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Okunuşu: / bʌt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: but
Türü: zarf


edat. , bağlaç. ,
z. -den gayri, -den hariç;
bağlaç. fakat, ama, lakin, ancak, halbuki, ki;

z. sadece, yalnız.

but için örnek cümleler:

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  • Licit love for your instinctual soul in this world is not a love built on its good qualities, but rather one that sees its short-comings and trains it with a compassion that seeks to perfect it, and that impels it towards good.
  • Islet tissue also contains a cells which manufacture the antagonistic hormone glucagon, but these a cells rely on the b cells for guidance.
  • Such calumnies are easy to utter but hard to refute in a foreign country.
  • It was ironic really, that he, Paul, of all people should get mixed up in this business. Wouldnt it have been better if it was Julie here, now, in his place? She would have been so much more open-minded and predisposed to believe the Magurs stories than he was. but no, he wouldnt wish the kind of danger and discomfort he was in, on her.
  • Steelwork design led to awards for its efficiency but sadly toward the end of the century the cladding was failing.
  • "I know, Madame. The servants are all abuzz about it. but everyone says it will take years before the King and his army will be ready to leave, and between now and then much could happen to change his mind. Right now I have something to show you." She held out her hand. Nicolette saw in it a roll of parchment tied with a black ribbon.
  • I cant vouch for the truth of it, but it seems no strange thing, notwithstanding s r.
  • THE RAIN WAS NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP NICOLETTE FROM HER DAILY RIDE, but it was soaking through her thick brown cloak and raising a reek of wet wool. Even though she wore a broad-brimmed leather hat over her hood, her face was wet.
  • But with luck he would have gotten his hands on those dogs. As they climbed higher, still screened by the wood, Roland looked up and saw that the moon was directly overhead. At the top of the hill he could discern a cluster of stone columns, broken but still graceful, pale as the moonlight itself, rising out of a heap of tumbled stones. In ancient times, Roland knew, the Romans had built their villas here. He saw a low wooden shack huddled in the midst of the marble pillars.
  • I begin to know i ought to feel sheepish and beat, but somehow i feel cocky instead.
  • "I had heard the Saracens practice witchcraft, but until I saw that fire weapon destroy our bridge today I did not believe it." The King spoke with almost no voice, feebly, sadly.
  • Raven was doubtless an intellectual and was immensely learned, but he was a scientific dunce despite his nature study and biology lessons.
  • The good bits were good but they were too overshadowed by the big clangers that were made in terms of camera work and script.
  • To start, you can keep your arms outstretched for balance; but as you progress, start folding your arms outstretched for balance; but as you progress, start folding your arms across your chest.
  • Breakfast is adequate; but it would be nice to have warm croissants!
  • As the nicotine is absorbed through the lining of the nose it is absorbed fast but it can irritate the nose at first.
  • There are good arguments to back up all these assertions - but also occasional puzzles.
  • LeeAnn plodded back to the house, her spirits at low tide. She didn't care for Brixby, didn't enjoy working with someone's stomach contents, didn't appreciate the way the Major treated peoplenot only Brixby but the way he'd pushed Edith around. She guessed part of what theyd said to each other, and had read Edith's body language. Maybe, she thought, hard times brought out the worst in Swanns type.
  • I don't know concretely what happened next, but am fairly certain that for a brief moment I had seen some of the older boys of the far army throwing significant whispers back and forth, some others exchanging a few stony gazes. Something must have happened.
  • Progress is halting and painful, but also triumphant and often blackly humorous.
  • Bandye very large figures have been bandied about in the press - but they are likely to be overstated.
  • Kuzheyev did not say whether he had served in Syria but declared: I want to confirm that I am alive and well.
  • How many times had Diane told him death was but a release from the sufferings of life? At this moment he wanted to throw himself on the nearest fire and burn up with the casters he had failed to save. Burn as she had burned.
  • Wreathed in winter mists and mystery, but given legs by a sturdy cast of rustic functionaries.
  • As she got closer to the reef wall, the current washing in from the open ocean became suddenly cooler, chilling her, not only physically but mentally as well.
  • It may sound a little corny, but i like to visit places where few can go.
  • You may catch the occasional nuisance fish but edges are not simply geographical.
  • Although not particularly historically accurate, it does use some real people but the details of what happens in the film are pure fiction.
  • The man looked like any other crusader, but when he spoke it was in the Langue d'Oc. "Your wound needs attention, Sire Roland. There are those who wish to help you, as you have helped those they loved. Will you come with me?"
  • "Baibars must have sent his galleys down another branch of the river and then transported them overland to the Damietta branch," said Maurice. "A difficult feat, but the Egyptians have light ships that can be carried in sections on camelback."
