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  • Torpedo tubes are all in place, with the external doors open, allowing for detailed examination.
  • It was now three o'clock. Since all of them were too much excited to even try to sleep any more, they concluded to remain on guard in a bunch. Larry received no end of joshing on account of having slept on his post; Frank even told him that it was considered so serious a matter that men had been stood up against a wall, and shot for allowing the enemy to creep into camp.
  • Asta was standing next to the narrow bed, staring at him with huge gold eyes. Her black and white hair tumbled fetchingly over her shoulders and her lusciously red lips were parted in surprise. And she was completely nude. The saucy t-shirt and jeans had vanished. Her well-shaped arms twitched as if she wanted to cover herself but she kept them in position, allowing him to see everything.
  • I felt the tears beginning to fill my eyes again. I fought against them and forced them to retreat somehow. I tried to concentrate, but my labored mind had become Swiss cheese. So I had to settle for sitting quietly and allowing fate to spin the wheel. Its not like I had another choice.
  • A few coughs rattled about the room and her pasty flesh started to burn crimson. She clenched her fists on the table. "I repeat; I do not see a problem! The system remains secure. The general population is aware of the discovery, but only in the most general sense. The Authority remains at our disposal and Regency Govern is allowing us to proceed with our own objectives intact. Therefore, let us approach this as scientists and not as politicians. Let us look at the facts. The Fenrites are industrializing. Did we expect they wouldn't?"
  • Massive green valleys of large mountains surrounded them, reminding him of home among the rolling hills of the Highland mountains. His heightened senses picked up the sharp taste and smell of salt water from the other side of the castle where the steep hillside led down to the Arges River. A passage led along the back end of the castle allowing them entrance under the soldierseyes.
  • My blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake was a superior creation, light and creamy allowing the flavor of the mascarpone to come through.
  • [FN#489] The seventh of the sixteen "Bahr" (metres) in Arabic prosody; the easiest because allowing the most license and, consequently, a favourite for didactic, homiletic and gnomic themes. It means literally "agitated" and was originally applied to the rude song of the Cameleer. De Sacy calls this doggrel "the poet's ass" (Torrens, Notes xxvi.). It was the only metre in which Mohammed the Apostle ever spoke: he was no poet (Koran xxxvi., 69) but he occasionally recited a verse and recited it wrongly (Dabistan iii.
  • On one side of the road was the upward slope of the hill, on the other the treacherous downward slope that had already caused them so much trouble. Dave hesitated for a moment, then pulled on one side of the reins with might and main, allowing the other side to drop entirely.
  • Alastor's allowing of a slower pace was not merely for easing their journey; the forest north of the watchtower could not be more different than that of the south. Water and ice pool in deep ruts, steep hills whose faces are nothing more than mud walls lay in waiting. Creeper vines hang low from the trees and clog the ground. The earth is so saturated with moisture that it has receded and leaves the roots of the massive trees exposed. All these things the men must be vigilant to avoid.
  • "Youre gonna sign two notes, your Assholiness," said Larry. "Youre allowing Lori to borrow your car during her vacation and youre fine with that or we release note two, in which you confess to having tried to rape her." When the redhead appeared to object, Larry reached for another cheese puff and restuffed the empty nostril. Larry pulled out his cell phone. "Lets take some pictures." Larry shot several images of the redhead, his face caked in orange paste, chips in his nose, gagged. Larry looked at each one and showed them, in turn, to the kid. "Now some video," said Larry, pointing the camera. He let go of the kids hair, pulled out the pantyhose, and leaned in. "Out loud, now: ‘Its okay that Loris using my car. I tried to rape her.’ "
  • ON September 21st my men had a great discussion. Their courage failed altogether, as they said they had never before seen a boat of that kind, made of glass bottles, and that, even allowing that she would float at all, if we struck a rock where should we be? They declared that, tired as they were, they preferred to go on struggling on foot through the forest rather than get drowned. With his peculiar reasoning, Benedicto said that it was bad enough to die of starvation, but to die of starvation and get drowned as well was too much for him!
  • The give and take of the snow. The whistle of the icy wind as it slipped gently through the fir needles. The light cascading off the humps in the snow, creating patches of ground too difficult to look at. These were all Elena could think of. They saturated her mind, allowing her to avoid the thoughts that pressed against her.
