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Okunuşu: / blʌd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: blood
Türü: isim


i. kan;
bitkilerin suyu, özsu;
kan dökme;
mizaç, huy;
nesep soy;
kan rabıtası, kan bağı;
göz göre göre, bile bile;

blood için örnek cümleler:

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  • Serology test is accurate but an animal cannot be declared free until a negative blood test 6 months after arrival.
  • Explain that the blood vessel leaving a glomerulus is narrower than the one entering it and so pressure in the glomerular capillaries is high.
  • Well, that wasnt entirely true. I was pregnant, and that fact alone was enough to prompt comment from everyone at every turn. I found it strange to be pregnant, and yet have no ultrasounds, no blood work, no monthly visits to the doctor. I just lived as I had before, but with a growing life inside me.
  • This crude test compared well to analysis of a stained smear of the same blood back in the laboratory.
  • The drug seems counteract production of an enzyme called superoxide that is induced by interleukin-2 and may result in the low blood pressure.
  • Most often, the blood sample is collected by venipuncture ( using a needle to collect blood from a vein in the arm ).
  • He mumbled something. blood trickled from his mouth, and Liseli reached a hand out to stop him. "Dont try talking," she said, brushing his lips. His eyes werent focused on her face. He blinked very slowly, staring at the ceiling of the pavilion. "Its not bad," Liseli heard herself say without conviction. She touched his face lightly, wiping away the blood. She wished he would look at her and show signs of recognition. Instead he closed his eyes.
  • Sparkle in the sunshine, its blood red fins move in time with its mouth and gills.
  • I was as grateful to be released as I was to be rid of the burlap man. He clicked slowly past me into the dark labyrinth. The gate slammed shut behind him. I imagined the utter terror I would have felt if I had met that beast in the swallowing darkness, groping for his journal. As he turned his back to me for the first time I saw the origin of his pain, embedded in his spine and the base of his skull was a metal framework that resembled an iron snake. A stray drop of blood released its grip on the metal frame. He's still suffering. I wanted to help him, but I knew that his only respite would be death.
  • Loss of blood supply following trauma: will cause ischaemic necrosis.
  • Sebastian turned to find a figure balanced on the steel girders, as he had been only moments before. Moonlight shrouded her face but he recognized her immediately. He could tell by her scent alone; a mixture of blood and darkness and night. Someone hed hoped to never see again.
  • "But how could she resist like that? You know how old blood affects them, it drives them crazy. She shouldve latched on like a leech, not letting go until the stake was clear through her heart. And what about this old man taking her son; do you think it could be him?"
  • Not from Bane and his army, however. Already, three abbeys had fallen beneath his troops' tramping feet, and the healers and their pupils had been slaughtered in terrible ways. The tales of rape, torture and burnings were enough to turn a healer's blood cold. No one in their right mind would willingly settle in the path of that fate. Ellese feared for Mirra, but this was as it had to be. She watched the girl rearranging the few items of furniture, chattering about her first customers, and hoped she had done the right thing. She whispered a prayer to the goddess, begging her protection for this innocent girl.
  • Belinda's arrival into the dark world was choreographedat least her first few minutes were. She opened her eyes and her body transitioned from horizontal to vertical without her feet touching the ground. She glided out of her room and was handed a pint of blood with a sippy straw by Brandon Justice, who was waiting outside of her room.
  • Combined oral contraceptives can be used to reduce menstrual blood loss ( a ).
  • The Bottom Ring was a sea of movement, of bodies squirming and pushing as the vampires rippled through the crowds, tearing people apart. It was a task from which they derived great pleasure, and Lilith watched, horror struck, as one of the vampires lifted a man into the air and ripped off his arm, a spray of blood coating what remained of the glass enclosure.
  • The rate of formation of hba 1c is proportional to the blood glucose concentration.
  • Pulmonary hypertension refers to high blood pressure in the arteries taking blood from the heart to the lungs.
