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  • In hot weather, a muddy wallow is essential, allowing the pigs to cool off.
  • He huffed and walked away from me. As the day went on, I received more and more emails from people notifying me that if it was Star Wars who was first to respond to let them die before allowing him to perform mouth-to-mouth on them.
  • They built their raft, and loading up, started without untoward incident. Traveling day and night, allowing for stoppages and delays, they expected to be nearly five days on the way.
  • Hook suckers would increase gaming said that allowing zoning commission to.
  • It also shows them as hypocrites for allowing the show to insult one religions prophet, but not even show anothers.
  • Loose-leaf format in a spiral ring binder, allowing details of new reserves to be easily inserted.
  • The detachable hood adds to the jackets versatility allowing you to reduce weight or opt for full protection.
  • Videophone technology allowing the emergency service staff to see the callers.
  • Stone circle are open on the eastern side, allowing a view to the horizon.
  • "The woman I am betrothed to," Kaymin answered, allowing himself to be distracted even though he could feel his face still flushed with anger.
  • We've got to run our chances. We may be taken off in a week, and possibly not for years; but, with all these probabilities before us, I am in favor of surrendering the schooner, and allowing them to leave us forever, if they will agree to do so.
  • I had never been to a feast before but Sareta called for a generous supper laid upon a large table within the Forbidden Castle. The hall lit brightly with candles and a fire mended. Smiling broadly, I ate, happier than I had been since I could remember. Sareta sat next to me, holding my hand, afraid I would disappear. Completing all that I had never stopped loving, Turstan sat across from me. Johannes and Cono sat at the far end next to Twiten, who had appeared, allowing for the celebration to the fullest.
  • Dredrik wondered if the impact hurt Mareth as much as it had him as the two men were sent sprawling on the ground. Dredrik scrambled to his feet poised to fight only to find Mareth already standing, bringing his dreadful weapon down in a wide powerful arc. Whatever force drove Mareth, Dredrik was sure it had to be supernatural. No man that big wearing so much armor could have gotten up that quickly and be already pressing the attack. Dredrik used his shield to redirect the blow. The force of the swing carried Mareth uncontrollably forward allowing Dredrik to catch the hulking warrior in the stomach with the full force of his new found mace. Dredriks arm vibrated furiously as the blow was violently deflected by Mareths armor.
  • To maximize survival, an animal's brain has to remember what cues precede a positive or negative event, allowing the animal to alter its behavior to increase rewards and decrease mishaps. In the Hopkins-MIT study, the researchers sought clarity about how the brain links visual information to more complex information about time and reward.
  • Heis should use their own forward planning tools to calculate indexation, including the cost of any salary increments and allowing for inflation.
  • Bluebeard was holding him up by one hand and keeping the blade pressed against his throat with the other. He increased pressure, allowing one solitary drop of blood to leak from Jacks skin. Any more pressure and his gullet would be cut, his oesophagus severed and his air supply denied. The Boy knew this and writhed about even more, much to the crews amusement. They laughed at the Boys helplessness and cheered their Captains success.
  • The antique store was about a quarter mile from the lake in an area that had a collection of boutiques and shops. Other than going to her store, he rarely visited that part of town. When he stepped into her shop, she was seated at her desk, talking to a man in a suit and tie. Max glanced at her before he went around looking at some of the pieces she had on display. The leather chairs, dark wooden desks and tables in Camille's store tended to be on the masculine side, allowing her to play off her looks and confidence with male clients. Max had been in the store many times and was always amazed that people could afford such furniture. He had been looking at moving his business out of his small apartment and into a rented office. However, between the cost of rent and buying a few desks and chairs, he had been hesitant to make the move.
  • "Quite so, and they were never heard from again," the Mayor explained bluntly. "But youll make it through, because I think you have what it takes, and you also do not have a choice in the matter. We each have the power to ruin our lives by allowing word of these events to reach our local authorities. Do not test my resolve on this matter, and I will not test yours. The town needs aid, and you are the ones who are going to provide it, understood?"
  • That aeroplane is the one which was bought in Europe. It is specially provided with radiators which electrically heat its gas, allowing it to navigate in these regions without fear of the gas condensing and causing the ship to descend.