  • Strewn bodies of townsfolk lay here and there across the stairs and streets. All gently sleeping. Horses, mules, and goats wandered the grey streets listlessly. Weaving uphill through the city, past the curving townhouses and bazaar squares, I approached the Mehal. Its strong black iron gate loomed above, boldly throwing its shadow. The bars were too narrow for an armored man to pass through, but I managed to squeeze myself through. I opened the gate, allowing Cinnamon in and then locked it once more. Patting the horse's nose, I let her go: she would find her way to the stables easily enough.
  • That instant the sunshine in Benares ceased and the moon and stars came out. The glow of lamps shone forth from the temple courtyards, and down by the river ghats were the lurid crimson flame and smoke where they cremated dead Hindus. It was far more perfect than a motion picture. allowing for scale it looked actually real.
  • Augie then guided Daisy through the halls allowing her to scamper around this way and that, here and there. If she strayed too far the rainbow penguin would call for her and Daisy would hungrily run back searching for hugs and kisses with affections that a thousand years of rigidity halted me from fully giving. As she scampered towards a Matisse of naked heathen woman I decided to bury the hatchet and start some simple small talk.
  • All through the playoffs hed been eating in his room, Summer allowing small concessions. Or else he ate early, or else the games had been during the day, and it was a non-issue. It was the baseball, only the baseball, not any particular team ruffling his feathers.
  • Danodel told them the tale of how hed caught the tyggen, and even allowing for the obvious exaggerations they were both wide-eyed in admiration of him. Theyd never heard of such a fearsome creature, with its teeth longer than ten clawslength, its skin of orange and black like living fire, its mouth as wide as any dragons and its speed and strength impossible to comprehend. And for a young dragg to catch such a thing single-clawed - here was honour indeed! ‘Simplicity itself,’ said Danodel, ‘for a dragon of my brain.’ And he told them how he had dug a pit seven statures deep in the heart of the forest, and how hed matted it over with vine and leaves until it was as much like the forest floor as any other place, and how hed then taunted the tyggen and run before it into the clearing and hovered over the trap, and how the tyggen had fallen roaring into the pit and tumbled down into the darkness.
  • Wootton creek therefore acts as a partial sediment sink, intercepting some of the eastward littoral drift, but allowing bypassing of the majority.
  • The alchemy task manager helps you manage multiple alchemy workstations in a production environment, allowing your staff to maximize productivity.
  • While we were enjoying the hospitality of the boys, all of whom were greatly amused at our absurd appearance, and interested in our night's adventure, which my companion could not resist the temptation of exaggerating to his friends, the officer of the guard had reported his catch to his colonel, who peremptorily ordered us into his presence. Without allowing us an opportunity to wash or clean up, we were marched, like two prisoners, between two files of soldiers with fixed bayonets, through several camps, amid the laughter and jeers of the crowds which were attracted by the odd show.
  • Coulter kept up his work in the sixth, by allowing but one short single to be taken off his delivery, and no Yale man got further than second base.
  • If Paul could have had his own way just then he would have been in favor of allowing Scissors a chance to make his escape. But he had a pair of impetuous comrades along; and aroused by the excitement of the occasion neither William nor Bobolink thought of consulting his wishes.
  • Great Britain was the great obstacle to the desire of Russia to march down upon Constantinople. Her real objection was that with Russia on the Bosphorus the control of the Mediterranean might pass into the hands of the rival who seemed to wish to dispute with her for the mastery of India. Her expressed reasons had some vague declarations about the "chivalry of the Turk." Austria developed her ambition to suzerainty over the Balkan Peninsula mainly on the strength of a claim to be the heir of the old Holy Roman Empire, and as such possessing an hereditary right to rule over the old seat of that Empire in the East. Italy was forced into a Balkan policy by the impossibility of allowing a rival Power to settle on the other side of the Adriatic, threatening her whole east coast. Germany and France came into Balkan politics chiefly as allies of Powers with more direct interests, although both have now fears and hopes regarding the Asiatic dominions of the Sublime Porte and shape their Balkan policy accordingly.
  • I have eaten nothing; I only drank a glass of my master's lemonade--that's all; and Barrois turned towards Noirtier, who, immovably fixed in his arm-chair, was contemplating this terrible scene without allowing a word or a movement to escape him.
  • These relatively long-lived stars may have been feeding the black hole for longer, allowing it to spin up to faster rates.
