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  • Now, it appears that the bull, on his holiday, had spent a part of the first night in Carey's lower paddock, and Uncle Abel (who was out mooching about the bush at all hours, havin' a look at some timber"" or some ""indercations"" [of gold], or on some mysterious business or fad, the mystery of which was of his own making)--Uncle Abel saw the bull in the paddock at daylight and turned it out the sliprails, and talked about it afterwards, referring to the sliprails as ""Buckolts' Gate,"" of course, and spoke mysteriously of the case, and put on an appearance of great importance, and allowed people to get an idea that he knew a lot if he only liked to speak; and finally he got himself ""brought up"" as a witness for Ryan."
  • Oh, no, Mr. Arverne, thank you, the boy answered "that wasn't what I had in mind at all. I was wondering whether, if I came back at three o'clock, I would be allowed to see something of the works. In quite a number of places I have been shown through the plant, sometimes because I had to get figures from managers of different departments, sometimes because I had a few minutes to spare while a clerk was filling up the schedule. But I've always been so interested in guns, and especially in Winchesters, that I really should like to find out how they're made."
  • As no further attention was paid to him he returned to the outhouse, took off his karkee tunic, and tearing some strips from it, wetted them and laid them on his shoulder. Presently the door was closed, and he heard a heap of brushwood thrown against it, an effectual way of preventing an attempt to escape, for as the door opened outwards the slightest movement would cause a rustling of the bushes and arouse the Arabs who were sleeping in the court-yard. There was no window. Edgar, seeing that escape was out of the question, laid himself down and tried to sleep, but the pain of his arm was so great that it was some hours before he succeeded in doing so. The next morning he was allowed to go out into the yard, and for some time no attention was paid to him. Then a considerable hubbub was heard in the town, with much shouting and yelling. An Arab ran in at the gate with some news. Edgar could not understand his hurried words, but the effect was evident. The men seized their arms, and then at the sheik's order Edgar was again securely bound and fastened in the outhouse.
  • Enin continued to focus on his spell that was draining the magical power from both him and Baannat. His own energy was pouring into the power of the attack just as the ghouls magical energy was being drained by the defensive shield. Even with that, he knew his own level of power remained very high and thus Baannats would be even greater still. He allowed himself a moment to yell a warning to the delver.
  • Retraction mechanism it is allowed to manually feed the belt back in.
  • Coax then fed into the other box were decoupling capacitors allowed signal take off for the mixer.
  • His first memories were of lying on a urine-soaked bed, waving chubby arms and wailing for attention. The droge who had been assigned to care for him was seldom about; too busy with her own concerns to worry about him. This struck him as strange, for the Black Lord's son had deserved better care than that. Droges were condemned spirits, and essentially powerless, able to form physical bodies only when the Black Lord allowed them the power. Bane had lain in his excrement until the droge chose to clean him, burning the old bedding and providing fresh. Initially he had lived in the cooler caverns near the surface, where the Dark Lord did not have to shield him from the intense heat below.
  • The answer satisfied his inquirers, who in the darkness could but discover a figure with a shield, which seemed to them one of their own people, and thus this watchful party allowed Hans to pass without further inquiry, never dreaming that he was an enemy disguised.
  • "See that one?" he ventured, beckoning to be allowed to move closer to one particularly large oak. "Its got my name scratched onto it. I remember scrawling it there when I was sent away from the camp."
  • An explosion came from the port side of the ship and Bluebeard jerked his head round to see a wasted cannon ball flying out to sea. He scowled. Pete, or one of his subordinates, had clearly allowed himself to be overcome by panic and let it off by accident. And as he followed the trail of the cannon ball, his eyes caught upon something else unacceptable: the sails were still not properly unfurled, meaning that he could point the ship in whatever direction he liked but it would not matter for it would not be going anywhere.
  • On this, Mysticoose declared that he would be ready to learn the religion of the pale faces and adopt their customs, and entreated that he might be allowed the opportunity of declaring his sentiments to the maiden.
