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Okunuşu: / frɒm ðɪs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



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  • Perhaps the efforts of poor clumsy Morano to comfort him cheered Rodriguez and sent him back to the window, perhaps he turned from them to find comfort of his own; but, however he came by it, he had a hope that this was a passing curse that had come on the world, whose welfare he cared for whether he lived or died, and that looking a little farther into the future he would see Mother Earth smiling and her children happy again. So he looked through the deep-blue luminous window once more, beyond the battles we know. from this he turned back shuddering.
  • Hunting in Calgary would not be as convenient as it had been in Alaska, because we would need to travel by car to reach the Canadian Rockies. The land between our home and the Rockies was an easy, short run but the likelihood of being seen was too high due to dense human habitation. Kootenay National Park was apparently diverse in its landscape and ecology with glaciers and dry grasslands. Carlisle assured us there would be a plentiful supply of wildlife from this forest and its nearby woodlands.
  • Petiole erupted. "No, I am not Mappel! Every elf talks of Mappel. No one listens to me. Every time I make a decision, I face the same question. Is that what Mappel would have done? I don't care what Mappel would have done! I am the elder of this camp. I make the decisions. Now, I order that you be banished from this camp. You have questioned my authority for the last time. I order the guards to escort you away from Dark Spruce."
  • To edge myself from this cocoon seems monumental, far less the daily trudge of washing and dressing.
  • Reuben now went forward, feeling very much the better for the cocoa. He again had to receive the hearty congratulations of the men; and then, rather to escape from this than because he felt he needed it, he turned into his bunk, and was soon sound asleep.
  • Well, the lieutenant responded, "if you had traced its course you would have seen that it is swung from this mountain to the one directly to the south, just at the point where the valley between narrows down to little more than a deep ravine."
  • "When the footman told me in German that the word was 'Freedom,' I knew that I should have to answer the challenge of the sentry in German. I did not know that he would challenge in Spanish, and if I had not understood him, or had replied in any other language but German, he would have shot us both down without saying another word, and no one would ever have known what had become of us. You will be exempt from this condition, because you will always come with me. I am, in fact, responsible for you."
  • There were several trails--so-called roads--branching off from this town and leading to Borda de Matta, Garimpo das Canoas, Potrocinio do Sapucahy, S. Jos da Bella Vista, etc.
  • "Of the evil roads I know," said Bosambo; "now this you shall say to your father: Bosambo the chief goes away from this city and upon a long journey; for two moons he will be away doing the business of his cousin and friend Sandi. And when my lord Bim-bi has bitten once at the third moon I will come back and I will visit your father. But because the roads are bad," he went on, "and the floods come even in this dry season," he said significantly, "and the forest is so entangled that he cannot bring his presents, sending only the son of his wife to me, he shall make against my coming such a road as shall be in width, the distance between the King's hut and the hut of the King's wife; and he shall clear from this road all there are of trees, and he shall bridge the strong stream and dig pits for the floods. And to this end he shall take every man of his kingdom and set them to labour, and as they work they shall sing a song which goes:
  • But let us return from this digression. La Salle joined his companions at the head of Niagara River, on the borders of Lake Erie, on the 29th of January, 1679. The river, above the falls, was a sheet of ice, resembling a plain paved with fine polished marble. While many of his men had been employed building a vessel to be launched upon the lake, others had boldly explored all the surrounding region, purchasing of the Indians furs and skins. The winter was intensely cold, and the snow was deep. There was a small cluster of Indian wigwams on the Niagara River below the Falls.
  • It may be wondered that I did not run absolutely wild in such surroundings, but I was held back from this by my father's society. He was one of the gentlest and most refined men that I ever met; even the most savage Kaffir loved him, and his influence was a very good one for me. He used to call himself one of the world's failures. Would that there were more such failures. Every morning when his work was done he would take his prayer-book and, sitting on the little stoep or verandah of our station, would read the evening psalms to himself. Sometimes there was not light enough for this, but it made no difference, he knew them all by heart. When he had finished he would look out across the cultivated lands where the mission Kaffirs had their huts.
