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  • Downsize considerably allowing significant cost savings to made at that level.
  • It came to Anna in a flash. It wasn't exactly Dan Cullen they had been afraid of; it had been her and how they had been able to rescue her from the man. In her drugged state, they didn't dare risk allowing her to speak with law enforcement who would ask uncomfortable questions and threaten the family's position. Remember, outsiders are not to be trusted. Anna is an unknown quantity. Wait until the elders get her measure. Besides she's the other half of Gabriel.
  • I just can't let this go on like this, Ryson continued. "I can't imagine how many will die if this madness isn't stopped. And it is madness. You were there. You know what's true. The algors weren't responsible for Tun's death. Yave is allowing her grief to spread. That's wrong. When I look back at what we did at Sanctum, I'm proud. We stood together. Yave is killing that. This war is destroying what we accomplished. I think its destroying what was meant to be."
  • Her features were easy on his eyes, no glasses allowing those brown irises liberty in her face. "Well hi there," she smiled.
  • Progressively allowing individual residents, corporates and others to invest overseas in financial ASSETS and industrial ventures.
  • All rooms have radiators with thermostatic radiator valves allowing you to adjust the temperature in each room.
  • Vincente reached down for the cephalopod, allowing it to wrap some of the tentacles about him, then pried its grasp from the boat with the handle of the gaff. He made no attempt to free himself from the squid, but as he stood still for a minute or two, the creature voluntarily released its hold, falling to the bottom of the boat.
  • win hands down - win easily - from horse-racing, a jockey would relax and lower his grip on the horse's reins allowing the horse to coast past the finishing line; nowadays an offence that will earn the jockey a fine or ban, due to the effect on the result and therefore betting payouts.
  • During that time of the War, dragon domes were not in existence. The Elves grew hangers that were just curved buildings that the dragons stayed in. They grew fortresses out of trees and other plants, too. They could place spells on these structures, allowing the energy of the plant to power spells, and the domes today still used that principle. The structure was alive, and its energy went into everything.
  • "Well sure Father, Ill meet with her, but I cant promise anything. Im not sure what youre asking, Im not sure what I can do." In the past, in return for cargo space, Jonathan had been able to secure preferential treatment in the UN resettlement program. He leveraged this preferential treatment to individuals allowing them to jump the line and secure resettlement in the United States. Was Father Boniface referring to this or just talking generally?
  • They giggled, Petras health not allowing for such luxuries. "I suppose thiss your way of telling me to find dinner somewhere else."
  • In the quilez I laughed at myself for allowing a prying old man like Meeker to upset my temper, and, as I rode back to the hotel, put the both of them out of my mind; but promised myself that I would take my revenge on the old pest in some way aboard the steamer.
  • The project identified some solutions to achieving flexibility, including allowing users to accrue a surplus for contingencies.
  • She leaned back against her bed and continued to hold their attention. "I've already discussed this with Duilio. He would go out as a distraction to the southern sentry. With luck, they might divert too many of their forces toward him. Behind us, in the north, our strongest units can march behind whatever weather we can conjure and surprise their forces on the northern trail, allowing us to march straight to their citadel."
  • Yoosuf wasn't the only one who, at that moment would have liked to wind back the clock. Alan Chalmers was about to give a press conference, now that the news services were beginning to understand the broader implications of events in St Kilda, and just prior to walking down to the steps of Parliament, he had received an update from the mysterious Mr. Smith. On the positive, Mr. Ahmet's documents had been retrieved from St Kilda Rd. police station, thereby allowing the deletion of any reference to him from all relevant I.D. databases; driving licence, birth, marriage and the like. Unfortunately for Chalmers, the authorities no longer had Ahmet in custody. A group of black clad individuals had broken into the cell and replaced him with three gay men, one of whom happened to be Chalmers' press secretary.
