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  • In hot weather, a muddy wallow is essential, allowing the pigs to cool off.
  • The new device builds on previous work by Jensen and Langer's labs, in which they used microinjection to force large molecules into cells as they flowed through a microfluidic device. This wasn't as fast as the researchers would have liked, but during these studies, they discovered that when a cell is squeezed through a narrow tube, small holes open in the cell membrane, allowing nearby molecules to diffuse into the cell.
  • Amanda reached the first floor and continued up the second flight. She leapt up the stairs, aware that there was a growing energy within her, a crackling tension like the onset of a summer storm building up within her. She should have been scared of this new feeling, or at least nervous. Instead, she embraced the sensation, revelling in the strength, allowing it to flood through her.
  • That apparently hadnt been the only reason for last nights stop, though. Through the haze of spotty memory, I did remember a time when Lowell, the driver, had come in from the yard to nod pointedly at Ballista, followed a few minutes later by Ballista slipping outside himself when he thought I had passed out on top of the table. I hadnt passed out, though, at least not that time, and so I remembered him reentering the common-room fifteen minutes or so later, allowing himself an expression of satisfaction which vanished as soon as I began to sputter and stir. I would have crept after him to observe his mission except that Lowell had stayed behind to keep an eye on me. That, and the fact that I thought creeping might very well have been beyond me at that point, given the quantity of reactants I had already consumed.
  • Thanks to the combined efforts of Tommy and Jessie, the beeps and clicks of productivity were bombarding me in stereo. For a moment I wondered if they were in cahoots to make me feel as insignificant as possible. But no, that would require one or both of them to be aware of my existence. I sat back in my seat with arms crossed and tried to focus on the game, a tense but fast-moving pitchersduel. Both teamsaces were mowing down batters, allowing no walks and only a few singles.
  • Do not forget about allowing the rape of my soul to happen. I did not want it and yet you, hapless Labrador that you are with the attention span of a two-year old child, allowed it to happen to me. It is who I am now; I have embraced it fully. But you chose it, not I.
  • Vessa blocked a high blow that should have taken her head off. Jillian has always been the best of them. That is why she was the one Vessa had shot with the bolt first in Galnath. Jillian could practically beat Vessa at will. That did not change her want for vengeance for the massacre of her people at Galnath. Dredrik explained that it had been her fellow Roses who had opened the main gate allowing Mareth and his thugs in to burn the village. "To much personal blood has been shed for me to forgive or trust you."
  • Flame this spicy liquid gives near total pain resistance, allowing the drinker to continue with wounds that would drop a lesser man.
  • Ah! thought I to myself as we walked back to the camp. Then, allowing an average of twenty to a canoe, the Pongo tribe number about two thousand males old enough to paddle, an estimate which turned out to be singularly correct.
  • The razor-sharp knife sliced easily though the fabric. Though she could not feel the blade meet flesh, her attack prompted a shrill and ear-piercing shriek that was far too spine-tingling to have been made by a creature of nature. Startled by the horrid cry, she released the knife. It disappeared through the slice and fell to the ground. The wounded attacker pulled away violently, briefly allowing the cloak to open. The few rays of cloud weakened moonlight must have been playing tricks, for what they illuminated could not be. Nothing. The cloak was empty.
  • In the water they played the game of landing the big fish, one of the boys allowing a stout line to be fastened to him; and then by swimming and struggling making it as difficult as possible for the angler to reel him in.
  • Collect it and you become invincible for 10 seconds allowing you to just run into enemies to kill them.
  • Just before hitting the ground, Sarah felt something grab her protectively in powerful restraints that encircled her instantly, they didnt hurt, but they werent allowing any freedom to escape. Sarah opened her eyes and noticed that she was spinning in the air because at one moment she saw the tile floor and in the next the ceiling showed itself. Then there was a feeling of a sudden jolt from the impact of the ground, but it didnt cause any harm. The ground should hurt a lot more than this, right? So why doesnt it?
  • "Then perhaps you also know that their only real rivals for power are the mages. As long as the magical community remains as it is, divided and quarrelling among itself, they are no real threat. allowing any one group to gain supremacy, on the other hand—"
  • In a more desperate moment, I considered pleading with Tray to let me catch a ride home with them. That seemed like the only way I would get a chance to speak with Krista. There would probably be a better chance of him allowing me to wrestle an alligatorespecially since Greg got a ticket for failure to stop at a red light back in mid-January.
