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Okunuşu: / əːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: ear·ly
Ekler: ear·li·er/ear·li·est
Türü: sıfat, zarf


s. erken;
ilk, ilkel;

z. vakitsiz, vaktinden evvel.

early için örnek cümleler:

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  • Corfe earliest improvement was the windlass, a hand-wound rope to haul up baskets, called corves, of coal.
  • In spring and early summer snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells carpet the woodland floor.
  • Bob mcglashan gave arbroath an early lead but stenny soon equalized.
  • Chancel and south aisle presumed to be early 15thc, but east wall of former partially reconstructed.
  • Youngsters from poorer backgrounds ( boys, especially ) can buckle to peer group pressure and develop negative attitudes to learning early on.
  • Business of the apex body the apex body the apex body in the early stages met twice a month.
  • Zimmer describes the experiences and influences that helped forge his theory, including the early geologists and of course the voyage on the beagle.
  • Millenniume earliest structures revealed during the survey were trackways from the 4th millenium bc, visible only very rarely at extreme low water.
  • And also as time passes i have become more respectful of my earlier work.
  • This earlier photograph was taken following a day in which high cirrus had been seeded by aircraft trails.
  • It is certain he watched from the wings as the kings of rhythm, & blues and early soul out did each other onstage.
  • Some people find that using a denture fixative in the early stages gives them extra security.
  • There are also some saxon remains on the site; the relics of an early saxon church and a baptismal font.
  • Colonialism in the late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century.
  • Recreatef the traders had entered into the spirit of recreating an earlier era.
  • Crouched, adult burial, probably dating to the early bronze age, is one of the earliest finds at the site.
  • Cleadon the earliest recorded evidence of human activity at cleadon is provided by prehistoric flint artifacts ( her 883 ).
  • These totally superfluous police horsemen were never in the processions in earlier years.
  • At an early age he was apprenticed to the old sailing brigs of the east coast.
  • It can be a bit like early flicks with people doing a passable imitation of charlie chaplin.
  • Weaknesses exposed by earlier surveys continue to be an issue for us.
  • Thus, the " doomsday " projections by early writers were not entirely baseless.
  • The fact that functional bracing does not immobilize the joints adjacent to the fracture makes early restoration of motion possible.
  • Flowers are buttery yellow and arranged in dense six inch racemes that appear in early summer.
  • Identification and expression of a murine cytomegalovirus early gene coding for an fc receptor.
  • Belong the greater part of the credit for the early days of the parish.
  • One of the earliest uses of biological weapons occurred in the 6th century bc when the assyrians poisoned enemy wells with rye ergot.
  • Numerous other examples of early biblical majuscule exist, several of which are broadly comparable with p64.
  • Hold a meeting in early march to review the first steps of the process.
  • Having more brothers and sisters increased the chances of economic inactivity, and having more brothers increased the risk of early childbearing for women.
  • Prostate brachytherapy would then not be an appropriate treatment for your early stage disease.
  • Much of the infilling probably occurred early in the holocene, as the landscape adjusted to increasingly temperate conditions.
  • Sadly, the decline in freight traffic and the largely seasonal passenger traffic were insufficient to prevent closure early in 1962.
  • Duration of the exposure was originally anticipated to last for a period of 10-12 months for retrieval in early 1985.
  • Certainly both the dedication and the churchyard morphology point to an early medieval origin.
  • The ak explained the passivity of the workers when faced by this conflict in the enemy camp by their defeat in early 1933.
  • This research is providing information that enhances our ability to predict swarming, and so offers the potential of earlier intervention to control locusts.
  • The frontal and temporal presentations of ftd are clearly separable from each other and early ad.
  • The show ran for half an hour and examined one question. There were two hosts: one liberal, one conservative, both opinion journalists rather than operatives for a political party. In the early 1990s, Michael Kinsley (now a Bloomberg View columnist) and Patrick Buchanan did the job. There were two guests, usually politicians or public-policy experts on each side of the debate. There was no studio audience.
  • Measurements of the thickness of the tower and nave walls have revealed what might be early construction in the north wall of the nave.
  • Of cruises fell shack the shell review post-election Caribbean an early start.
  • From a very early stage in the design process a range of hues was agreed, all reflecting the cold stark almost polar environment.
  • There are no diagnostic elements among the lithic assemblage which would suggest a date earlier than the neolithic period.
  • On the brilliant june evenings which seemed so frequent in these early years the whole atmosphere had an almost elegiac quality.
  • By the early 1990s, quinine, the other mainstay of malaria treatment worldwide, was failing.
  • Let me also clarify what we corresponded earlier about jesus being god incarnate.
  • Two years later - in early 1997 - unscom discovered evidence that iraq had produced ricin.
  • Late seventeenth or early eighteenth-century binding: leather on boards.
  • For pictures of the early gentian, shore dock, or marsh fritillary, please contact the press office.
  • It is possible to remove cells from early pre-implantation embryos without damage to the original embryo.
  • Further more the hole produced a collection of early medieval pottery sherds.