  • PS. You will doubtless have noted, that Miss Barr was astonishingly reticent on the subject of Mr. Graysons appearance, choosing instead, most commendably and unnaturally, to concentrate upon those incorporeal virtues, which the homeliest of gentleman might also possess. Lest you assume from this that she is either incurably noble-minded, or deficient in taste, let me share with you my own conclusion on the matter, which is, that in all likelihood her reserve was entirely due to the fact, that she never looked at him, except from a considerable distance, at which point he appeared to her only asa stranger in a blue coat.’ Once he began to approach near enough that she might have been able to distinguish his features, her shyness would have prevented her from raising her eyes much above the height of his upper waistcoat buttonor at least, such has been my observation, whenever I was with her in the presence of a gentleman, whatever may have been his age, or personal attributes.
  • "My lords," interrupted Runcan gently. "I believe there is a compromise to be had here. The waves, as I recall from reading in the quest booksSanych, please correct me if I am wronghave intervals between them. A gap of time, where it is more safe to venture forth. If you two would care to descend together to look for useful tools or food such as coconuts or mangoes, then return swiftly to this ledge, I think our time here can pass less abominably. from this height, we should be able to shout for you with enough time for you to ascend safely, should a wave come while you are below."
  • Realizing from this interview that I was simply at Mr. Stanton's mercy, and that he was most probably influenced by the War Department suckers whom I have mentioned, and who were envious or jealous of my independent and important telegraph or secret communications, I made up my mind that it was going to be a long siege in O. C. P. for me. The more I thought about it, and as each day's scanty news brought us fresh and exciting intelligence of the military doings in front of our army, I concluded impulsively that I wouldn't stay very long; that I must be on hand and once more outside. I would vindicate myself independently of Mr. Stanton's advisers.
  • Louie smiled and delicately stroked Lulus head. ‘Apart from this nonsense’, said Louie laughing. ‘I hope Dr Wong didnt find anything else wrong!’
  • He closed his eyes in pain, then turned them on her again, burning. "I cannot believe that God wants people to live like statues - or bodiless spirits. This life you have chosen, what is it but fear and hiding, knowing one day those pigs will catch you and burn you alive? Diane, I will take you anywhere you want. You will be safe with me. I will take you away from this war, to Italy. It is beautiful in Italy. There are places there where the Inquisition has no power. You can live as you like. Think of the children we could have."
  • Do not take them within the Empire of Morocco, said he, "until after you have been paid for them. Two of you can stay with them here, while the other goes to Swearah with a letter from this young man to his friends. You have as yet no proof that he is trying to deceive you; and therefore, as true men, have no excuse for breaking your promise to him. Take a letter to Swearah; and if the money be not paid, then do with them as you please, and the wrong will not rest upon you."
  • Zachary made a mental note of the "half-breed" comment, one of an increasing number of things he intended to ask his father about as soon as they got away from this horrid man. His father jabbed the glowing stick at the doctor who, alarmed, shoved his chair back away from it. Zachary stared at the shining rod. Could this be what Nurse Nightshade meant when she said "wand arm?" How could something like that even exist?
  • Justice! cried Frank, starting to his feet. "Justice--strict, stern, merciless; and that justice means to me all that you mean by vengeance. Let us make war against him from this time forth while life lasts; let us cast him out and get back our own; let us put him into the power of the law, and let that take satisfaction on him for his crimes; let us cast him out and fling him from us to that power which can fittingly condemn. I despise him, and despise his sufferings. His agony will give me no gratification. The anguish that a base nature can suffer is only disgusting to me--he suffers only out of his baseness. To me, and with a thing like that, vengeance is impossible, and justice is enough."
  • "Virus Dad, its probably a virus, spread by blood and other bodily fluids." She wouldnt elaborate further, not wanting to diminish her case or drive her father from this cause, which to Marthe was noble, with far more purpose than shed thought when entering nursing school in 1976. Seven years later this city was in the thick of conflict, a race against the clock to save as many as possible. The worst wasnt that no one survived, this illness a death sentence, but attitudes like those her own father held, a disease shunned because of those afflicted.
  • As the mournful procession of boats moved past, though well over toward the opposite bank of the river, the disheartened garrison saw that each was rowed by two or more white captives, who were guarded and forced to their labor by armed savages. As the heavy-hearted spectators were about to turn away from this distressing sight, a thrilling incident absorbed their attention, and held them spellbound.