  • "NO!" Char leapt against the fauns. His sudden courage took them by surprise, and he slipped loose. Char ripped the sword from the sheath of one guard and stabbed the other. Suddenly everything was noise and blood. Fauns tried to pin him, but Char was not finished. With strength forged in a lifetime of hard labor, he charged through the guards, knocking them aside like toys, and lunged at Daren. The royal consort watched the scene calmly and drew his sword as the slave charged. For a few seconds Daren parried the onslaught. Then he turned his sword at an angle, allowing Char's weapon to enter the hole in the steel. He wrenched his sword to the side, jerking Char's blade from his hands and sending it soaring into the undergrowth.
  • Pondering some contingency which he did not explain to the boys, Vinton shifted the helm; and his sloop, hitherto heading in a southwesterly direction, now began to edge closer to the line of keys. Had Vinton not known his course so thoroughly from long experience in sailing these channels, inlets, and lagoons, it would have been dangerous; but he dexterously eluded the various reefs and oyster bars and brought the Arrow safely into smoother water. Meanwhile, the boys noticed that the wind, which had blown so strongly, was beginning to slacken, thus allowing the steamer to gain on the Arrow quite perceptibly.
  • Salomon olembe filled the left-back berth allowing batty an unexpected chance in the premiership.
  • Of a sudden an unexpected thing happened. The door of the very building into which Professor Scotch had been carried was flung wide open, allowing a broad bar of light to shine out. Then, out of this lighted doorway streamed a dozen men, and a bell began to clang in a doleful manner.
  • They entered the house. Laying there, were a small golden cage, a nap-sack with some food, and a large rusty key. They lifted one item each and, deciding that they may be useful, took them with them. They left the building and followed the path to the South passing intermittently through rolling green pastures and dark fearsome woods until they came to a deep ravine in a cliff wall protected by a rusty iron grid with a gate in it. In the gate was a rusty lock. Bb placed the rusty key in the lock and turned. The gate swung open allowing them inside.
  • "Good." She had to ask. She could not bear the thought of anyone else departing. This was already too much for her. It was not only the loss of a man she admired and looked up to, one who carried with him the beliefs and values she sought so hard to achieve, beliefs that she would one day try and instill in her children. It was more than the pain of the empty space she now saw, both within in the group and the hearts of those around her. It was having even a shred of an idea of what Elryia was going through. Knowing what this womanone who was younger than her but had been her guide through so much, the only one who believed in her and made her want to fightwas enduring proved almost too much for her. When she looked back, the young woman was still silent, staring down at a tiny pendant gripped between her fingers. "Slow down, a bit Jer." The Mage nodded and held the reigns, allowing the solemn, unfocused Elryia to catch up. "Ely...talk to me. What can I do?"
  • Dr. Sinclair puckered her lips in an exasperated scowl. She kept scratching her head nervously and shifting her weight in her chair as if sitting on an uneven pillow. While the members arrived and before the council came to order, she muttered to herself or whispered over her shoulder to an aide. She had no inclination of allowing this experiment to slip from her control, and when it came time for her to speak; she made it clear she still wielded the full power of her chair. But her gestures and composure betrayed her own misgivings. Her voice remained firm, no break in tone, but she avoided eye contact with those about her while she wrung her hands together in fits of ire.
  • He smiled. ‘Dear one, Rhaki destroyed me long ago. Even with the help of the healers of Gaharn, I will be forever damaged. If you let me take this task from you, I will gladly go beyond, knowing I have tried to atone for allowing Rhakis monstrosity to reach the heights it has.’
  • Colombia is being mindful of that balance by allowing America Movil, which operates under the Claro brand, to participate in bidding for some airwaves, said Information Technology and Communications Minister Diego Molano.
  • The news appeared to settle all of the guards, but they still made no sign of allowing Ryson to pass. He decided to press the issue.
  • Then he almost held his breath as he waited to see what effect this would have. The answer began to come back, slowly and positively, Thad allowing plenty of time for the other to make sure of every sign.
  • "I was the Chairman of a panel that was asked by the Food and Drug Administration to consider allowing the drug AZT to be sold as a treatment for AIDS."
