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  • The older lord persists. "If it please thee to return with us, and to take the captainship of our Athensthine and oursthere thou shalt be met with thanks, allowed with absolute power, and in thy good name live with authority!
  • Glen thought this such good advice that he immediately followed it. Two minutes later he was lying, in what looked like a most uncomfortable position, on top of a pile of baggage in the only wagon that accompanied the troops, more soundly asleep than he had ever been before in all his life. He did not even know when the wagon reached the fort, a few hours later, nor did he realize what was happening when he was lifted from it and led by the captain into his own quarters. There the boy was allowed to tumble down on a pile of robes and blankets, and told to have his sleep out.
  • Uncle John always traveled comfortably and even luxuriously, but without ostentation. Such conveniences as were offered the general public he indulged in, but no one would suspect him of being a multi-millionaire who might have ordered a special train of private cars had the inclination seized him. A modest little man, who had made an enormous fortune in the far Northwest--almost before he realized it--John Merrick had never allowed the possession of money to deprive him of his simple tastes or to alter his kindly nature. He loved to be of the people and to mingle with his fellows on an equal footing, and nothing distressed him more than to be recognized by some one as the great New York financier. It is true that he had practically retired from business, but his huge fortune was invested in so many channels that his name remained prominent among men of affairs and this notoriety he was unable wholly to escape.
  • For Gertrude, whose letters were fairly frequent and most sisterly tender, would hear nothing of Paul's petition that he might be allowed to visit her--would not even listen to any suggestion that they might ever meet again in any approach to the happy seclusion and privacy of the first sweet days.
  • Margret turned back towards her. "Most of us dont drink from their bodies anymore. Only the oldest of vampires are allowed to. For the rest of us, its drinking from a straw. Like when humans donate blood, except instead of it going into a bag, it goes into us. Younger vampires, like Vincent and me, thats how we do it, unless its impossible. Then well take it from the body, but never the same human more than twice in a month, so as not to create a vampire. That is forbidden. Only the Sires were allowed to. If we do, even by accident, well be killed along with our creation."
  • Over two thirds of those with maxi isas will invest the maxi isas will invest the maximum allowed (
  • When the Halbrane was within three miles of the icebergs, she lay-to in the middle of a wide basin which allowed her complete freedom of movement.
  • It meant stopping the race, it meant making the last of the two landings allowed them. And it was a landing in a wild and desolate place, seemingly, for there was no sign of city or town below them. And just now, after her repairs, when everything was running smoothly, it behooved Dick and his associates to take advantage of every mile and minute they could gain. Otherwise some other craft might get in ahead of them.
  • Tommy Cooper was working industriously on the creation of his sand sculpture masterpiece. He was delighted with this particular beach for its quality of sand. There was just enough lime clay in the sand to make it a perfect sculpting medium. The sand would support its own weight better than ordinary beach sand. The tiny shell fragments scattered throughout lent structural stability to the sand mix, which allowed him to experiment with designs that ordinary beach sand could never hope to achieve. He was also surreptitiously testing his new Special Sand Sculpture Cement; a subtle combination of seaweed, salt, calcium, and sea foam. He was hoping to produce an ionic binder, reducing evaporation and allowing the sand grains to bind for a longer time.
  • I turned and crept to where Tota lay by the side of Indaba-zimbi. It was impossible to say if they were dead or swooning. The lady sprinkled Tota's face with the water, which I watched greedily, for my thirst was still awful, while the woman Hendrika did the same office for Indaba-zimbi. Presently, to my vast delight, Tota opened her eyes and tried to cry, but could not, poor little thing, because her tongue and lips were so swollen. But the lady got some water into her mouth, and, as in my case, the effect was magical. We allowed her to drink about a quarter of a pint, and no more, though she cried bitterly for it. Just then old Indaba-zimbi came to with a groan. He opened his eyes, glanced round, and took in the situation.
  • Make no mistake,’ Nollis gaze met each pair of eyes of the group to emphasise her point. ‘This is only the beginning. He has allowed the idea of power to totally govern him and he will continue to disrupt the harmony of the world until he rules all. You must Name another Guardian who will protect the Balance here. Of that I will speak later. But you must seek out Rhaki as urgently as you are able.’ She leaned back in her chair wearily. ‘And the time is upon us when we must make contact with the ones beyond the Wilderness.’
