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better than
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Okunuşu: / bɛtə ðan / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


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  • "Whats the matter? You think youre better than me?" Immediately, the big mans hackles rose. "Fucking posh, white man too good to listen to my music?"
  • But my plan is better than that. He debated with himself a moment. "You see, the Commissioner is the one official in the islands who can give us a license. Andthere's the luck of it Doctor Welshmere is here to perform the ceremony. We'll get married this evening."
  • This was better than most though, because they'd made it with a game and it was a game that Valentine played quite a lot and thought was quite good. She recognized the virtual city modeled on her own city, the avatars' dance-moves taken from the game too, along with the combat sequences and the scary zombies that had finally given rise to the revolution.
  • In calm, sunny conditions the sea was very quiet with nothing better than a single manx shearwater passing through off the bill.
  • One section of these the aristocrats and emigres looked upon the actress who was a friend of all the Jacobins in Paris as nothing better than canaille. They sedulously ignored her presence in this country, and snubbed her whenever they had an opportunity.
  • I'm a police officer! I can handle this. Please go about your business! said the blond man flashing his badge. But Kerr could see that he was getting worried. A human crowd appeared to develop a mind of its own. Not much of a mind as minds went, mind you. It was more like the mind of a homicidal maniac with a single-digit IQ than that of a rocket scientist, but definitely a mind. The blond cop seemed to know this about crowds better than Kerr himself. Kerr could see, even if the crowd couldn't, that the policeman was on edge. The ring of people around Kerr and the cop continued to get larger and they thronged even closer.
  • I ate some of it, but I didnt have much of an appetite. We made small talk throughout the rest of the daynothing real serious or anything particularly interesting, but I guess it was better than sitting in silence all day. It kept my mind focused on things other than the dire situation we were all in.
  • The west has certainly its strong features of identity. Had my uncle possessed the claims of the immortal Howard; had he united in his person all the attributes which confer a lasting and an ennobling fame upon humanity,--he might have passed on unnoticed and unobserved; but for the man that had duped a judge and escaped the sheriff, nothing was sufficiently flattering to mark their approbation. The success of the exploit was twofold; the news spread far and near, and the very story canvassed the county better than Billy Davern himself, the Athlone attorney.
  • If his mobile hadnt been smashed this afternoon he would have liked nothing better than to tell Julie the whole, incredible, nonsensical story. He had to admit she had a certain knack of reading between the lines and spotting the things that really mattered.
  • At the sudden and unexpected onslaught, they fired an ineffectual volley and fled wildly through the now open gate, followed by several shots from both pursuers, whose aim, however, was no better than their own had been.
  • Even in small capacity applications the latest diesels seem to work better than their gasoline counterparts.
  • When she returned to Gregory's side for a moment she held in her hand a tattered pair of rubber soled shoes. "They're better than nothing," she explained. "When you are a full fledged fisherman you won't need shoes. You'll get so you can use your toes like fingers and "
  • I suspect that Hulton's nerve is better than yours or mine, and although I'm sorry for the old man. It was a surprise to me when he broke down, Featherstone replied. "This is the first time I've been in the mill since Fred was shot, and I'll own that I'd sooner have come in daylight."
  • "I will speak to your mother, and explain to her how seamen in the British navy are now treated," said the lieutenant. "She, I daresay, believes that they are no more cared for than they used to be at one time; whereas, the truth is that they are better looked after than many people on shore, and certainly much better than the seamen in the merchant service."
  • The words: "minor office in a diamond-mine," naturally suggest wealth, Turkey carpets, french-polished furniture, and plate-glass; but the office in question was an example of simplicity, for its walls were mud and its roof corrugated-iron, while the roughness of the interior was only slightly softened down by a lining of what a carpenter calls matchboarding. In spite of its vast wealth, Kimberley is still little better than a moving camp, and holds out few prospects of ever becoming a magnificent town.