  • Fleming said this week that his unit can reach profitability targets solely through cost cuts, meaning revenue improvements may provide a further boost. Integration expenses will end this quarter, allowing the pretax profit margin to increase next year, Fleming said. The margin was 13 percent in the third quarter, excluding one-time charges.
  • In the audience chamber, he was told to wait, and he removed Kerrion's hood, allowing the Prince his first sight of the gold-sheathed walls of Queen Minna-Satu's palace. Kerrion glanced about without betraying any expression, soon losing interest in his surroundings and turning to the assassin.
  • When the man had gone, Phi sat down upon an up-ended ice-cake to rest and think. His logical course was evident enough; to wait for perhaps half an hour, allowing the man, who would doubtless be able to overtake his guide, to get a sufficient distance ahead to prevent any further unpleasant encounters. Still, he was glad now to have his rifle, small as it was. He had brought only a few cartridges for it, as they were an added weight. These had been spilled from his pocket in the scuffle, but by a diligent search he was able to find five. He was about to abandon the search when, with an exclamation of astonishment, he sprang forward, and bending, picked up an envelope.
  • Using packet switching, various packet switching, various packets of information can travel along different routes on the network, allowing the carrier to optimize network capacity.
  • We are not in as much haste now as we were half an hour ago, Ezra Jones. Captain Baker will not get the message, and while the wind holds in this quarter I'm allowing the rebels won't reach Crown Point before we do.
  • It is the longest known, Tun added, allowing his brother to garner even greater awe. "Given enough time, Jon could have broken through the base of this mountain."
  • Jack had grimaced at the words. He knew Nehemiah should have contacted others in the Committee immediately, or at the very least, those he knew that he could trust, like Jack and Mirie. They would have saved Alicia and the boys first. Mirie loved Nehemiahs boys and she would have cut the elves into a dozen pieces before allowing them to hurt his family. But Nehemiahs family wasnt injured, only frightened, and they would recover. Jack didnt know what would happen to Nehemiah.
  • But our amazement was redoubled when we recognized, at various points of vantage, squat, metallic towers of enormous strength, which caught the descending water, allowing it to issue in roaring torrents from their bases.
  • Strom smiled, allowing himself to hope. Maybe he, too, was meant to do something special. He looked back at his friend and the monk who remained in the room before he followed Gustad to the forge.
  • In crossing the mouth of Coepang Bay towards Samow, in the evening, the appearance was truly grand. A vast heap of vapour was slowly moving across the mountains, disclosing at intervals their jagged summits towering towards the sky, and occasionally allowing the eye to penetrate for a moment into the depths of mysterious valleys that seemed to stretch for unknown distances into the recesses of the great Timoree Range. Some wild flying clouds that rapidly traversed the heavens imparted a curious alternation of light and shadow to the lowlands that presented themselves to our view--chequering the whole with gloomy patches and light spots, and revealing or hiding in rapid succession the extensive woods and the patches of cultivation that lay within the bosom of the Bay. The dazzling white sand beaches, too, strongly marked by the dark blue sea, heightened the beauty of the scene; which to us, who had for some months seen nothing but the monotonous north-west coast of Australia, appeared truly enchanting.
  • Tim wriggled out of his grasp and kept silent. He was not yet ready with his challenge. All through the afternoon he stayed behind with Cameron, allowing the other two to help them out at the end of each drill, but as the day wore on there was less and less need of assistance for Cameron, for he was making rapid progress with his work and Tim was able to do, not only his own drill, but almost half of Cameron's as well. By supper time Cameron was thoroughly done out. Never had a day seemed so long, never had he known that he possessed so many muscles in his back. The continuous stooping and the steady click-click of the hoe, together with the unceasing strain of hand and eye, and all this under the hot burning rays of a June sun, so exhausted his vitality that when the cow bell rang for supper it seemed to him a sound more delightful than the strains of a Richter orchestra in a Beethoven symphony.
  • The central portion has open longitudinal fibers which overlay the ruptured tendon, allowing for fibroblastic ingrowth.
