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  • "I've no doubt that you will try to do that," said du Chaillu. "Come, show me where you left your aunt, and I will see that she is allowed to go out on the next train. I will take her into the station by a private entrance for there is little chance of getting through the crowd in any other way."
  • The port that the seaman mentioned was the one Darrin had been trying to get him to name. The German had unwittingly allowed himself to name the base port from which the mines were shipped. As soon as the German realized his blunder he used some bad language.
  • On March 17, 1968, economic circumstances caused the collapse of the gold pool, and a two-tiered pricing scheme was established whereby gold was still used to settle international accounts at the old $35.00 per troy ounce ($1.13/g) but the price of gold on the private market was allowed to fluctuate; this two-tiered pricing system was abandoned in 1975 when the price of gold was left to find its free-market level. Central banks still hold historical gold reserves as a store of value although the level has generally been declining. The largest gold depository in the world is that of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in New York, which holds about 3% of the gold ever mined, as does the similarly laden U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. In 2005 the World Gold Council estimated total global gold supply to be 3,859 tonnes and demand to be 3,754 tonnes, giving a surplus of 105 tonnes.
  • Jack knew he would never forget that dreadful crisis, no matter if he were allowed to live to the age of Methuselah; such an impression did it make upon his mind.
  • His smile was what she wanted to see and she blinked away tears. Only he brought her to such emotion, but this parting was necessary. Kell needed to leave or else would drive them both mad. No words were being produced and Marthe allowed it was her presence, a muse and blight all at once. He said she inspired fantastic ideas, yet they were locked in his brain, and while he hadnt gone looking for distractions, it was time for Kell to depart.
  • His fair visitor, however, was well aware that, to command on the one point, people must yield on another; she therefore no longer drew back her hands from the grating, and even allowed Cornelius tenderly to kiss her beautiful golden tresses.
  • His next care was to separate the coarse outer husk or covering of the kernel from the finer parts that make the meal. He had no sieve. His net was too coarse. It let both bran and meal go through. "I must make a net or cloth fine enough to sift or bolt my flour," said he. Such was now his skill in spinning and weaving that this was not hard to do. He had soon woven in his loom a piece of fine netting which allowed the meal to shake through, but held back the coarse bran or outer husk of the kernel. Out of the dry corn that he had stored up he now made quite a quantity of flour. This he kept tightly covered in a large earthen pot or jar that he had made for this purpose. "I must keep all my food clean and protect it from the ants and other insects as well as dust and damp," he thought.
  • She scanned further down her reports. She nodded confidently at the analysis on the failed nuclear attack on Fenrir. At least something had been accomplished. Tying the success of the Fenrite anti-missiles to the use of the flares allowed for certain assurances, an understanding of how not to proceed with future attacks.
  • No human words could convey any adequate conception of that night of carnage and terror. The assailants were allowed to advance far into the mighty maze of streets and byways with so little resistance, that they began to think that the great city would fall an easy prey to them after all. But as they approached the main arteries of central London they came suddenly upon barricades so skilfully disposed that it was impossible to advance without storming them, and from which, as they approached them, burst out tempests of rifle and machine gunfire, under which the heads of their columns melted away faster than they advanced.
  • Perry felt buoyed by this strategy. It allowed him to bluster as tough on crime, and bash these new progressive states as too soft on criminals. The three new governors were stymied.
  • He kept the sword point steady upward, but for the first time, he allowed himself a glance at the space below. He was still a full body's length from the floor, but it was now visible. The shadow trees in his path had either moved aside or had been consumed by those waiting clear of the light. A portion of the diamond crusted sheets which safeguarded the floor was now visible. It glistened from the sword's radiance and the reflected light helped to clear a path for his final leap.
  • The one aspect, however, that truly allowed the separatists to grow in power was fear, fear of the magic that spilled out of the sphere and now flooded the land. The dwarves could never utilize this power as the other races. Its reappearance was not welcome. The return of the magic truly allowed the separatists to fuel the fears of the other dwarves, and those fears grew despite Jon's pledge to further Dunop's independence.
  • The remaining five algors kept close in behind Dzeb with Jon and Tun following in their wake. The elder dwarf did not appear happy walking so far back in the line. He kept his right hand on his axe and glared with menace at the crowd. He would be more than willing to take out his frustrations upon any human that might try to lay a hand on his royal person. Lief concluded the line with his bow returned to his shoulder. He allowed a slight gap to form between him and the rest of the party, a buffer in case the crowd regained their courage. They never did.
