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  • An anime music video showcase, allowing convention attendees to display their recent works.
  • The tavern was about one third full. A whisper of conversation hung in the air, but for the most part, the patrons remained quiet. Their intention was clearly upon allowing the cheerful music to wash the anxiety from their minds.
  • Looking at my watch, I found it was a little after three, which meant six in Washington: allowing for transmission, a telegram would reach there in time to be on hand with the opening of the Departments. I therefore wired at once to the following effect:
  • I just can't let this go on like this, Ryson continued. "I can't imagine how many will die if this madness isn't stopped. And it is madness. You were there. You know what's true. The algors weren't responsible for Tun's death. Yave is allowing her grief to spread. That's wrong. When I look back at what we did at Sanctum, I'm proud. We stood together. Yave is killing that. This war is destroying what we accomplished. I think its destroying what was meant to be."
  • With his disadvantages of position, the absence of all moral training, and the dishonesty which was the natural result of the old system of labor, the negro could not be expected to observe all the rules prescribed for his guidance, but which were never explained. Like ignorant and degraded people everywhere, many of the negroes believed that guilt lay mainly in detection. There was little wickedness in stealing a pig or a chicken, if the theft were never discovered, and there was no occasion for allowing twinges of conscience to disturb the digestion.
  • I hadnt passed him my thoughts, instead allowing him to drive with only his own. I breathed in deeply and looked at him. "Our wedding, and the party we had in La Push to celebrate."
  • As part of the pilot program, the winning team comprised of Monadnock Development, Actors Fund Housing Development Corp., and nArchitects will build 55 micro-units between 250 and 370 square feet (including a kitchen and bathroom) at 335 E. 27th St. in Manhattan. The city waived zoning regulations at the site, allowing the new apartments to be smaller than 400 square feet, the minimum size since 1987.
  • The current shambles illustrates the folly of allowing mr clarke to stay on to sort out the mess.
  • A loop colostomy in the sigmoid area would usually produce a formed stool allowing the patient to use a closed pouch.
  • He stood thus, as rigid as a statue, fully appreciating the difficulties of his position and the fatal consequences of allowing himself to be outwitted.
  • Sri Lanka will gradually stop allowing women to work as housemaids in Saudi Arabia after a Sri Lankan was executed in the country over the death of an infant in her care, the Colombo government said.
  • Even allowing for the increase in disorder, the process becomes less feasible.
  • Tim wriggled out of his grasp and kept silent. He was not yet ready with his challenge. All through the afternoon he stayed behind with Cameron, allowing the other two to help them out at the end of each drill, but as the day wore on there was less and less need of assistance for Cameron, for he was making rapid progress with his work and Tim was able to do, not only his own drill, but almost half of Cameron's as well. By supper time Cameron was thoroughly done out. Never had a day seemed so long, never had he known that he possessed so many muscles in his back. The continuous stooping and the steady click-click of the hoe, together with the unceasing strain of hand and eye, and all this under the hot burning rays of a June sun, so exhausted his vitality that when the cow bell rang for supper it seemed to him a sound more delightful than the strains of a Richter orchestra in a Beethoven symphony.
  • "Alex," he said as he nervously ran a hand through his spiked hair, allowing the tips to glide against his hand repeatedly. "Its Alex, from lunch."
  • "I know. I always feel like people are sucking them out of my head. Thats why I use the Dunser arts of laughery and foolpoots to confuse them, allowing me to get away."
  • But do not be overly swayed by the professed ideals. The goal of certain factions is to grant governments the authority to charge content providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter for allowing their data to flow over national borders. If enacted, such proposals would most certainly deter investment in network infrastructure, raise costs for consumers, and hinder online access for precisely those people the ITU claims it wants to help.
  • "That's right," Rommus said as he stopped in a clearing in the woods. "It's because light comes out from the flame in all directions, and when you get close, you block more and more of it, not allowing it to hit the wall behind you. This makes your shadow bigger."