  • Myranda clutched the new gem. She ought to have known better than to expect him to make amends for his distrust. That didn't matter, though. She had a very important task at hand. Not only did she have the opportunity to rid herself of the crippling injury, but she was about to take the first real step toward becoming a healer. Without the warmth of the gem to guide her, it was difficult to know when she had reached the appropriate level of concentration. When she felt that her mind was similar to the way it had been that morning, she spoke the words.
  • The kettle was singing now merrily enough, and Hans, the cook, lifting it from the fire in triumph--for his blowing exertions had been severe--poured into it a quantity of ground coffee from an old mustard tin. Then, having stirred the mixture with a stick, he took a red ember from the fire and dropped it into the kettle, a process which, as travellers in the veld know well, has a clearing effect upon the coffee. Next he produced pannikins, and handed them up with a pickle jar full of sugar to Mr. Clifford, upon the waggon chest. Milk they had none, yet that coffee tasted a great deal better than it looked; indeed, Benita drank two cups of it to warm herself and wash down the hard biscuit. Before the day was over glad enough was she that she had done so.
  • Except hed timed things better than I had, and he knew more about what was happening too; so when he hit the uppermost roof in his path a second later the castle was by then no more than an outlined ghost drawn in spiderweb against the city, insubstantial as a cloud and fading further, and he passed straight through it without a catch and continued in the same trajectory toward the water. The water - THE WATER!
  • He had managed to seize Toby's club and was holding on with a death grip, straining his best to pull the same out of the hands of the owner. Steve was for turning on him, and belaboring the beast with his own cudgel; but Max, who knew the nature of the beast better than any of the others, felt sure that this sort of treatment would only result in a general fight, and that in the end the animal would either have to be shot, or else he must bite one of them seriously.
  • After some hesitation, the tenderfoot detective decided that he could not do better than trust Solomon, and the revolver was surrendered to the Jew.
  • "Bold measures are for bold men. I think His Excellency, Miguel Vaijantes, understands boldness. And His Majesty understands boldness better than anyone." Nadir Sharif paused. "It may be of interest to His Excellency to know that His Majesty currently has a vessel en route from the Red Sea, with cargo owned by the mother of His Majesty, the dowager Maryam Zamani. It is due to make landfall within the week, if it has managed to hold its schedule. The vessels safety is, quite naturally, of utmost concern to His Majesty . . ."
  • "Sorry," you say, taking the stairs two at a time, afraid he'll recognize what you are. Or maybe you're just afraid because he's big. It's stupid to be afraid when you have the blood, but he has it, too. He's older. He grew up knowing what he is. He must understand his power better than you understand yours. Even if he doesn't, even if he was just a big human kid, what could you do if he got mad at you? You can't kill him and heal him to teach him to fear you. Power you can't show is worse than no power at all.
  • Ms. Stephens went on to say that, "most of the books out there these days are the most worthless books you've ever seen. I mean, come on, 'Barney's Play Pals'? That's just messed up, with that weirdo child molester hiding around playgrounds in a purple suit? I tell ya, if I had any kids of my own I'd lock those little -factories in their room with some of these cutesy books. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about getting their heads all up with that 'I Love You' King of Pop . , they'd probably even be asleep before they got to page twenty." Yes, the kiddies love pictures and we should encourage that. And as the Cutesy line of books is void of captions and descriptions, children are freed from the burden of words that plague so many other books these days, and can let their imagination run away with them. Which is much better than someone else running away with them.
  • Preparations also were underway for the naming ceremony. He had prayed for many days that this time a son would be named. There were two daughters already, and yet another would merely mean one more intriguing woman to be locked away forever, for he knew he could never allow a daughter to marry. The complications of yet another aspiring family in the palace circle were inconceivable. The scheming Persian Shiites, like the queen and her family, who had descended on Agra would like nothing better than another opportunity to use marriage to dilute the influence of Sunni Muslims at court.