  • If Caislyn thought that the spell would work itself out within short order, she had been mistaken. She had been busying herself with store inventory and sketches for almost two months. The disappointment that nothing had come of her spell was wearing on her and she felt she needed a break from her personal reality. A break would not come anytime soon though, it was nearly time to open the store again today, yet another tedium tying her down to this town, this apartment, this store, so that she could not be out actively looking for her parents the way she wanted. She had no doubt that her parents had been moved from this town. As small towns go, it was a gossip mill. It was like that long before the non humans came out and it remained that way for as long as Caislyn could remember. She finished getting herself ready and walked downstairs to the bookstore to open up.
  • The wines from this region are very lively and have a fruity acidity.
  • Ascent from this dive the diver experienced a sharp pain in the top of his right arm.
  • "I observed that the mountain on the southern face descended with an easier slope toward the plain, than upon the north where it is bold and precipitous. from this I concluded that a greater quantity of snow must be melted, and run off in that direction. Doubtless then, thought I, there will be a greater amount of fertility on that side; and I continued to ride on, until I came in sight of the grove of willows and cotton-trees, which line the stream above the valley here. I soon reached them, and saw that there was a stream with considerable pasturage near its borders--much more than where we had encamped I tied my horse to a tree, and climbed some distance up the mountain in order to get a view of the country south and west. I had not got to a great height when I caught sight of the singular chasm that seemed to open up in the plain. I was attracted with this peculiarity, and determined to examine it. Descending again to where I had left my horse, I mounted, and rode straight for it. In a short time I stood upon the brink of the precipice, and looked down into this smiling valley.
  • Look here, Will argued. "The Little Brass God is stolen from this house on Drexel Boulevard. Enclosed in a cavity in the toy is a will disposing of several million dollars worth of property.
  • Evidently, reason is not outraged by an admission of the reality of these facts, although the situations are strained to the utmost limits of possibility; but that does not surprise us, for the writer is the American magician-poet, Edgar Poe. But from this moment onwards we shall see that no semblance of reality exists in the succession of incidents.
  • At this spot, known as Lookout Louise, one may stand at a point some hundreds of feet above the water level and look down upon the dark and somber bay that lies below. On this particular night, viewed from this height, the silver plane seemed a giant sea gull with wings outspread.
  • Rath didn't shy from this clamor; it comforted him, eased his tensions. For a moment, it even erased his pressing alarm. The urgency that gripped him, hastened him to leave Janus, could not keep him from taking this stroll of tribute. He walked the pads freely without worry of a landing freighter or a launching shuttle; the Orbital Control panel highlighted the "Clear Space" signal. He took a roundabout path to his scout, surveying the docking bays for what he thought might be the last time.
  • I looked at him an instant to see if there was anything to hope from further entreaty. But he was a man of stone. I approached him, and said in a low voice, 'Well, since you know the Corsicans so well, you know that they always keep their word. You think that it was a good deed to kill my brother, who was a Bonapartist, because you are a royalist. Well, I, who am a Bonapartist also, declare one thing to you, which is, that I will kill you. from this moment I declare the vendetta against you, so protect yourself as well as you can, for the next time we meet your last hour has come.' And before he had recovered from his surprise, I opened the door and left the room.
  • "So what do we conclude from this one event? We conclude it is reasonable to believe that a person, and not a spook, triggered the plane alarm and led us to the quarry. We speculate that the person did not know about the alarm and set it off by accident, probably while inspecting the plane, since we see nothing to be gained by sabotage. We speculate that the chase was to frighten us, not primarily to harm us, the reason being that we rushed the ghost during the ghost act and are therefore potentially dangerous. We reach this conclusion because the ghost picked a side of the quarry where we would land in the water, which is plenty deep by the way, and not on the rocks."
  • But before Sir John could stoop, Roland, with a vigorous push of the shoulder, rolled the animal's body aside, and rose to his feet covered with blood, but without a single scratch. Little Edouard, either from lack of time or from native courage, had not recoiled an inch. True, he was completely protected by his brother's body, which was between him and the boar. Sir John had sprung aside to take the animal in the flank. He watched Roland, as he emerged from this second duel, with the same amazement that he had experienced after the first.
