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Okunuşu: / frɒm ðɪs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



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  • "It is an ill-fated event and leaves a dismal prospect," he said very quietly. "Sooner or later my nephews' death will be laid on me. To proclaim them dead would be to declare me guilty now. To conceal their death will be simply to postpone that guilt a time--a very little time, it may be. Curiosity will arise over their prolonged disappearance . . . then will come suspicion . . . and at length suspicion will become accepted fact. . . So, my lords, their blood will be put on me--either now or in the future. That is my only choice--now or the future--. . . and I choose the future. We will not announce the death; and the bodies shall be buried privately and in an unknown spot. To you, Sir Robert Brackenbury, I commit the task, trusting you fully. . . And, my lords, from this moment henceforth, let this council and its sad subject be forgotten utterly. . . Only I ask that when, in after days, you hear Richard Plantagenet accused of this deed, you will defend him or his memory. . . And now, good night."
  • Standing by, was the whispered reply. "Shoot if they come down, but keep still a minute. Fire up before they have a chance to drop on you, and stand clear, with the gun around the bulkhead at that side, while I let go at them from this side."
  • "Will you? I am glad to hear it; perhaps we shall be able to escape from this horrid flat if you do. There, Anne! Je vous l'ai toujours dit, cette robe ne me va pas bien."
  • Current content freely available from this site includes interactive case studies, documents and reports, and journal article abstracts.
  • On the surface it is. What it's really for is smuggling fake drugs. If the complaint from this doctor in Atlanta is real, there's a good chance that Tundra RX's supply of fake drugs is coming in through one or both of these terminals. It's a perfect laundry point.
  • Howland, we've decided to put you in charge Of the building of the Hudson Bay Railroad. It's one of the wildest jobs we've ever had, and Gregson and Thorne don't seem to catch on. They're bridge builders and not wilderness men. We've got to lay a single line of steel through three hundred miles of the wildest country in North America, and from this hour your motto is 'Do it or bust!' You can report at Le Pas as soon as you get your traps together.
  • Sazar turned about and faced Consprite directly. "Ahhh well, it seems the best alternative I have. I stand corrected; you have proved to be of assistance to me. I also wish to make further use of you. I will send you to this Church of Godson with a small party of goblins and two shags. You will see to it that a number of humans, let us say ten to begin with, are removed from this church and sent to the western outskirts of the city. I will instruct my goblins to transport the humans from there to the desert."
  • O God, prayed the woman, "for Christ's sake look in pity upon us two poor captives, and if it be possible, send us deliverance from this savage land. We thank Thee Who hast protected us unharmed and in health for so many years, and we put our trust in Thy mercy, for Thou alone canst help us. Grant, O God, that our dear husband and father may still live, and that in Thy good time we may be reunited to him. Or if he be dead and there is no hope for us upon the earth, grant that we, too, may die and find him in Thy Heaven."
  • What had meanwhile been happening to Rey Faleiro? We cannot exactly say. But this man, who had up to this time been treated on the same footing as Magellan, and who had perhaps first conceived the project, now found himself quite excluded from the command of the expedition, after some dissensions of which the cause is unknown. His health, already shaken, received a last shock from this affront, and poor Rey Faleiro, who had become almost childish, having returned to Portugal to see his family, was arrested there, and only released upon the intercession of Charles V. At last, after having sworn fidelity and homage to the crown of Castille, Magellan received in his turn the oath of his officers and sailors, and left the port of San Lucar de Barrameda on the morning of the 10th of August, 1519.
  • Furthermore, the Foreign Ministry, the Secretariat General of the National Security Council (MGK), the Defense Ministry, the Gendarmerie General Command (JGK), and some other state institutions are exempted from auditing on the basis of targets and indicators because of the "delicate nature of their services." Thus, these institutions are granted the right to say "give me the money, forget the rest." What this means can be seen in the following example: The police department, which is not exempt from this audit, makes a 28-page budget presentation while the JGKs presentation is just two pages.