  • And so he was allowed to go off himself, and work his little saw monotonously right along. Now it was the cord that failed to hold; again something else went back on poor Giraffe. But he kept patiently at it, grimly determined; and even the most interested of the lot, Bumpus, with whom the fire builder had laid his little wager, could not but feel a touch of admiration and sympathy when he saw how the tall scout kept at his task as the afternoon slipped away.
  • Sometime in the night, the outlaws arrived. The leaders felt certain that the surprise of their attack would make it comparatively easy to overcome the small garrison of eight men left to guard the stores. James and Younger had more than forty men and had no anxiety on that score. Yet with all that, the outlaws moved cautiously. That was one of the reasons for Jesse James' success, he never allowed himself to become careless.
  • Fryt can be eaten hot or allowed to go cold, then sliced and fried with bacon for breakfast or high tea.
  • That evening we dug, and on the second try, in a spot chosen by Ralff using a dowsing rod, found copious water at two yards, though the diggers suffered much fatigue. We allowed the liquid to settle, then decanted and boiled it over the remains of the cooking fire. As luck would have it, the night brought a sprinkle, so we were watered-up for several days. For perhaps the fourth time I rinsed my smalls, now sadly bedraggled with sweat and filth.
  • Fear was diffused all over her; she was covered with it, so to speak; fear drew her elbows close to her hips, withdrew her heels under her petticoat, made her occupy as little space as possible, allowed her only the breath that was absolutely necessary, and had become what might be called the habit of her body, admitting of no possible variation except an increase. In the depths of her eyes there was an astonished nook where terror lurked.
  • Through Merlin's eyes, we could only study good magic. Bad magic was never allowed to be spoken or used or thought of and never attempted. This Dark Magic was a mystery to us, though I seemed to understand more and more.
  • The men returned exhausted from the slow trek home. They came in forty minutes later than normal and instead of freshening up before dinner, they allowed dinner to be served so the children wouldnt have to wait.
  • For example, dogs should always be on a leash. People who walk their dogs off-leash should be fined twelve thousand dollars and not be allowed to own a dog ever again. Cats, on the other hand, should be free to roam at will, since cats are by nature nomads. As a cat owner, the Rule Ruler sees the logic of these positions. Who could not? Anyone who keeps their cat indoors should be fined twelve thousand dollars and not be allowed to own a cat ever again.
  • The House was not nearly so fearsome by day -- just a featureless old box of a place that had been plunked down in the middle of nowhere and allowed to decay past recovery. On the east side, facing the road, were the flaked remains of a Coca-Cola sign, invisible at night. It would have been easy to find the door there, perhaps under the flaring tail of the big C. On the west side there wasn't any paint at all. I had to search for fifteen minutes, running my fingers over the broken boards, before I found what I was looking for.
  • "And if we refuse to leave," the young leader answered, jumping down from the wagon again so that he stood looking down into the eyes of the official, "then his lordship the Overlord will not be admitted outside of these gates." There was a cheer of encouragement, and the young man wrestled his way in between the slightly open gates. "We have a right to be heard!" he shouted, even as he allowed the man to shove him back outside and clang the gates tightly shut.
  • Serenity nodded and allowed herself to be led. The strength of his arm lent comfort and she leaned into the curve of his bicep. Sebastian guided her up to one of the bedrooms. The room was staged like a luxurious hotel complete with a four poster bed, expensive lamps and one thousand thread count sheets. But, like a hotel room, the room felt cold and unlived in. Serenity didnt think for a moment this was Sebastians room. He was too much of a gentleman to take her to his own bed, yet the rest of the house reflected this impersonal space. No photographs hung on the walls or half-read books left on the table. In short; there was nothing to say anyone actually lived here.
  • "It does? Wish Id known that earlier. Well, thank you all. However, our discussion has allowed our Princess of Falsehood to evade the original question." Turning to her, Aretino continued, "If that is not the forest, then what place is this?"
  • The ground under her shifted, and Anna almost moaned, but she bit it back and allowed her body to sink into a state that was the equivalent of a well-boiled noodle. Consciousness had intertwined with her visions and then returned in full force, leaving her in a state of confusion. Rose petals continued to rain down on her thoughts, and she was helpless to stop them.
  • The boy was greatly pleased to be allowed to attempt this operation for himself, and felt quite like a successful miner when told that the gold yielded by his first panful was worth about thirty cents.
