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  • I had never been to a feast before but Sareta called for a generous supper laid upon a large table within the Forbidden Castle. The hall lit brightly with candles and a fire mended. Smiling broadly, I ate, happier than I had been since I could remember. Sareta sat next to me, holding my hand, afraid I would disappear. Completing all that I had never stopped loving, Turstan sat across from me. Johannes and Cono sat at the far end next to Twiten, who had appeared, allowing for the celebration to the fullest.
  • With hypnosis we relax, focus and close down the conscious mind allowing the subconscious to open.
  • The guards nod to him with the slightest of smiles, allowing the visitor free access. None of the suspicion Leon was so used to in other lands and upon other faces is present on these men. He passes slowly through the outer hall which leads to the throne room, a beautiful and wondrous sight, full of spectacular art of myriad mediums, nothing like the cold, sterile hall leading to his father's throne. The doors of the Halvard throne room are open for the guest, and Leon walks in, the doors shutting behind him.
  • "But I can't help saying how very kind I think it; and I think it is very selfish, allowing a friend to engage in so irksome and, perhaps, dangerous an enterprise."
  • Kevin said nothing. Ever since his fathers death and his mothers illness he had felt that Laura was in charge, and he tagged along, allowing her to make the decisions, content to leave things in her competent hands, assuming his role as the younger brother. The problem was, when all was said and done, an economic one, and he would fulfil his obligations and go along with whatever Laura felt fit. Maybe Billy was right and it was simply a rather clever ploy on the Homes part to suck more money out of them, but what could he do? If it were nothing more than emotional blackmail it would work, because as everybody knew human life was priceless. His mother would have to be cared for, whatever the cost.
  • We have, then, somewhere between one hundred and fifty and two hundred rounds of ammunition, and provisions for a week, allowing ourselves no addition to the present stock. Count the decoys, Regnie, while I look up our tools,
  • The camera will come with a built-in mic too, allowing anyone nearby to communicate across xbox live.
  • And every member of that vast company was keeping a wary eye on the director all the time seeming to be working like mad. They were waiting to catch the signal that was to inaugurate the final scene, where those on the walls were to weaken, allowing one after another of the ascending men on the ladders to crawl over the parapet.
  • Earlier this month both militaries had jets in the area and Japanese newspapers have reported that Tokyo is mulling allowing its pilots to fire warning shots.
  • This sculpting massage evokes a floating sensation, allowing you to let go almost immediately.
  • Roger and Harry had at once taken up positions, one on each side of the entrance to the cave, allowing themselves sufficient room to avoid striking each other with the blades of their long swords, which, with the now useless musket, were all the weapons they had.
  • The walk was like eternity and he felt as though everyone behind him, including the man-dogs had faded into a mist. He was alone and just inches away from the heatless fire. He raised his hand to the glass allowing his fingers to go through to the other side. He pulled it back as he felt his fingers go numb with cold as if someone had poured ice water over them. This must have been the cold of death waiting for him. He took one last breath and stepped into the glass. For a moment his entire body was drenched with the freezing cold, just as his hand had been. Then, darkness.
  • It was a good thing that the scouts could joke among themselves, even when facing desperate conditions. They had enough of gloom around them without allowing it to seize upon their spirits.
  • Before he picked it upbefore he couldhe had to do something with the armor, something that only he knew how to do. He closed his eyes and held his hands in front of him, "Remise Yavaldes" he whispered. The gauntlets flared even brighter, a glint so powerful they blocked out the shape of the armor altogether. When the light faded, the gauntlets disappeared entirely leaving only his scratched, chapped hands behind. It was a spell, known as "Stone Soul" and had been cast on the armor long before Grahamas was the owner. It was used to make transport and secrecy of the armor easy, allowing the user to be protected by it, while concealing the armor as part of the wearer's skin. As Radiant Hope served as a symbol, it could be called upon at any moment for all to see its brilliance.
  • Behind him, a usually vocal Valaira had not pressured him to speak, or tell her what was on his mind. She knew. Every so often his muscles would twitch and tighten, a growl would rise up from his throat. She could tell exactly what he was thinking, and allowing it to fester was far more productive than anything she could say.
