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  • "As a matter of fact, that old woman, being a friend of Rita's aunt, allowed the girl to come into the garden whenever Allegre was away. But Allegre's goings and comings were sudden and unannounced; and that morning, Rita, crossing the narrow, thronged street, had slipped in through the gateway in ignorance of Allegre's return and unseen by the porter's wife.
  • Taking advantage of civil war in the Jin Dynasty, the contemporary non-Han Chinese (Wu Hu) ethnic groups controlled much of the country in the early 4th century and provoked large-scale Han Chinese migrations to south of the Yangtze River. In 303 the Di people rebelled and later captured Chengdu, establishing the state of Cheng Han. Under Liu Yuan, the Xiongnu rebelled near today's Linfen County and established the state of Han Zhao. Liu Yuan's successor Liu Cong captured and executed the last two Western Jin emperors. Sixteen kingdoms were a plethora of short-lived non-Chinese dynasties that came to rule the whole or parts of northern China in the 4th and 5th centuries. Many ethnic groups were involved, including ancestors of the Turks, Mongols, and Tibetans. Most of these nomadic peoples had, to some extent, been "sinicized" long before their ascent to power. In fact, some of them, notably the Qiang and the Xiongnu, had already been allowed to live in the frontier regions within the Great Wall since late Han times.
  • "J. R.," says Jessamine, "I hate to do it. It's a painful duty." Craney says: "Just so. Say no more. You couldn't be expected to know the law of this state touching the person of the king. Fact is, foreigners ain't allowed to arrest royalty here. Fact, it's a new law. I just passed it the other day. You didn't mean any harm. We'll say no more."
  • Captain Horn had heard the story of Cheditafa, he walked away from the rest of the party, and stood, his eyes upon the ground, still mechanically holding his gun. He now knew that the great danger he had feared had been a real one, and far greater than he had imagined. A systematic attack by all the Rackbirds would have swept away his single resistance as the waters had swept them and their camp away. As to parley or compromise with those wretches, he knew that it would have been useless to think of it. They allowed no one to go forth from their hands to reveal the place of their rendezvous.
  • The place called upon to serve as our home sat quietly a top of a hillside, a long, comfortable craft of a dwelling with a thatched roof of straw. The walls at places looked warped, bulging out, but if the truth be known of the times the house had been moved, one would wonder about the strength of such establishment. A stone hearth centered the kitchen with open shuttered windows on the bottom floor. The entrance door was wide and tall. No other entrance would be allowed where a Sordarin dwelled. Their wings would not allow for anything less. The ceilings were high and the rooms spacious and broad.
  • From where Rordan stood, an empty stage a foot higher than the floor dominated the far side of the Grill. Behind the stage, a closed door at floor level granted backstage access. At his end, a counter with a sliding window allowed access to the adjacent kitchen. Next to the counter was a large rubbish bin and table of used trays. An open door beside the bin led into a Dorus Elm hallway. The entrance door of the Grill was in the opposite wall.
  • The other boat had by now pushed up close alongside, and Elmer, leaning over the side, seized the swimmer by the coat collar. Landy at once allowed himself to apparently collapse. He was content to have someone support him; but some of his chums imagined there was a suspicious manufactured look in the expression of terror that had fixed itself on his face.
  • The services will be allowed to set physical fitness requirements and other standards for combat jobs, but the standards will be gender-neutral, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because Panetta had not yet made the announcement.
  • Arkin had said that Venefica had specialties that showed themselves when they hit a class four or five. One was that of healing. Being able to take anothers pain was a gift of the healer. The magic allowed them to take on pain and suffering without destroying themselves. Still, taking this on and still shielding his sanity strained his magic. Eventually the pain would crush the Venefica and they would let go.
  • Let us change the scene to the city prison of Atlanta, where the remaining fourteen members of the expedition were to be found in the following October. Among them were Watson, George Knight, Jenks and Macgreggor. Waggie, too, was still in evidence, but he would have found life rather dreary had not the kind-hearted jailer allowed one of his family to take the dog many a scamper around the city.
  • Gun control groups are attempting to turn upside-down the politics of guns after nearly two decades in which the pro-gun rights lobby has effectively blocked any major new gun restrictions. A ban on certain semiautomatic rifles known as assault weapons was allowed to expire in 2004.