  • Massive green valleys of large mountains surrounded them, reminding him of home among the rolling hills of the Highland mountains. His heightened senses picked up the sharp taste and smell of salt water from the other side of the castle where the steep hillside led down to the Arges River. A passage led along the back end of the castle allowing them entrance under the soldierseyes.
  • Lovelace was out of town for a week, and Lavinia was surprised to find how little she missed him. To be sure, playing with fire was very pleasant, but when it was removed out of her reach, it really made no odds. She missed Harry's adulation and his passionate love-making, for she was one of those women who must always have admiration and excitement, but she was not made miserable by his absence. She continued to flutter round to all the entertainments of the season with one or other of her brothers, and when Lovelace returned he was disturbed by her casual welcome. However, she was undoubtedly pleased to see him, and soon fell more or less under his spell, allowing him to be by her side when Tracy was not near, and to charm her ears with compliments and gallantry.
  • Two irons were planted in him, of which he took not the slightest notice. We had taken in sail before closing in to him on account of the swell, so that we had only to go in and finish him at once, if he would let us. Accordingly, we went in with a will, but for all sign of life he showed he might as well have been stuffed. There he lay, lazily spouting, the blood pouring, or rather spirting, from his numerous wounds, allowing us to add to their number at our pleasure, and never moving his vast body, which was gently swayed by the rolling sea. Seeing him thus quiescent, the mate sent the other two boats back to the ship with the good news, which the captain received with a grave smile of content, proceeding at once to bring the ship as near as might be consistent with her safety. We were now thoroughly sheltered from sight of the other ships by the enormous mass of the island, so that they had no idea of our proceedings.
  • Great Britain was the great obstacle to the desire of Russia to march down upon Constantinople. Her real objection was that with Russia on the Bosphorus the control of the Mediterranean might pass into the hands of the rival who seemed to wish to dispute with her for the mastery of India. Her expressed reasons had some vague declarations about the "chivalry of the Turk." Austria developed her ambition to suzerainty over the Balkan Peninsula mainly on the strength of a claim to be the heir of the old Holy Roman Empire, and as such possessing an hereditary right to rule over the old seat of that Empire in the East. Italy was forced into a Balkan policy by the impossibility of allowing a rival Power to settle on the other side of the Adriatic, threatening her whole east coast. Germany and France came into Balkan politics chiefly as allies of Powers with more direct interests, although both have now fears and hopes regarding the Asiatic dominions of the Sublime Porte and shape their Balkan policy accordingly.
  • But that was all past, and it did me no good to go over the mistakes I had made. I was bitter at myself for allowing Petrak to bring my bag on board, for I had thus given him an opportunity to claim me as an ally in the murder.
  • Baibars stepped back respectfully to allow the King to go into the tent first. Roland followed the two leaders. Within, all appeared ready for the counting. At a long table, six Egyptian scribes and six Lombard clerks brought by the Templars sat facing each other. A row of Templars stood before the treasure-filled chests. Baibars approached and they stepped aside, allowing him to open one of the oaken boxes. He thrust his strong fingers in among the silver coins, lifting up a handful and letting them trickle back into the chest.
  • "Good enough for me," Aiden agreed after only a moment's hesitation, smashing open the lock with ease and allowing Morik to walk free. From the way he moved, he was clearly an experienced warrior, and carried numerous scars on his body to prove it. He reached down and picked up a short battle spear from one of his fallen people, then looked over at the pile of bodies around them with something akin to regret in his eyes. In the cell next to him, Aiden saw much of their equipment piled up in the corner, topped off with Colt's longbow and greatsword.
  • "Ember, would you consider allowing me to home school youmaybe just through the rest of this year? That way I could teach you about your gifts, you wouldnt fall behind in your studies and it would give things at school a chance to settle back down," Celeste directed the question to my unsuspecting sister.
  • "I was the Chairman of a panel that was asked by the Food and Drug Administration to consider allowing the drug AZT to be sold as a treatment for AIDS."