  • Otherwise you will not appreciate the fine points of the pleasure at looking from this time to that.
  • When the merchant heard her verses, he wept and put out his hand to wipe away the tears from her cheeks; but she let down her veil over her face, saying, "Heaven forbid, O my lord!''[FN253] Then the Badawi, who was sitting at a little distance watching them, saw her cover her face from the merchant while about to wipe the tears from her cheeks; and he concluded that she would have hindered him from handling her: so he rose and running to her, dealt her, with a camel's halter he had in his hand, such a blow on the shoulders that she fell to the ground on her face. Her eyebrow struck a stone which cut it open, and the blood streamed down her cheeks; whereupon she screamed a loud scream and felt faint and wept bitterly. The merchant was moved to tears for her and said in himself, "There is no help for it but that I buy this damsel, though at her weight in gold, and free her from this tyrant.
  • Barbershop singers with over 300 groups now available from this site.
  • Tommy ended the conversation, saying he needed to get back to his meeting with Madeline. He still hoped to dissuade her from this destructive course. He was disconcerted by what he had learned, but he believed it might turn out that none of it was as bad as it sounded.
  • At last we left this place of carnage to the cursed god of war. Soon we approached a shallow, rapid stream, where the Mongols slipped from their camels, took off their caps and began drinking. It was a sacred stream which passed beside the abode of the Living Buddha. from this winding valley we suddenly turned into another where a great mountain ridge covered with dark, dense forest loomed up before us.
  • After a little while, however, they desisted from this pleasing occupation, and set to work counting up the cost of their victory; and to judge by their looks, they were a bit sorry for the expense.
  • No one knew any thing whatever about Henderson. None of the clerks could tell any thing concerning him. They were all new hands. None of them had ever seen Smithers. They all believed that Henderson was the junior partner, and that the senior spent his time abroad. from this it began to be believed that Smithers staid in California digging gold, which he diligently remitted to the London house.
  • It may be asked, why did I not attempt to reach the Potomac from this place at this time. I don't know exactly why, except, perhaps, that I felt I was being impelled by some mysterious power to go to Richmond.
  • "Remember that I told you: 'Eleven days and eleven nights do not move from this place and do not charge your rifles.' Otherwise the demon of death will snatch off your Chief and will pursue you!"-- and with these words I solemnly drew forth and raised above their heads the ring of Hutuktu Narabanchi.
  • The Town Cars discovery in a sleazy hotel parking lot was big news on the local stations. Anchors probed every species of disgusting activity, talk show-hosts basked in urgent calls from madams and drug counselors, tabloid dailies trumpeted endless accounts of foul play. A banner headline in one of these papers first made him aware of his brutal kidnapping and eight-figure ransom. That rags front page featured a photograph of a much younger, much happier Vane, comfortably juxtaposed with an airbrushed photo of his father on the Aegean, a banana daiquiri in one hand and a fat cigar in the other. from this paper he also learned of Johns funeral date, and of the heart-stopping cavalcade of celebrities slated to pay their final respects. Paparazzi were warned to back off or risk arrest.
  • Jacob kicked the door in and it smashed against the wall with a loud bang. He stepped inside and took another deep breath; more familiar smells, but none recent. He followed the trail through the deserted house until he came to a familiar door. He swung it open and stepped inside. He was back inside the arena. He groped the wall for a switch and flicked it on. Several lights snapped on around the room. He looked down into the pit, which seemed much smaller from this vantage point. The blood had been washed from the floors and walls but the stench remained as strong as ever. He found the wooden pillar and traced the fresh claw marks he made last night. The crest under the podium was gone and only the unblemished stone behind it served as an indicator something had been there.
  • Its interesting to realize that just last night I wanted to run away from this area. I wanted to be liberated from my stasis. Turns out that this freedom is exactly what I wanted, and its all I needed too. My spirit light and my inner fire filled me. They happily combined insideperfectly content to remain united.