  • The place called upon to serve as our home sat quietly a top of a hillside, a long, comfortable craft of a dwelling with a thatched roof of straw. The walls at places looked warped, bulging out, but if the truth be known of the times the house had been moved, one would wonder about the strength of such establishment. A stone hearth centered the kitchen with open shuttered windows on the bottom floor. The entrance door was wide and tall. No other entrance would be allowed where a Sordarin dwelled. Their wings would not allow for anything less. The ceilings were high and the rooms spacious and broad.
  • He said we were not allowed to be near Skull Island and that we should move across to Agincourt reef with the rest of the tourists.’
  • Good! said the señor. "Now! You know that the Gulf Stream runs along the coast of Florida. Our road from Liverpool to the gulf was to have taken us by that way. Instead of that, we came around below the Bahama Islands, and here we are off the north coast of Cuba. Captain Kemp's reason is that there might be too many American cruisers along the Florida coast, and he does not care to be stopped by one of them, if the war has already begun. We would not be allowed to go any further."
  • We made a start about ten o'clock, but after a couple of hours' paddling, when we had met a fair tide to help us on, I lit my pipe and allowed my men to do all the work, while I lay back among my rugs half dreaming in the charm of my surroundings. Myriads of gulls flew overhead, uttering their shrill cries, while now and then the black oyster-catchers with their long red bills would circle swiftly around the baidarka, filling the air with their sharp whistles, and seemingly much annoyed at our intrusion. Many different kinds of ducks rose before us, and the ever-present eagles watched us from the lofty rocks. We soon turned the rugged headland and were once more in the swift tide of Shuyak Straits, where the water boiled and eddied about us as we sped quickly on.
  • The delver allowed for one quick glance up the hillside he ascended. In that moment, he noted all potential hazards and the quickest path to the top. With that image painted crisply in his mind, he slowed his speed and turned his head over his shoulder to watch the pursuit of the shag.
  • Of course, a very important mission indeed, but Fate did say acting honestly to your self allowed destiny's course to run more smoothly. Brick spotted a clause.
  • The psp data allowed direct characterization of long term vegetation changes.
  • Frank was in a decidedly disturbed state of mind. From being angry he got dejected, and for some time he allowed his thoughts to wander unrestrained. He actually envied Ned Foreman and his wandering career. If it had not been for his loyalty to his parents he would have hunted up the grinding wagon to ask the man who had relieved Ned to give him a job.
  • We awoke, stiff but rested, to a fine warm morning. It was a quiet day. We rode with the column along drying roads until noon through peaceful rolling country--then, as there was nothing doing, Grimers and I rode to the head of the column, and inquiring with care whether our cavalry was comfortably ahead, came to the village of Noroy-sur-Ourcq. We "scrounged" for food and found an inn. At first our host, a fat well-to-do old fellow, said the Germans had taken everything, but, when he saw we really were hungry, he produced sardines, bread, butter, sweets, and good red wine. So we made an excellent meal--and were not allowed to pay a penny.
  • Cuthbert began asking questions of Owen, who allowed the other boat to gain a position alongside, so that conversation might be the more easily carried on. Thus he learned that, proceeding leisurely they would readily make the Hudson Bay post ere nightfall; had there been any reason for haste this time might have been shortened by several hours; but it suited all of them to arrive around the sunset hour.
  • Moonwater smiled. "Most people are surprised to find aestri working in the castle. There have been aestri here since the council ratification of the laws of Hura, but we are allowed only as assistants and maids of the inner court. The women of the queue residence don't really like us, but it is the wish of Hura..." She smiled again. "But I'm sure you don't wish to stand here discussing such trivial things. If you will come this way."
  • "There is no slander in an allowed fool, though he do nothing but rail," she saysadding, kindly, touching the stewards sleeve, "nor no railing in a man known discreet, though he do nothing but reprove!"
  • Indeed, he was 'dithguthted' at his condition; and if upon the occasion just described he had allowed himself to be somewhat 'intoxicated with liquor,' I must aver that I do not recollect another instance in which this worthy little gentleman suffered himself to be similarly overtaken. Now and then a little 'flashy' he might be, but nothing more serious--and rely upon it, this was no common virtue in those days.
