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  • Terrier has been used for conducting fruitful experimentation, with excellent outcome, allowing for a better understanding of theoretical information retrieval.
  • Gan watched as Lorak took a leather bottle from among the several that he had apparently neatly hung in his cloak. Lorak tilted the bottle to Tikas mouth, allowing her a small sip. Gan bit his lip as Tika swallowed, choked and sat upright in surprise. He noted the colour suddenly tinting the high olive cheeks and that her eyes were watering.
  • Andirons hold up the firewood so that a draft of air can pass around it, allowing proper burning (thus minimizing smoke). They typically stand upon short legs and are usually connected with an upright guard. The guard keeps the logs in the fireplace as they burn and settle. This guard, which may be of iron, steel, copper, bronze, or even silver, is often elaborately ornamented with patterns or heraldic ornaments, such as the fleur-de-lis, with sphinxes, grotesque animals, mythological statuettes, or caryatides supporting heroic figures or emblems. Such a decoration in the form of a canine plays on the dual meanings of the word dog (canine and inanimate-holder-or-blocker).
  • The advantage of this model system stems from the distinctive morphology of wpb allowing them to be distinguished from other intracellular organelles.
  • Did Rose? The more she pondered her parentsmotives, the more she felt something tugging at her innards. She was sure that was it, felt foolish for not having asked Margaret, but Rose knew Judith and Don, even though it had been ten years. Theyd been thoughtful with their two daughters, more with Petra, allowing Rose leeway that perhaps otherwise they wouldnt have offered. Letting Rose marry Gray only after two months of courtship; life was short, Don Robinson always said. Gray and Rose slept together in June of 1994 and in August, Rose was his wife.
  • The detachable hood adds to the jackets versatility allowing you to reduce weight or opt for full protection.
  • At the far end of the luminous grotto is a staircase hewn from the stone. Leon ascends these stairs, coming to a door presumably made of marble. A secret latch within the door unlocks it, allowing him to push it open. He has to lean into the door with his shoulder, but eventually the door gives, revealing the inside of the keep which stands beside the castle. Leon steps inside, closing the secret door behind him until he can hear the lock catch.
  • Coventry eased off the intensity at the same time allowing the visitors back into the game.
  • Stone circle are open on the eastern side, allowing a view to the horizon.
  • Magix music maker 2003 fulfills a similar function, allowing users to also add their own live instruments and vocals to the mix.
  • A glass atrium will run through the center of the building, allowing natural light to flood in.
  • Then the layer of soil was thrown over the pegs of mountains so that the earthquakes arising from internal upheavals could breathe through the mountains and they would not cause the earth to be shaken out of its motion and duties, and so that the mountains would preserve the earth from the encroachment of the sea, and each would be storehouse for the vital necessities of living beings, and would purify the air from noxious gases so allowing living beings to breathe, and so that they would accumulate and hold water reserves, and would be a source and mine for the minerals necessary for living creatures.
  • The Bangalas practice cicatrization to an elaborate extent. This process consists of opening a portion of the flesh with a knife, injecting an irritating juice into the wound, and allowing the place to swell. The effect is to raise a lump or weal. Some of these excrescences are tiny bumps and others develop into large welts that disfigure the anatomy. Extraordinary designs are literally carved on the faces and bodies of the men and women. Although it is an intensely painful operation,--some of the wounds must be opened many times--the native submits to it with pleasure because the more ornate the design the more resplendent the wearer feels. The women are usually more liberally marked than the men.
  • You will also be taught how to fly a square parachute, allowing you to enjoy the canopy flight as well as the freefall.
  • The prehistoric breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana separated the Madagascar-Antarctica-India landmass from the Africa-South America landmass around 135 million years ago. Madagascar later split from India about 88 million years ago, allowing plants and animals on the island to evolve in relative isolation. Along the length of the eastern coast runs a narrow and steep escarpment containing much of the island's remaining tropical lowland forest. To the west of this ridge lies a plateau in the center of the island ranging in altitude from 750 to 1,500 m (2,460 to 4,920 ft) above sea level. These central highlands, traditionally the homeland of the Merina people and the location of their historic capital at Antananarivo, are the most densely populated part of the island and are characterized by terraced, rice-growing valleys lying between grassy hills and patches of the subhumid forests that formerly covered the highland region. To the west of the highlands, the increasingly arid terrain gradually slopes down to the Mozambique Channel and mangrove swamps along the coast.
