere to get his injured wrist tended to, and my opinion is that he'll simply disappear from this neck of the woods until he makes up his mind that we have gone back to Chicago."
  • Dantes obeyed, and commenced what he called his history, but which consisted only of the account of a voyage to India, and two or three voyages to the Levant until he arrived at the recital of his last cruise, with the death of Captain Leclere, and the receipt of a packet to be delivered by himself to the grand marshal; his interview with that personage, and his receiving, in place of the packet brought, a letter addressed to a Monsieur Noirtier--his arrival at Marseilles, and interview with his father--his affection for Mercedes, and their nuptual feast--his arrest and subsequent examination, his temporary detention at the Palais de Justice, and his final imprisonment in the Chateau d'If. from this point everything was a blank to Dantes--he knew nothing more, not even the length of time he had been imprisoned. His recital finished, the abbe reflected long and earnestly.
  • No matter. Lady Scratch could have kept me from this hard scratch for a living, which promises to be still harder. You know there's no resource left me but the little skill I've acquired in manipulating pasteboard. I've come over here under the pleasant hallucination I should find plenty of pigeons, and that the hawks only existed on our side of the Atlantic. Well, I've been round with my introductions, and what's the result? To discover that the dullest flat in New York would be a sharp in the saloons of London. I've dropped a hundred pounds already, and don't see much chance of taking them up again.
  • "You're insane!" She tore her hand out of his and stumbled back to the opposite side of the room, as far away from this horrid individual as possible. But they were still in a locked room together. If she started screaming, would the guard even care?
  • Don't tell it around, Bob, said Thad, quietly, "but really it's as good as settled that if we get back from this first little camping trip in good shape, we're going to get the chance to make a bigger tour," and then the three exultant scouts shook hands, as they saw a glorious future prospect opening before them.
  • Of course, the knowledge that my real father was dead, had been dead a long time, caused me a feeling of sadness, yet strangely enough the little knowledge that I had gleaned from this strange old man brought a sense of relief to me. I think that it must have been a certain sense of satisfaction to know that this queer man was not my father.
  • I come to tell you that you have sufficiently repaid your debt, and that from this moment I will pray to God to forgive you, as I do.
  • O ye Gods of Egypt! who have deserted me, to you no longer will I pray, for your ears are shut unto my crying and your eyes blind to my griefs! Therefore, I make entreaty of that last friend whom the Gods, departing, leave to helpless man. Sweep hither, Death, whose winnowing wings enshadow all the world, and give me ear! Draw nigh, thou King of Kings! who, with an equal hand, bringest the fortunate head of one pillow with the slave, and by thy spiritual breath dost waft the bubble of our life far from this hell of earth! Hide me where winds blow not and waters cease to roll; where wars are done and Cµsar's legions cannot march! Take me to a new dominion, and crown me Queen of Peace! Thou art my Lord, O Death, and in thy kiss I have conceived. I am in labour of a Soul: see--it stands new-born upon the edge of Time! Now--now--go, Life! Come, Sleep! Come, Antony!
  • I withdrew myself gently from under the light weight of her head, from this unspeakable bliss and inconceivable misery, and had the absurd impression of leaving her suspended in the air. And I moved away on tiptoe.
  • Son, replied the king, after what I have just heard, and what I see by the ring on your finger, I cannot doubt but your passion is real for this lady; and would to God I knew who she was, I would make you happy from this moment. But what means have I to come at the knowledge of her? Where shall I find her, and how seek for her? How could she get in here, and by what conveyance, without my consent? Why did she come to sleep only, inflame you with her beauty, and then leave you while you was in a slumber? These things, I must confess, are past my finding out; and if Heaven is not so favourable as to give some light into them, we, I fear, must both go down to the grave together. Come, then, my son, continued he, let us go and afflict ourselves in conjunction; you for the hopes you have lost, and I for seeing you grieve, and not being in a capacity to remedy your affliction.
