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  • "Ladies and gentlemen," said uncle Rik, getting on his feet with some difficulty, when the tea, toast, muffins, eggs, and other fare had blunted the appetites, "I rise to propose the toast of the evening, and mark you, I don't mean to use any butter with this toast," (Hear, from Sam), "unless I'm egged on," (Oh!), "to do it--so I charge you to charge your cups with tea, since we're not allowed grog in this tee-total ship--though I'm free to confess that I go in with you there, for I've long since given, up the use o' that pernicious though pleasant beverage, takin' it always neat, now, in the form of cold water, varied occasionally with hot tea and coffee. My toast, ladies and gentlemen, is Rob--" (Rik put his hand to his throat to ease off his necktie), "is Robin Wright, whom I've known, off an' on, as a babby, boy, an' man, almost ever since that night--now twenty years ago, more or less--when he was launched upon the sea in thunder, lightning, and in rain. I've known him, I say--ever since--off an' on--and I'm bound to say that--"
  • The plan had two parts, thanks to Andrews urging that he be allowed to dispose of the annoying Justice. Cal was more-than-happy to dispose of another former vampire that had caused his family trouble and was a source of tremendous distress for his nephew and his nephews woman. While Cal was ridding the world of Hartwell for good, or so he thought, Drew was lurking in the shadows as Brandon left Beach Haven High School on a lunch break and headed through the park to meet with Carla, who was on her way with Kayla in a stroller. Even though Kayla didnt stay small for long, she was nonetheless baby-like at this point in her life.
  • From this Darry soon branched out and spoke of his trip to the shore, and how on his return a kindly fate had allowed him to be of material assistance to the very young man with whom he expected to spend the winter on his launch.
  • I was afraid they would suffer from over eating, but nothing Hugh or I could say would induce them to stop until they had consumed the greater part of the beaver. They would then, had we allowed them, have thrown themselves on the ground and gone to sleep; but anxious to know the contents of the packets they had brought, relieving them of their guns, we urged them to lean upon us, and come at once to the farm. It was almost dark before we reached home.
  • He found Flora awaiting him, attired in a good serviceable and comfortably warm serge gown--for he had warned her that she would find the strong breeze a trifle chill out at sea--and with the lunch-basket packed and ready. It was the work of less than a minute to transfer her and the basket from the deck of the brig to that of the catamaran, when, leaving Sailor to take care of the former--much to his disgust--they once more pushed off, and headed straight out for the passage skirting the inner edge of the reef, and noting, as they slid rapidly along, that this inner margin of the reef was simply teeming with fish. Then, almost before they had time to realise it, they were in the open sea once more, and heading away to the northward and westward with the mainsheet eased off to its utmost limit, and the main-boom square out to starboard. Leslie allowed himself an offing of about a mile, as this would enable him not only to get a very good general idea of the island as a whole, but would also enable him to carefully examine the coast-line.
  • That's where you're mistaken, because I can see him now, and he's acoming down the tree right smart! Step Hen announced; which intelligence allowed Bumpus to breathe freely again, for his face was getting fiery red with the suspense that had gripped him.
  • "I reminded the Lieutenant that the King had entered Ler Dan under a white flag and that under Allivan law, should peaceful negotiations fail, he must be allowed to leave unmolested. The Lieutenant assured the King that this was the law."
  • It was mesmerising to watch. The music was haunting: the kind you could get lost in, that can take you away from the world and immerse you in a relaxed reality of your own creation. The dancing was the same: her hypnotic rhythms and perfect form were a feast for the eyes and eased the Captains weary mind. He allowed himself to slowly fall backwards into a lying down position and close one eye, taking himself away from a world which was often so stressful.
  • Jeralyle smirked, taking her hand in one of his own. He raised the other and stuck out one finger, pressing it to the scratch, "Ravexes…" He whispered and a tiny fire flared between the fingers. He pulled his away and allowed one hand to fall to his side, the other continued to hold hers. From his pocket he retrieved a handkerchief and brought it up to wipe off what little blood there was. Beneath it was unscathed flesh once again. "You're saved."