  • The areas surrounding the water have been allowed to develop naturally with trees, shrubbery and wild plants.
  • Taranne declined to admit this interpretation of his mystery: "Not so, for nobody is allowed on any pretext to leave the gardens."
  • Women, who were ritually impure through birth or menstruation, were not allowed access to game.
  • No, said the ober-lieutenant, again seating himself and picking up his pen. "You will be given quarters, and allowed some freedom as long as you do not forfeit it. You may even eat at table with us."
  • Jody was lingering and that morning, for the first time since Terry called with the news, Summer felt aroused. She smiled, running the washcloth over breasts that had been fondled for three straight weeks, then nothing for seven months. Even after shed had all of her kids, as soon as sex was possible, Summer was on it. On someone, only one; Jody. Jody had been there, even after Skylar, a baby they hadnt planned, not reunited over, but even after Skye, Summer and Jody had gotten it on again. Then Jody returned to habits Summer now allowed he never had any power to break. But that time, it had been Summer to insist he leave.
  • Of course "Brownie" was allowed to surmise that he had done something rather big, and Joe thanked him very nicely, but Mr. Carnegie is still in ignorance of his exploit!
  • It is because I have the confidence of the German government that I am allowed to continue my works,"" he said in a low tone, as though not wishing others to hear what he was saying."
  • Alfonso looked back at the two readers and then again at Annie. "While we were playing cards with that Irishman, he told us an interesting story." He stood and walked around to the bench behind Annie, leaving the two cousins alone. He sat down and leaned forward, resting his elbows against the back of Annies bench. "His parents came over to America quite a while ago, back in the 1850s. They were pretty well off, but wanted to come to America because of the famine and unrest back in Ireland. They were involved in the "land grab" of 1862, when the governments "Homestead Act" allowed people to take 160 acres of open land for a small fee, but only if they would stay and farm it for five years. They got some land out by the Mississippi."
  • We ought to be looking for a camping place soon, for of course we shall be rather longer getting things into shape on the first night, said Nealie, and then Rumple and Sylvia begged to be allowed to go forward and find a place which seemed suitable for the purpose, and on their promising not to leave the road, Nealie said they might go.
  • His instincts allowed him to lock on to it, without even trying, but it was coming too fast to try and pinpoint its exact direction. He saw it moments later, and attempted to roll his shoulder to the leftexactly where it was headedbut it was too late, and the arrow was too close.
  • When the students dwelled within the castle, Gunilda and I resided in the castle. The roles have been reversed here in the Forbidden Forest. I had become a maid for Gunilda also. She is revered by the students as a teacher of good magic. Her knowledge of Witheleghe allowed her to be of use to Twiten. And her health greatly improved with their need upon her.
  • In an interesting act of adaptation, the white oaks developed acorns which collected small amounts of potassium permanganate in one chamber and trace elements of ethylene glycol in the other. What happened next was intriguing. When the squirrels went to bite the acorn to kill it, instead it allowed the two chemicals to come into contact and the result was an explosion that not only blew off the head of the squirrel but left a small crater where the unfortunate woodland creature had been happily squatting only seconds before.
  • Something in what the Boy had said irked Bluebeard, but he allowed him to show him the tree- under his supervision, of course. The knife never left his throat.
  • Ellese thought back to the time when Mirra had been conceived. Larris's dream had seemed ridiculous, and many elder mothers had scorned her suggestion that it was a sign from the Lady, so at first it had been rejected. When no one could come up with a better idea, however, or received any sign, it had been reconsidered. Putting it into practice had not been easy. Much power was needed to make it work. First, a young healer had volunteered bear the child, knowing her daughter would never know her, nor would she be allowed to raise her. A man had been put into a deep sleep and brought to the abbey.
  • This continued for 21 years, the length of time the act of parliament that allowed the tollgates was in force.
  • Betty, seeing that she was not to be allowed to go sat down and for a space made a pretense of ignoring what went forward before her. But presently as the atmosphere grew strained and intense, she forgot her pretense and leaned forward and watched eagerly. Zoraida had a couch drawn up for her, richly colored silken cushions placed to her taste, and stretched out luxuriously, her chin in her two hands.