  • Boards are movable, allowing flexibility of exhibition space, with lockable castors at their base.
  • In the early morning light the great form of Peavey Jo seemed to assume giant proportions. He was here, there, and everywhere at the moment, and his blustering voice could be heard bellowing out orders, which, to do him justice, were the best possible. As soon as the Supervisor and his party appeared he broke out into a violent tirade against them for not keeping a fit watch over the forest and allowing a fire to get such a headway on a night when in the evening there had been so little wind, whereas now a gale was rising fast. But Merritt did not waste breath in reply; he simply ordered his men to get in and do all they could to insure the safety of the mill.
  • I would also recommend allowing plenty of time in which to locate the building.
  • But here in one of the busiest medical facilities on the West Coast, in a city by the bay, she was Souza. Souza to co-workers, to her superiors. Souza to the patients for whom she cared on a semi-permanent basis until they beat their current maladies, eventually returning as those bizarre complaints overtook immune systems ravaged and failing. In the early days of the epidemic, Marthe had been resolute, not allowing herself to go further than the best nursing care she could offer. After time, her resistance cracked. As patients slipped under her skin, Marthe lost that edge, one as the daughter of a doctor she had known all her life. All her life had led her to this point as she took slow, halting steps to Ash Dentons room.
  • A huge metal cylinder had been sunk in the water, down into the bedrock. It ran parallel to the struts already supporting the pier. The existing struts couldnt be removed; doing so would compromise the integrity of the pier and weaken it. Safer to add more support to what already existed. Several days earlier, the cylinder had been sunk and water pumped out of the huge metal tube. Embedded into the bedrock, the cylinder was now water tight. A ladder ran down the sheer internal wall, allowing the workmen access.
  • Goods are either carried on the head or on one shoulder, in a sort of basket, supported by two poles five or six feet long. When the carrier feels tired and halts, he plants them on the ground, allowing his burden to rest against a tree, so that he has not to lift it up from the ground to the level of his head.
  • "All others I've told." Until now, though, it had only been one. A certain, captivating blonde woman with dazzling blue eyes. Who even now, was stealing away the Champion's thoughts and prayers that she was well, in desperate need to get back to her. Shameful he left her alone in the first place. And deep within his soul a rage burned, for he and those that had deceived him. Once more chastising himself for allowing it through, but he used it to remind him he needed to be vigilant. It was more than simply watching his back, or finding a safe place to sleep. He needed to study and know everyone who was or would come into his group.
  • The lightly reinforced toe makes them durable while still allowing you to dance the night away in your favorite open toe shoes.
  • 'If, after your most wissse council, you ssshould find in my favour, I would of courssse insssissst on being persssonally resssponsssible for your sssafe delivery to the department you ssseek. However, on the other hand, if I am to be found guilty of thessse totally unfounded accusssationsss, then perhaps Nature will take it's own courssse' said the Queen, allowing the sentence to trail away.
  • "Here!" I said. He was five yards from me, moving in a faster current and I spun in a complete circle, my legs working furiously, before I managed to angle myself more towards him. He reached for me and I grasped his fingers, allowing him to pull me to him. I stopped fighting the current and began floating with it, thankful to be alive.
  • The economic development of the country has been uneven geographically with the Moscow region contributing a very large share of the country's GDP. Another problem is modernisation of infrastructure, ageing and inadequate after years of being neglected in 1990s; the government has said $1 trillion will be invested in development of infrastructure by 2020. In December 2011, Russia finally joined World Trade Organisation, allowing it a greater access to overseas markets. Some analysts estimate that WTO membership could bring the Russian economy a bounce of up to 3 per cent annually. Russia ranks the second most corrupt country in Europe (after Ukraine), according to the Corruption Perceptions Index. The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce also states that "orruption is one of the biggest problems both Russian and international companies have to deal with."