  • Hitler could not be sure that he would get the result he wanted from this proposed plebiscite.
  • There exhales from this oozy mass so fatal a vapour that no animal can endure it. The black water bears a greenish-brown floating scum, which for ever bubbles up from the putrid mud of the bottom. When the wind collects the miasma, and, as it were, presses it together, it becomes visible as a low cloud which hangs over the place. The cloud does not advance beyond the limit of the marsh, seeming to stay there by some constant attraction; and well it is for us that it does not, since at such times when the vapour is thickest, the very wildfowl leave the reeds, and fly from the poison. There are no fishes, neither can eels exist in the mud, nor even newts. It is dead.
  • To write and read be henceforth treacherous! Damned Pisanio hath with his forged letters from this most bravest vessel of the world struck the main-top! Damn Pisanio!
  • The goblins anticipated a similar tactic from this second assault. They believed the riders would increase their speed to avoid casualties. The diminutive monsters had lowered their aim in hopes of turning the tactics against the human riders. They fired with glee, but this soon turned to curses of hate spawned anger.
  • But Paul assured them that he had a plan ready whereby they could put a stop to this rough treatment. Knowing him as they did, the scouts felt sure he had been driven to the limit of his forbearance. Having gone as far as their code called for in the effort to keep the peace, they would certainly be justified in taking the law into their own hands from this time forth.
  • She smirked and said, "Here's the deal. I have another week, maybe two more of writing. At this point bringing a stranger in would be more upsetting to my work than keeping you around. I want you to do the meals, like you've been doing, and I want you here 24 hours a day, like you have been doing. But, and this is a big but, but you sleep in the other room upstairs from now on. As soon as I finish the book we part company. You agree that you will stay out of my work space and won't look at the manuscript from this point on. As an incentive for staying on, I'll give you a bonus when we part company on my terms."
  • Max snorted as well as he could manage under the circumstances. How much did Phlinn Arol know? What had been happening out there? Phlinn might be the key to springing him from this joint - it would be prudent to be straight with him. Unless through being straight he made himself out to be so dangerous he needed to remain cooped up. "Of course it was trapped. You dont think Id pass something like that ring off without some kind of safeguard, do you? I wanted to have the Shaa problem off my back, finally, but I didnt intend to create a bigger mess while I was doing it. I figured Jardind detect the trap and have to spend time disarming it, and that would give me enough time to catch up with him and get the thing back."
  • Arisetical issues there are no vertical issues arising from this merger.
  • The man was shaking his head at Marcus. They were obviously disagreeing about something. Did the Volturi want to rent a boat? Suddenly, Marcus removed something from his jacket pocket. I squinted, trying to see what it was. Even from this position, I could see the mans jaw drop, and knew it must be cash. The man evaluated the amount of money before him. In response, he pulled keys from his pocket and turned to open the door of the store behind him. Returning a few moments later, the man handed keys to Marcus and pointed him towards one part of the pier. They were definitely here to hire a boat.
  • I see, said Hal briefly. "But come, if you are able to walk. We had better get away from this spot. The battle is not over."
  • Later, I fell asleep and dreamed. I kicked off hard from the ground. The cool night air rushed through my hair as the neat square tree line of this forest reminded me so much of Linking Tree. The feeling fell away, shrinking rapidly into a patchwork of dark greens and blacks, and every thought of the Ministry at work inside my head was swept from my mind as though the rush of air had blown it away. I felt as though my heart was going to explode with pleasure; I was flying again, flying away from this place. We were going back home for a few glorious moments; all my problems seemed to recede to nothing, insignificant in the vast, starry sky.