  • His eyes started adjusting to the absence of light, allowing him to see the faint outline of the cart he was laying in. As silently as possible, he twisted so that he could see the ropes binding his arms and legs. Hoping that no one was walking alongside the cart to smell what he was about to do, he focused his jhorun to produce a tiny pinprick of intense fire, and then caressed that red-hot dot along his bonds. His arms were free! Now, his legs. The ropes fell away, neatly sliced open. Making sure there wasnt any other ropes holding on to him, Steve contemplated his next course of action. Should he just jump out of the cart and yell surprise? Or should he maybe try to sneak out and make a break for it?
  • "Then perhaps you also know that their only real rivals for power are the mages. As long as the magical community remains as it is, divided and quarrelling among itself, they are no real threat. allowing any one group to gain supremacy, on the other hand—"
  • They entered the house. Laying there, were a small golden cage, a nap-sack with some food, and a large rusty key. They lifted one item each and, deciding that they may be useful, took them with them. They left the building and followed the path to the South passing intermittently through rolling green pastures and dark fearsome woods until they came to a deep ravine in a cliff wall protected by a rusty iron grid with a gate in it. In the gate was a rusty lock. Bb placed the rusty key in the lock and turned. The gate swung open allowing them inside.
  • She's not fit to travel another mile, said Dan, stroking her glossy neck and allowing her to rub her nose affectionately on his shoulder.
  • GDP and total earnings growth tend to track each other, in principle allowing earnings per share to grow as fast as GDP--assuming no new share issuances, no new enterprises. In reality, a fast-growing economy sucks in capital from domestic savers and foreign investors. Factories are bought, old firms fail, and creative destruction takes its toll. Old shareholders are diluted away, which is why no stock market has grown dividends by more than 2% annualized over the 20th century. Rob Arnott and William Bernstein calculated that this dilution drag has led earnings-per-share growth to lag GDP growth in the United States by about 2%. A later study found that dilution drag in emerging markets was 7% annualized from 1990 to 2003. Using data for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, I also found a 7% dilution drag from 2007 to 2011.
  • But that was all past, and it did me no good to go over the mistakes I had made. I was bitter at myself for allowing Petrak to bring my bag on board, for I had thus given him an opportunity to claim me as an ally in the murder.
  • Out on the street, he leant against the wall and breathed deeply, allowing the tension leak out of him. He pulled off the clammy mask and rubbed his hair, glad to rid himself of the persistent itch the sweat had caused. He had done it again, slipped in and out of a man's house unseen and killed him in his bed without even waking his wife. Blade chuckled, drunk on his success and the immense relief that came with a job well done. When he had killed King Shandor he had been denied this wave of euphoria, for he had then been burdened with Prince Kerrion, whose presence had dampened his pleasure. He straightened, tossing back his hair as he revelled in the cool night air.
  • The economic development of the country has been uneven geographically with the Moscow region contributing a very large share of the country's GDP. Another problem is modernisation of infrastructure, ageing and inadequate after years of being neglected in 1990s; the government has said $1 trillion will be invested in development of infrastructure by 2020. In December 2011, Russia finally joined World Trade Organisation, allowing it a greater access to overseas markets. Some analysts estimate that WTO membership could bring the Russian economy a bounce of up to 3 per cent annually. Russia ranks the second most corrupt country in Europe (after Ukraine), according to the Corruption Perceptions Index. The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce also states that "orruption is one of the biggest problems both Russian and international companies have to deal with."
  • Blade raised the dagger, its tip poised just above his victim's flank, and thrust it in with a quick stab. Lord Mordon stiffened as his heart burst, the speed with which he died allowing him only the time to open his eyes and mouth, but no sound issued from his trembling lips. He never saw the masked assassin kneeling beside him. His eyes glazed and rolled up, and he went limp. None of the other occupants of the bed had awakened. Blade turned away, moving like a shadow back to the door. There he paused to close it behind him, using the steel tool to pull down the catch inside. Back on the balcony, he breathed more easily as the night air cooled him.
