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Okunuşu: / əːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: ear·ly
Ekler: ear·li·er/ear·li·est
Türü: sıfat, zarf


s. erken;
ilk, ilkel;

z. vakitsiz, vaktinden evvel.

early için örnek cümleler:

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  • The first question we had memorized from our early catechism had been why were you created?
  • Recent studies have focused on wireline interpretation and early diagenesis in hydrocarbon reservoirs from the middle east, particularly cretaceous ramp systems.
  • It included a song about remembering the poor milkman out there so early in the morning, in the cold and the dark.
  • It is an automatic winding wristwatch, which is designed in an early aviators style.
  • The played an almost unknown gig at itchen college early in their career.
  • Cakewalk 6.0x and earlier - increasing the queue buffer setting to 12 under settings | audio options | advanced.
  • Mr dunlevy earlier made the point that some of my questions seemed rather argumentative.
  • In the uk they are most abundant in the autumn in a season spanning from early spring to late autumn.
  • He denied earlier reports he had issued a fatwa, or formal religious edict.
  • Your eurostar departure will normally be between 8am and 9am, although on some holidays an earlier start of around 6am is necessary.
  • Epithelial keratitis: the earliest manifestation of corneal involvement is punctate epithelial keratitis.
  • Throttle back on early potatoes - we have more than enough to see us through to the maincrop.
  • Having more brothers and sisters increased the chances of economic inactivity, and having more brothers increased the risk of early childbearing for women.
  • Messages received outside these times will be dealt with at the earliest possible time.
  • Cream colored earthenware was also made in leeds possibly as early as this but had become lighter in appearance by 1775.
  • There are a few angel funded deals that take off so quickly that the startup entrepreneur can easily raise $5 million or more in venture capital in the next round. These deals are likely to provide early investors with very high returns.
  • The critical focus on issues of early modern selfhood, subjectivity, and identity is uncannily connected to our professional stature and identity.
  • How did the early modern period imagine and represent physical virginity and the transition to sexual maturity?
  • Talkies arrived in the early 30s, the extravagant beads and jewelry of the 20s disappeared as they interfered with the sound.
  • Nystagmus that appears in the first months of life is called " early onset nystagmus that appears in the first months of life is called " early onset nystagmus " or " congenital nystagmus " .
  • Rainy season over most of pakistan is from late june to early october.
  • In the early 1950s the number of television sets in the uk began to expand along with rising affluence.
  • In other instances, chd may result from teratogens, usually unknown, during early gestation.
  • Square piano the first pianos made in this country were in the oblong form of the earlier clavichord, and were made about 1770.
  • We enabled him to settle into a new role with dignity and to gradually regain his earlier vigor.
  • Root softwood cuttings in early summer, or hardwood cuttings in winter.
  • Prurigo gestationis this rash comes in two forms: an early form and a late form.
  • The shattering earthquake that struck northern morocco early tuesday has claimed 564 lives ( reported february 25 ).
  • My aim is to have the garments ready in the late summer for early autumn of next year.
  • Multiethnic country, early childhood education is still underdeveloped.
  • Learning objectives: 1. to understand the implications of post-operative radiotherapy for early breast cancer on long-term morbidity.
  • The day was mainly sunny with early misty cloud burning off during the morning leaving smoke haze.
  • We were able to have a play through of an early demo version featuring a single level.
  • If docks get bad enough intends to bastard fallow, he will plow early and leave fallow for 2 months during the summer.
  • Rubble plinth, substantial remains of an earlier timber framed building.
  • From an early 1960s autograph book obtained ne england containing a few other low key uk entertainers.
  • Even the carolingian empire of the early ninth century had only been a failed successor state to the western roman empire.
  • It contains a good range of 18thc and even earlier churchyard memorials and a 17thc lychgate.
  • What if the wind came early and the whole shore became a Maelstrom in moments, as can sometimes be the case?
  • Going midweek meant there was none of the hassle of needing to be there early to grab a place.
  • With a shift to spring calving herds, more beef producers left bull buying until the sales early in the year.
  • Some 18thc gravestones are set just to the south of the chancel, the earliest noted being of 1766.
  • Subject specialism: russian art from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century.
  • She had felt an early presentiment that she _should_ like the eldest best.
  • United resumed their earlier pressure and midway through the half came close to a rather fortuitous opener.
  • The following day, ernest jones ( who, like anna freud, had an interest in gardens ) noted early crocuses.
  • In spring and early summer wild flowers bloom everywhere; the forests host dainty wild cyclamen, with wild orchids scattered here and there.
  • Angels invest their personal funds in startup ventures, generally much earlier in the life cycle of the company than do venture capitalists.
  • In addition, grazing and early cutting of hay meadows makes that field scabious often does not reaches the flowering stage.
  • Gasket kit is concerned i should be fitting the earlier kit to the later engine.
  • In spring and early summer snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells carpet the woodland floor.
