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  • Paul shook his head. He could hardly realize what a fearfully narrow escape the fine old church had had. A very little delay in attacking the flames would have allowed them to get such headway that no effort on their part could have won out. And perhaps that would have dealt a crushing blow to the Boy Scouts in Stanhope.
  • Her seat, when she was allowed into the council meetings, was at Lord Robert's left hand. She, too, was beautiful. Her hair was black like the night, her eyes almost as dark. She moved like a panther, smooth and strong. Mystery hung about her like a mist; a fog that called to the laird to come further into its dangerous embrace. Even now, the memory of her was enough to make his heart ache.
  • Steve argued fairly well, and Max did not attempt to press the matter. To tell the truth he was tempted to linger to the very last in the hope of being instrumental in doing more good. If one child had been sent adrift in the flood, perhaps there might be others also in need of succor. And so Max, usually so cautious, allowed himself to be tempted to linger even when his better judgment warned him of the terrible risks they ran.
  • The Abaris was now speeding along at the top notch, and for a few minutes Dick allowed her to soar through the air in this fashion. And then, having some regard for his engines, he cut down the gasolene, and slowed up.
  • Suddenly there was movement behind him. The mirror caught the rush of something small and shadowy. Harold turned as quickly as his creaking bones allowed and was rewarded with another stab right through his hip. He cried out in breathless pain, stopping when he realised nobody was there. Harolds house was as empty as it had been for the last thirty five years.
  • Zimm was the more aggressive. "I am as you, manhorse. In my country I am imprisoned for what I am, as you are, not for who I am, but for things that are not of my choice. In most other lands, neither of us are treated like this." She allowed for her last line to absorb into Strongwind. Obvious was his taking of her words from the change of his expression. She was quiet, yet remained confident. "I came over here to see who you are, to learn what you are. What are you called?"
  • Well, by the end of three weeks everything was in pretty good shape. The shirt was sent in early, in a pie, and every time a rat bit Jim he would get up and write a little in his journal whilst the ink was fresh; the pens was made, the inscriptions and so on was all carved on the grindstone; the bed-leg was sawed in two, and we had et up the sawdust, and it give us a most amazing stomach-ache. We reckoned we was all going to die, but didn't. It was the most undigestible sawdust I ever see; and Tom said the same. But as I was saying, we'd got all the work done now, at last; and we was all pretty much fagged out, too, but mainly Jim. The old man had wrote a couple of times to the plantation below Orleans to come and get their runaway nigger, but hadn't got no answer, because there warn't no such plantation; so he allowed he would advertise Jim in the St. Louis and New Orleans papers; and when he mentioned the St. Louis ones it give me the cold shivers, and I see we hadn't no time to lose. So Tom said, now for the nonnamous letters.
  • But she couldn't talk about that with Cindy. "You know, the other day your mom called me and hung up when I answered," she said, reaching for the wipe refills. "I think she's getting worse." This was a subject they were allowed to discuss. Rick approved, Cindy was eager, and it gave Alice a vent.
  • Their own clothing had apparently been lost or destroyed, and the native women, jealous of the attention which the chief was bestowing upon the newcomers, gave them little or no food. Nor did the jealous wives instruct the interlopers in the anointing of their bodies with that peculiar kind of clay which forms so effective a protection alike against the burning heat of the sun, the treacherous cold of the night-winds, and the painful attacks of insects. All the information I could elicit from the girls that evening was the fact that they had been shipwrecked, and had already been captive among the blacks for three and a half months. The elder girl further said that they were not allowed their liberty, because they had on several occasions tried to put an end to their indescribable sufferings by committing suicide. Anything more extraordinary than the costumes we made for the girls you never saw. They were not of elaborate design, being of the shape of a long sack, with holes for the arms and neck; and they afterwards shrank in the most absurd way.
  • Dave was in a sober mood when he returned to the ship and did not feel much like talking. He allowed the others to relate the day's experience, to which Captain Marshall listened closely.
  • This allowed the drive pinion to fall into the sump causing a large fracture through which the oil escaped.
  • As he stepped out from the door a dark mass hurled itself at him, a hand clutched at his throat, missed as he swiftly dodged back, and carried away his collar. It was Perkins, his face distorted, his white teeth showing in a snarl as of a furious beast. Again with a beast-like growl he sprang, and again Cameron avoided him; while Perkins, missing his clutch, stumbled over a block of wood and went crashing head first among a pile of pots and pans and, still unable to recover himself and wildly grasping whatever chanced to be within reach, fell upon the board that stood against the corner of the porch to direct the rain into the tub; but the unstable board slid slowly down and allowed the unfortunate Perkins to come sitting in the tub full of water.
