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  • Cap'n Mike was fishing, allowing the rowboat to drift slowly in the direction of the cove. Rick watched awhile, and was satisfied. If anyone could put it over, Cap'n Mike could.
  • Many birds accompanied us in our flight, frequently alighting on the deck and other parts of the air ship. They were remarkably tame, allowing us to approach them closely, and we were delighted by their beautiful plumage and their singular forms. This reminds me to say that the motion of the craft was extremely curious--a kind of gentle rising and falling, which was very agreeable when once we were accustomed to it, and which resembled what one would suppose to be the movement of a bird in flight. This, of course, arose from the structure of the air ship, which, as I have before said, seemed to be modeled, as far as its motive parts were concerned, upon the principle of wings rather than of simple aeroplanes. But the mechanism was very complicated, and I never arrived at a full comprehension of it.
  • He smiled. ‘Dear one, Rhaki destroyed me long ago. Even with the help of the healers of Gaharn, I will be forever damaged. If you let me take this task from you, I will gladly go beyond, knowing I have tried to atone for allowing Rhakis monstrosity to reach the heights it has.’
  • Doing this renders you almost invincible allowing general carnage in your vicinity!
  • The field was partitioned as an enormous grid, from the cloud appearing as a mesh screen. Vanes imagination could zoom on the Grid, telescopic and wide, allowing him to check fine points or study overall. And so his utopia was constructed from on high, in advance of his presence.
  • "You just have to return a favor to your brother, Daniel," James says as he steps away, allowing Jack and Emma to pass by. "After that, you will return here."
  • Noon came, and up to the company of the leaders I went, allowing the doctor to escort me away as usual. You might well think I closely questioned him, and you'd be correct. He was full confident but cautious as ever, and allowed he'd make sure our trustworthy menRothman and allate with the crew, while he and my uncle shared the Captain's meal. But he laughed at my concerns.
  • There was an element of grim humor in this suggestion of Young's that tickled my fancy; and it was, indeed, allowing for the quaintness of his phrasing of it, but an expression of my own thoughts. But my reflection was upon the curious incongruity of it all, and upon the way in which religious faiths supplant each other; even as the different races of men who formulate them and believe in them supplant each other upon the face of the earth. Together in this same cave were now the dead of two faiths and two races. Who could tell what dead of other faiths and races yet unborn would lie here also before the end of time should come?
  • Why? What had I done? He'd seemed so sweet and thoughtful and I thought the chemistry was there. The weird pain in my chest wouldn't go away and it hurt to breathe. I curled into a ball and pulled the covers over my head. Yanking the sheet out my mouth, I wept into my pillow. I couldn't decide what was worse, the sensation of loss or the feeling of self-deception at allowing a mere male to affect me like this.
  • "Let's go into the parlor, dear." Geneva's face became seamless again. She motioned gently with her hand, allowing Anna to precede her.
  • Those who were hit lay where they fell; the most of us reached the open country just in time to see a dozen or fifteen horsemen mount and ride off. Evidently they had the pick of Santalla's animals, as they easily kept their distance, though allowing us to advance within range, when, discharging their muskets, they recommenced the retreat.
  • Gort took it, and a third, before finally allowing his eyes to fall on Sarahlya and his pride to outweigh his better judgment. "I'll come with ya, Lanyan. In case there's danger."
  • She fingered the hilt of her knife absently: it was a crude utensil, the handle rough and unfinished but the blade was sharp enough. Working through the dark streets, Calista stumbled upon a stone, nearly cutting herself but, more dangerously, nearly allowing a yelp to escape her lips. Standing up and shaking the new robe Potita had given her free of dirt, she worked towards the villa. Draped in shadows, she felt the uneven walls prick into her skin as she ran her hand along the rain-slick stones to give her some sense of definition in this rapidly darkening world. The moon bobbed in and out from behind its thick, grey cloak of clouds that were only beginning to unload their burden.
  • Genetic modification can also overcome species barriers, allowing genes to be used in new ways.
  • Well, cried Andrews, picking up the candle from its tin socket and flashing it in the radiant face of the boy. "Ah! No need to ask you! I see by your dancing eyes that you have wheedled old Mitchell into allowing you to do a foolish thing."