  • "You were to teach her geometry, nothing more," interrupted Maggie, as if she hadnt absorbed what Conor just said. "Instead you teach her how to use somesomesome thing from this world—"
  • Justice! cried Frank, starting to his feet. "Justice--strict, stern, merciless; and that justice means to me all that you mean by vengeance. Let us make war against him from this time forth while life lasts; let us cast him out and get back our own; let us put him into the power of the law, and let that take satisfaction on him for his crimes; let us cast him out and fling him from us to that power which can fittingly condemn. I despise him, and despise his sufferings. His agony will give me no gratification. The anguish that a base nature can suffer is only disgusting to me--he suffers only out of his baseness. To me, and with a thing like that, vengeance is impossible, and justice is enough."
  • In the old tunnel that runs from this place nearly to the sea, said he. "We Rattrays have always been a pretty warm lot, Cole, and in the old days we were the most festive smugglers on the coast; this tunnel's a relic of 'em, although it was only a tradition till I came into the property. I swore I'd find it, and when I'd done so I made the new connection which you shall see. I'm rather proud of it. And I won't say I haven't used the old drain once or twice after the fashion of my rude forefathers; but never was it such a godsend as it's been this time. By Jove, it would be a sin if you didn't come in with us, Cole; but for the lives these blackguards lost the thing's gone splendidly; it would be a sin if you went and lost yours, whereas, if you come in, the two of us would be able to shake off those devils: we should be too strong for 'em."
  • I frantically turned to find an escape route from this madness. Then to the right of me, I caught the glimpse of a woman's hand reaching out to me. A familiar voice spoke to me, "come, this way, quickly." I ran to the outreached hand and grabbed hold. It seemed the only hope I had at this point, so I took it. As I grabbed the hand, a body and face emerged from the darkness. It was my mother, but how could this be. She has been dead for over thirty years now. "Come my Donny boy, don't you want to play with me, don't you want to play with all of us, down here." I screamed in utter terror now, as my mothers face and body began to change. Her eyes turned completely white, skin shriveling and cracking open from blistering sores. They were oozing yellow pus. As her teeth became darkly stained fangs, dripping a greenish black slime. Her hand that now was holding mine, became a mutated claw, piercing into my skin, making me bleed with its tight grasp.
  • "Ah, a woodsmen, eh? That'd explain a great deal. Let us be gone from this place, the smell offends me, and ya look like ya could use a warm fire and some food."
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  • Ryson lacked the strength of the dwarf and could not break the stone as Tun had accomplished. More disturbing, however, was the lack of the flame from this magical sword. Ryson expected the blade to light with the same fire which destroyed the spider-crab. It did not. Each time it struck the sentinel, it impacted with no more power than an ordinary blade.
  • "Virus Dad, its probably a virus, spread by blood and other bodily fluids." She wouldnt elaborate further, not wanting to diminish her case or drive her father from this cause, which to Marthe was noble, with far more purpose than shed thought when entering nursing school in 1976. Seven years later this city was in the thick of conflict, a race against the clock to save as many as possible. The worst wasnt that no one survived, this illness a death sentence, but attitudes like those her own father held, a disease shunned because of those afflicted.
  • Other telecom and call center employers can learn from this example " .
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  • Talk with some of the men, urged Ned. "If those arms are taken away from this island by the natives they will be used to murder soldiers and sailors."
  • "The local governments, also, had full control of the highways and bridges and the common schools, hospitals, etc., while in large communities, at great expense, they stored and distributed water for domestic and other purposes. As the people had received undoubted benefits from this state of things, there were few to object to it, and even their objection was more for theoretical than practical reasons. It is not strange, therefore, that as the troublous times approached these functions of the state should be multiplied. Besides the gain in convenience and in cost that thus came to the people, they began to rely on the strong arm of the government for protection from the uncertainties and interruptions incident to private control of many kinds of business.
  • One of the keys on the jailer's bunch opened the other door of this cell, and that door led to the inner courtyard of the prison. This courtyard was closed by three massive doors, all of which led to a sort of lobby, opening upon the porter's lodge, which in turn adjoined the law-courts. from this lodge fifteen steps led down into a vast courtyard closed by an iron gate and railing. Usually this gate was only locked at night. If it should happen to be open on this occasion it would offer a possibility of escape.
  • Above a fortnight passed away, during which I received no word of intelligence concerning Olivia. At some moments I felt great affliction from this suspense: at others I collected myself and determined to pursue my plan with all the vigour in which it had been conceived.