  • It smelled fantastic inside, noisy and busy from the espresso machine and the interesting mix of customers. Santa Cruz is definitely an organic, hippie Mecca, but Humboldt actually manages to trump it in many ways. Santa Cruz sits in the shadow of the Silicon Valley, and over the years the computer generation has slipped in amongst the natives. Humboldt is far from any major city, its main attraction the college campus, allowing it to stay true to its roots. In keeping with the towns image, The Misty Mountain served all organic, fresh baked foods and coffees, its walls decorated by paintings and photographs from local artists.
  • One study used a sham ncpap in the control arm, allowing blinding, and the others used an oral placebo.
  • Message boards are also a great way of allowing past pupils to post message boards are also a great way of allowing past pupils to post messages.
  • The transformation from apparent to topocentric consists of allowing for diurnal aberration.
  • "I agree," Lief said with a nod of acceptance. He hated allowing time to pass through his fingers, but he could not deny the circumstances of the moment. If goblin scouting parties moved about, it would not do well to be caught in the open without cover. "Let me suggest, though, that we do not choose a site so close to the spot where the goblins made their own camp. They may return in the dark. We should move south of here and find a secure place high in the trees."
  • It is a tremendous risk, Clinton, General Buller said when he concluded; "a tremendous risk, and I don't know that Lord Wolseley would consider himself justified in allowing you to attempt it. The idea does you honour, but upon my word I do not know what to say to it. It seems a mad scheme, and yet I cannot say that it might not succeed. You seem to have worked it all out in your own mind. To carry it through will require not only pluck but unfailing watchfulness and presence of mind. A simple word or a gesture might betray you."
  • The army has begun to assemble within the grand court, Gallahad taking stock of their numbers. Members of the militia have also gathered, wanting to hear from the King himself what is happening. Seeing Gawain emerge from the castle, the massive crowd becomes very loud, a hundred different questions being asked in one voice. Gawain raises his hand for silence, then points to one of the senior militia captains, allowing him to speak.
  • The economy continues to stutter, allowing China to creep inexorably to the front of the stage.
  • "Wheres the bouncer!" one of the bartenders yelled, leaving his post and allowing a few drunks to grab bottles behind the counter. As much as stealing booze enticed Avery, she had more important work to do, and after her recent brush with sleeze she was more determined to do it than ever.
  • As they walked along the grassy path, Silas wondered when it would end and the bridge would reveal itself. They rounded what felt to be the entire base of the mountain when he finally saw it. Flowing, tumbling, white-capped water splashed against rocks and gushed into the distance down the winding river. What stood above the water was not a bridge like Silas had ever seen before. It was more like a dam with its base allowing water to pass through. On the side nearest him, connected to the dam-like structure, stood a massive wooden door. The dam seemed ten times larger than any conventional bridge, making the door one of the largest Silas had ever seen. Soldiers, dressed similar to the ones that accompanied Barron, stood at attention in front of the structure. Across the path, opposite the huge door were several shacks that Silas presumed were the soldier's barracks.
  • Wentworth's eyes flew to the face of the factor, who nodded emphatically. Again the color left his face. "It's a damned trick!" he muttered. "Why didn't you notify us at once, instead of waiting nearly three weeks and allowing us to spend more than a million dollars?"
  • He smiled. ‘Dear one, Rhaki destroyed me long ago. Even with the help of the healers of Gaharn, I will be forever damaged. If you let me take this task from you, I will gladly go beyond, knowing I have tried to atone for allowing Rhakis monstrosity to reach the heights it has.’
  • Captain Nemo was evidently acquainted with the existence of this bivalve, and seemed to have a particular motive in verifying the actual state of this tridacne. The shells were a little open; the Captain came near and put his dagger between to prevent them from closing; then with his hand he raised the membrane with its fringed edges, which formed a cloak for the creature. There, between the folded plaits, I saw a loose pearl, whose size equalled that of a coconut. Its globular shape, perfect clearness, and admirable lustre made it altogether a jewel of inestimable value. Carried away by my curiosity, I stretched out my hand to seize it, weigh it, and touch it; but the Captain stopped me, made a sign of refusal, and quickly withdrew his dagger, and the two shells closed suddenly. I then understood Captain Nemo's intention. In leaving this pearl hidden in the mantle of the tridacne he was allowing it to grow slowly. Each year the secretions of the mollusc would add new concentric circles. I estimated its value at L500,000 at least.
