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at the end
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Okunuşu: / at ðə ɛnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



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  • Third image: new faces of peasant insurgency at the end of the twentieth century.
  • For people had been very savage in their revenges out in that wild part of England, shut away from the civilisation of the time by moor and mountain. Ralph knew, too, that though they were better then than in the early days of the Wars of the Roses, they were still brutal enough, and that he would gain the applause and respect of his men by giving them the order. But Mark Eden had not drawn his sword to begin cutting and thrusting; and instead of leaving the lad to hang till he fell, he, Ralph Darley, had, in opposition to his father's men, risked his own life to save that of his enemy--going down over a hundred feet, swinging at the end of a couple of ropes badly tied together.
  • Hexagon nut or other securing fixture at the end of the shaft must be properly shrouded.
  • This has caused disillusionment in a private sector reluctant to waste bidding costs where lowest price wins at the end of the day.
  • From Morning Inlet the coast was slightly waving and trended East 20 degrees North. at the end of twelve miles we found a little opening on the south-east side of a small point which concealed the boats from two natives, who were out on the mud flats, till we got close to them. They gazed for a moment at the strange apparition, and then made off as fast as the nature of the ground would admit; they were quite naked, and we were not a little amused to see them floundering through the soft mud. Close to the westward of this opening are two clumps of tall mangroves, the only remarkable objects on the shore of the Gulf from Disaster Inlet. There was another small inlet four miles further on; and what is remarkable for this neighbourhood, a sandy beach midway between them.
  • That is the number of the name on the manifest sheet, the other replied. "Thus, for example if Giordano Bruno is the tenth name on the seventh manifest sheet, this man at the top of the stairs will guide him into aisle number seven. Then, when his turn comes and he has moved up to the desk at the end of the line, the inspector doesn't have to waste time questioning him, and finding the place on the manifest sheet. He looks at the number, runs his finger down to the tenth name, and has him at once."
  • "Everyday Samsun," he muttered in response, creeping forward. Graham halted at the end of the corridor leading to the larger room, checking each side before moving on.
  • But there may be great danger in this attempt, he said, at the end of a long consultation on the subject; "will you, lads, go with me in spite of this?"
  • Until the 9th century, the inhabitants of the area that became Holland were Frisians. The area was part of Frisia. at the end of the 9th century, Holland became a separate county in the Holy Roman Empire. The first Count of Holland known about with certainty was Dirk I, who ruled from 896 to 931. He was succeeded by a long line of counts in the House of Holland (who were in fact known as counts of Frisia until 1101). When John I, count of Holland, died childless in 1299, the county was inherited by John II of Avesnes, count of Hainaut. By the time of William V (House of Wittelsbach; 13541388) the count of Holland was also the count of Hainaut and Zealand.
  • He spent three days ignoring all entreaties from the outside world including emails and messages from Virtualgrrl although he hoped shed call. He would have taken her call. He finally posted a Tribute to Vera Kowalski on his site, not mentioning the Death Trip, only alluding to the idea that shed chosen her own way at the end.
  • But, apparently, he had never fully realized the main fact of the bargain until he returned to find that, while one little daughter was dainty and sweet under a nursemaid's care, the other, dressed in the gaudy bandanas and bangles of a Malay child, gambolled in the back yard or crawled in the kitchen among potato peelings and pumpkin pips. First aghast, then furious, he brooded over the thing, held back by his terrified wife from making a move. Then, at the end of three days, he broke loose.
  • Cardiopulmonary treadmill testing at the end of cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Kaymin was about to respond when the grand doors at the end of the room opened suddenly. He stood quickly, observing the small entourage which entered.
  • It was beautiful weather, a glorious day that would put life and sunshine into an invalid, let alone a lively, happy boy escaping from what he considered thralldom, believing that all the joys of life were awaiting him at the end of his trip.
  • Their further conversation was interrupted by the squeaking of a wagon, which they could not see at first, for the road was undulating; soon, however, they saw a pair of horses, and following behind them a pair at a pole, and at the end of the pole a wagon surrounded by a number of horsemen.
