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  • Well, by the end of three weeks everything was in pretty good shape. The shirt was sent in early, in a pie, and every time a rat bit Jim he would get up and write a little in his journal whilst the ink was fresh; the pens was made, the inscriptions and so on was all carved on the grindstone; the bed-leg was sawed in two, and we had et up the sawdust, and it give us a most amazing stomach-ache. We reckoned we was all going to die, but didn't. It was the most undigestible sawdust I ever see; and Tom said the same. But as I was saying, we'd got all the work done now, at last; and we was all pretty much fagged out, too, but mainly Jim. The old man had wrote a couple of times to the plantation below Orleans to come and get their runaway nigger, but hadn't got no answer, because there warn't no such plantation; so he allowed he would advertise Jim in the St. Louis and New Orleans papers; and when he mentioned the St. Louis ones it give me the cold shivers, and I see we hadn't no time to lose. So Tom said, now for the nonnamous letters.
  • Colin had again established himself in the favor of the sheik's wife, and was allowed to have the care of the child; but the little food and drink he received for his attention to it were dearly earned.
  • Except that it allowed mosquitoes to roam in and out and gave no bar to lizards or snakes, it was ideal for the climate. The openwork floor allowed the breezes to circulate through the whole house. Also, housekeeping was simple. Dust couldn't gather. It just fell through the floor.
  • "This" was the loose chain and empty leg manacle. "If you please, sir?" the warder proposed. Groot allowed himself to be shackled again. As the jailer straightened, a muffled pounding, came to them from down the hall, along with someone shouting inaudible words. "Whats this, then?"
  • My mother is a professor of many things, her current position is Medieval Studies and Folklore. She has earned three doctorates since my brother was born and was finishing one when she met my father. However, every semester she is allowed to host a class on Witchcraft in the Modern Age, I have no idea what the class is about, I just know that I refused to take it since I grew up living in the house of a witch and a demon. It seemed redundant.
  • But Captain Frobisher knew that curses and shouts of execration would not bring back the Ting Yuen. If she was to be saved to the Chinese Navy she must not be allowed to gain the shelter of the Japanese main body. If she reached that, she would be lost for ever, and the day would be lost beyond hope of redemption for the Chinese. To lose one powerful battleship, and to find another suddenly arrayed against them-- for that is what it would of course amount to--would so weaken the already enfeebled Chinese strength that success would be out of the question; and the Englishman determined that, come what might, he would prevent the traitor prince from carrying out his foul intentions.
  • About 3 o'clock a newspaper photographer and a reporter arrived. The girls allowed a group picture to be taken and the reporter was granted an interview.
  • She led Sicarius past a young desk clerk who did not look up from his book when they passed. The cavernous interior had one main floor, surrounded by four tiers of balconies. Tall rolling ladders allowed access to the wall-to-wall shelves, which rose from floor to eighty-foot ceiling. They were crammed with books on property taxes, real estate law, underwriting, and other scintillating topics. Tall windows let in light, and gas lamps shed bubbles of illumination, but even in the afternoon it felt like twilight inside the building.
  • "When no one is allowed to even think about leaving the school, what made you try it?" A balding professor with sharp gray eyes jabbed a stubby finger at her.
  • Much to the monkey's joy, to say nothing of the men, the sun erelong asserted its equatorial power, and, clearing away the clouds, allowed the celestial blue to smile on the turmoil below. The first result of that smile was that the wind retired to its secret chambers, leaving the ships of men to flap their idle sails. Then the ocean ceased to fume, though its agitated bosom still continued for some time to heave. Gradually the swell went down and soon the unruffled surface reflected a dimpling smile to the sky.
  • The stream we were steering for was reached. Travelling over the ice, we were soon again in a region where the snow lay thicker than ever, and it became very trying to our dogs. Our special favourites, Whiskey, Pilot, and Muskymote, went on bravely, in spite of their hard labour by day and the intense cold to which they were exposed by night. They, knowing fellows, whenever they stopped, carefully picked out the snow which, getting between their toes, would have cut them severely; but some of the younger ones, not understanding the necessity of so doing, allowed it to accumulate, and became lame.
  • Once in my little blue Honda, with Anna buckled into her car seat in the middle of the back seat, I allowed myself a deep breath. I leaned my head against the seat rest. Well be okay. I buckled myself in, started the car, and headed away from my mothers house.
  • Watertown reached, Jerry could not hold his good news till he got home, but to every one he met he shouted the glad word that Tod Fulton had been found, alive and uninjured. The open disbelief with which his announcement was met gave him a lot of secret satisfaction. In fact, he could hardly restrain an occasional, "I told you so." His mother was the only one to whom he allowed himself to use that phrase, but then, he had told her.