  • Hubert stirred sleepily and began a stupid muttering in a voice seemingly so loud that Ted was terrified, allowing the boy to relapse into slumber. After listening intently and hearing no disturbance, Ted tried again and this time roused Hubert to complete wakefulness without noise.
  • David was about to reply when he heard the roar of the Austins engine over the rumbling idle of the two hotted-up cars, and he looked around as the A40 came flying towards them. The car seemed to be heading straight for the guy with the beer can; David grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the way, and he dropped the can just as the Austin roared past. It swerved to miss the hotted-up cars and was pulling around in a tight turn, and David chased after it. ‘Jesus Christ, Jane,’ he shouted, ‘whatre you bloody doing?’ The car slowed, allowing him to catch up, and he pulled at the passenger-side door handle. It was locked, and he saw Jane reach across and unlock it. He got it open and managed to drag himself into the car.
  • Notably, it would help close the revenue gap. A $50,000 cap with a charitable exemption would raise about $490 billion over the next decade, according to the Tax Policy Center. Replacing the charitable deduction with the 25 percent credit would bring in an additional $25 billion over 10 years. Add those savings to the $566 billion gained by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire on household earnings above $500,000 -- along with increasing the rates paid for capital gains and dividends to at least 20 percent -- and the U.S. gains about $1.2 trillion.
  • Certainly. It now became clear why the guard was allowing Ryson to enter as well as stay the night. He was as anxious as the others, worried that their numbers were too small to handle whatever it was they faced. He saw Ryson as another man to be drafted into his army.
  • It is a nuisance losing so much time, Godfrey said. "It was somewhere about the middle of June when we started, and there are only three months of open weather here. Every day is of importance. I sha'n't so much mind when we get to the mouth of the Petchora, for I heard from one of the Russians in the prison that canoes often go as far as that from Archangel to trade, so I shall feel when I get there that we are getting into civilized regions. It is about four hundred miles from Kara Bay, so that we have a good eight hundred miles to travel before we get there. We can certainly paddle forty miles a day by sticking to it steadily; but allowing for another stoppage of four days, and we can't allow less than that, that will be a fortnight. How long have we been now, Luka? There is nothing to count time from."
  • Logan looked up to the sky. The mists had been slowly parting, allowing them to stare into the ruins and see the bodies moving about them more clearly. Expressions and details were still difficult to make out, and now that the sun was setting darkness was shrouding what the mist could no longer hide.
  • To this polite and affectionate declaration, I made such a reply as became a young man, whose heart overflowed with joy and benevolence, and desired to know how soon her answer to my commander would be ready, that I might gratify his impatience with all possible despatch. After having thanked me for this fresh proof of my attachment, she begged I would retire into a chamber, and repose myself from the uncommon fatigues I must have undergone; but, finding I persisted in the resolution of returning to Don Gonzales, without allowing myself the least benefit of sleep, she left me engaged in conversation with an uncle of Don Gonzales, who lodged in the house, and gave orders that a collation should be prepared in another apartment, while she retired to her closet, and wrote a letter to her husband.
  • Chanter increased the wind until it howled, whipping the black sea below into a welter of frothing waves. It flashed beneath him, the speed of his flight such that the waves passed in a blur. The urgency of Dolana's faint warning beat at him from his memory, goading him to greater effort. Talsy's danger was grave. If he was too late, she would die, and he would have failed a Wish, breaking a trust sacred to Mujar. allowing someone under his protection to die was as bad as killing.
  • 'Therefore, throughout the full period of Time's employment, you were responsible for keeping track of all Matter as it was formedstock control and data management….and for recording each and every event as it happenedand yet, you cannot find a record of Earth?' Permission concluded, allowing the insinuation to hang in the air.