  • It was about ten o'clock at night and the Montreal express sped through the lonely forest of North Ontario. The train was light, for there were few passengers on board, and the road was by no means good, but in spite of the jolting Foster enjoyed his cigarette in a corner of the smoking compartment at the end of a car. A colored porter had told him his berth in the sleeper was ready, Featherstone had left the train, and most of the passengers were already in bed, but Foster did not want to follow them just yet. For a time, he had done with business, and was on his way to England. He relished the unusual sense of freedom.
  • It was nine o'clock. Nine o'clock, and the flowers still answering to the glow of the sun! And the people down there--in the States--called it a frozen land, a hell of ice and snow at the end of the earth, a place of the survival of the fittest! Well, to just such extremes had stupidity and ignorance gone through all the years of history, even though men called themselves super-creatures of intelligence and knowledge. It was humorous. And it was tragic.
  • Until at last, almost at the end of the autumn, they camped for the night only a few miles away from the Collinson homestead. That same night, as they sat beside their little fire, Peter Many-Names glanced at Dick curiously. "You go on alone to-morrow," he said, as one stating a long-decided fact.
  • Blaxploitation flicks had proper heroes, not anti-heroes, and they always won at the end of the day.
  • Very well, my dear sir; then I consent to cut throats with you. But I require three weeks' preparation; at the end of that time I shall come and say to you, 'The assertion is false, and I retract it,' or 'The assertion is true,' when I shall immediately draw the sword from its sheath, or the pistols from the case, whichever you please.
  • Their example had also a very good effect on the ship's company generally; there was far less swearing and quarrelling and bad conversation than in many ships; for even the best of men-of-war are very far from what they should be. In course of time three or four of the men met together regularly for prayer, reading the Scriptures, and mutual instruction; and by degrees others joined them. As they were very anxious to have a place where they could meet free from interruption, Mr Martin allowed them the use of his storeroom, which, though the spot was dark and close, they considered a great privilege. He also occasionally united with them, and came oftener and oftener, until he always was present unless prevented by his duty. Ben gladly accompanied him, and he also took Tom with him; who, however, did not appear to value the advantage, for he was generally found fast asleep in a corner at the end of the meeting.
  • All this takes time to tell, but I do not suppose that it took more than fifteen seconds to enact. I soon got the magazine of the repeater filled again with cartridges, and once more opened fire, not on the seething black mass which was gathering at the end of the kraal, but on fugitives who bethought them to climb the wall. I picked off several of these men, moving down towards the end of the kraal as I did so, and arriving at the corner, or rather the bend of the oval, in time to see, and by means of my rifle to assist in, the mighty struggle that took place there.
  • "Yonder. To the mountains. We'll reach them in about two hours and a half. Then, in another two hours or so, we'll come to where Brocky is. Way up on the flank of Mt. Temple. It's going to be a long, hard climb. For you, at the end of a tiresome day. . . ."
  • Pursuit being impossible, there was but one thing left for him to do. He must get back to the ranch at once and reveal all he knew or guessed of the conspiracy. Pedro, at any rate, would be within reach, and a judicious application of the "third degree" could probably wring from him enough to put them on the track of the rustlers and bring the gang to justice. And his blood tingled at the thought of the fight that was probably coming, for the rustlers, brought to bay, would not surrender tamely. It was better to die from a bullet than dangle at the end of a rope, and they would battle with the fierceness of cornered rats.
  • And, in fact, from where she stood, Christine could see the monstrous thing, with its black, furry claws, protruding eyes, and red-blotched body, still crouching there in a little hollow at the end of the bed. Only, the person leaning over examining it now was not Meekie but Saltire, who had reached the nursery almost on her heels.
  • Then, said Nyoda, "you come along and let me hold you up while you float." Gladys swallowed hard and stiffened out like a crowbar; then as a wavelet washed over her face she clutched wildly at Nyoda and put her feet on solid bottom. And so she went on. With inexhaustible patience Nyoda tried again and again to get her to lie out flat on the water, but was compelled to admit at the end of the hour that she had made no progress whatever, for Gladys had not made the slightest effort to control either her muscles or her fears. Nyoda sympathized with her great fear of the water, for she realized that it was a very real thing; but she was disappointed that she had not tried to conquer it.