  • Confused and ever-increasing crowds were running back to where five minutes before the troops had passed the Emperors. Not only would it have been difficult to stop that crowd, it was even impossible not to be carried back with it oneself. Bolkonski only tried not to lose touch with it, and looked around bewildered and unable to grasp what was happening in front of him. Nesvitski with an angry face, red and unlike himself, was shouting to Kutuzov that if he did not ride away at once he would certainly be taken prisoner. Kutuzov remained in the same place and without answering drew out a handkerchief. blood was flowing from his cheek. Prince Andrew forced his way to him.
  • Aaron bumped his head on the ground as he awkwardly rolled after his follow though, and he landed on top of a fully-dazed Kayla who probably wasnt sure what planet she was on at the time. This gave a suddenly blood-hungry Maggie a chance to take a crack at Andrew, who was reeling from losing most of his blood along the way. She went totally conventional by grabbing him, pushing his head over to the left side, and then sinking her teeth into his exposed neck. A few seconds later, Drews blood stopped flowing and Maggie stopped drinking, which told her it was time to move on so she simply let go of him and let him drop limply to the ground. It was now 10 against five in favor of the hunters and protectors.
  • "Bren," Beezel nodded to me as I wiggled into my chair. I dont have a bad relationship with my uncle, its friendly enough, but thats about as far as it goes. I dont go to his house, chat with him or his family. I spent my childhood surrounded by Overlords. I was closer to Baal, Anubis, and Gabriel than I was any of my fathers blood kin.
  • A psychosis which becomes so powerful that killing random women cannot satisfy the blood lust he has for his wife.
  • "Drain the blood from men's veins and put in water instead, then there will be no more war! Old women's nonsense--old women's nonsense!" he repeated, but still he patted Pierre affectionately on the shoulder, and then went up to the table where Prince Andrew, evidently not wishing to join in the conversation, was looking over the papers his father had brought from town. The old prince went up to him and began to talk business.
  • "This is remarkable," Margret whispered. "Ive never seen vampire blood like this. Its red and thin like human." She swirled the blood around and sniffed. "It smells like human, but with a hint of vampire."
  • Even though it was a Tuesday night, the hostile crowd would be ready to rock and roll. With a steady supply of alcohol flowing in their veins, the West Valley football players would be ready to drop the gloves on a moments notice. The blood was so bad that school administrators called on the West Valley Police Department to make sure no buses, or any other Pikesville vehicles were vandalized. Coach Andrews was also concerned that his players might try to take matters into their own fists. His boys had just fully healed from the last brawl. The pre-game talk went something like this:
  • "How can you judge what's best?" he cried, the blood suddenly rushing to his face. "How can you judge the Emperor's actions? What right have we to argue? We cannot comprehend either the Emperor's or his actions!"
  • Little sobbing sounds escaped from Roland's tight-shut mouth, though he was scarcely aware of them. Only by biting his lips hard enough to draw blood could he stop himself from screaming. A wave of blackness swept over his eyes. He swayed, grasping at the iron balcony railing to steady himself.
  • The specificity of the reagent for blood group serology should be of a print size which is clearly legible.
  • The blood alcohol limit for drunken driving is .08 percent in Texas.
  • "Our goal was to observe possible mechanisms for the observed psychosocial effects of MBAT by evaluating the cerebral blood flow (CBF) changes associated with an MBAT intervention in comparison with a control of equal time and attention," says Monti. "This type of expressive art and meditation program has never before been studied for physiological impact and the correlation of that impact to improvements in stress and anxiety."
  • An Angel appeared at his side to give him a hand. Together, they walked towards the hallway. They all had lieutenants and underlings around to assist them. They all seemed to need it. They looked like they had gone through blenders. Baals wings were shredded, bits of bone peeking out from the spines. Anubis was nearly furless again, his hands both swollen and unusable. Gabriel looked as if he might have actually aged and his body refused to allow him to stand upright. Fenrir had been stuck in wolf form and the wolf kept licking at different wounds and then glaring at me. I guess I was transferring injuries onto them to keep myself alive during the duel with Chiron, right until I stabbed myself like an idiot. My mother believes the only reason it didnt kill me is because Im a Strachan and the sword doesnt like taking the blood of its own kind.
