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Okunuşu: / əːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: ear·ly
Ekler: ear·li·er/ear·li·est
Türü: sıfat, zarf


s. erken;
ilk, ilkel;

z. vakitsiz, vaktinden evvel.

early için örnek cümleler:

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  • With this in mind, i led a team that looked at ways to boost retention, with particular focus on the early period.
  • We saw in an earlier chapter that cal pips may be used to calibrate a type a display.
  • Dismasted brig is generally dated to the end of the earlier period, that is around 1809-10.
  • Anyone intending to set up or take over a publication is strongly advised to consult the proctors at an early stage.
  • The remnants of a sub-circular churchyard are still apparent and this holds a number of interesting early memorials.
  • Root softwood cuttings in early summer, or hardwood cuttings in winter.
  • The take-away examination paper will include a bach chorale, classical string quartet, and an early romantic song.
  • I was 16 when i got my first corset, which was earlier this year, now i can.. .
  • Monkey, the hero of the early novel, journey to the west, stole peaches from the garden and so became immortal.
  • Mr dunlevy earlier made the point that some of my questions seemed rather argumentative.
  • There remains, however, a considerable residuum of historical characters, whose existence may be inferred from earlier records.
  • This section of the river itchen has a very good mayfly hatch that runs from late may right through june to early july.
  • Falters at times, there are no flat pages: her early training made her incapable of dullness.
  • Console gaming, especially in the earlier days, you could not save the game.
  • Madonna is the highest-profile star to come out in support of the group. Artist Yoko Ono issued a statement calling for their freedom earlier this week.
  • Eightyink in the early eighties music was really good, i thought like most decades it tailed off at the end.
  • A nice piece of rather dated, early 1970s sci-fi from writer/director michael crichton.
  • From very early spring there is dramatic color to be enjoyed in the huge magnolias and the vast array of camellias.
  • The development of the radiate early radiates ( produced between ad 215 and about 260 ) are quite silvery in appearance.
  • The bogs support unusual plants species such as the insectivorous sundews and pale butterwort, the showy bog asphodel and early marsh orchid.
  • In so doing, he founded the earliest european settlement in the interior of what is now the united states.
  • Rewrite information: the us edition contains a number of passages which have been substantially rewritten from the earlier uk edition.
  • A four-storey battlemented tower with massive corner buttresses was built in 1816 adjoining the north aisle, to replace an earlier structure.
  • Nice for an early springtime in shropshire, pretty dire on a cold late november afternoon.
  • This landmark would have been reached earlier as demand has consistently outstripped supply, but they are working at capacity.
  • Two samples of seminal fluid should be produced no earlier than 10 or 12 weeks following vasectomy.
  • This raised the question whether the earlier recap telex contract could be referred to in attempting to construe the booking note.
  • In the early 19th century there was an attempt to build a completely deregulated, unfettered free market.
  • Italian life under fascism virtual exhibition exploring the nature of italian fascism in the early twentieth century.
  • The birds at karlovo were truly spectacular in bright early morning sunshine, along with a very pale rough-legged buzzard and several common buzzards.
  • Two other council diplomats said a vote was expected early next week.
  • Sadly, the decline in freight traffic and the largely seasonal passenger traffic were insufficient to prevent closure early in 1962.
  • The college flag was flown earlier this week to celebrate the victory.
  • It can be used in training settings both with parents and early years workers, including child minders and creche workers.
  • At a workshop earlier in the year people had a chance to give ideas about what could be done.
  • Appearing in large numbers in early summer and, if not deadheaded, they are followed by large orange red hips in autumn.
  • Clarify exactly where we are in relation to the new schedule agreed in early september.
  • Plague epidemics of early modern london did not hit all areas of the capital with equal force.
  • Misinterpreted as a missile attack during the early days of long-range radar.
  • Most early excavators took great care to scrub all vessels within an inch of their lives, effectively removing all traces of contents.
  • However to prevent neural tube defects, supplemental folate must be taken early in gestation.
  • Arched hypocotyl tends at this early [ page 14 ] age to circumnutate irregularly.
  • We noted earlier that richard dawkins claims that his belief in evolution enables him to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.
  • Runes symbols are likely to have been acquired from other alphabets, such as the greek, etruscan, and the early roman.
  • The kapitan khlebnikov continues north into baffin bay, battling the notorious gyre ( circular current ) of ice that thwarted early whalers.
  • Matta reported a 5 % incidence of infection but was able to manage these cases successfully with early aggressive debridement.
  • Psychodynamics this is the theory that states that disturbances in early sexual or general development and unconscious wishes are at the heart of ocd.
  • Another early influence was the verse anthem of the english baroque, in which florid solos alternated with slightly more sedate choruses.