  • I spent an agonizing year capturing those Bougres, and was almost killed at the end of it by that troubadour, and he dismisses it all as a "horror." How dare he!
  • Aflatoxins in certain foodstuffs were introduced in the uk at the end of 1992.
  • Anson unslung it from where it hung in the wagon, and the officer took it, examined the stock and the plate at the end of the butt, to be sure that there were no secret places scooped out of the wood, before he opened the breech and withdrew the ball cartridges, holding the empty barrels up to his eyes.
  • That was the abrupt end of the conversation and Mallory's 20-year run as detention monitor. He also retired at the end of the school year and moved out of the country without leaving a forwarding address.
  • As I looked through the glass I saw that what Rayburn had said was true; and I observed with much interest that many of the houses were large, and that all seemed to be well built of stone. Their construction reminded me of the buildings which M. Charnay examined at Tula, and I was eager to get down to them and examine them closely. Young and Fray Antonio took the glass, in turn, and as none of us saw any signs of life in the valley, we decided to go on. And we were mightily stimulated in this resolve by finding, just at the end of the cañon, where the sharp descent began, a graving of the King's symbol on the rock, with the arrow pointing directly down the steep path.
  • The procession of two Humvees moved between several large buildings and past a vast parking area crowded with military vehicles of every size and description, dark, monstrous silhouettes, eerily resting side by side in the pale moonlight as far as the eye could see. at the end of the road the Humvees turned and began making their way south. They stopped at the back of a tall building. A towering door began sliding open and the Humvees entered a cavernous warehouse. Military vehicles and equipment crowded the area in various stages of disrepair. Huge, olive green engines hung from meaty hoists. Monstrous green trucks, cranes, bulldozers and an occasional Humvee sat motionless atop gigantic hydraulic hoists as grease-covered soldiers milled about beneath them.
  • The minister made a point of shewing this answer everywhere; and affecting to consider it as a royal mandate, hastened his daughter's marriage with the Marquis de Toral; a death-blow to the hopes of the Marchioness de Carpio, and the rest of the Guzmans who had been speculating on an alliance with Donna Maria. These rival players of a losing game, not being able to break off the match, put the best face they could upon it, and made the fashionable world to resound with their costly celebrations of the event A superficial observer might have fancied that the whole family was delighted with the arrangement; but the pouters and ill-wishers were soon revenged most cruelly at my lord duke's expense. Donna Maria was brought to bed of a daughter at the end of ten months; the infant was still-born, and the mother died a few day afterwards.
  • A marketing executive was appointed at the end of 2005 to coordinate campaign activity.
  • Two more days the boys spent among the streams and the trout pools. at the end of that time their supply of food was running low and they decided to return to their island camp.
  • In the meantime, as soon as the cloth was removed, the children had brought out Miss Susannah's harp. She began, without affectation, to play and sing to the children, as was her custom of an afternoon, first in their own language, and their national melodies, then in English; but she was soon interrupted by a general call of little voices for "Ouf! di giorno." She complied with the request, and sang the ballad from Paer's Camilla: "Un di carco il mulinaro." The children were very familiar with every syllable of this ballad, which had been often fully explained to them. They danced in a circle with the burden of every verse, shouting out the chorus with good articulation and joyous energy; and at the end of the second stanza, where the traveller has his nose pinched by his grandmother's ghost, every nose in the party was nipped by a pair of little fingers. Mr. Chainmail, who was not prepared for the process, came in for a very energetic tweak from a chubby girl that sprang suddenly on his knees for the purpose, and made the roof ring with her laughter.
  • This work of death lasted fifteen minutes, perhaps twenty. at the end of those twenty minutes twenty corpses could be counted in the grotto of Ceyzeriat. Thirteen were those of the gendarmes and the dragoons, nine belonged to the Companions of Jehu. Five of the latter were still living; overwhelmed by numbers, crippled by wounds, they were taken alive. The gendarmes and the dragoons, twenty-five in number, surrounded them.
  • I'll give you three minutes, Nestor, the leader finally said, "to tell me where the papers are. at the end of that time, if you remain obstinate, I'll order you shot. Decide!"