  • From the back of the group of spearmen, a deep, chanting voice could be heard over the sounds of battle. The sound grew in volume and intensity, and as it did so, the light from Nellise's prayer started to waver, and dim, allowing the spearmen to see better and strike with greater accuracy.
  • A perfect channel for allowing instantaneous ordering of airport parking was now available.
  • "I cannot imagine any one but a fool allowing himself to be placed in such a predicament," she said, looking at Tryon with the utmost scorn.
  • Do not use newspaper or carpet as a liner underlay, as after time it will rot allowing stones through.
  • The whisping, fluttering heart and giddy grin would be the state he would remain for the day, allowing both he and Feiron an easy ride. He could have easily pushed him harderafter spending the night in Hensah he had the energy to do so, but he would also need it for the long trek that lay before them. Like much of the land, the space between the town he left, and the one he now headed to was long, with no true safe place to rest between. Grahamas had prepared for an hour of sleep at best, and knew his loyal beast would only get the same.
  • Paddling with all their strength Grant and John succeeded in catching up with their opponents. When the bow of their canoe was within a few feet of the stern of the other they eased up a bit and contenting themselves with allowing their rivals to set the pace, they kept their position with bulldog determination.
  • And yet, continued Raven, allowing his eyes to rest dreamily upon the lake, "in other circumstances I might have found in you an excellent friend, and a most rare and valuable find that is."
  • Despite the almost-tangible waves of animosity beaming up towards him Nick continued to watch the pair for another twenty minutes or so as they fished down through the pool. Three times more the old ghillie looked back up at him, plainly resenting his presence. The woman on the other hand never took her eyes off her fly, although she rose nothing. Despite her good casting technique Nick reckoned that she was moving the fly through the water too quickly for the time of year, not allowing it to sink down far enough to reach the fish. He knew from experience that a spring salmon, especially a big springer, will often appear lethargic and disinterested unless the lure swims slowly right past the end of its nose, and at this time of the year the fish always lay deep. He was surprised the ghillie hadn't pointed this out, or maybe he had but she thought she knew better. She looked like the kind of person who would always think she knew best.
  • By allowing markets to descend into a mire of complexity, the SEC has abdicated its core values and mandate, which is "to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation," according to the mission statement on the agencys website.
  • That's because it is unsafe, you twit! Prototype yelled, "Planets that exist in two or more universes will be assimilated, creating one perfect version of that planet in one universe. Some may be completely annihilated. The reason for this is that of ease. I realised long ago that is was very difficult to keep an eye on all of the universes, the main reason I got Gold here to gather you First Children. Now, I will destroy you, and the powers of the First Children shall be broken. Broken and mine! But, I will give you one chance and one chance only. Defeat me, Inverse god and god of destruction, and Cinradahs, lord of shadows and god of death!" The bonds surrounding the three of the captives disappeared, allowing them to gather together, each unsure about their step; the void took a lot of getting used to and time to do so, time they did not have.
  • As they walked along the grassy path, Silas wondered when it would end and the bridge would reveal itself. They rounded what felt to be the entire base of the mountain when he finally saw it. Flowing, tumbling, white-capped water splashed against rocks and gushed into the distance down the winding river. What stood above the water was not a bridge like Silas had ever seen before. It was more like a dam with its base allowing water to pass through. On the side nearest him, connected to the dam-like structure, stood a massive wooden door. The dam seemed ten times larger than any conventional bridge, making the door one of the largest Silas had ever seen. Soldiers, dressed similar to the ones that accompanied Barron, stood at attention in front of the structure. Across the path, opposite the huge door were several shacks that Silas presumed were the soldier's barracks.
  • Pawelon's missiles took flight in a black swarm. The sages' toning deepened. As their humming grew louder and reached a stirring pitch, the arrow swarm expanded before raining down in a supernatural torrent, the density of arrows multiplied by the sages' powers. Rezzian screams filled the air. Rao observed the horrible noise with detachment, not allowing himself to feel or contemplate its full meaning.
  • 'Yes,' said Shylock. 'But I suspect whatever system is allowing us to behave normally while travelling at such a speed, should have cut in before we started to accelerate.'