  • Frobisher soon found that, at such close range, his position under the lee of the low bulwark was anything but secure, since the nickel-jacketed bullets which the rebels were using were already drilling holes clean through the thick planking and passing out through the opposite bulwark. He therefore again painfully removed himself, taking up a new position with his back against the stout mast of the barge, with it between himself and the point from which the volleys were coming. from this new position he made a fresh survey of his surroundings, and assured himself that if matters went on like this much longer, there would be none left alive on board to defend the craft, and her capture would be certain. He rubbed his hands with satisfaction at the thought that, perhaps, another hour might see him safely aboard the rebel squadron.
  • Accordingly Ned, in an effort to appease the curiosity of his chums, brought the Eagle in a wide spiral to a position about three thousand feet above the camp and a trifle to the westward. from this point of vantage the lads could clearly see the camp within the range of their field glasses. Jack nearly danced with joy as he looked.
  • In the old tunnel that runs from this place nearly to the sea, said he. "We Rattrays have always been a pretty warm lot, Cole, and in the old days we were the most festive smugglers on the coast; this tunnel's a relic of 'em, although it was only a tradition till I came into the property. I swore I'd find it, and when I'd done so I made the new connection which you shall see. I'm rather proud of it. And I won't say I haven't used the old drain once or twice after the fashion of my rude forefathers; but never was it such a godsend as it's been this time. By Jove, it would be a sin if you didn't come in with us, Cole; but for the lives these blackguards lost the thing's gone splendidly; it would be a sin if you went and lost yours, whereas, if you come in, the two of us would be able to shake off those devils: we should be too strong for 'em."
  • "Sept. 12. Laid by the lee. Estimated longitude from the Cape, 50 10E. Latitude observed 2030′. At 7 in the morning we command a large ship from the country to heave to, by shooting four pieces across her bow. Took from this ship an Indian pilot, paying in Spanish rials of eight. First offered English gold sovereigns, but these refused as unknown coin. Also purchased 6 casks water, some baskets lemons, melons, plantains."
  • Tom told him, "I've seen that the statues are not the same at the beginning of two of the roads from this point only." Tom took him over and showed him by wand light what Tom believed was a piece to the puzzle in taking the right road.
  • Alas, kind lord! Hes flung in rage from this ingrateful seat of monstrous friends; nor has he with him food to supply his life, or that which can command it!
  • "You will be at once conveyed to Kodiak Island, off the south coast of Alaska, and landed there. Once every six months you will be visited by a steamer, which will supply you with the necessaries of life, and the original penalty of death will be the immediate punishment of any one of you who attempts to return to a world of which you from this moment cease to be citizens."
  • Keating has a book in his hand that he holds up. On the green screen, pages 210 and 211, supposedly from this book, are displayed large enough to read.
  • You think I am losing my senses again, dear doctor, but I assure you I am just regaining them, as I will show you from this time forward. I have now done with physic. I have a medicine here, (and she laid her hand upon her heart, while a bewitching smile played around her mouth, that staggered the good doctor,) "which is worth more to me than all the costly drugs of India, or the islands of the sea."
  • It will appear from this description of the winds in the Gulf of Carpentaria that they bear a great similarity to those experienced at the same season on the North-West coast, near Depuch Island; and the circumstance of the temperature being lowest when they were strongest from the land is also the same. This was there supposed to have been occasioned by the great radiation of heat from the land over which they blew; but as the country at the head of the Gulf of Carpentaria is not of a cold clayey nature, the idea is naturally suggested that there must be a great extent of swampy ground in the interior, which strengthens the opinion I have before expressed.
  • By wind and water, was the reply, "which have made and unmade many a thousand square mile of the earth's surface. If you will notice," he went on, "jagged and pointed as those peaks are, from this side clear across to the other, not one of them rises above the level on which you are standing or rather, above the level of the opposite side of the Canyon, which is a little higher, the slope being continued across. So, you see, you must not think of these like mountains as being built up, but of gorges as being cut down."
  • At a signal from Captain Nemo, one of his men stepped forward and, a few feet from this cross, detached a mattock from his belt and began to dig a hole.