  • After a time, of which Emma has completely lost the concept, she reaches the edge of the moon. She reaches into her breast pocket with her free hand and pops open her prescription, bringing the orange bottle up to her lips and allowing a single pill to fall to her tongue. She chews the pill, for lack of water, hoping that it will give her the confidence she needs to face whatever may lie ahead.
  • Silas felt his first pang of hunger. Did people eat in the afterlife? He supposed they did if there was hunger. Curious. As he led them down, the path began to level off a bit. With lush green trees and several snowcapped mountains in the distance, the view nearly brought tears to Silas' eyes as it showed promise that Marenon may not be such a dreadful place after all. Although, getting there had been horrible. Why would the king implement a system to eradicate as many people as possible before allowing them in? Barron had said the king had ordered it. Some king, Silas thought. First impressions showed that Marenon was not quite the welcoming place it could be.
  • This method consists of putting the horse in a long narrow place like a stall in a stable, through the bars of which the boys can reach in, throw on the saddle and tighten it. Then a rider can climb into the saddle over the top rail of the fence and at a signal a gate can be opened, allowing the maddened steed to rush out.
  • You will also be taught how to fly a square parachute, allowing you to enjoy the canopy flight as well as the freefall.
  • It is the subject of a separate pom order exemption allowing registered paramedics to administer it, but this does not include ambulance technicians.
  • Nigel obeyed and held on to the flapping sheet. The hermit had at the same moment let go the foresail, the flapping of which he controlled by a rope-tackle arranged for the purpose. He then grasped his single-blade paddle and aided Moses in keeping her head to wind and sea. For a few minutes this was all that could be done. Then the first violence of the squall passed off, allowing the deck of the little craft to appear above the tormented water. Soon the waves began to rise.
  • She leaned back against her bed and continued to hold their attention. "I've already discussed this with Duilio. He would go out as a distraction to the southern sentry. With luck, they might divert too many of their forces toward him. Behind us, in the north, our strongest units can march behind whatever weather we can conjure and surprise their forces on the northern trail, allowing us to march straight to their citadel."
  • As if she simply faded in from the darkness and took form where there was none before, a woman in a long black cloak appeared off to the side of the road where Sazar and several goblins stood watching and waiting. Her cloak billowed at the bottom and appeared to have no true end as if she was an extension of the darkness around her. Her appearance so stunned one goblin that he fired off a crossbow bolt before he knew what he was shooting at. The woman stepped forward and leaned into the incoming bolt, allowing it to plunge deep into her shoulder. Without even a gasp of pain, she pulled the protruding bolt from her flesh and threw it to the ground.
  • Melody floated Yaeko forward until they reached a prime bit of beach sand perhaps a hundred feet from the Pier. There she learned she had a another new ability when she found she was able to lift Yaekos legs while holding Yaekos trunk upright, thereby allowing her to lower Yaeko to a ready sitting position on the sand itself.
  • According to the guidebook, however, the palace never had been assaulted. The other sets of walls along the banks of the Tongue Water, combined with Peridols fortunate island geography, had proved the key defenses. In allowing Peridol the chance to pull itself from the mess left by the Dislocation before anyone else on the continent, they had directly paved the way for Peridols march to its present world mastery. The Tongue Water defenses were long since dismantled but the palace remained, its symbolism now unmistakable.
  • "I've told you all I know, even things I didn't wish to. For now, I hope you will let me visit one of your fine taverns. I was hoping to obtain an ale and some food before returning to Connel. Surely, you would not deny me that. I only hope to add to the pockets of your own merchants; yours as well for keeping this town, and myself for that matter, safe while I'm here." He carefully pulled coins from his right front pocket. He did so slowly, allowing the guards to watch his every move. He handed gold to the guard in his path, silver to those on his sides. He even flipped coppers to the guards in the back.
  • Colombia is being mindful of that balance by allowing America Movil, which operates under the Claro brand, to participate in bidding for some airwaves, said Information Technology and Communications Minister Diego Molano.
  • The chief had not the remotest thought of allowing his train to be captured, nor yet of being compelled to corral it before he was ready to do so.
  • All ready, answered Dave, who had gotten on the front seat, thus allowing Bert and Phil the better shelter of the tonneau of the car.