  • The splendid, keen, invigorating air of a Chinese morning soon blew the cobwebs away from Frobisher's brain, and half an hour after leaving his bed he was smiling to himself at his own folly in allowing Prince Hsi's evil countenance to affect him to such an extent as to spoil his rest. The man couldn't help being born with a face like that; and perhaps an ugly exterior might in reality hide a very kind and gentle soul. By the time that Frobisher had arrived at the wharf where the Su-chen was lying, he had completely forgotten the existence of "the man with the snake's eyes", as he afterwards came to call him.
  • Kales face was blank behind sunglasses. "You havent answered us Verloren," he said, allowing a glimmer of smugness to spice his apathy. He wore a suitcertainly more fitting than my casual outfit.
  • Blood trickled from his nostril but Rhimaldez pursued, lunging forward to lead him closer, further over Drogan's knee. Down the blows rained, a hook from his left hand, a cross by his right, both that landed straight on the other's face. It was the backhand crushed straight against his jaw line that finally caused Drogan enough angst to bring both his knees up, placing his feet on the hips of Rhimaldez. He managed to strike the ex-captain with a glancing elbow across his cheek, stunning him, allowing him to extend his legs and use his feet to force Rhimaldez off and tumbling down the field.
  • Looking at my watch, I found it was a little after three, which meant six in Washington: allowing for transmission, a telegram would reach there in time to be on hand with the opening of the Departments. I therefore wired at once to the following effect:
  • Bundles of keyboard macros that exploit software bugs in the aol system allowing hackers to access, among other things, personal e-mail accounts.
  • "Here!" I said. He was five yards from me, moving in a faster current and I spun in a complete circle, my legs working furiously, before I managed to angle myself more towards him. He reached for me and I grasped his fingers, allowing him to pull me to him. I stopped fighting the current and began floating with it, thankful to be alive.
  • Though the Knight's eyes looked sad at yet another loss, the very corners of his mouth gravitated, and he pushed his piece onward, committed to the act Grahamas had predicted. Ristalln moved again, Grahamas opted out. Ristalln teased the gold line marking the middle; the wall in front of the castle gleamed and then extinguished allowing Grahamas to move his Queen directly to its doors. For three more turns Ristalln would charge, on his final he would move over to liberate the Queen's empty wall. Grahamas would pass, but on the fourth, the entire board radiated a blue light, this one stronger, beams jutting out from the edges of the board, expanding then breathing back in and dying down. When they had, the entire set returned to normal. No more walls; no more colors.
  • Meanwhile, Miss Trevor was on her knees beside the dog--a magnificent black Newfoundland--patting his head, and speaking loving words to him; to which attentions the poor beast responded by whining pitifully as he licked her hands and slapped the deck feebly with his tail. When the steward brought the food and water she took them from him and herself gave them to the dog, allowing him first to drink a little, and then to take a mouthful or two of food; then another drink, and then more food, and so on, until he had taken as much as she thought good for him for a first meal.
  • Within minutes, all three ladies were back at the tub, ready for the washing to begin. Jennie cut off several strips of hard lye soap, allowing them to fall into the scalding tub of water. She swirled them around in the hot tub with a stick until they dissolved, giving off a rich thick foam. While she did this, the other two women separated the clothes into colors and how severely they were dirtied. Soon, there were several piles of dirty clothes cluttering the yard.
  • Royal assent a bill, once passed, goes for royal assent after up to four weeks allowing for legal challenges.
  • Well, rejoined Rob in a troubled voice, "we've got to try everything. I am responsible for his safe keeping while he is in camp. I blame myself for allowing the kid to go on sentry duty at all."
  • Gawain increases the speed of his stride, fearing the worst. The stillness of the forest makes the sound of his own panting unbearable. His heartbeat like thunder in his ears. The clouds break again, allowing the light back in, but it is too late. Gawain stares off into a pitch black precipice at his feet. Before he can think of stopping, his right foot falls into the nothingness set before him.
  • "Do you feel sad in winter?" she asks, but then quickly continues without allowing a moment for reply, "I think that most people do. It is probably something with there being so much nighttime. I mean, nighttime has its own kind of magic going on, but too much of it and people just get depressed. You know, in parts of Alaska its dark for entire months."
