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Okunuşu: / bʌt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: but
Türü: zarf


edat. , bağlaç. ,
z. -den gayri, -den hariç;
bağlaç. fakat, ama, lakin, ancak, halbuki, ki;

z. sadece, yalnız.

but için örnek cümleler:

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  • The long night wore on, but Paul, immersed in the profundity of his own thoughts didnt seem to notice the miles slipping by. It wasnt till the pale light of another dawn brought a dusky colour to the landscape around him that he became aware of quite how hungry he was. His stomach felt a tight, gripping ache that was almost painful in its intensity.
  • The manor was formerly dependant on the barony of linstock or crosby; but the land is now all enfranchised.
  • Simmer gently for about 3 minutes until the egg is cooked, but the yolk is still runny.
  • The horizon of self-transcendence no longer lies in that which truly transcendence no longer lies in that which truly transcends the subject, but is within the boundary of consciousness.
  • This may seem a little callous, but these whimsical remembrances of " unc " have quickly become maudlin.
  • "Hmm. I'll give you that point, Tal. Perhaps our friend will be delayed for a time. but he'll be up to us sooner or later, mark my words."
  • When seeing a dying animal a man feels a sense of horror: substance similar to his own is perishing before his eyes. but when it is a beloved and intimate human being that is dying, besides this horror at the extinction of life there is a severance, a spiritual wound, which like a physical wound is sometimes fatal and sometimes heals, but always aches and shrinks at any external irritating touch.
  • Emancipate a particular class to begin with, but all humanity at once.
  • A. yes, we are capable of insuring overseas properties but these are not quotable online.
  • This is a really fun film, a little predictable, but still well worth entertaining the kids with over the summer holidays.
  • In france magnums are commonplace, but there is something special about having magnums on a dinner table.
  • Cofferdam installed in 1955, but i clearly remember that it was in place before the war.
  • I played minor roles initially due to my inexperience, but i found the work immensely pleasurable and rewarding.
  • Why bedford was not chosen is not stated, but it seems an attractive proposition, especially if it is also free!
  • Side effects are uncommon and usually short-lived and mild, but you may notice a slight tummy upset for a while.
  • Stan hesitated. This was what he had come all this way for, after wandering in the desert all day. but something inside of him quailed at the thought of entering this place. As hot and thirsty and desperate for rescue as he was, a mindless swell of fear filled him as he stood at salvations very doorstep. Try as he might, he could not strangle it down.
  • It is unfortunate, but to be honest dominic purcell is probably the worst performance and characterization of dracula to ever don the screen.
  • Indeed, the third member of the Egyptian party was strange-looking, Roland thought. He was tall, like the other two, but his skin was a dark brown. His cheekbones stuck out sharply, and the inner corners of his eyes slanted downward toward a flat nose. but although most people of the East Roland had seen had black hair and brown eyes, this man's mustache was red, and one of his eyes was blue. The other eye was an opaque white, probably, Roland decided, from the cut of a sword.
  • If you had understood that your life is brief, and that it is departing fruitlessly, to spend one hour out of the twenty-four on a fine, agreeable, easy, and merciful act of service which is the means to the true happiness of eternal life, surely does not cause boredom, but excites a real eagerness and agreeable pleasure.
  • He crossed the fourth mountain range, but his intuition did not lead him to find the cedars there.
  • For a start, it partly bankrolls all this, under the name of fair trade, but there is more.
  • The library committee held an emergency meeting to find a replacement but the minute book gives no reason for his hasty departure.
  • For sure those reflections are its titles, but they do not display all the works of its splendour.
  • I awoke with a sudden start. To my mind it seeming to be two minutes later, yet the bright sunlight pressing through the sheet-draped window told me otherwise. Her hand was gone, she was gone. And beneath me, this sack, this dirt had not changed, I had not been delivered anywhere. Here I still lay but she, she was, perhaps, but a figment of a fevered brain. No, no, no- to awaken from that dream was too cruel, too life abandoning. To awaken from such a soul stirring vision- desolation overran me.
  • The more slender males measure between 10 to 30cm long and have a curved tail with two spicules, but no copulatory bursa.
  • Shifting cultivation may not completely remove this diversity but it severely reduces it.
  • It hurt to think about him now. but perhaps it was better to feel pain than to feel nothing. The King was quiet as she sat by his bed. He breathed evenly, seemingly sleeping, and as she sat with her eyes fixed on him, her mind wandered. She let herself dream.
  • What is to be respected about faith based on no evidence, but only ancient books and the word of control freaks?
