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Okunuşu: / kɔːs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: course
Ekler: cours·es
Türü: fiil, isim


f. akmak, hızla akmak;
koşmak, hızla ilerlemek;
av peşinden koşturmak.

i. yön, cihet, istikamet;
ders, kurs;
den. rota;
ahça kap, tabak, servis;
. aybaşı.

course için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Of course they did," Reizvolle nodded, "There wouldnt have been much point in them coming here if they didnt."
  • "No of course not, Id lay any odds you care to name that this has to do with Kobi and that this guy Levasseur is behind it. If theyre just out to kill us, sinking the ship might be a fast way to take everyone out."
  • I think’, said Louie. ‘Our best course of action would be to give them all a pay increase with an extra weeks holiday so they can enjoy themselves as they see fit’.
  • Of course they need to be well washed and thoroughly disinfected, ideally at the end of the breeding season.
  • The three course lunch dishes vary from roast red leg partridge to pan fried foie gras.
  • "No, of course she doesn't," Lord Arglay said irritably. "It was I who asked her that. Hajji, I'm just rambling. But what in God's name can we do?"
  • What was left for him? Open confrontation with the queen in a struggle he could not possibly win? He would gain nothing in this. He cursed his fellow generals, cursed their arrogance and impatience. In the end, he grudgingly accepted his only true course of action.
  • "Come along, then. Well have to continue this later." The Knitting ... the Scapula! Wouldnt he be there? Of course he would. Perhaps it would be better not to go...
  • "Of course I do. On the first day of every month you make me repeat the directions on how to find it just to make sure I still have them memorized."
  • 'Do you know what you risk?' the old man tutted. 'What do I say, of course you know. You, above all my students, know the consequences of the pursuit of revenge.'
  • She trudged on for hours, keeping her ears open for any odd noises. She walked through the rolling hills, taking care as she stumbled through the darkness. She inadvertently stumbled onto a stone wall she did not remember being there. Just as she was thinking about how odd it was that the wind which blew from an opening in the rocks of the wall had a most rancid odor, two huge glowing yellow eyes as wide as a basketball and shaped like a banana slowly opened not ten feet in front of her. Instantly she realized that it was not a stone wall she had stumbled upon, but the Dragon Cwyth, who had been napping on her chosen path. The fowl wind she smelled was the dragons rotten breath. She froze in terror, hoping he would fall back into his sleep and leave her unnoticed. Of course he did not.
  • Crandall said: "Of course not. I'm glad I was able to stop that. You understand, Mr. Wendel, a wealthy man is a target for schemes of different kinds at all times. Possibly this was something of that sort."
  • Agreeable year round climate have ensured that there are a good selection of quality golf courses present.
  • Sam got up from his timber box and walked to the table. He poured some whisky into a dirty glass tumbler. ‘Of course Ill do it. You and Winston are my mates.’
  • Students take core modules in biology, geography and earth sciences but the course also offers considerable choice through a range of module options.
  • But aestri weren't cats. Burgo could easily have been some hideous cross between bat and bird, yet aestri were far from being huge ferocious felines. They were light and frail, not the bundle of teeth and muscle that Jorden had seen blurred across the clearing. The cat would have to have been twice the meagre weight of the aestri, if not much more. Of course the aestri were far from frail, just light, though they tended to look quite frail.
  • The flippant tone of the remark was too much for the elder elf to accept. "It is!" Mappel said with his frustration finally becoming apparent. "I will continue to point to the words of Shayed until this ceiling falls upon your stubborn head. We can not re-entomb the sphere. That course of action is no longer available to us. In her own words, she stated the sphere must be destroyed. And she also stated that it now has an awareness. It also has the ability to react, although again by Shayed's admission, its reactions are slow. We must take advantage of that. Wasted efforts of examining the fissure or closing the fissure can not, will not, be tolerated. I will send an army of elves to be slaughtered in Sanctum to destroy the sphere before I allow you to approach the mountain."
  • Of course the young tree saplings too had problems caused by having their buds chewed off by birds or grazing animals.
  • Mandatory religious courses should be abolished; the ban on religious education should also be lifted and the relevant clauses of the Convention on Childrens Rights should be implemented.
  • Indeed, anglicans prided themselves on their ability to steer a safe course between the perilous rocks of early modern theological disputation.