  • The bullocks nosed warily at the water, but Nayka gave them the lash and they waded in without protest. The bed was gravel, smoothed by the long action of the stream, and the water was still shallow, allowing the large wheels of the carts to roll easily. Hawksworth pulled his mount close to the cart and let its enormous wheel splash coolness against his horses flank.
  • Ratnakar - But still you could have been more alertnot allowing them to cheat you and send you in this treacherous exile!
  • Once again holding his breath Cade watched anxiously as the beautiful tall lean young womans hands disappeared behind the shapeliest sexy body he had ever seen. He prayed silently to God thanking him for allowing this moment in time. But Cade was quickly brought back to the here and now when he heard his friends voice on the answering machine.
  • Coulter kept up his work in the sixth, by allowing but one short single to be taken off his delivery, and no Yale man got further than second base.
  • "Good enough for me," Aiden agreed after only a moment's hesitation, smashing open the lock with ease and allowing Morik to walk free. From the way he moved, he was clearly an experienced warrior, and carried numerous scars on his body to prove it. He reached down and picked up a short battle spear from one of his fallen people, then looked over at the pile of bodies around them with something akin to regret in his eyes. In the cell next to him, Aiden saw much of their equipment piled up in the corner, topped off with Colt's longbow and greatsword.
  • It was now three o'clock. Since all of them were too much excited to even try to sleep any more, they concluded to remain on guard in a bunch. Larry received no end of joshing on account of having slept on his post; Frank even told him that it was considered so serious a matter that men had been stood up against a wall, and shot for allowing the enemy to creep into camp.
  • Credentials of a caller with the head office before allowing access to your home.
  • Oh heck no! No way! Grain prices are going down and the cost of production is going up daily. They will most likely rent the land back to the farmer who sold it for a nominal amount allowing him to make a small profit, hopefully. This is going to be a long term affair, and those who bought in early might decide to take some profit from the stragglers who will be getting into the farm land market late. I even gave selling some thought myself, but I would be lost without my farm. I don't know what I would do if something happened so that I couldn't be a farmer no more. Having said this, Preacher Roy got a distant look in his eyes as he peered through the large glass window towards the horizon.
  • Anna? Gabriel began to sense her interest, and Anna retracted the thoughts, sliding away before he could perceive any of her intentions. She arranged herself accordingly, pulled a flashlight out of the pack, and slithered down into the earth, allowing it to swallow her up.
  • Immediately the boats felt the suction, which must have been very strong indeed. They strained at their ropes, and those who had the cables in charge obeyed the instructions given to them, allowing a certain length of line to slip, thus easing the fearful drag.
  • The 10 th earl had removed the roof in 1746, allowing the property to become ruinous ( coventry, 2001 ).
  • "One night is enough to make a difference and he has had weeks. Calista was emotionally unwrought the night of the sponsalla." He paused significantly, allowing their imaginations to work. He could almost see the visions their minds were creating.
  • These have the effect of reducing the pressure and allowing the urethra to spring apart, widening the channel.
  • Massive green valleys of large mountains surrounded them, reminding him of home among the rolling hills of the Highland mountains. His heightened senses picked up the sharp taste and smell of salt water from the other side of the castle where the steep hillside led down to the Arges River. A passage led along the back end of the castle allowing them entrance under the soldierseyes.
  • Arrows hissed from the hidden galleries high above as the men stationed there let fly. Bane raised his arms, and a black shield shimmered into being over him, consuming the arrows as they struck it, allowing only ash to pass through. He gestured, razing the archers with fire, and they fell howling to smack against the marble floor with sickening thuds and splatters of blood. Within moments the tapestries were ablaze and burning bodies littered the floor, some writhing and shrieking.
  • By slow degrees the nature of the bog changed. One might not notice that his surroundings had become less promising, and that the surface of the ooze, green though it was, would prove a delusion and a snare if stepped on, allowing the foot to sink many inches in the sticky mass.
  • The man opened the door a little wider, and gazed sharply into Phil's face. Then his manner seemed to change, and, allowing the door to swing wide open, he tottered back and sank down on a bench.