  • The Patagonians are dangerous savages, he said, "and I will not assume the responsibility of allowing you to risk your lives."
  • The system has an alarm that warns of highs or lows, allowing the user to adjust the insulin dosage.
  • I was kept waiting several minutes, and then four women opened it in place of the customary two; and instead of smiling, as on previous occasions, they frowned, lining up across the threshold. They were older women than the others had been and looked perfectly capable of showing fight; allowing for their long pins and possible hidden weapons I would not have given ten cents for my chance against them. So I asked for King and the Mahatma.
  • They built their raft, and loading up, started without untoward incident. Traveling day and night, allowing for stoppages and delays, they expected to be nearly five days on the way.
  • "Just one more thing. We were talking of the lake, and I wish you to have it." He reached inside his pocket and brought out a little white box. She turned around and stared curiously. He gently wrapped her hands around the box and then let go, allowing her to hold it by herself. "Open it, chere. It won't bite you."
  • Anna? Gabriel began to sense her interest, and Anna retracted the thoughts, sliding away before he could perceive any of her intentions. She arranged herself accordingly, pulled a flashlight out of the pack, and slithered down into the earth, allowing it to swallow her up.
  • Breslin slowed, allowing the others to catch up, before he finally stopped, staring intently at the wall before him. As the humans crowded close, Breslin unslung his axe and leaned on it, watching as the humans stared around with bewildered expressions.
  • In the back seat Michele was very much interested in the conversation taking place between her parents, but a set of bright lights from a vehicle pulling into traffic from directly behind them caught her attention. She watched as her father adjusted the rear-view mirror, which averted the blinding lights from his eyes; however the two bright beams of light continued to illuminate the interior of the car allowing Michele to plainly see the faces of her parents as they turned to face the other while talking.
  • I have to admit to being taken by surprise by my opponent's remarks. Yet, I appreciated hearing them. I wasn't looking for a fight either. I didn't even want to be there in the first place, but now that I was, I also knew I had no intention of allowing the debate to degenerate into one of those all too familiar character assassination events having nothing to do with the real issues.
  • Drogan snarled and sharpened his gaze right back, unwilling to yield. Kalinies had since entered behind them, but he didn't utter a word on who was right or wrong. He did not want to worry about El and her companions any longer, and would be happy to let Rhimaldez take over. Drogan was stubborn, a part intensified by his animal instincts, so when he got his mind set on something, it was best to let him handle itbest to let him stare it out with Rhimaldez. Kalinies held very little regard for either of them, but allowing Drogan independence in his decision kept him loyal.
  • Noah looked stunned, as though it had never occurred to him that his insistent nagging might actually be more damaging to her than just allowing her to go out, be free, and enjoy herself.
  • Kevin said nothing. Ever since his fathers death and his mothers illness he had felt that Laura was in charge, and he tagged along, allowing her to make the decisions, content to leave things in her competent hands, assuming his role as the younger brother. The problem was, when all was said and done, an economic one, and he would fulfil his obligations and go along with whatever Laura felt fit. Maybe Billy was right and it was simply a rather clever ploy on the Homes part to suck more money out of them, but what could he do? If it were nothing more than emotional blackmail it would work, because as everybody knew human life was priceless. His mother would have to be cared for, whatever the cost.
  • The visa waiver countries fall under a special program allowing travel to the united states without a visa waiver countries fall under a special program allowing travel to the united states without a visa.
  • It was now three o'clock. Since all of them were too much excited to even try to sleep any more, they concluded to remain on guard in a bunch. Larry received no end of joshing on account of having slept on his post; Frank even told him that it was considered so serious a matter that men had been stood up against a wall, and shot for allowing the enemy to creep into camp.
  • The discovery of wands in China in the 12th century completely transformed human civilization. Or, more specifically, thousands of wands in the hands of Genghis Khan's Mongol horde completely transformed human civilization. Handcrafted from sacred trees thousands of years old, the more powerful wands made flight possible, allowing the Mongolian Air Force to pound defenseless ground troops armed with swords, spears, and arrows. Genghis Khan conquered Central Asia, China and Korea in his first century, India the second century, and most of Europe the third. Only by developing their own air force did the Europeans stop the Mongols from conquering the world.