  • Stephen and I having now no wish to go further east, we determined to remain where we were. As for the waggon and team, though we had no written document to show that Yearsley had given them to us, our statement was believed; and it was agreed that we should be allowed to keep them,--especially as we consented to give them up should the original owner return. But nothing was ever heard of him, or of the other settlers who had gone in pursuit of the retreating foe; and it was generally believed that the whole had been surrounded and murdered by the savages."
  • But I don't understand why I should not be called to go to sea, I replied; "I have for a long time made up my mind to go, and I intend to try and become as great a man as Howe, or Nelson, or Collingwood, or Lord Cochrane, or Sir Sidney Smith. I've just to ask you, Aunt Deb, what England would be without her navy, and what the navy would be unless boys were allowed to go into it?"
  • She allowed herself to settle into position again, forcing herself to wait until she was still and out of reach. No point in rushing it or taking risks; there was plenty of time.
  • The same evening he took Alice with him for a ramble round the castle wall, while they talked of grave matters, and he as usual allowed her a dim and doubtful view of some of those cloud-built castles in which he habitually dwelt, and among which his jaded hopes revived.
  • We weren't allowed to watch that television show about the cigar smoking, English mangling bigot, his squeaky, wheezy wife, stacked daughter and ethnic son-in-law because it was too dirty. They discussed sensitive issues that any decent television character would ignore and let fester off camera rather than expose to high Neilsen ratings. Given that the TV couple only had one child, my father suspected they used birth control. But I think the true reason we weren't allowed to watch the program was that the father on the show stole my dad's best material and it pissed him off that some actor was getting paid tons of money to sit in front of the cameras doing exactly what he did every day for free. Just one thing though, my dad didn't smoke.
  • "Steadily the sea rose, all day Monday, and equally steadily the wind increased. The Fire Department joined in the work of protection. The police joined in the work of saving. As yet the hurricane had not come, but, through the Weather Bureau warnings, no one was allowed to pass into a fool's paradise of security.
  • "Not trouble, but he wants to give more food to those natives who labor. To make them stronger in our service, he says. He has already increased the ration to the maximum allowed within his authority."
  • While Grahamas expected hours upon hours of grueling labor, over the weeks he learned it would be nothing of the sort. To his relief, the work was more intellectually strenuous than it was physical. The Duke was incredibly lenient regarding Graham's freedom. If the horses were taken care ofwhich he could do so in only two hoursGrahamas was allowed to use the rest of his time to study, explore and anything else he wished, so long as he stayed out of trouble. When Graham did work with Tallvas, the Duke would tell him stories of the past, how Highlace came to be; he would share his knowledge of art, literature and virtually anything Grahamas said he wanted to learn. Overtime the youngster ended up spending as much time with the Duke as he did in the library.
  • The woman chuckled. "Dead or not, there is still some of Threnn in you. Reckless and foolish girl that she was. It was that which allowed him to manipulate you so well - but I cannot fault him entirely, gods know I was blind to it for entirely too long."
  • Considerations of religion? These had ceased to have any weight with me. I was brought up to believe in a good and watching Providence, but the events of the last few months had choked that belief. If there was a God who guarded us, why should He have allowed the existence of my wife to be sacrificed to the carelessness, and all my hopes to the villainy, of Sir John Bell? The reasoning was inconclusive, perhaps-- for who can know the ends of the Divinity?--but it satisfied my mind at the time, and for the rest I have never really troubled to reopen the question.
  • Missing a second healthy arm that would have allowed him to carry a second bag, he easily carried the light but awkward trash bag down the back stairs, around the building to the driveway and past a large brown station wagon that he had a hard time imagining Madame Kloochie ever actually drove. He knew for a fact that she had never driven to Boston to visit his mother. He dropped the bag on the sidewalk but not so it would be in the way of the car, just in case.
  • Smithy looked around at the undergrowth, out of which they had just pushed. No doubt his imagination was working at full speed, and he could see a face leering out from behind every scrub bush. Smithy was at least a great reader, even if he had until lately never been allowed to associate with other boys; and likely enough he had spent many hours over Stevenson's "Treasure Island" and kindred stories of adventure. And being of a nervous temperament, the consciousness of hovering peril acted on him to a much greater extent than it did in the cases of his fellow scouts.
