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  • Failing to reach a minimum standard should not be allowed to be sold.
  • The deft fingers flew back and forth as regularly as the most delicate machinery, until all at once the lady stopped and allowed her hands to rest in her lap. At the same moment a sigh escaped her, and she looked into the glowing embers.
  • The whole place seemed full of men and horses. The Roundhead garrison, including the Governor, were being assembled against one wall, and the sick men were at that moment being shepherded across to join them. They were allowed to sit on the ground while some of the Cavaliers stood guard over them. Most of the rest of the newcomers were milling around, slapping each other on the back and laughing as if they were drunk. Some pushed past me into the keep, and soon appeared leaning over the battlements and calling to their friends below.
  • In addition to the amount required by law to be deposited with the Academy authorities each midshipman is ordered to turn over any other money that may be in his possession, this extra amount to be credited to him. A midshipman, on entering the service, receives a salary of six hundred dollars a year. Nearly all of this, however, is required to pay his ordinary expenses. Each midshipman is allowed a very small amount of spending money, with, however, a more liberal allowance when visiting ports during a cruise.
  • No advertisement board is allowed to extend outwards from the wall of a building by more than 1 meter.
  • The gossip of Richmond was not allowed to dwell long on the story of the spy, with all its alluring mystery of the man and the maid. Greater events were at hand. A soft wind blew from the South one day. The ice broke up, the snow melted, the wind continued to blow, the earth dried--winter was gone and spring in its green robe was coming. The time of play was over. The armies rose from their sleep in the snows and began to brush the rust from the cannon. Horses stretched themselves and generals studied their maps anew. Three years of tremendous war was gone, but they were prepared for a struggle yet more gigantic.
  • I shook my head, "No, you're wrong, Sarah. You haven't seen the things I have seen in the last few days. There are things out there that cannot be allowed to do whatever they want to people. And right now, you and I are the only way to keep them in check. Cecily?" I turned to her for support.
  • While he was talking Ignacio Chavez had allowed the dangling rope to slip from his hands so that the Captain rested quiet in the starshine. Roderick and Florence were coming in through the wide patio door; Norton was just saying that Florrie had promised to play something for him when the front door knocker announced another visitor. Florence made a little disdainful face as though she guessed who it was; Engle went to the door.
  • That one also passed. Then followed a cart unlike any that had gone before. It was a German cart with a pair of horses led by a German, and seemed loaded with a whole houseful of effects. A fine brindled cow with a large udder was attached to the cart behind. A woman with an unweaned baby, an old woman, and a healthy German girl with bright red cheeks were sitting on some feather beds. Evidently these fugitives were allowed to pass by special permission. The eyes of all the soldiers turned toward the women, and while the vehicle was passing at foot pace all the soldiers' remarks related to the two young ones. Every face bore almost the same smile, expressing unseemly thoughts about the women.
  • At that time, septic tanks were cement vaults buried in the backyard of homes and could hold approximately 1,000 gallons or more of wastewater from the house. They were gravity fed and the solid waste material would settle in the bottom to be digested by enzymes that were flushed down every month. Names like Riddex was one of these products that came on the market. The waste liquids were allowed to seep back into the ground through a piping network, reaching far out into the yard. Today, approximately 25% of all homes in the United States use septic tanks to hold their waste.
  • The king got out an old ratty deck of cards after breakfast, and him and the duke played seven-up a while, five cents a game. Then they got tired of it, and allowed they would "lay out a campaign," as they called it. The duke went down into his carpet-bag, and fetched up a lot of little printed bills and read them out loud. One bill said, "The celebrated Dr. Armand de Montalban, of Paris," would "lecture on the Science of Phrenology" at such and such a place, on the blank day of blank, at ten cents admission, and "furnish charts of character at twenty-five cents apiece." The duke said that was HIM. In another bill he was the "world-renowned Shakespearian tragedian, Garrick the Younger, of Drury Lane, London." In other bills he had a lot of other names and done other wonderful things, like finding water and gold with a "divining-rod," "dissipating witch spells," and so on. By and by he says:
  • In spite of hunger, misery, anxiety, and pain, Scarlett Markham could not refrain from laughing at Nat's perplexed countenance, with so reassuring an effect that the poor fellow smiled feebly in return, took heart, and allowed himself to be slid down through the opening, the task being so well managed that Nat sank on the stone floor, and when Scarlett loosened his hands, he subsided gently against the wall.