  • Of course you cannot feel it. The Invaders have done their best to disconnect you from all that is real, so they can fill your hearts and minds with the narrow, limited perspective that makes you so easy to control,’ she stopped at the foot of the hill and turned to Paul, ‘As you ravage the Earth with wars, and fill the oceans with your poisonous waste, can you not feel how that affects you with negativity, and separates you from the depth of reality?’
  • The latter course of action may be expedited by the service seeking interdict by way of a local " stop now " order.
  • Students have the possibility to take elective courses in their final year, but in most cases these are also pharmaceutical in nature.
  • "Well, at first I couldn't decide between pink or red or white. I mean any of them would have worked, but then I remembered that pink was her favorite color. So, of course it had to be pink. Luckily, I had a lot of that color in…"
  • I sat back so I could look at his face to try and get some clarification to his question. "What do you mean? Of course you're my friend."
  • Tangible property used in the operations of a business, but not expected to be consumed or converted into cash in the ordinary course of events.
  • For their life-stories follow a course with order and balance; they change forms and receive shapes.
  • This vessel, battered as it was,--for the sea had handled it roughly,-- produced a fine effect as it entered the roads. It flew some colors which procured for it the regulation salute of eleven guns, which it returned, shot for shot; total, twenty-two. It has been calculated that what with salvos, royal and military politenesses, courteous exchanges of uproar, signals of etiquette, formalities of roadsteads and citadels, sunrises and sunsets, saluted every day by all fortresses and all ships of war, openings and closings of ports, etc., the civilized world, discharged all over the earth, in the course of four and twenty hours, one hundred and fifty thousand useless shots. At six francs the shot, that comes to nine hundred thousand francs a day, three hundred millions a year, which vanish in smoke. This is a mere detail. All this time the poor were dying of hunger.
  • He was gifted, on occasion, with a gentle raillery, which almost always concealed a serious meaning. In the course of one Lent, a youthful vicar came to D----, and preached in the cathedral. He was tolerably eloquent. The subject of his sermon was charity. He urged the rich to give to the poor, in order to avoid hell, which he depicted in the most frightful manner of which he was capable, and to win paradise, which he represented as charming and desirable. Among the audience there was a wealthy retired merchant, who was somewhat of a usurer, named M. Geborand, who had amassed two millions in the manufacture of coarse cloth, serges, and woollen galloons. Never in his whole life had M. Geborand bestowed alms on any poor wretch. After the delivery of that sermon, it was observed that he gave a sou every Sunday to the poor old beggar-women at the door of the cathedral. There were six of them to share it. One day the Bishop caught sight of him in the act of bestowing this charity, and said to his sister, with a smile, "There is M. Geborand purchasing paradise for a sou."
  • Bacillus thurensis, which is harmless to plants and animals, save of course mosquito larvae.
  • "Okay," Gary replied. "It was just great to finally meet you last night. Nicole has told us so much about you," he said, of course knowing exactly who Daniel was from the day he was reborn.
  • He heard the soft footsteps of someone approaching from behind and whirled around, but relaxed slightly when he recognised Sayana. The small flame she was using for light was no longer present, which had allowed her to sneak up on Aiden quite effectively, and of course it had nothing to do with being hit in the head.
  • Germany wanted free escort through Belgium (and originally Holland as well, which plan Kaiser Wilhelm II rejected) to meet France by its borders. The answer from neutral Belgium was of course "no". Then Germany needed to invade Belgium instead, since this was the only existing plan in case of a two-front war for Germany. However, France also wanted to move their troops into Belgium, but Belgium originally rejected this "suggestion" as well, in the hope of avoiding any war on Belgian soil. In the end, after the German invasion, Belgium did try to join their army with the French (but a large part of the Belgian army retreated to Antwerp where they were forced to surrender when all hope of help was out).
  • The last trimester of Kathy and Summer pregnancies became a real battle for the four of us. Of course the women were going through the lions share of the struggle, but no matter how much our wives tried to be free the little person on the inside kept holding them captive.
  • Well be in the air soon,’ continued the Captain. ‘Id like to welcome you all on board, especially Ms. Grant and Mr. Sutherland. Im a big fan. The taxi to the take off point is quite long this morning but if we dont hit a pot hole or anything we should be in the air over Sydney in about 15 minutes and then well set course north to Cairns. This jet cruises at around 800 kilometres an hour, depending on the wind. Thats about 500 miles per hour for our American guests. Cairns is around 1,954 kilometres from Sydney by air. Thats around 1,214 miles. I feel like a travelling conversion programme up here.’
