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Okunuşu: / blʌd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: blood
Türü: isim


i. kan;
bitkilerin suyu, özsu;
kan dökme;
mizaç, huy;
nesep soy;
kan rabıtası, kan bağı;
göz göre göre, bile bile;

blood için örnek cümleler:

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  • Everyone began to process the broken window and the a smoke bomb-filled bus. Just then a loud scuffle broke out in the hallway behind them. Tom Sullivan and Ron McNally were swarmed by eight guys wearing leather jackets, jeans, ski caps and heavy work boots. Pete, who was walking with Tom Sullivan, wound up in the middle of the brawl but acted purely to break up the melee not add to it. He pulled two guys off a bloodied Tom, who took the opportunity to blacken any eye within punching distance. Pete took a few shots to the ribs but his height made it difficult for anyone to reach his head. However, by the end of the fight, his nose spewed blood and his neck was scratched.
  • Macrophage colony stimulating factor for 5 days to boost her white blood cells.
  • He was prostrate on the couch. A rough haircloth worked against his legs and torso, sending the blood surging. At the same time, a piece of porous sandstone in the practiced hands of another servant stripped away the loosened calluses and scales from his boot-roughened feet. A third man massaged still more perfumed oil, hinting of aloe and orange, into his back and along his sides and shoulders. His body had become an invigorated, pliant reed.
  • This enzyme catalyzes the conversion of angiotensin i to angiotensin ii in blood plasma and in vascular endothelial tissues and degrades bradykinin.
  • I took another shower--this time without the dead relatives to interrupt me--got dressed, made myself some toast, and headed for work. By the way, I was totally relieved to find out that I could still eat, 'cause I really like food. That's one thing I have to give the vampires; all that blood must get monotonous after a while, no matter how much you like it.
  • I flicked it on and approached her struggling figure. It was disgusting; she had lost skin where Jack had scraped her with the stake, but instead of blood and muscle there was only a black, flaky-looking substance. One of her eyelids was drooping over her eye on the side of the skull where I had kneed her. She was wildly looking for a way out, and just as the flame was about to touch her hair, she gasped out, "Your mother!"
  • "I dont know," David said. Hed gotten his arm under the mans shoulder and now braced his back. The man didnt appear to have any blood on him, although it was obvious from his quiet moans that he was hurt.
  • Ginseng products are not recommended for people with high blood pressure or who are suffering from heart conditions.
  • She pictured her brethren being cut down by those huge longswords, their blood running out over the sacred stones. She sobbed aloud. She heard Roland say something in a low voice, some word of comfort, no doubt, but she could not make out the words.
  • "There was a double line of tracks of a booted man, and a second double line which I saw with delight belonged to a man with naked feet. I was at once convinced from what you had told me that the latter was your son. The first had walked both ways, but the other had run swiftly, and as his tread was marked in places over the depression of the boot, it was obvious that he had passed after the other. I followed them up and found they led to the hall window, where Boots had worn all the snow away while waiting. Then I walked to the other end, which was a hundred yards or more down the lane. I saw where Boots had faced round, where the snow was cut up as though there had been a struggle, and, finally, where a few drops of blood had fallen, to show me that I was not mistaken. Boots had then run down the lane, and another little smudge of blood showed that it was he who had been hurt. When he came to the highroad at the other end, I found that the pavement had been cleared, so there was an end to that clue.
  • She woke to the rhythm of the blood surging through her skull. Night had draped the cave in a blanket of black, robbing her of even the occasional lightning flash. The Mother and the Father had stopped their fight, leaving the Mother to weep. She could not see the rain, but could hear it as countless drops thundered into the rocks outside.
  • The bottling of blood grouping reagents 1968 the first international rare donor panel is issued.
  • Besides the plunderers, very various people, some drawn by curiosity, some by official duties, some by self-interest--house owners, clergy, officials of all kinds, tradesmen, artisans, and peasants--streamed into Moscow as blood flows to the heart.
  • Essential for the metabolism of white blood cells, which are critical components of the immune system.
  • Men and postmenopausal women should never take iron supplements unless they have iron-deficiency anemia, which is only diagnosed by blood tests.
  • We are very loth to shed blood again, and will not do so unless compelled in defense of our lives.
  • Effects of comprehensive lifestyle modification on blood pressure control.
  • At the tangy scent of blood and charred flesh, Aidens horse began to crow hop and dance beneath him. When they came across the first blackened human skeleton the stallion squealed and bucked until he was forced to dismount or be thrown. The moment his feet touched the scorched earth, the beast reared, tore its reins from his hand, and ran off with its tail up in the air. Thats what he got for bringing a fresh, untried warhorse that had undergone very little training.