  • "Yes. At the moment, the haven provided in this country for the Silver Circle has allowed it to rebuild its strength. Should that haven be removed, it might well be overcome and the mages united under the Black. The Senate has every reason to wish the queen well."
  • Five days after my encounter with the red-headed vagrant, the following paragraph appeared in one of the local papers: "Pocklingham. In the casual ward of the Union house for this district a tramp, name unknown, died last night. He had been admitted on the previous evening, but, for some unexplained reason, it was not noticed until the next morning that he suffered from illness, and, therefore, he was allowed to mix with the other inmates in the general ward. Drs. Butt and Clarkson, who were called in to attend, state that the cause of death was the worst form of smallpox. The body will be buried in quicklime, but some alarm is felt in the district owing to the deceased, who, it is said, arrived here from Dunchester, where he had been frequenting various tramps' lodgings, having mixed with a number of other vagrants, who left the house before the character of his sickness was discovered, and who cannot now be traced. The unfortunate man was about forty years of age, of medium height, and red-haired."
  • The captives were distributed among the different lodges, at first closely guarded; but as they evinced perfect content, they were allowed gradually more and more liberty, until at last they were permitted to roam through the village at will, with a single guard, whose duty it was to give the alarm in case they should attempt to escape. This greatly elated them; and, as not one of the tribe understood English, they were able, at all times, to converse and devise plans without fear of detection by being overheard.
  • We have seen how, being taken into confidence by his daughter, he had allowed Amlie, disguised as a Bressan peasant, to be present at the trial. The reader will also remember the kindness the worthy man had shown to Amlie and her mother when they themselves were prisoners. This time, as he was still ignorant of the rejection of the appeal, he allowed his feelings to be worked upon. Charlotte had told him that her young mistress was to start that night for Paris to endeavor to hasten the pardon, and that she desired before leaving to see the Baron de Sainte-Hermine and obtain his last instructions.
  • I was hopping around now and even throwing in a little jig as I tried to hold myself threw my pocket. I felt my left eye beginning to twitch and spied a tree outside. I could go but I'd never be allowed back.
  • Many of the new laws and regulations created resentment among devout Muslims and the clergy. For example mosques were required to use chairs; most men were required to wear western clothing, including a hat with a brim; women were encouraged to discard the hijab; men and women were allowed to freely congregate, violating Islamic mixing of the sexes. Tensions boiled over in 1935, when bazaaris and villagers rose up in rebellion at the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, chanting slogans such as 'The Shah is a new Yezid.' Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured when troops finally quelled the unrest.
  • "Choritis fross melemass!" (Please do not disturb!) Marigaff spoke softly. The student at the door received a picture (rather than words) that he was to leave them alone for a time. All who came to call received the same picture even before they knocked. Marigaff stroked Mia's hair and held her, not knowing that Mia's mother had done the same when she was a young child. Soon Mia fell asleep. Marigaff continued to hold her and allowed her rest until Mia herself decided that she wanted to wake up.
  • Gonzague allowed his features to betray the satisfaction he felt at the presence of his consort. He hastened to advance to her as she seated herself close to the curtained alcove, saying as he did so: "Madame, you are indeed welcome." And there was a sincerity in his tone not always characteristic of his utterances.
  • Nevertheless he made a brave effort to appear unconcerned, and he took a look over the side. At that moment Hal allowed the car to glide slowly nearer the earth.
  • "Those capable that refuse will not be allowed past the fortress walls," Dredrik repeated. "Furthermore, any who do take advantage of the offer and tries to leave will be arrested and tried for cowardice in the face of the enemy."
  • Arthur Danbury was conceived 9 & 1/2 months earlier and whose birth time had arrived. For a couple minutes after that first breadth, Lib observed the physician and the mother that allowed the passage to take place through her and then felt remorse about being taken away from Abi. Lib remembered the silent air above the mountain peak before drifting into a conscious state of cognitive oblivion.
  • Hunter, Tommy, and I climbed onto our winged unicorns and within seconds were in the air. Flying on Daydreams back was the most freeing and exhilarating experience. My trust in Daydream allowed no room for fear, even though I was in the middle of the sky, with nothing but a flying unicorn between my butt and the mountain below. The wind was cold the higher we traveled and it moved faster, but it never hampered our breathing. I looked over and saw from Hunters face that he thought the fact we could breath oxygen normally up here was wonderful. I couldnt tell how I knew his specific thought from his face, but I knew without a doubt I was right. I laughed and enjoyed the thrill of this freedom flying as I put my hand through a soft cloud.