  • Monstrositylso what are called monstrosities; but they graduate into varieties.
  • Batteryerlikon site has some technical but comprehensive pages on lead-acid batteries.
  • The panorama will show a region "that actually looks very Mars-like, but it also looks Earth-like with those mountains in the background there, these deeply dissected pyramidal mountain ranges, and it just looks a lot like what you see out in the Mojave Desert," Grotzinger said.
  • Orders the english courtiers to have theirs cut short too, to show sympathy, but grows his own long again quite soon.
  • The ruling politicians were convinced that thy did not need the intellectuals as anything else but a tame, quiet backround decoration.
  • Long gap but returned in force during july and early august but then very intermittent through september.
  • Strictly speaking it was a slightly truncated version, but nonetheless conducted with considerable spirit.
  • She has had no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night.
  • Our aging plesiosaur has seen a lot in her life but wishes to make clear her complete support of democracy and freedom of expression.
  • I have had some fairly good results but nothing like my favorite kind of crispy but not too stodgy bhajees.
  • Again a strong smell of urine and a poor standard of cleanliness were noted but nothing else seriously untoward.
  • Roland felt his body go limp with relief. He would have felt better if Louis were off on one of those ships. but at least now he is not taking a greater risk than the rest of us.
  • The plainsong melody of the sequence is dispersed among the four voices but appears mostly in the inner two parts.
  • The border crossing at Heerenberg had gone smoothly, but it had been a long hard cold nights ride through the industrial sprawl of Northern Germany. She felt frozen stiff and tired, never before having realised quite how demanding on the body riding a bike could be. Shed have to get warmer clothing, but first things first, right now she needed to top up her frequency block and get on-line.
  • The ball itself was spinning, but was also moving back and forth across the trailing edge of the ft.
  • Thomas was apprenticed as a wool comber, but before he could complete his apprenticeship the firm closed down.
  • Quirk in the law it is not illegal to disseminate such pictures but it is illegal to print and sell them.
  • The secret, she reveals, is to have rootstock beginning to grow, but the variety wood dormant.
  • The data show that symptoms of glume blotch ( stagonospora nodorum ) were extremely common in the 1970s but are now rare.
  • Hitlerism imposes servitude not only on the body but on the mind and even on the spirit.
  • These vanes were four in number, but were found entirely ineffectual in moving the balloon, or in aiding its ascending power.
  • Embrace rich media such as streaming video but careful application is still key.
  • The normally perky duff adds depth to sam, but is sabotaged by silly stereotypes invading every scene.
  • Hebrews 12, the other great chapter on this subject, says this: no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.
  • It has a good type of sugar called fructose, but it is turned into sugar in the blood stream.
  • Two parties vie for office. These menone hundred-twenty of themmeet time-to-time at Parley House to decide laws and taxes and policies and justice but not war. We rarely contend for general domination or to advance one faith above another. As for borders and resources, howevermines, fishing grounds, rich districtswe quarrel over those often enough, greed being a universal in the human character.
  • Embolusations of pulmonary function due to foreign body emboli are common but significant respiratory symptoms appear to be unusual.
  • And the heart loves even more one who bestows kindnesses, not only on itself, but also on those it itself loves and feels compassion for.
  • Harvey teed up richard butler, but he was crudely upended on the edge of the box by paris.
  • The aircraft was very quiet, but with the engine running at low rpm i still had full hydraulics for the controls.
  • Moreover they are not doctrinal, but hortatory, and purely figurative.
  • After donning the well-worn but comfortable workman's dress, so tired had I become that a brief nap seemed wise. The bed felt soft, and twas easy to pull a corner of the comforter over me.
  • Application of the rule may not wholly get rid of gains on two residences but it can sweeten the pill to a considerable extent.
  • She sat down at the rough wooden table and gestured to him to sit across from her. She told him of the Genoese threat, but as she talked, she found his face unreadable. She had not spoken privately to the old crusader since the day he found her in the ruined temple. Still, her discovery that he kept secrets from Amalric had left her with a sliver of hope.
  • My gun and its accompanying sack were no longer visible. Their joined existence was, to me, undeniable as I bore no doubt of my pre-head trauma memories, yet in this stark rounded cabin, hiding places seemed too few for it just to be a question of my looking over or past them. Where? Under the single, small, slab table in the corner? Nothing there but a large pair of leather sandals with one broken strap and the torn, ragged remnants of a small teak-dyed tunic wrinkled into an oblong and two tailed ball. Nothing else visible but the dishes and the shelves, the latter hosting only two painted vases, several scattered carved wooden figures, and a small gathering of books clustered together. 2
  • Word of mouth is unlikely in this case but publicizing the anonymous details of a successful web complainant might encourage others.