  • Gideon Kaebal, Duke of Edrea, Overlord's son, kicked his horse harder, driving it faster. He knew it was no use, but Elena must not be allowed to escape. He scanned the bones, searching, his eyes drying quickly in the bloody fog that billowed around him, tendrils reaching out to him, calling him.
  • Stephen and I having now no wish to go further east, we determined to remain where we were. As for the waggon and team, though we had no written document to show that Yearsley had given them to us, our statement was believed; and it was agreed that we should be allowed to keep them,--especially as we consented to give them up should the original owner return. But nothing was ever heard of him, or of the other settlers who had gone in pursuit of the retreating foe; and it was generally believed that the whole had been surrounded and murdered by the savages."
  • Ryson cursed as he deftly raced back up the access way and toward the beetles escape route. The delver peered into the hole and allowed the blade of his sword to enter the new cavern, filling the passage with brilliant light. Ryson saw three different paths breaking from the opening and could not fathom which the insect might have taken. Still, he could not simply allow the creature to escape. It could easily return when people filled this tunnel. That would be beyond catastrophic. He was about to venture a guess as to the beetles path when he heard Holli shout out.
  • Did students not forget their grammar if they left off classes? This was the same. Father Francis allowed himself to be convinced, not because he believed it but because he liked this earnest young man, maybe he could help with teaching. Edward joined the classes: gaining the only official students access to swords in the University. Though, by official edict, all Father Francisswords were kept under lock and key.
  • "And I never really thought that you read poetry," Jorden added. "To tell the truth I wasn't even sure you could even read. The way things are here I didn't think aestri would be allowed anything like an education." Of course it was more likely a memory, a song learned by word and mouth. He had to remember that this was not like his own world.
  • "Thats good. No ones allowed to hunt here," the boy told him. "Except for the wolefs and our folk, of course."
  • As we have got no furnace of our own on the premises, I have frequently to march up the street to the blacksmith's shop, to put John Chinaman's gold to the test. If John is allowed to go by himself, he merely waits till the gold gets warm, takes it out again, and brings it back, saying, "All light; welly good, welly good gole; no gammon." But you should see John when I go up to the blacksmith's myself, put the crucible into the hottest part of the fire, and begin to blow the bellows! When the gold begins to glow with heat, and he knows the weight is diminishing by the quicksilver and dirt that are flying off, he cries, "Welly hot! too muchee fire; me losem too muchee money!" But the thing must be done, and John must take the choice of his dirty gold or the regular price for it when cleaned. I have known it lose, by this process of purifying, as much as from five to six pennyweights in the ounce.
  • The worthy hunter shook his head solemnly as he said this in a low voice, more to himself than to his companions, and he continued to mutter and shake his head for some minutes, while he knocked the ashes out of his pipe. Having refilled and relighted it, he drew his blanket over his shoulder, laid his head upon a tuft of grass, and continued to smoke until he fell asleep, and allowed the pipe to fall from his lips.
  • Passepoil allowed a faint smile, expressive of satisfaction, to steal over his melancholy countenance. "Thank Heaven, in Paris we can't meet Lagardere."
  • Mappel did not answer. No one did. They simply watched as Dzeb strode up to the horsebacked riders that blocked the western pass of the road. The horses reared back and the surprised, cautious guards allowed them to do so. With silent, peaceful grace, as if walking through an empty park at sunrise, Dzeb stepped past the circle of riders. Nothing now stood between him and the ramp which passed over the ancient wall.
  • "All is not said and done," I broke out in fury. "Pharaoh, I ask your leave to tell the full story of this business of the naming of the lady Amada to the King of kings, and that in the presence of the dwarf Bes. Even a slave is allowed to set out his tale before judgment is passed upon him."
  • Her mother reached a gentle hand to her face and forced her to look. Elena resisted at first, but gave in as something new and bright and bold and joyous tugged at her heart. When she finally allowed her gaze to turn, her mouth dropped open.
  • They could work up to some mind-numbing excursion, some crescendo that would kill them both. That was all she thought was left. Not that he did anything unusual or new-fangled, only that with Dan, Summer was liberated. She was allowed to be herself, whoever that was, and maybe that was the biggest part of it, discovering who she was post-Jody Sims.
  • Then I'll go first, said Dale; and, seizing the twisted rope, he lowered himself over the edge, hung in sight for a few moments, and then, as soon as his hands were clear of the edge, allowed himself to slide down, while Saxe's palms felt cold and wet.