  • Elena rode in silence, allowing no emotion to show on her face. Her heart tore at itself, ripping and shredding as her mind raced in circles. Johan is alive. He is chasing them. She should be glad, relieved, that the death wale she had heard as she was dragged away from the Duke's camp was not his. Part of her knew it was his voice. Part of her refused to believe it was not his. She had heard the same scream on the day he had buried her son.
  • It was their custom to pile up a heap of stones wherever such an event occurred, to warn others from staying themselves, or allowing their sheep or cattle to stay, near the spot in thunder, as it was observed that where lightning struck once it was sure to strike again, sooner or later. "Then," said Felix, "you may be sure there is water there!" He knew from his study of the knowledge of the ancients that lightning frequently leaped from trees or buildings to concealed water, but he had no intention of indicating water in that particular spot. He meant the remark in a general sense.
  • Wa'al, perhaps yo' might, the other assented and took up the paper again. Hamilton waited. He had spent but little time in the mountains but he had learned the value of allowing topics to develop slowly, even though his host was better informed than most of the people in the region. Although not an actual relative, Hamilton always called him "Uncle" because he had fought with distinguished honor in the regiment that Hamilton's father commanded during the Civil War, and the two men ever since had been friends.
  • Thirty-four constitutional changes voted on by parliament on 19 March 2007 prohibit parties from using religion as a basis for political activity, allow the drafting of a new anti-terrorism law to replace the emergency legislation in place since 1981, authorize broad police powers of arrest and surveillance, give the president power to dissolve parliament and end judicial election monitoring. Opposition members of parliament abstained from voting on the proposed changes. Only 27% of registered voters turned out under heavy police presence and tight political control. It was officially announced on 27 March 2007 that 75.9% of those who participated in the referendum approved the constitutional amendments. The results were endorsed by the rump parliament, thus allowing the introduction of laws that curb the activity of opposition elements, particularly Islamists.
  • "If that is true, it means the entire magnetosphere is alive and connected in very important ways," Rankin says, allowing a change in the pulsars basic mode of shining in about one second, less time than it takes it to spin once on its axis.
  • That's because it is unsafe, you twit! Prototype yelled, "Planets that exist in two or more universes will be assimilated, creating one perfect version of that planet in one universe. Some may be completely annihilated. The reason for this is that of ease. I realised long ago that is was very difficult to keep an eye on all of the universes, the main reason I got Gold here to gather you First Children. Now, I will destroy you, and the powers of the First Children shall be broken. Broken and mine! But, I will give you one chance and one chance only. Defeat me, Inverse god and god of destruction, and Cinradahs, lord of shadows and god of death!" The bonds surrounding the three of the captives disappeared, allowing them to gather together, each unsure about their step; the void took a lot of getting used to and time to do so, time they did not have.
  • A few newer studies relax the second restriction, allowing different kinds of aid to have different impacts on growth.
  • Twice that, and double what they had expected and trained for. Her mind raced, her heart rate followed, and across the field, despite his disfiguration, the General seemed to smile. "What now..." She panicked, expecting Gerin to charge right away. Even after the last had ridden into view, he stood and waited, allowing her the first move. Perhaps even he was wondering if she would make it.
  • Shylock looked up from the sand he had been allowing to sift through his fingers. ' Permission,' he said sadly. 'I didn't mean to be rude. Wilderment is such a confusing place, and the more people I talk to, it seems the more confused I become. I have no idea how to get out of here, and even if I do, how can I possible return with Earth's back-taxes?'
  • After allowing some little time to elapse for the men to get into position, John blew his horn. A moment, and cries and shouts were heard along the whole Roman line. The sound of chopping instantly ceased, and the Roman trumpets blew to arms.
  • To this quaint rigmarole of reasoning--not without reason in it, however,--Kearney only replied with a smile, allowing the Texan to continue; which he did, saying--
  • This propertys dimensions were quite deep, measuring only 41wide, but 165deep, allowing residents to have a large garden or even raise livestock on the land behind their homes.
