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  • "Then you understand his power," Morik remarked. "It extends beyond his command of the elements, for he carries great influence amongst my people. His word is law in this land, and for reasons unknown to me, he changed his favour to Erag, allowing him to start a war if he so chooses. Perhaps he senses the vulnerability of your lands at this time, yes? If we work together, we can eliminate them both, and I will reclaim my place as Chief. I will then disperse the war band, and we will no longer be a threat to your people."
  • GDP and total earnings growth tend to track each other, in principle allowing earnings per share to grow as fast as GDP--assuming no new share issuances, no new enterprises. In reality, a fast-growing economy sucks in capital from domestic savers and foreign investors. Factories are bought, old firms fail, and creative destruction takes its toll. Old shareholders are diluted away, which is why no stock market has grown dividends by more than 2% annualized over the 20th century. Rob Arnott and William Bernstein calculated that this dilution drag has led earnings-per-share growth to lag GDP growth in the United States by about 2%. A later study found that dilution drag in emerging markets was 7% annualized from 1990 to 2003. Using data for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, I also found a 7% dilution drag from 2007 to 2011.
  • A noise fell upon his ear. He was all attention in an instant. The alley door closed softly. He sprang to the corner of the brick store. The next moment two men brushed by him, and one seemed to have something under his arm. It must be that box! So they were going to remove the treasure. Why call Tom now? It would be absurd--the men would get away with the box and never be found again. No, he would stick to their wake and follow them; he would trust to the darkness for security from discovery. So communing with himself, Huck stepped out and glided along behind the men, cat-like, with bare feet, allowing them to keep just far enough ahead not to be invisible.
  • "It's not about whether or not we're allowing women into combat - women are in combat - it's about recognising their service," she told the BBC's Newsday programme.
  • Do not use newspaper or carpet as a liner underlay, as after time it will rot allowing stones through.
  • The newspapers shortly after this announced the sailing of the rival parties at Yokohama. Storms and fog delayed the vessel. Finally she arrived at the Golden Gate, and then came the mad race across the North American continent in fresh airplanes. Near Cheyenne, Wyoming, the American plane was forced to the ground by engine trouble, allowing her competitor to get ahead several hours. This lead the American could not overcome, and the race ended at 5:15 o'clock on the afternoon of July 27th, with the English crew first and the American crew second. Three days later the belated French crew, who had met with mishap in Italy, came in, winning third prize.
  • You are a goot lass, my tear, said the old man, allowing himself to be made as comfortable as it was in his daughter's power to accomplish; "what you say is ferry true. The weather feels warmer, and the wind is down. Perhaps they will find us in the mornin'.
  • The transformation from apparent to topocentric consists of allowing for diurnal aberration.
  • Iselin looked at her. "I know shes not possessed. I was allowing a healer to look through my eyes to figure out what Sasha has."
  • Some hours pass unnoticed, and soon the sun reaches its peak, signaling midday. Alastor points to a small animal beaten path branching off to the right. They follow this path, coming to a pond which is fed by a diminutive but constant waterfall, that in turn is fed by an unseen river. The pond is surrounded by any number of animals, both large and small. The grass all around is beaten down or stripped away, revealing that the modest basin is most likely one of the few safe watering holes within this portion of the forest. Alastor and Gawain come down from their beasts, moving gently to avoid frightening the forest animals, allowing their own animals to drink and feed at their leisure. The forest animals take interest in the newcomers, but after a moment continue about their routine.
  • Glioma tumor cells release the neurotransmitter glutamate, which carves a path of destruction through brain tissue allowing the tumor cells to advance.
  • Ariya relaxed her back muscles allowing the wings to settle. "Im an Aziza. Not many mortals know of us, but the ones that do call us fairies. I come from the Dahomey Fairy realm. Up until now I had the job of assisting hunters on their quests."
  • Axletree Consulting is unlike any other leadership, team development and management consulting firm. We help teams and leaders bridge the gap between their current reality and desired reality. While our process is rooted in the science of change management, effective communication and self management theories it is also deeply human allowing senior and mid level managers to achieve results. Our clients come to us when they want to:
  • The ceiling is high and domed. Open balconies encircle the room, allowing visibility in every direction around the keep. Bookcases cover most all available wall, with an occasional painting garnering what space here or there. Up on this highest level, they can see the very edges of the world. In the center of the hall is a long table, and on each edge a row of chairs, ornately carved and built, but it is the chair at the head of the table that draws the most attention.
