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Okunuşu: / kɔːs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: course
Ekler: cours·es
Türü: fiil, isim


f. akmak, hızla akmak;
koşmak, hızla ilerlemek;
av peşinden koşturmak.

i. yön, cihet, istikamet;
ders, kurs;
den. rota;
ahça kap, tabak, servis;
. aybaşı.

course için örnek cümleler:

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  • The course encourages the exploration of alternatives to existing genres.
  • Assessment one assessed essay of 3,000 words, worth 100 % of the total course mark.
  • Islands dotted the rivers course and the Skipper steered the boat toward a large one. At her command, the butty and Noss disengaged the sail.
  • "I've a better way, sir, let me assure you. They'll reverse course soon enoughyou'll see." And he would say no more.
  • The 18-hole, 6442 yard, par 71 course uses the natural contours to create undulating fairways.
  • I believe there is no fundamental change to the course the license is on.
  • "You realize of course that we couldve had our conversation, your apparent mental breakdown and my complete break from reality at home. It wouldve cost less and the public would be none the wiser that were both certifiably insane," I told him as I stuffed another bite of chocolaty deliciousness in my mouth.
  • Of course traditionally working boatman emerged from locks leaving the gates open.
  • Assault on a constable when a police officer is assault on a constable when a police officer is assaulted in the course of his or her duty.
  • Of course Ill stay put, thought Groot, thats the whole idea. Now that the jailer had found the nefarious action they had expected, and had easily headed it off, they would hopefully feel they had everything under control, which in turn should give Julio and Groot the freedom to concentrate on some real preparations. He settled back to think, and bide his time.
  • 'Of course not, silly. How could it be real without time? If it were real it would have taken time to build….and that was impossible. So, we created it with our combined thoughts,' she explained.
  • The construction of the complex had gone ahead anyway, land zoning had situated the hotel and golf course a few miles further south. A number of discreet enquiries and Harvey had the answers he needed. The construction was funded by a leisure company which itself was owned by a London based Trust. The Valentine Trust, upon which six board members sat and made life-changing decisions with a stroke of a pen.
  • Of course you dont know him, the voice screamed in her head. How can you even worry about his old girlfriends when you dont even know what he is?
  • "This was quite too good to lose, Watson. I was just balancing whether I should run for it, or whether I should perch behind her landau when a cab came through the street. The driver looked twice at such a shabby fare, but I jumped in before he could object. 'The Church of St. Monica,' said I, 'and half a sovereign if you reach it in twenty minutes.' It was twenty-five minutes to twelve, and of course it was clear enough what was in the wind.
  • She fought down a rise of panic and told herself not to be silly. Alisiya had wanted her to think over things, so of course nothing was going to happen right away. But soon. I hate that smug little bitch. The thought leapt to her mind with sudden vehemence before she closed her eyes and took a breath to steady herself. Who was that Child to tell her what she wanted, and what her destiny was? Nobody. Nothing. No one. Her head pounded dully, but she didnt feel the pain anymore, just a numbing thudthudthud.
  • "Of course Ill do it," Max said, "I said I would, now lets stop beating the point to death. You know me, sometimes I just need to complain. Just answer one thing for me, and then we can start on the real preparations. Who is he, really?"
  • The king considered silently for a long while. Conquering an unarmed Morvay should not be difficult, particularly with the might of Crysmir added to his royal army. It could be done peacefully, with a minimum of bloodshed. It was a logical, reasonable course of action, which would likely prove Wherrys best chance for survival; it also was a horrifying concept, but one the king found himself leaning toward taking. There was no other real choice.
  • Of course this state-of-the art camera also allows for still digital imaging.
  • Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorcepteurs at Tlviseurs. It must be said that this acronym is here for interest rather than humour. It's a good quiz question, especially if you insist on the accents over the letter e's. It's also an example of an acronym entering everyday language whose origins are unknown by 99.99% of the population. A SCART cable or lead is of course the 21-pin device for linking TV and audio and video equipment, developed from the French standards group represented by the root words above, (thanks M Andrews). Alternatively (thanks H Jones) one of the more amusing ironic translations of SCART is Something Clever And Really Technical.