  • Fire erupted from its mouth like a wild river of flame and destruction. The fire covered the ground in an instant, swallowing two of the buildings. Then as the dragon drove its wings down the force of the wind carried the flames over the rest of the center, curling up to meet the sky. Never in all his life had Keither even dreamed of anything like this. The dragon busied itself burning the center with a continuous stream of fire that must have lasted thirty seconds. Then it looked in their direction, following the cloud of dust from their frantic retreat. Two grey eyes with yellow where the whites should have been met his. As the first tree of the forest passed by him, Keither knew a new kind of terror, one that he knew would haunt his dreams for the rest of his life. Of course the rest of his life was a relative term right now. Chances were there werent going to be any dreams now that he had locked eyes with an Iumenta dragon.
  • Continuous throughout the course based on regular work assignments in addition to two written examination papers in april.
  • The main course of angus beef filet and sevruga caviar served with blinis and cream potatoes with olive oil is a gastronomic delight.
  • As a result both kittens and cats grow up used to being handled, properly house trained and of course healthy.
  • "Of course I swore vengeance," said Svin, taking another step back. "My people are always swearing vengeance for one thing or another." The elders had told him to watch out for magicians, especially ones who werent human, but theyd never really explained how to rationalize the craftiness you needed around sorcery with the forthrightness expected from a warrior born. "But now I am older," he went on, more thoughtfully, "and have seen too much for things to be that simple. Perhaps knowledge may be a kind of vengeance too."
  • The Orion was a ship that had been ailing for a long time; in the course of its previous cruises thick layers of barnacles had collected on its keel to such a degree as to deprive it of half its speed; it had gone into the dry dock the year before this, in order to have the barnacles scraped off, then it had put to sea again; but this cleaning had affected the bolts of the keel: in the neighborhood of the Balearic Isles the sides had been strained and had opened; and, as the plating in those days was not of sheet iron, the vessel had sprung a leak. A violent equinoctial gale had come up, which had first staved in a grating and a porthole on the larboard side, and damaged the foretop-gallant-shrouds; in consequence of these injuries, the Orion had run back to Toulon.
  • During term time there is a variety of 10 week dry side sports courses including trampolining, gymnastics, squash and much more.
  • Mac looked at his wife with fear barely concealed in his eyes. "We can get there, just tell her to hang on a little longer. Nika will be able to help you through this better than I can, plus we have to pull a lot of magic to conceal a Fae birth." He said it. The concern they both had through this whole pregnancy. It was forbidden for a child to be born of witch and Fae descent. Throughout history only two such births were known, and they were spoken of as a cautionary tale. In one instance a child was killed by an assassin of the Fae high court when he was born. In another instance a pregnancy between Fae and witch was thought to have happened and so the woman was killed before she could birth the baby. As it turned out the child was not part Fae, she was just a witch, who had been set up by a Fae she had slighted in some manner. In either case the course of action was clear, if you dare produce an heir to both Fae and Witch lineage the Fae will seek the child out and end the matter.
  • No other course in the world provides such an opportunity to place dance scenography at the center of interdisciplinary activity.
  • Buggyloved the course so much we decided to go around again since we already hired buggies ( these were fun!
  • It "appears probable that the economic situation in the euro area will stabilize over the course of the coming year, and that a nascent recovery will follow, if only hesitantly at first," the Bundesbank said. "The precondition for this is that the sovereign debt and banking crises in the euro area do not further intensify and that consolidation and reform efforts continue."
  • He picked it up and gazed at it in the peculiar introspective fashion which was characteristic of him. "It is perhaps less suggestive than it might have been," he remarked, "and yet there are a few inferences which are very distinct, and a few others which represent at least a strong balance of probability. That the man was highly intellectual is of course obvious upon the face of it, and also that he was fairly well-to-do within the last three years, although he has now fallen upon evil days. He had foresight, but has less now than formerly, pointing to a moral retrogression, which, when taken with the decline of his fortunes, seems to indicate some evil influence, probably drink, at work upon him. This may account also for the obvious fact that his wife has ceased to love him."