  • Murdoch did not want just to remain a general; that was only the first step. He wanted to be the undisputed ruler of their new society. Murdoch wanted to be a king. Anyone that stood in his way would be eradicated. No challengers to his position could be allowed to survive. It was not an army he was leading; it was a nation, his nation.
  • "One, scud isn't a word. Two, if you think I'm scared of someone stupid enough to wear cat eye contacts, rose colored no less, you're dumber than you look." The entire lunchroom crowd looked at her now, as if she had a death wish. She imagined it wasn't common for anyone to stand up to these three. Placing her hand on her wand hidden inside her jacket, Alana reminded herself now was not a good time to cast a three-way spell on the school bullies. Shines students weren't allowed to use wands outside of class, ordered by the Headmaster himself, Robert Barns. She grabbed her book and got up. "And three, I think you're going to need a new table."
  • They came presently to a flight of stairs, leading down, and they descended slowly, feeling their way that they might not fall. At the bottom there was still nothing but darkness. Here their guide was waiting for them and allowed them to pass. A moment and there came to the ears of the lads a dull clang, as if a heavy iron door had been closed behind them.
  • Thats where we hit the first legal barrier. Analysing sushi doesnt contravene any laws, but analysing human genes might. Clause no. 7 of Germanys Genetic Diagnostics Law, passed in 2009, states that only physicians are allowed to do "diagnostic genetic testing". One of the law's main objectives is to protect any individual from having their personal genetic information exploited. It's not that clear cut, though. There is also the entitlement to informational self-determination, which the German constitutional court has defined as a basic right. We decided to take the value of this basic right above the letter of the law. After all, we didnt want to look into other people's genesjust our own.
  • His previous employer was Warren Logic, a company famous throughout the valley for its attempts to implant microchips in rabbits' brains. The outfit had capitalised easily during an electronics boom, and collapsed three years later when the backers had realised that there really was nothing more to the company than producing highly intelligent rabbits. Yet even this oddball enterprise was run on typical valley lines and wouldn't have allowed Raymond such long breaks without a very good reason.
  • Ralff paused for a time, adding to the drama of the moment, holding those cruel and heedless men in the palm of his hand. But not me. Though I had liked and respected the man, and though I now depended on him for my safety and dignity, when it suited his interests he had betrayed me. But far beyond that, his off-hand telling of all this blood and destructioneven to the point of taking more lives in order to set up in business allowed me to see through the man to his very heartblackened by treachery and cruelty until there could be no hope of his redemption in this world, nor probably the next either. The scales had fallen from my eyes, as the saying has it, and would never regrow.
  • Now and then he would refer to a sheaf of papers he carried around with him, fastened together with a little arrangement that allowed of their being rapidly turned over from time to time. Doubtless this was his plan of campaign. Hugh would have given something for the privilege of examining the same, but lacked the assurance to ask such a favor of one who was an utter stranger to him, and moreover could not afford to spend much time with a pack of mere boys.
  • And then, cursing horribly, he rushed away through the rain, the first time in his life he ever had allowed duty to interfere with his pleasure and had run from good wine. Don Diego Vega smiled as he turned toward the fireplace.
  • 'Sir, you know you are not allowed to use your mobile here.' a voice said from behind, which the Doctor had heard before today. He turned around with an innocent school boy face like before and saw Mr Patchwork had addressed him.
  • Then, as Gryphus seemed bent upon engaging in a struggle which the pain in his wrist, and shame for having allowed himself to be disarmed, would have made desperate, Cornelius took a decisive step, belaboring his jailer with the most heroic self-possession, and selecting the exact spot for every blow of the terrible cudgel.
  • He hurried direct to the royal apartments. An official who would have barred his way allowed him to pass at once, when he recognized his identity.
  • "The Great Wizard remained in Sauwerdah touring the country for nearly two months. The promised ships arrived and most of the gold was returned to the peoples of Ler Dan and Oliman. As for the pregnant women, without exception the new husbands agreed to remain married, however three requested that they and their wives be allowed to return to Allivan since the men were property holders there. Once it was confirmed that this was the wish of the wives also, permission was granted."