  • But in the event of my untimely demise while traipsing through the jungles of the Amazon, or hiking up the treacherous peaks of Everest, or whatever it is that I'll be doing, I bequeath to the world my ultimate labor of love: book forewords to anything that might possibly come along. With some noteworthy exceptions, many of the books referenced herein have not actually been written - and we should all start praying right now that they never will be - but given the current literary climate, it seems to be an inevitable fact that not only will these books indeed be written, but they will subsequently be printed, distributed and marketed to the literate peoples of the free world. And once again, I blame democracy for allowing this to happen.
  • The king, being much enraged at this, said in a great passion, Daughter, you are mad, and I must use you as such. In a word, he shut her up in a certain apartment of one of the seven palaces, allowing only ten old women to wait upon her, to keep her company, the chief of whom had been her nurse. And that the kings his neighbours, who had sent embassies to him on this account, might not think any more of her, he despatched envoys to them severally, to let them know how averse his daughter was to marriage; and as he did not doubt but she was really mad, he charged them to make it known in every court, that if there were any physician who would undertake to come and cure her, he should, if he succeeded, have her for his pains.
  • In the early morning light the great form of Peavey Jo seemed to assume giant proportions. He was here, there, and everywhere at the moment, and his blustering voice could be heard bellowing out orders, which, to do him justice, were the best possible. As soon as the Supervisor and his party appeared he broke out into a violent tirade against them for not keeping a fit watch over the forest and allowing a fire to get such a headway on a night when in the evening there had been so little wind, whereas now a gale was rising fast. But Merritt did not waste breath in reply; he simply ordered his men to get in and do all they could to insure the safety of the mill.
  • Now, I understand that second little rumble I heard, said Elmer. "It was just as Johnny reached us in front of the barn, and sounded like the barrel had started on again. That happened when the rope was cut, allowing the weighted hogshead to keep on a little further to the bottom of the drop."
  • Not knowing what to say to that, the companions remained silent, each thinking their own thoughts and allowing Agatha to continue..
  • Negusse was corrupt and his role was a pretext for Saxon Minerals claims to legitimacy, allowing them to maintain compliance with national laws. Negusse became indebted to Orias when he borrowed money to build his home in Bunia. When the UN took over Bunia, he went behind on his payments and the loan was past due. It had been more than a year since the last payment, but Orias had not forgotten, nor was he willing to simply let it go. "If that fuck Negusse thinks he can hide behind the UN, he is wrong," hed told his defense minister. He sensed an opportunity and held up his hand and stopped one of his men, who was walking toward Peter with a rope.
  • Thunder rolled across the land as Bane's eyes opened again, allowing more blood to escape. He gazed across the stormy grassland, and Mirra prayed that the dragonroot had started to take effect, for time was running out. The tension in the air was like a silent scream as the Overworld struggled against the Black Lord's rising. Clouds raced across the sky, and the lightning flickered constantly now. The very fabric of the Overworld protested, the air stiff with electrical animosity.
  • Even allowing for Rick's pride of ownership, the Sky Wagon was a beauty. It was painted pure white with a red strip along the fuselage. It could carry four, plus a fair amount of cargo. It had flaps which permitted slow landings and short take offs, and it had retractable landing gear and variable pitch propeller.
  • I feign a slight coughing fit and it works perfectly, allowing me to turn and bring my hand to my mouth. Oh, myis that paph wonderful. It's all I can do not to groan in delight.
  • Resistivitygenerally have high resistivities, allowing them to maintain static charges for long periods.
  • Stuff and nonsense,’ Louisa returned. ‘I would not dream of allowing a young woman of twenty-five to live somewhere on her own. It is most unseemly.’