  • She's bad,' piped up an elderly witch with a face like a wrinkled cushion. (Vain in the extreme, Tamar could not understand any witch allowing herself to look like that when a simple glamour would take care of it easily. And so much cheaper than plastic surgery.)
  • The entrance to the hotel has a glass facade allowing lots of natural daylight into the lobby area.
  • For all that day, and all that night, and all the next day, the little boat sped over the waters, heading due east, so as to reach land wherever they might find it, in the hope that the land might not be very far away from the civilized settlements of the coast. The provisions and water which had been put in the boat formed an ample supply, which would last for a long time. Brandon shared with Cato in the management of the boat, not allowing the big man to have more of the labor than himself.
  • Queen Minna-Satu raised her six-foot sceptre and brought it down with a dull clink. On cue, her mother's chief advisor, Mendal of the snakes, stepped forward and prostrated himself. She waited a full minute before allowing him to rise, and he did so red-faced.
  • Torn between continuing after Bartlett simply out of spite and allowing him to escape, Aiden froze in the middle of the hallway, watching the door close as the old businessman slammed it shut behind him. The sounds of a desperate struggle finally snapped Aiden back to reality, and he spun around and rushed back up the passage to the door the officer had gone through, slamming his shoulder into it without slowing down, splintering the lock and throwing the door wide open.
  • Releasing a sigh, Elryia's body relaxed and her magick faded. Within her pulled a hatred so defiantso purethat she cared not about the danger. She would have risked her body and very life in order to get to Kalinies. But it was not only her that would have suffered, and their safety was not something she would risk. Though rage and reason battled within her, logic won out. She could then only drop her hands and her guard, allowing the dismal reality in.
  • He took long, deep drags, drawing something as malevolent into his lungs as the virus that swam in his bloodstream. She couldnt battle both, allowing that no matter how close they were, parts of Kell would always lie beyond her. This man, like so many others, was out of her hands. "Honey, what is it?"
  • I roused myself from my seat and headed towards the front door one more time to lock it and ensure my privacy for the few short minutes I expected to be at the diner. Surely no one else waited outside to see me. The gas pumps were shut down, allowing Junior Junior to go home and mope over his lost love. Flo had departed earlier to get one of her weekly three hour, two cans of hairspray, Lady Bird Johnson knockoff beauty parlor specials. I couldn't think of another person who might possibly want to talk to me about anything at all for the rest of the day. Excepting...Big Bob Buford!
  • Salomon olembe filled the left-back berth allowing batty an unexpected chance in the premiership.
  • A few newer studies relax the second restriction, allowing different kinds of aid to have different impacts on growth.
  • Jace turned to face the tall, pale figure draped in blue robes. Daoine Oberon. It was upon his proposal that they came to these lands and it was his ability to shape-shift into a large eagle, allowing them right of entry from Scotlandacross the Celtic and the Mediterranean seasto the Balkans. Now Jace stood with Daoine in his human form. Jaces father and uncle stood on either side of him, dressed in full plaids and armor. Their swords remained at their sides and he didnt have to look at their faces to feel the shock at what stood before them.
  • She smirked and attacked first. Keldar defended himself as best as he could, but he was weakened by the Cage and kept seeing the woman he loved in her, so ended up allowing her to kill him. He lowered the guard and let her blade sink in his body, as cold as a winter day.
  • The hoof beats drew nearer, loud in the forest's stillness, and she subsided, trying to pry his hand away finger by finger. Four Black Riders came into view below, walking, their heads turning to scan the forest with blank eyes. They seemed drawn to the tree in which she and Kieran hid, and Talsy sent a silent prayer to the Kuran. The Hashon Jahar halted their steeds below, and she was certain they could somehow sense them. Kieran eased his grip a little, allowing her to stare downwards, terror gripping her heart. The Riders sat perfectly still, as if waiting for a sign.