  • Hot pot - a social game for two to six people, requiring special equipment costing three to five thousand euro - consisting of a chase in special resembling frying pans vehicles powered by the human masticatory muscles. The person, who escapes the greatest number of times without allowing the vehicle to overheat, wins.
  • Tired as the horses were, there was no likelihood of their straying very far; and Dick simply removed the harness, allowing the animals to roam at will. The wagon served as a camp; and the most arduous task was that of gathering materials with which to make a fire, when nothing larger than a bush could be seen on either hand.
  • This time he made it about half-way when the walkway once again out accelerated him, almost knocking him off his feet and accidentally spinning him around as it did so. Accepting defeat, he started walking back the way the walkway was now taking him only to find it slowing down, stopping, then reversing. Now, as he walked back to where he started, the walkway was finally taking him to where he wanted to go, even stopping and allowing him to step off the end outside the door to the garden shed.
  • Even allowing for marketing hyperbole, they must have known that it would give rise to some kind of difficulties.
  • Driving from the field Simon Perry was on one hand extremely upset over the fact that the young woman had somehow discovered things that no one should know of, but on the other hand he looked forward to matching wits with the young woman. Although he did not think her nearly his equal, he had to admit though that she had indeed surprised him with her gumption. She had been able to attach a tracking device to his car and use it to thwart his plans with Katey. He shook his head in disgust upon remembering seeing the yellow vehicle near his parents home. He was incensed with himself for allowing the young woman and the little silly man to interrupt his special plans.
  • They went out silently through the door which had given them entrance into this ugly room, Zoraida leading the way, Kendric holding close at her side and allowing her the sight of the obsidian knife held under his coat with the point within an inch of her side, Betty close behind him. Kendric felt a crying need of haste. For a few minutes he knew that the fear of death had been heavy on the spirit of Zoraida, paralyzing her will, freezing up the current of her thought. But she was still Zoraida, essentially fearless; her characteristic fortitude would not be long in reinstating itself in her heart; the mental confusion was swiftly being replaced by the activity of resurging hatred. He must be watchful of every corner and door, most of all watchful of her.
  • In 1695 a bill was passed in parliament allowing the solemn affirmation of a quaker, instead of an oath.
  • Having quieted the imaginary disturbed dolly she tucked the object of her anxious care into its crib, as if doubting the expediency of allowing her in the clumsy grip of this newly found cousin until he had been given a few lessons on the way to hold little girls' babies.
  • In the quilez I laughed at myself for allowing a prying old man like Meeker to upset my temper, and, as I rode back to the hotel, put the both of them out of my mind; but promised myself that I would take my revenge on the old pest in some way aboard the steamer.
  • Under Coale's immediate direction, the circle formations spread wide and moved with the dwarf assault. Soldiers back-pedaled slowly, allowing the dwarves to close only slightly. Three of the four circle formations each drew a bead on one of the three wedge points. The fourth waited in the rear as support.
  • There are other high priority demands for utilization of the underspending such as allowing a degree of carry forward for underspent devolved budgets.
  • "The U-Ghoul system has strict rules against interaction with humans," Medusa said. "You are taking a large risk with the magistrates by merely allowing him to be in the same room as my system."
  • Public Law 88-77, July 25, 1963: The requirements for the Medal of Honor were standardized among all the services, requiring that a recipient had "distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty." Thus, the act removed the loophole allowing non-combat awards to Navy personnel. The act also clarified that the act of valor must occur during one of three circumstances:
  • Ember cant leave this school or this area even. Maybe its the fact that we have to remain here thats allowing the darkness to invade me. The reason doesnt matter though. I will protect her with all the weapons at my personal disposalthose include violence and destruction if necessary along with running and hiding too. It wasnt a matter of arrogance and pride either. I had been running and hiding for years with her. I also knew without a doubt that I would do it again if and when she gives me the option.
  • We are enemies, yes, Dave admitted, ignoring the outstretched hand. At this the German flushed, allowing his proffered hand to fall.
  • Her features were easy on his eyes, no glasses allowing those brown irises liberty in her face. "Well hi there," she smiled.