  • Tun finally found his voice. He spoke to the interpreter allowing the greatest degree of respect yet shown. "You puzzle me interpreter. I almost would like to think this is some kind of trick, but for some reason I see in your face that it is not. I know of Godson and the power he has over his followers as well as the very land itself. I will not question that power, but I will do as you say. I will hold to my doubts. If it will be as you say, I can only assume there is something left to be done yet to convince me."
  • The QB Avatar is a $10,000 virtual presence robot produced in Silicon Valley by Anybots. It's like a rolling webcam that you can activate and control through a PC, allowing you to have conversations with people on the other side. It reminded me of a Segway scooter with personality.
  • This lecture sat rather uneasily on our doctor's feelings, as a candidate for consistency. He could not deny his inveteracy against the use of wine in all his publications; but pride and vanity not allowing him to acknowledge the justice of my attack on his apostasy, he was left without a word to say for himself. Not wishing to push my sarcasm beyond the bounds of good humour, I changed the subject; and after a few minutes' longer stay, took my leave, gravely exhorting him to maintain his ground against the new practitioners. Courage, Signor Sangrado! said I: never be weary of setting your wits against kermes; and deafen the health- dispensing tribe with your thunders against the use of bleeding in the feet. If, spite of all your zeal and affection for medical orthodoxy, this empiric generation should succeed in supplanting true and legitimate practice, it will be at least your consolation to have exhausted your best endeavours in the support of truth and reason.
  • Omari wanted to explode, screaming at the woman for doing this to her, kidnapping her and allowing some insane man rape her and break her collarbone. But the woman was offering relief from her broken collarbone and maybe information if she played her cards right.
  • During that time of the War, dragon domes were not in existence. The Elves grew hangers that were just curved buildings that the dragons stayed in. They grew fortresses out of trees and other plants, too. They could place spells on these structures, allowing the energy of the plant to power spells, and the domes today still used that principle. The structure was alive, and its energy went into everything.
  • Icraf will also contribute through allowing the project access to their database on the african acacias.
  • Early harrowing of fields being prepared for root crops will induce charlock germination allowing the mechanical destruction of seedlings during subsequent seedbed preparations.
  • Glen's youthful appearance attracted the chief's attention as soon as he caught sight of the lad, and he was inclined to doubt the advisability of allowing such a mere boy to accompany the expedition. A few words from Mr. Hobart satisfied him, however, that Glen would prove a credit to the party, and after that the general watched the boy with interest.
  • In 1886 he was forced to resign after allowing a mixed class to draw from a completely nude male model.
  • In 2009, a unit of London-based Lloyds accused of allowing Iran illegal access to the U.S. financial system agreed to pay $350 million to settle an investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.
  • By bringing them together in one clinic, we can use them separately or simultaneously, allowing a powerful and natural symbiosis to develop.
  • Lloyd swam further in and turned a slight bend in the cave. At this point the roof rose at least 20 feet from the floor and Ben could see lights twinkling above. The coral reef had fractured at one point centuries ago and a fissure remained, allowing tiny chinks of light from above to penetrate the darkness beneath. Their air bubbles cascaded upward through jagged ledges as they raced towards the surface through the labyrinth of cracks in the reef. Lloyd pointed to an area on their left and Ben froze as he saw a human skeleton chained against the wall. Liz gripped his arm. Lloyds laughter rang in their ears, even through the water. He swam down to the skeleton and shook its hand. Ben and Liz looked at each other. Ben felt like an idiot. Of course. They were in a movie set.
  • An awareness sparked within his essence. Beyond the sensation of magic, beyond the spell allowing him to read minds, he could sense the very soul of this battle. It was taking shape before him, growing like an infected wound. It grew angrier, a hurricane feeding on warm waters. It was feeding on the emotions of the participants, from fear to courage, from anger to exultation.
  • Colombia is being mindful of that balance by allowing America Movil, which operates under the Claro brand, to participate in bidding for some airwaves, said Information Technology and Communications Minister Diego Molano.
  • I felt the tears beginning to fill my eyes again. I fought against them and forced them to retreat somehow. I tried to concentrate, but my labored mind had become Swiss cheese. So I had to settle for sitting quietly and allowing fate to spin the wheel. Its not like I had another choice.