  • Cuthbert began asking questions of Owen, who allowed the other boat to gain a position alongside, so that conversation might be the more easily carried on. Thus he learned that, proceeding leisurely they would readily make the Hudson Bay post ere nightfall; had there been any reason for haste this time might have been shortened by several hours; but it suited all of them to arrive around the sunset hour.
  • "Im down here checking on a prisoner for the captain," he said. The guards allowed him to pass without incident. His anger built up inside, but fighting these men would take energy that he couldnt spare. In order to heal Duskeye, he knew he would have to save his strength.
  • I wish him the best. This mighty task is not without its share of toil and heartache, but it can also occasionally provide the warm embrace of satisfaction. But I fear for the profession as a whole. Have we allowed the art to become watered down to the point where it's acceptable for the first thing you see inside a book cover to be a crude foreword that somehow tries to find it's humor by quoting a bumper sticker? Perhaps we have. And I throw the blame for this squarely on someone else's shoulders, because I have moved on.
  • Mr. Gibson also allowed that fusion should be coppered by Nevada, and Noisy Smith whispered his assent, and the resolutions were adopted unanimously.
  • Walking over to the hangars, the boys found the field bright with the giant dragonflies hopping here and there or rising slowly from the ground, and taking wing with ever increasing noise and speed. Lee followed the boys and was glad when he found that Bill could not make a flight without written permission from his parents. This was a rule of the Field, no minor being allowed to go up without the presentation of such a paper, which acted as a sort of release in ease of any accident. Jardin buttoned himself into an elaborate and most expensive leather coat, carefully, adjusted his goggles, stepped into a plane beside the usual pilot who winked slyly at Lee, and proceeded, to send his big bug skimming here and there across the field under the wobbly and uncertain guidance of Horace. They did not leave the ground, but Frank soon soared upward on a short flight that filled Bill with joy and envy all at the same time. He felt that he must fly.
  • Here the car was allowed to settle gently upon the ground, and all alighted. Ingra, over whom the influence of the champagne had been growing, tottered on his legs in a way that would have filled Jack with uncontrollable delight, but Edmund gravely helped him out of the car and steadied him to a seat on the soft turf under the tree. I saw Ala regarding Ingra with a puzzled look, and no wonder, for Edmund had been careful that no one else should take enough of the wine to produce more than the slightest exhilaration of spirits. It is possible that Edmund had plied Ingra with the idea of rendering him less observant, and it probably had that effect; but it resulted, as you will see presently, in a revelation which finally put Edmund on guard against the very danger to which he had seemed so insensible when I mentioned it to him before our start.
  • I had no time to yell as I started to fall, but Tommy was quicker and pulled me back to safety and into his arms. I gasped for breath as I tried to comprehend what had just happened. Tommy was saying something and rubbing a soothing hand over my back, which was actually more distracting than soothing. Somehow I knew Hunter had joined us and was questioning me. But I couldnt make sense of it. I took a deep breath and focused on the songs and Tommys attempts to sooth me. I realized slowly that I wasnt frightened, just surprised that it had happened. The knowledge allowed me to step back from Tommy calmly.
  • Christmas morning arrived early, as the girls climbed out of bed and hurried into the living room. Their muffled laughter faded away as they reached their destination. Annie knew she wouldnt be allowed to sleep-in, even though Joe neednt go into work that day. She slipped out of the covers and tip-toed into the living room, creeping up behind the two children.
  • This enclosure was then made, the posts and rails on one side coming close up to the space intended for a garden; and a further intention was to board it closely for a defence on that side when time allowed.
  • Combining both modalities allowed surgical cure of all insulinomas in our study.
  • The stairs cried lightly, creaking with years of worn out pain. I wondered if our spirit friend was still around roaming through the halls of the old house. The house felt almost alarmingly more warm and calm. The dread of the night before was replaced by a sweet soft calm. My lips cracked into a small grin as I saw the sunshine pouring into the front windows. The clouds had split and allowed the grace of the heavens to pour through. The rays of light caught some of the floating dust and dander in the air and it brought a peace. "Chill," I said under my breath.