  • Jon blinked but did not hesitate in answering. While he found little encouragement in the subject matter of the sphere, speaking of reconstructing Sanctum allowed him a topic of comfort. "I believe that any fissure can be sealed effectively. And yes, the structural integrity can be reinforced to maintain greater stress. As for the seams, they can be sealed to a point where not even an expert builder could locate them. As for the time ..." he hesitated as he put a hand to his chin. His gaze coursed the ceiling as he made calculations in his head. "With skilled dwarves, I doubt time would be a factor at all. If I had a look at the fissure, I would be able to give an accurate estimate."
  • He had urged a motive which I knew not how to resist, and I gave my assent. By this manoeuvre he gained the point which he intended. He implicated me, as paying to suppress a pamphlet which, according to his interpretation, I at present allowed to be defamatory, and unjust. The money however was paid, and the copies of the pamphlet were delivered: and, being determined if possible to avoid such another accident, those that I had caused to be printed were dislodged from their garret; both editions, a single copy of each excepted, were taken into the fields by night, and burned; and thus expired a production which had aided to drain my pocket, waste my time, and inflame my passions.
  • A scant 1.9% of the rich claimed the tax break for medical expenses, which only allowed taxpayers to deduct the amount above a threshold of 7.5% of their income. That's a harder bar to hit for those with big incomes. This deduction is most beneficial for the low-income since health care expenses can quickly swamp their meager salaries. For the few itemizers with incomes of between $15,000 and $30,000, this tax break made up a quarter of their deductions.
  • The professor joined ardently in this sport despite his disappointment at not being allowed to go ashore. He managed to fix up a net attached to an iron ring with which he scooped up all kinds of queer fish out of the river, many of which were so ugly as to be repulsive to the boys. But the professor seemed to be delighted with them all.
  • 'I know it. What you have said and what you have allowed have so much of liberality, cool recollection, and dispassionate honesty, that they are, as I knew they would be, very honourable to you.'
  • The only real difficulty with such turmoil was keeping the hook hawk from grabbing goblins as prey. Hook hawks with their gnarled talons and bent necks flew more like swirling boomerangs in a tornado. Their curved bodies allowed them to circle and swerve with razor quickness and they easily snatched that which moved in the same type of haphazard frenzied direction. Those that ran in straight paths could often avoid a hook hawk, but goblins tended to run in mindless patterns and were thus the perfect prey.
  • Kate allowed her hand to stay in Alexs for longer than what would be considered customary. Alex wondered if perhaps she felt the same strange connection as well.
  • Wildfeather stepped between them and ripped the camera right out of Mackaws hands. With a voice hot and cold he said, "Youve got five minutes, and not a single minute more. Put on your breather. You are allowed up to the archway of the great chamber. There you will find an unpleasant scene worthy of many frames. Take all the pictures you want, but under no circumstances are you permitted within among the bodies. Willard and Barnes will be accompanying you, and will make certain this last order is followed to the letter." He held out the camera. As Mackaws hand lunged for it, Wildfeather pulled it back out of reach. They went through this little ritual twice more before the soldier allowed the civilian to reappropriate his property with a modicum of courtesy.
  • My father, a trader, traveled often, looking for the chance exotic or rare item. People of means often sought him out, interested in what he turned up. The day came when he brought back a wand, a fine wand as all could see, but no one was allowed to touch that piece of holly. He gave it to me on my third birthday and I learned it uses quickly. A given wand to the hands of a child meant great things to come. It seemed to be the looking for, more than the finding, that special thing to bring back that pleased my father. He had always been happy to part with his latest discovery so he could be off after the next.
  • Once their course had been resolved, it was clearly prudent to move fast. Initially reluctant, Dortonn had allowed himself to be convinced that the gambit might as well be tried. The upside for him was substantial; a grateful and sated Pod Dall could heal his wounds and shower him with garlands and return him to the frozen north, safe at last from these southern maniacs. If things went sour again he could always give up and die. In the meantime, Shaa had come through with a nerve block and the soothing salve made it less appalling to walk around, so why not try?
  • You must not mind if I don't write often, but I feel that you see The Herald every day and that tells you of what I am seeing and doing, and I am writing so much, and what with keeping notes and all, I haven't much time-- What you probably want to know is that I am well and that my sciatica is not troubling me at all--Mother always wants to know that. On the other hand I am on the best ship from which to see things and on the safest, as she can move quicker and is more heavily armored than any save the battleships-- The fact that the admiral is on board and that she is the flagship is also a guarantee that she will not be allowed to expose herself. I was very badly scared when I first came to Key West for fear I should be left especially when I didn't make the flagship-- But I have not missed a single trick so far-- Bonsal missed the bombardment and so did Stephen Crane-- All the press boats were away except The Herald's. I had to write the story in fifteen minutes, so it was no good except that we had it exclusively--
  • It was mesmerising to watch. The music was haunting: the kind you could get lost in, that can take you away from the world and immerse you in a relaxed reality of your own creation. The dancing was the same: her hypnotic rhythms and perfect form were a feast for the eyes and eased the Captains weary mind. He allowed himself to slowly fall backwards into a lying down position and close one eye, taking himself away from a world which was often so stressful.