  • He felt that the man must be got rid of at once. He must not be allowed to know where the picture was being taken to. There was something sly about him, and he had thoughtful, treacherous eyes. Sitting down at the writing-table he scribbled a note to Lord Henry, asking him to send him round something to read and reminding him that they were to meet at eight-fifteen that evening.
  • No, Mr. Burns, the boy explained. "The Director wrote to me that I would be allowed to send in a formal application in the regular way through the supervisor of the enumeration district to which I had asked to be assigned. The supervisor of that district had said beforehand that he would be willing to appoint me, as the section was so sparse that enough qualified enumerators were hard to get."
  • Deerfoot shared the shivering disgust which nearly every person feels for crawling reptiles. Nothing was so hideous to him as the crotalus, and when he caught sight of one he rarely allowed it to escape. An electric shock thrilled through him as he snatched back his hand in time to avoid the sting, for the snake must have been as much astonished as he by its disturbance. In the horror of the contact the Shawanoe forgot everything else for the instant, and letting go his hold, dropped to the bottom of the gorge.
  • About 3 o'clock a newspaper photographer and a reporter arrived. The girls allowed a group picture to be taken and the reporter was granted an interview.
  • This may be the coup de grce, I said before I started on my slice of pie piled high with a lightly browned meringue topping. The light flakey crust holding the still warm coconut cream filling topped off with the meringue topping melted inside my mouth. I think I may have closed my eyes for a second as I savored the first bite. I can't exactly recall if I actually chewed before I swallowed or simply allowed the dissolving confection to slide into my upper digestive tract on its own accord. Ultimately, it mattered not. The joyous result would, no doubt, have been the same either way.
  • Delamere allowed the joke at Longswords expense because it was preferable to the mutinous speeches hed been listening to nearly all morning. When the men had quieted again, he continued. "We should all be ashamed that Rhirid ap Maelgwn was able to steal into Rhuddlan and back out with Lady Teleri so easily. We were all fooled by his ruse." He paused. "De Vires dismissal was the result of bad temper, not insanity."
  • Not often, if it is allowed to go too far, said the geologist. "It takes time, of course, for all the soil to be washed away. But wherever the naked rock is exposed the case is hopeless. You can't grow anything, even cactus, on a rock. Lichens, of course, may begin, but hundreds of thousands of years are required to make soil anew."
  • After a long parley, he allowed me six hours, when I promised to give him an answer. My mind, however, was made up--as soon as he was gone, I threw myself on the sofa and fell asleep.
  • They had turned the upper end of the reservoir before Horton drew his mount to a walk, and allowed the reins to hang. They had been galloping hard, and conversation had been impracticable.
  • Sharon tried to fight off the tears, because there was no crying allowed when protecting a vampire, but she finally broke down.
  • The scouts Id sent south had returned an hour earlier. "It is as you suspected, my lord," Bevyn had reported. He was the youngest of the group but the other men respected his intelligence and ability and allowed him to speak for them all. "A few stakes in the ground are all that Clare has placed. However, of more significance are the preparation for defensive dams and moats."
  • Additional Medicare Part D coverage. The average Medicare Part D premium is estimated to be $40.18 in 2013 , up 7 percent from $37.57 in 2012, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of 2013 Medicare Part D offerings. The maximum possible deductible Medicare Part D plans are allowed to charge will increase by $5 to $325 in 2013. "It makes a lot of sense for people in Part D plans to take another look at the options available in their area and compare their current coverage to what else is out there," says Juliette Cubanski, a Medicare policy analyst at the Kaiser Family Foundation. However, seniors will also get additional drug coverage next year, due to provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Seniors who reach the donut hole gap in prescription drug coverage in 2013 will get a 52.5 percent discount on brand-name drugs and 21 percent off the cost of generic drugs, up from 50 percent and 14 percent, respectively, in 2012.