  • Dispensepeal decision confirms an earlier ruling in favor of dispensing doctors.
  • Jonzi d has been at the forefront of british underground hip-hop since its inception in the early 1980s.
  • The chinese sent out embassies all over asia during the reign of the ming emperor yung lo in the early 1400s.
  • Subject specialism: russian art from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century.
  • This includes selective thinning and removal of invasive rhododendron which was probably introduced early this century.
  • A fantastic english antique victorian copper hot water bottle or bed warmer, with original early celluloid plastic screw top.
  • In the early studies, stem cells were mainly found to have become support cells called glia, rather than new neurons.
  • Receives funding from the early years and extended schools service and the city of york council.
  • Sadly digger peacefully passed away in the early hours of this morning.
  • Historians with left-of-centre outlooks preferred to research early trade unions or religious nonconformity.
  • After the early euphoria surrounding the landings, inter-allied friction increased as their forces became bogged down.
  • The neglected classes of earlier times left few vestiges of their passing.
  • In early May, most businesses in the area have locked doors and boarded-up windows and the nearest open gas station is 11 miles north in Healy.
  • Meanwhile, many thanks to sebastian falk, who earlier delivered a sandwich box full of delicious home-made chocolate brownies to the over-by-over team.
  • Supermarine looked statuesque in defense, and this was apparent in the opening minutes as harris, thompson and cox had strong early runs.
  • In 1982-3, men were more likely to pay much more for girls who reached menarche at an early age.
  • Brick was in some cases used to disguise earlier dovecotes built of local material.
  • Mere existence of earlier registrations which you may feel are analogous to your case actually proves nothing.
  • Indeed, the extent to which the earlier nsaids might also predispose to cardiovascular events has still not been resolved.
  • These totally superfluous police horsemen were never in the processions in earlier years.
  • A series of 18th-century busts below the tapestries represent distinguished early scientists and philosophers.
  • The first plateful of early potatoes must be one of the treats of the season.
  • He is on very solid ground, his thorough grasp of historical theology having already been ably demonstrated in earlier writings.
  • She had felt an early presentiment that she _should_ like the eldest best.
  • Certainly both the dedication and the churchyard morphology point to an early medieval origin.
  • In the early days of the sanctions, dual use items included everything from baking soda to truck tires.
  • Patients with early rheumatoid arthritis had an average starting score of 1.5, falling to about 0.7 by three years.
  • Missionarynly guess at what incredible mistakes these early pentecostal missionaries must have made.
  • The tower is closely based on the early 18th century tolbooth at west wemyss.
  • Traffic lights on the streets of the capital were not functioning as early morning commuters made their way into work, leading to gridlock.
  • During the second reading earlier this month, a majority of peers voted to overturn plans to remove the current cap on night flights.
  • A developing tachycardia is often an early sign of unrecognized blood loss.
  • The results of the ucla survey do not jibe with a stanford university study from earlier this year.
  • Why has early medieval hagiography survived better than other types of writing?
  • Hoary cress is favored by growing winter cereals where it is able to get away early with little crop competition.
  • You can find plenty of earlier orphan heirloom rescues on my website.
  • Confront directly matters of power that occur regularly in early childhood settings.
  • Underlines time, reversed - due to that one earlier evening, strongly underlining just how much they need each other.
  • Take an early morning stroll to buy freshly baked bread from the local baker in the village square.
  • For folio books published earlier than 1970 please ask at the enquiries desk and they will be fetched for you from the basement stacks.
  • A broken window had been boarded up earlier in the week following a break-in.
  • Becks, who quit as england captain after their world cup failure earlier this month, donned a silk shirt and black trousers.
  • An early outstanding feature of the hospital was the nursing care provided by the protestant deaconesses from the kaiserswerth institute near wessendorf.
  • Meg bailed out early feigning an injured paw which left the rest of us to head on.
  • It included a song about remembering the poor milkman out there so early in the morning, in the cold and the dark.
  • His early pieces were mostly concerned with intricate wordplay, which is all very clever but quite annoying after a while.
  • There is also a bar, built from the local stone, which cries out to be propped up with an early evening aperitif.
  • Rationality of religious identity it was said earlier that what apparently unites multiculturalism and religious revivalism is their identification of religion with identity.
  • Thomas was the great-grandfather of hugh casson and he had a considerable influence on organ-building in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • There was reference earlier to a bell restoration fund allocating grants.
  • We are going to bed too late ( past 11 ) nowadays, given our 1/2 early rising.
  • The risk of developing endometriosis is also higher in women who had their first period at an earlier age than average.
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