  • They believe the blame for allowing this lies with upper tiers of nhs bureaucrats.
  • A few coughs rattled about the room and her pasty flesh started to burn crimson. She clenched her fists on the table. "I repeat; I do not see a problem! The system remains secure. The general population is aware of the discovery, but only in the most general sense. The Authority remains at our disposal and Regency Govern is allowing us to proceed with our own objectives intact. Therefore, let us approach this as scientists and not as politicians. Let us look at the facts. The Fenrites are industrializing. Did we expect they wouldn't?"
  • As I drove along the street allowing access to the city from the south, I found myself keeping a close eye out for the Bufords. That made sense since they seemed to be lurking around every corner I turned lately. I felt relief once I'd made the turn to the west at the main intersection in the middle of town heading for the diner. Although I felt a bit weary, I wanted to check out the place to make sure everything looked okay. The thought occurred to me that Flo and Mary June, after all the pretense of liking each other wore off after a few hectic hours of working together, may have gone at each other with frying pans. A vision of both ladies lying unconscious and bleeding profusely in the diner kitchen while outside a swat team made up of specially trained officers from the neighboring counties formed a perimeter to contain the mayhem, came to mind.
  • The delver faced these new circumstances with grim anticipation for the continued conflict. He understood his dilemma, all too well. The darkness of the city was allowing the trees to grow as fast as he could move. The time spent on destroying a single grove would allow each remaining group to grow larger and deadlier. He wondered how long it would take before the trees would encompass too much space for him to destroy.
  • The sword falls from Gawain's hand as he braces his forehead, struck incapable of action by this mysterious sensation. A spear strikes the King, only glancing off his armor, but the force knocks him off his feet. He lands in a collected pool of blood, which is icy cold to his skin as it seeps through his armor. This rouses him, allowing him to regain control of his mind just in time to see a Samaelite preparing to bring his weapon down on the King. Gawain smiles to himself. This, he thinks, is to be his end.
  • Night arrived. Deep silence reigned on board. The compass showed that the Nautilus had not altered its course. It was on the surface, rolling slightly. My companions and I resolved to fly when the vessel should be near enough either to hear us or to see us; for the moon, which would be full in two or three days, shone brightly. Once on board the ship, if we could not prevent the blow which threatened it, we could, at least we would, do all that circumstances would allow. Several times I thought the Nautilus was preparing for attack; but Captain Nemo contented himself with allowing his adversary to approach, and then fled once more before it.
  • The Bangalas practice cicatrization to an elaborate extent. This process consists of opening a portion of the flesh with a knife, injecting an irritating juice into the wound, and allowing the place to swell. The effect is to raise a lump or weal. Some of these excrescences are tiny bumps and others develop into large welts that disfigure the anatomy. Extraordinary designs are literally carved on the faces and bodies of the men and women. Although it is an intensely painful operation,--some of the wounds must be opened many times--the native submits to it with pleasure because the more ornate the design the more resplendent the wearer feels. The women are usually more liberally marked than the men.
  • Noon came, and up to the company of the leaders I went, allowing the doctor to escort me away as usual. You might well think I closely questioned him, and you'd be correct. He was full confident but cautious as ever, and allowed he'd make sure our trustworthy menRothman and allate with the crew, while he and my uncle shared the Captain's meal. But he laughed at my concerns.
  • "Would you let me say something, anything? You've been ranting the entire time, without once allowing me to explain." I kicked the covers off before checking to make sure I was clothed. Whoever dressed me had chosen the rattiest pajamas I owned to do the job. They were going to get a severe dressing down when I found them out.
  • Resurfaced following an australian court ruling allowing the man to return to britain with his daughter.
  • Once outside, the girls stood on the fan-shaped stone steps looking to their right where all the men were still gathered. A gust of chilly wind blew by them, ruffling their collars and skirts and causing them to hug themselves until the wind subsided. That same gust of wind nearly blew out the flame of the torch at the bottom step, and they thought they might be left in the immediate darkness, but then the flame surged back to life allowing them to see their footing once again.