  • His first dread was that the individual was in the rear, having entered the fissure while they were at the opposite end, and then allowed them to pass by him. But when the faint rustling caught his ear again there could be no doubt that it was in front of him.
  • By setting down so much when our business was concluded, it would appear as if we loafed on the deck of the ship some time, whereas we were given to understand that our room was better than our company immediately the transaction was completed, and in a very few seconds after the officers allowed Jerry and I to cease the labor of shucking, we were aboard the Avenger, getting under way.
  • She must plan it as easily for him as possible. The way to accomplish that was not to be with him. This would necessitate her associating more with Philip. After all, why shouldn't she? He was good and strong, and not really in love with her. Of course, he might be, if she allowed it, but she would stop that. She would show him by word, look, and act that any such love was inconceivable. He would understand and forget his earlier feeling, for after all he was not yet alive to the situation. It was merely circumstances that had brought that look into his eyes.
  • Annie nodded and allowed the man to set the large chunk of ice into her ice-box. She found three pennies and paid him. The man nodded and left through the back door.
  • Sailor Bill declared that the brief time in which he was employed in consuming the few mouthfuls allowed him, was a moment of enjoyment that repaid him for all the sufferings of the day.
  • The judges allowed him time to follow the funeral prayer to its close. In the meantime others were preparing a pile of wood.
  • Rick looked around the room and sat down next to Mom. Scumbags all, soiling his - soon to be his - antique furniture. Gordon the drug addict and petty criminal, Judy the besotted hippie, Frank the crackpot inventor. And now Allen. He was going to have to lay down the law to Mom. She couldn't be allowed to keep criminals around
  • An increase last year in patient capacity at Safis mental- health facility added pressure on him to put in more hours, said Ed Caden, his lawyer. As chief psychiatrist, Safi was required to cover shifts when others wouldnt and was allowed to do some of the work from home, phoning in needed prescriptions to nurses, Caden said.
  • Kemsil smiled and joined him, the others not far behind. Salvor sheathed his sword, looking mildly annoyed that he wasnt allowed to kill Kemsil for threatening Geret.
  • 'You should have a Fax there, sent to you by a solicitor acting on my behalf. It explains that it is illegal for someone who has not been charged with a crime, to not be allowed contact with close family or legal representative. I say again I would like to speak with my husband.' This was the third or fourth time she had said this and now had no great hope of talking with her husband before she travelled down to the jail the following day.
  • So she allowed herself to be dressed in her most gorgeous robe of office with the plume of rose coloured feathers on her head and the sacred opal glittering on her brow, and prepared to descend, with her retinue, the rock stairs that led down to the market place.
  • What lay ahead in this smoky burned up place would be a struggle to get down to the bottom floor. As the men stood back and rubbed their eyes from the thickness of the smoke and their coughing, it allowed us to slip by. We saw the way out as the fire roared to the upper floors. This whole place would come down pretty soon.
  • Help me up,’ I said, and Nicholas took my arm to steady me. I stood for a moment to recover, but the Judds are a tough race and I was young and fit and insisted on trying to walk. I staggered a few steps, helped by Nicholas, then shook him off and managed to go on my own towards the horse. I called to him gently, and he allowed me to come up to him and stroke his neck. Then I fumbled with the saddlebag and looked inside: it was empty.
  • "There is a way that an exile may be allowed to returnif he is pardoned by a War Chief or a Vaedi. Your father can never pardon you, because his impartiality would be called into question. But I could."
  • It was eventually allowed to go ahead, but only with completely generic mentions of the products concerned ( i.e.
  • He stopped but didnt look back. "Well, I dont recommend you contacting your son just yet. The Sires have not allowed any new creation to live since they changed the law." He walked out of the room and opened the front door. "Margret, you can come in now. Ill let you take care of the rest."
  • Oderion's voice got louder. "I need you, Tirinius, to restore balance in this world. My reasons for what I do in your world are not your concern. I have chosen not to hear the prayers of mankind, but at the same time I have allowed them to do as they please. I do not suffer you to worship me; you should not assume that I am listening."