  • "Yes, and this is not a time for discussing," he continued, "but for acting: there is war in Russia! The enemy is advancing to destroy Russia, to desecrate the tombs of our fathers, to carry off our wives and children." The nobleman smote his breast. "We will all arise, every one of us will go, for our father the Tsar!" he shouted, rolling his bloodshot eyes. Several approving voices were heard in the crowd. "We are Russians and will not grudge our blood in defense of our faith, the throne, and the Fatherland! We must cease raving if we are sons of our Fatherland! We will show Europe how Russia rises to the defense of Russia!"
  • "MADELINE!" Sebastian roared after her as she disappeared out of the door. The other vampire was already gone into the night, chasing the scent of blood Serenity left on the air.
  • "He is not the man I am looking for," he answered, "and I want no man's money. I want a man's life. The man whose life I want must be nearly forty now. This one is little more than a boy. Thank God, I have not got his blood upon my hands."
  • Redeemed by the blood of the lamb; redeemed by the blood of the lamb; redeemed through his infinite mercy - his child, and forever, i am.
  • He put his hands around my waist and boosted me onto my horse. Rhodri then bent to pick up Anna and handed her to me. I bundled her underneath the cloak, wincing at the blood again, but Llywelyn was right. It had dried and blended in with the blackness of my cloak.
  • The sight of the blood threw him off his rant. She could always rely on Jackson to put his well-being ahead of everything else. "I need to get to hospital," he said. "Im hurt. You need to call an ambulance."
  • The great lawn of Beach Haven Park was a blood bath until the vampires stepped in and clean the pitch until in was sparkling clean. They also cleaned up the barely alive apes, still in their human forms, and cauterized their wounds that would fully heal and show no residue once on the next sunrise. The apes would also feel rested, joyous and full of confidence from their victory on this night.
  • I moved back and went to one knee. Fire erupted again from the top of my head. The blood stopped flowing. It was cauterizing itself. I opened my mind. I was unable to fight as a Demon, but I still had some Witch powers that I could control. First thing I noticed was the amount of magic coming from the animals. It was pale yellow and completely enveloped them.
  • "I've spoken to almost all those with delver blood that spend time in Connel. None stand out as someone that might know what we need."
  • Le blogeur has composed an ode to rebecca blood for the occasion of the fourth anniversary of her pocket.
  • "I've not asked it of you. I said it was the only solution that I've been able to find. I know you have no reason to love the people of Mundleboro, but it seems their fate lies with you, as your blood right would have dictated anyway. You have the opportunity to make this sacrifice for them, and they would love you for it. But, again, I don't ask it of you. This is something you'll have to take on willingly, for I'll not force your hand."
  • The creature leaped, soaring through the air, landing directly on the smaller ones back, knocking her to the ground. The air crushed from the females lungs and she didnt get the chance to take another breath. The thing buried its face in the sweet warmth of her throat and slowly sank its teeth in, relishing every moment as she lay beneath it, defenceless and fragile as a bird. The blood came in like mothers milk and it fedtearing, lapping and swallowing, until only a carcass was left.
  • Madeline made Sebastian; she taught him everything. She would have predicted what Sebastian did before he knew himself. Madeline would have followed the scent of fresh blood or even Sebastians scent, and easily found the body.
  • Zhen Huang freely admits he was not interested in blood vessels four years ago when he was studying brain development in a fetal mouse.
  • Drugs to dissolve the thrombus - thrombolytic drugs - may be given during the first 48 hours after formation of the blood clot.
  • The study of blood levels of 1,200 healthy women found that women whose serum vitamin D level was low during the three-month period just before diagnosis had approximately three times the risk of breast cancer as women in the highest vitamin D group. The study is currently published online in advance of the print edition of the journal Cancer Causes and Control.
  • Alveolusain histological feature is due to severe hemorrhage into the alveoli ( alveoli filled with red blood cells ).
  • He tugged the blade free as another growl erupted behind him. He turned, and found himself staring at two more of the giant wolves, their fangs dripping with blood.
  • Influence of dietary mackeral oil on the condition of organs and on the blood lipid composition in the young growing pig.