  • "But I can't help saying how very kind I think it; and I think it is very selfish, allowing a friend to engage in so irksome and, perhaps, dangerous an enterprise."
  • Within minutes, all three ladies were back at the tub, ready for the washing to begin. Jennie cut off several strips of hard lye soap, allowing them to fall into the scalding tub of water. She swirled them around in the hot tub with a stick until they dissolved, giving off a rich thick foam. While she did this, the other two women separated the clothes into colors and how severely they were dirtied. Soon, there were several piles of dirty clothes cluttering the yard.
  • Heis should use their own forward planning tools to calculate indexation, including the cost of any salary increments and allowing for inflation.
  • He continued, 'Dragons have the ability to "leap" through space and time, allowing them to think of a place, then, appear there.'
  • The boer now proceeded to explain that the Kaffir had expressed a wish to be employed at his place, and had declared that he would proceed no further with his former masters, who had cruelly ill treated him for allowing the giraffes to escape. He denied having done anything to influence this strange decision.
  • Enin continued. "The concepts I tell you should let your mind gain a spark of understanding of energy and shadow. They are certainly complex topics when it comes to magic. What should help you in casting this spell is understanding that just because something has no substance doesnt mean it cant exist. Also, the lack of substance allows for shifting motion that is not bound by the same restrictions that objects of solid material face in this existence. So, when I ask you to consider the spell of transporting to my side, you have to think in terms beyond the movement spell you have already learned. You must focus on allowing the magic to do what it is capable of doing and thats bringing you to me without actually traveling through space and time. Just like a shadow can jump from place to place, you can jump. In this case, the magic will be like the light source. Let the magic worry about the details of how it happens."
  • "He was allowing the remaining hedge witch, Jen, to serve the needs of the sick and injured, a policy which had been strictly forbidden by the Colonel. He returned many of the provisions commandeered with instructions that they be hidden where the Colonel's searchers would not find them. He permitted the release of the Town Leader and the Council of Elders during the day so that they could take steps to halt the collapse of the city. Everyone knew that the Lieutenant would be severely disciplined once the army returned. Without informing him the townspeople were making plans to help his escape to Riverford before the Colonel returned."
  • Aiden stowed the scroll cases in his pack once more, and secured it to his back, then felt around under the snow for a stone that he could throw as a diversion. If he could make enough noise someplace nearby, the guards might leave their post to investigate, allowing the young man time to slip inside. His hand stumbled upon something solid, and he retrieved what appeared to be the handle of a throwing axe. Although the lenses didn't provide him with colour, Aiden could make out the dark stain of blood on the blade of the thing as he held it before him; his blood.
  • Releasing a sigh, Elryia's body relaxed and her magick faded. Within her pulled a hatred so defiantso purethat she cared not about the danger. She would have risked her body and very life in order to get to Kalinies. But it was not only her that would have suffered, and their safety was not something she would risk. Though rage and reason battled within her, logic won out. She could then only drop her hands and her guard, allowing the dismal reality in.
  • Domiciles, explained a haggard Vane, or Domos, would face south, allowing their roofssloping solar panels to take maximum advantage of the sun. These panels would generate enough energy to power a Domos ceiling fan, and charge house batteries with sufficient juice to burn four twelve-volt lights over a twelve-hour period.
  • Zachary ran a hand through his green hair. The fight, Doctor Gefarg's clinic, worms, bats, his father missingit was all starting to catch up with him. His body trembled. Zachary didn't know how much more he could take. He took several shallow breaths and tried to bury his fear for his father. He mentally repeated that everything was going to be alright, but he couldn't make himself believe it. The truth was, his father was in terrible danger and instead of allowing him to help, his uncle was dragging him off to a crazy woman's house. Barely able to contain his frustration, Zachary packed his video game system, sports gear, and action figures in the large box. That left only his plants to worry about. Like a small jungle, his windows and shelves were filled with leaves and flowers of all types. One way or another, they were all going with him.
  • The valve cap was apparently used to depress a little plunger in the valve, allowing air to be pumped into the tire.
  • Jack sighed and was glad this was taking enough words to be in slow motion. He pushed the Gremlin as hard as he could and managed to just get the hood under where Jim was going to land. The landing, which was hard by any standards, was enough to dislodge what was left of the hood. This, combined with the wind pushing him back, sent Jim flying backwards onto the roof. Of course, after sustaining hundreds of bullet hits, this dislodged as well, flying off into space and allowing Jim to fall flat on the passenger seat next to Jack.