  • Alan had determined on a record flight. He allowed the Cibola to rise higher than it had yet flown, about 5,000 feet, and then setting the aeroplanes on a slight incline he headed the car on a down slant for Mount Wilson's just visible peak, thirty miles away.
  • Knowing the accuracy of the Bushmen's aim, and the deadly nature of the poison they used, Hans and Victor fully comprehended the danger, they now encountered. The Bushman is as active as a baboon; and could these men have been trusted, they would have been ordered to ascend the rocks above the Dutchmen and shoot them from that position; but the Matabili dare not trust them: they had captured these two men, and now showed them that they must shoot the Dutchmen or be assagied themselves; thus the two tiny Bushmen used all their skill and watchfulness in order to save their own lives. The Bushmen finding that the Dutchmen kept under cover and gave no chance for a shot, requested to be allowed to ascend the rock and thus get a shot at their targets. The Matabili, however, would not trust them to do this, as they feared they might go over to their enemies, when once away from the range of their spears; so they directed them to watch their chance of a shot, and if the white men showed even a hand above the rocks, this hand was to be at once struck with an arrow.
  • -grunt- "You are not allowed to daydream in GATE, young lady, though I suppose this is a moot point now. Yes, this will reflect poorly on you, Miss Singleton. Very poorly. Your mother will no doubt be quite disappointed…."
  • "Uh-huh. I just need to pee." Summer gripped her daughter, what she would have said no matter which man lay next to her. Skye was squishing her mothers bladder and Summer needed a moment. How many times had she allowed herself one small minute with that excuse, just long enough to inhale a few breaths, some quiet enclave to collect herself, then emerge with her mommy-face intact. A smile, maybe several of them. Summer had three children and as she got off the bed, those kids scrambling to the yard, Dan stood in the doorway.
  • Much as this sight pleased them, strange and wonderful to their unaccustomed eyes, they were not allowed long to enjoy it; for, the Captain declaring that another squall was coming, presently made them hurry back to the house, laden, however, with sea-wrack and spindrift.
  • The wall was wider than it was tall. Its height barely reached the shoulders of an average man, but its stout thickness made it difficult to remove. Its substance of heavy stone and mortar allowed it to survive these long ages with little wear. Breaking through a section was a mighty task. Even the most skilled engineers marveled at its intrinsic strength. More often than not, the soil was built up around the wall, and any construction went over rather than through it. Fortunately, though the wall encircled the entire town, it enclosed a wide expanse of land. For whatever reason it was built, it far exceeded the original outskirts of Connel's earlier size. Connel expanded many times over the centuries, and only now did it just begin to spill beyond some sections of the wall.
  • "There's no doubt," said Matthew, as they passed him the bowl, and he took a long swig at it, "that flip is a good drink. I like it, and so does neighbour John Perry. But it must be allowed that it's a most insinuating drink, sweet and treacherous. And neighbour John has had enough. But the rest of the company can drink a little longer. We have heard great stories of your adventures, captain, and would like to have you tell us some of them."
  • My heart sank as I approached my cluttered cubicle. It was a damned shame I was so uncomfortable in the office, because the work itself still pumped me up when it engaged my writing skills and allowed me a small measure of involvement in the nations affairs. My only hope of neutralizing the outsized, potentially lethal personalities whod been playing office politics at my expense was to demolish the piles of projects in front of me.
  • The meaning of specific colors which were allowed to be worn during the elizabethan era are further detailed in the above link.
  • "You can't know that," Pacian continued. "We have no idea how the guards in this town were going to react and we're not exactly well known around here. I suspect Colt here has a bit of a record with the militia, and Nellise might have been allowed to go free, because that happens to pretty women. But you and me Aiden? We'd be in irons, and how does that help the town, hmm?"
  • She allowed him to pass through the gate, which he shut slowly, perhaps to give her an opportunity of speaking, if she wished to do so; then thinking that he did not see her she spoke in her soft, musical voice.
  • Tell your leaders that if they will at once lay down their arms and return to their homes, they shall be allowed to do so in peace.