  • It warn't no slouch of an idea; and it warn't no slouch of a grindstone nuther; but we allowed we'd tackle it. It warn't quite midnight yet, so we cleared out for the mill, leaving Jim at work. We smouched the grindstone, and set out to roll her home, but it was a most nation tough job. Sometimes, do what we could, we couldn't keep her from falling over, and she come mighty near mashing us every time. Tom said she was going to get one of us, sure, before we got through. We got her half way; and then we was plumb played out, and most drownded with sweat. We see it warn't no use; we got to go and fetch Jim. So he raised up his bed and slid the chain off of the bed-leg, and wrapt it round and round his neck, and we crawled out through our hole and down there, and Jim and me laid into that grindstone and walked her along like nothing; and Tom superintended. He could out-superintend any boy I ever see. He knowed how to do everything.
  • Yeah, I know what you mean, I said. "I suppose if Busby Berkeley had been allowed unlimited access to seasonal fresh fruit while in solitary confinement at a particularly bleak prison, he would have made fruit plates like this."
  • In those days all Montreal was ironshuttered after nightfall, resembling a series of jails; and tonight it seemed doubly screened and guarded. None the less, late in the evening, I allowed seeming accident to lead me in a certain direction. Passing as often as I might up and down Notre Dame Street without attracting attention, I saw more than one figure in the semidarkness enter the low chteau door. Occasionally a tiny gleam showed at the edge of a shutter or at the top of some little window not fully screened. As to what went on within I could only guess.
  • The most deliberate action of his life was that of his death. Some part of Summer allowed respite from that realization, but it was so beyond her children it would be years before they knew, understood. She would have to write it down, stick that paper somewhere safe, or just type it in a Word document so that when Nat, Erika, and Skye were old enough, Summer could tell them this, offer one small corner of their fathers soul, some insight to the unanswerable why. But something was amiss. Rafes unrequited affections werent enough to push Jody into such critical straits.
  • Very good son, a fourth word, but I'm afraid you'll have to take that one back also, unless Zarg is allowed to say two words. Edwin laughed in Doreen's face, blowing a bubble without intention for good measure.
  • "Brazil has a legal framework which allowed it to create strategic associations, which is what I'm proposing, a strategic association with the private sector," he added.
  • Chester made no reply, but followed his captor down the street. At the first corner the officer stopped and allowed Chester to come up with him.
  • I lighted another lucifer, just as she hesitated at the step. She made as though to put out her right foot, and withdrew it. Again she shifted, and extended her left foot. I faintly saw proof that nature had carried out her scheme of symmetry, and had not allowed wrist and arm to forswear themselves! I saw also that this foot was clad in the daintiest of white slippers, suitable enough as part of her ball costume, as I doubted not was this she wore. She took my hand without hesitation, and rested her weight upon the stepan adorable ankle now more frankly revealed. The briefness of the lucifers was merciful or merciless, as you like.
  • From Corinth the Rebels retreated to Tupelo, Mississippi, where they threw up defensive works. The Rebel Government censured General Beauregard for abandoning Corinth. The evacuation of that point uncovered Memphis, and allowed it to fall into our hands.
  • Bull obeyed, and to his amazement, Diablo responded to the small forward urge of the child's hand and approached the bars one trembling step at a time. Bull began to talk to him softly. He had never talked like this to any living creature. He did not know exactly what he said. The words came of their own accord into his throat. He only knew that he wanted to reassure the big, powerful, uncertain brute, and though Diablo stopped short at the first sound of Bull's voice and laid his ears back, he presently pricked one of those ears again and allowed himself to be drawn forward with long, crouching strides.
  • Modern agronomy, however, has allowed us to increase the diversity of wheat varieties from this narrow genetic base.
  • Jessamine went to lie on the bed, thoughtful. Fourteen years of studies to become a good queen hadn't left her the free time necessary to discover men on her own. She would have loved to discover sex with Ileana, but as princess and heir to her mother's throne they hadn't allowed her to breathe. And now at last she'd have the Rite. Nothing to be afraid of, as it was a knowledge she had been longing for for months now, but she would have preferred to choose the partner and time, without following the rules of forceful initiation. Such a shame. She was mature enough to understand that as future queen she had more duties than rights, but sometimes a little voice inside her whined it wasn't fair: she wanted to be free to choose. Thinking about it, though, she'd have the rest of her life to do so, at least regarding men: she could have as many or as few as she chose, as long as she had daughters to continue the Goddess's line.