  • Little Chandler sat in the room off the hall, holding a child in his arms. To save money they kept no servant, but Annie's young sister Monica came for an hour or so in the morning and an hour or So in the evening to help. But Monica had gone home long ago. It was a quarter to nine. Little Chandler had come home late for tea and, moreover, he had forgotten to bring Annie home the parcel of coffee from Bewley's. Of course she was in a bad humour and gave him short answers. She said she would do without any tea, but when it came near he time at which the shop at the corner closed she decided to go out herself for a quarter of a pound of tea and two pounds of sugar. She put the sleeping child deftly in his arms and said:
  • The main parties bicker about tiny modifications to our present course of complete stifling of the individual by the state, and economic stagnation.
  • How to apply applications are made directly to the department as postgraduate courses are not included in the ucas system.
  • "I'm sorry, Catrin, but your destination is the Greatland, and your life may depend on this information," he said firmly, and she nodded. "You've probably heard that my father was deranged, and people say I inherited his disease. My father had visions. He saw things that urged him to take one course of action over another. They were not always specific things. They were more like overpowering intuition." He watched for her reaction.
  • Other Buggers' Efforts. This alternative meaning probably began in the British Army (thanks M Jackson) where it was a jibe at senior officers said to have been awarded the OBE by virtue of their troops' work. The usage is transferable to commerce and other walks of life, although of course some OBE's are actually awarded to very worthy and deserving people. Incidentally OBE technically stands for Order of the British Empire, and in years gone by also carried the meaning One Button Exposed - a reference to a man's open trouser fly (thanks P&J and N Spargo).
  • At least, that's what the Priests told us in their sermons. Most people alive nowadays were too young to remember what had happened. Against all odds, endangered humankind had survived and had the Sect to thank. A group of human men and women had erected the Wall, and set the strongest of us as guardians. Determined to keep fighting and to survive at all costs, they selected new protectors from the masses seeking sanctuary and trained them to hunt the monsters that had stolen the planet. Those protectors were the Clerics. They hunted down any demon that dared step on our territory. Of course I remembered the Rupture; it was something neither I, nor any other being would ever forget.
  • All this, like the other parts of the disposition, was not and could not be executed. After passing through Borodino the vice-King was driven back to the Kolocha and could get no farther; while the divisions of Morand and Gerard did not take the redoubt but were driven back, and the redoubt was only taken at the end of the battle by the cavalry (a thing probably unforeseen and not heard of by Napoleon). So not one of the orders in the disposition was, or could be, executed. But in the disposition it is said that, after the fight has commenced in this manner, orders will be given in accordance with the enemy's movements, and so it might be supposed that all necessary arrangements would be made by Napoleon during the battle. But this was not and could not be done, for during the whole battle Napoleon was so far away that, as appeared later, he could not know the course of the battle and not one of his orders during the fight could be executed.
  • "Of course it would matter," she replied matter-of-factly. "Finding all the shards could take months, years. Taking care of the wizards would be a much more immediate solution." Her gaze slipped to Kaymins right and leveled upon Ice. "That is no ordinary wolf," she said.
  • The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is the sole party at present that has initiated some reforms, such as enabling optional Kurdish language courses in schools. But these reforms have also fallen short of satisfying the needs of Turkish Kurds. But the AK Party has also hardened its stance and taken a break from not only Kurdish reforms but also democratic reforms in general.
  • In that final he had the heartbreak of missing the final black when on course for what would have been his first 147.
  • In due course 109 separate entities, each created to carry some aspect of truly ghastly past pain, would identify themselves.
  • Joanna had a bourbon and sat locked in inertia at the desk in her office off the kitchen on the first floor of the house. Writing was an act of exposure of the mind and a revelation of skill. It was hard to do. She didn't know how to begin. She remembered telling her students in a writing course to just begin at the beginning. Make out you were writing a note to yourself so you wouldn't get up tight.
  • Of course you dont know him, the voice screamed in her head. How can you even worry about his old girlfriends when you dont even know what he is?
  • At the end of the tunnel was of course the face of quartz that had stopped White Ant Excavators Ltd from excavating any further. One day during the cleanup process, Louie and the Ten Ants happened to be working close to the quartz face. Louie stood and studied it. It appeared to have a pale translucent bluish tint. Louie thought this was strange as the beeswax candles gave more of a yellowish hue to the tunnel. What was causing the quartz to look blue? As he moved closer to the quartz it started glowing! Louie gasped, not really believing what he saw. It was a strange pulsing blue light strong enough to light up the tunnel! When he moved away it disappeared and the quartz took on the yellow hue of the candles once more.