  • Then, count, if you will not wait, we must look upon these projects as if they had never been entertained. The count bit his lips till the blood almost started, to prevent the ebullition of anger which his proud and irritable temper scarcely allowed him to restrain; understanding, however, that in the present state of things the laugh would decidedly be against him, he turned from the door, towards which he had been directing his steps, and again confronted the banker. A cloud settled on his brow, evincing decided anxiety and uneasiness, instead of the expression of offended pride which had lately reigned there. "My dear Danglars," said Morcerf, "we have been acquainted for many years, and consequently we ought to make some allowance for each other's failings. You owe me an explanation, and really it is but fair that I should know what circumstance has occurred to deprive my son of your favor."
  • Dense as he is, the "prince" does not grasp my true purpose on this quest, and remains just as ignorant of certain otherspurposes as well. Too bad for him. If it is to be spelled out to him, I believe it will require a large, blunt object. I truly fear for Vint if he is ever allowed to take the High Seat of Wisdom.
  • I'll relieve you, offered Lieutenant McBride, whose official duties allowed him to do this. "Go see if you can make out who she is, Dick."
  • Runners were sent into the jungle to procure the all-important macasla herb, and that night the mixture was prepared. Macasla, chilli-peppers, carot, and tobah shrub were pounded together in an old dug-out canoe. Wood-ashes, earth, alcohol, and water were added, and the mixture was allowed to ferment. Early the next morning nearly all the inhabitants embarked upon the short journey to Parang-Parang, their seaport barrio. Every available boat was filled with the merry throng, and the river sang a soft accompaniment to their chatter; pet monkeys, parrots, and mongoosen joined in the hubbub, and the din echoed through the forest, to be taken up by nature's wild children. Bal-Bal was forgotten, for the moment, by all except the bereaved parents, who had remained behind with the aged, to mourn their loss.
  • We were, however, allowed but scanty time in which to take note of these matters, for the native canoes soon began to press forward upon us once more, evidently with the fixed determination to surround us if possible, and thus prevent our approach to the island. We knew that if this object were once accomplished our doom was certain, for in such a case, fight as desperately as we might, we must soon be overpowered by sheer force of numbers, and it consequently soon became, so far as we were concerned, an absolute race for life.
  • The taller of the officers offered her a smile that reached his dark brown eyes, and she allowed herself to relax a little.
  • Scott was not allowed to leave his cart-work, but his letter was duly forwarded to the Government, and he had the consolation, not rare in India, of knowing that another man was reaping where he had sown. That also was discipline profitable to the soul.
  • I am delighted to know all this, the officer told them. "It has been quite a pleasure to have met you, although under peculiar conditions, I admit. And the more I see of you, young messieurs, the more I am convinced that you can look out for yourselves. At first I considered it was a shame that three tender boys were allowed to travel over this dangerous country. I no longer feel that way. If anybody should know how to take care of themselves, I surely believe you know, and are equal to do it. I am proud to shake hands with you, and wish you all a successful journey."
  • He had before starting fastened a piece of lashing three feet long to the loop round his chest, and the moment he reached the spar he lashed this firmly round the rope, and passing one arm round the spar lifted the other above his head. In a moment he felt the strain of the rope round his chest, and this soon tightened above the water. But Jack felt that the strain of pulling not only him but the spar through the water might be too much for it, and rather than run the risk he again waved his hand, and as soon as the line slacked he fastened it to the rope from the wreck, loosened the hitches round the spar and allowed the latter to float away. He was half drowned by the time he reached the side of the bawley, for he had been dragged in the teeth of the wind and tide, and each wave had swept clean over his head.
  • "You be sure about this place?" Johan asked as he glanced around him. The Temple grounds had been cleared for a hundred strides all around. Only the base of the Temple had been allowed any growth at all. He knew that when the Nekodah had cared for the Temple, even this would not have been allowed.
  • Nodding dumbly, I allowed him to pull me up. I staggered alongside Alek and he kept a firm grip on my arm as he led us into the tent. The sight of four cots set up with blankets almost made me cry in relief. I made a beeline for the closest cot and was about to fall into it when Alek's voice interrupted me.
  • In addition, three other autonomous prefectures are allowed to enjoy the preferential policies the state has adopted for the western regions.