  • I was coming to your house with an important paper my father asked me to hand you, when he heard me say I meant to take a long walk. I crossed this field to make a shortcut, as I've often done before. That terrible dog of yours was loose, although you have been warned against allowing it. And he would have attacked me, only that these brave boys came to my assistance. I shall tell my father about it, you can depend, sir.
  • Designed for cathedral evensong prayers, with arm slits allowing a wider view.
  • Is it not the case that you talked of this matter with one Glass, an English ex-corporal, who sets up to be Governor of Tristan d'Acunha? inquired the captain, without allowing me to finish my sentence.
  • "Seriously Seth you tell your friends not to bug me at work. That isn't the place to handle social calls. You of all people should know that." Jaxon walked past him on her way back to the apartment, flinging her hair over her shoulder as she went. It was a dismissive act, Jaxon was done trying to figure Seth out and his motives, well, he wouldn't have them anymore if she stopped allowing him into her life.
  • The decision will apply mainly to the army and the marine corps, as the air force and navy already have lifted most prohibitions on women in combat, allowing them to fly fighter jets and fire weapons on ships. In 2010, the navy opted to allow women to serve on submarines.
  • Then you did your duty! exclaimed Captain Ringgold, rising from his arm-chair, and extending his hand to the young man. "I congratulate you on your success, and I am only sorry that the unfortunate grounding of the Guardian-Mother compelled you to fight the battle alone. I had no intention of allowing the Maud to be out of my sight more than a few hours."
  • Entering the temple, she sticks to the shadows, not wanting to be seen by Alastor. Not that it is of much use, the temple is very well lit, but empty. Alastor descends a set of stairs at the rear of the main hall, entering a room marked as a library. He does not close the door fully, allowing Amelia an ample eavesdropping opportunity. She stands to the left of the door, heart pounding, afraid of being caught by Alastor.
  • They sprang towards the carriage, one on each side; and then turning, ran in the direction it was going, grasping the head stalls of the animals as they passed, but allowing themselves to be carried on some way, their weight however telling instantly on the galloping steeds.
  • Strom smiled, allowing himself to hope. Maybe he, too, was meant to do something special. He looked back at his friend and the monk who remained in the room before he followed Gustad to the forge.
  • I found that we had been more fortunate than a party that left Clunes a little later, who had the greatest difficulty in reaching home by reason of the flood. At some places the gentlemen had to get out of the carriages into the water, up to their middle, and sound the depths of the holes in advance, before allowing the horses to proceed. And hours passed before they succeeded in reaching their destination.
  • I was kept waiting several minutes, and then four women opened it in place of the customary two; and instead of smiling, as on previous occasions, they frowned, lining up across the threshold. They were older women than the others had been and looked perfectly capable of showing fight; allowing for their long pins and possible hidden weapons I would not have given ten cents for my chance against them. So I asked for King and the Mahatma.
  • "It is." I stared past him into the dark, where the lantern was still bobbing here and there amid the wreckage of the Spaniard. We were closer now, allowing me to pick out Fulke's hulking shape in the shadows. And something more besides. "But I think I might have an idea."
  • He had no modesty with his body, but was confident, yet not swaggering, merely natural and at ease, earthy, she thought. During sex, he was sensual, erotic, and passionate in ways that made her tremble. Yes, intimate; not allowing her to put that mental distance in her mind, because he gave as much as he took. There was an abandon in his beautiful face and body, that touched her deeper than skin and bone.
  • The initial dig had been relatively easy, allowing them to use their hands as shovels, but when they reached the layer of sandstone, they had trouble going deeper. They used everything they had to break up the brittle sandstone, and they removed it in large chunks. Catrin desperately hoped the tribesmen would have enough patience to let them finish, and as the last of the sandstone layer was cleared from a small area, she saw the bedrock.
  • Queen Minna-Satu raised her six-foot sceptre and brought it down with a dull clink. On cue, her mother's chief advisor, Mendal of the snakes, stepped forward and prostrated himself. She waited a full minute before allowing him to rise, and he did so red-faced.