  • Azathioprine used in combination with steroids allowed kidney transplantation to develop during the 1960
  • "What bothers me most is that he might be right," Ryson admitted. "Sazar had a lot of people killed in whats left of Pinesway. He shouldnt be allowed to get away with that. He needs to be punished. Thats not all hes done, either. He threatened our town, looted the dwarf city, and who knows what else. Still, because hes not on our doorstep right now, we seem to just stop worrying about him. Like its not our problem. Something seems very wrong with that."
  • Seventy deep breaths later, he was satisfied with her health. He allowed his concentration to expand and to encompass the woods around
  • Tom Hadley saw the futility of resistance, and quietly allowed himself to be confined in the same manner as his companion.
  • One of the things up for discussion was whether supermarkets should be allowed to offer off-the-shelf legal services.
  • I shook my head, "No, you're wrong, Sarah. You haven't seen the things I have seen in the last few days. There are things out there that cannot be allowed to do whatever they want to people. And right now, you and I are the only way to keep them in check. Cecily?" I turned to her for support.
  • When little Frankie was given the assignment of taking home a duck egg and making sure it was kept warm and safe over a weekend he took it very seriously. Both his parents and his teacher were shocked at the attention he paid it and the great lengths he went to ensure that it was returned to school the following Monday not only in one piece but spotless. A mother tiger doesn't dote on her cubs as much as Frankie looked after his egg. Although unusual, for the policy is very clear on these matters, the school actually allowed Frankie to take home the duckling after it hatched due to the positive influence it seemed to have on him. It was Frankie's first pet and that first night he went to bed right next to the incubator just so his new friend wouldn't be lonely. The next day he named his pet duck Darryl and the two of them seemed inseparable.
  • Inside the first apartment was Captain Horn, fast asleep, his two guns by his side. He had kept watch until an hour before, but Ralph had insisted upon taking his turn, and, as the captain knew he could not keep awake always, he allowed the boy to take a short watch. But now Ralph was leaning back against one of the walls, snoring evenly and steadily. In the next room sat Edna Markham, wide awake. She knew of the arrangement made with Ralph, and she knew the boy's healthy, sleepy nature, so that when he went on watch she went on watch.
  • With the approval of the NCAA, the sanctioning body for college athletics, Kelly was allowed to talk with three agents. In fact, since Kelly was such a high-profile recruit, the NCAA sent a representative from Kansas City to Arizona to monitor the discussions. It appeared that no one wanted the mistakes of the great Jim Thorpe to be repeated.
  • The crowd of older boys circled Monson and his two friends as Weedy Boy spoke. "Freshman, didn't you know that you're not allowed down this hall?"
  • The cause of the fire was soon found. A tiny leak in the tank had allowed some gasoline to drip into the bottom of the chassis, or passenger carrier. Collecting here, it was plain that a back fire from the carburetor had ignited it.
  • When they had no external foes, the Rajput clans warred among themselves, since they knew no other life. For convenience, each clan decreed its immediate neighboring clans its enemies, and an elaborate code was devised to justify war over even the smallest slight. Their martial skills were never allowed to gather rust, even if the cost was perpetual slaughter of each other.
  • The King rose from his throne, almost with a twinge of gratitude for Valaira, as she had been able to do what he had not: find Elryia. But a King that cautious doesn't let anything but paranoia linger for too long, and he began to wonder what she planned to do with the young woman, why he wasn't allowed to touch her, and what she intended to take; but most of all: was it something he could use for himself? He stared out the window as night broke, knowing tonight would be like most nights and he would not sleep for a minute. He wanted to be ready the moment she entered his castle. He may even leave his throne room, disturbingly desperate to see the face of the girl who had caused him so much trouble.
  • We were as usual, first boat; but, much to the mate's annoyance, when we were a short half-mile from the whale, our main-sheet parted. It became immediately necessary to roll the sail up, lest its flapping should alarm the watchful monster, and this delayed us sufficiently to allow the other boats to shoot ahead of us. Thus the second mate got fast some seconds before we arrived on the scene, seeing which we furled sail, unshipped the mast, and went in on him with the oars only. At first the proceedings were quite of the usual character, our chief wielding his lance in most brilliant fashion, while not being fast to the animal allowed us much greater freedom in our evolutions; but that fatal habit of the mate's--of allowing his boat to take care of herself so long as he was getting in some good home-thrusts --once more asserted itself. Although the whale was exceedingly vigorous, churning the sea into yeasty foam over an enormous area, there we wallowed close to him, right in the middle of the turmoil, actually courting disaster.