  • The thieves looked at one another with low murmurs, and a storm gathered over the head of the aristocratic prisoner, raised less by his own words than by the manner of the keeper. The latter, sure of quelling the tempest when the waves became too violent, allowed them to rise to a certain pitch that he might be revenged on the importunate Andrea, and besides it would afford him some recreation during the long day. The thieves had already approached Andrea, some screaming, "La savate--La savate!" [*] a cruel operation, which consists in cuffing a comrade who may have fallen into disgrace, not with an old shoe, but with an iron-heeled one. Others proposed the "anguille," another kind of recreation, in which a handkerchief is filled with sand, pebbles, and two-sous pieces, when they have them, which the wretches beat like a flail over the head and shoulders of the unhappy sufferer. "Let us horsewhip the fine gentleman!" said others.
  • At the moment, Mandy Ann was not frightened. Her blue eyes danced with excitement as she tossed back her tousled curls. The river, flowing swiftly but smoothly, flashed and rippled in the noon sun in a friendly fashion, and it was most interesting to see how fast the shores slipped by. There was no suggestion of danger; and probably, at the back of her little brain, Mandy Ann felt that the beautiful river, which she had always loved and never been allowed to play with, would bring her back to her Granny as gently and unexpectedly as it had carried her away. Meanwhile, she felt only the thrilling and utterly novel excitement of the situation. As the bateau swung in an occasional oily eddy she laughed gaily at the motion, and felt as proud as if she were doing it herself. And the woodchuck, which had been very nervous at first, feeling that something was wrong, was so reassured by its mistress's evident satisfaction that it curled up again on the bottom and hastened to resume its slumber.
  • The Ethiopian constitution defines the right to own land as belonging only to "the state and the people", but citizens may only lease land (up to 99 years), and are unable to mortgage or sell. Renting of land for a maximum of twenty years is allowed and this is expected to ensure that land goes to the most productive user.
  • Having reached the trail, Don Diego allowed the animal to trot, and after having covered a mile in this fashion, he urged the beast into a slow gallop, and so rode along the highway.
  • He asked Holli to slow the pace to allow him to completely circle the group in order to prevent an ambush from the rear. She agreed reluctantly but the speed in which they reached this point allowed her the luxury of such care. Even if they slowed to a walk, they would reach the base of Sanctum before nightfall. With the delver's agility, they could maintain a casual trot and still allow him the chance to scout all directions before they stumbled upon something unawares.
  • By the time they prepared to leave, the diner was ready for the next day's renewed activities. About the only important thing I needed to do was get the rolls and muffins ready for Flo the next morning. After that, only inventory review, cash reconciliations, and making the deposits remained. This unexpected event with Junior Junior looked to be working out better than expected. Mary June's presence allowed us to function in a much higher gear. And if, in fact, Mary June and Flo felt they could handle the place just as well without me, just so much the better, and the sooner I could say goodbye.
  • Gwalaesreunion with her daughter, a solemn, self-possessed child, proved to be of more interest than the political proceedings. Longsword seemed anxious that everything was well with the girl and that she had been treated benevolently by the Welsh. He hovered over Gwalaes for so long that Teleri thought he was making a fool of himself. Richard Delamere didnt look pleased by the display of obvious infatuation either. But it was only when Gwalaes was satisfied that her daughter had suffered no ill effects that Longsword finally allowed Delamere to draw him away to the council chamber.
  • Synchrotron infrared spectroscopy allowed the chemisorption bonds of both surface modifiers and reactant molecules to be probed with high spectral resolution.
  • The dwarves took this to heart and believed that their superior numbers and strength would lead them to easy victory despite the shifting sand beneath them. They swung their axes almost wildly. Their short arms allowed only a limited reach and they were unable to connect, but they could see the elves tiring quickly under the heat of the desert. Those that focused on Holli and Lief became near ferocious in their attacks.
  • Waiting on the bank with the younger boys was Matt Burton. He had not been allowed to enter the cave for fear that the swim under water might infect his wound. He was greatly disappointed at their failure and, since characteristics do not change over night, it is not surprising that he had a very strong opinion that if their party had been increased by just one member the result would have been different.