  • "A computer?" Shaa said. "No. Something matching the description you specify? No. However, in the course of my experiences with Maximillian, and my own escapades over the years, I know better than to assume that anything described in association with the ancients is merely myth. Their tricksterism was legion. So beware of this thing youve unearthed. Its lethality most likely goes in direct proportion to its significance. Contact the One God people." He gave her instructions. "Also - this may ultimately be a better reason to extract Max than anything else. But please dont be precipitate. Please? Wait for me."
  • Stuck on! bellowed Clayton. "I'll show you how it's STUCK on, if you monkey around here! Don't you know any better than that! Where were you dragged up anyway? The coroner hasn't been here yet. You're a hot cub of a reporter, you are!" He turned to Carruthers. "Y'ought to get out printed instructions for 'em before you turn 'em loose!" he snapped.
  • Many details like this had come back to him slowly. Learning about one's past might seem scary at first, but as freakish as it sounded, the fact that he couldn't remember much of his was a bit exciting. Memories would come and it was as if he was reliving his life. It was a funny sensation whenever a memory resurfaced. While it could be disconcerting, it was much better than the gaping void that existed prior to the recovery of a memory.
  • It is a sad story, he went on. "I persuaded the girl to give me her confidence. It seems that her father, a gentleman of good family, was a friend of Lord Selkirk. Some months ago he lost every shilling he had in the world through unwise speculation, and the shock killed him. On his deathbed he sent for Selkirk, and begged him to care for his daughter, who would be left quite alone in the world. The old rascal persuaded the father that the girl could not do better than go out to the Canadas and marry the factor of Fort Royal--he had received Hawke's application for a wife at about this time. The result was that Flora yielded and consented--I daresay there was no way out of it--and Selkirk took advantage of the opportunity to send these important letters with her; he knew she was the last person that would be suspected of having them. This much may be put in Selkirk's favor: he visited Canada some years ago, and took a fancy to Hawke."
  • Jorden thought he could fix the forge, and would do so in exchange for the best of the smith's crossbows and a good supply of arrows. The smith thought it sounded like a fair deal if the lad could actually do the job. Actually it was better than fair because it would cost him more than the price of ten crossbows to have it fixed professionally, and he would have to wait until the road to Saljid was open again. He took the deal. He had little to lose.
  • Then I'll go with you, boy. You've done a thing that will be talked about in Arizona, I guess, as long as the Colorado River flows. It isn't right for you to tackle the trip back alone, and anyway, I know the trail better than you do."
  • Soon after the old man's arrival, he had asked Reuben and me to make a journey to the place where he had left his other packs of skins hidden away; and he described the spot so exactly, that we believed we should have no difficulty in finding it. My uncle said I might go with Mike Laffan. Reuben, too, got leave from his father; and Sandy volunteered to accompany us. Without him we should, I believe, have lost our way, for he knew the country much better than we did.
  • Were just going out to the Jansenshouse on the Vaydem Preserve for cake and ice cream, but I knew Tray better than anyone. He didnt even want me walking around our own house in this outfit with all the shades, closedmuch less wearing it anywhere outside where someone might see me in it.
  • I wish that we had taken the law into our own hands, and made chase after the fellow in the yacht, exclaimed poor Porpoise, wiping the perspiration from his forehead. "A few hours' fighting would have been better than this hot work."
  • This annotation was not lost upon the squire, who was too jealous of the honour of his office to overlook such a flagrant instance of contempt. His eyes glistened, his cheeks were inflated with rage. "The case is plain," said he; "having nothing of signification to offer in his own favour, he grows refractory, and abuses the court in his base Roman Catholic jargon; but I'll let you know, for all you pretend to be a prince, you are no better than an outlawed vagrant, and I'll show you what a thing you are when you come in composition with an English justice, like me, who have more than once extinguished myself in the service of my country. As nothing else accrues, your purse, black box, and papers shall be sealed up before witnesses, and sent by express to one of his Majesty's secretaries of state; and, as for yourself, I will apply to the military at Canterbury, for a guard to conduct you to London."