  • Wootton creek therefore acts as a partial sediment sink, intercepting some of the eastward littoral drift, but allowing bypassing of the majority.
  • Yes, the town was proud of its corps, and well it might. As gun after gun, with its complement of men and its lieutenant fireworkers, with a 'right wheel,' rolled out of the gate upon the broad street, not a soul could look upon the lengthening pageant of blue and scarlet, with its symmetrical diagonals of snowy belt and long-flapped white cartouche boxes, moving together with measured swing; its laced cocked-hats, leggings, and courtly white shorts and vests, and ruffles, and all its buttons and brasses flashing up to the sun, without allowing it was a fine spirited sight.
  • The wall will explode, allowing the your character to get the body armor.
  • Ariya stifled a laugh. Surely he didnt have the same power of sense that she carried. Just then his enticing lips curled in a smile and she couldnt help feeling a rush of pleasure float throughout her body. Why was she allowing herself to be distracted by this creature who could have murdered her family?
  • Once again holding his breath Cade watched anxiously as the beautiful tall lean young womans hands disappeared behind the shapeliest sexy body he had ever seen. He prayed silently to God thanking him for allowing this moment in time. But Cade was quickly brought back to the here and now when he heard his friends voice on the answering machine.
  • She saw the brown bottle speed towards her, headed for the two men behind her. With the speed of light she flexed her arm, allowing her fingers to close around the neck as the bottle twisted by. Forcing her shoulder forward, she absorbed the considerable force of the pitch.
  • Hadrenn squatted down allowing Vessa to dismount then made a show of stretching after she was clear. Vessa rolled her eyes. "I'm not that heavy."
  • Do something she didn't really want to do? Kill a man? Not honorably in battle, but while hiding behind a bush. Without allowing him the opportunity to speak to the magistrate, without giving him a chance to defend himself. Murder.
  • What they had was a small bomb, like the one theyd tested near Ayr. It would do, since they werent interested in killing anybody: just making a statement. One little bomb, with a bunch of Islamic jihad literature around it, and maybe Canada should think twice about allowing more immigrants.
  • That I can do, the tech responded with a hint of pride. "We're bouncing white light through the shaft. The Fenrites can't see it, but it's allowing for a full 360 degrees of vision. We're recording everything so we don't miss anything. We've also located a secondary access tunnel. It appears to be just a ventilator shaft. We're using the light imaging from there to gain a three dimensional perception. That way, we can see behind corners."
  • The electronic revolution has made it possible to reduce the separation between writer and reader, allowing a book to become more of a conversation. If you have any comments or contributions please email me, mikevoyce@yahoo.co.uk and I will do my best to respond.
  • The window, although quite large, did not open in a reasonable manner. It used a double joint system allowing it to open inwards either from the bottom up or from the right-hand side. Attached from the bottom, the window only opened a space of about twenty centimetres at the top. This was useless for hurling an 18-½" TV through. Attached from the right-hand side, the window opened much wider but the mechanism of the hinge seemed to prevent the window opening fully at this position. They couldnt prize it open further for risk of damaging the hinges which, it was agreed, would be inconsiderate and bad.
  • Bill Tooley's brutal disposition was mainly the result of his home training and influences, for he could not remember having had a single gentle or kind word spoken to him in all his stormy life. In spite of it he was troubled with some prickings of conscience, and a sort of pity that evening, as he reflected upon the unhappy condition of the lad whom he had left to wander alone amid the awful blackness of the abandoned gangway. He had not intended to do anything so cruel as this when he first left Derrick where he did. He thought the boy would certainly cry out for help, and after allowing him to suffer thus for a short time he meant to go to him and offer to release him upon condition of his joining the Young Sleepers. This plan had been upset by Derrick's disappearance, and then it was more to assert his authority over his companions than with the idea of inflicting further cruelty upon their victim that he had ordered him to be left for a while. Now he began to feel anxious concerning the fate of the lad, and eager to effect his release.
  • Like Ash, another cause over which Marthe prayed. She couldnt do any more for him than that and he detested it, hated being one of her candles lit, loathed being on that list. Preferred to be on her usual list where Kell also dwelled, those two taking top billing, alternating depending on her mood. Sometimes Kell was first on both, one when she was pissed, the other when she was contemplative. Ash only desired the former, allowing Kell all the room on the latter.