  • Now Eric stood for a long while on the edge of the fall and looked, measuring every thing with his eye. Then he went up above, where the river swirls down to the precipice, and looked again, for it is from this bank that the dividing island rock Sheep saddle must be reached.
  • No street-lamps shed their light here, and the boys blundered along through the blackness with their hearts in their mouths. In one yard, filled with mountains of crates and fruit-boxes, they were lost for a quarter of an hour. Feel and quest about as they would, they encountered nothing but endless heaps of boxes. from this wilderness they finally emerged by way of a shed roof, only to fall into another yard, cumbered with countless empty chicken-coops.
  • "So on the side of the castle facing away from the house, we finally found something helpful. The rock base the castle was resting on looked like the top of a mountain that had been sheared away. Parts of it had been filled in or built up with additional rock, you know the way that sort of construction goes, but the area we were facing was solid cliff. About thirty feet up, where the cliff seemed to end and the rock wall began, we could see a gateway. A roadbed extended out from this gate over our heads. Since we were looking from underneath, we could see a set of big buttresses springing from the cliff wall to support the bottom of this roadbed. Where the buttresses ended, about ten feet out from the wall, the roadbed also ended in a ripped-off edge where the rest of the span had apparently been torn away. So we backed up for a better look and spotted a portcullis in the gate, partly raised - an entrance, sure enough, but it was still thirty feet up. By the time we had finished our walk around the castle, though, it was apparent that that was the best-looking way in.
  • Copper dragon black gold 3.7 % a dark style with a rich roast malt character from this newly established regional brewer in skipton.
  • Was this what he had done to the woman? Had he drawn life from her, like she had from this grass? Had he drained her for his own Breath? She shivered. A man that would do that would stop at nothing. At least Johan had refused to hit her. Though, in his most violent drunks, he had never stopped himself from hitting her mother.
  • Hal, Chester, Captain Anderson and the British cavalrymen had derived great amusement from this scene, and, as Hal had realized that the German, now unarmed, could not do much harm to the war correspondent, he had let the two fight it out alone.
  • So much the better for me, sir. In four or five months from this moment, I will land you in New York, where you will find the climate cold enough for any disease. I ask you as friends--as guests--not as passengers; and to prove it, the table of the upper cabin, in future, shall be mine. I have barely left room in the lower cabin to sleep or dress in, having filled it with my own private venture, as is my right.
  • Commanders of the army... who had come back from this military expedition.
  • Each step was carved from pure granite. Layers and layers of rock dust masked the flat footfall portions of the stone. The vertical edges, however, escaped the brown and gray powder and shined with ancient polish, a tribute to dwarf construction. Most steps passed the test of the ages without crumbling or succumbing to fissure. Only a random few suffered the scars of cracks, and these appeared recent, probably the result of the blast which freed the magic from this monumental tomb.
  • The spring itself was nearly invisible to one coming from this direction, but stuck in the fork of a tree, beside it, was a weathered old piece of ship's planking on which had been rudely cut the single word WATTER.
  • "Mighty spirit, show this young boy and this wand all the magical power he will need from this day forth. I call on the Dragon's Breath to make its fog to hide me and this young boy, so the men coming upon his path won't see him until it's time for him to strike. Now they wait for the trail to be filled by the Dragon's Breath, which will lead them here. The Dragon's fog will be their doom, not this young boy's. To fight evil, this wand will bring victory to him and safeguard against all from evil on this morning."
  • Well, I'll be dinged! This is the kid Lieutenant Lewis sent up to the lake! How in tarnation did he get to us from this direction? The men silently exchanged glances, all remembering their fruitless attempts to make a trail over the Dos Hermanas. Forcing water between the parched lips, the corporal gently shook Piang. The boy opened his eyes and shuddered.
  • That is what troubles me, replied Hartog. "Marco Polo knew the Great South Land, but not so thoroughly as we are beginning to know it now. from this chart I place the Ruby Mountains on the north-west coast of the continent of New Holland."
  • No one knew any thing whatever about Henderson. None of the clerks could tell any thing concerning him. They were all new hands. None of them had ever seen Smithers. They all believed that Henderson was the junior partner, and that the senior spent his time abroad. from this it began to be believed that Smithers staid in California digging gold, which he diligently remitted to the London house.