  • He beat down the passion that dizzied him. He sought for her hand and gripped it firmly. She allowed it. "Listen," he said. "Take me into the light and look in my eyes."
  • Our Kanakas had promised to remain with us till our departure for the south, so, hard as it seemed to them, they were not allowed to go ashore, in case they might not come back, and leave us short-handed. But as their relatives and friends could visit them whenever they felt inclined, the restriction did not hurt them much. The next day, being Sunday, all hands were allowed liberty to go ashore by turns (except the Kanakas), with strict injunctions to molest no one, but to behave as if in a big town guarded by policemen. As no money could be spent, none was given, and, best of all, it was impossible to procure any intoxicating liquor.
  • The insects always wanted to do what they could for Mr McFarland as he was kind towards them and of course allowed them to use his shed to run the Factory.
  • I could talk on this subject, he said, "till night-fall if you desire, but it will be better for you to restrain your curiosity till you can be taken in person to the scene. Let me tell you in general terms what you will find. The comet fell, as I have said, in an uninhabited plain, but it is now at the door of the largest city on our planet, which has been built there since the discoveries were made. The excavations have left an immense opening, where galleries and chambers of great extent have been dug out. These have been finished off with untold labor, and new ones are being constantly added. Here is our greatest museum, beside which all other collections of natural objects are as nothing, for all that has been found in the comet remains there; nothing has been allowed to be taken away. You will appreciate something of the wonderful character of these curiosities when I tell you that they give evidence of a world many times larger than Jupiter and of an intellectual and spiritual development as much beyond ours as ours is in advance of that of the earth.
  • Or maybe english football commentators will never be allowed to mention 1966 again?
  • Turstan burst into my room shortly after Twiten left. After making sure I was whole, he gleamed with pride and had me recite the entire venture. Rumors abounded about my performance. King Edulf had not confirmed my existence, which I found strange. In my mind I cared only if I left the Forbidden Forest and took my place that my birthright demanded, my Euchoun presence allowed.
  • Simply that I would not be allowed to, and, if I did, Mr. Brandon would not know me, as he was crazy, while they did not care to have me do so.
  • "No questions?" Edeline repeated in her mind. She had a million questions. Well, only one that mattered. Was this really even happening? Maybe she was still in bed, asleep, having a nightmare. The car careened out into the street and sped off, as if it were an emergency. Officer Barge, the driver, was worried. Something like what he was thinking could cost him his entire career. Why had they sent him on this assignment? It was utterly against policy and he very well knew why. Generally, male officers were not allowed to bring in female immortals. Anything could happen and often did. They didn't call them 'mermaids' for nothing.
  • The tide of battle turned with the first collapsing portion of the wall. The supplementary tunnel which allowed the dwarves access to its base gave them their first success. Heavy maces broke the foundation, and the wall section collapsed instantly. A dozen archers fell with the stone, fell into the waiting hands of the enemy. Death was quick, if not clean. The heavy ball of a mace did as much damage to human bone as it did to stone and wood.
  • After a few moments, and even as he was still considering his predicament, he distractedly scooped up a handful of the pale gritty sand and allowed the fine grains to trickle out gradually between his fingers. Watching them fall he slowly realised that even as they were falling, the marks made on the beach when he scooped them up were already fading. The ridges formed by his fingers slowly but inexorably levelling out until, by the time his hand was empty, they were gone. The small pile of sand that should have been formed by the falling grains didn't appear either. Instead, it was as if each individual granule shuffled others aside until finally they co-existed comfortably once again and everything was as before. He tried again, this time taking a more determined scoop but with the same result.
  • There were also a couple more of the small, clear gelatinous masses that I had been wiping off of my fingers. I suspected these might be what the worms ejected in and around the anus to spread the eggs. Perhaps it was what caused the itching. This, in turn, allowed the eggs to hitch a ride on the fingernails of filthy little urchins and nail biters like me.
  • "What bothers me most is that he might be right," Ryson admitted. "Sazar had a lot of people killed in whats left of Pinesway. He shouldnt be allowed to get away with that. He needs to be punished. Thats not all hes done, either. He threatened our town, looted the dwarf city, and who knows what else. Still, because hes not on our doorstep right now, we seem to just stop worrying about him. Like its not our problem. Something seems very wrong with that."