  • To all of this Betty agreed; personally she'd like to be a thousand miles away from this hideous place, but they would have to make the best of things. That willingness of hers to accept conditions without bemoaning her fate was what had drawn from him his impulsive epithet.
  • Most Irish novels are written in a realistic mode, but The Fabulists is a more innovative work in which Casey shows not only a gift for writing in the traditional manner, but also the imagination and daring to introduce new novel techniques, which few Irish writers have bothered themselves with, into his fiction. It is clear from this excellent first novel that Casey is an exciting talent and a writer to watch in the future.
  • "Now here," he cried, "on my right hand, I swear to avenge it! If that I fail, if that I spill not ten men's souls for each, may this hand wither from my body! I broke this Duckworth like a rush; I beggared him to his door; I burned the thatch above his head; I drove him from this country; and now, cometh he back to beard me? Nay, but, Duckworth, this time it shall go bitter hard!"
  • Phileas Fogg had won his wager, and had made his journey around the world in eighty days. To do this he had employed every means of conveyance--steamers, railways, carriages, yachts, trading-vessels, sledges, elephants. The eccentric gentleman had throughout displayed all his marvellous qualities of coolness and exactitude. But what then? What had he really gained by all this trouble? What had he brought back from this long and weary journey?
  • Never mind that, said Mike impatiently; "there must be another way out from this basin. We saw signs of it from up above, when you sat up there and I held the rope."
  • "If thou the next night following enjoy not Desdemona, devise engines for my life, and take me from this world with treachery!"
  • I want to take back the promise that I gave you last night, Meleese. I want to give you a chance to warn any whom you may wish to warn. I shall not return into the South. from this hour begins the hunt for the cowardly devils who have tried to murder me. Before dawn every man on the Wekusko will be in the search, and if we find them there shall be no mercy. Will you help me, or--
  • There was a visible and noticeable change from this David as opposed to other versions of him that deferred to the conservative.
  • Campbell had anticipated a little more of a response from this witness. Did I make a mistake choosing Burgess for this job? Too late now.
  • Thus it was that Ramn was accompanied by three girls when he came to the place in the road where a faded footpath led off to the side. He was unhappy. It was bad enough that all the boys in the village stood and glared as they watched him follow these foolish children down the road. Now he had to beg these foolish girls to be released from this indignity.
  • She mounted him and they took off. Before they were in the air too long Asfourshe was going to keep calling him Oscarcaught up to them and she let him perch on her shoulder. Maybe they weren't on the greatest of terms, but they had a truce. from this height she could see the different colors of all the clans moving, some of them mounted, some walking, and above all, those magnificent black banners flapping in the wind. It was a beautiful sight.
  • That's swell! Dave said. "You can ask me questions and I'll give you the answers. But keep an ear open for that guard. If he starts to open the door you ask me, What's a home run? See? That'll give me time to get away from this window. Okay, got it?"
  • The high level of fluorescence of fluorite from this classic area, adds an extra cachet other locations do not have.
  • "He's not in trouble is he?" the secretary asked anxiously. "I'm sorry but I really need the income from this job right now, and I can't afford to lose it."
  • Keeping to the shadows, the nameless boy watched and waited, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop it; there was nothing he could do to gain his freedom or to preserve the freedom of others. He was powerless, a slave, capable of little more than serving his master, and to this fate he resigned himself. There was no one who cared for him; no one would come to rescue him from this prison of flesh and bone. He was alone--now and for the rest of his days.
  • Can't wait a single day, said Silas. "If the money isn't forthcoming at once, you can't get a single thing at my store from this time forward, unless you have the cash to plank right down on the counter."
  • At the announcement from Dave, Mr. Porter tried to rise to his feet. He could not stand on both legs, and so had to rest against one of the rocks. from this point he, too, could see the two bears; but a moment later both animals were hidden completely by the brushwood and the snow.
