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  • Tom Cutter, having conferred with Engle and Struve, left San Juan in the early afternoon, convoying his prisoners to the greater security of the county jail. It seemed the wisest step, the one which Norton would have taken. Besides, Galloway insisted upon it and upon being allowed to send a message to his lawyer.
  • His blanket being thrown aside, he was naked, with the exception of a breech-cloth. His feet were of large size, encased in shabby moccasins, while frowsy leggins dangled between the knee and ankle. His body, from the breech-cloth to the shoulders, was splashed and daubed with a half dozen kinds of paint, while his black, thin hair straggled about his shoulders and was smeared in the same fashion. Like most of the Indians of the Southwest, he wore no scalp-lock, but allowed his hair to hang like a woman's, not even permitting it to be gathered with a band, nor ornamenting it with the customary stained eagle-feathers. His arms were also bare, with the exception of the wrists, around which were tied bracelets, which, no doubt, he considered very attractive. The boy could fancy what a repulsive face he possessed.
  • At no stage will expedition members be allowed to swim in the sea as tortuguero is well known for its strong rip tides.
  • 'It's a very high tide,' she said. 'Soon there will be a dangerous current flowing between the two islands, and if we get into it we might be swept out to sea. We are allowed to have the boat on condition that we watch the tide-ways; so we have to be careful.'
  • Dexter laid out his plans when they got there. Still no portal allowed them entrance, so he stacked sacks of powder about it, intent upon making one. It was only after he finished with it that he poured a line of the powder to where they hid; some dozens of feet away and behind a swell in the ground.
  • "Art, were on your side here. If you want to make this easy on yourself, then you should understand that. The nurse will be in with your lunch and your meds in a few minutes, then youll be allowed out on the ward. Ill speak to you there more, if you want."
  • In the meantime, Chance took a closer look at the brougham, wondering how to sabotage it. On the rear axle he found a pair of locking pins, that when removed, allowed the wheel to slip off. What if... he puzzled, what if...?
  • Mareth chuckled to himself then removed his helmet dropping it on the ground, then offered his hand to Jillian. Jillian hesitated not sure what to do, but eventually allowed Mareth to pull her to her feet.
  • "Away from the windows?" I had been looking forward to having some freedom and time to see the outside world. At the least I had hoped I could stare out a window in my free time. I had done so little of it and our flight hadnt allowed me much time to enjoy my surroundings. I wanted to see what my world looked like.
  • Bane picked up the cruel headgear that allowed him to control the dragon. Vicious spikes were attached to a thin chain bridle, and gouged the beast's muzzle whenever Bane jerked on the reins. He pulled it onto the cowering beast's head and fastened it so it could not be shaken off. The trolls shuffled away as he threw the thick woolly skin over the animal's back and mounted. The dragon writhed, hurt by his touch. He prodded it with a sharp metal goad, making it lurch forward into its smooth flowing run with a resentful hiss.
  • The port that the seaman mentioned was the one Darrin had been trying to get him to name. The German had unwittingly allowed himself to name the base port from which the mines were shipped. As soon as the German realized his blunder he used some bad language.
  • Mat Davis, who was a clever fellow, was the chief architect. Assisted by the armourer, a forge was put up for the ironwork, and he set the natives to cut down trees and hew out timbers and planks. Others were employed in rope-making and in manufacturing fine matting for the sails, as all the Dolphin's canvas had been burnt. Dick and I were allowed to lend a hand, but as, with the exception of Davis and Clode, all were unskilled, the work proceeded but slowly. The hopes of escaping encouraged the Englishmen, and the thoughts of the victories they were to win induced the natives to labour on.
  • The warriors surged forward and won the resulting ruck, which allowed the center to score.
  • The boys descended from their position of vantage and made their way to the nearest fort, which they were allowed to enter upon informing an officer of their connection with the Belgian army, just as the Belgian troops withdrew from their positions in front of the city and fell back upon the forts.
  • Deer and moose antlers and shoulder blades are generally found on stakes or dry knots of trees at the discharge of some big lake on main canoe route. There are certain parts of the flesh and insides of these animals that the women are never allowed to partake of, such as the head, heart and paws of the bear.