  • The Bessy--for so Ben Tripper had named his bawley, after his favourite sister--was lying on the mud just above Leigh. A fishy smell pervaded the air, for close by were the boiling-sheds, with their vast heaps of white cockle-shells. These were dug by the cocklers either from the sand at the end of the Canvey Island or on the Maplin Sands somewhere off Shoebury.
  • The two houses at the end stood deserted, with open doors, as the inhabitants had left them in their flight, and from these he had the furniture hastily tossed forth and piled into a barrier in the entry of the lane. A hundred men were placed at his disposal, and of these he threw the more part into the houses, where they might lie in shelter and deliver their arrows from the windows. With the rest, under his own immediate eye, he lined the barricade.
  • Roger and his comrades also marked a great difference in the manner of the people in the streets. The buzz of talking and laughing was hushed, as they approached. People turned away, as if desirous of avoiding the sight of them. The priests regarded them with an insolent air. On one or two occasions they were roughly jostled, and on arriving at the end of a street the people gathered round, and by words and gesture told them to go no farther.
  • Mr Sparks urged that it would be madness to give up the enterprise. Water, he assured us, would be found at the end of every day's march, or even oftener; and though Indians might be met, with our rifles we could without difficulty keep them at bay, as none of them were likely to possess firearms--their only weapons being bows and arrows and spears. His remarks prevailed; and it was agreed that after a day's rest, which the cattle greatly required, we should recommence our march.
  • The consumer discretionary sector in Asia is cheaper than it has ever been, according to HSBC. "On a market cap-weighted basis, the sector's one-year forward price to earnings has recently recovered to 15 times from a low of 13 times at the end of July, but still 27 percent below the historical average of 20.5 times," van der Linde said in a report published this month.
  • "I think the Hajji would have added one thing," Chloe answered, and blushing a little wrote at the end "Under the Protection"; then she said hastily, "What is the drawing meant to be?"
  • Such an event is now widely believe to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the cretaceous period.
  • We thanked him and withdrew, but we determined only to employ our own men on our second visit to the eaves. A fair remuneration for the salvage of our ship was all that Captain Montbar looked for or expected, and we saw no reason why we should disclose our secret to any beyond those chosen from our own company, nor did Montbar seek to pry into our business, contenting himself with our promise, at the end of the week either to pay him salvage or surrender our ship and ourselves, to be disposed of in such manner as might please him best.
  • Arrived at the end of his short but perilous journey he sat up, and straddled the deck as though he were riding a very broad horse. Then with a hand on the anchor line, he looked back over his shoulder.
  • The only person Henry knew would be cut was Chu Ng. His command of the English language had been reduced to "boner," "no stand up" and "srippery when wet," and somehow all of these racy phrases managed to avoid scrutiny from Human Resources because Chu was learning most of his English from late-night public access TV and Henry. He was also a diplomats son and would be returning to China at the end of the six months.
  • It was then that Maggie saw the genius in Conors plan. In Eleysiusdecision to be human when he died. Killing the Keeper would require enormous amounts of aecxal energy, and might just kill the Teardrop as well. Necrolius couldnt be sure. The Samanlainens decision to be human at the end of his life was an irresistible lure to the Black Coffin, whose craving for such a powerfuland now humansoul could not be denied. Now that soul was here, just fifteen feet away from himand he could not approach it. Maggie remembered Eleysiuswords to Conor in the Temple Kentein Intersectum: only a child could give Necrolius the Teardrop, and then only in an act of free will. Necrolius hadnt figured this out. Hed been lured into a trapand had taken the bait.
  • The road rose somewhat and became ever wider, the forest thinner, and at the end of the road was to be seen an unoccupied field, or rather a great open space, surrounded on all sides by a dense, deep gray pine-wood.
  • I MET THE COMA WOMAN at Kennedy's place. I went there to talk to him about a job, but he was throwing a party when I drove up. People were staggering out of his yard and falling down in the street. I drove around them and parked a dozen houses up, then walked back, holding my jacket over my head to protect myself from the rain. Two weeks of it had turned all the lawns into swamps and still it came down, filling the air like static. at the end of Kennedy's driveway, two women were trying to lift a man who was lying face down in the street, his head half-submerged in the overflow from a storm drain. "He's going to drown," one of the women kept saying, but the other was laughing so hard they couldn't even get his face out of the water.
