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Okunuşu: / əːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: ear·ly
Ekler: ear·li·er/ear·li·est
Türü: sıfat, zarf


s. erken;
ilk, ilkel;

z. vakitsiz, vaktinden evvel.

early için örnek cümleler:

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  • All somewhat strange when you consider this is the earlier made of the two films.
  • Certainly both the dedication and the churchyard morphology point to an early medieval origin.
  • The site is a fortified hilltop, important as a royal center of the early scots in the kingdom of dal riata.
  • Overcast at dawn but some early glimpses of sunshine marked the beginning of a clearance by 09 gmt.
  • Arrive martins are the earliest of the spring migrants; other hirundines and swifts arriving later when the weather improves.
  • Pupillary dilation are helpful physical signs of early withdrawal from opiates.
  • Full-grown larvae can be found in late august, which pupate and emerge as adults in early september.
  • There he enjoyed a country upbringing and his natural curiosity displayed itself at an early age.
  • Your eurostar departure will normally be between 8am and 9am, although on some holidays an earlier start of around 6am is necessary.
  • Up to now i havent mentioned the royal society, whose early history is intimately connected with gresham college.
  • Pathologyf investigation include arthritis and other connective tissue pathologies where he is working to identify early markers of disease.
  • Several trees and shrubs commonly found along side canals bear catkins in the late winter and early spring time.
  • ING has so far repaid the Netherlands 7 billion euros, in addition to 2 billion euros in interest and premiums. Hommen said in June he plans to use the proceeds from the sale of its U.S. online bank earlier this year and a buyback and swap of subordinated debt completed in December for the next repayment. Full repayment by 2012, the original goal, became doubtful because of Europe
  • Bream will dominate early catches although expect the tench to start to show as warmer weather arrives!
  • Two other council diplomats said a vote was expected early next week.
  • This section of the river itchen has a very good mayfly hatch that runs from late may right through june to early july.
  • Seminal thinkers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century were mahan, corbett and richmond, not laughton.
  • Of cruises fell shack the shell review post-election Caribbean an early start.
  • They could have rearranged the fixture with coventry but decided early in the week to go ahead and play.
  • Olaf received a tip off earlier this month alleging massive theft and malpractice by officials in the technology directorate.
  • In special circumstances, such as sickness or disability, a pension may be paid early if the employe is permanently incapacitated.
  • Four-in-hand drivers started in the warm up competition of the fei world cup driving in geneva, in early evening of 9th december.
  • Savant skills appear very early in life, creating the appearance of genius or prodigy.
  • Randomized trial of two versus five years of adjuvant tamoxifen for post-menopausal early stage breast cancer.
  • The last word goes to marta straznicky, who provides a brief afterword that teachers of early modern texts will want to read.
  • Aphids were also a problem in early salad crops especially black bean, peach potato and lettuce currant aphid.
  • Ribwort plantain seeds may germinate in the autumn of production or early the following year.
  • Excessive loading in the early post-operative rehabilitation period can elongate the autogenous graft.
  • Kant had anticipated some of the features of the ethical commonwealth in earlier works.
  • Inhabitants of the township were involved in farming, domestic cloth production, and coal mining from an early period.
  • Youngsters from poorer backgrounds ( boys, especially ) can buckle to peer group pressure and develop negative attitudes to learning early on.
  • Becks, who quit as england captain after their world cup failure earlier this month, donned a silk shirt and black trousers.
  • Passivity of the workers when faced by this conflict in the enemy camp by their defeat in early 1933.
  • People are finding that they are forced to take early retirement and become unemployable at 50 or younger.
  • Why has early medieval hagiography survived better than other types of writing?
  • Development of computerized tomography ( ct ) that radically changes early diagnosis of ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Clusters of berries up to 10mm in diameter ripen over a period of 6 weeks in late summer and early autumn.
  • Although the early church showed deep affection one to another but they also had their moments of bitter strife.
  • Can early experience with humans make lambs less timid and stressed?
  • Bloodworm baits between the islands catching his fish late afternoon and early evening.
  • Boxwood clarinet from the early 19th century, made by key of london.
  • Hit-and-run accident in the early hours of december 13, 1981, at the age of 45.
  • Many of our club fenders are based on the designs of an earlier age, unearthed through our research into family archives.
  • The earliest detectable lesions, called fatty streaks, contain macrophage foam cells that are derived from recruited monocytes.
  • A man suspected of placing the earlier minibus bomb was arrested after local villages gave chase, according to Associated Press.
  • Our concern was sparked by an earlier investigation by the anti-fascist magazine searchlight which exposed the sale of similar titles on the tesco website.
  • Not since the early middle ages has the catholic church seemed so amorphous, formless and anomic.
  • Accused on bail to attend earlier than the time at which the hearing of his case should start.