  • Tired as the horses were, there was no likelihood of their straying very far; and Dick simply removed the harness, allowing the animals to roam at will. The wagon served as a camp; and the most arduous task was that of gathering materials with which to make a fire, when nothing larger than a bush could be seen on either hand.
  • I have no doubt that it was Mrs. Humphreys, Rupert; she would be about the age you describe, and, allowing for the seventeen years that have passed since I have seen her, like her in appearance. But we had better go in to your mother now, she must be told. I will go in first and break it to her. Of course there is nothing else that can be done until we get Edgar's letter. I will send a man off on horseback to the post-office, we shall get it an hour earlier than if we wait for the postman to bring it.
  • In a more desperate moment, I considered pleading with Tray to let me catch a ride home with them. That seemed like the only way I would get a chance to speak with Krista. There would probably be a better chance of him allowing me to wrestle an alligatorespecially since Greg got a ticket for failure to stop at a red light back in mid-January.
  • I felt my neck and face begin to burn from embarrassment. I took a step back, and reached for the door, hoping to beat a quick retreat before I could humiliate myself further, but he stopped me with a surprisingly gentle hand. "I'm sorry; that didn't come out as intended. If it would help you sleep of course I'll come upstairs and sit with you. It's the least I can do after allowing you to be dragged into this mess."
  • Control panel a full control panel a full control panel allowing you to manage your service online.
  • These days, i am allowing myself to cut things down, to make things more manageable.
  • At several barks from the swordsmen, the lines began to move. Russ hobbled with them, cursing himself for being caught and allowing himself to be led away from the Gate. Alisiya had been right.
  • Within the fissure, Dzeb and Ryson began their ascent only after allowing Lief sufficient time to exit. They stepped quickly, each with his own certainty. The delver moved with his own inherent grace, while Dzeb stepped with the experience of living among the cliffs of the highest mountains. Dzeb held tightly to the sphere as Ryson lifted his sword to light their final passage.
  • It also shows them as hypocrites for allowing the show to insult one religions prophet, but not even show anothers.
  • Vessa blocked a high blow that should have taken her head off. Jillian has always been the best of them. That is why she was the one Vessa had shot with the bolt first in Galnath. Jillian could practically beat Vessa at will. That did not change her want for vengeance for the massacre of her people at Galnath. Dredrik explained that it had been her fellow Roses who had opened the main gate allowing Mareth and his thugs in to burn the village. "To much personal blood has been shed for me to forgive or trust you."
  • Do something she didn't really want to do? Kill a man? Not honorably in battle, but while hiding behind a bush. Without allowing him the opportunity to speak to the magistrate, without giving him a chance to defend himself. Murder.
  • "Captain, Im allowing you to live because of all the people in this city, I believe you will understand the situation the best. You would have preferred to fight than to surrender, even if it meant death. Death in the clutches of a bloat spider, however, is not quite the same as death in battle. The truth of the matter is that I now control your city and battle is no longer an option.
  • The doctor pursed his lips and looked wise, while Drummond wondered that no one had ever passed a law allowing men of his type to be murdered on sight.
  • Marijuana had not only been legalized. In Austin they entirely decriminalized it, allowing anyone to grow it individually, or any business to sell it or market it. The only restriction was on use by minors, while driving, or trying to cross the state border with it. In Rio Grande and Pecos, one needed a license much like a liquor license. Austin experimented with harm reduction programs like in Europe, where heroin addicts went through methadone programs. An ugly side effect was the flocking of addicts to the city because the penalty for prosecution was gone.
  • The fog drew close upon Matthew as he guided the two elves through the streets of Connel. The previous evening was a cool one, allowing for warm fires within hearths as well as vast quantities of dew, even in the dusty streets. As the sun broke the eastern horizon, the warm rays excited the layers of moisture into a jubilant mist.
  • Jodyne nodded, allowing Bekka to let the unthinkable go unsaid. Every one of them would fight while they had the strength in their limbs to do so, and it was often easier to kill than it was to incapacitate.
  • The royal city of Vasos appeared ahead upon its hilltop in the gray sky like a welcoming embrace to the band of forty men moving through the light drizzle toward it. At their head rode Prince Kaymin Numont, heir to the city and commander of the small company returning from the neighboring country of Corrado. Spotting their approach, the city watchmen sounded the bugle and hastened to open the massive stone gateway, allowing the prince to lead his men into the royal city without pause. Although sodden and weary from the journey, Kaymin kept his horse at a steady gait and pushed on toward the castle, knowing his father was likely waiting anxiously for word of both his safe return and the report hed give concerning what had occurred in the desert country to the east.