  • Meanwhile, without scorning these theories, the Nautilus's crew captured half a dozen manatees. In essence, it was an issue of stocking the larder with excellent red meat, even better than beef or veal. Their hunting was not a fascinating sport. The manatees let themselves be struck down without offering any resistance. Several thousand kilos of meat were hauled below, to be dried and stored.
  • They had entered the second room. This, like the other, was a pseudo-bedroom; but here the movable wall was already down. Ranged along the right-hand side were a great number of cabinets that slid in and out, much after the style and fashion used by clothing dealers to stock and display their wares. These cabinets were now all open, displaying hundreds of costumes of all kinds and descriptions, and evidently complete to the minutest detail. The cabinets were flanked by full-length mirrors at each end of the room, and on little tables before the mirrors was an assortment, that none better than Jimmie Dale himself could appreciate, of make- up accessories.
  • Tonight I huddle in the corner as the ghosts slither through the cracks, trying to hide even though I know they'll find me. It doesn't take long before they're all over me. Then I'm lying on the floor and one of them is in me. I don't know how long I lay there but I can only feel one ghost. It's hard to think, but one ghost is better than two, so that's good.
  • I cannot say but there is, Mr. Mark. As for the clothes, women will talk about them, as you well know, sir; it being their natur' to be dressing themselves out, so much. Then as to praying from the book, quite half of our people think it is not any better than no praying at all. A little worse, perhaps, if truth was spoken.
  • "But remember, de Sigognac, that I am nothing but an actress, inevitably exposed to affronts from the men that haunt the coulisses. It is the generally received opinion, which alas! is but too well justified by the usual ways of the members of my profession, that an actress is no better than she should be; in fine, not a proper character nor worthy of respect. From the moment that a woman steps upon the stage she becomes public property, and even if she be really pure and virtuous it is universally believed that she only affects it for a purpose. These things are hard and bitter, but they must be borne, since it is impossible to change them.
  • Brent walked with a cockiness that only came to men who had more money than they would ever need and hundreds of people under his boot that he could crush at any time. Even with all that going for him I still liked him better than Jameson.
  • James avidly read every Daily Mirror on weekdays and on Sundays liked nothing better than to kick back with a long journey into The Observer. Many of the greatest articles on the Wall came from his efforts. He smoked cigarettes without complaining about it. He was kind, sensitive, allowed people to mock him without caring unduly about it, paid careful attention to how he marked manuscript paper, was fleet of thought, enjoyed satirical comments, and was a keen supporter of Manchester United. This last fact will make it difficult for some readers either support James Hendry in his adventures or to consider him the villain of the piece. We should not have mentioned it.
  • When Elryia returned, Ristalln asked for her to determine where each group member was best suited. She knew them better than he, and was aware of their proficiencies. Each would have to play a part in training the rest, and he left it up to El who would do which. "I have, actually. Non-stop since you've asked."
  • "Well, if she did"--Merridew went on--"or, as I say, if you borrowed it for any purpose of your own--well, if you had it in any way, and would show it me, I should be very glad to pay a fee. Better spend a few hundreds first than a few millions on unemployment pay, you know, is the way I look at it. Prevention is better than cure."
  • He began to talk quietly to himself, and the sound of his own voice was better than listening to the slow dripping of water.
  • I'm sorry, pursued the stranger. "I like the house better than any on the Bank. I know my wife would be charmed with it."
  • But those wind squalls were no longer to be feared. A happy chance had furnished this little troop with a solid shelter, better than a tent, better than a native's hut.
  • You do the dreaming, Dolly, and tell me about your dreams. You can do it better than I could. I'm no good at dreaming that way at all.
  • That was far better than handing over your cash for inexplicable intangibles, like social security or medicare. [It was better to see your money go and know that you'll never see it again than to see it go and be told that you'd see it again someday, and then never get to see it again anyway.] A knife, on the other hand, was pretty solid. You saw it and you knew precisely why you were handing your credits over  because the thug at the other end of the knife might not have had the benefit of a good education and might not understand that "your money or your life" is not the same as "your money and your life".