  • I did not think of that, the queen said. "Yes, you are right. There is a hoard stowed away by the late king, and by his father before him. Its existence is only known to my husband and myself. I have never seen it, but Cacama tells me that it is of immense value; and was to be used only in case of an extreme emergency, and danger to the state. We can take what we choose from this separate hoard, and Cuicuitzca will find, from the list in the hands of the chief of the treasury, that the royal store is untouched."
  • Only true magic could ever come from this bird of hope. Once found and used wisely, one would become great. Angels would fly and the poor wretched would get their wings. It meant doom if it fell into the wrong hands. It would give hope to the wrong side and could imprison all of great wizard kind in eternal dungeons. The song it sang sounded of sweetness in the gale of icy blue waves of the ocean. But it required a pure soul to make him work what decency had in store.
  • Take a match from this box which I have twisted out of my pocket, and while I hold the box, scratch it, and hold the flame against the bonds around my wrists.
  • Once they reached the summit of the rise it was found that the French surgeon had not overstated the fact when saying that a very good view of the battle lines could be obtained from this point. Rod took a look and then handed the glasses over to Josh, knowing how eager the other was to see at close range what was going on over where the big guns were thundering so fiercely--where also the French lay in hiding, ready to again charge desperately upon the German trenches when the word to advance was given. The ground between the hostile armies was covered with the fallen. Josh shivered as he contemplated the terrible spectacle. It would doubtless haunt him for many a day and night to come. He looked everywhere, not even omitting to glance upward so as to see what the flying birdmen might be doing; then he handed the binoculars over to Hanky Panky, who received them eagerly, despite his sensation of horror.
  • Esmereldas own bare feet were warming in the coziness of the home. She took one from the top of the other and planted both on the wooden floor. It bothered her how safe she felt herehow removed from the danger lurking outside, just beyond the walls, a step through a single door. There was no doubt that the streets were crawling with soldiers by now. The police were probably involved, too. Maybe vigilante mobs. She was in the thick of it. Hidden, but the longest she could stay hidden was till morning, and then the sun would come up and escape would be near impossible. She shuddered at the thought of emerging from this little home onto a sunlight street.
  • Above a fortnight passed away, during which I received no word of intelligence concerning Olivia. At some moments I felt great affliction from this suspense: at others I collected myself and determined to pursue my plan with all the vigour in which it had been conceived.
  • I might have been more flattered than I was at my exaltation among these half-human creatures, had I not easily detected the jealousy of the chief, which feeling Grin continued constantly to feed. Indeed in spite of all I could do, a division of parties was growing every day. Unfortunately the females were more fierce in their partisanship than were the males. Moreover a majority of these "ladies" evinced a strong desire to ally themselves to the side of which I was becoming the unwilling leader. Prominent among them was the chief's albino mate, who was far too persistent to give me any peace of mind. I foresaw trouble to come from this unhappy complication.
  • The sultan was exceedingly surprised to understand that he was so far from his dominions, and could not imagine how it could be. But the young king of the Black Islands convinced him so plainly, that he could no more doubt of it. Then the sultan replied, it is no matter; the trouble that I shall have to return to my own country is sufficiently recompensed by the satisfaction I have had to oblige you, and by acquiring you for a son; for since you will do me the honour to attend me, and that I have no child, I look upon you as one; and from this moment I appoint you my heir and successor.
  • The upper continuation of the Colorado River of the West is Green River which heads in the Wind River Mountains at Frmont Peak. from this range southward to the Uinta Mountains, on the southern boundary of Wyoming, the river flows through an open country celebrated in the early days of Western exploration and fur trading as "Green River Valley," and at that period the meeting ground and "rendezvous" of the various companies and organisations, and of free trappers.
  • Antony beams. "May I never dream of impediment to this good purpose, that so fairly shows! Let me have thy hand! Further this act of grace!—and from this hour the hearts of brothers govern in our loves, and sway our great designs!"
  • How I wish, he exclaimed, "that I had studied Italian before I came! But from this time forth, I'm determined not to rest till I've learned the language."