  • "You know what? I don't even want this damned thing anymore," Pacian yelled in exasperation. "I didn't take it to get rich, but you don't want to believe me? I'm fine with that. Sayana can have it, since she lost her axe down below. Here Sy, have a priceless heirloom!" He grabbed the axe from where it sat against the rest of his gear, and passed it over to the wild girl, who was starting to look like she wanted to run away from this heated argument, and certainly didn't want to get in the middle of it.
  • It was not more than eight miles from this point to Fort Hope, and before four o'clock P.M the shouts of Corporal Joliffe welcomed their return to the factory.
  • This, however, was the last time he suffered from this phase of the persecution, of which he was already the anxious victim. A new and a very different one was about to be presented.
  • To further affix puzzlement, our beloved Jenteel passed on from this world. In his honor wholly (and only on such grounds) did the council and the people take note of his wishes and select his youngest son to succeed him as king. This one was more forceful than his pa. And for that reason was he esteemed by some. Yet his ways were far more reckless; and thusly, others regarded him not.
  • Then Andy knew that Nature had won out, for he could catch the regular breathing of the stout farmhand, and from this judged that Felix must be sound asleep.
  • Although Foedric was so much younger than Thorwald, he was taller and larger every way--a magnificent specimen of a magnificent race. In speaking to Thorwald he showed a proper respect for his greater age, and he bore himself becomingly in the presence of Zenith; but there was not the slightest sign of subserviency, nor anything to show that, though engaged in what might be called a lowly occupation, he was not on terms of perfect equality and even friendship with them. This easy poise of manner would not have surprised us had we known what Thorwald soon told us, and from this experience we learned never to judge a Martian by the work he happened to be doing.
  • "Fool! Ten beasts have died from this light, these bolts flung with anger from the mountain. Eba-evin ignores the King. That is folly."
  • I, Allan, take thee, Beatrice, to my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health to love and to cherish, till death us do part, and thereto I plight thee my troth.
  • The conventionary doubted not that he had successively conquered all the inmost intrenchments of the Bishop. One remained, however, and from this intrenchment, the last resource of Monseigneur Bienvenu's resistance, came forth this reply, wherein appeared nearly all the harshness of the beginning:--
  • The pumps were fixed in a very short time and the hose laid, and in less than an hour the stream of pure water was being poured into a large trough placed near the lower pool, and from this the cooks of the various companies filled their kettles and boilers.
  • Now, if listening to drone-jibber in a Russian accent was the only thing I could get done from this box of buttons, it'd be no more use than an ass-wipe in the desert.
  • Vanes coign of vantage was about thirty degrees off the horizontal plane, looking almost dead east. from this vantage point the Mamuset experiment lay before him as an expanded chessboard. That imagined chessboard appeared to stretch without end, its most distant squares showing tinier and tinier still, until they faded to black in the low rims hazy embrace. (It was easiest to systematize such a vast projected community using the typical chessboard arrangement of alternating light and dark squares, rather than visualizing all squares an identical shade).
  • Needless to say the reaction to most of the material played from this album is rather dismal.
  • Thankful indeed were the boys for their providential escape from this dreaded creature. Elwood had been awakened by its slight rattling, when, suspecting the danger that was closing around his cousin, he uttered the warning words which we have given and which proved the means of robbing the blow of the reptile of its danger.
  • We almost forgot the passage of time in the enjoyment of our now delightful and untroubled existence, but there came at last a rude awakening from this life, which had become for us like a dream.
  • No, no, vizier, replies the king, I am certain that this man, whom you treat as a villain and a traitor, is one of the best and most virtuous men in the world; and there is no man I love so much. You know by what medicine, or rather by what miracle, he cured me of my leprosy; if he had a design upon my life, why did he save me? He needed only to have left me to my disease; I could not have escaped; my life was already half gone; forbear, then, to fill me with any unjust suspicions. Instead of listening to you, I tell you, that from this day forward I will give that great man a pension of a thousand sequins per month for his life; nay, though I did share with him all my riches and dominions, I should never pay him enough for what he has done me; I perceive it to be his virtue that raises your envy; but do not think that I will be unjustly possessed with prejudice against him; I remember too well what a vizier said to King Sinbad, his master, to prevent his putting to death the prince his son. But, sir, says Scheherazade, day-light appears, which forbids me to go further.