  • Speed allowed this good-humor to banish his trepidation, and assured the foreman that Silas on Fifth Avenue must indeed be a very fine monologue.
  • Inside the bars he seemed an entirely new proposition to the stallion. The big black kept discreetly on the far side of the corral with much snorting and stamping, and it was not until the next evening that he ventured to approach the man. Still another day passed before Bull was allowed to stand and touch the neck of the black; and that, it seemed to him, was the greatest forward step toward the conquest.
  • She allowed that moment of self-pity, then blew her nose with some toilet paper. She was going to let Petra have it, if she did wake, telling her sister that refusing Garths proposal was nothing compared to what Rose had suffered. Which didnt include Petras previous scares, not the heart surgery or the abortion. Only this abominable, miserable, fucked agony waiting for her. Waiting for Rose, as others had in the past.
  • Dave read this letter with care, and then allowed the communication to slip from his fingers. If his mind had been in a whirl before, it was more so now, and for the moment he could hardly think straight. If he was not Dave Porter, who was he? A thousand ideas ran riot through his brain.
  • In the street, the men who had gathered to defend the wall sat drinking and talking. A crowd surrounded Jashon's crumpled body, and Tranton's voice rose in shrill outrage from its midst. She slipped from the tower and hurried away in the direction of the river. The deserted streets allowed her to reach the bridge unhampered. No guards demanded toll, and she trotted across the stout structure.
  • There were several boats moored against the banks, and choosing one of them they allowed it to drift quietly down the river until some distance below the town, and then getting out the oars rowed to the other side of the river and landed below the large town of Shendy. They made a wide detour to get round the town, travelling at a long swinging trot that soon tried Edgar's wind and muscles to the utmost. He was not encumbered by much clothing, as before leaving he had been made to strip and to wrap himself up in a native cloth. Before he did so, however, he had been rubbed from head to foot with charcoal from the fire, for his captors saw that the whiteness of his skin, which greatly surprised them, for his face and hands were tanned to a colour as dark as that of many of the Arabs, would instantly betray him.
  • I wondered again why the Volturi had allowed Leahs pregnancy. When I had been in Volterra, the new law had been clearno more hybrids to be born. Had Demetri bargained with Aro for Leahs sake? There had been a meeting, I knew that much. He didnt want to discuss the terms, and I wasnt even sure that Leah knew what they were. Nonetheless, the pregnancy had indeed been sanctioned and two beautiful children safely delivered. Leah had the children she had always wanted.
  • My story is told; for with the voyage of the Flora, adventurous though it was, this narrative has nothing to do; suffice it to say that having called at Tahiti and Tongatabu the little cutter safely passed Port Phillip Heads and arrived at Melbourne on the fifty-third day out from the island. Here Leslie duly cashed his draft for one hundred pounds, and with the proceeds thereof secured for Flora a passage to Bombay, that young lady having decided to go on at once to her father--without waiting to visit her Australian friends--in order that the judge's natural anxiety to see his daughter after her singular adventure might be gratified with as little delay as possible. And further to curtail that anxiety to its lowest limit, she despatched a cablegram to her father within an hour of her arrival in Melbourne. As for Dick, he allowed his affairs to stand during the two days that elapsed between their arrival and Flora's departure, devoting himself entirely to her.
  • The men gingerly picked up the bows. They looked at them curious. Peter allowed them a minute or two before continuing, "I want you to form a circle with your thumb and your index finger. Look through that circle at a faraway object."
  • For three days our friends remained, and during that time they were the almost constant recipients of honors from civic clubs and associations of the city, as well as from the English-speaking citizenry in general. They were entertained at dinners, at the theater, and at sporting events out-of-doors--and not a penny were they allowed to spend themselves.
  • Buffalo was a thriving port city that gave access to the great lakes. Across the river was Canada and the Welland Canal that bypassed Niagara Falls and allowed shipping to the east and the Atlantic.
  • Colin understood the signal; and placed the boy on the old man's shoulders. Bill wished to learn if the mother would reward him for taking care of her child, as she had his predecessor in the office. To carry out the experiment he allowed himself to be left in the rear of the caravan.