  • The worthy hunter shook his head solemnly as he said this in a low voice, more to himself than to his companions, and he continued to mutter and shake his head for some minutes, while he knocked the ashes out of his pipe. Having refilled and relighted it, he drew his blanket over his shoulder, laid his head upon a tuft of grass, and continued to smoke until he fell asleep, and allowed the pipe to fall from his lips.
  • Dave read this letter with care, and then allowed the communication to slip from his fingers. If his mind had been in a whirl before, it was more so now, and for the moment he could hardly think straight. If he was not Dave Porter, who was he? A thousand ideas ran riot through his brain.
  • And Diogenes gave that quick impatient sigh which was so characteristic of him, and very slowly, very gently, as if she were a sheaf of flowers, he allowed his beloved to glide out of his arms.
  • So it turned out, through Pierrot himself--and without telling his reason for it--that Baree did not become a sledge dog. He was allowed his freedom, and was never tied, like the others. Nepeese was glad, but did not guess the thought that was in Pierrot's mind. To himself Pierrot chuckled. She would never know why he kept Baree always suspicious of him, even to the point of hating him.
  • Muammar allowed himself a tight smile at the irony of hearing that he had a lot of potential again. "It is an abomination. It should be burned to the ground."
  • Fifty yards outside of the main palisade stood an oak tree. Under the Stockader law no standing timber should have been permitted at a less distance than one hundred paces, but the oak was such a fine specimen that Red Oxenford had allowed it to remain a fatal error.
  • Reason allowed that Ustinov could die, but she felt no bloodlust. If she ran the sword through his belly, there would be no one to interfere with her escape. Yet she knew she could also incapacitate him, gag him, stow him in a storeroom where he wouldnt be found until it no longer mattered. She didnt want to kill him; he wanted to die. If she let him live, the Kings law would find him guilty. The punishment for helping a witch was death. The crime was indefensible. Before the execution was carried out, he would be tortured. Because he had nothing to tell, no secrets to reveal, the torture would be senseless pain.
  • Willow stood silently and allowed me to have a minute or two in order to get control of myself. I crouched down like a baseball catcher and tried to just breathe deeply. It took fifteen minutes, but I finally had myself back in check by the time I stood up.
  • What shall I do? Compassion and curiosity are strong. The man whose heart can be rent so sorely ought not to be allowed to linger here with his despair. He is gazing, as I did, upon the lake. I mark his profile--clear-cut and symmetrical; I catch the lustre of large eyes. The face, as I can see it, seems very still and placid. I may be mistaken; he may merely be a wanderer like myself; perhaps he heard the three strange cries, and has also come to seek the cause. I feel impelled to speak to him.
  • His words were mysterious enough to suit any one; and even while he was speaking in this manner Bobolink started to crawl under the canopy that sheltered him from the dew of the night. He allowed the end of his pencil to throb against the side of the boat, giving the one significant word: "Come!" An immediate answer assured him that Andy heard, and understood. Another minute, and the Irish boy came shuffling over from the other boat, trying to keep from making any more noise than was necessary.
  • Hiatus of fifty years, france had finally allowed the us to build a small, largely symbolic, nato base.
  • In the other hand, which remained more or less intact, the fingers grasped a long thick branch. Its tip had been shaved into a fine point. Though the spear-like weapon remained firmly in the grip of this half-corpse, half-skeleton, it hung suspended in the air and offered no explanation as to what allowed the corpse to remain upright. The dead sentinel stood of its own accord, upon its own two decaying feet.
  • The train pulled up slowly, the engineer having allowed for a wet rail and shut off steam well down the line. He slid a little past the tank on his first stop and was obliged to back up a rail-length; meanwhile Burton had located a car with a threshing separator and engine on it, and had little difficulty in getting on board while the tender was receiving water. Feeling cautiously about the separator, he soon found an open trap-door with a space inside large enough to accommodate him, and here he concealed himself. It was dry in there, and the night was still warm with lightning; he huddled himself up and almost before the train was in motion had fallen asleep.
  • Ella Mae went on to list rules that were pretty common for foster homes. Lights out at eleven. No boys allowed upstairs. Keep your hands to yourself. Dont take anything that doesnt belong to you. All standard rules. Then, as if it were just another rule, she said, "And never, under any circumstances, are you to go up to the third floor."