  • Paul did as she requested, but he crawled with repulsion beneath her hand. The touch inspired him with loathing. He had lived a sheltered life, and had never seen an open abandonment to shame. He wondered why God allowed the degraded thing to live, and his heart ached with pity at the same time. He led her to the door, and then across the road. The assistant sent a curt 'Good-night' after him. He answered it, and the door dosed.
  • The fellers they sez I dassent cross over tuh t'other end uh the bridge; an' I allowed it could be done easy like, he went on to say; "what d'ye think 'bout me adoin' the same? Is she safe enough?"
  • Mr. Rae's first care was to see Mr. Dunn. This case was getting rather more trying to Mr. Rae's nerves than he cared to acknowledge. For a second time he had been humiliated, and humiliation was an experience to which Mr. Rae was not accustomed. It was in a distinctly wrathful frame of mind that he called upon Mr. Dunn, and the first quarter of an hour of his interview he spent in dilating upon his own folly in having allowed Captain Cameron to accompany him on his visit to Sir Archibald.
  • She talks about how her father abandoned her for that witch of a stepmothers attractive daughter, who incidentally is only a couple years older than Sandra; her father is a damn cradle robber. She tells Jim about her grandfather and what happened at the funeral with Peter and the others. Except, of course, she doesnt say a word about the bus yard and Old Fred the Bus Driver. He doesnt need to know she isnt a virgin. Beside, Jim would probably challenge Fred to a bed-off with Fred being allowed to count Sandra as his first score. Sandra heard that Americans dont want a virgin; they want someone who knows some new positions that the Americans havent tried yet, but she isnt taking a chance.
  • Internet proxies are now allowed in a total of 20 us states, up from just 14 in 1998.
  • The intimacy established between us, her complete willing sacrifice to me, her surrender, her trust in me, the knowledge of herself and her beauty she had allowed me gave birth suddenly in my heart to a great overwhelming tenderness and a necessity for its expression.
  • As Yave would make no attempt to comfort her husband, Bol slipped further into his downward spiral. With this came the end of his desire to lead. He allowed rumors to abound and did little to reaffirm his rule. The cry of the separatists was not a whisper. They had called out their near treasonous desires with frequency and fervor. Bol did nothing to quell them, as if he himself believed their venomous lies. And now it seemed, at the very least, he would give them what they wanted. He announced as much as he declared his intentions to Jon.
  • Especially happy was the youngest of the three Indians, who was a boy of about Glen's age. This was the first scout he had ever been allowed to go on; and, as he reflected upon the glory of their return to the village, with that prisoner, those stolen ponies, and all the valuable information they had acquired, he wondered if there was any happier or prouder boy living than he.
  • Tapping the pen to her lips, she leant back in her chair and allowed her attention to drift outside. From the window next to her desk she had a clear view of the courtyard and busy main road beyond. The courtyard was a grey concrete square with red brick flower beds that had once contained flowers but was now hard packed dirt with cigarette packs and beer cans for decoration. In the centre stood a large oak tree that, despite the lack of care, flourished. It was obstinate and unmovable.
  • Tom's wound was painful, but not dangerous, though it would keep him on the ground for a day or two. Though, as a matter of fact, none of the members of the picked squadron was allowed to go aloft after the orders came detailing them for work in connection with the monster cannon. Their places were taken by others who were sent for, some being new fliers who were burning to make a name for themselves.
  • Toryn ate and allowed his mind to wander while Poodik rambled on. He had to find a way to escape, and soon. He hoped to do so after they crossed the river. Perhaps, being so close to home, the Parmittans would not be so eager to backtrack and find him. Perhaps.
  • Five steps forward and the bronco halted. Then up in the air he went, a distance of six or eight feet. He came down "on all fours," good and hard, and had Dave been resting in the saddle he would have had the wind knocked out of him completely. But the youth was standing in the stirrups, and he allowed his body to spring with that of the animal he hoped to conquer.
  • Accordingly Cuthbert allowed his face to appear pleasant, as though he might even be delighted to have this wandering timber spy with them for a space, to enliven things a bit.