  • A glass atrium will run through the center of the building, allowing natural light to flood in.
  • The Bragg campaign into Kentucky being barren of important results, the Rebel authorities ordered that an attempt should be made to drive us from West Tennessee. The Rebel army in Northern Mississippi commenced the aggressive late in September, while the retreat of Bragg was still in progress. The battle of Iuka resulted favorably to the Rebels, giving them possession of that point, and allowing a large quantity of supplies to fall into their hands. On the 4th of October was the famous battle of Corinth, the Rebels under General Van Dorn attacking General Rosecrans, who was commanding at Corinth.
  • Then the layer of soil was thrown over the pegs of mountains so that the earthquakes arising from internal upheavals could breathe through the mountains and they would not cause the earth to be shaken out of its motion and duties, and so that the mountains would preserve the earth from the encroachment of the sea, and each would be storehouse for the vital necessities of living beings, and would purify the air from noxious gases so allowing living beings to breathe, and so that they would accumulate and hold water reserves, and would be a source and mine for the minerals necessary for living creatures.
  • Chroma key filter creates a matte based on color allowing background the show through.
  • Liseli turned to the left and continued on. Now she could breathe freely again, upwind of the farm field. Warm bands of sunlight streamed through the cool leaves, and she lifted her face to them, letting the stress and aggravation wash away. She tugged the scrunchie from her hair and ran her fingers through the strands, allowing the breeze to lift it away from her neck.
  • While I waited for my employer to work out the unexpected news and how it impacted her party and my payment, I let my eyes roam over the room. I didn't know if the house had sustained any serious damage from Katrina almost two years before, but if it had it was impossible to tell. I remember walking through the Garden District, a few weeks after the all clear allowing us back into the city and the massive piles of debris on the sidewalk. Like a neighborhood garage sale gone wrong.
  • Get your anchor up, Mr Milsom, if you please,"" said Jack, allowing his eyes to stray shoreward as Milsom repeated the order to the mate. As he looked, he became aware of something in the nature of a commotion or disturbance at the end of the pier; and, entering the chart-house, he brought forth a pair of splendid binoculars with which to investigate. Upon applying the glasses to his eyes he saw that there was a little crowd of perhaps fifty people gathered on the pier end, all eagerly listening to a man who was talking and gesticulating with great vehemence as he pointed excitedly toward the yacht. The man appeared to be particularly addressing two gendarmes who were among the crowd, but everybody was clustering close round him and listening, apparently in a state of the greatest excitement, to what he had to say, while occasionally one or another in the crowd would face seaward and shake his fist savagely at the yacht."
  • The bullocks nosed warily at the water, but Nayka gave them the lash and they waded in without protest. The bed was gravel, smoothed by the long action of the stream, and the water was still shallow, allowing the large wheels of the carts to roll easily. Hawksworth pulled his mount close to the cart and let its enormous wheel splash coolness against his horses flank.
  • Later that night the two of us went over to Justin's apartment in Cook St. village. I loved it there. It was practically in the centre of downtown, yet it had such a strong sense of community. The corporatization of the area hadn't happened yet. Everything else in the city was blowing up - new condominiums and high rise apartments were going up on every downtown corner, allowing the city to become more cosmopolitan in a desperate attempt to compete on the national field with Vancouver, that bully from across the Georgia Strait - but Cook St. remained relatively untouched. It had that old-timey feel. It was masked in nostalgia. Everything was still locally owned. People were friendlier and the pace of life seemed to slow down a little. It was very bohemian without being stereotypical or pretentious. It was just pleasant.
  • You're surrounded by windows. It's practically impossible for you to be unaware of the world beyond this bus and yet you need to ask me what the weather's like. An open mouth was the only response, allowing Brick to continue. "The door is a foot behind me and wide open. You can clearly see it is not raining."
  • "That's right," Rommus said as he stopped in a clearing in the woods. "It's because light comes out from the flame in all directions, and when you get close, you block more and more of it, not allowing it to hit the wall behind you. This makes your shadow bigger."
  • The organization provides an up-to-the minute financial comparison service allowing customers to select from all suitable products from all relevant providers.