  • Any last trace of a smile left the interpreter's face. Sadness and guilt replaced the sparkle in his previously bright eyes. He exhaled once heavily. He spoke with his own frustration and sadness. "I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to leave you with riddles. I'm not doing it on purpose anyway. I know it sounded like that, but sometimes I just don't know how to put things. The truth is that I don't know the exact importance of Ryson Acumen, not yet anyway. And I don't know what you should do, or what anyone of us should do, or how this will end up. My ability to understand what will happen or what can happen is limited. I'm allowed to see what I'm allowed to see. I only know that this delver remains important to us all."
  • "I will first draw up a horoscope for you, Your Majesty. After that I will give you some insights into your strong and weak points, after which you will have to put the knowledge into practice yourself. You see, I am not allowed to lead the life of another, no matter how much I want to satisfy your wishes."
  • "No. You see each competing craft is allowed to start when the pilot pleases, provided an army officer is aboard during the entire flight to check the results, and the time consumed. Two landings will be allowed, and only the actual flying time will be counted.
  • Not a pleasant thought, but a more unnerving consideration quickly removed any concern over media questions. What was Regency going to do with him now? He was allowed to return to his life because of the deal Angelo had made with the coordinator. But what now? That deal wasn't worth spit. He was safe as long as Regency wanted to hide the truth about the Fenrites, but they were coming clean on their own.
  • There was a king, says the vizier, who had a son that loved hunting mightily. He allowed him to divert himself that way very often, but gave orders to his grand vizier to attend him constantly, and never to lose sight of him.
  • Make no mistake,’ Nollis gaze met each pair of eyes of the group to emphasise her point. ‘This is only the beginning. He has allowed the idea of power to totally govern him and he will continue to disrupt the harmony of the world until he rules all. You must Name another Guardian who will protect the Balance here. Of that I will speak later. But you must seek out Rhaki as urgently as you are able.’ She leaned back in her chair wearily. ‘And the time is upon us when we must make contact with the ones beyond the Wilderness.’
  • It was Paul Evert, who, with an undefined feeling of dread and fear for the safety of his friend, had hung on the outskirts of various groups of boys in the village street until from their conversations he had learned the whole story. With senses sharpened by anxiety and love, he had discovered that Bill Tooley and his companions were going in search of the missing lad. Now, with his father's mine cap bearing its tiny lamp on his head, he begged to be allowed to go with them.
  • Two days later, however, a cold rain set in, and the troops, who had been suffering greatly from heat, felt the change painfully. On the 3rd of March they arrived in front of Jaffa. A Turk was sent in to summon the garrison to surrender. The commandant simply ordered his head to be struck off and sent no reply. The fire of the field artillery in a few hours effected breaches at several points. The French, in spite of opposition, burst into the town, which was given up to sack, and a large number of the inhabitants, as well as the soldiers, were massacred. Between 3000 and 4000 prisoners were taken, among these doubtless were some of those who had been allowed to march away from El-A'rich. The difficulties in the way of provisioning the army were great. Many were ill from the effects of the change of climate, and the position was becoming serious.
  • Tom's voice trembled whilst he was reading them, and he most broke down. When he got done he couldn't no way make up his mind which one for Jim to scrabble on to the wall, they was all so good; but at last he allowed he would let him scrabble them all on. Jim said it would take him a year to scrabble such a lot of truck on to the logs with a nail, and he didn't know how to make letters, besides; but Tom said he would block them out for him, and then he wouldn't have nothing to do but just follow the lines. Then pretty soon he says:
  • The intention to rotate between anthelmintic classes should not be allowed to take precedence over other more important decisions about selection of anthelmintic classes should not be allowed to take precedence over other more important decisions about selection of anthelmintics.
  • Mrs. Zinn spread a huge table with all sorts of tempting food, and the starved boys attacked it with a vigor that made her open her eyes in amazement. The others were almost as hungry after all they had gone through that night, and did ample justice to the viands. Moxley's bracelets were taken off and he was allowed to eat his fill with the rest.