  • Michel lived in the village and was thought by the locals to be rather simple-minded but they were missing the point.
  • The others may sway you in one direction or another but none can be considered conclusive.
  • It might seem self-explanatory that the production of speech perpetuates the process of cognition that instigated it: but what of sign language?
  • If you specify a queue, but not a walltime, you will receive the default walltime for that queue.
  • Charles d'Anjou made a grimace of distaste, as if the King's illness embarrassed him. "What think you of my brother's idea of a truce, Count? It seems to me we have no choice but to try it."
  • Ryan farquhar on the mss discovery kawasaki was the early leader, but retired as the bike was proving unstable at high speeds.
  • No group has claimed responsibility, but Paghman district police chief Col Amrullah blamed insurgents affiliated with the Taliban.
  • One or two species do not bury their eggs, but carry them about attached to their body appendages.
  • Their style was basically acoustic rock akin to coldplay and electric soft parade, but accompanied by bongos and a keyboard.
  • Improbable that two men would write the same poem, but insisted that it was not impossible.
  • Tawny pipit: after the first birds at paphos on 27th, this bird seemed to be a common, but unobtrusive, migrant.
  • Its causes are unknown but there are clear abnormalities in the way the immune system functions in patients.
  • Pluralism of media within society is essential not only to healthy societies but also, ultimately, to healthy economies.
  • Donkey poo ones, but in 5 years time, will you remember any of them that well?
  • G is brighter but also more strident and some hold it to be too raucous.
  • Less than five minutes later the pudding arrived, a little underdone perhaps, but richly and wickedly delicious.
  • A less serious but more common muscle problem is a condition called fibromyalgia.
  • The pilot managed to keep the planes nose up, so that it did not crash head-first into the ground, spreading itself and its sole occupant over half a mile of barren Nevada desert. Instead it came in at an angle, but its velocity was much too great to make a safe landing. The landing gear broke off the instant it touched the ground. The plane skidded on its belly with a scream of tearing metal, trailing sparks and smoke. First one wing broke off, then the other, before it skidded to a halt. The pilot managed to clamber out of the open-air cockpit just before the whole thing burst into flames.
  • They were within a block of the docks when the bush taxi abruptly turned a corner. Kobi leaned his mo-ped into the turn at a top speed of ten kilometers per hour, feeling more ridiculous than daring, like a comic version of James Bond. The Mattatu was no longer ahead of him on the deserted street, but he spotted a large warehouse door slowly closing. Kobi drove by without glancing at the door. When he was sure he had passed out of sight, he pulled the poor thing to a stop. He gave it a small pat; he felt a little affection for it after it had performed such an extraordinary pursuit. Cautiously, utilizing all his skill as a Park Warden stalking poachers, he crept back to the location of the warehouse and carefully scouted around it to see if there were any other entrances to the building.
  • Pious sentiments but the very promises of god on which we all depend.
  • These were destroyed by a miraculous thunderbolt before catherine was harmed, but she was eventually beheaded with a sword.
  • The phreatic passages upstream were also looked at again but with no extra sections to add after the initial 1982 explorations.
  • Hill never recanted his marxism, but the writings of his later years widened considerably beyond their original focus on the english revolution.
  • Enclosed is a letter i sent to the daily news some weeks ago on this matter but which went unpublished.
  • As you can see the evidence was not entirely conclusive but the trail certainly went " right to the top " .
  • Shuttleworth cannot particularly act, or sing or anything, but as a top quality barfly he cannot be faulted.
  • Such people eventually succeed, sometimes through persistence, but often through the unconditional love and support of others.
  • The reason is that it is all but inevitable that there will be sizeable gilt issues coming along for the foreseeable future.
  • One reason for this is that the gains of export and production have largely accrued to traders and middleman, but not to growers.
  • Those ideas of exploring, fighting and befriending have evolved, but the thrill of discovery remains eternal.
  • After the procession passed on, she struggled to her feet, shouldered the two packs, and trudged beside Roland along the twisting path. but she was overcome with fear, convinced that every one of the thousands of men around her could see right through her disguise. Roland pointed out the different companies they passed: Normans, Bretons, knights from the Ile de France, England, Flanders, Germany. but she kept her eyes on the ground, not daring to look up at the cruel faces of the crusaders, and she stumbled along half a step behind Roland, terrified of being separated from him.
  • Syriana rental and retail: labyrinthine but involving tale of oil and corruption which won george clooney a best supporting actor oscar.
  • At the moment i have no bungs in the tanks, but i will add these to ea.. .
  • This might be hard to discern, as rents appear static in all but a handful.
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