  • They did. It snapped. The pain was excruciating. I fell to my knees, but managed to bow my head. The fire slammed into the Chimera and it let out a sound that made my blood run cold. As the fire bathed the Chimera, the spell broke. I pushed the thought with my mind. Chimeras, I told Demonnation, healers needed, come fast. I felt it break through the flimsy magic of the burning Chimera. Felt it float into the wind above him.
  • Figure 1. brain stem centers damaged by the poliovirus involved in brain activation and blood pressure and heart rate regulation.
  • "No, Jax, there's plenty of blood back here, but I am telling you there is not a scratch on you." Caislyn looked at Jax questioningly, "How can this be possible?"
  • The third is the ability of the heart to pump enough blood around the body to supply sufficient oxygen for the required speed.
  • He stopped dead in his tracks. His fellow guard was knocked out cold, the lanky pilgrim pinning him to the ground in case he came to. The other two pilgrims were walking confidently towards the remaining guard. They were crackling their knuckles noisily, hungry for blood in the water.
  • A Man who had been bitten by a Dog went about in quest of someone who might heal him. A friend, meeting him and learning what he wanted, said, "If you would be cured, take a piece of bread, and dip it in the blood from your wound, and go and give it to the Dog that bit you." The Man who had been bitten laughed at this advice and said, "Why? If I should do so, it would be as if I should beg every Dog in the town to bite me."
  • Athletes will be subjected to urine and blood tests, both of which must prove positive before sanctions are threatened.
  • Antihypertensive regimen where blood pressure control has not been satisfactorily achieved.
  • Watchman be faithful watchmen, that their blood be not upon our heads.
  • Emma knows that this information will not be of any value to Jack, yet cannot help it. Her meager courage has been earned in the loss of innocence. "He was in his shed. I used to play there a lot as a child. It was like a fort, Id bring my toys in and kind of set up for the day. It never felt off, until that day. It was like the shed knew. I found him that day, though. He took a shotgun to his own head. There was nothing in there that I discovered that day that I could recognize as my father. It turned him from someone I loved, a familiar face, to some kind of mess of blood and parts, a monster that haunted my nightmares for years."
  • The potency titre of the third set of tubes should be clearly reduced to indicate inhibition of the antibody by the blood group substance.
  • I'd set out determined to hike the whole way up to the top, but I was still a little weak. Apparently everyone had been right about just how much blood I'd lost the night our pack had destroyed the local rival pack. They'd been trying to absorb Alec's pack for the last several years and he hadn't really had any other options, but I knew he still felt uneasy about what had happened.
  • These drugs reduce blood pressure, resulting in a reflex tachycardia that may exacerbate angina.
  • At the very least the definition should be expanded to include nephews and nieces and more distant blood relatives.
  • Connor took off his shirt and handed it over to him. "You need to clean off the blood from your muzzle and claws. Unless you want Kara to think youre injured. That is the last thing we need to listen to."
  • Dye injected into the blood allows the flow through coronary arteries to be viewed by x-ray.
  • In my heart I knew Sam was a good guy. That being said, a guy who seeks, and inevitably destroys, is probably not such a good person. He always seemed like he was out to prove something. Every day at lunch he recounted escapades from the night before. Sam went on the prowl each night when the sun went down like he was a vampire feeding on the blood of innocent women. I imagined myself as a vampire slayer, but when it came to driving a stake in his heart the target was nowhere to be found.
  • Dermis layer contains blood vessels, nerves, oil glands, collagen fibers and elastin.
  • Influenza split virion inactivated vaccine may affect blood tests for certain viruses.
  • Madeline made Sebastian; she taught him everything. She would have predicted what Sebastian did before he knew himself. Madeline would have followed the scent of fresh blood or even Sebastians scent, and easily found the body.
  • Just as Aarons long, muscular arm started its downward ascent toward Maggies face she prepared to break free of Kayla clutch but was meeting with some tremendous resistance. She tried to test the limits of her bounds but was unsuccessful at providing enough space to duck at just the right time. So she did the only thing that she could think of at the time, as the scent of blood continued to infiltrate the nostrils of the five vampires across the park. Instead of continuing to resist to Kayla choke-hold, she simply extended her fangs and took a bite out of her bicep, which reduced the huntersstrength enough to enable Maggie to duck at the last moment as she felt the breeze of Aarons fist whiz past her ear and continue toward Kaylas cheekbone where it found a more suitable landing place.