  • Hunter, Tommy, and I climbed onto our winged unicorns and within seconds were in the air. Flying on Daydreams back was the most freeing and exhilarating experience. My trust in Daydream allowed no room for fear, even though I was in the middle of the sky, with nothing but a flying unicorn between my butt and the mountain below. The wind was cold the higher we traveled and it moved faster, but it never hampered our breathing. I looked over and saw from Hunters face that he thought the fact we could breath oxygen normally up here was wonderful. I couldnt tell how I knew his specific thought from his face, but I knew without a doubt I was right. I laughed and enjoyed the thrill of this freedom flying as I put my hand through a soft cloud.
  • The deal allowed for China's state-controlled offshore oil and gas company, CNOOC, to prospect for oil in Kenya, which is just beginning to drill its first exploratory wells on the borders of Sudan and Somalia and in coastal waters. There are formal estimates of the possible reserves of oil discovered.
  • As Paul walked lost in thought, he realised he was surprised at himself. He seemed to be thinking from a new space, a space of greater depth and openness that allowed him to embrace concepts that he knew, just a few days ago he would have been clearly closed to. It was as if his boundaries had suddenly been blown apart, the sides of his mental box kicked wide open.
  • Rordan felt a sharp chill in the air. He guessed she used magic to drink Fiknas blood. When he considered their talk with his bro’, he saw a thirst for blood behind the words. His special sight had allowed him to see how the witches performed their mischief.
  • Having allowed our horses some time to feed, we again mounted and rode forward. We camped again at night at another water-hole, and were at an early hour the next morning once more in our saddles.
  • But nobody was allowed to stray far from the wagons, even to note the silence of the Plains, for fear lest it might be broken by very unpleasant sounds. All the "horse Indians" of the country were leagued together, that summer, to fight the whites.
  • I'll be durned if you dew! he declared decisively, the instant the subject was broached. "You'll stay right here in camp, an' crawl intew y'ur blankets, an' git tew sleep jest as quick as th' good Lord'll let you. You shore have had all th' excitement you need for one day; an' th' devil only knows what trouble you'd be a-gettin' intew, if you was allowed tew run loose, promiscus like, about th' streets of Sacermento City at night. It's bad enough by day, as you sart'in otter know; but by night! Not for tew yunks like you!" and Ham shook his head so decidedly and frowningly that neither boy ventured even a word in protest against his rather arbitrary decision.
  • Yep, but some women too. I still dont get why some CEOs allow these inadequate individuals to get into positions of power where they are allowed to bully and intimidate those under them. Its at almost epidemic proportions in some parts of the business world.’
  • For some conservative Christians, the bible's condemnation of homosexuality is their favorite part. Their corneas seem to have a special filter that makes them see demons when they look at gay people. I love watching the faces of the radical right when the subject of gay marriage comes up. They get themselves all worked up, laying out dirty scenarios of a sexual nature, giving their imaginations room to soar. They project that Armageddon (which has always sounded more like a comfy old fishing village on Long Island to me, rather than Satan's Spring Break ) will settle in the moment gay people are allowed to marry and then when the wedding bells ring and the doors to the fire pits of Hell remain stubbornly shut and cross-dressing Boy Scouts aren't fornicating with two-headed purple calves on the Main Streets of America; when the whole thing turns out to be a big yawn, they're furious, like we all let them down.
  • Bart's head was spinning from all of the possibilities, and he couldn't imagine putting his mouth anywhere near Steve Christianson's little pebble of a dick. Fate smiled on him on a quiet Friday afternoon late in the summer, as both Rogers and Christianson were out of the office. All employees were allowed to leave by three o'clock if their work was completed, but Helga always stayed until six o'clock regardless of the day. She enjoyed the quiet of her office, and her husband was already home with the kids.
  • That date only saved the dowager from having to pay over her daughter's inheritance; but Markworth would never have allowed that mistake in the date to have occurred if he had known at first, as he knew latterly, what a great effect it would have in the working of Roger Hartshorne's will.
  • Captain Nemo, to all my objections you make such crushing answers that I dare no longer doubt. But, if I am forced to admit the Rouquayrol and Ruhmkorff apparatus, I must be allowed some reservations with regard to the gun I am to carry.
  • Macora was then entreated to spare the prisoner's life, and the entreaty was backed by the promise of a gun to replace the one lost in the river, on condition that Sindo should be allowed to live.
  • The first snow fell towards the end of the month of June. The corral had previously been largely supplied with stores, so that daily visits to it were not requisite; but it was decided that more than a week should never be allowed to pass without some one going to it.
  • In four years all this has been reversed. We now look in vain for the signs of prosperity that before existed. In their place, we hear of complaints loud and deep; of insolvency, of reduction in the Government expenditure; of a falling off of trade; of many beggars, where none before were known; of large agricultural estates allowed partially to return to their natural wildness; of cattle and all stock sold at half their original cost, and of every symptom of agricultural and commercial distress. I may further add, that the funds derived from the sale of Crown lands in Tasmania in the year 1841, amounted to 58,000 pounds; in 1844, to 2000 pounds; and in 1845, to nothing. The revenue, in the same time, has decreased one half; and, to close the financial account, at the end of 1844 the colony was in debt to the Treasury, 100,000 pounds.