  • Dark red blood oozed over her delicate fingers as she slid a bloodworm onto her hook, and she wiped it on her jacket, adding yet another stain. Her fishing line was far too coarse for her liking, but good fishing wire was expensive; she would have to make do with what she had. After checking the knot that held her lightwood bobber in place, she cast her line near a downed tree, which was partially submerged in the dark water, forming a perfect hiding place for the fish.
  • Ralff paused for a time, adding to the drama of the moment, holding those cruel and heedless men in the palm of his hand. But not me. Though I had liked and respected the man, and though I now depended on him for my safety and dignity, when it suited his interests he had betrayed me. But far beyond that, his off-hand telling of all this blood and destructioneven to the point of taking more lives in order to set up in businessallowed me to see through the man to his very heartblackened by treachery and cruelty until there could be no hope of his redemption in this world, nor probably the next either. The scales had fallen from my eyes, as the saying has it, and would never regrow.
  • Margret smiled and pulled her eyes away. "Ill show you." She used Vincents knife to cut her own hand. Her blood fell into the other shot glass in slow, thick drops.
  • Olympia had passed out from the blood loss. Delicately, Flora took the child away, placing the bundle on a table. She could not help but grimace in disgust.
  • The rudimentary clinic has a temple to Hanuman, a Hindu monkey god, in the front yard and six cots in the back. In the small examining room during a reporters visit Dec. 7, a bare bulb shone on cigarette butts and red stains from betel nut that people have spat out. Empty bags of saline drip dangled from metal hooks above the bed, the only visible medical equipment in the entire clinic other than a rusted blood pressure monitor.
  • However, eating large amounts of meat may cause short-lived increases in blood creatinine levels.
  • He was placed under investigation last week for possession of dangerous substances after admitting having used the blood booster erythropoietin ( epo ).
  • A nanoparticle-based drug targets and dissolves blood clots, as seen in this cross-section of a mouse pulmonary artery. (Report
  • As the battle rages on, Dickens introduces a symbol that plays a major role in the novels theme of resurrection: blood, which begins to flow in the streets of Saint Antoine. Dickens links the image of blood to that of wine: after a day of butchery, the revolutionariesclothes and hands bear stains of red, recalling the day on which the wine-cask breaks in front of Defarges shop (Book the First, Chapter 5). With these allegorical images of blood and wine, the theme of resurrection takes on a decidedly Christian undertone. In the Catholic ritual of communion, the priest consecrates a cup of wine and it becomes the blood of Christ, whose entombment and miraculous ascent to Heaven on Easter Day have rendered him a symbol of resurrection in Christian tradition. In later chapters, Dickens will continue to draw upon this Christian association of blood, wine, and resurrection. Just as Christ shed his wine-red blood upon the Cross prior to being entombed and resurrected, so must the blood of the aristocracy flow before the commoners can take up their new lives.
  • Such wars usually involved two districts and were generally caused by blood vengeance or territorial infringements.
  • The pressure eased up, and my ribs sprang out to their normal position. That hurt almost as much as being crushed. I wiped at the small trickle of blood that ran from my nose, and Rant pointed to my ears. There was blood there, too. My shoulder throbbed where the tendons had stretched when it dislocated, but there was very little swelling. I had already started to heal. I knew that I could probably speed up the process even further--all I had to do was visualize--but I held off. In the back of my mind the thought that I could still feel pain made me feel human.
  • He peered up the stairs, then down at his arms. The blood was drying on his clothes and his slashes had stopped oozing. They were really only light wounds. Really. Wimp.
  • A smile spread over Mochans lips. "I could enjoy you forever," he said, looking back to Sara. She could see her blood smeared on his lips. As his tongue licked them he shivered. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her off the ground, into his body. His fingers dug into her muscles, and the metal on his chest pressed against the hubcaps, pushing them into her skin. "Not even the oldest of vampires taste like you." She could feel his chest moving as he inhaled. "Your blood is alive. The taste, its awakening! Almost like life itself." He pressed his lips to her neck; she felt his tongue dart out and over his bite mark. He pulled away, taking a deep breath. "And I bet youll get sweeter and stronger with age."
  • "Since we have to search them for valuables, we may as well take their uniforms. We send them weekly to this ingenious Italian matron who has some special laundry soap for removing blood stains. They even smell good.