  • On this floor, the rooms fronting the court, the sleeping-rooms, were quite small,--("They are the bad rooms all the same," said Eugene,)--four of them, all just as ordinary in appearance as those below. A corridor ran behind them connecting with the wing corridor, and from this opened a door, unlike any of the other doors in that it was covered with green baize, somewhat moth-eaten. Eugene selected a key from the bunch he carried, unlocked the door, and with some difficulty forced it to swing inward; it was as heavy as the door of a safe.
  • Sweating and with every nerve a-quiver I watched that cruel knife, holding my breath in expectation of the coming agony, and then--from the black gloom of the cliff beyond burst a sudden echoing roar, I heard the whine of a bullet and immediately all was confusion and uproar, shouts of dismay and a wild rush for shelter from this sudden attack. But as I struggled to my knees Tressady's great hand gripped my throat, and dragging me behind a boulder he pinned me there.
  • Sazar turned about and faced Consprite directly. "Ahhh well, it seems the best alternative I have. I stand corrected; you have proved to be of assistance to me. I also wish to make further use of you. I will send you to this Church of Godson with a small party of goblins and two shags. You will see to it that a number of humans, let us say ten to begin with, are removed from this church and sent to the western outskirts of the city. I will instruct my goblins to transport the humans from there to the desert."
  • "Yes, sir," I said. If anyone else had said it, I would have been offended, but coming from this puffed-up pigeon, it didn't sting much.
  • Yes, interrupted Dick soothingly, "of course it will. Then that is settled, eh? Because I want you to understand that unless you definitely promise me that there shall be no torture I shall be obliged to withdraw from this business altogether; moreover, I will take my magic off Sekosini, and then nothing that you can do will make him confess or incriminate the others. You know that, don't you?"
  • In some other place will be found the account of our miraculous return from this strange and mysterious island of many barbarians and much gold.
  • It was 11:15 a.m., and I was staring at the big white clock on the wall, hoping that time would stand as still as a camper standing in front of a huge grizzly bear. I felt like running as far as my legs would take me away from this mind-melting wedding experience.
  • "Aye, springes"—traps—"to catch woodcocks!" The graybeards eyes narrow. "I do know, when the blood burns, how prodigally the soul lends a tongue vows! These blazes, daughtergiving more heat than light, extinct in both even as their promise is a-makingyou must not take for fire! from this time on be somewhat scanter with your maiden presence; set your entreatments at a higher rate"—price—"than a command to parley!
  • "One-three, one-five. Watch that closest bunker on your left, someone just ran into it from this side," Murphy radioed.
  • "Goddess hear me," she whispered, "please wake me up from this nightmare!" She sat on the floor crying, her thoughts jumbled, not understanding what was going on. But the man and woman knew who the old man was, and instead of telling her they locked her in a room, and at any minute Vincent could come in to kill her.
  • Wet as a junk. We put the first sack in the eyes of her, but it's no kid's play, and we ought to have help, Mr. Thirkle, if we get clear away from this island to-night. We can't swear there won't be no moon, and, moon or no, we want to be out of the jungle and at the boats by sundown. And what's the game with the writin' chap here? I'm minded to have him do a bit of this work.
  • Belfast Zoo is built on a hill. The hill is Cave Hill, named for a room-sized hole in its eastern face. Cave Hill itself is one of the basalt mountains that surrounds Belfast in a half-ring. The mountains, Black Mountain and Divis, visible from any west-wandering street in the city, mark the bottom south-east corner of the Antrim Plateau, a great mass of lava that erupted from volcanoes around Lough Neagh some 60-62 million years ago. Lough Neagh itself was formed from this event; the Earth beneath the area became so depleted of mineral volume that it collapsed into a shallow depression.
  • "Even in his own castle a baron is not safe from this meddling King," Amalric grumbled, standing in the doorway of his chamber.
  • "You all know the importance of everything we do from this moment on. We are in control of the Fenrite problem. Make no mistake about it, although there will be rumors of debate over this issue. The Authority is currently taking a hard stance over Fenrir. They're not happy with the results of their attack. They are locking heads with Govern itself over how it should be handled. In the end, however, it is up to us to deal with the Fenrites, to find the solutions to the problems they create.
  • The trees themselves bent down over her. Thick, wooden branches wrapped around her arms and legs and pulled her high into the air. In the blink of an eye, she went from the forest floor to a point well above the surrounding treetops as several tree limbs stretched high into a deep blue sky. She looked down in sheer terror, realizing a fall from this distance would leave her body crushed and broken.