  • With finality, the trackers eyes closed. His hands fell from the blade and dropped to his sides as his knees buckled. He was no longer struggling, or for that matter, sustaining his own weight. The color of life left his cheeks as surely as the blood was drained from his body. His head drooped forward, fell against the shoulder of the woman that now held him up to finish her feast.
  • At that moment, something in Jax shifted. Whatever had been awakened in her early wanted out and it wasn't going to take no for an answer. Her body tightened and her breath stopped in her lungs. Everything went silent. It was as if the world stopped moving for just a split second. Jax closed her eyes briefly to give herself a mental shake. When she looked up again at Rick, her vision was different. She could see him fully covered in fur, face like a wolf, glowing eyes, and much bigger and muscular than he'd ever been. His clothes were in pieces around him. But there was something else, she could hear his heartbeat and see his blood flowing inside of him. Jaxon could smell his blood, his anger, his excitement at what he thought he was going to do. She took all those things in within a matter of seconds. The world had slowed down, all except for her.
  • Now this i say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of god, nor does corruption inherit incorruption.
  • Food allergy was reported to contribute to high blood pressure in a study of people who had migraine headaches.
  • Albert rasped and coughed harshly. blood rivered from the corner of his mouth as he tried to speak. Even while dying, he was strong.
  • "That really sucks," Alexandra said as Jim wiped a little blood off her lip, "Where are you going to find another woman like me?"
  • However if you suffer from stomach ulceration or allergy to aspirin then there is a shot of a blood thinning agent called heparin available.
  • This bacteria can also cause blood poisoning ( septicaemia ) if it invades the bloodstream.
  • "I've not asked it of you. I said it was the only solution that I've been able to find. I know you have no reason to love the people of Mundleboro, but it seems their fate lies with you, as your blood right would have dictated anyway. You have the opportunity to make this sacrifice for them, and they would love you for it. But, again, I don't ask it of you. This is something you'll have to take on willingly, for I'll not force your hand."
  • Becker ( evd ) drain in the brain injured patient, post neurosurgical patient, collection of blood within the brain ventricles can occur.
  • I coughed up blood suddenly as about three feet of aluminum pole suddenly burst through the center of my chest. I'd forgotten all about Leanne. I can't tell you how painful it was having an aluminum pole three inches in diameter shoved through your chest. There was this strange sensation of cold from inside my body, and the wind whistled through the hollow tube.
  • Emergence of vcjd with a potential risk of its transmission in blood has led to renewed efforts to reduce donor exposure.
  • Inventions and discoveries of the English include: the jet engine, the first industrial spinning machine, the first computer and the first modern computer, the World Wide Web along with HTML, the first successful human blood transfusion, the motorised vacuum cleaner, the lawn mower, the seat belt, the hovercraft, the electric motor, steam engines, and theories such as the Darwinian theory of evolution and atomic theory. Newton developed the ideas of universal gravitation, Newtonian mechanics, and infinitesimal calculus, and Robert Hooke his eponymously named law of elasticity. Other inventions include the iron plate railway, the thermosiphon, tarmac, the rubber band, the mousetrap, "cat's eye" road marker, joint development of the light bulb, steam locomotives, the modern seed drill and many modern techniques and technologies used in precision engineering.
  • In the rats, the enzymes then appear to eat through the intestinal walls and can travel in the blood to the lungs, liver and kidneys, Dr Schmid-Schonbein said.
  • Seropositive blood donors can sometimes transmit hhv-5 infection to recipients.
  • Dwelling in a womb of blood and brimstone, my days became malleable, my nights infinite.
  • Although oesophageal rupture is a possibility, the patient should have received at least a fluid challenge in view of the previous blood loss.
  • The compere hurried out onstage after the vampires, both hand raised firmly. "Return to your room," he said. "A new shipment of blood is on its way."
  • Rafe thrust the knife under Johan's slash and plunged it deep into his chest. Pain exploded. Tears burst free, blinding him. He staggered back, the knife scraping against bone as it tore free with a sucking noise. Warm blood spilled down his chest.
  • Johan knelt next to the wall, cradling a bloody, rag-doll of a boy against his chest. He rocked back and forth on his heels, completely oblivious to the blood soaking his shirt. When the boy's face flopped into view, she cried out.
  • At morning the man felt unwell and moaned from pain, and the doctor gave him a powder to make him nod off. Strong drink he begged but was refused, for Doctor Tannahill stated it would give slight relief, and might well spread the poison faster. Despite the poultice the flesh of the shin swelled, and reddened streaks crept both up and down the leg a few inches. I asked if the blood was poisoned, but the doctor said more likely the lymph vessels were inflamed. "Which is better, for it means the venom will spread less rapidly."