  • It's an old custom of mine, said Laban to me, "when I cannot expound to my family, or hold forth in prayer as usual. If, Dick, we didn't keep up our religious customs very strictly in the back settlements, we should soon, as many do, become no better than heathens."
  • Well, this is just what amuses me, said Monte Cristo. "I am like Nero--cupitor impossibilium; and that is what is amusing you at this moment. This fish, which seems so exquisite to you, is very likely no better than perch or salmon; but it seemed impossible to procure it, and here it is."
  • You'd better ask Mitchell, Harry, said Tom. "He can tell you about Bogan better than I can. But first, what about the drink we're going to have?"
  • But Graice showered even greater mercy upon them. She reached out to touch the back of each hand with one gentle finger and said, "You can behave better than this."
  • You needn't be--no fear. Those chaps know me better than to attempt any tricks. They're all bark--but when it comes to biting they funk off. That schelm I plugged to-day threatened no end of things; said I'd better have cut off my right hand first, because it was better to lose one's hand than one's mind--or some such bosh. But do you think I attach any importance to that? I laughed in the fellow's face and told him the next time he fell foul of me he'd likely enough lose his life-- and that would be worse still for him.
  • The people of the Ochori might be shocked at the exorbitant demands which their lord put upon them, but they were too wise to deny him his wishes. There had been a time in the history of the Ochori when demands were far heavier, and made with great insolence by a people who bore the reputation of being immensely fearful. It had come to be a by-word of the people when they discussed their lord with greater freedom than he could have wished, the tyranny of Bosambo was better than the tyranny of Akasava.
  • We do nothing unnecessary on the Survey, came the prompt response. "No man knows better than we how much work there is yet to be done."
  • "Let me begin by explaining our Indian bow to you, Captain. I think its probably quite different from the English bow you described." Jadar turned to Vasant Rao and motioned toward his quiver, a flat leather case hanging from a strap over one shoulder. It was covered with gold embossing and held both his bow and his arrows. "You know we have a proverb: the sword is better than the katar, the spear is better than the sword; the arrow better than
  • Me, below Louis? He see better than I? The more Marguerite talked, the angrier he became. By Jesus, I have had enough of this silly Provencal woman and her mad, psalm-singing husband.
  • The danger however must be faced; and Mr. Hilary wrote, as my attorney, to state the circumstances above recited. A week elapsed before he received an answer: but at the end of that time his lordship's attorney replied, that personal security for so large a sum could not be accepted: my bond would be no better than the notes I had given: and that I was required immediately to pay what was due, to the estate and heirs of the late Mr. Evelyn.
  • You have accomplished, said the doctor to his companion, "what few men would have done, and done it much better than certain great travelers. I am very grateful to you for it. May God lead you, my friend, and may He bless you!"
  • It had come to his knowledge, he said, that a foolish and wicked rumour had been circulated at the time of Boxer's removal. Some of the animals had noticed that the van which took Boxer away was marked "Horse Slaughterer," and had actually jumped to the conclusion that Boxer was being sent to the knacker's. It was almost unbelievable, said Squealer, that any animal could be so stupid. Surely, he cried indignantly, whisking his tail and skipping from side to side, surely they knew their beloved Leader, Comrade Napoleon, better than that? But the explanation was really very simple. The van had previously been the property of the knacker, and had been bought by the veterinary surgeon, who had not yet painted the old name out. That was how the mistake had arisen.
  • "Very true, sir," observed Mr. Peers; "three of those oaks, though, two of them little better than stumps, are there still; and Clewson of Heckleston has an old document----"
  • So it would seem to be the part of wisdom to keep on the watch for danger. It is the principle of scouts to avoid trouble, rather than seek it; and Thad believed in the old saying that "an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure."