  • He gave her a contemptuous and angry silence for answer. In the street he looked up at the stars and filled his lungs with an expanding sigh of relief. This companion of Ruiz Rios who paid passionate claim to an intense hatred of the man whom she allowed to escort her here and there, impressed him as no natural woman at all but as something of strange influences, a malign, powerful, implacable spirit incased in the fair body of a slender girl. He told himself fervently that he was glad to be beyond the reach of the black oblique eyes.
  • Missing a second healthy arm that would have allowed him to carry a second bag, he easily carried the light but awkward trash bag down the back stairs, around the building to the driveway and past a large brown station wagon that he had a hard time imagining Madame Kloochie ever actually drove. He knew for a fact that she had never driven to Boston to visit his mother. He dropped the bag on the sidewalk but not so it would be in the way of the car, just in case.
  • Our course was now North-West 1/2 West for a mile and a half, with an increase in the width, and a depth of nine feet. Here we found the river suddenly turn round to the southward and eastward, bringing us back within five hundred yards of where we started from, which was one mile West by South 1/2 South from the morning's observation spot. Brown whistling wood-ducks now made their appearance, and being unaccustomed to man and his destructive weapons, allowed us to revel in wildfowl for some days afterwards.
  • She unfroze momentarily and even allowed her eyes to move in his direction. There they stayed and watched him grab his canvas and hurl it across the studio only to come to rest noisily against the ancient plumbing that seemed to haphazardly poke out of every wall before disappearing back into the crumbling brick.
  • To be increased for good conduct at the discretion of the employer. The encouragement of independent industry will strengthen all the advantages which capital derives from labor, and enable the laborer to take care of himself and prepare for the time when he can render so much labor for so much money, which is the great end to be attained. No exemption will be made in this apportionment, except upon imperative reasons; and it is desirable that for good conduct the quantity be increased until faithful hands can be allowed to cultivate extensive tracts, returning to the owner an equivalent of product for rent of soil.
  • That little incident had shown the black's real value, and he was henceforth looked upon as a valuable addition to the station, being sent out at times scouting to see if there was any danger in the neighbourhood. His principal duties, though, were that of herdsman and groom, for he soon developed a passionate attachment to the horses, and his greatest satisfaction was displayed when he was allowed to go and fetch them in from grazing for his young masters.
  • The delver allowed for one quick glance up the hillside he ascended. In that moment, he noted all potential hazards and the quickest path to the top. With that image painted crisply in his mind, he slowed his speed and turned his head over his shoulder to watch the pursuit of the shag.
  • Randy and Nugget began to understand now, and they allowed the line to trail through their fingers as Ned paddled furiously away, heading for a point a little above the whirlpool.
  • So my first bite of meatloaf was curious because all I tasted was gravy. Somewhere over there on the sideline was the underlying texture of some kind of loafy, sponge-like substance, but the gravy sufficiently dominated the scene, upstaging the loaf in every shot. Even now, as I sit looking back upon the meal, I can't help but feel a little sorrow for the little loaf. When I was younger I was on a little league baseball team and, due to my shamefully poor performance during practices, was never allowed onto the field in a game. Being ever shown up by my more athletically talented teammates, I would have yelled, "Put me in the game coach. Pick me, pick me!" But I'm sure he wouldn't have heard me over the crack of the bat from yet another peer dominating the field with their athletic prowess. Such was the plight of the poor, flimsy slab of meatloaf in this meal. I began to weep bitter, large and manly tears, and cradled the food tray close to my bosom. "I know how you feel, little loaf. I too was smothered in rich, delicious gravy once..."
  • I thought she was lying. But Ive been thinking... she did see the bodies of the changelings. Nobodys allowed to see that. So maybe she found some things out when she was trying to rescue her brother. Maybe escape is a possibility for her.
  • It can readily be imagined that Isaac did not waste much time in speculations as to why he was allowed to remain at liberty.
  • "No, I dont think so. Im a commander now, so they will have to give me something bigger. At least a galley, or one of those archipelago frigates." He smiled. "So I will have a real cabin with a bed and a desk at last. And if Im lucky I will be allowed to choose my own bosun." He winked at Tapper.