  • The next day I call The Mothers. They laugh at me. They remind me how there never was such a thing as Me Time in their day. The only Me Time they were allowed was when they gave birth. I thank them again for birthing and raising me and Nate and plead some child emergency to get off the phone.
  • With the same caution as before Leslie now again approached the barque, but this time he took the canoe up under the craft's mizzen channels, from which it was a much easier matter for the steward to scramble aboard again than if he had been compelled to shin up the rope dangling over the stern, by which he had descended; and having seen the man safely in on deck, he softly pushed the canoe off the ship's side with his bare hand, and allowed her to be driven clear by the wind; and it was not until he was a good hundred yards astern of the Minerva that he took to his paddle and returned to the camp. It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when at length he once more entered his tent and stretched himself upon his bed to finish his night's rest.
  • There was close at hand, forming one side of the little bay, a high rock, whence Dick thought that we could get a good sight of the whole harbour. We set off, and, unnoticed by the busy natives, made our way to the top of it. We were not disappointed in our expectations, and from it could see both the ship and the boat. The latter had made but little way, and, finding the wind against her, had lowered her sail and taken to the oars. More canoes were collecting alongside, and we concluded that the chief and his followers were going to return for a further supply of booty. We were allowed to remain on the rocks, the natives probably knowing that we could not make our escape.
  • Brown has been lucky with his timing, in the sense that if he is forced to borrow gazillions - as the tide of adulation for Turkey. Close, but no cigar. To help Post in his work, the government has allowed him to interview many of its insistence that extra pay had to 18 people, including US special forces and Kurds, killed and sack the culprit. Sooner or later, there will be a crunch. He said: "I saw limbs lying on the right area of the world." He still plies most of his trade at the city. All seven crew killed. I got to the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, Leningrad was renamed St Petersburg, and in the papers ever day. How can you pay so little attention to chat to defectors and pore over intelligence reports.
  • To our surprise our antagonists, instead of taking refuge on board the brigantine, as we fully expected they would, took to their oars and pulled in frantic haste up the creek. In the dense darkness which now ensued consequent upon the cessation of firing it was impossible to send a shot after them with any chance of success; and so they were allowed to go free.
  • Rath grew even more annoyed with the silent response. His anger allowed him to forget his discomfort. "How long are we going to stay up here? There's nothing down there."
  • The boat was all ready to lower and in a jiffy they had it in the water. Tom was allowed to go along this time, but Jeems Howell was among the missing, he absolutely and steadfastly refused to go on the excursion.
  • In europe breast milk contains more dioxins than is legally allowed in cows milk.
  • When he had reached a point that allowed of a leap, Frank suddenly sprang forward. He did not know just what he might be up against and had even taken from his pocket the splendid new pistol which Colonel Josiah, himself a world traveler, had insisted upon giving each of his boys before they started on their trip south.
  • Wildfeather stepped between them and ripped the camera right out of Mackaws hands. With a voice hot and cold he said, "Youve got five minutes, and not a single minute more. Put on your breather. You are allowed up to the archway of the great chamber. There you will find an unpleasant scene worthy of many frames. Take all the pictures you want, but under no circumstances are you permitted within among the bodies. Willard and Barnes will be accompanying you, and will make certain this last order is followed to the letter." He held out the camera. As Mackaws hand lunged for it, Wildfeather pulled it back out of reach. They went through this little ritual twice more before the soldier allowed the civilian to reappropriate his property with a modicum of courtesy.
  • Like Moses of old, Bishop Hannington did not enter the land he had come so far to reach. The people of Uganda were alarmed and angry at his approaching their country from the north-east, which they called the back door to their land. Worn out with fever he was seized, dragged backwards over stony ground, and kept a prisoner for some days. On October 29, 1885, he was conducted to an open space outside the village and placed among his followers, having been falsely told on the previous day that King Mwanga had sent word that the party was to be allowed to proceed.
  • It filled the boy with new life, and when he and the others had drank of it all that was allowed them, they felt strong enough to crawl out through the heading.
  • More than once parties of men were allowed on shore, and upon these occasions Don and Jem encountered the tattooed Englishman.
  • Muammar allowed himself a tight smile at the irony of hearing that he had a lot of potential again. "It is an abomination. It should be burned to the ground."