  • After the kids were in bed and Rick had gone to a late business meeting with a potential investor, she let herself into his study and had a look. Everything in the room was dark and heavy and overstuffed - the couch, the drapes, the desk and chairs, the rug. The coffee table alone must have weight six hundred pounds. Carved teak root from Malaysia. Everything was shiny, neat, and imposing. Sound vanished into the dark corners. No light came thru the windows. The fireplace was walled up, now a bookshelf and his safe. There was a one way mirror, visible from the private bathroom he had built when the company got bigger and they expanded the house. The place always gave her the willies. She wasn't allowed to be there.
  • There we remained nearly all that day, denied, by the stupidity and offended dignity of the colonel, the permission I begged of being allowed to communicate with General Patterson.
  • Especially effective when worn in pairs, as above, but often inseparable if allowed to come into contact with each other.
  • They spoke of the algors and the dwarves as they walked briskly to the southwestern tower. Sy allowed the guard to remain as the four made the climb to the elevated platform. He did not always openly offer information to his soldiers, but he never deliberately hid things from them, either. He spoke of the dilemmas forthrightly, unconcerned that the lookout would overhear.
  • We visited, in the course of a day or two, other camps in which the wild cattle were collected in the same fashion; when, led by the coaches, the whole were driven into the yards, as they are called, situated at the head station. Here they were allowed to remain until next morning when the operation of mustering and branding commenced. The yard was so divided that the cattle required for the various purposes were driven into different compartments; the calves into one, the cattle to be slaughtered into another, and those to be turned loose again, into a third, while the stockmen from two or three neighbouring stations attended to claim any of their masters' cattle which had got in among Mr Strong's.
  • When King Shandor pulled Blade to his feet, the assassin bent his knees a little, lest he appear too tall for a woman. Shandor placed an arm about Blade's waist and leered at his officers, who laughed and called encouragement. The assassin allowed the King to lead him to the tent, and only once had to avoid the big man's hands when he reached for his wrist where a dagger was strapped.
  • Christmas was a blaze of glory every year in Hollyhill. Public halls, churches, and theaters were the scenes of the liveliest activities for several days and nights before and after this biggest event of the winter season. Nor was the celebration confined to the more prosperous sections of the town, but extended into the heart of the mining settlement, where Christmas tinsel and lights were lavished without consideration of cost and nobody was allowed to pass the season without being impressively reminded as to just what turkey roast and cranberry sauce tasted like.
  • Monty paid our Turks off (for it was evident that even had they been willing they would not have been allowed to proceed with us another mile). Then, as Ibrahim mounted and marshaled his party in front of him, he forgot manners as well as the liberal payment.
  • The matter being thus concluded, I took command of the party for the shore. In the forenoon we rowed for the beach in two pinnaces, well manned and armed. In all the places where we had landed we had treated the blacks with kindness, offering them pieces of iron, strings of beads, and pieces of cloth, hoping by these means to win their friendship, and to be allowed to explore the country; but, in spite of our friendly overtures, the blacks received us everywhere as enemies, and nowhere more so than in this land of pygmies and giants. We therefore determined to waste no more time in making useless efforts for peace, but to meet force with force. Twelve men, well armed, we considered to be a match for all the savages we were likely to encounter during a day's march inland.
  • "Neither can I. But half the people in India do. Her father finally reached Lahore, the city in India where Akman was staying, and managed to enter his service. Like any Persian he did very well, and before long Akman gave him amansab rank of three hundred zat. His wife and daughter were allowed to come and go among the palace women. Then, when she was seventeen, this little Persian girl of the cobra began her plan. She repeatedly threw herself across the path of the Moghuls son Arangbar, whom she rightly guessed would be next in line for the throne. He was no match for her, and now people say she won his heart before he knew it himself. My own belief is she cast a spell on him."
  • Yes. And I think the idea is for their troop of Boy Scouts and our Camp Fire to make a march on the same day, going about the same distance, and doing everything without any help at all; cooking meals, finding water, making camp, getting firewood, and everything of that sort. A certain time is to be allowed for eating, and we are to make smoke signals when we reach the camping place, and again when we leave. There aren't to be any matches; all fires are to be made by rubbing sticks together. We're to cook just the same sort of meals, and the party that gets back to the starting point first wins.