  • "All others I've told." Until now, though, it had only been one. A certain, captivating blonde woman with dazzling blue eyes. Who even now, was stealing away the Champion's thoughts and prayers that she was well, in desperate need to get back to her. Shameful he left her alone in the first place. And deep within his soul a rage burned, for he and those that had deceived him. Once more chastising himself for allowing it through, but he used it to remind him he needed to be vigilant. It was more than simply watching his back, or finding a safe place to sleep. He needed to study and know everyone who was or would come into his group.
  • The four unfortunate men were willing to take upon themselves the whole blame of allowing the giraffes to escape, and seemed grateful for the mercy of being allowed to live any longer!
  • These days, i am allowing myself to cut things down, to make things more manageable.
  • She wandered over, allowing the cat to steal her spot on the bed. We gushed over the clothes and eventually chose something to wear. I sat at one of the dressers and ran a brush through my hair; it was funny being able to look in a mirror again.
  • Citaan and I cantered ahead of the others. When we sighted the town we stopped to rest the horses, allowing the others to catch up. Nnelg blinked in, startling us, and as usual, Audi came racing up a moment or two later.
  • Jeralyle surveyed for a moment, allowing all that he had learned to sink in. By his count Grahamas still had his own Cavalry somewhere on the board as well a Soldier and Scout. Ristalln, a Beast, Soldier and Scout. Ristalln's Beasta winged, deformed creature with massive wings and broken hornswas stationed directly in front of Ristalln's castle, and destroyed Graham's Cavalry, a young, defined Elf carrying a bow.
  • That instant the sunshine in Benares ceased and the moon and stars came out. The glow of lamps shone forth from the temple courtyards, and down by the river ghats were the lurid crimson flame and smoke where they cremated dead Hindus. It was far more perfect than a motion picture. allowing for scale it looked actually real.
  • "Jaxon, youre part vampire. You can jump and reach it." Seth said irritably as he moved in front of the girls and hopped up grabbing the pull string. He had to tug hard, but the stairs creaked downward allowing access to the dark storage area above.
  • Part of the success of dublin and wicklow is that it offers affiliated membership allowing visiting brethren from northern ireland to join.
  • Control panel a full control panel a full control panel allowing you to manage your service online.
  • The wild girl turned back to look at Aiden, then blanched and turned away, returning to her seat on the couch, allowing her hair to fall in front of her face. The young explorer gave Criosa's puzzled expression a shrug, not knowing what to make of the sorceress' behaviour, and he didn't have time to worry about it now, in any case, for the Sergeant of the guard stood up, and ordered his squad to prepare to depart.
  • While he was speaking, the blows on the door were redoubled, and in spite of its strength it appeared every instant as if it would give way. Samson was, in the meantime, ramming down his charge, and again his rifle sent forth its deadly contents. Instead of firing together, we now followed each other, allowing a few seconds to elapse between each shot, thus making our assailants afraid of approaching the door. We guessed that they were collected on either side, where our rifles could not reach them.
  • Ember cant leave this school or this area even. Maybe its the fact that we have to remain here thats allowing the darkness to invade me. The reason doesnt matter though. I will protect her with all the weapons at my personal disposalthose include violence and destruction if necessary along with running and hiding too. It wasnt a matter of arrogance and pride either. I had been running and hiding for years with her. I also knew without a doubt that I would do it again if and when she gives me the option.
  • As well as allowing you to choose a boolean search term, internet search engines use implied boolean operators.
  • I would also recommend allowing plenty of time in which to locate the building.
  • Bevyn tethered my horse to a tree but kept the reins of his horse, prepared to launch out of the woods to save his companions if he had to. With Anna on my hip, she and I found a higher spot from which to watch the road. The trees were bare of leaves, making hiding difficult but allowing me a better view of the road.
  • The first guard had not let go of her hair, and he lead her by it with his strong fist out the open doorway, dragging her backwards rather unceremoniously. The second guard locked the door as all three of them exited. She did the best she could to walk forwards to maintain an ounce of dignity, but the guard was not making it easy. They followed the narrow halls past other cells until they came to a very large, circular room. He let go of her hair a moment while he fumbled with a set of keys. She noticed that none of the walls or floors were marble, but all rough, tan stone. Everything was bare, with no decorations whatsoever. The only thing that stood out about this place was the circular room, which for some reason, was open to the sky in parts, allowing the warm sun to reach the floor. She only stared for a second before the guard had unlocked another door nearby and grabbed her painfully by the hair again, dragging her inside the small room.