  • Mrs. Campbell shot us both a glance that didn't bode well for any attempt to get out of class without a stern reprimand, but allowed us to go to our respective seats without comment.
  • Afterwards the fire was allowed to go down, though Elmer did not feel that it was positively necessary for them to let it die out entirely. If it was bound to betray them doubtless the mischief had already been done; and having to shoulder the blame, they might as well have the game.
  • Rent control is a price ceiling on rent. When soldiers returned from World War II and started families (which increased demand for apartments), but stopped receiving military pay, many could not deal with the jumping rent. The government put in price controls, so soldiers and their families could pay the rent and keep their homes. However, this increased the quantity demanded for apartments and lowered the quantity supplied, meaning that available apartments were rapidly taken until none were left for late-comers. Price ceilings create shortages when producers are allowed to abdicate market share or go unsubsidized.
  • Nearer, nearer, with the punt allowed to go on now by the force of the last thrust given to it, till the last patch of reed was cleared; and there, not twenty yards away, swam a fine shieldrake and four ducks.
  • It is a deep satisfaction for me to carry out the request of this influential Mongol, Hubilgan, and to urge his appeal to the American people. Will you not save this honest, uncorrupted but dark, deceived and oppressed people? They should not be allowed to perish, for within their souls they carry a great store of strong moral forces. Make of them a cultured people, believing in the verity of humankind; teach them to use the wealth of their land; and the ancient people of Jenghiz Khan will ever be your faithful friends.
  • As with all medals, retired personnel may wear the Medal of Honor on "appropriate" civilian clothing. Regulations specify that recipients of the Medal of Honor are allowed to wear the uniform "at their pleasure" with standard restrictions on political, commercial, or extremist purposes (other former members of the armed forces may do so only at certain ceremonial occasions).
  • While the messengers were away procuring the King's ransom, we questioned Thedori as to how the Spanish frigate came to fall into his hands, when we learnt that some time since, during a calm, the frigate, caught by one of the strong currents which prevail among these islands, had drifted into the harbour of Porne, where an attack had been made upon her, and she, being short of ammunition, has been taken as a lawful prize. The Spaniards had been allowed to depart in their boats. So, for the second time, Donna Isabel and her people were probably castaways upon some unknown shore.
  • If I did, I would not tell you even if it meant my life, the goblin stated scornfully. "Even if it allowed you to back away from your bargain, I would not tell you. The truth remains that I do not know how to open or close the door. It is the magic which does so. Thus, I have answered truthfully. I hold you to your bargain, elf!"
  • Only the dead couldnt argue, she thought, and caught her breath. She hadnt consciously made the connection; it had just come to her. She would go to the chapel and visit Richard Delamere one last time. He was certain to be buried tomorrow; she was less certain that she would be allowed to attend and this might be the only opportunity shed have to say goodbye.
  • One day the woman asked if Kapaliks were allowed to marry. Most surprised, the Kapalik explained to her the concept of a Bhairavi - the spiritual-physical-otherworldly consort. Without any further ado the woman asked to be his Bhairavi.
  • The whole affair had been unjust in the extreme. In the first place, the proceedings had been conducted in German, of which Medlicott understood next to nothing. We were allowed no defending lawyer; and, finally, our request to call witnesses in our defense was disallowed.
  • Not the smartest, the most cunning, the strongest, or even the most kowtowing goblin, Chal gained Sazars favor by being the most able to listen. His attention span far exceeded the normal goblin and it allowed him to remain focused on a conversation with the serp even as Sazar was forced to take long pauses to communicate with his army of minions. With other goblins, Sazar could never start a conversation, take a pause of more than a few moments, and return without having to start all over again. Chal for some reason could actually keep a thought in his balloon like head for more than a wink of the eye, a trait that was most unusual for goblins and immediately elevated him to a high status.
  • The boy from the country had suddenly lost interest in clearing up the mystery surrounding Shadow Hamilton, and allowed the others to finish the search for class pins and postage stamps. One more pin was found and three rare stamps from Brazil, and then the search was abandoned, and they returned to Oak Hall, Dave carrying the sailor's possessions.
  • The boy who whirled the magic tablet was, of course, bound to keep the secret of the ajie from the women. Let me tell you that one of the chief virtues of the Bororo men, old and young, was the fidelity with which they could keep secrets. The youngest children were amazing at keeping secrets even from their own mothers. There were things that Bororo women were not allowed to know. Boys attended the tribal meetings of men, and had never been known to reveal the secrets there discussed either to their sisters or mothers.