  • Asset finance asset finance is widely used in the united kingdom, allowing firms to exploit the value of their assets in securing finance.
  • Two irons were planted in him, of which he took not the slightest notice. We had taken in sail before closing in to him on account of the swell, so that we had only to go in and finish him at once, if he would let us. Accordingly, we went in with a will, but for all sign of life he showed he might as well have been stuffed. There he lay, lazily spouting, the blood pouring, or rather spirting, from his numerous wounds, allowing us to add to their number at our pleasure, and never moving his vast body, which was gently swayed by the rolling sea. Seeing him thus quiescent, the mate sent the other two boats back to the ship with the good news, which the captain received with a grave smile of content, proceeding at once to bring the ship as near as might be consistent with her safety. We were now thoroughly sheltered from sight of the other ships by the enormous mass of the island, so that they had no idea of our proceedings.
  • Citaan and I cantered ahead of the others. When we sighted the town we stopped to rest the horses, allowing the others to catch up. Nnelg blinked in, startling us, and as usual, Audi came racing up a moment or two later.
  • Slows down digestion and absorption allowing the body to deal with nutrients at a relatively steady rate.
  • "Yeah. Okay! I remember!" Mia interrupted, waving him off. She thought of her answer. "Actually, no matter who Saa chose, I was going to try to talk Xyledes into allowing Zimm and Karthich to go with us. I didn't know how, just that I wanted to. When Zimm was picked, it kinda helped."
  • With a quick glance up, she nodded. "Please…" she whispered, allowing the Mage to sit down at her right side, nearly a foot away from her.
  • Entranced by her closeness, and the heady true fragrance of her warm femininity, Shylock relaxed and accepted her words of reassurance allowing them to comfort him. He nestled his head against her chest for some time, before eventually pulling back to refocus their thoughts on the problem at hand. 'So,' he started. 'Let's see. Can you remember precisely what Dilemma told us about the other side of the moon?'
  • The simplest approach is to cap all tax deductions at $50,000, allowing individuals to choose which breaks to claim, up to the limit. Setting a cap at $50,000 would primarily affect the richest Americans because most taxpayersdeductions arent even close to that amount.
  • Topoisomerases are enzymes with both nuclease and ligase activity. These proteins change the amount of supercoiling in DNA. Some of these enzymes work by cutting the DNA helix and allowing one section to rotate, thereby reducing its level of supercoiling; the enzyme then seals the DNA break. Other types of these enzymes are capable of cutting one DNA helix and then passing a second strand of DNA through this break, before rejoining the helix. Topoisomerases are required for many processes involving DNA, such as DNA replication and transcription.
  • Each of the column headings is a button allowing you to sort the table of search results to your preference.
  • "Morning, Rabbit," Daniels mother announced as she slowly opened the door, allowing the room to fill with the smell of fresh pancakes. "Its breakfast time. Whenever youre ready, come down."
  • Armourfirst, smaller warhead nullifies reactive armor allowing the follow through charge to penetrate the main armor.
  • As these DNA targets can occur throughout an organism's genome, changes in the activity of one type of transcription factor can affect thousands of genes. Consequently, these proteins are often the targets of the signal transduction processes that control responses to environmental changes or cellular differentiation and development. The specificity of these transcription factors' interactions with DNA come from the proteins making multiple contacts to the edges of the DNA bases, allowing them to "read" the DNA sequence. Most of these base-interactions are made in the major groove, where the bases are most accessible.
  • We'll not try to get the birds at all. We'll leave the holes open so that they can escape. Wouldn't that be better than allowing them to stay here for Dave Evans to make money out of?
  • "To hurt a healer, you must inflict pain on another, close by, without allowing the healer to help them. Healers only feel the pain of others." She shivered again. "I suffer just from being near him, for he is in pain constantly."
  • Salvation came in the form of the Voidhawk. With Bekka at the helm and the others manning the rigging they sailed into view and took time away from their guidance of the vessel to fire their re-acquired pistols at the pirates. The pirates ducked for cover, allowing the Voidhawk to sail up beside Dexter and for Rosh to toss a rope overboard for him.