  • What a very foolish boy he has been! was Belle's comment. "But I think his father is partly to blame. He always allowed Link to do as he pleased on the ranch, and when Link went to the city he always gave him more spending money than was good for him, at least, so my father said."
  • Egypt recognizes only three religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Other faiths practiced by Egyptians, such as the small Baha'i community, are not recognized by the state. Individuals wishing to include such religions on their state issued identifications are denied, and had been put in the position of either not obtaining required identification or lying about their faith. A 2008 court ruling allowed members of unrecognized faiths to obtain identification and leave the religion field blank.
  • There were fifteen or sixteen Patriot officers of all ranks in the prison, and I found most of them jolly fellows. We lived all together in two large rooms, one of which was used as a bedroom. In addition, we were allowed at certain hours to walk up and down a long corridor, so that we got a fair amount of exercise.
  • Only the dead couldnt argue, she thought, and caught her breath. She hadnt consciously made the connection; it had just come to her. She would go to the chapel and visit Richard Delamere one last time. He was certain to be buried tomorrow; she was less certain that she would be allowed to attend and this might be the only opportunity shed have to say goodbye.
  • I'll start the boat, announced Dick, for the craft had been allowed to drift while the lifesaving work was going on. "We want to make time back."
  • By means of the cable, the sunken boat was pulled to the airship, and when the water was allowed to run out it was hauled aboard. Then it was examined, the leak found, and the craft was placed out in the sun to dry, after which it could be mended.
  • Ryson allowed his own laughter to subside. He took a deep breath, allowed his mirth to drift back to serious concentration. His muscles tensed ever so slightly, as if preparing to spring upon his foe. Controlled determination filled his form. He glared at the tracker with intensity previously unmatched. Even the tracker with all his hate and prejudice retreated slightly from the scowl.
  • It was this rascal, he said, who informed the crew that they had specie aboard, which the mutineers now demanded should be given up to them and they be allowed to leave the ship in one of her boats, the mate telling them that the vessel was almost in sight of Vigo--a fact which he, the captain, had only disclosed to him in confidence that very day within an hour or so of the outbreak, so that the mutiny appeared to be a planned thing.
  • Wendell said: "Connell, this is ridiculous. I demand that I be allowed to see a lawyer and have a hearing and bail set. I don't want to spend any time in jail."
  • Rod frowned also. Up to then he had not allowed himself to suspect that the so-called Switzer-American could be other than he so frankly claimed; but somehow it began to dawn upon Rod that there may have been a method in his madness. What if it were all a part of a deep-laid scheme calculated to delay them, for some dark purpose or other?
  • That confirms my idea exactly! cried the captain of the Stormy Petrel. "There is something in the wind. You must watch out, by all means, and I'll do the same. This man must not be allowed to do anything wrong, if we can possibly prevent it."
  • Shaa, who had allowed his eyebrow to drop, raised it again. "You present a matter for curiosity, and potential professional interest. How far behind you do you think your pursuers actually were, by the way?"
  • Initially there were hopes that post-occupation Iran could become a constitutional monarchy. The new, young Shah Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi initially took a very hands-off role in government, and allowed parliament to hold a lot of power. Some elections were held in the first shaky years, although they remained mired in corruption. Parliament became chronically unstable, and from the 1947 to 1951 period Iran saw the rise and fall of six different prime ministers.
  • 'But surely you are simply see-sawing. Feminism fights for equality, surely, not inequality. It doesn't want revenge, only justice, and anybody who's on our side, male or female, should be allowed to help us. Right?'
  • Just saw the colonel. He's given one of us permission to go with Bill. Wouldn't think of it at first. Said the men were too valuable to be allowed to go on quixotic errands, but I could tell he was just arguing against himself. Then I told him a few of the things that you, Bill, have done for Davison and he finally gave permission for one of us to go with you.
  • 'Very well. Our case is quite straight-forward actually,' said Permission. 'My companions and I are only here by accident, and are not ready to be cleansed. We have been given an assignment by the Creator which must not fail. The lively-hood of all physical and thought-life as we know it, may well be at risk if we are not allowed to continue.'