  • Each module is separately addressable and offers a highly stable output allowing smooth dimming if inductive loads.
  • The information flow is automatically rerouted around the disrupted node, allowing a seamless, continual flow of information.
  • It was a good thing that the scouts could joke among themselves, even when facing desperate conditions. They had enough of gloom around them without allowing it to seize upon their spirits.
  • Later on Toby busied himself baiting his trap. Bandy-legs was invited to assist in the operation, but he declined. Perhaps he partly suspected the other had some sinister motive back of his invitation, and that when he least expected it that trailing loop would get twisted around one of his ankles, and his next step might precipitate an upheaval. Of course Toby could always declare that it must have been an accident; but his curiosity would have been satisfied at any rate. And Bandy-legs was firmly opposed to allowing himself to be experimented on. He had heard his father speak so many times of the horror of vivisection that somehow Bandy-legs seemed to have imbibed the idea that all experiments must be unpleasant.
  • Tommy Cooper was working industriously on the creation of his sand sculpture masterpiece. He was delighted with this particular beach for its quality of sand. There was just enough lime clay in the sand to make it a perfect sculpting medium. The sand would support its own weight better than ordinary beach sand. The tiny shell fragments scattered throughout lent structural stability to the sand mix, which allowed him to experiment with designs that ordinary beach sand could never hope to achieve. He was also surreptitiously testing his new Special Sand Sculpture Cement; a subtle combination of seaweed, salt, calcium, and sea foam. He was hoping to produce an ionic binder, reducing evaporation and allowing the sand grains to bind for a longer time.
  • It is important that we eliminate the threat of the god of war. The other gods will soon realize that there are only two men left in the world with the proper bloodline. When they do, they will panic and probably destroy this world before allowing the scales to be tipped in my direction. There is no telling what Oderion will do, but we must kill Rommus Tirinius before he realizes the full weight of this threat.
  • Get your anchor up, Mr Milsom, if you please,"" said Jack, allowing his eyes to stray shoreward as Milsom repeated the order to the mate. As he looked, he became aware of something in the nature of a commotion or disturbance at the end of the pier; and, entering the chart-house, he brought forth a pair of splendid binoculars with which to investigate. Upon applying the glasses to his eyes he saw that there was a little crowd of perhaps fifty people gathered on the pier end, all eagerly listening to a man who was talking and gesticulating with great vehemence as he pointed excitedly toward the yacht. The man appeared to be particularly addressing two gendarmes who were among the crowd, but everybody was clustering close round him and listening, apparently in a state of the greatest excitement, to what he had to say, while occasionally one or another in the crowd would face seaward and shake his fist savagely at the yacht."
  • Do not use newspaper or carpet as a liner underlay, as after time it will rot allowing stones through.
  • The room at the Foreign Office was large enough not to be crowded. Lord Birlesmere sat in a chair dexterously arranged at the corner of a table, thus allowing him to control without compelling him to preside. Next to him sat Lord Arglay with Chloe by his side; opposite was Mr. Sheldrake in a state of very bitter irritation. Reginald Montague was in an equal state of nervousness next to Chloe. Mr. Doncaster was next to Sheldrake, and a little apart were Professor Palliser and Sir Giles Tumulty. At the bottom of the table were Mr. Bruce Cumberland and a high police official. The Persian Embassy was not represented. It was about 11 o'clock on Monday.
  • It truly wasnt necessary for him to speak with his minions to get his orders across. His powers of control enhanced by Tabrismagic allowed him to communicate his directives completely through mental links. allowing a few goblins access to his presence and speaking to them directly, however, elevated these creatures to a higher status. It was a status all the goblins desired, and they would compete with each other to gain the serps favor in order to move up the ranks. While the serp found repeating his orders verbally somewhat tiresome, he realized the effort actually enhanced the goblinswillingness to follow his directives exactly. With so many dark creatures under his control, Sazar quickly learned how to manipulate and influence them with the greatest degree of efficiency.
  • Slowly his mouth spread upwards towards the right corner of his mouth allowing me to see his teeth bared. After a moment I decided to bare my teeth also, whether it was a smile was open to interpretation. Either way it looked like we could play nice, for now.