  • "Colonel Munro was at the fort with a small force. Montcalm advanced with his army to attack it. Munro sent to Webb for renforcements. He promised to send them and did send a few. Munro again asked for more men, but Webb didn't let a man go. Montcalm attacked the fort, battered it to pieces, and finally the garrison was compelled to surrender. They were to deliver up their arms and then were to be allowed to march off to the English army. They gave up their guns and started back to Webb, but before they got far they were set upon by the Indians and most of them massacred. Some few escaped to Webb's army."
  • The wealth amassed at this time allowed the inhabitants to build lavish temples, most of which have withstood the ravages of time.
  • A fence of poles made a barrier across the narrow entrance of the valley, and so the horses were allowed to roam at will.
  • Several pairs of hate-filled eyes followed me as I paced a few yards away from the border of the death lands. They were intent, and malignant, and patient. I had no doubt that if I were to stick a hand or a foot past that invisible boundary, it would be bitten off, or worse. The Duke and his men had to have some sort of protection that allowed them to pass safely through to the city. What was it? I beat my palm against my forehead, willing myself to think. What could it be? Magical, almost certainly. A spell laid on them? Where would they find anyone powerful or skilled enough to cast it? The Duke himself? Unlikely. Something to counter the death lands would be beyond even him.
  • And having presently found what he wanted, he deliberately returned each article to its proper place in the carryall before he allowed himself the pleasure of a cooling drink. But at least he had one satisfaction; being the possessor of a cup allowed him the privilege of dipping directly into the fountain head, the limpid spring itself.
  • A while later Rosamund came, looking beautiful but, as they saw when she threw back her veil, very white and weary. She bowed to Saladin, and the brethren, who were not allowed to touch her hand, bowed to her, devouring her face with eager eyes.
  • At first I used to say to myself, "There are no dangers which will stop him; he is terrible." Now I have ended by getting used to it. I make a sign to Madam Magloire that she is not to oppose him. He risks himself as he sees fit. I carry off Madam Magloire, I enter my chamber, I pray for him and fall asleep. I am at ease, because I know that if anything were to happen to him, it would be the end of me. I should go to the good God with my brother and my bishop. It has cost Madam Magloire more trouble than it did me to accustom herself to what she terms his imprudences. But now the habit has been acquired. We pray together, we tremble together, and we fall asleep. If the devil were to enter this house, he would be allowed to do so. After all, what is there for us to fear in this house? There is always some one with us who is stronger than we. The devil may pass through it, but the good God dwells here.
  • It was in the middle of winter, the dull season after the Christmas trade, and before the spring activity begins, and Gardiner had allowed a higher priced clerk to go, believing that he could handle all the business with the assistance of Burton. This, although it entailed more work, was to the young man's advantage, as it brought him into close and almost constant contact with his employer, and forced him to attempt many things that he would otherwise have left to more experienced hands. Already he found it unnecessary to summon Gardiner when a lady asked for three-quarters of a yard of velvet, cut on the bias; could discuss the merits of Dongola and calf with the assurance of an expert, and tell at a glance whether goods would "wash." But there were other things he found more difficult to learn.
  • During the war, women were allowed into the pubs where they drank sherry or port and lemon.
  • Why, this is just delightful, Mazie told him, after he had first of all made her choose the best blanket, which she immediately turned over to the crippled child, taking another for her own individual use; "and if we'd only known how nice it was all going to come out, you can be sure none of us would have allowed ourselves to cry as we sat there on the roof waiting to be drowned. We'll never forget this experience, will we, Bessie?"
  • Dense as he is, the "prince" does not grasp my true purpose on this quest, and remains just as ignorant of certain otherspurposes as well. Too bad for him. If it is to be spelled out to him, I believe it will require a large, blunt object. I truly fear for Vint if he is ever allowed to take the High Seat of Wisdom.
  • "Our nation welcomes them, yes, but not all Vindyri are fond of the idea. They live among us, and we do our best to live alongside them and accept their ways, but I fear that we have allowed them too much freedom in our land, and their army has stung us at our eastern border while we were relaxed and content in our ways. We have been manipulated and tricked, and although we are not certain, we feel that the Bhoors living in Vindyrion have orchestrated a rebellion to coincide with the war from the east. Our army rushed to the front, but we were unprepared and we lost many thousands of men. They retreated in waves, leaving some to face the enemy as the others made their way to their home soil. Many brave men died so that their fellow soldiers could live."