  • Wickerwork image in which to burn them but the warriors objected and insisted on a substitute.
  • Sometimes he became too mannered for his own good - but elsewhere he hit upon passages of scorching lucidity.
  • There was something profoundly different between this world and the one he had so recently escaped from. It wasnt so much the absence of civilisation; of people, buildings or traffic, but a powerful feeling of vitality that imbued everything in it. Even though here too it was winter, there was a tangible, energetic emanation rising up out of the land, the trees and most particularly, the giant finger of stone next to him.
  • Many scientists do not share their pro-gm stance, and molecular geneticists are but a minute minority of all scientists.
  • Bilateral in nature, but they may also be multilateral, depending upon the subject matter.
  • These are not quite as powerful as they should be, but one or two are very incisive.
  • Dorsum of the joint may be slightly tender and swollen, but often the injury is painless or nearly painless.
  • This works fine, but it does mean that you tend to get a huge dollop of content in a very short time.
  • Not merely in these cases but continually did that old man--who by experience of life had reached the conviction that thoughts and the words serving as their expression are not what move people--use quite meaningless words that happened to enter his head.
  • We are in a new century, but it is becoming just as horrific as the last one.
  • The three dimensions are not necessarily equal, but the sampling interval is the same in each direction.
  • I tried to scramble backward on all fours, but the stone flooring proved too slippery under the thick miry coating that covered it.
  • Yes, the fact that Paul had got the crystal safely to Paris was certainly good news, but was he walking into a trap? Elodie questioned. There was no way of knowing, she sighed, but at least she had let her contact know of the events in England, and she could only hope that hed succeeded in passing the message on. As much as she longed for some information, she knew she couldnt risk a phone-call, the lines to the society being almost certainly tapped.
  • The original traffic albums generally sound more cohesive than any compilations, but everybody has to begin somewhere.
  • A drying room would be nice, but the problem is really good ventilation, and clothes tend to be left there festering.
  • Not only are they fully animated, but they are also based on the computer-generated imagery found in the film.
  • Gruff, hearty man; affectionate but with a tendency to bully if you let him.
  • Sharing agents shared information, but stealing agents did not lie, or provide disinformation about the environment or about other agents.
  • Remove all but 4 tablespoons of the bacon fat from the pan and add the cabbage.
  • Sige chips are similar to standard silicon chips, but they also contain germanium for better performance and lower power consumption.
  • J for julian sleeps is less aggressive, less in-your-face, but just as compelling.
  • Electronic photosensors are more costly than cadmium sulfide cells but savings in energy costs generally justify their installation.
  • This could be viewed as cross-cutting almost all the others, but there are two areas where it is especially prominent.
  • She advised him to stop taking that medicine, but he felt he needed to.
  • Superstitious rubbish! There is only one true God, and the Bible informs us he gave man dominion over the Earth and all in it. That was on the home planet, of course, but surely it held true here as well.
  • At first he stages a recovery and achieves some equanimity but fate is not finished toying with him.
  • Typically the process of learning from external sources is not dramatic and huge, but rather incremental and often small-scale.
  • "There's one on you, Doctor. It's my niecein boys clothes, is all. I'll want you to have a look at her later, after she's bathed and donned clean gear, but first I've a puzzle to share with you. Look here." He showed him the map. "Well, what do you make of it, eh?"
  • Sunday sunday is much the same as saturday but once every half term we get up early and go to church.
  • It is often used to treat seminoma but not usually to treat teratoma.
  • These are great for occasional use when out and about, but at home you can use washable wipes.
  • Lovey-dovey stuff... well, not really, but emotional songs delivered in a heavy way.
  • There was light modern music playing a bit loud for my tastes but as more people arrived it did become more subdued.
  • She intended to go shopping with her mother, but her mother was busy.
  • She was rushed to the middlesex hospital and then to a specialist nhs neurology hospital, but never recovered.
  • Attached to the agreement was the draft sublease, but substantial amendments had to be made to it.
  • Buckler men were mixed in with the pikes, but never amounted to more than 5-10 % of the pikes.
  • I answer - ( 1. ) one act doth not denominate a man, but habits; such cannot be called whoremongers.
  • Sandra Quinn waved Derek to be quiet. She looked first at Elizabeth and then Brenda. ‘You find a large old key. It wasnt an easy find but I wont go into details. Youre very pretty and very blond and have a great body, but youre not dumb. The key fits something and you go looking. You find the safe. It is also extremely well hidden and you find it by accident. The key opens the safe. Inside are papers bound with string and some old black and white photographs. Strangely enough, there is no cash in the safe. You conclude that what is locked up in the safe is more valuable than the few hundred thousand in fifty and one hundred dollar bills you have found in various parts of the library. You gather up the lot and on the way out of the house get confronted by elderly lover boy. Hes not happy. You are fit. Hes not. He meets with a little accident but he doesnt die.