  • Dr. Sinclair could do nothing but wait, wait for the courier ship to deliver the sealed report from Jack Lasonelli. Regency allowed her that. Jack would simply note that the experiment was closed successfully. After that, she could retire into the abyss of concealment and isolation.
  • Ellese thought back to the time when Mirra had been conceived. Larris's dream had seemed ridiculous, and many elder mothers had scorned her suggestion that it was a sign from the Lady, so at first it had been rejected. When no one could come up with a better idea, however, or received any sign, it had been reconsidered. Putting it into practice had not been easy. Much power was needed to make it work. First, a young healer had volunteered bear the child, knowing her daughter would never know her, nor would she be allowed to raise her. A man had been put into a deep sleep and brought to the abbey.
  • To-day I dined at a cheap ordinary, and sunk the secretary upon my messmates, till I should ascertain what solid profit might accrue from all my bows and scrapes. I had funds for three months, or thereabouts. That interval I allowed myself for casting my bread upon the waters. But as the shortest speculations are the safest, if my salary was not paid by that time, a long farewell to the court, its frippery, and its falsehood! Thus were my plans arranged. For two months I laboured hard and fast to stand well with Calderona: but his senses were so callous to all my assiduity, that it seemed labour in vain to build on so hopeless a foundation. This idea produced a change in my conduct. I left some greener fool to fumigate the nostrils of this idol; and placed all my own dependence on making my ground sure with the duke, by the benefit of our frequent conferences.
  • The car turned and approached the great tower again. We swept round it within a hundred yards, and could see the amazement in the faces that watched us. But if they were astonished they were not terror-stricken. Within ten minutes twenty air ships were swiftly approaching us. Edmund allowed them to come within a few yards, and then darted away, rushed round the whole city like a flying cloud, and finally rose straight up with dizzying velocity, which made the vast metropolis shrink to a colored patch, as if we had been viewing it through the wrong end of a telescope.
  • Turning away, he allowed the man to rise as he stalked over to the altar and leant against it. Agden glared at him, gesturing again to the throne.
  • Then we have nothing more to do than wait, Mappel said with an almost painful shrug. He hoped the suggested inactivity might force someone into compromise. Instead, it allowed the interpreter a moment to make an unsuspected announcement of his own.
  • There was a moment of deliberative silence. No smoking was allowed in the mill, but the hands all chewed. Jimmy Wright, marking the bright face of a freshly sawed deal about eight feet away, spat unerringly upon its exact centre, then giving a hitch to his trousers, he remarked--
  • The trouble is, my friend, that you are altogether too big an employer of labour to be allowed to refuse, as I pointed out to you before. You must be in with us, otherwise you might wreck the scheme. Therefore I require your signature.
  • The Muslims have always allowed Christian knights and barons to ransom themselves, Marguerite said in a weak voice. "We must offer at once to pay for the King and his men."
  • Matanda and Bembe had known each other from childhood in Ituri. Bembes father had been a successful businessman and Mobutu supporter, from whom Bembe inherited his considerable wealth. Bembe followed his fathers legacy as a supporter of Mobutu. When Mobutu was forced out, Bembe took his support into the bush leading a militia against the government in Kinshasa. An eventual peace agreement allowed him to leverage his political opposition into becoming vice president in the transitional government under a power sharing arrangement. While Bembe was in the bush it had fallen to Matanda to manage what remained of his commercial affairs. This he did while keeping his hands clean and maintaining his distance from Bembes adventures as a warlord. Tall lean and dignified, he was the self contained erudite compliment to Bembes effusive and capacious brashness,
  • What is the first thing to do? asked Pepper when they met that evening in the room which Mr. Scott had allowed them to use.