  • "We were not allowed much time to think about it; for the combat was hardly over, when strange voices reached our ears, coming from the woods, apparently on all sides of us. They had reached the ears of the cougar, too; for the fierce brute started suddenly to his legs, and stood listening, and, as we thought, somewhat alarmed. He seemed to hesitate a moment, looking around him and down at the fresh-killed animal. Then, as if suddenly forming a resolution, he buried his teeth in the throat of the dead peccary; and, swinging the carcass over his long back, commenced retreating.
  • Svin was leaning against the low wall that separated the bar from the step-down floor holding the tables and dance area that surrounded the stage. The vantage point allowed him to keep his various charges in sight, not that any of them were showing any signs of wanting to be in sight. The same could scarcely be said of this Hazeel woman. She was obviously trying not to be out of his sight.
  • As for himself, he sought no release this day. This union with her was perfection as it was. When he felt she had achieved the fullest possible measure of bliss, he allowed his own tension gradually to subside. Suffering, sickness, and harsh discipline had given him a new power of restraint.
  • Maggie went out into the yard sometime after four o'clock in the morning. The sky was cloudy, but here and there breaks in the grey allowed stars to shine through. The moon was wreathed by thin, ghostly wisps of cloud.
  • Cassius was informed that it would take them most of the day to reach Vittore Palace, nestled in the rolling hills to the south of the great forest. It was chilly, and a servant had placed hot bricks at their feet along with an enticing collection of fur rugs. Lunch was served by mounted retainers who trotted up and down the line of carriages with trays. This allowed them to reach the palace before dusk. It was a great stone pile, which had been the seat of the White Prince for centuries, and looked it.
  • To be increased for good conduct at the discretion of the employer. The encouragement of independent industry will strengthen all the advantages which capital derives from labor, and enable the laborer to take care of himself and prepare for the time when he can render so much labor for so much money, which is the great end to be attained. No exemption will be made in this apportionment, except upon imperative reasons; and it is desirable that for good conduct the quantity be increased until faithful hands can be allowed to cultivate extensive tracts, returning to the owner an equivalent of product for rent of soil.
  • At first, Manette mistakes Lucie for his wife and recalls that, on the first day of his imprisonment, he begged to be allowed to keep these few stray hairs of his wifes as a means of escaping his circumstances "in the spirit." Lucie delivers an impassioned speech, imploring her father to weep if her voice or her hair recalls a loved one whom he once knew. She hints to him of the home that awaits him and assures him that his "agony is over." Manette collapses under a storm of emotion; Lucie urges that arrangements be made for his immediate departure for England. Fearing for Manettes health, Lorry protests, but Lucie insists that travel guarantees more safety than a continued stay in Paris. Defarge agrees and ushers the group into a coach.
  • Rising, he stretched, the pain of his wounds flaring at the movement, making him stiffen with a grunt. He glanced at the healer, afraid that she had seen his weakness, but she still slept, and he allowed himself a brief grimace. Good, pain was good, though he cursed the slight weakness that still plagued him. He did not need any help from anyone, least of all the whey-faced witch. He loathed her touch, her gentle pawing and soft words. That was what had cast the spell, he was sure, and he would not let her near him again. She was always trying to touch him, he thought with a shudder. He hated being touched, ever since he had been a small boy tormented by the slaps and pinches of those who had tended him.
  • Dot com boom i made a good wage, which allowed me to attend two or three a year.
  • When Donald struck the water he allowed himself to go clear to the bottom, as he wanted to find out just about how deep it was.
  • Again Saladin motioned to the secretary, who read the words that had been taken down from the lips of the captain Abdullah. They demanded to be allowed to examine the captain Abdullah, and learned that he was already dead. Then the eunuch Mesrour was carried forward, for walk he could not, owing to the wound that Abdullah had given him, and told all his tale, how he had suspected Abdullah, and, following him, had heard him and one of the brethren speaking in the tent, and the words that passed, and afterwards seen Abdullah with the jewel in his hand.
  • No, said the ober-lieutenant, again seating himself and picking up his pen. "You will be given quarters, and allowed some freedom as long as you do not forfeit it. You may even eat at table with us."
  • They did not urge the aeroplane to its fullest speed, nor did they remain in the air longer than a couple of hours at a time. It had been decided to strike the eastern slope of the range just before dawn, so the Nelson was allowed to loiter on the way. Jack afterwards declared that Ned slept half the time!