  • Carnforth grinned. "You pay my business qualities a poor compliment, Captain. You can bet your life I had money down in hard cash before I stirred foot in the matter. The weapons and the ammunition were paid for at fifty per cent, above list prices, so as to cover the trouble of secrecy, and I got a charter for the yacht to bring the stuff out here which would astonish you if you saw the figures. No, I'm clear on the matter from this moment, Captain, but I'll not deny that I shall take an interest in your future adventures with the cargo. Help yourself to a cigarette."
  • "Okay, so the question is what do we do from here? First I suggest that your men put away their swords and that you remove the chains from this woman. I'm sure the six of you could stop her if she decided to run."
  • "It says, ‘Find Commander Black and convey my displeasure to him concerning the handling of his duties thus far. I expect my moneys worth from this deal, and if he and his band of half-wits are unable to perform as expected, I shall have them join the King in his bloody campaign in the west.’ It is signedNumber One’. How cryptic."
  • And I say, cried Donald, "that you are a trump, Bullen, a genuine trump. Not only do I offer you my sincere friendship from this time forth, but I hereby pledge all the powers of the Metai--whatever that may be--so far as I can control them, and of the totem, whose emblem I wear, to your service!"
  • How? I asked, blankly, and with real alarm; for the hot hope that had filled me at the thought of our having found a way of escape had vanished as I perceived that from this chamber there was no outlet save the hole in the roof; which hole also accounted for the current of air whereby my hope had been inspired. Therefore, when Young spoke in this extravagant fashion, the dread came over me that he was going mad.
  • "Wait a minute, Chuck," said Tom. "When was the last time you saw any guys from this Eire place? How do you know they're still on our side? It seems everybody's joining up with that Eba-guy."
  • "It is really curious, Honoria," said her husband, "to see what obligations you are ready to put yourself under in search of pleasure. It is not dignified of you to accept boxes at theatres from this gentleman."
  • Wow! reckon now you must mean a yellow boy, a jaguar! I bet you, Frank, there's a heap of 'em around us right now. How do we know but what every tree hides one of the critters, watching everything we do? I can tell you right now that I don't wander far from this jolly little blaze tonight. And besides, one of us has just got to keep a grip on this gun all the time. I don't hanker after being carried away and made a meal of by a big hungry cat.
  • The wild girl had dispatched two men, armoured in chain mail, and bearing the standard of the Steel Tigers mercenary company upon their shields, hidden in wait amongst the trees of the eastern edge of the Calespur ranges. The tunnel had been perfectly placed, for with the nearby trees providing cover, the wall of Bracksford wasn't visible from this location, even with Aiden's lenses on.
  • "You asked me if I would take the shot from this tower, would I risk Lief's life to save it. Yes, I would, but you have to understand why. I would not risk Lief's life for my own glory, but I would if I felt it was his only chance. That is how I will deal with your people as well. Does that ease your mind?"
  • Neil aspired, but Levin, Erwan, John and Chris expired, longing for relief from this never-ending odyssey that had begun so innocently and now had taught them so many difficult truths. They felt like wave-battered ships. Indeed they had travelled many miles, and their feet ached, and their backs, and they hungered for comfort and the love that only a warm sofa can give. They knew, too, that the most arduous part of the journey was yet to come. The demonic bus ride home. They knew that their fragmented mental states would not repair on that path backwards. Quite the reverse. They would suffer a decline in mental prowess that knew comparison only with the chopping down of trees in a forest by eager timbermen.
  • She wore the remnants of patients on her, but Marthe would have walked ten miles through the snow covered in blood to get away from this man. This man she loved and swallowing that hurt. That fucking sonovabitch; she still loved him!
  • During the whole of this period the westerly winds did not appear to come from any distance, but to be merely local seabreezes, as they did not cause any sea upon the coast, nor did they reach far in shore; as we frequently observed smoke at no great distance from the coast, rising perpendicularly, or influenced by a light south-easterly wind, and this at times when the seabreeze was strong. from this it would appear, that the westerly monsoon had not reached so far to the southward, nor did we find, after sailing from Point Pearce, that the winds were at all steady from the westward, until we had reached to the northward of Cape Londonderry, which is in latitude 13 degrees 45 minutes South. To the northward of this, the winds were from the westward, accompanied by fine weather during the day to the southward of that point--sometimes as far as South-West--and at night inclining to the northward of west, but generally speaking, we found the wind to the southward of west, and the current running from half a mile to a mile an hour to the North or North-North-East.