  • The elf followed behind the delver. He allowed Ryson to choose the direction and path. Only occasionally would he lift his head to get his own bearings. To both his distress and satisfaction, he noted their westward movement, movement that carried them in the general direction of Sanctum.
  • "No, we do not, friend," I said. "But he is my brother." I led them back the way Id come, up the stairs to my office, next door to where Marged and Anna still lay. I allowed myself a moments warmth at the thought and at Margeds unexpected spirit, and then turned to my counselors.
  • They would have allowed small boats to deliver goods directly to market without having to offload their cargoes at riverside wharves.
  • I should hope so! We really haven't so very much to do when we get there. It's quite an honor for us to be allowed to make the fire, isn't it?
  • The cliff they had just ascended evidently extended entirely around the shoreline of the key. Before them the ground sloped into a natural, bowl-like depression. This valley ran the length and breadth of the island, which was about five miles long by two miles wide. The road, gleaming white in the morning sun, ran straight down the valley, to a group of low white buildings, a mile or so away. A heavy growth of trees and shrubs covered the valley. There seemed to have been no attempt to cultivate the soil, and except for the road, the group of buildings and a large house that perched on a knoll in mid-valley, nature had been allowed to run its own pace.
  • The professor joined ardently in this sport despite his disappointment at not being allowed to go ashore. He managed to fix up a net attached to an iron ring with which he scooped up all kinds of queer fish out of the river, many of which were so ugly as to be repulsive to the boys. But the professor seemed to be delighted with them all.
  • To Ambrose's astonishment he saw the troopers dismounting. Flinging the lines over their horses' heads, they allowed the beasts to crop the rich grass of the bottoms.
  • Beatrice had not moved. She heard Brandon speak to some one, and at first gave herself up for lost, but in an instant she understood the full meaning of his words. To his admirable presence of mind she added her own. She did not move, but allowed her head to rest where it was, feeling a delicious joy in the thought that Potts was looking on and was utterly deceived. When he left to call a servant she raised her head and gave Brandon a last look expressive of her deathless, her unutterable love. Again and again he pressed her to his heart. Then the noise of servants coming in roused him. He gently placed her on a sofa, and supported her with a grave and solemn face.
  • With the last of the Order's leaders gone, the remaining Templars around Europe were either arrested and tried under the Papal investigation (with virtually none convicted), absorbed into other military orders such as the Knights Hospitaller, or pensioned and allowed to live out their days peacefully. By papal decree, the property of the Templars was transferred to the Order of Hospitallers, which also absorbed many of the Templars' members. In effect, the dissolution of the Templars could be seen as the merger of the two rival ordersSome may have fled to other territories outside Papal control, such as excommunicated Scotland or to Switzerland. Templar organisations in Portugal simply changed their name, from Knights Templar to Knights of Christ – see Order of Christ (Portugal).
  • Ben and Tom, with two of the English seamen, were allowed to go on shore that they might draw the white man, if possible, into conversation, if he could speak English. He had hitherto kept aloof from the strangers, and even stood behind his native companions while the hymn was being sung. When the natives had finished singing, Ben stood up and said the short grace which his father had been accustomed to repeat before meals. The white man, who at that time was standing a little way apart from his companions while Ben was speaking, drew nearer to him, and seemed to be listening attentively.
  • On his return to England, Cabot found the country ravaged by a horrible plague, which put a stop even to commercial transactions. Soon, either because the time of his leave had expired, or that he wished to escape from the pestilence, or that he was recalled to Spain, the Venetian navigator returned to that country. In 1518, on the 5th of February, Cabot was made pilot-major, with a salary which, added to that which he already had, made a total of 125,000 maravdis, say, 300 ducats. He did not actually exercise the functions of his office till Charles V. returned from England. His principal duty consisted in examining pilots, who were not allowed to go to the Indies until after having passed this examination.
  • Millie allowed Annie to use her bottles, so Annie put up twenty one bottles of pears for the woman. She also provided her with several bottles of tomatoes.
  • Mrs. Zinn spread a huge table with all sorts of tempting food, and the starved boys attacked it with a vigor that made her open her eyes in amazement. The others were almost as hungry after all they had gone through that night, and did ample justice to the viands. Moxley's bracelets were taken off and he was allowed to eat his fill with the rest.