  • Saturday was a busy day for the one hundred and sixty odd girls who were enrolled at Shadyside. Penance and pleasure had a way of marking off the hours. Those who were good were allowed to go twice a month to Edentown, chaperoned by a teacher, for shopping, moving picture treats, and such other simple pleasures as the small city afforded. There were always a number of girls sentenced to "within bounds," which were the spacious school grounds, for minor sins of omission and commission. Bobby Littell was usually among these. She was impulsive and heedless, and got herself into hot water with amazing regularity.
  • A spark of hope lit in Lief's eyes. "That might hold the answer," he allowed as he deeply considered the potential solution. He spoke as he mulled over the change in plans. "The sword would still have a light source once we break the seal and open the passageway. We would be able to use the stone steps, and would have an exit as well as an entry. It would, however, increase the distance of our travel within the tier. This opening leads very near to the center. We would have spent little time walking through the shadow trees. The original entrance is at the far end of this tier. We would have to cross a longer distance to reach the sphere."
  • For burton obviously relishes finally being allowed to get his hands truly dirty in the ichor.
  • The president gave his reins to an orderly and mounted the steps, touching his chapeau to the salute of guard and the shouting citizens, but his eyes were fixed sternly on me. I saw that he was deeply moved, and I wished fervently, now that it was too late, that I had told him of the street fight at the time, and not allowed him to hear of it from others. I feared the worst. I was prepared for any reproof, any punishment, even the loss of my commission, and I braced myself for his condemnation.
  • Under the un agreement after the 1991 gulf war, saddam is allowed to develop only short-range ballistic missiles.
  • In 2009, the adult literacy rate in Burundi was estimated to be 67% (73% male and 61% female), with a literacy rate of 77% and 76%, respectively, for men and women between the ages of 15 to 24. Literacy among adult women in Burundi has increased by 17% since 2002. Burundi's literacy rate is low due to low school attendance and because literacy in Kirundi only provides access to materials printed in that language. Ten percent of Burundian boys are allowed a secondary education.
  • Wondering what mischief he could weave next, Zarg sensed movement in the distance. The Jefferians were not known for their bravery and Zarg's only plan involved hiding. Ducking behind a wall he allowed a sense of smugness to creep in. Maybe he was about to be proved right about his peoples plan failing. The smugness quickly turned to fear as he realised he may be about to come face to face with a band of heroes out to defeat him.
  • As the cavalry passed the Great Cataract they had an opportunity of seeing the process of getting the boats up. The rush of waters was tremendous, and it seemed well-nigh impossible to force the boats against them. It would indeed have been impossible to row them, and they were dragged up by tow-ropes by the united strength of the troops and a large number of natives. At times, in spite of all the efforts of the men at the ropes, the boats made no progress whatever, while if the steersman allowed the stream for a moment to take the boat's head it would be whirled round and carried down to the foot of the rapid, when the work had to be recommenced.
  • I was taken round the estate by Mr. J. A. Davy, the general manager, whose good and sensible work was noticeable at every turn. The trees seemed in excellent condition and likely to have a long life on the specially suitable rich red soil, and with sufficient breathing space allowed to maintain them in good health. The soil was of such unusual richness in that particular spot that no artificial stimulation was required in order to keep the trees healthy and vigorous. One could walk for miles and miles along the beautiful groves of coffee trees, clean-looking with their rich deep green foliage.
  • Dzeb climbed more deliberately. He handled the rocky slope with agility which seemed impossible for his size and physical structure. His powerful, thick legs moved as effortlessly over the incline as the delver's, although at a much slower pace. In truth, he was at home in these surroundings, as all cliff behemoths sought the lonely sanctuary of desolate ridges and sharp rocky terrain. It allowed them the solitude to reflect upon the teachings of their faith. It allowed them a peaceful and tranquil setting away from those that have forgotten the word and the way.