  • Having been taken prisoner and allowed his beard to grow, he seemed to have thrown off all that had been forced upon him- everything military and alien to himself--and had returned to his former peasant habits.
  • A fence of poles made a barrier across the narrow entrance of the valley, and so the horses were allowed to roam at will.
  • An Arab government precaution. If station agents all along the line were allowed to send telegrams every seditious upstart would take advantage of it and they'd have more trouble than they've got now. But I warn you fellows, after Deraa--somewhere between the border and Damascus--there'll be a fight. The minute they discover that the letter is a fake they'll come for the real one like cats after a canary.
  • Captain Koenig was fat and he was conceited and he had been foolishly lax. But he was a competent commander in the German navy, which means that he was a brave and resourceful man. He allowed his body to relax in the negro's clutch. His foot sought for and found a tiny button below the chess table. He pressed it.
  • However it was nothing Dredrik had not seen before. Quickly he brought his blade back across Mareths body but the blade slid harmlessly across the warriors breast plate. Once again Mareths incredible speed allowed for another gauntleted strike, this time in his gut. He doubled over falling to his knees, breath forced from his body. Once again he tried to rise but Mareths heavy foot smashed down upon Dredriks sword which lay across his leg, the tip of the blade resting on the ground. The blade snapped in two, the force of the kick removing any momentum Dredrik had to stand.
  • Sir,--After hearing your speeches some years ago, and being told that you were such a clever man, I became a Conscientious Objector, and would not let them vaccinate any more of my children. The three who were not vaccinated have all been taken to the hospital with the smallpox, and they tell me (for I am not allowed to see them) that one of them is dead; but the two who were vaccinated are quite well. Sir, I thought that you would like to know this, so that if you have made any mistake you may tell others. Sir, forgive me for troubling you, but it is a terrible thing to have one's child die of smallpox, and, as I acted on your advice, I take the liberty of writing the above.
  • The line of people moved slowly forward. After another ten minutes, Annie sat down on her suitcase and allowed Tressa to sit beside her. The girl rested her head on her mothers lap.
  • A scratchy answering machine informed him "You have dialled the number of Professor Pipistrello, here in London. Unfortunately the Professor is unavailable. Please understand that due to heavy telephonic traffic trying to consult the professor, you have been allowed fifteen seconds, after the beep, to state your business and if reasonable, the Professor will try to contact you. Due to your short allowance, may we suggest you state your name and your phone number first, followed by choosing a numeral to indicate precisely the nature of your business. These numerical indicators are:
  • Coincidence released Fut's news to the room. It created a wave of thoughtful silence. Coincidence used the time to find a seat. Zarg and Brick had secured an armchair each, a sofa lay between the two; They and Spiritwind at either end. The furniture allowed an uninterrupted view of the television from any position, although the only thing on at the moment was the standby light. The arrangement equally allowed social interaction should the occupants wish for a night of light chatter. The general feel of the room was down to the female of the house. As she approached a pension age her tastes had turned to flower themed decorations and family photographs. The cabinets and shelving had been with her throughout life rather than replaced. They shone with history, aided by a thorough polish at least once a week. Coincidence took in the ambience as he moved towards the middle cushion of the sofa.
  • Any last trace of a smile left the interpreter's face. Sadness and guilt replaced the sparkle in his previously bright eyes. He exhaled once heavily. He spoke with his own frustration and sadness. "I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to leave you with riddles. I'm not doing it on purpose anyway. I know it sounded like that, but sometimes I just don't know how to put things. The truth is that I don't know the exact importance of Ryson Acumen, not yet anyway. And I don't know what you should do, or what anyone of us should do, or how this will end up. My ability to understand what will happen or what can happen is limited. I'm allowed to see what I'm allowed to see. I only know that this delver remains important to us all."
  • He wanted to know things, but the things he wanted to know were of no importance, and the information he extracted could not be of any assistance to him. His mind was largely occupied in such vital problems as what happened to the brooms which the Houssas used to keep their quarters clean when they were worn out, and what would be the effect of an increased ration of lime juice upon the morals and discipline of the troops under Hamilton's command. Had he been less of a trial Sanders would not have allowed him to go into the interior without a stronger protest. As it was, Sanders had turned out of his own bedroom, and had put all his slender resources at the disposal of the Cabinet Minister (taking his holiday, by the way, during the long recess), and had wearied himself in order to reach some subject of interest where he and his guest could meet on common ground.