  • What they had was a small bomb, like the one theyd tested near Ayr. It would do, since they werent interested in killing anybody: just making a statement. One little bomb, with a bunch of Islamic jihad literature around it, and maybe Canada should think twice about allowing more immigrants.
  • The gdn would like to thank the journal of geography for allowing us to reproduce abstracts from the journal.
  • "Yes. The majority are sensible, allowing me freedom to pursue other interests. Few break the rules. When they do they are found by the warriors, and brought to me for judgment. We're a solitary people. We don't need a ruler to dictate everyday life."
  • Despite the almost-tangible waves of animosity beaming up towards him Nick continued to watch the pair for another twenty minutes or so as they fished down through the pool. Three times more the old ghillie looked back up at him, plainly resenting his presence. The woman on the other hand never took her eyes off her fly, although she rose nothing. Despite her good casting technique Nick reckoned that she was moving the fly through the water too quickly for the time of year, not allowing it to sink down far enough to reach the fish. He knew from experience that a spring salmon, especially a big springer, will often appear lethargic and disinterested unless the lure swims slowly right past the end of its nose, and at this time of the year the fish always lay deep. He was surprised the ghillie hadn't pointed this out, or maybe he had but she thought she knew better. She looked like the kind of person who would always think she knew best.
  • The Master Fusion unit should have been piped directly in to the septic tank, allowing a continuous flow of organic matter in to the device. The Master fusion unit could convert any moist organic matter into energy, and produced only one by-product: pure carbon, in the form of fine soot. So if the Telstar and any of the experimental devices within it ever made it into space with human occupants on board, the idea was that they would not need to concern themselves with their own waste, or the energy required to sustain them. Unfortunately for the present occupiers of the Telstar, still tethered to the world but generally elsewhere along the fifth dimension, the exit pipe from the septic tank and the entry pipe into the Master Fusion unit had not been connected.
  • Lowering her eyes and remembering how he had made her feel earlier Kat knew that she needed to end the evening now, before those same feelings resurfaced leaving her susceptible to hisKat placed her cup onto the table, stood and announced, "I think its time I leave." Becoming angry not at him, but at herself for allowing her feelings to interfere with what she knew she should have already done. Namely end the evening before her emotional and physical needs rendered her unabledamn it - stop thinking these thoughts she scolded herself!
  • The red haired man looked up as the two approached. Within moments, three of his children got up and moved to an empty bench, allowing room for Alfonso and Sal to sit. The man gathered the cards and shuffled them. It took only moments before all three men were holding cards close to their chest and pitching copper coins into a pile.
  • Venice - a full day trip by high speed catamaran across the gulf of venice, allowing you to discover this truly unique city.
  • After a time, of which Emma has completely lost the concept, she reaches the edge of the moon. She reaches into her breast pocket with her free hand and pops open her prescription, bringing the orange bottle up to her lips and allowing a single pill to fall to her tongue. She chews the pill, for lack of water, hoping that it will give her the confidence she needs to face whatever may lie ahead.
  • As these DNA targets can occur throughout an organism's genome, changes in the activity of one type of transcription factor can affect thousands of genes. Consequently, these proteins are often the targets of the signal transduction processes that control responses to environmental changes or cellular differentiation and development. The specificity of these transcription factors' interactions with DNA come from the proteins making multiple contacts to the edges of the DNA bases, allowing them to "read" the DNA sequence. Most of these base-interactions are made in the major groove, where the bases are most accessible.
  • At length the gentle breeze seemed to revive her and we gently slipped by the Ragged Islands and Cape Mokkavik. That Sunday evening will long be remembered by us, for in addition to the delight we felt at again moving northward, and the charm of a bright evening with a gentle, fair wind and smooth water, allowing us to glide by hundreds of fulmar and shearwater sitting on the water, scarcely disturbed by our passage, the moon was paled by the brightest exhibition of the aurora we saw while in northern waters.
  • "Then what?" Jenna asked, her eyes watching the crew as they tended the sails and rigging. A straight course between ports required little work between tacks against the solar wind, if even that was necessary. The winds were with them this time, allowing the deck to run on a skeleton crew.