  • Enlisting Mrs. Farris to my causefor she alone of all my allies had spoken to Mrs. BarrI arranged for us to hobble slowly past where the daughter was seated, at which point my shawl, which I had carelessly allowed to slip down my arms, fell away altogether and sank down to land a little distance from her toes. For a few seconds, as we continued past, I feared that she was too engrossed in the pages of her book for my stratagem to have succeeded, and just as I was prepared to discover the shawls absence myself, a light touch upon my arm and a diffident voice brought the loss to my attention. From there, everything proceeded as I had planned, for Mrs. Farris, innocently turning about, of course saw the necessity of introducing me to one who had already earned my gratitude. A few questions and replies later, and Miss Barr had returned to her chair, while I, recalcitrant shawl firmly in place, had taken my seat beside her, and Mrs. Farris, relieved of her role as Miss Northcotts walking stick, had eagerly scurried off to find a vacant seat at a card-table.
  • "Both, really," Kemsil said. "We might have had a future together, someday. She is a lovely, capable, accomplished woman, and we have met many times over the last several years. I think the Versal term is thatwe have an understanding’. But now that understanding cannot be allowed to grow further." The flat denial in his voice did not fully mask his frustration.
  • His arm always felt great. It was his damn eyes that were failing him. The chemicals the army used on them during his missions in Belgium and France were finally catching up with him. They allowed him to see in pitch black as if it were high noon and that was certainly the kind of ability to have when your job was spotting vampires on nightly prowls, but now it seemed his vision was fading and he suffered from booming headaches unless he wore his shades. For the first time in his life, Mink Cosgrove felt his age - and it scared him.
  • "If Lady Teleri is speaking the truth, then why should she fear the presence of the earl? Sir Guy, we are men used to fighting, not speaking. Somewhere between a few days ago and today, someone misunderstood someone else. I believe the earl, as a peer of the realm, ought to be allowed to tell his version of the story in the presence of you and me and the knights we have with us—"
  • To Veronica I hardly spoke. Her beauty neither attracted nor even pleased me. She was the cause of all this vague cloud rising up in my life, which had hitherto been intensely happy and allowed me to do the very best in my art.
  • "Cant you see? The English can never be allowed to trade here. It would be the beginning of the end for the Portuguese. It would show all the world they no longer can control Indias ports. But what Im really trying to make you see is that its not only the Portuguese who want to stop you. Its also the people who support them. So no one can aid you openly. The Persians are already too powerful. Still, there are those here who would protect you."
  • "Yes. A hell of a thing. He was from a family that had been there for centuries. I guess he and Constanza got into it when they were very young. The family allowed her to stay on one of their properties, paid all the bills. She kept having babies. The situation changed, and she was let go. I don't know whether the guy was tired of her or whether he married or took a position in the family empire that wouldn't allow the arrangement or what."
  • When loving his wife, Gray never remembered that conversation, Michaels actual language. Gray only allowed Roses soft, warm body, her large, voluptuous breasts. How eager she was for him, how playful. They were somewhat reckless, in that they had two children but never locked their door. Gray had once tried to slip into his parentsroom, but the knob was stuck, and he cried until his father let him inside. At the time Gray had no idea his parents were having sex, but it stuck with him, probably as it was one of his few memories of his dad. With Rose, Gray insisted they leave their door unlocked. Better for their children to find them in the middle of passion than be shut out.
  • "As a help to obtain what she was striving for, woman asked for the right of suffrage, and thereupon had to undergo a fusillade of cheap criticism from those who would not understand her, and who supposed she wanted this privilege as an end and not as a means. Men were slow to grant the right to vote, but after much discussion suffrage began to be allowed in matters where the women were particularly interested. With the first concession, however, men realized that the force of all their arguments was broken, and before many years the full right was bestowed.
  • Admiral Ting had not allowed his oath to slip his memory, and the old fellow, gentle, kindly, and courteous though he was to his friends, could be very vindictive when it came to dealing with evil-doers, especially criminals of the hardened, remorseless type which Prince Hsi had proved himself to be. He was only biding his time, as events were very soon to prove.