  • "It grieves me sore that you cannot stay with me longer," said De Bury, allowing himself to be persuaded. "Yet I hope that we shall soon meet again. Craigston Castle is ever ready to receive you."
  • "But I can't help saying how very kind I think it; and I think it is very selfish, allowing a friend to engage in so irksome and, perhaps, dangerous an enterprise."
  • A cookbook of techniques is then described, allowing surprisingly sophisticated macros to be developed.
  • Chanter's brows rose at her use of the Mujar name for her people. He let her pummel him while he held her to prevent her slipping. She soon exhausted the little strength she had and slumped against him, allowing him to hold her and stroke her hair.
  • As he sat thus turning the leaves and allowing his eye to fall upon those simple but eloquent entries, a loud and strident voice was heard outside.
  • Driving from the field Simon Perry was on one hand extremely upset over the fact that the young woman had somehow discovered things that no one should know of, but on the other hand he looked forward to matching wits with the young woman. Although he did not think her nearly his equal, he had to admit though that she had indeed surprised him with her gumption. She had been able to attach a tracking device to his car and use it to thwart his plans with Katey. He shook his head in disgust upon remembering seeing the yellow vehicle near his parents home. He was incensed with himself for allowing the young woman and the little silly man to interrupt his special plans.
  • Paddling with all their strength Grant and John succeeded in catching up with their opponents. When the bow of their canoe was within a few feet of the stern of the other they eased up a bit and contenting themselves with allowing their rivals to set the pace, they kept their position with bulldog determination.
  • Brass eyelets coming out of anklets allowing the anklet to come off.
  • With his disadvantages of position, the absence of all moral training, and the dishonesty which was the natural result of the old system of labor, the negro could not be expected to observe all the rules prescribed for his guidance, but which were never explained. Like ignorant and degraded people everywhere, many of the negroes believed that guilt lay mainly in detection. There was little wickedness in stealing a pig or a chicken, if the theft were never discovered, and there was no occasion for allowing twinges of conscience to disturb the digestion.
  • Sarah leaned back, staring up at the ceiling, which happened to be display a very masterful fresco depicting several groups of griffins in flight. Admiring the handiwork, she slowly surveyed the room, taking in the tastefulness of the decorations, the carvings, and the paintings. The fireplace appeared to have carved marble figurines decorating the mantel. The three windows in the room (suite?) had thick, dark green drapes drawn across, thus allowing as much privacy as was possible. In the far corner sat a plush chair, also dark green, next to several bookcases full of old tomes. Rising up off the couch, she wandered over to the bookcases to see what types of books they contained. Books on history, care for exotic creatures, and the like met her eye. There, next to the chair, was the rope Tristan had referenced before. Must be the medieval equivalent of a telephone, she mused.
  • Mr. Conor continued, "It was dangerous allowing him to ... probe your soul as he did. He is, after all, not human...."
  • Control panel a full control panel allowing you to manage your service online.
  • Torn between continuing after Bartlett simply out of spite and allowing him to escape, Aiden froze in the middle of the hallway, watching the door close as the old businessman slammed it shut behind him. The sounds of a desperate struggle finally snapped Aiden back to reality, and he spun around and rushed back up the passage to the door the officer had gone through, slamming his shoulder into it without slowing down, splintering the lock and throwing the door wide open.
  • They get two members because we recognize Witches as a different type of Human and have been allowing them to sit in the Council for over a thousand years. The Humans have only come to the table Post-Merge. We keep no Council secrets from the UN.
  • It had no sooner gone than more sail was set, the yards were squared, and the vessel kept away up the Straits for shelter. It was a big improvement, for she certainly had begun to make dirty weather of it, and no wonder. Now, however, running almost dead before the gale, getting into smoother water at every fathom, she was steady as a rock, allowing us to pursue our greasy avocation in comparative comfort. The gale was still increasing, although now blowing with great fury; but, to our satisfaction, it was dry and not too cold. Running before it, too, lessened our appreciation of its force; besides which, we were exceedingly busy clearing away the enormous mass of the junk, which, draining continually, kept the decks running with oil.