  • In no story told is a kiss from a unicorn a trifling thing and the Land of Lin does not dissent from this fine and long-standing tradition, though the unicorns are nearer fish than fancy goats. By law of the land, the aftermath of such a rare affair will be perpetually complex and impossible to predict, but these two gentle blessings given to two children who had never known a tender touch before also bore an effect that was both immediate and self-evident: without blankets or beds Jai and Ceder slept like rocks. Any lingering nightmares or chills in their blood were swept away like fire in the rain.
  • As soon as the column had passed he returned upstairs, bandaged his wound much more carefully than before, put on a shirt, and chose the best garments that he could find. All these had no doubt belonged to the proprietor, and he now went boldly out and followed the French column. These met with very slight resistance on their road towards the Mosque of Gama El Ashar. When they neared this spot they halted until the other columns should reach the point of attack. Before they had left the square General Gonmartin had moved round from Boulak with ten guns and taken post on the height near Fort Dupres, and at mid-day thirty guns from this fort and the citadel opened fire on the town. As it was known to the French that great numbers of the fugitives from the cemetery had fled to the mosque, where already a strong body of armed men were assembled, it was deemed imprudent to attack it until secure that there was no danger of a great mass of the insurgents falling upon them while so engaged.
  • We soon ran inside the barrier coral-reef, and let go our anchor in six fathoms water, just opposite the mouth of a small creek, whose shores were densely covered with mangroves and tall umbrageous trees. The principal village of the natives lay about half a mile from this point. Ordering the boat out, the captain jumped into it, and ordered me to follow him. The men, fifteen in number, were well armed; and the mate was directed to have Long Tom ready for emergencies.
  • The estate of the criminal, high or low, said Mr. Sheratt impressively, "matters not. The Bank stands upon the principle, and from this it cannot be moved." Mr. Sheratt began to wax eloquent. "Fidelity to its constituency, its shareholders, its depositors, indeed to the general public, is the corner-stone of its policy. The Bank of Scotland is a National Institution, with a certain National obligation."
  • "One fine day," he said, "I'll take them away from this sink-hole and we'll have a proper family holiday for once."
  • "I can not say whether that is wise or not," Mappel offered, hoping for an escape from this new dilemma. He fished for a quick response which might rationalize keeping the mayor at bay. "We need those that will understand the legends, those that will offer knowledge of the past beyond your recorded history."
  • Red kissed him on the lips, brushing up against him, then left. Blake was amazed at how aroused that fleeting contact had left him, and stumbled into one of the statues. He backed away, but not before the statue grabbed him by his left wrist. Horrified, he tried to pull away, but it was a grip of stone. He kept pulling and tugging until he knocked the statue over into another statue, and was released. He ran out of the room, avoiding other statues that now blindly tried to grab him, their arms jerking fitfully, clawlike hands spasmodically clenching and unclenching, but thankfully they were otherwise still unable to move. He ran from this nightmare, going down the hall opposite the way he had come, away from the sounds of noisy celebration, or debauchery, hoping to find another way out and he did, an exit that opened into a mall corridor.
  • Know, Very Reverend Father, that a month since, I being then abroad from this mission of Santa Marta, preaching God's word in a certain village of the Chichimecas that is five leagues to the northward, was so strengthened by God's grace that many of the heathen professed our holy faith and were baptized. And of these was one who among that tribe was held a captive. Which captive, as I found, was of the nation that dwelt in Tenochtitlan before our great captain, Don Fernando Corts, reduced that city to submission. But little of earthly life remained to this poor captive when I, unworthily but happily, opened to him the way to life glorious and eternal; for in the fight that happened when he was captured--of which fight he alone of all his companions had survived--he was sorely wounded; and though in time his wounds had healed he remained but a weakly man, and the service to which his captors forced him was hard. So it was that I had but little more than time to put him in the way leading to heaven before his spirit gladly forsook its weary body and went thence from earth."