  • This discourse had the effect which the ass designed. The ox was strangely troubled at it, and bellowed out for fear. The merchant, who heard the discourse very attentively, fell into such a fit of laughter, that his wife was surprised at it, and said, Pray, husband, tell me what you laugh at so heartily, that I may laugh with you. Wife, said he, you must content yourself with hearing me laugh. No, replies she, I will know the reason. I cannot give you that satisfaction, answers he, but only that I laugh at what our ass just now said to our ox. The rest is a secret, which I am not allowed to reveal. And what hinders you from revealing the secret, says she? If I tell it you, answers he, it will cost me my life. You only jeer me, cried his wife; what you tell me now cannot be true. If you do not satisfy me presently with what you laugh at, and tell me what the ox and ass said to one another, I swear by Heaven that you and I shall never bed together again.
  • When all the men had thus passed the medical examination, those of them who were accepted mustered their bags and kits before Captain Lacey, commander of the company to which they were attached, and those who wanted anything were allowed to draw it from the stores.
  • Almost immediately after came the most tremendous yelling the Crusoes had ever heard, and it was clear that a whole pack of foxes had invaded the island, and if Briton and Veevee had been allowed to go out, they would both have been torn to pieces. The awful din lasted for hours, with a sound now and then of fighting.
  • In Maida Vale there are many little side streets, composed of shabby houses covered with discoloured stucco, made all the more desolate and gloomy in appearance by the long and narrow strip of "garden "which runs out to the street. In one of these, devoted to the business of a boardinghouse, an old man sat at a portable bench, under the one electric light which the economical landlady had allowed him.
  • Jumping over the table, Johan planted himself between the beast and Betzalel. It could not be allowed to stop the message.
  • The greater number of those idlers must be townspeople, and since they are allowed to loiter around the buildin' there's no good reason why we shouldn't do the same, Jerry said as I came to a halt, and he had hardly more than spoken before he stepped back very suddenly, pulling me with him.
  • It is a punishment parade, he said; "I expect they are going to flog Koshkin with the plete. No governor of a prison is allowed to do that until the circumstances of the case have been sent to the governor of the province, and the sentence receives his approval; that is no doubt what has caused the delay. All the prisoners are mustering."
  • Thenardier had that peculiar rectilinear something about his gestures which, accompanied by an oath, recalls the barracks, and by a sign of the cross, the seminary. He was a fine talker. He allowed it to be thought that he was an educated man. Nevertheless, the schoolmaster had noticed that he pronounced improperly.[12]
  • The one aspect, however, that truly allowed the separatists to grow in power was fear, fear of the magic that spilled out of the sphere and now flooded the land. The dwarves could never utilize this power as the other races. Its reappearance was not welcome. The return of the magic truly allowed the separatists to fuel the fears of the other dwarves, and those fears grew despite Jon's pledge to further Dunop's independence.
  • Every fellow seemed to understand this instantly, for as though they were all moved by the same controlling influence, they allowed themselves to sink on their knees amidst the friendly bushes that afforded such splendid shelter. Even as Elmer dropped thus he had shot a quick glance toward the left, from which that seeming cough had come, and saw something that electrified him.
  • Sighting along the line allowed the mast band to be lined up and temporarily fastened with a self-tapping screw into the mast button.
  • "What we achieved in that project was to put together some DNA which allowed bioluminescence, to show that it worked in [the bacterium] E. coli, and to submit it to the 'parts registry' which holds this DNA so anyone else can use it in future," team member Theo Sanderson told BBC News.
  • In the evening, when the day's work was done, Saat was allowed to sit near his mistress; and he was at times amused and instructed by stories of Europe and Europeans, and anecdotes from the Bible adapted to his understanding, combined with the first principles of Christianity. He was very ignorant, notwithstanding his advantages in the Mission, but he possessed the first grand rudiments of all religion--honesty of purpose. Although a child of only twelve years old, he was so perfectly trustworthy that, at the period of our arrival at Gondokoro, he was more to be depended upon than my vakeel, and nothing could occur among my mutinous escort without the boy's knowledge: thus he reported the intended mutiny of the people when there was no other means of discovering it, and without Saat I should have had no information of their plots.
  • I see. Ryson took a moment to glance down the long tunnel. The light from the sword lit the passage way with greater depth than the brightest of lanterns. It allowed Ryson to inspect the walls and to follow the path. The tunnel twisted and turned for a great distance before the path curved out of sight. "I wonder how far this thing goes."