  • The captives were distributed among the different lodges, at first closely guarded; but as they evinced perfect content, they were allowed gradually more and more liberty, until at last they were permitted to roam through the village at will, with a single guard, whose duty it was to give the alarm in case they should attempt to escape. This greatly elated them; and, as not one of the tribe understood English, they were able, at all times, to converse and devise plans without fear of detection by being overheard.
  • So well did he plead, and explain that they were all good friends of the burgomaster of Antwerp, that once again they were allowed to proceed.
  • So my first bite of meatloaf was curious because all I tasted was gravy. Somewhere over there on the sideline was the underlying texture of some kind of loafy, sponge-like substance, but the gravy sufficiently dominated the scene, upstaging the loaf in every shot. Even now, as I sit looking back upon the meal, I can't help but feel a little sorrow for the little loaf. When I was younger I was on a little league baseball team and, due to my shamefully poor performance during practices, was never allowed onto the field in a game. Being ever shown up by my more athletically talented teammates, I would have yelled, "Put me in the game coach. Pick me, pick me!" But I'm sure he wouldn't have heard me over the crack of the bat from yet another peer dominating the field with their athletic prowess. Such was the plight of the poor, flimsy slab of meatloaf in this meal. I began to weep bitter, large and manly tears, and cradled the food tray close to my bosom. "I know how you feel, little loaf. I too was smothered in rich, delicious gravy once..."
  • Securing our first prize, I followed Mike as he rushed along down the bank, afraid of breaking his line, which was by this time stretched to the utmost. Now he gently pulled it in, now he allowed it to go off again, as he felt the strain increase. By thus dexterously managing the fish for some minutes, he at length brought it close to the shore, and I caught sight of an ugly-looking dark monster.
  • At that the other suggested that perhaps he too might stretch his legs; whereupon Allan informed him that he was under orders to keep them all close to the ledge under which they had found shelter; and that Thad had told him no one must be allowed to stray away a single yard.
  • The gossip of Richmond was not allowed to dwell long on the story of the spy, with all its alluring mystery of the man and the maid. Greater events were at hand. A soft wind blew from the South one day. The ice broke up, the snow melted, the wind continued to blow, the earth dried--winter was gone and spring in its green robe was coming. The time of play was over. The armies rose from their sleep in the snows and began to brush the rust from the cannon. Horses stretched themselves and generals studied their maps anew. Three years of tremendous war was gone, but they were prepared for a struggle yet more gigantic.
  • "They are driven by stationary steam engines," explained the young Chief. "Muck and water are sucked up from the lagoon's bottom, then forced through screens and allowed to flow in shallow streams over wide inclined surfaces called tables. These tables are corrugated in such a way that all heavy substances in the silt, like fine particles of gold, are caught in the channels and washed down on to the blankets, while the lighter stuff passes over the side."
  • Felix started slightly, and did but just check himself from rising from the table. A "servant" was a slave; it was the euphemism used instead of the hateful word, which not even the most degraded can endure to bear. The class of the nobles to which he belonged deemed it a disgrace to sit down with a slave, to eat with him, even to accidently touch him. With the retainers, or free men, they were on familiar terms, though despotic to the last degree; the slave was less than the dog. Then, stealing a glance at the man's face, Felix saw that he had no moustache; he had not noticed this before. No slaves were allowed to wear the moustache.
  • Many times did Thad have to caution him about his recklessness in this regard; and his vigilance increased, now that they were in a State where forest preservation was of such moment that a special fire warden, with many assistants, was employed, to see that the laws were strictly enforced; and intending hunters were not allowed to go forth without being accompanied by a licensed guide, to make sure that all fires were utterly extinguished before breaking camp.
  • The coordinator said nothing. His concentration remained almost completely fixed upon his portable, though he allowed himself a few quick glances at the planet when the flares reached mid-flight.
  • Every chance Nat got he went aboard the steamers that tied up at the river wharves. In this way he got to know many captains and officers. Some were kind to him and allowed him the run of their ships while at dock. Others were surly, and ordered the boy off.