  • He reversed course in October last year and doubled the effective cost of central bank funding to banks using a dual- rates policy. The lira has gained 5.5 percent since the end of December, the third-best performance among 10 markets in eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • You must attend all courses on a punctual basis unless prevented by events beyond your reasonable control.
  • I had never been able to talk about my dad's death in any other terms than "it hurt." Yeah, of course it hurt but the pain went much deeper than a truckload of mental and physical anguish. My dad's dramatic passing limited so many aspects of my life that I couldn't see the walls that had surrounded me. With a broken heart and a matching shattered family structure, I was living a solitary existence that left me with nowhere to go.
  • "Shush! Of course you do. We all do. Millions of souls here would be giddy to attain half your stratum. Isnt that right, Abigail?"
  • "If you -" Gadol began, but he broke off as something swooped toward them from the ruined section of the bridge, something round and shiny and trailing gouts of steam. Clanking madly, it made an erratic leap and gained perhaps five feet of altitude, then equally abruptly reversed course and dropped back toward the roadbed. Atop the reeling prodigy was sprawled a human form clutching frantically for purchase. Just when it seemed the thing would surely crash into their midst a fresh steam cloud enveloped it. When the cloud shredded, the contraption was bounding again into the sky.
  • This is in addition to finds discovered in the course of professional archeological investigations.
  • Self-protection courses and one to one sessions for women all over london.
  • Supplements are produced to aid those studying, a million of which have been sold for the english course costing only 2.50 cuban pesos.
  • But if his course of action was clear, his tactics were not, since he was still, needless to say yet still frustratingly so, paralyzed.
  • "Of course I can track her, she was right here a minute ago!" the ranger roared. Before Pacian could respond to that, Nellise's clear voice interceded.
  • Still, he did not want to be a factor in the culmination of the coming conflict. He did not want his decisions to change the course of events. In all honesty, he wanted the war more than he wanted this single raid. He would have both if he could, but he would not risk the one for the other. That is where he needed to remain careful.
  • I of course had that bad incident with one, but i remain largely unprejudiced.
  • She remembered suddenly, still desperately watching, what he had said, "Come to me"-yes, but how was she to come? O why wouldn't he come to her? "Come to me." But how--but of course the Stone. She only had to make use of the Stone and all would be safe. In the thrill of assured safety she all but made a face at the unknown, if there were an unknown. And there was; for one second on the edge of the dark an edge of a finger showed. Something was moving towards her in the night. Well, that was all right; they could go on moving. She had only to will and- She had only to will... to use the Stone. In a horror of anguish she understood the choice that was presented to her.
  • "Your mom is likely to be back in town pretty soon. Her latest contract has about run its course and it's looking like I'd have to throw a whole bunch of money at her if I wanted to keep her in Europe."
  • London, a global city, provides a unique backdrop for the range of courses on offer.
  • Of course you dont know because we dont show you most of them. There are a lot of twisted people out there. Im sorry I ever showed you that email.’
  • Yes of course I am right,’ she said, ‘That Agent in your flat was looking into your mind. He could see that you knew nothing ..... but now you do.’
  • Natalie continued, "Our idea is to introduce a premium and discount line of products." She then whipped out some boards and she and Jorge explained the different product line variations. At least it was an offensive step in the right direction, but we were already doing some variations on our product lines. It may be narrow-minded to think that I come with every idea at BlueWorld - and no, I am not an accolade hog, I'm a direction person. The individual ideas and decisions come from the separate departments. If BlueWorld were a ship, I would be the guy that charted the course and reported to the captain.
  • Synoptic module draws together all the material that has been studied over the course of the two years.
  • Museology course specifically suggesting reading for students and possibilities for future courses.
  • It is of course obvious that the reason sometimes errs in some of these statements.
  • A selection of the courses on offer are printing, weaving, spinning, dyeing, felt and applique, knitting and basket making.
  • In the course of her resolve, she saw shadows ahead of her, heard the rumbling of heavy footfalls. She thought of Tun. She would have her revenge.