  • Betty Cantwell and her father were Quakers from the Penn Colony to the north, Bob had time to tell Jeremy as they entered. That accounted for the staid simplicity of their dress and their quaint form of speech--the plain language, as it was called. Jeremy had heard of the Quakers, though in New England they were much persecuted for their beliefs by the Puritans. Here, apparently, people not only allowed them to live, but liked and honored them as well. He prayed fervently that Betty might never chance to visit Boston town. Yet already he half hoped that she would. Of course, he would have grown bigger by then, and would carry a sword and how he would prick the thin legs of the first grim deacon who dared so much as to speak to her! These imaginings were put to rout at the dining-room door by the delicious savor of roast turkey. One of the black farmhands had shot the great bird the day before, and the three travellers had arrived just at the fortunate moment when it was to be carved.
  • Puss allowed a contemptuous expression to take possession of his face, and even shrugged his broad shoulders, after a nasty fashion he had, that often angered the one he was arguing with more than words could have done.
  • When he had reached a point that allowed of a leap, Frank suddenly sprang forward. He did not know just what he might be up against and had even taken from his pocket the splendid new pistol which Colonel Josiah, himself a world traveler, had insisted upon giving each of his boys before they started on their trip south.
  • Evidently Stumps wanted more, for, after a brief pause, he again rushed at Slagg, who, stepping aside like a Spanish matador, allowed his foe to expend his wrath on the bulkhead of the cabin.
  • And so it went. There were a thousand maws into which he poured unceasing streams of money. But it was all so sound and legitimate, that Daylight, born gambler that he was, and with his clear, wide vision, could not play softly and safely. It was a big opportunity, and to him there was only one way to play it, and that was the big way. Nor did his one confidential adviser, Larry Hegan, aid him to caution. On the contrary, it was Daylight who was compelled to veto the wilder visions of that able hasheesh dreamer. Not only did Daylight borrow heavily from the banks and trust companies, but on several of his corporations he was compelled to issue stock. He did this grudgingly however, and retained most of his big enterprises of his own. Among the companies in which he reluctantly allowed the investing public to join were the Golden Gate Dock Company, and Recreation Parks Company, the United Water Company, the Uncial Shipbuilding Company, and the Sierra and Salvador Power Company. Nevertheless, between himself and Hegan, he retained the controlling share in each of these enterprises.
  • The Ethiopian constitution defines the right to own land as belonging only to "the state and the people", but citizens may only lease land (up to 99 years), and are unable to mortgage or sell. Renting of land for a maximum of twenty years is allowed and this is expected to ensure that land goes to the most productive user.
  • Abaft the funnel the deck was free to those of the passengers who held saloon tickets, but afore the funnel--that is, on the bridge itself--no one was allowed without the captain's special permission. This space was railed off, with a hinged lift in the mahogany on either side, both of which were now down and barred. We were not quite sure whether the captain were really the Honourable John's relative, or whether our comrade's proposal to join the captain was only one of those erratic notions which visited his aristocratic brain, and were often carried through with a confidence so complete as to be rarely unsuccessful. He was unmercifully snubbed sometimes, and he richly deserved it; but the curious thing about him was that the snubs were wasted. Where others would have retired crestfallen, the Honourable John held his head high and heeded not.
  • My mysterious neighbour maintained his position for some five minutes longer, and then, springing from his hiding-place, made a dash for the hut at full speed, I following. When I emerged from the forest into the open amphitheatre in the centre of which stood our hut, the savage was some fifty yards ahead of me, running like a hunted deer. I began to fear that he was bent on mischief of some kind, and--now that it was too late--keenly regretted the indecision which had allowed him to remain so long unchallenged. In my anxiety to check his speed I raised a shout. At the sound he glanced over his shoulder, saw me in hot pursuit, and paused for an instant, dashing forward the next moment, however, more rapidly than ever.
  • Shirin stared at him, trying to hide what seemed to be surprise. "You know." For a moment he thought she might reach out and touch his hand, but then she drew back into herself. "Yes, I was still in the zenana then, but not for long. The first thing Janahara did was find out which women Arangbar favored, and she then had us all married off to governors of provinces far from Agra. You know a Muslim man is allowed four wives, so theres always room for one more. Mukarrab Khan got me."
  • For Teleri, sleep was impossible. She picked at the supper sent up to her and paced back and forth through her rooms, thinking. She sat by an open window and watched, unseeing, the activity in the ward below until the torches were lit and everyone went inside for the night. She absentmindedly allowed her women to undress her and plait her hair and put her into bed but she lay awake in the darkness, her mind churning too much to permit her to fall asleep.
  • 'I?will wait here until the board meeting is over and get the woman alone for a moment. She seemed to know more than she was allowed to tell. Maybe she will tell me then.' he answered.