  • A part of me screamed inside knowing my lack of qualification. At times I was overwhelmed and struggled to maintain my humility, trying not to think about the fact that I would be the one to bring peace to this restless world. I was the one, God damn it. I considered my philosophy, the universal balance, including the recognition of the negative and the action and change of the positive. I concluded that my first action would be to establish a set of guidelines for humanity in order to recognize their differences but come together under a common goal of peace. In doing so I would abolish ill will as a motivating factor in people's lives and would instate a common positive energy among mankind, allowing us to still make choices and to have free will but to have a desire to always pursue the good in every situation we were presented with.
  • On one side of the road was the upward slope of the hill, on the other the treacherous downward slope that had already caused them so much trouble. Dave hesitated for a moment, then pulled on one side of the reins with might and main, allowing the other side to drop entirely.
  • And that's really the only power I got for allowing a raspberry bush to grow inside my head. It has the common decency not to sprout outside my head or try to grow leaves out my ears so I see no reason to evict it. It seems content to live raspberry-less inside my skull and share a higher consciousness with me so I guess we're stuck with each other.
  • The Bragg campaign into Kentucky being barren of important results, the Rebel authorities ordered that an attempt should be made to drive us from West Tennessee. The Rebel army in Northern Mississippi commenced the aggressive late in September, while the retreat of Bragg was still in progress. The battle of Iuka resulted favorably to the Rebels, giving them possession of that point, and allowing a large quantity of supplies to fall into their hands. On the 4th of October was the famous battle of Corinth, the Rebels under General Van Dorn attacking General Rosecrans, who was commanding at Corinth.
  • Ariya stifled a laugh. Surely he didnt have the same power of sense that she carried. Just then his enticing lips curled in a smile and she couldnt help feeling a rush of pleasure float throughout her body. Why was she allowing herself to be distracted by this creature who could have murdered her family?
  • Jeralyle surveyed for a moment, allowing all that he had learned to sink in. By his count Grahamas still had his own Cavalry somewhere on the board as well a Soldier and Scout. Ristalln, a Beast, Soldier and Scout. Ristalln's Beasta winged, deformed creature with massive wings and broken hornswas stationed directly in front of Ristalln's castle, and destroyed Graham's Cavalry, a young, defined Elf carrying a bow.
  • Then Rose listened to Alicias voice, a thrill now attached, one allowing Roses cousin some small happiness, but her eyes still looked red, drawn, miserable. Maybe that was Petra. Rose let that excuse what she wanted to think, that maybe Michael had hurt Alicia too.
  • "One night is enough to make a difference and he has had weeks. Calista was emotionally unwrought the night of the sponsalla." He paused significantly, allowing their imaginations to work. He could almost see the visions their minds were creating.
  • We have, then, somewhere between one hundred and fifty and two hundred rounds of ammunition, and provisions for a week, allowing ourselves no addition to the present stock. Count the decoys, Regnie, while I look up our tools,
  • Welcome to my on-line novel. The whole thing is here, and I'm allowing you to read it for free. There's no catch, but I expect you to follow my requests. More importantly, I expect you not to break the law. This book is copyright, and I have taken steps to protect myself from plagerism and theft. As the author I find it hard to catagorize Dorom as fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, or Romance, so let me just say that it is fiction. You probably have never read anything like it before. I know I have not!
  • Easy change gullet system, allowing on the spot adjusting of the saddle to fit correctly over the horses wither.
  • The chief had not the remotest thought of allowing his train to be captured, nor yet of being compelled to corral it before he was ready to do so.
  • Tradition with modernity allowing the units to integrate perfectly into a variety of contemporary surroundings.
  • In the quilez I laughed at myself for allowing a prying old man like Meeker to upset my temper, and, as I rode back to the hotel, put the both of them out of my mind; but promised myself that I would take my revenge on the old pest in some way aboard the steamer.