  • Wanting to get away from this subject she said "Now anymore drama before we start class?" All of the students were quite quiet and ready to begin the lesson.
  • "Not such rubbish as it sounds to you, Moses. These are the scientific names of the creatures, and you know as well as he does that many creatures think they find it advantageous to pretend to be what they are not. Man himself is not quite free from this characteristic. Indeed, you have a little of it yourself," said the hermit with one of his twinkling glances. "When you are almost terrified of your wits don't you pretend that there's nothing the matter with you?"
  • "It says, ‘Find Commander Black and convey my displeasure to him concerning the handling of his duties thus far. I expect my moneys worth from this deal, and if he and his band of half-wits are unable to perform as expected, I shall have them join the King in his bloody campaign in the west.’ It is signedNumber One’. How cryptic."
  • But to return from this long digression. I set about my preparations without delay, and was soon ready with a small but very select amount of baggage. You may be sure also that Lumley was active in his preparations, and the result was that, on a fine afternoon in the early spring, we--that is, Lumley, Macnab, Big Otter, and I--set out on our expedition in a strong new boat which was manned by two Indians, two Scotchmen, and a number of Canadian half-breeds--all picked men.
  • The same implement which was employed by the Bororos to reproduce the sound of the aigi or ajie (hippopotamus)--a board some ten inches long and three inches wide attached to a string and revolved from a long pole--was also used by them to announce the departure of souls from this world to the next. The women were ordered to cover their faces or hide altogether inside their huts when these noises were produced. Should one be curious enough to inquire into their origin and look, she was generally condemned to death--frequently by starvation. The Bacururu--or the Coroado Indians--believed that, after such an indiscretion, nothing could save the life of a woman.
  • "Right here. This is where we stock new arrivals. We have two new ones about reincarnation and old souls. That is what youre interested in, right?" I looked at her as her eyes skimmed across the titles. from this angle I could admire her profile. She had an elegant look. Her thin nose was the perfect complement to her slender features. Her lips were full but not overdone. She wore no makeup.
  • I don't think, governor, that there is any great danger of a mutiny; though, many men, many minds, as I said before. But, my business here is forgotten all this time; and I know it isn't with your honour now as it used to be with us both, when we had nothing to think of but the means of getting away from this place, into some other that we fancied might be better. I wish you joy, sir, in having got the two new brigs into the water.
  • It was hours before sound finally roused her from this position. She turned slowly toward the door, watching as someone on the other side attempted to push it open. The steel latch held, but the door jerked violently on its hinges.
  • Another most beautiful island, 800 m. long and 80 m. wide--Pedro de Toledo Island--was passed. It had a channel 10 m. wide in a north-westerly direction, another, which we followed, 50 m. broad, north-east. On emerging from this channel at the end of the island we were in a basin 140 m. in diameter. Some 3 kils. farther, another great basin was crossed--very shallow, only 2 ft. deep--with a gravel bottom. The current was swift. Then, 2 kils. beyond, yet another basin, 100 metres wide, 1½ ft. deep, with strong eddies, was crossed. The river, which had so far kept more or less in a northerly direction, at that point actually swung round in two consecutive angles from 350 north to due south, in which direction it flowed for 1,000 m. An immaculately white beach was on the right of us, on which we duly stranded. It was quite enough for Alcides to see an obstacle of any kind in the river for him to send the canoe right over it. I seized that opportunity to land and commence a most interesting collection of the innumerable minute sand plants which were to be found on those beaches.
  • On a shelf above the table are about fifty models of ships, each bearing the flag of some nation. The toy is a model of the canal, with its sidings, stations, and the lakes. When a ship enters the canal at either end, a little ship is placed in the relative position it occupies; and when one sails out of it, its representative in the trough is removed. All the stations are connected with this office by telegraph, just as the railroads are controlled in modern times; and when a vessel passes from one section, or block, it is reported to the manager. A man is always watching; and as news comes in, he makes the proper changes in the model ships. Where a steamer is to tie up for the night is ordered from this office.
  • "We used to watch the whales together from this very spot," said the Prince as his eyes trailed after the passing shadow nostalgically. "Do you remember this as fondly as I do?"