  • In adult studies, montelukast reduced sputum eosinophils and attenuated early and late phase allergen-induced reactions.
  • They had a few fleeting opportunities and new signing delroy facey showed some neat touches early on.
  • Grease was a surprise, but fitted into the 70s retro trend that was being so heavily touted earlier in the year.
  • Despite its earlier successes, proletarian Bonapartism did not solve the problems of society.
  • Rationality of religious identity it was said earlier that what apparently unites multiculturalism and religious revivalism is their identification of religion with identity.
  • History of pantomime it is generally acknowledged that british pantomime is modeled on the early masques of the elizabethan and stuart times.
  • I only saw the crested tits once - during an early morning walk about.
  • Ian davey and ben fielding looked for early wickets but were both unsuccessful due to some solid batting.
  • Function: a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor required in early b-cell development ( johnson and calame 2003 ).
  • Bosom of the y family by an earlier train, all might have been well.
  • The sacred 260 day calendar of early mesoamerican civilisations bob johnson seeks an explanation for the mayan calendar.
  • The discovery of some fifty neolithic flints in 1978 ( her 4609 ) is the earliest recorded evidence for prehistoric human activity at kenton.
  • Disbudding calves at an early age when it was not a major operation.
  • The drying chamber, with an inner ring of upright stone slabs, had been cut into the earlier enclosure bank.
  • The most recent version fixes a few known security flaws in earlier versions.
  • Sunday sunday is much the same as saturday but once every half term we get up early and go to church.
  • It has an earlier season than marsh samphire, and is in season during spring, rather than summer.
  • eVenturing: Kauffman funded an online monthly magazine for high-growth entrepreneurs in the early 2000s, in which new resources were developed on wide-ranging topics of importance to entrepreneurs.
  • From an early 1960s autograph book obtained ne england containing a few other low key uk entertainers.
  • By the early hours of yesterday morning it became stark that the labor party had also been buried there.
  • The earlier roman period saw a major upsurge in the salt industry with numerous red hills being created around the coast.
  • Exists for backward binary compatibility with earlier versions of the swing library.
  • Shoplifting when i was in my early teens, which i got cautioned for.
  • Psychodynamics this is the theory that states that disturbances in early sexual or general development and unconscious wishes are at the heart of ocd.
  • The succession is interpreted as representing the latest triassic transgression of the sea; this continued into the earliest jurassic.
  • Yorvox gave a concert of english and italian madrigals at the cambridge early music summer school on july 19th, 2002.
  • Although they were key makers, they also in the early days made toasting forks.
  • The early scripts of the mediterranean civilizations used pictographs, ideographs and hieroglyphs.
  • China said earlier this year that it will relax its quota, allowing an additional 14 foreign films to be screened providing they are made in 3D or for the big-screen Imax format.
  • The authors conclude that the outcome of childhood epilepsy is closely related to its early course.
  • At an earlier stage in the story we were told that pharaoh hardened his heart.
  • The two marksmen had earlier told the inquest they were in fear of their lives.
  • For example, the early stages of cement hydration and the surface mineralogy of reservoir rocks are currently under investigation.
  • Corfe earliest improvement was the windlass, a hand-wound rope to haul up baskets, called corves, of coal.
  • His more general research interests include metaphysics, the philosophy of mind and early modern philosophy, especially descartes and locke.
  • We then continue our journey on the overnight sleeper to delhi, arriving early morning.
  • Technology has brought us a long way from the dalek sounding delivery, typical of early efforts at speech synthesis.
  • Nephrite jade screen dates from late 18th to early 19th century china.
  • The boys were taken into custody on Monday by officers investigating a suspicious vehicle that matched the description of the BMW taken early Saturday from the mother of one of the boys.
  • In the early 1970s, greg did a two year stint playing lead alto with the ray charles orchestra.
  • You will decide fairly early on, for example, that it is highly inadvisable to attack certain fighters in a head on run.
  • She had felt an early presentiment that she _should_ like the eldest best.
  • Missionarynly guess at what incredible mistakes these early pentecostal missionaries must have made.
  • In the early 1990s, it was easy for one to get rather maudlin about the new cars that were being introduced.
  • By early afternoon, 80% of the supply had been restored, Mr Shinde said.
  • Also, a group of the early philosophers who were Illuminists, being compelled to accept the meaning of the angels, were only wrong in naming them
  • Plague epidemics of early modern london did not hit all areas of the capital with equal force.
  • The area was known as friernhay, after eight franciscan monks built a friary in the early 13th-century.
  • The national health service was broken up into nhs trusts in the early 1990s.
  • Incidentally, most myxomatosis in britain occurs in the late summer, autumn and early winter months.
  • A financial memorandum with partners is crucial: who does what must be spelled out at an early stage.
  • Andy bowden also had a good day early week catching a fit 15lb pike from peg 25 despite ice being on the lake.
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