  • "'Hitherto I had carried my lantern unlit: but on reaching the coombe bottom I halted for a moment under the lee of the pallace-wall to strike a match. In that moment, in a sudden lull of the breakers, it seemed to me that I heard a footstep on the loose stones of the beach; and having lit my candle hastily I ran round the wall and gave a loud hail. It was not answered: the sound had ceased: but hurrying down the beach with my lantern held high, I presently saw a man between me and the water's edge. I believe now that he was trying to get away unobserved: but finding this hopeless he stood still with his hands in his pockets, and allowed me to come up. He was bare-headed, and dressed only in shirt and trousers and boots. Somehow, though I did not recognise him, I never doubted for a moment that the man belonged either to my own or the next parish. I was a newcomer in those days, you remember.
  • Kirkwood would not be impressed with further supposition and guesswork. He had allowed Amanda free reign to chase down the leads she suspected on the suspicious deaths. But if she didn't come back with a few hard results, the goodwill would disappear as quickly as morning mist.
  • Ryson looked about quickly before leaping to a higher branch. He continued climbing, barely making a sound or even disturbing a single leaf. As soon he was several lengths above his previous position, he moved toward the unidentified persons. High in the trees, the delver used the cover of the branches and leaves to his every advantage. He became less a shadow and more a part of the trees themselves. He made his way to a better vantage point before dropping down several branches. He quickly obtained a position which allowed a clear view of the group below. He pulled the spyscope from his pouch and gained close view of his quarry. He found the spectacle most surprising. The characteristics he spotted did not come close to matching the description given by the elf. Except for the short stature, these creatures looked nothing like dwarves.
  • "I will take him as my adjutant and apprentice.He will be in my complete care, and he will not be allowed to intercourse with the other students," he said with an air of finality not to be overridden by his colleagues.
  • Despite Jessies coolness, Wilson and Manny struck up a friendship that was no longer forced as it had been during their joint interview on Opening Day. Manny credited his rival with saving his life. In mid-May, when the Busters played a series against the Keys in Miami and an off day was available, Manny allowed Wilson to interview him for a special, live edition of his outdoor television program. Jessie and I watched it in her bedroom.
  • Michael eventually rejoined the group at the watchmans quarters, the building where the overseers used to reside, but his enthusiasm for the outing had long since evaporated. Agness words resonated uncomfortably in his ears, and while the rest of the party visited the Commandants house, the guard tower, convict hospital, the old prisoner barracks and the officialsoffices and quarterssome of which had been converted into private residenceshe trailed after them, seeing little and hearing just as much. He had regained some of his spirits by the time he reached the asylum, and even allowed himself the luxury of a smile when George did an entertaining impression of a lunatic. Apart from this, though, Michael remained aloof and deep in thought.
  • The fish, if such it was, at length began to grow weary of towing the raft, and allowed himself to be drawn nearer and nearer till his mouth was seen for an instant close to the surface.
  • Karema also was presented as his wife, having passed the Ordeal of the Matrons, but only, I think, because it was found that she was in the way to give an heir to the throne. For to them her beauty was ugliness, nor could they understand how it came about that their king, who contrary to the general customs of the land, was only allowed one wife lest the children should quarrel, could have chosen a lady who was not black. So they received her in silence with many whisperings which made Karema very angry.
  • After supper the man begged to be allowed to help wash the dishes, and when the task was finished, he drew his chair directly in front of the stove, and opening the door, sat staring into the flames. "Seems like I just got to look at the fire," he explained, "I ain't seen one in so long."
  • Harry Mule, whose leg had been so well mended that it could be taken out of splints, was to be left in charge of Bill Tooley. Bill was to be allowed to hire him out to the mine boss as soon as he was able to work, and that gentleman had promised them both a job at hauling waste cars over the dump. Thus neither of them would be obliged to go down into the mine again.
  • "Yes, although they aren't really assignments. The area we are allowed to use has plenty of rooms. You can take whatever room you want."
  • He at last allowed me to remain till the following day. He had been so well supplied with food, that he was able to give me as much as I required. I spent half the night sitting up talking to him, and had the satisfaction of seeing that my visit was doing him good, his complaint being more the result of anxiety and ill-treatment than anything else.
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