  • "Toney was now allowed to go forward and enjoy a good blow out, which he much needed. He felt more like himself afterwards. He soon showed that there was not a better seaman aboard.
  • Daylight superintended the preparations, adjusting the curb strap and the stirrup length, and doing the cinching. He shook his head at the martingale, but yielded to the dealer's advice and allowed it to go on. And Bob, beyond spirited restlessness and a few playful attempts, gave no trouble. Nor in the hour's ride that followed, save for some permissible curveting and prancing, did he misbehave. Daylight was delighted; the purchase was immediately made; and Bob, with riding gear and personal equipment, was despatched across the bay forthwith to take up his quarters in the stables of the Oakland Riding Academy.
  • Enquire used hypertext, which allowed the user to jump from one document to another through clickable links.
  • "Captain Trell wishes to know your desired destination, as she needs time to make the arrangements for the final leg of your journey. She does not recommend you land at New Moon Bay; the security will be tight, and you would stand a good chance of being discovered. It would not be the first time the Trader's Wind has been searched from top to bottom before being allowed to enter port."
  • Dzeb left a dazzled and bewildered delver in the corridor as he stepped, or actually perhaps crawled would be a better description, into the cell. The doorway in its original form would not have allowed access, but Dzeb pressed through with little care to the tight fit. The outline of the passage was left much larger after he had passed. Once within the cell, he had greater room to move, though he remained hunched over so as not to scrape his head on the stone ceiling. He nodded a greeting to the elf.
  • Once the en suites shower began, Paddington dropped into the nearest seat and allowed himself a short moment of utter horror. What was he doing? But what else could he do? There was nowhere to hide on Archi and no way off it. Theyd have to cooperate, but what did the Mainlanders want? What would they do to Lisa?
  • In europe breast milk contains more dioxins than is legally allowed in cows milk.
  • "The thing of it is Jennifer, Im not allowed to discuss ongoing investigations. Thats a matter for our communications office, something you seem to have avoided."
  • Linkup play from david jones allowed eagles to put a save beyond richard wright with a perfect execution.
  • With the breaking of this day the hours seemed of interminable length. For a time he amused himself by searching every corner and crevice of his prison room, but he found nothing of interest beyond what he had already discovered. He examined the door which Croisset had barred on him, and gave up all hope of escape in that direction. He could barely thrust his arm through the aperture that opened out on the plague-stricken cabin. For the first time since the stirring beginning of his adventures at Prince Albert a sickening sense of his own impotency began to weigh on Howland. He was a prisoner--penned up in a desolate room in the heart of a wilderness. And he, Jack Howland, a man who had always taken pride in his physical prowess, had allowed one man to place him there.
  • Lord Pigoc led me through the front sandstone pavilion. Two large wings encompassed the austere entrance with three towers reigning over the cliffs. The hall was lined with portraits of kinsman who had ruled in the past. I wondered briefly if my father was among the portraits. I wanted to ask, but Lord Pigoc gave me no opportunity, having walked fast by all. Tapestries hung down upon the stone walls. Fenestral windows with lattice frames that were covered in fabric allowed light in or drafts out.
  • Bulk mailers, who have met strict licensing conditions, are allowed to use the poetic marker.
  • "Were patient. Well find out." The Cat leader dismissed the wizard and turned to Dreth. "We have no argument with you. Step away from the woman, and you and your friends will be allowed to proceed unharmed."
  • Hartog had not confided the secret of the king's present to any but me, as he feared the crew, disappointed in the treasure hunt which they had been promised, might try to take forcible possession of it. He was so absorbed in counting the pearls and in speculating upon their value that he gave no heed to the possibility of being spied upon. But since I was to have no share in them, the pearls did not interest me as much as they did the captain, and I allowed my eyes to wander, when, in a flash of summer lightning, I saw the face of Van Luck looking down upon us from the skylight above our heads.
  • Personal spends all inmates are allowed access to a certain amount of cash which can be used to buy items from the prison canteen.
  • I finished the last of that mysterious stew, and then filled and lighted my pipe. I felt sure I would be allowed the half hour dinner spell the rest of the crowd had enjoyed, and I relaxed and puffed contentedly, determined to enjoy my respite to the last minute. For the sounds from the deck indicated a lively afternoon for all hands. But something occurred to interrupt my cherished "Smoke O," something that caused me to sit up suddenly and stiffly on the bench, while my pipe fell unheeded from my slackened mouth, and an unpleasant prickle ran over my scalp and down my spine.