  • "He was allowing the remaining hedge witch, Jen, to serve the needs of the sick and injured, a policy which had been strictly forbidden by the Colonel. He returned many of the provisions commandeered with instructions that they be hidden where the Colonel's searchers would not find them. He permitted the release of the Town Leader and the Council of Elders during the day so that they could take steps to halt the collapse of the city. Everyone knew that the Lieutenant would be severely disciplined once the army returned. Without informing him the townspeople were making plans to help his escape to Riverford before the Colonel returned."
  • Abdominal breathing inflates the lungs from the bottom up, allowing a much fuller breath.
  • I had never been to a feast before but Sareta called for a generous supper laid upon a large table within the Forbidden Castle. The hall lit brightly with candles and a fire mended. Smiling broadly, I ate, happier than I had been since I could remember. Sareta sat next to me, holding my hand, afraid I would disappear. Completing all that I had never stopped loving, Turstan sat across from me. Johannes and Cono sat at the far end next to Twiten, who had appeared, allowing for the celebration to the fullest.
  • Well, rejoined Rob in a troubled voice, "we've got to try everything. I am responsible for his safe keeping while he is in camp. I blame myself for allowing the kid to go on sentry duty at all."
  • Petie made a motion as if to zip his lip and returned his attention to the game. He cheered when his teammate Jonesy struck out the next batter for the second out of the inning. Then, on the brink of escaping the inning without damage, the pitcher reverted to his wild form, walking a man to load the bases. Things got worse in the next at-bat when he flubbed an infield grounder, allowing a run to score.
  • Blade raised the dagger, its tip poised just above his victim's flank, and thrust it in with a quick stab. Lord Mordon stiffened as his heart burst, the speed with which he died allowing him only the time to open his eyes and mouth, but no sound issued from his trembling lips. He never saw the masked assassin kneeling beside him. His eyes glazed and rolled up, and he went limp. None of the other occupants of the bed had awakened. Blade turned away, moving like a shadow back to the door. There he paused to close it behind him, using the steel tool to pull down the catch inside. Back on the balcony, he breathed more easily as the night air cooled him.
  • The change won't take place overnight: Service chiefs will have to develop plans for allowing women to seek the combat positions, a senior military official said. Some jobs may open as soon as this year, while assessments for others, such as special operations forces, may take longer. The services will have until January 2016 to make a case to that some positions should remain closed to women.
  • We staid together all night, and next morning at parting, instead of ten sherriffs, she gave me fifteen, which I was forced to accept. Remember, said she, that in two days you are to have a new guest; pray take care to give her a good reception: we come at the usual hour after sunset. I took care to have my hall in great order, and a nice collation prepared against they came. I waited for the two ladies with impatience, and at last they arrived. They both unveiled themselves, and as I had been surprised with the beauty of the first, I had reason to be much more so when I saw her friend: she had regular features, a lively complexion, and such sparkling eyes that I could hardly bear their splendour, I thanked her for the honour she did me, and entreated her to excuse me if I did not give her the reception she deserved. No compliments said she; it should be my part to make them to you for allowing my friend to bring me hither. But since you are pleased to suffer it, let us lay aside all ceremony, and think of nothing but making merry.
  • Ratnakar - But still you could have been more alertnot allowing them to cheat you and send you in this treacherous exile!
  • She had just leaned her head into the last stall when hard fingers grabbed both of her arms. She screamed and struggled, but with her wearing such restrictive clothing, and her ribs still cracked, three Samurai were able to restrain her easily. After a particular violent thrash to free herself, she felt something crunch in her chest again. Pain radiated down her side and she lay limp in their grasp, allowing herself to be dragged back to the main house. The guards hauled her up to a private back room where there was no one but her father there, waiting. Her captors placed her on the ground in front of him, and silently left the room.
  • I felt the tears beginning to fill my eyes again. I fought against them and forced them to retreat somehow. I tried to concentrate, but my labored mind had become Swiss cheese. So I had to settle for sitting quietly and allowing fate to spin the wheel. Its not like I had another choice.