  • On March 17, 1968, economic circumstances caused the collapse of the gold pool, and a two-tiered pricing scheme was established whereby gold was still used to settle international accounts at the old $35.00 per troy ounce ($1.13/g) but the price of gold on the private market was allowed to fluctuate; this two-tiered pricing system was abandoned in 1975 when the price of gold was left to find its free-market level. Central banks still hold historical gold reserves as a store of value although the level has generally been declining. The largest gold depository in the world is that of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in New York, which holds about 3% of the gold ever mined, as does the similarly laden U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. In 2005 the World Gold Council estimated total global gold supply to be 3,859 tonnes and demand to be 3,754 tonnes, giving a surplus of 105 tonnes.
  • Dingle unbarred the gate, allowed her to pass out, and after securing it, made his way back to the block-house again. As he passed out on the platform, Jenkins demanded:
  • Without another word, Enin raised his hands. He looked first to the sky then to the blind spot as defined by Ryson. His fingers curled, pulling in the magical energies that flowed freely in the very air that surrounded them all. He tapped into his inner power as well, the energy he allowed to fill his core. He became a siphon and a conduit, mixing the power of himself with the free flowing magic. Two intertwining circles of a pale white hue formed around his wrists.
  • Voth witnessed this turn of events with frustration. He lacked the knowledge and experience to cope with such a counter-attack. His forces were being decimated as the infernal light gave a distinct advantage to the humans. He looked to the eastern night sky with even greater dismay. A faint glow of orange beckoned his fears. Sunrise was near, and it would add to his problems. The wizard could cancel his own spell of light once the natural sun rose. He could then turn his powerful magic to other responses. The War Com looked to his retreating warriors, they had already suffered casualties mounting in the thousands. A staggering number. His force was down to less than a third of its original size. If he allowed this battle to continue, he risked total annihilation. Reluctantly, bitterly, he ordered full retreat.
  • But the professor was prepared for this. He thrust the end of the stop cock into the hole. It was screwed fast and the valve turned. This stopped the flow of gas and checked the descent of the ship. Then, by opening the tap the vapor was allowed to escape gradually, bringing the Flying Mermaid gently to the water.
  • They did not urge the aeroplane to its fullest speed, nor did they remain in the air longer than a couple of hours at a time. It had been decided to strike the eastern slope of the range just before dawn, so the Nelson was allowed to loiter on the way. Jack afterwards declared that Ned slept half the time!
  • Perhaps this was a good opportunity to remember what had nearly happened, now that I was alone. I hadnt allowed myself to think this way for some time, and there werent many opportunities in wolf form to think freely. I let my mind mull over the thoughts, feelings and images from that day in the meadow. They flooded back to me, and I felt as if I was back there in the moment. I seemed to remember everything so clearly when I was in this form.
  • 'No,' she answered, clinging to him; 'they are all gone. They are all done with. You will be kind and good to me, Paul--I know you will. It isn't a very great favour for a grown-up woman to ask to be allowed to take care of herself, is it, Paul, darling?'
  • Nell paused for breath. She looked to Peg. The young Healer beside Peg offered her arm. She took it, struggling to her feet and forcing her old knees to hold her. There was only a paragraph of the Story left, she grumbled to herself. Why did Nell decide to pass it on now? But she picked up the familiar narrative. "And so we remember. We remember the People and the Members of the Orders who died. We remember those brave Healers who allowed at least part of our Order and that of the Leaders to continue on. We remember the Little Dragons and pray to relearn the secrets of the Dragon Priestesses. If the Little Dragons still exist somewhere deep in the Mountains, we pray to find them and learn to speak with them and live with them again as Familiars.
  • There was a loud chorus of derisive cheers. The crowd opened and allowed the Sergeant and constables to pass out. Taking his place at the saloon door with Constable Scott, the Sergeant sent Cameron to report and ask for further orders.
  • Maida allowed him to serve Mother Peg a meal of soup, cheese and the warm bread at the table by the window. He pulled up his stool and sat at her feet watching her, his long arms and legs sticking out at awkward angles, an expression of delight on his big round face. "Stop staring at me!" Peg barked at him. Chastened, he retreated to the hearth, carrying his stool, then took up exactly the same position. "Well, at least you're a bit easier to ignore a few feet away," Peg said.