  • On the fourth day Hans found by the motion of the vessel, that some change had occurred in the weather, or in the sea. Instead of rolling steadily onwards with an easy movement, the ship jerked and plunged very uneasily, seeming sometimes as though rushing furiously onwards, and then suddenly being checked in her course. There was, too, a great commotion among the sailors, and the noise made by the wind in the rigging of the vessel prevented even the groans and yells of the slaves from being heard. During the whole of the fourth day and night these conditions prevailed, heavy seas striking the small vessel, and spray in abundance finding its way down amongst the crowded human beings below. The night was a long and dreary one. The hatchway which led down to the slaves' den was narrow, and scarcely allowed enough ventilation to prevent suffocation. The darkness was such that not even a hand could be seen when held close to the face, and as Hans could not sleep, his torture in being thus confined was almost unbearable.
  • Okay then, so let's get to it. This is what I believe. First, I totally disagree with my opponent's assertion that thereal reasons for our country's problems is that we have lost our way' andwe need to return to the right path to find our way back to the promised land.' I personally find it somewhat ironic to hear people comment that we need to get back to devoting more time to the single subject that became the primary motivation for most of our ancestors to give up all they owned and risk their lives to travel half a world away to find a place in the wilderness that allowed them to live free from religious persecution. They were trying desperately to keep religious fanatics from running their lives. They were running away from religious intolerance.
  • "It means putting evidence of high-grade ore in a likely place, but one which actually contains no real pay dirt. For instance, in country where gold may be found, the technique for salting used to be firing gold nuggets into the ground with a shotgun, by replacing the buckshot with the nuggets. Then, when the victim was allowed to try panning gold for himself, he'd come up with the nuggets and think he was getting natural gold."
  • Azathioprine used in combination with steroids allowed kidney transplantation to develop during the 1960
  • He was sitting on his stone throne, raised by a dais several steps up from the floor. As usual, his face was blurred and his voice muted by an obscuring charm. His form was shrouded by a cloak of black silk. Standing to one side was the short figure of Dreccan Gor, advisor to the Silentman. Dreccan was known for his wisdom and feared almost as much as the Silentman himself, though this was largely due to the fact that the advisor also served as chief steward to the regent of Hearne. Such an unusual association served the Guild well, as it allowed the Silentman to always stay one step ahead of the regent.
  • But we should lead the barbarian to the light, said Meeker. "It is a dreadful example for Christians to set such people. They should not be allowed to carry such weapons--the practice leads to crime."
  • Hugh happened to awaken some time afterwards, and as the flames lazily lighted up the big room occasionally, he lay there watching them play upon the wall. So he allowed himself to figure what strange scenes these same rooms must have witnessed in those bygone days when the old judge and his young prisoner wife occupied the monstrosity of an imitation feudal castle.
  • The maid had answered the ring, and now the boy was wandering along the path, content that his time-mark allowed a few moments for such recreation.
  • Allen was alarmed. The poor old lady shouldn't be allowed to drive around by herself. She was going to get herself killed talking on the cellphone. He decided with no further thought that it must have been Rick that had driven by and shot up her living room.
  • Yes, certainly, sir. I allowed my valet to write my last; but he had such immense success that the rogue asked so exorbitant an increase of wages that, to my great regret, I was unable to keep him.
  • It was but the work of a moment for Gregory to overpower the thief of the small boat and bind him with the dory's painter. The man had fought desperately only for a moment, then collapsed, and gibbering with fear had allowed himself to be bound without a struggle.
  • Marks head dropped and I gasped. I slid out from under Greys arm and reached out to Mark. But he had already turned and run into the woods with his brothers. The pain in my chest echoed the hurt Id seen in his eyes. For once I wished I had another gift. One that allowed me to see into someones mind, to know their true feelings.
  • Those fucking bastards, those bastards, taken his job? Or had he left it? That hardly mattered. Things were always better when you didnt care about the past anyway. On top of the cars! Now that had been some kick! Getting loaded on the local pastry juice til it was swilling out of his ears! Ah, the rare old times! He allowed himself to shuffle a little slower, stuck in a pleasant reminiscence. It had been a rare moment of summer, so it had, one of those moments when a jug of alcohol finds its way into your hands and you dont even care what you do with it afterwards. As long as it is empty. His name was Gerry; other people called him other things, if they didnt know his name, but he had never forgotten his own name. It was bokebeard. It was redbeard. It was something else that hed forgotten. Maybe he wasnt human after all. After all they didnt treat him like one. They treated him just like some slimy tramp that stalked the neighbourhoods.