  • Dilate in order that more blood heat may be lost by radiation from the skin.
  • Germany's Merck KGaA said last month it was no longer delivering its cancer drug Erbitux to Greek hospitals , and Biotest, which makes products from blood plasma to treat haemophilia and tetanus, stopped shipments in June because of unpaid bills.
  • Harwtell was already growing impatient. He was never a big proponent of idle chit-chat, either as a mortal or especially as a vampire. There was never a set-up when he fed off humans. Strengthening his base with their fluids had nothing to do with giving people closure at the end of their lives. To Hartwell, he was simply the beneficiary of blood sourcing being at the wrong place at the right time.
  • The noise started anew- this time pulsing through my skull with the throbbing force of the blood now rushing along in time. I howled up in agony from my crouch upon the near-bare earth, even as my equilibrium began to give way to that earth's swirling rotation.
  • Objective menorrhagia is a total menstrual blood loss 80ml per menstruation.
  • "The game's up, Ryder," said Holmes quietly. "Hold up, man, or you'll be into the fire! Give him an arm back into his chair, Watson. He's not got blood enough to go in for felony with impunity. Give him a dash of brandy. So! Now he looks a little more human. What a shrimp it is, to be sure!"
  • Haemostatic mechanisms control blood flow by regulating platelet adherence and fibrin deposition and various haemostatic proteins have been shown to regulate angiogenesis.
  • "Really? This yesterday afternoon you say?" Ve asked as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened to his personal suites. "Hmm," Ve sat down and offered Seth a drink out of a crystal decanter filled with a dark viscous liquid. "Drink?" The red shone through Ve's demon eyes as he offered the blood to Seth, "It's O positive, everyone likes O positive, don't they?" Ve sat back and thought a moment before he asked his questions. "I have lots of visitors, Seth. Some of them are a bit more well mannered than you have been here tonight. It's not easy to find a good doorman, you know." Ve took a sip of his own drink and appeared to be thinking. "Then again, obviously Teddy wasn't that good, since you worked him over like that so quickly." Ve sipped another bit of his drink before adding, "perhaps I owe you a..." Ve dropped just short of saying favor before Seth interrupted.
  • We are very loth to shed blood again, and will not do so unless compelled in defense of our lives.
  • Creatinine in blood gives a useful guide to how well the kidneys are working.
  • Activated lymphocytes pass into the blood stream via the thoracic duct.
  • The color change is the result of gradual dissolution of the congealed blood by the normal blood enzymes.
  • Recommendation: i recommend a precautionary rectal examination and blood test for signs of prostate enlargement.
  • The monaural stethoscope may be placed over the brachial artery and used for measuring blood pressure.
  • Thad and Gary slowed their roll a little bit because they were interested in getting the blood flowing some before messing around with their ladies.
  • Rothman brandished his blade at the man's belly. "Will they come soon enough, or think you your blood might water this patch by then?"
  • The Prince spat, and Bane's hand flashed out, his dagger slashing the youth's cheek. Prince Holran gasped and clasped the wound, blood seeping between his fingers. Mirra moaned, biting her lip. Bane raised the dagger again, but the Prince lunged at him, punching him in the ribs. Mirra whimpered as the pain of his unhealed wounds flared, but Bane hardly flinched. His fist lashed out to knock the Prince down again, breaking his jaw. She cried out, clasping her arms about herself as their pain suffused her. This time she knew she could do nothing to help the Prince. Bane beat the boy for his own enjoyment, and would not be prevented.
  • At least one member of each departing crew received a " blood chit " printed in a variety of oriental tongues.
  • Respiratory system acute or chronic interstitial pneumonitis, often associated with blood eosinophilia may occur and deaths have been reported.
  • The third is the ability of the heart to pump enough blood around the body to supply sufficient oxygen for the required speed.
  • I couldnt see them from where I stood, but Edward and Clares response told me all I needed to know. Fifty at least, I reasoned, pounding toward us down the road from Brecon. Edward and Clare glanced at each other. Edward saluted me with his sword, sheathed it, and walked to his horse which cropped the grass, so well trained that the smell of fear and sweat and blood of battle hadnt discomforted it. By the time he was mounted, Clare and his men had melted into the trees, leaving Goronwy and me all alone on the hill.