  • Behind him, a usually vocal Valaira had not pressured him to speak, or tell her what was on his mind. She knew. Every so often his muscles would twitch and tighten, a growl would rise up from his throat. She could tell exactly what he was thinking, and allowing it to fester was far more productive than anything she could say.
  • A coil of anger stirred inside herat her boss for putting her in this position, at Jackson for controlling her life, but mainly at herself for allowing him to do so.
  • It was evident, however, that the wolves were gaining upon him; and, had they been left to themselves, would soon have brought him down. Our hunters at first thought of allowing them to accomplish this feat; when all at once it occurred to them that, if they did so, the skin might be spoiled! The wolves with their fierce teeth would tear it to pieces.
  • With a quick glance up, she nodded. "Please…" she whispered, allowing the Mage to sit down at her right side, nearly a foot away from her.
  • Using packet switching, various packet switching, various packets of information can travel along different routes on the network, allowing the carrier to optimize network capacity.
  • The window, although quite large, did not open in a reasonable manner. It used a double joint system allowing it to open inwards either from the bottom up or from the right-hand side. Attached from the bottom, the window only opened a space of about twenty centimetres at the top. This was useless for hurling an 18-½" TV through. Attached from the right-hand side, the window opened much wider but the mechanism of the hinge seemed to prevent the window opening fully at this position. They couldnt prize it open further for risk of damaging the hinges which, it was agreed, would be inconsiderate and bad.
  • Roger and Harry had at once taken up positions, one on each side of the entrance to the cave, allowing themselves sufficient room to avoid striking each other with the blades of their long swords, which, with the now useless musket, were all the weapons they had.
  • Earlier this month both militaries had jets in the area and Japanese newspapers have reported that Tokyo is mulling allowing its pilots to fire warning shots.
  • A small hatchet had been brought along for possible use in cutting firewood, and with this the boys cut down two long and slender saplings. Then they tied up the deer as our hero had mentioned, and a sapling was thrust between the front and hind legs of each of the game, allowing the body to hang below.
  • Column headings is a button allowing you to sort the table of search results to your preference.
  • Once again holding his breath Cade watched anxiously as the beautiful tall lean young womans hands disappeared behind the shapeliest sexy body he had ever seen. He prayed silently to God thanking him for allowing this moment in time. But Cade was quickly brought back to the here and now when he heard his friends voice on the answering machine.
  • Microsurgery courses nationally to justify allowing the application.
  • The ship was built to resemble a hawk. Segmented windows from the bridge looked out, appearing to be the eyes of the bird. Sails that resembled wings graced both sides and the main deck, allowing it to catch the solar wind and sail through the void. Another sail at the aft served as a rudder, aiding the man at the helm with maneuvering. The hull was cracked and broken in many places; holes dotted its landscape. The sails had long since rotted away as well. The newest thing on it was the tow rope Dexter left tied to the forecastle.
  • Some systems automatically save your work, allowing you to complete the form over several sittings.
  • I've told you all I know, even things I didn't wish to. For now, I hope you will let me visit one of your fine taverns. I was hoping to obtain an ale and some food before returning to Connel. Surely, you would not deny me that. I only hope to add to the pockets of your own merchants; yours as well for keeping this town, and myself for that matter, safe while I'm here."" He carefully pulled coins from his right front pocket. He did so slowly, allowing the guards to watch his every move. He handed gold to the guard in his path, silver to those on his sides. He even flipped coppers to the guards in the back."
  • Is it not the case that you talked of this matter with one Glass, an English ex-corporal, who sets up to be Governor of Tristan d'Acunha? inquired the captain, without allowing me to finish my sentence.
  • Blade kicked his horse into a canter, his bodyguard and the troops following. The tall wooden gates stood open, allowing the cavalcade to clatter into the castle's courtyard unchallenged. Blade swung down from the tall black charger with a soft groan, rubbing his offended hind parts. Shock-haired grooms ran up to take the horses, gaping at the new arrivals.