  • We required no summoning, however. There were three ladies, we saw, the number we expected to find. We soon ran up alongside the boat, though it required nice steering not to sink her. Our earnest hopes and wishes were realised. In the stern-sheets sat Mrs Mizen and Mrs Seton, and, to the very great relief of poor Carstairs, the fair Mrs Skyscraper. The pirates saw that they had not a prospect of escape, so they threw in their oars, and quietly allowed us to get alongside them, and to hook on their boat to us. I need not describe the joy of the two mothers at finding their daughters safe, or that of the daughters at seeing their mothers; nor will I do more than touch on the effect which the risk she had endured, and the satisfaction Carstairs displayed at having her restored to him, worked on the heart of the widow.
  • This silence allowed the rustling of the first fallen leaves to amplify more than usual, as they twistedly crunched under Daisys never stopping legs. Daisy was running about, entertaining both herself, actively, and myself, passively. I was thoroughly bewitched by this summertime caroler, when my peripheral vision caught the edges of a black cloud of sinewy arms and an eggplant habit.
  • "I'm not aware of any such hall. How did you come to know of it? There is no place in this hold that is allowed to accumulate so much dust."
  • Rose also thought about her baby. Petras heart gave Rose trouble, but a baby allowed Rose to sit in that room, not needing a toilet to pee or heave into. Rose clutched at her flat belly, or placed arms over her breasts, which ached a little. She wasnt sure if it was her boobs alone, perhaps her heart was also being affected.
  • I was in Nawadlook's room when I saw Stampede pick up the wad of paper from the floor, she was saying. "I was looking at the slipper a few minutes before, regretting that you had left its mate in my cabin on the ship, and the paper must have dropped then. I saw Stampede read it, and the shock that came in his face. Then he placed it on the table and went out. I hurried to see what he had found and had scarcely read the few words when I heard him returning. I returned the paper where he had laid it, hid myself in Nawadlook's room, and saw Stampede when he carried it to you. I don't know why I allowed it to be done. I had no reason. Maybe it was just--intuition, and maybe it was because--just in that hour--I so hated myself that I wanted someone to flay me alive, and I thought that what Stampede had found would make you do it. And I deserve it! I deserve nothing better at your hands."
  • Betty was what country folk call a "natural-born dancer," and she quickly learned the new steps she had had no opportunity to practice since going West. All the girls and most of the boys were excellent dancers, too, and Bob was not allowed to beg off. Frances Martin, the last girl one would have named, had taught a dancing class in her home town with great success and she volunteered to lead Bob. To his surprise, the boy found he liked the music and movement and before the evening was over he was in a fair way to become a good dancer.
  • Yes, yes. Anyway, Big Aesop makes me nervous. For one thing, he's too big. No one should be allowed to get that large and still have a brain.
  • It was eventually allowed to go ahead, but only with completely generic mentions of the products concerned ( i.e.
  • She followed Millie into the hall with Benjin in her shadow. True to her word, Millie led them only a short distance before they arrived at another grand entranceway, flanked by a pair of guards who nodded to Millie and immediately allowed them to enter. The apartments within were not much more grand than those provided to Catrin and Benjin, which only served to confirm the honor that had been granted to them.
  • The bay allowed him to settle in, took a few steps and then stiffened his legs, bowing his back at the same time as he bounced, which efficiently jettisoned the young cowboy. The cowboy got up, grinned, dusted off his chaps and hobbled over to his boss. "You want to let me try again, Mister Calpern?"
  • "It means putting evidence of high-grade ore in a likely place, but one which actually contains no real pay dirt. For instance, in country where gold may be found, the technique for salting used to be firing gold nuggets into the ground with a shotgun, by replacing the buckshot with the nuggets. Then, when the victim was allowed to try panning gold for himself, he'd come up with the nuggets and think he was getting natural gold."
  • Yes; there is a spring at the far end. I will fetch some. Put some more wood on the fire; it smokes if allowed to go down.
  • "The planet was now ready for its destiny, and it was put into the hands of intelligent beings, made in the image of their Creator. This race started in the highest conceivable state, perfect in body, mind, and spirit. The material world was soon subdued to their use, and paradise reigned below. We do not know how long this condition lasted, but in some way sin entered and all was changed. Sorrow and death came, and a thousand ills to vex us. Another period passed, and the race had become so wicked that it could not be allowed to exist. A pestilence swept over the world, and all but one tribe perished. Through this remnant the world was repeopled, but sin and woe remained, to be driven out at last only by a struggle too great for the arm of flesh alone.