  • A hand appeared in the resulting hole, tearing more of it away and enlarging the gap, until it was finally big enough allowing an oversized shape to squeeze through. It was followed by a smaller figure, which clambered out after the first and stood next to it.
  • Microsurgery courses nationally to justify allowing the application.
  • It is the subject of a separate pom order exemption allowing registered paramedics to administer it, but this does not include ambulance technicians.
  • "I just can't let this go on like this," Ryson continued. "I can't imagine how many will die if this madness isn't stopped. And it is madness. You were there. You know what's true. The algors weren't responsible for Tun's death. Yave is allowing her grief to spread. That's wrong. When I look back at what we did at Sanctum, I'm proud. We stood together. Yave is killing that. This war is destroying what we accomplished. I think its destroying what was meant to be."
  • "Okay," Benjamin returned, confused as to what, exactly, it was that Lilac was on. Then, remembering that Lilac Zhenrei was not exactly human, he concluded that it was just a natural part of being a wondrous dream creature living in a wondrous dream world. Content, then, to simply settle into the moment and take a break from thinking too hard about where he was, who he was with, what he himself might be, and all the other paraphernalia thrown at him in the course of this mad adventure, he set himself to the sleepy, soporific task of allowing his gaze to wander aimlessly about the place.
  • On they went, only to be met by the shifting, confusing tactic. Many tried to establish a defense. Some tried to match the elves earlier coup, and reared in reversea blind attempt that only made things worse, leading them into one of their own soldiers, and both toppled in the crash. Others tried to angle sideways, but in their haste, turned towards their opponents with their weak arm. If they were lucky enough to swing their swords, they were batted away effortlesslyas though held by the arm of a child. Those who shifted the correct way initially exposed their back, allowing a second elf an open target to their lung or kidney while they were trying to dispatch of the elf facing them. A small number attempted a full escape, going wide to the right or left, and every one was struck with a bolt in the back from the Elven leader.
  • For a short moment, Erag was exposed as a clear target, and Aiden seized the opportunity to invoke the sceptre's power, scorching the barbarian's torso with a blast of light, causing him to roar in pain as he burned. He lunged at Aiden blindly, stabbing and swinging with his spear, allowing the young man to step inside the weapon's reach and slash mightily at him, his empowered arms propelling his sword through Erag's chain shirt and flesh, almost severing his right arm in the process.
  • Although the gale actually broke--as has been said--shortly before noon, it moderated so gradually throughout the afternoon that it was not until the next day that the sea had gone down sufficiently to permit of the catamaran being taken alongside the brig without danger. As soon, however, as this was the case, Leslie went off again, accompanied by Flora, and resumed his task of breaking up the brig's deck. It was about the middle of the afternoon when Flora, who had been allowing her gaze to wander out over the sea to the southward and westward, called her companion's attention to a small object floating at a distance of about a mile in the offing. Leslie, ever on the alert, at once brought the telescope to bear upon the object, which appeared to be drifting helplessly before wind and sea toward the surf beating on the weather side of the reef, and immediately pronounced it to be a small canoe, apparently empty.
  • The Cathedral was a grand building, testament to both the Bible and English engineering. It craned up into the skies, ironically looking more and more like the Tower of Babel in its construction. Nothing more than people attempting to fly by walking up stairs. It was Gothic by design, the architect preferring straight lines over curves as his flavor. It veered on being a glass house, the excess of windows allowing light to flood the insides like a drowning sailor. Despite the pouring light, the cathedral still had that cold, imposing look, daring the softer, more eloquent Renaissance style that was yet to be.
  • Agnos finished up on a basic framework for an arm before Praedo relaxed, allowing the barrier around Incarnate to loosen, giving him limited freedom to move. Incarnate looked at the arm, testing each of the fingers out on it, wiggling them slightly, before clasping his hand into a fist and rising quickly, making a beeline for Praedo, who forced him back down with the oxygen barrier.
  • Azimuth angle varies from 0 to 360 degrees, allowing you to look in every horizontal direction.