  • Squeeze the left thigh muscles to force blood from branches of the iliac artery up the main vessel.
  • With ghostbuster fever in the office most of the su team are making ghostly woo wooing noises and filling our mouths with blood capsules.
  • Hartwell raised his glass, which in his world was a few pints of the finest Beach Haven blood extracted without a neck puncture, and exclaimed, "The more the merrier!"
  • They are used to treat trigeminal neuralgia, a very painful condition in which blood vessels press on nerves.
  • Images of Jacksons body, soaked in blood and askew on the floor, flashed through her mind. Would they see it? No, she was being paranoid. They were policemen, not psychics.
  • Many diabetics must measure their blood glucose levels regularly to maintain good health ( appendix 1 ).
  • Monoclonal antibodies used as a treatment may for example destroy the blood cells that are causing myositis.
  • My blood money wasn't the only thing that helped make my life easier and more exciting. Word was getting around school that I had joined a gang and you know how much the ladies love a dangerous man. At 11 years-old and a diminutive five feet tall, I was turning the corner quickly from adolescence to manhood. Although I hadn't been a steady drug user, I did take the occasional toke of a joint every once in a while. If one of the older guys offered you something, you either took it or got your butt kicked in. I'd rather be floating on a cloud than bloody and bruised any day.
  • Nerve impulses from the hypothalamus stimulate the posterior pituitary to produce adh when the osmotic pressure of the blood rises.
  • Then, by the use of magical incantation, " charis was thought to drop her own blood into the cup " thus consecrated.
  • Then the maharanas voice rose. "Mewar, the abode of all that is beautiful in the world, is made even more beautiful by your presence. In years past we have stood shield to shield with you; tonight we embrace you in friendship. We wish you victory over those who would deny you your birthright, which you have earned both by blood and by deed. No other in India is more fit to reign, more just to govern, more honorable to his friends, more feared by his foes. Tonight we offer you our hand and our prayers that Lord Krishna will always stand with you."
  • "Aye, ’tis a tale to make the blood run ice." Symmes eased open a button of his ornate doublet and shakily loosened his new ruff collar. "After the Venetian rogue gets us arrestd with his damnable lie, the bastard Portugals clap us in the hold of a coastinbarge makinfor Goa, in company with near a hundred Arab horses. When we finally make port, they haul us out of that stink hole and slam us in another, this time the Viceroys dungeons. We took ourselves for dead men."
  • The heart muscle is supplied with freshly oxygenated blood through two arteries ( the coronary arteries ).
  • The two remained in the doorway for almost an hour and this was causing the watchers on the wall to become concerned, when all of a sudden the mau came trotting out. The blood from his scratch encounter with Isis was clearly visible to the observers, who let out gasps. Isom screamed and the mau was heading out of the granaries when the spear of a disgruntled bet loser came flying towards him. He never heard a sound until it was too late, and it was the gasps of the watching crowd that alerted him. The spear throwers aim was true and the large mau was well on his way into the afterlife before he even realized he was doomed.
  • "They do drink the blood from living beings; however one cannot continue to exist in a state like that without immersing themselves in magic. It is common for vampires to be able to wipe the minds of the humans they drink from. It is also common to find blood donation centers that are run by vampires or their thralls. They would not risk putting themselves in a position that would arouse suspicion from humans, though there are cases where they will completely drain the blood from a person to kill them and turn them into a vampire."
  • In 1996, 1,768 adult informants with three valid blood pressure readings were taking one or more of these medications.
  • The laboratory method used to detect high blood phenylalanine concentrations is tandem mass spectrometry.
  • "I don't know what he thought he was doing." Guy tested his nose cautiously. It was sore but the bridge seemed solid enough when he tried to rock it with finger and thumb, and it wasn't pouring out blood which, he had heard, is a sure sign of a fracture. "The bastard just dived right back at me."
  • He tugged the blade free as another growl erupted behind him. He turned, and found himself staring at two more of the giant wolves, their fangs dripping with blood.
  • His second level leather armor stained with the blood of his enemy hugs him like a long lost lover.
  • She had never felt so clearheaded as she did at this work, and the boy on her thrashed and got her a couple good knocks on the head, and his blood soaked her bare chest and her face and her short hair. But she worked the knife some more, going for the throat and then the face. She let him go and he rolled away and she pounced on him. She worked with the knife. Soon he stopped moving.
  • The Oscar-winning There Will Be blood concerned itself with a raw-boned, ascendant US, a nation building itself up on the twin pillars of oil and church.