  • Besides his sister, Mademoiselle Baptistine, he had two brothers, one a general, the other a prefect. He wrote to both with tolerable frequency. He was harsh for a time towards the former, because, holding a command in Provence at the epoch of the disembarkation at Cannes, the general had put himself at the head of twelve hundred men and had pursued the Emperor as though the latter had been a person whom one is desirous of allowing to escape. His correspondence with the other brother, the ex-prefect, a fine, worthy man who lived in retirement at Paris, Rue Cassette, remained more affectionate.
  • The hoof beats drew nearer, loud in the forest's stillness, and she subsided, trying to pry his hand away finger by finger. Four Black Riders came into view below, walking, their heads turning to scan the forest with blank eyes. They seemed drawn to the tree in which she and Kieran hid, and Talsy sent a silent prayer to the Kuran. The Hashon Jahar halted their steeds below, and she was certain they could somehow sense them. Kieran eased his grip a little, allowing her to stare downwards, terror gripping her heart. The Riders sat perfectly still, as if waiting for a sign.
  • The administration proposes $1.6 trillion in tax increases, with about $866 billion of that from allowing income-tax and estate tax cuts expire for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. Obama also proposes about $200 billion in "economic growth" incentives, including stimulus programs, subsidies for mortgages deemed underwater and and extension of the 50 percent bonus depreciation.
  • Message boards are also a great way of allowing past pupils to post message boards are also a great way of allowing past pupils to post messages.
  • Succeeding Khamenei as president was pragmatic conservative Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who served two four-year terms and focused his efforts on rebuilding Iran's economy and war-damaged infrastructure though low oil prices hampered this endeavour. His regime also successfully promoted birth control, cut military spending and normalized relations with neighbors such as Saudi Arabia. During the Persian Gulf War in 1991 the country remained neutral, restricting its action to the condemnation of the U.S. and allowing fleeing Iraqi aircraft and refugees into the country.
  • I tried to focus on the hunger now. I created a small gap in my mind and pushed the Demetri pain aside, allowing the hunger drive to grow. It was nice to feel something new.
  • He saw now that the Mamelukes were allowing the crusaders to sit up and to stand and move about. Following his guard's gesture, Roland limped, step by painful step, to the middle of the ship.
  • "Here!" I said. He was five yards from me, moving in a faster current and I spun in a complete circle, my legs working furiously, before I managed to angle myself more towards him. He reached for me and I grasped his fingers, allowing him to pull me to him. I stopped fighting the current and began floating with it, thankful to be alive.
  • Heis should use their own forward planning tools to calculate indexation, including the cost of any salary increments and allowing for inflation.
  • I was snapped back to reality when Seth opened my door and offered me a hand out of the car. His hand caught me off guard; consciously I wasnt even aware that we were back in his driveway. I took his hand, allowing him to pull me while I pushed myself out of the car with my other. As soon as I was upright, Seth slid one arm behind my back and his other behind my knees. I was airborne. "Congratulations, Lauren! You made it a whole day with no major spills. Thats an accomplishment without all the bandages." I laughed out loud, not a giggle, but a heavy belly laugh, and leaned my head back staring up into the sky.
  • What! said the king, has any one lain with you last night? How, sir! replied the princess, without giving the king leave to go on; do you ask me if any one lay with me last night? Your majesty knows that but too well. He was the finest and best made cavalier the sun ever saw: I desire him of you for my husband by all means, sir; and I beg you will not refuse me. But that your majesty may no longer doubt whether I have seen this cavalier, whether he has lain with me, whether I have caressed him, or whether I did my utmost to awake him without succeeding, see, if you please, this ring! She then reached forth her hand, and showed the king a man's ring upon her finger. The king did not know what to make of all this; but, as he had confined her as mad, so now he began to think her more so than ever. Therefore, without saying any thing more, for fear she might do violence to herself or somebody else, had her chained, and shut up more closely than ever, allowing her only the nurse to wait on her, with a good guard at the door.
  • Did he know? She hadnt said anything to Alicia, the kids keeping quiet, Lovie and Garth too. Rose wanted to tell Buster, Dane, and their partners, not wives but an ex and a girlfriend. That she hadnt yet told her own cousin carried small guilt, but no scent accompanied, allowing Rose to still conceal that piece of news.
  • Season with the pepper then add the sherry and sherry vinegar allowing it a few seconds to bubble before reducing the heat.