  • "Questions may be asked at the end of my lecture," the professor said. "Later, in ancient Greek times, a sick person would go to a temple and make animal sacrifices to Aesculapius, the god of healing. Afterwards, the patient would drink healing water as well as bathe in it, and then follow a strict diet." The same student again raised his hand.
  • Then, his head erect, his heart pumping indignantly, Dave Darrin rose and sought the waiter, who lingered at the end of the room.
  • We found that bum detective nosing around. We've got his number now, all right, the boy went on, "and there's something in the mine that he wants to find and he doesn't know where to look for it. He isn't looking for Jimmie and Dick any more than we're looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I don't believe he was ever sent here to make a search for the missing boys!"
  • When at length everything was done it was long past midnight, and so exhausted were they that, notwithstanding their danger, they flung themselves down upon the canvas tent, which lay in a heap at the end of the cave near the crucifix, and fell asleep.
  • I wish it were better. I wish I could tell him its just temporary, like mine. A year from now, Ill be a graduate student. Im sure Ill get a full fellowship, so I wont need to waitress anymore. Its the light at the end of the tunnel for me. This stage of my life is coming to a close. Im moving forward. But Scott doesnt have that same hope to look forward to. His job is indefinite.
  • It was Linda's turn to see if anyone was watching them. She noticed a man at the end of the bar finishing a brandy. He looked up and spotted her. He waved for another round.
  • When we are following the course which conscience tells us is the true one, although it may be rough and stony, and at times most difficult to keep, yet the knowledge of what awaits us at the end should be proof against temptations to turn aside. Woe to him who chides the voice of conscience and listens to that of the charmer!
  • Thus pleasantly did Robin while away the time with his future shipmate until he arrived at the end of his journey, when he parted from Jim Slagg and was met by Ebenezer Smith.
  • The day passed without further distractions, or if there were any, I was so absorbed with the pending onset of the KBI investigation I paid little, if any, attention. Mary June did tell me, curtly, as she walked out the door at the end of her shift that supper was at 6 p.m. sharp and not to be late. Flo said not a word as she passed by offering nothing but her usual weak snarl. Realizing these two individuals who blew past me as if I were trying to sell them vacation time shares constituted the majority of my local support group, I started thinking maybe this might be a good time to talk with the Mayor about that insurance policy. I could direct the proceeds, payable upon my demise, to bribe many of the former friends and relatives I ignored so often during my life to no longer think of me as such a jerk. It's a thought.
  • Shanter let 'em know, he cried; and running back to the camp he left the boys watching the bees, till he returned with a cooliman--a bark bowl formed by peeling the excrescence of a tree--and some sticks well lighted at the end.
  • He was wrong in saying "two," for the under-searcher now continued the examination, and Anson's eyes were screwed-up and twinkled again upon seeing the man give up at the end of another two minutes and shrug his shoulders.
  • There was a further reason against marrying her, which was as potent as any. He would forfeit his revenge on her, if he did that. Once, dim ages ago, it seemed, and on another plane of existence, he had loved her, and she, knowing it, had fed his devotion with smiles and glances, and at the end had chosen hirn whose body now decayed in some graveyard of North France, already probably desecrated by the in-swarming Germans. Now it was Archie's turn; already, he was sure, she expected to marry him, and she would learn that he had not the least intention of doing so. That delightful situation might easily be arrived at in the third act for which he was waiting now.
  • Urgency swept over the delver. He gave one quick glance at the end of his sword to ensure its direction, and then took a more discerning look at the space within the reflectors. The area immediately surrounding the sphere was clear of shadow trees. Ryson could only attribute this to the sphere's great power. Its reason was not as important as its existence, for it allowed a clear path to the sphere, if the cliff behemoth would take it.
  • I walked out of there and avoided him until i moved away, at the end of 6th grade.
  • Where I lived the nights began to get cold at the end of September, but we shall be far down the Yenesei by that time, and it will begin early in the month.
  • A 2/3 day field course at the end provides the opportunity to examine critical sites upon which the british quaternary stratigraphy is based.
  • Bones occupied a big hut at the end of the Houssa lines, and Hamilton woke him by the simple expedient of flashing his electric hand lamp in his face.