  • Any number of control loops can be imposed on the simulation allowing control system evaluation and realistic energy consumption estimates.
  • Even allowing for exaggeration, they are not substantiated by any english or irish source.
  • Tradition with modernity allowing the units to integrate perfectly into a variety of contemporary surroundings.
  • His eyes started adjusting to the absence of light, allowing him to see the faint outline of the cart he was laying in. As silently as possible, he twisted so that he could see the ropes binding his arms and legs. Hoping that no one was walking alongside the cart to smell what he was about to do, he focused his jhorun to produce a tiny pinprick of intense fire, and then caressed that red-hot dot along his bonds. His arms were free! Now, his legs. The ropes fell away, neatly sliced open. Making sure there wasnt any other ropes holding on to him, Steve contemplated his next course of action. Should he just jump out of the cart and yell surprise? Or should he maybe try to sneak out and make a break for it?
  • Insulator nose is of improved design, allowing better gas flow around the firing end.
  • It is the subject of a separate pom order exemption allowing registered paramedics to administer it, but this does not include ambulance technicians.
  • He raises his head high, allowing the light from the window to illuminate his face. It is pale and sickly white. His eyes are dark. But, his face might also be called young and attractive. The paradox is unnerving. The Necromancer smiles.
  • Well, we're due for a quarrel, I reckon. But we'll postpone it till we got more time to give it. He drew a watch from his pocket and glanced at it In less than fifteen minutes Mike and our two friends who are making their getaway will come in that door Henderson just went out of. That means we won't get a chance to be alone together, for about two days. I've got something to say to you, Curly Haid, that won't keep that long with out running my temperature clear up. So I'm allowing to say it right now immediate. No, you don't need to turn them brown appealers on me. It won't do a mite of good. It's Bucky to the bat and he's bound to make a hit or strike out."
  • The better known bourdon gage works by allowing the pressure into a curved tube, itself of a slightly elliptical cross section.
  • Icraf will also contribute through allowing the project access to their database on the african acacias.
  • "The woman I am betrothed to," Kaymin answered, allowing himself to be distracted even though he could feel his face still flushed with anger.
  • With this appalling intelligence I returned below. Escape seemed impossible. I proposed building a raft, it was a desperate resource, and there might not be time even to lash a few spars together. I could not bear the thought of allowing the poor captain to perish miserably without an attempt to save him. He divined my thoughts. "Its of no use, Harry, I am prepared for death, and resign myself to the arms of that merciful God whom I have so lately learned to know," he said, with perfect calmness.
  • "They all do. Or I should say, they all better have, yes. I cannot imagine the legal department of any reputable biotech lab allowing them to sell a product that doesnt have almost exactly that same disclaimer in every test kit. Theyd get themselves in very deep legal trouble."
  • In that moment Sarge forgot about Simon Says. He left behind his fathers death, the falling out with his brother Mycroft, the death of Tanner, the War. They meant nothing to him when he hit the field. Some people thanked God for their blessings, but Sarge thanked Captain Robert Astor for making all of it possible and allowing him to be a part of something that made him human again.
  • Inquest verdict on her son quashed, allowing a new hearing to take place.
  • Topoisomerases are enzymes with both nuclease and ligase activity. These proteins change the amount of supercoiling in DNA. Some of these enzymes work by cutting the DNA helix and allowing one section to rotate, thereby reducing its level of supercoiling; the enzyme then seals the DNA break. Other types of these enzymes are capable of cutting one DNA helix and then passing a second strand of DNA through this break, before rejoining the helix. Topoisomerases are required for many processes involving DNA, such as DNA replication and transcription.
  • There was, Andrew, I'm afraid; a man who ought to know better, and whom you wouldn't suspect of allowing such a dreadful thing to be done.