  • The first aluminum ingots are expected to be produced in early 2001.
  • Whiting, dabs, dogfish, plus the odd monkfish make up the early season catches.
  • The profound lack of circulating a1-antitrypsin predisposes the z a1-antitrypsin homozygote to early onset emphysema.
  • So what if the new songs are a bit slicker than their earlier output?
  • Psychodynamics this is the theory that states that disturbances in early sexual or general development and unconscious wishes are at the heart of ocd.
  • At the time of the early prophets, since mans classes were very distant from one another, and their characters both somewhat coarse, and violent, and their minds, primitive and close to nomadism, the Laws at that time came all in different forms in ways appropriate to their conditions.
  • Cortez and the early conquistadors brought tomatoes back to europe in the early 16th century.
  • THE SIXTH: Since the great interpreters of the Law among the righteous early generations of Islam were close to the time of the Companions of the Prophet, the age of light and age of truth, they were able to receive a pure light and make pure interpretations.
  • A man suspected of placing the earlier minibus bomb was arrested after local villages gave chase, according to Associated Press.
  • Look for an incident early in every game, and make a big deal about it, by publicly admonishing the perpetrator.
  • The orchestra of welsh national opera together with renowned harpist elinor bennett are touring wales with the work in early january.
  • The earliest reference to ambrosius is in a tract called de excidio et conquestu britanniae, written by a 6th century cleric named gildas.
  • In the early 1750s began a saga to succeed plummer which here can only be outlined.
  • Bootstrapping is a time-proven method for extending the funds available to start a company until the cash generated from earnings is available to fund the growth of the business. Bootstrapping can also be used to describe the extension, for as long as possible, the expenditure of invested capital in early stage ventures.
  • Bream will dominate early catches although expect the tench to start to show as warmer weather arrives!
  • The earliest inspection craft were horse-drawn, the horses ridden by postilions in livery.
  • In a complex case, even early intimation of expert evidence may not allow sufficient time for completion of the crown investigation.
  • Parchment document describing how individual surnames developed from their early roots.
  • Accused on bail to attend earlier than the time at which the hearing of his case should start.
  • Collider physics, particle theory is nowadays also studied in the context of the early universe.
  • Piers of the arcade are corbels from the earlier roof; one is used as a support for a statue.
  • Mimic many of these conditions, even diabetes, by causing fatigue yet early waking.
  • Yorvox gave a concert of english and italian madrigals at the cambridge early music summer school on july 19th, 2002.
  • Biology: charlock generally flowers from may to july but flowering may begin as early as april in plants that germinated the previous autumn.
  • The sacred 260 day calendar of early mesoamerican civilisations bob johnson seeks an explanation for the mayan calendar.
  • Sodomy charges earlier this year and sentenced to one year in prison.
  • The authors conclude that the outcome of childhood epilepsy is closely related to its early course.
  • Right from the very early days, writers have given their sleuths unusual monikers.
  • Rewrite information: the us edition contains a number of passages which have been substantially rewritten from the earlier uk edition.
  • Getting an early start by raising them under cover such as on a bright windowsill will give earlier and better harvests later.
  • Draft guidelines will be included in the framework to be published early in 2004.
  • And also as time passes i have become more respectful of my earlier work.
  • By claiming that one of those moments earlier nolan project infinity.
  • Helping with the return of the green peafowl to peninsular malaysia in the early 1960s the green peafowl became extinct from peninsular malaysia.
  • Dispensepeal decision confirms an earlier ruling in favor of dispensing doctors.
  • Recede there is no worry about receding glaciers, rockfall or early hut starts.
  • To organize a program that might otherwise seem chaotic, we decided at an early stage to develop several series.
  • And even this is only true if the earlier alleged offenses were genuine.
  • Much of the infilling probably occurred early in the holocene, as the landscape adjusted to increasingly temperate conditions.
  • Dismasted brig is generally dated to the end of the earlier period, that is around 1809-10.
  • Although the early church showed deep affection one to another but they also had their moments of bitter strife.
  • Rover vehicle spirit which was launched the previous month, are due to land on the planet in early 2004.
  • Female common darter it was humid under scattered cumulus early on the 2nd but by mid-morning there was a welcome, freshening southerly breeze.
  • Accept whatever it is that is being heaped upon you due to your earlier non-appearance, and get on with it.
  • He is politically outspoken early on - against slavery, for the irish.
  • In waste places, white dead nettle, violets and coltsfoot may be in flower, attracting early bumblebees and honey bees.
  • It gives a new perspective on the archeology of this part of yorkshire from the early prehistoric to anglo-saxon periods.
  • We are interested in the molecular mechanisms involved in patterning the early mammalian forebrain.
  • Exercises often during the early part of the program many modules will require students to undertake exercises often during the early part of the program many modules will require students to undertake exercises directly relevant to the subjects being covered.
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