  • The fact that no one was allowed in Fritz's workshop unless he accompanied them, and the additional fact that at night two soldiers were stationed at the door at first caused the boys some surprise.
  • "Today, um, as far as I am aware, a decision has been made. And, um, we have decided… , that ultimately, every citizen will be allowed to cross the border." The crowd was dumbstruck.
  • Maggie went out into the yard sometime after four o'clock in the morning. The sky was cloudy, but here and there breaks in the grey allowed stars to shine through. The moon was wreathed by thin, ghostly wisps of cloud.
  • Lanyan had led them to the north end of Sharia, to the only open front in the entire forest. It was there they were greeted by two guards, elegantly dressed in green tunics, black leather pants and long spears adorned with red feathers hanging from the blade. Before them, a long trail of trees and bushes formed a wall, the pathway then splitting off into two parts. The guards nodded to Lanyan and they shook hands before the Elf turned back to his companions, "I am not allowed to accompany you beyond this point, but I know you will make your way just fine."
  • As to the instrument which bears the name of compass, there were two on board. One was placed in the binnacle, under the eyes of the man at the helm. Its dial, lighted by day by the diurnal light, by night by two side-lamps, indicated at every moment which way the ship headed--that is, the direction she followed. The other compass was an inverted one, fixed to the bars of the cabin which Captain Hull formerly occupied. By that means, without leaving his chamber, he could always know if the route given was exactly followed, if the man at the helm, from ignorance or negligence, allowed the ship to make too great lurches.
  • But, though Bessie was not angry in her turn, she understood thoroughly that if she and Dolly were to continue the friendship that had begun so promisingly, this trouble between them must be settled, and settled in the proper fashion. If Dolly were allowed to sleep on her anger, it would be infinitely harder to restore their relations to a friendly basis.
  • Only the dead couldnt argue, she thought, and caught her breath. She hadnt consciously made the connection; it had just come to her. She would go to the chapel and visit Richard Delamere one last time. He was certain to be buried tomorrow; she was less certain that she would be allowed to attend and this might be the only opportunity shed have to say goodbye.
  • There was one day Master Gibbons declared a holiday. Truly a great burden fell on him for there were many petty squabblings and arguments for him to settle. The conflicting testimony before Williams courts was the source of much valuable information, to supply missing titles and gain acknowledgement of the lordshipsrights. But it wasnt always easy for him to end these squabbles favourably to the estates. The previous day wed seen him worn out. Rubbing his eyes at the yards of writing and endless complaints, I heard him excuse a tenants rent in a way hed never do normally. We were amazed. So this day I had a holiday, I was allowed to ride out alone.
  • Captain Mathews returned to kneel down beside her, regret written all over his face. "Forgive us, Mistress." He said, bowing his head in respect. "We should never have allowed this to happen. Your uncle would have had us whipped. I would be honored if you would allow me to escort you back into the house."
  • The Austrian university system had been open to any student who passed the Matura examination until recently. A 2006 bill allowed the introduction of entrance exams for studies such as Medicine. In 2001, an obligatory tuition fee ("Studienbeitrag") of363.36 per term was introduced for all public universities. Since 2008, for all EU students the studies have been free of charge, as long as a certain time-limit is not exceeded (the expected duration of the study plus usually two terms tolerance). When the time-limit is exceeded, the fee of around363.36 per term is charged. Some further exceptions to the fee apply, e.g. for students with a year's salary of more than about5000. In all cases, an obligatory fee of17 is charged for the student union and insurance.
  • It is unnecessary to harrow the feelings of the reader with a description of what next took place in that ghastly chamber. Suffice it to say that the torture and examination of Harry lasted until mid-day, when it was seen that his senses had left him, and that he was no longer conscious of the dreadful injuries that were being inflicted upon him. He was then carried back to the cell and laid upon the floor, while Roger was unbound and allowed to accompany him. The door was closed and bolted, and Roger was alone with the pitiful, scarred, torn, and bleeding wreck of his friend. He fetched water from the jug and forced a few drops down Harry's throat, laved his brow, and bound up his seared and bleeding wounds as best he could. Presently Harry opened his eyes, and, seeing Roger bending over him, smiled even amid his pain.
  • The eat held that the tribunal was allowed to find that delays did not render the investigation unfair.