  • Now, said the Phoenix gently, "the fact is that I have, besides my unusually acute Intellect, an Instinct. This Instinct told me that it was my birthday today. It also told me to build this nest of cinnamon. Now it tells me that I must make this nest my pyre, because that is what the Phoenix does at the end of five hundred years. Now, please, my boy!--I admit it does not appear to be a very joyful way of celebrating, but it must be done. This is the traditional end of the Phoenix, my boy, and we cannot ignore the tradition, no matter what our feelings may be. Do you see?"
  • Count Rostov at the back of the crowd was expressing approval; several persons, briskly turning a shoulder to the orator at the end of a phrase, said:
  • For the short while he was in our service (three years) he had, as far as I know, the record for varied mishaps. These were of so frequent occurrence that at the end of his contract he was allowed to leave and, by my advice, he returned to his people in England. Good luck appeared to go hand in hand with his misadventures, for somehow he came out alive, still, to say the least, the uncertainty every time he left the post as to whether he would return, kept one's nerves forever on the ragged edge and notwithstanding, he quickly became an adept at most work connected with the service. I was glad to see him leave the service because, being under my orders and not yet to man's estate, I considered myself in a great measure responsible for his safety.
  • So at the end of the day, what I really bought consisted of: (1) fake meat, (2) diet fake meat, and (3) fake meat that's lying about being either fake or meat. I decided to use the convenient and anonymous electronic self-checkout system at my grocery store of choice, because given the strange assortment of frozen meals that I had fooled myself into thinking was a good idea to eat ... well, I didn't feel the need in dragging anyone else into this sick web of confusion.
  • Three years of peace and progress followed. Railway construction started in two directions. One line was headed from the south through Bechuanaland toward Bulawayo and another from Beira, the Indian Ocean port in Portuguese East Africa, westward toward Salisbury. Gold mines were opened and farms extended. at the end of 1895 came the Jameson Raid. Practically the entire force under the many-sided Doctor was recruited from the Rhodesian police and they were all captured by the Boers. Rhodesia was left defenceless.
  • Use your eyes, said the engineer. "The boat's in the wash below there at the end of the tackles with her side stove in. She drowned the three men that were lowered in her because they'd no' sense enough to fend her off."
  • He slid his phone back in his pants and comforted Leslie as the main character was losing her battle with an incurable disease, while the love of her life jumped off a bridge and was intensive care only a few days after they had to put their dog to sleep. They all met in heaven at the end of the movie, though
  • "Invisible? How the hell...? Never mind. Look, the rest are being held about thirty yards further down the passage," Pacian replied, fear and exhaustion evident in his voice. "I tried to break them out, but there are too many of them, Aiden." His voice cracked as he spoke, and it sounded like he was at the end of his rope.
  • Ambrosius' teeth set in annoyance, but he was determined to rise above it. He rested for a minute more, pointedly ignoring his audience, before getting once more to his feet. Taking the bale of line from the top of the Box, he walked back to his shack. It was a moment's work to tie the line round the doorknob, then he walked back along the branch, paying out the line as he did so. at the end of the branch he returned, doubling the line back on itself. It was a matter of judgement, but he estimated that the line needed to be about twenty lengths of the bough to be suitable for fishing. When this length of line was laid out he cut it with his knife and went back and did this twice more, until three lines lay next to each other.
  • All this, like the other parts of the disposition, was not and could not be executed. After passing through Borodino the vice-King was driven back to the Kolocha and could get no farther; while the divisions of Morand and Gerard did not take the redoubt but were driven back, and the redoubt was only taken at the end of the battle by the cavalry (a thing probably unforeseen and not heard of by Napoleon). So not one of the orders in the disposition was, or could be, executed. But in the disposition it is said that, after the fight has commenced in this manner, orders will be given in accordance with the enemy's movements, and so it might be supposed that all necessary arrangements would be made by Napoleon during the battle. But this was not and could not be done, for during the whole battle Napoleon was so far away that, as appeared later, he could not know the course of the battle and not one of his orders during the fight could be executed.