  • Paul had to smile as he spooned the cold lentil, potato and carrot stew into his mouth. It may not have been the 3 course dinner served by a butler in a chateau that he had been looking forward to only a few hours ago, but all the same, he had to admit, it tasted great.
  • As the three insects sat and waited for Shufflegrub to arrive, the milking shed continued to function as it had been programmed to do so. Of course now there were no cows. Only calves remained so no milk was being produced. The calves had no instinct to go anywhere near the milking shed. Water and any remaining effluent however was still being pumped under the house and flowed in copious quantities out the front door, across the veranda and down the steps onto the driveway!
  • Of course not: impact is what matters, not facts; tub-thumping, not disinterested judgment.
  • After three courses of induction treatment, 46 patients underwent thoracotomy and 35 of them had resection.
  • Little as Nicholas had occupied himself with Sonya of late, something seemed to give way within him at this news. Dolokhov was a suitable and in some respects a brilliant match for the dowerless, orphan girl. From the point of view of the old countess and of society it was out of the question for her to refuse him. And therefore Nicholas' first feeling on hearing the news was one of anger with Sonya.... He tried to say, "That's capital; of course she'll forget her childish promises and accept the offer," but before he had time to say it Natasha began again.
  • Over the course of Medvedevs visit to Turkey, a total of 16 agreements were signed between the two countries. Among these was the Agreement on Regulations Guiding Reciprocal Visits by Turkish and Russian Citizens, which lifted visa restrictions reciprocally between the two countries for visits no longer than 30 days. Also, there was the Agreement on Cooperation in the Formation and Management of the Nuclear Power Plant at Akkuyu, a project estimated to be $18.5 billion in investment. The Russian Federation is aiming to have obtained all the permissions required by Turkish regulations for Akkuyu by the summer of 2013. Currently, there are 400 Turkish students receiving training in the Russian Federation for Akkuyu.
  • Whilst each course is free-standing we strongly suggest you attend the it service support course first.
  • Students are required to attend introductory september courses in mathematics, statistics, economics and econometrics before the main teaching program starts in october.
  • This worry he held inside him was in direct contradiction to the buzz he had felt as he had moved fish with paper yesterday. He wanted to be the hero and save all the fish, but there was also an urge to be an anti-hero and exploit them even more. He knew that he could not walk away from his job at Fish Stocks Limitedhe had been addicted since the moment he had entered the trading floor. Yet it pained him to think of Sunbeam starving. Perhaps he could work for the Company and become powerful enough to change the way they operated. Yes. He would hold that in his mind. Of course he would. That's exactly what he would do. He had the power to do that, didn't he? Just crank the ratchet-hold of the company one bit tighter, then maybe he could...
  • Introductory courses must be organized to transmit the knowledge created.
  • What then are the options if the present british course becomes politically untenable?
  • Robitaille qualified for the HEC e-business course after earning a bachelors degree in communication via a correspondence program while in prison.
  • "Of course I remember you now. The Orthodox Gentile." Nightshade offered a curtsy. "But I must say goodbye. My husband has been away far too long." She tugged at his arm and started to lead him away.
  • Eduard, Jain, and Airk brought the book back to Coursa. course smiled when Eduard placed the book on her table. She looked at a few pages but could not make out any of the text, so she called for Grima. He emerged from one of the bedrooms and came to the table, muttering as he went. The death of his previous laird had left him unemployed and his absence at that battle had led to rumors that he had betrayed that laird. He had no choice but to stay with Coursa. This had darkened his already grim mood.
  • "Of course it will. Who could be suspicious if they saw me along?" Caelia tilted her head, opened her eyes wide, and showed pure innocence and virtue in her face.
  • As with all wizards, he had been sent to the Crystal City as a young boy, and for this reason, he would always consider Crysmir to be his true home. Besides the events preceding his departure to Dargis, Crysmir held only good memories, save one, of his lessons and dedication to his one true passion, his magic. His gift had been strong from early on, causing him to excel in his studies and progress much more quickly than the majority of his classmates, most of them coming to respect him quickly and without envy. There had, however, of course been an exception, a young wizard of the same age as Jian named Clail.