  • Nightfall. Well, it should be nightfall by now. Only it wasn't nighttime at all, it was still midday; in fact I was beginning to piece together an irrational theory about my failed shadow-compass from earlier. The sun hadn't been moving, at all. I studied the sun in my periphery; it seemed to be almost completely overhead, with a slight lean towards the horizon. Wait a second. I felt the return of that terrifying surge of fear, every square inch of skin on my body tingled as my blood retreated to safety away from my extremities. For a moment I was paralyzed. Then I collapsed on hands and knees. I started coughing up spittle again as I came to terms with what was now unmistakable.
  • A peaceful existence was not the way you would characterize Claire Vinsons life. She was separated from her parents as a baby and only knew her grandmother as her caretaker the first 18 years of her life. She was told of a mother who died of pneumonia and a father that had a rare blood disease, but only one of those stories had a shred of truth to it.
  • His attacker's footsteps disappeared through the trees. The forest made an impenetrable canopy of thick foliage, blocking the moonlight. Logan lay on cold, hard ground, unable to move. Ants crawled up his arms and legs, across his face, biting, stinging, hundreds of them. His scream couldn't pass his cut throat, blood dripping from the wound, its sticky sweetness attracting more ants.
  • "Jack!" Emma shouts. Her eyes wide and unbelieving, for where her reflection once stood, she now sees Jack reaching out for her. He looks tired. His clothes are bloodied and wet. His face is weary, and dark circles besiege his eyesa worried look has chiseled away the happiness she remembers. Her hand jolts against the window as it cracks. Without warning, Jack disappears, replaced in his stead by a blood-stained window with tiny fissures that spread out like the branches of a tree. Emma removes her hand from the window. There is some blood on her palm; however, it is not hers.
  • Born in Palembang in 1234 into a poor family, he gained high status after learning the ancient black arts from Raja Rai or Raidashir - brother to King Ardashir I of Persia. As the result, he could cheat death by drinking Srivijayan royal blood. In 1377, he followed the crown prince of Srivijaya Parameswara to Temasik when Palembang was overran by the army of Majapahit. Already a powerful warrior during his time, he helped made Malacca one of the successful empires in the region as soon as it was established in 1402. Parameswara and his family owed so much to Tun Ledang Shah that they promised him to give him blood for every 20 years.
  • Billy hit the dirty floor of the garage with a soft thud, a pool of blood surrounding his head like a halo.
  • Frying with more stable oils, such as olive oil, is not associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure.
  • Branching of the blood vessels can be glimpsed to the lower right where two smaller arterioles join the larger vessel.
  • Driven by desperation, he shoved himself to his feet and saw at once what had happened. Instead of using his shield, Amalric had saved himself by jerking back on the rein of his horse. The horse had reared up and caught the full force of Roland's broken lance in its throat. One of the flailing hooves had hit Roland's head. Amalric's charger lay dying, its side heaving, blood spurting from its mouth.
  • The sword kept hissing. The crusader brought the broadside down on the head of the next man, knocking him out coldcut. The crusader slipped the swordtip across the chest of the man to the right. blood seeped through the shallow slash. The crusader pushed the mans head with his free hand into the wall. The man fell, hard asleep.
  • High blood pressure can weaken the blood vessels as well, although most people with high blood pressure never have a nosebleed.
  • Capillary that the blood vessel leaving a glomerulus is narrower than the one entering it and so pressure in the glomerular capillaries is high.
  • He went cold as if the blood had drained out of his body. Her red hair had been shorn away, but her long figure and fine-boned face were unmistakable. Two guards were lifting her to the pyre. She seemed unable to move under her own power. Her feet dragged over the brush as they pulled her to her stake.
  • The killer would have been liberally spattered with blood and brain tissue.
  • The Puppetmaster wavered silently on the screen. Was he contemplating punishment for a stupid question? But, no, eventually he just shrugged. "Hes seen your face. Hes had your blood on his hands. He could ID you in a line up. Thus, he needs to die. And hehold on…"
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