  • We ought to be looking for a camping place soon, for of course we shall be rather longer getting things into shape on the first night, said Nealie, and then Rumple and Sylvia begged to be allowed to go forward and find a place which seemed suitable for the purpose, and on their promising not to leave the road, Nealie said they might go.
  • The time of going to bed being come, the grand vizier conducted Scheherazade to the palace, and retired, after having introduced her into the sultan's apartment. As soon as the sultan was left alone with her, he ordered her to uncover her face, and found it so beautiful, that he was perfectly charmed with her; and perceiving her to be in tears, asked her the reason. Sir, answered Scheherazade, I have a sister, who loves me tenderly, as I do her, and I could wish that she might be allowed to be all night in this chamber, that I might see her, and bid her once more adieu. Will you be pleased to allow me the comfort of giving her this last testimony of my friendship? Schahriar having consented to it, Dinarzade was sent for, who came with all possible diligence. The sultan went to bed with Scheherazade upon an alcove raised very high, according to the custom of the monarchs of the east; and Dinarzade lay in a bed that was prepared for her, near the foot of the alcove.
  • If I am allowed to, commented Jessie, with a sudden fear that perhaps her father would find some objection to the new amusement.
  • "I suppose so," said Paul. "I have heard before that they would do that. They say, you see, that all they wanted was permission to send their troops across Belgium to reach France. Perhaps they really believed that we should not resist. If we had not, they would not have damaged the country, and perhaps if they had won in the war, they would have paid for whatever injury was done. But how absurd! If we had allowed that, without making any further attempt to stop them, we should really have been just as badly off."
  • I shall have messages for you to carry, said the colonel, then. "Now I want to explain, so that you will understand the importance of this, why you are going to be allowed to do this work.
  • "Hello, brother." The voice that greeted Enin filled the air with emotion, and this emotion spanned the spectrum of feelings. It held joy drifting toward anger, happiness betrayed by sadness, enthusiasm cut off by indifference. The inhabitant of this otherwise hollow region made no attempt to temper the tone of his voice. Instead, he allowed the opposing passions of these two simple words to vibrate incessantly around the space of this shadowy realm that he himself created.
  • The Masai warriors were called in and the plan explained to them. They were unhappy at the prospect of being left behind, and argued long to be allowed to go.
  • "I know, I know." He looked at the quill he still held. "It's just that, well," he looked up at all of them, panning his view. "Her decisions are variably irrational," he began. The rest remained silent and allowed him to air his grievance.
  • In another two minutes we were all three sucking the pulpy fruit. In an ordinary way we should have found it tasteless enough: as it was I thought it the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. After three days spent without food or water, in the desert, one is not particular. While we were still eating the fruit, the lady of my vision set her companion to work to partially flay the orib which her dogs had killed, and busied herself in making a fire of fallen boughs. As soon as it burned brightly she took strips of the orib flesh, toasted them, and gave them to us on leaves. We ate, and now were allowed a little more water. After that she took Tota to the spring and washed her, which she sadly needed, poor child! Next came our turn to wash, and oh, the joy of it!
  • Modern agronomy, however, has allowed us to increase the diversity of wheat varieties from this narrow genetic base.
  • They are gone, baas, remarked Mafuta, as he again passed with more fuel; "but we must keep up the fires; for they are almost certain to come back again. They are young lions who have been driven away from the pool, and not allowed to hunt there by the old ones, and they are hungry. Yes, they will come back again; and you will perhaps have to kill two or three more before they will go away and leave us alone."
  • The next night, after darkness fell and the chores were done, Mother Peg and Maida sat at the table, Peg with one of her Healing Journals open in front of her, Maida reading the one book she was allowed to take down, Brother Findlay's Folk Tales of the Eastlands. Despite refusing her as Apprentice, Mother Peg had insisted that she learn to read. "I'll have no servant that can't read a set of instructions or a recipe," the Old One had said, and Maida had been delighted. Brother Findlay's Folk Tales had become her textbook. She had been through it many times now, but never tired of reading it again. Part of it was just the sheer joy of reading.
  • Ryson went even further with his analysis of the situation. "Maybe what Lief is doing is something we all should be doing. If a member of this town did what Sazar did, he wouldnt be allowed to walk around free. Even if he left town, Sy would send out a party of his men looking for him. If he got away, they would make notices of the mans name and a description of him and send them with other mail to towns all across the region. We dont let people that commit crimes just walk away, so why are we letting Sazar get away with what hes done?"