  • Citaan and I cantered ahead of the others. When we sighted the town we stopped to rest the horses, allowing the others to catch up. Nnelg blinked in, startling us, and as usual, Audi came racing up a moment or two later.
  • "There is a large rock leaning up against the back of the manor," Bethany told them. "On the western side, there is a loose brick, at roughly head height, although for you it would be shoulder height I suppose. Push it in, and the wall will part, allowing you access to a passage that will lead you into the study. I hope that helps."
  • Although himself doubtful as to the wisdom of the move, Paul could not back down now, after allowing the boys to vote on the matter. Perhaps he was more or less sorry that at the time he had not exercised his privilege as scout master to put his foot down on their taking any more chances, just to satisfy such curiosity as reckless fellows like Bobolink might feel, with regard to the unknown men.
  • Often when a hunter is creeping up on a feeding deer in the water, this proves to be a valuable quality, in allowing him to get closer than would be possible did the water drip from the blade of the paddle every time it was raised above the surface.
  • He took long, deep drags, drawing something as malevolent into his lungs as the virus that swam in his bloodstream. She couldnt battle both, allowing that no matter how close they were, parts of Kell would always lie beyond her. This man, like so many others, was out of her hands. "Honey, what is it?"
  • At that moment the door bell chimed and someone entered the shop. Amanda glowered at the shop owner and stepped back slightly, allowing him to use his winning sales patter on the next customer. The old man seemed to recognise the newcomer and a flicker of regret registered on his face.
  • And, allowing Flora first to withdraw into the open air, he closed the chests again, extinguished the candles, and, rearranging the bushes in front of the cave so as effectually to conceal its entrance, left the spot.
  • The little girl hugged her mothers legs and Summer closed her eyes, allowing something good along the fabric of her jeans, reaching her hips, but not stopping, heading north to her arms, one of which stirred the sauce, the other down to her youngest. "What Skye?"
  • Mechanically Armand stood aside, allowing the other man to pass in. He closed the door behind his nocturnal visitor, then, taper in hand, he preceded him into the inner room.
  • Queen Minna-Satu raised her six-foot sceptre and brought it down with a dull clink. On cue, her mother's chief advisor, Mendal of the snakes, stepped forward and prostrated himself. She waited a full minute before allowing him to rise, and he did so red-faced.
  • Part of the success of dublin and wicklow is that it offers affiliated membership allowing visiting brethren from northern ireland to join.
  • David was about to reply when he heard the roar of the Austins engine over the rumbling idle of the two hotted-up cars, and he looked around as the A40 came flying towards them. The car seemed to be heading straight for the guy with the beer can; David grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the way, and he dropped the can just as the Austin roared past. It swerved to miss the hotted-up cars and was pulling around in a tight turn, and David chased after it. ‘Jesus Christ, Jane,’ he shouted, ‘whatre you bloody doing?’ The car slowed, allowing him to catch up, and he pulled at the passenger-side door handle. It was locked, and he saw Jane reach across and unlock it. He got it open and managed to drag himself into the car.
  • The wild girl turned back to look at Aiden, then blanched and turned away, returning to her seat on the couch, allowing her hair to fall in front of her face. The young explorer gave Criosa's puzzled expression a shrug, not knowing what to make of the sorceress' behaviour, and he didn't have time to worry about it now, in any case, for the Sergeant of the guard stood up, and ordered his squad to prepare to depart.
  • He struggled out of the rifle sling while he knelt on the edge of the rock face before allowing himself to flop down and roll over onto his back to catch his breath and let his shakes settle down.
  • New policy allowing women in combat Policy change allows women in combat Pentagon ends ban on women in combat Politics behind women in combat
  • The walk was like eternity and he felt as though everyone behind him, including the man-dogs had faded into a mist. He was alone and just inches away from the heatless fire. He raised his hand to the glass allowing his fingers to go through to the other side. He pulled it back as he felt his fingers go numb with cold as if someone had poured ice water over them. This must have been the cold of death waiting for him. He took one last breath and stepped into the glass. For a moment his entire body was drenched with the freezing cold, just as his hand had been. Then, darkness.
  • Kharset nodded. "Yes, your Majesty. Because of this, they will want the war to be over quicklyI do not foresee them allowing mercenaries to sack the capital for payment."