  • It definitely was, and Rick said so. Even to his relatively untrained eye, this was a place where a volcanic fissure had opened ages ago, allowing igneous rock to thrust sharply upward through the sedimentary layers of the older ground. Now the formation had weathered until it was like a barren hill built on top of a fertile one. On the steep slope of igneous rock no grass had managed to get hold, although a few hardy weeds clung to it.
  • It differs in allowing for the degree of price stickiness to be determined endogenously.
  • "Is there any reason for only allowing a few members onto the team?" Talon asked hoping to get an insight into this trip.
  • Astrometry extension for a 2-dimensional ndf, thereby allowing sky co-ordinate information to be stored with an arbitrary image.
  • Charlie Brooke seemed either to be ignorant of the ways of the country and of the fact that disobedience to the command involved sudden death, or he had grown unaccountably reckless, for instead of raising his arms and submitting to be searched by the robber who covered him with a revolver, he merely reined up and took off his hat, allowing the moon to shine full on his countenance.
  • This rather took me aback, for I had troubled myself with nothing of this sort in my life before, being fully occupied in keeping myself out of difficulty, and allowing others the same privilege. So I ventured the consolation that he had done his part, and that a spree more or less would not make much difference to these men. But the next moment I wished I had been slower in speech, for he swiftly faced me, and his words came like a torrent.
  • Sri Lanka will gradually stop allowing women to work as housemaids in Saudi Arabia after a Sri Lankan was executed in the country over the death of an infant in her care, the Colombo government said.
  • Just so, said the Forester. "Presently," he continued, "as these young trees grow up together, one will overtop the rest. If the adjacent small trees be cut down when this tallest tree has reached a good height, it will spread at the top in order to get as much sunlight as possible. In order to carry a large top the diameter of the trunk must increase. So, by starting the trees close together and allowing one of them to develop alone after a certain height has been reached, the Forester has persuaded that tree first to grow straight and high, and then to develop girth, affording the finest and most valuable kind of lumber. That's just one small example of the scores of possibilities that lie in the hands of the expert Forester. By proper handling a forest can be made to respond to training, as I said, just as a school might do."
  • Then the thermostat opens, allowing the coolant to pass through the exhaust manifold and hence back to the cooling tanks.
  • A perfect channel for allowing instantaneous ordering of airport parking was now available.
  • After we had reascended the slopes of the iceberg and reached our camp, Captain Len Guy had the men mustered. The only missing man was Dirk Peters, who had decidedly isolated himself from the crew. There was nothing to fear from him, however; he would be with the faithtul against the mutinous, and under all circumstanceswe might count upon him. When the circle had been formed, Captain Len Guy spoke, without allowing any sign of discouragement to appear, and explained the position with the utmost frankness and lucidity, stating in the first place that it was absolutely necessary to lower the cargo to the coast and stow it away in one of the caverns. Concerning the vital question of food, he stated that the supply of flour, preserved meat, and dried vegetables would suffice for the winter, however prolonged, and on that of fuel he was satisfied that we should not want for coal, provided it was not wasted; and it would be possible to economize it, as the hibernating waifs might brave the cold of the polar zone under a covering of snow and a roof of ice.
  • Supervisory board decisions would be taken by a simple majority vote in most cases, according to the documents. The latest proposals also include measures for allowing participating non-euro nations to differ from the ECB on some measures, and on voting procedures in the 27-nation European Banking Authority.
  • Even before new drugs are developed, the genetics of complex diseases will have an impact in allowing stratification of patients for drug trials.
  • It was their custom to pile up a heap of stones wherever such an event occurred, to warn others from staying themselves, or allowing their sheep or cattle to stay, near the spot in thunder, as it was observed that where lightning struck once it was sure to strike again, sooner or later. "Then," said Felix, "you may be sure there is water there!" He knew from his study of the knowledge of the ancients that lightning frequently leaped from trees or buildings to concealed water, but he had no intention of indicating water in that particular spot. He meant the remark in a general sense.