  • Cracking sounds filled the air one after the other. The noise was beyond forceful and made Sam's ears hurt. Sam struggled to find the source but could only focus on the lead soldier. His blue hazy field flickered. He took two steps back then dropped to the ground. The soldier's neck flopped to the side, allowing Sam a clear view of his face.
  • They recollected now that they had not exercised their regular caution-- though, even if they had, it is very doubtful whether they would have detected a spy who crawled after them, for the cover was too thick--and a feeling of anger troubled both for allowing themselves to be outwitted by a lout they both held in utter contempt.
  • "There is a large rock leaning up against the back of the manor," Bethany told them. "On the western side, there is a loose brick, at roughly head height, although for you it would be shoulder height I suppose. Push it in, and the wall will part, allowing you access to a passage that will lead you into the study. I hope that helps."
  • At last, the final speck of paper was destroyed. She opened her eyes to find that at some point during her concentration she had collapsed to the ground without realizing. She tried to right herself, but her body would not obey. A thousand miles away, the crowd surrounding her let out a roar of approval. She was vaguely aware that Deacon was lifting her onto his shoulders as the onlookers swept in to offer congratulations. This turned out to be more than Myn could bear, and she let a burst of flame free to back the crowd away, allowing only Deacon to touch her.
  • He watches his wife and his friend leave, heading for the garden. Go to, go to! Speaking with the taller king, she looks up at his face; Leontes watches her lips. How she holds up the nub, the beak to him! As they step out onto the soft, uneven soil, her hand seeks support. And takes an arm with the boldness of an allowing wife to her husband!
  • I had planned to let go of his hilt, too, and launch him like a javelin, but Monoch was having none of that. The sword hurtled ahead with more thrust than Id launched it. Just as I realized Monoch was not allowing my fingers to let go, the pull of the sword started to try to yank my arms out of their sockets at the shoulder. Instead, my shoulders held but my feet left the ground and then broke the surface of the water entirely. We still werent going to make it. The band of mist was in reach, and I could feel the exact position of the control orb inside it, but even this mad lunge was going to fall short.
  • A great deal, the Forecaster replied succinctly. "The faster a river flows, the more sediment it can carry without allowing it to drop to the bottom; the slower it flows, the more readily is the sediment dropped. If you put some mud in a glass of water and keep stirring it with a spoon, the mud will never sink to the bottom. Even if you let it stand perfectly still, it will take several days before the finest particles sink to the bottom of the glass and the water becomes clear."
  • She was silent a moment, allowing them to pass the cargo holds and come closer to the ship's bow. "About Kragorand Xander."
  • Dry mines are filled by drilling down through the roof and pumping in liquid grout and allowing it to set.
  • Fortunately, though, the dog-fish had not done quite so much harm as he might; and, after mending a few rents by tying them together with pieces of sennet, which the old sailor had taken the precaution of having ready for such purpose beforehand, the trawl-net was as good as ever, allowing them to "shoot" it again for another dredge.
  • You are a goot lass, my tear, said the old man, allowing himself to be made as comfortable as it was in his daughter's power to accomplish; "what you say is ferry true. The weather feels warmer, and the wind is down. Perhaps they will find us in the mornin'.
  • Exacerbaterauma setting, however, the blood-brain barrier may be disrupted allowing leakage of the mannitol thereby exacerbating the problem.
  • At last with a shout of "'Ware fire!" he sprang back and laid his match to the touch-hole. There was a spurt of flame as the long nine roared above the staccato bark of the musketry. Then they saw a section of the pirate's upper rail leap clear of her deck and fall overside. "Too high," said Job shortly, though Ghent and Curtis had cheered at the shot, for the distance was a good half-mile. Job worked feverishly at his reloading, helped by others of the Queen's gun crews. Again the charge was a stout one, but this time the gunner laid his muzzle pointblank at the top of the rail, allowing only for wind. Once more he fired. Just short of the Royal James went up a little tower of spray. Job said not a word, but set his great angular jaws and went about his work with all the speed he had.
  • I sighed, disappointed. I would have liked the opportunity to speak with her. I considered if there were some way I could convince Kershid or Liem to permit me to see her. They jealously guarded their mother's health, allowing little disruption of her days.