  • Severan shook his head. "Even the wisest must be allowed the luxury of failure. Let's see how the mosaic will work now, despite the lack of the sea."
  • Without another word, Enin raised his hands. He looked first to the sky then to the blind spot as defined by Ryson. His fingers curled, pulling in the magical energies that flowed freely in the very air that surrounded them all. He tapped into his inner power as well, the energy he allowed to fill his core. He became a siphon and a conduit, mixing the power of himself with the free flowing magic. Two intertwining circles of a pale white hue formed around his wrists.
  • "You're too far away." Ristalln sighed. "It takes away all the fun." But she heard him chuckle before working forward to the melee, turning to give her one last request. "Don't hit me with one." The thought had never occurred to her, however now she was very tempted. With angst she allowed Rist to work his way on to the front lines where Grahamas, Elryia, Merial, Jeralyle and Lanyan all fought in a tight circle. The Elf making good use of his crossbow, often blocking oncoming blows with his sword, then burying a bolt into the soldier point blank before they could react, clicking over another round and launching it into a distant target before they rode up.
  • Her grin grew wide and mischievous. This would obviously not be allowed at home. She jumped on my suitcase until I was able to close it all the way. When I placed it on the floor, she continued jumping on my bed with Hercules dancing alongside her.
  • Sometime in the night, the outlaws arrived. The leaders felt certain that the surprise of their attack would make it comparatively easy to overcome the small garrison of eight men left to guard the stores. James and Younger had more than forty men and had no anxiety on that score. Yet with all that, the outlaws moved cautiously. That was one of the reasons for Jesse James' success, he never allowed himself to become careless.
  • But for a long time I utterly refused to believe that my darlings were lost--they were truly as sisters to me; and Yamba and I and the natives dived for them time after time, searching the sea in every direction. But at length, seeing that I was exhausted, Yamba forcibly detained me, and told me that I myself would inevitably drown if I went into the water again. The wound in my thigh (I am uncertain to this day whether it was the result of the gun-shot or mere collision with the rough gunwale of the canoe) was bleeding freely; and as it was also pointed out to me that there was a very strong and swift current at this spot, I allowed myself to be taken away without any further opposition.
  • But had not Joe escaped one peril only to fall into another? That was a question which he left events to decide; and, since he could not do otherwise, he allowed himself to be conducted to the shore without manifesting any alarm.
  • For myself, I was much puzzled how to act. Naturally, I felt pretty indignant at Yetmore's action, and it seemed to me that if, in trying to cheat my father, he should only succeed in cheating himself, it would be no more than just that he should be allowed to do so.
  • "Aye. Most cannot enter Sayassa, however a few chosen have a marked soulone that is either unknown or allowed by the barriersome who entered did so unknowingly, a few have even sought Fate. Though they can pass, the mists are no less forgiving to them and in order to protect perhaps the greatest weapon in existence, the traveler's body, mind, and faith are tested. But an ordinary test would not suit everyone, so each is different. The mist is able to draw out and bring life to each person's greatest fears, desires, and regrets. As much as I wish I could Grahamas, I can't tell you what trials you'll encounter because I don't know. All I can say is whatever you truly fear is what you'll face inside."
  • Bernal Diaz says, "They praised Corts so highly, and pointed him out in such flattering terms as the very man fitted to fill the vacant post, adding that he was brave and certainly very faithful to Velasquez (to whom he was son-in-law), that he allowed himself to be persuaded, and Corts was nominated captain-general. As Andrs de Duero was the governor's secretary, he hastened to formulate the powers in a deed, making them very ample, as Corts desired, and brought it to him duly signed." Had Velasquez been gifted with the power of looking into the future, Corts was certainly not the man he would have chosen.
  • Then we started for the house, and I went in the back door--you only have to pull a buckskin latch-string, they don't fasten the doors--but that warn't romantical enough for Tom Sawyer; no way would do him but he must climb up the lightning-rod. But after he got up half way about three times, and missed fire and fell every time, and the last time most busted his brains out, he thought he'd got to give it up; but after he was rested he allowed he would give her one more turn for luck, and this time he made the trip.
  • Shaa, who had allowed his eyebrow to drop, raised it again. "You present a matter for curiosity, and potential professional interest. How far behind you do you think your pursuers actually were, by the way?"