  • "Not from this stuff. Mount Moriahs a bigger mound than most, but its only two hundred feetwhats that, 66 metres? – higher than the land around it."
  • The dried bark from this species has been applied as a counter irritant ( morton 1977 ).
  • For reasons that need not be told, most of the captives were excepted from this degradation; the main body of them being carried on through the city to the pleasant suburban village of Tacubaya.
  • If they cannot even garner support from this constituency, how can they possibly suggest their proposals have any level of public support?
  • Bolingbroke glares. "Norfolk, mine enemy so far as until now, by this time, had the king permitted us, one of our souls had wandered in the air, banished from its frail sepulchre of flesh as both are banished from this our land. Confess thy treasons ere thou fly the realm! Since thou hast far to go, bear not along the clogging burthen of a guilty soul!"
  • But even as they were doing this, the military were consulting various experts on how to handle this guest. The experts asked if the man appeared to be in ill health, if he had any skin conditions, if he acted as though he were in some pain, etc. The answers to all these questions were negative. The experts then said that everyone should maintain great distance from this man. Essentially, the man should be considered quarantined. They said the military should determine as soon as possible where in Japan this man was from, and what his plans in Aizawl were.
  • Thus, you can understand from this the degrees of progress in knowledge of God, and the levels of awareness of His presence.
  • This was going to be a big day for Suwak. A Wednesday. The third Wednesday of the month. On days like that, at the end of the bio-weather cycle phi-alpha, the greatest number of people committed suicides and accidents of all kinds were at an all-time high. And it was exactly on such a day, as this carefully selected Wednesday (which blushed from this distinction), that the mini-anti-aggressor was going to make the biggest of impressions. Suwak was supposed to attend a press conference introducing this revolutionary invention and then meet with the McPhilips people to initial an agreement for the launch of the mini-anti-aggressor on the consumer market.
  • "You stay, oh, sir! oh, sir! don't you understand that you will be condemned to death, executed on the scaffold, perhaps assassinated and torn to pieces, just like Mynheer John and Mynheer Cornelius. For heaven's sake, don't think of me, but fly from this place, Take care, it bears ill luck to the De Witts!"
  • Wilbur, however, was always a "woods" boy, and even in his early childish days had been possessed with a desire to camp out. He had read every book he could lay hands on that dealt with "the great outdoors," and would ten thousand times over rather have been Daniel Boone than George Washington. Seeing his intense pleasure in that life, his father had always allowed him to go off into the wilds for his holidays, and in consequence he knew many little tricks of woodcraft and how to make himself comfortable when the weather was bad. His father, who was a lawyer, had wanted him to enter that profession, but Wilbur had been so sure of his own mind, and was so persistent that at his request he had been permitted to go to the Colorado Ranger School. from this he had returned even more enthusiastic than before, and Masseth, seeing that by temperament Wilbur was especially fitted for the Forest Service, had urged the boy's father to allow him to enter for it, and did not attempt to conceal his satisfaction with Wilbur's success.
  • His first movement was to throw off the cushions from the divan on the port side, and raise the lid of the transom. from this place he took out a breech-loading rifle, one of half a dozen deposited there three months or more before. They had been in service in the famous attack of the Samothraki on the Maud in Pournea Bay, and had never been removed. No one asked any questions; and the captain ordered them to be conveyed to the pilot-house and engine-room, where they would be available for immediate use. A supply of cartridges was also sent forward, and those who had revolvers were instructed to put them in their pockets.
  • 'Anxious to place his family in that rank which he had been taught to suppose it deserved, for my father and mother were both, though not noble, well born, he did not rest satisfied with these attempts: he wrote a tragedy, and, by the advice of people who pretended to have a knowledge of such affairs, determined to go to London, that he might, if possible, get it on the stage. from this my mother would fain have dissuaded him, but his arguments and importunity at length prevailed. He was then but nine and twenty, and I fourteen.