  • Veering easterly wind in hayling bay in excess of 12 knots allowing a triangular course with unrestricted pumping.
  • Gunpoint robberies, but the law change allowing 24-hour drinking had no effect on violent crime.
  • All that day the trainer stayed close to his charge, never allowing him out of his sight, and when, late in the afternoon, Speed rebelled at the espionage, Glass merely shrugged his fat shoulders. "But I want to be alone with her. Can't you see?"
  • A loop colostomy in the sigmoid area would usually produce a formed stool allowing the patient to use a closed pouch.
  • Jewan, observing the doubting spirit of the lads, changed the subject, with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders. He drew from them the narrative of their adventures at Meerut, and questioned Guy closely concerning the disappearance of his father. Then he remained in deep thought for some minutes, allowing the boat to drift idly with the current.
  • While I waited for my employer to work out the unexpected news and how it impacted her party and my payment, I let my eyes roam over the room. I didn't know if the house had sustained any serious damage from Katrina almost two years before, but if it had it was impossible to tell. I remember walking through the Garden District, a few weeks after the all clear allowing us back into the city and the massive piles of debris on the sidewalk. Like a neighborhood garage sale gone wrong.
  • It is a tremendous risk, Clinton, General Buller said when he concluded; "a tremendous risk, and I don't know that Lord Wolseley would consider himself justified in allowing you to attempt it. The idea does you honour, but upon my word I do not know what to say to it. It seems a mad scheme, and yet I cannot say that it might not succeed. You seem to have worked it all out in your own mind. To carry it through will require not only pluck but unfailing watchfulness and presence of mind. A simple word or a gesture might betray you."
  • "Im okay. I think having something to focus on doing has helped. I havent really been allowing myself to focus on everything thats happened. I havent been able to find out anything yet, but Ive been digging. I have some connections Im going to pull up today, people in the police department that I know. You dont own a bar for fifteen years without running into some people and either making friends, or finding out some secrets that people wouldnt appreciate having spread around, if you know what I mean."
  • The man opened the door a little wider, and gazed sharply into Phil's face. Then his manner seemed to change, and, allowing the door to swing wide open, he tottered back and sank down on a bench.
  • Within the fissure, Dzeb and Ryson began their ascent only after allowing Lief sufficient time to exit. They stepped quickly, each with his own certainty. The delver moved with his own inherent grace, while Dzeb stepped with the experience of living among the cliffs of the highest mountains. Dzeb held tightly to the sphere as Ryson lifted his sword to light their final passage.
  • A noise fell upon his ear. He was all attention in an instant. The alley door closed softly. He sprang to the corner of the brick store. The next moment two men brushed by him, and one seemed to have something under his arm. It must be that box! So they were going to remove the treasure. Why call Tom now? It would be absurd--the men would get away with the box and never be found again. No, he would stick to their wake and follow them; he would trust to the darkness for security from discovery. So communing with himself, Huck stepped out and glided along behind the men, cat-like, with bare feet, allowing them to keep just far enough ahead not to be invisible.
  • "Do I sound innocent and silly," I asked. "I dont mean just blithely assuming everything turns out fine, or ignoring world events. Just trying to be more observant and open, realizing whats really there, whats important. Tuning out the TV and computer, freeing up my short term memory, allowing new links to form."
  • Among the many young men who frequented her house every day, Boris Drubetskoy, who had already achieved great success in the service, was the most intimate friend of the Bezukhov household since Helene's return from Erfurt. Helene spoke of him as "mon page" and treated him like a child. Her smile for him was the same as for everybody, but sometimes that smile made Pierre uncomfortable. Toward him Boris behaved with a particularly dignified and sad deference. This shade of deference also disturbed Pierre. He had suffered so painfully three years before from the mortification to which his wife had subjected him that he now protected himself from the danger of its repetition, first by not being a husband to his wife, and secondly by not allowing himself to suspect.
  • The 10 th earl had removed the roof in 1746, allowing the property to become ruinous ( coventry, 2001 ).