  • The change won't take place overnight: Service chiefs will have to develop plans for allowing women to seek the combat positions, a senior military official said. Some jobs may open as soon as this year, while assessments for others, such as special operations forces, may take longer. The services will have until January 2016 to make a case to that some positions should remain closed to women.
  • Kenya is a role model for the developing world when it comes to cashless payment. Its M-Pesa network, launched in 2007, has agents "on every block," says Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive of Mercy Corps, a nonprofit thats a member of the alliance. Mauricio Cardenas, Colombias minister of finance and public credit, said in an interview that he hopes within the year the national legislature will pass a law allowing nonbanks to take in cash and issue electronic vouchers.
  • When, however, Purchas called him at seven bells--thus allowing him time to wash and dress in readiness for breakfast at eight o'clock, Leslie found, upon turning out, that while the morning was as gloriously fine as the preceding night had been, the brilliant blue of the sky overhead was streaked here and there with light touches of cirrus cloud, the forerunners of a breeze that was already wrinkling the surface of the azure sea and causing it to sparkle as though strewed with diamond dust in the wake of the sun, while it just filled the brig's sails sufficiently to keep them asleep and give the old tub steerage-way. The watch were just finishing off the task of washing decks; the men going over the streaming planks with swabs and squeegees, to remove the superfluous water, while Purchas, sitting on the stern grating, was drying his bare feet with a towel preparatory to drawing on his socks and shoes. Miss Trevor was not visible.
  • The guards nod to him with the slightest of smiles, allowing the visitor free access. None of the suspicion Leon was so used to in other lands and upon other faces is present on these men. He passes slowly through the outer hall which leads to the throne room, a beautiful and wondrous sight, full of spectacular art of myriad mediums, nothing like the cold, sterile hall leading to his father's throne. The doors of the Halvard throne room are open for the guest, and Leon walks in, the doors shutting behind him.
  • After some debate, and by debate it was more like Shea and Francesca steamrolling Noah into complying, they piled into the rented black SUV that the couple had rented at the airport. Noah wanted to drive the Mustang, but no one thought that allowing him behind the wheel was a good idea on account of the size of the vehicle and his state of mind. It was somewhat mollifying to Omari that she wasnt the only one concerned about Noahs mental status. If she survived all of this and their relationship was intact at the end of everything, she made a note to send both of them to some tropical island or some other such destination for an extended period of time.
  • There was, Andrew, I'm afraid; a man who ought to know better, and whom you wouldn't suspect of allowing such a dreadful thing to be done.
  • In Washington DC, the arrival of eight new Democratic senators in the middle of the healthcare debate could not have come at a better time. With a filibuster proof Senate, the public option was guaranteed. Guaranteed also was allowing states to form their own public healthcare programs. All four new states joined Massachusetts in passing Romneycare-like programs.
  • On most traders there is a hallway and a door into the room Kragor and Jodyne were using. By changing the stairs and moving the door Kragor had freed up several feet of space to use to enlarge one of the cargo holds. Instead of the bedroom it had once been, it now resembled a cargo hold once again, including the trap door in the ceiling allowing cargo to be loaded into it from the main deck. The opposite side of the companionway possessed the other cargo hold, this one every bit as authentic and original as what it had been built like when first commissioned. The only thing of note in the port cargo hold was the light ballista resting in the middle of the room.
  • Marigaff, knowing the horses as she did, selected three steeds to carry the small party. Mia, however, insisted on taking Rosielle, a paint mare she had grown quite fond of while taking riding lessons. Marigaff knew the importance of allowing the Carrier of the Book of Life to select those that would accompany her to the Reading, be it race or animal. So Marigaff consented to Mia taking her, despite the old mare being a little slow. Finnegaff rode Grinnolle, his gray gelding of moderate temper. The third horse was Mandarin, a brown quarter horse accustomed to much handling.
  • Tradition with modernity allowing the units to integrate perfectly into a variety of contemporary surroundings.
  • Armourfirst, smaller warhead nullifies reactive armor allowing the follow through charge to penetrate the main armor.