  • As they walked along the grassy path, Silas wondered when it would end and the bridge would reveal itself. They rounded what felt to be the entire base of the mountain when he finally saw it. Flowing, tumbling, white-capped water splashed against rocks and gushed into the distance down the winding river. What stood above the water was not a bridge like Silas had ever seen before. It was more like a dam with its base allowing water to pass through. On the side nearest him, connected to the dam-like structure, stood a massive wooden door. The dam seemed ten times larger than any conventional bridge, making the door one of the largest Silas had ever seen. Soldiers, dressed similar to the ones that accompanied Barron, stood at attention in front of the structure. Across the path, opposite the huge door were several shacks that Silas presumed were the soldier's barracks.
  • He was not resigned, however, to the visit he received later from Miss Helen Blake. That young lady rushed in upon him like a miniature cyclone, sweeping him off his feet by the fury of her denunciation, allowing him no opportunity to speak, until, with a half sob, she demanded:
  • "One night is enough to make a difference and he has had weeks. Calista was emotionally unwrought the night of the sponsalla." He paused significantly, allowing their imaginations to work. He could almost see the visions their minds were creating.
  • Mr. Conor continued, "It was dangerous allowing him to ... probe your soul as he did. He is, after all, not human...."
  • Alastor's eyes finally adjust to the dim light, allowing him to see the figure which sits on the throne seat, but it is pointless. Two lamps on each side of the room ignite, exploding to life.
  • Vessa blocked a high blow that should have taken her head off. Jillian has always been the best of them. That is why she was the one Vessa had shot with the bolt first in Galnath. Jillian could practically beat Vessa at will. That did not change her want for vengeance for the massacre of her people at Galnath. Dredrik explained that it had been her fellow Roses who had opened the main gate allowing Mareth and his thugs in to burn the village. "To much personal blood has been shed for me to forgive or trust you."
  • Product features avantra provides issuers with a totally modular solution, allowing customers to pick and choose the service that best meets their needs.
  • Do something she didn't really want to do? Kill a man? Not honorably in battle, but while hiding behind a bush. Without allowing him the opportunity to speak to the magistrate, without giving him a chance to defend himself. Murder.
  • Baibars stepped back respectfully to allow the King to go into the tent first. Roland followed the two leaders. Within, all appeared ready for the counting. At a long table, six Egyptian scribes and six Lombard clerks brought by the Templars sat facing each other. A row of Templars stood before the treasure-filled chests. Baibars approached and they stepped aside, allowing him to open one of the oaken boxes. He thrust his strong fingers in among the silver coins, lifting up a handful and letting them trickle back into the chest.
  • He took to avoiding absences, and to watching furtively for some confirmation of his suspicion. Claire was instinctively cautious, and he saw nothing that could actually be construed against her. He was of that type of man whose love, burning into jealousy, does battle with ideals which stand against his suspicions and demand actual physical proof before retiring and allowing the beast to run riot.
  • F-f-frank! stammered the new arrival, as he actually fell off his wheel, allowing the same to drop in a heap on the turf.
  • The cutter was by this time quite close, and Jake, standing on a rock, pointed out by signs to the coxswain where he could come alongside and float in deep water, thus allowing them to embark easily and also put the little stock of provisions aboard. The craft came dashing up until within a few fathoms of the place indicated by Jake, and then the crew, as one man, threw in their oars, and the boat glided rapidly alongside the rocks, coming to a stand-still just opposite the spot where Jake was standing.
  • But no matter how he might terminate such reflections, the captain always blamed himself for allowing his mind to occupy itself with them. He had fully decided that this treasure belonged to him, and there was no real reason for his thinking of such things, except that he had no one to talk to, and in such cases a man's thoughts are apt to run wild.
  • "Er," said Sanych. She declined to mention how she had been tossed back down the gangway of the first ship she had approached for passage south across the Bay of Whales, followed by shouts of "witch" and "weatherhag," and a few moldy apples. Shed learned that the best way to approach a superstitious crew of Byarrans did not involve running up to the second mate and urging that they immediately put to seawith her aboardbecause the weather patterns were going to be optimal for the next six days, followed by two small storms of no consequence, allowing them to reach Miln before a severe rainstorm crossed their route. She had been more circumspect with Captain Verri.