  • Syrill sighed. "Naunsthey don't look as much like us, do they?" He allowed his buck to a canter. "Blix has been trying to tell me for the last quarter league that he wants to run."
  • I never heard of such a thing, the other said. "They have to work; they wash and mend our clothes, and scrub the floors, and help the cooks, but that is all. After working for a certain time, according to the length of their sentence, they are allowed to live out of prison, and after a still further time are at liberty to settle down anywhere in Siberia they choose."
  • He had come painfully across half a world, to crouch before the Gates of Death. Some evil magic had let him see forbidden things, had linked his mind in an unholy bond with the long-dead mind of one who had been half a god. These evil miracles had not been for nothing. He would not be allowed to go unscathed.
  • "No," Ryson and Dzeb responded in unison, although in different tones. Dzeb's voice was calm, yet forceful, as if such a ploy could not even be considered. Ryson allowed emotion to paint his words, but it was Holli that ended any debate.
  • Those memories lingered, yet they hadnt screwed her over, hadnt made her hate men or give up sex. On the contrary, Marthe had allowed those experiences to loosen her expectations, why it was so easy to go from guy to guy; was that why she had tolerated Kells screwing around all these years, why she had fucked it up right before they were going to test again? Just screw things over, then sex would mean nothing, not to procreate or show just how much you loved someone.
  • Synchrotron infrared spectroscopy allowed the chemisorption bonds of both surface modifiers and reactant molecules to be probed with high spectral resolution.
  • Dyed russet hair poking out from her black hijab, part of the female ANP uniform, Lailoma wrung her hands as she complained about male colleagues: "They want it to be like the time of the Taliban. They tell us every day we are bad women and should not be allowed to work here."
  • Still, after the worst was known and the last of the injured taken care of, no doubt the task of completing the picture would go on, just as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. These roving players become so accustomed to accepting risks in the pursuit of their calling that a little thing like this cannot be allowed to interfere with the main object of their business for any great length of time.
  • And the dead man's followers allowed it? He caught the note of incredulity in her voice, but missed the note of relief with which it was blent. "Oh, I don't believe the tale. I won't believe it!"
  • Mother Tess blinked hard a few times, then gave up and allowed the tears to trickle down along the deep creases in her cheek. Marle took her hand, stroking it gently, a delighted smile on her own face. "Who ever would have believed …" she whispered, but apparently could not find the words to complete the sentence.
  • She allowed him to pass through the gate, which he shut slowly, perhaps to give her an opportunity of speaking, if she wished to do so; then thinking that he did not see her she spoke in her soft, musical voice.
  • Only slightly rebuffed at such chill lack of cordiality, Lad fell in behind him, tail awag, and followed him to the porch. When the guest should ring the bell, the Master or one of the maids would come to the door. There would be lights and talk; and perhaps Laddie himself might be allowed to slip in to his beloved cave.
  • What did that mean? I had to trust that the Headmaster's wisdom was trying to sort it all out. How much power did our Headmaster have to overrule the Ministry of Magic? Was there a chance that he might be allowed to come back to life and appear somewhere on the ground of Shines? A small shoot of hope burgeoned in my chest, almost immediately strangled by panichow was I supposed to refuse to rescue my friend, Eibhlin, without doing the worst of magic? I'd have to duel with the evil presence in here, and if I did that, I'd be lucky to escape with Eibhlin, let alone avoid expulsion.
  • With all the extra funds they now possessed, arranging mounts was not a problem. Meenas fat purse, swelled with the money theyd won from the Ondanta, allowed her to purchase a pair of fine roan horses, built for the hilly terrain between Braltre and the warmer climes of Hardyk, Vint and Kirth.
  • But he knew he could not. The scoundrel, no matter who it was, must be allowed to escape in order that he turn his attention to the burning shed and try to save the airship from destruction. Once the fire got inside, there was enough of the dangerous gasoline about to insure the speedy burning of the whole flimsy fabric, all but the motor itself.
  • The first time the young foreigner allowed himself to reproach her, she lifted her beautiful head and, half turning to him, said firmly: "That's just like a man--selfish and cruel! I expected nothing else. A woman sacrifices herself for you, she suffers, and this is her reward! What right have you, monseigneur, to demand an account of my attachments and friendships? He is a man who has been more than a father to me!" The prince was about to say something, but Helene interrupted him.