  • The unusual fogs that had prevailed for three days dispersing, allowed us to leave our anchorage under the south-east side of North Turtle Isle, and soon after dark we occupied another near Bedout Island, having crossed some rocky ledges of seven fathoms on the way. When the Beagle was midway between these islands, they were both visible from the masthead. In the night, and during the early part of next day, it blew strong from south-east, causing a high-topping sea. Time being precious, we could not wait for a quiet day to land on Bedout; its position was therefore determined by observations with the sea horizon, and differs very materially from that given by the French.
  • She wished Gray would arrive, wished the doctor would come out with an update. Petra had been hooked to an IV, pumped full of fluids. Then Rose allowed the immunosuppressants; had Petra missed a few days? Lovie had only seen her in the evening and by then she would have already taken them, if she took them, Rose considered.
  • The months aboard the ship had dulled the group's sense of urgency and allowed them to become complacent. Catrin had been able to forget some of her fears and anxieties, while the seclusion and comfort had fostered the illusion of security. With the map in front of them and the decision upon them, the thin veil of perceived safety vanished. Catrin trembled as a sense of foreboding weighed on her until she thought she would be crushed. Her eyes rested on the soft clothing she wore, and she felt the need to regain her edge and vigilance.
  • A fortnight later he was taken back to Tabasco, as suddenly as he had left it. When he arrived there, he learned the reason of his being carried inland. A great floating castle, filled with white men, had arrived at the mouth of the river; and had opened a trade with the natives, exchanging glass beads, looking glasses, and trinkets, for gold ornaments and articles of Mexican workmanship. Their leader, he heard, was called Grijalva. The cazique had been afraid that, if Roger had heard that other white men were in the river, he would make an effort to join them; or if they heard that a man of their color was in the town, they would insist upon his being handed over to them. He had therefore hurried him away inland, and had issued the most stringent orders that none should, by signs or otherwise, acquaint the newcomers that a white man was in the town. A guard had been placed over the house in which Roger had dwelt, and none of those within it had been allowed to go out, while the strangers were in the river.
  • I am still one of the finest men in Europe, and at the time of which I write, when only two-and-twenty, I confess I was a little vain of my personal appearance, and not very willing to appear before my dear Belinda disguised like a blackamoor. I allowed Ghorumsaug to divest me of the heathenish armour and habiliments which I wore; and having, with a world of scrubbing and trouble, divested my face and beard of their black tinge, I put on my own becoming uniform, and hastened to wait on the ladies; hastened, I say,--although delayed would have been the better word, for the operation of bleaching lasted at least two hours.
  • The feed oxide is melted using graphite electrodes which then is allowed to solidify into a large block.
  • The teams of dogs required special attention. They were allowed to run about near the fort, that they might regain the activity of which too long a rest had, to some extent, deprived them, and they were soon in a condition to make a long march.
  • A drop of wart remover, allowed to dry on a slide, will give you very pleasing results.
  • Meanwhile, when their immediate necessities allowed them leisure, Godfrey, incited by Tartlet, returned to that important and vexed question of the fire.
  • There was no resisting Benjy's tone and eyes. He was allowed to take his place on the sledge as manager. Butterface sat behind to steer. Steering was to be managed by means of a stout pole, pressed varyingly on the snow on either side.
  • His next care was to separate the coarse outer husk or covering of the kernel from the finer parts that make the meal. He had no sieve. His net was too coarse. It let both bran and meal go through. "I must make a net or cloth fine enough to sift or bolt my flour," said he. Such was now his skill in spinning and weaving that this was not hard to do. He had soon woven in his loom a piece of fine netting which allowed the meal to shake through, but held back the coarse bran or outer husk of the kernel. Out of the dry corn that he had stored up he now made quite a quantity of flour. This he kept tightly covered in a large earthen pot or jar that he had made for this purpose. "I must keep all my food clean and protect it from the ants and other insects as well as dust and damp," he thought.
  • The same comments apply to cull ewes not being allowed into the food chain.
  • He had cored large apples, and, with a concoction of beaten eggs, molasses, nuts and a bit of mint to flavor it, filled the gaps and baked them. The apples were soft and shiny when they came forth from the oven, and immediately, Cookee poured some melted sugar over them and allowed them to crystallize in the cold.