  • The fact was, his lordship found it necessary to keep a secretary, to aid him in his politics not only to write but to think; and I afterward learned, from his valet, that he had allowed a hundred a year to one who had left his service that very day. His lordship was doubtless therefore well satisfied with the meeting of this morning, in which he not only recovered his diamond repeater but rewarded the youth who brought it, by suffering him to do the same business gratis for which he had before been obliged to pay.
  • They all seemed to agree that I had had my fling, and should, as they persisted in calling it, "settle down." A most odious phrase. They were two to one against me, and when one finished another took it up. So that at last I ceased arguing and allowed myself to be bullied into looking for a position.
  • Eneumerius remembered the Battle of Some Bunch of Trees very well. It all had started with reports about elves appearing in the forests at the eastern border of the Empire. The Empire wouldn't be very Imperial if it allowed elves to roam around its forests. An army was dispatched to deal with them. It was led by the High Lord Commander himself, General Genodorius Bravewood von Winespear.
  • Well! as I was saying, continued the young man, "I am delighted to travel in France and see what I am seeing. One must live under the government of citizens Gohier, Moulins, Roger Ducos, Siyes and Barras to witness such roguery. I dare wager than when the tale is told, fifty years hence, of the highwayman who rode into a city of thirty thousand inhabitants in broad day, masked and armed with two pistols and a sword at his belt, to return the two hundred louis which he had stolen the day previous to the honest merchant who was then deploring their loss, and when it is added that this occurred at a table d'hte where twenty or twenty-five people were seated, and that this model bandit was allowed to depart without one of those twenty or twenty-five people daring to molest him; I dare wager, I repeat, that whoever has the audacity to tell the story will be branded as an infamous liar."
  • There was a king, says the vizier, who had a son that loved hunting mightily. He allowed him to divert himself that way very often, but gave orders to his grand vizier to attend him constantly, and never to lose sight of him.
  • "Detective?" Mitchell asked. His scythe passed through another throat, then he allowed himself a moment to stare. "What are you doing there? And when the hell did you grow a beard?"
  • The whole of the division having, at length, assembled, we were put in motion about three o'clock on the morning of the 16th, and advanced to the village of Waterloo, where, forming in a field adjoining the road, our men were allowed to prepare their breakfasts. I succeeded in getting mine, in a small inn, on the left hand side of the village.
  • I thought she was lying. But Ive been thinking... she did see the bodies of the changelings. Nobodys allowed to see that. So maybe she found some things out when she was trying to rescue her brother. Maybe escape is a possibility for her.
  • Most Arawaks left Antigua around 1100 AD; those who remained were later raided by the Caribs. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Caribs' superior weapons and seafaring prowess allowed them to defeat most of the West Indian Arawak nations, enslaving some and possibly cannibalizing others.
  • It was the second time that I neglected a favourable opportunity of making that confession, and as I had regretted having allowed the first occasion to pass unprofited, so was I, and still more poignantly, to regret this second silence.
  • "Just outside the main mining chamber," Thalim blurted out, only then realizing his terrible mistake (no one was allowed to address the Master save for Boril himself). He cowered and waited for either the Master or Boril to strike him.
  • He looked at her in a way that left her dizzy and angry at the same time, and she didn't know how to get rid of him. In spite of all the attentions and apparently civil behavior, she was still a prisoner. Only he visited her in the cage, and the servant who brought her meals wasn't allowed to talk, or even look, at her.
  • The remaining five algors kept close in behind Dzeb with Jon and Tun following in their wake. The elder dwarf did not appear happy walking so far back in the line. He kept his right hand on his axe and glared with menace at the crowd. He would be more than willing to take out his frustrations upon any human that might try to lay a hand on his royal person. Lief concluded the line with his bow returned to his shoulder. He allowed a slight gap to form between him and the rest of the party, a buffer in case the crowd regained their courage. They never did.
  • Turstan burst into my room shortly after Twiten left. After making sure I was whole, he gleamed with pride and had me recite the entire venture. Rumors abounded about my performance. King Edulf had not confirmed my existence, which I found strange. In my mind I cared only if I left the Forbidden Forest and took my place that my birthright demanded, my Euchoun presence allowed.
  • When the balloons had risen to a height which allowed the aerial, to which was attached a heavier insulated wire, to float free, he gave the cord to the engineer and began busying himself at putting together what appeared to be a small windmill with curved, brass fans.