  • Work dwindled until it became a farce. One run for each despatch rider every third day was the average. St Jans was not the place we should have chosen for a winter resort. Life became monotonous, and we all with one accord began applying for commissions. Various means were used to break the monotony. Grimers, under the Skipper's instructions, began to plant vegetables for the spring, but I do not think he ever got much beyond mustard and cress. On particularly unpleasant days we were told off to make fascines. N'Soon assisted the Quartermaster-Sergeant. Cecil did vague things with the motor-lorry. I was called upon to write the Company's War Diary. Even the Staff became restless and took to night-walks behind the trenches. If it had not been for the generous supply of "days off" that the Skipper allowed us, we should by February have begun to gibber.
  • Grudgingly, Delamere allowed himself to be maneuvered into the keep. As they passed through the hall, he noticed Eleanor sitting alone on one of the benches against a wall. She glanced up as they walked by; he saw Longsword nod to her. She responded with a small smile. Alans insinuation ran through Delameres mind; it certainly seemed confirmed by what hed just witnessed! He was well aware that arguing over women was the primary cause of discord between friends and he tried to keep his voice level when he confronted Longsword as soon as the door to the council room had closed behind them.
  • A scratchy answering machine informed him "You have dialled the number of Professor Pipistrello, here in London. Unfortunately the Professor is unavailable. Please understand that due to heavy telephonic traffic trying to consult the professor, you have been allowed fifteen seconds, after the beep, to state your business and if reasonable, the Professor will try to contact you. Due to your short allowance, may we suggest you state your name and your phone number first, followed by choosing a numeral to indicate precisely the nature of your business. These numerical indicators are:
  • The crew of the Wild Wave had been a happy one. Discipline had been good, although every indulgence had been allowed the men, and all were fond of her officers. There was a silent hand-clasp all round, and then some of the sailors followed the officers to the boat. As they did so they knew well that the order was given merely to keep them employed, for the chance of anyone being washed ashore and reaching it alive through the tremendous surf was small indeed. As they cut away the boat's cover they looked round, and a low cry broke from several of them. The ship was close to the broken water.
  • With all the trouble he had seen in the last two days, Rommus decided to bring a sword with him this time. This one was his favorite, wide and well-balanced; better than any he ever saw in the army. People were allowed to carry swords in Medora, but it was looked down upon in the cities, and a soldier in a bad mood might take out his frustrations on someone who so openly disobeyed the law?albeit unofficial and unwritten. He knew that no soldier would bother him though, since he was son of the General. In addition to a sword, he carried the axe he had made for the Nobleman, which he intended to deliver before he saw Mirra.
  • Normally, as Llywelyns woman, I rode into the village, even for the short distance from the castle to the market, but at nearly nine months pregnant, I wasnt allowed near a horse, much less on top of one. Beside us, two of Llywelyns men-at-arms walkedBevyn again, undoubtedly irritated at being left to mind me, though Llywelyn had tried to appease him by implying that this was a grave responsibility and hed better not screw it up, and Rhodri, the young man whod befriended Anna at the Gap, a lifetime ago now.
  • After his death, which happened early, the wrecks of his originally small fortune, scarcely afforded her subsistence for a year. By many humble but grating concessions on her part, and no less proud upbraidings on the part of her father, she was first allowed a trifling annuity, almost too scanty to afford the means of life, and, as it were in resentment to the unpardonable conduct of my mother, was afterward permitted to return to the parsonage house.
  • Once Beatrice was out of danger, he turned his attention to the others. He administered his treatment and regimen with a strong hand, and allowed no opposition. Under his direction a little cemetery grew in the palisade--a mournful sight for this early stage in the reconstruction of the world.
  • Ignoring Eds jibes, Jeremy carried the mannequin into his room, stripped down, put on the armourincorrectly, he eventually decided, as numerous small plates were digging into his skinstripped and put it all on again, with his costume. The result was exceedingly hot and bulky, though the stretchiness of the socks making up his costume allowed Jeremy to move his legs. Perfect for getaways, if necessary.
  • We cannot reach them in time to help, we have allowed them to get too far ahead,’ Jeela added. Both she and Tika, and then Farn, gasped.