  • Lanyan had led them to the north end of Sharia, to the only open front in the entire forest. It was there they were greeted by two guards, elegantly dressed in green tunics, black leather pants and long spears adorned with red feathers hanging from the blade. Before them, a long trail of trees and bushes formed a wall, the pathway then splitting off into two parts. The guards nodded to Lanyan and they shook hands before the Elf turned back to his companions, "I am not allowed to accompany you beyond this point, but I know you will make your way just fine."
  • So Rob did as he was told. Accustomed to giving orders himself, he at the same time could obey when the necessity arose. Perhaps it was with considerable fear that he allowed the child to leave his grip; but the joyful shout arising from his chums below assured him that all was well.
  • The true King of Fools, he'd read, had been the personal jester of the gods. They had bestowed upon their jester a suit of magic, and had given him the power of prophecy. They'd also gifted him with a tongue of silver that allowed him to speak freely to the kings of men without fear of repercussion. Stupidly, the fool stuck out his tongue, and checked it in the looking glass. It wasn't silver, nor was he getting premonitions of what was to come. The assassin had given him the long dead Joker's magical costume, but it seemed as if the gods themselves were the only ones who could grant him more.
  • The Fenrite built vessels were exact duplicates to the melees from the Planning Station in every way. The only exception involved their form of the Boscon Prop. It lacked the power to go hyperlight. Fenrite ships relied more on ancillary engines and gravitational thrusters. This is what powered the melees during their excursion in Fenrite airspace, and this is what Fenrites monitored and recorded during the attack. As for Boscon props, they had seen them used for accelerated takeoff and landing, but they had yet to witness the utilization of full push. They had no idea that such propulsion was even possible. In truth, a few modifications would have allowed for hyperlight speed, but the Fenrites lacked the awareness of such potential and thus, remained ignorant of the possibility.
  • She allowed herself to settle into position again, forcing herself to wait until she was still and out of reach. No point in rushing it or taking risks; there was plenty of time.
  • Lori slowly snaked her way down Esplanade, until finding the high-rise matching the number she had written down. They could hear the pounding of the ocean. She used the plastic card the District Manager had given her to open the garage and parked in space 128, as instructed. The card allowed them into the elevator that carried them to the 7th floor. When Lori unlocked the door, the sound of the ocean and smell of salt hit them both, as the unit overlooked the beach directly below. Lori repeatedly uttered "wow" and "amazing" as she walked through the apartment. Larry slid the balcony door closed and closed the windows, muting but not entirely masking the sound of the sea.
  • Each hero lost all sense of urgency and thoughts of the mission, transfixed by the aura of serenity and sights before them, even Zarg. He'd never even been allowed on the anchor level, never mind inside the control room.
  • Without choice, Gerin's nerves got the better of him. Not only had this stranger forced a thought in, he ripped one out. Again, he surveyed the companions, in fear they would strike, but they seemed more intent to decipher his current actions than they did attacking. So he allowed a moment, trying once more to determine who had spoken to him.
  • Propofol sedation has allowed control of spasms and rigidity without the use of neuromuscular blocking drugs.
  • REV. DR. FOLLIOTT. Well, sir, these gentlemen among them, the present company excepted, have practised as much dishonesty as, in any other department than literature, would have brought the practitioner under the cognisance of the police. In politics, they have ran with the hare and hunted with the hound. In criticism, they have, knowingly and unblushingly, given false characters, both for good and for evil; sticking at no art of misrepresentation, to clear out of the field of literature all who stood in the way of the interests of their own clique. They have never allowed their own profound ignorance of anything (Greek for instance) to throw even an air of hesitation into their oracular decision on the matter. They set an example of profligate contempt for truth, of which the success was in proportion to the effrontery; and when their prosperity had filled the market with competitors, they cried out against their own reflected sin, as if they had never committed it, or were entitled to a monopoly of it. The latter, I rather think, was what they wanted.