  • Arrows hissed from the hidden galleries high above as the men stationed there let fly. Bane raised his arms, and a black shield shimmered into being over him, consuming the arrows as they struck it, allowing only ash to pass through. He gestured, razing the archers with fire, and they fell howling to smack against the marble floor with sickening thuds and splatters of blood. Within moments the tapestries were ablaze and burning bodies littered the floor, some writhing and shrieking.
  • "Don't you dare die on us now," Aiden cautioned him, lifting his lenses up onto his forehead, allowing the dim light of a few nearby torches to provide the light to see by. "You owe us for putting you back in charge of your people, do you hear me?"
  • Domiciles, explained a haggard Vane, or Domos, would face south, allowing their roofssloping solar panels to take maximum advantage of the sun. These panels would generate enough energy to power a Domos ceiling fan, and charge house batteries with sufficient juice to burn four twelve-volt lights over a twelve-hour period.
  • After a time, of which Emma has completely lost the concept, she reaches the edge of the moon. She reaches into her breast pocket with her free hand and pops open her prescription, bringing the orange bottle up to her lips and allowing a single pill to fall to her tongue. She chews the pill, for lack of water, hoping that it will give her the confidence she needs to face whatever may lie ahead.
  • "Yes," she nodded, "God sent you to save us." Aiden blinked, caught off guard by her answer, and unsure if he should attempt to correct her. Then he realised what the look she had given him had beenabsolute faith. She thought she was looking upon an angel, or something similar, sent by God to pull them out of hell, and it was this knowledge that was allowing the young cleric to deal with her rape in the right way. Aiden couldn't take that away from her, and she probably wouldn't believe the truth if he told her anyway.
  • The launch was to take place at ten o'clock. Taking every possible difficulty into account, and allowing for the minutest precautions, the captain hoped that it would be completed before the close of the day. Everyone believed that by evening the schooner would be at the foot of the berg.
  • Nicole wasnt the imposition Alice had feared and placed no burden on her, allowing her to talk without interruption. She looked at Nicole to make sure she was still paying attention and continued talking. She explained how they had come to the camp and described the structure of the camp. Each camp had its own hierarchy it seemed and in Alices mind the French speakers were the cultural superiors. She derided her Ugandan neighbors, who did not speak French. She warned Nicole about the Ugandan soldiers camped nearby, who were supposed to guard the camp but took what they wanted. She doubted that they would fight for the camp but would flee from a rebel attack. "You can sleep here, we have an extra mat, but dont go out after dark," she warned. "The Ugandan soldiers will take women they find outside after dark."
  • Negusse was corrupt and his role was a pretext for Saxon Minerals claims to legitimacy, allowing them to maintain compliance with national laws. Negusse became indebted to Orias when he borrowed money to build his home in Bunia. When the UN took over Bunia, he went behind on his payments and the loan was past due. It had been more than a year since the last payment, but Orias had not forgotten, nor was he willing to simply let it go. "If that fuck Negusse thinks he can hide behind the UN, he is wrong," hed told his defense minister. He sensed an opportunity and held up his hand and stopped one of his men, who was walking toward Peter with a rope.
  • Drogan snarled and sharpened his gaze right back, unwilling to yield. Kalinies had since entered behind them, but he didn't utter a word on who was right or wrong. He did not want to worry about El and her companions any longer, and would be happy to let Rhimaldez take over. Drogan was stubborn, a part intensified by his animal instincts, so when he got his mind set on something, it was best to let him handle itbest to let him stare it out with Rhimaldez. Kalinies held very little regard for either of them, but allowing Drogan independence in his decision kept him loyal.
  • Ryson continued his scouting activity. He did so now, however, with greater care. He no longer looked for the farmer or the merchant, but for obstacles created by the wild tainted magic. His own encounters with the undead, with goblins, and with vampire burned fresh in his mind. He finished the final leg of the journey completely on foot, allowing Holli to lead his horse. He watched, smelled and listened for any sign of danger, or of a scent he could not recognize.
  • You're surrounded by windows. It's practically impossible for you to be unaware of the world beyond this bus and yet you need to ask me what the weather's like. An open mouth was the only response, allowing Brick to continue. "The door is a foot behind me and wide open. You can clearly see it is not raining."
  • It is a mad game, said he, "a downright mad game. I shall never forgive myself for allowing you to go. It isn't too late now to draw back. Do take my advice, and don't risk it. I shan't sleep a wink all night if you go."