  • A noise fell upon his ear. He was all attention in an instant. The alley door closed softly. He sprang to the corner of the brick store. The next moment two men brushed by him, and one seemed to have something under his arm. It must be that box! So they were going to remove the treasure. Why call Tom now? It would be absurd--the men would get away with the box and never be found again. No, he would stick to their wake and follow them; he would trust to the darkness for security from discovery. So communing with himself, Huck stepped out and glided along behind the men, cat-like, with bare feet, allowing them to keep just far enough ahead not to be invisible.
  • Maybe it would be useful for the family if I knew more about him. I didnt see any threat in talking to the boy. Alice hadnt foreseen any danger from him, so allowing him to know where we lived didnt seem unwise either. "Yes, Id like that."
  • Dear me, why had not one of us thought of this way out? she asked. "Surely, Billy, you can't object to allowing Mrs. Wharton to be the judge in this matter?"
  • The room at the Foreign Office was large enough not to be crowded. Lord Birlesmere sat in a chair dexterously arranged at the corner of a table, thus allowing him to control without compelling him to preside. Next to him sat Lord Arglay with Chloe by his side; opposite was Mr. Sheldrake in a state of very bitter irritation. Reginald Montague was in an equal state of nervousness next to Chloe. Mr. Doncaster was next to Sheldrake, and a little apart were Professor Palliser and Sir Giles Tumulty. At the bottom of the table were Mr. Bruce Cumberland and a high police official. The Persian Embassy was not represented. It was about 11 o'clock on Monday.
  • Some universities are finding a way out of this morass through online classes. Growth in online education is now outpacing traditional enrollments by a wide margin. Why? Because it is well-suited to the needs of an increasing number of learners, extending access and allowing students to both work and study.
  • Megan, Richard, and Jason, although fiercely competitive, maintained control by coalescing, allowing the general population to institute a pecking order as their natures dictated. The lowest peckers gravitated to wing extremes, occasionally cropping up in the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, and monorail station. This is where the security team was most effective; smoking out homeless and substance-dependent parties using the estate as a crash pad.
  • Eleanor was a graphic artist he saw from time to time. There had been a time when they thought they might make something more serious of their relationship but nothing had transpired. She was a feminist, proud of her liberty and too afraid of allowing herself to lose it to ever contemplate a lasting, serious bond, especially with someone like Richard whose quiet, introverted manner contrasted so much with his large, athletic figure that he made her feel unsafe. She felt she was capable of submitting to him. For his part Richard had never felt sure enough of either himself or events to make a decision one way or the other. Did he love her? Or she him?
  • Reconstituted vials to 0.9 % nacl, allowing 50 ml per vial ( 250 ml bag usually appropriate ).
  • This method consists of putting the horse in a long narrow place like a stall in a stable, through the bars of which the boys can reach in, throw on the saddle and tighten it. Then a rider can climb into the saddle over the top rail of the fence and at a signal a gate can be opened, allowing the maddened steed to rush out.
  • Yes, the town was proud of its corps, and well it might. As gun after gun, with its complement of men and its lieutenant fireworkers, with a 'right wheel,' rolled out of the gate upon the broad street, not a soul could look upon the lengthening pageant of blue and scarlet, with its symmetrical diagonals of snowy belt and long-flapped white cartouche boxes, moving together with measured swing; its laced cocked-hats, leggings, and courtly white shorts and vests, and ruffles, and all its buttons and brasses flashing up to the sun, without allowing it was a fine spirited sight.
  • In 1886 he was forced to resign after allowing a mixed class to draw from a completely nude male model.
  • A hand appeared in the resulting hole, tearing more of it away and enlarging the gap, until it was finally big enough allowing an oversized shape to squeeze through. It was followed by a smaller figure, which clambered out after the first and stood next to it.
  • I tried to focus on the hunger now. I created a small gap in my mind and pushed the Demetri pain aside, allowing the hunger drive to grow. It was nice to feel something new.
  • Slowly, every so slowly, he advanced, holding the lantern out in front of him, allowing just enough light to guide his steps past the evil exercise bike.
  • "Who said it was a grizzly?" retorted Tom. "It might have been a black or brown bear. You've got grizzlies on the brain. The very biggest don't measure more than nine or ten feet from the nose to the root of the tail. allowing a couple of feet more for his reach, and you have eleven or twelve altogether. How do you account for the other four or five? Unless," he went on with elaborate sarcasm, "you figure out that this pet of yours is about fourteen feet long."