  • "Aleth, I have not seen you in church in a long time. Years, in fact. We have much to talk about." He spoke to Aleth as if she were a child, but there was a cruel insinuation in his voice. He took the old lady's arm and led her through a door to the rear of the house.
  • The plant is usually dioecious, that is the sexes are on different plants, but can change from year to year!
  • Derelict for decades but has now been removed, the lock has since been filled in and grassed over.
  • Paul couldnt help smiling, Babou wanting his jeans back would have to wait as he definitely didnt fancy dimension jumping in nothing but his underpants.
  • Servece haunch on serving dish and pour off all but 1 tablespoon of fat from the roasting tin.
  • Drum scanners provided the best quality, but were expensive to use and hard to operate.
  • A dream over known fields with an old friend in dream i walked, but came sudden to a strange stream.
  • "Apparently you have no idea what sort of man you have made your enemy. He owns enough land to be a king in his own right. He has to deal with a thousand matters, great and small, every day. but he is not one to forget an injury. He will get around to you."
  • The mood seems naturally anxious but not grim, almost jovial, with people smiling.
  • "I hope you wuhr not offended by the words of Hutee Dut. He ees from the old way of theenking and spends much time and wuhrk pretending that theengs weell again be the way they once wuhr. It ees not that he does not feel grateful to you foah yoah offuhr of help, but thayuh ees a stubbuhn pride een some of the olduh veelagers when a strangeuh offuhrs help."
  • They somehow manage to rescue johnny but bullets rake the bedroom and the doctor is ( i think ) killed.
  • The order was subsequently revoked but it is included here for sake of completeness.
  • Service from the young and all female front of house staff was relaxed and informal but they all seemed well-informed about the food.
  • It sings sunday morning services every week and full choral evensong on all but the second sunday of the month.
  • And also like ecstatic love, reflection leads to the Name of All-Wise, but it is a richer, broader, and more brilliant path.
  • Restraining the harvest by keeping to one server may help, but cannot be considered foolproof.
  • Transcended dimension? Of course not, but what on Earth were the police doing taking this madness so seriously, he thought, vocalising the question that sprang to mind.
  • The light that was Nicolette and the light that was Roland became one, and the body of that one was this whole infinite sea of light. They could not see the light, not because it blinded them, but because they were the light.
  • Louis's large eyes remained sympathetic, and Roland felt doomed. "That is it exactly, do not you see, dear Roland? Now that I know you are a son of Languedoc, I must, I must win you over. The Albigensian Crusade - I cannot say it was wrong, because the Pope commanded it and my grandfather and my father both supported it. but it is time to write an end to all that. I want all France, north and south, united." Now his eyes were alight with fervor. He held up clenched fists. "Think of it ? men of Languedoc and men of France fighting side by side to recapture Jerusalem for Christendom. I believe God wants that. He wants France healed."
  • He was remembering another time, two years ago, when Perrin had come back to this house. but that time it had been early in the morning, and Perrin had been singing.
  • "Its always been one of my secret fantasies to see this used on a woman, but Ive never had the opportunity, so your arrival at SUBIOS was a gift from the gods. They say that a rank amateur can kill a victim in just a few strokes, but it takes an expert to keep them alive."
  • I love Mumbai but I love my parents too and I must visit them as soon as my passport is ready, he said.
  • The secret, she reveals, is to have rootstock beginning to grow, but the variety wood dormant.
  • A young upper-class wastrel, good-natured and kind-hearted, but mentally quite negligible.
  • Latex2e is upwardly compatible with latex 2.09, but has new features.
  • Chemo at the moment but they can not operate on the liver as it is on both sides.
  • One or two species do not bury their eggs, but carry them about attached to their body appendages.
  • Clinical coccidiosis is most commonly seen in lambs aged between 4 8 weeks, but can occur in older livestock.
  • It is primarily devoted to tips and suggestions for games, but also has some reflection on the hobby itself.
  • I am interested in doing the champions league fantasy footy but i am unable to find any player printouts anywhere.
  • Explicable on competition grounds, but less clear on the requirements of originality for copyright.
  • Reindeer can be found living wild in parts of norway but perhaps the most curious creature is the wolverine.
  • Stumpy fingers you might think but the buttons are so far apart in some occasions as to be ridiculous.
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