  • "Certainly." It now became clear why the guard was allowing Ryson to enter as well as stay the night. He was as anxious as the others, worried that their numbers were too small to handle whatever it was they faced. He saw Ryson as another man to be drafted into his army.
  • Vessa blocked a high blow that should have taken her head off. Jillian has always been the best of them. That is why she was the one Vessa had shot with the bolt first in Galnath. Jillian could practically beat Vessa at will. That did not change her want for vengeance for the massacre of her people at Galnath. Dredrik explained that it had been her fellow Roses who had opened the main gate allowing Mareth and his thugs in to burn the village. "To much personal blood has been shed for me to forgive or trust you."
  • P. aeruginosa encodes an inducible amidase activity allowing growth on a limited range of aliphatic amides as carbon and/or nitrogen sources.
  • The president himself has kept mum, allowing the ailment to take on a life of its own. In the absence of reliable information -- who would believe Peskov and Medvedev? -- rumors abound. One widespread theory suggests Putin has cancer of the spine. A fake obituary circulated briefly on the Web. "Peskov: Putin does not have a back and has never had one," ran a much- circulated tweet.
  • Wrapping her fingers around Calistas hand as if she were a child, Melba quickly led her back to the dressing room, allowing Calista little time to gape at Atlantis. She felt overwhelmed by this new world, which in so many ways resembled her own and yet could not have been further away. She tried to snatch her hand away from Melba, but the nymph gripped her hand all the more tightly with a knowing squeeze.
  • During the eight mile drive, Brad listened to Cynthia's chit-chat about Peterboro High School and he enjoyed the feel of her body against him. She was being very liberal about allowing him to enjoy it.
  • Ryson remained still, allowing them to leave and to hopefully spread his warning. These goblins, however, never escaped Pinesway alive. A final salvo of arrows decimated the remaining creatures.
  • Clearly, the block of stone supported by the iron pins formed a porthole, the pins allowing the stone to be swung inward. The old, rusted one had been unused for decades, but the port in front of the projector had been repaired and lubricated. The comparison between the two gave Rick his clue.
  • Citaan and I cantered ahead of the others. When we sighted the town we stopped to rest the horses, allowing the others to catch up. Nnelg blinked in, startling us, and as usual, Audi came racing up a moment or two later.
  • Armature coils and a commutator, its inertia is small, allowing rapid acceleration and deceleration.
  • He had left water in the washbasin for her, but that had been some time ago, and the water was no longer warm. Catrin tried to wash away the sweat from her fevered dreams, wishing that she could scrub away the horrors she felt closing around her, waiting to strike. The cold water helped clear the haze from her mind, allowing her to separate fantasy from reality. Her aching body brought her to a chilling realization.
  • They stood in the dark for several seconds not moving, only breathing, and for a second Kat thought that he had changed his mind about her, that maybe he no longer wanted her like she wanted him. As if on cue a dark cloud moved from in front of a very bright moon allowing the suns reflection to stream through the window illuminating the room with a soft glow. Kat hesitantly looked into Cades eyes and knew immediately that her fears of being forsaken were unfounded, because his eyes were full of the same desire that filled hers.
  • The reporter couldnt believe his ears. "Will you commit yourself to allowing a vote, Governor? Will you publicly promise that?"
  • It is the longest known, Tun added, allowing his brother to garner even greater awe. "Given enough time, Jon could have broken through the base of this mountain."
  • Footsteps made Talsy spin around as the fourth man lunged at her, his sword outstretched. She swayed aside, but the blade sliced into her flank. Kieran leapt at the thug and rammed his sword hilt-deep into the man's gut, the bloody blade emerging from his back. Kieran yanked it out, allowing the man to topple forward, then glared at the other two. They ran to join their companions, tearing down their tents and stuffing them willy-nilly into bags as they beat a hasty retreat. Talsy's legs turned to rubber, and she sank down in a heap. She crawled away from the dead man, shaking with shock. Kieran took her arm and pulled her to her feet, but she jerked free.
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