  • Hardly, Shadow, since outsiders are not allowed to carry firearms, replied Dave's uncle. "Only the United States soldiers are armed in the Park."
  • Their own clothing had apparently been lost or destroyed, and the native women, jealous of the attention which the chief was bestowing upon the newcomers, gave them little or no food. Nor did the jealous wives instruct the interlopers in the anointing of their bodies with that peculiar kind of clay which forms so effective a protection alike against the burning heat of the sun, the treacherous cold of the night-winds, and the painful attacks of insects. All the information I could elicit from the girls that evening was the fact that they had been shipwrecked, and had already been captive among the blacks for three and a half months. The elder girl further said that they were not allowed their liberty, because they had on several occasions tried to put an end to their indescribable sufferings by committing suicide. Anything more extraordinary than the costumes we made for the girls you never saw. They were not of elaborate design, being of the shape of a long sack, with holes for the arms and neck; and they afterwards shrank in the most absurd way.
  • That, said Zenith, "is probably because you have allowed it to become debased. We read in our histories of such a period here. Indeed, for a long time both the play and the opera were abolished, our advancing civilization having given them up under the impression that the good in them was overbalanced by the evil. But when the era of a more noble personal character had come the drama was revived, and now is not only a source of innocent pleasure but is also a decided help to our growth.
  • In this spirit the boys separated, each one heading for his particular home, for it was close on supper time; and Steve wanted to change his clothes before he allowed his folks to see him.
  • She scanned further down her reports. She nodded confidently at the analysis on the failed nuclear attack on Fenrir. At least something had been accomplished. Tying the success of the Fenrite anti-missiles to the use of the flares allowed for certain assurances, an understanding of how not to proceed with future attacks.
  • While the Mongols were catching the horses, there came to my tent Colonel N. N. Philipoff, who told me that he denied all the accusations that he and his brother and Poletika were Bolsheviki and that Bezrodnoff allowed him to go to Van Kure to meet Baron Ungern, who was expected there. Only Philipoff did not know that his Mongol guide was armed with a bomb and that another Mongol had been sent on ahead with a letter to Baron Ungern. He did not know that Poletika and his brothers were shot at the same time in Zain Shabi. Philipoff was in a hurry and wanted to reach Van Kure that day. I left an hour after him.
  • She placed his large hands along her torso, feeling a fleeting peace. Even in this dismal place, Rose allowed a small comfort, this man big enough to take all her suffering. "Lovie, I dont know how shes gonna be."
  • Thet's yer fire, was what she said, simply; and both Bob and Thad allowed their gaze to fall upon the flicker with a sense of deep satisfaction; for they knew that they were about to prove to be messengers of good tidings to those tried and true comrades so anxiously awaiting their return.
  • The march was terribly painful and fatiguing, though I have no wish to suggest that we were ill-treated. The fact was, the long confinement we had undergone made us keenly alive to the trials of a wearisome journey such as this. About midday a halt was called, our fastenings were loosened, while we were allowed to sit down and eat a ration of meat which was served out to each of us. Some of the soldiers rested; others stood on guard, with orders to shoot any man who made the slightest effort to escape.
  • Hartog had not confided the secret of the king's present to any but me, as he feared the crew, disappointed in the treasure hunt which they had been promised, might try to take forcible possession of it. He was so absorbed in counting the pearls and in speculating upon their value that he gave no heed to the possibility of being spied upon. But since I was to have no share in them, the pearls did not interest me as much as they did the captain, and I allowed my eyes to wander, when, in a flash of summer lightning, I saw the face of Van Luck looking down upon us from the skylight above our heads.
  • He had intended to fix, at the vainly hoped for interview, the following day as the time for that momentous operation. The weather was propitious; the air, though still damp, began to be tempered by those pale rays of the April sun which, being the first, appear so congenial, although so pale. How if Rosa allowed the right moment for planting the bulb to pass by, -- if, in addition to the grief of seeing her no more, he should have to deplore the misfortune of seeing his tulip fail on account of its having been planted too late, or of its not having been planted at all!