  • A deafening bellow cut through the air, and Aiden realised that of course the town would know that the dragon was about to return. It was pointless continuing on only to be burned alive, so Aiden changed his plans. The sounds of Culdeny could be heard through the fog up ahead, a combination of cries for help, shouted orders for soldiers to follow, and the clash of weapons as the main force of the Steel Tigers kept on fighting, not realising that their leader was already dead.
  • Once your young person has applied for a course at the college, they will be invited in for an informal interview.
  • "Of course not." Jessamine frowned at the document in her hands, put it down, picked up another scroll. "He's an ex-Gladiator. I requested him as fencing master."
  • 'Well of course I've wondered!' The emotion crackled through her voice. 'Of course I have!' The tears welled up in her eyes and she swallowed hard. 'But the gamesthat stuff was nothing, just play.'
  • Pearl went on to say. ‘If Al Spider had gained access to the bank with the staff inside it is too terrible to think about what could have happened. They could have made matchsticks out of Arnold’. Arnold was of course a rather defenceless stick insect.
  • First they had to ant-icipate design problems which predomin-ant-ly related to the oper-ants themselves. Although superabund-ant in numbers, and able to lift many times their own weight, their lack of physical size me-ant that they had to use eleph-ants (the elephants didn't shrink as well as all other life formsdidn't fit in the reducers) and g-ant-ries for the heavy lifting. They worked so well together that it warr-ant-ed f-ant-astic celebrations every time a ship left the dry dock. The ships were so brilli-ant-ly reliable that they were warr-ant-eed for life. They of course used nuclear fuel as a propell-ant, as opposed to ant-imatter drives, which on Earth had not yet been invented. These vast ships steered their way round the globe using sext-ants of course.
  • My senses stretched and I honed onto something different. The 'being' sensed me touch her mind and nudged me away. She was of the two natured, a canine shifter of some kind. Startled, I scrambled back into myself. It was a shock. I knew of course there would be other demons Outside, this was their territory. But still, I was shocked.
  • However, the course may still last little more than a minute longer than greyhound coursing.
  • "You remember Sean MacGahan," Mrs. Maher said nodding to a tall, young man in a white t-shirt and jeans standing beside her. "He was just asking if you were going to be the facilitator for the Writers from the Huntington Community this summer. I told I couldn't say, because you filled in for the Novels in Discussion course last winter as personal favor for me."
  • "Of course musicdancingwere gonna hire a D.J. with digital equipment. Everyone will get to download a song or two. Its gonna be my gift to her. Ill make an "Embers 16th birthday file" on her iPod so she can listen to the music over and over. That way shell always have them to remember the night by.
  • After a quick confab to decide on the course of action, our super sleuths set off to rescue the guests.
  • Snap out of it, Leah, I yelled at myself. Fantasizing about a bloodsucker is insane. The strange thing about my mental state was that I couldnt use reason to escape the pain. Of course he was wrong for me - there was no question of that. He had even refused to consider changing for me. He felt something, I was sure, otherwise he wouldnt have sought me out, but it wasnt love. He wasnt prepared to sacrifice one thing for me. Maybe the imprintee doesnt feel as strongly as the wolf. That was something the Elders should have warned us about.
  • Finally he brushed the hair away from Ceders forehead in order to inspect her cut. He ran a finger over the scarwhat had been a life-threatening gash last night was somehow fully healed. He thought about the unicorns. Did they fix her? He felt his own forehead, where he had been touched by the black dolphins horn, and wondered what it all meant: he had escaped the tunnels alone, without a plan, and in the course of a single night had met Ceder on the mountainside, then Seaweed at the shorewho happened to be bringing them a boat, even though Jai and Ceder had only just met!—and been approached by a pair of the rarest animals in myth, who had stayed no longer than to deliver to the children a nearly-drowned lump of an animal that Jai could not tend his mind to for more than a moment before his eyes felt like spinning in opposite directions.
  • He had already passed his helmsman certificate on a course donated by top lock training and become an experienced helmsman.
  • Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Nothing. Decision-making aid, applicable and useful for all sorts of situations. What are the benefits and risks from a particular course of action or option or default? What are the alternatives (also considering their benefits and risks)? And finally always remember that there is the option to do nothing, which on occasions can be the best thing. (Ack A Jones)
  • Still suspicious, Jian nodded slowly. It was of course only sensible to think that the shard would be in a hidden location, and although he did not trust Loewen, he had little choice but to continue to follow him. "Very well," he said. "Light the way."
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