  • During this astounding speech the lady had stolen over to David, and sitting by his side, she placed a soft hand tenderly on his head. As the story was being told, her eyes filled with tears, and leaning forward, she kissed the poor boy's pale brow. When it ended she murmured in English, that was even better than that of the "brigand,"--"Poor boy! poor boy! O, Walter, dearest, how I do wish I could speak Bohemian, so as to tell him how sorry I feel!"
  • All this Brown could not know, but he had that instinct born of keen sympathy that is so much better than knowing. He sat silent and waited. French turned to the index, found a hymn, and passed it over to Brown.
  • Real army tents, with regular floors and cots, these are, said Eleanor. "Sleeping on the ground wouldn't be very wise here. And there's no use taking chances. I'm responsible to the mothers and fathers of all you girls, after all, and I'm bound to see that you go home better than when you started, instead of worse."
  • A short time later, teeth brushed and face washed, I swung my window wide open and climbed into bed. It would take hours for the air to cool down enough to start leeching some of the heat out of my room, but it was better than nothing. I'd at least sleep better for the second half of the night.
  • It captivated him, this idea of juxtaposing their plague with one based in fantasy, merging the two notions into an effort Kell recognized as one of his best books ever. Even better than Emily Dickinson, but that was for love. Much easier to write from anger, condemnation, theories accusatory and biting, convictions spilling from every page. Having thrown in gratuitous references to a particular film as to not get sued, Kell allowed that once this book hit the shelves, it was all over but the shouting.
  • Medicare For All could have passed, except for one barrier. The President. Once again, Obama showed his timidity and backed away, not even wanting a vote on it. But in the end that would matter little. Healthcare is one thing government does extremely well, far better than any private system could hope to. Thats exactly why conservatives demonize it, because it proves their ideology false and purely reactionary, with no creative ideas, just hating what the other side does. Private insurance companies would largely die off, as would most private healthcare except that aimed at the wealthy. And good riddance. Its a system that charges twice as much and provides half as much, and the reason that American life expectancy is so low and child mortality is so high compared to other wealthy nations.
  • He didn't finish what he was about to say because Beech returned with food and drink. Aunt Mary refuses to give minorsthat is, anyone under twenty-five -alcohol, so it was dandelion cordial (which tastes much better than it sounds). No one else in our entire extended family is so tough. Calum took a glass, and one of the salty pastry things that Aunt Anne's cook is a genius at, and balanced on the edge of the most uncomfortable chair in the room. He took his cue from Andrew, neither eating nor drinking until after Andrew had given him a nod. Andrew grimaced at the dandelion cordial. He's a minor, too.
  • Had he been a less accomplished bushman he might have lost her, for she plunged into the jungle unhesitatingly. However, he had long ago learned these trails by daylight, and knew them better than the lines of his own palm; hence, every moonlit turn, every flash of her white slip, found him close upon her track.
  • "I am sure it is Tamas," she said. "And oh! how I wish that we were down there with him, although it is true that then we should be nearer to the Matabele. But they are better than Mr. Meyer, much better."
  • Monty knew better than mistake Fred's surliness for anything but friendship in distress. Without another word he led the way along the parapet toward a ragged tower at the southern corner. It had been built by Normans, evidently added to the earlier Roman wall.
  • Ve must escape, answered Henri; but his tone was not a hopeful one, for he knew the danger of their position better than Dick.
  • "No need. You wait here, Ill go rustle us up some grub. Any preferences? The skys the limit down there. Theyve got pizza, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and all of the jello you could ever want. Cant get much better than that."
  • I'm for going on to Peking, Frank said. "We can report to the American ambassador there, and, at least, get something to eat besides rat pie and something better than a bare floor to sleep on. If we only had the Black Bear, the motor boat we cruised with on the Columbia river, we wouldn't be long on the way."
  • "But John Graham does not represent the type we want. He is a despoiler, one of those whose only desire is to turn original resource into dollars as fast as he can, even though those operations make both land and water barren. You must remember until recently the government of Alaska as manipulated by Washington politicians was little better than that against which the American colonies rebelled in 1776. A hard thing for one to say about the country he loves, isn't it? And John Graham stands for the worst--he and the money which guarantees his power.