  • "The Muslims have always allowed Christian knights and barons to ransom themselves," Marguerite said in a weak voice. "We must offer at once to pay for the King and his men."
  • My story is told; for with the voyage of the Flora, adventurous though it was, this narrative has nothing to do; suffice it to say that having called at Tahiti and Tongatabu the little cutter safely passed Port Phillip Heads and arrived at Melbourne on the fifty-third day out from the island. Here Leslie duly cashed his draft for one hundred pounds, and with the proceeds thereof secured for Flora a passage to Bombay, that young lady having decided to go on at once to her father--without waiting to visit her Australian friends--in order that the judge's natural anxiety to see his daughter after her singular adventure might be gratified with as little delay as possible. And further to curtail that anxiety to its lowest limit, she despatched a cablegram to her father within an hour of her arrival in Melbourne. As for Dick, he allowed his affairs to stand during the two days that elapsed between their arrival and Flora's departure, devoting himself entirely to her.
  • "I'm sure," Sespian said. "Get your men ready. You'll need to take Lakecrest into custody after this. He can't be allowed to speak with Hollowcrest before we lay our tiles."
  • Chanter allowed her to tug him along, a hint of reluctance in his eyes. After the treatment he had received from Truemen in the past, she did not blame him for his mistrust, and glanced back often with a reassuring smile. On the camp's outskirts, he stopped and studied the people with wary eyes, reminding her that he had not willingly entered the presence of men in his true form before. Since the demise of his clan, he had been suspicious of Truemen, and rightly so. She tugged him forward.
  • Laylan almost covered his eyes. They have no idea what they're doing. It occurred to him that Chance had not been allowed to bring any of his father's experienced interrogators from Danda-laythat, or he'd been too proud to ask. These were foot soldiers who'd served under Chance when he fought in the cat wars. They're accustomed to interrogating cats, not shelts.
  • We had become pretty close since Ive come there nearly every day for the past few years. Mr. Garner allowed this as he unlocked the door to his office and stood with it open, waiting for me. He cleared his throat when I didnt enter promptly, then closed it behind me. "You managed to make us three minutes late. I hope youre happy," he announced, looking at his watch. I sat on one side of the large wooden desk while he made his way to the other side. He didnt say anything at first, just stared at me.
  • The altar was to the left of the door, facing east, and lying upon it was the neatly bundled body. She hadnt been positive the Church allowed bodies on the altar but she hadnt been about to leave him on the floor or on one of the narrow wooden benches. She tiptoed very quietly up to it, knelt down and put her lamp on the wood floor and bowed her head to pray.
  • I think an hour had passed before I willed my eyes open, the stones now held only the hint of dampness, save for where my body had prevented the water from evaporating. I stood and looked up at the distant opening to the well. Damn. The air allowed more light to reach the bottom than before but the grate still provided the majority of the illumination, casting a radioactive green shadow on everything. The hole my arm was trapped in remained.
  • By the time Peg, Maida and Rafe returned from Peyoter's cabin, dawn was approaching behind a thick layer of clouds. A light rain had begun to fall. In order to speed their pace for the last few miles, Peg had allowed herself to be carried piggy-back, like a child, on Rafe's strong back. He put every effort he could into carrying her carefully, and Mother Peg said that the ride was acceptably comfortable, to her surprise.
  • "The first time I ever saw you, I thought Tray had brought me a baby doll as a gift. I demanded that he 'hand me my baby right this instantand he did it. You looked at me with your mothers hauntingly gorgeous eyes. I didnt realize how important that gesture was until the next day. Various people asked to hold you and he flatly refused. I was the only person he ever allowed to even touch you. He carried you around like you were a part of him. You realize that I never saw you take a single step until you walked into Aunt Celestes house…" Willow told me and started laughing at the irony.
  • In the centre of the island a rock jutted up, which was bald and flat on its summit. On the western side it showed a precipice of some forty or fifty feet in height, and on the eastern side it descended to the water in a steep slope. The tall trees which grew all around shrouded it from the view of those at sea, but allowed the sea to be visible on every side. Climbing to this place, they saw something which showed them that they could not hope to carry on any operations for that day.