  • Ah! remarked the skipper; "that is just where you made a big mistake; your services as a medical man would have been far more valuable to me than as an ordinary seaman. Besides, you can do better work than mere pulling and hauling and dipping your hands into the tar bucket. You are a gentleman in manner and speech, and will look like one when you get into another suit of clothes. Now, I tell you what it is; I am not going to waste you by allowing you to remain in the forecastle any longer, so just turn to and get the tar stains off your hands, shift into a white shirt and a shore-going suit of clothes, and come aft into the cuddy as ship's surgeon. There is, very fortunately, a vacant cabin that you can have; and you may earn the rest of your passage by looking after the health of the passengers and crew--there are three or four ladies who are pretty nearly dead with seasickness, and if you can relieve 'em they'll bless me for discovering you."
  • Axon is totally focussed on a small number of industry verticals allowing us to tailor our implementations to the specific needs of that vertical.
  • In Washington DC, the arrival of eight new Democratic senators in the middle of the healthcare debate could not have come at a better time. With a filibuster proof Senate, the public option was guaranteed. Guaranteed also was allowing states to form their own public healthcare programs. All four new states joined Massachusetts in passing Romneycare-like programs.
  • They thus delivered judgement in the manner of Pharaoh, and, by whipping up I-ness and allowing polytheism to run free in the valleys, opened the way to numerous different ways of associating partners with God, like worship of causes, idols, Nature, and the stars.
  • Bill Tooley's brutal disposition was mainly the result of his home training and influences, for he could not remember having had a single gentle or kind word spoken to him in all his stormy life. In spite of it he was troubled with some prickings of conscience, and a sort of pity that evening, as he reflected upon the unhappy condition of the lad whom he had left to wander alone amid the awful blackness of the abandoned gangway. He had not intended to do anything so cruel as this when he first left Derrick where he did. He thought the boy would certainly cry out for help, and after allowing him to suffer thus for a short time he meant to go to him and offer to release him upon condition of his joining the Young Sleepers. This plan had been upset by Derrick's disappearance, and then it was more to assert his authority over his companions than with the idea of inflicting further cruelty upon their victim that he had ordered him to be left for a while. Now he began to feel anxious concerning the fate of the lad, and eager to effect his release.
  • He let the model fly the length of the room before he stopped the clockwork and cut off the motive power, allowing it to sink gently to the floor. Then came the reaction. He looked steadfastly at his handiwork for several moments in silence, and then he turned and threw himself on to a shabby little bed that stood in one corner of the room and burst into a flood of tears.
  • This sample also leaned toward allowing a native english teacher to teach grammar.
  • In the quilez I laughed at myself for allowing a prying old man like Meeker to upset my temper, and, as I rode back to the hotel, put the both of them out of my mind; but promised myself that I would take my revenge on the old pest in some way aboard the steamer.
  • Bevyn tethered my horse to a tree but kept the reins of his horse, prepared to launch out of the woods to save his companions if he had to. With Anna on my hip, she and I found a higher spot from which to watch the road. The trees were bare of leaves, making hiding difficult but allowing me a better view of the road.
  • Radiated by the sun thus allowing us to see during the hours of daylight.
  • They went out silently through the door which had given them entrance into this ugly room, Zoraida leading the way, Kendric holding close at her side and allowing her the sight of the obsidian knife held under his coat with the point within an inch of her side, Betty close behind him. Kendric felt a crying need of haste. For a few minutes he knew that the fear of death had been heavy on the spirit of Zoraida, paralyzing her will, freezing up the current of her thought. But she was still Zoraida, essentially fearless; her characteristic fortitude would not be long in reinstating itself in her heart; the mental confusion was swiftly being replaced by the activity of resurging hatred. He must be watchful of every corner and door, most of all watchful of her.
  • This propertys dimensions were quite deep, measuring only 41wide, but 165deep, allowing residents to have a large garden or even raise livestock on the land behind their homes.
  • Ben caught Lloyds eye and tapped his watch. Lloyd nodded. Elizabeth had stayed close to Ben the entire time and signalled back anOKto him with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. Ben held both thumbs up and swam back to the rear anchor. They rose slowly, following the rope upwards, allowing their bubbles to race ahead of them to the surface.