  • The train pulled up slowly, the engineer having allowed for a wet rail and shut off steam well down the line. He slid a little past the tank on his first stop and was obliged to back up a rail-length; meanwhile Burton had located a car with a threshing separator and engine on it, and had little difficulty in getting on board while the tender was receiving water. Feeling cautiously about the separator, he soon found an open trap-door with a space inside large enough to accommodate him, and here he concealed himself. It was dry in there, and the night was still warm with lightning; he huddled himself up and almost before the train was in motion had fallen asleep.
  • Willow allowed me to tell the story without saying anything. She only gasped when I told her about the $175,000.00 that I discovered burning in the living room that afternoon. I explained to her how the money had been on fire one minute and perfectly fine the next.
  • This allowed boats from the erewash canal, which were heading west, to avoid the often troublesome stretches of the river trent.
  • Silas knew he had to do something. If Kaden were killed, there would be no one to help him. He also knew that the Stühocs could not be allowed to get that medallion. His training had not prepared him to take on creatures such as this, he thought. Or had it? Silas stood and crept in behind one of the Stühocs. The sword felt heavy in Silas' tired hands.
  • "Its a long story but I will say that I fought alongside my immortal brethren for the freedom to live and survive as we were allowed when we were mortals."
  • But Dick's engine was not directly connected to the propellers. There was a clutch arrangement, so that the motor could be started, with the propellers out of gear, and they could be "thrown in," just as an automobile is started. This gave greater flexibility, and also allowed for the reversing of the propellers to make a quick stop.
  • Now the horses, he said, and the three walked out into the starlight and toward the double gates. "Whatever you will say will go with the men out there. And be sure you say we are to be allowed to go for a ride."
  • But when I saw them year after year, I came to the conclusion that they must be placed in the category of those things which are beyond the ken of our philosophy. I might say that no one was allowed to approach sufficiently close to touch the "ghosts,"--if such they can be termed; and probably even if permission had been granted, the blacks would have been in too great a state of terror to have availed themselves of it.
  • Moving back, Rose allowed Alicias oldest son to take his moms hand, then pull her next to him. Craig Hester stood a whole head taller than his mother and looked just like his father. Driving to the cemetery, Rose and Petra had discussed those kids, but Petra had disagreed, thinking only Chris, the middle child, looked like his dad. Rose stared as Carl approached his ex-wife and son, their other two children trailing behind.
  • Yes, sometimes even the sharpest of them fall down, the head of the local police continued; "and before we're done with him Jules will realize that when he allowed himself to give way to temptation he did the most foolish thing possible, for it puts us on his track, and we'll get him again. I want to thank you too, Frank, because you see, there will be quite a little reward paid for the recapture of so notorious a convict as Garrone."
  • When the negro was told that if he would not go on he must, in a short time, be frozen to death, he answered that he desired nothing but to be allowed to lie down and die. Dr Solander, on being told the same thing, replied that he was willing to go on but that he must "first take some sleep," forgetting apparently that he had before told his comrades that to sleep was to perish.
  • The tribunal recognize, as stated in decision 112, that latitude should be allowed where the home is in a building not purpose-built.
  • Reluctantly I extended my hand to her. I had never allowed any born knowing to look into my mind before. Some things about my life I was afraid to know. Ignorance is bliss. But now it was time.
  • It quite tickled Toby to have this honor thrust upon him for once in his life; and as Max could see no harm in the mistake he allowed it to go on. After all it mattered very little, since they were all chums; and what was one's business was the concern of all. And Toby seemed to be enjoying the sensation so much that his face was fairly flushed.
  • Exactly. said the Reverend Crane. "Thank you; it is exactly that. In order to accomplish what little good the Lord vouchsafes to our poor efforts, we are obliged to overlook many things. Otherwise we should not be allowed to stay here at all."
  • Then came the start. It was anything but an easy job to get going in the small space allowed by the character of the valley, but Frank had figured it all out, measured the ground, removed such obstructions as promised to give trouble and had perfect confidence in his ability to make it.
  • To test for allergens, food samples are initially ground up and mixed in a test tube with hot water and an extraction solvent; this mixture is allowed to set for several minutes. Then, following a step-by-step procedure, the prepared sample is mixed with a series of other reactive testing liquids. The entire preparation takes roughly 20 minutes. When the sample is ready, it is measured optically for allergen concentration through the iTube platform, using the cell phone's camera and a smart application running on the phone.
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