  • Mounted on their bicycles, they now found their progress easy. The roads that led into Paris were crowded, to be sure. They passed countless automobiles carrying refugees. Already the Americans were pouring out of Paris in their frantic haste to reach the coast and so take boat to England. On Saturday night automobiles were still allowed to leave Paris. Next morning there would be a different story to tell.
  • Mirra dashed away as the earth demon lumbered up to her, trying to think of a way to escape it. The soldiers watched the spectacle silently, crouched amongst the sheltering shrubs at the edge of the gorge. She turned and sprinted towards the cave on aching legs, gaining a little ground before veering towards the canyon wall. The earth demon was fast when it was allowed to gain speed, but too ponderous to change direction as quickly as she did. By darting to and fro, she stayed just out of its reach. She prayed for some sort of miracle, not knowing what, but despair spread cold fingers through her as she tired. She shrieked as the demon came dangerously close, its fingers brushing her shoulder, leaving a smear of dirt.
  • Queueeigners are allowed to travel but spend a great deal of time queuing at checkpoints.
  • To understand how Abscisic Acid controls growth, the investigators devised a strategy to inhibit the response to this hormone in different tissue layers of the root. They developed several mutants in which the response to the hormone was suppressed in different root layers. They found that a significant portion of the salt response was dependent upon how a single cell layer sensed the hormone. The live imaging allowed them to watch what happened to root growth in these mutant plants.
  • Not one cent do we get from anybody, Thad assured him, positively. "Why, even our uniforms have to be bought with money we've each one earned. We're not allowed to accept them as a gift from any man, or any source. So you see, we're under no obligations to anybody."
  • Any last trace of a smile left the interpreter's face. Sadness and guilt replaced the sparkle in his previously bright eyes. He exhaled once heavily. He spoke with his own frustration and sadness. "I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to leave you with riddles. I'm not doing it on purpose anyway. I know it sounded like that, but sometimes I just don't know how to put things. The truth is that I don't know the exact importance of Ryson Acumen, not yet anyway. And I don't know what you should do, or what anyone of us should do, or how this will end up. My ability to understand what will happen or what can happen is limited. I'm allowed to see what I'm allowed to see. I only know that this delver remains important to us all."
  • Thet's yer fire, was what she said, simply; and both Bob and Thad allowed their gaze to fall upon the flicker with a sense of deep satisfaction; for they knew that they were about to prove to be messengers of good tidings to those tried and true comrades so anxiously awaiting their return.
  • There are half a million men in these hills, he informed his commander, "and they are trying to draw us on. We will be allowed to go so far, and then they will close in on us. One hundred or two hundred thousand, I don't mind. We could whip them with ease; but half a million are too many for sixty thousand. If we had not outdistanced our infantry and artillery, we might do it, but without them, no."
  • The two lives, according to Mrs. Adair, were not the lives of Durrance and Harry Feversham, but of Durrance and Ethne herself. There she was wrong; but Ethne did not dispute the point, she was indeed rather glad that her friend was wrong, and she allowed her to continue in her wrong belief.
  • As it's my, plan, said Frank, "I ask to be allowed to lead the sortie. Some of us, of course, must stay here to protect the retreat of the others should they come back in a hurry."
  • Silas knew he had to do something. If Kaden were killed, there would be no one to help him. He also knew that the Stühocs could not be allowed to get that medallion. His training had not prepared him to take on creatures such as this, he thought. Or had it? Silas stood and crept in behind one of the Stühocs. The sword felt heavy in Silas' tired hands.
  • This allowed the drive pinion to fall into the sump causing a large fracture through which the oil escaped.
  • I'd like to see that last place, spoke up Davy, "because I've heard about it ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. You see, my great grandfather used to live in Montreal in the days when the Northwest Fur Company was in competition with the Hudson Bay Company, and my ancestor was employed each Spring to set out from Montreal with some, big batteaus manned by French Canadian voyageurs, who would row and sail all the way through most of the Great Lakes to Fort William, where the agent had collected heaps of valuable pelts from the trappers and the Injuns after the season was done. These he'd fetch all the way back to Montreal again, the flat bottom boats being loaded down with the bales. And let me tell you that was taking risks some; but they raised men in them days, I reckon, men that never allowed themselves to think of such a thing as danger, because they were always facing some sort of perils."