  • What can i do that will enable me to rescue all these kind mother sentient beings from this perilous predicament?
  • I am an American. Please take me to the English commissioner. Somehow instinct told her that she might not expect succor from this man with the pearls about his gross neck.
  • "It would appear so, Sir Anthony," remarked the mayor drily. He did not in the least believe the story of the squint, and imagined that the fine court gentleman was amusing himself at their expense. Nevertheless, he had no intention of remonstrating; the sooner he could withdraw from this very tiresome affair the better. So he gravely took down all the absurd particulars, remarked that the man should be easy to find, and made ready to depart.
  • On his return from Italy he finds the government in Paris in a process of dissolution in which all those who are in it are inevitably wiped out and destroyed. And by chance an escape from this dangerous position presents itself in the form of an aimless and senseless expedition to Africa. Again so-called chance accompanies him. Impregnable Malta surrenders without a shot; his most reckless schemes are crowned with success. The enemy's fleet, which subsequently did not let a single boat pass, allows his entire army to elude it. In Africa a whole series of outrages are committed against the almost unarmed inhabitants. And the men who commit these crimes, especially their leader, assure themselves that this is admirable, this is glory- it resembles Caesar and Alexander the Great and is therefore good.
  • Someone just tried to kill me. Corry had felt no fear while hanging from the balcony, but now he began shaking all over. Someone tried to push me over the edge. Looking down, he saw that, even from this story, the ground was deadly distant. "There, there," an old fauness was guiding him to a bench. "Have a sit, and then go back to your room and lie down. I always said they should put railings on those platforms. A few shelts fall every year."
  • It was a little out of tune, but the tone was marvelously full and sweet. I threw myself with indescribable delight into the charm of the hour. All the old joy which music once used to bring came back. Imagination, stimulated by the swelling harmonies, transported me far away from this prison-house and its hateful associations to that happier time of youth when not a thought of sorrow came over me. I lost myself therein. Then that passed, that life vanished, and the sea-voyage began. The thoughts of my mind and the emotions of my heart passed down to the quivering chords and trembled into life and sound.
  • It is from this that he develops an almost fatherly bond with krisztina.
  • "I understood from this that there was something behind which could not be explained there, where every other one you danced with might be a spy, and I was introduced to his Lordship, and we became very good friends in the ordinary social way; but I failed to gather the slightest hint from his conversation that he even knew of the existence of the Brotherhood.
  • What had meanwhile been happening to Rey Faleiro? We cannot exactly say. But this man, who had up to this time been treated on the same footing as Magellan, and who had perhaps first conceived the project, now found himself quite excluded from the command of the expedition, after some dissensions of which the cause is unknown. His health, already shaken, received a last shock from this affront, and poor Rey Faleiro, who had become almost childish, having returned to Portugal to see his family, was arrested there, and only released upon the intercession of Charles V. At last, after having sworn fidelity and homage to the crown of Castille, Magellan received in his turn the oath of his officers and sailors, and left the port of San Lucar de Barrameda on the morning of the 10th of August, 1519.
  • Wet as a junk. We put the first sack in the eyes of her, but it's no kid's play, and we ought to have help, Mr. Thirkle, if we get clear away from this island to-night. We can't swear there won't be no moon, and, moon or no, we want to be out of the jungle and at the boats by sundown. And what's the game with the writin' chap here? I'm minded to have him do a bit of this work.
  • Yes, interrupted Dick soothingly, "of course it will. Then that is settled, eh? Because I want you to understand that unless you definitely promise me that there shall be no torture I shall be obliged to withdraw from this business altogether; moreover, I will take my magic off Sekosini, and then nothing that you can do will make him confess or incriminate the others. You know that, don't you?"
  • Tika told all, from her accidental arrival in Kijas nesting cave to the moment she and Farn had tried to hide from this blue Dragon, Kadi.
  • Apparently, however, he had sent definite orders to the tribe, as from this date I noticed a great difference in our hitherto peaceful abode. Every man went armed day and night, scouts were posted on the mountains, and swift riders scoured the desert for miles.
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