  • Cap'n Mike was fishing, allowing the rowboat to drift slowly in the direction of the cove. Rick watched awhile, and was satisfied. If anyone could put it over, Cap'n Mike could.
  • Shasta waited but a moment, and then gripping Elwood by the wrist he began threading his way through the forest. As he did so, instead of allowing the youngster to walk by his side, he held his arm backward, so that to all intents and purposes the boy was following behind him, and yet at such an angle that their feet did not interfere with each other.
  • It was their custom to pile up a heap of stones wherever such an event occurred, to warn others from staying themselves, or allowing their sheep or cattle to stay, near the spot in thunder, as it was observed that where lightning struck once it was sure to strike again, sooner or later. "Then," said Felix, "you may be sure there is water there!" He knew from his study of the knowledge of the ancients that lightning frequently leaped from trees or buildings to concealed water, but he had no intention of indicating water in that particular spot. He meant the remark in a general sense.
  • In a flash, the assassin jerked his arms up, the edges of his stiff hands striking the Prince on either side of his neck. Kerrion's eyes rolled up as he keeled over, unconscious. Blade pushed him away and sat up, brushing leaves from his hair. Swiftly he fastened the chains around Kerrion's wrists, making any further attempts at escape impossible. allowing himself the satisfaction of kicking the Prince in the gut, Blade set about lighting a fire and setting up camp.
  • Gratitude seems an unknown feeling among these folk; you may give presents and help and feed them all you like, the moment you want a slight favour of them they demand the uttermost cent. In attempting to analyse this I was confronted by the fact that among themselves they are kind and hospitable, and at length discovered that their attitude toward us is founded on the ideas that all white men are very rich, that the Indian has made them so by allowing them to come into this country, that the Indian is very poor because he never was properly compensated, and that therefore all he can get out of said white man is much less than the white man owes him.
  • Marthe passed Jennifer and other personnel, her small stature quick in moments like these. Moments where a life ended and as Marthe reached the door she stopped, allowing someone else before her.
  • The entrance to the hotel has a glass facade allowing lots of natural daylight into the lobby area.
  • He smiled. ‘Dear one, Rhaki destroyed me long ago. Even with the help of the healers of Gaharn, I will be forever damaged. If you let me take this task from you, I will gladly go beyond, knowing I have tried to atone for allowing Rhakis monstrosity to reach the heights it has.’
  • In regard to philanthropy, the greatest virtue of crowned heads, Napoleon also did all in his power. He caused the words Maison de ma Mere to be inscribed on the charitable institutions, thereby combining tender filial affection with the majestic benevolence of a monarch. He visited the Foundling Hospital and, allowing the orphans saved by him to kiss his white hands, graciously conversed with Tutolmin. Then, as Thiers eloquently recounts, he ordered his soldiers to be paid in forged Russian money which he had prepared: "Raising the use of these means by an act worthy of himself and of the French army, he let relief be distributed to those who had been burned out. But as food was too precious to be given to foreigners, who were for the most part enemies, Napoleon preferred to supply them with money with which to purchase food from outside, and had paper rubles distributed to them."
  • In the shop opposite, mannequins leered through dark windows; malevolent eyes stared right through you. The perfect coppers, if they were truly alive. The gloom of the night had taken hold now, yet still repelled by the cafes light. In the darkness they dwelled: the drunks, the addicts and the mobs. Any one of these factions would kill for cash, for blood, for drugs or for more weapons to kill more innocents. The caf door tinkled as it opened, allowing the woman and her companion stepped out into the night, purposefully keeping out of the shadows. The light was safe they thought. In the caf, the loner looked up from his brown pool of what was supposed to be coffee and into the barman's squinted eyes and shook his head solemnly. The barman gazed out of the window into nothingness. The woman and her companion were obviously not from around here; everyone around here knew not to go out into the darkness, especially at night. A scream rang out of the darkness, shattering the fragile silence.
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