  • into existence from some undefined starting point, then glide through the scale via a subtle arabesque as he stretched the playing string diagonally against a fret, manipulating its tension. Finally the sound would dissolve meltingly into its own silence. Each note of the alien melody, if melody it could be called, was first lovingly explored for its own character, approached from both above and below as though a glistening prize on display. Only after the note was suitably embroidered was it allowed to enter the melodyas though the song were a necklace that had to be strung one pearl at a time, and only after each pearl had been carefully polished. The tension of some vague melodic quest began to grow, with no hint of a resolution. In the emotional intensity of his haunting search, the passage of time had suddenly ceased to exist.
  • MGA Entertainment Inc.’s $172.5 million victory over rival toymaker Mattel Inc. (MAT) for theft of trade secrets was thrown out by a federal appeals court that said the companys counterclaims shouldnt have been allowed to go to the jury.
  • Communications and the media have become hard taskmasters for those who have allowed them to dominate and dictate proceedings.
  • Rick looked around the room and sat down next to Mom. Scumbags all, soiling his - soon to be his - antique furniture. Gordon the drug addict and petty criminal, Judy the besotted hippie, Frank the crackpot inventor. And now Allen. He was going to have to lay down the law to Mom. She couldn't be allowed to keep criminals around
  • "Highness, its well known pay must always be in arrears. How else are mens loyalties to be guaranteed? A commander foolish enough to pay his troops on time will lose them at the slightest setback, since they have no reason to remain with him in adversity." Ghulam Adl eased his wineglass on the carpet and bent forward. "I concede some of the mansabdars may have allowed matters of pay to slip longer than is wise. But they assure me that when the time is right their men will muster nonetheless."
  • The "leading lady" was at the present moment dreaming of a golden future in her own rooms at the "Banker's Folly." Nadine Johnstone had been allowed to make her apartments as bright and cheery as her buoyant nature suggested.
  • It burned down, and through some mistake of a clerk part of the insurance was allowed to lapse, so that we will not be able to collect on more than half. Isn't that hard luck though, Tom?
  • That mood, like so many of her moods, relapsed into dogged endurance. She took up the work again when Charlie promised that no more whisky should be allowed in the camp.
  • As he spoke, six young warriors were seen to work their bodies about in a very remarkable way, and give utterance to still more remarkable sounds, which gradually increased until the singers burst out into that terrific yell, or war-whoop, for which American savages have long been famous. Its effect would save been appalling to unaccustomed ears. Then they allowed their voices to die away in soft, plaintive tones, while their action corresponded thereto. Suddenly the furious style was revived, and the men wrought themselves into a condition little short of madness, while their yells rung wildly through the camp. This was too much for ordinary canine nature to withstand, so all the dogs in the neighbourhood joined in the horrible chorus.
  • "Aunt Polly" and Nellie were both ready and waiting for them outside, dressed in walking attire; while Rover was frisking round the ladies, though he darted up to his young master the moment he caught sight of him, forgetting, with all a good dog's magnanimity, the ill-treatment he had received in not being allowed to accompany him to the dockyard.
  • Anna had resumed searching with her hands. It was with relief that she felt the cool metal of a flashlight under her fingers. It was right where she'd left it. The meager light from Aurore's light refracting off the salt had allowed her to find it even in deep shadows. She looked over her shoulder, at where Aurore's lantern showed her to be, and pushed the button of the flashlight. The light revealed the exit and Anna took it, happy to test her lungs, jovial that she would see how fast she could run again in this maze.
  • Perhaps she did destroy herself to prevent capture, or perhaps her sky-blue hue allowed the fleet to sail under her very prow while she remained invisible. No doubt the two German warships which escaped had warned their consort of her danger, and she had sailed for some port in German Africa. At any rate she was never captured or destroyed.