  • The first thing to address was lunch. Tiger and Lily had with various "wheres the food" type noises let everybody know that this was probably the best course of action.
  • Of course i was taping the dylan documentary that was concurrently on bbc2.
  • Hayland ruffled his son's dark hair. "Of course you can. Travel broadens the mind. And you might be better than me at finding new books."
  • Amanda was obviously hesitant to employ Brads advice at first. Although their breakup had been amicable, primarily because he was knee-deep in women willing to fight to be the next Mrs. Green, it was nonetheless a painful breakup. Amanda had put her career and her life on hold for the opportunity of a lifetime. She decided that greed and status would no longer be a part of her world. Of course it was easier walking away with a truck full of cash under her mattress.
  • She is prose and script tutor on the ma degree course in creative writing at the university of northumbria and also teaches undergraduates there.
  • When Rafe nodded, a cocky tilt to his head, Johan returned to his seat. He turned to Pierce. "To be answering you, of course it be personal. That don't be stopping me from doing this right.The Duke can't be trading off the children. Truly, I don't think that be his plan. He has never been the type to give glory up easily."
  • The course is fully organic, making use of daily news, current affairs and sporting updates.
  • Many European leaders fear a return of the erratic billionaire Berlusconi, who abruptly changed course on Wednesday, saying he would step aside if Monti agreed to lead the center-right into the election.
  • Your Voice is mute to all but me, O Mighty Mathematician. But I must admit to feeling some nostalgia just now: hearing your pleas for help reminds me so of your younger days whenever you got into trouble in the Royal Palace as a boy. Such pleading then, too! But, most fortunately, Exeter and your mother were always there to smooth over your frequent sins. And so frequent were they! But then they tired of rescuing you, tired of the continual embarrassment you brought upon the Royal Family. They started refusing to help. Such impudence! They finally figured out what you were. What you arestill. So you went to your powerful allies in the Seminarium, Tracluse all, who picked up the slack most urgentlyall to curry royal favor, of course ... —
  • Of course with any rodeo many of the riders and rodeo clowns were tossed about like rag dolls.
  • It can be used flexibly to create entire online courses, or to publish materials that supplement existing courses.
  • Brandon stopped moving as Alec's words carried to him. Somehow I knew he was weighing odds and tabulating the probable cost of the various courses of action available to him. Vincent's life was likely a relatively small component in the grand equation.
  • He began to help her to climb. Why Chloe, who had been so intent on rushing to London--but of course if the stone was really worth seventy thousand-seventy thousand, it would be rather fascinating even to see a stone worth that.
  • If throughout his reign Napoleon gave commands concerning an invasion of England and expended on no other undertaking so much time and effort, and yet during his whole reign never once attempted to execute that design but undertook an expedition into Russia, with which country he considered it desirable to be in alliance (a conviction he repeatedly expressed)--this came about because his commands did not correspond to the course of events in the first case, but did so correspond in the latter.
  • "Interesting," Mother Gwendolin replied. "It would seem to me that one must believe in predestination in order to believe that prophecies can be real. If the course of events has not been predetermined, then true prophecy could not exist. Prophecies, you see, are paradoxical in nature and can only be proven authentic if they are unknown during the events they portend. Otherwise, knowledge of the prophecies can affect the course of events. Thus, a prophecy can be instrumental in its own fulfillment. Would you have attacked the Zjhon if they had not invaded the Godfist?"
  • Roseduck sighed. They just jump to conclusions like that. Neither one asked important questions, like, for example, 'How do you know that?' or 'Are you sure?'. Eneumerius decided he should ask some of these questions, although he wasn't quite sure what for, since the course of action had been already decided. While everyone else was shouting and cheered he took the messenger aside.
  • To help you apply the concepts, the course provides a carefully balanced mix of tuition, case study, assignments and exercises.
  • Several times in the course of the morning Princess Mary began trying to prepare her sister-in-law, and every time began to cry. Unobservant as was the little princess, these tears, the cause of which she did not understand, agitated her. She said nothing but looked about uneasily as if in search of something. Before dinner the old prince, of whom she was always afraid, came into her room with a peculiarly restless and malign expression and went out again without saying a word. She looked at Princess Mary, then sat thinking for a while with that expression of attention to something within her that is only seen in pregnant women, and suddenly began to cry.