  • Early the next morning a regiment of soldiers, from the west, came hurrying on to the seat of war to defend the flag of our Country and the glorious Union. It rained very hard, I stood one side and noticed the "Boys in Blue" as they came pouring out of the depot. Their officers did not seem to have them under very good control. Their discipline wasn't very good yet; after they got out, there were several of them who seemed to be inclined to go on their own hooks. The officers had about all they could do to keep them along. One physically powerful, hardy looking man passed near me. He said, he thought it was a little hard, early in the morning, after a fellow had been jammed and bruised all night and it rained that he couldn't be allowed to stop and take a drop. The officer told him to keep in the ranks. I felt interested to know if they were Michigan men, but was not able to learn where they were from.
  • Corry was beginning to understand. He knew that gold and silver coins constituted only the highest denomination of currency in Panamindorah. The fauns used cowries by common agreement, salt because it had uses in practically every industry, and gems, as well as bartered goods. The only large gold mines were in the Snow Mountainscat country to which no shelt had had access for years, and the cats themselves certainly weren't going to put the gold into circulation. The largest salt works were in cat-conquered Canisaria and in old Filinia. "So, Meuril pays the vendors the Filinian bills and is allowed to mine a certain volume of salt from Filinian territory?"
  • They were not allowed to fully engorge in order to minimize the amount of blood in the extract.
  • "Move," Lochlann said. "You risked everything by defying me, and I allowed it because you are my brother. I will not let you unleash another danger upon our kind."
  • The next minute Hartog was striding through the town, a native club in his hand, which he had taken from the Queen's house. Although past noon, there were none to be seen outside the huts. All were asleep after their mid-day meal, upon which they had gorged themselves to repletion. At the sight of this defiance of discipline a deep flush overspread Hartog's face, as though he felt shame for having allowed his authority to pass from him. Then he began to beat with his club upon the doors of the houses until the men came out, some in sleepy remonstrance, and others with curses in their mouths at having been disturbed from their siesta.
  • Ambrose broke open the first, and throwing back the second, allowed the grain bags to be hustled inside direct from the beach.
  • As the colonel had been so much interested in their story, Rod considered it only fair that he relate a few more circumstances connected with their past. He also gladly showed him the paper given him by the surgeon at the field hospital, telling how the American boys had worked like beavers in assisting him take care of the numerous cases he had been compelled to handle with such inadequate facilities at his command. Yes, there were still other documents which Rod allowed them to glance over, after which he smilingly remarked:
  • Bugged or not, our suite was equipped with a high-definition TV monitor. This allowed us to catch nuances of the game that only a network broadcast could provide while continuing to watch the live action. Bob Erickson, the regular play-by-play announcer for the Filibusters, was working this national game with his usual boyish charm and relaxed style, which sometimes cushioned what he was saying.
  • "Yes. A hell of a thing. He was from a family that had been there for centuries. I guess he and Constanza got into it when they were very young. The family allowed her to stay on one of their properties, paid all the bills. She kept having babies. The situation changed, and she was let go. I don't know whether the guy was tired of her or whether he married or took a position in the family empire that wouldn't allow the arrangement or what."
  • Since waking, Elryia had allowed doubt to creep into her mind once more. Not of her plan, but her allotted time to hash it out. She had worried she would do just as Gort was skeptical oflead them deeper in, only to have them led away at the last minute.
  • Now I'll give you the whole case packed small, said the spokesman. "A crowd of us found this place, and discovered the pearls and the shell. We were all badly in want of a pile, and we took the risks, and started in to get it. Most of us went away with the first cargo, and only two white men were left with a few Kanakas. Then you came. You were told you're not wanted, but you gently hinted at force majeure, and were allowed to stay. Finally the rest of our crowd comes back, and it's force majeure on the other side, and now you've got to go. If you've the sense of oysters, you'll go peacefully. There isn't enough for all of us; at any rate we don't intend to share."
  • The apparition of the souls before their relatives was, of course, merely a clumsily arranged trick of the barihs. This is how it was done. They made a circle of branches of trees--in order to keep the audience at a distance--and then erected a large wooden gate, so arranged that when the souls appeared it fell down in order to give them free passage. The souls--generally not more than two together--upon being called by the barih, entered the ring with their faces covered and hopping with a special step of their own. They did not respond to prayers or tears, and kept on twirling about within the ring. The body was that of a woman, wearing from the waist down a gown of palm leaves. The face was covered by a mask of vegetable fibre which allowed its owner to see and not be seen. Upon the head was worn a cap of wax in which were stuck a great number of arrows, so that it looked just like the back of a disturbed porcupine.
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