  • The detective, without rising to his feet or allowing himself to be seen, uttered these words in such a sepulchral tone that they almost lifted the hair on the head of the criminal. He started, and stared affrightedly back in the gloom.
  • The Frenchman had a big carving knife in his hand with which he was going to cut a steak instead of allowing the waiter to do it.
  • What! said the king, has any one lain with you last night? How, sir! replied the princess, without giving the king leave to go on; do you ask me if any one lay with me last night? Your majesty knows that but too well. He was the finest and best made cavalier the sun ever saw: I desire him of you for my husband by all means, sir; and I beg you will not refuse me. But that your majesty may no longer doubt whether I have seen this cavalier, whether he has lain with me, whether I have caressed him, or whether I did my utmost to awake him without succeeding, see, if you please, this ring! She then reached forth her hand, and showed the king a man's ring upon her finger. The king did not know what to make of all this; but, as he had confined her as mad, so now he began to think her more so than ever. Therefore, without saying any thing more, for fear she might do violence to herself or somebody else, had her chained, and shut up more closely than ever, allowing her only the nurse to wait on her, with a good guard at the door.
  • Those who were hit lay where they fell; the most of us reached the open country just in time to see a dozen or fifteen horsemen mount and ride off. Evidently they had the pick of Santalla's animals, as they easily kept their distance, though allowing us to advance within range, when, discharging their muskets, they recommenced the retreat.
  • Wisconsin, which passed a law in 2011 allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon, has some of the most permissive gun laws in the US.
  • There was no time to argue the matter, for a little later the storm began in earnest. All of the sails were taken in but the fore sheet, and this was reefed down, allowing just enough canvas to fly to keep the bark before the wind. The breeze was turning to half a gale, and from a distance came the rumble of thunder. Then the sky grew still blacker and a flash of lightning illuminated the angry waters.
  • This sculpting massage evokes a floating sensation, allowing you to let go almost immediately.
  • A small hatchet had been brought along for possible use in cutting firewood, and with this the boys cut down two long and slender saplings. Then they tied up the deer as our hero had mentioned, and a sapling was thrust between the front and hind legs of each of the game, allowing the body to hang below.
  • With this appalling intelligence I returned below. Escape seemed impossible. I proposed building a raft, it was a desperate resource, and there might not be time even to lash a few spars together. I could not bear the thought of allowing the poor captain to perish miserably without an attempt to save him. He divined my thoughts. "Its of no use, Harry, I am prepared for death, and resign myself to the arms of that merciful God whom I have so lately learned to know," he said, with perfect calmness.
  • There have been a number of recent changes in the legislation allowing ratepayers to opt out of downwards transitional relief.
  • The end of the stick was within a short distance from my hand, and reaching down I grasped the wood and brought forth, not a short club or stick, as I thought to be concealed there, but a very long pole. The result of my investigations was so unexpected that I came dangerously near allowing the thing to slide through my fingers and fall to the bottom of the canyon. It was a neatly-smoothed, slender piece of lodge-pole pine which was brought to view, and it had a crooked root nicely spliced to one end and bound tightly in place with rawhide thongs. Big Pete was wholly absorbed in the trail, the study of which he had resumed, and when I looked up he was down on all fours, minutely studying the ground. Presently he cried, "Le-loo, tha' pesky lad ha' been over wha' you be after sompen and he took it back tha' again afore he made his jump! If you're any good you'll find what the lad was after."
  • "It is." I stared past him into the dark, where the lantern was still bobbing here and there amid the wreckage of the Spaniard. We were closer now, allowing me to pick out Fulke's hulking shape in the shadows. And something more besides. "But I think I might have an idea."