  • "Who said it was a grizzly?" retorted Tom. "It might have been a black or brown bear. You've got grizzlies on the brain. The very biggest don't measure more than nine or ten feet from the nose to the root of the tail. allowing a couple of feet more for his reach, and you have eleven or twelve altogether. How do you account for the other four or five? Unless," he went on with elaborate sarcasm, "you figure out that this pet of yours is about fourteen feet long."
  • Then it was just her mothers image that filled the screen. "My daughter has told me how this man has taken advantage of her!" she declared indignantly. "Whats worse, he appears to be bragging about it publicly! Well, were not going to take this! Were suing him, and Charles University for allowing this to happen!"
  • We didn't talk much the rest of the way, not that it was very far. It was still a little awkward, though, but I thought it was going to be better once we reached the porch. Nope, it was worse. Once he placed my bike in its spot next to the door he turned to face me and didn't say anything for a few seconds. I wasn't sure what to say, either. Finally he broke the ice and said, "Thank you for allowing me to walk you home. I haven't had a decent conversation like that with anyone for a long time."
  • At last with a shout of "'Ware fire!" he sprang back and laid his match to the touch-hole. There was a spurt of flame as the long nine roared above the staccato bark of the musketry. Then they saw a section of the pirate's upper rail leap clear of her deck and fall overside. "Too high," said Job shortly, though Ghent and Curtis had cheered at the shot, for the distance was a good half-mile. Job worked feverishly at his reloading, helped by others of the Queen's gun crews. Again the charge was a stout one, but this time the gunner laid his muzzle pointblank at the top of the rail, allowing only for wind. Once more he fired. Just short of the Royal James went up a little tower of spray. Job said not a word, but set his great angular jaws and went about his work with all the speed he had.
  • "Nor'-nor'-west, with perhaps half a point more north in it, sir. About a ten-knot breeze--at least that's the drift that Mr. Marston's allowing for."
  • The boys became well satisfied that Farmer Pitcairn was allowing them to remain with him under the pretense of work, when the real truth was that they were more of a hindrance than a help. This knowledge made them uncomfortable, and caused them to resolve that it should not continue.
  • A slight sound drew the minister's gaze down from the moon to the quay-door. Its upper flap still stood open, allowing a square of moonlight to pierce the straight black shadow of the garden wall.
  • Some obvious examples: how could any school justify allowing minor students to write obscene screeds?
  • This approach should also be adopted for the experienced operator who becomes monocular, after allowing a period of adaptation.
  • Driving from the field Simon Perry was on one hand extremely upset over the fact that the young woman had somehow discovered things that no one should know of, but on the other hand he looked forward to matching wits with the young woman. Although he did not think her nearly his equal, he had to admit though that she had indeed surprised him with her gumption. She had been able to attach a tracking device to his car and use it to thwart his plans with Katey. He shook his head in disgust upon remembering seeing the yellow vehicle near his parents home. He was incensed with himself for allowing the young woman and the little silly man to interrupt his special plans.
  • About the time the Free Lances were burying their comrade in the cemetery of the convent the gate of San Antonio de Abad was opened to permit the passage of a squadron of Hussars going outward from the city. There were nigh 200 of them, in formation "by fours" the wide causeway allowing ample room for even ten abreast.
  • The reader spoke in quiet somber tones. "Jon and I have decided to let Sanctum serve as the final resting place for Stephen and Tun. We will carry them inside through the breach and into the delver tier. Jon has told me there is no danger for us there. Upon our exit, Jon will see to the destruction of the tiers, collapsing the entire internal structure. He will then seal all points of entry. Sanctum will no longer hold secrets of danger, but serve as a monument for those who gave their lives to overcome it. We hope that you will consider joining us and allowing it to be Mappel's monument as well."
  • Again, even allowing that some rare trees, the fruit of which was edible, were to be found, it does not do to lose sight of the fact that you may be passing under that tree at the season when it is not bearing fruit, as fruit-trees, even in tropical countries, do not always bear fruit at a time to suit the convenience of the passing traveller.
  • Often when a hunter is creeping up on a feeding deer in the water, this proves to be a valuable quality, in allowing him to get closer than would be possible did the water drip from the blade of the paddle every time it was raised above the surface.
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