  • Animation showing model for the rapid invasion of red blood cells by p. falciparum merozoites.
  • Mirra stared in horror at his eyes. The black had drained from them, but the whites were blood red, and Mirra fought to break free of him. His touch brought her exquisite agony, and she cried out as his frigid fingers bit into her skin.
  • The wolf nodded his large head, blood was dripping from his teeth. I tore at the shirt, flung the material onto the floor. Fenrir used his claw to remove my bra. The mark was glowing a pale blue. He nuzzled it. It brought a howl from his lips, drew a bellow from Alex, who was still on the ground.
  • Johan struggled to his feet. His head swam. It was a battle just to find his balance. His shoulder burned from the cut, and itched from the dried blood.
  • After that, when in discussions with his village elders or stewards the blood rushed to his face and his fists began to clench, Nicholas would turn the broken ring on his finger and would drop his eyes before the man who was making him angry. But he did forget himself once or twice within a twelvemonth, and then he would go and confess to his wife, and would again promise that this should really be the very last time.
  • Dust and the smell of blood choked Strom as he pulled himself from under the horse that had given its life to save his. Luck had been with him, and he was uninjured. The same could not be said for Malluke, who was under the horse, dead. As Strom stood, his head spun, and the world around him was a blur. After a moment of shock, he recalled the danger and took a sword from the nearby body of a soldier. Before he could even test his swing, a shadowy rider materialized within a cloud of dust and bore down on him with speed.
  • "You've no proof of that, Petram, nor do you, Burl, nor you, Rolph. You'll take yourselves off my property this instant, or so help me . . ." he said through clenched teeth; then he actually growled at them. A threatening step forward sent the other men scrambling back. Benjin had not said a word, but the look in his eyes made it clear he would not hesitate to stick them with his pitchfork if they persisted, and it appeared as though the men might leave before any blood was shed.
  • On 31 March 2005 following a urinary tract infection, Pope John Paul II developed septic shock, a form of infection with a high fever and low blood pressure, but was not hospitalised. Instead, he was monitored by a team of consultants at his private residence. This was taken as an indication that the pope and those close to him believed that he was nearing death; it would have been in accordance with his wishes to die in the Vatican. Later that day, Vatican sources announced that John Paul II had been given the Anointing of the Sick by his friend and secretary Stanis?aw Dziwisz. During the final days of the Pope's life, the lights were kept burning through the night where he lay in the Papal apartment on the top floor of the Apostolic Palace. Tens of thousands of people assembled and held vigil in St. Peter's Square and the surrounding streets for two days. Upon hearing of this, the dying pope was said to have stated: "I have searched for you, and now you have come to me, and I thank you."
  • Pulsatevery easy for an iris scanner to tell the difference between an eye pulsating with blood and one that is not.
  • The Chyron banner at the bottom of the screen screams in bold white letters on a blood red background, "Mayhem on I29."
  • She smiled too, and it looked even worse on her. "Im Leanne. Why dont you come inside and well see about cleaning you up?" The way she said it made me glad I wasnt bleeding as badly as I should have been. I didnt like the way she eyed the little bit of blood that was evident.
  • There was blood on the Cimmerian's mail, dried blood on the sword in her right hand; she loomed dim and gigantic in the shadowy light.
  • The blood pressure can be raised and a rapid heartbeat, tremor and sweating may develop.
  • "Since we have to search them for valuables, we may as well take their uniforms. We send them weekly to this ingenious Italian matron who has some special laundry soap for removing blood stains. They even smell good.
  • "This man Vane," Wildfeather went on, "was an American philanthropist and social engineer who decided to assist people of this desert rather than those who were hurting back home. He was disgustingly rich; he could have bought Montana if he wanted. Instead he bought a large tract of land northwest of here called Mamuset, and made it into a kind of kinky high-tech commune to show the rest of the world just how clever and generous the filthy rich can be." Wildfeather brushed the rock floor with one tip of perhaps the worlds only pair of steel-toed moccasins. The rock was streaked and daubed with brown smears of blood. He swept his light. Smears also appeared here and there along the caves walls. The trail of dried blood went down the chamber and through that gaping archway into the unseen.
  • I took my hand away, letting blood pour all over the shoulder of my coat, and he said: "You ought to go to a doctor, man!"
  • Sara could taste the womans blood in her mouth. She spit it out, aiming at the couple who stood in front of her. "Fuck you both. I want my son back!"
  • Aneroid blood pressure gage should be compared with a well maintained mercury sphygmomanometer on a regular basis.
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