  • OUR conversation was interrupted by Tordesillas, who came into the room, and addressed me thus: Signor Gil Blas, I have just been speaking with a young man at the prison gate. He inquired if you were not here, and looked much mortified at my refusal to satisfy his curiosity. Noble governor, said he, with tears in his eyes, do not reject my most humble petition. I am Signor de Santillane's principal domestic, and you will do an act of charity by allowing me to see him. You pass for a kind-hearted gentleman in Segovia; I hope you will not deny me the favour of conversing for a few minutes with my dear master, who is unfortunate rather than criminal. In short, continued Don Andrew, the lad was so importunate, that I promised to comply with his wishes this evening.
  • He stood thus, as rigid as a statue, fully appreciating the difficulties of his position and the fatal consequences of allowing himself to be outwitted.
  • Clearly, the block of stone supported by the iron pins formed a porthole, the pins allowing the stone to be swung inward. The old, rusted one had been unused for decades, but the port in front of the projector had been repaired and lubricated. The comparison between the two gave Rick his clue.
  • The visa waiver countries fall under a special program allowing travel to the united states without a visa waiver countries fall under a special program allowing travel to the united states without a visa.
  • Your turn. Spiritwind retreated for dessert, allowing Brick to step back in. Fate and Fut watched on, growing more and more convinced their own doom was unfolding before them.
  • Startled and ashamed, Piang looked at the lovely thing. He put out his hand and the animal laid her soft muzzle in his palm, allowing him to caress her. What did she want? Were some of her babies in trouble? With his arm about the fawn's neck, Piang allowed himself to be led along a well defined path, trodden by many feet.
  • Pride kept all of the boys from allowing anything like a tremor to appear in their voices when they exchanged remarks. At the same time all of them felt the quivering of the structure, and could understand what a mighty force was commencing to pluck at its supports. When these were undermined, if such a thing should happen, the whole affair would go with a rush, and they realized what that would mean.
  • Pedicure treatments we advise allowing an hour for the polish to set.
  • As he passed over several hills and past many of the southern farms, he peered to the east. Well past the city limits, the outlying farms in this region suddenly came alive with panic. The elf could see small fires being lit across the lands, and he spied the shadows of both goblins and humans running frantically about. Many of the humans took to the roads heading toward Connel and it appeared again as if the goblins were allowing them to make it safely to the city, though Lief could not imagine why.
  • "Let's go into the parlor, dear." Geneva's face became seamless again. She motioned gently with her hand, allowing Anna to precede her.
  • No, the senior officer said with a shake of his head. "I'm allowing three days for you to make this stop-over flight to Brazil. That should get you in Natal by the fourteenth, the fifteenth at the latest. Put up at the Pan-Am Hotel. I will join you there on the fifteenth. I'll have another little mission for you when I get there. Well, any other questions?"
  • Mias mother picked up on her desire to be left alone. She exited the room, closed the door behind her and went downstairs to tell her husband what had happened. He dismissed it as a bad dream, in light of Lori's insistence that she thought something might be wrong with their child. He claimed that it was some teenager thing. When dinner was close to ready, her mother broke her cardinalmealtime is family timerule by allowing Mia to be excused. When Susan called later that evening, Mia declined the call. She stayed in her room all that evening and slept little that night. She refused to go to school the next day, even when her father threatened her. She spent most of the day curled up in her bed with the covers drawn up tight.
  • His eyes started adjusting to the absence of light, allowing him to see the faint outline of the cart he was laying in. As silently as possible, he twisted so that he could see the ropes binding his arms and legs. Hoping that no one was walking alongside the cart to smell what he was about to do, he focused his jhorun to produce a tiny pinprick of intense fire, and then caressed that red-hot dot along his bonds. His arms were free! Now, his legs. The ropes fell away, neatly sliced open. Making sure there wasnt any other ropes holding on to him, Steve contemplated his next course of action. Should he just jump out of the cart and yell surprise? Or should he maybe try to sneak out and make a break for it?
  • Beatrice saw him turn, and understood her danger. "Oh, good-bye, Geoffrey!" she murmured, for a second allowing her heart to go forth towards him. Then realising what she had done, she dropped her veil, and went swiftly. The gentleman called "Tom"--she never learnt his name--stood for a moment dumbfounded, and at that instant Geoffrey staggered, as though he had been struck by a shot, turned quite white, and halted.
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