  • "I agree, but cautiously." Seth allowed Caislyn to continue leading them in the direction she felt pulled to. As they went deeper underground the concrete walls around them were somewhat moist. Even concrete and metal couldn't keep the low water table at bay forever. This area of the country was never meant to have below ground buildings, they just didn't fair well, if they could even be constructed properly to begin with. When they came to a branch in the corridor and had to choose whether to go left or right Caislyn paused and closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on what she was feeling instead of what she was seeing. She felt the distinct, though fading tug at her mid section and quickly turned left.
  • The Captain bowed, allowed the Prince to ride ahead and, for the remainder of the journey, kept at the same respectful distance as he had done before his Highness called him to his side.
  • The van sputtered as I switched gears. Looking down at the gas dial I could see that I still had half a tank, enough to get me to Kansas. I had no clear indication as of my final destination but I knew I should head east. D.C. was east. I had been there once in fifth grade as part of class trip but I didn't know if I could still recognize it. That had been a long time ago and I hadn't paid much attention with the hushed ridicule of my classmates ringing in my ears. Still, I knew my experience as an outcast had served me well. I had become more of an observer than a participator. That was what allowed me to form my now valued opinions about society and the behaviors of mankind, perhaps that and the drugs. Either way, buried deep in the paranoia there was the truth that had the potential to end war. My day had come. Fucking finally.
  • This reasoning did not take place on the edge of the lagoon, nor any discussion of such questions. They were thoughts that had been expressed during the pursuit, at no time hurried. The captain and his companions had easily kept pace with the pursued, while passing through the dry forest; and time enough was allowed them to think and talk of many things.
  • Due to the wholesale destruction of plants at the KT boundary there was a proliferation of saprotrophic organisms such as fungi that do not require photosynthesis and use nutrients from decaying vegetation. The dominance of fungal species lasted only a few years while the atmosphere cleared and there was plenty of organic matter to feed on. Once the atmosphere cleared, photosynthetic organisms like ferns and other plants returned. Polyploidy appears to have enhanced the ability of flowering plants to survive the extinction, probably because the additional copies of the genome such plants possessed allowed them to more readily adapt to the rapidly changing environmental conditions that followed the impact.
  • On my return to the canoes with this intelligence, my men were quite in despair: they could not believe that the boatmen had really absconded, and they begged me to allow them to search the country in the hope of finding another village. Strictly forbidding any man to absent himself from the boats, I congratulated ourselves on having well guarded the paddles, which there was no doubt would have been stolen by the boatmen had I allowed them to remain in their possession. I agreed to wait until 3 P.M. Should the boatmen not return by that hour, I intended to proceed without them. There was no dependence to be placed upon these contradictory natives. Kindness was entirely thrown away upon them. We had Kamrasi's orders for boats and men, but in this distant frontier the natives did not appear to attach much importance to their king: nevertheless, we were dependent upon them. Every hour was valuable, as our only chance of reaching Gondokoro in time for the boats depended upon rapidity of travelling. At the moment when I wished to press forward, delays occurred that were most trying.
  • Please hurry up your stumps, Thad! called Davy, who was wild with eagerness to get moving; for he had envied those who were allowed to go to the island on the preceding day, and felt anxious to set foot on the enchanted ground, where mysterious strangers seemed to have their abode, yet could not be found.
  • The first snow fell towards the end of the month of June. The corral had previously been largely supplied with stores, so that daily visits to it were not requisite; but it was decided that more than a week should never be allowed to pass without some one going to it.
  • I know the people. You whites despise them, because they have hitherto allowed themselves to be subdued without resistance; but now that their first awe of the Spaniards has died away, and they have nerved themselves to take up arms, you will find that they are brave. I see nothing but trouble before us. Cortez feels confident that he can easily repulse any attack, and subdue the city and the country round; but I do not think so.
  • Six hours had passed. Not for five minutes had Tory allowed the fire signal to die down. No one had replied either by another signal or by coming to their rescue.
  • "And I never really thought that you read poetry," Jorden added. "To tell the truth I wasn't even sure you could even read. The way things are here I didn't think aestri would be allowed anything like an education." Of course it was more likely a memory, a song learned by word and mouth. He had to remember that this was not like his own world.
  • Claire rose and started to prepare their evening meal. She had taken over the duties of housekeeping from the time her ankle had allowed her to walk.
  • A hasty investigation proved that no one was injured, and as one of the men said, shaken nerves could not be allowed to count.
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