  • Her eyes were dry by the time Anjoya reached the large, gilded elevator. She entered with several others who wished to descend to Lesser Salience, the underground section of the city, which buffered the Citizenry above from the raucous harbor below. As the light faded in the narrow shaft, she felt tension leave her shoulders. She was glad shed be leaving Salience. Perhaps she could even manage a tan once she reached Vint. Sanych had warned her that it was often cloudy there due to surrounding mountains, and Anjoya trusted the Archivists perfect recall, but in Anjoyas estimation, clouds overhead were still far better than rock.
  • Therefore was I a little gladdened, when we returned again to the others, to find that Fray Antonio was speaking to Rayburn, with a grave, calm hopefulness, of those spiritual realities which are higher and better than material realities, and without steadfast trust in which, most of us, in the course of this sorrowful thing that we call life, assuredly would go mad in sheer despair. And listening to this comforting discourse, which was not checked by our return, did much to strengthen me to bear my heavy load of vain regret. Presently Fray Antonio shifted his ground--for he had the wisdom to speak but shortly on these grave topics, yet using always pregnant words which sank down into men's hearts and germinated there--and told us of what had befallen him since he had stolen away from us that night in Huitzilan.
  • Not very heavy wire for an aerial, he remarked, "but heavy enough. We'll have a perpendicular aerial, which is better than horizontal, and it'll hang pretty high. All that's in our favor."
  • If his mobile hadnt been smashed this afternoon he would have liked nothing better than to tell Julie the whole, incredible, nonsensical story. He had to admit she had a certain knack of reading between the lines and spotting the things that really mattered.
  • "And how dare you starve your lodger in that way?" demanded Slagg, leading the astonished woman into the passage and closing the door. "Don't you know that starving a man is equal to murdering him, and that you'll be liable to be hung if he dies? There, take this half-sov, and be off to the nearest shop, an' buy--let me see--sassengers and steaks and--oh, you know better than me what a sick man wants. Get along with you, and be back sharp. Stay! where are your matches? Ah! Any coals? Good, now away with you and fetch a doctor too, else I'll fetch a policeman, you bolster of bones."
  • Before Dredrik could back away Mason spurred his horse forward. Dwarves are not known as horsemen but Wikkid had become better than most men meeting Mason head on. Steel clashed against steel as the two met. If any had been betting on a drawn out fight they would have been wrong. Within three quick moves Mason screamed, Wikkid's sword stuck to the hilt in Mason's belly. Then quicker than the eye could follow Wikkid managed to bring his mighty axe into play removing Mason's head with one strong stroke. Wikkid pulled his sword back from Mason's gut before the decapitated corpse fell from the horse.
  • Haul! You? said the Mogul, contemptuously. "It's all you can do to bunt a cold-storage car up the yard. Now, I - " he paused a little to let the words sink in - "I handle the Flying Freight - e-leven cars worth just anything you please to mention. On the stroke of eleven I pull out; and I'm timed for thirty-five an hour. Costly-perishable-fragile-immediate - that's me! Suburban traffic's only but one degree better than switching. Express freight's what pays."
  • "Come, Stumps, don't you be cheeky," said Slagg, quietly picking up his cap and putting it on; "this is a friend o' mine--one o' the electricians,--so you needn't try to shock his feelin's, for he can give better than he gets. He's got no berth yet, so I brought 'im here to show him hospitality."
  • Wind may come later on, he said, "and then perhaps we can get down. It is a pity, for this is the worst place in the whole descent. But there: the mountains are mountains, and anything is better than an icy wind, that numbs you so that you cannot stir."
  • The Bulgarian peasants are indeed very close to the Russians of the south, where there has been a mixture of Tartar blood. Simple, laborious, religious, frugal, they deserve better than to be food for powder.
  • Her forehead puzzled at him. "Men grow like grass," she remarked: "if you kill two, soon four spring in their place, and, if they have a ruler with eyes, the new ones better than the old."