  • "It means that a judge will decide whether they are being legally held or not, Nell. And it looks very much to me as if Holmes had managed to fix things so that they'll get off without ever going before a jury at all! Niles isn't handling the case right. He's allowed Holmes and his crowd to pull the wool over his eyes completely. If we had some definite proof I could force him to hold them.
  • Only for a time, however; then something of hope seemed to reanimate the Condesa, and communicate itself to her companion. It was after a report brought in by Pepita; for the lady's maid was allowed to attend upon them, coming and going freely.
  • What have you done in proof of your honour? No ones allowed into Cordocor unless theyve proved their honour, and anyone born there gets thrown out if they cant prove theirs. Its one of the laws.’
  • Alexander Hawke was a tall boy of tall heightat the age of seventeen he stood at six-foot-one. He had dark brown eyes and black hair that he wore short and spiked in the front. His black, skinny jeans were torn at the knee, and beneath his grey hoodie he wore a solid black V-neck that allowed his silver chain to be visible. Half of a cigarette that he had found earlier hung from his mouth as he reached into his pocket to find his lighter.
  • And you allowed me to become your devoted slave, she said, "even to the extent of calling upon a man in a red nightcap; and then, even upon a morning like this, when the birds sing so sweetly and the little flowers show pink and whitenow you cast down my most sacred feelings!"
  • In 1980 John Paul II issued a Pastoral Provision allowing married former Episcopal priests to become Catholic priests, and for the acceptance of former Episcopal Church parishes into the Catholic Church. He allowed the creation of the Anglican Use form of the Latin Rite, which incorporates the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. John Paul II helped establish 'Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church', together with Archbishop Patrick Flores of San Antonio, Texas, as a place where Anglicans and Catholics could worship together.
  • "And if we refuse to leave," the young leader answered, jumping down from the wagon again so that he stood looking down into the eyes of the official, "then his lordship the Overlord will not be admitted outside of these gates." There was a cheer of encouragement, and the young man wrestled his way in between the slightly open gates. "We have a right to be heard!" he shouted, even as he allowed the man to shove him back outside and clang the gates tightly shut.
  • Perhaps, thought the captain, "one of the sailors from the Mary Bartlett may have left it. Yes, that must have been the case. But sailors do not often leave their pipes behind them, nor should the officer in charge have allowed them to lounge about and smoke. But it must have been one of those sailors who left it here. I am glad I am the one to find these things."
  • In the other hand, which remained more or less intact, the fingers grasped a long thick branch. Its tip had been shaved into a fine point. Though the spear-like weapon remained firmly in the grip of this half-corpse, half-skeleton, it hung suspended in the air and offered no explanation as to what allowed the corpse to remain upright. The dead sentinel stood of its own accord, upon its own two decaying feet.
  • "Geret, you have a quick mind, and I thank you profusely and with good grace; your perception allowed me to save your lovely princess, as well as myself. My most profuse apologies to Princess Sanych; I never intended you harm. I had no opportunity to share more details, and could only hope for this, the best of all possible outcomes." He put his hand over his heart and bowed his head to them all.
  • About half a mile farther on the soil was riddled with ruffs' nests, a sort of layingground, out of which many birds were issuing. Captain Nemo had some hundreds hunted. They uttered a cry like the braying of an ass, were about the size of a goose, slatecolour on the body, white beneath, with a yellow line round their throats; they allowed themselves to be killed with a stone, never trying to escape. But the fog did not lift, and at eleven the sun had not yet shown itself. Its absence made me uneasy. Without it no observations were possible. How, then, could we decide whether we had reached the pole? When I rejoined Captain Nemo, I found him leaning on a piece of rock, silently watching the sky. He seemed impatient and vexed. But what was to be done? This rash and powerful man could not command the sun as he did the sea. Noon arrived without the orb of day showing itself for an instant. We could not even tell its position behind the curtain of fog; and soon the fog turned to snow.
  • The professor joined ardently in this sport despite his disappointment at not being allowed to go ashore. He managed to fix up a net attached to an iron ring with which he scooped up all kinds of queer fish out of the river, many of which were so ugly as to be repulsive to the boys. But the professor seemed to be delighted with them all.
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