  • As the sun lowered, the heat became thicker, stronger. It pressed upon her like some unseen hand trying to force her to her knees. Maintaining the pace the delver set became more and more difficult. Purely and simply, the elf was asking her body to maintain a cross country run through the desert. While her physical condition allowed for great stress, there remained limits. She was now exceeding those limits, and she faced yet one more battle to fight, the struggle of mind over body. She would have to convince her own tiring, aching muscles that they could indeed continue.
  • Full weight bearing can be allowed without crutches, splint or plaster cast.
  • The remaining five algors kept close in behind Dzeb with Jon and Tun following in their wake. The elder dwarf did not appear happy walking so far back in the line. He kept his right hand on his axe and glared with menace at the crowd. He would be more than willing to take out his frustrations upon any human that might try to lay a hand on his royal person. Lief concluded the line with his bow returned to his shoulder. He allowed a slight gap to form between him and the rest of the party, a buffer in case the crowd regained their courage. They never did.
  • Samsara fell back on his quest for the truth in the non linear chirping of numbers. He started chatting up the campus math professors who were reasonably intimidated by his stupendous mathematical knowledge, which by now had been flavored with creations of his own and lack of pedigree. He felt he should switch over to masters in mathematics but then being a medical graduate there was no way he could do that. In India people usually join medical school without a graduate bachelors degree unlike the US. His MBBS degree wouldnt allow him to pursue masters in Mathematics. An option in the institute open still was humanities, which allowed graduates to pursue masters irrespective of their undergraduate subjects. To escape the tedium of his condom thesis he switched over to masters in anthropology, which went well with his MBBS degree.
  • "See, you have allowed the boat to be almost stove in!" exclaimed the generally quiet young midshipman. "Jump in, now, and keep her off. Where are the rest?"
  • Once more, chance allowed some of the leading characters in the Hampton Troop to come in touch with Government officers who were experimenting with a wonderfully designed submarine. It happened that Rob and his friends were enabled to assist Uncle Sam's agents in defeating the plans of foreign spies who tried to steal the design of the new invention. In the pages of The Boy Scouts for Uncle Sam are recorded the adventures that accompanied their service, as well as mention of the reward following their victory.
  • Evidently Stumps wanted more, for, after a brief pause, he again rushed at Slagg, who, stepping aside like a Spanish matador, allowed his foe to expend his wrath on the bulkhead of the cabin.
  • Here! What you going to do? yelled a special officer who was detailed on the pier. "Nobody allowed to commit suicide here!"
  • His shoulders sagged in relief. James gathered his arms around her and lifted Serenity to her feet. Shards of pain speared up through her leg, into her hip and she winced. The events of the last twenty-four hours had left her weak and exhausted and Serenity allowed James to support her.
  • Not at all; the system of signals is arranged for day or night. Vessels with an electric search-light or projector which will show up an object three-quarters of a mile ahead are allowed to navigate the canal at night. We could do so if so disposed; but we wish to see the country. The channel is lighted at night by illuminated buoys.
  • The tidal generators were dozens of six-foot long slabs that were later connected into what resembled a hundred-foot floating pier. The 'piers', assembled locally, consisted of joining the slabs with hydraulic rams acting like joints that allowed each segment to rise and fall independent of each other while holding rigidly against lateral movement. Acting like compressors, the rams drove a generator that pumped electricity to the mainland via marine cables. Any excesses or insufficiencies due to the irregularity of the waves were stored pneumatically in a large pressurized tank at the end of the pier.
  • Before the time comes he will have disappeared, cried the mountaineer, with a harsh laugh. "Do you think Don Eduardo's son will be allowed to live? Accidents, señora, are common in Peru!"
  • Hartog had not confided the secret of the king's present to any but me, as he feared the crew, disappointed in the treasure hunt which they had been promised, might try to take forcible possession of it. He was so absorbed in counting the pearls and in speculating upon their value that he gave no heed to the possibility of being spied upon. But since I was to have no share in them, the pearls did not interest me as much as they did the captain, and I allowed my eyes to wander, when, in a flash of summer lightning, I saw the face of Van Luck looking down upon us from the skylight above our heads.