  • Greater regional financial integration could open up a host of new benefits. It can boost domestic demandpartly by making it easier for small businesses in countries like Malaysia to gain access to credit. It can make economies safer, by allowing more insurance against volatility and adverse developments. And one other important benefit: greater access to financial services by the poor can reduce inequality.
  • In 1980 John Paul II issued a Pastoral Provision allowing married former Episcopal priests to become Catholic priests, and for the acceptance of former Episcopal Church parishes into the Catholic Church. He allowed the creation of the Anglican Use form of the Latin Rite, which incorporates the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. John Paul II helped establish 'Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church', together with Archbishop Patrick Flores of San Antonio, Texas, as a place where Anglicans and Catholics could worship together.
  • It was certainly an education for Hugh. He had never dreamed that such a splendid chance would come his way, allowing him to learn just how motion pictures were made. Truly, the wonderful good luck that had been the portion of himself and comrades for so long a period seemed to still follow their footsteps, as one of the boys had only recently declared.
  • He stepped in and thrust his short sword into the back of the bandit, who was reaching for his own dagger to finish Pacian off. He screamed in pain as the sword pierced the hardened leather breastplate he was wearing, falling to one side and allowing Pacian to scramble free. He grabbed his dagger from the ground and thrust it into the bandits chest, finishing him off.
  • Cracking sounds filled the air one after the other. The noise was beyond forceful and made Sam's ears hurt. Sam struggled to find the source but could only focus on the lead soldier. His blue hazy field flickered. He took two steps back then dropped to the ground. The soldier's neck flopped to the side, allowing Sam a clear view of his face.
  • Yet, although I said this, I could not help allowing strange hopes and fears to agitate my bosom. I might discover my parents, or they might be dead, and their successors might be unwilling to acknowledge a stranger coming among them. I could scarcely calm myself sufficiently to go into the cabin. I determined, however, to say nothing about Dick's remarks, but to try and overcome all the hopes which I found rising within me. I apologised for being late to luncheon, on the plea of being detained on deck by duty, and did my best to perform the honours of the table and try to converse in my usual manner. The ladies were eager to know when I thought we should get in.
  • Chanter gazed up at the stars, so cold and beautiful against the night sky. The Hashon Jahar would leave him trapped by Dolana, and, if no one helped him, rain would heal his flesh around the spears, holding him forever. Dolana's warning had stopped, allowing him the peace to seek a dreamless sleep, and he hoped that Talsy was safe rather than dead.
  • I found that we had been more fortunate than a party that left Clunes a little later, who had the greatest difficulty in reaching home by reason of the flood. At some places the gentlemen had to get out of the carriages into the water, up to their middle, and sound the depths of the holes in advance, before allowing the horses to proceed. And hours passed before they succeeded in reaching their destination.
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  • Numerous images can be employed allowing imaging of intra-articular pathology.
  • Jeralyle surveyed for a moment, allowing all that he had learned to sink in. By his count Grahamas still had his own Cavalry somewhere on the board as well a Soldier and Scout. Ristalln, a Beast, Soldier and Scout. Ristalln's Beasta winged, deformed creature with massive wings and broken hornswas stationed directly in front of Ristalln's castle, and destroyed Graham's Cavalry, a young, defined Elf carrying a bow.
  • Now Granite House was more than their dwelling, it was their warehouse. There were all the stores belonging to the colony, weapons, instruments, tools, ammunition, provisions, etc. To think that all that might be pillaged and that the settlers would have all their work to do over again, fresh weapons and tools to make, was a serious matter. Their uneasiness led one or other of them also to go out every few minutes to see if Top was keeping good watch. Cyrus Harding alone waited with his habitual patience, although his strong mind was exasperated at being confronted with such an inexplicable fact, and he was provoked at himself for allowing a feeling to which he could not give a name, to gain an influence over him. Gideon Spilett shared his feelings in this respect, and the two conversed together in whispers of the inexplicable circumstance which baffled even their intelligence and experience.