  • And now, Will said as they settled down in their old room on Washington boulevard, "we're going to be good boys from this time on and remain in Chicago and stay at home nights!"
  • While they dug in with complete gusto, Omari saw Molly over by the entrance to the kitchen again, talking with a young bus boy. She was blushing and looking down at the floor while he talked to her, and Omari motioned for Francesca to take a look. Even from this distance, she could see the bashful flirting going on in her body language. She wondered if she was going to ask the boy to prom or something after his shift ended.
  • You think that he will recover his senses? asked Pencroft. "It is not impossible that our care will have an effect upon him, for it is solitude that has made him what he is, and from this time forward he will be no longer alone."
  • The perpetrators of this evil deed will pay a terrible price in mental remorse when they pass from this world.
  • I might have been more flattered than I was at my exaltation among these half-human creatures, had I not easily detected the jealousy of the chief, which feeling Grin continued constantly to feed. Indeed in spite of all I could do, a division of parties was growing every day. Unfortunately the females were more fierce in their partisanship than were the males. Moreover a majority of these "ladies" evinced a strong desire to ally themselves to the side of which I was becoming the unwilling leader. Prominent among them was the chief's albino mate, who was far too persistent to give me any peace of mind. I foresaw trouble to come from this unhappy complication.
  • For the last time, will you not save yourself from this terrible death? Say that Roland de Vency helped you, and you will live.
  • Scarcely a word had been spoken from the time they first reached the shore. The fate of their shipmates had depressed them profoundly, and as yet they could scarcely feel grateful for their own escape. Jack was the first to rouse himself from this state of despondency.
  • Slowly he stood up. Although he could not see the hooves from this angle, he fancied he saw a trace of brown fur between the leaves. Corry maneuvered the gate open and stepped onto the sugar sand.
  • While the party halted to skin a kangaroo I had been so fortunate as to shoot; I ascended the top of a neighbouring hill to make a sketch, and get some bearings. from this elevation I traced the river in a north-west direction for three miles, and I gazed with rapture, only known to the discoverer, upon a clear and magnificent expanse of water, yet greatly dismayed at its northerly direction. To the north-east was an extensive and apparently alluvial flat; while to the westward, the high land approached the river. It is worthy of remark, that so far as our observation extended, wherever the hills approach the river on one side they recede from it on the other.
  • The boat had not passed many minutes, when the loud screeching of her steam was heard in the direction of Point Coupee. They could tell from this that she was putting in at the landing.
  • Then: from this we see that the beetles must eventually collide at t = 4 which gives us our answer.
  • Iago smiles warmly. "Why, now I see theres mettle in thee!—and even from this instant do build on thee a better opinion than ever before! Give me thy hand, Roderigo!" he says, seizing and shaking it. "Thou hast taken against me a most just exception; but yet, I protest, I have dealt most directly in thy affair!"
  • In approaching this deserted mission-house from the south, the traveller passes over the mountain of San Juan, supposed to be the highest peak in the Californias. from this lofty eminence, a vast and magnificent prospect unfolds itself; the great Gulf of California, with the dark blue sea beyond, studded with islands; and in another direction, the immense lava plain of San Gabriel. The splendor of the climate gives an Italian effect to the immense prospect. The sky is of a deep blue color, and the sunsets are often magnificent beyond description. Such is a slight and imperfect sketch of this remarkable peninsula.
  • {4 paragraphs seem to be missing from this omnibus text here they have to do with musical composers, a piano, and a brief revery on the part of Nemo}
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