  • For the first time, Captain Patreli allowed his eyes to flicker away from the creature. 'And I'd hoped I would never have to see another one of those things for as long as I live.'
  • In the 20th century, the colonial social structure gradually started to be phased out with the introduction of universal education and better economic opportunities. This process allowed Blacks to rise to the highest echelons of society and government.
  • He allowed his horse to go somewhat slower now, since he could keep his distance, and rode to the first cross trail, into which he turned. He took to higher ground and looked back to see the pursuit streaming out over the hill, losing itself in the distance, but still determined.
  • "From everything I have heard, I believe that is right," said Mother Peg in a low voice. "I think it was the closeness of their bond and, in turn, the closeness of the bond between the Little Dragons and their cousins, the Great Dragons, that allowed them all to make the Agreement, so we could share the Land in peace together for so many generations."
  • For several days the Brutus and the vessel she was towing kept on down the coast. At last one morning the captain announced that they were off the coast of Patagonia, where the famous giant tribes of aborigines and a kind of ostrich are to be found. The professor was greatly excited at this and begged to have the ships stopped and be allowed to go ashore.
  • He knew full well that unless some accident had befallen him, his father would have returned before dark; that he would not have allowed himself to be led so far away from the camping-place that he could not readily return; and the boy's sorrow was all the greater because it was impossible to console his mother.
  • Varan said, "You are safe for now. She is not allowed to leave the forest during the night. Come with me and we will talk a while." The reptile man walked down the road toward the streetlamp at the intersection.
  • "You cold bastard," Colt spat. "This kingdom is starting to tear itself apart, yet you have us on some wild goose chase in an old abandoned city, just on the slim chance you might find some musty old book that tells you... what exactly?" This was the difficult part, the part Aiden had been trying to avoid mentioning in the first place. In essence, this was the entire reason he had kept the information from everyone, and the only reason Sayana had found out is because her eldritch skills allowed her to enter his mind, after a fashion.
  • Alan had determined on a record flight. He allowed the Cibola to rise higher than it had yet flown, about 5,000 feet, and then setting the aeroplanes on a slight incline he headed the car on a down slant for Mount Wilson's just visible peak, thirty miles away.
  • After repeated delays, on the 10th of August he was allowed to take his departure. The sultan had set his eyes on his horse, and, just as he was starting, sent to ask him to sell it; but this he positively declined doing, and no attempt was made to seize the animal.
  • Monson let his attention slip as Casey and Artorius tried to figure out where they were. He allowed himself a selfish moment, not being able to help feeling pleased with himself. He found that his confrontation with Coach Able left him with the feeling of invincibility; like no matter what he did he would come out victorious. Monson knew that it was not huge victory, that Coach Able was probably getting the better end of their little deal. However, Monson's successes in the past couple months felt few and far between. He needed this. Besides, it is not very often you have the opportunity to totally disregard a teacher's power trip and turn it to your favor. He had also earned Casey and Artorius' undying loyalty and respect, which was also a good thing.
  • Dave read this letter with care, and then allowed the communication to slip from his fingers. If his mind had been in a whirl before, it was more so now, and for the moment he could hardly think straight. If he was not Dave Porter, who was he? A thousand ideas ran riot through his brain.
  • To remain where he was ten minutes longer must be fatal; and perhaps even that length of time would not be allowed him, for if the wind so shifted as to cut off the top of the mound, then he would be overwhelmed as if in a landslide.
  • Fighting its way to the edge of the vertical rapid, the droplet allowed the passing air to take hold and pull it free. Momentarily floating, gravity quickly resumed control, reeling the splash towards the ground. As he fell, the droplet felt pleased he'd taken charge of his own destiny. He wasn't a fool, following the crowd for an over hyped experience that was ultimately false. He was a renegade, a lone soldier in the wastelands of life. He was…..
  • Charles Tilston acknowledged the wisdom of this advice, and Harry and old Tom assisting to get off his clothes put him into my berth, when having swallowed some warm broth he fell fast asleep. Dick begged that he might be allowed to remain and watch over him, promising not to speak again till he saw that his brother was sufficiently recovered to enter into conversation. As Harry thought a doctor should see our guest he sent me on shore to procure the services of one who had a short time before landed from a whaler. While I was waiting for him Toa landed, and was received with loud acclamations by all the people, the account of his having so gallantly saved the child being the theme of conversation.
  • There was no hurry to spring the trap. Texas Sam allowed that he himself was an uncurried wild horse from the great desert; that he was all wool and a yard wide; that he could lick his fighting weight in wild cats; and bet on anything he fancied till the cows came home with their tails between their legs. And all the time he drank: he would drink with anybody, and anybody might drink with him.
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