  • I want to leave everybody dissatisfied and unhappy at the end of the story -- we ought all to be with our own and all other stories. Good God! don't I see (in that maybe cracked and warped looking-glass in which I am always looking) my own weaknesses, wickednesses, lusts, follies, shortcomings? in company, let us hope, with better qualities about which we will pretermit discourse. We must lift up our voices about these and howl to a congregation of fools: so much, at least, has been my endeavour. (The Times, July 17, 1911.)
  • Nokia was projected to forgo a payout, according to a Bloomberg dividend forecast. To maintain the dividend at its previous level, Nokia would have had to pay about 750 million euros from its reserves. The companys net cash rose to 4.4 billion euros at the end of the fourth quarter, and the payout omission will "ensure strategic flexibility," Nokia said.
  • Lori Lewis was alone in the pool and, aside from her coach, who Larry had paid to fly out with her, was alone in the entire aquatic center. As she touched the wall of the pool at the end of eight laps, the coach clicked a stopwatch. Lori, breathing deeply, stood in the water, hanging onto the wide, blue floating divider between lanes.
  • I went on to chronicle the last nine years of my life which included marrying; birthing children; giving up my career and, it seems, all claims a normal life. To be helpful, I peppered the story with my own theories about certain behaviors and where they came from (probably Nate). at the end I was emotionally spent. I steeled myself for the barrage of questions about to come that would be used to judge my son's mental state. Dr. Godsend started:
  • In reconnoitering the base of the cliff, I came across the one artifact Id been most hoping for right at the moment - a trail. Shaas map had indicated villages scattered here and there along this stretch of coast, and a small fishing port slightly to the south, so it wasnt like we were talking about unexplored wilderness; a prepared path up the cliff hadnt seemed unreasonable. The path had its share of switchbacks and crumbly spots, but the patches of wildflowers clinging to cracks in the rock and spills of earth made the short hike surprisingly scenic. The fog had retreated enough so that the top of the cliff began to condense into view when I was barely halfway up. Emerging over the lip at the end of the climb brought me out of the fog entirely and onto a meadow of wild grasses waving gently in the morning light. Behind me, the cliff submerged into the fog as though it was the edge of the coastline and the sea was the gray of clouds, and the beach Id crossed was off in another world beneath the waters.
  • But this was no ordinary snooze. Jim's chin was resting on the top of a post at the end of a simple wooden pier which jutted out into the shallow, turquoise lagoon. The early morning sun was bright, and reflections were dancing like diamonds. The spectacular white beach was lined with lush, green palm trees, interrupted only by a small beach bar with a palm frond roof. The breezes were balmy; like gentle kisses that had travelled a thousand miles just to make things seem better.
  • No! cried Dick in a voice full of disgust. But he helped carry the capture to the boat after the slaying was at an end and the empty short net replaced, ready distended at the end of the tunnel or pipe.
  • The representative of the people of misguidance and those who assign partners to God fell to earth at the slap he received from a star, as was described at the end of the First Stopping-Place.
  • So, still astride of the top rail, he began signalling with his pocket flashlight. He spelled out his message in Morse code, using a long pressure of the releasing switch for the dash and a short one for the dot. Word by word he spelled out his message, telling that he suspected that at least two Germans were trailing him. And at the end he signalled a request that if he had understood, Greene should wait a half minute and then imitate an owl's cry. He chose an owl because he had heard one or two earlier in the night. And he added that if he got the signal he would keep on heading for the monoplane. He suggested nothing to Greene; the rest was decidedly up to the aviator. Frank had done his share.
  • Kassie couldn't believe it. The blond woman now stood there, without a scratch on her. Staring at them with her white eyes, her black pupils in stark contrast. The guests hadn't even had time to react, but now pressed themselves to either side of the ballroom. Alternating looks between the thing at the end of the ballroom, and the Griffon Guard and Sorceress at the other.
  • I was delayed in New Orleans for only one day. at the end of that time I secured passage on the steamer Panama. She was listed to sail for Aspinwall at nine o'clock the next morning, and to touch at ports along the Central American coast. While waiting for my steamer I mobilized my transport and supplies, and purchased such articles as I considered necessary for a rough campaign in a tropical climate.