  • A huge metal cylinder had been sunk in the water, down into the bedrock. It ran parallel to the struts already supporting the pier. The existing struts couldnt be removed; doing so would compromise the integrity of the pier and weaken it. Safer to add more support to what already existed. Several days earlier, the cylinder had been sunk and water pumped out of the huge metal tube. Embedded into the bedrock, the cylinder was now water tight. A ladder ran down the sheer internal wall, allowing the workmen access.
  • Meanwhile, Miss Trevor was on her knees beside the dog--a magnificent black Newfoundland--patting his head, and speaking loving words to him; to which attentions the poor beast responded by whining pitifully as he licked her hands and slapped the deck feebly with his tail. When the steward brought the food and water she took them from him and herself gave them to the dog, allowing him first to drink a little, and then to take a mouthful or two of food; then another drink, and then more food, and so on, until he had taken as much as she thought good for him for a first meal.
  • With an ample shrug of his shoulders, the Spaniard suggested that the Captain might obtain all the water he wished if he would go in, leaving his cargo outside. And then, as though weary of the subject, he turned to more congenial topics. He thirsted for good wine; that fact was early elucidated, after which he rambled along indefinitely, allowing Dan to gather that all the officers of the fleet were also thirsting for wine. At last he came straight to the point.
  • The following Soviet offensive was halted on the pre-war Estonian border by the German Army Group North aided by Estonians hoping to re-establish national independence. This delay slowed subsequent Soviet operations in the Baltic Sea region. By late May 1944, the Soviets had liberated Crimea, largely expelled Axis forces from Ukraine, and made incursions into Romania, which were repulsed by the Axis troops. The Allied offensives in Italy had succeeded and, at the expense of allowing several German divisions to retreat, on 4 June Rome was captured.
  • A farmer's daughter was carrying her Pail of milk from the field to the farmhouse, when she fell a-musing. "The money for which this milk will be sold, will buy at least three hundred eggs. The eggs, allowing for all mishaps, will produce two hundred and fifty chickens. The chickens will become ready for the market when poultry will fetch the highest price, so that by the end of the year I shall have money enough from my share to buy a new gown. In this dress I will go to the Christmas parties, where all the young fellows will propose to me, but I will toss my head and refuse them every one." At this moment she tossed her head in unison with her thoughts, when down fell the milk pail to the ground, and all her imaginary schemes perished in a moment.
  • Then he almost held his breath as he waited to see what effect this would have. The answer began to come back, slowly and positively, Thad allowing plenty of time for the other to make sure of every sign.
  • "Or coffee to put in them," laughed Paul, turning the can upside down, and allowing some dark grains to fall on his palm; at which Bobolink sniffed, and then threw up both hands as though giving in.
  • The sky was getting dark as I left the school grounds. I decided to walk a different route home tonight, hoping to get to know every nook and cranny of the city and its surrounding areas. Walking at human pace was allowing me to appreciate things about the city that I would otherwise miss.
  • Looking at my watch, I found it was a little after three, which meant six in Washington: allowing for transmission, a telegram would reach there in time to be on hand with the opening of the Departments. I therefore wired at once to the following effect:
  • Othion stood to the side and passed Coel the torch allowing him to enter first. The light of the flame pushed the darkness aside instantly and Coel could see that it was a small natural cavern. The rough walls and ceiling formed over time by water. There were few stalagmites and stalactites reaching for each other. A small stone table, off to the left, sat a small chest. In the centre of the room was a pit carved out of the stone, like a grave. The whole place felt like a sepulchre. Othion closed the door behind them as he entered.
  • It is important that we eliminate the threat of the god of war. The other gods will soon realize that there are only two men left in the world with the proper bloodline. When they do, they will panic and probably destroy this world before allowing the scales to be tipped in my direction. There is no telling what Oderion will do, but we must kill Rommus Tirinius before he realizes the full weight of this threat.
  • Now things were getting interestinghe dropped two more scrolls onto the ground before him, hoping that they would become visible, otherwise this was going to be a very short rescue mission. The scrolls appeared on the ground the moment he let go of them, allowing him to read the complex incantations and successfully evoke the energies within, augmenting Aiden's combat prowess even more with protective measures. The remaining two scrolls he kept for later use, for if he had read them correctly, one would unleash devastating destruction upon anyone he cast it upon, and the other was only of benefit to a large number of people.
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