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for dear life
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Okunuşu: / fɔː dɪə lʌɪf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: for dear life


bütün kuvvetiyle, hayatnı kurtarmak için.
canını kurtaracakmış gibi.

for dear life için örnek cümleler:

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  • Melody knew she was the cause of that anguisheven though Yaeko couldnt see herand also knew disconnectedly that she couldnt stop herself. She was hanging on for dear life to something powerful inside her that had broken loose and now galloped free. She couldnt rein it in or get control of it. She felt the beast boiling inside her, and knew it had taken command of her soul. It was coming out nowand her mother was in its direct path. Her mom would be hurt. Shed ... be killed.
  • Jack started the snowmobile and it roared into life. Jim jumped on behind him, holding on for dear life as the machine started its insane roar to life. They went into the deeper snow behind the hotel as Adam Dirtpassions mooks came out running. Where Adam got thirty mooks in five minutes is a subject best left for academics and plot hole watchers.
  • Rob stood up with the condom still holding on for dear life on his deflated dipstick. He looked around for his clothes when Maureen Stewart walked by and then stopped dead in her tracks.
  • Then, I remembered the incident. Ember had sat motionless and refused to speak at all. She grabbed her chair tightly and held on for dear life like Willow did later as she struggled against my skill. My sister radiated with an unearthly heat while it was happening. I was also terrified that she was going to float away again. Fortunately, gravity held her in place. When Ember finally 'returnedto us, her pupils were fixed and dilated. They were bloodshot too like she had gotten drunk from some invisible source. She even slurred her words slightly once she eventually spoke.
  • Butler pulled out a narrow tube about eighteen inches long. It was a low-tech device normally used for throwing a line between ships. Originally, a small explosive charge propelled a hook and line about one hundred-fifty feet horizontally. In this case, Tommy had modified this one to shoot the hook and line just high enough to carry a rubber coated graphite hook over the freighters railing above them. Butler fired the device and luckily snagged the railing first try. Tommys other gadget, known as a Zip-Zip, was Tommys crude version of the Atlas Power Ascender used by the US military. A small battery operated mechanism could rapidly lift three hundred pounds up a line to a height of twenty-five feet in about three seconds. Butler quickly attached the Zip-Zip to the line and squeezed the devices dead man switch. A high pitch whirring began as the Zip-Zip began racing up the rope. Butler hung on for dear life as the device lifted him out of the cockpit of the Dolphin. He barely had time to prepare himself as the sides of the ship flashed past his nose.
  • It was a special year. Pete and his running mates were in the middle of a time that they would always look back on and always smile about. Now all Pete had to do was address the viability of his immediate future with the Queen of Suckdom. The abusive crowd at Lakeview, complete with booing every time Pete touched the ball, was in peak form. Anyone associated with West Valley was fair game. Team family members had to either run for cover, sit and take the abuse, or fight for dear life.
  • Eibhlin wondered, "What keeps you alive in here? Hunger makes you most fearful to all after a full sting of your sharp spear. I see you are here to do me harm. If you poison me, I imagine the pain is excruciating!" Eibhlin lay motionless, an entangled prisoner, wanting to scream out loud for dear life.
  • Momentum swung back and forth like a pendulum in the third quarter, but West Valley held on to the lead for dear life by the quarter's end. Their 47-45 advantage was keyed by Pete's six points and four rebounds and Tom Sullivan's four points, giving them 24 points and 16 rebounds, and 14 points, respectively, for the game. The crowd was on the edge of their collective seats. The teams could not be more evenly matched.
  • So without thinking - in case he hesitated to the extent of believing that he had a good reason to hesitate - he hooked his left arm around the central pole, and hugged it for dear life as he took his right hand away from the peg and plunged it into his pocket. His fingers found the emberquick without any undue fumbling - for which he was grateful - and once he had it in view, he saw that it was still glowing. With its song already in his head, he brought to mind his first great dream, and did his utmost to ignore everything that was making him afraid. Which was no easy task, considering that just about everything was making him afraid at the moment.
  • Eibhlin wondered, "What keeps you alive in here? Hunger makes you most fearful to all after a full sting of your sharp spear. I see you are here to do me harm. If you poison me, I imagine the pain is excruciating!" Eibhlin lay motionless, an entangled prisoner, wanting to scream out loud for dear life.
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