  • The scout paused to study the matter, for he did not understand the precise situation of things. The mustang which he saw might be only one of a dozen others, whose owners were near at hand, with possible several searching for him. The conclusion was inevitable that it was necessary for him to reconnoitre a little further before allowing his own position to be uncovered.
  • Resting my head, I let my mind drift and shooed away any persistent thoughts, allowing the heat from the water to penetrate my aching muscles. I groaned quietly in relief. I'd never run that hard before. Elgrids were a pretty good form of encouragement, not that I saw them becoming popular in gyms anytime soon. My thigh muscle twitched and I winced.
  • The cab slowed slightly and then began a series of giant leapfrogs, each accompanied by a massive shudder and thunderous backfire. Mick offered a silent prayer asking God to help avoid a head-on collision. As insurance, he offered a side prayer asking that, if the guy who fitted their seatbelts was in any way religious, God wouldn't want to let him down, by allowing his handiwork to fail on impact.
  • With a chuckle Graham slipped his hand under Elryia's arm, slowing her pace and allowing the two a bit of distance. El looked and then smirked, a knowing expression on her face, happy to spend time alone with him as well.
  • Within the fissure, Dzeb and Ryson began their ascent only after allowing Lief sufficient time to exit. They stepped quickly, each with his own certainty. The delver moved with his own inherent grace, while Dzeb stepped with the experience of living among the cliffs of the highest mountains. Dzeb held tightly to the sphere as Ryson lifted his sword to light their final passage.
  • Steve started to laugh out loud but sobered as he thought about it. Coming to a decision, he gently took the pot from his wife and started heating the water. It only took about ten seconds to bring it to a full boil. Maintaining the heat for a minute or so, he then pulled his jhorun back, allowing the pot to cool. Once it was safe enough to touch, he returned it to his wife.
  • "You are too impetuous, Blagrove. I have received too many assurances from the officers of the fleet to doubt what their feelings are at the course that has been taken, but that can make no difference in their duty. It is to do their best in the various positions they occupy, without allowing the question whether they consider that an individual has been unjustly treated to influence them in any way. The service comes before everything. It is distinctly for the benefit of the service that General Hutchinson should have the advantage of your knowledge of the country and of its languages, and, moreover, you really received your promotion in no small degree owing to the fact that you were going to act as a sort of interpreter and guide to the general commanding the expedition, and although unhappily Sir Ralph Abercrombie's death has caused a change in that command, that in no way alters the arrangements.
  • Elena rode in silence, allowing no emotion to show on her face. Her heart tore at itself, ripping and shredding as her mind raced in circles. Johan is alive. He is chasing them. She should be glad, relieved, that the death wale she had heard as she was dragged away from the Duke's camp was not his. Part of her knew it was his voice. Part of her refused to believe it was not his. She had heard the same scream on the day he had buried her son.
  • "You just have to return a favor to your brother, Daniel," James says as he steps away, allowing Jack and Emma to pass by. "After that, you will return here."
  • Caislyn used her athame to draw blood from her finger, allowing it to drip down at the center of the circle. The blood of the caster is known to be a small sacrifice to obtain the knowledge one seeks. Those people that practice sacrificial arts using animals, and even other people, do not understand that there is no greater sacrifice than that of the self. 
  • It only took him a moment to start the Jeep, and I did the security thing again, checking out the front of the building before allowing the girls to exit. I wasn't really sure how much good I'd be if anything went down. I'd had some martial arts training--hell, who hasn't nowadays--but I was only a green belt in Jiu Jitsu. That's far enough along to be cocky, but not too dangerous. I knew all the moves and was pretty lethal...as long as you attacked me real slow.
  • On one side of the road was the upward slope of the hill, on the other the treacherous downward slope that had already caused them so much trouble. Dave hesitated for a moment, then pulled on one side of the reins with might and main, allowing the other side to drop entirely.
  • By bringing them together in one clinic, we can use them separately or simultaneously, allowing a powerful and natural symbiosis to develop.
  • "I'm sure this will do," said Syrill with a wave of his hand. The apartment was not nearly so flashy or large as the one in the Unsoos, but Corry suspected the pictures on the walls were priceless antiques, and the gold edging on the wash basin was probably not paint. A glance out a window told Corry that they were high in the air, a little to one side of the waterfall, allowing them a view over the roofs of the city to the far away desert.