  • A loop colostomy in the sigmoid area would usually produce a formed stool allowing the patient to use a closed pouch.
  • Veering easterly wind in hayling bay in excess of 12 knots allowing a triangular course with unrestricted pumping.
  • He was surprised to feel a cool raindrop touch his skin. He remembered that only moments before there were just a few clouds stretching across the sky, allowing the bright stars to send their rays to the ground. He looked up, expecting to see them, but instead saw dark clouds racing in from the east, swiftly covering them with an inky curtain of mist. The raging clouds above him boiled violently, and he was reminded of a feeling he had not long before. He couldn't remember exactly what it was, so he assumed it was a forgotten dream. Judging from the dread it conjured, he thought it was more likely a forgotten nightmare.
  • The trees around the stone circle are open on the eastern side, allowing a view to the horizon.
  • A noise fell upon his ear. He was all attention in an instant. The alley door closed softly. He sprang to the corner of the brick store. The next moment two men brushed by him, and one seemed to have something under his arm. It must be that box! So they were going to remove the treasure. Why call Tom now? It would be absurd--the men would get away with the box and never be found again. No, he would stick to their wake and follow them; he would trust to the darkness for security from discovery. So communing with himself, Huck stepped out and glided along behind the men, cat-like, with bare feet, allowing them to keep just far enough ahead not to be invisible.
  • Waldo hated to waste a minute of the precious time that was allowing Flatfoot to win nearer and nearer Nadara; but if it were in a service for the girl who had been so kind to him and for the happiness of her old father he could not refuse, so he waited impatiently while the old fellow tottered off toward the caves.
  • Flame this spicy liquid gives near total pain resistance, allowing the drinker to continue with wounds that would drop a lesser man.
  • The azygos vein is a vein running up the right side of the thoracic vertebral column. It can also provide an alternate path for blood to the right atrium by allowing the blood to flow between the venae cavae when one vena cava is blocked.
  • It was a good thing that the scouts could joke among themselves, even when facing desperate conditions. They had enough of gloom around them without allowing it to seize upon their spirits.
  • Single molecule biophysics is now yielding results for these enzymes, allowing the two methods to be evaluated side by side.
  • The red haired man looked up as the two approached. Within moments, three of his children got up and moved to an empty bench, allowing room for Alfonso and Sal to sit. The man gathered the cards and shuffled them. It took only moments before all three men were holding cards close to their chest and pitching copper coins into a pile.
  • The scout paused to study the matter, for he did not understand the precise situation of things. The mustang which he saw might be only one of a dozen others, whose owners were near at hand, with possible several searching for him. The conclusion was inevitable that it was necessary for him to reconnoitre a little further before allowing his own position to be uncovered.
  • It was evident, however, that the wolves were gaining upon him; and, had they been left to themselves, would soon have brought him down. Our hunters at first thought of allowing them to accomplish this feat; when all at once it occurred to them that, if they did so, the skin might be spoiled! The wolves with their fierce teeth would tear it to pieces.
  • Finally he managed to deflect a powerfully delivered glancing blow with his shield allowing him to spin to the side. As the over powered strike carried the warrior off balance Dredrik reversed the grip on his sword driving the blade through the unarmored gap beneath his attackers left arm pit forcing his blade through ribs into his opponents heart.
  • We didn't talk much the rest of the way, not that it was very far. It was still a little awkward, though, but I thought it was going to be better once we reached the porch. Nope, it was worse. Once he placed my bike in its spot next to the door he turned to face me and didn't say anything for a few seconds. I wasn't sure what to say, either. Finally he broke the ice and said, "Thank you for allowing me to walk you home. I haven't had a decent conversation like that with anyone for a long time."
  • At several barks from the swordsmen, the lines began to move. Russ hobbled with them, cursing himself for being caught and allowing himself to be led away from the Gate. Alisiya had been right.
  • It truly wasnt necessary for him to speak with his minions to get his orders across. His powers of control enhanced by Tabrismagic allowed him to communicate his directives completely through mental links. allowing a few goblins access to his presence and speaking to them directly, however, elevated these creatures to a higher status. It was a status all the goblins desired, and they would compete with each other to gain the serps favor in order to move up the ranks. While the serp found repeating his orders verbally somewhat tiresome, he realized the effort actually enhanced the goblinswillingness to follow his directives exactly. With so many dark creatures under his control, Sazar quickly learned how to manipulate and influence them with the greatest degree of efficiency.