  • Monique adjusted their course and checked the speed. Eight knots. Not good, but it would have to do. She felt fear, and excitement.
  • The language course is based on a highly communicative method in small groups.
  • Sonya had not seen anything, she was just wanting to blink and to get up when she heard Natasha say, "Of course she will!" She did not wish to disappoint either Dunyasha or Natasha, but it was hard to sit still. She did not herself know how or why the exclamation escaped her when she covered her eyes.
  • During the course of filming all involved had to endure all weather conditions including the sudden snowstorm in november.
  • In mid July this year Haldar told me that Sapnabhairavi, her unborn child and her companion had been killed by the monster. If I needed proof, I could come up to the hill and witness for myself. Of course I did not want to do that. It was a little odd though that these killings were not reported publicly as monster killings. Haldar said he now needed me to complete my part of the deal. I waited for two weeks, and then told him that my part was done. He wanted proof, but he then understood that it was not possible to offer a proof of death. He took my word, and said his people would be most happy to hear the news.
  • I'm tired and edgy. I don't want a lecture or a social worker. "Of course it was about the ghosts. Do you think I go round winding up nutters, getting my friends stabbed, for fun?" She gets on with the coffee and after a couple of moments I feel like a jerk. "I'll take that shower," I say. "If that's OK."
  • University courses are very specialized, yet in certain respects they are also extraordinarily broad by british standards.
  • "Of course youll go with me. I only didnt go with you to your reunion because I was out of town helping my mother sell her house."
  • In the course of his work mr henshaw from newmarket flew more spitfires than any other pilot.
  • "I guess we should return to the throne room," the delver suggested. "We can retrieve my sword. I also want you to speak to Yave, if of course you're willing. I'm assuming you came here to do more than just beat up on sand giants."
  • In the course of her resolve, she saw shadows ahead of her, heard the rumbling of heavy footfalls. She thought of Tun. She would have her revenge.
  • After the US-manufactured pudding is piped in and the Address is delivered, a helping is left in the centre of each table, for those brave enough to nibble on crackers. The main course might be beef, or cottage pie.
  • Second course circles crash through the tidal wave of monster post grunge rock that is why.
  • What am I supposed to say in response? "I missed working every moment and the part when I have to wake up when its dark!" Of course I had a good time away from the officethere really isnt much pressure associated with drinking a cold beer by the pool and deciding between surf or turf for dinner.
  • At this the SP said in his firm professional voice: "We are going tomorrow. As military police, you are of course entitled to join us, tomorrow."
  • 'Yes, of course it is. The collective-bad-soul-matter can't survive in all temperatures the way he can,' the Princess replied, pointing one thumb in the direction of her husband.
  • While Louie was getting the baskets and the empty six-packs ready, Lulu tidied up a few things. Louie had a habit of leaving things on the floor such as his best spider silk shorts. Lulu also had to check that Louie had a clean hanky and of course that he had washed his teeth. Lulu loved him and tidying up after Louie was just part of loving him.
  • Golf course superintendents often rely on cultural methods for take-all patch management.
  • Enrolled on the ecology course which has offered a wide range of exciting modules over three study years.
  • Hartwell was so confused by the turn of events that he ran as fast as he could instead of gliding or flying away. Although he had received three days of comprehensive information when he was making the transformation from mortal to vampire, it had been 18 years and the vampire was desperately in need of a refresher course to better acquaint himself to his enemy. Thaddeus the bear roared and the ground shook as he started running in the direction of Hartwell. While Hartwell had a good 30-second head start, the speedy bear quickly made up the stagger, shocking Hartwell, who was scared for the first time in his vampire life.
  • Not a course for beginners, but the reasonably confident golfer will appreciate his skill in creating a hard but fair 18 holes.
  • Carry out a full training needs analysis - then design the courses you need to deliver powerful results.
  • This one-day course aims to explore literary Braille, ie, the way to read and write the english language.
  • His use of natural features and of partially buried field boundary walls gives the course an entirely natural feel.