  • When she heard the door shut she quickly brought her finger back to her lips to feel of the sharp instrument within her mouth. She opened her mouth as her fingers trailed along one of her suddenly long sharp canines. Scared she ran into the bathroom to see that her reflection in the mirror was pale, but surprisingly the two long shiny daggers were not. Kat began to cry uncontrollably upon her discovery because she knew without a doubt that things would never be the same from this point forwardnot that they ever were she thought. Suddenly realizing how stupid she had been to allow this to happen she continued to weep unabated.
  • We know now, said Ned, "that we can expect nothing from this man. The Nautilus is nearing Long Island. We will escape, whatever the weather may be."
  • Maybe it is Owen. But why would he decide to come back so late? Maybe its my guardian angel come to rescue me from this sleaze-bag.
  • She smirked and said, "Here's the deal. I have another week, maybe two more of writing. At this point bringing a stranger in would be more upsetting to my work than keeping you around. I want you to do the meals, like you've been doing, and I want you here 24 hours a day, like you have been doing. But, and this is a big but, but you sleep in the other room upstairs from now on. As soon as I finish the book we part company. You agree that you will stay out of my work space and won't look at the manuscript from this point on. As an incentive for staying on, I'll give you a bonus when we part company on my terms."
  • Terry O'Malley was among the disappointed viewers in the main parlor. He was more disappointed than most because he had decided that at twenty-five he had nothing to lose and everything to gain by making a rapid departure from this area - taking Clancy's diamonds with him. He had arrived at 6:30 this evening, one of the very first, prepared to grab the rings at gunpoint and make a run for it.
  • I was visible from this position in a direct line of sight to where they stood. Although the distance was a couple of hundred feet, they saw me clearly. Each pair of eyes surveyed me and the child in my arms with disdain.
  • I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, . . . I see the evil of this time . . . gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out.
  • One of the number had been at the Fort a few years before; but he could not make it again from this unknown part of the prairie.
  • Surfing ballerina made out of vegetables was just one of the original ideas that emerged from this project on mechanical toys.
  • Sarahs mouth closed with an audible snap. "Good one. Well, if it came from this direction, yet didnt come from behind us, then that would suggest that it came from us!"
  • This will do,"" said he, ""and from this letter, which might have ruined me, I will make my fortune. Now to the work I have in hand."" And after having assured himself that the prisoner was gone, the deputy procureur hastened to the house of his betrothed."
  • Campbell had anticipated a little more of a response from this witness. Did I make a mistake choosing Burgess for this job? Too late now.
  • "Now take a big leap and imagine reality is defined the same way, as points on a grid. All the matter, everything. All the atoms have a grid reference. Reality is built up through little signals on the grid, one from this direction, one from that, meeting up and saying - we'll have an oxygen atom here, a carbon atom there - like the features on the map you're drawing or the dots on the flat screen. You can't see the grid but it's always there, sending those messages. It even defines your body - all your body's atoms. It may sound a weird idea but it's not too far from the way modern physics sees the world, some of the old Eastern religions too."
  • "You stay, oh, sir! oh, sir! don't you understand that you will be condemned to death, executed on the scaffold, perhaps assassinated and torn to pieces, just like Mynheer John and Mynheer Cornelius. For heaven's sake, don't think of me, but fly from this place, Take care, it bears ill luck to the De Witts!"
  • So I say, from this coigne of vantage, looking westward over the broad green level toward the thin smoke that rose from Chapelizod chimneys, lying so snugly in the lap of the hollow by the river, the famous Fifteen Acres, where so many heroes have measured swords, and so many bullies have bit the dust, was distinctly displayed in the near foreground. You all know the artillery butt. Well, that was the centre of a circular enclosure containing just fifteen acres, with broad entrances eastward and westward.
  • "You're insane!" She tore her hand out of his and stumbled back to the opposite side of the room, as far away from this horrid individual as possible. But they were still in a locked room together. If she started screaming, would the guard even care?
  • Of all pitched battles, Waterloo is the one which has the smallest front for such a number of combatants. Napoleon three-quarters of a league; Wellington, half a league; seventy-two thousand combatants on each side. from this denseness the carnage arose.
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