  • "Moving is about allowing the space for new things to come into your life. Youd be surprised at how much you are closing yourself off from right now. I know its difficult for you. But I really want to see you bringing new people and new experiences into your life. Its time to move on Brad."
  • The emphasis is mine (and note that Mr Hatzius isn't endorsing this outlook, but merely saying such a development would be welcome). I'll admit to occasionally indulging in this hope, as well: that forces within the economy will conspire to raise growth and inflation, and that the Fedwhich isn't interested in deliberately raising inflation but which may feel comfortable tolerating a bit above target while unemployment is highwill stand pat, finally allowing expectations to jump and growth to take off. But like Mr Hatzius I suspect this is not how things will play out.
  • In due time, I began to hear Pnuema moving through the trees and consoling nature from her worries of the darkness, at nightfall. I hid myself in the midst of that same tranquility, allowing the green in the grass and its trees to cover the sight of my eyes from life beyond the wild. I began to care (albeit to the turtles march) about existence, once more.
  • "I mean," she went on, "thats exactly what Doreen Lilywhite told me at the Parent-Teacher night in January. And you know, shes not the first to say Melody had all thisgreat potentialbefore treating her like dirtand I know that she opposed even allowing Melody into that class! She was just schmoozing me! Ive heard that platitude for years nowand its just a big fat lie. So perhaps you can see how little value I attach to it these days?"
  • Lagging growth in China, sluggish expansion into popular segments like compact sport-utility vehicles, and an image that lacks appeal for younger drivers have hindered Mercedes, allowing BMW and Volkswagen AG (VOW)’s Audi to widen their sales lead in the luxury segment.
  • Eleanor was a graphic artist he saw from time to time. There had been a time when they thought they might make something more serious of their relationship but nothing had transpired. She was a feminist, proud of her liberty and too afraid of allowing herself to lose it to ever contemplate a lasting, serious bond, especially with someone like Richard whose quiet, introverted manner contrasted so much with his large, athletic figure that he made her feel unsafe. She felt she was capable of submitting to him. For his part Richard had never felt sure enough of either himself or events to make a decision one way or the other. Did he love her? Or she him?
  • "Poison us!" came one comment, oft repeated. "Feed trash!" said another. They mumbled of refusing duty and not standing watch. But Ralff and others scoffed at the thought of not standing guard, and allowing bears and such to come at us. The idea of refusing to march had its adherents, however, and Bielerfeldta man ordinarily silentsaid in a cold and matter-of-fact tone, "That Captain fellerhis be the first weasand we slit."
  • John went back to the inn first, and after a few preparations started for Denton. On the way he amused himself with coarse jests at Vijal's stupidity in allowing himself to be deceived by Brandon, taunted him with cowardice in yielding so easily, and assured him that one who was so great a coward could not possibly succeed in any undertaking.
  • Yoosuf wasn't the only one who, at that moment would have liked to wind back the clock. Alan Chalmers was about to give a press conference, now that the news services were beginning to understand the broader implications of events in St Kilda, and just prior to walking down to the steps of Parliament, he had received an update from the mysterious Mr. Smith. On the positive, Mr. Ahmet's documents had been retrieved from St Kilda Rd. police station, thereby allowing the deletion of any reference to him from all relevant I.D. databases; driving licence, birth, marriage and the like. Unfortunately for Chalmers, the authorities no longer had Ahmet in custody. A group of black clad individuals had broken into the cell and replaced him with three gay men, one of whom happened to be Chalmers' press secretary.
  • You're surrounded by windows. It's practically impossible for you to be unaware of the world beyond this bus and yet you need to ask me what the weather's like. An open mouth was the only response, allowing Brick to continue. "The door is a foot behind me and wide open. You can clearly see it is not raining."
  • The risers of the kinetik have trimmers, allowing the pilot to vary the speed, primarily in two positions.
  • Thomas realized that this furnace could work at ynyscedwyn, thus allowing him to use the hard coal called anthracite from local coal mines.
  • Fikna puffed. "Im astounded you picked him up. Im surprised they are allowing him to reside here. And Im also surprised to find boys and girls bunk on shared floors.
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