  • His comment nudged a small amount of the pain to one side, allowing some curiosity to creep in. What had I missed? "Okay, Seth. Ill bite. Whats going on?"
  • In the shop opposite, mannequins leered through dark windows; malevolent eyes stared right through you. The perfect coppers, if they were truly alive. The gloom of the night had taken hold now, yet still repelled by the cafes light. In the darkness they dwelled: the drunks, the addicts and the mobs. Any one of these factions would kill for cash, for blood, for drugs or for more weapons to kill more innocents. The caf door tinkled as it opened, allowing the woman and her companion stepped out into the night, purposefully keeping out of the shadows. The light was safe they thought. In the caf, the loner looked up from his brown pool of what was supposed to be coffee and into the barman's squinted eyes and shook his head solemnly. The barman gazed out of the window into nothingness. The woman and her companion were obviously not from around here; everyone around here knew not to go out into the darkness, especially at night. A scream rang out of the darkness, shattering the fragile silence.
  • We've got to run our chances. We may be taken off in a week, and possibly not for years; but, with all these probabilities before us, I am in favor of surrendering the schooner, and allowing them to leave us forever, if they will agree to do so.
  • "Is there any reason for only allowing a few members onto the team?" Talon asked hoping to get an insight into this trip.
  • Although himself doubtful as to the wisdom of the move, Paul could not back down now, after allowing the boys to vote on the matter. Perhaps he was more or less sorry that at the time he had not exercised his privilege as scout master to put his foot down on their taking any more chances, just to satisfy such curiosity as reckless fellows like Bobolink might feel, with regard to the unknown men.
  • Finding answers to questions and allowing geologists to get more from their data is a very worthwhile part of my job " .
  • The scout paused to study the matter, for he did not understand the precise situation of things. The mustang which he saw might be only one of a dozen others, whose owners were near at hand, with possible several searching for him. The conclusion was inevitable that it was necessary for him to reconnoitre a little further before allowing his own position to be uncovered.
  • A few newer studies relax the second restriction, allowing different kinds of aid to have different impacts on growth.
  • "I won't need to," Sayana replied quietly, flattening her arms against her side, and turning her palms towards the ground. "I've been working on something in my spare time, lately." A moment later, she began to rise off the ground, as if being lifted by a great invisible hand. Aiden and the others were startled by this new ability the wild girl was using, and could only watch in silence as she slowly rose up forty feet off the ground. Despite the high winds, she was not blown away, and instead levitated in the air, perfectly still until she began to rotate around, allowing her to observe the entire horizon from altitude.
  • Looking at my watch, I found it was a little after three, which meant six in Washington: allowing for transmission, a telegram would reach there in time to be on hand with the opening of the Departments. I therefore wired at once to the following effect:
  • Annie painfully pulled herself into a standing position and whimpered in a long, drawn-out groan. She lifted her sleeping child to her hip and snatched up her carrying bag, moving as silently as possible towards the empty bench. Carefully, slowly, she laid the sleeping child upon it, sliding her close to the back of the bench. She then tossed her carry-on bag to the end of the bench under the window and as slowly as she could, climbed in beside the girl, allowing her feet to hang slightly off the end of the bench, into the isle.
  • With the better integration comes protocol and code cleanups, allowing the samba team to track the evolving nt implementation.
  • Even while allowing himself to be lured into this sort of thing by some strange feeling within, Owen was curling his lip sarcastically at the idea of his ever being reconciled to the grandfather who had ruined the lives of his parents, making them so much harder and bitter than would otherwise have been the case.
  • Again, even allowing that some rare trees, the fruit of which was edible, were to be found, it does not do to lose sight of the fact that you may be passing under that tree at the season when it is not bearing fruit, as fruit-trees, even in tropical countries, do not always bear fruit at a time to suit the convenience of the passing traveller.
  • Nothing doin' yet that way, replied the other, without allowing even the ghost of a smile to appear on his freckled face; "so if you please, we'll let the matter drop for the time bein'. Who knows what may happen before we get back to New York? 'Tis a great old country, so they say, for all sorts of queer things to crop up. You needn't be surprised at anything here, they tell me. And I've made up me mind to take it as it comes, and not let anything faze me. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Teddy."
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