  • The dragon was bigger than she had at first perceived. His wings looked black in the fading light, bat-like, pointed, spanning nearly sixty feet, more than enough to enable the dragon to glide over great distances. He executed controlled flaps of his wings, but slight movements of the tips enough to change course precisely to his liking. He flew by, and so close was he that Mia could feel wind from his wings and see the trails of dark smoke coming from his alligator-like mouth. Graceful was the deep, loud rippling noise of his wing beat, like a monstrous sheet being snapped vigorously as it was shaken out. The dragon passed them without another glance. Mia stayed behind the tree.
  • The main course will be chicken with a chasseur sauce, or the vegetarian option is a vegetable quiche.
  • Cyril continued knowing Mr McFarland wouldnt fight back. ‘I am issuing you with a prosecution notice now. You will in due course be summoned to appear at the Village District Court’.
  • "All right," said Pierre, still smiling in the same way. A feeling of dread was in the air. It was evident that the affair so lightly begun could no longer be averted but was taking its course independently of men's will.
  • The british imposed strict secrecy of course on the ultra production process.
  • All foundations of education students will therefore have a full semester course in behavioral analysis as part of their preparation for regular teacher licensure.
  • "Of course I mean the threat," she lied baldly as the witch blade twisted through the air. What Mirie actually meant was to take the bodyguard out before the other two woke up and hope that Anarion wasnt going to practice some of his Elfish karate on her.
  • I realize youre in a tough spot, and need time to be with your thoughts. Take that time, knowing Im handling your interests well. But you must grab the reins, no matter which course you feel is best for HONEY. And for you.
  • We had three main courses between the two of us, but this was pure gluttony.
  • Busy at the moment wondering which courses i should take to get some qualifications.
  • It was starting to sound like organized crime or something. Of course they could make my life miserable socially, but it wasn't like they were going to really hurt me. I opened my mouth to try and calm Britney down, but she cut me off.
  • Nobody complained of course as we were on our way home and we would have settled for a witches broom.
  • Yave held the halberd with loose anticipation. She stood firmly on the balcony. A dead end. The abominations would have only one course to reach her. They would have to step forward to take hold of her. She would crush them one at a time. She did not care how long it would take, did not care how many she had to destroy. If necessary, she would leave a mountain of lifeless sandstone before her. In truth, she prayed it would come to that.
  • The subject matter was harder than graphing, but I persevered, and managed to make it through all fifteen problems without resorting to the red side of the card. Of course Albert did stop by to see if I was having any difficulties, but since I didn't summon him, he couldn't read anything into it.
  • We still have limited availability on our 3 day and 5 day Easter courses tho places are now filling very quickly.
  • "Of course not. How could you think such a thing? I was talking about animals, not persons," Holder replied. "And the correct name is lupuns. They don't like hearing it mispronounced."
  • Kibbutz program center uk activity assistants needed for summer residential courses 2002.
  • Of course no surf song would be complete without some ba ba ba ba bas, which were also duly delivered.
  • Mixed ethnicity groups courses are of mixed ethnicity to enable participants to gain experience of interacting with other cultures.
  • While the decline among the euro zone's embattled factories eased to an eight-month low in November, the latest PMIs showed the economy is on course for its worst quarter since the depths of early 2009.
  • "There are Zjhon ships to the south. I'm guessing the Nightfist will head to open water and try to skirt the patrols. Our current course argues against that logic, but I may be disoriented," he said, and they had to put their faith in the strange men who controlled their fate.
  • "We are not diplomatic officials, we are soldiers and nothing more," he went on. "If we are ordered to die, we must die. If we're punished, it means that we have deserved it, it's not for us to judge. If the Emperor pleases to recognize Bonaparte as Emperor and to conclude an alliance with him, it means that that is the right thing to do. If once we begin judging and arguing about everything, nothing sacred will be left! That way we shall be saying there is no God--nothing!" shouted Nicholas, banging the table--very little to the point as it seemed to his listeners, but quite relevantly to the course of his own thoughts.
  • The third book in the Becky Miller DW series. When the Doctor tries to take Lynne back home the TARDIS crashes into some space debris. This causes the ship to dramatically veer off course to a very chilly future where the Doctor, Rose and Mickey meet some new friends and old foes.
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