  • A host of silent silver figures stood rooted on the forest floor, Falk walked beneath their quiet glowing stares. The forest seemed lighter, whether or not it was the statues creating their own illumination, or that the trees were more permissive in allowing the light to pierce the canopy here Falk did not know. But he could at last see far off through the trees, and he saw that the gathering of statues extended just as far as his eyesight. Then Falk noted a statue that was different to the others in its dimensions. Certainly it looked human but as he neared it he saw that it was very much taller than a person. The figure filled a clearing with its width and in height it was lost above the trees. As Falk looked up he could see that the statue of the giant extended up above beyond the canopy. It was this break in the ceiling of the trees that was allowing so much light to flood the area.
  • Jack sighed and was glad this was taking enough words to be in slow motion. He pushed the Gremlin as hard as he could and managed to just get the hood under where Jim was going to land. The landing, which was hard by any standards, was enough to dislodge what was left of the hood. This, combined with the wind pushing him back, sent Jim flying backwards onto the roof. Of course, after sustaining hundreds of bullet hits, this dislodged as well, flying off into space and allowing Jim to fall flat on the passenger seat next to Jack.
  • Over there, kicking at the wet grass and dead leaves was Tom from Highbury Station Road. Throwing rocks and allowing everyone to know of our presence by blowing the rocks into outer space with a tiny flick of his wand was Hunter, a Castle Road boy. They were the toughest around East London.
  • "Nor'-nor'-west, with perhaps half a point more north in it, sir. About a ten-knot breeze--at least that's the drift that Mr. Marston's allowing for."
  • The QB Avatar is a $10,000 virtual presence robot produced in Silicon Valley by Anybots. It's like a rolling webcam that you can activate and control through a PC, allowing you to have conversations with people on the other side. It reminded me of a Segway scooter with personality.
  • She turned to face him, her vest hanging open in the front and allowing him to see her as she slid it from her arms. "Yes, Sir?" she asked softly.
  • I would also recommend allowing plenty of time in which to locate the building.
  • "Seriously Seth you tell your friends not to bug me at work. That isn't the place to handle social calls. You of all people should know that." Jaxon walked past him on her way back to the apartment, flinging her hair over her shoulder as she went. It was a dismissive act, Jaxon was done trying to figure Seth out and his motives, well, he wouldn't have them anymore if she stopped allowing him into her life.
  • These fault timesheet timecard conditions are normally masked with a standard junction box allowing operation with measurement errors.
  • They had truly been blessed, although since the death of his wife, Robert didnt see it that way. The last two years had been extremely difficult for the brothers, working side by side, sunup to sundown. Robert had worked himself nearly to exhaustion every day to keep thoughts of his dead wife at bay. He had given up interacting with all of English society, and angry at God for allowing his wife to die, he had turned his back on the church. He had even wished he could have stayed away from weekly church services, but that was against the law and paying the fines each week of fifty pounds of tobacco would have taken everything he had planted. His family didnt know how much longer he could go on like that, but they were helpless to change the situation. Robert was grateful for their concern, but he wished they would just leave him alone.
  • Rights holders are thus able to benefit from allowing use of their works [ 13 ] .
  • "Tele2 would make a perfect fit for Rostelecom because their networks are complementary, allowing the formation of a nationwide operator in the fastest and cheapest possible way," Malofeev, whose Marshall Capital controls 10.5 percent of Moscow-based Rostelecom, said in an interview.
  • The Mozilla Foundation already uses the Firefox brand for its web browser - an offshoot of the 1990's Netscape Navigator product. The software is developed by a community of volunteers and is run as an open source project, meaning its code is accessible to others allowing them to make their own modifications.
  • Two peach baskets, or rope baskets, or two iron rings are hung upon poles five feet above the water and forty feet apart. The game is played similarly to basket ball, except that the players are allowed to advance with the ball. Tackling and ducking are fouls and penalized by allowing a free throw for goal from a point fifteen feet away. There is no out of bounds, and a basket may be thrown from any place in the water. A field goal counts two points, and a goal from a foul one point.
  • There was no time to argue the matter, for a little later the storm began in earnest. All of the sails were taken in but the fore sheet, and this was reefed down, allowing just enough canvas to fly to keep the bark before the wind. The breeze was turning to half a gale, and from a distance came the rumble of thunder. Then the sky grew still blacker and a flash of lightning illuminated the angry waters.
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