  • Not in August, because there are no woodcock up there, you know, and nothing else can be shot at this time of year, Elmer continued; "but Johnny had something else to say that interested me considerably. It seems at one place he found ashes that told of a fire, and while rooting around he picked up a piece of steel that he allowed me to see. It had evidently been filed; and boys, can you guess what it made me think it must have once been?"
  • About the middle of the afternoon of the day before, a wonderful thing happened. The Rackbirds had had their dinner, which they had cooked themselves, and they were all lying down in their huts or in the shadows of the rocks, either asleep, or smoking and telling stories. Cheditafa knew why they were resting. The Rackbirds had no idea that he understood English, for he had been careful to keep this fact from them after he found out what sort of men they were,--and this knowledge had come very soon to him,--and they spoke freely before him. He had heard some of the men who had been out looking for Mok, and who had come back early that morning, tell about some shipwrecked people in a cave up the coast, and had heard all the plans which had been made for the attack upon them during the night. He also knew why he and his fellows had been cooped up in the cave in the rock in which they lived, all that day, and had not been allowed to come down and do any work.
  • After Steve had been gone for some little time those who had been left in the camp under the forest trees prepared to spend the night as best the conditions allowed.
  • Why, simply that he allowed us to get too familiar with him. The result is we expect it from others, and when they don't treat us that way we are disappointed.
  • Pirius lifted one of the heavy curtains aside and the tapping of metal on metal grew even louder and pierced the air almost painfully. Inside the temple was a colossal mess of marble chips and blocks of all sizes, all covered with a thick layer of white dust. Footprints in the fine powder reminded Rommus of the frozen snows of winter. He was amazed that the artist was allowed to create such a mess inside this most sacred of Medoran temples. The only things the dust didn't seem to cling to were the tall columns inside the temple, made of polished red stone, and capped with golden capitals. Everything else, including all the other gold accents, was a filthy, grimy disaster.
  • Not yet. I have not allowed the Nautilus to come too near this coast, and we are some distance from the Manaar Bank; but the boat is ready, and will take us to the exact point of disembarking, which will save us a long way. It carries our diving apparatus, which we will put on when we begin our submarine journey.
  • Missing a second healthy arm that would have allowed him to carry a second bag, he easily carried the light but awkward trash bag down the back stairs, around the building to the driveway and past a large brown station wagon that he had a hard time imagining Madame Kloochie ever actually drove. He knew for a fact that she had never driven to Boston to visit his mother. He dropped the bag on the sidewalk but not so it would be in the way of the car, just in case.
  • Dexter chuckled and followed after his excited friend. On the stern castle a ballista lay waiting to be repaired and used. Kragor shook his head and chuckled. "I was right, she is old. That or she was a pirate ship. No weapons allowed on a common ship for as long as I can remember."
  • Chance didnt linger but took a steamer to Cleveland, where he switched over to a small steam barge to go down the Ohio Canal to the Ohio River. The experience was very different than what hed seen in the Erie Canal. The heyday of the Ohio Canal was past by the mid 50s and there was less traffic on the water; signs of decay were showing up everywhere. The locks werent so well maintained, the reservoirs allowed to deteriorate and the canals leaked in many places. The costs to maintain the waterway, it was said, outweighed the revenues. But it had done its job, opened up central Ohio to settlement and industry, by providing a reliable transport for a time to far off markets. But now the railroad was providing that service, faster and year around (not frozen over in winter). Obviously the canals days were numbered.
  • Kerrion obeyed, for Blade's deep frown and the vigour with which he cut the meat warned the Prince that something was amiss with the assassin. Sitting back with a sigh, Kerrion rubbed his chafed wrists and tried to ease the tight chains onto an area of less painful skin. The short length that joined his wrists to his waist allowed him to eat awkwardly and cling to the saddle when riding, but did not allow him reach the knot in the thong about his neck. When Blade secured him at night, he merely tied the thong to a tree, and, unless the Prince chewed through the tough leather, he could not get free. They ate in silence, then Blade bound Kerrion to a tree and went to sleep.
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