  • We galloped on gaily as far as Bunol, where, as ill-luck would have it, we were obliged to stop. Don Alphonso was taken ill. His disorder was a high fever, with such an access of alarming symptoms, as put me in fear for his life. By the greatest mercy in the world, the place was not beset by a single physician, and I got clear off without any harm but my fright. He was quite out of danger at the end of three days, and with my nursing, his recovery was rapid and without relapse. He seemed to be very grateful for my attentions; and as we really and truly felt a liking for each other, we swore an eternal friendship.
  • He waited quietly until the fall of the curtain at the end of Act II.; then, as Armand, with a sigh of delight, leaned back in his chair, and closing his eyes appeared to be living the last half hour all over again, de Batz remarked with well assumed indifference:
  • He had forgotten that the spot where they had launched the canoe was at the end of an inlet, and as he sailed away the creek was shut off from view by the shore of the Lake. Unable to get to the mouth of the bay because of the underwood and the swampy soil, Oliver had remained gazing in the direction the canoe had taken for a minute or two, absorbed in thought (almost the longest period he had ever wasted in such an occupation), and then with a whistle turned to go. The serfs, understanding that they were no longer required, gathered their things together, and were shortly on their way home. Oliver, holding Felix's horse by the bridle, had already ridden that way, but he presently halted, and waited till the three men overtook him. He then gave the horse into their charge, and turning to the right, along a forest path which branched off there, went to Ponze. Felix could therefore see no one when he looked back, and they were indeed already on their way from the place.
  • But it wasnt just the late nights or the lovers. at the end of his first year at the Art Institute, Greg was too sick to continue. He returned to his family in Greenwich and went to bed. Never a whiner, Greg began to complain daily about the headaches and muscle aches and nausea. The doctors, of course, said that his HIV had caught up with him and he was now in full-blown AIDS.
  • The throat clearing at the end of the bed reminded me we weren't alone. Gillian didn't look displeased, just impatient. "It took both Lies and Guile to convince the crowd what they had seen had merely been rehearsal for a movie soon to be shot." I'd have to send them a fruit basket. I would also have to stop punching them. "You managed to dispose of nine vampires. Your injuries weregrievous."
  • The street was sun-baked clay, worn smooth by constant foot traffic, and they raised hardly any dust as they sped over it. Someone moved in the shadows and Machita slid to a stop, almost falling down; they were waiting at the end of the way, cutting off escape. A fence to one side offered a convenient handhold, so she went up and over it, avoiding the shards of glass. It was not long before the chase resumed, however.
  • Although he said 'we’, I knew what he meant. He was obviously ready to move out, and was waiting for me to catch up. I knew that discussion would not be an easy one with either of my parents. Esme would not be happy about it either. Our family was close. We missed each other when we were apart. Rosalie and Emmett being away had been challenging enough on everyone. Although I was a grown woman, I especially wanted to keep my mom close to me. I didnt want to admit it to Jacob, but being near her gave me a feeling of belonging which I would miss. When I was one with her before my birth, I felt her love and protection flowing through me. As an adult, it wasnt that I needed her around me all of the time; it was more that I wanted her to be close. I wanted to see her at the end of every day. It was a hard thing to explain in words.
  • All about them the land shook and reeled from the shock of these tremendous collisions. at the end of an hour the run stopped. Somewhere below it was blocked by a jam. Then the river began to rise, lifting the ice on its breast till it was higher than the bank. From behind ever more water bore down, and ever more millions of tons of ice added their weight to the congestion. The pressures and stresses became terrific. Huge cakes of ice were squeezed out till they popped into the air like melon seeds squeezed from between the thumb and forefinger of a child, while all along the banks a wall of ice was forced up. When the jam broke, the noise of grinding and smashing redoubled. For another hour the run continued. The river fell rapidly. But the wall of ice on top the bank, and extending down into the falling water, remained.
  • Her heart racing, she flung herself at the bin at the end of the alley. Thankfully cast in darkness, she vaulted onto it and sprung towards the roof. She immediately dove into a tank roll once she'd pulled herself up, trying to get a hold on her targets while keeping in constant motion.
  • By 2012, we will have 80 % fewer strategic warheads deployed than at the end of the cold war.
  • I assented with the greatest willingness, and we went on down the passage and then up the narrow, steep flight of stairs at the end.
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