  • "Thank you, son. Any help is better than none." Jennie held out little Jimmy. "Can you watch him while we finish?"
  • Mowbray and Sainton were left gazing blankly at each other, but an official, knowing better than they the domestic trouble which was brewing in the royal household, advised them to repack their goods, as, in his opinion, the bazaar projected for the morrow would certainly be abandoned.
  • My little nag was what may be termed frisky and spirited. I am talking all this horse now, because in the days and weeks and months that immediately followed "Frisky" took an important part in all the adventures that I had. From this time forth most of my experiences were somewhat of a dashing character, dressed, as I was, in a neat uniform, and well mounted on a horse. One little trick of Frisky's will serve to illustrate better than I could describe in many words the nature of the animal.
  • "Yeah. Someone was talking about it at work. The men say all the women want one. Its a fancier room to eat in, better than a kitchen. And it would free up a lot of space in there where you cook.
  • "He is better than any of you!" exclaimed Natasha getting up. "If you hadn't interfered... Oh, my God! What is it all? What is it? Sonya, why?... Go away!"
  • It was difficult to refuse any of Sherlock Holmes' requests, for they were always so exceedingly definite, and put forward with such a quiet air of mastery. I felt, however, that when Whitney was once confined in the cab my mission was practically accomplished; and for the rest, I could not wish anything better than to be associated with my friend in one of those singular adventures which were the normal condition of his existence. In a few minutes I had written my note, paid Whitney's bill, led him out to the cab, and seen him driven through the darkness. In a very short time a decrepit figure had emerged from the opium den, and I was walking down the street with Sherlock Holmes. For two streets he shuffled along with a bent back and an uncertain foot. Then, glancing quickly round, he straightened himself out and burst into a hearty fit of laughter.
  • Let me not weary you, my friends, with details. We set to work to train our young elk. No man knew better than Cudjo how to break a pair of oxen to either plough or cart; and when the elk had grown big, Cudjo yoked them to the plough, and turned up several acres of ground with them. During the winter, too, many a good load of dead-wood did Cudjo make them `haul' up to the wood-pile that supplied our fire. In short, they worked, both in the plough and cart, as gentle as oxen.
  • Many a man would have gone ahead with a rush, but Pawnee Brown knew better than to do this. If he was brave, he was also cautious.
  • "You probably shouldve known better than to take advantage of me that way. Anyway, Ive got to get to social studies."
  • Scott stood at the foot of the basement stairs, almost trembling with nervous energy. Would Clarice be afraid of him? Would she have forgotten him? Would they feel like strangers? How much had she changed? What if she was like Maggie and was disgusted by him and didn't want to see him again? Maybe his old memories were better than the new reality he was about to create. It always seemed to work that way.
  • Even with the garlic, this air smells better than what we left inside, Scotty said. "Why do you think Canton Charlie didn't deliver the message himself?"
  • "I've got something better than that to scare him off," replied Paul. "You know we don't want to shoot a gun, if we can help it; because the report would tell the men that we'd come back, and might bring trouble. I've got my little electric hand torch with me, and if I flash that into the face of any wild animal the chances are it'll give him a scare that'll send him off about his business."
  • Speaking of packing, we should probably point out that the best way to see America's deserts is by backpacking. Sure you can drive through on one of our country's many and wonderful highways, but looking out of a car window is really only a small baby step better than watching TV. And although TV is itself a wonder of modern technology and comfort, it's not what this vacation is about. This vacation is about roughing it. So pull out those rusty backpacks and polish them up to a pearly luster. Also, plan on doing most of your hiking during mid-day. At night it can actually get surprisingly chilly out in the desert, and in the morning you don't want to have to worry about getting up early just so you can start a hike. Heck no, man, you're on vacation! And another thing, water is heavy so don't pack too much of it. Just drag an empty canteen with you that you can fill up at one of the many oasis that are just all over the place in the desert from what I hear.
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