  • For one brief moment, the enormous flow of stimulus from outside forces into his mind nearly overwhelmed him to the brink of unconsciousness or perhaps even insanity. If he drank in too much of the inflowing information, he might lose his own place in reality. He quickly seized on his own surroundings, anchored his physical being to the actual point of his own existence. Then, he allowed the sensations from his minions to take their place in his consciousness where he could utilize them but where they would not overwhelm his own awareness.
  • But if the black would not work during their excursion after the fashion of ordinary folk, he would slave in the tasks that pleased him; and during the next few days their table--by which be it understood the green grass or some flat rock--was amply provided with delicacies in the shape of 'possum and grub, besides various little bulbs and roots, or wild fruits, whose habitat Shanter knew as if by instinct. His boomerang brought down little kangaroo-like animals--wallabies such as were plentiful on the range--and his nulla-nulla was the death of three carpet-snakes, which were roasted in a special fire made by the black, for he was not allowed to bring them where the bread was baked and the tea made.
  • He had greeted Virginia casually; she, observing him keenly, understood what Florrie had meant by a man's making love with his eyes. His look, directed downward into the face smiling up at him, was alive with what was obviously a very genuine admiration. While Florrie allowed her flattered soul to drink deep and thirstily of the wine of adulation Virginia, only half understanding the writing in Galloway's eyes, shivered a little and, leaning forward suddenly, put her hand on Florrie's arm; the gesture, quick and spontaneous, meant nothing to Florrie, nothing to Galloway, and a very great deal to Virginia Page. For it was essentially protective; it served to emphasize in her own mind a fear which until now had been a mere formless mist, a fear for her frivolous little friend. Galloway's whole being was so expressive of conscious power, Florrie's of vacillating impulsiveness, that it required no considerable burden laid upon the imagination to picture the girl coming if he called . . . if he called with the look in his eyes now, with the tone he knew to put into his voice.
  • The image of the church remained crisp in her mind. It brought with it echoes of Connel. Memories of her last living days in Uton flooded back to her. Even now, she could still remember the great conflict between the forces she aligned and the magic casters. The stone church, where people prayed when the Wizard War reached its fury, served as sanctuary for many during the last terrible night of pitched battle. With the knowledge obtained upon her own death, she now knew how important those prayers were. Beyond the steps of the church, she could sense the ancient wall. She could almost feel the solid, powerful stones the dwarves labored to build around Connel. To this day, it remained mostly intact, just as the church stood upon its very same foundation. The image of the church and the wall allowed her a moment of confidence. If they again served in some way to aid those that battled the sphere, so much the better.
  • As a rule they let men bring in the wounded, said Rob. "But sometimes a nurse is allowed to go about trying to help the poor fellows as best she can until such time as a stretcher can reach them. Most of them are parched with thirst, and what they ask for first of all is a drink of water."
  • He proved as good as his word. For five weeks the Macartney lay at anchor without discharging a pennyweight of her cargo; and every day brought a new threat, edict, or proclamation. At the end of the first week the security merchant was allowed to send his agents to offer a reward of 10,000 dollars to any man of our crew who would swear to having seen the Englishwoman strike the deceased. The agents conducted their parley from a boat, and only made off on being threatened with a bucket of slops. I kept the ship's guns loaded, and set on a double watch, night and day. His wife's peril threw Obed into a state of apprehension so pitiable that I began to fear for his mind. Margit, on the other hand, behaved with the coolest composure: and I had some trouble in persuading her to remain below decks and out of sight. She relied cheerfully on us and on the crew, every man of whom she had bound to her (I suppose by her remarkable beauty) in the completest loyalty.
  • Grahamas was a logical, intelligent man. He feared what foolish act he would commit if he allowed his emotions to overwhelm him. He imagined coming here would be the catalyst for such events.
  • Bane picked up the cruel headgear that allowed him to control the dragon. Vicious spikes were attached to a thin chain bridle, and gouged the beast's muzzle whenever Bane jerked on the reins. He pulled it onto the cowering beast's head and fastened it so it could not be shaken off. The trolls shuffled away as he threw the thick woolly skin over the animal's back and mounted. The dragon writhed, hurt by his touch. He prodded it with a sharp metal goad, making it lurch forward into its smooth flowing run with a resentful hiss.
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