  • Distressed as Edith Hester was at being separated from Madam Rothsay, she rejoiced at the latter's restoration to the protection of British troops, and became reconciled to her own prolonged captivity when she found that she was to be allowed to spend it in the company of her beloved father.
  • Shayed answered without hesitancy. Her words held the conviction that made it clear to Ryson of how she was able to lead the alliance of different races long ago. She spoke with neither pride nor arrogance over her own importance. "I was responsible for encasing the sphere within this mountain. I have come to understand that my decision was neither right nor wrong. It simply delayed the inevitable. Perhaps, it allowed for a time where the participants were better prepared for what they must face. Only time can judge that matter.
  • "I will first draw up a horoscope for you, Your Majesty. After that I will give you some insights into your strong and weak points, after which you will have to put the knowledge into practice yourself. You see, I am not allowed to lead the life of another, no matter how much I want to satisfy your wishes."
  • Some one as nearly mentally unhinged as this girl would never be allowed to continue to perform her duties.
  • We had gone 31,500 m. that morning. When we found a most beautiful beach of lovely sand we could not resist the temptation of halting on it to prepare our lunch. Our surprise was great when we set foot on the beach to hear shrill whistles beneath us. The beach was formed of whistling--or singing--sand. The reason the sand was musical was because some large insects had bored thousands of holes of great depth into its moistened mass, which allowed the holes to retain their form. When the sand was trodden the pressure drove the warmish air contained in those holes with great force through the contracted apertures and caused a sharp whistling and occasionally quite melodious notes.
  • If this temperament oftentimes allowed Tory to color humdrumness with rose, it also gave her a sensitive distaste to what other people might not feel so intensely.
  • I was ever more vexed with Sarahs failure, her refusal to explain her methods and do her groundwork. I should have allowed reason to convince me, she simply wasnt capable. Yet, if Sarah would only follow my instructions, wed have certain success. Shed been continuously unavailable, ever since that episode of the spurious reformer.
  • It was difficult to fool you all, but it has been done, Don Diego continued. "Only years of practice allowed me to accomplish it. And now Senor Zorro shall ride no more, for there will be no need, and moreover a married man should take some care of his life."
  • Eventually they turned into a more private area, guarded by imposing looking warriors dressed in dark chain mail vests and wielding large swords. Herbert had to negotiate several times before being allowed to pass. They did so though, and not long after entered a medium sized cavern, lit with bright torches.
  • Dr. Farmer allowed the stranger to enter his home, even after the admission of working for Regency, but if the scientist was concerned about his own safety, it didn't show. He realized when he walked out on Sinclair that he was doing more than just jeopardizing his career. He really didn't care then, and he certainly didn't appear to care now. Anger served him more than fear these past few days, an anger born out of what Regency did to the Fenrites. He spoke bluntly without considering formalities.
  • Colin had no time for aim, but seeing a vague shadow below the boat, he allowed for the refraction of the water, and threw the small barbed spear with all his might.
  • 'My dear Jane,' said my father to her, after alighting from the back of his hunter, which he had walked, trotted, and galloped, to convince her how perfect he was in all his paces, 'My dear Jane, we have an excellent farm; the land is in good condition, the fences sound, and the soil rich: no man in this county understands seeding, cropping, and marketing better than I do: we shall improve our stock and double our rent' (it was a hundred and fifty pounds per annum) 'the first year. I shall soon meet with a smart nag, fit for the side saddle, and shall easily make you a good horse woman; and then, when the seed is in the ground, we may be allowed to take a little pleasure. Perhaps we may ride by the rector's door, and if he should not ask us in we will not break our hearts. Who knows but, in time, we may have cause to be as purse proud as himself?'
  • Colin's brilliant success at Santa Catalina, signalized by his receipt of the tuna button, had so increased Major Dare's pride in him that when the boy renewed his request that he be allowed to enter the Bureau of Fisheries, his appeal received attention.
  • Enin restrained his assaulting spell just long enough to cast a new spell toward the delver. He focused on the exact spell he had cast back in Dark Spruce Forest that allowed Ryson to enjoy the sensation of flying, but this time he would make the spell last indefinitely. Just as two rings of white magical energy spun about his wrists, he threw his arms forward directly at the delver, and the two circles of power twisted outward.
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