  • Regular eye tests at your high street optometrist should mean that diabetic retinopathy will be diagnosed early in the disease.
  • The disease can be fatal but responds well to antibiotic therapy using tetracyclines if given early enough.
  • He saw from the unbroken early morning cobwebs across the roads east and west, that no one had passed along there.
  • The ahs brings together those who share a common interest in antiquarian horology ranging from the earliest timepieces to 20th century mechanisms.
  • The recordings of bells of different provenance given earlier all have identical nominals but show differences in pitch.
  • The wrecks range from wooden schooners that sank in the early 1800s through to recently wrecked freighters like the edmund fitzgerald.
  • Cursus monuments of the middle neolithic have been identified as have henges and stone circles of the later neolithic and earlier bronze age.
  • I am grateful to the editor of sociological research online and three anonymous referees for advice on an earlier draft.
  • Well suited for out crossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering.
  • Not the bald, poncey, overweight washed-up has-been of today, but the funny, sometime action-man of the 70s and early 80s.
  • Mulch well in autumn if you want to propagate hostas in early autumn or in march as the new growth appears.
  • Water wheels in the late 18th and early 19th century hydraulic machinery was extensively used in mines.
  • Jude currivan phd is a healer and scientist who has studied metaphysics and experienced multi-dimensional realities since early childhood.
  • The mainstay of treatment for early stage cancer is surgical removal of the tumor.
  • Losee first notes will, i am sorry to say, be very sketchy as all the early years were lost in the blitz.
  • Fundraising takes much more time than most entrepreneurs anticipate. The time dedicated to raising money could be more effectively used to develop and commercialize your first product. Generate revenues (and profits) early
  • The earlier southern experiments showed a preference for pennate diatoms over flagellates.
  • Main research interests: plio-pleistocene fossil assemblages and faunal analysis, vertebrate taphonomy, human evolution and the archeology of the earliest humans.
  • However, these early extracts were also impure and unsuitable for human use.
  • If the early closing time involves only supplementary hours, then 90 days notice must be given to the pct.
  • During the second reading earlier this month, a majority of peers voted to overturn plans to remove the current cap on night flights.
  • Matter-of-fact manner in which he had earlier given me some details of his farm work.
  • This may also be considered in children with sturge-weber syndrome with early onset seizures.
  • Tokamak fusion power plant study undertaken by a collaboration of us fusion laboratories in the early 1990s.
  • A classic easy to grow early flowering basket cultivar that seems to be forever in flower.
  • If you started sowing carrots earlier in the year with cloche protection, some of them may need thinning for end of march onwards.
  • In the early 1970s, greg did a two year stint playing lead alto with the ray charles orchestra.
  • Larger VC rounds and the lack of early IPOs for exits have also resulted in substantially longer times to exits for venture capitalists. Companies that might have provided VCs with exits in 2-3 years a decade ago, may now require eight or even ten years to exit. Angels and entrepreneurs who invest ahead of VCs are required to have much more patience than in the past.
  • I found they favor many black baits, and will take tares in the early season, mirroring part of their natural diet.
  • Throttle back on early potatoes - we have more than enough to see us through to the maincrop.
  • Overcast at dawn but some early glimpses of sunshine marked the beginning of a clearance by 09 gmt.
  • The site is a fortified hilltop, important as a royal center of the early scots in the kingdom of dal riata.
  • By the early hours of yesterday morning it became stark that the labor party had also been buried there.
  • March 2005 the late february and early march weather has been cool with the occasional snow flurry and slight frosts.
  • Since early times this has been accepted by everyone and become proverbial.
  • In his early years, however, he was a pythagorean, and he is one of the most important sources for early Pythagoreanism.
  • Words are fully vocalized in the early lessons, but vowels are progressively discarded; they are, however, shown in the vocabulary.
  • Underlines time, reversed - due to that one earlier evening, strongly underlining just how much they need each other.
  • He claims that the early church theologian, irenaeus, quoted the gospel of barnabas as he opposed the apostle paul.
  • The sanctus dates from 1724 and the crucifixus and agnus dei appear in earlier cantatas.
  • He is on very solid ground, his thorough grasp of historical theology having already been ably demonstrated in earlier writings.
  • Discolored patch, a triangular shape formed from the point where she had made her earlier mistake.
  • To play real historic district argosy earlier this year has kept its.
  • The ratio of strontium isotopes changed rapidly in early jurassic oceans with the result that values are time diagnostic.
  • Incubateuropean bee-eater numbers seemed lower than usual but perhaps they had arrived a little early and the females were already incubating eggs.
  • Each partner was interviewed on four occasions: mid- and late pregnancy, early postpartum and 4 months postnatally.
  • Radiocarbon analysis showed timber structures dated from most periods from the early Neolithic to postmedieval.
  • Unseasonable gale force winds that are anticipated, it is only sensible to take the flags down early " .
  • The greatest fusarium patch infection occurs from early fall to early winter when the potassium level of tissue is approaching its lowest level.
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