  • Git outa here, yuh brute, he thundered, when he came alongside the huge bulk. And he accentuated his command by jabbing the pike deep into the beast's hide. As meekly as a lamb the elephant turned around, after allowing the trainer to climb onto the top of his head, he waded toward the shelf and climbed out of the water without the slightest sign of rebellion.
  • Some hours pass unnoticed, and soon the sun reaches its peak, signaling midday. Alastor points to a small animal beaten path branching off to the right. They follow this path, coming to a pond which is fed by a diminutive but constant waterfall, that in turn is fed by an unseen river. The pond is surrounded by any number of animals, both large and small. The grass all around is beaten down or stripped away, revealing that the modest basin is most likely one of the few safe watering holes within this portion of the forest. Alastor and Gawain come down from their beasts, moving gently to avoid frightening the forest animals, allowing their own animals to drink and feed at their leisure. The forest animals take interest in the newcomers, but after a moment continue about their routine.
  • At last, the final speck of paper was destroyed. She opened her eyes to find that at some point during her concentration she had collapsed to the ground without realizing. She tried to right herself, but her body would not obey. A thousand miles away, the crowd surrounding her let out a roar of approval. She was vaguely aware that Deacon was lifting her onto his shoulders as the onlookers swept in to offer congratulations. This turned out to be more than Myn could bear, and she let a burst of flame free to back the crowd away, allowing only Deacon to touch her.
  • Telamon did not look at Joff or say anything to him, but neither did he dismiss the scribe. Joff solved the dilemma by very gently tugging his horses reins so that the horse move a little slower than the lairds chariot and Joff gradually fell back in the ranks. He contemplated allowing himself to fall back until he was somewhere behind the baggage train and then turning and going home, but once again Joff remembered his duty.
  • "Poison us!" came one comment, oft repeated. "Feed trash!" said another. They mumbled of refusing duty and not standing watch. But Ralff and others scoffed at the thought of not standing guard, and allowing bears and such to come at us. The idea of refusing to march had its adherents, however, and Bielerfeldta man ordinarily silentsaid in a cold and matter-of-fact tone, "That Captain fellerhis be the first weasand we slit."
  • For a short moment, Erag was exposed as a clear target, and Aiden seized the opportunity to invoke the sceptre's power, scorching the barbarian's torso with a blast of light, causing him to roar in pain as he burned. He lunged at Aiden blindly, stabbing and swinging with his spear, allowing the young man to step inside the weapon's reach and slash mightily at him, his empowered arms propelling his sword through Erag's chain shirt and flesh, almost severing his right arm in the process.
  • Better not waste your time, signor, on side issues, advised the man behind the gun. "For I plumb forgot to tell you I'm allowing only three minutes to begin your story, half of which three has already slipped away to yesterday's seven thousand years. Without wantin' to hurry you, I suggest the wisdom of a prompt decision."
  • "Before dark." Bert looked at his watch. It was nearly six o'clock. It would not be fully dark until eight. That meant that the rendezvous of the gang was within two hours' ride. allowing ten miles an hour, it meant a distance of perhaps twenty miles.
  • This allows the diver to incrementally return to the surface, allowing the excess dissolved nitrogen to escape from the body.
  • I felt my neck and face begin to burn from embarrassment. I took a step back, and reached for the door, hoping to beat a quick retreat before I could humiliate myself further, but he stopped me with a surprisingly gentle hand. "I'm sorry; that didn't come out as intended. If it would help you sleep of course I'll come upstairs and sit with you. It's the least I can do after allowing you to be dragged into this mess."
  • Curiosity built within Elryia as she watched the vapor wrap over Gort and Jeralyle, allowing them to completely vanish. The girl wore a look mixed of excitement and bewilderment as she drew closer. Then the soft, thick air finally wrapped around her and forced her to hold her breath. And only five long strides from the horse, led her out of it. Just as Grahamas said, the home of the dwarves, Forgas, lay completely untouched.
  • "Solomon taught me," he said, carefully allowing the still agitated dragon to wedge herself between himself and Myranda.
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